Summer 1971 2030
Paul N saw, from his bedroom window, a discoid object. It missed a tree in the garden and then crossed White’sWood Lane. It had a red light on top and a white light on its bottom, and was spinning on its axis. At 0130hrs. the next morning, Paul and his brother saw a light flashing through their bedroom window. As they rushed to the window the object disappeared into thin air. 
  • Nigel Watson.
  • Nigel Watson in BUFORA Bulletin 7 p12.

Summer 1971. Night.
Marjorie Armistead was resting in a lawn chair when she looked up towards the oak trees in her yard and saw hovering above them a large, dull grey, round object, surmounted by two small inverted cupolas. The thing moved away slowly overhead and as it did so she called out to those in the house to get her parents and friends, upon which the object vanished. 
  • Letter from Marjorie Armistead in Fate July 1980 p118.

July 1971 (Approx. date) Dawn.
A nurse in her fifties, employed at one of the city’s large hospitals, was driving to work when she saw a cage suspended by a line leading into the sky. As she drew nearer she could distinctly see the figure of a man dressed in a shining form fitting one piece suit, who appeared to be gazing at the earth below. His chest, arms and legs were thicker than usual. She could not see any facial features, only a dark space. The being was in an egg shaped cage like apparatus with vertical bars. A newspaper boy and a laundry man also saw the object. 
  • Brad Steiger in Saucers, Space and Science 63 p17.
  • Steiger 1977 p19.

July 1971.
At an unspecified location, not far from the Edwards Air Force Base, Debby Clayton heard a loud roaring sound, followed by a crash. A cloud of dust was rising some blocks away, where she found a group of people surrounding a dark grey, smoothed textured object which had neither seems nor openings. One man was taking photographs. Military arrived and ordered the civilians away on pain of arrest. The man taking photographs had his camera smashed. 
  • Randle 1995 p204 citing Len Stringfield.
  • Evaluation: Lacks contemporaneous documentation. If not a hoax may relate to a plane crash or a stray bomb or missile.

Summer 1971 (or following year) Night.
A married couple, watching a drive-in movie, saw a bright object hovering 2.5-3m above a nearby pasture. The thing had an opening in the side, from which came an auburn light, and a beam of light came down from the object’s underside. The thing moved about over the field and then slowly accelerated away. 
  • Swords 2005 p164 citing John Timmerman.

July 1971 (approx. date)Night.
Jim Banks and Stan Hunt were spotlight hunting for rabbits on Wild Cattle Flat road when their beam illuminated red eyes some distance off the ground. As they drove further on, they saw a large biped running across a paddock 50m away. The thing was about 2.2m tall, covered in 10-15cm long hair and its neck was so short as to appear no-existent. Its head was down, its shoulders were hunched and it walked with a peculiar clumping gait. Jim fired twice at the creature’s back, at which the thing threw up its arms and utterer a shrill inhuman scream as it continued running away. The pair quickly left and never hunted in that area again. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p43, 229 citing investigation by Tony Healy 1991.

July 1971. Day.
Joan Mills and Mary Ryan were driving along Hw 79 north of Louisiana en route to St Louis and had stopped for a picnic when they noticed a foul odour and then saw a hairy biped with a human looking face standing in the thicket. When Mary ran back to the car and sounded her horn the creature moved off into the woods. They drove away at high speed and reported the matter to the State Patrol. 
  • Coleman 2001 p191.

July 1971.
A group of scouts visiting Dunollie Castle saw a transparent piper. 
  • Green 1980 p182.

July 1971 0800hrs.
Eleanor Harvey was waiting to get into the bathroom when she heard a noise on the roof and saw a beam of light come through the window. This seemed to project an image of a man with shoulder length hair, moustache and beard, dressed in a seamless gown. Then there was a further sound of machinery, as though some object was taking off. She seemed to hear the words “ I am the light of the world..” and thought she had seen a vision of Jesus. 
  • Halliday 2008 p146)

July 1 1971, 2040hrs.
Mrs Beverley Cramer of Tyrone Road and her mother were driving home when her mother spotted a half moon shaped pink object. Mrs Cramer at first thought it was the sun. They stopped the car nd then saw the thing was hovering in the distance, just above the tree tops near the Maple Leaf drive in. It just stood still for about 2 minutes and then disappeared below the horizon at lightning speed. 
  • Data Net V,11 p14 citing Dominion News 2 July 1971.

July 4 1971, 1915hrs.
Mr and Mrs Noel Benbow and their daughters Virginia and Michelle saw a sparkling red and green object 12m high, 60cm wide hovering about 45m west of Markham Street. The thing gradually moved into the distance. After about 20 minutes the Benbows were joined by Mr and Mrs H Hills of Heywood, who saw the object in the distance. They drove to the nearest police station where Constable Peter Elliott, his wife and three children watched the object disappear. The object was first seen below the top of a gum tree in a paddock behind the Stone’s and Benbow’s properties. 
  • Data Net V,11 p15 citing Heywood Express 8 July 1971.

July 7 1971, 1800hrs.
Dr Antonio Arocha, his family, and their Spanish guest Dr Guillermo Arguello de la Motta were at their property neat San Juan when they saw two men dressed in black, with red ties and black berets get out of a brand new Ford Mustang 500m from the house. The two men stood waiting for 5 minutes, then they put on orange coloured belts, while talking to each other in an animated fashion. Suddenly a shiny object appeared in the sky and descended rapidly to within 60cm of the ground. It was a bell shaped object, about 30m wide, with a turret on top. It changed colour orange-blue-white. When it hovered, floating in the air, it turned through almost 180 degrees. Suddenly a small parabolic staircase came down from its base allowing the two men from the Mustang to enter the craft. When the stairway was drawn in, the object dipped to its left, then vanished into the sky at an angle at great speed. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR Case Histories 10, p9 citing Folha da Tarde 22 July 1971 citing UPI-FT not dated citing letter from Arguello de la Motta in El Mundo not dated.

July 9 1971, 1930hrs.
Farmer Vince Williams was alerted by his children who saw an object land near their house. Through field glasses he could see an oval object 5m by 1m in a paddock 400m away. When he drove towards it in his car the object moved away. No traces were found. 
  • FSR 15,5 p31 citing Advocate Weekender 10 July 1971
  • Basterfield 1997 p175 citing TUFOIC files (gives location as Wilmot)

July 10 1971, 0600hrs.
A guest in a wedding party at a guest house awoke to see a young woman in a long dark dress standing in the doorway, smiling at him. As he looked the figure faded away. 
  • Green 1981 p26

July 11 1971 (apprx date) 0830hrs.
The head of a contracting firm restoring a derelict warehouse on the Radcliffe Wharf saw the figure of an elderly man with white hair, dressed in black and carrying a walking stick less than 20m away. The contactor went to check if the man was well when the figure just vanished. 
  • Whittaker 1989 p21.
  • Green 1973 p205.

July 12 1971, 2300hrs.
A young man returning home near Notre Dame saw something white speed across the road, and soon afterward he noticed a transparent human shaped being who seemed unaware of the witness's presence. The entity was white with a pointed nose. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p50 case 69 citing Jean Ferguson in UFO Quebec 13 p11.

July 14 1971, 2320HRS.
Patrick Sullivan, a student at Bucknell University, saw an object come in at an angle over the houses at St George and Fourth Streets, heading south. Patrick left his car and ran round to an n empty parking lot at the back of a building. At this point the object came down to about 30m. It appeared to be circular and about 1m diameter and dull blue in colour. It emitted a clicking sound. The object vanished in an instant after a couple of seconds. Patrick was terrified. 
  • Data Net V,11 p15 citing Union County Journal 22 July 1971.

July 17 1971, 2245hrs.
Senior tea planter Parl Abeywickrema, the superintendent of the Rockwood Estate, was returning home from Pattiagama, with his two assistant superintendents Oswin de Alwis and Nimal Dunuwlle and their driver Mr Wijesinghe, when they saw a bright circular object, somewhat larger than the apparent diameter of the full moon, above the horizon. Sometime later, seeing that the object was coming towards them, they stopped. They saw that the object was at 300m altitude, some 400m away. Suddenly, after 10 minutes or so, the object shot towards them, stopping about 90m away and began descending to 30m. The driver, in terror, leapt back into the station wagon, knocking the handbrake off, forcing the three planters to jump and block it before it fell over a precipice. The object hovered for about 5 minutes, so that they could see it was circular, about 8m diameter, with two tapering wings on either side. In the centre of the fuselage was a symbol like those used by the UK Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. This circular area was illuminated and cast a fluorescent glow. The wings were also illuminated but not as brightly, they each had two fins. The object appeared to be made of some sort of translucent material like fibre glass but no occupants were visible inside. After hovering for a few minutes, the object took off to the south-east at 45 degrees, the two wings being withdrawn into the cabin as it did so. On its underside, the witnesses saw three red lights, which dimmed when the object was stationary but which lit up like a ball of fire when it took off. Two objects like footballs were seen in the sky at 0200hrs. The driver saw the object again at 0300hrs. Perhaps as many as 200 people saw one or other of these objects. 
  • Flying Saucer Review Case Histories 7, p11 citing Rex de Silva in Weekend (Kandy) 30 July 1971.

July 20 1971, 1800hrs
Mr F Laisne, a 32 year old building worker was in his garden, on this overcast day with fleecy clouds, when a sharp whistling sound made him look towards his house. To his surprise he saw a great luminous ball travelling at 30kph just 8m above the house. It was a milky white colour, with flashes of green, flattened on top and bottom and with a slight pitch in its movements. The thing was just over 2m in diameter and was surrounded by a halo 50cm thick. From the under portion powerful green light beams were pouring down, illuminating the ground below the object, despite the daylight. The thing was soundless and was not rotating. It flew on over and past Lasine’s house until it came to a large poplar tree, where it stopped for a moment just a few metres from the tree and then suddenly gave out a series of blinding flashes of light in all directions. As it did so a branch of the poplar snapped off and fell to the ground. The object then climbed rapidly to the top of the tree, its light blinked a few times and it accelerated away towards Notre Dame-de-Lorette. As the globe passed over the electric railway, the rails seemed to undulate and give off sparks. Laisne found that the branch, 2.5m long, 15cm thick, had been charred and that the grass at the front of the tree was yellowed over an area of several square metres. Laisne, who was 60m from the object’s line of flight, felt no ill effects. Cattle in a nearby field were terrified and his dogs kept barking throughout the sighting and fro 10 minutes afterwards. Laisne found that all three of his alarm clocks had stopped but they worked all right when he started them again 
  • M Lecat, J M Bigorne and J M Ravay in FSR Case Histories 15 p9 translated from LDLN February 1972 citing their own investigation.

July 20 1971 (approx. date) Evening.
A potato farmer’s wife on the St Dominic Road was looking to the west out of her living room window when she saw, about 600m from the house, and above two trees, five huge red lights that appeared to revolve around a dark solid body. They resembled no known vehicle, equipment or anything she had seen before. She called her husband but he was in the shower. Going back to the window she saw the lights were still there. As she watched, they separated. They were bright red and about 4.5m above the trees. The lights then went out. The next day her husband, working in the fields found traces about 540m from the house. Investigators who examined the site described it as a perfect circle, 3.3m diameter. 135 m to the east, on the other side of the trees was another identical circle. 
  • FSR Case Histories 17 p3 + Claude Macduff in Official UFO 1,6 p18 citing investigation by Claude Macduff et al.
  • Skylook 68 p12.
  • Petit Journal 24 November 1971.

July 27 1971. Afternoon.
While driving back from Sydney to Cook, Mrs Ida Cornwall and her son and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs John Cornwall, saw four dull silver-white delta shaped object on the opposite side of Lake George. At first she thought that they were cars on a hill road but then saw them glide down the mountainside. She called her daughter –in-law who confirmed the sighting. The lights came down the slope and were lost to sight behind some trees at the bottom. The party then saw two other, smaller, objects, high above the first two. The first object was a solid delta shaped triangle of dull silver colour, the second object appeared to be either surrounded by openings or a swarm of smaller objects were too high to see properly. 
  • Data Net VI, 1 p13 citing Canberra News 30 July 1971.

July 27 1971. Night.
A young woman, Cindy Bartlett, driving home from lifeguard duty, became suddenly aware of flashing lights around her car while on Roseland Drive. Thinking it was another car she stopped but could see no other vehicle. Then she looked up and saw, just above the treetops, an oval object with pointed ends, flashing red and blue lights, with a white light in front, which seemed to be scanning the field as if the thing was preparing to land. She heard a beeping sound.
  • Data Net VI,1 p13 citing Vicksburg Evening Post 28 July 1971.

July 27 1971, 2315hrs.
Mrs Scott saw a round blue-white object, with a red tail, moving north-south over the Kakanui Mountains. It moved slowly and was in sight for a number of minutes before it appeared to land in the foothills. 
  • Data Net VI,1 p14 citing Otago Daily 31 July 1971.

July 28 1971, 2230hrs.
Anne and Bill Pearce and their three children were driving out of the yard of Anne’s sister and brother-in-law’s farm when they saw an orange light in the back pig paddock. It was glowing too brightly to be either a fire or a row of truck lights. It looked like a ring of small lights, illuminating the trees 100m away. This light grew in intensity until it became as bright as the sun and hurt their eyes to look at it. After 5 minutes these lights merged into one huge light that gradually faded. The family returned to the farm pale and shaken. Police were called and when they arrived they were unable to call back to base because of an unusual amount of static on the radio. That night the Pearces and their hosts Bernie and Merle Eddelbuttel had noticed an unusual amount of static on their TV. The police searched but found nothing unusual. 
  • Data Net VI,1 p14 citing Sydney Mirror 30 July 1971.

July 29 1971, 0330hrs.
Mrs Evelyn Meyers was awakened by a thunderstorm and went into her kitchen. Through her window she saw a large blue light about 400m away, which started to move towards her house. It went up and down and threw off sparks. It lit up the highway, almost hit the house and then backed up and disappeared into the trees. Evelyn saw the light perform the same manoeuvres three times. 
  • Data Net VI,1 p15 citing Salina Journal 30 July 1971.
  • Evaluation: Ball lightning?

July 30, 1971.
Several people saw something like a sea plane crash into the water at Fort Phillip Bay, but no planes were missing and no wreckage was found. 
  • John Simpson in INFO Journal 9 p40 citing The Age 31 July 1971.
August 1971, 0030hrs.
Clive Thrower (26) was driving along Gorleston Road near the old Oulton Primary School when an elderly woman dressed in a hooded costume appeared suddenly in front of his car. Though he braked Clive could not prevent the car hitting the woman but when he got out to see to her, there was no sign of a body or trace of an impact. 
  • Letter from Clive Thrower in Fortean Times 235 p73.
August 1971, 1500hrs.
Marc Gerombeau (19) saw a disc shaped object, with a cupola, above the trees 500m away. The thing was dull metallic grey and was surrounded by smoke. It was only visible for 10 seconds 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing GESAG 27 p7.

August 1971. Night.
On a Saturday night Keith Young and Linda Catt were in their car on the cliffs above Joss Bay when they saw a red light come in from the channel, approaching to within a few metres, at which it exploded, the noise being heard 5km away. The couple were not injured. 
  • Arnold 2013 p79 citing an undated issue of Kentish Express.

August 1 1971. Night.
On this dark wet night a farmer looked out over one of his fields and saw a discoid object apparently hovering above the ground. The outline was visible when illuminated by lightning flashes. Otherwise the farmer could only see the lights surrounding the object. 
  • Data Net V,10 p10 citing Elizabeth Wharton in San Francisco Examiner 29 September 1971 citing NICAP,

August 1 1971, 2325hrs.
A motorist saw a white oval object 9m by 12m, with a red glow on its underside take off from the roadside and speed away to the south. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p175 citing TUFOIC files.

August 1 1971, 2335hrs.
A Finnish couple, Ben and Helen K had set out to drive from Gladstone to Rockhampton, though they were low on petrol, on this dark, foggy night. They crossed over the Calliope River and next became aware of a petrol station north of Mt Larcom some 30km beyond the bridge. The station was closed, but after they had driven 50m further on, Ben saw a green light at treetop height, through his rear-view mirror. They felt that they were travelling straight, even though the roads in this area were winding, and that they kept repeating the same words over and over. Suddenly they saw a sort of carousel of lights above and to the left. The next thing they encountered was the Port Alma road sign some 65km north of the river. They next found themselves at a railway crossing outside Rockhampton. When they reached town they felt that something strange had occurred, and they discovered they had had done the one-two hour trip in 40 minutes. A petrol attendant discovered a thin film of odourless oil over the car. Two circular marks were found on each side of the bonnet. A motorist who had passed them before the river arrived later with no idea how they could have passed him. Attempts at hypnotic regression were fruitless.
  • Bill Chalker in UFO Research (SA) Newsletter November/December 1979, p16 + MUFON UFO Journal 150 p3 citing Ufoaika 3 9172 p12.
  • Bill Chalker in UFORAN 5,2 p14.
  • Chalker 1996 p135.

August 2 1971, 0100hrs,
Three members of a pop group; Kosta Verus, Stojan Klatoviski and Milorad Dusanovic were standing outside their car as they thought scorpions had got inside, when they saw what looked like a spotlight with a strong directed beam of light and heard a sound. The light and sound grew more intense and they saw a body, first appearing to be a square and then elliptical, about 10m diameter, come to ground level in or beyond the forest that lined the side of the Ohrid-Bitolj road and they could see its rays coming through the trees. The thing then projected a very strong beam of light, panicking them out of an original plan to go and investigate. They drove off and as they did so they heard a sound like thunder and saw the object flying above the river Noselska. Milorad’s wife confirmed that he, at least, was very shaken when he arrived home. This object was independently observed by an administrator of the Ohrid Museum, Mr N H, who was driving with his wife and her friend in the area. They saw a luminous body and flashes of light like lightning. Their radio stopped playing and they saw an intense light flying through the air at great speed before it stopped at an altitude of 20m. The thing was 10-15m long and was lowering silvery wings from its edges. These 10m long wings were retracted into the body when the object landed. The object now had the appearance of a silver green sphere, which began to glow. N H wanted to investigate, despite the protestations of the two women, but as he got outside the car he was stunned by a ray of light directed towards him. The two women dragged him into the car and he recovered sufficiently to drive away. The light appeared to follow the car, perhaps as far as Openica, where the radio began to function again. 
  • Milos Kremlj in FSR Case Histories 12 p4 + Canadian UFO Report 4,4 p11.
  • Evaluation: Appears to be rumour third hand to MK, via two anonymous sources.

August 3 1971. Evening.
Two 12 year high school girls Lisa and Leanne, returning from the shops, noticed a bright red light on a hill behind Mawson. The thing appeared to be oval with one side brighter than the other. It changed colour red-peacock blue-red and sent out yellow sparks, It then began move, pulsating slowly from side to side, which frightened the girls who ran home. One of the girls then looked at the thing through binoculars. When the object had gone one girl went to examine the site but shortly afterwards a red circular object shot across the southern sky and appeared to land on the same hill. A 12 year old boy, John, also saw the object. All three children searched the hill for an hour afterwards but could find nothing. 
  • Data Net VI,6 p15 citing Canberra News 13 August 1971.
  • Evaluation: Astronomical + meteor

August 3 1971, 2000hrs.
Charles Kenyon, his wife and four children, left their home in Sam’s Creek during a severe storm and drove to Maryland Rt31 near Westminster to watch the lightning. Charles noticed a large oval object moving south to west parallel to the road and go out of sight behind some woods. After about 10 minutes the thing reappeared, circled and flew over their truck towards Westminster. It was 15m below the top of the WITR radio tower. The object appeared to be 6m long, with a flashing light on top and eight smaller lights on its body. As it passed over the truck the family heard a whine like an air conditioner. The object seemed to them to be following the lightning around “as if hunting for something” 
  • Data Net VI,1 p15 citing Frederick News 18 August 1971 citing investigation by Craig Phillips and his wife.
  • Evaluation: The same story as the 1st August?

August 8 1971, 1835hrs. 
Postal worker Mervyn Boyce (51) was driving home alone to Kadina after visiting his mother in Wallaroo, when about 5km before Kadina, he became aware of the area being lit by an orange glow. He looked around to see if it came from the lights of a car behind, but could see nothing. At that point his engine and lights failed, and could not be re-started. He got out to see what was the matter and heard a sort of buzzing sound. Looking up he saw hovering directly above his car at about 50m altitude, a dark oval object, about 10m across, with three or four windows along the side, which emitted an orange light that illuminated the surroundings, along with two red and one green light. The thing hung there for 2-3 minutes then moved off over a racecourse track and away to the south-east. Before it disappeared Boyce got back into his car, and found that engine and lights now worked. When he got home he called out his wife, and she saw, in the north eastern sky, two red and one green light. A woman living near the location reported that the infra red lamp her husband was using had failed about the same time. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p1, 176 citing his own investigation.

August 9 1971.
A woman saw a small disc emerge from a tree in her garden and project a beam of “solid light” through the window at her. The window was undamaged but the beam left a lumpy mark on her neck, which was still visible in 1977. 
  • NUFOB 35/6 p3.

August 11 1971, 0010hrs.
A 30 year old woman was sat in her front porch smoking when she noticed the clouds being illuminated by an orange glow that she first thought was the moon. Then an elliptical, metallic looking object descended and hovered over the science of the Catholic University. Around the object was a band of orange light, in which she thought she saw portholes, behind which figures were moving. Two smaller replicas of this thing then emerged from behind it. The large object then directed a beam of blue light toward her, nearly blinding her when it hit her. She had to hang onto the back of the settee on which she was sitting as she felt she was being drawn into the thing. She felt unable to cry out while the beam was on her, something that happened five times over ten minutes. She eventually called her husband, but by the time he came down, the object was moving away, back and forth before it shot off at terrific speed over the Sugar Loaf Mountain towards Niteroi. 
  • Granchi 1995 p138 citing her own investigation.

August 12 1971, 2300hrs.
At a girl guide camp at Wimbleton Manor near Droitwich, 1st Netherton Guides leader, Mrs Olwyn Granger (31), Dudley Divisional Commisioner, Miss Lottie Hare and another guide leader, Mrs Betty MacGowan (37) and two girl guides aged 16 and 13 were out drinking coffee when they heard a terrific roar, and saw an object, 9-12m long, come over the trees. They thought that it was an aircraft out of control, which was about to crash onto their tents. However it went into the next field about 45m away, where it hovered below the level of the treetops. It had no visible exhaust or wings, but red and green lights were visible on it. It hovered silently for about an hour, illuminated by red lights. It then rose into the air (accounts differ as to whether it made a noise or not) and went into a field beyond the woods. Lottie had wanted to investigate but Betty was too afraid to let her. Soon afterwards a jet aircraft circled the area as if looking for something. 
  • Gemini 1, 1 p3 + BUFORA Journal 3,5 p12 + Data Net VI,1 p16 all citing Times, Guardian and Daily Mail all 24 August 1971.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p239 citing own investigation + J D Llewellyn + Times op cit + Birmingham Evening Mail 24 August 1971.
  • Evaluation: Possibly a Harrier Jump Jet, though RAF denied this, or perhaps a helicopter, both assuming the craft had landed rather than hovering for an hour.

August 14 1971, 2320hrs.
Six or seven members of a prominent family from Seville were on holiday here. A woman in her party called out relatives onto the patio to see an object descending 150m away. At 11m altitude the thing split into two, one part rising into the sky, turning black and the other falling to the earth, surrounded by flames. Both parts were cigar shaped and either the whole thing or the part that fell was 2m x 60cm. They were all astonished and the woman panicked so that no-one investigated the part that fell. 
  • Ballester 1976 p34 case 144 citing investigation by Jose Ruesga and Enrique Campos.
  • Ballester Olmos files.

August 16 1971, 0900hrs.
January-Ove Sundberg was in the woods above Foyers Bay, trying to take a short cut to the power station construction site, when he suddenly saw an unusual machine standing in a clearing 70m away. It was shaped rather like a grey-black cigar 10m long, with a curved standing potion at one end, which gave it the profile of a huge smoothing iron, complete with handle. Three beings then appeared out of the nearby bushes. They were about 1.75-1.8m tall and dressed in divers’ suits. They stood together for a moment or two, as if communicating. The witness thought they were divers from the Foyers Project, but they then entered the machine through an opening in the upper part of the curved portion. When all were aboard the object rose silently and vertically to 15-20m, whereupon it moved away rapidly and almost horizontally over the hill, then appeared to be descending again. Sunberg claimed he had overcome a strange and taken a photograph of the beings entering the object. The whereabouts of this photograph were unclear. 
  • F. W. Holliday in FSR 15,5 p4.
  • Stuart Campbell in FSR 26,6 p19 concludes the story is a fiction.

August 15 1971, 2320hrs.
Myrtle Park headmaster Barry Jones saw a bright white ball of light which travelled in a steady downward direction north-east to south-east at just above treetop level at about 650kph. Barry first thought that the thing was a jet and stopped his car to observe it but the thing disappeared behind trees in three seconds. Barry had the impression that there was something solid behind the light 
  • Data Ney VI,1 p17 citing Launceston Examiner 17 August 1971.

August 16 1971, 2355hrs.
Catherine Wooley (18) was going to bed when she saw a light hovering over the roof of the house opposite. She woke her mother and 15 year old sister and the three observed a pillar box red, saucer shaped object (apparent diameter 30cm), which moved from side to side, rising slowly with each move. 
  • Data Net VI,2 p9 citing Loughborough Monitor 30 August 1971.
  • Evaluation: probably astronomical + autokinesis

Late August 1971,  1200hrs.
A elderly pesant, Zhang Rongchang was guarding a maize field. He was walking back to the village for lunch when he encountered a being with a head, three times the size of normal, dressed a thick one piece astronauts suit, which appeared to be made of metallic sheets that reflected the dazzling sunshine. The being walked in a stiff but rapid gait. Zhang fled and when he looked back the strange being had vanished. Zhang was so shocked that he went into a decline and died in January 1972. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 28, 6 p 21 citing Shi-Bo 1983.

August 22 1971, 2230hrs.
A Spalding couple and their two children, who were asleep, had lost their way while driving about 10km from Fakenham. They suddenly saw a huge red-orange glow which seemed to cover a diameter of about 200m. It appeared first on their right side then on their left but did not approach any closer as they drove on. The glow, which was at hedge top level, gave the impression of being the reflection from some light on the ground. They observed this glow for about 10 minutes until they stopped at a Fakenham pub to ask for directions. It was gone when they resumed their journey. 
  • Data Net VI,2 p11 citing Spalding Guardian 27 August 1971.

August 23 1971, 0030hrs.
Taxi driver, Basilio Cases Rodriguez (34) saw a yellowish light, which he first thought was on a tractor, he then thought that it must be an aircraft in trouble. He stopped and the light approached to within 2 at an altitude of1m. It was a dazzlingly powerful light, with a smaller red light in front. The main light was 4m diameter, 1.7m high. The car’s electrical supply was interrupted. The light suddenly went out and reappeared 15m to the right and then moved out of sight between the trees. The sighting lasted 10 minutes. 
  • Ballester 1976 p34 case 145 citing investigations by Francisco Lezcano and Jose-Tomas Tamirez y Barbero + Stendek 7 p16 + Ballester Olmos files.

August 23 1971, 2110hrss
Robert Aguilar, a security guard at the Penn Central Railway Yards looked out of his sentry box to see a string of lights pulsating and flashing only 6m away and about 5m above the ground. This was also seen by a truck driver, Douglas Harrell. They saw the lights were on an object 18m diameter, with a red light on top and blocks of white light on the side. These blocks began to rotate round the circular side “like a bicycle chain going around the middle of the thing”. Robert ran to an office to alert two supervisors, by which time the object had moved to a distance and an altitude of 30m, its circular lights now rotating very rapidly. The object then moved away over the river and disappeared in the east. 
  • APRO Bulletin 25,1 p3 citing APRO Bulletin January/February 1972 citing investigation by Hal Redner.

August 24 1971m 0600hrs.
A blue-silvery vertical cigar shaped object hovered for about 4 minutes. It had two extending projections, top and bottom, which folded as it started to descend, folding completely, like a penknife, as it reached 15m, at which it appeared as a vertical cigar. It then took off to the north at about 150 kph. There was neither sound nor smoke. I was a dry windless day. 
  • J D Llewellyn in BUFORA Journal 3,5 p16.
  • John Cleary-Baker in BUFORA Journal 3,6 p32.
  • Evaluation: The BUFORA investigators suspected that this was a mirage of a car on the ground.

Last week in August 1971. Morning.
Mrs Bones, her daughter Margaret (25) and son Robert (19), saw, during this week, various lights on the ground 700-900m to the east of their bungalow, which was situated on the east side of the village and overlooked fields leading to the Banbury-Oxford Canal. These lights seemed to move and were extinguished when cars passed on the road but which reappeared later. On one night the cattle in the field were unusually disturbed and Mrs Bones’ cat let out an unusual howl. On another occasion Robert and Margaret felt unusually hot at night. One night Robert and Margaret had identical dreams of two tall featureless forms standing side by side in the house. They stood between 25-30cm less than the 2.4m tall ceiling. 
  • BUFORA Journal 3,6 p28.

August 27 1971, 0645hrs.
Gary Harrison, a freelance draughtsman from Gillingham, was driving to his office on this clear morning, when, as he approached the turning to West Malling, something shone in his eyes. Looking to his right he saw something that he thought was a helicopter hovering over the fields and got out for a better look. The sun had stopped shining on the object, which he now made out to be a silvery metallic, oblong object, with rounded ends and a black rim around the bottom. It appeared to be about 15m long. It then descended very slowly behind the trees and Gary lost sight of it. 
  • Skylook 49 citing Kent Evening Post 31 August 1971.
  • BUFORA Journal 3,6 p20.
  • Hanson and Holliday 2011b p267 citing Kentish Post 31 August 1971.

August 27 1971, 2115hrs.
Peter Arthur was on his way home when he observed a bright orange saucer shaped object, with five flashing lights around its base. He observed it for about 15 minutes as it moved about lighting up the ground under it, during which time Peter was aware of an eerie silence. The thing then descended behind trees. As he was ringing up to report the incident to the local paper, his mother saw a bright orange object shoot into the sky from behind trees 400m away. This was independently observed by Mrs Moore of Norwich. Investigator Ivan Bunn found a “trail” of flattened grass about 25m long in a clearing in the woods. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p257 citing investigation by Ivan Bunn.

August 31 1971, 0200hrs.
John Hodges (23) and a friend Peter Rodriguez were getting into their car in the tree lined Dapple Gray Lane, 5km from the coast. When they switched on the car lights, Hodges saw two and Rodriguez, one unusual beings in the road ahead. Hodges described one as about the size of the trunk of a human body, the other the size of an overgrown softball. They both resembled human brains surrounded by a filmy blue membrane. The larger one had a sort of red spot. Rodriguez saw a diffuse beam of white light coming from trees to the left. There was damp or mist in the road. The men ran back to the car. Under hypnotic regression, R recalled that H appeared to be running in slow motion at this point. Also under hypnosis H recalled how the object floated over the car and communicated with him, mainly banalities, and said they would meet again. Though R only had a light jacket on he felt warm. H drove R home and then parked in front of his own house. He then had a long vision ((recalled under hypnosis) of being in a large room with a screen like a TV screen and an instrument panel. In the room was the brain and several tall, thin, grey skinned humanoids with thin eyes, lipless mouths, flat noses and long narrow fingers and toes. These humanoids were hairless and moved in a robotic fashion. The entities seemed to convey warnings about nuclear weapons. . The experience was terminated, as it had begun by a buzzing sound. In later sessions, Hodges claimed that “they” had placed a “translator” inside his head, and other strange statements. He had a previous mental breakdown. 
  • Ann Druffel in FSR 23,1 p19 + FSR 23,2 p 20 and FSR 23,3 2 citing her own investigation.
  • Rimmer 1984 p125 citing above.

August 31 1971. 2130hrs.
A man and his girlfriend driving past a field near Uppingham saw a top shaped object land in the field and then take off again. 

  • Gemini 1,1 p11 citing undated issue of Leicester Mercury.

September 1971
A joint American/Thai patrol were going through the jungle when they heard a sound like a generator, which they first thought was an enemy helicopter refuelling station, but on entering a clearing they encountered a reflective spherical object 15-45m diameter, standing on four legs, on or just above the ground. Around this thing were 16-21 grey skinned beings less than 1.5m tall ,dressed in silvery one piece jump suits. A young corporal shot one of these beings, which fell down. One of the other beings hit this man and knocked him down. The fallen being recovered and the beings returned to the sphere, the legs of which retracted and it then took off. The principle witness claimed to have been interrogated by MJ12. 
  • Peter A Bostrom in UFO Universe August/September 1991 p38 citing own investigation.
  • Evaluation: Just another “what I experienced in the forces” tale, complete with the usual clichés.

September 1971 (or following month) Dusk.
Gordon Peake was exercising his dog in a playing field while his son , Graham, was booking a dominoes game in the nearby Yew Tree pub, when he saw a luminous mass moving side to side at about 5m altitude over the site of the disused colliery. Graham was called and briefly saw it but went back inside. As Gordon looked, the thing passed over the railway embankment and apparently descended over “The City” hamlet. He now noticed that his dog was very afraid so he picked it up and walked by the embankment, where he saw a circle of mist or steam, about 6m diameter, rising up. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p 279 citing own investigation).

Autumn 1971. 2300hrs.
Dusan S (15) , Pavel P (17) and Srecko Pristavec (40) were in a car when they observed what they first thought was an aircraft and then saw that it was a glowing red lens shaped object, performing spiral manoeuvres and did not have an aircraft navigation light. As the object swept in their direction their transistor radio blanked out and they felt panicky and breathless. As the object came closer its colour changed to yellow, and when it took up a stationary position above their car it appeared to be the size of a small car (2-3m long). After hovering briefly above their car, the object flew off again in the direction from which it had come. The object had two vertical oblong shapes at the end and two rows of two horizontal oblongs in the centre. 
  • Milos Krmelj in FSR Case Histories 13 p12.

September 1971. 1930hrs.
A 17 year old insurance agent, considered to be reliable, was camped out 40m from a small lake, playing his guitar on this clear and relaxing evening. He then heard a loud noise, as if some object had fallen into the lake. He didn’t take much notice and lit a cigarette. He then heard the noise again and observed a round object,1m diameter, coming out of the lake, producing the normal rise in the water. The object, which gave off a blinding white light, and a trail of smoke like a car exhaust, rose at 45 degrees and disappeared to a point in a matter of seconds. This was also witnessed by an English camper walking in the area. 
  • Ballester 1976 p34 case 146 citing investigation by Enrique Campos + LDLN July 1972 p9.

September 1971. Night.
On several occasions, particularly between 7th to 14th September, children and young people reported seeing strange things in Palmer’s Rough Park. On one occasion Julian and Christopher Sampson saw two boys pursued by something like a square plate with dimly lit “windows” moving a metre or so above the ground. On another occasion a group of teenagers were pursued out of the woods by a vague shape, which drifted away and then returned, and seemed to sit on a bench taking the shape of a small girl. Carl Edginton saw a girl followed by a luminous figure of a small girl and saw that figure again a couple of nights later. He was one of the boys who later saw it sit on a bench. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p 270 citing investigation by Derek Sampson and themselves.
  • Evaluation: A classic children’s panic, possibly based around patches of mist, balloons, kites etc.

September 1971. Night.
Mr D Almond was teaching his friend Peter C Watson how to motor cycle on Portsdown Hill. Watson was driving down a narrow track with Almond riding pillion, when he suddenly swerved into a ditch. He had seen two lights like eyes ahead of him, and when Almond looked up, he also saw these two “eyes” about 5m away and about 3m off the ground,15-25cm apart, elliptical and about twice the size of normal eyes. The lights turned, silently, to their left. The frightened men fled the area. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a p143.

September 1971 (approx. date) 2340hrs.
Mrs Wood was retiring to bed in her darkened room she saw in a field a few hundred metres away two heavy set luminous human figures, 1.8m tall. wearing diving suits. One was glowing more brightly than the other. The dimmer being was stationary most of the time, but other moved about in long awkward strides, occasionally squatting down to pick something up off the ground. The witness called out to her sons. One of these, Ian arrived to see the figures moving around like astronauts on the moon. When her other son, Wayne, arrived the figures began to fade in and out. The dimmer one disappeared on the spot, while the other began to fade in and out and diminished into a patch of light which then disappeared. No traces were found. 
  • Tony Pace and Martin Keatman in NUFON News 66 p6 citing their own investigation.
  • Keatman 1992.
  • Evaluation: Pace considered that the figures were probably patches of mist, but Keatman disputed this.

September 3 1971, 1930hrs.
Julian B of Pantmawr saw a white “very floppy” hive shaped object, about 3m diameter, apparently drifting above the hedges 30m away and snapped it with his camera. He later returned with his father to see if it had landed. 
  • N.U.F.O.R.O Bulletin 6 p8 citing an undated copy of South Wales Echo.
  • Evaluation: Balloon? Paper/plastic bag?

September 4 1971, 2230hrs.
MRS Tessie Lamley and Mrs Mary Rommel, both of Little Rock, were visiting the Arthur Henderson farm, south of the Big Danger Mountain, when both saw unusual objects Mary saw two objects in a meadow, 400m east of the farmhouse; one was hovering, with many pulsating lights, the other was manoeuvring, with a massive bunch of white pulsating lights all over it. Tessie saw red pulsating lights, which glided in silently from the southwest over Dardanelle Reservoir. She lost sight of the lights when they went behind trees. Both women estimated that their sightings lasted two or three minutes. 
  • Skylook 50 citing Clarksville Herald 4 November 1971.
  • Evaluation: 1) astronomical low on horizon + refraction 2) aircraft

September 6 1971 0030hrs.
Mr and Mrs Nightingale, their 5 children and a boarder, Vernon Williams, were suddenly awakened by a loud, very penetrating, “electronic” pulsating sound. They checked each room for possible sources of the noise but find nothing. Finally Mr and Mrs Nightingale went outside and saw a shining, bright green, sharply outlined ball, about the size of a basketball, hovering motionless directly above 13-15m tall trees, about 12m from the house. The light showed no variation in intensity or brilliance and was the same colour as a green traffic light. Despite its brilliance it did not light up much of the surrounding area. After watching the light for an estimated 45 minutes, they called the police. An officer arrived in time to see the light, which by that time had started to move away towards the east and finally disappeared. The strange sound continued through the period of the observation. 
  • Skylook 50 citing Carroll D Watson.

September 8 1971 2340.
Two people in a car travelling about 35-40kph, saw a well-defined, metallic looking, conical object, with a flat top. The object was about 150m above a low valley to the right of the road, with which it appeared to be on a level. There were three lighted openings on the thing and below them a convex row of small round lights. This object was hovering and as the witnesses passed the rise of the hill, a bright moon was revealed, which illuminated its shape. They could see that the thing had neither blades nor wings. They stopped the car but did not turn off the engine because an extremely large, bright red light, shone a beam from the top of the cone for about 5 seconds. The witnesses became frightened and drove away as rapidly as they could. The object was still visible through the rear window until the trees and descent obstructed the view. The location was near the Clee Hill radar station. 
  • BUFORA Journal 43,5 p17.

September 10 1971.
Margaret McIntosh of Glasgow was walking with a friend on the Brodick-Lamlash road when suddenly to their left appeared a very bright light, which illuminated the surrounding trees with a glow. Then they heard a sound like footsteps crashing through the bushes, getting closer. They were too scared to stay and investigate. 
  • Journal of Paraphysics 5,6 p318 citing Peoples Journal 11 September 1971.

September 12 1971, 1900hrs.
Juan Rodriguez Dominguez (82), an illiterate agricultural day labourer was in a hot guardian a melon field, when, just before nightfall, a machine the size of a bus landed near a disused artesian well 350m away and a “force of soldiers”, perhaps more than 50 in number got out. They were of normal human appearance, with blue uniforms, but no head cover. They advanced in formation, disappearing into a natural hollow in the field. Five or six of them, who Juan thought were their chiefs, remained behind on one of the slopes, looking at him. They got out something like a lantern and shone it at him as he hid behind the hut. When Juan showed himself again, they again shone this light at him. It was now quite dark, so the now thoroughly scared Juan went to Anznalcollar, being followed to almost the outskirts of the town by two of the beings with their lanterns. Traces were found.
  • Ballester 1976 case 147 citing Ignacio Darnaudo and FSR 20,3 p19.

September 13 1971, 1900hrs.
Han Shugong and other local people saw a red luminous object, the apparent size of a wash basin, rise from the foot of a mountain to the west, up to the summit and then descend again. The observation lasted about 5 seconds. 
  • Dong and Stevens 1983 p66.

September 18 1971, 2030hrs.
The town ventenarian, Alfonso Revuelta Cid, along with telegraphist Ernesto Crespo Rodriguez and forest ranger Manuel Callego were among the local people who saw a dazzling light 500m from the town. This light, which at tines was bluish in colour lasted for about 30 minutes. Fearing a fire the mayor and civil guard were informed. At the site an area of burnt stubble 50m x 100m was found studied with burnt spots. Though the light had been seen only minutes before, the ground was cold. Two other witnesses were M Calvo Fidalgo and F Aguilar Terron. 
  • Ballester 1976 p35 case 148 citing El Correo de Zamora 19, 21 Sept 1971 + 3 August 1972.

September 18 1971, 2345hrs.
A businessman was returning to Chauchina, when about 200m away he saw something circular with clear edges. It was a dull yellow colour, had no halo and did not illuminate the surroundings. It was about 2-5m above the ground and was somewhat smaller than a tractor wheel. He got out of his car and watched the light for about 30 seconds. he arrived home and returned to the place with his brother. They thought they saw two figures in the middle of the road signalling them with lanterns, but when they reached the spot in question nothing was there. Back on the 26 June, he was making love to a woman he was having an affair with, when they saw a large red-yellow light 2m above the ground. They watched it for 15 minutes then moved away. 

  • Ballester 1976 p35 cases 149 and 143 citing Manual Osuna and LDLN March 1972 p15.

September 19 1971.
Agricultural worker Osvaldo s; Annunzio (19) was visiting his fiancée when he noticed something like a very bright star in the sky. As he watched the stationary object, it suddenly began to fly over the countryside at dizzying speed and low altitude, stirring up whirlwinds of dust. When Osvaldo tried to take his hands out of his pockets he found that he could not move. The cows in the surrounding meadows seemed to change colour and did not resume their usual colour until the thing had departed. After it was gone Osvaldo was able to put his hands to his face and it felt burnt. After this experience he suffered from persistent migraines. 
  • Data Net VI,5 p15 citing La Nouvelliste (Quebec) 25 Sept 1971.

September 20 1971, 2245hrs.
Engineer Sten Sure Ceder was driving home from visiting a friend when, near the crossroads between Albyvagen and the E4, he noticed a strong light some 200m away. It resembled the northern lights, with vertically beams that shone to the ground from an estimated height of 10-50m. As Sten approached the crossroads he looked back and saw that there were similar beams behind the car at a distance of 10m and he realised that he was in a circle of beams, perhaps 200m in diameter.
Immediately after this he felt a force from behind which pushed his car forward, even though he had put his foot hard down on the brakes. Everything surrounding him then became pitch black. This blackness seemed to be a mass of dense blue-black smoke, such that he was unable to see the headlights of his car. Sten turned left in his usual direction and when he saw the lights again he found that he was on the E4 about 200m from the crossroads. At the same time he noticed a large, shapeless black mass that began to rise from the ground, outlining itself against the horizon. He drove north at 80kph keeping the object, which perhaps reached the same angular diameter as the moon, in sight. The thing crossed the E4 about 1km beyond the crossroads. Now on Sten’s left hand side, it was outlined against the sky, like an angular kite, obscuring stars as it passed. This object disappeared below the horizon before Sten reached home. The observation lasted about 5 minutes. Other witness saw the light and a neighbour saw a dark object earlier in the evening. 
  • FSR Case Histories 10 p1 citing GICOFF Journal September/October 1971 citing letter from Ceder and investigation by Bjorn Hogman.

September 21 1971. Sunset.
Kimmy G (11) was bicycling on his father’s land 6.5km south of Wayne City, near the spot known as Starvation Corner, when suddenly an object appeared over the woods at the North West corner of the field. The thing appeared to be about to land and came within 6m of the ground. It then suddenly pivoted, rose and took off at an altitude of about 30m towards a neighbour’s house. It was about 60m from Kimmy, who yelled out to his neighbour’s son Rodney. Rodney and his father also saw the object as it passed over their home, and Rodney’s dad rushed inside for binoculars. The object was shaped like a boomerang with a 15-18m wingspan, with a centre section 2.5m tall. The object looked metallic but there were no openings or propellers and it left neither sound nor a trail. It was observed for 10 minutes, and as it vanished into the sunset it appeared to be red on one side and blue on the other. Kimmy was very frightened and refused to go outside or sleep on his own. Several other people saw a boomerang shaped object high in the sky. 
  • Mrs Alice Mearle in Skylook 49 citing her own investigation + Wayne County Press 23 Sept 1971.

September 22 1971, 1745hrs. 
Paulo Caetano Silveira (27), a typewriter mechanic, was driving home to Itaperuna from Carangola, when, 3km before Tombos, he saw through his driving mirror that he was being followed by an object that was closing on him. The object then began flying around the car at a distance of 3m or less. It was a red ellipse 2.5m wide, 3 m high moving about 50cm above the ground. It then became white with a bluish sheen. The car then lost speed and came to a halt, and Paulo was unable to get it going again while the object circled around. The object then took off after 3-4 minutes and the car raced back into life so quickly that it stalled. Paulo restarted it and drove on to Tombos, where he reported the matter to the police, who gave him a drink of sugary water and advised him to spend the night in town. Paulo decided to continue however and soon the object was following again. he stopped again at Natividade, where the pump attendant comforted him by telling him it was Martians and so say his prayers.

The object continued to follow at higher altitude, until he reached Serraria, where he saw a dark shape, he first thought was a large ox, blocking the road. When he got within 10m of the object, it lit up all red, and his car seemed propelled to the shoulder of the road, where it stopped. Paulo saw that the object was the disk, the colour of which changed from red to brilliant white. There was a high pitched whistling sound and he was struck by a beam of light from an opening in the object, from which emerged three small forms, about 1m tall. They approached slowly with unbending legs and slow dragging movements which gave the impression that they were floating in the air. Paulo did not have the energy to run away, and the car door opened without anyone touching it, when the beings were 10cm away. He then found himself walking towards the object, accompanied by two of the beings, one on either side of him. This object was somewhat larger than a Volkswagen car, and had windows in addition to the openings. Paulo and his two companions were scooped up into this machine by a contraption like a shovel, and he found himself in a room, encompassed by a beam of yellow light coming from the flat, horizontal ceiling 2.5m above his head. About 30cm above his head was a plank, 1m wide, on which another crew member was walking to and fro. Three windows, 50cm wide and 10cm high could be seen in the hexagonal cabin. On a wall panel there were lights of various colours. The yellow light prevented him from seeing very well, but he had the sensation of beings moving around him, and heard noises.

He then had the sensation of being in a rapidly descending lift, and, with a whistle, the door opened and two more beings led him out. He was near to collapse, and they practically dragged him to the shoulder of the road, where he passed out. When he came to his senses, he saw the machine rising slowly and obliquely to a height of 100m, then travelling rapidly away. After stopping a couple of motorists, he was able to drive slowly home, escorted by another car. There he was examined at a first aid centre. He described the beings as wearing light blue clothes, grey, funnel shaped helmets, face masks which hid their eyes and noses and coarse, blue rectangular shoes, pointed at the front and their shoulders seemed hunched up around their arms. Their chins were pointed, and they made no sound when they opened and closed their mouths. Paulo later claimed other contacts (see below) 
  • Walter Buhler in UFO Encounters p14 citing own investigation.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 17,6 p24 citing O Dia 27, 29, 30 September and 3, 4, 10 October 1971 + O Globo 29 and 30 September 1971 and O Cruzeiro 13 October 1971.

September 22 1971, 2040hrs.
A young man, Mr Hollis, cycling home to Semaphore saw a light 50 degrees above the western horizon, descending towards the sea. He went to the beach and found the object about 45m away and 15m above the beach. He pointed his cycle towards the motionless object and shone his light on it, whereupon a lighted part of the thing seemed to dim, but brightened again when he switched the light off. He flashed his lights and the object moved away over the Gulf of St Vincent. 
  • INFO Journal 9 p40 citing AFSR ns4.
  • Basterfield 1981 p94 citing AFSR op cit + his own investigation, gives location as Fort Glanville.

September 23 1971, 1630hrs.
Oil company employee Joe Kilmer was taking sister and brother in law to see a fossilised oyster bed in a dead end canyon. When they reached the spot they saw on the opposite sand of the canyon, a squat, square, blue-grey metallic looking object about 3.5m square at the base and about 3m high, with a pointed top bevelled on one side, sitting perfectly motionless. The party walked to the base of the cliff but were unable to ascend it and so returned to their car. The object never moved at all. Next day Joe went to a spot directly above the ledge where the strange object had rested, but the thing had now gone. As Joe clambered down the ledge he encountered six oval marks, about 15cm long, spaced 75cm apart in a single file line up the grassy bank. They were about 250mm thick. 
  • Magor 1977 p187 + Magor 1983 p40 both citing his own investigation.

September 24 1971, 0130hrs. 
Sergeant Diocadio Contreras Labrin of the Carabineer prefecture was on patrol with Corporal Guillen and “carabinedr” Antunez, when they got orders to see if an unauthorised ship was approaching the coast. They didn’t see anything at the spot indicated but in front of a distant sentry box they saw a point source of light, about 2km away. The object then moved to their sector in a flash and appeared right in front of them. They woke the watchman Ribera, who also observed the phenomenon. The thing came closer and was almost floating on the water by the beach. It was a blue aluminium coloured object almost a block across. On it were many openings, out of which came strong red, sky blue and white lights, which blinded the witnesses, forcing them to cover their heads with their hands. As the thing grew brighter they could see it was an oval, raised higher in the centre. They signalled to the thing with their flashlights and walked towards it. They heard no noise but it made a kind of vertical vibration. When they tried to back their truck away, they found the its engine and radio would not work., while a beam from the object seemed to follow them. Diocadio walked towards the object, which then began to move slowly away. Though it moved away it was visible out to sea until 0530. 
  • Richard Heiden citing La Estrella del Norte 11 November 1971.
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Phen Spax 31.

September 24 1971, 2350hrs.
Truck driver Benedito Miranda (40) was travelling from Itaperuna to his home in Cataguases, when he stopped his car at the bridge over the river Carangola to mend a fault. As he started off again he noticed a round object in the middle of the road, blocking his way. On approaching it, he saw two tiny men only 35cm tall emerged from it, and take from their belts big round torches which projected a beam of blue and red light towards him. When it struck, Miranda felt levitated like a bird and the stronger the beam the higher he rose until he reached a height of 50m. He was paralysed and unable to call out. After about 5 minutes a car approached on a nearby road at which the beam gently let him down into his car. The beings re-entered the craft which took off at incalculable speed. After about 30 minutes he recovered his senses and reported the matter to the police at 0200hrs. However, by the next morning, when he came round in his car, back at the bridge, he had no recollection of this incident or of having reported it to the police, though he accepted, when shown the incident book, that it was indeed his signature on the deposition. His clothes were covered in red mud, his eyes were bloodshot and his left arm was cut, numb and weak. 
  • Walter Buhler in UFO Encounters pIII citing own investigation.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 17,6 p26.
  • Lorenzen 1976 p167.

September 27 1971, 0230hrs.
Lorry driver Leonard Delman was just driving onto the Boycote flyover coming into Banbury on the Oxford-Banbury road, when he saw a man in a white suite on the road directly ahead of him. He braked hard and was afraid he might have hit the man but saw nothing. He then walked to the front of his lorry, where, in his headlights, he saw a being about 2.1-2.4m tall with large red, staring eyes, 20-30cm apart, which extended around the side of his head. From his head came two pipes which led to a pack on his back. Delman got back into his cab and sounded his horn several times, whereupon the humanoid leapt about 1m into the air, ran across the road and jumped the hedge. Two other lorries arrived on the scene and Delman and three other drivers and a driver’s mate saw a disk shaped object take off from the field the entity had entered. The incident was reported to the police. At around this time a similar being was reported on several occasions by teenagers in the Wantage area. 
  • Denis Llewellyn in FSR 18,1 p20 citing Coventry Evening Telegraph 28 November 1971.
  • Shuttlewood 1976 p132 citing Coventry Evening Telegraph 29 November 1971.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p271 citing their own investigation.

September 27 1971. Late evening.
Four security guards at the American base at RAF Creighton saw a strange hairy creature with large ref eyes leaping up and down near the guardhouse. It leapt across a hedge and then entered a silvery disc, which then took off. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p274.
  • Evaluation: Appears to be just a rumour.

September 28 1971.
A globular object was seen below the trees and sheep panicked and scattered. 
  • John Llewellyn in FSR 18,1 p21.

September 28 1971.
In independent incidents two motorists were buzzed by unidentified objects. Their cars stopped. Both motorists were treated for shock. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 80 p35.

September 29 1971, 0600hrs.
Truck driver James Rogers was delivering a load of gravel to Walt Disney World when he saw, about 200m away, a red object, the size of trailer truck, above the highway. As James approached the thing it moved up and off to the right until it became a point source of light. It then seemed to return, charcoal grey, with a disc shape. The thing moved down the highway to James’ right at treetop height, giving out a dim light and leaving a vapour trail. At one point it the thing seemed about to land, but continued down the highway at 95kph. When James slowed down at an intersection he lost sight of the object, which he had observed for 10 minutes.
  • Data Net VI,3 p15 citing Frank H Inderwissen.

September 30 1971, 0200hrs.
While sat in his cottage, Ron Foreman heard a loud noise outside, followed by a whooshing sound. The television cut out and the room lights went dim. On hearing a further noise, he opened his back door and was startled to see a being 2.1m tall in a silvery suit and glass like helmet. The being glided away straight over a fence but later returned with a second entity surrounded by a halo of light. Foreman went for the police. 
  • BUFORA Journal 3,6 p29.

September 30 1971, Night.
Neil Hugo of Mount Gambier had just got out of his car at the Kembla Heights Bowling Club when he heard a sound like a jet behind him. He turned, to see, at about the altitude of the club flagpole (12-15m) a grey-white hat shaped thing, with a glow and two large lights, on one each side. Neil called a friend and soon about a dozen people watched the object, as it turned powerful spotlights on Hugo’s car and then headed towards Mount Kembla, apparently landing in a camping area. 
  • Data Net VI,2 p15 citing Illawarra Daily Mercury 1 October 1971.

October 1971. 1200hrs.

Two teenagers following a stream in a wooded area near Fairfield came across four hairy humanoids about 75m away. The largest was about 2.5m tall with wide shoulders, barrel chest and with a sort if round peak to its head. Another creature was sat on the ground, the third lying on the stream bank and the fourth standing in the stream. They were all black with paler faces. 
  • Coleman and Hallenbeck 2010 p49.

October 3 1971, 0140hrs.
Businessman Axel Curry Jnr and his wife were driving towards Anapolis from Brasilia when, as they were approaching the town, he noticed that the engine was sounding odd and that their car was doing over 160kph even though he had not accelerated. Then an enormous ball of light passed in front of them at a distance of 300m. It passed to and fro in front of the car several times, causing a change in the car’s speed on each pass. The thing resembled a Mexican hat and disappeared just before they reached the Highway Patrol Post. Curry became so nervous that he refused to travel at night in the future. He was regarded as a serious sort of person who would not perpetrate a hoax. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR Case Histories 10 p11 citing O Globo 6 October 1971.

October 11 1971, 0300hrs.
Paulo Cartano (qv) suddenly woke up as if aroused by a mental shout. From his bed he saw a light shining in through the kitchen window. He got up and went into the kitchen, where, through the metal grating of his window he saw the same craft as of 22 Sept only 3m from the house and 50cm above the ground. Inside were some little men who pointed a small box in his direction. After standing facing each other for about 10 minutes, Paulo began to feel his head aching. After the object and beings had gone he returned to bed but was unable to get any more sleep. 
  • Walter Buhler in UFO Encounters p15 citing own investigation.

October 15 1971.
20-30 young people on a beach saw a strange object land on a small island in the river. 
  • George Fawcett 80 p35.

October 16 1971 0130hrs.
Six members of a rock band encountered a brightly illuminated object by the side of the road. Their car was pulled towards it and three members of the band were taken on board and subjected to medical examinations and to questions about the uses of their musical equipment. One of the group, “Jack” revealed numerous other abductions. 
  • Spencer 1991 p57.
  • Randles 1988 citing FSR 29,3 citing CUFORN and Dr Susan Schulman.
  • Evaluation: Appears to yet another story produced under hypnosis

October 17 1971, 1400hrs.
Jack Rowe was startled to see a white spherical object, many times larger than a beach ball and glowing strongly, bouncing along the top of the embankment on the sea front against a fairly strong easterly wind. 
  • BUFORA 3,8 p29.

October 19 1971, 2220hrs.
Lance Druce and his brothers-in-law Roy and Brian George were travelling in their removal van on the M3 between the Reading Intersection and Winchester, when they nouitced numerous red lights, sojke round, some oblong, in the sky. They all appeared to be going in different directions and up to 50 at a time were visible, some very close to the ground. The party stopped to get a better look, but were moved on by the police. Some time later they stopped again on the Winchester bye-pass and Brian went into a field, only to run back in panic. He then went out again acopmanied by Lance and they both saw, about 40m away, a brilliant white object, like a small letter !a”, with a black area in each of the arches. It was about 3m high, 2-2.5m wide, and was moving slowly to the right, 60cm above the ground, over a rising incline. Both men ran back to the van and hurriedly drove away. 
  • Leslie Harris in FSR Case Histories 9 p15 citing his own investigation.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p277 citing own investigation.
  • Evaluation: This family were the source of a number of UFO reports, including some very dubious looking photographs.

October 19 1971, 2300hrs
Independent witnesses from Aynho and Charlton saw intensely bright flashing lights on the ground. 
  • C David Oakley-Hill and Richard Colbourne in Gemini 1,1 p15.

October 20 1971, 1850hrs.
Mrs Eileen Muir was returning to the Weldon Caravan site when she heard a high pitched whistling sound and observed a bright white light (described as having an apparent length of 2.5cm at arm’s length). It was a spherical object that hovered overhead, rotating in an anti-clockwise direction, for about 2 minutes and then disappeared. Later that evening at 2030 she again heard a high pitched whistle and, going to her caravan door, saw a huge, almost circular gaseous mass, which seemed to cover half the sky. It descended from 80 degrees elevation to 50 degrees, at which point Eileen noticed one red and one green light in the mass, the whole of which, but most especially the top, glowed brilliant white. After watching for about a minute, Eileen went to a neighbour, Mrs Carmen Grey, who also saw the object and called the police. Returning to her caravan, Eileen saw the object still in the same position, but after another minute it seemed to dissolve into a heavy cloud of white vapour, which slowly dispersed. Dogs at the site were barking all the time and during the sighting, winch lasted 4-5 minutes a neighbour reported interference on her TV. When the police called, Eileen felt that the object might be still in the next field and asked police to investigate, but they declined. 
  • David Abbot citing investigation by R Birkett and K Westhead.
  • Evaluation: Barium cloud experiment?

October 23 1971, 1530hrs.
Ian Glasby was at football match at Fratton Park with his grandfather when they saw a large silvery saucer shaped object hovering, spinning, about 5-15m above the floodlights. The thing then began to move around in an erratic manner and then flew away. A few minutes later a second, similar, object appeared in the same place but disappeared after 30 seconds. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p278 citing Nicholas Maloret.

October 30 1971. Evening.
Terry Walker and four companions were walking off the Marsh after a day spent wildfowling, when, on reaching the sea wall, Terry and a companion thought they a red light, like a distress flare, drop onto the Marsh about1.5km away. To signal their readiness to assist the party fired four shots into the air at two second intervals and flashed a torch in the direction of the lights (the normal procedure for such matters). No reply was received but about four minutes later a light appeared, which seemed to bounce along the marsh. This thing was pillar box red and appeared from different places. It approached the group and then receded in jumps which were about 100m long and 15-30m high. After about 5 minutes they caught sight of a second light which appeared at 60 degree angle to the south-west. This was a bright white light twice the angular diameter of a star, which moved against the starry background in a rectangular pattern with a slight waver. It always finished at the same point and set off again at right angles to its former course. 
  • BUFORA Journal 3,6 p31.

October 30 1971 (approx. date) Night.
Mrs Pike was on a solo skywatch when she became apprehensive and turned around to see a male figure about 2.1m tall with no neck, extremely long arms and broad shoulders. It had a silvery, semi-transparent body and was striding up the road, his arms hung limply by his side. 
  • Shuttlewood 1976 p133.

November 1971.
A strange object was observed at close range. No further details.
  • Rath 1997 p83.

November 1971
At an undisclosed location a man out driving saw a silvery disc shaped object descend and hover 4m above a field. The witness approached the thing, and an opening appeared, from descended a sort of ramp. Down this came two beings 1.35m tall, with oversize bald heads, and wearing white robes. They seemed to communicate by telepathy and gave the witness a feeling of warmth and security. He was given a tour of the thing’s brightly illuminated interior, where there were control panels, buttons and chairs on invisible swivels. He was later led down the ramp and the object took off. He claimed to have contacted the occupants on other occasions through astral projection. 
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 p347 case 136 citing J Roe in Wichita Beacon 2 June 1978.

November 1971.
A publican's son was terrified by a figure like a woman in a long white dress. 
  • Guttridge 2009 p63.
  • Legg et al 1974 citing Bournemouth Evening Echo 4 +8 January 1972.

November 1971. Early hours.
Joy McKenna awoke with a sensation of presence and a feeling of extreme weight and paralysis. Even though she was under the bedding she felt she could see two elongated amber eyes looking at her and heard a sort of interior screaming. She began praying and the thing slithered off her. She could now call out and her screams alerted her husband in the other room. On a previous occasion she had seen something slithering under the bedclothes in that room but thought it was one of her cats. 
  • Moss 1977 p89.

First week November 1971 
At the Fazenda Jerimum (or Jirimum) near here, several people, including farmer Raimundo Monato Braga saw a luminous disk crossing the sky at terrific speed, emitting a brilliant light. While many people went to the priest for help, Braga watched as the object flew around a few times then landed on a rocky hill. When he approached the spot he was able to see that it contained three small beings, who leapt out. They were too far away for Braga to make out any details. The object then took off noiselessly, still emitting the strong light, and vanished into the sky. The witness fled to the town in panic. 
  • Walter Buhler in UFO Encounters p23 citing O Povo 8 November 1971.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR Case Histories 11 p13 citing O Dia 9 November 1971 (the two accounts give rather different details)

First week November 1971.
A few hours after the incident at Jerimum Estate people in Russas saw a disc land and take off again. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR Case Histories 11 p13 citing Walter Buhler.

November 2 1971, 1900hrs.
Ronald Johnson (16) was tending the sheep in their pen with his dog, on his father’s farm 800m north and east of Delphos. He looked up when his mother called, then heard a rumbling sound as an object suddenly became illuminated. This object was slightly domed at the top and base, with a slight bulge at the centre, illuminated by multi-coloured light that covered its entire surface. The thing was hovering 60cm above the ground, and there was a bright glow between the base and the ground. This light contained steady blue, red and orange elements, and was so bright that it hurt Ronald’s eyes to look at it. The object was about 3m high, 2.7m diameter, and was rather less than 25m away. The dog was quiet but the sheep were bellowing. The object continued to make a sound like the vibration of an old washing machine. Then , after a few minutes, the light at the base grew brighter and expanded, and the thing ascend at considerable speed at an angle, the sound changing to a high pitched whine as it did so. It cleared a nearby shed by over a metre. As the sound changed Ronald suddenly became blinded. When he regained his sight after a few minutes, Ronald saw the object in the sky and ran home. His father, Durrel Johnson (52) was sceptical at first but went out and saw a light, like an arc lamp, , half the apparent diameter of the moon , moving away in the sky. When they walked to the landing site they found that the soil was glowing, as were parts of nearby trees. The surface felt strange and Mrs Erma Johnson (49) found that it seemed to numb her fingers. A branch was broken off a tree and there was a ring of dried soil, 2.5m diameter, 20-30cm thick. Various analyses of the soil samples came to differing conclusions. The object was said to have returned on 27 April 1974, Ronald developed psychic powers, and encountered a mysterious wild girl. 
  • Ted Phillips in FSR Case Histories 9 p4 + Fuller 1977 p75 + Phillips 1975 pp.79, 137 + Skylook 50 + MUFON UFO Journal 209, all citing his own investigation.
  • Vallee 1975 p35.
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  • Michael Swords in JUFOS ns.3 pp116.
  • Kim Hansen in Evans and Spencer 1987a p79 citing Hynek 1972 + Klass 1974 + Story 1981 + Sheaffer 1981 + Oberg 1982.
  • Hall 2001 p58.
  • Randle 1999 p145
  • Klass 1974 p312.
  • Klass 1983 p125.
  • Evaluation: Hoax??

November 5 1971, 2200hrs.
Two locomotive men of the South Johnstone Cooperative Sugar Milling Association became the subject of concern when they gave incoherent responses to radio messages. This led to a rescue party being sent out. One of the rescuers was said to have seen a dazzlingly bright light and been scorched by a terrific heat. The two men were found to be stupefied and one was pointing to the sky. 
  • Data Net VI,5 p15 citing Innisfail Evening Advocate 11 November 1971.
  • Basterfield 1981 p94 citing UFO Research New South Wales files.
  • Evaluation: The authorities denied this story, though the father of one of the rescue party said it was true.

November 6 1971, Night.
Neil Pike was on Cradle Hill when he saw three giant figures standing in a line by the hedgerow opposite. At first they were indistinct, then became sharper, though still transparent and without lower extremities visible. When Pike flashed his torch at one of the figures it disappeared, then reappeared closer to him. The same happened with the other two figures causing him to panic. The road seemed to shift about on the way back, almost causing an accident. 
  • Shuttlewood 1976 p133.

November 8 1971,, 2130hrs.
Mrs Fries of the Willsey Road area was alerted by all the neighbouring dogs barking and howling. She went out and saw an object the size of a small car hovering above the garage roof, 15m away. The thing had a blinding blue-white light and a dimmer red light, which revolved round the centre, below which was a shape resembling an inverted bowl of apparently metallic composition. Police were called and as Sgt Neil Taber drove up Pleasant Valley Road toward the area at 2240, he saw a bright white light moving slowly across the sky to the northwest. 
  • Skylook 49 citing Albany Times-Union 14 November 1971.

November 10 1971.
As Roy Wilkinson was walking to work he saw a milky white ovoid object, surrounded by a sort of haze, low over a nearby building. As he got within a metre or two the thing changed colours in sequence, and Roy found himself mesmerised. There was complete silence and everywhere seemed deserted. Roy turned a corner and the glowing mass disappeared and the ambient sounds returned. 
  • Randles 2001 p55 citing letter from the witness.

November 13 1971, 2000hrs.
Robert Vinsonneau (40) the son of the Mayor of Tourtres was working his tractor in the fields some 500m south of Tourtres when, through the trees in the distance, in the direction of Saint-Barthelemy D’Agenais, he saw a bright stationary light. He thought it was the headlights of another tractor and didn’t take much notice. Thirty minutes later, when he arrived home, he saw the light again and was surprised that it was not on the ground but was silhouetted in the sky above the horizon. The light was stationary, very bright, and emitting a conical beam of light towards the ground. He watched it for several minutes but then went away. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 18,3 p7 citing Col Pierre Berton in Phen Spax 30.

November 13 1971, 1615hrs.
A display manager for a department store and two of his male employees were out jack rabbit hunting. They found some circles in a triangular pattern on the ground, which made them think of UFOs. They saw lights in the sky and then at 1715 saw a large yellow light land. Smaller lights then manoeuvred back and forth along a ridge 2km away. One of these, which they observed in particular moved about quickly, a couple of metres above the ground That night they heard a crashing sound and a peculiar noise near the, Traces like the first ones were found at the site. 
  • Data Net VI,11 p8 citing investigation by Anne Druffel.
  • Evaluation: The lights in the sky were probably stars and the role of suggestion looks very strong here.

November 14 1971, 2150hrs.
Farmer Angelo Cellot has almost finished working with his tractor in his 4 hectare field, when his attention was caught by a light like a headlamp about 1km away to the north west. He thought that it was the light of a neighbour’s tractor, but on making his turn, he realised that it was in the air and coming towards him. He saw a red light to its rear and now thought that it was a helicopter. As he reached the end of the furrow it became as bright as day and, looking up, he saw that the object was right above him at 40-50m altitude and emitting a powerful yellow light from a row of five lamps, with the little red light in line with them, 4-5m to their right. Cellot then came to the end of another furrow and when he halted the object slowly descended to within 10-15m of the ground. Now thinking that it was an aircraft about to crash on him, he put the tractor into neutral, jumped off and ran towards his brother’s house. When he had gone about 30m he looked back and saw the thing climbing back along the same route. He then returned to the tractor and switched off the engine and lights. He was surprised to note that he could hear no sound from the object, which was now 50m away. As it climbed away, more lights seemed to come on before it disappeared from view behind a ridge. The object seemed to float in a zigzag pattern. Cellot was regarded as an excellent citizen. 
  • FSR 18,3 p6 + Bourret 1977 p39 citing Phen Spax 30 citing investigation by Pierre Berton.

November 14 1971. Early hours.
A headmaster and his wife awoke to see a large, bright, orange-red circular object which became elliptical at times, through their bedroom window. Several smaller illuminated objects parted from the larger one and carried out manoeuvres before re-joining it. One of these smaller objects seemed to land near a farm where a few days earlier 46 pigs had been killed in an unusually fierce fire. The thing was observed for 55 minutes. 
  • BUFORA Journal 3,6 p23.
  • Evaluation: Probably a barium cloud experiment.

Mid November 1971.
A deer hunter driving along County Road 24 saw a hairy humanoid creature sliding down a bank. He got out and followed the creature with his dogs and gun into some woods. Here the humanoid climb a tree, apparently to avoid the dogs. It eventually came down and confronted the dogs before disappearing back into the woods. 
  • Cox 2004 p21 citing smith 2000.

November 17 1971, 2130hrs.
Paulo Caetano (qv) and his Elvio Bianchi were returning from a business trip to Natividade de Carangola back to Itaperuna, when, at this place, an odd incident occurred. According to Bianchi, Paulo became anxious and said that “a flying saucer” was following them, this was actually a bus at a reasonable distance. Paulo however said that the car was slowing down. Before he knew what happened, Paulo was out of the car in a faint. His story was that there was a strange aerial object 50cm above the ground, 4m away (during this time Elvio was dozing off). From this object a red beam was projected, which opened the car door, and an entity in pink clothes approached and escorted Paulo into the craft via the shovel as before. There the occupants gestured to him that he should lie down on a table about 50cm long, with a pillow on it. From the ceiling they lowered an apparatus like an X ray machine, with which they fastened both his arms. He then felt what seemed like a cut near his elbow and the beings were collecting some of his blood which was running down. Paulo then felt that his wound was being cleaned and dried. The occupants then showed him two panels, one showing a plan of Itaperuna, the other seemed to show an atomic explosion. The door of the craft remained open and after 5 minutes he found himself by the car. The two men now agree that Elvio helped Paulo to his feet, and they got a bus into town, where the wound was examined by doctors. 
  • UFO Encounters p19 citing Walter Buhler in SBEDV Bulletin 85/9.
  • Bourret 1977 p121 citing Carlos Marques’ investigation (gives date as 19 November 1972)

November 25 1971.
Legal secretary Judy Kendall (17) and her two sisters were driving home to Zamora from their grandmother’s home in Bodega Bay, when they had a time lapse by a bridge at this spot. Under hypnosis she recalled a creature with a bulbous head, saucer sized, red pupiled gelatinous eyes, with no external ears, which came up to her. It had a milky white, almost translucent face, the lower part of which was covered by a mask, and a neck with prominent red veins. It had a human body and hands. It touched her on the forehead and said “It’s OK, It’s OK” in muffled English. She then felt as though she had been jabbed in the right arm, after which she became relaxed. She was then lying on a cold table, with a sheet over her, while three different types of being, dressed in grey, stood around and catheterised her. There was also a human woman with straight black hair, who handed one of the beings a tube of opaque, colourless liquid. This woman seemed to know Judy’s name and to be trying to reassure her. Judy then felt a pain at the top of her right thigh. One of the creatures examined her ear, while others studied her feet. They then put a heavy metal, which made a whirring sound, over her eyes, making her head ache. When she was able to look around, she could see that she was in a circular room with windows all around. At one side of this room were two bucket seats over which there were three lights, and by which was a console and lever. To her left was a table with what looked like medical instruments on it, and a kind of black box. She was unable to see what was behind, but she could hear her sister crying. The three grey coloured creatures then grabbed her and dumped her into her car, where he her sisters seemed to materialise beside her. It was pitch dark at first, then they seemed to land on the road. The other two sisters refused to be hypnotised.
  • Spencer Sias in Davis Enterprise 31 January 1977 citing investigation by Alvin Lawson and W C McCall.
  • Canadian UFO Report 4,4 p12.
  • APRO Bulletin 28,10 p1) (Date might have been 26 November 1972 rather than this date.)

November 28 1971.
Mr G C, a professional engineer who did not wish to be identified, and his wife observed unusual lights on the ground in a nearby field. The lights appeared to be located at each end of a dark object. After several minutes the front lights suddenly went out, followed shortly afterwards by the rear lights. Nothing more was seen. The witnesses were only 90m from the thing but could hear no sound. The next morning they went to the field and found a bush, which was covered by a white ash appeared to have been subjected to a considerable heat. Around this bush were some triangular imprints, 38cm x45cm. A rock inside one of these triangles was not burned. 
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 53.

Early Winter 1971 0200hrs.
Ronnie Thomas (11) was unable to sleep and looked out of his bedroom window to see a bright light in a field near the Woodford Lodge School. He went out of the house to investigate and heard a whooshing sound and saw a large disc take off. Hiding by the school wall he saw three scorch marks in the field. Now frightened the boy went home and back to bed. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p276 citing The Guardian 8 January 2003.

Winter 1971.
A motorist on the way home heard a crackling sound and his engine lost power. Getting out to examine the engine, he heard a swishing sound from a nearby field, but could not see where it was coming from because of the size of the edge. He assumed it must be a helicopter, but then saw a luminous disc shaped object travel rapidly across the sky and hover a couple of metres or so above the ground some 25m away. The thing made some odd manoeuvres for about 110 minutes, after which it took off with a loud swish and hum and disappeared within 10 seconds. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p276.

Early December 1971, 0130hrs.
A 20 year old supermarket manager was returning home from his fiancée’s house along the A418 when he saw a light descend onto the ground and turn into a green bullet shaped object, which projected a beam onto the ground. From this emerged a 2m tall being in a silvery one piece suit, which came up to the witness and put its hand across his face, which gave him a warm tingling sensation, but which also gave the impression withdrawing information from his mind and of stretching out time. The figure returned to the beam which was sucked back into the bullet, which disappeared in a flash. Police found him running in a distracted state. 
  • Randles 1988 citing investigation by Andy Collins and Barry King.
  • Collins and King 1992.
  • Andy Collins in Investigation 2 p2 citing his own investigation.

December 1971 (approx. date) Morning.
George Hildebrand of Republic was driving on the Republic Road, just west of Sherman Pass when he saw a huge dark haired humanoid figure, which jumped off the road when his car approached. 
  • Byrne 1975 p103.

December 1971 (Approx. date) 1430hrs.
On this bitterly cold clear day, highway maintenance foreman William Taylor was driving north to Pemberton from Squamish, when at a sharp bend in the road, about 10km south of Alta Lakes, he saw something he first thought was a bear but as it stood upright he realised it was a humanoid creature about 2m tall covered with dark reddish hair. The thing walked away on two legs all the way. 
  • Byrne 1975 p99 citing his own investigation.

December 2 1971. Evening.
Steve L (17) and five passengers in his vehicle were driving around a field behind his Remembrance Road home, when they saw a large bright red sphere, with blue and white lights, It was first seen by Marvin S and at first the others could only see a plane, but then they saw the apparently circular object as it came towards them. It zoomed around trees and some of the boys became frightened, so they drove back to the house. Steven and Martin then returned to the field, where they saw the object hovering less than 2m above the ground, in the centre of the field. They drove to within 60m to get a better look but when Steve turned off his car lights and started to get out, the object rose straight up and disappeared. Police were called.
  • Data Net VI,2, p15 citing Grand Rapids Press 5 December 1971.

December 5 1971, 1900hrs.
Paulo Caetano (qv) was standing by a fence near the bridge over the River Carangola when he observed a light, which, when it came to within 20m of him, he could see was a disk shaped machine. He got out of his car and an opening appeared in the machine, and he saw two beings, one in the doorway, the other in the cabin, making signs to him. He entered the craft, via the shovel, of his own accord this time. He sat in one of the little seats while the crew stood around jabbering in what sounded like Spanish, though he was unable to see their mouths move and the voices seemed to be coming from a poor quality loudspeaker. They told him they were on a mission of peace to prepare people for contact with them. On the floor of the cabin he saw what looked like an oxygen cylinder, and in the ceiling a sort of ventilator emitting multi coloured lights. 
  • Walter Buhler in UFO Encounters 21 quoting SBEDV Bulletin 65/9.

December 7 1971, 2250hrs.
Mr A de Blas, a former army Lieutenant and university graduate, was driving his tractor back from his hop field after finishing irrigation work, when he saw a light approaching from the north, and appearing to head towards his tractor. He could see what looked like the bubble of a cockpit, illuminated by an orange glow from the inside and a small bright white light to its left. He thought that it was a plane or a helicopter trying to land in the field but realised that high tension wires there would make landing impossible. The object was now about 1.5km away, gliding silently towards the hop field and de Blas, fearing a crash, abandoned his tractor and ran back to the farm. On reaching home he saw the object receding back into the sky. He called his family’s attention to the thing, and phoned a friend, Dr R Moult. He then signalled the object with a powerful torch and got three brilliant flashes in response. Dr Moult and his two teenage sons saw several orange lights in the sky as they drove to the de Blas place. These appeared to be below the 1km cloud cover. The object was also seen by Mr F R Nuttall. Lights were intermittently visible in the sky until 0300hrs. 
  • Australian FSR, ns.5 p9 citing TUFOIC Annual Report.
  • Data Net VI,2 p16 citing Hobart Mercury 9 December 1971.

December 11 1971, 2000hrs.
Gustavo Moreno Algarra and his wife Carmen Nunoz Carrascosa were driving in the rain to Venta at 30kph, when they saw a luminous object floating just metres above a rise to the left of the road. The thing was elliptical, red in the middle, with an orange edge or halo. The couple drove past the object and after 10 minutes it could no longer be seen. 
  • Ballester 1976 p35 case 150 citing investigation by ERIDANI.

December 14 1971, 2145hrs.
Several people saw an object with an orange flashing dome and white lights on its rim, emitting a humming sound, at rooftop height, It went over a hill and an explosion followed. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p95 citing TUFOIC files.

December 14 1971, 2300hrs.
Orchard hand Tom Yates (15) and a friend Glen Schiller were keeping watch for unusual phenomena near the Walkerie golf course, where one of them had seen unusual lights on a previous occasion. They parked their car with the lights on, facing some scrub. After a while they saw a humanoid figure, surrounded by an aura 5cm wide, floating through the trees in a sort of mist, about 20m away. It had a dog like head with pointed ears and a long nose, but with no eyes or mouth visible on its brown head. It was about 1,8m tall and though it was well clear of the ground its legs could not be seen. Its body had a lumpy appearance. It appeared to be about 500m from the golf course heading away from town. The two boys drove 300m nearer the golf course and saw a hemispherical object the size of a semi-trailer, with windows on its surface, a ring of faintly glowing lights and spotlights shining upwards. They observed it for about 15 minutes, the same amount of time that they had observed the creature, then it dissolved away in about 10 seconds. 
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976 citing UFO Research South Australia.
  • Basterfield 1997 p176 citing John Burford.
  • Basterfield 1980 p42 case 43 gives sources as “original sighting report form” and notes taken by John Burford of a public lecture in which the “reporters” (?) (witnesses? Investigators ?) gave details of the case.

December 15 1971 0620hrs.
Mrs H Parker glanced across the river and a flash on the hill behind Granton caught her eye. She saw a round silvery object, which seemed to flash like a mirror, stationary by a patio on the hillside. After two minutes the thing turned slowly to give a more oval appearance. It then rose up to the skyline, hovered for a minute and then was gone over the crest of the hill. 
  • Australian FSR, ns.5 p12 citing TUFOIC Annual Report.

December 17 1971, 2000hrs.
A motorist found that his engine had stopped for no apparent reason, but the car lights had not gone out. He got out and looked around and saw, two fields away, an object the size of a bungalow front. It was a slate grey spheroid about 6m diameter. Its outline appeared to be fuzzy as though it was emitting a heat haze. The witness was too concerned with his engine trouble to pay the thing much attention. As he bent over the bonnet he saw the reflection of lights, which he thought were those of another car, so he went to ask for assistance. When he looked up, there was no car and the object in the field had gone. 10 minutes later his car, a 1970 model, started up on its own accord. 
  • Nigel Watson citing South Lincolnshire UFO Study Group.
  • Evaluation: The car also malfunctioned on the night the investigators took his story, suggesting a long standing problem and the witness refused to say anything more when the investigators called a few days later. It seems reasonable to assume the thing in the field was some farm machinery that was driven off while the motorist was engrossed in his repairs.

December 19 1971. Night 
A young man, Lino Osvaldo Saul was having sex with his girlfriend on the beach when they saw an object emerge from the sea and come flying towards them. They fled, but were able to observe that the thing was still climbing as it flew soundlessly over them. Many other people in different localities in the state saw an orange coloured object, surrounded by a mist, flying low. One witness; Victor Soares of Gravatai checked the thing with a ruler and found that it covered 5cm when the ruler was held at arm’s length. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR Case Histories 11 p13 + Data Net VI,6 p16 both citing O Globo 21 December 1971.

December 19 1971 2115hrs.
Three youths saw a black object, a little larger than a Volkswagen car, surrounded by a white cloud, 7m above the ground near a tree in the corner of Rua Titadentes. After three minutes the thing crossed the street and climbed into the sky. 90 minutes earlier the same three youths had seen a flashing star like light, which they estimated to be 1km away. 
  • Bowen 1974 p24 citing Walter Buhler in SBEDV Bulletin 85/9.

December 20 1971 2130hrs 
Manuel Silva e Souza (55 or 60), described as either the manager of an airport or watchman at an air force base, was clearing his gun when he saw a light approaching the airfield from the north east. He thought it was an aircraft on fire trying to land. It seemed to go out so he shut the front door and went out through the rear to see what was going on. He then saw, about 100m away, a light on the runway, and thinking it was indeed a crashed plane, he ran to give assistance. However when he got within 20 or 50m of the object, he realised that the vivid blue light was nothing like flames and was coming from an oval object 2m wide, 2.5m high, with a sort of “beak” at one end. He had just taken this in when he saw an entity 90cm tall standing by the machine. This entity walked around it, then apparently seeing Manuel, stopped. For a minute or two they stared hard at each other, allowing Manuel to make out that the being appeared to have no covering on its head or back, but had green pants. The little being then turned his back on Manuel and rose into the air and entered into the top of the machine. The machine was transparent and Manuel could see two other beings sat looking at him. When their comrade entered these two put their hands on a sort of lever and the object took off, slowly at first, then accelerating at an unbelievable speed. The beings’ uniforms were a sort of dark green which had avocado green belts with handsome big buckles, along with tight boots. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories p22 quoting from SBEDV Bulletin 85/9.
  • Bourret 1977 p119 citing Carlos Marques.

December 21 1971 2100hrs.
Insurance company manager, Francisco Murcio de Vasconcellos and his family were returning to Portaleza from Recife on the BR-116 highway when, near Mossoro they saw a strange object, with no windows but with a tube that emitted sparks, standing on the ground near the road. The thing projected a powerful beam of light at them forcing Francisco to stop the car. The six occupants of the car (Francisco, his wife, two sons and three others) watched this object for 20 minutes before it took off in the direction of Timbau. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR Case Histories 11 p13 citing Correo Popular 23 December 1971.

December 22 1971, 0005hrs.
Mr and Mrs Castillo, both lawyers, were driving from Cadiz to Granada in their coupe. After passing Jerez de la Frontera they noticed that they were being followed by a very powerful light, which shone at the rear window and disappeared whenever they encountered another vehicle. The car radio developed static and their dog was very excited. When they came out of a curve after they had lost sight of this light, they encountered, 5m to the side of the highway and about 1m above the ground, an object, 7m long, 2.5m high, which stayed there, rocking. Several round lights surrounded the structure, with blinding white lights on top and in the middle and smaller lights underneath. Something which rotated on top produced a sort of very shrill whistle. 
  • Ballester 1976 p36 case 151 citing his own investigation + Manuel Osuna + ABC Andalucia 30 December 1971.

December 28 1971 2130hrs.
An RAAF instrument maker and a friend were driving from Hamilton to Mount Gambier when they saw an object shaped like a sailboat with red, green and white lights. The object came down close to their car on two occasions, descending in a stepped fashion, causing the airman to pull up. They stopped another car driven by Mr W L Bramhall of Digby, who also saw the object. 
  • Data Net VI,3 p17 citing Warnambool Standard 1 January 1972.

December 30 1971, 1900hrs.
Julio Rivas Gomez and his girlfriend Olvido Gomez Diaz had seen on the nights of 11, 20 and 28th of December luminous objects and lights moving near them. On this drizzly night they were skywatcbhing from Olvido’s roof terrace, when they saw an object stationary in the same place as before. Julio took pictures of the object and the moon (which was full on the 31st) for comparison. They then went down to the country spot where they had seen the strange lights, accompanied by Olvido’s 15 year old brother, Antonio. The object had now gone below the horizon but when Antonio climbed an olive tree he was able to see thing again and took two more photographs. They then carried on towards Mairena, stopping about 1km from town. The object, which they compared in size to “the crown of an old olive tree”, appeared on the right side of the road, on or just above the ground and rose up vertically from between the olive trees, 70m away. It was less than 15m diameter. The thing suddenly accelerated and disappeared over the woodland, travelling just above the treetops, at no time making sound. On the way back to San Juan de Aznalfarache, Antonio climbed another tree and saw the object at the height of the olive trees, in a ravine at least 2km away and took 5 more photos. There was a rumour in Mairena that a maid had also seen the landing there. According to the processing laboratory none of the pictures turned out, though the negatives were not returned. 
  • Ballester 1976 p36 case 152 citing investigation by Manuel Osuna
  • Ballester Olmos files.

December 31 1971, Early evening.

Evita Ochones (68), a goatherd, was on a mesa near this town, 37km east of Pachuca when she saw an object like a shooting star to the south. It came closer and closer, making a sound like sizzling fat. It was circular with a flat bottom and a domed top. A bright like in the bottom, near the front, was pointed at the ground. The object hovered 30m above the village for a short time and its light beam revolved as if scanning the surroundings. It then floated downward very gently and landed on the mesa 45m from Evita, and the noises ceased. A hatch opened in the side, and inside several figures moved around, bathed in a reddish glow. They were about .7m tall with large round eyes and small openings for noses. No mouths or lips were visible. The beings wore tight fitting hats and one piece clothes. Carrying some instruments, they ventured a few steps from the craft. They made observations and took soil samples before returning to their craft after about 30 minutes. The object began to make sizzling noises again, louder than before and it rose up a couple of hundred metres or so before heading North West at great speed. It left traces in the form of two parallel lines and three holes, two on one and one on the other side of the lines, as well as black scorch marks. A few days later a group of “investigators” arrived. asked questions and destroyed the traces. Several other people in the town also saw the object descending. 
  • Richard Heiden and Phillips 1975 p 80 case 664 both citing Emile C Schurmacher in Saga UFO Special IV p34)

December 31 1971, 2130hrs.
Edith Carr observed a bright luminous, apparently metallic, sphere hovering a metre or so above the ground near trees at the bottom of her garden. The thing revolved, revealing a periodic yellow light, followed by a golden tail. After about 30 minutes it rose another metre or so. Edith then went back into the house, where she observed it till 2300hrs, gaining height. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p283.
  • Evaluation: Astronomical object low on the horizon.