1980. Evening
A husband and wife on their way home from Dianalund to Naestved saw a light moving about a field. They first thought that it was a tractor light, but they could hear no sound. This light suddenly went out and a few minutes later three luminous spheres took off from the ground about a kilometre away and then moved away south-southeast at varying speed, changed direction and took off into the sky.
  • Erling Hegelund in SUFOI Newsletter 14, p.6.

1980 Night
EF, a pupil at the Jesus and Mary Convent (Thornton College) awoke in her dormitory and looked out of the window overlooking the tennis courts. She saw a large circular object, with lights, on one of. Next day she found a 15 circular trace at the site. She was later interviewed by two strange men, with curiously manicured hair, lack of any facial hair and odd eyes, who drove a black car.
  • Ken Phillips and Roy Rowlands in UFO Times 19-20 p.21, citing their own investigation.

Early 1980. Late night
M Brown was cycling home from a friend when his bicycle lights failed. Looking up he saw a bright white light coming from the other side of a hill further along the road. He rode towards the hill, but when he was half way there, a luminous sphere rose from behind the hill and moved towards him. It hovered overhead for about 30 seconds and then rose at a 45 degree angle. The light dimmed and he could see the light came from a row of flashing lights on the underside of a spherical object, which then shot away. His bicycle lights them worked perfectly.
  • Letter from M Brown in The Unexplained 84 p.iii.

January 5 1980, 0500hrs.
Rodney James (33) a lecturer in painting and decorating at Trowbridge College woke up to see a glowing, green-white figure at the foot of his bed. The figure spoke 'without using words' and delivered a standard message about aliens mating with earth people in times past, the earth splitting along a great rift etc., before fading away, like (an old fashioned) TV picture from the outside to the centre. Rodney felt at ease and there was no sense of aggression from the figure, which appeared to be composed of shimmering white light. It was the outside of a tall, stocky, humanoid figure, 2.1m tall. No facial features were visible and the limbs ended in stumps.
  • Probe Report 1,3, p.11.
  • Evaluation: Hypnogogic hallucination

January 7 1980, 1350hrs.
Miss J was in the kitchen while the other members of her family were out. Her two dogs began to bark as she heard a high pitched hum that came and went. By 1405 it hurt her ears, so she went outside to investigate. She observed a silvery metallic egg shaped object in the sky, surrounded by an orange-red glow, flying at an angle, at 30m altitude. When it passed directly overhead she felt a vibration in the ground, and an odd chemical smell that first resembled sulphur, but then more like a strong sickly detergent. She felt an unusual tingly sensation all over her body, and went back into the house. 45 minutes later, while she was watching TV, the dogs again became noisy and, through the window she saw a halo like glow near the back door, and the hum returned along with the sulphurous smell. The red glow seemed to be a luminous solid tube several centimetres thick, the size of the kitchen sink. She then felt a malevolent presence beside her; when it left she felt giddy and sat down by the window where the tube seemed to be increasing size and coming toward that window. The buzz and smell increased in strength. The tube was about 23cm in diameter, 4.5m long when it reached the window. The smell faded and the hum ceased, but then the windows rattled and something like orange cigarette smoke was noted outside. The cooker although turned off at the mains was all switched on and overheating. Other members of the family later experienced a presence and poltergeist effects.
  • Randall Jones Pugh in BUFORA Journal 9, 3, p.11 citing his own investigation.

January 10 1980, 1550hrs.
Robert Harman, a man with a PhD, and his wife were driving through the Willesley Woods, when, approaching a slight incline, they saw a green light rise in front of a hill on the other side of the road and vanish in front of them. A teacher, Mr Maxwell, saw a similar blue-green irregular light for a few seconds, 40 minutes later. Four trees in alignment were found to be lacerated 10m above the ground.
  • NUFON News 72, p.5 + UFO News Bulletin 2, 3, p.12, citing investigation by Coalville UFO Research Organisation.
  • Evaluation: Flare?

January 11 1980, 2055hrs.
Mrs Revell was driving home along Thanet Way, when, near the Long Reach Roundabout, when she saw a group of small red lights, under which were two beams of brilliant white light, about 30m above the ground, 200m away. On the underside of the thing were criss-cross metal strips. She drove under the object, which then appeared to land in woodland. She did not stop but when she passed the site again 10 minutes later there was nothing to be seen.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013, p.18 citing investigation by Valerie Martin.
  • Evaluation: Helicopter?

January 13 1980, 2105.
Five women observed a flashing triangle of lights above a Seminary nursing home. Two of the witnesses, Brenda Simanski and Janine Mattson were waiting at the parking lot when they observed a light 50 degrees above the horizon, which within two minutes had approached and hovered for 15-20 seconds above a 15m tall oak. On either side of the main red light was a white oval spotlight. The thing appeared to be a triangle, 6m long, 4.5m wide at base. After hiding in Janine’s car, the two rushed inside to get two more witnesses, Kathy Clemens and Mary Huron. Another worker clocking out also saw the light. The lights then suddenly vanished.
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 28, 9, p.7 citing unspecified press sources.
  • Marler 2013, p.107, citing Red Wing Republican Eagle 15 January 1980.

January 14 1980, 0615hrs.
A 54 year old truck driver and former Royal Marine, William Clifton Barrett, was delivering early, when approaching a lay-by, he heard a low humming sound and saw a dark structure on the ground in the lay-by. It was a roughly dome-shaped object from which three red beams of light were projecting. On top was a sort of bent pipe. Two men stood in front of it, one had a peaked cap and two-piece uniform, the other, who was stooping, had a one piece silver-grey suit. The driver passed this object, thinking it was some sort of military vehicle. Shortly afterwards the truck lights went out, though the engine continued to run. He had no visual impression of the strange object now and his mind seemed to go hazy. He came to with a jolt some distance along the road. His memory of much of the rest of the journey seemed vague. He found an unexplained bruise on his leg and felt great fatigue.
  • NUFON News 114, p.11 citing investigation by Jenny Randles and Peter Hough
  • Hanson and Holloway, 2013, p.20.
  • Evaluation: Misperception of council road tar vehicle? Compounded by fatigue, micro sleep leading to accident?

January 21 1980, 2340hrs.
Marilyn Anderson (37) was driving Rita Sobetski and four other woman (including a nun) home from a bridge party, when they observed a huge cluster of lights 60-90m above a bluff less than a block away. It consisted of 3-4 square white lights and a flashing red one. The observation lasted for 10 seconds. Marilyn ran back to a second car where another lady from the party was driving home alone, but this lady had not seen the lights. This lady (who did not want her name used) then continued on a separate way home near the Iowa School for the Deaf. As she pulled up at a stop at Longview Drive, her car engine, lights and radio all failed; she was, however, able to restart the car. She drove another 400m, then the sky turned a pink-orange and the car stalled again. She got out, and in a cornfield 300m to her left, an intense light, which hurt her eyes, appeared, so she jumped back into the car in terror. She then experienced a period of time loss. When she came to the car was turned sideways across the road, as though she had skidded on the ice, but she was unable to remember this happening. The vehicle gave no trouble as she drove home, from whence she could see the glow through her window. When she looked at the bathroom mirror, she saw her face was red and blotched and she had a temperature of 102 degrees, and was nauseous and sweating. She did not wake her husband but phoned her sister, who advised her to see a doctor. The redness sided down during the night and had gone by 0420. Her journey had taken 15-20 minutes longer than usual. No traces were found at the site.
  • Allan Hendry in Frontiers of Science II, 4, p.13, citing Gary Lambert (some paragraphs seem to be missing in this account.
  • APRO Bulletin 28, 10, p.5)

January 28 1980
A man driving home noticed a bright light and stopped to look at it. The light also stopped just above the trees. It had a greater angular diameter than a star or planet. It paced his car, stopping and starting with him. When he arrived home he called his family and they saw the light hovering in the southern sky. It suddenly moved rapidly and silently to the west, where it was joined up by another light, which stopped directly under it, then headed north. A third light appeared and followed the second. The main light wad bright white, the others had one red light on top, three white on the bottom.
  • APRO Bulletin 28, 9, p.7.
  • Evaluation: The pacing indicates a distant light, probably astronomical, along with autokinesis and aircraft lights.

February 2 or 7 1980, 1915hrs.
From her house in Walker Street, Mrs E saw a bright light coming in through her curtains. On opening them, she saw a brilliant white disc stationary just above roof top level. She went out to investigate further and saw it almost at roof level over the house two doors away, accompanied by a small satellite object, which after a few minutes darted across the street and over the opposite roofs to the NE. The main disk then titled slightly and moved off at speed over the rooftops towards the church. There was no sound during the observation, but a few hours before she and her daughter had heard a strange high pitched sound for they could find no explanation.
  • Alan Bell in Mersey News 19, p.11 (says 2nd) + NUFON News 86, p1.0 (says 7th ) citing his own investigation.

February 7 1980, 2150hrs.
Stud hand at the Glenalta horse ranch, Daryl Browne (21) was watching TV upstairs when he heard the normally fierce guard dogs howling in terror and heard timber splintering. When he first went outside he could not see anything, but as he looked towards the sound he saw a large yellow cylinder 8-9m long, with a hemispherical underside about 30m up in the branches of a 70m tall cypress tree. He saw 30cm thick branches snap like matchsticks under its weight. He shone his flashlight on it but, because he had two children with him, he retreated to the house and called the police, but when they arrived the object had gone. The tree showed evidence of an impact sufficiently strong to loosen the roots and gouge the branches. The dogs would not approach the tree for two days and horses in nearby stables seemed frightened.
  • APRO Bulletin 28, 10, p.1 + UFO Insight 1, 5, p.22 citing Adelaide News 18 Feb 1980, citing investigation by Colin Norris.
  • Alan Hendry in Frontiers of Science, July/August 1980, p.16 citing Adelaide Advertiser 8 + 9 February 1980 + Melbourne Herald 8 Feb 1981.
  • Evaluation: Classed as a negative case in UFORAN 3, 2, p.11)

February 12 1980, 2145hrs.
Five employees of the Citizens Bank (Shirley Chandler, Margie Clemons, Paul Weaver, Ray E Fitts and Bertha A Charles) were driving along State Highway 205 when they observed two unusual lights, which they first thought came from an approaching vehicle. The red, green and blue lights came on and the object moved from the hillside to their right, passed over the highway and suddenly disappeared. It was an oval with steady white, red, blue and green lights, and which made no sound.
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 28, 11, p.6, citing unidentified press sources.
  • Evaluation: Misperceived aircraft ?

February 16 1980. Night.
A 39 year old man, home from a drinking session, went outside again and saw a light on the ground. Looking up he saw a dark oval shape, apparent size of a dinner plate at arm’s length, then became enveloped in a sort of tube of light. He felt paralysed and numb but warm and calm, and detected a sulphurous smell. Three figures emerged from the light, one approached and signalled its colleagues to stay back. The beings were human like, of average build, wearing dark metallic one piece suits, their faces covered by brown visors, their hands by dark material. The being spoke in a sort of a mixture of foreign languages, but then turned to telepathy, telling the witness that they were the original inhabitants of the earth and warning humans against polluting it and threatening apocalypse. The figure vanished leaving the witness weak and dizzy. Police were called but did not take him seriously.
  • NUFON News 100, citing investigation by Stephen Burnett.
  • Evaluation: The witness had mental health and drink problems which clearly contributed to the experience.

February 18 1980, 2145hrs.
Scott K (11) was lying in his bed when his room was illuminated by an orange light coming through his window. He looked out to see an oval object with a row of ten windows hovering over the field at the back of his house. He called his mother Beverly Cowan, who described the thing as an orange egg shaped light, 1.5m wide, hovering about 10m above the field, 45m away. Seconds later the light shot straight up in the air and exploded, just leaving a little red blinking light, which disappeared after a while. Scott’s eyes were bloodshot. Independent witnesses included Fred and Myrtle Bullivant, who observed it for 4 minutes from their porch and described it as a yellow-orange-red sphere, around the top of which smoke was whirling. Other witnesses were Shirley Derleth, who saw it from her dining room, and David Kaiser. Police searches were fruitless.
  • APRO Bulletin 28, 9, p.1.

February 23 1980, 2230hrs.
Four people having dinner observed a light pulsating off the end of a caravan parked nearby, and heard a pulsating sound. One of the men walked out and saw a bright triangular orange light stationary 2m off the ground, some 30m away. It appeared to be 30cm x 20cm. The light then went out and almost immediately an orange glow appeared over and behind the house across the street, pulsated two or three times and then disappeared. Residents of two neighbouring houses experienced interference on their TV sets.
  • UFO Research of Australia Newsletter 2, 2, p.13.
  • Basterfield 1997, p.226, and UFORAN 1, 2, p.6 + Journal of Ausralian Centre for UFO Studies 1, 2, p.15 + investigation by UFO Research Far North Queensland + Cairns Post 27 February 1980.

February 25 1980, 1430hrs.
Rusty Pennington (23), an oil pump worker and volunteer medical assistant to the local fire department was out watching an oil well pump, from his truck in a hilly wooded area 400m west of the city limits, when there was a terrific explosion accompanied by a whirring sound. He then saw, out of his open left side window, an oval object 6m wide, 2-2.5m high, with a transparent dome, surmounted by a bubble 45cm tall, 30cm wide, flying at treetop level 150-200m away. It streaked silently down towards the NE, where it disappeared as if it had hit the ground. He drove to see if he could find the landing spot but could see nothing. The whole observation only lasted 5-8 seconds.
  • Allan Hendry in Frontiers of Science, July/August 1980, p.14.
  • Evaluation Meteorite?

February 28 1980, 2200hrs
Two men in a pickup truck were stopped near some woods for a coffee break in the cab when they became aware of unusual shadows. Getting out they saw a black ovoid shape, the size of a house, 30m above them. They then realised that the parachute and ropes that were holding their cargo down had become torn and burnt. They fixed it and drove off. As they did so the engine kept misfiring, their fuel gauge and speedometer weren’t working and the object was following them. The engine finally failed and they coasted down the road while trying to switch to the second tank. This took some time, and when they succeeded the object had gone. The gauges were now working.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 321, p.15, citing investigation by Cinde Costello.

Spring 1980. Night.
Myra Hansen (28) was driving home with her six year old son near Cimarron, when they saw five objects descending into a cow pasture. She had a four hour period of missing and vague memories of a close encounter. Under hypnotic regression by Leo Sprinkle, she remembered two white suited beings come out of one of the discs and mutilate a cow with a 45cm knife. She argued with them but was abducted as was her son. She was undressed and given a vaginal probe. This was interrupted by a tall human who appeared to have jaundice, and who apologised for her treatment. He took her on a tour of the ship, and was taken to an underground facility where there were vats full of human body parts. She and her son were subjected to bright lights and loud noises, before being taken, car and all, back to the place where she had been abducted.
  • Brookesmith 1995, p.121. Brookesmith 1998, p.32.
  • Evaluation: Hypnotic confabulation or perhaps a complete hoax

March 1980, 0030hrs.
A witness observed an American-football shaped object, with coloured lights like Christmas lights along the upper edge and square white windows though which the heads of entities could be seen, fly past his window. The object was about 45m away and took two to three minutes to pass the window.
  • Chris Rutkowski in Journal UFO 2, 4, p.23 citing UFORN.
  • Evaluation: Hypnogogic hallucination?

Early March 1980, 2145hrs.
Fred Wirth Jnr (40) stepped outside and saw a huge, intensely bright, orange glow at an elevation of 45 degrees in the clear north-east sky. It appeared to be only 30m above his property. Its angular size was much greater than that of the moon, but it had no distinct shape. After hovering silently for a few seconds it shot off like a rocket further north and stopped, hovering, as a red blinking dot. His wife Pat (28) came out of their restaurant, also attracted by the orange glow. She became nauseous and vomited in the sink. Fred felt drained and began to sweat profusely. He drove off towards the light with his father but could not overtake it. Other residents saw the light from a distance. At 2400 Fred a saw a flashing multi-coloured light in the west.
  • Allan Hendry in Probe, September 1980, p.94.
  • Evaluation: Main orange glow looks like reflection on cloud, though barium cloud or aurora could also be considered.

March 3 1980, 0330hrs.
Vivian Cruz Rodriguez (196) and her brother Jose Celso were asleep in their house on Calle Canales in the suburb of Buen Consejo. Vivian was awoken by the yelping of their small pet dogs which were asleep in Jose’s room. She also heard some zinc sheets in the patio being moved. Going to the window, she saw five figures moving about on the patio. Though they were human shaped they were definitely not human, so she awoke Jose and they both watched as the figures inspected the chicken coups. Two of the beings were 1.5m tall, the other three about 1m tall. The two taller beings were more human looking; slim, well proportioned, wearing tight, dark brown coveralls. Their heads were bare showing dark grey faces with large pointed ears, their bare hands were also grey and their fingers webbed. The smaller beings had broader chests. Both sets of beings had long arms, but in the smaller creatures these were pendant and forward hanging, giving an illusion of having hump backs. The bodies of these smaller creatures were covered with a sort of scaly material, full of small, dark brown, protuberances over the whole body, except for the hands and feet; their ears were also pointed. One of these small beings seemed to sense they were looking at it, and looked back straight at them. It had a grey, elongated face, pointed chin, pear shaped head, with large eyes that shone like an animal’s, and large eyelids. Its helmet had a sort of central crest on it. All five wore helmets, and all moved around by little jumps, the two taller beings seeming to exercise control of the smaller ones.

Though the dogs were barking neither the hens, nor a goat tethered nearby seemed to be affected, even when the beings touched them. At one point one of the smaller beings took water from a neighbour’s duck bowl. After a time both Jose and the dogs became very sleepy and had to go back to sleep. The parents, in the other wing of the house, had also been awoken by the dogs, but when they attempted to get up and see what was going on, they had been struck by such an intense drowsiness that they couldn’t get out of bed. Before Jose went back to bed he saw that one of the taller beings, who he took to be the leader, was holding a silvery sphere. This being was inspecting a discarded car mirror, which it eventually put back. Back on her own, Vivian had a feeling that the beings would not harm her and had a desire to go out to them, but prudence dictated otherwise. Eventually after 30 minutes a car approached and the beings moved away. They moved a strange slow motion. Later two hens were found dead and on a zinc sheet near the car mirror the imprint of a webbed hand was found and the metal was very hot.
  • FSR 27, 1, p.2, citing Jorge Martin in Stendek 42, citing his own investigation.

March 3 1980, 0330hrs.
A mute man, Luciano Rivera (47) and a friend were driving in the suburb of Sabana Llan. They had had a couple of drinks but were not intoxicated. They had pulled up for a short rest and the friend had dozed off. Rivera opened his eyes to see an illuminated object 12m away, standing on three supports. It had a large, silvery-aluminium coloured, metallic cupola, with a row of windows emitting a deep orange light. From an antenna on top of the cupola beams of white light were projected in various directions. Below the cupola was a central yellow area and below that a smaller inverted cupola in which there was an opening from which a small metallic ladder descended to the ground. Rivera then awoke his companion and they both saw the antenna descend into the machine, which alarmed them and they decided to drive away. As Rivera started up the car and lights, they saw five strange figures moving on the slope of a nearby property. When they reached the edge of the property they floated just above the ground to the path and over a chain link fence, and, on arriving at their craft, entered through the ladder. The object then retracted its supports and rose silently in a pendulum motion, the central portion rotating, then shot off to the east at 45 degrees. The object was about 7.5m in diameter and about 3m high. There were two larger beings, one of which appeared to be a woman) and three smaller ones, who small medallions on their belts and collars hanging from their breasts. Their lips were thick and they had wide nostrils. One of the taller entities seemed to speak into a device, at which the medallions on the smaller beings lit up. In other respects the beings resembled those in the previous case.
  • FSR 27, 1, p.2, citing Jorge Martin in Stendek 42, citing his own investigation.

March 8 1980, 2130hrs.
An object swooped down over the car of a local businessman, making a jet like sound, and lighting up the car with a white light. The driver’s dog began to howl. The witness, fearing the object was about to crash got out of the car. The thing hovered over the car for 5-10 minutes before it took off and disappeared.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 151, p.12 citing Tarheel UFO Study Group Newsletter July 1980, case 21-80.

March 9 1980, 2100hrs.
Mrs Anna Ricketts was disturbed by barking dogs and looked out of her window to see a strange, very bright, object, hovering about 6m above her yard, 15m from the house. Because of its brightness she could only make out that the thing resembled a wingless piper cub, with three antennae projecting out towards the ground from the underside. She awoke her husband Wilson, and they went out onto the porch, but the object had moved North-West towards Sulphur Road, where it shot up and down and side to side before it disappeared from sight. As they watched they saw a much smaller object with multi-coloured lights close to the ground on Sulphur Road. They called the police but the objects had gone before they arrived.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 150, p.15 citing Henry County Local 20 March 1980.

March 13 1980, 1950hrs.
A 31 year old subcontractor was driving near Haselor when he saw a glowing, white, cigar shaped object with red lights on each end, rush past his car, filling his windscreen for a couple of seconds. He saw it moving away to the north=east. As the object passed his steering wheel became so hot he had to take his hands of it.
  • Randles 1983, p.86, citing Tony Green in FSR 26, 5, citing his own investigation.

March 17 1980, 2300hrs.
Miss Deborah Sherrard and her mother Margery (or Mergerie) were driving a friend, Teresa Malvaney back home to Knowsley, when half way along Holt Lane, Margery noticed a bright light descending to the east over some playing fields. They first thought it was a plane landing at Liverpool Airport, but were unable to make out the usual lights. Eventually they stopped and switched off the engine. As they light approached they could see if was shaped like a clover leaf with white lights on each of the four corners. There was no sound, and when the light turned and headed straight towards them they became unnerved and drove away from the area. Margery looked back and saw that the object, which was not hat shaped with an orange underside, appeared to be about to land in some fields. When the two women drove back, after dropping their friend off, they noticed another, red conical, object pacing the car, and drove away. Once on the journey to and twice on the journey back from Knowsley, they had to swerve to avoid a figure in a white mackintosh coat, with long grey hair and pale thin face, in the road, apparently oblivious to their presence. The next morning the car radio would not work and it was found a fuse had blown. No traces were found in the field.
  • Brian Fishwick and Andrew Kelley in FSR 26, 3, p.28 + Mersey News 15, p.7 + NUFON News 72, p.5 citing their own investigation.

March 30 1980, 0455hrs
A police officer and his wife, asleep in their home, were awakened by a hollow metallic hum, which grew louder. Looking out of the window, he saw four lights in a diamond formation, moving slowly in the North-West. After a few minutes one of the lights detached itself from the formation and descended to ground level in the vicinity of the village of Benview. At ground level it disappeared, but he heard noises, from where it came down. The other three lights had disappeared. A police officer who went to investigate heard the noises, as did two milk delivery boys.
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 28, 12, p.8 citing unspecified press sources.

March 31 1980.
A Mexican acrobat, Felipe Garcia (19), and the son of the Italian circus owner, Paride Orfei (17) encountered a circular object emitting an intense light and suffered burns. Felipe suffered a burn underneath his wrist watch, which had stopped, and Paride on his waist, under his cowboy belt.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 151, p.12 citing La Razon (BA) 24 March 1980, citing ANSA News Service.

April 1980. 1530hrs.
Donal Strain (23) and two colleagues were sat in his kitchen, when they saw a grey shiny object float down and hover over a ditch on this windless day. It shone brightly in the sunlight. As they approached it seemed to get caught up in a neighbour’s tree. This neighbour and friend also saw the object as it freed itself and climbed into the sky.
  • NUFON News 103, p.11, citing Miles Johnson.
  • Evaluation: Probably a balloon

April 2 1980, 0115hrs.
Ms Aino Ivanoff (52) was driving on a country road near Pudasjarvi and had crossed a bridge when she entered a strange fog and the car lights were suddenly directed upwards. She hit the brakes and stopped the car to see an aluminium coloured, domed object with oval portholes. She was taken on board this object, where she was examined on a metallic table by three men dressed in black. The table was the only piece of furniture in the room. The fog was still present when she returned to the outside world and she had to drive through it most of the way home. She realised that she had suffered from a two hour time lapse. After the incident she was very tired for a week and found small dots on her right shoulder. She was given a message supporting peace and opposing war and was told that the examiners were unable to bear children.
  • FSR 26, 4, p.32, citing UFO Research Finland (SUR) Report 2/80.

April 3 1980. Night.
Mrs Olsen was going to bed when she saw, through her window, a brilliant light, about a fifth of the apparent diameter of the moon, moving slowly eastwards over the woods. It would move, stop and descend somewhat and then continue. This was repeated several times until the thing descended into the forest.
  • Evans 1983, p.17, citing Rapportnyt 1

April 4 1980.
Clint and Janet Chapin (q.v.) were going down a new road that had cut through their property when they encountered an egg shaped object about 8m away. Next to it was a thin humanoid, about 1.2m tall wearing a grey suit. Clint was unable to move, but Janet put her hand on her gun, at which the entity walked back towards the egg, but then just vanished. The object then took off, turned west sand moved off, as an opening appeared in its rear. A couple of months later Clint died.
  • Vallee 1991, p.192, citing letter from Janet Chapin.

April 6 1980, 2100hrs.
Sales engineer William Meara (29) and his wife Brenda (24) were driving southwest on Hw86, when, a block past the toll bar, they observed a red blur in the sky. As it got closer it resolved itself into an illuminated form. It consisted of a main disc 9m in diameter and two smaller outboard discs. As it passed directly over their car at about 10m altitude it filled their field of view. William stuck his head out of the window but could hear no sound. The couple got out and observed this object ascend at 45 degrees until it was out of sight. When William tried to restart the car 30 minutes later it was completely dead, though it started well the next morning. Despite there being a number of other cars on the road, there were no additional witnesses. The car continued with intermittent trouble for some months.
  • Allan Hendry in Frontiers of Science September/October 1980, p.15.

April 9 1980, 2235hrs.
Steven (23) and Julie (20s) Dayton-Johns were driving home to Frome, from his parents in Nunney, down Ridgeway Lane in their 1973 Datsun Cherry car. They had gone about 400m down the lane when Julie’s attention was caught by a white object crossing her view left to right in the sky. After it had crossed about a quarter of their windscreen view at high speed it suddenly stopped. Steven got out and saw that the thing had an apparent length of 250mm with a depth of about 60mm. After a few minutes Steven got back in and they drove at about 15kph down the lane, switching between headlights and side lights. After a while the thing was lost to view and they drove on until they reached a lay-by where they turned to face Nunney Catch, from where Steven detected a glow on the horizon. They then drove back And forth down the lane until they saw, to their right, a brilliant vertical beam of light not far behind the trees. Driving around some more they encountered, after crossing a small, bridge, an object at 20 to 30 degrees elevation about two or three fields away and the apparent size of Steven’s thumb at arm’s length. From the centre of the thing’s base, a white beam of seemingly solid light was slowly descending. They watched this for some time, and then continued to drove, Steven asking Julie to make the sign of the cross. They continued for some time and then stopped again, at which the object rushed towards, descending to the height of electricity pylons and went over their car, disappearing in 2-3 seconds.
  • Martin Shipp in Probe 4, 2, p.11, citing investigation by himself and colleagues from SCUFORI and Probe.

April, 13 1980, 2350.
A man driving home to South Kilkerran on the Yorke Peninsula was near Cunnigham when he became aware of a row of 7-8 lights on his right, flashing in some kind of sequence. He estimated that each was two or three times as bright as Venus and watched them as he travelled along 4km. He then became afraid and tried to accelerate but could get no power into his car, which kept cutting out for about a second. This happened four or five times in 15-20 seconds. He did not see any other road traffic, and the lights did not seem to light up the surrounding countryside. They stayed with the car for a while, then there was a flash and the lights were moving away into the distance. There was no further trouble with the car.
  • UFO Research of Australia Newsletter 2,2, p.14.

April 13 1980 (approx. date)
Patricia Dziomba (27) was motoring in the Mulhouse area when a brilliantly lit object shot out of the sky at terrific speed straight at her. She became frightened and turned round to go back the way she had come, only to find, shortly afterwards, the glowing sphere right in front of her. At a bend in the road, her car stopped and engine died, and she was unable to re-start it. Seeing a house about 200m away, she ran to it. The object was till there, flying around the house. When the owner, Michel Ludwizak, opened the door, he saw the sphere himself, in the distance. An unusual object was also seen by control tower staff at the Mulhouse-Basel Airport.
  • FSR 26, 4, p.32, citing Muencher Merkur, 14 April 1980.

April 14 1980.
A circular object, with a row of portholes emitting yellow light, was seen flying 10-12m above fields outside Grantham.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013, p.49 citing Richard Thompson.

April 17 1980, 0230.
Duane Weiner stepped out of his mother’s house to supervise a newspaper delivery, when he heard a sound like an arc welder in the distance, or an electric wire on the ground. Looking up, he saw a glowing orange sphere about 30m above the ground, which moved back and forth, rotating and throwing out bits of matter going from southwest to northwest. A few minutes later it shifted west, continued its diagonal motion and moved off into space until it was only a dim point of light. Weiner was 15 minutes late for his distribution duties.
  • Doris and Joe Graziano in APRO Bulletin 29, 1, p.7 citing unspecified press sources.
  • Evaluation: Aircraft? Satellite? + autokinesis

April 18 1980.
A group of residents observed an object with rotating lights hovering 10m above the ground near the Diamond Estates Mobile Home Park south of Anchorage. An independent witness, Chris Prehn, heard a light moaning sound. Lights seen in other parts of Anchorage were explained as an advertising plane.
  • Doris and Joe Graziano in APRO Bulletin 28, 12, p.8, citing unspecified press sources.
  • Evaluation: Advertising plane?

April 23 1980 (approx. date)
Nigel McGuire (13) was on a fishing expedition on his farm with three friends, Kim Barry (13), Phillipe Barry (15) and a third kid (13) who refused to be named, all were 13, when they suddenly noticed a strange glowing object moving slowly across the sky. It was eye shaped, with brilliantly coloured lights around it, and moving at 15m altitude, soundlessly. It appeared to land behind a large hill, and the area was illuminated by a powerful coloured lights. After about a minute the youngsters became frightened and ran home, where Mrs Ella McGuire was struck by their shocked state, weeping and trembling. APRO Bulletin 28, 11, p.1.
  • Ohio UFO Newsletter 26, p.17, citing (Auckland?) Sunday News 27 April 1980.
  • Evaluation Meteor?

May 1980. 1400hrs
A couple were on iron ore tips when the woman had a peculiar feeling like the oncoming of a thunderstorm. Looking up the slope she saw something like a steel coloured ball bearing with striations along the surface, surrounded by a sort of heat haze, about 60-90cm wide. The thing began to move down the slope towards them, following the contours of the land, about 1m above the ground, making a low sub-sonic hum. It approached within 15m of the couple and then took off into the sky. Her husband said he had seen it, but decided they should flee the area.
  • NUFON News 142, p.11, citing investigation by MUFORA.

May 5 1980.
A 21 year old woman heard a sound like a low hum rising to a high pitched whine and went to the window to investigate. She observed a dark silver triangle rising from the ground and moving away NW. It had red lights at each apex. She called her mother but by the time the older woman had got into the room the noise had stopped and only the lights were visible. A number of other people heard the noise but saw nothing.
  • NUFON News 74, p.4 citing investigation by S. E. Allen.

May 7 1980, 1720hrs.
A female X-ray technician, who did not want her name to be used, was singing and listening to the radio as she drove home, when the radio became filled with static. As she leaned over to try and get the set working, she noticed something red in the sky and pulled over. Looking again she saw it was a large object, shaped like a soup bowl, the size of a four roomed house, hovering less than 1.5km away. There were no windows, but on the underside was a large shiny red rectangle. The object slowly manoeuvred and disappeared in the distance after five minutes. 

  • MUFON UFO Journal 151, p.17, citing Wayne Nicholas in Charlotte Observer 12 May 1980, citing George Fawcett.

May 7 1980, 2105hrs.
Mrs A, her 14 and 15 year old daughters and 13 year old foster child were driving south down Airport Road when they encountered a luminous cloud that seemed to move explosively towards them. A beam of light was travelling atop of this cloud, which made the witnesses fear an atomic explosion. When they emerged from this cloud, they felt thirsty so they went for some soft drinks, where they found at the time was then 2210, though only minutes seemed to have passed. The 14 year old developed a rash which left spots of blood on the sheets, the 15 year old and the foster child also had marks.
  • Vallee, 1991 p.79, citing his own investigation.
  • Evaluation: Mrs A was actually leading some New Age type group and her conversation was filled by Biblical quotations and accounts of her paranormal experiences. The event was probably a misperception of some mundane event, of which there were several possibilities.

May 15 1980, 0040hrs. 
Teacher Gareth Hughes was driving home along the northbound carriageway of the M53, when to his right, in the direction of Bidston Hill, he noticed a light that he had not seen on previous journeys along this route. He first thought it was a tower, then saw it was a solitary light with no substance behind it. He went under a bridge, slowing to 30 kph and winding his window down. On the other side he found himself level with a huge object no more than 90m away and at the height of an ordinary block of flats. It was surrounded by two shell like projections side by side, and from its underside it projected two beams of light that did not reach the ground. Unnerved, he first stopped then drove on home. Just before he left the scene, he saw red –pink jets of flame, one behind each shell. He hurried on about 1km to his turn off, still seeing the pink lights. He returned to the site with his mother but nothing could be seen. 

  • Alan Bell in FSR 27,2, p.13 citing his own investigation. 
  • Randles 1983, p.15.

May 29 1980. Evening.
Sarah X was driving her mother Marion and her 11 year old sister to Baldock, when they became aware of distant lightning and then noticed a light in the daylight sky just above the horizon. When they stopped the light stopped also. As they reached Bury St Edmunds, the light seemed to 'jump' across the road and disappear. They then began to get the impression that the countryside was 'wrong' and the journey taking much longer than expected. Before long they found themselves in an area of fog or smoke that seemed to seep up from the ground. They also saw a number of lorries moving eastwards through the fog, giving the impression that they were driving themselves. When they reached Baldock they settled in for the night but at 0045 Sarah was started by a red light flashing across the sky. Marion then felt impelled to go into the garden from where she saw an object the size of a house, with red, brick shaped lights, along its top and bottom, and with brilliant white lights along the side, travelling to east behind some barns. This was also witnessed by the 11 year old. As the thing descended, its white lights seemed to diminish in size, and they could see that it was a disc surmounted by a dome. It appeared to land in cornfields about two fields away from their location. Dogs in the neighbourhood began barking and a bright white light flashed across the sky. The family later experienced poltergeist effects.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013, p.56, citing investigation by Brenda Butler and Dot Street.
  • Evaluation: First white light astronomical or distant ground light, red and white streaking meteors, landed helicopter?

June 1980 or following month. Night.
A woman student living in an old house in a small hamlet up the slope of Mt Ventoux from Vacqueyras, was sitting by her open bedroom window, taking in the cool evening air when she developed a feeling of vertigo, as if the sky was coming down and then experienced a great flash of light and heard voices telling her to relax and the they were in telepathic communication with her. The she saw many beings beside her. They were very tall and their faces had huge beaks and eyes. The two that communicated with her wore headdresses that reminded her of those of ancient Egyptians. They said they had contacted other earth people and had an important message for her deliver in two years’ time. She then had the impression of coming down and the experience faded. The witness had a number of other anomalous experiences.
  • Bertrand Meheust in UFO Times 32, p.15, citing an account given by a friend of his brother.

June 1980.
Mary Sinton and her then boyfriend were driving back to their campsite, when as they rounded a bend near the site they encountered nine beings more than 2m tall, dressed in silvery white body suits and helmets and each carrying a rod in front of them, in the trees by the road. The friend only saw one of the beings.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013, p.103, citing their own investigation.

June 1980. Night.
A female learner driver was driving her drunken partner home from Crewe to their home in Helmshore in Lancashire in a complex route avoiding the motorway. She saw an object with red and yellow lights in the sky. Then then road was blocked by a brilliant light, which she thought was an approaching car, but then saw was on a large object, details of which were hidden by the glare. She tried to wake her sleeping partner without success. Two 2m tall beings, wearing one piece silver suits approached, in slow motion and one put its hand on the door. She felt paralysed. The beings seemed to be willing her to get out of the car but she refused. They went to the front of the car and she heard a whirring noise. They then returned to the light, which was then just gone. The woman felt tired and confused and forgot the incident. She had nightmares of being taken by aliens.
  • NUFON Case Histories 3, p.3, citing investigation by Harry Harris and Mike Sachs.
  • Evaluation: Witness had no conscious memory of this experience, only dreams of abduction. Incident was only recalled under hypnotic regression. The route of the journey made little sense. Hypnotic confabulation and suggestion from investigators. Possible hoax .

June 7 1980, 2200hrs.
Two boys aged 13 and 12 were staying on their farm during the school holidays. They were out hunting 200m from the house, and reached a small paddock sloping gently up from a valley. As they were making their way slowly up, they noticed a white star with a much large angular diameter than Venus at 20 degrees to the west. They soon lost interest, but at 2230 they were returning when, as one boy raised his rifle to shoot a bandicoot, he noticed two areas of light appear on the grass out of nowhere. These lights were squarish, 30cm or so wide, and circled each other aimlessly around the paddock. The boys then noticed a ball three quarters the angular diameter of the moon 30m away and about 20-30m above the ground, over the trees. One boy hid behind a bush, waiting for the other to shine his light so they could avoid traps, but a few seconds later the ball grew in size as if approaching, so they fled. This latter part of the observation lasted about one minute.
  • UFO Australia Newsletter 2, 1, p.8, citing investigation by TUFOIC.

June 14 1980. Early hours.
In a rural area outside Liberdad, blacksmith Juan Froche Jiaciola (63) was in bed listing to the radio beside his sleeping wife when the lady was wakened and disturbed by sounds outside. Juan got up and went to the kitchen to switch on the strong outside light and then went to the dining room to look out. Outside, looking at the lamp, were two young looking people, one male, the other female. They were unusually tall, well proportioned, with short, black curly hair and wore extremely tight grey clothing, which resembled down. What struck Juan the most however was that each had a sort of wound on their forehead. The male being then tried to enter through the unlocked door, and as Juan grabbed its hand to resist, he found his own had severely burned. The beings then walked away from the scene. Juan’s hand was covered with vivid red spots or prick wounds. Contested trace marks were found.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 28, 1, p.3, citing investigation by Messes Chionetti and Agostinelli.
  • Evaluation: Doubts were raised about this case by other investigators. Possible hoax.

June 14 1980, 1900hrs.
A couple, their daughter and her school friend were driving along Rt 7 from Cordoba to Junin when the children in the back seat became exited and drew the mother’s attention to a circular flying mass coming towards the car from the rear. She shouted to her husband to stop. They pulled over and got out to see what looked like a giant circle which descended with circular motions leaving a trail of bright white smoke, and disappeared at an altitude of 1.5m A few minutes later they saw an object emitting luminous white flashes at high altitude. When they arrived at the service station they met two truck drivers who had seen the same thing.
  • Doris and Joe Graziano in APRO Bulletin 29, 1, p,7, citing unspecified press sources.
  • Evaluation Flare ?

June 14 1980. Late night.
MOSCOW (MOSCOW : RUSSIA then part of the USSR)
On the night in which a rocket launch created a flying saucer scare throughout the city, Lt Col. Oleg Karyakin was returning home when he saw an object shaped like a saucer inverted over a bowl hovering 30m from the house, emitting a pink vapour and faint buzz. He tried to approach it but was repelled by a sort of invisible barrier. After two minutes the object emitted several blue green flashes from its underside and rose, slowly at first, then accelerating rapidly away. A fellow tenant had looked out of his window a few minutes earlier and had seen a small humanoid in a space suit in the dome of the object.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 27, 4, p.15, citing Henry Gris in Gente, 31 July and 7 August 1981, citing Felix Zigel.

June 15 1980. Early hours.
TV director Aleksander Koreshkov was awoken by an annoying buzzing sound. Going to investigate he saw something like a huge truck, as wide as two traffic lanes, around which a very small man was walking as if engaged in repairs. The witness returned to bed. Shortly afterwards there was a terrific flash of light. AK thought there had been a nuclear explosion and went back to sleep, waking very late with a terrific headache. His wife, sleeping in another room, was also awakened by the brilliant flash and heard a buzzing sound from the open window. Switching on the bedroom light, she saw red marks on her arms. Terrified she put her head under the blankets and went to sleep. Next morning the red marks had gone. G
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 27, 4, p.15, citing Henry Gris in Gente 31 July and 7 August 1981, citing Felix Zigel.

June 15 1980, 2330hrs.
Kevin Smith (18) and Jill Harper (160 were on the shore of the private 'Hidden Beach' when they observed a cylindrical object 1.2m long, 25cm wide drift south westerly 10m above them and 15m above the water. It then changed course and dropped into the water without making a splash. It had been unlit and they had only seen that it was vaguely lighter than the sky, but as it floated on the water an interior light came on, giving the upper portion a uniform yellow illumination. Kevin yelled at it, whereupon its light went out. He wanted to swim towards it, but Jill was scared and they left for home. The observation lasted for 5-10 minutes.
  • Allan Hendry in Frontiers of Science, July/August 1980, p.14.
  • Evaluation: Some form of aerial marker buoy?

June 17 1980. Afternoon.
A girl going to the school toilet encountered a hair monkey like creature, which shrunk down to a few centimetres as she looked. At this the girl fainted.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013 p.100, citing Malaysian UFO Bulletin 3 + EarthLink, March 1982, both citing investigation by Ahmad Jamaludin.

June 18 1980, 1030hrs.
Two 12 year old girls throwing out rubbish at the back of their school saw two hairy beings, about 5cm tall, less than 2m away. One was dressed as a white suit, hat and boots, the other all in black. They appeared to be carrying packs, with long weapons on their backs. A search was made at 1200, and two teachers and some pupils were said to have seen three similar beings that took off in a small object.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013, p.100, citing Malaysian UFO Bulletin 3 + EarthLink March 1982 both citing investigation by Ahmad Jamaludin.

June 21 1980, 0130hrs.
Housewife Janet MacLeod (35) had just finished watching TV when, as she walked past west facing windows, she was frightened by the sight of two orange domed disks, the angular size of the full moon, distinctly outlined against the clear sky, apparently circling low over timber, four blocks to the west. They were so low close that she wondered if they were going to crash, but then they stopped at hovered at treetop level. The higher of the two lights gradually faded out from top to bottom. The second thing turned on its side and shone a beam towards the ground for 5 minutes before resuming its original horizontal posture and disappearing in the same manner as the first. Five minutes later Janet stepped outside and noticed that the natural rural noises were absent and that her dog was quiet. Two minutes later the outside noises resumed. No traces were found. The observation lasted 10-15 minutes.
  • Allan Hendry in Frontiers of Science July/August 1980, p.14.

June 21 1980, 0840hrs.
A young boy, B. S., saw 4-5 beings wearing silvery suits on the waste ground, moving about as if engaged in some activity. He approached and they raised their arms as if in greeting. He started to reply but then turned and walked away. The streets seemed oddly deserted.
  • Randles and Whetnall 1981, p.113 citing own investigation.

June 23 1980, 0145hrs.
Three men on a fishing trip, Douglas Slaiken, Craig Cowley and Michael Pryor, were sat on the dock beside their cabin discussing the fishing when they saw what they first thought was a firework, but then realised was a green ball, brighter at the centre, which rose up vertically from the top of the trees. It then moved along the treetops in an easterly direction, revealing a sort of small yellow tail on its left side. After a number of seconds it rose up at a 40 degree angle and disappeared at high speed to the west.
  • Letter from Douglas Slaiken in APRO Bulletin 29, 4, p.4.

June 24 1980, 2330hrs.
A 23 year old man walking home along the Thames saw a light in the sky, leaving a trail, moving from east to west and then turning to the south at high speed. It then slowed and descended on a nearby hill. The man, fearing an air crash, ran to help. He saw 4 beings, 1.68m tall hurrying around a landed object. He next found himself with one leg on the roofs of the next door house and the other on his window sill. He had marks on the back of his head and legs.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013, p.106, citing Internet sources.

Summer 1980. Dusk.
An elderly couple, Mr and Mrs Johnson were returning home on a bus when they saw a light above the trees at Ledston Park. It was a flickering light about 15-18m above the trees. This resolved itself into a disc shaped object surmounted by a conical tower, at the top of which was a dark sphere. Around the circumference of the disc was a rotating ring of flashing green lights. From its underside came an intense red light. No one else on the bus seemed to be aware of the thing and after a few minutes the bus drove away from the scene. The bus driver was said to have seen the thing and to be so disturbed that he later resigned.
  • Quest 6, 6, p.41, citing investigation by Mark Birdsall.

July 5 1980, 0200hrs.
Mrs Marlene LeJune was getting ready for bed, after returning from her late shift at the Digby Hospital, when she heard voices in the yard. As he husband and eldest son were away, she ordered the dog to investigate, but contrary to its usual character, it hid under the bed. She saw nothing at first, but when she switched off the back door light, she saw a round, bright, blue-white circular object, with white lights flashing around it, hovering over the treetops 150m away. It was the size of a house and virtually soundless. She re-checked a couple of times, but it was still there. She then went to bed. It became very bright at the rear of the house (she put this down to the moon, until next day, when was told there was n0 moon that night) and heard an engine sound. The next day a ring of discoloured grass, 6m diameter was found in the field where the thing had hovered. The grass was brown and slightly depressed but not burnt. Other people in the area reported that their animals reacted strangely.
  • FSR 26, 4, p.31, citing Halifax (NS) Chronicle Herald 10 July 1980.

July 6 1980. Early hours.
Two shooters,1 km up in the high country north of Lake Sorell near Mountain Creek, noticed, as they drove through the night, a light at ground level to the north-east, partially obscured by trees. It was about 300m away and emitting a deep whirring noise. They first thought that it was the lights of another vehicle, but changed their minds. As they got out to investigate, they saw a long body illuminated by a green-yellow phosphorescent glow about 8m long, 2m high, with a white light containing a red flickering centre on either side. It remained stationary at ground level until they fired 5 shots at it, upon which it moved away to the north-east, just above the ground, which it illuminated, before shooting up vertically into the sky and disappearing from view.
  • UFO Australia Newsletter 2, 1, p.8, citing investigation by TUFOIC.

July 11 1980, 0330hrs.
P C Stephen Howarth I25) and a colleague were out on Soyland Moor, when they saw a large flattened oval object appear between two electricity pylons to the north. It appeared to be rotating and changing colour yellow- blue/white-white. It climbed very slowly into the sky. At 0345 they saw it from a separate angle, along with a second object to the north, which also climbed slowly upwards. At this time their radio began to pick up messages from North Wales. The first object then dashed off to the south at terrific speed. Before they had set out, the electricity at their station in Littleborough was fluctuation.
  • Randles 1983b, p.99.
  • Evaluation: Astronomical

July 7 1980, 2045hrs.
The six Westerman children were playing ball in their garden when their attention was caught by a silvery disc shaped object in the sky. It hovered and then landed in a field. The 8 year old girl ran to get her mother, Joyce, while the rest ran to the fence around the field, where they saw three beings emerge from behind the disc. They wore silvery featureless one piece suits, with helmets with visors in them and wedge shaped boots. They carried devices that resembled torches, but which did not give off any light, which they pointed towards the ground. They were still there when Joyce arrived on the scene. After a minute or two one the beings caught sight of the family and the trio walked back to the rear of the disc which then rose, stopped in mid-air and then moved off at an angle at high speed.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013, p.111, citing investigation by Philip Mantle and Mark Birdsall + Bradford Telegraph and Argus 23 November 1992.

July 17 1980, 0025hrs.
Mr White was driving home from his girlfriend’s when his engine failed and the petrol gauge read empty. He began to walk to the village to get some petrol, when he realised that his LDC watch had stopped. He then passed a very tall (c 2.1m) man who was just wearing a polo neck sweater. He had a long thin pale face and long dark hair. The stranger said nothing. White then passed a field where he saw an object resembling an inverted pudding basin projecting a beam of light into the sky from the top. He connected this with the man and became alarmed, hurrying into the village to get the petrol. However he would not walk back to the car, preferring to walk on another 5km to stay with his grandparents. When he returned to the car next day the gauge showed full and worked straight away. The watch remained stopped however. Several other people reported the tall stranger to the police.
  • NUFON News 78, p.6, citing investigation by Mark Brown.
  • Evaluation: Brown concluded that the watch damage was caused by a knock, the gauge and engine problem by a tilt in the road.

July 18 1980, 0100hrs.
Three people were
wakened by a metallic noise and saw four lights in a row, like two cars side to side, in a field about 400m away. The lights rose into the air and then descended. No marks were found in the field.
  • Chris Rutkowski in Journal UFO 2, 4, p.23, citing UFOROM

July 18 1980, 2030hrs.
Six off-duty nurses living in cottages in the grounds of High Hurlands Nursing Home heard a strange humming sound. Firs two and then the rest went out to investigate, to be confronted with a disc shaped object with flashing lights descending over apple trees at an altitude of 10m. The object was visible for about 15 minutes and one of the nurses took a photograph. At 0015 the next morning, two nurses on duty in the Home, Diane Edworthy and Helen Monger were disturbed by a dark figure, wearing a leathery outfit and large helmet. Helen saw the figure on a balcony 5-6m above the ground. The police were called but searches were fruitless.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013, p.116 citing investigation by themselves and Omar Fowler.
  • Evaluation: Story told by Diane Edworthy years after the event, much of the story appears to be pure hearsay

July 27 1980. Early morning.
Alan Morris was fishing with his dog in a river near his home when he saw a bright pulsating light approach, hover and land in a nearby field. When Alan went to the field he discovered a cylindrical object, 1.5m high, .18m long, standing on a tripod. An unseen door opened, a metal ladder dropped to the ground and three grey suited figures, each carrying a bucket and spade emerged and began to dig nearby. Alan remained quiet but his dog began barking and ran towards the object. At this point Alan lost consciousness and when he awoke it was daylight and his dog had gone. He investigated and found slight scorch marks on the ground. The dog was never seen again.
  • APRO Bulletin 29,5, p.6.

August 1980, 0100HRS.
A worker who went out to get a breath of fresh air on this hot night saw a large object 130m wide, flying at 70m altitude. Fearing the end of the world, he ran back inside. Two colleagues went out to investigate, and the object, which had originally been a white sphere, like a snowball surrounded by a white cloud, had now landed and appeared flattened. These men were joined by foreman Ivan Shcherbakov and another man. Too afraid to approach the object, the four retreated to their huts. Ivan tried to ring the office, but his phone would not work, but worked all right the next morning. The next day they found a small deep hole, 30cm wife, with a hot rim, at the site, along with three large rectangular pas shaped imprints, where the sand was blackened and calcified in places. Investigation showed that the hole was the neck of the bottle shaped cavity, 10m high, 5m wide. The soil surrounding this area had been vitrified and was slightly radioactive. A second object, this time red, but otherwise identical with the first also landed that night in the oilfield and was seen by foreman Migulin and members of his team.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 27,5, p.10 citing Henry Gris in Gente 31 July and 7 August 1981, citing investigation by Aleksie Zolotov.

August 2 1980, 0800hrs.
A 35 year old registered psychiatric nurse was washing dishes in her bungalow in the grounds of Gogarburn Hospital when she heard a strange, hollow, high pitched oscillating sound. Looking up she was amazed to see a bright metallic circular object descending towards her from above trees 15m away. From it what appeared to be two tall thin beings were looking out at her. Terrified she dropped to the floor to hide behind her husband, who was still in bed. He got up immediately and went to investigate but all he could see was a short contrail that rapidly disappeared.
  • Stuart Campbell in BUFORA Journal 9,3, p.16.

August 8 1980, 2245hrs.
A 17 year old student was running home along a dark country path between Humberston and Cleethorpes, when he spotted a light to the west and turned to look. He saw a vertical cigar with a bulbous end nearest the ground (15m altitude), over an adjacent field, 45-60m away. The object was 15m tall, the bulbous end was 7.5-9m wide. The whole mass was lit by a white incandescent glow, which did not seem to illuminate the surroundings. From its right hand bottom edge, the object projected a beam of light towards the ground at a 45 degree angle. The witness then suffered an apparent time lapse (perhaps of only a few seconds), and came to crouching in the bushes in terror. He had no feeling in his legs and his hair was pricking. After about 5 seconds the object vanished. He ran home through the bushes, rather than on the path, for cover. He reported the matter to the local newspaper and police when he arrived home. Both reporters and police testified to his shocked state. Two newspaper employees, who were unaware of the incident, were on the same path an hour later and observed a bright meteor.
  • Nigel Watson in NUFON News 79, p.5, citing his own investigation.

August 9 1980, 0020hrs.
A security guard observed a disc shaped object with a powerful light, on the ground. It then took off rapidly. Its landing had been observed a group of security guards 8km away.
  • Bruce Maccabee in MUFON UFO Journal 204, p.9 citing Richard Doty.

August 14 1980, 2050hrs.
Andrew Nightingale and a friend were fishing in the Ogden Reservoir when they observed a circular row (?) of red lights on the surface of the water, not far from the bank. They thought it was a reflection, but when they looked up, they could not see anything. When they looked back, the lights had vanished, only to reappear moments later, now pulsating. They now saw that the lights were on some underwater object and fled the scene.
  • Randles 1983b, p.101, citing Alan Bramhill in BUFORA Journal April 1980.

August 14 1980, 2300hrs.
Kelly Brott observed a small red light above a field. As the light moved closer she ran into the house to call her father. Several minutes later one of her brothers and his friend called Mr Brott and Kelly into a nearby field, where they saw the red light join others and play tag in the sky.
  • Doris and Joe Graziano citing unspecified press sources

August 15 1980. Evening.
Radio technician Orlando Calizaya (23) from Oruro was abducted by alien beings who gave him a message. He suffered severe psychological after effects.
  • FSR 27,2, p.iii, citing Presencia 30 Sept 1980.

August 17 1980, 0330hrs.
Mrs Gatward woke up and was unable to get back to sleep. She noticed a white light moving past her window, which light appeared to be on an object which halted at times. There was also a red flashing light and she first thought that they were on an aircraft, but then realised they were on something at rooftop height no more than 25m away. She switched on the bedroom light and tried to alert her husband, but he was not interested. Returning to the window, she saw the lights were on a bullet shaped object, the apparent size of a matchbox at arm’s length, with light beams shining from the front and rear and with a red flashing light mounted on the rear. There were no appendages and she could not hear any sound. She estimated its size as that of the average UK family car of the period, about 2m long, 70cm wide. The white lights at its rear could be seen around its circumference as it moved off westwards. When the object had gone she felt cold from standing by the open window. Next morning she awoke feeling nauseous, with a tingling in her arms that lasted for a few hours, and for 30 minutes she heard a roaring in her left ear unlike her usual tinitis. She was unable to eat until 1400. She attributed these effects to radiation. She also felt that she should not discuss the incident.
  • Bill Eden in Earthlink 4, 2, p.33, citing his own investigation.

August 20 1980, 2145hrs.
Leslie and Margaret Frost were bringing in the washing when they saw two large black objects with red and white lights coming towards them. The higher of the two was at about 60m, the lower at about 45m altitude. The larger object was triangular with three large red lights in front and two brilliant white ones at the rear. The thing hovered overhead, casting a shadow over the area. There was then a flash of light and the second object, a smaller triangle appeared and circled for 10 minutes. This was also seen by their 10 year old son.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013, p.135, citing investigation by Dot Street and Brenda Butler.

August 22 1980, 0030hrs.
Mrs M.E., a young woman with a bachelor’s degree in education, was driving, in a great hurry, home from her mother’s, a distance of about 110km, still in her nightclothes, as her two year old daughter had developed a severe earache She had travelled about 50km and was near the three bridges on Lake Fork Creek when her radio started to drift from one channel to another. As she turned it off, she was assailed by a loud electrical noise that hurt her ears, her car lights dimmed and the car appeared to be lifted off the highway. She fastened the little one to the seat and looked out of the window to see the tops of pine trees below the car being blown as if by a wind. She then looked up to see the metallic bottom of an object with a double row of lights. The car was drawn in through an opening to a circular, brightly lit, room, with no apparent source of illumination.

As she sat there in panic saw bright lights and smelled something like rain. A voice in her head told her to pick up the child and get out of the car. An opening appeared across the room and a sort of vapour rolled towards them. A little creature appeared and again told them to get out. When she refused the car door fell off the hinges. M.E. felt quite calm. The being walked with a peculiar fluid motion which made the little girl laugh. It was a dwarf with a large head, no ears, oval eyes without either eyebrows or lashes, and a broad nose with two apertures on the upper surface, slit mouth, thin neck, completely hairless body, four long fingers on each hand, horizontal naval and no visible genitals. She was unable to tell whether its putty like surface was its skin or a tight fitting suit. They entered a roundish room, the floor of which was covered by mist, and in which were tables, multi-coloured lights and two other figures. M. E. and her daughter were clamped onto peculiarly wet tables, as two probes with ball and socket joins came down from an upper dome. When ME protested about the probe touching the sick child she was told that the child was no longer sick. ME was naked on the table. She was then moved into a vertical position from where she could see peculiar writing on the wall and a sort of screen on which a kaleidoscope of colour was moving. Through a window she could see two stars. The clamps were realised and they went into another misty room in which there was a triangular bed and a drawer in which a sort of pill was kept as food. She ate these and slept 10 times.

She was visited by the three beings, who said she could ask any three questions about the universe. Both questions and answers were banal. She was led through a corridor, put back in the car, which was set down on the ground again. She found herself driving automatically only about 5 minutes from home. She was extremely dizzy when she got there and became withdrawn, losing 14 pounds in weight. After another UFO experience three weeks later she became panic stricken and sold the car. The garage claim that the door had indeed been taken off at some point. Much of this story came out under hypnotic regression and precisely what detail was otherwise remembered is not clear. The little girl’s earache and a rash on her thigh both cleared up.
  • Lew Willis, Stephen Clark et al in MUFON UFO Journal 167, p.3 citing their own investigation.

August 21 1980, 0230hrs.
Mrs Lillian Middleton (39) was driving to see a sick friend when she was startled by a sudden bright flash of light in the sky. She slowed and a saw a huge rugby ball shaped object, with a light, twice the size of a car, which zoomed towards her. It followed her car, almost touching it as she sped away in terror. Two other witnesses, parked at a petrol station, were also terrified. It was also reported by a police inspector.
  • Magic Saucer 14, p.9, citing Swindon Weekly News 14 September 1980.

August 24 or 31 1980, 1800hrs.
(ESTONIA then part of the USSR)
On an island off the coast of Estonia, a worker was checking some instruments in the factory yard when his attention was caught by a strange object on the ground 30m away. Thinking it was something left behind by a co -worker he approached it. This object he now saw was a cylinder sending out flashes of multi-coloured light. Next to it was a black cube about 50 x 50 x 50cm, surmounted by a much smaller cube, from which came a rotating tube. After about 20 seconds the upper cube turned and revealed two holes, from one of which came a warm orange light that knocked the witness back and over. He landed without hurting himself as though the ground was soft. The bright tube then changed shape into a disc surmounted by a dome. This then flipped over, revealing its dark underside and then vanished. The witness was then able to get up and return to work. He felt unwell for about 20 minutes after the incident.
  • Heikki Virtanen in FSR 29, 2, p.12.

August 31 1980, 1715hrs.
Four adults and several children saw a large silver disc, surmounted by a cupola, with the lower section turning anti-clockwise at 27m altitude above an electricity pylon. They saw this after being altered by one of the children, telling his parents about a light shining in his eyes. It moved away for about 5-7 minutes and then shot off.
  • NUFOIS News 1, 1, p.10.

September 1980 (or following month)(or following year) 0600hrs.
A couple were out driving when a strange object passed over the vehicle. As it did so the driver felt something like an electric shock, the dashboard gauges went down to zero, and the headlights, dashboard and perhaps then engine momentarily failed. They drove away, afraid, the object instantaneously going from directly above them to some distance behind, making them suspect missing time.
  • UFORA Research Digest 24, p.3, citing Jim Atwell of UFO Research Adelaide.

September 1980, 0115hrs.
Wilfred Wirtz(26) had stopped at traffic lights on his way home from a night's bowling, when he found that he was driving his car without conscious deliberation to an open field, where the car stopped of its own accord. He was unable to restart the car and then saw an orange light in the distance, seemingly rotating around some circular object. While he was taking this in, he saw, standing 4m to his right, a small being no more than 1.35m tall, dressed in a silvery suit. A metallic voice came through his radio speakers said that the being would not come nearer and that it came from Zeta Reticulli and that they would meet again in 1981. The being then walked away through the corn, the light grew brighter and took off before suddenly disappearing. The car then started normally. He drove home, where his wife asked him not to speak of the incident, which was only revealed through a work colleague.
  • Michael Hesemann in International UFO Library Anniversary Edition p.45, citing his own investigation.

September 1980, 0310hrs. 
Peter and Pamela Blakey were driving home when they observed a stationary light low over a field, which they assumed was a tractor headlight. However as they drove on the light followed them and at one point their car was illuminated by a brilliant silvery light. The drove home in terror and rushed into the house, to see the luminous sphere shoot up into the sky. From their bedroom window they saw it was a triangular object that hovered over a small coppice before taking off vertically. Pamela suffered health problems, their electrical equipment developed faults and the red paint on their car turned yellow after the incident.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013 p 153 citing their own investigation.

September 1980, 2000hrs.
A 44 fire officer saw two lights hovering low over Maltby Colliery, projecting beams of light downwards, but which did not touch the ground. He was joined for a short period by a cyclist, who also saw the lights, but who rode on. The fireman moved 100m on, saw the lights dim and merge . The beams now pointed horizontally to the north. The single light then accelerated away over towards Doncaster about 13m away and vanished.
  • NUFON News 118, p.10.

September 3 1980
Steven Andrews was hitchhiking to Warminster when he heard an eerie ticking sound that first seemed to come from a signpost, then from all around. About 100m further on he saw a white luminous figure, about 1.5m tall, in a field and felt drawn towards it, but then ran back in fear to the crossroads, where he saw a small red light move across the sky towards the horizon.
  • Arthur Shuttlewood in Magic Saucer, 14 p.6.

September 2 1980, 1930hrs.
Shirley Skinner saw a rectangular object with a central light cross the sky. About 30 minutes later she looked out of the kitchen window and saw what resembled two shiny black helmets with red bands, which projected a metre or so above the hedge. She was too afraid to investigate.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013, p.148, citing Brenda Butler and Ron West.

September 5 1980, 0340hrs.
An ambulance, crewed by Dr Barbara Piazza, driver Gezegorz Skoczynski and stretcher bearer Andrzei Olejuik, was taking a taking a pregnant woman, Elzbieta Pluta (15), from Zulawka to Sztum, when, near the village of Tropy, Barbara noticed a large red ball. It was dark crimson and the angular diameter of the moon and as it moved on an oblique course to the road. NE-SW, it came within 500m of the ambulance, and thence to treetop height only 150m away. At Kawla they accelerated up to 130kph but the ball stayed with them. At the railway crossing between Kawla and Szum, it appeared suddenly 200m ahead of them, though they had no perception of it passing them. It overlapped the 6m wide road by 50cm on either side. The surface of the ball displayed curved bands and stripes, with a mass of irregular black lines, like a net of veins. The ambulance people called two girls on level crossing patrol, Jozefa Kaminska and Gabriela Ludorf, who were leaning out of the window, who confirmed that they too were watching this object. At this point Barbara called the police to come and clear the road, whereupon the ball, still brightening and dimming, moved slowly to the right behind a tree, and up a summit, lighting up the area. Getting desperate the crew flashed the headlights and as they moved forward the sphere vanished like a TV set being turned off. No traces were found.
  • Emma Popik in FSR 26, 6, p.2, citing her one investigation.
  • Evaluation: the moon seen through dust?

September 6 1980, 2300hrs.
Mrs Repp was lying on a couch bed in the kitchen, trying to sleep, when the saw, through the window, a large bright oval light, about half the apparent size of the moon, between trees a little above the horizon. She went to the window but was still unable to identify this light, so she called her twelve year old daughter Linda in the next room. Linda refused to come out so Mrs Repp awoke her mother and both women observed what appeared as a bright yellow-white oval light surrounded by a yellow-green glow, as if moved up and down, back and forth 4 times over an angle of 3-4 degrees. Several yellow, green and red flashing lights were attached to its surface. The night was unusually silent except for a humming sound like a swarm of bees. The older woman was not impressed and returned to bed. The light then went down behind trees.
  • Journal UFO 2,3, p.10, citing UFO Investigations Research Inc.
  • Evaluation: astronomical + autokinesis?

September 8 1980, 0520hrs.
Robert and Gail Reed were aroused by a commotion among their poultry. Robert went to the back and saw what looked like a fire. Gail joined him and saw an extremely bright flashing white light, hovering noiselessly above the ground. A few minutes later the area was illuminated by a brilliant flash but there was still no sound. Gail stood in the open doorway and watched the light as it lifted up, moved closer, hovered again and then returned to its original position, before shooting upwards and disappearing. The observation lasted for 30 minutes.
  • The Grazianos in APRO Bulletin 29, p.8 citing their usual unnamed press sources.
  • Evaluation: no estimate as to distance is provided, looks like a possible astronomical object low on the horizon

September 11 1980, 0420hrs.
From his ranch home a few kilometres south of Anderson, electrician Jerry McAlister (41), convalescing with a broken leg, was awakened by a loud screech. Hobbling to the south east facing bedroom window, he saw a huge round seamless object hovering above backyard trees 33m away. He estimated the diameter of the thing as at least 27m. Surrounding its perimeter were hundreds of brilliant steady white lights, which illuminated the yard, rotating in a clockwise direction. Around its centre was a row of square white windows, through which he could see, but not to make out any interior features. The lower half of the object resembled black steel. The object rotated and wobbled bout 8m above his 12m tall pine trees for three minutes. He awoke his wife Faye (34) and eldest daughter Shirley (18), who saw the object receding east-north east, the lights still rotating round it. As the object tilted flashing red lights were seen on the underside. The object receded into the distance.A description of the object in the distance supplied by 14 people might have been of Venus.Though Jerry claimed that his ears were ringing with the with the sound from the object for three days, neighbours only heard a muffled sound, if anything at all. Jerry suffered from red burning eyes, swollen glands in the neck and a headache the following day.
  • Frontiers of Science September/October 1980, p.11, citing investigation by Allan Hendry, Don Roberts et al.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 153, p.5.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 158, p.5, citing investigation by Don Roberts, Wanda Jones and Margaret Pine.

September 11 1980, 0805hrs.
50km to the north of Anderson, retired power company worker Larry Garrett (40) was working on a car outdoors when he heard a sound like a swarm of bees and, looking to the north in a cloudy sky, saw a huge domed object, with a row of dark windows, which looked ruby red when illuminated by the sun. The object was estimated to be 25-30m in diameter, was a grey-purple metallic colour and was hovering just above some tall oak trees on a hill to the north. It then drifted further north and out of sight behind the trees. It was observed for 35-40 seconds. There were no other witnesses.
  • Frontiers of Science, September/October 1980, p.43, citing investigation by Allan Hendry and Don Roberts.

September 11 1980, 2125hrs.
Fireman, Milt Shipes (40) was driving his wife Constance, her 66 year old mother and 13 year old daughter, along with three other children who were asleep, home from Springfield (Mass), south on Rt32 near I-86, when they observed a pancake shaped form 45 degrees above the SE horizon. Milt saw it was surrounded by an orange rim of light, greyed down by surrounding haze, surmounted by a clear dome, also seen by Constance. Milt alone observed a bald or helmeted head in the dome. The whole object was the angular diameter of the harvest moon. Constance and her mother saw lighted areas separated by dark spaces. All agreed that it was tilted up on one side as it flew towards the car at 80kph. They did not look back and the observation only lasted 4 seconds.
  • Allan Hendry in Frontiers of Science, November/December 1980, p.12 citing investigation by Lawrence Fawcett.

September 13 1980, 2210hrs.
Two brothers driving through Kirton Lindsey saw an orange light, which kept fading out, over a quarry. They got out of the car and switched the engine off. The light moved towards them soundlessly then went out again. The observation lasted two minutes.
  • NUFON News 79, p.4.

September 15 1980, 0435hrs.
A man who got up to let the dog out and make breakfast went outside and saw a light in the sky. The object descended to about 20m, revealing a discoid object about 20m diameter and 3.5m thick, surmounted by a green dome and green portholes. On the underside was a ring which projected light downwards. It was then joined by a similar object, which after a few minutes shot off. The other one remained for 10 minutes, emitting a whine pitched whining noise and then followed its companion.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013, p.150, citing William Blythe.

September 15 1980, 1300hrs.
Fire officer Derek Cook saw an annular object, surmounted by a dome, with a black underside fly past at 60m altitude, making a slight humming sound, and directed his wife Jean’s attention to it.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013, p,152, citing BUFORA Journal 10, 2, citing investigation by Bob Easton and William Martindale.

September 17 1980, 0030hrs.
Civil servant Gary More and electrical fitter Andrew Johnstone were driving home to Portsmouth, when descending a hill just past Cobham they saw a bright light in the distance. Coming closer they saw this was in fact two lights about 60m above the ground. They then made out other lights and realised that they were on a large rectangular object. It had a red light on the front left, a green on the right, and a triple row of five flashing lights in the centre, glowing amber, white and blue in sequence. There were two amber lights at the rear.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013. p.155, citing their own investigation.

September 1980. Evening.
Four boys out walking in the Church Hill area on this stormy evening saw a metallic cigar shaped object, with red flashing lights along wings hovering 3m above a house in Sandhurst Close. They called the police but by the time they arrived the thing had gone.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013, p.155, citing investigation by Derek Waugh + Redditch Indicator 26 September 1980.

September 20 1980, 0410hrs.
Lisa Birge (12) was awakened by a sound like a motor. She went to the window and saw what she thought was a shooting star and excitedly went and woke her mother Laura. Laura saw a light just above the trees in front of the house, which dimmed when it moved and brightened when it stopped. She woke her husband Thomas, who came to the window in time to see the 1.8-2.3m wide light move from the trees to directly over the front yard. It hovered and moved fast in all directions without a sound. Just before daybreak Laura and Lisa went to see if the light was attached to anything. At that the light went straight up, hovered just below the clouds and disappeared.
  • (ditto only p 7 rather than 8)
  • Evaluation: Long duration and autokinesis are suggestive of astronomical misperception

September 20 1980, 0520hrs.
Michelle Freudenberg was driving home to White Bear Lake when she encountered a lighted object 9-15m long and 2.5m above the ground. It was discoid, vaguely outlined by red and white lights and disappeared over a nearby hill after 8 seconds. There was a pungent odour in the air.
  • The Grazianos in APRO Bulletin 29, 3, p.8 citing unnamed press reports.

September 20 1980, 1840hrs.
An object 30m long, 15m wide, topped by a blue crown, emitting intense heat and white smoke, flew low over this village, blowing down 50 huts mainly on a North-South axis, lifting a 200 litre water barrel off the ground and boiling the water, uprooting trees and blowing roofs off buildings over a wide area. At Keur Amadou Mocta 2km away, 24 houses were knocked down and 2 people seriously injured.
  • The Grazianos in APRO Bulletin 29, 8, p.6 + 29; 4, p.6 citing their usual unspecified press sources.
  • Evaluation: tornado?

September 26 1980, 0430hrs.
Susan Southerland and Debbie Riley (both 19) were riding in a car when they noticed a bright street lamp shaped object in the sky, slightly above the tree tops, and heading towards their car. The light remained on their left side no matter how the manoeuvred the car. On arriving in Washington they went to the police station where officers Tim Roark and Don Gannon observed the light through binoculars.
  • ditto 7 citing undated issue of Washington Times-Herald
  • Allan Hendry in Frontiers of Science March/April 1981 p.3, citing Times Herald op cit + Jerry Sievers.

September 30 1980, 0100hrs.
George Blackwell (54) the farm hand and caretaker of the 600 acre “Whiteacres” property, 8km from Rosedale was awakened by a screeching or buzzing sound and heard a disturbance among the stock, so went out through the back door to investigate. From the back veranda rail he observed an object pass between a cypress and a silo shed, 150m away, only about 2.5m above the ground. He first thought that it was a plane in distress, but as it emerged into clear view, he saw that it was a domed object with a white top, about 8m diameter, 4.5m high, with orange and blue lights on its surface. The object moved over the property and then headed towards a concrete 10,000 gallon water tank about 400m away. The object seemed to rise up and hover on or just above this tank for about a minute before it rose again for a short distance and landed on the ground some 15m to the north of the tank.

George then went and got dressed and set out on his motorcycle to the paddock where the object had landed. He drove to within 10-15m of it, feeling very trembly as he approached and hearing a whistling sound all the while. From this distance the thing seemed to consist of a white dome, atop a large orange base, around which were circular windows or lights about 27cm in diameter and 3m apart. Both sections seemed to be rotating in an anti-clockwise direction. After 2-3 minutes the noise rose to a scream, like a jet landing, forcing George to put his hands over his ears. A sort of black tube appeared around the base, seemed to inflate to an enormous size, just beyond the periphery of the object, which then took off with a tremendous explosion and gradually rolled out of the landing site, while George was almost knocked off his bike by a blast of hot air. As the bike’s headlights illuminated the base, he was able to see the black tube apparently deflating towards the base, around the rim of which he could see six evenly spaced V shaped spokes.

At about 10m from this site and 2.5-3m altitude, the object fell silent and debris fell from the base. As George rode up to the landing site, he saw the object move away to the east of 30m altitude George’s watch kept stopping after the incident. Immediately after the encounter he had noticed a ring of black flattened grass, and next day when he went to the site, he found in the paddock of yellow flowers there was a 45cm wide ring of black flattened grass, in a circle 8.4m in diameter. In the centre of the circle there was only green grass, the flowers appeared to have been removed. The 10,000 gallon tank was found emptied. In the days following the incident George had headaches from 1100-1500 each day, had vomiting and diarrhoea after his daytime but not his evening meals and woke at night in a sweat.
  • Keith Basterfield, Bill Chalker and Garry Little in UFO Australian Newsletter 2, 1, p.17 + FSR 26, 6, p.4 + MUFON UFO Journal 156, p.3, all citing their own investigation.
  • Frontiers of Science July/August 1981, p.17, citing Allen Hynek, citing Keith Basterfield
  • Basterfield 1997 p.79, 227, citing investigation by Basterfield, Chalker and Little op cit.
  • Chalker 1996, p.175 citing own investigation.

October 15 1980, 2330hrs.
A deputy sheriff had stopped his car to stretch his legs when a large triangular object ten times the angular diameter of the moon came out of the eastern sky. It came to within 75m at 60m altitude and was soundless. Through a long window in one facet of the triangle five figures were visible from the waists up. They appeared to be 1.5m tall, nude, with white skins, long necks, elongated heads, large slanted eyes and slit like mouths. He thought their eyes betrayed fear and tried to telepathically reassure them. They replied telepathically; “why do you hate the Iranians”. The object then drew closer before flying off into the NE darkness. During the experience the officer’s FM radio displayed intermittent interference that ceased when the object left. The car’s engine and lights pulsated and dogs in the area howled. During this time, the witness suffered from light headedness, sluggishness and watery eyes. He continued to feel sluggish with a headache, afterwards. He absolutely refused to let his name be used.
  • Allan Hendry in Frontiers of Science March/April 1981, p.11, citing investigation by Jerry Sievers.

October 26 1980, 1845hrs.
A farmer’s wife was getting her children and the groceries into the house, when she noticed a bright orange “star” low in the SW, where it was later determined that there was a heavy cover of cloud. During the next 15 minutes she kept trying to look at this “star” between tasks. Meanwhile, her husband, returning from the fields of the 255 acre farm on his tractor, realised that an unusual object was pacing him and arrived home very shaken. Mrs X looked out and saw something landing In a field behind the barn. Going to investigate, she noticed that the “star” had gone, but she now saw an unusual object hovering in a field 60 away, about 6m above the ground. It then moved slowly forward and upwards, going g 6m above the barn, pigs in its acting up as it did so, but calming when it was gone and past. As the object came slowly towards the house, Mrs X stayed outside and saw that it consisted of two spheres of white light, about 1m in diameter, about 3.5m apart, with a flashing light at the back. Though the white lights were very intense they did not illuminate the surroundings. She got the impression these lights were on some dark object, but the farm security lights did not illuminate it, and she could not make it out. The lights moved past with a very faint whistle. AS neighbour saw a lighted object over their barn at this time. Another neighbour, her teenage daughter, and a friend of the latter were driving about 30km away when they saw a silent low flying object.
  • J. A. Hynek in Frontiers of Science July/August 1981 p.14, citing letter from Mrs X.

October 28 1980.
Andrea Stolfe was driving Margaret Klein from the Meadow Development in Scotchtown when they observed a triangular object hovering over the trees near Schutt Road and East Main Street. When they turned east on East Main, the object rose silently, dropped back down and flew towards the meadows. After searching for about 15 minutes, the women again saw the object some distance away, through their rear window. They tracked it for a while and it suddenly appeared directly overhead with four lights shining from the underside, and a huge beam from the front, which shone on the car. As they drove home, this object followed them, overhead and left with a loud hum as they ran into the house. The object was 18m long and the beam was a powerful blue-white.
  • The Grazianos in APRO Bulletin 29,5, citing typically unspecified press sources.

October 31 1980.
An 18 year old man driving his car saw lights in a field, which lights then began to pace his car, passing along the River Till. He stopped and the lights approached. He could now see that they were yellow and white lights on the ends of a yellow disc, with indents around the edge. This thing came close and hovered. There was another, similar object in the field behind him. The area then became quite silent and he could not even hear his own engine, though it was still running. He drove off, leaving the object illuminating the area like day.
  • NUFON News 80, p.8, citing SCUFON.

November 1980 (approx. date)
Mrs A.M.M. and her son were driving home on the Pozohondo-Nava de Abajo road, after taking one of her son’s friends home. 2km from Nava, as they had just come out of a dip in the road, they encountered a figure standing in the road. Mr M., who was doing his military service at the time, flashed his lights at the figure, but it did not move and they had to swerve round it. As they did so, Mrs M saw that it was about 1.80-1.82m tall, dressed in a beige one piece overall that covered its head. It appeared to have no facial features. It stepped three paces back without bending its legs, like a mechanical doll. It had no left arm and no hands, nor knee nor ankle joints. Both witnesses were terrified.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 27, 2, p.6, citing Hola 22 November 1980.

November 1980 (approx. date)
At least 70 people waiting for the ferry across the Aragari River watched a strange object rise up from the river, hover 5-6m above it, 100m from the bank, rise slowly to a height of 200m, stop for four minutes and then turn left and leave at moderate speed towards the ocean. It resembled a solid non-luminous cloud about 5m in diameter. On the opposite bank it came within 30m of Francisco Silveira, where it stopped as if watching him.
  • Doris and Joe Graziano in APRO Bulletin 29, 5, p.7 citing an unidentified press report.

November 1980, 0100hrs.
A woman and her 17 year old daughter were feeding their horses in fields, when they spotted a large white circular light in a neighbour’s arable field. It moved smoothly round the roughly ploughed field, moving to and fro, giving the impression of exploring. The light was so bright that it hurt their eyes to look at it. There was no sound and the animals were not affected. After a number of minutes the light vanished, only to reappear further across the field. It continued to do this, covering a wide area, so that the witnesses became afraid and went back towards the house. As they did so the light followed them, illuminating their back wall. It was gone by 0300hrs.
  • NUFON News 150, p.13 citing a phone call from the daughter to the BBC after Jenny Randles was interviewed in April 1991.

November 10 1980 (approx. date) 
A woman out driving saw on the road ahead, a white thing resembling a man with his head shrunk on his shoulder.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013, p.182, citing Bob Boyd.

November 11 1980. Late night.
Three people driving by car across the moors saw a strange light about 1m above the ground. It passed slowly and silently in front of the car, disappearing over the peat grounds towards Cloudberry Knoll (
  • UFO Times 2, p.14, citing investigation by David Clarke.

November 12 1980, 0020hrs.
Frederick Collins was walking towards a taxi rank when he saw an object 60-90m long hovering 60m above the ground, which it illuminated with its four brilliant lights. In its centre was something resembling a staircase. Looking round he saw a green humanoid dwarf, 1.2m tall in front of him. He received a telepathic invitation to go on board and found himself paralysed. When he refused the thing vanished and Frederick found himself walking to the taxi rank again. 

  • Hanson and Holloway 2013 p178 citing witness on Plymouth Voice radio programme 12 Nov 1980
  • Evaluation This story with its “little green man!” sounds very much like a joke

November 16 1980  .
19 year old David Crouch was walking the dog with his mother when they encountered a white thing the size of a human but shaped like a pillar. Their dog cowered but mother and son followed the thing, which made a peculiar “clonking” sound until they became too frightened to carry on.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013, p.182, citing Bob Boyd.

November 16 1980, 2230hrs.
On the slopes halfway up Mt St Vicino a blue orange fireball was seen by a carabineri patrol. The light was intermittent and it seemed to move about at random, Traces were allegedly found. It, or a similar object was seen in the sky by numerous other people and tracked on radar.
  • UFO Newsflash 1, citing Il Messaggero Marche 18 November 1980.

November 18 1980, 1930hrs.
A woman was driving home up Pinbush Road after taking her son to hockey practice, when she observed what she thought were two flashing airplane lights coming right at her from the east. She could not hear any noise, but fearing a crash, pulled over. The two lights swerved so that they were again facing her, approached at extreme speed and halted 10m away. Behind the two lights, she could make out a dark solid, dome shaped object, hovering about 1.5m above the ground. The object was 1.5m high and 1.5m wide. Two additional steady lights on the top of the object then came on, followed by smaller steady lights all over it. She found herself enveloped in silence, not even able to hear the radio, which she had turned up, and experienced a floating feeling and a sensation of being drawn towards the lights. She resisted this sensation but then had the feeling that she would see the object again. It then shot up, veered north, shot up again and then turned to the west until it eventually disappeared from view. All the lights, except the two flashing ones, went out as it did so. She appeared disorientated and confused and when she arrived home she found that the trip had taken 15 minutes longer than normal. The observation had only seemed to last a couple of minutes.
  • Bonnie Wheeler in Journal UFO 2,4, p.19, citing CUFORN.

November 19 1980, 2345hrs.
A couple were driving home to Longmont when their car was struck by a blue light beam and they heard a swishing sound as loud as a jet taking off. Their car lights dimmed and the radio developed static then faded out. They then felt the rear of the car lift up from the road. The light and sound then disappeared and they continued their journey at 80kph. Looking at their watches they discovered an hour unaccounted for. On reaching a petrol station, the man, getting out of the car was disorientated. The following day he found a rectangular mark on his abdomen. Under hypnotic regression the male witness recalled that the car was transported into the vicinity of a large domed object. The car was surrounded by a red mist with a strong odour. A door opened in the domed object, they were drawn in, greeted by a grey skinned being with a “long” head and long thumbless hands , which seemed to be able to read his mind. The man was then placed on a table, which seemed to have materialised out of gas. There he was scanned by a floating light, felt that the entity was “in tune with his mind”, spots on his skin were burning. Both he and his wife were naked, and she was screaming. He also felt that his memory was taken out of him, then returned with additional information. After the examination the couple were allowed to leave the craft and return to their car, still suspended in space. The blue light then surrounded the car again and it was returned to the road. The man claimed they had given him extra strength and knowledge but he did not want this. The wife refused hypnotic regression and the couple later left without leaving a forwarding address.
  • Richard Sigismund in International UFO Reporter 7,5, p.9 + FSR 29,2, p.21, citing his own investigation.
  • Evaluation: the story under regression is a typical piece of hypnotic confabulation and seems to rely on ufological motifs. The alleged percipient approaches someone who does hypnotic regressions to uncover UFO stories, so one assumes that is what he sought. The motifs of additional strength and responsibility may reflect his wife having a dangerous pregnancy and premature baby. 

Late November 1980, 0100hrs.
Jayne (41), who lived on a farm north of town, was awoken from a deep sleep by a bright orange light shining through her window. Her husband could not be roused by her shaking him. Looking through the window she saw an orange oval mass, surrounded by a white light, hovering above a nearby field. Suddenly she found herself walking on the landing, then sitting on the grass outside, looking at the oval and three entities beside it. She felt numb all over. The three figures were 1.5m tall and dressed in one piece diving suits, though she had the impression that the suits were green She then found herself back in bed. This time she was able to wake her husband, but the object had gone. Twenty minutes had passed, though the incident only seemed to last moments. Next day her son found that 20 chickens in the coup were dead.
  • NUFON News 141, p.16, + UFO Reporter 2, p.16, citing investigation by Nigel Mortimer.
  • Evaluation: False awakening. The death of the chickens may have been a coincidence, or due to some incident which momentarily roused her and set up the false awakening.

November 20 1980, 2200hrs..
Sheila Brooks was exercising her dogs at the bottom of the garden when she “heard” a voice in her head. Looking up, she saw about 8m above her a green disc, with green pulsating lights around its perimeter. The voice told her not to be afraid. She backed away to the house and called her husband. He did not respond and when she looked away the thing shot off at high speed. The incident lasted 10 minutes.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013, p.184, citing their own investigation.

November 21 1980, 2015hrs.
Mario Luisi (36), a mill worker unemployed through sickness, was walking in a field near his home, despite the terrible conditions of the night, when he noticed, by a tree, something he first thought was a livestock shelter. He then illuminated it with his battery lantern and saw it was a strange object hovering about 1m above the ground. It was like a stone grey “squashed in” aircraft or helicopter, about 5m long, 2.5m wide, with a dark glass canopy top which had insignia on the front and rear, and was not luminous. Towards the front was a sort of door with a step underneath it. Mario then turned his flashlight to where he had heard footsteps in the mud. There was a brilliant flash of light that came from a pencil like object held by a female figure. This hit the lantern like a flash from a flame thrower, smashing the glass and warping the metal reflector. However Mario felt no impact and was able to keep hold of the lantern. He saw there were two figures, one male, the other female, about 1.65m tall, dressed in dark one piece suits with broad middle belts. They had “beautiful” faces; the woman appearing very feminine and wearing a dark cape over her shoulders. They had pale faces and blond, shoulder length “page boy” style hair, but he was unable to make out other features. Despite the driving rain they appeared to remain dry with unruffled hair. The woman spoke to him in perfect English and told him that they came in peace and he was not to be afraid, but that he should not describe the markings on their craft or suits. Mario’s legs felt paralysed but he could move the rest of his body. The beings clambered into the craft through the door, and it took off vertically into the clouds, through which it appeared as a blue- white glow. Mario then found that he could move and ran home to report the matter to the police. A neighbour contacted the press. Mario suffered from anxiety and stomach pains and would not leave the house for some time
  • Gordon and Ian Cresswell in NUFON News 83, p.10, citing their own investigation.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013, p.184, citing Mario’s own account.
  • Evaluation: no traces were found at the site, the damage to the lamp appeared consistent with that caused by a blow lamp, and the witness was planning to write a book “to reveal all”. Probable hoax. This seems to be confirmed with further information by Randles in NUFON News 121, p.13.

November 23 1980 (approx. date) 0100hrs.
Nigel Mortimer (18) awoke for no apparent reason with an urge to look through the window near his bed. He saw a starlike light moving west, which resolved itself into a blue-grey metallic oval, surrounded by a red mist, which hovered 30 above a field 180m away. It was about 1.5 x the angular diameter of the full moon. Nigel felt unusually alert during the observation, but tired and empty afterwards, though he had a sense of achievement. The object left towards Fylingdales. Nigel took notes afterwards, but when he awoke the next morning he had forgotten about the incident until he read these notes.
  • NUFON News 88, p.5, citing letters from Nigel Mortimer to Jenny Randles.

November 23 1980, 1715hrs.
PC Frank Colby, an officer with 29 years’ experience was driving back to Lowestoft with his wife on the Hopton Bypass, when just over 1.5km from Lowestoft, he saw a stocky figure about 1.65m tall, dressed in a shapeless, calf length garment cross the dual carriageway ahead. Its head was hunched into its shoulders and it had spiky hair and was wearing some sort of covering on its legs and large military style boots. Colby braked and pointed out the figure to his wife, but she was unable to see it. He then realised he could see the central reservation through the figure, and when it reached that, it disappeared.
  • Lantern 32, p.11, citing investigation by Ivan Bunn + Lowestoft Journal 24 December 1980 + Sunday Express 28 December 1980)

November 26 1980, 1845hrs
Mr Reeves was watching television while his wife was cooking in the kitchen when the set developed serious interference. After about ten minutes Mrs Reeves became aware of a humming sound and felt compelled to go out into the garden. There she saw a tree and the garage bathed in a white light, which came from a yellow rounded object, with a central flange, hovering just above the tree. This object rotated through 360 degrees, its rotation seemingly to be connected with the hum. The object then descended slightly and stopped rotating. She called to her husband, but he was still engrossed in the still disturbed TV set. The object, no longer humming, swayed like a pendulum for 90 seconds, and then shot up and vanished. The 6m diameter object had been in view for about 5 minutes at about 25m altitude. Mrs Reeves went back inside to pore herself a drink. The interference on TV continued, and when she called her two cats in, they suddenly froze as the humming returned, then they fled into hiding. The humming lasted a few more minutes. The TV interference continued for about 10 minutes. No one else noticed anything unusual.
  • NUFON News 89 p.6, citing investigation by Mark Brown and Kevin McClure.

November 27 1980, 2050hrs.
Two women and a man in a car were followed for 19km by a dark dome, surrounded by red lights, which swooped down on them and paced them with odd jerky motions. The man thought it was a helicopter. One of the women saw it on the ground and described it as hat shaped and pulsating from dark to orange.
  • NUFON News 80 p8, citing CHRYSIS

November 28 1980, 0515hrs.
Police Constable Alan Godfrey (33), on routine patrol, was about to turn off the A646 when he observed an object lighting up the area 200m ahead. Thinking it was a vehicle blocking the road, he drove up to investigate, but when he got within 30m he realised that he was confronting a sort of drum or barrel shaped object with a flattened top and more rounded bottom. It emitted fluorescent light from its top, and had a row of dark square windows beneath this. The object was rotating in an anticlockwise direction and appeared to be white. It spanned the road at an altitude of 1.5m, being about 6m diameter. Its top came to within 60cm of the tips of two lamp stand arcs, enabling its height to be estimated as 3.6m. As Alan watched, he saw that the top was stationary while the lower part was rotating. Leaves on nearby trees were shaking. He was able to observe it for about a minute and sketch it on his clipper pad. He tried to radio for base but could get nothing, not even static either on VHF or UHF. Suddenly he found himself further down the road, beyond where the object had been hovering. Looking back, he saw that it was no longer there. He was now moving forward but had no recollection of moving out of neutral. He then heard a voice in his head saying “This is not for your eyes Godfrey … you will forget it”.

About 10 minutes remained unaccounted for. At 0450 police officers on patrol outside Halifax, 13km to the east, had been startled by a fireball that seemed to swoop low over their car towards Todmorden. At 0545 a school caretaker at Todmorden observed a blue white ball of light streak into the sky from ground level. Under hypnotic regression, Alan recalled getting out of his car and being hit by a brilliant light from the object. He returned to the car, which would not start. He was hit by a beam again and all went black. He awoke in a room with a table being faced by a bearded being 1.8m tall, dressed in a white robe and skull cap. He gathers that this figure is called Joseph or Yosef. . They then joined by 1-1.2m tall, “lamp faced”, quite inhuman creatures, who speak among themselves in a whistling voice. Them a strange dog, the size of an Alsatian entered the room. “Yosef” led Alan onto a dark leathery bed or couch, where he was subjected to an investigation by instruments he could not describe.
  • Norman Collinson and Harry Harris in FSR 27, 2, p.4 citing own investigation.
  • Collinson, Harris and Mike Sachs in NUFON Case Studies 2, citing own investigation.
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  • Jonathan Dillon in UFO Times 32, p.8.
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  • Hanson and Holloway 2013, p.194.

November 30 1980, 1800hrs.
Peter Farrell and his family, the owners of South Bottomley Farm, saw a light, which they first thought was a helicopter flying below the hill line in the nearby valley, bobbing up and down. On a closer look it was an oval object with a raised section on top, and was surrounded by red, green and amber lights. The thing moved silently, approached an electricity pylon, hovered for a moment and then reversed its course.
  • Randles 1983b, p .141.

December 3 1980
Mr G Peel and a companion were out driving when he saw a light in the sky to their left rear. The car engine and radio failed, the lights flickered and a strange beeping sound came from the car radio while the thing was around.
  • Basterfield 1997, p.228 citing UFO Research Far North Queensland.

December 3 1980, 2030hrs.
While driving north with her husband on Hw. 57, about 15km south of McLain, Janice Lowrey (19) saw in the east an illuminated ball that slowly approached the car at eye level and came briefly over the right side of the bonnet. From a distance of only 1m it appeared to be 30cm in diameter, solid, sharply outlined and self- luminous, however it was not bright enough to illuminate the bonnet. It was white, with a blue tint in the centre and soundless. It did not hit the car but turned back to the east so rapidly that Janice could not follow it in the clear sky. Her observation lasted for 10 seconds. Her husband, Robert (25), did not see the object but he noticed that the headlights dimmed, their horn ceased working, and the seat belt buzzer came on even though he was sure he had removed it when he first purchased the car. The radio lost its station and the heater quit. These effects persisted for the remainder of the 25 minutes journey but when he re-examined the car 30 minutes later it was found to be working normally.
  • Allan Henry in Frontiers of Science January/February 1981, p12.

December 6 1980, 0900hrs.
Jean Findlay was waiting for a bus when she felt an urge to look up and saw a disc shaped object, surmounted by a dome, hovering above the trees. It emitted a beam of light, rotated and then sped away. During the experience Jean felt spellbound by the object, during which the busy street appeared to go quiet and she saw nobody about. Despite the cold morning she had a feeling of peace, calm and warmth.
  • Randles 1983, p.73, citing Leslie Harris and J Ledner in FSR 27, 3.

December 25 1980, 2115hrs.
Michael Pereira and Pedro Carmo were out on this fine night, when they observed an indistinct oval object, trailing a long thin streak, come from the east, pass over the sea, causing it to agitate and churn, then hover and change direction passing over their heads and going behind some hills. As the object moved slowly overhead then felt warm and experienced a tingling sensation. A couple of days later they both developed a rash on their shoulders, as well as nausea and headaches.
  • Randles 1983, p.78, citing letters from Michael Pereira 16 + 26 January 1981.
  • Evaluation: re-entry of satellite debris

December 26 1980, 0300hrs.
A security patrol at the USAF base at RAF Woodbridge saw unusual lights apparently land in the forest outside the base perimeter. Sgt James Penniston and Airman John Burroughs and another man went to investigate and saw a metallic triangular object in the forest, 2-3m long, 2m high, which illuminated the forest with its white light, surmounted by a red one, and with a row of blue lights underneath. It appeared to be on legs and, as the men approached, it moved away through the forest. In later years Penniston said he approached and touched a triangular craft 3m long, 2m high in a clearing, and to have made notes, taken photographs and noted and sketched symbols on the craft The next night a party led by Colonel Charles Holt inspected the forest after a military police patrol reported that the object was back. Halt and his colleagues saw a small red light, which seemed to approach then split into smaller white lights. Traces and increased levels of radiation were reported.
  • Clarke 2012, p.105 citing material in National Archives + his own investigations + investigation by Ian Ridpath and other sources.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013, p.231 and onwards.
  • Evaluation: satellite debris, and distant lights, including Orford Ness lighthouse and astronomical. Subsequent exaggerations by fantasy prone witness and investigators.

December 28 1980, 2115hrs.
Mrs Anne Clarke of Lowestoft was travelling in the back seat of a car bound for Blyburgh, there being three other people in the car, when at the junction of the A12 and A145, she saw a strange figure sitting on a fence. It then walked to the edge of the road, followed by a second figure. Both were dressed in long cloaks with hoods over their faces, and appearing to hold something in front of them. She watched until the car, passed then turned round but the figures had vanished. Her companions did not see them. The figures seemed solid but unreal
  • Lantern 32, p.12

December 29 1980, 2100hrs.
Betty Cash and her friend Vicky Landrum (60’s) and Vicky’s 7 year old grandson, Colby, were driving from New Caney to Dayton on HW 1485, when near Huffman a fiery diamond object, the size of the city water tank, descended to treetop level over the road ahead of them. They heard a beeping noise that persisted through the experience. From the object’s underside red-orange flames were periodically directed towards the road, with an audible whoosh. Betty stopped, afraid to drive under the object and they got out to watch. They were struck by the brilliant glow, strong heat and a roaring noise. Colby became terrified and he and Vicky got back into the car, while Betty remained watching. Finally the object rose away to the south west, seemingly pursued by about 20 helicopters. The previously cool car was now hot. Betty drove Vicky and Colby home, and then carried on to her home, feeling ill. Almost immediately she began to suffer from a swollen neck, head and facial blisters, swollen earlobes and eyelids, the latter so severe that she could not see for several days. Within four days she was suffering from nausea and diarrhoea so severe that she could not eat and had to be hospitalised for 15 days, where she also suffered from severe loss of hair. Even after discharge she continued to suffer from swellings, headaches and lack of appetite so that she was re-admitted after just a week. By the end of February she suffered from continuous headaches and tiredness such that she was unable to work. Vicky and Colby also suffered from stomach aches and diarrhoea. Colby suffered eyeburn and extreme anxiety, Vicky tingling in the scalp and some hair loss.
  • John Schuessler in MUFON UFO Journal 158, p.3 + 165 p.3, citing his own investigation.
  • Allen Hynek, Allan Hendry, John Schuessler etc. in Frontiers of Science May/June 1981, p.13, citing their own investigation.
  • Fawcett and Greenwood 1984, p.106.

December 30 1980 (approx. date) 0100hrs.
A security policeman at Bentwaters Base, Larry Warren alias Art Wallace was picked up by other troops and taken to a place in the Rendlesham Forest, where there were a large number of service personnel surrounding as transparent tablet shaped object, 15m diameter, hovering 30cm above the ground, emitting a pulsing, misty yellow light. A red light approached this thing, hovered 6m above it for some minutes, before dissolving into fragments. The tablet shaped object now transformed into a bright white domed disc with an intricate surface, highlighted by the military’s lights. As the men walked around the thing, their shadows seemed to precede them and apparently wait for them to catch up. Warren then lost consciousness, awaking at 0400, his memory of the night only gradually reappearing.
  • Fawcett and Greenwood 1984, p.215
  • Evaluation: hoax based on the events of the 25th.