INTCAT 1946-1949

1946. (or following year) Night.
A man saw a 1.8m tall being, dressed in a silvery suit, come in through his front door and up to the bedroom, while the man’s wife lay asleep. The being put its hand on the man’s head and ruffled his hair. During this the witness remained calm. He had a number of other anomalous experiences and claimed to be able to detect UFOs. 
  • UFORA Research Digest 17 p 3 citing UFO Research Queensland - Sunshine Coast Branch

1946. 0330.hrs.
May Ackerman was awoken by a brilliant light shining into her bedroom. It came from a large luminous oval with a transparent band across its centre through which a humanoid could be seen, hovering low over her neighbour’s yard 
  • Clark 1998 p 214 citing HUMCAT:
  • HUMCAT citing Bernard Delair citing Vimana 1,1 p2)

A 19 year old youth was returning home when he saw a domed disk hovering over his house then landing on the roof by means of four legs. An opening appeared in the bell shaped upper portion and a dwarf emerged, gesturing at the youth. He went inside to call his wife, when he re-emerged the thing had gone. 
  • Verga 2007 p 23 case 4601 citing M Cestellini in Paese Sera 13 August 1977
  • Evaluation: Lacks contemporaneous documentation

Lawrence Smith was walking along a country road near Aylesbury when he saw a huge dome shaped object in the field opposite. As he watched several transparent doors opened and shut . As he approached he saw beings in silvery suits working around the object. One of the beings said to the others “How did he get hear. Look at his clothes, they are at least a hundred years old.” Two of the beings seized him and dragged inside the object, but the “leader” told them to release him, and he broke away and ran through the doors and away from the thing. When he looked back it and the beings had disappeared. 
  • Norman Oliver in UFO Magazine 11,4 p25)

A cyclist going down Burnt House Lane towards the path to Great East Standen when what looked like a man in a leather jerkin and leggings and floppy black hat appeared in front of him, carrying what first looked like s gun and then an axe covered by a cloth. After the cyclist past he looked back but the stranger was nowhere to be seen. 
  • Green 1980 p81


A woman who lived between Fouke and Below Bridge saw a humanoid bring walking in a bushy hollow in a field. 
  • Blackburn 2012 p54 citing Leslie Greer
  • Evaluation: Only known second hand from a casual conversation between the witness and Greer recorded years later)

George Nott and his family took over a long abandoned homestead, after which they experienced footsteps, things moving, 5 toed footprints appearing around the property and encounters with a 1.7m tall creature with brown fur, which appeared in the house and on the veranda. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p223 case 70 citing Martin McAdoo “If only I’d listened to grandpa 1980

1946. 0800hrs.

At the site of the future Botanical Garden, Mr Djaco and his team, including a European saw a red coloured dwarf in a tall tree in the wooded area.
  • Heuvelmans 1962 p 428

1946. 2355hrs.

Mr and Mrs N Brown were staying in the country near Oakville when they observed two very large cigar shaped object, resembling zeppelins, pass overhead at terrific speed and 15m altitude, seemingly just clearing the tops of the telegraph wires across the railway. The objects had portholes along their sides, two at the front, two at the rear. From their rear, reddish flames issued. The objects were soundless. It was a full moon. 
  • John B Musgrave + J Bernard Delair both citing Canadian Flying Saucers (1957) p12 citing letter from Mrs Brown and report of Brotherhood Casa Loma meeting 14 November 1956
  • Evaluation: Reported 10 years after the event by someone who clearly had background knowledge in ufology. Possibly misperceived meteors.

Early 1946. 1800hrs.
Antonio de Silviers Bezerra (28) was at Pitangueiras Beach when, near the Hotel Le Plage, he saw two creatures, 2.1m tall creatures with white skins, black eyes and pointed ears, giving them a feline appearance, dressed in blue metallic looking suits and carrying white sticks surmounted by red spheres, The creatures only had three fingers on each hand. Antonio then heard a sound like the buzzing of bees, which drew his attention to a circular object with projections on its lower portion, a tripod landing gear, a row of yellow windows, the thing surmounted by a dome which emitted a red light. The witness fled but next day found three holes at the site. 
  • Boaventura 2015 p37 citing investigation by GUG (1987)

March 14 1946. 0500hrs.
Paul Cummings Jnr and Douglas Gowdy were driving east along H136, about 15km east of Havana when a bright luminous pale orange ball, 6m diameter, appeared in the highway about 1.5km ahead of them. The object glided towards them, only about 30cm above the 6m wide highway, which it covered from shoulder to shoulder. As the object came within 600m, the pair turned off the road, got out and lay in a ditch, fearing an atomic explosion. When they got up a few minutes later the object was nowhere in sight. The sun had not yet risen. 
  • Lorenzen 1969 p 23 citing investigation by Walt Andrus
  • Hall 1999 p23 citing MUFON files, gives date as April 14th

April 6 1946.

Mr Davison and his sister, who were living at Bucklow’s Court, saw a dark grey disc on the communal garden. A reporter from a local paper came. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a p 320 citing Margaret Fry
  • Fry 2009 p49
  • Evaluation: Simply a tale told to Margaret Fry by an elderly couple she met on a coach in the mid 1970s. No contemporaneous documentation

April 25 1946.
While out ice fishing, Don Cameron and his family saw 12-14 small discs descend at a 45 degree angle, about 25m away. They descended onto the ice, spinning, then rose 60cm, then descended again. As they carried on doing this Don walked towards the discs, which then rose at speed at the same angle and direction as their arrival. They left black marks on the ice where they had landed. 
  • Clark 1998 p 935 citing a 1957 (undated) issue of Northern News (Canada, not the UFO publication of that name!)
  • Feindt 2010 p146 gives date of the article as January/February. 1957 in Latchford (Ontario) Northern News

May 1946. Evening.
Industrialist Gosta Carlsson was coming back from collecting pollen for his bees when he observed a light among the trees. In a clearing was a disk shaped machine 16m diameter, 4m thick. It had a cupola with oval windows, and was surmounted by a projection 1.5m high which gave off a purple light. Beneath the machine were an oblong fin, 2 metallic landing legs and a small ladder which came down from a door near the fin. Around the edge of the disk were a number of openings. Beyond the object stood a man in white close fitting overalls, who gestured to Carlsson ,who was now only 10m away from the machine, to halt. There were 10 other occupants in or around the craft, 3 of them women, They put down their tools and looked at the witness. They were medium height, thin, had sunburned looking skin, the women had auburn hair. They wore black boots, gloves and waist bands and transparent helmets, the men wearing skull caps. The man who had gestured to Carlsson now pointed a black box at him, causing his miner’s helmet to go out. The beings seemed isolated by a sort of canopy of light. One of the women came out of the cabin and through an object at the witness across this canopy. When it was later retrieved it was found to be made of silicon. Carlsson also noticed a smell of ozone. He decided to return to the lake for about 30 minutes, then to go home via a different route, As he did so he saw the object take off, trailing jets from the openings along the bottom. Circles were found at the spot, visible in aerial photographs taken in 1947. and later but not in those taken in 1939. 
  • Sven Olof Fredrickson in FSR 18, 2 p15 citing investigation by GICOFF
  • Eugen Semitjov in Allers no 44
  • Evaluation: Carlsson went on to claim that the aliens gave him the formulae for an alternative medicine (Anneli Engstrom in INFO Journal 72 p 45). 
  • Probable hoax.

May 1946. Late Morning.

While his mother was cooking dinner, young Luis Villafane saw a small creature, about 1m tall, with large black eyes and fingers that reached down to its knees come to the door. The creature wore brown overalls. Luis called out to his mother and siblings, who saw the thing, but found themselves paralysed as the dwarf looked at them. It then dashed off into the dense bush. 
  • Scott Corralles in The Gate January 1994 p 5.

June 1946.

A young boy visiting his father on the Wright Field Base, looked through a hanger door and saw a domed disc about 6m in diameter standing on three legs. Nearby were three or four small brown humanoid bodies, with oversized pear shaped heads. The boy’s father later lost his job on the base. 
  • Rife 2001 p169 citing an internet posting.
  • Evaluation: Yet another “crashed flying saucer” story reported decades after the alleged event. Either a hoax or a false memory.

June 1946. (Approximate date) Day.#

Three people lying on a dock when a shiny object like pointed, silvery cam fell tumbling from the sky. It crashed some 5km away, producing a column of black smoke and when the trio drove to the site, they found the bush burning. Locals had heard an explosion. 
  • Rife 2001 p169 citing Sewickley Herald 10 July 1947. p10
  • Evaluation: Part from an aircraft?

Summer 1946. (or following year)
A circular top shaped object was seen moving down a river channel and apparently entering the water. 
  • Swords 2005 p 136 citing John Timmerman

Summer 1946. (or following year) 2030hrs.

A couple driving back to Franklin in their pickup truck from seeing a film in Milbridge were near the summit of St Catherine’s Hill when they saw a young woman walking by the side of the road. They stopped to offer her a lift and she sat between them. Despite wearing only a flimsy dress she denied feeling cold and gave evasive answers to questions as to where she was going she gave effusive answers. Concerned for her safety they offered to put her up for the night and gave her a bed on the sofa. That night the farm couple heard a commotion downstairs and when they got up next morning they found the kitchen utensils flung about and no sign of the stranger, though the doors were all locked on the inside. No-one in the area recalled ever having seen her, 
  • Gray 2008 p152
  • Evaluation: Sounds like a classic urban legend.


Vida Goldsworthy and her sister Mrs Maudwin were standing at the entrance to their apartment block as their dog ran on to some waste ground, when they heard a thud and looked around to see if anyone had thrown something at the dog. Over the hotel about 200m away an object was hovering 15m above the ground (1.5 above the hotel roof). It was Saturn shaped about 7.5-9m diameter, 4.5m high. The rim was brown at the edges, white in the centre, while the sphere was bright golden. The ladies began to lose interest, then noticed that the dog was standing quite at their feet. They then heard a clicking sound and saw that the sphere had descended from the saucer to the level of the hotel roof. After a few seconds there was another click and the sphere moved up again, through the solid surface of the saucer, where it hung, supported by two metallic pillars, while the contraption began to rotate. As the sphere moved up, 2 very tall (about 2m) men with fair complexions and short wavy hair appeared. They had all white uniforms with brown belts at the waist, stiff collars and pockets on their jackets. They had their arms behind their backs and seemed to be standing on a platform against a rail. They appeared to watch the women as their craft floated away, being lost to sight in two minutes. 
  • John Judge in FSR 24, 5 p14 citing his first hand investigation.

Summer 1946. 1600hrs.

Iain Johnston (6) was walking in the woods when the ambient sounds faded and he heard a female voice singing, after which a woman only 1m tall, with long red hair; an “ivory white” complexion and slanted eyes on a heart shaped head appeared from out of an oak tree. She was dressed in a tight fitting green dress. She asked him if she knew him and said she would back. 
  • Randles 1988 p35 citing letter from witness to Earth magazine Midsummer 1987
  • Earth 7 p14
  • Evaluation: The lyrical account is clearly the product of an adult imagination not that of a 6 year old child

Summer 1946. 1430hrs.

Airman 2nd class William L Witt observed through an artillery scope, a large top or diamond shaped, red object with rounded ends. It was spinning counter clockwise and descending with a tumbling motion, at about 65kph. It approached a clump of trees, rose above them, then descended again. It crossed from the southwest to the northeast horizon in about three minutes. 
  • Deneault and Lore 1969 p 148 citing NICAP files

July 9 1946.

An object surrounded by fire fell from the sky. No further details were given. 
  • Bjorn Overbye in FSR 15,2 p17 citing Dagens Nyheter n,d.)

July 9 1946.
An object ,with blue and green lights, flashing alternately, was seen coming from the northeast and then plunging into the lake about 100m from the witnesses. 
  • Hanks 2013 p 174
  • Randle 2010 p36

July 9 1946. 1435hrs.

A cigar shaped object was seen travelling close to the ground and then seemed to tumble down to the ground. 
  • Hanks 2013 p 174 citing Morgen Tidningen 11 Jul 1946.

July 9 1946. Afternoon.

An object hit the side of a mountain giving off a brilliant flash of light and leaving a smell of burning for about 15 minutes. 
  • Hanks 2013 p 174

July 10 1946. 

Several people saw an object trailing smoke crash into a beach leaving a metre wide crater in which something like slag was found. A newspaper reporter found a cylinder 20-30m (sic? really should be centimetres?) diameter at the site. 
  • Randle 2010 p36 citing Jerome Clark in International UFO Reporter July/August 1993

July 10 1946. 1435hrs.
A woman saw a blue-green tear shaped object come out of the northeast and fall into Lake Barken. 
  • Gross 1982/1946. p5 citing TT

July 11 1946. 1200hrs.
A triangular object 20m wide fell into the sea towards the east 
  • Overbye op cit

July 11 1946. 1430hrs.
A pilot, Mr Linden, and his family were having tea when a sphere, so large that it obscured the sun, descended at 40 degrees over the treetops, trailing a luminous wake. It crashed onto the beach near where some children were playing. There was a crater 2m diameter in which there was some dark porous substance that irritated the fingers. On analysis this found to be driftwood and iron slag 
  • Overbye op cit citing Arbeiderbladet + Aftenposten n.d.

July 11 1946.
Local residents saw a metallic looking winged object, which made a “growling” sound and emitted a fiery exhaust, come down in a field of rye. 
  • Gross 1982/1946. p38.
July 11 1946. Afternoon.
A fiery sphere, the apparent size of a human head, leaving a trail passed low over the trees and then shot off to the east. 
  • Gross 1946./1982 p10 citing TT

July 11 1946. 1430hrs.
A family visiting a farm saw an object moving along at treetop height, eventually disappearing behind the trees. 
  • Gross 1946./1982 p10 citing TT

July 14 1946. 2030hrs.
Farmer Cark Nilsson and a friend were out in the woods near his farm when they heard a dull humming sound and saw an object come from the south-east and pass to the north-west at 10-20m altitude. The thing seemed to explode about 400m away. 
  • Gross 1946./1982 p11 citing TT

July 18 1946. (Approximate date) 1200hrs.
Farmer Sigvat Skaug, his wife and two children, heard a noise like a violent wind and two cigar shaped machines, 2 mong, with wings, 1m long, extending from their bodies, passed overhead so low that Mrs Skaug and her daughter, who were nearest, had to duck their heads. The air from the objects bent the trees as they passed over them. The two objects fell simultaneously into the lake, throwing up water several metres. 
  • Overbye op cit p 18 citing Afternposten 20 July 1946.

July 19 1946. 1145hrs.
Kurt Lindback (38) was haymaking with his maid Beda Persson (18) on this hot day when they heard a humming sound and saw something they first thought was an aircraft. They then saw that it was a cylindrical thing, about 2m long, which fell into the lake about 1.5km away. The thing was grey, with a “stub nose” and appeared to have small wings. The thing threw up a column of water when it hit the lake. It was independently seen by Frideborg Tagabo (14) who was just 200m from the crash site and who reported a loud explosion. Searches were apparently fruitless. 

July 22 1946.
A large object fell into a lake leaving a large hole in the mud at the bottom. 
  • Overbye ibid citing Goteborg Handel + Sjofarts Tiding n.d.)

July 29 1946. 

A rocket shaped contraption, 3m long with painted lettering on the side entered into Lake Kolmjervsjon 
  • Ibid citing Dagens Nyheter n.d.
August 1946. 2030hrs.
A young man cycling home encountered a pan shaped object by the road. Nearby were two small beings 90cm-1m tall. One of the beings was holding on to an acacia branch, which he broke off before re-entering the machine through an opening in the underside. Traces of burning were found at the site. Some investigators suspected a hoax 
  • UFO Register Vol 6 p8
  • GESAG 43 p7
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Hugo Hus in GESAG Special Bulletin p17

August 8 1946.
A motorist heard a whistling sound and a few moments later an object passed his car at a distance of 10m and an altitude of 3m, heading south. 
  • Overbye in FSR 15, 3 p18 citing Dagens Nyheter n.d.

August 9 1946. Late Night.
A fireball fell to the earth. 
  • Ibid p19

August 13 1946. 2100hrs.
An object shaped somewhat like a fish was seen to fall silently from the sky. 
  • Ibid

August 13 1946.
Three fishermen observed a rotating object, emitting a shower of sparks, fall into the water nearby 
  • Ibid

August 13 1946. 2000hrs.
A cigar shaped object, 1.5m long, passed by at a distance of 50m. The body emitted a faint green light and smoke was given off at the rear. 
  • Ibid

August 15 1946. (Approximate date) Afternoon.
Michael Elder was climbing up St Rule’s Tower, when, near the top, he turned a corner in the darkness, then saw a figure ahead, only the lower part of which was lit by the light from the window. It was wearing something like a cassock tied at the waist, and Elder heard it say “It’s all right, you may hold on to me if you want to”. Elder declined and carried on to the top, where he talked with another visitor. On his way down he thought the meeting with the monk was strange and made enquiries, but no-one else had seen the figure. 
  • Holder 2012a p57 citing Cook 1983

Late August 1946. 1715hrs.
Margaret Louise Sprankle, a civilian employee at Tinker Air Force Base, had just arrived back at her 22nd Street home, when, above an evergreen, she saw an object hovering at low altitude 90m away at an elevation of 45 degrees. I was a vertical disk about 22m in diameter, its broadside facing her. In the lower right hand quadrant of the disk were 12-14 square windows, through which light was shining, apparently sunlight coming in from similar windows on the other side of the disk. This light silhouetted the head and shoulders of an occupant in each window. They gave the impression of being large round, bald heads (or possibly helmets of some sort), pale in colour, with dark somewhat close set eyes and narrow shoulders. They seemed to be somewhat short and to be moving slightly. The machine was the colour of dull aluminium, silent and odourless. When the machine turned to leave she saw it was shaped like two saucers put together. As she called to her mother the object disappeared to the north-west in less than 5 seconds. The witnesses had a technical background and was considered competent and sincere by investigators 
  • Ted Bloecher in Skylook 80 p6 citing investigation by Mildred Higgins and Lou Farish
  •  Personal communications from Ted Bloecher and Lou Farish)

August 22 1946.
Something plunged into the sea causing the water to boil. 
  • Russell 1962 p 152

Late August/Early September 1946. 1830hrs.
Armando Picco (12) was upstairs watching a thunderstorm, when, as it stopped raining, he heard a piercing hiss, apparently coming from the sky, becoming so loud that he had to cover his ears. When the hiss faded, the lad looked up to see a transparent object hovering over a house roof 50m away. Inside this was a seated dwarf, apparently working some sort of control panel. The machine went behind a roof to the left and when it reappeared closer, the boy could see that it was oval shaped, and could see a second dwarf inside, who walked up to the one seated. They were 1.15-1.2m tall, with oversized heads, narrow shoulders and thin bodies and were wearing overalls and hoods. The uncovered portions of their faces were pale. They appeared to be speaking to each other while stood on a sort of dark floor. The object began to move erratically, as if in trouble. Armando received an impression that “they come from other worlds”. The craft then took off slowly over some trees, hovered for a moment, then accelerated away. 
  • Verga 2007 p24 case 4602 citing letter from witness in Il Giornale dei Misteri 284 p60 + Chiumiento 2004 p15.
  • Evaluation: Verga considers detail excessive for long period, nearly 50 years, between event and report. Hoax or false memory, perhaps a confused memory of a helicopter.

Fall 1946. Evening.
Something like car with lights on came down the road by a place called The Schofields and just disappeared. This was seen on two occasions, in the second by two girls going to a meeting. 
  • Creighton 1957 p235.

September 6 1946.
A red ball of light was seen moving very low and very slow over New Orleans. 
  • Gross 1976 p67 citing Vincent Gaddis in Sir March 1948. p56.

September 11 1946. 0500HRS.
Mrs Karen Campbell driving home to Pona City (Okl) from a trip to Denver, had just reached the west edge of Ulysses when she coming towards her at high speed, about 1m above the road, a dull, copper coloured, circular object, as wide as the road and about 1.2m high, surmounted by a sort of oval cupola. The object banked and took rapidly, making a sound like a rushing wind as it did so, and revealing some sort of structure on its underside. Karen drove away at speed and was greatly shaken by the experience. 
  • Green and Smith 1967 p27.

Late September 1946. 2355hrs
A woman saw a ball of light approach her house at great speed and fall in front of it, producing a cloud of smoke. 
  • Rife 2001 p188 citing Clark 1998b p582

Late 1946. Night.
On a cold and dark night two schoolboys out bicycling saw the area illuminated by a powerful light and saw a large object hovering just over the power lines. They observed it for about 3 minutes. 
  • Rife 2001 p165 citing an internet posting

October 1946. 0020hrs.
A woman was rendered hysterical when she saw a white thing, like a woman in a long gown, going along the power lines. Other people saw the figure and heard sounds like a crying baby. 
  • Klass 1974 p96 citing Olga Curtis in The Denver Post 20 October 1968

November 1946.
An anonymous airman was shown by a guard an object, like two bowls rim to rim 4,5m diameter, 2m thick, with a row of windows along the side. It was made of some metallic material that resisted attempts to penetrate the hull. 
  • Randle 2010 p38 citing Clark McClelland
  • Evaluation: Just another anonymous “things I learned in the services story” related decades after the alleged event

1947.+ or - 1 year, 0300hrs. 

A group of children walking to the local store saw a reflection in the woods. One 9 year old girl went forward and encountered a silvery circular object on the ground. When she approached farther a sort of fence appeared around the thing and being approached and silently asked her what she was doing there and told her she would not be hurt. Her cousins tried to pull her away. There was then a gap of about 5 hours. Some- time after this her family was intimidated by someone in military uniform. 
  • Dennett 2008 p126 citing Internet sources.

1947. (Or following year) Night.

A small girl, Sylvia was suddenly awoken by a bluish-white light flooding her bedroom through the window. Outside the surroundings were illuminated by a sort of huge cloud hovering 30m above the ground. Its silvery bottom was larger than the top, but its edges were blurred by the intense light. Gliding down from this “cloud” on a sort of ramp were tall beings wearing blue-silver robes, in groups of four about 1m apart, their feet immobile, as they went behind a low hill in the distance. She was reluctant to leave the window but then had an urgent desire to go back to sleep so returned to her bed and fell into a deep sleep. She didn’t talk about the experience next morning. Around the time this occurred her small brother talked about “little green men” visiting him regularly. 
  • Greg Long in International UFO Reporter 19, 4 p16 citing own investigation

A man saw a disc land and from it emerge a small being who said “intelligence is forbidden for constipated people and cancer comes from stomach ache", then reboarded the object which then took off. 
  • Alain Gamard 1979 citing Zurcher citing Aime Michel

Mr Dakhu saw a humanoid being, about 1.7m tall tall, covered in brown red hair and with a conical head, walk towards him on two legs. The thing had broad shoulders. Dakhu left the scene to attend to his flock. 
  • Freeman 2011 p31 citing Charles Stonor

1947. Morning.
17 year old Jose Carmen Garcia met a very tall gaunt looking man, who resembled an albino with gaunt, hollow distorted features distorted features. The stranger told the farmer that he had been held captive by "humanoids" in the interior of a nearby inactive volcano. His captives spoke in an unintelligible gibberish and lived on giant vegetables. The stranger then sketched a formula on a piece of paper which he claimed was the secret to growing huge vegetables, which he had memorised. He then walked away The farmer indeed has been able to grow giant vegetables ever since.
  • Fortean Times 33 p31 citing San Francisco Chronicle 9 February 1980, Stillwater (Minnesota) Gazette 30 May 1980, North Shore News 8 June 1980, all? citing investigation by William Robinson of San Diego

A brilliant triangular object was seen, and occupants were visible inside 
  • Pereira 1974

Nellie Werner and her husband were driving their jeep down a logging road. Rounding a bend they almost collided with two almost naked people with long hair and wrapped in skins. One of the beings carried a stick with a sort of bag on the end and appeared to eb leading the other, which seemed to have its hands tied together. The leader was 2.5m tall, the other 1.8m tall and broader. Both had bushy eyebrows and small eyes. 
  • Hunter and Dahinden 1975 p103

 A landing and occupant report No further details and may be a duplicate of the CAV case 

A young woman was driving on a highway on the outskirts of Fort Worth, when a discoid object 8m diameter flew overhead. The witness stopped her car and waved at the object, which tilted, the occupants gesturing back. The silent object then moved off.
  • Trench 1966 p97

Prospera Munoz and her sister were on their uncle’s farm when they saw a circular object land and two small beings with large heads got out. They told the girls that they would come back for one of them that night. They came for Prospera and took her into a huge disc shaped object where she was given a medical examination and a devise was inserted in her neck. 
  • Scott Corrales in Roleff 2003 p38

Mrs E Waywell and Mrs P Hardman were walking in the woods near Castle Hill when they encountered a white humanoid shape. 
  • Ludlam 1966 p870

Mr SV saw a dark red, non blinding luminosity fly slowly at 15m altitude. It curved over a house and disappeared. 
  • Verga 2007 p28 case 4702 citing letter from witness in La Nueva Sardegna 20 November 1962.

An elephant hunter Mr Dunckel killed a small primate with red brown hair in the forest between here and Toulepleu. The corpse disappeared on the journey home. 
  • Heuvelmans 1962 p 428

1947. 0800hrs.
A worker taking a meterological reading at the Adiopodoume Botanical Garden about 19km from the town centre suddenly encountered a dwarf with red fur and dark hair. Both man and creature ran off in opposite directions. 
  • Heuvelmans 1962 p426

1947. Day.
A child saw a small being with a huge head wearing a black jumpsuit following a little girl, close behind. This girl later developed paranormal powers. 
  • Eric Zurcher in LDLN 195 p26 citing Aime Michel

Winter 1947.
A woman driving home with her son encountered a brilliant luminous sphere on the road ahead. Her car would not stop and became buffeted by wind. When the car collided with it, the sphere rolled over a high embankment and disappeared into a maize field. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p 136 citing Bill Chalker

January 1947.

Wayne Henthorne and a friend were out driving when their jeep was stopped by a military patrol. Beyond the cordoned off area they could see a domed disc standing on legs 
  • Hamilton 1991 p21.
  • Evaluation: Unverified anecdote first told in 1980.

March 1947. 
A motorist encountered a disc shaped object 20m diameter, 5 thick hovering just above the ground in a nearby field. It then rose vertically out of sight in a matter of seconds. 
  • Rife 2001 p 162 citing an Internet posting.

Spring 1947.
A 36 year old nurse Pierina Gilli or Guilli encountered in a room in the hospital, the figure of a “beautiful” woman wearing a violet dress and white veil and with three swords in her chest. The figure was identified as the Virgin Mary and other encounters followed. 

March/April 1947. Morning.
A man out driving saw several silvery disc shaped objects, 12m diameter leaving a trail of smoke, revolving and hovering over the airport 
  • Rife 2001 p 163 citing Welch Daily News 15 July 1947.

Spring 1947.
A young boy was sat under a tree reading while his brother was playing in a nearby creek, when he heard a buzzing sound and a silver grey object landed in front of him. An opening appeared and four or five creatures resembling praying mantises, wearing dull silver grey body covering lacking zips and buttons, emerged. One creature approached the boy, put its hands on his shoulder and took the book he was reading. Its black eyes clicked like a camera. It told him by telepathy not to look up as they were leaving. The boy heard the hum again and looking up saw the object take off in the direction of Washington, pursued by four military planes. His brother, in the creek, could not move and had the witness had to drag him away. Both boys suffered from intense thirst and the witness had to spend several days in bed. He later found a large circle of brown grass at the spot. 
  • Rife 2001 citing an Internet Posting.
  • Evaluation: Only revealed decades later, clearly reflecting later lore. Hoax or false memory perhaps based on a dream.

April 1947. 0815hrs.
Mr Maxime Orliange was out driving when he observed a lens shaped object, 30m diameter, surmounted by a cupola, in field below him. The object turned slowly gaining height and stopping some 400m from the car at an altitude of 30m. A bluish light was coming from where the cupola joined the disc. After hovering the object disappeared vertically and almost instantaneously. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Pierre Pouquet in Le Courrier Interplanetaire 50.

May 1947.1155hrs
A young girl saw a tiny creature 20cm tall glide in through an open window and hover about 2.5cm above the table. It was a female figure dressed in pink gauzy material, long blond hair with a pink band, shimmering wings and “perfect” teeth and feet. After about 30 seconds it flew back out of the window. 
  • Norman Oliver in UFO Magazine 11,4 p25

May 10 1947. 2300hrs.
Mr Fortt and a companion were exercising their dogs in a field when they observed an oval object like soup bowls, one on top of the other approaching. The object was metallic, emitted a red glare and had a row of bright lights in its centre and was descending in a shallow angle. A faint humming sound could be heard. When Fortt called out to his companion at the other end of the field the object moved away at terrific speed. 
  • DIGAP files
June 1947 or following month. 0200hrs.
Thomas Adams was on guard duty at RAF Scorton when he was awakened by a powerful throbbing sound that hurt his ears. Going outside he saw an intense electric blue glow beside some trees on a hill to the west. When the glow faded the sound subsided. Thomas felt he should not talk about the incident. 
  • Randles 2002 p142
June 4 1947. 1600hrs.
Angela Volpini (7) was sat on the grass at a place called Bocco just outside the village making bunches of flowers while looking after the cattle when she felt herself lifted up into someone’s arms. She thought it was her aunt but when she looked round she saw it was a beautiful unknown woman who claimed to be bringing the world happiness. This was interpreted as a Marian vision and similar visions continued until Angela was 16. 
  • Maunder 2016 p128.

June 10 1947. 2300hrs.
Mrs Coral Lorenzen saw a light glow at the foot of some hills to the south, in Mexican territory. It look on a definite spherical shape then rose rapidly into the sky, vanishing in about 6 seconds 
  • Lorenzen 1962 p14, 1966 p16.

June 10 1947. 2230hrs.
A 70 year old woman saw, outside her window, travelling fast, a circular object in which she could see, sitting, a slim man in what looked like a navy uniform 
  • Ted Bloecher citing Worcester Daily Telegram 7 July 1947.
  • Evaluation: Aircraft?

June 24 1947. Afternoon.
Farmer Bill Schuening was driving his pickup truck on a country road 40km north of Pendleton, when he heard a humming noise, and coming over a rise, he saw a shiny silvery sphere hovering 1.5-2m above the ground. Standing underneath it were two beings 1m tall, dressed in green suits and white helmets. After a few seconds the beings disappeared and the craft took off to the east, circled then flew off towards the mountains. 
  • Clark 1998 p 214 citing Hal McCone in Pendleton East Oregonian 24 June 1987.
  • Evaluation: Lacks contemporaneous documentation.

June 24 1947. 2300hrs.
Mrs Gertrude Kirkpatrick saw an object about the size of a plate in her yard, outside her window. It was visible for a few seconds and gave off three red flashes 
  • Bloecher 1967 case 49 citing Salem Oregon Statesman 29 June 1947.

June 25 1947. (Approximate date) 0300hrs.
Mrs Hart observed a formation of 13 small disc shaped objects “about the size of breakfast plates” float overhead and hover above an orchard near her home for about 10 seconds 
  • Ibid case 50 and pII- 16 citing Pittsburg Post Gazette 8 July 1947 + Harrisburg Patriot 8 July 1947 + Chicago News 7 July 1947.

June 27 1947.
Erv Dill and his neighbour Mrs Cummins saw a shiny object that appeared to land on nearby hills. 
  • Hall 1999 p38 citing Randle and Schmitt 1991 p 18.

June 27 1947. 1030hrs.
Electrical worker, John A Petsche and five other people independently saw a shiny disc shaped object that appeared to land near Tintown. Among the other witnesses were John C Rylance, I W Maxwell, and Milton Luna who were at Cole Hill, about 2.5km from Petsche. 
  • Lorenzen 1962 p 16 and 1966 p17 citing undated issues of Bisbee Review and Douglas Dispatch.

June 28 1947. Daytime.
Farmer H. E. Soule saw a disc shaped object about 60cm diameter of a “non shiny aluminium” colour come out of the northwest at 60m altitude. The object swooped low over his house, narrowly missing the roof, veered eastward, gaining altitude rapidly as it followed the highway for about 1.5km., before turning south east and disappearing from sight at an amazing speed. 
  • Bloecher 1967 case 93 + p II-11 citing Portland Oregonian + Salt Lake City Desert News + St Paul Pioneer Press + Cleveland Plain Dealer all of 5 July 1947.

June 29 1947. Daytime.
Near Cliff, rancher Arthur Howard saw a round shiny object fall to earth in broken ground near his ranch. Two pilots, Bud Hagen and Ed Nelson made an aerial search of the area. They found no traces except for an unaccountable area of “stinking air” at the presumed landing site. 
  • Ibid case 105 + p II-12 citing Albuqueque Journal 30 June 1947.

June 30 1947. 0910hrs.
Lt William G McGinty, a navy flight student saw, over the Grand Canyon near here, two light grey circular objects descending straight down from an altitude of 7, 500m, one after the other. They were about 3 in diameter and moving at inconceivable speed. They appeared to land some 40km from the south rim of the canyon. 
  • ibid case 115 + p II-12 + Vallee Case 59 both citing Blue Book Files.
  • Evaluation: Probably meteorites (USAF conclusion)

June 30 1947. Night.
Mr and Mrs C E Bellam saw a luminous light bulb shaped object low over a forest. It had a sort of tail and made a whistling sound.
  • Bloecher op cit case 127 citing Knoxville Journal 8 July 1947.

Summer 1947.
A young woman was washing clothes when she saw a bright light approach. It came from an object like one plate inverted over another, which landed silently. From it emerged a man about 2m tall, wearing a bright white suit and with a lamp on his forehead. He approached the woman, pointed to the ground and said something like “Terra Terra”. The woman fainted and when she recovered the object and being had disappeared. She was so shaken by the incident she needed medical treatment. 
  • Patrick Gross citing Luis Gonzalez citing Robiou 1979 p473 + Rosales citing Dr Sergio Cervera.

Summer 1947. (Approximate date) Evening.
Mrs Allensby saw a small female figure, about 60cm tall, appear on her hearth. The being had “rosy” cheeks and curly golden hair and wore a bright blue dress. The being smiled and then disappeared. 
  • Johnson 2014 p154.

Summer 1947. 2355hrs.
Mr and Mrs John Kauffman woke to see a large luminous disc passing their bedroom window. It appeared to be a clearly defined object 60cm in diameter and silently moved over their yard fence. John went down to investigate and saw the object making right angle turns to follow the contours of the fence. After 20 minutes the family went back to bed. 
  • Williamson 1959 p137.

Mid 1947. 
Thor Heyerdahl and his crew on the raft Kon Tiki saw a disturbance in the sea while something like a large wheel emerged, rotated in the air then sank again. 
  • Clark 2012 p 215 citing Heyerdahl’s Kon Tiki 1950.

July 1947. 0530hrs.
Andrew Bryce Cherry (18) was waiting at a bus stop when he saw an object descending from high altitude to about 100m altitude. It was 3-5m diameter, had a sort of marled composition and through a bevelled window, Andrew saw a human looking figure in dark clothes sat at what looked like a control panel. There was another occupant but Andrew could not make out any details. A fan shaped red-brown flame was coming from the rear and the craft was emitting a buzzing sound. Behind this was another, identical, craft. Both then tilted and shot off. 
  • Hanson and Holliday 2010a p52 citing investigations Ron Halliday, Malcolm Robinson and themselves. 
  • Halliday 1997b p50.
  • Evaluation: Yet another story reported decades later, confused memory of helicopters?

July 1947. 1500hrs.
Mrs M S was cycling along the road to Rouen, following the course of the Seine, when she saw on the road ahead, a sort of giant rugby ball 3m long, 2m high. Close by the object were 2 small beings about 1m tall. As she got within 100m of this spectacle, the lady rang her cycle bell. The 2 beings got up, looked at her and quickly entered the object, which then rose to about 100m, where it hovered, oscillating, for several seconds, before taking off at great speed. The witness then continued on her way, wondering what kind of deviltry she had been witness to. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing GESAG Bulletin no 5 citing Garreau and Lavier 1975 p85 citing Ouranous Phen. Incon. 4.
  • Clark 1998 p214 citing HUMCAT, gives location as Amfreville-La-Mi-Voie.
  • Patrick Gross citing Garraeau and Lavier op cit + Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p 50.
  • Evaluation: Not reported until 1972.

July 1947. Dusk.
Margaret Mortimore was on a train going from Wareham to Poole when she became aware of a dark figure in the otherwise deserted and poorly lit carriage. When the figure got up, Margaret saw that it was a woman dressed from head to toe in black, flowing robes, who looked at her to reveal a white face and staring eyes, which seemed to exude malice. The woman gestured at Margaret who felt impelled to jump out of the moving train, but was saved as the train came into the station. There was no sign of the figure on the platform. 
  • Guttridge 2009 p62 citing an a letter from Margaret Mortimore in an unspecified issue of Fate.
  • Evans 2002 p125 citing Fate November 1957 p55.

July 1947. Late night.

Frank Handford and his housekeeper Mrs Newman were awoken by the barking of their dogs. Fearing intruders, Frank and Mrs Newman went to investigate. Through the window overlooking their apple orchards they saw a luminous dome shaped object descending to the ground. From it emerged a ladder, down which three beings in silver suits, who picked up apples and some turf and re-entered their craft. The next day they found a large circle burned into the ground and scorching on a wicker gate. The police were called and they came with military personnel, who claimed that a search with Geiger counters revealed a high level of radiation, and warned the witnesses not to talk.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a p50 citing investigations by themselves and Robert and Marilyn Aldworth.
  • Evaluation: Only known from information supplied by Handford’s niece.

Early July 1947. 2300hrs.
Mrs A M King and another lady were standing on the deck of the “S S Llandovery Castle” when they observed a bright light approach. It was joined by a powerful searchlight. These lights were on a huge cigar shaped object, estimated to be four times the size of the ship, which descended to within 6m of the water, about 50m away. After a few seconds “flames” shot from the rear of the object, which rose at great speed. It was metallic, its only feature being a band of metal encircling it. The women found out that an officer and several other passengers had also seen the object. 
  • FSR 9, 3: Lorenzen 1966 p18 citing letter from Mrs King to Edgar Jarrold.
  • Civilian Saucer Intelligence Quarterly Bulletin 1,3 citing Australian Flying Saucer Magazine May 1953.

July 2 1947. 1415hrs.
Sergeant David Henary of the highway patrol and his passenger Walter Castro saw six small objects plummet down past the Golden Gate Bridge and into the bay. The object were silver, spherical and about the size of an American football. They fell fast 30cm apart from each other. 
  1. Bloecher 1947. case 158 + p III=14 citing various San Francisco papers for 3 July 1947.
  2. Evaluation: Birds?

July 2 1947. 2000hrs.
Mrs Margaret Gill, Mrs Zamora Lucas and the latter’s mother all observed a fiery red sphere south of here. It flew along and appeared to fall to earth. 
  • Hall 1999 p73 citing Auburn Globe Press 9 July 1947. p 1.
  • Evaluation: Bolide?

July 2 1947. 2030hrs.
Mrs Rose LePan saw a fiery bright round object, surrounded by a cluster of lights, about 1m long, flying very low at terrific speed. 
  • ibid case 162 citing Rutland Herald 9 July 1947.

July 3 1947. 1830hrs.
Ben Beeman, his daughter (Mrs Walter Johnson) and seven other members of his family observed a formation of eight or nine objects, “thicker than discs and looking more like washtubs” descend fast, hover in mid air, start again until they reached a clearing in the timber, where they descended with a fluttering motion into the wood, without appearing to damage the trees, a few at a time. The objects appeared to be the size of a five bedroom house and glittered like a mirror in sunlight, though there was no sun. The area where the objects landed was several kilometres away and the witnesses made no search. An aerial search by the National Guard and a ground search by the Sheriff’s department revealed no traces. A number of neighbours also saw the landing. 
  • ibid case 200 + [ II-12 citing Spokane Spokesman Review + Spokane Daily Chronicle + Seattle Post-Intelligence + Portland Oregonian and etc all of 7 July 1947.

July 4 1947. 1600hrs.
C P Quickel saw a large missile like object fall rapidly near the race track. 
  • ibid case 247 citing San Francisco Examiner 5 July 1947.

July 4 1947. Early Evening.

Virgil Been, a farmer about 2.5km north east of Elliott, his mother, Mrs Glen been and his brother Willard observed a small object about the size and shape of a dinner plate but green in colour, travelling fast at about 10m altitude. 
  • ibid case 255 + p II-16 citing Fargo Forum 6 July 1947. + St Paul Dispatch 7 July 1947.

July 5 1947. 0130hrs.
J. E. Johnson observed a bright flat object about 4m diameter, the apparent size of a dinner plate, fly over his house at terrific speed at about 8m altitude, making a swishing sound. The witness felt numb during the experience. 
  • ibid case 304 + p II-11 citing Sioux City Sunday Journal + Chicago Sunday Tribune + Seattle Times + Portland Oregonian all 6 July 1947. + Windsor Daily Star 7 July 1947.

July 5 1947. Pre-dusk.
Farmer Henry Seay was driving his cattle home 3km north of Fayetteville when he noticed a kind of dust falling on him. Passing overhead was a glowing object, 3-4m in diameter. The cattle bolted to the other side of the pasture. The object descended to ground level for a few seconds, about 200m away, in front of a barn. The round, flattened object then rose to about 10m before moving off horizontally at 80kph, leaving a trail of yellow sparks. The same farmer had seen three similar objects at between 150-200m altitude the previous night. 
  • ibid case 350 + p IV-1 citing investigation by Dr James McDonald + Little Rock Gazette + Little Rock Democrat + New Orleans Times all of 7 July 1947.

July 5 1947. Night.
Willard Fisk and his wife of Grand Rapids were camping out on Pond Lake when they observed a very small object, about 20cm in diameter, travelling at 60m altitude. It moved in a zigzag movement at one point descending to 6m above the surface of the lake. The object was silent, with a light that flashed on and off. The object then ascended into the sky. 
  • ibid case 348 + p II-16 citing Grand Rapids Herald 7 July 1947.

July 6 1947. 0200hrs.
W. D. Secrest was out hunting when he saw three disc shaped objects and hid. One of the discs hovered low over a field and Secrest was able to see two pilots in a cabin in the front. There was a sort of black hump at the rear. The disc circled the field before it went off to join its companions, taking the lead and the three headed off at speed. 
  • Rosales citing Project 1947.
  • Evaluation: Appears to lack contemporaneous documentation, could well be a helicopter

July 6 1947. 0500hrs.
While driving near Pocatello with her son, Mrs H C Maclean of Seattle observed a disc shaped object, about 80cm in diameter, which resembled a cart wheel descend on its edge, “like a wheel” on the road. It moved forward in a series of jerks and gave the impression of being under control. In the centre of the object was a bulge, like a plate welded onto the disc, with two narrow strips of metal above and below. The edge of the disc was surrounded by a tube with a funnel like opening at one end. When it was 20m ahead it rose up. No traces were found. The witness had the feeling that the object was giving off signals and was harmless. The whole observation lasted only 40 seconds 
  • ibid case 353 + p II-12 citing Seattle Post Intelligencer 8 July 1947. + Wyoming State Tribune 7 July 1947.
  • Hall 1999 p 49 citing letter from witness in Pocatello Tribune 7 July 1947.

July 6 1947. 0600hrs.
While fishing several kilometres north of the Hialeah Bridge, near Miami Springs, Mr and Mrs Fred Walsh of Boston saw two round silvery objects, followed by a third similar one, rise out of the Everglades “like some species of bird” to 2,000m. The objects were about 4m in diameter and flew due south. 
  • ibid case 382 + p II-12 citing Miami Herald + Tampa Morning Tribune + Tallahasse Daily Democrat + Boston Globe all of 7 July 1947.)

July 6 1947. Early morning.
Mrs Helene Bernard observed a bright, blue-white round object hovering at treetop level over her backyard. 
  • ibid case 385 + p II-7 citing Newark Evening News 7 July 1947.

July 6 1947. Morning.
Mr Lloyd, a farmer, was ploughing in his vineyard when he observed a grey object, the size of a car steering wheel travelling 6m above the ground in a southerly direction about 90m away. The object travelled in a straight line and narrowly missed Lloyd’s pump house, maintaining the same altitude. He was unable to hear any sound from it, above the noise of the tractor. 
  • Gross 1976 p 91 citing Stockton Record 8 July 1947.

July 6 1947. Day.
While playing basketball in a field near US24, Miss Barbara Mehner saw a dark grey object, 13cm in diameter, circle above for sever; times at 60cm altitude. 
  • Bloecher op cit case 399 + p II-16 citing Kansas City Star 7 July 1947.

July 6 1947. Afternoon.
Mr and Mrs Francis Howell who were in their yard with another couple noticed a circular object north east of the house. It was descending with a “kite like” motion. The object, which appeared to be about 60cm in diameter, was flat, thin and appeared to be made of an aluminium like but transparent substance. The disc descended behind a row of trees, and was the witnesses approached to within 600m of the site, rose up at 45 degrees then moved away rapidly to the north west. 
  • ibid case 431 + p II-13 citing Blue Book Files + Phoenix Arizona Republican 7 July 1947. and numerous other papers of that and the following day

July 6 1947. Night.
Mr A C Smith saw two small lights, 18cm in diameter, at an altitude of 6m. For about two the lights bobbed about, merged and separated before they ascended at high speed. They did not give the impression of being solid objects.
  • ibid case 501 + p II-16 citing New York Sun + New York Journal American + Harrisburg Herald all 7 July 1947.

July 6 1947. 2355hrs.
Mrs Clarence Lasseson observed a disc shaped object with something like a propeller at the rear. It flew over the house at treetop height, at which it was the apparent diameter of a dinner plate. 
  • ibid case 526 + p II-16 citing Minneapolis Star 7 July 1947.

July 7 1947.
While out driving, Joseph T Kuntz and Bernard Jagodzinski saw a fiery copper coloured disc traveling at 320kph at treetop height. They attempted to give chase. 
  • ibid case 536 citing Indianapolis Star 8 July 1947.

July 7 1947.
Mrs Edward Puckhaber, with her neighbours Mrs William Denver and Harold Brown, observed a disc hover over her yard for a short time 
  • ibid case 542 + pII-8 citing San Francisco Examiner 8 July 1947.

July 7 1947.
Gene Gamachi of South 8th Street and some neighbours, including I. W. Martesson and Gordon Pollock observed a number of disc shaped objects land on a roof. From these emerged several small beings which fled when reporters approached. 
  • Bloecher 1967 case 547 and Bloecher personal communication citing Tacoma Times Tribune 8 July 1947.

July 7 1947. 1510hrs.
Two teenagers were surf fishing when they noticed a flat glistening object coming in from the ocean. It rapidly lost altitude and hit the water about 350m from the shore, the impact throwing up a large column of water. The object, which was about the size of a car tyre, floated for a few minutes then sank. 
  • Gross 1976 p 89 citing San Rafael Independent 10 July 1947. p 14)

July 7 1947. 1510hrs
A man, who preferred to remain anonymous, observed six disc shaped objects, the size of small plates, hovering over power lines near his home, as he heard strange noises on his radio. About the same advertising man Ralph Whitmore had seen six silvery discs going North East from Roosevelt Park in the direction of Mount Wilson. 
  • Gross 1976 p 92 citing Riverside Daily Press 8 July 1947. p1
  • Bloecher op cit cases 636 and 637 + p IV-3 citing various Los Angeles papers of 8 July 1947.

July 7 1947.
Tommy Bates (15) of Lanier Section observed seven silvery metallic objects flying rapidly in formation at the height of the treetops. They were the apparent size of saucers. 
  • Bloecher op cit case 639 citing Montgomery Advertiser 8 July 1947.

July 7 1947. 2020hrs.

Housewife Mrs J P Gibbs saw a fiery flat object fall to the ground 80m from the house. No traces were looked for. 
  • ibid case 663 citing Daily Oklahoman 8 July 1947.

July 7 1947. 2040hrs.
W B Robinson and W P Meecham and, independently, Mrs J P saw a fiery disc descend vertically with a whirling motion. The glow was visible for two seconds after landing 
  • ibid cases 667 and 668 citing Louisville Times + Louisville Post Dispatch both of 8 July 1947.

July 7 1947. 2030hrs.
While walking home neat August Country Club, Charles Crockett (15) observed a cluster of lights in the west, over the north end of Lake Cobbosseecontee. Arriving home, he altered his mother Doris and grandmother Abbie Hallowell, and all three saw a circular stationary light, resembling the moon through cloud, around which were revolving 8-10 flashing lights. This cluster was observed for 15 minutes at treetop height, before fading away. Boxing spectators at nearby Withrop saw similar lights, which were explained as searchlights on clouds. 
  • Ibid cases 659 + 660 + p II-20 citing Bangor Daily News + Augusta Daily Kennebec Journal both of 8 July 1947.
July 8 1947. (Approximate date)
A man driving by an airfield saw a disk land and from it emerge two “luminous beings all heads and arms and legs”. They exchanged gestures with the witness before returning to the object, which took off in a cloud of dust. 
  • Gross 1976 p96 citing Nashville Tennessean 9 July 1947.)

July 8 1947. (Approximate date) 
An 18cm diameter disc crashed through some trees. 
  • Johnson 1998

July 8 1947.

A merchant seaman was walking in Acres Home addition when a large silver disk landed in front of him. A being 60cm tall, with a disproportionately large head “the size of a basketball” emerged, shook hands with the witness, then re-entered the object, which ascended rapidly. 
  • Bloecher 1967 678 + Ted Bloecher personal communication citing Houston Daily Post 9 July 1947.

July 8 1947. 

Student Oliver Obenhaus observed a fast object that swooped towards the ground. 
  • ibid case 703 citing St Louis Post Dispatch 8 July 1947.

July 8 1947. 1150hrs.

Five people (Major Richard Shoop, Colonel Sigma Gilkey, Capt John F Stapp and Mr Oliver Cooper, assembled at Area 2 of Rogers DryLake, observed a thin metallic object several kilometres away. The 15m diameter object was descending from 6,000m at a slow rate and appeared to be rotating. It appeared to be descending to ground level before being obscured by mountains. 
  • ibid case 727 + p III-4 citing Blue Book Files
  • Sidney Shallet in Saturday Evening Post 30 April 1949
  • Ruppelt 1956c p33
  • Heard 1950 p18
  • Vallee 1966a p51
  • Hall 1964 pp55, 130, 158
  • Keyhoe 1970 p28
  • Interview by James McDonald with Cooper
  • Evaluation: Accounts of witnesses differ.

July 9 1947. 0530hrs.

Marvin Wright and John P Alinger observed a grey shining disc, travelling at 800 kph, which descended to below the trees. 
  • Bloecher op cit case 788 citing Springfield State Register 9 July 1947

July 9 1947. 1710hrs.

Mr and Mrs Raymond E Lane were picking berries when they heard a puffing sound and saw a white ball of fire, resembling a sparkler firework, less than 30m away. The light was about the size of a bushel basket and was hovering 2m or so above a stretch of sand. After about 15 minutes the light went out. A dark substance and some metallic fragments were found on the sand. The metal was found to comprise mainly of silver, the dark residue contained iron, aluminium and titanium. A fine powder found at the site was found to consist of thorite. 
  • ibid case 802 citing Blue Book Files
  • Evaluation: The Air Force concluded a hoax had been played on the witnesses.

July 9 1947. 1815hrs.

Cliff Markham and members of his crew at the Layrite concrete producing plant on Erie and Trent streets observed three disc shaped objects spinning over the Sperry Flour Mill. Their velocity was 80-100kph. One of the objects left the group and appeared to land on the banks of the Spokane River. Searches revealed no traces. 
  • ibid case 803 + p II-13 citing Spokane Daily Chronicle 10 July 1947

July 20 1947.

A family were driving near Raton when a blue, luminous object came down out of the sky and paced their car for about 65km. After 45 minutes the thing took off at high speed and disappeared. 
  • Dennett 2011 p21 citing NUFORC
  • Evaluation: Reported decades after the event

July 10 1947. 1145hrs.

Mrs L B Ogle observed a small bright object, which appeared to quiver, outside her downstairs window, which was 1.5m above the ground. This light appeared to be only 17cm in diameter 
  • Lorenzen 1966 p 19 citing an undated issue of Douglas Dispatch

July 23 1947. Day.

Aviation journalist John Janssen (or Jenssen) was flying at about 2,000m when his attention was caught by an intense shaft of light, like flash bulb coming from above his position. At that point his engine misfired and then stopped, though his aircraft remained on a level altitude. He felt a prickling in his body, like an electric shock and had a feeling of being watched. Looking up he saw a dull metallic, flanged disc shaped object with a row of portholes. The thing was hovering about 400m away. A second disc was at higher altitude. John then had an urged to turn back on his magneto switch and restart the engine, which now worked well. 
  • Wilkins 1954 p73
  • Evaluation: Probably fictional but note a very early introduction of the equipment malfunction motif

July 23 1947. Day.

Topographer Jose Higgins and some of his workers heard a high pitched whistling sound, which made Jose’s hair stand on end, and saw a circular machine with protruding edges. The workers fled as the object landed 50m away. It appeared to be 30m wide, 5m high, crossed by tubes and made of a grey-white metal, and landed on legs. As Higgins approached he noticed an opening trough which 2 beings could be seen. A sort of door then open through which 3 of the beings emerged. They were dressed in a kind of transparent suit, through which it could be seen they were wearing shirts, short pants and sandals, and carrying a sort of metallic pack on their backs. They were almost hairless, with large round eyes, were of indeterminate sex and were about 2m tall. They appeared to be identical to each other. They formed a sort of triangle around Higgins, one of them pointing a sort of tube at him, as if to force him into their craft. Jose looked through the door, but could only see a small cabin with another door and a pipe. He also several rounded planks on the base and border. One of the beings made a drawing of a spot on the ground, surrounded by seven circles. They centre they called “Alamo” and the seventh circle “Orque”. The beings seemed to hide from the sunlight. Higgins, fearful that they were going to take him ,made excuses to leave and hid in the bushes, and from this refuge watched the beings jump high into the air and toss huge stones. After about 30 minutes of this play, they re-entered the machine which took off. Higgins felt that the beings were beautiful, and if it had not been for the presence of the other workers, he would have regarded the episode as a “strange and fascinating dream”. 
  • APRO Bulletin May 1961 p 1 citing Cuntiba Diara de Tarde 8 August 1947. + Bauru Correo do Noroeste 7 August 1947. + O Cruziero n,d (c1954) + La Razon 13 April 1950
  • Elidio Hernandes in Babcock and Beckley 1978 p40 citing Diario da Tarde 27 July 1947
  • Trench 1958 p163
  • Lorenzen 1967 p107
  • Clark and Coleman 1975 pp31, 38
  • Boaventura 2015 p47 citing Diario de Tarde 8 August 1947.

July 30 1947. Predawn.

A motorist driving between Torquay and Estevan was keeping his eye on the storm clouds in the north east when he saw a revolving circular object with fiery outer edges, about the size of a tractor wheel, about 1.2m thick come out of the clouds and descend close to the ground, before taking off again rapidly. 
  • Hall 1999 p 70 citing Canduff Gazette-Post-News 14 August 1947, p1 + Estevan Mercury 31 July 1947. p 1

July 30 1947. 1600hrs.

While driving his lumber truck 1.6km north of Tamarack, John E Ostrom (66) was startled by a silver sphere, giving off brilliant light, descending at an angle of 30 degrees. The sphere gave the truck a glancing blow, leaving a trace resembling a weld the size of a silver dollar. 
  • Bloecher op cit case 853 + p II-11 citing Arnold and Palmer 1952 p168 citing Arnold 1950 p13
  • Gross 1982/80(a) p 30

August 1947.

Bernard Sallie and a neighbour were out haymaking when they heard a roaring sound like jet and saw a spinning, blue metallic egg shaped machine come over the hill top. It descended to treetop height above an island on Lake Djupsjoen, and then swerved away at 90 degrees to land on the water. The witnesses observed that it was 1.5m long and was bobbing on the water only a few hundred metres from away. After 10-15 minutes the witnesses left, when they returned 40 minutes later the object had gone. 
  • Richard Farrow in BUFORA Journal 4,1 citing Kolbjorn Odegard in Dagbladet 14 July 1975

August 1947.

A peasant was terrified by a strange object that landed in his field. He telephoned the police but the object had taken off before they arrived. A burnt circular patch 15m in diameter was found at the site. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing GESAG Special Bulletin p18 citing Edmond Dessily

August 1947. 1000hrs.

While hitchhiking in the mountains near Los Angeles a man, laying on the ground for a rest, observed a silvery-green, metallic looking object on the ground. It was the size of “balloons used at country fairs”. There were two openings in the thing and portions of the surface looked transparent. The man moved towards the thing. It knocked him to the ground as it silently took off. 
  • Redfern 2006 p21 + Bruce Maccabee in UFO Investigator February. 1978 both citing FBI files citing letter from the witness to Walter Winchell
  • Evaluation: Attempts by the FBI to find the witness failed. Probable hoax

August 1947. Evening.

A group of teenagers driving near Old Wilson’s Ferry Landing saw a white luminosity that reminded them of a woman in a long dress. One of the boys was so shaken he collapsed. Other teenagers went to the site and saw the white luminosity, which some interpreted as a woman wearing a hood and long dress and others as a white dog. 
  • Montell 2000 p26 citing Stan Lemaster

August 1947. Late night.

A couple were driving 25km west of Clovis, en route to Santa Fe when they encountered a large object on the road about 50m ahead at low altitude. The thing seemed so tall that it towered into the sky above their eye line and took several minutes to cross the road. It resembled a huge railway carriage of metallic appearance, with both light and dark windows. The asphalt over which it had travelled was hot and steaming. 
  • Dennett 2011 p20 citing a letter from the couples’ son to MUFON 2005
  • Evaluation: Another story recounted decades after the alleged event

August 13 1947. 0300hrs.
Keith (8) and Billy (10) were crossing the river on a boat, when their delay worried their father, trout farm operator A C Urie, and he walked to the side of the river. All three saw an oblong shaped, sky blue object, 6m long, 3m thick, 3m wide, resembling an inverted pie plate, pass overhead at more than 1,500kph, about 25m above the floor of the canyon, coming within 90m. It followed the contours of the rough canyon floor terrain. On top of one side of the thing was a tubular, red fiery glow. Poplar trees under the object were swaying about as it passed over them with a swishing sound. The two boys had hidden when they first saw the object 
  • Hynek 1977 p 35 citing Twin Falls Times News 15 August 1947. + Blue Book Files
  • Olsen 1967 p 3-2 citing Blue Book Files
  • Michel 1958 p 58
  • Vallee 1966a p 51:
  • Vallee 1967 p 119
  • Wright 1968 p66
  • Gross 1982/1980 p28::Coats 2001 p68 citing Memorandum to Director of the FBI 20 August 1947. + Twin Falls Times-News 15 August 1947.

August 14 1947. 0900hrs.
The painter and writer, Luigi Rapuzzi aka R. L. Johannis, was walking by a dried up stream on the lower slopes of Carnico del Col Gentile. He emerged from the clumps of fir trees to see a large, red, lencticullar object 10m wide no more than 50m away. It had a low central cupola with no openings and its surface seemed to be mad of varnished metal. At its tip was a sort of telescopic antennae. As he prepared to climb up and examine the object, he noticed 2 short figures he thought were boys about 50m away. He ran towards them, pointing to the disc, but when he got half way, he was terrified to realise that they were 3 strange dwarfs no more than 90cm tall coming towards him with tiny strides. When they came within a few paces he felt paralysed. He was now able to observe that they were wearing dark blue translucent overalls, with collars and deep belts of a red colour. Their heads were larger than those of a normal man, their skin was an “earthy green”, their noses straight, sharp and long, with a slit like mouth which opened and closed like that of a fish. They had enormous, round, protruding eyes, with a vertical pupil, no eyebrows or eyelashes and ring like eyelids.

After a couple of minutes he found the strength to wave his pick at the direction of the object and shout something. At this one of the creatures put his right hand to his belt, and from the centre came a smoke like ray which gave him a violent electric shock which knocked him to the ground. As he lay, unable to move, on the ground the dwarfs came closer and one picked up the pick, which was almost as big has he was, in a green 8 digit (4 opposed to 4) hand. They were panting like dogs. As J struggled to sit up, he saw them walk back and re-enter the disc, which took off from the cleft, dragging stones behind it. It came within 4-5m of J who was terrified he would be cut by its sharp edge. The object then tilted, grew smaller and vanished. As it did so, J was again knocked backwards by a shock wave which threw dust in his eyesH he was dazed for some time and his limbs ached. His thermos flask was shattered, with its metal case missing, and there was no sign of his pick. 

  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 13,1 p3 citing an article by Johannis in Clypeus 2,5
  • Bowen 1966 p2
  • Vallee 1969 p63
  • Clark and Coleman 1975 p32
  • Verga 2007 p25 case 4701 shows that the original source was an appendix to an unpublished Italian translation, by himself of Flying Saucers have Landed 1955 and provides a wide bibiliography
  • Evaluation: Verga provides an extensive review of this story and concludes it was a hoax to impress American UFO buffs. NB Several of its features show similarities with the stories going round in Autumn 1954, suggesting it was constructed after that date

August 14 1947. Morning.

An elderly shepherd saw a large silver disc surrounded by multi-coloured flames land 300-400m away, setting the brush on fire. An opening appeared and from it emerged a silver being that walked through the flames, and went around picking up stones and gesturing. The being then re-entered the object, the opening closed and the disc departed at high speed. Stones at the site were melted and the vegetation turned to ash. The shepherd thought the thing was from the devil.
  • Verga 2007 p28 case 4703 citing letter from a Mr La Marca in 1993 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation: The only “evidence” for the existence of the shepherd is the statement by La Marca that he had interviewed him the previous day. Probably a hoax

August 17 1947.
A forest ranger on fire watch, Richard Eaton, saw something shaped like a giant clam descend at an angle northeast of the lookout point. It then slowed, levelled out, hovered for a few minutes and then sped off to the southeast with increasing speed. 
  • Gross 1982/80a p 30 citing letter from witness to ATIC

Autumn 1947.

Dawn X then in her 20s, her husband and a Gurkha sergeant were travelling in a truck in a convoy of six from Nepal to Tibet when they experienced a feeling of pressure and the truck began to vibrate. In the valley below six globes of swirling matter appeared and headed towards them. Their guides fled and her husband ran to the front of the truck, where he collapsed. Dawn felt an electric tingle and a sensation of being touched . The objects coalesced into one and passed over them. After the event they all felt ill and came out in a red rash. 
  • NUFON News 126 p14 + Randles 1988 p99 citing investigation by Roy Sandbach and Jenny Randles
  • Evaluation: Witness claimed all sorts of psychic experiences, to have been the first western woman to have met the Dali Lama in 1947 and to have discussed psychic phenomena with him (he was a boy of 12 at the time!), to have met a “blond haired blue eyed” man with whom she discussed UFOs (in 1947!!). Seems like a classic case of fantasy proneness) Cf October 1981 Isle of Mull)

Fall 1947. Night.
Three people saw a disc shaped object hovering above the treetops. Through lighted windows they could see figures looking out. 
  • Rosales citing Allen Utke
  • UFOCat

September 20 1947. 

A coast guard observed a flaming object manoeuvre for some time then enter the sea. Griffith Observatory reported that it was not a meteorite and that no planes were missing. 
  • Sanderson 1970 p 36
  • Wilkins 1967a p 72

Late 1947.
Colonel William P Hays was out driving when he saw he saw a brilliant white object, the size of a basketball descending from 150-120m and stopped to observe it. The thing descended to 60m altitude about 40-60m away and then exploded silently into a shower of red fragments, becoming extinguished before they reached the ground. He did not investigate the site. 
  • Gross 1982/80c p 28 citing Blue Book Files

October 1947.
Don Cottrell was motorcycling to West Grinstead when at the Buck Barn crossroad he saw a ragged looking old man sat on the milestone. The man then got up and seemed to glide right in front of Don’s cycle. Don had a sensation of cold and managed to stop. Don searched all over but there was no sign of the man. 
  • Foreman 1978 p57

November 22 1947. 1445hrs.
At an unknown location psychical researcher Harold Chibbett placed a woman (Mrs X, a medium) in a hypnotic trance to discover information about “flying saucers”. She found herself in a dense atmosphere, which put a pressure on her chest and made breathing difficult. There was a mauve-blue haze, and she felt as though she was being propelled through space, turning somersaults. She then stood by a beautifully ornamented entrance as high as Chibbett’s room. This was an archway leading down into the earth. She heard a sound like s dynamo. She then came to another room like a cave, where there was a lot of machinery. Two women caught her, she struggled could not prevail over them, because of their shiny, silver plated helmets. They wore outfits of a black knee length non cloth pliable material. They were both much larger and stronger than she was. She was taken into another room or cave, where a bald man, dressed like the women was sat at a sort of switchboard. He kept saying H6AQ, but not in English, though she could understand him. He looked around and said “Another Bird”. She passed out and when she came to she was lying on the floor, her shoulder exposed. The man said “not this one” and covered her up, then said “you can take back what you want, the next time it will be on the face”. He made a sort of sound like a hen cackling, and marked her on the leg with a sort of instrument. She believed that these tall beings were hostile and advanced Martians. 
  • Bowen 1969c citing Uranus August 1954 + Mystic Magazine February 1955 citing Chibbett’s own investigation
  • Evaluation: This early story of remote viewing is clearly a hypnotic fantasy, one in which the Shaver mystery appears to meet Martians

Late December 1947 or early January 1948. 1700hrs. 
A woman saw a discoid object, about 6m diameter, 1.2m thick, with lights on its underside, moving slowly at 150-180m altitude. She called to her neighbours and they saw it for a short time until it shot off at terrific speed and disappeared. 
  • Swords 2005 p17 citing John Timmerman

1948. 0300hrs.
Mrs Lena Murphy was awoken by a figure on her veranda. When this figure entered her room she saw it was a “monster” with a mottled lumpy face, slit eyes, huge yellow teeth, orange spiky hair and huge hands which curved into talons. It wore a light fitting, tight fitting one piece suit made of a thin material which ended at the knees and elbows. The creature appeared to be about to attack her grandson Mike, so Mrs Murphy grappled with the creature which only fled when her husband arrived in answer to her cries. An odour like decaying flesh was left behind. There were other odd experiences in the house. 
  • M. G. Murphy in Fate UK November 1967 p24
  • Evaluation: Exaggerated account of an hypnopompic hallucination

Mrs T C Orsted saw, through her farmhouse window, a glowing orange object “like two saucers edge to edge, higher on top” at an altitude twice that of a tall tree”. It was rather smaller than a small aircraft. In 1974 an oval ring of darkened grass was found at the spot. 
  • Phillips 1975 p 5 case 610 citing a letter from the witness to CUFOS

1948, or following year.
David Gittens saw an enormous luminous orange sphere descend to bridge-top height over the Runcorn-Widnes Transporter Bridge. 
  • J B Delair citing Contact UK files

1948. 0020hrs.
For approximately four hours from 0200 to 0600 hours, Mr M Walton’ car was paced by a large white-yellow sphere, which travelled at high speed with a “peculiar” motion, at treetop height some 300m from his car. 
  • DIGAP files
  • Evaluation: The long duration pacing suggests astronomical

1948. Morning.
Otaviano A Souza Bueno was strolling near the Betione Creek when he saw a round luminous object descend silently on to one of the banks of the stream. Three beings of “less than medium height” emerged from the machine with extremely rapid movements. They began to collect samples using a tube which made holes in the ground. After the craft had left, the witness approached the spot and noticed that the holes were all completely equal and perfectly square. The analysis of the residue showed Silica 61%, Alumina 19% Magnesium 11% and other trace elements. 
  • Hulvio B Alexio in FSR 15,1, p12 citing CIOCANI Report no 35

Jack Boyden saw a cigar shaped object land in the scrub. Harry X (qv) saw an area of crushed scrub about 200m long.
  • UFORA Research Digest 19 p3 citing (UFO Research Queensland Sunshine Coast Branch)

On two occasions a watchmaker, Mr Galbraith observed a disk shaped machine land. On the first occasion a man got out and collected soil samples, he appeared friendly but the craft produced a sort of force field which pushed Galbraith back and flattened the surrounding grass. On the second occasion he saw a cigar shaped object land in a wooded area and an occupant (one according to Leslie, three according to Quincy) or occupants were seen inside. A police patrol looking for an escaped criminal saw a light in the woods, but was prevented from approaching by an invisible wall. Galbraith again reported that at least one occupant smiled at him, through this “wall” prevented him approaching. 
  • Leslie in Adamski 1956 p26 citing letter from Galbraith
  • Magonia Case 64 citing Guy Quincy’s catalogue

A group of campers saw a 2.3m humanoid figure moving up a mountain in the snow. 
  • Gilroy 1995 p208)

1948. Evening.
A Field Guide Officer was driving through a rural area on his way to the base, when his attention was caught by lights ahead. These approached rapidly at about 120m altitude and then turned off to the right. The thing had two rows of about 7 brightly lit windows, each about 1.5-1.8 m high. 
  • Dennett 2011 p23 citing Keyhoe 1973 p5

1948. 1930hrs.
A man ,who had just driven over Saxby Hill, and was turning a sharp bend when his wife yelled out for him to avoid the cyclist. He saw nothing, but she saw an exceptionally tall man wearing a long coat or cloak, on what looked an old fashioned bicycle, The driver turned round and returned to the scene but nothing could be seen. 
  • Palmer 1985 p201

1948. Night.
The owner of a flock was sheltering from a storm in a cabin, when he heard voices outside and opened the door thinking it was someone lost. He saw a small man, who he invited in. The stranger came in without speaking, at which the witness saw that he had legs like a goat. The witness’s panic stricken screams caused the creature to flee. The witness then saw a sort of fireball ascending not very far away. Thinking he had an encounter with the devil, the man became a fervent Catholic. 
  • Ballester 197, p26 case 7 citing CEI (Madrid) citing David Lopez.

1948. 2355hrs.
Mrs Duffy and her sister putting out the dog, became aware of a very bright light apparently right above them. As it moved away they could see small green men sitting on a ledge on the side apparently singing unintelligible words to the tune of “Three Blind Mice” 
  • Basterfield 1981 p77 + 1997 p137 +Basterfield 1980 p10, 69 case 10citing TUFOIC files
  • Evaluation: Only recalled in 1976 when the witness was 88. Was the old lady pulling someone’s leg

January 6 1948. 1500hrs.
A number of people, including Mrs Bernice Zaikowsk (61)i and some children returning from school saw a man flying above Mrs Zaikowski’s barn at 65m altitude. Bernice had been alerted by groups of schoolchildren asking to use her backyard to see then thing. She had not taken them seriously until she heard a sort of buzzing and went outside. The figure was then hovering vertically 60m above her barn. He was equipped with silver wings held on to his body by straps and was manipulating some controls on his chest. As he shot upwards, the wings retracted 
  • Keel 1970a p 205
  • Keel 1975 p31
  • APRO Bulletin 28, 10 p4
  • Rogo and Clark 1979 p78 citing Blue Book Files
  • Nunnelly 2011 p95 citing Walla Walla Union Bulletin + Waterloo Daily Courier both 21 January 1948
  • Peter Hassall in Fortean Times 240 p37 citing Portland Oregonian 21 January 1948.+ Centralia Daily Chronicle 30 October 1976

February 1 1948. 0200hrs.
Farmer Bruce Stevenson (47) had awakened to get a glass of water and saw a strange light, which made him fear a fire. He went to investigate and was checking on his hogs when he saw a metallic disc shaped object 20m in diameter, 3-4m thick hovering over some of the farm buildings, 30-50m away, emitting a blinding orange light from its central dome. The thing tiled, and inside the transparent dome, Stevenson saw an occupant looking down. The light then dimmed and turned amber, as the thing moved away. 
  • Vallee 1966a pp 52, 133
  • Hall 1999 p100 citing Blue Book Files
  • Brad Sparks Catalogue of Blue Book Unknowns
  • Project 1947. citing Peter Hartinger in Pickaway Quarterly Fall 1996 p9
  • Keyhoe 1960 p144 citing Tom Burns Haber (brother in law of Stevenson)
  • Evaluation: There are several contradictions in accounts, Hartinger has Stevenson awakening to get water; Hall has him working early on his hogs, only Hall mentions the occupant, and as he calls the witness Stevens, the standard of accuracy may not be that high. In fact Hall’s mention of an occupant is a misunderstanding of Keyhoe who says the thing tilted as though “someone inside” was curious about the lights from the farm building, but notes that Stevenson could not see inside

February 4 1948.
Second of Chibbett’s experiments (See entry for November 22 1947).  His percipient felt herself going into a whirlwind and entered a huge round, conical thing, where there was a man sat at controls, and a giant (3.3m tall) wearing a helmet, along with egg shaped objects or beings, about 1.5m tall, which had flat faces with large eyes and no necks. They were naked and had greyish skin. They were putting things into holes around the sides of the object. The woman felt herself hanging onto a bar on a platform overlooking the scene. Her hands felt cold. The man talked about the operator taking back samples to base. Her “guide” talked about something called Facillinite which “attracted uranium”. 
  • Bowen 1969c citing Uranus August 1954 + Mystic Magazine February 1955 citing Chibbett’s own investigation

February 5 1948.
A woman was drawn towards a conical object, where she encountered a tall man and small beings with oval shaped heads. 
  • Arnold 2010 p63
  • Evaluation: Only “recalled” under hypnotic regression decades after the alleged event. Hypnotic confabulation.? A distorted version of February. 4th above 

February 18 1948. 1700hrs.
A farmer, about 23km west of Stockton, was at his hog pen 30m from the house when he heard a disturbance amongst the poultry. Looking around he observed an object hovering above his house. It settled to the ground north of the house, and he saw it was a funnel shaped object 1.3m long, at head height less than 2m away. A sort of pipe was pointing at the witness. It was surrounded by “fire”, which increased in intensity as it took off towards the north west, emitting sparks and rising rapidly. A few minutes later a tremendous explosion shook the area. 
  • Gross 1982/80b p 16 citing Blue Book Files
  • Wilkins 1967a p91
  • Johnson and Thomas 1998 citing Project Saucer 4/49 p11
  • Moore 1997 p99
  • Evaluation: Meteorite? A large meteor/bolide was seen by many witnesses to explode by many people over a wide area. If this, as is likely, a description of this bolide, then it shows how fantastic some misperceptions can become

April or May 1948. 0300hrs.
Employment councillor Jerry A Manuel Snr observed three domed saucer shaped objects with openings on their undersides. They were rotating counter clockwise above power lines near the Cone Mills plant for about two minutes. They were at about 25-30m altitude, 8-10m in diameter, made a humming sound like a generator and ascended to the west at an angle, leaving trails. 
  • Fawcett 1975 p 24:
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 77

April 3 1948. 0635hrs.
Busman Giuseppe Langiane and station master Giuseppe Navota saw a bright orange, umbrella shaped object approaching them from the west at about 60kph. It then stopped 10m above a hill 500m away. A warm light flashed around for a couple of minutes. Then from the bottom of the machine a puppet like figure descended toward the ground, The being was about 1.5m tall, wearing a rigid metallic overall, with two openings where its eyes should have been. As the witnesses ran towards it, the being was sucked up into the disk, which oscillated a little and then sped away. It was soundless. 
  • Edoardo Russo citing Bonocampagni 1974 p94 citing Il Giornale di Misteri 23 p13
  • Verga 2007 p28 case 4801 citing sources above + UFO INFO 48 p18 + 53 p9 + Ossola 1981 p 321 all ultimately citing letters by Mario Langiano
  • Evaluation: Verga shows that the witness was the father of a teenage ufologist, one of a vast number of such around GdM, and suggests a hoax on or by him.

April 6 1948.
Laundry workers Mrs Viola Johnson and James Pitman saw three men with helmets and dark flying suits fly past at 60m altitude at the speed of a freight train. They could not see any propellers etc, but the men wore something resembling guns at their sides. They heard the sound of a plane 
  • Keel 1970a p207
  • Keel 1975b p31
  • APRO Bulletin 28,11 p4
  • Nunnelly 2011 p96 citing Fresno Bay Republican 11 April 1948.)

May 2 1948. 0530hrs.
Vasile Princop and two friends were riding their horses back to Prundu from a May Day ball in Greaca, when at a wooded place called Valea Miului, they saw circles of fire spinning through the air and heard a hissing sound. Fearing a forest fire they went to investigate but instead a group of five 2m tall, thin women with long blonde hair, dressed in white dancing in a circle to a strange tune. The two friends went to join the dance but Vasile demurred. The two friends resisted his entreaties to leave the dance and then fell into an irresistible sleep. When he awoke, Vasile found he was 15km from the scene of the encounter. The two friends were found dead at the spot but with no mark upon them. 
  • Farcas 2016 p173 citing investigation by Gabriel Tudor
  • Evaluation: A traditional folk story given a modern setting

May 25 1948.
Just before this town Hans Klotzbach lost consciousness from severe leg injuries after jumping from a moving train. He awoke in what appeared to be a cabin bathed in opal blue, inside a saucer shaped machine. A voice addressed him in German claiming that saucer occupants had taken pity on him, and talked about catastrophic changes. When Hans recovered consciousness again he was lying in a field 10km from the jump point, his injuries healed, and 4 days having passed since the accident. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 15, 5 p20 citing Klotzbach 1962
  • Evaluation: Hoax?

June 1948. 0800hrs.
Two people saw a sort of luminous wheel shoot up from behind a hill at great speed, turning on itself. At high altitude the wheel hovered before moving off towards the horizon, as if following the Dordogne. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing LDLN letters 95 p5 citing a letter from a Mr Mirtain

Summer 1948.
A Shepherd and forest inspector was looking after his sheep in a grassy area in the woods when there was a rushing sound and the sheep scattered. In front of the witness was a sort of fog from which emerged an object 30m long, 3m high, which landed on the grass. The witness approached and touched the things smooth and metallic feeling surface, at which he was stunned by an electric shock. He came to 80m away surrounded by dwarfs with oversized heads, bulging foreheads, large sloping eyes, narrow mouths, small noses and short stubby hair. They carried boxes on their chests, from which tubes hung down. The beings would grasp these from time to time. They spoke together in an unknown language. The shepherd could see the object and around it other beings which seemed to be collecting samples. All the beings then got into the object that emitted a high pitched whine and took off to the south west. 
  • Ludwiger 1998 p46 citing Myseria 1985
  • Evaluation: Yet another tale told decades after the alleged event

Summer 1948. (or following year) Afternoon.
A woman was walking with her dog and small daughter on a field behind their housing estate when she saw an unusual aircraft, resembling a boat 3m long, with a transparent cover, hovering at bungalow roof height 15m away. Inside were two beings dressed in grey and with crested helmets, one of whom waved at them. After about 3 minutes the thing took off at high speed. 

July 9 1948.

A disc shaped object landed on a field northwest of Springfield. Beings with wings came out of thing and took samples. They were kept under observation buy the farmer witness for some minutes, but when they saw him they returned to the object which then took off. 
  • Prosser 2011 p98
  • Evaluation: Simply a tale told by a relative of the alleged witness, after his death decades later

July 29 1948. 0955hrs
Two employees of a rug cleaning firm, James Toney and Robert Huggins had just crossed Fall Creek when they saw a shiny aluminium object, shaped rather like an aircraft propeller, 2-2.5m long, 50-60cm wide, with 10-12 protrusions from each blade. It glided across the road about 100-200m ahead of them at 10m above the treetops, apparently landing in a wooded area.
  • Vallee Case 65 + Francis Ridge’s UFO Case Book 1948. + Hall 1999 p 108 all citing Blue Book Files

August 1948. (Approximate date) Night.
A 10 year old boy was setting rabbit traps when he encountered a hairy humanoid figure no more than 45cm tall. Its face had a “leathery” look and a shape nose, and its arms were longer than a human’s . It then went back into the bush. He saw the thing a few days later, from a bus, walking across a garden. 
  • Bord 1997 p42 citing letter from the witness
  • Evaluation: Pet monkey?

August 11 1948. 1200hrs.
The two Leuer brothers were playing in their yard on the farm when a round, dull grey object, 60-70cm diameter, 30cm thick, first seen at 4m altitude, descended between them, 2.5m from one of the boys, like a balloon with a metallic clink and a noise like a whistle. It spun, went up to 6m, hovered, manoeuvred to avoid telephone wires and trees, and then flew away to the north east. An FBI or CIC man from St Paul, Charles L Victor, found an area 70cm diameter where the ground showed signs of extreme pressure. 
  • Vallee Case 66 citing Blue Book Files
  • Wilkins 1967 p98
  • Johnson 1998 citing Project Saucer (M26-49) p8
  • UFOdna citing Eberhart 1980 + Rath 1998
  • Hall 1999 p 110 citing Blue Book Files
  • Gross 1982/80c p4 citng invesitgstion by M B Rhodes.
  • Evaluation: Possible hoax

August 29 1948. 0505hrs.
A farmer, Faby Niswonger observed a large silvery sphere rise from behind his woods and hover over his farm dropping a silvery substance that disintegrated before it touched the ground 
  • Vallee Case 67 + Francis Ridge op cit both citing Blue Book files

Autumn 1948. (Approximate date)
A man was reported to photographed disc shaped object as it plunged into a mountain lake.

  • Keyhoe 1950b p85

Autumn 1948. Morning.
A woman drawing water from a well heard a noise and saw what she thought was a plane land in a wheat field. Two bearded long haired men in robes got out, and came through the fields towards her. They addressed her in oddly accented English, conversing for about 20 minutes. The incident had a strange dreamlike quality and she fled, afraid, to her house where she again encountered the second being. Both beings then left and re-entered the spherical object in the field, which ascended rapidly and vanished. Traces remained in the cornfield. 
  • Ted Bloecher personal communication citing Beyond Reality September 1973 citing Cadsden (AL) Times 25 March 1973

September 13 1948. 1900hrs.
An 18 year old seminarian was in the seminary garden when he saw a strange object, he first thought was a bird, descending towards him/ It stopped over a eucalyptus tree near one of the buildings, and he could now see that it was a disc surmounted by a transparent, plastic like, dome. Through this he could see two beings in transparent suits; they looked young and had white skin. He waved at them and the beings waved back and smiled. The craft then came closer, revealing an opening in the underside from which came a sort of flame than changed colours, violet, light blue, green and yellow, with gaps between the colours. He then heard an something like a electric motor inside his head, becoming a physical sensation as though something was probing his brain. He appealed to the Virgin Mary for help and heard a voice telling them to stop. On the second occasion of this the sensation stopped. Turning round, he saw his dog being levitated in a squatting position. The dog then descended slowly to the ground. The object had now gone. He thought he heard some local soldiers saying that the power was back. Later he gave another version of the story in which the two 1.9m tall occupants got out of their craft, approached him and invited him on board several times, he refusing lest they abduct him. The being then re-entered the object, at which the object, the multi-coloured flames appeared etc. He also claimed that he had also been levitated, and also felt light when the thing was overhead. 
  • Verga 2007 p 29 case 4802 citing letter from the witness 1990 and UFO Nottizario July-August 1999 p 21
  • Evaluation: Two different versions of the same story, both told decades after the event. Witness had an interest in UFOs (Verga) Possible false memory/fantasy.

September 1948. 2030hrs.
Patricia Weller and her fiancĂ© Edwin Brock were sitting on the grass when their attention was caught by what looked like a women dancing among the trees. They saw that it was a woman, looking about 20, with long light hair, wearing a dark open coat, and with what looked like a white waitress’s apron underneath. The couple then realised that the figure was dancing about in an uneven area where even walking required great care and despite the fact that the ground was covered with twigs, the figure made no sound. The couple then felt that “they were not wanted there” and fled the scene.
  • Mackenzie 1968 p175 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation: Mist figure?

October 14 1948. 0115hrs.
Two adults observed a glowing object like a fiery ball move at high speed up and down, and then enter Lake Ontario 
  • Sanderson 1970 p226 citing Rochester Democrat and Chronicle 14 October 1948.

November 3 1948. (or following day) 2030hrs.
Colonel William P Hays observed a red-white ball of light, about 30cm in diameter descend vertically and burst 30-60m from the ground some 400m from the road on which he was driving, east of Vaughn. 
  • Gross 1982/80c p 29 citing Blue Book files

December 1948. (Approximate date)
At the REME depot at Repton Manor, an officer saw the figure of a woman holding a candle, climbing the staircase. A man on guard duty saw the figure of a woman without feet glide across a field Searches were fruitless. A figure in a dark robe and cowl, like a monk was also seen. 
  • Ludlam 1967 p75

A woman leaving her country house observed a luminous object approaching. Inside she saw the heads of humanoid occupants. She called the neighbours and they all observed the beings in the object throw down a tin of canned food. The object then moved out of sight. The witness then ate the food, which had a strong but not salted flavour. 
  • Leonte N Objio and Richard Heiden in APRO Bulletin 300 1 p1 5 citing investigation by Miguel Antonio Fiallo)

Mrs Z Kay, a hospital patient saw a glowing red light, larger than the aircraft of the period, move north-west to south-east at increasing speed at very low altitude. At one point it seemed to stop for a moment. 
  • Gilroy 1995 p36

Cyril Ball and his wife were walking in the woods when they saw a robed figure about 1.9m tall stood motionless in the woods. When they approached the figure melted into the trees. It then suddenly reappeared only to disappear when they ran towards it. 
  • Ludlam 1966 p87

17 year old Josephine saw a figure dressed in a robe and a hat like an upturned soup bowl in a property in Smith Square. It was seen a few days later by another employee and vanished in front of her. 
  • Letter from witness Josephine Taylor in Fortean Times 85 p55

1949. Dusk.
Highway foreman Frank Luxton was out driving when he saw what he first thought was a bear standing on two legs and then realised that it was a 2.5m tall biped, which then ran off into the bush. 
  • Green 1973 p142 citing Vancouver Sun 21 June 1967)

1949. Night.
Gladys Rowlett saw a human like figure, 20cm long, with gauzy wings, surrounded by a glow, flying through the garden 
  • Johnson 2014 p26)

1949. Evening.
Two young boys saw a 2m tall hairy humanoid watching them as they played on the edge of Purcell Brook between Ravenshoe and Millaa Millaa. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p223 case 71 citing Email from the boys sister to Paul Cropper 2001

January 13 1949. (approx date) 0115hrs.GARDNERVILLE (NEVADA : USA)

On wakening, Mrs Sara Lampe, saw, through her window, a sort of fuzzy grey stain on the snow, which suddenly lit up into a bright disc about 1m in diameter. After a couple of minutes the light contracted into an orange stream of light, about 12.5-15cm wide, which flowed towards her window and burst into red and blue flames a few centimetres above the 75cm high porch wainscoting. No traces were found. Jessup 1955 p 168 citing letter from Mrs Lampe in Fate March 1951)

February 17 1949. Night.
Alain Bernard saw, through his bedroom window, a large object land near his farm with a green lightning flash that illuminated the area. It then became dark. Getting his rifle, he went out and approached the object, which resembled a dark mass, Bernard saw near it three beings with stocky short legs, apparently without heads. Frightened he fired at them three times. After a moment the figures disappeared, seemingly into the dark mass,which shortly afterwards took off with another green flash 
  • Peter Kolosimo in Oltre il Cielo 16 p355: Vallee case 69 citing (incorrectly) Oltre il Cielo Vol 1).
  • Evaluation: Unreliable source

February 20 1949.
A salesman driving some 20km from El Maiten encountered three beings in the strange suits, with something flashing on their heads, attached by cords to some sort of machine. They signalled to the man to stop his car, but he refused. He reported the matter to the military. 
  • Goss citing Luis Gonzalez citing letter from an ex policeman in La Razon 13 March 1970
  • Evaluation: Only known from a second or third hand report made more than 20 years after the event.

Spring 1949. Dusk.
Alasdair Drummond and a friend were parked at the north end of the loch when they saw a pale green object like an oversized soccer ball about 2.5m in front of them. It remained when they turned on the headlights but when Alasdair got out the light faded away. 
  • MacGregor 1955 p222

April 1949. (Approximate date)
An aviation student was attacked by a mystery light, like an electric arc, while strolling in Golden Gate Park. It seemed to have the power to lower his hand. The student’s skin became bruised. 
  • Johnson 1998 citing Sidney Shalett in Saturday Evening Post 7 May 1949.

April 27 1949. (and following day) 2120hrs.
Between 2120 on the 27th and 2030hrs. on the 28th there were 12 separate reports of strange lights being seen around this area. One report was of an off and on light close to ground level passing through the fork of a tree. Another report was of a bright circular light seen 200m away at about 2m above the ground. It approached to within 50m, when it was the apparent size of basketball. Another guard saw dull violent light, the apparent size of a 50cent piece, which hovered and then came within 4m at 2m altitude. Another guard saw a light, the apparent size of a baseball, above the trees 3km away, another saw a light 30-50m altitude. There were other reports of lights at treetop and higher altitudes. 
  • Gross 1982a p66 citing Blue Book Files
  • Maccabee 2000 p100)

May 13 1949.
A woman, on the outskirts of town, was touched on the shoulder by a strange being with large eyes. 
  • Prosser 2011 p98
  • Evaluation: Yet another tale told decades after the alleged event by a relative of the alleged witness

June 27 1949. 2015hrs.
A vet and his friend were near the Borbera Creek when they saw 2m wide object flying towards them at 10m altitude. The lower portion of the object resembled brass while the upper portion was glassy and divided into four sections. As it passed over them, the two saw four legs on its underside. An orange gas was coming from openings in the rear compartment of the underside, trailing up to 40m beyond the object. The object carried on with a slight rustling sound, rising to 40-50 as it went over trees and disappeared from sight beyond a hill. 
  • Verga 2007 p 31 case 4902 citing letter from the witness to CISU in 1985

July 14 1949.
Two fishermen, George Coffman and Charles Jones were pursued by a hairy humanoid with a face like that of a gorilla. Several people in nearby Thorntown saw this or a similar creature around this time. 
  • Newton 2006 p82 citing Green 1978 p204

July 24 1949. (Approximate date)
Two prospectors, Buck Fitzgerald and Mase Garney saw a disk shaped object 8m in diameter crash. Two dwarfs, dressed in heavy clothing, emerged but they were lost in the sand dunes when pursued. The men inspected the object, which was about 7m diameter and 3m thick and later disappeared. It had been travelling at about 480 kph and made a whizzing sound. 
  • Gross 1982b p 24 citing phone call to FBI 8 August 1949
  • Coral Lorenzen in Humanoids 1967 p52 citing CSI Newsletter 28 January 1956
  • Davis and Bloecher 1978 piii citing Bakersfield Californian 20 August 1949.
  • APRO Bulletin 28,10 p4
  • Lorenzen 1967 p116
  • Patrick Gross reproducing Bakersfield Californian op cit, an interview with Fitzgerald: Randle 2010 p135 dates this to August 19
  • Evaluation: Never investigated, possibly a hoax associated with the Scully story. The version told to the FBI in which there is reference to someone with a scientific background possessing a fragment more or less confirms this.

August 9 1949. 0930hrs.
A man standing on a boat siding by the lake’s edge saw a group of 7 grey-white metallic looking discs, the apparent size of cars, come low across a ridge on the eastern side of the lake. One of the objects crashed into the lake throwing up a column of water. A second crashed in woods 3km away, throwing up a cloud of dust. The other 5 objects vanished over ridges 3km from the lake’s western shore. Another object passed over at 1000hrs. A number of guests at a lodge were also said to have seen this. Searches were fruitless, only a plastic astrodome from a C47 being found. 
  • Randle 2010 p132 citing Blue Book files

Autumn 1949. Night.
Don Bushnell, superintendent of the Southwestern Porcelain Steel Corporation at Tulsa Oklahoma was driving through New Mexico with his wife, on vacation. They were driving along a straight road when an object with a rounded top, 15-18m across, descended to just above 1m above the road ahead of them. It approached on a collision course, so they braked hard, and when the object was only 6m away it rose up and just cleared the top of the car. As it did no, music on the car radio was drowned out by a roar of static. When they stopped and got out, the object was nowhere to be seen. 
  • Keyhoe 1960 p145 citing NICAP files
  • Vallee 1966a
  • David Saunders citing Tulsa Tribune 10 December 1957
  • Maney and Hall 1961 p190
  • Hall 1964 p73
  • Gross 1982 p b48 citing Tulsa Tribune op cit
  • Keyhoe 1960 p145
  • Evaluation: This story was only published after the Levelland and other 'EM' cases

September 1949. Night.

SUZDAL (VLADAMIR : RUSSIA then part of the USSR)
At a village and collective farm 25km north of Suzdal several people saw a light like a car headlight hovering overhead. G A Podoshivin and two other people on the Suzdal to Gavrilovo-Posadksy road saw it come close to the ground. It was a spinning, yellow-green sphere half the apparent diameter of the moon and was about 1.5km away. 
  • Vallee and Castello 1992 p 183 citing Felix Zigel

August 1949.

A rancher came across a hairy humanoid eating a live cow, and shot the humanoid, which then ran off on two legs. 
  • Newton 2015b p25 citing Bigfoot Field Research Organisation
  • Evaluation: Urban legend (grandfather told reporter what a rancher had told him).

October 1949. 0600hrs.
9 year old Fernando Carotti was out hunting with his father, in the woods, when they heard a slight rustling noise, and on looking up saw an emerald green cigar shaped object, 7-8m long, flying low towards the sea no more than 200m away. In its wake it left a light blue violet trail that ended in a brilliant light. When it flew over some oak trees, they bent outwards. The event only lasted seconds but other hunters were thought to have seen it, as did Dino Lazzaroli and his mother in Montecarette. 
  • Verga 2007 p 32 case 4901 + Eduardo Russo both citing Il Giornale di Misteri 25, p11 + FSR 20,8 p.iii + Boncompagni 1974 p103 citing investigation by Bilancia UFO Group.

October 1949. Day.
Messes J Baxter and John Campbell were out fishing when they observed a bright shining metallic cigar shaped object, 30m long, hovering 25m above the sea, 500m away. They could not see any wings, propellers or portholes. They observed it on and off, as they circled round, for about 30 minutes. It then just disappeared on the spot. They could not hear any sound from it, but that might have been because of their own noisy boat engine. 
  • Chalker 1996 p 49 citing letter from Baxter to UFO Investigation Centre in 1967

November 1949. 0730 hrs.
Ruby Johnson was sat on a bus, just moving off when she saw a figure, the size of a 7 month old baby, dressed in coat, leggings and white headgear gathering something from the roadside foliage. She tried to point the figure out to others, but no one else could see it. 
  • Johnson 2014 p60

November 3 1949. 2350HRS.

Two people, who wished to remain anonymous, saw a very large cylinder shaped object standing vertically in a field near Melbury, and watched numerous small red rod like objects depart from and re-enter small openings in its upper third, after manoeuvring in all directions. This spectacle lasted four minutes and frightened the witness. The object and its attendants suddenly vanished. The cylinder was green-white in colour, the rods a dull strong red. 
  • J B Delair citing Contact UK files

November 4 1949. 1700hrs.
Mario Restier (23), a foreman in an iron processing plant, was walking from Volta Redonda to his home in Barra Mansa, along a path. when his attention was caught by a disc shaped object, 15m in diameter, 12m tall, flying over a group of trees, about 3m above the ground. It landed 10-15m from the highway. A voice in Portuguese told him not to be afraid, and two beings, about 1.65m tall, wearing helmets and “Roman Skirts” appeared in an opening and beckoned him on board. He was going to refuse but something deprived him of his will, and he found himself hoisted up into the machine, where he met a third man A flash lit up the cabin and the being thanked him for going on board,. He was then ordered into a contained filled with liquid “to protect him from travel in outer space. 

Once in the box he fell asleep. He was awoken by one of the men saying that they were arriving. Mario got out of the container and his clothes dried at once. Through a porthole he saw a large number of discs standing on the soil of some unknown place. When the craft landed the beings lowered their heads and became motionless, at which Mario realised that they were robots. Outside the machine, 6 very tall men took him to the “organisational centre” of the place, where he saw men in a line being handed out food. He was told that these were young men undergoing training for space flight”. He was also taken to a map room and told they would return to earth. They also indulged in a lot of metaphysical speculation. Mario was returned to a spot less than 1km from the place where he was abducted, only to find that three months had passed 

  • Richard Heiden in FSR 27,5 p28
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 22,4 p23 citing O Dia 22 April 1976
  • Official UFO 1,2 p21 citing an unspecified newspaper clipping 22 February. 1976
  • Evaluation: Essentially an early contactee tale. Original publication unclear

December 1949. 0600hrs.
A man from Wellingborough come down to get produce from Covent Garden market, was getting some tea before setting off. He was approached by an unkempt man, about 1.8m ta,, dressed in a great coat, who asked for tea. The traveller paid for tea and allowed the man to join him on his journey. When they reached Great Russell Square, this man just disappeared. 
  • Harrison 1990 p74