1969 (Aproximate year) 0200hrs.
John Squire (17) and some friends were sitting in a car near an allegedly haunted house only about 400m from the Commonwealth Ammunition Factory, when they saw a huge ,bright orange ball of fire appear in a field 100m away. Thr light then went out and they saw it was a huge disk with a row of illuminated openings, thorough which human shaped figures could be seen moving about. After 5 minutes the object began to rise, till at a height of 18m it stood motionless. The lights then went out for a moment, then on again. They followed it for several kilometres before it went out of sight.
  • Basterfield 1980 p40 case 37 + Basterfield 1997 p 164 citing letter from John Squire in Psychic Australian September 1976

1969 (Aproximate date)
A 16 year old girl, along with her brother, was trespassing in the 18th century Gill Hall, then derelict, when she saw something like a balloon coming toward her. This resolved itself into the figure of a fat man with short hair, wearing something like a white nightgown. The teenagers fled.
  • St Clair 1972 p38 citing Sunday News undated 1969

1969 or following year 2350hrs.
High school senior Ronnie Burton was driving home to Diehlstadt on Hw 77 when he spotted, just beyond the next rise ,a large dark shape hanging above the road, covering all the lanes and part of the shoulder. He thought it might have been a van which had overturned and so slowed down and brightened his lights. He then saw that it was an object shaped like two soup plates rim to rim. He decided to reverse rather than risk squeezing past it. As he did so bright lights like magnesium flashes came from the top and bottom of this object, and seemed to spread over it, until the light was too intense for Ronnie to look at. :The thing rose silently to the height of a telephone pole, tilted and then disappeared. Ronnie’ car motor was still running but at some point his radio had gone off. He drove home and woke his father. They both returned to the spot to see that the grass on road shoulder had been depressed as if by a heavy object. An elderly lady who lived nearby volunteered that she had not only seen this object on this occasion, but seen similar several times before. 
  • Mildred Higgins in Fate May 1977 p74

In the Sedalia are a landed object burnt a 10m diameter ring. No further details. 
  • Phillips 1975 p 60 case 622

A farmer found giant footprints on his land and heard strange noises at night. Working in his field one day he saw a 3m tall hairy biped walking across a field carrying a dead cow. The man grabbed his rifle and fired at the thing, but it leapt over a wooden fence and escaped into the bush.
  • Gilroy 1995 p223

Two men out hunting racoons turned round and saw a hairy biped.
  • Blackburn 2012 p87 citing Sheriff H L Phillips
  • Evaluation: Little more than a rumour

A single witness saw a reddish sphere hover near the ground, and then take off vertically 10m away. An area of dehydrated grass 4.5m long was found at the site. 
  • Phillips 1975 p60 case 764 citing his own investigation

Two men out driving observed a disk shaped object and, as it flew by, an occupant inside it. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p 48 (case 57) citing Phone in Radio Show on Station CFCN Calgary January 1977)

1969. Early Hours.
A young married man was awoken by the sensation of something poking his eye and heard in his head voices telling him to wake up. He was ordered not to open his eyes as he felt a burning on his lip. Peeping out, he saw two silhouettes at the foot of his bed and the dogs began to act up. When he finally opened his eyes, there was no-one there. He later suffered from depression and loss of mental acuteness. 
  • Swords 2005 p104 citing John Timmerman

1969. Early Hours.
A woman awoke to see a vague hooded figure, with the face of a young woman, who appeared to radiate peace. The face was in vivid colour. The witness turned over and went back to sleep. 
  • Moss 1977 p150

1969. 0300hrs.
Andrew Cross awoke to see a small hooded figure in the corner of his room. He was paralysed for about 2 minutes and then leapt towards the figure, which he thought was a monk praying, but it vanished. He saw the same thing in the afternoon about three months later, 
  • Armand 1993 p104

1969. 0200hrs. 
A 17 year old youth was driving home when he saw an object on the road ahead. He drove to a nearby farm and returned to the site with another witness and both saw the object. They left to get more witnesses but when they returned the object had gone. Three imprints 375mm by 100mm, with a toe like extension were found, arranged in a triangle of sides 2.1-2.4m. 
  • Phillips 1975 p 60 case 565

1969. 0505hrs.
Four young people driving to Oregon saw a hairy humanoid sitting on a rocky bluff. They got out and watched the thing for 4-5 minutes. The thing never moved and they left. 
  • Byrne 1975 p56

Two young brothers saw a luminous silvery object, about 25m above trees 800m away to the east of a waste dump. After 15 seconds this thing was joined by a larger object 50-60m diameter, which positioned itself above the first. Both objects vanished after 15 seconds. The boys ran about 20m towards their home and as they looked back the objects had reappeared. For about 20 seconds they underwent manoeuvres involving right angle turns and then disappeared again. 
  • Rath 1997 p69

1969. Evening.
A group of young people returning from the cinema, saw at a rural spot between Piensk and Lasow, a luminous humanoid shape hovering just above the ground under an oak tree, It had a featureless grey head and light blue torso. The youngsters ran towards the thing. 
  • Gielebias 2015 p5

1969. 2100hrs.
Teresa Sweeny was carrying sandwiches into the dining room of the Brocket Arms when she saw a figure dressed in a brown robe and cowl, with the head bent down. When she turned to face the figure it vanished. Other odd things happened in the inn. 
  • Stratton and Connell 2006 p11

1969 Night.
Janet, a divorcee, leaving on her own in a small flat in central Durban, was having difficulty in getting to sleep. She was sat up drinking coffee when she saw her wardrobe replaced by a long dark tunnel, at the end of which was a small light, increasing in size, and found herself unable to move. From the tunnel came a tall man wearing a greenish jacket and trousers and black knee length boots. He had a thick black belt. His eyes were huge, his brown hair was close cropped, his ears large and his mouth lipless. His skin colour was tanned. She then found herself being dragged down the tunnel, which appeared now to be brilliantly illuminated from an unknown source, by two beings, one on either side, into a brilliantly lit cold room, which had a strange odour. In it was a high narrow table with white sheets. She remembered nothing more until she woke next morning with heavy painful arms. She had other, later, anomalous experiences. 
  • Cynthia Hind in UFOAfriNews July 1988 p19 citing own investigation
  • Evaluation: Hypnogogic hallucination with ASP

1969. Night.
Gordon McP (14) was staying with his family in their holiday cottage when he felt a pat on the back while in bed. Looking round he saw an old lady with her hair in a bun wearing a black dress and white apron and black button boots. The figure smiled and faded away. 
  • Green 1980 p184

1969. Night.
Mrs Spring, the landlady of the Royal Oak heard someone moving in the night. She thought it was her young daughter sleep walking so got up to attend to her. As she did so she saw what looked like a woman in white in the corner of her room. The figure just faded away. 
  • Green 1977 p33

1969. Night.
A woman driving along the Klickitat Valley road passed a hairy humanoid that just stood still. 
  • Byrne 1975 p56

1969. Night.
At camp site near Alleene, a woman getting up to relieve herself encountered a slightly stooped hairy humanoid standing at the edge of the trees about 5-6m away. The thing was about 2m tall and its hair was 10-15cm thick. As the woman ran back to her tent the creature also ran off. Three toes footprints about 35cm long and 20cm wide at the widest. 
  • Blackburn 2012 p181

1969. Winter. (unclear whether beginning or end of year) Night.
Mr P, a former German paratrooper was driving from Midland to Windsor on this freezing cold night, when near London, he was forced onto a back road by an accident. Suddenly his car engine, lights and radio failed and he glided to a stop. About 30m ahead, a domed object was resting on tripod legs on the road, surrounded by a halo of multi-coloured lights. He heard a humming sound as the thing took off slowly and then accelerated away. Even allowing for the detour their appeared to be an hour of missing time. 
  • NUFON News 144 p8 citing letter from witness’s daughter
  • Evaluation: Typical letter to Randles making multiple claims of extraordinary experiences of both herself and her father

1969. Early January. Early Hours.
Mrs Adeline Davis, who was tending her sick daughter and sleeping only fitfully, suddenly awoke and sat up looking out of the widow, though she could hear no sound, and saw an unusual looking object in which there was an occupant. He was wearing dark clothing with a cap like an army fatigue cap, a dark jacket with an opening down the front and a small upright collar with scalloped edges, and a scarf. He had slanted, wide spaced, eyes with fuzzy indefinite pupils. She tried several tests to check if she was awake, including going to bathe her face. When she returned the object and its occupant were still there, about 2m from her window, which was 2m above the ground. The being seemed to be working on something below the window, but then looked up. Apparently seeing the witness, he looked surprised and his mouth dropped open. He looked at her for a brief while then carried on with his work. After a while he looked up again and seemed to try and reach for something first with one hand then the other. He then looked at Adeline again and as he did so the craft seemed to back away from the house. As it did so Adeline could see a white beam coming from its base, projecting downwards, illuminating a small cedar tree at one point. After the object had retreated about 3-3.5m, it stopped, the white light went out and the object turned slightly to the northeast. She now had a clear picture of the object, which was army green in colour with a row of blue tinted windows on the side which had originally faced her, but with a shield, the same colour as the object itself, blocking the windows on the other side. From the top edge of the window framing a dark vertical mark was visible. Adeline again went to bathe her face, and when she returned she saw that the leg on the far side of the object was about 1m above the ground, that on the near side 1.5m. The object moved slowly to the north east at very low altitude disappearing behind the corner of the house. She now noticed that the electric furnace fan had stopped, though it re-started a couple of minutes later. The next morning she found the electric clocks were 20 minutes slow. At the time she had the impression that the occupant was friendly and would not hurt her, next day, though, she felt unusually nervous. 
  • Lorenzen 1975 p192 + APRO Bulletin July/August 1973 p9 citing APRO Bulletin January/February 1971) citing investigation by Allan Benz and Ted Phillips.

1969. Early January. Night.
Gottfried Olsson (62) was looking out of his window when he saw a lighted object of about human size, with a box like body, surmounted by a sort of muddy head. It emitted a red-white and had a blue central line. Olsson observed the thing for three or four minutes until there was a brilliant flash and it disappeared. 
  • Magor 1983 p89 citing UFO-Sveige October/December 1973

1969. January.
In the Short Hills Conservation area Jack (qv) and his friend Ken were picked up by a large hairy humanoid creature and taken on board a landed object where they were given a medical examination by short beings dressed as doctors, who placed implants under their skin. While this was going on the bigfoot sat in a chair. The small beings said these creatures were used as workers. 
  • Fenwick in MUFON UFO Journal 183 p12
  • Evaluation: Clearly this guy sucks up UFO lore like a vacuum cleaner!

1969. January. 2200hrs.
A couple strolling along the beach were struck by an uncanny silence and a sensation that something was wrong, then about five (give or take one) figures floated down from some nearby sandhills and approached them. The figures were covered top to toe in black with no visible face, arms or feet. They cast no shadows and the black colour did not change with the illumination. A sort of grey balloon, 1.2m diameter, with a flat bottom suddenly appeared only 1m away and the couple fled in terror. They then had a feeling of coming to and found themselves up to their knees in the sea, without any memory of how they got there. 
  • Dykes 1981 p 40 citing investigation by January de Bock Keith Basterfield in MUFON UFO Journal 177 p 5 citing above

1969. January.
Two reputable bank officials driving on the Gines-Sevilla road saw a green being with long legs, about 3m tall, near the road. They suffered a nervous shock and did not want to discuss the event. 
  • Ballester 1976 p22 case 99 citing Jise Darnaude

January 1969. Night.
Two witnesses saw an unidentified object near the ground. No further details. 
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 44

Early January 1969.
A 7 year old girl, walking in woods outside of Uruapan encountered a female figure that appeared in front of a cedar tree. The figure claimed to be the Virgin of Guadalupe and asked for flowers and candles to be left at the site. The terrified child ran off, as she did so meeting aircraft mechanic Homero Martinez, who confirmed her fear. He did not see anything but heard strange and beautiful music. :The little girl was so traumatised she couldn’t talk and was ill for several days. 
  • Keel 1971a p269

January 1 1969. 2035hrs.
Two young people, Felix Maidana and Irma Tolosa saw a flying object land behind the abutments of the Villa Ernestina spa. The thing was lentil shaped with a metallic gleam and a protuberance on the upper part. It was about 2m high, 3m diameter. It remained stationary 10m from the witnesses for a few moments and then rose rapidly and vanished into the sky. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 13 p15 case 154 citing La Cronica 6 January 1969

January 1 1969. 2315hrs.
Two people in a car encountered a slow moving sheet of concentrated hail, accompanied by a deep penetrating sound from overhead. The hail was needle like pieces that hit a compact area of the windshield and front part of the roof. The car engine could not be started and the witnesses felt a sudden warmth, a sense of weightlessness and a tingling electrical sensation. They felt forced to look upwards and saw a brilliant silvery object. A tapering funnel of light encompassed the whole area of the car. The light beam and strange effects disappeared, leaving the witnesses chilled, with their hands tightly clamped and without the power to release them until they shortly regained their sense of awareness. 
  • Falla 1979 p 50 case 222 citing UFOIC Newsletter 24 p2

January 4 1969. Night.
Dr and Mrs White were driving across the downs towards Niton on a dark night, moonlit but cloudy, when in the deserted fields were covered with bobbing lights. As they descended a hill in the road, they saw fields to the right so covered with these lights that they looked an illuminated city. What they knew to be a cart track now appeared to an illuminated street with buildings giving off red, white and green lights. When they reached the track, they found it as dark and unmade as usual. When they reached a local inn they found it brilliantly lit. A group of figures carrying torches were running back and forth across the road, including a very tall man wearing a leather jerkin. As the White’s approached within 20m of the inn, the scene vanished and the area plunged into darkness. They quickly drove on. On the reverse journey, a few hours later, all was normal. 
  • Mackenzie 1997 p 107 citing Forman 1978 Boase 1976 p87 citing S White in Hampshire County Magazine 13,4 p32 + 13, 10 p58 Steedman and Anker 1977 p54 Forman 1978 p54 from Mrs White.

January 5 1969. 2100hrs.
Four people in a small cafe across the street from the Pedrosa Sanitarium saw an object like an illuminated yellow rectangle hovering 5m above the ground 30m away. In this light they could see the figures of several men walking back and forth. They met in the centre and were then lost to view. The light then went out revealing a large grey object like a bowl inverted over a plate. It rose slowly and flew out of sight, illuminating the grass and trees. 
  • Ballester 1976 p22 case 100 citing investigation by Manuel Pedrajo + Phen Spax 26 p27

January 14 1969. 0430hrs.
A migrant repair man, George Vas, his wife Milanka and daughters Olga (14) and Maria (13) were asleep in their caravan on a roadside north of Childers, when they were awoken by the frantic barking of their dog. They heard a sound like the humming of bees, only much louder, and Maria drew their attention to an object above the trees. They saw a craft shaped like a Mexican hat, about 25m diameter, giving off a violent glow which mingled with other, less prominent, colours to give a polarised effect. Three human shaped beings, but three times as large as normal people, with bulky arms and legs and “generally shapeless bodies” descended from this craft in another small craft of the same shape. They gave off a violet-yellow glow. The beings did not seem concerned that they were being watched and began collecting plants and sugar cane from a patch at the edge of the road. These samples were sucked up through a transparent funnel into the larger object. At one point one of the beings seemed to be coming towards them and George called out to the girls to run, but the being turned away after collecting a few stones. After about 10 minutes the beings re-entered the craft which took off quickly, straight up. As object took off, the witnesses’ hair stood on end as if affected by static electricity. Even after the object had gone a faint humming sound could still b heard. George claimed to have seen “spacemen” on two previous occasions, as a child in Romania in 1918 and near Belgrade in 1946. 
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976  + Basterfiedl 1980 p37 case 34 citing The News (Adelaide) 17 January 1969 + North Queensland Register 18 January 1969 
  • FSR 15,3 p iii also citing The News op cit
  • Basterfield 1981 p90 + 1997 citing North Queensland Register + Adelaide News op cit + FSR 18,1 p26

January 14 1969. Night.
A disc shaped object was seen near the ground by police officers. No further details 
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 44

January 15 1969
According to undocumented rumours two people travelling along this Federal Motorway were taken by an aerial machine to a town in the USA on the border with Mexico. Marks from the object’s grappling hooks were said to be still visible on the car. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 5 p9 citing Diario de Noticias 18 March 1969

January 15 1969. Late Evening.
Motorcyclist David Pile (18) was riding along the A38 and had just reached the Poole crossroads when he observed, coming towards him on the opposite side of the road, what appeared to be another cycle and rider. As it got closer, he saw that machine and rider were outlined in light, giving the effect of an off white halo. This glowing mass tilted as if going into a skid and went straight across David’s path, forcing him to brake from 70kph, but just as a collision seemed inevitable the thing disappeared. 
  • UFOlog 57 p2 citing Contact UK-Bristol 
  • Journal of Paraphysics 3,6 p192 citing Exeter Express and Echo 16 January 1969

January 15 1969.  2345hrs.
Dr Antonio S Peres and his wife Wanda were driving home to Niteroi from Itaperuna, on the road to Campos, when his attention was caught by what he thought were a truck’s headlights. As they came closer they saw that the light came from a metallic looking object, surrounded by a 15-20m wide lilac coloured light. The object was elliptical with a sort of lid on top, hovering just above a hilltop about 200m away. The night was dark and cloudy and he felt nervous so drove on. 
  • Granchi 1995 p78)

January 16 1969,  2030hrs.
A man driving back from Extremadura observed a light, stopped his car and went close to it. When he was 200m away, he saw that the glow came from an illuminated rectangle where figures were seen crossing several times. He saw a dog, which was looking at the light, hair raised and howling softly. The frightened man drove off. In Seville he told his story to his neighbour, an engineer, who returned to the site with him a few days later. At the site they found three marks serrated by 1,8m. 
  • Ballester 1976 p23 case 101 citing investigation by Felipe Laffite + Phen Spax 26 p28

January 17 1969.  0325hrs.
Keith Lupton, a NASA test facility mechanic at Langley Air Field was asleep with his wife when he was suddenly awoken by a whirring sound, like a transformer malfunctioning, getting softer and then louder again. Mrs Lupton, half asleep, said she also heard the noise. Looking through the blinds of his window, Keith saw an elliptical or cigar shaped object with blunt ends, which he estimated to be 9m wide, 30m long and at an altitude of 30-45m, travelling at 40kph. The thing was ringed with windows, though which he could see steady amber coloured lights. One window light in the right rear blinked a steady pulse, which Keith thought was synchronised with the beat of the sound. The widows which ringed the underside were rectangular, translucent and separated by dividers and appeared to be surrounded by a haze. The central section was solid, silvery and metallic. The object moved in an undulating manner from SSE to NNW, approaching within 30m. It tilted and made a gentle left turn. It had gone after 90-120 seconds; about 3 minutes after Keith first heard the noise. :Keith had called out to his wife to ask if she saw the object, but she had not replied. Ass Keith watched the object he had a feeling of being hypnotised and experienced a tingling in his nerves. Aster the object had left; the couple could still hear the sound over their phone. This was later denied. Keith became obsessed with finding other witnesses and eventually traced people who had heard s pulsating hum and explosion. He reported the matter to the Air Force. 
  • Emeneger 1974 p98 citing Blue Book Files and David Jacobs
  • Randle 1989 p135 citing Blue Book Files 
  • UFO Analysis and Research Bulletin 1, 5 p 9)

January 17 1969.
Two sisters, one a student teacher, the other a high school junior, were driving home from a basketball game in Enfield when they noticed an arrangement of 6 lights in the sky, which they thought was a plane, though it struck them as flying dangerously low and of having an unusual shape. They became worried that might crash into a nearby housing development. The pattern of lights then shifted and began to approach their car. It moves over the treetops and dropped out of sight. When they turned and came into a clearing, the sisters a huge “cement grey” object shaped like a sting ray, with a rough surface. There were 6 lights on the thing, three on each side, arranged red, green, white in correspondence, though they couldn’t remember the order. As the sisters sat looking at the thing, it passed over the back of their car at low altitude. They heard a muffled roar as it did so. They estimated that it could have been up to 60-120m wide. It moved off following the direction of the river. 
  • Donald Johnson in Flying Saucer Observer 13 p4

January 20 1969. 2030hrs.
Two people saw an object like one white dish inverted over the other, with a dark ring around its perimeter, hovering over an abandoned ammunition dump. The thing had a dome on top and onwe red and two amber lights on its leading edge. The thing moved up and down a few times before moving out of sight. 
  • Fowler 1974 p355

January 21 1969.
A silent, round, red object was seen for 45 minutes by 3 RCMP personnel and two other people. A farmer found tracks in the snow in his backyard. 
  • Phillips 1975 p61 case 358 citing an unspecified issue of Saucers, Space and Science

January 24 1969. Evening.
A salesman driving home observed a saucer shaped object with a transparent front hovering over a pond about 100m from the highway on this clear day. Inside the transparent front he could see two beings with their backs towards him, apparently doing repairs. One of the beings turned around, and seeing the witness, seemed startled and returned to his work with more energy. After a few more minutes one of the beings shook his head and the others rushed to a couple of levers which they pulled. At this the object suddenly disappeared on the spot. 
  • Steiger 1977 p3

January 25 1969, 0030hrs.
A woman who did not wish her name to be used was driving her husband from hospital after he had received treatment for an industrial injury. They were within 400m of their home when they became aware of a bright light to the right of their car at 30 degrees elevation. :The thing was a horizontal cone, flying broad end first, which came out of the northeast to within 400m of the car, at treetop height. It then righted itself, giving the appearance of a triangle with the point up. It appeared to be 2 or 3 stories tall, showing horizontal stripes on the body. On its base was a lattice like affair, with jewel like red and white lights. The contraption lit up the ground below, spun on its axis two or three times, flashing an extremely bright light. Then a strip peeled back and the thing tilted to reveal its underside, in which the witness could see a dim luminous opening, giving a view of a spongey interior. At this point her car engine and lights died and the vehicle stopped completely and then the front of the car rose up off the ground. The woman’s screams woke her sleeping husband and he also tried to start the car without success. The lighted object then moved off towards the northwest and as it left the area the car came down slowly but made a bump when it hit the road. :She was then able to re-start the car. The couple’s landlord’s wife who lived nearby noticed an unusual light at this time. 
  • Lorenzen 1976 p59 citing investigation by Fred Merritt 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p41 citing CUFOS files gives location as Platteville

January 26 1969,  0500hrs.
Keary Schade, a young man who lived on a farm just southeast of Fernley, was milking his cows when he noticed a red ball hovering near the ground 400-800m away. It had a red light in its centre, surrounded by a white misty glow. The light pulsated in intensity in one second brief flashes. The object moved slowly, stopped as the red light became dimmer, and then it moved and stopped again and the light went out. About 400m from its original position the thing reappeared, stopped and went out, reappeared and ascended in a jerking motion towards Reno in the west. The thing was observed for less than a minute. It had an angular diameter of 3 degrees, suggesting a diameter of 25m if it was at a distance of 500m. 
  • Data Net V, 10 p5 citing investigation by Mark Massingill

January 26 1969.
A strange object was seen at close range and there were physical effects, 
  • Rath 1997 p61

January 26 1969. 2115hrs.
A Volkswagen minibus pulled up at the Limeira Service Station at km 146.5 on the Via Anhangueira, 5km to the east of town. :The driver, his wife, his 15 year old daughter and two smaller children told the operator that they had been followed from Campinas by a brilliant luminous object at very low altitude. Meanwhile the son of the puncture repair workshop owner saw an object, 4m diameter, come over the municipal reservoir and land among trees on a small hill, 800m away. As the thing descended it gave out a dazzling light that prevented the witness from making out its shape. When the thing landed its luminosity faded until there were only a number of small yellow lights visible. These lights themselves then vanished and a brilliant searchlight came on and started to revolve. This was seen for 15 minutes after which it went out. After the light had landed it was seen by the filling station owner and his brother, along with the passengers in a number of cars which had pulled up to see what was happening. The filling station owner said that the object was about 3m above the ground, that the beam was 100m long and it rotated first clockwise and then anti-clockwise, taking 1-2 seconds to perform each rotation. His brother, who owned the restaurant phoned for the police and a squad car arrived before the light went out. No traces were found. 
  • Nigel Rimes in Bowen 1969 UFO Percipients p39 citing his own investigation

January 27 1969,  0400hrs.
Some musicians returning home from a party saw an egg shaped standing on a piece of waste ground behind the Lins Athletic Club Stadium. The thing was the size car or truck and was surrounded by a halo of coral coloured light, which turned to pale blue and then to white. :The obhect seemed to detect the presence of the witnesses and took off and flew towards the town centre. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 5 p9 citing Diario de Noticias 29 January 1969
  • Nigel Rimes in Bowen 1969 (UP) p39 citing Diario de Noite 27 January 1969 (gives date as 26th)

January 27 1969 (approx. date) 2230hrs.
An object landed by the roadside in a suburban area of Jales. It was a disk resting on a single column. Two occupants, 1.5 m tall, dressed in white, bare headed and apparently normal in appearance, were seen. A crater 50cm deep was found at the spot. There were investigations by the police. 
  • Nigel Rimes in UFO Percipients p39 citing Ultima Hora 28 January 1969

January 29 1969 (approx. date) 1000hrs.
An elderly woman walking in the hills on this sunny day heard a loud noise and saw a strange object that manoeuvred to avoid hitting a high tension line. This object was 3m long, 2.5m high, 1.5m wide and was metallic looking with many bright coloured lights. The thing then left towards Tarassa. Possible traces were found at the site; four parallel tunnels, spaced 60-100cm apart, of varying lengths, with lateral tunnels branching out. These tunnels were no more than 3cm in diameter and about 5cm from the surface at the far end. :There were four more marks 8-10m away. 
  • Ballester 1976 p23 case 102 citing CEI and Stendek 8 p10 + LDLN 107 p14 
  • FSR Case Histories 12 p1)

January 31 1969. 
An object resembling one plate inverted over another, about 1.5m diameter hovered 1m above the ground. 
  • Nigel Rimes in Bowen 1969 (UP) p39

February 1969. 0400hrs.
A man and his wife saw an octangonal, sky blue, metallic object 5-6m long, with a dome, on which were two antennae and windows, descend slowly to the ground on a tripod 60m away. Three beings, about 2m tall, wearing sky blue clothes with a metallic badge, descended to the ground in a beam of light. They put some tubes into the beach, which they took with them when they left a short time later. The object then left towards the west. Three little holes 10cm diameter, 25cm deep were found at the site. The witness suffered burns like sunburn. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing LDLN 111
  • Petrowitsch Table of Chilean landings).

February 1969.
A Tolendina Enterprises bus operating on the Januanrio :Belo Horizonte route encountered three luminous objects stationary just above the ground in a small clearing :beside the highway. One of these objects took off after the bus and hung 100m ahead of it, keeping constant distance. The driver, Roberto, then stopped the bus and signalled the object with his headlights. The object stopped and answered with blue and white signals. 30 minutes later the bus resumed its journey. Subsequently it stopped for 10 minutes at Bocaiuva where Professor Heloisa Brandao of the Prefectatorial Archives Department took formal statements from the driver, conductor and passengers. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 5 p13 citing O Jornal (Rio) 19 March 1969)

February 1969.
Hundreds of people, including two reporters and a police officer, watched an aerial object for almost an hour while it hovered in front of the beach, causing great excitement. 
  • UFO Chronicle 3 p17 citing Understanding Vol 14 no 4

February 1969. 2130hrs.
F X Peters, Gus Eftick and their families heard the Peters’ dog beginning to bark, though they could see no reason. A short time later a huge elongated object with a white light on top and red and green lights on the ends dropped down into a field 200m away. Shortly afterwards the thing took off again, straight up, Marks as of a tripod landing gear in the form of three burnt patches, 6m apart, were found at the site. 
  • Phillips 1975 p61 case623 citing an unspecified issue of Skylook

February 1 1969. 1630hrs.
From his house, 3km northwest of Carstairs, Lloyd Fox saw a round silver grey object, with a dome on top and a slightly curved bottom, which appeared to have taken off from the field across the road. It rose above the trees with a steam of white vapour coming from the bottom. When it got above the trees, the thing tipped and headed north at high speed, brown smoke coming from its sides as it did so. It moved out of sight in two minutes. It was seen by Mrs Betty6 Reinhart from her farm, about 1.5km to the north as it passed over. :She described it as an oval, with a ring of small points around its middle. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 55 p6

February 2 1969 2100hrs.
Several people including members of the Vazquez family, were at a place called “Valdefanegnas” 7km from Aroche when they saw a luminous object, which emitted an intense yellow light, 1.5m above the ground. This thing was round and about the size of a car wheel. They observed it for about 2 hours without daring to approach it. :There were no traces the next day. A few minutes earlier neighbours had seen a ball of fire in the sky, illuminating the countryside like daylight. 
  • Ballester 1976 p23 case103 citing ABC citing Andalucia 11 March 1969)
  • Evaluation: The aerial ball of fire was almost certainly a bolide. The thing seen for two hours static was probably an astronomical object (?moon) low on the horizon or possibly a distant ground light)

Early February 1969. Night.
Alfredo :Ferreira was driving carefully with his family at a spot known as “Fonte” :when they were paced over a lonely stretch of road by an object, which at times came right above their car. They were unable to evade the thing, however much Alfredo accelerated. He took his family to their ranch and left them there to return to the road where he saw the object on the ground, in a pasture. When he tried to get near it, the thing shot up vertically at high speed. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 5 p10 citing O Dia (Rio) 21 February 1969

February 5 1969 (approx. date)
At the Santa Terezinha Fazenda” 10km from Lins, owned by Lindemar Genesini, a red ball resembling “an automatic wheel” (?) was observed as it manoeuvred and flew around200. It changed, its red light fading and lighting up again until it eventually vanished behind a house. Lindemar walked to the spot and was shaken to come across the thing, unlit, only 8m away. It appeared to be white and to have no visible features. When he called out with astonishment the object took off vertically at staggering speed,, emitting a most powerful light. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 5 p9 citing O Jornal 7 February 1969 + Diaro de Noticias 6 February 1969)

February 6 1969. 0730hrs.
Residents of this suburb of Pinheiro saw an object moving up and down at low altitude. Their excited yelling awoke Tiago Machado, a 19 year old fruit seller, who saw something like a parachute on the hill in the ground of the Zootecnica. Grabbing his binoculars, he went up the hill, collecting two guards, Chico Hansen and Dita Joanna. These two searched the lower slope while Tiago went up the hill. He got to within 10m of a silvery metallic disk. It was 4m in diameter, stood on a tripod and had a dome on top. It was about 1.5m thick, with its rim standing about 30cm above the ground. On the top of the dome was a door and further down were two windows. As Tiago lifted his binoculars to get a better look, the door hinged open, and two men floated out down to the ground. Two other men were visible inside the craft. The two men who had got out walked to within 3-4m of Tiago and began to speak, low and rapidly in an unintelligible language, and made signs of coming from the sky in a spinning motion. When Tiago lit a cigarette and blew out the smoke, the beings began to laugh. Tiago tossed them the cigarette package, at which one of the beings leant slowly sideways, and when his hand came within 20cm of the package, it flew up into his hand. When he brought his hand down to his thigh the package disappeared. During this time Tiago was able to take in that the beings were about 1.45m tall, dressed in tight silvery clothes, with no buttons on the suite, but with a row of tiny silver ones on each boot, from the middle toe to the ankle. They had helmets with antennae on top, and glass visors through which Tiago could see their yellow faces, slanting eyes, long thin noses and thin lips. One eye was slightly below the other and had a cicatrix on each cheek and black teeth. From the helmets came a kind of tube through which they seemed to speak. Thinking that they might want him to go with them, Tiago put down his binoculars as a marker, but when he did so the beings seemed to become anxious, so he picked them up again. Just then Ditto called out to him, whereupon the beings began to back away, never once turning their backs on him, jumped on the rim and eased in through the door. The last one waited by the door and took out a kind of weapon which fired a blue flame which floated towards Tiago. When it hit him he became paralysed and felt an unbearable pain in his leg, which caused him to faint. His companions picked him up and took him to a neighbour’s house, where a large red wheal was found on his leg. When the paralysis wore off he felt dehydrated but otherwise normal. Three marks, 12cm diameter, 5cm deep were found at the site, forming an equilateral triangle, sides 63cm apart. Grass in the area was swivled round. 
  • Nigel Rimes, W. S. Martins and Reginaldo da Silva in UFO Percipients p40 citing their own investigation 
  •  Coral Lorenzen in Fate (UK) January 1972 p56 
  •  Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 5 p9 from SBEDV Bulletin 66/8 p78 citing his own investigation and O Movimento 9 February 1969 Phen Spax 21 
  •  Lorenzen 1970 p171 gives date as 7th as does Granchi 1995 p80 
  • Buhler et al 1985 p147

February 6 1969. Morning.
Barbara M da Silva was working in the fields about 39 minutes walk from her house, when two boys aged 13 and 9 drew her attention to a shiny white object some 500m away, resting on a tripod. Beside them were two figures in bulky, grey, metallic looking , suits. The boys later drew her attention to a luminous sphere, the angular diameter of the sun, stationary above the trees. When she looked again the thing had gone. 
  • Buhler et al 1985 p155
  • Evaluation: Barbara assumed this was pest control officers and their vehicle, which may well be the case

February 6 1969. Morning.
At the Fazenda Bela Alianca, some 8km from town, the farm administrator, Jose Antonio Fioco (49) was alerted by a disturbance among the pigs. On investigating he saw that about 200m away, an object 5m high, 4m diameter was descending towards the ground. It landed on a tripod, 1.5m high, and from the thing came three beings 1.6m tall, dressed in aluminium like one piece suits, which stood for three minutes on a sort of balustrade around the object. One of these beings pointed a beam of light from a tube at the henhouse; the second was examining some sort of apparatus and the third holding a long rod. Jose retreated back to his house, but as he opened the door, it creaked at which the strange object took off. Jose saw the object come to ground again about one and then two months after the original incident. 
  • Buhler et al 1985 p156

February 7 1969. 2000hrs.
Nelson Vieira Leite, a prominent farmer and businessman and the brother of the municipal prefect, was waiting at his farm, 40 minutes’ drive out of town for his nephew Manoel Carlos Leite to drive him back to town when, despite seeing the sunset in the west, he was surprised to see it apparently rise in the west. He then saw that the light, rising over his field, pale at first but then building up to a blinding luminosity, was coming towards him out of the sky. The thing finally came to a halt just above the long grass of the meadow, its light fading again as it did so. Nelson walked towards the object, which he now saw was a green object resembling an upside down soup plate and significantly larger than a Volkswagen car, hovering between 1-3m above the ground. As Nelson got within 10m (some sources say 100m) he found that he could no longer go forward and was losing all track of time. When he stepped back he found he could easily walk away from the object, which was emitting a humming sound. Nelson then heard shout as his nephew, who had also seen the object, came running towards it, only to fall unconscious as he reached the barrier. Nelson found himself unable to help and became upset by his impotence. There now appeared a band of increased light on the disc, which seemed to indicate the presence of windows. Nelson felt that he must not look at this band and kept looking at the ground below the object. After about 20 minutes this light grew stronger and the noise louder, obliging Nelson to cover his ears. The object then took off, slowly at first and then very rapidly until it was just a point source of light in the sky. When Manoel had recovered they investigated the site and found an area of burnt and depressed grass. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 18,2 p13 citing Carlos Chagas in Domingo Illustrado 17 October 1971 citing his own investigation
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 5 p10 citing O Dia 21 February 1969 + O Cruzero 5, 22 and 29 May + 5 and 19 June 1969
  • Evaluation: Chagras’ account gives a totally false date of 27 May 1971 for the incident, so despite his claim to be the nephew of Nelson and the cousin of Manoel, his account, on which much of the above was based has to be regarded with suspicion. The newspaper and magazine accounts used by Buhler say nothing about Manoel being stunned, though it does say the object first landed 400m away and that both witnesses were sweating profusely after the incident

February 9 1969. 0100.
A goat farmer and former long distance lorry driver, was driving an assistant back :to the village from his farm 3km away, on the rose up to the Montpellier Highway when, just before a turning, a powerful light lit up the fields behind them. When they turned the bend they were terrified to see, 400m to their left, a stationary long, white, cigar shaped object at the height of the power lines. The two men were so unnerved that they returned to the farm, where they woke a guest. The three of them watched the object, which was :some 500m from the farm,. It was between the power lines and the water tower and about 15m above the ground. They could see a dark bulge on its underside and they calculated the whole thing was about 20m long and 3m wide. When the farmer flashed his car headlights at this object, the thing went dark, only to light up again when the lights were switched off, this time with a red glow. It then made 5 rotations and they were able to see it actually was a disc. It then took off to the north at high speed at 15 degrees, still rotating. Associated features of this incident included by a guest at the restaurant who was surprised by a flash like a photographers when he went outside to relieve himself , a billy goat going sterile, and disturbances in the sexual cycle of the female goats, unexplained howling of his dogs each morning at0200hrs., strange balls of light zigzagging around his water tower and Morse like tapping on his transistor. 
  • Delphieux and Othenin in FSR 16, 1 p13 trans from LDLN 100 citing investigation by Mr Gerard

February 9 1969. 2150hrs.
Agricultural advisor John J Shelley and his wife Catherine were out driving when they saw an orange and crimson light through an isolated cloud. First seen at about 10,000m, it descended in 4 minutes to just 30m above the ground to their right. It appeared to be about 9-12m diameter, gave off a dazzling light and was surrounded by a blue, smokey vapour. The couple got out for a better look but Catherine became frightened, so they drove away. As they did so, the thing came down to ground level. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 12 p 5

February 10 1969. 2150hrs.
A truck driver left his truck to get a closer look at a ball of fire hovering low over the snow covered trees. When he approached within 60m of the thing, with a flashlight, it accelerated at 45 degrees causing snow on the trees to swirl. 
  • Fowler 1974 p355

February 11 1969. Night
A disc was seen near the ground. No further details. 
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 44

February 12 1969. 0545hrs.
Farm worker Luiz Flozino de Oliveira was on his way to work when he heard a noise in the shrubbery. :He was, rolling a cigarette when he was grabbed and pulled backwards about 4m and pulled side to side. This seemed to be the work of two 1.42m tall beings with asymmetrical eyes and long black hair and beards. They wore short trousers, white blouses and dark shoes. Luiz struggled with these beings on the ground, eventually forcing them to retreat. As they walked away, apparently indifferent to the scrub, Luis followed them and set his dog on them, but the animal ended up curled up on the ground. After a while they continued on their search but the beings were gone. The dog never really recovered from the incident and died a month later.
  • Buhler et al 1985 p157 Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 5 p10 citing Ultima Hora (SP) 2 March 1969

February 17 1969. 0250hrs.
A woman was awoken by a whirring sound, which made her think that her fridge door had opened. She went downstairs to investigate and found the door shut, but looking out through her glass front doors saw the house across the road bathed in a brilliant white glow. Then, through a side window, she saw the source of the illumination; an inverted saucer shaped object about 10m diameter, some 100m away on the other side of some trees. Part of the object seemed to be on the ground, the other part reached about 2m above the ground. There were several bright lights inset on this object. From the shadows emerged a man about 1.8m tall, lean with light hair, wearing white “combination overalls”, a tight fitting one piece suit. This man was in the shadows most of the time, but occasionally came into the light, always staying in the immediate proximity of the craft, and kept either digging or working on the ground. The witness went to check on her children, and then noticed the whirr getting louder. She thought of going to a neighbour’s but was afraid of going into the light. When the noise became even louder she ran to watch and saw that the object was on the other side of the oval, 6m above the ground, travelling in an arc, its lights going out. She then ran to her neighbour, who was in time to see the object disappear instantly over the ridge. The main witness also heard a high pitched beeping sound, like a transformer sparking, during the observation, Neighbours confirmed a strange glow left behind and hearing a faint whirring sound. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p90 and Basterfield and Chalker 1976 + Basterfield 1980 38 case35 citing D Mitchell + UFO Research South Australia investigations + RAAF Unusual Aerial Sightings Summary 2 1969 
  • Basterfield 1997 p166 citing files of Australian Flying Saucer Research Society + UFO Research South Australia

February 19 1969. Morning
School teacher, Mrs Barbara Smythe was driving to work when she saw a huge object like a tent with pulsating sides 13m tall, 4.5m diameter, with two huge :white flashing lights and a bright pink-red light. The thing was 25m above the ground of a hill and was spinning counter clockwise so fast that its details were blurred. The thing disappeared behind the hill and then reappeared at higher altitude. Barbara felt that her car was floating above the ground and an uncanny silence pervaded the area. The observation lasted 3 minutes. 
  • Magor 1977 p189 + W K Allen in FSR Case Histories 6 p8 + Saucers, Space and Science 59 p6 all citing investigation by Allen

February 20 1969.
Alerted by his dog barking, a boy, Helder Souza Lima of rua Jundial, saw an object that was flattened on top and oval below touching the outer wall of the house. He called his brother Egler. The two boys watched the object for a couple of minutes or so. Its upper part was intensely bright and had spheres of various kinds attached to it. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 5 p10 citing Correiro da Manha (Rio de J) 22 February 1969

February 20 1969. 1500hrs.
As his fully fuelled car began to gasp as if running out of petrol John Rose saw cigar shaped object, about 10m long, with a floursecent glow, moving away above trees 25m away, kicking up dust and leaves as it did so. When John accelerated, his car moved off smoothly, the object following him, following the contours of the trees. He stopped and opened his door, and which the object Veered away and disappeared within 10 seconds. John claimed after the incident that he could see footprints on his car floor. 
  • Australian UFO Review 10 p 27 UFO Investigator IV, 11 p4 citing undated issue of Perth News

February 20 1969 (approx. date) Night
The manager of the Bela Alianca fazenda, about 8km from the centre of town, heard his pigs grunting, Going out to the sty, he saw a machine, 5m high, 4m wide, land on a tripod 1.5m high. He remained standing there, 20m away from the machine and saw three occupants who emerged and stationed themselves in a sort of cat walk, each crew member remaining on watch for 2-3 minutes in turn and each operating a different piece of apparatus. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 5 p10 citing O Globo (Rio) 5 May 1969

February 22 1969. 0100hrs.
The groundsman at the Awanui Hotel, Nathan Brown (46) a Maori, was walking back the 3km to the hotel after a night drinking and playing darts with some friends. About 1.5km from Awanui he noticed incandescence behind some tall pampas buildings on the west of the road and went to investigate. After some metres he came to a gap 2.6m wide in the bushes which were growing from a ditch 3m from a paddock fence. In this area was some long grass. There he saw two men sat with their backs to the road, their feet dangling in the ditch, and a woman lying across the ditch, as if supported by a board that he could not see. He first thought it was some sort of roadside party, but the strange state of the young woman, who had unnaturally white shoulder length hair, deathly pale skin, and was dressed in a long white gown which covered her feet, her arms being inside the sleeveless gown and straight by her side. Her feet came up to 60cm in front of the men, and she appeared to be unconscious. Brown now thought it might be a road accident and getting no reply from, the men to his enquiries went to see what was wrong with the woman, only to be stopped by a sort of repulsive force. Brown now took a closer look at the men, who were sat with their heads slightly bowed; shoulders drooped, hands falling loosely into their lap. They were 1.65m tall, with dark brown skin, brown crew cut hair and wearing brown jackets and trousers. As Brown tried to look into their faces, they turned their heads away from him. Brown then lost his patience and tried to grab one of the men by his shoulders, only to find his hands couldn’t get within 30cm of his body, being stopped by a sort of fuzzy wall. Brown now became convinced he was dealing with supernatural forces, performed a traditional ritual against ghosts and fled the scene. Looking back he saw the strange light was still there, illuminating an area about 12m wide, 6m high. He tried to interest his brother in law, police and friends in the incident without much success. He then returned to the scene to find the light and people gone. :Next day he found traces where the people had been and a nearby flattened strip of grass, about 1m wide, 60cm long. For about three weeks after the incident Brown felt unusually tired and found it difficult to get up in the morning. He apparently had other psychic experiences (not specified). 
  • Anthony Brunt in FSR 15, 4 p29 and Spacelink 8, 2 p14 (citing Spaceview 58) and Basterfield 1976 + Dykes 1981 p138 all citing the investigation by Brunt and the Auckland University UFO Research Group).

February 22 1969.
Two women and five children were driving back to Belledune from Bathurst when they saw an object changing colour orange-white-red, which suddenly moved directly over them and continued along the highway for 3km to Jacquet River. The slow moving object then speeded up and glided out over the bay close to the surface and disappeared into the town lights at Cambellton 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 56 p7

February 22 1969. 0300hrs.
Mrs Daniel was awoken by what seemed like a gust of wind, but her curtains were not moving. Looking out of the window, she saw a dirty white pyramid shaped object 6m diameter hovering close to the ground some 60m away. She called her daughter who also saw the thing, but the women became afraid and went back to bed. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p90 + 1997 p 167 citing Australian Flying Saucer Research Society and UFO Research South Australia files

February 22 1969. Early Hours
Ignacio Grossman, the owner a bakery, was awakened by a sound like a truck. 50m or so away, a round orange object was rising up silently, emitting white smoke from its underside. It vanished in a few seconds. Searching the waste ground Ignacio found depressions 4cm deep, 40cm apart, in the hard earth, which looked as though they had been produced by a small ladder pushed into the ground at an angle. A strong smell like sulphur was also detected at the site. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 5 p10 citing Noticia (Rio) 22 February 1969

February 23 1969.
Two boys were bathing in a mountain waterfall when they heard a slight sound and turned round to see an enormous object. In it was a vertical door from which two small beings. They had human features, a greenish tint to their heads and shining phosphorescent chests, while from the waist downwards they were ash grey coloured. The two boys fled down the mountain, and when they returned with two watchmen, neither the object nor the beings were to be found. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 5 p10

February 23 1969. 2030hrs.
At the Fazenda Santa Adelia, Antonio Raimundo de Morais saw, about 300m away, an object that first appeared 50m above the ground and then came to within a few metres of the surface. It made small up and down movements close by the BR-153 motorway for 15 minutes, projecting a beam of light that lit up an area extending to about 200m. The lights on the ranch had gone out, but came back on again 15 minutes later. The object was yellow, about 1.5m diameter, but at times it increased and decreased in size. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 5 p10 citing O Dia (Rio) 1 March 1969

February 26 1969. 0030hrs.
Several people driving in a car down the Avenida da Saudade saw, by the cemetery wall, 1km away, a yellow-golden oval object, surrounded by a halo of the same colour, the size of a station wagon, standing in an oblique position, its right side lower. A watchman, Jose Alves da Silva, saw the same thong in another part of Lins during the same day. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 5 p13 citing O Dia (Rio) 27 February 1969

February 28 1969. 0245hr.
At the time of the earthquake which struck the Andalusian region a truck driver and his helper saw a strange object and five tall, luminous, apparently humanoid beings. The two men drove off in terror. 
  • Ballester 1976 p23 case 104 citing Manuel Osuna

February 28 1969. 1400hrs.
The residents of the K-11 suburb saw an object that descend onto the slopes of Morro da Maxambomba in a spiral, making no sound but giving off a little smoke. They thought that it was a light aircraft that had crashed, but when the preliminary first aid team reached the thing, it disappeared before their eyes. It had been shaped just like a light aircraft. A couple of hours earlier a disc had circled the hill. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 5 p13 citing SBEDV Bulletin 69/70 and O Dia 2 + 4 March 1969)

Early Spring 1969.
A logger encountered :unusual tracks and then saw a hairy humanoid standing in a small lake. The logger fled. 
  • Green 1973 p161

March 1969.
Mark Yellowbird saw a hairy humanoid in the North Saskatchewan Valley on the eastern slope of the Alberta Rockies. 
  • Green 1973 p161

March 1969.
Two farmer’s sons saw a circular red object hovering over a power line near the barn and livestock pens. One of the boys observed it from a tree, the other from behind a barn. The object shone a beam of red light at each of the boys. One fled to the safety of the farmhouse. The boy in the tree remained behind and saw the thing take off, lower itself further down the line and then land behind a clump of trees. A burnt circular area and impressions were found at the site. This was just the start of a whole complex of UFO activity on this farm.
  • Steiger 1974 p130 citing investigation by Glen McWane Brad Steiger in Saucers, Space and Science 61 p7.

March 1969.
A strange object was observed at ground level. No further details. 
  • Data Net IV, 12 p8

March 1969.
A strange entity was seen. No further details.
  • Pereira 1974 case 227 citing Ouest-France 6 March 1969

March 1969. Night.
Auctioneer and agricultural advisor John Shelley of Cregg, was driving with his wife when, near a local creamery, :they saw a hemispherical object 12-18m diameter, 4.5m high, which came down in great half circles to a standstill as they stopped within 100m of it. The thing gave off an orange light at first then deepening to crimson as it landed from its top. This light, though apparently weak, still dazzled their eyes. At first they saw a mist under the object but this cleared away. John wanted to investigate but his wife insisted that they drive away. :When John went back to the spot no trace could be found. 
  • Data Net V, 1 p12 citing unspecified issues of Dublin Evening Herald and Irish Press both citing an unspecified issue of UFO Register

March 1969. Night.
Two 14 year old boys Martin L and Robert W were walking down a path to the Downs from Canesworde Road, when their dog alerted them to a white figure some 20m ahead of them and approaching. It was white, about 2.5-3m tall, very broad and wore something like a wide brimmed hat on its head. It was floating about 45cm above the ground, and lacked arms and legs. As it approached it turned black. :They returned to the scene two nights later, at which Robert went into a trance and the figure appeared beside him. The boy began to talk first unintelligibly and then “about things they could not understand”. When they fled the scene he recovered 
  • Broughall and Adams 2010 p 41

March 4 1969.  0640hrs.
Bill Overstreet (50) a route mail carrier and city marshall from Elmer Missouri was driving from there to Atlanta, when on route J 6.5km from Atlanta he noticed a bright light in the south, which seemed to be a northerly course, as he continued west. :However, as he came over the crest of a hill he encountered a reddish sphere about 30m in diameter, extending 3m on either side of the road, about 15-18m above the ground, giving off a light so brilliant that he pulled down his sun visor and shielded his face with his hands. As Bill approached it, the centre changed colour to a blue colour that wavered, and he noticed that the object was surrounded by a yellowish border rotating in a clockwise direction. He heard no noise as it moved along at 65kph, so he decided to drive under it. As he did so a beam of light, as wide as the object but narrowing to 2.5m diameter at the road, shot down in front of him. When the beam hit the road it was so brilliant it seemed to magnify the road features. :This beam was blue-white and gave off an intense heat, and when the front of his truck hit the beam, the vehicles lights and CB radio both failed, only to restart as the object. He attempted to follow it, but his engine kept missing when he got within 2m of the beam and stopped altogether when he came in contact with it. at this he stopped giving chase and watch the object continue at its modest pace and low altitude as veered north around the tower at Highway 53, and then south-east and out of sight towards Macon. It seemed to follow the curve of the land. He observed it for about 7 or 8 minutes. 
  • Lorenzen 1970 p173 Flying Saucers 70 p8 (gives date as 5th) 
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  •  Hall 2001 p38

First week March 1969.ALEXANIA (GOIAS : BRAZIL)Fazenda owner Wilson Gusmao saw a strange object land on his ranch, occupants were seen and photographs were taken. No further details. 

  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 6 p11 citing SBEDV Bulletin 69/70 + Jornal de Brasil 8 March 1969
  • Evaluation: Probable hoax

First week March 1969.  0100hrs.
While driving between Campos and Itaperuna judge Dr Antonio Sampio Peres and his wife were accompanied by a hat shaped object, with a purple light on its cupola, which flew alongside the car. They managed, with great difficulty, to leave it behind. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 6 p22 citing Diaro de Noticias (Nitteroi) 7 March 1969

March 5 1969. 0400hrs
Don Cox of Washougal was driving on Highway 14 about 1,5km east of the Beacon Rock State Park, and had just come out of fog, when he saw what he thought was a tree leaning over the road. He slowed down and put his headlights on to high at which saw that it was a dark furry creature 2.4m-3m tall with an ape like face. The thing ran across the road and raced up a 45 degree slope, disappearing into the woods beyond. A track 175mm by 200mm long and 87.5mm deep was found at the site. 
  • Lorenzen 1970 p 114 citing Portland Oregonian n.d. 
  • Hunter and Dahinden 1975 p135 
  •  Keel 1970a p119

March 6 1969.
Juan Arenillas Lopez, director of the Buscot caves and his wife were driving in the area of the Cabeso d’Or mountain when they saw three objects illuminating the mountain for three minutes. The electrical system of the car failed as the objects landed on the mountain. 
  • Ballester 1976 p23 case 105 citing ABC 7 June 1969

March 6 1969. 2145hrs.
At Campamonto Manartiastos petrol station employee Orvaldo Dominguez saw a disk shaped object, 4m in diameter, a few metres above the ground. an opening appeared and two shadowy beings 1.6m tall could be seen. One of the creatures came in front of the car and leant on it. Orvaldo enquired what is was about but got no answer and the creature returned to its craft. White marks, like those made by cats’s claws were found on the car. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Pablo Petrowitsch in LDLN 118 p7 citing El Mercurio 1 May 1969 
  • Pereira 1974 case 228 citing UFO Chile 6,7 p11 
  •  Petrowitsch Table of Chilean landings

March 6 1969 2300hrs.
A woman was driving home when her St Bernard dog became agitated and then hid under the dashboard, whimpering At this point she saw a beam of light on the road ahead, which she then saw came from a silver disc hovering 300m above the road. The thing appeared to be metallic with a domed section on top. No other details were visible. The brilliant blue white beam came from an opening in the bottom of the object. The road beyond the beam appeared distorted as if by a heat haze. Her car was travelling at over 80kph, and as it passed through the beam, it slowed to about 15kph, even though the witness pushed her foot hard on the accelerator. After passing through the beam, the car picked up speed and began to run smoothly again. The witness felt no heat and heard no sound. Her eyes were irritated for three days following the incident. 
  • Ted Phillips in FSR Case Histories 8 p11 citing his own investigation
  • UFO Investigator IV, 11 p3 (gives date as 10th 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p45 citing CUFOS
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969a p32 
  •  Hall 2001 p39 
  • Note: The NICAP studies give the altitude as 300m, putting outside INTCAT’s original parameters :

March 7 1969. 2100hrs. 
Farmer Alfredo Ferreira was driving home with his :wife and two relatives, when at the cross roads between Sao Jose de Uba and Itaperuna, he saw a luminous object, twice the apparent diameter of the full moon, emitted multi-coloured lights, hovering about 50m above a hill called Pedra Redonda, about 8km away. It moved sideways and up and down, illuminating the trees. This went for 20 minutes, until Mrs Ferreira became afraid asked to go home. Having dropped her home, Alfredo returned to the site but the thing had gone.
  • Granchi 1995 p79
  • Evaluation astronomical + autokinesis?

March 7 1969 (or following day) 2330hrs. 
Mrs Taylor was on her way home from work, travelling south on Hw3 when she saw a bright red object, about the size of a car, resting on the highway about 400m ahead. As she approached the object took off to the north-east, slow at first and then very fast. 
  • Larry Yoder in Skylook 37 p2

March 9 1969. 2200hrs.
Two medical students, Mr and Mrs Mira, were driving from Valencia to Zaragoza when they observed an object that flew parallel to the road 2km away. It was a flattened egg with a smaller white sphere flying alongside it. The egg shaped object had six luminous points in its central part, giving various displays (?) as it landed vertically. The Miras stopped twice to make sure that they were not the victims of some illusion and they later observed a similar object in flight. 
  • Ballester 1976 p24 case 106 citing his own investigation

March 10 1969. 2210hrs.
Police chief Lavern Janzen was driving near his base, when he saw a helmet shaped object, with its dome emitting a green-blue light, and with a central band of rotating red light. The thing was projecting a brilliant light beam from its underside and it passed right over Lavern’s car. He stopped and watched the thing hovering about the road about 20m away, wobbling slightly. After about 10-15 minutes it took off to the south at high speed. During the incident Lavern’s radio was filled with static and he smelt smoothing like burning rubber. When the thing took off Lavern felt a kind of lightness as if he were “going to float away.” :The radio worked perfectly next day. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 11 p5 citing investigation by Donald Flickinger 
  •  Hall 2001 p189

March 11 1969,  1645hrs.
Angelo Randi, a businessman of Vila Castello Branco, was driving along the road to Hortolandia when he :saw a powerful light in the distance, which was moving about in various directions and changing colour through yellow-green-blue-purple-green. The object came to a halt in front of Angelo’s car, whereupon the vehicle slowed down and the engine died. Angelo found himself totally paralysed though perfectly lucid and began to have difficulty in seeing until the object took off. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 6 p11 citing Diario de Noticias + Jornal da Brasil both13 March 1969 
  • APRO Bulletin May/June 1969 p8 citing Irene Granchi and Jader Pereira 
  • UFOIC Newsletter 26 p3

March 11 1969.  Evening.
While returning to Atikokan from Lakehead, Russell Barker and his two companions followed a bright object, with no discernible outlines, from Shebandowan to the Pines Motel The object remained a short distance in front of the car throughout the journey on Hw11 until it suddenly swerved to the side and vanished. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 56 p9

March 12 1969 1830hrs.
Kjell Naslund, the director of the radio transmission station at Hemliden was working alone at the station, when at 1800hrs. the alarm sounded, indicating a fault. After 30 minutes Naslund felt a sudden urge to go out, where he encountered a massive object 150m across, 5-6 m high, with a fuzzy outline, only 15m from the building. From a tunnel in the object came grey-blue light, beside which, and inside the tunnel, were about 10 cloud like boxes, about 1,35m tall, without solid edges, floating just above the ground. Naslund tried to go and call the police but found himself paralysed. 6 or 7 of these boxes floated past the immobilised witness, who had the feeling that there were living creatures in them, and entered the station at walking pace. 5-10 minutes later the boxes returned to the large object, being sucked up inside the tunnel which then closed behind them. The main object then left for the north. Naslund was then able to move and call the police. 
  • Carl Anton Mattsson and Thorvald Berthelsen in Nordic UFO Newsletter 1 p10 
  •  Magor 1983 citing UFO-Sverige October/December 1973

March 13 1969. Evening.
Larry Johnson and his wife were driving north of Hale, when Mrs Johnson developed a peculiar feeling of being watched. Looking around she saw an object above the trees behind their car. They sped away but the thing followed them for 8km and then took off vertically and out of sight. When they reached home they saw the thing again, and once again it took off out sight, straight up. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 11 p 5

March 14 1969.  1940hrs.
Jaime Antonio saw an object shaped like two plates joined at the rims, of a vivid red colour, with a red flashing light like a neon lamp and two antennae on top, come down vertically over the Lins Athletic Club and then head for Guaicara in the direction of the Fazenda San Miguel. There Mrs Tracema Granchi’s little boy saw a sort of shiny kite at 2015. There was another witness in Lins, Mr Valenti, who estimated the object to be about 9m diameter. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 6 p12 citing O Dia 15 March 1969

March 14 1969, 1955hrs.
Mr Manselon (37), the owner of a gravel pit, saw a strange urn shaped object hovering about 1.5m above the ground in the pit. The thing was shaped like a vertical barrel, 2m high, 1.5m wide of a vivid but not dazzling colour. On the top were two antennae, one on each side, about 2m high, much brighter than the rest of the object. The edges of the thing were all sharp, except for the top, which was indistinct and hazy. The light, which was giving a slight but rapid pulsation, did not light up the surroundings and no structure could be seen. Manselon was unable to say how the object arrived, but as he tried to run off he found himself paralysed and unable to call out. Finally the object began to rise at about 4-5kph, and as it did so Manselon felt the paralysis leaving him. When the thing reached a height of 8-10m it tipped over on its side and vanished like a light being turned off. It made no sound and no traces were found. There were other witnesses. 
  • FSR 15, 6 p32 translated from Mr Gueritault in LDLN 101 citing his own investigation

March 15 1969.
Once again another unidentified object was seen to land on the grounds of the Athletic Club. 
  • Walter Buhler FSR Case Histories 6 p12 citing O Jornal 16 March 1969

March 17 1969.
Herbert Lancaster saw a disc shaped object land in front of his car, as his engine failed. A human looking figure could be seen through a window.
  • Data Net IV, 7 p4 Rosales citing Humcat citing unnamed newspaper sources

March 17 1969,  0400hrs.
George Wilshaw, a lorry driver, had gone out to go to the outside toilet of his Providence Street house, when he saw a huge human figure dressed entirely in black stood under a tree on the property boundary. The figure was silent and motionless and did not respond to George’s challenge. When George got within 1.5m of the thing it just vanished. Over the next three days George’s dog was reluctant to go outside. At about the same time on the 20th George saw the figure again by his neighbour’s shed. Again it did not reply to challenge and disappeared as George approached it. The neighbour died that day. 
  • Underwood 1978a p98

March 17 196. 2000hrs.
Mr Pesola and his girlfriend had just set out from Aanekoski to visit a friend in Pihtipudas when they noticed to the front and left of the car, a round disc, the apparent size of the moon. Near this disc they saw a cigar shaped phenomenon, five times as long as the diameter of the disc. These objects were turquoise green and very brilliant. As the objects approached the car, its engine began to misfire. The things then flew behind the car to the other side of the road and nearly landed, coming very close, at which the car engine misfired more. The objects followed the car for about 45km before disappearing round a curve behind a forest. Pesola heard a very high pitched sound while this phenomenon was present. When the couple arrived in pihtipudas , their friend reported that there had been a strange interference on TV and then asked them for no apparent reason if they had been followed by a flying saucer. 
  • UFO Chronicle 1, 3 p15 citing Errki Erahonka

March 18 1969. (approx date) 2135hrs.
On the road between Ollague and San Martin Bernado Conterras, H Chacana and Pedro Ruidobo saw an oval object, which seemed to be composed of a multitude of multi-coloured little lights, on the ground. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Pablo Petrowistch in LDLN 118 p8)

March 19 1969. (approx. date) 0245hrs.
An army general was driving along the Grajau-Jacarepagua road back to the city centre from a meal in Barra, when his engine failed in a remote location. He was hoping for assistance, and when he saw a light about 30cm above the ground he hoped it was the light from a truck. He approached the light, which was about 200-300m away and came across another, dazzling, light, which lit up the area. It came from a translucent object 3m x3m, with part of the wall lifted up, revealing a cubical inner area, in which three beings were standing. These seemed to be human beings, and the general was invited on board, where there was some sort of screen showing aerial views of various cities. Despite the silence, and no sense of motion, it was clear that the object was moving. There were the usual pseud-scientific discussions, before the man was set down at about 0310. His car now worked. 
  • Irene Granchi in International UFO Library Magazine 1,3 p23 + Granchi 1995 p158 citing her own investigation.

March 19 1969.
Two cars were being driven in convoy when a saucer shaped object hovered over one of them. The thing’s light pulsed, and as the light increased both cars; headlight beams widened, narrowing as the thing dimmed. They carried on driving but the thing hovered over one of the cars again, forcing them to stop again, but the headlights were not affected as the thing hovered, rocking from side to side. After a few minutes the thing took off into the distance. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p46 citing Data Net April 1970

Late March 1969 Evening.
Mrs Jean Noble and three other people were driving along the highway beside Lake Simcoe between Snake Island and Island Grove when they suddenly saw a huge sphere, the size of a house, hovering just above the surface of the lake. The thing was glowing brightly all over its surface. The party stopped and walked to the edge of the lake. A family living a few hundred metres down the road, who were friends of one of the witnesses joined the party. They could observe the sphere perfectly in the clear weather. After about 30 minutes cold and boredom forced them back into the car. They had driven no more than half a block when the object moved towards them and they found themselves enveloped in an exceptionally heavy fog. The car stopped , its lights went out and the party became terrified,. After a couple of seconds everything cleared up and they could start the car again. 
  • Haisell 1978 citing his own investigation

March 19 1969. 2230hrs. 
A strange object was observed at ground level. No further details. 
  • Table of American landings in FSR 17,5 p4

March 22 1969 0100hrs.
A woman and her daughter were watching TV when their attention was caught by a light outside their window. They went to watch and saw a bright white light moving towards their house from the north-west at treetop level. The thing made no sound nor did its brightness or colour show any alteration. At its nearest point it appeared as a sphere with bright lights underneath. As a car crested a hill nearby, the lights suddenly went off and the object was not seen again. 
  • UFOlog 60 p6 citing Ted Phillips in an unspecified issue of Skylook
  • Evaluation : Reflection of car headlights?

March 23 1969,  1100hrs.
Wayne Kidder, his wife, and 25 year old son, saw a metallic, domed object, about 15-18m diameter and 4.5-6m high, reflecting the sun, on the ground in an alfalfa field 800m from their home. They observed the thing for about 20 minutes and then went inside to get their coats. :When they went out again, the object had gone. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 11 p5 citing investigation by Rev Gerald F Boyer

March 25 1969.
8 people saw a saucer shaped object, with a blue revolving light on its top, land in a farmer’s field. 
  • COSMOS 1,5 p6 citing DAPRO Journal no3

March 25 1969, 2230hrs. 
An 80 year old woman observed an object, which emitted a smaller light that landed nearby. The larger object resembled a sort of white square or lozenge shape. It had a powerful red light in the centre which descended onto her neighbour’s roof and then rose up again. This object was seen a few days later and then again on April 12rg. The witness, who thought she had seen a secret military devise did not want her name used. 
  • Ballester 1976p24 case 107 citing Fr Antonio Felices

March 30 1969. Afternoon.
Two children coming home from school saw twenty little men moving rapidly. They were only 50cm tall and had just one eye. They were enveloped in light and floated up into the sky. 
  • Fabio Picasso in The Missing Link 120 p15

March 30 1969.  Night.
Mrs Hughes was lying in bed next to her sleeping husband when she became aware of a high pitched whirring noise that almost deafened her, and the room became flooded with a pale pink light coming in through the top of the curtains. She found herself unable to move until the light and sound began to diminish. When awoken her husband also heard the noise. Mrs Hughes developed a headache and enormous appetite. Other residents in their street were also said to have experience the light, sound and paralysis, but in their case, joined with a lack of appetite. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p98 citing investigation by Bob Tibbits and Gary Ashley

April 1969 (approx. date) Late afternoon
An unknown shepherd from a nearby town saw an object like an inverted plate at very low level. 
  • Ballester 1976 p24 case 108 citing David Lopez
  • Evaluation; Appears to be only a rumour

April 1969. Morning.
Children coming into school saw a white light in the sky as they got off their school bus. The light was still there at break time, moving about. The children were later told to stay indoors as the school principle and superintendent had seen the object land. Three marks were found in the field. 
  • Swords 2005 p75 citing John Timmerman

April 1969.
A woman saw and reported to the police two large bipeds by the trash cans at the corner of the Williams Lake Road and the Bossburg-Newport Highway. 
  • Green 1973 p204
  • Evaluation: Untraced anonymous report

April 1969. 1100hrs.
Mrs Betty Peterson of Kettle Falls was driving south on Highway 395 when a black bipedal creature came over the bank as if from the river and crossed the road. It was accompanied by a similar but shorter creature. Both, however, appeared to be over 2m tall. 
  • Green 1973 p205

April 1969. 1200hrs.
Three men out camping saw, about 100m away, a creature like a gorilla sat on its haunches. After about 5 minutes the thing got up, its teeth chattering, and walked away on two legs. 
  • Steenburg 1993 p113 citing John Green

April 1 1969. 2100hrs.
Rosemary Lee and others saw an object with a greater angular diameter than the full moon. It was red in flight but yellow while hovering and landing. It was the shape of a large light bulb, 3m long, 2.5m wide and gave off yellow flames from the centre of its base. The chief of police and an investigator went to the area next day where they found plastic looking strips lying on the snow in a tear drop fashion. Material when placed in a jar turned to a paper like substance. They were originally covered with a slimy substance which also soaked between 20-30cm into the snow. The material and photos of the site were sent to NICAP. 
  • Phillips 1975 p64 case 660 citing CUFOS citing Vince Conway
  • Evaluation: Crash of a hot air balloon)

April 4 1969. 0400hrs.
Mr Hunter, a university librarian and his wife Gemma, a publicity executive, were driving through the moorland mist about 800m from Moretonhampstead, travelling from Exeter to Yelverton along a winding road when saw lights, like car headlights, coming straight towards them at high speed. Fearing a collision the couple pulled over and their car landed in a ditch. No car passed them and when they tried to restart the battery was flat. A garage mechanic who examined the battery said it appeared to be have been drained off all its energy. 
  • Green 1973 p63

April 4 1969.   2245hrs.
Mr and Mrs Neale had just gone to bed when they saw a very white “star” low on the horizon, through their bedroom window. It was pulsating irregularly and moving up and down. Mrs Neale went to the window for a better view and looking down and to the right saw a stationary, bright red, domed object, taller than it was wide, somewhat resembling a pillar box,. It appeared to be on the ground about 220m away. Mrs N returned to bed and they both sat watching the star for 30 seconds, when they saw the red object rising into the sky at 15 degrees elevation to the south east, soon becoming lost to view beyond the window. It then had the appearance of a slightly elongated triangle, the smaller angle ahead in flight. Immediately the bright star disappeared to the south-west at very high speed, disappearing from view in 2-3 seconds at level height. No traces were found. 
  • UFOlog 58 p2 citing investigation by the Stratford on Avon UFO Group

April 5 1969. 1930hrs.
Three 17 year old boys (DM, (17) PF (17) and DS(19)) were sat in a car on a road overlooking DeForest Lake, just north of West Nyack, when one of them noticed a light on the dashboard. Denis got out to investigate and saw an object about 15m diameter hovering over a nearby telephone pole. Red and white lights were revolving around its outer edge and a beam of white light was coming from the centre. Denis tried to restart the car, but it wouldn’t. He tried again a few minutes later and the car worked. They drove to Clarkstown and reported the matter to the police. There appeared to be a period of two hours missing time. 10 years later the story was investigated by Budd Hopkins and was featured in a TV documentary. After this Denis recalled being drawn into the object on a beam of light and examined on a table by three occupants, 1.35-1.5m tall, with pale grey skin, large black eyes and wearing skin tight grey clothing. They were silent and unemotional. Paul had a dream in which the object landed for 20 minutes and projected a calming beam at him.
  • Donderi 2013 p107
  • Bullard in Hall 2001 p533
  • Dennett 2008 p147 citing Hopkins 1981 p111
  • Bullard 1987 case 79). 

April 10 1969. 2200hrs.
A :workman returning to his home on the hill above the hall of residence of the Engineering Faculty, saw, suspended a few centimeters off the ground on top of the hill, an enormous, round, brilliantly shiny object from which came strange muffled sounds. Very afraid, he ran back into town and stayed the night there. At the same time, some 200m away, a student, Marco Antonio Von Kruger noticed some interference on his TV which stopped after a while. He thought of going out to investigate, but, glancing through his window, saw a vague shape moving around and heard the garbage bin being overturned. He later found it had been interfered with. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 6 p12 citing Jornal do Brazil 14 May 1969

April 12 1969. 1830hrs. 
A retired schoolmistress was exercising her dog in some fields, a kilometres out of Bridgnorth. The animal ran through a hedge, following the stick she had thrown, but returned distressed. Thinking someone had attacked the dog, she went through the gap in the hedge and saw on the other side a top shaped object 3m tall, resting on :hree grey coloured legs. Around this object were three dwarfs, the size of 11 year old children. They had pear shaped heads, were dressed in black all over except for white belts, and appeared to lack hands. At first they were just standing, but then they began to collect samples, which they placed on the side of the craft. These samples seemed to disappear through the solid surface of the craft in some way. The lady did not wait around. 
  • NICAP GB Journal 1 p4 First hand investigation by Roger Stanway, Tony Pace and Wilfred Daniels 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p101 citing investigation by Derek Sampson

April 14 1969. 2330hrs.
Edwin H Bohl Jnr of Logan was driving, with his family on US24 east of Hill City when they saw an object with multi-coloured lights come down to within 25m of the highway at 45 degree angle from his car. The car engine died and they sat there for three minutes as the object hung in silence and then moved away slowly and soundlessly to the east, following the highway towards Stockton. 
  • UFOlog 58 p6 citing an unspecified issue of Skylook citing Kansas City Star 20 Apr 1969 
  •  Data Net IV, 9 p4 corrects date

April 15 1969. 2300hrs.
6km from this town a man saw a sort of melon-shaped object on the ground. It gave off a light, which was violet at first and then turned white. His car’s engine and electrical system failed. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing LDLN 118 p6 citing Pablo Petrowitsch

April 16 1969. 2355hrs. 
Robert L Behme of Magalia, a writer and photographer, was driving between Paradise and Stirling City through a thickly wooded area when, as they rounded a curve, their lights caught what looked like a man in a fur suit crossing the road ahead. The figure turned toward the car and then walked off into the woods with a limp. It appeared to be over 1.8m tall, covered with short black hair with white patches and a blurry white, hairless face. Mrs Behme returned to the site the next day but there were no traces. 
  • Byrne 1975 p55 citing letter from Mrs Behme to George Haas

April 19 1969. Evening.
Two people saw a multi-coloured at a location 8km east of here. As the thing came within 30m of their car, the vehicle’s engine failed. The thing hovered at 25m altitude for three minutes and then moved slowly away, after which the car started without trouble. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p46 citing CUFOS files

April 20 1969 1930hrs. 
A woman out walking saw and heard a patch of sugar cane rustling violently, though there was no wind. A powerful beam of light swept the area, and when it hit the witness, she felt as though she was being lifted off the ground towards the source of the beam. The light then went out and she found herself still on the ground. She now saw that the beam had come from a helmet shaped object about 15m away, hovering 60cm above the 1,2m tall cane. The thing had a shiny grey surface, and portholes from which a mixture of pale yellow, pinkish red and green light shone, illuminating its surface. From its top came a thin smoke trail. The cane movement had now become gentle, but less than a minute later the agitation became violent again, there was a whistling sound and the thing just disappeared. at 2000hrs. a woman and her daughter fishing downstream from the Harwood Bridge saw a brilliant red light with a whitish trail hovering above the bridge. After a few seconds it just disappeared. The first witness thought that the corn was flattened by the event but did not verify this. 
  • Chalker 1996 p125 Basterfield 1981 p94 :citing investigation by Bill Chalker

April 20 1969 1930hrs.
Dolar Roque (25) an illiterate employee of the Fazenda Cerradinho, 12km from town, was riding home after failing to get a dentist to extract a tooth. About 2km out Itaucu, he became aware of a light following him, but did not take much notice of it until after another 200m, when the thing came down lower and closer. When Dolar stopped at the Rio Cerradinho, to let his horse drink the light came down the river and frightened the beast. Dolar managed to ride on another 100m at which point he was struck on the back by a beam of cold light that seemed to mesmerise him. His attempts to ride on, despite the glare, were halted when a second, hot, beam, hit him on the chest, paralysing him. He was vaguely aware of a huge object hovering above him and being pulled off hid horse by some force, at which he lost consciousness. Dolar recovered his senses at 0500hrs the next morning on a rock by a stream at a place he later learned was Itumbiara, some 400km away. His horse had arrived home, much frightened, that dawn. Dolar finally arrived home on the evening of the 21st, suffering from reddening of the skin. He appeared to be almost distracted with terror and his behaviour became disturbed. His psychological collapse accumulated with him poisoning himself and his 16 year old niece, with whom he had run off in late May. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 17, 5 p15 citing Felha de Goias 12 June 1969 and subsequent issue
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 6 p12 citing Felha op cit + Diario de Noticias 24 May 1969 +Wayner J Monteiro)

April 20 1969 2300hrs.
Robert and Wilma Phillips were driving to their home near South Wayne along State 11 from Monroe when, as they rounded a turn in the road, they noticed a bright yellow-orange light in the sky to their right, about 800m away. They stopped. They stopped to watch and the object moved down to within 30m of their car. The thing appeared to be shaped like an inverted ice cream cone, but as it came closer, they saw the cone was a stream of bright lights coming from a kettle drum shaped contraption, 6m diameter, 3-3.5m thick. Through the open window of their car they could hear a high pitched sound above the croaking of the frogs. The couple began to cautiously drive away and as they did so, the object tilted so that its flat top moved to the front, becoming somewhat deeper as it did so and it began to follow them from a distance of 30m from the road to their right and at an altitude of 6m. It continued to follow them for 6.5km. When they reached the drive of their farm they decided to keep on driving, so as not to attract the thing to their farm where their four teenage and two small children were. They proceeded to the outskirts of South Wayne village, where the object stopped, turned and moved up and away to the north, disappearing in seconds. The experience lasted 10 to 15 minutes. Though they encountered no other cars during the period of the close encounter, several people saw the object as it left the area. 
  • Geneva Saalsaa in Flying Saucers 65 p7

April 21 1969.
A large number of people, including physician Dr Decio N Perez saw three intensely luminous objects spinning very rapidly and very low over the point where the Rio-Petropolis motorway joined the Avenida do Brasil. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 6 p12 citing O Dia 22 April 1969

April 21 1969 (approx. date) 2200hrs.
Pablo Jimenez Sanchez, a trader, and his wife Nemesia were driving between Penaranda and Macotera on their way to Valladolid, when they saw three lights on the ground to the right of the highway. One was a very powerful intermittent light and the other two were green. They were located on the extremities of an object 20m wide. When they got within 65m of the object they stopped and switched off their lights, at which the object rose up at great speed and in 10 seconds travelled some 8km, where it disappeared into the rain. Pablo was described as “balanced, sincere and extrovert”. 
  • Ballester 1976 p24 case 109 citing investigation by the Charles Fort Group

April 22 1969 2030hrs.
A defence department employee, who did not want his name to be used, was driving along a deserted section of the Russell Road, with his wife and 15 year old son, in a rainstorm when they saw an object in a field. It was 1.5m above the ground, about 60m away. They stopped the car and saw the thing take off across a 20 acre field of swamp and bush and hover above the high tension wires, rising and falling with them. It was a pinkish coloured disc shaped object surmounted by a cupola, about 10m in diameter, with two huge spotlights, which lit up the fields, and many windows through which red lights could be seen. The object then left and wires and moved over the car, lighting it up like day and emitting a heavy humming sound. The family dog, which was sat on the floor of the car, leapt up into the seat in terror. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 56 p9 + UFO Investigator IV, 11 p4 both citing Ottawa Citizen 24 April 1969 citing investigation by Dr Bruce McIntosh 
  • Bray 1979 p22 citing Case N6910941 National Research Council list of Non-Meteoric Sightings 
  •  UFO Chronicle 3 p16 citing an unspecified issue of Topside

April 24 1969 1930hrs. 
A woman and her 11 year old daughter were taking a taxi past Roberts Park, when their attention was caught by a large light 30m above the ground. They got the taxi driver to stop and they got out. The light came from an object like two soup bowls rim to rim, 10m in diameter, with a steady red light on top. In a transparent front section, illuminated by a blue glow, they could see a humanoid figure operating some controls, a second was pointing at them, and a third seemed to be walking towards a back door. All were wearing black tight fitting clothing which appeared to cover their faces. The taxi driver seemed terrified and insisted that they were only watching the floodlights. He drove them to a taxi rank and then drove off before they could pay their fare. Investigators were unable to trace him. A group of boys playing under floodlights in the park seemed to be oblivious of the craft’s presence. 
  • Chalker 1996 p126
  • Basterfield 1997 p 169 citing David Reneke + UFO Research New South Wales Newsletter 31 
  • Basterfield 1980 p40 case 36 cites above 

April 26 1969 0430hrs. 
Mareal Robler, an industrialist, was driving down the main Ibiuna-Sao Paulo Road when, as he came down a hill and round a bend to the railway bridge at km48, he was amazed to see, standing on the ground between a small general store and the deserted police post, an object about 4m in diameter. :The thing’s lower part was a bright luminous blood red, and was shaped like the inverted base of a slightly tapering cone. On top of this was a dome with a sort of metallic looking frame cutting it into four pieces, which gave off a brilliant light, preventing Mareal seeing anything inside. This light, however, did not illuminate the surroundings at all. Very alarmed Mareal drove off. When he reached Sao Paulo he found that his brand new Rolex Oyster watch had stopped at the time he had passed the object and the watchmaker said it had subject to an intense electromagnetic field. 
  • Hans Bemelmans in FSR 16,1 p17

April 26 1969. Late Evening.
David Arychcuck was exercising his dog around the block when the animal suddenly stopped running. 200m away was a circular object 9m in diameter, 6m high with a clear, cream coloured, pitted surface, had three pulsating red lights on top, and there was a nauseatingly sweet bitterness in the air. Between him and the object David saw two figures and he yelled at them, thinking they were a couple of friends. They then walked around the furthest side of the craft. They were unusually tall and wore dark clothes but David could not see any further details. : The dog was shivering with fright so David took it home. When he returned to the site with his step- father the object had gone but the odour was still in the air next day. 
  • W. K. Allan in Saucers, Space and Science 62 p8

April 27 1969. 0200hrs. 
Randy Russell (17) and three other boys were driving home to their farms with the radio on when a bright, glaring, white light, with a yellow aura ,appeared above the treetops. The thing became V shaped as it swooped down to the road, hesitated for a moment as it reached the truck and then veered off to the east-north-east, leaving a vapour trail. They could detect an unusual nauseating odour but there were no other traces. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 56 p14

April 28 1969. Evening.
Elaine H (13) of Little Hulton was exercising her dog on Plodder Lane, a dried up stream bed by the side of the Golf Course, accompanied by her boyfriend Peter R when they saw a circular object, large enough to hold a man, with three red lights on top and a green one on the side. The thing was emitting a buzzing noise. It appeared to land on the golf course. The dog became terrified and the couple began to walk away and as they did so, a second, similar, object passed overhead silently at higher altitude. Other dogs in the area began to howl and whine. Police were informed but nothing was found. When investigators met Elaine she refused to go to the area and would not go out at night at all. Peter refused to meet the investigators at all. 
  • FSR 18,1 p27 citing Bolton Evening News 29 April 1969 Investigation by Arthur Tomlinson and Bill Skellon

May 1969 (approx. date) 0200hrs.
Bar owner Ramon Garcia Pons (39) was sat fishing in the river Jucar near the bridge to the road to Antella when he was dazzled by a brilliant light, which came from an object 20m in front of him. The object was about 11m above a nearby field and part way across the river. Frightened Ramon clambered up the steps to the bridge, from where he saw that the thing was a sort of fattened hemisphere on a round base. The thing was about 15m diameter and 4m taller than himself. After a couple of minutes the object shot off, tilting and passing between two mountains 1km away, disappearing within 2-3 seconds and making no sound. 
  • V J Ballester Olmos and J A Fernandez Peris in FSR 33,4 p19

May 1969. 0300hrs.
A local public notary saw, 300m away, in front of the Bishop’s palace, a machine resembling a concrete mixer standing on the road. When he walked 100m towards it the object rose up into the air, shedding a flood of light from its underpart. It remained stationary at a height of 100m for a few minutes, then departed leaving a luminous trail. When the witness got to the spot where the thing had been standing, he had a feeling of nausea. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 7 p15 citing O Dia 1 June 1969

May 1969. 0300hrs.
Six members of a musical group, who were resting after a recording session, observed for 20 minutes, a bright landed object 1.5km away. It appeared to be just a bright green light. 
  • Ballester 1976 p24 case 110 citing his own investigation

May 1969. Evening.
Twice while returning from a dance a nurse and her friend saw a figure like a tall thin woman with a long coat and flowing hair. 
  • Underwood 1973 p120

May 1 1969.
A humanoid was observed by J Adolfo and others. No further details. 
  • Pereira 1974 cases ii 46/47 citing Tribuna do Ceara 5 May 1969

First week May 1969, 0400hrs.
For some time a sugar cane truck carrying three passengers was followed along the Tigipio-Sao Joao road by a strange yellow light, 50cm wide, which kept sweeping round the truck, at times almost touching the sugar cane. The truck was travelling at 40kph. 
  • FSR 19,4 p.iii citing GPECE

May 2 1969. 2200hrs.
Police detective Bento Durao de Barres observed for a few minutes an egg shaped object, which emitted a shrill sound and beam of light, hovering over the shrubbery at the legislature gardens. It then disappeared at terrific speed. An official report was made. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 7 p15 citing O Dia 3+4 May 1969

May 4 1969. 0300hrs.
Corporal Juvenal Ramos of the Portillo military barracks was making rounds with a patrol when they observed the fall of a mass of light 10m away. Upon returning to the barracks at 0445hrs they saw an object, half blue and half red, which lit up the whole mountainous sector. 
  • Pablo Petrowitsch citing La Nueva Prensa 13 May 1969

May 4 1969. 1500hrs.
Antonio Rodrigues (60) who was deaf-mute was fishing on the banks of the RiO Vermelho at the Constantino Fazenda when a machine came down from the sky, out of which came a number of short, thick set, bearded men who chased him. They struck him on the leg with a sort of weapon, knocking him down. While Antonio was down the beings gathered around him, talking amongst themselves. One of them then held Antonio’s arm, shook his head, then led his colleagues back to their machine, which took off straight up. antonio communicated his story by means of sign language and drawings. 
  • Hovio Brant Alexo in FSR 21,3-4 p34

May 4 1969 1500hrs.
Jose Antonio da Silva, a bachelor and orderly (enlisted) in the Minas Gerais Military Police, was spending his leave fishing by the Rio Los Velhas, when he saw some figures moving behind him, heard some voices and a sort of groan, at which he was hit in the legs by a green beam of light, which forced him to his knees. In this position he was set upon and dragged away by two people in masks, while a third stood guard. Da Silva saw that they were only 1.2m tall, completely covered in one piece shiny garments with articulated segements at the joints. They wore dull grey metallic masks, rounded at the back, square at the front, which resembled a kind of gas mask with a tube attached to a container on the back. He then caught sight of a machine like a :grey, vertical cylinder standing, slightly inclined, on the dirt road. On the top and bottom were black circular platforms, the top one larger than the bottom, joined by roads set at an oblique angle. The machine was 2m tall, the upper platform 3m diameter, the lower 2.5m. There was an opening 1.3mm by 60cm through which Da Silva was taken, to find himself in a roughly cubical space (2 x 2 x 2 m) which seemed to be composed of a grey material like stone. The whole scene was lit by a “mercury vapour lamp” from no discernible source. The beings then seated him on one of the stone seats in the space and they made him wear a mask and helmet like theirs, stapped him and themselves into the seats. They were then joined by the third man who moved a little lever to the side. Jose then heard a humming sound and felt a sensation of taking off. 

During the flight the light was so intense at times that Jose was forced to close his eyes, and at another the machine swung over 90 degrees. During this period the beings talked among themselves in an unknown tongue. The machine finally came to rest, and Jose was led blindfold into a large quadrilateral room 10-15m across and high. Here he met a slightly taller being without a suit, and his captors took off theirs. They had very long red hair and beards, very pale skins, large, round, green eyes, large noses and ears and toothless mouths. In this room the following adventures befell him : he saw four human corpses on a shelf; on the wall next to the shelf were pictures of various earthly things; the whole room was stony and lit like the vessel which brought him; 10-12 beings appeared in the room and examined his belongings; one pointed a weapon at the wall and scorched it with a ray; they seemed to be trying to get him to bring them human :weapons; he drank some dark green bitter liquid from a stone :cup, which seemed to restore his strength; the beings communicated with him via a slate, suggesting he should collect information for them :for three years, then return with them for seven; they tore his crucifix from him and passed it around, while they were doing this Jose had a vision of a tall man with long fair hair and a dark friar’s robe who reassured him and gave him a warning on humanity’s future. When this being vanished the creatures seemed to begin arguing amongst themselves and finally returned him to earth in exactly the same manner he had been taken. He was landed on the outskirts of Vitorio (Espirito Santo) on the coast about 400km away, and he found out it was now 9th May. He wandered around for a time before picking up the courage to return home. His leg was sore and the helmet had made scraches on his shoulder, and he later complained of sore eyes, headaches, stomach pains etc, which faded in time. 
  • Hulvio Brant Alexio etc in FSR 19,6 p10 + and FSR 21, 3-4, p32 first hand investigation
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 17 6 p15 citing Diario de Noticias 24 May 1969
  • Clark 1975 p165
  • Vallee 1975 p118
  • Rimmer 1984 p25)

May 5 1969. 1050hrs.
An object was observed at low altitude. No further details. 
  • Data Net V, 7 p7 citing Data Net 27

May 7 1969. 1930hrs.
Two boys saw a red glowing object 15m by 12m, with lights in the centre, on the ground. It took off and departed across a bay towards Freycinet Peninsula. 
  • Basterfield 1981 citing TUFOIC files

May 7 1969. 2230hrs.
A number of people were driving in a car along a deserted stretch of road between Palermo and Week Mills when they saw an enormous object like an inverted pan hovering above some trees about 300m from the road. :It rotated and had large rectangular windows. It emitted no sound. The party got out of their car to watch, and as the object hovered it made a rocking motion. Shortly afterwards the thing sped off to the north west. 
  • UFO Chronicle 3 p16 citing Paul Braczyk in an unspecified issue of Saucer Scoop

May 11 1969. 0145hrs.
Student Mike Luczkowich (20) of Manakin was driving past Rockville General Store after seeing his girlfriend home, when, 50 m ahead of the car, he saw two figures about 1.1m tall, wearing spherical helmets the size of basketballs and light brown overalls with baggy trousers, tight at the ankles. Circling each helmet was a green band which reflected the car’s headlights. The beings scurried off as the car approached, then a third appeared from the right of the road and followed the other two up the embankment. Some flattened barley was found at the scene. 
  • Steiger 1978 citing Skylook August 1975
  • Phillips 1975 p64, both citing NICAP)

May 11 1969. 0200hrs.
Pulp mill worker and farmer, Leo Paul Chaput (54( and two of his ten children )were awoken by the barking of the dog and they went into the kitchen to investigate. Through the window they saw a brilliant light 9m in diameter 5m high, on or near the ground (some accounts say 4 lights). This light was so intense that they had to shield their eyes, but seemed to come from a helmet shaped object about 150m away. When they looked again the light had gone, and only a sound like a motor boat engine could be heard. The next day, at a spot 100m from the house, Chaput found a circle 9.6m in diameter, with a ring of scorched grass 75cm wide. In the inner part of the circle there was no scorching but 3 depressions, producing an equilateral triangle 4.5m long were found. A second ring, 8.25m diameter with a triangle 4.35m long, remains of a third circle and fourth, smaller circle were also found. 
  • Brian Cannon in Canadian UFO Report 1,6 p19
  • Pierre Thibeault in Saucers, Space and Science 56 p11 (says 4 lights)
  • Phillips 1975 p 84 - case 381sp citing Brian Cannon and Henry McKay
  • Hall 1999 p99 citing Hynek 1972 p133 
  • Bondarchuck 1979 p29 citing Weekend 24 June 1969 p2 + CUFOR op cit + personal information from Henry Mckay 
  • Rutkowski in Rutkowski and Dittman 2006 p103 citing UFORM files

May 11 1969. 0300hrs.
Cab driver P. Gonzalez Lopez observed a luminous red spherical object, with a horn like projection on one side, above the road. As its closest distance (70m) the object appeared to be the size of a car. He went back and returned with his friend Zacarias Fernandez and the latter’s wife, who observed the object with him. 
  • Ballester 1976 p25 case 111 citing investigation by David Lopez, Marta and Javier Garcia + El Noticiero Universal 14 May 1969

May 12 1969. 2145hrs.
A circular intensely brilliant object was seen hovering above ground for 15 minutes in heavy rain. Pulsating streaks were coming from it. After the object had left a faint luminous patch was visible for 30 minutes, but no traces were evident the next day. 
  • Phillips 1975 p54 case 320 Basterfield 1981 p91 + 1997 p 169 citing UFOIC files + Lismore Northern Star 15 May 1969 + ACOS Bulletin 10 p20)

May 12 1969. 2225hrs
Greg Lucht of Palatine and Alan Prouty (Lake Zurich) both 18 were driving on Hw 93 near the Dundee road when Greg saw a light, which he thought was a light on top of a radio tower, but when they drove round a clump of trees they saw an object like a “World War One English helmet”. The thing had a concave indentation in its underside, from which a brilliant light flashed intermittently. The object nosed down at one point and from the front it appeared oval, with three large headlights in the forward section and smaller blinking red and white lights appeared to go three-quarters of the way round its rim and the thing emitted a humming sound, which pulsated in a regular fashion. At Lake Zurich, a stable owner, Morton Konlon also saw the object, rather earlier than the boys had, though he could not perceive a shape, he saw it pulsate in 8 second flashes and heard a sound like a plane. :It appeared to come to ground level and light up the surroundings. The boys, meanwhile, went to one of their homes, where they were joined by his parents. The two boys went on to the roof and at one point the object came so low that they had to duck. At this point a neighbour’s dog began to bark. 
  • UFOlog 61 p5 citing Lyle Krause in an unspecified issue of Skylook citing investigation by J Allen Hynek 
  •  Fate (UK) February 1970 p8 citing Ronald Kotulak in an undated issue of Chicago Tribune citing his own investigation

May 18 1969.
Throughout the day and evening David Ludlam and his group of army cadets saw a 3m tall hairy humanoid around their camp.
  • Green 1973 p162

May 19 1969. 1930hrs.
Dona Aurora and her sister in law Clair Mefessoli were going to a neighbour’s house to get some milk, when coming round a bend in the road some 300m from their destination they saw a light coming from behind them. On turning around they saw a luminous object descend almost to the ground and two little beings with humanoid features emerge from it. The object was elongated and gave off a yellow light like that of an electric light. The dwarfs were only 1m tall. The two women ran off in terror and were met by Clair’s father who went back to the spot with them, but could only see the object’s light as it departed. 
  • FSR 19,4 p.ii citing investigation by GRECE

May 19 1969. 1930hrs.
George Kaiser was crossing his farmyard on the way to his tractor when he observed a figure some 8m away. It was 1.7m tall, hairy. upright but bent and had human length arms and hands, and a muscular build. Plaster casts showed three normal and one big toe(s). 
  • Clark 2012 p 91
  • Clark and Coleman 1978 p75
  • Nunnelly 2011 p218

May 20 1969. 0100hrs.
A 46 year old man was sucked up into an object where he met six beings with long noses and oriental eyes, surrounded by a green aura, who appeared to speak in an unknown tongue. They had large heads and stiff joints. The witness suffered with bad eyesight for a month after the incident. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Julian Weverbergh citing an undated issue of SBEDV Bulletin

March 21 1969. Night.
Three people driving their car from Pelotas to Camaqua saw a luminous sphere descend very close to the ground, at which the car engine failed. 
  • Rodegheir 1969 p46 citing Contact UK files

May 21 1969. 2355hrs.
Jose Antonio da Silva (qv) was lying in bed when he had a sudden impulse to go out into the garden to attend his goats. In the garden in saw a little man dressed in a suit like those of May 4th. He quickly ran indoors and bolted the door. 
  • Hulvio Brant Alexio et al in FSR 21.3-4, p33

May 22 1969. 2330hrs.
Graham Lange looked out of his window and saw a metre or so away, a glowing white object 7m wide, 3m high, with windows around the centre, rising rapidly upwards. He dashed outside but the thing had gone. There was no sound and the incident only lasted a matter of seconds. A scorched area 3.3m by 2.55m was found at the site. 
  • Basterfield 198 p911 + 1997 p169 citing TUFOIC files (source of name and location used here 
  • Phillips 1975 p65 case 384 + Jacques Bonabot both citing UFOIC Newsletter 25 p3 This source gives location as Moonah and witnesses name as Longey

May 23 1969. 0245hrs.
While driving from Lake Grace to Ravensthorpe, a distance of about 100km newspaper truck driver John Shanahan (23) was paced by an unusual object, which first appeared when he was loading at Lake Grace. The thing was diamond shaped, 12m by 9m, with a band around it. It sped off at terrific pace from time to time but then returned. During the journey, three other drivers; R Pupland, R Kenna and A Wilson, also saw the object. 
  • FSR 15,5 p36 citing Sydney Morning Herald 23 May 1969

May 23 1969. 1930hrs. 
About 6 people saw a red light, like a spotlight, floating 5m above a paddock. 
  • Basterfield 1981p91 citing TUFOIC files

May 24 1969. 0015hrs.
From his house in Francois Road on the Island of the Sisters, Jimmy Torres (38), along with sister and mother, saw a luminous yellow object, with some red, descend into the St Lawrence River 300m away. It appeared to hover before it descended. No traces were found on investigation. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 56 p10 citing Pierre Thibeault 
  •  Janet and Colin Bord in The Unexplained 82 p1623)

May 24 1969. 0230hrs.
Ranch hand Tom Kitchen was working the night shift when he observed an object the size of a small bus illuminating a plumb orchard about 150m away. The thing was hovering just above the trees. Tom went to wake his foreman, John Sharp, but found that John had already been roused by his dog, which appeared agitated. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 18,1 p27 

May 24 1969.
Mrs Pat English and Jerry Dubiak saw an orange glowing oblong shaped contraption, with a dome on top, which was divided into portions, and with three or four protrusions on its bottom, appear to descend into the valley in front of Naeckle Hill. They observed it for three or four minutes before it disappeared from view. Mrs Mary Macdonald, director of the Ridgeview Home also saw the object for a few seconds. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 57 p5

May 24 1969. 1455hrs.
While out driving Mr Stevens heard a sound like an engine and on looking up saw a silvery oval object, about 6mlong, hovering about 550m above his car. The thing then moved 10m to one side, before taking off at 45 degrees into the north-west at great speed. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p91 citing UFO Research South Australia files

May 25 1969. 1425hrs.
Mr W Turanich and his 12 year old son were planting potatoes when the boy, standing on top of the truck, saw a very red object, with an oval top, spinning and descending. About 5 minutes later he saw it go up, across and down in the distance. The object appeared oval and solid. It was first observed for 5 seconds. The thing then hovered and went down. It was silvery when it took off again, apparently reflecting sunlight. Turanich thought he saw a sort of tail on the thing. When Mrs Turanich came out of the trailer, she heard a sort of humming noise and suggested they report the incident. They went to investigate, along with store proprietor A Ploudre and found an area where the grass was gone and where there were animal droppings. 
  • Data Net V, 7 p15 citing investigation by B Clausen and D Coulthard + investigation by Mrs M L Guenther 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 57 p5 (gives date as 26th but is source of the name

May 26 1969. 1730hrs.
Adolfo Corengia was in his weekend house, when its interior was lit by a brilliant light of unknown origin. Leaning out of his open window, Adolfo saw a spherical object, resembling a bright ball of fire, emitting red –orange lights and with a sort of yellow protuberance. :The object itself was 3m in diameter and was hanging 1m above the ground 15m away. Adolfo ran out to get a better view, but as he did so, the object started to rise into the air, slowly at first but then gaining speed and disappeared towards the south. Two days later he found a burned ellipse, about 2.5m diameter in which the grass looked thin and blackened and in which curiously large mushrooms were growing. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 16 p11 case 156 citing Review 2001 13 p21 + Clarin 5 June 1969
  • Joe Brill in Official UFO 1,7 p47 Richard Heiden citing Banchs 1973 p38 citing La Razon 4 June 1969

May 29 1969. Night.
Professor Clixto Borges de Mouros of the CONTEL School of engineering was driving on the Rouse Alegro to Maria de Fe highway when his car seemed to hit a kind of invisible barrier which prevented it from moving forward though its wheels were still turning. : At the same time the car lights went out. Jumping out Clixto saw, overhead, an object giving off a dazzling luminosity. When the object moved away the car lights came on again. Terrified Clixto headed for the town, above which the object passed at low altitude, whole at the same town the town suffered a blackout. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 7 p15 citing O Dia 30 May 1969 
  • Coral Lorenzen in Fate (UK) January 1972 p58 (gives witnesses name as Calisto Bordes de Moures)

May 30 1969. 2350hrs.
Mrs Sheila York saw a misty humanoid figure on Cradle Hill. 
  • Rogers 1994 p92

May 31 1969 0006hrs.
Mr Anvier was driving between Corgoloin and Ladoix-Serrigny on RN 74 en route to Beaune when he saw a light rise up from the ground on his right hand side. He thought it might have been taking off from a quarry. 
  • LDLN 129 p23

May 31 1969. (Aproximate date) 0130hrs.
Painter Dumitras Nicolae (62) saw a luminous object, the colour of white hot metal, with sharp outlines, travelling from the north-northeast at constant speed and at treetop height (25-30m). The thing lit up the countryside like the full moon for about 3 minutes before it disappeared behind some bushes. The witness’ sketch shows something like a three stage rocket flying horizontally. 
  • Hobana and Weverbergh 1974 p155
  • Evaluation : Bolide with gross underestimate of altitude?

May 31 1969. 0500hrs.
Jose Maria Braga and Jose Maria Neto were driving towards the Electrobras plant on the Itaguai-Santa Cruz highway, near the Santa Cruz Air Force Base when they saw a circular object about 12m diameter, which gave off an intense light as it hovered and flew around a grassy hillock 800m away. It has a revolving red light, like that on a US police car, on top, while a bluish light came from its underside. As the men got within 75-100m the blue light intensified for a moment and then went dark, revealing a discoid outline, which rose straight up without a sound and disappeared. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 7 p15 citing 0 Globo 2 June 1969
  • Coral Lorenzen in Fate (UK) January 1972 p8, says the men were brothers

May 31 1969. Night.
Several car engines and lights failed when a large spherical object moved erratically iu the sky and a released a smaller sphere, which flew off.
  • Rodeghier 1981 p46 citing Contact UK files.

June 1969.
An occupant report, witness R. C. Mota : No further details.
  • Periera 1974 ii 48 citing Diario de Noticias 24 June 1969

June 1969. Early Morning.
Gordon Ferrier saw a hairy biped, apparently with a bushy tail across the road from his property. The thing left 4.5cm long three toed tracks. 
  • Green 1973 p163

June 1969.
Several people at the Wildwood Inn saw a 1.8m tall hairy humanoid fighting with dogs and throwing some of them into the air. Tracks 4m long were found at the site. 
  • Green 1973 p163)

June 1969.
A woman living near Dallas saw two large, black humanoids walking in a field about 150m away. 
  • Green 1973 p163

June 1969. 2355hrs.
Two motorists on the A41 :seperately saw a white figure walk along the pavement, cross the road and walk into a churchyard. 
  • The News 10 p4 citing Daily Mail 11 June 1969

June 1969. 2130hrs.
A woman living near Overton observed a light above a swampy area behind her house. She saw a machine like object, surrounded by a rim, around which a figure was walking. She heard a constant drumming noise and from time to time a puff of smoke could be seen coming from the object. She then saw the light take off into the sky. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p49 case 59 citing letter from the witness to APRO

June 1 1969 (approx. date) 
A strange object landed. No further details at present.
  • Pablo Petrowitsch
First week June 1969. Night.
During a cloudy night a red-orange object, 50m wide, was seen hovering 1m above the ground 150m away. It was later photographed as it flew about by physician Romulo Futini from a distance of 2km. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 7 p15 citing O Dia 6 June 1969
  • Evaluation: Hoax?

Early June 1969. 0600hrs.
Angelo Cesarim was travelling in the Serra do Senador Firmino Mountains with six girls as passengers when they were pursued by a bright orange object, which flew around in circles, producing interference on his car radio and stopping the engine for a few moments. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 7 p16 citing O Dia 13 June 1969

Early June 1969. Night.
Five men working in their fields saw a brilliant object at various locations. One witness saw it hovering at the end of his field and when he went to investigate his car lights went out and would not come on again while still facing the object, but when he turned his car around the lights came on again. This object was just above the treetops. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 57 p6

June 4 1969, 1835hrs.
G Koch (16) was driving along the Angaston Road when, about 2km NW of Eden Valley he saw an object pass over his car. It consisted of a series of red lights, in two parallel lines, connected by pure white horizontal rays. The next day he found three circular scorch marks on the car bonnet, which had not been there before.
  • Basterfield 1997 p 170 citing Australian Flying Saucer Research Society

June 5 1969. 1630hrs.
Numerous people in Darwin Street saw a small, oval, luminous object fall into the :St Lawrence River 150m away.
  • Saucers, Space and Science 57p6 UFO Chronolog 2 p10

June 6 1969. 2000hrs.
Primary school teacher Ermelindo Mascimento was standing by her window when she noticed something very bright above a tree on the other side of the road. The thing moved quickly towards her and she tried to catch it but it always evaded her. She called her husband Nicodemos (30) an electrician, who, when he came into the room, saw two objects, :though his wife had no idea where the second one came from. These objects were bright, giving off a silver blue light, circular, revolving and moving in quick circular motions. One was 40cm in diameter, the other 30cm and brighter. Nicodemos tried to catch this second object with a towel, but it touched him on his forehead, leaving a mark like a large twisted “M” (which mark disappeared after three weeks). The larger object then flew through the open window and the smaller one just disappeared. The couple dreamed the same dreams the next night but would not describe them.
  • Spacelink 6,3 p10 citing UFO Nachrichten 161 (gives date as July 6th
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 7 p16 citing investigation by Danile du Silvan + SBEDV Bulletin 69/70 p11

June 6 1969. Night.
The witness, on his way home by car, saw a round shiny disc, which slowly descended to the woods in front of him, hovering a few metres above the trees. When he accelerated to get closer the thing began to move again, disappeared and then reappeared again. He kept the thing under observation through binoculars for an hour, while it moved horizontally and vertically and stayed still. 
  • UFO Chronicle 4 p15 citing John Eric Pettersson in an unspecified issue of Aura Journal
  • Evaluation: Astronomical

June 10 1969. 2000hrs.
While driving on the Antafagasta-Mejillones highway, two electricians Franklin Baraiza and Rene Digne, saw a cylindrical object 1m diameter, 50cm thick go past 300m away. : They were forced to steady the car and its engine died. The object approached within 5m and a large section of the tube became illuminated with a fluorescent white light, which spread out. 
  • UFO Chronicle 4 p15 citing Clypeus Vol 6 no3 Pablo Petrowitsch

June 12 1969. 1800hrs.
Mrs Edith Etchepane de Vigo, her 10 year old daughter and her neighbour Delfino observed three red lights 1.5km away on Monte de Henrich. These lights took off and came towards the witnesses at 15m altitude. They then suddenly vanished as if by magic. Later a fourth light was seen, larger than the others and apparently spinning on its axis. That finally went straight up and vanished from sight. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 13 p15 case 157 citing S von Wurmb

Mid June 1969 0030hrs.
Wendel Meyer, Nancy Jensen and Nancy’s two year old son were driving from Moorhead (Minnesota) to California when, outside the Yellowstone National Park, they seemed to lose awareness. Nancy and her toddler were asleep and Wendel was driving in a daze until just outside Salt Lake City, when Wendel found that the steering wheel would not work and they crashed into a post at 145kph but only sustained minor damage. As he changed the tyre Wendel felt as though he was being watched and controlled and handed the driving over to Nancy. As Nancy drove along she also felt as though she was being watched and saw yellow and white lights in the mirror, which, though they were on the wrong side of the road, they thought were on a car until they took off and began to pace them at 30m distance. They now saw that the lights were on an object with a flat bottom, a fin on the back, a red light on the humped top and a sort of luminous cabin on top. They experienced an electronic “wail” and felt a vibration which went through their bodies. The back window opened a couple of centimetres and closed again on its own, at which the toddler woke up and started crying. Despite Nancy putting her foot down on the accelerator the car slowed from 110-95kph. The lights came closer and then retreated. The couple then pulled into a rest area where they encountered a strange “caravan” which made them feel uneasy and from which a strange bony face peeped out at them. Then from across the dual carriageway in the opposite direction to the lights came something resembling a huge “snowman” with a skull like face, rounded body and rounded jointless limbs. Only Wendel could see this figure and then only when the car lights were turned down, and during its appearance Wendel had the feeling that time had stopped, that Nancy and her child were no longer there and that the only reality was certain images flashing through his mind. Nancy appears to have broken this spell by switching on the lights and driving away. As they continued on their journey they found they had to keep swapping the driving as this task was now exhausting. The object seemed to ascend up into the sky when they stopped for petrol only to reappear later (this incident may have occurred earlier in the journey). By 0630 the object had moved off over the mountains and they were able to get a couple of hours sleep. 

At 0830hrs. they resumed their journey only to encounter the 'caravan' again. As they overtook it, Nancy looked in and saw two figures wearing black leather suits and gloves, and had only dim outlines where their heads should have been, with Cheshire Cat like grins. Wendel stopped to let it pass, but it did not do so and there was no turn off. Some minutes later they entered a small town which seemed all closed up, though there were parked cars everywhere. The atmosphere was so eerie they drove away. Later developments included another ufo experience and apparitions of a faceless hooded man with long thin fingers and an evil grin. Both Wendel and Nancy were given hypnotic regression in 1974/5. Nancy recalled that as the object made its first approach her mind seem to leave her body and entered the object’s cabin, where there were 20 or so small humanoids with oversized white heads and green insect like eyes, who appeared to be communicating by a sort of mumbling buzz . Wendel recalled seeing a humanoid figure in the cabin, then floating up and then sitting in a circular domed room, where there were white dwarfs with pale green insect like eyes, pale green noses and mouths. When they looked at him he felt tired as though they were draining his thoughts. He recalled that the creature that came out of the “caravan” had a pumpkin shaped head with wrap around eyes. 
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 16,5 p21 and UFO Report November 1977 (as reproduced in Rogo 1979 p191) and personal communication all citing his own investigation.)

June 17 1969. 0200hrs.
Having locked up for the night, bar owner Kaneko Nebutoshi and his wife Kioke were going down their external stairway when they saw an unfamiliar light through the mist. It seemed to be a sort of window, glowing like a mercury vapour lamp hovering above ground level. It illuminated the ground for 20m on either side, but not at all in front. The thing was about 8-10m diameter, 2.5-3m thick and divided into quarters by bars. The couple watched for about 45 minutes, during which time a spotlight was directed by the object towards some nearby trees and shrubs. The light vanished without them noticing any movement. The next day the couple and some other people went to the site where they found a circle of flattened vegetation about 8m diameter. Investigators later found six flattened disc shaped areas 5cm diameter, inside of each was a hole 2cm deep, 1.5cm wide, equidistantly 1.6cm apart. 
  • Hans Bemelmans in FSR 16, 1 p17 citing his own investigation

June 19 1969. 0025hrs.
Robin Peck (28), the owner of a radio and TV shop in Docking and a well-known local figure, was driving his Ford Thames van on the King’s Lynn Road and after passing through Bircham Newton and approaching a group of houses about 2.5km from Docking, when his lights began to dim and engine misfire. When he stopped the lights and engine went out completely, so he got out to check for a short circuit. As he opened the door he noticed a heavy static in the air, which made his hair stand on end, and noted that the digits on his watch were unusually luminous. He then saw an object about 400m away at 30-50m altitude. This object resembled a luminous blue inverted mushroom without the stalk, about 30m long, 12m wide, with a golden aura stretching down to the ground and a pale gold glow on top. No details were visible on it. After 1 to 1.5 minutes the object moved off towards King Lynn, in the SSW, at terrific speed, without any apparent acceleration. His van now functioned normally. After the incident his watch lost luminosity, the luminous paint became brown, and whereas it had once run fast it now ran slow. 
  • Peter Johnson in FSR Case Histories 5 p1 citing his own investigation 
  • BUFORA Journal 2,10 p12 citing an undated issue of NUFORA Bulletin citing an investigation by John Clayton 
  •  UFOlog 59 p2 citing Eastern Evening News 19 June 1969
  • Clarke 2012 p81 citing report from the Police to the Ministry of Defence and related material in The National Archives TNA AIR 20/12061 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b 110 citing in addition to Peter Johnson’s investigation Ivan Bunn + Eastern Evening News 19 June 1969

June 20 1969. 2200hrs.
Several people observed a number of objects at high altitude. One object submerged in Lake Michigan. An hour later a large sphere hovered close to the witnesses and them moved off at speed. 
  • UFO Chronolog 2 p11

June 21 1969. 0100hrs.
Taxi driver Sandy McKillop was returning to base along the Shewalton road when, at the bend ahead, he noticed a group of trees which appeared to be on fire. As he got closer he saw that the light came from a fiery glowing disc, about 12m diameter, hovering just above the trees. The driver of a car travelling in the opposite direction also stopped to watch. The object then took off into the cloudless sky at terrific speed. Both drivers then drove away. When Sandy got back to base he found another driver had reported a “shooting star”. 
  • William Jebes in FSR Case Histories 8 p15

June 22 1969. 2200hrs.
A strange object was seen on or just above the ground. No further details. 
  • Table of American Landings in FSR 17, 6 p13

June 26 1969. 1430hrs.
The local magistrate, Mr Benedito, was walking along a narrow track, 6km out of town, when his attention was caught by a sound like a swarm of bees. Glancing to his left, he saw an unusual object hovering over the trees, rocking from side to side. The thing suddenly dropped out of the sky into the brush, so he rushed to the spot to see if he could assistant in what he assumed was an accident and got to within 6m of the object as it sat on the ground. The thing was 6m in diameter, with a bottom half shaped like a bowl, while the upper half was divided into two parts; one resembling a slightly shallower bowl sitting precisely on the lower one, while at the front was a drum revolving horizontally at high speed in an anti-clockwise direction. To the front of this drum was something that reminded Benedito of a filler cap. The whole thing was of a light leaden brown colour and openings were visible on it. As Benedito stood in amazement the thing lifted, its hum increasing in pitch as it did so. :The thing hovered for a moment and then took off in a gentle climb, nearly knocking Benedito off his feet with a strong blast of air. An area of flattened grass, swirled in an anti-clockwise direction was found at the site, as was a broken branch and a plastic bag, the latter, however, was thought to have been dropped by a sightseer. The grass in this depressed area was very wet in contrast to the dry surrounding grass. 
  • Hans Bemelmans in FSR 16, 1 p15 citing his own investigation

June 27 1969. 0400hrs.
After working a night shift on a combine harvester, a farmer was followed home by a 3.5m diameter light. Arriving home his wife also saw the thing, which came so close its light reflected off a neighbour’s shed. It was finally lost to view behind a hill. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p91 citing UFO Research South Australia files

June 27 1969.
A strange object was seen on or just above the ground. No further details. 
  • Table of Australian landings in Data Net IV, 5 p7

June 30 1969.
A lorry driver from Bristol saw a cigar shaped object in a field. It suddenly started spinning, rose up and took off in the direction of Bristol 
  • UFOlog 60 p3 citing an unspecified issue of Zenith Newsletter

June 30 1969
A strange object was seen at ground level. No further details. 
  • Pablo Petrowitsch

June 30 1969
A strange object was seen on or just above the ground.
  • Table of Australian landings in Data Net IV, 5 p7

June 30 1969. 0330hrs. CATAGUAZES (MINAS GERAIS : BRAZIL)

Mechanic Waldir Henriques was waiting around on an old metal bridge across the Pomba River, when he saw a luminous, pale yellow object, with the luminosity of a mercury vapour lamp, about 6m wide, coming from 300m away, 30m above the water. He called out his neighbours, but :by the time they came out the thing was flying away, looking like a bright star. :The observation lasted 5 minutes. 

  • Granchi 1995 p87)

Summer 1969.
Mrs Geni Maria Santana (21) had just returned to her house via the RJ100 Serraria-Bananeiras Highway after taking lunch to her husband, who worked on the Fozenda da Prata estate, when she heard a knock on the house door. Opening a window and looking down, she saw a dwarf 1-1.15m tall with oriental eyes, a big ugly mouth, pointed chin and dark, powdery skin. His head was covered in a striped blue shiny cloth, and he wore baggy dark overalls which covered his hands, making him look like a beggar. She asked what he wanted and received a rambling, unintelligible answer, so she yelled that she had no food for him. At this the dwarf lowered his eyes and said no more, When she looked again 15 minutes later the dwarf had gone. 
  • UFO Encounters p23 citing Walter Buhler et al in SBEDV 85/9 citing their own investigation

Summer 1969.
Alec Shortneck (50) was doing clearance work for the dam when he turned round and saw a hairy humanoid about 50m away. 

  • Green 1973 p165, 196 citing Nick Lees in an undated issue of Edmonton Journal circa 1 September 1969)

Summer 1969. 1730hrs.
A farmer saw a lighted object and thought his field was on fire. Bob Smythe found three circular scorch marks in an area 23m diameter. 
  • Phillips 1975 p67 case 393 citing an unspecified issue of Saucers, Space and Science

Summer 1969. Evening.
A woman returning home from work encountered a dwarf 1.2, tall, with a large head on the Seventh Avenue subway. The being which had an artificial looking skin, just disappeared into the crowd. :The woman had a number of other anomalous experiences. 
  • Dennett 2008 p149

July 1969 (or following month) 0115hrs.
Truck driver Pfc Earl Morrison (21) of the 11th Motors Alfa Co, 1st Division Marine Corps was on guard duty with two other men in an area where the lights established a 6m area of visibility. They were sat on bunkers, smoking, when they saw a sort of glow in the sky slowly coming towards them. Gradually they resolved the figure of a black, naked woman with huge black wings; her whole body seemed to be surrounded by a green glow. She was flying at about 2m altitude, and when she got within 3m of the men they could hear her wings flapping. Her arms appeared to be too subtle to have any bones in them; her body was covered in a downy fur. She had well developed breasts and straight hair. She flew horizontally, face to the ground. About a year later Morrison was hospitalised with swollen lymph glands. 
  • Don Worley in FSR Case Histories 10 p14 
  •  Keel 1975a p35

July 1969. 0300hrs.
Dr Carlos F de Souza, a lawyer, and his friend, an educational psychologist who did not want his name to be used, were driving back from the home of s friend in the Itacoatiara district of the town, when their car broke down on a country road. While doing repairs Carlos became aware of a dull metallic sound, and looking up, they saw, overhead, an oval object, with windows all over it emitting multi-coloured lights. The object then stopped emitting the lights, moved around in a zigzag fashion and then shot away. 
  • Granchi 1995 p90 citing a letter from the educational psychologist

July 1969. Late afternoon.
J w Huff and another mining employee had just arrived by helicopter and were setting up camp saw a large, dark, apparently naked man on a mountain ridge 500m away and 100m above them. When they investigated the spot next day no tracks were visible.
  • Green 1973 p164 Redfern 2015a p46

July 1969. Morning.
A relief milk delivery driver driving his float saw a carriage and two horses cross the road ahead. When he reached the spot where this had been, there were neither side roads nor gaps in the wall beside a reservoir. 
  • Wright 2006 p54

July 1969. 1500hrs.
Seven boys were stood with a farmer when they saw a hemispherical object descending towards the ground and becoming circular as it reached ground level 200m away. The boys ran to the spot but could see nothing. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing GESAG Bruges + Rik Van Ooteghen in GESAG Bulletin 32 p12

July 1969. Night.
Four businessmen; Jose Gonzalez, :Jose da Silva, Jose Giimar Barbosa and Moyses Coute, were driving a combi station wagon when, rounding a bend near Paulo Lopez encountered a low flying object that projected a beam of light onto their vehicle, at which its electrical system and lights failed. Then the wagon and its occupants were lifted up by a tremendous force and were carried to a great height before being set down on the road again, much further ahead. :They were then able to see that the object resembled two basins joined rim to rim and was shooting out a multi-coloured beam of light. The thing halted another vehicle, a truck from Riguau, with several passengers. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 16,5 p32 + Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 7 p16 both citing O Jornal 24 July 1969

July 1969.   2200hrs.
Noel de Groot (20) was sitting on a park bench with his 23 year old girlfriend in the President General Willemspark when the woman became aware of a soft sound in the bushes and they looked back to see a white form. The young woman ran off in terror but Noel stayed and when he looked again he saw the object hovering over a small sandy clearing. The thing appeared to be a completely white pyramid shaped object 3-3.5m high, 70cm wide and gave the impression of a “human pyramid”. as the thing remained motionless, illuminating the surroundings, Noel became afraid and left without seeing what happened to it. The observation lasted one minute. No traces were found. 
  • COSMOS 1, 10 p12 + UFP Chronicle 5 p16 citing GESAG citing investigation by Marnix Maertens
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Marnix Maertens and J de Groot in GESAG Special 21 + GESAG investigations

Early July 1969.
A boy and two girls driving home from a show encountered a hairy humanoid like an ape crouched in the road. 
  • Green 1973 p164

July 1 1969.  0915hrs.
Night employee Fred Yoos (62) was walking through premises when he heard a clattering, which he thought was a low flying airplane that sounded like people hammering on a metal and shook the building. Looking out of the window, he saw, descending from a dense cloud in the northwest, a large green eliptical object that came to rest only 15m from him. The rising sun reflected off a widow like opening in the craft and he was able to see the outlines of two heads turn. He now saw that the object was egg shaped, 6m long, 4-5.5m wide and 3m deep. The sound had now stopped and the object was silent. As the two figures turned the object turned to the left slightly and rose straight up into the east. An impression was noted at the site. 
  • Brian Canon in Canadian UFO Report 1,7 p22 
  • Musgrave 1979 p49 case 60 citing CAPRO Bulletin 4,1 p5)

July 1 1969. 2215hrs.
A couple approaching the Chattahoochee River Bridge saw and stopped to observe, a circle of lights 15m above the trees 30m away. These lights appeared to be attached to some object, the details of which could not be made out. A minute later a second circle of lights appeared behind the first. The woman pointed a flashlight at the lights, but nothing was reflected back and her husband told her to stop. The objects then separated and both shot off. 
  • Miles 2000hrs. p344
  • Evaluation; only reported in 1998

July 2 1969.
A single witness observed an object at ground level and close quarters. Associated with it were thrm 
ee normal sized men who communicated with the witness. No further details.
  • UFOChronolog 3 p12

July 2 1969.
A woman was driving on a country road west of Chickasaw, with her 16 year old son and two granddaughters, when they all saw a round, aluminium coloured object like a water tank with a turret on top. :This object was just above the treetops, at about 15m altitude, 400-800m away. The party slowed down to get a better look but the object picked up speed, moving up and to the west until it was gone. It was a hazy day, but they could clearly see this thing was not an aircraft. It was observed for two minutes. 
  • UFOlog 64 p5 citing an unspecified issue of Saucer Magazine 
  • UFOChronolog 3 p12)

First week July 1969. 0100hrs.
Mrs Dayse Arante Carneiro was driving with four members of her family when, midway between Guaraciama and Bocaiuva the saw a large stationary object in the middle of the road. It seemed to be a double decked object with windows 50cm diameter, which emitted a green light. as the car approached the object silently moved to the side of the road, taking up a position above the treetops. The car then came to a standstill and the passengers. Being closest Dayse was able to observe several small doors as well as the windows. After some minutes the object departed silently. The thing was also seen by the prefect of Bocaivu, Helio Carneiro and his wife when they passed the spot a few minutes later. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 7 p16 citing Folha de Goias 9 July 1969

July 4 1969.  2000hrs. 
Mauricio Gnecco (13) saw a yellow-red light moving from east to west as he was watching shooting stars with his friend Enrique Osorio (12) and they called over their friends Andres (13) and Marina (11) Franco, Rosita (10) and her brother German (14) who was playing in the house. This alerted the adults in the house, farmer Arcesio Bermudez (50), his sisters Lucrecia Bermundez and Rosa Ortiz along with his butler Luis Carbajal and Luis’ wife Evelia. At Mauricio’s insistence they all went out and saw the light 200m away. When the boy flashed his flashlight at it, the light source approached the house at considerable speed, coming to rest :between two tall trees 50m away, at which point Mrs Ortiz panicked . They could see that the object was between 1.2 and 1.5m tall, yellow orange in colour, surrounded by an arc of light, with two luminous legs, blue with green tips. It then flew silently to the right of the farmhouse and appeared to come low over a nearby hill, whereupon Arcesio, braver than the rest, too off after it. :He came within 6m of the object, which then switched off its light. When he shone the flashlight at it Arcesio saw a strange being inside, top half humanoid, but from the waist down resembling a luminous capital A,. The object then flashed on its light and rose into the sky. About 5 minutes later all the witnesses saw an identical object crossing the sky at 100m altitude. The witnesses concurred in their description of a spherical object with a ring at the midsection. Within 2 days of the encounter, Arcesio died of a disease , the symptoms of which (bloody vomiting and blood diarrhoea) were compatible with either severe gastro-enteritis or radiation damage. No autopsy took place. A pet monkey and some dogs were agitated during the incident. 
  • Lorenzen 1976 p162 citing investigation by John Simhon, Elias Messim and Dr Luiz E Martinez 
  • Data Net III,7 p7 citing UFOIC Newsletter (not dated ) + APRO Bulletin July/August 1969 
  • J Richard Greenwell in Story 1980 p23 
  • Alan Murdie in Fortean Times 160 p40 citing his own investigation.

July 6 1969. 2250hrs.
Three 'high society' women and their two maids, who lived in two cottages about 70m apart together saw several luminous objects until 0500hrs the next day. The incidents began with interference on their TV followed by a town wide power failure. They first observed a luminous, white bowl shaped object, 80cm diameter coming down slowly and silently over the horizon. This object was not seen again, but a white, spherical light, about 20cm diameter flew along the road, hovered for 20 minutes and emitted a blinding, laser like, blue beam, which lit them up. Feeling afraid, they went into the house, where they saw through the window, not the white sphere, but a red rectangular thing about 1.5km away and about 20m long. Later a second fireball, about 7 cm diameters, was seen behind a tree, where it remained till 0300, when three of the women went to bed. At about 0500hrs the other two women saw a cupola shaped object far away. It was shaded but on its lower part of number of intermittent, separate lights were visible. The local dogs were howling all the time. The next say the women’s husbands tried to duplicate the effects with car headlights but without success. The women were considered to be reliable. 
  • Ballester 1976 p25 case 112 citing Manuel Osuna in LDLN November 1978 p6 citing his own investigation 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 60 p11
  • Evaluation: The light seen for hours was almost certainly astronomical

July 8 1969 1930hrs.
A former nurse was driving the 25km from her mother’s house, to her own near Mortlake, along open country, when she saw red and green lights, which she thought were on an aircraft. However, the object descended rapidly to a height of 15m, to her left and she saw it was a metallic looking dome, surrounded by red domed lights and a flashing green light to its rear. The object then crossed over the road in front of her car and took up a position 50m to her right from where it paced her for 5-7km. The object kept pace as she accelerated from 70-130kph and responded quickly to her changes in direction. From its tail there flashed a green beam, which caused her head to throb and her chest to feel distended. When she turned on the main highway and stopped outside a farmhouse, the object rose up to a great height above the house, vanishing when another car appeared. The woman later suffered from anxiety attacks that required medical treatment. 
  • Judith Magee in A.F.S.R.N 31 p9)
  • Evaluation: Astronomical with physiological effects caused by stress induced hyperventilation

July 10 1969. 0001hrs.
John Reichart, his wife and two other couples were parked on the shores of Lake Worth when a humanoid creature rushed out from some trees and thumped down to the Reichart’s car bonnet and through a tyre several metres. The thing then ran back into the darkness. It was described as being covered in fur and scales. Tracks were found at the site. 
  • Redfern 2015a p151 Green 1973 p164 citing Loren Coleman

July 10 1969. Night.
Two people saw a large object with portholes take off 400m away. 
  • UFO Chronolog 5 p18

July 12 1969.  0230hrs.
A woman awoke from a deep sleep and went to the window and saw, about 1.5km away, near the Borth Bog, an unusual orange light. Through field glasses she saw it was shaped like an oblong basket with a long orange tail and was on, or just above, the ground. She watched the thing till just after 0400 when she fell asleep. :The witness had a further UFO experience on the 18th accompanied by TV interference. This interference also took place of subsequent nights. 
  • UFOlog 61 p3 citing BUFORA
  • Evaluation: Marsh gas?

July12 1969. (or August 12) 2130hrs.
Charles Jackson was in his yard ,with his 6 year old son, burning rabbit entrails when they heard a rumbling noise that sounded like :building being knocked down. Looking round they saw less than 5m away a 2.5m tall grey haired hairy humanoid with pendulous breasts. Charles quickly pushed the boy into the house. His three, normally fearless, dogs were very frightened. Charles fled with his family to the police station. 
  • Hunter and Dahinden 1975 p141 citing investigation by Rene Dahinden dates to August 
  • Marinacci 1988 p18 dates this to July 12th and afternoon
  • Green 1973 p207 also dates this to July 12th

July 13 1969.  0330hrs. 
Edgar Paquette (47), an employee of the Department of National Defence was driving along the Black Bay road back to Petawawa, with his fiancée, when the latter saw what she thought was a shooting star, through the car window. However, as the object to within a couple of hundred metres or so of the car, and began to pace them, she became frightened and Edgar stopped the car. The object moved towards the vehicle and then stopped but when Edgar opened the door and thus engaged the roof light, the object swooped down to within 20m of the car. Edgar then signalled the thing with his flashlight and it came even closer. He could now see that it was oval, about 2.5m diameter, with two legs. The terrified couple sped to the nearest house, where the woman passenger became hysterical. Edgar eventually drove home, where he roused his son and daughter and the four of them saw the light over the house and alerted the police when the light came down again as they drove to the gate. It was seen by Constable J J Mackay of the Provincial Police at Pembroke before it went behind trees. It was not detected on radar. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 57 p7 
  • Canadian UFO Report 1,6 p21
  • Saucer News 17,1 p18

July 13 1969. 2300hrs.
On the Warren Barr farm 12km south of Garrison, Patti J Barr (15 or 16) was preparing for bed when she heard a loud sound, like a low flying jet and called her cousin Kathy Mahr (17 or 19) to her north facing window. They saw moving north at high speed and then hovering over a field, a dull metallic looking object, like two bowls placed rim to rim, with a circle of red-orange light around the circumference two thirds of the way to the top. No protrusions were visible on the thing, which was spinning counter-clockwise, and was about 3-4 times the angular diameter of the moon, about the size of an American car of the period. The thing then streaked off, leaving a red trail. The next day, Warren Barr, Patti’s father found a burnt circle, 12m diameter in a soya bean field 1.5-2km south of the house. The crop had been undamaged and nearby crops were still healthy. The damaged crop had been burned in some manner. 
  • Lorenzen 1975 p19 + Data Net III, 2 p6 + Steiger 1974 p126 + Canadian UFO Report 1, 6 p20 + Story 1980 p45 all citing investigation by Glen McWane + Leroy Latham + an undated issue of Cedar Valley Daily Times + Cedar Rapids Gazette 6 August 1969
  • Hynek 1972 pp130 +239 citing investigation by himself and Ted Phillips 
  • Phillips 1975 p66 case 390  
  • UFO Chronolog 4 p12 
  • Randle 2012 p44 citing his own investigation.
  • Hynek and UFO Chronolog give date as 12th, Hynek gives location as Van Horn. It isn’t clear which of the two towns was closest to the farm)

Mid July 1969.
Edith Yellowbird (16) saw four huge bipeds, “as tall as good sized spruce trees” on a mountainside. Two were apparently bending down as though they had caught something; the other two were walking back and forth. 
  • Green 1973 p195 citing Nick Lees in an undated issue (c 1 September) of the Edmonton Journal

July 15 1969.
Two sisters (12, 10) from their bedroom window and five young boys camped out in a back garden, along with five other children, saw an object with a red flashing light land in a barley field behind one of their houses and display a number of flashing yellow lights, while the whole sky turned blue. 
  • Bord 19810 p41

July 16 1969. 1530hrs.
Syliva A (10) was reading when she heard a noise outside so she opened the door to the east facing porch from where she saw a grey object, shaped like a top hat with rounded edges, as if to land about 1m above a well, 3m away. From the centre of the thing’s base was a group of powerful silvery lights, brighter than an electric welder. These lights blinded Syliva for 30 minutes. She stumbled into the house bringing her mother to see what had happened. Mr A had heard some odd noises but didn’t take much notice until he heard his daughter’s story. On going to the site he found trees burned and leaves shrivelled nearby. The dog fled and had to be brought back from its hiding place in terror. Some metal was found, which gave the Sylvia’s brother a rash, but this was found to be anti-radar chaff. Mr A speculated that all of this may have been connected to a recent car crash. 
  • Ashley Pachal and William Haduk in FSR Case Histories 15 p15 citing their own investigation 
  •  John Musgrave in Skylook 68 p12 
  • Bondarchuk 1979 p50 citing Pachal and Haduk op cit

July 17 1969 (approx. date) Evening.
Emmanuel Buquette and others saw two objects on a rock in a neighbour’s yard. The things took off at fantastic speed and within several seconds stopped in mid-air and returned to the rock. :The larger of the two objects was bright red and 45cm in diameter. There were investigations from a NORAD base in North Bay.
  • Saucers, Space and Science 57 p7

July 17 1969. 2230hrs.
At an undisclosed location a couple were parked in a lot adjacent to a flood control dam when their attention was caught by an intensely bright flash “brighter than several flash bulbs” about 300m top their right. The male witness got the impression that the bright glare was a reflection on a metallic surface, with a sort of railing made up of narrow areas of bright light, separated by dark areas. The whole thing appeared to be 6m x6m. Then, without any perception of movement, the object appeared in a position in front of their car, which made it visible at the extreme upper end of the car windshield. The man, frightened, drove off, but after about 30m asked him to stop to see what the thing was. He could not see the object, but a sensation of being drawn out of the car seized him, moving down from his head to his feet. He seemed to lose consciousness for a moment and when he recovered he felt as though he was being lifted out of his seat. He grabbed hold of the steering wheel and the sensation left him. He drove off straight away. The woman felt none of these sensations, just seeing her companion shudder and fall forward, wrapping his arms around the steering wheel. 
  • APRO Bulletin September/October 1969 p6 citing investigation by Walter P Hicken

July 18 1969.
A shiny object stopped and hovered for 30 seo9cnds near the cement plant, opposite the house of Neusa Rodrigues. Through a widow in the object could be seen a “little bluish coloured man, with eyes that gave off flashes”. The object performed various manoeuvres over the plant and drew the attention of many employees who stopped work briefly to watch it. Lt Pedro Edvaldo de Sousa took statements from eye-witnesses on orders from the Brazilian Air Force Base at Fortaleza. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 7 p16 citing O Estado (Fortaleza) 19 December 1969

Late July 1969. Night.
Homer Stickley saw a bipedal creature by a tree stump in a field below his house. The thing then moved across the field. The family had apples taken from their trees and heard sounds like screams at night. 
  • Green 1973 p207

July 21 1969. 0145hrs.
Randolph Waldo (18) a summer student at the Southern Maine Vocational Technical Institute, was driving home to Waldo after seeing his girlfriend in Belfast, when he became aware of static on his radio. His car bonnet was illuminated by a red glow, which came from a glowing red sphere the size of a basketball above and to the left of his car. The thing paced him for 5km until he reached home, where it moved off at speed to hover over a schoolhouse 800m away. He roused his mother, Mrs Shirley Waldo, his 14 year old sister and brother Eli (22). The two young men observed the object, which appeared to hover and move to the left until dawn, when it faded away. It appeared to be as bright as the sun and to have a V shaped trail. 
  • Flying Saucer Observer 14 p12 citing Portland Press Herald 23 July 1969 
  • Falla 1969 p53 case 174 citing UFO Investigator V,1 p3
  • Evaluation: The object seen over the schoolhouse for hours is clearly astronomical, and the pacing suggests that the first object may also have been astronomical, with the interference purely coincidental

July 21 1969. 0510hrs.
A 16 year old girl had just switched on the TV to watch the moon landing when she saw an object standing on the front lawn, about 5m away. It was wedge shape 1.8-2.5m high, 25-30cm wide, glowing white and casting a shadow. She had a feeling of being watched, so she huddled down in the chair to watch the TV. When other members of the family got up, the thing had gone. A neighbour had heard a prowler with the car and window blinds, but had seen nothing when investigating. 
  • Dan Haylock in A.F.S.R. NS3 piii

July 25 1969. Early Morning.
Baker, Adrian Reimer :was driving between Biloola and Baralaba when he saw a bright light in a paddock. Stopping, he saw it was an object shaped like an inverted turtle shell, with coloured lights flashing around it, and was emitting a humming sound. The thing progressed in jerks coming close to the ground and then lifting up again. Adrian had noticed an intermittent flashing in the trees and soon a second shell appeared from them. At this he drove off, only to be joined by a third light, which had joined the other two. When he arrived home his parents and John Major also saw them for two hours. One appeared to be a large object with a constant yellow light, while the other two were changing colours :rhythmically. 
  • Data Net IV,1 p13 citing UFOIC Newsletter 25, p3
  • Evaluation: The second portion of this event, the thing that paced the car and the lights seen for two hours are again astronomical, it is unclear whether the two shells are the same things or something else entirely

July 25 1969, 2115hrs.
Four boys (9,10,11,14) were playing cricket behind one of their houses when the 10 year old attracted his companion’s attention to a bright red star like light with fuzzy edges. It moved down towards a hill in the distance, disappeared just before reaching the horizon and then reappeared after ten seconds. The host boy watched the thing for about five minutes, until his mother called for him to go to the shops.
Near the shop he again saw the thing descend on a gliding path and called the shopkeeper to look. She confirmed his account. Among 11 other witnesses were a mother and her 7 year old daughter walking home, who saw an object the apparent size of a tennis ball, becoming the apparent size of a soccer ball, as it descended behind a hill, rotating, It appeared a couple of minutes later, went straight up, travelled horizontally a short distance and then again descended out of sight, leaving a grey trail. About 20 minutes later, while playing in her garden again called her mother to see the object take off. The witnesses were three boys and a 20 year old on an army cadet exercise. 
  • UFOlog 65p1 citing an unspecified issue of Spacelink

July 26 1969. 0235hrs.
Deputy sheriff Verlin Herrington (30) was driving home, when, rounding a corner, he found the road blocked by a large creature that refused to move. When he got within 27m of the thing, he saw that it was stooped down, as if looking at him. He realised that it was not a bear but a 2-2.5m tall female hairy humanoid, covered in dark brown hair, longer on its head. Verlin got out his gun to shoot at the thing but before he could do so it wandered out of his spotlight. 
  • Hunter and Dahinden 1975 p42 
  • Green 1973 p135 citing his own investigation 
  • Keel 1970a p120 dates this to 27th, gives location as HOQUIAM and the deputy’s name as Floyd Sund

Late July or Early August 1969. 2100hrs.
A group of adolescents were by the reservoir when they found that one of their cars would not start, even though the gas and battery had been checked. While one group left to get help, three remained behind. They saw a light about 6m above the reservoir and then 7-8 entities, looking like snowmen, floating in the air towards them. The trio panicked and hid under blankets in the car. They could feel the car heat up and vibrate, then heard footsteps on its roof. The ordeal lasted about an hour. Later marks were found on the car’s roof. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p 49 (case 61) citing Phillipe Blaquiere in UFO Quebec 2 p4

August 1969 (approx date)
A woman prospector saw hairy humanoids, including an adult male and a male and female. 
  • Green 1973 p165 citing John Dana

August 1969 (approx. date) 1500hrs.
While motorcycling between Alcala and Villaverde, Mr L, a technician with an important firm, aged about 30, rounded a curve and saw, on or just above the ground, a few metres away, in a treeless field, a sort of smooth oblong light. The thing was the size of a small bus, and was glowing the colour of red-hot iron. This light took off at a very steep angle and high speed, so that it soon disappeared into the distance. Mr L, who had stopped in fright, now felt so nauseous he and to dismount. He felt unwell for some months after the incident, but doctors could not diagnose his illness. 
  • Ballester 1976 p235 case 113 citing investigation by Manuel Osuna and his own files

August 1969. 0025hrs.
30km north of Roseburg, three people (surnamed Leis and Sand) saw a disc, about 1m diameter, land slowly. It was observed for 20 minutes. An object was also seen flying high over Roseburg at the same time. 
  • UFO Chronolog 3 p15 
  •  Table of American Landings in Data Net IV, 5 p7

August 4 1969.
Two teenagers were chased by three hairy humanoids near Cub Lake. 
  • Green 1973 p165 citing investigation by Dick Grover)

August 5 1969. 0330hrs.
Marine Corporal Charles Brandmeyer was driving along Rt 161 between Albers and New Braden, when he observed a small intense light moving over some timberland. He first thought that was a jet but the thing turned sharply and began pacing him. It was the apparent size of a softball. On reaching his parents’ home, he wakened the family and they chased the object to Oden in a faster car. . It was a round shiny object with a blurred outline. It tilted at intervals revealing an edge and was observed for more than 30 minutes. 
  • Hervey 1976 p159
  • Evaluation: astronomical + haze

August 6 1969. 2130hrs.ELKADER (IOWA : USA)

Eight members of the Arnot and Willkie families were covering up a hay stack when they noticed an object hovering 60m above the trees in a nearby wood. The thing was round, with a centre portion illuminated with a reddish tint and was soundless. It then descended into the wood, and as it did so a string of red and green lights shot out from its rear section. As this object descended below tree level, the witnesses saw large flashing white lights, which illuminated trees over a wide area. No traces were found. 
  • Data Net IV, 3 p10 citing an undated issue of Cedar Rapids Gazette citing investigation by J Allen Hynek, Ted Phillips and Fred Beckman

August 7 1969. Night.
Someone named Still observed an object manoeuvre and land 5km away. It was observed for 2 minutes. 
  • UFO Chronolog 4 p13 
  •  Table of American landings in Data Net IV, 5 p7

August 8 1969. 1725hrs.
Atte Sartela, Mr T Laine and his wife, along with six other people saw globular objects near the ground, through binoculars. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing UFOIDC Newsletter 29 p2 citing an unspecified issue of Vimana

August 9 1969. 2100hrs.
A number of people observed an oval object at very low altitude disgorge and return three small objects. The object manoeuvred and changed altitude abruptly and left an exhaust like that from a rocket. The thing was observed for three hours. At least one witness suffered psychological after effects. 
  • UFO Chronolog 3 p17
  • Evaluation: The long viewing time points to astronomical +autokinesis and atmospheric turbulence

August 10 1969 (or following day) Night/Early Hours.
Three people with a dog saw an object hovering above the ground. The dog displayed fear. The object took off, with a pendulum motion,. Towards the west. 
  • UFO Chronolog 3 p17

August 11 1969. 0100hrs.
Shorthand typist Helen Carr was awoken by a brilliant light coming from behind a small hill, opposite her bedroom. After watching for a short while, she saw an oval shaped object, with a large bright light to the front rise over the hill. Around the rim of the object was a row of windows, which gave the only indication as to its shape, as she could not see the outline. As the thing began to silently descent the hill towards the by-pass in front of her house, it seemed to come closer to the ground. The light moved around the estate like a searchlight, though she could see no beam connecting it to the bright light on the object. This light swept the houses, lighting up her wall at one point. She watched the object for about an hour, though she felt cold, but seemed unable to take her. When the first object was halfway down the field, it was followed by a second, similar, object. The objects were lost to view behind the next door and at this point she heard a car brake, but the incident occurred outside her field of view. She waited to see if the objects reappeared and then went back to bed and fell asleep. Her father and a neighbour were also wakened by the light but did not investigate. No traces could be found.
  • James P Tinney in FSR Case Histories 5 p13 citing his own investigation

August 15 1969. Morning.
Ken Hughes (21) was in the office of Bateman’s Wood Yard in Union Street, when he saw an egg shaped object with a cushion like a hovercraft descend over a high pile of wood 50m away. There was no noise or smoke. The object was steel-grey in colour, about 3.5m long, 2m high, 1.2-1.5m wide and was hovering about 15-25cm above the wood. Some doors, 1.5m high, with curved tops opened and then shut again as Ken called out to a workmate Ralph Attwood (30). The object rose to 6m and then disappeared. Ralph only caught a glimpse of the thing. 
  • FSR 16, 1 p 30 citing Wolverhampton Express and Star 18 August 1969 
  •  Hanson and Holloway 2011b p 118 citing own investigation

August 18 1969 2100hrs.
A cylindrical object with two orange and several green lights was observed flying at 65kph at 15m altitude. It changed altitude rapidly. Earlier a circular object had been seen at higher altitude. 
  • UFO Chronolog 3 p17

August 19 1969. 0250 hrs.
Luis Renate Mates (50) a teacher and former air force officer was driving his sister and her two small children from Araruama back home to Campos in his 1951 Ford. 15 minutes before Macae, while the passengers were sound asleep, he noticed an unusual blue light, and later observed, about 20mm ahead, a bright blue object shaped like an inverted plate about 20m in diameter, floating, tilted, 3-4m above the ground. Around the next curve he came across a stable near which were 5-6 small humanlike figures, under 1m tall, moving about rapidly in all directions. They carried devises which looked like tennis rackets with luminous, orange, pear shaped ends, which resembled red hot iron. Renate speeded up the car, but after passing Macae the headlights and engine failed. He was unable to move until dawn when the car started as he tried the engine again. 
  • Granchi 1995 p91 citing investigation of F Cleto Nunes 
  •  Richard Heiden citing Nunes in O Dia

August 21 1969. 2030hrs.
Eight people saw a large, red, glowing oval gliding down over trees in a very slow decent. A humming sound was heard and 20 sparks from the object were seen floating towards the ground. Two the witnesses went to the field and found flames burning to the height of 1m. :The burnt area measured 5.4x2.1m.
  • Phillips 1975 p67 case 286sp citing Art Epstein
  • Evaluation: flare? Burning balloon?

August 23 1969.
A group of five construction workers (Guy L’ Heureux (19), Harley Peterson (17), Stan Peterson (46), Floyd Engen (46) and dale Boddy (21)) laying the foundations for a pump saw a dark bipedal figure on a bank on the other side of a bend in the river. The thing seemed to be observing their activity as it stood for 30 minutes, sat down for 10 then rose for another 15 minutes, walking back and forth. after it had gone, two of the group went to the site, while the others observed them. From the height of the trees they estimated the thing must have been 3..5-4.5m tall. 
  • Green 1973 p193, 196 citing his own investigation + Nick Lees in an undated (c 1 September 1969) issue of Edmonton Journal 
  • Steenburg 1993 p17

August 23 1969 (approx. date) 0005hrs.
Pedro Queralt and another person, who were at the seaside, observed a luminous object, which, came to the water level. The thing was just a light, without any visible structure, larger than a star, scintillating, scintillating and white. :It disappeared, reappeared, rose at incredible speed and was lost to sight. : The observation lasted 10 minutes. 
  • Ballester 1976 p26 case 114 citing CEI and his own files

August 25 1969. Early Hours 
At an unspecified location a motorist encountered a disc shaped object about 10m diameter hovering at treetop height. The motorist braked to get a better look, but the thing took off a few seconds later. He then discovered that his car lights, horn and radio would not work. Investigations showed that the car fuses had blown and the engine had overheated. police confirmed the existence of skid marks where he had braked. 
  • Keyhoe 1974 p237 citing UPI

August 25 1969. 0200hrs.
Mr and Mrs Roca and another couple saw, while driving near Aytona a sort of wall of bright white light at ground level. They lost sight of the thing as they drove towards it and could not find it again. 
  • Ballester 1975 p26 case 115 citing his own investigation + LDLN 114 p20

August 25 1969. Dusk.
Mrs Ann Unsworth and her daughter Carole were looking out of a back bedroom window if their Green Lane house, when they saw a huge triangular object with one red and two green lights and with fiery corners. It was hovering above nearby chimneys and the women feared it would land on their shed or on a nearby concourse. It emitted flashes of light, which made them think that it was taking photographs. After 10 seconds it flew away. Both women were shocked by the incident. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p 120 citing South Lancashire Evening Post + Bolton Evening News both 26 August 1969 + Anthony Wiseman + Janet Gregory

August 27 1969 2210hrs.
Arthur Shuttlewood and other skywatchers saw a circle of flame leap up from a field. Two of the party, Christopher Trubridge and Robert Coates ran to the spot. As the flames died down, they saw, in their searchlight, a figure over 2m tall, dressed in a tight fitting black suit, with a gold coloured sash or bandana around his shoulder. The being had long hair, bright eyes and somewhat feminine features. The youths were too frightened to approach within more than 30m and fled. The rest of the party observed a large orange ellipse, hovering no more than 30m above the clubhouse, which became brighter as it moved away to the south east. A smaller, duller, light was seen at high altitude.
  • Arthur Shuttlewood in Pegasus 1,4 p2 and COSMOS 1,6 p2)

August 27 1969 (or following day) 2030hrs.
A man out motorcycling in a rural area found his machine’s engine suddenly cut out. :He then saw, in a nearby field, a sort of yellow-orange fuzzy, strawberry shaped oval, enveloped in a green haze and emitting a soft noise. After 15 minutes the thing left and he could now start the motor cycle. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p48 citing CUFOS files

August 29 1969 0230hrs.
A married couple were returning across the army ranges from a day fishing when a glowing, translucent, elliptical object appeared over a hill about 1.5km away. It came down to ground level, hovered and a tripod landing gear descended. They drove slowly to within 400m and observed the thing for 30 minutes before it took off into the sea. A the site a pattern of marks was found, consisting of a central hole, four holes at 1.2m radius and another four holes at 7m radius. 
  • UFOlog 61 p1 citing Daily Telegraph 30 August 1969
  • BUFORA Research Bulletin 2,2 p10 + Spacelink 6,2 p2 citing investigations by BUFORA and SIUFOP
  • Evaluation: The alleged witnesses gave no names and could not be traced by investigators, who suspected a hoax.

August 31 1969. Night.
Karen Hardman (8) awoke, and through her window, saw a disc shaped object hovering over the trees. She woke her 7 year old brother and they both watched the thing fade away. 
  • Randles 1994 (Star) p47

August 31 1969. 2330hrs.
Several motorists on Rte 44 observed a being on or near the road. It was dressed in a one piece suit made of silvery material, which completely covered its hands and feet. Its head was covered by a helmet that completely obscured its face. This being moved stiffly and awkwardly and appeared to be trying to stop cars. Police searches were fruitless. 
  • Data Net III, 7 p17 citing an unspecified issue of Saucer News citing Hartford Courant 6 September 1969

Fall 1969 (or following year) Night.
A woman doing her laundry in her basement saw a hairy leg outside the house. Another night she saw hairy arms outside her bedroom window and closed the blinds on it. On a third occasion she saw a large hairy humanoid with a bald head, which appeared to be talking, though she could not make out what it said. It was emptying the garbage and then putting it back. 
  • Swords 2005 p106 citing John Timmerman

September 1969.
A man saw a white hairy humanoid. 
  • Green 1976 p166 citing David Ludlam

September 1969. Afternoon.
Two rock musicians, Sean Blackburn and Steve Swenson were at the Clover farm on Swan Creek when they saw a black object floating near the ceiling. They got the impression that it was a “craft” full of life. When Steve began playing the guitar the object circled round him before moving into another corner of the room. When another member of the band opened the door, the thing was blown out. It appeared to only the size and colour of a piece of soot. It gave off a “good feeling”.
  • Clark and Coleman 1975 citing info from Sean Blackburn

September 1969. Evening.
Sharon and Kathy R saw a dome shaped superstructure, with fiery windows, swoop low over the grounds of Landsdown School. The dome was silvery metallic, with a black base in which a sort of hatch opened. From this hatch two objects like boxes fell. It was first seen by little Cathy who ran in, afraid, and called her older sister, who saw the whole sequence. When Mr R arrived outside, the whole thing had gone. Non traces could be found of the boxes. 
  • John Magor in Canadian UFO Report 2,2 p14 citing his own investigation

September 1969. 2000hrs.
On a fine clear night two luminous, rotating, red spheres, 1m apart, the apparent size of rice bowls, with a red core and yellow and white peripheries, moved slowly and silently from north to south at 15-20m altitude. After two or three minutes they rose up another 5-6m and then just disappeared. 
  • Dong and Stevens 1983 p53 citing letter from Li Guiying 18 July 1980

September 3 1969. 0400hrs.
Pauline Oulette (18), a waitress, along with John Stott (16) and Robert McLaughlin were in the parking lot of the Chapeau Hotel, 1.5km south of town when they observed a white and red flashing light, which changed to red. Pauline went to her room at 0430hrs. and saw the object again. After about 10 minutes a small object left the larger one and descended into the yard, going from window to window. It came within 2m of John, who saw that it was green and silver in colour, with a 1m log antenna protruding from its side. The thing made a whirring sound. Pauline was at first too afraid to leave her room and when she did so, she stayed in the corridor for two hours. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 57 p13 citing an unspecified issue of Ottawa Journal
  • Bondarchuk 1979 p31 citing Ottawa Journal 4 September 1969

September 5 1969.
Mrs Flo Ebdon saw two bright lights hovering above the treetops about 1.5km east of Piney corner. One was 400m north of the other. One had a sort of revolving searchlight on its base, which projected a beam of light for some distance. After 30 minutes the second object joined it and they took off to the east. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 57 p9

September 7 1969 (approx. date) Early Morning
]Jimmy Frost was driving down the lane by Ladywood barn when he saw an orange light, the size of a soccer ball, moving towards him and swaying from side to side. He drove to the end of the lane towards the road and the light followed him. Other people had reported similar incidents. 
  • Journal of Paraphysics 3,6, p193 citing Daily Sketch 8 September 1969

September 7 1969. 1400hrs.
On this and each subsequent day up to and including the 11th, children on the farm saw strange objects on the ground and found marks. On the 11th two of the children saw an object move along the power lines to the pole., where it hovered an disappeared. It was again seen on September 27 and October 7th.
  • Data Net III, 7 p8 citing an unspecified issue of Clayton County Observer

September 9 1969. 2145hrs.
A number of people saw a light descend and apparently fall into Lake Okanagen. 
  • UFO Chronolog 4 p14 citing an unspecified issue of UFO Magazine

September 10 1969. 
A strange object landed and an unusual residue was found 
  • Data Net IV, 3 p7

September 11 1969 0500hrs.
Nikolay Zinov (36) and other members of his prospecting party were driving back to Dzhambul from Karazhal. They lost their way and decided to wait for dawn. As they sat waiting they saw a light in the sky, which as if approached, resolved into a humanoid being in a scaly suit flying, silently, with its arms extended. It flew over the lorry at 2m altitude and then landed 25m away. Nicolai drove his vehicle towards the being, headlights on, hoping for directions. When he and a geologist colleague got within 3-4m of the figure, it rose into the air again and flew off.
  • Vladimir Rubstov in Evans and Stacy 1997 p228

September 11 1969. 1800hrs.
Francisco Gordillo Montano (67), considered a respectable member of the community, was working at his olive trees at El Zorriche Bajo, 3km east of town when he suddenly saw an extraordinary glow a few metres below his position, which came from a circular object on the ground. Covering his eyes, Francisco walked to within 15m of the thing but had to stop as he had trouble breathing, felt pain in his eyes and throat, as he noticed a strange smell. The light had now vanished. Francisco left his cap and tools and fled. Francisco did not report the incident for 6 months because of ridicule. 
  • Ballester 1976 p26 citing ABC-Andalucia 24 May 1970 + investigation by Juan Salas

September 12 1969. 0005hrs.
Felix Labajo Rodilana, a man in his late 30s who was a guard on the Montico farm was in his house on the estate on this clear night (temp 15 degrees) when he saw a bright light 10m circumference ,sitting on the ground 800m to the west, making a loud sound. :Felix approached the steady light on his bicycle, across the flat woodland until he got within 400m, when the object rose vertically and took off to the west at great speed. There were no traces. Julio reported there were other witnesses but he could not remember their names. 
  • Ballester 1976 p26 case 117 citing his own investigation

September 12 1969. 2100hrs.
High school teacher Robert McConkie saw a large fiery mass splash into the Rice Lake just west of Black Island. It glowered for 15 minutes and then disappeared. Robert searched the area by boat but could find nothing.
  • Saucers Space and Science 57 p16

September 13 1969.
People on a Finnish ferry saw a mysterious submarine. A man from Hamtan Island was in his motorboat off Havssvalget shone his searchlight on the thing from a distance of only a few metres but was unable to identify it and searches were fruitless. 
  • Ake Franzen in FSR 16, 2 p.iii

September 13 1969 (approx. date) 1300hrs.
Three men out prospecting had been eating lunch for about an hour when they saw about 100m away an ape like creature sat on its haunches. The thing was in sight for about 5 minutes, after which it got up and they could see it was more than 2m tall. Its teeth chatted as if it was cold. 
  • Steenburg 2000. p165 citing letter from of the witnesses
  • Evaluation:m Same case as the one marked as April ?

September 13 1969. Night.
A young man saw a 1.6m tall hairy humanoid, covered in black hair, cross the road.
  • Green 1973 p166

September 14 1969. 1700hrs.
Near Beauharnois a seven year old boy saw two entities which emerged from a small silvery object through a hatch. The beings were green coloured and moved like robots as they gathered rocks and plants before returning to the machine. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p49 case 62 citing Bordeleau 1969 p 172

September 22 1969.
Mrs L was walking with her son along a small road by a wood, looking out for their dog, which had run off during the walk, when, near the road, they saw a bright oval object “like nothing known to man” 5m thick, with a transparent middle section from which came a very vivid light. They watched for two minutes and saw three men outside and machine and two inside. They were very tall (2.3m+) , slim, with very tight one piece suits. The witnesses became frightened by this scene and went back to get Mr L. When he returned to the scene with his son, the object and beings had gone, leaving a circle of depressed grass 10 meters in diameter. The family had walked in the area for 10 years and knew the local scenery well and were sure it was quite inaccessible to vehicles. 
  • Bourret 1977 p111 citing investigation by J C Bourret and Jean Cazeau

September 25 1969. 0655hrs.
Robert LeMunyan was driving his daughter into town from his ranch, 19km south west of town when they were passed by Mr and Mrs Hershal Halstead passed them, hailing them with their horn. He slowed down and his attention was caught by a large half oval shaped light hovering close to the ground 2-3km away The object remained stationary. Both cars were driven towards the thing, but it vanished after 4 or 5 minutes. 
  • Data Net III, 7 p8 citing an unspecified issue of Graphic

September 26 1969. 2230hrs.
A married couple returning to Marshall from Columbia had just passed the last Boonville exit on Interstate 70 when their attention was caught by a fairly bright red light 5 degrees above the horizon. This they first thought was a tower light but then realised that it was moving towards them and was not sort of familiar aircraft. They pulled up as the object passed and saw that it was a cigar shaped thing with a blunt nose, which glowed bright red and as it passed soundlessly overhead, a bright light was visible in the rear section. This appeared to be a sort of exhaust trailing sparks and was contained within the object, the main body of which was not visible against the dark sky, but they estimated it must have been four times the apparent diameter of the moon. The glow from the rear was still visible when they left the area three minutes later. 
  • UFOlog 72 p5 citing Paul Wilson in an unspecified issue of APRO Bulletin 
  • Skylook 48

Late 1969. Night.
Susan Burchell of Cheapside, Waltham awoke to see someone stood at the foot of her bed. On turning on the light she saw it was a young man, with ginger hair, dressed in RAF uniform, one sleeve pinned to his shoulder. Susan found herself unable to move or talk as the figure looked directly at her and then moved towards and entered her wardrobe, Searches were fruitless. 
  • Halpenny 1990 p43

October 1969 (approx date) 
The teenage son of a farmer saw, as he went out, that the cattle were huddled together on the far side of the pasture. Between him and the cattle was a shiny object which resembled an inverted bowl with a red light flashing on and off. he heard someone walking to his left and turned around to see a little man 90cm-1.2m tall, coming towards him. He was dressed from head to toe in a white astronauts suit, with a yellow-brown helmet covering his large head. His arms were long and reached to his knees, his hands looked normal but his feet seemed to have two prongs. The dwarf then took off his helmet, and the boy could see that it had a pale green complexion, his head was completely bald, his eyes were very large but his mouth and nose were just slits. It then wiped its expressionless face with its free hand, as if to wipe away sweat, then entered the bowl shaped machine, which then took off. 
  • Steiger 1974 p131 citing Glen McWane’s investigation

October 1969 (approx. date) 0400hrs.
A school teacher and a number of pupils celebrating the end of term saw a flattened elongated disc performing evolutions at 200m altitude. It was like a sort of inverted dish surrounded by a red light. It appeared to land. Whereupon they could see that the top part was transparent and in the interior they could see four humanoid silhouettes, of medium height, which moved. After a few moments the object executed a sharp turn at incredible speed and disappeared into the sky leaving a white trail. Someone trying to watch the spectacle from the rooftop of a neighbouring house was almost blinded by the light. 
  • Pegasus 2,2 p4 citing ESPACIO (not dated) citing investigation by A. O. A.

October 1969.
A man saw two hairy humanoids picking up rocks and taking something from under them. 
  • Green 1973 p166 citing Roger Patterson

October 1969.
Two objects landed in a farmer’s field. Leaves on the trees at the site yellowed, and traces about 10m long were found in the field. 
  • Vallee 1991 p110

October 1969. 1930hrs.
Two 11 year old children, Graham X and Patricia S were playing in Graham’s yard when they noticed a hissing noise like a swarm of bees and observed a huge egg shaped object, with a row of pulsating lights on the bottom that changed red-blue-green-yellow. They ran into the house and from the eaves saw the object fall into a field 200m away and explode. They ran to warn their parents of a fire, but when the latter went to investigate there was no fire, nor any traces of one. 
  • Letter from Patricia S in Canadian UFO Report 3,8 p24)

October 1969 2030hrs.
A group of boys from a nearby borstal [juvenile detention centre] with two supervisors, were on a work camp in Thorncombe Wood when one of the boys alerted the rest of the party to what looked like a Roman soldier “with shield, sword, toga and helmet” hovering 60cm above the ground about 30m away. The supervisor got a torch and approached the figure, but as he did so it disappeared. 
  • Legg et al 1974 p37

October 4 1969. 0250hrs.
Mr L A M McGregor, a farmer living between Katikati and Tauranga, saw two bright orbs of light following each other low in the western sky and kept them under observation for 10 minutes. Later two burnt circles 16m and 9m in diameter were found on a slope on his property but farmer C F Johnson of Kaharoas. The horses became agitated near the two circles. 
  • FSR 16,2 p31 citing New Zealand Herald 8 September + 9 October 1969

October 8 1969 (approx. date) Night.
A farmer was awakened by a strange odour which seemed to come from the yard. When he opened his door he saw two beings of short stature with large heads and enormous phosphorescent eyes. Terrified, he slammed the door in their faces and bolted all the doors and windows. Next morning he looked out and saw that the beings had gone. 
  • Data Net IV, p 16 citing Correio do Povo (Brazil) not dated

October 9 1969.
Mr Lotcket’s van engine failed when he saw a strange object 10m away with three 80cm tall beings, with blond hair and a single eye, in it. Plants in the area were found burnt. 
  • Fabbio Picasso in The Missing Link 120 p15 + Strange Magazine 9 p35

October 9 1969. 1945hrs.
Mr Verna was walking his horses when he saw at the corner of a wood a strange object with a light that flashed at regular intervals. The thing jumped and attached itself to a similar object. They flew away to the left of Verna. The observation lasted 10 minutes. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing LAET Liege

October 11 1969, 0020grs.
Two employees of the Gaspe copper mines, Donat Francois and Ronald Mullin, were working 3km from Murdochville on a concentrator waste disposal dam about 800m from each other. Ronald saw an object, which he thought was a shooting star before realising that it had a structure. Donat heard a sound like an outboard motor at full speed and saw a bright object about 60m in the air, heading directly at him. As the thing swooped very close to him, Donat dived behind the pipeline. This object circled the area twice and then moved off, discharging a bright blue flames and accelerating away. At its closest approach Donat saw it was a half-moon shape, with a blue thing like a windshield in front and propellers at the rear. For a time the object seemed to just float along and then it shot away like a meteor. Vere Cote, driving on the Murdochville –Gaspe highway saw a blue flash at this time. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 58 p11 + UFOlog 74 p4 + Data Net IV, 1 p15 all citing an undated issue of Gaspe Peninsula-Voyager
  • Evaluation: Helicopter?

October 11 1969. 0025hrs.
The fishing boat Agustin Rojas, owned by Francisco Simo (41); the man who had helped to find the American nuclear bomb off Palomar, was about 5km from Cabo Cope when its nets caught a submerged object that could not be freed. The Spanish and American navies were involved in a search operation but the object got away. 
  • Ballester 1976 p26, case 118 citing Sevilla 14 October 1969 + Informaciones 7 November. 1969
  • Evaluation: Russian submarine?

October 11 1969. Pre-dawn.
A man saw objects :with flashing red and yellow lights about 3.5m off the ground. He then awoke two friends and they all saw the tow objects rise up to merge into a larger object at 6,000m. This latter had a turtle like appearance, with a cratered surface and which appeared to reflect light in the environment. All three objects disappeared at dawn. One of the men though he heard a sound like an insect’s buzz from one of the smaller objects. 
  • Haines 1994 p77 citing APRO Bulletin September/October 1966 p6
  • Evaluation : Stars and moon?

October 11 1969. 0615hrs.
Amedee Luquet was going to milk his cows in a meadow about 1km from the village, alongside RN30 and was on a hillock calling to the beasts when he noticed a white light, like a car headlight, behind the hedge in the bottom of the valley. Luquet first thought it was an another farmer with a flash light and then realised that the thing was describing a circle, 1 hectare in circumference, at dizzying speed, turning fast and illuminating the surroundings as it did so. The thing then surveyed the hedge at the south west boundary of the field, passed in front of Luquet at 50m altitude at 45 degrees. Crossed the RN, after which the white light went out and was replaced by red flames. There were five or six of these lights, but he did not have time to count them properly. The object then disappeared behind the summit of a hill to his right, in the direction of Buicourt. As the object passed by Luquet, he thought he saw, under it, a dark oval the size of a small car. The only sound the thing made was one resembling the wind in the trees. 
  • Phen Spax 22

October 11 1969 (approx. date) 1955hrs. 
A man out exercising his dog on this dark, cloudless evening on the main road looking out across Loch Ryan saw an object rise up like the moon rising out of a black cloud. It was a pale gold coloured, crescent shaped thing, becoming elliptical. An acquaintance passed and also saw this object and got a group of people from a pub to come and watch it. They observed the thing until 2010, when it seemed to recede into the distance, leaving a copper coloured haze which faded away. 
  • Fred O Gardner in UFOlog 65 p3

October 13 1969. 2200hrs.
A man observed a round object pass overhead with a whistling sound. As it did so he observed numerous figures inside it. 
  • Musgrave 1979 case 63 citing letter from witness to APRO

October 16 1969.
Near here a 10 year old boy heard a humming sound and looking around he saw an oval object on or just above the ground about 20m away. From it came a ramp, down which descended a dwarf, 90cm-1.2m tall which walked in a bow legged fashion. It had only two fingers on each hand. The thing removed its helmet and wiped its brow. It had a green complexion was bald, large, close set eyes and slit nose and mouth. 
  • Donovan 2009 p26

October 17 1969. 1300hrs.
Wayne Beever and Mrs Schanz independently observed a bright silvery object reflecting the sunlight. The thing wobbled and moved slowly very close to the ground. It had gone by the time investigators arrived. 
  • UFO Chronicle 5 p17 citing an unspecified issue of Skylook citing investigation by Corbyn Jacobs 
  • Skylook 48
  • Evaluation: Probably a weather balloon

October 17 1969. 2355hrs.
Four teenagers driving along Indian Creek were frightened :by a tremendous light that appeared from a gully in the road. The light was so intense that it lit the countryside. 
  • Data Net III, V p13 citing an unspecified issue of Willamina Times

October 18 1969. 2200hrs.
Drive in restaurant owner Victor Smith, his wife and a farmer-customer saw a round or spherical object about 1m diameter, with green, red and blue lights, moving in a straight line about 2m above the ground from the Reed-Blackman House, across Highway 52-135 to the ally edging their lot. It then moved rapidly west in a straight line and then suddenly disappeared, like light going out, just before it hit a tree. It was lightly raining at the time and a thunder shower followed. 
  • UFOLog 66 p5 citing an unspecified issue of 
  • Evaluation: Some form of ball lightning?

October 19 1969. 0600hrs.
A glowing sphere was observed by three people to take off and join a similar object at low altitude. The objects moved from side to side. 
  • UFO Chronolog 5/6 p23 citing an unspecified issue of Skylook

October 21 1969 1945hrs 
On this dark foggy night, Alastair MacKenzie, a retired Lt Commander and resident director of the Suncliff Hotel, was out drinking coffee with his wife and 11 year old daughter, 18 year old son and mother-in-law, when the girl noticed something fluttering outside and drew the others attention to it. They all saw a whitish object floating up and down. Thinking it might be burning paper, Alastair and his two children went onto the balcony to investigate. Immediately above them at about 10m altitude was a circular object 22-30cm in diameter. It was an eerie grey white colour and was pulsating in the centre, which darker and bluish in colour. About 30 seconds later it began to move away to the south in level flight, very slow at first and then accelerating to high speed. Alastair felt shaken by the incident and reported it to the police. 
  • Fred O Gardner in UFOlog 66 p 1 citing his own investigation 
  • Journal of Paraphysics 3,6 p20 citing Bournemouth Evening Echo 22 October 1969 Hanson and Holloway 2011b p 124 citing investigation by John Feakins of Isle of Wight UFO Society + information supplied by Frank Marshall

October 23 1969.
Two boys Paul T and Barry R were fishing from Highcliffe beach when they saw an object with a red light in front and green light in the rear, gliding slowly along at 30m altitude. The body of the object could not be seen but it gave the impression of great size. The object moved parallel to the beach and hovered over Barton Cliffs for two minutes before it turned and displayed orange and white lights and hovered over the boys. It then moved up the cliff and the lads chased it for 800m before it disappeared in a terrific acceleration. 
  • FSR 16,2 p31 citing Christchurch Times 31 October 1969.
October 24 1969. 2115hrs.
Steven W (13) was sitting reading in his second story bedroom in his Pickett district house when he became aware of a strange noise from the district generator plant, which was behind his house. A few seconds later a light lit up the ground and a domed object descended down to about 15m altitude, about 75m away. The thing appeared to be in three sections and it was on a tilt, so that Steven could see four blue-white lights on its underside. The object itself was dull grey in colour and an estimated four times the size of car (ie about 17m diameter). There was a high pitched sound like an ambulance siren and leaves were blown about by a sort of wind. A horse fenced in the yard became frantic. his object was shaped like a sort of dish, surmounted by a shallow dome, and with a steeper dome on top that. : The thing then took off vertically and then moved away at an angle, the light becoming misty as it did so. Meanwhile his mother Elaine was driving up Rte7 from the Brookfield Centre, with a friend, Earl Blois, a commercial artist, travelling in the car behind, when they borh saw the lights of what appeared to an aircraft in distress. They then realised that the lights were too far apart, travelling too slowly and were steady. One light then veered off at an angle, while the other one went straight ahead. The witnesses didn’t stop until they reached the W house. :Several other people saw a powerful light in the sky. 
  • Paula Holmes in Flying Saucer Observer 17 p1.
  • Evaluation: The published interview was disjointed and the witnesses were constantly interrupted and not allowed to complete sentences, so the exact sequence of events is very unclear, for example the lad may have seen the object circle the house.

October 28 1969. 2215hrs.
Two Baptist College freshmen, Cedric Sutherland and Gerry Talbert (both 18) were driving along Raines Drive in the Wildwood section, near their Mobile College campus when they saw bright white lights in the sky, which they thought were on a plane. They then realised that the object was descending rapidly at 45 degrees and that flashing red lights had come on. The object then began to decelerate rapidly and began to descend into a vacant lot 15-30m from the road, flattening grass and bending trees as it did so. The lads then saw that it was a dark grey object, with luminous white panels circling the exterior, with two rings of red flashing lights, one on the top, the other on the bottom. The whole thing was 10-15m diameter and about 4.5m high. The duo braked but the object became lost to sight behind the trees. The boys called the police and Patrolman G. Pressnell inspected the area, finding evidence of flattened grass and two small pine trees had been broken. Several other people called radio and TV stations to report unidentified objects. 
  • Skylook 28 citing an unspecified issue of National Enquirer 
  • APRO Bulletin September/October 1969 p1 
  • Data Net IV, 1 p15 citing an unspecified issue of (Mobile) Register

October 29 1969. 2330hrs.
A man out driving in a wooded area saw a 1.2m tall hairy humanoid, covered in dull white hair, cross the road about 8min front of him. 
  • Newton 2010 p60

October 30 1969. 0310hrs.
J. F. Cudby (33), a patrol officer for Central Hawkes Bay Security Services was making s routine check at the Aero Club clubhouse at the local airfield when his attention was caught by lights reflected in a glass doorway. Turning round he saw a large, circular, metallic object 18m diameter, 3.5m high at 20m altitude, about 100m away, emitting a swishing sound. He was able to sweep across the thing three times with his van searchlight before the swishing increased to a whine as the object moved away. Cudby’s dog had refused to obey him during the 2 minute episode. :On examining the area Cudby found that the grass, which was wet elsewhere, was hot and dry over an area 18m long. At about the same time :S T Grant, travelling down Pukeora Hill towards Waipukurua, saw a circular object stationary about 30m above the ground. It then gradually gained height and took off at high speed. Another farmer was awoken by a disturbance among his sheep. 
  • Keith Basterfield in FSR 16, 1 p32 citing Napier Daily Telegraph 30 + 31 October 1969
  • Hassall 1998 p41

October 30 1969. 1030hrs.
Jane and Clint Chapin at the Mary Hazel Mine had just buried a rattlesnake head when an oval object, about half the size of a Volkswagen, rose from behind the bushes. There was no wind and the leaves barely fluttered. They found an oval rim like impression in the dirt and a piece of metal. This was submitted for analysis at various laboratories without conclusive results. 
  • Jane and Clint Chapin in APRO Bulletin 26,4 p3 
  • Vallee 1991 p183

October 31 1969. 0330hrs.
Bob Strahl (20), an insurance clerk, was awakened by a sound like a jet on full throttle about to take off. Looking out of the window he saw a saucer shaped fluorescent light, 6m diameter, hovering 15m above a stretch of green near the Hastings Street Railway Crossing. After 10 seconds the thing took off at tremendous speed towards the sea. None of his neighbours said they heard the sound. 
  • FSR 16,1 p31 citing Napier Weekly Telegraph 1 November 1969

Late 1969.
A 30 year old woman, walking back from her outside toilet, saw a bright yellow glow over a nearby hedge, against which five dark figure like shadows were highlighted. They moved slightly and one looked taller than the others. They resembled the heads and shoulders of people, though no limbs were visible. She left the scene. 
  • Keith Basterfield in MUFON UFO Journal 177 p5 + Basterfield 1980 p40 case 38 both citing UFO Research Far North Queensland.

November 1969 (approx. date) Evening.
Marian B and some friends were returning from the cinema along a path by fields. Marian then noticed something stood by an oak tree 3-5m away. The thing was about the same height as the boys, and its face was just a grey mass, surrounded by a yellow glow. From its lower portion came a brilliant blue light, which, however, did not illuminate the surroundings. The boys ran towards the figure, which backed away, centimetres from the ground. The thing then accelerated away and disappeared into a hollow on the other side of a railway embankment. 
  • Cielebias 2015 citing Marian B on YouTube

November 1969.
Loggers encountered a hairy humanoid. 
  • Green 1973 p167

November 1969.
A student saw a hairy humanoid at a point south east of Wenatchee. 
  • Green 1973 p167 citing Clarence Fox

November 1969.
Logger Mike Scott (26) fired three shots at a tall hairy humanoid. The creature seemed injured and left a blood trail but it ran off, as did Mike Scott and his co-witnesses.
  • Slate and Berry 1976 p9

November 3 1969. 1630hrs.
Trent Baker, his brother and a friend, saw an object that they first thought was a helicopter 400m north of Windsor, flying close to the ground. They then realised it was not a helicopter. It circled the area, then flew east for 400m, then went south for 800m. It did this four or five times changing colour white to grey four times. It appeared to land on an old back road. Their dogs ran up to it. It then took off and rose very rapidly and disappeared. The boys went to the landing site and found a diamond shape imprinted into the ground to a depth of 2.5cmm. In the centre were three holes about 2.5cm round. At one end of the imprint was a smaller diamond shape about 60cm long, which was not dug out. There was a line about 90cm long that curved away from this end of the diamond. There were three of these shapes in different places, one smaller than the other. The children described the object as egg shaped, 1.8m long with a tail and four legs. UFO Chronicle 6 p14 citing Australian Flying Saucer Research Society (Journal) December 1969
  • Basterfield 1968-1 p92 citing UFO Research South Australia files

November 5 1969. Night.
Two groups of teenagers reported a bent white shape drifting a couple of metres :or so above a field off Pentlands Lane. Van driver David Edwards (19) returned with some friends to investigate and saw a shining white “deformed shape” lying flat on top of a tractor. It then started moving towards them along the hedge. Among the total of 28 witnesses were James Davies and his girlfriend who saw a grey shape on the verge as they were starting their motorbike, and a 14 year old girl who saw a hunched up figure 1m above the ground.
  • Journal of Paraphysics 3,6 case 195 citing Daily Sketch 6 November 1969

November 7 1969 0200hrs. 
Charles Buchanan, camping on the shores of the lake, was dragged out of his pickup and woken up by a tall dark hairy bipedal creature, which gave off a powerfully unpleasant odour. The thing moved off with Charles’ sleeping bag, into the trees and then into the water. 
  • Coleman 2001 p213 
  • Clark and Coleman 1978 p53

November 10 1969. Late night.
Lesley Mason (19) was driving her boyfriend John Steel on the Holmpton-Patrington Road, when a triangle of white lights moved silently across the path of their car. When they stopped the object turned round and began descending towards them. They drove off to report the matter to the police and as they did so, they got the impression that the object landed in a field. A police officer had seen an unidentified object in the area that afternoon. 
  • FSR 16,1 p31 citing Hull Daily Mail 11 November 1969

November 11 1969. 2300hrs. 
Joseph Miller and Barbara Knehans (both 19) were driving down Price Road when they saw a star like point of light nigh in the sky. This descended to about 3m above their car and followed them along the road. It was about 10m long, bright white in colour with red and pink lights. :Both the witnesses became afraid and Barbara became hysterical. As they turned into Delmar Boulevard the thing took off in a westerly direction without a sound. 
  • Data Net IV, 1 p17 citing an unspecified issue of St Louis Globe-Democrat 
  • UFO Chronology 5 p25 citing an unspecified issue of Skylook
  • Evaluation police believed the couple had seen aircraft landing lights.

November 12 1969. 0210hrs.
Watowan Deputy Sheriff , Ernest Tande, spotted a big flashing red light not far off the ground. It was stationary at first and then began to travel towards the TV tower at Godahl. The thing then stopped again and then moved in a south-westerly direction. When it was directly west of him, Ernest called Steven Benson of the St James Police, who also saw the thing. It then turned northeast towards New Ulm at less than 30hrs.m altitude, stopping at the west edge of Manska. Ernest approached within 3km of the object and was sure that it was not an aircraft. 
  • Data Net IV, 1 p17 citing an unspecified issue of (New Ulm?) Journal

November 15 1969. 0230hrs.
Three people saw a luminous object descend over the road and pass close to them. As it did so their tachometer needle swung to zero, though the engine was still running. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p48 citing UFO Nachrichten March 1969 (sic and !)

November 15 1969, 1700hrs.
A woman and three other people saw three small discs each with a large dome in which there were windows and multiple lights coming from their undersides. There was total silence and a strong smell of acid. Small humanoids with fist shaped heads that had white faces, wide mouths and round eyes were seen in the domes. The witness felt she had telepathic contact with these occupants and had physiological after effects.
  • Eric Zurcher in LDLN 195 p27 citing GPUN
  • Another version of this story says that a man watching out from his window for the pigeons he was feeding saw a dome in which the heads of two beings could be seen. The thing, which flew behind a chimney, was a grey disc, surmounted by a transparent dome in which the beings could be seen, and from its circumference came bright lights. A voice in his head confirmed he was seeing a flying saucer. :The two entities inside the dome then turn to each other and then away from the witness. Then two other objects with transparent domes in which figures could be seen passed by at 70m distance. The three joined up and moved off to the north. The man fell into a kind of stupor, unable to alert the neighbours and finding his face and hands swollen and a red bump on his forehead, which was still visible in 1978. (Albert Rosales citing Figuet and Ruchon 1979)

November 16 1969. 2030hrs.
James and Iva Hill and another person observed for 8 minutes a disc shaped object 15-20m diameter, with a dome, at treetop height, to the southwest. It came within 800m of them in an undulating motion. The object was red and green in colour with many gold lights. Through the transparent dome they could see several men of normal height looking down to the ground. 
  • Jacques Bonabot and UFO Chronolog 5 p25 both citing Kansas Newsletter 1,10 p6)

November 23 1969.  Night.
Charles Kent, who was visiting friends, went out to his car and saw a bipedal creature 30-40m away. Tracks were found. 
  • Green 1973 p167)

November 24 1969. 0500hrs.
While his wife and family were staying with a neighbour, Aquila Eamon Acosta (44) of the Ni Recuerdo farm was awakened at cockcrow. As he was making his drink he noticed that everything was quiet, and when he went into the yard to get some water, he saw some strange beings, lighting up the fields with powerful lights like searchlights, beside the wire paddock fence 15m away. About 10 of the beings were moving to and fro along the wire, and another 7 were in the paddock. He could only see them from the waist downwards and they seemed to be transparent. One of the beings came within 8m of Aquila, who saw that it had a rod which it raised, whereupon the being flew up into the air and joined its comrades. The other beings by the fence then shone of their powerful beams on Aquila. The whole house was lit up, a pane of glass was shattered, and he felt a powerful blow on his face, which almost stunned him. Shaken he went back into the kitchen and peeped through the little window in the door, though which he saw the beings with their lights run along the fence from one side to the other three times, focussing their lights on the ground, trees and dung heap. One of the dogs had gone out with him but rushed back into the kitchen. The other dog appeared to be asleep. When Mrs Acosta returned home she found her husband with bloodshot eyes, a headache and trembling all over. He was very afraid the go out when the night fell again. 
  • FSR 16, 2 p26 citing La Razon 25 November 1969 
  • UFO Chronolog 5 p26 citing undated issue of UFO Nachrichten

November 25 1969. 2200hrs.
An engineer with a doctorate was driving to the mining factory :“Postas de Navarra” when at a place called “Las Arrubias” he encountered a lens shaped, metallic looking object, 8m diameter, 2m high, with sharp edges resting on a sort of landing gear, near a spring 200m from the road. The thing was a fluorescent yellow, but not blinding. As the witnesses slowed down to watch it, the thing took off at fantastic speed. Traces were found at the site, including carbonised grass. 
  • Ballester 1976 p27 case 119 citing his own investigation and that of CEI Stendek 1 p11
  • Evaluation: Ballester Olmos considered the case a possible hoax

November 27 1969 1805hrs. 
The two Gann boys (14, 12) saw an object with a bright red light on it, whirl and hover above the trees 100m away. The thing then turned towards them and showered bright white lights before disappearing behind some trees. 
  • Data Net IV, 1p17 citing an undated issue of (?Medford) Mail-Tribune

November 27 1969. 1955hrs.
D W Bell of Vermillion Agricultural and Vocational College saw, from his living room window, a bright white ball, with a prominent blue flame like tail, which seemed to be skimming along just above treetop level, southeast to northwest. 
  • Data Net IV, 2 p13 citing an undated issue of Edmonton Journal

November 28 1969.  2200hrs.
At a place called Pikku Kyla outside the town, farmer Kalle Lasala was looking out of his window when he saw a bright ball of light descending straight down. He woke his daughter Aino Toivainan who also watched the ball, which emitted a broad,, intense beam of light, vertically into the sky, which beam grew in intensity as the ball descended. The thing appeared to land or hover very close to the ground behind a ridge some 3-4km away, its position marked by the light beams. Later Timo Laine and forestry technician Aape Ahvenjarvi :went to the site on skis. Behind the ridge were two woodland pools and on one of these they found a precisely circular spot where the ice had melted. 
  • Matias Paatalo in FSR Case Histories 2 p6 (translated from Vimana 2)

November 29 1969. 0710hrs.
Rafael Julio Jimenez (30) and Manuel Infante Perez (18) were driving from Umberto to Seville, on the road from Gines, when, 2km after Espartinas they saw an object flying at treetop height at the speed of an aeroplane. The thing was shaped like two inverted plates, with a dome in the centre, which gave off an intermittent blueish glow. The rim had half a dozen red and yellow lights. 
  • Ballester 1976 p27 case 120 citing investigation by Manuel Osuna + LDLN July 1971 p14

November 30 1969. 1730hrs.
While driving between Paysom and Plaineville on Rt 96, 21km southeast of Quincy, X ray technician Russel Ater, his wife Betty and 11 year old son, the boy observed a red flashing light moving west 200-300m to the their right, pacing their car for about 2km over the trees. Very shortly afterwards they all saw a continuous red glowing triangular object that appeared in the west, coming towards their car, which was travelling at 90-95kph. The thing first appeared as a circle of red light, but when it got close, the entire object glowed a fiery neon red. It was shaped like an equilateral triangle, larger than a light plane, :but with rounded corners and sides. The object dipped down to 15m above their car , as it turned from flying straight east, swinging across the highway to the south, where it disappeared in seconds. As the object dipped over it, the car appeared to rise about 25cm above the paved road, and then to settle back with only a slight bump. :There was no sound of rushing air and the car moved neither to the left nor the right. This part of the incident lasted only about three seconds. 
  • UFOlog 68 p5 citing an unspecified issue of Skylook Data Net IV,1 p17 citing an undated issue of Quincy Herald-Whig

November 30 1969. 2200hrs. 
Ivan Wally was driving along the Trans-Canada highway above the Thompson River about 5km east of Lytton when, going up a hill, he encountered a hairy humanoid about 2m tall, with a face like an old man and long legs. As the car approached the thing raised its arms, as if in surrender. Then as Ivan’s dog behaved oddly, the creature strode away. 
  • Green 1973 p139

December 1969 (approx. date) 0200hrs.
Mrs Altair of Avenida Niemeyer went out onto the veranda from her bedroom and saw, on the rocks by the side of the house, a flash of light, she first thought was a reflection from the street lamps. Then the light suddenly rose upwards into the air and became a pattern of many colours. 
  • FSR 17, 3 p6 citing Walter Buhler in SBEDV Bulletin 74/9 citing Aristeu Machado

December 1969
Several loggers encountered a 2m tall hairy biped, which seemed to watch them from the trees. 
  • Gilroy 1995 p226

December 1969. 2000hrs.
George Poole, a maintenance engineer at an oil refinery was sheltering the cab of a fuel bowser when he heard footsteps and saw a plump man , about 1.6m tall,in a boiler suit and safety helmet. The stranger came within 7m of George, who jumped down to challenge him, whereupon the man vanished. 
  • Green 1973 p95

December 1 1969. 1930hrs.
A single witness saw a red-orange, glowing sphere 10m diameter land and take off at high speed nearby. Later a 10m burnt circle was discovered. 
  • UFO Chronolog 5 p26 citing an unspecified issue of Panorama

December 2 1969. 0215hrs.
Two truck drivers saw many creatures with strange hair on their heads by a landed object. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Julien Weverbergh citing an undated issue of SBEDV Bulletin

December 4 1969. 0950hrs.
Edith Bieling and two other people saw a grey disc, with a transparent cupola, hovering noiselessly above the elementary school. The thing then took off through the clouds. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Kansas Newsletter 1,11 p4 citing Victoria Times 10 December 1969

December 5 1969. Early Evening.
Cliff Patterson of Buckeye was driving :from Avondale on Hw60 when he saw a bright light in the sky, north of Liberty. At first it looked as though a spotlight was being directed down from the dark sky to the ground., but gradually the glow spread out in an oval shape near the top of the beam.. From the underside of this shape, red yellow and blue lights appeared. The thing seemed to keep moving away as Cliff’s pickup truck approached but it stayed close to the earth for a time, before the main beam of light went out. :Then the other colours disappeared and only the blue light remained as the object appeared to head off into the west. A patrol car and several other vehicles also stopped. The light was also seen by Mrs Jones as she passed through the area. The light was last seen moving towards Tonopah. 
  • Data Net IV, 2 p13 citing an unspecified issue of Buckeye Valley News

December 7 1969. 1500hrs.
Student John Hurst and three adults were on a dirt road off the Fort Wakefield Road when they saw an object hovering 1.2m above the ground about 50m away. After a while it took off, changing its size and shape as it did so. A 9m diameter patch of flattened grass was found at the site. 
  • UFO Chronicle 6 p14 + UFO Chronolog 5 p27 both citing Australian Flying Saucer Research Society Magazine December 1969.)

December 12 1969. Early Hours.
Jim Cooney saw a :brilliant white ball of light, with a white trail pass slowly over the Canadian Pacific Railway yards at 30m altitude. It vanished suddenly like a light being switched off. 
  • An unspecified issue of Saucers, Space and Science

December 12 1969. Night.
Several people observed an object like an aircraft without either lights nor markings fly very low under the Gateway Arch. This was repeated on the night of the 17th 
  • UFO Chronolog 5 p27 citing an unspecified issue of Scientific Saucerite Review
  • Evaluation: Aircraft performing illegal stunt?

December 13 1969. 1850hrs.
Logger Heino Vaarla was driving towards Palovaara, with his wife and brother-in-law when they suddenly noticed a bright light soaring high in the sky. This light then descended rapidly in the direction in which they were travelling. After they had driven another 800m, the light swooped :directly in front of the car, causing Heino to brake immediately. The :thing was a sort of conical flame, 1.5m long, 50cm wide, and 1-1.5 m above the surface of the road. Its centre was dark and its top was glowing red. From its bottom flames were spurting like a rocket. This object kept pace with the car, which he slowed to 20kph. Both light and car then both came across a pedestrian walking in the same direction ahead of them, who seemed unaware of the light. Before the light could reach him, it rose abruptly in a curve to the left, where it was hidden by the forest. The thing had paced the car for about 2.8km. 
  • FSR Case Histories 2 p5 citing Matias Paatalo in Vimana no 2

December 18 1969. Early Morning.
Agriculturalist Manuel Rodolfo Rodriguez saw a 70m long cigar shaped object hovering for 20 minutes at the height of the cables of the electric that ran parallel with Hw38 near his farm. He called his father Joaquim Rodriguez, who came to the spot and also saw the thing. It was sky blue and white in colour and emitted a whistling sound. The next day they found the leaves of the eucalyptus trees were scorched and there was a smell of sulphur or burnt gunpowder in the air. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 16 p11 case 160 citing La Gaceta 21 December 1969 
  •  Richard Heiden citing Banchs 1973 p39 citing La Nacion 26 December 1969

December 27 1969. 0200hrs.
A 25 year old high school teacher and her mother, both from Florida, were parked on the main street of a small town in the outskirts of Atlanta discussing how to trace a relative who had moved house,. The mother saw a black saucer shaped object with a flat bottom hovering and an opening appearing. The daughter saw her mother’s expression and looked to see a sort of plastic bubble roll through the opening and drift towards the ground. The interior of this bubble appeared to be illuminated by a white hot light. The bubble was shimmering and appeared to be constantly changing shape. As it reached the ground, its outer part seemed to melt away and the white hot core divided into three parts, like prongs or arrows, which landed in a back lot across the street, 15-20m away. The arrows still appeared to be flaming hot and went into the ground. As they sat musing over this incident, a group of local boys in a car asked if they were OK. When they said they were the boys drove off but returned soon afterwards. After a while, the women saw, in the lot, a dark figure 1.68 to 1.75m tall, with large shoulders, a body tapering down into a very narrow waist, thin hips and legs. Its head was pointed and extremely small for the body. Its arms were shorter than normal and appeared to be all black. No features were visible. Two other figures, one much taller than its fellows, seemed to appear out of nowhere. They had instruments with a long handle a triangular base, with which they swept an area about 2.7m diameter, as if they were beating something back. They had a sort of basket in the centre, into which they put objects, when they had accumulated a pile of them. It appeared as though they were trying to catch something, and when the largest being could not catch it with its rake, it bent down and picked up a glowing object. As it did so the glow went out, and the being put it in the basket. The figures seemed to move in a syncopated jerky fashion as if marking time with each movement of their bodies. At this point the teenagers in the other car appear to have caught site of the spectacle, because they drove right up to the spot, at which the figures just vanished and the boys drove away. Nothing more was seen of the object or the boys. The witnesses did not want their names used for fear of ridicule. 
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 43 p 3 citing own investigation.

December 27 1969.
While at the mine Jane and Clint Chaplin saw strange object in a location 25 below their position. It suddenly rose up and took off. 
  • The witnesses in APRO Bulletin 26,4 p5. APRO gives the year as 1967 but the context suggests this was an error for 1969.