Summer 1970. Evening.
A farmer working on his tractor heard a roaring and saw a disc shaped object rising up from the hill where he was working. The thing disappeared over the next hill. The man went to the site and found a circular mark on the ground, which he reported to the police. He was later visited by officials who warned him not to discuss the matter. When this man’s cousin discussed the matter at a UFO meeting, his wife in turn was threatened by two smartly dressed men.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p154 citing Brian North
  • Evaluation: Appears to be just an urban rumour, incident happened to a cousin of a workmate (the second man threatened)

1970 (approx year) Night.
A group of people were returning home by car after a later party on a Midland property, possibly in the Oatlands area, when they were followed by a disc shaped object, which extended a ladder below it. A man like figure was seen.
  • Basterfield 1980 p41 case 39 +Basterfield 1981 p92 citing TUFOIC citing hearsay from a Midlands policeman.
  • Evaluation Little more than a rumour

1970 (approx. year) Night.
Diana Deans (10) and a friend were on a sleep over in her sitting room when both girls were awoken at the same time. Diane looked out of the window to see, in the moonlight, a dark shape like a person in a cape and hood gliding towards the house. They went into the kitchen for a better look. When it got close both girls saw that there was nothing under the hood. The girls went back into the living room and hid under the blankets. When they looked again the thing had gone. 
  • Citro 1997 citing Mark Chorvinsky.

An object landed and left traces. There were numerous witnesses 
  • Phillips 1975 p69, case 425 citing an unspecified issue of FSR.

1970 .
A strange humanoid being materialised before an off duty police officer and asked odd questions about why there were wars, etc. 
  • Donovan 2009 p153

1970. Early hours.
9 year old Merita got up to go to the bathroom, when, as she reached for the light switch, her arm became paralysed and on the other side of the open doorway, she saw five or six small beings in the doorway of her eldest sister’s bedroom. The beings were about 60cm tall, with their bodies down to their upper legs covered by a sort of bright green aura. Their heads were elongated and pear shaped, with pointed close cropped ears, black teardrop shaped eyes, short turned up noses and toothless mouths. Their bodies were short and fat, with disproportionately long arms and legs, ending in long fingers and feet. They walked in a shuffly bouncy movement, and appeared to be wearing close fitting suits. The figures seemed to see the little girl and began to laugh and point at her like they were naughty children. After about 10 minutes she cried out. Her father came into the room and switched on the light, at which the beings just 
vanished and her arm was released. The figure of a boy in white and vague odd shadows were also seen in the house and noises like footsteps heard. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p162 citing investigation by Leslie Harris.
  • Evaluation: Hypnopompic hallucination with partial asp?

1970. 0300hrs.
Two men camping saw a light moving around and shone a spotlight on it. It came to rest 200m away about 13m above the ground. One of the men approached to within 30m and saw it as an object 20m wide, 8m deep, with windows through which a humanlike silhouette could be seen looking out. The man went back to his companion. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p171 citing UFO Research Far North Queensland files.

1970. Early morning.
A young fire warden in his lookout tower saw a hairy humanoid coming up the approach road to the tower. The creature then turned off the road and into the trees. 
  • Byrne 1975 p56.

1970 Morning.
A taxi driving along the A5 south of Dunstable, near the Packhorse Inn, saw a white figure, 1.8m tall, walk in front of his vehicle. He braked but the taxi drove straight through the figure. When he got out to offer assistance there was no-one there. 
  • Broughall and Adams 2010 p49
  • Green 1973 p22.

A group of people fishing had several encounters with hairy humanoids, one of which moved around their campsite, throwing rocks and gesturing, 
  • Prince-Hughes 1997, p44 citing Bigfoot Bulletin 20, p1

1970. Day
Mrs Hatch was diving with her 10 year old son from their home in Bristol and her place of work in Kingsport, when halfway there, they encountered a white object, which followed the telephone wires. It was of a fat oval shape, which spun as it approached the car and flew around it in circles until the Hatchs reached the town. As it left they could see a red ring on its inner edge. 
  • George Fawcett in Saucers, Space and Science 63 p8.

A farmer, from the safety of his farmhouse, saw a 3m tall hairy biped taking apples from a tree in his orchard. He was too frightened to investigate. 
  • Gilroy 1995 p212.

Two fishermen saw a hairy humanoid swim across one of the small lakes near Priest Lake, then get out of the water, shake the water from its arms and disappear into the lakeside grass. 
  • Byrne 1975 p57.

1970. Evening.
During the whole year this hamlet 5km northwest of Aracena was frequented by mysterious balls of light, and a couple of landings were reported. One evening shortly after dark a motorcyclist was driving on a mountain road towards this place, when a light appeared to the left, sitting on the mountainside. It immediately crossed the highway, as if by a giant leap, lighting up the countryside like day. The witness thought he had braked his bike, but when the light changed position and flew away, the bike suddenly started up again with no action on the driver’s part. 
  • Ballester 1976 p27 case121 citing investigation by Manuel Osuna et al + LDLN 133 p8.

Ms Dina Nardo saw the figure of a man in a black cloak and black fedora style hat in the boiler room of the Tiffin theatre. She thought it was a man spying on the women’s toilet, but when it moved away sideways she saw that it had no legs. She saw the same thing in 1974. 
  • Bielski 2000, p280.

1970. Evening.
A woman taking her dog for a walk on the beach saw a large grey “hat shaped” object, which appeared only a metre or two above her. It tilted to reveal small windows. The witness bent down to check on her dog and when she looked up the thing was streaking away across the Mersey. 
  • NUFON News 168 p12 citing Margaret Fry.`

1970. Night.
Miss L B was awoken with a sensation of being “dragged out of sleep”. She was paralysed and unable to open her eyes, but had the feeling that beings in the room were telling her to prepare for someone. She then found herself turned onto her back by a force. She opened her eyes to see a figure with long thin hands and intense eyes, like lights, which seemed to hold her attention. The figure was very short as she was looking directly at it. After about an jour it just vanished. There appeared to be other beings talking. 
  • Rogo and Druffel 1980 154 + Rogo 1980 p210 both citing Ann Druffel.

1970. Night.
Two security guards on duty at Nottingham Castle when they saw a luminous white sphere, the size of a soccer ball come from the wall of a gallery, arc towards them at ceiling height. The thing then turned into a bluish smoky cylinder and then vanished. During the observation the air seemed full of electricity and static crackled. One of the men felt as though his tongue had received an electric shock and he never fully got back sensation in it. 
  • Linahan 1997 p68.

1970. Night.
William Fordham and his girlfriend were walking north from Banbury while hitchhiking to see a football match. In the darkness they encountered a figure with its arms draped around a telegraph pole. It appeared “unnatural” and when an approaching lorry lit it up with its headlights, they saw it was tall, dark grey and had no facial features. The couple hitched a ride on the lorry. 
  • Shuttlewood 1976 p13 citing letter from Fordham.

1970. Night.
Debbie Gamble-Arsenault (16) was at a church camp and several other girls went out to the wash-room and saw something like burning sail boat out to see. Figures seemed to be running about on it. 
  • Watson 1988 p37.

1970. Night.
Miss Harrison, the student daughter of the licensees of the Blue Bell Inn was getting ready for bed when she noticed her dog staring at something. Looking round she saw a sort of blue shape. She dived under the bedclothes. Her parents thought they heard someone walking about at this time. 
  • Green 1980 p72.

1970. Late night.
Two sailors in a car collided with a figure they thought was dressed like a Roman centurion. They stopped and saw a misty figure moving off. 
  • King 2009 p35.

1970. Late night.
Kathy Swithenbank had driven about 100m past the Heatherton Grange Hotel when she saw a man in along raincoat standing in the middle of the road, apparently pointing a torch towards the ground. Kathy was forced the swerve to avoid the man, but when she looked back he was nowhere to be seen. 
  • Legg et al 1974 p122 + Goss 1984 p83 both citing Western Morning News 5 August 1970.

1970. 2355hrs.
Three teenagers, Tien Li, Zhao Yuhu and Liu Guoling, were returning from a nearby village along a poor, dark road when the surroundings were illuminated by a red elliptical object, with a yellow halo, which rose from behind a nearby hill and passed low overhead. The boys threw stones at the thing but it was out of reach. The object then retreated behind the hill again. 
  • Dong and Stevens 1983 p63 citing letter from Tien Li)

Early 1970. 2230hrs.
A shift worker, dozing before his shift, woke up to see two identical white coloured beings, with inhuman eyes, looking at him through his living room window. He tried to get up but one of the beings pointed something like a gun at him and he felt paralysed. The being then lowered the devise and walked off, the man was now longer paralysed His wife. in the kitchen at the time, was unaware of what was going on. The next day he felt paralysed again. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p50 case 65 citing letter to APRO from the witness.
  • Rutkowski 1993 p74.
  • Evaluation: Hypnogogic hallucination and asp.

January 1970 (approx. date) 2300hrs.
Jose Garcia Arcal was going to Oliverares after visiting his girlfriend in Gerena, when he saw an object take off from a hillside, land a few metres away from him and take off again, flying away. It was an oval object, about the size of a small car, was intensely luminous and emitted a slight whistling sound. 
  • Ballester 1976 p27 case 123 citing investigation by Manuel Osuna.

January 1970.
Four young men, Clifford Heronemus, Robert Davis, Carl Martinez and David Chiaramonte, were paced in their car at 70kph by a 1.7m tall hairy biped. They shot at the creature and it fell down but then got up again. They could not see any blood. 
  • Clark and Coleman 1978 p111.

January 1970. 0400hrs.
A 28 year old professional driver, doing his military service at Camp “Alvarez de Sotomayer” was on guard duty when he observed a light at ground level 500m away. It was clearly defined, yellow with a greenish outline. Its altitude was estimated to be 10m and it was seen for three minutes, flying from east to west. 
  • Ballester 1976 p27 case 122 citing investigation by Jose Ruesga

January 1970. 2130hrs.
Ole Birkland was driving across the moor to Tronstad when he saw a brilliantly illuminated object come from over the rise to the side of the road. The thing stopped, charged direction and flew slowly in front of the car, so that Ole could see that it resembled a sort of inverted dish with seven spidery legs ending in knobs, from which issued flames like those of welding torches. The light from the thing lit up the surroundings and outshone the car’s headlights as it based Ole for 3km at 80-100m, before it went behind a hill to the west just before Greipstad. Another witness saw the light but not the object. The next day Arne and Gudny Asene, their three children and son-in-law were coming over the moor when they encountered an intense light, which they first thought came from another car. They then saw three cars parked up and follow suit, to see a cigar shaped object which projected beams down onto the road. This object paced them, on and off, for 13km back to Oylebo at about 200m, at one point projecting beams down onto the road. 
  • Richard Farrow in FSR Case Histories 4 p15 citing Vi Menn not dated citing UFO Norway.

January 1970. Night.
A motorist was forced to brake when a woman with black hair and a grey coat crossed in front of his car. The figure then vanished. 
  • Puttick 1994 p56 citing Herts and Beds Citizen ? January 1970.

January 1 1970, 0500hrs.
Doreen Kendall (51), a nurse at the geriatric ward of Cowichan District Hospital, went to open a window to cool a disturbed patient. As she opened the curtains she was struck by a brilliant light. It came from a large object hovering above the children’s ward at an angle to, and one storey above, her position and 20m away. It was circular with a silvery bowl shaped underside, around which was a circle of bright lights, like a necklace. The top was a transparent dome, lit from below from the inside. In this dome she could see two men, facing to her right, away from the hospital. Their heads were incased in some dark material, the one in front seemed the taller. Doreen felt strangely peaceful and wished she could talk to them. The craft then tilted and she could see that the beings looked over 1.8 tall, were well built, dressed in tight fitting suits of the same material as the covering on their heads. Her attention was also caught by the instrument panel, which seemed to take up half the dome. As considered calling out to her colleague, registered nurse Mrs Frieda Wilson (c55) , the man at the rear turned and looked at her. His face was covered by a dark soft material. He then touched his companion on the back, and this man pushed a lever back and forth and the object began to circle in an anti-clockwise direction. Doreen then called out to Frieda, who reached the widow to see the object, which was about 15m in diameter, moving slowly. She was unable to see any details because of the brilliant light and became alarmed. Hearing them call out, the other nurses on the floor, Mrs Clarkson and Mrs Appleby went to the window, but could only see a bright light receding in the distance. Doreen appeared strangely preoccupied and withdrawn for some time after the incident. A couple returning from a party also saw a light, low in the sky. 
  • John Magor in Canadian UFO Report 1,7 p3 citing own investigation.
  • FSR 16,3 p22 citing an undated issue of Cowichan Leader.
  • UFOlog 69 p4 + Saucers Space and Science 58 p10 both citing Victoria Times 5 January 1970.
  • Brian Cannon in Skylook 28.
  • Lorenzen 1976 p391 citing investigation by Brian James.
  • Bourret 1977 p71 citing investigation by Dr P. N. M. Edwards (very inaccurate but gives ages.
  • Magor 1977 p4.
  • Steiger 1977 p4.

January 7 1970, 1400hrs.
Highway foreman Bill Taylor was driving through the Cheakamus Canyon between Squamish and Pemberton when, rounding a bend, he saw, about 60m ahead on the road shoulder, a creature he first took to be a bear. The thing stumbled onto all fours but as Bill got within 25m of it, it stood up and turned towards him. Bill could now see that it was a 2.5m tall humanoid covered in red-brown hair with a sloping forehead that came up to a point and a flattened nose. It was carrying a fish in its right hand as it crossed the 12m wide road ahead in a handful of strides and clambered up a 3m tall bank. Its face seemed to show an expression of either fear or rage. 
  • Hunter and Dahinden 1975 p1.
  • Green 1973 p143 citing his own investigation.

January 7 1970, 1645hrs.
Forester Aarno Heinonen )36) and farmer Esko Viljo (38), keen amateur athletes out skiing, had halted in a small glade while descending a small hill, when after 5 minutes they heard a whirring sound. They looked up and saw a very strong light which approached from the north, made a vast curve and came to them from the south. It descended and halted, as the sound grew louder. This light was surrounded by a red-grey mist pulsating with light, and puffs of smoke were thrown from its top. When the cloud had got down to 15m, they could see, inside it, a flat bottomed, round metallic object about 3m in diameter, with three hemispheres on the underside and in the centre a tube about 25cm in diameter which extended for 20m. As the object descended further to within 3-4m of the ground, the sound grew even louder, and the cloud dispersed. The sound then stopped. A bright beam of light was suddenly emitted by the tube, which moved a couple of times to create a bright illuminated circle over the snow. This circle began to decrease in size and rose slowly upwards to create a small disc which vanished into the tube in a couple of seconds. Then then thick red-grey mist began to obscure everything again, and looking to the spot they saw another, identical, ring. 

Aarno felt as if someone had pulled him backwards, and in the middle of the light the two men saw a creature 90cm tall, with thin arms, legs and shoulders, a pale face, slit eyes and mouth, small ears and a prominent hooked nose. It wore a conical helmet, light overalls, with dark green boots which streached above the knees, white, elbow length gauntlets. In its hook life fingers it carried a black box from which came a pulsating yellow light, which it pointed towards Aarno. Another thick grey mist descended from the object, and large sparks came from the circle above the snow. They were multi-coloured and floated towards the witnesses, who did not feel them. After about 20 seconds they could neither each other or the creatures. The circle above the snow then descreased, the light beam floated upwards, then the mist seemed to be thrown apart and the spectacle had vanished. Both men suffered from physiological after effects. In Eska’s case this was redenning and swelling of the skin, loss of balances and headaches. Aarno suffered pain and numbness in the right side, joint pains, headaches, a month which he passed dark urine, feelings of cold, stomach pains and eye problems. A man visiting the site with the witnesses also developed a rash and eye problems. Doctors were unable to make any positive diagnosis. Aarno believed the figure he had seen was Eske and developed nightmares and paranoid delusions about this. 
  • Sven Olof Fredricjson and Bo Alqvist in FSR 16,4 p34 + FSR 16,5 p14 + FSR 16,6 p22.
  • Rehn 1974 p105 citing FIB Aktuellt 26.
  • Lorenzen 1976 p130.
  • Anders Liljegner in FSR 26,3 p15.
  • Kim Hansen in Evans and Spencer 1987a p75 citing his own investigation + FSR op cit + UFO Nyt 5 + GICOFF Information 4.

January 8 1970.
Mrs Sonni Rytinki was driving with her son Pertti to visit a neighbour when she looked round to if there were any cars coming down from the south as she turned the highway and saw, in the centre of the road, a huge pear shaped column of blinding light on, or just above, the ground and reaching to the telephone poles. Sonni turned around to find more witnesses, meanwhile the light column had moved to the edge of the forest by the roadside. Pertti also saw the column, which was 120-130m away. They were surprised back the lack of any visible detail, despite the daylight. The sighting lasted for more than 5 minutes. 
  • FSR Case Histories 2, p5 citing Matias Paatalo in Vimana 2 citing investigation by Atte Sarkela.
  • Evaluation: Aurora?

January 17 1970, 2330hrs.
Heavily pregnant Barbara Kent was watching late night TV while waiting for her police officer husband to return home when she heard an intrusive beeping from the TV. Before she could get up and investigate she passed out and recovered lying on her back in a cold dark space unable to move even her lips. The room was illuminated by a red light from an overhead source and in this dim light she saw shadowy figures around her, one warning the other that she was coming to. They placed something over her face and she next awoke on her bed, her feet cold and dirty. When she examined her belly there was a mark there. Five years after this further beeping from the TV caused her to remember that an alien face had appeared on the TV and that during the abduction she had been quizzed about her pregnancy. 
  • Dennett 2008 p150 citing Barbara Kent in Fate September 1994 p42.
  • Evaluation: Just an uninvestigated tale, told 24 years after the alleged event, in the abduction tale era.

January 24 1970, 1945hrs.
Leon Herbosch (30) was walking down Reserve Avenue when his attention was caught by a faintly luminous object on an empty site, about 20m to his left. Stopping, he saw an elliptical blob about 7-8m long, 1.5m thick, which suddenly turned a light green, phosphorescent colour. Leon approach, looking for a source of the light, but could not find any. This fact unnerved him, so that he stopped about 10m from it.  Over the next 30 seconds the mass became brighter and brighter, vibrated and inflated into a luminous golden bell shape, which enlarged itself to 5m in height, while its colour became paler and blinding. Its edges were sharp, but seemed to vibrate, and its interior seemed to be made of a multitude of swarming luminous particles. The object now lit up the whole landscape as far as trees 100m away and resembled a colossal flashlight. The thing gave off neither sound nor odour. As Leon watched in terror, the bell deflated to its original shape and moved to the northeast, following the contours of the ground until it was hidden behind a fence. When Leon got back to the house of the relatives he was staying with, he was so shaken that they thought there had been an accident. 
  • BUFORA Journal 6,5 p7 citing Patrick Ferryn and Paul Labar in Infospace 2, p32 citing their own investigation.
  • Magor 1983 p46 citing above.

January 28 1970, 0140hrs.
Labourer, Betu Sakrola saw a bright ball of light stationary on the mountain top. It just sparkled for a while and then it emitted four small balls of light that vanished as they descended to the ground. The last one, however, made a loop somewhat father away and then returned to the main ball, which grew dimmed and smaller, before rising into a black cloud in the east. It was also seen by his brother Valdo. 
  • FSR Case Histories 2, p6 citing Matias Paatalo in Vimana 2.

January 29 1970. Early hours.
Tom Myers (38) had parked in a rest area near Wilton Junction en route home to Dallas from Chicago, for a few hours sleep. He awoke to see a bearded man dressed in a robe and cowl staring into the car. Tom felt inhibited from taking out his pistol and after some moments and figure walked away and then vanished on the spot. 
  • Norman 1970 p81.

January 29 1970. Night.
James K Pendarvis (26) was driving a fruit truck on Highway 44, near Cassia, with his brother Glenn (15) when they saw, 60m away, an object hovering above the treetops at an altitude of about 25m. The thing was 12m long, 3.5m high, with a dome on top, and made an intense whirring sound that could be heard above the noise of their diesel engine. As they got closer, they saw that the object had horizontal doors, with brilliant flashes of blue light, which closed as they approached closer still. At the closest distance of 45m, they saw a brilliant light on top, an orange light on the bottom and a red light on each end of the object, which appeared like one saucer inverted over another. The object left at 45 degree angle. The next evening James and his wife Sue were driving on Hw 41 near Paisley (Fla) when they were paced for about 15km by a domed object. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 70 p5.
  • Fawcett 1975 p15.

February 1970, 0130hrs.
Mrs Leone (or Leona) Neilson and two other ladies were staying at their winter cabin. Her two companions went to sleep, but Leone could not. Suddenly her bedroom, which faced the river, was lit by a brilliant light like car headlights. Going outside, she noticed a long object with a dome and encircling platform, about 15m diameter, resting in an area of cleared timber in the lower field. Huge sparks, as if from some welding machine, were visible. Leone was joined by one of her friends, and they both watched for 30 minutes. They saw two men, about 1.7m tall, wearing what looked like snow shoes, running around the platform, which was 1.8 m wide. Their heads were uncovered and they moved in a human fashion. 
  • Steiger 1978 p71 citing Ted Bloecher in Skylook July 1975.
  • Canadian UFO Report 3,4 p16 citing a letter from Mrs Neilson in Canadian UFO Report 3,1.

February 1970.
A midwife reported that one her heavily pregnant patients was missing. The woman was found two days later near the foot of a mountain, too far away to have travelled on foot. The foetus was missing and the woman claimed she had been taken up into the clouds by small beings in “flying tin houses” who took her baby. 
  • Charles Silva in UFO Library December 1992/January 1993 p27.

February 1970. 0645hrs.
Housewife Patricia Long and her 14 year old daughter saw through their window, , an object resembling two saucers rim to rim, with a spinning central zone, at ground level behind a row of trees. After 2-3 minutes the thing rose into the sky and had left the area by 0710. 
  • George Fawcett in Saucers, Space and Science 63 p8.

February 1970. 2300hrs
Mrs Ambrose saw a luminous white sphere a metre or so from the floor of her home, Elvey Farm. It moved across the bedroom and disappeared up the chimney. The next month she the figure of a young man lying on her bed, through a mirror. When she turned round no-one was there. Poltergeist effects were also reported. 
  • Green 1973 p166.

February 2 1970, 0625hrs.
Mrs J Hayward, a middle aged housewife rose early to awaken her son and daughter-in-law on this cold, dry moonless morning when, through her bedroom window, she saw a tiny point of light, which seemed to expand and fill the area of the window. The thing had sparkling lights, like the cuts on a diamond. As the object approached, there was a buzzing sound that increased in volume. This was also heard by her invalid husband, who was unable to see the thing from his bed. As he raised himself up the object receded behind a cloud, going back to its point source size. This cloud appeared to be illuminated by a silvery light, which was also seen by Mr Hayward. 
  • FSR Case Histories 1, p14 + BUFORA Research Bulletin 3, 4 p8 + UFOlog 68, p1 all citing investigation by Alan K Crowe and Malcolm N Drew.
  • FSR 16,5 p31 citing letter from Mrs Hayward in (BirminghamSunday Mercury 15 February 1970.

February 6 1970, 0740hrs.
Two boys, Roy W Allingham (15) and a companion, saw a red-yellow-white oval object hovering behind some bare trees, about 500m away, above Hollow Ponds to the south west. It appeared to be larger than a pea held at arm’s length. 
  • Michael J Matson in FSR Case Histories 1, p16.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p141.
  • Evaluation: Astronomical low on horizon?

February 10 1970, 2030hrs.
Miss Laurie W (15) was standing on the corner of Ottawa and Mt Diable when she spotted a flash of light in the north east sky. She then saw an object 7.5m diameter, with red and blue lights, hovering about 15m above the electrical transmitters at Coyote Point. 

  • Data Net IV,3 p14 citing an undated issue of San Francisco Examiner.
  • Saucer Magazine 6,2 p4.

February 14 1970, 2350hrs.
Provincial police officer Ricardo Hector Radice (25) was driving between Chapalco and Medanos when at the site of the salt excavations he was surprised by an unusual light. At one side of the road he saw he saw bright object that suddenly lit up. The thing resembled an inverted cone, with rays of brilliant light shooting from the upper part. The rest of the mass seemed to be lit by an opaque light. The object was suspended not far above the ground, some 400-500m away. Ricardo drove cautiously towards the thing, becoming almost blinded by the intense light. After about a minute this light seemed to switch off and the object changed its position, became more tenuous and then shot away at great speed towards the North West and disappeared. 
  • FSR 16,5 p32 citing La Nacion 16 February 1970.

February 19 1970, 2245hrs.
An unusual object was observed at low level. No further details 
  • Table of 1970 landings in Data Net V, 5 p.iv.

Late February, 1970. About 1330hrs.
A second grader schoolboy was returning to school after having his lunch at home, when he encountered a small being near a clump of trees in a field. The creature was the same size as the boy (1.2m) and was standing near a round object. The creature appeared to have a green tone to its flesh, with oversize bare feet, and a disproportionally small head, and spoke to the boy in an incomprehensible jabber. It then drew a sort of gun from its belt, from which it squirted a ball of some sort of substance into its palm, then squashedn it into a sort of putty which it handed to the boy. The lad became frightened and ran off; when he looked back the object and being had gone. The boy told the story to a schoolteacher he met at the gate, and showed him the “putty”, which was yellow, flecked with green, and was about 30mm thick. When he tried to show it to his form teacher, it could not be found. The story is only known by hearsay. 
  • John Magor in Canadian UFO Report 1,7 p14 citing communication from the anonymous first teacher.
  • Magor 1977 p193.

February 20 1970, 1910hrs.
Mechanic W T Wilkes was driving towards De Leon Springs on Hw 17, north of Deland, when two large red object flew in front of his car about 6m away and close to the ground in a straight line formation,. Another motorist, driving south, also saw the objects at treetop eight. 

  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 72 p16.

February 22 1970, 1745hrs.
An aircraft crew observed a bright white light on the ground about 120k south south west of Alice Springs. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p172 citing RAAF Annual Summary 1970.
  • Evaluation: The RAAF concluded that this was a natural gas burn off at Palm Valley.

February 24 1970. Night.
Michael Cooke was walking past his house when he saw a white face with white eyes with green centres, staring out of one of the windows. Odd things had happened in the house in the previous two weeks. 
  • Bord 1989 p82 citing INFO Journal 2,3 p`6 citing Sydney Morning Herald 25 February 1970.

February 25 1970.
Gary Ellis saw a lighted object hovering over the High School, near the ground. By the time he had called his mother the object had taken off and was drifting towards the house. Mrs Ellis could see large white light sources resembling floodlights. They heard a high pitched hum before the thing left and Jim Ellis went round the corner to follow it and saw it suddenly disappear at tremendous speed. 
  • Data Net IV, 5 p9 citing an undated issue of Milwaukee Review.

Spring 1970. Night.
A woman student had been in the car with her boyfriend when a group of objects passed low overhead interrupting their lovemaking. About 2 hours after she got home she was falling asleep in bed when she felt something pulling at her bedclothes and tugging at her leg. Looking up she saw a hairy creature “looking at her lustfully”. She prayed and it disappeared in a flash of light. 
  • Brad Steiger in Machlin 1979 p261.

Spring 1970.
An anonymous man reported that he had seen a silver saucer shaped object, surmounted by a turret, 6m diameter, rising into the air over the Yadkin River. He took a photograph. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 77, p4 citing an undated issue of Winston-Salem Journal.
  • Evaluation: The photograph is not reproduced in Flying Saucers. Probable hoax.

March 1970.
A forestry worker was out driving when he saw a flash in the sky and his car radio became filled with static. He saw a silent green object, three times the angular diameter of the full moon some 200m behind his car. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p92 + 1997 p172 citing TUFOIC files.

March 13 1970,  2305hrs.
A man and his girlfriend were sitting in their car, eating a snack, when the girl opened the misted window and saw an object circling round the top of a tree for ten seconds in a clockwise direction. It was yellow, starlike, with spiky edges and appeared to be gaseous. After it circled the thing moved to the left of the tree, descending in steps until it was close to the ground 30m from the tree. At this point the light went out, as if it had been switched off, but within a second or so a second light appeared where the first one had been. It was behind the tree and after it had completed half a revolution it had moved away in the same direction as the first, but at an angle, until it reached the spot where the first light had disappeared, where it disappeared in the same way. Both light were first seen some 25m from the ground and moved at about 13kph. After neither object reappeared, after a few minutes the couple left the area. 
  • UFOlog 69 p2 citing BUFORA.

March 20 1970.
Leslie Riddell (23) a restaurant owner on 23rd street, heard an unusual sound like running machinery, as he was dressing for work. Descending down the outer staircase of his second floor apartment about 20 minutes later, he heard the sound even louder. Turning round he saw a huge dark grey flat topped cone, twice as wide at the top as it was high, hovering over an open field 30m away. The thing was at 3 degrees elevation (an estimate altitude of 15-30m). The object was estimated to be 23m across the top, 17m across the bottom and 11m high. There were no markings or openings visible. After 10 minutes, during which time Leslie stood transfixed, the pulsating sound became steady and at the same moment the object tilted to the left and then shot away to the right faster than his eyes could follow. 
  • Skylook 31 citing A E Candusso in an unspecified issue of FSIC Bulletin.

March 21 1970, 2115hrs.
Four people (John Dunscombe, Maureen Butler, Veronica Cadby and Jim Wellings) were driving their car at 35kph down the lane between Salisbury Road and Starr Hill when, through the broken hedgerow to the right, 350m away, they saw what looked like a house all lit up, The thing then began to move to the left, at an angle, towards them, horizontally, smoothly, noiselessly and accelerating all the time. As the thing came closer, they saw that it was a black shape, about the size of a house with windows from which streamed a bright light, like an oxy-acetylene torch. The object crossed their path at about 160kph, some 200m away, passed just behind the railway bridge. By the time the party reached this spot, the object was nowhere to be seen, though the view was clear. The object had been hovering 10m above the field but had crossed the road \at no more than 2m above the slightly elevated road. 
  • BUFORA Journal 3,1 p7 direct from the witnesses.
  • Shuttlewood 1971 p47 citing Maureen Butler.

March 22 1970, 0200hrs.
A newspaper correspondent looked across the street and saw an object resembling a huge moon just above the roof of the house across the street. The thing had a glowing red light and faded out once but then reappeared. It was observed for 15 minutes. 
  • Data Net IV,6 p9 citing an unspecified issue of Phillips Bee citing the witness, their Prentice correspondent.

March 22 1970,  2000hrs.
Lavern Duehr (30), factory worker and part time farmer, was driving with his wife Mary (28) and three children, on a road along a high ridge, when they saw a large white light rise up from a field 3km below them. The thing reached a height of several hundred metres and went directly over them. The light went out and then reappeared a few minutes later, further south and higher. 
  • Data Net IV,6 p9 citing an undated issue of Des Moins Register.
  • Skylook 30 citing Capper’s Weekly 31 March 1970.

March 27 1970, 0700hrs.
People rising early on Sevilla Street saw a red object, resembling an inflated plastic bag 2m long, 1m wide, hanging from the branch of an oak tree 300m outside town, bobbing about. It was seen by several people, including Manuel Orillon Gonzalez and his wife Adelaida Garcia Perez, but all thought that it was nothing more than a balloon caught in the branches. Finally about 1620 some village children approached for a better look. When they got to within 100m of the object, it took off towards the west at 45 degrees and at a speed twice that of a jet. There was no sound or exhaust, though the object did turn dark in flight. At the time the thing flew off there was a light NW-SE breeze. There were no traces. 
  • Ballester 1976 p28 case 124 citing investigation by Manuel Osuna + LDLN 125 p16.
  • Evaluation: Balloon, plus childish exaggeration

Spring 1970. 1140hrs.
A young man walking home from a fishing trip along railroad tracks, when a 1.2m tall creature jumped onto the tracks about 10m ahead. The thing had a fat body covered in fur, a face like that of a bat, thin hairless arms ending in clawed hands and stood upright. When the thing saw the youth it fled at terrific speed to a nearby cemetery. 
  • Newton 2010 p102 citing Bart Nunnelly.

April 1970. 0130hrs.
A 32 year old attorney was driving home from Madison, when he observed a light hovering low over the highway, ahead to the right. He thought that it was a helicopter. As he drove under it, his radio developed static, the car seemed to heat up, and he developed a headache. These problems cleared after he stopped for a few minutes. As he continued on his journey, he turned off his normal route and went up a deserted back road. There, on the crest of a hill, he encountered, on the ground, a disk shaped object with a row of flickering lights. He stopped 4.5m from the object, which began to glow blue green, and as he tried to drive away, the car engine, lights and radio all failed. He then saw some shadowy figures approach and blacked out. When he came to he had a small weald on the back of his neck. He developed anxiety attacks and other psychological problems which led him to seek hypnotic regression. Under regression he told of being taken from his car by two humanoids that touched him on the neck with an implement which seemed to tranquillise him. There were three other occupants in the road. One, who was 1.65m tall, seemed to communicate with him with the aid of a sort of box. The object was 30-38m diameter, resting on three telescopic tripods. On the rear was a sort of antenna. He was taken on board the object into a cold, metallic, domed room, where he was told to stand in front of a sort of X ray screen. The beings were 1.5-1.65m tall, with flattened features, slightly slanted, slit like eyes and a slit like mouth, and wore one piece suits with boots and gloves. The “leader” gave a pseudo-scientific account of an alleged propulsion system, and a homily on time. A cone shaped object was placed on his head. 
  • W Smith 1976 p115.
  • Evaluation: Hoax by Wilbur Smith?

April 1970. 0200hrs.
Albert Robbins, the store manager at Raba Raba was travelling to cape Vogel by coastal motor vessel when, just out of Raba Raba, a brilliantly lit object rose a quarter of the way out of the water. The thing seemed huge even though three quarters of it was still submerged. It appeared to be cigar shaped, 25m long, perhaps 6m diameter, with pointed ends and flattened top. It was dazzling self-luminous and hurt Albert’s eyes to watch it. No external features were visible. The thing paced the boat for about 4 minutes at the same speed (7 knots). Albert had his 5 crewmen were all terrified but the object resisted evasive action, keeping a steady 6m away. After circling twice they seemed to shake the thing off and it descended into the depths again until its light was gone. They immediately turned back and did not set out again until after daylight. There were suggests that the thing had been seen in the area before. 
  • Rev Norman Cruttwell in FSR 18,3 p17 + A.F.S.R. ns3 p2 citing his own investigation.

April 1 1970.  March.
A motorist pulled over after his car engine began misfiring. He then saw a hat shaped object at low altitude. He took a photograph of the object before it took off. After the thing had left his car worked perfectly. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p48 citing CONTACT UK.
  • Evaluation: April fool hoax?

April 1 1970,   2050hrs.
At an unspecified location on the A3 a motorist saw a triangular object, while his radio was filled with heavy static. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p49 citing CONTACT UK.
  • Evaluation: As above

April 9 1970, 1100hrs.
Skipper Bob Manton of the freighter “Asburton” and many other people saw an aluminium coloured object with a white tail, apparently touching the ground. A fire was seen. 
  • Phillips 1975 p70 case 428.

April 9 1970, 1600hrs.
Retired electrician Max Krauss (65) was just leaving Aufhofen, walking on the country road to his house in Langenschemmern, on this windy overcast afternoon when he heard two muffled bangs. Looking round a couple of minutes later he saw something like a twig being blown along. However when this carried on against the cross wind and overtook him he could then see that it was a transparent ball, 40cm wide, with spokes in it. These eight spokes came from a dark, hazy central nucleus, their tapering tops touching the transparent non-reflective surface of the globe. In the centre of this nucleolus was a sort of prism. The thing was rolling anti-clockwise, but floating a few centimetres above the ground. After it had gone about 150m it turned and stopped over a small stream. From its centre something like a hosepipe with a “U” bend descended and began wriggling about and seemed to descend into the water for a while, as the centre of the ball became milky. The outer part of the sphere now developed a bluish tinge. The centre now appeared to be 16cm diameter, the milky zone 20cm and the bluish outer shell, 40cm. The pipe was then withdrawn and the object recommenced its rotation, glided across the road into a field where it vanished straight up faster than the eye could follow. The birds seemed to fly away before the object appeared. 
  • Hubert Malthaner in FSR 18,4 p15 citing his own investigation.
  • Evaluation The location of these places is unclear. Google locates Aufhofen in Bavaria but Langenschemmern in Baden Wuttemburg.

April 15 1970.
Kalle Tilhonen (39) and his small son heard a buzzing sound outside the window of their cabin. The little boy saw an object through the widow. Kalle, in the kitchen, suddenly felt as though he was being watched, and turned round to a see a figure 1.2m tall, though the door was still shut. The being wore a helmet and shimmering clothing and had big “quite horrible” eyes. It seemed to communicate with Kalle, though through speech or telepathy he couldn’t be sure. This “conversation” was about the chances of Apollo 13 coming safely back to earth, and the being’s home in the cosmos. The being then seemed to walk through the wall and closed door. Kalle felt in a strange mood and was unable to sleep for three days. 
  • Rehn 1974 p135 citing A Karivieri.

April 20 1970, 2230hrs.
10km from Mulhouse, Suzanne Meyer (26), Claude Blumer (22) and Mr Hirycruk saw for 20 minutes a red, round object above the ground, It disappeared into a long cloud. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Phen Spax 24 p30.

April 21 1970, 2100hrs.
Two women who wished to remain anonymous had just exited from Hw 55 at the Burdette Interchange when they saw an extremely bright light hovering about 20m over a field. Pulling over, one of the women lowered her window for a better look. The object began to descend, hovered and then began to rotate, exposing two very bright white lights, with two small blue ones between them, on a rotating part. Smaller white lights outlined the shape of a saucer surmounted by a pole with a small yellow light on top. There was no sound. After about 3 minutes the thing made a whistling sound and moved off towards Blytheville at terrific speed. 
  • Data Net IV,6 p6 + Skylook 31 both citing an undated issue of Des Moines Register + Arkansas Gazette 28 April 1970.

April 27 1970, 2030hrs.
Mrs Aulthouse was looking out the window of her hillside home when she saw a brilliant red light, with beams all around it. It had an apparent diameter of 18cm at arm’s length, and was approaching at 17m altitude. It flew towards her, turned and flew away. Her husband joined her as the thing flew off. It then turned and came back towards them at high speed. The thing was only visible for a few seconds. 
  • Data Net IV,7 p6 citing an undated issue of Center Costa Times.

April 30 1970, 0430hrs.
Mrs H G Sutherland (69), a retired police matron and widow of a police officer, who was staying with her sister following a family bereavement, had got up to make a cup of tea when her attention was caught by an object descending slowly over a neighbour’s paddock, about 1.5km to the north-east. The thing was a flat oval, with a cylinder resembling a bottle rising from it and a bar descending. The cylinder and bar were orange, the oval pink. As the thing turned a brilliant light came into view, which unnerved the witness, who switched off the kitchen light. The object’s light lit up the surrounding vegetation and seemed to magnify it, so that it appeared much nearer than it should. As the object turned again to follow the bank of the Turanga creek, Mrs S saw that what she and thought was a bar was one of three diamond shaped projections, bisected by the oval. The whole object was surrounded by a soft green light, surrounding an inner pink colour. It was appeared to be 9m long and high and to be “fantastically beautiful” as it moved slowly away in a complex looping trajectory and was visible for 30 minutes. During this time Mrs S went to see if her sister was awake, but seeing that she was fast asleep decided not to disturb her. The object finally disappeared from view in a gully and did not reappear, although Mrs S kept vigil until 0530. 
  • Henk Hinflatter and Tony Brunt in Spaceview 61 citing their own investigation.

May 1970.  0300hrs.
A strange object landed. No further details. 
  • Table of 1970 landings in Data Net V,5 p.v.

May 1970. Early hours.
Brigit Thompson felt restless and had trouble going to sleep so decided to get up and make a cup of tea. As she did so she saw the figure of a woman in a long white dress, and with shoulder length black hair. The figure moved over to the pram where the baby was sleeping. After some moments Brigit roused her husband, but as she did so, the figure faded. The same thing happened the following night. The third night the family moved rooms, but her 9 year old stepdaughter saw the same figure bent over the now unoccupied pram. 
  • Moss 1977 p48.

May 1970, 0755hrs.
Robert M was driving from Banbridge to his work in Newry when, as he rounded a bend, he saw a youthful looking man dressed in a greatcoat, forage cap, military style boots and leggings. The man, wo was carrying what looked like a gas mask and kit bag appeared to be looking for something. Robert drove past, but when he looked back in his rear view mirror, about 50m further on the figure had vanished. Robert doubled back but no trace of the man could be found. 
  • St Clair 2001 p65.

May 1970.
Two taxi drivers on separate occasions than a figure like a man in cricket clothes step out from shadows in the road ahead, and then vanish. 
  • Puttick 1994 p56 citing Luton Evening Post, undated May 1970.

May 1970.
Workmen converting The Old Castle Inn into a bank saw a figure wearing a long striped apron that appeared and disappeared. 
  • Adams 2015 p46.

May 1970
While driving near Denbigh Fred Sheriff and his wife, of Stanney Grange, saw and photographed a white cigar shaped object, with a sort of seam in the centre. It was right over the car when they took the photograph. As they drove the hilly road they lost sight of the object from time to time. 
  • Data Net IV,12 p11 citing an undated issue of Ellesmere Port News.
  • Evaluation: Probable hoax

May 2 1970. Night.
An object in the shape of a bottle on top of a box made out of strange metal, resting on four legs, made a violent explosion and then landed. Local people were terrified
  • Data Net IV,8 p7 citing an undated issue of El Comercio (Lima)
  • Evaluation: Place name cannot by found in Google, possibly El Chinito, Zulia. According to the source the authorities believed it might have been a home made rocket.

May 4 1970, 0735hrs.
Aeronautics graduate, Jose Manuel Gilabert (22) was travelling to the train from Barcelona to Seville, when he saw though the window, something he first throught was a reflection in the glass, but then realised was a real object something like 8km away. It resembled a ring, which reflected the sunlight, giving off a metallic white colour. In the thing’s centre was a tall, pyramidal tower, which appeared to be emerging from a shadow or vacant place. Jose, based on local houses, estimated the thing was 10m diameter and that the tower was 3m high. The object flew over the tops of the pine trees before landing, and was still on the ground when it went out of sight behind some houses. The observation lasted 3 minutes. 
  • Ballester 1976 p28 case 125 citing investigation by J Vera.
  • Evaluation: I cannot find this place name on Google. Ballester states it was in the province of Albacete, hence in the AC of Castille-La Mancha.

May 11 1970, 0300hrs.
Lights were seen during a thunderstorm and two divers were reported to have seen a strange object land in a field where burns and circles were found over an area of 5,000 sq.m. 
  • Ballester 1976 p28 case 126 citing investigations by Juan Salas and Manuel Osuna+ Stendek 2 p6 + 3 p29 + ABC 16-28 May 1970.
  • Evaluation: Lightning strikes

May 12 1970. Evening.
A car with three passengers was pursued by an intense light and had to stop abruptly to avoid colliding with it. The light then just went out. The director of Mulembra observatory and one of his staff saw an intensely brilliant object that hovered. 
  • Data Net 4,8 p8 citing Wallisper Bote.

May 12 1970, 2250hrs.
Brian French, a UFO buff, was in his back garden when he saw a white light moving slowly along the treetops on Horsenden Hill, 1.5km away. At the same time, on the other side of the hill, Rosina Bishop and Michael Howard saw an object like a sombrero about 150-200m away. The couple then went to a point lower down the hill, where they saw a light circle the hill at high speed. They then drove down to the “Ballot Box” pub, where, from their car, they saw two white lights flash on the hill, followed by two huge red lights, which came down the hill towards them, and then moved away from the road. They had the impression that these lights were on some object hidden in the darkness. Unnerved, they backed up for about 100m but the object was then lost sight. They then went to Brian French’s flat where they were joined Ivar Mackay, the then chairman of BUFORA. The four of them returned to the spot where they had a somewhat surrealistic conversation with two police officers. No traces were found. 
  • COSMOS 1,12 p2 citing investigation by Ivar Mackay.

May 15 1970, 1030hrs.
Four strange small people, a man, woman and two children booked into suburban motel. The people were so short they barely reached the desk, were expensively dressed but seemed to have problems with basic communication. Their mouths were very small and their eyes were large, dark and slanted. They seemed to eat by sucking in small morsels of food. They reacted against the lights in their room. They were not there the next day, though they were not seen leaving through the only entrance. 
  • Clark 2000 p16 citing John Schroeder in The UFO Enigma 7 p36 citing his own investigation.

May 15 1970, 2330hrs.
A strange object was observed at ground level. No further details. 
  • Table of 1970 landings in Data Net V,5 p.v.

May 24 1970. Early hours.
Stephen J Hall and friends were skywatching on Cradle Hill. Stephen was told that a UFO had landed on the hill, so went to investigate, along with 3-4 others. As they approached a copse of trees, Stephen heard a rustling sound and a metallic clang. The noise stopped and then resumed as they went down the hill. Looking back, Stephen saw a being about 1m tall, but bent over like a monkey. The thing lurched over stile and into the path behind, where it was lost in the mist. Stephen later found scratches on a nearby barn. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p149 citing their own investigation + Ken Rogers.

May 28 1970.
A driver for a food firm and another driver saw an object about the size of a headlight 10m above the ground. Sparks were trailing from it. The second driver followed it in his truck and when he reached the parking lot of the Voyagour restaurant, the thing came towards him, got larger than then went out. Another person at Scarborough Bluffs saw a light in the sky in the same direction. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 61 p15 citing Bob Bagley.

June 1970. Dawn.
Mountaineers Ron Bartlett and Frank Sinclair were preparing to leave their overnight camp when Frank saw large humanoid tracks in the snow. They both detected an odour and had a feeling of presence. As they descended through the scrub they saw a 2.6m tall hair biped ahead of them. It vanished into the dense scrub. 
  • Gilroy 1995 p208.

June 1970. 0045hrs.
A truck driver going between Coffs Harbour and Grafton saw a bright light on the ocean side of the highway in the area of Emerald Beach. The light appeared to come from a circular object that rose from behind timber 450m from the road. It rose for a few seconds, hovered for about 30 seconds at about 18m altitude. From the trees he estimated the thing was about 9m in diameter and what looked like flames were coming out of the bottom. The thing then slowly returned to the ground, becoming obscured by the trees, but light from it could be seen projected in various directions. The driver, frightened, drove away from the scene. At the site investigators found an six circles of stunted grass and fern; two about 9.1m in diameter, the others were one at 6.4m, 2 at 4.6m and I at 4.1m. There was also an area of burned and dead trees. Analysis showed there was little difference in the soil and the grass. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p171 citing Bill Chalker in COS Bulletin 9, p21.
  • Chalker 1996 p131 citing own investigation.
  • Bill Chalker in Evans and Spencer 1987a p190 citing own investigation.

June 1970. Night.
A person who did not want to give their name saw five small humanoids by the side of the road. They appeared to be luminous and to be surrounded by a luminous mist. 
  • Alain Gamard citing J Giraud.
  • Rosales citing LDLN 195 citing Project Becassine.

June 1970. Night.
Dale King was visiting his fiancĂ©e in Sharpsville when they both felt dizzy and light headed and decided to go his house in a rural area. Driving down the rural; road they encountered an area of blackness covering the road ahead. After some thought they drove on through this darkness, which seemed warm for the cool night, and their headlights didn’t even illuminate the road ahead. As they reached Dale’s home this darkness lifted. 
  • Don Worley in Dorbos 1976 p289 citing his own investigation.

June 4 1970, 0430hrs.
Mr C Tarnby, a Milkman, was driving on his Croydon Park round when he heard a modulated swishing sound. Stopping his vehicle, he noticed a blue light above. Getting out, he saw, over an engineering factory 30m away, at an altitude of 30m, a circular object, like plate, 25-30m in diameter, spinning very fast. His hair stood on end with fright. 
  • UFO Chronicle 7, p8 citing AFSRS Magazine June 1970,
  • Basterfield 1981 92 citing UFO Research (South Australia) files.

June 4 1970, 1430hrs.
A humanoid was seen and traces found. No further details 
  • Table of 1970 landings in Data Net V,5 p.v.

June 5 1970, 2130hrs.
A brilliant diffuse glow, about 10m diameter, was observed very low, projecting a beam on the ground, by Billy Rusher, Charles Mayberry and a newsman. 
  • UFO Commentary 1,2 p18.

June 7 1970, 0030hrs.
An object was observed at low altitude, an occupant was seen and traces were found. No further details.
  • Pablo Petrowitsch Table of Chilean landings.
  • Table of 1970 landings in Data Net V,5 p.v.

June 7 1970 (Approx. date) 2355hrs.
Earl Manning was driving with three boys when, rounding a sharp curve, they saw an triangular object of many colours, of which green predominated, rounded edges and two jets coming out of its back, come across the lake. The thing almost collided with their car before veering off, 20m away. It made a beeping sound. 
  • Salisbury 1974 table citing Joseph Hicks files.

June 16 1970, 0430hrs.
Vernon Durant, a contract cleaner, and his wife Wendy were at work at the isolated Wesfarmers building, while their children (6,5) were asleep the car. At 0430 the 5 year old girl was terrified by something but they were unable to get to the cause. About 30 minutes later the watchman, while driving in, caught in his headlights a dark object blocking the road and forcing him to swerve. He got out, thinking it was a large truck but then saw that it was a dull grey domed object, with a rim and a couple of windows. Terrified, he ran to join the Durant’s in the building. A few minutes later he said the thing was taking off. The party rushed outside to see that the darkness was lit like day with a brilliant electric blue pulsating light and a whirring sound like a flock of pigeons in flight filled the air. The Durants remembered they had such a sound when their little daughter was frightened.

The light came from a metallic looking object, about 3.5m diameter, 4m high, hovering above the junction. This light seemed to come from around rather than from within the strange object, which was moving on a flat trajectory, following the course of the road. The thing was rotating and travelling at 35kph and moved under the high tension wires, before moving off at rooftop height and then tilting and disappearing into the clouds. Moments later it reappeared and descended, as if to land. Vernon tried to find something to fight it off. It then backtracked on the same trajectory into the clouds. The Durants saw it until 0800, on and off, as a dark shape in the clouds. No traces were found at the site. The watchman refused to speak to the investigator 
  • Nancy Wilson in FSR Case Histories 7, p4 citing her own investigation.

June 24 1970, 2330hrs.
Witnesses Costa and Porterfield saw several strange objects at low level. No further details.
  • Data Net V,7 p13.

June 25 197, 2330hrs.
Mrs Joy Barish, the wife of a dentist, looked out of her living room window and saw an object descending vertically into a field, a block away. It was a large oval object with square sides and an unknown number of spherical appendages either attached to or very close to its surface. These spheres appeared to be casting a brilliant light and to be revolving. The main object was darkish, with the spheres throwing out red and white flashes, the whole assembly being surrounded by a yellowish corona. The thing was travelling very slowly and made no sound, Joy later thought she saw a flash of light shoot out of the field. 

  • COSMOS 2,1 p6 citing Paul Baraczyk.

June 26 1970, 0100hrs.
John L Jones (29) was driving in the vicinity of Henderson Boulevard and the Yelm Higheay when he saw four bright red spheres in a diamond shaped formation, floating down into a nearby field, leaving a trail of white smoke. 
  • Data Net IV, 8 p9 citing an undated issue of Daily Olympian.

June 27 1970, 1140hrs.
Aristeu Machado, his wife Maria Nazare, daughters Creuza (23), Consuelo (14), Rosemary (10), Margarida (8) and Catia (5) were on their veranda with their neighbour Joao Aguiar, an official of the Federal Police, when the latter saw what looked like a motor boat hitting the water. They wondered if there was an accident as they could see two figures waving their arms as if signalling for help. The figures appeared to be wearing shiny clothing, have something on their heads, and be small and thick set. They then set to work on the deck of the craft, which appeared to be greyish, metallic, 4-6m long and covered by a transparent cupola. Aguiar ran up to the March Hotel to telephone the rescue authorities, while the rest of the party continued to watch the craft which was about 500m-1km from the shore. The object was still there when Aguiar returned. After it had been under observation for about 40 minutes, it skimmed along the water for about 300m, creating a bow wave, then took off. They could now see it was a sort of disc, with a hexagonal shape on which there were a number of flashing lights, green, pale yellow and red in sequence, inset on the underside. The object now appeared transparent and Maria could see the two occupants in it. The object quickly went from sight. Left behind in the water was a sort of heap which sank then reappeared. There then separated from this heap, an oval yellow object 40cm diameter, half sticking up above the water, which began to move in toward the beach, a greenish flange separating and trailing 80cm behind. This object came to within 120m of the shore, then made a right angled turn against the current. Maria went down to the shore to get a better look, where she was joined by some boys who threw stones at it. The heap was seen to descend and reappear several times before being lost to view. About 20 minutes after the main object had gone, a fast motor launch arrived and hauled a heavy looking red object out of the water. 
  • FSR 17,3 p3 citing Walter Buhler in SBEDV Bulletin 74/9 own investigation.
  • Lorenzen 1976 p164 and Coral Lorenzen in APRO Bulletin August 1979 and Fate UK January 1972 p58 citing investigation by Irene Granchi (APRO reports give date as 21st)

June 28 1970 (Approx. date)
A bird watcher was hiking along the north bank of the Yadkin River between SH 801 and US681 whne he saw a sivlery saucer shaped object about 9m diameter, slowly rising,. He snapped a picture before the object took off at high speed. He became very nervous after the incident. Dish were later found dead I the river. 
  • Anonymous letter to the editor in Winston Salem Journal 1 July 1970.
  • Evaluation Probable hoax.

June 29 1970, 2130HRS.
Josephine Roell, her husband and two sons, were driving home to Apoka from Orlando when she saw a glowing green oval, with a smaller blue inner ring, 300m to their right and about 100m above the ground She called her husband’s attention to it and he saw the thing descending at 45 degrees,. They estimated that the ring was 6m in diameter, which ring appeared to be depressed into the object. It had a hazy edge and the underside was convex. Roell accelerated the car up to 145kph, as the object paced it for about 1.5km at about the height of the power lines. At times the object came down to within 10m of the car, and appeared to be twice the size of their Vista Cruiser station wagon. At the end of the journey, as they ran from their car to their house, the object made a swoop within 30m and moved off, leaving a trail 6m wide, which gave off a very pale green light and was thicker on the outside than the inside. Their dog di9d not react but Josephine’s mother’s dog, next door, before the family and the object arrived at the house. Josephine’s father also saw the mist. Josephine and one of her sons both suffered from extreme headaches for the rest of the night, and her baby was nauseous. 
  • UFOlog 79 p3 citing an unspecified issue of APRO Bulletin.
  • Lorenzen 1976, 48,
  • George Fawcett Flying Saucers 72 p18.