INTCAT 1930 - 1939

1930 (approx. date) Afternoon. 
At Rosennano in this commune, a woman tending sheep saw a red object emitting rays of light descend from the sky, frightening the sheep. Damaged, perhaps even flattened stones were found at the site. It was supposed to have been investigated by a priest and a geologist in the 1950s. 
  • Verga 2007 p 17 case 30002 citing Bianchini and Cappelli 1996 p7 

1930 (approx date) 2100hrs. 
Mr M B was on a road about 40m before an intersection with the road leading to the local hotel, when saw a little man emerging from a ditch. He was 1.3m tall and travelled without moving his legs, sliding along the ground. After crossing the road the little man suddenly disappeared on the spot. 
  • Alain Gamard + Alberto Rosales citing Jean D’Aigure in LDLN 130 p14

1930 (approx date) 
Alexander Irvine and a friend were walking in Smiddy Lane when they saw a white light like a meteor. This light brightened and in it a number of figures could be seen moving slowly along the lane.. It was regarded locally as the prevision of a nun’s death. 
  • MacGregor 1955 p200

1930 (approx. date) Night.
Mr Fenner was driving along the Rugby-Coventry road saw powerful lights on what looked like a large vehicle coming towards him. The thing did not swerve and Fenner feared a collision. He saw what looked like a white grinning face and then found himself driving on unharmed. He looked back but there was no sign of the vehicle. 
  • O’Donnell 1948 p67 citing direct from Fenner


Melba Cullen (12) was picking wild flowers in the bush, by the Maria River, 10km, south of Kempsey, when she heard footsteps behind her ands turned to see a hairy humanoid about 2m tall stood by a stump. It had dog hair length tan coloured hair.
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p42, 218 cas53 citing witness in Macleay Argus 25 September 1976 + investigation by Paul Cropper 15 July 2001

Mr N Hambly was out shooting foxes when he saw a animal he thought was a bear above the Terrangong Swamp. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p218 case 54 citing Moss Vale Post 25 April 1930 citing an undated issue of Kiama Independent

A 15 year old girl saw a 60cm tall bald, shiny, pink creature with large ears, a slit mouth, large bulbous eyes and small hands. Her father wrapped the creature in a net and put it outside. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p136 citing Perth UFO Research Group
  • Bord 1989 p147 citing West Mail (Perth) 25 December 1982
  • Evaluation: Reported when the woman was 67, distorted memory of some animal. Or perhaps just a newspaper ghost story.

1930. 0600hrs.

Lucille Harbour had just wakened and was reaching for the alarm clock when she saw a black hooded figure bending over her, its featureless face no more than 15cm away. The thing then floated away through a table and a closed door
  • (Evans 2002 p50 citing letter from witness in Fate August 1964 p61

1930. Day.
A child saw a disc shaped object, later thought to be like a hovercraft, come close to the ground. A ladder descended and two small beings in shiny suits emerged. One of them pointed something like a wand at the child, who lost consciousness. 
  • Swords 2005 p 132 citing John Timmerman

1930. Evening.
Donald MacDougall was walking home, when at a standing stone at an angle in the road, he saw a light in the distance, travelling across a field. He assumed it was a bicycle light of a farm worker, but arriving found he had still not arrived. 
  • MacGregor 1955 p219

1930. Evening.

Two boys Raymundo Carvalho (10) and his friend Adelino saw a ball of smoke in the cemetery and went to investigate but were unable to gain entrance. On the way back in the direction of Madureira they came across a clesring with mango trees. Adelino went to get a mango he had shot from the tree with his catapult but on doing so encountered a being dressed in a one piece suit with webbed feet. The frightened boys ran off. 
  • Boaventura 2015 p35 citing investigation by himself and Walter L Barbosa in 1987 talking to witness Raymundo only

1930. Evening.
Col Hambridge, a guest at Bradshaw Hall saw a figure dressed in a long piece of clothing walking slowly along an upstairs passage, making no noise as it did so. There was no such person in the hall. 
  • Underwood 1978a p48

1930. Night.
A couple asleep in their isolated cottage were awoken by a light streaming into their bedroom through the slats in the blinds. Opening the window and looking out they saw a white circular thing with two square openings which resembled huge eyes. From its underside came a sort of column. The thing crossed their lawn in an up down motion which gave the impression that it was walking. It then took off towards a dam, but then returned and circled several times. The man fired some shots at it with his pistol but without effect. The wife developed a rash the next day but it cleared up in a few days’ time. The formerly lush grass in the area turned a dead grey. 
  • Granchi 1995 p11
  • Rutkowski 2010 p 71
  • Rutkowski 2008 p129)

1930. Night.
A man on an exploration party became separated from his companions after following some monkeys and settled into a tree for the night, 40m from a clearing. He was disturbed by the noise of something approaching, and saw, by the starlight, an upright figure like a man. It was black and thick set and emitted a fearsome roar. The man shot at it several times, forcing it to retreat by dawn 
  • Heuvelmans 1962 p 326

1930. 2350hrs.
A naval captain was driving from Guines to Havama when his headlights caught a small figure in the centre of the road. Thinking it was a lost child, he stopped. Because it was now in shadow, he could only make out that it was about 90cm tall and muscular. He tried to pick up the thing but found that it was rock like and too heavy to lift. He fled the scene. 
  • Bord 1997 p69 citing Robiou 1979)

January 1930. (approx. date)
Leonard Hewlins (14) observed a fiery object, making a noise like a waterfall, travelling east to west at 15m altitude, The sky was dark but very clear. 
  • John Llewellyn in FSR 13, 5 p15

February 1930. (approx. date)
Three people driving towards Frant on the road from Lamberhurst, through a wooded area saw what looked like a car parked on the side of the road about 150m ahead. After some moments the thing just vanished. There were no turn offs at the site. 
  • O’ Donnell 1948 p67 citing letter in Morning Post 21 February. 1930

Spring 1930. Night.
Near Villazon on this cold night, a shepherd was rounding up his flock when the surroundings were illuminated by a bright light and his dog, frightened, ran to his side. The man hid behind trees as a brilliant object descended over the area, scattering the animals in all directions. As the light dimmed, he was able to see four small human like figures, moving over the fields at terrific speed, and making leaps as though they were floating in air. Suddenly the light and figures vanished. The witness became a local psychic, healer and prophet. 
  • Rosales citing Gaceta Ovni March 1931
  • Evaluation: Source unclear, another tale told decades after the event?

May 1930. Day.
Mr and Mrs J. T Rankin and their daughters Katherine and Margaret (or Mary) saw a dark, top shaped object 12m wide, land in their garden on Pearson Street. The inside of the thing seemed hollow and through a window the family could see the head and shoulders of a figure wearing a dark, tight fitting suit and helmet. 5 to 10 minutes later the object ascended rapidly and disappeared. 
  • Clark 1998 p 211 + Rosales 1930-49 p23 citing HUMCAT citing George Fawcett
  • Evaluation: Story not revealed until 1975

Summer 1930. (approx. year) Night.

Jess Mcelhaney was walking home when he chased a racoon into a field. There he encountered the luminous figure of a “most beautiful” woman in a white dress and dark stockings, which figure cast no shadow, which seem to so captivate him that he lost the passage of time. When he got home he found that his brother Olney had also seen the figure. 
  • Steele 1983 p18
  • Evaluation - Date is very approximate

Late May/June 1930+/-2 
A shepherd Shagir Zagureyev was sheltering from the rain under a rocky overhang and encountered three hairy hominids, two female and one male. Shagir left them alone and left the spot. However by early morning other shepherds had seen the things and were panicking. A group of about 10-15 men, led by village chief Talib Kumyshev went to investigate and saw the three creatures. They had humanoid faces but with short flat noses, slanted eyes sand receding jaws. Their bodies were covered with hair and they wore bits of a shepherd’s cape around the waist. They had bowed legs and splayed toes. 
  • Jonathan Downes and Richard Freeman in CFZ Yearbook 1999 p16 citing Jean-Marie Koffman citing Talib Kumyshev)

June 2 1930.
Three motorists from Detroit who ran out of petrol encountered an ape like creature on the town border. Two nights later a farmer in that area, John Landoll and his two adult sons saw the thing squatting in their garden. There were other witnesses. 
  • Arment 2006 p239 citing Helena (MA ) Independent + Elyria (OH) Chronicle-Telegram + Lima (OH) News + Coshocton Tribune all 7 June 1930 +  8 June 1930 + Elyria Chronicle Telegram 9 June 1930 + Coshocton Tribune 12 June 1930

June 10 1930. Afternoon. 
An aerial machine was reported to have entered the sea between Bournemouth and Swanage. Searches were fruitless and no planes were reported missing. 
  • Nigel Watson citing Grimsby Daily Telegraph 11 June 1957
  • Evaluation - Possibly the Calshot-Plymouth sea plane which passed over the area at the time

June 26 1930. 
The mayor, Liman Clark encountered an ape like creature on the edge of a grove. Attempts to get a dog to chase the thing away were unsuccessful. 
  • Arment 2006 p244 citing Zanesville Signal 29 June 1930

Summer 1930.
A boy was walking home through the woods after a swim, when he suddenly encountered several whitish beings larking around. They had no facial features and they did not seem to notice the boy watching them. The lad then walked away from them. 
  • Rosales citing, your true tales November 2003
  • Evaluation - This one is told 70+ years after the alleged event

Summer 1930.
13 year old Philip Irviing was walking back from the beach across the sand dunes, when he encountered an entity of average height covered by reddish brown hair. The lower part of its body was covered by a sort of silver foil. The lad fled. Two days previously he had seen a fireball in the sky, apparently landing. 
  • NUFON News 176 p14 citing investigation by NLUFOIG
  • Evaluation -Tale told 67 years after the event when the alleged witness was 80.

Summer 1930. Early hours.
A man woke up in his top floor flat to see, less than 60cm away, a huge man dressed a shining gold suit, like armour. His face was covered with a visor, except for his long and large nose. On hid neck was a chain with an elaborate design from which hung a large black cross, in the centre of which was an agate. After a few minutes the figure vanished. 
  • Wales 1992 p14

July 30 1930.
Mrs Rucker saw an ape like creature coming in through her back door, alerting her husband who also saw the thing. The couple fled. 
  • Arment 2006 p245 citing Elyria Chronicle-Telegram 30July 1930

August 1930.
At a place called Montebenichi an old woman hanging out washing she had washed in the creek heard a loud noise and felt a gust of wind. Something like a spinning top landed 20m away, an opening appeared in the lower part from which a ladder descended, and two 1m tall beings came down. They walked around the woman several times, uttering “twittering” sounds. They then took socks from the rope where they were hanging and went back into their craft, which then took off with a hissing sound. 
  • Verga 2007 16 case 3001 citing Il Picolo 27 March 1990 + Fabrizio Massi in Il Giornale dei Misteri 152 p5 + 165 p13
  • Ricci and Boncompagni in OVNI Presence 31 p8 all citing a letter by Edoaordo Lavacchi who claimed to have heard the story from the woman in 1930
  • Evaluation - Little more than a rumour at best; probably an imitative hoax based on the 1954 Cennina case

August 1930. Night.

A group of children playing in a yard saw a dark object come down from the sky, emitting a beam from its underside, illuminating the area. The beam went over a fence and entered the garden where the kids were playing and from it came a 2m tall man wearing a dark suit who told the children not to be afraid. However, when the children began screaming the figure returned to the beam and floated into the object, which then somehow left the area 
  • Rosales 1930-49 p25 citing Kriston Endre
  • Evaluation - Another story told by one of the alleged witnesses decades after the event

August 1930.
A 10 year old boy asleep on his porch when he saw a grey skinned being with large eyes come up to his window. Then three such beings were inside stood around his bed. He could see that they were 1.2m tall`, bald with small noses and mouths. The boy became paralysed and fell asleep waking in the morning. The witness claimed that he and his family had many other experiences. 
  • Rosales 1930-49 p25 citing MUFON CMS
  • Evaluation - Only revealed over 80 years later when alleged witness was 96. Clearly influenced by modern abduction lore

August 26 1930.
Six men (George Cain, Joseph Farley, Charles Curtan, Donald Jirles, Lane and Allen Moss ) changing a truck tyre in a remote location 5km southeast of Cambridge saw an ape like creature moving about in the trees making guttural sounds. They fled the scene. They had been alerted by a roaring sound like thunder. At one point the thing came to the ground thumping its chest with its arms 
  • Arment 2006 p248 citing Newark Advocate 28 August 1930.+ Cambridge Jeffersonian 27 August 1930.

August 28 1930.
During an intense electrical storm occupants of a house saw a figure resembling a robed monk 
  • Codd 2006 p42

Fall 1930. 1400hrs.
Mr Collins heard a loud humming sound coming from behind a knoll. On investigating a saw a large aluminium coloured domed disc on the ground about 20m away, glowing slightly. Two beings, about 1m tall, wearing green overalls, and helmets, were collecting soil samples. They re-entered the craft, which took off as the humming sound increased. It then disappeared into the distance. 
  • Rosales 1930-49 p30 citing UFOCAT citing Richard Hall

Fall 1930. Evening.
Two men out quail hunting near Trinity River encountered a 2.7m tall creature covered in dark hair coming through the undergrowth. The creature was carrying a calf in its arms. The men fled and called their employer and the three returned to the scene where they found the disembowelled carcass of the calf in an area of damaged brush. 
  • Rosales 1930-49 p30 citing Bigfoot Research Org website

October 3 1930. 2100hrs.
The crew of a fishing vessel saw a pattern of lights that resembled the lights of steam approaching from about 1,.5km away, coming close and then turning away and fading. They saw these lights again some hours later, off in the distance. No steam vessel actually had been in the locality. 
  • Diane E Goldstein in Goldstein, Grider and Thomas 2007 p68

Late 1930.
Local residents reported being stopped by something like a tall woman standing on the road, 200m south of the cross roads known as Swan Corner. The woman would just vanish on the spot. Other people saw the figure of a woman in a nurses’ uniform lying in the road 
  • Ludlam 1967 p114

Autumn 1930. 2100hrs.
A man walking down Beech Creek Road from Hw13 heard a sound like a bullet whizzing past and then saw two small lights just above the ground ahead. These merged to be become a single pan sized light. He then heard a sound like a motor slowing down and then saw a brilliant light resembling a circular table by the roadside. Around this was a group of 8-10 dwarfs with reddish wizened faces, long noses and whiskers or beards. The man through his walking stick at the small figures and ran off. At some point he lost consciousness and woke up some time later at the foot of South Branch Hill. 
  • Rosales 1900-39 p31 citing Brent Raynes in Alternate Perceptions Winter 1995
  • Evaluation A folk story given a false precise date by either Raynes or Rosales?

November 17 1930. Night.
Farmer Mr C Willams encountered a hairy humanoid at close range. Tracks were found. Other people also reported the thing. 
  • Arment 2006 p154 citing Albert Lea (MN) Evening Tribune + Lincoln (NE) Star both 18 April 1930

Winter 1930. Late Night.
On this cold night a family were awoken by the barking of their dogs, and they dressed and went out to see what was the matter. They saw the figure of a man standing by the roadside fence. Despite the sub-zero temperature, this figure was only wearing a tuxedo and white shirt, looking at the witnesses and their dogs. As the witnesses walked towards him to see what he wanted, the stranger backed up along the dirt road. Two of the men in the family followed him, but no matter how fast they walked, they could never catch up with the stranger, so they gave up and returned home. The figure was never seen again. 
  • Rosales 1930-49 p31 citing Paranormal about Com June 2003
  • Evaluation - Another tale told decades later

December 1930. Night.
AS Mr Stoneham was driving on the Salisbury-Banford road, he saw a black mist approach him. In it was an object of indeterminate shape. As the mist seemed to envelope his lorry, projections resembling luminous hands seemed to grasp at him. 
  • O’Donnell 1948 p66 citing Bristol Evening Times and Echo 23 December 1930.

1931 +/-1 year. Evening.
Mr J R saw in a courtyard 5-8m away a dwarf only 50-60m tall, dressed in a grey uniform. When the little thing saw the witness, it turned and scurried off into the night, running on its little legs. 
  • Erix Zurcher in LDLN 195 p26 citing D Duquesnoy

1931. (or following year)
At a remote spot something like a train was seen travelling at speed through a forest where there was no railway. 
  • Haining 2008 p26 citing Morning Post 3 October 1933.. : : Lancashire Evening Post 5 October 1933. p6)

A number of people reported a man running in front of their vehicles and then disappearing.
  • Ludlam 1967 p114

A 9 year old boy saw something he thought was a nun, lacking feet and with just a blur for a face, pass into a car and fade away. 
  • Adams 1998 p132

Members of an artic aerial survey team led by Prof Moltschanov photographed an object resembling a Dornier monoplane resting on the ice in the NE part of the island. No clue to its identity was forthcoming 
  • John Keel in FSR 16,4 p10 citing New York Times 22 + 27 August 1931)

Yakov Tabunshikov saw a strange transparent globe, about 2m diameter, with no engine visible, floating between his house and that of a neighbour about 40m away. Inside the sphere there was a man sitting as if on an invisible chair. The being wore red clothing and had a large red beard and thick long red hair, and his face was wrinkled. The being started ahead with a fixed, emotionless expression, ignoring Yakov. The sphere drifted away and vanished from sight. 
  • Rosales citing investigation by Mikhail Gershtein + Anton Anfalov

1931. 0700hrs.
At an unnamed mountain village a 14 year old youth, looking after his cattle, encountered a man meditating. The stranger indicated that he was from another world. The witness was taken on board a large object where there were others meditating. There he was placed on a golden chair and given fruit to eat, and then shown rooms made of a strange kind of gold. He was shown a sort of mirror with images on it and given apocalyptic prophecies about earthquakes etc. 
  • Cutchin 2015 p56 citing UFO Evidence website
  • Evaluation - Tale told by grandson of the alleged witness in 2005, clearly influenced by both local tradition and modern UFO lore

1931 Night.
A couple awoke on a number of occasions to see a smiling Chinese head in their bedroom. It then just vanished. 
  • Rosales citing Raoul Robe’s catalogue

1931 Afternoon. 
Three aboriginal girls on an epic journey from the Moore River Native Settlement to Jingalong were hiding in a thicket during a storm when they heard powerful footsteps and a huge humanoid rushed past them from out the scrub. 
  • Pilkington Rabbit Proof Fence p84

1931. 1720hrs.
Jose Florencio, a small boy aged about 8 or 9, was walking home to the Julio Vitorino farm after a playing football down the Sampaio Peixoto Street in the Cambui district, when he saw a circular grey object, making a sound like that of a refrigerator, descend to within 60cm of the ground, 1m away. A ladder descended from the object came a human like being dressed in green. The stranger was 1.6m tall, had dark skin, a thin face with a small mouth, blonde hair and blue eyes and spoke a language the boy could not understand. The visitor ushered Jose into the object via a hatch which was closed by a wheel. Jose was taken to a room with a lot of controls, some of which were operated by a woman who appeared to be the pilot and who tried to calm Jose down. He was then taken to a back room where he was given a medical and then was strapped into a wall compartment as the thing when on a trip into outer space. Eventually he was returned to the place he had been taken. 
  • Boaventura 2015 p56 citing investigation (July 2010) by the author and Jose C Rocha Vieira and Pablo Villarrubia Mauso

1931 Evening.
Men working the generators at the Northern State Power Company power station saw a sort of cloud appear above the generator, in which their appeared the image of bejewelled woman lying on a couch. This was seen for about 20 seconds before it faded away. 
  • Steiger 1974 p136 citing Fay Clark
  • Evaluation - A third hand story told decades after the alleged event

January 1931 (approx date) Night. 

At an unspecified location, Helge Ericsson observed a purplish light which descended to ground level, then disappeared. About a dozen very small men with large heads were also seen, walking along the hard snow, talking to themselves in a unknown language. These vanished into the light. Helge also noticed a strong chemical smell in the area. 
  • J. B. Delair citing Canadian UFO Report 2,7 p4 citing Scandinavian Ufo Information
  • Rosales citing Elin Graeper in Canadian UFO Report 2,8

February 1931. 2000hrs.
James Evans and his girlfriend were sat on a bench when a 2m figure like a woman in a long black dress and wearing a tricorn hat appeared in front of them. It hovered on first one side and then the other. When the girl screamed the thing disappeared. 
  • Framlington Weekly News 7 February. 1931 p3

March 21 1931, 2100hrs.
The coast watcher saw a light approaching, as if an aircraft trying to land. The light approached and then moved off to the south, Searches were fruitless. 
  • Western Morning News + Dundee Chronicle + The Scotsman all 23 March 1931 + Aberdeen Journal 24 March 1931)

Late March 1931. 1500hrs.
A man driving from Cannes to its suburb of La Brocca saw a sort of “waterfall of light” in the road,. This seemed to rip part and revealed a woman dressed in a green and white robe, with a blue belt at her waist. This woman came towards the witness with her arms outstretched, she then rose from the earth and joined a sort of round cloud, which moved off, becoming oval as it did so. 
  • Eric Zurcher in LDLN 195 p26 citing ADEPS 13 citing investigation by Mr Julien

April 23 1931.
A group of children playing outside the church saw the figure of a woman say “Do not mistreat my son”. 
  • Christian 1996 p14 citing La Voz de Aragon 26 April 1931 + El Debat 29 April 1931

May 1931. 1630hrs.
Mr Pasquale Masale and a friend, out horse riding, had dismounted to admire the view at Nuragh Trudumeddu when a spherical object like a brand new soccer ball emerged from the partially blocked entrance of the prehistoric dolmen that gave the place its name. The object was travelling west to east at 1m altitude and 15-20kph. It passed across the field and entered a thick clump of undergrowth, which parted before it, then sprang back into place. Masala was unable to overtake it and was called back by the terrified calls of his companion. 
  • Mary Boyd in FSR 20,3 p21
  • Eduardo Russo citing Boncompagni et al 1974 p61 citing Il Giornale dei Misteri 19 p8
  • Verga 2007 p18 (3101) citing op cit + Giorni 11 May 1977 + Gianfranceshi 1977 p182 + Il Giornale dei Misteri 114 p8 + UFO-INFO 48 p17

Mid May 1931. Dawn.
A Russian student at the Zagreb institute of Architecture, K K Zapasov on a field work trip in a rural area outside Sisak was woken at dawn and went out for a smoke. He then saw a circular object somewhat resembling a circus marquee . He approached the thing, which began to shimmer and emit streams of light and then emitted a powerful beam of light that almost blinded Zapasov, who had to shield his face. When he looked again he was 50m from the thing without any memory of how he had got there. He had a vague memory of being examined by shadowy figures. 
  • Rosales 1930-49 p38 citing Zigel archives Vol 5 citing Z M Slovesnik
  • Evaluation - Would a student in Stalin’s USSR have been allowed to study in Royalist, anti-communist Yugoslavia and even if so, would have survived the purges?

June 1931 (approx. date) Morning.
While taking the cattle up to the alpine pastures of Mr Erebus, Talib Kumyshev was alerted by one of his shepherds, Shagir Zagureyev that there were humanoid creatures under some rocks. Talib was sceptical but on investigating in a group of 15 people, they encountered three humanoid creatures under a rock. One, the largest appeared to be male, the other two female. They had short, flattened noses, broad cheeks and slating eyes and their bodies were covered with hair. Their legs were short and bowed and terminated by spread out feet. They wore rags around the waist. Talib got within 1m of them, without their reacting but their appalling smell deterred him from approaching closer. After 90 to 120 minutes Talib left the scene. 
  • Bayanov 1996 p25

June 1931.
Six people at Lewis and Valentine’s Nursery saw a 1.2m tall ape like creature come out of some woods and then go back in again. 
  • Fort 1998 p10 citing New York Times 30 June 1931

July 1931. 2200hrs.
A group of people including Guillermo Vicencio Sanguinetti, were on the dock when they heard the sound of a ship dropping anchor. A fog which had gripped the area then cleared and they saw an illuminated ship 50-60m long. There were people on the deck who seemed to be having a party. The group rowed out to this ship but as they did so the fog descended again, and when it once more cleared the vessel had disappeared. 
  • Evans and Huyghe 2000 p38 citing Jorge Anfruns Extreterrestres en Chile El Triunfo, 1996

July 18. 1931.
Mr Stockman, a nurseryman, and members of his family saw an ape like creature running through shrubbery. The same or similar creature was also seen by Mr Bruno, a farmer, about 5km away. 
  • Fort 1998 p55

August 1931.
A woman and her eldest daughter saw a group of 45cm high, apparently female figures, dressed in transparent gowns dancing in her garden. 
  • David Lazell in Fortean Times 71 p41 + Shuker 1996 p24 both citing John O’London’s June 1933.

August 1931 (approx. month) 1700hrs.
Ranch foreman Don Jennings was cultivating a field with a pack of mules at the Floyd Wheat Ranch, this field being about 5lm from the ranch house. His muiles became reluctant to approach a fence in the corner of a field 90m from a hill and he was unable to get them to within 8m of the fence. On the second circuit he stopped and when the noise of his cultivator had ceased he became aweare of a strange musical sound from the fence. He heard this until he stopped work at 1700. As he was leading the mules through the gate, over 800m from the hill, he saw a silver oblong object 15-30m in diameter rise from behind the hill at great speed, disappearing in 3 or 4 seconds. He was ridiculed for his story but later found that several other people had seen the same thing, their story getting into the local paper. 
  • Win Churchill in Official UFO December 1976 p 37 direct from the witness

August 29 1931.
Two little girls saw a strange ugly woman by stream. Two days later they saw something like a monkey there, which then turned into the same woman, who claimed to speak only Basque. The girls took one of their father’s, a furniture maker, to the place, but he saw nothing, but the girls heard her say she had come from the sea shore to kill them. On September 1, the girls saw the old woman accompanied by a girl in a low cut short skirted outfit, with a painted face, who said she came from the beach at Marichu. When the furniture maker made the sign of the cross, this figure vanished just leaving the old woman Later they both appeared together, coming out of the water. Then on the 2nd the girls saw a figure they identified with the Virgin, the devil and temptation, and what looked like a procession of coffins. 
  • Christian 1996 p16

October 10 1931.
A fiery blimp shaped object, 30-50m long flew over the river at 100m altitutude and then apparently crashed in the hills south of Gallipolis Ferry. The thing seemed to buckle before the crash and four figures were seen to parachute out. Searches were fruitless. 
  • Gross 1976 p 45 citing New York Times 11 October 1931 p26 + 12 October 1931 p21
  • Berlitz 1989 citing Gallipolis Daily Tribune 12 October 1931

November 1931 Night.

A motorist driving up Garrowby Hill in misty conditions saw a huge object approaching. He thought it was a bus or lorry, but as it got closer he realised that it was soundless and going at great speed, forcing him to swerve out of the way. When he looked back the thing had disappeared. It was rumoured to be the ghost of a bus which had crashed in August. 
  • Ludlam 1967 p113
  • Whitaker 1989 p127
  • Evaluation - Appears to lack contemporaneous documentation, not reported in Yorkshire Evening Post 1931/2

Winter 1931. 1400hrs.
A 17 year old youth was out on his horse checking cattle after a snowstorm and on descending an 8-9m deep slope he saw an elongated oval object in the air to his west. The thing looked as though it was made of aluminium and in a transparent doorway the lad saw a small man dressed in a darkish uniform. The boy had to attend to his horse for a moment and when he looked back the thing had gone. 
  • Rosales 1930-49 p42 citing National UFO Reporting Centre.
  • Evaluation - Yet another story related decades after the alleged event

December 6 1931.
Something like a parachute was seen to descend in a thickly wooded area. Searches were fruitless and no aviator was missing. 
  • Gross 1976 p45 citing New York Times 6 December 1931 p 31A + 7 December 1931 p4

1932. (approx. date)
Ace Cocker was sat on his porch while his sister hung out the washing. As Ace went to go back inside he was confronted with a large hairy humanoid. Ace rushed inside and when he looked out the thing had gone. 
  • Blackburn 2012 p50
  • Evaluation - Told by a friend of Cocker’s almost 40 years later. 

A woman recalled that when she was a girl of twelve a large flying object flew over and landed in a potato field behind this village. Soon afterwards small beings with brown-green skin and sallow complexions began to visit the village. One seen close up had a slim boyish figure whose hands lacked thumbs and feet lacked toes. There was a taller leader who would talk and joke with the locals, as though communicating by telepathy, and would stay with this woman’s aunt. The other beings would enter the houses and take things, and conduct medical experiments on the inhabitants and their livestock. They brought with them fantastical alien pets, including a huge elephant-like thing, this was used to carry the machinery used to remove grain. The people left because of all of this, and local officials were imprisoned for sabotage owning to the missing grain and cheese. 
  • Rosales citing Anton Anfalov “Chimeras of the X Location” citing investigation by Valery Kukushkin
  • Evaluation - Clearly this is a tale told decades after the alleged events. It appears to be the girl/woman’s way of dealing with the depredations of the countryside by the Stalinist regime by placing them in a sort of fairy tale context, with references to later film imagery

Miss Yarrow the teenage daughter of the caretaker of the Library and Museum saw a young man with a “pleasant face” in an upper corridor. When she challenged him, the figure just went through the closed door at the end of the passage. When the room was open there was no sign of the man. 
  • Green 1980 p14

While hunting crocodiles prospector Bert Bagnall looked up and saw an ape like thing on the opposite bank. It ran off into the bush. 

  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p219 case 56 citing Tony Lambert in People 28 July 1992

1932 Early morning.
(ZHYTOMYR : UKRAINE : then part of the USSR)
On a number of occasions strange beings resembling humans but with legs directly connected to their waists and fiery pulsating upper bodies were seen by local people. After seeing these “lights” people died or left the region never to return. 
  • Rosales citing Yaroslav Sochka of UFODOS
  • Evaluation - Another sort of fairy tale retelling the murders and deportations of the Stalin terror years. 

1932 Night.
A youth was walking home along an alley when he saw a short figure ahead of him, Thinking it was a lost child he caught up with it, only to find that it was a very thin being 1m tall with long arms, dressed in light coloured tight fitting overalls and an opaque helmet. When the two were about 1m apart, the figure bent down. It seemed to be featureless. The lad ran away in terror. 
  • Rosales citing Figuet and Ruchon 1979 citing Raoul Robe’s catalogue

1932 Night.
Elizabeth Henderson and her father both saw a robed and hooded figure, surrounded by a sort of smoke. There were no facial features visible but it gave the impression of staring at them and giving off a feeling of great sorrow. They both ran outside. Regarded as an omen of Elizabeth’s grandfather’s death. 
  • Evans 2002 p43 citing a letter in Fate November 1973 p54

January 21 1932.
In an area some 8km north of here, John McCandless heard a moaning sound heard a moaning sound and encountered a bestial looking humanoid, covered in hair or mud on all fours. Others reported seeing the thing but searches were fruitless. 
  • Clark and Coleman 1978 p65

February 25 1932. Night.
William Nuttall was attacked by a 2m tall biped with a round,hairyy head and four tusks. The thing tore his shirt. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p219 case 58 citing The Argus 27 February 1932

March 1932 Afternoon.
A group of goat herders, including Manuel Gimenez Junquera were in the hills outside Cadiz when they heard a loud noise and felt a strong wind, as if whirlwind was approaching. The men hid in the grass as the goats panic. They saw a sort of glassy round object, emitting strong air blasts from its underside, disturbing the dust, pass overhead and land. They saw that it was like two soup plates, rim to rim, with a row of windows around its edge, and was 15m in diameter. It landed near Manuel and he saw two huge beings emerge from it. After 15 minutes they returned to their craft, which took off and flew away. 
  • Rosales citing Chris Aubeck

March-April 1932 (or following year) 1400hrs.
A boy observed an object about 30cm in diameter that came within 1.2m. A whitish mist appeared between him and the object. He felt dazed and had a tightness in his chest. That night he felt unwell and developed large white blisters on his hands, which burst during the night and next day, secreting a clear watery fluid. The boy then felt better. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p67 + 1997 p 136 citing letter from the witness in UFO Research (Queensland) Newsletter (Contact) 53

June 1932 Late evening.
Farmer Reuben Knight went onto the porch of his farm, from 5km from Wattsburg, when he observed a bright speck of light emerge from out of the scrub 400m to the south. It appeared to grey in size as it advanced towards him, coming within 1.2m. It now appeared as a blue sphere 35cm in diameter. It circled him and returned to the woods on a steady course at 55-65kph. After being in the woods 6 to 8 seconds it re-emerged and performed the same manoeuvres . Reuben called his wife, who saw the sphere when it performed for a third time 
  • Lore and Deneault 1969 p 109 + Clark 1998 p 931 citing letter from Knight to NICAP 2 August 1965

June 1932. 1700hrs.
Leo Dworshak (12) and his brother Michael were exploring a grassy hilltop near their farm when Michael saw a silvery object, larger than a barn, about 1km away in the valley below. The thing was composed of a rotating outer and static inner section, the former having multi-coloured lights. As the boys descended towards the thing, they found themselves stopped by a “force field”. They continued to watch from a distance as the lights went out, the rotation stopped and a sort of ramp came down from an opening. Down this came three beings, wearing coveralls. They stood by the thing for a few minutes and then re-entered. The boys left. A couple of weeks later the boys were in the valley when they saw a flying machine descend. As it did so the area seemed strangely still. This time 6 beings, wearing one piece slacks, emerged from the thing and picked up things from the ground. After more than an hour the boys went home for supper. They encountered the thing and its smooth face crew, dressed in jump suits on a number of later occasions and eventually sometime in October, the beings let the boys onto their craft, including the bedrooms, automatic toilet and laboratory. They spoke to the boys in German and English and claimed to be from a distant galaxy. Leo claimed many later contacts. 
  • Good 2013 p1 citing Dworshak 2003
  • Evaluation - A classic contactee tale recounted 70 years on

August 1932. 1800hrs.
Helen Done and her daughter Carol were on their way back from a picnic, when on a narrow footpath, they were forced to step aside for a tall, stooping figure dressed in tattered clothing and a black hat. It seemed to fall sideways and vanish. 
  • MacGregor 1959 p145

Autumn 1932 Night.
A man walking by the colliery railway through the village heard a series of metallic clangs and then saw “ a face in mid air ... horribly twisted and scarred and they eyes blazed in a terrible and eerie way”. He then heard a terrific roaring sound and fled. Other people were said to have had similar experiences. 
  • Ludlam 1967 p61

Autumn 1932. Night.
John MacDougall saw a strange light at low level. Suspecting a light held by an intruder he followed and almost reached it, but as he did so, it disappeared. 
  • MacGregor 1955 p215

September 14 1932 (approx. date) 2300hrs.
Mr Adams Jnr was returning home 5km west of Roscoe when he saw an animal in an apple tree, and called his father Glen to help investigate. The thing swung down to the ground and they could see that it was an ape like creature, about 1.2m tall, with a sort of chain around its neck. Their police dog was unwilling to tackle this thing, which eventually went back into the woods. There were a number of other witnesses, including Homer Goodin who shot at it without sucesss. 
  • Arment 2006 p250 citing Coshocton Tribune 20 September 1932 + Mansfield News + Lima News both 21 September 1932 + Van Wert Daily Bulletin + Zanesville Signal both 22 September 1932 + Zanesville Times Recorder + Coshocton Tribune both 23 September 1932 + Zanesville Times Recorder 24 September 1932

October 1932. 1900hrs. 
Five people in a car driving to their parents’ house in Joliette saw, close to the cemetery at the entrance of the town, a giant 2.7m tall who walked uprightly and regularly. He walked across the cemetery and reached the road at about the same time as the car, striding over the enclosure, which was 1.05m high, but which only reached half way up the giant’s leg. The being wore a white overall and gloves of a similar texture. The witnesses could not see his face, as the terrified driver accelerated away from the being which was only 1.8m from the car. The being crossed the road without stopping in a manner which they compared to an astronaut on the moon. The witnesses were sure that the being was too well proportioned to be a hoaxer on stilts. 
  • Alain Gamard citing Ouranous NS 9 24 + Musgrave 1979 p41 case . both citing first hand investigation by Claude MacDuff and Phillipe Blaquire

October 1932, 2000hrs.
Harry White (17) was running along the road from Bolsover to Sandhills when about 120m from the intersection with the Rotherham Road, he saw a light about 1m from him on the other side of a hedge. When he stopped the light stopped and when he started up again so did the light. After about 50m the light moved towards Harry and moved around and between his legs, causing him to kick out at it without effect. When they reached the junction the light returned to behind the hedge and then continued to pace him for about 100m before just disappearing. The light was in the form of a 30cm diameter sphere. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2016 p392 citing investigation by Anada Sirisena
  • Evaluation - Another story told decades later

November 1932.
Several people in a sub-let house in Fieldhead Terrace saw the figure of a man 1.8m tall, wearing a long coat, which would disappear. All sorts of odd noises were heard 
  • Ludlam 1967 p124

November 1932.
A young couple saw a strange bulky biped near the Mount Olive Cemetery. 
  • Opsasnick 2004 p74

November 5 1932. Night.
Tom Horner and Arthur Wright were driving between York and Wetherby near Long Marston on this damp, misty night, when a bus approached from the other side. The two sets of headlights illuminated three men on the road, about 20-30m away, forcing the vehicles to slow. When the bus passed and the two men dimmed their car lights they realised that the three men were nowhere to be seen and a search was fruitless. They men appeared to be wearing large hats, plum coloured things like cloaks and leggings. 
  • Bennett 1939 from the witnesses

November 18 1932, 2350hrs.
Mrs Turpin of the Anchor Hotel was awakened by a loud noise and looking out of the window saw a shiny, silvery, luminous aerial object that seemed to dive into a local lake. It was also seen by Mr D Mylon who had also heard an engine sound. The next night Jack Davies saw a sort of luminous aircraft with red and green lights heading down to the ground. The lake was dredged without success. Locals attributed it to the ghost of a plane which had crashed in the area two years before. 
  • Gloucester Citizen 21 November 1932 p11

November 29 1932. Evening.
A group of teenagers and children from two families saw a sort of luminosity on a railway bridge above a small shrine. Over following weeks they had various experiences with a woman dressed in blue and white, lit as if by an interior light bulb. There was identification with the Virgin and the usual religious homilies. 
  • McClure 1983 p87

December 8 1932. 2345hrs.
On this rainy Night. Regina Santos Nunez and Josefa Gonzalez Vazquez saw a luminous melon shaped object, of an texture resembling a ball of yarn. As it descended it fragmented in a huge explosion, which caused lights across the town to go out and structural damage. 
  • Ballester 1976 p1 citing Ignacio Darnaude in LDLN 122 p22
  • Evaluation - Ball lightning or meteorite exploding?

December 29 1932,
A man observed a silent aerial object with flashing lights swoop down and disappear behind a treeline just off the road near New Brunswick. Searches were fruitless. 
  • Gross 1976 p 46 citing New York Times 30 December 1931

1933. (approx. date)
Two men on a weekend holiday were on a small plateau about 500m above the lake, sat eating sandwiches, when they saw a movement in a thicket about 400m away. They thought it was a bear but through their field glasses they saw that it was something with a humanoid face. Tracks were found at the site. 
  • Green 1978 p59 citing letter from one of the witnesses in 1968

Earl J Duncan and another person in a truck observed three orange spheres 300m away. They were looking down on them as they were moving in a straight line towards a nearby mountain range, crossing barren land at 6m altitude. They gave off a “curiously pulsating” light and eventually disappeared over a mountain. 
  • Clark 1998 p 931 citing letter from Duncan to Donald Keyhoe 26 January 1954

An elderly nomad encountered a metallic cave, where he met very thin, one eyes beings in metallic suits. 
  • Albert Rosales citing Valeriy Uvanov in FSR 41,1
  • Evaluation Probable hoax

TVER then known as KALININ (TEVER : RUSSIA then part of the USSR)
Alexis Zolotov (7) was in a room in his house, when a being with a cranium three times the normal size, suddenly appeared. The being, which was as tall as a man, had large ears and a wrinkled face. After 10-15 seconds Alexis ran away. 
  • Vallee and Castello 1992 p97 direct from Zolotov

1933. Night.
12 year old Miss JH was staying with relatives when she was awoken by a tall figure of a woman, wearing what looked like a dressing gown, coming into her room. She believed that it was her aunt until her mother told her otherwise. 
  • Andrew Mackenzie in The Paranormal Review February. 1997 p9 citing own investigation
  • Evaluation Could easily have been aunt or mother sleep walking

1933. Night.
A young girl was cycling home along a lane going through a marshy area on a misty night when she saw a fiery sphere bouncing along on top of a hedge at a fast pace. 

  • Bord 1989 p138 citing Journal of Meteorology 10,97 p89

Winter 1933. Night.

9 year old Jane was lying awake in her mother’s bedroom when she saw a figure about 30cm tall enter through the doorway. The figure seemed covered with multi-coloured rags, and held something like a small newspaper. It vanished under Jane’s bed, merging some moments later without the newspaper and existed through the doorway again. 
  • Johnson 2014 p175

January 1933. Night.
A number of local residents saw on various occasions a figure in white all over that danced around the roads. The figure retreated when approached. 
  • The Scotsman 21 January 1933. p9

January 1933. 2400hrs.
Mr and Mrs Newton saw a light, like that of a lantern, coming down a path towards them. At a bend it flared up as bright as a car headlight, and they could see a smaller light beside it. The two lights continued into the woodland and seemed to disappear at a vitrified fort. Over the next 20 minutes this performance was repeated half a dozen times. 
  • MacGregor 1955 p215

January 1 1933. 0140hrs.
A well known local man and his son were returning home from a New Year’s party at a friend’s house along the main road from Alrewas to King’s Bromley when they saw a silvery humanoid figure come out of Pyford Brook which lay alongside the road. The figure seemed to walk on the water and as the witnesses approached with their flash lamps, it passed through barbed wire into a field and disappeared in the direction of the lock on the canal. 
  • Tamworth Herald, 7 January 1933 p3
  • Evaluation Mist?

January 13 1933. 1920hrs.
Marriette Beco (11 going on12) was up with her mother, waiting for her brother to come home, while the rest of her family were asleep. She noticed luminosity in the garden which she first thought was a reflection from the oil lamp. When the lamp was moved the figure remained. It was a female figure surrounded by an oval light, wearing a white garment with a vivid blue flash and with the face covered by a sort of transparent veil. On her right arm was a row of brilliant lights and a golden chain and cross. Her mother just saw a humanoid shaped luminosity. The figure beckoned to the girl to approach but her mother locked her in, fearing the figure was a ghost. Marriette had a number of further visions ending on 2 March 1933. 
  • McClure 1983 p98
  • Carroll 1992 p121

February 1933. (approx. date) 1700hrs.
Piero Vigilante was dining with his wife when the door opened by itself, as if pushed by the wind. Going to investigate Piero was grabbed by a strange man, who dragged him '100 steps' (about 30m), slapped him and then hung him by the hair on the top of a tall oak tree. When Piero made a sign of the cross, the entity vanished, leaving him speechless. Neighbours helped him down with ropes. 
  • Patrick Goss citing Misteri del Mondo blog + Sider 2007 p291 + Paolo Fiorino in Italian UFO Reporter 7 + UFO Universe October/November 1991 all citing La Nazione 2 March 1933 citing investigation by Agostino Romeo
  • Paolo Fiorino in UFO Times 13 p5
  • Evaluation: Possibly a disguised account of an attack by Mussolini’s police on an opponent, context unclear.

February 17 1933. (approx. date) Night.
A guardsman on duty at the Tower of London saw, rising from the ground, a vague luminous white shape which made him think of a headless woman. He fled the scene. 
  • O’Donnell 1948 p13 citing Daily Telegraph 18 February. 1933

Summer 1933. 0015hrs.

Alerted by reports of strange lights on the ground and in the air in a marshy area to the north, 2 men and a woman drove to the area in a small pick up truck. They saw a glow, on the horizon, which grew brighter as they approached. At the end of the trail they hiked through woods until treacherous ground forced them to stop 400m from the light. They saw that this light came from a large oval machine, domed at the top, slightly rounded on the bottom, standing on legs. From a central opening a dozen or so figures could be seen going up and down a ladder. The occupants were shorter than average and were dressed in silver coloured suits with helmets resembling ski caps. The beings appeared to be carrying out repairs. The area was bathed in an unearthly orange glow and there was an absolute silence, with no sound at all. After about 30 minutes the party returned to their truck to try and find a better location, but they had to give up when their truck ran low on petrol. When they returned to the spot a couple of days later, 6 large square imprints 60-75cm square about 2.5-3m apart 5-7.5cm deep, and a burnt circle 3.6m diameter were visible. Photographs were taken of the traces. Attempts were made to publicise the story, without success. 
  • John Musgrave in FSR 22 6 p16 citing his own first hand investigation

Summer 1933.

A 6 year old girl was in a field near a pond on the farm where she lived, when, across the pond she saw a group of dwarfs about 1.2m tall wearing silver suits and balaclava like helmets She could recall nothing else of the incident. 
  • Rife 2001 p114 citing an Internet posting from the woman’s daughter
  • Goss citing Internet postings
  • Evaluation - Known only second hand, witness is probably Jean Osolinski (later Mrs Heath). 

Summer 1933. 0230hrs.
An 18 year old man who wished to remain anonymous was on his way to Nazareth, when he stopped to change a tyre. As he was doing this he noticed a violet glow in a field to the right. On approaching he saw that it came from a slit in a spherical machine, 3m in diameter and 2m high. The slit was in a doorway which he pushed open and put his head in. The violent light was coming from the ceiling, and he then noticed dials, tubes a marble like wall, and a console. The thing seemed permeated with an ammonia smell and was cold. He then walked around the object feeling its smooth, windowless, cold metallic surface. He was struck by a deadly silence. He gained the impression that any occupant would have been reptilian in nature. 
  • APRO Bulletin July 1964 p7 + Clark 1998 p932 both citing anonymous letter from witness to Allentown Sunday Call-Clarion 16 February. 1964
  • Evaluation - Probable hoax

Summer 1933.
The permanent curate observed a mysterious machine like a monoplane twelve times during the summer. On one occasion the craft descended to a few metres altitude and two persons were seen in the cabin 
  • Keel 1971a p128 + John Keel in FSR 16,4 p12 both citing Ake Franzen

Summer 1933. 0330hrs.

Mr and Mrs Minchin had just arrived at a camp site at an undisclosed location and were unpacking their car when they saw what looked like the transparent figure of a woman in a flowing draped garment in the field in front of them, about 20m away. The figure was bending back and forward as if picking up things from the ground. Mr Minchin walked towards the figure but then felt compelled to stop because of an ill-defined feeling of unease. After a few minutes the figure vanished. 
  • Bennett 1939 p319 citing letter Mrs Minchin

July 5 1933. Night.

A group of four Hawker Fury biplanes were on a flight when a huge circular light descended among them. Two of the pilots Captain Nigel Tompkins and Bruce H Thomas were forced to land when their engines cut out. Thomas suffered burns on his hands and face when trying to land, as if by radiated heat. 
  • Hall 1999 p16 citing History of the III Fighter Squadron, RAF (sic), London Press (sic) 1947
  • Project 1947 citing this as supplied on a web posting by Wayne Thompson in 1994
  • Evaluation. Hoax, presumably by Thompson as neither the book nor the publisher cited exist or existed

August 1933. Evening.
While on a search party for lost holidaymakers Irving C Allen, a lawyer from Seaside, became separated from the main party. When he looked round he saw a hairy humanoid. The thing turned and hurried off into the gloom. 
  • Bord 2006 p48, 228 citing Bigfoot Bulletin 26 p11 citing Visalia Times Delta 19 August 1933.

August 1933.
A few days after the previous event Clement Klink on another search party saw “an animal like human” on a cliff near a place called “the death trap”. As Clement looked the thing bounded away. 
  • ibid.

August 4 1933.
Leonie Van den Dyck, a mother of nine, whose husband had left her saw a brilliant luminosity by a poplar tree. It was a blue light tinged with yellow, with a sort of grey blue sphere under it. A female entity with long yellow hair, wearing a white robe descended onto the sphere. The figure was identified as the Virgin Mary and the usual homilies were delivered.

August 18 1933. 2355hrs.
Miss Ruby Bower, who was staying at her uncle’s inn Black Horse was awakened with a strange feeling and saw that the room was illuminated by an unidentified light. She then saw the figure of “a stout old lady with an evil face” glide across the floor. The figure was dressed in a long fawn dress, white apron and cap. When Ruby yelled out the figure disappeared through the opposite wall and the light went out. During the experience it seemed that the recently built panel between the room and outside wall had disappeared, so she could see the window on that wall. 
  • Alexander 1973 p53 + Haining 2008 p25 both citing Vale of White Horse Gazette 18 August 1933.

Autumn 1933. 1700hrs.
Thomas McGreal and his son were walking home along rough ground, when the marshy ground suddenly appeared solid. Thomas whistled and what looked like small brick and slate houses appeared about 400m away. From them emerged beings about 75cm tall, carrying lights. Thomas and son would walk towards these houses, but when they got close; they would disappear and reappear elsewhere. They had to test the ground to check they were not heading out over water. When Thomas turned his coat inside out, the familiar scenery returned and the beings and houses disappeared. Despite the fact that the ground was muddy and boggy their clothes were dry when they got home. The normally 30 minute journey took hours and it was 2300 when they arrived home. During the journey neither felt tired, but they were exhausted once they arrived home. 
  • Johnson 2014 p203 citing McGreal Jnr

September 1933.
Five people walking near the railway line from Orresta to Tortuna saw something like a train, with unusually bright head and tail lights travelling silently along the line, though no train was due for 30 minutes. Other people were said to have seen the same thing on other occasions.
  • Haining 2008 p26 citing Morning Post 3 October 1933
  • Lancashire Evening Post 5 October 1933. p6

October 1933. 
Omer Eneman saw a luminous sphere which opened to reveal a female humanoid figure. 
  • McClure 1983 p121

Late 1933.
An aboriginal woman was left alone when her companions fled a remote water hole as a large shining egg shaped object descended. Several humanoids with grey skins emerged and one of them directed an instrument at her, paralysing her. They then took her on board their craft, where she was strapped to a table and examined. 
  • Gilroy 1995 p29
  • Evaluation - Apparently told to stockmen who later repeated it. Hoax?

1934. (approx. date) Afternoon.
A young girl walking down a country road became tired and wanted somewhere to rest, but could not find anywhere. Suddenly a large headed dwarf came out of nowhere and offered her his head to sit on. After some doubts she agreed. Then the dwarf followed her home, telling her it would protect her all its life. She claimed other encounters. 
  • Rosales citing Singapore Paranormal Investigations
  • Evaluation - A story rooted in shamanic imagery and fairy stories

Three army engineers observed a glowing red and blue disc with a kind of projection coming from it. The light seemed to grow in size as of approaching and was an estimated 12m in diameter. Later a ring of stained grass was found near where the object had hovered. 
  • Lore and Deneault 1969 p111 citing an anonymous telephone call to NICAP in 1960

Geoligist B M Zdorik and a Tajik guide were climbing in the upper reaches of the Dondushkan when they encountered a hairy humanoid about 1.5m tall, lying asleep. The thing was covered in reddish brown fur. The guide urged Zdorik ro to flee. 
  • Jonathan Downes and Richard Freeman in CFZ Yearbook 1999 p38 citing Boris Porshev citing Zdorik
  • Sanderson 1961 p309
  • Keel 1970a p75)

A young man, Juan Rivera Feilberti was flying a kite in a field outside town. Altered by something pulling on the kite, he looked up a see silvery sphere, 6m diameter, hovering above him and directing a beam of light down on him. Via this he was floated into the sphere through an opening in the top. Inside were a man in a dark green tight fitting suit sat at a control panel, and stood next to him, a very young looking blond girl with rosy skin and wearing a silvery outfit, who was holding the kite. She took Juan into another room and shown a box which showed images. She would not give Juan his kite back but instead asked him to play with a sort of box with buttons on it. When the buttons were pressed smoke came out, from which emerged clouds of smoke which resolved into monkey like creatures. He agreed to swap his kite for the box. He was deposited back where he came from, twisting his ankle in the process. He and his friends played with the box and the “monkeys”, which only children could see,. These later got out of his control and he buried the box, though he claimed that some of the monkeys escaped. Later in life he encountered alien women who seduced him, and received a telepathic message that “the hour of the new harvest is approaching. 
  • Rosales citing Robiou 1979 + Chris Aubeck
  • Evaluation - A ufological remaking of a child’s fairy story

A group of girls playing in a fig field encountered a very small humanoid staring at them from behind vines. The terrified girls ran away. 
  • Rosales citing Project CATENT

1934. 1200hrs.
Antonio de Moura and his father saw an elongated luminous metallic looking object, 8m long, 3m high on a tripod in the road up to the convent. Moving around this object were two tall figures wearing luminous white one piece suits from head to toe. Each was holding a sort of metallic looking stick surmounted by a red light. The father and son left the area. 
  • Boaventura 2015 p35 citing 2002 investigation by himself

January 8 1934.
The lighthouse keeper Mr Rutkvist observed something like an aeroplane manoeuvre low near the island of Grasundet. It hovered, slowly spiralled down, and then ascended again when it got close to the water. 
  • John Keel in FSR 16,3 p13 citing Ake Frazen citing press reports 9 January 1934.

January 10 1934. 1950hrs
A light was seen on the sea in the direction of Lovoya, disappearing and reappearing several times. At 2040 a light in about the same spot was seen to rise into the sky above Barfallet and move south to Gjeslingen Island. The witnesses were shopkeeper Johan Sederland (57) and fisherman Frits Helmar Kvaloy (25) 
  • Ole Jonny Braenne in INFO Journal 73 p8 citing archival sources

January 11 1934. 
An aerial machine was seen at very low altitude as if about to land and lighting up the entire forest. Suddenly it accelerated and followed the Skelleftea river. 
  • John Keel in FSR 17,4 p18 citing Ake Frazen

January 12 1934. Evening.
Beams of light and engine noises were detected throughout the area. An aerial machine was seen to land on the water off Sleipskar. 
  • John Keel in FSR 17,4 p17 citing Ake Frazen

January 13 1934.
Some residents of a nearby island reported the landing of an aerial machine on Vinka 
  • ditto

January 13 1934.
An aerial craft was seen to land here 
  • ditto

January 23 1934.
Captain Sigvard Olsen and a crewman also named Olsen of the Norwegian freighter Tordenskiold en route from Tromso to Kabelvag observed a large grey coloured machine resembling an aeroplane that appeared directly in front of their vessel. It approached, turned to the right and flew directly over the ship, projecting a powerful beam of light on it, and then circled it and vanished. Captain Olsen saw a person wearing a hooded jacket and goggles in the cabin of the strange unmarked aircraft. 
  • John Keel in FSR 17, 4 p18

February 1934. (apprx date) Night.
Alerted by his dog barking, Frank Dan encountered a tall muscular hairy humanoid. Frank ran back inside and barred the door. Through his window he saw the thing walk off into the bush. 
  • Arment 2006 p76 citing Oshkosh Northwestern 3 March 1934 + Brainerd Daily Dispatch 5 March 1934
  • Redfern 2015a p67 citing Lethbridge Herald 3 March 1934

February 1934. (or following month) Evening.
On the Sugarloaf road, outside Stanhope Cecil and Ernie Thompson were collecting the last bag of peas for their father when they saw a figure leaning over it, They thought it was a friend playing a joke but when it stood up, they saw that it was a humanoid about 1.7m tall, with long arms. When they threw a clod of earth at it, the thing moved off with a waddling motion. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p40, 220 citing The Stanhope Border Post 1 November 199(?2) + interview with Paul Cropper 1997

February 1934. Evening.
On a cold, wet evening Mr and Mrs Sutton observed what they thought was a double-deck omnibus, with two men in peaked caps standing by it. Thinking it was an omnibus the couple approached but the object moved off without the two men, apparently empty. There was, in fact, no bus route in this area. Local people believed the area to be haunted by a phantom omnibus. 
  • Bardens 1965 p121

February 5 1934. Evening.
People on both sides of the Fager mountain saw an aerial machine “crash land” on the mountain. The next day a kind of aeroplane was seen on the mountain, with two men near it, clearing snow. Engine sounds were heard. Rescuers found no machine but traces and footprints were discovered
  • ditto
  • Evaluation - Misperception of a large boulder by people using binoculars in a snow storm according to Air Force archive sources 
  • Ole Jonny Braenne in INFO Journal 73 p11

February 8 1934. 0030hrs.
Two fishermen; Olaf Edvardsen (26) and Nikolai Jensen (20) saw a powerful light moving up and down on the waves. It changed colour and brilliance before disappearing. 
  • Ole Jonny Braenne in INFO Journal 73 p8

February 15 1934. 1200hrs.
A huge aerial machine with two wings was seen flying close to the water of Dory Sund, as if to land. It travelled northwards and the noise of an engine could be heard. 
  • John Keel in FSR 17,4 p19

March 31 1934. (approx. date) Evening.
Five people, including a 16 year old boy, observed a huge aerial machine like an aeroplane with eight engines and lighted windows descend over Altenfjord. It moved in wide circles, showing all sides. 
  • John Keel in FSR 17, 4 p19

April 1934. Night.
A shepherd was attending to his sheep in a barn when something made his oil lantern go out and the doors and shutters rattled. A bright light then appeared at the farm end of the barn, which light resolved into the figure of a glowing woman in white. This glided along a wall and disappeared into a side room. Suring this appearance his dog, left outside, barked furiously and the sheep huddled against the thing. Once the shepherd was outside the barn his lantern lit easily despite a strong wind. The same thing happened the next night, and then, after two night respite, again. 
  • Rackham 2001 p280 citing Brighton and Hove Herald  n.d. April 1934.

June 1934. (approx. date) Night.
Mr Durwan saw a glowing object pass his house, brilliantly illuminating his room. Moments later a car crashed into his wall. When Durwen went to his aid, the driver revealed he crashed while avoiding lighted object resembling a bus moving without anyone inside. 
  • Bardens 1965 p 121 citing press sources

Summer 1934. Evening.
A group of children were playing in Grace Dieu Park when one of them, Tommy Allen saw something like a nun walking along the footpath. He and two friends followed it under the railway embankment and when they reached the other side there was nothing to be seen. 
  • Wright 2006 p75

July 1934. (or following month) 0345hrs. 
At an undisclosed location a 3 year old girl visiting friends, found them in the company “soldiers” wearing green boiler suits and tin hats, and with “ray guns” on their belts. These soldiers were forcing the family into a large silver object like a caravan. They entered a room where people were standing like statues. Her friend’s father told the soldiers that she was not there child, at which she was lifted out of the object. She ran home to find that it was dark. When her parents investigated the friend’s house was deserted and the family was never seen again. 
  • Margaret Fry in NUFON News 151 p14 citing her own investigation
  • Evaluation - False memory, perhaps a back dating of some wartime incident

July 1934.
Mrs Caufield was washing clothes in the river where she heard a buzzing sound like that made by a humming bird. Looking around she saw a large hairy humanoid. She covered her face as she feared it might hypnotise her. Her screams brought her husband out of the house and he saw the thing running away. 
  • Arment 2006 p77 citing Brainerd (MN) Daily Dispatch 10 July 1934.

July 1934.
Emma Paul and Millie Saul encountered a hairy humanoid on the edge of the woods. A few nights later something was heard prowling around Millie’s home and at one point it rubbed its hand along her window pain. 
  • Arment 2006 p82 citing Lincoln (NE) Star 29 July 1934.

Autumn 1934.
A number of people independently encountered a tall figure like a man in a slouch hat and raincoat. One witness reported was a young girl who said the misty figure appeared out of nowhere and she fled because she could not see its legs. Others reported that it had a halo of mist and that it suddenly disappeared. 
  • Ludlam 1967 p61

October 1 1934.
An old lady, working in her field, saw, on a nearby crag, a small being dressed in a very brilliant suit. Suddenly she thought she heard a voice in her head that announced the birth of her grandson. She started out towards the being but he began to run and disappeared. Upon reaching her house she found that a grandson had been born. The child was named Angel, as she thought the figure had been a divine messenger 
  • Ballester 1976 p1 Case 4 siting information from David G Lopez

October 17 1934. Night.
Four young men walking along a dark street heard a rustling sound and looking back saw something like an ape which followed them making strange cries. One boy who was on crutches discarded them and ran off as fast as the others. 
  • Arment 2006 p110 citing Reno Evening Gazette 18 October 1934.

December 10 1934. (approx. date) Dusk.
Radio engineer Frank Jackson (27) was working on a shop conversion when looking round he saw something like woman with a chalk white face dressed in a shimmering white shroud emerge from the floorboards. The figure had large staring eyes, a prominent nose and shoulder length black hair. The figure rose up to his own height and there was a light around her feet. Frank fled and when he returned with others the figure had disappeared. 
  • Lancashire Evening Post 12 December 1934 p7

December 10 1934. 1930hrs.
Something like a brilliant star was seen descending over the centre of the town by bandmaster Charles Smith and others. 
  • Dundee Courier 11 December 1934 p6

1935. (approx. date)
At some point in the 1930s an 8 year old girl saw a balloon shaped object in the sky, and shortly afterwards she came across a tiny humanoid figure in a drain. It had a triangular face, pointed ears, slanting, “petrified” eyes, wearing some sort of tight fitting suit. She showed it to a neighbour but would not give it to him. She let the thing go and it scampered away. 
  • Joy Barish in FSR 26,6 p32

1935. (approx. date)
At some point in the 1930s a group of aboriginals saw they saw a green spinning light land behind trees. From it came a large number of little men illuminated by a green light. They walked around the tribe, as if examining them, then returned to their craft, which took off again. 
  • Chalker 1996 p22 citing John Kernott
  • Evaluation - Really just a story allegedly told to Kernott by his aboriginal father in law. 

1935. (approx date) 2250hrs.
The rector of Ludlow saw the figure of a tall, slim woman wearing a light blue-grey dressing gown come down the stairs and enter the drawing room. He quickly followed but the figure had disappeared. 
  • Bennett 1939 p302 citing letter from witness

1935. (approx. date) 1600hrs.
Young Warren Davies and his sister were returning home from school when, near the end of a wood, they saw a bright yellow object, which they first thought was a balloon, floating among the trees. It was moving back and forth 2m away, like a pendulum. It was the apparent size of a bicycle wheel. The frightened children ran home and had to be accompanied by an adult before they would use that route again. 
  • Pugh and Holiday 1979 p 58

1935. (approx. date) Night.

A couple and their young son were driving by a river when the boy’s attention was caught by a dark wingless mass hovering over the water, faintly illuminated by light from mills. From one end two or three brilliant spotlights played on the water. The boy’s father said it was a flying boat, but it resembled no drawing of one he had ever seen. 
  • APRO Bulletin 28,7 p4 citing letters from the now adult boy to APRO in 1976 and 1979

1935. 0030hrs.
James Mason (18) was staying in a normally unused room in his home about 20km from Aberdeen, reading a book by oil lamp, when he saw the figure of a girl in her 20s coming through the wall. The figure was transparent and had dark hair tied in a bun, and was only dressed in a slip from the waist down. The figure then disappeared. Other people were said to have seen it. 
  • Holder 2010 p 43 citing Aberdeen Evening Express 14 January 1969

1935. 0100hrs.
Three trappers checking a line, James Collins, Wilgus Prater and Dale Carpenter saw a figure approaching the line. It was a large hairy humanoid. They fired several shots at it from distances as close as 6m but when they searched the next day no traces could be found. 
  • Nunnelly 2017b p188 citing Paul Henson

Mary Snodgrass (12) was alone in her house while her parents were out shopping when a humanoid, covered in thick black hair suddenly appeared the living room. The thing was so tall it had to bend to fit in the 2.5m tall room, had red eyes and when it breather it emitted blue flames. Mary passed out. The family left the property at once. 
  • Nunnelly 2017b p208

Several people, including the Vicar, Rev Allan hay reported a man appear in the road, put up his hand for traffic to stop and then disappear. 
  • Ludlam 1967 p114

1935. Dawn.
Juan Antonio Fernandez (16) went out fishing and reached a small hill overlooking the beach. There he heard a strange sound like a motor and lost consciousness. Two days later his family found him wandering on the beach. He had a strange, old looking scar, like a hand with long fingers, on his chest. This was still clearly visible 40 years later. 
  • Rob MacGregor and Trish Janeshutz in Fate May 1984 p567 citing investigation by Antonio Cardenas Tabies)

February 1935. Morning.
A 7 year old boy, Carl Jonzon was walking to school when passing a field near his home he saw some sort of object stuck in the snow. Around it were a group of beings with helmets down to their shoulders. Carl later went into the field where he encountered a dense fog. When he came out of the fog he found that two and a half hours had elapsed. Carl’s uncle may also have seen the object. 
  • Rosales 1930-49 p80 citing Sven Olof Svensson

Winter 1935. 2100hrs.
A 10 year old boy standing outside his grandfather’s dairy farm on Three Chain Road saw a humanoid walking in from the hills. As it did so, the horses became disturbed. The boy went to tell his grandfather, who shut down the lamp. The family watched, through a kitchen window, as the creature came within 8m of the house. They saw that its head was set right on its shoulders, was hunched backed but walked upright. After hesitating for a moment the creature walked away behind the dairy. The grandfather had seen the same thing in the bush some years before. 
  • Dimitri Bayanov in Markotic and Krantz 1984 p118 citing Don Boyd in Outdoors June 1978 p83
  • Healy and Cropper 1994 p124 + Smith 1996 p154 both citing Gary Buchanan in Lismore Northern Star 7 July 1977 p4)

Spring 1935. Night.
From their house at Kool and Dageraadstaat corner, Mr and Mrs Aerts observed a brilliant, aluminium coloured, circular object resembling a huge inverted pan hovering above a neighbouring building at 70degrees altitude. From the rear of this object 2 dwarfs dressed in metallic suits with square helmets emerged. They moved around the object in a jerky fashion, like robots, floating without support, apparently examining the surface of the object. The beings went behind the object and may have entered it, though the witnesses could see no openings. After this the object took off to the south east. There were possibly other witnesses. The couple refused to talk about the incident for many years.
  • Alain Gamard citing Dohmen 1972 p153 citing Infospace 1 p31
  • Jacques Bonabot in UFO Register 5 p8 also citing Dohmen

April 3 1935. (appex date) 1930hrs.
Mr Mora, who was working on his farm “Maza-Ancha” saw a large round brilliant object descend to just above the ground 450m away. Some small, strange beings appeared, going round the object. Mora thought that this was a religious vision and it was the main topic of his conversation for the rest of his life. 
  • Ballester 1976 p1 case 5 citing Manuel Osuna in Phen Spax 28 p17

May 1935.
Mr and Mrs Cliff Foster were walking on the beach when they saw a light “the size of a Japanese orange” at 1m altitude, approach to within 65cm. Mr Foster threw a large rock at it, but without effect. The light then moved away towards the lake at walking speed. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 59 p6

May 1935.
Radu Popsecu and his cousin , both aged 16 to 17 were going down to the River Olt by the Resca creek mouth when they what they thought was a covered wagon with five people, one near the wagon, two somewhat further away and two by a boat on the side of the river. When they saw the youths had seen them the beings ran back to the “wagon”, which became covered by a sort of black cover, made a humming sound and took off over the Olt, becoming white as it did and disappeared into the distance. As they object took off, the youths saw it was surmounted by a sort of antenna. 
  • Farcas 2016 p121 citing investigation by Calin Turcu
  • Evaluation - Another story told decades after the event.

June 15 1935. 1630hrs.
Petrache Lupu (28) and two other shepherds were in a forested area 2km from the village when he saw a white cloud at about twice the height of the trees. On this was an old man with a white beard, who warned the people about abortion and other sins before disappearing in a white cloud. The previously deaf and dumb man could now hear and speak. The incident repeated about a week later. 
  • Farcas 2016 p197

July 1935. (approx. date and year) 2030hrs.
Mrs Pennington, her three sons and daughter were walking back from her sister’s about 2.5km from their home, when their attention was caught by a light ahead. As they approached they saw it was a shaft of light, about 10m wide, covering the entire width of the road. They were unable to see where it came from. Unable to get round it, they hurried through it with no ill consequence. After they had gone about 400m further on the light just went out. 
  • Pennigton 2013 p40

September 1935. Night.
A woman cycling along a lane near to railway arches, heard a noise coming from the arches, and then saw a blue light pass over a shed by the arches and approach her. As it did so, it turned into the form of a very tall figure, which had no visible face, dressed in some white garment like a shroud. The thing moved toward her in long strides. The frightened cyclist quickly left the scene. 
  • O’Donnell 1966 p140

Something like a fiery cartwheel was seen rolling along a tributary of the Danube at great speed by several local inhabitants. 
  • Hobana and Weverbergh 1974 p192 citing Ferenc Szakaly in Tukor 19 December 1967 citing Kis Ujsag 18 August 1940

A dirigible shaped object was seen flying at speed just off shore. One man, who examined it through binoculars, saw people wearing strange helmets in a gondola on the craft. 
  • Rife p112 citing an Internet posting

In a wooded area a single witness encountered a 2.7m tall being dressed dark tight fitting clothing and wearing a black cape. The witness fled in terror. 
  • Nunnelly 2011 p134

1936 Night.
On a number of occasions a girl was awoken by columns of “beautiful” lights in her room. These seemed to envelop her and she believed that they concealed benevolent beings. 
  • Swords 2005 p 133 citing John Timmerman

1936 Night.
Security guard Mark Schackelman was driving down Hw18, on his rounds when he saw a strange creature, 1.8m tall with black hair and shrivelled thumb and forefinger and pointed ears, giving an appearance part way between dog and ape. The thing was digging in an old Indian graveyard. Mark saw the thing again two days later, when it seemed to speak in a growling sound. It emitted a foul smell. 
  • Rath 1997 p14
  • Linda Godfrey in Strange 11 p36 + Godfrey 2003 p23 citing Kenosha Labor 19 February. 1993(?) + her own investigation
  • Godfrey 2012 p14

Winter 1936. Dawn.
A 15 year old schoolgirl at this state farm, was on her way to school, when she saw a dark point moving across the sky. As it grew closer, she saw it was a manlike figure dressed in black. She saw it in profile flying at an angle of 60 degrees to the road. The figure appeared to be of medium height, was completely covered by his black cloths and wore something like a helmet on his head. His massive square arms appeared affixed to his body, and he appeared to have a kind of rucksack on his back. As the girl looked at him, terrified, the figure turned towards her, though she could only see a black surface where his face should have been. As he got within 40m she heard a rumbling sound, and she got the impression she was watching a machine rather than a person. She ran looking for shelter but could find none, When she looked back the figure had gone. The incident lasted for about a minute. 
  • FSR 24, 4 p13 quoting Vladimir V Rubstov in a 1976 issue of Tekhnika Molodezhi citing his own investigation
  • Rubstov in Evans and Stacy 1997 p225

Winter 1936. 
Johann Purchalski (15) saw a saucer shaped object pass overhead and land in a nearby field. He met (undescribed) occupants who said they were friendly space people and who showed him their machinery. He was given a metal badge that said the craft was owned by the Martian police force. 
  • Batholomew and Howard 1998 p 289 citing John B Musgrave citing Saucers, Space and Science Yearbook 1965 p21
  • Evaluation - Sounds more like a joke than a serious hoax!
January 1 1936. Early hours.
A man going to fetch his wife from a New Year’s party encountered a young woman wearing a green suit and dark collar by the side of the road. She accepted his offer of a lift. The car suddenly felt very cold and when the man turned to see if the young woman was all right, he found she had disappeared. 
  • Rogers 1994 p102
  • Evaluation - Standard phantom hitch-hiker story

January 7 1936. Night.
Elizabeth Delmore, her 14 year old cousin and a friend were driving to party on this dark night, when Elizabeth, the driver, was distracted by seeing a couple she thought she recognised when a strange figure appeared right in front of the car, which seemed to pass right through it. It was a figure in some sort of helmet and draperies. 
  • Rae-Ellis 1990 p220

April 1936. (apprx date) 
Evelyn S Lloyd was walking near Luib when he saw a huge figure dressed like an old fashioned shepherd, wearing a bonnet, on the hillside, walking towards him. When Lloyd looked through binoculars the figure was no longer visible.
  • Gray 1989 p30 citing Evelyn Lloyd in The Scotsman 5 November 1941

Summer 1936 (or following year) 1200hrs.
Miss Nesta Howard was driving down a country road saw a figure like a man wearing a priest’s cassock and biretta and another figure like a nun behind the first. They seemed to turn to the left, but there was no road or break in the hedge they could have gone down. 
  • Ludlam 1967 p115

July 1936 Day.
Frank Dan (qv) was out fishing in his canoe when a rock was thrown at him. Looking up he saw a hairy humanoid leaping from rock to rock. There was a rock fall, which Frank attributed to his magical powers, but this did not deter the creature, which hurled a huge rock at Frank and his canoe, blocking the channel. The thing also emitted a powerful odour that made Frank’s eyes sting and made him feel dizzy. The fish fled the scene, followed by Frank. 
  • Sanderson 1961 p70 + Redfern 2015a p240 citing J W Burns
  • Evaluation - Burns was a noted story teller, and it is impossible to say how much of this was made up by him and how much by Frank Dan, a repeater witness

September 1 1936 1930hrs.
A 14 year old farm girl, going to draw water from a brook, saw hovering over the brook and cricket pitch 40m away, a brown cigar shaped object with five portholes emitting yellow light. It glided slowly west to east, just above a dip in the ground. The girl felt transfixed and had the impression the object was watching her. When she came to her senses, she had drawn the water. She later blamed it for her rare blood group. 
  • Randles 1981 p31 + NUFON News 58 p6 citing investigation by Larry Dale, Tony Pace and Martin Keatman

September 25 1936, 2350hrs.
The licensee of the Old Ferry Inn was up waiting for a resident to return but dozing, when he heard a rustling sound and so no more than 3m away in passage, the figure of a woman in her 20s wearing a green-grey cloak, with deathly white face. He approached the figure, but it glided away through the door and out to the edge of the river near the ferry. 
  • Hallam 1972 p140

December 1936 Night.
Bill Ellis was driving his truck up White Hill when his co-driver alerted him to a figure in a black cloak but not in time to prevent a collision. On investigation there was no sign of him. Other drivers reported similar incidents. 
  • Rae-Ellis 1990 p217

December 21 1936 (approx. date) Night. 
The driver and female passenger of a taxi cab, saw a figure like an old man, with a large nose, white hair and a “greenish tinge” stare into their cab. 
  • Codd 2011a p59

December 21 1936 (approx. date) Night.
A night watchman was approached by a figure like an old man with a long white beard. When he looked back the figure had vanished 
  • ibid

1937 (approx. date)
Mrs Jane Patterson went to an abandoned house on her ranch to collect rhubarb. She had just ducked down under a tree branch and straightened up when she saw a monkey like creature sat down some 3m away, its hands on its knees. The thing was covered in brown hair and had slit like eyes. When Jean called out the thing blinked its eyes but otherwise did not move. 
  • Green 1978 p63

J Harrison and Walter Holdsworth were driving near Ingleton when a man in a blue suit crossed the road in front. They were unable to stop before hitting the figure but there was neither impact nor any trace of the figure. Walter claimed to have seen the figure several times before. 
  • Ludlam 1967 p113

A man fishing on the banks of the Saginaw River saw a humanoid creature emerge from the water, climb up the bank and hold on to a tree. It then returned to the water. The witness was said to have had a nervous breakdown following the incident. 
  • Clark and Coleman 1978 p53
  • Prince-Hughes 1997 p42 citing Indiana Folklore Archives
  • Evaluation - Appears to be little more than a rumour

1937 Daytime.
An 8 year old girl was walking through a meadow when a strange object hovered over her. From the object there descended a platform, from which emerged beings dressed her red, who took her on board. The inside of the object seemed larger than the outside. In it she was sat on a chair facing a bright light, which induced visions. She was then taken by this craft to a place where there was a large pyramid. From there she walked down corridors until she was back in the meadow again. 
  • Arnold 2010 p62

1937 Evening.
Mary Alton saw mysterious flames shoot from the same field as the 1917 incident. 
  • Johnson 2014 p78

Winter 1937. Evening.
A man walking his dog encountered a 1.5m tall, hairy thing with a pointed head and claw like hands and feet. The thing ran down a steep slope, right through a fence and on towards the railway line. 
  • Randles 1990 p37 citing investigation by Michelle Clare
  • Evaluation - Story told 40-50 years after the alleged event

January 1937 (approx. year) 0030hrs.
Michael Sheehy and a friend were walking home from working late in Kiltimagh and were approaching the Killeaden estate, when, at a branch in the road, they saw three tall human like figures, stood facing each other in a triangular formation. The two men hurried past these figures and shortly afterwards went their separate ways. Michael continued on his way only to meet the same three figures again, back in their strange pose, though they could not possibly of done the journey, even at a run. Michael hurried past them and went home. 
  • MacManus 1973 p43

January 1937 (approx. date) Night.
Returning to the out of town farm where he worked from a visit to Treesbank, J W Gattrell when, reaching a bridge across the Souris River, he saw a figure as if someone had come to greet him. However, when he reached the bridge the figure was nowhere to be seen. 
  • Gattrell in Colombo 1989 p103

January 28 1937 0545hrs.
The mate on duty of the d/s Hammero, along with the pilot Mr Stemland and a crew member Gerhard Hansen observed a wake as if from a speedboat. As it came closer they saw the hull of object in the water pass within 120m. It was only visible for a minute until it disappeared into the sea again and though they thought they saw a kind of pole they could clearly make out the object’s shape or size. 
  • Ole Jonny Braenne in INFO Journal 73 p11 citing the boat’s journal and a report to the General Staff 1 February. 1937
  • Evaluation - Looks like a submarine (German?)

February 1937. 2000hrs.
While on a road on the outskirts of this village Mr Billon and a woman friend saw a lighted multi coloured object that appeared to be roughly square in shape hovering close to the ground in a field about 100m away. In front of this thing a number of figures about 1m tall , wearing what looked brown-green uniforms, could be seen walking back and forth at speed. The couple were much shaken by this incident. 
  • Rosales 1930-49 p102 citing Denys Breysse

February 11 1937, 2115HRS.
Just outside Kvalsvik and near Floro and crew of the fishing vessel “Fram” observed a large object like an aeroplane with red and green lights resting on the water. As the boat approached the machine turned off its lights and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. 
  • John Keel in FSR 17, 5 p22 + Keel 1971a p 135 citing Ake Frazen

February 18 1937, 0100HRS.
Captain Thoralf Skog (43) of d/d Raftsund and the pilot Reidar Bertinusen saw something like heavily illuminated ship from which spiral light beams were projected upwards. It was observed for 15 minutes, 1-1.5km away but were unable to make out its shape or true size. It was eventually hidden by a snowstorm. 
  • Ole Jonny Braenne in INFO Journal 73 p11 citing a report from police officer A. Furland to chief of police in Alesund 26 February. 1937

March 1937. Night.
A truck driver and his mate were driving on the road to Arica when they were followed by a bright light that they first thought was another truck. As it passed them at high speed they saw it was a transparent pink light inside which were things like fish or lizards. 
  • Rosales 1930-49 p103 citing files of Robert Othmar Vettiger citing an interview with the witness’ grandson in 2007

March 7 1937.
At the Bankfield Mine, three miners, Albert Caulman, George Kelso and Clarence Hands, were terrified by some sort of humanoid figure. At about the same time miners in the nearby Little Longlac Mine saw a light in the mine, and the hydraulic air valves spontaneously opened and closed. 
  • Lambert 1955 p142

April 1937. 0200HRS.
Two policemen patrolling in the area around Capodichino Airport, surprised some smugglers, and while looking for them, their flashlight illuminated a disc shaped machine 50m away. It resembled two dishes face to face, about 25m diameter, 6m high. It gave off a silver-white glow that was easy on the eyes. There were domes on the top and bottom and three rows of portholes from which red and light blue “flames” emanated. The lower portion appeared to be rotating. The object took off rapidly, heading towards Vesuvius, leaving a pale blue trail and giving off a rustling sound. The experience lasted about 30 seconds. There were supposed to be other witnesses who had seen a strange object in the sky. 
  • Verga 2007 p18 case 3701 citing one of the men’s letter to CISU and investigation by SOLARIS
  • Evaluation - Another story told decades after the event. Alleged contemporaneous newspaper report could not be found. Witness was a UFO buff

Summer 1937. Night.

Henri Hauk was on his way home when he observed a globe of light near the ground in front of him. This light increased in size and became cigar shaped. Hauk returned to the spot next day but could find no traces
  • Jacques Bonabot citing J. G. Dohmen

July 1937.
During a thunderstorm, near this town, two men saw a yellow ball of light about 20cm diameter, with a soft outline. It was rolling slowly down a building roof, with a sort of “hopping” motion. On reaching the gutter it turned at right angles, rolled down the gutter. On reaching an ornamental spoke it disappeared with a bright flash and loud bang. 
  • Devereux 1982 p99 citing BUFORA Journal 7:3

September 15 1937. (approx. date and year) Night.
A couple returning home from an evening walk saw a small human like figure hanging from the branch of a tree. The figure then moved off. The same figure was seen again during daylight the following spring. 
  • Quinn 2006 p105

Late 1937. 1400HRS.
Mr Vergani, his wife, child and six other men saw a group of ten shapeless, pale chestnut coloured objects in the sky, with an apparent diameter of 1m. They moved in an undulating fashion. They were first seen when 200m away but in a moment they came close to the ground, one of them seeming to land behind a ridge while the others continued on their way, silently. Verganin and some other witnesses went to the presumed landing site but found nothing. 
  • Alain Gamard citing Bougard 1977 p253

October 24 1937.
Near this township, outside Hammerfest, a fishing boat with a crew of six encountered a very large object like an aeroplane resting on the water. As they approached the machine turned on its bright lights and took off, passing so close to the boat that a collision was feared. 
  • John Keel in FSR 17,5 p22 citing Ake Frazen

November 1937. Evening.
Two Latvian lads were searching for lost sheep when they saw, in a screen, a tall humanoid that they thought resembled a troll. The youths called out but got no reply, whereupon one of them fired a warning shot at which the creature ran off through the boulders. The two lads also left the scene at speed. 
  • Rosales 1930-49 p109 citing Ole Braenne citing Nordlands Avis 12 November 1937

December 17 1937, 2005HRS.
The 18 members of the Easter Compton Band were out playing carols in the grounds of Over Court, when their lamp went out and they saw a blue white luminosity that resembled a woman with a conical hat. 
  • Royal and Girvan 1977 p38

1938 (or following year) afternoon.
Teenager Clyde Shepherdson and his friend were wallaby hunting ibn the bush between Nanango and Maidenwell some 3km from the nearest road when they saw, about 5m away, a 1.8m tall humanoid covered in yellowish hair. The thing raised its hands as if to warn the lads away. It had a short neck, a flattish nose, fang like teeth. The boys fled. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p46 citing investigations by themselves (2001) and Dean Harrison


Steve Brodie and a friend were prospecting near a Mesa, Brodie was working when he heard his friend call out and saw a black cowled figure at the base of the Mesa. This was joined soon by a second. The first figure pointed a rod at Steve who was then unable to move. His friend ran and the second black figure pointed a rod at him. Steve heard his companion scream and then smelt burning flesh. A third figure then approached Steve and placed what looked like set of small earphones behind his ears, at which he lost consciousness. Steve awoke occasionally in a hazy way and found himself with other captives in what looked like cages. He was told that he was “in the caves” and being forced to obey the deros. Each time his head began to clear a black cowled figure would freeze him and adjust the headset. He then found himself in Broadway walking towards Time Square, still dressed in his prospecting clothes, with all his effects and bills in his pockets. After this he was unable to eat meat. Two years had passed. In 1944/5 he was in a neighbouring apartment to John J Robinson to whom he told the story and showed him marks behind the ears 
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1968b p134 citing John J Robinson on Long John Nebel Radio Show March 1957
  • Evaluation - John J Robinson was a friend of Jim Moseley and this story is clearly one of the many hoaxes that Moseley, Barker and circle played. 

A provincial police officer, in pursuit of a suspect, found the bodies of 5 small humanoid beings with large heads and long fingers, dressed tight fitting “space suits”, in a cave. 
  • Rife 2000 p 116 citing an Internet posting
  • Evaluation - Only revealed in 1997 when the alleged witness was 94, imitative story based on Roswell

John Keely a schoolboy was walking along a road in the west of the county when he encountered a small humanoid figure. He asked it where it came from, for which the reply was “from the mountains”. The next day he encountered two more 60cm tall beings on the road near the Ballingarry-Kilfinney crossroads. They had hard hirsute faces and lacked ears. They were dressed in red coats and knee britches and one wore a white cape. John walked off with them, holding the hand of one of them. The beings then saw John’s friends hiding in the bushes and fled. The children chased them through the rough countryside, but the strange beings continue to look neat and clean. 
  • Bord 1997 p47 citing press sources
  • Theo Paijmans in Dark Lore 5 p233 citing The Times 6 September 1938
  • Clark 2000 p101 citing John Barry in The Living Age November 1938 p265

1938. Night.
On at least three occasions a strange figure like a woman in white was seen in the home of Mr and Mrs David Jones. On one occasion the couple saw a woman with long hair, dressed in white, stood by their bed. The figure went downstairs followed by David, who saw it disappear. Sometime later the couple were entertaining friends when there was a tapping at the back door and the figure was seen by the fireplace for a few seconds. It was tall, slim and with a beautiful face. The next night Mrs Jones saw the woman, now looking elderly the stern. The family fled after this. 
  • Ludlam 1967 p126)

1938 (or 1947) 
Roger Courteville was in the jungle beside the Rio Cataumbo when he encountered a strange creature a few metres away. It was a homind with prominent brow ridges, blue eyes, hairless face, receding chin, broad V shaped thorax. Its body was covered with long ruddy hair, its upper arms and legs were longer than the lower. When Roger got within 2m, the thing bared its fangs and leapt back into the forest. 
  • Heuvelmans 1962 p318
  • Evaluation Probable hoax

January 1938.

John White and Bruce Neale were by a cotton mill when they saw a dark thing stood in some water. John threw a rock at the thing but it snarled and began to chase them on twoi legs. It emitting foul smell
  • Blackburn 2017 p205

January or early February. 1938.
A number of people including Sam White reported being chased by a hairy humanoid and one man claimed that it had ripped off his clothing. Police Constable Carl Hovis en countered the thing in an alley and shot at it twice but the thing moved off. 
  • Blackburn 2017 p205 citing Dail Gleaner 9 February. 1938 + Delta Star 6 February. 1938

Winter 1938 Evening
A man walking in the countryside near Fiuggi saw a glow in a group of trees and on approaching, he saw 50m away a silvery object resembling an overturned dish with a central dome 20-39m diameter and landing gear of four legs. At the base of a long ladder, he saw four beings 1.9m tall, dressed in white close fitting overalls. They appeared to be male and appeared to have “a great sense of dignity”. The curious witness approached closer, but the beings re-entered the craft, which retracted the ladder and landing gear, gave off a soft orange glow, and then ascended slowly, tilted and shot off. 
  • Verga 2007 p19 case 3801 citing Fabrizio Mammaro
  • Evaluation - Told by the witness’s son in 1991, a person thought unreliable. Verga considers it either a false memory of a mundane event or a hoax, probably the latter. Note similarity to the Greek case below, common source?

February 1938.
Several people, a few kilometres out of town, saw something like an airship moving at high speed over the sea. A soldier who was present looked through his telescope and saw people wearing unusual helmets in a sort of gondola. 
  • Rosales 1930-49 p119 citing David Pace

February 1938. Evening.
A young man going along Sinnett Road to a poker game encountered a man walking towards him. Thinking it was an acquaintance going to see the same game he called out, but the stranger did not reply. When the witness got within 6m of the figure it transformed into a ball of fire, shot up into the air and flew over the gate of the nearby cemetery and over the telephone wires before descending among the tombs. 

March 1938.
A group of fishermen, including William Baxter, saw a black object like a post, 2.4-2.7m high, emerged out of the water, frightening away the birds. It sank and rose three times in all. 
  • Arnold 2013 p75 citing Liverpool Echo 29 September 1938

April 1938.
Ailse Hall and her friend Miss E Woodford-Grimes were out walking up an inclined clearing when they saw 30-50 tiny beings dressed in blue, dancing about 10-15m away. They eventually just faded away. 
  • Johnson 2014 p83

April 1938.
Farmers Rex Biddle and Ron Storey independently reported a humanoid figure about 1.5m tall and covered in hair which approached their homes. This male figure was accompanied by a female and child who were similarly naked and hairy. Rex thought about shooting at them but decided they were too human. 
  • Arment 2006 p42 citing Okosh Northwestern + Hammond Times + San Mateo Times all 15 April 1938

April 1938 Day.
Something that looked like a headless figure came out of a disused cow house and moved around it, disappearing in a corner. 
  • Woodhouse 2015 p41 citing Northern Dispatch and Echo 26 April 1938

April 6 1938. (approx. date)
Robert Wake, mate of the Newcastle collier “Birtley” saw an aerial machine plunging into the sea about 5km ahead of his vessel. A column of flame, which rapidly dissolved, was thrown up. No wreckage was reported. 
  • Russell 1962 p148 citing Daily Telegraph 7 April 1938
  • Evaluation - An aircraft crash in which three men were killed see Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail + Sunderland Echo and Shipping Gazette all 7 April 1938 + Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer 8 April 1938

April 7 1938. (approx. date)
The crew of the Hull steamer Pole observed an aerial object burst into flames and crash near the Dudgeon lightship 
  • Russell 1962 p148 citing Sheffield Star 8 April 1938)
  • Evaluation Refers to the above incident see for example Sunderland Daily Echo above

May 1938 0400hrs.
24 year old K was in bed when he saw two, young, dark skinned men, holding some sort of apparatus between them, at this window. He was paralysed for about 20 minutes, after which the figures vanished. The next day a flattened circle 10-12m diameter was found in a nearby rye field. There were four holes in the centre. 

  • NUFON News 119 p9 citing Andy Roberts
  • Evaluation Not reported until 1984, when the witness was living in England. No follow up investigation. Night time experience classic aware sleep paralysis. There were two villages with this name in Poland at this time

May 1938. Night.

A number of racoon hunters were sat around their camp fire in a lonely place when they became aware that their dogs were crowding round the fire, as if afraid. Then one man then saw a large white figure stood, as if watching them, about 30m away and pointed it out to the others. The party then fled the scene. 
  • Rosales 1930-49 p122 citing Texas Bigfoot website

May 1938.
Two men driving along a dirt road was a large white creature step out into the road and move towards them. The drove off at speed 
  • ibid

May 9 1938, (approx. date) 
The master of the trawler La Barbue saw an object plunge into the sea 50km north of Dieppe, causing a great column of smoke. No traces were found. 
  • Russell 1962 p 148 citing Le Petit Journal 10 May 1938
  • Yorkshire Evening Post 10 May 1938

May 18 1938, 2215hrs.
At a house where poltergeist effects are been reported since February, a woman known as Mrs Forbes (pseud) went to bed and heard a sound like a fluttering of a bird. She went to sleep as if under anaesthetic. She awoke around midnight with the feeling that there was something on her left hand side, the opposite to her husband. She felt something like a man’s head pressing against her neck and found herself paralysed. She felt herself getting weaker and she felt the thing was pressing into her neck. It felt a dead weight and she noted an odour like that of rotten meet. She then found herself able to move and heard the flapping sound she had heard earlier. Her husband had also been feeling weak and had heard a sound like a bird in the room. She found two small puncture marks on her neck. She had a similar experience on June 24th. 
  • Nandor Fodor in Carrington and Fodor 1953 p120 + Fodor 1958 p189 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation Fodor provided a detailed psychological study of this woman, who had episodes of dissociation, self-harm, fraudulent mediumship. This experience was probably based on an ASP experience and self harm

Summer 1938 (approx. year) Daytime.
A group of children coming home from neighbouring Mottola encounted a large metallic looking object on the ground around which a group of small people with dark hair and large eyes who appeared to be quarraling amongst themselves. The kids were called home by their parents and they left the scene. 

Summer 1938. Noon.
A young man was with his cattle at a spring near the woods when he heard a buzzing sound overhead and looking up saw a bright silvery-blue circular object with a row of portholes descend into the woods and land four legs. Around the thing’s perimeter was a row of flashing lights. 
An opening appeared a sort of ramp came down to the ground and down this came two tall humanoid figures, while a third, shorter, one stood in the opening. All three wore silver-grey suits, gloves and boots. The two taller figures seemed to be collecting something from the ground. The boy walked up to the object but as he did so the figure at the opening pointed something at him that emitted a flash, which knocked the lad to the ground. He got up but was again knocked down and then went to hide behind bushes. The three figures went back into the object, seeming to wave at the lad as they did so. The object then took off at speed, emitting a loud whistle as it did so. 
  • Rosales 1930-49 p124 citing Benitez 1983

Summer 1938. Evening.
A 9 year old girl her brother (about 6 1/2 and two children were player in her front yard saw a grey humanoid figure floating above them at treetop level. It was wearing a cape and a wide belt with points sticking out. 
  • Clark 2012 p 48, 879 citing a letter from the girl to CUFOS in 1980)

Summer 1938. Night.
Sverre Brevik (21)m taking the summer air outside his house, heard a noise like a generator, which became so intense that it hurt his head, as the area became illuminated. The light came from a strange blue object with a reddish halo that rose from the ground 20m away, trailing a blue white exhaust that gave off an odour of burning rubber that hurt his eyes and throat. The object then settled to earth again with a falling leaf motion. It was about 20-25m diameter, 2-3m high. The witness got the impression that he was being observed from within the craft. It took off again, circled the area then took off, silently, to the north. 
  • Ole Jonny Braenne in INFO Journal 72 p47 citing Hjemet + UFO-Nyt 4, 1970 p 159 + Liljegren 1987 p2 

Summer 1938. 2350hrs.
Malcolm Perry was returning from seeing his girl- friend home when his attention was caught by a silvery cylindrical machine with tapering ends, moving against the wind in a westerly direction at low altitude. He first thought it was a navy blimp but then realised that it had neither gondola nor propellers. There were four rectangular portholes that gave off an orange glow. Figures could be seen looking down through these portholes and Perry felt an irresistible desire to wave at them, feeling as though they were old friends. 
  • Lore and Deneault 1969 p136 citing NICAP files
  • Lorenzen 1969 p20
  • Rife 2000 p116
  • Clark 1998 p212 citing letter from Perry to NICAP 14 April 1964
  • Zimmerman 2017 p156 citing letter to APRO 1962
  • Rife describes the creatures as thin with elongated heads and spindly arms, but gives Lore and Deneault as his only source, and this does not include this detail, though there are gaps in the description

July 1938. 0830hrs.
A lad was getting in some stray cattle along a woodland trail when the area became enveloped in a fog and very still. The youth then saw a very tall bald figure approaching with a swaying gait while he heard voices all around him. The boy was so afraid that he almost fainted and recovered his senses running towards two cows in a field, which cows appeared to be rooted to the spot. He later discovered that 10 hours were missing and that he had injured his arm. He also found a lump on his ankle that healed in about a week. 
  • Rosales 1930-49 p127 citing Kirston Endre

July 25 1938 2330hrs.

A lieutenant and his aid suddenly saw a strange white light and then saw that it came from a dark lens shaped object, about 11m in diameter, hovering about 2m above the ground 60m away. Without any noise a sort of column started to descend and two moving silhouettes were observed on this platform. A circle of blue light was focussed on the ground and projected at the witnesses, who felt a cold sensation. The platform rose again. For an instant it seemed that the two sections of the object had started spinning in opposite directions. The whole craft glowed with an intense white light and flew away. The witnesses believed they had seen a new secret weapon. 
  • Ballester 1976 p2 case 6 citing Oscar Rey in Phen Spax 28 p18

Autumn 1938 (or following year) 

In this coastal town, two people saw a strange 1m tall “frog man”, with a round head, no neck, and a lump in front of the body. Its mouth was a long straight slit, its eyes like smaller slits, its skin brown green, but its hands were normal. The creature walked in a “peculiar but elegant” fashion, its head waving up and down, while it moved its legs “carefully”. When pursued the creature accelerated rapidly away, its feet “fluttering”. About 100m away it vanished completely 
  • Vallee case 49

August/September 1938. Dawn.
A man en route to tree felling, with his donkey, encountered two strange men in a clearing. They were very tall, with large heads, short hair, red eyes, reddish brown skin and wearing uniforms similar to British soldiers. They were standing in front of an egg shaped object 3m high and standing on three or four legs. The thing was metallic with a transparent upper portion, and an opening on its metal body by a small ladder. The beings climbed into the machine, and were visible through the transparent upper portion and they waved at the witness. The ladder retracted and something like a balloon appeared on its top and the object took off silently. A bottle was found at the site, containing a liquid that ignited spontaneously. 
  • Thannasis Vembos in Strange Magazine 13 pp28, 50 citing the man’s son

September 22 1938, 1200hrs.
A triple engine aerial machine flew around Lowestoft, trailing smoke and then dive into the sea. Investigations were fruitless.
  • (Russell 1962 p 148 citing Liverpool Echo September 22 1938
  • see also Gloucestershire Echo + Yorkshire Evening Post 22 September 1938

September 22 1938. (approx. date) 
An aerial object fell into the sea off Felixstowe. An oil patch was later found but no planes were missing. 
  • Russell 1962 p148 citing Daily Telegraph 23 September 1938
  • Evaluation - Suspect this refers to above. 

September 22 1938. (approx. date) 
A strange air machine fell into the sea. Searches were fruitless and no planes were missing. 
  • Russell 1962 p148

Autumn 1938. Afternoon.
Sir Hubert Stewart-Rankine was out shooting alone in the Glendhu Burn when he saw, coming out of nowhere, near a forestry hut, the figure of a young, well built man with long, dishevelled hair and wearing a kilt. He had a large crooked mouth, and appeared angry. The figure, which was moving in a fast glide, appeared to be made of a transparent grey substance. The figure followed Hubert down to a cottage, where it suddenly disappeared. 
  • Martin 1947 p28 citing press sources
  • Evaluation - Patch of mist?

October 1938 Afternoon.
A woman returning from shopping was passing the railings of Alexandra Park as she walked along Castleton Gardens when she saw the figure of a woman, wearing what looked like a black shawl and white skirt come from Antrim Road, into Jubilee Avenue and then enter the park. As the witness watch the figure suddenly disappeared. The lady then found that the gates were locked. 
  • St Clair 1972 p19

November 1938. Night.
Several people saw several large balls of green light on the ground and in them human like silhouettes moving around. 
  • Rosales 1930-49 p132 citing Denys Breysse

November 9 1938 (approx. date) Evening.
Maria Costa was about to cross Commercial Street when her attention was caught by a large figure in the shadows. The thing jumped out at her as if on springboards and she saw that it was about 2.5m, black all over, large fiery eyes and was emitting a buzzing sound like bees. The thing then leapt away. The thing was seen on a number of other occasions. 
  • Citro 1997 p172

A man camping alone was approached by a group of huge hairy humanoids with luminous red eyes. They came quite close but the witness was able to ward them off with fire. 
  • Green 1978 p306 citing Ken Coons

1600 CESH TEB (TAJIKISTAN then part of the USSR)
A local hunter was pounced on by a humanoid whose body and hair were covered by soft wool like hair and who emitted a powerful smell. The hunter was able to wrestle the thing to the ground but lost consciousness. 
  • Sanderson 1961 p312
  •  Keel 1970a p75

1939. Evening.
At an undisclosed location, two six year old twin sisters saw a tiny luminous being in their garden. 
  • Johnson 2014 p19

January 11 1939. Night.
Teresa Ward (15) was walking home when she picked up some soil. Shortly afterwards she saw a light like a star on top of a rock. The rock then seemed to open up and she saw a female figure standing there. There were other subsequent sightings of the figure, which became identified as the Virgin Mary. 
  • Derry Journal 17 + 22+ 31 March + 19 April 1939 + 3 April 1942 + The People 19 March 1939.

February 1939. (apprx date)
Teenager Mike Dunlap was out exploring when he heard a sound like a door closing. Looking around he saw a wooded door in a rock, 45cm x30cm. He heard what sounded like voices whispering from behind this door. He tried the door without success and then watching for an hour, after which the door opened and a small grey bearded humanoid wearing a sloppy brown hat peeked out. The figure had unusually large eyes. The door then shut so loudly that the ground shuck. M ike knocked on the door again but experienced mild electric shocks. The next day Mike returned to the spot with his father but there was no sign of the door on the rock. 
  • Quinn 2006 p51

February 2 1939. (approx. date) 1900hrs. 
A man from Exeter driving past St Clement’s Church, saw a figure resembling a woman draped in black cape standing in the centre of the road. Thinking she was in some trouble the man stopped only to see the figure just disappear. He drove on but later saw the figure again, going through the church gate.
  • Codd 2013 p55 citing Western Morning News 6 February 1939. 
  • McEwan 1989 p22 citing Exeter Express and Echo 3 November 1939.
  • Western Times 10 February. 1939 p7
  • Ackroyd 2010 p91 incorrectly dates the clippings to November

April 14 1939. Night.
A man on his horse heard a sound like a baby crying and from the ground came a dwarf with a large round head, on which were small ears and long pointed tenth in its mouth, and a body the size of a child. The rider rode off in terror. 
  • Rosales 1930-49 p140 citing Fabio Picasso and Rosena Moya

Early May 1939. 2300hrs.
Antonis Priftis was taking his sheep down the mountain when he saw, hovering above the trees, a bright mushroom shaped object. Coming from its lower rim were beams that lit up the surroundings. Down one of these beams came two beings in what looked like diving suits. They approached Antoni, who heard a voice in his head telling him to go with the creatures but he refused. They also seemed to communicate that they had been there many times before and would come again. The beam then retraced in to the object, which grew dimmer as it gained height. The thing then shot off leaving a bright orange trail. 
  • Rosales 1930-49 p140 citing Joannis Yannopoulos

Early May 1939.]
Adelaida Rubio and several other people saw a humanoid figure wearing an outfit with long, metallic legs. The thing jumped and bounded over fields, emitting flashes of light as it did so. 
  • Rosales 1930-49 p141 citing Mundo Misterioso website

May 21 1939. 2100hrs.
A group of people on Arreton Down when a light appeared at about 15m altitude. This developed in a luminous blue-green sphere that hovered for a moment and then took off to the west, becoming ever more elongated as it did so, turning into a streak of light, which began fading for the rear and disappeared after sending out electric blue sparks. It seemed so close that witnesses thought they could throw stones at it but it made no sound. Motorists stopped their cars and cyclists dismounted to observe the sight. 
  • Portsmouth Evening News 22 May 1939 p6 col 7

Summer 1939. 0400hrs.
University student F D Blackley had gone to a small coastal town to visit his girlfriend. To avoid paying a hotel bill he decided to sleep in an abandoned hotel by the beach. Here he was awoken with a start and saw coming towards him a transparent figure, with an “evil” face, carrying a lantern. Blackley fled from the scene. 
  • Colombo 2000 p91 citing Blackley in Edmonton Journal 30 October 1988)

July 1939. 1200hrs.
A group of children sheltering under trees were alerted when some goats rushed down a nearby hill. Then a metallic looking disc flew low over the children, who felt a wave of heat. The thing landed in n nearby clearing throwing up a cloud of dust and emitting a loud whistle as it did so. The thing had a ring of lights, red, green and yellow around its perimeter and from an opening came a tall figure dressed in a sliver suit, with a helmet and boots. This was followed by a shorter figure dressed in similar fashion. Their helmets covered their faces, except for eye holes. The pair produced a devise like a flashlight and walked for about 50m in a peculiar stiff fashion before returning to the object which took off at terrific speed. Traces were said to have been left on the ground, which were still visible in 1980. 
  • Rosales 1930-49 p145 citing Ballester and Fernandez 1987

Mid July 1939. Night.
Vicente Laurindo Lucindo the son of a mica miner, was going to get some water from a spring when he heard a whistling sound the like of which he had never heard before and the origin of which he could not determine. He continued to the spring and began to fill his can, at which point he became aware of an unusual light and became aware that he was in a circle of light 5m diameter and was unable to move. Jose was then approached by two men dressed in metallic looking whole body suits. They seemed to speak to him and Jose looked up to see an object shaped like plate with a projection on its underside at 50m altitude, rotating and emitting a hissing sound. This was the source of the light enveloping him. An opening appeared in the thing and one of the beings floated Jose on board. There he was given a medical examination and told he would bring great benefit to his family. He was then released and walked home. While lying half asleep he remembered that these strangers had told him the location of mica ore, this proved to be correct. 
  • Boaventura 2015 p64 citing Abilo C Coelho A Historia do Ocultismo : Seculo XX : Cienca e Futurologia Phase 1982 (not in Eberhart or AFU)
  • Evaluation - Yet another story related decades later

August 1939. (approx. date) Night.
Janice Williams was sleeping in her backyard when she was awakened by a noise like an electric fan. It came from a small object coming from the east at an altitude of 6-9m. It came up to her, descended to the level of her bed, close enough so she could have touched it. It looked like a miniature steamboat 1m diameter and 30cm high, with a deck around the bottom and veins running through it. It gave off a soft blue-green glow. It took off suddenly and disappeared. 
  • Clark 1998 p 932 citing piece by the witness in Fort Worth Star Telegram 24 March 1950

August 1939. (or following year)
Burns Yeomans and another prospector were high on the mountain above Silver Creek when their attention was caught by a group of figures that seemed to be covered in black hair about 1km away in a valley. There were about 4 or 5 of them and they were wrestling with each other like people. 
  • Green 1978 p60 citing his own 1965 interview with Yeomans

August 1939. 1500hrs.
A woman and her 10 year old son were descending the hill when their attention was caught by a vibrating hum, apparently coming from under the ground. As they hurried from the scene the boy caught and hurt his ankle and while his mother was tending to this they became aware of a smell of burning and a white luminous sphere appeared in the field about 4-5m away. As they were looking at this 1.8m diameter sphere they became aware of two small humanoid figures on the brow of the hill, about 30m away. They were only about 90cm tall, dressed in light green shiny suits and close fitting helmets. The creatures were talking in an unknown language with high pitched voices. The figures seemed exited and were pointing towards the witnesses. The luminous sphere got closer and the woman started praying. Then the globe, humming and dwarfs all disappeared. As they continued on their way the pair heard “eerie” laughter, as if from the air, everything became enveloped in an unnatural silence and they began to feel drowsy. They found it impossible to locate the track that made the descent for about 30 minutes, until they found themselves on it within metres of the bottom. It was now 1830hrs. and there was at least two hours of missing time. 
  • Picknett 2001 p38 citing the boy in the story 
  • Evaluation - Story recounted decades after the alleged experience 

Early August 1939. Morning.
George Parvu (9) and friends were lying on the grass in the public pasture when they saw a star like light moving in a zigzag fashion in the sky, before circling round and descending to 70-80m above them. The hitherto bright object turned to a dull coppery colour and a sort of hollow appeared in its lower section. Two of the children ran off, but George and two friends remained as the thing landed 40-50m away. The thing was surrounded by a belt of things that looked like turbine blades. The thing resembled a sort of half oval, 5m high, 3+m diameter. An opening appeared in the thing and two beings 1.2-1.35m tall, dressed in grey “diving suits” that appeared to be moulded to their bodies, emerged. They approached the children, walking in a rigid fashion, side by side. One of the beings was examining the ground with a sort of box, other held out a kind of thick baton. When the children walked closer, this being pointed the “baton” at them and they found themselves behind an invisible wall, which seemed hard when kicked at. The beings then bowed deeply to the children and walked back to the object, the one with the box talking into it. They then jumped on board the object, the hatch closed and the object rose to 70-80 at which it blazed up and shot off into the sky. The wall had now gone and when the children rushed to the place where it had landed they found the grass at the site rather yellowed. This was still visible two years later. The boys seemed filled with a strange energy and when George’s father patted him on the head he received an electric shock. One of the other boys became sick and died, the other also became sick, but when George took him a couple of kilometres from the scene he recovered completely. George found old wounds healed and felt that the thing had given him extra physical and intellectual powers. 
  • Farcas 2016 p122 citing author’s own investigation
  • Evaluation - Yet another story related decades later

Autumn 1939. Night.
A group of people out hunting at night encountered a huge hairy humanoid that killed several dogs and attacked a man who approached too close to it. The thing then ran off into a swamp. 
  • Newton 2011 p55

November 1939. Afternoon.
Two sisters walking down a country lane on this misty afternoon saw among trees in a valley, a large house where none was known to be. Other buildings seemed to materialise beside it. Shortly afterwards it all faded away. 
  • Brown 1982 p125

November 13 1939. (approx. date) 0730hrs.
On this mild Monday morning in November, F. P. (30) was driving from London back to work in Brockworth, when passing a farm, he heard a high pitched buzzing. When he reached a gate he saw, in an open field, something like a child’s spinning top with a domed top and a row of markings like windows along the base of the dome. The thing, which was about 8-9m wide, 6m high was hovering about 6m above the field, emitting a green light from its underside. P dismounted and got within 30m of the object, which after two minutes, titlted at an 80 degree angle and the green light was slowly drawn up into the base. P then drove away from the scene. He returned later that day but could find no traces. 
  • Jenny Randles in Probe 3,4 p12 citing investigation by Mark Brown
  • Evaluation A surprising amount of detail for an event reported more than 40 years later. Heavy contamination by later UFO lore looks probable

November 29 1939, 1700HRS.
A man and his 14 year old son were returning home from collecting firewood when the boy saw to the right of the footpath they were on, atop a small hill, a strange object. The thing was a sort of truncated cone 3-4m diameter at base and 2.5m high and was balanced on a tripod ending in rectangular pads. From the thing’s underside came dull flame, while stronger flames came from the sides of the lower section, along with a sound like escaping gas. They thought it was an illicit still but they then saw, beside it, a 1.6m tall being dressed in a suit and helmet, which decades later reminded the then grown boy of astronauts’ suits. This being was carrying a sort of box, which seemed to control two or three “robost” with square heads. One of these things lifted its legs high when walking, revealing their rod like nature. The next day a triangular mark and a powerful unpleasant smell were found at the site by the lad. 
  • Rosales 1930-49 p152 citing Heikki Virtanen
  • Evaluation Another tale told decades later.

December 31 1939, 1815HRS.

Margo Vincent Smith and the headmaster of the local school saw a figure like a nun sit on the edge of the playground, as if on an invisible chair. When they approached the figure vanished. 
  • Hapgood 1994 p57