INTCAT 1981-1983

1981. (Approximate date) 0300hrs.
A farm couple were awoken by their dogs acting up and they heard people speaking in an indecipherable foreign language outside. They did not investigate that night but next day they found three sets of what looked like footprints 30cm long. For the next month they were plagued by a light of unknown origin moving round their bedroom. 
  • Swords 2005 p215 citing John Timmerman

1981. (Approximate date) 2000hrs.
A woman driver saw a bright, white, circular light, the apparent size of the full moon to her left, descending into sugar cane fields. 
  • UFORA Research Digest 20 p2 citing UFO Research Far North Queensland

1981. 0530hrs.
Dee Hayes was driving to work through the forest when , rounding a curve, she saw 2-2.5m tall brown biped stood by the side of the road about 50m away. The thing’s face resembled that of a gorilla. 
  • Blackburn 2017 p130 citing letter to John Green 268 December 1992

1981. Day
Michael Newark was playing football with his son outside his house when he observed something like a plastic sheet flying north to south at about 25m altitude. It seemed to be 2m wide and 3.5m long and changed direction to west-east, revealing a dark spot about 2/3rd of the way tom its rear. A sort of edge moved along the thing, giving Michael the impression that the thing was alive. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p12 citing OVNI July/August 2003 citing Omar Fowler + their own investigation
  • Evaluation: Partially deflated balloon?

Ryszard K (38), an artist from Warsaw was on a camping holiday. He decided to take some wildlife photographs. At some point in his walk he noticed two figures dressed in green, which he took to be boy scouts, about 60m ahead. He lost sight of these figures and continued on his walk but a number of metres further on after a bend in the path, he saw them again; they were stood, straggling the path, their elbows folded. When K got within 10m of them, he realised that the 1.6m tall figures didn’t just have green clothes, but that their faces were olive-green. They ha d large eyes and slit like mouths. K went to approach them but received a message in his heads telling to keep on walking. As he did so, K noticed a thin object in the woods behind them. The beings seemed to change location without moving and were covered in vapour from the object behind them. When he looked back this object seemed to have diminished in size. K also felt he had received a message from the beings concerning the fate of their planet. When an elderly couple he had overtaken caught up with him, they seemed to walk right through K, and appeared to think him mad when he challenged them movements later. He felt unable to take photographs during the experience. 
  • Cielebias 2015 p48 citing investigation by Mr Bzowski

A group of aboriginal children saw a dark hairy humanoid more than 2m tall standing in the bush near a logging camp. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p249 case 146 citing investigation by Paul Cropper

1981. Night.
Ashley Scully, a fitter at the Barrow Colliery, was repairing a pump while on night shift in a hot a humid location when he felt a sudden icy cold that dried his sweat and saw a shadowy figure, with no discernible features go into a wall. When the shape had gone, the temperature rose again to its former heat. The witness had a number of other odd experiences in the pit. 
  • Linahan 1994 p13

1981. 2200hrs.
Two cousins and their female friend were out deer hunting by a pond when their light beam caught a dark figure with red eyes. The trio retreated to an old farmhouse. Here they heard sounds outside. The two men went to investigate, but the woman, left in the house, heard something moving through the house. One of the men went back inside and the thing grabbed his leg as it ran outside, forcing him to hit it with the torch. The trio drove quickly away. They agreed that the thing was a hairy biped of roughly humanoid shape. 
  • Blackburn 2017 p93 citing own investigation

January 1981. 1900hrs.
Linda Taylor was driving down the East Lancashire road with her mother, from Southport to Manchester, when at a unspecified location they realised that the road was unusually free of traffic for the time of evening. They then saw a large light at treetop level to their right, pacing the car. The car refused to accelerate and the engine then misfired, reduced their speed to 6.5-8kph. Their attention was drawn then to the presence of an ancient 1930s style car too close to them for safety. They then saw that the light had been replaced by a large metallic object hovering over them. Linda screamed and the car in front just vanished. They were now terrified and drove to a filling station, where the light was still visible. It approached them, tilted and shot up back into the sky. When they arrived home Linda discovered that her coat was missing from the car and was then violently sick. She later had a dream of being in a white circular room, with a tall, blond, blue eyed man and a dolphin in a pool. 
  • John Barrett in BUFORA Bulletin 18 p14 citing lecture by Harry Harris to BUFORA 1 September 1984 citing his own investigation
  • Randles 1988 p90 citing Harry Harris et al

January 1981. 2200hrs.
Peter Higgins and Lynn Simmonds were driving home to Kenilworth when they saw blue and red light in the sky. They descended rapidly to ground level, and as the couple drove past, they saw the lights were on a cigar shaped object which had a number of smaller lights rotating around its perimeter. Afraid, they drove on, but the thing followed them and when they reached Kenilworth they saw it hovering over the shops. It then just disappeared in a flash of light. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p11 citing Gary Lanham

January 1 1981.
A man walking through a field saw something like a rocket in the northwest. It had two white lights, which merged into a blinding blue beam. This witness was joinesd by motorists and they all saw a sort of circular object that looked as though it had a piece muissing, and was giving off white flakes. Through a row of windows along its side they could lights and figures moving towards its front. One of the figures stopped and when the witness waved at it, it waved back, only to be pulled away by one of its fellows. As the thing moved off to the southwest, seven multi-coloured disks seemed to be ejected to the southwest, and the main object split into three and disappeared. 
  • Donovan 2009 p174
  • Evaluation: Looks like a disintegrating meteor or satellite debris + imagination

January 2 1981. Night.
Peter Langridge and his 15 year old son were driving along a winding high hedged lane when they saw a dark object like two discs rim to rim connected by inward curving panels and surrounded by yellow lights. The thing was hovering at about 1.5 times the height of the telephone poles. The thing seemed to vibrate but did not make any sound. Peter had got out of his car for a better look but then felt a sudden intense fear and got back in the car, during which time the object seemed to have moved. They were then distracted by a passing car and when they looked again the object seemed to be both moving away and fading away from the rear. They were unable to remember the incident until it came out in conversation some time later and the 90 minute journey took three hours. 
  • APRO Bulletin 29,6 p34

January 4 1981. 2115hrs.
Wendy p.(14) was walking home from the fish and chip van when she saw an object 4 times the length of a car hovering nearby. Portions of the thing seemed to be rotating in opposite directions. There was an orange band in the centre in which a light flashed in a left-right direction, and there was a red pulsing light on the underside. The rest of the object was yellow and also pulsing. The object was surmounted by antennae in which orange light was going on and off vertically. She felt transfixed for three minutes and then ran away, seeing the object going into the clouds as she did so. Two cats ran away from the scene. 
  • BUFORA Bulletin 6 p6 citing investigation by Stuart Campbell

January 8 1981. 1700hrs.
Renato Niccolai (52), was working in his garden when he heard a strange whistling sound and, looking up, saw an object just above pine trees on the edge of his property. It descended into an alfalfa field, at which Niccolai fled to a small cabin on the hill above his house. From there he saw the object on the ground about 80m away. It resembled two saucers, one inverted over the other, 1.5m tall, of a leaden colour, and with a sort of brace around the circumference. The whistling then increased and the thing rose to treetop height and then shot away to the northeast. As it rose, Niccolai saw a sort of landing gear consisting of two pieces extending 20cm below the object, and two circles resembling trap doors. It kicked up dust as it took off. The thing had been on the ground for less than one minute. The next day traces suggestive of a large object were found in the soil. Gendarmes found two concentric circles 2.2 and 2.4m in diameter respectively. Investigations for the official body GEPAN suggested unusual changes in the vegetation. 
  • Clark 1998 p.897 citing Michel Bounais in Journal of Scientific Exploration 4,1 p.1 + Journal of UFO Studies NS 5 p.109 + MUFON UFO Journal 193 p.3 + Eric Mallot and Jacques Scornaux in Evans and Stacy 1997 p.150 + Jacques Vallee in Journal of Scientific Exploration 4,1 p.19 + Jean Jacques Velasco in ditto p.27 + Andrus and Hall 1987 p.51.
  • Brookesmith 1995 p.124
  • Vallee 1991 p.104
  • Jean Jacques Velasco in Sturrock 1999 p264 citing own investigation.
  • Ashpole 1995 p81.
  • Hall 2001 p63
  • Good 1996 p117.
  • Berliner 1995 p112.
  • Randle 2016 p305 citing COMETA
  • LDLN 207 p11.
  • Evaluation: Possible hoax. Mallot and Scornaux provide a detailed critique of the GEPAN investigation. They conclude that the case was probably a hoax, or in fact little more than a joke on a UFO believing neighbour that got out of hand, though they also consider the possibility that a misperception of a low flying helicopter and imagination as an answer.

January 10 1981. 0310hrs.
A 30 year old cabaret artist was taking his dog for a walk, after returning home from work when he observed a white object beside a steep cliff. It had bulge on one side, and looked rather like a helicopter, but he could not see any rotor blades. It moved up the cliff in jerks, its brilliance illuminating the ground below the cliff. Each time it re-started it gave off pulses of red, green and white light. After 9 minutes the thing reached the top of the cliff and moved off. 
  • Randles 1983b p.143.

January 13 1981. 1830hrs.
When leaving a store on Rte 522 saw a formation of lights approaching. When he arrived home about 1.2km away he drew the attention of his neighbours Ronnie Norman and Wanda Deese to red balls of light that seemed to be rising and falling above an alfalfa field about 400m and which appeared to be attached to something. 
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 29,5 p7 citing press sources

January 14 1981. 0620hrs.
John Bratnick was awakened by his alarm and saw through his bedroom window a long narrow band of orange light travelling south-southwest to north-northeast at low altitude. As he got out of bed, fearing an aircraft crash, John saw two flashing lights on its underside, about 5m apart and that the object was at an angle. The upper lights appeared to be 20-25cm diameter and 60-90cm apart. Between the underside lights was a dark line. The thing was very slow 6-9kph or less and appeared to be 45-60m away at 30-45m altitude. The thing eventually levelled off and was lost to sight behind the trees. 
Annual p30 citing investigation by Clarence Ensinger

January 21 1981. 0700hrs.
Mrs A W was making breakfast on her farm, Birdfield Farm, on this cold, overcast morning when, through her south east facing kitchen window, she observed a strange object in a neighbour’s field. She saw the thing on and off for 45 minutes as she did her chores. It was a metallic grey conical object, which rather resembled a tent, but had no external markings, and appeared to be about 2,.5m high. In front of this object were three pure white ovals, like blotches, about 25cm high. She assumed that this was some sort of new fangled tent, but by 1030 the thing had gone. The field’s owner denied all knowledge of it. A customer, with an interest in UFOs, examined the site a few days later and found a disturbed area 3.3m x3.3m and three depressions about 10cm deep, By the time the case was properly investigated 13 months later these traces had disappeared. The witness had a number of odd experiences. 
  • Jenny Randles in Probe 3,  p15 citing investigation by Richard Adams and Paul Fuller.
  • Evaluation: Possibly just someone camping in the field without permission. A degree of suggestion from the first UFO buff is also probable.

January 28 1981. 0530hrs.
A disc shaped object was seen manoeuvring over woods and then landing behind the trees. A burnt circle of grass and charred tree branches were found at the site. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p.22 citing ITACAT

February 1981. 0200hrs.
Francisco Da Conceicao known as Chico Gama was fishing on a beach near Pecem when he was struck by a red beam coming from a circular purple coloured object hovering overhead. The light seemed to probe for Chico for three hours until the object disappeared at dawn. Each time it left him feeling weak and dizzy. After the event he suffered from skin peeling, severe headaches and sweating. 
  • Bob Pratt in Good 1990 p104
  • Pratt 1996 p69 citing investigation by Jose J Alencar

February 3 1981. 2140hrs.
A luminous oval object manoeuvred at 30m altitude and paced a car. When this car reached a hotel the object shot up out of sight. 
  • Francis Ridge chronology citing Keith Roberts in UFO Research Australia Newsletter May 1982. p6

February 6 1981. 0230hrs.
Michael Green was on his way to work when he saw a hairy biped, 2-2.5m tall, sorting through rubbish outside a restaurant. He watched it for 10 minutes before it slowly walked away. 
  • Bord 1989 p32 citing Bigfoot Coop June 1981. p14 citing Bob Chance and John Green

February 8 1981. Night.
Two boys saw a light, getting brighter, in the sea about 300m from the shore. The thing then rose out of the sea, rose to 500m, hovered and then disappeared. 
  • Bord 1989 p165 citing Pueblo 1 April, 1981.

February 10 1981. 2335hrs.
A woman driving home from work had topped a hill and a saw a ring of red and blue flashing lights, flashing from left to right in sequence. The thing appeared to be 25m-30m diameter. The woman slowed her car and manoeuvred to put the thing behind her and drove on to her apartment complex. The original object had gone but she saw to her left another ring of lights about 8m diameter at between 30-45m altitude some 60m away. This thing then descended in a falling leaf motion down to between 6-15m. The woman, now afraid, fled to her front door but then returned to the car to close the doors. She ran to her door again and when she looked back the thing had disappeared. Under hypnotic regression she recalled the car being filled with a bright white light and then found herself in a 4.5m diameter white domed room. There was a box and examination table in the room. She woman almost unconsciously took her dress off. Two beings 1.4-1.5m tall, with thin upper bodies and arms that went down to their knees entered. They had light bulb shaped heads with large eyes, four fingered hands, a ridge like nose and slits for mouth and ear. They wore blue metallic uniforms. The beings examined her abdomen with an instrument that resembled a mallet and told her she was progressing well, they were pleased with what her father had taught her and she would see them again. 
  • APRO Bulletin 30,2 p5
  • Francis Ridge Chronology citing Bullard 1987 + Rosales

February 13 1981. 0430hrs.
Bar owner Dominguez Diaz was shutting up his bar when he saw two red lights at ground level 150m away. They rose into the air and descended again. He and his wife then went on to their nearby home, where, joined by their son, they watched the lights rising and falling for some time, till Mrs Diaz, afraid, went to bed. Diaz and his son continued the watch. The light descended again and they heard footsteps. These seemed to come from a metallic “robot” 1.4m tall, 70cm wide by their railings. When the dog barked the thing seemed to imitate this in a slow fashion. After 30 minutes Diaz went out to investigate. The robot had gone, and he saw an object taking off making a humming sound. Investigators found an area of burned grass 5m square and three holes. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 28,2 p17 citing Pueblo 18 February 1981, citing paper’s own investigation
February 13 1981.
Michael and Maureen Hall were driving back to Dartford when they saw lights moving up and down in the sky. The stopped at Hale and watched the lights, which kept appearing and disappearing over a nearby field. They drove on, and close to the Hale roundabout, they saw a dark object hovering over a wooded area. Maureen felt an odd sensation as the thing passed over their car and when she arrived home she had the feeling that someone was pushing her towards her door. Soon after this she saw the figure of a man in the doorway, but the figure disappeared when Michael approached it. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p23

February 14 1981. 0145hrs.
A 17 year old baby sitter saw a silent object, with three white lights forming an equilateral triangle hovering at treetop height, 15m away. The lights appeared to be on a dark metallic object, from the base of which a dull beam of light descended slowly. The object had a large window, through which two beings could be seen. They had large heads, with elongated eyes and two holes for a nose. One was sitting the other standing, the latter having white skin and a long thin neck and appeared to be staring at the girl with pupiless eyes. In front of the two beings was a white instrument panel with black or grey controls. After staring, transfixed, at the sight for 15 minutes the girl returned to the sitting room and did not see the thing leave. Both the TV and the house lights failed 
  • Don and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 29,9 p7 citing press sources
  • Evaluation: An awful lot of detail for a distant object. Moon through cloud, with imagination acting on its markings?

February 15 1981.
0200hrs. FRANKLIN (OHIO : USA)
Barbara Warmoth was in bed when her room was illuminated by a brilliant light. Looking out she saw a discoid object hovering nearby. Under hypnosis she recalled being taken on board for 10-15 minutes by beings claiming to come from the planet Antares. 
  • Steiger 1988 p57

February 18 1981. 0400hrs.
Shepherd Jose Fermin Albornoz was woken up by his flock acting up and saw a blue light, which struck him as beautiful, hovering over a field 20m away. He tried to alert a companion but this man just hid under his blanket and refused to look. Jose then heard a buzzing sound, which turned into one like a truck, though no trucks could get to this remote terrain. Two1m tall, very broad shouldered dwarfs then appeared side by side as if out of nowhere and spoke in an incomprehensible language. They seemed to have normal hands and feet but Jose could not make out their facial features but saw they wore tight fitting blue, helmeted suits. Jose became confused and the next thing he remembered was the bright blue light, which did not illuminate the surroundings, move off at speed. 
  • Francis Ridge Chronology citing UNICAT citing Carlos Ferguson

Late February 1981. Night.
A courting couple at a remote spot 8km north of town saw a hairy biped 2.5-3m tall in their headlights. 
  • Bord 1989 p33 citing Forteana News June 1981. p14 citing Danville Commercial News 2 March 1981.
  • Evaluation: Misperception of a deer?

February 20 1981. 1530hrs.
Terry Sutton (15) was on the small family boat, fishing on a pond 400m from his home when he heard a rustling. At first he thought nothing of it, but, on rounding a bend, he encountered, 20m away, a hairy humanoid, at least 2m tall, which walked swinging its arms. It was covered in black or dark brown hair about 10cm thick and gave off a musty smell. The lad remained still in the boat for several seconds, and then, when the creature had gone out of sight, paddled rapidly away. His father noticed his evident fear and returned to the site with him. The odour was still in the air, but they could find no other traces, but then they heard a large animal running ahead of them, but they were unable to catch a sight of it. 
  • Blackburn 2012 p115 citing his own investigation

February 24 1981. 2300hrs.
Farmer Jose M Pires was returning home buy donkey when he noticed a red light in the sky. This went from view about 3km from his home. However as he came to descend the hill to his home, he saw a dark object, the size of a small car, about 2m away and 2m altitude. This thing emitted a high pitched sound and a yellow light that illuminated him and the whole area. The donkey panicked and then Jose was stunned by a powerful electrical shock. Jose awoke two hours later in the coral holding on the donkey’s bridle and for some time had difficulty seeing and sleeping. For two days he had photophobia, headaches and nervousness 

  • APRO Bulletin 30,12 p1.

February 28 1981. Night.
Three men in their 20s and 30s were poaching rabbits in the vicinity of an abandoned POW camp off the A41 on this wet, overcast and windy night. One of the men pointed out to his companions a figure wearing a bright, white three quarter length coat. As they looked the figure began to glow brilliantly and then to pulsate in various colours. Its head was red and its eyes like lasers and the figure seemed to wobble about at an altitude of 1m above the ground. The figure seemed to approaching them, so the trio fled across the fields towards their car. One of the men then went up to the figure to confront it. The thing seemed to mimic his movements and when he threw stones at it, the thing just faded into the background. The trio then drove off. 
  • NUFON News 90 p6 citing investigation by L Barlow of MIGAP
  • Evaluation: Mist figure? Brocken spectre?

March 1981. Night.
Jane Murphy (22) had gone to bed, when she suddenly awoke standing in a field, with a large metallic object hovering overhead. She found herself approached by a group of up to 10 beings. One of them placed a cloth over Jane’s face. She pretended to be unconscious, but the being nevertheless gave her an injection in the arm, after which she did lose consciousness. She recovered on a sort of couch or table, was told to take a shower in a shaped shower, where her sexual organs were examined. She was then put back on a table, over which there was a number of things like sweets. She took one and was about to take another, when the beings stopped her. One of the aliens had non-penetrate sex with her. After the experience she noticed a small mark on her arm. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p84 citing Nagaitis and Mantle 1994

Spring 1981. 0145hrs.
An 18 year old woman was coasting her car down Holiday Lane to avoid waking people when her headlights illuminated a swirling luminous mist about 1m off the ground. As she approached closer the mist suddenly vanished and she almost collided with a lamp post. The night was clear and dry. 
  • Mills 1981. p43

Spring 1981. 0215hrs.
Patty O’Neil, a student at Pemberton Hall, was woken from a light sleep by a feeling that someone was looking at her. She turned around a saw a figure in a sort of robe. The figure turned away after a few seconds and went to the door, which it started to open and then turned back to look at Patty again for a few more seconds before leaving. Patty had the impression that the figure was female. 
  • Norman and Scott 2002 p67

March 1981. 2230hrs.
A man delivering in a village outside town saw a row of orange lights in a field behind some eucalyptus trees and stopped off road to observe it further,. As he went into the field he saw a metallic domed shaped object sitting on the ground on three legs, about 50m away. He noticed three round windows at its front. At that point a flash of light from the top of the thing struck him, giving him a severe headache and partially paralysing him. He then saw, through the windows, several human like figures wearing helmets and brown uniforms that started at the driver. Every time he tried to approach the thing he got another paralysing flash. At one point a ladder came out of the object but nothing came down it. After a while the legs were retracted and the object sped off at high speed. Traces of some sort were found at the site. 
  • Francis Ridge Chronology citing HUMCAT citing Benitez 1983. (Punta)

March 9 1981. 0230hrs.
At her home in an unstated location, Mrs Rose Bernini woke to see what she thought was her son in the hallway. She went got up and found that the boy was still asleep in bed. On returning to bed Rose saw the figure again. It was smaller than her 15 year old son and seemed to white all over. The thing kept appearing and disappearing for the next two hours. The experience seemed peaceful. The figure returned on the 20th and asked questions such as “where do all the lonely people go” The figure appeared again to her and her husband Joe (29), said that I lie had been told, and walked around the house. This figure reappeared several times making incoherent statements. On June 9 it was replaced by a 1.75m tall figure dressed in a cape, with oversized feet and a hump on its back. There were also poltergeist like effects. 
  • W G Rollin Fate November 1985 p66 citing investigation by himself and Steven Tringale

March 25 1981.
When 400m off shore from the El Rompido camping ground, Eugenio Burgos Gomez of the fishing boat Mogier 5 saw and drew his colleagues’ attention to a conical object some 100m further out. They in turn alerted the 4 other ships in the fleet. The conical grey object, about 50m diameter at base and 80m tall, was hovering about 1m above the water and revolving in clockwise direction. It had two rows of yellow lights, one near its top and the other near its bottom. The water under it seemed disturbed. After 20 minutes the thing rose vertically and disappeared into the sky. 
  • APRO Bulletin 29,11 p1 citing investigation by GEIFO

March 30 1981. 2200hrs.
Two people saw a large ovoid spherical object approach at about 16kph at treetop height. As it came closer the frogs stopped croaking but dogs began barking. When overhead the thing’s underside look black except for lights around the circumference and a sort of opening in which white, yellow and orange lights moved as though they were luminous gases. After abo9ut 20 minutes the thing took off rapidly. Soon after an aircraft passed over, followed by another sphere. 
  • Francis Ridge Chronology citing IUN 3,5

April 1 1981. 1930hrs.
Two men, driving home, saw three bright lights above the road ahead, joined by another one as they peaked a hill. The duo then saw a large bowl shaped object and parked up, after which they blacked out for a time, recovering in time to see something scurrying away from their car, followed by a flash of light moving up into the sky. One of the men, under hypnotic regression recalled the bowl shaped object hovered over the car and the vehicle became flooded with light. A group of beings about 1.6m tall appeared in front of the car. They had large hairless heads with almond eyes, grey skins and appeared frail with long thin arms. The two men were led in through a triangular doorway, where the narrator was led into a room where he was examined on a table of light. He also recalled one of the beings sitting at a console and watching the space shuttle Challenger orbiting the earth, though it was not launched till the next day. 
  • Ridge chronology citing HUMCAT citing Edwards 198?
  • Evaluation: Hypnotic confabulation

April 2 1981. Evening.
Two teenage boys saw lights in the sky, which descended rapidly to the earth and sank into it. 20 minutes later a creature with a bulging head leapt out at them. The boys described it as lacking facial features, with a sort of lump on the side of its head, and to be wearing a long black garment. The thing seemed to be floating along. The terrified boys ran off. 
  • NUFON News 85 p.5 citing investigation by Norman Collinson
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013bp34 citing Alan Bramhill
  • Evaluation: Collinson discovered that the figure was a local “peeping tom” and that the lights were probably meteors.

April 7 1981. 2045hrs.
Julie Wilson (17) was walking home down Mildenhall Way, when , through the bushes a luminous oval green-white light, that was too bright to look at for any length of time. She became frightened and started to run. After 30m she looked back and saw the light was larger and looked closer. After a further 30m she looked back again, and saw a “door shaped”, 1.2m wide, 3m high, light just above the path. It had a white interior, with a greenish hue on the edges. It had appeared to be moving towards her, so she ran on. 40-50m further on the light was still present, but when left the path for the road it had gone.
  • Steven Shipp in Probe/Scufori UFO/IFO 1982. p.35 citing investigation by SCUFORI
  • Evaluation: SCUFORI felt the original light may have been from a helicopter, but had no immediate explanation for the second

April 12 1981. 0345hrs.
Jean-Claude Letort, a truck driver and arranger and wedding parties, was driving home after one of these parties at Dijon when at the top of a hill called “Le Paradis” he saw a brilliant light low above the road, rapidly getting larger and eventually forcing him to stop about 300k from it. The thing was round and very red. Jean-Claude awoke a local resident Jean_Paul Benoit, a welder. However the thing was now no longer visible. 
  • J L Bochereau and Mr Huet in LDLN 213/14 p30 citing their own investigation

April 12 1981. 1330hrs.
Civil engineer R E Schenk (56) and his wife were driving south on Hw 58 on this bright sunny day, when they saw a small metallic looking disc, only 60cm diameter, resembling one saucer inverted over another hovering just above the road 12m away, reflecting the sunlight. They turned back to investigate but the thing was then at 600-1200m and climbing rapidly to the north. 
  • Hall 2001 p165 citing MUFON UFO Journal October 1981 p.7 citing investigation by Forrest A Lundberg

April 16 1981. 2230hrs.
Two women driving along Sandhill Road saw a large object just above the trees ahead. They first thought it was a helicopter but were struck by its lack of sound. It appeared to be twice the size of a house and had numerous multi-coloured lights and projections along its surface. The object moved off sideways at high speed. 
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 29, 9 p7 citing press sources

April 16 1981. 2300hrs.
A man going to his outside toilet at his home 3km south of town on this snowy night saw a 2.5m tall, dark hairy creature some 8m away, and noticed a “dirty mouldy” smell. He went to get other witnesses but by the time they arrived the thing had gone. 
  • Bord 1989 p33 citing Dave Klakamp

April 17 1981. (Approximate date) 0020hrs.
Two police officers were out in their car when, as they saw a red light descending, their vehicle’s engine and electrical system failed. A disc shaped object 3m diameter, 1m high landed about 50m away on the road. An opening appeared and two humanoid figures emerged. These had balls of fire for eyes and sparks were around their heads and eyes and their heads were large for their bodies. After a few minutes these beings seemed to talk to each other and they then leapt into the object. Its opening closed and the thing turned around four times and then took off, emitting a loud noise as it did so. After the object left the police vehicle operate rated normally. 
  • Ridge chronology citing HUMCAT citing CISU + UFO Notizie 48

April 17 1981. 2230hrs.
Caterer, Frank Burke (52) was driving at 65kph along the Cambewarra Mountain Road between Kangaroo Valley and Nowra when he noticed an intense light behind his car. He first thought it was another vehicle with its lights full on, but after a number of kilometres the object increased its speed and felt over the car, lighting upo the car and the surrounding countryside with a powerful beam of light. Frank felt as though the car was floating and felt an intense heat and tingling in his ears. It followed him up and down a mountain slope, taking off when a vehicle approached in the opposite direction. After the incident Frank noticed a severe burn on his left leg, developed inner ears problems, a rash on his leg, sensitivity to light, double vision, nose bleeds, sinusitis, change of colour to his urine, respiratory problems, high blood pressure, weight loss and intense anxiety. His finger nails became discoloured and fell off. 
  • John F Schuessler in UFO Magazine (Quest) 12,6 p.29 citing investigation by Peter Mazzola of New York
  • Evaluation: Lacks local documentation

April 17 1981. 2330hrs.
Mrs Marion McMillan (32) and her 7 year old daughter saw a strange object with windows and a vivid blue light in its front moving above the trees as they drove home to Seafield by Bathgate on this cold, clear night. As the thing passed over their car they saw that it tapered towards its rear. 
  • BUFORA Bulletin 3 p.17

April 20 1981. 1800hrs.
Jorge Ramos, a representative for a chemical company was driving to a meeting when he saw a white glow approaching. It enveloped the car and he felt a sense of pressure, semi-paralysis and muscle pain, followed by a disorientated dreamy sensation. He suddenly came to his senses standing by an unfamiliar roadside. He went to a pharmacy to get some pain killers and there discovered it was April 25th and he was in Goiania (Goias) nearly 1,000km away. Meanwhile police had found his car deserted on a side road near Linhares, its contents undisturbed. 
  • Randles 2001 p90 citing FSR 27,2

April 21 1981. 0430hrs.
A 35 year old man from Kingston upon Thames was on a camping holiday, and was camped in a field outside Budleigh Salterton. He saw two lights near and farm building and went to investigate. Halfway along the road he saw a brightly lit object on the other side of a stream. He was then knocked to the ground by some force. He saw an oval object, with flashing lights, ahead. As he got to his feet the thing increased in brightness and took off to join two other objects in the sky. He was cold and had a severe headache. As he walked back to his tent, one of the objects followed him, swinging side to side. By the time he reached his tent it was 0635 though only a few minutes seemed to have passed. Stopping off for a rest on his bicycle home, he noticed his foot was swollen and had two puncture marks. 
  • Chard 2003 p.36 citing Western Morning News, day not given, April 1981.

April 26 1981. 0030hrs.
Jim and Karen Speers were driving along London Road when they saw what they first thought was a brilliant star but then saw was a triangular object the size of a small plane hovering at about 20m altitude. It emitted an engine noise. The object then shot off towards Appleton Park, descending lower as it did so. Several other people stopped their cars to watch the thing. 
  • Joe and Doris Grazziano in APRO Bulletin 29,9 p8

May 1981. 0300hrs.
Three women out driving saw horizontal cigar shaped object, with black “openings” by the side of the road, which thing disappeared as they topped a hill. A white ball followed their car. One of the women later recalled under hypnotic regression described seeing normal sized beings with thin bodies and elongated eyes wearing all over white suits inside the object. 
  • Ridge Chronology citing HUMCAT citing LDLN 195

May 1 1981. 2120hrs.
A man who had taken part in an experiment to contact UFOs saw an object come through the wall of his dormitory. It fired a beam at the man and he was taken on board and taken on a trip, in the company of blond girl sitting at a console. He had similar experiences on the two succeeding nights. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 28,6 p22 citing Bo-Shi 1983.

May 2 1981. 2205hrs.
Retired engineer I W Whiteside was alerted by his 9 year old granddaughter, who was staying with him, to a light flashing on the east wall. This seemed to come from behind the curtains. He checked and found the door and screen slightly open. He closed them, but minutes later the display started again and continued until midnight. The lights seemed to form patterns which Whiteside assumed was some kind of code. 
  • Whiteside 1983.

May 2 1981. 2300hrs.
Det Sgt Lyall Booth of the Stock Protection Squad was camped mustering by the Bulla Bulla waterhole about 60km east of Boulia when he was suddenly awakened and saw a light, similar to that of a car headlight, 1.5-2km away, to the west of the Hamilton channels. The thing appeared to be moving but did not get any closer. The thing was hovering at treetop height. After keeping it under observation for 30 minutes and then went back to sleep sometime after 00.00. He woke again at Night. and saw the light and saw the thing was now 1km southwest of its original location and about 1-2m above the ground. After 5 minutes or so it dived towards the ground and disappeared. His cook had seen nothing. 
  • Pinkney 2003 p248

May 4 1981. 2235hrs.
Fatima Maria de Paula was leaving a friend’s house when she saw a brilliant yellow oval object in a lot. Seconds later the thing vanished, and Fatima felt pulled towards where it had been, but she managed to break free. Later an area of burnt grass was found at the site. 

  • Pratt 1996 p228 citing Hulvio Aleixo

May 6 1981.
At an unspecified location two young girls saw a humanoid wearing black pointed hat, black cape and a belt with glowing lights on its waist, flying along. 
  • Nunnelly 2011 p97

May 9 1981. 0900hrs.
Mr Woodford was looking across fields from his bedroom window when he saw a white thing above the field 60m away. He first thought that it was a goose. He called his wife to join him and she looked at the thing through binoculars, seeing that it was a bright pear shaped object 90cm-1.2m across, with something like a fin coming out of its base. It was just above the crops, rose to about 20m, dropped down to ground level and then rose above a fence. Mr Woodford followed the thing in his land rover while his wife called the police. Nothing was found. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p44 citing own investigation
  • Evaluation: balloon?

May 16 1981. (Approximate date)
Following the docking Soyuz T4 with the Salyut 6, the cosmonauts Vladimir Kovalyonok and Viktor Savinykh saw a spherical object about 10m diameter approach to within 30m. Through binoculars they saw that it was metallic in appearance, with many windows, through one of which they saw three beings with brown skin slanted, blue eyes, straight noses and bushy eyebrows. They communicated through writing mathematical symbols and showing maps. At one point the strange beings exited their craft without spacesuits. A film was supposed to have been taken. 
  • Dolan 2009 p258 citing Stonehill and Mantle 1998 + personal communication from Paul Stonehill
  • Evaluation: Post-glasnost tabloid hoax

May 16 1981. Afternoon.
A man fishing in the Thompson River near Kamloops heard a sizzling sound and a strange object emerged from the frothing water about 100m offshore and accelerated over his head. As it did so, pellets rained down on him. 
  • Janet and Colin Bord in The Unexplained 82 p.1623 citing J Allen Hynek

May 16 1981. 1915hrs.
H.J. Winsome and his wife were out driving when they encountered a bright red luminous object close to or on the ground near the road. When they reached the thing, it disappeared. They then saw a pink glow high in the sky. They found themselves sweating and uncomfortable though the weather was cool. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p.228 citing UFO Research South Australia

May 20 1981. 1245hrs.
Three boys (11, 13, 14) were walking in isolated hill country west of here, when they encountered a hairy humanoid about 7-8m ahead of them, crossing the path. It was joined by a second creature and the lads saw that the beings were 1.5m tall, with their bodies covered by brown hair. They appeared to lack necks and had rounded heads. 
  • Bord 1989 p213 +Healy and Cropper 1994 both citing Gary Buchanan in Lismore Northern Star 23 May 1981.

May 20 1981. 2300hrs.
Two couples in a car were returning to Montpelier when they encountered a woman hitchhiking. Because of the late hour they stopped and let her in, despite the squeeze this caused in the rear seat. Approaching a bend, the stranger began screaming about the dangerous bend and then just disappeared. 
  • Seafield et al 2004 p270
  • Evans 2002 p148 citing B Dupi and LDLN March/April 1982. p20

Late May 1981. Day .
Harmon Levron and his 16 year old son Mark were out hunting for poisonous snakes when they were struck by a horrible smell. As they moved away from it they heard a commotion in the bush and saw about 10m ahead, a tall red-orange shaggy haired creature. They fled from the scene. 
  • Bord 1989 p34 citing Forteana News June 1981. p18 citing Baton Rouge Advocate 28 May 1981.

May 1981. Night.
Two men whose vehicle had got stuck in mud on a dirt road by the Newark Watershed saw a creature about 2m tall cross the road only 1.5m away. The thing was covered with reddish brown hair, had humanoid ears, a flat face and walked with a hunch, swinging its arms. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p253 citing Tom Gibbons in Staten Island Advance n.d.
  • Bord 1989 p34 citing Forteana News June 1981. p19 citing Newark Star Ledger 29 June 1981.

May 26 1981. 1705hrs.
Mr and Mrs Boosey (20s) were walking towards a bus stop when Mr Boosey looked around to see if he could see his homing pigeons. Instead he saw a small (c 3m long) flattened oval object, with a steady red light at its rear, and four white “headlights” at the front, on a sort of grill pass over very low and slow in a wobbling motion. Though the event seemed to take only a short time, but timings suggested it lasted 25 minutes. 
  • Jenny Randles in BUFORA Bulletin 6 p7 citing investigation by Andy Collins and Bob Easton
  • Randles 1983b p97

June 1981.(Approximate date) Night.
A couple walking home alongside Old Mill Creek saw, beside a tree about 5m away, a squat figure only about 90cm tall. This figure vanished. The couple fled and a white, female looking, figure followed them out of the woods. 
  • Taylor 2006 p94

June 1981.
Jerry Wayne Scoggins was checking on his boat on the bank of the Sulphur River when he heard a splashing in the water. He thought that it was an alligator but on turning round saw that it was a large hairy humanoid wading across the water. It then climbed up the bank and away. 
  • Blackburn 2012 p121
  • Evaluation: second hand tale, just a rumour?

June 1981. 0200hrs.
Awakened by a crashing sound and an acrid smell, camper Sherry Davies turned on her car headlights and saw a 2m tall hairy creature that disappeared into the woods after 15 seconds. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p254 citing Fort Lauderdale News n,d, citing Patrick Higgins

June 1981. 1300hrs.
Two 12 year old boys on the property of one of them2km north of Cooma saw a huge broad hairy humanoid stood next to a tree 25-30m away down a hill. The thing’s neck was very short and the creature was lightly covered with red-brown hair. When the thing turned to look at them the boys fled. 
  • Healy and Cropper 1994 p139
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p250 case 149 citing investigation by Tony Healy

June 1981. Night.
Taxi driver Richard Price was on a call, but the place that he was called to appeared to be a deserted house. After a few minutes a bright yellow light appeared in the corner of the room facing him and then two luminous humanoid forms appeared, moving towards the window. He then lost consciousness waking up some three hours later, his car parked in a different location, When Richard arrived home his wife noticed three marks on his back. Under hypnotic regression Richard recalled that the beings stood either side of his car, which spun around then appeared to be in a place with a bright light to the left. The beings took Richard out of the car to a place where he was sat upright in a chair and given various medical procedures. 
  • Richard Prince in Pritchard et al 1994 p44

June 1981. 2300hrs.
A woman walking her dogs turned a corner and encountered a silent flickering light and her dog froze. Looking up she saw a circular object with a conical top atop a building. This object had a row of windows which emitted a kaleidoscopic multi-coloured light that seemed to hypnotise the witness. Thing then took off, became surrounded by vapour and disappeared. 
  • Swords 2005 p45 citing John Timmerman

June 1981. 2330hrs.
Four men were hunting for rabbits with a spotlight when one of them came within a metre or so of a 1.9m tall hairy humanoid. The thing leapt about 5m into a creek and ran off. Another of the men saw it at a distance. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p251 case 151 citing investigation by Tony Healy

June 1 1981. 2100hrs.
Three people were driving on Highway 19 about 10km west of the East Gate of Riding Mountain National Park when they saw a creature, they were surprised to realise was a 2m tall, black humanoid creature, with a narrow some 400m away on the other side of a swamp, staring at them. They watched the thing for an hour, until it got took dark, as it hid among the bushes. They took photographs, which failed to develop properly. 
  • Rutkowski 1993 p162

June 6 1981. Night.
Two teenagers saw a 1.2m long rectangular object and a smaller disc shaped thing manoeuvring over a shed and garage in one of their back yards. A tree at the site was found withered. 
  • Ridge Chronology citing MUFON UFO Journal June 1982.

June 10 1981. 0010hrs.
Wapt and Rose Bassett were driving west on West Wapato Road when their surroundings became illuminated. Looking up they saw, at about the height of a three story building a brilliant “badge” shaped object, surrounded by small multi-coloured flashing lights. On each side of and at the centre of the thing were pale yellow lights , the central one being the beam projected down on their car. After about 1.5km the thing took off vertically into a sort of cloud it had generated. It was silent and did not give off any heat. 
  • APRO Bulletin 29,8 p4

June 12 1981. 1410hrs.
Robert Gomez was driving towards Alice with 165 gallons of water in his vacuum truck when he saw a bright object in the sky. He first thought that it was an airplane, until it came closer, increasing in brilliance and stopped. Robert could now see that it was a bright white domed disc, with a dark rings around its middle, one inside the other. The truck slowed down, and however hard Robert pressed the accelerator the truck would not speed up and it appeared to be about 30cm above the road. His AM radio would not work, but is CB would, so he reported the event to his dispatcher. The object then took off into sky. Smoke was coming from the water tank valve, and when he opened he found that all the water had evaporated. 
  • Hall 1988 p.313 citing MUFON UFO Journal 167

June 12 1981.(Approximate date) 2350hrs.
Steve Roberts (35) had just cycled into work at the start of his night shift as a plant operator, when looking up into the sky he saw , about 100m away, at 30-40m altitude, a huge dull bluish cigar shaped object 25-30m long, 6-8m wide, giving off a pulsating light. As the thing passed over, it appeared as though it might hit some of the works structures. It appeared to be descending and just missed one of the oil receiving spheres, disappearing behind it. When Steve got back on his bicycle and peddled after it, the thing had disappeared. A security guard also saw the thing. In the days and weeks following the incident Steve experienced problems with electrical equipment at home and work and had episodes of aware sleep paralysis in which he saw apparitions of cloaked figures. This was part of range of anomalous experiences throughout his life. 
  • Gloria Dixon in UFO Times 33 p.13 + Strange Daze 3 p8 citing her own investigation

June 16 1981. (Approximate date) 2030hrs. MARTINS CROSSING (GEORGIA : USA)
Mark James (18) and his then girlfriend were making love in the back of their car when they experienced a period of missing time. Under regression 15 years later Mark recalled a brilliant light approaching. They were unable to start their car. They were taken by two beings through something that made them feel like liquid and up a ramp into an object, where Mark lost sight of the girl. He recalled being taken through some dimly lit place, past something like as transformer to a booth where he was told to sit. There were lots of other people in the area, being taken from the booth. Mark was taken, given a physical, encountered a “female” alien, who seemed caring and talked about Ebola. Mark was the tapped on the head by a wand terminating in a crystal. This gave him a vision of a nuclear bomb dropping on Atlanta and then a vision of a pastoral future. He was then given an implant into his left ear. When this was done Mark was able to see the room full of people with blank expressions, a baby with a large head and small body and symbols. He was then released and joined the girl who was already back at the car. He claimed other encounters in the weeks, months and years that followed. 
  • Miles 2000 p271 citing investigation by C Leigh Culver

June 21 1981. 0300hrs.
While out driving Mrs Eason noted that her headlights kept fading and brightening, while the area was illuminated by alight on the top of a nearby hill. She woke her husband Bob and pulled up. He got out of the car and noted that the whole area was illuminated and felt his hair stand on end. As he moved to get back in the car the headlights came back on again.
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 29,11 p8 citing press sources

June 24 1981. 1730hrs.
On this day following s violent storm, two teenage girls Ivanka Ivankovic and Mirjana Dragicevic, went up a local hill for a quiet smoke. As they were climbing up they saw a luminosity hovering over the ground in the distance. They fled down the hill and alerted a friend Milka Pavolic and they returned to the spot with her, where they were joined some time afterwards by another friend Vicka Ivankovic. The latter saw the first three apparently entranced looking at a vague grey figure and ran off, meeting two young men, Ivan Ivankovic and Ivan Dragicevic. These three then went back up the hill. All six saw a figure dressed in a grey dress and white veil, with a crown of stars. She had blue eyes, dark hair and rosy cheeks and seemed to be floating on a grey cloud. In the subsequent days and weeks further visions were reported and the figure was assumed to be the Virgin Mary. 
  • Rogo 1990 p200
  • O’Carroll 1986 passim
  • Laurentin + Rupic 1984 passim
  • Kraljevic 1984 passim

June 25 1981. Night.
Alerted by their animals acting up a farm family encountered a dark entity, 2-2.5m tall, with glowing red eyes. Though they shot the thing in the head, it ran off. This, or similar beings were seen on subsequent nights, sometimes carrying a blue light. Strange noises and animal mutilations were also reported. 
  • Craft 1996 p62

Mid 1981. Night.
Farm worker Ennio Ferrreira (25) was walking home on this dark misty night when he heard an echoing metallic sound coming from a nearby hill. 75m further on, he saw a large red luminous object, like two soup plates, rim to rim, about halfway up the hill 40m away, 2m above the ground. The thing came down closer just beyond the wooded gate he was passing and he felt as though he was being pulled towards it. Ennio broke free and rushed back to the bar where he had bought some cigarettes shortly before. 
  • Pratt 1996 p229

Summer 1981. 1150hrs.
Thomas S Messer was among a number of people 4 by 4 ing in a wooded area when he saw a hairy bipedal creature among the trees 100-200m away. The creature was black, about 2.5m tall and moving at a very fast pace. Its arms were long and had a long swing. Others in the party also saw the thing. 
  • Steenburg 2000 p212 citing his own investigation

Summer 1981. Afternoon.
Henrietta Stockel was working alone on the 3rd floor of the PERA building when a lift arrived and someone got out without speaking. Looking round Henrietta saw a tall, very thin figure, like a woman in a long, grey, flowing garment. The figure went around a corner and when Henrietta followed, it had disappeared. 
  • Murray 1988 p107

Summer 1981. Night.
Tommy Flanagan and two friends were driving from Clones Strand to Castleton when they saw orange lights behind them. Thinking it was another car trying to overtake, they pulled to one side, only for the lights to take off into the sky. 
  • Butler and Nally 2006 p.7 citing Butler 1997 + De Faoiet 2002.

July 1981. 0030hrs.
A 25 year old farmer was walking down a paved road on this foggy night when he heard a metallic bang from behind a hill. On investigation he saw a red disc shaped object, like two plates rim to rim, 3m in diameter, hovering 2m above the ground. It came to within 4m of the witness, who felt attracted to it, as if it were a magnet. With a great effort he ran away to a nearby roadhouse, where the owners found him a state of such panic that they had to drive him home themselves. 
  • MUFON UFO Journal 310 p18 citing investigation by Cynthia Newby Luce

Early July 1981. 0030hrs.
Two college students were in a wooded area below the ruined Teton dam looking for an allegedly haunted house when they heard something moving about. Their flashlight picked up two luminous patches that they first took to be trailer lights but then saw were moving. Their beam then showed that they were the eyes of some indistinct dark creature about 10m away. The thing then started to bound towards them, forcing them to retreat to their truck. They turned the headlights on the presumed creature but there was nothing there. As they drove away past the area where it first been seen, the truck and dashboard lights both flickered and the petrol indicator spun round and then failed. When they got back to the main road the electrical controls returned to normal but the petrol gauge needle needed to be replaced. 
  • Tucker 2007 p194

July 9 1981. 0645hrs.
A newsboy on his rounds saw a bright white object on the ground near the B4000 Shrivenham and Ashbury road. He assumed it was a plastic bag and carried on his journey. 50 minutes later, Michael Winley, a member of the Royal Observer Corps, was passing the site when he noticed that two horses in the field were agitated. Fearing a dog attack, he got out to investigate and noticed a bright object on the ground near the horses. Thinking it was a downed meteorological balloon, Michael went to pick it up, but as he did so, the 60-90cm diameter disc, with a chrome top and black bottom, rose up 45-60m and then went over his head, and descended to 20m above the ground. Michael was then joined by colleagues, Kevin Clarke and Raymond Miller. The three watched as the thing moved off towards Idstone. At 0805 two couples, Mr and Mrs Richardson and Mr and Mrs Case, travelling together in the opposite direction and saw the object come in from 200-300m and pass over at 5-6m altitude. At this Richardson drove the party off. A sort of funnel came from the object’s centre, a truncated cone on its front and dark indentations around its perimeter. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p.73 citing investigation by Marty Moffat

July 11 1981.
An 82 year old woman saw a glowing, pulsating sphere, with a light like a searchlight on its lower half. Two hairless beings with white skin, dressed in grey overalls could be seen inside, one in a transparent cabin in the nose, the other standing in a central transparent tube that extended beyond the top of the object. The witness called her son, who also saw the object. 
  • Keith Basterfield in MUFON UFO Journal 177 p.8 citing John Knapman

July 11 1981. 2200hrs.
A couple driving to one of their parent’s house saw an object hovering over a clump of trees. They first thought that it was a helicopter but it remained static as they manoeuvred round and approached it, stopping in a field opposite where it had hovered. By this time it was only visible as a red light receding in the distance. It then accelerated away towards the airport. They then saw it on a hillside by the airport and continued the pursuit but kept retreating, from time to time projecting a beam downwards.
When they flashed their headlights at the object it approached them, then veered to the left and descended at a 45 degree angle towards a patch of trees, but rose up again before it hit them. As the object passed low at about 150m distance the couple saw its green lights reflected on the road. It then descended again to less than 3m above a field. After a time the couple lost sight of the thing. 
  • 1982. Annual p32

July 12 1981. 0050hrs.
Ken Threw was driving home from Pleasant Point to Temuka, a distance of about 19km, along a back road, with his wife and three daughters when they saw a brightly lit object, changing colour green-gold-red, coming from the opposite direction. The object came within about 200-300m stopped abruptly, changed direction and then began pacing the car. The thing then descended closer, at which Mrs Thew, who was driving, drove at between 70-100 kph, paced by the extremely brilliant object, the light from which drowned out the car headlights. As it came even closer, they could see that it was a sort of half oval, with two vertical rectangles on the upper portion, and, close to the base, a row of windows, through which a white light shone. The thing then just jumped away to the east. When they arrived home they tried to approach the thing, but it remained off in the east, but when they got home they saw it hovering 300m overhead, but again it shot off to the east. 
  • Hall 2001 p49

July 16 1981. 0215hra.
Three young women (25-6) (Vivian Heywood, Rosemary Hawkins and Valerie Walters) were driving home from a night out in Telford when first they encountered a group of workmen working on a gas pipe, and then they were overtaken by an unusually fast taxi. As the journey continued, they noticed her quite everything had become. Further along they saw lights in the distance, but when they got closer, saw they were on a domed object, with a row of windows in the centre, above a field to their left. It was first seen as a ring of white lights at about 60m altitude, within which were two red lights. The object seemed to come towards them, the car seemed to run slow and they suffered a 25 minute time loss. Under hypnotic regression one of them recalled the car being stopped, with the doors open and one of her companions missing and going out to investigate. Outside it was black until a bright light appeared and a male voice told her not to be afraid. She was sucked into a triangular room without furniture. A male and female entity entered the room, they were about 1.8m tall with dark shoulder length hair, blue eyes and white skin and were wearing green cloaks. She found it impossible to give a better description of them, as trying to do so gave her headaches. The beings examined her clothes and the female took off her shoes and tried to walk in them. The witness was then given a medical examination, including something of a gynaecological nature that she could not remember. The entities would not say who or what they were. 
  • NUFON News 90 p5 citing investigation by Stephen Banks
  • NUFON News 107 citing investigation by Harry Harris, Mike Sachs and Norman Collinson
  • Derry 2013 p128 citing Daily Mirror 23 August 1996
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p87 citing Jenny Randles and Norman Oliver in New BUFORA Journal 7 + News of the World August 1983. + Shropshire Star 17 July 1981. + their own investigation
  • Randles 1988 p120 citing Harris et al + Stephen Banks
  • Evaluation: Hypnotic confabulation based on what might have been a road accident.

July 20 1981. 2330hrs.
Chris Jackson was driving along Hw17 with his mother, Chrystal, in the back seat when he saw, and drew her attention to, a red orange object over a potatoe field on the left hand side of the road. Through the rear window Chrystal saw the thing hovering just above the trees. Both agreed that the object was elliptical and tilted towards them. Underneath were three orange lights and a sort of bar. As Chris accelerated away the object seemed to follow them and he found that the car could not catch up with other traffic, as if being drained of power. After 10 minutes the object disappeared and the car then gained power. The next day then wound that a fuse in the car had failed. 
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 29,11 p8+ 29,12 p5 citing press sources

July 24 1981. 2215hrs.
While on patrol around Moonlight, deputy Joe Williams saw a brilliant intense light glide down until it was hidden by trees. Other witnesses saw the thing but searches were fruitless.
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 29,12 p5 citing press sources

July 25 1981. 0730hrs.
When looking out of the window, while drinking her morning coffee, Mrs Hjordis Hokstad noticed a metallic flash, which came from a circular object 250-300m away. Hjordis then caught sight of a smallish man dressed in a kind of brownish anorak walking near the thing with a rolling gate. Her attention was then caught again by the object which rose in a slanting trajectory. She had time to get binoculars before the thing passed over her house and away. Through these she saw it was a cylindrical object with a sort of sphere on top. On top of the contraption was a red hear shape and underneath it a kind of bar, about the size of the main object, on which there were various symbols. Ambiguous marks were found at the site and a neighbour reported her heifers had been disturbed that previous night. 
  • APRO Bulletin 29,12 p1 citing investigation by NIIVFO

July 28 1981. 0115hrs.
Engineer Xiu Junfeng saw a luminous object, like an inverted saucer, fly from northeast of the meteorological station on Mr Fulong to the southwest of Qingdao TV tower at 500m. The thing then stopped and ejected a luminous sphere, larger than a truck headlight, down to the ground. The main object itself then descended to 50m and slowly flew a half circle, emitting a whining sound. Its light turned to a deep red and after about 3 minutes the thing sped out of sight. 
  • Dong and Stevens 1983. p231

July 30 1981. 0010hrs.
A man fishing for trout in the river Yealm noted a pillar of intense blue light about 100m away in a field. It was about 60m high and 60c-1m wide and appeared to be coming down from the sky. The light began to approach the fisherman at an angle of 45 degrees to the river and as it passed he heard a sort of hissing whistle. The light stopped over the river for a time, agitating the water and illuminating the river bed. It then moved onto the bank and directly overhead. It the witnesses hair stand on end and from the inside the beam appeared hollow and conical. He moved to the safety of a tree but the beam moved around as if searching for him. At this he fled, falling down in a field. When he looked back the light had gone. He reported the matter to the police, who dismissed his story but nevertheless passed on his details to the press without his permission. 
  • Freebury 230 11 p211

July 30 1981. 0345hrs.
Mr and Mrs Hopgood and their 14 year old son and 13 year old daughter were en route to Wales, when as they climbed Pepperbox Hill, they saw a pinkish light some 200m ahead, which they thought, was the tail light of a lorry. Mr Hopgood accelerated to pass it, and then saw that the light was a red sphere, about the size of a lorry tyre, travelling about 3m above the ground. As he moved to within 80m at more than 110kph, the light rose up to 12m altitude and went over the top of a hill. At various points on the journey the family had been assailed by strong smells. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p125 citing Omar Fowler

July 31 1981. 2040hrs.
Two 35 year old men on a vacation were sailing a motor launch, towards Lieksa, on this day in which there were strong winds and currents, when they saw a spherical, black object in the sky, surrounded by one large and several small lights. The large light approached, so they stopped the boat, and then a dark object with two lights, surrounded by a sort of fog flew to their stern. One of the men became paralysed. The lights and the object suddenly disappeared and the men found themselves sitting in a different position, and they realised that it was 0410. Despite the passage of 7 ½ hours, the boat was in the same location. The men later suffered nightmares, a loss of balance and uncontrolled shaking. Hypnotic regression was unsuccessful. 
  • FSR 28,1 p28 citing UFO Research of Finland Quarterly report citing investigation by Juhani Kyrolainen and Pekka Peerikorpi
  • Brookesmith 1995 p.125
  • Randles 2001 p25
  • APRO Bulletin 30,1 p1

July 31 1981. 2300hrs.
A woman living in a bungalow in the Crosspool-Ranmore area was in her kitchen when she heard a droning sound outside. Going to investigate, she saw a red oval over some trees 200m away. It moved off towards the city centre. At 0300hrs. the next day she was awakened by a tapping at the window, and on looking out she saw something that resembled a glowing orange human head with red eyes. It moved off over the garage, so she went back to bed and fell asleep. The next night she and her husband heard something crashing about in the bushes outside. She became convinced that “an evil spirit” had moved into the house, so the couple moved out. David Clarke in Magic Saucer 19 p.11 citing his own investigation

August 1981. (Approximate date)
One day in the rainy season (May-November) Carlos Dias returned to a gorge at an unspecified location, where earlier that year he had seen a yellow glow. On this visit he saw the glow again, coming within 7m of a domed object. As he watched it, someone grabbed his shoulder and he fainted. When Carlos came to and returned to his car, he encountered another car. From this emerged a young man who approached Carlos and told him that if he wanted to know what he had experienced to meet him the next day. He did so and saw the young man with a group of children. He told Carlos that he had experienced a close encounter and would be ready when he remembered. Carlos began to recall being in a space where there were dust like particles of light, and that his hand went through his head. He had the feeling he was part of the object. He went through it and re-emerged in the forest. 
  • Tim Coleman in Encounters 10 p.19
  • Evaluation: Witness is a repeater who has produced usual unconvincing UFO photographs. Probable hoax

August 1981. (Approximate date) Night.
Danny Simoneux (18) was on the levee near the Bayou Steel Plant, when he heard a noise from the direction of the river. Shining his torch in that direction, he saw two red eyes which appeared to be on a 2.5m tall being. 
  • Bord 1989 p35 citing Forteana News November 1981. p20 citing New Orleans Times-Picayune-States-Item 31 October 1981.

August 1981.
A 4m tall object moved in a straight line and then descended into the water, slowing down as it did so. 
  • Feindt 2010 p19

August 1981.
Raimundo Souza (40) and Anastasio Barbosa were out hunting when Souza struck a match to light a cigarette. At this an object rapidly approached and fired a beam at them. Barbosa jumped down from his hammock and hid. When he emerged at dawn, he found Souza dead. 
  • Vallee 1991 p.211

August 1981. 2200hrs.
An 18 year old girl was babysitting her aunt’s children when the television picture broke into interference and she saw a 30cm band of incandescent yellow light appear diagonally across the floor. Down this travelled a patch of what looked like fuzzy white mist, and then both disappeared. 
  • Brazil 1999 p.186 citing own investigation

Early August 1981.
Over a weekend, three youngsters in a cabin were besieged by a creature or creatures more than 2m tall, covered in white hair. It or they walked around the cabin, looked in the window and scratched at the door and pounded on the walls. Human like tracks about 28cm long were found at the site. 
  • Bord 1981. p35 citing Forteana News September 1981. p19 citing Racine Shoreline Leader 27 August 1981.

August 4 1981. 2200hrs.
Ms Rogers (16) heard a sound like a tractor and saw lights outside and called her mother, Sandy. Both saw an object about 20m long, with red lights at each end, hovering 10m above the ground. Sandy went to get her husband Al, who pursued the departing object in his truck at speeds up to 110kph without catching up with it. 
  • Doris and Joe Graziano in APRO Bulletin 30,1 p7

Late August/early September 1981.
The boy in the May/June 1979 case saw a rotating sphere about 60cm diameter outside his window. As he opened the window it accelerated out of sight. 
  • NUFON News 122 p.10 citing investigation by Clive Potter

August 15 1981. 1830hrs.
At the La Rochelle estate, Clifford Muchena saw, from his house, a large fiery sphere near the tea room. The fireball then seemed to enter the deserted room, and then into the “Fantasy Room”. Going to investigate, Clifford saw three or four men, more than 1.8m tall, dressed in silvery-white overalls. He first thought it was one of the wardens and collegues, but when they turned round he could not recognise them. They seemed to emit some sort of powerful light, which so dazzled Clifford that he put his hands to his face and fell down. We he got to his feet, the figures had vanished. Another witness Eunice Kachiti saw the fire in a Cassia tree, and two men dressed in blue jeans near it holding powerful flashlights in their hands. This fireball was also seen climbing up the outside wall of the observation tower. 
  • Cynthia Hind in MUFON UFO Journal 183 p8 citing her own investigation
  • Cynthia Hind in Evans and Spencer 1987a p94
  • Hind 1996 p16 citing her own investigation

August 16 1981. 2105hrs.
As Emrys Evans (70) open his farm door he saw that the surroundings were illuminated like daylight and his horses and fowls were acting up. The light came from an elliptical object 12m diameter hovering about 2m above the ground, apparently supported by yellow stems. It had a riveted surface and four windows, emitting light, underneath was a faint light and on top was a searchlight from which the powerful light was coming. As he propped himself against a tree the light got even stronger, forcing him to shield his eyes as he ran to a nearby copse for shelter. There he hid until the light went out. When he came out the strange object had gone. Emrys was very shaken by the incident. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 28,3 p.25 citing El Chubut 28 August 1981.+ CEFANC

August 18 1981.
Theresa Schmidt and her three children saw an octagonal object about 6-8m in diameter with red and green flashing lights hovering silently 30m above her driveway. 
  • John Schuessler in MUFON UFO Journal 177 p4 citing Pine County Courier 3 September 1981.

August 19 1981.
Barbara Warmoth (qv) was driving on the interstate near here when a disc shaped object appeared, emitting a light so brilliant that she was forced to pull over. There she was abducted by a 2m tall being with catlike, yellow slanted eyes, long thin nose, pointed chin, thin rather colourless lips and with no ears. Barbara was placed on a chair in a place like a laboratory, where there was a variety of electronic looking equipment. There she was given a green drink and passed out, coming round at home. 
  • Steiger 1988 p57

While a couple were having dinner, their foster sons (11, 10) were watching TV when the whole family became aware of a deep droning sound, easily heard above the noise of the washing machine. One of the boys went to the window and two 6 cylindrical patches of light on the road, with a rotating patch between them. The other boy went up to his bedroom and from their saw the swirling patch on the ground and above it a discoid object, with strips of red and white lights, surmounted by a red dome, The thing was hovering low (about 12-13m) above a neighbour’s roof and appeared to be larger than the roof. After a few seconds the thing moved off to the east, flipped over and vanished to the west. The thing was estimated to be by about 8.5m diameter. 
  • NUFON News 93 p4 citing investigation by Mark Brown
  • Evaluation: Investigator concluded radical misperception of low flying aricraft

August 30 1981. 2235hrs.
David J Santoni (27), a computer engineer and reserve police officer, was driving through El Cajon when he saw something ahead. It was a dark disc shaped object, about 20m diameter, hovering less than 5m above the road. As he approached the thing, his car became brightly illuminated, the car stopped and he experienced a period of missing time. . He had a memory of being removed from the car by small beings and being returned in less than 15 minutes. Recovering his senses he drove off, and as he did so, the object took off and a light circled around the car. He fired several shots at it with his pistol. He later found red dots on his wrist and that the front of the car was clean, while the rear still had road dirt. 
  • Hall 2001 p166 citing MUFON files
  • Hall 1999 p169 citing Robert Gribble in MUFON UFO Journal 280 + San Diego Tribune 1 July 1987

August 31 1981. 2015hrs.
Following a curious whim, a Spanish holidaymaker in France, Eduardo Pons Prades drove off from his planned route to Pepignan, where he had booked a hotel for the night, and headed close to the border. He ended up driving down a dirt track and when his engine and lights failed, got out and walked to a clearing where he encountered an object 50-70m diameter, which lit up the clearing. A voice invited him a climb a ramp into the thing, which the voice called 'The light of the Cosmos'. Inside he met a tall blonde entity that delivered the usual contactee spiel. 
  • Evans 1987 p208 citing Pons Prades 1982.

Autumn 1981. Night.
Two young men driving on a rural road out of Atoka were about 8km from the Muddy Boggy Bridge when their headlights lit up a 2m tall figure in the road. As they approached they saw the figure was covered in short black fur and had a head like that of a wolf. The thing turned in front of their car and ran across the road to two legs before dropping down to all fours to enter a field. The witnesses drove rapidly away from the scene. 
  • Godfrey 2012 p138

Autumn 1981. Evening.
A young girl playing with friends in a field in their semi―rural estate wandered off from the rest. She saw a 2m tall figure, black all over, with pointed ears come from the field and walk right through a hedge and wire fence. She fled in terror and was afraid of that place for some time. 
  • Letter from Sharon Clark in Fortean Times 168 p52
  • Evaluation: Only known from Ms Clark’s 20+ year old memory of what this friend of hers said

September 1981. Evening.
A girl coming home from school had her attention drawn by a man looking at the sky to see a 3m diameter sphere descending towards them, stopping at 5m altitude. On the thing’s white surface were what looked like figures, including a human like being, a rhombus and a horse! This thing left after 15 minutes. Later a wedge shaped thing passed over the area on an ascending course. 
  • Ridge chronology citing HUMCAT citing GUFOA

September 1981. 0010hrs.
A man camping on the south side of Lake Constance was woken by a really loud sound. he looked out of his tent to see a brilliant sphere descending rapisly overhead. Through an opening in the thing he saw a humanoid figure dressed in a green suit. The object then took off in a zigzagging trajectory. 
  • Ridge Chronology citing HUMCAT citing UFO Nachricten 279

September 1981. 0110 hrs.
A postal worker driving home stopped by the railway track and saw in as field about 3m away, a humanoid figure, about 1.35m tall, dressed in a silvery outfit. About 30 behind this being, was a bright object about 4m long, with revolving multi-coloured lights. He seemed to receive a telepathic message from the being telling him not to be afraid and that they would meet again. 
  • Emmons 1997 p6 citing Von Ludwiger in MUFON 1993 p240

September 1981.
Robert Hunt was walking home from a trailer park when he saw a 2.5m tall biped. He called his mother who saw the thing was dragging one leg when it walked. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p254 citing Shelby Daily Star n.d.

September 1981. Afternoon.
Marvin Kirschnik, a machinist and artist was driving down SH11 close to the intersection with Bray Road when he saw a bipedal creature behind a fallen tree. Manoeuvring to get a closer look Marvin saw that it was 1.8m tall, with a humanoid body and canine face. Marvin drove rapidly away and did not speak of incident for two weeks. 
  • Godfrey2012 p33

September 1981. Night
A farmer some 65km from the Missouri river was working in his fields when a bright blue light hovered over him. Two days later he found a circle of burnt ground, about 10m diameter, in a pasture. Two further marks were found the next day. The evening after that the farmer’s wife was bringing in the cattle when she saw what she thought was one of the neighbouring children but was a humanoid about 1.5m tall, with an unusually round head and large eyes. She waved at the stranger, who waved back and then went off into the cornfield. Her husband thought it might be a runaway child and made a search but found nothing. At 0300hrs. the next morning the farmer was awoken by the sound of his cattle acting up and got up to investigate. Through the bedroom window he saw a disc shaped object, emitting a green glow, hovering over the barnyard, with shadowy figures moving around it. Before he could wake his wife he saw three of the beings stood in the bedroom doorway. His yells awoke his wife and both found their initially fear giving way to feelings of calm as the beings led them downstairs and out past the yard to the disc, from which a stairway descended . They walked up the steps into a dimly lit area, where the woman was persuaded to lie on a table, to which she found herself manacled as her nightdress was cut away by a “female” entity that made a humming sound. There she was given various medical procedures. The man was given a drink which gave him a fever and made him sexually aroused, allowing them to take a semen sample. The couple then woke up in bed. 
  • Steiger 2011 p163

September 3 1981. 2240hrs.
Thomas Huntley was driving north on US285 when he encountered a sort of fog that covered the road to a height of 3-5m. As Thomas approached further he saw a beam of light in this fog and then as he got closer still the thing shot off into the air.
  • Joe and Doris Graziano on APRO Bulletin 30,2 p8

September 8 1981.
A witness inside a house during a thunderstorm felt the building shake an amorphous “flow of light” about 7.5-10cm long and 5cm wide entered under the door. The blue-white thing flowed like mercury and was brighter towards its edges. Things like “runs of oil” came from it and moved among tools on the ground. The thing then went out again under the door. 
  • Bord 1989 p132 citing Science Frontier 26 p2 citing P.W Burbidge and D J Robertson in Nature 300 p623

September 10 1981. 2315hrs.
Denise Bishop (23) an accounts clerk was just going in to her parents’ bungalow in Weston Mill Hill, when her attention was caught by lights behind the building. Looking up she saw a huge object, 40m wide, above the houses on the top of the hill. . The thing itself was dark, metallic grey, but it was projecting beams of pink, purple and white light from its underside. As Denise reached to open the door her hand was struck a lime-green thin ray of light which came from the thing. She found herself paralysed and the whole area seemed unusually quiet. When the beam went out she found she move again and rushed inside. Nothing was visible on her hand when she went in, but several minutes later a burn appeared. Neighbours reported dogs acting up that night. 
  • Robert Boyd in FSR 28,3 p.15 citing his own investigation
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p133 citing investigation by Bob Boyd
  • Boyd 1982. p27
  • Good 1996 p82 citing investigation by Robert Boyd

September 16 1981. 2100hrs.
Mal Coons had just got up to change the TV channel when his attention was drawn through the window to three objects that resembled large red moons. One came over the lake at treetop height , approached the house and then banked to the left over the lake and then shot at lighting speed to the other side of the lake 300m away. The other two stayed over the lake and just faded away. 
  • APRO Bulletin 30,3 p7

September 16 1981. (Approximate date) 0800hrs.
Mr Phoenix, the landlord of the Ash Tree, was taking his dog for a walk down the main A523 to the junction with the Bollington Road when he saw a disc shaped object appear low down in the sky. It approached him, coming very low over power lines. He saw now that it was circular, 15-18m diameter, with a flat dark base and curved windows that shone brilliantly. On the underside was a dark line, at the end of which was a box like structure, which slowly revolved anti clockwise. A cyclist also saw the thing, but other motorists seemed oblivious to it. After a couple of minutes the arm stopped moving and the thing crossed the road, heading east towards Bollington , stopped over power lines, then carried on in the direction of Alderley Edge. The Phoenix family and relatives has number of anomalous experiences such as the sound of footsteps, being pushed, objects moving etc in the pub. 
  • NUFON News 125 p.10 citing investigation by Roy Sandbach

Late September 1981.
Three teenagers were hunting on a ridge when their jeep stalled and they had to walk back to town. As they were doing so they encountered three black creatures 3m tall, moving rapidly on two legs. 
  • Bord 1989 p35 citing Forteana News December 1981. p16 citing Fargo Forum 12 October 1981.

September 25 1981. 0925hrs.
Barbara Crabtree saw creature 2-2.5m tall, with dirty white hair and huge eyes standing in the cornfield behind her home. It gave off an unpleasant smell. That night she and her husband were returning from the cinema when they saw the thing coming out of the woods on the side of the road. A few nights later they heard a growling around their house. 
  • Bord 1989 p35 citing Forteana News November 1981. p20 citing Vincennes Sun-Commercial 4 October 1981.

Late 1981.
Barbara Cahill was in a real estate office in the Joshua Ward House when she saw a woman with frizzled hair and a transparent looking face sitting on a chair. The stranger was wearing a long dark coat. Business interrupted any further view of the figure. 
  • Evans and Huyghe 2000 p64 citing Robert E Cahill Haunted Happening 1992

September 25 1981. 2330hrs.
Elias Seixas, his cousin and a friend were driving their truck back to Rio when the vehicle’s lights began to blink on and off and Elias felt something like a cold liquid on the back of his neck. They parked up and saw a fiery light 6m wide in the distance, which Elias took a film of. They then carried on the journey, though feeling drowsy. When they reached Guari they found 5 hours were missing. Odd things continued to happen with the truck. Elias later developed impotence. Under hypnotic regression he recalled abduction in a ship piloted by a man with long limbs and penetrating lilac blue eyes, to an otherworld where he met small beings with large heads, and two other human beings he was not allowed to communicate with. Elias later became a healer and channeler. 

  • Spencer 1991 p.188 citing investigation by Irene Granchi
  • Evaluation: Essentially a contactee tale updated for the abduction market

October 1981. (Approximate date) Day
A group of young children aged 5-11, including Linn F and Monica G, out playing saw a powerful, well defined, light coming in from the sea, so low that they through themselves onto the ground. One of the little boys’ eyes turned white. After a while the object dropped something like a trunk, but the children were too afraid to examine it, instead they ran home. 
  • FSR 28,1 p28 citing Verdens Gang 16 October 1981.
  • Evaluation: Note location is incorrectly given as Melgeroa in FSR, presumably a printing error

October 1981. (or following month) 1630hrs.
A group of pupils at Wyke Middle School were walking home through Judy Woods when they saw a pulsating glow above the trees and noticed that the birds had stopped singing. A white sphere, with a row of red and green flickering lights flew over the woods at treetop level, emitting a crackling sound. It hovered over a nearby farmhouse. One of the children’s mother also saw the thing. 

  • Mortimer 2013 p85

October 1981.
A number of men saw a tall hairy biped. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p254 citing Battle Creek Evening News n.d.

October 3 1981. 2345hrs.
A couple and their three sons were in a boat heading to a small bay 12km north of Island Lake. En route, passing another bay they saw a conical object with a rounded bottom, above the water about 500m away, ranging in altitude from treetop height to less than a metre above the water. It resembled an inverted light bulb with bright white lights at its top and flashing blue lights at the centre, which seemed to highlight a sort of filament. When the object approached the boat, the boat engine stopped until to start again when the thing moved away. Though, with difficulty, the man managed to turn his boat around the light followed them for 6km 
  • Rutkowksi 1993 p55

October 5 1981.
Two men, who had seen a strange object in the sky on October 2nd, received visits from strange men. The first witness was approached at the gas/petrol station where he worked by two men who walked in a mechanical manner. They asked for petrol rather than gas, unusual in Canada and wore dark suits. They had pale skins, refused to give their names for receipts, overpaid for the petrol then returned some minutes later with the can still full of petrol.
Three hours later they visited the second witness, Grant Brietland who was in a pay phone at the supermarket. While he was in the booth the parking lot became deserted of people, except for two men who had neither eyebrows nor finger nails. They started at Grant for some time before one started talking in a “mechanical” voice, apparently without moving his lips. He asked Grant for his address and phone number, which request Grant refused. The two men then walked away, stiffly, in unison. Grant heard his name called twice, turned away and when he looked back the men had gone and there were no footprints in the muddy field where they had last been seen. The following night Grant dreamed he had been abducted and interrogated by the strange men and ordered to forget the experience. He woke up with a welt on his thigh. 
  • Dittman in Rutkowski and Dittman 2006 p138.

October 8 1981. (Approximate date) Day.
Dawn X (see Autumn 1947) was with a church party on a car trip to Mull. An American acquaintance had got out to take photographs, when they all felt a strange sensation and the car became surrounded by grey mist. It came up to the windscreen, and when the American’s hid their faces, Dawn something silvery moving about. They lost track of time and when the mist cleared the sun had moved on in the sky, the car clock and the American’s quartz watches had stopped, but Dawn’s wind up watch was still working, suggesting 20-30 minutes had elapsed. It took some time for the car to restart, but after that there were no problems. The American’s denied anything mysterious had happened. 
  • NUFON News 136 p15 +Randles 1988 p102 citing investigation by Roy Sandbach and Jenny Randles
  • Evaluation: See comments to the Autumn 1947 story

October 9 1981. 1240hrs.
Two women working in the city centre saw a solid sphere with a dull metallic surface above the skyscraper building of the West Yorkshire police service. It then vanished for 3-4 seconds, only to reappear closer to the roof of the building. First seen as a point source, it expanded into a cigar or oval object, giving the impression that it was descending rapidly. After 15 seconds it went down behind the police building and was lost to sight. The two women were so shaken that they were still unable to return to work three days later. 
  • NUFON News 90 p.6 citing investigation by Nigel Mortimer
  • Evaluation: Possibly a kite or balloon tethered to the building roof.

October 10 1981. 2300hrs.
Two men drove out to get some supper for workmates and on a slip road to the M62 they saw a luminous cigar shaped object, with lights or windows along the side and about the size of a double decker bus. It seemed to be close to the ground and appeared to climb the bank of the motorway as it rose. The observation lasted for 35 minutes. 
  • NUFON News 92 p.4 citing W Alcock of MIGAP
  • Evaluation: Could this be the moon rising slowly? Mist?

October 17 1981.
Abel Boro and his friend Ribamar Ferreira were out hunting and were sitting in trees, when they encountered what appeared to be a bright star. The thing then descended low, illuminating the surroundings like day, as it circled the tree where Abel was in. It resembled a huge truck tyre. As Ribamar ran from the scene he saw Abel surrounded by light from the thing. Next day Abel was found dead, his body all white. Similar things happened to Raimundo Souza, Jose Vitorio and an anonymous man, all in separate incidents. 
  • Gerald Garces in FSR 27,5 p.25 citing National Enquirer 29 December 1981.

October 24 1981.
Two young men were driving near here when they encountered a light in the sky and then some sort of “white endless space” and suffered a time loss. They had vague memories of being in a large room where they encountered some sort of humanoid being 1.2m tall. The men refused an investigation. 
  • Keith Basterfield in UFORAN 3,4 p.54 citing investigation by himself and Pony Godic

October 24 1981. Night.
Two men who were fishing by the mouth of the River Salso saw lights coming out of the sea. About 5 minutes later three bright forms came up out of the surface. When one of the men pointed a torch at these forms he saw a2m tall hairy creature, though his companion did not see this. He felt impelled towards the thing and at the same time the was a wave of heat that dried the wet sand. 
  • Maurizio Verga UFOcat
  • Feindt 2010 p129 citing USOcat

October 26 1981. 0340hrs.
Eric Booth, a garage worker, awoke for no obvious reason. Through the window he observed an object with flashing lights hovering close to the ground behind trees. After 10 minutes he woke his wife, and she also saw the object for 30 minutes, after which it clouded over and disappeared. At 0645 Mrs Banks saw two strange objects resembling planks with bright lights at one end. She observed these for 15-30 minutes, until they clouded over and rolled up, eventually disappearing as the dawn brightened. 
  • NUFON News 91 p6 citing investigation by Nigel Mortimer
  • Evaluation: First light probably astronomical low on the horizon. 2nd astronomical and cloud?

Last Week of October 1981. Evening.
Residents of the Woodside Estate, including hairdresser Raffaele Nobile saw strange multi-coloured lights in the sky, falling into the woods on several occasions. 
  • Nigel Mortimer in UFO Reporter 4 p12 citing own investigation

October 30 1981. 0210hrs.
A group of young men in a mini bus when a dark, circular object surrounded by a ring of red lights, came close, projected a beam of light down on the road, and then accelerated away. 
  • Randles 1983b p.105 citing NUFON News 93

October 30 1981. (Approximate date) 0200hrs. 
Two people saw lights inside a primary school and investigated with two policemen who arrived on the scene. They saw the figure of a woman dressed in an overall floating above the ground from room to room. As it did so doors opened and shut of their own accord. The observation lasted about an hour. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 28,3 p.26 citing La Capital (Mar del Plata) 1 November 1981.

October 30 1981. 1920hrs.
Derrick Stanning was driving home with his son when the boy drew his attention to a large disc shaped object hovering over trees. One side was red and other white and seemed to alternate sides in flashes. Sparks came from two projections . The object then shot up into the air, approached their car and then moved off over the sea. 
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 30,3 p7 citing press sources

October 31 1981.
Blandine p.saw, in a cabbage patch behind her house, a tall young woman dressed in a blue and white veil. The figure reappeared on a number of occasions and ordered the building of a basilica on the spot and to stop eating candy and cake. 
  • Jerome Clark in Fate May 1983. p91

November 1981. (Approximate date)
Hans Schlosser, a businessman from Berlin, and his fiancée were passengers on a bus travelling along the West German motorway to Berlin, when they and their fellow passengers saw two figures approaching. They were about 1.6m tall, dressed in glittering silvery space suits and helmets, and had chains running from their helmets to their belts, and carried something like a railway stop sign in their hands. The bus driver slowed his vehicle so passengers could get a better look. 
  • FSR 27,6 p.iii citing Ilse von Jacobi citing Hans Schlosser

November 1981. (Approximate date)
A woman living in a rural area on a hill outside town was in her kitchen, stirring a pot of beans, when felt compelled to look outside. There she saw a group of what she first thought were seven or eight year old children standing under the street lamp at the edge of her lawn. She then realised that these were not children but creatures with oversize, bald heads and long thin dark brown bodies and arms, moving in an unsettling rapid jerky motion. Her normally protective dog slunk away into the bedroom. The witness then forgot about the incident until she read a book some years later. 
  • Boylan 1994 p119

November 1981. Night.
A man out hunting was attacked by a hairy humanoid, making him so afraid that he still would not go out hunting again 20 years or so later. 
  • Newton 2011 p59 citing Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Assn.

November 1981. Night.
A woman who claimed to be an “incredible psychic” saw a “vision” of an old man with white hair, pale complexion and blue eyes, wearing a white robe and a skullcap, visible for 10 minutes. She believed it was “evolved being” giving her a message of salvation for the world. 
  • NUFON News 119 p15 citing investigation by Clive Potter
  • Evaluation: Hypnogogic hallucination

November 2 1981. Night.
Andrew Cutajar was driving along the A12 towards Great Yarmouth on this rainy night, when he saw what looked like grey mist in the middle of the road. Getting closer he saw it was the figure of a tall man dressed in long coat or cape, with heavy lace up boots and long straggly hair. He braked to avoid the figure but skidded through it, as if “through a cloud” 
  • Bord 1988 p.37 citing Ivan Bunn in Lantern 35 + 36
  • Michael Goss in Fate January 1986 citing Ivan Bunn
  • Evaluation: Mist column?

November 8 1981. 1500hrs.
Two boys went to assist a third who had come off his bike and hit his head while dirt track biking. As they were doi8ng so they saw a bright green light coming down towards the surface of a nearby lake. Inside this light was a grey metallic looking ovoid object from which were telescopic legs. An opening appeared on the thing and a tall humanoid figure appeared. The being had long arms, extending up in the air, oval feet and triangular head with normal eyes and wearing a loose fitting silvery suit. The entity appeared to walk on the water before, moments later, returning to the object, which took off at high speed, disturbing the water below it. 
  • Ridge chronology citing HUMCAT citing ITACAT

November 12 1981. 1900hrs.
Gas station proprietor John Davis was closing up when two women drove in and drew his attention to a shimmeriung discoid object 11-12m diameter hovering about 25-30m above the garage. From its underside came three leg like projections. A number of people observed the object for 5-8 minutes before it moved off to the north. The car that pulled up was driven by Linda Brown, with her son Jeremy (14) and friend Mary Ann Willis as passengers. They had first seen the object while driving on Rte 104, which as they reached Exit 23 seemed to come lower. 
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 30,4 p7 citing press reports

November 12 1981. 1900hrs.
A woman saw lights, 15-20cm diameter, 60cm apart, in a field behind her garage and an object in the sky. The latter shot out things like fireworks 8-9m and then that object and the lights seemed to move closer together and then shoot out another flash. She woman called her husband but by the time he appeared the lights had gone. A neighbour noted interference on her TV at the time. 
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 30, 4 p7 citing press reports.
  • Evaluation: The above two reports may have generated by an aircraft refuelling exercise. APRO report gives location as 'Sandbornton, MA'

November 13 or 20 1981.
A 13 year old girl and her 12 year old sister heard a noise in the barn and the older girl went to investigate. She encountered something bipedal with dirty black hair and red eyes. She backed out and the thing followed her. Her 18 year old male cousin got out his shot gun and saw enough of it so see that it was between 2-2.3m tall. He fired in the air to scare the thing away. It was seen by the girl’s mother in December. 
  • Bord 1989 p36 citing Pursuit 14,4 p187 citing press sources + Fortean News January 1982. p19 citing Port Huron Times-Herald 9 December 1981.
  • Evaluation: Bear?

Late November 1981. 0130hrs.
Magdalena Sobrino was hanging the washing in her yard when she saw a bright light coming towards her over a nearby Cocoa-Cola factory. It increased in size as it came silently closer. Magdalena then saw a transparent cabin, in which she could see two thin humanoid figures, about 2m tall dressed in grey tight fitting overalls, their arms outstretched as if operating some equipment. Magdalena stood stunned as the object flew behind a nearby building. 
  • Ridge chronology citing HUMCAT citing

November 24 1981. 2130hrs.
Dale Spurlock, an electrical power company worker, and his girlfriend were out driving in his 1876 pickup truck, on a back road when they saw a bright light moving at right angles and then turning and approaching. On coming closer, to within 12m it resolved into two beams projected by an object with a flat bottom, surmounted by a turret like dome, from which the beams came, and on the bottom of which were four pulsating lights, red, blue,, green amber, and with a red flashing light on its top. On the lower edge were four windows giving off a dull white lights and it had a sort of grill structure on its underside. The, soundless, 6m diameter object was very low, almost scraping the hedge tops. Dale drove off, the object following. It stopped when they did and projected its beams again. When the couple turned onto the main highway and object moved off. The following day the truck’s alternator and battery were found to be ruined. 
  • Randles and Warrington 1985 p14 citing IUN May/June 1982. p5
  • Hall 2001 p231 citing IUR op cit + MUFON UFO Journal April 1982. p6 citing investigation by John Combest and Jean Fuller

November 29 1981. Night.
Harold Hendesbee, a part time deputy sheriff and his wife Helen were returning home to Madison from a meal in Farmington, when at the spot where they had seen an unusual light on the outwards journey, they saw a brilliant light approaching them, illuminating the whole area before disappearing from sight to the right. They continued on their journey but the object flashed to right in front of them on the top of the road some 200m ahead. The couple back away as the thing came down to about 20m above the road. They attempted to get their truck past it three times before retreating and taking another route. 
  • APRO Bulletin 31,1 p1 citing Mike Melendez

December 1981. Afternoon.
Mike Wooley was in his deer stand, noting an unusual silence when a doe came out for the woods being pursued by something. This turned out to be not the expected buck but a 2m tall hairy humanoid. When Mike pointed his gun at the thing it began to growl and this was joined by a similar sound in the woods. Mike fled the scene pursued by the creature for almost 800 to his truck. As he drove off he saw there were now two creatures at the site. 
  • Blackburn 2017 p39

December 14 1981. Early afternoon.
A woman hanging out her washing had her attention caught by a large shadow and looking up saw a humanoid figure moving through the air at about 6m altitude and at speed, forcing her to duck. The figure was gone from view in seconds. 
  • Redfern 2017 p379

December 14 1981. 2130hrs.
On this freezing night the warden and caretaker of St Mary’s Rectory saw a luminous blue sphere approaching the church from the east in an arching route at treetop level. It descended into the graveyard and disappeared. Another person had a feeling of presence but did not see anything. 
  • David Clarke in UFO Brigantia 28 p12
  • Evaluation: Ball lightning?

December 15 1981. 2000hrs.
Mr Menesas (41), a married man with three children, was driving his dump truck from Paso de la Patria to San Luis, when having just passed San Luis del Palmar when he was started by an intense, blinding, light that flooded his cab and felt a tingling through his body. The truck seemed to move of its own accord and Menesas fainted. He came to he found himself floating in a brilliantly lit room, which looked as though it was made of stainless steel. There he saw a dwarf about 90cm tall, made of a grey-green colour that reminded Menesas of a tree. Its forehead was wrinkled and its arms were very thin and long. It seemed to communicate through telepathy. Then everything went dark and Menesas found himself stood beside his truck. His eyes were sore and had red marks around them. He was hospitalised. 
  • Barker 1983. p48 citing investigation by Luis Niotti
  • Ridge Chronology citing HUMCAT citing investigation by Eduardo Alfredo Lopez gives times as 0330hrs and the witnesses age as 42

December 15 1981. Night.
Rancher Sixto Barrios (70) and his family were awakened by a strange blue light penetrating their house. Sixto thought it was a fire and went to put it out, but instead that it was a bluish light emitting a whistling sound. As he watched, both light and sound faded. The next afternoon he found four holes in the ground, about 3m apart and 25-35cm deep, the grass around which was vitrified. 
  • Barker 1983 p50 citing investigation by Luis Niotti

December 17 1981. 0240hrs.
Daniel Evans was awoken by his dogs barking, apparently towards the pine forest behind his house. He then saw a huge light behind a clump of trees a few hundred metres away, which he first thought was a fire. He ran to the area to see what was up, alerting the rest of his family. Through an opening in the trees he then saw a large black disc shaped object with hundreds of small red lights rotating around the thing’s centre. The object was slightly larger than a bus and around it were walking several dark shadowy figures. Daniel fled in terror and as he did so he saw the object take off and move away at high speed,. 

  • Ridge Chronology citing HUMCAT citing UFO Journal May 1982.

December 21 1981. (Approximate date) Night. 
A man who had seen lights in the sky on this and the preceding evening was sitting listening to a record when he saw through the patio door a stranger in his garden. This man was tall, blond and wearing a close fitting outfit. The being offered to take the man to come with “them”, which offer he declined. The stranger then walked back down the garden and through a panel into a domed object that took off with a falling leaf motion. 
  • Butler and Nally 2006 p89

December 29 1981. Late afternoon.
Two boys were playing in a snow fort behind one of their homes when they saw a disc shaped object with red lights on its underside, and a central row of flashing blue, green and red lights, pass overhead at 150m or more altitude. The boys decided to slide down a small nearby hill before going home but were shocked to encounter a humanoid figure about 1m or thereabouts tall, with a head the size of a grapefruit, floated over a fence towards them. One of the boys insulted the figure and the other ran off, leaving just the lad nearest the thing, who seemed to be paralysed, as if in a spell. He the felt released and joined the other boys running away. The thing appeared to relentlessly pursue the boys, though it hesitated at a clump of trees, but then continued following them until it reached a fence, where it opened up a diamond shaped, and ruby coloured part of its face and gave off a sound like moaning. One of the boys saw a green haze some distance from this entity, in which he saw figures wearing gas masks. Both boys l experienced states of anxiety since the incident. One of the boys developed blurred vision.
  • Barker 1983. p32 + Rosales both citing investigation by Ron Westrum
  • APRO Bulletin 30,10 p5 gives the location as Onsted

1982. (Approximate date) Night.
A woman and her son driving towards Arbroath on the A92 saw a figure by the side of the road. They first thought it was a woman looking for a lift, but then saw that it’s face was illuminated by an internal light, and it had a fixed smile. The pair drove off in terror. 

  • Holder 2012b p.43 citing Bradford and Taylor 2002

A woman in her 40s, while asleep found herself inside a craft with male and female human occupants, and some other abductees. The woman would not led the beings examine her, as she was pregnant. The beings apologised for making a mistake, and showed her a picture of how the baby would turn out. They gave her a tour of her vessel. She next found herself back on earth in the countryside. She then suddenly found herself back in bed. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p.229 citing UFO Research of Australia and Bill Chalker
  • Evaluation: Dream

1982. 0200hrs.
KB and a friend were driving north on Interstate 5, at 110kph, about half way to San Francisco, when they saw a small flashing light above the road several kilometres ahead. As they got closer they saw that it was not one of a number of mundane things they had considered, but a series of lights that appeared to revolve and merge with each other, surrounded by a sort of mist, at about 30m altitude. The thing then began to descend, and the light became so bright as to be uncomfortable, and appeared to be a mix of blue, green, yellow and red. They drove up to the thing, which was about 30m to the side of the highway. It now appeared 15m across, constantly mutating and giving them the impression that it was somehow alive. Their car was then struck by a beam of light and KB lost consciousness. When he came to his senses, his friend was now driving, and the two were talking in some strange language. This wore off after 10-15 minutes. They never mentioned the incident for a good long time. 
  • Stacy and Huyghe 2000 p130 citing Dennett 1997
  • Dennett 1997 p61

At an unstated location Maria Elena Suarez was driving along a deserted road with her grandson and a friend, Susanna, when they observed a luminous blue object at treetop level, emitting flames down onto the road. Maria fled but Susanna and the boy remained in the car. All three suffered burns and Susanna also suffered from diarrhoea, nausea and headaches. 
  • Barker 1983. p70

A camping party awoke to find huge humanoid footprints around a water hole. Later that day one of the party, Judy Clark, saw a 3m tall male creature with long white hair. The thing gave off a bad smell and carried a stone knife as it looked at her from the bushes. 
  • Gilroy 1995 p210

1982. 0305hrs.
A husband and wife team of security guards heard a humming sound and went out to investigate. They observed a large disc shaped object moving at walking pace about 6m overhead. The dark object was surrounded by a flashing purple light. After 10minutes the thing shot up at terrific speed, giving off a bright yellow light. After it had gone a good distance a second object shot across the sky and merged with it. When the couple went back in they found it was now 0440hrs. 
  • Tony Dodd in UFO Magazine (Quest) 13,1 p.14
  • Evaluation: Just another unverified anecdote

1982. 0510hrs.
Azmi “ismail” Hamid (24) had gone to the river to wash when he almost passed out. When he came to he found himself in a “beautiful palace in a beautiful village”, mainly occupied by women, who plied him with fruit and other meals. He felt homesick there and asked to go home. Two of the women escorted him along a tree lined grassy path way. On the route back he encountered a beautiful house, whose owner invited him in, however as he entered he hit his head and came to in a cow shed. His wife had reported him missing and locals and police had conducted an unsuccessful search for him. After the incident he developed shamanic powers. 
  • Ahmad Jamaludin in Fortean Studies 7 p163 citing H I Mohd in Mastika February 1997 p106

Two small girls at the Frobisher Primary School went to play in a den in the fields near the school. Here they encountered two dwarfs, about 1m tall, with old faces, pointed hats and long white beards, apparently digging with spades. The alarmed girls retreated and as they did so the dwarfs just vanished. The girls later went back to examine the site, but there was no sign of a hole. 
  • Puttick 1997 p76

1982. Afternoon.
5 children aged between 9 and 15 were playing in woods near their homes when they saw triangular object, 12m long, with yellow and white lights around its edges descend into the woods. The youngsters approached but were terrified when the thing just disappeared. One of their mothers returned with them the next day and found an oval impression about 14m long of flattened vegetation. Three toed footprints were also found at the site. 
  • Dennett 2008 p116 citing Crystal 1991p68

1982. Late afternoon.
Don Warwick was walking back from a camping trip along a narrow dirt road and, having gone over a rise, saw a light ahead. He first thought that it was a truck coming towards him, but then realised that it was static. Getting closer he saw that it was an unusual object, around which were dwarfs 1-1.2m tall, with large eyes. Don raised his gun at the creatures, at which they ran back into the object. Don got down from the bank on which he was standing and ran off. The strange object followed him and hovered overhead for 15 seconds before it accelerated away vertically. 
  • Warren and Saarkoppel 2014 p171

1982. 2230hrs.
A man returning from a late night visit to a grocery store saw an oval light about 60cm long gliding along 30-35cm above the ground. The thing came from a house porch , down the path and on to the road in front of the witness, forcing him to brake. The thing continued onto the grass on the other side of the road. 
  • Nunnelly 2017b p118

1982. Late night.
Three youths ghost hunting at Beards Creek Church graveyard saw a figure in the shadows, which then ran into the graveyard. The boys thought it had eluded them but then a 2-2.5m tall hairy biped, with red eyes, stood up behind a tombstone and then ran into the woods. 
  • Miles 2000 p51

1982. 2330hrs.
A courting couple sitting on a bench heard a swishing sound in the bushes. The man went to investigate but saw nothing there. However, as the couple walked into a clearing, they saw a translucent, luminous figure, resembling a woman in a long pale dress, floating towards the “old man’s hut”. The figure stared at the couple for about 20 seconds before retreating back into the bushes. 
  • Tucker 2013 p.140 citing Internet sources
  • Evaluation: Mist figure?

Winter 1982.
Trucker Joe Carey was travelling south on Hw 87 south of Chemult when he struck a 2.35-2.5cm tall bipedal creature, damaging the front of the truck. 
  • Newton 2015b p84 citing Ray Crowe

Winter 1982. 1900hrs.
A 38 year old medical professional was driving home when he saw an oval object 9-12m diameter hovering, about 300m over a soya bean field, about 1.5km from his home. It was emitting intense multi-coloured lights that pulsed along its rim. He accelerated away and the thing seemed to follow and hover over his car, The next thing he could remember was being at home alone and hearing about a UFO report on the late TV news. 
  • Little 1990p31 citing investigation by himself and Rick Rotter

January 14 1982. Early hours.
John Lacey (a gardener), Robert Hartley (a builder) and another man, all in their 20s, were saying goodbye to a friend, when they saw a light in the north-east, over the moors. As it came closer, they saw it was circular, the apparent diameter of the full moon and had either a superstructure or light beam coming down from its underside. It also had two lights at the front, but witnesses could not agree on the colour. The object swept low over the rooftops, and then headed away over Bacup. 
  • Randles 1983b p.201

January 23 1982. 1830hrs.
Water worker, Jeff Garfield was driving through Rochdale, with his young son, when the boy drew his attention to a light and then two in the north east. After about 10 seconds the lights went out and they saw a dark object coming towards them, rotating. It came very low, and appeared to be the apparent length of a rugby ball at arm’s length. They then saw that it was bat shaped and had a mass of lights on the underside. It took about 40 seconds to pass overhead, but only Jeff and his son, and four people in another car, stopped to look. The object eventually faded to a light in the distance. 
  • Randles 1983b p.202

February 1982. 0330hrs.
At an unspecified city in the north of England a couple and their two children had driven home about an hour from Leeds. They were on the ring road on this cold frosty night, when their headlights illuminated a figure about 2m tall, wearing a baffy suit, with a large domed helmet and thick soled boots. The figure walked with its arms swinging together in front. 
  • Quest 3,6 p9

February 1982. 2100hrs.
Aubre Brogden was driving home to Bakersfield from St Albans on this clear moonlit night when she observed a large, slow moving, light low on the horizon. She feared that it was an aircraft about to land on the road, so she flashed her lights at it, at which the thing approached, revealing a triangular shape. When Aubre arrived home she saw the thing hovering about 8m away. She ran into her house, where, through the window, she saw the thing go overhead, its underside covered with lights. 
  • Citro 1994 p145
  • APRO Bulletin 31,7 p1

February 1982. Night.
At an unspecified remote mountain location a forest ranger was alerted to flashing lights on a remote roadway. Fearing a traffic accident he went to investigate but found no trace of a crash. Returning on his snowmobile, he saw small human footprints and went to investigate. He encountered a 1.5m tall entity with huge head and eyes. The being raised its arm as if in a gesture of peace and was then joined by a barefoot women wearing nothing but as thin gown. There was a crackling sound and the man disappeared. The ranger took the woman back to his lodge, where they made love three times. She was gone in the morning. The ranger found, via a note by his partner that he had been asleep in a fever for two days. Eighteen months later he saw the woman through the cabin window with a baby in her arms. 
  • Steiger 1988 p139

Early February 1982. 0430hrs.
Two law enforcement officials were driving on Rte. 22 when they saw a hairy biped, 2-2.5m tall, cross the road ahead. It was covered in dark brown, dirty hair, had long arms and reflective eyes and walked in long strides. 
  • Bord 1989 p37 citing Bruce J Hallenback et al in Adirondack Bits and Pieces 1,3.

February 4 1982. 0755hrs.
An anonymous young man sent a letter in which he gave details of three experiences. On this night he woke up hearing a strange noise, found his room distorted, fell asleep again, then woke up to see a shadowy figure in corner of the room and found himself paralysed. With effort he raised himself, and saw that the figure was a small dark male with no neck but with long hair; one hand pointing towards him . When it got closer he saw it had faceted eyes and gave off a sound like a cat purring. As the figure moved away the paralysis faded, the figure blended into the wall, the room brightened and he was able to read the time. On April 10 he saw an oval object in the sky that he assumed was a spaceship. On April 20 he awoke some time about 0400hrs. when he saw two figures, a small one stood on his bed, and a large lumpy one with its head in his mouth (which seemed to have expanded) . The beings seemed to talk in voices like bells. The witness was again paralysed. He did not know how the incident’s ended

  • NUFON News 101 p13 citing letter from anonymous witness
  • Evaluation: The 4 February and 20 April incidents are classic descriptions of aware sleep paralysis associated with false awakening. The April 10th could be anything.

February 10 1982. 0030hrs.
An object with an intense lime-green light hovered just 2m above the snow covered ground. The object then took off, dropping five fiery particles that melted the snow. 
  • Francis Ridge chronology citing Joe Twohy citing press sources

February 10 1982. 2330hrs.
While driving along country road Tammy Utte saw an object resembling an inverted cake pan at treetop height about 150m to her left. The thing followed her for about 3km and continued to pace her vehicle when she turned around; it eventually descended rapidly to the ground. As she moved off the object took off again and then once more landed, its light going out. Tammy now saw that the object had rows of windows and of red lights along its lower edge, along with white lights on its underside. Tammy, afraid, drove off. The next day deputies found a 9m long area of packed snow on the side of the road. 
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 30,7 p7 citing press sources.

Fernando Antonio Martins and Edson Maragon saw a luminous triangular object land in a nearby field. From it came three beings, 1.9m tall, with slim waists, thin bodies, white oval faces with larger than usual eyes but small noses and with pointed chins, who approached the witness, who then had an hour of missing time. 
  • Francis Ridge chronology citing HUMCAT citing GEPU.

Mid February 1982. 2300hrs.
Fermina Teniente and Maria de los Angeles Comen were sharing a hut at a camp site and were just about to go to bed when they noticed an odd movement, which they first thought was an unusual dog. The creature then turned and the women turned their flash light on the thing, but the light would not work. However they make out that the creature was some sort of humanoid, about 1.5m tall with long arms that almost reached the ground, huge multi-faced eyes, large slit mouths, their bodies were covered with thick dark skin and hair combed backwards. The thing seemed to regard the women with a “kindly” expression. They then saw three similar figures, which did not stop. They walked in a curious “crooked”, staggering manner moving from a creek up to a hill, passing within 2m of the women as they did so. Other campers, alerted by the women’s screams saw a luminous object rise from behind the hill. 
  • Barker 1983. p31

February 18 1982. 0130hrs.
While driving home through small town Colorado with his wife Marilyn, Terry Wejs began to feel an intense thirst which required him to take some stops for coke. About 30km east of La Junta Terry saw a light in the sky which he first through was beaming down from a cliff and then realised came from two columns of light on an object at about 600m altitude and roused his half asleep wife to watch it,, but the light had now disappeared. Shortly after this the thing or something similar reappeared, with two columns of light on its underside, beamed at their car. The red and blue flashing lights came on and the thing plunged from about 600m altitude to about 5m above the road, and passed over their car as another car approached to the right. They were able to see that the thing was a rectangle, about 18m long and as thick as a car. The passing car accelerated away and the object went into the southwest. About 5 minutes later it reappeared from the southwest and swept low over the road ahead of them. This was repeated a number of times, the object retreating when they entered towns. Eventually they spent the rest of the night in one such town to escape the thing. 

  • APRO Bulletin 31,1 p1 citing investigation by Alan Longobucco

A witness saw a strange object plunge into the lake about 50-80m from the shore. The water appeared disturbed for a while but then settled down. Then the object shot out again diagonally, emitting a whistling sound as it did so. As it emerged it hardly disturbed the water at all. Later fish were found dead at the site. 

  • Feindt 2010 p311 citing A H Chionetti in LDLN 241 p10

February 15 1982. 2330hrs.
Two military police officers were on patrol on the Cibola Range of the Yuma testing ground when they saw an orange sphere approach from the north and land on top of the radio tower in the centre of Cibola, about 500m away. They stopped for a better look, at which the sphere descended the tower and came towards them. They turned and drove away and as they did so, the sphere, which seemed to be about 30 m diameter, passed overhead and headed off to the middle mountains at speed. 

  • Dennett 20163a p48 citing NUFORC.
  • Evaluation: Second hand report submitted years after the event

February 19 1982. 2115hrs.
Juan Fattorel (41) was driving his truck along a secondary road when the truck engine failed. Juan managed to coast it to the side of the road to avoid a collision. He then heard a loud buzzing sound come from his near left side. When he looked in that direction he saw a strange object hovering over the ground about 10m away. Juan’s eyesight began to blur but he was able to make out that the thing was a silvery colour, about 2m tall and 1.5m wide, quivering up and down about 1m from the ground. Suddenly Juan heard a “loud aggressive “ voice, seeming to come from the thing ordered him out of the truck. Juan, fearing a robbery, stayed put and tried to re-start his truck. He then felt a neck pain so severe as to make him loose consciousness. He recovered with blurred vision, buzzing in his ears and still a pain in his neck. He found he had been unconscious for 20 minutes. He was picked up by a motorist as he tried to get to his truck. 

  • Francis Ridge chronology citing HUMCAT citing UFO Press 15

February 22 1982. 0540hrs.
Mr Zivic saw a disc shaped object land here. Later on at 0603 in Weissenstadt 20km away, he saw an elongated triangular object with two tubes at its rear travelling slowly and silently at 100m altitude. From its front came a brilliant green light and it had a yellow light on each side. 

  • UFO Times 27 p.10 citing Illobrant von Ludwiger in Eurufon News 3

February 24 1982. 0630hrs.
As a bright luminous circular object flew over it, a car’s radio developed interference. 

  • Francis Ridge chronology citing Richard Hall in MUFON UFO Journal February 1984 p14

February 25 1982. Evening.
A woman out driving saw a large domed disc pass over her car, projecting a beam of light onto the ground. The object came very low, perhaps landing. The object then took off again and passed over her house. 

  • Francis Ridge chronology citing investigation by Stan Gordon et al

February 26 1982. 2230hrs.
On hearing a high pitched whining sound looked out of their window to see a luminous disc close to the ground about 100m away. The thing had two large lights about 2m apart. The thing moved, now without a sound, over a swamp between two ridges, rising over trees and taking off out of sight. 

  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 30,7 p8 citing press sources

March 1982. 1700hrs.
A family from Skipton were driving to a supermarket in Colne, when they observed two balls of light, one red, the other green, through the rear view mirror. Suddenly the spheres, the size of a soccer ball, swooped past the car on either side, only centimetres away from the vehicle. The objects then turned round and paced the car for several kilometres before heading off across the moors. The witnesses were convinced that the things were solid. 

  • Mark Birdsall in Quest UFO 10,2 p.20

March 4 1982. 2230hrs.
A businesswoman from Skipton was driving home on the A65 between Hellifield and Coniston Cold when her car was illuminated by a blue light. Through her mirror she saw one red and one blue light hovering 30cm apart. These lights followed the car for about 800m, after which a beam of light appeared on the nearside of the car, widening as it descended, forming ac one on the ground about 5m diameter. The witness began to feel very cold and the car engine began to rev up. The lights disappeared when a lorry approached. When she arrived home she found she had 30 minutes of missing time. 

  • Devereux 1989 p113
  • Nagaites and Mantle 1994 p42

March 12 1982. 0245hrs.
A 33 year old man from Crapstone was walking along the Yelverton to Princeton Rd, talking to his girlfriend on his CB radio when his attention was drawn to an approaching light. he first thought that it was a car. Looking round, however, he saw it came from something about 12m above the ground about 100m away. The object resembled an egg with the bottom removed and had a row of 40 lights around its circumference and had a sort of fin on one side. From the bottom of the grey object came a beam, which at one point hit a pony. After about 10 minutes the lights went out and the object moved off towards Plymouth Sound. 

  • Freebury 2011 p209 citing investigation by Joan Amos

March 12 1982. 2110hrs.
A group of teenage girls walking towards a disco saw three separate groups of four circular lights in the sky at30 degrees elevation, emitting multi-coloured flashes. Two of them moved slowly and one of these stopped and hovered. The third group moved fast over the other two. The girls went into the disco but were called out about 20 minutes later by some friends. They all saw a bright blue flash in the sky and they then saw, coming from the woods 600m away, a luminous disc shaped object, surmounted by a dome with faceted segments, from the interior of which was a rotating powerful blue light. The thing approached to within 100m at very low altitude. Near the edge of the dome were a series of multi-coloured lights and there were four white lights around the body of the disc, and from the underside came a bright, irregularly pulsing light. The object spiralled down, hovered and then shot up at terrific speed in a steep climb. Police Officers investigating saw strange lights over the woods. 

  • Von Ludwiger 1998 p21 citing MUFON-CES Report 9/1983
  • APRO Bulletin 30,7 p5)

March 14 1982.
Two people saw a strange object at close range. No further details. 

  • Rath 1997 p81

March 14 1982.
Steve Dimbleby (23) a miner in the Silverwood Pit encountered a man wearing a square helmet, waistcoat and dirty shirt in the pit. The stranger bent down and shone his helmet light into Steve’s face, and Steve saw that the figure’s face was completely blank. He fled in terror and refused to go down the mine again. 

  • Haining 2008 p81 citing Sun 18 March 1982.

March 14 1982. 2130hrs.
Strange green objects were seen flying over Messel, and four police officers saw five elliptical objects, surmounted by glass cupolas, enveloped in green light and projecting beams, behind a clump of trees on the Darmstadt-Messel motorway. During this period there were disturbances on electrical equipment in Darmstadt. 

  • FSR 27,6 p.iii citing Abendpost Nachtausgabe 17 March 1982.
  • Evaluation: Same as 12th?

March 15 1982. 1835hrs.
A mother and her two children out driving on a busy highway saw a rectangular glowing object with a central cross hovering. As they got closer the woman heard a low humming and felt dizzy, hindering her driving. Her children felt weak and one went to sleep. When the object suddenly vanished all three felt better. The trip lasted longer than usual and the children recalled seeing either faces or whole figures in the thing and they felt sleepy for a number of days. 

  • Francis Ridige chronology citing HUMCAT citing Bullard 1987

March 18 1982. 2200hrs.
A baker, cook and army reservist driving home saw a domed disc to his left and stopped to observe it. At the base of the dome red, green, blue and white lights rotated and the thing gave off a low humming sound. He observed the thing for about 15 minutes after which it took off and departed on a circular trajectory. 

  • Ridge 1994 p71

March 21 1982. 2100hrs.
Something shaped like a vertical American football with three tubular appendages and three steady white lights and a single blinking red one, passed low over the road and flew across a residential area at 60m altitude.

  • Francis Ridge chronology citing investigation by Carl R Stewart in CUFOS files

March 22 1982. 0330hrs.
DS was sitting up in the living room watching the state night TV after returning from his shift when his dog started acting up. Going to investigate he saw lights he thought were on a truck but then feared were on a crashed plane. He called on his 18 year old daughter to call the authorities and rouse his wife, who like him, was a member of the rescue squad. As he went out to see what he could do he saw a car with its headlight on the lights, but that moved off before he could speak with the driver. The police confirmed that there were other calls. DS drove towards the site but just after a crossroads his engine and lights failed, so he continued on foot. As he crossed a field he saw a red pulsing light and encountered a figure a figure dressed in a silvery one piece suit, holding a sort of rod or baton in the manner of holding a rifle. The stranger did not reply to DS’s concern for his health. However he then seemed to answer questions as if by telepathy saying he was a watchguard, was “not from here” and then delivered a standard homily about humans misusing resources etc. He further claimed “they” had been here many times before and “were known”. Suddenly DS found himself much closer to the thing, which was not easy to make out, but appeared to be wider than thicker, and had a sort of window which gave off a hazy purple light. He later developed severe sunburn on the areas of his body exposed to this light. The being then just vanished and the opening disappeared. A portion of the object then seemed to spin, other lights appeared and the object took off, emitting a humming sound as it did so. After it rose to the height of a two story building it just moved off into the distance, getting brighter as it did so. DS’s car now started easily. A circular area of parched grass was left at the site. 
  • Barker 1983. p15 citing investigation by himself and Jim Moseley
  • Evaluation: Hoax by Barker and Moseley?

March 22 1982. Night.
In a rural area near here farm worker Dionisio Quispe heard the sound of a great wind and looking up saw a dish shaped object, surrounded by a pink glow, inside of which object, which was at about 100m altitude, were things like moving blades. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 28,3 p.27 citing Meridiano (Bolivia) 23 March 1982. citing ANSA press agency

March 23 1982. 0200hrs.
Tim Miron (18) was returning to the family farm from his girlfriend’s house when he observed a reddish star like object less than 20 degrees west of North and 25 degrees above the treeline. About 300m on it appeared larger than a star, and then appeared to be flashing red rays all around but mainly from the bottom. About 1.5km from his home he saw it as a flattened cone, larger than the apparent diameter of the moon, and with a an arc of small red lights that flashed on and off. As Tim moved slowly on, so did the strange object. It then suddenly backed away and descended behind trees 200m from the road, disappearing from sight. When Tim got within 800m of his home, he saw the thing again, still larger, hovering over a neighbour’s house barn and yard 150m away. As he approached again the object backed away, hovering over works buildings. He moved rather closer and it seemed to expand and to be hovering about 3m above the ground. Now afraid he rushed the last 300m home, He awoke his mother and they both watched the thing manoeuvre around the property for 30-45 minutes, before it disappeared behind trees to the north.
  • Kenneth C Schellhase in IUN 7,5 p.4 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation: The initial red light was probably the star Capella. There is no clear explanation for the other light(s). That it moved back as he approached might suggest a distant light, though other aspects make this less likely

March 28 1982. 0300hrs. 
Mrs F Collins and Mrs M Yeend were driving in a van when a brilliant object came within 300m. Their van engine was affected. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p.230 citing UFORAN 3,3 p.4
  • Evaluation: Investigators concluded the light was probably Venus.

April 1982. Dusk.
Two boys, sent to fetch their uncle in, saw figure in the distance that they assumed was him. The jumped a fence and ran towards him but when they got within 2 5m they realised the figure was not their uncle but a hairy humanoid around 2m tall. The thing turned towards them, grunted and then ran off into the woods, jumping a fence as it did so. By the time their uncle arrived on the scene the thing had gone.

  • Blackburn 2017 p30 citing North American Wood Ape Conservancy

April 2 1982. 1915hrs.
Three men repairing a jeep observed a bright object with a flashing red light above the trees. It then rose up, but when they turned on their headlights for light, then thing moved towards them, backing off when they turned their lights off and coming forward again when they turned the lights back on. It passed over them at about 75m altitude, and as it did so, its bright light went out, showing that it was a large, dull triangular object, the colour of gun metal, surrounded by a glowing mist. There was a red light in front, amber at the rear corners. It shot out two bright beams, one to the north, and the other to the south. When a plane approached the thing stopped, increased in brilliance and rose straight up. It was quite silent and during the observation the men had a sensation of their skin crawling. They suffered from headaches after the event and one had diarrhoea. 
  • Dolan 2009 p.270 citing investigation by Stan Gordon

April 8 1982. 2350hrs.
Angie Parrotta and Nancy Hanson (both 18) were driving towards Escanaba and had turned left down Rte. 414 when Angie, the passenger, saw a bright light to the southwest. Joking that it was a UFO Nancy slowed down to 8kph, and saw that the light was two or three (they disagreed) large yellow white lights attached to some dark object, which seemed to descend to treetop (9-12m) height This object was boomerang shaped, as large as two houses, either metallic or of a dark brown complexion, with even darker squares. The car seemed to have difficulty getting up to high speed. The object then abruptly moved from the right to the left hand side of the road, it then sped away east towards Escanaba . During the experience there was an absence of environmental sounds. 
  • Kenneth C Schellhase in IUN 7, 5 p.7 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation: Advertising blimp??

April 12 1982. (Approximate date) Late afternoon.
Maria Merces De Paula, Maria Das Gracas and her sister Maria Neuma F Lima, and two children were returning from collecting wood near a lake on the outskirts of town, when one of the children pointed out a strange “star”. The thing then came closer, appearing as reddish-blue fireball 200m away. The two little girls ran on ahead leaving the women straggling, so that by the time they reached the woods the fireball was at 50m altitude, going out towards the sea. The women suffered from sickness and headaches, Maria lost her pregnancy and Merces gave birth to a premature girl with health problems. 
  • Pratt 1996 p208

Mid April 1982. 0430hrs.
A person (sex not given) on an early morning walk saw a large silvery ovoid object on the ground in a nearby field. Next to this thing were two short very thin humanoid figures with long arms and elongated egg shaped bald heads, large pointed ears, small round eyes and barely noticeable mouths and noses. They wore tight fitting silvery suits equipped with belts with black buckles and carried things like flashlights in their hands. After 15 minutes the beings re-entered the object though the witness could not see any opening. The thing then rose up and took off towards Odense at speed. 
  • Francis Ridge chronology citing Rosales/HUMCAT citing SUFOI Newsletter 9

April 17 1982. Night.
Peter Mackiel (31) and his 27 year old fiancée were driving on the Guildford-Dorking road. As they reached Coast Hill, they observed two bright lights over trees ahead. As they got closer they saw that the lights were shining through the trees. When they rounded a bend they saw that it was a large dark object, emitting light, hovering no more than 30m above a field. The thing had two bright lights projecting forwards, with a red and green light on either side. The object was dirigible or cigar shaped, with square windows along the side, and there was a sort of protuberance on its side. As they climbed back up from a dip they saw things that looked like jet burners coming from the object’s underside. They drove on but then returned to find the thing gone. They detected an unusual silence and absence of other traffic when the thing was present. 
  • Jenny Randles in BUFORA Bulletin 5 p.9 + UFO Times 21 p.26 both citing investigations by Omar Fowler and Gordon Millington
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p165 citing their own investigation + Gordon Millington and Omar Fowler in FSR 38,3
  • Gordon Millington in FSR 38,3 p19

April 28 1982.
Two men driving toward Wycliff on Hw95A were approaching the bridge across the St Mary River when they saw a large black hairy biped come out of the trees and cross the road ahead and on into the forest on the other side. The men did not stop. 
  • Steenburg 1993 p89 citing phone report
  • Note: Possibly 1988. Steenburg says he got a call about this case on 2 May 1982, but dates case to 28 April 1988!

May 1982. (Approximate date) 0115hrs.
During the period of the Falklands war, a woman was sitting in her chair watching television, when she began to feel a feeling of lassitude. Though the door was locked a figure, the size of a small child entered and took the witness by the hand and led her out of her flat, through the now open door, onto the street. There she encountered a vehicle, though her eyes were blurred and she was unable to look at anything directly, resembled a London taxi cab. The being led her inside, and she now knew this was not a cab. She then found herself in a terrifying dark void, only for the door to open. Two male but not really human figures, to whom she felt a strong erotic attraction, led her out. She still felt leaden. The figures left her and she became swamped by extreme emotions.
She next found herself in a room with a shower cubical. Here five female beings, dressed in tube like clothing, came through the wall. They had short noses, thin lips, slanted eyes and identical hair. The tallest of them was about 1.5m tall. The witness undressed, went into the shower cubical, which rotated around, projecting lights onto or through her body. She then dressed. The five females then gave a sort of collective sigh and walked out of the room.
The now frightened woman followed them out of the room and found herself in a corridor, through which she had to drag herself and the only feature of which was a window, through which she saw a scene as if she was in space. This made her burst into tears. The creature that had first escorted her there now reappeared, looking more like a goblin than a child. It asked her in a sneering voice why she was crying. She asked to go home because her mother was dying. The being led her back to her flat, from which a green light was shining. When she got inside she fainted. She came too on the floor next to the chair where she had been sitting. Only 15-20minutes had passed. In the following weeks she had a migraine and saw strange lights in the sky. 
  • Article by the anonymous witness in The UFO Debate 3,2 p.11
  • Evaluation: Hypnogogic hallucination/dream possibly associated with a transient narcoleptic episode

May 1982. (or following year) 2355hrs.
Steve S and friends, out camping at the Last Chance camp ground about 15km north of Ketchikan were awoken by a slashing sound. On investigating they saw, less than 20m away, a heavily built 2-2.5m tall humanoid figure with disproportionally long legs. The party were so afraid that they fled leaving a motor cycle and tents behind. 
  • Alley 2003 p41 citing interview with Steve S, 2000.

May 1982.
Three men mustering cattle on the northern slopes of Mount Tamborine were alerted by their dogs showing fear and then saw a huge grey thing walking through the bush. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 case 151 citing Gold Coast Bulletin 19 May 1982.

May 1982. 2100hrs.
A man saw a misty egg shaped object 1m above the ground, about 15m away. It was 2.5m high and 1.5m wide, and inside it, he saw, a human like figure 1.75m tall. Looking back as he ran home, he saw that the object had gone. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p.230 citing TUFOIC

May1982. Night.
During the Falklands war a group of soldiers in a military vehicle encountered several dwarfs with large heads running towards a dark disc shaped object hovering only centimetres above the ground. As the party got closer, their vehicle’s engine began to misfire. At this point a sort of shaft of light came from the underside of the object and the dwarfs went up it. A sort of opening appeared on the object and the beings entered it. The object then took off and vanished into the distance. 

May 2 1982. 2100hrs.
A group of kangaroo hunters were walking along an electric fence when they encountered a llarge disc shaped object on the ground. The thing was surmounted by a dome and had a rotating base. On a sort of glass rim or platform was a group of 2.1m beings with long blond hair and tanned skins, wearing grey jumpsuits. 
  • Francis Ridge chronology citing HUMCAT citing Keith Basterfield

May 9 1982. 0900hrs.
Eddie and Dorothy Robinson saw a silvery object on the ground in a meadow about 800m away. The thing’s underside was “pod shaped” and about 1.2-1.5m long. The thing took off with a sound like that of a propeller plane. Police investigated but no traces were found. 
  • Doris and Joe Graziano in APRO Bulletin 30,10 p8

May 12 1982.
A large disc shaped object with a revolving perimeter was seen hovering by the roadside and projecting a beam of light which seemed to search the area. The thing then took off and flew away. 
  • Francis Ridge chronology citing Larry Hatch’ database
  • Evaluation: Primary source not given

May 19 1982. 2105 hrs.
During a thunderstorm a man saw a dark solid object with three brightly lit windows coming low, as if to crash, on the far side of a hill. Fearing a helicopter crash, he alerted the authorities but searches were fruitless. 
  • Dolan 2009 p271 citing investigation by Stan Gordon

May 20 1982. 1815hrs.
A couple driving along Golf Course Road saw a bright point of light, which resolved itself into a disc with a portholes in the lower section. The thing gave off a blue beam and came around to the front of their car. The couple felt they had lost 12 minutes of time and they had flashback memories of a 2m tall being dressed in a silvery suit. 
  • UFORA Research Digest 19 p.2 citing UFO Research Queensland Sunshine Coast Branch

May 23 1982. Late night.
Robert Fairall and Annette Cook were out diving along country road when they were pursued by a light about 3m above the ground. They first thought it was the headlight of a motor cycle but it then went over the fields and paced them, bobbing up and down for about 6 minutes at high speed. The light appeared as bright as the sun. 
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 30,11 p8 citing press sources
  • Evaluation: Astronomical low on the horizon?

May 23 1982. 0330hrs.
A car was paced by a light about 3m above the ground, which stopped when the car did. When the car reached its destination its occupants saw a diamond shaped object in the sky. 
  • Francis Ridge citing Australian Centre for UFO Studies files

May 27 1982.
While searching for a crashed aircraft in a forested area Junior Sergeant Panyukov and Private A Yu Kunin entered a clearing to encounter a 3.5m tall humanoid dressed in a greenish silvery suit. The entity fled after which the duo saw a sort of explosion and a luminous object took off leaving a glowing trail. 
  • Stonehill and Mantle 2016 p42 citing Kolchin 1994

June 1982. 0400hrs.
Chicken farmer Zulimo Toffoli (46) was roused by the alarm in one of his chicken sheds sounding. As Zulimo went to investigate he noticed a beam of light shining towards the entrance gate, beyond which were two red rotating spirals which gave him the impression that they were pointing at him. Above the electricity inspection cabin there appeared to be a dark mass of some sort, from which the light beam appeared to be emanating. This beam was yellow –white and lit the area like daylight. Still thinking that someone was trying to attract his attention Zulimo called out several times. The light beam and the spirals then went out and Zulimo could see that the mass above the cabin was about a solid structure about 4-5m long, 2m thick. The temperature in the unit where the alarm had gone off was down to below 18degrees, despite the summer warmth. The object then took off with a sound like an insect buzzing and headed off to the west. Zulimo then returned to bed but could not sleep. 
  • Antonio Chiumiento in FSR 32,4 p23

June 1982. Evening.
Two fishermen saw a large, black hairy creature descend from a tree. 
  • Newton 2010 p70

June 1982. (Approximate date) Night.
Dan Martinez, a guide on the Little Bighorn National Monument, awoke paralysed, with a pressure on his chest and saw the figure of an American Indian in traditional dress. The stranger then walked out of the room and Dan could then call out to his wife.
  • Munn 1993 p60

June 1982. 1930hrs.
Two young brothers were walking back from a fishing trip saw a large black hairy humanoid stood at the edge of the woods. The boys watched the thing for about 10 minutes before they ran home. 
  • Nunnelly 2017b p277

June 1982. Night.
A young man was following his parents’ car on his motorcycle though the Arizona desert when a circular object surrounded by bright white lights began to manoeuvre about 20m above him. He parked up for a better look as the thing moved around making a humming sound. It then just shot off. He continued on his journey at up to 150kph but found he was really late when he met his parents at the next town. 
  • Dennett 2016a p126 citing NUFORC)

June 1 1982.
Two unidentified objects hovered over the cosmodrome, one of over launch pad 1, and other over the housing complex. Both facilities received substantial damage. 
  • Brookesmith 1995 p.126 citing Alexi Zolotov + Vladimir Azhazha
  • Evaluation: If actually referring to a real event, an exploding rocket or perhaps a high altitude asteroid explosion are good possibilities.

June 3 1992 0400hrs.
A young woman woke up and heard a voice calling her name. Getting out of bed and looking through her window she saw a large luminous object outside her window. Presumably though openings she saw two humanoid figures staring at her and then moving back and forth. The witness received a telepathic message and then the object turned in to a sort of brilliant flame and then disappeared.
  • Francis Ridge chronology citing Albert Rosales/HUMCAT citing Steiger 1992

June 9 1982. 2115hrs.
Andrew Matthews and two friends saw a bright bink-red sphere coming down from the North-East, an estimated 1.5km away. The thing seemed to be at 60m altitude and as they ran about 100m towards it, they saw it descend behind trees and re-estimated its distance as 8km. The object rose once and then descend again, flashing behind the trees for about 10 minutes. 
  • Picknett 2001 p140 citing letter from Matthews

June 10 1982. 0200hrs.
Mrs Thelma Lavin saw a large luminous sphere hovering at telephone pole height above the field to the rear of her house. Sparks descended from it towards the ground and it disappeared in 5-10 minutes. Thelma had felt mesmerised by it. 
  • Meaden 1989 p76 citing letter from witness to Michael Rowe

June 10 1982. 1130hrs.
US Forestry Patrolman Paul Freeman (39) was working in the Umatilla National Forest when he was alerted by a strong smell and then saw ,about 65m away, something on a 3m high bank. It looked like a hairy humanoid with red brown body hair, and a brown leathery face. After the stood eyeing each other for a time Paul backed away. Footprints were found. 
  • Bord 1989 p37 citing Vancouver Sun 19, 22, 33 October 1982 + ISC Newsletter 1,2 + 1,3
  • Jerome Clark in Fate May 1983. p54

June 10 1982. 1800hrs.
Robert Harrison and Frank Mier, on a fishing expedition, were driving along a dirt track 16km north of Fernie, when, rounding a bend, they encountered a 1.8m tall creature covered in red-brown hair. When the thing saw the men’s truck it ran off and then, as they followed, leapt off the road in a huge leap. 

  • Steenburg 2000p 27 citing his own investigation

June 10 1982. 2230hrs.
Three people saw a wedge shaped object with bright white and smaller red-green lights hovering about 15m above a reservoir, the lights reflecting on the water’s surface. As the trio tried to drive to get a better view, the lights moved away. At times they seemed to jump from one place to another and at one point the thing hovered, oscillating, above a house, shining a red light on it and the car. The thing then approached the car from behind at an altitude of about 10m. 

  • Hall 2001 p40
  • Marler 2013 p.166 citing Hall 2001 op cit.

June 12 1982.
Robert France was on Chestnut Ridge when he encountered a hairy humanoid. 

  • Bord 1989 p38 citing La Trobe Bulletin 15 May 1987

June 12 1982. 2200hrs.
A man was watching TV when the power went extremely low and the room was lit by an exterior light. Going to the window the witness saw a bright orange-white object hovering over a tree 15m away. It seemed to be hovering above the power line transformers. The thing then shot away to the east leaving a luminous trail. 

  • Imbrogno 2010 p34)

Mid June 1982. 1400hrs.
Roy Hord was horse riding about 800m from Eagle Lake when he saw about 120-150m behind him a hairy bipedal creature about 2m tall. It had a short neck and projecting ears and its arms went down to its knees. The thing stood there for about 30 seconds and then turned and walked away. The horse did not react. 

  • Steenburg 2000 p.202 citing his own investigation

June 18 1982. 2150hrs.
Mr and Mrs Berry were walking home along Briars Way when they saw a large pink-red object descending over trees about 3km away, coming down slowly from 300m to ground level. The thing, which was about 60m long, appeared to be translucent, and to be constructed using planks and spars. 

  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p173 citing investigation by Contact UK
  • Fry 2009 p126 citing her own investigation
  • Evaluation: Balloon?

June 24 1982. 0145hrs.
A woman awoke and noted a light coming through her window. Looking out, she saw an object like an inverted bowl, about 4.5m diameter, 1.5m high, emitting a bright white light from its underside. It was hovering a few centimetres above the ground, making a sound like a washing machine and causing trees to sway. One of the woman’s dogs ran into the house, distracting her. At this the light went out and everything became normal. 

  • Rutkowksi 1993 p.63
  • Evaluation: Hypnopompic hallucination?

June 27 1982. 0200hrs.
TBILISI (GEORGIA then part of the USSR)
A biologist was working in his garden to escape the noise of a family party when he observed a bright light near a neighbouring reservoir. As he went to investigate, he saw two headless “robots” with something like eyes on their chests and below those, white lights. They appeared to pointing white tubes at him. The “robots” gestured for him to follow them, whereupon he met two beings 2-3m tall, with just one eye in the centre of their foreheads, large mouths and long legs, dressed in metallic clothing. They were stood by a huge object, in which there was an open door. The beings spoke in Russian and claimed to be from the “Red Star Plantet”.

  • George Chihadaze in The Missing Times 127 p12 citing Asabel dasabali 4 August 1993)

June 30 1982. 0245hrs.
A man noticed that his dog seemed agitated when he put it out, but it calmed down and he went to bed, only to awaken in fear and a sense of presence in the room. He got up and walked around but nothing was amiss so we went back to bed, only to see, in the mirror, a small pyramid, green with orange bands, which appeared to be just outside his window. The thing then left and he heard the noise of something going overhead. The next day he was taken violently sick at work and had to go home. 
  • Swords 2005 p80 citing John Timmerman

Summer 1982. (or following year) 2100hrs. WINDHAM (NOVA SCOTIA : CANADA)
About 20 people were at a lakeside camp when they saw a disc shaped object with about 12 lights come over the trees and hover over the lake silently. It moved up and down and around in sharp angles. One of the witnesses tried to take a photograph but his flash would not work. The object then moved quickly away, after which the flash worked OK. 
  • Swords 2005 p186 citing John Timmerman

Summer 1982. Evening. 
Lorraine Parry was out walking when she suddenly found herself in a sort of lake in a pink sky desert location. A strange silvery, rectangular, metallic object was flying silently through the air. Though it was at altitude, she found herself right next to its widows. Through which she could see figures, one of which seemed to be a child jumping up and down in excitement. This being had large eyes, a small nose, thin lips, no visible ears. It appeared to be naked, to have a thing neck and broad shoulders. An adult male and female entity joined them, all pointing out. 
  • Spencer 1994 p.274

Summer 1982. Night.
Student Melissa Chappelle was walking past the local elementary school when she saw what she thought were two children standing in front of the school. However as she passed them she saw that they had unusually large heads, and when they turned to look at her, she saw they had very large eyes contrasted with their very small mouths and noses, and that their faces were very pale. They wore what looked like green jumpsuits. 
  • Dennett 2005 p151 citing Dennett 1997 p37

July 1982. (Approximate date) Night.
Mr L and his girlfriend were in bed in a flat on Angel Street when there was a loud throbbing sound and the bedroom lights began to flicker and then go out. Looking through the window, they saw that the street lights were out, as were those in an adjacent building. Looking through the open window, L saw a brilliant white light at rooftop level, from which the humming seemed to emanate. As he watched, the light accelerated away and then split into three fragments which flew away in different directions. The lights then came back on again 
  • NUFON News 184 p.12

July 1982. 0200hrs.
Denise Labre( 25) and a 16 year old youth and two 13 year old boys were out camping when they saw an object, emitting a brilliant white light, go overhead at about 60m and disappear behind buildings. Sometime later they heard a strange noise and looking out saw a humanoid being with a huge head and orange eyes. They then found themselves in a sort of whirlwind blowing the dust up and felt terrible stomach pains, so they ran to a nearby house. 
  • Dittman in Rutkowski and Dittman 2006 p141 citing Haines 1999 +RCMP files
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 31,1 p7 citing press sources.

July 1982. Afternoon
In a northern Minnesota town, name not given, 17 year old Richard O’Donnell was walking along a path in private territory as a short cut when he encountered a short stocky man, about 1.6m tall, with coarse black hair, a large nose, deep set black eyes and large hairy feet. The stranger was dressed ij a ragged shirt and bib overalls, and seemed to want Richard’s clothes. The two wrestled and as they did so the stranger grew 20cm in height and his eyes turned red, as he gave off an overpowering stench. Richard fled in terror. 
  • Nunnelly 2011 p206

July 6 1982.
A motorist encountered a dark helicopter like shape 5m off the ground, some 20-30m away in a paddock. The car lost power and rolled to a stop. The strange object turned, showing an orange glow and then faded away. The witness was then able to start his car again. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p.230 citing TUFOIC files

July 11 1982. 0520hrs.
Four kangaroo hunters saw a glow rise above a group of trees 1km from their camp. One of the men, Ray Drage saw the thing as glowing yellow and red. It remained hovering for about 5 minutes and then moved off to the north. Through his telescopic rifle site Ray saw it was cigar shaped with a yellow glow from its front and red from its rear. It was visible for about an hour. 
  • Doris and Joe Graziano in APRO Bulletin 31,1 p8 citing press reports
  • Evaluation: The length of observation time suggests astronomical

July 12 1982.
A group of local residents observed a bright orange and white object hovering at 15m altitude, apparently over a transformer. A sort of glowing wire extended from the object to the transformer and there was a power failure at around this time. 
  • Milne 2011 p47 citing Files from the Edge p35

July 21 1982. 0200hrs.
Ray Foster was woken by a light and a sound like a wind and looking out of his window saw a red light shining on his garden. Going to the porch to investigate, he saw an object hovering 3-5m above an apple tree. It was shaped like a top with a red light in the centre of its underside, with 30 or more orange lights around its perimeter and was about 1.5 times the size of a police patrol car of the period. The thing moved to the north and then circled about 600m away to the north, then about the same distance to the south, before returning to its original position from whence it took off in to the sky. The observation lasted for 30 minutes and for part of that time Ray was joined by his mother Emma who had also been woken by the noise. 
  • Doris and Joe Graziano in APRO Bulletin 31.2 p7 citing press sources

July 23 1982. 0200hrs.
Three women who had been sitting outside taking and later watching a strange star than slowly moved, were altered by the whining of a dog; then heard a peculiar sucking sound. Shortly afterwards they saw, on waste ground, a figure of normal height wearing a one piece suit and transparent helmet, with visor and tube and holding a sort of box. The terrified women ran inside, so they only saw the figure for a few seconds. Police were called but found nothing, though they confirmed the women were really terrified. 
  • NUFON News 100 p.9 citing investigation by Arthur Tomlinson and Steve Ballon
  • Evaluation: The star is clearly an astronomical object, the figure might have been a rat catcher in his safety suit playing a trick, but is more likely to have been an hallucination brought on by expectancy, fatigue and sensory restriction.

July 30 1982. 2210hrs.
Fernando Luis de Baggis and his wife Catalina Arango had just finished supper when Catalina saw, through the kitchen window, a light in the branches of a tree. She then saw it was a sort of miniature image of the BVM, while her husband saw it more as a transparent, luminous triangle, surmounted by a small head. They went to get a neighbour to also see the image, which escalated up and down and was surrounded by lights, like those on a Christmas tree. Fernando went to probe the thing with a broom, but this became burnt and gave him a mild electric shock. The image then disappeared. 
  • Barker 1983. p32 citing Victor Corradi of EIEFE

July 30 1982. 2300hrs. YOUNGWOOD (PENNSYLVANIA : USA)
Two couples on a late evening walk in a rural area between Youngwood and New Stanton saw a gas well cap moving about and heard a strange moaning sound. When one of the men, fearing there was someone injured, went to investigate, a baseball field to their left. There he encountered a figure 2-2.7m tall stood beside the backstop. When the figure began to stride towards them the party ran home. The figure was that of a dark hairy humanoid with its arms below its knees and walking with a stoop. 
  • Gordon 2010b p80

July 31 1982. 1930hrs.
As Mrs Cora Gilsensan Waters reached the front gate of her Metung Road house, she became aware of lights moving among the trees on the other side of the road. She turned back to follow the lights, which seemed to pace her. There was a large flashing red light, and smaller flashing green and gold lights. When she stopped and turned off her engine she still heard no sound from the thing, which now was revealed to be pear shaped. She continued driving to the Swan River Bridge where the object came in sight again. She continued to a store where two customers, Margaret Cassor and Robert Walton, joined her. By now the object was just a red light disappearing towards Lakes Entrance . The observation had lasted 20 minutes. 
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 31,2 p7 citing press sources

August 1982. 0135hrs.
Three teenagers, two boys and a girl, were driving home when they saw a 2m tall ape like biped cross the 6m wide Buena Vista Street, ahead of them. The creature’s upper body was covered with long white hair that reached to its waist but its head was bald. It walked in a stooped fashion. Policed confirmed that the three youngsters seemed genuinely frightened. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p248 citing San Jose Mercury n,d.

August 1982.
A group of schoolboys were mudlarking along the drained River Lea near Tottenham Lock when their attention was caught by something resembling a sphere filled with smoke, illuminated by a dim central light, hovering about 5m above the water. The object rose by about 30cm, and then bounced along, before taking off into the sky. The scared lads ran away. Next day they saw police and their dogs searching the area. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p179 citing their own investigation
  • Evaluation: Balloon?

August 1982.
A farmer saw a collection of lights overhead one night and in subsequent days found circles of burnt corn. The farmer’s wife was returning home one night when she saw a being 1.5m tall, with a large head and eyes standing in the cornfield. Searches were fruitless. The lights and entities returned in October, and at 0300hrs. one morning the couple encountered three of these beings in their bedroom doorway. They were led by the beings up a sort of ramp into a hovering object where they were stripped and given a medical examination. The woman was examined by an entity that appeared to be female. The beings communicated amongst themselves with cooing sounds. The man was sexually aroused by a green drink and a semen sample was taken. 
  • Steiger 1988 p97

August 1982.
Tribal policeman Don Cunningham and his family were driving towards Winnipeg with his wife and children when they saw something they first thought was a deer by the side of the road. It then stood up and they saw that it was a humanoid covered with brown fur and had a white head and light grey beard. The thing ran off and Don chased it. It left footprints 40cm long. 
  • W Ritchie Benedict Fate March 1984 p46

August 1982. Early Evening.
A man sitting on a log, fishing at a pond outside Connersville, heard a movement behind him and when he turned round, saw about 40m away, an almost 2.5m tall hairy humanoid with lo9ng arms and large hands. Its main hair was black, but greyer round the face and had large dark eyes and emitted a musty smell. As the witness ponder what to do, the creature just walked away. During the experience the witness had a curious warm feeling, a pressure on the forehead and the feeling it was trying to convey a message to him. 
  • Gordon 2010b p75 citing his own investigation

August 1 1982.
Elizabeth Isaacs saw something twice the apparent size of a tennis ball, hovering 3m above the Peterborough Regional Swimming Pool. It was a bright white sphere, emitting a red glow, which then flattened into a disc and sped away. 
  • APRO Bulletin 31, 3 p4

August 3 1982.
Something like a human figure, about 2m high, with no discernible features glowing with a fluorescent light by the road, was seen by the driver and two occupants of a car, which passed within a metre or so of it. When the car’s occupants looked back the thing had vanished. 
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in 31,2 p8 citing press sources

August 13 1982.
Janitor Javier Navare was awakened by a brilliant light to find two police officers, Isaac Saracho and Mr Carpio, banging on his door to alert him to an intense yellow light, changing to orange hovering between the village slaughterhouse and yard. The thing descended to the ground, at which it started a fire. There was a terrific wind, which had been blowing since midnight, and the resulting conflagration destroyed much of the village. A sort of depression was found at the spot. 
  • Barker 1983. p70
  • Evaluatuion: No prinary sources.

August 13 1982. 1855hrs.
Ed Stonor and his wife Denise were driving to a camp site, with their 14 year old daughter and their dog both asleep. 6.5km south of Jefferson n Denise saw two yellow-white lights that came down low over the car. The next thing they remembered was that it was dark and they were 65km further along, the time now being nearly 2300hrs. Under hypnotic regression the usual abduction story emerged as did multiple other episodes. 
  • Marden and Stonor 2013.
  • Evaluation: The usual stuff produced by hypnotic regression with main witness by that time wholly immersed in the UFO sub-culture

August 13 1982. 2145hrs.
A woman watching TV had her attention caught by a cigar shaped object with portholes from which a white light came, and from a red fan like trail at the rear. They also saw two lights moving around distant colliery lights, and an “ice cream cone” shaped object crossing the sky. These objects moved towards and appeared to enter the cigar. The cigar seemed to change course and another two lights appeared heading for the cigar but then stopped and hovered. They drove to the scene, where one of lights came down to ground level and seemed to approach the car. Another light appeared about 3m above the ground. The couple left the scene. 
  • Peter Hough in NARO Minded August 1997 p9 citing own investigation

Mid August 1982. 0115hrs.
A schoolboy, who had woken to go the bathroom, saw an orange object through his bedroom window. The thing was moving along the White Horse area from Warminster. It came to or just above the ground in a field. He called his parents but they told him to get back to sleep. After a couple of minutes the object took off, emitting a powerful orange light, which illuminated the surroundings, and headed back in the direction of Warminster. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p181 citing their own investigation

Mid August 1982.
Two men and the son of one, were travelling to the Rodeo when about 15km out of town they saw a point source of light come out the sky and approach within 30m, at which point it flared and disappeared leaving a circle of haze. 8km down the road they saw a glow in canyon to their left. They were unable to see what it was so they lifted the boy up and he saw that the light came from sort of unusual object on the canyon floor. They were afraid to investigate and after a few minutes drove off. 
  • Dennett 2016a p89 citing Jerold Johnson in MUFON UFO Journal November 1993 p16 citing investigation by Richard D Siefried.

August 15 1982.
DB (qv) was fishing in an isolated cove on Forest Lake when he saw a 2m tall hairy bipedal creature that came out of the woods and then knelt down and drank from the lake. It the returned to the woods. 
  • Citzo 1997 p198

August 17 1982. Evening.
A group of women, alerted by a “terrible” noise, encountered a being dressed in a jointless one piece suit, with a bowl shaped helmet in which there was a small rectangular visor, and a tube leader from the helmet to a box in its chest. The being emerged from a garage and walked awkwardly, hold the box with one arm and the other arm held at 45 degrees. Later that evening the women saw an unidentified object. 
  • Hawthorne 1996 p10 case 12 citing Wigan Reporter 14 February 1995

August 21 1982. (and following day)
A group of 9 year old children reported that an unidentified object landed in a durian plantation and small beings with oversized heads were seen near it. This happened on two or three occasions. (Bartholomew and Rickard 2014 p165 citing New Straits Times 26 August 1982. etc)

August 23 1982. 2355hrs.
John Fuller and David Buckley, farmhands on night shift at the Valley Farms on Rte. 83, rounded a barn to see a dark hairy creature, 1.8-2.1m tall, with one hand in the silage bin. The thing then stood up and walked towards them with its arms outstretched. John fled in terror. The matter was reported to state police, who thought it was probably someone in a gorilla suit, though the witnesses disputed this. 

  • Hunt 1988 p129
  • Bord 1989 p38 citing Fate August 1983. p23
  • Citro 1997 p73)

August 27 1982.
A group of people in a housing complex including Ottie Maltibia, Margaret Abrams, Gwen Crenshaw, Margaret Abrams and 7 children were sitting outside when they saw two circles about 1.5m diameter hovering about 1m above the ground. Each of these circles had a double row of lights along the perimeter, orange on top, yellow on the bottom and seemed to be vibrating. The lights disappeared with an ever increasing sound. 

  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 31,2 p8 citing press sources

August 28 1982.
A couple driving on a rural road outside Latrobe saw a 25m long, elliptical object hovering 15-30m above the ground. It had red, blue and green lights on its side and emitting a buzzing sound. 

  • Doris and Joe Graziano on APRO Bulletin 31,3 p7 citing press sources

August 30 1982. 0120hrs.
Mr and Mrs GP were awoken by the screams of their baby daughter and went to see what was the matter, calmed and returned to bed. The next day they discovered they had the same dream, in which an oval object, with three legs, an antenna on top and a row of bright lights around its centre, landed on their carport. Two naked hairless beings, about 60cm tall, with pale skin, came up the stairs. The beings led them outside. The next day they discovered a patch of urine by the cot. Hypnotic regression provided no further details. 

  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p186 citing investigation by Philip Mantle
  • Nagaites and Mantle 1994 p96

August 30 1982. 0200hrs.
Elizabeth Conway was awakened by a sort of ticking sound and saw a red glow coming through her screen door. Thios came from a large orange sphere that descended at an angle towards a pond about 100m away. The object, which was at a lower angle than the moon, touched down on the pond for about a minute, still emmitng a sound, which resembled the sparks from an electric motor. The thing then took off at a 45 degree angle and the ticking sound ceased. The next day Elizabeth discovered she had a rash on her arms which had not been there before. This had almost gone the next day. During the observation her horses acted up, and neighbouring dogs also acted up. Later an oval area of depressed grass about 9m diameter was found at the site. 

  • APRO Bulletin 30,11 p1 citing investigation by B V Wilson

September 1982. Evening.
A man driving along I90 saw a vertical wedge shaped thing about 3.5m high. Omen its underside was a sort of silvery, metallic looking sphere, with red, white and green lights and its underside seemed to pulsate with a purple glow . As the object got closer the car engine began to misfire and then stop and its interior lights began flashing. The witness was then able to see a window in the object, through which he could see two beings dressed in silvery suits who seemed to be engaged in rapid, jerky movements, as if manipulating controls. The object moved off silently at about 30kph. A passenger in the car also saw the thing. 

  • Francis Ridge chronology citing Rosales citing Andy Page

1st week September 1982. 2000hrs.
A 13 year old girl walking up the hill near her school saw an object with green and yellow lights on top, red lights below on the ground near the school. The object changed to white and took off in the direction of Hartshead Pike. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p194 citing investigation by Dave Bezer

September 1982. (Approximate date) Early evening SUDBURY (SUFFOLK : ENGLAND)
Rosalind (21) and her boyfriend Philip were driving in the outskirts of Sudbury when, passing under some electrical cables, they encountered a mass of orange lights, which appeared to have emerged from the pylons. It sparked the pylons and produced a powerful blue light that, however, did not hurt their eyes. They drove past this, noticing a nitrous odour, and some minutes later near Cavendish Rosalind saw blue lights through the rear view mirror and the car’s engine and lights failed. There was a sudden silence, even the wind stopping. They got out to see what was the matter at which the headlights came back on, the ignition worked and they drove from the scene. When they arrived at their destination over three hours was missing. Rosalind suffered from scars on her lower body, weight loss and nightmares. Some years later she underwent hypnotic regression which proved traumatic. Memories surfaced spontaneously of, when they stopped to examine the engine, under the direction of a voice in her head of walking towards a object from which a beam of blue light stunned her, of waking up in a well lit room with a translucent table, of being forced to strip by small blue grey beings with wizened faces, and of a taller entity holding a probe to her abdomen and telling her they wanted her to have a child. 
  • Jenny Randles in IUN 20,1 p.4 citing her own investigation.
  • UFO Times 27 p.14 citing East Anglian Daily Times 8 October 1993 (dates the event as Late Summer 1983.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p200 citing own investigation gives date as late September 1982.
  • Spencer 1997 p184
  • Randles 1997(ac) p100 gives early September.
  • Nagaites and Mantle 1994 p149 dates this to September 1983.
  • Evaluation: The initial light appears to have been some sort of electrical phenomena. The material gathered under or provoked by hypnosis is the usual hypnotic confabulation.

Autumn 1982. Morning.
A 14 year old girl was walking her dogs along a path by the railway line when the animals fled in terror and she saw, about 30m away, a human looking being with only the nose visible on the face. The figure then turned towards the railway line. When the girl reached the spot she realised that the figure would have had to walk right through the solid security fence and there was no sign of him on the other side. The dogs, still on edge, then returned. 
  • Brazil 1999 p93

Fall 1982.
Artist James Edenshaw was exploring an area north of Bear Valley and entered a cave via a passageway. There he encountered a sleeping creature, about 2.5m away, with an ape like face and with its body covered in 10-15cm long dark hair. James backed out of the area. 
  • Alley 2003 p48 citing 1998 interview

September 1 1982.
A 14 year old boy biking down a trail and an area of woods and swamp heard a scream and then saw a creature 90cm-1.2m tall about 25m ahead on the trail. The thing was covered with dark brown hair on its back, lighter brown hair on its front and reddish-brown on the top of its head. It was picking and eating berries. It had an ape like face but long ears and its front legs were longer than its rear ones. A girl coming down the trail also saw the thing before it dropped the berries and moved off on all fours. Other children saw a similar thing. 
  • Gordon 2015 citing investigation by George Lutz.

September 10 1982. Early morning.
While on holiday with her husband, Martha Saulsbury was surveying the area with her binoculars when she saw a huge humanoid figure walking around. It dwarfed a passing truck. 
  • Bord 1989 p39 citing Forteana News February 1983. p18 citing Visalia Times Delta 9 December 1982.

September 14 1982. 2230hrs.
A couple saw an object the size of a house flying at rooftop level. The thing was surrounded by a ring of white lights and had a red flashing light. One of the witnesses saw the same or similar object as Night. then next day, so low that it had to rise to clear a water tower. 
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 31,4 p8 citing press sources

September 24 1982. 0230hrs.
Harold Lord saw two white lights coming down a hill towards him. He thought they were car headlights but they then took off into the sky at a shallow angle. As they did so, Harry could see a dark shape behind them. 
  • Randles 2002 p158

September 30 1982. 0130hrs.
A man and his 12 year old son had been picking apples in their orchard, only to realise they were going past the time of the curfew then in operation. As they sneaked their way home, they noticed a smell like burning near the Social Security Building. Fearing that a fire would bring the authorities the pair hid in the bushes. From their they noticed an object resembling a flattened loaf of bread, hovering 1m above the ground in a Holloway 25m away. The thing was 6m diameter and a faint orange glow was comi9ng from its underside, scorching the grass below. By this object were two, naked, thin beings, one of which seemed to be looking at the grass, as if searching for something. The other projected an orange light, 6cm diameter. Everywhere was completely silent. When the beings went behind the object, the pair fled. The spectacle was also witnessed by a militia man from a balcony. 
  • Cielebias 2015 p51 citing investigation by Bzowski

October 1982. 0520hrs.
Tony Dodd and two friends were sitting in a car on the North York Moors on this cold morning, when they a large circular silhouette, with small red lights around its circumference. The thing appeared to be about 10m in diameter and at about 15m altitude. It went over their car, without making any sound. Tony shone his flashlight at the thing, which turned around and descended to about 10m altitude. They could see a long, pale yellow, elliptical light at its front, which grew brighter and whiter and then dimmed and brightened as if an answer to their signal. The object itself appeared to be black. The object then backed away and flew off into the distance. 
  • Tony Dodd in International UFO Library Magazine 1,4 p.27

October 1982. Dusk. 
A police officer returning home from a departmental function saw a hugely brilliant off white solid light, apparently low and stationary. As he got closer the thing began to accelerate towards the intersection, at which it slowed down. The light went out and he saw a dark object, twice the size of a boxcar, on which were multi-coloured lights smeared together. The silent object slowly moved across the intersection and then shot off. It gave him the peculiar impression of being almost but not really transparent. 
  • Swords 2005 p31 citing John Timmerman

October 1982. Night.
Linda Taylor and her mother were driving along the East Lancashire road on the way home from visiting a sick relative, when they saw a strange light in the sky that seemed to pace their vehicle. As she tried to accelerate away she found her route slowed by a strange black “1930s” car, the driver of which was tall, stocky and wearing a “German type” hat. He never seemed to move. Linda’s car electrics began to malfunction and when she looked up, she saw an object 10m above them. It was the size of a double decker bus on its side, with huge, dazzling lights. Time seemed to stand still and then both mysterious car and craft disappeared. They drove to a nearby petrol station, seeing the object again disappearing into the night sky. Linda was very late getting home and an hour seemed to be missing. She bruising on her legs, suffered nausea and had dreams of being inside the craft and encountering a tall man with blue eyes and white shoulder length hair wearing a silvery one piece suit. 
  • Clarke 2012 p.129 citing TNA DEFE 24/1943/1 + DEFE 24/1929/1 + Randles 1988 p90

October 21 1982. 1235hrs.
A biologist who did not want his name to be used was in his garden when he saw a shiny aerial object, which he took to be an airplane, coming from the south-east, descending slowly He then saw that it was, in fact, an oval object which stopped and hovered about 1m above the ground for 20 minutes it appeared to be 1m diameter, 80cm thick, its lower portion having a polished metallic appearance, the upper half deep sea blue The thing emitted neither light, heat nor sound. After 20 minutes the thing shot up vertically at great speed, giving the impression of being sucked up, the grass standing up as it did so, then returning to normal. The only trace left were the dried up leaves of an amaranth bush 
  • Randle 2016 p.306 +Gildas Bourdais in UFO Magazine (Quest) September/October 1999 p.56 both citing COMETA report
  • Sturrock 1999 p99 citing investigation by GEPAN/SEPRA
  • Dolan 2009 p284n citing Sturrock op cit

October 27 1982. 2100hrs.
Pia Anderson, Anna-Karin Lindhal and Karina Sjorstrom were exercising their ponies when the animals became agitated as an object hovered 6-8m above them. The thing, which was the size of a small car, had a brilliant interior and was surrounded by multi-coloured lights . On the circumference of its underside were small “feet”. Pia’s watch stopped and never restarted owing to damage to its electronics. 
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 31,12 p8 citing press reports

November 2982 0030hrs.
A couple woke up with their hair standing up and a feeling of electricity in their bodies. Looking up they saw an object shaped like a mantra ray, 60m long, passing overhead, emitting a humming sound. 
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 31,8 p8 citing press sources

November 1982. 0130hrs.
A woman making a late cup of tea noticed that the house was illuminated lighter than even the full moon would allow. Going to investigate she heard a low humming sound and saw, directly above the house a disc shaped object about 15m in diameter, tilted so that the underside was not visible. She had sensations of calm, paralysis and of being watched. The thing then began to rock side to side and move in a circle. The object was surmounted by a dome and had brilliantly lit windows around its rim. From its base came beams of white and orange light that illuminated the ground like day. She became hysterical and called her husband out but in gone. She suffered from shock and developed Parkinson’s disease the next year, which she blamed on the incident 
  • NUFON News 130 p.9
  • Evaluation: Known only from a letter from the woman to ufologists. She did not reply to further enquiries

November 1982. Sunset.
Two 10 year old children on Maple Street were playing handball in the street when they developed a feeling of being watched and, looking around, saw a 3m tall humanoid with dark hair, broad shoulders, narrow waist, long arms and globular head. Suddenly the thing disappeared. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p251 case 152 citing report to GCBRO website and investigation by Dean Harrison (2004)

November 20 1982. Night.
Abel Haiz Rassen was driving home from Mayaguez to Arecibo when, at a place called “The Chain” he saw a balding man beside the road, dressed in a grey shirt and brown trousers. Abel carried on until he was stopped at a red light and found that his car could not restart. As he was dealing with this the stranger entered his car and begged to be taken home to Arecibo. Abel found that his car now worked and he agreed to take the stranger, who gave his name as Roberto, to a local restaurant. There patrons saw Abel talking to himself. Roberto was supposed to be a man who was killed on the road the previous month. 
  • Berlitz 1989 p.207
  • Lewis Medina in Fate May 1984 p85

November 21 1982. 0330hrs.
A man out driving saw 4 blue lights above his car and his engine stalled. The vehicle carried on for another 100m. The lights then went out and the car regained power. After the incident the witness’ eyes were painful, and normal electric light looked red to him. 
  • UFO World 1986 p16 citing SUFOI

November 25 1982. (Approximate date) 1000hrs.
Two men fishing at the spot where the Owl Creek joined the Nordegg River when they heard a screeching sound and on going to investigate saw a hairy creature, about 2-2.5m tall, running on two legs about 400m away. It was visible for only about 5 seconds. 
  • Steenburg 2000 p151 citing his own investigation 

November 29 1982. 0150hrs.
Jose Valerio Da Silva (45), a doorman at the state hospital was awakened by a noise in his back yard. When he opened his door he encountered male and female beings, about 1m tall, dressed in brilliant blue overalls, which approached Jose with their palms held outwards. Despite this apparently friendly gesture, Jose fainted. That morning at 0500hrs., Jose was found naked and unconscious by his brother.
In hospital Jose recalled waking in a room like an operating theatre, where he was again confronted by the two dwarfs, now wearing rubber suits. Jose was then led to a wall where there was an outline of a human figure. A naked woman with long hair and darkish skin entered, carrying some instrument 30cm long. The woman then grasped Jose by the head and he fainted. When he was found Jose was covered by sickly smelling oil and his genitals felt as though they were burning. 

Another version of this story gives given name of witness as Joao, age as 38, says he went outside with indigestion. There a beam hit him and a being not described, dressed all over in a one piece suit, came down in it. They took Joao into some object. The being was almost 2m tall and wearing all body suits with holes for their eyes and mouth. Joao was sitting on a circular seat. There Joao encountered a second, similar being, who conversed with the first in an unknown language, They left, passing through the wall and a naked darkly beautiful, 20 something woman came into the room, touched his cheek with some sort of devise, at which he fainted. He was found as above. There had been strange, poltergeist like events in the house before this experience. Joao later had other abductions, became a healer etc. 
  • Barker 1983. p74 citing investigation by Felipe Heimbeck
  • Eddie Bullard in Hall 2001, p562 citing APRO Bulletin November 1983. p2 + Irene Granchi in FSR 30,1 p.22 both citing investigation by Luciano Staneka e Silva.
  • Casellato et al 1985 p15 follows this second version

December 1982. 0345hrs.
Three police officers were parked in a layby about 800m from the RAF Menwith Hill communications site, when they observed a red light zigzagging across the moor, only about 60cm from the ground. It projected an intermittent red orange beam towards the ground. The object came within a few metres of them and disappeared over the moors in complete silence. Peculiar semi-circular indentations were found at the site next day. 
  • Mark Birdsall in Quest UFO 10,2 p.20 citing investigation by Quest

December 11 1982. (Approximate date) Evening.
The boys in the April, 1982. case and their aunt and uncle were setting out for the cinema on this sleety night when about 2km from their drive along logging tracks when the car headlights illuminated a 2m tall hairy biped with short brown hair and a sloped back that crossed the road ahead of them. 
  • Blackburn 2017 p31 citing American Wood Ape Conservancy

December 11 1982. Late evening.
Joe and Tanni Murnan saw two objects low over a neighbouring home. They were luminous, purple to pink in colour and silent. One of the objects moved off to the south, the other, the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, came down in a neighbouring field and then seemed to bounce along the road. Neighbours Ted and Phyllis Lyons were called, as was Acting Sheriff Rich Tilson. Phyllis saw the thing as it flew off but the others just saw a flash in the sky. 
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 31,5 p8 citing press sources

December 30 1982. Dusk.
A number of people saw a double circle of lights, one inside the other hovering at treetop height, emitting a sound like a fan or a helicopter. The thing just disappeared. Broken trees and an acid smell were detected at the site. 
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 31,8, p8 citing press sources.

1983. (Approximate date) Night. SNOQUALMIE (WASHINGTON : USA)
A young man claimed several contacts with triangular objects. On one occasion two normally dressed men got out and warned him not to approach their craft less he be harmed. They also talked about their propulsion system and various (pseudo) scientific topics. They claimed to have come via a time warp from the earth’s distant past.
  • Swords 2005 p207 citing John Timmerman

1983. (or following year) 2300hrs.
A young couple were parked on the Mount Kembla Road, making love, when the man got a sudden feeling of dread and , through the side window, saw a huge head, four times the size of a human, attached to a body largely hidden by bush, ab out 4m away. The things eyes were 10-15cm apart and were illuminated by an internal glow. The witness felt a great dread and a sense of his energy being drained out. The man drove off at speed. It is not clear whether his girlfriend also saw the thing. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p253 case 156 citing investigations by Paul Cropper and Dean Harrison

1983. 0300hrs.
Mr and Mrs Coates were driving on the A361 near Heanton Grange when they saw a hooded figure in the road with its hands up. They were sure they had hit the figure but when they got out there was no sign of it. 
  • McEwan 1989 p42 citing letter from witness

A group of deer hunters saw a a black ape like biped, about 1.2m tall, cross the road ahead. 
  • Blackburn 2017 p129 citing GCBFO

1983. 2100hrs.
A couple saw a rotating circle of 10-12 lights which seemed to change colour from red, to white and thence to blue-green about 15-30m above the trees. They went inside to get a camera but when they came out again the thing had gone. 
  • Zimmerman 2017 p35

1983. Night.
At an undisclosed location a woman was awakened by a bright light coming through her window and an intense heat. She also heard three men speaking. She went to the bathroom and fell asleep when she got back into bed. She then had a “dream” in which she walked through a door into some room, where she was undressed by six ugly humanoids. She saw a number of other humans in this object. She then woke up in bed naked. 
  • UFORA Research Digest 1 p.9 citing AIUFOFSR Newsletter 44 p.22

Winter 1983. Night.
Trapper John Baker was it in his canoe setting traps when he heard something running through the forest. He then saw a hairy creature dive into the river with a splash and was struck by smell like that of a skunk. 
  • Le Blanc 2016 p135 citing Bartholomew 2008 p69

Early 1983. 2230hrs.
Walking home after drinks, along a road by the side of the Kalamunda National Park, Tim Masser heard something in the bush. By the lights of a passing vehicle Tim saw a shadow by the tree. When he got within 50m Tim saw it was a 1.8m tall humanoid with red eyes, dense but not long hair. He later found what looked beds made out of twigs and leaves in the area. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p252 case 154 citing investigation by Paul Cropper

January 1983. Night.
Alerted by noises in their garden, which they assumed were caused by a dog, a couple went to investigate and encountered a hairy humanoid the size of a small boy throwing rubbish and rolling on the ground. They went to get other family members but when they returned with them the creature had gone. 
  • Freeman 2011 p.169 citing anonymous email to Dean Harrison

January 1983. 2100hrs.
A man who testing a second-hand motorcycle on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal, had left it for a few moments and when he returned he saw two figures by it. Fearing thieves, he yelled at them, then, seeing they were dressed in one piece grey suits with white collars, thought they were vicars, but then realised they were absolutely identical in appearance . They smiled at him as they stroked the motorcycle, and the witness’s memory became confused. The men were then walking towards a vertical bullet shaped object on the ground. It was about 3m high, 2m wide, standing on four girder like legs 1.5-1.8m long. On the side of the object was a bright red insignia, in which was a vertical arrow. This emblem then vanished, as the craft rose slowly to about 7m then suddenly vanished. After about 10 minutes he pushed the bike home, where he found its seat was ripped, petrol cap missing, and a strange powder on it. Some of this was sent to BUFORA. This was found to be similar to paint pigment. The investigator was never able to meet the witness despite repeated visits.
Evaluation: Possible hoax, or misperception of real vandals and distillery tanks in the area

January 2 1983. 1430hrs.
A construction worker saw two tall humanoid figures walking on a distant hill and pointed them out to his colleague. They had long arms and were walking with a stoop. One of the creatures picked up something looking like a deer carcass and both waked back into the woods. When some farmers arrived at the spot in their tractor, the witnesses were able to estimate the creatures’ heights in comparison as being about 3.5m tall. Scuff marks were found at the site. 
  • Gordon 2010b p109

January 2 1983. Night.
School teacher Sergio Baeza was in a forested area when an intense light descended to the ground nearby. He felt unable to run away and sensed the presence of unseen beings and lights on the object flashed as if in response to Sergio’s thoughts. He decided that they were peaceful beings who wanted to contact humans.
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 p382 case 202citing La Razon 8 January 1983.

January 12 1983. 0430hrs.
Mr E (45) and his two sons (15, 10), saw through their living room window, a glowing object like an inverted letter “L”. The 10 year said a little person was carrying it, and when father and elder son went outside, they saw that it was being held by a 1m tall being, dressed a light grey wetsuit, hovering 60cm-1m above the ground. The being wore a belt ringed with circular objects and had a disproportionally large face. The 10 year old running out a little later and 6m from the house saw a second being and jogged towards it. Getting closer he noticed its large eyes and caved in nose. It gave the boy a stare but he kept on running toward. Mr E looking at the first being, gave his attention to the thing it was carrying. This was about 2m high and about 5cm or so in diameter, with the top portion 60cm-1m long and appeared to be fuzzy in nature. When the 10 year old called out, Mr E turned around to confront the second figure, also hovering 60cm-1m above the ground and wearing a similar suite, but not holding anything. It was about 3.5m away, and he could see it had grey skin, with no visible ears and a slit like nose. He could see what looked like veins on the thing’s head. Mr E tried to reassure the beings that the family meant no harm, but they seemed not to comprehend. After about 5 minutes they floated away, still above the ground on an intercept course.
Mr E then saw a third being near a pile of junk in the yard, which then began to float away much faster than the other two. The three converged and gather round, perhaps touched the strange devise then turned into a mass of light that shot off into the cloud cover. There was no physical evidence, but Mr E developed insomnia and additional energy since the event. 
  • R A Busse in IUN 8, 4 p.6 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation: Could all this detail have been seen at what would already have been a dark evening at this time of year? On the face of it, the only plausable explanation is some sort of hoax involving painted balloons and fireworks.

January 27 1983. 2110hrs.
A 39 year old redundant car worker was walking along the banks of the disused Easington canal when his attention was caught by an object above the electricity pylons. It resembled a large, thin, brilliant mirror, brightest in the centre and was surrounded by haze. After about 5 seconds the light went out. Moments later he saw two beings on the grass to his right, seemingly looking at him. He approached and saw they were about 1.65m tall, male with dark curly hair, high cheekbones, light complexions and blue eyes, but otherwise having “eastern features”. They wore tight fitting light grey one piece suits with a motif above the heart that he could not remember. They were illuminated by a sort of glowing aura. They conversed with the witness for a few moments then glided away, feet off the ground, then vanished in the undergrowth. The beings spoke English in mechanical fashion, their mouths remaining open. They asked him to go with them but he refused even when they said he would return and would be rewarded. No-one believed him and he later suffered sleep and weight loss along with strange dreams. 
  • NUFON News 104 p.15 citing investigation by Stephen Banks
  • Evaluation: Perhaps radical misperception of aircraft landing at Birmingham Airport and local workmen.

February 1983.
A female Ministry of Defence employee observed an orange globe of light moving along a hedgerow at treetop height about 200m away. There were said to be many other sightings of this light. 
  • NUFON News 105 p14

February 1983. 1850hrs.
Peter Rainbow was negotiating a bend in the A 428 on his motorcycle when his engine, lights and horn failed. He attempted to correct what he thought was a blown fuse but was not successful. He then noticed a brilliant sphere of light hovering a few metres above the ground in adjacent fields. The area seemed unusually quiet. He watched the sphere as it swayed from side to side and rotated for what he estimated was five minutes before it shot off into the sky. He then found a fuse and the ignition key in his hand without remembering how they got there. He inserted the fuse, turned the key and the motorbike worked perfectly. When he reached Little Houghton he looked at the church clock, it was 2030hrs. When he arrived at his mother’s, who he had set to visit, she had gone to bed and the house was dark. He seemed to have lost 90 minutes of time. The witness had other anomalous experiences. 
  • NUFON News 112 p14 citing investigation by Ken Phillips
  • Randles 1988 p63
  • Randles 2001 p23

February 3 1983. Evening.
Ms Pat Norris (28) was driving home when she heard a sound like an explosion and her car began to vibrate and then halted. She then saw a brilliant object, emitting a high pitched noise. The thing was a sort of elongated disc, with an upper window, through which she could see about 20-30 slender human like beings, about 1,75m tall, with large chests and heads, which were bald and earless. They had pale skins and wore white suits. They seemed to take no notice of Pat, and about 5 minutes later the object turned and flew off. After this experience Pat had dreams in which she was on a table in a room with many lights and a strange tree made of gold and silver. She was surrounded by beings, one of which seemed to be very old. When she felt cold one of the beings lay its hands on her and she felt warm. They touched various parts of her body with metal rods and questioned her, by telepathy, about her emotional problems. After these dreams, her lifelong back problems and her headaches were cured. 
  • Eddie Bullard in Hall 2001 p562 citing APRO Bulletin May 1984 p1 + May 1985 p4

February 13 1983. 0130hrs.
Mr and Mrs Smith walking home from a party, along Dorchester Avenue saw, about 25m away, close by a playing green, a red fiery circular object come down from the sky, hover at the base of a lamp post, 15 cm above the ground, for 30 seconds, then shoot back up into the sky. The whole observation lasted about 45 seconds. A patch of burnt grass was found at the site. 
  • Eric Morris in BUFORA Bulletin 18 p9 citing investigation by Plymouth UFO Investigation Committee

February 13 1983. 2230hrs.
Jerry Messer and his wife Robin were driving from Spartanburg to their home in Simpsonville along Hw 14 when Robin observed a red light in the north-north east. As the approached, slowed and finally stopped they both saw that it was an arrow shaped object with a row of red lights at its front and a single green light on each side and was hovering over a field. The object turned towards them, projecting two lights in their direction. These beams did not light up the surroundings but when they focused on their car the car radio failed. Another car passed them without stopping. During this period the normal ambient sounds were absent. Jerry then drove off and as they entered a built up area the object moved off, rising above the trees and disappeared into the south-southwest. As it did so the car radio came on again.
  • APRO Bulletin 31,5 p1 citing investigation by Richard Coffman

February 26 1983. 2000hrs.
Monique O’Driscoll and her daughter Monique Jnr (17) were driving from her mother’s home in Kent to her own in Lake Carmel on this clear night, with the radio on. Their radio began to be filled with static and the girl drew her mother’s attention to lights on a hill. They first thought that they were on a house, but then saw that they were moving at treetop level. As they got closer they saw that there was an assemblage of about 50 brilliant lights. After about 400m the thing, which they now saw was a boomerang shape perhaps 60-90m long, crossed the road in front of them. They stopped and got out as the thing went out over the lake, before turning round towards them, The women retreated to their car and followed the thing was it moved off 
  • Hynek, Imbrogno and Pratt 1987 p8 + Philip Imbrogno, George Lesnick and Chris Clark in FSR 30,3 p21 both citing investigation by Philip Imbrogno

Spring 1983. 1500hrs.
A teenage girl and two of her friends were in her garden when they saw a hexagonal object with red, white and blue segments on its top and bottom, approaching from the at about 30 altitude. It emitted a whirring sound which grew into a growl as it got closer. The top half was rotating anti-clockwise and the bottom clockwise. The girl ran in for her camera, but before she could come out again the object just vanished. 
  • NUFON News 135 p12 citing investigation by Jim Ross

Spring 1983. 1630hrs.
A couple and their daughter were fishing on the lake when they noticed a 60cm diameter light under the water. When they stood up they saw this was one of a dozen or more such lights in a 10m diameter circle. The nearest light came within 3m. About 20 minutes later the family were joined by two young men who also observed the phenomenon. The light seemed to depart in their direction when they did. 
  • Swords 2005 p29 citing John Timmerman

Spring 1983. (Approximate year) 2230hrs.
A hospital supervisor driving to work saw a circular object above the treetops and pulled over. The thing had a row of red, blue, yellow and white lights around its centre and was projecting a white beam down. Suddenly the object was right in front of the witness and she noted that, unusually there was no other traffic on the road. She felt a peculiar peaceful sensation but then realised that her engine was off and she had turned the windows down. She arrived late for work but feeling on top of the world. 
Swords 2005 p65 citing John Timmerman

March 17 1983. 2040hrs.
Linda Nicioletti looked out of her window and saw a triangular object hovering over Interstate 84 to her west. It had many multi-coloured lights on its wings, with a much brighter light in the centre of its underside. As the thing came closer, Linda opened the window but could not hear any sound. She feared a plane crash but then realised that the thing was moving too slow. It moved off over the house of her neighbour Putnam County deputy clerk Dennis Sant.
Dennis was returning home with his children and saw the thing hovering over hid yard about 15m from his house. He bundled the children into the house and went out to investigate. He saw that the thing was hovering about 6m above a truck, about 100m away, and got out his children and father to join him. They saw the thing come within 12m, hovering 6m above a telephone pole. It appeared to be a dull grey metallic object, the size of an American football field. When Dennis got within 3m of the thing, he heard a faint engine sound. The thing was observed by a number of other people, including truck driver William Durkin. 
  • Hynek, Imbrogno and Pratt 1987 p17 citing investigation by Philip Imbrogno

March 19 1983. 0200hrs.
Jim Falkworth, a man with a background in engineering, was driving along a deserted road by the New Croton Falls Reservoir, when he saw a dark static mass on the water. Intrigued he stopped and pulled over to watch the chevron shaped object, about 150-200m away. After some minutes it began to move, and as it did so a row of red lights appeared up and down its surface. Wondering it if was an experimental craft, he got out and walked to the shore of the reservoir. As it got within 60m he saw that it was made of some dull grey material and its surface appeared completely smooth, without any visible joins. A light was coming from the underside.
When another car passed the thing’s lights went out and it stopped but when the car had passed its lights came on again and it began moving forward again. This happened twice more in the 20 minute observation. The thing got within 30m of Jim and then turned away to the left. At this point a laser like red light came from its underside, apparently probing the water. It then moved back to the centre of the reservoir, from where it emitted a powerful beam at Jim, stunning him. When he came to his senses it was daylight and the thing had gone. 
  • Philip Imbrogno in UFO Universe Summer 1996 p.18 citing his own investigation
  • Imbrogno and Horrigan 1997 p155

March 19 83 Afternoon.
A group of people at a campsite were pumping water when a hairy humanoid about 2 m tall, with broad shoulders, narrow hips and a peaked head, walked into the camp site, coming within 10m before it moved back into the woods. 
  • Gordon 2010b p91

Mid March 1983.
Local residents saw two 3m tall beings in shiny, tight fitting suits banging on the front door of a local farmer, Mr Condori. The neighbours threw stones at these entities, one hit home with a hollow metallic sound,. The strange beings then leapt 20m and disappeared. 
  • Donovan 2009 p172

March 21 1983. 2345hrs.
Mrs R (83) was washing before going to bed, when through an unfrosted bathroom window, she saw three overlapping lights moving above the railway lines opposite. They approached from the south and entered her garden, coming within a couple of metres or so. The lights covered a length of 3-4.5m and hovered over a greenhouse, before rising to the height of her window, before dropping back and heading back over the railway lines towards the sea. 
  • Jenny Randles in BUFORA Bulletin 14 p.7 citing investigation by Eric Morris and Plymouth UFO Investigation Centre

April 1983. (or following month) Night.
An 'airplane-sized disc', with a row of lights and surmounted by a dome, came low over a car. There were other witnesses several kilometres away. 
  • Swords 2005 p59 citing John Timmerman

April 9 1983. 1300hrs.
A doctor and his wife walking the Peaks, had their attention caught by a reflection that they first thought was a car on the A628. They then saw that it was above ground, moving south east across their path and Sykes Moor and rising. It was a pear shaped object, reflecting the sun in flashes as if rotating. It climbed out of view in three minutes. 
  • NUFON News 130 p.10 citing investigation by Ernie Still
  • Evaluation: Probably a balloon

March 24 1983. Night.
Prison officer John Wright was up near Mount Storm, with the teenage son and daughter of a neighbour, when their attention was drawn to a triangular object hovering silently at 60m altitude. On its side were what looked like windows from which multi-coloured lights shone. The thing itself was dark, unreflective and about the size of an American football field. When they drove off the object seemed to follow them, and when overhead the lights seemed to separate and then re-join. The thing eventually moved out of sight to the north-east. The three all had dreams of being taken on board the thing, into, a place where there was a mass of computers and 5 beings about 1.6m tall with large heads but with small; mouths and ears, wearing dark suits, examined them 
  • Hynek, Imbrogno and Pratt 1987 p58, 164 citing investigation by Philip Imbrogno

April 1983. 0200hrs.
A woman was awoken by an incomprehensible voice that got louder. She tried to rouse her husband without success. The voice then seemed to be telling her not to be afraid as they would not hurt her. She became paralysed with a feeling of weight on her legs and a beam of white light came down through the skylight. She fell asleep and woke again at 0800. Both she and her husband felt uneasy and irritable and the husband recalled a dream in which he was hit by a beam of light and taken on board a strange object.
  • Hynek, Imbrogno and Pratt 1987 p162

April 1983. Night.
A woman was awoken by a light beam coming through her bedroom window. . She felt paralysed and as though she was being probed. She had the feeling she something was communicating with her and she had a mental image of a being with claylike skin and large head and eyes. The woman then fell asleep. 
  • Hynek, Imbrogno and Pratt 1987 p161 citing phone call from the anonymous witness
  • Evaluation: ASP and hypnopompic hallucination

April 10 1983. 2020hrs.
A man noticed problems with his electrical equipment and his dog began to act up. When the lights came back on, he went out to investigate and saw an unusual pulsating light(s) in a nearby field. He was about to call the police when the luminous thing grew appreciably brighter and then took off slowly at first, its lights illuminating the area. When it reached a few hundred metres, the single bright light was a replaced by a flickering row of lights and the thing moved off at a speed like that of a jet. A 15m diameter circle was found in the field, with 1m wide bunt area at its centre. Two motorists independently experienced problems with the electrical equipment as they saw a strange object descending. 
  • Bill Chalker in Evans and Spencer 1987 p187 citing Wilhelm in MUFON UFO Journal 186
  • Hall 2001 p65 citing Wilhelm op cit

April 27 1983.
Local divers saw something resembling a submarine tower in the fjord. Intensive searches were fruitless 
  • Ole Jonny Braenne in IUN 20,1 p12

April 30 1983. 0200hrs.
A woman woke so see a red football sized object, which then vanished. She thought it was ball lightning and went to another room to open the window. When she returned to her own room she encountered four humanoids about 1.75m high, of athletic build, long pale faces, with long thin noses and mouths and elongated blue pupilled eyes. They spoke to her in French, walked outside with her, where there were other enities carrying black spheres. There they showed her sepia coloured images of earth’s history. They declined refreshments. At 0400hrs. they declared it was time that they left and the woman escorted them to the door where she saw a dark oval object, about 15m long, in which there was an opening from which came a misty light, about 30m away. A gangway came down and the entities entered through it, crossing the shed roof in the process. Once the object had left with a faint whistling sound, the woman became very afraidDuring the experience she was not able to wake her husband, her dog was quiet, and she felt sluggish and devoid of will during the experience. 
  • Marc Tolosano in FSR 35,2 p23 taken from LDLN 299 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation: Dream?

May 1983.
A couple driving along Hw 1A were crossing Oldfort Creek when they saw a dark brown humanoid creature cross the road ahead, jump a 1.2m fence and disappear into the forest. The thing had large dark eyes and a jutting forehead and was between 2-2.5m tall. 
  • Steenburg 1993 p115 citing his own investigation

May 1983.
Three people on holiday from California saw a huge dark biped walk in front of their car near the Cass River. About 30 minutes before this a local resident had heard a “mournful scream” that lasted 30-40 seconds and the sound of something large running near a wetland next to their house. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p245 citing Saginaw News n.d.

June 1983. Dusk
A man hit out with an iron bar at what he thought was a large black dog holding several of his ducks under water. The thing then stood up, revealing itself to be more than 2m tall, and extending its arms, growled at the witness, who fled.
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p253 case 155 citing investigation by Paul Cropper + Sydney Sun ? June 1983.

June 1983. Late night.
A man looking at the sky through his bedroom window saw an object hovering over a tree. It moved a short distance, stopped for a few minutes, then returned to its original location, and then disappeared. It was noiseless. 
  • NUFON News 144 p.10 citing MUFORA
  • Evaluation: Witness thought it was a helicopter, but silence changed his mind. Possible, but also astronomical + autokinesis looks likely

June 1983. Night.
Ms TW, a freelance television researcher was walking back to her accommodation when she saw a light moving up and down about 45m away. The light was next on her path, about 10m away. The lower part of the thing a shapeless light about 6m high, the upper a sort of metallic lid, and was emitting a fizzing sound. TW fled and as she did so she saw that the thing was only a metre or so directly above her, emitting a green light. She was so afraid that she knelt down and prayed. The thing then just popped leaving a smell of rotten eggs. 
  • Picknett 2001 p147 citing her own investigation

June 5 1983.
Mario Claretto (56), who lived at Ca Bianca di Vrazi, was awakened by the furious barking of his dogs. Looking out from his balcony he saw a sort of silvery rotating object with a flattened dome on which there was an orange light, in the alfalfa field about 160m away. He awoke his wife, Velia Bono (57) who also saw the thing. His wife, returned to bed, Mario began making the breakfast, checking on the domed thing from time to time, but eventually decided to investigate. As he did so, he saw a stranger coming through the fields. This person came across the dome and moments later ran off. Moments later the strange object began to take off and saw that its underside was the shape of a very shallow dish, and that the upper dome was retreating into the main body of the thing, a sort of smoke appearing as it did so. The thing travelled low to the ground for a few metres and then took off vertically only to stop and hover 20-30m above the hill. The “cupola” re-emerged and then thing then took off to the south- south west, giving the appearance of a brown pear shaped object. A neighbour Bruno Stafforini (about 60) also saw the thing. Traces were found at the site, and hens died a couple of days later. 
  • Antonio Chiumiento in FSR 30,6 p2 citing investigation by CUN

June 17 1983. 0645hrs.
Mr Pragnell was driving to work on his motorbike when he saw a delta shaped object with two brilliant lights on each wing. At this point the motorbike engine failed. The thing then left at a speed greater than that of a plane. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p.231 citing Perth UFO Research Group

June 20 1983.
Two brothers (15, 10) and another boy were walking in an easterly direction to the brothers’ home, when the area became suddenly silent, and they saw three objects shaped like missiles flying at about 15kph at rooftop height. The objects appeared to be the width of two buses and the height of a double decker bus and had three fins. They emitted neither flames nor sound. The 10 year old believed that the things had flown through his house. 
  • Hanks 2013 p.67, 183 citing NUFORC

June 30 1983. 2100hrs.
Debbie Tomey (aka Kathie Davies) saw a luminous sphere in her parents’ backyard, but on checking nothing could be seen so she continued with a planned visit to a neighbour. While she was there, her mother again a translucent, basketball sized in her backyard, through which the bird feeder could be seen. This light just faded out. Debbie was called home to investigate but again found nothing, so went off to another neighbour’s to swim. On arriving there, she found that it was 2300hrs. and about an hour of time was missing. Debbie and her neighbours returned to her house to swim, where they found a peculiar coldness, haze, a halo around the electric lights and their vision seemed blurred. Other neighbours reported seeing a flash of light, interference on their electrics, an explosion and their house shook as they heard a vibrating sound. The next day a circle and trail of burnt grass was found on the Tomey’s front lawn. Under hypnotic regression Debbie recalled being abducted by a UFO and having a probe in her abdomen, an implant inserted in her ear and having some suction devise applied. Under regression she recalled a lifetime of abductions, having a hybrid child and etc. 
  • Brookesmith 1998 p56
  • Hopkins 1987 p8

Summer 1983. (or following year)
Danny Litherland saw an aircraft resembling a World War 2 bomber fly slow and low. It then dived towards the ground at an acute angle. Danny and his father searched the area but there was no sign of wreckage. 
  • Letter from witness in FT 136 p50

Summer 1983. Late Night.
Three teenagers driving down back roads on the way back from a party encountered a domed object hovering over a tree lined road. The thing emitted an orange light and, despite the absence of wind the power lines on both sides of the road were violently agitated, though, even when they turned the window down, the witnesses could not hear any sound. They drove off in the opposite direction in panic. 
  • Swords 2005 p89 citing John Timmerman

July 1983.
An orange –red hat shaped object approached a car, lighting up the ground, as the car engine stuttered but not stop. The object disappeared behind a hill 10 minutes later. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p.231 citing TUFOIC files
  • Evaluation: Meteorite?

July 1983. Morning.
Looking across the road from their farm, Ron and Paula Watson observed brilliant silvery flashes in a pasture. Through binocular they saw two strange beings in silver suits running their hands across a prone cow. Then the cow and the beings floated up to a highly reflective conical object near some trees. By this thing were two other beings. To their left was a tall green skin, lizard like being with vertical pupils and webbed hands and feet. To the right was a large upright hairy creature with round green eyes in which were slit like pupils. Ron wanted to confront the creatures but Paula objected. Once the cow was in the object, the latter disappeared. Their neighbour reported one his cows missing. Under hypnotic regression Paula claimed she had been abducted by the beings two days before. 
  • Howe 1993 p229

July 1983. Night.
Lisa aged 11 going on 12 was awakened in the night by a small being outside who asked her to go with him. She went out through the window. This was the first of a series of encounters. 
  • Steiger 1999 p.141)
  • Evaluation: False awakening/dream

July 19 1983. Evening.
Nurse Jane Hallam looked out of her bedroom window to check the weather and saw that the TV mast on Addigham Moorside, 400m away, was illuminated by something above it. The then saw, above the mast a thin cigar shaped object, the size of a small car, but only 1m thick at the centre, 30cm at the edges. It had the colour of gun metal and gave Jane the impression of being heavy. The thing was moving slowly towards Skipton 12-15m above the mast, illuminating the area with a brilliant light. During the 5 minutes the thing was in sight, Jane could not hear any ambient sounds, despite her window being open. 
  • Earth 11 p6 citing investigation by Nigel Mortimer

Late July 1983. 0620hrs.
A man walking his dog noticed the birds moving off and saw a lone woman on the open land, head down, apparently looking for something. She was dressed normally with cardigan, blouse and skirt and had a bandage on her left ankle. The dog appeared unusually agitated. Wondering if the woman was in trouble, the man approached and spoke to her, without reply. She then just vanished. 
  • Harrison 1990 p40

July 21 1983.
The military saw an undersea object like a submarine. 
  • Fortean Times 42 p.7 citing The Guardian 25 July + 5 + 13 September 1983.

July 22 1983. 0040hrs.
Police pursued a low level object for several hours during the light as it wandered over the countryside. The light reappeared at 0500, apparently below the altitude of the antennae of the army receiving station. It arced around and disappeared over the horizon. At one point it came close to the police station, where it was seen by Inspector Hickman and Sergeant Barry Harman, who saw it as two lights approaching at low altitude and speed. It was rather like a life raft in shape, 12m long and with a stationary flashing red light in the centre of the underside. Constable Peter Ferguson saw it as a gun metal grey thing like a life raft, with white lights fore and aft and a flashing red light in the centre, 9m long, 6m wide, travelling between 110-130kph at 60m altitude 
  • Chalker 1996 p.179 + Basterfield 1997 p.231 both citing police reports
  • Watts 2017 p178

July 27 1983. Pre-dawn.
A man getting up from work saw a light coming through his window and saw this came from a 5-6m diameter beam of light. This illuminated its source a 60-100m long battleship grey elongated metallic looking object with a flat top and two rows of square windows. The witness ran outside and saw the object hover for a few minutes before moving slowly away, the light beam turning orange as it did so. 
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 31,11 p8 citing press sources

August 1983. 2045hrs.
People in a car driving south saw a bright circular silvery object, with a blue area in the centre of its top, and triangular white lights 3m off the ground, 10m away, illuminating the surroundings and making a sound like rushing air. After 3-4 minutes it sped away. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p.231 citing TUFOIC Newsletter October 1983.

August 1983.
2200hrs. (CONNECTICUT : USA)
At an undisclosed location a high school science teacher saw a faintly luminous discoid object land in a drive in theatre and take off again moments later. He saw an ordinary looking couple in their 20s move away from the landing site and out of the theatre, where they entered a Volvo car, which drove off. 
  • Davenport 1992 citing R Perry Collins in UFO Universe January 1990 p16

August 9 1983. 1930hrs.
Julio Platner (34) opened the front door of his house , in a rural area 15km from Winifreda, to see a bright light approaching. Thinking it was visitors in a vehicle he got into his van and drove towards it. When he pulled up, the light came up to him blinding and paralysing him. When he recovered he saw four small beings, one of whom seemed to be talking without moving its lips. One of the small beings was a woman. He then found himself, along with his van, inside an object, where one of the beings calmed him by touching his arm. The beings explained, via telepathy, that they needed a blood sample and undressed him and pricked his arm twice. They then returned his things and the next thing he remembered was coming to on top of his van on the road to Villa Mirasol. There had been problems with telegraph transmissions and with television reception at the time. 
  • Jane Thomas in FSR 29,2 p.9 citing Diario Popular 12 August 1986 + Timepo Argentino 12 +13 August 1983.
  • Matthews 2008 p174
  • Bartholomew and Howard p382 case204 citing La Refroma 12 August 1983. date this to the 7th

August 12 1983. Night.
Alfred Burtoo (77) was fishing on the banks of the Basingstoke Canal, with his dog, and was just about to drink some tea, when he saw a bright light descending. He first thought that it was an army helicopter. It landed on the canal towpath some distance away and its light went out. Some minutes later he was approached by two beings about 1.2m tall, wearing green seamless overalls and facial visors. His dog snarled at them, but they gestured for him to follow them. They led him to a circular object, 12-13.5m diameter, on the path, and Alfred went inside, into an octagonal room with a sliding door and black walls floor and ceiling, where he was quizzed about his age, and told to stand under an amber light. After a few minutes one of the beings told him he was too old and infirm for their purpose and that he could go. When he returned to his fishing rod, his tea was cold but his dog acted normally. Shortly afterwards he saw the light take off. An hour had passed. He then resumed his fishing. 
  • Brookesmith 1995 p.127
  • Quest 6,2 p12 citing investigation by Tim Good
  • John Barrett in BUFORA Bulletin 18 p.24 citing lecture by Burtoo with Good and Omar Fowler to BUFORA 4 May 1985
  • Omar Fowler in FSR 29, p3 citing his own investigation
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p263
  • Randles 1993p156
  • Good 1987 p105
  • Randles 1988 p91
  • Good 1996 p87
  • Clarke 2017 p96)
  • Evaluation: Probable hoax. The witness had a reputation as a joker. Andy Roberts and David Clarke in Fortean Times 198 p27 citing investigation by Alan Franklin + Roger Morgan in Fortean Times 201 p75

August 15 1983. 0400hrs.
A mother and daughter Pauline and Cindy Draugelis had just arrived in at their home near Baltimore after a trip0 in which they had twice consumed an inexplicable amount of petrol. At about 1.5km from home they saw circular object in the sky, which they lost sight of as they turned into their home street. As they got out of their car they saw a 9m diameter circular object surmounted by a dome, around which were slat like openings, descend to 15-18m altitude in a gap between trees. At each and of the object was a red light and the thing emitted a noise like a soft whistle. They found that it was now 0410, and that there was at least an hour of missing time. After this event they found themselves sleeping better than before. 
  • APRO Bulletin 31,11 p2 citing investigation by A J “Joe” Graziano

August 16 1983. 0530hrs.
Two men sitting out in woods looking for deer heard a thumping sound from the left of the woods opposite and then detected a pungent odour. Their torch illuminated a red eye, which they then realised was on a large creature rising from a kneeling position to tower above the 1.2-1.5m tall vegetation about 3.5m away. The thing was at least 2m tall and was covered with dark shaggy hair. Its shoulders appeared to be 75cm wide and its hair 10-15cm deep. It had a rather triangular head, about 1 1/3 x that of a human. Its eyes seemed to glow and when the torch beam hit them, they showed luminous green, which later changed to a red. The men were so afraid that they left the area and reported the matter to the police. A trail of broken vegetation was found at the spot. 
  • Gordon 2015 p15 citing own investigation

August 18 1983. Afternoon.
Joan Maloret was walking near the Pallant Crossroads, when she saw,on the opposite pavement, a figure dressed in a tight jacket and a helmet like a police helmet. The figure just disappeared. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p275

August 19 1983. 2200hrs.
Eric Durant (18) and Frederick Perry (21) and two friends were having a cook out when they heard strange noises. By about midnight Eric and Fred went to investigate and encountered, about 50m ahead, illuminated by their vehicle headlights, a 2m tall humanoid figure covered with dark brown hair and having luminous eyes. When Fred got out to walk towards it, the thing disappeared. 
  • LeBlanc 2016 p136 citing Bartholomew 2008 p68

Late August 1983. (Approximate date)
A police officer saw a spherical object land in front of his car and suffered a 29 minute period of missing time, during which his station was unable to get in touch with him. The officer believed he had been taken on board the object. 
  • Nigel Mortimer in The UFO Debate 1,4 p.7

August 30 1983. 2355hrs.
A businessman driving north on Rte. 217 towards Derry near the Kingston Cutoff had just rounded a hill when his attention was caught by amber lights overhead. These came from a circular object with a flat underside hovering 12-18m directly above him. The thing appeared to be about 60-90m long, with a blue-grey metallic appearance. On the underside was a sort of rectangular area 12-18m diameter, and its perimeter was covered with softly glowing amber lights. The lights ranged from about 25-35cm diameter and were about 1.2-1.5m apart and 1m from the object’s edge. As the object hovered overhead, emitting a penetrating deep “whooping” sound, the witness became frightened and tried to drive away at speed up to up to 135kph. He would outpace the thing, then it would shoot overhead again; its thumping sound going through him. The object was now down to 12m overhead and he feared it would hit his roof. 
  • Gordon 2010b p46 citing his own investigation

Fall 1983. 1900hrs.
Thomas Talarico and his son were driving on South Kings street when their attention was caught by an object hovering about 50m above a field some 15-25m away. The thing was a silvery white disc about 30m long, 6m thick and appeared to be brighter in the centre than at the edges. Another car in front of them stopped and the occupants of both watched the object until it began to rise, at which they continued their journey. The Talarico’s could still see the thing. 
  • Zimmerman 2017 p36 citing investigation by C Burns.
  • Evaluation: Story reported 36 years later.

Fall 1983. Night.
A man and his sons who were training their dogs in the woods were alerted by an unusual light in the trees, and encountered, about 75m away, a conical object with large orange lights in its side and a tripod and light on its base. The witnesses jumped a fence to get away, but the thing came right over them, making a faint humming sound, before shooting off. The next day though there were no traces, there was a “rotten egg” smell in the area. 
  • Swords 2005 p62 citing John Timmerman

Fall 1983. (or following year) 2215hrs.
A young woman driving along the back roads to Pekin and was approaching a hollow on this chilly moonlit night when she saw what she thought was a large dog drinking from a stream in a field. The thing then stood up on its hind legs, showing it to be about 2m tall. The thing was black or dark brown in colour and had pointed ears and long legs that seemed to go backwards . It then headed for the car, forcing her to accelerate away. 
  • Godfrey 2016 p144

September 1983. 0330hrs.
Farmer Tokkie Marais on a number of occasions saw a strange light, and on this occasion it was less than 70m away, enormous and so brilliant that it hurt his eyes. He and his men fled in their lorry. 
  • Hind 1996 p10

September 1983. Evening.
Near here two men out looking for deer with a spotlight illuminated something getting up from the ground 12m away in a field. The object then moved up a hill with a rapid gliding motion with its long arms swinging. It seemed to keep looking round at the witnesses and when it reached the top of the hill it turned towards them. It appeared to be a 2-2.5m tall dark hairy humanoid with red eyes. 
  • Gordon 2015 p43

September 1983. 2045hrs.
Coalman Thomas Schofield was walking to his home along Forest Bank Road when he became aware of something behind him. Turning round, he saw two figures, dressed in shiny clothing and helmets about 25m away. They were carrying something like a polished metal bar. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p282.
  • Evaluation: Workmen in protective clothing?

September 1983. 2200hrs.
Maria Dos Dores Lopes and her two teenage daughters (15, 13) were taking their dog for a late evening walk when they saw a light in the sky. It descended, appearing like fishing net, emitting an intense light and a wind which raised Maria, her elder daughter and the dog into the air. The 13 year old managed to get inside. Eventually the light ascended into the sky, and mother, daughter and dog dropped back to earth. Maria and the girl were very shaken by the incident. 
  • Pratt 1996 p44 citing his own investigation

September 1 1983. 2355hrs.
Bill Lowry, a motorcyclist from Northern Ireland was cycling through Staffordshire and Cheshire, when about Weaverham he saw a light in the sky coming towards him. He stopped in the road and felt impelled not to photograph the thing, rather to turn his lights out. This revealed a dark wedge shaped object in the sky, surrounded by lights. The lights of an oncoming car roused him out of this trance like state and made him aware of his dangerous situation. He carried on his journey and shortly afterwards found himself just outside Chester at 0215hrs. 
  • Randles 1988 p64 citing investigation by Jennifer Campbell
  • Evaluation: Disorientation, astronomical + cloud + notoriously confusing road system.

Early September 1983. 0130hrs.
John Swinnerton awoke to see on the far wall the figures of two children, a boy and a girl playing a hand game. After about 5 minutes they just disappeared. About three weeks later he saw them again, this time luminous and semi-transparent and visible for about 15 minutes before they faded out. John Swinnerton in Fortean Times 284 p72

September 12 1983. Night.
A trucker and two teenagers saw a luminous sphere descend from the sky, hover and then split into two, which portions girated around each other. They were joined by another truck driver, who also saw the spectacle before the objects took off. 
  • Dennett 2016a p89 citing NUFORC

September 26 1983. Late afternoon.
A teenage boy cycling down a county road through a wooded area looked to a field bordering the tree line about 5m away where he saw a large creature sitting down. The thing then seemed to notice the boy and stood up, revealing itself to be about 2.7m tall and to be a humanoid covered in long grey hair everywhere except for its chest. The eyes in its large round head seemed to glow with a green sheen and its nose was flat. The thing’s arms hung down to the knees. After some moments the boy rapidly cycled away. 
  • Gordon 2015 p22 citing his own investigation

September 28 1983. 2005hrs.
Two small girls (9, 11) and the 12 year brother of the 8 year old were playing with a torch just before going home, when it illuminated a large object, apparently on the ground beside a tower on a hill about 450m away. It was dome shaped and emitting a green glow that illuminated the surrounding hills, and was estimated to be over a 100m in diameter, with a sort of red glowing square on the base. The children went inside to fetch their mother, when they came out again, the object was just a dot in the sky. There were no traces nor any other witnesses, though the location was a prominent landmark 
  • NUFON News 105 p.15 citing investigation by Nigel Mortimer

October 1983. (Approximate date) Night. GRANT’S PASS (OREGON : USA)
A motorcyclist, Pual Claywell, driving through rain encountered a 2m tall hairy biped, illuminated in his headlights. As he approached the thing turned to look at him and then ran away. 

  • Bord 1989 p39 citing Forteana News November 1983. p16 citing Arkansas Democrat 25 October 1983.
  • Guttilla 2003 p245 citing Eugen Register-Guard n.d.

October 5 1983. Early hours.   (WEST YORKSHIRE : ENGLAND)
At an unspecified location, teenager Gary T woke uo feeling uncomfortable. He turned to face his wardrobe and as he did so its door opened and a figure gradually emerged. Its top half resembled that of a human, only with a blue face, surmounted by horns, and its lower half resembled that of a goat. Gary could not remember seeing any arms. The figure remained standing at the foot of Gary’s bed even after the light was turned on. After 5 minutes the figure retreated back into the wardrobe and the door closed behind it. The same thing happened again in the early hours of the 7th, though on this occasion the bedroom light was already on and the door of the wardrobe half open. 
  • Earth 3 p4
  • Evaluation: 2nd hand from the witnesses brother, a former member of the West Yorkshire UFO Group

October 13 1983. Night.
A couple in a rural location were watching TV while their children were in bed, when they heard a loud roaring sound and something banged on the walls and smashed the windows, The man grabbed his gun and fired at a shadowy figure through the window. There was a cry as if some creature had been hit. Shortly after this something pulled the back and porch doors off their hinges. The man barricaded the door with the refrigerator and got his family in a pickup truck. He ran back for his shotgun, but left when he encountered a large hairy humanoid in his kitchen. The family fled and called the police. When police arrived they found the house had been smashed to bits. The man later ended up in prison. 
  • Newton 2015b p50 citing CBGRO citing an anonymous law enforcement officer

October 14 1983. 0615hrs.
A 26 year old secretary was driving between Arborfield and Shinfield en route home to Reading on this dark morning, saw a bright light first on the left, then on the right hand side of the road. The car lights and radio then went off as the object lowered towards the car in circles. The car then stopped. She now saw that the object was triangle surmounted by a dome, with a powerful green light on one side of the triangle and a purple light on the other. There were flashing lights by the side of the dome. As the thing circled the car the woman feared she would be abducted. She also had a feeling as to how a “door” in the side opened. When the thing eventually took off at speed the car lights and radio came on again and she could start the car. When she got home she found a gap of 15 minutes. 
  • FSR 29,2 p18 direct from anonymous witness

October 15 1983. 2045hrs.
Mrs Catherine Burke (67) was driving home to Bellwood from visiting family in Altoona on this dark overcast night on Route 226, approaching the Bellwood turnoff. The heard a whirling noise to her right and saw a bright silvery disc with a hemispherical protrusion on the bottom. It was about 8m diameter and about 10m above the ground. The object then passed over the car, at which the right side of the car lifted up about 60cm-1m, pushing her to the side. The object righted once, tilted again, and then came down with a bump, forcing Catherine under the steering wheel. While this was going on its headlights blinked on and off. When the cat hit the ground, it stalled. Since the event she suffered from a number of illnesses, including loss of hearing in her right ear, loss of hair and sores on her head, pain in the right arm and shoulder, neck pain, blisters, swelling of the feet, anxiety, dizziness, body marks, dots in front of the eyes and a worsening heart condition. After a report in a local newspaper a man in a suit, driving a dark navy blue car arrived and took samples from the car. At 0630hrs. in the morning in November two men in blue suits arrived and took further samples using tape. The one who acted as spokesman spoke in broken English 
  • Stan Gordon in MUFON UFO Journal 200 p9 citing his own investigation
  • T Scott Crain FSR 29,6 p22 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation: The accident may simply have been due to the car mounting the road side, and the various injuries it’s after effects perhaps also including prior conditions (an insurance claim was involved). The MIB may have been accident investigators and insurance claim assessors.

October 15 1983. 0530hrs.
A fisherman saw a green light in the sky, which then plunged into the sea. A glow was visible for some time afterwards. On the 7th this man and two companions had seen a similar ball of green light hovering over Sizewell and then fading away. 
  • Arnold 2013 p.69 citing Jenny Randles

October 21 1983.0000hrs.
A couple driving home from Shrewsbury to Weaverham (Cheshire) were pursued by a disc that projected a beams of white light into the car, striking their feet. At times it flew over the trees ahead of them, seemed to go over the car, shot across the road. They detected a smell of burning. At Cuddington, it came closest, where it was seen to be a fluorescent white disc surmounted by a slight dome, and with a row of two red, two green and a brilliant amber light. Shortly after this the object was lost to sight. The woman was so frightened that she became ill with hypertension. The couple though that there was a period of missing time. 
  • NUFON News 107 p13 + Randles and Warrington 1985 p132 citing investigation by Jenny Randles
  • Evaluation: Investigation showed that this was the moon! Misperception generated probably by fatigue, anxiety and possible episodes of REM intrusion.

October 231983 Morning.
Paul T Claywell was riding his motor cycle on IR 3 between two exists, going slowly because of the rain when his headlight lit up a creature standing upright. It turned to look at Paul and then ran off on two legs. 
  • Curtis Fuller in Fate April 1984 p20

October 24 1983. 0500hrs.
Two nurses saw a large spherical object that was followed by a train of 8 smaller objects, of different colours. Inside the main object were three humanoid beings wearing red and black clothes. The observation lasted 90 minutes. A similar object was seen at 0430hrs. a couple of days later. 
  • The UFO World 1986 p16 citing SUFOI.

October 26 1983. 0300hrs.
Three people at the Camp McKenzie scout camp near Columbus were in a car at a level crossing when they saw a very bright white light above a small blue light, 2m above the track. As it approached, it lifted up and they saw it was a silent grey sphere with two lights on its front that passed within 60m and then just disappeared. The witnesses felt euphoric, and one, a 28 year old man, wanted to get out and investigate, but the other two dissuaded him, and the trio drove away. 
  • MUFON UFO Journal 310 p.18 citing investigation by Jim Maples

October 26 1983. 2050hrs.
David Keener was driving on Hw321 northeast of Hickory when a diamond shaped object, red in front, bright green in the rear hovered low over his car and then rose up again. The observation lasted about 5 minutes and the thing was silent throughout. He reported the matter to the police. 
  • Dolan 2009 p317 citing MUFON UFO Journal April 1984

October 27 1983. 1500hrs.
Stan Johnson, out deer hunting, felt as though he was being watched, and then saw a creature on top of a tree stump. Stan looked at the creature through binoculars and saw it was a 2.7m bipedal creature, with a human like face and a body covered in thick, long, dark brown hair. When Stan got out his rifle, the creature put its arms over its head, relaxing when Stan put the gun down. In 1985 Stan claimed he was in telepathic conversation with these creatures. 
  • Bader 1995 p88 citing Stan Johnson and Joshua Shapiro The True Story of Bigfoot 1987

October 28 1983. 0215hrs.
Biomedical engineer Jim Cooke was driving home from Croton Falls to Mahopac along the Croton Falls Road when, turning a bend, he saw lights behind the trees. He first thought they were on an aircraft but they came down too quickly. When the lights went out, he saw an unusual dark mass behind the trees. He got out to try and get a better view, but his view was blocked by trees, so after a couple of minutes he walked through them to the water line of the lake. He then saw a dark triangular object hovering about 5m above the water, 60m away. As he looked nine red lights came on the side of the thing, and a red light or probe came from its underside and hit the water, seeming to throw up some sort of screen. The object came moving from one part of the lake to another, on each occasion letting down this probe. The thing appeared to be about 30m long and 10 wide at its apex. Eventually the thing took off at a 30 degree angle. 
  • Hynek, Imbrogno and Pratt 1987 p1 + Imbrogno and Horrigan 1997 p157 both citing investigation by Philip Imbrogno

October 28 1983. 2035hrs.
Alan and Linda Northcott were decorating when Linda became aware of a light outside, which made her feel uneasy. They went out into their back garden for a better look. It was an egg shaped object with a triangle of lights hovering over Budshead Wood. The object then approached them at 20m altitude, coming within 75m, the two front lights focussing on the witnesses. The thing then reversed its path, disappearing behind some of the trees in the wood. It was a cold clear night. 
  • Eric Morris in BUFORA Bulletin 18 p.8 citing investigation by Plymouth UFO Group

November 1983. Night.
Mrs Brason was driving along the Bicester to Banbury Road near Souldern when she encountered a vehicle like an old fashioned estate car, black with wooden strips, and had no lights. Before she could overtake it the thing had vanished. 
  • Puttick 2003 p9 citing a Radio Oxford Broadcast in January 1996

November 5 198 Night.
A man driving home from a late night party along a winding road in a wooded area saw a 1.2m long object drop the sky and pace his car for 30 seconds before moving at speed into the trees. 
  • Redfern 2017 p332

November 7 1983. 1950hrs.
Police Sergeant Anthony Dodd and his wife Pauline were driving between Grassington and Ilkley on this cold clear night, when about 1,.5km north of Addingham, their attention was caught by an object moving at an altitude of 15-30m parallel to them about 1.5km away. The thing disappeared behind moors, but reappeared some minutes later. At this point Anthony parked and took a moving picture of a luminous image. 
  • UFO Magazine (Quest) July/August 1995 p.20

November 11 1983. 0300hrs.
Mrs Irene Williams was sleeping un the spare room after working late. She awoke in the night and went to look through the window. She saw the face of a man looking in on her through the upstairs window, as if on stilts. He had a roundish face, with an olive complexion, had short, dark, curly hair and was dressed in a blue one piece suit. Suddenly the figure appeared in her room. He told her to put the light off, and seemed to illuminate the room. He approached, with two fingers extended and then vanished, the room immediately becoming dark again. Irene then went back to bed and fell asleep. She later felt that she was experiencing telepathic messages from aliens. 
  • Fry 2004 p62

November 11 1983. (Approximate date) 0330hrs. 
A farm worker out cycling encountered a strange fat man, emitting a shimmering green luminosity on the road ahead. The bicycle suddenly stopped and the cyclist was unable to move it forward. As the being approached the cyclist, it changed from short and fat to tall and thin. It then placed its right foot over its left knee, its right hand on its left shoulder and its right arm up in the air. It then just vanished. The witness was very shaken by this experience. 
  • Vallee 1991 p.201

November 15 1983.
Two people living on a property on Limestone Road encountered a 2m tall hairy humanoid and also heard high pitched screams Three toed footprints 31cm long were found at the site. 
  • Cox 2004 p48 citing Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organisation

November 16 1983. 1745hrs.
Mrs Gibson of Bullroyd Drive was making tea when she observed a powerful light about 50m above the Great Hopton Road. It was cream coloured with white edges and appeared to wobble from side to side. After a minute it shrank to a dot like the picture on an old fashioned TV. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p288 citing Bradford Argus and Telegraph 18 November 1983.

November 19 1983. 2055hrs.
Three people in a car saw a 12m wide square object that followed their car, coming within 60, and then hovered over electricity lines. The witnesses fled to a neighbour’s house from where they observed the thing for about 6m and notes that it was emitting a humming sound. 
  • Zimmerman 2017 p126

November 28 1983. 2040hrs.
A woman observed a luminous sphere approaching her house so she ran in to get her partner and two children. All four of them saw the object, about half the size of a house, come within 120m at treetop height. Three small objects came from this larger one and appeared to move to the southeast and land in an industrial area. The woman and children ran across a field towards the larger thing, and the man drove off after it. He got within 60m of the object, which was hovering over a small lake. After a few moments the thing just disappeared. All four experienced irritation in the eyes and the man suffered from reddening and soreness of his hands and face. 
  • Dolan 2009 p317 citing MUFON UFO Journal April 1984

November 29 1983.
An 11 year old boy encountered a green skinned dwarf with reptilian skin and just one eye. This boy and some friends pursued the creature as it zigzagged through the bushes. Claw like marks on a tree and footprints were found at the site. 
  • Fabio Picasso in Strange 11 p20 citing El Dia 2 December 1983. p7.

November 30 1983.
A 12 year old boy was walking home when on cropssing 3rd Street, hen encountered a greenish dwarf with alrge head by an old dried tree. When the thing came within 30m of him, the lad fled. Later that night, around 2215, Claudia Ortiz (24) heard what she thought was children’s laughter by an abandoned house. She then saw a dwarf the size of a 16 month old toddler. 
  • Fabio Picasso in Strange 11 p20 citing El Dia 1 December 1983. p6

December 1983. Day.
Mrs Avins and her three passengers saw a figure in a white shirt and black jacket walk in front of their car and disappear. 
  • Puttick 1997 p66

December 1 1983. (Approximate date)
A 14 year old youth walking along an embankment encountered a group of wrinkled 50cm tall dwarfs, wearing green clothes, who pursued him, so that he fell in the mud when trying to jump across the stream. The creatures stood on the bank caterwauling as if mocking him. One of the creatures through a brick at the lad, hurting his leg.
  • Fabio Picasso in Strange 11 p20 citing El Dia 2 December 1983. p7.

December 4 1983. (apprx date)
A man pursued a green dwarf with a large head and two fingers on each hand until it reached a tree trunk and hid. The witness and a friend took a photograph but it only showed dark shapes. 
  • Fabio Picasso in Strange 11 p.20 citing El Dia 6 + 7 December 1983.

December 14 1983. 2000hrs.
Antonio Nelso Tasca (49) was driving back to Chapeco after visiting friends at a ranch in Colonia Cella, when just before a Coca-Cola plant he stopped. In the sky to his right was an object that he first thought was a bus, but then saw that it was a circular object emitting beams of white light. When it also started giving off heat Tasca turned around and began walking back to his car, only to be sucked into the thing by a beam of light. He awoke, naked, in a dark claustrophobic place, which terrified him. He felt increasingly numb and then felt invisible hands touching him. The room then became filled with light, seeming emitted from the walls and ceiling. A woman, dressed in pyjamas and slippers entered and delivered the usual contactee messages by telepathy and gave Tasca a mission. Everything then went dark and he had the feeling that small beings were escorting from the scene into another room, where he again lost consciousness. He came to on a rock near a factory and motorway. There were unusual marks on his back. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 29,4 p.9 citing Marcos Bedin in O Estado 18 December 1983.
  • Gevaerd and Stevens 1987 p187

December 15 1983. 0640hrs.
A man was setting out for work on a clear frosty morning, when he saw something like a plane in trouble, with sparks coming from its side, in the north east sky. The man ran towards it, aiming to help, as he did so the thing slowed down, now very low and illuminated by the street lights. It now appeared as a rectangular object, rather like a railway freight wagon, 6m wide at the widest, with a sloping roof , panels, and three portholes on the top edge, from which came a misty yellow light. The whole thing was grey in colour. It seemed to pause at a railway bridge, rose slightly and passed over the electricity cables, and then disappeared behind the bridge. The area seemed unusually quiet, with not even the milkman about. 
  • NUFON News 144 p.10 citing MUFORA
  • Halliday 1997b p41

December 23 1983.
A 50 year old security guard and truck driver was driving near the Menwith Hill military base in mist, when through the mist he observed an object with a blue flashing light on top, which crossed the road and descended behind some fir trees. Thinking it was a helicopter he got out to investigate and saw that it was 25-30m away, about 6m above the trees. It was a dark elongated egg shaped object lacking rotor blades and protuberances, but with a row of windows along the side that gave off a yellowish light. In the 30 seconds it was visible the thing drifted downwards to open moorland beyond the firs, which were not disturbed by its passing. There was no sound. 
  • NUFON News 128 p.12 citing investigation by Phillip Mantle and Rodney Howarth
  • Evaluation: Balloon? Military?

December 24 1983. Morning.
Jan Thompson was out driving when she encountered a giant naked man with a sort of Afro hairstyle, pale skin, glowing red eyes and long fangs. She also noted a rash on its genitals. 
  • Newton 2010 p70
  • Nunnelly 2017a p163
  • Evaluation: Repeater witness. Probable hoax

December 28 1983. Night.
A woman awoke feeling paralysed and found herself taken by three shadowy beings with large heads to a circular room, where she was placed on a table and had something inserted into her left ear. She was then taken back to the house. She awoke feeling ill, with her hair, neck and pillow all wet. 
  • Hopkins 1987 p44.