INTCAT 1920-1929

1920. (approx. date)
Albert Petka was attacked on his boat by a “bushman” and died of his injuries. 
  • Green 1978 p335 citing Bob Betts
  • Evaluation Third hand tale that appears to be little more than a rumour

1920. 0300hrs.
Fisherman C B Alves was in the Gulf Coast 80km north of Freeport when he saw four luminous disks, like plates rim to rim, 8m in diameter 3m thick, come within 100m of his boat. 
  • Hall 1999 p 15 citing Clark 1992 p372

Francois de Loys, a Swiss geologist and his companions, were in the jungle near the river, when they saw two tall creatures approaching them, walking upright and holding on to bushes, screaming at the men and brandishing branches as though they were weapons. They then defecated into their hands and threw their dung at the men. The party fired on the beasts, killing the female, while the male fled. The dead animal was put on a carton and photographed. 
  • Heuvelmans 1962 p309
  • Evaluation Probable hoax using corpse of a spider monkey

A sphere about 30cm diameter came down from the sky ,with a hissing sound, bounced along the cement floor of a veranda. It was a like a ball of smoke with things like “electrical worms” wriggling inside. It flew up again and went over the next door house, crashed into another house and then shot off to Fullerton, where it demolished a house. 
  • Bord 1989 p131 citing Theodore Charles Illert in Science Frontiers 33 p4

While hunting racoons Bert Flanagan encountered some kind of hairy humanoid. 
  • Opsasnick 2004 p74 citing Vernon O Griffith The Wreath 1986 p34

1920. Night.
Mr Shea, an American explorer was crossing the western mountains and had stopped for the night in an abandoned canoe. He was awoken by a chattering sound and encountered a 1.8m tall black haired humanoid. He shot the thing dead but was unable to take any part of it back with him. 
  • Green 1973 p125 citing Mark Maaingill in Bigfoot Bulletin 29 February 1970(sic) citing Richard Oglesby Marsh “White Indians of the Darien” Putnams 1934 citing Shea

1920. Evening.
While exploring a house in Middle Warberry Road, the Nicholls brothers and Peter St Audries had unpleasant experiences. Beverley Nicholls had a sensation of his mind and body slowing down and Peter felt a sense of hostility and then a sort of wind. He was then rushed at and attacked by a large black faceless silent humanoid figure that bounded along and knocked him over. 
  • Chard 1979 citing Twenty Five Years by Beverley Nicholls
  • Martin 1947 p 30 citing Sunday Dispatch ?/?/1922

1920. Night.
A man was riding home when his horse began to act strangely. He then saw a circular object, 15m in diameter about 5 high, with a yellow light, on the ground
Around it he observed four or five small humanoids that uttered childlike sounds. The object then took off with a machine like noise and a rush of air. 
  • Rife 2001 p 100 citing an Internet posting

January 1920. Night.
A number of people including Miss Nellie Irwin saw a luminous figure near the ruins of an old castle. During her observation, which lasted a couple of minutes Nellie felt “too stunned to move”
  • David Clarke in UFO Brigantia 23 p25

January 31 1920, 2200hrs.
Clarence Swain, was walking along Long Lane, with his sister, a nurse, towards Hillsborough when they saw a luminous figure which gave the impression of being a woman with her arms raised. The thing crossed the road and vanished by an old mine working. 
  • David Clarke in UFO Brigantia 23 p25

Spring 1920 (apprx date) Morning.
A worker at a stave mill was on his way to work, passing a cemetery where two of the graves had little huts on them, saw a door open in one of the huts and a woman dressed in black come out, go back in and then out again. After about 25 minutes she seemed to fade into the back of the hut. 
  • Montell 2000 p12

June 3 1920. 1030hrs.
Clarck Liveh, also known as Jesse Clark Linch (22) was sitting on the bank of a pond, fishing, when an egg shaped object “about the size of a 5 gallon cream can” emerged from a grove of 30m high maple trees, flew across the pond and landed 5m away. The witness observed the shiny blue translucent object for about 15 minutes before summoning up the courage to approach it. As he did so the object took off without a sound. The grass was depressed where the object had rested but no other marks of any kind were visible. 
  • Lucius Farish in UFO Register 7 p19 (gives name as Clarck Liveh) citing The Hawkeyes (Burlington) 28 October 1973
  • Phillips 1975 p4 case 549 citing MUFON
  • Clark 1998 p926 citing UFO Examiner 3,2 p8 (gives name as Jesse Clark Linch

June 9 1920.
A cylindrical object flying at about 25m altitude was seen by about 200 people at a point between Walthena and Rushville (Missouri). At Rushville the object made and abrupt turn to the east and vanished into a cloud 3km away. 
  • Clark 1998 p 926 +( Lucius Farish in UFO Register 7 p19 citing Ted Phillips in Skylook October 1973) both citing St Joseph (Missouri) Gazette 9 June 1920)

Albert Coe (16) was walking in a rocky area, when he heard someone calling for help. It turned out to be a young blond boy, wearing a silvery leather like suit, with broken instruments on dials on his chest, who was caught in the bushes. The boy said he had landed his aircraft nearby, and Coe helped him back to a silvery saucer shaped object about 6m diameter standing on a tripod. Coe helped the boy back into the object, which took off. Coe went on to claim many subsequent contacts, that the two went fishing together, and the usual contactee messages. 
  • Bartholomew and Howard p 286 case 4 citing Jack Helsel in Philadelphia Daily News 5-7 July 1967
  • Good 1998 p30 citing Coe 1969 + investigation by Berthold E Schwarz

Summer 1920. Late night.
A group of young people, including Louise and Marie Grasset returning home from a dance saw a series of luminous spheres over woods. Inside these were small beings. The things emitted musical sounds. 
  • Jerome Clark in Strange 10 p8 citing HUMCAT citing an investigation in 1975
  • Rosales 1920-39 p185 citing Joel Mesnard and Jean Marie Bigorne

July 1920. Night.
An aerial object was seen moving from south west to north east. Either in or under the thing, people could see a human like figure. 
  • Rosales 1962-39 p186 citing Kay Massingill citing Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph 12 July 1920 citing Hot Springs Sentinel Record n.d.

July 1920. Afternoon.
A 14 year girl and her family were working in their fields when they saw an object shaped like two pie pans lip to lip approach in a zigzag fashion and land in a field in front of them. Two white bald dwarfs, the size of children but with old faces, came out of the object and pointed stick like objects at the witnesses. One of the entities started digging. One of the beings picked up first soil and then a plant and put them both into a bag. They then back into the object, still pointing their sticks. The thing then took off and zigzagged away in the direction from which it had come. 
  • Rosales 1920-39 citing UFO Round Up 7, 28 + Filer’s Files

November 23 1920. (approx. date) Night.
In a rural area outside Meiser, Samuel Bolig and his twin sister Margaret (both 15) heard a strange noise near their wood pile. Investigating with a flashlight they saw a creature standing on two legs. It resembled an ape and ran off on all fours. 
  • Arment 2004 p231 citing Lewistown Daily Sentinel 14 December 1920 p1 + 15 December 1920 p1

November 30 1920. (approx. date)
Sam Bolig (qv )saw a hairy humanoid in a corn field on the family farm. He shot at it with his .22 rifle and the thing fell as if hit and injured but got up again and went off into the woods, leaving a trail of blood. 
  • ditto

December 10 1920, 1930hrs.
The hairy humanoid again returned to the Bolig farm. Samuel got his gun and saw the 2m tall creature stood by an apple tree 3m away.Hhe raised his gun to fire but before he could do so the thing knocked him to the ground. His father Charles came to the scene, armed with an axe and the creature fled 
  • ditto

December 14 1920. Evening.
Chalmer Brannen was gathering wood chips when he saw a brownish figure resembling an ape. The thing ran towards him but was repelled by a wire fence. His parents came out but the thing had gone. 
  • Arment 2004 p241 citing Lewistown Sentinel 17 December 1920 p1)

December 18 1920. Early hours.
Bruce Yeager and his wife were driving down a dark road when a 2m tall being with limbs with width of telephone poles jumped at their car and fell into the road. Bruce shot at it twice but the thing ran off into the woods. 
  • Arment 2004 p244 citing Lewistown Sentinel 20 December 1920 p1

December 20 1920, 2200hrs.
Chester Fink was driving down the hill from Duncansville to Cross Keyes with passenger Lester Butcher when their headlights illuminated a brown coloured biped about 2m tall facing them. They drove past at speed and when they had passed the thing it let out a sort of loud yell. 
  • Arment 2004 p246 citing Lewistown Sentinel 21 December 1920 p1

1921 (approx. year) Evening.
A man tossing hay heard a strange noise and, looking round, saw about 50 tiny beings only 15cm tall, dancing round the hay. They were dressed in red suits with black belts and spoke a language he could not understand. He ran to get his wife but when they returned the beings had gone, but they hay was dry and stacked in piles. 
  • Rieti 1991 p73 citing Folklore collection FSC74-123/35

A woman was said to have been abducted by a hairy hominid. No further details. 
  • Rutkowksi 1993 p149

1921. Late afternoon.
Rena Evans and her landlady Mrs Broadus were returning from a school meeting when they saw a horse and buggy in front and decided to follow it for company. They found that they were unable to gain on it, and as it reached the dip to a bridge it just disappeared. (Montell 2000 p40)

19 year old Delma, an Aboriginal woman, was walking along a dirt road outside Charters Towers when she was abducted by six 2m tall men and taken into the bushes where another man spoke into some type of phone. At this a circular object, brown in colour and the size of a house suddenly appeared and landed making hardly any sound. Delma was taken inside to a dimly lit room filled with machinery, where she was held down on a table by men with yellow faces and narrow eyes. She was injected by a needle attached by a long tube to a box like structure, which injection made her go to sleep. She woke up naked in bright blue oval room, with her clothes piled beside her. She had just got dressed and then a 1.8m diameter circular opening appeared through which she escaped. Outside she saw the object take off with a whooshing sound, rise high into the air and then head off to the west at terrific speed. 
  • Rosales 1920-39 p189 citing Blue Mountains UFI Research Club News Letter January 2012.
  • Evaluation It appears this story was narrated to an informant decades later, and this person told this story years later on still

January 19 1921. Afternoon.
Local resident saw a hairy biped sitting on a rock. When disturbed the creature moved off into the woods. 
  • Arment 2004 p252 citing Waynesboro Press 21 January 1921 p6

Summer? 1921.
Master G. B. (8) was walking in the hinterland of the Canal du Nord, playing among the desolate post war scenery on a hot day, when two tall and slender beings wearing a kind of subtle diving suite sprang from behind some bushes. The boy was unable to resist as the beings carried him and put him into a strange object that he compared to a tank. It had square or rectangular portholes and a flexible couch on which he sat. GB began to cry and some minutes later an opening appeared in the ceiling of the cabin and he was on the ground again. He found that he had to walk for most of the afternoon to re-find the place where he had been taken, though he was in the craft for only 5 minutes. His parents would not believe him
  • Letter from the witness in Paris-Match 23 October 1954  
  • http ://
  • Randles 1999 p16)
  • Evaluation Only source is a letter to a magazine written 33 years after the event. This is however probably the first published abduction narrative we have certain knowledge of. Possibly a memory of some unpleasant joke or abuse.
  • Editors note: Although the location is given as Marseilles in the report referenced, the context shows that this happened in northern France, as the Canal du Nord is in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais Départment. This also tallies with the 'desolate post war scenery', as the Canal was the site of fierce fighting in WWI [JR]

July 1921. Night.
A 6 year old boy, recovering from whopping cough awoke on this hot, moonlit night to see a small elderly woman wearing a white cap, shawl and long skirt and some 3-4m away. Despite the hot night the boy hid beneath the bedclothes. When he looked out again the figure had gone. 
  • MacKenzie 1971 p32 citing own investigation
  • Evaluation: Recalled after more than 40 years

August 1921.
Young Elberta was lying ill with typhoid fever at her grandmother’s house she saw two large hairy black creatures with outsize eyes looking in the through the window. From that moment she began to recover. 
  • Guttilla2003 p296 citing witness, then an adult, in an unspecified issue of San Francisco Examiner

August 2 1921.
A 9 year old child and his/her uncle saw a luminous sphere about 20cm diameter enter through an open window, descend to the floor. It bounced a couple of times and then rolled across the floor towards the witnesses, who saw that it was translucent and changing colour from green, through red, light blue and then to pale yellow and had protrusions along the surface. The child tried to grab the thing but was held back by the uncle. The sphere then rolled across to the stove, went up the iron parts leaving a groove and then exploded. 
  • Bord 1989 p132 citing Science Frontiers 54 p4 citing Mark Stenhoff in Journal of Meteorology 12 p200

August 26 1921.
On this dull foggy day an army officer riding a motorbike on Nine Mile Hill, felt something drive him off the road, and a pair of hairy hands closed over his. This caused him to crash 
  • Chard 1979 p66 citing Daily Mail 14 + 15 October 1921
  • Codd 2013 + Haining 2008 p17 citing Western Daily Press 9 October 1921 dates this to “last week”

Autumn 1921.
From September through to November residents of Malone and its associated townships reported a seeing a wild man wielding a club. At time people were so afraid that they kept their children off school. Searches were fruitless. 
  • Bartholomew 2008 p26 citing Plattsburg Sentinal 13 Sept 1921 + Dunkirk Evening Observer 5 November 1921
  • Evaluation: Possibly dreamed up by bootleggers as suggested in Lake Placid News 21 Sept 1921

October 1921 (or following year) 1130hrs.
A woman and her sister in law were in a horse and trap going up Wembdon Hill when the horse started to act up. Looking up the road they saw a figure like a woman in “a high waisted muslin dress” and white shawl. The figure seemed to float above the ground, have a grey skin and a horrible expression of “intense agony”. The horse then bolted and one of the women fainted and it took an effort to get it under control. 
  • Bennett 1939 p296 citing the witnesses

December 10 1921(approx. date) 0630hrs.
Fisherman Richard Prodger was walking towards some fishermen’s huts on the 
Crumbles when he saw a figure dressed in a long black gown, cape and wide conical hat come out of the ground ahead of him and glided along, stopping when Richard did. The figure eventually disappeared into the ground and when Richard reached the spot there was nothing there. On another occasion, Mrs Goldsmith, the caretaker of the adjoining Fisherman’s Institute was walking near the huts when she saw something like a white cloud come from between the huts. The thing then just vanished. Her sister did not see it but felt a sense of presence. A girl walking home one night saw a white transparent figure. 
  • Gloucester Citizen 23 December 1921 p9 + Sunday Post 25 December 1921 p9
  • Evaluation Prodger’s apparition may have been a type of Brocken Spectre and Goldsmith’s mist. The story appears from an Australian paper in Rosales 1920-39 0191 with Eastbourne relocated by him to New South Wales!

1922 (approx year) Late afternoon.
Reginald Gresley, a student at Dartmouth College, was walking along the top of the Reservoir Dam when he saw the figure of a man, dressed all in white, walking towards him on an intercept course. The figure was striding along in an area where movement was difficult and it suddenly vanished. 
  • Miller 1962 p33

1922. Night.
Emiliano Prestes was in a wooded area outside of town when he encountered a tall bipedal creature with a canine face. When Emiliano through a rock at the thing it ran off into the bush. The witness was the brother of Joao Prestes (see 1946) 
  • Rosales 1900-29 p192 citing Pablo Villarubia Mauso

February 22 1922, 0500hrs.
William C Lamb was following strange tracks when he heard a high pitch sound and saw a circular object blocking out the stars. He climbed a tree and saw a brilliantly lighted saucer shaped object that landed in a meadow, lighting up the area with multi-coloured lights Soon afterwards a creature about 2.5 m tall was seen flying from the direction where the object had landed . It passed within 12m of Lamb, who was so frightened he turned his back on it, and leaving him paralysed, going over a creek. It left tracks in the snow, which Lamb followed for 8km without results. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers September 1961 p55
  • Vallee 1966 p22 citing J Allen Hynek
  • Nunnelly 2011 p50 gives as a source an unspecified 1922 edition of Nebraska Daily Star
  • Keel 1970a p204 citing Gray Barker citing Nebraska Star n.d.
  • Evaluation: William Lamb was a religious crank, who at one time went around hawking photographs of the “throne of God” in magazines like Saucers, Space and Science, so this looks like a fictional story, perhaps a religious allegory

April 1922. Early morning.
During the Irish Civil War, Lawrence Bradley came to a cave, the foliage to the entrance of which was burnt. The wounded occupants and their helpers reported that they had been awakened early in the morning by a whirring sound, and they had fired at an object they believed was an enemy armoured car. The object retaliated by firing jets of flame at the cave. As the men braved the flames in order to escape, they saw the object, which was circular and metallic, beginning to ascend. 
  • FSR 10,4 p23 citing letter from Lawrence Bradley in Watford and West Herts Post 8 May 1964
  • Steiger 1967 p39
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1967 p64
  • Evaluation: A second hand story only known through a letter to a newspaper 42 years after the alleged event. Distorted account of an attack by an armoured car and flame thrower?

June 1922 (or following month) Afternoon.
A man was ouit walking with his brother–in-law and aunt in the Targowek district in the north of town when they heard a whistling sound as something came down from the sky as if to crash. The thing stopped about 3m above the ground, about 100-150m away and they could see that it was like two plates placed rim to rim, had a metallic aluminium like appearance and at the centre was a sort of rotating ring. This ring stopped and the main witness could see a sort of window. He got the impression that their party was being observed by someone in the object and that they might be invited on board. However after a few moments the thing shot off at about 45 degrees, followed by a loud explosion after which the thing vanished. 
  • Rosales 1900-29 p201 citing Bronislaw Rzepeckinand Krysztof Pietchota
  • Evaluation: Presumably yet another story told decades later

Summer 1922. Evening.
Penelope Storey (7) was lying in bed awake, looking through open curtains when she saw, floating downwards, a female humanoid figure about 30-33cm long, with long hair and dressed in some sort of filmy clothing. 
  • Johnson 2014 p46

Summer 1922. Evening.
While walking on Rannoch Moor, James Halliday heard footsteps behind him. For a time he saw nothing but was then overtaken by a human like figure with an oversized egg shape head. The thing seemed to glide along the rough terrain without effort and eventually disappeared into a boulder on the hillside. He encountered the figure later sitting on the parapet of a small bridge. 
  • Rosales 1900-29 p198 citing Macklin 1969
  • Evaluation: Given the source is John Macklin the story must be assumed to be fictional or a modern retelling of a traditional tale.

Summer 1922. 2200hrs.
A teenage couple, Irma and Bill walking home from the cinema saw a large disc shaped object hovering over a vacant lot on Dragoon Avenue. The object then became brilliantly illuminated and descended to tree top height and began rotating. Around the object were a series of rectangular windows, lit up by an internal light, though which the couple could see the head and shoulders of about 20 beings with bald heads and close set eyes, who seemed to be staring at the couple, who became afraid and left after a few minutes. 
  • Rosales 1900-29 p199 citing Ted Bloecher and Ron Westrum
  • Evaluation: A story told by Irma (later Mrs Hinz decades after the alleged event

August 1922. Evening.

Miss P M Clarke and two friends were walking along the shore when she saw a light on the horizon, coming towards the shore. The light then disappeared and it was replaced by a ring of shadowy looking beings about 75cm tall, who appeared to be dancing. One of the trio only saw the approaching light, not the figures. 

  • Johnson 2014 p127

September 9 1922.
John Morris, the coxswain of the Barmouth lifeboat, and William James were looking out to sea from Barmouth shore when they saw an object falling into the sea so slowly that features similar to those of an aeroplane were visible. They went out in a motor boat to search but no traces were found and no planes were missing. 
  • Fort 1959 p 638 citing Daily Express 11 September 1922 + Barmouth Advertiser 14 Sept 1922

Late October/Early November, 1922.
A number of residents reported seeing a creature variously described as a baboon or gorilla in the woods. It was reported as being in a vacant house for about two weeks and attacked Willie Erlinger (13). 
  • Bord 2006 p226 + Bartholomew 2008 p 27 both citing Washington Post 6 November 1922

November 1922 (approx. year) Afternoon.
A 9 year old girl was bringing home her father’s cows on this drizzly, misty afternoon. Unusually three of the cows had kept back from the gate, but came eventually. As the first one was going through a small humanoid being, about 1.35m tall, passed in front of the beast, which made to toss it. The being tapped the cow on the nose with a stick and then gazed at the girl, who saw that it was dressed in a close fitting black cap and a red coat, under which were beige trousers. The being moved up to a ditch, stepped over it and disappeared into the solid earth. 
  • MacManus 1973 p36

Winter 1922/23. Evening.
Dairy employee Sidney Benton was returning from his deliveries when he found his path blocked by “two great shining eyes” in the middle of the path. These just faded away. 
  • Nigel Watson in The News 6 p18 citing letter from witness

1923. 0100hrs.
Two fishermen observed a large fire over an island 3km away. Then three fires were seen, these seemed to be caused by a fiery object that moved to another island causing a fire there. The object then approached the fishermen, stopping when the men turned a flashlight on it. It was within 20m of them, had a dull orange exterior layer surrounding a greenish light, inside of which was an object with many holes. After it left green leaves were found dried up and burned. 
  • Phillips 1975 p4 (case 026) citing Manila Daily Report 11 January 1967

A farm boy letting the horses out into the pasture saw an object surrounded by lights further down the field. Approaching to within 15m, he saw there were five beings, 1.2m tall, with blond hair, on board. He heard them talk, calling a man sat in a chair “The Commander”. The others went back and forth to the craft, which was metallic and stood on three legs, with a top resembling melted glass. After 5 minutes the object rose, hovered, rose again to 60m and shot off to the west at terrific speed. 
  • Rife 2001 p 101 citing Evansville Courier (electronic edition) 12 August 1998

Jack Brewer saw a hairy humanoid walking along a log in a forest area. He was so shaken he left his job immediately. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006) p42 citing Patricia Riggs in Macleay Argus 28 September 1976 citing Sam Chapman
  • Evaluation 50+ year memory of Chapman a co-worker of Brewer

Henry O’ Dell and Keith Blanch were alerted by strange footprints and saw a 1.8m tall hairy humanoid hanging by one arm from a tree. The face was the only part of the creature not covered by hair. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p216 case 45 citing Psychic Australian 2,8 citing an unidentified news clipping

1923. Evening.
A group of children were playing outside their house after supper when they saw something like a lone cloud in a cloudless sky coming from the north. It slowed and manouevered around the area, coming to a stop at treetop height. Multi-coloured lights came on around the underside, including a bright spotlight. It rose into the sky, then slowly descended and landed on the other side of railway lines. It seemed to be the height of a telephone pole. The underside moved and four lights came on. It then emitted a pillar of light. The main witness looked away for a minute and when they looked back the object had gone. 
  • Rife 2001 p96 citing UFO Newsclipping Service 12/1995

February 1923.
A 17 year old boy was out in a wooded area, when a strange object resembling a large copper coloured “fish” landed in front of him. It seemed to be made of reflective metal and had two oval portholes and a transparent, seeming vacant, dome, red spots and a coppery propeller. The thing then began to rotate so fast that it disappeared from view. It floated in the air and then took off at high speed with a snapping sound. 
  • Verga 2007 p14 case 2301 citing notes by Roberto Balbi after a discussion with the witness in 1984

Early February 1923. 1910hrs.
Hearing of reports of a strange light being seen here, carpenter George White of Fenny Compton, along with Ernest Lovell and W Sheasby, went to investigate. Sheasby drew the others attention to a brilliant red-blue light some 200m away. The light manoeuvred around and above them. The re-blue colour seemed to come from a sort of patch on the top, and the thing had a “creepy” hue. It passed through trees and bushes at high speed, and then disappeared in a flash. 
  • Clarke and Oldroyd 1985 p21 citing Daily Express 14 February 1923 + Leamington Courier 16 February 1923

February 1923. Night.
Mrs Westacott and her sister in law were walking home when a brilliant light appeared in the path and circled around them. They fled the scene. 
  • ibid 22

February 1923. Night.
Carpenter Thomas Grubb and his apprentice Harold Cotterill were walking back to Fenny Compton from delivering a coffin to Northend, when, at a pool called “The Granclets”, their horse stopped as they saw a stationary light above the pool. They first thought it was the light from a car blocking the road, but it then took off over the hedge and disappeared over the fields. The horse now moved on. Cotterill was terrified by the experience and would not go out after dark again. 
  • ibid citing Rugby Observer February 23 1923

February 1923. Night.
On a clear fine night a motorist saw a brilliant light like a “large star” coming towards him on the road. He swerved to avoid the light, but it just vanished on the spot. 
  • Atkins 1981 p35
February 11 1923, 0200hrs.

Mr Page, a farmer on the road between Fenny Compton and Burton Dassett was awakened by his wife to see, through the window a light along the road. Behind the light was a figure in a long cloak, which suddenly sped away down the lane in front of the farmhouse. 
  • Clarke and Oldroyd 1985 p22 citing Daily Express op cit + Leamington District Morning News 16 February 1923
  • Evaluation According to the newspapers, this was actually a car stopping to drop off someone who had been to a dance

February 13 1923. Night.
Railway signalman W Corbett at Knightcote saw a very bright oval light approaching the box about 60cm above the ground. . He relayed this information by telephone to colleagues at Fenny Compton. When they asked what they would do if it came up to the box, he indicated he would attack it, whereupon it retreated back to the Burton Hill. The light was seen later that night at Fenny Compton by H Smith and P Knight, illuminating Dog Lane as it raced past. 
  • ibid p23 citing Daily Express op cit + Leamington Chronicle 16 February 1923 + Leamington District Morning News 15 February 1923)

February 16 1923, 2355hrs.
A correspondent of the Birmingham Post out looking for the light, was on the highest hill summit, when he saw, more than 1.6km away, a steady bright light that illuminated the countryside, and projected a flickering light upward. It was moving in the direction of Fenny Compton and seemed to disappear at the Bottom Cover wood. 
  • ibid p25 citing Birmingham Post 17 February 1923.

February 16 1923, 2355hras.
A man aged about 21 was walking home from visiting friends was just opposite Co-op Terrace when a multi-coloured light suddenly appeared dancing around the street in front of him. It seemed to hold him spellbound, until it came right up to his face, whereupon he retreated back to his friend’s. Accompanied by two of them he returned to scene but nothing could be found. When he got home he was shaking with terror. 
  • ibid citing Rugby Observer 23 February 1923

February 20 1923 (approx. date) 2200hrs.
Two men passing a brook by the railway station on their way to work saw a light that frightened them. 
  • ibid citing Leamington Chronicle 23 February 1923

Spring 1923. Afternoon.
G W Lewis, Directory of Aeronautical Research, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, saw, following a severe thunderstorm, a ball of light about the size of a toy balloon in woods about 40m away. It was about 2.5m above the ground and moved 30m in a few seconds. When it hit a tree it exploded like dynamite. 
  • Bord 1989 p130 citing Hal R Aldridge in INFO Journal 37 p2
  • Corliss 1974 G1 p68 citing W J Humphries in Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 76 p613

March 1923.
A hairy humanoid molested a number of women over a three week period. 
  • Newton 2011 p55

June 1923.
Norman Massie (10) was leading horses into a pasture on the family farm when he saw an object with lights on in the field. He walked to within 15m of the thing. The lower section looked metallic and the upper was glass like with a series of holes. Inside Norman could see five dwarfs only 1.2m tall and with blond hair. One, who seemed to be the commander, was sat in a chair, the others were moving about the object. Norman heard one of them tell “the commander” that the repairs were finished at which the object’s tripod legs retracted and the thing rose up to 200m and shot off to the west. 
  • Len Wells in Evansville Courier 12 August 1998 via Sitg Agermose on UFO Updates 13 August 1998
  • Evaluation Told 75 years later by witness then aged 85

Summer 1923 (approx. date) 
18 year old Freda saw a humanoid figure about 60cm tall leap out of a hedge, cross the road and disappear into the grass on the other side. The thing seemed the colour of dead leaves. 
  • Johnson 2014 p49

Summer 1923.
Mrs Margaret Moore was walking towards Ranmore Common, deep in thought, when she was confronted by a dazzling light, baring the way and enveloping her. Looking up she saw three brilliant figures, behind which were purple, gold, orange, green and rose flames. She felt a great euphoria before the figures vanished. She took it as a spiritual vision. 
  • Moore 1943 p27

July 1923 (approx. date)
Lorne Wilson and J A MacAuley were prospecting north and east of the Westtlaufer mine when they saw something they assumed was a bear picking at a blackberry bush. The thing then stood up and they saw it had dark fur and a yellow head. The thing then ran away on two legs. 
  • Redfern 2015a p333 + Green 1978 p248 both citing North Bay Nugget 27 July 1923

September 1923. Evening.
Several motorists saw and some drove through a shadow human figure stood in the centre of the road. It was still there after people had driven through,
  • Gloucestershire Echo 17 Sept 1923 p5

October 1923 (approx. date) 2000hrs.
A young servant at the vicarage, returning from visiting her sister in nearby Northend, had just arrived back, when her attention was drawn to a deserted farm some distance away. She then saw a a yellow blue light that darted about, appearing and disappearing. She first thought it was someone with a lantern, then realised that no-one had any reason to be about there. As she started to continue up the path, the light suddenly suddenly flared up and shot along, lighting up the whole area. The girl was first terrified and ran to the house, but then went out again, to see the light moving among trees in the farmhouse orchard. She saw the light on a number of subsequent occasions through her bedroom window. She came to think it was somehow protecting her. 
  • Atkins 1981 p 36

October 1923. Afternoon.
Mr van Herwaarden was tracking wild pigs when he observed a movement in a tree to his left, and saw a dark, hairy being on a branch. The creature, which seemed afraid, had dark head hair, a lighter hairy body, bushy eyebrows, high forehead, wide mouth with projecting teeth, receding chin, human like ears, and to be female and about 1.5m tall. It finally ran off across the branches. Its general appearance was so human van Herwaarden felt that he could not shoot it. 
  • Heuvelmans 1962 p118

1924 (apprx date) Night.
A man and his four children setting rabbit traps heard a crashing sound in the bush and detected a foul smell. They saw that this came from a large ape like creature, which crossed the creek a few metres away. The party was terrified. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p216 case 46 citing Val Whalen (granddaughter) in an unspecified issue of Sydney Telegraph.

David Squires was hunting kangaroos south of Dubbo when, looking round, he saw a2.5m tall humanoid creature, with thick coarse, curly, grey hair. It was stood beside a tree, its hand on it and then it reached up and scratched the tree before moving off slowly into the undergrowth. 
  • Bord 1981 p152 citing Rex Gilroy in Psychic Australian August 1976 p23

A hairy humanoid was seen here, no further details. 
  • Ospasnick 2004p74 citing Believe It November 1978

A farmer informed reporter John Cole that a huge wingless plane “the size of a battle ship” had crash landed in a clearing. On investigating Cole encountered a wingless aircraft with windows in its side, but with no tail nor propellers. Around it were a group of men, some dressed in business suits, others in shiny overalls conversing in a foreign language. The men were 1.5m tall and had oriental features. One of them told Cole that no-one was injured and that they inform the sheriff later. Cole picked up a fragment, but at 0100 the next morning a man dressed in a military uniform but resembling the foreigners called and asked for the piece of machinery back. 
  • Keel 1975b p142 citing first hand info from John Cole

1924. Day.
A school girl, Evelyn, was playing in the yard of Holy Name Convent School when she saw an oval object on the ground from which a bright light was shining into her eyes. The light went out and a hatch appeared in the object and strange little entities that resembled walking flowers, with faces where the buds would have been. They carried a devise that resembled a weapon to the school’s science laboratory. When Evelyn tried to help them with this, she found this devise too heavy to carry. They said that they planned to stop what was being done in the laboratory, by destroying the place if necessary. There seemed to be a man with the strange beings. Though everything looked real, Evelyn had doubts about this. Before they left, the beings offered to take her with them but she declined. She later learned that the science lab had been reduced to a shambles. 
  • Bartholomew and Howard p 287 case 6 citing Beckley 1981 p26 citing The West Palm Beach Weekday, not dated

1924. 0630hrs.
Sidro Basa (8) was out catching crabs when he saw a canoe arrived about 100m away.On board were three small children and a dog. When Sidro approached them, one of the being turned around revealing an old wrinkled face that terrified the boy, who ran off. 
  • Rosales 1900-29 p211 citing Amazing Stories, ?1946

January 5 1924, 0110hrs.
At a farm outside the city two people observed an object that passed low over a field, making a hissing noise and frightening the horses. 
  • J. B. Delair citing Contact files

January 26 1924. Night.
Mrs Neale, the wife of a shepherd, opened the door of her hillside cottage to see a extremely brilliant yellow-blue light flash past and descend into the valley, illuminating the area. Her husband, William, had seen the light in the distance on a number of occasions. At about the same time schoolteacher Olive Knight and her friend were walking back to Fenny Compton from Northend when they encountered a rapid light which came from behind a couple of trees. The pair were so shocked they returned to the dance for company. At 0615 that morning there had been a small earthquake in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. 
  • Clarke and Oldroyd 1985 p34 citing Birmingham Mail 26 January 1924 + Sunday News 27 January 1924 + Leamington Morning News 28 January 1924 + Leamington Courier and Chronicle February 1 1924)

Winter 1924. 0600hrs.
A farm woman doing her morning chores saw a craft land in a slew, then a small man walking round the slew. He entered the craft, which took off again. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p40 case four citing anonymous phone call from witness’s nephew to Radio CJCA Edmonton Alberta in a phone in 31 May 1976

February 1924. 2200hrs.
At an unspecified location in North London a couple ha d just gone to bed when the man turned round and saw, by the side of the bed, a man dressed “spats, pin-stripe trousers, frock tailed coat, gloves” and a sort of red lined cape. The man closed his eyes, opened them again to see the stranger still there, but as he looked the figure faded away from the feet upwards. 
  • MacKenzie 1971 p36 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation: Report more than 40 years later.

May 1924 (apprx date) 1900hrs.
Three cyclists, Alfred and Betty Bone and Ewart Pope were cycling just before the Bramshaw golf course when they encountered a man more than 2.1m tall, dressed in a top hat and long coat. 400m further the same or similar figure appeared before them again “as if by magic”. 
  • Ludlam 2000 p164

June 1924 (approx. date) Mid-morning.
Bay Kirkaldy (12) and the gardener’s by both saw a group of tiny female humanoid figures, the size of dragonflies, with a luminous appearance, about 10m away. Bay saw similar beings later that Summer in St James Park London. 
  • Johnson 2014 p49

Summer 1924. Afternoon.
Rogelia Juarez Barba , her husband Domingo Martinez Alarcon and other people working in the fields outside town saw an object descend towards the Ramoncillos Ranch. The thing was a metallic looking sphere that emitted a powerful light and had landed on four legs. Through a small door two beings, over 2m tall and dressed in tight fitting silvery suits and loose capes, emerged. They were blonde with large slanted eyes and according to one witness lacked mouths. The beings remained on the ground for 2 days studying the activities of the local people. When approached the beings would retreat into the object. After two days the sphere took off with a sound resembling a deflating bicycle tyre. A ground mark in the form of a letter H, 5-6m long was found at the site. 
  • Rosales 1900-29 p216 citing Internet sources
  • Evaluation The reference to the letter H indicates this just another UMMO based hoax

Summer 1924. Night.
A group of prospectors (Marion Smith, his son Toy, Fred Beck, Gabe Lefever and John Peterson) encountered a group of 2.5m tall hairy humanoids. Shots were fired and at least one killed or injured. The creatures attacked the men’s cabin, at times climbing on to the roof. One of the creatures was seen at less than 80m distance. 
  • Redfern 2015a p20 citing an undated copy of the Oregonian and 1967 investigation by Roger Patterson
  • Green 1978 p89+91 citing Portland Oregonian 13+14 July 1924+ Patterson op cit
  • Evaluation: Later Beck was to write a pamphlet in which a decidedly supernatural element was introduced

Summer 1924. Night.
Albert Ostman was prospecting in a remote location when for two nights on the run he awoke to find his camp disturbed. On the third night he was awakened by being bodily lifted in his sleeping bag. He was carried for about three hours, being dragged along the ground at one point until he was deposited on the ground, surrounded by four humanoid beings. With the coming of dawn he realised that these were hairy creatures; a 2.5m tall male with huge arms and legs, a female and a male and female juvenile. Albert stayed with these creatures for six days, gaining the trust of the younger male. When the older male became temporarily disabled by sniffing his snuff, Albert managed to make his escape. 
  • Byrne 1975 p79
  • Hunter and Dahinden 1975 p49
  • Ostman in Colombo 1989 p41
  • Green 1973 p20
  • Sanderson 1961 p56
  • Arment 2006 p64
  • Patterson and Murphy 2005 p109 citing Agassiz-Harrison Advance 5 May 1961
  • Green 1978 p97

July 1924.
Mabel Fletche rand her mother were at their ranch 8km north of Flagstaff when they saw a bipedal creature about 2m tall. The thing was covered in light hair and looked heavy. It was holding a sheaf of corn in one hand and digging up turnips with the other. The thing then ran through a field of wheat, jumped a fence and headed off into the forest, wheat and turnips in its hands. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p295 citing Bigfoot Coop

July 24 1924.
Pilot D P Lott and photographer B A Smith were flying at about 1.8km over the Hudson River saw two pointed cylindrical objects about 75m long and about 200m apart, leaving arrow shaped wakes behind them. A photograph was taken. 

  • Clark 2012 p215

August 1924. Night/Early hours.
A woman in a caravan with her husband awoke with a feeling of danger then saw an enormous pair of hair hands clawing at the window. She screamed, prayed and made the sign of the cross and the hands vanished. 
  • Chard 1979 p66

September 1924. 2030hrs.
A. J. Murphy and a friend were walking in the country lanes near Wellington Bridge, when, turning a corner, they saw white flashes of light that they thought was a car headlight. It approached, and, as they stepped to one side, it went over a 2m high fence into a field. They watched it as it hugged the countryside, turned several times and eventually followed a railway track. It was in view for 30 minutes. They could see quite clearly that it was a pure white light, 30cm in diameter, throwing forward a clear beam that cut off suddenly. It was travelling about 1m above the ground at 15kph. No structure was visible. 
  • Bobb Webb in FSR 24,5 p23 + NUFON News 53 p4

1925 (approx year)
A man suddenly saw a strange dwarf, 1.2m tall, wearing a greenish uniform and with rigid arms and legs. The being, who held a blow-pipe like thing in his hands was standing on a disk shaped vertical object, which was rolling along 2m away. Not a word was exchanged 
  • Ballester 1976 p1 case 2 citing an anonymous letter from witness to Antonio Ribera

1925 (approx. year) Evening.
Mr Le Sauvage was walking home to Rocquaine from Torteval down a small lane, when about halfway along the surroundings became illuminated by a red light and he saw a large fiery sphere bounding along a field towards him. He took off his cap, inverted it and put it back on his head and which the sphere and the illumination disappeared. 
  • De Garis 1975 p149

1925 (approx. date)
A farm woman was sat knitting by the light of the fire in her isolated farm when she saw a light coming through the window. She went out to investigate and saw at the end of a dirt road 150m away, between two poplars, a sphere from which a beam of light was descending. In this light she could see shadowy figures coming in her direction. Suddenly the whole scene disappeared. 
  • Rosales 1900-29 p213 citing UFO informations 34

A woman was said to have been abducted by a hairy homind. No further details. 
  • Rutkowksi 1993 p149

An 11 year old girl encountered a 3m tall hairy humanoid with long black hair, red eyes, huge teeth and webbed feet. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p216 case 47 citing Mrs Lindsey (witness) in Adelaide Advertiser 5 July 1973

Two young men, including teenage migrant Thomas Green came across an object shaped like two saucers edge to edge with oval windows and four legs resting in a paddock. It seemed to be composed of a colour they had never seen before. The men ran off and did not return for some days, when they found the earth scuffed about. 
  • Basterfield 1981p 77 + 1997 p 135 citing ACOS Bulletin 9 p12
  • Bill Chalker in Evans and Spencer 1987 p190 citing Bill Barton

1925. 1755hrs.
A group of children, including 8 year old Lucinda Alves, playing in Rua Sao Paulo in the Vila Belmiro district heard a sort of rumbling or humming sound and then saw a being wearing a one piece silvery suit from head to toe and carrying a luminous stick. The children fled and did not see what happened to the figure. 
  • Boaventura 2015 p26 citing his own investigation

January 1925. Night.
On a number of nights a figure like a woman wearing a blue robe with a luminous helmet on her head was seen on the slopes of Mount Imperador 
  • Boaventura 2015 p28 citing O Combate (SP) 16 January 1925

January 26 1925, 0015hrs.
Two officers, N K Stone and C C West on board the SS Barrabool out of cape Town saw a strange light on the port bow. Through binoculars and a telescope it appeared to be a luminous ship with two bare, luminous masts, around which there was a luminous haze. The thing was about 5km away when first seen but approached to within 800m when it just vanished. The helmsman and a cadet also saw the thing. 
  • Haining 2008 p18 citing N K Stone in Manchester Guardian 19 October 1925

February 1925. Night
Three children saw a hairy humanoid, which emitted a foul smell, in their home while their parents slept. No traces were found. 
  • Newton 2011 p65

April 1925.
A man and a number of children saw a figure with blond hair and wearing silvery clothes. The figure flew up onto the church tower. 
  • Boaventura 2015 p30 citing O Fifo (Culaba) 12 April 1925

Autumn 1925
(TAJIKISTAN then part of USSR)
Members of a Soviet army unit fighting rebels shot a strange hairy humanoid which had earlier attacked some rebels hiding in a cave. The thing was 1.6-1.7m tall, covered in hair, with a slanting forehead, flat nose and massive lower jaw and had short wide feet. They buried the body where they found it. 
  • Jonathan Downes and Richard Freeman in CFZ Yearbook 1999 p34 citing General Topilsky)

September 1925
Two men were in a log barn during a thunderstorm, one of whom was sat on a log. A fireball came in through the door, hit the end of the log, which was splintered, and then circled the cabin before leaving. The man on the log was knocked out for 8 hours and partially paralysed for some time after that. The other man was hurled about 5m out into the field. 
  • Bord 1989 p135 citing Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Journal 19 p213

Late September early October 1925. Evening.
A woman and her young son heard a pulsating roar and saw a fiery circular object about 60m in diameter descending at about 1,000-1,500 kph. It seemed to hesitate and move a little to the north, dropping debris. It crashed behind a mountain with a brilliant white flash, but they heard no noise and did not feel a shock wave. 
  • Rife 2001 p106 citing Randles 2005 p25
  • NUFON News 145 p10 citing letter from the boy in 1990)
  • Evaluation: meteorite crash?

October 1925
Little Britta saw several transparent figures, wearing long robes on some rhododendron blossom. The things seemed busy and oblivious to the children. Her sister and cousin who were with her saw nothing. 
  • Johnson 2014 p45

November 1925.
Mrs Kitson walked into the lounge of the house she was staying in and saw a group of female humanoids about 25-30cm tall, dressed in iridescent, diaphanous clothing, dancing around. They vanished when her host came into the room. 
  • Johnson 2014 p151

December 23 1925, 1615hrs.
Rev. A.J. Graves and three companions were sitting opposite the Little Creek Cemetery when they saw a luminous column about 3m high, with a luminous star on top, appear in the graveyard. It was seen three days later, and on two subsequent occasions. 
  • Vance Randolph, Ozark Superstitions 1964 p235 citing letter from A J Graves to May Kennedy McCord of Springfield Missouri February 1936

1926 (approx. date) Evening.
Mr Filippi saw a a large transparent sphere at treetop height. Inside it were people. 
  • Michel Morel-Seythoux and Joel Mesnard in FSR 37,1 p13 citing Cesar Locatelli
  • Evaluation A story remembered by Locatelli from his childhood

Two men out hunting saw a large humanoid covered in black hair in a clearing. The men cried out and the creature fled. One of the men set his dog after the creature. About an hour later they found the dog’s body almost torn in two. 
  • Bord 2006 p47, 227 citing McCurtain Sunday Gazette 9 July 1978

1926. Day
A woman out shopping saw a figure dressed in a brown cloak and hood come from a solid wall, cross the street and vanish. 
  • Matthews 2006 p9)

1926. Evening
Michael (15) and Barbara (14) Ann were coming back from chapel at Burghwallis Hall. They were going along a corridor when they saw the figure come onto the landing from the main staircase, cross the landing and go into the south wing by a small staircase. It was dressed in grey out door clothes and turned sharply to the right. They thought it was their father, but he was already at dinner. 
  • Braddock 1956 p32

1926. Late night/Early hours
At an unstated location, a six year old girl had been seeing a bright round object outside her bedroom window. On this night it projected a ray through the window onto the wall, where it formed a circular patch of light. Inside this light she saw a creature 60cm tall, that she took to be a gnome. Initially she did not feel afraid, but as the figure began to “dance” ever more vigorously, she cried out. Her father came but saw nothing and told her it was a dream. She went back to sleep, but re-awoke with a feeling her bedclothes were being tugged. Her father came back in and saw the clothes were rolled up at the foot of the bed. She developed a lifelong dread of garden gnomes, experienced a mysterious hum and saw lights climbing up her wall. 
  • Jenny Randles in NUFON News 102 p6 citing her own investigation
  • Evaluation: Another story recalled decades later possible hypnogogic hallucination

Spring 1926. Night.
A doctor driving out driving saw a hairy biped running across the road, lit up by his headlights. 
  • Bord 2006 p2287 citing McCurtain Sunday Gazette 9 July 1978

May 1926 (approx. date) 0430hrs.
Barrister Irene Cooper-Willis was staying at Sherfield Manor when she awoke to a room illuminated either by the moon or early dawn and saw a woman setting on a settee at the foot of her bed. The woman had her head in her hands, and wore a grey dress. Irene was too afraid to get up to switch on the light. The figure was visible for about 30 minutes and then suddenly vanished. Irene then heard the clock strike 5 and went back to sleep. 
  • Bennett 1 1939 p314 citing witness

June 1926. 0005hrs.
Farmer Ion Bunesco was pasturing his cattle when he saw a light rise up from the direction of Carta, become obscured by a hill, then reappear, lighting up the surroundings for at least 4km. As the thing passed overhead it seemed so low that Ion through himself to the ground. At the centre of the light was a sort of cylinder 3m long, 2m wider with a darker interior. Ion felt buffeted by a sort of vertical wind as the object hovered overhead. The thing, with its light to the front, then moved upstream of the Olt, circled a patch of woodland then just went out. 
  • Fracas 2016 p9 citing investigation by Ion Hobana

September 1926.
Hetty Wilson (11) and her father were in a carriage passing Grace Dieu Priory when the horse stopped and began trembling. They then saw six white robed figures float across the road and into the ruin. 
  • Wright 2006 p74

September 1926, 1600hrs.
A girl grazing cattle in a meadow turned round to see three 2m diameter grey discs hovering just above ground in total silence ab out 100m away. The things had openings in them and in front of them stood dwarfs perhaps less than 1m tall dressed in dark green suits with things like belts around their waists. The girl fled in terror and when she looked back the objects and beings had disappeared. 
  • Rosales 1900-29 p227 citing Bronislaw Rzepecki and Marcin Mioduszewski

September 1926. 2350hrs.
Eric Kingsley was cycling back to Aston when he stopped to see whether a cat in the road was injured or not. As he recommenced his journey he saw idle aged woman in the road ahead and the felt a force dragging him toward her and had to use some considerable force to change tack and miss her. He recalled he had not seen the figure when he had retraced his steps to check on the cat. 
  • Adams 2015 p82 citing Des Turner in Aston Parish Magazine December 1970 citing his interview with Kingsley in Sept 1970

September 5 1926, 0200hrs.
On this and subsequent nights people in the Grafton, Fitzgerald and Early Streets area local residents saw a figure in white, almost 2m tall, with a sort of hood that had only slits for the eyes. One woman fainted at its appearance. A similar figure was later seen in various surrounding villages. 
  • Andy Roberts in UFO Brigantia 21 p12 citing Bradford Daily Telegraph 11 Sept 1926

Late September 1926, 2300hrs.
Airmail pilot Colin Murphy was flying his DH-4 biplane about 110km out from Salt Lake City when his plane was buzzed by a wingless cylinder about 27m long and 2.5-3m thick. Every time the thing got within 50m the plane’s engine misfired, forcing Murphy to land in a sheep pasture. As he got out and looked up the thing shot off at terrific speed to the south. 
  • Hall 1999 p15 citing Ski Trails June 1933 : : Project 1947 citing Wayne Thompson citing Ski Trails op cit citing Journal of Richard West
  • Evaluation: The original source needs verification, as Thompson is responsible for a known hoax report. See July 5 1933 below. 

November 8 1926 (approx. date) Evening.
H T (7) , the son of a policeman, had been sent to bed early, but sneaked out of the house to play with friends. They were playing hide and seek so he was running up Euston Street away from his friends on this dark, wet evening, when he saw an open back gate .Going in the yard he saw three figures peering into a lighted living room. The three beings, of roughly normal height were dressed in silvery grey suits seeming made of tubes of rubber, like thinner versions of the Michelin Men. They wore transparent helmets, from which tubes led to packs on their backs. The central, tallest figure, saw him and mumbled to the other two, and all turned around. The face of the largest entity resembled a large owl, covered by a wide black eyepiece divided down the centre of the mouth by a ribbed silvery piece The other two a pale 'light-bulb' shaped heads and dark, slit like eyes, no obvious nose and slit like mouths. One of the creatures made a gurgling noise and all three moved towards the boy, who fled in terror. 
  • Norman Oliver in UFO Magazine 11,4 p24. Oliver gives year as 1928
  • Brooksmith 1995 citing Jenny Randles
  • Randles 1993 p14 citing investigation by Peter Hough
  • Hough and Randles 1994 p35
  • Randles and Hough 1991 p212
  • Evaluation: Another story told decades after the alleged event and at best modified by later imagery (eg 'Michelin Men')

Cuthbert Burgoyne and his wife were on a Japanese cargo boat off the coast of Mozambique (then known as Portuguese East Africa). They were watching a troop of baboons through binoculars, when they saw the baboons joined by two hominid figures between 1.2 and 1,5m tall, with brown fur, which came out of the jungle. 
  • Heuvelmans 1962 p423

Sergeant Major Van Esch of the topological service had climbed down a cliff to get some water when he saw a humanoid creature approaching through the jungle, Van Esch hid as the thing came within 5m. He could see that it was 1.3m tall., 50cm wide at the chest. It had a long head with a dark face and prominent canine teeth and was covered in brown hair. A noise in the forest startled thing and it ran off. 
  • Freeman 2011 p18

1927 (or following year)
A motor cyclist was overtaken by something resembling “an ultra-modern motor coach” with transparent sides and rear panel, travelling at high speed and swaying from side to side. In side were what looked like men with matches in their hands. The thing passed a police officer who tried to stop it. The cyclist followed around a bend and saw the thing in the distance. Suddenly there was a flash of light and loud explosion and the object vanished. The motor cyclist rushed to the scene fearing an accident but there was no trace of the thing or damage to the road. 
  • Theo Paijmans in Fortean Times 350 p28 citing Dubbo Liberal and Macquarie Advertiser 17 August 1928 citing an unspecified issue of the Daily Express

1927. Morning.
A girl of 11 or 12 was by the banks of the Po river when she saw a bright circular object. 2-3m diameter and surrounded by an intense light, dive into the water about 7-8m away. A few minutes later it re-emerged, producing a bubbling in the water, and took off. Inside the object she saw from the neck up, a seated little humanoid. 
  • Verga 2007 p15 citing Paolo Florino in Circolare Blitz 24,2
  • Evaluation: Only reported after 60 years

1927. Daytime.
A young girl saw a red sphere descend in front of a tram on the Humberstone Road. The object then shot back into the sky. 
  • Hanson and Holliday 2016 p29

1927 approx date) Night.
While staying at Hillersdon House, Lady Scott awoke with a sense of horror, looked out but was unable to see anything unusual. She tried to get back to sleep again but then heard a sound like terrible screams. Looking out again she saw a tall white figure moving left to right across the veranda, as the noise got louder. Lady Scott then fainted. 
  • Codd 2013 p45

1927 (approx. date) Night.
A taxi driver en route to Salem through a wooded area was forced to stop and change a tyre. Just as he finished his car began to rock and when he looked up he saw a hairy humanoid. He drove off, leaving his tyre and jack behind. He later returned with companions to pick them up but there was no sign of the creature. 
  • Bord 2006 p47, 227 citing McCloy and Miller 1976 p85

1927. Night.
Two young brothers were walking home in a remote region when they saw an aerial light approach following the contours of the ground. As it passed overhead they saw it was on the underside of a cylindrical object surmounted by a dome. It emitted a hissing sound an illuminated the area with a dazzling light, moved towards their paddock and came to rest on a hill in a neighbouring property. Next day they found an area of scorched grass 10m in diameter. Their neighbours also reported seeing the object land, its glow then fading into the darkness. 
  • Rife 2001 p100 citing Bill Chalker in Fate September 1988 p78
  • Basterfield 1997 p155 citing Chalker in Fate op cit and in Clark 1992 p337
  • Bill Chalker in Evans and Spencer 1987 p190
  • Evaluation: Just where did this event take place. Basterfield says no location given South Australia; Chalker in Evans and Spencer 1987a says Fernvale; New South Wales, but according to Google and Wikipedia Fernvale is in Queensland.

1927. 2200hrs.
Two friends were walking home down a narrow country lane near Wexford when they saw a brilliant light coming round a corner. They first thought it was the lights of a car, but then it rose into the air, crossed a ditch, and did a 90 degree turn into a field and away, across a quarry and turning to follow the railway lines.. They now saw that there was no structure behind the light. 
  • Randles and Warrington 1985 p9 citing letter to Daily Express

January 1927 (apprx date) 2330HRS.
On a number of nights residents of here and of Mount Talbot saw something like a car glowing with light race along the roads and over fields. No driver was visible but beings dressed in white robes were seen inside. 
  • Dundee Advertiser 21 January 1927 p4 : Note an exaggerated and misplaced account of this case appears in Theo Paijmans in Fortean Times 350 p23 citing Adelaide Observer 2 Feb 1929. Paijmans also includes this original story citing Western Morning News 22 January 1927

January 20 1927, 0300hrs.
A man forced to spend the night on a sand dune after being caught out by the high tide. While dozing he was roused by the sight of a 1m tall dwarf covered in suite made of something resembling metallic mesh, with a white light coming from a facial mask and with metallic looking square feet and short arms. The man then heard a soft voice saying that the being was from an alien world and fed on nuclear energy. The being then walked back to an object that emitted a light which began low and then grew brighter, allowing him to see that the thing was a sort of cylinder, which emitted a powerful blue-violet light coming from either end. This object then took off and disappeared from view in seconds. 
  • Rosales 1900-29 p234 citing Liliana Nunez Orellana

March 1927 (or following month) 0900hrs.
A five year old boy sent out on an errand observed a bright flashing disc, 12m diameter, in the west, which approached and stopped above a house across the street 30m away. As it stopped it also stopped revolving. He saw that it was made of a smooth metallic material and on its underside was a sort of gondola in which four or five portholes appeared, through which a blue-white light appeared. After a time the object moved 30m to the right and let down a thin reflecting line resembling a glass rod or a wire from its bottom. The portholes closed, the object began to rotate again and it took off in the direction from whence it had come. Next day the boy found an oily patch where the object had hovered. 
  • Clark 1998 p928 citing Jerome Clark and Lucius Farish in UFO Report 2,5 p48 citing an APRO investigation in 1969

April 1927. Evening.
Kristan Jonasson saw a strange Faeroes fishing cutter or drifter, towing two boats, in one of which were two men, one dressed in white oilskins, the other black. No one was seen on board the main vessel, which was also seen by the crew of a nearby Icelandic vessel. A party was sent to board the stranger, but there was no sign of this vessel by the time they set out 15 minutes later. It had the prefix FD but the rest of the number seemed obscured. Traces were fruitless and no vessels were missing.
  • Armstrong 1963 p32
  • Hadfield 1937 p43 citing unspecified press sources 11 May 1927

May 1927. 
Mr A H W Cramer and a local woodcutter saw a bipedal creature with long hair and black skin only 10m away. The thing ran off. 
  • Freeman 2011 p18

June 1927.
At an unstated location Paul Startzman was walking through a gravel pit when he encountered a 60cm tall human looking figure wearing an ankle length light blue garment. The being, which came within 10m of the boy, had thick dark blonde (?) hair and his face was round and pink as though sunburnt. After some moments the creature moved off into the brush. 
  • Rife 2001 p84 citing Internet sources
  • Newton 2006
  • Evaluation: Yet another story only reported decades after the alleged event

Summer 1927. Afternoon.
Two boys out hiking the woods near a gravel pit realised they were being followed by a little man wearing a long white gown. The entity followed them even as they crossed a field of long grass. The boys ran to a nearby farm where the occupant was able to see the entity, sat on a rock, through his field glasses. 
  • Rosales 1900-29 p235 citing Paul Startzman in Fate 48,3

September 1927.
Herbert Point and Adaline August were walking towards the hop pickers’ picnic site when they encountered a humanoid creature about twice the size of a man, a very broad nose and arms that almost reached down to the ground. The figure was covered in hair and stopped about 1.7m away. The couple fled. 
  • Arment 2006 p82 citing Lincoln (Neb) Star 29 July 1934

September 1927. Early morning.
Near the summit of Mt Stoke Arsene Laventure suddenly came across four people dressed all over in black who spoke to him a language he could not understand. Arsene then blacked out and came to at the edge of the forest, without the rifle he had brought with him and in a dazed state, not recognising friends. It was the next morning before he recovered his memory. 
  • Rosales 1900-29 p237 citing Donald Cyr

October 18 1927.
While driving through the outskirts of Bakerfield, schoolteacher Richard Sweed encountered a metallic blue-grey object, 20m in diameter, taking off from the ground. The object had openings which had protruding metallic or ceramic objects over them, resembling lenses. The machine gave off a high pitched hum as it moved off with a steady acceleration at 45 degrees. The sand where the object had stood was found to be fused. 
  • Lorenzen 1969 p18 + Zimmerman 2017 p14 both citing letter from witness in Norwalk (Conn) Hour 20 July 1959.
  • Evaluation: The original letter shows that Sweed was deep in the UFO subculture and a believer of a planet hidden by the moon.

1928 (approx. date)
Mrs Edith Warburton saw some very tiny white figures dancing around some ferns in a plant pot. 
  • Johnson 2014 p165

1928 (approx date) 1945hrs.
Sidney Benton (qv) now employed as a baker’s deliveryman was returning on his horse and cart, when the horse suddenly shied and galloped, nearly upsetting him out of the cart. Looking round Sidney saw a cyclist trying to pass on the wrong side of the road. When he looked again after getting his horse back under control there was no sign of the cyclist. 
  • Nigel Watson in The News p18 citing letter from witness

A red cylindrical object, about `10m long, emitting sparks flew over the village and fell into Lake Vedlozero, going through surface ice. Local people reported seeing a 1m tall dwarf with small arms and legs and an oversized head, which would jump into the lake if approached. 
  • Mantle and Stonehill 2006 p246

George Talleo was out hunting when he saw a hairy humanoid. He shot at the thing, which fell down but he did not stop to see what happened to it. 
  • Bord 2006 p227 citing Green 1973 p14 citing letter from witness

1928. 1000hrs.
Bob Mitchell was out riding with two friends when they encountered a 2.1m tall creature with a human face and ape like body in a nearby clearing. The thing was covered in thick brown hair and had large feet. The creature then turned and ran into the bush at speed. 
  • Healy and Cropper 1994 p124 + 2006 p40, 217 both citing Brisbane Sunday Mail (?) November 1980)
  • Evaluation: Another story not revealed for more than 50 years

Three youths, David and Alfred Hadley and Harry Henshaw were walking through the fields to Tom Knockers wood when they saw a man in evening dress and a woman in crinoline dancing towards them. The couple continued t=right through a hedge and continued their dance in the next field. 
  • Hanson and Holliday 2016 p29 citing David Hadley’s daughter
  • Evaluation: Second hand story. 

April 18 1928, 0330hrs,
A police officer saw the lights of an aerial object dive into the sea between the St Nicholas light ship and the Wellington pier. The master of the St Nicholas light ship heard a sound like an engine at the same time. Searches were fruitless. 
  • Aberdeen Journal 19 April 1928 p7
  • Evaluation: Meteor

Late April/early May 1928, 1600hrs.
Floyd Dillon (17) was topping a slight rise on an unpaved country road in his Model T Ford, when he saw an object slowly coming into view at 25m altitude. The thing appeared to be a metallic hexagon, surmounted by an olive domed top, 7m wife, 2m high, with a riveted vertical section and a 60x 90cm window, through which he could see the head and upper body of a swarthy man in a dark blue uniform. This occupant looked down at the lad as the thing moved slowly along, swinging from side to side, before it rotated, crossed the road and shot off at terrific speed. 
  • Vallee 1991 p147 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation: Not revealed until 50 years later

Summer 1928 (approx year) 
Six-year-old Pauline was walking with her father in Anstey Lane when they decided to rest in a field. The little girl was reading when her attention was caught by a black “scarecrow” figure with a large head and dangling arms, apparently lacking a face. When she looked again she saw a spherical object on legs by the figure. Frightened, she roused her father, but the figure and sphere had vanished 
  • Bernard Finch in FSR 15,1 p29 citing interview with the witness, by then Mrs Berger.
  • Evaluation Only reported 40 years after the event

July 1928 (approx. date) 
Mr and Mrs R Carter were driving along the A30 across the Windwhistle Ridge between Chard and Crewkerne when they saw a tall, 30s woman with dark hair in a neck knot, a” calm beautiful face, and a grey “crinoline” dress cross their lights. They were sure they had hit the woman but when they got out to look there was no body and no sign of the woman. 
  • Legg et al 1974 p144 citing the Western Gazette 30 October 1964 citing back to an unidentified 1953 report

July 15 1928, 0045hrs.
Two women sitting outside on this hot night saw a figure like a 1.8m tall woman, with something blue on one arm, and a light in the other walk around the School Brow area. They started to follow the figure, which then suddenly vanished. 

August 1928.
At a spot some 80km west of Tulsa Mr Stern and his sons Aaron were out driving when their car engine started to misfire. As Aaron looked under the bonnet the whole area was lit up by a terrific white light which seemed to pass over at 50m altitude and then fade and burst into many colours. Father and son stood stunned for between 15-30 minutes. When they turned the key the car worked perfectly, 
  • Wright 1998 p35 citing Aaron Stern in Fate October 1973
  • Evaluation Bolide?

October 1928 (approx. date) 0230hrs.
Two fireballs were observed making complex manoeuvers, including stops in concert, at very low altitude. 
  • J. B Delair citing Round Robin x,6 p1

October 15 1928.
A farm woman, Velma Thayer, saw an unidentified object land and short blond humanoids, 1.3-1.5m tall emerged. One stayed with her for 10 days and claimed to be from Saturn. Velma claimed that the US put a guard around the craft but it took off in the night. She became a regular contactee 
  • Bartholomew and Howard p 287 case 7 citing Cincinnati Enquirer August 1955

November 1928 (approx date) Night.
Muchalat Harry of Nootka was bedded down for the night while on a trapping expedition when a large, male, hairy humanoid picked him up and took him to a camp some 3-5km away. The next morning he found himself surrounded by twenty such creatures of both sexes and all ages. They were in rows, males at the front, then females and finally juveniles. They prodded him and lifted up his clothing. Fearful because he had seen a pile of bones, Harry waited till many of the creatures had left in late afternoon and then fled, missing his camp and going straight his canoe in the river and paddling home. When he arrived back at Nootka he was in a state of complete mental and physical collapse, from which it took three weeks to recover. He was so shaken he never left village again and abandoned his valuable equipment. 
  • Byrne 1975 p31 citing Fr Anthony Terhaar
  • Evaluation: A second hand story.

November 10 1928. 2230hrs.
A silver object, resembling an inverted bowl, came out of the north, creating panic among the herd of cattle belonging to Norman B Sable and his brother, 6.5km north of Milton. The object was about 7m in diameter and had a hump in the centre from which four equally spaced beams of light were projected. These beams did not illuminate the ground although the object was only at 6m altitude. The machine made a roaring sound as it sped passed the brothers 30-45m away at a speed equivalent to a modern jet, disappearing to the north in 12-15 seconds. 
  • Lore and Deneault 1969 p107 citing NICAP files
  • Lucius Farish in UFO Register 7 p21 + Vallee 1966c p50 citing Hartle 1963

1929 (or following year)
A man walking from Coldwater to Greenleaf saw a ball of light come down from a fence and land in the road. The plate size thing moved slowly at ground level. The man got down on all fours and touched the thing as it went past, but he felt nothing. 
  • Bord 1989 p139 citing Forteana News 190 p20 citing Arkansas Democrat 8 July 1984

A sponge diver encountered a silvery disc shaped object which passed by him underwater back and forth. The thing had lights on it. 
  • Feindt 2010 p424 citing P Themaras in MUFON UFO Journal 416 p15
  • Evaluation: A tale told by the reporter’s father about someone else, a classic FOAF tale

1929. 1925hrs.
The two Priest children (5 and 8) were in their garden when they heard an engine noise, and saw, coming over the fence from the orchard, a tiny biplane, which landed briefly, almost striking the dustbin. In the cabin was a tiny, perfectly proportioned pilot, wearing a leather flying helmet, who waved at the children. After a few seconds, the plane, which had a wing span of 30cm, took off. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 16,4 p30 citing letter from Mrs I. J. Godwin (one of the children

1929. 2115hrs.
For three consecutive evenings the Lazzari family watched a formation of reddish spheres, surrounded by a similarly coloured halo. They seemed to be 30cm in diameter and 80m away, manoeuvring in formation above a field, emitting sparks. No sound or odour was detected during the 5 minute performances, nor did the animals react. People said the lights were the ghosts of three recently deceased brothers and got a priest to exorcise the place 
  • Edourdo Russo citing Boncompagni et al 1974 p80

1929. Night.
Two young people sat on a bridge near Deer Abbey heard a swishing sound and saw a tall figure dressed in a sort of robe or cloak walk past. Its face was just a grey blur and they heard no sound of footsteps. 
  • Adams 1998 p131

1929. 2315hrs.
William Anderson (26) was wlaking through open fields on his way home to Strensall from York when he noticed a white luminous sphere by a gateway and heard a voice in his head telling him to approach it. As he got closer he saw that it was an object surmounted by a dome. He entered up a ramp which closed behind him, undressed and sat on a seat that seemed to be made of warm plastic. The next thing William experienced was lying on a table with a cigar shaped object projecting a beam of light on him and a voice telling him “they “ would always know where he was and would come to his aid. 

He then got off the table and examined the room, which was lit by a blue-white light of unknown origin and a bank of yellow, green and blue lights on the wall, which he understood to be a sort of computer. He then realised that he was being tracked by the cigar shaped thing and that he was walking 15-25cm above the floor. He tried to t ouch the walls but was repelled. He was then shown a control room with banks of flashing lights. He had a mental vision of the occupants , which were 2m tall humanoids with shoulder length blonde hair, long arms and 6 fingered hands, pale skin and purple-blue eyes. The next thing William remembered was waking nacked in his own bed the next morning, which was a puzzle as his father had locked the doors at 0130hrs. 

  • Hanson and Holloway 2016 p31 citing investigation by Ron West
  • Evaluation Another tale told decades after the event and clearly influenced by the tales of George Adamski with additions from later abduction lore. Note anachronistic reference to computers in an incident supposed to have taken place in the 1920s

Winter 1929. Night.
A young man walking home through a wooded area noticed an unusual silence and then saw a pulsating light close to the ground near some trees. On investigating he saw that it came from a sort of dome of yellow-green translucent light about 1.2m across and 40cm high, for which no source could be found. When the light grew in intensity the young man hid in the bushes. From there he saw two human like figures only 30cm tall materialise. When they saw the witness they jumped back into the light which then went out. A week later the witness returned to find the grass at the site was dying. 
  • Quinn 2006 p61

February 1929. Night.
A family visiting the area saw three objects like boats on the water. They were rocking violently although the water was calm and were accompanied by several lights moving close to water level. A local man told the witnesses that it was an omen of death 
  • Roger Sandell citing Fate UK November 1973

April 1929. 
Two sisters were driving in open country on the Swindon-Hungerford Road when, on climbing a hill they saw what looked like a dark limousine cross the road ahead of them. They slowed, assuming they were reaching a crossroads but none was in sight. 
  • O’Donnell 1948 p66 citing Morning Post 25 February 1930

June 12 1929, 2300hrs.
Lewis Brosseau was coming home to Fermeneuve from a trip to the south, when he observed a black, cloudy object, illuminated by a yellowish internal light on a hill side. He pushed on his horse, fearing a thunderstorm. He dismounted to cross a bridge, and led him horse up the hill. All went well until he got within 45m of the object, whereupon he heard a confused noise which panicked his horse such that when he loosened his grip to open the gates, the animal fled. He saw that the object was a disk, around which a group of 4-5 small men were running in a radius of 6m. The object rose rapidly with a purring sound, passing over him at 80kph, illuminating both him and the ground, and with a rush of air and slight trembling of the ground. As the object passed over, he heard a small voice, followed by a loud voice as if someone were arguing. The object flew off in the direction of Lac des Journalistes. The object was circular, 15m in diameter and had windows which emitted a light like moonlight. There were dark protuberances around the circumference, about 1m apart. The beings wore yellow-white suits. 
  • Saucers Space and Science 54 p10 citing Le Semaine Illustree 23 Sept 1968 and Henri Bordeleau first-hand investigation
  • Vallee case 46 citing Phen Spax December 1968
  • Musgrave 1979 p40 case 5 citing Bordeleau 1969 p11 again citing his first hand investigation

Summer 1929 (approx year) Afternoon.
9 year old Ellen was playing outside on an overcast afternoon when she was dazzled by a flash of light. Looking up she saw a dirigible shaped object with numerous portholes over a nearby oak tree. She was rooted to the spot as small beings with “distorted” bodies and helmets on their heads, wearing metallic suits of a difficult to describe grey-blue colour, came from an opening in the underside of the object floated towards her about 9-12m, above the ground. They then returned to the object which disappeared on the spot. During the experience everything seemed to stop. She developed a fear that she had caught some disease from the beings, and was afraid to be alone for some time afterwards. 
  • Budd Hopkins in MUFON UFO Journal 158 p4 - first hand investigation

July 1929.
Five people, including Einar Rostivold, saw a huge ball of light, giving off fiery colours 25km from Rosbart. It landed slowly and vanished gradually after illuminating the whole countryside for 5 minutes. 
  • Vallee Case 47 citing Fate January 1958

July 5 1929, 1400hrs.
A family group driving in the hills east of Burns saw an object fly over their car and then hover ab out 15m above the rocks. Through a transparent compartment the witnesses could see two human figures that appeared to be pointing at them. A young lad got out of the car but his mother called him back in, but he stayed on the running board and saw that the object was composed of two shades of brown and that in addition to the front compartment in had windows in his central section. After about 40 seconds the thing, which been emitting a soft hum accelerated away. Shortly before this one of the figures had moved to another window. 
  • Rosales 1900-29 p249 citing NUFORC

July 25 1929.
A thing like a huge gorilla was seen in the woods near here 
  • Taylor 2011 p9
  • Clark 2003a p138 citing Washington Post 26 July 1929
Summer 1929 or following year. 0200hrs.
A woman going to visit a friend found that she was being pursued by a bright red-orange ball that seemed to be getting closer. At her friend’s they both watched through a ground fall window as the sphere remained stationary just above the porch, while her dog became agitated. Next morning the object had gone but found what looked like glowing ashes at the spot, gradually cooling.
  • Verga 2007 p 16 citing Fabrizio Zo in Gli Arcani 5,53 p 46

Summer 1929. 1400hrs.
At a place called Piscicolo, a girl working in a field looked up a saw white spherical light in the sky, which then descended vertically to within a few centimetres of the ground, dimming as it did so. At the same time a sort of opening appeared in the centre of the sphere. After a few seconds a woman, dressed in “sumptuous” clothes, like those of the 19th century, emerged, and inside the sphere two or three small beings were moving slowly about and peeping out. The strange woman glided toward the girl, her feet not touching the ground, then turned left and was lost in the trees. The frightened girl crossed herself and then ran to get her father. When he arrived at the site he detected a smell of roses. The girl later compared the clothes worn by the woman to those of a stature of the Virgin in the local church. 
  • Verga 2007 p16 citing Mysterium January/February 2002 p66
August 1929. Day.
Anna Petrovna Poletayeva (17) was walking along a road by Lake Gusevskoye when looking to the side she saw a small circular object hovering 15m over the lake. The thing’s lower section was a sort of coppery colour and the upper part was a sort of transparent cupola. Inside this upper section Anna could see two smallish people, one male, the other female, dressed in grey tight fitting suits. Despite the fact that this couple were smiling at her, Anna was so frightened that she fled in panic, falling over and injuring her elbow as she did so. When she looked back the thing was still hovering. 
  • Rosales 1900-29 p250 citing Aleksy Priyma and Anton Anfalov
August 1929. 2355hrs.
Theocharis Moustakas was in his cart coming home from the mill when he saw a hemispherical object rather like a parachute land in a nearby field From it emerged three white skinned dwarfs dressed all over in white. This trio jumped back and forth over a nearby fence and chatted amongst themselves in a stranger language. Theocharis ran back to the village in terror. 
  • Rosales 1900-29 p250 citing C Trantafyllon and Homer Carajas
September 1929, 2230hrs.
Medical student William Walton was walking home along Euclid Street and was just crossing the street when a bright yellow-white light, like two saucers rim to rim, came into view, straggling with width of the street and beyond. The thing appeared to be 12m long and 60cm thick and emitted a humming sound that resembled a turbine. As it passed over at 30m altitude, William felt sensations of pressure and heat that forced him to his knees and smelt a sulphurous odour. The thing was travelling at speed north to south and then veered to the south-west, going out of sight in 30 seconds. 
  • Zimmerman 2017 p16 citing APRO files
Winter 1929. Night.
B L was walking home on a moonlit night from visiting friends when he noticed a strange stillness and saw a pulsating light shining through the trees close to the ground. Going to investigate he came across a dome shaped yellow green translucent luminosity, about 1.2m wide and 45cm high. B was unable to find its source. The light then flared up and B hid, from where he saw two tiny men , only 30cm tall, suddenly appear. The duo seemed to see B who jumped back and fell. The two dwarfs then leaped back into the glow and they and it suddenly disappeared. When B returned to the site a week later the grass at the spot was dying off. 
  • Rosales 1900-29 p251 citing Quinn 2006