1952. (Approx. date) Midday.
15 year old shepherd Behcet Oncal was taking his lunch break when he saw a beam of light strike nearby rocks and felt intense pins and needles. From a vertical bullet shaped, brilliantly lit conical object came a woman and two men, who said they came from another world. Over the next 30 years he received messages from the inhabitants of another world “Kur”. 
  • Magic Saucer 21 p10 citing an unspecified issued of UFO Review

A fisherman saw a dark circular object emerge from the River Faro 100m from him. The 6m diameter object hovered over the water for a few minutes then took off, emitting grey smoke. 
  • Verga 2007 p57 citing Morgana 1, 8 + Stilo2002 p370

1952. (or following year) 0730hrs.
Two little sisters, Cheryl and January were on their way to school down a country road when they heard a whirring sound and saw blue flashing lights. A sort of cylindrical object, about 1m long, with a rotating central disc had risen from silos to an altitude of about 8m. The thing approached the girls ans came down so low that they felt they could hit it and January had to duck to avoid being hit. The two girls quickly fled. They and some other children found an area of damaged vegetation at the site. 
  • Colombo 1991 p42 citing investigation by Alan Skeoch

1952. (Approx. date) 1500hrs.
Two children playing on the railway lines saw two very bright white luminous spheres, 10-15cm diameter, moving up and down along the railway tracks. The children became afraid and headed for their homes, at which the lights followed them and when they separated to go to their respective homes, the light split into two, following each child. When the narrator got home he up to his bedroom, from where he saw the sphere hovering outside his window. It then just dissipated. A bible studies text left outside or near the window had burns on it. 
  • Swords 2005 p86 citing John Timmerman

1952. (or following year) 1700hrs.

Four men from Worcester were driving to Beaufort West for a cricket match when they saw a misty, luminous green sphere a couple of metres to the side of their car. They passed it, but a few minutes later it overtook them, lighting up the car from behind. As it passed over the car engine cut out. When the thing was over 200m ahead, they could re-start the car, but the thing reversed over them again, at which the engine failed once more. The men got out of the car and saw the object hovering 400m away, the apparent size of a tractor wheel. When they went to get back into the car, the object took off vertically at high speed. One of the men, who had looked directly at the light felt unwell and suffered painful and swollen eyes.
  • Cynthia Hind in UFOAfriNews 2 p4

1952. 0630hrs. 

A United Airlines Mechanic, Leonard Musel and four other people in a car pool observed an elliptical object hovering 15-25m above the salt flats. Three smaller objects of a similar, diamond, shape entered the craft, which turned over and moved away eastwards, disappearing from view within seconds. 
  • Hall 1964 p45 citing NICAP Bay Area Subcommittee


Three orange spheres came very close to the ground near here. 
  • J B Delair citing Unpublished Royal Greenwich Observatory Records of anomalous aerial objects; report for October/November 1967


A single witness was paralysed while an unidentified object landed, leaving a burnt area on the ground. 
  • J B Delair citing Canadian Flying Saucers 1957 p15 citing an undated edition of Windsor Star

1952. Afternoon.

Mr Thomas was taking an after lunch walk on the sand dunes, when he saw a strange luminous object in a sheltered spot. Going to investigate, she saw the occupants on top of the craft. One, who Thomas assumed was the captain, spoke to him in perfect English, warning him not to approach as he was not wearing protective clothing. The stranger claimed that they were scientists from another planet who were finishing a five year tour of earth, that their craft was powered by solar rays, had been landing in remote places in America for hundreds of years, were concerned that earth was heading for self destruction etc. 
  • Bord 1988 p 144 citing a letter from the witness’s widow to Lucius Farish in 1981, reproduced in UFO Newsclipping Service 140 p12)
  • Evaluation - A contactee tale only reported second hand nearly 30 years after the alleged event


Aladina Felix (alias Dino Kraspedon) saw and entered a bell shaped object, making contact with a 1.8m tall occupant, who claimed to be from a race living on Io and Ganymede 
  • Bartholomew and Howatd 296 citing Kraspedon 1959
  • Evaluation - A notorious contactee story, Felix was eventually arrested for “terrorism” in 1968

1952. Evening.

A man driving down a dirt road through Bear Valley on a rainy night saw in his vehicle headlights a hairy ape like creature. He continued on for 400m where he stopped to clear the road only to hear footsteps running up to him. He saw that they came from the hairy humanoid, which was circling him, snarling. He now saw that it had round luminous eyes, long teeth, was about 1.73m tall and had a stooped posture. The witness rushed back into his car and thing clawed at the window and tried to stop the car by standing on its back. The man then forgot the experience until sometime later. 
  • Green 1978 p344 citing letter to Roger Patterson and his own investigation

1952. Night. 
USAF Private Sinclair Taylor was on guard duty at Camp Okubo when he heard a flapping sound and saw what he first thought was an enormous bird. The frightened man fired at the thing, which then hovered and slowly descended. He then saw that it had the body of a man well over 2m tall, with an equal wing span. He continued to fire. When he looked to see if he had hit the thing, nothing was visible. 
  • Clark 2012 p48
  • Bord 1989 p149 citing Sinclair Taylor in Fate 1983 p27
  • Clark 1993a p115 citing Taylor in Fate December 1960 p53
  • Evaluation - Only known from a letter to Fate in its “True Mystic Experiences” column

1952. Night. 
Robert Hughes awoke to see a strange woman staring at his young son, who was next to him in bed. The figure had a dull dress and its hair in a bun. It glided away and disappeared. Hughes saw the same figure four more times over the next twenty years. 
  • Hapgood 1994 p65

1952. Night.
Mrs Nicholls woke to see a young woman with long blonde hair and a white full length dress in her room. The figure disappeared and Mrs Nicholls woke her husband who checked but found no intruders. Later that night Mrs Nicholls again saw the woman open the door and look in before disappearing. The same figure was seen outside a few days later and again vanished, between the gate and the door. 
  • Whitaker 1989 p141

Winter 1952.
Near here caravan leader Pasang Nema and companions saw, about 200m away, a female humanoid creature 1.75m tall covered in red-brown hair except for its face. The thing was apparently searching for plants. 
  • Freeman 2011 p34 citing Charles Stonor

January 1952. 2230hrs.
A 38 year old rancher saw a “shooting star” that suddenly stopped in mid air between him and a mountain. It was seen spinning in a clockwise direction, with one red window facing him per turn. The machine shot down towards Little Powder River and came up again. The man turned his car round to send light signals, to which the object seemed to reply by stopping its window so that it faced him. The spinning then resumed , the object rose and came down. A similar craft appeared and both went down into the deep valley, out of sight. 
  • Vallee Case 88 citing Blue Book Files

Early 1952. 2242hrs.
A fiery spherical object made a right angle turn during an observation by a C-54 crew flying from Westover to Goose Bay. It was also seen from the ground by the control tower and two men, who through themselves to the ground when the object made a low pass at them. It left at 2247hrs.
  • Vallee Case 89 citing Blue Book Files

February 1952. 1300hrs.
Maria Farias Leivas was on holiday with her family by a lake in the Laranjal district had felt nervous all day and unlike the rest of her family was unable to sleep. Hearing a sound she thought was a fishing boat she went out to investigate. Rather than a boat she saw a discoid object, about 5m diameter hovering very close to the ground only a few metres away. It was silvery in colour with a row of portholes and was surmounted by a dome which emitted a bright blue light. From its underside a came a beam of blue light and it emitted a sort of humming sound. From this thing came a humanoid figure with pale skin and long pointed ears wearing a tight silvery suit and helmet. This figure approached Maria, getting within 1m. It told her that “they” needed her and wanted to take her to somewhere where she would learn new things, about which she must not speak. She asked if she would be returned to earth. The stranger did not reply but turned round and re-entered the hovering object, where there were two similar figures, one sat behind a sort of devise like a car switchboard, while the other, a young man in brown overalls, was standing. Both seemed to be staring at Maria. The opening then closed and the thing shot off at terrific speed. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p98 citing group SPIPDV
  • Evaluation - Appears not to be have been reported until 1979.

February 1952. 1630hrs.
C.A.V., an oil company executive was returning to Lima from Pucusana, along a coastal road, when, 10km from the city, he saw shiny disc by the sand dunes at an altitude of 2m. He walked towards it, and as he got within 20m, three beings came out. They looked like mummies, had joined legs, with one large foot, and a “towely, sandy coloured” skin, and were featureless except for “an oblong substance like jell with a sort of bubble in the centre” that was like a single eye. The beings asked the witness where they were, conversing first in English then Spanish. They then had a lengthy discussion with him and took him a trip on their craft, which had a curious lack of structural features. CAV originally dated the event to 1949 but was able later to correct himself. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p122 + Richard Greenwell in FSR 16, 6 p12 citing investigation by Greenwell

February 3 1952. 1800hrs.
The author Ray Palmer observed an orange coloured sphere, emitting blue flashes, at about 5m altitude, at 290kph. The object was the apparent size of a basketball and illuminated the ground as it passed between a slope and some trees, over a private road, more than 100m away. 
  • Arnold and Palmer 1952. p158 direct from Ray Palmer

March 29 1952.
Donald Franklin Stewart and George Tyler III (16) were returning to Baltimore from Glen Burnie in their 1949 Ford Anglia Vampire, driving north, when about 300m north of US301/Richey Highway Intersection, they observed on the horizon ahead a flat disc with a cupola in the centre of one side. On the cupola was a small porthole and a sort of hatch. The object approached the car from the north east and hovered overhead at about 60m. It was a luminous silver colour, with a brilliant neon light around the edges, 15m in diameter, wobbling slightly, making a sound like a vacuum cleaner. One of the men got out, armed with a Thompson sub-machine gun, but his companion pleaded with him not to fire. After about three minutes the object turned on its edge, turning its flat side towards them and rolled away to the South East at a speed faster than a jet. The car engine had stalled when the object had approached. The wiring was later found to be magnetised and the paint cracked. Another couple had driven up, but on seeing the man with the sub-machine gun had driven off. 
  • Hynek 1977 p196 citing Blue Book Files = citing FBI Files
  • Evaluation - Tyler later denied being in the car with Stewart at the time of the incident, and his parents and uncle considered the story to be a hoax. Several of Stewart’s acquaintances thought him a braggart. This early CE2-EM case is likely to be a hoax, though it foreshadows many similar “true” stories.

April 1 1952.
320km south of Lake Charles City (Louisiana) the crew of the SS Esso Bermuda observed an object resembling an aeroplane fall into the sea. No traces were found and no aircraft were missing. 
  • Sanderson 1970 p37 citing an unidentified news clippings
  • Desmond Leslie in Leslie and Adamski 1953 p51 citing New Orleans States 1 April 1952. + Lake Charles American 2 April 1952.
  • Evaluation - April Fool’s story?

April 3 1952. (Approx. date) 0100hrs.
Four people watched an object 3m in diameter. It was a few metres above the ground and did not make any noise. 
  • Richard Heiden citing SBEDV Bulletin 17

April 7 1952. 0500hrs.
A couple driving on Rt 1 north of Henderson saw a circular or oval object about as wide as the highway but only 60cm-1m thick approached them at speed at about 8m altitude . The thing appeared to be very bright and bright blue in colour. It veered away and disappeared from sight. 
  • Redfern 2017 p108 citing FBI files

April 10/11 1952. Night/early hours.
Rose (24), a divorcee was staying with her grandparents at their county house near Nimes. She was staying in an outhouse with her dog. She was awoken by the animal growling and going to investigate she came across, near a stone building, four beings; one a normal human, the other three over 2m tall, with oriental experience, one of which was carrying a sort of box. The “human”, who claimed to a teacher who had been taken 20 years previously, translated for them. In response to their request for literature she gave them a copy of Count of Monte Cristo and some fashion magazines. They replied by giving her the usual pseudo-scientific and philosophical clichés. 
  • Randles 1999 p17 + Good 1998 p97 both citing Rose 1979
  • Evaluation - Just another Adamski style contactee story

April 13 1952. 2230hrs.
A 19 year old man was up studying for an exam in his isolated hill top farm when, looking through the window to the valley opposite, he saw a sort of fire in the forest. He called to his father and sister to view the phenomenon, and went outside with the latter. The light then shot up into the sky, stopped dead for a moment, then shot off horizontally, hovered again, descended slightly, its light changing in intensity. Their father looked at the thing through binoculars, revealing a smooth sphere. The thing then took off over the hill at high speed, and then shot off to the south at terrific speed. It emitted a beam like that of a searchlight, which illuminated the surroundings. The whole performance, which lasted about 15 minutes, was soundless. 
  • Gross 1982 January-February 1952. p38 citing Vardens Gang 7 June 1952.

April 30 1952. Early morning.
An object resembling an aeroplane appeared to fall into the Hudson River near North Bergen. Searches by a police helicopter were fruitless. 
  • Desmond Leslie in Leslie and Adamski 1953. p 64 citing citing Eliot Rockmore citing New York Times 1 May 1952.

May 1952. Afternoon.
A gtoup of siblings walking in the mountains heard a buzzing sound and on investigating encountered a bright disc shaped object on the ground. As the youngesters stood in fear an opening appeared on the oibject and a ladder extended to the ground. Down this came a dwarf with a large head, dressed in a grey suit. This figure motioned to the group with a sort of rod, as if instructing them to approach the object. The youngsters ran home instead but when they got there they found they could not speak. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p102 citing MUFON CMS
  • Evaluation - Yet another story told decades after the event

May 1952. 2000hrs.
A woman out driving saw an object with a large number of lights fly parallel to her car, which slowly came to a stop. She experienced three hours of missing time but at some point remembered (under hypnosis ?) being on board where she was examined by small grey creatures with large eyes, who among other things, inserted something in or behind her ear. On the wall of this place were things that looked like but were not maps. She was not afraid despite the situation. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p103 citing NUFORC
  • Evaluation - As above and clearly influenced by later abduction lore

May 1952. 2250hrs.
Mrs Anne Sohn, a former nurse, was sitting on the foot of her son’s bed, looking out of the window while waiting for some coffee to boil, when her attention was caught by a bright light to her right. She saw that it came from a brightly glowing, round object hovering over the vacant lot next door. She pressed her face to the window and observed most of the object, which was 9-12m diameter, self-luminous and hovering about 30m above the lot for 3-5 minutes. From its front underside emerged a cloud of vapour, which gave the object the appearance of riding on cloud. Along its side was a row of about 15 square windows and below them a sort of joint connecting the top and bottom portions of the machine. The craft was surmounted by a Plexiglas dome, inside of which were two faint vertical poles. Apart from the dark windows and the pale blue dome, the object gave off a bright white glow. At the rear were three windows, lit from within by an intense white light. Inside each of these Anne saw an occupant, two were looking at her but the one furthest away was examining a panel of instruments. They wore jumpsuits with hoods that seemed part of the suit. The intense white light made it difficult to make out any features. She tried, unsuccessfully to wake her son, but did not want to call out or leave the room. As she watched, the figure on the left pushed a sort of lever and the vapour increased. It then pulled another lever back with its left hand and the object and vapour changed white-green-orange. The figure in the central window then pressed a lever forward and the whole object, except for the darkened window and the dome, turned a brilliant red-orange, and made a rapid shallow climb to the east, disappearing in a couple of seconds. It seemed to move immediately with no acceleration. It emitted no sound and left no vapour trail. Garlic and weeds in the vacant lot were found dead over a an area 7.5m in diameter, her rose bushes on the side nearest the lot died soon afterwards, the painted trimming on the east side of the house blistered and a row of evergreens died soon afterwards also. 

  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON UFO Journal 157 p 9 citing investigation by Robert Runser
  • Hall 1999 p 168 citing Runser’s report in CUFOS files
  • Hall and Connors 2000 p103 citing ibid
May 1952. Evening.
A designer, while shaving, saw a small milky-white, slightly blurred disc outside his window, only 8m away. It moved in the open space between his house and the ones opposite, at below the level of his room. After moving back and forth several times it moved off at high speed to the north west. 
  • Gibbons 1956 p 125

May 21 1952. Night.
Rose Murphy and seven friends were trailing on a path between and dry creek and some woods when the lead horse became agitated and a sort of light was seen in the sky. About 10 minutes the horses again reared up as a light blue disc descended from 60m and hit a tree with a loud noise. Just before it crashed, the machine gave off a dull glow from its underside. The teenagers fled in panic. The next day they returned to the spot to find many trees were down and broken in half, and there was a dark stain on the ground. Subsequently the horses suffered miscarriages, still birth and sterility. 
  • Wilkins 1967b citing letter from Rose Murphy to Gray Barker

May 23 1952. 1245hrs.
Orfeo Angelucci was driving home from work on the outskirts of Los Angeles, when he felt a prickling sensation and saw a red, luminous oval object in the sky. He followed it down a side road, where it hovered above a field. Several beings appeared on a luminous screen and communicated by telepathy, telling them they were helpful friends, here to save earth from a crisis. 
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 citing Reeve 1957 p222
  • Wilkins 1956 37 (gives date as 24th

June 1952. (Approx. year) 0550hrs.

A nurse aged around 30, the wife of a police officer was in bed in their flat above the police station while her husband was on duty when she saw somethibg like a leaf float though the window and gradually disappear. The door to the flat then opened and there men with golden skin, dressed in shiny black close fitting suits, entered. They seemed to communicate through telepathy and claimed to come from a happy planet and asked her to go with them. When the witness was told that her husband could not go with them, she declined, at which the figures vanished. 
  • Peter A Hill in FSR Case Histories 16 p15 citing his own (1973) investigation
  • Evaluation - Hypnopompic hallucination or false awakening

June 1952. Day.

Mrs C Woods and her son were climbing Haytor They had reached the top when Mrs Woods decided to walk down and back up again by herself. She was three quarters of the way back up when she saw a small man dressed in what looked like a brown smock died at the waist, with brown material on his legs and a flat brown cap on his head. He was about 1.05m tall and elderly looking. He appeared from behind a boulder, his hand shielding his eyes. He then dived out of sight. 
  • MaManus 1959/1973 p45

June 1952. (or following month) Evening. 

Hilda McFee and her elderly mother were driving home to Deming from Las Cruces along Interstate 10, when about 37km east of their destination they saw a blinding blue light ahead on the road. As they reached the scene, they saw some sort of brightly lit object, underneath which were two figures, 1.5m tall, dressed in bulky pale blue uniforms, including helmets, gloves, wide belts and boots. One of the beings seemed to be working on something, the other stood rigidly in the road. Neither took any notice of the women or their car. When the women looked back, the lights on the thing had gone out. 
  • Dennett 2011 p142 

June 1952. (or following month) Late night/early hours. 

An elderly man suffering from insomnia looked out of the window to see a group of tall horned beings in the garden pf the woman next door. The witness swoitched ioff his house lights and hid in his house. The next day it was found that the woman’s apple trees had been denunded. There were rumours of other sightings. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p109 citing Yuriy Misyuk in Komsomolskaya Pravda 15 September 2004
  • Evaluation - Possibly a completely fictitious account, if not misperception of deer or cattle etc.

June 1952. 2300hrs.

A man heard strange sounds and “weird music”. He then saw an aluminium coloured object with orange and blue glowing spots, some of which were dazzling to the eyes. There were rotating lights on a transparent sphere on its top. The machine stood on four legs, 1.3m high, each with a ball at the end, and a centre spike. The body of the object resembled two saucers stuck together, 2-2.5m thick. Around the machine were four or five men between 1.35-1.5m tall, dancing and singing in high pitched voices. Apparently seeing the witness, the beings reloaded the craft, then advanced towards him with gun like objects in their hands, but stopped, apparently unwilling to cross a creek. They then walked up a ramp or steps into the craft, which rose vertically with a cork screw motion, glowing brighter as it rose. Marks of the legs of the machine and small heelless footprints were found in the ground. 
  • Phillips 1975 p8 case 815 citing Dabro and Ingham 1974 p65

June 15 1952. 1200hrs.

Six men at work in the forest saw large circular objects, similar to parachutes coming down 
  • Vallee Case 92 citing France-Soir 18 June 1952.

June 17 1952.

A woman looking for rocks in the desert saw a luminous sphere come down from the sky and descend behind the mountains. As the woman walked towards this landing zone, she encountered a grey dwarf who seemed to tell her not to be afraid. She next found herself on a table in a small room lit by a fuzzy light, surrounded by four grey dwarfs with large balding heads and huge bulging black eyes. These were examining her with various pieces of equipment including something with a light which was moved up and down her body. Things were also put into her ear and abdomen. She was also shown a book in which there were strange symbols and shown stars on a3D screen. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p110 citing Wendelle Stevens
  • Evaluation - Probable hoax with bits taken from various abduction tales

June 22 1952. 2245hrs.

Two marine sergeants working in an operations office at the K6 airstrip saw an object about 1.2m diameter coming from the north at 250m. It then dived down vertically to about 30m above the west end of the airstrip. During the dive a trail of red flame 60cm-1.5m long was observed. Without delay it head west for about 400m, taking only two or three seconds hovering over some hills. The object made a rapid circle of the area before accelerating away, emitting two flashes of light, vanishing after the second. 
  • Hynek 1977  82  citing Blue Book Files

June 28 1952. 2100hrs.

Gianni Settimo was in the Lake Candia area when, on this fine day, he observed a light taking off from nearby woods about 150m away. He then saw that it was an illuminated disc shaped object, the brightness of which was pulsating. It flew up in a vertical orientation until it went over the tree tops, at which it turned horizontal, then tilted on side and began to ascend. It then disappeared. There was a faint buzzing sound and a smell of ozone. 
  • Verga 2007 p42 case 5201 citing Gazzetta del Popolo 24 May 1964 + Corriere della Serra 8 October 1963 + Parallello 45 p53 + Ufologia 1,5 p6 + Gli Arcana 9 p8 + Boncompagni 1974 p136 + Stilo 2002 p368
  • Evaluation - Settimo was an early Italian ufologists, and one who produced a dubious photo in 1962, and with a history of pranks on other ufologists. If not a hoax, then some sort of atmospheric phenomenon.

June 30 1952. 2100hrs'

A boy in bed felt that he was being watched from the outside of his bedroom and on opening his eyes saw a beam of light coming from about100m away and had a sensation of his mind being probed. He hid under the bedclothes but found himself paralysed. Oriental like people took him out of his bed and let down the hall. He next found himself in a round object with a transparent dome. He was taken to a larger object that appeared to be larger inside than out and was given a view of the Gulf of Mexico, the lights of New Orleans etc an d showed him a ray gun. He was laughed at by his parents when he told them. He claimed other encounters. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 citing NUFORC
  • Evaluation - Just another tale told decades later. If not pure creative writing then probably an elaboration of a childhood dream

Summer 1952. 0015hrs.

A man who did not want his name to be used was out driving when his headlights lit up an ovoid, cloud like object 2.4m long and 1.2m thick descending to the ground. From this thing came a 90cm tall entity, which the witnesses assumed was a child. He got out and approached, but when he got within a couple of metres he realised that this was not a child but a being with a pale green skin dressed in silvery clothing. The witness felt that the entity was telepathically asking for help in repairing the object. He, in turn, asked for the formula of a rust proof steel but all he got was regular steel plus some meaningless word. The being then “said” that it was from the 8th or 10th planter from the sun and “ordered” the witness back into his car. The object then took off and was lost to sight in seconds. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p104 citing investigation by V Tarlton

Summer 1952. 0300hrs.

At their summer cottage on the beach near Itanhaem, Mrs Chaskova and her grandson (a young pilot) were awoken by a noise like a thunderclap and a blue white light. The pilot went back to sleep again, but the old lady went out to investigate. Out to sea, she observed a large number of hovering objects resembling inverted soup plates vividly lit by an orange glow. They were more than 200m away at 1m altitude. She observed the spectacle for 30 minutes, during which time she saw two human looking figures emerge from the top of one of the objects and look up into the sky. After a while they went below and shortly afterwards the objects took off, one by one, at tremendous speed. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 14,1 p13 citing Simoes 1959 p 75 citing Pilot Chaskova

Summer 1952. (Approx. date) 0400hrs.

A red luminous object resembling an electric pylon was seen travelling just above the ground. 
  • Jacques Bonanot citing Jean Giraud in C.EM 8

Summer 1952. (or previous year) 2200hrs. 

A 12 year old boy, who later became a member of the American Astronomical Society was cycling home from a boy scout meeting on this warm night. As he turned right onto a C road he suddenly noticed a blue green hazy disc 80 degrees above and ahead of him, travelling along the path immediately to his left. It seemed to descend behind a house. The observation only lasted about 5 seconds but the boy was terrified. The disc was 30m away at 15m altitude when he first saw it. It was about 10m in diameter and appeared to be more gaseous than solid. It descended steadily behind the roofline of a two story house 35-40m away to about 10 mts and banked 20-30 degrees to the right. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Sturrock 1977 p94

Summer 1952. 2100hrs.

Mr J P Painter, a miner, was resting while out on a walk in a village near Coventry, when a number of bubbles, the diameter of a golf ball, approached, travelling against the wind. They appeared to examine the witness before merging into a single mass and moving away 
  • BUFORA Journal 2
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a p 90 citing Isle of Wight UFO Society

Summer 1952. 1600hrs.

A group of pupils at Elder Park Primary School were leaving school for the day when, crossing the playground, they saw a shadow. This came from a sombrero shaped object, hovering at about 30m altitude, above the school steeple, tilted at a slight angle and rotating. This seemed to hold the witnesses, which included a teacher and the school janitor, spellbound, until the object moved off with a whirring sound. 
  • Halliday 1992 p75
July 1952. Day.
11 year old Marianne Cascio was out in the fields making a tree house when her attention was caught by a silent aeroplane passing over. She thought nothing of it but then felt someone standing behind her. It was a strange “boy” with greyish skin and large slanted diamond shaped eyes, wearing a green and black metallic suit. On its waist it wore a belt, attached to which was a silver box with multi-coloured buttons. She tried to speak to the stranger, but he made no reply. Instead she found herself entering a strange object. The being touched her and she seemed to be able to hear its thoughts in English. It told her to strand in front of a screen, alongside two other beings, where she was shown an image of her internal organs working, which made her throw up. She demanded to be released, but they placated her by allowing her to press buttons and showing her that the craft was in the sky and making its own cloud.
She was then released in the original field and given a smooth black stone with writing on it, which she buried. When she then fell asleep, and when she woke up she ran back home and shut herself in her room for three days. She developed a rash and had difficulty controlling her bowels. A doctor confirmed that she had not been sexually abused and a psychiatrist was unable to determine the cause of her problems. She later suffered serious eye disease and was to go on to have other anomalous experiences
  • Patricia Sable in UFO Universe February/March 1991 p14
  • UFO Magazine (US) 5,3 p37)

July 1952. Afternoon.
A man out driving saw a rectangular object hovering nearby. A sort of gondola descended and he saw a group of men wearing naval caps and dark glasses rushed to the windows. The gondola then retracted into the main object, and three smaller objects arrived and entered through its underside. 
  • Clark 1998 p 214 citing HUMCAT citing letter from witness to NICAP

July 6 1952. 2340hrs.
State trooper Bob Burkhardt and a sergeant were on patrol when they observed a dim yellow light hovering over the road 200m ahead. Thinking it was a light on a farm wagon they slowed down, then braked hard 6m from the light. Illuminated by their headlights, they saw a yellow sphere with no structure behind it, hovering 1.5m above the road. As they pulled back onto the road the light shot 60m in a fraction of a second. The sergeant got his gun out and they headed for the light at full speed, with their lights on, but the sphere shot off, maintained constant distance, then just blinked out. The next night Burkhardt and five off duty colleagues encountered the same light. As they closed in on it on foor it blinked out and reappeared over a nearby field. Similar lights were said to have been seen in the area for the past 70 years. 
  • Edwards 1968 p52 citing a Salisbury (Maryland) newspaper for July 1952.
  • Evans 1983 p87 citing Harry Helms in UFO Report October 1977
  • Gaddis 1967 p92 citing Toronto Globe and Mail 5 September 1952.

July 20 1952. (approx date) 1300hrs.
R. Petijean saw a luminous object 20m diameter on the ground. It gave off bluish flashes as it took off, leaving a smell of burning sulphur. 
  • Vallee Case 94 citing Guy Quincy’s catalogue
  • Evaluation - There is no place with this name in Morocco

July 18 1952. 0010hrs.
A private detective and insurance investigator driving along State Highway 33 near St Paul saw four lights though their car windshield. The light appeared to be about 60cm wide and to be at about 60m altitude. They were moving south when first seen and then turned to the west and then to the north. This occurred during a thunder storm. 
  • Gross 1986 (June 1952.) p59 citing Blue Book Files

July 23 1952. Evening.
Boat coxswain Theo Smeets (28) saw a round object descend with a buzzing sound. It projected an orange thing that exploded close to s gum tree. After recovering his wits, Theo saw three 1m tall dwarfs, one more human looking than the others, collecting stuff from the ground. They gad large heads and eyes, long arms, small mouths and weak chins. Their skin was yellow and almost hairless. Behind them was a 30m diameter luminous red object.
The more human of the beings approached Theo addressed him in Indonesian, and told him not to be afraid. He claimed to come from Homan “at the edge of the milky way”. Invited on board, Theo went through a door and found a transparent table on which he was asked to strip and lie down. Theo passed out and awoke still naked on the table, where one of the beings asked if he felt any pain from the medical procedure they had carried out. He was then given a tour of the object and saw things like a periscope steering levers and pipes and on a small screen was shown a programme on the origin of the universe, warned of the dangers of a local volcano and given a meal of “pre-fab food”. Theo declined an offer to go away with them but was given a piece of metal. He was then allowed to leave after having been on board for 3 hours and told to walk 30m from the object for his own safety. It then took off and shot away at terrific speed. The witness claimed that the metal had been analysed at the University of Jakarta without success, though it turned out to be radioactive. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p112 citing UFO Nachrichten 261 (1981)
  • Evaluation - Another story “revealed” decades later. Looks like an early contactee tale remodelled to add later abduction lore.

July 23 1952. 2105hrs.
Three correctional officers at the Prison Colony here saw a shadowy circular object flying low above the three story building. They ran to a corner of the building about 20m away in time to see the thing accelerate and take off. It was green but of a darker hue than the night sky and appeared to be 1-1.5m across. It emitted a loud rushing sound. 
  • Gross 1986 (July 1952.) p14 citing Blue Book Files

July 23 1952. 2200hrs.
Orfeo Angelucci (qv) encountered a disc shaped object 10m diameter in a vacant lot. He entered the thing and “by telepathic command” sat on a translucent chair. He was take on a trip into space, where he encountered a huge object 300m long, 100m high. He was taken on board where he found three layers but no occupants. 
  • Wilkins 1956 p 38

July 24 1952. 2300hrs.
Mrs Margaret Rebensky and her mother Mrs Julia Lindsey were driving on West Genesee Street, when Julia drew Margaret’s attention to six bright lights in the sky. At that moment one of the lights came down right at them, flew over the car bonnet and shot back to join the formation. It was an intense white crescent shaped object, the apparent size of a “honeydew melon” (ie about 15-22cm) 
  • Gross 1986 (July 1952.) p17 citing Syracuse Herald-Journal 25 July 1952. citing INS

July 25 1952. 0300hrs.
Farmer, Carlo Rossi (53) was walking along the footpath of the River Serchio opposite San Pietro when he noticed a strange light on the river. It came from a huge circular object hovering over the ravine, apparently taking in water by means of a long tube. The machine was 25m diameter, with oval openings at a depth of 2m. In the centre a small turret protruded 3m below and 50cm above the disc. This tube was transparent and the size of a room 5m in diameter. Four tubes could be seen attached to a cylinder from which flames shot to another cylinder. The craft had five propellers underneath it, with three more attached to the upper part of the turret. A man looked out and pointed at Rossi. As Rossi fled a green ray passed over his head, giving him an electric shock. As he threw himself down, he saw the sphere ascending at high speed towards San Pietro. On September 15th Rossi encountered a strange, who spoke with a foreign accent, by the river. This stranger interrogated him about the incident, and then offered him a cigarette that gave him nausea. The stranger then seized the cigarette and tore it up. It was claimed that this stranger was a soldier who had been seen in the district. 
  • Mary Boyd in FSR 21,5 p25 citing Boncompagni et al 1974 case 51 + La Nazione (Florence) 25 September 1952.
  • Jacques Vallee in FSR 15,1 p29 citing La Nazione op cit 
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  • Charles Bowen in The Unexplained 50 pp999
  • Evaluation - All traces back to the piece in La Nazione, and may well have been a journalistic hoax.

July 27 1952.
Seconds after a flash of lighting a luminous, purple sphere was seen outside a widow. It then entered the room through the closed window, made a 90 degree turn parallel to the wall and exploded. 
  • Bord 1989 p133 citing James Powell and David Finkelstein in American Scientist 58 p262

July 28 1952. 0500hrs.
Truman Bethurum, who had been sleeping in his truck near Mormon Mesa, awoke to here unintelligible voices and found himself surrounded by 8-10 small men, 1.4-1.5m tall dressed in uniforms like those of greyhound bus drivers, with grey trousers, “cowboy” jackets and most wearing caps with black bills. The beings had sallow skin and dark eyes and hair. They held his arms tight and took him on board a disc shaped object, about 100 diameter, hovering a metre or so above the ground, where he met the female captain Auroa Rhanes who was 1.35m tall. She claimed to be from the Planet Clarion which was hidden behind the moon. She spoke in rhyming language described the utopia conditions of her planet, and claimed to have come to earth to restore traditional values. This was the first of a number of such contacts. 
  • Bethurum 1954 p34
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 p294 citing Bethurum’s personal scrapbook
  • Gibbons 1957 p111
  • Evaluation - One of the first of the classic contactees. The original story may well have been a dream, and “the captain” seems to have been based on a young woman who frequented his eatery. Further elaboration under the influence of contactees like Adamski q. v.

July 31 1952. 0915hrs.
Draftsman Gian Piero Monguzzi (20) was trekking over the Alps with his wife Pinuccia Redaelli, when by the Scersen glacier, Gian noticed that the sound of the wind had disappeared, and he could not hear the sound of his own footsteps or the voice of his wife. They then saw a large disc land on the ice some 200m away, having come from the bottom of the valley. The couple hid behind some rocks, then Gian emerged to get closer, He saw that the silvery disc was 10m wide, about 3m high, with an antenna on its top. He took a photograph, then took further ones as a being wearing a fuzzy metallic diving suit, with a large “rucksack” topped by an aerial on its back, appeared by the machine. The being moved around the craft, as if inspecting it, stopping and looking above, at the disc, every few steps. The being walked in a clumsy fashion. After about 5 minutes the being disappeared behind the object and Gian took more photographs. He then saw that the thing had a rotating section about a third as large as the main craft, which section began to rotate faster as the object took off. It hovered at 10m for a short time, then took off like an elevator, as the antenna was withdrawn. Once the craft had gone, normal sound returned. The couple inspected the site but found no traces. The observation had lasted about 5 minutes. 
  • Verga 2007 p45 case 5208 with extensive citations
  • Evaluation - Admitted hoax. Verga provides a detailed discussion of the genesis of this hoax and its reception the UFO community. But note how the famous OZ factor appears in this hoax before “real” cases.

August 1952. Late evening.
Alexander McNeill saw a large metallic looking ovoid object land. A sort of hatch opened in the thing, allowing Alexander to see inside where he saw three 9Ocm tall dwarfs, with large heads and pointed ears. They were tight green overalls with blue caps. A ladder appeared and one of the dwarfs came down it and walked around. The second being was pacing up and down inside the thing and the third pointed a sort of rod at Alexander. There was a smell like rotten eggs . 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p116 citing Denys Breysse citing New York Magazine 20 February 1978

August 1952. 2130hrs.
Mrs Suzanne E Knight, aged about 19, heard a buzzing sound outside and, looking through her kitchen window, saw hovering above the street lamp a dull silver aircraft fuselage emitting thin white smoke from its rear. On the front was a sort of mast with a small red light. Along the fuselage was a row of large, square, brightly illuminated widows, through which she a row of slanted top cabinets, and to her left, in the front, a helmet man who looked ahead without moving a muscle The figure was only visible from its upper chest and shoulders. Beneath the fuselage was a sort of gondola with more windows, through which she could see what looked like little seats. She tried in vain to call the newspaper and when she returned the man and gondola had disappeared. Then its interior lights went out, the object began to glow red and rock from side to side. Suzanne left the window again to call relatives, but when she returned the object had gone. It was half a block away at 90m altitude. 
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Journal 157 p12
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969a p26 citing Ron Adrukitis and letter from Suzanne Knight to NICAP 23 September 1967)

August 1952. Night.

Ramon Villardell 37) and his uncle were on a country road when they observed a flash of lightning as a sphere rose from the ground 100m away. It was six times the apparent diameter of the full moon and emitted a green-blue vaporous light. Its estimated diameter was 1.5m, the observation lasted 10 seconds and the witnesses were left feeling uneasy. 
  • Ballester 1976 p3 case 11 citing investigation by CEI

August 2 1952. 
A fiery object as bright as the sun dived into the sea. 
  • Verga 2007 p54 case5206 citing Space Review 1,1 p2
  • Evaluation - Lacks an Italian primary source.

August 4 1952.
Near Stanton a ranch woman, Mrs Flora Rogers, saw an object descend at 16-24 kph and pass across the pasture road close to her, at 6m altitude. She stopped the car, leaned out of the window and observed that the object was wobbling in mid air, was shaped like two turtle shells stuck together. From a crack in the rim came three oar like projections that moved slowly back and forth. The object was 3m long, 5m wide, 1m thick, green-grey army camouflage colour and emitted a blue flame from a spout at the rear. Suddenly the object ascended at terrific speed, making the witness so shaken she could not stand. 
  • Barker 1956 p95 + (Ted Bloecher citing FS Review (US) no 7) both citing Big Spring Weekly News 15 August 1952. citing Stanton Reporter 7 August 1952.

August 6 1952. 2100hrs,
American Houses employee. James J Allen (51) saw an object 2m high, 2.5m long, lighted by an interior orange light, descend from the north-west, hit his chimney, damaging it, and land in his backyard. As he approached to within 3m of the object saw a small being, 75cm high, standing beside it. When Allen asked the being if it was injured, “it went away in a whiff”, then the object moved away with a whistling sound. 
  • Ted Bloecher citing Lumberton Robesonia 7 August 1952.
  • Phillips 1975 p8 (case 676) says footprints were found at the site but this detail is not given in the above source he quotes
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 77
  • Fawcett 1975 p26
  • Santesson 1968 p183
  • Vallee Case 99 citing Wilkins 1954b p 268 citing Buffalo Evening News 27 August 1952.
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  • Gross 1986 (August 52) p27 citing Lumberton Robsonian 7 August 1952.)

Mid August 1952.
Cecil Michael saw a strange object with two human like occupants, who seemed to spot him. In October he claimed that two tough men appeared at his shop and stayed with him for two months, disappearing when customers arrived. Eventually he was mentally abducted on board an object and taken to the hot planet hell, where he met the devil and was saved by Jesus. 
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 p295 citing Michael 1955
  • This contactee story seems more an expression of mental illness than a hoax.

August 19 1952. 2100hrs.
While driving along a military trail about 8km west and 10km south of West Palm Beach, scoutmaster Dunham S Desvergers and three scouts saw lights, like something burning, in the palmetto thicket. Fearing a plane crash, Desvergers went to investigate. As he approached the site he noticed a faint pungent smell, a slight increase in temperature and then, in a clearing, he saw a red glow coming from a dark circular object, 10m in diameter with a dome on top, less than 3m above him. He wanted to attack the thing with his machete but he could not find the co-ordination. He then backed away, seeing the 1m thick edge, on which there were some sort of openings, and then the dome. He heard a hissing sound As he did so, he saw shadows move heard a slight noise, then a sort of red fireball drifted towards him, stunning him as it expanded into a mist. This scene was witnessed by the three scouts; David Rowan, Bob Ruffing, and Charles Stevens, who ran for help. After some time Desvergers recovered and ran to the road, where the boys and the deputy sheriff found him in a state of extreme terror. The grass was crushed and showed evidence of an unusual kind of heating and Desvergers had light burns on his hands and face and a cap he was carrying was burned. Sometime later Desvergers claimed that when the fire ball came towards him, he had seen a “hideous” but otherwise undescribed creature, and later still that he fought with three grey suited aliens on the rim of the machine. He also told the Blue Book investigators that he had received intimidating phone calls. The Blue Book investigators concluded the story was a hoax but were unable to full explain the traces. There may have been an independent witness, a young woman in bed who saw, through the window, a fiery orange light at treetop level 
  • Vallee Case 97 citing Ruppelt 1956a p222 + Vallee 1969 p83
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Late Summer 1952. Dusk.
A young couple, aged about 19, were visiting some elderly friends at a place called the old Mill. They had set out at dusk on a Sunday evening and had gone about 100m along the dirt track leading to the mill, where they got out to walk the rest of the way as the track was getting too rutted. They had barely started their walk when they heard an appalling noise like a loud rumbling coming from a field to their right, which made them think of an aircraft crashing into trees some 15m away, but it had a sudden quality that did not match the sound of something hitting or being dragged along the ground. Though they looked around they could not see anything out of the ordinary, though a hedge bordering the road restricted their view. The noise, followed by total silence, unnerved the couple, who stopped, not daring to go on. They then heard a new sound like whispered voices on the other side of the hedge, which, though clear, was too faint to make out the words or even the language. There were numerous voices, like a group of people stood still and having an animated conversation. During the minutes that this went on the couple stood stock still and held their breath. Then, suddenly there was the same intense crashing sound that seemed to come from one place. The couple looked around even more intently but saw nothing at all to account for this, except perhaps for some disturbance in the branches of the trees. Then everything went quiet except for the sounds and cries of the creatures of the night. The husband returned to the car and got a torch and then the couple went forward into the field from which those sounds. By the light of the torch they saw three or four circular traces 50cm diameter were found where the grass was flattened and yellow. 
  • LDLN 175 p18 citing investigation by Group 03100

August 24 1952. 0430hrs.
Frank Holowach, the Managing Editor of the Titusville Herald was driving on Route 408 8km southeast of Cambridge Springs, on this cold, clear morning , when a light appeared low over the horizon to his left. It flickered then went out, reappearing on the far eastern horizon. Frank stopped the car but could see nothing more, He set out again, and turning a corner he again saw the light low in the sky, apparently just above a ridge. The light continued to flicker on and off, low on the horizon. Frank then felt his car vibrating and noticed that the light was brighter and seemed to be shining at him. He felt a force pulling him through his open window. Unnerved he drove away, as he did so he saw the light move ahead of him 
  • APRO Bulletin March 1963 p 5 citing Frank Holowach in Titusville Herald 25 August 1952.
  • Gross 1986 (August 1952) p70 citing Herald op cit

August 24 1952. 2200hrs. 
Commander Alvin E Moore and his wife Laura from independent locations saw a luminous sphere come from the north west and travel just above the pine trees at about 160kkph. This sphere had something like a window, giving off a brighter light. This was followed by a second object on the same trajectory, resembling a short, wingless aircraft. Both objects made a sort of droning sound. 
  • Moore 1997 p32

August 25 1952. 0530hrs.
William V Squyers, 36, a musician at Station KOAM Pittsburg) was driving along Vale Road in a wooded area, about 400m from US 160, on his way to an early morning performance, when he encountered a strange object on the right side of the road 225m away and stopped to observe it. He walked to within 30m of this object. It looked like two turtle shells glued together, and was 22.5m long, 12m wide, and 4.m thick. It was hovering at an altitude of 3m. In a “control cabin” at the front, the head and shoulders of a humanoid creature were visible. There was a diagonal row of windows , lighted by an intense blue light, through which moving shapes could be seen; a throbbing sound was also noticed. The middle section supported a row of propellers 15cm in diameter. The craft was oscillating and suddenly it flew straight up, “like a light cord when you release it”, with a strong humming noise. The only possible trace was an 18m circle of broken weeds. 
  • Olsen 19673-16 + Vallee Case 90 + Hynek 1977 p 200 + Mallan 1968 p 162 + Machlin 1979 p114 all citing Blue Book Files
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  • Randle 2014 p197 citing Blue Book files)

August 25 1952. 1935hrs.
Herbert Long of Kutstown was driving along the highway when he saw an object hovering 5m above a field 10m away from the road and made a drawing of it. It was a dome about 7.5m in diameter with a ring of jet pipes surrounding it. It hovered for about 7 minutes then took off at terrific speed. Light and movement could be seen through the portholes. Long claimed several further encounters and contacts with human pilots from Jupiter, who invited him on board. 
  • Vallee Case 99 citing Wilkins 1954b p257 citing various clippings
  • Vallee 1966a p134
  • Ted Bloecher citing FS Review(US) 7 citing Philadelphia Enquirer 26 August 1952. + Reading Eagle 26 + 27 August 1952.
  • Rosales citing Richard Hall
  • Evaluation - A typical contactee tale, though Vallee nowhere mentions this.

August 26 1952.
Three adults observed a discoid object plunge in to Lake Seneca, throwing up a column of water about 3m into the air. 
  • Sanderson 1970 p 226 citing Buffalo Evening News 26 August 1952.

August 27 1952. (or following day) 1300hrs.
Gabriel Durocher and four other people independently reported seeing an unusual object. Gabriel was walking home when he saw a glowing blue white object in a field 10m away. Blue, yellow and red sparks were seen as the object started to spin and ascend vertically. It was 10m in diameter, 3m thick. A depressed area was found at the site. 
  • Phillips 1975 p 9 case 705 citing an undated issue of Lumberton Robesonian
  • Gross 1986 (August 1952.) p73 citing Wellington Star 29 August 1952.

August 29 1952. 1930hrs.
Wendell Wells of Belle Glade was driving with his wife, children and 15 year old niece June Tent (15) when they saw a largeyellow-white light in the sky, drifting downwards , before descending into woods on the left hand side of the road. As it came low lights were visible, and when it was on the ground a light seemed to hover over the spot. They drove onto the military trail for a better look and saw lights behind bushes. Fearful for the children they did not stop. The thing was described as a flat disc,about the size of a military plane, with a row of lights around its rim. 
  • citing letter from Bill Nash to Captain J W (Joe) Hull dated April 18 1954 p 6 (gives September 5)
  • gives 29th citing press reports of 4 September 1952.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 55 gives no details but gives 29th as date
  • Karl T Pflock in Evans and Stacey 1997 p51 (gives date as 29th)
  • Gross 1986 (September/October 1952.) p10 citing Miami Herald 5 September 1952.

End Of August 1952. 0600hrs.
A man driving home from work between Muret and Le Fauga saw in a field, about 12m from the hedge a dwarf wearing a blue uniform and helmet standing still as a statue. The witness approached behind the hedge for a closer look but as he did so the thing just vanished. 
  • Rosales 1952./54 p123 citing Michel Figuet

August 31 1952. 1245hrs.
The wife of an air force officer and her daughter, driving out from Matador, encountered a pear shaped object about 40m above the ground, just off the side of the road, about 150m away, moving slowly towards the east. The ladies drove on another 50m, stopped and got out of their car. They now estimated that the object was larger than a B 29 plane. It was silent and featureless save for a single porthole in the side. The object then speeded and rose rapidly in a sort of spiral motion. The thing was travelling against the wind.
  • Ruppelt 1956b p140 citing own investigation
  • Randle 1989 p59)

Fall 1952. Dusk.
A small boy (5 going on 6) was with his family in their living room when, through the south facing window he saw, and drew the others attention to, a large silvery oval object going over the treetops about 100m away. From its rotating underside came an orange light that illuminated a wide area. The children wanted to run into the back to follow it, but their mother forbade them and told them not to speak of the incident. This boy followed his twin brother to bed later that evening and on entering the bedroom saw him sat up in bed and that a strange entity, with a large bald head, large black eyes and very pale skin was stood at the foot of the bed. The entity wore a sort of long black cloak. The boy tried to run but found his path blocked by another creature, which gave the impression of being female, from which emanated a feeling of love and compassion and which seemed to speak to him through an internal voice, telling him he was chosen. He somehow got outside and was floated up into an object which had corridors going off in different directions. He was taken to a small room where a devise was attached to his head, giving him images of his future. He was then given a philosophical lecture and a medical examination and was then returned. Later that week his whole family was taken and he later had other abduction experiences starting in 1963. 
  • Boylan 1994 p67

September 1952.
Mrs Lilley saw a large circular object, with windows, over the rooftops. It then started to glow and then disappeared. 
  • Paget 1980 p15

September 1952. Morning.
Stewart Sanborn, his cousin Gordon Sanborn and Gordon’s wife Dorothy were waiting at the ferry to cross Lake Okanagen to Kelowna when they noticed a “beautiful” translucent, dome shaped object10m in diameter travelling across the lake slowly, leaving an unusual wash. As it got nearer they could see it was circular and was skimming the surface. The craft suddenly rose out of the water, turned and approached to within 30m of the witnesses, hovering at 15m altitude. It then flew slowly back before it shot up and disappeared. 
  • Canadian UFO Report 1,4

September 1952. 1600hrs.
Kenneth Fairman and Roy Beadle were on their way home from Bexleyheath School with Roy’s dog, when, as they approached the Warren they saw a circle of lights descending 6m away. The boys threw themselves on the ground, as what they now saw as a dark saucer shaped object, 6-9m wide, hovered silently above them. It then shot off towards London. Kenneth developed a paralysis in his legs for a time after this incident. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a p88 citing interview with Kenneth Fairman
  • Evaluation - Lacks contemporaneous documentation

September 1952. Evening.
Mr and Mrs Gall saw a luminous winged humanoid form, about 23-25cm long, fly around their room for about 15 seconds. 
  • Johnson 2014 p151

September 1952. Night
A roofer saw a large disc with blue and white lights on its underside, hovering 3m above the ground, emitting a hissing sound. The grass under the thing was agitated. After 20 minutes the object shot up into the sky. The next day a fleet of helicopters passed over the site, and the witness and family members found a circle of burnt ground, 400m diameter at the site. 
  • Miles 2000 p332

September 1952. 2100hrs.
A farmer, Mr Le Maziff (54) was standing in front of his door when he saw a “confused” light, in the midst of which was an oval form resembling a dirigible 30m long, 12m high. It landed in a pasture near some cows. The witness called to his brother and wife to come and see the phenomenon. The object was hidden by a small slope but a strange light was visible. The witnesses were too afraid to approach and did not see its departure. On the following morning the farmer found that one of his cows was so demented that it had to slaughtered. No traces were found.
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Garreau and Lavier 1975 p 68 citing LDLN March 1971

September 4 1952. Evening.
Jean Sibranoseian was camping not far from Anost when he saw something like a shooting star, which resolved itself into a dirigible shaped object 6m long, 2m high, less than 40m away. It had two pairs of lighted windows, the light from which varied “curiously”. As he stood there, afraid, he heard a faint noise and saw about 4.5m, a human like creature, which first seemed taller than Jean, but when it stepped down, he saw it was actually less than 1.5m tall. This stranger looked human, except for his largish head and pupilless eyes. It had dark hair and a smiling, handsome and unlined face, was dressed in a blue-grey close fitting garment, and approached Jean with its hands outstretched, palms upwards. When Jean followed suit, the being retreated, hopping first on one leg, then the other. It then came forward again to within less than 2m. Jean smiled back at the being and handed it his business card, it took this, still smiling and seemed to put it into an invisible pocket. The being then backed away again, raised its lower arms to the horizontal and left by means of its hopping walk. 
  • Patrick Gross citing Convert 1973
  • Evaluation - The author does not exist and is assumed to be a pseudonym, and Gross found that the witnesses’ surname was unknown in France. The story may be a literary hoax

September 4 1952. (approx date) 
A 21 year old woman and her mother were on their way to church, when she encountered a strange entity which gave off a terrible smell. The 21 year old was so shaken that she was hospitalised for 3 weeks. 
  • Clark 1998 p410 citing Civilian Saucer Investigation Quarterly Bulletin 1,2 p3 citing investigation by William and Donna Smith

September 9 1952. 1445hrs.
As church organist Deryck Seymour was leaving Upton Parish Church to put some books in his car when he met a small elderly white haired woman in a maroon coat and black hat going in. When Deryck went in for more books the woman had disappeared. A colleague Mr Sutton had also seen her enter and not leave. They searched the building but no trace of the stranger could be found. 
  • Seymour 1990 p10

September 9 1952. 1945hrs.
Various people in different locations saw a luminous rotating silvery sphere, the size of a large bicycle wheel descending towards Lake Lugano. At 500m the thing slowed down and seemed to disintegrate, the main piece falling into the Lake. A fisherman between Punta di Selva Piana (Italy) and Morcote (Switzerland) heard a noise overhead followed by a deep thud. 
  • Verga p 54 case 5207 citing La Prealpina 10 September 1952. + La Provincia + Il Messaggero + Il Tirreno _ Il Secolo XIX all of 11 September 1954
  • Evaluation - Meteorite.

September 12 1952. 1915hrs.
10 boys out playing saw a “meteor” pass overhead and apparently land on a nearby hill. They ran to the house of Mrs Kathleen May. From there a party of 8 comprising of Mrs May, her two sons Edward (13) and Theodore (12), a neighbour Gene Lemon (17), and three of the original witnesses : Neal Nunley (14), Ronald Shaver (10) and Thomas Hyer (10), went to the site. Theodore Neal joined them along the route. On the hill they observed a globe “as large as an outhouse”, about 6m in diameter, some 12m away, pulsing at regular intervals and visible through a strange hot mist. A few moments later they caught sight of a huge figure, 3- 4m tall, with a red face with glowing eyes visible behind a helmet and a grey or green body. The thing seemed to be project beams of light from out of its helmet. When the figure floated towards them on a circular path back to the object, the party fled in panic; Lemon fainting. His dog also fled. A lingering “hot” smell and a circle of depressed grass, 3m diameter, were left. 
  • Sanderson 1969 Chapter 3 citing own investigation
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  • Evaluation - The object passing overhead was indeed a meteor, the pulses came from a beacon and the creature was probably a barn owl. (Nickell 2001 chapter 46
  • Buzz Brandt in Magonia 80 p3.
  • Gross suggests that the story was a hoax by the editor of the local newspaper A Lee Stewart (p32)

September 13 1952. 0300hrs.
A boy asleep in his upstairs bedroom woke up and went to look out of the window from where he saw a figure 22.4-2.7m tall seemingly floating above their gravel driveway and was about 12-15m away. The thing had a mechanical, metallic appearance and was grey in colour, was wider at the bottom (about 1.2m ) than the top and appeared to be luminous. When the thing got within 5m the lad lost his courage and moved back from the window. When he got the courage to look again the thing had gone. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p130 citing Frank Feschino
  • Evaluation - Appears to come from a letter from the witness to Feschino after reading his book

September 13 1952. 2000hrs.
George Snitwoski, his wife Edith and their baby son were driving back to Queens from visiting relatives in Cincinatti, and were about 3.5km from Frametown when the relatively new car battery seemed to fail. George tried to see what was the matter, and they were stuck by an unpleasant chemical smell, forcing him inside and having to close the windows. While they were debating what to do, they were dazzled by a powerful, wavering violet light that appeared to come from the woods to the side of the road. It was peculiar in that it was both soft and diffuse but at the same time dazzling. When George opened the window for a closer look they were almost overcome by the nauseous smell. George went to investigate, the smell making him violently sick. In a valley he saw a saw of luminous sphere, giving off a powerful frosted light, hovering just above the ground, swaying slightly, some 60-100m away, behind trees. He moved closer, as he got about halfway towards it, he felt a tingling sensation like pins and needles or a mild electric shock. He stumbled back towards the car, where Edith’s screams alerted him to a figure by the edge of the road, about 10m away. It was humanoid, 2.4-2.7m tall, with a bloated body. He got inside and the they crouched down. They saw something around the car, then as it went away. Its lower body seemed to be a solid mass and it glided, rather and walked, along. After it had gone, they saw the sphere take off in steps, then at about 1,000m it swung to and fro like a pendulum and took off in an arc at terrific speed. The car was now able to start. When they reached a motel George found a fork shaped dark mark on the bonnet. 
  • Paul Lieb and George Snitowski in Male 5,7 p39
  • Faschino 2007 p300 citing above
  • Evaluation - “Paul Lieb” does not appear in ufology outside this article. The whole thing looks like a fiction based on the Flatwoods story. However according to Faschino, Lieb was the President of the “Flying Saucer Research Institute”. Faschino claimed to have spoken with Snitowsky, though the latter was uncooperative. He must have been the George Snitowsky 1912-96 of Oakland Gardens, Flushing New York)

September 14 1952. 0430hrs.
Fred J Brown, an employee of the Everglades Experimental Station was juist about to start feeding some cows when his attention was caught by a humming sound, like that of high tension wires. Looking out he saw that the cows had all gathered at the far end of the pasture. Going out, he saw a circular object, about 10m diameter, slowly descending. There was a row of alternating red and yellow lights around the rim of the underside. The thing came down to within 12m of the ground, hovering over the barn. Fred tried to get on with his work, hearing the cows and horses into the barn. The object then passed north to south at about 50kph, climbing slightly, shining a powerful light into the barn and lighting up the pasture. There was an acrid smell and the cattle panicked again. Fred now fled and went to get other witnesses but when they returned the thing had gone. He returned to milking but yield was only about a fifth of normal. It had improved by afternoon but was still below normal.
  • Gross 1986 (September/October 52) p29 citing Miami News 16 September 1952.

September 14 1952. Afternoon.
Caridad Martinez a worker on the Dolores farm saw a winged humanoid land near her and approach, speaking in an unknown language. The thing was more than 2m tall, had a round face and huge wings attached to its shoulders. It a metal plate on its abdomen and carried a luminous object in both hands. This emitted a vapour that almost made Caridad pass out. As she recovered the thing took off and was lost to sight. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p133 citing Orestes Girbau Collado

September 20 1952.
Dewitt Upthegrove and three adult members of his family saw a rose coloured object land and take off again at the edge of the swamp. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 55
  • Evaluation - Despite the strange name, this appears to be a real person, listed in the 1945 State Census of Florida

September 22 1952.
Personnel at the Air Force Air Defence Radar Station saw an unidentified object land breaking trees in the process. About 25 people saw the object hop about and then take off. One officer saw something moving about inside the object. 
  • Gross 1986 (September/October 52) p44 citing Rex McCracken in Flying Saucers May 1962 p69
  • Evaluation - McCracken claimed he was told this by AF personnel 10 years before. Nothing more than a rumour, possible hoax.

October 1952
Two passengers in a car saw a 2.5m tall, heavily built figure wearing an Arab style headdress and mesh uniform, walking along with odd fluid movements. The being had boots , gloves and a ribbed belt around its waist. It had a pale face and huge round eyes, with things in them like electric light filaments. The car driver turned around for a better look but the creature had disappeared though there was nowhere it could have hidden in the flat ground. 
  • Clark 1998 p 215 citing HUMCAT

October 1952. 0655hrs.
Johannes Nordlien was waiting for co-workers when he heard a scream like a jet engine and saw a white disc shaped object 4m diameter come from the west at speed, passing within 100m of him and plunge into the river with a loud splash. The water was still agitated when his co-workers arrived. 
  • Ole Jonny Braenne in International UFO Reporter 20, 1 p12

October 1952.
Greg Mastel and Lyle Slade were hunting elk in the mountains when Lyle thought he saw a wounded elk. Before he could shoot there was a screeching sound and a 2m tall humanoid creature covered in brown hair and wearing a leather belt with a brass buckle moved towards the elk. 
  • Guttila 2003 p29

October 12 1952.
Two 18 year old men, Jim McKay and Jim Robinson were walking along Sunshine Road, when a strange object, coloured red and blue, descended towards them making a peculiar whistling sound. The two young men ran off in fear to a nearby house. 
  • Wilkins 1956 p 67

October 14 1952. 1800hrs.
Mrs Mariska Ferruzzi Paintandia was in woodland when she looked up and saw a silvery globe in the sky, at about 40m altitude, 30m away, emitting golden flashes. After about 5 minutes it started to move in a semi-circular path, coming towards her. It now appeared as luminous green saucer shape, trailing black smoke. It stopped just above her head for two minutes, where she saw it as a vertical orange globe, lower at the bottom. The object then moved away, first slowly, then moving rapidly from sight to the north. The observation lasted about 7 or 8 minutes. 
  • Verga 2007 p55 case 5203 + Edoardo Russo both citing Boncompagni 1974 p 153 citing Giornale de Misteri 7 p58
  • Verga also adds Stilo 2002 p369
  • Evaluation - Known only from a letter from the witness to GdM. Verga quite rightly considers it was probably a hot air balloon

Mid October 1952. 1900hrs.
Mason Felix Fize was working on a construction site near the airfield when he saw a sort of whitish cloud coming rapidly from the direction of Marseilles in the south west, heading towards Le Vigan to the North East. As it passed overhead at a maximum of 600-800m, Felix and his companions saw that it was a cylindrical cone 30m long, 6m wide. On the cylinder were three portholes or bays from which came a pure white fluorescent light. Inside they saw the upper bodies of five or six moving beings, dressed in khaki uniforms, helmets and large glasses. As the thing passed Felix heard a rustling sound like a quiet motor. As the thing reached Le Vigan it accelerated at terrific speed. It had been seen by others in Marseilles and Le Vigan. 
  • Patrick Gross citing Guieu 1956b p211, 1972 p137, 211 citing investigation by Jean Terrasson
  • Evaluation - Meteorite! A classic case of radical misperception. Not a landing as indicated by Vallee

October 23 1952.
The Captain and crew of a Gloucester (Mass) fishing boat fishing about 55km southeast of Seal Island saw a fiery light on the water. Thinking it was a ship in distress they hurried to the site. All they could see was a light that seemed to skip above the water and submerge from time to time, making a crackling noise as it did so. 
  • Gross 1986 September/October 1952. p81 citing UP Boston 23 October 1952.

October 27 1952. 0203 hrs.
Customs officer Gabriel Gachignard observed a small light coming from 100m away, landing with a muffled sound. The light was on a cigar shaped object 3m long, 1m wide, with pointed ends. The light was coming from four windows, 20-30cm long, grouped in two pairs on top of the craft. These windows gave off a peculiar milky white throbbing light. As Gabriel got within 50m of the machine, a stream of sparks shot from its rear end, and it took off at tremendous speed, with a “swishing sound”. About the same time the two Beloeuvre children saw a disc shaped object going towards the airport. 
  • Michel 1958a p158 citing Jean Latappy
  • Vallee 1967 p6
  • Vallee Case 104)

November 1952.
A child was burned when a strange disc, 25cm in diameter landed near Dublin 
  • Vallee Case 105 citing “Personel”

November 16 1952. 0930hrs.
Farmer Nello Ferrari (41) was walking on a country footpath. He had bent down and then found himself flooded with reddish light 40m diameter and, looking upm saw a large plate shaped object, 10-15m above him, almost touching the tops of poplar trees. It was like two dishes, rim to rim and of a sort of coppery-gold colour. At the centre of the 20m diameter bottom surface was a cylinder 1m in diameter that was made of rapidly rotating parts, producing noise like than of an electric motor. This cylinder was only 5m from the witness. The halves then separated , the lower disc being smaller than the upper. On the rim of the upper disc were three beings, as though on a ship’s deck. . They wore rubber overalls and transparent face masks, and spoke a few incomprehensible words. A loud metallic noise was heard and the top part of the object lowered itself towards the lower plate. The sound gained in intensity and the craft flew off vertically at very high speed. Nello was so afraid that he didn’t speak for 48 hours.
  • Vallee Case 106 citing Il Tempo 12 July 1963
  • Wilkins 1967 p253 (gives date as 30th
  • Guieu 1956 p96 (gives date as 16th)
  • Verga 2007 p56 case 5204 adds as references Il Giornale dell’Ermilla + Il Tempo + La Nazione all of 22 November 1952. + Cielo e tera 26 + Notiziario UFO 40/1 p34
  • Ribera 1972 p197
  • Boncompagni 1974 p157 + Delval 1976 + 128 + Stilo 2002 p340 + investigations by Renzo Cabassi + “g. 3. 14” UFO group
  • Evaluation - Various newspaper reports give rather different details

November 20 1952. 1230hrs.
George Adamski and a group of friends drove to a place some 15km from Desert Center where they saw a dirigible shaped object approaching. George asked to be taken to a place about 1km from this site. The dirigible shaped thing took off but another object, seen by the others as just a light, descended. Shortly afterwards George saw a man by a ravine some 400m away, who motioned for him to approach. The stranger was somewhat shorter than George and had long fair hair. On approaching closer George noticed the stranger’s high forehead, slightly slanted eyes and high cheekbones, and that he wore a brown one piece “ski suit”. George conversed by telepathy and gestures, claiming to come from Venus, to be concerned about nuclear weapons etc. He led George to a translucent machine hovering just above the ground less than a metres away and about 2m above the ground. It was a domed disc with a row of portholes and three spheres on the underside. The stranger stepped into the thing, though there was no visible opening and the object took off. Peculiar footprints with marks on them were left at the site. 
  • Good 1998 p102 citing Adamski in Leslie and Adamski 1953, p192
  • Evaluation - The classic contactee story with the iconic faked photographs. Hoax

November 21 1952. Evening.
Salesman Pascal Gauci was driving along the Locqmaria highway when he saw on his left a luminous sphere that seemed to be about three or four times the angular diameter of the moon, motionless in the sky. After a few seconds the thing moved to the left, apparently flattening and turning white, went down slightly, stopped, went back to the right, and thence back to its starting point. It repeated this manoeuvre three or four times before disappearing to the south-west. Next morning farmers at Tinuhule saw the same thing, as had Mr and Mrs Rene Houan of Trionguen the previous Monday.
  • Patrick Goss citing La Nouvelle Republique du Centre-Ouest 25 November 1952.
  • Vallee 1967 p56, presumably derived from above clipping
  • Vallee Case 107 referring to Vallee 1967
  • Evaluation - Astronomical? Note that nothing in the original press article or in Vallee 1967 suggests this occurred at low altitude, and in Challenge to Science it is listed as Type 111a, basically nocturnal lights that stay more or less in one place but move up and down and side to side, ie bright lights + autokinesis, usually stars and planets. In the Magonia Catalogue the words “low altitude” are added and it becomes a close encounter.

December 1952. 0500hrs.
Agricultural engineer Antonio Carlos Soares and two other people saw a domed disc shaped object on the ground 100m away. It was 12m in diameter. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Pablo Petrowitsch citing Jose Victor Soares in SBEDV Bulletin 62/5

December 21 1952. 2120hrs.
Alex Gray, the groundsman at Christ’s College, was putting out his milk jug when he saw, to the west, a yellow hemisphere at treetop height. The thing did move during the 5 minute observation. Alex went to find other witnesses without success. A similar object, trailing flames, was seen manoeuvring over Sockburn about an hour later. 
  • Gross November/December 1952. p27