Mid-Summer 1968. (or following year) 2245hrs.
Felicity Sharvell was returning to her parents’ home from the cinema in Northampton when she saw what she thought was a fire at Hurst End Farm, on a hill outside the village. As she drove along the lane she lost sight of this “fire” but further along she had a peculiar feeling and the hair on the back of her head stood up. Then she saw, through a gateway by the car, a misty pale light with a bright yellow centre. She stopped to observe this thing for a few seconds and then drove on in fear. She drove home and returned to the scene with her father but nothing could be seen. The next day she walked back to the site where she noticed a circle of flattened grass about 6m in diameter. The grass appeared to have been swept down but there was no sign of burning. 
  • Northants UFO Research group Special Report 2 on local sightings citing investigation by David Abbott

August 1968. 0005hrs.
A commercial pilot driving home saw a brilliant light some 75m ahead and 30m altitude. It gave off a blue-white glow and emitted a swishing sound. This light paced the car for 4km as he increased his speed to 160kph then down to 75kph. When he turned a curve in the road the object was lost to view. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p99 +1997 p162 both citing TUFOIC files

August 1968. 0230hrs.
Dr and Mrs Hey independently saw a shadowy figure with a wide brimmed hat at the foot of the bed, wearing a dark cloak or robe. That night Dr Hey’s mother and 6 year old son had been disturbed by the sound of footsteps. 
  • Foreman 1974 p97

August 1968. (approx. date) 0550hrs.
While negotiating Holden Hill on the A38 road and keeping a lookout for the deer which inhabited the area, a male motorist had his attention attracted by a group of figures by the roadside. In the dim light of his spotlight and headlights, they looked like little men about 90 cm tall, with bald heads, snub noses, chocolate dark skin, sharply pointed ears and thick necks. Three of the beings stood together, the fourth some distance apart. As he drew level they turned and walked back into the undergrowth.)
  • Ufolog 53 p3 citing and undated issue of Zenith
  • Evaluation: Probably local deer.

August 1968.
Wilson de Silva was with a number of members of his flying saucer contactee group when, as he had predicted, a luminous disc landed on his property. Wilson approached and encountered a normal sized man, drssed in a blue one-piece suit, with a belt. He received a message saying that “they” were peaceful and to stop atomic tests. Wilson claimed telepathic contact with the occupants. 
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 p341 case 123 citing Eduardo Santa Maria in O Dia (Rio) 26 October - 4 November 1970

August 1968.
A young woman on a camping trip was out walking her dog when she encountered a 2.6m tall hairy biped with long white hair on its head. 
  • Gilroy 1995 p206

August 1968.
A man in the downtown district was approached by a car with two men inside, who asked him by name to go for a ride. He next recalled being in the presence of a disc shaped object out in the countryside. By this object were five men, dressed in dark brown suits, who enquired whether he wanted a ride in the object, which had a female pilot, the witness never saw, and described its propulsion system. He declined the offer and next found himself back in Yonge Street with no idea how he got there. 
  • Bartholomew and Howard p 341 case 124 citing letter from, John B Musgrave citing letter from Vera Kolver in Saucers, Space and Science 59 p15

August 1968.
A 4 year old boy was snatched from his yard by a hairy creature. When the lad’s grandmother screamed the thing let him go. 
  • Newton 2011 p57 citing KXOK radio

August 1968.
Gerald Martin and his family were walking along a ridge east of Hw 93, opposite the Columbia Ice fields when they saw a large black upright creature walking on a distance ridge. It appeared to be too large and walking too fast to be a human. 
  • Steenburg 1993 p113

August 1968. Early evening.
George Allan Brewitt (55) was looking out of his Trent View window on this warm, dry, still evening when an object suddenly appeared between two trees about 1.5km to the north-east. It was a triangle that resembled in inverted ice cream cone, hovering a metre or two above the ground and showing multiple, interlocked colours. It was so bright that George had to look away. After 10 minutes the thing just disappeared. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p 62citing investigation by Dick Thompson) 
  • Evaluation: Meteorological

August 1968. Evening.
While on holiday with his parents and sister Henry Phelps was walking back to their holiday cottage from the main lodge along the lakeshore when the area was illuminated by a brilliant white light. Across the lake Henry saw three or four brilliantly illuminated spheres rising from the opposite shore. Though his parents had not seen anything, his sister had seen the lights. 
  • Colombo 1991 p88 citing letter from Henry Phelps

August 1968. Night.
Two boys sleeping in Chingle Hall heard unusual noises and saw a light the size of a hand appear in the middle of the room and disappear at the wall. 
  • Green 1980 p103

August 1968. Night.
A couple were in their car drinking beer when the woman became nervous, fearing that there was something out there. They were joined by the other couple they were sharing the holiday let with. The two men walked back up the road to the cottage when they saw a light, the shape of a surfboard hovering, pulsating about 30cm above the ground. As they walked towards the light it receded, coming forward again when they retreated. They then heard strange popping sounds in the bush increasing their fear. When one of them men went to the site with a knife, a sudden sound made him drop the knife. They retreated to the car, where the women reported feeling being watched and hearing heavy breathing. 
  • Fox 2016 p76 citing Religious Experience Research Unit narrative 4812

August 1968. 2000hrs.
P Huybers and his brother were out driving when they observed an object not more than 30m above the ground. They followed it for 400m at which point it stopped. It was a bright spinning red light with a dimmer white interior, which revolved on its axis at about one revolution per second, swinging very slightly from side to side. It eventually took off and vanished behind some hills. 
  • Hervey 1969 p128 citing P Huybers

August 1968. Night.
Six people saw a disc shaped object take off. Tax collector Oscar Munez was driving in the area when his car lights and engine failed only to restart shortly afterwards. 
  • UFO Chronicle 1 p17

August 2 1968. 1000hrs.
Mrs Candida Barba and Mrs R Aliseda Barba were frightened by a rectangular object, 9m long, 3m wide and 4m high just above ground level 150m away. It had two windows and two wheels in the front which formed a landing gear. It made a sound like an aircraft engine, rose and was lost to sight over the south west horizons in 30 seconds, 
  • Ballester 1976 p14 case 61
  • Evaluation: Helicopter?

August 2 1968. 1500hrs.
John F Reeves (qv) had been possessed of an urge to walk into the woods since 0200hrs., and he now complied with this. In the woods he encountered two men wearing space suits and carrying helmets who guided him into a disk shaped craft on the other side of the lake. Inside was a glass room full of instruments including 3D TV screens. There were six other occupants, including the leader whose name resembled Josh and a beautiful young woman with light brown hair and blue eyes, dressed in a brown jump suit. He was strapped into a chair and fainted as “Josh” pulled levers. He was taken on a trip to the moon, which had breathable air. They said they came from a distant galaxy and gave him a delicious dinner and a drink of something like crystalline ink that tasted like water. They promised to come back and take him to their home world. Two months later they returned, took him on a trip to Venus and gave him a flag. 
  • Jerome Clark in International UFO Reporter 20,3 p17
  • Evaluation: Fantasy

August 2 1968. 2345hrs.
Pedro R Pladevali was on watch at the barracks when another soldier called his attention and that of his companions to a very bright red object, with well-defined edges, swinging like a pendulum at treetop height on the mountain. Some parts of the object became dark every 15-20 seconds. This was observed for over 8 minutes until the light went out. Pedro, because of his watch, was unable to keep constant observation. 
  • Ballester 1976 p14 case 62 citing Antonio Ribera and investigation by CEI

August 4 1968. 0235hrs.
Harry Marlow, a school teacher, had a dream in which he was in a chamber like compartment with somewhat sitting opposite him, directing a beam into his face. He awoke paralysed, saw the curtains blowing into the room and he felt a kind of oscillating sensation and heard a swishing sound like helicopter blades. The paralysis faded with the sound and oscillation. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p56 citing own investigation
  • Evaluation: Aware sleep paralysis

August 4 1968. 0415hrs.
Three people observed a luminous object, about 8m diameter, for several minutes as it hovered. Later it circled above the house 100m away. A 1.2m diameter circle of barren grass was found, with a 45cm diameter undamaged inner ring. 
  • Phillips 1975 p57 case 336

August 4 1968. 1530hrs.
Graciela J (12) went to the front door of her house in Calle Cuarto in the Los Maranjos suburb but finding the street deserted went to go back inside. As she did so a white mist appeared on the front path, came towards and enveloped her. As it did so Graciela lost site of the house and was unable to call out. She came to her senses in the Plaza Espana, where she wandered aimlessly until sunset. In desperation she knocked on the door of a house where a woman and her fiancée let her in. The young man then took her to the police station where she was eventually picked up by her parents. After he adventure she felt unnaturally cold, weepy and felt an inexplicable sensation. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 16,5 p12 citing Cordoba 5 August 1968.

August 4 1968. 2215hrs. 
An object hovered near a hilltop for 5-7 minutes and traces were found. 
  • Phillips 1975 p57 case335 citing an unspecified issue of Phénomènes Spatiaux

August 4 1968. 2225hrs.
Two police officers west of Webb City saw a crescent shaped object, about 10-12m long, which gave off an orange-red light. They first thought it was the moon, but the thing then moved north, hovering over the airport and then disappearing. It then reappeared at about 15m altitude before apparently landing behind some trees north of the airport. 
  • Lab 1976 p8 citing APRO files

August 5 1968. 2315hrs.
A man, his wife and three children saw a reddish oval hovering near the ground for 15 minutes and heard a buzzing sound. The next morning they found several circular depressions with wheat swirled in an unusual fashion. 
  • Phillips 1975 p57 case 338 citing an unspecified issue of UFO Skywatch

August 6 1968. 2130hrs.
Four adolescent boys were outside when their dog began barking and pulling on its rope. They heard a creaking sound and saw a 1.2m tall luminous entity leave the hedge where the dog was balking. It had large shoulders and long arms which hung down. It instantly disappeared in front of them. 
  • Musgrave p 47 case 50 citing Bordeleau 1969 p128

August 7 1968. (approx. date) 0130hrs.
Michele Boyer (18) of Nantes and Sylvie Bonhomie of Boulogne-Sur-Mer were on holiday on the island and were walking from there to l’Epine when a white object high in the sky caught their attention. It descended in sweeping curves down to 6m above the marshes. It now had the appearance of a flattened egg, with one orange and two red lights in the form of triangle with the orange light on top. The object had stopped suddenly and so did the witnesses, who were transfixed by fear. The object emitted a loud dull sound like that of a motor. It was observed for about 5 minutes, after which it took off vertically at dizzying speed. 
  • Herve Maitte in Saucers, Space and Science 56 p13 citing LDLN 95 citing Ouest France 8 August 1968
  • Patrice Bernard in LDLN 152 p13 citing his own (1974) investigation)

August 7 1968. Sunset.
A 19 year old girl and 16 year old boy, both members of staff at a private girls camp saw a luminous cigar shaped object descend over the lake and from it emerged three smaller objects that moved around the sky. Both the larger object and two of the smaller ones departed, while the third one approached to within 3m, revealing itself to be a disc surmounted by a transparent dome, and a revolving rim of multi-coloured lights. He male witness saw two entities in the transparent dome and felt as though he was in telepathic communication with them. The disc then moved overhead and shone a brilliant light beam on the pair. The male felt he passed out. At this point cars arrived bringing back campers who had been at a swimming competition. Most were oblivious of the light, but two 15 year old girls approached, and cried out in surprise, at which the disc tilted, directed its beam at the camp in a series of rapid flashes, then took off over the lake disappearing in a matter of seconds. Both the original witnesses were fatigued, felt they had lost time and never discussed the incident, the19 year old woman having little memory of the incident. Under hypnotic regression 10 years later, both witnesses described the occupants as having large elongated heads, enormous eyes, two nasal openings and a slit like mouth, and recovered memories of an abduction and medical examination. The two girls were located and had vague memories of a large dark circular object with a row of lights, and an adult woman also recalled a silvery glow that receded. 
  • Walter N Webb in MUFON UFO Journal 241 p8 citing his own investigation
  • Donderi 2013 p103 citing Webb 1994
  • Bullard in Hall 2001 p532 + Webb in ditto p571 both citing investigation by Walter Webb
  • Walter Webb in MUFON 1988 p22
  • Webb 1994 citing his own investigation
  • Clark 1998 p169 citing investigation by Walter N Webb)

August 7 1968. (approx. date) Late night.
Harold Homery, a merchant from Hanna was driving from Revelstoke with his family on vacation on this overcast night. He saw a large, light blue light about 10m diameter, come down quickly from the south and hover less than 20m in front and above his car. The thing paced the car, swinging like a pendulum. When he stopped the car, the thing hovered. After about 5km it took off out of sight to the south at high speed. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 53 p12 citing Hanna Herald 21 August 1968.

August 10 1968. 1010hrs.
Prominent Sydney social worker Hetty Miller and her friend Lecie Smith were drinking tea on the veranda when their attention was caught by a brilliant red-orange object descending from the sky towards the back of Woodward Street, 150m away. It was pear shaped ar first but gradually evolved into a perfect sphere. It passed behind some trees, descended to 6m and the moved toeards some other trees 15m away, after which it swerved gently, gradually rising and turning towards the north west and then suddenly vanished in mid air. The thing was totally smooth, soundless and a “beautiful” cherry red colour and an estimated 10m in diameter. 
  • Hervey 1969 p59 citing investigation by UFOIC

August 10 1968. 2000hrs.
Mr Angel Peirotti was at home resting when he heard a loud burst of static on his radio and thr house was filled with light. When he went outside he observed, standing on the ground nearby, a discoid object 20m diameter, with two reddish cupolas, one above, the other below. Around the edge was a luminous band of changing colours; red-white-blue. The thing rose quickly into the air and disappeared. It left marks, like those of a tripod, on the ground. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 13 p12 case 140 citing Espacio no 2

August 11 1968.
Tim Bullock and Barbara Smith were driving or parked north of town when they encountered a 3m tall creature covered in black hair and with a round face. As they drove away the thing threw dirt at their car. A sort of depression was found at the site. Local people claimed their dogs had been acting up. 
  • Taylor 2011 p11
  • Keel 1970a p106
  • Coleman 2003 p108)

August 14 1968. 
An object was observed near the ground and an occupant was seen. No further details.
  • Jacques Bonabot citing LDLN 103
  • Evaluation: I cannot find this place name on Google. May be Montagne in Ain Départment.

August 14 1968. (approx. date) 2200hrs.
Mrs Violet Thomas, the wife of the manager of the village general store was among a group of people who saw a white figure some 50m away. Numerous other people were reported to have seen this or a similar figure at various times. 
  • Lorenzen 1970 p33 citing Daily Sketch 28 August 1968
  • Evaluation: Locals suggested that this figure may be a misperception of one of the white owls in the locality

August 15 1968. 0030hrs.
A man driving was his wife and 5 year old son from Villaverde to Brenes when at a point 20km from Seville, he saw an object that resembled a small bus, with luminous portholes, by the side of the road. Not wishing to alarm his family, he drove on but the little boy saw the object and cried out that a bus had had an accident. The man wanted to go back for a closer look but his wife objected. 

  • Ballester 1976 p14 case 63 citing letters to the editor in ABC Andalusia 1 +22 September 1968.)

Mid August 1968. 0400hrs.
Headmaster Waldemar Marques was on his way to work, when in a large empty field by the Suburban Avenue road, saw a large discoid object hovering at 5m altitude about 100m away. The thing was about 6m wide, with three metallic looking rods projecting from its underside. Above the rim of the object was a row of portholes and from the thing came jets of orange-red light. He felt paralysed and prayed after which he felt released and ran off. As he did so, he saw the thing flying away overhead. About a month later peculiar foamy spheres were seen above the houses and fields. These globes flew off when people tried to grasp them, though one child was successful and got burned as a result. 
  • Granchi 1995 p64 citing Diario de Noticias 8 December 1968. + her own investigation

Mid August 1968. Early evening.
Two men out hunting grouse and bear were driving their truck along an old mine access road at 1,200m when they stopped on seeing what they thought was a bear crossing the road ahead. They then realised the creature was climbing up a slope on two legs, and when it turned round they a dark face with a sort of beard. The thing’s arms went down to its knees. It grabbed a tree as it walked away. 
  • Green 1976 p3

August 16 1968. 0600hrs.
A chicken farmer was tending his fowls when he noticed a light, like the reflection from a car, about a kilometre away. Thinking it might be a breakdown he went with his dog to investigate. He saw that it was a hemispherical object hovering 1m above the ground and giving off a tremendous amount of light. Two things like octopose, 1m tall, with four or five legs, of pale complexion and altogether disgusting appearance ran towards the opposite side of the object, which then took off. A large area of burnt grass was found at the site, along with two older burns. Watches stopped three times at the site. An Austrian tourist, Hans Volkert and his wife, who were camping near the site, saw the traces and the stopping of the watches. 
  • Ballester 1976 p14 case 64 citing CEI + Julio Roca Muntanolo + Tele-Express 27 August 1968. + Levante 7 September 1968.

August 16 1968. 2200hrs. 
Two independent witnesses observed a silent dazzling, blood –red globe of light, the apparent size of the full moon, hovering and pulsating at treetop level. 
  • Fowler 1974 p354

August 17 1968. 2000hrs.
Adrian Brinzei, an electronics engineer and automation specialist from Poliesri wss in his car with his wife and son near the Bucium motel when, through the windscreen he saw, about 20-30m above the woods 5km away, a large shining object, the shape of a truncated cone. Both ends of this thing were emitting light, the top end much more strongly than the lower; this light being a dazzling white. They stopped and Adrian and his son got out of the car to get a better look, while his wife remained in the car. All three observed the object, the diameter of which was estimated to be 10m, drift downwards either into or behind the woods and disappear in a few seconds. 
  • Hobana and Weverbegh 1974 p176

August 20 1968. 2300hrs.
Robert Lingle (18) and Ricky Phillips (16) were driving on Hw 7 when they observed a brilliant object, with white flashing lights, come out of the trees to the east. 
  • UFO Magazine 4,12 p8

August 21 1968. 
A large circular lighted object, with an orange light on top and a white light on the bottom, executing peculiar slip and slide motions was seen in the area. Three residents attempted to follow it as it went towards the woods, but found their motor stalled as the object hovered above their car, making a swooshing noise. One of the trio shone a spotlight on the object, which flashed back one beam of light and then took off vertically out of sight. 
  • UFO Chronicle 1 p16

August 21 1968. 1030hrs.
Farmer Marius Carre was spreading hay on his field on the slope a hill, with his friend Paul Billard, from a tractor and cart when he noticed, on the slope of a small hill 3km away, to the left of the woods, a lozenge shaped stain. Paul also noticed this object, which he thought resembled a small white carriage. Not taking much notice, they carried on with their work and half an hour later drove their full cart down the road and returned with an empty one. As they were filling this they saw, coming from the direction of the white object, a luminous tube, which seemed to expand towards them, until, in about five or ten minutes its progress was stopped by a shrub hedge some 30-40m from them This tube was so brilliant that it was almost impossible for them to look at it. It was about 1-2m diameter and seemed to be composed of a spider’s web of luminous dots, such as used to make up analog TV pictures. Marius and Paul decided to carry on with their work and as they did this, the beam seemed to follow them, traversing 100m in 10 minutes. Then, in the same slow way that it had emerged, the tube retracted into the object, disappearing in 5-10 minutes. The object, which had been there for 45 minutes, was still there but now green in colour. Suddenly it disappeared and Paul now thought he saw it in the wood, looking like a little car standing vertically. 
  • Phénomènes Spatiaux 18 p24

August 21 1968. Night.
While travelling west on Missouri 7, near Ransome Road, Robert Lingle and Ricky Phillips (qv) again encountered a strange object The thing was round, surrounded by yellow flashing lights and was about 12m diameter. It followed their car to Holker Road where it disappeared suddenly. 
  • UFO Magazine 4, 12 p8

August 22 1968.
A humanoid report No further details. 
  • Pereira 1974 citing Ultima Hora 23 August. 1968.

August 22 1968. 1225hrs.
A busload of tourists. Including Mrs Kenneth W Collins, were driving between Terracina and Naples, when two hours after leaving Terracina, when they observed a metallic grey disc shaped object, with a dome on top flying parallel to them over a field. There was a row of square windows around its underside, and a sort of dark spot in the centre. The object moved in a slow, straight line. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 8 p 3
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 63 p 24
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1969 p101)

August 23 1968.
Three men driving from Easterville to Grand Rapids had stopped at a point just east of Katimik Lake when they a humanoid figure come out of the bush 100-150m away. It was more than 2m tall, covered in short hair and had feet like those of a moose. Two other people had also seen the thing some days later, on two occasions; on the second the creature went for them forcing them to flee. 
  • Rutkowksi 1993 p150

August 24 1968. 2030hrs.
Investigating reports of a strange light on the slopes over the Nant-Cae-dudweg brook, Pontybridd Observer editor John Lewis saw appoint of light coming from the direction of Cwymheldeg. The light expanded, and in it John could see a figure on horseback. The light then faded and disappeared. 
  • Nicholas 2013 p40

August 24 1968. 2230hrs.
Returning to this town by motorcycle, Angel Mina and Ernesto Salomen observed, at a point some 16km from the town, a red light, with protrusions resembling supports, moving slowly through the sky. The strange light vanished among the trees, about 800m further on two cone shaped object appeared and performed strange manoeuvres, even touching the ground at time, Each time they came together they produced an extremely vivid flash. The area over which they were manoeuvring became blanketed in mist, despite the fact that the atmosphere all about was clear. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 13 p15 case 141 citing La Voz de San Justo 4 September 1968.

August 25 1968.
Twelve fishermen saw three strange beings dressed in black suits come out of the sea. They had cold and pale faces, which reminded the witnesses of marble. When they saw the fishermen they went back under the water. That night one of these fishermen saw a strange luminous object over the beach. 
  • APRO Bulletin September/October 1968. p6 citing Richard Greenwell
  • Evaluation: Divers?

August 26 1968. 0300hrs.
Juan Vallis, who had got up to water his yard at 0245hrs., saw a light, apparently at ground level among trees on top of a hill 3km away. It stayed there for at least two hours but had gone by the time Juan got up again. It appeared to be extremely powerful and of constant intensity. 
  • Ballester 1976 p15 case 65 citing investigation by CEI
  • Evaluation: Probably astronomical

August 26 1968. 1950hrs. 
Teacher and pioneer rancher Mrs Pearl Christianson had just arrived at her ranch and had stopped to open the gate when she saw a large silver disc, traling sparks, sat on the south side of Brown’s peak. She sat in her car, observing this object for 5 minutes. As she went through her gate she saw a second, very shiny, gold object. She watched the objects, which were mostly stationary but occasionaly moved simultaneously, through field glasses, allthought the brightness hurt her eyes, until they disappeared about midnight. Mrs Millard Mayfield, operator of the Gleeson Museum, also saw a light on the peak that night. When the two ladies investigated the saddle between Brown Peak and Torquise Mountain they found the rocks were too hot to touch and a strange acid odour Other investigators found cactus burnt at the base but not at the top, others were totally carbonised. Burnt spots 10-20cm diameter were also found. 
  • Saucer Scoop 3,11 p5 citing Tucson Daily Citizen 19 October 1968
  • Phillips 1975 p58 case 563 citing an unspecified issue of UFO Investigator - gives location incorrectly as Colorado)

August 27 1968. 0010hrs.
John Stevens was driving near here when the inside of his car was illuminaged by a bright light, seen through his rear view mirror. It vanished when he stopped and reappeared when he drove on, pacing his car for some time. It consisted of two projections of light in a “V” shape, with a central spotlight. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 10 p1 citing Perth News 28 August 1968.

August 27 1968. Early hours
Mrs Maria Jose Cintra, the receptionist and general servant at the Clemente Ferreria Sanatorium 6-7 km north east of Lins, was in her room above the front entrance, when she was awakened by a whistling sound mixed with that of “several large birds wings beating together”. Thinking a new patient had arrived, she went to the front door, which, on opening, revealed a foreign looking woman dressed in a tight head-dress, which left only her face uncovered, and coloured clothes. She was of normal height, and was holding a bottle and mug in her hand. She spoke in a language that Maria could not understand, but making it clear that she wanted water. She gave to Maria the bottle, which resembled an ordinary 3 litre bottle except for extraordinarily beautiful engravings which covered it. As Maria filled the bottle the woman looked at a couple of cars at the entrance, came over to the font, put her hand on Maria’s shoulder and repeated over and over in a high pitched, very feminine voice, the word “Rempaua”. The two went back to the entrance, where Maria now saw, to her considerable fright, a brilliantly illuminated pear shaped object hovering 1m above a grassy area in the centre of the drive, 25m away. The strange woman walked towards the object, where she was helped on board by a strange personage who may, or may not have been already inside. The two strangers made a sweeping gesture with one of their arms and the woman entered in a manner that was not altogether clear. As Maria shrank back in terror, the object in a slow spiral, making the same sound of air being beaten. Maria was shaken and sweating and lost her appetite for some days. A heeless footmark on the sanatorium floor seems to have been the only trace, despite American press reports to the contrary.
  • Nigel Rimes and Geraldo Luciano in FSR 15,1 p4 and FSR 15,4 p25 citing their own investigation
  • Carrion 1968. p69
  • SBEDV Bulletin 66/8
  • Cf exaggerated account alleging traces and giving wrong date of 15 March 1969 in Phillips 1975 p63 (case 658) citing National Enquirer 25 May 1969

August 27 1968. Night.
About 20 people saw a disc shaped object, which gave off a blinding light of many colours, as it came over the town. Student, Ruben Dias and his mother saw the object come down to ground level on the railway tracks in a vacant lot, and then take off again a few seconds later. Oil like traces were found at the site and taken for analysis but no details of the results were revealed. 
  • Lorenzen 1969 p 298
  • Nigel Rimes in FSR 14,6 p iv citing an undated issue of B.P. Color (Montevideo)

August 28 1968. 1930hrs.
Retired policeman Pedro Aylsgad Galvez was coming from the fields at dusk when he saw a light as bright as the sun giving off many colours. The object, apparently somewhat larger than a truck tyre, came lower and emitted a beam of light upwards, made a strange manoeuver 500m away at a height of 300m, swooping over the countryside with the beam, which hit Pedro, blinding him and causing his hair to stand on end. As this happened Pedro felt a strange “attractive force”. The object then stabilised and descended , spinning and showing what looked like widows lit from the inside. The thing then stopped spinning and landed 400m away. Pedro could now it was shaped like two deep plates, rim to rim, with four long windows and four smaller ones on top. Three small objects were thrown to the ground from the thing’s centre, re-entering it a minute later. The object then rose, projected a powerful beam of light upwards and flew away in seconds. No traces were found. Another person saw the start of the descent from the other side of a hill. There were other sightings of strange objects in the area; the witnesses included a priest. 
  • Ballester 1976 p15 case 66 citing LDLN 110 p12 + Stendek 7 p5 both citing investigation by Felix Ares de Blas, Bernard Labro Begule and David G Lopez and Danyans 1968. p230

August 29 1968. 0200hrs.
Three La Rioja businessmen, Miguel Garcia, Carlos Garcia and Aldo Lorente, were travelling were travelling in a motor truck when they saw, beside the road, 12m away, a strange silvery red object shaped like two deep plates placed face to face, and the size of a truck. From its underside emerged four converging protrusions pointing to the ground and there appeared to be illuminated openings on the upper part. This object was suspended about 2m above the ground. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 16 p11 case 142 citing Cordoba 1 September 1968.

August 29 1968.
A couple returning from night fishing were driving across the army ranges when a luminous, translucent, elliptical object appeared over a hill about 1.5km away. It slowly descended and hovered above the ground about at least 30 minutes, as the couple slowly drove towards it, coming within 400m. From its underside came tripod like legs. The thing eventually left over the sea. They returned in daylight and found an 8m diameter pattern of large holes 25-30cm across, with a central narrow shaft. They claimed no earth was left behind. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p61 citing investigations by Frank Marshall + Investigation by BUFORA + Dorset Evening News 14 July 1984
  • Evaluation: Marshall considered this anonymous report to be a hoax sparked by local opposition to the continued military use of the range. BUFORA (possibly Roger Stanway and Tony Pace) claimed to have found a second set of holes)

August 29 1968. 1600hrs.
On this evening, and that of the three following days, between 1600hrs. and 1830 a group of children saw a strange spectacle. The first witness was Denis Bugos (7), who was playing cowboys with his friends, when he saw a dwarf about 1.2m tall, with a shaven head, hirsute black beard, naked chest, red horny skin like a lizard, hanging onto a boulder near the cemetery. He would vanish into thin air at the most unexpected times. In an excavation at the foot of this boulder a roaring noise would be heard, and an object, about 10m wide, coloured blue, white and red, and leaving a long trail of smoke, was seen each time, as if trying to land behind the boulder. Apart from Denis, the other witnesses were Michel and Andre Bugos, Normand Daigle, Luc Cadorette and finally on 1 September the Bugos boys’ uncle George Bugos. Mr Bugos returned on the 2nd with a camera and a crowd of about 100 people, but nothing happened. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 53 p11 citing an undated issue of La Tribune (Sherbrooke).

August 29 1968. 2130hrs.
Six people, including widow Sole (54) were at km 11 on the Viche to San Hilario road when they saw a metallic looking sphere, giving off an intense light, 2m above the ground, 200m away. It rose like a paper balloon and flew west. It was observed for 15 minutes. 
  • Ballester 1976 p15 case 67 citing CEI

August 31 1968.
Mrs Susana E Larroude de Salazar was in her kitchen with her two small children when she heard a knock at her front door. On drawing back the curtains covering the spy hole she saw a strange being 2m tall with very long arms, and wearing tight fitting clothing. She was paralysed by fear. The being backed away with a peculiar echoing laugh, and when it reached the fence at the front of the house it disappeared. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR 26, 3 p8 citing Gente y la Actualidad 12 September 1968.

August 31 1968. (approx. date)
Four little girls (4, 5,5,8) who were outside playing saw a round craft, with two black wheels, land between two trees 50m away. It had some green lights on its side and a white one on top. A normal looking man with black trousers and a shirt with brown and black squares was seen near the object. At the site was found a circle of pressed down grass. 
  • Ballester 1976 p16 case 70 citing investigation by Manuel Osuna et al + ABC 8 September 1968.

August 31 1968. Night.
As Mrs Maria Di Tomaso de Cicchinelli stepped out into her patio to feed her dog, she saw a luminous spherical object swaying to and fro above her. Maria felt as though she was paralysed. The sphere was suspended about 4m above her head and was emitting reddish and pale blue flashes of light. When it moved away Maria found she could move again, 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 16 p11 case 143 citing La Razon 3 September 1968
  • Richard Heiden citing Banchs 1973 p36

August 31 1968. 2300hrs.
Two 16 year olds and a 5 year old child who were just outside town ran away in fear when they saw a light coming down to 3m above the ground. In the nearby town of Bollulles de la Mitacien two men saw an object, 1.5m diameter, narrower on top rise from the ground and fly towards Umbrete. 
  • Ballester 1976 p16 case 71 citing investigation by Manuel Osuna

Last Week August/First week September 1968. 2215hrs. WOODMANSTERNE (SURREY : ENGLAND)
Farmer George Graham (75) was out watching out for foxes with his gun when his attention was caught by a strange glow about 100m away, in the field to his front. At first he thought it was a neighbour repairing his lorry with an oxyacetylene lamp and continued his search for foxes. He then heard a loud whoosh and, looking in the direction of the glow. He saw a dark circular object, larger than a double decker bus, taking off, already at 30m altitude, gathering momentum and soon lost to sight in the night. He realised it was this object that the dark blue glow had been at the base of, and that it had taken off 10-15 minutes after it had first been seen. Horses and cattle in the field were not disturbed. The next morning he discovered a keyhole shaped imprint (that is a truncated pyramid, surmounted by a sphere) at the site, 12m long, 6m wide at the base of the pyramid, with a 20cm border, in which the grass, roots and all had been sucked up, as if by a vacuum cleaner. It was some months before anything would grow at the site. 
  • Ron Toft in FSR Case Histories 3 p9 citing his own investigation
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p 64 citing above

Fall 1968. Night.
The Abbot family and their relative, Arnold Hubbard, heard a disturbance in their yard and went out to see what was going on. Their flashlight illuminated a 3m tall upright, tan coloured being, with pointed ears and long teeth. Larry Abbot (15) was paralysed at the sight. Mr Abbot shot at the thing, which screamed and vanished into a white mist. 
  • Rogo and Clark 1979 p 176
  • Stringfield 1978b p79 citing his own investigation

Fall 1968. 1900hrs.
A married couple were driving along a rural dirt road when, as they approached the main highway, they saw a circular or oval object, emitting brilliant pulses of blue, green and red-pink light, hovering above the power lines. The wife felt that the pulsation of these lights was speeding up her heart rate and urged her husband to drive away. 
  • Swords 2005 p78 citing John Timmerman

Fall 1968. 1900hrs.
A married woman was driving east on Hw 137 between Irvington and Hoyleton, with her three young children (3, 5, 9) when she saw, 800m away to her left, an object that she first thought was a large airliner on a landing course. She slowed her car and rolled the window down as the object, a T shape of multi-coloured pulsating lights approached too slowly for a plane. She then passed quite close to the object, which was hanging suspended at about 3 times the height of a telegraph pole. She was frightened and drove on but could still see the object after driving another 800m. 
  • Arthur J Epstein in Skylook 31

Fall 1968. 2130hrs.
A woman driving home from work had an odd sensation, and looking up to her left, saw a dark mass above her car. The thing paced her as she drove swiftly home. He next evening at 2200 she was again paced on the journey, this time by a brilliantly illuminated object, which hovered over the house, causing interference on the TV. The original witness got her father to drive her away, but the object paced them out of town at an altitude of 100m, before speeding off into the distance. 
  • Swords 2005 p43 citing John Timmerman

Fall 1968. Late night.
George Sanderson and his wife, the caretakers of the Rockingham Cemetery, had returned home from an evening engagement when they saw a white figure in the cemetery. Thinking it was a youngster causing a nuisance, George intended to confront the person. In the headlights they saw that it was a woman kneeling by a grave. When George got out to approach the woman got up and moved further into the cemetery. Searches by police were fruitless.
  • Scott and Norman 1986 p172

September 1968.
A man suddenly saw a sparkly object on the railway lines. It was disc shaped, fluttered like a leaf in the wind and then suddenly stopped. It then rose up above the trees and became lost to sight among the mountains. At about the same time up to 15 gleaming objects were seen along the sides of the mountains in the Vimy ridge, twisting around the ground features as if intelligently controlled. This was observed for several hours by a number of people including members of the provincial police. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 54 p12

September 1968.
A 23 year old man was riding his motorcycle when a circular, very powerful, yellow light, changing to an intense blue appeared and flew overhead for 5 minutes. 
  • Ballester 1976 p16 case 72 citing ABC Andalusia 14 September 1968.

September 1968. 0020hrs.
A woman living in a house in a courtyard near the railway lines got up to make coffee and saw a light outside. Thinking it was her tenants coming home late again she looked out of the window, only to see three men, each encased in a beam of light from above, stood under a tree, talking amongst themselves. These lights came from a circular object, wider than the 30-40m wide courtyard, hovering overhead. The men looked like normal human beings wearing transparent overalls over some other close fitting garment. Something seemed to disturb the figures, who were then sucked up into the metallic looking, bowl shaped underside of the hovering object, which had been spinning and making a shrill sound. The thing then took off at moderate speed. 
  • Granchi 1995 p69 citing her own investigation

September 1968. 0300hrs.
An NCO, KBJ, was on guard duty at the British Army barracks at Dakelia, when his Turkish wolfhound guard dog began growling and its fur rose up. J was unable to calm this normally fearless dog, which began to cry and hide under a bed. J then became aware of a high pitched penetrating sound. On opening the door, he was confronted by first the head, then the torso of a figure climbing the stairs. It was a humanoid wearing a tight fitting, light blue suit with a dog collar neck. It had a flat face which emitted a hollow glow, red, glowing, large eyes (c 7 cm across) and rough red hair sticking out 10 cm in all directions. It seemed to float up the stairs and turned its head through 180 degrees to face J who dived back into the room and locked the door behind him. He was so frightened that he managed to load an underwater spear gun, as the high pitched sound increased, and something slid towards the door. After a few moments the high pitch noise stopped and he heard the sound of something sliding away. The dog was good for nothing after the incident. 
  • NUFON News 76 p4 citing investigation by MUFORA:
  • Randles 1983a p116

September 1968. Evening.
A couple were walking near the lake when they saw a light appear over the trees, approaching them in a meandering path, over 25 minutes. As it got closer, the couple hid behind a sign. From there they saw the object move over the marshes. They flagged down another car, and a second couple joined them. They saw the light move across the treetops, the tree tops swaying as it passed, and the temperature fell. The thing was larger than a car, spun and gyrated and emitted a soft white fluorescent light. 
  • Swords 2005 p23 citing John Timmerman

September 1968. Evening
Two young men driving around the Barrington Hills looking for a party saw a hairy bipedal creature on the side of the road about 5-6m ahead. The thing had long arms, was covered in brown-black hair and had a humanoid face. As they turned round the lads found that the thing looked as though it was preparing to chase them. They drove off at speed. 
  • Taylor 2011 p11

September 1968. 0030hrs.
Businessman George Gray awoke with a feeling of something on top of him and found himself struggling with a humanoid about 1.2m tall, covered in grey hair up to 15cm long, which tried to drag him out of his hut. It had a hairless copper coloured face, a large flat nose and round human looking eyes. Its arms seemed unnaturally short and the thing seemed to be just skin and bone, and George could not hear its breath. After 10 minutes the thing, which had webbed toes, just ran out of the door. George’s two sons, who were in another room, heard the noise but were too afraid to investigate. 

  • Bord 1980p152 citing Rex Gilroy in Psychic Australian April 1978 p15
  • Healy and Cropper 1994 p126 citing an unspecified 1976 issue of Macleay Argus
  • Smith 1996 p164 citing Sydney Sun-Herald 12 September 1976 p 9
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p226 case 83 citing Macleay Argus 4+ 18 September 1976 + Sydney Sun Herald 12 September 1976 citing investigation by Patricia Riggs.

September 1968. 2200hrs
A family of four had a flat tyre in this area and got out of their car. The woman saw a doe shaped object with portholes, oscillating slightly with a “falling leaf” motion at ground level; 180m away. She called her husband and two sons as the thing started to rise and they were able to see it just before it flew out of sight. 
  • Ballester1976 p17 case 73 citing investigation by CEI

September 1 1968. 0100hrs.
A family of four driving towards this town saw an orange ball, with a ring of the same colour, above a building supply factory. The thing was luminous, illuminating nearby trees for about 15 seconds and then it disappeared. At the site was the only spring in the area. 
  • Ballester 1976 p17 case 74 citing investigation by CEI

September 1 1968. 0340hrs.
Two casino employees, Carlos Peccinetti (married 26) and Fernando Jose Villegas (married, 29) were driving home, when, in a dark part of the street, the car stopped and the lights went out. Villegas got out to look at the engine. Moments later the two men found themselves unable to move. They were aware of the presence of three humanoid beings 1.5m tall with bald oversize heads, wearing overalls, who came towards them, walking in some way above a ditch. Two similar beings were standing by an enormous oval or circular machine, 4m wide, 1.5m high, floating 1.2m over a piece of waste ground above the streets and directing a powerful beam of light towards the ground at a 45 degree angle. As the beings came closer the two witnesses heard, in their ears, a foreign sounding voice telling them not to be afraid. The beings claimed to be making a study of the solar system, made some platitudinous comments about the sun and informed them that “Mathematics is the Universal Language”. Another of the beings made inscriptions on the car doors, windscreen and running board with a small device like a smouldering iron. There next appeared by the hovering object a sort of screen on which was shown the picture of a waterfall, followed by an atomic explosion, after which the waterfall dried up. The beings then pricked the witnesses left hands three times, before ascending into their machine along with their light beam. The machine then took off in an explosion of light. A few moments after the objects took off a Mrs Spinelli saw a luminous object flying low 6 km away. Investigations revealed that other people had seen and heard this explosion, that marks were indeed on the car and that the men’s fingers had been pricked, however it was later claimed that the two men had confessed that the story was a hoax. 
  • Charles Bowen in FSR 14,6 p2 citing Los Principies (Cordoba) 2 September 1968. + Rodolfo Braceli in Gente y la Actualidad 5 September 1968. + La Cronica 9 September 1968
  • Lorenzen 1969 p292
  • Rimmer 1984 p127 citing above)

September 1 1968. 2300hrs.
Jose Antonio Rodriguez Trabanco (45) the owner of a transport business was on his daily journey from Norena to Oviedo when he saw a light crossing the sky in a south-westerly direction at high altitude. The light descended and a few seconds later was hovering 6m above the ground. The light came from an egg shaped object, somewhat flattened on top, about 1m high, 50cm wide. It was an opaque solid with clearly defined edges and was giving off an intense orange light. When Jose’s car got within 15m of the thing, the latter flew left to right into the centre of the road. Now very scared Jose turned his car round and headed back to Norena; at which moment the object flew back to its original location. Jose rushed to the civil guard station to report the event. The officers went back with him 10 minutes later to inspect the site but no trace could be found. Jose had detected neither sound nor odour. 
  • Ballester 197 p176 case 75 citing investigation by Fernando de Silva

September 2 1968. 0005hrs.
Mr Marion Boykin and four of his relatives saw an object about 6m diameter, with a bright red glow land on a hillside about 1.5km away. The glow faded but through the trees they could see four bright white lights, two large ones in the centre and a smaller one at each end. They approached to within 200m. After 15 minutes the light went out, plunging the area into darkness. Marion then notified the sheriff, whose deputies on investigation found a smouldering rectangular area of a dried grass 22.5m long, 1.5m wide. 
  • Phillips 1975 p58 case 341 citing Vacaville Reporter 3 September 1968.
  • UFO Chronicle 2 p16 citing UFO Magazine 4, 12 p6

First week September 1968. (approx. date) 2215hrs. WOODMANSTERNE (SURREY : ENGLAND)
Farmer George Graham (75) was out looking for foxes, with his gun when his attention was caught by a strange glow about 100m away in the field in front of him. At first George thought it was his neighbour repairing his lorry with his oxy-acetylene lamp and continued his search for foxes. He then heard a loud whoosh and looking in the direction of the glow saw a dark circular object taking off, gathering momentum and soon lost to sight in the night. George now realised that the dark blue glow had come from the base of this object. It had taken off 10 minutes after he first saw it. The next morning George discovered a keyhole shaped imprint (i.e. a truncated pyramid surmounted by a sphere|) at the site, 12m long, 6m wide at the base of the pyramid, with a 20cm border in which the grass, roots and all appeared to have been sucked up, as if by a vacuum cleaner. It was some months before anything would grow at the site. George estimated that the object was larger than a double decker bus. It was already at 30m altitude when he first saw it taking off. Horses and cattle in the field were not disturbed. 
  • Ron Toft in FSR Case Histories 3 p9 citing his own investigation

September 4 1968. 2030hrs.
Mrs Oberhleman and her family were driving on Valencia Road, south of I-70 when they saw two white lights hovering over an alfalfa field at a crossing. These lights resembled car headlights but were higher than the treetops. The family could not see any solid object behind these lights, which they watched for about 1.5km before they turned south again. When they arrived home, they saw four lights over the field, in a double decker formation. As the family turned, the two top lights went out. Then the other two lights accelerated towards them, passing by their right on the other side of the fence at treetop height. Mrs O got a good look at one of these lights and saw it was an object the size of a small plane but of unconventional design. It accelerated towards I-70 and then suddenly darted back, past them, to the south again. 
  • Hervey 1976 p143

First half September 1968. 1905hrs.
Ubaldo Rosas was driving with his family in their station wagon when he saw a powerful light at a great distance. Arriving at the crest of a rang of hills, the family saw four beams of light, a larger one on each side and two smaller ones in the middle, about 1km away. They were all frightened and Ubaldo got out of the car and fired a shot in the direction of the lights. He now saw that these lights were located on a single large oval object, which, bathed in a bluish light, rose into the sky and headed straight towards them at terrifying speed. The family accelerated away as fast as they could as the object passed overhead so low that they thought it would strike the car, making them duck.
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 3 p11 citing Correio Braziliense 13 July 1968.

September 5 1968.
Three gir,ls staying at a Young Women’s Community Club on Hillcrest Street saw a large circular domed object with blue flashing lights hovering over a nearby parking lot. It eventually darted upwards and out of sight in front of the frightened girls. 
  • George Facett in Flying Saucers 63 pp24, 28

September 7 1968. 2245hrs.
Cab driver Ramon Lopez Palacio was driving between Carrio and Tope and was about 4km from Arriondas when he saw a phosphorescent tube like object about to land 30m away. It was a rectangular tube 4,5m wide, slightly curved on top and emitting a phosphorescent bluish white light and made a sound like that of a refrigerator. It was seen for about 90 seconds. 
  • Ballester 1976 p17 case 76 citing investigations by Fernando de Silva + CEI

September 9 1968.
A number of people, some of whom were very shaken, observed the low passage and landing of an unidentified object on the beach. Prof Sohail Saud, a teacher of business studies, observed a large disc, emitting a beam of orange light manoeuvre low at high speed, then land on the beach for a few moments. Inside he could see beings wearing helmets, though he could not make out any further details. Prof Wilson Ribeiro of the Colegio Silvio Leite was walking on the beach when he suddenly saw an orange emitting an orange beam descend to within 10m of the sea 200m away, where it hovered, spinning on its axis, and emitting a faint hum. Other witnesses included two students (Regina Lucia de Oliveira and her boyfriend), lawyer Jao Abud, two other girl students (Beatriz Silveira and Madja Nunes Pires) and 39 year old businessman Francisco Ribeiro Gomes, all of whom saw the object over the beach from vantage points in the town. 
  • FSR 17, 2 p30 citing O Dia 10+11 September 1968.

September 9 1968. Evening.
A small white shiny, aluminium like globe was seen on ther ground in an open field near the bridge over the river Imirussu on the Camp Grande-Direlandia road by a workman at a nearby camp. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 3 p11 citing O Jornal 10 September 1968.

September 10 1968.
A strange object landed. No further details. 
  • Table of American landings

September 10 1968. 2050hrs.
John Alfred Dow (19) and Paul Franklin (17) were driving around the area looking for the strange lights that had been seen in the area every evening since the 6th. The youths saw an object in sky over Hastings, changing colour white-red-orange-blue and emitting a beacon of white light, but it was hidden by cloud as they drove towards it. As they drove past Taradale camping grounds back into town, Paul saw the object again through the car’s rear window. The brilliant white thing seemed to be heading straight at them. The panic stricken lads leapt out of the car, which was travelling at 50-65kph, suffering cuts and bruises. As Paul lay on his back in the road, he had to cover his eyes from the thing’s brilliant light. It hovered only 60cm above them for a few seconds and then shot off into the sky. The thing was spherical, about 75cm diameter, the brilliant glow from which did not illuminate the surroundings, rather it seemed as though light was being projected into the object from some external source. Meanwhile the out of control car smashed into a green-grocers’ shop, smashing the window. Police arrived on the scene within 15 minutes. A court case for dangerous driving resulted in an acquittal. 
  • Henk Hinfelaar and Claude Elmes in FSR 15, 2 p3 citing their own investigation
  • Hassall 1998 p36

September 11 1968. Night
Harold Nelson was settled down in his camper when he heard a noise outside. On investigating he encountered a large humanoid covered in red brown hair, with white spots on the shoulders. It had appointed head. Harold went to get his gun but the thing moved off. 
  • Keel 1970a p111 citing Saga July 1969

September 11 1968. 2345hrs.
A man who wished to remain anonymous was driving from Barcelona to Santa Coloma de Queralt on a mountain road, on this clear night. He suddenly observed a light at the top of the hill and went towards it. It was a reddish-orange light, illuminating the pine trees, coming from a domed oval object about 5m by 3m. The witness had climbed 50m above the road when he saw four “figure of 8” shaped entities 80 cm tall, giving off metallic reflections, that went towards the large object. The object then rose, making a deafening noise and showing many colours, and it was soon just a point. It was observed for 8 minutes, The witness found three marks, 15 cm deep, equidistant apart. 
  • Ballester 1976 p17 case 77 citing FSR 20, 3 p 16 + Phénomènes Spatiaux 24 + Antonio Ribera.

September 12 1968. Night.
An oval flying object 25cm diameter, emitting an intense reddish light came down and almost touched the roofs of houses before finally making off towards the west. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 18 p16 case147 citing La Razon 13 October 1968.

September 14 1968. 2200hrs.
Two young women saw a strange humanoid being walking like a robot on the street in front of them. When it spotted them it stopped. They looked away for an instant and when they looked back the figure had disappeared, even though the street light illuminated a wide area. A nearby, normally quiet, dog was barking furiously. There may have been six other witnesses. The next evening at 2015hrs. these two young women and two other young people observed a 1.2m tall entity, surrounded by a light, on the gravel road behind one of their houses. Nearby was a sort of light. The figure stopped when it noticed the witnesses, and disappeared. The next day strange tracks, like the paws of a “cat with six thumbs” were found at the site. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p 48 (cases 52+53) citing Bordeleau 1969 pp145/6
  • Saucers, Space and Science 54 p13 citing La Tribune (Sherbrook) 9 October 1968.

September 15 1968. 1630hrs.
Four boys on a hike, David T, David S (15), Gregory C (12) and Peter B (11), observed a black object like a domed shaped mass, 4.5m wide, 1.8m thick hovering 30m above the waters of the Cornwallis. They ran to within 12m of the object, which hovered, oscillating like a spinning top for 10 minutes before it moved down river and entered the water without making a splash. It was then seen as a large black shadow which broke surface twice. The boys contacted Professor MacNeill of the National Research Council Meteorite Committee, who went to the site with them. David T caught sight of the object sinking and moving out before the Professor arrived. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 53 p17 citing Professor MacNeill in Halifax Chronicle-Herald 18 September 1968
  • Ledger 1998 p62 dates this to the 14th.

September 15 1968. 2200hrs.
Mathematics professor Miron Oprea was driving between Valenii de Munte and Ploiesti with his wife and two nephews (12, 14) when, just before the Blejoi frontier Mrs Oprea saw a bright object to their south-east, drifting eastwards. It appeared to be at 100m altitude and as they got nearer the refinery they could see that it was a cylinder 3m diameter, 2-3m high, with a bright ring underneath. There was a bluish light coming from it and it appeared to slowly descend behind the refinery buildings. Miron wanted to stop but his wife and nephews were afraid. 
  • Hoban and Weverbergh 1974 pp177 citing direct from Miron Oprea

September 18 1968.
Peter Otto Rod was walking down Hans-Nielsen-Haugesgate up the hill from the fire station to the railway when he heard the sound of a regular bumping behind him, like the smash of a metal object on the street. Suddenly, under a street lamp, he saw a grey white object, the size of a ping-pong ball (about 75cm diameter) . There was no-one else on the street and he started to follow the object, but was delayed by a car. As he got right behind the thing, it suddenly disappeared. The object jumped about 200m in 75cm jumps. 
  • Spacelink 6, 3 p10 citing an unspecified issue of SUFOI Reporter

September 19 1968. 2000hrs.
GAGRA (ABKHAZIA : GEORGIA then part of the USSR)
Astronomer Ludmilla S Tsekhanovich saw a pulsating orange sphere, which descended at speed and hovered. About 30 seconds later a tiny orange sphere appeared and circled the larger one. Three other spheres appeared and did the same thing. The larger object then became elongated and disappeared. A minute later there was a flash of light and all the small spheres vanished. 
  • Vallee and Castello 1992 p 138

Late September 1968. Late afternoon.
A small boy in a rural farmhouse saw, through the window, a 2.7m tall hairy humanoid come down from a hill and enter the farm yard. It came close enough for him to to see its red eyes, moved up another hill, and went by the side of the house. When the frightened child went to his parents, they threw him out of the house, so as not to disturb their card game. The child screamed to be let it and when the adults investigated they found huge tracks which, when followed, seem to just end. 
  • Imbrgono 2010 p146

September 21 1968. 0300hrs.
Fisherman Juan Pallesta (52) was in his boat near Cargol islet, when he observed an object resembling a buoy 10m away, from which emerged two beings with frightful yellowish faces, wearing tight black clothes. He reported it to the civil guard who found no traces. 
  • Ballester 1976 P18 CAE 78 citing Los Provincias 22 September 1968. + El Noticiero Universal 23 September 1968
  • FSR 14,6 piv).

September 21 1968. Evening.
Mr E Bennett and his daughter Mandy (15) were driving along the Bagnall Road to Whipsnade, when, at the bottom of Bison Hill, they noticed a conical mass over the grass verge about 35m ahead of their car. It appeared to be about 1.8m tall, 1.35m wide at the base and 30 cm wide on top. It seemed to consist of a pale yellow interior section surrounded by a neon like aura which was shimmery and unsteady, and appeared to glide along the road. Mandy thought she saw a sort of protuberance on the left side. After a few seconds the object disappeared into the hedge, though there was no gap at that point. Investigators later found patches of burnt grass in the field behind the hedge, though there was nothing to connect them with the incident 
  • Derek Cadel, David Viewing and Alan Beaumont in BUFORA Research Bulletin 1,4 p3 citing their own investigation
  • FSR 14, 6 p32 citing Dunstable Borough Gazette 27 September 1968
  • Broughall and Adams 2010 p50

September 21 1968. 2000hrs.
A crowd gathered outside the high school after some local residents saw a star like object, emitting red, orange and green flashes of light, circle the school and land on the roof. At 2130hrs. something of a panic was created among children present when Sharley Green and another girl claimed to have seen a being with a featureless green face emitting sparks. Jacques Lesard observed an orange, grey and green sphere, surrounded by a ring, with a flashing light, make two revolutions around the school. Next day he found a burnt circle about 12.5m diameter in a nearby field. One large and 6 long prints were also found in the area. Police suggested that the light was a reflection from a nearby garage onto the weather vane on the roof. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 54 p11

Late September 1968.
Mrs Helen Baston and a friend were walking down Gas House Lane, when their attention was caught by something shooting across the sky, hovered over Norridge Woods, streaked along again, now appearing as long object, which burst into white light, and then descended, revolving, behind some trees. There was a smell like burning sulphur and creosote. A local resident ran out of his cottage and drove off, but returned shortly afterwards. The women heard footsteps around a bend in the road, but could see nothing. They decided to leave the scene and as they did so, the object emitted a powerful light and humming sound and took off, revolving again, and continued on its previous trajectory. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p 70 citing letter from Mrs Baston to Isle of Wight UFO Society
  • Note: 'Gas House Lane' does not appear on Warminster maps or Streetview.

September 22 1968. 2300hrs.
A shepherd looking after his flock saw an object located in the flat centre of a forest. The thing was emitting flashes of light. As the man got closer he felt as though occupants of the thing were talking to him in some way. Shortly afterwards the object took off and the next morning it or something similar flew over Cadiz. Marks of scorching and four indentations were found at the site. The civil guard claimed to know nothing of the event. 
  • Ballester 1976 P18 case 79 citing an anonymous letter to Juan Merino of RNC

September 23 1968. 2025hrs.
Gordon Brandon of Nyngan, driving to Orange, noticed an object flashing across the roadway about 1.5km ahead. The thing was travelling at 130-160kph at about 3m above the road. It looked like a sphere with a green-blue iridescent light trailing behind it, giving off sparks. It was inclined at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizon and disappeared after 101-5 seconds. 
  • UFOlog 55 p6 citing UFOIC Newsletter 21 p4
  • Hervey 1969 p60

September 24 1968. 1930hrs.
A strange object landed. No further details.
  • Petrowitsch Table of Chilean landings

September 24 1968. 2100hrs.
A 56 year old lady was coming from Rineiro when she saw a bright light and later two strange beings. This light was just a light without structure. The beings were tall with lights of changing colours on their faces, coming towards her on the road. The terrified woman ran to the nearest house, and its occupant, a 40 year old sailor went to investigate but found nothing. A ufo investigator found an irregular burnt patched about 2m diameter at the site. 
  • Ballester 1976 p18 case 80 citing Aneiros first hand

End of September 1968. 0300hrs.
Guy Lemargue (16) was on a camping holiday with a friend. They were walking down a small road after leaving their moped, which had run out of petrol. The road ran through a countryside of crops not far from the woods that marked the outskirts of the forest of Othe. It was a cool, clear starry night. They saw something like a large red star which moved rapidly and horizontally as they walked down the track. Suddenly, at the turn of the road they saw what had been obscured by as grove of trees a luminous orange red object resting on metallic looking “feet”, about 1m above the ground. The thing was circular with a sort of luminous halo, composed of little lights, not glaring, projected from portholes. The upper section, a rounded cupola was dark. The lads hid in a sort of dip in the woods about 150m from the thing. They saw the thing was about as long as a railway carriage perhaps 15-18m and about 1.2m tall. By the thing were two entities with very powerful lights in their hands, one of which approached the lads, position to within 5m. They saw its hands which ended in two claw like fingers. The things ran towards them, like people only not touching the ground, but keeping 60cm above it. At times they seemed to move in great bounds of 100m, so fast they eye could not follow them. When the thing started to approach them, the boys realised that the thing had detected them, they were certain they could not be seen. They were now terrified. They did not see how the object left. 
  • Luc Billon and Raoul Foin in LDLN 128 p10 citing their own investigation
  • Evaluation: The investigators were unable to contact the alleged second witness. He had a second close encounter about three years later, in the company of two young people, who also were not interviewed

September 28 1968. 2145hrs.
A family were watching TV when the wife called her husband to see a green rectangle, in the sky, which became brighter and greener. From it emerged a yellow orange disc with three circular lights beneath it. The husband and his brother in law then drove after the object which entered a cloud, turning it green. Soon afterwards a brilliant ball of light emerged from the cloud. The men stopped at a house and some boys also saw the object. The men walked towards it but became afraid when it flooded them with light. Meanwhile back at the house, the wife and sister in law saw two humanoids walk from the object, seemingly into space. The object then slowed, moved towards Windsor, emitting a green light from its rear. 
  • Saucers Space and Science 54 p13 citing La Tribune (Sherbrook) 9 October 1968.
  • Musgrave 1979 p 48 (case 55) citing Bordeleau 1969 p 159

Autumn 1968. or following year) 0030hrs.
John Scarah was walking to work along St Nicholas Avenue on this fine night when he encountered a man 1.75-1.8m tall, with brushed back hair dressed in a boiler suit, tightly fitted at the ankles. On seeing the witness, the stranger looked surprised, stared at him for a few moments then just vanished. Scarah, fearing he might be waylaid looked for the stranger, but he had vanished and no means of escape were possible. 
  • NUFON News 37 p5 citing a letter from the witness to Derek Shelton

Autumn 1968. Evening.
Laura J was driving home to Benton frim Ilmo, following her husband, who was driving their pickup truck when she was astonished to see what looked the lights of a dusting plane flying very low over the field to their left. She slowed down as she realised the object was going to cross the road and almost certainly collide with the telephone. However there was no collision and, intrigued, she stopped and tried to attract her husband’s attention with her car horn, but without success. Turning off her engine, she saw an oval object, ringed by blinking red lights, moving and soundlessly across the field until, it came to a halt above a grove of trees 400m away. She watched the thing hovering, its light blinking, for several minutes and then noticed that the night seemed unusually quiet. She then drove on to get to her husband, who returned with her to the area, where they watched the object for about two hours until it rose slightly and blinked out. 
  • Mildred Higgins in Fate May 1977 p74

October 1968. (approx. date) 2100hrs.
Francisco Cuesta Valladares and his wife and two of their children, along with two friends (an engaged couple) were driving back from Seville to Pilas. They had just left Bollullos when, over a pine forest to their left they saw, in the distance, a round object, emitting a violet light like that from a welder’s torch. It was the apparent size of the full moon at its zenith and was descending. The thing stopped right over the top of a pine tree. As the party drove towards it at moderate speed, they saw how this light began to move horizontally from the pine, stopping hovering over the centre of the highway at an altitude of about 10-12m. The party talked among themselves, checking they were all seeing the same thing. Deciding to find out exactly what it was, they drove to within 50m of the light, which at that moment accelerated violently away from them, becoming lost in the distance within seconds, being just visible as a point of light, like those that used to be left on the old TV screens when turned off. 
  • Ballester 1976 p19 case 83 citing investigation by Manuel Osuna et al

October 1968. March.
Ignacio Papaleo was driving his truck along National Highway 2 when the vehicle suddenly stopped. Getting out to check on his engine, he saw a luminous object overhead and became paralysed. Moments later a ladder emerged from the object, down which came a small humanoid, who gestured to Igancio to come on board. He was told this was an experiment to see if humans could be reproduced in the object’s atmosphere. He was helped on board and passed out, waking back in his truck with puncture marks in his arm. 
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 p342 case 126 citing Feomenologia 41 citing 7 Dias Illustrados December 1968.

October 1968. 2030hrs.
Mr PVV (32) a married farmer with a higher bachelor’s degree was driving his car between Cortegana and Aracena when he observed, between the olive trees 75m away, a sort of circular headlight 10-15cm diameter, of whitish colour which did not light up the ground. This luminous phenomenon was moving smoothly and erratically between the olive trees about 3.5m above the ground. He observed it for about 5 minutes. Several kilometres before the witness reached the site he began to experience anxiety, almost amounting to terror for no apparent reason.
  • Ballester 1976 p18 case 81 citing Ignacio Darnaude in LDLN March 1972 p14 BOF and his own investigation

Early October 1968.
George Hiner was fishing for swordfish east of Santa Catalina Island when, through binoculars, he saw a white dome shaped object that rose 3m above the water, sank down then rose again. Under the dome was something resembling a billowing parachute. 
  • Lorenzen 1970 p 87 citing an undated issue of the Daily Pilot

Early October 1968.
At kilometre 168 on the Via Anhanguera highway three people saw a very bright round object moving towards a truck that was travelling at moderate speed. A collision occurred and the truck went out of control and fell into a ravine. The driver, who had jumped out before the truck hit the ground, fled from the scene and witness, Sebastiao Batista who ran after him was unable to catch him up. The flying object vanished after the collision, leaving no traces. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 4 p12 citing O Dia 20 October 1968.

Early October 1968. 
As she was returning to her home in the suburb of Ribeiro, near the cemetery, Mrs Adelia Figueiredo saw, some 5m above the window of her apartment, a moon shaped light. Later she saw multi-coloured lights in the sky 
  • (ditto)

October 2 1968. 0620hrs.
Municipal worker employee Doribio Pereira (41) was about to start his morning work driving a caterpillar mechanical excavator and was putting oil and water in the engine, when he was astonished to see right in front of him, a couple of metres away and less than 1m above the ground, a strange cigar shaped machine giving off a beautiful golden glow. A moment or two later he caught sight of a strange being dressed in a knee length robe with a hood and loose sleeves. From these sleeves the stranger drew an object like an electrical drill, which he pointed at Doribio, immobilising him by means of a flash like that on a camera. Thus paralysed Doribio was able to see that under the craft was a platform on which three of the crew were standing. He could see another being working on a sort of typewriter, through the transparent top of the machine. Of the beings on the platform, one, in front of the others, was examining the excavator’s engine, another, on the right, was using a conch shaped object to gather soil from the excavation. The beings worked silently and automatically without gestures. Doribio could see that their clothes were blue, with sparkling red reflections. On their feet they wore dark brown, open toed sandals, with narrow bands lied up their legs to the knee. They were 1.65m tall and of lean build. From time to time they entered the craft through a door in its front, through which Doribio could see 4 backless stools. The craft then emitted a very vivid light three times, the platform and a second conical part on the base were taken in, and on the underside appeared a device like a huge electrical polisher revolving very fast. The machine took off in the direction of Guaicara with a very slight sound. It moved slowly at first, then accelerated, climbed rapidly and was lost to sight in the sky. Doribio was now able to move, but could only walk back to the road, where he was picked up by an acquaintance with car, still very pale and shaken. He remained in this state when he reported to the town hall. Five workmates swore they had seen marks left by the machine, but when he returned, he found they had been erased. The story was investigated by military authorities. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 15,1 p22 citing O Dia of 5 October 1968.
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 3 p12 citing SBEDV Bulletin 66/8 p74 + Notices Populares (SP) 6 October 1968.

October 5 1968. 0100hrs.
In a residential district of Stockport a 17 year old girl was awoken by a strange feeling of unease and a whirring sound, but could see nothing to account for this and went back to sleep. A few minutes later she awoke again feeling paralysed and again heard the high pitched hum, which reminded her of a child's cheese-cutter toy. Looking straight ahead she saw beings, of normal human height, in silvery suits, standing at the foot of the bed. Their faces had no recognisable features, instead they were covered with large lumps. As the beings leaned over her she got the impression that they wanted her to go away with them. They then moved away, joining a third, identical, creature, by a shallow, circular, bell shaped object. This object seemed to replace the fabric of the wall, and in some way seemed larger than the space it occupied. It was luminous, with a yellow white glow which did not illuminate the room. The beings then ascended up some short steps into the object, apparently walking into its side, no definite opening being visible, and disappeared as if walking down a long corridor at high speed. The object then took off, seemingly through the solid ceiling of the room. At this point the witness screamed for her mother. The family had a history of hypnopompic experiences. The witness desired no publicity whatsoever and only related it to close family members, one of whom persuaded her talk to the investigators. 

October 8 1968. 0730hrs.
Newsboy Peter Hough was delivering his papers when he saw what he thought was a model aircraft caught in some trees at an angle. It remained still for a few seconds and then flew between two trees. It was now clear to Peter that this was an object in the sky. It disappeared behind a tree and then reappeared at a point 30m higher. The thing then hovered for 20 seconds, moved off slowly in a 180 degree semi-circle and then made a sharp right angle turn before moving off into the distance. It was in view for 5 minutes and was described as being like a cross with a double row of lights along the edge. 
  • Peter Hough in NUFON News 31 p5
  • Shuttlewood 1976 p9)

October 8 1968.
Farmer Pierre Michot saw an egg shaped object with a violet light, 1.5km away for some 17 minutes. Traces 1.25 x 20m were found and a sheep was found dead. 
  • Bonabot 84 p4 + Phénomènes Spatiaux 17 p14)

October 11 1968.
Mountain climbers from the UEC group on an excursion in the “La Pedrera” area saw an object that landed. Two small figures emerged from it. The witness who told the story refused to be interviewed and gave a fictitious address to the investigators. 
  • Ballester 1976 p19 case 84 citing Julio Roca Muntanola in Algo 121

October 11 1968. 2100hrs.
A 9 year old girl Candida S saw an object which reminded her of a large red tomato, illuminated with a bright red light, at ground level. After about 9 minutes the thing rose until it was lost to sight. She also heard a sound that she compared to crying mice. Meanwhile a couple returning from Jerez de la Frontera on a motorcycle saw a light rise from the same area. The civil guard said that the light had been detected on radar and at the site a 1.5m diameter softened circle was found on the hard ground. In this circle the ground was disturbed and small footprints were found, with the marks of ME and W on the heels. 
  • Ballester 1976 p19 case 85 citing Murciano 1969 p305) + Ciclope 1969 p87 both citing investigation by Carlos Murciano and ABC 24 January 1969 +Jose Ruega

October11 1968. 2130hrs.
Three high school boys were driving a truck, following a friend in a car bear the Dutch Henry Crossing. The three were shaken to see their friends’ car sprawled across the road, and he lying unconscious in the road. The three went to see what was the matter and were attacked by a dark, moderately sized, being covered in hair. The youth from the car managed to recover and went and hid in his friends’ truck. Police searches were fruitless. 
  • Taylor 2011 p12

October 12 1969.
For five minutes Jose Augusto observed an enormous pear shaped object, with intensely bright lights of various colours, at a height of about 30m, only about 30m from him. A light aeroplane flew over the thing. The object then moved away to a distance of 600=700m and landed at an almost completely inaccessible spot. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 3 p12 citing O Dia 18 October 1968.

October 12 1968. 2000hrs.
An administrative official Jose Soares Pereira was driving home from town with his two daughters and an employee, when, on the Getulina-Tupa road, 7km from his ranch, a red light, the apparent size of the moon, came towards his car from the front and then paced it for 1km. Jose kept his revolver ready but did not fire, though he was shaking with fear. He then turned back to Getulina and reported the matter to the police. On his way back home the light again appeared 4km from his ranch. This object had been seen from a distance on other days before and after this incident. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 3 p12 citing Ultima Hora 17 October 1968. + A Noticia 22 October 1968.

October 12 1968. 2215hrs.
A strange object was observed at ground level. No further details. 
  • Pablo Petrowitsch

October 14 1968. 0040hrs.
Five people driving on the Zafra-Huelva road were at km 2 when they saw a hemispherical object, about 10m diameter. The thing was mainly red but was emitting a blue light from its sides. Twice it changed place suddenly by vanishing in one place and reappearing in another. 
  • Ballester 1976 case 86 citing investigation by CEI

October 15 1968. 2045hrs.
Steve Sisson went out to check on an animal and saw an object coming down to land 2.5km away to the south. It was a double convex, the size of a school bus, with white lights on top and green and purple ones around the edges. He observed it for five minutes. 
  • Salisbury 1974 table citing Joseph Hicks files

October 17 1968.
AN occupant report . No further details.
  • Petrowitsch:
  • Pereira 1974 case 216 citing Cronica 9 November 1968.
  • Evaluation: I cannot find this place on Google. This may be a garbled version of a report from 'La Estrella', a newspaper published in the city of Concepción, Concepción Province, Chile.

October 17 1968. 2000hrs.
Several people, including Ms Salud observed ab object coming down among the trees. It changed colour blue-red –orange before it was lost to sight. No traces were found. 
  • Ballester 1976 p20case 87 citing Las Provincias 19 October 1968. + Sevilla 18 October 1968.

October 18 1968. 1830hrs.
Grace and Buck McMullen and their son’s fiancee, Sharon, had sat down to eat when they were disturbed by the whimpering of their dog. This normally vicious and fearless animal became so terrified that it clawed a hole in the porch screen and ran into the house. Grace ran out to see what was the matter and saw, 50m from the house, a transparent spherical object rocking gently about 3m off the ground, over a tree, and giving off a purple-red light. Sparks were falling from the underside. Inside the machine she could see two occupants, the size of normal men (1.35-1.5m), operating a horizontal bar attached to a sort of metallic spindle which ran from top to bottom of the object. They wore dull white, tight fitting clothing, boots, high collars and skull caps. Grace tried to attract their attention by switching on the porch light, but they seemed quite oblivious to their surroundings. Buck and Sharon joined her outside and all three were able to observe that the beings, who were on opposite sides of the spindle, were moving it up and down causing the machine to rock. 

They could see that the object was a sphere, 10m diameter, standing on a sort of boat. A band of blue light circled its mid portion, and a halo of purple-red light shone from the top. There was no visible source of power or seats. The witnesses smelled an ammonia like odour which caused their noses to burn. As the occupants continued working on the bar, the object began rocking more vigorously and began to increase its altitude and speed., until, when it was about 2 km away, it emitted a blast of light and went out of sight. The dog tore another hole in the porch and fled, not to return for some hours. The object had been under observation for about 25 minutes. Before the object was seen interference had been noted on the TV. Grace suffered from headaches and listlessness that night. Police who investigated found their car battery went dead in the area. At about the same time Wally Simmonds and Larry La Rose saw a bright round object rise slowly from the ground near the Medulla School. This object headed south, rising, stopping, moving left and right , then going straight and disappearing rapidly to the south. 
  • Lee Butcher in Fate (UK) September 1969 p43 citing own investigation
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 64 p13 citing his own investigation).

October 19 1968. 1925hrs.
Wally Simonds and Larry LaRose saw a bright round object rise slowly from the ground near the Medulla School. The object headed south, rising, stopping, and moving left and right. Before going straight and disappearing rapidly to the south. 
  • Lee Butcher ibid

October 19 1968. 0445hrs.
Several women going to work in a factory in Vich saw an object land 30m to the left of the road. It appeared only as a white ball of light. They reported the sighting and several people drove to the site, where a burnt circle, 2m diameter, was found. A man living nearby saw a fiery sphere flying towards Mount Montseny. 
  • Ballester 1976 case 88 citing CEI and BOF

October 19 1968. 2010hrs.
A strange object was observed at ground level. No further details. 
  • Pablo Petrowtsch

October 19 1968. 2015hrs.
A strange object was observed at ground level. No further details 
  • (ditto)

October 21 1968. 2130hrs.
A truck driver was buzzed by an enormous disc shaped object, with two large lighted rectangular windows, as he drove along the turnpike. 
  • Flying Saucer Observer 13, p3 citing Jim Carey

October 21 1968. 2255hrs.
A housewife saw her cat jump on the table and look out of the window. When she went to take the cat from the table she saw a giolden ball hovering half way up a grouo pf trees some distance past the end of her gardern. As she watched an aircraft passed overhesd and immediately the ball shot backwards and hung over a nearby farm, eventually returning to hover around the trees after the plane had gone. A second witness thought the thing looked cigar shaped. 
  • UFO Chronicle 1,1 p14

October 23 1968.
At an undisclosed specific location a strange object was seen at ground level. No further details. 
  • Pablo Petrowitsch

October 24 1968. 0600hrs.
A 16 year old youth delivering newspapers encountered, 50m away, in a park, a silvery metallic disc shaped object, about 15m diameter, resting on a conical projection, and with alternating red, white and yellow lights around the centre. He watched it for a couple of minutes then went on delivering his papers. When he returned to the spot 20 minutes later the thing was gone. There was a whole in the ground 60 x 45cm, and a circular area of scorched earth about 60cm wide. 
  • MUFON UFO Journal 246 p21
  • Phillips 1975 p 59 case 349 citing an undated issue of Saucer Scoop

October 24 1968.
An unidentified object was seen at close range by Warren Anding. No further details. 
  • Rath 1998 p 49

October 27 1968. 1200hrs.
Vicente Rambia and his two sons were working in a field when they saw a white globe flying silently at moderate speed 2m above the ground. As one of the men yelled out, the thing rose vertically and then came down again 50m from them and then took off again, over their heads and towards the north. One the witnesses thought it was something evil. 
  • Ballester 1976 p20 case 89 citing investigation by Mr Gilabert 

October 27 1968. 1830hrs.
At least 5 people in the Dorchester and Riverview areas saw bright shiny objects hovering in the sky. Dan and Tim Robinson saw a white object, changing to red, travelling south, dropping to the treeline, hovering for a white and then seeming to drop to the ground. Five minutes later the thing reappeared and continued on its journey. Another member of the Robinson family drove to Dorchester Cape where he saw a strange object moving in a circular pattern.
  • Saucers, Space and Science 54 p3 citing Moncton Times 29 October 1968.

October 28 1968.
13km east of Murray bridge four people in a car saw a cluster of five bright orange oval lights. The lights were flickering and the apparent size of an Australian 10c coin of the period at arm’s length. . These lights appeared to be on an object which circled and then landed in the scrub several kilometres away, casting an illumination into the sky. About 50 minutes later two further lights were observed several kilometres further on. 
  • Hervey 1969 p151

October 30 1968.
While driving in a car in the vicinity of the Garden Club Park in the suburb of Boqueirao, four people saw a ball of fire shoot down to the ground near the Francisco Quadro Building. After waiting 15 minutes they saw the ball of fire take off again and vanish into space. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR Case Histories 4 p12 citing A Plateia 11 November 1968.

November 1968. (approx. date) 2100hrs.
Debra N (13) was coming home from the youth club, when, a few metres from her home, she heard a loud noise like a high pitched jet. Above the trees at about 12m altitude was hovering a metallic disc with a shallow dome. A row of white lights along the underside flashed on and off in rotation, at speed. After about 20 seconds she ran home, and as she did so the object shot away to the NE. 
  • NUFON News 64 p5 citing investigation by Martin Keatman

November 1968. 0230hrs.
The pilot, co-pilot and engineer of the Bristol 170, flying at 3,000m about 240 km North of Yellowknife observed for 5 minutes a disk which approached within 300m. For part of this time they could see about 12 windows along the side, and through one of the centre windows they observed a human like figure. The object paced them for a while then disappeared almost instantaneously. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p 48 case 56 citing Jeff Holt in UFO Quebec no 4 p17

November 1968. Night.
Roger Boucher was returning home to Oakwood from Canton when he encountered a hairy biped that ran across the road in front of him. 
  • Clark and Coleman 1978 p85

November 1 1968. 0400hrs.
Several people saw strange objects and their occupants on this morning. In the first incident at 0400 a farmer in an area north of Baras saw a strange object descend, making a hissing sound like a welder and went to investigate with his flashlight. As he approached the object which was 100m away, he saw it was white, the size of a Volkswagen, with a red light on the front. It had small wheels, six tubes, the thickness of a man’s leg, at the rear, and on the top was a transparent canopy, through which he could see two “ordinary Caucasian” men, one taller than the other, wearing white overalls, with earphones on their heads. As the farmer approached, the object emitted a loud roar and he ran off in fright. He then saw the object run along the ground on its wheels until it came to a clearing, where it took off vertically and quietly. The object threw up dust on its horizontal, journey but not on its vertical ascent. Two hours later another farmer had a sudden feeling that something had landed behind him. Looking round he observed the strange white vehicle and the two people in it. 

He ran away as fast as he could and reported the matter to the mayor. At 0900 a farmer and his son on a remote mountain farm in this area saw a strange white object hovering over them and at 1100 another farmer was riding his bicycle on a slope coming from Baras, when, on the top, he saw a strange object resembling a car downhill from him. Despite some trepidation he let the bicycle take him down the slope past the object. As he did so he saw two men, one inside the object, the other, very tall Caucasian looking, wearing white overalls with a head cover with two dark pieces on the side, standing outside. The witness continued cycling for about 20m then looked back to see that the man standing beside the object was watching him. The witness contemplated going back to talk to him, but the stranger climbed back into his Volkswagen sized vehicle, which moved up the hill with a loud roar, then took off vertically. 
  • Lorenzen 1975 p 207 citing investigation by Col. Anderito de Leon
  • FSR 15, 5 p36 citing Mainichi Daily News 13 July 1969 citing UPI Manila

November 2 1968. 0355hrs.
At an undisclosed location, a 38 year old medical man, with a degree in biology, was convalescing after seriously bruising his leg in an accident while chopping wood a few days before. This aggravated a wound suffered in the Algerian war 10 years earlier, which had caused some right side paralysis. He was awakened by his 14 month old son crying out, and seeing his wife was still asleep, he staggered out of bed to get a drink of water for the baby. As he tried to calm the infant, the doctor became aware of flashes of lightning, thunder and the sound of a storm against the shutters. After settling the little one down, he climbed up to the next story to close the shutters. Looking out he saw a flashing light, which he realised was not lightning as the thunder had ceased, though it was still raining heavily. After checking through the house he went into the living room and opened the shutters, and as the rain had almost stopped, went out on the terrace, which overlooked a valley. To his right he saw two identical luminous objects, the one on the right being slightly above and behind the one on the left. They were biconvex discs, silvery white on top, dark red on the underpart. Both parts had antennae projecting from them, while from the lower centre of each object a vertical cylindrical shaft of light was projected, illuminating the post storm mist. From these objects antennae, periodic flashes of light were emitted. The objects came towards the doctor, rotating on their axis, and maneuvered until they were side to side. As they approached they began to move closer together until the spotlights merged to form only one beam. 

The objects themselves then gradually fused into a single object, which halted its leftward drift and approached the witness still further, becoming enormous. The lower red portion became divided into sections, which seemed to be in some indefinable way out of perspective and subject to strange activity, which held the doctor in a kind of spell. The beam swung round and hit him, so dazzling him that he covered his eyes with his hands. At this point the thing dematerialised with a sort of explosion, leaving a fleecy outline that was borne away by the wind and a thread that shot off into the sky. Shaken by this, the doctor dashed back indoors and wrote down the details before waking his wife. As he was pacing the room, narrating the events, they both realised that his leg wound had completely healed. This was only the start of a complex series of after effects which included the complete healing of his old war wound, loss of memory of the incident until he fell down the stairs the next day; the appearance of a triangular mark around both his and the baby’s navels; electrical anomalies and other poltergeist effects in the house; his alleged levitation, though never in front of witnesses; changes in his world view; the spontaneous healing of a later compound fracture; voices in the head; meetings with mysterious strangers, including one regular person who once turned up in the house with a 1m tall humanoid with mummified skin; an apparent teleportation to Paris and etc. 
  • Aime Michel in Bowen 1969c p3 + FSR 17, 5 p3 citing his own investigation
  • Vallee 1975 p 21 + 1991 p 113 citing his own and Michel’s investigations
  • Blum 1974b p 145)

November 2 1968. 0435hrs.
Five soldiers, among them Francisco Marti Cuastero, were driving to Zaragoza when they thought that they saw the sun rise, as a large yellow disc appeared, but they then realised that it was to their west. The car radio, headlights and engine stopped as the thing landed 500m to their left. It was metallic and very large (they thought it was the size of an arena). After three seconds it rose silently, after which the car functioned normally. There were no high tension wires. The sky was cloudy. A report was made to the military authorities. 
  • Ballester 1976 case 90 citing Phénomènes Spatiaux 31 + investigations by Antonio Ribera + CEI

November 4 1968. Night.
Lorry driver Joao Alves de Silva and his assistant Jose Matavele were driving on the Zavala-Chidenguele road when their lorry was paced for two hours by a domed object, about 60m in diameter, which followed the contours of the roads at such a low altitude that from time to time it was hidden by trees. It disappeared into the sky at great speed near Chidenguele. 
  • FSR 15, 1 p 32 citing Pretoria News 7 November 1968.

November 5 1968. (approx. date)
Three army men, Jose Verdejo, Jose Luis Duran and Jose Cantos Cortes went out to this area to hunt ducks. The guard there (about 35) told them that everything had been strangely quiet that day, with no birds around. The three hunters soon realised that this was true. As they left their separate stations around a 120m long lagoon, they, and the guard, who was with Cantos, saw a light take off at great speed from the middle of the lagoon, agitating its waters. This powerful light, the colour of a fluorescent light, disappeared towards the south. 
  • Ballester 1976p20 case 91 citing investigation by CEI

November 7 1968. Early hours.
A couple in the Westfield district were awakened by a light shining in through their window. Fearing an emergency of some sort, they looked out to see an orange disc, 60m long, hovering over the open ground behind their house. It suddenly shot up in to the sky at terrific speed.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p 76 citing Contact UK Bristol

November 7 1968. 1900hrs.
A motorcyclist rounded a corner to see, about 40m ahead, a flare like object cross the road above a railway bridge. As he neared the bridge, the cyclist saw that it was a triangular grey object, with three red lights, floating about 8m above the road at about 6.5-8kph. The lights appeared make an isosceles triangle, the bottom two protruding more than the top. The object appeared to be as wide as a mini car at base. As the witness got closer still to the bridge, the triangle went behind the banking and a bungalow. When he got to the other side of the bridge he could see this object disappearing into the distance. 
  • UFOlog 57 p 1 citing Flying Saucer Fact Investigation Society

November 7 1968. 1945hrs.
Two people saw an unidentified object at close quarters. 
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 43

November 9 1968.
A housewife observed an object with windows, through which two occupants could be seen staring down at her, hovering over trees near here house. It was larger than a car. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 63 p25 citing Station WORD Dayton

November 9 1968. 0545hrs.
Mr and Mrs Cataldo were awoken by a thump on their roof and something moving around the outside of their bedroom window. Looking out they saw something that resembled a 1.8m tall bipedal lion. The thing then moved off on two legs, moving side to side, and crossed the road into some woods. 
  • Clark and Coleman 1978 p112

November 10 1968. 2330hrs.
An object was seen at ground level, along with an occupant. Witnesses A El Fat and others. 
  • Pereira 1974 case 218 citing El Mercurio 12 November 1968
  • Petrowtsich Table of Chilean landings)

November 12 1968. 
Uno Keikkile (or Heikkile) was hunting 16km north of here, when, while sitting on a stump, he saw a hairy humanoid creature about 1.35m tall drop down from a tree and walk away bipedally into the woods. 
  • Rath 1998 p 17

November 13 1968. (apprx date)
Mrs J Harvey was returning home to Grey from Mount Gambier, when she was paced for 8km by a dazzling white light in front of her car. 
  • A.F.S.R. ns 1 p11 + FSR 15, 3 p.iii citing Melbourne Sun 13 December 1968.

November 13 1968. 2310hrs.
Mrs Crol Lutes of Gold River was driving home from Campbell River, with two children and two dogs, on this wild stormy night, when, just outside Forbes Landing her car engine and radio failed. At the same time a blinding light appeared to her left, so intense that it burned her eyes. She managed to restart the car and 800m down the road, the engine and radio began to function normally. 
  • Saucers Space and Science 57 p8)

November 14 1968. 1700hrs.
Mrs Gilli Antilla (16) went outside to get some water and was curious to see a round white object, with a pulsating red light, on the ground near some high tension wires 315m away. This object looked like a big star on the ground. When it approached the wires she heard a loud humming sound. A circular depression was found at the site and an electrical failure hit the town, apparently caused by a fuse blowing. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing UFOIC Newsletter 25 p2 citing an unspecified issue of Vimana

November 14 1968. 2245hrs.
A man driving on the Zafra-Huelva road saw at Km3 a motionless human shaped figure by the side of the road 30m away. The being was 2m tall with abnormally long arms, phosphorescent green clothes and a face which was only a blank area. The witness’s car began to fail, his watched stopped with the mainspring broken and a sound like that of a hurricane was heard, though there was no actual wind at all. 
  • Ballester 1976 p21case 92 citing Rafael Lamas + CEI + Hoy 19 November 1968.)

November 15 1968. 2140hrs.
Dolyce Grimmelt and a neighbouring lady had just left Cranberry Portage on the way home to Snow Lake when they noticed, on the highway ahead, a green light that disappeared immediately. Five minutes later and about 8km further on the thing reappeared, much nearer. They thought it was someone on the road with a spotlight so they slowed down and blinked their lights twice. Receiving no answer they stopped and turned their lights off. They then saw that the light came from a luminous oval object, about 6m diameter, spinning towards their car. It was just above the road, onto which it cast a yellow beam of light, though the sky and surroundings remained completely dark. The women, frightened, backed up and then, as the light kept on approaching, stopped and flashed again. The object now hovered, spinning so they kept backing up until they saw the lights of Cranberry behind them. They sat in their car until the light faded, at which they began to drive on, slowly again. After about 5 minutes two cars approached from the south, after which they were able to continue their journey without incident. Turning on the Simonhouse road at 2200 they noticed the clear sky and stars, which had been invisible during the object’s presence. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 54 p8 citing Flin Flon (Man) Reminder 20 November 1968.

November 17 1968. Afternoon.
Mrs Olive Bryant sat in her car dog watching, while her husband had a look around the historic church here, when she became aware of a woman stood staring at her. The woman seemed to be dressed in the fashion of the 1920s. Olive watched her on and off for about 15 minutes, but when her attention was distracted and she looked back the woman was stood up right against the car. When the organist arrived on the scene the woman walked off towards the church. When her husband joined her he said that only the organist had been in the church, but he felt an unpleasant atmosphere there. 
  • Moss 1977 p142

November 18 1968. Afternoon.
Serge Lamonde was travelling, looking for antiques for his apartment when he saw an object that had apparently crashed,. He approached and saw it was a circular object, larger than a two story house, with a damaged underside. After some hesitation Serge entered through a hatchway and saw a row of instruments like a switchboard and various artefacts. He took some of these artefacts and took photos and both the interior and exterior of the craft. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 54 p14
  • Evaluation: Needless to say these artefacts nor the photos every surfaced and the story is an obvious hoax

November 18 1968. 1845hrs.
Two children saw an Australian football shaped golden light, 60cm long, 25cm thick pass within 50m and apparently land in a field. A 1.5m wide oval of flattened , tangled grass was found at the site. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p+89 + 1997 p 163 citing his own investigation + Pix-People 1, 4 1972

November 18 1968. 2300hrs.
A strange object was observed at ground level. No further details 
  • Pablo Petrowitsch

November 19 1968.
Three boys hunting 8km south of Scribner near Maple Creek saw an American football shaped object moving slowly overhead, about 30m above the ground. It had a red glow on one side and a blue-white light on the other. The boys tried to follow the thing but it soon out paced them. 
  • Lab 1976 p15 citing APRO files

November 20 1968.
Three boys playing in a field saw a large discoid object land near them. As the boys approached the thing, they saw two small being stood near it. One of the boys tried to get closer but fell unconscious. The beings gestured to the other two boys to retrieve their friend, which they did. The boy was taken to a nearby hospital but it was believed he died of severe burns. An area of scorched grass was found. 
  • Alberto Rosales in Anomalist 12 p152 citing Fabio Picasso
  • Evaluation: Looks like a rumour, but possibly a cover story to explain a boys injury 

November 20 1968. 1730hrs.
Scrap metal dealer Milin Milakovik, his wife Doris and son Slavic were starting to drive home from Hanbury, where they had been looking for a house, when they were surprised to see a troop of rabbits cross the road ahead. Suddenly they saw a brilliantly lit object in the field to their left. It rose slowly from the field, passed over their car, which Milan had stopped and hovered over an old house which was about 100m inside a field to the right. As the object moved towards the house, the family got out of the car, noticing an initial warmth which faded back into the cold wet evening as the object moved away. The object, which quivered like a jelly, seemed to be about the same size as the house and consisted of an extremely dark dish surmounted by a transparent dome, divided into three segments giving white, amber and green illumination respectively, with a sort of wavy, iridescent light coming from the dome. For some minutes the family were able to observe the silhouettes of several human shaped figures walking back and forth and occasionally bending down across this brilliantly illuminated top half of the object. The object then began to continue its journey, now moving in a series of jerks, the light becoming so intense that Milan thought his eyes were burning. He bundled his family into the car and hurriedly drove off. The witnesses’ watches became slow over the incident. They were unable to pin point the site to investigators or even agree amongst themselves as to its location.
  • Wilfred Daniels and N M H Turner in FSR 15,1 p2 citing their own investigation + Wolverhampton Express and Star 25 November 1968
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p77 citing above)

November 21 1968. 0300hrs.
As Antonio Luis Adriano approached his place of work, the CESP sub station, he saw two strangers hanging about. He first feared they might be thieves or saboteurs but then reason that they must be new employees and went to see if they needed help. When he approached them, the strangers raised their arms as if to protect their faces, and Antonio was now struck by their strange appearance; thin noses, pale complexions and odd, glassy eyes, along with their long thin hands. The two men said hello and began to interrogate Antonio about his place of work, standing dead still with their arms down and staring straight at him as they did so, never blinking. Antonio got the impression that their voices were out of synch with their lips and began to feel uneasy. Apparently sensing this, the men quickly ended the conversation and walked away in small steps, one saying goodnight as they did so. Antonio now saw that they were wearing silvery metallic looking suits and polished shoes. Their heads and shoulders seemed broad but their waists were so slender it appeared they had no stomachs. Both strangers entered an unlit white vehicle which moved off.
  • Rosales + Pereria 1974 case I, 18 both citing SBEDV Bulletin 66/8

November 21 1968. 2010hrs.
A bank employee, Conway Jones, was driving from Bainbridge to Albany, when about 15km west of Newton on State Highway when he encountered a sort of luminous yellow-orange object approaching over the treetops. As it approached Jones’ radio became filled with static and when it hovered over the car, the lights, radio and engine all failed. Jones got out of the car but could not make out any definite outline in the couple of minutes he was looking. The thing changed colour to red, then red-orange before taking off vertically at high speed. 
  • APRO Bulletin November/December 1968. p5
  • Rodeghier 1981 p44 citing Blue Book files

November 21 1968. 2130hrs.
A country girl, who did not want her name to be disclosed was a passenger on the bus between Guarulhos and Vila Barros. When the bus stopped for a while at Macdo, on a piece of waste ground, 40m from the bus, she saw at ground level a shiny metallic object, the size of a large saloon car. It was a hemisphere, surmounted by a dome divided into four segments, with an antenna giving off a red light. The hemispherical “skirt” seemed to be rotating clockwise, and had a row of flashing lights, yet an opening and stairway visible in this underside stayed in the same place. There were three steps on this stairway. Standing in front of the craft were three men, 2m tall, wearing skin tight shiny black suites and boots. Their suits covered their heads leaving only their faces bare. One of the beings was holding a sort of tube under one arm. This device was 60 cm long, 7 cm wide and reminded the girl of a weapon. She could see that a crowd of about 20 people had gathered behind three policemen who were halfway between her and the beings, and two police cars were parked up the road. After a time the being swung his old body round to aim his tube and there shot from it, a silver coloured beam, which seemed to be paralyse the front row of onlookers, and some fainted. The beings walked calmly back to their machine which took off and climbed rapidly into the overcast. The girl thought the episode lasted 15 minutes. No other witnesses could be traced. 
  • Nigel Rimes and Willi Wirz in FSR 15,2 p6 citing their own investigation.

November 22 1968. 1930HRS.
Melacio Perez Manrque (56), a tractor driver was returning from work when he saw some lights that he thought were those of a truck in difficulties. Approaching to help, he saw the lights rise and fly beside him. One light was about 1m diameter, and there were six others 30cm diameter. The main light was red, the others white. On reaching the village Melacio called to people and they saw the lights rise out of sight. 
  • Ballester 1976 p21 case 93 citing investigations by Fr Antonio Felices and CEI +ABC 1/12/1968. + Ciclope 1969 p90

November 22 1968. 2100hrs.
A dozen people saw a lens shaped object, surrounded by a blue glow, making a noise similar to that of a jet aircraft and emitting flashes, which breifly landed in a field. It then suddenly took off and was lost to sight on the horizon. 
  • Vallee Case 923 citing France Soir 24 November 1968.

November 23 1968. 2005hrs.
Bank accountant Conway Jones was driving in a rural area 15km west of Newton, when he topped a small hill and had his attention caught by a self-luminous oval object, about 40m diameter, glowing with a yellow white light and with fuzzy edges, about 60m ahead and 25-22m above the ground. Jones’ radio faded into static. The light projected a beam that illuminated the nearby trees; this light was well defined and 1.5-2.8m diameter. As the thing came down the car engine stopped. After some moments the beam was retracted like a ladder, the oval thing changed colour to a bright red-orange and took off straight up at high speed, disappearing in about 15 seconds. The car engine then came on again of its own accord. 
  • Hynek 1978a p190 citing Blue Book files and his own investigation
  • Miles 2000hrs. p33)

November 24 1968. Morning.
Two boys and another witness saw a sort of fiery plane which skidded along the waters of Lake Eerie until the flames disappeared. There was no sound but the smell of diesel oil could be detected. 
  • Sanderson 1970 p228 citing Cleveland Plain Dealer 25 November 1968. + FSIC Bulletin December 1968. p2

November 24 1968. Evening.
Eathel Southall (16) and his 14 year old cousin were killing a turkey for Thanksgiving in their front yard when their dog started to act up. Looking up they saw a disc shaped object, surmounted by a dome, about 50m diameter pass low overhead and land in a deserted field, crushing vegetation as it did so. Once on the ground the thing projected beams of light into the sky. The 14 year old got his gun and shot at the thing, seemingly hitting once, but after that it seemed always to move out of the way. Eventually the thing took off and went off over the hill towards Ripley. His mother and other members of the family had seen the light display, but not the landed object, from the back yard. 
  • Teets 1995 p87 citing his own investigation

November 25 1968. 1800hrs.
Elaine B Pechy was driving her young son to her mother-in-law’s along Route 174 near Marcellus, when she saw five, red, circular flashing lights and her car radio developed static. The object appeared to follow the car and then turned and headed south-eastward about 30m in front of the car. Elaine’s dog then began acting up, whining and trying to claw its way out, and the car engine began misfiring. The object then did a U turn to the northwest, the lights changing to white and blue, flashing like a neon light. After she had dropped her son off, Elaine returned by the same route, when the car again began to lose power and the dog became agitated, as she saw a blinding light, the apparent size of a basketball, and as brilliant as welding torch. It was surrounded by fuzzy lights, and was brightening and dimming as it receded in a zigzagging circle. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 10 p3

November 25 1968. 2230hrs.
5 people in three different groups saw a yellow white vertical cigars shaped object about 60m above the water, 400m off shore. There was a police investigation. 
  • Fowler 1974 p355

November 25 1968. 2300hrs.
A strange object landed. No further details. 
  • Pablo Petrowitsch
  • Evaluation: This place name cannot be found on Google. Error for below?

November 25 1968. 2340hrs.
A strange object landed and an occupant was seen. No further details 
  • Pablo Petrowitsch Table of Chilean landings

November 26 1968. 1800hrs.
Two Air Technical Intelligence pilot instructors, L P Duplantis and Robert Holder (26), with a student passenger each were flying from Avon Park to Melbourne, over Lake Cypress when Holder’s passenger, Mario Zacchini saw and drew their attention to 4 glowing red disc shaped objects larger than cars, flying in echelon 400m behind them. One of the objects seemed to deploy what looked like a tripod landing gear and land vertically in a swampy area, 30km west of Cape Kennedy regional airport. This object stayed at ground level for some moments, and then streaked up into the sky. Mario was unable to see the landing gear that Duplantis reported. They were flying at 500m at the time. 
  • Data Net VI, 5 p11 citing Brevard County News 27 November 1968.

November 27 1968.
A 16 year old youth, delivering newspapers observed a silvery metallic looking disc shaped object 17m diameter with alternating red, white and yellow lights around its centre, resting in a park near River and Western. As the youth approached the thing moved off. At the site he discovered a circular area of scorched earth, in the centre of which was deep hole. Samples were taken for analysis but the results were not known. 
  • Hervey 1976 p146

November 28 1968. 0230hrs.
A policeman saw an immense aluminium coloured object 30m above the ground some 50m away. Two beings with frogmen's' suits and luminous belts appeared from a hatch under the object. They somehow asked the witness not to use his gun. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing UFOIC Newsletter 22 p1

November 29 1968. 0410hrs.
Alan Harding, a commercial pilot, and his passenger Ramon G Peddie were flying near here, when they saw three large, circular, pulsating objects pass in front of their aircraft in a triangular formation, heading west. As their aircraft approached them, the objects split their formation and headed inland at high speed. When they crossed a ridge, one of the objects apparently landed, while the other two hovered above the hills. They then regrouped and took off. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 10 p3

November 30 1968. (approx. date) 
At an imprecise location, a local industrialist who did not want his name used, saw a strange object on the ground 10m away but was too afraid to investigate. 
  • Ballester 1976 case 94 citing ABC 8 December 1968.

November 30 1968.
A group of 12 hunters in a line saw a humanoid creature with short dark brown hair in front of them. As it moved towards them the men backed away. Webbed three toed tracks were found at the site. They had earlier seen the thing on October 17th 
  • Rath 1997 p9
  • Keel 1970a p122 citing Argosy April 1969

December 1968. 0330hrs.
Two members of a rock group, Dan Bittorf and Brian Warnock were driving in the direction of the Banff Springs Hotel when they saw a star like light above Tunnel Mountain, which they first thought was indeed a star. They then saw it had come down much closer and was travelling parallel to them in the direction of Mount Rundle, close to their left, stopping when they stopped. When they got near to the fire road to Cascade River, the object approached in a flash and then started to come down over the trees ahead. Somewhat unnerved, the duo turned back towards town and drove to a recreation ground, where the object reappeared. It stopped a couple of hundred metres away and they could it that it was diamond shaped, larger than a car, with a bright incandescent interior, around which pinpoints of red and green light were rotating. When the witnesses go back in their car, the object disappeared in an instant. 
  • Bill Allan in Canadian UFO Report 2,1 p11

December 1968. Evening.
A driver approaching Carmacks saw a light, as if from another vehicle, round a corner. When he turned the corner it had disappeared. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 55 p5

December 1 1968. 1555hrs.
Clifford Morris saw a tall, slim. female figure dressed in a sort of pale grey sheeny material, resembling Tudor costume by a yew tree. As Clifford walked towards the tree, the figure disappeared, only to reappear in another location moments later. 
  • Puttick 2003 p64

December 1 1968. 2000hrs.
Juan Maldonado Garcia and four members of his family were driving on the Granada-Malaga highway when they observed a formation of three objects about 4m diameter, giving off intense beams of green, white, blue and red light, which came closer and landed near the Marques de Ibarra’s farm. The witnesses panicked and drove to Granada. They were described as absolutely reliable peasants. 
  • Ballester 1976 p21 case 95 citing investigation by Juan Ruesga + case 82 citing investigation by Geraldo Gil + letter from V J Ballester confirming these two cases were the same

December 2 1968. Evening.
Frank R Stapley was returning home from work with three passengers when they four or five reddish-amber lights, with alarge red light above the others, moving up and down above the Prospect Highway about480m from their car. Frank attempted to close on the lights but they had disappeared and there was no turn off. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 56 p5

December 2 1968. 2230hrs.
Driving north from Fort Duchesne to White Rocks, Ann Bolton Zufelt and Janet Hunt saw a large red, blinking light on the ground near the river. It took off at terrific speed creating a red blur like shooting star in reverse, made an arc and stopped above the witnesses. The women’s attention was diverted by some horses crossing the road and when they looked back the object had gone. 
  • Salisbury 1974 table citing Joseph Hicks files

December 4 1968. (approx. date) Night.
Two children were awakened by a noise and saw shining disc 30cm diameter, which appeared to have entered their room through a window. They tried to catch the thing, but it gave them electric shocks when they tried to touch it. Both children suffered a terrific fright. 
  • FSR 15, 3 p.iv citing O Estado do Sao Paulo 5 December 1968.

December 6 1968. 0035hrs.
Mrs S H was sitting at her window on this dark, cloudy night, looking at the street, which was illuminated by the street lamps, when her attention was drawn to a small luminosity hovering in the garden only 1m from the window. The thing was like a flattened ball 2or3 cm diameter and was hovering 1.5m above the ground. After one or two minutes the thing changed colour to red at the edge and disappeared in a way she could not understand. 
  • UFOlog 62 p6 citing an unspecified issue of UFO Nyt
  • Source incorrectly gave country as Sweden

December 8 1968. Night.
Bill Chambers (18) of Grey, was driving home from Millicent when he saw an object stopped about 30m above the road ahead. When he reached it, the object hovered above his vehicle and whatever speed he drove at, he could not evade it. When he was less than 2km from his home, the thing sped off into the distance, almost faster than his eye could follow. 
  • FSR 15, 3 p.iii + A.F.S.R. 1 p11 both citing Melbourne Sun 13 December 1968.

Second week in December 1968. Evening.
Some Mt Nansen employes were making atrip into Carmacks on this dark evening when they saw, hovering above their truck an object with lots of lights on it. They got out of the truck to see the object veering from side to side and turning over before it disappeared. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 55 p5

December 8 1968. 2010hrs.
Numerous people in Rhode Island and southeastern Connecticut saw strange lights in the sky and Richard McCall, an attendant at Westerly airport and another witness saw a cylindrical object with red and white lights on the sea at Shady Harbour. Patrolman John Smith also saw the object flying towards the shore. Another witness saw the object low over the road. 
  • Flying Saucer Observer 14 p11 citing Sun Westerly + Southbridge Evening News both 9 December 1968.

December 10 1968. (approx. date)
Jose Diaz Martin saw a star shaped object with three points at ground level near the road, emitting a powerful yellow-green light. Jose called to people at a nearby bar and they all saw the object about 30m away. It disappeared when they tried to approach it. 

  • Ballester 1976 p22 case 96 citing Las Provincias 14 December 1968.

December 11 1968. 0130hrs.
A young sportsman, Domingo Antonio Castillo was on a desert road when he was paralysed by a small flying object, flashing brilliant yellow and green lights. He later found that his clothes had become unsewn in various places, as if the threads had been burned through. 
  • FSR 16, 1 p.iii citing O Estado do Sao Paulo 18 December 1968.
  • Pablo Peteowitsch

December 11 1968. 2100hrs.
Geraldo Gil Perez was driving alone from Granada to Chauchinal fairly fast no as not to miss a football match on TV. Suddenly he saw a powerful light flying east-west to his left. It then hovered above the church steeple and started coming down. He drove in its general direction but the thing seemed to land in an inaccessible area. 
  • Ballester 1976p22 case 97 direct from the witness

December 12 1968. 1740hrs.
Several inhabitants of this village, from various locations, witnessed a brilliant white light low in a field. The events began when Mrs Fauverier saw a light in the sky from the steps of the town hall. Shortly after Paul Vinnet, walking from Franois to La Felie, saw, to his right, a large white light surrounded by a yellow corona low over a field, but took little notice of it. At about the same time Mrs Louis Maurivard, going to get her milk from the Bidal farm, also saw the light. It was also seen by Mrs Coquillard as she hurried home from the bus, on the western end of the village, when on a neighbour’s property only a few metres from the house. It seemed to be lamp, so bright that it lit up the pebbles on the ground. This light struck her as being dismal and gloomy and caused her to feel uneasy. Just after 1800 35 year old Mr Froidevaux, the head of a timber yard, along with his wife, the local schoolmistress, and their 9 year old daughter Myriam saw the light through their west looking window. They went out onto the veranda for a better look. Through binoculars they saw it was oscillating. They phoned Mrs Coquillard, who confirmed that she had also seen the light. Mr Froidevaux then drove towards the light, which grew larger and stronger when he flashed his headlights at it. From the veranda Mrs Froidevaux, Myriam and her other children, Lawrence (7), Jean Phillipe 5 ½ ) got the impression that the object glided to a line of apple trees then retreated. It then began to move in the direction of La Flie, at one point seeming to stop a car on the road. Their cat was still but uneasy while this light was around. A couple of people at the bus stop saw something. Working their stable near the road junction not far from this stop were Bernard Perruche (23) and his sister (21), whose attention was also caught by this strange single headlight. As they stood trying to work out what it was, they saw two or more people passing to and fro in front of the light. They decided it was a courting couple, and though surprised by this behaviour got on with their work. There were yet other witnesses , but these were of little significance. Mr Froidevaux took a photograph but this does not appear to have been published. 
  • J. Tyrode in FSR Case Histories 2 p9 and 3 p7 translated from LDLN April1969 citing his own investigation.

December 15 1968. 1530hrs.
Two men on board the cargo boat Teel, the owner Ken Marlowe and Ralph Kern saw a 6m diameter sphere of pure white light, with two bright globes of light 1,2m diameter above it. The thing seemed to be moving slowly towards them. Ken observed it through binoculars but was unable to identify it. By 1900 it was within 400m of the boat, when it took off and flew off over a nearby mountain ridge. The next day at 1800 the two men were docking the Teel at Hawk Inlet in snowy weather when they saw, through the blizzard, the same sphere moving towards the cannery 800m away. When the sphere got within a few metres of the dock, Ken phoned the marine radio operator in Juneau. By now the thing was just 20m above the deck/ When Ken pressed the switch to get through, the object dipped in the air. After about 5 minutes, when the object was giving off a brilliant light the power went dead, even the auxiliary engines. The object was now above the boat, 60m away, still illuminating the area. An auxiliary engine was just ticking over and Ken went to switch it off, at which the light moved off and this engine started running at full power. Even when the light had gone, the boat’s batteries were still dead, though all worked once the engines had been started with an auxiliary petrol engine. 
  • APRO Bulletin May/June 1969 p6 citing Juneau Daily Empire 4 January 1969

December 18 1968. 0705hrs.CARMAN (MANITOBA : CANADA)Ed Weiler was driving to Winnipeg from Carman when, north of the 3/13 highway intersection he saw an object moving rapidly towards Carman. Ed turned east on Hw 3, keeping the object in view. The object, which was so bright that no shape could be made out, dropped down to 15m and hovered over a field south of Midland Collegiate for two minutes, before taking off at phenomenal speed to the west. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 56 p8

December 18 1968. 0700hrs.
Mrs Rut Lindstrom went into her front yard where strong beams of light pressed her to the ground. She ran into the house and got her husband Birger, but nothing could be found. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 56 p12 citing Norrlandska Socialdemokraten 19 December 4 1968.

December 18 1968. (appox date) 2245hrs.
Miss Gay Harvey (29) a waitress and Nino Perego,(37) a cocktail barman were driving on the Taupo-Tekerea highway, about 8 km north of Wairakei, when they encountered a man on the other side of the road. He was about 1.7-1.8m tall, over average build, dressed in a shiny dark suit which seemed to be made of plastic. It was loose fitting but not baggy, belted at the waist, the trousers appeared to end or to be tucked in at the ankles, with his shoes made of a similar material, and his hands were covered by gloves of the same. Connected to this suit by a collar was a cylindrical headpiece with a flattened top. In the front of this helmet was a flattened, translucent window, through which no features could be distinguished. The figure was striding along in a slow fixed “zombie like” way and did not appear to notice the car. Perego wanted to turn back, but Miss Harvey would not have this as she was feeling ill and wanted to be on her way. 
  • Anthony J Brunt in FSR 15, 4 p29 citing investigation by Auckland University UFO Research Group
  • Dykes 1981 p136

December 20 1968. (approx. date) Night.
The mother in law of the licensee of the The White Hart awoke feeling cold and nervous and saw a figure open the door and move to the dressing table, smooth its hair, turn, smile and then walk out. 
  • Hallam 1972 p77

December 23 1968. 2130hrs.
Finlay Cocks was driving his father Laurie in one car, while his brother Mac was driving three passengers ( J A Caskey and Mr and Mrs L Latta) in another, from Brockhampton to Marborough when Laurie observed an Australian football shaped fluorescent object in the sky, near Mount Morgan as they were just west of Westwood. They kept this object in sight until they reached Grantleigh Siding where the object stopped. It seemed to change its shape to a crescent and vapour clouds could be seen. It then changed back into a football and seemed to drop earthwards at terrific speed, lighting up the area, like a floodlight as it landed and then plunging into darkness. 
  • J Johnson (pesud) in FSR Case Histories 7 p9 citing his own investigation

December 26 1968.
Mr Howard awoke to see a tall woman dressed in black by his bedroom door. He then saw the head and shoulders of what looked like a clown, rocking back and forth, near the end of his bed. This figure then retreated and faded away. The woman had also disappeared. On another occasion he saw the figure of a clown in a red coat moving towards the window. 
  • Green 1973 p173

December 26 1968. 0130hrs.
Arbie Boyer. Who lived on Rte 4, saw a 2m tall humanoid creature, covered in brown matted hair come within 6m of his door. The thing’s head seemed directly on its shoulders and its arms hung down to its knees. Arbie shot at it several times with his .22 pistol but the thing just walked away. Arbie then fired at hit with his heavy calibre rifle, apparently wounding it the shoulder. The dark and weather conditions made it impossible for the police to track the thing. 
  • Newton 2015b p33 citing Sullivan Independent News 1 January 1969

December 28 1968.
A 45 year old carpenter claimed that he camped out for four days in the area where he had, 10 years before, been burnt on the arm by a flash from an unidentified object. On the second day of this return trip he saw a craft 12m diameter. 3m high, which he approached. A being, about 1.65m tall, with long hair, youngish features, wearing silvery clothes, approached from the other side of the craft and spoke to the carpenter for three minutes. This being, who seemed to be in a hurry, claimed to be from Saturn. The being and craft left, the latter rose about 5m, hovered, then moved away over a hill. Grass at the site was scorched, with a 40 cm deep hole in the middle of the scorched area. The witness claimed to have taken 4 photographs. 
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976 + Basterfield 1980 p37 case 32 citing Dr M Lindtner + Sun Herald 26 January 1969
  •  FSR 15, 3 piii citing Lindtner in Sunday Mail (Aust) 25 January 1969
  • Evaluation: Hoax

December 30 1968.
Four residents observed a strange light hovering over the Blomidon County Club. One woman, looking out of her neighbour’s living room window, saw the object appear suddenly, as if out of nowhere. She described the object as a mirrored sphere, with a flashing white light on the bottom and two perpendicular sections like flame red cylinders, about 2m long on the top, hovering above the ground. The thing gained altitude slowly and silently and disappeared beyond a line of trees. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 56 p7

December 31 1968. 0815hrs.
Florencio Moreno, a farmer (45), was riding his mule to one of his fields when he saw a luminous object, followed by two others, at a place called “Cruz Verde” within 300m of the monastery. These three objects split up into many, which started circling at ground level, finally flying away towards Garganta de la Olla. At first Moreno had seen three clouds that he thought were aircraft trails. They appeared to disintegrate and he found himself surrounded by a vast horde of small round lights of many colours, though mostly red. 
  • Ballester 1976 p22 case 98 citing investigation by Felix Ares et al + investigation by Alberto Adell + Stendek Extra 1 July 1971 p37

Winter 1968./69 0700hrs.
At least three people saw a disc shaped object hover over a house for 30 minutes, emitting a humming sound. They were later joined by a police officer, who also saw the thing. 
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