INTCAT 1940-1945

1940. (Approximate date) Night.
Three little girls sleeping together were awoken by a buzzing noise and the sound of music and bells. Looking out of the window they saw a little man in a tiny red car driving around in circles. The little man had a red droopy hat, a white beard and looked happy. 
  • Bord 1978 p 172 citing letters from one of the witnesses 9 + 20 August 1973
  • Evaluation: Reported decades later, false memory? Hypnopompic hallucation?

1940. (Approximate date)
Two men herding yaks in a valley saw, 100m ahead of them, a humanoid figure covered in light brown hair. The thing gave off a yelp and fled on two legs. One of the witnesses died shortly afterwards. 
  • Freeman 2011 p34 citing Charles Stonor)

Mrs Small was looking through her French windows at her garden when she saw two small humanoids wearing green and brown tunics pointing to her tomato plants, as if telling her where to plant them. The beings were 30cm tall and looked “distressed”. Some minutes later they appeared in her room holding a small basket of tomatoes. They seemed to convey by telepathy information as to how to grow them. 
  • Johnson 2014 p20)

A miner saw a metallic disc shaped machine, like two plates one inverted over the other, 30m diameter, 12m high, hovering just above the ground. A set of steps appeared and a normal looking man came down it, and asked the miner if he could draw water from a stream he had damned. On invitation the miner went on board the craft, where he met another occupant. The beings said they came from another world, were 609 years old and used the water to produce hydrogen to power their anti-gravity system, which used flywheels. The miner was then escorted from the craft, which then took off at high speed. 
  • Rife 2000 p149 citing Fate 4/1998 p 6
  • Evaluation: Typical contactee story

1940. 1230hrs, approx.
21 year old W.A.T.S. Emily Crew was mopping the kitchen floor at the Stansted Army Camp when her attention was drawn by a commotion outside as people thought the camp was under attack. They then saw a large luminous sphere, the size of one of the huts, descending over the parade ground with sparks coming from it. It halted just above the ground and moved over to the kitchen window. It seemed to have some sort of translucent, rubbery outer skin, with something moving inside. The thing then departed and was last reported jumping over the camp’s wire fence and disappearing into the forest. The camp personnel were told not to talk of the incident. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a citing Emily Crew direct
  • Evaluation: No documentary evidence, other witnesses not traced. Distorted memory of accident involving balloon?

1940. Night.
Four soldiers in a remote hut on St Roche’s Hill felt a sudden cold and their hair stood on end. Went trying to get out to investigate they found a timber blocking the door. When they removed this and got they saw a 1m diameter dark sphere in a hollow, The thing rose up in sides of the hollow and then down into the wood below, bouncing as it did so. 
  • Peter Hassall in Fortean Times 272 p28 citing Action Annual 1983 p102
  • Evaluation: Lacks contemporaneous documentation. Very possibly a literary fiction)
1940. 2230hrs.
Walter and William Gunn were walking home along a narrow farm road they saw an object take off from a nearby hill, with a sound like game birds flushed out. A light about 35-45cm diameter (apparent size of the full moon) emerged about 300m away. It seemed to have been on a shadowy dark mass. The light cleared the maple trees to their left and ascended at 80kph. It then lurched forward with a sound like drill and speeded up to about 320kph, making a 45 degree turn to the west and passed overhead at 150-180m, and disappeared through a gap in the mountains. 
  • Lore and Deneault 169 p130 citing NICAP files

1940. Late night.
Frank Clifton awoke in his honeymoon hotel to see what looked like his naked bride kneeling with her arms across her breast at the foot of the bed. As Frank reached out to her, the figure vanished and he realised that his wife was asleep beside him. 
  • Evans and Huyghe 2000 p42 citing letter from witness in Fate August 1975 p118

January 1940. Late night.
Eva Roe was being driven by a male friend through the narrow pass at Castellemare. She asked him to stop show she could get out and relieve herself, but as she started to open the door a couple appeared beside the door and began to chat with her as she was a friend. The driver then asked her who she was speaking to and when she looked again they had gone. He then got out of his side of the car and walked round, only to find that the passenger door would have opened right over a sheer drop. 
  • Evans 2002 p110 citing letter from Eva Rose in Fate July 1950 p78

March 1940. Evening.
A man going home from Mt Carmel to North Harbour heard peculiar noises and his horse became distracted and seemed to keep returning to St John’s Pond. The man saw little beings about 40cm tall on the banks but could not catch them. Despite the torrential rain, he remained dry. 
  • Colombo 2000 p22 citing Rieti 1991

April 27 1940. (Approximate date) 0030hrs.
A British army major returned to his billet 8km west of Orchies, noting the absence of wind and night sounds on this moonlit night. He had only been in bed a few minutes when heard the sound of something feeling along the wall toward the window, though there was no sound of footsteps on the cobbles. He then saw the head and shoulders of a small, broad, human like form, silhouetted against the moonlight. He was unable to make out any features and still heard no sound. As he leapt out of bed, the windows and shutters banged too. He threw the open again and punched out, only to hit the wall. He then went outside, but there was no sign of any intruder, but his dogs clung close to him, whining as if in fear. 
  • Steiger 1974 p89 citing letter from witness to Harry Price

May 1940.
Udo Wartena was prospecting gold in a remote valley near Townsend when he heard a sound like an aircraft engine. When saw, about 200m away, near a stream, a lenticular object about 30m long, 11m high. A section of the thing’s surface dropped down, revealing a spiral staircase, down which came a man wearing a grey suit and cap who asked permission to get water. He then invited Udo into his craft, where he found himself into a room 3.5x 4.5m, lit by a pale light of unknown source. There he met an older man sat on a bench, who praised the good quality of the spring water. The man spoke with an accent, which made Udo suspicious. The strangers then said they were from another planet, and the younger claimed their craft operated by anti-gravity operated by two flywheels and a gravitational lens and had been observing the earth for years. They invited Udo to come away with them. When he declined they escorted him out, advising him to stand well back and not to speak of the incident. He did not stand far enough back, and collapsed when the thing took off, hovered, wobbling, for a few moments and then flew off. It took him an hour to recover. 
  • Matthews 2008 p138
  • Evaluation: Another story not told until decades later.

June 1940.
A small girl playing in the playground at the Happy Valley area observed an object hovering above some trees about 165m away. It then accelerated away very rapidly, expelling a bluish vapour. 
  • Lorenzen 1969 p21

Summer 1940. (or following year)
A youth Frank Sever was walking along a country road when he heard a loud noise in nearby woods and, on investigating, encountered what looked like an aluminium building, though he knew that no such structure should be there. Short distance away he saw six small beings looking for something on the ground. Thinking they were ghosts, he fled the scene. 
  • Clark 1998 p212 citing letter from Sever to J Allen Hynek 25 February. 1974
  • Evaluation: Reported over 30 years after alleged event

Summer 1940. Afternoon.
Teenage Cathie was walking down a country lane near Meridan when she encountered a metallic, domed structure, next to which, apparently protruding from the ground, was a row of cylindrical objects giving off smoke. Associated with object were several tall men “adjusting something at the centre”. They wore one piece garments, had high foreheads tanned complexions and strange eyes. One of the men seemed to wipe his face with a cloth or point a devise at her. As she walked on she noticed a blue-grey light coming from the thing. When she looked back again the structure and beings had disappeared. The witness claimed several subsequent contacts with “benevolent space people”, and that she had been taken for journeys on their craft. One of these stories was that she had met one of these beings at her work and then found herself on board something, held down onto a table by a group of beings with long slit mouths, cat like faces and eyes devoid of whites. They scanned her with some devise, saying it was to check whether she was pregnant. On board this she could see and hear a wartime battle on the sea below. 
  • J. W. Tibbitts and Ken Rogers in Gemini 1,1 p28 citing own investigation
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a p21 citing investigation by Tibbitts
  • Evaluation: A story reported about 30 years after the alleged events, and showing influences from both contactee and abduction lore.

Summer 1940.
Engineer Rex Ball was driving back from Detroit when he saw a strange object in the sky. He then lost consciousness and came to some hours later, lying beside his car. He was approached by a group of small, Asian looking men, and taken to a disc shaped object on the ground. He passed out again, coming to in an underground area, where there were a group of men who looked like they were members of the US military, one of whom told him he was under Fort Knox. A “general” then arrived on the scene, who ordered him to be sent back and made to “look like a nut”. He entered a dark area and came to in a small local hospital. 
  • Luis Gonzalez on UFO Updates citing Chase 1968 citing investigation by Lowry Preston
  • Evaluation: Hoax (by Gray Barker??) Richard Michael Rasmussen in his bibliography of 'The UFO literature' [McFarland, 1985] states that Frank Martin Chase’s Document 96 contains “speculations regarding the nature of flying saucers presented partially through a fictional person named 'Rex Ball'” and that the identity of Chase is unknown. There was a Washington and New York journalist named Frank Martin Chase, but he died in 1941.

July or August 1940. Afternoon.
A 15 year old boy was taking some cattle to the water, walking in an area between stretches of meadow land the heather, when reaching the foot of a hill he discovered three persons walking side by side approaching from the North East. They wore dark green, shiny, silky, close fitting suits, which covered their necks and part of their chins. On their heads they wore tight fitting helmets of the same colour. Their faces were covered by a transparent material resembling glass. At the front of their suits were two pads 10cm thick, stretching down from their shoulders to their feet, which were bare. The beings were of normal appearance, and walked in an ordinary fashion, swinging their arms a little. As they got within 30m of the boy, they turned to the south and disappeared behind the hill. The boys went to the top of the hill, from where he again saw the beings, noting that the backs of their suits were smooth. About 200m from the hill, in the heather was a domed, shining object without doors or windows, which was reflecting the sunlight. This object was about the size of a German air force plane. As the beings reached the craft, they suddenly disappeared, surprising the boy, who did not see them enter a door of any kind. Some seconds later the machine rose silently and vertically, accelerating suddenly after 6 or 7 seconds, disappearing at an angle in a few seconds. During the acceleration a noise like a long angler’s rod moving rapidly was heard. The heather on which the machine had rested was seen to be slowly straightening and no traces were found. He told his story to his mother who said that they were Germans and warned him not to speak to them. He did not report the experience until 1974. 
  • Jacques Bonabot in UFO INFO no 42 and 43 citing Scandinavian UFO Investigation citing Ufo Nyt 75 p8
  • Evaluation: Not reported for more than 30 years

August 1940.
The fiery cartwheel returned to the Bata area, performing identical manoeuvres as in 1936. 
  • Hobana and Weverbergh 1974 p 192 citing Ferenc Szakaly in Tukor 19 December 1967 citing his article in Kis Ujsag 18 August 1940.

September 1940. 0010hrs.
Mrs Ruth Freeman awoke with a feeling there was someone in her room. On turning on the light, she saw a figure dressed in a navy blue uniform, with epaulettes, and a hat that reminded her of Napoleonic times. Its face looked grey, semi-transparent and “sad”. After about 20 minutes the figure faded away.
  • Evaluation: Hypnogogic hallucination?

September 15 1940. (or following year) 2230hrs.
Members of the Zetti family and guests at their Trattoria were terrified by a 20m diameter lens shaped object that appeared next to a tree, as the electricity failed. The object hovered at 30m altitude, changing colour from white to light blue, light violet, yellow, orange, red. It was surrounded by a white golden halo with vibrating filaments. According to the reporter, only she, aged 7 at the time, was unafraid of this thing. The object moved away giving off a warm wind. The electricity then came back on.
  • Eduardo Russo citing Boncompagni et al 1974 p71
  • Verga 2007 p20 case 4001 citing Boncomagni + Stop 15 December 1973 + Giorni 11 May 1977+ Cielo e Terra 44 p15 + UFO Info 48 p17 all citing a letter from the now grown girl to Il Giornale di Misteri (1970s)
  • Evaluation: This woman claimed to be a contactee and Verga thought the story over detailed for the passage of time. It might however be some sort of atmospheric phenomena.

Autumn 1940. (or following year)
A master at Stonyhurst College was walking in the mountains during a thunderstorm and saw lightning hit a tree, producing a sharp explosion. From it came a sphere 15cm diameter and bounced across the ground towards him. From a distance of 15m he saw that it was a perfect sphere and smoky grey in colour. The thing bounced uphill in leaps of 3-6m; each time it hit the ground there was a silent puff of grey smoke. It eventually just disappeared. 
  • NUFON News178 p15 citing Stonyhurst Archives
  • Evaluation: Ball lightning

October 1940.
Eugene Olson (4) (better known as the writer Brad Steiger) was sitting up in bed looking at the moon when he heard the sound of movement outside. Looking out he saw a dwarf in a one piece suit moving a tub to underneath the window. The figure seemed to be looking in on his parents in the room below. When the creature sensed little Eugene looking at him, it looked up, revealing huge dark eyes which first terrified and then soothed the boy, who fell asleep until morning. 
  • Steiger 1988 p145
  • 1940 US census for exact location

November 1940. (Approximate date) Early hours.
Major Anne of Burghwallis Hall was awakened by the sensation of his bed being pushed up and down, and saw a man bending over him, pushing up and down on the mattress. The figure lifted its head to reveal an “inexpressible expression of loathing and hatred”. The figure looked very old and thin, clean shaven with a long nose and thin lips, was self- luminous and dressed in a sort of drapery. When the Major switched on the bedroom light the figure vanished. This was just one of a number of strange incidents in the Hall at this time. 
  • Braddock 1956 p36 citing first hand account
  • Evaluation: Hypnogogic hallucination.

November 10 1940. Day.
A man gardening on this quiet day suddenly found himself in a zone of extreme blackness. At his feet was a luminous pale green sphere about 60cm wide, apparently made of a mass of “withering strings of light”. The thing took off, just missing trees and houses and landed about 400m away, where it exploded, damaging a nearby building. 
  • Devereux 1982 p196 citing E Matts in Weather 19 p228

December 1940. (Approximate date) Night.
A man out driving saw what looked like a headless cyclist, apparently loosing control of his cycle. The figure seemed to be hit by an oncoming car, but when the witness went to the scene no trace of an accident could be seen. 
  • Whitaker 1989 p123

December 31 1940.
Margo Smith and her headmaster again saw the mysterious 'nun'. The headmaster approached and shone his torch on the figure, which promptly vanished. The torch went out and never worked again. 
  • Hapgood 1994 p57
1941. (or following year) Night.
Mrs Thomas, who was staying with relatives, was going up to bed when she almost bumped into a tall man wearing a suit on the stairs. The stranger walked quickly up the stairs, Mrs Thomas following a couple of metres behind, when the figure turned and walked into the solid wall. 
  • MacKenzie 1971 p40 citing his own investigation

1941. Early morning.
John Bradshaw (11) was doing some early morning chores when he saw an object 12m away. It was soundless and resembled a bell with a black top and a red-orange glow underneath. The object headed towards the wood, making a crashing sound. A flattened area was found 
  • Phillips 1975 p4 case 028 citing an undated issue of Ohio UFO Reporter

1941. Day.
William Huffman, a baptist minister was taken by police to what he assumed was a plane crash site about 40km out from Cape Giradeau. 400m across a field he came across strange wreckage, including a seamless round piece, and three bodies covered in what looked like aluminium foil. They were about 1.2m tall, hairless with large heads, with large oval eyes, no ears, holes for noses and slit like mouths. He said prayers over them but did not touch them. 
  • Rife 2000 p146 citing an Internet posting
  • Randle 2010 p21
  • Evaluation: Third hand from the minister’s granddaughter via her grandmother. Either a fabricated story or mis-memory of an actual plane crash with charred and damaged bodies. The 1940. Federal Census lists Willliam Huffman living in Jonesboro Arkansas, having moved from Missouri

1941. Night.
A small girl Alison Richards was terrified on a number of occasions by a number of small “horse beings” that entered her room from a linen cupboard and cut her left shin. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 210a p 26 citing witness
  • Evaluation: Memory of childhood fears re-envisioned through later ufo lore

January 1941. (Approximate date) Night.
A couple cycling home to Bradfield from a dance in Manningtree saw two figures beside the road. The taller of these was dressed in a cloak and wide brimmed hat, similar to the Sandeman Port advert, the other was shorter, also in black. The two commenced to walk across the road oblivious to the two cyclists. The woman cycled right through the beings, who carried on and walked right through the hedge. 
  • Downes 2009 p87

January 2 1941.
Logging camp mechanic Bill Spueill was bicycling near the Indian graveyard on Siwash Hill when he saw a white shape that moved with a swaying motion and then began to glow green and look like a human figure. It then faded away. 
  • Belyk 2002 p127 citing Vancouver Times January 10 1941. p6
  • Evaluation: Mist?

Spring 1941.
Anthony Hayes (14) found himself in a minefield on Scarborough beach and was guided out of it by a sort of glow 
  • Anthony Hayes in True 2005 p9

Spring 1941. Late night.
Arthur Matthews was unable to sleep owing to a sensation that something strange was going to happen so he got up and went outside. He then saw something dark over a nearby mountain and began to walk towards it. He was intercepted by two men almost 1.8m tall, dressed in grey coveralls. They had bright blue eyes and golden hair and told him they were Venusians who come to inspect some of Tesla’s inventions that Matthews was developing. After inspection of these inventions the strangers led Arthur to their huge grey metallic craft over 200m diameter, 100m high, which resembled two saucers rim to rim. The centre was circled by a ring 6m from the main object. He was given a tour of this thing, which held 24 smaller craft, had gardens, living quarters, games area with artificial turf etc, etc. The huge machine was powered by mind power. 
  • Matthews in Colombo 1989 p236
  • Evaluation: A classic contactee story, presumably made up to promote Matthews’s 'inventions'

Summer 1941.

The Rev Lepton Harpole was squirrel hunting near here when he encountered a large baboon like creature. Lepton hit it with his rifle and fired a warning shot, at which the thing ran off. 
  • Taylor 2011 p9: Arment 2006 p143 citing Hoosier Folklore Bulletin 5:19 1946.

July or August 1941 or 1942. 1100hrs.

Irene Skram and her cousin saw a silvery disc, about 10m diameter, apparently rise from the ground to a height of 100m 300m away to the southeast. It rotated and trailed three grey whisps that fell to earth 100m away, before disappearing. These turned out to be haycocks from a neighbour’s property. The observation had lasted 10 minutes. 
  • Ole Jonny Braenne in INFO Journal 72 p48 citing a UFO report form 6 January 1965 + UFO-Nyt1966 p188+ Bertelsen 1980 p 65 + Liljegren 1987 p8
  • Evaluation: Whirlwind

July 22 1941. Dawn.
Geoffrey Houghton-Brown woke at a sunny dawn to see a tall woman with white hair standing beside his bed. She wore black clothes and diamond pendant earrings and was resting on a stick. She smiled and disappeared. Supposed to be the ghost of a former resident. 
  • Rae- Ellis 1990 p58 citing witness

August 1941. Afternoon.
Nora Best and Agnes Robinson were walking back to Borrowdale from Watendlath via Dock Tarn and lost their way. They climbed up a ridge and heard laughter below and saw about 100m away a group of what looked like children, with long hair, playing around the boulders. Thinking that this was the track the women descended top the spot but found no trace of any children. 
  • Johnson 2014 p91

Fall 1941. Evening.
Max Martin and J W Boles (both 21) were out driving and as they approached Mud Splash School they saw bright flashes of light from behind the school but on investigation could find nothing to account for them. 
  • Montell 2000 p184 citing 1999 report by Martin’s niece

September 1941. Afternoon.
Mrs Jennie Chapman was alarmed when her small son came in saying that there was a large cow approaching. Looking out she saw a 2.5m humanoid that entered their lean to. Jeannie grabbed her two children and fled to the railway tracks where her husband was working. He and his workmates returned to the scene where they found 40cm long tracks and evidence that a barrel of fish had been interfered with. 
  • Hunter and Dahinden 1975 p60
  • Green 1973 p12:
  • Sanderson 1961 67

October 1941.
Servicemen Guy Simone was on an exercise in which he encountered a crashed circular metallic object in or around which were small bodies. 
  • Randle 2010 p25 citing Len Stringfield and Walter Eebb
  • Evaluation: Tale comes from a woman who said she overheard Guy’s mother talking about the incident. A classic FOAF tale!

November 1941.
A 17 year old German immigrant boy, out hunting without a licence, shot something he thought was a moose and on inspecting the body, found that it was a humanoid, 2.2-2.5m tall, covered in dirty hair, with feet about 38-40cm long. Fearing he had killed a hermit he fled and did not speak of the incident for over 60 years. 
  • Newton 2015b p22 citing interview by Bill Nelson May 2003

November 17 1941. 2030hrs.
Thomas Flynn was out cycling along a country road when a bright light approached from 400m away to within centimetres of his face and disappeared over the edge. At both distances the thing appeared to be the same 20-25cm diameter. A few days later Thomas was walking along a railway line and was about to go through a gate when he saw a large, silvery, luminous elliptical object, surmounted by a rotating dome on which there were arrow like windows, hovering about 5m above the ground. 
  • Butler and Nally 2006 p129
  • Evaluation: Reported decades later and known only through a sighting report form

Winter 1942. (Approximate date)
At some point during the Second World War, W E Thorner was walking, with difficulty, along a clifftop during a storm, when he saw 12 or so small beings with round, sallow complexioned faces, with long dark hair, dancing about 
  • Marwick 2000 p38 citing letter from witness in Scots Magazine August 1964

A broadcasting executive encountered seven disc shaped machines at a military base and inspected one and claimed that they were operated by giant flywheels and electromagnetic turbines. He entered an object 30m diameter. 6m thick and saw the crew compartments, which were tubes with caps at the end. 
  • Rife 2000 p 147 citing Pueblo Chieftain 23 July 1952 citing a speech by the executive to a civic group
  • Evaluation: Hoax, presumably a carry over from the Scully hoax

O R Edwards and Bill Cole were out hunting when they became separated. Edwards saw what looked like an ape like head. The head went out of site and then Edwards heard the sound of bodies colliding and then saw the creature, more than 2m tall, running away, apparently with Cole under its arm, down the hill, last seen when about 20-25m away. Edwards and Cole met up later that day but did not discuss the incident for years. Cole said that the creature had not picked him up, but that the impact had rolled him down the hill. 
  • Green 1973 p77 citing George Draper in an undated issue of San Francisco Chronicle 1965

A man out cutting spruce in a forest was followed for about 20 minutes by something that looked like a gorilla. 
  • Clark 1993a p139

1942. 0100hrs.
A woman, going into her garden, encountered three dwarfs with large round heads, short beards and large luminous yellow eyes. They wore tight metallic one piece suits, which covered their heads, leaving only their faces exposed. They stared at the woman without moving, their arms held bent and rigid. The woman fled inside to get her husband, but by the time he arrived the beings had gone. 
  • Clark 1998 p 212 citing HUMCAT
  • Rosales citing Joel Mesnard and Jean-Marie Bigorne

Young Vilus Stalte saw a torpedo shaped object at 25m altitude. He tried to pace it but had to give up due to shortness of breath. 
  • Dennett 2016a p107 citing George Filer in MUFON UFO Journal December 1998 p11

1942.  1630HRS.
At rural location a young shepherd girl heard a strange sound and saw a metallic object like two plates rim to rim, 2-3m diameter, circling down over the trees and causing them to creak. It landed on a hill about 150m away. She approached to get a better view and saw a grey being about 1m tall, resembling a robot, dressed in a suit and silver helmet, walking in circles around the object. The terrified girl fled, as did her sheep. She returned an hour later to find her sheepdog barking but the strange machine and being had gone. 
  • Thanassis Vambos in Strange 12 p36
  • Evaluation: I cannot find this place name in Google/ There are a number of hotels and resorts with this name in Greece

1942. Dusk.
Sydney Scroggie was sat smoking by the shelter stone, when he saw a tall human figure striding along, silhouetted against the waters of a loch. The figure had no ruck sack. Sydney rushed to the spot but there were no footprints in the snow. 
  • Gray 1989 p 33

1942. Evening.
Near the Prentov Bridge on the Bitola-Ohrid road, two men (Boris Alach and Pero Krstanoviski) in a horse drawn carriage, saw a peculiar flame like object moving along the Kesel River at low altitude. The horse was petrified and refused to move along until the object had left. The two men also felt paralysed. Similar events are said to have occurred in other years but no details are available. 
  • UFO Info 42 + J. B. Delair citing UFO Register 3, 1 p8 citing V Streenik and K Teriziev.
  • NTERNET souce gives location near Novi Sad, Serbia, quoting undated issue of FSR Case Histories

1942. Early evening.
Mrs S, who was cycling home to Ellesmere on this fine dry night, had to dismount at a steep wooded area. There she saw two white lights approach along the narrow path, close to the ground. The very bright silent lights were in view for about a minute, coming within a metre or so of the witness, at which they disappeared. 
  • NUFON News 160 p 12
  • Evaluation: Not reported for over 50 years

1942. Night.
On an undisclosed island outpost of the southern coast [sic, i.e. Gulf of Mexico?] of the United States, Sgt Dick Wylie saw a glowing object plunge into the sea. It reappeared two minutes later, rose vertically and went out of sight 
  • Carl Grove citing Lucius Farish citing Amazing Stories May 1946

February 1942. Afternoon.
Eileen Arnold (26) was returning from a doctor’s appointment for her 7 months pregnancy. As she did so, the street and its sounds appeared to vanish and a huge oval, with brilliant light coming from openings in its side, and quill like projections on its edge, appeared over the rooftops. The quills, which also emitted light, detached, and took off into the sky. The witness later had various “psychic experiences and visions. 
  • Randles 1999 P18

February 7 1942. 1200hrs.
Rev W M Falloon was in his rectory hall when he saw a figure like a 1.38m tall, rather dumpy woman wearing a brown overall dress and cap. 
  • Underwood 1973 p237

May 1942. 1000hrs.
Slavomir Rawicz and four companions, escaping from Siberia, saw two black dots against the distant snow. They went towards them, thinking they might be edible creatures. When they got within 100m of, and 4m above the things, they saw that they were hairy bipeds, about 2.4m tall, with square heads, sloping shoulders, powerful chests and long arms and covered with a rusty coloured hair. The men watched them for about two hours, but then decided to move out of their way. 
  • Heuvelmans 1962 p 158 citing Rawicz and Downing in Daily Mail nd: Rawicz 1957 p274
  • Evaluation: Probable literary hoax

May 1942.
Katie Richardson (43) was walking through Lippin Wood when around a saucer shaped depression in the ground, she saw a group tiny men sweeping up twigs and leaves. They were joined by a group of female figures who seemed to be dancing. The men brought in furniture, allowing the females to have a meal. They curtsyed etc. to a leader, who was taller than the others. 
  • Johnson 2014 p78

Summer 1942.
A 13 year old boy and her friend saw a “monster” 1.35m tall by An abandoned mine. It moved towards them making a screaming noise. The boys fled to a local cinema, where they saw dark shapes moving around. The 13 year old later saw something crouching in a tree opposite his bedroom. His family left the area. His friend was later said to have vanished, his bicycle seen near the haunted mine. 
  • Steiger and Whirtenour 1968b p137 citing John J Robinson
  • Redfern and Downes 2000 p24 citing Brad Steiger
  • Evaluation: Probable hoax by Robinson 

Summer 1942. Afternoon.
Don Hunter and his wife, Dolores were sat in their car sheltering from the rain when they saw an unusually tall figure walking across a meadow some 400m from the lake. The figure was erect with a military like bearing and seemed to have very long legs. As the Hunters got out of their car the creature moved off with giant strides. 
  • Nunnelly 2011 p50
  • Green 1973 p79
  • Keel 1970a p115

Summer 1942. 1750hrs.
Several kilometres west of the Tasman Peninsula several witnesses saw a very large, apparently metallic, object fall into the sea. No aircraft were about at the time and none were reported missing. 
  • Wilkins 1967b p215

Summer 1942. 1900hrs.
42 year Mr D was returning home from work when he saw, at about 1km away, a circular object resembling a beer barrel 1m in diameter. The red shiny object descended close to the ground behind a house, illuminating the roof, before moving off northwards towards Wevelgem. The silent object was seen for about 1 minute. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Mr Cornilleau in LDLN Contact issue 5 p6

July 1942. Day.
Ronald Evans (9), an orphan evacuee, had gone into some woods to collect firewood on this hot day, when he saw a green hazy light coming through the trees. In a clearing was an object the size of a house. A tall being with fair hair, large eyes, a small nose, and a distorted face, touched Ronald and told him not to be afraid. The being, who said his name was Abnemos, walked into the haze, and its body became transparent. Ronald was warned not to go in himself, for he would not be able to get out again. The being had some sort of control panel on its chest, and when it touched some buttons on this, three silvery spheres came out, two hovered on Ronald’s shoulders one on his head. It then walked back to the object and entered through an opening on the underside, through which Ronald could see about 20 beings, some of whom looked like small children. The object’s four claw like legs retracted and the thing took off, turning brilliant white, there was a flashing red light on its rotating rim. He did not speak about the incident for years. 
  • Derry 2013 p 116 citing Daily Mirror January 1988

July 1942. 1600hrs.

Mr and Mrs Bonardi were in their cellar when they felt a wave of hot air. Looking outside they saw an oval object, with a vertical antenna on the top and two horizontal antennae. The machine had a cupola with portholes, and three legs underneath that had heels on the bottom. Many farmers in their fields stopped to look at this apparition, which was 50cm above the ground, at about 60m from Mr Bonardi. The “night-blue” coloured object was rotating slowly on its own axis, agitating the grass in all directions and making a sound like a fan. Suddenly lights, which reminded the witnesses of Morse signals, beamed from the portholes. As the couple walked to within 20-30m of the object they heard what sounded like voices. The object glided horizontally before taking off vertically. A circle of yellow grass, 1.3-1.6m diameter was found. The thing had been observed fot 6 minutes. 
  • UFO Info 42 + Jacques Bonabot both citing M. C. Navarro in LDLN 128 p14

August 1942. (Approximate. date) Night.
Albert Lancashire (27), on duty at a radar post 3km from the town, was standing in a sentry box 30m from the sea when a light shone down from a point 100m away from and above him. This light was surrounded by a black cloud and he thought it was a German weapon. As he retreated the yellow light rolled back on itself. he saw it came from an object now low over the sea. He felt impelled to go outside where he was struck by a second beam and found himself seized by dwarfs who took him to the craft where he was examined by normal sized men. One of the latter wore goggles and had dark hair, another wore a sort of skull cap. Lancashire lost consciousness, recovering in his sentry box. He lost all memory of the incident until it was revived by hypnogogic experiences in 1967/8. 
  • Albert Lancashire in COSMOS 1,9 p2
  • Norman Oliver in UFO Magazine 11,4 p24 citing own investigation
  • Hanson and Holloway p30 citing COSMOS op cit + BUFORA Journal 4,3 p5
  • Randles 1988 citing investigation by Georgina Mills
  • Randles 1999 p19)
  • Evaluation: False memory?

August 1942.
10 year old Ron Quinn had to stay in after misbehaving. He heard a tapping on the window and saw a tiny humanoid about 30cm tall, wearing a dark green hat, grey shirt and knee britches, dark brown, soft boots, and a black belt. The being had curly hair, a grey beard and large eyes. He seemed to radiate love, but despite this Ron was terrified. The being tapped again and motioned for Ron to approach, but when Ron tried to touch it, it jumped off the window sill and ran off in long steps. 
  • Dennett 2008 p100 citing Ron Quinn in Fate May 2004 p42
  • Evaluation: A story told over 50 years later

August 1942. (Approximate date) Night.
While flying north of Amsterdam, Captain Lever saw a light on the ground, then saw it flying at high speed along the coast for a couple of seconds, then the light went out for a similar period, then came on again. 
  • Clarke 2012 p 26 citing report to Air Ministry in The National Archives TNA AIR 14/2076

August 27 1942. 2355hrs.
A 28 year old housewife was walking out from her farm home (at an unstated location). When she reached within 30m of a creek, 400m form her home; she saw light shining down on the trees from above, illuminating the surroundings like day. She was then approached on the other side of the stream by a 30 something man, dressed in ski pants and a red shirt, who spoke in a low tone and seemed to know her. She looked to the north and saw a domed object under the light, around which people were moving. She also saw a young girl, dressed in a loose gown, sat on a rock combing her hair. The witness arrived home at 0230, her feet covered with dust. 
  • The anonymous witness in FSR 31,1 p24
  • Evaluation: Only known from an anonymous article published in 1985, possibly a case of sleepwalking and dream

Autumn 1942. Early evening.

A 9 year old girl was ill in bed with jaundice in her hillside house, the curtains pulled too because of the blackout when the room became absolutely silent and a brilliant blue glow illuminated with window in front of her bed. From this glow came three figures, 1.5m tall, one after the other, dressed in one piece silvery suits with transparent helmets like fishbowls. They seemed to inspect the end of the bed and then walked through the bedroom wall and disappeared along with the light. The little girl felt elated rather than frightened by this experience, and her jaundice then rapidly cleared up. 
  • NUFON News 173 p12
  • Randles 2002 p62
  • Evaluation: Dream/hypnogogic hallucination, remodelled by later UFO lore?

October 1942. 2030hrs.
Mr W Harper and six others, including James L Toft, were looking towards Alsager when they saw a large object like a double parachute, giving the impression of a cigar shaped object with a dome on top and lights on either end, floating and swinging side to side. The men, believing it was an aerial mine, flung themselves down. When they looked up they saw the thing moving towards Alsager at terrific speed. Mr Bradshaw and members of his ARP muster saw, through binoculars, the object descend into a field 2km away. Bradshaw thought he was seeing an aircraft crashing. The area where the object came down was said to be scorched for some time afterwards. Mr Toft investigated and found a discoloured area, footprints and some burnt patches that could have been caused by anything. 
  • James L Toft in BUFORA Research Bulletin 4,1 p3
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a p31 citing above

Mid November 1942. 1600hrs.
Adriane and Dante Paris were walking through a street in town when they saw a flattened circular object, the diameter of a bicycle wheel, on a zig-zag course, some centimetres above the ground. It seemed to have come from the town centre and was travelling eastwards, disappearing from site at the end of the street. There were other witnesses, and some these, seeing it had two projections, declared that it was the devil. 
  • Edourdo Russo citing Boncompagni et al 1974 p73
  • Verga 2007 p21 case 4201 citing Boncompagni op cit + Il Giornale del Misteri 114 p8 citing letter from one of the witnesses + UFO Info 48 p17
  • Evaluation: Atmospheric phenomenon.

Winter 1942 or 3 1900hrs.
A 36 year old woman walking home from the railway station, saw a fiery red ball over the rooftops to the North West. It suddenly descended from about 15m to 2m above the ground, beside a cricket pavilion 60m away. It “edged” towards her for about 25m, stopped, then shot off into the sky, going to the east. The object was oval, dull red at closest and about 4m diameter. It gave the woman the impression it was observing her. 
  • NUFON News 107 citing investigation by Martin Dagless
  • Evaluation: Only reported 40+ years after the event.

1943. (or following year)
A mushroom shaped object landed about 100m from two men. They approached and saw that the thing was 3m high, 4m wide, with the lower cylinder portion 1m high. The upper hemisphere had a row of windows, and the cylinder had a sliding door and ladder. Around the object were about 9 beings about 1.35m tall, with pink skin. When they smiled their mouth corners formed a half moon shape. These beings dressed in two piece suits and headgear like that of motorcyclists and spoke in an incomprehensible shrill language; They tried to force the two men into the object, and when they resisted, one of the being s waved its hand and the two men fell down. The beings then entered the object which then hissed and vibrated before taking off vertically with a buzzing sound, and then sped off at an angle. 

  • Gielebias 2015 p12 citing Piechota, K and Rzepecki, B UFO nad Polska 1996

A sailor, Matthew Mangle, was on the brow of his ship when he saw a huge disc emitting a soft green light, which paced his ship and then sped off. 
  • UFO Investigator July/August 1960 p7

1943. Day.

A boy heard a buzzing sound and felt paralysed. He saw a small circular, navy blue, object surrounded by portholes. The next evening there was a fire at his home and two mysterious beings dressed in white suits entered and grabbed up the fire in their hands. Other people had seen strange objects in the village.
  • Swords 2005 p134 + 191 citing John Timmerman

KURKIJOKI (KARELIA : now RUSSIA but then disputed between FINLAND and USSR and a war zone in 1943.)
Two girls cycling home from collecting berries in the woods encountered a grey object 1.5m long, 1m high hovering over the road 50m ahead. After 10 minutes it moved off into the bushes. 
  • Mantle and Stonehill 2006 p247

Alan Bell was staying with relatives, and he and his young cousin were gathering flowers when they had a strange feeling, and turning round saw a grey cowled figure, with a grey skull shaped head staring at them, as if trying to hypnotise them. 
  • Nigel Watson in UFOIN NE Area Report no 1 citing investigation by Dirk van der Werff

A woman at an RAF station in southern England saw a long cigar shaped object, at the height of the church steeple. It was projecting five or six searchlights to the ground. 
  • Rife 2001 p 133 citing Clark 1998b p 231

Mrs Clara Reed was looking out to sea when she saw a female humanoid figure wearing a skirt of seashells and bodice of seaweed, who patted her on the cheek and told her that her husband who was in ill in the army would be all right. 
  • Johnson 2014 p125

1943. Night.
A group of WRNS billeted in a barracks house in Newbold Terrace saw a circle of light appear on a cupboard door. It expanded, and most of the woman hid behind the bedclothes, but one saw a young woman dressed in a silken shawl emerge from it, glide along the edge of the bunk and disappear through a locked door. 
  • Atkins 1981 p106

1943. Night.
A 19 year old woman went to her fiancé‘s office to meet him for a dinner date. Going into the lift she took it down. It went down far below the basement coming to a sudden stop. There she encountered a hairy humanoid with a squat body and oversized head, with a long, snout like nose that went down to its chest. The body was covered with bristly hairs and scars. She passed out and woke up naked on a stone floor in a vast cave, along with other women. There she was raped on numerous occasions by the monsters. From time to time they were given food, allowed to light a small fire, and given a mushroom based drink that generated hallucinations. After two to four weeks she and the other women were rescued by a group of men dressed in grey metallic clothing. These men had grey, elongated, thin faces. They were taken first in strange cars to a combination of hospital and computer room where she was laid on a metal table and given treatment to help erase her traumatic memories and information as to what the various beings were, She was then taken back through the sewers to street level. She was placed in a mental hospital. 
  • Smith 1977 p134 citing Hollow Earth Bulletin May 1967.
  • Evaluation: Hoax to promote the Shaver Mystery. The main interest is early 1967 presence of some abduction themes.

1943. 2300hrs.
A hairdresser. William MacJannett (qv) was cycling from Crossmichael to Castle-Douglas, when he heard sounds of milking. He dismounted and crossed the field to the scene, only to find this was not, as he expected, Wheatcroft Farm, but a wooden structure in a field. Around it were men in beards and women in long skirts and lace caps, all were wearing clogs. He cycled away. Nothing could be found at the spot next day

1943. (Approximate date) 2355hrs.

Two sisters dropped off a co-worker who lived down the street, when he drew their attention to a luminous, red transclucent sphere coming towards them. In its centre were two black markings like eyes, and it was about 2-2.5m diameter. When a truck came along the thing retreated. 
  • Alex Flores in True 2005 p16 citing an experience of his mother and aunt

March 15 1943.
6 year old AB and her elder sister were tending a goat in a remote area, when they heard a loud rumbling noise and saw a metallic green object come to ground level just above a bush. It resembled a miniature car for children, in which there were two types of seats and a couple of small occupants wearing white overalls and helmets. The beings got out of the craft, talking to each other in an unknown language. The older girl approached and began to talk to the little men, who then walked away. 
  • Verga 2007 p22 case 4301 citing letter from AB's son to CISU in 1986 and investigation by Paolo Fiorino
  • Evaluation: Recalled decades after the event after watching a UFO programme on TV. Sister not interviewed. False memory?

May 1943.
Pilot Gordon Cammel and his crew were returning from a bombing mission over Germany in their Lancaster Bomber, flying at between 2,000-2,500m when they saw a huge orange ball stationary on or just above the water below them. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a p32 citing letter from Gordon Cammel

May 1943. Night.
John Walker (aka Warren) was walking back to RAF Ludham, after having slept the night in a railway signal box having had too much to drink. He was less than 2km from the camp when he saw a light in a field. On getting closer he saw a man, wearing a grey-white boiler suit, something like a diver’s helmet and with something strapped to his chest, which gave a green glow to his face, standing at the edge of a field. The being had a round face with a perpetual, “sickly” grin. About 30-100m away was a glowing multi coloured object, like a “bell tent, about 3.5m high, with another being standing near it, apparently probing the ground. The witness was terrified and ran away. Another serviceman came back to camp, terrified of something he had seen, but would not go in to details 
  • BUFORA Research Bulletin 4,2 p8
  • NUFON News 127 p 8 + UFO Brigantia 27, p13 +28 p9 citing investigation by Phillip Mantle
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a p34 citing investigations by Philip Mantle, Cambridge University UFO Group, Trevor Whittaker and Audrey Church
  • Evaluation: Reported decades after the event, misidentification of human activity?

June 1943.
At an unstated location, the same girl as in the July 1934 case, recalled being forced into a strange caravan in a field, around which a group of people were standing. A man and woman, 1.2m tall with grey white skins and diamond like eyes forced her on board, where she met a tall good looking man, who claimed to be from Pluto’s satellite Chiron, and who told her that they were monitoring her. Around this time a small sphere, the colour of which changed from red to white to multi-coloured appeared outside her window. 
  • Margaret Fry in NUFON News 151 p15 citing her own investigation
  • Evaluation: Obvious delusion/ false memory

June 28 1943.
The U Boat U629 was on the surface 500km west of Ireland, when the radar detected an aerial object approaching. Then, just off the starboard bow an aerial object about 45m long appeared 10-15m above the water. It was a silvery disc shaped object with no external markings and emitted a succession of white, yellow and red lights as if signalling. The submarine crew, fearing an allied attack dived and when they resurfaced the submarine the strange object had disappeared. After the war the commander Lt Hans-Helmuth Bugs confirmed from Royal Naval Records that no allied vessels were in the area. 
  • Frank Joseph in True 2005 p145
  • Rife 2001 p131 citing Fate July 2000 p36
  • Evaluation: Hoax. It would have been rather difficult for Bugs to check naval records after the war, seeing that he was killed, along with his entire crew when his U Boat was sunk on 7 June 1944!

Summer 1943. 0000hrs.
Peter Day was lying beside his dangerously ill wife when he saw a strange sphere the size of a soccer ball enter the room through the closed bedroom door, floated over the edge of bed, where it slowed almost to a standstill, then left through the closed window. It was made of dark grey smoke like material inside an outer sphere. The next day his wife had recovered. 
  • NUFON News 106 p 10 citing letter from witness
  • Evaluation: Hypnogogic hallucination

July 1943. (apprx. date) HENDON (MIDDLESEX now GREATER LONDON : ENGLAND)
Roy Morgan was walking around a garden when he saw a 15cm tall female form on a rose leaf. On another leaf was a male form 10cm tall. 
  • Johnson 2014 p65

July 18 1943. Afternoon.
Daniel Leger a prisoner in a work camp got permission to go here. In the sand dunes on the beach he encountered a 1.75m tall woman dressed in a tight fitting; brown one piece suit with a thick belt. She was fair but with slanting eyes. She was digging out some sort of object that was half buried in the sand. She spoke to him in an unknown guttural tongue and ordered him to assist in the recovery. Thinking she was a German he obeyed. He realised that this object was some sort of machine, and when the woman touched her belt an opening appeared allowing her to enter the thing. The object was like two plates together with an annular central section, 6m diameter, 2m high, with square windows along its side. Through a porthole Daniel saw her sprawled on the floor in an instrumentless cabin. There was a rumbling sound and as the central section began spinning at increasing speed the thing took off. 
  • Good 1998 p20 citing 1990 p369
  • Evaluation: The place name Exelgroud can only be found in various repetitions of this story, which appears to have been first told to Sider in 1989. Hoax based on Adamski?

September 1943. 1900hrs.
A boy playing in his courtyard saw a rotating object, flashing a white light, which passed overhead at 5-6m, disappearing in a minute. There were other witnesses, one of which had just fininished his supper when he saw the thing flying from east to west. He described it as a domed disc. 
  • Dong and Stevens 1983 p31
  • Evaluation: It is possible that these are simply two versions of the account by the same witness. Not reported until 1979

Summer 1943. 2300hrs.
A young couple were returning from a youth club dance, when a brilliant light appeared on the track ahead of them, travelling at high speed. They were paralysed with fear as it passed within a metre or so of them. It now appeared as a white, luminous oval object, emitting a buzzing sound. They were either blown or jumped to one side and fell into a ditch beside the lane. The girl looked up to see the thing hovering 3m away. She turned to see if her boyfriend was alright and when she looked back the thing had gone. Both later developed red, itchy blotches on their skin. 
  • NUFON News 160 p12
  • Evaluation: Reported by the woman almost 50 years later

September 1943. 0400hrs.
Navarro Ocampo, driving between Rosario and Cordoba saw a large saucer shaped object on the ground, 500m to the left of the road. It glowed with a bluish green light, made a whistling sound, rose to 100m altitude, then left at fantastic speed. A strange metal block was found at the spot. 
  • Vallee Case 50 + UFO INFO 42 citing Phen. Spax. December 1968 p8 citing La Razon 27 June 1968)

September 1943. 2355hrs.

A woman living in an old house near Finchley was resting in her indoor air-raid shelter when she saw the figure of a woman in Victorian costume float through the closed door of her music room. It was supposed to be the ghost of a former resident. 
  • MacKenzie 1971 p38 citing his own investigation

November 1943. Night.
Mrs Virden was awakened by a loud pounding on the front doors one after the other. Opening the front door curtain she saw a being with an inhuman green face. Her screams alerted her three sons and a neighbour, who, seeing a figure running from the house, fired at it with his shotgun, apparently hitting it in the back. The figure kept running however. When they inspected the site they found traces of yellow blood on the driveway. 
  • Steiger 1978 p135 citing letter from J. Russell Verdin in Fate February 1970

December 1943. 2230hrs.
Seeing a strange light on the wharf, a secretary and her three companions drive in three separate cars towards the spot. As they approached, all three cars stalled and the witnesses continued the journey on foot. They observed an orange, hazy object shaped like a church bell, which was emitting a hissing sound. Moments later the object rose up and hovered over the water. It then moved off, turning a deep blue, towards the open fjord, at fantastic speed. There was a circular depression 1.5m diameter, 1m deep, surrounded by melted snow. 
  • Australian Flying Saucer Review (Victoria) 1,7 p14

An American pilot, flying over the Burma road, found his plane held motionless and the propellers stopped as a disc shaped object projected a beam on his plane. When the object left, everything returned to normal. 
  • Wilkins 1956 p209
  • Evaluation: Appears to be a copy of the Jensen 1947. report and lacks documentation

1944. Morning.
KANEOHE (OAHU : HAWAII now part of the USA)
A sailor encountered an “igloo” shaped object 15m diameter, surmounted by a transparent dome, on the ground near Kaneohe. Inside was a golden devise spinning around. Around it was a group of human like beings, about 1.35m tall, with slight builds, short black hair and heavy eyebrows. They were wearing belts with box like objects attached to the front. The man got into a fight with one of the entities and gained possession of one of the boxes. The beings told him to meet them the next day. When they met again they told him they were from a place 21 light years away and were hear to check on colonisation efforts they had undertaken in the long past. This meeting was observed by another sailor, who reported the matter to the authorities. Under interrogation the witness handed over the black box and revealed the landing site, with the outcome that the security forces shot down the craft and capture a female occupant alive. 
  • Rife 2001 p148 citing an internet posting
  • Evaluation: A contactee tale-cum-crashed flying saucer story. A classic “things that happened in the services” story. Fictional tale

1944. 1200hrs. (Approximate)
A man standing on his porch heard a sound like a rushing wind and saw, at an estimated altitude of 18m, something resembling a “streamlined passenger train” with about 9 coaches and what looked like inflated pillow like wheels. He observed this thing for about 10 minutes before it left at high speed. At one point it came within 100m of his house. 
  • Rife 2001 p 122 citing an Internet posting
  • Evaluation: Cloud formation? Again reported decades after the event

A Polish slave worker was travelling on a tractor when it stalled, as he heard a high pitch whine like a generator. The German driver of the tractor was told to wait by an SS guard. When the noise stopped the tractor engine began working again. Later while working in the fields, this man saw an enclosure from which a vehicle was seen to rise slowly then move horizontally before it was hidden by trees. From a distance of 150m away, he could see that it was a circular object 60-90m diameter and bout 4m high. It consisted of stationary, dark grey upper and lower sections, with a rapidly rotating centre section. It emitted a noise similar to the previous one but of rather lower pitch. The tractor again stalled. 
  • Rife 2001 p140 + Fawcett and Greenwood 1984 p177 citing report to FBI by the witness in 1957(#62-83594-384)
  • Evaluation: A story in which the disc is presented as a Nazi secret weapon. A probable hoax

1944. Night.
Two teenage boys were out playing when a flying object landed nearby, making no sound. Some people, dressed like old fashioned Taoist monks came out and stroked the boys heads, returned to the object, which then flew off. 
  • Dong and Stevens 1983 p32
  • Evaluation: Told by the son of one of the witnesses c.1979

1944. Night.
An evacuee boy saw what looked like two monks shouting and drew three local boys attention to it. 
  • Doughty and Haynes 1996 p26

February 1944. 0230hrs.
The crew of a Beaufort Bomber flying at 1,400m encountered a dark shadow alongside the plane. It came within 35m of the plane, and they could see its rear, illuminated by a flickering light and flame from an exhaust. It stayed with them for 20 minutes during which time their radio and direction instruments refused to function. The thing finally accelerated away at three times the velocity of the bomber’s 400kph 
  • Chalker 1996 p35
  • Evaluation: Lacks contemporaneous documentation.

Spring 1944. (or following year)
Two women grammar school teachers were driving home in the Western Sierra Nevada from making deliveries for their church, when rounding a corner, their car engine stalled. They then saw ahead and slightly below their position, a cigar shaped object hovering in the air. It gave the impression of being transparent, though the forest on the mountain behind it could not be seen through it, gave off a “rainbow” of colours, and had illuminated portholes along its side. As the driver turned the ignition in another attempt to get started, the object began to move away like a dirigible, rose up a couple of times, and then shot away to the west at breath-taking speed. A garage man who came along the road could find nothing wrong with their car’s engine, and shortly afterwards it started up again by itself. 
  • APRO Bulletin January/February. 1968 p5 based on report/letter recently arrived
  • Evaluation: Another case reported some 20 years after the alleged event.

March 15. 1944. (Approximate date) 0015hrs.
A small British patrol, including Donald Thomas, was on night reconnaissance from Base MS109 on this quiet moonlit night. Two local scouts came back to the main group saying they had seen two small children crossing the track. While this was being disused the patrol leader saw a patch of clear ground surrounded by a dim yellow light, which seemed restricted to a particular spot about 10m wide, 200m away. In the centre of this was a small bright flickering light, which emitted a crackling sound. This died away but some time later the patrol heard a swishing sound overhead. 
  • Quest 6, 6 p7 citing Rev Donald Thomas

April 1944. Night.
Ellis Elkins was cleaning catfish behind his café when a humanoid approached, snarling, and grabbed his fish. Ellis, thinking it was a youth in a gorilla suit hit out with an empty bottle, but then realised that the thing, which had cat like eyes, fangs, clawed feet, shiny grey hair and a tail, was something else. The thing inflicted such scratches on Ellis that he had to go to hospital. On the same night a man was injured when his car crashed after encountering a tall hairy creature crossing the road ahead. 
  • Newton 2010 p54

May 1944. 0410hrs.
Mrs Caroline Vivaldi was woken by a curious “blap blap” sound and a powerful red light that lit up her slightly open bedroom window. When she got up she felt hot and noticed that the entire valley in her locality was illuminated by this red light. From a separate location Mrs Giuseppina Mazzodi observed a bright sphere moving from Riva towards Lake towards Lake Loppio at 100m altitude, after which it hovered, descended to sea level and then took off to the north. 
  • Eduardo Russo + Verga 2007 p22 Case 4401 citing Il Giornale dei Misteri 35 p70+ 59 p14 + 64 p13 (and Verga alone Giorni 11 May 1977 + investigation by OVNI
  • Evaluation: Reported by Mrs Vivaldi’s niece to GdM, sighting report filled in for OVNI. Mrs Mazzodi was dead by this time. Military activity?

May 1944. (Approximate date)
Michael Bruce and three companions saw something like a small aircraft descended into a copse. They drove to the site to offer assistance but nothing was found, except for a cairn commemorating the first death from an aircraft accident in 1912. 
  • Jordan 2000 p102 citing Whitlock 1976 p187 citing (Sir) Michael Bruce in Evening Standard in an unspecified 1953 issue
  • Wiltshire 1973 p55) 

June/July 1944. (or following year) 1530hrs.
A man cutting firewood in the forest heard a hissing noise that lasted for some minutes. On investigating he encountered a luminous metallic egg shaped object in a clearing. He got within 50-60m of the 10-12m wide object and saw two beings apparently making repairs on it. They looked like normal men wearing pilot’s overalls, and the man thought he was seeing an experimental aircraft, so decided to make a hasty retreat. 
  • Verga 2007 p 23 case 4402 citing SHADO
  • Evaluation: Source is simply an individual who claimed at a UFO meeting in 2000 that he met this, now deceased, witness some years back and heard the story. Probably fictional.

June 6 1944.
Ed Breckle a gunner on the SS George E Badger, off Omaha Beach, saw a long dark tubular object flying only 5m above the water on a steady circular course, too fast for a blimp or balloon. 
  • Maloney 2011 p62
  • Evaluation: Another “amazing things I encountered in the forces” story told decades after the event.

June 20 1944. (Approximate date) 0300hrs.
A German sentry in a truck company was alerted by an unusual shadow and looking up saw, at 10m altitude, a faintly luminous discoid object, about 20m diameter. The sentry shot at the thing, left the area at about 30kph and then shot up vertically at terrific speed, glowing brilliantly and making a “swooshing” sound. 
  • Chester 2007 p67 citing Heinz Heller (the sentry’s commanding officer) in Flying Saucer Digest (Toronto) August 1958)

June 28 1944. 2200hrs.
David Hanchett was cycling along Bell Road when he saw two lights on the other side of a hedge. As they got closer he saw that the lights were on a coach driven by four horses, which drove right through the hedge and then through a gate by garages. The thing was like a tall vertical box like structure which was surrounded by a blue light. It was apparently driven by a man in a tall hat and occupants could be seen inside. The thing travelled silently 1m above the ground. A young boy also saw the thing and fled in terror. 
  • Hollis 2013 p10 citing investigation by David Farrant

Summer 1944. Day.
While collecting berries shortly before arriving at Le Verger, 13 year old Madeleine encountered a dull metallic grey coloured object, the size of a small car, standing by some woods. Inside it were some dwarfs less than 1m tall dressed in a brown overalls. The beings made no move towards her, but she felt paralysed for some moments, the released. While she turned to pick up her bicycle the machine and beings vanished leaving a sort of wind blowing the trees. The witness did not speak of the incident for a number of years. 
  • F Lagrande in FSR Case Histories 12 p8 translation from LDLN 118
  • Evaluation: Another case reported decades after the event. The witness seemed very precise over something that happened nearly 30 years ago and a distance. Patrick Gross suggests misperception/mismemory of military vehicles.

Summer 1944. Day.
Leslie Grant was taking supplies to troops when he became bogged down and asked the crew of a captured German tank to tow him up a hill. They agreed but warned him he would see something very strange on top. What he found was a grey circular object 30m in diameter resting on tripod legs. He tried to approach it, but when he got within about 20m he felt as though he was pushing against rubber and could not proceed. Frightened, he drove off. When he reported the matter to his commanding officer he was told not to talk about the incident. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a p38 citing investigation by Phyllis Moonie
  • Evaluation: Another story told long after the event, perhaps a misremembering of some wartime activity influenced by UFO lore.

Summer 1944. Afternoon.
Two boys, Carl Copeer and Fred Wieland, were out cycling on a bicycle track near Grand Central Park, when they observed a shiny cigar shaped object at treetop height above a small hill 30m away. It was metallic, smooth with neither openings, marks nor gondola. By the time the boys had peddled to the top of the hill the object had gone. 
  • Lore and Deneault 1969 p142 citing NICAP files/letter from Fred Wieland: Clark 1998 p934 dates this letter 10 January 1961.
  • Evaluation: Reported years after the event distorted memory of a blimp?

Summer 1944. Night.
Mrs Nellie O’Brien was woken by the screams of her ill daughter and saw a thing like a huge featureless bat hovering over the side of the bed. She got up and confronted the thing, which faded away. 
  • Evans 2002 p45 citing letter from witness in Fate August 1961 p69

Late August 1944. 2030hrs.
Mr Villeroux was going to a nearby farm to get milk and had arrived at the bank of the Midi canal, at that place surrounded by tall poplars. He was walking with his bike, its light extinguished for fear of German patrols. To his surprise he then saw what looked like an orange full moon, with a light that appeared to twinkle, above a hill behind the farm. V first doubted his eyes but then saw that the thing was moving slowly towards him. He thought it was a German balloon and walked up to the water’s edge for a better view. The thing then moved over him, at which he was bathed in a powerful heat. He looked to see if he could see what was inside the object, but it had now become a dazzling orange-white in colour and he was unable to make out any detail. The heat continued until the thing was more than 30m away. It eventually moved off to the north. 
  • Denis Lacanal in LDLN 165 p23

September 1944. Dusk.
Three civilian Oak Ridge employees, Mr Nelson, A. C. Butler and Albert Profitt, driving from Oliver Springs to Oak Ridge, were 3km out of Oliver Springs when they observed a white object, about 9m long, 1.2m wide, about 15m ahead of their car. The object responded to changes in the car’s speed several times before rising over Black Oak Ridge. At one point Nelson called some people out of a nearby house, and they also saw the object. 
  • Lorenzen 1969 p23 citing an undated newspaper clipping.
  • Evaluation: Classic distant light apparently keeping pace with vehicle, astronomical, moon low on horizon?

September 1944. 2100hrs.
During a German V2 bombardment Lance Corporal Carson Yorke of the 1st Canadian Army saw a glowing globe approach the city from the direction of the front line. It was about 1.3m in diameter, resembled ground glass, with a light inside. It was travelling at 50kph at 13m altitude. This object, which was seen moving in a controlled fashion was followed by four others, one after the other. During this period other men joined Yorke 
  • Probe September/October 1965 citing Flying Saucers October 1958.

September 1944. Night.
Near Epinal, 500 German soldiers including Private Erich Immel observed an opened fire on a silver object, 2m diameter, hovering at low altitude. It was spherical but changed to oval as it approached. When bullets hit it, it flared up with a brilliant light. 
  • South Lincs UFO Society Newsletter 50 citing Erich Immel in an undated issue of the National Enquirer.
  • Evaluation: Another story reported decades after the event, in a less than reliable source , for which even the issue number was not recorded by the UFO group copying it. Possibly a misremembering of military activity.

October 1944.
Erjib Koshokoyev, a mounted police officer, had his attention directed by a colleague to a humanoid figure. The patrol surrounded it in a hut but the creature broke the cordon, at which they could see that it was 1.8m tall , covered in long red hair and wore tattered clothes. 
  • Bayanov 1996 p27

October 1944. Late night.
Members of the Ruhe family, who lived in an isolated area on the outskirts of Rochester were awakened by a loud noise and a flash of light. The head of the family, Otto, went down to investigate, and as he opened the door he saw a figure about 1.35m tall, wearing a brown robe. About 4.5m to his left were five similar beings, but wearing brown overalls. They had large heads, long arms with long thin fingers and slit like mouths. The robed being and two companions entered the house. Otto then went with them into a craft landed near the house. He remembered nothing else until morning and assumed he had dreamed the episode. However, a burnt circle 6m from the house and about 8m in diameter was found. 
  • Clark 1998 p213 citing letters from Otto Ruhe to J. Allen Hynek 26 February. + 23 September 1980.
  • Evaluation: Another story related 30+ years after the event and well into the time that missing time and abductions were popular among ufologists. There is no indication that anyone checked with other family members about their recall. False memory or fictional tale.

October 20 1944. 0620hrs.
Mrs Nellie Carlin and Helen Picquette were meeting at a bus stop, when they were terrified by what they thought was a plane crashing. They then saw that it was a brown, shiny, saucer shaped object, 1.8m long, with black markings resembling seams. On the side was an oblong opening 30cm long, 20cm wide, which emitted sparks with a crackling sound. Above this opening was a frosted window that gave off a bright orange light and appeared to be surrounded by rivets. The object descended to 6m, rose up above trees, then it shot away at a great altitude, like a bullet. 
  • Lore and Deneault 1969 p143 citing NICAP files
  • Probe November/December 1965
  • Clark 1998 p934 citing letter from Nellie Carlin to Donald Keyhoe December 9 1950.

December 1944. (Approximate date) 1620hrs.
During the Summer of 1944./5, Mrs E Church a nurse in the Port Hills area, on her way to the tram station, came upon an upturned saucer shaped object, resting on the ground near the road. It was about 6m wide and 3m high. Two beings about 1.1m tall were visible though a rectangular window. A third stood still, just outside an opening. They all seemed to be looking at some fairground lights. They were coloured or dressed in green and seemed to be encased in transparent oblong cases. Their heads seemed to take up almost half their bodies, and she could see neither arms nor legs. She approached a little closer and waited a little. She then made a sudden noise, and the being outside seemed to notice her. Its helmet descended immediately and the entity drifted into the machine though the opening. It then took off vertically into the cloud cover. The witness felt an inexplicable sense of loss and claimed that for the next week she was “guided by an external spirit” 
  • Basterfield 1980 p10 case 9 + Basterfield and Chalker 1976 citing APRG Journal No 1 p11
  • Clark 1998 p212 citing HUMCAT and Chalker 1996
  • Chalker 1996 p3
  • Hassall 1998 p24
  • Evaluation: Another story related decades after the event. NB Chalker and Clark date this as August 1944. (or 1945.) forgetting that in the Southern Hemisphere Summer runs from December to February!

December 10 1944.
Sergeant William Davis was on a training flight west of Lake Winnipegosis, when he saw two things like tiny exhaust pipes on the nose of the plane. He then saw that they were hands. They came from a small (40cm tall) being with European face, thick, trimmed beard and wearing green, outside the plane. The little being had no thumbs and only stub like fingers. It was wearing velvety pointed shoes. It strolled towards Davis, coming within 30-45cm, and then sat before pushing itself off the plane. It seemed unaware of Davis’s presence. He was told that other pilots had seen such beings. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a p43 citing own investigation)
  • An actual sighting of a gremlin! If this is not a tongue in cheek tale, it is like to be hallucination.

December 22 1944. 1800hrs.
While flying over this town Lieutenants David McFalls and Edward Baker saw two very bright lights rise from the ground and follow their aircraft as if under perfect control. 
  • Vallee 1966a p23
1945. (Approximate year) 
A male witness reported that an unconventional craft came within 75m of his location at an altitude of 15m. The 10m object moved slowly, and had one large window made of a sort of plastic material which gave the interior a blue-green tinge. Inside a rear door seats and a guard rail were visible. The base had a cross girder with a central cavity 3.5m diameter. Humanoid occupants 1.75m tall wearing one piece suits and short hair were visible through the window. 
  • NUFON News 21 citing investigation by Tom Cassincilli
  • Clark 1998 213 cit
  • ing HUMCAT
  • Evaluation: Another report made decades after the alleged event.

1945. 1945.hrs. 
35KM north east of here an American soldier, Mr S, saw a disc shaped object come down rapidly, oscillate and then land. The sight could not be found in the dark. 
  • Vallee Case 52 citing Blue Book Files
  • UFOcat
  • Evaluation: No trace of this place name, outside of copies from Vallee’s catalogue can be found on Google It is probable that the place referred to is TAUBERBISCHOFSHEIM in BADEN-WURTTEMBURG.

A group of British RAF personnel including driver Ken Watson were driving fast away from an ambush when they encountered a white circular light a metre or so above the ground. As they stopped and the men got ready to fire, the sphere gradually faded away. 
  • Wilson 1989 p217 citing Ken Watson

A man saw a strange double bodied aircraft flying at treetop height. 
  • NUFON News 134 p9
  • Evaluation: A fragmentary tale told by the witness’s son in 1988

Farmer Jose Barrientos encountered a strange tall, thin man with large eyes, dressed in a dark suit and tie and black shoes, who warned Jose that unless he reclaimed some china from relatives, these relatives would die like his mother had. One of these relatives died and the others threw the china into the sea. 
  • Rob MacGregor and Trish Janeshutz in Fate May 1984 p56 citing Antonio Cardenas Tabies

1945. Afternoon.
Student Lucy Gallucci was on holiday and had gone to a small artificial lake to read when a mysterious figure of “rare and outstanding” beauty, with pointed ears and a narrow nose, wearing a white one-piece garment appeared in front of her, who held her in long philosophical discussions and about his extra-terrestrial abode. 
  • Granchi 1995 p194

Winter 1945.
While living with his parents in a cottage on his uncle’s farm near Huddersfield, Philip Lawton (11) was passing the old coach house when he saw a woman wearing a long blue dress, white apron and a “mob” cap, carrying a bucket. She approached within 1m of Philip, smiled and then disappeared. 
  • Whittaker 1983 p32

March 1945.
George F Miller was squirrel hunting in a wooded area when he observed an elongated object, flying very slowly and titled down towards the north. It crashed into some trees at the end of a clearing. The enormous object seemed undamaged as it rested briefly on the ground, giving off wispy clouds and a smell like burning rubber. It then lifted again with a humming sound, started to spin, released a shower of fine silvery threads and rose straight up, disappearing in seconds. As its rotation speeded up, its noise rose to an earsplitting whine. 
  • Vallee Case 53 citing Flying Saucers May 1958 (sic)
  • Probe November/December 1965
  • Evaluation: Misremembering of a barrage balloon crash?

March 1945. Sunset.
While in open sea past Adak,in the ship Delarof, Robert Crawford, was alerted by other sailors, who had seen a large object emerge out of the ocean. It was a dark circular object, 50-80m in diameter that circled the ship, silently, two or three times and then disappeared to the south or south west, from whence some minutes later came three flashes of light. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 5 p4 citing interview of Crawford by James McDonald in 1967
  • Lore and Deneault 1969 p131 citing a letter from Professor N. N. Kohanowski to NICAP relaying information supplied by Crawford, a colleague
  • Hall 1964 p131
  • Evaluation: According to L and D attempts to trace other witnesses or to find any contemporaneous accounts of the incident failed, despite Crawford’s claim that 14 sailors had signed a witness statement. As such it is just another unverified report made years later.

March 1945. (Approximate date) 
Two women found that their car engine stalled when they encountered a hovering cigar shaped object. It changed colour several times, moved slowly and horizontally for a period, then shot off. When it left the car engine restarted. 
  • Rife 2001 p124 citing an internet posting

March 25 1945.
30 members of the 6th US Armoured Division saw six or seven bright spherical lights pass at 50m altitude, flying in formation, but flying erractically, as under individual control. The 1-1.2m diameter lights, illuminated trees as they passed over at about 15kph and disappeared into the trees. 
  • Rife 2001 p137 citing an Internet posting: Chester 2006 op 153

April 1945. Afternoon.

A priest looking for mushrooms saw a tiny man only 15-17cm tall, chubby, grey haired and with a little beard who gave the impression of being about 75 years old and of being out of breath and afraid. He wore a “Bordeaux” close fitting overall and was carrying or wearing a sort of pike close to his body. He disappeared into a thicket. 

April 1945. Night.
Artillery officer, Captain William Mandel was bivouacked on a bluff overlooking the South China Sea when he saw cigar shaped object about 9-12m long. 2-2.5m diameter come in from the south, about 60m above the water, and level with his own position. The thing was emitting a light from its rear but had no other markings nor appendages. It passed at about 300-500kph. William tracked it until it was lost to sight in the night. 
  • Maloney 2011 p88

April 20 1945. 2030hrs.
Zhou Huigang (12) and a friend had just retired for the night when a white light flashed into their room. Altered by cries from outside, they went to look and saw an object apparent size 30cm long, 15cm wide flying past at less than 100m. 
  • Dong and Stevens 1983 p32 citing letter from witness 22 February. 1980

June 1945. 

Three young children saw a bright blue tiny humanoid figure with outstretched arms, apparently emerge from a flower. 
  • Johnson 2014 p47

Summer 1945. Afternoon. 
Lt Ernest Bentley and Sergeant Utz were climbing up a mountain track near this village, about 40km from Guilin (Kweilin). They noticed that unlike the surrounding areas this place was not deforested and that locals seemed reluctant to enter it. An elderly woman entered the forest to collect wood but ran out in panic pursued by a sort of dull translucent mist. The soldiers fired at this thing but without effect and when the woman hid among rocks the mist followed her and neither she nor it were seen again. 
  • Shuker 1999 p193 citing Ernest Bentley in Fate July 1960)

Summer 1945. 2355hrs.

A group of people, sleeping out to watch a meteor shower, saw three or four dully fluorescent spheres, about the diameter of basketballs, circling around the base of an oak tree, 60m away across the road. After about 45-60 minutes the witnesses fell asleep. 
  • Swords 2005 p 22 + 134 citing John Timmerman

August 1945. 0600hrs.

P and L Spooner observed a very low flying, elongated, pear shaped object, which dropped a peculiar black soot like substance that quickly disintegrated. 
  • Bernard Delair citing the files of H T Wilkins
  • Evaluation: Meterorite?

August 1945.

The crew of the “Essex” saw and opened fire on a spherical object 30m diameter, which was initially detected on radar as coming down from 12,000m, at a velocity of 6,500kph. It came down to an altitude of 6m. The object seemed immune to the attack, everything exploding about 15m from it. It toured the fleet at water level and about 25-35kph, then accelerated away at 6,500 kph again. 
  • Rife 2001 p 129 citing Fate February. 2000

August 6 1945.
A man named Byrne claimed to have observed the occupant of a strange aerial machine. No further details 
  • John B Musgrave

August 10 1945. 0300hrs.
Three members of a music group; night club pianist Mrs Doris La Fontaine, music store proprietor Thomas Brino and James Shaw, were going to their car, when they suddenly saw about 20m away, an extremely brilliant red and green triangular object, which seemed to have appeared just out of nowhere. It moved along on or just above the ground, with a silent gliding motion, along Market Street. They observed it for about five to seven minutes before it shot off into the sky. 
  • Lore and Deneault 1969 p 145 citing NICAP files

August 16 1945. Morning.
Jose Padillo (9) and Remigio Baca (7) had been sent out on their horses to look for a missing cow. They entered difficult ground in a dry creek so dismounted and continued on foot but were caught out in storm and sheltered under a ledge. When the rain stopped they continued but were startled by a light and the ground shaking. Soon after this they found the cow, which had calved so decided to stop for lunch. Joses’ attention was then caught by smoke over a rise. They went to investigate and found a gash in the ground, at the end of which was a metallic bowl shaped object. The ground was strewn with debris that flattened out of their own accord when crumpled. Inside the circular object Jose saw hairless dwarfs that moved around at terrific speed. They limbs were very thin. Baca was unnerved so the boys collected the cow and calf and returned home. They told Jose’s father Faustino about the incident. A few days later the boys accompanied Faustino and his police officer friend to the site. The metallic object was still there, but appeared to have been moved, and of the beings there was no sign, and the area appeared to have been cleared up. The air force later confirmed Faustino’s view that the thing was some sort of balloon. 
  • Rutkowksi 2010 p74
  • Evaluation: No revealed till 2003 nearly 60 years later. Might well have been a refashioned memory of a crashed balloon, heavily influenced by Roswell lore, or just an imitative hoax

Late August 1945. 0440hrs.
Ilona Johnasson-Paasonen was awakened by a brilliant beam of light flooding into her room. On looking through her window, she saw a brilliant ball of light, 10m diameter, approaching from Sahalahti, 4km away across the lake. Ilona through herself down in terror as the ball got within 250m. When she looked up the light had disappeared, but on the water was something resembling a “canoe in a big glass bubble”, 2m long. Two tall slender men in green overalls were in the craft, one at each end. As it neared the pier, the craft turned away to the left. As the strange machine was approaching a neighbour’s dog was seen to be in a state of extreme agitation. 
  • FSR Case Histories 13 p3 + BUFORA Journal 3,3 p16 translating from an article by the witness in Vimana 3,4
  • Evaluation: Another story recounted decades after the event. Misremembering of military activity?

Fall 1945. 2330hrs.
Two people saw a disc shaped object land and take off again outside Waterville Airport. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers June 1970

September 1945.
For several nights in succession an elderly cowherd observed a brilliant red cloud about 1m across, move across the fields close to the ground and tending to keep to the wire fencing. At one fence stake two clouds were seen moving against one another, changing colour and disappearing. Several other people saw the light, which resembled an illuminated house. When the light had gone the cowherd’s jacket was found to be singed. 
  • Hobana and Weverbergh 1974 p224 citing Fodor Doan

September 1945. (or following month) 1100hrs.
A 9 year old girl was climbing a tree in her yard, while her mother was on the porch nursing the baby, when the girl had a blackout and felt suspended in the air before falling to the ground. When she picked herself up her mother was no longer on the porch but had gone inside. There was a period of missing time and mother sent the children to bed. Later mother and girl remembered seeing a metallic looking object that moved off to the horizon and changed into a series of dots. The grandmother and two older children were mysteriously not around that afternoon. Shortly afterwards the family left the house and moved into a hotel. 
  • Swords 2005p 135 citing John Timmerman

September 24 1945. (Approximate date) 0400hrs.

Mr F, a 62 year old shepherd, was watching his sheep at the Lamotte Road, 800m from Draguignan, when he saw a circular light, the apparent size of a soccer ball, which descended vertically, increasing in brightness, to an altitude of 30m. A powerful beam of light illuminated the area and struck the witness, who hid under a bush, as his sheep fled in terror. The object emitted a throbbing sound and took off vertically. 
  • FSR Case Histories 14 p3 citing Jean Chasseigne in LDLN Contact Section November 1971.

October 1945.

A couple driving along a country road near Bryan encountered an oval object, about 10m diameter, hovering 15m above the ground near an electricity pole. The thing was ringed by a number of amber lights, that seemed to be windows. The woman witness saw shadows that looked like an occupant moving around inside. The object moved off towards nearby woods and then took off vertically. 
  • Clark 1998 p 213 citing CUFOS files

October 30 1945. Night.

A group of teenagers heading to a party were at the ferry some kilometres out of town when the figure of a tall woman dressed in white appeared before them. One of the youths, Frank Bollinger, was so afraid that he collapsed. Once this experience was reported others such as the Sapp brothers and Sherly McLimore went to the spot and saw a luminous white figure apparently gliding in the air, giving the impression of a woman in a flowing dress and shawl. The figure then changed into that of a white dog, which floated just above the water. 
  • Saltzman 1967 p64
  • Evaluation: figure seen through mist.

November 1945. Evening.
At an unstated location on the west coast, a man waiting for a boat saw a flash from the clouds across the sea. An object with a square underside, and surmounted by a silvery metallic dome ,surrounded by purple lights descended rapidly toward the sea. The object stayed on the water for some time, making a whirring sound like a drill. It then slowly moved onto a field, as if suffering from mechanical trouble. Two cattle were crushed by the huge craft as it came down., The dome lifted up, and two beings with short square legs and disproportionate bodies, wearing black grey rubbery suits emerged. Other occupants were in the craft. One of the beings actually walked out over the water, where he placed a devise like an enormous phial. The beings killed a cow with a sort of red ray, enticed a dog into a box and took it on board. The beings constructed a scanner which they pointed skywards. As they did so a fleet of 5-6 other craft passed overhead at 6,000m. A beam of light resembling a searchlight was directed onto the area, one of the creature’s heads making a 360 degree turn to follow it. As a strange gas filled the area, the beings floated up into the machine, the last one gesticulating at the terrified witness who was hiding behind some bushes. A local farmer informed the witness that strange marks and lights were frequently seen in the area, and that radios had a tendency to burn out. The story is only known from an anonymous letter sent in 1976 
  • Mark Malony in Irish Ufo News 1, 1 p2 and NUFON News no 3
  • Arnold 2013 p89 incorrectly locates this on the west coast of Scotland
  • Butler and Nally 2006 p30

November 1945. Evening.
Sgt Francis Marshall cornered a being in dark clothes, wearing a silvery mask, which escaped by leaping over a 3m high fence. 
  • Citro 1997 p174

November 3 1945.
A woman in a rural area had gone out to get water from a well when she heard loud “thrashing” sounds from the nearby woods and was surrounded by a brilliant light and buzzing sound that paralysed her. She saw the trees swaying as if in a great wind. The light then disappeared and she was able to run home, the trees still, swaying violently. The frightened woman was joined by her children and they all saw a dark figure run across the yard. Alerted by noises from the back door she ran to the kitchen, where she saw a luminous humanoid face with a leering grin and large yellow eyes, large mouth and white teeth, staring in at her. The thing barged in and started yelling in an unknown language and throwing things about. This was joined by a fiery red sphere that flew through the house making sparking sounds, and then by a dark figure, at which the woman fainted. She was woken by her children and they found large footprints around the house. 
  • Rath 1997 p80: Rosales citing Peter Guttlila in Saga UFO Report July 1978

December 1945. Afternoon.
The four Janard children were playing in their back yard on this foggy day when they saw a dark creature on a hill. It crawled towards the kids, who ran in and locked themselves in the house. It came and tried the door but fled when one of the children empties a bucket of water on it. 
  • Citro 1997 p175
  • Evaluation: for all Provincetown events possibly hoaxes by local teenagers?

December 23 1945. (Approximate year) Evening.
Local people had gone to a Christmas dance by sleigh. While they were at the dance a mysterious stranger, (with long hair?) like Jesus, came in, but could not be seen when the dance ended. The stranger smiled but did not speak. As the people left the dance they saw a brilliant luminous sphere with projections of light that reached down to the ground. 
  • Swords 2005 p 136 + 212 citing John Timmerman.