INTCAT 1911-1919


Two men hunting in forest encountered some unusual tracks and followed them. They came across a giant humanoid with long arms and with short white hair covering most of its body. One man remained while the other went back into town to collect a posse. They returned, but the creature had gone and could not be found. 
  • Sanderson 1967b p103
  • Evaluation: Source is letter from a woman who said she lived there at the time sent to Sanderson c 50 years after the alleged event, which appears to be little more than a rumour

January 1911 Evening.
8km off Reykjavik the whaler “Orkney Belle” nearly collided with a sailing ship that appeared out of the mist, its sails billowing though there was no wind. No crew could be seen on board this vessel and it made no wake. Three musical bells sounded the vessel headed into the mist and was lost to sight. 
  • MacDougall 1991 p110 citing a piece by the 1st mate in an undated but many years later issue of Daily News (London)
  • Hadfield 1937 p19
  • Evaluation: No trace of the “Orkney Belle” can be found outside this story, probably a piece of literary fiction.

March 6 1911. Night
A large wingless aerial object, which had been seen in the area for the past three days, was on this day seen to come down to 30m altitude, emitting brilliant lights. It then ascended out of sight with a loud whirring sound. 
  • Colombo 1988 p136 citing Windsor Record 7? March 1911

March 15 1911 (Approximate date) Night.
A group of men, including Joe Johnson, were passing the Paxton Pits, when they saw a dwarf climb out of one of the pits, scream and then run off into the woods. 
  • Theo Paijmans in Dark Lore V p227 citing The Indianapolis Star 19 March 1911

June 1911 1235hrs. 
Captain Elliot MacKirdy of the Lanarkshire Yeomanry had just finished his rounds when his attention was caught by a light 6-10m above the horizon about 1km away. It resembled a car headlight of the period but had no rays. It went on and off for periods of 30 seconds each. Several other people saw the light, which apparently was above a stone wall. 
  • Clarke and Oldroyd 1985 p1 citing MacKirdy in Daily Mail 2 January 1913

Summer 1911.
While on a farm near Chesterfield, 6 year old Mary B saw a long, black, cigar shaped object hovering 1.5m or so from the ground. It was carrying 2 lights and a cabin in which she could see a man. 
  • David Clarke personal communication citing anonymous letter from alleged witness
  • Evaluation: False memory? First reported decades after the event.

July 2 1911. Night.
A wingless aerial object, which had been seen in the area for several days, this day descended to 30m then took off with a whirring sound. It had brilliant lights. 
  • Rife 2001 p 85 citing Windsor Record 3 July 1911
  • Evaluation: The presence for days is suggestive of astronomical misperception

September 1911. Afternoon.
On this foggy afternoon two small boys, Masters Uden and Hopkins were climbing the mountain, when they saw two little men about 1m tall dressed in white all over and wearing tall headgear resembling bakers’ hats. 
  • Source missing, NUFON News [?]
  • Clark 1998 p209 citing HUMCAT, gives year as 1914
  • Evaluation: Only reported decades after the event.

September 15 1911 (apprx date) 1745hrs.
Mrs Isa Cooke was sitting playing with her six week old baby when she felt something touch her leg and saw a doll like creature 20cm tall who ran up Isa’s leg and across her body, standing near the baby’s head. The female form was dazzlingly luminous and held something like a darning needle about 5cm long. The being moved the wand and other tiny, multi-coloured creatures appeared and danced around the room for 10 minutes, disappearing when her husband arrived home. 
  • Johnson 2014 p152


1912 (approx date) 
An English couple staying in a third floor apartment in an old building in Bruges on several occasions heard footsteps and glimpsed a bizarre creature that emitted a foul stench. An excavation in the cellar revealed bones, some of which were human like, others of a “very strange animal”, though they appeared to belong to the same creature. They were taken away by a local doctor and no more disturbances were reported. 
  • O’Donnell 1963 (Purpose) p220 citing info from the female witness
  • Evaluation: Probably just an apocryphal story

Beulah Schroat and her brothers saw hairy humanoids with large eyes in the woods near their home, often around a small creek on the farm. These beings ran away each time they were approached. 
  • Taylor 2011 p25

1912. Morning
Master A Fenner aged 6 observed a round craft shaped like a helicopter, and was medically examined by small men with round feet, and no knees or elbows, who communicated with him telepathically. His father warned him not to speak about the matter, which only came to light in 1972 when he communicated with Dr J. Allen Hynek 
  • Musgrave 1979 p40 (case2) + personal communication-citing CUFOS and his own phone conversation with Fenner
  • Evaluation: Hoax? False memory?

1912 (Approximate date)
A man and his mother were out berry picking when they saw an unusual dark cloud hovering over them, which followed them into a wood. As they carried on they saw, walking parallel with them, a dark creature with wide shoulders, bulky head and no visible neck. The woman yelled out, at which the thing turned to look at them and emitted a barking noise. The witnesses fled, and when they had gone about 100m the figure and cloud had gone. 
  • Janet and Colin Bord in FSR 25,3 p24 citing Ron Schaffner in Bigfoot (Page Research 1978) p 40

Manuel Mejia encountered a very tall hairy humanoid 
  • Gerhard 2016 p31 citing Pablo Villarubia Mausa in Inexplicata 4

1912. Afternoon.
Robert Dickhoff (8) was in his room when he suddenly felt compelled to turn around and saw two beings 1.05m tall, with human features, sitting on his bed. They were either naked or wore flesh coloured clothing. They faded out as he looked. 
  • Dickhoff in UFO Analysis and Research Bulletin 1,5 p17
  • Bord 1997 p133 citing letter from Dickhoff in Fate November 1956 p113
  • Evaluation: Hypnogogic hallucination

1912. Night
A man walking home saw a glowing ball in the distance and then when he arrived home he saw it hovering just above the ground in front of him. He shouted at it, thinking it was a ghost, and felt a slap across the face knocking him to the ground. The ball took off with a wobbling motion. Later the man found a mark like a skeleton’s hand on his face where he had been hit. 
  • Verga 2007 p14 case 1201 citing Fabrizio Zo in Gli Arcani 5 p53
  • Evaluation: Known only through rumour

January 1912. Night.
A Mr Dychkin and a friend were out in separate sledges in snowy conditions, when they encountered two strangers by the side of the road and offered them a lift. The strangers persuaded the pair not to continue home, but to go to their nearby town. Both thought they knew there were no towns in the area but followed this advice and came upon a strange illuminated city by the side of the road. As they went towards it they were seized by sudden terror and returned to the road home. The strangers had disappeared and when the men looked back there was no sign of this “city” 
  • Rosales citing German Mikhailov in NLO 50 citing Rebus (St Petersburg 1914 Evaluation: Highway hypnosis and aurora?

Late May 1912, 2030hrs.
Gas fitter Mr F Fuller and his assistant Mr F L Luck were cycling from Staplehurst to Paddock Wood, when, about 1.5km from Paddock Wood, they rounded a bend and hump over a stream, when they saw an elderly woman in a brown garb and bonnet cross the road, seemingly coming from one high hedge and into another. They were unable to see any further trace of her. 
  • Bennett 1939 p287 citing direct from witnesses
June 1912. Morning.
A 12 year old girl was out by Laroque Shoal on this foggy morning when she saw something like an enormous ship with dark grey sails but just a large mass for a hull, on which were things like barrels. As she looked the thing just disintegrated. It was supposed to be an omen of the death of her sister. 

  • Colombo 2000 p26
June 1912 (or following month) Early morning.
Henry Lamond was out riding when he observed a luminous green sphere moving about 15kph, about 1-3m above the ground. The horse stopped and acted attentively as the light passed, going in the opposite direction. It rose to 180m and then disappeared. 
  • Marc Moravec in Evans and Spencer 1987a p308 citing Henry Lamond in Walkabout 1 April 1937
August 11 1912. Night.
Claudio Rey Castillo was on his way home when the scene was illuminated by something descending from the sky at high speed. Turning round, Castillo was confronted by a humanoid figure 3.3m tall, emitting intermittent flashes of light. The figure was white, featureless and appeared to be floating above the ground. When Castillo drew out his knife, the figure trembled, raised its hands and floated away into the darkness. 
  • Rosales citing Iker Jimenez Enigmas Sin Resolver II (undated and not in AFU catalogue
August 18 1912, 2315hrs.
Edward (17) the eldest son of the then Duke of Devonshire, was going to bed at the rectory where he was staying, when looking down the 10m long corridor he saw the figure of a man in some sort of grey-brown robe and hood. The figure seemed below average height, with a broader than usual wrinkled face, giving the impression of age. The figure appeared to have stubble on its face. Searches were fruitless. The vicar, with whom Edward was staying had also seen this or a similar figure. 
  • Wood 1961 p132
September 1 1912, 2130hrs. 
The head gardener at Crum Castle saw a yellow light approach him and suddenly disappear. Other people also reported the light. 
  • Clarke and Oldroyd 1985 p5 citing Daily Mail 1 January 1913
Late September 1912. Afternoon.
Looking out to sea, Mrs Carrie V saw something like a ship with pure white sales and a black hull, which came to a halt outside her house. She called her 7 year old son and to come and watch the people coming ashore . After about 10 minutes they saw what looked like smoke coming from the thing and then figures came up from below and climbed up the mast as the deck filled with flame. Only the dark hull remained and that sank into the water. 
  • Colombo 2000 p24
October 12 1912.
George Summerall saw a large creature drinking at a creek. It stood up and he saw it was a bipedal creature more than 2m tall. The thing looked at Summerall and then walked up a slope and disappeared among the rocks and timber 150m away, It had an ape like face, a trunk of uniform size and arms that reached down to its ankles. The next day a neighbour, the farmer and poet Sydney Wheeler Jephcott investigated and saw hand and footprints, the latter were very long with only four toes 12.5cm long. He later took plaster of Paris casts of the prints and sent them to “Dr Davis at the University”. Previously Jephcott had seen unusual scratches on a tree. 
  • Clark 2012 p224 + Dimitri Bayanov in Masrkotic and Krantz 1984 p107 both citing Sidney Wheeler Jephcott in Sydney Morning Herald 23 October 1912
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p37, 2115 case 42 citing above

November 1912 (Approximate date) Night.

Charles Harper, a Sydney surveyor, and his companions heard noises and built up their fire to illuminate the area. They saw, about 29m away, a humanoid about 1.7-1.75m tall covered in brown red hair, with a human looking face, except for 2 fangs, but smaller than normal. Its arms and hands were long, its legs short and its body gave the impression of great strength. The thing thumped its chest before moving, at first bipedally and then on all fours. 
  • Bord 1980 p151 citing Joyner 1977 p19 citing Sydney Sun 10 November 1912 p13
  • Healy and Cropper 1994 p122 citing th Sydney Sun op cit

December 1912.

On a number of occasions a bright light was seen rising from the ground to the top of the ruined church on the island, before manoeuvring around at terrific speed, its size changing from that of a candle to that of a bicycle light. Attempts to approach it were fruitless. The only light seen by a journalist who investigated were those from oil lamps 
  • Clarke and Oldroyd 1985 p4 citing Mid Ulster Mail 14 December 1912 and Irish Daily Telegraph 17 December 1912

December 3 1912. Afternoon.

An aerial object carrying The White Ensign came from the North, remained stationary for about 15 minutes and then returned. A crew of four was seen on board. 
  • Carl Grove citing Times 4 December 1912
  • Lucius Farish in Steiger and Whritenour 1969 p42
  • Evaluation: Army airship Beta 2 (see Watson 2000 p62)

December 24 1912.

The mayor of Vyhilevka was walking towards Proskurov when he came across a dimly lit object in a nearby field and two men in military uniforms stood near to it. When the mayor asked the men their business, they grabbed him and took him on board their aerial machine, asked him a number of questions, then set him down in Var 60km away. The aerial machine then took off again. 
  • Rosales citing Mikhail Gershtayn
  • Evaluation: Original source not provided


1913 (Approximate date)
A man was said to have encountered a metallic disc on the ground and a humanoid being that fired some sort of weapon at him, resulting in a lasting paralysis. 
  • Patrick Goss citing Basterfield 2005 citing Daryl Tiggeman citing a broadcast by Colin Norris c 1984
  • Evaluation: Someone tells Keith Basterfield in 2004 that he thinks he remembers a radio show by Colin Norris in 1984 in which this story dated to 1913 was narrated. Can you get vaguer than this?


A 13 year old boy was on the dunes when he encountered a hairy biped with a triangular face, silvery talons and some sort of silvery plate on its chest. 
  • Nunnelly 2011 p254
  • Evaluation: No source given

1913. Night

Near L’Olival field a peasant couple saw a luminous, red, egg shaped object descend, rest on the ground for 15 minutes, then ascend and vanish. 
  • Charles Bowen and Aime Michel in FSR 14,1 p12

1913. Night.

A peasant walking in the Valle du Sapu was confronted by a small, stocky man, wearing a tight leathery outfit. The little man kept blocking his path as the witness tried to get round him. Eventually the two fought, the dwarf’s kin feeling rough and cold. Eventually the witness hit the being with a large piece of hard bread, at which the entity stepped back in to a beam of light, and thence up into a luminous circular object 
  • Rosales citing J J Benitez, La Quinta Columna date not given, not in AFU catalogue

1913. Night

A young man walking through the woods on his way to join the army encountered a 3m tall giant and fled in terror 
  • Rosales citing SOS OVNI Database

January 1 1913.  Night.

Mrs Fiannalay twice saw a blue light 1m in diameter travelling between the West Bridge and Old Rossary, where it disappeared. The water appeared agitated as it passed over and illuminated it. She also saw this on the three following days. 
  • Clark and Oldroyd 1985 p6 citing The Imperial Reporter and Farmers’ Journal 16 January 1913

January 4 1913.

A brilliant light was seen travelling between Caher Island and Inishturk Island. The local pilot looked through his telescope and saw that it came from a machine in which two men were seated. 
Motifs others pilot vessel
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p63 citing The Mayo News 13 January 1913
  • Evaluation: Probable misperception of bright light

February 1913 (Approximate date)
John Joseph Collins was on his yacht when he saw an aeroplane come in from the sea and land near him. It was a biplane with three occupants, one of whom was tinkering with the engine. The other two were stout with florid complexions and “very intelligent foreheads”, which made Collins think they were Germans. He spoke to them in German but one replied in French, saying he don’t understand, then telling him they were could help themselves and to go away. He left and did not see the machine again. 
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p69 citing Northern Daily Mail 25 February 1913
  • Evaluation: Possibly a French biplane, but may be just another hoax

Early February 1913.

On 8 occasions farmer William Kreuger saw a white figure that stood still. When shot at on each occasion, it disappeared. 
  • Theo Paijmans in Anomalist 13 p35 citing Waterloo Evening Courier 24 March 1913

February 21 1913, 2100hrs.

John Ripley and T. Clarke were dredging in the River Ouse between Beningbrough and Linton Docks when they observed a cigar shaped aerial object with a central bulge, which hovered low and revolved. There were three wheels on one side of the object and another in the rear. There was a boxed in portion where they could see a pilot. The object carried a brilliant searchlight on its side and made a strange humming sound. It disappeared about 22.30hrs. and reappeared at 0400hrs. the next morning, disappearing at 05.30hrs. toward Easingwold. 
  • David Clarke personal communication citing Yorkshire Evening Post 24 February 1913
  • Evaluation: Probable astronomical misperception, with disappearing and reappearing.

February 21 1913, 2130hrs.

Mr Bickesdike, a traveller for Messes Isaac Walton and Sons (York) was riding between Ellerton and Bubwith High Field, when an elongated object, carrying a brilliant light, shot across the road at low level in front of him, causing his horses to react with fright. The object took off in the direction of Bridlington. 
  • David Clarke citing Yorkshire Evening Press + Yorkshire Herald 24 March 1913

February 21 1913, 2200hrs.

A party of businessmen at Church Fenton station saw an aerial machine that projected a strong searchlight onto the railway lines. At one time the object almost hovered on the rooftops, then it rose to a great height, and after 20 minutes left in a northerly direction at high speed. The craft had red starboard and green port lights. 
  • Carl Grove citing The Standard 24 March 1913

February 28 1913.

An aerial object, with a very powerful, dazzling light, approached the Hull trawler “Othello” so low that the skipper feared for the safety of his mast. The ship’s whistle was blown and airship swerved to the west, then circled the trawler twice, keeping its beam fixed on it. The machine carried two other brilliant lights, 1.5-2m apart, aft of the searchlight. The craft then rose and proceeded westerly. The skipper signalled on his siren and the airship flashed its lights in reply 
  • Carl Gove citing Hull Daily Mail 4 March 1913
  • Lucius Farish in Steiger and Whritenour 1969 p 44

March 12 1913 (Approximate date) 1800hrs.

Two women walking along a rural road, between Jerch and Caputh, saw an aerial object catch fire and explode, the wreckage falling into the forest below. Searches were fruitless.
  • (Clark 1998 p 922 citing Berliner Tageblatt 13 March 1913 + Daily Telegraph 14 March 1913
  • Manchester Courier 14 March 1913 p7
  • Evaluation: The women, though described as “trustworthy and creditable” were accused of faking the story. Other possible explanations are an exploding balloon or bolide.No place called 'Jerch' identifiable on Google

April 2 1913 (Approximate date)

As Lord Archibald Campbell lay dying, a number of people including an Englishman, saw a boat like object, described as a “funny airship” cross Loch Fyne and the town at very low altitude. It was regarded as the traditional omen for the death of a Lord Campbell. 
  • Wood 1964 p11
  • Evaluation: Primary documentation lacking
  • Motifs otherworld vessel as omen of death, ship of souls.

May 1913. Morning

Silbie Latham (12) and his brothers Sid and Clyde were chopping cotton on their farm, when they heard their dogs bark, as if in distress. After a few minutes they went to investigate and found a little man no more than 45cm tall, dark green in colour, his arms hanging down by his side, and wearing a little round sombrero which seemed to be part of his body. The creature was naked and appeared to be made of rubber. Before the boys could absorb any more detail, the dogs pounced on the creature, tearing it apart and spreading blood and guts all over the place. The boys returned to their work but went back to the scene from time to time to see rotting remains and the dogs cowering from the spot. By the time their parents investigated all traces had disappeared.
  • Alex Evans in Fate November 1978 p83 citing investigation by Larry Sessions for CUFOS April 1978
  • Clark 1998 p209
  • Evaluation: Probably a frog. No contemporaneous source, investigated decades later.

July 1913.

Prospector J. L. Buick and a companion encountered a little brown man who said “Peace be on you”. It had apparently come from a circular object 30m diameter, surmounted by a dome and coning tower, on the sand. Other little brown men were picking up samples from the ground and mining a rock outcrop. The being said they were extraterrestrials who had been keeping a watch on earth for a hundred years, using spies based in circuses. The object then took off. Next day they returned and met the beings again who explained the workings of their craft and said rockets were not the way for space travel. 
  • Rosales citing letter from Buick to Donald Keyhoe
  • Evaluation: A typical contactee story, based in part on the Scully story, and quite anachronistic for 1913. Imitative hoax

Autumn 1913(approx date) Afternoon.

A little girl was playing in a grassy clearing on the Michelin property, when she saw a large hair being about 2m tall, with long arms, come out of the woods. At times it went down on all fours. There was a white mane on the head of the creature, which grinned and gestured at the youngster, who ran home in terror. Strange 30cm long footprints, with just broad toes and very narrow heels were found. Some of these appeared very deep, others at normal depth. It was seen on a number of later occasions, one of these a child saw the thing peeping in through the window. Mrs Michelin grabbed a gun and fired at it, as it fled. Its appearances, which disturbed the dogs, was seen over two years. 
  • Sanderson 1967b p104 citing True North by Elliott Merrick. Scribners 1933

September 23, 1913.

Three holidaymakers saw an aerial object, they thought was a seaplane, go into the sea, then a few minutes later rise again into the air. 
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p73 citing The Orcadian 27 September 1913
  • Evaluation: Probably a flock of sea birds as suggested by the coastguards at the time


1914 (Approximate year)
A young woman saw two men wearing silvery objects on their backs standing on a road. They flew away using these objects. Several other people in the area saw the same thing on that day. 
  • Ballester 1976 p1 case 1 citing CEI

1914. (approx year) 

Charley Victor was out hunting when he fired at what he thought was a bear, but then realised was a white skinned boy with curly black hair. As Charley approached the wounded boy, the latter let out a yell, which was answered by a booming voice that appeared to come from a distant mountain, and which came closer. About 30 minutes later, a woman, about1.8m tall, and extraordinary broad, with a black face and long black hair arrived on the scene and confronted Charley. It spoke in the local Douglas language, telling Charley that he had shot a friend and that he would never shoot a bear again. The creature danced around the boy in a sort of ritual, its cries answered by others in the forest. It eventually took the boy away. 
  • Bader 1995 p86 citing J W Burns in Macleans 1 April 1920
  • Evaluation: Look at the date of the magazine article!


A boy saw something that looked like a gorilla sat on a log.
  • Clark 1993a p139
  • Evaluation: Recalled in 1975!

1914 0400hrs.

Mr Perret was awoken by the sensation of someone tapping him on the back. Turning round he saw a luminous being, the size of a 10-12 year old child, with a white glittering face and wearing a shiny outfit. The thing lit up the whole room, It then walked through the door and disappeared, an afterglow remaining for about 3 seconds. The witness remained in bed. 
  • Rosales citing LDLN 243

1914. Day.

Two small girls were playing around a deserted house and were sat on the roof when they saw two groups of beings 60cm tall, one dressed in black, the other white. The two groups fought each other while the girls sat spellbound. Eventually the black group first and then the white just disappeared. 
  • Alan Bruford in Narvaez 1997 p134 citing an interview in 1974

1914. 1500hrs.
A man rooting through garbage on the rubbish dump heard a musical humming sound and turning round saw, hovering partly across a fence and the street a grey object surmounted by a high dome, with a smaller dome on the underside. Something like two sliding doors opened on its surface and two short entities with round heads emerged, followed by six others. The eight sang in “beautiful harmony” in an unknown language. When they finished the door reopened and the octet filed back inside, the object then flew slowly away over the church. 
  • Rosales citing letter from the witness in CUFOS Associate Newsletter 3, 6
  • Evaluation: Reads very much like a joke

1914. Evening.
Two little girls in neighbouring ranches were pursued by a dwarf girl wearing “flashing green clothing”. 
  • Rosales citing Fabio Picasso “Small beings in Argentina" in Strange Magazine 8

1914. Night 
Two men saw three strange lights flying in an unusual manner, 6m above the ground, as if searching for something. These lights cast no shadows and their speed ranged from running pace to that they later compared with a jet, and manoeuvred instantaneously over landscape features. 
  • Lore and Deneault 1969 p 103 citing NICAP files

January 1914 (apprx date) 2200hrs. 
A woman coming back from serving a guest at Chicksands Priory when “a tall fascinating woman dressed in white” passed her with a gliding motion, making a rustling sound and leaving a trail. 
  • Broughall and Adams 2010 p 26

March 1914 Twilight.
A farmer returning home saw a circular green luminous object hovering just above a hill. From a distance of 100-200 he saw from it emerged several dwarfs that walked around the thing then went back inside, at which the object took off in a spiral then accelerated away. 
  • Clark 1998 p209 citing HUMCAT
  • Rosales citing Joel Mesnard and Jean Marie Bigorne
  • Evaluation: The witness only told his family about this event and family members related this to ufologists after his death decades later

May 1914 Evening.
Peter Williams was hunting about 1.5km from the Chehalis reservation when something got up from the brush. Peter first thought that it was a bear but then saw that it was humanoid about 1.8-2.1m tall and covered in hair. Peter ran home but the thing followed him and prowled round the house making grunting and growling sounds for some time. Peter also saw two hairy humanoids, one male the other female, while out hunting with a companion and his brother Paul had also been chased for a short distance by one of the creatures, 
  • Arment 200.6 p81 citing Lincoln (Neb) Star 29 July 1934

June 1914 0400hrs.
Gustav Herwargen opened the door of his house and saw, in the field, a shining cigar shaped object with illuminated windows. Near it were four or five dwarfs, 1.2m tall, clad in light clothing. He approached them, but they went aboard the object as they appeared to be aware of his presence. A door closed and the object took off silently, climbing vertically. 
  • Vallee case 39 citing Ufo Nachrichten April 1962
  • Evaluation: The alleged witness died in 1933 and this was a tale submitted by his children. (von Ludwiger 1998 46)

Summer 1914. Night.
A French settler was walking home after turning on the irrigation valves, when he saw a large luminous globe flying over the fields. It landed a few metres away, and as the frightened man hid and watched, several small beings, wearing helmets and light once piece suits, came out of the object and moved around collecting samples from the ground. After a short time they re-entered the craft, which took off rapidly. Other farmers had seen a strange ball flying over the fields. 
  • Rosales citing Le Forum De L’Ufologie

July 1914 (apprx date) Evening.
Elliott O’ Donnell was continuing fishing on an islet off Dalkey on this drizzly evening, when he was struck by an eerie silence and a peculiar atmosphere and noted that the fish had left the location. Elliott felt paralysed with fear, and looking out to sea saw a circular yellow green glow, which became increasingly brighter. Inside it was a mass of churning bubbles and then a sort of whirlpool with a black hole in the centre. He seemed to see in this the formation of a face, which he identified as that of a dead friend. 
  • Arnold 2013 p98
  • Evaluation: Elliott O’ Donnell (1872-1965) was a notorious “ghost hunter” strongly suspected of making up or at least exaggerating his stories. This account looks as though it might be based on an ASP experience or some atmospheric phenomenon

July 1914. Morning.
The witness in the June1912 case and her brother saw a mass of black smoke plunge into a spring and changing its shape, eventually becoming the form of a great ship, with sails of smoke and going out to sea. 
  • Colombo 2000 p27

August 1914.
William J Kiehl and 7 other people saw a spherical object on the surface of the water. On its deck were two small men wearing purple green clothes that seemed to be plunging a hose in and out of the water. On the opposite side were three men dressed in light brown, wearing square masks down to their shoulders. Seeing the witnesses, all but one of the dwarfs entered the object. The one who remained outside wore shoes with a curved pointed tip. He remained outside while the object rose 3m above the water, then shot upwards leaving a short trail. 
  • Lorenzen 1967 p20 citing letter from Kiehl
  • Vallee Case 40 citing El Paso Times 1 March 1967
  • Evaluation: Looks rather too like the 1952 Sawbill Bay Case, a known hoax. Note the witnesses surname is the original spelling of John A Keel’s surname

August 1914.   2030hrs.
Elsie Yerkes was lying in bed worrying about family problems, when the bedroom door slid open and a figure, dressed as in a white shroud, with long sleeves and a silk girdle with a tassel that reached to the floor, entered. The figure approached her bed and stoked her from head to toe, with a cold touch. It then went to the end of the bed and rose up through the ceiling. She believed it was her fiancée’s late father, come to support her. 
  • Braddock 1956 p24 first hand from the witness, a relative
  • Evaluation: Hypnogogic hallucination or false awakening.

August 2 1914. Day.
Two women working in the fields saw two strange people dressed in red suits in a remote meadow, near to something grey on the ground. The frightened women ran away. Another person saw a large dark object fly towards the meadow, emitting a rustling sound as it passed over. 
  • Rosales citing Mikhail Gershtein and Anton Anfalov
  • Evaluation: Neither place name can be found on Google. There is a Vykhino near Moscow

Late August 1914. 1200hrs.
Arvo Kuoppala (10) and his grandmother, Maria Falt, were in their farmhouse sitting room when there was a sudden darkness and a sound like a loud wind. A “wall of light” came from the east, followed by a shining globe that approached the house and stopped outside the window. An oval opening appeared it its side, through which the upper bodies of two beings could be seen, the larger one in the centre of the window, the smaller to one side. They had oversized heads, broad angular faces and “friendly” eyes. The being on the side was more of an ugly dwarf. Avro was afraid that they would come through window, but his grandmother said they only wanted to speak to them. The larger beings lips began to move as if speaking, though no words could be heard. When Avro cried out in delight at this, the face retreated into the globe, the opening closing behind it. There was then a noise and a flash and the object took off to the west at speed. Avro was very tired after the experience and went to sleep straight away. His grandmother told him they were beings from a distant place, the globe had come from a sky ship, that they were more intelligent but related to us. 
  • Rosales citing investigation by Mervi Virtanen
  • Evaluation: Yet another story apparently related decades after the event. Hoax or false memory based on a lightning strike or ball lightning?

August 20 1914, 0020hrs.
Private Howe of the 4th East Lancashire Field Artillery was between Flimby and Siddick when he saw an aerial object like an aircraft with a red tail light, flying low over the ground, southwards along the coast towards Workington.
  • Granville Oldroyd in Watson 2000 p79 citing TNA AIR 1/565 GHQ Home Forces General Correspondence File, Movements and Rumoured Movements of Hostile Aircraft 3/8/14-2/1/13)

August 23 1914. Sunrise.
Howard Sloan (12) and his 11 year old brother heard an engine sound moving below the tree line to the north. Through a gap in the trees a biplane was visible at 30m altitude. It did not reflect the sunlight. This occurred 290km from the nearest air base, and the Royal Australian Flying Corps had only 5 planes at that time.
  • Howard Sloan in FSR 17,1 p21
  • Evaluation: Lacks contemporaneous documentation, False memry?, unofficial private plane?

Autumn 1914 (or following year)
Teenager, D. S. Ionescu was having a meal in the garden with his family when they observed a sphere from which a sort of cylinder was protruding, travelling east at 20-25m altitude. It caused the trees to bend as it passed over them, and left a trail of glowing sparks 18-19m long. It appeared and disappeared suddenly and made a whistling sound. It was seen for several nights in succession. On one occasion it hovered over a house where the burned body of a woman had been found. 
  • Hobana and Weverbergh 1974 p218

September 1914 Evening.
A farmer encountered a machine resembling a biplane while walking home across the veldt. Nearby were two pilots pailing water from a stream. There were few or any viable planes in South Africa at this time. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 8, 3 p21 citing Edgar Sievers 
  • Keel 1971a p121)

September 1914 (apprx year) Evening.
George Duncan was riding in the back of a cart along the Derry Road, when he saw a tall figure, dressed in a black, long sleeved, robe, waving its arms. The figure appeared to be surrounded by smoke. The cart carried on and the figure passed out of sight. 
  • Gray 1989 p25 citing letter in The Scotsman unspecified 1941 + press reports 1936

September 1 1914 1130hrs.
An aerial object, described as an airship, was seen going north to south at very low altitude from the Promenade. 
  • Granville Oldroyd in Watson 2000 p82 citing TNA AIR 1/565 op cit

September 23 1914, 0330hrs.
Stone works contractor Vasily Alexnadrovich Sokolov was about to depart after spending the night in this small village when he saw a bright point of light in the sky. As it descended it resolved itself into a brown cigar shaped object surrounded by a bright light, and with a powerful light at the front. From this came a suspended gondola, in which the shadows of six men, five sitting and one standing could be seen. There was no sound. The frightened man then called on locals to come out and see the thing. At this point a beam of light came from the object, temporarily blinding Vasily. The object then turned and flew away, as it did so Vasily saw some sort of fast turning devise on its rear. There were official investigations. 
  • Rosales citing Mikhail Gershtein in “Crossroads of Centaurs” 2
  • Evaluation: German airship and observation gondola cf Whitehead case

October 21 1914 (apprx date)
Two fisherman heard the sound of a motor and saw an aircraft, in which there were two men. 
  • Watson 2015 p89 citing Galloway Advertiser and Wigtownshire Free Press 22 October 1914

Late December 1914 1730hrs.
Separate people in the outskirts of Leon saw two identical 2m tall them men carrying something like a rucksack on their backs walking in unison along a path, apparently joined together at the arms. Both wore tight fitting green overalls. At one point both figures rose into the air and disappeared into the distance. 
  • Rosales citing Jiminez 2003
  • Evaluation: Lacks contemporaneous documentation, misperception of hitch hikers, hoax?


1915 (Approximate date) Night.
Crum King who lived just southeast of Wann was walking back home from a dance, when, by his gate, he saw a humanoid figure 1.5-1.8tall, 1.2m wide, covered with hair stood with its arms out. King fled from the scene.
  • Clark and Coleman 1978 p65
  • Evaluation: A story told about 60 years after the alleged event

1915. Late Evening. 
Two men riding on the edge of a sugarcane field turned a bend, at which their horses stopped and snorted in fear. The men then saw a small white bundle on the ground, which gave the impression of being a living creature. The thing then began to approach, at which one of the men shot at it several times. Each time they fired the thing grew larger, eventually becoming as large as the horse, at which them men fled, leaving their horses behind. Next day the horses were found wandering in the fields apparently unharmed.
  • Albert Rosales citing his own investigation

1915. Night
A 22 year old woman was taking her mother by train to Kansas City for a cancer operation when a woman dressed in black entered and walked up to the young woman, saying she had come for her mother and would later come back for her. The woman then moved off down the corridor. Two other passengers in the compartment had not seen the figure. 
  • Evans 2002 p43 citing letter from witnesses daughter in Fate May 1958 p55

1915. Night.
Maude Ffoulkes was asleep in her flat in Curzon Street when she awoke to see a tall slender man with “grave dark face” stood at the end of her bed. Asking him who he was, the man claimed he was the devil come to bargain with her for the souls of two women who had injured her. She dismissed the figure as a figment of her dream, but the figure claimed otherwise. She went back to sleep but the same thing happened a few days later, with Maude again refusing to believe she was awake. This time the figure said it would give proof of its reality and when Maude awoke the next morning she found a discoloured imprint of a man’s hand on her shoulder. 
  • Evans 1987 p65 citing letter from Maude Ffoulkes in Occult Review December 1918

March 5 1915 (Approximate. date) 2110hrs.
Col. Leland was being driven from his home in Watersplash Road, by Mr Webber a soldier. They had gone about 250m, when they saw a moving light on their left. They thought this was on a horse drawn vehicle and drew in to let it pass. It went ahead of them, and the car lights picked out an indistinct black object, which reminded them of a hearse, as they could see two panels and a keyhole on its rear. They could not see any driver however. They followed it for about 200m. After it turned a corner, they decided to accelerate past it, but found the road empty.
  • Haining 2008 p14 citing Kent Messenger 12 March 1915
  • Bennett 1939 p366 citing letters from Leland 12 March 1934 and Webber 27 January 1937
  • Evaluation: Note in their letters to Bennett Leland and Webber date this story to November 1915 and to Sunbury-Upon Thames, Middlesex

March 30 1915.
A woman cleaning the local church saw an old woman in a black poke bonnet bow to the alter and sit at one of the seats. The cleaner turned away for a moment and when she looked back the stranger had disappeared. Neither the cleaner, the flower arranger nor the sexton, who been cutting the grass, could see any sign of this stranger. 
  • Bord 1989 p84 citing Florence Carr Folklore of Lychett Maltravers 1975 p6

June 23 1915 (Approximate date)
While searching for missing lambs saw a hairy humanoid tracing a hog. There were a number of later sightings. The thing was trapped down to a cave where animal carcasses were found but fled and out sped its chasers. 
  • Arment 2006 p197 citing Kansas City (MO) Star 27 June + 24 October 1915)

June 24 1915 (Approximate date) Pre-dawn.
Cecelia Peel Yates of Dolbeare Cottage was awakened by her dogs barking. Looking through her bedroom window she saw a bright light low in the sky. As she watched it moved away to the North East and disappeared. 
  • Clarke and Oldroyd 1985 p8 citing Admiralty File 131/119 at TNA

Summer 1915.
6 year old Bjarne Westvand saw a bell shaped object descend behind a hill in the west. Two small humanoids, about 1m tall, came from behind the hill where the object had landed , walked towards a road then turned and approached the boy. There they stopped and one smiled. They had large heads and grey skin, and were dressed in dark brown overalls. They went back behind the hill, from where Bjarne saw the object take off again. 
  • Ole Jonny Braenne in INFO Journal 72 p47 citing Rapportnytt 4/1981 p3
  • Evaluation: lacks contemporaneous documentation

Early July 1915.
Mrs Cave-Penny and her daughter, who lived in an isolated farm saw on several occasions a bright white light rise from the area of Hexworthy Mine, 4km away across the moor, , travel westwards and disappear. Sometimes it appeared to be just above the hillside, sometimes higher.
  • Clarke and Oldroyd 1985 p8 citing Admiralty File 131/119 at TNA

July 4 1915 or following day 1900hrs.
A large aircraft landed outside this village. Two men got out of the machine, with papers and plans, then re-entered and the plane took off towards Montreal.
  • Mr X in Watson 2000 p 121 citing Free Press 6 July 1915
  • Evaluation: Possibly a real aircraft

September 4 1915, 2130hrs.
Lt-Col. W. P. Drury and another intelligence officer were investigating reports of a strange light rising from the ground in this area. On this occasion, from a point opposite the Totnes-Newton Abbott road, they saw a bright white light of considerably greater angular diameter than a planet rise to a height of 15-18m from a meadow on the other side of the River Dart. It moved to the left for about 100m then disappeared. 
  • Clarke 2012 p11 + Clarke and Oldroyd 1985 p 8 both citing an official report by Drury in The National Archives TNA ADM 131/119)


1916 Night.
As teenager Flora was walking home she saw something coming towards her, but could not make whether it was a person or an animal. As it got closer she saw it was a small fat being with yellow luminous eyes, wearing a fur cape around its shoulders. The being looked at her “hard and very angrily”; terrifying the girl. 
  • Tucker 2013a p7

February 10 1916 (Approximate date)
While travelling between Wills and Winnebijou, railway conductor Archie Reavie and a brakeman saw an aeroplane with several lights pass low over the tracks twice, and the pilot was seen operating the controls. 
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p133 citing Superior Telegram 12 February 1916 p3

February 29 1916, 0430hrs.
Several people including John Tullvson, the head watchman at Globe Elevators, and John Gustavson heard an engine noise and saw a large aerial object, 15m wide, 30m long, with three lights, one at each end and one in the middle, flying rapidly at 200m. In it were three men, one in front seemed to be operating the machine, the other two were looking around. A long rope dangled from the machine, with something on the end.

  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p136 citing Superior Telegram 29 February 1916 p5 + 1 March 1916 p12 + Ashland Daily Press 1 March 1916 p 2

February 29, 1916. 0600hrs.
The crew of a freight train heard a purring sound and saw two lights flying close the ground. 
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p37 citing Ashland Daily Press 29 February + 1 March 1916 both p1 + Superior Telegram 1 March 1916 p12

March 1 1916, 0300hrs.
A schoolboy was alerted by an engine noise and saw an aircraft over the Great Northern railway yard. Inside he could see two men 
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p 138 citing Superior Telegram 1 March 1916

March 2 1916. Evening.
F A Porter saw a “monstrous” flying machine land in a field. When he approached, a man got out and told Porter to go away, in either a language or accent that Porter thought was German. The object then took off towards superior. 
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p139 citing letter from witness in Superior Telegram 4 March 1916 p12 + St Paul Dispatch 4 March 1916 p1 + Wisconsin State Journal 5 March 1916 p2
  • Evaluation: Hoax?

March 21 1916.
A large dirigible shaped object was seen passing over this town. Three men , John Burkhart, Gordon Baltzer and Henry Freithe, followed it by car for several kilometres. At Clarence Bridge, between Juda and Brodhead the object landed in a field, where its two occupants were inspecting it. The strangers spoke with a foreign accent and refused to give their names to the trio, or say where they were from. They did, however, say they had been flying for some hours and asked directions to Superior, Duluth, St Paul and Minneapolis. They also explained that they could make their own gas, with their propeller could fly against the strongest wind. They then re-entered the object, which took off in the direction of Superior. 
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p140 citing Superior Telegram 24 March 1916 p 2 + Bemidji Daily Pioneer 27 March 1916 p2
  • Evaluaton Hoax?

Early April 1916.
Ernest Sodve saw an aerial object land on the ice covered lake. By it were two occupants dressed in heavy padded clothes and goggles, one of whom hailed Ernest by megaphone, telling him to stay away. After 20 minutes the object took off towards northwards. 
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p 141 citing Superior Telegram 11 April 1916 p8
  • Evaluation: Hoax?

May 1916 (or following month) 1030hrs.
About 13 km south of here, a huge dull grey, metallic, elongated oval object hovered just above the ground at the foot of a hill, 1.5km from the witness, Roy Gish. It was 12m in diameter, 3m thick and its surface did not reflect the brilliant sunlight. After seconds the object accelerated away at shocking speed and a 25 degree angle, disappearing in two or three seconds. 
  • Deneault and Lore 1969 p104 citing NICAP files
  • Hall 1999 p13 citing January Aldrich
  • Evaluation: Reported decades after the event

Late May 1916, 2300hrs.
A young schoolmistress at a rural school outside Wellsburg was taking a late night walk, unable to sleep due to problems with her boyfriend, and was hurrying back as the weather had turned overcast. She had reached the cross roads before her farm lodging when, looking back, she saw a few metres back, hovering about 1m above the ground, a dull orange sphere or disc, which did not light up the surroundings. The thing seemed to be following her but then changed direction, rose slightly and passed over a barbed wire fence and was lost in the shrubbery. 
  • Steiger 2000 p170 letter from witness
  • Evaluation: Reported many decades after the event by the then very elderly witness

Summer 1916 (Approximate year) 1155hrs.
On this bright day, Mrs Agnes Whiteland (c.32), had been looking out of her upstairs window on Leiston Road, when she saw a strange object come from the marshes at an altitude of 10m directly towards her. It turned, very sharply, went over the railway yard, and disappeared behind some houses. It was a platform 4m diameter, 30cm thick on which 8-12 men were standing, staring outwards and gripping a metallic handrail. The men wore blue suits and caps. The object was totally silent, no machinery was visible and the centre of the contraption was hollow. 

  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 15,1 p23
  • Carl Grove correspondence with the witness’s son see http ://
  • 1911 census England and Wales
  • Aubeck and Shough 2015 p291
  • Evaluation: Lacks contemporaneous documentation, date of incident was vague. Possibly an observation platform lowered from an airship, through aviation historian Charles H Gibbs-Smith was dismissive of that idea.

Summer 1916.
A woman gathering blackberries from a bush saw a small figure, brown skinned and dressed in brown, come out of the centre of the bush. The thing had a sort of cap on and had a straggly beard. From the waist down it was indistinct and it moved off at terrific speed. The woman fled in terror.
  • David Lazell in Fortean Times 71 p41 citing John O London’s unspecified date in 1960

Summer 1916 (Approximate date)
Gwyneth Mary Tait (9) was on holiday and was playing on the edge of the forest when she saw, by a clump of trees, a naked white, winged humanoid figure with pale hair, about 60cm tall. The thing danced along, leading Gwyneth deeper into the forest where the being disappeared. Gwyneth was able to easily find her way back. 
  • Johnson 2014 p88

Summer 1916. Night.
A young couple were returning home to this spot west of Queen City by mule drawn wagon along rough country roads on a bright moonlit night when their mules began to act up. They feared a snake and stopped to investigate but saw nothing. They then heard a high pitched howl and moments later a tall hairy humanoid came from the trees and crossed the path ahead, howling as it did so. It approached the couple, waving its arms. The man got his gun and fired towards the creature, which then fled off. 
  • Blackburn 2012 p48
  • Evaluation: Told by a “retired geologist” from a tale told by his grandmother, who was 18 at the time. It is unclear whether the man on the wagon was her husband or her father.

July 6 1916 Afternoon.
A large number of people saw a biplane circling in the west at about 300m. Those with binoculars could see a pilot on board. There was an engine noise 
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p124 citing Evening Free Press 7 July 1916
  • Evaluation: Probably a real aircraft

July 10 1916.
Hunters in the forest at the foot of the mountain, ear the Soban Ajam plantation, saw a bipedal creature about 20m away. It ran off on its hind legs. A footprint was found at Mount Kerintji to the north. 
  • Heuvelmans 1962 p112


1917 Afternoon.
The Alguacil family were working in the fields when they saw a large hat shaped object land on four legs nearby. From it emerged two very tall beings wearing metallic grey suits who briefly walked around. On the side of the object was something resembling the letter H 
  • Rosales citing HUMCAT
  • Evaluation: The reference to the H symbol links this story to the notorious UMMO hoax, so it is likely this story is a hoax also.

1917. Late Afternoon.
At an undisclosed location on the Costa Brava Natalia Lizardi (16) was alone in her house be the woods when she heard a sound like a woodwind instrument and a voice calling her to come out. Natalia followed the voice as if entranced into the woods, as the later afternoon turned to a stormy night. She was led to the edge of the cliffs where she saw a shadowy figure that was calling to her to come closer. When it was lit up by a lighting flash, Natalia saw the figure had the head of a horned goat, goatlike feet and a body covered with fur. Natalia prayed and the figure disappeared. 
  • Hart 2015 p111 citing Theresa Lizardi
  • Evaluation: Obviously the figure is supposed to the Pan. Known only from an account given by the witnesses granddaughter to a collector of ghost stories and may well be fictional

1917. Night.
A boy, Arthur Campa, was walking home from school when he saw two lights, the apparent size and luminosity of the harvest moon, moving about close to the ground, about 6m apart. They were moving at about twice walking pace. They then rose up to 15m. 
  • O’Brien 1999 p201 citing Campa Treasure of Sange de Cristos 1962 p156 + internet sources for location of his childhood home

February 1917 (Approximate date) Day.
Anni Lattu (44) was doing her work in her house on the shores of Lake Kankaanlampi when an object like a washing tub landed on the road opposite her house. A ladder descended and down it came a group of small creatures who forced her on board their machine, which was illuminated inside. She was taken on a voyage through space and seemed to understand what the little creatures were saying. She was away for several days and her neighbours noted her absence. 
  • Patrick Goss citing Heikki Virtanen in Nordic UFO Bulletin 1988 no1 p3 citing investigation by Mauritz Heitamaki and article by Latomaen Aino in Kurkijokelainen 23 June 9 1978
  • Mantle and Stonehill 2006p49)
  • Evaluation: Known at best only second and third hand as Anni Lattu died in 1930. Main informant for Heitamaki was an anonymous old woman who was a 7 year old girl at the time of the incident. It isn’t clear where the magazine Kurkijokelainen was published, whether it was in Karelia itself or for Finns who had been displaced from their after the wars and now living in Finland. The former was a closed Soviet territory in 1978 and as most of the Finnish population had been removed it is very unlikely that such a Finnish language journal containing such material could have been published there. If it was published in Finland for refugees there was ample access to UFO lore through publications such as Vimana. Either a modern hoax or a ufologically reworked account of some shamanic experience)

Spring 1917. Early morning.
While flying over Western Belgium Baron Manfred Von Richtofen and Peter Waitzrik saw a silvery circular object, 40m diameter, with undulating orange lights that appeared in front of their planes from a clear blue sky. They assumed it was a secret US plane and Richtofen shot the thing down. It crashed into the woods and two bald dwarfs ran out of it into the woods. 
  • Weekly World News 31 August 1999
  • Evaluation: Definite hoax! The WWW is a source of made up stories. Lazy ufologists should consider that if the alleged source Peter Waitzrik had been a First World War pilot who lived to at least 105, he would have been famous as one of the last survivors of the German Air Force of that period, yet no trace of him can be found outside this story.

May 13 1917 1200hrs. 
Three small children Lucia Santos (10), Francisco Marto (nearly 9) and his sister Jacinta (7) were grazing cattle in a place called Cova de Iria when their attention was caught by a flash of light followed by the appearance, to at least Lucia, of the figure of a young woman in a luminous sphere. The woman was 1.1m dressed in a luminous white and gold mantle and tunic and had a sort of luminous sphere that hung to her chest Lucia experienced subsequent visions leading up to a peculiar event in October when people claimed to have seen the sun spinning in the sky, 
  • McClure 1983 p71
  • Zimdars-Swartz 1991 p77
  • Walsh 1948 p51
  • Fernandes and D’Armada 2005 p10ff
  • Evaluation: McClure argues that there are no consistent accounts of what occurred here. Much of the detail of this story seems to have been concocted by the Salazar regime in Portugal in the 1940s and it is perhaps significant that there do not appear to be any references in the UK press prior to 1950!

Late May 1917, 2340hrs.
A nurse staying at Dunraven Castle was awakened by a draught from an open window. She then saw what looked like a small woman dressed in a light coloured loose garment, move from the door to the fireplace. When the nurse switched on the light there was no sign of the figure, only a sort of breeze and an odour of mimosa. The nurse saw the same thing on the night of 14/15 August 1917. 
  • Underwood 1978 p45

July 1917. (Approximate date) Evening.
Bernard McMahon and Michael Nevin were herding cows on Bernard’s uncle’s farm when a sort of fire blazed up in a covert for time and then went out. This was repeated on a number of occasions, each time this “fire” being visible for less time, finally only for an instant. From this spot emerged hundreds of little men who went along on their hands and knees for about 100m and then disappeared. They reported this to friends and neighbours at the farm 400m away, but when they went to investigate. 
  • Johnson 2014 p78 citing F Kelly Mor

Late 1917. 1400hrs. 
Mr Oostingh, a coffee planation manager, became disoriented in the forest between the Kembang and Roeso rivers. He saw someone sitting on the ground about 10m away. Thinking it was a local who could give him directions back to the Dataran plantation he approached. He noticed that the stranger had thick square shoulders, and a grey, leathery neck. When the being stood up, Oostingh saw that it was not a person, but a creature with short dark hair. The thing took off through the trees.
  • Heuvelmans 1962 p 114

October 1917. 1230hrs.
John Boback (17) was walking along the railroad tracks between Youngstown and Mt Braddock when he heard a swishing sound and saw a saucer shaped object with a platform and a row of lights sitting in a field 30m to his left. He watched the object for 1-2 minutes, until it took off with a high pitched swishing sound, rising gradually like a slow plane. It was the size of an average car. The top of the object was a dome with elongated windows through which figures could be seen. 
  • Vallee Case 42 + Vallee 1966c p45 citing Hartle 1963 p157
  • Lore and Deneault 1969 p104 citing NICAP files (latter source does not mention occupants)
  • Evaluation: Reported decades after event, misperception/memory of some conventional event

October 1917, 2200hrs.
Seven boys playing in a trench by the railway line saw a light on the railway track. This then took the form of a girl holding out her hands . The light went through the railings at the side of the track and on to the cliff edge. It was thought to be the ghost of a girl who had fallen off a cliff. 
  • Anonymous letter in Daily Mirror 3 May 1940 p11

Early November 1917. Late evening.
Nicolas Sanchez Martin and two local women Maria and Pepa Iglesias were returning home from market, when they, near an isolated field, a strange light over the river. The two women refused to go on and Nicolas, along with his donkey and armed with a machete carried on. As he tried to cross the river, the light, just above the ground on the other side, seemed to block him at every turn, before flying towards the donkey and so scaring it that Nicolas virtually had to drag it along. The light finally vanished leaving Nicolas breathless. He fell ill and died nine days later 
  • Rosales citing Leyendas Ovnis en Las Hurdes


1918 (Approximate date) 
8 year old Muriel and her brother and sister were exploring a forbidden corridor in their grandparents Higher Filford Farm when they encountered, behind a glass lattice, the figure of a man wearing a tricorn hat and grey coat, which seemed to retreat into the solid wall. 
  • Legg 1969 p11
  • Legg 1998 p43 gives location as Marwood
  • Legg et al 1974 p52 citing Rodney Legg in Dorset County Magazine 7 1969

A pregnant woman saw three humanoid beings at the end of her bed, but was not afraid. 
  • UFORA Research Digest 17 p3 citing UFO Research Queensland Sunshine Coast Branch
  • Evaluation: Only known second hand from the son, who claimed a variety of anomalous experiences himself

1918 (Approximate year) Evening.

An 18 year old woman, the niece in law of Col Henry Jordan, was dressing for dinner when the Jordan’s young daughter, who was sharing her room, drew her attention to a small being standing about 3m away, near the little girl’s cot. The being was about 1.2m tall, wore a green brimless hat, green coat, yellow waistcoat and cravat and other traditional clothes. After a few seconds the being vanished. 
  • Macmanus 1973 p33


Pamela Frankau was going up the stairs at her Prep School, Claremont when she saw, reflected in a cupboard mirror, something moving in her room. The figure then ran out of the room and she saw it was humped white dwarf. The figure then faded away. 
  • Middleton 1988 p59

Spring 1918.

William Hall was out bear hunting at Miskook inlet 13km west of Kemano when he encountered four hairy humanoids. William fled the scene but lost consciousness, coming to on a rock, with the creatures trying to grab him. He explained in his own Kitimat language that he was just hunting for his family and meant them no harm. The creatures then backed off and William was able to get back to the canoe. The beings followed him. There the old man guarding the canoe also explained to the creatures that they meant no harm and they backed off again. On the trip back William fell into a coma that lasted four days. After this he emitted a foul smell and had psychic powers. 
  • Newton 2015b p18 citing Bill Oliver citing Hall’s grandson

April 18 1918.

Mr Sutton and two other people saw two rockets fired from the ground after which an aircraft landed and its pilot got out and spoke to someone on the ground. 
  • Watson 2105 p191 citing NAA MP1049/1 1918/066 citing investigation by Constable G T Moyle

April 19 1918 (Approximate date) Night. 
Mrs Conway saw an aircraft in which were sat two men wearing caps pulled down over their ears. 
  • Watson 2015 p186 citing NAA MP1049/1 citing investigation by Constable Ramsay

April 21 1918, 2130hrs.

Mechanic Harry Macdonald saw an aerial object low over Langwarrin Camp, emitting flashes of red, green and white light. The thing then moved out over Port Phillip Bay, moving up and down, occasionally coming close to the water. It seemed to approach and retreat. 
  • Watson 2015 p186 citing NAA MP1049/1 citing investigation by Detective F W Siderdick

Summer 1918 (or following year) 

Mr J. G. had an identical experience to that of Mr R V M in 1908. 
  • Jacques Bonabot in UFO Register 6 p7 citing GESAG files

November 1918. Night.

Maria Dion (18) was walking home from a dance through woods when a number of 60cm tall green figures wearing uniforms and helmets, suddenly appeared and began chasing her. Despite their surprising speed she outran them. 
  • Rosales citing Doanld Cyr


1919. (approximate date)
Mr G L Godbeer was walking in the grounds of Powderham Castle with the rector when they saw two figures. Godbeer thought they were his wife and daughter come to join him, but the two figures just vanished.
  • Codd 2013 p54

1919 or following year 1930hrs.
A servant at Southfleet Rectory (later Mrs Gertrude Dancy) was making the housekeeper’s bed when she heard a sound like paper being dragged along. She looked but could see nothing. The noise then grew louder and resembled a skirt being dragged along. This when she investigated she saw a woman dressed in what looked like a nurses uniform at the end of the passage. As Gertrude walked towards her the figure seemed to approach but then to recede, still facing her, until it disappeared into the door. In 1920 other people had seen a figure like a monk. 
  • Underwood 1973 p236

1919 (Approximate date) Night. 
A Red Army machine gun unit observed a luminous object resembling a marquee, around which were beings in scaly metallic suits. When the unit tried to attack their horses panicked and dragged them away. 
  • Mantle and Stonehill 2006 p176 citing N I Khrenov in Alamanca NLO0-SV 22
  • Simply tale old by Khrenov about his grandmother


A farmer, Mr Church, was hunting rabbit when came upon a dull grey discoid object sitting in a river bed about 40m away. The thing was about 4.5m wide, with a sort of ramp on one side. When Church approached it, the thing took off rapidly with a whirring sound. 
  • Basterfield 1981 citing ACOS Bulletin 9 p12
  • Hassall 1998 p24
  • Evaluation: Only reported in the 1970s.

A man travelling down a country road encountered an artefact resting on the roadside and a man working on it. He went to give assistance but the stranger turned around as if startled and pointed something at the man who was knocked senseless. When he recovered his senses the object and the stranger had gone. The witness suffered from impaired memory since the incident. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p77 + Basterfield 1997 p135 + Basterfield 1980 p10 case 8 citing Bill Chalker in ACOS Bulletin 9 p11
  • Evaluation: Reported decades after alleged event. Distorted memory of a motorist who thought he was a robber?

1919. Evening. 
After a thunderstorm, Mr Gilmore encountered a luminous blue sphere, about 45cm diameter, in the centre of the road. From its upper side came two yellow projections. After a couple it vanished with a loud explosion. No trace was found. 
  • Devereux 1982 p100 citing Nature 103 p204

1919. 1100hrs.
Master Manonvillar (12) and a friend were looking after some cows when they encountered two beings 2m tall wearing shiny suits, with a light on their chests, who walked in a mechanical fashion. 
  • Patrick Goss citing Sider 2007 p227 citing information from Joel Mesnard in 1995
  • Evaluation: Reported decades after event

1919. Evening.
A 9 year old boy Berlind Ragnar and his siblings were called to the window by their mother to see a a long dark grey object travelling along the road 400m away. In a sort of “coachbox” in the centre a figure was sitting; two more were running by its side, carrying flashlights. They wore headgear of some sort, but the witnesses could not make out any further details. The object suddenly released smoke and disappeared on the spot. 
  • Patrick Goss citing Albert Rosales citing Sven Olof Svensson
  • Evaluation: Distorted memory of a large lorry, perhaps a military vehicle

January 22 1919, 2210hrs.
While outside his house, Thomas H Harrison had his attention drawn, by his father to a strange light in the fowl pen. Thomas walked towards the pen, 50m down the garden, which was illuminated by a globe of light about 1.5m above the ground. When he got within 2m of the light, he saw that it was not, as he had first thought, a neighbour’s flash light, but a perfect sphere, the size of a tennis ball, giving off a kind of fluorescent light. Though the light illuminated the area, it seemed surrounded by a sort of halo of darkness, and the sphere itself had fuzzy edges. When Thomas tried to touch it with a stick, the globe seemed to sense his actions and moved away, touching the ground, and then ascended the netting, giving off a hiss like a Tesla coil. Thomas tried to follow the light but it evaded him. Some minutes later it lit up another neighbour’s field and returned to the tree where it had first been seen. It was now dimmed and orange in colour. It eventually moved away, circling a group of houses called Club Row. The affair was also seen by Thomas’s father and sister, and the elderly aunt of a neighbour. Thomas had the impression that the light was friendly. That night he had a vivid dream in which the light appeared to communicate in some way, about ice and fire. The tree where the light had hovered bore fruit out of season ever since. Though he was close to the light, his sister could not see him, nor could he see either the ground or the netting by the object. He also had the impression that the light could read his thoughts. 
  • Ananada Sirisena in FSR 20,5 p17 citing his own investigation
  • Mark Birdsall in Quest UFO 10,3 p26 citing investigation by Quest in the mid 1980s
  • Evaluation: Surprising amount of detail after 60 years

Summer 1919. Night.

Harry Anderson (13) was walking back to the car he had been travelling in, carrying back some petrol from a farm 3km away, along a one track-road, when, in the moonlight, he saw about 20 little men walking in a single file toward him. They had bald heads, were shirtless with white skins and were dressed in leather knee pants, which were held up by suspenders. As they walked past, he heard them mumbling. He was petrified and never looked back.
  • Alex Owen in Fate November 1979 p85
  • HUMCAT citing investigation by Jerome Clark
  • Clark 2010 p205 citing conversation with Anderson’s widow in 1978
  • Evaluation: Another case reported decades after the event

Summer 1919. Night.
Some people out working saw a bright red-orange sphere, 30-40cm in diameter, coming towards them at low altitude. It tilted and came within a few metres of the party. A man, thinking it was ghost, asked “Who are you, What do you want”, but then got out of its way, leaving to disappear into the night. 
  • Verga 2007 p14 case 1901 citing Fabrizio Zo in Gli Arcani 5 p53
  • Evaluation: Third hand memories

July 1909.
While camping near the railway tracks C H Hood and R N B Gauley saw something like an ape sat on its haunches eating. 
  • Arment 2006 p232 citing Coshocton Tribune 31 July 1919.
  • Evaluation: Exaggerated account of a groundhog according to Hood in Tribune of 1 August (contradicted by Gauley next day)

Early July 1919. 1100hrs.
A young girl and her brother on farm outside Webster City saw an object 25m away. They ran towards it, then noticed that a door had opened and steps had been lowered to the ground. In the door there stood a “stern looking” being dressed in brown-green clothes, who spoke in a strange guttural tongue. They then saw a smaller figure dressed in similar clothes running towards a stream leading to pond. On reaching the water it scooped up some water in a small can. The one in the door seemed to be urging him not to do this. The small being returned and was hustled in the object by the larger. The machine then rose very rapidly, its top hitting the tree and breaking some branches, its tripod landing gear still down. It made no sound. The soil where it had been had white spots. 
  • Clark 1998 p210 citing letter from the girl to NICAP
  • Randles 1993 p137
  • Evaluation: Reported decades after the event. A very distorted memory of a motorist and his child ?

October 1919. 2350hrs.
A man cycling from Berry Burn to his home in Auchenlochan had reached a track beside the railway line from Forres to Aviemore when he encountered a brilliant light, which was so bright he had to avert his eyes. He decided to investigate, but as he did so the light faded away. A railway man and others had also seen the light. 
  • Brandon and Brook 2011, p111
  • Evaluation: Appears to lack contemporaneous documentation and Brandon and Brook do not give a source. Place names were misspelt as Berryburn and Achenlochen in their book, I have corrected these from Google

October 8 1919.
A ball of fire, the apparent size of a washtub, was seen moving at low altitude in a street. It hit a building at a height of about 10m, demolishing a window and some bricks, and then exploded. 
  • Bord 1989 p131 citing Monthly Weather Review 47 p728

November 1919.
Mr Franklin was alerted by one of his sons crying that the sun had fallen into the wheat field and exploded. Going out, he had to shield his eyes from the vivid light. After a few seconds it was gone. The oats were found to be lightly scorched. 
  • Phillips 1975 p4 case 24 citing Lenoir New Topic 27 November 1919