Mid Summer 1970. 0500hrs.
A group of young men were fishing on a group of islands in the Thames about 1.5km upstream from Reading. Two of them were getting into a boat to beginning early morning fishing, while the third slept. The two by the boat saw an object rise from trees on the other side of the river, hover and then move towards. It then suddenly disappeared, only to reappear 30m overhead. They saw that it was a flat bottom disc, surmounted by a dome. The thing appeared to be about 25m in diameter, with a row of holes along the lower edge, and a light or lights rotating behind them. There was a slight whooshing sound. The thing faded to a crescent, reappeared whole then faded completely away. The witnesses felt strangely calm and that they had undergone some profound experience. 
  • Randles 1983b p105 citing her own investigation.

July 24 1970, 2330hrs.
Emilio Z (15) was on his way home, 2.5km from the village, when he observed a silent, luminous object 500m away at the height of the bushes (about 3m). The thing was mushroom shaped with a white circular glow around it. The thing rose and went away at great speed. . At the site patches of plants had been carbonised in a strange manner and a shiny black coating was found on the limestone. 
  • Ballester 1976 p29 case 128 citing investigation by the Charles Fort Group + Stendek 5 p4 + LDLN 131 p4.

July 25 1970, 1730hrs.
Erienne G (16) , a baker’s helper, was looking for mushrooms when saw, about 15m away, through the high ferns, a metallic looking dome. Erienne moved closer, parting the ferns, to see better and was suddenly almost blinded by a strong yellow-orange light that seemed to come from two rectangular openings in the object, just below its dome. The intensity of the light seemed to separate the shiny dome from a barely visible darker, larger, lower section. Erienne felt frightened and paralysed but continued to try and watch the silent, stationary object, which was about 6m diameter, 3m high, with three antennae. As the object began to slowly ascend, the light beam turned slowly away from Erienne allowing him to see clearly and move once more. . From holes in the base of the object came four, short, sturdy looking supports, terminating in rectangular pads. When the object had reached a height of about 100m it seemed to suddenly jump vertically and disappear in a few seconds. Erienne ran back to the village but told no-one of his adventure. However, eight days later he returned to the site to find a rocky area where growth was damaged and four 40cm deep marks, 335mm by 525mm across with dark edges and flat bottoms in the dark clay soil. Plant material in the imprints had been pulverised. 
  • Phillips 1975 p71 case 829 citing 1972 MUFON Conference Proceedings citing LDLN August + October 1971.

July 25 1970, 2100hrs.
On his farm about 16km south of Sedalia and 5.5km west of RtU, Stanley Dillon heard his dogs barking and went outside to investigate In the distance he saw a blue-green light, near a ridge, about 800m to the east. The thing appeared to be stationary in the general area of a pond. After about a minute the light began to move towards the farm and was last seen beyond a low tree line, some 70m from the house. At 0100 the next morning all the dogs on the farm began barking again and Stanley and his sister Christene (21) went outside and again saw the blue-green light at the top of a 7.5m tall tree, some 70m northwest of the house. They called their mother, another sister, Mary (23) to watch. As they all did so the light went out, only to reappear at the base of the tree, a couple of seconds later. It then went out again, reappearing at the base of another tree 18m away. This light blinked and reappeared almost instantly at the top of the tree. It moved by similar progression back to the first and then again back to the second tree. It then moved away to the east and disappeared in the distance over a ridge. It was observed for several minutes during which tine one of the dogs growled and the ducks seemed disturbed. The witnesses described the light as a blue-green glow, about the size of a baseball at arm’s length. It did not light up the surroundings and was silent. It was in an area of rough ground and its flight path was traversed by a fence. 
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 34 citing his own investigation.

July 26 1970, 1300hrs.
A 24 year old man, underwater swimming saw a sort of cylinder, 7m long, 3m wide, with one end slightly conical, resting on the sea bed. The thing had a perfectly even, polished surface with neither seams nor rivets, and was stainless steel in colour. At 0300 the next morning, a German woman friend, with whom he was out rowing in the vicinity, saw something come out of the water and disappear into the sky. Six hours later, it was found that the underwater object had disappeared from the flat sea bed, though there had not been a powerful enough tide or storm to dislodge it. The witness was considered really reliable. 
  • Ballester 1976 p29 case 129 citing Ballester-Olmos in FSR Case Histories 6, p5 + Stendek 5 p22 citing his own investigation.
  • Evaluation: Military equipment, possibly a prototype drone.

July 29 1970,  2225hrs.
Several people saw a fairly large oval, metallic looking object. As it paced their car, the car radio was filled with heavy static. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p49 citing UFOLog 83.

August 1970 (approx. date)
Gertrudis Gutirrez Tous (19), a nursing student, was walking with a boy named Jose Manuel on a farm outside Gerena when they suddenly saw a bright orange light between the olive trees. At once this light began moving at high speed, almost skimming the ground and forcing the couple the fall down onto the ground. Despite this Gertudis received burns on her buttocks. 
  • Ballester 1976 p29 case 130 citing Manuel Osuna and Ballester-Olmos files.
  • Evaluation: Sounds rather like a teenage joke but possibly a form of ball lightning.

August 1970.
About 15 people saw a 2m tall humanoid with white hair, pink eyes and claws. 
  • Rath 1997 p9.

August 1970. 1430hrs.
Norman Oliver and two members of his family were walking around the stone circle when, from behind one of the standing stones, there appeared an entity with dark grey scaly face, wearing a dress suit and top hat and gloves. One hand was bare, that too was scaly. The figure took a few steps towards them. The party’s attention was then distracted by a low flying plane. When they looked back the entity had disappeared. 
  • Norman Oliver in UFO Magazine 11,5 p23.
  • Evaluation: fancy dress, hoax?

August 1970. 1900hrs.
A garage worker cycling home saw a fast moving point of light in the east, which then slowed as it approached. The thing now resembled a bubble car, green underneath, brown in the centre. On the top was a transparent dome, inside of which he could see a corridor in which there were four men and four women. They all appeared to be wearing grey-green military uniforms, the women wearing skirts. Nothing else was visible inside. The craft then took off, a rotating green light on the underside speeding up as it did so. 
  • NUFON News 153 p12 citing Pat Delaney and Anne Griffin.

August 1970. Evening.
Mrs Swithenbank was driving east along the A38 when she saw a middle aged man stood in the middle of the road, forcing her to swerve almost into a ditch. When she got out to remonstrate with the man he was nowhere to be seen. 
  • Green 1973 p286.

August 1970. Night.
Aimee Laterelle was driving a bus load of miners heading for the night shift at the mine when he almost crashed the bus as a dark bipedal creature with light head hair walked into the road ahead with a stooped gait. It was also seen by passenger Larry Cormac. 
  • Coleman and Huyghe 1999 p48.

August 2 1970. Late evening.
James Crossland of Bromborough was driving past Poulton Hall, when he saw the figure of what looked like a girl in a long coat in the road. He sounded his horn but the figure did not move, forcing him to stop. The figure turned to face him and began to approach. James got out to investigate and as he did so the figure faded and disappeared. Another motorist reported that around this date he had also seen the figure of a girl with long dark hair, and dressed in what looked like a long dark coat by the side of the road. He stopped to see if she needed assistance, but as he went to open the door, the figure disappeared. 
  • MUFOB 3,4 p44 citing Bebington News 7 + 21 August 1970.

August 4 1970, 2020hrs.
At the Parque Novo Mundo” school near Guarulhos a girl ran into the director’s office to tell him of a strange light over the school. He went out to investigate, shouting for the vice-director (Pedro Antonio Federsoni Jnr) and staff to join him. Elven members of staff did so. The saw a light, like a sodium lamp, giving off a pale blue light. The thing began to move west, giving off vivid flashes of light. Turing to the left, the thing descended until it was hovering beside a water tower 1km away. Here the thing divided vertically into two parts and the rays got bigger. These two parts were joined by a bar of light to give the appearance of dumbbells. The thing hovered motionless for 14 minutes, its light pulsating. The director got into his car, turned it towards the object and began to flash its headlights, at which the object moved off to the west in the direction of the Pico de Jaragua. Pedro joined his boss in the car and they followed the object along the via Durtra at maximum speed for 15 minutes. The object flew away, gaining on the car (?) , while slowly changing colour pale blue-very pale yellow, then through yellow-orange to a bright indescribable red, while all the time the thing seemed to get larger and brighter. That they decided that further pursuit was and watched and they watched the object disappear behind the hills, diminishing to a dull grey colour. 
  • Nigel Rimes in FSR 17,1 p27 citing investigation by himself and Candide Cavalcanti.

August 5 1970 (approx. date) 0430hrs.
A young university graduate was driving alone between Plasencia and Bejar on his way to Valladolid when he saw a luminous object about 20km away, with an apparent diameter of 90cm (?!) but he could not tell whether it was advancing or retreating. A little later when the thing was no more than 200m away, it cut across the highway and headed towards a nearby pine grove. At that moment the thing seemed to hesitate before it descended straight down into a clearing. As, or just before, the object reached the ground the light went out complexly. The witness slowed down as much as he could, but did not dare stop. The object had the appearance of a red, slightly fattened sphere, with a green ring around it and three or four legs. 
  • Ballester 1976 p30 case 131 citing investigation by Manuel Osuna.

August 5 1970 (approx. date) Night.
Vicki Otto was driving along Ireland Grove Road, 5km south of Bloomington when here headlights caught a pair of eyes. She first thought it was a dog but then saw it was something the size of a baboon running in the ditch. 
  • Coleman 2003 p140 citing letter from witness.

August 5 1970, 2245hrs.
Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez (45), his wife Antonia Campos, their nephew Manuel Rodriguez Campos(20) and his sister Maria (18) and two dogs observed from distances as close as 10m a white rectangular panel of light 2m x 1m, that suddenly appeared in front of at a bush. This luminous wall was very brilliant. Manuel was about to shoot the thing, when it suddenly vanished. The dogs were very nervous throughout the observation. The site was an isolated farm 7km from the “El Pintador” reservoir. 
  • Ballester 1976 p30 case 132 citing investigation by Manuel Osuna + Stendek 3 p18.

August 7 1970, 2230hrs.
Mr Vell, a photographer with the Evening Courier was with Will May and his wife when they observed a group of 5 objects that zigzagged, made formations, and appeared to land in an area between Prescott and the airport. Vell took two photographs showing zigzag lines and a glow obscured by the mountains. 
  • Data Net IV, 10 p13 citing an undated issue of the Evening Courier.

August 8 1970, 0315hrs.
Omer Duchessne saw a globe of light moving along the ground 500m away. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing M. Melet and GESAG.

August 10 1970. Early evening.
Titus Lawson observed a multi-coloured object surmounted by a dome, with an aerial on top, and with a round base, moving over the village. When the object lighted up and became translucent, he could see a man wearing a grey uniform inside. The object slowly went down to ground level and disappeared behind a ridge. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 75, p12 citing Albuquerque Journal 10 October 1970.

August 12 1970, 2250hrs.
Richard Jones (20) and Pauline Routledge (19) were driving near Rainham Road, when they heard loud electrical noises; Richard thought there was a fault with his car and stopped. They then saw an object 6m long, 3m wide hovering just above the ground. It was glowing red, with four white lights along its underside. After a few seconds it flew off towards Hornchurch. 
  • FSR 17,1 p30 citing Brentwood Argus 20 August 1978.
  • Ufolog 74 p3 citing an unspecified issue of The Illuminator.
  • Ufolog 63 p2 citing an unspecified issue of LUFORO Bulletin citing an undated issue of Hornchurch Argus.

August 13 1970.
An object was observed at ground level. No further details. 
  • Table of 1970 landings in Data Net V,5 p.v.

August 13 1970, 2350hrs.
Police Officer Evald Hansen Maarup (38) was driving alone in his patrol car between Kadrup and Fjelstrup when, at a point 8-10km north of Haderslev, the car was surrounded by a bright blue-white light and his car engine and lights failed. He stopped by the side of the road and tried to radio in, but his radio was also dead. The light was dazzling and the temperature in the car rose it was that of a very hot summer’s day. After a time the light began to be withdrawn and Evald saw that it was a cone of light, 4-5m diameter at the base. In about 5 minutes the light been drawn up into an object at 25m altitude, 20m away. It was a large grey circular thing 10-15m diameter, 5m thick, with a luminous opening about 1m diameter in the underside, from which the cone of light emerged. There were also two hemispheres, 1.5m diameter, one on each end of the underside. Evald then took with his fastened patrol car camera and then stepped out to see the last of the light retreating and the object accelerating away vertically at very high speed. As it did so the car lights came on again and he now found that he could start the car with ease. He took three more photographs of the highway illuminated by his headlights. He found that the mudguard of the car was still hot. The three photographs supposed to show the object merely show a point source of light without details. 
  • MUFON UFO Journal 106 p10 citing SUFOI Newsletter August 1975.
  • Bernard Finch in FSR Case Histories 1 p7 citing his own investigation.
  • Rehn 1974 p114 citing Svenska Dagbladat 16 August 1970 + Danish Press.
  • Kim Hansen and Evans and Spencer 1987a p72 citing Finch op cit + UFO Nyt 5 +SUFOI Archives + APRO Bulletin January/February 1971 + Phen Spax 26.
  • Hall 2001 p189.

August 15 1970 (approx. date) 2000hrs.
Mr Rouffignac and about 50 other people in the hotel saw two large orange spheres take off vertically from the ground 250m away They ascended in a zigzag fashion keeping a constant distance apart and left a slight white trail. At 1700 a farmer had reported had reported that two spheres had scared his cattle. 
  • Jacques Vallee citing letter from witness in LDLN July 1971 p11.
  • Evaluation: Another alleged multi witness case for which there is no independent evidence and which left no footprint in the UK.

August 15 1970, 2330hrs.
Miner Adrien Bolduc (40), a worker at the Asbestos Corporation Normandie Mine saw a large ball of light land 800m from his house. The thing was red on top, white in the middle, blue on the bottom and about 15m diameter. It descended to on or just above the ground, where its colour changed., momentarily to red and then white for a short interval. Several cars passed by on a nearby road, and as they did so, the thing’s light went out, only to reappear when the vehicles had passed. Finally the light went out and did not reappear. At the sight a number of square imprints 6m x 6m were scattered over the area as were 7 hoof like markings, and numerous circles 2.5cm in diameter. 
  • Brian Cannon in Skylook 38 citing PROXETER.

August 16 1970, 0100hrs.
Miss C M (22), an illiterate servant in the Luis de Diego household, was watching TV when she heard an intense whistling and the TV picture developed interference, which she could not correct, so she turned it off. She went to the door leading to the garden to find out what was making the noise and was surprised to see a strange object in the driveway, only 30m away, with a humanoid being 3-4m away from it. The object was Saturn shaped, 4m wide, 2.5m high including its 80cm long legs. The upper part was a clear dome with a blue-white light on top, which turned sporadically. This light became dimmer was it slowed down, but never went out. On the upper surface of the ledge around the object was a row of white, purple and yellowish lights that encircled it. The being was 1.8m tall, wearing dark, tight fitting clothes and a tight cap of the same colour. Around its wrists and ankles it had bright white bands. It was looking at the field of alfalfa on the other side of the driveway and later walked back towards the object with long strides. The girl retreated back into the house, in fear. She then heard the sound, which had been less intense, become sharper again. When she looked out of the window, the object and being had gone but at the landing site there was a uniform glow, which remained visible for several nights. In the same area a series of black footprints, which looked as though they had been made by a boot with oblique stripes on the soles, was found. Luis’s mother, who was in the house at the time, heard the whistling but did not see anything. 
  • J Marcias et al in FSR Case Histories 18, p1 citing investigation by Charles Fort Group.
  • Ballester 1976 p30 case 134 citing above + Stendek 11 p3.
  • Charles Bowen in The Unexplained 59 p1180.

August 16 1970, 0330hrs.
Jose Sanchez Hidalgo, his wife and their two sons were driving between here and Pilas on their way back from Torre la Niguera when they observed a white foggy object by the side of the road. The thing resembled a white cloud hovering 2m above the ground. Stopping their car, the witnesses got out and approached the thing but it flew to another place. It evaded them a couple of more times and they noticed that their car headlights dimmed while the thing was in flight. It eventually disappeared at high speed. 
  • Ballester 1976 p30 case 133 citing letter to the editor in ABC-AndalucĂ­a 18 August 1970 + Stendek 2 p4.

August 16 1970, 2130hrs.
Dan Lindsey and Mike Anderson were driving near the Kickapoo Creek Bridge north of Waynesville when they encountered a brown hairy bipedal creature about 2m tall, which crossed the road to the creek. 
  • Clark and Coleman 1978 p70.
  • Coleman 2003 p140.

August 17 1970, 0505hrs.
Patrick Carre (19) , a trainee pharmacist, was driving home to Joux-laVille from Avallon where he worked and had slowed down to 40kph to pass through Puits when, at a spot 300m from the village, he saw, in his headlights, to the left side of the road, a few metres away, a brilliant object, which was partially masked by a walnut tree. A few seconds later he found himself right beside an object consisiti8ng of two parts; the top half a hemisphere, the shape of a pudding basin, 10-12m diameter at greatest width and 4m high, which had a metallic grey colour. This hemisphere rested on a perfectly symmetrical column, 20cm diameter, 1m high, which was rust coloured, like singed metal. Irregularly scattered around the sides of the hemisphere were a series of round white discs about 40cm diameter, which stood at least 10cm out from the main surface, to which they were attached by a series of hooks, which seemed to be more regularly distributed. The top part of the contraption was in shadow. The thing had been lit by the car headlights and did not seem to be self-luminous. As Patrick drove past the thing, an intense heat, like that from a baker’s oven, struck him. He drove on, fearing his car bonnet might melt. The object was still visible in the pre-dawn light until it became obscured by a rise in the ground after he driven 200m. Patrick was unable to get another witness and drove on homme. He visit the site with his grandmother and the mayor in the afternoon and they found traces of burning and a circle of flattened and withered grass 80-100cm in diameter. At 0515 Christian Mivard had seen a sphere in the sky. 
  • Henri Jean Besset in FRS Case Histories 3 p6 (trans from Phen Spax 28) citing investigations by himself and Guy Quincy.
  • Evaluation: Possibly a partially deflated radio sonde balloon with heat and marks due to work by owner of the farm.

August 17 1970, 2100hrs.
Joao Widery, a municipal councillor, was terrified by a phosphorescent globe which hung motionless above the ground and so fled from his car.
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Phen Spax 27, p22, citing Diaria de Noite, 17 August 1970.
  • Evaluation: In Bomabot's account the town is given as 'Brassane' I assume the full name is as given above.

August 17 1970, 2000hrs.
Mrs Alice M Thompson was sat in her trailer on Wagon Trail Road, 11km north of Columbia, with W B Cook of Fennel Street, when they heard her colt acting up. Alice heard a sort of hollow popping sound and went to her back door to investigate. As Alice opened the door she saw an intense light shining through a nearby tree and illuminating the inside of her trailer. A moment later, a large fiery sphere, 10-20 times as bright as the moon, moved from behind the tree. Something like a long piece of rope hung from the object, with another small object on its end. The thing seemed to be at the altitude of a small plane, 200m away. Alice then called Cook and they both saw the thing move north at a moderate speed and then suddenly disappear. Several other people saw strange lights in the woods by the trailer area, among them Sidney Hughes (17); Mr and Mrs Robert Davis; Mrs Maria Moreau and Kurt Krehbiel (17). 
  • Data Net IV, 11 p9 + Skylook 36 both citing Columbia Daily Tribune 18 + 19 August 1970.
  • Evaluation: Parachute flare?

August 19 1970, 0400hrs.
A strange object was seen at ground level. No further details. 
  • Table of American landings in Data Net V,5 p.v.

August 19 1970. Night.
A truck driver, Assar Sandberg (51) was driving with Olaf Mohlinder (44) an iron worker, and his Marta Mohlinder (43) a school cook, through Jokkfall, from Marken towards Lulea. In the wilds about 1.6km south of Marken they suddenly saw a little man, no more than 1m tall, dressed in a grey raincoat and souwester. When the car headlights struck him, the small being raised both hands as if to cover his face. When they were only a few metres from him, a sound like a shot was heard and a tremendous white blinding light filled the car, forcing them to slow down. The little man was still standing in the same spot as they drove on. The car radio was crackling and scratching. Assar suffered some damage to the retina of his right eye. 
  • Ake Franzen in FSR Case Histories 4 p13 citing Norrlandska Social-Demokraten 2 February 1971.
  • Rehn 1974 p135.

August 19 1970, 1800hrs.
Six schoolboys (Mohamada Zulkifli (11), Abdul Rahim (10), David Tan (9), Sulaiman (10), S Vickneswaran (10) and Mohamad Affrin (7) were out playing on their way home from the Stowell English Primary School when they saw a small flying object, the size of a soup plate, land, and from a sort of gangway five tiny beings, only 7.5cm tall, emerged. One of them wore a yellow uniform, the other four wore blue ones. They seemed to be erecting a sort of aerial among the branches. Affrim tried to catch one, but it fired a sort of weapon at him, burning his hand. Next day at 0630 several of the boys returned to the spot, to see the object and three beings guarding it. When Vickneswaran tried to catch one of the figures, it fired something at his leg, causing him to faint. When the boys searched the area at dinner time nothing could be seen, but when V returned with another boy, A Devaraj in the evening they saw one tiny figure in a tree and another on a rock. V again tried to catch the one on the branch, 90cm above the ground, who appeared just to have one arm, but he vanished. 
  • FSR 16,6 p29 citing Straits Times of 21 and 22 August 1970.
  • Ahmad Jamaludin in FSR 28,5 p24 citing Straits Times op cit.
  • Bartholomew and Rickard 2014 p163 citing Straits Times op cit.

August 24 1970, 0635hrs.
Three people, including Raymond Latko, were at a bus stop on the corner of Lindberg and West Road when they saw two beings, about 1.5m tall, with yellow faces, dressed in luminous orange suits and conical hats, approach, carrying a sort of disc on their heads. The beings came within 15m of a house then walked away towards the railway about 200m away. A car stopped in front of them for about 10 seconds and then sped away. The figures then retracted the steps towards the witnesses, who were boarding their bus. One of the figures raised its arm, revealing it was wearing a cape. That night Raymond found a circle of twisted and matted grass at a place some 30m from where the beings had first been seen. Children in the house which they had approached that at 0900 that morning she had seen a “huge bubble” come down from the sky to where the twisted grass was found and two figures enter it and it and that it took off again. 
  • Barker 1976 p46 citing Raymond Latko in an unspecified issue of Emergency Press.

August 24 1970, 1000hrs.
School children saw an object shaped like a turtle, the size of a car tyre, with five windows, land in front of the school. Out of it came 5 tiny beings only 7.5cm tall, 4 of which had things like horns on their heads. When the children and many local adults tried to get closer, the beings rushed back into the object, which then took off. Police investigated but found no traces 

  • Ahmad Jamaludin in FSR 28,5 p25 citing Utusan Malaysia 28 August 1970.

August 24 1970, 2130hrs.
Four witnesses in two groups, among them, Antonio Martin who was coming out of the Hacienda de Torrequemada, saw two lights at ground level. One of the two phosphorescent lights was green, the other red. They were 20cm in diameter and 2m above the ground. There were other sightings by the workers at the Hacienda on the following two Sundays, and two independent witnesses saw the same thing 150 minutes later on the night of the 24th
  • Ballester 1976 p31 case 135 citing investigation by Manuel Osuna + LDLN May 1971 p15.

August 29 1970.
A woman, armed with a shotgun while hunting for trespassers on her land, encountered a hairy humanoid. Before she could open fire the thing grabbed her arm and pushed her into some thistles. 
  • Newton 2011 p52.

August 29 1970, 2315hrs.
Mr P Nilson and a friend were driving back from Alingsas when they observed a red light moving up and down over Enebacken farm and observed it for 10 minutes before driving off. There were at least 14 independent witnesses. AR 2325 Mrs E Arenson saw red, brightly illuminated ball just above the treetops. At 2345 E Johanssen saw the bright red ball over Enebacken, in the company of his wife and another couple. The thing was moving to and fro over the forest, projecting a beam of light to the ground and lighting up Lake Haslingen. At 2355 Mr E Karlsson and his son saw the object over the Enebacken croft from a distance of o0nly 500m. At times it disappeared below the treetops and at one point came to ground level in the meadow in front of the forest 200m away. The thing’s speed varied between fast and slow and a sound like an aircraft was heard. It was still in the area at 0200. It was seen by Mr and Mrs Olsson at 0025, and a few minutes before that Mr E Johansson and his friend went to investigate, and were joined by two young motorists. They gave up at 0100. The next day marks were found in the garden of Enebacken croft, which belong to 81 year old Richard Johansson. There were three marks about 40cm in diameter and 4cm deep, forming a triangle with a base of 255cm, sides 260cm. It was alleged that radioactivity was found at the site. 
  • Sven-Olof Fredricksen in FSR 17,1 p13 citing investigation by himself and GICOFF.
  • Skylook 49 citing BUFORA Journal Autumn 1971 citing an unspecified issue of Scandinavian Newsletter.
  • Evaluation: Investigators strongly suspected a hoax

August 30 1970. Night.
A woman was travelling alone on a highway in the rain when she felt an intense heat on her shoulder. She turned round and saw an intense focussed , blue-white light source directed towards her from some 50m away. She suffered from strange burns, vision disturbances and partial paralysis. The light came from an ill-defined object, which was moving in the air. When she fled the light changed to orange and soared into space. 
  • Data Net V,6 p11 citing El Comercio (Lima) 9 September 1970 + Oje + La Cronica both 8 September 1970.

August 30 1970, 2130hrs.
Security watchman Almiro Martins de Freitas (31), a married man with two children, was concluding his inspection of the Funil hydraulic dam, when he saw a row of at least 15 orange, yellow and blue lights hovering over a new portion of the dam. As he left his post in the power house to get a better look, he heard an explosion and the lights went out for a moment and then he saw them more clearly, 50-60m away. They were on a rectangular object like a flying wing. Almiro crawled to within 15m of this object and fired at it, at which the lights grew brighter and a sound like a turbine filled the air. When he fired a second shot, a blue silver ray leapt from the side of the object and he felt a great heat (about 40 degrees C) along with a prickling sensation in his body that seemed to paralyse him. Shielding his eyes against the powerful light, he fired a third shot at random. When he opened his eyes he realised he was blind. Another guard and a passing motorist (or other guards, sources differ) helped him down from the dam top. They had heard the sound of bullets ricocheting from metal, and may have seen the object. The wet concrete at the spot was now dry and potmarked. The area also showed no trace of the strong rain of earlier that night. Almiro only recovered the use of his limbs in the car and it was 14 days before he recovered from his blindness, which the doctors felt was psychosomatic. 
  • Coral Lorenzen in Fate (UK) January 1972 p59 citing investigation by Irene Granchi.
  • FSR 16,5 p23 citing O Dia + Ultima Hora + O Globo + Diario de Noticas all 3 September 1970.
  • Granchi 1995 p102.

Autumn 1970 (approx. date)
A small object landed in a primary school yard and some creatures only 7.5cm tall emerged. A boy who tried catch one was shot in the hand. The object then took off.
  • Ahmad Jamaludin in FSR 28,5 p26.

Autumn 1970 (approx. date)
An object landed in a schoolyard, tiny creatures got out but went back into the object when they saw children around. 
  • Ahmad Jamaludin in FSR 28,5 p26.

Autumn 1970 (approx. date)
A number of schoolchildren and perhaps some adults saw a small object and its tiny occupants land in a schoolyard 
  • Ahmad Jamaludin in FSR 28,5 p26.

Autumn 1970 (approx. date)
A small object landed in a schoolyard and its tiny occupants shot at children qho tried to catch them 
  • Ahmad Jamaludin in FSR 28,5 p26.
  • Evaluation: All the above Malaysian stories appear to be little more than children’s rumours.

Fall 1970. Dawn.
Two men on the way to work saw something like a water tank on a hill, which they had never seen before. They looked on their way back from work but the object had gone. They went to the site where they found a triangle of burnt patches in the grass. The circles were 3m diameter; the triangle covered about 10m. 
  • Swords 2005 p73 citing John Timmerman.

Fall 1970. Night.
Near here 5 young women saw a flattened circular object near a tree and drove to within 8m of it. At this point, as they stopped, their radio became filled with static. After about 5 minutes the faintly humming object moved to behind their car and followed them at a distance of six car lengths as they drove away. After about 6.5km the thing shot off to the east. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p49 citing CUFOS files.

September 1970 (Approx. date)
Dorothy Stringer awoke in her downstairs bedroom with a sensation of something approaching her up the bed and felt the eiderdown lifted up and placed on the floor. During this she heard a soft electrical buzzing sound. She managed with effort to switch on the light, at which she saw something white rush through the door. The eiderdown was lying flat on her bed. The next day the contents of a large dustbin were found scattered around the area. 
  • Foreman 1978 p72.

September 1970 (or following month) Night.
A man observed a red-orange glow in the bush illuminating the area. He went with his dog to investigate, but the animal fled away. He seemed to have a period of missing time, and saw an owl fly by, then returned home. Hypnotic regression in 1992 produced a classic abduction story.
  • Basterfield 1997 p172 citing investigation by himself, Julia Elsbeth and Peter Jones.

September 1970. 1630HRS.
Mrs Frances Mason (62-3) was out in a country area of the Attleborough-Norwich Road with her disabled husband. She left him for a few minutes to walk down a rough track into the woods to gather blackberries. She had gone no more than 200m when, in an area of felled trees, she saw an object that she first thought was a car. She then realised that it was a metallic blue object, with a transparent dome on the top. After several minutes it just vanished. She returned to her husband but went back to the spot 5 minutes later but found no traces. The track she had been walking on was the only access to the spot. 
  • Dennis Tye in FSR Case Histories 16 p.iii citing letter from Mrs Mason.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p186 citing above.

September 1970. 1730hrs.
Alerted by a humming sound like that of a generator, a woman saw a disc shaped object stood on a tripod close to the fence of an alfalfa field. The thing had a bolts on its perimeter and three windows, through which she could three figures, wearing green, moving about. The object rose smoothly over the trees and then departed. The witness found three marks in an equilateral triangle, sides 3.5m long, on the ground. The holes were circular and 35cm diameter. 
  • Swords 2005 p74 citing John Timmerman.

September 1970. 1815hrs.
Mr and Mrs Peter Bundys saw a bright orange hemispherical fireball, with a row of lights like Christmas lights on its side, about 450m away. Later Mrs Bundys went to the site with the friend and found a number of trees scorched from ground level to a height of 3m. 
  • Henry McKay in Saucers, Space and Science 61, p16.
  • Phillips 1975 p72 case 446 citing an unspecified issue of Quest, this latter gives date as October 3.

September 1 1970, 2210hrs.
Mike Butler and Denise Fritz were on a boat on the lake when they saw a light descending towards the lake. They first thought that it was a plane about to crash but then the thing hovered 15-30m above the trees on Winnequah Road. They were unable to fully make out the object’s shape but it appeared to be oval and was soundless. The thing then directed a beam on the boat and when the couple moved off the light paced them. Densie was terrified by the time they arrived home. 
  • Rath 1997 p56.

September 4 1970. Night.
Mrs Dennison stopped outside her farmhouse near Hamilton to see why the dog was barking. She almost immediately saw an object she thought was the moon in the SW sky. She then noticed that it was moving towards a farmhouse less than 200m to the west, where it stopped above some trees and began to make erratic movements like a kite without a tail. It was a round, yellow to yellow-orange light. Her husband was asleep and her neighbour’s lights were out, so she went indoors to try and think about what to do. After a few minutes she went out again. The light was now bouncing above the farmhouse to the east. She went back in and when she came out again the light had gone. 
  • UFOlog 78 p3 citing an unspecified issue of Skylook.

September 6 1970. Early morning.
From separate guard posts at the Funil dam, police guardsmen Jose Antonio Silva, Luis Fernando Angelo, Maura de Seusa Alves Pjaea, Batista Pereira and Jose Carlos Pinto, saw an object shaped like an almost square wingless fuselage with small, symmetrical windows above red, green and yellow lights, which increased and deceased in intensity in a controlled manner. Silva observed the things through powerful binoculars. The object moved between some mountain peaks 700m away and approached the dam, rising and falling a great distance. A civilian also saw it. 
  • Data Net VI, 6 p11 citing La Cronica (Lima) 8 September 1970 + El Comercio 9 September 1970.

September 7 1970, 2315hrs.
Mrs Turner saw an object through her storm door and went outside for a better look. It was a metallic looking, wingless oval, with four small lights, like windows, along its left side. The thing was flying slowly south to south-west above her yard, 15m above her TV antenna and appeared to be evading something. 

  • Skylook 36 + Data Net IV, 12 p12 both citing Mattoon(?) Journal-Gazette 9 September 1970.

September 8 1970, 2100hrs.
As they were driving home, Bevan Adams and his sister, Mrs Shirley Ryall, had rounded the top of a hill, about 1.5km from Barmedman and saw, in one of the Ryall paddocks, by the side of the road, about 15m from the roadway, an object hovering less than 2m above the ground. The thing was football shaped (it is not made clear whether this was Australian, rugby or soccer). Light was coming from several small openings, and on top of the thing was an antenna. They could not see any landing gear. The light from these openings reminded them of TV screen. They did not stop and when they arrived home, Mr Ryall met them and they saw the object fly over the top of their house, emitting bright red lights. It passed over the hill towards Griffith. They also observed a yellow light, low in the sky, first seen at Yiddah at 2045, which seemed to follow them. 
  • A.F.S.R. NS.3, p15 citing Wagga Advertiser 18 September 1970.
  • Data Net IV, 11 p11 citing undated issues of Leetan Irregular + Melbourne Herald.
  • COSMOS 2,1 p3 citing Adelaide News 18 September 1970.

September 9 1970, 2140hrs.
Farmer Phillip Tremellen went outside his home and noticed a bright shiny object to his west. The thing descended towards a clump of trees 200m to the west of his house, changing colour blue-green-red-white fairly quickly. Phillip watched the descent for about 3 minutes and then called his wife Lynette out. However, as she saw the object hovering over the trees, she became frightened and ran back indoors. Phillip then telephoned a neighbour, Norman Houchten, who lived 300m away. Norman ran towards Phillip’s house and saw a red glow behind the trees. No sound was heard. 
  • Data Net IV, 11 p12 citing an undated issue of Riverina Daily News.

September 14 1970, 2330hrs.
Earl Miller and his two foster brothers were in bed when they saw a light flashing different colours outside their window. The light approached to within 3 or 4 blocks and then ascended vertically at great speed. The thing was a flat rimmed half dome, with a red light on top and blue, orange and green lights around the bottom rim. It made a humming sound. 
  • Salisbury 1974 table citing Joseph Hicks files.

September 18 1970, 1950hrs.
William Mills, 21, a bookseller from London and his sister, Mrs Brenda Maisey of Woodleigh, with whom he was staying on holiday, were walking in Alice Holt Forest when they observed an object for 15 minutes. The thing came lower, hovered over the trees and then descended behind them. It was a sphere with red and pink pulsating lights, like the light on the top of a police car, which was still visible through the trees. When they returned to the area the next day no traces were visible.
  • Pegasus 3,5 p19 citing an undated issue of Surrey and Hants News.

September 19 1970, 2230hrs.
Ms M J, the 22 year old secretary of the town council, was bicycling back to a nearby farm after buying groceries. She had stopped to rest, at a spot 3km from the town, when she heard behind her a very strong sound, like a swarm of bees, which rapidly came closer. She then saw a white halo flying towards her 3-4m above the ground. She cringed and covered her head while she and her surrounding s were illuminated by an object that was heading towards the nearby hills. This light must have been 1-2m diameter. She fled, leaving the groceries behind. When she arrived at the farm, the dog, for some reason, did not appear to recognise her and threatened her. She was very shaken. When they went to collect the groceries the next day they were found partially blackened and useless, 60m from where they had been left. 
  • Ballester 1976 p31 case 136 citing investigation by Charles Fort Group + Stendek 5 p5.

September 22 1970, 2100hrs.
A married nurse was driving from her home in Stratford to the hospital at Bairnsdale, where she was on night duty, when she observed an approaching light in her rear view mirror. At first she thought it was the headlights of a truck, but then saw that it was an object flying at treetop level. She slowed down from 95 to 70kph so that she could look out of the car window at the light. The thing was blindingly brilliant and she was unable to distinguish any definite shape. The car now refuse to accelerate beyond 70kph, the radio became filled with static, the interior of the car became hot and the vehicle with such intensity that the witness suffered severe headache and shock. This continued for 30km until she reached the first lights of Bairnsdale, at which the object flew off in a southerly direction 

  • Dan Haylock in A.F.S.R. Ns 3 piii.

September 25 1970 2020hrs.
Don M (13) saw a green coloured object , with a dome and four windows, through which he saw two humanoid figures. The object made a high pitched sound and was in view for 5-6 minutes. It seemed to head to town and was lost to sight. It was half the size of a regular cabin (sic?) 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 75 p12+ Saucers Space and Science 61 p12 both citing W K Allen.

September 26 1970,  2000hrs.
Mrs J Zaverdines of Edinburgh Road, Borrowdale looked out a window and saw a red point source of light hover at treetop level and then drop down. She saw it for about 5 minutes and it appeared to travel west. 
  • Data Net V,1 p15 citing an undated issue of Rhodesia Herald.
  • Parasite 2 p23.

September 28 1970, 2130hrs.
Barry Canner (28), an army truck driver, was return to his car on Lord’s Hill from a cross country run. As he neared his car he saw a contraption about 10m away to his left, illuminated against the darkness by the faint pink glow that it emitted. It was a biconvex oval, with a projection at the rear, like an exhaust pipe. At what appeared to be the forward end was a dome shaped window, and on one side were three long triangular markings like portholes, which gave off a brighter white light. The thing was about 4m long, 3.5m wide and 1.5m thick. The object was supported on three legs 1.8m long. From the underside came a hatch, which reached to within 60cm of the ground. The legs were 60cm wide at the top, 7.5cm wide at the bottom, and ended in a pad in the shape of an equilateral triangle, the sides of which were 45cm long. These were arranged two in the back, one in the front. Though there was no sign of life, Barry felt that he was being watched and became uneasy, and after 5-10 minutes jumped into his car and drove rapidly away. When he returned with Bob Strong the next day, three impressions, 5cm thick, were found in the dry, chalky soil. 
  • Eileen Buckle, Charles Bowen and Bryan Winder in FSR Case Histories 3, p4 citing their own investigation.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p189 citing above + Rogers Warminster Triangle p76 citing his own investigation + report at Dewey Museum Warminster.
  • Shuttlewood 1971 p7.
  • Evaluation: That is an awful lot of detail for 2130 in late September. Buckle et al thought it possible that he had come across some piece of agricultural machinery.

October 1970 (Approx. date)
Farmer Luis Flezine de Oliveira was working in his rice field when he was attacked by small, very aggressive beings with long hair, beards and asymmetrical eyes. When Luis fought back and knocked one down they all fled. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR Case Histories 10 p11 citing Domingo Illustrada 3 October 1971.

October 1970. Early evening.
Two men were out driving around Brandy Hole when the car broke down. As the driver was examining the engine, he saw a figure stood by the car. He first thought it was his colleague but then saw it was a figure missing a lower body. The figure then just faded away. 
  • King 2009 p36.

Early October 1970. 0745hrs.
On a very clear, crisp morning, with only a few wisps of cloud, Shani Kescielniak, her brother Shane and another young member of the family, saw an object flash across the sky from the south-west, hover at the zenith for a few seconds, move to the east, hover again and then fade away. It appeared to be a bright, metallic looking object, reflecti9g the sunshine, hovering at no more than 30m altitude. It had streams of pulsating internal luminescence and two very bright radiances in its mid front centre, and two fainter lights, one to the left, the other to the right. On its top was a sort of glowing antenna. The main body of the object did not glow; it was metallic blue, with flashes of pink-orange. All three witnesses felt an almost palpable feeling of presence. 
  • Eileen Buckle in FSR Case Histories 10 p11 citing letter from witnesses.

October 5 1970, 0400hrs.
A nurse’s assistant on the night shift was called several times by a disturbed geriatric patient, whom, on the final occasion, she found sitting on the edge of his bed, complaining about monkeys swinging from the trees outside and sitting on his window ledge. As she got him back into bed, she saw a bright light coming through the side of the curtains. Opening these, she saw a balloon like object, with a diffuse yellow-green colour and a pulsating motion, and with a stream of intense white light projecting downwards. This object was 6m off the ground, 30m long, including the light beam, and 9.5m diameter. The witness was too shocked to do anything for 5 minutes and when she finally made a move to go, the colour of the outer edge seemed to change to an orange glow. She then went for another nurse but when they got back to the room all that remained was a streak of light gradually fading out. 
  • UFOlog 84 p4 citing an unspecified issue of APRO Bulletin citing investigation by A J Andrepelis.
  • Evaluation: The geriatric patient was suffering from dementia and was apparently a frequent hallucinatory.

October 5 1970, 0415hrs.
A 45 year old dairy farm employee had turned on the lights to illuminate the yard by the milking shed, when he glanced up to see a huge light, which he first thought was the moon. He then realised there was no moon and the object had a red, fuzzy, neon like light around its outer edge. There was a beam of light, like a searchlight, shooting up at an angle from the centre top of the object and another beam projected down from its base. This lower beam moved around and finally shone directly on the witness. The object appeared to be hovering over some trees 100m to the east at an estimated altitude of 20m. The cattle were not disturbed by the light but two cows had somehow got onto the other side of the electrified fence, though it was not down anywhere. There had been another close encounter on the farm three years earlier. 
  • Art Epstein in Skylook 36.

October 5 1970, 0900hrs.
A 59 year old woman on Lateurelle Street saw an orange object, apparent diameter of the moon; descend very low over some houses, triple in size and then light up the whole interior of her house. Going to her window, she found herself paralysed by the light and rooted to the spot. She could see that the thing was a very luminous orange circle, with a sparkling white halo. Inside the circle was small black object pivoting upon itself. After a minute the object ascended leaving a long trail.  When the witness went to the rear balcony to get some air, she encountered two types of mist, one of which was very dense and gave off a chocking odour that made her faint. She came too, 10-15 minutes later, her eyes burning, her head hot and feeling stunned. She felt electrical jolts in her body and her hair had turned yellow. Her diabetes took an alarming turn. No trace of any kind of artificial dye or colour was found in her hair to account for the yellow. She was examined in hospital but no results were known. A guard on the Plains of Abraham saw the mysterious ball taking off. 
  • Data Net V, 6 p12 citing Jean Casault in Le Petit Journal 10 January 1971.

October 5 1970, 0900hrs.
Two policemen saw a large, very luminous object rapidly descending toward the ground over Charny. It emitted a hissing sound which disturbed their radio receiver. 
  • Data Net V, 6 p12 citing Jean Casault in Le Petit Journal 10 January 1971.

October 6 1970, 0430hrs.
While driving on US63, 19km north of Rolla, Garth and Leuela Morris, along with Claude Willie and his wife, returning from Fort Leonard Wood, saw a phosphorescent object, like a huge moon, in the eastern sky. The thing descended at about 10mps, until it was at an altitude of 15m above 1.2km away. The underside of the object had a serrated surface and appeared to be dripping liquid of some sort. Moments later the thing took off at very high speed at a 70 degree angle, leaving a glow like a vapour trail. 
  • Skylook 36 + Data Net IV,11 p14 both citing Kansas City Times 6 October 1970.

October 10 1970, 0215hrs.
Industrial worker Roger G Jaye was returning to Bay City from Caro, where he played in a week-end band, and had just turned onto M15, when two brightly illuminated circular discs flashed over his car at between 160-240kph. The first object, which appeared to be about 8m diameter, was only 15m above the ground and almost collided with his car. The second object was higher up. As the things passed over, Roger’s radio was filled with static like that when driving under a high tension wire. The intense light was radiating out from the centres of the objects towards the edge, where there was a green-blue haze. The things were silent and passed over in a matter of seconds. The area was a low lying fertile farm country. 
  • Skylook 37 p1 citing investigation by C C Williams Jnr. and Fred R Varner + Saginaw News 11 October 1970.
  • Data Net IV,12 p15 citing Saginaw News op cit + an undated issue of Tuscola County Advertiser.

October 13 1970,  2030hrs.
Dale Kell (17) and his girlfriend Diane Bard (18) were motorcycling north when they heard a whooshing sound to their left and saw an object, the shape of a jelly bean, and rise into the air from the sagebrush. The thing had three lights close together on its top. One was large and bright, the others were smaller, orange and white respectively. The thing lit up the area like day and emitted a sound like dull thunder. The object was 6-9m long and remained at ground level, hovering immediately overhead at one time. The couple drove along with the object in pursuit. As they approached a house, the lights on the object went out. They went to Dale’s house and brought his family back to the spot. Six people watched as the couple drove down the unpaved road and again the object rose out of the sage brush and followed them. A Dove Creek farmer and his wife, the Whyte family of Towacc and another couple saw a bright object flying near Ute Mountain at 2030. 
  • Data Net V,1 p16 citing an undated issue of Durango Herald.
  • Tom Adams in Skylook 37.

October 15 1970, 1940hrs.
For several nights in October, a number of people (Mr and Mrs Hughes, Mrs Stella Dixon, Mr and Mrs Woodward) in Berthengham saw strange balls of light in the vicinity of the Afenwen TV mast. On this night Mr Hughes saw an object like a huge saucer on its side come up from the ground from behind the hill. On the same night he saw half a dozen huge balls of fire that he compared to giant “roman candles” come from the valley between the hamlet and the mast. Some were going up and down, others were moving across the sky. During the flap TV interference was noted. A number of other curious events also took place, such as an encounter with a 2m tall man in a van on the 18th. However the proprietor and guests at a guest house near the mast saw none of this. 
  • COSMOS-SIRIUS November 1971 p4.

October 17 1970, 0330hrs.
A US Army medical anaesthetist Robert Pruett was dozing in a chair in the coffee break room of his hospital when he was awakened by the sound of footsteps. Fearing someone had broken into the operating theatre, Robert went to investigate. He saw someone wearing a blue, pyjama like suit walking towards him and noticed that the figure’s feet seemed blurred. The figure did not answer Robert’s hails and came on before stopping. After some moments the figure turned and went toward the wall and just disappeared. 
  • Wilson 1989 p96 citing Pruett in SPR Newsletter Supplement December 1985 p1.

October 18 1970.
Two men saw a ball of light, which swept past their car momentarily, affecting the electrical system. The incident occurred at the same time as an unexplained power failure in the same area. 
  • Falla 1979 p55 case 169 citing UFO Investigator December 1970 p3.

October 20 1970. Day.
Mrs G Greenewald was sitting with Mrs R Katzke in the latter’s garden when she heard a noise like a huge flock of birds going over and, looking up, saw a dull metallic looking disc at treetop height (12m) shoot off from the east to the west in a second or two. Mrs Katzke did not see the object, though it appears that her gardener did. She did, however, hear the noise, which gave her a cold, eerie sensation. 
  • Data Net V,1 p17 citing undated issues of Daily Dispatch + Pretoria Star.
  • FSR 17,3 piii citing Rand Daily Mail 21 October 1971.

October 20 1970, 2000hrs.
Bob Vanus Jnr of North Locust, Ivan Cruther of Tower Hill and Marvin Trespner of Pana had just finished had just finished painting a car in the garage behind the Vanus home, and walked outside when they saw a white, burning like light, slowly falling out of the sky. They thought they could see a shape below it. It appeared to either fall into the Mallery Plant or the Tanner Iron and Metal Yard but they did not try and find it. 
  • Data Net V,1 p17 citing an undated issue of News-Palladium(?)
  • Evaluation: Flare or lighted balloon

October 21 1970 (Approx. date) 1900hrs.
Nickie M (9) was playing on a swing when he saw an illuminated object in the sky. The thing was golden, with beams of light coming from it and appeared to be descending towards him. Nickie jumped off the swing and threw himself into a sandpit, from where he observed the thing for about a minute. His ister Julie (10) also saw the thing, His parents confirmed that he was very frightened when he arrived home. 
  • Data Net V,1 p17 citing an undated issue of Colchester Gazette.

October 25 1970,1530hrs.
A local man was driving from Cowra to Grenfell saw an object like a large silver ball in a paddock, to the south of the highway about 50m from the road. The thing was stationary. 
  • Data Net IV,12 p15 citing unidentified newsclipping.

October 25 1970, 2000hrs.
F. Klintberg of Millicent Road, north of Compton, and seven other people saw a brilliantly lit object almost at ground level for 30 minutes. It appeared over a paddock in the A C Illman property, about 800m away. Red rays appeared above the object and it illuminated fence posts for some distance. At the same time the next night the same people saw the object again, who also saw a reflected light across the sky, with red flashes on it. On the 27 the red light was seen on the ground and on the 28th it was seen hovering for 2 hours. When they tried to phone a neighbour, the light went out every time they dialled the last digit of the number. They checked the area where the light had been seen but could not find anything. 
  • Data Net V,1 p18 citing an undated issue of Mt Gambier Watch.
  • Evaluation: The reappearance at the same time several nights running and the two hour observation period all point to an astronomical object low on the horizon.

October 29 1970, 0100hrs.
Garry Pink (12) observed a cigar shaped object 5.4m long, 13.5m high resting on four legs 135m away from a farm house. It appeared to be transparent in the centre and had a yellow white sides. He observed the thing for several minutes but did not call his parents. 
  • Gemini 1,4 p25.
  • Basterfield 1981 p92 + 1997 p173 citing his own investigation.

October 29 1970, 1640hrs.
Reidar Salvesen (35), a marketing consultant, was returning home from a business trip, driving on road E-18, 5km east of Helleland, when, surmounting a slope by a transformer station; he was blinded by an intense blue-white light like an electric welder. As Reidar stopped 10-12m past the transformer, an intense mass of light, about 20m in diameter, came slowly towards his car and hovered over it. Getting out and looking up, Reidar observed for 50 seconds and took details in his notebook a round, shiny, smooth object. It was a disc about 10m diameter, 3.5m thick at the centre, tapering to 50cm at the edges. On the underside was a shallow cylindrical section about 2m diameter, with a cupola of similar dimensions on top. The rim of the object was marked by a shiny gold rim belt. There were no signs of openings or marks on its surface and it was quiet soundless. After about 50 seconds, Reidar was knocked to the ground, though he felt neither blow nor pressure, and at the same time his front windscreen was pushed in and pulverised. By the time Reidar had staggered to his feet the object was taking off at terrific speed, reaching 1km altitude in 2-3 seconds, surrounded by an intense light. A second later it had disappeared into the clouds. Reidar’s hand was scratched. As Reidar drove away, he felt numbness around his tongue and mouth; his eyes were reddened and sore for 2-3 days and the skin around his scratch seemed to flake like sunburn. Part of his car roof paint work was dulled. His travelling alarm clock, which had previously worked perfectly, began behaving erratically. 
  • Anders Liljgren in FSR Case Histories 4, p4 citing his own investigation + H Torekaas in Chistiansands Tidende 2 and 4 November 1970, personal correspondence with Torekaas + Faedrelandsvennenn 3 November 1970 + P Oderud in Hjemmet 4/71 (19 January 1971)
  • Rehn 1974 p116 citing above sources.
  • UFOlog 82 p4 citing an undated issue of Scandinavian Newsletter,
  • K Gosta Rehn in Nordic UFO News 1, p12.
  • Evaluation: Although the witness was described as reliable by those who knew him, a construction worker only 600m from the site saw nothing and a woman recalled passing a car, identical to Reidar’s, with a smashed windscreen only 1km east of Helleland.

October 29 1970, 2045hrs.
Seven red or white bright lights, the apparent size of a cricket ball at arm’s length circled above a field at low altitude. At one point the red object descended very close to the witnesses, causing them to take cover. The objects rose, then swept lower before finally ascending away. 
  • Awareness December 1970 p15.

October 31 1970.
Two people walking on an isolated upland track near Rivington Pike saw an elongated luminous shape emerge from a group of trees and travel along a forest track at low altitude. The object appeared to follow and “intelligent” course before seeming to disappear into the ground. Nothing was found at that site. The witnesses believed they had seen a ghost. 
  • UFO Times 4, p15 citing investigation by David Clarke.

October 31 1970, 2030HRS.
Ron Crowley, his wife and mother watched a strange light for 10-15 minutes. Mrs Lorraine Crowley was in the back yard when she noticed on a hill about 400m from the house, and when it was still in the same position for some time, she called her husband. As they watched the light, it suddenly took off, turning red and yellow as it rose, travelled across the hill towards the south and then rose in a south-westerly direction. It travelled fairly fast and appeared to turn red as it faded away. They called Mrs Crowley Snr when it started to move and all three watched it fade away. 
  • Data Net V,1 p18 citing an undated issue of West Wyanlong Advocate.

October 31 1970, 2330HRS.
Mr and Mrs M. P. Bryan of Eastview Avenue watched an object with a very bright pink centre, turning redder towards the edges for about 5 minutes. It appeared stationary but was slowly falling. The red glow was still visible after it had fallen below the level of a house. They could not tell how far away it was. 
  • Data Net V, 1 p19 citing an undated issue of Mount Gambier Watch.

November 1970. Night.
The principal of Easterville School, one of the teachers and another person were driving to the school from Grand Rapids when they saw what they thought was someone trying to hitch a lift at the side of the road. When they got closer they saw that it was a hairy creature 2m tall, with a short neck and arms that hung down to its knees. Its eyes were deep set and had a peculiar look about them, though the witnesses disagreed among themselves as to their colour. The car drove on, and by the time they turned for a better look the thing had gone. 
  • Rutkowski 1993 p150.

November 1970. 2320hrs.
Arthur Shuttlewood was strolling beyond the military range warden's hut when a red light approached from Long Road. It resolved itself into an oscillating ovoid light, 15m above the treetops (about 20m above the ground) no more than 100m away. A scent of roses and lilies filled the air. The light followed Arthur then overtook him, giving off white, red gold and green flashes, then moved in a zigzag path and then appeared to vanish on the spot. Arthur now saw that the time was 2331. In another part of the sky a domed object 10m long, 3-3.5m thick appeared, surrounded by a string of lights. When Arthur pointed his torch at the object he felt suddenly tired and his head ached, as he heard a dull throbbing noise. When he recovered his wits he found himself propped up against a post and now found that the time was 0035. However when he went off to a rendezvous with his son, he found that the time was back at 2350. When he arrived home, his watch showed the correct time of 0045. 
  • Shuttlewood 1976 p70.

November 3 1970, 2135hrs.
Two police officer and four civilians saw a string of lights suddenly dive out of the sky into the west end of Lake Winona 
  • Curtis Fuller in Fate (UK) August 1971 p7.
  • Data Net V,7 p10 citing Data Net V,2.

November 3 1970. Night.
At an undisclosed location, the teenage son of a farm family who did not want their name or location to be revealed, but in a rural area several kilometres from the nearest town, called his mother to look at a set of red, green and yellow lights flashing on and off just above the treetops. When two or three of these would go on, the others would go off. These lights seemed to be arranged in an oval pattern. The mother and son then saw a large white light, which came closer, further to the left of the blinking lights. They thought it might have been an aeroplane but they heard no sound and the thing suddenly disappeared. After a moment or two, the coloured oval, which was about 8km east of their home, also went out. Thirty minutes later they were indoors watching TV when the lights went out for a minute and then came back on again. This was repeated several times. When the mother contacted the power line man, he reported that there had been several complaints. There had been several power failures in the area in the previous few days. 
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 38 p5, citing his own investigation.

November 5 (or 12) 1970. 1330 STRATFORD, NEWHAM (GREATER LONDON : ENGLAND)
Mr and Mrs Roberts were looking out of the window of their flat near the Theatre Royal when they saw a small black object about 60cm diameter hovering close to one of the theatre’s windows. The object manuevered around the theatre, only 30cm from its surface and then crossed the rooftops, coming close to their own window. It then moved off to buzz the school opposite and then the adjacent houses. Fry 2009 p63.

November 7 1970.
A female employee at the Spartan Electronics Plant was driving near Deland when her car engine failed and her headlights dimmed. She then saw an object with a dome on which there were windows. The thing gave off multi-coloured lights and a throbbing sound. When the object left after 5 to 10 minutes her car began functioning normally. The woman suffered swollen eyes and was sick for three days. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 72 p28.

November 13 1970, 0200hrs.
British Rail signalman, Cecil E Hardy (57) was working at the signal box 800m north east of the village. When he looked out of the window on the western side of the signal box, he saw a sphere, illuminated by a pale lemon coloured, bright but not glaring, light. It appeared to be about 15m off the ground at least 800m away and to be the apparent size of a soccer ball. Cecil first thought that it was a reflection from the signal but then a second, similar object appeared and hovered side by side with the first. Cecil then wondered if it was an aircraft but the lights were too large, stationary and soundless. Cecil went outside for a better look and watched the lights manoeuvre in a leisurely fashion, as if floating, for about a minute. He then decided to ring the next signal box down the line, to see if the objects could be seen from there. However before he had time to do this, both objects vanished on the spot, like electric lights being turned out. In their movements on of the objects had been going to the north east, the other approaching him. 
  • Nigel Watson + UFOlog 81 p4 both citing an unspecified issue of South Lincs UFO Study Group Newsletter.

November 15 1970, 1700hrs.
A strange object was observed at ground level. No further details. 
  • Data Net V,7 p16 citing Data Net V,2.

November 20 1976, 1810hrs.
A strange object was observed at ground level for 30 minutes. No further details 
  • Data Net V,7 p16 citing Data Net V,2.

November 21 1970. Evening.
Two police officers driving on the Alfreten to Matlock road observed a round object, with red flashing lights, at 12m altitude. 
  • Awareness December 1970 p16.

November 21 1970, 2330hrs.
Maureen Boyle noticed, through her window, a bright light in the sky, and called her partner, Douglas Lockhart (32), a photographer. As they went to the front door for a closer look, the object seemed to suddenly descend to just above the rooftops, coming up Downs Park Road in total silence. The thing then suddenly turned from a brilliant white to a yellow-orange core with jagged blood red “coronas”, the whole outlined in deep black. When Douglas silently asked the thing to stop, it did so and backtracked. Douglas felt that something alien had probed him, which he found very disturbing. The thing then moved off, just as a neighbour Brian Haddon arrived to see it zigzag away at gathering speed. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b 203 citing their own investigation + Hackney Gazette 21 November 1970 + Daily Mirror 23 November 1970 + Alastair Prevost in FSR Case Histories 3, p1 citing his own investigation.
  • Evaluation: When one looks back at Prevost’s original report, what appears is rather less dramatic, there is no roof top level descent, no initial bright white light, and the thing is report as being between 300-900 altitude, consistent perhaps with a helicopter spotlight seen through cloud, and there is no “contact”

November 22 1970, 2355hrs.
Miss Marley and other witnesses saw an unidentified object at treetop height. It fell from the sky into the trees. 
  • South Lincolnshire UFO Study Group Newsletter no 28.
  • Evaluation: Flare?

November 23 1970, 0545hrs.
An object paced a vehicle travelling from Franklin to Smith for 2 hours 35 minutes. No further details 
  • Data Net V,7 p9 citing Data Net V,2.
  • Evaluation: Almost certainly astronomical

November 25 1970.
Lawrence and Eugene Smith were driving west on Highway3, towards Shag Harbour, when, as they topped a rise in the highway, Lawrence observed a small light hovering above the road, about 60m away. Shortly afterwards five other lights, fiery orange and about 40cm diameter, appeared, the lowest just about 2.5m above the road. They braked and their tape player failed, ruining the tape, and they both felt odd sensations. After about 30 seconds the lights just vanished. The frightened men reported the matter to the police but no traces were found. 
  • Randle 1997 p8 citing investigation by Chris Styles.

November 29 1970, 1830hrs.
A 17 year old high school student, Arai was cycling home when he saw five or six objects flying in formation, on a straight path, north-east to south-west. They were visible for about 5 seconds. Several seconds later a solitary object appeared in the northern sky and approached swiftly. Arai parked his cycle and ran up some steps into a raised enclosure to get a better view. When the thing reached a point overhead, the object swung round towards the west and then completed a circular course. This manoeuvre was repeated until the object was very low and then, after two or three seconds, it climbed and disappeared overhead. At its lowest point this object was 10 times the apparent diameter of the full moon and consisted of a dark central part, surrounded by a glowing ring of indistinct outline, the same order of luminosity as the moon. Arai began his journey again, only to be so startled by a flash of light to the south east that he fell off his cycle. He quickly remounted and hurriedly cycled home. The next morning he looked at the site where the object had hovered. It was a tombstone and in the grass surrounding it, four circular marks of flattened grass were found. The three smaller marks were an equidistant 2m from the larger mark. 
  • Takae Ikeda in FSR Case Histories 18 p10 citing Reports of UFO Phenomena Happening in Japan, 1 citing investigation by Giyeuiti Mita.

December 1970. 0530hrs.
William Bishop, a salesman, was driving to an early morning appointment along a side road connecting Shawinigan Lake with the main highway when a brilliant white light came down over the trees and moved slowly along the road 15m in front of him, causing him to slow down. The thing then shot away over the trees to the right but then returned and paced him, just above the trees, for 3km or so. He was unable to lose the thing by changing speed. When he reached Mill Bay, the thing took off and disappeared. The object was diamond shaped but details were difficult to see because of the brightness. 
  • Bill Allen in Canadian UFO Report 2,1 p12.
  • EvaluationI The long pacing and speed matching points to a distant light, astronomical?

December 1970. 1200hrs.
A livestock farmer, Juanito (43), who had on several occasions the strange balls of light which had infested this village for more than a year, was out with his fog and goats near the highway, 1.5km from town, on this sunny day, when he heard a buzzing sound like a power saw. The animals headed straight for the highway, Juanito following a little way behind. He then saw, at the edge of the road, 60-70m away, an object that looked like a refrigerator on four legs, 20cm tall. The thing was of dull aluminium colour, 1m wide, 2.5m high, with a window at each of the two lower corners and in the middle were two lights, one above the other. When Juanito tried to approach the thing, he found himself paralysed, as were the animals. The heavy sack of acorns he was carrying now didn’t seem to weigh anything. After about 2 minutes the object repeated the buzzing sound and gave off a cloud of grey smoke, which rose just up to the top of the thing and remained compact. The noise then stopped and the object took off slowly, vanishing into the distance. With its departure both Juanito and the animals recovered power of movement and the sack regained its former weight. 
  • Ballester 1976 p31 case 137 citing investigation by Manuel Osuna et al + Ballester Olmos files + LDLN 133 p7.

December 1970.
Lee Levin (18) a member of the Civil Air Patrol, was standing by his swimming pool with a friend, Larry Cornbluff (18) when they looked to the hills behind the house and saw something shiny. It was two small round objects flying in the east. Through binoculars the lads seemed to see something brighter behind these things. They then called Palm Springs Airport 11km away. During this time, a lime green light of indeterminate shape was seen on the ground some 150-200m away. The radio began to develop unusual interference, heard by Lee’s 12 year old brother. The AFB confirmed that they had tracked something unusual and after a couple of hours swept their light towards the spot. Upon which the object left at an angle and at terrific speed. The next day the lads went to the site, an old helicopter landing area, where they found a circle 30-45m diameter of depressed soil, 2.5cm deep, covered with a brown, ash like, substance. No photographs were taken of this site. 
  • Joe Brill in Skylook 53 citing his own investigation.

December 5 1970, 1845hrs.
A couple in their sixties were driving on a bridge over a river near Everett when they saw a deep red light, which passed over their car, at which their engine misfired reducing their speed from65kph to less than 15kph. The object moved off in a straight line towards the north and then took off at high speed. The car then worked normally. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p50 citing APRO files.

December 6 1970. Night.
Eric Harrison and Frank Newbold were driving from their homes in Coventry to Northampton along the A45 when they saw, above the car factory, a bright light in the sky. It appeared to pace them for a couple of minutes, then returned to above the factory, and then again came in front of their car, before shooting up into the sky, where it appeared as a tiny dot. They travelled a bit further on and saw that the light was back over the factory. It then passed overhead and descended behind trees, hovering just above the ground. As they approached the Dunchurch Island, the light appeared in front of the car, lighting up the trees on the side of the road. Shortly afterwards it shot up into the sky at an angle. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p206 citing their own investigation.
  • Evaluation: Either an internal reflection or astronomical with movements due to the car’s own change of direction and elevation.

December 7 1970, 0715hrs.
Mrs Bowers was alerted by her children to an object in the sky. It first looked like a star that over the next 10 minutes came closer. They could see that it was a revolving disc, surmounted by a dome, deep orange in the centre, light diffusing towards the edges, which banked slightly and hovered over the Benneville power lines. As the thing moved away from the power lines it changed from an orange to a bright clear light and then swept the area, turning orange again. As it did so, the children thought they saw a grey shape drop from it as it disappeared into the distance. During the observation a strange sharp sound was heard over the house’s intercom, mysterious footprints on the 4th and a strange intruder. 
  • Jerry Clark and Loren Coleman in FSR 19,1 p18 + Clark and Coleman 1975 p11 + 1978 p42 all citing their own investigation + an undated issue of Chehalis Chronicle.
  • Nunnelly 2011 p218.

December 7 1970, 1330hrs.
On this cold dry afternoon, a motorist, said by the police to hold a responsible position, but would not allow his name to be used was driving on a country road between Brightwalton and Lilley, en route from Newbury to Wantage, in his Morris van at 50kph, when he saw an object on the ground. It was about 800m from the road across a field. He stopped and began to walk across the muddy field toward it. It was a sphere with a row of at least four windows around the top, surmounted by a flat disc. From either side of the object came two telescopic projections, 2.5 to 3m long, sticking out of the sphere, which was about 6m in diameter. In the lower half of the sphere was a sort of hatch. The object, which appeared to be rotating, stood on at least three legs. It was a dull metallic colour and reminded the witness of a car wheel. There was a faint hum like a generator, which became a high pitched whistle as the object took off vertically, vanishing into the cloud cover in four or five seconds. As it took off, the witness saw a kind of fuzzy halo, and it appeared to leave a black vapour trail. He collected a friend who lived nearby and they found that the otherwise wet ground was now dry at the site and they found small holes in the ground. He reported the matter to the police when he reached Wantage but they were unable to find the traces.
  • UFOlog 77 p2 citing an undated issue of Oxford Mail and a witness report form submitted by and returned to R Bennett via the police.
  • FSR 17,3 p32 citing Wantage Herald-Advertiser 10 December 1970.
  • Data Net V,5 p.vii citing Newbury Weekly News 31 December 1970.
  • Skylook 49 + Data Net VI,2 p16 + BUFORA Journal 3,6 p27 citing Newbury Weekly News 19 August 1971 citing an investigation by Rodney Lloyd and SWARS(?).
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p207 citing Didcot Advertiser 10 December 1970.
  • Evaluation: There is something of a problem with the time here, my original typescript gives the time as 1330, based on the original sources, but Hanson and Holloway talk of a cold dry night. The description makes more sense if in daylight. Possibly a hoax, or might be a helicopter.

December 8 1970, 0400hrs.
Several miners saw a silvery disc with portholes and pulsating green lights. An area of flattened grass was found. 
  • Phillips 1975 p73 case 432 citing an unspecified issue of National Enquirer.

December 14 1970, 0130hrs.
UFOlogist Julien Weverbergh and his wife were simultaneously awoken by a vivid red sky. Mrs W ran to see if her mother in the next room was safe, while Julien opened the French Windows. The source of the light was to his right, hidden by a building. He seemed to feel a kind of pulsating sound inside his ear. The light grew whiter and his wife and mother in law called him to her room. When Julien reached the room, everything was intensely white, but the light went out before he could reach the window. They saw small car towards which a policeman ran, but the car drove off before he reached it. The two women had seen a bright blue-white pulsating sphere, hanging right over the car, which light suddenly disappeared. It was only then that they saw the car. 
  • Hobana and Weverbergh 1974 p267.
  • Evaluation: Powerful light made by occupants of car.

December 21 1970.
A strange object was observed at low altitude until 0200. No further details 
  • Data Net V,1 p18.

December 28 1970, 1805hrs.
A strange object was seen at low level between Dover and Foxcroft. 
  • Table of 1970 landings in Data Net V,5 p.v.

December 29 1970, 0005hrs.
A red sisc was seen in the north, 3m above the ground, about 200m away. A humming sound was heard, after which the object disappeared in mid-air. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p92 citing UFO Research South Australia files.

December 29 1970
A strange object was seen at low level. No further details. 
  • Table of 1970 landings in Data Net V,5 p.v.