1968. (or previous year)
It was rumoured that a disk had landed, out of which jumped a hairy dwarf who disappeared into the ground. The story could not be confirmed. 
  • Basterfield 1980 p35 case 30 citing Fred Stone
  • Evaluation: Just a rumour

1968. (or following year) Dawn
Louise Harvin was getting ready for work when she heard a disturbance among her pigs and went to investigate. As she did so she encountered a large hairy biped eating scraps of food left out. The thing jumped the fence and fled. Shortly after this she encountered the thing again licking food from a dog bowl. It had a flat, ape like face and fangs like a baboon’s. The thing bounded off into the woods. 
  • Blackburn 1966 p66 citing Mackey Harvin
  • Evaluation: Tale told by witnesses son (who was away in Vietnam at the time), decades later after he death

1968. Early morning.  
A man, unable to sleep. got up and went outside where he saw something like an airship hovering over Table Cape. Through windows he saw figures moving about. He then went back inside. 
  • Basterfield 1980 p36 case 33 +1997 p 161 citing TUFOIC files
  • Evaluation: Known only through a statement made by the man’s widow

1968. Dawn.
A fiery multi-coloure ball was seen after a clap of thunder. It entered a house where it damaged a vase, before travelling down a wire to neighbouring house where it sat on top of the telephone. The thing then disappeared with a pop. 
  • Swords 2005 p160 citing John Timmernan
  • Evaluation: Ball lightning?

A 21year old woman walking home across a small park saw an object about 100m away, moving at low speed. When she arrived home she got out her telescope and looking though it saw the object as a disc with a square window on the top, though which she could see a black figure with its arms outstretched, silhouetted in yellow light. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p161 citing UFO Research NSW files

Martin Heinrich of Portland and his wife were on a boat, fishing, observed for several minutes, a hairy humanoid that walked off into the trees. 
  • Byrne 1975 p104

1968. Morning.
A couple ,who had just finished breakfast ,saw a 1.5m tall hairy humanoid approaching. When it got within 6m, the man shot it in the stomach. The creature screamed, grabbed its stomach and ran back into the woods on two feet. 
  • Newton 2015b p32 citing GCBRO
  • Evaluation: The source is an anonymous posting by the alleged great nephew of the witnesses

1968. Afternoon.
Clifford Morris, the caretaker at Rycote Chapel saw a tall, slim woman dressed a pale grey satin like dress and a circular head dress and veil moving towards the chapel. When she passed under a chestnut tree she vanished. 
  • Green 1980 p133

1968. Afternoon.
Mrs Gruber was walking down to the Columbia River when she encountered a hairy humanoid amongst the trees. She dived back into her car and drove off in fear, as the thing walked away 
  • Byrne 1975 p103

1968. (or following year) Night
At a railway junction between Lowanna and Glenraigh between 1964 and 1972 several people saw a light, like four squares of light, come out of the forest, seeming to inspect their car, then cross the road. On this occasion a couple saw the light and less than a month later saw an uncanny transparent man wearing a flannel shirt, broad hat and dungarees, who did not react as the car passed him. 
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976 citing investigation by Bill Chalker and D Buching

1968. (or following year) 
According to rumours Marcilo Ferraz of the Acucar Uniao sugar concern and his wife were driving from Sao Paulo and were near the border with Uruguay when they encountered a white cloud on the road, lost consciousness and woke up in Mexico. Both suffered severe shock and Marcilo was later found to have a brain tumour. On learning this he shot himself. 
  1. Gordon Creighton in FSR 15,5 p13
  2. Evaluation: Seems to be just the typical unfounded rumour that circulated in the Latin American press in this period)

Two young men were travelling by Jeep near here when they encountered a thick white fog, then found themselves in Mexico. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 15,5 p12 citing Diario De Noticias 15 January 1968.
  • Evaluation: Just another unfounded rumour.

1968. EL PADUL
Mr N M (28), a man with a university education, was driving with his mother when they observed a luminous object flying from east to west at low altitude. This object was oval, shaped like two domes stuck together with a spinning central section, and was alternating in colour between yellow and blue. The car ignition failed as the thing flew over it. The lady suffered from such shock that she was confined to be for two weeks. 
  • Ballester 1976 p12 case 53 citing investigation by Gerardo Gil

1968. 0530hrs.
Nick Davis, an insurance man, was awakened by a strange “voom voom” sound. He looked through every window but could see nothing. As the sound grew louder and the window began to rattle he saw a shadow come over the rooftop and stop in mid-air. It was an object about 10-15m in diameter, with about 100 multi-coloured lights flashing and alternating in unison to the noise. It hung in the air for about 25 seconds, and then tilted and took off to the North West, high side leading, leaving a wake a red light. It was a cloudless dawn.
  • Saucers, Space and Science 59  5 citing W. K. Allan

1968. 1140hrs.
At an undisclosed location a teenage girl was driving to her friend’s for them to go on a shopping trip, when she encountered a group of men blocking the road at the crest of a hill. These men were all short, looked identical and wore identical blue-grey overalls. As she got closer her car engine failed. The two men who were in the road turned, revealing faces covered by headgear, but showing black, pupiless eyes. The continued driving to her friend’s house but was surprised to find that it was 1400 not 1200 as she thought. Under hypnotic regression she recalled that the beings told her telepathically to go with them to an object in a nearby cornfield. It was a disc with a domed top and flattened bottom on a tripod landing gear and with a ramp. She was taken up this ramp into an icy cold, brightly lit environment. There she was subjected to a medical examination including probes by needles and skin sample taking, in a room with monitors. There was another room she was led into, through an open doorway. One of the beings was a taller, dark haired, almost human, female. 
  • Randle 1989b p 209 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation: Suggestions of a story made up by Randle.

1968. Night.
Dr Richard Young and Charles Denton saw a hairy humanoid on a road outside Murray. 
  • Newton 2010 p59

1968. Night.
A motorcyclist, driving along Bagwell Lane towards Fleet, saw a woman dressed in white lit up by his headlights. She seemed to gesture to him but he was unable to stop. Instead of a collision he went right through the figure, which carried on along the lane. 
  • Brode 1981 p21
  • Green 1973 p124

1968. Night.
While driving back to Lackham Patrick Gale and Marney Wiltshire saw a white figure by the road 
  • Rogers 1994 p105

1968. Late night.
At an unspecified village on Chiloe Island, pastor Aaron Garcia Gonzalez, saw brilliant lights on the Rio Pudeto about 400m away. They came from a brilliantly lit multi-coloured object that had two masts like a sailing ship. After 30 minutes the thing slowly retreated. 
  • Rob MacGregor and Trish Janeshutz in Fate May 1984 p55

1968. Late night.
A couple on a night drive saw a bright star like light near a TV mast. It slowly drifted away. As they continued on their way home to Hope they encountered an unusual structure in a field. It was a hemisphere with a low of large square windows which gave off a white light. They also heard a low humming sound. They thought it was some sort of building, but when they returned to the site a couple of days later all they found was an empty field. 
  • NUFON News182 p12

Winter 1968.
Valerie Sandham (14) was sat in classroom C11 of Penwortham Secondary School, during an RE lesson when she saw a cowled figure sat at (non-existent) desk between the blackboard and the wall. The figure was white, much paler than the wall. As she tried to catch the attention of a neighbour the figure faded away. 
  • Moss 1977 p72

Winter 1968. 1910hrs.
Elizabeth (17) was walking to the bus stop en route to a night out, when she heard a strange sucking noise and saw an object like a fluorescent tube, about5m long and pointed at both ends moving slowly past the houses at treetop height. The object paced her the 12m to the bus shelter on the main road. Two men she passed seemed not to notice it. 
Gloria Dixon in UFO Times 45 p21

Early 1968. 1800hrs.
Mrs Valentina Flores had put her sheep in the pen and was returning with her llamas from their grazing place 1 km away. When she arrived at the sheep pen she was astonished to see that it was covered with a netting made of a plastic like material. Inside the pen a strange being 1.1m tall was engaged in killing the sheep with a tubular instrument that had a hook on the end. Thinking it was a sheep rustler, she began to pelt the being with stones, whereupon it walked over to a small instrument like a radio and took in the netting by turning a wheel on top. Mrs Flores now went for the being with her cudgel, and he replied by throwing the sharp instrument at her several times, inflicting cuts on her arms. The instrument returned to its owner like a boomerang. The creature gathered up his net container and a plastic bag containing the entrails of the slaughtered sheep. From a rucksack on his back two projections appeared, which extended down to the ground. He then rose up straight into the air with an extraordinary sound and vanished. A drawing shows the creature wore a one piece suit with thick boots, a helmet with a sort of antennae on top, and that the rucksack was attached to his back by cross over straps and that his face and hands were bare and humanoid. Investigators confirmed that 34 sheep had been killed. 
  • Oscar Galindez in FSR 16,4 p15 citing a article by Col Rogelio Ayala and others in an undated issue of Critica.

January 1968. (approx. date) Night.
A woman living south west of Pine River was driving into her driveway when she saw three figures dressed in snow suits with black belts, “capering” in a neighbours’ garden. Illuminated by her headlights. She wondered if the neighbours were mending their post box, but when she asked them some time later they denied this. At about the same time these neighbours had seen lights taking off from a field at the back of their house. 
  • Lorenzen 1970 p160 citing letter from the witness

January 1968.Evening.
A factory worker driving home saw cigar shaped object moving slowly. Through windows in its side he could see humanoid figures. The man lost sight of the thing when his road turned. 
  • Norman 1970 p199

January 1968. 0130hrs. 
Misses Clara and Delicia Gonzalez observed a light yellow luminous sphere moving along above one of the banks of the Rio Segundo. Its apparent diameter was 60cm from a distance of 8m. it then moved further away and halted below a clearing, flying silently. . The sisters shut the house door until it moved off, still very low.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 17 p.iv case 105 siting letter from witnesses to CADIU

January 1968.
Four young girls taking a shortcut through a graveyard encountered a tall dark shape. Even when they came close they could neither make out any facial features not detect any breathing. As the figure moved silently away, one of the girls screamed. 
  • Keel 1970a p186

January 1968. 
Robert James Jnr and Leroy Larwick flew their light plane to within 15m of a 3-3.5m tall hairy humanoid. 
  • Slate and Berry 1976 p9

January 1968. 2100hrs.
A man was driving his family on the east coast of Tasmania at about 55-65kph, when, rounding a bend, he saw a bright yellow light come over the driver’s side, but was unable to make out its source. Seconds later the vehicle lights dimmed for 100-200m but came back on again when the bright light disappeared. The same thing happened around another bend further on and by the time they were on the straight again, the lights had completely failed. This had taken 15-20 seconds. The driver got out to investigate but the yellow lights had gone and the vehicle headlights came back on of their own accord. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p161 citing TUFOIC files

Sunday in January 1968. 2330hrs. 
Mr and Mrs Barron (or Barren) were driving home from her sister’s at Long Stratton to their home in Loughton (Essex), when just before here their Ford Anglia car was buffeted by a violent gust of wind, which pushed the car onto the grass verge. The couple then saw, above the electricity pylons, at about 30m altitude, a huge cigar shaped object 30m long, with a row of portholes and an area of brilliant greenish light in the centre of the underside. Their car was illuminated by beams of the light from the thing. Mr Barron tried to evade the object by driving along the narrow country road to up to 100kph. After a while, realising the futility of this, he slowed down. Just past Garroldisham the object disappeared as fast as a shooting star, after 20 minutes. The case was investigated by the police and the Ministry of Defence. 
  • Barry King in Essex UFO Study Group Journal July 1975 p6 + BUFORA Journal 5,1 p9
  • Falla 1979 p46 case 341

January 1 1968. 0500hrs.
A woman was wakened by a noise like a swarm of bees and looked out of her window to see a glowing yellow disc with a dark dome shape, surmounted by a yellowish light. The thing was moving low over the River Exe. It was spinning, moved side to side, hovered, circled, buzzling loudly for 10 minutes. It then shot up into the sky at great speed. 
  • UFOlog 49 p1 citing BUFORA

January 2 1968. 1155hrs.
About 2.5km west of here, an object resembling a wingless, single engine airplane 6-7m long with a rudder assembly but no propeller, crossed the road at 20-25m altitude and at 135kph, moving away to the east. 
  • Saucers Space and Science 51 p4 citing Langenburg Journal 4 January 1968.

January 3 1968. 0520hrs.
Mrs Erma Grimble (69), the owner of a small apartment house, was sweeping the upper hallway when she heard a banging in the tenants' mailboxes. Thinking it was pilferers, she went downstairs armed with her broom, and was amazed to see two little green-yellow beings clambering around the boxes and attaching themselves to the wall with what looked like suction pads. They glistened as if made of, or covered by, metal. As Erma approached the creatures leapt to the floor and ran out of sight, as she heard the door open. From the sounds she thought there may have been more creatures. The mail was not tampered with. 
  • D L McCulty in Saucer News 15,1 p15

January 3 1968. 2210hrs.
A couple were driving home when between North and Avenue F, the wife observed a bright light like a flare in the sky, then realised it was a set of three red lights on some object. When they turned into Highland, they encountered a large object hovering over the trees and illuminating the branches with its light. It was a disc surmounted by a dome on which were three long narrow vertical windows about 30cm wide, separated by partitions. The whole object, which had a curved surface, had a silvery colour. When they got out of the car, they were distracted by the frantic barking of their dog, an unusual occurrence. When the woman next looked the object had turned cherry red and was moving away in a jerky motion. 
  • Lorenzen 1970 p161 citing testimony from the female witness and investigation by Dr Phillip Seff

January 5 1968. (approx. date) 0015hrs.
Jose Carbo Massague (60) and Rosendo Aguade were waiting for a bus on the Villafranca-Pontons road when they saw a very bright, yellow-orange disc shaped object 10m diameter resting on San Juan mountain, about 45m from the summit. The thing then flew over the peak and was lost to sight behind the mountain. It was about 3.5km away and seen for 5 seconds. 
  • Ballester 1976 p13 case 54 citing CEI

January 5 1968. Late afternoon.
Tommy B (15) and Errol S (17) were touring the lower slopes of Grey’s Mountain on their skidoos and were just starting for home. As they went over a small knoll Tommy felt a sensation of heat and when he got to the top, saw a bright object moving just over the trees behind Errol, who then looked back and saw it also. The thing was object shaped with two luminous bands following the lines of its circumference. The outer band was red, the inner yellow-orange, blending and pulsating in the centre. The 6m x 3m object was noiseless and its lights did not illuminate the woods. When felt the heat he got the impression that his skidoo was slowing down somewhat. The object disappeared over the trees in 10 seconds. Errol was shaken by the experience and was too shocked to go to school the next day. No traces were found. Tommy was a UFO buff and did not seem fazed by the incident at all. 
  • Canadian UFO Report 1,1 p1
  • Gene Duplantier in Steiger and Whritenour 1969 p95 gives date as 2nd as does Rodeghier 1981 p40 citing UFO Investigator IV, 6)

Early January 1968. 0400hrs.
A couple in their 20s were out driving when their car engine and lights failed. They then saw, about 300m away, a very large, bright, red circular light. The car bonnet began to glow and emit sparks. After about 5 seconds, with the car still coasting on, the engine and lights came back on. They then realised that the light had gone. They noticed a smell like ozone in the air. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p30 citing UFO Nachrichten November 1968.

January 12 1968. (Approx. date) Night.
Arthur Gibbs was driving along the Cirencester to Crickdale Road when he felt his car hit something and saw a pedestrian. He searched for the man but there was no trace. His car wing mirror was damaged. 
  • Rogers 1994 p101 citing Bristol Evening Post 13 January 1968.

January 12 1968.
Two nurses, Mrs Gladys Lehman and Mrs Charles Little were paced by a pancake shaped object, about 10m in diameter, to the right of their car, for about 3km. It then hovered in front of the car and then flew just above the road ahead of them for another 3km, before turning away. The next morning these two nurses and 17 other employees of the Cumberland County Nursing Home observed a large white object, 12m in diameter, changing to red and back. There was an opening and the object discharged five smaller ones. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 5 p1

January 12 1968. 2130hrs.
Mrs Gertrude Purdue and other citizens observed a very large orange-red ball, as bright as the sun, hovering at treetop level. It moved slowly up and down 10-12m above the rooftops. The red-orange light was then turned off and 3 or 4 blinking lights appeared. The object then moved away with a high pitched whine, leaving a small vapour cloud. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 5 p1

January 13 1968. (Approx. date)
Four youths out camping, were digging a trench around their tent when their attention was caught by a bright light low over a nearby hill. It descended behind the hill in a jerky, zig-zag motion. Shortly afterwards it reappeared from behind another hill and came towards the youths. They could now see it was two lights, a large bright one to the front and a smaller red light at the rear, apparently on a bell shaped object. As the thing approached closer, it illuminated the surroundings over a hundred metres or more. The object then stopped and the lights went out, revealing a dark vertical triangular object, 15m wide at the base and surmounted by a small dome hovering at about 60m altitude, 400m away. Along the thing’s sides was a dim red light emanating from a row of small lights along the edge, the whole thing having a metallic appearance. The boys shone a torch at the object, at which its larger lights came back on. When they switched their torch off, the object’s lights went off, only to return when they switched it on again. After third time these lights did not go off with the torch, instead the object began to move away slowly to the north-west, disappearing behind a range of hills. 
  • Hervey 1969 p57

January 14 1968. (Approx. date) Night.
Peter Harper and his girlfriend were walking along a footpath in lonely farmland near Blythe when they saw a solid white mass which then split into three shapes which looked like faceless figures 1.95m tall. As they approached they turned into a single figure which turned off down another path and disappeared. About 90 minutes later on the same night James Main was walking across a field in the same area when he encountered a huge solid white mass which started to shimmer then split into several elongated shapes which seemed to melt into thin air. 
  • Journal of Paraphysics 2,6 p178 (case 66) citing Newcastle Evening Chronicle 15 January 1968.

January 15 1968. Night.
Bob Strong and Sybil Champion were driving up Portway towards Elm Hill when a brilliant object swooped down from Cop Heap in front of the car, the engine of which began to fail. Sybil hid her face from the light, while Bob felt two stabbing pains in his chest, which caused him to brake suddenly. 
  • Shuttlewood 1968. p101
  • John Harney

January 15 1968.2215hrs.
Mr M Crowley saw a strange glow coming through his window and went outside to investigate. The glow flickered, dimmed and disappeared only to reappear a few minutes later, brighter and seemingly nearer the house. This happened several times. Crowley could see three objects hovering over some trees on a hill, apparently communicating with each other and the glow in the sky. At 2330 one of the objects shot off and disappeared and Crowley went back indoors, the glow still flickering on and off. 
  • Hervey 1969 p69 citing letter from the witness

January 16 1968. 
Three boys at camp observed an orange coloured light fly over the trees. It gave off a beam of light which struck a branch, causing the branch to fall. 
  • UFO Analysis Report 1,2

January 17 1968. (Approx. date) 0220hrs.
Bus conductor Charles Hill woke up and saw a man wearing a cap and white neck cloth walking towards his window. He saw it again on about the 22nd. On February 5th, alerted by the dog, his daughter Sandra (17) saw the figure, wearing a blue suit and white cap, walking up the stairs. 
  • Journal of Paraphysics Directory 1967 p140 citing Sun 7 February 1968.

January 17 1968. 1830hrs. 
A single witness observed an oval shaped object with a horizontal row of numerous red and green flashing lights, and an upper parallel row of five steady white lights. The descended and then ascended rapidly. 
  • Fowler 1974 p350

January 17 1968. 2130hrs.
Three people in a car were approached by an oval or boomerang shaped object, which carried five horizontal white lights. The thing stopped in mid air and moved slowly in front of the car before accelerating at great speed over the horizon. 
  • Fowler 1974 p351

January 18 1968. 2100hrs.
On the night of the 16th Bob Strong received a telephone call to go to Heaven’s Gate, a place on the Longleat Estate, at 2100hrs. on the 18th. He went, accompanied by Sybil Champion who observed an object land with a tilting motion. They went to the spot where it landed and saw it was no larger than a soup plate. From it emerged a tiny ladder, down which came 25 little creatures no more than 10 cm tall. As these beings walked away from the object they expanded to normal height and shook hands with the couple. They invited Strong to go with them, which he did, being reduced in height like the others, as they entered the craft which took off with a whistling sound, growing larger and soon faded away. It returned at 0500 on the 19th, where the process was reversed, Strong being returned to normal size. Strong claimed to have received a message concerning the earth’s core. He later suffered severe physical and psychological after effects. 
  • Shuttlewood 1968. p102
  • John Harney personal information
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p 20
  • Evaluation: According to Kevin Goodman this story is “apocryphal”)

January 18 1968. 2130hrs.
Members of the Walter family first observed a low pulsating light, which appeared to travel eastwards. Ten minutes later the thing returned, descending towards the farm and coming within 30m of the house. It was a hemisphere, 12m in diameter, with 16 white lights. Inside the object was a sort of beacon flashing blue, red and green. When Mr Walter returned home in response to his wife’s frantic telephone call, a shrill sound was heard. The object became all red, slowly ascended and moved away in jerks. It then flared white and disappeared. During the sighting dogs barked furiously. 
  • UFO Analysis Report 1,4

January 19 1968. Night.
Mr N Kelly was startled to see an awesome glowing streak in the sky. This crashed into the sea and floated for about 5 hours about 2.5km from the shore. It appeared to have a large silver disc, which reflected light, attached to it. It sent out a series of flashes before it sank in deep water. 
  • Hervey 1969 p187

January 20 1968. 0200hrs.
Larry Fearney and his wife were driving near Roswell when they saw an object with three bright lights descend low about 300m away and approach to within 15m at which it levelled out and paced the car for 10 minutes before taking off vertically, going out of sight. 
  • Dennett 2011 p88 citing Walt Andrus in MUFON UFO Journal 213 p12

January 20 1968. (approx. date) 0400hrs.
Businessmen Ken Peterson and Rob Yung were driving back to Midale when they noticed an unfamiliar object the size of a headlight. They followed it in their car across a field, until it entered a large slough. The two men continued on foot for over 1km, across snow banks and brush. At one point they came within 5-6m of the thing, but it eluded them by a rapid movement. When the object became lost to view the two men began to return to their car. They then saw it again on one side, with two more lights, one blue the other red about 100m apart. 
  • Saucers Space and Science 51 p11 citing Wayburn Review 22 February 1968.

January 20 1968. 2310hrs.
As they drove into Vermillion Robert and Lynn Ballard notice d a red-orange round object following them. They accelerated up to 95kph. At one point the object leapt over the car and hovered about 1m above the ground at an intersection. The couple managed to overtake it again by accelerating up to 160kph, but the object caught up with them again at telephone pole height, pacing them into town before ascending and disappearing into the east. The incident lasted 5-7minutes. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 5
  • Haines 1999 p295 citing Lore and Keyhoe 1969b p37 + The Vermillion Plaintalk 25 January 1968. gives location incorrectly as South Dakota)

January 21 1968. 1900hrs.
Mrs Shirley Korette was driving with her mother Mrs Ida Knifer and her daughter Judy and nieces Tess and Jo Kniffer from the girls dancing class in Janesville to their home in Stoughton. They were on Interstate 90 when they saw a red light in the sky. As it got closer they saw that it looked like a delta wing aircraft, which came down and hovered over the intersection. It had yellow, green and red lights, a red circular devise that spun on the bottom, while debris spurted out of the top. The object paced them until they reached home, where it dived towards the car, pulled up and landed in a marshy field on the other side of the stream behind the house. Two deputies from the Dane County Sheriffs Department came to investigate in answer to the witnesses telephone call. They saw a light which had gone before they could investigate. Another officer had seen the object over the interchange. Snow in the field was found to have melted in a circle. 
  • Norman 1970 195
  • Rath 1997 p50

January 22 1968. Early morning.
Just before dawn, deputy Richard Callen saw a large object with illuminated portholes in the channel waters north to north west of Catalina. The object was then illuminated by a bright light, and minutes later flares came up from it. This was followed by a loud explosion and flames were seen in the area, followed by a second explosion. This continued for 45 minutes. Fog hampered searches but next day no traces were found. 
  • Lorenzen 1970 p86 citing Long Beach Press-Telegram 23 January 1968. + information supplied by US Coast Guard

January 23 1968. 0045hrs.
A number of people, including military men, observed a brilliant luminous disc shaped object, perhaps 180m diameter, 15m high, fly over the hot springs and then land on a nearby crest. After 3 hours it flew off silently at great speed. The ground was charred and fused in an area 180m diameter and a viscous substance was recovered which was analysed by the military 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 13 p14 case 105 citing La Voz del Interior 9 + 17 February 1968. + La Razon 8 February 1968. + LDLN 93
  • Oscar Gallindez in Australian UFO Review 10 p41
  • Richard Heiden citing (Banchs 1976 citing La Razon op cit + ) + Ribera 1968. p227 citing EFE 13 November 1968
  • Phillips 1965 p54 case 315 citing an undated issue of Phénomènes Spatiaux
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR 28,4 p12)

January 23 1968. Late evening.
KALUGA (KALUGA : RUSSIA then part of the USSR)
Workers returning home from the factories heard a buzzing sound and saw a luminous blue –white disc with a domed top and portholes, which began to descend over a farmer’s field to the east of the city. The thing turned a deep blue and hovered at 6m, lighting up the scene. As citizens ran towards the area, the object again became white-blue and shot into the sky. Later officials sealed off the area and took away samples for analysis. 
  • UFO Analysis Report 1, 2, p9

January 24 1968.
A man was returning home from work on this clear day saw a saucer shaped object the colour of dull aluminium hovering over a pond 100m away. The top front was transparent and, in the clearly visible interior, two beings of human height and appearance were visible. They were wearing coveralls and appeared to be making some sort of repairs. One of the men saw the witness and this seemed to spur them on in their task. One of the men nodded his head, at which the other ran over and pulled two leavers, whereupon the object disappeared in a flash. The object had been hovering at eye level and the witness had rolled down his car window to get a better look. 
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1969 p96
  • Canadian UFO Report 1,8 p35 citing Mark Herbstritt and an undated issue of UFORI Researcher:
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 63 p22)

January 24 1968.
Paul W aged 11 saw a bright silver object resembling an inverted cone, diameter 12m, with 3 portholes, rise into the air with a swishing sound. It left a burning odour. 
  • UFO Analysis Report 1,2
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 50 p16)

January 26 1968. 2120hrs.
Two men were in a field full of cattle when they encountered a dark rugby ball shaped object on the ground and strange beings putting probes into the cattle. On seeing the witnesses the beings entered the landed object, which started to glow white and took off at a 45 degree angle over the river. As it did so, it ejected a vast number of white particles, which formed a sort of mist which enveloped the thing, and descended to the ground, surrounding the men. They felt a tingling force-field and there was a strange calm and silence over the field, though one of the beasts screamed out. The reporting witness believed that this event caused his diabetes and claimed a number of other odd UFO related experiences. 
  • NUFON News 146 p15
  • Evaluation: Reported years after the event, second witness untraceable, strange beliefs and claims of reporter do not inspire confidence.

January 27 1968. 1710hrs.
Five or six motorists observed an object with four red lights land near the Spring Hill School. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 50 p16

End January 1968. 2300hrs.
Professor Axel Aberg Cobo (28), an Argentinean citizen, and professor at the Domingo Sarmiento journalism school of March del Plata and advisor to well known firms, was walking along the beach towards the “Torres Beach Friends Association” club on a mild, clear night. He observed a disturbance in the water some 25m away and a luminous object emerged. A powerful beam of light came from the object and Cobo felt paralysed . A few moments later two beings appeared, stood by the machine. They were over 2m tall, one being taller than the other, appeared to be crystalline like glass, walked in a peculiar stiff fashion as if they had no knee joints, which features reminded Cobo of Egyptian mummies. They greeted him, touching their shoulders with their hands. They appeared to communicate with him by telepathy, though the bulk of this communication consisted of unintelligible words, with the exception of a promise to meet him again in March del Plata. The beings disappeared, then the object took off vertically in a cloud of coloured lights. 
  • FSR 14, 6 p iii citing Richard Frondizi and La Razon 22 July 1968
  • Phénomènes Spatiaux 18

January 29 1969. 0115hrs
A 22 year old mechanic was driving his moped towards the St Louis bridge when a circular object flew silently past him at 80kph and came to a halt about 50m away, next to an electricity transformer. The moped engine went out and the witness became paralysed. A rectangle of light appeared in the base of the thing’s dome and from it emerged a human looking being about 1.5m. It had wispy hair and was dressed like a sportsman. The entity then went back into the object, which took off rapidly to the north east, emitting a powerful, stifling heat. 
  • Eric Zurcher in LDLN 195 p27 citing Mr Cornard in Ouranous 13
  • URECAT citing Jimmy Guieu in Le Grand Albert 7 p22

January 30 1968. Night.
A ranch owner saw a silver object with red lights land near a corral. As the object took off again the trees were shaken by a violent blast of wind. 
  • UFOlog 51 p7 citing an unspecified issue of UFO Investigator

January 31 1968. Night
Pieter Van Der Veen, proprietor of the Talbot Arm Motel at Destruction Bay was driving between Canyon Creek and Whitehorse when he noticed a bright light ahead of him. It descended from 600m to close to the road, veered off to the right in a half arc, shot up and disappeared. The thing was red-yellow and lacked discernible edges. This was also observed by Doug Smith, whose pick-up truck had broken down 8km ahead. 
  • Canadian UFO Report 1,1 p10

February1968. Evening.
Mrs Anna de la Rovera returned home to find a man dressed in grey sat in her front porch. When she asked him his business the figure got up and walked into the house through the closed front door. She saw this man several more times in her house, on occasion coming into her bedroom and propositioning her, She also encountered a thing covered with long dark hair and with long curved fingernails come out of her kitchen. 
  • Keel 1970a p172 citing AP April 1968.

February 1968. Dusk
A 15 year old boy and a friend making a slide on the snow covered river bank saw a glowing ball of fire, the size of a basketball, rise from behind some bushes on an island in the frozen river, hover for some moments, then disappear. One of the boys thought he saw a white suited human figure behind one of the bushes. 
  • Jennifer Stevens in Beyond Condon p36

February 1968. Night.
Two prominent businessmen noticed a glow in the sky that came from an object approaching at treetop height. It was an upright oval, giving off pink neon like glow and emitting an insistent hum. It appeared to have a pulsating star like design. It dipped towards the witnesses and then the light went out and the sound was heard going out to sea. Many people in Dungarvan saw a brilliant red light at low altitude; these included Dr John Balloll, John Curran an agricultural advisor, Mother Rosario of the Mercy Convent and students at the Augustinian college.
  • Parasite 2 p6

February 1968. 2300hrs.
Two people in a parked car saw a luminous body 7.5m long, 1.8m thick, with a row of lights, 10m above a row of trees 30m away. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing UFOIC Newsletter 23 p4

February 1 1968. Morning.
At a place called “Criacao do Cabrito” in the American Air Force Base at Cinco Picos, a Portuguese military watchman, Serafim Vieira Sebastiao (36) noticed a strange interference on his transistor radio. Looking round he saw an oval metallic object surmounted by a transparent tower on top of which was a small balustrade on which two beings were leaning, the silhouettes of two more beings were visible in the tower. The object was hovering stationary above a munitions dump. Serafim rang one of the other sentries, then shone his torch on the machine. As he did so the men on the tower saw him. The object emitted a cloud of gaseous dust which overpowered him. When his colleague found him a few minutes later the object had vanished. There were investigations by the American military authorities. 
  • FSR 14,4 p34 citing an unnumbered issue of LDLN in turn citing La Derniere Heure 3 February 1968
  • FSR 14,5 p.iii citing Joao Alfonso in Diario dos Acores 4 February 1968.

February 4 1968. 1920hrs.
Local residents were alerted by a sort of high pitched whining sound and the barking of dogs, and then saw a large circular object moving east-northeast at about 100m altitude. Things like glowing ports could be seen on the upper perimeter and orange red flames came from its underside. The witnesses, who included three University of Redland Professors, estimated it was about 15m long. It moved in a jerky fashion, on one occasion rising over a 100m. It hovered for a short time and then shot away to the northwest. 
  • Hall 2001 p213 citing James McDonald in US Congress 1968. p52
  • Coral Lorenzen in Story 1980 p299 citing investigation by Philip Seff et al
  • Evaluatio:n The sound was from an emergency vehicle. Misperception of bright bolide?

February 5 1968. 2030hrs.
Elvi Sanchez and her daughter Gloria (15) saw a light to the north. The thing approached, flew over their house and then hovered at 15m altitude, about a block away, where it projected a light beam towards the ground before disappearing. There was no sound. 
  • Rath 1997 p53

February 7 1968. 0200hrs.
Terrence King of Norwich was hitchhiking in a lorry when, 20 minutes after leaving Frome on the A 361, when both he and the lorry driver saw a huge egg shaped object, which lit up the fields, came down close to ground level. As did so a projection came out of the top until the object became triangular. It paced the lorry for about 15 minutes. 
  • Shuttlewood 1968. p217 + Hanson and Holloway 2011b p22 both citing Western Gazette 9 February 1968.

February 7 1968. (or following day) Night.
Brian Grattan (qv) was having a shower when the water failed so he went to check the pump. Leaving the pumping shed after finishing the job he noticed a light moving above the corral. The ting was disc shaped, about 10m diameter, with a dome topped by a red light. Its rim, which was either illuminated by the top light or was faintly glowing, appeared to be revolving. Around the base of the dome were three or four faintly lit windows. Brian went to put his boots on and then went into the muddy field, standing almost directly under the object, which was at about 12m altitude. The object was making a sort of wobbling motion and Brian could see three equally spaced markings pointing towards its centre. The thing was making a rhythmic humming sound. Brian gestured at the object but there was no response and after a few minutes it moved off slowly. The animals were not disturbed. 
  • Canadian UFO Report 1,6 p5.
  • Magor 1977 p66

February 8 1968. 1000hrs.
Peter Stephens a 21 year old farm worker was ploughing a paddock belonging Mr McQuarie when his collie dog suddenly started running. He looked up and saw an orange-red circular object about 3-4.5m thick moving at about 3-3.5m altitude less than 600m away. Under the object dirt and stubble swirled around on the ground. The dog was chasing this object, which disappeared to the SSW at about 30-50 kph, vanishing over the crest of a hill about 300m away. There were no lights or openings visible on the object. Peter ran from the scene, pale and agitated. Other dogs on the farm were unusually reluctant to go out that day. 
  • Hervey 1969 p163
  • APRO Bulletin March/April 1968. p8

February 9 1968. (approx. date) 
Norman Hutchinson was driving to work past the Old Castle Dykes, where a new highway was being constructed, when a white featureless form appeared outside his car window and kept pace with him for some distance. 
  • Journal of Paraphysics 2, 6 p182 (case 89) citing Harrogate Advertiser 10 February 1968.

February 9 1968. 0320hrs.
Mr R W B an executive of the Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company and part time farmer, was awakened by a disturbance among his cattle. Through his living room window he saw a glowing object about 90-100m away, around which cattle were grouped in a semi-circle. As his eyes accustomed to the dim light he saw the object was circular, 30m diameter, with concave sides, giving off a yellow-green glow. In the side of this object were 7 openings of indeterminate shape, 60-75cm diameter. The object was hovering 6-8m above the ground and was emitting a pulsating sound like that being made by a wire being swung around. The cattle were agitated and bawling and when one fled it developed into a minor stampede. After some minutes the object left rapidly to the south-west at a 45 degree angle. As it did so, the pulsating sound became two or three times louder and more rapid. 
The object had given off sufficient light to illuminate the area and allow Mr B to grope around the room. He had been suffering from thefts among the cattle and thought that the thing was a large helicopter used by the rustlers. He later suffered from hot and cold flushes and perspiration. 
  • Hynek 1977 p193 citing letter from the witness to Sec of Defence + Blue Book files
  • True Report on UFOs 1969 citing Blue Book qv + an undated issue of Kansas City Star
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 33 also citing Blue Book Files

February 9 1968. 1845hrs.
Retired CPR wire operator, Miss Mary McCarthy (65) and her 16 year old nephew Lee Elliot observed a bright ball of yellow lights about 5m diameter on a hill 4100m away as their TV began to malfunction. The light seemed to dim and brighten at short intervals and appeared to have red lights on its outer rim which seemed to leave and return again. It was also seen by her two nieces (12, 13). Mary telephoned police and neighbours. The former observed the object but it had gone before the police arrived. When the thing left after 40 minutes the TV began to function normally. The incident took place at the McCarthy Farm, 5km south of Deep River. The family dog barked to be let out. It was independently observed by William Gleeson and his wife 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 51 p7 citing Ottawa Citizen 9 February 1968
  • APRO Bulletin March/April 1968. p8

February 11 1968. 1900hrs.
A man saw an oval object with a dome pass over his car at the edge of Hawkins Pond. It had pulsating white or pink lights around a rim which resembled a flashing theatre marquee. 
  • Fowler 1974 p351
  • Evaluation: Advertising plane?

February 14 1968. 1900hrs.
Lights were seen at ground level, No further details. 
  • Pablo Petrowistsch
  • Banchs 1976

February 15 1963 1600hrs.
Harry King was out with his tractor when he observed a black oval object taking off vertically from a paddock owned by his brother, 3km away. It banked towards him, then travelled north, disappearing over Lake Moore. 
  • Hervey 1969 p163
  • APRO Bulletin March/April 1968. p8

February 16 1968.
A motorcyclist saw a hairy bipedal creature with long arms and a “weary appearance” cross the road. 
  • Sergio de la Rubia Munoz in INFO Journal 72 p23 + 75 p 59 citing Horizonte 4 + 7 citing La Vanguardia 22 February 1968. + ABC + Pueblo both of 23 February 1968.

February 18 1968. 0100hrs.
Three young men aged 18 and 19; Richard Frombach, Boone Powers and Chris Beachner, drove along an access road through heavy rain to a gravel pit in which there was a pond. When they stopped the car they observed a glowing crescent shaped object giving off a silvery pale, blue-white light in hill to the east. They went into town for additional witnesses, Richard stayed behind but Boone and Chris returned with Joseph Frabush. Leaving their cars and walking up and rounding the curve of the access road they saw that the object had moved its position and was a shiny metallic lens about 10m diameter. The three then hurriedly left the scene and returned with more witnesses. The object had gone but the 30m pond in the gravel pit was frozen completely over, despite the above freezing temperature, to a depth of 75mm. 
  • Lorenzen 1969 p162 citing investigation by David Akers
  • APRO Bulletin March/April 1969 p1

February 19 1968. 1150hrs.
Mrs Martha Heggs (38) was at work in her kitchen 8km W-NW of Bengough when she heard a high pitched whine, which became more intense, until it gave her a sensation like an electric shock… Looking through a kitchen window she saw an object circling a pole on which a transformer was situated, about 25m away. The object was just above the 10m tall pole. It was shaped like two shallow plates, lid to lid, on top of which was a dome, surmounted by a second, vented, dome, the whole topped by a sphere the size of a golf ball on a vertical shaft, supported by four supports. On the main dome were 6 or 7 arch shaped windows, made of a sort of frosted, opaque glass. The base of the object seemed to consist of four riveted plates, of dull aluminium colour. After circling the pole four times, the thing, it moved to a spot 100m from the house, where it descended to within about 1m from the ground, hovering for 5 minutes in front of three wrecked cars. It then rose to 5-6m, slightly higher than the grain storage bins which it circled. The object then began to systematically manoeuvre around various features of the farmyard, and then followed the hedge until it reached the farm entrance, where it turned onto the main road, never moving faster than walking pace. After about 25 minutes of watching the object Martha gave up, as the thing went away on a dead straight course. When the object was first seen, the dog, which was outside, crouched in terror, and cattle fled from the thing. Martha considered shooting at it with her husband’s rifle, but decided against this. When her husband, Laurence, arrived home Martha was in a state of panic. No traces were found. 
  • D F Clausen and D W Coulthard in Canadian UFO Report 1,5 p7 citing their own investigation
  • Saucers, Space and Science 52 p7
  • UFO Investigator IV, 6 p3
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969a p11
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 17,4 p28 citing Keyhoe and Lore op cit + UFO Investigator IV,11 p4
  • Hall 2001 p37

February 21 1968. Dusk.
Mrs Bernice Niblett walked to her front window to look at the sunset when her attention was caught by an object about 20m above the water. It had frosted yellow lights at its sides and a bright red light in its centre. This object seemed to slide towards some rocks and then retreat without turning round. For a few minutes Bernice was too frightened to do anything and then went to investigate. She saw, on the other side of Ragged Island and half hidden by it, something like a large boat, illuminated with a neon light. As she watched, three balls of scintillatingly yellow –amber light, about 1.2m diameter, flew off from it. Eventually she counted 5 or 6 such lights around Bowen, Keats, Pasley and other islands. The spheres moved over the treetops, coming to ground level from time to time. When a tug towing a barge passed, Bernice saw a light over the tug and another off the barge. After a few seconds one light left towards Bowen, the other towards Pasley. Bernice fled in terror. She had reported many other strange lights in the sky. 
  • Magor 1977 p45 citing his own investigation

February 21 1968. 2300hrs.
A young girl heard a “bleep bleep” sound and went to her bedroom window. The saw an egg shaped machine hovering beside the old Winstead Railroad Station and about 10-15 dwarfs, around 1m tall wearing fishbowl helmets and dull silver clothes near the object. An investigation found some bricks on the side of the building were broken. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 63 p26

February 26 1968. (approx. date)
A number of people observed a hairy biped drinking from a pond near their home,. Footprints 40cm long were found at the site. 
  • Keel 1970a p125 citing Arriba 27 February 1968.

February 26 1968.
A man was awoken by a knock on his door and saw a man about 1.7m tall, wearing dark clothing, standing some distance away in his room. He was unable to see the stranger’s face and the figure kept moving position before it just disappeared. 
  • Keel 1970a p191 citing letter from witness

February 27 1968. 1855hrs.
Lorry driver Andrew Perry was driving between Bideford and Cullompton when he saw a bright light appear on the crest of a hill. As he approached, he saw the light was on a mushroom shaped object about 300m away. He stopped and climbed on his trailer to get a better view, and saw five or six brilliant figures about 1.2m tall, spread out about 12m from the object. They then scrambled back into the object, which took off with a high pitched whirr that made the lorry vibrate. He got back inside and drove away as fast as he could. The object, still making its intense noise, passed overhead at 60m altitude his engine cut out. He feared that the object was going on land on top of him, but instead it moved off into the sunset at high speed. The lorry now restarted. 
  • Clarke 2012 p126 citing investigation by MoD in The National Archives TNA AIR 20/11894
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p23 citing police reports

February 28 1968. (approx. date) Night.
Sidney Webb was walking home along Mill Lane when he saw a tall luminous shape glide from an entrance in the hedge, travel slowly alongside the road then disappear. It was about half as tall as a telegraph post.
  • Journal of Paraphysics 2, 6 p177 (case 62) citing Eastern Daily Press 29 February 1968.

Spring 1968.
Mrs Alice Allison and three of her children, including Bruce (7), were working in their garden when they heard a noise like a helicopter and saw a coal black wingless airplane with a sort of transparent glass fronted cabin in which an occupant was visible. He had black receding hair, dark skin and slanted eyes and appeared too intent on the controls to noticed the witnesses. The craft appeared to be in trouble, the engine spluttering and the object moving up and down for 20 minutes as it hovered around the house. It finally took off to the south east. The leaves and top branches of a tree below the object swirled around. There was a sort of box on the back of the machine, which had no propellers. The family also reported being plagued by a mystery cat, a bigfoot and poltergeist. 
  • Letter from Mrs Allison in Canadian UFO Report 4,7 p.iii
  • Clark and Coleman 1977 p117

Spring 1968. Afternoon.
Brenda Ann Adkins had stopped to take photographs near a cliff edge when she became aware of an extremely unpleasant smell and heard noises in woods to her ear. Looking round she saw a 2m tall humanoid, its body covered in red-black hair, The thing had a huge chest and limbs and its face seemed a mixture of ape and human. The thing advanced, making a growling sound and Brenda feared it would push her off the cliff but the thing stopped about 2m away, looked at her and then seemed to smile. It then made a “blubbering” sound and walked back into the woods. 
  • Keel 1970a p117 citing witness in Saga July 1969

March 1968. 
John Noyce was out driving when his headlights caught a large hairy thing standing upright. The thing then walked off into the woods. 
  • Gilroy 1995 p208

March 1968.
Several people, including an army officer, had set out from Colon by car and after travelling for a few minutes they saw a luminous object by the road. At a distance of 700m they saw it was an object with flashing lights. This thing took off, made a right angle turn and took up a position above the car. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 13 p14 case 108 citing Boletin de OVNIS 4

March 1968. 0300hrs.
Nurse, Mrs Marjorie Bignall was on duty and had just returned to her station after entering her record, when she noticed that the ward was unusually illuminated. Looking through the window, she observed a huge conical object illuminating the surroundings. It appeared to be the size of a barn, with three large masses suspended from the underside. The object was lit by a vivid orange light, except for the dark underside. It rose above the treetops and disappeared into the night. 
  • Letter from witness in Canadian UFO Report 2,2 p29

March 1968. 0345hrs.
Mrs B Hoffman was wakened by the sound of the metal swings in her backyard banging together. She saw, in the yard, a brilliant red light that suddenly shot up in the air and seemed to vanish. This light was round and solid looking. An area 6m diameter where the grass had died was found. 
  • Phillips 1975 p55 case 318 citing an unspecified issue of Flying Saucer Observer

March 1968. Evening.
Mrs Millard, who lived on the sparsely developed north side of the lake, was preparing dinner when, through her window, she saw a bright red light shining through the top of the small trees. The light began to show bursts of white, which had tinges of blue and yellow. She phoned neighbours but when she returned to the window the light had gone. 
  • John Magor in Canadian UFO Report 2,6 p17
  • Evaluation Astronomical

March 2 1968. 0755hrs.
A small object was seen at ground level. 
  • Skylook 102 p7 citing South Alabama UFO Study Group citing Mobile Press 5 March 1968.

March 3 1968. 0045hrs.
Lawyer Eduardo Squirru and his wife were watching TV when the whole house became flooded with an extraordinary intense pale blue light, the power went down and the TV screen went blank. Then the house was shaken by a terrific roar like a jet, which awoke their two daughters and their manservant. A neighbour, Mr Armentano, saw a ball of light take off at dizzying speed. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 16 p10 case 107 citing La Razon 13 June 1968. + Review 2001 issues 19 +25

March 4 1968. 0615hrs.
Nick Sigouris of West Seneca Turnpike, Onondaga Hill, had just turned south out of his driveway, onto the deserted Turnpike when he saw a cigar shaped object in the sky. It appeared to be 15-18m long, with a large number of multi-coloured flashing lights. As it approached, his car began to misfire with increasing severity, and almost came to a stop. He felt unable to move. Then all the lights except for a central yellow light went out, and the object, which had been to his left, heading towards South Onondaga Avenue, just disappeared. 
  • Connie Schreiber in Syracuse Herald-Journal 4 March 1968 p19 via Franics Ridge website
  • Vallee Case 905 citing APRG Bulletin no 67 (NB not to be confused with APRO Bulletin) dates case as 3rd
  • T. M Wright in Fate (UK) June 1969 p35
  • UFO Investigator IV,6 p 3 (gives time as 1815hrs.)

March 4 1968. 1230hrs.
William Taylor watched a red sphere, 6m diameter, on the ground 800m away for 30 minutes. This light suddenly went out. 
  • Salisbury 1974 table citing Joseph Hicks files

March 6 1968. (approx. date)
While on the NASA Aurora Expedition plane Galileo reporter Sally Remaley saw three huge luminous circular white lights in a line on the snow. A few minutes later she saw a triangle of identical lights, the whole pattern forming a giant arrow shape Other people on the plane dismissed the as reflections.
  • Fate UK November 1969 p19 + Canadian UFO Report 1, 4 p20 both citing direct from witness
  • Evaluation: Reflections? Ground lights?

March 7 1968. (approx. date) Night.
Ricardo Castille Trujillo, a janitor, encountered an elongated machine which gave off a powerful light and a noise like an electric motor. Two men of Caucasian appearance dressed in aluminium clothing came out of the apparatus and spoke to him in a strange voice which resembled an echo. They interrogated him about his myopia, then gave him an examination, promising to cure him “as a message to earthmen”. Ricardo asked to be taken on board but they refused saying “we will return for you later”. Ricardo claimed that since the experience he had been able to see clearly without glasses. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968. p 359 citing EFE 19 March 1968
  • Pereira 1974 p.ii (case 74).

March 11 1968. 0540hrs.
Mechanic Erik Anderson was driving towards the main highway when he observed an object descending about 1.5km ahead. The thing was glowing white but this glow went out when the object neared the ground. A minute later it rose again, at an angle, sending out a bright white light and disappearing swiftly in the west. 
  • UFO Analysis Report 1,1 p4

March 11 1968. 2130hrs.
Steven Trimper and his wife were near the old Municipal Home en route to Digby when they observed an oval object, the size of a helicopter, with red, blue and white lights. It seemed to hover over the water around the Bay End Motel. It the descended out of sight. It was also observed by Mrs O’Neill 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 52 p13 citing an undated issue of Digby Courier 
  • Evaluation: Probably astronomical

March 16 1968.
Two high school students, George Moyer and Robin Rapps, saw an object land on the property of farmer Robin Hughes. It was 4.5m diameter, 1.3m thick, with a dull aluminium looking finish, and a ring of red white lights around its circumference. A fixed red and white light was on top of the object.; After two or three minutes the boys left to call the police. 
  • UFO Analysis Report 1,1 p4

March 19 1968. 2030hrs.
Gregory Wells (12) was engaged in his regular chore of bringing water from his grandmother’s house to his parents’ trailer less than 100m way, during a period in which the connecting pipe had been severed by frost. As Gregory was walking back to the trailer he heard a noise like a generator that grew increasingly louder. He looked over his left shoulder and saw a huge red oval, shaped like a rugby ball or American football, hovering over two trees about 8m above the ground, 45m away. This object hovered motionless as four brilliant red lights flashed alternately along its side. Then a tube like projection came out of the centre of its underside and began to move around until it was pointing directly at the boy. Now frightened, Gregory began to run but as he did so a beam of red light flashed from the tube and hit him in the back of his right shoulder, knocking him to the ground. Gregory dropped the jug and began to pull off his jacket, which had begun to burn. His cries alerted his mother and grandmother, who were in the trailer. As the women came to the trailer door they saw the red object, which just faded away on the spot. They managed to put out the flames and helped him get the jacket off. Two burns were found on the back of his right arm on hospital examination. One the size of a 50 cent piece (of the period) was between his elbow and shoulder, the other, smaller, was below his shoulder and both were second degree blistering burns. Other witnesses saw an elongated cylinder at very low altitude in the area and Gregory’s teacher testified to his honesty. 
  • Lorenzen 1969 p198 + Coral Lorenzen in Fate (UK) March 1969 p40 both citing investigation by Dennis Jones. James Macdonald in United States Congress 1968. p79 citing his own investigation
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 78 p3
  • Keyhoe 1974 p24)

March 20 1968. 1330hrs.
An aerial object, like an orange and silver railway train was seen for 10 minutes as it travelled from east to north. A sound like forced engines (sic?) was heard. At one point the object stopped in mid air before hitting a TV aerial on a rooftop. The object then rose above the aerial and continued on its journey. A sketch shows a cylindrical object with portholes along the side, a silver pipe, a rounded cabin in front with dark glass windows. 
  • Paul Wagg citing NICAP (GB) files
  • Evaluation: Model plane or helicopter?

March 21 1968. Evening.
Henry Wopsock saw a half dome shaped object which hovered over a house for a few minutes. 
  • Salisbury 1974 table citing Joseph Hicks files

March 22 1968. 0130hrs.
Two men working on a reforestation scheme saw a powerful light that approached rapidly and came down to ground level, so close that they tried to hit it with stones. The object then emitted a dazzling flash that blinded them and so frioghtened them that they fled, abandoning an expensive machine, their tools and personal effects. One of them men was known as an honest and hardworking local. 
  • Ballester 1976 p13 case 55 citing Hoy 27 March 1968.

March 22 1968. 2015hrs.
Over 300 people saw a dome shaped object on the snow and reported it to the border post. It flew away before investigators could arrive, leaving clear hexagonal traces. 
  • Ballester 1976 p136 case 56 citing Levante 24 March 1968. + Jornada 23 March 1968.

April 1968. (approx. date) 
A 25 year old technician and the passengers of the bus he was driving observed a bright circular object descending in an area of pine trees. The passengers fled, but the driver remained and saw a tall man, with a bright ball in his hand, near the object. This man went around the object and took off in it. The driver’s watch had stopped. 
  • Ballester 1976 p13 case 57 citing investigation by CEI

April 1968. 0010hrs.
Mr Newton was driving past Mardleybury Manor when the figure of a woman wearing old fashioned grey clothing rushed out in front of his car. He felt an impact, but when he got out to investigate, nothing could be seen. 
  • Broughall and Adams 2010 p144
  • Puttick 1994 p55
  • Green 1973 p139)

April 1968. 
Gu Ying (17) was working on an irrigation project when he saw a luminous red-orange disc, about 3m in diameter land about 1km away. A military commander ordered a patrol to investigate, but as they approached the thing took off. 
  • Spencer 1991 p132
  • Dong and Stevens 1983 p49

April 1968. 1900hrs.
A milkman returning home on the Gerena-Olivares road, after collecting the milk saw, between the eucalyptus trees in a nearby wood, a row of lights beyond. These lights were silent and appeared to be resting on the ground. He was so unnerved that he rapidly left the scene. 
  • Ballester 1976 p13 case 58 citing investigation by Manuel Osuna)

First week April 1968. 233hrs.
Mrs Aileen Steil was out walking her dog when she observed a bright pink light hovering low over the houses. The light, which was pulsating, came closer. It then stopped, hovered and went behind some trees. When her daughter Robin Macpherson (21) arrived the object, still pulsating, reappeared, climbed and then went behind some trees again. The called the RCMP, who called back in the early hours of the morning. Robin and Aileen later became contactees, relaying messages about the Age of Aquarius etc. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 52 p10 citing Alan Jay in an undated issue of The Columbian
  • Steiger 1976 p89

Early April 1968. Pre dawn.
Mr J M went out to milk his cows and when he got to his barn door he noticed a commotion amongst the cows. A blinding light seemed to come from a corral about 6m away and he felt a prickling sensation on his chest. The light then took off over the railway lines towards Lethbridge. The cows gave no milk for the next two mornings and the witness was left weak and stupefied. He was still unnerved by the experience two years later. 
  • W K Allan in Saucers, Space and Science 62 p8)

April 3 1968.
John Kryschuk was badly shaken by an object, 12m diameter, with multi- coloured lights pulsating and moving on it and emitting a loud buzzing sound, which paced his car at about 10m altitude for about 7km down the highway. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 63 p27

April 3 1968. 1315hrs.
Mrs Morris and her nephew were out driving when they encountered a strange creature, 1m tall, with dark grey tough looking leathery skin, small front legs and thick, elephantine rear legs. It was stood on its rear legs in shallow water. The thing then ambled out of the lake and into the bush. 
  • Basterfield 1981p88 citing Sydney Daily Sun 5 April 1968.

April 3 1968. 2010hrs.
A schoolteacher and former air force stewardess, was driving with her 10 year old son when they observed an orange-red crescent shaped object, resembling a croissant, glide smoothly and fast over the dip in the hill, lower than a plane and hover over the car in front. This car’s lights went out as the woman parked her car by the side of the road to avoid a collision. As the object came closer her car lights began to dim and then the engine stopped running and the lights and radio failed. As the object hovered overhead there was a complete silence, with an absence of the usual night noises. The women felt curiously light and airy, as though she were weightless. The object seemed rolled up, fuzzy and surrounded by “angel hair”. The witness became afraid and tried start the car but the engine misfired on each occasion. She then rolled up the window at which the car became hot inside. The object then moved off, over a field, towards a farmhouse. She now found that she could easily restart her car. As she drove away she looked back and saw the object move off over the railway tracks. She felt her feet were burning and walking on them was uncomfortable. 
  • Hynek 1972 pp116, 239 citing his own investigation
  • Donald Menzel in Sagan and Page 1972 p137
  • Rodeghier 1981 p40 citing CUFOS files dates this to the 4th
  • Evaluation: Probably the moon!

April 3 1968. Night.
Maria Moreira and Maria Gracas (both) were coming home from a late mass, when a tall dark figure jumped out at them and flashed a light, like a photographers flash at them, dazzling them, When their eyes cleared the being had gone. Both girls later developed traces, xenoglossy, psychic powers etc. 
  • Steiger 1970 Strange Powers of ESP p105 + Brad Steiger in Machlin 1979 p258

April 5 1968. 2005hrs.
An object was observed at low altitude and an occupant was seen. No further details available 
  • Table of Canadian Landings in Data Net IV, 5 p5)

April 7 1968.(approx. date) 0325hrs.
G. Lovatt of North Bay and another person were sitting in a car on Hw 63 when they observed an object about 25m diameter, pulsating at 5 second intervals. It descended, smoothly, at a 30 degree angle to the highway and landed in the bush about 400m away. They observed it for 10 seconds. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 52 p4 citing North Bay Nugget 8 April 1968.

April 8 1968.
A flat object, 150m diameter, surrounded by a bright light and with a white dome on top was seen hovering over the home of Mr and Mrs Lee Rowland. It moved north-south at treetop level and then disappeared. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 60 p17

April 8 1968.
Mrs Margaretha Svenson (30) was driving between Sundsvall and Harnosand when a luminosity came from between the trees and rested on her car bonnet for several minutes. The light was blinding and her car radio went dead. Margaretha had her bare arm outside the car and the next day she discovered a burn on it. It remained painless when examined by the doctor and while it gradually healed. 
  • APRO Bulletin July/August 1968. p7

April 13 1968. 1145hrs.
10km south of Tooradin, on the Gippsland Highway, a sort of pulsating cloud shot up from behind some bushes. It appeared as a nebulous oval, becoming discoid and then oval again, as it darted from side to side in a fast, erratic, manner. The thing’s front glowed yellow and its back was transparent. It suddenly became invisible to the naked eye. 
  • A.F.S.R. New Series 1 p12

April 12 1968. (approx. date) Night.
A woman from Espanola and her family, at a vacation cottage, were looking out over Georgian Bay after the lunar eclipse when they observed a fiery glow, which, when it got closer, appeared to be an object with red, yellow and green lights. The thing moved back and forth quickly, as if circling beyond the 5km buoy. After an hour it sped across the channel and disappeared into the sky. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 52 p8 citing Elliot Lake Standard 18 April 1968
  • Smith 1969 p86

April 18 1968. 1945hrs.
A single witness observed a dull silver-grey domed object, which hovered just off the highway. It carried steady red and white lights. 
  • Fowler 1974 p352

April 19 1968. 0230hrs.
The witness was awakened by a sound like two steel knives being struck together. She glanced outside and saw a red glowing object, with a point on top, flying with a fluttering motion and a pinging sound. It went towards and over a cemetery. 
  • Fowler 1974 p353

Mid April 1968. Night.
A woman was awoken by a strange buzzing sound and, looking out of her window, saw an object the size of a house, covered with lights that were so bright that she was unable to distinguish any shape. The thing rose into the air and disappeared. Shortly afterwards saw that it again, some 100m from her house, in an open pasture area. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 52 p11 citing Steinbach-Carillon News 2 May 1968.

April 20 1968. 0830hrs.
Several people saw a disc with a frontal transparent cabin and a tail like that of an aircraft hovering or slowly moving at about 100m altitude. The thing was silent, smokeless and suddenly disappeared. 
  • Hoban and Weverbergh 1974 p234 citing Fleseriu Dan

April 20 1968. 2215kts.
Mr Fluke saw a disc shaped object with well defined edges, emitting a powerful light, like a magnesium flash at 100 altitude. It descended towards the horizon and went out sight at speed. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p88 citing Australian UFO Review 10 p25

April 23 1968. 0025hrs.
A young woman observed a row of bright lights crossing a field behind her home. She then saw the vague outline of the object behind them, moving fast 150m away. 
  • Conrad Hunter in Research Notes 3

April 23 1968.
A 2.5m tall bipedal creature attacked William Schwack and a friend, knocking William down a slope. His clothes were torn and his shoulder cut. 
  • Newton 2011 p57
  • Keel 1970a p114

April 23 1968. 2020hrs.
A family of four driving between Denver and Limon found themselves paced by a red light, while their radio emitted a strange sound. Then a white light appeared at about 25m altitude, about 1.5 city blocks away. This light went out and was replaced by three red lights, apparently attached to an oval object. The family, now frightened, drove rapidly away. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p40 citing CUFOS files

Late April 1968. 2100hrs.
A group of young people including Ann Smith (16) were walking through the Victoria Golf Course when they noticed a sudden chill and wind saw a misty figure, less than 1,5m tall, which gave the impression of being a woman. The next night Dennis Andrews (16) and other youngsters also saw a misty, luminous figure about 1.5m tall, which seemed to get more substantial. Ann Smith walked towards the figure, at which it vanished, only to reappear 6m behind the group. 
  • Belyk2002 p121citing Diane Janowski on Colonist 19 May 1968. p24

April 27 1968. 2130hrs.
Rev Anthony R Millican of St Christopher’s Church was walking with his wife Margaret through Arnos Park when their attention was suddenly attracted by a bright glow which appeared to hover about 2m above the ground between 25-30m away. It was dome shaped, about 3.5-4.5m diameter, about 5m high. It appeared to be completely symmetrical, self contained and revolving, its size remaining constant. It appeared to be transparent with a dirty yellow outer rim, and an off-white inner light, which varied in size. The whole thing appeared to be made of some fine material. The thing had a central pillar about 1.2-1,5m high. After about 20 seconds the object disappeared. The couple felt that it was in some way malignant and “had a life of its own”. They felt chilled. Margaret suffered from chills, vomiting and nightmares. 
  • Alastair Prevost in FSR 14,4 p3 citing his own investigation
  • Interplanetary News 320 p23 citing Mic Williams in New Observer 2 May 1968
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p 38 citing above + Daily Mirror 16 May 1968.

April 28 1968. Night.
A number of people claimed to have seen an unidentified object land. A 16 yr. old orchard worker, driving saw three humanoid beings, about 1.2m tall, dressed in shiny orange clothes, emerge from the trees at the side of the road on which he was driving, about 200m away They were bald and had no head covering, he noted their ears but their faces seemed indistinct. They were wearing shiny orange clothing. They came within 8m of the youth, then turned around and back into the wood. The driver sounded his horn and when help arrived he was found to be on the edge of collapse . Two other beings were seen in the area later. Investigators found paddle like footprints a dug out area. 
  • APRO Bulletin May/June 1968. p6 citing a second hand report from the orchard owner
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1969 p97
  • Robert Gribble in MUFON UFO Journal 240 p20
  • Evaluation: Possible hoax

April 29 1968. 0440hrs.
Two sanitary collectors were driving 2km from Heyfield when their truck broke down. They were thinking of calling for a tow truck when they saw a string of red lights approaching. There was a dome with a light on top. They stood on their bonnet to getter a better view but the lights didn’t come any closer. The next day they found an area of wilted grass at the site. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p162 citing Hervey 1969 p86 

April 29 1968. 2250hrs.
A telecommunications engineer was driving home to Warminster after visiting his girlfriend when he observed a flashing red light of Norridge Wood. He thought the light was a helicopter navigation light. This light then came down towards his car, dazzling him and causing static on his radio. He saw the light was on top of a circular object, about 3 times the size of his Morris 1000hrs. car. It came down to about 10m altitude and forced him to slow to 16kph. This object was blue-green at one end and red at the other. The witness then drove off as fast as he could and when he looked back the object had gone. 
  • Shuttlewood 1968.p14 citing Bob Randall in Wiltshire Times and News 10 May 1968.

April 30 1968. 0150hrs.
A single witness in a rural area saw a circular grey object with a flashing red light on its underside hover low over trees. It then descended behind them, rose up again, ascended vertically, hovered and then shot away. 
  • Fowler 1974 p353

May 1968. 0005hrs.
Dr Geralado Vidal, a well-known BA attorney and his wife Raffo were driving from a party in Chascomus to some friends in Maipu on National Route 2. While driving through the suburbs of Chascomus a dense fog appeared in front of their car and they lost consciousness. When they recovered they were driving a strange road in daylight. They each had a pain at the back of their neck, felt as though they had been asleep for hours and found that their car had been scorched down the outside as if by a blow torch. They soon learned that they were in Mexico and that 48 hours had elapsed since their disappearance. It was rumoured that the car was analysed by American experts. Mrs Vidal suffered a nervous breakdown. 
  • Oscar Gallindez in FSR 14, 5 p3 citing La Razon 3 4 and5 June 1968.+ Cordoba 4+5 June 1968.
  • Evaluation: Journalist’s hoax to promote a failing film (not as I was told by someone who claimed to be a colleague of “Vidal”’s boss, back in 1970, as a cover for Mrs Vidal’s mental illness.

May 1968. 0100hrs.
A witness was awakened by the strange action of the lights on an electric fence and saw a brilliant light, which moved North West, hovered over the area for 15 minutes, moved south and hovered again for 5 minutes. The witness found a path burned through a nearby tree line. All the leaved were wilted and dead and three trees died. 
  • Phillips 1975 p 55 case 323 citing an unspecified issue of Skylook

May 1968.
Mr Hoeffer, a sheep herder at the Butterite colony watched a bright circular object land about 300m from the fence corner where he was standing. He was frightened and ran away. The next day two oval burned areas were found at the site. The larger circle was 2.7m diameter, 18cm deep and had been burned down to a depth of 90cm. There was a second burned area about 30cm smaller. The grass that grew in this oval was greener, coarser and taller than in surrounding areas, with a pronounced root development not found in the surrounding grass. The sheep refused to eat this grass. 
  • Data Net IV, 3 p9

May 1968.
A 16 year old girl opened the door to a strange tall thin man dressed a black suit, white shirt and “pork pie” hat, who moved in a curious jerky fashion and speaking largely nonsense in a peculiar computer like voice. The man enquired about insurance, was let in. When he began to sweat profusely he removed his hat to reveal a white, bald head, and face covered in red make up. The skin on his arms and legs seemed completely white. He asked for a glass of water but just started at it without drinking. He made comments about a clock and told her to watch out for lights. When he left the girl went to the window, but despite her clear view there was no sign of the visitor going down the road. A couple of hours later strange lights danced around the room before exiting through a closed window. The clock never worked again. 
  • Picknett 2001 p269 citing her own investigation

May 1968. 2210hrs.
Mrs Ethel Rogers and her husband were driving northwest on Highway 123 when an object, the apparent size of the harvest moon dropped from the sky to the right of their car, crossed the road in front of them, Ethel feeling a sharp pain across her chest as it did so, and then go over the fields to their left, disappearing behind trees. The thing gave the impression of being white hot. 
  • Ethel Rogers in Skylook 30

May 1 1968. Early hours.
Two sanitary collectors, Gavin Whelan and Ian Lord, were 2.5km from Heyfield when their truck broke down. They were waiting for a tow when they saw a string of red lights coming closer. They though it was another vehicle but the lights came no nearer and, getting on their truck bonnet, they were able to see that these lights were a row of red lights on a domed object, with another light on top, in a paddock. Later Gavin and his wife went to this paddock and found an area of wilted grass. Similar lights were seen early next morning. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p89 citing Wellington (NZ) Evening Post 2 May 1968
  • FSR 14,4 p33 citing Taranaki Herald 2 May 1968. + an undated issue of Melbourne Age
  • Hervey 1969 p86

First week May 1968.
Five objects were observed diving into the ocean during the first week of May 
  • APRO Bulletin May/June 1968. p8
  • Note: 'Arrecifes' is not a town in northern Venezuela, it is just a generic word for reefs

May 5 1968. 0145hrs.
Ufologist Jerome Clark and three companions (Paul Jensen, Jerry Fuqua and Phil Bjerke) all students at Moorhead State College Minnesota went to a gravel road leading to Kindred to look for a legendary ghost light. A light was seen down the road, then at the above time they observed the silhouette of a large figure moving towards them, against the light which had reappeared. They turned down a side road and saw that the figure was still on the right hand side of the light and moving towards them. They fled the area. Before they saw the light they heard a high pitched whine. The witnesses later suffered from hallucinations, poltergeist effects and 'MIB' harassment. 
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 15, 6 p19

May 7 1968. Mid afternoon.
Mrs L P Cragin and her daughter observed a shiny object, hemispherical in shape, with four legs underneath it, on the ground in an area in the west of the city called The Promontory, through binoculars for 8 minutes. By the time Mrs Cragin had driven to the area, the object had gone. Afterwards many types of aircraft were seen in the area. 
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969b p21

May 10 1968. 1700hrs.
An object resembling a rocket rose out of the water, rotated 360 degrees, inclined and shot off to the south. A photograph was taken which showed a blurred rocket like shape with no ground or sky features. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p 162 citing APIC Bulletin 4

May 14 1969.
Marguerite Green saw four coloured lights at treetop height. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 52 p13

May 17 1968.
Mr I Robinson and his wife saw a grey, mushroom shaped object, which hovered above their car, moved in a circle 2km in diameter and then disappeared at high speed. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing UFOIC Review December 1969 p26

May 17 1968. Morning.
Night-watchman Caetano Sergio dos Santos (28) arrived home to find a metallic looking cylinder lying on the right hand side by his back door. It was 17cm long, 15cm wide and so heavy it required both hands to pick it up. The thing had a smooth dull-grey surface, which, however, shone brilliantly under electric light. The two flat ends were covered by translucent material welded tight to the metal. Beneath these covers were dials with pointers, one row of figures 1-5 and another of complicated signs. Satisfied that it was not a terrorist bomb Caetano bashed it hard with a hammer to try and open it without success. He then left it on a high shelf in the shower. Just after 0100hrs. on the 19th his pregnant wife was awoken by a loud humming noise and a strange blue light from where this object was stored and a fierce heat was pervading the house. Finally, unable to stay in the house, she roused their two children and they got out of the house. Moments later there was a thunderous noise from the roof and tile fragments rained down on them. When Caetano arrived and inspected the house all was normal except that the object had gone and there was a hole in the tiled roof above where it had been. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR 15,4 p18
  • Phénomènes Spatiaux 18
  • Lorenzen 1969 p294 citing COPCOANI

May 20 1968. 0205hrs.
Richard Hansen (20), his wife Cindy and friend Michael Strinchfield (20) were fishing Moore Lake, when Michael pointed to a glow on the water 400m to their north and right. They took little notice but became aware of the absence of the usual night sounds. Some minutes later their attention was caught by a glow in front of them, about 10m from their wharf, which seemed to emanate from a whitish mound lying motionless in the water. It was about 60cm wide and 30cm above the surface. Just visible on this mound were two red glows that reminded them of eyes, and a vague shape visible behind it. Michael and Cindy ran for the shore but Richard cast his lure at the object, whereupon it raced towards the wharf, at which all three witnesses fled and drove off. When police investigated there was nothing to be seen but they too noted the strange stillness. Local residents reported lights on the lake and the strange stillness that night. 

  • Richard Wolkomir in Fate (UK) January 1969 p18
  • Evaluation: Large fish?

May 20 1968.
A 46 year old man was sucked on board a strange object where he encountered 6 beings with long noses and oriental eyes, surrounded by a green aura, in their large heads. The they walked as if they had stiff joints and spoke in an unknown language. The man later had bad eyesight for a month. 

May 20 1968.
Albert H (15) was cresting a hill on his motorcycle when he nearly collided with an unidentified object coming towards him. He swerved to avoid hitting the thing and his cycle overturned throwing him nearly 35m and causing internal injuries. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 63 p27

May 21 1968. 0850hrs.
As she came into English class a high school student observed a rather large oval shaped silver object through her class window. She called the attention of her teacher, Carma Winterton, and the other 20 pupils to this object and they watched it for 7-8 minutes as it manoeuvred, changed speed, hovered and dropped near the ground 305km away. 
  • Salisbury 1974 table citing Joseph Hicks files

May 25 1968.
A young man awoke to see a humanoid figure 1.95m tall, with a huge head and shoulders standing over his bed. It moved from the right side of his bed to the left and then disappeared. 
  • Keel 1970a p191 citing letter from witness

May 27 1968. 2145hrs.
A motorist driving near Punta Gorda found that his headlights and engine failed and on getting out to investigate observed a light at treetop height, settling towards the ground. As this light approached he saw it was on a sort of domed disc of metallic appearance, emitting a green glow with a sort of blue outline. A few minutes after it landed the thing took off and left at high speed. The car headlights came on immediately and he could restart the car. His watch had stopped. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p41 citing CUFOS files

May 29 1968. 2200hrs.
Factory supervisor John Duberstein was out driving with his wife and three teenage daughters when they encountered a bright circular object at low altitude. There were problems with the car’s electrical system and their dogs barked furiously. The object eventually climbed away. 
  • Hall 2001 p201 citing NICAP files + Wausau Daily Record-Herald 31 May 1968.
  • Hynek 1972 p114, 239)

May 31 1968. Morning.
Bill Bokorny (57) saw an object, like a grey coloured weathered tin can with an oval inner part that glowed brilliantly, land in his cornfield. The thing then began spinning in an anti-clockwise direction as it took off. Bill observed it for about 10 minutes. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 63 p28
  • Jo Clark in Data Net IV, 7 p9 citing Data Net 19

Mid 1968.
Several unidentified objects landed and left traces. No further details. 
  • Jo Clark in Data Net V, 7 p10 citing Data Net 22

June 1968. (approx. date) 0015hrs.
The well know sculptor and painter Benjamin Solari Parravicini was walking home from the theatre, with the programme in his hand, through deserted foggy streets. At the corner of Belgrano and July 9th Avenues he was confronted by a fair skinned “Nordic” type of man whose eyes were so fair in colour “it looked as though he was blind”, who addressed Solari in an unintelligible guttural language but in “a kind and gentle fashion” and instructed him to look upwards. Doing so, Solari saw 50m away, close the Ministry of Public Works Tower, an extraordinary aerial machine with no lights. Solari was overcome with dizziness and when he recovered he found himself inside the machine, which was now in flight along with three very handsome beings. One of these spoke to him and despite the strange language Solari could understand him as if by telepathy. He was taken once around the earth, then he seemed to wake as if from a dream back at the street corner, with the theatre programme lying where it had fallen. The witness later claimed other contacts 
  • FSR 14, 5 p23 citing La Razon 4 June 1968.+ Correio do Povo 11 June 1968.

June 1968.
A married couple saw an unidentified object astride the road. It then moved to a paddock where it hovered for a while before taking off at great speed. 
  • Hervey 1969 p151

June 1968.
The local school bus was paced by a strange flying object at very low altitude for a distance of several kilometres. The children were terrified, many crying and screaming for their mothers. 
  • Nigel Rimes in FSR 14,6 p24

June 1968. Early evening
Cal Houeshelt was coming over a low hill when he saw a more than 2m tall, brown hairy humanoid standing in a ditch. The thing had a pumpkin shaped head and peculiar eyes, but lacked a snout. 
  • Guenette 1975 p70 citing their own investigation

June 1968. Night.
A farmer observed an object like an inverted dish emitting coloured flames. In a compartment at the top two figures were visible who seemed to be controlling the craft. As it drew near the figures seemed to spot the witness and the object immediately accelerated away. The witness’s employer, a farmer and businessman, reported the matter to the press. 
  • Bill Hayduck in Saucers, Space and Science 55 p8

June 9 1968. 2000hrs.
Mr C Endfield, his wife and three children were out in their car, when they got caught in a traffic jam on the A3. They then saw a black object, which they first thought was a child’s balloon, surrounded by a haze. It came down to within 15m altitude, 25m away and they saw that it resembled two domes rim to rim. It then rose up again. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p43 citing letter from witness in FSR 14, 5 + Brinsley Le Poer Trench
  • Evaluation: Balloon?

June 4 1968. (approx. date) 2205hrs.
Pupils of the Pequeno Principe College observed an orange coloured balloon shaped object performing complex manoeuvres in the air. It came within at the height of a second story building. Two small metallic strips were ejected from a small opening. These were subsequently picked up. In the lower part of the thing were small dark windows, which lit up when it moved. The upper part was lit up and had two small antennae. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 2 p18 citing O Fluminense 5 June 1968. + SBEDV Bulletin 62/5 p31

June 10 1968. 0300hrs.
Jorge Yaru (35), a lorry driver and former navy engineer, was about to go to bed when he saw strange light through his window. Going out, he saw a luminous metallic looking object, 5m diameter (the size of a bus), hovering over a large tree just over 30m away. Around the thing’s lower part were flashes of red, green and yellow light. When Yaru approached the object, it rose a few metres at staggering speed and then came to rest again. After 40 minutes the object jumped and made off at high speed towards Rio Caballas. The object was independently observed by Mrs Rosa Hirzuella de Garcia, who while lying in bed saw a huge light and the object settle on the tree. 
  • FSR 14,5 p.iii citing La Nacion 16 October 1968
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 15 p10 case 111 citing Los Principios 16 June 1968. + investigation by CADIU. Uriondo says object came within 10m of the witness and hovered in its first location for 40 minutes, jumped, hovered for a few moments and then took off

June 14 1968.
A married couple drove their car through a vaporous mass 3m high. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing UFOIC Newsletter 36 p3 citing an unspecified issue of LDLN

June 14 1968. 0100hrs.
Catalacio Fernandez was awoken by the presence of two beings, about 1.8m tall, who appeared in his bedroom. They wore close fitting clothing and were surrounded by a glow. One of the beings sat down on the bed and appeared to reassure the witness. When the beings lifted their arms Catalacio felt faint. 
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1969 p71
  • Saucer News 16 4 p35
  • Cosmos 1,6 p12
  • Ufo Chronolog 2 p11 all citing La Razon 3 July 1968. + Revue Espacio Argentina no1 1968.

June 14 1968. 0105hrs.
Pedro Jacobo Pretzel (39) the owner of the La Cuesta Motel was driving back to the motel from Villa Carlos Paz, 3 km away, along Highway 20 when he noticed two very bright stationary red lights, which he first thought were on some stationary vehicle. However when he got within 70m of them he realised that they were about 1.4-1.5m above the ground and about 5-6m apart and appeared to be on some structure hidden in the gloom. Thinking it was a farm vehicle he ignored them and turned into the motel. When he reached there he found his eldest daughter Maria Elodia in a state of collapse inside the laundry, screaming something about a man. Pedro searched the place for an intruder but found nothing, though he did notice that the two red lights had now gone. When Maria recovered she told her father that after seeing a couple of guests out through the side door to the car park, she had gone back through the dining room and kitchen into the laundry, switching off all but the flourescent all night light lights as she did so. After some minutes, however, she noticed a brighter blue light coming through the serving hatch and went to investigate. As she reached the kitchen area she saw, standing in the dining room, a being of humanoid appearance, 2.05-2.1m tall, like man aged 30-35, wearing a shining blue one piece suit made of a kind of scaly material which covered the whole of his body, neck downwards, including hands and feet, clinging tightly to his body. Around his waist was fastened a dark blue belt, from the back of which came a sort of skirt down to his calf. He had a waxy pale complexion, close cropped light blond hair, with no eyebrows visible He stood, smiling all the time, with his legs slightly apart as if caught in mid-stride. In his left hand he held a glassy sphere, about 20 cm diameter, with what looked like truncated cones 1 cm high on its surface, from which emitted beams of very pale blue light, which after 15-20 cm coalesced into a single beam of white light that illuminated the whole room as he moved his arm to and fro. Maria noticed that the door to the car park was open, and had the strange sensation that some force was distorting her body and especially her face making her thinner. She tried to cry out but was unable to do so and could only put her hands to her ears. At this she heard a voice in her head, in Spanish, telling her not to be afraid, though the entity did not open its mouth. 

Suddenly, without any sensation of movement, Maria found herself at the bar, gripping the counter with both hands, the entity now only 3m away, and with a tingling sensation in her legs. At this point the entity raised his right hand to shoulder level, flashes coming from his fingers and showing a sort of rectangular gauntlet covering the back of his hand, and as he did so Maria felt her strength fade and she slowly fell backwards towards the floor until her head was 20 cm from the ground, whereupon she began to rise again towards the vertical. The entity then raised his arm again and the whole effect was repeated. As she was raised up again the entity came right up to the counter and she could see luminous flashes coming from his toes. Suddenly the light in the sphere went out, giving it a dark blue glassy appearance and the voice in her head stopped. Then the entity whirled round, revealing the skirt and walked out through the side door, closing it behind him. The tingling in her legs now having ceased, Maria was able to stagger to the laundry. The event lasted 7-9 minutes, There were brief recurrences of the tingling in her legs, and her anxiety state lasted for several days. A neighbour, Mrs Candida Alvarez Paz de Ramirez (64) saw a white light on some waste ground near her property, about 70-80m from the motel, that night. 
  • Oscar A Gallindez in FSR 26,5 p8 and FSR 26,6 p15 citing his own investigation
  • Other less detailed and accurate versions in FSR 14,5 p12, FSR 18, 6 p24, APRO Bulletin May/June 1968. p8, Phénomènes Spatiaux 17, LDLN 85)

June 14 1968. Night.
A strange object landed. No further details. 
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 43
  • Table of American Landings

June 15 1968. Night.
Residents of the suburbs of Boulogny and San Martin observed an unidentified object land. Railway worker Juan Carlos Barros reported that the passage of the object caused his roof to collapse. S thunderous noise and a strange smell and light were noticed by numerous people as the object manoeuvred. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 14,5 p23 Corriero do Povo (Brazil) citing France Presse
  • Evaluation: Ball lightning and/or tornado? 

June 17 1968. 2230hrs.
Alderman James Bryers and his had just got out of their car when they saw a large orange luminous sphere pass over their home at just above treetop height. As they watched the thing over 5 minutes it appeared to break up, emitting bright orange pieces, which glowed brightly, vanished, reappeared, vanished etc. over a period of seconds. The thing them seemed to hover over the edge of Scarborough Bluffs, moved, hover, rise and move off into the distance. At 2245hrs. a similar object was seen by their son, moving at a higher altitude and at 2320 a third light passed at just above the tree tops. They estimated it was about 30m wide, if about 1.5km away. Through binoculars it appeared to be a flat disc, with a central darker portion on the underside. The thing emitted an orange-yellow glow that was not reflected on the rooftops. There were a total of about 20 witnesses in all to these lights 
  • Cochrane 1980 p117 citing his own investigation

June 18 1968. Night.
A settler, Romulo Velasco (25) saw a bright round object with a vivid blue light which landed. From it emerged a tall slim being who approached Velasco who fainted. The case was investigated by German Rocha, the chief of the provincial police, and police Major Niceforo Leon who noticed a peculiar odour. The surrounding grass and shrub were burnt. 
  • FSR 14,5 p24 citing La Nacion (BA) 28 June 1968, citing a Reuters report of 27 June
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Michel Roy including the information at Rocha and Leon were the investigators of this case not witnesses as suggested in Vallee case 909.)

June 19 1968. Early morning.
Taxi driver Julio Fedelli was driving three passengers on the La Rioja-Catamarca Highway when, some 60km from Catamarca they saw a very bright object stationary, 5m above the ground near the road. . The taxi engine failed and Julio was unable to restart it. The object then rose up and moved away rapidly, emitting intense flashes of light. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 16 p10 case 114 citing Clarin 21 June 1968.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 14 5 p24 citing Corriero do Povo (Brazil) 22 June 1968.

Late June 1968.
A farmer and his son were sitting in front of their house after dinner when they suddenly saw a large disc descend without a sound behind a grove of Eucalyptus trees. On going to the spot they found nothing. 
  • Nigel Rimes in FSR 14, 6 p22 citing Correiro do Botucato citing an letter to a reporter

June 20 1968. 0200hrs.
Larry Ferney of Mobile and his wife were driving near Roswell when they saw an object descend from 100m. The thing had three lights, which resembled aircraft landing lights. Making a 90 degree turn the object headed down towads their car, looking as if it were going to crash into them before it levelled out 15m away. It paced the car for 10 minutes before racing upwards and out of sight. Mrs Ferney was greatly shaken by the incident. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 5 p12
  • To clarity, this is a location called Roswell in Alabama

End June 1968. 
A group of farmers reported that strange objects had been seen to land in several areas. On one occasion three beings wearing bright, tailored jump suits were seen to look in houses and pick up small objects 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Pablo Petrovitsch in LDLN 117 p4:
  • Steiger 1988 p43

June 21 1968. (apprx date)
During a period of heat waves that gave rise to many fires a luminous circular object resembling a shooting star landed in a burning wheat field belong to Si Abbes Mesnaoui. The fire was rapidly extinguished and the object flew off again. 
  • FSR 16,1 p31 citing LDLN 97 citing Le Petit Marocain 22 June 1968.

June 21 1968.
Three people saw an orange ball of fire which slowly descended towards a Maple tree and hovered. The thing wobbled and gave off a white trail of vapour before breaking into many spark like objects. The dog howled and the car ran away. 
  • Fowler 1979 p353
  • Evaluation: Ball lightning?

June 21 1968. 0230hrs.
Oscar Rodolfo Vivas, a chauffeur (24) was bicycling after having supper with the Ferreryra family when his attention was caught buy a very bright light in the middle of the road 100m away. The thing was large and elliptical and was only 50cm above the ground. In the upper part of the ellipse was a diamond shape contraption that was rotating and high speed. From the lower part of the object came a vivid beam of light, which gave the appearance of supporting it. Oscar leapt from his cycle and hid among weeds in terror. From there he heard a powerful him. After about 2 minutes the object climbed rapidly into the air with a zigzag motion and was lost to sight. The witness and his friends found traces at the site and this was confirmed by the police who found a ring of stuff like viscous talcum powder and scorching of the soil. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 16 p10 case 115 citing 2001 19 p26 + La Razon and Clarin both 22 June 1968
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 15,5 p24 citing Correio do Povo 22 June 1968
  • Richard Heiden citing letter from Eduardo Banchs
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1969 p74

June 21 1968. 1130hrs.
Mr Michet (50) a respected farmer and his neighbour Rene Margerie had their attention caught by a very vivid flash 2km away while they were in their fields. For 20 minutes Michet observed an egg shaped object which manoeuvred at ground level before vanishing after a flash of red light, In a depression two parallel marks, linked in places by diagonal ones, with clear endings, were found on the ground. Two sheep disappeared from a neighbouring flock and two others died of an unusual painful illness the next day. 
  • Henri-Jean Besset in FSR 15 4 p6
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Phénomènes Spatiaux 17)

June 21 1968. 1130hrs.
Two Miami newspaper reporters and photographer, along with the captain and first mate of their pleasure boat were fishing in Bahamian waters, 190km south east of Miami when they saw two strange objects coming straight towards them low over the water. As the objects crossed their bow, the witnesses could see that they were elliptical with short stubby wings jutting from each side. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 7 p12

June 21 1968. 2300hrs.
Just after he had gone to bed, an 11 year old boy saw a light outside his window. The light came into the room and the boy became paralysed. Inside the light was an entity about 1/35m tall with an outsize head. The being seemed to be trying to communicate by telepathy but all the lad heard was a buzzing sound, which gave him a headache. He suffered from headaches when an adult, which he associated with telepathic messages.
  • Swords 2005 p101 citing John Timmerman

June 23 1968. 0005hrs.
Three people, including retired military man Jose Martinez Losanga and his wife, were coming back from their garage when they saw an object flying very fast towards the mountains. The thing was circular, 9m diameter and landed 300m away. It was surrounded by powerful red, green and yellow lights. A student, Flornetino Lopez (25) reported that it illuminated an area 100m wide. He was so afraid that he ran away and tried to forget about the incident. 
  • Ballester 1976 p13 case 59 citing CIFA + El Correo Espanol 24 June 1968.

June 24 1968. 0110hrs.
Mrs Dora Egger de Torres was sleeping with her husband when she was awakened with a loud buzzing which hurt her ears, and turned round to see an oval of light in the corner of the room. Inside this oval were two beings, one over 2m tall, the other only between 50-70 cm. Both wore metallic overalls, and helmets with plastic visors which covered their faces. Dora was completely paralysed by fear and unable to utter a sound. The oval of light and the two beings diminished gradually into the background of the closed window, eventually fading away altogether. From the tips of their fingers, their lower abdomens and their visors came beams of an intensely bright, white, constant light. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR 26,3 p9 + Oscar A Gallindez in FSR 27,1 p18 both citing the Report of the Institute for Psychical Research, Santa Fe

June 24 1968. Early hours.
An 18 year old girl was found kilometres from her home in a state of shock after being taken from bed by several small beings, who touched her private parts. She had sex with the tallest member of the group. 
  • Charles Silva in UFO Library December 1992/January 1993 p26

June 25 1968. 1045hrs.
Jorge Ribles, the electrician at the Carmal Chemical Plant noticed that the engines driving the fermentation machinery and the grinding mills were at a standstill and the whole surroundings were lit up by an intense red light. He checked but could find no fault in the machinery. Another employee Jose Juan Racoski (52) was leaning on a rail, checking the level of a vat when he was enveloped in a vivid light that dazzled and paralysed him so that he lost strength and fell unconscious. His workmates found him in this collapsed condition, with his body turned red, his eyes so swollen and misshapen that he was blinded for some time after recovery. His left arm was paralysed for three days and even after that he suffered from pains all over his body and suffered from nerves as if he had been beaten up. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 14,5 p24 citing La Cronica and La Razon both 4 July 1968
  • Evaluation: Jose was clearly the victim of an electric shock. Lightning strike? Industrial accident?

June 27 1968. 0645hrs.
Luis Oscar Gigovich, Alfredo Dellasanto, Juan Armand, Lauro Borbiconi and Geraldo Silvero observed, towards the south, a metallic looking disc with an intermittent red light in his centre. The thing was about 600m away and 10m above the ground. It disappeared slowly towards the south making a slight sound. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 16 p10 case 117 citing La Tribuna 27 June 1968.

June 27 1968. 1730hrs.
Three children riding their bicycles in the countryside, saw, suspended above the trees, an oval shaped object. On its underside was a sort of propeller which was spinning with dazzling white and pale blue lights. Over the object an enormously tall man and woman wearing shiny clothes were floating. They descended slowly, hand in hand, and disappeared into the object without any door opening to let them through. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR 26, 3 p9 citing La Vox del Interior 30 June 1968.

June 27 1968. 2200hrs.
Miss J Biddle and her sister pointed out to their paretns a disc shaped object, with a pulsating red and green light in the centre of its underside, which hovered over their caer for two minutes before sweeping upwards and away. 
  • Australian UFO Review 10 p26
  • Steiger and Whritnour 1969 p94

June 28 1968.
Returning home, lawyer Dr Marcel Anibal Betnaza found his wife, (a professor of geography at the local co9lelge) daughter and several other people observing an unusual object over an open piece of terrain. Getting his binoculars Marcel saw a mushroom shaped object hovering just above the ground, emitting flashes of light, the colour of which kept changing. From the thing’s cupola came a steady vivid green light, while the underside gave off red and yellow flashes. Soon afterwards the object rose to an elevation of 25 degrees, suddenly dropped again and then commenced to perform a series of manoeuvres that gave the impression of being under intelligent control. The family drove to within 1km of the object but felt it would be unwise to approach any further. His wife had seen a similar object the day before. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 15,5 p25 citing La Razon 2 July 1968
  • Oscar Gallindez in Australian UFO Review 16 p41

June 29 1968. 0500hrs.
Jacinto Ledesma (51), an employee of the LTS Radio Cerealista transmitting plant found himself surrounded by an extremely strong field of light the moment he stepped out of the plant. His attention was directed towards the station’s 66m tall transmitting tower and he found himself observing a circular object about 20m diameter, surrounded by an intense red cloud that obscured all details/ Jacinto alerted a friend, Jose Botti, who also observed the light for a couple of minutes The plant’s chief mechanic Basiliio Tigonof reported that during the hour that the object was visible the automatic fuses of the equipment jammed, indicating an overload of energy, which overload interrupted transmission for a number of hours. 
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1969 p75

June 28 1968. Night.
Three men, Eduardo Sanchez Aguilar, Pablo Pastor Ortega and Damian Vega were driving down National Highway 5 when they saw a circular flattened object that emitted an intensely bright orange light. At one point the object seemed to approach dangerously close to them so they turned off their lights. As ther object passed by, their car was shaken by an extremely powerful vibration and gears went into reverse, the car moving backwards. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 14,5 p26 + Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 18 p15 case 119 both citing La Cronica 4 July 1968.

June 29 1968. 2350hrs.
Farmer Martin Keulen stopped outside for a breath of air when, looking towards the south, he saw an egg shaped object, lit at both ends, passing in a horizontal attitude over trees 15m away. The lights at either end were white and appeared to be shining through frosted glass. These ends were flat. The centre of the thing was dark and blocked out the stars. The object, which reminded Martin of a large car, was observed for 10-15 seconds at an estimated speed of 250-300kph. Martin was shocked by the incident and his wife remarked on how pale he was when he went back inside. 
  • Canadian UFO Report 1, 2 p8

June 30 1968. 0230hrs.
Jose Paulino Nunez, and employee of the YPF distillery, was working on a fuel oil tank in a deserted area of the beach used by the analysts when he saw two beings down on the ground. At first he thought they were guards but then realised that they were shorter than normal men, were wearing one piece diving suits and had extra large heads. They had a sort of circular screen 30 cm diameter on which was a kind of colour TV picture of people moving about and talking, as if taken by a hidden camera. The beings spoke in a sort of metallic voice, as if from a radio receiver, telling Nunez there would soon be more people like those on the screen, saying that they would return to tell him more, and warning him to speak of the matter only to responsible people. The beings then walked away into the night. Nunez somehow got himself back to the laboratory , where, on being asked by his colleague why he looked so pale, broke down. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Uriondo 1972 p23 citing Los Andes 2 September 1968
  • Steiger and Whirtenour 1969 p77 citing Enrique Serdoch.

Summer 1968. Early hours.
An 8 year old girl staying with a 10 year old friend and her family in a cabin by the lake, woke up floating out of the cottage window. When she turned her head to the right she saw a white creature with large black eyes. She passed out, waking with a very painful ear and head ache. She had a sort of mental conversation which went on for some time. Other odd incidents happened around these visits to the cabin. 
  • Letter from witness to Cambridge UFO Research Group Newsletter 41 

Summer 1968. 0215hrs.
A group of musicians including Helen X were driving from Lompoc to Los Angeles when, about 34 minutes into the journey, a white light approached them from over the hills. It manoeuvred erratically and approached closely, coming within 30-60m covering six lanes of the highway. It emitted a beautiful white glow and four tubes of light came from it and surrounded the witnesses. They felt themselves leave their bodies and passed out. Under hypnotic regression Helen recalled an encounter with a man dressed in white on board the object, who showed her an amazing motor which she later tried to duplicate. 
  • Vallee 1975 p59 citing his own investigation.

Summer 1968. Evening.
5km north of Edmonton John Pearse was called into the kitchen by his wife and saw a large saucer shaped object hovering over the highway. It appeared top have two sets of lights rotating under it. After hovering for several minutes the thing started to move and then left at high speed. 
  • Canadian UFO Report 2,2 p14

Summer 1968. Evening.
A woman, who had seen a disk shaped object manoeuvring in the sky as she drove from Burford to Stratford followed by “bolts of insight” into the “nature of the universe” went to the open French windows to get some air. In the area illuminated by the light from the room, she saw a thin humanoid figure about 1.2m tall, with goat like feet, soft downy dark fur, upwards slanting gray green pupilless eyes, pointed ears, long muzzle, extremely thin hands and fingers and giving an impression of malevolence as it crouched down. The woman went and sat down, then returned to the scene to see that the creature had moved further into the shadows. She kept away from the window and left the next day. 
  • Vallee 1975 p136 citing a letter from the witness

Summer 1968. 2330hrs.
12 year old Jill and her mother were walking the dog when they became aware of two lights coming towards them. These resolved into a metallic oval object hovering less than 15m above them. At first it was static and seemed to be composed of a multitude of shades of purple and pink. It then started spinning and the two felt that “everything was in slow motion”. It then moved off towards the town centre before taking off into the sky at high speed. Though the event only seemed to have lasted a few minutes, Jill’s father was concerned that they had been out for an unusually long time. 
  • Gloria Dixon in Strange Days 14 p15

July 1968. 
15 year old Zdena encountered a strange tall, slim being with blond hair and blue eyes, no ears and only four digits. It was dressed in “old fashioned” clothes and pointed to a pink sphere. The next day as she was on the bus home, the vehicle stopped as the passengers saw something in the sky. When Zdena told people not to worry as it was only a Martian flying machine, she was jeered at and thrown off the bus. 
  • Bronislaw Rzepecki in UFO Times p 19

July 1968.
At an unspecified location a woman was feeding her dogs when she found herself outside observing the descent of a 10m diameter disc. Three beings forced her on board the craft, where the space was divided into wedge shaped spaces. She was taken through several of these until she was taken to an examination room. They told her they were going to do brain surgery, calmed her with a wave of the hand and opened her skull, which they closed again without leaving a trace. She claimed later abduction experiences and believed that “they” had put a tracking device in her head. 
  • Swords 2005 p97 citing John Timmerman

July 1968. 0100hrs.
Walter Rizzi was driving through the Groder pass en route to Campitello, and having just negotiated the pass, stopped for a doze before continuing. He found himself suddenly awakened by a smell of burning and got out to investigate. He then caught sight of a light 500m downhill, through the mist. When the mist parted he saw that the light was on an enormous silver object 80m diameter, which stood on three 2m long legs, 2m thick at the bottom. The object itself was about 8-10m high and gave off a “fleecy” white light and intense burning smell. Rizzi approached within 3m of the object, whereupon he suddenly felt weighted down by an enormous weight, paralysed and unable to breath. The object was surrounded by a transparent cupola through which two being were looking down on him. On the right hand side of the machine was a robot 2.5m tall with three legs and four arms, holding the outside of the craft and rotating it. From the centre of the craft came a beam of alternating violent and orange light 2m diameter. Down this came a being 1.6m tall, dressed in a one piece suit and transparent helmet, who came within 1m of Rizzi and greeted him. The being looked completely human with “beautiful eyes”. Rizzi asked the being where he had come from and in reply received a mental message about the beings’ “utopian” world. This being had short, fur like, hair, cat like slanted eyes set far apart and a smooth olive green skin, slim waist and broad shoulders. The being made several “scientific” and “philosophical” observations before pushing Rizzi away and ascending back into the machine, which took off with a sound like a circular saw, the light in the cupola turning first violent, then orange, then white and the three legs retracing as it did so. Rizzi later suffered lethargy and hair loss for about two months. Grass at the site grew three times as long as it did in the surrounding area. 
  • Walter Rizzi in FSR 26,3 p22
  • Buhler et al 1985 p142

July 1968.
A man driving on Blacketts Lake Road saw a disc shaped object descending below the trees near the Lake. Going to investigate through a woodland trail, he got within 25m of the object which was hovering about 2m above the ground in a clearing next to the lake. There was a RCMP investigation. 
  • Good 1996 p195 citing John Pushie in Journal UFO 2,4 p13)

July 1968.
Freddie Anderson and some friends were visiting El Yunque Mountain when they saw a thin, 1.8m tall green being in the river beside Rte191, less than 4m away. The being was naked with a conical head, large circular protruding eyes, only holes for a nose, and only four fingers, which with sucker like appendages. The party found that it was suddenly night time. 
  • Good 1998 p391 citing Jorge Martin in Evidencia OVNI 8 p42

July 1968.
Thirteen schoolboys watched a silent object, which appeared to be twice the size of a house flying over their school yard. It was a round, flat thing with a central hole, like a lifebelt. It approached, suddenly changed course and streaked upwards at a 90 degree angle. At the same time two other boys saw the same object 600m away and were afraid that it was going to land nearby. 
  • UFOlog 53 p4 citing an unspecified issue of UFOIC Newsletter)

July 1968.
A couple were out driving when they encountered a luminous sphere, which hovered over their car, emitting a blinding, fluorescent, blue light, surrounded by a multi0coloured aura. The thing was the size of a bus and when the couple approached it disappeared, but when they looked back it had returned to shine with fluorescent flashes. 
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1969 p77

July 1968. (or following month) 0230hrs.
A housewife, Mrs Harold B Eggers, was alerted by her pet dog barking and pawing at the back door. As she let the dog in she noticed a sound like a swarm of bees and, looking up, saw an object like a “Chinese hat” at 15m altitude, about 27m away. It was about 4.5m wide, 2m high and was illuminated by a red-orange light. It moved closer, the penetrating sound causing the dog to hide under the bed. Mrs Eggers closed the door. The house lights dimmed and through the window and that the object had a transparent dome, around the bottom of which were 12 windows. Through one of these she could see a humanoid figure about 1m tall, wearing a sort of silver helmet. The object then moved across the street and hovered over a wooded area for almost 25 minutes before it left. The next morning the witness found her three electricity mains run clocks in the house were running about an hour behind her battery clock. She later suffered from sleeplessness, dimming of vision and headaches. A power failure was noted in the neighbourhood that night. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 77 p3 and Flying Saucers 80 p11 and Fawcett 1975 p40
  • S Smith 1977 p76 citing Psychic Observer and Chimes July/September 1974

July 1968. Morning.
Prospector Harold Lancaster was camped on a Mesa when he saw a figure walking towards him in the desert. He first thought that it was another prospector, but when he looked at it through binoculars he saw that it was a tall hairy humanoid. Harold fired his pistol as a warning and the thing jumped about 1m into the air and then ran off. 
  • Keel 1979a p102 citing Saga July 1969)

July 1968. Evening.
Harold “Butch” Hunt, a musician and barber was driving across the Red Mills Bridge, with two friends, when a metallic looking object about 30m diameter, with a row of lights around its edge hovered over their car and seconds later projected three beams of intense light down on them. They sped away, the object following them for a few kilometres. Some weeks later Hunt saw a cigar shaped object at altitude. 
  • Dennett 2008 p42 citing Crystal 1991 p20

July 1968. Night.
Farmer Mr Zuccre and his wife, of the Fazenda Paula Souza, saw an object fly over their car, descend a curve in front of them and land to one side of the road. As the thing passed the front of his car the car engine failed. Zuccre aimed his headlights at the object, which took off at speed and vanished 
  • Nigel Rimes in FSR 14, 6 p24

July 1968. Night.
A lawyer was driving along the road to Bauru when he saw a strange object on the ground by the side of the road. This was confirmed by another driver who followed along a few minutes later. 
  • Nigel Rimes in FSR 14, 6 p24

July 1968. 2300hrs.
Miguel Granacho Pinedo (35) was on the bank of the Obra River on this very clear night when he saw something rise from the ground with a luminous trail. It was just a blue-green light that rose vertically, took a horizontal trajectory and then flew away. This was seen from a distance of 150m for 8 seconds.
  • Ballester 1976 p14 case 60 citing investigation by CEI

July 1 1968. (approx. date) 
Three children (aged 12, 11 and 10) saw two beings emerge from an egg shaped craft. The beings wore luminous clothing and were holding hands “like two newly married people”. After walking around the machine for some time the beings re-entered and the craft took off at a terrific speed. 

  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 14,5 p25 citing Correio do Povo 3 July 1968. citing a Agence France Presse report from Cordoba dated 2 July 1968.

July 1 1968. (or previous day) 0400hrs. 
Raul Salcedo (17) was returning home from a dance in Ricardone when, just before reaching his home 5 km away, on the corner of the Callo Hipolito Yrigoyen and the Calle San Juan, he met two strange being almost 3m tall. They seemed to draw Raul towards them and he felt immobilised from a sort of influence irradiating from them. Finally he managed to break away and run for home. He met his father and some friends just before the house, but he was so terrified he ran right past them. 

  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 14,5 p26 citing La Razon 4 July 1968.
  • Pereira 1974 case 202 citing La Razon op cit + Cronica 1 July 1968. + investigation by ENDOVNI and BFA 

July 1 1968. 1230hrs.
While playing at the gate of the Clinicas Hospital, three boys Fernando (12), the son of the local police commander, Waltinho (11) son of the hospital group administrator, and Valentino (8) suddenly perceived an object that stood 350m to their west. This object was the size of a house, about 8m diameter. It was shaped like a ring stood on a tripod and surmounted by a cupola (total height 8m), and had a ladder reaching down to the ground. The thing was grey but shining with an inner light. Fernando heard a strange high pitched ringing sound and as the boys watched the cupola seemed to open in the middle the two halves sliding apart to reveal a brilliant white light. Almost immediately the tripod and legs retracted and the thing took off, the sides of the cupola sliding together as it did so. This cupola now gave off a white glow, while the underside gave off a red glow. The object rose up a few metres and then took off over the boys heads. While Fernando stood transfixed, Waltinho ran home to his mother, who looked out of her window, to see the object, enveloped in white smoke, moving away. Several members of the hospital staff also saw the thing. It was later discovered that about 40 minutes before the boys saw this object a retired schoolteacher, Mrs Mair de Melo Rodrigues had seen a circular objet flying low over the area. The boys seemed disorientated and nervous after their experience. A student Antonio Alegre examined the site and found three pod marks. These marks, when examined by investigators were seen to be 30cm diameter, 5cm deep in two occasions and 28cm wide and 4cm deep in the third, forming a triangle with sides 6.8, 7 and 5.45m. A mark 15cm long, 4cm deep, which the investigator assumed to be the mark of the ladder, was also noted. A scent of gunpowder was detected in the area for two days after the events. 

  • Nigel Rimes in FSR 14,6 p21 citing investigation by himself and colleagues
  • FSR Case Histories 2 p11 citing Corrieo de Botucatu 7 July 1968. + SBEDV Bulletin 62-5 p52 and 66-8 p81

July 2 1968. 0815hts.
A boy called Sola was near the Sporting Club in Salta when he noticed a bright object over “The Peak of 20th February” in the Cofico district of the town. At the same time he saw, only a few metres from him, a strange being 2m tall, suspended in the air and emitting a strange luminosity. This being then began to spin like a top on the spot, then he rose into the air and disappeared over “The Peak of 20th February” 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 14,5, p26 citing La Cronica of 4 July 1968.)

July 2 1968. 1125hrs.
Oscar M Iriart (15) was riding his horse on his father’s 22 hectare farm near Sierra Chica when, by a wire fence, he saw two individuals gesturing him to approach. Riding over to them, he saw they were about his own height (1.7m) with short white hair and red shirts. They gazed at him with deep set unblinking eyes. Oscar than realised that their legs were transparent, as he could see the grass through them. The strangers told him they would take him to the world, but not now as they had a heavy load. They then showed him, standing in a muddy drainage ditch, an elliptical machine on three landing legs, one behind the other two. The machine was 2m long, 60 cm high, the legs were 50 cm high. The conversation seemed to be taking place in Spanish as Oscar understood it perfectly. One of the beings gave an envelope on which a message was scribbled and told him to dip it into a muddy puddle. He did this and found that his hands and the message remained perfectly dry. Scribbled in bad handwriting and misspelt Spanish was the message “You are going to know the world. F Saucer”. The beings then climbed on to the top of the machine, lifted the top and got in. 

As soon as the top was closed again the machine took off with great speed accompanied by flashes of light. Almost instantaneously it became a tiny dot in the sky and was gone. Feeling that he just awoken from a dream, Oscar ran over to his horse, only to find that it and his dog were both paralysed. As soon as they could move he rode at breakneck speed for the house 800m away. There he struck everyone with his distracted condition and bulging eyes. He returned to the spot with neighbours. There they found three holes 12 cm deep, forming a perfect isolesces triangle, base 2 cm, sides 1.58cm. That night at 2315 the local police officer Sgt Raul Coronel and four friends (butcher Carlos Marinangelli, his brother Jose Luis (a prison administrative officer, mechanic Hugo Rodriguez and Walter Vacarro) went to the site to investigate, with the intention of proving the story was a hoax. They had just arrived when Carlos saw a light zigzagging towards them across the meadow, only a few metres above the ground. It came towards them so low that they were forced to duck and Raul would have shot it with his revolver had not Carlos restrained him. The object carried on its zigzag course, gathered speed, climbed straight up and vanished. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 14,5 p26 citing La Razon 4 July 1968.
  • Oscar Gallindez in Australian UFO Review 10 p42.

July 2 1968. 2115hrs.
A woman saw a green coloured fiery globe, the shape of a hat or mushroom with a point of fire in the rear which passed at the height of her window frame. She thought she saw twenty small green coloured men with pointed noses in it. Other residents saw the globe but not the beings, and it would appear that in fact it was a fireball seen over much of North Eastern North America that night. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 54 p12

July 2 1968. 2330hrs.
Mrs Alejandra Martinez de Pascucci was walking home when, at the corner of Calle Alvear and Calle Saavedra where there was a large open space which always made her nervous, she felt an invisible force pressing down on and seeming to absorb her. She was unable to shout out despite her terror and without losing consciousness found herself in an enclosed space. With her were two men dressed in luminous metallic clothing, shoes, and helmets which left the face uncovered. One was over 2m tall, the other somewhat shorter, and they conversed in an unintelligible language. This enclosed space was unbearably hot like an oven and she could see that it was round, large enough to hold four or five people and had small red and green windows. The shorter man pressed a button and the machine began to move. She then descended from it in the same way she had entered and found she had landed opposite a cemetery. A taxi driver took her home free of charge. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 14,5 p28 citing La Cronica 4 July 1968.

July 4 1968. 0030hrs.
Craig DeMass 919) was driving his girlfriend Linda Collier (17) home through a rural area about 1.2km west of Norman Beatty Hospital, his window open due to the hot night, when they saw a blue-white light to their left as they were travelling east. It was as brilliant as welding arc making it difficult to look at. Underneath this light they could make out a vague shape, which they thought was a barn. Thinking it was somewhat unusual for anyone to be welding at that hour; they pulled off the road for a closer look. As they did so the arc like light went out and in its place came a much softer orange-red glow, which rose vertically for a couple of hundred metres and then levelled off to the North North East, disappearing rapidly. . They phoned UFO investigator Orville Hartle within the hour and then rechecked the site in daylight. There was no barn in the area. No traces were found though there may have been an abnormal radiation reading. 
  • Orville Hartle in Flying Saucers 78 p50 citing his own investigation

July 4 1968. 0045hrs.
Professional photographer Ibrahim Rodrigues da Fonseca (33) was working late on this hot night with his window open when he noticed a light in the sky, standing out among the stars and growing larger. Grabbing his camera, he ran towards the light, joined by a drunk who insisted on following him. They arrived at a plateau some 1.5km away, where they saw, just above the plateau and themselves, about 14-20m away an object 7-8m diameter. The drunk took to his heels but Ibrahim was able to see that the object consisted of two discoid sections, an upper rotating one and a lower one itself divided into sections by a dark horizontal band. Ibrahim detected a low hum but felt neither heat nor odour. Despite his fear he took two pictures in quick succession. Soon afterwards the object rose into the air, a halo forming around it, followed by a “visual explosion”. The thing then took off a speed somewhat greater than a bird in flight. A young woman Lucia Lirie had seen a bright starlike object over the town that night. The negatives went missing presumably taken by a Ufologist who visited him a few days later but prints were produced. 
  • FSR 16,2 p20 citing Walter Buhler in SBEDV Bulletin 66/8
  • Evaluation: The photograph reproduced in FSR looks most unconvincing. Probable hoax

July 4 1968. Evening.
Roberto Omar Kagel was driving between El Tigre and San Fernando by the banks of the River Lujan when he saw a bright light at 200m altitude. It then descended and landed on the river bank. Roberto stopped and got out of his car. He took a number of photographs but when he tried to approach the thing closer he became paralysed. He saw a moving figure within the objkect and felt he had recived a telepathic message. The object then took off at terrtific speed and was soon out of sight. When he recovered his legs Roberto went to the site and found two strange stones. He suffered from a ringing in his ears for several days afterwards. 
  • Think About it website + Rosalesciting CATENT
  • Pereira 1974 citing BFA + La Voz del Interior 7 July 1968, dates this the 6th and locates it at Salta

July 5 1968. 0030hrs.
As Mr Langley went into his bedroom to go to bed his attention was caught by a reflected light. Looking through the window he saw a bright orange luminous sphere, about 1.5m diameter moving at walking pace above the roofs of the nearby cottages. The bright orange seemed more on the outer edges, while the centre was more opaque. It stopped and descended towards an old barn in the grounds. Langley called the police, but they just assumed that he was drunk, so he went out to investigate. Around the centre of the object was a dark band, and Langley heard a faint humming sound. The thing then moved across a nearby field, heading towards the Hog’s Back, darkening as it did so and then becoming more elongated and brighter as it flew above a car on the A31. Mrs Langley then noticed five star like lights on the ground in a nearby field. Langley again investigated and found they were on some sort of grey “vehicle”, so he retreated to the house. There he and his wife watched the lights until they went out. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p49 citing Omar Fowler UFOs : Guardians of the Planet Earth

July 5 1968. 1920hrs.
Former sectary for agriculture and livestock for Santiago del Estere province, agronomist Cesar Ercilla and his companion, landowner Armando Mussi were driving by jeep from Las Cejas to El Palomar when they observed a cone shaped object 20m wide and 10m from the ground, emitting flashes of purple and reddish light. The object had descended in a dive at a distance of 2km from them and was stationary over the top of the trees. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 16 p11 case 126 citing La Razon 8 July 1968.: : Parasite 2 p24 citing El Argentino 9 July 1968.

July 7 1968. Night.
While driving from Difunta Correa to San Juan, industrialist Francisco Zamora (40), his wife Maria Frias, his sister Trinidad Zamora, his brother in law Carlos Munoz and two children saw, just after passing over the Cuesta de las Vacas slope, a sort of train like thing that passed over the road in front of them. They stopped the car until it had passed. When they drove to the place they were astonished to fins there was no railway line there at all and then membered that the railway was several kilometres away. They also noted that the 30m long, carriage like object, with what looked like windows, appeared to have been travelling along in the air about 1m above the ground. They had seen it clearly in their headlights. 
  • Oscar Gallindez in FSR 19, 3 p11 citing Boletin de AIDOVNI 15 p46
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 18 p15 case 127 cites same sources

July 8 1968. 
At an undisclosed location Fiorella the daughter of film actress Eleanora Rossi-Drago was returning from a party in the country which she had been attending with her mother when she became separated from her mother on the way back She and her party saw a huge, round, luminous, pale green object, which emitted red flashes that momentarily blinded and stunned the driver of the car before it disappeared over the treetops. 
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1969 p76

July 8 1968. 2030hrs.
Farmer Peter Harris was moving some straying sheep when he saw a bright orange light moving in a southerly direction at about the height of the fence posts. Peter observed this very bright silent object for about 20 minutes. 
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1969 p94

July 9 1968.
Miss E Boquin (15) and her 10 year old sister, the daughters of a jockey living near La Plata, encountered a man 2m tall with long red hair, blue eyes, wearing a one piece overall with a helmet which had a green transparent visor which emitted flashes of purple, orange, red and blue light. The being appeared beside their house and spoke to them in a language they could not understand. Marks of four large fingers were found on the door beside which he appeared. 
  • FSR 16,1 p30 citing LDLN 97 citing L’Independent 20 July 1968
  • Pereira 1974 case ii 75 citing Revue Gente 25 July 1968.

July 11 1968. 0015hrs.
Raul L Benitez and his son Ricardo were driving down Maritime Boulevard when, on reaching Duro Avenue, Ricardo drew his father’s attention to a luminous object approaching at high speed in the sky. They stopped but lost sight of the object. On driving back to Belgrano Street they saw the thing again, stationary and giving off a powerful light. It was joined by a second object, which came rapidly from the south. After a few minutes both objects left towards the north. The witness’s followed, observed further manoeuvres before the lights moved off towards the coast. Here the duo could see that the lights were discs with the apparent diameter of the full moon, rotating on their axes, emitting red and blue-violet flashes, while their velocity was sometimes greater than that of a jet. One of the objects descended into the sea, while the other hovered at low altitude and suddenly went out. 
  • Joseph Brill in MUFON UFO Journal 130 p5

July 11 1968. 2330hrs.
Farm worker Eugene Beauge (2) was working his tractor late in the field when to his right, he saw a stationary sphere giving off a dull-red orange light, duller than a signal lamp. It was the apparent diameter of the moon, resembled the sun setting through fog and was about 40m away. Unnerved by the sight and the late hour Eugene drove his tractor through the winding lane to Houssais (sic) where his car was parked. As he did so the ball paced him and leapt forwards to the front and left of the tractor. This kept happening during the next 200-300m. When Eugene reached the village the sphere hovered over pylons on the left hand side of the road. When he reached his car however, he found the sphere waiting for him, and after rejecting the idea of waking up the villagers proceeded on to Le Meix the sphere now to his right. To add to his troubles one of his tyres burst, forcing him to stop. Getting out, he saw the sphere over the hedges and ran back to Houssais in panic, pursued by the ball. There he got back on his tractor. The sphere continued to pace him ahead and to the right, through Vault(sic), where he saw a dark band on it for a short time, right through to Le Meix, where he awoke his employer’s cousin, lorry driver Albert Pentecouteau at 0200. Albert went out and saw the sphere hovering above an outhouse and then went back to bed. Eugene followed 10 minutes later and slept well. 
  • Phénomènes Spatiaux 18
  • Evaluation: Neither L’Erdee nor Houssais can be found on Google. I am assuming Le Meix is the village in Cote d’Or. The obvious explanation would be that this sphere is in fact the moon seen through a deep haze.

July 15 1968.
S Marron observed a humanoid. No further details.
  • Pereira 1974 case ii 76 citing La Capital 13 August 1968.

Mid July 1968. Sunset
Jennings Frederick was returning home from a day’s fruitless hunting when he heard a sort of jabbering sound, which seemed to be saying that its owner was peaceful and needed medical assistance. Suddenly a being; with a slender green body “like the stalk of a plant”, long ears, yellow slanted eyes, semi-human facial features, thin arms and hands terminating in three 17.5m long fingers which had needle like points and suction caps, materialised. Frederick felt the creature grab his hand and draw blood. During this transfusion the creature’s eyes turned from yellow to red and seemed to rotate as spinning orange circles, which seemed to hypnotise Frederick and dim the pain. After a minute the operation seemed complete and the creature ran away in 8 bounds. The pain now returned to his arm and as he walked home he heard a buzzing sound. 
  • Steiger 1978 citing Jennings Frederick in Gray Barker’s Newsletter May 1976
  • Gray Barker in Gray Barker’s Newsletter March 1976 p12)

July 16 1968. 0015hrs.
An officer and four sub-officers of the National Gendarmerie observed a flatting oval object, some 2m in diameter, flying slowly close to the ground and emitting a pale blue light. During the five minutes the object was in sight their jeep engine suffered a loss of power. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 18 p16 case132 citing La Razon 18 July 1968
  • Richard Heiden citing Banchs 1973 p33 citing La Nacion 18 July 1968.

July 16 1968. 2300hrs.
Two Englishmen; Peter McNeall, who had a BSc in physics, and student Danny Bently, were driving from Boston to Dallas, delivering for a drive way company. They were preparing to sleep in the car, in a large empty field off the St Louis route, in the eastern suburbs of Indianapolis. They drove into the field, lights out, so as not to be seen by the police, just flashing every 15 seconds to avoid pitfalls. As they turned the car around and prepared to settle for the night they saw alight meandering around the field, moving irregularly, going on and off, coming within 20m and going out to the edge of the field, 90m away. They observed this for about 5 minutes. Sometime later they observed a brilliant crimson red light, above and slightly beyond the trees, which were anything from 300-800m away at 100-300m altitude. It was just a penetrating light, shooting out in all directions and reforming, with no structure behind it. This was seen for 15 minutes before it moved away behind the trees. 
  • Peter McNeal in MUFON UFO Journal 114 p13

July 17 1968. 2300hrs.
Civil servant Pedro Dema Jnr, a resident of Rio de Janeiro was driving on the Sao Paulo Highway near the Educandario Dom Bosco seminary when he heard a humming noise above his head. This became very intense and he was suddenly blinded by a powerful beam of light and two green lamps which appeared beside him. The lights vanished and he saw an object in which there appeared a horizontal opening from which four greenish beings not much more than 50 cm tall, with contraptions like headphones on their heads, emerged and ran towards him. He tried to escape but felt dizzy, paralysed and speechless. He heard the little creatures speaking to him as if in Portuguese, though no mouths were visible in their faces. They seized him by the arms and dragged him into the machine, the interior of which resembled a complicated laboratory. Here the creatures subjected Pedo to searching questions about human physiology, habits and customs. They then made him undress and subjected him to a detailed medical examination which include the introduction of a fine wire into his mouth, which made his body transparent like an X ray. While two of the beings were conducting the examination two others were taking down notes in a strange script on a material resembling aluminium. Suddenly lights flashed and signals seemed to travel across the wall, whereupon the creatures bundled him out, telling him that the experience would remain in his mind like a dream. Terrified he stood by the roadside as the craft took off leaving a brilliantly luminous trail.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 15,5 p32 citing J Victor Soares in GIPOVNI Bulletin 4 citing Gazeta de Noticias 21 July 1968.

July 18 1968. 0730hrs.
Four women teachers; Amelia and Arasqueta, Mary Granada de Bargilia and Silvia Grozona, were driving to Lavalle when they saw a strange reddish-orange oval moving along at a height of a very few metres from the ground. The thing was about 20m diameter and was travelling very slowly, making no sound. Before it vanished the party became aware of a smell like that of damp paper, which became stronger until they found it difficult to breath and one of the women became sleepy. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 18 p16 case 133 citing Espacio 3 p4
  • Evaluation: Moon through haze of pollutant?

July 20 1968. 0030hrs.
LAKE KAARNA (ESTONIA then part of the USSR)
Three 14 year old girls at the “Veski” summer camp were sitting at the table when they saw a bright “star” moving at speed in the sky, which joined with a cigar shaped object which appeared in the sky. Because of the hour they decided to go to bed despite a “strange threatening fear”. As they got ready for bed the room became filled with a light, which streamed through the window. It seemed to come from an object the size of a bus 50m away, which was surrounded by red, orange and yellowish searchlights. These lights went out and it began to radiate a green-blue light. The girls could also see a blue-green stripe around the object, which was discoid and seemed to diminish in size. After about 5 minutes there was a gentle buzz and the object disappeared behind the bushes. One of the girls felt an urgent need to go out, and when she reached the corner of the house she encountered a small human like creature, which looked like a woman, standing in the place where the object had been. This woman appeared to be 1.4-1.5m tall, with a silver ribbon across her breast. She then suddenly vanished into thin air and the girl returned to her room. Next morning the girls went to the site where they found a burnt patch, as if lime had eaten into the grass, about 2m in diameter, around which were four oblong imprints. Other traces were found.
  • Juri Lina in FSR 24,1 p3 citing his own investigation

July 20 1968. 1300hrs.
Anders Stenlund, in his front yard, saw an object 7m diameter, surrounded by blue smoke, coming from the west towards him at 30m altitude. It resembled tow saucepan lids, rim to rim and was a blue-black colour. Anders threw himself to the ground to avoid the object, which gave off a slight noise, a burning odour and a heat that scorched his hair. The object then swung towards the east. 

Late July 1968.
A group of children on a farm saw a cloud come down from the sky and from it come a female figure they identified as the Virgin Mary. It spoke to them about peace and brotherhood. 
  • Bord 1989 p257 citing Gene Duplantier in Saucer News 16,4 p34

July 21 1968. 2305hrs.
After a séance, in which the coming of spectres was forecast, held at Copped Hall, one of the three last people in the hall claimed to see something like a vending machine with two magnifying glasses for eyes. It was 90cm tall, 60cm wide and was floating about 15cm above the ground. The misty grey object seemed less dense in the centre than at the edges and moved in jerks. The trio fled in panic, and as they did so they saw a group of white lights floating across fields towards the hall. 
  • Jimmy Goddard in Awareness 2,1 p24 citing Richard Barton and DAPRO.
  • Evaluation: Probably a hoax on one section of the group by another

July 22 1968. Dusk.
Six girls ranging in age from 4 to 13 were walking in the fields when they saw a woman dressed in a long white dress, a white veil and blue mantle up in the sky, The two older girls had some sort of conversation with the figure, which they identified as the Virgin Mary, and she promised to appear again, which promise was not kept. 
  • Colombo 1988 p111 citing Sheila Hervey Canadian Ghosts 1973
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 p340 case 121 citing Keel 1971a + (letter from John B Musgrave citing Montreal UFO Newsletter 3 p18 + Saucer News 74 p34)
  • Evaluation: Cloud + paradolia ?

July 22 1968. 1935hrs
A strange object landed. No further details.
  • Pablo Petrowtsch

July 23 1968. 0100hrs.
Mr Olivereira, the night-watchman at the Sao Paulo Central Electricity Plant had just signed into work when he noticed a light shining above the building and went to investigate. In the distance he saw a man whose head was covered so that only his face was visible. Fearing an intruder Olivereira ran towards the stranger and hit out at him with an iron bar. The stranger dodged the attack and wrestled Olivereira to the ground. The mysterious intruder was then joined by two companions who managed to overcome him. One of the men, dressed in yellow clothing, prodded him in the back, uttering unintelligible words. When Olivereira yelled out to his mates for help, the three men ran into grey unlit vehicle, the size of a Volkswagen station wagon, which flew off into the air over the electricity complex. The first man, who had been on the outstation roof when first noticed, wore yellow overalls, the others wore dark trousers and polo necked shirts, one had his face covered. The authorities at first thought terrorists were responsible, but later discarded this idea. 
  • Lorenzen 1976 p 158
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 3 p11 citing SBDEV Bulletin 66/8 p76 citing Noticias Populares 3 October 1968. + O Dia 30 October 1968.

July 23 1968. 0120hrs.
Mrs Adela Casavieri de Panasiti (46) a night nurse at the Mendoza Neuropsychiatric Hospital was struck by the unusual quietness of her usually restless patients and by the fact that she could not even the sound of the cats which were always around the place. She then began to hear an intense ear-splitting hum. She thought the heat was getting to her and went onto the patio for some fresh air. The humming was louder, and suddenly she saw, in the middle of the patio, a sort of top shaped object sitting on top of a pedestal, like an inverted pyramid, with two antennae, giving off a searing red light and heat. She covered her face with her hands to protect her eyes and felt paralysed from the waist down. Curiosity overcoming her, she moved her right hand from her face, which was instantly scorched,. The object then extinguished its lights and she was able to see openings through which beings were observing her. An instant later the hum increased and the object rose up through the branches of a pepper tree, flashing red and blue lights. The paralysis then ended and she was able to call for help. The police found an area on the patio 80 cm diameter where the mosaics were burnt, and which evaporated water which was thrown on it for some hours. Adela’s hands and the right side of her face suffered burns which lasted for two months. 

  • FSR 14,6 p32 citing Gente y la Actualidad 5 September 1968
  • Father Benito Reyna in Canadian UFO Report 1,7 p15
  • Lorenzen 1969 p291

July 25 1968. 0200hrs.
Juan Sivori, his wife and one of their daughters observed, 35m away, over Highway 226 an object shaped like a spinning top, the size of a motor truck and silvery coloured. The car engine stopped. This object remained hanging 10m from the ground for about 5 minutes and then rose into te air and vanished, whereupon the car engine started up again. 

  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 16 p11 case 136 citing La Razon 27 July 1968.

July 26 1968. 0140hrs.
Science teacher Jerry Richmond having driven a girl home to Bridgnorth was driving home on the Bridgnorth-Wolverhampton Road at about 65kph when he saw an elliptical object, about 30m long, 10m wide, rise from a clump of trees 30m away. It had a dull flat steady glow, rose up to 150m and then descended again before it shot across the road and started to zigzag towards him from a point about 1km straight ahead. Jerry checked to make sure it wasn’t a reflection and then drove on to avoid it. After about 8km the thing disappeared over a hill as another car approached, only to reappear again on his left when the other car went out of sight. The object went over his car, zigzagging again, a sort of tall being visible in it as it did so. The thing then hovered over a clump of trees 100m away before shooting off into the distance. The observation lasted 10-15 minutes over a distance of 13km. 
  • Charles Bowen in FSR 15,4 p24 citing Bridgnorth Journal 2 August 1968
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p54 citing above + UFOSIS + Isle of Wight UFO Society + their own interview

July 26 1968. 0205hrs.
A large part of the district by the Tapalque Stream was illuminated by a bright light, accompanied by an ever increasing buzzing sound. A police corporal on his way to change guards observed this phenomenon, went to the station and returned with four companions to investigate. They drove to the site in a jeep and observed a flat oval object, with short legs around the edges, a few metres above the ground, manoeuvring and emitting multi coloured flashes. It then turned vertically at dizzying speed and landed beside some bushes behind the emergency military runway. The light dimmed and the sound quietened to a hum. Beside the disc they could see three beings over 2m tall, clad in silvery uniforms. These beings walked towards the witnesses with slow, unsteady steps. Unnerved, the corporal fired at them with his submachine gun but missed. At this, the beings lifted their hands simultaneously, each displaying a small luminous ball. The witnesses then became filled with a feeling of indifference and fatigue and were incapable of using their guns. Finally the three occupants returned to their craft, which zigzagged away at high speed. Only then did the witnesses recover their faculties and returned to town to report their adventure. 
  • FSR 14,6 p32 citing La Razon 26 July 1968
  • Richard Heiden citing Danyans 1968. p287 + Cyclone Enigmas p7 both citing El Popular 26 July 1968
  • Pereira 1974 citing La Razon 27 July 1968. + BFA + Courier do Povo 1 August. 1968. + Fall ad Tarde 29 July 1968.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 143 p18 citing El Commercio (Lima) 27 July 1968.

July 26 1968. 1500hrs. 
Two young boys cycling near the airport stopped near a hanger and saw a robot like entity about 90 cm tall some 30m away. When spotted, it ran away with a companion. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p47 case 46 citing Bordelau 1969 p100

July 28 1968. Early morning.
On the highway, 19km east of the city, more than 75 people saw a domed metallic object, about 6m diameter, resting on four legs, the sun reflecting of its aluminium coloured surface. After about 10 minutes the object began to rise with a deep humming sound, its legs retracting under it, and was soon lost to sight. Four deep depressions were found at the site. 
  • UFO Analysis Report 1 p4
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1969 p 102)

July 28 1968. 2100hrs.
Five youngsters; Paul (20), Nicole (14) and Joanne (9) Sauvet and their friends Denis (12) and Regent (15) Leger; were in the Sauvet house while the Sauvet parents were out. Paul and Denis were upstairs when Denis glanced through the window and saw a sort of circle or globe surrounded by a red halo. He called on the others who were in time to see a second, similar, object appear. This second object hovered in the sky, while the first descended into the oat field 300m from the house. Denis told the others that this was a “flying saucer” like one he had seen the previous year, and the youngsters decided to take a look through the ground floor window. Denis then led them out into the yard, flashlight in hand, only the machine in the field being visible. Suddenly, in the beam of the flashlight, he was able to pick out a being no more than 15m from them, whose head and shoulders were visible behind a fence. It was a creature about 1.2m tall with broad shoulders, a dark, somewhat larger than human, head which seemed to be embedded in the shoulders as if there was no neck. It had large round eyes, warty knobbly skin, especially wrinkled under the eyes, flat nose, ears surrounded by fuzzy black hair. The creature came around the fence and lifted its right hand to the top of its head, revealing very large, black, scabby toad skinned fingers, and open and shut its mouth like a baby trying to salute and speak. The creature then back away towards the barn as the terrified youngsters fled. Paul and Denis ran back upstairs, Nicole phoned for her parents, Joanne locked herself in the bathroom. Regent, who was in the downstairs room, saw the creature come up and put its hand on the window, making a sound like a cow. Regent was unable to move or talk. The creature then retreated. Then children stayed upstairs, where, a few moments later, they saw the machine rise slowly and vertically into the air. A circle of crushed grass 5m wide was found at the site, nearby was another mark 18 cm long 10 cm wide. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR citing Phénomènes Spatiaux December 1968, and Saucers Space and Science 53 p7 both citing an article by Jacques Herbert in La Presse (Montreal) 7 October 1968. citing an investigation by Henri Bordeleau
  • Musgrave 1979 p47 (case 47) citing Bordeleau 1969 pp77, 103

July 28 1968. 2355hrs.
A couple and their two children were awakened by the barking of their dog. When the man got up to investigate he saw a sparkling, rotating cloud like object in the yard. It was 3.5m diameter, dark on the bottom, luminous on top. It flew just over him and went into a nearby field, where the cows were being chased by 4-5 small entities less than 1m tall with bottle shaped heads. As the object flew above the beings, they disappeared. The cattle seemed ill at ease for weeks afterwards. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p47 (case 48) citing Bordeleau 1969 p114

July 29 1968. 0130hrs.
Two people saw a snow white glowing object seemingly landing near a deserted grass airport. When they past the area, a sound like a swarm of locusts was heard, emanating from the field. The airfield had closed at sunset. 
  • Fowler 1974 p354

July 29 1968. 0315hrs.
Journalist Nestor Norberto Notario, his wife, her cousin and a businessman were driving out of Atalaya on National Highway 2, at around kilometres 273 or 274 when they saw, about 500m away, an object the size of a railway carriage and the shape of an inverted washbasin. From its underside came a light like that from electrical arc welding. The thing flew slowly, silently and low across the road, at which point the car’s electrical system failed. When the thing landed at a spot some 250m away, their car lights came on of their own accord. The object remained on the ground for 45 minutes and several other motorists stopped to observe it. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 13 p14 case 139 citing La Capital 30 July 1968.

July 30 1968. 0130hrs.
A couple, who had been working late, moving into a new home in the Roberty’s Hill district of Claremont, were about to go to bed when their attention was caught by lights outside their window. They saw nothing through this window, but through another one they saw lights in the field behind their house. They first thought that people were walking about with torches, but then saw that the lights were coming from a circular object moving about 3m above the ground, emitting a wide light beam, which lit up the ground under it over an area of 6m, and made a sound like a transformer. Their poodle, in their bedroom was shaking with fear, and the alsatian in the garage was loudly whining. The object was in view for 2 hours, about 70m from their house. After this time it began its light increased and it rose at a low angle above the treetops, making a loud humming sound. There were no traces. The matter was reported to the police. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 12 p4 + Keyhoe and Lore 1969a p 21 both citing investigation by Mr and Mrs John Meloney
  • Hall 2001 p43
  • Evaluation: Keyhoe and Lore giving the starting time as 0230hrs. The long time frame suggests a possible astronomical explanation, but one would have to know how long the “ascent” took to clarify that

July 30 1968.
Two families in separate cars independently saw two orange objects merge together and produce a sort of “tower” the colour of a mercury vapour lamp. This object then shot off and disappeared in seconds. During the incident both car engines failed. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p42 citing UFO Nachrichten October 1968.

July 30 1968. 1925hrs.
A strange object was observed at ground level. Witness(es) Templeton. No further details. 
  • Data Net IV, 5 p7

July 31 1968. 0900hrs.
Farmer Luce Fontaine (31), the husband of a teacher, and considered a hardworking trustworthy man, was in a clearing in the Acacia forest at kilometre 21, picking grass for his rabbits, when he suddenly saw an oval object in the clearing 25m away. It was apparently suspended 4-5m above the ground, was 4.5m long, 2.5m thick, had dark blue ends, with a lighter centre, which appeared transparent like a car’s windscreen. Above and below it were two glassy metallic pedestals. In the transparent cabin were two individuals with their backs to Luce. The one on the left then turned and faced Luce, revealing himself to be 90 cm tall, dressed in a one piece overall with rings like those in the Michelin tyre men (an advert of the period). The other was similarly dressed and both their faces were partially masked by helmets. The two then turned their backs on Luce, there was a flash like an electric arc, which gave off a wave of heat and blast. At the site there were no traces other than some radioactivity, also found on Luce’s clothing. He may have suffered from radiation sickness though this could not be confirmed. 
  • FSR 15,1, p8 citing LDLN 96 and Aime Michel

July 31 1968. (approx. date) 2100hrs.
Electrician Olympio Secco was fishing in the river Turvo some 27km from town, with councillor Arlindo Massi when his attention was caught by a bright light behind him. After getting some ridicule from Massi, Secco got him to watch the object, which descended and hovered at 40m altitude, spinning on its axis and throwing off sparks. As the thing came closer to the ground it generated a powerful wind that broke the branches off several trees. The object was now seen to be about 5m in diameter and pulsating. Massi tried to drive away on his motorcycle but burnt the clutch out in his haste, at which point both men became paralysed. After 4-5 minutes the object arced away at terrific speed, to be just a spot above the trees 5km away. After another 5minutes it moved off towards the Rio Grande and disappeared. The wind now died down and they were able to push their scooter to the nearby farm. The owner of this estate told them that this phenomenon was well known to his farm workers who connected it with the Brazilian folk tale of “The Mother of Gold”. 
  • FSR 15, 3 p.iii citing Estado do Sao Paulo 31 October 1968.