INTCAT 1950-1951

INTCAT 1950-51

1950 (approx. year) Evening.

Sometime between 1949 and 1952, a teenage brother and sister were about to drive a coal truck into town, when the girl, who was driving, saw a light over the railway tracks 250-300 away, which began to move towards them. At first they thought it was a vehicle headlight, but as it approached the front of the truck, they could see the figure of a man under it. The two fled back to the house in panic. When their mother, and a cousin armed with a shotgun investigated nothing could be seen. 
  • Lorenzen 1970 p144 citing letter from the girl involved sent years later

1950 (approx. date) 
Silvia Medeiros (30), who lived near the mountains, saw a disc shaped object land and three dwarfs emerge. She watched them for 15 minutes as they examined the area, as if searching for something. They collected rocks and re-entered their craft, which then took off. 
  • Gross citing Gilberto de Melo and Alberto Rosales citing Centro Paraibano de Ufologia

1950 (approx. date) 1200hrs.
Teenager Faustino Lima was walking ahead of a man and his son on the way back from getting bananas in the mountains when he encountered a strange silvery, flattened oval, object on the ground and next to it a man and woman, 1.8m tall, dressed in yellow robes. They struck Faustino as being ugly and thin and had wrap around eyes. They were carrying branches. When Faustino hailed them the strange couple ran back into the object, which took off with a blast of air that almost knocked the lad over. The sun reflecting on the oval object dazzled him.
  • Pratt 1996 p264

1950 (approx. date) 2350hrs.
A herbalist Divoine Joseph was returning from seeing a patient when he was blinded and stunned by a blue light and came to his senses in a car surrounded by people wearing “hideous” masks. He was told not to speak of the incident and then sent out of the car. He lost consciousness again and came to in his bed. His partner told him he had been acting in a wild manner. After the incident he suffered from anxiety and trauma. 
  • Metraux 1959 p297 citing his own investigation
  • Rimmer 1984, p48, op. cit.

1950. Morning.
Mrs Kathleen Compardo had returned to bed to get some extra rest after making her husband’s breakfast, when she awoke to see two transparent figures 1m tall beside her bed. She had a kind of mental impression of child like voices which said that the beings were friendly, wanted earthlings to live in peace and had a cure for cancer, but could kill in an instant with a ray gun and that they could not stay in the earth’s atmosphere for any length of time. They then vanished 
  • Holzer 1978 p69 citing his own investigation

1950. Morning.
A worker at the Air Force Depot at Shelby was alerted by a colleague to see two top like objects over one of the buildings. Through their clear tops he could see human like beings walking about, looking out and apparently taking notes. The discs then stacked together and moved off at increasing speed. 
  • Swords 2005 p92 citing John Timmerman
  • Evaluation According to the witness, the Air Force said they were two national guard jets

1950. Morning.
Mrs Mary Johnson was lying in bed after her husband had gone to work when she had a feeling of being stared at and looking round, she saw a “very old” brown faced little man, 60cm tall, dressed in green, stood by the fireplace. The thing smiled and then disappeared. 
  • Johnson 2014 p181

A group of children by the Ting River were surprised by a 1.8m tall hairy biped carrying a large stick in one hand. The thing observed the children for a few moments and then turned and walked away. 
  • Newton 2014 p56

Jack Smethurst the engineer in charge of the telephone exchange noticed a sudden cold and saw a hazy figure rise up from the floor, grow up to the ceiling and then disappear. 
  • Underwood 1978a p149

Harry Schafer encountered some sort of huge translucent hairy humanoid. 
  • Opsasnick 2004 p75 citing Baltimore News American 22 June 1973

1950. Dusk.
Two teenage boys were fishing in a creek when a hairy biped, 2-2.5m tall came out of the woods. The boys fled leaving their fish to the creature. 
  • Newton 2010 p56

1950. Evening.
At an unspecified location Joan Bygraves and her husband were driving home on this rainy night when the car became lit up as if by the headlights o f a vehicle behind them. Joan turned round but saw nothing. A moment later a luminous sphere about 60 cm diameters came down the windscreen of the car and vanished. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2016 p172
  • Evaluation Ball lightning ?

1950. Night.
A mother and daughter and their friend were driving from McArthur to Bieber when, as they topped a rise when they saw a shadowy figure bound across the road, briefly illuminated by the car headlights. It was either naked or wearing very tight clothes. 
  • Patterson and Murphy 2005 p61 citing a Reading (CA) newspaper 27 February 1960

1950. Night.
A couple passing the old church here saw a pale yellow light, as if from a fire, shining in the deserted church. The wife felt a sensation of “evil” and an overwhelming desire to leave the area. 
  • Maple 1967 p170

1950. Night.
A 5 year old girl was awoken by a vibrating noise coming from outside the house and felt a prickling sensation and a feeling of being watched. Looking to the foot of her bed she saw a figure about 75cm tall, with a grey-white face, domed head, pointed head and large eyes. The thing moved towards her, at which screamed. When her father came to her aid there was nothing to be seen. The girl was later to have other anomalous experiences. 
  • Randles 1988 p23

1950. 2300hrs.
Mrs Prost was going home through the centre of the village when she saw, on her left, low near the laundry, two spheres or discs that gave off a beautiful blue light resembling that of a soldering gun. The large object was 1/6th the apparent diameter of the moon. After a few moments the objects apparently fell to the ground near the laundry. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Tyrode in LDLN Contact 3 p12

January 1950.
Members of the Baber family saw something like a luminous figure of a little old lady in black that ran up and down the stairs and followed Mrs Baber around. 
  • Saltzman 1967 p56

January 1950Late night.
When almost at the end of a dark track through woods, Marceliano Carrero Martin saw someone coming quickly up the hill, He then saw that it was very tall with a small head and wore some kind of loose fitting, white luminous clothing surmounted by a hood. The thing ran within 15m of Marceliano, who had and watched it race away at terrific speed. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p31+ 56 citing Jimenez 2001

January , 1950. 0200hrs.
Miss E F Smith was returning home to Letham from a cocktail party in Brechin when her car broke down and she had to walk the majority of the journey. About 800m from Letham, at the crest of a rise in the road she observed moving lights, which looked as though they were torches held by shadowy figures. These were seen closer, at closest within 50m. The figures seemed to be wearing brown tights and roll-collard overalls and hats like those of bakers. The figures seemed to bend down from time to time. At this closest point her dog began to growl. As she Miss Smith reached the first houses of the village she left the figures behind and went the 400m home. 
  • Mackenzie 1997 p 100 citing Dr James McHarg in Journal of the SPR 1978 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation: This story was presented as a ghost story and the witness believed she had witnessed a vision of the Battle of Nectansmere in 685. The case was not investigated for more than 20 years

January 29, 1950.
Mr C Frank Quintana of Denver had his attention attracted by a whirring sound and saw a silvery green ovoid object hovering about 15m above a slope on South Table Mountain, and then landing slowly in a small ravine. It then shot upwards at very high speed. It was about 20m in diameter and had a revolving central band. A greenish light flashed under it and Frank felt a rush of air and a pungent smell. 
  • Arnold and Palmer 1952 p 145
  • Vallee Case 72 citing Flying Saucers July 1959)

January 29. 1950.

Two people saw a domed disc, 15-16m diameter, with exhausts around the perimeter pass at an altitude of 30m. It was in view for 20 seconds. 
  • Swords 2005 p 59 citing John Timmerman

January 30, 1950.
The engines of a bus, truck and car all failed when a strange object hovered over them. 
  • Binder 1967 p74

February 1950.
A small disc shaped object crashed at Laredo Airport. A member of the National Guard revived the small pilot, who got up and punched him, before collapsing again. When revived s second time the pilot hit out again before dying. 
  • Randle 2010 p138
  • Evaluation Reads like a child’s cartoon story, which it no doubt originally was.

February 16 1950 (approx. date) 0745hrs.
A six year old child awoke in her flat is Disraeli Road and went into the sitting room where she saw a ”rather small and slight, not young” female looking figure dressed in a long black dress and a sort of veil, stood with her back to her. The child her mother, who suggested she ask the stranger if she wanted a cup of tea. The child asked this but the woman just smiled and gave no reply. When the mother went in with the child the figure was no longer there. 
  • MacKenzie 1971 p26 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation Not reported for 18 years

February 18 1950.
Christian Sanderson, a farmer, and his wife saw two disc shaped objects over their farmhouse. One stayed in the air while the other landed and disintegrated into sparks. 
  • Randle 1995 p191 citing Sherman Brown The UFO Crashes 1990
  • Evaluation The Sherman Brown document appears to be only a rumour

Spring 1950, 0800hrs.
Mike and Mildred Johnson had gone out to check on their cows when to the east they saw a metallic looking object moving away from them at about 45m altitude. The thing was about 11m across, 3.5m thick and was travelling at about 150kph with an oscillating motion, eventually disappearing into the distance. 
  • Miles Johnson in Colombo 1989 p246

Spring 1950. Late afternoon.
Brigadier K Treseder of the UK embassy in Norway was one of a party of 8 on a skiing trip to a valley behind the city. They had finished their skiing, and Treseder, his wife and an American colleague had gone ahead to the cars when they were accosted by an elderly woman dressed in a tweed suit who accused them of trespassing on her land. When the rest of the party arrived, they failed to see the woman, and Treseder his wife and friend realized she had vanished. The actual owners of the farm were a young couple. 
  • Forman 1978 p36

Spring 1950. Evening.
Two teachers and two army people were canoeing across an arm of the Great Slave Lake, when for 10 minutes they observed a strange phenomenon. It was first seen as a small light hanging above the trees, which slowly grew larger until it became a sphere the apparent diameter of the harvest moon. It glowed pale orange and had a definite outline. It suddenly stopped, hung motionless for a few moments and then took off among the stars at terrific speed. 
  • Journal UFO 1,3 p 6.

Spring 1950. 2230hrs.
Colin Gittings awoke his family in terror after being pursued down Lloyd Street by a huge orange ball of light. At 0100hrs. the next morning his brother O J woke up and saw, through the window, to see a flat circle of bronze yellow light covering the house opposite. This light faded away a short time later. 
  • Hanson and Holliday 2010a p 61 citing interview with O J Gittings

March 19500600hrs.
At an un disclosed location a rancher on his way home heard a whistling sound he could not account for. He then saw a saucer shaped object near to the ground. From it came three beings only 80cm tall. Shortly afterwards these beings took off and flew away, followed by the object. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p35 citiing Escobar 1995 + Contactes Extraterrestres No 116 + Gonzalez Firsthumcat.)

March 1950.
While walking from Portland Place to George Street, artist Cynthia Montefiore was approached by a man dressed in a hat with a large brim, and a cloak. The being was soundless and when Cynthia looked away for a moment and then looked back the figure had vanished. 
  • Royal and Girvan1976 p10 citing Bath Evening Chronicle 16 March 1950

March 9 19501745hrs.
Mr Vista saw an unidentified object land on the Rose Bowl stadium and a large-headed being get out. 
  • Gross citing HUMCAT citing press sources
  • Evaluation Humcat notes this as a hoax

March 11 1950.
A woman driving her mother and two children to Salinas from Chuslar was terrified when an object like two dinner plates rim to rim swooped down on her car, illuminating it with a blue light. It then “looped the loop” and headed off to the south. 
  • Gross 1983a (1950a) p 47 citing San Francisco Chronicle 12 March 1950 p 8
  • Evaluation: Misperception of meteor?

March 12 1950, 0705hrs.
Police Officer E L Ekberg was about 800m south of town when he saw an object, which emitted a white light so bright that Ekberg had to turn away from it and which illuminated the countryside. The thing seemed to change shape as it moved along at about 30m altitude. At least 20 other people saw the thing and two other law officers, Dale Justice and Victor Hansen followed it for about 11km. They reported that it swung like a pendulum. 
  • Arnold and Palmer 1952 p146
  • Evaluation Possibly bolide + bright astronomical or balloon

March 13 1950.
An object 9m by 6m with a powerful propeller landed. An occupant, speaking in perfect Spanish, claimed to be a Martian, who said his people lived in underground cities, that the craft defied gravity. They had been to Venus but found it too hot and steamy and plagued with flying reptiles. They were going to colonise earth when people wiped themselves out with nuclear weapons. The witness detected a smell of sulphur. 
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 p 291 + Awareness 8, 1 p25 both citing El Universal 14 March 1950
  • Evaluation Clearly based on popular beliefs about Mars and Venus at the time, hoax.

March 15 1950, 1815hrs.

Dr Craig Hunter was driving north on Rt 153 between Penfield and Clearfield. When he stopped his car to check for a malfunction he heard a hissing or buzzing sound, and looking up, saw a disk shaped object, dirty aluminium in colour, 30m diameter, 10m thick with portholes and a rapidly revolving outer ring approaching at several hundred metres altitude, ravelling from the southeast to the northwest. It left a trail 60m long. The object approached to within a few metres, circling the witness who was joined by Ellis Yeager. Through the portholes a group of human like figures could be seen, wearing some kind of army style helmet. A sort of flare was fired at the witnesses. 
  • Ted Bloecher personal communication, citing St. Mary’s Daily Press (Pa) 16, 17 and 21 March 1950 + Altoona (?illegible) 18 March 1950 + Penfield Progress 31 March 1950 + Interview with William Maggs in Miami Daily News 24 March 1950
  • Heiden citing Johnson 1950 p143
  • Gross 1983a (1950a) p52 citing St Louis (MO) Post-Dispatch 2 April 1950 + Los Angeles Times 14 March 1950
  • Gross’s account does not mention occupants, has Yeager arriving before the object and leaving when he sees it, and its altitude as 100m same is true of Arnold and Palmer 1952 p147

March 15 1950. 1830hrs.
Rancher Wilfredo H Arevalo saw two objects one of which landed. He walked to within 150m of the aluminium looking object, which gave off a green-blue vapour and an intense smell like burning benzene. The machine was saturn shaped with a central revolving disk. In a sort of glass cabin he could see 4 men about 2m tall dressed in something like cellophane working at various instruments. They Arevalo and shone a light in his direction, while a blue light illuminated the object. The vapour increased and flames, alternately reddish and greenish shot out of the base, while the object rose at dizzying speed with a faint hum. Both machines flew towards Chile leaving bluish trails. The next day Arevalo and his farm hands visited the area and found the grass burned. 
  • Gordon Creighton in Humanoids 1967 citing La Razon (BA) 13 April 1950 + Vogt 1956
  • Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p63 citing EFE Newsagency UPI 18 April 1950 + Joao Martins in O Cruzeiro 13 November 1954
  • Evaluation According to Roberto Banchs this was a newspaper hoax

March 22 1950, 0545hrs.
Two businessmen, Julian Neto and Gregorio Ruiz observed a cloud like object, several metres in diameter, emitting a very bright light. Blinded, they turned on their fog headlights but appeared to collide with the object, which was seen again some distance away and came back over the car about 20 times until they reached the town 
  • Ballester 1976p2 case 8 citing Stendek 1 p17 citing Madrid 27 March 1950

March 22 1950 (approx date) 2025hrs.
On the Las Catalinas Farm near Bahia, the farm owner Juan Girotti and his wife, their steward Jose Lauze and foreman Ricagini and his son saw a luminous half- moon shaped object land and remain on the ground for 20 minutes. It was later discovered that another farmer in the area, Ernesto Suarez Yanez had also observed the incident 
  • Uriondo Catalogue case 1 (2) in FSRCH 12 p9 citing Vogt 1956 p77
  • Heiden citing Vogt op.cit citing Station LU3 (BA) broadcast and press) + Pablo Petrowitsch

March 28 1950. Day.
Samuel Eaton Thompson a poorly educated man in his 70s was driving back to Centralia from visiting relatives in Markham when, intrigued by an old logging trail in wooded area, he stopped and began walking along it. A few minutes later he came across a large globular object hovering just above a clearing in the trees. From an opening in the side of the object steps led down to the ground, around which were playing a group of naked, tanned children. As he approached within 15m of the object he noticed that it was emitting heat. When he reached the bottom of the steps a group of naked adults, both men and women, appeared. They seemed frightened by his presence, but when he reassured them of his friendly intentions, they invited him on board. They claimed to be from Venus and struck him as innocent, uneducated and instinctual. They did seem to know how their craft had been built or how it operated. They were vegetarians who talked about reincarnation and such topics. He slept the night in the craft and went home next day to get his camera. The object was still there when he arrived but gave off too much light for any photographs to turn out. No traces were found at the site. 
  • Jerome Clark in Fate January 1981 citing investigation by Kenneth Arnold:
  • Ted Bloecher citing Centralia Daily Chronicle 1 April 1950

March 28 1980. Night.
A farmer, Nicola Nacci and an unidentified carter independently observed from separate locations in the Falascuso district of the commune, a biconvex object 80cm wide, 1.7m high. The object gave off an extremely brilliant light, which illuminated the entire area, including the interior of Nacci’s house, as bright as day, as it took off vertically at terrific speed. The carter was so shocked that he had to be taken to hospital 
  • Edoardo Russo + Vega 2007 p32 (case 5001) both citing Boncompagni 1974 p116 + Press sources (Russo has Il Martino dell’Italia Centrale 31 March 1950 + La Nazione 21 March 1950; Verga adds Corriere Mercantile 30 March + La Provincia + L’Ordine + Il Lavoro 31 March + Il Tempo + La Gazette del Mezzogiorni 31 March + 2 April 1950

March 29 1950, 0700hrs.
D Whiteside and H T William were out fishing when they heard a peculiar noise and two objects descended at speed through an opening in the clouds, coming down to about 75m altitude. They were travelling faster than planes and changed direction in unison, disappearing behind the ridge of hills to the west. The men rapidly rowed away from the area. 
  • Gross 1983a (1950a) p86 citing Nashville Tennessean 30 March 2950 p1

March 30 1950.
A woman who did not give her name called the sheriff’s office to report that an unidentified object had landed on Highway 80 and a dwarf had jumped out and quickly run away 

  • Ted Bloecher citing an unidentified news clipping datelined San Diego 31 March 1950

March 31 1950. Sunset.

A boat crew saw a flat, light egg shaped object sink into the sea, throwing a column of water as vast as that produced by a whole group of mines. The frightened witnesses hurried back to shore. 
  • Verga 2007 p33 case 5003 citing Stilo 2000 p83 citing Milan Sera 31 March and 1 April 1954 + Il Progresso d’ Italia 1 April 1950 + Corriere d’Informazione 1 and 1 April 1950
  • Evaluation: An April fools day joke in the newspapers

April 1950 Day.
Ellen Johnson tending to her lawn looked over her neighbour’s yard and saw a 30cm tall humanoid, its back turned to her. When it turned round, she saw it was stocky, human looking with a tanned face. It was wearing a plaid shirt, overalls and a skull cap. The woman ran in to call a friend and they both saw the figure walk away with a waddling gait and disappear under a parked car. 
  • Clark 1998 p217 citing HUMCAT citing investigation by Kenneth Arnold
  • Clark 2010 p205

April 8 1950, 0200hrs.
Metal worker, Earl Baker, was awakened by his dog and saw, through his bedroom window, about 60m altitude, almost overhead., a grey metallic disc, 15m wide and 4.5m thick. It was shaped like a top with a sort of turret on top. Around the side were three “portholes” giving off a blue white light. It hovered for about 2 minutes, oscillating and spinning slowly on its perpendicular axis, then took off to the north at speed.
  • Vallee Case 75 citing Blue Book Files
  • Arnold and Palmer 1952 p166
  • Gross 1982c (1950b) p12 citing letter to Commanding General Wright-Patterson AFB from Col Robert P Bell 25 April 1950

April 8 1950, 1055hrs.
Cousins David (12) and Charles (9) Lightfoot were fishing at River Road when they saw an object resembling a balloon coming from the south. It passed overhead at very low altitude and landed behind a small hill. David followed the object, which he found to be approximately the same size as a car tire, 45cm thick, with a rounded bottom and flat top. The two halves were separated by a 2cm gap and connected by a kind of screw. This gap appeared to be on fire. The top of the blue-grey machine was spinning. The bottom , to which a sort of spindle was attached, was still. No other openings were visible. As David tried to hold the machine, thr top spun faster and it gave off a spray that burnt his hands and face. The thing took off with a whistling sound at high speed. 
  • APRO Bulletin January 1963 p 5 citing Gordon Tomkins Jnr in Amarillo Sunday News-Globe 9 April 1950
  • Olsen 1966 p3-3 citing above
  • Phillips 1975 p7 (case 625) citing paper above
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  • Cramp 1954 p36 + 1966 p222 citing a UP Dispatch in Los Angles Times 10 April 1950
  • Scully 1950 p260
  • Cramp 1954 p36
  • Keyhoe 1956 p115
  • Gross 1982c(1950b) p14 citing Los Angeles Herald-Express 10 April 1950 pA7 citing UP
  • Johnson and Thomas 1998 p61 citing Los Angeles Times 10 April 1950

April 12 1950. Afternoon.
On the road between Reus and Tarragora, two brothers, Pedro and Andres Garcia, travelling in a light truck, saw a disc shaped object, about 1m in diameter, emitting a strange luminosity, hovering low over the olive trees. It disappeared within seconds at very high speed. 
  • Ballester 1976 p2 case 9 citing El Correo Catlan 13 April 1950

April 14 1950.
People in Camarasa observed a bright object coming down into the water of the lake at the hydro-electric plant “Riegos y Fuerzan del Ebre”. The object was seen floating for a while, then submerged 
  • Ballester 1976 p2 case 10 citing Stendek 2 p19 + ABC 15 April 1950

April 20 1950 Night.
Pharmacist Jack Robinson (28) was driving along Hw 94 about 14km west of Lufkin, when he felt something following him and observed a round object 2.5m diameter. When he got out of his car, he saw that the thing was at 6m (or 60m)altitude, 60m from him and was giving off a dull red glow. It took off with a swishing roar, as sparks flew from a slot under it. Five minutes later Jack felt a burning sensation on his face. The object appeared to be made of aluminium. 
  • Vallee Case 77 citing Flying Saucers July 1959
  • Arnold and Palmer 1952 p149
  • Scully 1950 p253
  • Cramp 1954 p97 citing Los Angeles Daily News 22 April 1954
  • Unger 1958 p8
  • Gross 1992c/1950b p31 citing Lufkin Daily News 21 April 1950
  • Johnson and Thomas 1998 p63 citing Los Angeles Daily Times 26 April 1950

April 23 1950. Dawn.
An elliptical object flew overhead, around (?inside) it were silhouettes like those of people 
  • Gross citing Luis Gonzalez citing El Adelanto de Salamanca 23 April 1950 + information from Juan Uranaga

April 24 1950, 2300hrs.
Industrial worker Bruno Facchini (42) stepped out his house to get some air after a storm. As he was about to reenter, he saw some strange flashes a few hundred metres from the house. Thinking it was a high tension cable had been brought down, he walked to the site, but saw no damage. He then saw the flashing a little further away. They came from a sphere with a flattened top at 10m altitude. In the middle of the object was a little ladder, from the top of which came a greenish light. A man was doing some welding on the machine. Two other men, 1.7m tall, were walking round the craft, wearing grey diving suits an d masks with a tube hanging down from the mouth. Inside the masks their faces were light coloured and human. 

Facchini, thinking he had encountered an aircraft which had force landed asked if he could help. The beings replied with incomprehensible words, giving him the impression he was being invited on board. At the same time he heard a buzzing sound like a “gigantic bee-hive or dynamo” and realized that this was not an aircraft. As he fled one of the men fired a ray of light at him, from a sort of camera, knocking him over as if he had been hit by a blast of air. The beings lost interest in him, and reentered their machine, taking their equipment with them. Everything became dark, then as the noise increased, the craft rose at fantastic speed. The next day Facchini returned to the scene and found 4 round impressions 1m diameter, in a square 8m apart, burnt grass and some bits of metal, which analysis showed consisted mainly of copper, tin and lead, with traces of other metals. A few days after the experience he developed a bruise in his back where the light had hit him. The area turned black and the pain lasted a month, and for ages afterwards he got hot flushes.

  • Antonio Giudici in FSR 20,6 p30 citing Notizario Ufo 37+ Pino Ghidelli in Dischi Volante 1 + Deomencia del Corriere April 1952 + Rivista Aeronautica May 1953+ Vesco 1972 p237
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  • Mary Boyd in FSR 22,1 p29 citing Ufo in Italia 1974
  • Verga 2007 p33 case 5002 provides an extensive discussion and bibliography
  • Ezio Bernardini in FSR 32,4 p10

May 1950. 0630hrs.
Madeleine Pierrand (14) and her father went out to get their cows in. When they reached the meadow, Madeleine saw what she thought was the sun “terribly near”, and they heard a hooting sound. The light was from a luminous sphere that landed in front of them. As they approached they saw it was saucer shaped translucent object, through which they could see a being 1.4m tall dressed in a sort of “Michelin Man” suit and a helmet with a transparent visor, and two pipes were apparently connected to two cylinders on his shoulders. The being seemed to be staring at them, and Madeleine felt paralyzed and experienced a wave of heat like the hot sun. After about two minutes the thing rose up, spinning like a top and making the same hooting sound. It ascended in steps then took off towards Buzanvcy. 
  • Gross citing Ligeron 1981
  • Evaluation Ligeron spoke with Madeleine Pierrand in about 1980, some thirty years after the event

May 1950.
A jogger was on a back road when he encountered a hairy humanoid. 
  • Opsasnick 2004 p75 citing Bob Chance

May 1950. Evening.
Four men out hiking on this plateau heard a humming sound and ovoid, metallic looking object 12m long, 6m thick descend and hover of them. A round the centre of the thing were a number of square windows, through one of which they could see two men with short white hair, wearing grey clothes looking down on them. After a minute or so the thing took off. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p42 citing Internet sources

May 7 1950, 1845hrs.
Mr and Mrs George Smith and their grandson were returning from a picnic when about 14km south of Ely they saw a silver white object hovering a treetop level. It moved back and forth for about 10 minutes, as if attempting to rise, then suddenly flew out of sight at high speed. 

May 10 1950.
Dr. Enrique Caretenuto Botta (40), an architectural engineer, former pilot, and owner of a real estate company in Caracas was out driving in an isolated region when he saw a metallic disk resting in an inclined position in the grass off the highway. It was 10m diameter, with a slippery brilliant surface 2m thick, surmounted by a tower 2m tall in which windows were visible. he stopped to investigate and saw an opening in the side. He looked in to see a pulsating red light flashing at one second intervals. Curious he went inside, where he saw a curved divan with four seats, three of which were occupied by small beings dressed in tight fitting grey overalls. They were about 1.2m tall, of human appearance, with short hair, bronze skin and dark faces. They were dead and stiff. One of them was sat with his hands on levers, facing a kind of control panel, above which was a small sphere with a circle. Botta ran out and went back to his hotel where he related his story to two friends. The three men went back to the site next day but only found a heap of ashes, which gave the man who touched them a deep purple stain. As they wandered around they saw a cigar shaped object and two smaller disks which merged with the larger cigar. Botta took five pictures of this site. He later suffered from an inexplicable fever with blisters. 
  • Stringfield 1978b p93 citing Botta himself and research by Horacio Gonzalez G
  • Lorenzen 1962 p54 + Lorenzen 1966 p59 citing El Universal 7 March 1955
  • Would You Believe 45 p8 citing Gonzalez and El Universal op cit

May 12 1950 (approx. date) Night.
The night serviceman at Tradewinds Airport noticed something like an exhaust flame coming in from the west as 150-200m altitude. He tried to waken one of the pilots at the airport but failed on a couple of occasions as the thing came in at about300-500kph and swerved towards English Field. About 5 minutes later the witness came out of the hanger office to see the brilliant light coming in from the West-North-West. He switched on the flood lights as the thing came in and landed on a grassy area about 300m in front of the hanger. Stepping out for a better look he saw that it resembled an ellipse with a flattened underside and a section of the rear cut away. The thing was surmounted by a sort of bubble, the size and shape of an American footballer’s helmet and from the object’s rear protruded a sort of pipe, from which flames seemed to be issuing. The witness again tried to wake the sleeping pilot but again failed, so he wetn back to the front of the hanger again. The strange object remained on the ground for 3-5 minutes, then rose, emitting a whinning sound and the flames from the rear became white and about 1m long. The grass under the thing was starting to burn. The object rose to about 1.2m then took off to the Southeast with a terrific roar. The climb was shallow until it reached the end of the field, at which it became steeper. It then levelled and turned without banking and headed west at increasing speed. The grass where the thing had rested was still burning so the witness got the fire extinguisher and put it out, using almost all its content. 
  • Gross 1982c/1950b p45 citing Blue Book Files
  • Evaluation: Gross notes that no investigation seems to have taken place into this story. If it is a real event, it might be a secret jet test flight

Mid May 1950 2300hrs.
Boxer Bruce Woodcock and his sparring partner Ted Greenslade were walking in the grounds of Gwyrch Castle where they were training when they encountered a young woman sitting on a fallen tree trunk. She had a pale face and was dressed in a long dark dress. They went up to her but when they got within 6m the figure just vanished. Both men fled from the scene. 
  • Ludlam 1967 p77

May 20 1950, 1600hrs. 
A woman was walking along the banks of the Loire, hurrying home for tea, when she was surrounded by a brilliant light and two black hands with rough fingers, not attached to any arms, came down from above. They grabbed her by the head and pulled it back against what felt like a metallic surface that resembled someone’s chest, at which she felt an electric shock. She was swung back and forth, her head being tightly gripped. She then heard a strange laugh, as if through water, that seemed to come from above. She was dragged along and she felt an armored knee in her back. As she was dragged into brambles she heard a voice say “there she is, we have got her”. When she reached a small field, the hands relaxed their grip. After a while she was able to sit up and then heard movement in the bushes. Looking up she saw the bushes moving and the grass pressed down as if by invisible feet. Her back felt painfully hot as if burnt. She walked on for 5-6 minutes and then heard a sound like a powerful wind and the trees thrashed around, as if in storm and there was a sudden white light and she felt something rush through the air. When the police investigated they found trees burned and fences knocked down. 
  • Vallee 1969 p95 citing LDLN 86 p2
  • Rosales 1950/54 p45 citing Joel Mesnard in MUFON UFO Journal 309

June 1950.
A number of people saw hairy humanoids in this area. 
  • Opsasnick 2004 p75 citing James Holthaus

June 1950. 1900hrs.
John Perks, the owner of Billingham Manor was in the downstairs washroom when he saw what looked like a small woman in a grey cloak, the hood drawn over her head; pass by less than a metre away. The figure was heading for the morning room and John thought it was his wife but when he followed moments later there was no-one there, and his wife was actually in the garden. 
  • MacGregor 1955 p150

June 2 1950, 2300hrs.
The long distance walker Romeo Ernesto Suarez was walking along 600m from the sea between San Sebastian and Rio Grande when he heard a violent disturbance in the sea, which panicked some sheep. Immediately a luminous oval appeared from the sea, 500m from the shore, rose up vertically and made a 90o turn to the North East 
  • Joseph Brill in MUFON UFO Journal 130 p4
  • Richard Heiden citing Banchs 1976 p16 citing La Razon 27 June 1950
  • Good 1998 p64 citing Sanchez-Ocejo and Stevens 1982 p165 gives date as late June

June 7 1950.
An engineer out driving saw a Saturn shaped object take off from a wood. The object was 8-13m in diameter, the ring being four times the size of the nucleus. It flew faster than a jet and was visible for 15 seconds 
  • J B Delair and Jacques Bonabot both citing Reuters 7 June 1950

June 16 1950.
A bright blue domed object was seen on the ground, next to it were two 1.5m tall beings in silvery suits.
  • Gross and Rosales citing GEPUC

June 17 1950, 0230hrs.
Oscar Linke (48), the mayor of Gleimerschausen, was driving on his motorcycle to Haselbach, with his daughter Gabrielle (11) in the side car. Several kilometres outside Haselbach the tires blew and they began to push the bike. Gabrielle saw two forms, which she thought were deer, in a field 150m away, and Oscar approached to try and catch one. When he got within 80m he saw they were two people dressed in heavy clothing like that worn by arctic explorers but made of a shimmering metal. From 50m he saw them bend down and study something on the ground. Thinking they were Russians he approached cautiously to within 15m. Looking over a ridge he saw an oval object like a warming pan without a handle, 12-15m across, 2.5m high. Along its side were two rows of holes 30cm diameter and 45cm apart. Out of the top of the metallic object protruded a black cylinder about 3m high. The men, one of whom had a box like object on his chest emitting a flashing light, communicated with each other by gestures. 

After Oscar had been watching them for about 25 minutes, Gabrielle called out to him afraid. At the sound of her voice, the two men rushed back to the machine, climbed rapidly up the side of the cylinder and disappeared inside. They seemed to move with a peculiar gliding motion. The holes around the side of the craft began to glow with a red and green light and Oscar heard a slight hum. The object then rose up around the central cylinder, flames being emitted around the edge. The central cylinder was now protruding from the bottom and standing on the ground. As the machine took off a blast of cold air flattened the grain in a neighboring field. The craft hovered at 30m altitude, the cylinder having now reemerged at the top, then rose with a whistling sound and headed South South West towards Stockheim in the western zone. Gabrielle also saw the object take off. They examined the site and found a circular flattened depression where the earth had been evacuated to the diameter of the cylinder. About 2.5km away a shepherd Georg Derbst saw what he thought was a comet “bounce off the earth” and a sawmill watchman also described a “comet” flash away from the hill. Oscar was so afraid he had seen a Russian secret device that he defected to the west. 

  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON UFO Journal 153 p16 citing Dr. Leon Davidson + Antony Terry in (London) Sunday Graphic 6 July 1952 + Nacht-Depesche no 188
  • Cramp 1966 p134
  • Guieu 1956 p56
  • Cramp 1954 p158

June 17 1950. Night.
15 days after his first experience Mr Suarez saw four luminous objects rise out of the Atlantic vertically and then turn towards the Andes. 
  • Joseph Brill in MUFON UFO Journal 130 p4

June 30 1950, 0005hrs.
Reverend Ross Vermillion (26) was driving with his wife along the flat Hw 54 about 14-15km west of Kingman, heading towards Cunningham when he observed first a red and then a white light. He slowed down and woke his wife. They were then joined by another car, driven by Dwayne Mulnix, a pharmacist. After observing the thing, which seemed to be hovering over two tractors in a lot, for a time, they drove closer to it. Ross described it as like two saucers, rim to rim, about 80m diameter, 4.5m thick, made of a metal like Alcoa, surmounted by a sort of canopy 3-4.5m diameter. The outer 3-4.5m of the disc was rotating. Ross thought of shinning his headlights on it, but his wife persuaded him against this. Mulnix did keep his lights on and when they approached the thing took off, going out of sight in 6 seconds. 
  • Gross 1982c/1950b p66 citing Wichita Beacon 30 June 1950 + Blue Book Files

Summer 1950. 0200hrs.
A man walking home from a visit to a neighbor on this clear night, along quiet road saw bright light near a neighboring farm and heard metallic like sounds. He went towards the light and as he did so he heard shouting which made him think he was dealing with bootleggers. However he then saw, not a still, but a luminous disc shaped object about 6m diameter, hovering about 1.5m from the ground. B y it and illuminated in its light was what looked like a young slim man about 1.8m tall. On closer approach the witness could see that the stranger was wearing luminous clothing and a leather mask. This stranger addressed him a strange language that sounded like German. About this time another being emerged from underneath the object. This was a smaller being with a large head covered in a hood and with broad shoulders and an arched back. This figure pointed something like a torch, carried at its waist, at the witness, who became totally paralyzed. The two beings talked among themselves and then the hooded one approached, touched the witness with deformed fingers and lifted the hood to reveal a wrinkled immobile face in which one eyes was lower than the other. The figure then put up its hood again and the two talked loudly together as they walked back the object, which they entered through a small lift. At this point the witness became unconscious and did not see the thing depart. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p 47 citing Fergusson 1977

Summer 1950. Day
A 6 year old girl saw an object like a plane in a clover field surrounded by a wood near her farmhouse and had a sudden impulse to go there. The object was 300-400m away, cigar shaped, 6m long, with silvery ends and a black central part. Neither wings nor wheels could be seen. Around the machine four small men, only a bit taller than the girl, were moving. They wore bright green clothes and hoods. Their bare faces were abnormally red and they had strange, immobile eyes, They walked with an awkward gait. One of them kicked the machine with his foot. The girl seemed to converse with the men through telepathy, but about what she could not remember. She was then seized with a sudden fear and ran home, as she did so the object took off slowly and smoothly. Neither her mother nor her grandmother would believe her story. She was too afraid the visit the spot for some time 
  • Juri Lina in FSR 24,1 p3 citing investigation by Tunne Kelam

Summer 1950.
A woman saw a disc shaped 2.5-3m diameter land in a field behind her house. In an open cockpit at the front she saw a man wearing unusual goggles. When the pilot saw the witness the craft took off rapidly, breaking a branch on a nearby oak tree. 
  • Clark 1998 p214 citing HUMCAT citing a letter from the witness to NICAP

Summer 1950.
A 6 year old girl (VH) was collecting eggs on her grandfather’s farm, when she found herself bleeding from a gash on her leg, though there was no tear in her jeans. Under hypnotic regression in 1979 she recalled that while walking to the barn she found herself lying on a couch in a place with a grey light, and unseen beings telling her that the cut would not hurt and that “they”, who came from some place far away, needed a bit of her for understanding. “They” said there were many inhabited worlds, theirs wad “nice” and they might take her there one day. Start of a series of abduction narratives all recalled under hypnosis. 
  • Hopkis 1981 p128 etc.
  • Evaluation Suggestion and hypnotic confabulation based on possible childhood accident

Summer 1950. 2355hrs.
A married couple were cycling towards Calangianus and had stopped to wait for friends, when they saw a light like an aurora shining out of the vegetation on Mount Limbra. An orange cigar shaped object surrounded by a bright but not dazzling halo, rose out of the light. It appeared to be 200-300m long and to have dark markings, like windows, along its side. 
  • Verga 2007 p39 (case 5004) citing investigation by A M Cuccu in 1991
  • Stilo 2000 p254

July 1950.
Mrs Sunderland and her cousin saw a large hairy humanoid looking though their farmhouse window. 
  • Opsasnick 2004 p75 citing Bob Chase

July 1950.
A teenage boy saw a hairy humanoid at a garage dump in wooded area outside town 
  • Opsasnick 2004 p75 citing David Bremer

July 2 1950. Evening.
A senior executive of the Steep Rock mines and his wife were picnicking at Sawbill Bay, when they were surprised by a shock wave, like blasting. On the water 400m away was a double disk with portholes 2.4m apart, and a rotating hoop like antennae on top. Moving about the top of the object were about ten figures 1.2m tall, dressed in shiny clothing walking “like robots, changing direction without turning their bodies”. Their faces could not be seen. One of them had a red cap, darker arms and legs and appeared to be their leader. They emersed a hose into the lake. The next time the couple looked, the object was hovering at 2.5m and the beings had gone inside. The object was 14m in diameter, 4.5m thick at the centre, 3.5m at the edges. It took off at an angle of 45 degrees, giving off a blast of air. A green metallic film was found at the spot. About three weeks later the executive and a friend were boating on the lake at night, when they saw a disk performing the same maneuvers. The dwarfs rushed off inside as the object took off at great speed. Their boat stalled then heated up. 
  • Wilkins 1967 p245 + Cramp 1966 p249 + Lorenzen1966 p23 + Edwards Serious Business 1967 p98+ Jessup 1957b p230 all quoting Fate February/March 1952 p68 quoting Steep Rock Echo September/October 1950
  • Evaluation: Admitted hoax by journalist Gordon Edwards see for example Colombo 1991 p32)

July 4 19509 2000hrs.
Daniel Fry, a rocket technician, went out for an evening walk to cool down. He saw something dark coming down from the sky, which as it approach he saw was an oblate sphere, about 9m diameter at the widest. It landed gently about 20m away. Daniel approached the polished metallic looking thing which was about 5m thick. He touched the thing with his palm, at which a voice told him to back off and continued to give a pseudo-scientific explanation of why he should do that. The voice, which spoke in colloquial terms claimed to be a space person. An opening appeared and Daniel went inside to a rook 2.7m deep, 21m wide in which there were four seats. Daniel sat in one of these and the walls became translucent and the object took off, all with commentary from the voice which appeared to be directed straight into his brain. After a trip he was returned back to White Sands. Daniel later claimed other contacts. 
  • Good 1998 p57 citing Fry 1954 + 1965 + 1973
  • Gibbons 1957 p6
  • Fry 1992
  • Evaluation: Classic contactee story, probable hoax

July 20 1950.
Mr Campello and several others in a car saw two huge silvery objects by the side of the road, one on a hillock, the other on flat ground, about 50m away from each other. They came within 600m of the objects, which took off at an incredible speed, causing a rush of air that rocked the car. 
  • Vallee Case 81 citing SBEDV Bulletin 30

July 23 1950 (or following day) 
Claude Blondeau, proprietor of the Bar de l’Escardillo, was taking a stroll when he heard a whistling sound. He turns round and saw, 100m away, two circular machines 5m in diameter, 1.5m thick. From each craft a pilot of normal height, dressed in dark clothes, emerged and began making repairs on one of the machines. Claude approached and asked the men some questions, to which they replied in slow but perfect French. Inside one of the craft, Claude saw a brilliantly lit cabin with a couch and some sort of instrument panel with a steering wheel. They said the craft was propelled by energy. The two craft finally left vertically at very high speed, their portholes glowing as they did so. The episode lasted two minutes. 
  • Guieu 1956a p229
  • Evaluation: Hoax

Early August 1950. 0215hrs.
A dentist from Casablanca, Dr Desmas, was driving between Ancenis and Ouden when his attention was caught by a glow coming from a thicket on the right. A few minutes later the same glow was seen on the left. When Desmas stopped, a ball of fire crossed the road then maneuvered in the sky for 15 minutes, during which time it was seen to be lens shaped. A number of other people in the area saw the object in the sky. 
  • Guieu 1956a p229
  • Gross 1982d/1950c p5 citing Doubt 43 p262

August 4 1950 1000hrs.
About 150km south of NEW YORK (NEW YORK : USA)
The master of the motor vessel Marcala, Nils Lewring was in his chart room when he was alerted by his Third Mate, to an unusual object flying off the starboard bow. It was an oval object, which Lewring estimated to be travelling at 40kph, about 300m away and 15-30m above the water and to be about 3m in diameter. The Chief Mate Jacob Koelwyn was also alerted and described the thing as a half egg, cut out lengthwise travelling at 800kph, more than 15km away, but agreed that it was about 20m above the water, which reflected its shadow. The original witness, the Third Mate, agreed with this description and both estimated its length as being about six times that of its breadth. There was some agreement that the thing look metallic and sparkled in the sunlight, and seemed to be spinning or wobbling. Estimates of the visibility time ranged from 15 -90 seconds. 

Autumn 1950.
A round object skimmed over a stream, hit it with a splash, and then slanted upwards and out of sight. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 5 p5

Autumn 1950. 1515hrs.
A boy was gouing through a field to fetch a pheasant that his father had shot from the car, when he saw a fiery orange sphere, with fuzzy edges, on a wire fence. The thing, which was the size of a softball, remained still for 10-15 seconds, and then moved along the wire before just disappearing. 
  • Swords 2005 p22 citing John Timmerman
  • Evaluation: St Elmo’s fire or related electrical phenomenon. 

Autumn 1950. Night.
Kadji Murat was walking along the banks of the Belokan-Chay River, carrying a stolen sack of rice and so was worried by the sound of splashing like the emptying of a bucket, which he thought was the work of a neighbour. He then saw that the sound came from a tall figure with long hair. He thought this was a woman taking a bath and decided to spy on her. He then saw the figure was a humanoid with a muzzle like face, huge hands and breasts. Kadji was now so afraid that he woke up the neighbor he had earlier been trying to avoid. They returned with a gun but the creature had gone. 
  • Bayanov 1996 p31

September 1950. 0300hrs.
Roy Beck and other guards at the State Penitentiary saw a large disc shaped object travel silently just above the walls of the compound. The thing appeared to be surmounted by antennae and its central portion was spinning. At some point the thing became translucent and the witness could see several human liker figures inside. They became afraid and wanted to shoot at the object but were prevented by a senior officer. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p55 citing Ohio UFO Notebook no 12

September 12 1950 Late evening.
A man observed the silhouette of a person between himself and the beach and the end of the base runway. When he investigated he saw a flash and felt his hand burn 

Late 1950 Night.

Returning from watching a film, a young recruit saw something like a walking skeleton some 60m ahead. He was unable to catch up with it, and none of the men with him saw it. 
  • Holzer 1975 p90

October 1950.
An unidentified object was observed at ground level. No further details 
  • Vallee and Jaffe Table of American landings

October 15 1950, 1520hrs.
Edward D Rymer, an atomic energy security patrol trooper, and John Moneymaker, a caretaker at the University of Tennessee Research Farm, were talking outside the guard house when John saw an object at 3,500-4,500m above the Control Zone and directed Edward’s attention to it. The thing appeared as a sky writing plane with a trail of smoke behind it, but as it arced down at descended at 160kph Edward saw that it was a wingless bullet shaped object and that the smoke was a kind of tail. Edward went into the guard room to report the thing and when he came out he saw that the thing was down to just below 2m about 70m from them. The thing had the apparent dimensions of a 5 x 12cm card with tail appearing to be 6m long and about 3cm wide. This tail as grey in colour with a thin central black line and its last three quarters gave off an intermittent pulsating glow, gave the impression of rippling and seemed to be translucent. The thing appeared to be travelling at about 5kph and its main body was rocking from side to side. Even when Edward got within 15m of the object, it did not appear to get any larger but the thing picked up speed and passed over a 3m tall fence, dipped again and then rose over a 9m tall willow tree and, picking up speed, over the top of a ridge, changing to a pear shape as it did so. In the minutes following two similar objects were seen, one after another at about 100m and 150m respectively
  • Blue Book files
  • Evaluation: Kite? Partially deflated balloon?

December 1950.
The American seaplane tender “Gardiners Bay” was steaming up channel from Incheon when her personnel sighted two objects trailing white smoke strike the water at tremendous speed. Two huge columns of water were thrown up 
  • Sanderson 1970 p35 citing Fate October 1951
  • Vallee 41966a p 133 citing Naval Aviation News 18 January 1951

December 8 1950, 2350hrs.
Otto Ernest and his five children saw a huge brightly coloured banana shaped object hovering over a dune. It disappeared behind the dune and the witnesses left their car to investigate. They saw a bright glow in Lake Michigan. A Dalton man also reported seeing the object in the area. Police and civil aeronautics personnel searched the area in vain.

  • Data Net IV, 5 citing Grand Rapids Press 16 December 1950

1951 (or following year) Early hours.
A 7 year old boy on his grandfather’s boat got up in the night and went on deck to relieve himself. As he did so the boat began to rock and his flashlight illuminated a tall hairy humanoid, with dark brown or black hair climbing on board the boat. When it saw the boy, the creature jumped back in the water. The boy was joined by his grandfather and they saw the creature come out of the shallows some 40m away. The could see it was 2-2.5m tall as it walked back into the forest. 
  • Alley 2003 p541 citing a 2000 interview

1951 (approx. date) Morning.
In this hamlet in the commune of Cellino Attanasio a 5 or 6 year old girl was on the terrace of her grandmother’s house, when she observed a strange object approaching at 5-6m altitude. It was a metallic object that reminded her of a “whiriligig” . The lower section was an inverted cone, the upper section a transparent dome inside which she could see a humanoid figure dressed in a dark suit, with a helmet, and things that looked like breathing tubes. Between these sections was a sort of red rim, 2m wide, protruding from the main body by about 40cm. The cone and rim were spinning rapidly. The machine flew towards the girl then came closer to the ground. The scared child tried to alert her grandmother and when she looked back the craft was departing in a zig-zag path. 
  • Verga 2007 p 41 (case 5102) citing Stilo 2002 p369 + G Neri citing memo from R Cabassi archive and an undated issue of Bollettino CODE
  • Evaluation: Lacks contemporaneous documentation. Girl became the wife of a UFO buff

1951 (approx. date)
A woman went outside to see what was making her dogs act up and saw a large hairy humanoid on her front porch, cornered by the dogs. Her husband came out and shot at the thing but it ran off. At about the same time her stepfather had had seen a black humanoid face at his window. The figure would have had to have been more than 2m tall to have been able to look in. 
  • Green 1978 p215 citing Ramona Hibner

1951 (or following year)
A girl aged 2 or 3 wandered off into the forest near the remote mining camp where she lived and encountered three dwarfs in shiny dark blue suits, who led or carried her to a clearing, where they were taken up in a yellow light to a small grey room in which there were other dwarfs in different coloured suits. She was taken into a room with cloth walls, a table and a bathtub. She was sat on the table and various people gathered around and discussed her. She was then given a bath which entailed being held down head first into the bath of cold, salty water. She was then taken to another room, where there were lots of older children who told her where they came from. They said they had been unhappy and unwanted where they had been, and had decided to stay with these strange people. She was then taken away, told many things and set back down in the clearing. This was the start of a series of abductions, communications with an intelligent sphere and claims of extraordinary powers. 
  • Brookesmith 1998 p 34
  • Evaluation: False memory constructed from fragments of childhood memory, some of which probably relate to a period in a children’s home

1951 (approx date) Evening.
In this town in Alessandria commune Mrs Carlesi was in her father’s car as they were driving on a country road when they observed a huge, iridescent, dark red dome shaped object “as large as the Turin Sports Complex” on the ground. They got out to investigate as did other motorists. They then left the area. 
  • Verga 2007 p 42 (case 5103) citing Junior Due 2,3 p11
  • Evaluation: Another case reported decades after the event. Given the huge size, some sort of temporary ground structure seems likely.

1951 (apprx date)
A woman, alerted by the barking of her dogs, went out to investigate and found the dogs confronting a large hairy humanoid. Her husband shot at the creature, which then fled into the woods. The same thing had been seen looking in through her father-in-laws window. He too shot at it. 
  • Miles 2000 p41)

Naval officers and ratings in a motor launch saw, through binoculars, a pulsating cigar shaped object hovering over the water. It directed a column of green light towards the water surface. When a plane arrived on the scene the object accelerated away in seconds. When the crew reached the spot where the object had hovered they found the sea strewn with dead fish. 
  • Keel 1975b p144 citing an unsigned letter in an unidentified and undated Miami newspaper
  • Evaluation: Vague and unreliable source

A woman rounding up cattle came across a strange object resting on legs, on the ground. From it emerged three normal looking men, wearing silver suits and boots and hoods, who floated to the ground. She was taken into the craft, where she saw a room with what she later thought were computer consoles. They spoke to her and told her secrets about herself. She was then returned to the ground. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p137 citing his own 1995 investigation

1951. Night.
Three people in a rural home between Van Lear and Wolfpen encountered a being 2.7-3m tall covered copper coloured hair, and with larger brown eyes, which looked in through the window and then ran off.
  • Newton 2010 p56

Billy Ludlow (11) and two friends were playing under a bridge that was under construction when they heard the metal cracking. Looking up they saw a hairy biped 2.7-3m tall with broad shoulders. The lads fled the scene to Billy’s grandmother’s cabin, where they locked themselves in. Moments later something approached and tried the door. 
  • Blackburn 2017 p64 citing Ludlow in The Oklahoman August 2005
  • Evaluation: Another story recalled decades after the alleged event

1951. 2300hrs.
Three teenagers encountered a humanoid figure dressed in a robe, 20m away. It seemed to be 2m tall, smoky grey in colour, with no definite head features and floating just above the ground. The teenagers fled 
  • Basterfield 1981 p77 citing interview by UFOR(NSW) on 6 October 1976

Early 1951. Night.
An American security patrolman was driving around the US air base when he encountered a man dressed in an RAF pilot’s uniform hitching a lift. The security guard gave him one and passed the stranger his lighter when he asked for a light. As he stopped at a security check he saw the flash of the lighter, but when he turned round the strange pilot had disappeared and the lighter was on the seat. 
  • Bord 1989 p86 citing Harry Lebelson in Pursuit 18, 2 p74

January 1 1951, 0700hrs.
About a dozen members of the Sewell family observed an object shaped like two saucers placed rim to rim. It travelled west to east above a line of trees 400m away. Between the two halves of the object, which was 10-15m diameter, was a row of windows. The object was of metallic appearance resembling brass. It moved silently at high speed. After maneuvering for 15 to 20 minutes the object rose vertically, disappearing from sight in a couple of seconds 
  • Skylook 78 citing Barry J Casebolt in an undated issue of Huntsville Times

January 5 1951, 2355hrs.
At the Desnaunois farm an apparition wrapped in a shroud came to disturb the rest of the farm workers. It violently opened the door of the farmhouse and menaced 2 gendarmes present with a bony arm. Flashes of fire seemed to come from the creature which vanished into the night, An official report of the incident was lodged with the clerk of the Alois Magistrates court 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Brugsche Courant 27 January 1951

February 1951 (approx. date) 
A spherical object 1.3m diameter landed and then took off again. 
  • Wilkins 1967a p 138

February 1951
A group of Umatjera aboriginals observed from a low hill top a shiny circular object land near a similar object already on the ground. Both objects were between 10-15m in diameter, perhaps 3m high. After a few minutes a dwarf came from the second object and entered the first, The creature had a shiny suit and helmet. Both machines rose with a buzzing sound. The event was not reported until September. 
  • Edwards 1967a p100

Spring 1951. 2315hrs.
H.M. a British engineer was driving his car to top up his battery, and had gone up the Draakensteen Mountain, where he was flagged down by a stranger, who asked for water. M told him he had none, but that he could get some from a nearby stream and helped him fetch it in an oil can. The stranger directed him to a machine hidden in the shadow of the mountain . It was discoid 10-15m diameter, about 4m high with a double row of 4 windows, and was resting on a landing gear. The stranger invited him in, to a circular room, where there were a number of men almost 1.5-1.6m tall, wearing beige laboratory fastened with a belt over normal clothes. One of them appeared to be injured. Lots of levers were visible and the room was illuminated by a pervasive white light from an unseen source. The occupants warned him not to move from his spot near the entrance, and gave a vague description of the operation of the craft involving antigravity and pointed to the sky as their place of origin. After about 20 minutes he was ushered out, and left the area. Next day he found some marks at the site. 
  • Juan Jose Benitez in FSR 24,2 p3-first hand discussion with witness
  • UFOAfriNews 2 p24
  • Hind 1996 p31 citing her own investigation dates this to “around Christmas time”

March 1951.

Members of the 25th Division, 27th Regiment, 2nd Battalion, commanded by Lt Evans, and including Private Francis P Wall, were on a mountain side above a village in the Iron Triangle to the west of Chorwon. During an artillery barrage they noticed a light coming down the mountainside, which they thought was a jack o lantern. The patrol continued down into the village, and then saw that the thing was coming right down into the artillery barrage without being affected. After 45-60 minutes the object approached them and they could see that it was a blue-green irregularly pulsating light. When they fired at the thing, they heard a noise as if it was a solid object. The thing began to move erratically making a sound like a diesel locomotive revving up and the soldiers were swept by a sort of searchlight, which gave them a burning, tingling sensation. They were ordered into their bunkers, from where they observed the thing hovering and illuminating the countryside. It then shot off at a 45 degree angle. The soldiers later suffered from weakness and diarrhea and were found to have an extremely low white blood cell count. Wall claimed to suffer long time weight loss and periods of disorientation and memory loss. The matter was not official reported.
  • Richard Haines in UFO Magazine (US) 10,4 p26 + Swords 2005 p178 both citing investigation by John Timmerman
  • Haines 1990 p18)
  • Evaluation: Yet another unverified tale by one person decades after the alleged event

March 1951 (approx. date) 2200hrs.
Mr C, a farmer at “Petit Clou” was out cycling when he noticed a globe about 70cm in diameter coming from his right. The phenomenon went through several movements, approaching and drawing away, and otherwise strongly drawing his attention to it. The yellow orange glow approached within 1.5m of the ground. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Alain Favrou and Rene Robert in LDLN 162 p18

March 1951 (or following month) 
A father and son touring were on a motoring tour, when a few kilometres outside Carlisle travelling from Kendal, they saw an orange light in the south-east and heard a sound like stream. They thought this might be steam train, but then saw that it was heading towards them on a trajectory where there were neither roads nor rail. The thing stopped and hovered over the road ahead, spanning the width of the road and trees on either side. It resembled a horizontal cone of orange-red light and continued making its hissing sound. They drove under it to continue their journey. The thing was in view for 30 minutes. 
  • NUFON News 79 p5 citing David Seargent

April 1951 (or following year) 0945hrs.
A strange object was seen in a field 800m from the witness. The thing moved up and down before coming very close to the ground. It was a discoid 4m in diameter, 2m high, with an antenna and some tubes. The upper part was a dome shaped window of a light green colour. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing E and W Van Canneyt of GESAG Bruges

May 10 1951. Night .
Clarita Villaneuva (18), a homeless woman, was found in a state of panic, claiming that she was being bitten by a being like a man with large bulging eyes, wearing a loose cape. This being was invisible to other people. Clarita was taken into custody but even in a cell she claimed she was being attacked, and police and others saw bite marks appearing on her arms. 

May 15 1951, 2300hrs.
An American military driver had returned from Linz to the motor pool 8km north of Salzburg, and was walking back to the town, when a helmeted figure stepped out of the bush and pointed something at him, paralyzing him. This being strapped a kind of plate to the witnesses back, and led him to a round object about 50m diameter in a nearby field. He was placed in a cabin with a transparent dome on top. The machine then took off and they were taken to another world, where there were several other craft, two with “people from earth” on them. After a while the beings returned him to earth, at the same spot where he had been taken. The creatures that abducted him were short, with three fingers, large skulls and “lots of little eyes in the two big ones like-like a fly”. 
  • Charles Bowen in FSR 13,4 + Allen 1959 p137 quoting Flying Saucers October 1958 quoting UFOlogy News n..d. quoting Ron Powell in Prince George Citizen 1 December 1957

June 1951.
Thomas P Weyer was walking along the street when he observed a shiny object, which he thought was a hub cap, lying in the grass by the road. He picked the thing up and saw that it was a disc about38cm diameter, 15cm thick. It was perfectly symmetrical; resembling one saucer inverted over the other, and had a shiny metallic appearance, like chrome. He found it warm to the touch. Thomas put the thing down for a moment, at which the thing took off with a whooshing sound, leaving no exhaust. 
  • C W Fitch in APRO Bulletin September/October 1954 p4 direct from the witness
  • Gross 1978 p31 citing above

June 1951. 2150hrs.
Two teenage sisters in a quiet country lane saw a little man appear in front of them as if from nowhere. He was about 75cm tall, dressed in black with a black cap. The sisters ran through a gate as the little man turned toward them. They later saw an object “about the size and shape of a common tin kitchen clock” on the gate. 
  • MacManus 1959/1973 p47

June 1 1951, 1900hrs.
Two young boys, about 5 years old, were playing ball in front of Fleming Elementary School when one pointed out to the other a saucer shaped object, about 2m diameter, 1m thick descending towards them. They could see that it had a black lower portion and transparent upper, through which a square box like structure could be seen. The thing came low, but still to high for them to hit with stones, about 10m away. It remained there for 15 minutes. The next morning, just before dawn, one of the boys was awakened by a buzzing sound and saw a swarm of tiny particles that resolved itself into the figure of a man in a black suit, and with a white pompadour haircut, which raised its arm, as if in greeting, at the foot of his bed. The frightened boy hid under the bedclothes and fell back to sleep. When he awoke again the figure had gone. 
  • Rutkowksi and Dittman 2006 p65 citing an internet source

June 5 1951, 2300hrs.
A local militia man on watch saw a bright light on a neighboring hill, beside which were stood two dwarfs wearing silvery suits. This occurred at the time of a local power failure. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p77 citing Ulrich Machin

June 19 1951, 1200hrs.
Mechanic Joseph Matiszweski heard a whistling sound and saw an object land in a meadow. Approaching within 50m he found himself paralyzed and observed that the birds had stopped singing and cows seemed unable to move. From the object emerged four handsome men with brown skin who wore black shiny suits and translucent helmets. Eight objects also emerged from the craft and hovered above it. Other men inside the craft and on its deck appeared to be making repairs. The objects all then rose to about 100m altitude and climbed rapidly out of sight. Only then did the paralysis subside. 
  • Vallee Case 82 citing Ufo Nachtrichten May 1959 p3
  • Gross citing Gonzalez citing Wegner 1989 
  • Evaluation: Claimed another contact on May 18 1954 with aliens from planet Zurton. Typical contactee, psychological? Hoax?

Early Summer 1951. Morning.
A farmer was driving his tractor up a steep slope, towing a trailer in which his two little daughters were sitting. The two girls saw a golden orange coloured object appear suddenly at the rear of the trailer and very close. It followed them for about a minute before going overhead and disappearing over the hill. The girls managed to drawn their father’s attention to the object, which was shaped like two bowls joined together, with a central rim. It was 4m diameter 3m thick and was about 30m away at 20m altitude. 
  • Mark Stenhoff and C D Oakley-Hill in Gemini 1, 2 citing Mrs A Y Lee (one of the girls)

Summer 1951. 2100hrs.
A 49 year old man, his 40 year old wife and a 50 year old police officer friend were going to see an open air theatre performance in the town square, when, as they turned into the street, they saw a small transparent ovoid motionless 7-9m above the square 60m away. The audience, engrossed in the performance had their backs to this ovoid and did not appear to notice it. As the three witnesses got closer they saw, seated in the object, a normal sized man dressed in light overalls. He appeared thin and elderly, and had a long white beard, and appeared to be leaning closer to watch the play. This revealed a second person they could not clearly see. The lady got within 7-8m of the object which was 4-5m long. As she then called out to the spectators, the object took off at great speed and with a slight whistling sound, disappearing to the North North East over the roof of a house in a second. The main male witness thought he heard voices that sounded Russian. 
  • MUFON UFO Journal 142 p9 quoting A. M. and P Maissa, Theirry Leplat and Eric Zurcher in LDLN 175 p9 citing their first hand investigation

July 1951. 0130hrs.
Pierre Monnet bicycling home to Orange from visiting his fiancĂ©e in Courthezon, 8km away became aware that the landscape had changed and he was 5km further along, feeling relaxed but with a sort of pressure on the chest. He then saw a disk, 15m away hovering 50- 80cm above the ground. It was 15-20m diameter, with a central bulge, total height 3m. The thing emitted a pulsing white light. Coming within 6m of the thing Pierre noticed that the ambient sounds had faded. Nearby four men, 1.85m tall, were standing. They had thin faces, long blond hair and blue eyes and were wearing scaled silvery overalls and were barefoot. They communicated with the witness by telepathy, promising to extend his life 120 years, so he would have time to digest all the information they had given him. A brilliant opening then appeared in the machine and the beings entered. Pierre cycled off and when he looked at his watch no time had passed. He later became a fully-fledged contactee 
  • Alain Gamard citing Ouranous 13 p5 and 14 p12
  • Good 2013 p25 citing Monnet n.d
  • Evans 1987 p150 citing Monnet 1978
  • Evaluation: Original experience may be a micro dream/REM intrusion, with later elaboration

July 1951.
Fred Reagan was flying his Piper Cub plane near Atlanta, when he encountered a lozenge shaped object that crashed into his plane. This caused the plane to crash from 2,500m, but after some seconds, Reagan was drawn into the object, where he met three beings 90cm tall that resembled “stalks of metallic asparagus”. Reagan passed out and when he recovered consciousness he found himself lying on a soft substance and hearing a mechanical sounding voice which told him he had been cured of cancer as reparation for the loss of his plane. The beings said they were on earth to observe the primitive civilization there. He passed out again and recovered in hospital, having been found next to his wrecked plane. He died later from “brain degeneration”, supposedly due to radiation exposure. 
  • Bartholomew and Howard p 293 citing Action Magazine May 1955
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 15,6 p20
  • Evaluation: Almost certainly a journalistic hoax.

July 1951. 1330hrs.
Melchor Prieto Dosal was riding his horse through the Cervigao Valley near Aller when he saw, about 100m away, something that looked like a balloon close to the ground. However when Melchor got within 4m of the thing he saw that it was actually a dwarf 80 cm tall, with a large head. This dwarf was hovering 5m above the ground. It then floated over Melchor, who tried to catch it I n his hands, but lost concertation when the horse started acting up, forcing him to dismount. When he next looked again the thing had gone. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p79 citing internet sources

July 3 1951, 0300hrs.
A boy at a Catholic summer camp awoke in the night in a cement serving some blocks from his sleeping quarters. He was aware of a blue-green light even through his closed eyes. Opening them he saw something slowly rising with a buzzing sound, going up towards a huge black disc the size of a city block, with silvery edges. The blue green light was in its centre. This ibject them moved away. The boy limped back to his sleeping quarters despite his foot having been injured in the previous days hike. Later he recalled an encounter with a small female entity with a large head and oversize cat like eyes and was show a trip to a desolate place he was told was the moon, which had been destroyed in a vast war that caused the craters. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p80 citing NUFORC
  • Evaluation Sleep walking + false memory? Hoax?

July 11 1951, 0200hrs.
Cecil Greenfield (26) of Langmead Street was awoken by the sound of something moving on the landing outside his bedroom. Thinking a member of his family was unwell, he went to investigate. He was about to go downstairs, when he saw, climbing them towards him a tall grey-white figure without any facial features, its arms seeming crossed across the chest. As it approached he felt increasing cold, and felt an electrical sensation. It made a creak in the stair as it approached, at which Cecil screamed and the figure disappeared. His parents found him shaking. Five days later at 0215, his brother Dennis (22) and sister in law Gladys (20) were coming home from a party when they encountered the same figure standing at the bottom of the stairs, its arms by its side. It was also seen one afternoon by his sister Patricia (14), who became hysterical. Strange noises were heard in the house and objects moved about. Police investigations were fruitless. 
  • Leslie Paul in Lambit 1955 p249 citing his own investigation

August 14 1951, 1300hrs.
A 57 year old farmer was in the local cemetery when he heard a noise like wind and felt a wave of heat. He observed a silvery Saturn shaped machine 6m diameter land in the open space of the cemetery, 50m away. It had telescopic legs, 2 small side stairs and a ring of dull white portholes and a sort of exhaust pipe which emitted fire. From it emerged six beings 1.1-1.2m tall, dressed in shiny white one piece overalls with knee high boots. On their backs were some cylinders from which tubes went to their faces, which resembled those of monkeys, with round azure eyes, prominent noses and white complexions. They had long arms which reached below their knees, human like legs. Their heads were covered by round, transparent helmets with three antennae, two at the side, one in the centre. They wore 20cm thick hip belts, on which were lenses of various colours. They carried weapons which reminded the witness of Russian tommy guns. When pointed at the witness these gave off a flash of light which had no affect on. They came towards him laughing and apparently communicating with each other by gestures. One of the beings had a red beard and seemed to gesture at the witness. When the beings ascended the two stairways, three by three, this one with the red beard was last. Now the stupefied farmer was able to gesture back. The object now withdrew its extremities, the upper hemisphere began to rotate, emitted a noise like a vacuum cleaner for a short while, then rose, giving off red-green flames like those of kerosene. At a certain altitude it stopped, tilted then disappeared towards Venice in a moment. The observation lasted 90 seconds. An area of burnt soil 7m diameter, where the soil was bare and carbonised was found at the site. The witness was shocked and paralyzed. 
  • Maurizio Verga personal + in FSR 24,6 p24 + Verga 2007 p40 (case 5101) citing Fabrizio Zo and Giussepe Lombardi first hand investigation + Il Gioranale dei Misteri 93 p15 + Notizario UFO 101 p52

Fall 1951.
At least 6 or 7 people saw a strange bipedal creature in a swamp to the west of town. 
  • Green 1978 p200 Indiana University Library folklore files

Autumn 1951. Night.
A group of workers were trying to recharge their truck battery when the area was illuminated by an orange light. This came from a luminous orange sphere on the ground near them. From this emerged a tall beautiful woman with long blond hair, wearing a blue robe and belt. She smiled at the men and was caressing what looked like a baby in her arms. She then disappeared, and the glow brightened as the ball took on the appearance of a jellyfish. The men felt icy cold. The light suddenly vanished. The men believed they had seen the Virgin Mary. 
  • Gross citing Rosales citing Raoul Robe

September 1951.
Cornelia Closa (12) was on his way to the Zamro Elementary School, about 15 minutes walk from his home, through a rural area, when he met a “beautiful girl” with long blonde hair, dressed in white and barefoot. The being seemed to communicate through telepathy, and when she touched him Closa seemed to float above the ground just as she did. This was repeated many times. When he was with the girl Closa was invisible to others, and he disappeared even from locked rooms. The events ended after he was exorcised. 
  • Vicente Maliwanag in Fate/Fuller 1968 p 122
  • Steiger 1968 (Real) p159)

September 1951. 2100hrs.
Mrs Louise McDougall, her husband and three other people seated outside the McDougall’s trailer observed a disk hovering above nearby trees. The object was huge, 30m in diameter, metallic with elongated rectangular windows on the underside, through which the figures of four men could be seen, illuminated by a soft amber glow. They were wearing jump suits and had shoulder length hair. Mrs McDougall shone a spotlight on the object, which moved away rapidly towards the southwest, After a few minutes the object returned to the same position, before moving away to the south east. The observation lasted for 15 minutes. 
  • Ted Bloecher citing a letter and NICAP report form dated 4 December 1961
  • Clark 1998 p214 citing HUMCAT
  • Evaluation: Classic contactee description, influenced by Adamski tale in the 10 years before reporting

September 4 and 5, 1951, 0630hrs.
A few days before her marriage, teenager Sheila, staying with her parents for a few days, had woken and was looking out of her bedroom window, when she saw a large, silvery-green, dome shaped object 12m diameter, 7m high descend with a flash and land on the lawn .Three square panels like large doors appeared equally spaced apart., and from these emerged three men 1.5-1.8m tall with completely bald heads, wearing dark green or khaki one piece garments, which covered their feet, ended tightly at the wrist and with “mandarin collars”, and were each holding a devise like a machine gun. (A cylinder 50cm long, 8cm diameter, with black rectangular shapes like magazines, with shorter, wider rectangles on the top.) From their right shoulders to their left hand side were black bands which connected to stomach bands of similar width and colour. Their arms were long but with normal hands and fingers. They had small pointed noses, small lipless mouths and small pointed, deep set, expressionless eyes , They continued walking for about 10m, appearing to be oblivious of their surroundings, then stopped simultaneously and walked back to the object, reentering their respective openings, then panels of which slid back. Red flashing lights appeared on the object (about 2m below its apex), which then took off vertically. The incident lasted 40-50 seconds. No traces were found. 
  • Andrew Collins in BUFORA Journal 8,1 p11 citing his first hand Investigation
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a p76 citing above
  • Randles 1988 p65 dates this to February 4
  • Evaluation: Another case reported decades after the event

September 24 1951, 1100hrs.
Harrison E Bailey (24) was walking in a wooded area south of Orlando Park, wheeling a large tractor tire that he used as an advertising gimmick, when he felt a cramp in the back of his neck and vaguely saw something he thought was a whirlwind. It was a grey object with a tapering underside. He thought little of it and carried on. he next remember standing in the wood observing a huge silver-grey round object, larger than a car, across the road at the edge of a meadow only 30m away. As he stood watching, a sliding door in the craft moved back revealing an opening, from which two men emerged, and stood next to it staring at Bailey. There faces were hidden by huge. green tinted face shields which distorted their features. Bailey felt as though his whole body was vibrating. He thought it was some kind of aircraft and wondered if the occupants were Russian spies. The beings asked him where he was coming from and going to in unaccented English. The paralysis, which had up to that time had held him, now left and he continued on his way, but did not get far before he felt totally exhausted and ill.

As he got out of the wood he realised that it was now afternoon. The next day he felt improved but still not up to his usual self. In the following years he developed various physical and psychological problems which led to a hypnotic regression in 1977. Under this he recalled that as he approached the woods he saw a strange frog like creature on a log, with a number of similar creatures half hidden on either side of the road. Numerous little round objects were moving around in the wood ahead. The frog like creatures walked up to him, making high pitched sounds. They were about 45cm tall, with brown, smooth, striped skin, small hands and three toed feet., wrap around eyes and slit mouths but no other features were visible. They jumped up and kept touching Bailey’s body. There were also numerous beings in round shells. Bailey ran off and outdistanced the creatures but lost track of time. He recovered in front of the object. He now recalled that he had lost consciousness again and awoke on a low bed in the craft, where a soft diffuse light played on his skin, and he was examined by beings 1.5m tall wearing visors and one piece suits. They seemed to be examining him, but he could not feel their touch. He was told that the occupants were friendly, and that he should tell people this when let off the object. Bailey later claimed to have seen aliens on several occasions and to have taken photographs of them. 

  • Anne Druffel in Fate April 1978 p38 + May 1978 p75 + Druffel 1998 p 79 citing her first hand investigation

October 1951 (or following month) 2215hrs.
A man and woman returning from visiting his parents at Houthulst had reached Terrest when they saw a luminous red sphere in the sky, coming from the south. It came down to 20m altitude at which four legs descended and the thing landed in the middle of the road, 25m away. The strange object, which had a convex top and flat bottom, emitted an intense heat, which made it impossible for the couple to get close to it. The male witness tried to creep towards the thing, but at each step a beam came from the object and hit the road in front of him. As the thing landed it appeared to open out, revealing an intense red light, along with seven red beings only 60cm tall, which appeared to be naked. One of the creatures rubbed its fingers on one of the feet of the landing gear. Another of the beings motioned to the witness to step back. The object then rose to 100m and then flew off at an angle to the east. The red light, but not the object from which it came, had been seen by people leaving a cinema. At the landing site four burnt black oval marks, 15cm diameter, forming a triangle 1.5m sides. The wife suffered serious physical and psychological aftereffects. 
  • Luc Devincke in FSR 28, 4 p25 from SVL Tudschrift 2,6 citing investigation SOBEPS 1977

October 1951. Night.
Ron Dartnell was motorcycling back to the RAF camp at Andover when his motorcycle engine began to misfire and slow down. He was about to dismount and check on the engine when to his right he saw something that resembled a black stagecoach moving at speed some metres. As he looked the thing just disappeared, at which the bike began working normally. 
  • Osborne-Thomasson 1999 p104

October 1 1954.
Near Philadelphia four people observed a spherical object land. 
  • Desmond Leslie in Leslie and Adamski 1953 p139

October 7 1951, 1210hrs.
The minister had just gone about 10-15m from his church, when, about 79m away, he saw a man wearing a grey overcoat. The minister’s attention was briefly diverted and when he looked up a few seconds alter the man had disappeared, though the minister had a clear view over the fields. 
  • Underwood 1978 p57 citing letter from witness. (Underwood incorrectly gives the location as Leek in Carnforth)

October 26 1951, 0400hrs.
The driver of a transatlantic train on the east-west line saw an object that illuminated the countryside like the full moon, It flew away very fast, came close to the train, appeared to land in the desert, then took off again and disappeared. 
  • Vallee Case 94 citing Wilkins 1954b p249
  • Vallee 1966a p140

November 195,1 0100hrs.
William Routledge had gone to a ship-breaking yard, with his wife and sister-in-law, in order to float in the boat he was breaking up. They had lit up the boat with their car headlights when his sister-in-law became aware of a movement on the waste ground to their left. They first thought it was a courting couple, but then saw a human like creature 1.95m tall, with a great bush of hair on its head and wearing tight, tapering, plum coloured trousers. The thing seemed to rise up from the waste land The being walked with an ape like shamble, crossed an open gap and did not seem to interrupt the headlights of their car, and was only visible to William and his sister-in-law. His wife saw nothing. 
  • Whittington-Egan 1955 p192 citing his own investigation
  • Gay Mosley in BUFORA Journal 5,2 p12

November 1951. Night.
Mr. Hoodless, a secretary at the Park Farm stables had just finished reading in bed and put out the light, when the door burst open and a figure wearing a coat and hat, turned partly away from him, entered the room and walked to the dressing table. When Hoodless shouted out the figure disappeared. 
  • Ludlam 1967 p123

November 2 1951, 2300hrs.
Mr Bromley and another forest observer were in a canyon 50km north of Mojave when they observed a blue green, well defined disc shaped flying object in the southwest. It was about 10m diameter, 3m thick and surrounded by a glow of the same colour. Stopping their jeep the duo signaled to the object, which approached to within a few metres, flew away and seemed to play with them. Eventually it disappeared as if by magic. 

December 1951. Dusk.
0300hrs. PERU (NEBRASKA : USA)
Mr Barry from Lincoln was driving to Indiana when he saw a blue light in the northwest sky. It vanished to the southeast. Barry missed a turn, had to go back towards Auburn, and had reached a point northwest of Peru when he saw an orange glow in the sky. Coming near, he observed that the glow came from a cauldron shaped object on the ground, about 12m from the road. He stopped to examine the object, which was 10m in diameter and appeared to be made of cast iron. 30cm from the top was a row of windows 25cm in diameter, from which orange light was coming. On the other side was a blue, flame like glow. There was no noise nor sign of life or activity nor any antennae or protrusion. 
  • Vallee Case 86 citing Blue Book Files
  • FUFOR Index for name

December 1951. Dusk.
Alerted by his 12 year old son, mechanic Sam Coley and his 17 year old daughter joined the boy to observe an object resembling two saucers put together, with a cabin in the centre. It was hovering at 2m altitude 300m from their house. The object was in view for 10 minutes and a humanoid occupant could be seen through the illuminated windows of the cabin. The machine emitted a purring sound and the outer shell appeared to move. It then took off at lightning speed. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 77 + Fawcett 1975 p25
  • Coral Lorenzen in Humanoids 1967 p52 citing CSI Newsletter 28 January 1956
  • Lorenzen 1967 p116
  • Lumberton Robesonian 7 August 1952
  • Fawcett 1975 gives the date as late September
  • Gross 1986 (Aug 52) p28 citing Robesonian op cit
  • Evaluation: Coley was to report a UFO crash landing in July 1953 setting out a role as a repeater