INTCAT 1984-1986

1984. (Approximate date) 0100hrs.
A woman had a dream in which she was awoken by a buzzing sound and got up to investigate. The lights would not come on. She heard two loud knocks on the back door and felt compelled to open it. Outside were three beings, 1.8m tall, wearing tight fitting silver suits with belts, thick boots and collars. Their faces were white and they had long fair hair and large eyes. The woman felt herself travelling upwards and then “with a bump” sat on a metal bench in a room with sliding doors and control panels. There were two other men with her, and also a woman with curly grey hair, dressed in a nightdress. Beings resembling children were stood by a control panel. She then found herself back in her kitchen feeling cold. The electricity now worked and she saw it was 0300hrs. 
  • NUFON News 121 p12 citing letter from son of witness

1984. (Approximate date) 2030hrs.
Two women were out driving when they encountered a huge light, which passed over their car, dazzling them. At this the car engine and lights failed. The lights came back on by themselves a few seconds later, and the engine started on the turn of the ignition. 
  • Basterfield 1997p 231 citing UFO Research Far North Queensland

A man exploring disused 19th century lead mine heard a humming sound that reminded him of a voice and then, when he switched off his lamp, saw a luminous white blue shape, the size of a small adult. When the man switched his lamp on again the light disappeared. 
  • Bord 1989 p91 citing The Cambrian News 14 November 1986.

A woman driving on the road between Batsford and Moreton in Marsh saw a figure in what looked like a hood and robe cross the road into a field, as if drifting above the ground and then disappear. 
  • Turner 1993 p27

Three campers saw a silvery object, 30m diameter land on a hill 2km away. When the men approached the thing, it rose straight up into the clouds. 
  • Gilroy 1995 p30

1984. Daytime.
A ten year old girl had gone into the front yard of her house just off the old US60 when she had a feeling of being watched. She turned around and saw, by the fence on the other side of the road a biped covered in long brown-red hair. The thing was at least 1.8m tall and its eyes were completely black. The girl was terrified and ran to get her father but when he arrived moments later the thing had gone. 
  • Nunnelly 2047n p215 citing his 2015 investigation

1984. Daytime.
A 6 year old boy went into his bedroom and saw a large biped with red hair tipped with grey all over. The thing had white facial skin, red eyes and appeared “old” and the boy felt that it was “extremely evil”. 
  • Nunnelly 2017 p217 citing his 2012 and 2017 investigations

1984. Night.
A man staying at the old rectory woke to see an old woman bending over his bed, wringing her hands and crying not a mind a child who screamed a lot. 
  • Robb 1992 p9

Winter 1984. Night.
An administrative assistant at the University of Vermont, Madonna Gordon and her 15 year old daughter were passing the Bittersweet building when they saw a light in an upstairs window. Going to investigate they saw the shadowy figure of a woman with unkempt hair, long skirt and blouse, at the end of a hallway 
  • Cirto 1994 p39

Early January 1984.
Eric Bunda, a boarder at the Chateau des Cailloux was awoken a fellow student Delanoy Michel going to the toiler. Eric also decided to go to the toilet a bit later, and as he entered the wash room he saw, through the window, a brilliant light stationary about 20m away. It seemed to be a 12m long solid object resembling a dish boarded by a row of green, white and red lights and surmounted by a dome. The lower part of the object was bathed in light. After about 10 seconds he called Delanoy who also saw the object. Hearing a noise the boys went into one of the toilets, when they came out a few moments later the object was moving away. 
  • UFO Times 28 p.9 citing Jose Fernandez in Eurufo News 3.

Early January 1984. 2100hrs.
Two women driving back from a social event along a country road some kilometres outside Latrobe on this rainy night when the headlights caught a figure that seemed to have suddenly appeared on the road. It was over 2m tall, with an ape like head, though no facial details were visible. The thing was covered in long dark, dull hair and its arms and legs were disproportionately long. It moved in an awkward manner from the edge of the road. It put out its arm and then its right leg, which seemed to almost go over their car’s bonnet. As it did so, the vehicle lost power. It took them about 1.5km before the car power returned to normal. Though they feared they had hit the creature, there was no sign of damage on the car. 
  • Gordon 2015p13 citing own investigation

January 9 1984. 0630hrs.
A truck driver on a country road saw a large object descending rapidly to his left. He lost sight of the thing for a few seconds and then it appeared at treetop height to his left, manoeuvred round the truck, passed it on the right hand side and disappeared down the road at 15m altitude, 30m away. It was a vertically orientated American football shaped object of grey metallic appearance, about 50m tall and was covered by white lights. The thing was soundless. The observation lasted about one minute. 
  • Ridge 1994 p73 citing MUFON UFO Journal. The source incorrectly gives Capron as being in Indiana

January 13 1984. 0700hrs.
A fish and chip shop owner went into his kitchen, felt chilly and encountered a figure in black clothes, boots and cape standing about 3m away on the customer side of the counter. The figure then vanished. 
  • Taylor 2006 p30

January 20 1984.
Sidney Bell saw a conical light 30m high, 6m wide at the base over trees which were blowing about. Police were called to investigate and two constables who came to investigate saw strange lights and their car radio failed. 
  • Chalker 1996 p.181

January 22 1984. 2150 hrs.
Peter Smithson (28) was walking along the railway goods yard after alighting at Skipton Station when his attention was caught by a beeping sound overhead. He saw a grey spherical object, about 60cm-1m diameter, with two white lights, at about 6m altitude. It was moving slowly, at about the speed of a bicycle. After about 10 seconds the thing moved off towards Carleton Moor. 
  • Graham Birdsall in Quest UFO 10,2 p.20

February 1984 or following month. 2300hrs.
Jennifer Edney was walking along the coast, when she observed, over the end of a low factory roof, a pale pink sphere with a slight rise in the centre, hovering 6m above the ground. It drifted down onto the railway line, then, a few moments later, rising to the level of the bridge road, a few metres away. The silent object dropped, rose and fell again. The frightened witness left the area. 
  • NUFON News 118 p.8 citing investigation by Margaret Fry
  • Evaluation : Looks just like a small balloon.

February 1984. Dusk.
Jennifer Fiume (25) and some friends were out shooting rabbits when their headlights illuminated a tall figure 50m away. As they got within 20m they saw it was a huge thing covered in dark brown hair and a head too small for the body, seemingly attached direct to its shoulders. Initially the thing had its back to them but then turned, looked at them as if annoyed, dropped its hands to its side and disappeared into the trees ion two or three paces. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p254 case 158 citing investigations by Paul Cropper and Dean Harrison

February 1984. Evening.
Two young people in a car stopped at the top of a hill saw a huge rectangular object descend down to 15m. The thing had a rounded front from which came coloured lights. The thing moved silently over a car and disappeared behind the summit of a mountain. The observation lasted 15-30 seconds. 
  • Zimmerman 2017 p127

February 1984. Late evening.
While on the lover’s lane between Ligonier and Derry a man was called back into the car by his girlfriend who had seen something ahead, They then both saw that it was a 2,5m tall biped with dark hair and that it had moved in front of the car only 3m away. It had red luminous eyes and broad shoulders and emitted a pungent odour. The thing then turned around, walked into the woods and up a low hill, before turning round again, looking at the witnesses and making a sound like a scream. 
  • Gordon 2015 p21

February 1984. Night.
George Paras (21) was driving his off-roader along a track off Old Coach Road near Apollo Bay when, rounding a bend, his lights illuminated the head of an animal by the side of the road. The thing was about 1.5m tall and its head was covered in long, coarse brown hair. Its face was ape like but its eyes were huge with dark irises with white surrounds. These eyes followed George as he drove past and sped away in fear. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p254 case 157 citing investigation by Paul Cropper

February 3 1984. 0100hrs.
Ante Jonsson (41) was driving home to Tingsryd from Ingelstad on Road 30, when, in a rural area, he saw a small figure by the side of the road, and out in a meadow, a large black object hovering above the ground. He drove home, collected his camera and returned to the scene. At first he could not see the object, but when he drove on another kilometre and turned a corner he saw the object blocking the road ahead. He braked hard; his car skidded and got stuck in mud. When Ante opened the car door to get out, he was grabbed by something. He struggled free but was soon grabbed again and taken towards the object. He passed out and came to in his car, talking to a police officer. He lost consciousness again and woke up in hospital. He was later taken to a psychiatric clinic. He was later to have a series of visionary “contact “experiences. 
  • Clas Svahn in Cambridge UFO Group Newsletter 42,16 citing his own investigation

February 19 1984.
A white circular object flew erratically and crashed into the forest. Military operations were reported in the area. 
  • Randle 2010 p269 citing Len Stringfield citing Jorge Martin

Late February 1984. 0330hrs.
A man out driving encountered a silvery green ovoid object coming towards his car from some woods. It was between a softball and a soccer ball in size and bounced from one side of the road to another just missing the car fender. 
  • Dolan 2009 p332 citing Robert Gribble in MUFON UFO Journal April 1984.

February 22 1984, and following day night.
On these two nights objects with lights arranged in a triangle directed beams down to the ground. On one occasion a cigar shaped object came with 30m of car. A woman observed a triangular object that hovered about 50m above the ground, illuminating the surroundings and frightening her cats. Two other strange objects passed over her house. A man out jogging saw a light so bright that it hurt his eyes. There were other witnesses but these would not speak to investigators. 
  • Dolan 2009 p331 citing Shirley Coyne in MUFON UFO Journal April 1984.

February 28 1984. 2200hrs.
A 17 year old youth was knocked off his motorcycle and came to in a room with three 1.2-1.4m tall, beings with large hairless heads looking at him. Another person, who resembled him, was on a second bed. The beings were stood at a sort of raised control panel. They communicated by telepathy, telling him they would heal him. The youth then went to sleep, to awaken with the other person gone, presumed dead. The youth himself was dressed similarly to the beings. He had memories of corridors lit by unseen light of another room and of a docking bay. He agreed to help on some matter he could not remember. They told him they would have to break his arm so his injuries would not be suspiciously light. He woke up in hospital with a seriously injured arm but no other injuries. 
  • Gordon Millington in FSR 39,4 p17

February 29 1984.
A woman saw a dark diamond shaped object, with white lights at the front and rear and blinking red lights on its sides, and a set of smaller lights between these main ones. It approached at about 15m altitude. It was about twice as wide as long, the length being comparable to that of a tractor trailer. The object moved over the trees to the north east with a wobbling motion. 
  • Dolan 2009 p331 citing Stan Gordon in MUFON UFO Journal April 1984.

Spring 1984. Evening .
Laura Cur was driving home from visiting a friend in Auburn along a rural road by Lake Tapps when, rounding a bend, she saw orange lights, like headlights, in a field and began to feel drowsy. As she got closer she saw they were on a strange oval object. Next to it were stood two beings 1.5-1.8m tall, with bulbous heads and large darks eyes. They beckoned to her and took her on board, up to a 1.6km long mother ship, where she realised that she had previous contacts, they had their own name for her. She met the commander as an old friend, was given a meal and then taken to room with a computer and devise that was attached to her head, which gave her information. She forgot much of this until hypnotic regression. 
  • Bader 2010 p80

March 21 1984. 1955hrs.
Truck driver Gordon Gebert (25) was driving south on Hw87 near Woodbury when he was startled by a flash of light in his rear view mirror, which was so bright that it caused him to blink several times. It was a bright light coming up in the rear from the distance. After a short while Gordon lost sight of this light, but about 5 minutes later, looking to his left he saw a huge, dark boomerang shaped object with lights on its side. Gordon turned down his window but heard no noise from the object, which was descending about 100m away, though he noticed unusual amounts of static on his radio. The thing came down to about 30m above Gordon’s truck, stretching across the width of the road. It paced him for about 5 minutes, emitting rotating lights of “the purest colours”. Gordon was momentarily distracted from the thing and when he looked back, it had disappeared. 
  • Hynek, Imbrogno and Pratt 1987 p65 citing investigation by Philip Imbrogno

March 21 1984. 2000hrs.
A female executive, who did not want her name used, and her daughter were driving south along Perry Road when they observed a peculiar light through the roadside trees. As they topped a hill they saw three objects resembling boomerangs, one larger than the other two, hovering over a field. Each object had a large central light, and a row of flashing multi-coloured lights. When these objects began to move the women drove off in terror, the mother, who was driving, shaking in terror. The large object flew silently over their car, enabling them to see its dark metallic looking underside. The 12m wide object passed over soundlessly, as if floating. 
  • Dolan 2009 p331 citing Mitchell E Peace in Claxton Enterprise 29 March 1984.

March 25 1984. 2055hrs.
A woman motorist encountered a bright luminous red sphere about 30cm diameter that maneuvered around her car with a bouncing motion, lighting up her bonnet and window as it came within 30cm of the vehicle. 
  • Dolan 2009 p332 citing Robert Gribble in MUFON UFO Journal April 1984.

April 1984. 0600hrs.
James Guyette was driving north on Interstate 91, close to Hartland Dam when he saw a large hairy humanoid creature walking along the road about 100m away, swinging its arms. The thing moved away down the bank by the road. James was so shaken by the experience that he cried when telling his wife about it. 
  • Cirto 1994 p99
  • Citro 1997 p193

April 14 1984. 2345hrs.
Farmer David Williams (31) was unlocking the boot of his car when he observed a bright, orange-pink sphere, a metre or so across, descend southwards onto Cwm Canol Hill. He lost sight of it for a time as he ran towards it, and then saw it again for about a minute, after which it just vanished. 2.5km to the north at Foel Catha Olwen Evans (42) and her 12 year old son saw the light as a brilliant, fluorescent purple sphere that exploded into a shower of sparks and a white disc, which descended and was lost to sight. There was much military activity in the area next day 
  • NUFON News 116 p.13 + Hanson and Holloway 2013b p.298 + Fry 2009 p136 citing investigation by Margaret Fry
  • Evaluation: Military exercise, probably a flare.

April 22 1984. 2210hrs.
A 33 year old woman was staying on a caravan site with her two sons (13, 7) and her 53 year old mother. She was watching a film with her mother, while the two boys slept in her caravan. Going between the caravans to check on the boys, she saw a circle of white lights, with a circle of red lights above them, and a bright white light on top of those. She then saw that these were on an oval object 150m at altitude, More lights came on and the object began to revolve, the lights blurring in the process. This object made various manoeuvres, observed through binoculars, until 2300hrs., when it descended to 30m and projected a beam on the five witnesses. When this light dimmed they saw more clearly an oval craft with revolving lights and a “smokey” dome. Dogs in the area were playing up but otherwise everything was silent. The lights then moved out to sea, disappearing by 2320hrs.
  • NUFON News 113 p.10 citing investigation by West Yorkshire UFO Study Group

April 25 1984. Night.
Three people driving along the American Canyon Road saw a triangular object, they thought was at least as large as an American football field and passed under it was it hovered 30m above the road. The thing then moved off. 
  • Dolan 2009 p332 citing Robert Gribble in MUFON UFO Journal May/June 1984.

April 25 1984. 1700hrs.
Gwendoline Freeman (59) was doing tapestry in her garden, accompanied by her dog. The dog suddenly fled indoors and as she woman held up the tapestry to the light, a light ball appeared between her and the tapestry and seemed to enter her. She was temporarily blinded but felt strangely calm. The glowing cloud then rose from her head and hovered over a bush, illuminating it. The woman then got up to find the tapestry, which had slipped from her grasp, and saw the strange luminous cloud head towards a large dirigible shaped object in the sky, which rather resembled a giant Yale key. The sphere touched parts of this large object, causing these sections to light up, it then drew back and the whole thing lit up. She called out to her son Sidney, but as he came out the thing vanished. Four weeks later their house was buzzed by a helicopter with both doors open. Earlier on the 25th, around 1100hrs. a group of 12 men, dressed in black suits and hats and come up the street, entered a neighbour’s house in single file and walked out again shortly afterwards. When they checked with the neighbour, she denied anything unusual had happened. 
  • NUFON News 112 p.15 citing investigation by Steuart Campbell
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p.304 citing Halliday 1998 + their own investigation
  • Halliday 1997b p.35

Early May 1984. Evening.
A county music singer was driving home to Albuquerque along Interstate 25 when his attention was caught by an approaching light in the sky. This light did not illuminate the surroundings. As it passed overhead, the singer saw that the thing was a luminous living thing, with huge black eyes, travelling fast in a mechanical fashion at 30-60m altitude. 
Two weeks later he saw the thing again, this time at only 15m altitude, while driving from Magdalena to Socorro. It was later seen near his house and for a fourth time on another road trip. 
  • Dennett 2011 p159 citing MUFON

June 1984.
A man living near Lincoln Tree Farm saw a 2.5m biped , with a” masculine face” come out of the trees and circled round his mobile home. At about this time a neighbour’s dog acted up. There was a sheriff’s investigation. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p241 citing Seattle Post Intelligencer n.d.

June 4 1984. 0330hrs.
Fred Ranaudo was camping on a piece of high ground in the woods when he was awakened by cries from the woods and heard something moving about. He then saw a white shape walking around, making deep breathing noises. As it came within 50-75m it appeared to be 3m tall and when it saw Fred it leapt up in the air. Fred himself jumped up and ran to his truck. The thing then walked away. Footprints about 38cm long were found at the site. 
  • Bord 1989 p40 citing Forteana News June 1984. p18 citing Newtown (CT) Bee 22 June 1984.

Summer 1984. Day.
Mrs Duba had taken her two year old son to a playground in the Podwislocze district near a car factory. She noticed a metallic looking object approaching from the direction of the factory. Feeling afraid she picked up the boy and hid behind a tree. She saw that it was a circular object with a row what looked like unlit lamps around its perimeter. The object came so low, making a terrific noise, that i9t brushed the trees, causing leaves to fall. It circled the area and hovered at 10-15m altitude. It appeared to be about the same dimensions in diameter and had a metallic green colour. It had a cupola 2.5m high and a somewhat concave underside. After a few seconds the object left. 
  • Cielebias 2015 p59 citing investigation by Arek Miazga
  • Evaluation: The colouration, noise and tree disturbance are all suggestive of a low flying helicopter

Summer 1984. Night.
Bob White, a student at the University of Maine, and his girlfriend were driving out to a meal when they saw a large bright object drop out of the sky onto the road ahead. Fearing an air crash they speeded up to see if they could give assistance. Suddenly something resembling a “flat iron”, about the size of Boeing 747, was hovering 20m above their car. The thing had four red lights, and numerous white lights along its sloping sides, and was of a metallic grey colour. As they backed away, turned and skidded the thing followed them. The couple then jumped out of the car and ran off in opposite directions. Bob ran towards a farmhouse, calling to his girlfriend to follow, and as he did so, the object went low over a field and just disappeared. After resting for a time they couple drove home. 
  • Cahill 1985. p.36 citing investigation by Leland Bechtel

Summer 1984. Night.
Mr Gear saw a luminous thing, like a woman in a summer dress, floating across the ground. Other people are said to have seen this thing. 
  • Richardson 1985, p8

July 1984. Night.
An elderly woman saw two grey beings wearing skin tight silvery suits stood at her bed foot. They fired a red light at her. Two officers from the Jicarilla Apache tribal police were called to the scene and noted the unusual silence of the birds, and that the woman’s dogs and horses were shaking with fear. In the morning the officers saw three fiery orange discs take off some 50m away. They turned white as they took off towards Chama, where further police officers saw them. 
  • Dennett 2011 p162 citing NUFORC
  • Evaluation: An anonymous posting from an alleged tribal police officer sent years after the alleged event. Probable hoax

July 1984. 2300hrs.
The female witness and two friends were driving from Hollis to Thorne Bay when, at a spot about 15km from Thorne Bay, along a long straight stretch of highway she became aware of a foul smell. Then they saw a humanoid figure running beside their car, which was doing 55kph, less than 5m away. In the headlights it appeared to be about 2m tall, covered in dark hair and swinging its arms as it ran. It paced the car for 10 seconds up the 5-10 degree slope, before veering off. It made no sound. The party sped on to Thorne Bay. 
  • Alley 2003 p67

July 5 1984. (Approximate date) Daytime.
Mrs Hawley and a friend saw a domed object yellow object with windows, on the ground near here. 
  • NUFON News 123 p.8 + Fry 2009 p127 citing investigation by Margaret Fry.

July 19 1984. 2300hrs.
A 32 year computer programmer in the aero-space industry driving on Hw 1-84 saw a bright white circular object but soon lost sight of it. Sometime later he saw a large mass in a field about 200m away. As the man watched the object took off without making a sound, at the same time his radio became filled with static. He accelerated away only to find the thing hovering about 100m above the road ahead. The driver turned off the car lights and engine, at which the object did the same with its lights. He could now see that this was a dark triangular thing, about 100m long. Suddenly the object was gone and the motorist found himself about 200m from his car. When he got home he found he was an hour late. Under hypnotic regression he recalled being abducted and examined by dwarfs with large heads. 
  • Spencer 1997 p129 citing investigation by Philip Imbrogno
  • Imbrogno and Horrigan 1997 p70

July 26 1984. 0245hrs.
Shortly after a severe thunderstorm a woman was awakened by a crackling noise outside. Going to her kitchen door she saw that the area was illuminated by a red glow. She opened the door at which basketball size luminosity came over the trees and approached. As it came within 6m she went back inside and shut the door but continued to watch the ball as it changed colour from crimson to yellow, becoming so brilliant that she had to turn away from it and shield her eyes. She then felt a burning on the side of her face facing the object. She went to use the phone but it was just filled with static. The luminous sphere then just vanished. Her face continued to feel as though it was burning and that side turned bright red. 
  • Imbrogno 2010 p35

July 27 1984.
Something was seen falling into the sea and divers encountered a metallic egg shaped, orange-gold object, which appeared to be humming. A diver stood on the thing and when he returned to the surface his boots were covered in a reddish dust. When the divers returned a few days later the thing had disappeared. 
  • Bord 1989 p169 citing APRO Bulletin 33,1 p1

August 1984. (Approximate date) 1500hrs.
Two 12 year old children were in a hide by a disused railway line when a completely black figure, like a shadow dropped down from some trees, stood up and turned towards the lads, who both fled. The figure was about 1.5m tall.
  • Dale in Fortean Times 335 p72

August 1984. Dusk
A woman walking alongside Anderson Creek heard footsteps in the foliage and detected a foul smell. Looking around she saw by the water a 2m tall biped covered in black hair and with arms that reached down to the knees. The witness fled. 
  • Blackburn 2017 p27 citing North American Wood Ape Conservancy

August 2 1984. 2300hrs.
Mr Waistell (46), a salesman and his 37 year old wife and 13 and 11 year old boys were driving close to Stonehenge on the A 303 when the sky developed a peculiar golden colour. First two and then four and finally six gold-orange hazy spheres appeared in the direction of Warminster, at which the car headlights dimmed. These lights disappeared after a couple of minutes. They drove on for several minutes more before seeing, behind the hedgerow, something on the ground in a field. They turned around for as better look. It was a grey dome with a row of windows giving off a yellow-orange light. However, when they turned again to continue their journey, passing the spot, the object had gone. During the journey they experienced an unnatural quiet and saw more lights and spheres. 
  • Jenny Randles in BUFORA Bulletin 18 p3 citing investigation by David Pearson and Ken Phillips
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p319 citing Biggleswade Chronicle 10 August 1974
  • Evaluation: There was a military exercise in the locality that night, which, along with stars and imagination probably accounts for most of this

August 3 1984. (Approximate date) 2030hrs.
A man staying at the Seven Mile Recreation Area had gone out for a walk when he had a sense of being watched. He saw among the trees the head and shoulders of a creature more than 3.5m tall. The creature went deeper into the bush but the man could still hear and feel its powerful footsteps and so left the area. 
  • Steenburg 1993 p110+ 2000 p191 citing his own investigation

August 6 1984.
Garrow MacLaren had just washed his face in a brook to cool off when he saw a man in grey, carrying what looked like a pack, coming towards him. Garrow turned to pick up his pack and when he looked up again the man had disappeared, despite a clear view in all directions. 
  • McEwan 1996 p123

August 27 1984.
MD, a 25 year old laboratory worker and a companion were hiking along the footpath from Jaggers Clough to Nether Booth, when their attention was caught by a luminous sphere 250m away, moving down the slope from Nether Moor. MD assumed it was plastic debris, until he saw pass through a barbed wire fence, cross a field full of sheep, that seemed unaffected by it, then rose to treetop height, hovered, then changed direction before accelerating up into the sky. 
  • NUFON News 112 p11 citing investigation by Michelle Clare
  • Devereux 1989 p93
  • David Clarke in UFO Brigantia 28 p13

September 1984. Night.
Visiting lecturer at Arcadia University, Alexandre L Amprimoz woke in the night to see the window open and saw a young blonde woman combing her hair at the dresser. The figure was semi-transparent. 

  • Colombo 2000 p56

September 1 1984. Night.
A family were driving at 95kph along Hw89 when a figure in white appeared 12m ahead on the road. The driver braked but could not prevent the car hitting the figure, but there was no sensation of impact and on inspection there was no sign of any one knocked down. The family continued on their journey but shortly afterwards the car’s electrical system died. The family prepared to camp out for then night but a few minutes later the car lights came back on of their own accord and everything then worked perfectly. On later inspection no damaged could be found. 
  • Dennett 2016a p90 citing MUFON CMS

September 4 1984. 2100hrs.
Two brothers fishing on the lake saw a light, which appeared to be on a vehicle, approaching the deserted north shore of the lake, about 1m above the ground. The object came across the water towards their boat and appeared to pace it, at which the boat engine failed. The object hovered about 20m away. When one of the brothers yelled at the thing i8ts light went out and their boat engine worked perfectly. 
  • Dennett 2016a p50 citing NUFORC

September 14 1984. Evening.
Yvanof Gayet (16 and his 16 year old cousin, both members of a travelling circus were walking down a deserted lane when they saw streaks of brilliant white light, which coalesced into a female figure with blond hair. The figure appeared to be without legs, its hands appeared to move and was shining so bright that they could not make out any features. The boys were joined by trapeze artist Ms Marion Beautour (16), who threw a stone at the figure. The stone was deflected away from the figure. 
  • Fortean Times 44 p16 citing Courier de l’Oueste 21 September 1984. + France Soir 22 September 1984.
  • Evaluation: Hoax? Press hoax?

September 19 1984.
Mrs Hurley was driving home in her pick up truck along the Orber Road, hurrying to pick up the babysitter. She then saw a bright light on the road ahead. Thinking it was a stopped jeep, she sounded her horn. However the thing took off and hovered close to her truck, at which Mrs Hurley felt a severe burning sensation on her cheek. She turned around and sped home, feeling dizzy and nauseous. Her husband saw that her face was covered with boils. The doctor diagnosed these as “prickly heat” 
  • Cahill 1985. p40
  • Citro 1944 p142 

September 23 1984. 1830hrs. 
Jose Morais da Silva (48) was fishing with his 10 year old son, when they noticed a bright pulsing light in the distance. They ignored this, but at 2000hrs. the light reappeared right over the river. Jose scrambled up the bank to get his sleeping son. It then started raining and the light disappeared, so Jose resumed his fishing until he found himself illuminated by a light from his rear. It was 20m above the river bank, illuminating a wide area. Jose got his son and they lay on the ground as the thing expanded and receded. It continued like that and by 2200hrs. it had moved and then crossed the river, turning a bright red and manoeuvred over the water, near some other fishermen on the other bank; these men fled.
By 0400hrs. it rose to 70 degrees, making a sound like a small dynamo and went back and forth over the river. When the beam hit him, Jose felt an intense pain and could not open his eyes. The thing then landed on the sand, and they heard a sound like a car door shutting and voices. The thing left at 0600hrs. and they found footprints at the site. 
  • Vallee 1991 p201 citing his own investigation

September 27 1984. 0200hrs.
A woman living in a wooded area got up to get some plants in and saw a 3.5m tall ape like humanoid about 2.5m away by the side of her porch. A t the encounter the thing screamed and ran off into the woods and the witness ran indoors. Both her dogs ran into corners and stayed silent. 
  • Gordon 2015 p42 citing his own investigation

September 28 1984. Night.
A woman walking home from a late shift at her restaurant was shocked to see a 60cm tall humanoid dressed a silvery one piece suit and large helmet rush across the road ahead of her and enter an alley. The witness was too shocked to investigate. 
  • Redfern 2017 p290

Late September/Early October 1984. 2100hrs.
A militia patrol observed some unusual lights about 25m away in a field to their right. They saw that the lights were on a large triangular object on or just above the ground. There were three rows of flashing multi-coloured lights, 11 on each side and 13 in the centre. The patrol stopped to observe the things, but the lights then went out and it was lost in the darkness. The next day the militia captain returned to the scene and found three depressions 25 cm deep 90cm diameter, marking a triangle 8m wide. 
  • Dolan 2009 p.344 citing Internet sources

Autumn 1984. Evening.
Tony Ransome, a school teacher, was walking down a path by the Cathedral to Firmary Lane when he saw a robed figure cross ahead of him and disappear through a bricked up entrance. 
  • Doughty and Haynes 1996 p19

October 1984. Dawn.
A design engineer woke up to see a small thing being, dressed in tight fitting black “diver’s suit”. The being’s long, pointed chin reminded him of the celebrity Bruce Forsyth. The figure appeared again in his office. 
  • Randles 1999 p88
  • Evaluation: Hypnopompic hallucination

October 8 1984. 0740hrs.
While getting in an alfalfa crop, Giuseppe Cocozza(57), observed , about 20m away, a 1.2-1.3m tall being in a sort brown fur covered “space suit” which included a helmet connected to something like a rucksack by two pipes. The being was holding a forked stick in its hand, with which it seemed to be searching the ground. Giuseppe coughed and the figure turned round revealing a slit in the helmet at eye level. A few moments later the entity turned round again and walked to a clearing, sparks coming from its body. Giuseppe, afraid, lost sight of the entity behind a hazel bush. About a minute later G saw a sort of box like contraption take off at an angle from behind the bushes, 70m away, to a height of about 500m and then turned around and flew off to the mountains, as if to land at their foot. .The brown box like structure was surmounted by a dish shaped piece, the two parts joined by two tubes. G returned home, got his gun and returned to the sight, where he found six conical holes in a rectangular formation along with two large traces and footsteps. 
  • Edoardo Russo in MUFON UFO Journal 205 p15 citing investigation by Umberto Telarico
  • Umberto Telarico in FSR 32,1 p9 translated from LDLN 261-2 citing his own investigation

October 8 1984. 2325hrs.
A man was driving his 2 year old son home from a funeral and they had pulled over for a break and were talking about time travel when they saw a small object descend down to 15m. There were two people in the thing, who waved at the witnesses, who waved back. The object then took off out of sight. 
  • Dennett 2016a p91 citing MUFON CMS

October 9 1984. 0330hrs.
Isidoro Ferri (46) was awoken by a bright light coming through his window, and a he saw for a few moments a dark human form on a nearby hill, from whose forehead a torch light was coming. This figure collapsed into a dark horizontal line, below which three flames were directed towards the ground. After a few minutes this also disappeared and was replaced by a large blinding white light which began approaching the witness, illuminating the area like daylight. He tried to get out of bed but found it difficult as he was partially paralysed. As he did get to the window, the light appeared to be sucked back, replaced by a red sphere with an intermittent light that hurt the man’s eyes. They remained sore and irritated for some days. Three round holes, 10cm diameter, 3cm deep in a 2m irregular triangle were found at the site. The grass seemed pressed down here. There was no increased radioactivity. The dog, which was outside, did not react at the time, but was quiet, refused food and took to its bed for two weeks. 
  • Edoardo Russo in MUFON UFO Journal 205 p.15 citing investigation by Pier Luigi Sani
  • Pier Luigi Sani in FSR 32,4 p13

October 23 1984. 2018hrs.
Melvin Morrissey was driving along the Jamesville Pike, about 1.6km from his home, when he observed a large disc shaped object with a row of red lights flashing in sequence, and three amber lights on the underside pass overhead about 30m above the treetops. It appeared to the size of an American football field. He drove home, collected his children and set off to search for the object. About 5km away in the Gamelands Number 158 he saw lights close to the ground through the trees.
  • T Scott Crain in MUFON UFO Journal citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation: The lights seen through the trees were lights on a radio tower as later confirmed by the witness. The disc might have been a misperceived aircraft.

October 24 1984. (Approximate date)
Mr Hollenbeck, a local businessman (and father of Bruce) was in his house on Novak Road when he saw a white disc shaped object swoop down from the field behind his house, cross the road, go through the cornfield on the other side and finally disappear behind a hill. 
  • Jarvis 1992 p52 citing Bruce Hollenbeck

October 29 1984. Night.
Mark Paisella and Mike Rapozo were driving a jeep down a back road. A jot from a pot hole focussed the vehicle’s light onto the sky, where it illuminated a dull silvery object 30m above them, covering an area of perhaps 400m sqm. After a few seconds the thing seemed to disappear in an explosion. The fog light never worked again. The lads had felt somewhat strange and nauseous before the observation. 
  • Cahill 1985. p.47

November 1984.
Three women out boating saw, in a clump of reeds in a marsh, a figure they identified as the Virgin Mary gazing at them. A woman had drowned at that spot. 
  • Rutkowski 1993 p.125

November 1984. Afternoon.
Author Michael Williams was driving home to St Teath from Bodmin, when he encountered a cyclist approaching from the opposite direction. Michael realised that he never passed the figure and turned his car round but there was no trace of the cyclist and no apparent turn off. 
  • Williams 1986 p7

November 7 1984. 0230hrs.
At their home in Garrett Circle, 10km south of Carrollton, a political scientist (Maurice K Townsend, President of West Georgia College) and his wife were awoken by a deafening sound and bright lights coming in through their window. Going outside they saw a huge vertical tower like object, about 50m high, 10m wide. It came from woods 100m away and passed over the house at 10m altitude. This object seemed to just consist of about 30-40 intense white arc lights, and some red, these lights being (mainly?) on the underside. No structure was visible behind the lights. This contraption was followed by two or three red translucent spheres, 4-5m diameter. Maurice followed the thing as it moved at about 2-3kph, for about 70m to the edge of a fence. Shortly after this aircraft and helicopters were seen in the vicinity. 
  • Miles 2000 p333

November 17 1984. 0845hrs.
Two men (30, 31) were out looking for Indian artefacts near to the Wabash River when their attention was caught by a buzzing sound, like a motor boat. One of the men saw a silvery-grey, reflective disc shaped object coming very low north to south. It then turned east and came towards the men, who were in a field about 20mm from the river. The thing came close at only 3m above the ground, and appeared to be about 10m diameter. When the thing came directly overhead it became invisible, though it still cast a shadow on the ground, and the men felt electricity in the air. They did not see the thing move away; it just appeared again in the northeast. The men experienced about 8-10 hours of missing time. One of the men suffered nightmares afterwards and both had psychological after effects. 
  • Ridge 1994 p77 citing his own investigation

November 26 1984. 1830hrs.
Per and Ana Hoel were taking their dog for a walk along Shore Road when they saw a bright light out to sea, which they thought was a rescue helicopter. They saw it was hovering close to the water about 400m away, shining a yellow light onto the sea. They were, however, unable to hear any noise. After about 5 minutes the thing seemed to take off and came towards them. They saw that it was a triangular object with two flashing red lights on either side, travelling at about 7kph 30m above them. It was about 50m long, 40m wide. In addition to the red lights, which had now stopped flashing, they saw a row of 5-6 white lights and on the centre of the underside was a sort of yellow canopy. The thing was dull grey, with a darker rim along its edges. As it passed over towards Magnolia Centre, just above the trees, the Hoels heard a faint humming sound. It hovered near a property on a nearby hill and then seemed to disappear. The Hoels ran to the spot, but the thing had turned and was now heading out to sea. In profile only a cone of light was visible. It hovered again only 2m above the ocean near Kettle Island for about 40 minutes 
  • Cahill 1985. p.43 citing investigation by Jim Melesciuc)

December 14, 1984. 2130hrs.
A man driving a Mercedes car near Launceston saw two lights behind him. At first he took little notice, but then they went over his car and a luminous mass landed on the road ahead. At this his lights and motor failed. As the car glided to a halt, the witness saw the road blocked by a cigar shaped object, giving off glaring lights from the underside, which hurt his eyes. The object itself was grey in colour, 5-6m long and 2m high. The terrified motorist hid behind a bush and was violently sick. He then saw that his car was moving towards the object, despite its hand brake being on, being dragged out 10m. A Land Cruiser approached and its lights failed also, though its engine kept on running. The driver of this vehicle got out to help, and as he did so the strange object took off with a high pitched whining sound and curved away to the south. The first motorist thought that the bitumen on the road where the thing had rested, had melted, and found a splash of bitumen on his car. When he revisited the site next day, the road appeared to have been repaired. The second driver was never traced and the first rejected further investigation after a claimed visit by three men who told him not to talk about the incident. 
  • Chalker 1996 p.182 citing TUFOIC investigation
  • Hall 2001 p.259

December 20 1984. (Approximate Date)
A group of university students from Winnipeg were driving just outside Lake Louise when they saw a dark coloured 2.4-2.7m tall biped walking up a hillside and stopped and watched it for 5-10 minutes. 
  • Steenburg 1993 p114 citing Guy Phillips

December 31 1984. Early evening.
A man was watching TV with his visiting sister when they heard two taps at the window and looking through the open curtains saw a bright red basketball sized sphere pass the window. As he got up from his chair 2m from the window to investigate the object turned and rose up, projecting two beams of brilliant white light and sparks, and headed over a neighbour’s house. He went outside and turned on the light but there was nothing to see. He then returned inside but only seconds later there was another tap at the window and the object had returned. They saw that there were two black lines on the object in a V formation, in the centre of which was a round black dot which gave the impression of an eye, 2.5cm diameter. The object took off as before and was not seen again. 
  • Gordon 2010b p62 citing his own investigation

1985. 0030hrs.
The geneticist Kary Mullis had arrived at his weekend property and went out to the outside toilet when en route he encountered a luminous thing that resembled a racoon, which said “hello doctor”. The next thing Kary recalled was walking back to the house the next morning, his clothes dry and clean despite the went night. He found his groceries where he had left them, even a glass of orange juice, now gone warm. He then went to bed and slept for hours. He realised that his flashlight was missing but was never able to find it despite searches. Later that day going to clean a pipe in the wood, he felt a sudden panic and remained fearful of going into the woods alone for some time. At another time when his daughter was there with were fiancée, she also had a period of missing time. 
  • Mullis 1999 p130

1985. 0100hrs.
 A group of young boys and their teacher sharing a cabin at the Anglican Youth Department Conference centre were awakened by growls and screams. Two of the boys, including Adam Bennett (10) went out to investigate. They went into the scrub where their torches illuminated a bulky 1m tall thing with a large head, small round ears and huge eyes, which shone in the torchlight. The thing uttered another growl and scream that so terrified the boys that they went themselves as they ran off. 

  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p26, 255 case159 citing investigations by Dorothy Williams and Paul Cropper + ARFRA Yearbook of reported events in 2001 p98

1985. Early hours.
A group of teenage girls and held a séance with an Ouija board the night before last, and one of the girls, going to bed heard a sound like something wailing outside. She awoke in the early hours confronted by a powerful stench and saw, in the moonlight, something standing in the corner of her room, As she lay paralysed and unable to cry out, the thing advanced towards her bed and she saw that it was a sort of ape man with dark hair and long arms. It came within 15cm of her, stared at her and then retreated into the shadows and disappeared, at which the smell also faded away. 
  • Redfern 2015a p216

1985. Early morning.
A small object landed in a back alley behind the apartment building where Aliva Scott lived on the ground floor. She was taken out through the window into something like a black limousine, that took up two parking spaces, to some place where human looking beings removed eggs and performed a procedure on her diseased kidney, leaving an implant that was later flushed down a toilet. She was shown adult bodies in tanks, which were said to be clones grown from fetuses in a matter of days. She later reported other abductions, during which the human like beings were revealed to be greys, and she was taken to a large vessel in space where other humans had their sperm and eggs removed and she was shown a human child with a misshapen mouth and grey twins who asked her to teach them everything they would need to know to live with humans. She refused. 
  • Lorne Goldfader in The Missing Link 118 p12 + Cambridge UFO Group Newsletter 42)+ SPI Enigmas May/June 1992 p.15 citing own investigation
  • Evaluation: Alleged memories that surfaced after a traumatic miscarriage, almost certainly dreams and fantasies that reflected that event.

1985. Day.
A nurse walking across the Perth Bridge was stuck by a sudden silence and then saw an object 9-12m long, with a sort of large window, through which she could see several small beings, one of which seemed to be operating levers. The object maneuvered around the bridge and left in a matter of seconds. The ambient sounds returned and the woman was shocked to find that a fellow walker nearby had seen nothing unusual. The object then reappeared a few metres away, but again she seemed to be the only person to see it. 
  • Halliday 1997 p48

1985. Night.
Four people in a car saw a dark hairy humanoid, 2.5-3m tall, illuminated in their headlights as it crossed the road and strode across a 1.8m tall fence. It had red eyes and long arms and gave off a powerful unpleasant odour. 
  • Newton 2010 p71

1985. Night.
A group of teenagers riding their motor bikes encountered a luminous, white, translucent thing in Harwick Wood 
  • Codd 2013 p75

January 1985. 0200hrs.
Vicky Knowlan was driving home to Andover after visiting a bar in New York, though she did not drink any alcohol there, when she became aware of a light following her and descending with a wavy motion, as if coming down a non-existent hill. The light came up close and then divided into two. She then lost consciousness, awaking parked at the bottom of the driveway. The state of the sky suggested it was about 0700hrs., and that there were four hours of missing time, and she had no recollection of the last part of the journey home. 
  • Warren and Saarkoppel 2014 p69

January 1985.
Two women on horseback saw a white shape, while out on Loxley Edge, The thing just disappeared at which the horses shied. 
  • Devereux 1989 p96

January 1985.
A man out walking with friends saw an elderly man with a beard, dressed in a blue jacket and flat cap, apparently fishing 15m away. His two friends could not see the figure, and when they reached the spot it had disappeared. 
  • Randles 2002 p65

January 1985.
Two men climbing a tree stand in the forest near the then NATO air force base saw a 2.5m tall hairy biped move across a30m clearing in a sort of gliding motion. The thing was red-brown in colour and seemed to lack a neck, Strange tracks were found at the site. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p241 citing Erik Knatterud

January 1985.
Two boys setting traps in woods outside of Jamestown saw three sets of what looked like luminous eye that appeared to be looking at them. Then a grey metallic looking object with flashing lights and making a low humming sound came in and hovered low above a grove, from where it emitted a luminous yellow sphere that descended towards the ground. The lads fled and returned with other people and all saw a “tall muscular man” run along a nearby ravine and into the woods. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p.241 citing Stan Gordon

January 14 1985. 2100hrs.
Pottery painter and night school physical training instructor Lena Backstrom (24) was driving home to Rattvik after work along Rte 301, when the car engine, lights, CD player all died as she was nearly blinded by an intense light coming from a forest beside the road. She had a “feeling of emptiness”, felt a pressure on her chest a detected an acrid smell. Suddenly everything returned to normal, the engine lights and CD were working and she continued her journey. On arriving home her boyfriend was concerned because the normally 15 minute journey had taken an hour. She later had dreams of being on board a UFO and developed healing powers. She said she had psychic powers since being a child. 
  • J. O. Sundberg in UFO Universe Spring 1993 p.24)

January 28 1985. 2040hrs.
A 52 year old woman was walking her dog in a semi-rural area when she saw red and white lights close together in the sky. This drew her attention to the sky, where she saw a metallic disc approaching at very low altitude. It had a row of square windows, which emitted a red glow. As the object hovered nearby it emitted a strange whirring/buzzing sound and it slowly rotated. After about 90 seconds the rotation increased and the object moved off in the direction of Denholme. After about 45 seconds the lights moved off in the same direction. While the object was hovering there was no traffic on the road, and the witness lost track of time. 
  • NUFON News 120 p11 citing investigation by Martin Daglass and Ann and Darren Chanter

February 1985.
The crew of a railway train, including driver S Orlov noticed a sphere which appeared above a nearby forest and then paced and manoeuvred around the train for about an hour. During this time it seemed to either slow or speed up the train, which used much less fuel than usual. When the sphere went ahead the train speeded up.
  • Huneeus 1991 p31, 49 citing Petrozavodsk Commission on Paranormal Events

February 6 1985. 1745hrs.
A 28 year old nursing assistant was driving in to work when her attention was caught by a bright yellow oval light, about 3m diameter to her right. She followed it, driving at about 35kph as it “bobbed” along at very low altitude. As it moved south it turned smaller and darker, surrounded by a greyish haze, then larger and bright green with a central red section. It finally turned purple before vanishing through a hedge. Despite its being so bright it did not cast any light, except when it passed a white wall, onto which it projected a red glow. A tree in the area was found damaged. 
  • NUFON News 120 p15 citing investigation by Eric Morris
  • Randles 1990 p116

February 8 1985. 0315hrs.
A 19 year old youth was walking home from as night out with friends, in an undisclosed location, along a main road when he heard a faint humming sound coming from a field. Investigating he saw a large dull black disc surmounted by a dome, about 5m diameter, 6m high hovering 60cm above the ground. It appeared to have things that looked like stabilisers, a sort of hatchway, and windows on the dome. After a few minutes he saw beings, which moved their arms in a rapid, stilted fashion approach. They wore octagonal helmets, and he could not see any features save for two dim lights where the eyes should have been. Their suits were grey, with gold belts, braces, green buckles, black knee boots and gloves. There was another being behind him and he was captured and taken on board the craft.
There he was taken into room with consoles and wall screen, where beings communicated by telepathy, telling him he was to be decontaminated and prepared for “time change”. The machine took off and went on a tour of the solar system ending in Pluto, where the craft docked with a mother ship, where he was given a medical examination, which including burning his left arm. They put probes on his head and neck and suggested that they remove his eyes from his sockets, a procedure he declined. They claimed to come from a “planet beyond the constellation of Lyra” to breath pure oxygen, be based on Greenland and other absurd themes. After about 6 hours they returned him to earth, said they might contact him again and warned him not to speak of the incident. The craft then departed, leaving him feeling dizzy and a policeman found him reeling in the road at 0530, suggesting a 90 minute period of missing time. 
  • Phillip Mantle in UFO Times 18 p.10 + UFO Brigantia 39 p6 citing contemporaneous investigation by Derek Mansell, David Ridge and Geoff Ambler of Contact UK + later investigation by Mantle and Margaret Fry
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p338 citing Fry 2004
  • Eddie Bullard in Hall 2001 p563
  • Nagaitis and Mantle 1994 p31
  • Fry 2004 p41
  • Evaluation : The witness was adamant that the investigators did not try and contact the police officer. A 19 year old lad coming home from a night out is found staggering in the road, come to your own conclusions. 

February 27 1985.
A woman driving alone south of Neepawa saw a circular light heading straight for her car. The object passed by her with a swishing sound and left across a field. 
  • Rutkowksi 1993 p57
  • Evaluation : Light on snowmobile ?

March 1985. 2130hrs.
Two people saw a large biped covered in black hair standing in an open field, looking towards them. A footprint 35cm long13cm wide was found at the site. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p242 citing Don Keating

March 1985. Night.
Carol Livingston and her sisters saw something like a luminous ship out to sea, at a time in which the strait was frozen. 
  • Watson 1988 p36

March 1985. 2130hrs.
A 45 year old industrialist was driving from Lake Arculeo to Santiago listening to the radio when the road was illuminated by a powerful light. His Mercedes car shook, the radio became filled with static and the car’s electrical system went down. Looking out of the window he saw a 30m diameter object hovering above the car projecting a painfully bright stream of light. After 15 minutes the thing went away and the car and its radio worked normally. 
  • Hall 1988 p.316 citing MUFON Proceedings 1987 p200
  • Evaluation : Known only from an anonymous report

Early March 1985. 1200hrs.
Conscript Doru Volosenic (c22) had gone to get some equipment from a military vehicle 600m away when he had strange feeling and looking round saw an object shaped like a shallow inverted silvery plate, hovering about 1.5m, above the ground. Doru had the feeling that it was aware of him and shortly it became shrouded by a blue-green mist that appeared out of thin air. The object began rotating at an increasing speed and then he was assailed by a vibrating ringing penetrating sound and then thrown back and pushed face down into the road. When Doru looked up the thing had vanished. No traces were found at the site. 
  • Farcas 2016 p93 citing investigation by Gheorghe Cohal
  • Evaluation : Not reported until 2008.

March 15 1985. 2330hrs.
Two teenagers out driving saw a large object rise over trees and then descend again. Beams of light illuminated their car and beings with long arms began to walk towards them. The teenagers fled. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p.232 citing UFO Research New South Wales files + Sydney Daily Telegraph 20 March 1985.

April 1985.
Three strange tall beings, with babyish faces, were seen to emerge from a luminous green mist, causing the witnesses car to stall. Snow at the site melted. 
  • Randles 2000 p.305

April 13 1985. (or following week) 2330hrs.
A couple were dropping off a female friend at the car park of the AT and T building in the outskirts of Denver, and as they approached the building their attention was caught by red and white lights shining down on the roof. When they stopped they saw that the lights were hovering 6m above the roof, about 20-30m from their location. They seemed to be an oval formation about 9m long, 6m wide and to be attached to the bottom of a dark object. When they opened the door they heard a faint hum but were not sure where it came from. When they slammed shut the door again, the object rose about 15m then stopped. The thing then began moving away, the couple tried to follow it, but it was lost to sight. The couple forgot about the incident for 4 years and only recalled it when reading a magazine article about UFOs. 
  • Richard Haines in MUFON UFO Journal 294 p10 citing his own investigation

April 14 1985. 2200hrs.
A man and his fiancée were driving from Pordenone to the ski resort of Piancavallo, when at a place called Castladia they encountered a sort of yellow-green fog across the road, around which the snow had melted. At this point the car engine failed, though the lights and radio continued as normal. The got the car started but after a few metres the engine failed again, leaving the car coasting down a hill. As it did so the headlights picked up two strange beings that darted out from behind a bush and crossed the road ahead. They were 1.7m tall, 1.4m wide and wearing silvery suits. The woman in the passenger seat did not see these things. They managed to coast down the hill into a small village where they were picked up by friends. When they went to pick up the car next day it worked perfectly. At about 2145hrs. a man in San Quirino had seen a bright ovoid object that gave off red and white lights as it descended to 60m. When he got closer he saw that the thing was a saucer shaped object surmounted by a dome that gave off a yellow-green light. 
  • UFO World 1986. pa8 citing investigation by Antonio Chiumiento

May 1985. (or following month) 
A hairy dwarf tried to kidnap a 5 year old boy. Other people saw dwarfs in the area. 
  • Bord 1997 p69 citing Fabio Picasso in Strange 11 p19

May 1 1985. 2345hrs.
Mrs Julie Sconce was alerted by loud noises and bright lights outside her bedroom window, and the house suffered a power failure. Looking out she saw a Saturn shaped object, which moved towards the mobile home of her daughter and son in law, the Alderholdts, where it projected a beam of light downwards from the centre of its underside onto the mobile home. Both mother and daughter tried to phone the other but neither phone worked. The A’s heard a sound like a like freight train and their clock reset itself. Another relative, Mrs Teresa Scone heard the sound but did not investigate. Mr Alderholdt (25) went out to investigate and found the horses looking frozen to the spot looking up at the object, which rose up from about 10m to 20m to clear the trees. As it did so he held a pressure in his ears and saw the trees agitated. He walked to within 30m of the object which was hovering again about 10m above the ground in an adjacent field. It seemed to give off waves of heat, to be revolving and emitting a humming sound. It seemed to be huge, the size of an American football stadium, flashing red, white, yellow, blue and violet lights, and had a revolving row of windows around its centre. It hovered over the field for about 29 minutes before banking and taking off at a 75 degree angle, its noise and lights intensifying as it did so. It finally left at 0015, with a rumbling noise, after which the power and telephones returned to normal. 
  • George Fawcett in Quest 6,3 p.35 citing his own investigation

May 9 1985. 0430hrs.
A young unemployed man, D. O. was motorcycling back to Oldham from visiting friends in Liverpool. He stopped to drink from his flask of tea, in a deserted area, when he heard a humming sound from an adjacent field. Investigating, he noticed a silvery glow in a dip in the field, then he saw the silhouettes of two figures coning towards him from across the field. He turned to drive off, but then heard a voice telling him not to be afraid. Turning round he saw, less than 2m away, a man and woman with shoulder length fair hair, dressed in “lurex” ski suits which had egg shaped objects on their belts. The woman was about 1.5m tall, the man somewhat taller. The woman claimed they came from “the third solar system” and to have landed to make small adjustments to their craft. They then walked back across the field. The hum and brightness increased and a cigar shaped object rose to 60m, hovered then took off vertically at high speed. On the 13 July he was visited in by two men in dark suits who came in a black “Americanised” Ford Granada estate. He later claimed a visit from an RAF officer. He and wife had experienced poltergeist effects in a previous house in Liverpool 

  • NUFON News 122 p14 citing investigation by Peter Hough
  • Norman Oliver in Quest UFO 10,2 p.32 citing his own investigation
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p349 citing Peter Hough in New BUFORA Journal 9 + Jenny Randles in The UFO World 87
  • Evaluation : Randles considers him an unreliable witness, probable hoax, Oliver disagrees.

May 11 1985. 0015hrs.
A 75 year old man was awakened by a deafening noise and vibration. Going the NW facing window, he saw a brilliant shimmering blue light rise from behind the treeline 400m away. It rose to 200m then disappeared. Rooks in the trees seemed unaffected by the incident. The noise went along with the object. Other people heard the noise but saw nothing. 
  • NUFON News 116 p.10 citing investigation by A. T. Fenney + Hartlepool Mail 13 May 1985.

May 19 1985. 2200hrs.
A 43 year old man out on the downland saw something like a yellow flare coming in from the sea. It then rose, levelled off and moved from his right to left, following the ground contours at only a few metres altitude. At its closest it came within 30m of the witness, who saw that it was a disc shaped object about 2.5m wide, with a sort of luminous transparent central rim. It was surmounted by two lights. After about three minutes the object tilted and disappeared behind a hedge with a whispering sound. When the man went to investigate behind the hedge the object was nowhere to be seen.
  • Jenny Randles in MUFON UFO Journal 240 p12 + UFO World 1986. p18 citing investigation by Paul Fuller
  • Evaluation : Possibly a military drone

May 31 1985.
Three boys aged 5, 7 and 11 were playing near a deserted house when they encountered a hairy dwarf, about 75cm tall. The thing tried to abduct the 5 year old, but the children managed to escape. The thing was seen again on June 2 at 1400hrs. by Carlos Silva who saw it in a tree and June 4, on the latter occasion the witnesses were soccer fans including 22 year old Hector Maidana. The final appearance was to teenager Fabio Oviedo who saw it on a dirt pile as he reached home at 2130hrs. 
  • Craft 1994 p110
  • Corrales 1998 p44
  • L Fabio Picasso in Strange 11 p21 citing Jesse Rovere and Jorge Paris in Cuarto Dimension 148 p29 + Diario Norte 16 July 1985.

June 1985. (Approximate date) 0130hrs.
A 26 year old artist and her husband were staying at her mother’s home when she was awakened by a brilliant light which lit up the whole room. She was levitated towards the light, the shirt journey across the room taking 15 minutes. Inside the light she encountered a 2m tall being with long arms brown skin that looked burnt or wrinkled. They appeared hairless and sexless and just had black hollows for eyes. The woman passed out and when she recovered she was being returned to her bed. It was now 0500hrs. Her husband had experienced nothing. 
  • Miles 2000 p278)

June 1985. Night.
While flying over the North Sea, supermarket supervisor Graham Rogers flew thorough a storm, with the result that all his instruments were sent down. He was on the point of crashing when a huge disc shaped object appeared nearby and took his plane on board. There he was invited by a voice to go to a room where he was given a drink of whisky by a tall thin humanoid, who told him that they were mending his aircraft and that they were peaceful visitors from another star system. Graham was then escorted back to his aircraft and flew it away perfectly. 
  • Parsons 1990 p99
  • Evaluation : Certainly a fictional tale made up by Parsons, as are the bulk of the stories in this “true accounts of modern paranormal experiences”

June 1985.
Two men fishing from a boat in Foster’s Pond saw something on the shore, which they first thought was a bear, but it then ran off on two legs, showing the pale soles of its feet. 
  • Citro 1994 p100

June 13 1985. 0515hrs.
A 42 year old farmer from Manjimup was driving southwards from Mandurah. Near Lake Clifton he saw a round orange object in his rear view mirror. He first thought it was a vehicle headlights, but then realised it was too large. After a few kilometres it faded from view/ He few minutes later he saw a bright orange object, which began to worry him. It disappeared again for a while, then reappeared a third time, hovering over his car. The driver felt a powerful heat on his stomach and back, the car seemed to mishandle, there was a smell of burning and engine began to misfire. The thing was finally lost to sight. The next day the man had bloodshot and burning eyes. He reported the matter to the police. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p.86, 232 citing West Australian UFO Investigation Centre

June 20 1985. Night.
A family were in their kitchen when they saw a tall ape like creature with glowing white eyes. This was one of a large of experiences of that family and neighbours. 
  • Bord 1989 p40 citing Mark Opsansnic

June 25 1985. 0030hrs.
A motorist peaking a hill about 3km west of Indianhead saw six lights in the sky that he first assumed were stars. He then saw that they were attached to a silvery metallic object, like a 30m long elongated blimp. He stopped and got out and watched as the thing silently hovered before moving off with a whooshing sound at an altitude of about 10m, so low that it seemed to brush the trees. 
Suddenly a number of bright blue lights were emitted from the thing’s underside, revealing it to have a hollow centre. At the same time there were 6 flashing blue lights on top. All these lights spun anti-clockwise, illuminating the surroundings. The man tried to alert other witnesses and then drove back to his parents, but when they returned with him the object had gone. 
  • Gordon 2010b p64

Summer 1985.
Arlene Tarantino was sat reading, while resting on a hike in the Winhall Woods, when her attention was caught by something moving in the bushes. Suddenly something jumped out and landed about 5m from her. It was a humanoid figure with a naked lean, muscled body, with straggly body hair and a wrinkled “ancient” face. The creature was stooping like an ape and ran on all fours at speed. Arelene feared to move and turned back to her book. Before she realised it 40 minutes had passed and the thing had disappeared. 
  • Citro 1994 p100
  • Citro 1997 p183

Summer 1985. Early hours.
Suzanne Shaw awoke in her Sandy Hill area flat, sweating and cold. She saw what looked like the figure of a woman, pink all over, except for a black face. She closed her eyes and opened them again but the figure was still there. She then hid under the bedclothes for some time and when she looked again the figure had gone. She later interpreted this as an omen of the death of an Afro-Caribbean neighbour. 
  • Brazil 1999 p51 
  • Evaluation : Hypnopompic hallucination

Summer 1985. Afternoon.
A 7year old girl was playing ball with her brother behind the Laundry where her mother was washing, when a door on the ground opened and a young man pushed his neck and shoulders out and spoke to the girl, using her name. He then seemed to change into a wolf like creature and almost grabbed her before they fled. 
  • Godfrey 2016 p10

Summer 1985. 1600hrs.
Two police officers on patrol (PCs Brian James and Marshall) were turning left into 5 Bridges Road when they saw a red saloon car 200m ahead of them. It turned left into a track leading to an isolated farm, so the officers decided to investigate, but there was no trace of the car anywhere. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p357 citing Brian James

Summer 1985. Night.
Carl Saville and two friends were walking home from the pub when a man dressed in black trousers and roll neck sweater and carrying a briefcase, ran passed them. Only seconds later they turned the bend and in the lights of the headlights of an approaching car saw that the man had vanished. 
  • Carl Saville in Fortean Times 337 p75

July 1985. (Approximate date) 0600hrs.
Jane Peartree (48 ) woke up early and tried to get back to sleep. She was next aware of being in her bathroom or bedroom, where the mirror was turning grey. A figure then appeared in the mirror, as did another in the corner (of room? mirror?). This first figure was an about 1.8m tall man with light brown hair, wearing a very tight fitting, dazzling blue ski suit. Jane tried to ask them spiritual questions but got only brief replies. One figure remarked that “he” had better check on the “other one”, which she took to refer to her sleeping husband. The figures then turned small and grotesque, and began walking down the passageway, discussing their future task. She asked them to be quiet so as not to wake her husband, at which they scowled, went back to their discussion and walked down the hall. These beings were tall, human, with high foreheads, brown-blonde hair, one of whom wore skin tight blue ski suit. As the beings walked away, the woman awoke in bed. 
  • NUFON News 145 p.15 citing letter from witness: : Randles and Hough 1993 Afterlife p.39
  • Evaluation : False awakening.

July 1985. Pre dawn.
A couple camping off the road were accosted by a bear like creature about 2.5m tall which spoke to them in an inhuman voice, asking if they had permission to be there and there threw stones at them. 
  • Bord 1989 p41 citing Fortean Times 45 p34

July 1985. 2200hrs.
The Maron family had just returned to their camp site from a meal and wash in town when they saw something cross the road 40m ahead. They first thought it was a man in grey overalls but when they got within 20m they realised that it was about 1.8m tall covered in long, shaggy grey hair. The thing went behind log pile in large rapid steps. Moments later as they went into their driveway, they saw its eyes behind the logs. They then disappeared as if the thing had turned its head. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p255 case 161 citing investigations by Dean Harrison and Paul Cropper

July 1985. (or following month) Day.
A 15 year old boy was out on a walk when he encountered a brown, female biped standing in a creek. The thing turned round, coughed and looked directly at the youth who fled in terror. When he returned with his father two hours later the thing had gone, though an unusual smell was detectable. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p256 case 162 citing investigations by Colin Coomber and Paul Cropper

July 5 1986. (Approximate date) 
At a rural location about 9km out of Coalmont a man saw a large brown hairy creature hunched up about 30m or so away on the roof of an abandoned cabin. The thing then stood on two legs and appeared to be between 2-3m tall with female breasts and a black face. The thing then jumped down and ran off. This witness’ father in law saw a similar thing on July 26th. This latter witness reported his cabin had been subject to inexpiable stone throwing and he had strange noises. 
  • Steenburg 2000 p92

July 20 1985.
Xavier Clares Jerez went out to photograph a dolmen in this village. He encountered a mist that seemed to make him sleepy and he felt a liquid falling on him, which he thought was rain. Then some naked beings with deeply furrowed faces and dirty grey skin appeared. They took him down into a sort of cave. There they inserted a catheter into him and took a sample of his hair. From this they constructed a duplicate that Xavier drove home with. This double was supposed to have been seen around the town. Xavier had been missing for 34 hours. When he returned his car was covered with some sticky substance. 
  • Chalker 2005 p234
  • Antonio Ribera in FSR 31, 4 p2 citing investigation by Carole Ramis and Francisco d'Asis Rovatti Heredia
  • Evaluation : Probable hoax Virtually all the story came out through hypnotic regression

July 23 1985. Day.
A group of soldiers including Corporal J Webster had camped near Dorey Creek. Webster went back to their vehicle to gather supplies when he encountered a strange creature rubbing against a tree . The thing looked at Webster for a few seconds and then walked off into the bush. The thing was at least 1.5m tall, bipedal and covered in fur. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p296 case 265 citing Les Hiddens in the Townsville Bulletin 8 December 2004 citing report by Webster 29 July 1985.

August 1985. 2030hrs.
Mr and Mrs Carr were driving through the Aire Valley from Silsden, when they saw a bright object in the sky, which, as they got closer, they saw was a rugby ball shaped, metallic object below the hill line. It appeared to be 10-15m long and about 5m wide. They got within 400m of the thing, which was flying very slowly about 100m off the valley floor. They could not see any structure nor could they hear any side. The object finally moved off towards Bolton Abbey. 
  • Quest 6,3 p.23 citing investigation by David Atkins

August 1985. Night.
 A couple and their child were driving on a country road when the woman saw and drew the others’ attention to two rings of fluorescent blue light about 3m above the ground on the limb of a tree. There was a horizontal 1.5m diameter ring and a second, of similar size, in a diagonal position, not touching the other. These rings appeared to be a sort of vertical tube, around which debris were swirling. They then saw on the tree limb a large circular transparent energetic mass. In later memory they recalled in as a sort of 3m long humanoid form with an unusually large inverted pear shaped head on which were large black eyes and a slit like mouth. This creature was putting its hand down into the tubular area.
  • Gordon 2015 p95

August 1985. Late night.
A strange object was said to have landed in a valley near here, leaving a scorched mark on the ground. Alarms were said to have been set off at the radar station. 
  • Quest 4, 6 p.21
  • Evaluation : Appears to be just a rumour.

August 1985. (or following month) 2330hrs.
Paul Catlow was cycling past the gates of the Woodbridge RAF base on a foggy night when he suddenly saw a large, black American car with tinted windows, parked so close a collision seemed inevitable. Suddenly Paul realised that the car had disappeared. He cycled back but there was no trace of the car nor any place it could have turned off. 
  • Letter from Paul Catlow in Fortean Times 141 p51

August 1985. 2355hrs.
A musician in his 60s driving along Pittville Circus Road, saw a figure wearing a long black “crinoline” type dress, and holding a handkerchief to her face. 
  • Andrew Mackenzie in The Paranormal Review February 1997 p10 citing his own investigation

August 5 1985.
Two small girls saw a tall beautiful woman on a hillside. Moments later the figure vanished. The girls first thought it was something from outer space, then decided it was the Virgin Mary. A few days later the girls saw the same figure in a local shrine, simply saying “Peace”. Further encounters and messages followed.
  • Mike Dash in Fortean Times 73 p49

August 5 1985. Night.
A man was in bed with his wife when he awoke and saw a pale luminous sphere of soft light at the foot of the bed. He found that he was unable to rouse his wife, even pulling at her hair. He then “shot an angry thought” at the light, which expanded to about 1.2m, making a strange whistling sound, almost like a cry and then shot through the closed door. He could still see its light still coming through the door but felt compelled to go back to sleep. When his wife woke the next day she found the right side of her face was swollen and her eye watering. The next day all symptoms had disappeared. 
  • Budden 1995 p168 citing Pendragon Research

August 8 1985. 0330hrs.
Mrs Domenica Cantone had gone onto her 6th floor apartment balcony to cool off, when she saw a strange object approaching from the direction of the Cascine. The thing halted at the level of her balcony only a few metres away, allowing her to see that it was a luminous silvery ovoid object surmounted by a transparent cupola, through which she could see the houses on the other side of the road. She then saw, inside the cupola, the heads of two beings with huge ears and wearing caps, who seemed to be talking to each other. They then stopped and gazed at Domenica. Then form the object’s underside came three projections of similar colour and luminosity as the central ovoid, giving her the impression the thing was about to land. She ran inside to wake her husband, bit without success. By the time she got out again these projections were retracting. When that operation was completed the object shot off without a sound towards Monte Morello, emitting a dazzling light that hurt her eyes to look at. Two days after some boys found on a sports field besides the building, three circular imprints, each with a deep central area containing rubble and carbonised matter, with a shallower outer area containing a grey powder. 
  • Fabrizio Villa and Calogero Orlando in FSR 32,3 p16 citing their own investigation

August 15 1985.
5 golfers saw, on the country club golf course saw a creature about 1.65-1.8m tall, which watched them from behind a tree before walking along the fence line then retracing its steps and climbing the tree. It was bipedal, covered in dark smooth hair and lacked a neck and snout. 
  • Bord 1989 p41 citing Bigfoot Coop December 1985. p4 + April 1986. p3 citing investigation by Wayne King
August 19 1985. Early morning.
Truck driver Manfredo Olguin and other drivers saw an intense red-violet light descend vertically onto a hill 500m away. Local people later found a 20m wide area of burnt vegetation at the site. 
  • Gerard y Holmes in FSR 31,6 p25 citing Ultima Hora (Majorca) August 1985. citing Radio Capisima (Arica)

Late August 1985.
A man returning home by motorcycle on the road from here to Llanefydd saw a domed object with large windows on the ground. He drove away rapidly. 
  • NUFON News 123 p.8 citing investigation by Margaret Fry

August 21 1985.
A family observed a large object, resembling a spinning top hovering just above the ground 200m away. Lights illuminated the area. 
  • Quest 4,5 p.21

August 25 1985. 1815hrs.
A man saw a revolving object, reflecting light travelling 6m over the trees. A man in the next block also saw it. The primary witness followed the thing as it turned a corner. 
  • Rath 1997p 65

September 1985.
A US forest service employee was on his own hunting deer near Black Mountain when he heard a sound in the brush on the slope above him. Looking round he saw a large dark hairy biped coming towards him. Before it reached the shocked witness, the thing turned when about 20-25m away and run back up the mountain without stopping. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p242

September 1985. 2200hrs.
Four members of a family out driving encountered a 2.4-1.7m tall hairy humanoid with luminous eyes and unusually long arms. The thing strode right over a 1.8m tall fence, stopped and looked at the car then strode over another 1.8m tall fence and was lost to view in the darkeness. 
  • Nunnelly 2017b p268

September 15 1985. 2100hrs.
David and Susan McMurray were driving home to Farnborough from Guildford with their 5 month old son and 16 month old daughter, when, turning a bend, they saw a saucer shaped object hovering over the road 50-60m ahead, emitting a light so intense that David had to shield his eyes. As they approached this object, another, similar one appeared from behind the trees to their left and followed them. They continued on, and as they did so, the car behind them pulled over, at which the first object took off. They drove to an inhabited area, where David got out, but Susan refused to leave the children. The second object was now hovering over trees on the other side of the road. It had a brilliant red light on one side and a green light on the other, and around it were dazzling white lights. They heard a buzzing sound that reminded David of an electric sewing machine. After about 90 seconds the thing shot off, becoming just a point of light in the sky. They reported the matter to the police. The next day they overslept and found the car battery flat. David developed severe headaches and developed nightmares and an odd rash. Both he and Susan felt unwell and shaky. David also began to experience a message in his head. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p36
  • The UFO World 1986. p21 + citing investigation by Omar Fowler
  • Omar Fowler in FSR 31,2 p2 citing his own investigation

September 17 1985.
The head of the Nation of Islam religious movement Louis Farrakhan had a “visionary experience” in which he climbed up to the Aztec ruins on Mount Tepozteco where he encountered a circular object. He was beamed into this object by means of a beam of light coming from a window. He sensed a presence beside him but saw no-one. This flew into a sort of tunnel from which Louis was led into a room where he received a sermon from the NOI leader Elijah Mohammed. He was then flown to Washington where he walked into the capitol to deliver an announcement to congress. He then woke up and forgot the dream for two days. 
  • Gardell 1996 p131
  • Evaluation : Dream

September 20 1985. 2030hrs.
Bob Davis (16) followed some strange tracks and then saw a tall, dark humanoid shape running away. Bob threw rocks at the thing but it escaped. Other members of his family heard odd noises and detected a “swampy” smell. Casts were taken of footsteps. 
  • Citro 1994 p100 citing investigation by Dr Warren Cook and Mr Loomis

September 20 1985. 2330hrs.
Lorry driver, Peter Russell was driving down Hunton Hill when he saw the car in front of him go over something in the road. He then saw that this was a woman lying in the road, and before he could stop, had gone over her. When he got out he encountered a policeman and doctor. The latter told Peter that he had not killed the woman, while the police officer gave him a breath test, which proved negative, At this Peter was sent on his way. When there was no report of an accident in the press Peter contacted the police who denied any such event had taken place. Skid marks at the scene seemed to confirm his story. 
  • Fortean Times 73 p31

Late September 1985.
A large hairy humanoid with no visible neck was seen outside a house and an extremely unpleasant smell was noticed. The same or similar creature was seen at a distance of 2.5m by a motorist. It was about 2m tall and had fangs. 
  • Bord 1989 citing Crux 2 p14 citing Harrisburg Patriot 9 +10 October 1985.

October 1985. Night.
A man heard something chewing on his door and on investigating saw a vague humanoid shape. His dog ran off and did not return. Other people found evidence of something chewing on front porches. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p242 citing Dallas Morning News n.d.

October 1985. (Approximate date) Evening.
A woman was distracted from switching on her favourite TV show by lights seen through the window. When she went to investigate she saw the lights resolve into a disc shaped object that flashed a strobe light. She became paralysed and noted the absence of cars and people in the street. The object then disappeared and she went back inside only to find that the 50 minute programme was finishing. Under hypnotic regression she recalled two small beings with slanted eyes, dressed in silver suits. She was enveloped in beam that made her invisible and then found herself on a table in a round room or corridor where she had a sense of people walking about, though only two were visible. There she was subject to a medical examination. Under hypnosis she claimed other experiences. 
  • Hough 2003 p38 citing investigation by himself and Joe Singleton
  • Evaluation: Her favourite programme 'The Price is Right' was not being shown in October 1985, the series finished in June 1985. and restarted in June 1986. (Wikipedia). The whole original episode may well have been a dream and the abduction is hypnotic confabulation.

October 1985. Night.
A woman living alone in an isolated cabin outside Santa Fe when she was wakened from drowsing by the sound of music and then a brilliant, rapidly moving white light approached the cabin, came in through the window and hit her in the solar plexus and heart. She felt a curious vibration in her body. 
  • Dennett 1997 p73
  • Evaluation: Hypnogogic hallucination

October 11 1985.
On several occasions between October 11 and 16, various children saw tiny (10cm tall)dark skinned creatures. Some witnesses said they were only wearing shorts, others that they wore a variety of Islamic clothes. A 13 year old said they spoke a language similar to Indonesian. 
  • Bartholomew and Rickard 2014 p166 citing New Straits Times and Berita Harian both 18 October 1985.
  • Ahmad Jamaludin in FSR 33,4 p23

October 13 1985. 1800hrs.
Peter Leslie was driving down the A42 from his home in Finchley, towards Stanmore when a man with a Doberman dog appeared suddenly in front of his vehicle giving no chance to avoid a collision. As he braked, Peter saw, through the rear view mirror, the man and dog lying in the road. The man was screaming and the dog was whimpering. However when he arrived at the scene moments later, Peter found no trace of either man or dog, police searches were fruitless and there was no sign of damage on the car. 
  • Sean Tudor in Fortean Times 73 p31

October 15 1985. 1300hrs.
Two people driving along Hw 99 near Waynesboro saw a 2.3m tall humanoid covered in brown-black hair about 150m away. The thing then moved into the woods. 
  • Cox 2004 p49

October 28 1985. Night.
A group of children aged between 7 to 12 were out on this cold night watching an eclipse of the moon when they saw an oval approaching in the sky from the north-east. It descended about 200hrs.m away. One of the youngsters pointed a torch at it. The thing shone a beam towards them, in the light of which, the children saw a hundred tiny beings, less than 60cm tall, on the road. They wore different coloured clothes but all had box like helmets. The beings disappeared but then reappeared again as if playing a game with the children. This lasted three hours but adults, though told about it, but none would investigate. A jogger in the area only saw a cat. Footprints were found but were destroyed by a dog. 
  • Bord 1997 p83 +UFO World 1986. p22 both citing investigation by Leif Havik of UFO Norway

November 1985. Night.
A man driving back from his girlfriend’s home in Nether Kellert to his in Slyne-with-Hest was rounding a corner on his moped when the headlight began to malfunction. He then saw a women dressed in a Victorian looking hooped dress ahead of him. As he got closer than 3m from it, the figure turned into a hedge. As he passed the hedge the moped headlight came back on again. 
  • Wayland 2013 p26

November 11 1985.
Two brothers saw three hairy creatures walking upright through the brush by the side of Robbins Pond Road. One was 1.8m tall, the others between 1.2-1.5m tall and had disproportionally long arms, which moved vigorously. 
  • Godfrey 2016 p208

November 11 1985. 1700hrs.
An agricultural salesman driving home across the Denbigh Moors saw a yellow oval object rise from the ground, hover twice and then take off into the clouds. He stopped but did not get out of his car. A farm worker at Llansannan, 5km to the north saw something very similar. 
  • NUFON News 120 p.8 citing investigation by Margaret Fry

November 18 1985.
A truck driver carrying a load of logs saw three white lights, and further on, a white domed object about 100m away at 30m altitude. It seemed to be 18m long, 4m high. During the 10 minutes it was visible the truck’s CB radio emitted loud static and electrical interference. 

  • Basterfield 1997 p.232 citing TUFOIC files

November 19 1985. 2300hrs.
A woman driving along Milwaukee Street saw a group of three lights. She first thought that they were on a helicopter and as they came down to within 3m of the road, she feared a crash. The object then made a 90 degree turn, coming in front of her car and then rising straight up, avoiding the power lines. As the thing rose, it was lit by the street light and she saw it was a triangular object, with neither wings nor propellers. The object moved north and hovered about 4m above a house. 
  • Marler 2013 p.163 citing Madison State Journal October 1992
  • Rath 1997 p55

November 22 1985. 1700hrs.
A state employee driving on Highway CV saw three lights hovering 6-9m above a farmhouse. The lights appeared to be on a triangular object with a sloping underside, which moved slowly and silently. 
  • Marler 2013 p.163 citing Madison October 1992

December 1985. 0830hrs.
Khairuddin Eidin (26) wss out riding his motorcycle when he saw a white, metallic looking, shiny object, the size of an umbrella 5m above the ground 10m away. It rotated and ascended out of sight. Other people, including children, also saw the thing and its ascent. 
  • Ahmad Jamaludin in FSR 33,4 p23

December 27 1985. Early hours.
The novelist Whitley Streiber was awakened by a whooshing sound and a sensation that there were people in the downstairs of his cabin. A being then entered the room and Strieber’s next memory was of sitting in the woods outside his home. Under hypnotic regression he recalled being floated out of his house in something rather like a black iron cot, into some object, where he encountered four types of entity; small robots, short, stocky being wearing blue overalls, two slender beings about 1.5m tall, one of which had slanting, the other button like eyes. An object was inserted into his brain, another into his rectum, and a cut was made in his finger. He also recalled seeing a comatose soldier and his sister and father. 
  • Brookesmith 1995 p.130
  • Brookesmith 1998 p.60
  • Evaluation: Sleep disorder and hypnotic confabulation or pure literary fiction

December 27 1985. 1955hrs.
A couple, their son and daughter and the latter’s boyfriend, were driving back to Wallasey from North Wales, when they saw an object at the height of a block of flats. It seemed to consist of a triangle of bright white lights around a red mass. It was hovering over waste ground 100m away. They continued to drive on. 
  • NUFON News 119 p13 citing investigation by Peter Hough and Arthur Tomlinson
  • Evaluation : Probably an aircraft landing at Liverpool Airport.

December 29 1985. 0030hrs.
Two women students driving home from their part time work saw a green-yellow light take off from a nearby quarry. It slowed, rose into the clouds, then descended, landing in a field just off the A547. The women turned the car round and chased the object, which was a domed disk with red lights on each side. When it landed it resembled a brilliant white soccer ball with a red light rotating on it. Other people saw a disc fly over the Meliden Hills. 
  • NUFON News 120 p.8 citing investigation by Margaret Fry

1986. (Approximate date) Mid-afternoon.
A group of 12 climbers were descending a glacier when they rounded a corner and saw a large sphere of multi-coloured light, about 30m in diameter, blocking the path. As they walked through it, their bodies emerged covered with the light. One of them reported feeling completely calm walking through the light. They walked to and fro through it several times. As they departed they saw it shimmer and disappear. 
  • Gaynor Sunderland in UFO Times 4 p.23 citing the wife of one of the climbers

1986. (or following year) Night.
 A group of fishermen surprised a huge hairy humanoid as it rummaged through their tent. The thing ran up a steep slope and disappeared. Later rocks rolled down onto the tent. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p257 case 167 citing an anonymous National Parks and Wildlife Service Ranger
  • Evaluation : Only known second hand

1986. (or following year) 2130hrs.
Three teenage boys (George Fairweather, Michael Innes and Andrew Petrie were walking along a narrow track in the southern outskirts of Eden, accompanied by Michael’s bull terrier. All three and the dog had a sense of unease and then saw a 2-2.5m tall figure lope across the path 3-4.5m ahead in about three steps. The thing appeared stooped and bent at the knees. It made no sound. The boys walked gingerly away for a few steps and then fled. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p258 case 168 citing investigation by Tony Healy

1986. Morning.
A man was about to leave for work when his doorbell rang. He thought it was his wife who had forgotten something when she went out, but when he opened to door he encountered a man about 2.1m tall dressed in silvery overalls and boots. The stranger declared that he was an alien and needed food. The startled householder gave the stranger a parcel of groceries, which the stranger acknowledged in accented Russian. The two left the house together, but when the witness reached the bus stop, the stranger was nowhere to be seen. At work he felt uneasy and went home early to find the house ransacked for food. 
  • Vallee and Castello 1992 p.144 citing Emil Baluchin and the files of the Commission on Anomalous Phenomena

A pilot driving long Hw89a from Sedona to Prescott had his attention caught by flashes in a canyon. On investigating he came across a disc shaped object on the ground. Around it were three humanoid beings who were walking around. They seemed to notice and pilot and one raised his arm in greeting but the pilot raced back to his car and fled the scene. As he drove away the object came down in front of his vehicle several times, as if trying to stop him, before it flew off. 
  • Dennett 2016a p93 citing Dongo 1990 p67)

1986. Daytime.
Lucy Fletcher and her family had just entered the park when a large biped, 2.4-2.7m tall, covered in dark brown hair with an ape like face, stepped out close in front of the car. The family rapidly drove away from the scene. 
  • Nunnelly 2017p 226 citing his 2012 investigation

A 32 year old woman (the witness in the summer 1970 Leeds case) was visiting Oakwell Hall looking for fairies when she saw a small figure scurrying among the trees. She first thought that it was a squirrel, and then saw that it was a dark grey or black thing, apparently wearing a hat walking on its hands and knees. 15 minutes later she saw another 60cm tall being moving from one tree to another. Both figures’ hands and faces were black and they wore waistcoats, knee britches, stockings and shoes with pointed toes. 
  • Cooper 1989 p.136
  • Evaluation : Witness, a niece of author Joe Cooper, was a clairvoyant and tarot reader.

1986. Evening.
Richard T was sitting in his wheelchair on a beach near La Jolla when a cigar shaped object, 30m long, hovered above him. He was levitated into the object, where small humanoids with large heads performed some sort of medical procedure. When he recovered he was sat in his van with his wheelchair folded beside him. After this experience he found he was able to walk again with the aid of a walking stick. 
  • Steiger 1999 p.158

1986. Evening.
Student Mark Sidwells (17) was walking home on a lonely path and encountered a 2.5m tall cowled figure which seemed to come closer at faster than walking pace, though always seen stationary. Finally it was only about 10m away. Stuart felt drawn towards the figure but eventually jogged away from the scene. The figure did not follow him. 
  • Letter from Mark Sidwells in Fortean Times 173 p75

1986. Night.
Bill Johnstone and his partner Stella were camping near Lake Dulverstone heard a crashing sound and, looking out, saw a 2.5m tall ape like creature coming through the water towards them. The couple fled. 
  • Pinkney 2003 p31

1986. Night.
Jeff Stewart (15) and some friends were camping just west of the Sabine River when checking a trap he came across a 1.5m tall hairy humanoid with a dark face and eyes and a wide nose. The thing steeped back and disappeared backwards into the bush. 
  • Blackburn 2017 p143 citing his own investigation

January 4 1986. 170ohrs.
A woman farmer saw a red oval object 12m above the ground in an adjacent field. After a few moments the object shrank back to a dot and disappeared. 
  • Margaret Fry in NUFON News 121 p.9 citing own investigation

January 22 1986. 2100hrs.
A metallic object resembling three saucers stuck together with a central V shape and lights underneath travelled down a street at about 8m altitude. It then took off to the Melidon Hills to the south, where it manoeuvred before disappearing towards Snowdonia 
  • ibid

January 26 1986. 2020hrs.
A taxi driver saw a dull metallic object with a blue light at the rear travelling at low altitude. It was oval shaped, about three or four times as long as a car and on its underside, three lighted slit like windows were visible, emitting a white light and there was a ring of white lights around the edge of the silent object. On the High Street a number of other people, including another taxi driver saw the same thing. 
  • ibid p.10

January 29 1986. 2000hrs.
A large number of people saw a red sphere flying in a north-westerly direction, making no sound as it did so. Above a hill it stopped and dived down at 55kph, hitting the ground with a brilliant flash. The soil and vegetation seemed to have been subject to high temperature and radiation and traces of magnetised silica were found at the scene and investigators suffered physiological effects. Huneeus 1991 p34

February 1986. Day.
Two young women were sitting on a bench in Taylor Park when their dog jumped onto one of them. They saw the figure of a young girl, with pale shoulder length hair and dressed in an “old fashioned” sky blue dress, approach them. 
  • Tucker 2013 p140 citing anonymous letter from the mother of one of the witnesses to the St Helens Star n.d.

February 24 1986.
Witnesses saw a disturbance in the water and an elliptical object emerged out of it. 
  • Feindt 2010 p126 citing USOCAT

February 26 1986. 0430hrs.
10 aerial objects were seen by local residents flying at high speed and close alignment and then landing. Soldiers in a tank unit at Magdalena also saw the spectacle. 

  • Gerard y Holes in FSR 31, 6 p25 citing Baleares (Majorca) 27 February 1986.

Spring 1986. 0130hrs.
A man driving back to Calgary with his 8 year old son had pulled off for a sleep outside Golden when the boy saw a shadowy bipedal creature approach the truck and walk round it. He cried out in fear to his father and they drove straight away. 
  • Steenburg 2000 p29 citing his own investigation

March 1986. (Approximate date) 0020hrs.
A man driving along a country road near here encountered a tawny coloured humanoid about 2m tall, that walked out into the road 15m away. It had arms that went below the knees that swung as it crossed the road in six strides. Its eyes were black, its ears were close to its head and its nostrils were small 
  • Gordon 2015 p5

March 7 1986.
At an unspecified location on Hw8, about 110km out of Yuma two navy men saw what they first thought was a radio tower with flashing red lights in the south-east. They then realised that the thing was much closer and smaller than that and was a black cylinder with flashing red lights on either end. The object crossed the road about 6m away and they saw it was 6m tall and 1m diameter. It travelled across the road at 3m altitude and then went down to about 1m. From the black featureless thing there then shone out a sharp beam of light, about 10cm diameter then swept the road. The object moved out over the desert and was lost to sight. 
  • Dennett 2016a p50 citing MUFON CMS

March 21 1986. Dusk .
Lester Davison, a soldier, was driving about 3km from the Land Warfare Centre when his headlights lit up a creature about 30m ahead. It was a hairy biped about 2.5-3m tall with a short neck and egg shaped head. Lester just drove on. 

  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p84, 256 case 164 citing investigation by Paul Cropper

March 24 1986. (Approximate date)
A couple driving up a narrow tack near a place called The Barley found their path blocked by a woman in old fashioned clothing walking slowly and bent. When they managed to pass the woman they stopped to have words with her, but she was nowhere to be seen. 
  • Saunders 2003 p146

April 1986.
7 yak herders saw a hairy humanoid struggling through the snow towards the valley. When they shouted at the thing it went back up the mountain. 
  • Freeman 2011 p44

April 9 1986.
A 71 year old man was driving north on Highway 59 near Rosa when he passed a 2m tall creature with brownish hair, which walked across the road and went out of sight into a ditch. 
  • Rutkowski 1993 p163

April 20 1986. 1900hrs.
Two men fishing from a boat in a reservoir saw a grey object, about the size of a car and emitting a yellow light descend rapidly and pass over the boat at high speed, causing the vessel to rock from side to side. The object then rose back into the sky. 
  • Pratt 1996 p232

April 23 1986. Evening.
Mr and Mrs G were dozing in their Gdynska Street flat when Mrs G awoke to the sound of the TV news. The screen then went blank and she two beings stood about 1m from the couch,]. She woke her husband and they both saw two figures, their faces just a white mass, wearing what looked like green uniforms. Without apparent moved the two beings were suddenly sat by them, and gave the couple the impression that they were staring at them with their eyeless faces. Mrs G received a message about their being needed for human reproduction. Mrs G decided the go with them, but the entities just disappeared.
They then saw a brilliant object appearing to land in a park on a hill, though they could not agree whether it was red or blue in colour. It projected beams into the couple’s apartment. Mrs G felt impelled to go to the object. Her husband tried to restrain her but was stopped by her husband, despite him being knocked to the ground by some force. They enquired with neighbours but they seemed unable to see the object, which was only 40m away.They returned to the flat, where Mrs G again appeared possessed, grabbing at the net curtain so hard it came down. Mr G could not see anything himself and went to the place to investigate but found nothing.
Meanwhile Mrs G passed out and came to naked on the floor. She looked out of the window and saw the red light fading and turning into an eye. She did not see it finally disappear. 
  • Cielebias 2015 p131 citing investigation by Rzepecki and Piechota

May 1986. or following month 0030hrs.
A 16 year old saw trees move and then a dark figure cross the road about 50m ahead. It appeared to be 50% taller than a man and covered in hair. It walked with a stoop. Police searches were fruitless. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p257 case 166 citing investigations by Neil Frost and Paul Cropper

May 1986. Night.
Mrs G Menchini looked out of her window and saw a 2.7m tall bipedal creature covered in black hair. It uttered “a loud mournful groan” and disappeared into the woods. Later that night two men, Vittorio Panizzi and Enrico Preziozi, saw a large luminous sphere on the ground while in front of it were two tall hairy humanoids. 
  • Nunnelly 2011 p247
  • Guttilla 2003 p235 citing Archivo SUF

May 15 1986.
On a farm outside Belo Horizonte, a 70 year old farm worker saw a strange object hovering 10-15m above the ground, 50 paces away. It was projecting a powerful light beam around the countryside, so that the man had to shield his eyes. It did however strike his right eye causing an 80% sight loss, and the arm that he had shielded his eyes with was reddened like sunburn. He heard voices that he could not understand. When the thing took off it broke an electric wire. 
  • Hall 1988 p.317 citing MUFON UFO Journal 232

May 23 1986. 1200hrs.
A 15 year old youth driving a motorised mower on a local estate when he had a sensation of being in a dreamlike state. The clouds then parted and he experienced a ringing in his ears, at which the tractor motor stopped. There was then a brilliant, sustained flash of light. He next found himself being called by his employer. The tractor wires were burnt out and the mower was damaged. 
  • UFO World 1987 p19 citing investigation by Paul Fuller
  • Evaluation : Fantasy by UFO obsessed youngster, partly to cover the damage caused by his reckless driving of the mower (like a go-kart according to his employer)

May 29 1986. Night.
Oscar Alberto Flores (28) was awoken by dogs barking and heard a buzzing sound outside. Looking through his window he saw an object hovering above the treetops. When turned back to the room he saw two beings, about 2.5m tall standing at his bedroom door. They had long thin, three fingered hands and their faces lacked nose, mouth or ears. Their eyes were small and dark. They wore tight fitting silvery suits, with central belts, from which hung a variety of implements, and had necklaces with large medallions. The strange beings gestured to him but Oscar could not understand them. The beings then vanished and Oscar turned his attention back to his open window, in time to see a spherical object moving off to the south. He reported the matter to the police. After the incident the skin on his face began to peel and the once extrovert man became introverted. 
  • Fabio Picasso in Strange Magazine 8 p.22 citing Oscar Mario et al in Quarto Dimension 150 p21 + La Arena 31 May 1986. p12 citing SIOVNI

June 1986. Night.
Two men picking mushrooms heard as noise in the brush and a large biped covered in red-brown hair came out of the woods. The two men fled. Later that night local residents heard a growling sound and looking out saw a large hairy thing moving about in the woods. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p236 citing Marco Bianchi and Robert Cappelli

June 20 1986. (Approximate date) 0400hrs.
Cesar Locatelli was driving down a country road in search of bees when he encountered a large transparent object illuminated by an internal blue light standing on the road and partly on a large stone to the side. Inside the object were six people about 1.5-1.6m tall wearing white tunics and cowls like those of monks, apparently standing around a table. Cesar tried to back away from the scene but his car would not start. He then heard a high pitched sound and the vehicle then started. As he drove off he saw that one of the figures had changed position allowing him to see its fair curly hair. 
  • Michel Morel-Seythoux and Joel Mesnard in FSR 37,1 p11 translated from LDLN 305 citing their own investigation

Summer 1986.
A salesman cycling along a road in the south of the county encountered a figure with a prominent chin, dressed in a black one piece garment, which leapt across the road, struck the witness of his bicycle and left a mark on his face that lasted several hours. The figure then bounded away uttering a cackling laugh. 
  • Easton 1997 p47 citing Mark Fraser
  • Evaluation : Sounds like a traditional tale retold as a personal experience.

Summer 1986.
A number of people in the Padua area encountered a tall green reptilian creature with luminous red eyes. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p238 citing Albert Rosales

Summer 1986. 1300hrs.
David Nutbrown and a colleague working on the bypass felt a sudden chill and saw, as they looked to their right, a large figure like a huge faceless monk about 10m away. The two men fled. 
  • Linahan 1996 p39

July 1986.
Rocco Clark had separated out from his two companions while out hunting east of Mount Adams. He approached a fallen tree where he encountered a “mental barrier”. He then heard an animal sound that caused him to rapidly back away. He then saw a tall hairy humanoid. The thing was grey-brown with a grey-white face and about 2.5m tall. Rocco got his companions, his brother and brother-in-law, back into the truck and they drove off. As they did so they saw a second, similar creature seeming to be digging roots in a meadow. This thing stood up, apparently saw the witness and ran off into the woods. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p237 citing Samara Osborne

July 10 1986. 0945hrs.
Raymond Field was walking his paper round when hen noticed everything had gone quiet and then a large black shiny American style car drew up beside him. Raymond thought it was someone looking for directions, but instead the passenger, who was dress all in black, told him to give up UFO research. Both the passenger and driver were tanned with scars on their faces. Raymond felt a tingling all over. The car then drove off silently and when it was about 150m away, Raymond heard all the ambient sounds again. 
  • Martin Dagless in UFO Brigantia 25 p15

July 14 1986. 0030hrs.
A man going to close the irrigation system felt a presence and saw a small being, the size of a 7-8 year old boy, with a large bald head. It ran into a metallic object 1.5 by 1m, which then lit up and took off. 
  • Italian UFO Reporter 3. 
  • Evaluation : Know only from an anonymous phone call, attempts to trace with witness failed. Hoax?

July 17 1986. 0200hrs.
A man was awakened by the barking of his dogs and on investigating he caught in his torchlight a small “hairy beast” with a large head, two long ears and bright eyes. Some time before this he had seen a luminous object in the sky. Doglike footprints were found at the site. 
  • As above, citing investigation by CISU
  • Evaluation : Investigators felt the witness was unreliable, drunk and adding to and changing his story

July 27 1986. 2100hrs.
Serval local residents saw a luminous sphere about 90cm-1.2m diameter descend and hover over a field opposite to their houses. An entity about 90cm tall emerged from the thing and walked around the field for a few minutes before returning to the sphere, which then took off, followed a smaller white sphere. Odd footprints, 1.8 and 3m apart respectively were found at the site. 
  • FSR 32,3 p27 citing investigation by Mr L Blundell

July 31 1986.
A woman sat in her pickup in her driveway saw a very bright light, larger in apparent diameter than the full moon, approach from the east and hover in front of her truck. Its light was son bright she had to shield her eyes and could not make out any details. After a few seconds it left. 
  • Ridge 1994 p87

August 1986.
Ivy Caldwell was sat in her living room when she saw a female looking silhouetted figure. Strange noises were also heard in the house. 
  • Hapgood 1994 p115

August 1986. 0430hrs.
Two young men were at the picnic centre when they heard heavy footsteps and saw a tall dark hairy humanoid walked past along the hiking trail less than 30m away heading south. 
  • Alley 2003 p21)Evaluation : Only known second hand

August 1 1986. 2230hrs.
Two fishermen, John Long and Richard Jandura, on a small boat saw what looked like the landing lights of a large aircraft approaching from the south-south east, as if to land at Kalamazoo County Airport. The thing appeared to at between 60-90m altitude and about 100m long. At the front was a steady white light, and around the edges, three flashing red ones, between which there was a sort of heat waviness. As the object hovered over the water, the white light flashed brilliantly and then went out. Despite the calm weather no sound could be heard. After about 15 minutes the thing left to the northwest. Both men experienced sore eyes after the event, which Long reported to the police. 
  • Hall 1988 p.319 citing MUFON UFO Journal 222

Early August 1986. Dusk.
A five member bridge building team heard loud noises like screams, so loud they sounded like a stadium loudspeaker and saw a tall shadowy humanoid creature. When one of the men shot at it, the thing walked up and hill and disappeared. 
  • Bord 1989 p42 citing San Francisco Examiner 10 August 1986.

August 17 1986. 0400hrs.
Two men with military backgrounds were driving east on a country road about 1.5km north of Montgomery when they saw a bright light that descended to 50-70m altitude at which point it was obscured by a bank of soil. When they cleared this, they saw that the thing was hovering over a coal crusher. The objkect was emitting pulses of white light from what looked like five windows and was, they estimated, about 15m long. The thing wobbled on its axis and then slowly approached them. The men drove off at speed. They both suffered headaches and red blotchy rashes on their chests. They did not hear any sound. 
  • Ridge 1994 p88 citing investigation by himself, Jerry Sievers and Mike Pamiter

Late August 1986.
Rolf Kaster was cycling in a wooded area when a 4m tall, thin female, dressed in a metallic looking jump suit came out from behind the bushes. She led Rolf to a strange object, which he entered by means of a chain and pipe mechanism. In this thing he encountered other giants and a sort of large aquarium on wheels, in which there was a green-grey creature with three funnels, a circle of eyes and several tentacles, which Rolf felt able to communicate with by telepathy. 
  • Donovan 2009 p28
  • Evaluation : This gives the impression of being more of a joke than a serious contactee tale!

Late August 1986. 1430hrs.
A businessman traveling north on Rte. 981 saw a shiny, silvery, metallic looking cigar shaped object about 60m long, hovering at 15m altitude above the trees. After 5 minutes he continued his journey and told friends about the incident. He then got into a four wheel drive vehicle and set out to find the thing. When he reached the spot the object had moved to over another hill about 3km away and was descending below the tree line, where it hovered low for about a minute than slowly moved off. It had no markings and made no sound. 
  • Gordon 2010b p25

Late August 1986. 2050hrs.
A couple driving 3-7km south of Lockesburg, turned a corner to see two huge blue-white lights descend ahead of them and head towards their car, their brilliance forcing the couple to stop in the middle of the road. The lights levelled off about 800m ahead and continued towards the car only 5-6m above the road, at over 160kph. The lights appeared to be about 1.5-2m diameter and the distance between them was wider than that of the two lane road. The thing then suddenly stopped 15-18m away, the lights dimmed down. They now saw two rows of lights, blinking on and off in random for about 10 seconds, after which the lights dimmed. They could now see that the lights were on a rectangular object at least 30m long. The bottom row of lights was about 2.5-3m above the base and the upper lights about 2m below the top. The thing’s general surface was battleship grey in colour. After only seconds the object began to rise vertically to about 60m, at which the lights went out and they were unable to see it any more. They heard no sound from it during the incident. 
  • Sam Uptegrove in Heartland UFO Journal 37 p10 citing his own investigation

August 24 1986. 0930hrs.
David Brown(44) was looking for ginseng when he heard noises, which he first thought was a friend behind him. Looking round he saw a hairy bipedal creature with a “monkey like face”. It was about 2.3m tall, toothless and its left arm and leg appeared injured. It emitted a foul smell. After three to four minutes the thing walked off making a grunting sound. 
  • Bord 1989 p42 citing Forteana News January 1987 p15 citing Summerville News 4 September 1986.
  • Miles 2000 p56
  • Guttilla 2003 p238

August 24 1986. (Approximate date)
Four racoon hunters; Robin Avans, Kevin Pettigrew, Todd Rope and Tommy Brooks were in a soya field when they a slender 3m tall humanoid with fur on its lower legs and yellowish skin. 
  • Miles 2000 p58

Fall 1986. Night.
A group of five teenagers on a 'legend trip' to an old cemetery were shaken by seeing a white glowing thing that reminded them of a woman in a long dress and hood. 
  • Montell 2000 p4 direct from one of the witnesses

September 1986. Night.
A 30 year old farmer (the son in the June 1974 Southern Illinois Case) heard a loud sound, as though someone was pounding on their metal silo, and at the same time the security lights and farm radio went off. The man got his gun and went to investigate but could not find anything. 15 minutes later the lights and radio came back on. Going out to investigate again, the man saw, on his shed roof, a small strange creature. The two faced each other for a time, but when the farmer raised his gun, the figure disappeared. 
  • Druffel 1998 p57 citing investigation by Don Worley

September 18 1986. 2215hrs.
Selma Lamb was driving between Kincaid and Simms Mountain, when she almost collided with what she first thought was a dog in the road. When the figure stood upright she saw it was a humanoid with what looked like a growth on one side of its face, about 1.8m tall dressed in a torn green shirt and brown trousers. Selma drove rapidly away and returned with her mother and brother but the thing had disappeared. 
  • Miles 2000 p58
  • Evaluation : Someone living rough?

September 23 1986. 0230hrs.
A camper encountered an ape like creature with a shocked look on its face. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p259 case 170 citing internet sources

October 1986.
A man was awoken by small blue beings that came through the walls. They wore surgical gowns and extracted blood from the witness’s index finger and touched him with a rod, which gave him agonising pain causing him to faint. 
  • Arnold 2010 p.65

October 1986.
Zofia Namlik and her husband were picking mushrooms in a rural area when they heard a sound like a chainsaw but took little notice of it. Shortly afterwards the couple separated. As Zofia was picking the mushrooms she saw a strange figure approaching. Before she could react, it was right up close and she could see it had black eyes and was dressed in a grey suit. The figure held up its hands and circles appeared, which seemed to hypnotise her. She managed to yell to her husband who came to her in time to see the figure moving away. 
  • Cielebias 2015 p133 citing investigation by Kazimierz Browski

October 1986. Evening.
Diane Koenig (59) was driving back to Elkhorn along Bray Road after visiting her daughter in Burlington on this clear night when her headlights caught something with a canine looking face sat by the road. It had a long muzzle and its legs seemed to be crossed over its chest. 
  • Godfrey 2006 p55

October 1986. 2100hrs.
A man and woman driving northward on the M1, south of Nottingham, returning from a holiday saw a large circular object come down very low, illuminating both sides of the carriageway as it did so, and apparently land to the side of the motorway. The thing made no sound. 
  • UFO Brigantia 27 p14 citing investigation by Philip Mantle and D Kelly

October 1986. (or following year) 2200hrs.
A 49 year old man driving home to Palmyra on Hw H, when he saw something that he first thought was a grizzly bear by the side of the road. The thing was on two legs, was1.5-1.8 m tall with light grey furry legs; it was behind a telephone pole, which prevented the witness from seeing any details of its head or face. 
  • Godfrey 2006 p56

Early October 1986. 0415hrs.
A woman was awakened by a brilliant light coming in through her window. Looking out she saw it came from a huge white disc shaped object at about 15m altitude, surrounded by a sort of cloud. The object, which was about 5 times the length of her house, was rotating silently illuminating the surroundings. After a minute the thing moved slowly back in the direction from which it had come. Her son also saw the object in the distance some minutes later. 
  • Gordon 2010b p26

October 6 1986.
A woman dying of cancer was visited by short grey humanoids wearing strange helmets. They lifted her up to the ceiling. 
  • Arnold 2010 p.65

October 14 1986. 2300hrs.
A couple driving north on Hw45 near here noted red and white lights ahead and feared a traffic accident. As they got closer they saw the lights were on a triangular object that filled the width of the road seemed to be the thickness of a two story building. They parked almost under the thing, which was hovering about 10m, above the road and saw a grid like structure on its underside. After a couple of minutes the thing moved slowly off towards the south. 
  • Clark 1998 p194

Late October 1986. 2100hrs.
An electrician from La Coruna had driven his motor cycle to a deserted quarry in Culleredo for an exercise in motorcrossing when he observed a luminous sphere in the sky, which descended and then discharged a number of triangular objects, one of which descended into the quarry. The man found that his motor bike would not start, so dismounted. He now saw that the triangular object was about 10m wide, and emitting an orange light. A powerful beam of light came from this object, along which two small beings with large heads descended. They guided the man to the base of the hovering object. He next found himself in a large room, where a third being came forwarded, reassuring him with “telepathic messages”. He found himself lying horizontally with a pain in his arm. He next remembered lying on the gravel in the quarry with a two hour period of missing time. 
  • Scott Corrales in Roleff 2003 p39 citing Manuel Carballal

October 20 1986. 2130hrs.
A 41 year old woman driving through cane fields found her steering becoming difficult, and 400m further along the dashboard and headlights faded away and the engine lost power. She heard a buzzing sound saw, to her right, a bright blue-green oval apparently on a parallel course. 4km further on the power and lights came back on, and the buzzing sound stopped. The incident lasted about 8-10 minutes. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p.232 citing UFO Research Far North Queensland files
  • Hall 1988 p.37
  • The UFO World 1987 p20

October 25 1986.
A father and son were hunting wild turkeys near Cacapon Bridge when they were encircled by a male and female hairy humanoid. The creatures circled around the men, growling and lunging at them. When the father grabbed his gun and fired into the air the creatures ran off. 
  • Bord 1989 p44 citing Cacapon Bridge Advocate November 1986.

October 25 1986. 0900hrs.
A 40 year old farm manager and 25 year old farmer saw an object hovering just above the calm surface of Lake Cote, about 550m away. It appeared as a row of postlike cylinders standing about a metre above the water. They drove their tractor closer to the shore and saw that the cylinders were grey or coffee coloured, standing a metre above the water and each 1m apart. After 5-10 minutes the posts all tilted and the thing sank, agitating the water. 
  • Vallee 1991 p60 citing investigation by Ricardo and Carlos Vilchez

October 28 1986. 1815hrs.
A couple out driving saw a large triangular object, with a light in each corner hovering over the harbour. As they drove underneath the thing they heard a loud noise at which their engine revved up and then died. As they passed from under the thing, the rear of the car was lifted up and dropped down. The object then moved away over the mountains. The couple suffered from severe headaches for several days after the incident. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b p414 + UFO World 1987 p21 both citing investigation by Moreno Tambellini

Late 1986. (or following year) 0200hrs.
James Basham was approaching Taemas Bridge when he saw a series of rapidly moving orange lights on the other side. These dipped down and disappeared. He then saw, less than 2m away to the left of his car, a face with huge eyes and fangs. It belonged to a creature hanging on the side of the bridge. The thing went up and down the pylons and then crossed the road ahead. James now saw that it was hairy figure 3m or more tall. The thing eventually ran off the bridge towards a hilly ravine. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p258 case 169 citing investigation by Paul Cropper

November 1986. (Approximate date) 0400hrs.
A small boy (6½) got out of bed to go to the toilet, and on passing the living room on the way back saw a spherical light, the size of an orange, hovering at sofa height. From this sphere a beam of light was projected upwards, and its right was a handle like protrusion. The boy felt drawn towards the thing but resisted and went to sleep with his parents. 
  • Graham Conway in FSR 32, 4 p28

November 19 1986. 0600hrs.
A man driving to work encountered a brilliant white object shaped like a pmpkin, with a large recess in the centre and two white and one red and one green lights and none indentations on each side. There were three windows through which he could see five tall human figures with long dark hair, Mediterranean skin, wearing tight black trousers and red tops. The interior of the object was illuminated by a soft brown light that seemed to come from the walls. 

  • Hawthorne 1996 p.10 case 14 citing Wigan Reporter 18 January 1996

Early December 1986. Dusk.
A man walking on a path by the railway lines was surprised when a tree branch landed at his feet and looking round he saw a 2.5-3m tall hairy humanoid with long arms and a stooping gate down the path. The thing emitted a sound like heavy breathing. After 5 minutes the thing turned round and walked off, becoming lost to sight. The witness was too shocked to follow it. 
  • Gordon 2010b p78

December 5 1986. 1600hrs.
Three children aged from 8 to 11 playing by a stream encountered a group of 8-10 small humanoid beings that just appeared. They lacked feet, had claw like hands, were nearly bald and had small horns. They seemed to levitate above the stream. The boys fled, but 10 year old Claudio fell over and was left behind. He through a stone at one of the beings, who carried something like an arrow, but the stone went right through the thing. The beings then seemed to sink and disappear in a cloud of black smoke. Strange tracks were found. 
  • Fabio Picasso in Strange 11 p20 citing Juan S Pagano in Quarto Dimension 150 p17)