INTCAT 1900-1910

1900. (Approximate date) Night.
A group of villagers returning home from their work in the mountains saw brilliant light in the valley below, which seemed to be emitting rhythmic metallic sounds, Some villagers were too afraid to approach but those that did saw a group of human like beings around an object, the outline of which was lost in the glare. 
  • Farcas 2016 p121 citing Ciprean Ardelean and Marius June in RUFOR Journal 7
  • Evaluation: Only reported in 1992 by a woman aged 102. 

1900. (Approximate date) 2355hrs.
French Fergusson was walking home when he heard a sound coming from hollow by the road and then a white thing that reminded him of a headless man emerged, approached and faded away. 
  • Montell 2000 p206

Don Felipe Alvarez, the elderly mayor of Caso, was going between towns of Sato de Caso and Beneros, walking carefully out on a path in the side of a mountain, with a precipice on the right, when he saw a strange light 200-300m ahead, running along a path away from him. When he arrived at Beneros, he was told that this was the legendary “Light of Beneros” 
  • Richard Heiden citing Stendek 21 p.35
  • Evaluation: reflection? atmospheric phenomenon? 

Summer 1900.  0300hrs.
14 year old P. A. McGilvra was returning home from a dance in a rural area near Reedsburg on this cloudless starry night. As he passed through a wooded area his horse started acting up. Looking up, he saw the outline a large dirigible shaped object. It passed low over some poplar trees and as it did so, they bent as if struck by a strong wind, though the night was windless. He heard a swishing sound as the object passed overhead but no other noise. His horse remained unsettled for some time. 
  • Clark 1998 p916 citing investigation by Lee Marshall in NICAP files)
  • Evaluation: Lacks contemporaneous documentation, investigation decades after the event. 

Summer 1900. Dusk.
A 12 year old girl was walking home to her farm through some meadows, when a huge oval object rose from behind some trees and crossed the meadow at very low altitude, rising to 8m. No markings were visible and no sounds were heard save that of air displacement. 
  • Lorenzen 1969 p14 citing a letter from the son of the witness
  • Evaluation: Lacks contemporaneous documentation. Balloon? 

July 28 1900.
Ethel, Fred and Mabel Bull were returning to Borley Rectory from a garden party and had reached their lawn when they saw the figure of a woman dressed in long black robes, which reminded them of a nun. The figure had its hands clasped in front of it and appeared to be gliding rather than walking. The woman looked as though she was ill or grieving. An older sister, Elsie Bull ran toward the figure but as she did so it vanished on the spot. A similar figure was seen on other occasions. 
  • Price 1941 p44

Late August 1900. 2230hrs.
An Englishman, staying at the hotel, was among witnesses to lights that moved rapidly down the road to Gallert, climbed the hillside, and then went down to the shores of the sea loch separating Appin from Mamore. 
  • Clarke and Oldroyd 1985 p2 citing Andrew Lang in Folklore 74, 5 1901, citing direct from the English witness, a friend of his.

September 19 1900.
Mrs Shiver, who lived about 1.5km from Kissimmee saw a humanoid figure 1.2m tall covered with short, shaggy black hair and red skin. It was crouching down and “riding” a stick held between its legs. It had long arms and claw like fingers. Mrs Shiver called to neighbours but the thing bounded into a ditch and disappeared. A footprint showing a foot with a nail 15cm long was found. The witnesses daughter saw the creature at a range of a couple of metres, at which it growled and shook the stick. 
  • Clark 2012 p 85 citing Davenport Daily Leader 28 Sept 1900.
  • Arment 2006 p124 citing Leader op cit

1901 (Approximate date) Afternoon.
Mr Cox, out on a hunting expedition, was having his can of tea when he heard a loud cry from a nearby gully. Getting his rifle he went to investigate and saw a large upright creature that moved out of sight before he could shoot it. 
  • Dimitri Bayanov in Markotic and Krantz 1984 p104 citing Gale 1903

1901 (Approximate date)
Joseph and William Webb were camped out in the range when they encountered and shot at “a formidable looking ape like creature” without effect. It left footprints with longer than human toes and stride. 
  • Clark 2012 p223 + Dimitri Bayanov in Markotic and Krantz 1984 p106 both citing John Gale An Alpine Excursion (1903)

1901 (Approximate date) Late Afternoon.
Mike King was searching for timber when he encountered a humanoid covered red-brown hair, with unusually long arms, which was stood over a pool washing roots, which it then put into two neat piles. When the thing saw Mike it yelled out quickly ran up a hillside. 
  • Hunter and Dahinden 1975 p21 citing an unspecified 1901 issue of Victoria Colonist
  • Sanderson 1961 p34
  • Keel 1970a p80

1901 or following year.  
Henry Methven (10) was alone in camp when he turned round to see 60-90cm tall humanoid with grey head hair and dark brown body hair. 
  • Patricia Riggs in Macleay Argus 6 January 1977
  • Evaluation: Told by Methven as a man of 87, 75 or more years after the event.

1901 Afternoon.
A man named Cox, out on a shooting expedition was drinking his afternoon tea when he heard a yelling sound and saw a bipedal creature in the undergrowth. He tried to follow the thing and noted a variety of animals fleeing in the opposite direction. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p214 case 37 citing Joyner 1977 p11 citing John Gale An Alpine Excursion 1903

1901 Night.
An elderly man, his wife and hired hand observed, in some woodlands, a dome shaped object “like a turtle”, with three lights like large eyes that shone like lanterns. The object was about the size of a haystack and made a buzzing sound. 
  • Skylook 52 citing Tulsa Daily World 10 April 1966

May 1901 1600hrs.
A group of children, -Gowran (10)m Jack Gooley (8), his sister Mary (9) and her friend Maggie Grehan (9),were walking on Clenmillan Hill. The two girls went ahead and saw a group of tall figures by a gate on the other side of a field, and called the boys attention to it. The beings stood in a circle about 10m in diameter, wore black draperies, had black capes on their heads and were carrying, in the centre of the circle, a black draped box on which there were something like bagpipes . The owner of the field and his son came up but appeared not to notice the figures. The children left the scene but as they did so, the boys looked back and saw the figures, standing in the same formation but at a place some 10m away
  • MacManus 1973 p39
Summer 1901 2000hrs.
An 8 (or 10) year old boy, Frank Warley (sic), was returning home to his terraced house, when in the garden he saw a green-blue rectangular, metallic looking, structure 1.5m long, 1.2m high and 1m wide, with a turret on top, and, on the side, a door which opened outwards.. From this door emerged 2 small men, under 1.2m tall, wearing tight fitting grey uniforms, and helmets on top of which were two antennae. One of them stayed in the doorway, the other approached Frank arms outstretched as if warning him back. He then re-entered the object which took off with a sudden flash, a terrific noise and red flames from the rear. It went into the sky in an arc. It may have been seen by two other boys. The witness was 85 years old when he recalled the story. 
  • Jenny Randles in FSR 24,5 p28 + NUFON News 50 p5 +Randles 1993 p12 citing investigation by Derek James and Phil Barnett
  • Evaluation: False memory? NB No family with the surname Warley or Worley can be found in the 1901 census for Bournbrook. Is the name given in Randles 1995 a fictitious one? A second search of Ancestry and Find My Past finds no Frank Warley born c 1891 

July 1902. Night.
Three raccoon hunters Milton and Taylor Brint and Tom Lukens were in Stewart’s woods following their dogs. The animals ran towards something, but this was not the expected racoon but something that terrified these dogs. Then down from a tree came something with the head and neck of a man but the body and legs of an animal. The impact of the fall blew out their lanterns and the men fled in terror. 
  • Nunnelly 2011 p252

Two people waiting for a ferry to cross the Osage River heard a sound coming from the river. A silver grey top shaped object passed in front of them at treetop height. It was spinning and travelling much faster than a boat. It disappeared out of sight down a bend in the river. 
  • Lucius Farish in UFO Register 7 p9 citing Skylook February 1973

1902. Night.

Mrs Lillian Youngman was attending to her baby when she saw, in subdued light, the figure of a woman come through a closed door, cross the room and disappear through the window.
  • Day 1954 p103

January 14 1902.

A group of young people were skating on the river when they were attacked by a hairy, 2.4m tall creature wielding a club and uttering loud yells. The youngsters fled in terror. Four toed footprints 55cm long, 17.5cm wide were found at the site. 
  • Clark 2012 p 86 citing Dubuque Telegraph-Herald 29 January 1902
  • Bord 1980 p175 citing INFO Journal November 1976 p13 citing Wilkesboro NC 5 February 1902
  • Arment 2006 p138 citing Marion (Ohio) Daily Star 28 January 1902 + Anaconda (Mont) Standard 29 January 1902 both citing Salt Lake News

April 1902.

A hairy humanoid figure wearing scanty male clothing was seen in the area around Beaver Dam. 
  • Clark 2012 p 86 citing Delphos Daily Herald 14 Apr 1902 locates this in Pennsylvania
  • Arment 2006 p230, citing the same source, in Ohio

July 29 1902,   1210hrs.
The crew of a ship anchored off Sydney harbour saw a strange cloud some 400m away, in which they first seemed to see “all the animals, birds and reptiles that cover the earth”. This was followed by another cloud in which there were parades of soldiers carrying 'Hurrah for France, England' etc and then into scenes of a battle field. 
  • Colombo 2000 p28 citing Stirling Ramsey
  • Evaluation: Third hand tale.

October 28 1902,  0305hrs.

Second Officer A. H. Raymer of the “Fort Salisbury”, along with the helmsman and lookout saw a dark object with a long luminous wake, in the sea on the starboard side. From the object two lights, almost as bright as those on a steamer, were shining. As the ship approached to within 40m of the wake, they saw what looked like “the scaled back of some huge monster” slowly sinking. The scales were about 30cm in diameter, encrusted with barnacles. The thing appeared to be about 150-180m long, 9m wide at the broad end, 1.5m at the narrow. The water was agitated as if by huge fins, and a strong odour “like a low tide beach on a summer’s day” was detected. 
  • Heuvelmans In the Wake of the Sea Serpents p367
  • Fort 1959 p642 citing Zoologist 4-7-38
  • Evaluation: If not a hoax, this may be phosphorescent covered material of some sort, perhaps brought to the surface by gas.

December 20, 1902.

Charles Jackson and a young boy were hunting in the marshes near Silver Lake when they heard an unusual noise in the brush. On investigatin g they saw a hairy humanoid jump up from the ground and dart through the trees to the thivk underbrush. 
  • Arment 2006 p335 citing Fort Wayne (Indiana) Sentinel. 24 December 1902

1903. Morning.

A young British woman went out on to her veranda of her hilltop house when a white dirigible object, with a row railings or windows, came out of the mist and pass her at ground level a few metres away. 
  • Fry 2009 p46,119
  • Evaluation: Recalled at least 70 years after the event shortly before the witness’s death.

1903 Evening.

The small daughter of the poet Stephen Phillips saw a little old man in their garden. It just disappeared. Strange noises were heard in the house, and doors opened of their own accord. 
  • Langham 1951 p 165

March 17 19. Mid Evening.

12 year old Madge Brosius was preparing the family meal on the day he rbaby sister was born, when he father drew her attention to a huge dirigible shaped object, like a giant cucumber with slightly tapered ends, to the south west, over a neighbouring pasture, hovering just above the maple trees. It was brilliantly illuminated, 30m long and 10m thick. There was a double row of 4 windows each, through which a light like a kerosene lamp was visible. This light did not seen to illuminate the surroundings. The object seemed held together by horizontal stays, the windows were squat, with two sashes and multiple clear glass panes. It was noiseless. Mr Brosius ran towards the object, at which it took off with increasing speed, zig-zagging across the sky; then moved off to the west at high speed. 
  • Clark 1998 p917 citing Madge Brosius Allyn in Fate March 1971 p 45 and her letter to NICAP 16 January 1963.
  • Rife 2001 p80 citing Saga's 1975 UFO Annual p47 citing information from daughter of the family
  • Lorenzen 1969 p14) 
  • Evaluation: Type 1 status uncertain, lacks contemporaneous documentation. Balloon?

September 1903.
A tall cyclopes with dark skin and covered with hair all over was seen in the Trinity River Bottom. 
  • Arment 2006 p315 citing Commerce (Tex) Journal 18 September 1903) 

September 13, 1903. Late Afternoon.
A 10m long cigar shaped object was seen high in sky, circling the town, then moving off to the east. E. A. Perkins, President of the Indiana Federation of Labour looked at the machine through his telescope, and could see a canopy, under which two figures could seen moving side to side “as if in rhythm” 
  • Clark 1998 citing Indianapolis Star 14, 15 September, 1903
  • Evaluation: Possibly a “home made airship” constructed by local youths?

September 29 1903, 0100hrs.
Implement dealer Ulysses Griffith was returning late from his rounds when he saw a light on the roof of a building. Shortly afterwards the light flashed to the other side of the street. At about the same time the next day a Dr Alcott (or Allcott) was awoken by a bright light . He got up and got his gun to investigate and found that this light came from a sort of horn on the head of some sort of winged creature. Alcott shot at the thing 5 times but with little effect. In the early hours of October 1st banker Clarence Peter Dunn was startled by a strange noise and saw a light darting round the room, emanating from some vague form. Dunn fired at the thing, shattering the window and the light went out but no traces were found. That evening a Mr Wilson also saw and fired at the thing, which was perched on a telephone pole. He was then assailed by a strange odour and could not remember what happened afterwards. His shot alerted a neighbour Sidney Gregg, who saw the thing descend from the pole. He saw that it was a 2.5m tall thing, with a huge beak and featherless wings, projecting the light from the centre of its forehead. The thing was less than 5m away. It then scurried off towards an abandoned coal mine, at which point it flew off. In the early hours of the next day it, and a smaller similar creature, were seen emerging from the abandoned mine by workers at a brick factory about 180m away. A crowd was assembled and shot at the things when they reappeared at dawn, without effect and then boarded up the mine.
  • Noah Voss in Lewis et al 2013 p20 citing Des Moines Daily News 4,5 October 1903 + Des Moines Capitol 6 October 1903 etc.
  • Evaluation: Everything about this story suggests either a press hoax or the work of a local “liars club” 

December 1903.
A cyclist was followed by a filmy thing despite increasing his speed. 
  • Derry 2013 p 84 citing Daily Mirror 7 January 1904

1904. 0100hrs.
A farmer in his field with his cart saw something like a fiery wheel over the mountain, approaching him quickly and descending. When it was quite close it changed into the shape of a human being who looked at the farmer for a long time without speaking 
  • Hobana and Weverbergh 1974 p218 citing Hronical si Cintecul Visterlav by Lucian Blaga

1904. Day.
A group of schoolchildren out on a walk saw a “tall wild looking” man dressed in a broad brimmed hat and long brown coat, all tattered and torn, coming towards them looking traumatised. Their teacher was unable to see the figure.

  • Dead of Night 3 p24
  • Bord 1989 p85 citing Coxhead Devon Traditions 1959 p91

1904. Night.
A group of young men were returning from a night out, in a pony and trap, when the animal made “an awful noise” and bolted. A sort of white mist came towards them, bringing with it a sudden drop in temperature. The mist then vanished and they then saw what looked like a woman in a glowing cloak go into the hedge. The horse did not slow until they reached home where they found it sweating in fear. 
  • Holland2005 p29
  • Evaluation: Only recalled my one of the men’s daughter about 70 years later 

1904. 2230hrs.
While riding home to Tyagarth from Byron Bay, Patrick Maher had just crossed Belongil Creek when his horse became agitated. Looking round Patrick saw a 2-2.5m tall hairy humanoid sat on some stones. The thing appeared to lack a neck. The horse bolded and threw Patrick, who ran home. He was so afraid that he sold the property and moved to town 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p215 case 40a citing Mrs Sarah Ratcliff (daughter of witness) in Tweedheads Daily News 20 June1982

March 10 1904.

William Ward and a youth named Burlison were sat by their cabin fire when they heard something at the door, which then walked around the shook the entire building, Ward went to the door in time to see a hairy humanoid walking away. He shot at it but missed. At the beginning of April the thing returned to the area and tried the door on the Harrison cabin. Ward, who was staying there, went out with one of the Harrison boys. Ward shot at the intruder but again missed. 
  • Green 1976 p107 citing Lane County Leader 7 April 1904) 

April 1904 (Approximate date) Night.
A nurse to the family of Medical Officer Swan had gone into her mistress’s room to check on the fire when she saw a tall woman wearing black dress, with a what looked like a pearl necklace. The nurse thought that it was Mrs Swan, but then realised that it was a stranger. The figure moved towards the window and disappeared. The nurse and various members of the household saw this figure on a number of other occasions subsequently. 
  • Tweedale 1924 p150

June 1904, 2200hrs.
On a farm 8km north of here, Tony (or Tom) Darby went to fetch water from a well. About 200m from the house, near a barn, he saw two round, orange coloured objects, the size of wagon wheels, hovering 1.5-2m above the ground. Though they were luminous they did not illuminate the surrounding area. The object nearest Darby was trailed by a second one, 60cm to the left and behind it. Darby dashed back to the house and called his mother and brother. They walked 60m towards the lights, which then began to move away. The lights stopped when they stopped, moved when they started again. The objects then retreated at walking pace, keeping formation and close to the ground. They stopped at a small hollow then continued up a small hill, down the other side until they were out of sight. 
  • Lore and Deneault 1969 p91 citing NICAP files
  • Vallee Case 33 citing Hartle 1963 p164
  • Evaluation: The stopping and starting with the witnesses are suggestive of distance lights. Misperceived astronomical phenomena ?

August 1904, Night.
The manager of Cobwell’s hotel was awoken on more than one occasion by an almost indescribable screeching sound. A brilliant light was flashed in his face. This seemed to come from a long thing giving off a blue-white light, which thing seemed to be made of some flimsy material. Other people saw the thing. 
  • Leeds Mercury 25 August 1904 citing London Evening News

October 30 1904.
Albert Fielding (24), a baker and Methodist lay preacher was returning home in his horse and trap with a fellow preacher. As they reached the foot of Tan Hill a severe storm came on. They then saw a woman dressed in white coming towards them, at which their horse stopped. When illuminated by the trap’s lamps, the woman’s face looked angelic. The figure then just vanished 
  • Edwards 1994 p103
  • Wiltshire 1973 p37

Local residents saw a very tall white thing in the fields by the village. The thing seemed to have springs on its feet
  • Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 18 November 1904, p11 + 21 November 1904 p5

December 1904
A R Crump, J Kincaid, T Hutchins and W Buss were hunting in the interior of Vancouver Island when they encountered a hairy humanoid with long matted head hair and beard. The creature ran off at great speed. 
  • Hunter and Dahinden 1975 p21 citing Victoria Colonist 14 December 1904
  • Sanderson 1961 p35

December 22 1904, 1720hrs.
Three people saw a light “about half way from the earth to the sky” on the south side of Capel Egryn”. In the centre of the light was a dark shape “like a bottle or a black person”. The large light was surrounded by smaller lights of many colours. The light finally disappeared into a patch of fog. 
  • A. T. Fryer in Proceedings of the SPR Vol. XIX p100
  • Evaluation: Atmospheric phenomena 

1905 (Approximate date) Night.
Three brothers were riding home from a dance when they were pursued by something that leaped onto to the rear of one of their ponies, injuring the animal so badly that it had to be destroyed. The rider’s coat was torn and the youth had to go to hospital. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p215 case 40b citing Jim Brokenshire Brunswick, Another River and its People 1988 p176
  • Evaluation: Urban legend?

1905 (or following year) Night.
Two boys, John Green and Jim Cook, were walking to church when they saw a group of men ahead of them. The two youths rushed up to catch up with them. As the boys sped up, so did the figures, who also grew “as tall as the trees”. When these figures reached a rock by a track which led into the woods, these figures turned behind it and disappeared. When the boys reached the spot there was nothing to be seen and nothing was found when they later checked the whole area. 
  • McNeil 1985 p19 citing a third hand story collected in 1981
  • Evaluation: Brocken spectre?

January 1905 (approximate date) Night.
A cyclist was travelling along the road from Shoreham to Brighton when he heard a sound like another cycle behind him. Looking round he saw that it was a cycle, the light of which was not lit. He was about to warn the stranger, when he realised that the cyclist was transparent. He cycled off at speed but the thing overtook him and some metres ahead just vanished. 
  • Derry 2013 p 85 citing Daily Mirror 6 February 1905

February 1905. Night.
A professional man returning home from a revival meeting suddenly saw a gigantic figure with its arms extended over the road, rising over a hedgerow. He uttered an involuntary prayer at which a ball of fire appeared above, from which descended a white ray which pierced with figure, which thereupon vanished. This was independently observed by a gentleman farmer of good standing. 
  • McClure and McClure Rumours pp.15, 26 citing Daily News 16 February 1905 + Manchester Guardian op cit + Beriah Evans in Occult Review March 1905

February 1905.
Police Constable Jones was on his beat when he observed a light flashing on the road, then resting on top of a wall, sending rays in all directions. There also appeared on the wall three brilliant copper columns about 9-cm high and wide. When Jones approached, they disappeared. 
  • McClure 1980 p24 citing Beriah Evans in Occult Review March 1905

February 11 1905. Evening.
As the revivalist Mrs Mary Jones was driving back from a revival meeting, it was observed that her carriage was being followed by something like a bicycle light. Onlookers, including a reporter asked her to switch off the carriage lights, but even when she had done, the carriage was illuminated by a brilliant light. 
  • McClure 1980 p 16 citing Cambrian News 17 February 1905

March 1905. Night.
Harriet P Bald (19) was unable to sleep due to anxiety when she saw a dwarf with red hair dressed in green clothes leap in through the window. The thing hopped on to the mantelpiece and pointed its finger at Harriet and told her to go away and hide. Shortly afterwards she fled the city and was absent for 16 months. 
  • Theo Paijmans in Dark Lore V p225 citing Philadelphia Inquirer 18 August 1906
  • )Evaluation: Hypnogogic hallucination or REM intrusion

March 13 1905, 2300hrs.
Mrs Mary Jones was returning from a revival meeting in a car driven by farmer Morris Jones, and accompanied by the Rev. H. D. Jones, the Baptist minister at Lys Iolyn. Walking beside them were Mr and Mrs Hugh Jones. It was a drizzly night. Suddenly, a light appeared above the road, a few metres ahead of the car, around which it manoeuvred, sometimes ahead, sometimes behind. When they reached the cross roads, where the road to Egryn turned sharply to the left, the light turned sharply with them. This light now changed into a small red sphere, around which smaller lights darted. The red ball remained stationary for some time while the car moved on. The lights then coalesced again into a single light, which dashed after the car, then overtook it. The light preceded them for almost 2km. They had never seen anything like it on the road before. 
  • McClure 1980 citing Beriah Evans in Barmouth Advertiser 23 March 1905

March 29 1905, 2115hrs.
A couple going to one of Mrs Mary Jones’ revival meetings on this dark and damp evening saw deep red balls of light ascending from a field by the side of the chapel. Sometime later a brilliant light ascended from trees about 1.5km away. As the service closed at 2300hrs. two more balls were seen ascending from the field by the chapel. Sometime later Mrs Jones passed them in her carriage, followed, a few seconds later, by two very brilliant blue tinged lights that passed within 1m of the couple. A couple of seconds later, 135-180m away two very huge balls appeared, so brilliant that they dazzled the couple. Then two lights rose from the woods, then in a field on the other side of the road three deep red balls of light appeared. Two of these latter appeared to split up, while the other remained unchanged. 
  • Rev A. T. Fryer in Proceedings of the SPR XIX Pt.100 p148 citing his own investigation

April 19 1905, 2330hrs.
Rev Huw Parry, the Congregationalist minister of Acrefair, Rev A Lloyd-Hughes, Wesleyan Minister Cefn Mawr and Mr Thomas Jones of Froncysyllte stood watch at the north end of the aqueduct in the village, looking over fields near the Argoed Farm, towards the River Dee. They observed two balls of light rising from the ground and bursting in the air, one after another. Then a third ball was seen approaching the river. They could find no explanation for what they had seen. 
  • McClure 1980 p 18 citing Barmouth Advertiser 27 April 1905

June 1 1905.
On this and subsequent days the figure of a woman in long white robes was seen coming from the direction of Mt Perdu. 
  • Gerhart 2013 p17 citing Indianapolis Star 25 November 1905

Summer, 1905 (approximate date) Night 
William Bathlot was returning to his home in Beaver County Oklahoma, from Liberal, when he observed a luminous sphere, larger than a human head, on the road, about 3m ahead of his team. When he got closer, William could see the road through the thing. It then took off and landed again a short distance from the road, in wild plum brush. He went to the site but could not see anything, though he had an unpleasant sensation of being watched. 
  • Gaddis 1967 p 90 citing Fate January 1952

July 23 1905, 0030hrs.
People at an impromptu prayer meeting, including a Sunday School teacher, saw a “block of fire” rise up from the mountainside, travel along for about 180-210m, before ascending. Then a star like point of light entered this light, which became spherical in shape. It continued to ascend, growing brighter and changing its shape to something resembling the helm of a ship, swaying from side to side. The object was the apparent size of the moon but very much brighter. Several other people saw the object in the sky. The teacher went home to get his wife, yet from his house, 300m away, he could not see the object; though he could again on returning to his original location. 
  • Rev A. T. Fryer in Proceedings of the SPR XIX Pt.100 citing his own investigation

Autumn 1905 (Approximate date) Evening. 
William Bathlot (qv) and his hired hand were out looking for a lost cow when a luminous sphere appeared in front of them. They tried to walk round it, but it moved to block them, and would advance and retreat with them. They got within 4m of the light, which was about 45cm above the ground, silent, transparent and with no sign of it being attached to anything. When William fired his shotgun at it, the light just disappeared. There were no traces. 
  • Gaddis 1967 p 91 citing Fate January 1952

October 1905.
Hiding behind a log, rancher James Johnson saw a group of hairy humanoids performing a sort of dance on the shore. When James was spotted by the creatures they fled into a cave. 
  • Armenta 2006 p612 citing Van Wert (Ohio) Daily Bulletin 287 October 1905 citing a Nanaimo correspondent of San Francisco Call (undated)

Thomas Kincaid was cycling home to French Creek from Cumberland when he came across a powerfully built humanoid figure 1.8m tall covered in long black hair. When the thing saw Thomas it ran off into the woods with a shriek. 
  • ibid

December 24/25 1905, 0000hrs. 
Mr B B Sapwell’s bailiff went to check on some traps in a field running from a road to a back lane, when he saw a light like that of a lantern, come along the back lane at the top of the field till it came close to him. It then crossed the field several times side to side, until it reached the back lane again, and thence into a plantation. 
  • Clarke and Oldroyd 1985 p12 citing letter from Sapwell in Eastern Daily Press 16 January 1908

December 27 1905 (Approximate date) 2200hrs.
Members of the Pitcock family were startled by the appearance of a humanoid face covered in long black coarse hair looking through their window. A search the next day found only footprints, but a couple of nights later a group of young men encountered a 2m tall humanoid covered in hair and wearing rags. The thing had a light like a lantern. When it saw the hunters it dived into the ocean 
  • Armenta 2006 p62 citing Lincoln (Neb) Evening News 1 January 1906

December 29 1905 (Approximate date)
Herbert Silcox, Fred Carr and other youths encountered something like an ape in the woods. 
  • Arment 2006 p122 citing Middletown (NY) Daily Press 30 December 1905)

A farm boy, Herbert V DeMott (9) saw a craft land beside a well. A door rolled back and he was welcomed inside by the occupants, who were normal looking humans sat on camp stools. They told him that outer of the craft contained helium, and that when a lever was moved, it cut off the earth’s “magnetism”, thus allowing the craft to take off. The strangers took water from a horse trough in order to make electricity. 
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 p285 case 1 + Rife 2000 p67 + Clark 1998 n p20 8all citing Albany (Oregon) Democrat-Herald 27 August 1973
  • Jerome Clark in Fate Proceedings 1977 p 341 (gives exact location)
  • Evaluation: Typical of case not reported for decades, false memory?

1906. Pre-dusk.
While walking between Great Harry Pit and Woodville, Mr G. Fowler and two companions observed two figures on a nearby path. Fowler hailed and approached the figures. As he did so, they rose up and disappeared behind some trees to the terror of the witnesses 
  • Parasite 2 p24
  • Evaluation: Birds?

1906. 2200hrs.
Returning home from work, an apprentice joiner Mr M. B. saw 10-12 men “neither very young nor very old” sat silently in a circle on the road. As the witness walked away he saw a being flying in a horizontal position, his legs joined together, arms not visible and appearing to have motionless wings on his back pass over his head noiselessly at great speed. 
  • Alain Gamard citing LDLN 129 p24 + LDLN 130 p14
  • Evaluation: Birds? 

January 1906, 2300hrs.
A man who had gone to check if the Canch stream was frozen saw a woman dressed in drab clothing, with a thick shawl on her head. He realised that her feet made no sound and that her face was darkened. As he stared at the figure it disappeared. 
  • Wright 2006 p49

June 1906. Sunset.
17 year old Mr Carlson was driving to a dance in Bertha in his horse and buggy, when he saw two young men 800m ahead of him When he got within 60m he saw they had jackets slung across their backs and invited them to take a lift with him, but his horses played up badly and when he had got them under control they two men had vanished though there was nowhere for them to hide in the terrain. When he got to the dance there was no one resembling them there. 
  • Patrick Goss citing Sider 2007 p168 citing email from witness’s son to Albert Rosales
  • Evaluation: Google maps shows Bertha in Minnesota not Wisconsin.

July 20 1906 (Approximate date)
A group of local residents (J S Wagoner, Charles and Robert Crawford and John Trust) encountered a gorilla like hairy humanoid and managed to tie it up for a whole but it eventually escaped and ran up a tree. The Crawford brothers went home for help but when they returned the other two were nowhere to be seen. Wagoner and Truss were later found near the Crawford farm. The thing had come down from the tree and fought them. 
  • Arment 2006 p277 citing Newark  Advocate 21 July 1906

August 1906.
Two prospectors, who did not want their names used, encountered a naked hairy humanoid on the shore of Horn Lake. The creature fled with great agility. 
  • Redfern 2015a p190

August 17 1906. Night.
An old solider John Warner was sat on his porch when an airship passed by and its four man crew asked for directions. The object was described as cigar shaped, green and carrying green lights. 
  • Patrick Goss citing Columbus Republican 18 August 1906 + Rockport Journal 31 August 1906
  • Clark 2005 p98 citing same
  • Evaluation: Newspaper hoax

October 30 1906, 1630hrs.
Several crew members of the steamship “St Andrew”, including Chief Officer V. B. Spencer, saw three objects fall into the sea about 8km away. Then a huge disc shaped, metallic object, 5m in diameter fell into the sea about 2.5km away, with a rocking motion and leaving a red streak. On impact a great column of steam and water was thrown up. The captain of the Brazilia, about 25km to the east, also saw a large object fall into the sea. 
  • Sanderson 1970 p27 citing Fate March 1965 citing New York Times 5 December 1906
  • Nottingham Evening Post 7 November 1906 p4 + Aberdeen Journal 8 November 1906 p7
  • Evaluation: Meteorites ? Or probable hoax as Mr Spencer aka Spicer had a habit of reporting extraordinary things including escaped animals on board ship, (on two occasions) and a sea serpent: see Magin 2011 p169ff.

November 1906. Evening.
Several cotton pickers including Roy Russell observed a luminous stove pipe shaped object descend from 20m altitude and cross the fields to within 5m. It appeared to flatten out at disappear at its closest point. 
  • Lorenzen 1969 p16 citing a letter from Roy Russell in an unidentified newspaper

November 1906.
Members of the local African American community reported encountering a sort of gorilla like creature. When one man shot at it, the bullet bounced right of it, as if it had hit metal. 
  • Arment 2006 p277 citing Oakland (CA) Tribune 9 November 1906

A man on West Cliff was in the company of a group of boy scouts when they all saw a misty figure descending the cliff face. They went to the supposed landing spot but nothing could be seen. 
  • Arnold 2013 p122
  • Hough 1995 p38 citing Paul McDermott

Local residents were so terrified by a hairy humanoid that appeared on the beach and emitted screaming sounds, that they asked a passing ship to evacuate them. 
  • Hunter and Dahinden 1975 p22
  • Sanderson 1961 p35

February 1907. Late Night/Early hours
A police officer on duty at Hampton Court Palace saw a group consisting of two men in evening dress and about 8 women. Thinking they were residents returning from a party opened the gates to let them in. Instead the group turned to another set of gates, changing to a double rank procession, each column led by one of the men. The group who were less than 10m away then just faded away. The police officer ran to the scene but there was no trace visible. 
  • Ackroyd 2010 p127

February 3 1907, 1910.
R J W. Purdy of Foulsham and his son, out walking, had reached the top of Twyford Hill, when they saw a moving light, like a carriage light with a red centre, 400m to the north in the direction of Wood Norton. The object rose to over 15m and then down to ground level, where it moved rapidly over 100m then back a number of times. 
  • Clarke and Oldroyd 1985 p11 citing The Field January 11 1908 p70 + Transactions of the Norfolk and Norwich Natural History Society Proceedings Vol 8 p547 + Times 14 December 1907 + The Zoologist Ornithological Report for Norfolk 1907 p1,14
  • Evaluation: This and his later reports were attributed by Purdy to luminous owls 

March 5 1907 (approx date) 0200hrs.
A young man lying awake trying to ascertain the cause of odd noises heard in his cottage saw a yellowish light coming from the stairwell. He feared a fire but the light came right into the room followed by the figure of a man dressed in black with staring eyes and arms held by its side. The figure seemed to come out of the wall and descended the stairs in a gliding motion. After it passed so did the light. The previous tenant claimed this was the apparition of an earlier tenant which she herself had seen and had conversations with. 
  • Leeds Mercury 12 March 1907 p5

March 25 1907.
Farmworker Jim Peters was working in the woods when he was alerted by his dog barking in terror. Looking around Jim saw a humanoid covered in long black matted hair and with talon like digits. The figure wore a skin loincloth. 
  • Newton 2010 p52
  • Arment 2006 p163 citing Reno Evening Gazette

April 5 1907. 1130hrs.
Graham Arkell was in the church with his brother Noel (15) and sister Laura (18), and a friend Dorothy Ludlow (18) when their attention was drawn to a figure with a featureless grey face. The figure was leaning forward and then moved behind a pillar with its arms jerking. A woman decorating the font saw nothing of this. 
  • Bennett 1939 p239 citing own investigation
April 16 190, 2000hrs.
Three people, H Keenan, Emily Keenan and J B Bates, were near Mrs T A Keenan property when they saw a conical light near a deserted cabin about 2.5km away. The thing moved like a boat on water towards Mrs Keenan’s house, where it hovered for about 15 minutes. It then approached the witnesses. Inside the light a dark shape was seen moving around. The thing then retreated to a hollow, emitting flashes of light as it did so
  • Aubeck and Shough 2015 p185 citing anonymous letter in Breckenridge News 8 May 1907 
April 20 1907, 0330hrs.
Farmer W A Smith, who lived about 6.5km out of Bold, had left early for town when he heard music. He first thought that it was a wedding and then realised that the music came from the sky. Looking up he saw an aerial object of an unusual size and shape. The thing resembled some kind of balloon and hung down from it was a large closed cabin, surrounded by lights and projecting a brilliant searchlight from its front. The music seemed to come from this cabin. The object’ searchlight then picked out a spring and the object descended to within about 10m of it. Smith approached and saw a group of strange people in odd clothes, who seemed to be engaged in prayer. He decided not to approach further but one of the beings saw him and pointed at him, uttering some words in a strange language
  • Theo Piajmans in Fortean Times 313 p28 citing Nashville American 22 April 1907
April 20 1907.
Walter Stephenson sat down on a log to rest while out hunting with his dogs. Looking skywards he saw what he thought was a large kite. When he looked again he saw it was something like a huge balloon, made from sort of reflective material. As it circled and landed strange music came from it. After it landed a number of “strange people” emerged and went to the spring, where they prayed. After they had done this, Walter enquired of the strangers what they were doing. One, who turned out to be a woman, lifted the visor that covered her face and asked him, in German, if he had prayed. The beings then returned to the object, which took off to the west. 
  • Theo Paijmans in Dark Lore 2 p177 citing Suburbanite Economist (Chicago) 28 June 1907 etc
  • Jerome Clark in Fortean Times 243 p47 citing Ada (Oklahoma) Evening News 1 July 1907 citing an undated issue of Nashville American
  • Theo Paijmans in Fortean Times 313 p28 citing Nashville American 21 April1907
  • Evaluation: There were several Walter Stephenson’s in Tennessee at this time. 
April 21 1907. Evening.
Herman Schubert and his 16 year old son Carl were relaxing at their spring house whyen Carl drew his father’s attention to an aerial object about 10m long, with doors on either side. The thing landed at the edge of the spring and about 12 to 14 people got out and began to pray. As they began to return to the object,. Herman asked them what they were doing and one replied in German that they would not answer him as he had not been praying and when he addressed them back in German they replied that their pilgrimage was not yet over but soon the world would hear from them. This man then followed the others into the object which then took off. 
  • Theo Paijmans in Fortean Times 313 p29 citing Nashville American 23 April 1907
  • Evaluation: No Herman Schubert with a son born c 1891 can be in Tennessee in the US Federal Census of 1900, so presumably a press invention 
April 26 1907.
Asa Hickerson, a postman, was descending a steep hill by the Peabody School about 2.3km south east of Dull when he heard what sounded like funereal music c0oming from above the treetops. As he descended from his buggy to calm his horse, Asa saw a huge aerial object descend to the ground about 50m away. A group of men got out and proceeded in single file to a nearby disused oil well, chanting all the while, and when they got there performed some sort of ceremony, which involved circling the oil well, dipping a staff in oil and setting on fire. . They then returned to their craft, which took off slowly and headed off to the northwest. When Asa had enquired of the men who they were, one replied with a sort of blessing in Dutch. 
  • Theo Paijmans in Fortean Times 313 p29 citing Nashville American 28 April 1907
  • Evaluation: Peabody School was a real place and Joseph Asa Hickerson, described as a liveryman in the 1900 census was a real resident of Dickson County. His draft card lists him as a carrier
Summer 1907
A group of boys playing on the lake shore saw a light come from over the lake and land on the beach near them. An opening appeared and “humanoids” emerged causing the frightened boys to run away. Traces and footprints were found 
  • Clark 1998 p 208 citing HUMCAT)
  • Evaluation: Lacks primary source, presumably another story told decades after the event 
July 2, 1907.
Bishop John S Michaud was standing on the corner of Church and College Streets, in front of the Howard Bank, talking to a former State Governor, Urban A Woodbury (1894-96) and Mr A A Buell, when there attention was caught by a terrific explosion. Looking up, John saw a sort of torpedo shaped object, about 1.8m long, 20cm wide, 15m above the buildings, 100m away. It was mainly dark, but had glowing patches on its surface from which deep red flames issued. The thing seemed surrounded by a luminous halo, about 6m diameter. The thing was stationary at first and then moved slowly off, the flames becoming more generalised as it did so. A store owner Mr Alavaro Adit saw it as a sphere 20-25cm wide, which descended to within 5.5-6m of the ground and exploded. 
  • Corliss 1974 G-1p66 citing William H Alexander in Monthly Weather Review 36, p310
  • Evaluation: It is hard to know whether the dimensions are meant to be estimates of the real dimensions or the apparent dimensions of the object. Though ascribed to ball lightning, the description given by Michaud looks more like a burning balloon. 
September 25 1907, Late Afternoon.
A young girl pupil at the Sacred Heart School on Eagle Point Avenue, among a number staying after school to tidy up, saw a dwarf dressed in red sat at the top of the stairs. Another girl saw the same thing the following day. 
  • Theo Paijmans in Dark Lore V p226 citing Waterloo Daily Courier 28 September 1907

December 1 1907, 1945hrs.

On this dark, calm, slightly foggy evening, Mr Purdy (qv) had reached the top of Twyford Hill when he saw a light like a bicycle lamp moving at speed along the Bintree Road. The light then rose up above the trees and retraced its course, repeating this several times. He called out to passers-by but they did not show much interest. His groom and his wife also saw the light, and he continued to watch it from his bedroom window, accompanied by servants. Later accompanied by his son and a labourer, Mr Brownsell, he saw the light moving to and fro over a field in which there were turnip heaps. Another light was also seen. He returned to the site at 2230hrs. and after 10 minutes saw the same light 200m away, flying back and forth over the field and coming within 50m, before landing and then taking off again. Through a telescope it resembled a large lamp surrounded by mist. 

  • Clarke and Oldroyd 1985 p11 citing The Field January 11 1908 p70 + Transactions of the Norfolk and Norwich Natural History Society Proceedings Vol 8 p 547 + Times 14 December 1907 + The Zoologist Ornithological Report for Norfolk 1907 p1,14

December 22 1907, 1900hrs.
Mr Purdy again saw the light while walking along the Fakenham Road. It was moving over meadows to the south. Mrs Hamond and her daughter of Twyford Hall also saw it. It moved along the valley, then suddenly rose to 30m, then was lost to sight 800m to the west. 

  • (ibid) 

1908 (Approximate date) 
A ten year old girl saw a hairy humanoid 

  • Blackburn 2012 p30
  • Evaluation: Only known from article by witness’s brother in a newspaper Victoria Advocate in 1971) 

Patrick Maloney, aged 6 going on 7, was looking after his baby brother while his mother went to the shops. He went upstairs for a book, when on the second landing, he saw a man only 1.5m tall, with copper coloured skin, wearing black clothes and a sort of skull cap with bells on top. The being gestured Patrick to follow him. Sensing something uncanny Patrick rather walked downstairs. 
  • Holzer 1968 p18

1908 2350hrs.
Local residents saw a white luminosity in various parts of the town, reported by some as a woman in a white dress and by others as something resembling an elephant, with light streaming from its trunk. A curious smell was detected at the site. 
  • Cutchin 2016 p93 citing Theo Paijmans

1908 0800hrs.
Mr R. V. N. observed a complex phenomenon in the sky. Initially an apparition was seen in the form of a rose, but this afterwards changed into the shape of a lamb. Later still as the apparition neared the witness it assumed the form of a beautiful woman sitting on a seat. It then disappeared 
  • Jacques Bonabot in UFO Register 6 p7
  • Evaluation: Aurora or clouds? Notes Interpreted as apparition of Virgin Mary 

April 1908.
Some children coming home from Sunday School encountered a dwarf wearing a red coat, green cap, trousers and grey stockings. One of the children tried to grasp the figure but it eluded capture and no trace was found. Local farmers had also seen the figure. 
  • Theo Paijmans in Dark Lore 5 p232 citing Washington Post 26 April 1908 + Baltimore American 31 May 1908
  • Evaluation: Two months later a small man with learning difficulties was identified as the source of these stories or so it was claimed. Ibid citing Washington Post 16 August 1908

April 1 1908.
An egg shaped airship made of an unknown metal crash landed. It contained two Martians who were unable to leave. 
  • Ole Jonny Braenne in INFO Journal 72 p47 citing Fri Presse April 1908 + Syn og Seng 1947 p127+ BA 30 March 1983 + UFO-Obseravatoren 5 p8
  • Evaluation: April Fool’s day joke! But note how it anticipates much modern UFO lore.
Summer 1908. Evening.
A 12 year old girl was about to close the chicken house when she saw startled by a brilliant light in the pen. It rose at an angle to 10m, becoming dark. It had a cluster of dim red lights, blue and green lights. The object then changed direction, moved slowly for about 30m, and then disappeared. 
  • Letter from the witness in Canadian UFO Report 1,8 p36

November 14 1908. Night.
Two young men walking along the railway tracks at a place called Glanville, some 800m from Galway town saw a humanoid figure about 2.7m tall, which approached rapidly and disappeared. The same thing happened about 12m further along. The next night they and a group of friends went to the site, armed with a rifle filled with blanks. The figure reappeared and one of the men got up to shoot at it, but the gun would not fire, and the man’s arm fell back paralysed and he fainted. In the confusion the figure vanished. Other people were said to have seen the thing which seemed to taper at its top. 
  • Nottingham Evening Post 19 November 1908 p5 + Dundee Evening Telegraph 19 November 1908 p2
  • Evaluation: Brocken spectre of some sort?

December 31 1908. Night.
Teenager Eddie Harrell was awoken in the night by a light as if the ceiling light, which he had turned off, was on again. By the window, looking out was a woman, with black hair, dressed all in white, with a rose in her hair, shielding her eyes with her hand. As Eddie sat up the light went out and when he put it on again there was no sign of the woman. The figure was seen by himself and others on other occasions. 
  • Eddie Harrell in Fate/Fuller 1967 p50

1909 (Approximate date) 
Mr Charles was cutting timber in his remote farm outside Bega when he saw a 2m tall hairy biped in the bush, apparently looking at him working. When Charles turned to look at the creature, it walked back into the bush. 
  • Gilroy 1995 p209

Two 9 year old twin boys playing in Rosehaugh House saw two beings less than 50cm tall come down the stairs and walk past them. They wore loose tunics and small pointed hats, and had grey hair and beards. A peculiar leather strip was found some time later. 
  • Bord 1997 p46 citing Rae-Ellis 1990 p80

1909 Night.
Frederick Hehr was walking home on this pitch dark night, when he saw a light performing “a curious dance” above a village 1.5km away. A minute later the object streaked towards him at about 20m altitude, passing within 100m, disappearing within 3 seconds. 
  • Clark 1998 p 924 citing letter from witness in Fate July 1951 p95

1909. Night.
A child observed a sort of fiery wheel, which appeared to rotate counter clockwise, was at 15m altitude and appeared to be a glittering pale yellow country 

  • Hall 1999 p11 citing Jan Aldrich

1909. Night.
Mr Dryden, a London workman, was walking back to his lodgings when he saw a “quaintly dressed” man approach. He did not acknowledge Dryden’s greeting, and when Dryden turned round, after it had passed, the figure had vanished. 
  • MacGregor 1959 p 43 citing daughter of the lodging house

January 17 1909, 0200hrs.
Postmaster E W Minster saw a glowing creature over the Delaware River. It had a head like that of a ram with curved horns, long thin wings, short legs, though the front were shorter than the rear. It emitted a noise like a squawking whistle. The sound was also heard by John McOwen, who compared it to the scratching of a phonograph. Police Office James Sackville was on patrol when the barking of dogs alerted him to a hopping winged creature, which gave off a piercing scream and retreated on all fours before taking off. 
  • Clark 2012 p280

January 18 190,9 0600hrs.
Mrs Ryan saw a creature with long birdlike legs, a horse’s head and short wings in an alley
  • ditto p 281

January 20 1909 (Approximate date) 1600hrs. 

Mrs White encountered a creature which had scaly skin and breathed fire in her backyard. Her screams alerted her husband who chased it to 16th Street where it was nearly hit by a tram 

  • (ditto)

January 20 1909. Evening.
A police officer encountered a winged thing with one foot like a horse’s and the other like a mule’s. It had a horn on its head, an ostrich like tail and was 3.3m long. 

  • (ditto)

January 21 1909, 0200hrs.
Nelson Evans heard something on the roof of his backyard shed and on investigating saw something a little over a metre high with a head like that of a collie dog, long neck, 60cm long wings, back legs like those of a crane a horses hoofs. It walked on its back legs and its front legs had paws. When Evans yelled at it, it turned round, barked and flew away 

  • ditto citing Philadelphia Public Ledger 22 January 1909

January 21 1909, 0800hrs. (Approximate) 
Daniel Flynn saw something 1.8m tall, with scaly skin, running quickly along the Chester Pike towards Chester 

  • Clark ibid

January 22 1909. Morning.
Alerted by her dog’s screaming, Mrs Mary Sorbinsky rushed out to see a huge creature take off. It seriously bit the dog 

  • (ditto)

February 2 1909.
John Nee was out hunting with his dog when he heard a strange noise and saw a powerfully built creature covered in long brown hair. The thing ran off through the brush sometimes on two legs sometimes on all fours, sometimes jumping and swinging from branches. Others had seen the thing. 

  • Arment 2006 p212 citing Reno (Nevada) State Journal 4 February 1909

February 25 190. Night.
Retired teacher Paul Bailly saw a glowing yellow sphere, 20-30cm in diameter, coming along a road in front of him at low altitude. It turned to his left down a narrow path by a railway 

  • Jacques Bonabot in UFO Register 6 p7 citing J. G. Dohman in GESAG Special Bulletin p17

April 20 1909 (Approximate date) Night.
A figure more than 3m tall, dressed in black chased several women, including Mrs Curdy and Miss Carnel. Local men chased it but the figure evaded them. It reappeared on subsequent nights and on the 27th scared Mrs Joseph. It again evaded capture. 

  • Theo Paijmans in Anomalist 13 p34 citing Washington Times 28 April 1909

April 21 1909 2145hrs.
Farm Labourer Fred Harrison was outside New Common Farm when his attention was caught by a whirring noise overhead. Looking up, he saw that the surrounding fields were illuminated by a bright light. He then saw that this came from a 25-30m long dark object travelling rapidly just above the trees. He could see two men in a sort of hanging platform below the object, the searchlight of which lit the area like day. It moved fast, against the wind, in the direction of Hunstanton, on the other side of the Wash. 

  • David Clarke in Watson 2000 p17 + Fortean Studies 6 p45 both citing Daily Express 14 May 1909.

May 1909 (Approximate date) Morning.
Mrs Barker of Barnstable Street saw a creature enter her room and gaze at her for some moments, then moved to the window and disappear. Her son was touched by something one night, and other residents had seen the thing in their houses 

  • Derry 2013 p86 citing Daily Mirror 17 May 1909.

May 5 1909. Night.
While out walking 11km from Market Harborough, champion walker C. W. Allen and two friends heard a noise like a car backfiring, then the sound of a motor overhead. Above them at perhaps 200m altitude was a cylindrical machine about 30m long. In a platform below the cylinder what looked like two men could be seen. The object passed overhead at 30k/h 

  • Carl Grove citing East Anglian Daily Times 13 May 1909
  • David Clarke in Watson 2000 p19 citing Daily Express 11 May 1909.

May 7 1909, 2230hrs.
A long dark cylindrical “sausage shaped” was observed by Egerton R Free, of High Cliff House, either hovering at 25m altitude, or high altitude depending on source, 200m inland from the cliffs. It carried no lights and after a few minutes flew off towards the North East. A bag, later identified as a naval practice target was found next day. On May 16th, two strange men, speaking a foreign tongue, made enquiries about the incident. 
  • Carl Grove in FSR 16,6 p10 citing Evening News 15 May 1909 + East Anglian Daily Times 18 May 1909
  • David Clarke in Watson 2000 p19 citing East Anglian Daily Times 20 May 1909
  • Evaluation: Hoax?

May 13 1909, 2310hrs.
Messrs W Bond and Charles Verney-Graham (53), an advertising agent, were walking across the common from Teddington to Richmond. They had stopped in an open space 150m from the footpath, so that Verney–Graham could take a stone out of his shoe, when they heard a soft buzzing sound. They turned, and saw close to the ground, an “airship” which resembled a collection of large cigar boxes about 60-70m long, and which carried three propellers. In a sort of steel wire cage were two occupants, one of whom was clean shaven and reminded them of an American, the other smoking a calabash pipe they took to be a German. The “American” swung a searchlight at them several times, dazzling them with its glare. They approached the landed object, and the “German” who was bearded , wore a cap and had a map fastened to a board in front of him, on which red disks were fastened asked for tobacco. Mr Graham gave him some. In front of the occupants were some levers which resembled thin beer handles. When one of the occupants “the American” pulled one of these levers down, the lights went off and the craft took off, disappearing into the darkness in 10 seconds 
  • Nigel Watson in Common Ground no 3 p20 citing Irish News 17 May 1909
  • David Clarke in Watson 2000 p21 + Fortean Studies 6 p50 both citing London Star 15 May 1909
  • 1911 census England and Wales
  • Evaluation: Hoax, possibly by press. In 1911 Charles Verney Graham, listed as an advertising agent was living in a Common Lodging House, Bruce House in St Clements Dane, London. Was he a down and out? Note how this probable press hoax presages many later UFO motifs.

May 13 1909, 2255hrs.
Alfred Moreton saw an “airship” with a cage suspended below it which contained two men. The object carried a light and was travelling around 45-60 kph. 
  • David Clarke in Watson 2000 p22 citing Midland Counties Tribune 15 May 1909

May 16 1909, 0030hrs.
Mr Edwards, a solicitor’s clerk, was walking from Deringham [sic. Sherringham?] to Lowestoft, when, as he passed a field near North Walsham, he observed two or three lights moving at ground level. After he had walked on for a while he heard a peculiar sound and saw a bright glaring light moving vertically towards him. He hid behind a tree and then saw a dark object ascending vertically in the direction of Yarmouth and Lowestoft. 
  • David Clarke in Fortean Studies 6 p52 citing Eastern Daily Press + Hull Daily Mail both of 18 May 1909

May 16 1909, 0130hrs.
Mrs Wigg was awakened by a sound similar to that of a motor car. Through her window she observed a long, dark, bottle shaped object pass south west fairly quickly at low altitude. She saw what appeared to be a man steering at the front of the machine. 
  • Carl Grove in FSR 17,1 p17 citing East Anglian Daily Times of 18 + 19 May 1909
  • Evaluation: Hypnopompic hallucination?

May 18 1909, 2300hrs.
Docker and seasonal “Punch and Judy” operator, Thomas Charles Lethbridge (57) of Roland Street, Cardiff, was walking home from Senghenydd across Caerphilly Mountain when, around the bend at the summit, a lonely spot, he saw on his right a large tubular object next to which stood “two smart young men” like officers, wearing heavy fur coats and fur caps fitting tightly over their heads. He came within 20m of them, before the sound of his spring cart alerting them. The men spoke amongst themselves in a foreign tongue, appeared to pick something up, and re-entered the machine which took off with a zigzagging motion. As it cleared a telegraph pole, two lights shone out. The grass was found depressed and a variety of debris were discovered including a pin and chain with a label in French, and some typewritten instructions in English. 
  • FSR 6,2 p19 citing a 1959/60 issue of Cardiff Weekly Mail
  • Carl Grove in FSR 17,1 p18 citing South Wales Daily News 20 +21 May 1909 + Daily Mail 20 May 1909 + Daily Mirror 21 May 1909
  • David Clarke in Watson 2000 p24 + Fortean Studies 6 p53. citing Cardiff Evening Express 19 May 1909 + South Wales Daily News 20 May 1909 + Western Mail 20 May 1909
  • 1911 census for Cardiff.
  • Evaluation: Hoax ?

May 19 1909, 0800hrs.
Mr Beighton’s little girl pointed out an object resembling a “big fowl” in the sky. It flapped at times, came from the Bristol Channel and hovered from time to time. Two other people saw the contraption, one through a telescope saw it was a craft 12m long carrying three men.
  • Carl Grove in FSR op cit + David Clarke in Watson 2000 p25 both citing South Wales Daily News 21May 1909
  • Evaluation: Cloud?

May 19 1909, 2330hrs.
A well known local resident was driving his motor cycle across Wroxham Bridge, when his lamp went out and he was dazzled by a powerful beam from above. 
  • David Clarke in Watson 2000 p26 citing Norfolk News 22 May 1909
  • Evaluation: Bright meteor?

May 19 1909, 2330hrs.
Mrs Turner was returning home in the New Catton district of Norwich, when as she came to the corner of the street, she saw a flash of light that lit up the street like day, and heard a sound like the whirring of wheels. Looking up, she saw what looked like a large star, followed by a big searchlight. The contraption was flying from the North North East, in the direction of Angel Street School, so low that it would have brushed against the pinnacle of the school had it passed directly over it. 
  • Carl Grove in FSR 17,1 p19 citing East Anglian Daily Times 21 May 1909
  • David Clarke in Watson 2000 p26 citing Norfolk News 22 May 1909
  • Evaluation: Bright meteor with misperception of altitude?

May 22 1909, 2230hrs.
Lights were seen over Commercial Street. One man with a telescope reported an aerial craft with occupants. 
  • Grove op cit citing South Wales Daily News 24 May 1909
  • Evaluation: Astronomical misperception?

Late May/Early June 1909.
Six year old Eileen was walking past a doctor neighbour’s house when her attention was caught by something behind the 1.5m tall wall. It was the head, shoulders and upper body of an entity, the yellow colour of rancid butter, and dark, cavernous eyes. It was looking out across the harbour towards Cobh. It then began to turn slowly towards her, and a voice in her head told her that if it looked directly at her she would die. With an effort she ran to another neighbour. 
  • MacManus 1973 p141

June 3 190, 1700hrs.
Local residents again heard the strange cries they had been hearing for several days and then saw a bipedal creature, 1.5m tall, brushing its long hair with a paw like hand. The thing was covered with long white hair. After a minute the thing disappeared. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p215 case 41 citing Mudgee Guardian 10,22,24 Jun 1909 and an undated issue of Robertson Advertiser
  • Evaluation: Hoax by a man in a goat skin?

June 16 1909, 0410hrs.
An elongated object, following a west to east trajectory, flew over the town, giving off a strong light. It was seen by two fishermen to plunge into the sea 6km from coast, after a steady flight of about 9 minutes. 
  • Vallee Case 37 citing Vallee 1966 p21 citing l’Astronomie 1909 p519)
  • Evaluation: Meteorite?

Late July 1909
An aerial object landed and from it emerged a group of Asiatic looking men who tried to engage the witness in conversation 
  • Alain Gamard citing Bougard p212 citing the Milton Bruce Herald 2 August 1909
  • Basterfield 1980 p10 case 6 citing Saga UFO Report 2,2 citing the Clutha Free Press not dated

July 23 1909, 1200hrs.
School children and others saw a strange boat shaped object in the air, with what looked like the figure of a man seated in it. It approached from the direction of the Blue Mountains, circled high above the school, then disappeared in the direction from whence it came. A box extended below this craft, but no-one could be seen in this box. In later reports the children, who included Thomas M’Donald, Thomas Jenkins and Cyril Falconer, denied seeing a man in the object. 
  • Basterfield 1980 case 3 citing Auckland Weekly News 29 July 1909 + Otago Daily Times (?)July 1909
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p29 citing Otago Daily Times 26 + 27 July 1909 + The Clutha Leader 27 July 1909 + Bay of Plenty Times 28 July 1909 + Bay of Plenty Herald 30 Jul 1909 + Auckland Star 27 July 1909
  • Chalker 1996 p29
  • Stott 1984 p48 citing Dunedin Evening Star 30 Jul 1909 citing Clutha Leader op cit 
  • Hassall 1998 p11
  • Evaluation: children's fantasy?

July 24 1909. 
Voices were heard as an airship passed over 
  • Basterfield 1980 citing Saga UFO Report no 2 p2
  • Evaluation: Contemporaneous source lacking

July 24 1909. Evening.
Children playing on a beach saw a lighted object, as large as a house, flying very low over a beach. 
  • Alain Gamard citing Bougard 1977
  • Evaluation: Lacks contemporaneous source.

July 26 1909. Morning.
People reported an airship going overhead and that they had heard the occupants talking. 
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p30 citing The Clutha Leader 27 July 1909) 

July 27 or August 3 1909
A farmer, riding near Waipawa racecourse, was nearly thrown from his horse when it started. Looking up, he observed a grey torpedo shaped machine overhead. In it were three men, one of whom shouted at the witness in a foreign language. The craft appeared to under perfect control and carried two white lights. 
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p32 citing New Zealand Herald + Otago Daily Times 6 August 1909 + Brunt op cit
  • Flying Saucers/Civilian Saucer Intelligence (NZ) n.d . citing Nelson Evening Mail December 1952
  • Paul Norman in FSR 22,6 p15
  • Basterfield 1980 case 5, citing Auckland Weekly News 12 September 1909 + Hawkes Bay Herald 6 August 1909
  • Chalker 1996 p30hrs.

July 29 1909, 1500hrs.
23 children at North Invercargill School saw a long cigar shaped aerial object come rapidly from the north-north west, descend behind some trees and then head towards the north. 
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p30 citing Southland Daly News 30 July 1909 + Manawatu Evening Standard + The Dominion both 31 July 1909

July 29 1909. Night.
Passengers on a train bound for Greymouth observed a light approaching the shore, move up and down and descend close to the breakers. It finally moved off towards Port Elizabeth, travelling against a strong wind. 
  • Lucius Farish in Steiger and Whritenour 1969 p37
  • Evaluation: Lacks contemporaneous source, looks like a bright astronomical object on the horizon.   

July 30 1909.
A rumour circulated in Invercargill that an airship had crashed here and three Germans on board had been killed. 
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p34
  • Evaluation: Baseless rumour

July 30 1909,  0500hrs.
Mr M. F. Green and another dredge hand, while on night shift, saw, through the fog, two lights. They saw that these were on either end of a boat shaped object, with a large window through which two people could be seen standing inside. The object approached the dredging machine and circled it, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, rising and falling. The object then disappeared into the fog, shooting upwards to the south east, leaving a yellow glare. It reappeared for a moment off Otakarama then disappeared. 
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p31 citing The Dominion + The New Zealand Herald + Southland Times + Otago Daily News + Southland Daily News all of 31 July 1909 + Tony Brunt in Xenolog 101 +12]
  • Paul Norman in FSR 22,6 p15
  • Alain Gamard citing Bougard p214
  • Basterfield 1980 case 4 citing Auckland Weekly News 5 August 1909
  • Chalker 1996 p30
  • Stott 1984 p11
  • Dykes 1981 p24 citing Gore Standard 

July 30 1909. Evening.
A young man, J. Noon, was walking along a muddy path from Berwick to Henley, when 100m ahead of him, he saw a strange, unlit object, 10m long, less than 5m above the ground. A mechanical clicking noise was coming from it. 
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p32 citing Southland Daily News 5 August 1909
  • Stott 1984 p26 citing Evening Star 2 August 1909) 

July 31 1909, 2205hrs.
Some time after they had seen a strange light in the sky, in the company of other people, two young women from a vantage point on a hill, saw a red light come over the harbour, moving in an erratic fashion. As it was illuminated by the moonlight, the two women saw that it was a long dark body, with a brilliant red light at one end and a smaller one at the other. It moved up the harbour at high speed at about 20-30m altitude and then rose suddenly over the hills to their left, disappearing towards Anderson’s Bay. 
  • Stott 1984 p21 citing Otago Daily Times 5 August 1909

August 1909.
A Sounds man out fishing observed an aerial object moving at low altitude. When it was over his launch the occupants threw out debris that fizzled when they hit the water. 
  • Flying Saucers (CSI/NZ) citing Nelson Evening Mail 6 December 195
  • Paul Norman in FSR 22,6 p15
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p33 citing The Marlborough Express 7 August 1909
  • Evaluation: Hoax?
August 2 1909, 0300hrs.
Thomas Robertson, a baker, saw a large boat shaped object with three lights attached to it, and apparently two figures inside. It was illuminated by the light of the moon as it flew near Sumpter’s Hill 
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p32 citing North Otago Times 4 August 1909
August 2 1909, 0445hrs.
Edward Nicholls of Grosvenor Street was awoken by a loud rattling sound, apparently coming from something close. At about 50m altitude he saw an aerial object with tapering ends and with a bright light in front, like a very powerful acetylene lamp. The thing moved from east to west and at one point projected a powerful beam of yellow light upwards. After a few seconds it descended out of sight behind a gasometer. 
  • Stott 1984 p26 citing (Dunedin?) Evening Star 2 Aug 1909

August 5 1909, 2330hrs.
A man saw something with two large wings and bright lights at its front and either side pass over at 60m altitude at about 145kph, emitting a hissing sound. It came down the river from Aramoho and moved on towards Castlecliff. 
  • Dykes 1981 p 29 citing Wanganui Chronicle

August 6 1909
For two or three hours strange lights, as if from a craft, were seen in the sky. Some people saw occupants inside. 
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p33 citing Brunt op cit + Otago Daily Times 11 August 1909 + Geraldine Guardian 12 August 1909 + New Zealand Herald 13 November 1963 for occupants
  • Evaluation: Misperception?

August 9 1909 (Approximate. date) 
A airship containing a lady and man landed on a property, where they tried to steal a parrot. As the witness struggled he woke up and realised it was a “strange dream”. 
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p35 citing letter in Manawatu Evening Standard 10 August 1909)
  • Evaluation: Dream, false awakening, or hoax 

August 11 1909, 0305hrs.
Charlie Baker was sitting near the top of Dune Hill waiting for his girlfriend to come home from a party when he saw an egg shaped object, with a large sail and headlight and two blue lights in the rear, rise up from Maxwelltown. It was silent but he heard voices coming from it. It rose up to 300m, flew around for 5 minutes then darted toward him at about 90kph before moving off. 
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p33 citing letter from Baker to The Wanganui Chronicle 13 August 1909)
  • Evaluation: Misperception

Mid August 1909,  0430hrs.
PALMERSTON NORTH (MANAWATU-WANGANUI, NORTH ISLAND : NEW ZEALAND)A schoolboy, who got up early saw a large orange-red light coming up the Manawatu River at 30m altitude. It kept moving from side to side. 

  • Dykes 1981 p29

August 18 1909,  0230hrs.
Captain Edward P Sisson three other coastguards on the island’s life saving station saw a large white light coming rapidly from the north east. As it passed over the station, they men heard the sound of engines, and they saw that the light was on a an aerial object 6m wide, 18m long, in the centre of which were two huddled figures. 
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p39 citing Providence Journal 19 August 1909
  • Evaluation: Misperception?

September 30 1909
The occupants of a “balloon” asked the distance to Indianapolis and Cincinatti 
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p 40 citing Indianapolis Star 1 October 1909
  • Evaluation: Press joke?

December 8 1909.
Mr York was walking along Fern Avenue when he was confronted by a 1.8m tall thin dark complexioned man, with a long beard, who threw stones at him. York and some other residents chased the stranger but he disappeared into the woods at great speed. 
  • Joseph Trainor in Fortean Studies 1 p61
  • Pawtucket Times 15 December 1909

December 22 1909. Night.
A prominent merchant, John N Goodell was talking with friends when he observed, in the sky, a luminous cylindrical object in which two men could be seen, just behind a brilliant searchlight. A large crowd of people saw the manoeuvre and hover over the town 
  • Paul Braczyk citing Middleton Penny Post 23 December 1909
  • Nigel Watson in Watson 2000 p42 citing Boston Herald + Hartford Courant + Boston Globe all 23 December 1909
  • Greenwood 1993 p43 citing Boston Post 23 December 1909
  • Evaluation: Astronomical misperception?

December 23 1909.
P D Donaghue saw a flying machine with two men in it fly overhead. 
  • Watson 2015 p39 citing Hartford Courant 23 December 1909 + Hartford Daily Times + Willimantic Daily Chronicle 24 December 1909

December 23 1909.
An aerial machine was seen manoeuvring over much of the state. Passengers and crew on a train on the Worcester-Boston line saw in manoeuvre, hover and dive downwards. At Natick it descended to a very low altitude and two men were visible inside, one forward near a brilliant searchlight, the other after, near a red glowing light. 
  • Braczyk +Greenwood 1993 p73 both citing Boston Herald 24 December 1909
  • Evaluation: Astronomical misperception?

December 24 1909. Night.
At the same time as a mysterious aerial object was reported over New England, Ernest Anderson was walking in the woods near Malvern Road when he encountered a figure 2m tall. “I could see its white gown, and, shining through it, the thin bones of a human skeleton”. The apparition had been seen a few days earlier by Emmanuel Johnson. 
  • Flying Saucer Observer 15 p6 citing Worcester Daily Telegraph 25 December 190
  • Evaluation: Trees seen through mist?

1910 (Approximate date)
A few years before the WWI an aboriginal couple was driving a wagonette through bush land in the mountains behind Suggan Buggan when they were attacked and wounded by a hairy bipedal creature. 
  • Gilroy 1995 p198

1910 (Approximate date)
Two men out bushwalking encountered a 3m tall ape like male creature that charged at them, holding a large boulder. The rock killed one of the men and the other fled. A search party next day found blood but no sign of the corpse. 
  • Gilroy 1995 p213

A young brother and sister, Jack and Myrtle (7) Lee saw a “zeppelin” shaped object hovering just above the trees 50m away. It was bright and silvery and no openings nor anything hanging from the underside. The youngsters stood rooted to the spot as the object began moving then just disappeared. They had a feeling that they were being watched. 
  • Clark 1998 p921 citing letter from Myrtle Lee to Lucius Farish 3 Octobet 1968
  • Rife 2001 p87 citing Argosy UFO 5, 1977 p64 citing this letter
  • Evaluation: Lacks contemporaneous documentation. Balloon?

An overseer and several workmen saw, about 15m away, in the forest a large, hairy, bipedal creature, which stared at them and then ran away. 
  • Heuvelmans 1962 p113

1910. Late Night.
Ricardo Jimenez was riding home when he encountered a small figure, the size of a child, wearing a tunic, moaning at the side of the road. Thinking it was child in distress, he picked up the figure to discover it had “distorted” features and long limbs and skinny hands. Ricardo rode away and as he did so the thing tried to grab his horse. 
  • Rosales citing Iker Jimenez, El Paraiso Maldito, date unknown and not in AFU catalogue
  • Evaluation: Animal of some sort ?

1910 Night.
An 18 year old youth was walking through woods to meet his friends for a game of cards, when he felt a presence behind him. Turning round he saw an indistinct humanoid form 3m tall coming towards him, at which the youth ran off. Next day he checked but could not see anything which could have caused an illusion 
  • Alain Gamard citing Bulletin de liason des amateurs d’insolite no 1 p20, citing letter from J, Perret, the grandson of the witness
  • Evaluation: Mist figure? Brocken spectre?

A 10 year old girl saw a humanoid figure covered in fur around her home. Footprints twice as large as a man’s were found at the site. 
  • Rath 1997 p8

January 1910 2300hrs.
Several witnesses, including the vicar, the mayor and a policeman saw a huge cigar shaped object hovering at about 30m altitude. A door opened in the side of the object, and a figure emerged who called out in a foreign tongue. He then went back inside, the door closed and the object sped away 
  • Stuart 1967 p24
  • Evaluation: Distorted version of one of the 1909 stories? Lacks contemporaneous source.

January 13 1910, 1100hrs.
A man was seen in an aerial vehicle which was passing over the town in a northerly direction. It was soon lost to sight in the riverside fog. 
  • Lucius Farish in Steiger and Whritenour 1969 p41
  • Evaluation: Contemporaneous source lacking.

January 15 1910. Evening. 
A large white, brilliantly illuminated aerial object, resembling a dirigible, carrying a powerful light passed over the south of Paragould at 300m altitude. Inside could be seen three or four passengers. 
  • HUMCAT citing Arkansas Gazette 17 January 1910)
  • Evaluation: Vague information, possible airship.

January 28 1910,  2000hrs.
Captain Davies and crew of the ship “Trafalgar” were about 15km south west of Wolf’s Point when they heard a loud crack and the whole ship seemed to be covered by a luminosity. At the same time they saw a luminous mass with a trail 9-12m long, fall into the sea about 6m away, producing a column of water. The whole ship remained bathed in a violet light and the second mate, who was sounding the bell, received an electric shock. The compasses were disabled. The ship was in a severe snowstorm at the time. 
  • Nigel Watson in Fortean Times citing Indianapolis Star 27 February 1910 p14 + Lake’s Falmouth Packet 4 Feb 1910

February 2 1910 (Approximate date)
David Meese saw a thing with a head like that of a horse and the feet and legs of a mule, flying overhead on large red wings 
  • Clark 2012 p282 citing Hagerstown Mail 4 Feb 1910

February 5 1910, 2345hrs.
F H Whitney was awoken by a brilliant light, which illuminated the area like day. Going outside, he saw a huge globe of light coming down the Clearwater River, below the rim of the canyon. The object passed overhead with a blast of air. Whitney now saw it as a dark golden yellow sphere, 800m in diameter, illuminating the surroundings with a brilliant white light. He tracked the silent object for about 15km, following the rim of the canyon, but rising over rocky peaks. 
  • Hall 1999 p11 citing Amazing Stories July 1947)
  • Evaluation: An invention of Ray Palmer?

March 26 1910, 2330hrs.
The Countess of Erne saw a circular light, resembling that of a motor car lamp (of the period) crossing the Loch below the level of the windows of Crum Castle. It was yellow, circular with an apparent diameter of 60cm and only lit up the scenery to its front not its rear. It disappeared behind trees. 
  • Clarke and Oldroyd 1985 p5 citing Daily Mail 1 Jan 1913

May 10 1910 (Approximate date)
Fishermen observed a blue grey object approaching at high speed, only about 60cm above the sea, so that they feared a collision. It resembled a torpedo boat, and had a vaporous appearance, and damaged boats in its path. It passed over the shore, then across Culdaff Bay. 
  • Arnold 2013 p 73 citing Irish Independent 11 May 1910

Summer 1910 (approx year) Daytime.
Five year old Lawrence Crone, playing on a baseball field, saw a brown blimp like object 30m long, hovering below a pine tree 60m away. Along its side was a row of rectangular windows, mainly of a various colours, but one clear. Through this he saw group of beings who came in twos and threes to look at him, perhaps twenty altogether. He could see only their heads and upper bodies. The former, or at least their headgear, were conical with points of various colours; the ladter dressed in light coloured furs. They had only small dots for eyes and slit like mouths. 
  • Clark 1998 p 208 citing HUMCAT citing investigations by Ted Bloecher and Thomas P Deuley
  • HUMCAT citing phone call to NICAP April 1969
  • Evaluation: Recounted decades after the event, when witness was only a small child, and with suspicious detail. False memory, distorted memory of a blimp?

Summer 1910. Night
A cowboy, Carl Darden, noticed his horse was getting disturbed, and getting his gun, dismounted. He went through a clearing, where he saw a row of lights a few metres above the ground. He then saw that the lights were on a large disc shaped object hovering low above the ground. As he approached it, the object emitted a buzzing sound, then rose up into the sky, then dashed off to the north. 
  • Clark 1998 p 924 citing letter from witness to NICAP 18 Nov 1966
  • Evaluation: Contemporaneous source lacking

June 30 1910 (Approximate date)
While bringing in the trawl during rough weather, a member of the crew of the fishing smack “Jeune Frederic” saw a dark object in the direction of Barfleur, first seen on the horizon, as if coming from England. The thing resembled a huge bird with outstretched wings and seemed to drop down to the sea, rise up and then fall again. Three of the crew went into the rigging and saw a black spot on the sea. They quickly brought the haul in and went to the spot to investigate but nothing was found. No planes were reported missing. 
  • Dundee Evening Telegraph 6 July 1910 p4
  • Fort 1959 p 639 citing London Weekly Dispatch 10 July 1910
  • Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail 7 July 1910 p2

August 1910, 0130hrs.
Rowley W Murphy was woken by four blasts of what sounded like a steamer;s whistle and saw what looked like a small wooden vessel white sails and upper deck and grey lower deck. Fearing that the vessel was in distress a dinghy was sent out to it, but when it arrived at the spot nothing was to be seen apart from ripples in the water. 
  • Colombo 1988 p246 citing Dwight Boyer Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes 1968
  • Cochrane 1980 p68 says the thing was a steamer, with its cabins lit by oil lamp
  • Colombo 1996 (Toronto) citing Boyer op cit + Murphy in Inland Seas Summer 1961 gives ship as steamer.

August 17 1910.
A group of labourers saw a balloon shaped object burst into flames and crash into a forest. No traces were found 
  • Clark 1998 p923 citing Times 17 August 1910
  • Evaluation: Burning toy balloon

August 30 1910, 2040hrs.
A large dark object, resembling a biplane, maneuvered low, accompanied by a noise like an engine. At one point in descended to treetop height. 
  • Keel 1971ap 120 + John Keel in FSR 16,3, p11 both citing New York Tribune 31 August 1910.

Autumn 1910 (Approximate year) Morning.
The two sons of Sandy MacDonald (10, 7) were beach combing on a Friday morning, at an isolated cove when they found an unopened can. As they attempted to break it open with a stone, two figures like tiny boys in green vests appeared beside them, and spoke to them in excellent English and Gaelic. Alongside the cove was “a tiny boat with a beautiful cabin aft”, inside which was a small woman, also dressed in green, and, “a dog the size of a rat”. The boys were invited into the cabin where they saw pots and pans but refused to go in. The woman then handed them some food which resembled walnut sized bread. The two “boys” then told the brothers that they were leaving but that others of their race would return. As the boat sailed away, the McDonald’s sister called to them, breaking a kind of spell. During the experience the brothers felt very happy but now they were stricken by fear. 
  • MacGregor 1947 p 26 citing Rev Alexander Fraser
  • Evaluation: Alexander Fraser was Minister at the Small Isles including Muck from 1909-11, so this seems the most likely date. It is not clear whether he personally spoke to the boys or only heard the story 2nd hand from a man named Campbell who was an elder in his church. It is, of course, possible that either MacGregor or Fraser was simply relaying a traditional tale given a modern gloss.

September 22 1910 Evening
Engineer Dennis Ready reported to the police a cigar shaped object that descended and appeared to enter the water. A search by a fishing tug was fruitless. 
  • John Keel in FSR 16,3 p11 citing New York Tribune 23 September 1910

Late Autumn 1910. Late Evening.

A G Prys-Jones and a friend were in the former’s rooms at Jesus college when they saw a figure dressed in a dark suit and white bow-tie pacing in the grounds below. They went down and followed the figure, thinking to surprise who they took to be one of the tutors. The figure did not react and walked into a wall and disappeared, less than 10m ahead of them. The tutor they thought it had been was inside all the time. 
  • MacGregor 1959 p 123

December 1910 (or previous month) 2355hrs.
Two 23 year old men were riding home from Limerick Town, when, near Listowel, they saw a light less than 2.5km ahead. At first they thought it was a light in a house, but as they approached and it passed out of direct line of vision, they saw it was moving up and down, diminishing and expanding. Before they came to Listowel they encountered two lights, similar to the first one, about 100m to their right. These lights expanded with a yellow luminous flash, becoming 1.8m high by 1.2m wide. In the midst of each light was a “radiant being having human form”. The two lights made contact and the beings were now walking side by side. Their bodies gave off a brilliant light like the sun, the light about their head being so bright that no features could be discerned. When a house intervened between the witnesses and the lights, the latter were lost to sight. The principle witness, a graduate of Oxford University later frequently saw other, similar, beings which he regarded as proof of a spiritual realm. 
  • Evans-Wentz 1977 p 83 first hand from the Oxford graduate