June 30 1967. 1800hrs.
Mrs D F Le Marquands had just entered her house when she heard a beeping sound and, looking out of the window, saw debris swirling around the house in a circular motion. Going outside, she saw her husband and 5 children staring into the sky. After a while she was able to see the cause of the disturbance, a large oblong or cuboid object, revolving in an anti-clockwise direction. As the thing rotated, the sides alternated between dark and aluminium coloured but there were no openings or markings on the completely silent object. Mrs L then heard a sound and saw a neighbour’s boy holding down her 8 year old daughter. After the object had moved off at a 45 degree angle, levelling off, hovering and then leaving ion a level course towards the south-east, the children revealed that the girl had been lifted off the ground about 1m towards the object, her skirt, blouse and hair rising straight up. The little girl remembered nothing of the incident and was the only one of the children not terrified. 
  • Saucers Space and Science 52 p6 citing CAPRO citing investigation by L Chickoski + K Barker
  • Rutkowski 1993 p26 citing Beckley 1969 p84
  • Evaluation: Localised whirlwind?

Summer 1967. 0430hrs.
Bus conductor Mrs Trow was on a bus heading to Farnworth when just past Unity Brook on the A666 she saw a large object resting on legs, 2.5-3m high, in a field less than 100m away by some pylons. The thing was light metallic grey in colour and appeared to be the width of two houses. Around its perimeter was a row of small circular windows. When she passed the site again later in the day the thing had gone. 
  • NUFON News 11 p11

Summer 1967. Pre-dawn.
A boy woke up to see, at the foot of his bed, two or three outline figures. As he looked at these, “leaves” of electricity fell on him. He fell back to sleep. The next day he and his friends, out playing, saw a 5-6m diameter circle of depressed grass. 
  • Swords 2005 p219 citing John Timmerman

Summer 1967. Early morning.
A family on a yachting holiday were some 350km off Cape Cod when they encountered a huge vessel surfacing. Along its coning tower was painted the name “Thresher” and the witnesses noticed a gash along its side. Two men on its deck were apparently looking at the yacht through binoculars, Suddenly the object rose above the water and seemed to implode and sink. 
  • Lamont-Brown 1972 p43
  • Evaluation: Presented as the ghost of the lost submarine Thresher, but as MacDougal points out that vessel did not have its name written across its coning tower! I suspect that the original source was an article in Fate magazine and was a piece of literary imagination.

Summer 1967. 
Near Barnett a farmer observed a large disc as it landed near his home. The object was on the ground for several minutes and was bright. After it left, the witness and his grandson went to the landing site where there was a circular area of smashed plants.
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 43 + Phillips 1975 p45 case261 citing his own investigation

Summer 1967. Afternoon.
A 7 year old girl was playing by herself near Wainhouse Tower, when her attention was caught by agitation of the trees. When she went to investigate she saw a dull bronze metallic cigar shaped object hovering just above the ground. She could see rivets on its side. The object took off and she ran after it. It disappeared over a place called Devil’s Rock. Other people were said to have seen it, and a photograph taken She had several other strange experiences in later life. 
  • NUFON News 141 p10 citing letter from the witness to Jenny Randles
  • Evaluation: Another case reported 20+ years. Probably a distorted childhood memory of a helicopter

Summer 1967. 1600hrs.
Two boys aged 12 and 6 and the 10 year old sister of the younger boy were playing in the back yard of the two younger children’s house. The 12 year old pointed out to the others an object hopvering less than 2m above the trees that lined the yard. A few minutes later they saw another over field behind their house, and a third somewhjat further away and higher up. They watched this for over 20 minutes, before the two younger children were called in. Even after they had eaten and bathed the first object was still visible for a further hour until they went to bed. Their mother refused to look at the object. 
  • Ridge 1994 p23 citing Don Worley
  • Evaluation: Astronomical objects low on the horizon

Summer 1967. Evening.
At a river campsite, about 30km from St Johns, a cub master and his assistant had gone down to the river to fetch water, while the boys slept. They then saw an object like, two saucers, rim to rim, with flashing red, orange, green and blue lights around its edge, descend and sink into the water. The next morning, the normally clear, cool water was muddy and lukewarm. 
  • Janet and Colin Bord in The Unexplained 82 p1624

Summer 1967. Evening.
12 year old Chris Brethwaite was one of a number of people who, on three successive nights, saw a nebulous, luminous sphere manoeuvre, and on the third night hover. On that third night Chris was alerted by a neighbour to an orange humanoid figure, 2m tall with an elongated heard and dark speckling on the roof of the Hoover-Aspen elementary school. After a couple of seconds it disappeared. 
  • Dennett 2011 p155 citing Chris Brethwaite in Albuquerque Journal 15 June 2005 p4
  • Evaluation: Another story reported decades after the event, could be a misperception of almost anything

Summer 1967. Night.
Just south of Eldon Mrs Bailly was watching TV when she noticed a bright red glow through her living room window and went to investigate. She saw a discoid object, illuminated by a bright blue-white light,. approaching the field. The thing slowed, hovered for a moment at ground level and then landed. On landing, the upper section became dark and moonlight was reflected from from its metallic looking surface. After a short while, the object ascended at a shallow angle and disappeared in the distance. The next day Mr Baily and a relative went to the landing site, 45m from the back door and found eight oval areas where the vegetation was dry and dead. The marks were in pairs 90cm apart and 20cm diameter, The plants were damaged for some distance along the flight path of the object. 
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 43 +Phliips 1975 p45 case 262 both citing huis own investigation

July 1967. 0300hrs.
The young daughter of the Count of Ribas was awakened by an intense light coming from the interior patio and saw two small figures apparently speaking together. They either had large heads or large helmets and huge eyes. The girl tried to turn on the lights, but they would not work, so she went and got some candles. When she returned the apparitions had vanished. Two small marks were found on the outside of the wall, near the window, which marks could only be removed by scraping. The marks even reappeared after being covered with paint. 
  • Ballester 1976 p11 case 48 citing first hand investigation by Antonio Ribera
  • Phénomènes Spatiaux 19 p32
  • Stendek 4 p7 citing investigation by CEI
  • FSR 15, 1 p.iii

July or August 1967. 
At her weekend cottage, Mimi Gorzelle observed a round machine 60m above the lake. At a window she could see two, apparently small, men. The object consisted of three parts, the centre disk revolving. After about 15 minutes the craft moved off westwards at high speed. Some weeks later she had a dream of being abducted by humanoids in a strange machine. 
  • Lou Farish in BUFORA Journal 4, 3 p24 
  • BUFORA Journal 3, 11 p6 citing letter from witness in Fate November 1972)

July 1967. 
While riding his bicycle Denis Leger (11) was followed by a shiny object with a transparent upper part, flying 6-7m above the ground and 150m from him. The transparent upper part appeared to be made of thick glass, through which he could see three small dark beings, two sitting on one side, one on the other. It followed the very frightened boy for about 5 minutes. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 15, 3 p20 citing Phénomènes Spatiaux December 1968 citing La Presse (Montreal) no date given and Jacques Herbert and Henri Bordeleau first hand
  • Musgrave 1979 p45 (case 36) citing Bordeleau 1969 pp 77 +103 and FSR op cit.

July 4 1967.
A green glowing object with a bright white centre appeared to land in the Melbourne area. 
  • FSR 13, 6 p29 citing Yorkshire Evening Post July 1967.

July 4 1967. 1645hrs.
At least a dozen people saw a silvery disc travelling across the sky for 3km from Wilford Hill to a point on the Bradmore to Plumtree road where it appeared to land behind a barn. Witnesses included Mrs Marjorie Cowdell a teenage girl and several boys. 
  • MUFORG Bulletin October 1967. p4 citing Nottingham Guardian Journal 5 July 1967.
  • Evaluation: Police regarded this as an optical illusion. This and above large meteor?

July 5 1967. 0420hrs.
A motorist on Route 31, near the Depot Road area, sighted an orange ball of light, which appeared to be hanging from a tree. He drove into Coventry and reported the matter to the Police but the object was gone when they arrived on the scene. Investigators from the University of Colorado and APRO found an area of grass some metres from the location from the sighting, which appeared to have been swirled flat as if subject to a rotating force. A photograph taken of the scene turned out black. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p63 + 1976 p13 both citing APRO Bulletin July/August 1967. citing Larry Fawcett

July 7 1967. 2330hrs.
Antonio Brambila and another man saw a glow coming from a disc, 6.5m diameter, 2.5m high, with a dome on top and four telescopic legs. It emitted a strange vibration. 
  • Vallee Case 853 citing LDLN 91

July 8 1967.
A fireball with a red tail fell into the Orinoco River near Mapire. It was seen by many people and several rushed to the river to look for it, but nothing was found. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p51

July 8 1967. 2330hrs.
A woman who had gone to answer a call of nature was attracted to a copse by a buzzing sound like a swarm of bees. She then heard a rustling sound and saw a tall man wearing a tight fitting suit made of dark, glistening material, and a round helmet come towards her with a heavy plodding walk. The woman felt hypnotised by his staring eyes and almost rooted to the spot. The man would not let her get past. When her husband ,along with Bob Strong and Sybil Champion, arrived on the scene they also saw the man, but when he was caught in the beam of their torches, he vanished. The woman was hysterical and attempted to return to the scene at one point. As they were driving away they heard a sound like a dynamo, and saw a red torpedo shaped object take off, hover, then accelerate away. The next day a crescent shaped depression and strange footprints were found at the site. 
  • Shuttlewood 1968 p105

July 9 1967. 
A landing report. No further details. 
  • Flying Saucers 57 p24

July 9 1967.
A 5 year old boy went missing in the woods on this day, Two days later he reappeared less than 100m from where he had been lost. He said that a teenager had led him out of the woods, carried across the creek, given him a 25c piece and shown him the cars of the rescue party. 
  • Fate (UK) May 1968 p10

July 9 1967.
A trucker, asleep in his truck, near Brooksville, had his foot grabbed by a 2.5m tall creature resembling a gorilla. 
  • Newton 2011 p 57

July 9 1967. 2225HRS.
Two boys aged 12 and 14 saw a circular object with red lights on its top and bottom and two white lights in front approach at about 20m altitude with a fluttering motion. It emitted a humming sound. When the boys shone a torch on the object, it shone a beam of white light on them. It then reversed course and went out of sight. 
  • Francis Ridge chronology citing Harrisburg Evening News 12 July 1967. + investigation by Mr Cook

July 10 1967. 0845hrs.
Two schoolboys, waiting to go into class at the primary school, saw a milky-white biconvex disc not much higher than the line of the hedge, though far behind it. A sort of ash was falling. At break time at 1030hrs. the two boys and a dozen companions saw the thing again, to the west of its original location. It appeared to be larger than a bus, descending, with a fluttering motion, to 2 degrees elevation. It then began to climb and was lost to sight behind trees. Later investigations showed extensive crop damage in several neighbouring fields. 
  • Leonard Cramp in FSR 14, 3 p3 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation: Probable whirlwind

July 10 1967. 1750hrs.
Philip Lanning was driving south of Meridian when his engine and lights failed. He got out to examine the car when his attention was caught by a large object passing overhead at 60-90m, making a sound like a strong wind. It was heading eastwards and appeared as though it would crash into some trees. Just before reaching them, the thing tilted upward and to the right and took off at terrific speed into the clouds. The object took like a dirty metallic grey cymbal, about the size of a house, with a blue top. It gave off no sound save the rushing wind. 
  • Randle 1989 p 134 citing Blue Book Files
  • Rodeghier 1981 p35 citing CUFOS files
  • Note Francis Ridge citing Don Berliner and Blue Book Files gives the witness name as Harold Washington and the location as Lizelia

July 10 1967. Night.
Two motorists going to March del Plata observed a cigar shaped object, resembling a railway passenger coach, with window like rectangles emitting a vivid light. The thing was on the ground 400m from the road. Later it rose rapidly and vanished towards the Sierra de los Padres range. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 13 p14 + Richard Heiden citing Banchs 1976 p33 both citing La Razon 11 July 1967
  • Vallee Case 854 + Richard Heiden both citing Ribera 1968 p24 both citing Ouest France 13-14 July 1967.

July 13 1967. 
A brilliant drop shaped light descended to 70m altitude and levelled off. It was visible for one minute. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p87 citing Australian UFO Review 10 p23

July 13 1967. 2330hrs.
Robert Richardson and Jerry Quay (both 21) were driving between Maumee and Whitehouse at 65kph, when rounding a bend they encountered a very brilliant blue-white light source blocking the road. It appeared to be a triangle 2.5m tall, 7 wide Robert braked and both closed their eyes to await the impact. They felt a bump but on opening their eyes nothing could be seen. The local police did not take the incident seriously. However the accident was investigated by the state police and highway patrol, who found only skid marks at the scene. Next day Richardson returned to the site and found a piece of metal in the road. Marks on his car bonnet and bumper suggested a collision with an object taking off. On the 18th and 23tdc Robert was visited by mysterious men, those on the second occasion being foreign looking, who made threats against is wife. The metal consisted of iron and chromium, with traces of nickel, manganese and silicon. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p 41 + Lorenzen 1976 p 58 citing APRO Bulletin July/August 1967. p1 citing investigation by Nils Paquette and Alan Utke

July 13 1967. 2350hrs.
Spray painter Maurice Allen (34) and motor mechanic Glen Michell (28) were out fishing 6.5km east of Cronulla when they observed a stationary ball of light hovering over the Cronulla Hotel. It appeared to be at an altitude of 500m, to be 25m diameter and was too brilliant to look at. It first appeared spherical, then pear shaped and then spherical again. It then descended down to the beach, gliding along it at ground level, illuminating the area. It turned north and disappeared behind some bushes. This was repeated about 15 minutes later, 600m to the north. The light reappeared again at 0120 hours. It had a bright red edge, with a deep red centre, was very brilliant and appeared to be flickering. 
  • Australian UFO Review 10 p33
  • FSR 13, 6 p31 citing Sydney Sun-Herald 16 July 1967.
  • Hervey 1969 p56
  • Evaluation: The long-time sequence, flickering etc. is suggestive of astronomical misperception

July 14 1967. 2200hrs.
Mrs Marjorie Pacquette saw an unidentified object come low and, with friends, followed it in her car, until it landed in a field off Park Road, 150m away. It had a double set of green lights, and another witness Mrs Veronica Meyer saw a landing gear. The object took off and no traces were found. 
  • Citro 1994 p 143

July 17 1967. 1500hrs.
A group of children (Patricia Despoix or Depoix (aged 5 or 6), Remy Ravier (10)-the son of the village carpenter), and Hugh and Michelle Bailly) were going for a walk to Clavieres Wood about 500m away, when Patricia ran back crying that she had seen three or four “little Chinamen”. They were sitting behind a bush, talking in an sort of singsong voice. One of them got up as if to grab the girl. A few minutes later Remy saw a sort of beam of yellow light going straight up from behind a bush. The children ran home, and Remy’s sister Joelle went to investigate but saw nothing and returned home. At 1600hrs. however she went back to the spot with her friends Marie-Reine Mainot (or Mairot), Hubert from the first party and his older sister Monique (15). Joelle and Marie-Reine sat on rock looking towards a plateau which was out of sight of the other two. They saw a little black creature running along this plateau at about 40k/h, only 25 m away. It was about 1.1m tall, human shaped, but featureless head, as if it were enclosed in a helmet, the upper part of which reflected light, and with a protruding stomach. He was dressed in a tight fitting suit with a short jacket, which trailed behind him. His legs seemed unusually short, but nothing could be seen of his arms. He moved in large jumps, his feet just touching the ground, and disappeared into the hedge in the direction of the woods. The two girls went to the hedge where he had been seen, there they heard a sing song voice and hurried away. Late marks were found at this spot, where the grass was yellow, hot, dry and giving off an odour. Marks were also found along the route. On the mornings pf the 14 and 15th at about 0600hrs. a farmer had seen a black creature 1.1m tall, 30cm wide among his cattle. On both occasions in ran off into the woods at terrific speed. 
  • Spacelink 6, 3 p14 citing Raymond Veillith in LDLN 95
  • FSR 15,1 p10 citing Joel Mensnard in Phénomènes Spatiaux 1Eric Zurcher in LDLN 195 p27 citing J Tryode)

July 17 1967. Evening.
Eugene Browne of Ligoniel Road was walking in a wood near Belfast when he saw a dull blue-grey coloured dish shaped object, with a rough and pitted outer surface hovering about 2.5m above the ground. As he stood looking at it, an opening appeared in the middle of the craft and two silvery humanoid beings dropped slowly and silently to the ground and went into the wood. Some time later they reappeared, drifted back into the craft, which a few seconds later rose without a sound and vanished from sight. 
  • Letter from the witness in FSR 13, 6 p31

July 17 1967. 2325hrs.
Mrs Emma Funk was driving on Rt 22, north of Millertown, when a black, shiny object about the size of a baseball flew towards her car, brushed against her windscreen and veered off to the left. As it touched the car a brilliant light lit up the car and her engine and headlights died, and she became stunned. When she recovered consciousness, her car was pointing in the opposite direction, there was a cracked area, the size of a fist, in the windscreen, and she seemed to have a time gap of about 15 minutes, and she was saying “why did you pick on me”. Under hypnosis she recalled static on the radio just before the object appeared and of a “them” who turned her car around and struck her across the chest with a sort of rod. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p166 citing Larry Fawcett
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1968 p49 citing William Donovan

July 18 1967. 0130hrs. 
Rev Anthony de Polo, an assistant pastor in the Bethel Assembly of God Church, was awakened by a loud oscillating sound which seemed to reach into the ultra sonic, and the feeling that he ought to go downstairs. As he reached the foot of the stairs, he saw, through
the window, a being of human appearance, 1.5m tall, dressed in a tight fitting silver “space suit” with five finger gloves and a helmet through which features could not be made out, standing in the driveway, emitting a glow. He felt impelled to go outside, where he received three other telepathic messages. “You have nothing to fear, I will not harm you, and I know you will not harm me”; “Danger I must go”; and a further message de Polo felt unable to reveal.” The sky was strangely illuminated. When de Polo looked back to the figure, he saw that it had changed into a formless light blob, which soon faded out. He went back to bed without telling his wife and fell asleep immediately. 
  • John Keel in FSR 14,1 p25 citing investigation by himself and James Capots

July 19 1967. 1230hrs.
Mr L M, a 40 year old salesman, was inspecting his gardens close to the cemetery, having only just opened the gate, when he saw a very bright green glow emanating from the hut at the bottom of the garden. He did not think much about it until an exceptionally brilliant green flare burst in front of him, and a force threw him to the ground. As he lay paralysed, he saw two indistinct silvery shapes cross the wall into the second garden. Recovering some of his strength he went to the wall but could find no trace of a passage. Some metres away were two furloughs, which met to form a V shape. Tested by a Geiger counter some hours later, he was said to have shown symptoms of receiving a considerable dose of radiation, “which showed no similarity to the signals emitted by a nuclear disintegration” (?).
  • Ufolog 49 p6 citing C Marbach in Ille de France 25 July 1967
  • URECAT citing La Parisien Librere 21 July 1967

July 19 1967. Night.
Jack Hill, a night watchman at Lumber Consolidated, was on patrol in the yard when he saw a 25m long aerial object approach to within 15m of him. He took out his revolver and fired six shots at the thing. The object’s lights went out and the thing took off. 
  • Haines 1999 p214 citing Los Angeles Herald-Examiner 19 July 1967 + Saga Magazine 52

July 20 1967. Night.
Pedro Petrelli heard a loud nose like a burst of hurricane force wind and saw a bright object pass over his house and stop above some trees 50m away. The thing seemed to be about 7m in diameter and displayed a circular movement, giving off yellow, blue and white lights. About 20 other people also saw this. Next morning it was found that two trees showed cuts at a height of 5m and a third at 3m. On the ground were fragments that resembled burnt wood, the insides of which, however, looked like fused glass. Chemical analysis of these fragments showed that they contained sulphur, silicon and copper and had been heated to more than 1600c. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 15 p11 case 93 citing Phénomènes Spatiaux 20 citing F P Reyna 
  • Richard Heiden citing Banchs 1973 p32

July 20 1967. 2330hrs.
Barbara Fawcett (18)was driving from Pompano Beach to her mother’s house in Islamorda, when she became terrified by a large yellow light, which appeared to pursue her car, about 2-2,5m above the ground, emitting a high pitched roaring sound, at speeds up to 160kph. The light appeared as if to be about to land on the car and was covering the road. It went away at the approach of another car. Barbara pursued herself that she had imagined things, but on the way home, with her sister and her poodle, as they reached the Jewfish Creek area the dog began to tremble and they saw a large brilliant yellow light rise out of the swamp to the west of the road. It appeared jagged and moved up and down and side to side. It descended to less than 5m above the road, ahead of the car, so that the girls feared a collision, but at the last moment in veered to the right under the power lines and landed on a sand dune by the side of the road, where it dwindled to a pin point. Less than a minute later, however, the large light reappeared and followed them back to Pompano Beach, where they reported it to the authorities. A search revealed a large scorched area on the sand dune where it had landed 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p 63
  • UFO Investigator IV, 2 p4
  • APRO Bulletin July/August 1967. p7
  • Lorenzen 1976 p14

July 24 1967. Evening.
A man out for a walk saw a sphere, 10m diameter, sweep down to earth at about 150kph amd disappear into a valley. It neither glowed nor made a noise. The witness observed the thing for about 5 seconds and though he waited for 20 minutes he did not see it return. 
  • UFOlog 37 p4 citing South Lincs UFO Study Group

July 24 1967. 2200hrs.
Between Mareuil and Ste-Mermain, Daniel Bonifait and his family saw a red disk, the size of a building, fall 300m away, behind a hill. Dark forms were observed on the disk’s surface, and the forest seemed to be ablaze as the witness drove away in fear. 
  • Valle case 859 citing Phénomènes Spatiaux December 1968

July 26 1967. 
Near Colon several people saw a violet coloured craft whose luminosity intensified as it descended and landed. Small humanoid figures emerged but quickly re-entered. During this time witnesses were paralysed. Impressions were found in the earth. 
  • Oscar Gallindez in Australian UFO Review 10 p40 citing La Voz de Colon 28 July 1967

July 28 1967. 1815hrs.
An American serviceman stationed at Klaber Kaserne in this town was taking a stroll, coming down a hill track into a valley when he noticed a red-orange light to his right over the treetops. He thought that it was the sun until he realised that the sun was on the opposite side of the valley. He saw beams of light through the trees as the object came down to ground level 350-400m away. At first the light was too intense for any detail to be seen, but then, when the light dimmed, he saw that it was an oval 20-25m long, 6-9m wide and 8-12m thick at the middle. The thing was metallic grey about halfway up to a metallic ring, about 60cm wide, on which there were portholes. The object tilted left to right and back to front as it hovered at 1m altitude. After, at most, 5 minutes, it rose up, very slowly at first , its colour getting brighter, until at less than 30m it was dazzling again. It then swooped over the trees at a 60-70 degree angle until it was out of sight in less than a minute. It was silent and the witness felt a change in the atmosphere. 
  • Letter from the (anonymous) witness in New Report on Flying Saucers p3.

July 28 1967. 2130hrs.
Forestry employee Randy Higgins was in his fire lookout tower when he saw a blue-white oval light, with a dark band around its centre, a bright white light on top and a sponge like surface, approach. It turned and passed the tower to the east, stopped and hovered again, illuminating the ground with a blue-white light. The thing then circled the tower; as it did so his CB radio emitted a whining sound, the pitch of which varied and other interference. The object then moved away towards Mt Hamilton, at the speed of a slow jet, leaving a trail. The observation lasted 6 minutes. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 2 p3

July 30 1967. 1800hrs.
The Argentine Shipping Lines Co steamer Naviero was sailing some 190km off the coast of this point when Officer Jorge Montoyo altered Captain Julian Ardanza to a strange object near the ship. Arriving on deck the Captain saw a cigar shaped machine about 30m long in the sea, about 15m on the starboard side. It had a powerful blue and white glow, no visible superstructure and made neither sound nor wake. The thing paced the ship for 15 minutes at a somewhat faster speed, and then dived passing right under the ship, vanishing into the depths of water. The witnesses ruled out the possibilities that it was either a submarine or a whale. 

  • Oscar Gallindez in FSR 14, 2 p22 + Australian UFO Review 10 p 40 both citing La Razon 2 August 1967. and undated issues of Cordoba + Los Principies

July 31 1967. 2215hrs.
Sidney Zipkin (50), a guard at the town park, was driving through the main parking lot when he came across an object 15m long, with a round centre and extended sides, resembling a fat cigar, with green flashing lights underneath land. He stopped his truck within 30m of the object, and was surprised to see two “midget like men” in shiny black uniforms rush past his truck and enter the object, which took off vertically into the night sky. His superior Clarence Johnson confirmed that Zipkin was “white as a ghost” when he arrived back at the park. Both men went to investigate but found nothing. 
  • Vallee Case 860 citing Rochester Democrat and Chronicle 3 August 1967.
  • Lorenzen 1968 p64
  • Lorenzen 1969 p277

August 1967. 
A landing report. No further details 
  • Flying Saucers 55 p33

August 1967. 
Rosemary Long (17) and her fiancée were driving past Jay’s Grave when they saw a figure crouched over the grave. The thing stood up and it looked like a humanoid figure draped in a blanket, with no legs, hovering above the ground.
  • Underwood 1973 p62
  • Note: Jay's Grave (or Kitty Jay's Grave) is supposedly the last resting place of a suicide victim who is thought to have died in the late 18th century. It has become a well-known landmark on DartmoorDevon, in South-West England, and is the subject of local folklore, and several ghost stories. 

August 1967. Early morning 
In south London a married couple and a young boy next door neighbour all saw a black shape surrounded by a yellow glow, with a flashing light on top, hover 15m above the ground. The 6m long object then descended to just above the ground. From its underside came an orange glow and a beam of white light. A hairless humanoid with webbed hands and feet briefly exited the object, then returned, at which the object took off.
  • Norman Oliver in UFO Magazine 11,5 p22

August 1967. 2100hrs. 
Guests at the “Big G” guest ranch and its proprietor, Brian Grattan, saw a bright light moving in the sky. As the light crossed the highway and settled behind a clump of trees about 5km away, it appeared to be the size of a DC8 and lit up the area. After the thing landed it became surrounded by lightning, which seemed to come from a clear sky. At 0415hrs. the next morning the glow vanished in the morning light and the storm ended. No traces were found. 
  • Canadian UFO Report 1,6 p5

August 1967. 2330hrs. 
Bridget Kelly 23 and her husband had just dismounted from a bus (or were driving home with their three children) when she drew his attention to a light like a shooting star in the sky. It was an object that descended rapidly from the North East at a steep angle. It then stopped and hovered at an angle over the rooftops. They could now see that its top portion was a dome that glowed orange, in the lower portion of which was a “window” from which came a sharper light that flashed on and off as if the thing was rotating. The lower portion was dark. The object was silent and the women noted an absence of sound during the episode, which ended when the object swung against the direction of travel, then “skimmed” across the rooftop to the west. Afterwards she felt elated Bridget claimed episodes of trance like states, premonitions etc. Under hypnotic regression in 1992 she recalled being surrounded by people with large eyes, who performed some sort of operation on her stomach, and recalled a tall muscular man, with golden or red hair, wearing a grey jumpsuit standing at a console, holding a sort of clipboard 
  • NUFON News 125 p9
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p162 citing own investigation and that of Phil Hoyle
  • Evaluation: Reported nearly 20 years after the event. Accounts as to circumstances in which the event took place differ. Hypnotic confabulation.

August 1967. 2330hrs. 
A courting couple were sitting smoking in their car on an Epping Forest bridle path, when they noticed some red lights near the end of the path, 140m away, apparently moving between the trees. This was followed by a sort of firework which through up red lights to a height of 90 cm. Illuminated by this light was a very small figure about 90 cm tall, with a little round head, two arms and dressed in a white mackintosh which reached down the ground. A few moments later another firework lit up, illuminating another dwarf. Each display lasted about 30 seconds, the whole episode 7 minutes in all. The couple had come to the conclusion that they had seen some tiny children letting off fireworks, when they saw a bright white light advancing towards them at walking pace, bobbing up and down and from side to side. They thought it was a man with a lantern, until it suddenly swooped in on their car and they now saw it was a bright, but not blinding, light with no disenable edges or features. When the driver switched on his headlights he saw that this light was hanging unsupported. As the couple tried to drive away, it seemed about 10 seconds before their car would move. As they reversed away, a man ran from a nearby house. It transpired that he and his wife had seen these “fireworks” for some time and that the lady had locked herself in the bedroom in panic. The couple informed the police that boys were letting off fireworks in the forest, but a police search revealed nothing. 
  • D. J. Goring in FSR 23,1 p10
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p168 citing investigation by Barry King + BUFORA Journal 5,4

August 2 1967. 2215hrs. 
Terry Sproson and his girlfriend Christine Arkless were in a parked car when something looked in first through the rear window and then glided to the front window. When Terry went to lock the car door, the thing moved back. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p159 citing Derek Sampson and NICAP (GB)

August 3 1967. 2000hrs. 
Union lawyer, Jonil F Vieira and his driver, Amauri B da Silva, were driving on the Miguel Pereira Highway when, 15km out of Rio they saw two red lights to their left, 500m away. They then saw many lights like a fairground in an area where no lights should have been, it having only a paved road. Though puzzled, they thought it was something to do with the military and drove on at 80kph. The lights to the left went out. When the two men reached Mangueira district, they saw the lights in the sky to the right ahead of them. The object flew ahead of them from one side of the road to another, flashing in response to their flashing their headlights, as though someone was testing their reactions. The object then seemed to move out of sight but on the Bareo de Javari Road near Sito la Choumiere it reappeared. The object now hovered about 80cm above the ground in the woods and projected one yellow and one blue light beam. When the witnesses turned off their lights, they saw that these strange lights were on an immense dome, moving towards them from a spot 300m away. They saw nothing more during the rest of their journey to the Francisco Fragoso holiday camp. There, the administrator Nelson G Ferreira had forgotten his keys and the three men were manoeuvring the jeep through a side gate when they saw a brightly lit rotating cupola, with two brilliant lights, one red, the other yellow, and sweep from behind the hills to the horizon. Both the men in the jeep experienced painful headaches that seemed to have been imitated by the “thought from the object”. Vieira displayed a yellowish tinge to his face; his reflexes were inhibited and had a curious feeling that he had lost weight, though he had not actually done so. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p16 citing the Lorenzens’ own investigation

August 3 1967. 2330hrs.
Horticulturist Mr de S was sleeping was sleeping in the family car with his wife and teenage son, in case of repetition of the earth tremors which had stuck the area, when they both observed a luminous white object 8-10m diameter, like two dishes lip to lip. It was hanging above the palm tree outside their front door, illuminating the yard and greenhouse, at 30m altitude. An opening appeared in the craft and a devise resembling a broad bottomed light bulb lowered itself to just above the ground. Nothing could be seen connecting it to the main object. A door opened in this devise and a small man, dressed in luminous silvery overalls and helmet, emerged. No real details could be seen, but they could see he was not much more than 90 cm tall, silhouetted against the side of the house about 4m away. They saw vapour around the creature’s head, like breath. The dwarf stooped face down, picked up some stones from the gravel path, studied them for a moment, then appeared to communicate with someone in the large craft. After a while he dropped the stones, stepped back into his devise, which then re-entered the craft. As soon as the opening on the latter closed, it took off over the hills. During the time the object was hovering they heard a humming sound, and saw the trees move, though there was little breeze. The being kept looking towards them. The next day at least three neighbours confirmed that they had seen a glowing object over the house. 
  • APRO Bulletin September/October 1967. p12 + Lorenzen 1968 p44 + Lorenzen 1969 p182 + Coral Lorenzen in Fate (UK) July 1968 p25 all citing Coral Lorenzen’s first hand investigation.

August 4 1967. 0100hrs. 
Royal Navy meteorology observer David Spenser was walking along the promenade when he saw a white light shoot from one cloud to another, with a humming sound, in three seconds. He then saw before him a figure which vanished a few seconds later. 
  • NUFON News 58 p5 citing an undated issue of the Morecambe Visitor

August 4 1967. Early morning.
Engineer Hugo Sierra Yepes was fishing in a boat 25km north of Arrecifes when he was suddenly startled to see a disc shaped object, which appeared to be two concavities joined by a ring, coming out of the water, some distance from the shore. This ring had red and blue triangles on it and appeared to be rotating. The main body of the thing was grey, metallic, about 6m diameter. The thing hovered 1m above the sea, rose slowly towards the east and then disappeared at terrific speed. The whole incident lasted less than a minute. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p54
  • Vallee Case 863 citing UFO Investigator March 1968
  • Richard Heiden citing Ciclope p171

August 4 1967. 
Mr and Mrs Orrin Anderson observed a yellow ring of fire in a field. The fire service was called out but no fire could be seen. The next day a circular area of wheat 60m diameter was found smashed down, with no tracks to indicate an animal was responsible. 
  • APRO Bulletin January/March 1968 p3

August 4 1967. 
Mrs A M Perez observed three glowing discs and called her husband Antonio Neri Perez, an office worker, and the relatives with whom they were staying. All of them saw the take-off of the three red discs in a V formation, from a field near the house. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p65
  • Richard Heiden

August 5 1967. (Approx. date) 1400hrs.
Newspaper man Garnett Alexander, his son John and the latter’s friend DJ (15) were driving in a glaciated valley at 400m altitude with hills rising on either side to 200m when an object appeared to their left, slightly behind them, some 15-30m above the peak. The object crossed the valley at 10m altitude, following the contours of the ground. The thing was biconical, with blunt ends 2.5-3.5m long and 1-2m thick, and was of metallic appearance. It flew at about 150kph, its axis tilting at about 45 degrees. Three aircraft flew past in the same direction 15 minutes later. 
  • NUFON News 40 p4 citing investigation by Jenny Randles and Paul Whetnall

August 5 1967. 2330hrs. 
Ronald Sherven and Robert Rodine saw a glowing white object on an east-west trajectory, north of Sawyer. The object was hidden by a hill at first, but all of a sudden it appeared again over a cemetery, came to ground level and sped away to the north. 
  • Vallee Case 864 citing UFO Investigator October 1967

August 7 1967. (Approx. date) 0530hrs.
Workman, Richard Babbs of Westhoughton went outside to remove some pipes from a kiln when he saw a white glistening shape on the highest point of Rivington Castle, about 5km away. Richard saw it move to the side and then back again and told his four colleagues, who laughed at him. However 30 minutes later one of these four also saw the object in the bushes at the foot of the castle and altered the others. . It appeared to be about 3m long and moved up and down the castle. It was observed until 0730. 
  • FSR 13, 6 p30 citing Bolton Evening News 28 August 1967

August 7 1967. 0700hrs.
Pedro Riera, a tenant in the Eduvigio Building, Avila Avenue in the San Bernardino section, a 20 year old employee of a publicity agency, was awakened by the shaking of his bed. Opening his eyes, he saw a creature by his bed, who soared out of the open window when Pedro leapt out of bed. When he went to the window to investigate Pedro was blinded by multi coloured lights on the ground, forcing him to turn away. He dressed and went out to investigate, but was deterred by the rain. Next day, along with friends and neighbours, he found semicircular scuff marks on the street and footprints of a reddish dust leading to his balcony. The creature was small with a large head, agile and dressed in a suit which appeared to be made of flexible metal, by which Pedro had tried to seize it, before it escaped. At the same time three neighbouring youngsters, Carmen Ortega (17), Jose Andres Pasqual (14) and his brother Jose (8) had been awoken by bright lights and saw a circular devise on the ground opposite Pedro’s apartment. A policeman was also said to have witnessed the object. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p77
  • Lorenzen 1976 p223
  • Charles Bowen in FSR 14,3 p18 citing El Mundo 19 August 1967.

August 7 1967. Afternoon.
A strange being 1.2m tall suddenly appeared in the office Dr Sanchez Vegas, a well known doctor respected for his charitable works among the poor, and asked for a physical examination The being wore a silver suit, and the examination showed he had no ear orifices , his heart made a sound like a human fetes, his eyes were completely round, the trunk of his body extremely long. He had 10 teeth, 5 upper and 5 lower, arranged 2 at the back, 1 at the front like those a rodent, and an unusually high temperature. The creature explained that the doctor was not to worry about these peculiarities, for the being was from another world, where there was no war or disease and where methods of reproduction were much different from those on earth. The being claimed he had arrived in a vehicle the size of the doctor’s examining room and did not use doors to enter buildings. He also warned that a terrible earthquake, caused by a fissure in the earth’s crust filling with water, would devastate the city. The being said all this in perfect Spanish which he claimed to have learned from monitoring radio broadcasts. Two days later Vegas suffered a heart attack. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 77
  • Lorenzen 1976 p223
  • Charles Bowen in FSR 14,3 p18 citing El Mundo 19 August 1967.

August 7 1967. 2100hrs.
Engineering student Fernando Alcazar Albajar was riding his motorcycle at km 15 between Huesca and Sabinanigo when he saw an object fly150m above him and land. It was disc shaped, about twice the angular diameter of the full moon, and gave off a powerful white light as it landed, blinking three times. Fernando panicked. There may have been other witnesses. 
  • Ballester 1976 12 case 49 citing investigation by CEI and his own files

August 7 1967. 2225hrs.
David Robinson and his girlfriend were parked in a small clearing facing a track at the side of Stapleford Woods, when the girl saw two circular white-yellow lights close together 800m away. After a minute they were replaced by a flashing red light that moved away to their right, climbing above the trees. There was no sound and the light faded away. The girl saw the light again, 5 minutes later, coming from the right, above the line of trees. These lights then hovered silently about 800m away. Puzzled the couple drove towards the lights, losing sight of them at a bend in the road. However when they arrived at the spot David flashed his headlights and an object came over the trees towards them. First seen 20m away, it came to within 6m of them at an altitude of 6m. They saw that it had a curved top and bottom, three squares showing orange light and from either side a brilliant beam of light was projected downwards. The thing came right up to the frightened couple, who drove away. 
  • MUFORG Bulletin October 1967. p5 citing letter from David Robinson to Walter Blythe

August 8 1967. Evening.
Evangelic pastor Estanislao Lugo Contreras was at the shore when he saw a huge disc shaped object, giving off a very bright glow, rise out of the sea about 500m from the shore, hover for a few seconds and then rise obliquely into the sky, with a buzzing sound, disappearing in seconds. The object first came to the pastor’s attention when the water began to stir and became lighter, from its usual dark blue to an intense light blue and then white, yellow and orange. As the object emerged its buzz was deafening and made his feet tingle. It left towards Maiquetia. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p54

August 12 1967. 0230hrs.
Robert Miedtke, his wife and children were staying with some relatives on County Trunk Road One, 19km east of Ogama, the children sleeping in the house with the relatives while Robert and his wife slept in their caravan. The couple were awoken by the barking of their German shepherd dog, which died down after15 seconds, as though the dog was walking back to the house. Looking out of their window, they saw a large hemispherical object, with a fluorescent glow at ground level, in a neighbouring pasture, shining a compact beam of light, 15m long, towards the milk house. At this point they notice that both the dog’s barking and the usual night sounds had stopped. After what seemed like an hour, they both heard the sound of a heavy person walking on the sand and gravel track. They were both very afraid as their caravan door was slightly ajar, owing to the lie of the ground and Robert got his gun. The footsteps were heard twice again, each time going south to north. 
An hour after the footsteps were heard the first light of dawn appeared. The uncanny silence was then broken by the dog whimpering like a puppy and then barking. This was followed by a muffled sound like a huge generator that faded away after some seconds. Everything was the normal and no traces were found at the site. About the same time, his wife’s uncle who lived 2.5km to the north was awakened by the barking of his three dogs, but on investigating found nothing. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p27
  • APRO Bulletin September/October 1967. p11

August 12 1967. Late evening.
A dozen teenagers saw a “huge black monster” dressed in black, with a black face and goggles descend from a lighted object near Richibucto 
  • Musgrave 1979 p46 (Case 38) citing Moncton Times 17 August 1967.

August 13 1967. 1600hrs.
Inacio de Souza (41) manager of the Santa Maria ranch between Crixas and Pilar de Goias a and his wife Maria (or Luiza) were returning home from a shopping expedition, when they saw a strange object like an inverted basin on the ranch landing strip. It was about 35m diameter. Between the object and the couple were three strange beings who were either naked or wearing tight fitting yellow “jersey suits”, playing around like children. As the couple approached the beings ran towards them as if to greet them. Thinking they were some rabble from the city, Inacio ordered his wife into the house, grabbed his Winchester .44 rifle and shot the nearest being in the head. At the same time a jet of green light was fired at him from the craft, hitting him in the chest, and he fell back to the ground. Maria rushed out to defend her husband and grabbed the rifle, but the three beings ran back into the craft which took off vertically, with a buzzing sound like a swarm of bees. When the ranch owner flew in from Sao Paulo three days later he found Inacio complaining of numbness and tingling in his body, headaches, trembling in his hands and head and continuous nausea. The owner was sufficiently alarmed to have him taken to a clinic in Goiania 300 km away. There the doctor found burns on his trunk and head forming a perfect circle 15 cm in diameter. The doctor first suggested Inacio had come into contact with poisonous plants, but hearing his story did blood tests which showed he was suffering from leukaemia. Inacio died from this disease on October 11th, having wasted away and become covered with yellow white blotches. His wife burned his clothes and blankets on his death, according to his instructions. 
  • Coral Lorenzen in Fate (UK) January 1972 p55 + Lorenzen 1976 p159 + Saucers Space and Science 55 p16 + UFOlog 59 p5 calling citing investigation by Felipe Carrion and Jader Pereira
  • Charles Bowen in FSR 15,2 p13 ciitng Nigel Rimes citing an investigation by Willi Wirz) (Carrion and Pereira give wife's name as Maria, Wirz as Luiza) 
  • Charles Bowen in The Unexplained 64 p1279

August 14 1967.
A woman encountered a huge black figure in black clothes, with a black face and wearing goggles.
  • Musgrave 1979 p 46 (case 39) citing an undated issue of the Moncton Times

Mid August 1967. Evening.
A family observed a two lights travelling across the sky in about 3 minutes. Through binoculars figures could be seen in one of the lights which was about 800m away 
  • Musgrave 1979 p 46-case 37 citing a letter to APRO

August 15 1967.
An unidentified object landed beside the BR-135 highway. No further details 
  • Hulvio Alexio in FSR 14,6 p 11 citing CIOCANI report 254

August 15 1967. 0210hrs.
At an undisclosed location in North London, a man getting up to go to the toilet glanced out of his window and saw a brilliant object hovering at eye level about 300m away. Two smaller lights emerged from this main light, which then wobbled and rose up, moving towards the witness. It was now less brilliant and he could see that it was pear shaped. As the thing passed over the house, the witness could that the underside consisted of thousands of tiny lights. The object made no noise. The witness later found that the right side of his face, his right arm and both hands had become browned and flakey. The witness claimed that he and others were taken to the Ministry of Defence to discuss the case, and that the area had been cordoned off by the authorities. 
  • Arnold 2010 p63

August 15 1967. 0730hrs.
A young boy out with his dog on a farm near Port Perry heard a strange oscillating sound and went to investigate over a nearby hill. There he encountered a disc shaped object about 3.5m diameter with four legs about 1.5-1.8m long, hovering above the ground. On a platform around the perimeter were seated about 8-10 little men, about 1m tall. They were brown with tight fitting clothes. Later a slightly depressed circular ring about 3.5m diameter was discovered where the object had been observed 
  • Musgrave 1979 p46-case 40 citing a letter to APRO

August 15 1967. Night.
1.5km from Huey a bright and blinding light was observed directly overhead. It moved slowly away and appeared to land on a hill top, where it was observed for 45 minutes. The next day the witness and several others went to the hill, where they found a circle about 2.5m diameter in a soybean field. The beans were dried rather than burnt, the bottom of the beans on the outer edge of the circle being still green. 
  • Rosetta Holmes in Skylook 33

August 16 1967. 1600hrs.
Two people were walking towards Allendale Cottages when they saw a silver elongated object flying slowly at treetop level towards Newcastle on Tyne reflecting the sunlight. Openings were visible along the side. It was observed for about 5 seconds. The wittiness’’ dog bolted just before the object was seen. 
  • UFOlog 58 p1 citing Tyneside UFO Society

August 17 1967. 0045hrs.
A retired audiologist, Edwin Kembury was out walking his dogs when he encountered a 27m tall conical object with three legs. Two beings marched him away from the object and escorted him home, where he invited them in. They staying for about 20 minutes, examining his house. These beings were described as being about 1.57m tall, very thin, with spindly limbs, grey skin, like old parchment, having neither hair nor eyebrows, with their ears just horny rings in the side of their head. They had three fingered, claw like hands and expressionless faces, with thin lips and very small teeth. They wore one piece suits with balaclava type helmets. They made eight further visits in the period up to 23 September, in some of these they stayed for some time, watching television. He exchanged trinkets for seeds that produced a strange plant that died and small stones that turned out to be quartz. He was never able to communicate with them, as they old spoke in whistles, hisses, gestures etc. 
  • NUFON UFO News 120 p13 citing investigations by John Timmerman and Philip Taylor
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p163 citing an unidentified newsclipping
  • Derry 2013 p114 citing Daily Mirror 6 January 1988
  • Randles 1993 p125)
  • Evaluation: Only revealed in 1982 in a letter to the US UFOlogist John Timmerman. Delusions due to loneliness possibly based on meetings with real, possibly abusive, people?

August 18 1967. (Approx date) 0300hrs.
Jose Gregorio Bonaci (18) was in his room when a little man appeared. Jose was so afraid that he ran away and began to vomit. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p400 citing Ultimas Noticias (Caracas) 19 August 1967.

August 18 1967. 0005hrs.
Luminous objects were observed by people in this area and they saw one come down in the hills. There also appeared on the beach strange tracks, resembling those of a tractor coming out of the water. Mrs Luisa de Mario and her husband saw strange luminous objects, among them one that turned in a fashion impossible for an aeroplane. It crossed the coast until reaching a hill, where it seemed to pause for a moment before disappearing. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p407 citing Ultimas Noticias 19 August 1967.

Late August 1967.
Jim Fouche (15) was among a group of schoolboys walking along a footpath through the Delafield Playing Field when they saw what looked like a strip of light about 25m long moving over the treetops and the end of a nearby allotment. In just seconds it drew level with them about a couple of hundred metres away. They could now see four windows on its side, each separated by about 15cm. Through one of these windows Jim saw a white woman with shoulder length hair, slanted eyes and a thin pointed nose, with no visible nostrils. The thing then tilted and moved gradually away. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p172 + Fry 2009 p123 both citing investigation by Dan Goring
  • Evaluation: Witness really reports too much detail, i.e. the woman’s hair bouncing from side to side, than could reasonably be seen.

August 21 1967.
Luis Perez, a student of architecture at the University of Caracas, returned to his home and was shocked to find on his terrace a small humanoid with a cleavage in his skull running from between his eyes, back over the top of his head. His nose was a flattened replica of a normal one. The being fled at Perez’s arrival.
  • Lorenzen 1967. p78

August 22 1967. Night.
Two young men, Ricardo Hurtade and Antonio Piedra heard a strange noise, like horses galloping, in the kitchen of their apartment. When they went to investigate they saw two small beings leaving hurriedly. There was no light in the kitchen so they were unable to distinguish any details, but they felt that the late hour precluded the intruders being children. 
  • Lorenzen 1976 p157

August 23 1967. (Apprx date)
An object about the size of a car, resembling a pyramid with about three quarters of the top chopped off and one corner longer than the others, hovered over the trees. The object, which was bright orange in colour, turned upside down, circled and slowly disappeared. 
  • FSR 13,6 p30 citing Cornish Guardian 24 August 1967.
  • Evaluation: Balloon ?

August 23 1967. 0400hrs.
Neon light salesman Stanley Moxton (25) was driving between Kingston and Smith Falls on his way to Montreal, and had just passed Joyceville, when, in a field near the Glen Gove Road, he saw a green light. Thinking that something unusual was going on he switched off his lights and turned into a side road. When he was close to the puzzling light and facing it, he turned on his headlights again. When he did so, they illuminated a huge object 10m diameter, like two plates rim to rim. Outside were two figures, about 1.2m tall, dressed in white uniforms and helmets. When the headlights caught them, they “almost flew” back into the craft which took off soundlessly and flew away at high speed. No traces were found. Police confirmed that Moxton was sober. 
  • Lorenzen 1967. pp32 + 172
  • Canadian Ufo Report 1,8 p17 + Spacelink 5,1 p16 both citing Toronto Telegram 23 August 1967
  • John Cosway in Toronto Sunday Sun 8 January 1978, states that burn marks and three indentations made by great pressure were found at the site

August 23 1967.
A landing report. No further details 
  • Flying Saucers 57 p24
  • Evaluation: There is no parish (county) called Hamilton in Louisiana

August 23 1967. 2000hrs.
In the neighbourhood of Kolmaarden a 15 year old boy and his girlfriend of the same age were out strolling on a road adjacent to an industrial lot, when they noticed a red light over the wood coming from the south and descending close to the ground. No details were visible behind this light. They felt trapped as though someone was watching them and quickly left the scene, taking a short cut across a field. As they got nearer home, however, curiosity got the better of them and they went back onto the road. They then saw the light move away to the east. The couple now reached an empty and padlocked cabin, around which, to their surprise, were strange light phenomena, both inside and outside. The former consisted of small yellow lights floating around one of the rooms, the latter a sort of cone of light moving up from the ground on the outer wall facing the road. They could also here sounds like thumps on a plank. While the youngsters were still taking this in, the red light appeared again from the west, moving on a curved trajectory towards the north at treetop height. This red light changed to white before apparently landing in a cornfield and going out. The couple then ran back to his house, but finding it unoccupied went to his sister’s house nearby. 

Just as they arrived there, a luminosity suddenly appeared 3m in front of them and 3m above the ground. It seemed like a large torch which uttered a curious whistling sound. At the same time they heard fast gentle steps coming from a brook. The couple walked forward, at which a figure jumped, almost flew, out of the bushes, then stood completely still not more than 10m away. It was a being 1.3m tall dressed in some sort of dark clothing, standing with its head bent down and arms close to the body. It was difficult to make out details in the poor light, and the girl, thinking it was a friend playing a trick, stepped forward. As she did so the figure raised its head and arms in a jerky unsteady fashion. The boy then realised it was something inhuman and dragged his girl back. They both now saw that the being was carrying a box with a sort of projection which was directed towards them. A sort of gleaming light played at the top of this projection. As they stood rooted to the spot in panic, they could see that the creature had an oversized head, covered on top with a dark hood, which went down in V between the eyes, which were large, dark and had a horrible penetrating expression. The place where the mouth should have been was an X shaped marking. The arms and legs were very thin, the latter being bandy. As far as they could tell the creature wore a sort of blue-black coverall, with a kind of belt at the waist. Around its ankle joints, encircling each joint, was something resembling a cable 2m thick which flashed for an instant. The creature look paradoxically both “tough! and unsteady. The couple then got themselves quickly admitted to the house. The boy’s sisters confirmed how shaken the couple were, as did his mother when she arrived. Next day traces were found in the form of unusually damaged apples, strange footprints, 25 cm long, very deep and showing 3 toes. On the night of the 24/25 one of the sisters heard sounds outside the house and a light from an electric torch shone in through the window, footsteps were heard and two shutters were found dislodged from the window. 
  • Flying Saucers 78 p18 + Saucers, Space and Science 53 p13 both citing Sven Schalin
  • Phillips 1975 p51 citing APRO Bulletin September 1967
  • APRO Bulletin September/October 1967. p1 citing G Kosta Rehn citing Schalin op cit

August 23 1967. 2215hrs.
A motorcyclist was driving near a lake about 3km north of Lacombe when he saw a strange object land. At he drove past the thing his bike engine spluttered. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p36 citing Saucers, Space and Science 49

August 24 1967. 1700hrs.
Ron Hyde(s) was motorcycling at 110k/h between Melbourne and Sydney along the Hulme Highway, when about 16 km south of Wodonga, he was forced to stop by a bluish white light which almost blinded him. After removing his sun glasses and whipping his eyes, he was able to see, in a wide grass clearing sloping down from the road some 30m away, a metallic object hovering about 1m above the ground. It had a dark underside, a polished silver top and resembled two saucers, one inverted over the other, separated by a metallic band 25-30 cm deep. The object was surmounted by a small dome, some 1.5m tall, on top of which was what looked like a round, flat topped bell about 30 cm deep. On the dome was a black, crescent shaped marking, 30 cm high, 5 cm wide. The whole machine was between 8-9m wide and 4.5m high. Ron moved towards the object, but his attention was momentarily caught by what he thought was a passing car, but on looking to the road, no car was visible. When he looked back he saw two figures 1.5m tall, dressed in seamless metallic overalls, standing on his side of the object. They wore opaque “fishbowl” helmets, through which no facial features could be seen. There were no visible openings on the side of the craft. Ron took a step towards them and the beings did the same towards him, the one on the left taking two steps forward, raised his hand and beckoned to him. Thoroughly frightened, Ron jumped on his bike and sped off. As he drove off at speeds of up to 190k/h, he heard a deep steady growl, and looking up, he saw the object, surrounded by a pink glow, following at between 30-60m altitude. He tried to flag down passing cars without success, and the object overtook him. He now slowed to walking pace. The object stopped, hovered at 45 degrees, then turned deep red, before accelerating away, becoming almost unbearably bright as it did so, and disappeared from view in a matter of seconds. 
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976 citing Aust FSR (V) 8 p4 + Joanna Hugill in FSR 14,2 p3 + Coral Lorenzen in Fate (UK) July 1968 p23 all citing investigation by PeterNorris
  • (Basterfield gives name as Hyde, other sources give it as Hydes
  • Basterfield 1997 p158 adds Victoria UFO Research Society files
  • Basterfield 1980 p35 case 29 citing investigation by Peter Norris and N Thornhill + AESG Case Document 4 in addition to above

August 25 1967. 1700hrs.
Ruben Norato was on a rock on the beach looking out to sea when he noticed a boiling in the water and saw three grey discs emerged from the spot and fly out to sea. 
  • UFO Investigator March 1968 p5
  • Lorenzen 1968 p55

August 26 1967. 0730HRS.
Marine Private 1st Class Esteban D Cova G. had been relieved of his sentry duty at Airpostal airlines and had just finished a shower, when coming out of the shower room to go to his quarters, he was confronted by an ugly dwarf, 90 cm tall, with huge head, bulging eyes, body covered in a sort of wiry metallic hair. The creature made a deep whistling sound, which caused the witness to feel prickling sensations in his body. The being then said in perfect Spanish “Won’t you come with me, we need one human being”. At this Cova fainted. When he recovered the creature had gone. He reported the matter to his commandant, who averred his belief in the truth of the story.
  • Lorenzen 1968 p79
  • Lorenzen 1976 p157

August 26 1967.
Saki Macharechi, and Arab living in Barracas was driving to Maturin, when he saw what he thought was a wild heron fly past and land. When he got closer, he saw that it was a dwarf, 90 cm tall with huge eyes, standing near a bridge. He was so frightened that he accelerated away and did not stop until he was far away from the area. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p78

August 26 1967. 2200hrs.
College student Kenneth Flack was driving between Salinas and Canon city, when about 1km west of Texas Creek he pulled ahead to overtake a car and camper-trailer, when his engine suddenly failed. Both he and the drivers of the other two vehicles pulled to the side. Flack now noticed in a field to his left 300-400m away a silver grey oval object with a flat base and three stilt like legs. He crossed the road, climbed the fence and walked towards the thing, which he now saw was about the size of a house. As he approached the oval section swivelled round to face him. He now began to walk away from it, but as he did so a bright light hit him, He felt as though was being hit by icicles, put his hands up to ward it off and then passed out. The other people went to his aid and told him that when the beam struck him he had been enveloped in a bluish white glow, which held him for 5 minutes. It then took off, its kegs folding under it and headed off towards Denver. As the light went out Flack fell to the ground. The people in the camper got his address and took him back to the dormitory. He failed to get the addess of these and the person in the other car. He claimed to have received a letter from the woman in the camper saying she had sent a photograph of him surrounded by the light to the Condon Committee, but this was never verified. 
  • Lorenzen 1970 p158 citing investigation by APRO Colorado
  • Data Net IV, 5 p8
  • Mallan 1968 p50 citing Walter Webb. These two give date as 27th as does Rodeghier 1981 p36 (incorrectly citing APRO Bulletin March/April 1969)
  • Evaluation: The other witnesses were never located and the story remained an unverified anecdote

August 26 1967. 2230hrs.
Tony Moracco was walking along Eastern Boulevard, near the intersection with East Lake Road when he suddenly saw a large object 20m overhead. It was 75m diameter with orange and green lights. It had an outer section 6m thick, which was rotating. Tony could not remember anything else until a patrolman found him in a dazed condition near Nichols ore on Eastern Boulevard at 0150hrs. 
  • FSR 14,1 p.iii citing Canada Guardian 28 August 1967.

August 28 1967.
LAC Joe Herbert and his girlfriend were parked in the gravel pits when the temperature rose by over 30 degrees and solid shafts of light penetrated the cab as a brilliant object hovered overhead. A sonic boom was heard throughout the area and Joe suffered a headache for 12 hours. 
  • Gene Duplantier in Flying Saucers 58 p22 + Steiger and Whritenour 1968a p36

August 29 1967. 1030hrs.
Francois (13) and Anne-Marie Delpauch were looking after the cattle on their parents farm, when they noticed that the cattle seemed disturbed and were moving to one side of the field, and into the next one. While rounding up the cows, Francois saw what appeared to be four children behind a hedge 40m away in the direction from which the cattle had come. Standing on a pile of stones, he saw then four beings silhouetted against a painfully brilliant large sphere, partly hidden by the hedge. One of the beings was examining the soil and another, holding something which reflected the sun, was waving his arms about. Still thinking they were children, Francois called out to them, whereupon one of the creatures took off vertically and plunged head first into the sphere, the second and third did likewise. The fourth rose up, but then dived down again for the “mirror” before plunging into the sphere, which had already risen to 15m in the air in a spiralling motion. As the object rose up the light grew in intensity and it gave off a soft, sharp whistling sound, mingled with a murmuring which the children could only compare to an unfelt breeze. 

As the object made further circles the light grew ever more intense and the sound cut out. The sphere then moved off at high speed to the north west. A smell of sulphur began to spread over the area, the cattle became agitated and the dog tried to chase the object. The children were too busy with the cattle to see the object disappear. They put the cattle away as quickly as possible, and ran home scared and crying. The sound was heard by Mr Delecher, the village constable, who went to the site and also noted the sulphurous smell. Francois’ eyes were runny and red for sometime afterwards. They described the object as a featureless sphere 2m diameter. Anne-Marie, but not Francois, saw a landing gear and 3-4 thin legs ending in pads 10 cm in diameter, which just vanished as the object took off. The beings ranged between 1-1.2m tall, were of a silky black colour and were either naked or wearing very close fitting clothing. They had unnaturally long and thin arms, their legs were short and thin with webbed feet. Their heads were in proportion, but their crania and chins were extremely pointed, and they had tufts of beard on their side of their faces and under their chins. 
  • FSR 14,5 p7 + Spacelink 5,3 p17 both citing Joel Mesnard and Claude Pavy in Phénomènes Spatiaux June 1968
  • Bourret 1977 p117)

August 29 1967. 1330hrs.
Numerous students on the campus of University of Venezuela saw a strange luminous metallic looking disc come from the sky and land at the rear of the Institute of Tropical Medicine gardens. On the ground the thing gave off a great deal of smoke and then took off towards the Avila Mountain, after a few seconds. The landing of this object was independently observed by radio engineer Mrs Ligia Riviere, who described it as being of great size. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p79

August 29 1967. 2015hrs.
A party of seven hunters saw six round objects appear out of a gully. They were surrounded by little lights and had bright lights on their underside. They darted off to the east after the hunters shone a spotlight on them. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p87 citing TUFOIC files

August 29 1967. 2200hrs.
About 25 people on Cradle Hill, including Arthur Shuttlewood, saw a conical object land near some woods 1 km away. The object had a revolving rim which was shooting out beams of light. Shuttlewood encountered and communicated with an occupant, but then became afraid, and as he walked away, the object blacked out, and he became aware of an unusually stillness and absence of sound. This silence was broken by a heavy thumping sound, like “the wings of a giant bird”, and he was struck by a huge pressure which passed in a few moments.
  • Shuttlewood 1968 p53

August 29 1967. 2310hrs.
Yvan Guindon was looking after his two sisters, who were asleep while his parents were out. He heard a pulsating noise, which startled the cats and made the dogs outside howl in a peculiar fashion. . A strange light then caught Yvan’s attention and he made out, about 50m from the house a strange luminous object crossing the treetops left to right, about 5-6m above the ground. There was also a sound like cracking or things falling. The object retreated until it was about 60m away, facing and slightly to the left of the bathroom window. The thing was 10m diameter, 5m high. The top part gave off a steady white light, while from the circumference, red, yellow and orange pulsating lights intermingled. Yvan then saw a very intense luminous ray dart from the bottom of the object. This circled around, as if inspecting the surface of the ground. It then rose to the top the height of the window, dazzling and terrifying Yvan, who jumped from the bench on which he was standing and threw himself to the floor. 

After 2-3 minutes Yvans eyes cleared and he picked himself up again. He saw that the strange object was still there and rising from its top was a luminous cylindrical column, which reminded him of one of the great hydraulic levers in the service station. When this pillar reached a height of 12m it opened up and formed a sort of transparent bell around the object, like a fountain of light, reaching to the ground in a circle of 60m. The pulsating sound increased and at the same time the powerful lights went out and the thing shot up to 300m and disappeared to the NNW in an instant. The observation ended at 2325. A few minutes later, Yvan’s parents arrived home and were shocked by his pale face and bloodshot eyes and thought he had been involved in an accident. The next day, at the spot where the object had hovered, three trees, at least 20cm diameter were found smashed into matchsticks over an area of 3-4m, while neighbouring trees were undamaged. 
  • Phénomènes Spatiaux 18

August 30 1967. (Approx. date) Early morning. 
A mysterious object 5.5m long, glowing red and white, was seen hovering over a field near the Lytham-St Anne’s/Blackpool Junction by two people in a car. The startled travellers started their car only to find that the object paced them as far as Peel Corner where it shot high above the clouds and disappeared. 
  • FSR 13,6 p30 citing London Stage 31 August 1967.

August 30 1967. 2030hrs.
Two newsboys, David J (13) and Peter H(12) were cycling along Middlewich Road near the Valley Stream road bridge, when David, who was in the lead, drew Peter’s attention to an object about 1.5km away to the left. It approached rapidly and hovered about 30m directly over them. It was a silvery oval object, surmounted by a transparent dome, on top of which was an antenna. There was something that looked like a cross on the side of this dome, and on the base of the object was dark grey ridge. After about 30 seconds the thing took off at tremendous speed, horizontally at first and then climbing steeply up. Peter dreamed about the thing the next night. 
  • Stanway and Pace 1968 p26 citing their own investigation

August 31 1967. 2120hrs.
While driving home to Barron from Rice Lake, Rev Arleigh Lutz and his wife saw strange object beside the road and stopped to investigate, joined by the occupants of three other cars. The thing was taking off slowly and they estimated that it was larger than a car, with a dark upper part and a silvery-brown, metallic looking lower section, illuminated by two large, intense lights, one purple, the other an unusual shade of green, on its sides, just below a sort of concave dip in the side. The object rose at an angle of 30-40 degrees, hovered for a second or so and then sped off to the north east at terrific speed. It made no sound. 
  • APRO Bulletin September/October 1967. p8 citing investigation by Linda Hoch

August 31 1967. 2130hrs.
Three schoolgirls Carol M, Janet B (12) and Caroline T (14) went to the field of Hanley High School “to look for flying saucers”. They saw two lights in the sky and the third coming rapidly from the direction of the fields, about 3m above the ground. The thing slowed down and hovered above the school clock for about 5 minutes. There was a whooshing sound like the wind. The girls described the object as dome shaped with an orange glow at the top, a brighter red section at the base. Beneath the dome was a white disc with red, green, white and orange lights mingling. As the object came towards them, these lights lit up the ground beneath it. After about 5 minutes the object moved off over the houses, its lights reducing to one faint white light, and it rocked before taking off. On her way home 10 minutes later, Janet thought she saw the object in the sky again and became very frightened. 
  • Stanway and Pace 1968 pp10, 34 citing their own investigation

September 1967.
Leonard Pike was driving between Warminster and Frome when he heard a loud sound and his car began to heat up, and its engine to misfire. Getting out he saw an object above his car, swaying from side to side. The object turned onto its side and moved off over Cley Hill. Leonard was then able to start his car. 
  • Rogers 1994 p15

Early September 1967.
A couple driving through the Drumheller Valley ducked, as an object shaped like on bowl inverted over the other, swooped down as their car windshield and then moved up into the hills, where they saw it shining brightly from some time 
  • Flying Saucers 58 p22 + Gene Duplantier in Steiger and Whritenour 1968a p38 both citing Duplantier in Saucers, Space and Science 50

Early September 1967. 1945hrs. 
A woman was driving north, with her three young sons, on a country road, when her eldest (10) called her attention to about 18 extended dim red lights, arranged in a trapezoid fashion. They appeared to be about 4.5m high and 45cm above the road. The woman accelerated after the lights and chased them for about 300m until they vanished between two sugar maples to her left. The lights disappeared as if they had been occluded right to left. No structure was visible behind these lights. 
  • Condon and Gilmour 1969a p341 citing investigation by Ayer and Wadsworth. 
  • Evaluation: Ayer and Wadsworth considered that it was possible but not likely that the family had seen lights from a microwaves tower

September 1967. 1800hrs.
Mrs Collins saw a brilliant white oval light about 1m above the ground about 40-60m away. She ran to get her husband and when the couple returned the object took off and then shot off over the hills at great speed 
  • Basterfield 1997 p158 citing UFO Research Far North Queensland + UFO Research South Australia

September 1 1967. 0115hrs.
Mrs Becanin could not sleep and went to get a glass of water. Before she went back to bed she looked out of the bedroom window and saw three lights in a field 800m away. They were orange coloured, one closer than the other two at ground level. The nearer light, large and bright, was flashing and began to throw off a vertical shower of green sparks. The thing then rose very slowly into the air and disappeared in the NE; the smaller lights vanished also. The observation lasted about 2 minutes. Mrs Becanin and her son Michael had seen a similar spectacle on the night of 30 August. 
  • Stanway and Pace 1968 p10, 36

September 2 1967. 0205hrs.
Mrs Gillian Freakley had been sitting up reading and before retiring, opened the front door to see if she “could see anything unusual”. After 10 minutes she decided to go in again, when, looking up the street, she saw two gray objects moving to and fro. They were facing each other across the car park. These objects were identical solid L shaped masses, resembling children’s bootees. They were moving towards each other and their fronts appeared to merge from time to time. The objects were each less than half the size of a Mini Saloon parked in the street. Around the top of each was an oval light, yellow then orange towards the outside, which flickered on and off in time to the movement of the objects. After about 10 minutes, she called to her husband; the oval light had gone, and she could see the front of a larger object of similar shape, into which one of the two smaller objects was backing. She retreated out of the light of the door and when she returned a few minutes later, with her husband, the objects had gone. 
  • Stanway and Pace 1968 pp1, 38 citing own investigation
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p 181 citing above

September 2 1967.
A landing report. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 57 p24

September 2 1967. 2115hrs.
Three young boys, David McCue, Graham Treece and Kenneth Harrington, were playing hide and seek when they saw a ball of fire going towards the north-west and changing direction. The exited children called two neighbours, Mrs Bowen and Mrs Stevenson to the scene. All the witnesses described the object as a dull yellow-orange spinning disc, surmounted by a stationary red dome, the apparent size of a living room. It appeared to come to ground level over some fields about 800m away. Six children ran after it, followed by the two women. The thing was seen to rise over a hedge, and then return to its original position. At this point it was the apparent size of a “grapefruit at arm’s length”, and lit up the trees and ground like a sunset. The two women went to call the police, but David and Kenneth saw first the red light go out, the disc become more yellow and then go out. The boys went to the presumed landing place but could find nothing. Police searches were equally fruitless but they did see a white light rise into the air and blink off. The two women and their dog were apprehensive but the boys felt no fear. David heard a sort of buzzing sound when the object moved over the fence. 
  • Stanway and Pace 1968 pp11, 40 and 46i
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p 182 citing above

September 3 1967. 1830hrs. 
While being driven to Napier by her husband, Mrs Gladys Kelly was looking through the car window as they entered the Esk Valley, when she observed an oval object enter the valley from the east. It had a round bottom and a bulging top. It was first seen about 2km away, but then much closer. It passed in front of the hills in the background as it descended at 45 degrees at terrific speed. It had two large vapour trails. The sighting only lasted a couple of seconds and Mr Kelly was too preoccupied with driving to see it. 
  • V J Ballester Olmos citing Spaceview August-October 1967.

September 3 1967. Evening.
After coming home from work with a severe headache, Paula Valdez retired to bed after taking aspirin. She was in a half daze, listening to the transistor radio, when she was roused by a whistling sound. She thought it was static on the radio and moved to turn the dial, when she became aware of a presence in the room. Looking to the side of the bed, she saw a small man, with a large head and prominent eyes, leaning towards her. As she cringed back in fear, the being said “I want you to come with us so that you will know other worlds and you’ll realise how small your world is”. As Paula screamed for her mother, the being ran out of the room with a floating motion. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p80
  • Lorenzen 1976 p224

September 4 1967. 0510hrs.
Police officer Porfirio Antonio Andrade was on duty in the city hall when he heard a humming sound followed by footsteps coming from the garage. Grabbing his submachine gun, he went to investigate. He was confronted by a small man, 1.2m tall, with a large head, and bulging eyes which gave off a red light, and was wearing a silvery metallic overall. As the officer pointed his gun at the being, a Spanish voice from the roof said “Don’t do him any harm, we are here on a peaceful mission, he won’t do you any harm”. The voice seemed to come from a disc shaped object hovering in the air and wobbling from side to side. The little man then spoke to Andrade, urging him to come to their distant world, which was much larger than earth and contained many advantages. Andrade argued that his duty prevented him from taking such a trip. The being tried to convince him that he could be easily brought back in time, but Andrade wouldn't budge. The little man then lifted one foot followed by the other and flew up to the object hovering above, in which an opening had appeared through which he floated. This door then closed, white smoke and flames issued from four tubes, the humming noise started again and the object left. 
  • Lorenzen 1967. p82
  • Lorenzen 1976 p25 (gives date as 9th).

September 4 1967. 2355hrs.BURGHFIELD COMMON (BERKSHIRE : ENGLAND)A number of people on sky watch organised by Arthur Eedle, a science teacher at Stoneham Grammar School, saw a large glowing object, with revolving lights, descend slowly over the Royal Ordnance Factory and apparently land in a nearby wood. A reporter and a schoolboy went to investigate but pound themselves stopped by a sort of force field.

  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p 184

September 5 1967. 0030hrs.
Evan Evanson (18) was driving his pickup truck home, about 1.5km south of Highway 3, south of Taber, when he stopped in an turnoff, listening to the radio, to allow his overheated engine to cool. Suddenly he noticed a large green, glowing object, like two dishes rim to rim, the size of a truck, only about 30cm away. The radio gave off a beeping sound and the truck engine stopped. The thing then disappeared. Evan was still trembling with fear when he reached home. 
  • Lorenzen 1967. p32
  • Brian Cannon in Canadian UFO Report 1,7 p26
  • Gene Duplantier in Steiger and Whritenour 1968b and Flying Saucers 58 p23)

September 5 1967. 0200hrs.
Five People saw a white domed object come from behind a hill and apparently land on a golf course. The next day a burned ring was found on the course. 

September 6 1967.
A landing report. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 57 p24

September 6 1967. 2230hrs.
Physician Dr Edward W Goldstein was driving along a desolate road circling the state park, when he noticed, in the west, an illuminated cigar shaped object, 100m away at 15m altitude. It was glowing a rose colour. A second glow then appeared in the south and the car began to slow and then stop. Edward then heard faint chattering voices, as if from four individuals, from his car radio, which was switched off. The incident lasted for 30 minutes. 
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1969 p12
  • Steiger 1976 p13
  • Steiger 1974 p139)

September 8 1967. 0230hrs. 
As Miss Alicia Rivas Aguillar (23) was turning off her bed lamp, she saw a strange creature outside her bedroom window. Before she closed her eyes and screamed, she noticed that the creature moved as if suspended by a balloon, and gesticulated. Her screams alerted her parents who ran into the room, where they saw the creature soaring over the rooftops, surrounded by a blue-yellow glow. Her brother in law Gumersindo Meire was also roused and, going to his own window, saw the creature launch itself from the window ledge and soar to the east, with its hands and feet pointing backwards. All witnesses described the creature as wearing a silvery metallic uniform, with epaulettes, though no further features could be distinguished. A strong smell of melted iron was noted and an area in the flower bed under the girl’s window was found pressed down. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p81
  • Lorenzen 1976 p225).

September 8 1967. 0645hrs.
Near Atlanta, an object, encircled by two bands of light and making a purring sound, hovered over the road in front of the witness’s car and then rose and vanished over the hill. 
  • UFOlog 51 p6 citing an unspecified issue of Saucer New

September 9 1967.
Tony Laydon was driving with his parents to Blackpool when they observed a purple disc at 30m altitude, projecting a cone of red light onto the grass bank of the motorway. 
  • Eileen Buckle in FSR Case Histories 6 p18

September 11 1967. 2130hrs.
During the course of a violent storm a brilliant orange light detached itself from the clouds and swiftly descended into a grass paddock, 300m from the house of Mrs Catalina Salvareza de Calamante. This thing was 3m diameter, 2m high, had four antennae like extensions, and was rocking gently to and from about 1m above the ground, emitting blinding flashes of light. It was disc shaped and surrounded by a yellow glow that lit up the rain soaked field. After four hours of observation by the family and farmworkers (10 in all) the object rose slowly and then accelerated at high speed into the clouds. It left behind a strong smell of sulphur and grass was totally burned over an area 3m diameter. Long marks, 5vcm wide, were found on the ground and dark pellets of a substance with a disagreeable smell. On analysis these were shown to contain Carbon, Magnesium, Iron, Nickle, Copper and a few other impurities. The analysis also showed that the soil and the wire netting of the fence were unusually radioactive. The deaths of two cows, found with burst stomachs had also been attributed to the incident. During the incident a transistor radio failed to function, though it did so perfectly afterwards. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 15 p11 citing G Aldunati in Bol. Fen Aereos 1968 2 p51
  • Oscar Gallindez in Australian UFO Review 10 p48
  • Brian Cannon in Skylook 36
  • Lorenzen 1968 p69
  • H B Alexio in FSR 14,6 p11 + FSR 15,1 p13 citing Tribuna 17 September 1967. + Nicolas M Ojeda
  • UFO Analysis Report 1,1 p10)

September 14 1967. 1050hrs.
Fabio J Diniz (16) was walking towards the hospital, where he was hoping to sell window shutters, when his attention was caught by a mushroom shaped object in the middle of the football pitch. Thinking it was some military devise, he walked towards it. Suddenly, with a faint sound, a sort of “transparent screen” dropped from the sides of the cupola to the ground. Behind this screen the cylinder which was the base of the cupola was visible. An opening appeared in this cylinder from the bottom up in a curious manner that the youth could not really describe, and two strange beings emerged only 5m away. They were just over 2m tall, of human form and proportions, robust build, and clad from head to toe in green tight fitting diving suits, leaving only a part of the face visible. Their skin appeared green, they had two large round eyes without the white, which were set far apart and surmounted by thick triangular eyebrows. Their mouths and noses were obscured by a sort of mask, from which went a tube which went right down the chest and heel. then up to the nape of the neck. They had swollen heels and four thick fingers. One of the beings antennae on his head, and when Fabio tried to run away this being told him not to run away but come. It then told him to appear there the next day or they would take his family. 

The other being walked right around the cylinder in long, rapid strides, the feet being lifted very high. The heels seemed to depress the ground. When it had competed its circuit it joined its companion and Fabio saw it was carrying something like a weapon pointed at him. The beings re-entered the cylinder, the spokesman first. The opening closed, the screen raised with a creaking sound like that of a scissors grinder. The object then slowly rose straight up. As he fled, Fabio looked back to see the object moving slowly away at an oblique angle, but when he looked back a second time the object had gone. He described the object as consisting of a central dome, brown, 6m diameter, with a row of “portholes” which revolved when the object took off. From the base of the cupola red, yellow and blue beams flashed intermittently/ The cylinder was shiny black, 3m wide and more than 2m high. The screen gave off no reflections, and on top of the cupola was a stationary triangular protuberance. Fabio ran back, caught the next bus and reported the matter to the police. Some vague marks, and scorched granular material were found at the site. An analysis of the latter showed it consisted of iron, aluminium, magnesium, silicon with traces of phosphorous and 6 other metals. 
  • Hulvio B Alexio in FSR 14,6 p12 + FSR 15,1 p8

September 14 1967. 2000hrs.
Mike F (11) and friends observed a disc shaped object with windows around its circumference land in a field near some trees. The boys ran home and did not return. The thing was first seen as a bright light descending to the ground. At ground level the lads saw lights rotating behind the windows and noted that the thing was surmounted by a cupola. One of the boys’ mother went to the site and saw the lights, but would not let the boys return to the site. 
  • APRO Bulletin September October 1967. p8

September 15 1967.
A strange object was seen on or close to the ground. No further details. 
  1. George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 57 p24

September 15 1967. Afternoon.
Four boys observed a black circular object dive out of the sky, hover in the air, oscillating like a spinning top and then descend into the water of the Cornwallis River dike. The object was 4.5m diameter, 1.8m high, It made no splash as it went into the water. The event was researched by the National Research Council’s meteorite committee. 
  • Keel 1971a p159 citing Halifax (NS) Chronicle Herald 19 September 1967.

September 15 1967. 2045hrs.
Carol Luke (14) was in her farmhouse bedroom with her friend Ruth Passini (14) when they observed a bright glowing object, the apparent size of a Volkswagen of that period, above and behind a barn complex about 150-200m away. The object changed colour white-beige-pink-red-orange about 10 times, moving up and down and side to side. After about 30 minutes they heard a noise like the sound of a motor mower coming from the barn area, then two small figures about 1.35m tall emerged from the barn, and stood by the mail box. The beings seemed to be dressed alike, and the one more clearly visible had an oversized head. The two beings may have crossed the road for a short while, then returned with a third. When a car headlights appeared they then ran past the barn. When the car was in the area the lights of the object in the field apparently dimmed, but when car went, the light flared up again. The object then began to move away diagonally, dimming as it did so. At 2200hrs. when Mrs Luke arrived home it was barely visible. Mrs Pinozza who lived opposite claimed to have seen a watermelon shaped object while taking out the wash. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p167 citing Larry Fawcett
  • Condon 1969 p347 citing investigation by Ayer, Wadsworth and Ted Thobin
  • Matthews 2009 p11)

September 16 1967. 1945hrs.
Mrs Ritchie was driving with her three young boys on the hilly Plat Hill Road, when rounding a bend they saw a conical object on the road about 100m ahead. It was as wide as the road and as high as the utility poles. Along the sides and on the centre of the thing were red lights that commended about 30cm above the road. The thing moved slowly away as she approached and when she reached the site, nothing could be seen. The object made no sound. 
  • APRO Bulletin September/October 1967. p9

September 18 1967. 0100hrs.
Forestry worker Russell Hill heard a strange pulsating sound and saw a green light sweep the walls of his cabin, which came from an object hovering in the south west. When he attempted to radio a colleague, Russell found his radio and lights were not functioning, though his petrol engine worked. The object then turned white and shot into the sky. The lights and radio then functioned. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p33

September 20 1967. 2230hrs.
Mrs Pasko went to look in on her sleeping son, and saw through the bedroom window a glow in the woods. Fearing a fire she woke her son, but he said that he didn’t think it was a fire. Rather it was an orange pink glow. Mrs Pasko went back to her TV but returned to the window shortly afterwards, but the glow had now gone. Three days later Mr Pasko and a forest ranger, interested in buying timber went into the woods and discovered a burnt depressed area, 10m across, in the shape of a tear drop. There was a central triangular imprint and three others, forming an equilateral triangle with 3m sides. Several high trees were broken off near the tops and their trunks were scraped as if they had been in contact with a falling object. 
  • APRO Bulletin November/December 1967. p4

September 21 1967. 0030hrs.
Jose M Edrosa (40) was driving between Santa Coloma and La Roca on his way back to Granollers, when he saw a “great fluorescence” which he saw was coming from a “casserole” shaped object resting on the ground. Going towards the craft were some small men with large heads, resplendent in white clothing. The car reared up and Edrosa ran away in panic. This formerly calm man suffered a nervous breakdown after the incident, requiring 6 months hospitalisation, and later refused to discuss the incident. 
  • Ballester 1976 p12 case 50 citing Alberto Adell first hand

September 22 1967. Night.
A racetrack employee was awakened by a tug on his pillow, a tight grip on his arm, and as he sat up a strong arm encircled his neck, almost choking him. He was saved when a horse neighed in a nearby stable, and whoever or whatever had hold of him ran out. His screams alerted his fellows, who found him unconscious with numerous scratches and nicks in his back and chest. 30 minutes later his assistant heard the mare they looked after kicking in her stall. As he went to investigate, a small man about 1m tall, with an ape like appearance, zoomed out of the stable and was gone in seconds. The mare was skittish, nervous and off her food for several days. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p83
  • Lorenzen 1976 p226

September 22 1967. 2030hrs.
A Catholic priest driving south from Versailles was about 5km from Gravois when he observed a light, he compared to the size of a large grapefruit. It was clear and bright and so low that he thought it was a reflection in his window from the ground. He turned down the window and pulled over to observe the light for 15 minutes before it swung round and headed off to the north west, then turned north and then north east. Another motorist and his son also observed the thing, but other motorists seemed to ignore it. 
  • Sagan and Page 1972 p.xxiii
  • Evaluation: I cannot find this place name in Google. It may be Gravigny, Longjumeau, in the Eure Départment, which is about 25km south of Versailles

September 25, 1967. 0700hrs.
Mr Lambert saw a strange greenish 20m diameter object with a cupola, surrounded by a blue mist. The thing jumped from a small wood and hovered 30m away from the front of Lambert’s summer cottage at an altitude of 15-20m. It then ascended at terrific speed. It was observed for three minutes. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Inforspace 3

September 25 1967. (Approx date) 2130hrs. 
Mauricio Weisenthal and his fiancee Maria Rosa Font were driving towards Barcelona 4 km from San Feliu, when they saw in their car headlights, and almost hit, a humanoid creature 70 cm tall, with bright green skin, short thick legs, and long arms. Both witnesses were shocked. 
  • Balllester 1976 p12 case 51 citing Stendek 4 p5 + LDLN 115 p15)

September 27 1967.
A highway department drilling team observed an object approaching at fantastic speed, coming directly towards their rig, so close that the men thought it would crash into them. This object then suddenly changed course, rose and stopped in a position high above the nearby trees where it was seen for three hours. It was the apparent size of an Australian 50c coin of the period at arm’s length, changing shape from round to oval and back. 
  • UFOlog 53 p4 citing an unspecified issue of UFOIC Newsletter
  • Evaluation: The second part of the observation is clearly a bright star or planet

September 28 1967. 0130hrs. 
Omar Amaya T, chief dispatcher at the administrative centre at Maiquetia International Airport, observed three discs crossing the sky north to south. Suddenly one of the objects lagged behind and then dived towards the sea, veering up just before hitting the water and then resuming its place in the formation heading towards Caraballeda. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p78

September 28 1967.
A farmer saw an object that appeared to land on his field. At the site, 12m from the municipal road a small ball of finely shredded pure aluminium was found. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 51 p12

September 28 1967. 
A huge oval object descended rapidly towards the rig and then rose vertically. As the thing rose a jet airliner passed beneath it, at which the strange object appeared 5 times larger than the plane. 
  • UFOlog 53 p5 citing an unspecified issue of UFOIC Newsletter

September 28 1967. 1345hrs.
From several points, a bright cone of flame, pointing downwards followed by a silver disc,, was seen to descend behind a bluff north of the airport. Jim Wall of Maple Leaf Aviation and maintenance man Wilf Coats were among the witnesses. In an aerial search, Wall located a spot 15km north-west of the airport where there was bush burning in the middle of a dirt field. Willow trees nearby were burned and grass was dried up. The centre of the bush was reduced to white ash. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 51 p6

September 30 1967. 1930hrs.
Linda (12) and Tina (8) S were walking through a field about 5km when they saw an oval object suddenly appear and descend to just above the ground in the field. The thing seemed to be about 3.5x 4.5m and changed colour from yellow to orange and back again. The object projected a beam of light and emitted a humming sound like bees. As they watched an object descended from the thing’s underside and spun round. The girls fled back to the house, where they alerted their 14 year old sister Noreen. Through the window the three girls saw the thing take off at speed to the hills to the east and then swerve north out of sight. They were so afraid they contacted nuns at a nearby convent. 
  • APRO Bulletin Sep/October 1967. p9.

End of September 1967. Night.
On Cradle Hill Arthur Shuttlewood, Bob Strong and Sybil Champion encountered a small luminous ovoid that maneuvered very low at high speed and evaded capture by changing shape and going through a gate. 
  • Shuttlewood 1976 p29

October 1967. (or following month) 0200hrs.
Awaking to hear a buzzing noise, a family looked out of their window to observe an oblong, rounded, yellow-green ball of light, 2.5m diameter, with a red pulsating light on top. The buzzing noise was audible all the time and after 2 minutes the ball took off vertically into the sky 
  • Basterfield 1981p87 citing investigation by UFO Research South Australia

October 1967. Early hours.
An object flew over the town, skimming the rooftops. One of the witnesses jolted out of his sleep by the experience suffered a curious psych-physiological effect as the object passed over. 
  • H B Aleixo in FSR 14, 6 p11 citing CICOANI reports 260 +261

October 1967.
Mr B encountered a 1m tall being with a face like that of a hairless monkey, dressed in a black rubber diving suit and helmet and spoke in an unintelligible language. 
  • P M H Edwards in FSR 16,1 p12 citing Science and Mechanics August 1968 p39

October 1967. 
Three men driving along Rt2 saw a large man wearing a cape walking along the road. They stopped and looked back but the figure had disappeared. There were open fields on both sides of the road. 
  • Keel 1970a p185

October 1967. Night.
Ms KR was abducted by beings with large bald heads and large eyes. They had grey wrinkled skin and wore uniforms. They took her to a place with grey walls, a round ceiling, where they did something to her brain. She fought and struggled with them, and next morning found a scar on her right arm. She later had periods of paralysis as luminous spheres entered her room and seemed to communicate with her. In February 1988 her mother had a dream in which a woman tried to get her to nourish deformed human babies. KR developed fears of the dark. 
  • Preston Dennett in UFO Encounters 2, 4 p10

October 1967. 1730hrs.
Lance Druce of Bournemouth was being driven back from a fishing trip by his brother-in-law Brian George, who he was teaching to drive. As Brian noticed a strange object in the sky, the engine of their Austin Cambridge A60 began to splutter and then stalled. Above the St Peter’s Finger Garage, they saw a cigar shaped object variously estimated between 20m and 45m long, with a row of portholes, from which came a yellow light. They got out and, joined by several other motorists, observed the thing for about 5 minutes. Then becoming afraid, they re-entered the car. Looking back they saw that the thing had risen to 60m altitude and was following their car. They stopped at a café, and the thing hovered over the police houses opposite. It disappeared, reappeared as bands of multi coloured light, split into two sections then re-merged before taking off at high speed. During the observation Lance felt a weakness in his legs and Brian felt sick on the way home. 
  • Leslie Harris in FSR 15, 6 p30
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p 242 citing above + additional information from Harris

October 1 1967. (Approx. date)
A large luminous object manoeuvred around the area in an erratic fashion, at about 100m altitude, changing colour as it did so. When the thing hovered, the engines of several cars in the area failed. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p27 citing Saucers, Space and Science 49
  • Gene Duplantier in Steiger and Whritenour 1968a p38 citing John Pearson in an undated issue of Elliot Lake Standard

October 2 1967. 2030hrs.
Two groups of witnesses (4 and 2) independently observed an oval, domed object, which glowed yellow around tis perimeter and carried red, green, blue and white lights, of which the white was largest. At times it glowed red all over. It hovered, spun and moved up and down. Dogs in the area barked. 
  • Fowler 1974 p350

October 3 1967. Night.
Phillip Burkhardt, an aerospace computer systems engineer, was called outside of his Roundtree Drive house by his 14 year old son and the latter’s friend Shawn K. The observed a silvery white metallic disc, illuminated by a set of rectangular lights, which flashed on and off, seemingly revolving across the lower portion of the object from left to right. There was a steady white light on top. The thing was hovering just above the trees a few metres away. The object went behind a ridge and, accompanied by several others, Phillip went to investigate. They observed it from a nearby road and watched it fly out of sight. In the sand and gravel clearing, over which the object had hovered a smell like burning chemicals or electrical wiring could be detected. 
  • Keel 1971 p30
  • Hall 2001 p161 citing NICAP files

October 4 1967. 2300hrs.
Laurie Higgins (19) and four other young people aged between 15 and 20 observed four yellow-white lights over Hood’s Harbour, forming a pattern comparable to the size of a “fair sized aircraft”. The lights descend towards the water at 45 degrees, going on and off in sequence. One of the party heard a sort of whistling sound. Their view was obscured by a hill for 10 seconds and when the area was in view again they saw a single white light on the water. They kept this under observation for 400m until they reported the matter to the RCMP. Constable Ron O’Brien saw the light floating on the water 800m when he arrived on the scene. This light seemed to be floating out to sea and when a boat was sent out all that could be 25m wide. The incident was independently observed by a man 3km from the scene who observed three horizontal red lights and heard the whistling sound. This was also observed by three girls in a car on Cape Sable Island. Some time before this the crew of an Air Canada plane flying over Quebec saw a large bright rectangle at 3,700m, trailing smaller lights. There seemed to be an explosion on board this object. The object was also said to have been seen by the crew of a trawler near Sambro NS. There was a futile attempt to find the object. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p56
  • Gilmour and Condon 1969a citing investigation by Norman Levine
  • APRO Bulletin September/October 1967. p7
  • UFO investigator IV, 5
  • Spencer 1975 p97
  • Rutkowski 2010 p157 + Randle 1997 p1 + Randle 2010 p242 all citing Don Ledger and Chris Styles
  • Dittman in Rutkowski and Dittman 2006 p94
  • Campagna 1998 p99 dates the case 5 October
  • Ledger and Styles 2001
  • Ledger 1998 p72

October 5 1967. 2200hrs.
A woman cycling along a country lane was followed by an object making a humming and bleeping sound, 6m overhead. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p189 citing letter to Isle of Wight UFO Society from Reverend Grant

October 6 1967. Night.
Eugene Browne was walking home from a Belfast jazz club, when on the outskirts, he saw an object in the sky coming towards him. From it came a beam of intense light which danced about until he became dizzy and fainted. He came to lying on a table in a windowless oblong room, from the floor of which came a blue light. There were metal bands around his head, and his wrists were attached to a square metallic apparatus. Four men and a woman, dressed in dark one piece suits and surrounded by a bluish aura entered. The tallest of the beings was about 1.8m tall. The beings persuaded Brown to have sex with the woman, who had blond hair, blue eyes, high cheekbones and thin lips. When they had finished they secured him back on the table and they told him that it would not be the last he would see of them and that they were performing genetic experiments. Yellow lights came on and he lost consciousness. When he recovered he was in a field 1.6km where he been abducted. He saw the craft take off. 
  • Norman Oliver in Gemini 1,2 p21
  • Trench 1974 p118 citing letter from Eugene Browne in Awareness Summer 1968.
  • Evaluation: Probable hoax

October 9 1967. 1000hrs.
Ron Vigill of Bayard was driving to Silver City on US90 when, on reaching the Central and Fort Bayard crossroad, he spotted a blue-green small torpedo shaped object, apparently skimming the ground below the utility wires, and the apparent speed of a jet aircraft. At the same time and only in short distance away on Fort Bayard golf course, Macario Borrege and a friend observed a welding torch blue object, with a central fiery ring, encircled by an outer blue ring. Macario saw the thing from as close as 10m as it travelled northward in the direction of Twin Sisters. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p169

October 9 1967. 1740hrs.
In a residential area east of the city limits the 13 year old son of a prominent local businessman was cycling home and had just negotiated a detour onto the slope when he noticed, on the ground 13m away, a cylinder that was stood on end and was supported by two legs angling out from the bottom, ending on pads and joined by a curved bar just above these pads. The object was 2.5m tall, 50-75cn wide and was [partially obscured by a tree. The boy cycled to within 10m of the thing, at which the aluminium coloured object rose into the air with a slight rocking motion, and disappeared from sight in 12 seconds, going straight up. As it did so, the object made a deep low pitched hum. Though the object reflected the sunlight, it did not reflect the surroundings. The boy, who was considered very reliable, found two marks on the hard surface at the bottom of the wash, 105cm apart, diameter 335mm. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p11 citing James McDonald
  • Lorenzen 1976 p15
  • APRO Bulletin September/October 1967, p1 citing investigation by the Lorenzens and Dr James McDonald

October 10 1967. 0045hrs.
A motorist coming home from work was flagged down by a 1.8m tall man with a goatee beard and jacket with four gold bars on each shoulder. This man made a number of condescending comments about earth, asked for the location of the North Star. He would not say where he came from, but said he and colleagues would return. The stranger then walked for a metre or so and suddenly disappeared. The witness then heard a whirring sound and saw a 100m long object rise up to two other objects in the sky. All three then flew off. 
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 p336 citing Blue Book files

Othmar Willi (37) a worker at the Brown and Boweri plant was looking at the sky, while smoking his last pipe when he observed three vertical cylinders, each topped by a small cone. They were coming down to an altitude 5m in a corn field 50m away. They were 10m high, 5m wide and were revolving slowly. He could see, in the upper part of each cylinder, two rows of small squares, emitting an indescribable light. There was also a sound like a swarm of bees. Suddenly an opening appeared in one of these objects and a container was lowered on the end of a rope, to the height of the corn ears. The container became lit at that moment by a peculiar light that did not illuminate the surroundings. After about a minute this container was pulled up again and the three cylinders departed to tremendous speed. 
  • Roger Perrinjaquet in FSR 14,4 p.iv

October 11 1967. 1230hrs.
Emilio Grellana was travelling in his truck near Limache with his 15 year old son when they observed a powerful light that passed over Limache and seemed to land on “El Roble” hill, throbbing rhythmically. They watched it for about 30 minutes and their continued on their journey without waiting for it to leave. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Pablo Petrowitch citing El Mercurio (V) 13 October 1967.
  • Evaluation: Bolide + astronomical?

October 11 1967. 2000hrs.
After his car engine and headlights failed a motorist saw oval object surmounted by a sort of turret circling his car. It did this four or five times at about 100m altitude, before flying off. While the object was close the motorist felt cold. When the thing left to car started up by itself. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p37 citing CUFOS files

October 12 1967. 0300hrs.
Jay Anderson saw a figure in a metallic suite, surrounded by a luminous glow, in his doorway. The figure stood, turned and walked out. 
  • Salisbury 1974 p251 citing Joseph “Junior” Hicks

October 12 1967. 1830hrs.
A group of neighbourhood children at a back yard picnic table when they saw a silvery ovoid object, estimated at 3m long, 1.5m wide, with red lights, a dome on top and things like poles hanging from its underside. It came down to about 15m and then rose again. The children tried to follow it but it was too fast. 
  • APRO Bulletin September/October 1957 p10

October 13 1967. 0150hrs.
Engineer William Benwick and his crew on the CNR train 433, travelling at 80kph, observed, 1.6km north of Almora, a conical object, which came within 100m of the train. The thing was 12-15m diameter, 5-6m thick with a black top, a series of red, green, orange and yellow flashing lights around the rim and a circle of light 3m diameter on its underside. The object paced them into Mirror, stopping with the train at Alix. It was also observed by the station master at Mirror where it hovered for two hours. A woman at Mirror was awakened by a humming sound and saw an object speeding across the sky. 
  • Brian Canon in Canadian UFO Report 1,7 p27
  • Lorenzen 1968 p173
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969a p10)
  • Evaluation: The main sighting is clearly an astronomical misperception

October 13 1967. Evening.
An object, first seen travelling across the sky at Laitker 3km away, was observed to land in a running stream by the dak bungalow. It churned up the water with deafening explosions and then flew off towards Mowdok, 5km away and thence into the Luk Swer forest where considerable damage was caused. Some of the trees looked as if they had been cut by a saw. At Laitker the thing was observed at 150m , giving off bright red and green lights. An investigation concluded it was a whirlwind of high intensity. 
  • FSR 14,1 p.iii citing Times of India 18, 19, 20 October 1967.
  • UFOlog 54 p5 citing Pakistan Observer 24 November 1967
  • Phillips 1975 p52 case 606 citing UFO Investigator November/December 1967. : : clarifies date and provides original sources

October 13 1967. 2130hrs.
Mr A R Sprago, the employer of a large labour force, was driving between Kojonup and Boyup Brook, on a paying off expedition. When driving at almost 100kph some 10km from Boyup Brook his vehicle’s electrical system suddenly failed and the car instantly stopped, though be experience of deceleration . The car was now the focus of a brilliant beam of light, 50-80cm diameter, coming from a mushroom shaped object, 10m diameter, hovering at altitude, over the trees, glowing bluish. . The tube came out of the thing’s underside at 45 degrees. Sprago could see straight up this tube, which did not glare. He felt to compelled to look up this tube, and that he was being watched. . He later recalled that while the tube was on him, he could not heard the night sounds or even his own heartbeat. After about 5 minutes the light switched off, the thing seemed to darken and accelerated away in a second or so. The moment this object had left, Sprago found that the car was moving along the road at the same rate as before, again with no sense of acceleration. When Sprago arrived at Boyup her found that his excellent watch was 5 minutes slow, as if it too had been stopped. 
On the same night Grayden Pascoe, farmer on Whistler Road was disturbed by the agitation of his animals and when he went out to investigate he was blinded by a brilliant light, which when he put up his hands to shield his eyes seemed to penetrate his hands like an X-ray. The light then just went out.
  • Joanna Hugill in FSR 14,4 p15
  • Paul Zeck in A.F.S.R. 8 p18
  • FSR 17,3 p29 
  • Keith Basterfield 1997 pp45, 160 citing his own investigation + Victoria UFO Research Society files + Zeck op cit.
  • UFO Investigator IV, 7 p6 
  • Hack 2000hrs. p56

October 13 1967. 1245hrs.
Mrs C from Marquise observed three small beings dressed in red overalls who either walked on or glided just above the grass. The sighting appears to have been foretold by a medium. 
  • Alain Gamard citing LDLN 92 p15

October 14 1967. 0230hrs.
Solid state physicist Lewis Hollander and his wife sighted a glowing object hovering close to the ground. It began to ascend at increasing speed and disappeared at high altitude. Lewis noted a white glow, which he thought was an ionisation trail behind the thing. The observation lasted for three minutes. (Keyhoe and Lore 1969a p1 : : Hynek 1972 p238 gives no details but says there were three witnesses)
October 14 1967. 1945hrs. HALFWAY HOLLOW (UTAH : USA)
While driving on the road to Duray, At Halfway Hollow Junction Orville Rudy and his father Czar observed , about 800m away a fire on the road, which was lost to site and then reappeared. It was an orange-red hemisphere that moved at incredible speed, leaped around and crossed the face of the full moon, which it eclipsed. It kept its flat side down and disappeared in the North West 
  • Salisbury 1974 table citing Joseph Hicks files

October 17 1967.
Messes Weaver and Shane saw an unidentified object at low level. No further details. 
  • Data Net V, 7 p10

October 17 1967. 2200hrs.
Sandy and LaJean Rickman observed a large orange ball hover 50m away over their corral. A few minutes later it was joined by another similar thing. The two departed out of sight to the east. 
  • Salisbury 1974 table citing Joseph Hicks files

October 19 1967. Evening.

A domed shaped aerial object, the size of a car, was observed by eighteen different people, including WPRE station announcer Michael Leyh. He was watching TV when a couple stopped and told him that an unusual object was over his house. He went outside and saw that the thing was moving to the north at 12m altitude, spouting orange flames. It disappeared from site a few kilometres outside the town. 

  • Lorenzen 1968 p170

October 19 1967. Night.
A Siddal youth observed a cigar shaped object stationary above the trees. It then began to climb horizontally very slowly, growing brighter as it moved away, and then took off vertically and suddenly disappeared. The thing was soundless. 
  • Dan Lloyd in FSR 14,2 p36 citing Halifax Courier 23 October 1967.

Late October 1967.
Power saw operator Glenn Thomas was walking in a trail at the 1,500m level in the hills behind Estacada in somewhat misty conditions. He came to a clearing where he encountered three hairy humanoids, two adults (male and female) and a child. They were looking among the rocks for marmots, which they promptly eat. Glenn watched the creatures for some minutes until they wandered off. The female was about 1.8m tall, the male taller, and the youngster did not come up to her waist. 
  • Hunter and Dahinden 1975 p131
  • Green 1973 p87

Late October 1967. 2100hrs.
Donald Marshall was walking home after visiting a cousin, when, nearing his house, he saw a light at its rear. Approaching he saw that the light was a strip 5m long, 1.2m wide, 3m above the ground, on a large object, perhaps 15m long. As Marshall came within 60m of the object a bright spotlight came on and he saw three small humanoid creatures coming from the machine. They moved very fast and wore green uniforms with some sort of headgear. The creatures disappeared into the night, and the craft took off slowly (about 8km/h). Marshall did not investigate that night for fear of meeting the little men. Next day some trees were found broken.
  • Mary Lou Guenther in Saucers, Space and Science 51 p4

October 20 1967. 2230hrs.
Anna X, (65), a local government social worker was sitting alone watching TV when she heard a thump on her north porch. The TV pictures became distorted and her dogs began to bark. She went to the bathroom and opened the window to call in her retriever when she saw an object, with a blue-white neon light 10m above her yard. The object was circular and the size of a large tractor tyre. When she went to investigate this object just disappeared right in front of her eyes. In a swamp at the back of her house cat-tails were found beaten down in a circle 9m diameter. No sound was heard during the incident. The woman’s two sons were sceptical of the affair. 
  • T M Wright in Fate (UK) June 1969 p34 citing William Donovan
  • Condon and Gilmour 1969 pp376, 378 citing investigation by Roy Craig and John Ahrens
  • Phillips 1975 p53 case 268 citing Lloyd Mallan in an unspecified issue of Science and Mechanics

October 21 1967. 2200hrs.
Ivan Ritter, Jerry Bennett and two other youths were driving east out of Duncan on State Route 7 when they noticed something on the highway out of range of their dimmed lights. When the driver put the lights on full they saw 3 men, about 1.2m tall, with blue-green shiny skin or tight clothing, with human faces but with large ears. The beings “almost flew off the road and disappeared”. The four boys were frightened by this and reported the matter to the police. Next day Ritter and Bennett returned to the scene, but the only evidence was a footprint about 90m from the road in the muddy bottom of a creek bed. It was only the size of a baby’s, but with an oversize heel and only four toes. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p84
  • Lorenzen 1976 p227

Week of October 22-28 1967. Night.
On two occasions during this week a couple of campers observed a strange glowing object on the side of a mountain. On each occasion they observed small lights which danced as if unaffected by gravity. Through binoculars each of the lights was seen to have a tiny human figure below it. 
  • Lorenzen 1976 p190

October 22 1967. Near dawn.
Patrolman Dale Spradlin and Officer Gerald Mascon chased a blue ball of light, about 20 cm diameters, at treetop height for13km down a country road outside of Newman. When the light began to accelerate away, the officers turned back, whereupon the light turned, pursuing and overtaking them at 115kph. The thing emitted a beam of blue light that illuminated the ground and then pulled up into the sky, where it remained moving erratically for two hours. The couple parked in a nearby lot saw the light directly over the patrol car. Lights had been seen in the sky earlier by patrolman Jerry Goldin. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p171
  • Evaluation: Astronomical?

October 22 1967. 2115hrs.
Several residents reported lights in the sky, observed from 1845hrs. onwards. The principal witness, a house salesman and former RCAF technician was returning to his office from one of the houses on the lot, across a field when he observed two small purple lights about 225m away in the field. They were tilted at 45 degrees, 45m apart. The first light was hovering at telephone pole height, the other was at ground level. On walking closer, he observed a third, slightly brighter, light on the ground between the first two. The woman who worked with him then joined him, and as she did so, the lights increased to a diameter of 60-90 cm and began to pulsate, brightening and dimming at 2-3 second intervals out of sequence with each other. The lights began advancing and retreating. The salesman went to get his binoculars and flagged down a car. Two couples and two small children from this car saw four lights, then a fifth which descended through the clouds, lighting them with a reddish glow. The other lights then began to drift 30m northwards. As aircraft passed overhead the three lights at ground level then formed themselves into a perfect triangle, and headed away. When they reached a power line, they changed to a line formation, lighting up the wires as they sped over them, hovered over a TV broadcasting station and moved off into the Northwest. Next day the salesman and a foreman went to the site and found three clusters of small footprints which radiated away in pairs for 60m. It appeared that eight beings were involved leaving footprints 175 mm long and 69 mm wide, with heels pressed down more than the toes. When the foreman bent down over a pile of stones at the centre of this, he felt a sudden headache. The salesman developed reddening of the face and hands, aching in his legs and hot and cold feelings in his thighs. He later suffered from symptoms of dehydration, as did the sales lady. His car took longer than usual to start in the morning. There were a total of 19 witnesses. 
  • Saucers Space and Science 52 p9 citing Winnipeg Free Press 24 October 1967. + CAPIO Winnipeg
  • Brian Cannon in Canadian UFO Report 1,7 p27
  • Rutkowski 1993 p28 citing Winnipeg Tribune 25 October 1967. + Bondarchuk 1981 p46

October 22 1967. 1945hrs.
About 10km south west of Humbolt, a farmer and his friend had gone to pick up some bales of hay from another farmer’s field when they observed some lights in the south-west, near a drilling rig. The lights, about 1.5km away, appeared as three lights, one of which resembled a railroad flare These lights were flickering at high frequency, were about 1.2m diameter, with diffuse edges, the outer ones being orange-amber in colour and the centre light brilliant red. . This red light, the shape of an inverted tear drop, moved up and down in a regular fashion. The two drove across the field to within 200m of the lights, where they became blocked from view. As they drove the truck down the road at the estimated position of the lights, the farmer felt that he was driving under something. Looking back after a short period, they saw the lights descend to ground level, the centre lights being at about 1m altitude. The lights followed the truck and then moved off at more than 60kph and then turned around. About 400m from an intersection the lights moved off 50m to the left into a field and went out. The men drove to a high spot on the road, where about 20 minutes later they saw several sparks jump from scattered points on the fields, arcing up from about 50cm to 25-30m. Sparks were also seen on a driveway and the farmer’s companion saw a dark object, without lights, the apparent size of a railway locomotive, moving north on the road. 
  • D F Clausen in Canadian UFO Report 1,7 p27

October 24 1967. 2100hrs.LUMSDEN (SASKATCHEWAN : CANADA)Four teenagers (16-18) were driving on a country road 3km south-east of Lumsden when the driver called the attention of the others to s bright light, first thought to be the moon, which they then saw was a lens shaped object, 12m wide, 5m high, of brilliant red colour, with a dark band around the centre. As they speeded into Lumsden the object moved slowly to the east and disappeared in a wooded ravine about 2.5km away. The two girls in the party were hysterical and both boys very shaken when they reported the matter to Corporal Parsons of the RCMP. Constable Ferguson was dispatched to the area and a t a point 5km south-east of town he saw a red object with white flashing lights at 400m altitude to the south-east. This took off like a jet after 3 minutes. After seeing their girls home, the two boys drove through the wooded ravine where they saw two white lights flashing on and off alternately on the wooded southern slope. Stopping they confirmed that these were bright round, white lights 12m apart, flashing in sequence.

  • Lorenzen 1968 p174 citing investigation by D W Coulthard and J K Crosby

October 24 1967. 2130hrs.
Pat Crosier (or Crozier) (10) was sitting on his front porch with a friend, Donald Chiszar(s) (12-13), when he noticed a bright object approaching from the north, from behind some houses, then stop in mid air 45m away above the White House Tavern. They could see that it was a craft with a dome, out of which came a sort of rod. Pat became afraid and ran inside as the object tilted towards them. Donald saw that it was about 10m in diameter, about 2m thick and was dull silver in colour. It had an oblong portion on the underside, which was circled by red, green and white lights which flashed in sequence. At each of two square windows, separated by a bar, he could see the silhouette of a creature of small size, with wide hips and brown body covered in lumps. The two creatures stood totally motionless, “like robots” and behind them a complicated pattern of lights and knobs could be seen. Below the windows was some strange writing. The boys were about to call for help, when the object tilted back towards the horizontal and disappeared on the spot. Donald looked at his watch and noted that the incident had lasted 2 minutes. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p179 (incorrectly gives location was Newfield
  • T. M Wright in Fate (UK) June 1969 p40 citing investigation by William Donovan
  • Condon 1969 p378 investigation by Ahrens and Roy Craig.)

October 24 1967. Late.
Peter Lawless observed a small, round, spinning object land gently at a spot known as Heaven’s Gate on the Longleat Estate. A circular pattern of slightly depressed grass, about 10m diameter, was found at the site next day. 
  • Shuttlewood 1968 p89

October 25 1967. 2045hrs.
Three boys, Clive Robinson (14), Richard Corben (14) and David Jennings, observed a dome shaped object with a smaller hump on the top land behind a pavilion at the Girl’s College Playing Field. It was first seen as two glimmering white lights, which merged sides together and then landed 200m away. No openings were visible nor were there any legs. The boys were afraid that the thing might be radioactive and began to move away. Looking back, they saw the light take off diagonally. They returned to the site with a Mr Tandy on the 27th and found an arc of triangular marks, 5cm long, marked out. 
  • FSR 14,1 p31 citing Malvern Gazette 2 November 1967. + Betty Allan
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p213 citing above

October 25 1967. 2130hrs.
Keith Reynolds observed a very large orange ball travelling towards Vernal very fast at low altitude. It made no sound, though a jet plane at much higher altitude, which passed a few minutes later, could be plainly heard. 
  • Salisbury 1974 table citing Joseph Hicks files

October 25 1967. 2350hrs.
Miss Dorothy Fear and her son Clive saw an orange glowing object, with a hemispherical top, land on Battlesbury Hill 
  • Shuttlewood 1968 p89

October 25 1967. 2355hrs.
The last guests had just left Middle Moneynut Farm, when Mr and Mrs Morrison heard a noise like an approaching car and then saw a strong light appear behind the barn 150m away. Fearing thieves, Mr Morrison went towards the light, but fear overcame him after two or three steps. 10 minutes later this light took off down the valley, alarming the livestock as it went away, decreasing in brightness. A cigar shaped object had been seen heading towards the village of 1000 hours. 
  • UFOlog 42 p 4 citing an undated issue of Berwick Advertiser

October 26 1967. 0430hrs.
Mr C, the owner of a small transport company in Sussex, was driving his 1966 Ford Transit Minibus on the A32 towards Reading, when 10 minutes after crossing the Hooke Interchange, his vehicle’s electrical system failed. He inspected the battery and leads but could not see what was wrong and returned to the driver’s seat. He caught a glimpse of a dark object motionless over the road as he re-entered the van, but thought nothing of it. After a few minutes he found that he was able to restart the engine and radio, but 400m further along, the electrical system failed again. As he got out once more, he noticed a change of air pressure and an unpleasant pervasive smell like that produced by an arcing electric motor. He inspected the engine again, making sure that the smell did not come from there. Looking around, he saw about 90m away, a dark motionless object at 15-30m above the trees, moonlight glinting on its upper right hand surface. It was 18m wide, 9m thick, with a curved upper part and conical underside, joined by a flange like rim, giving the impression of a very squat ice cream cone made of dull material. After several minutes the object moved away to the right, horizontally and without any sound, disappearing over the trees. He now found that he could re-start the bus. He completed the rest of his journey in an unusually fast time, without stopping, despite the strange route. He found difficulty in co-ordinating his driving. He later noticed a throbbing in his fingertips and that his toothache had stopped. He now found that he could recall his dreams clearly, which he had not been able to do so before.
  • R H B Winder and Bernard Finch in FSR 13,6 p6 citing their own investigation
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p 216 citing above
  • Chapman 1969 p36)

October 26 1967. 0600hrs. 
Mr F. Woodcock was awakened by a brilliant light. Near the ground was an object shaped like a shining cross, with its upright arm twice as long as its crosspiece, close to the ground. After 2 minutes it suddenly accelerated away.
  • Tibbitts in FSOAN 1,2 p9

October 26 1967. Morning.
While delivering newspapers in the Hog’s Back area, a newsboy saw a dimly glowing, green circular object descend behind a group of nearby trees. Shortly afterwards a brilliant white sphere, the apparent size of the sun, hovered and circled. 
  • FSR 14,2 p.iii citing Surrey Advertiser 28 October 1967.

October 26 1967. 
Angus Brooks, a retired flight administration officer, was walking his dogs on the Downs when he decided to seek shelter from the gale blowing in a hollow. As he lay on his back his attention was first caught by a contrail and he then saw an object descend at terrific speed at 60-90m altitude, some 400m away. The thing was about 50m long, with a central circular nucleus, from which extended four arms, which arranged themselves in the form of a cross. He observed this thing, which appeared to be made of a translucent material, for avbout 20 minutes, after which the two central arms merged together and the thing took off in the direction of the Winfrith atomic research station. 
  • Clarke and Roberts 2002 p205 citing investigation by Leslie Ackhurst, Dr John Dickison and Alex Cassie for the MOD
  • Chapman 1969 p25
  • Evaluation: REM intrusion? Sparked by floater in eye

October 26 1967. 2325krs.
Peter Murphy (35) a garage mechanic from Kirkby was driving along Croxteth Hall Road when a black shiny object flashed past his windscreen and disappeared into a nearby field. He thought that hooligans may have been throwing things at the car and reported the matter to the police. A search was made in the field but nothing was found While this search was going on, however, Murphy and D C David Jackson saw star shaped object, the size of a very large plate, about 120m above Norris Green. It fell to the earth. A second search was fruitless and some minutes later the two men saw what appeared to be the same object travelling fast over the East Lancs Road. 
  • MUFOB 1,1 p6 + FSR 14,2 piii both citing Liverpool Echo 27 October 1967.

October 27 1967. 0300hrs.
A café waitress on her way from work saw a large, round, revolving object which seemed to rise from the ground. Her car began to bump and sway and she was followed by the object as she tried to escape. She could see two or three whitish streaks of light coming down from this object. As she neared home the thing stopped and hovered momentarily before moving out of sight over a warehouse to the north. At this point police Lt Glen D Brunsell also observed the object. He saw it bounce above trees a block away, giving off such a bright light that it hurt his eyes. The object stopped near a missile base where it shot into the sky, disappearing in three seconds. 
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969a p6
  • UFO Investigator IV,7, p6
  • Hynek 1972 pp69, 230)

October 27 1967. 0330hrs.
Chris Helgesen was collecting milk from farms near Max when he noticed a reddish light, coming from the east. As he started out for the next farm the object began pacing him to the left of hisi truck. As he left that farm the round, spinning object was almost over his truck. He heard no sound when he switched off his motor. The object continued pacing the truck, hovering over nearby fields when he stopped. At the fourth stop the thing turned a bluish colour and raced away. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 5 citing Donald Flickinger

October 27 1967. Night.
A motorist going up Crendon Hill saw a strange object resembling a generator as the car engine failed. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p37 citing Contact UK

October 28m 1967. 0015hrs.
A housewife observed a silvery grey shape, with a bright silver streak down the middle and four lights on the bottom, hanging motionless amid trees. She was frightened and told no-one about it and it was gone in the morning. 
  • FSR 14,3 p31 citing Merthyr Express 2 November 1967.
  • Evaluation: The Meteorological Office suggested that it was a balloon caught in the trees.

October 28 1967. 
Three boys observed a bullet shaped object, with a glowing green outline, hovering above an electricity sub-station for a few seconds . The thing rose quickly and noiselessly, a white spot glowing on its underside as it did so, and disappeared. Brown marks, like burn marks, were left on the roof of the building. 
  • FSR 14,3 p31 citing Shields Gazette 30 October 1967

October 28 1967. Evening.
A taxi driver observed an object with a dome, on which was a flashing red light, about 60m above the trees. As the object went away over fields, he saw huge green and white flashing lights. Later that night he saw it at a distance of 500m. At one point it dipped behind the trees and then returned and hovered. When first seen this second time the thing appeared ringed by fluorescent light. When it rose again, all the witness could see was the red flashing light. After about 5 minutes it rose into the cloud cover at astonishing speed. 
  • FSR 14, 3 p31 citing Southend Standard 2 November 1967.

October 28 1967. 1930hrs.
David Barnard (30), his two sons (10, 8), along with his brother in law Jack Kerns (41) along with his 15 year old son were returning home from a hunting trip, southeast of Maturita, travelling along a mountain road. Near Lone Cone Mountain they observed a fiery orange ball moving above the treetops in the distance. It then seemed to come down the ridge towards them and the party stopped to watch it. . The two men observed the object from 300m range in their rifle scopes. It appeared round, with a dome on top, from which protruded an antenna and had coloured lights, which appeared to be square windows, around the bottom. Around its base were a group of 7 or 8 flickering, apparently revolving, blue lights. The object appeared to pace them to State Route 80, where it disappeared from sight. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p177 citing an undated issue of Denver Post

October 28 1967. 2055hrs.
Two schoolboys, Eddie H and Anthony T (15) saw an oval object, the size of a car, with 2 flashing red lights, and 2 steady white ones, hovering about 10m above the ground some 25m away, over the roof of a house on Alderson Road. As they did so, Eddie’s dog acted up. The object then approached and hovered overhead before rising to 60m and taking off to the north by north west at great speed and then turned sharply, stopped for a moment and then shot out of sight. 
  • APRO Bulletin January/February 1968 p4

October 29 1967. 1645hrs.
Two teenage girls out playing saw an orange coloured cigar shaped object approaching. It flew around them and descended to a metre or two above the ground. Its colour was constantly changing from orange to yellow to white and then to dull grey. It was surrounded by a fuzzy green haze, which disappeared as the thing took off. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p 238 citing Northampton Chronicle 30 October 1967.

October 29 1967. 1845hrs.
Paul Quick (21) was pushing his motor cycle 3km to his home in Hampers Lane, through a wooded area when he saw an oval object, which he estimated to 1 ½ times the size of a double decker bus, illuminated with a bright white light. The thing was first seen at about 75m altitude and descended towards him, disappearing behind a clump of trees in 15 seconds. When he reached home, his sister Leone (22) drew the rest of the family’s attention to a large bright coloured sphere floating down on to Chanctonbury Downs about 3km away. The thing now resembled an inverted horse shoe and its colour changed to ruby red, before it separated into three parts, one remaining stationary, the others moving to the left. These parts were green and blue. After about a minute the three portions reunited. 
Paul, his younger sister, Michele (16) and his mother, Suzette, ran to a clearing 500m away to get a better view. They saw the thing now as a sort of horizontal “ice cream cone” about 30m long, the wider end of which was red. After 20 minutes the thing started moving down the hill and they lost sight of it. The thing was also seen by a Mr Slattery from Patcham. They reported the matter to the police. 
  • Charles Bowen and Gordon Creighton in FSR 14,2 p4 citing Sun 31 October 1967. and investigation by Omar Fowler
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p238 citing above + Worthing Herald 3 November 1967. + Brighton Evening Argos 30 October 1967.
  • Evaluation: Later shown to be earth moving equipment.

Late October/Early November 1967. 0145hrs.
Two woodcutters were waiting for a third to pick them up car and commenting on the unusual absence of small game to hunt that moonlit night when they saw what they first thought was a car on fire 150 to 200m away. Fearing a car crash they went to investigate but as they got closer they noted the absence of headlights, only the silent light. They then realised that it was not a burning car but something resembling a sort of stalkless mushroom. It was about 7 or 8m long, 2.-2.5m high and dazzling white expect for a sort of doorway in the side, 1m tall, 1.3-1.4m wide emitting a red light like the colour of the rising sun. The thing was hovering, silently, about 20-30cm above the ground, The two men continued to approach but then suddenly they found themselves rooted to the spot, paralysed about 25m from the thing. As the men stood there the thing, or at least its white part, seemed to expand towards them, like smoke or a cloud rolling in. Fearing it would burn his eyes one of the men turned away from it and neither saw nor heard anything for about 7-8 seconds, while his companion stood tooted to the spot, gun in hand and when he came to he was babbling incoherently, but it appears the thing passed within 1.5m to 2m from them. 
  • Barthell, Brucker and Marechal in LDLN p139 p4 citing their own investigations

October 30 1967. 2100hrs.
A man walking home near Melfort observed an object about 15m long, though which he could see a rectangular light about 1,2m high and .8m long. Suddenly a bright spotlight came on, and three small entities, dressed in green suits and wearing headgear, emerged. The object took off with the little beings still on the ground. Some broken trees were discovered the next morning. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p46 (case 43) citing Saskatoon UFO Bulletin no2

October 30 1967. Late night.
Mrs Hills was preparing to go to bed, and was looking through her lodge bedroom window, south over the lake when she noticed an unusual red glow appear over the hill on the other side. She then saw two red lights come over the hill, followed by a third, much larger one, which moved between them, followed by two smaller lights. The large light then had two smaller ones on either side. The formation cleared the hill and crossed the lake on a collision course with the lodge. Mrs Hills was then joined by her husband Ernest and her son. The lights moved towards neighbours, Bert Gammie and family, who confirmed the story, and then shot off 11km to the southwest and then began to dart around the lake, too fast for anyone to follow. The huge red object, the apparent size of an office building, came to rest just above the water that reflected the red glow, which also illuminated clouds in the area. Through binoculars the family saw two horizontal lines of white light on the face of the object. The four small balls suddenly darted off in different directions. After a time a beam of light would come from the large object and then one of the red balls would sail right back into it. The family eventually retired to bed to watch the strange performance in comfort and fell asleep. When they awoke the spectacle had vanished. 
  • John Magor in Canadian UFO Report 1,6 p9

October 31 1967. 0200hrs.
On the moors, 11km from Fylingdales, 7 white and one red-white objects were observed by a teacher, B M Goldrick of Solihull and his family as they were driving along. These were little more than point sources of light. One of the lights appeared to be at ground level, while the others remained at some altitude. The object at ground level appeared to hover over the heather, emitting a “clear and discernible” beam of light skywards. It then turned and faced due south and began to move towards the observers for about 100m, flashing on and off. At a point about 50m away it disappeared. 
  • Paul Wagg + Hanson and Holloway 2011b p 240 both citing NICAP (GB) files
  • UFOlog 41 p7

Late 1967. 0130hrs.
Mr and Mrs Pons were driving home from the opera when, rounding a curve, they saw a grey metallic looking object, with two lights that kept changing colour cross the road 70m ahead, reflected in their headlights. Mr Pons thought it was a truck crossing the road from left to right, but his wife disagreed and told him to slow down, . They quickly reached the crossing point where Mr Pons stopped the car and got out but there was nothing to see. The thing had been only a metre or so above the ground and Pons remembered that at the point on the left where the thing was first seen there was a small path. After they had gone on about 1km they saw, low in the sky, a series of luminous squares, like railway carriage windows lit up at night, but Mrs Pons reminded him there was no railway line in that area Unnerved, the couple did not hang around to take in much detail but noted that the ”windows” were illuminated by a white light. These lights were in the direction of Fanjeux village, no more than 500m from the road and came to within 100m of the cross roads, where it seemed to be obscured by some obstacle and was never seen again. Further on, at the crossroads they saw a luminous red ball, leaving a trail, like a shooting star but much bigger and on an opposite trajectory, crossing the sky at speed. 
  • Pierre Planard in LDLN 201 p12

November 1967.
John Rand from Aldeby was walking home when, as he came up to a disused railway line, he heard a vibrating sound. He thought it was a train on the nearby Beccles line, but when he looked up he saw that it came from a dark object, with a dome on top and a bulge on the bottom, hovering over an apple orchard 20m away. Along the dome were a number of slits of light, which illuminated the nearby trees. The noise increased in pitch as the thing took off. John was very frightened by the experience. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p 246 citing Ivan W Bunn

November 1967. (Approx. date) 1820hrs.
Herman Sten, a heavy equipment maintainer, was driving home from Lac La Mache to 100 Mile House, 50km away, on a Friday night. That traffic was unusually scarce that night. Soon after Herman left Lac La Mache, he noticed a flashing light in the sir ahead of him, which he thought was from a helicopter. By the time he reached a small lake at the 178km point the thing was abreast of him and he got a closet look at it. The object resembled two plates pressed together end to end, with a dome on top, surmounted by a steady red light, with another light revolving around the circumference. The thing was about 30m diameter and hovering 60m above the lake. Herman wondered if it was some sort of air-sea rescue mission, but the object then crossed the road, hovered over a small hill on the other side and then began to descend among the trees, its light illuminating them. Herman now became uneasy and drove away. About 5km further on he saw the object climbing in a sweeping curve towards the west. Reaching 100 Mile House, he again saw the flashing light disappearing into the darkness. 
  • John Magor in Canadian UFO Report 1,6 p13

November 1967.
LIEPAJA (LATVIA then part of the USSR)
A huge luminous hemisphere was seen at low altitude emerging from the sea, its light so powerful that it hurt peoples’ eyes. 
  • Stonehill and Mantle 2016 p171 citing Sovetskaya Latvia 2 December 1967.

November 1967. 1830hrs.
Mrs Gigliotti was driving home from church when she saw, coming towards her, a circular mass of bright lights. Just before it reached her the thing swept up and then hovered over a 15-21m tall tree. A few seconds later the object left at speed, emitting a glow from his rear. 
  • APRO Bulletin January/February 1968 p6
  • Evaluation: Probably bolide seen over much of New England that night.

November 1967. 2030hrs.
While driving along the St George-Mitchell highway, Barry Morris (21) and his fiancée’s mother Mrs Vera Lidden observed an object 4.5m long, 3.5m high, hovering about 30cm above the ground, in a nearby field. In the front of the thing was an opening and a fold up hatchway that led to the ground. When first seen the object was a green-blue colour which changed to silver as they drove closer. The thing took off and went behind some trees but they observed it again when they turned a bend in the road. They were too afraid to stop. 
  • Hervey 1969 p120 citing James McDonald

November 2 1967. 0530hrs.
Mrs Irma Antonia Fortuna de Colina, wife of an official of the town of Villa San Lorenzo) and her son Ricardo Marcelo, were returning by taxi in heavy rain. Suddenly the taxi driver was forced to pull up on sighting, some 25m from the highway, a circular body shaped like a cardinal’s hat and emitting a blinding orange light. The thing was about 5m diameter, 1.5m high, with things like star shaped peepholes on its side. It was hovering 2m above the ground in total silence. It remained visible for 15 minutes, vanishing when a truck approached in the opposite direction to the taxi. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 15 p12 case 8 citing Ribera 1968 p225

November 2 1967. 2130hrs.
Billy Begay and Guy Tossie, two Navajo employees of the Earl Hunter Ranch, were driving southwards on Highway 26 towards Ririe when they were blinded by a sudden brilliant light. Although Begay did not apply the brakes, the car stopped. A small domed object, with flashing green and orange lights revolving round its rim, appeared just above the highway in front of them. In the transparent dome they could see two humanoids. After a moment the dome swung open and one of the creatures drifted lightly to the ground. He was a dwarf, 1m tall, with a rough, deep scarred, face, large high ears, round eyes, his mouth a lipless slit, and with no visible nose. To the horror of the youths, the creature approached the car, opened the driver’s door and climbed in as the men sat huddled on the other side. This being drove, or the object somehow drew, the car into a field of stubble. When the car stopped, Tossie, in the passenger seat, managed to dive out of the car and run to a nearby farmhouse for help. When the farmer and his son returned with him they found Begay paralysed with terror. When he recovered, he reported that the being had made a series unintelligible high pitched warbling sounds, as if trying to communicate with him. It was then joined by the second, identical, dwarf. The two beings returned to the object, which then took off with a flame coming from its bottom. Cattle, owned by Mrs Claude Mann stampeded in panic on two occasions, and dogs in the area were terrified. The police confirmed that the youths were sober and suffering from great terror. Investigators were impressed by the consistency of their story. The same night, the driver of a pickup truck was near Ririe by a strange flying devise, from which two beings emerged. He was so overcome by the experience that he feared that he was going out of his mind. 
  • Canadian UFO Report 1,6 p15 + Gordon Creighton in FSR 17,3 p29 both citing UFO Investigator V, I p5-8
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969a p31
  • Magor 1977 p78
  • Donderi 2013 p 78 citing own investigation
  • Hall 1988 pp 65, 264 citing Keyhoe and Lore op cit
  • Clark 1998 p798)

November 2 1967. 1210hrs.
Mrs Virginia Thomas was working in her kitchen when she heard a loud squeaking sound like a malfunctioning fan belt. The stepped outside and noted that the noise seemed to come from an igloo in the deserted TNT area. A shadow crossed the grass. It was thrown by a huge grey figure, much taller than a man, which walked unnaturally fast, as if gliding, and vanished into the trees.
  • Keel 1975a p244
  • Keel 1970a p225

November 3 1967. 1815hrs.
Mrs Hazel McKinney, Mrs Paterson and another person were driving south along US 83 en route on work, when their attention was caught by a light, which they thought was car a headlight, in an unoccupied wheat field. The light grew larger and then turned south and travelled parallel to the car. It then suddenly turned and flew in front of the car, and then took off at an angle. It appeared to be a silent, silver grey cigar shaped machine, large enough to drive the car into and with a fluorescent glow in its rear. 
  • APRO Bulletin March/April 1968 p8

November 4 1967. 2130hrs.
Mr M Chadd and his girlfriend were driving past Cutmill, when they both saw a glowing disc shaped object hovering about 3m above the trees and bushes. After about 15 minutes the glow diminished and the object disappeared. 
  • UFOlog 42 p7 + Spacelink 5,1 p1 citing SIGAP Newsletter 7

November 5 1967. 0340hrs.
An employee of a dairy farm managed by Carlos Spini had set out to do his duties, when he perceived, coming from the west, an object enveloped in a brilliant blue luminosity, which landed at a spot 600m away and remained there for 3-3 minutes. He called out to a companion in the house (presumably Carlos Spini), who looked out. Both men were able to observe the departure of the object towards the west. No sound was heard. Next day they discovered an oval mark 4m by 6m. The grass at the spot, was dry, dehydrated and flattened, more so at the centre than the periphery. It seemed to have been caused by pressure from a convex surface. 
  • Roberto A Ferrari in FSR Case Histories 6 p13
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 13 p14 case 99 citing above + La Razon 19 November 1967. + La Nacion 20 November 1967.+ investigation by CEF
  • Note: There are differences in the Ferrari and Uriondo accounts, presumably the second, using more sources is the more accurate

November 5 1967. 2130hrs.
Terry Goodmurphy (20) of North Livingstone and his friend Stephen Griffen (19) were driving west on Hw 17 when, as they neared the top of Maple Ridge Hill, they saw an orange glow in the sky, which they thought was caused by a fire. They stopped to watch and saw the light was moving. They drove on for about 1km and then saw the thing more clearly as it manoeuvred at 30m, went down to the highway, rose again and travelled towards them. It appeared to be an orange-red hemisphere 30m diameter. They backed the car around and headed east to a nearby restaurant. By this time the object could no longer be seen. The next day a horse was found mutilated at the Wolgenuth farm in nearby Sowberry. 
  • Vallee 1969 p48
  • Gene Duplantier in Flying Saucers 58 p24
  • Keel 1970a p170

November 5 1967. 2330hrs.
Carl B Farlow (25) was driving his Leyland Super Comet diesel lorry on the A 338 between Avon and Sopley when he saw a pale green light about 400m away, above the trees, coming towards the road. Carl kept a watch on the object until he reached the crossroads with a bridge over the River Avon to his right, when he saw the object hovering 3m above the road. As he got within 20m of the thing, which was moving slowly across the road from the right, his radio and lights went out, though his engine continued running. The object appeared to be glowing a brilliant magenta colour, with a whitish area at the bottom. It seemed to be egg shaped, 3-4.5m high, 4.5-6m wide, and 25m long. It appeared to have a circular top and paraploid base. Carl noted a pungent odour like an electrical drill going through wood. An opening appeared in the underside, and a pipe, 7.5cm, diameter with a sphere at the end, emerged. As it did so, a hum, increasing in pitch as the sphere moved further out, was heard. Other pipes were noted on the underside. This main pipe appeared to search the ground and suck up debris, like the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner. As the pipe was withdrawn, the hum became low again, and the opening closed. The thing then moved away to the east, rising slightly first. After travelling about 400m, the object began to climb vertically and disappeared.

As the object moved away Carl became aware of a white Jaguar car that had been stopped on the other side. The driver of this car, a veterinary surgeon, Robert Carslake, said that his car had been stalled by the object. They went to phone the police, noticing that the telephone booth lights and the vet’s torch were both out of action. When police investigated, Carl noted that the vegetation appeared flattened and charred and that the road surface appeared to be melted. Years later he told investigators that his lorry’s electrical system had been destroyed by the event, though he seems to have said the opposite at the time. There were alleged investigations by the Ministry of Defence. Also years later Farlow added the information that spheres with spikes attached came out of the underside of the thing 
  • Roy Winstanley in Spacelink 5,1 p,ii citing his own investigation
  • Anthony Pace in BUFORA Proceedings 1976 + Falla 1979 p44 (case 181) citing own investigation
  • FSR 13, 6 p 4 citing Daily Express 7 November 1967
  • FSR 14, 2 p32 citing Southern Evening Echo 6 November 1967
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p250 citing above + investigation by David Sankey and Erica Williams
  • Randles and Warrington 1985 p105
  • Evaluation: Another case with varying details depending on source, and it should be noted that the alleged second witness was never interviewed by investigators. Attempts by Hanson and Holloway in 2008 to contact him were also rebuffed

November 6 1967. 0615hrs.
Wilfred Heaton (37) from Hebden Bridge was driving home from his night shift at a tyre factory in Burnley to his home in Heptonstall along the moorland road, when, going up Wicket Hill, he observed a white sphere come from the north, cross over in front of his car at an elevation of 30 degrees and position itself slightly to the right of the road, and ahead of him. It paced the car, following the road exactly. It now appeared flattened and surrounded by a pulsating halo. At the Long Causeway straight section, about 1.5km long the thing appeared to hover over a distant car. When Heaton flashed his lights to attract this driver’s attention, the object appeared to move, come alongside and then accelerate back to its original position, hovering over a hollow, until he drove close to it, at which it accelerated away. At a branch in the road a second object appeared from behind, passing over the first. The objects stayed in front of him, their distance varying. Towards the end of the journey his car began to lose power; this was later found to be caused by a faulty spark plug. When he reached home Heaton was able to show his wife the objects low in the south-east. After 10 minutes they ascended vertically into the sky. 
  • Trevor Whitaker + Malcolm Bull in UFOlog 51 p2 + FSR 14, 2 p33 citing own investigation
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p257 citing above + Halifax Evening Courier 7 November 1967.
  • Evaluation: Probably astronomical

November 7 1967.
Several people saw a strange object on the ground. No further details 
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1969 p105

November 8 1967. 0345hrs.
A business executive was driving through a remote region when his car engine, lights and radio failed and he felt a strange pressure from above pressing down on his neck and shoulders. . Through a break in the fog he saw a red-orange, hazy, disc shaped object that passed over him and hovered over the highway ahead, lighting up the area. The thing wobbled as it hovered and moved and had rotating lights. The witness was unable to estimate the diameter of this object, though he gave estimates between 9 and 15m and estimated its altitude as from 15-50m. After about 90 seconds the object took off into the fog ahead and the electrical equipment began functioning again. The FM band of the radio however was only giving a hum on all channels. Investigators found that this was due to damage to stereo tapes and pitting of the car’s paint. However no evidence that the car had been subjected to an electro-magnetic field was forthcoming. The witness became religious and was afraid to visit the site alone, almost passing out when he did so with investigators. Both a waitress and milkman to whom he had talked, both confirmed his fright. His watch was found stopped at 0345hrs. but this could not be tied definitely to the incident. 
  • Condon and Gilmour 1969 p380 citing investigations by Roy Craig and NICAP

November 9 1967. 2345hrs. 
Two nurses driving home from Waverley Hospital were stopped at a traffic light, when they saw a large, semi-transparent object land on the road ahead. The car seemed to be pulled towards the thing, getting within 10m of it. The women could see in the transparent section five small beings looking at them. The women felt transfixed and when the object took off they followed it to a rural area, where it landed again. Their car lights went out and they next saw the object departing, high in the sky. 
  • Ridge 1994 p23 citing MUFON Proceedings 1981
  • Budd Hopkins in MUFON Proceedings 1981 p48

November 12 1967. 0300hrs. 
A youth on his way to Centeno saw an egg shaped object coming down fairly slowly into a field of maize in a vertical position. The thing had clearly outlined edges and shone with a metallic reflection. It gave off two orange bursts of flame, without smoke or noise and it disappeared behind trees. No marks were found on the ground. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 17 p.iv case100 citing investigation by CEI

November 13 1967. 0030hrs.
Carpenter Phillip Freeman (22) and his girlfriend Angela Carter (20) were returning to Woking from Phillip’s brother’s house in Cranleigh, when at a spot in the Winterfold Forest, about 3km from Cranleigh they stopped to de-mist the windscreen. As Phillip opened the car door they noticed an extremely unpleasant odour like that of a stink bomb. When Phillip re-entered the car he was alarmed to see a kind of face 25 cm long, 20 cm wide close to the window. It was blank, white, with no features at all and may have been faintly luminous. There was also a sort of arm which reached up to the car roof and a dark bell shaped body which was illuminated by their rear lights,. it having moved towards the rear as Phillip fumbled to start the engine. It appeared to be the same size as their Triumph Vitesse car (1.35m). When they had driven from the scene the foul smell vanished. Angela would not agree to return to the site. Phillip’s parents confirmed his agitated state when he arrived home. 
  • Charles Bowen in FSR 14,1 p16 citing his own investigation
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p264 citing above + an undated issue of Woking Review + SIGAP

November 13 1967. 0400hrs.
Mrs Arja Achren and her brother Hannu Pelkonen, en route from Kuusamo to Oulu, were driving on the main road between Pudasjarvi andKipina, when they suddenly noticed a strange object above the skyline. The thing was helmet shaped and appeared to be motionless at first. They then realised that it was flying over the forest towards their car, from the south to the north east. They stopped to get a better look as it passed over and were astonished to see that the object had stopped also. They saw it was an enormous helmet shaped object, shining with a bright white light with two dark marks of the same shape, which looked like openings, quite clear in the middle of the white light. The siblings, alarmed, continued on their journey, only to find that the object was following them. It then began to rise, grew brighter, the dark markings disappearing, and continued pacing the car over the trees at a speed of 110kph. A strange noised seemed to come from the car’s engine, affecting the performance, before the object disappeared from site. 
  • Ellis W Grahn in FSR Case Histories 13 p5
  • Evaluation: The moon?

November 14 1967. 0600hrs.
LIEPAJA (KURZEME : LATVIA then part of the USSR)
A number of people saw a large, very bright, hemispherical object in the air, quite close to the ground for several minutes before rising and taking off 
  • FSR 19,2 p.iii citing Communist 1 December 1967.

November 14 1967.
Orlando Gonzales and two friends saw an oval object 1.5m high resting in the middle of a highway. The approached within 75m at which the thing took off vertically and disappeared within seconds. 
  • APRO Bulletin November/December 1967. p8

November 15 1967. 1930hrs.
John Edwards saw a white object, 1.5m diameter, fly above him at 12m altitude while he was out walking. 
  • R Tibbets in FSOAN 1,2 p10

November 15 1967. (or following day) 1830hrs.
Farm manager Alan Poole (43) was returning home after mustering the sheep, when about 1.5km from the farm, he heard a high pitched sound like a generator. He thought it was a malfunction of his Land Rover engine and then saw an object 800m away at 120m altitude, which approached rapidly and landed next to his vehicle, about 1-1.5m away. The object appeared to be an inverted saucer, metallic grey in colour, 3.5-6m diameter, about 1.8m high, hovering a few centimetres above the ground. There were two round and two square portholes on the side facing him. The hum was now so strong that he could feel its vibrations. When Poole yelled at the object, to his astonishment, the words were echoed back to him. As Poole moved to get out of his vehicle the object took off vertically. The incident had lasted about 10 seconds. There were no traces on the ground. At about this time Mrs Poole noticed interference on her TV. Poole’s employer spoke highly of him. 
  • Australian UFO Review 10 p32
  • L J Locke in AFSR 8 p13
  • FSR 14,1 p32 citing West Australian 17 November 1967.
  • Hervey 1969 p162
  • APRO Bulletin November/December 1967. p5
  • Basterfield 1981 p88 + 1997 p160 citing Locke op cit)

November 16 1967. 1700hrs.
Mrs Suzette Quick was walking towards the downs when she noticed an obstruction on the horizon resembling a steam roller. Through opera glasses she saw it had a trumpet shaped front, domed centre, two tails from the right hand side and was 8-9m diameter. It swivelled round several times, disappearing for 10 minutes the reappeared. After sunset it gave off a flickering deep red light. It changed position at high speed then went off towards the sea, but reappeared 10 minutes later but went behind a clump of trees. At one point a tall figure, perhaps 2.5-3m tall approached the object with a gliding motion. Mrs Quick estimated the object was 4m thick at the centre and was on or just above the ground 400-800m away. It was grey coloured with sharp outlines. Another woman also witnessed the incident for a short time. 
  • Charles Bowen, Gordon Creighton in FSR 14,2 p4 citing investigation by Omar Fowler
  • Evaluation: Probably earth moving equipment

September 16 1967. 2355hrs.
Mr Poloni was awakened suddenly by a sensation of great heat and intense itching. Through one of his windows shone a powerful light, the source of which appeared to be at the back of the house. Fearing a fire, Poloni ran round, to see a strange light suspended over the servant;s sleeping quarters. He quickly called his wife, three children and two brothers from the house and went to get his rifle. As he did so, he was struck by a sort of tube of solid light, which paralysed and rendered him speechless. The object then rose and vanished into the air at high speed. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 16 p10 case 101 citing Font(?) p368 Not found in Eberhart or AFU

November 17 1967. 1745hrs.
David Seewalt (14) was walking home from visiting a friend, when he was chased by a large object. He arrived home at 1830hrs. in a state of shock. Under hypnotic regression he recalled that he had heard a buzzing sound and seen a large object with a band of coloured lights around its centre. He was taken up in a beam of orange light to a “computer room” with a console and blinking lights, where he was undressed by naked beings with rough brown crocodile like skin, and with holes for noses and ears and slit like mouths. They had an unusual number of fingers and toes and voices “like a kazoo”. When he arrived home one of his shoes was missing. 
  • W. K. Allan in FSR 20,6 p25
  • Musgrave 1979 p47 case 44 citing the FSR article + B Ann Slate in Saga UFO Report 3, 1 p26
  • De Herrera 1978 p26
  • Magor 1977 p183
  • Bondarchuk 1979 p85 citing investigation by W K Allan

November 18 1967. 0300hrs.
About 10 fisherman spread across several boats in the Concha area saw an oval dark grey object, 10m diameter, coming down t great speed and swinging from side to side, sometimes at sea level They observed it for 2 minutes at a distance of 2km . Later it rose too fast for the eye to follow. 
  • Ballester 1976 p12 case 52 citing El Correo Espanol 21 November 1967.

November 19 1967. 0100hrs.
While driving home from Winter Ranch, Bruce Macpherson ran out of fuel when about 11km west of Gull Lake. He pushed his car into a ditch at the side of the road. Just then he heard a strange whistling sound and turned around to see a ball of fire coming at him from the east. The thing, which was as bright as the sun, hovered over his car at the height of a microwave tower for about 5 minutes. It then took off in the direction from which it had come at incredible speed. After sitting for 15 minutes, Bruce picked up the courage to walk to a nearby farm, where he saw the object returning as a bright light in the sky, 6km away, casting a reflection on the ground. The off key whistle was heard again and the object came directly over the car, before returning to hover in the east, where he observed it for about an hour. 
  • Gene Duplantier in Flying Saucers 58 p24 + Saucers, Space and Science 50 + Steiger and Whritenour 1968a p39

November 19 1967.
While driving to work in Shaunaven , Cedric Cunningham of Gull Lake saw a blinding ball of fire hover over a field and then land near Swift Current Creek. After the light had disappeared Cedric checked the field and found a large circular burnt area. 
  • Gene Duplantier in Saucers, Space and Science 51 p6 + Steiger and Whritenour 1969 p24

November 19 1967. 2115hrs.
Three boys out hunting near Maple Creek, about 8km south of Scribner saw a rapidly moving American football shaped object at about 30m altitude. They tried to follow it, but it was too fast for them. One side of the thing had red glow, the other a bluish-white. 
  • APRO Bulletin January/February 1968 p6

November 20 1967. 2200hrs.
Dave Roberts saw a round object with pulsating, rotating green, red and amber lights and a shadowy area below them. Dave observed it from a distance of about 100m, through night binoculars, as it maneuvered fast and slow. No shape was visible behind the lights and there was no sound. 
  • Salisbury 1974 table citing Joseph Hicks files

November 23 1967. 1930hrs.
While driving on the Kalasin (sic) and Matsevo (sic) road, lorry driver Milika Scepanovich and his companions Milija Vujisich and Milivoje Milasevich saw two objects travelling north-south from Mojkovac to Komovi. One of the objects became very brilliant and began to descend vertically. It almost blinded the witnesses and emitted bursts of fire. After 15hrs. minutes the thing rose up and continued in the direction of Komovi. Villagers at Kralje (sic), Bave (sic) and Jublan (sic) also saw the objects. 
  • UFO Commentry 2,3 p4
  • Evaluation: The place names marked sic cannot be found on Google; as Mojkovac and Komovi are in Montenegro, that is where I have placed the event. Cf November 26 below, which may refer to the same event. Bolide?

November 24 1967. 0300hrs.
A resident of the north end of town saw an unidentified object land in the area of the Ohio Valley junior high school. He called neighbours who witnessed the same thing. After 20 minutes the object rose slowly and went out of sight towards Henderson. 
  • John Keel in FSR 14, 4 p14 citing Athens Messenger 24 November 1967.

November 24 1967. 1430hrs.
Radio technician Ugo Battaglia (39) and his helper Carlos A do Nacsimento (14) were working in an 8th floor apartment in the Rua Gomez Carneiro. Carlos was standing by the window when he heard a sound so high pitched that it made the window glass vibrate. Looking out, he saw a brilliant metallic disc apparently landing among the trees just beyond the skyline. The object struck a tree, scattering its leaves and causing it to explode. The object hovered close to the ground and Carlos called Ugo over to see three white clad men climb out of the object, which had a spinning cupola with slat like openings above its main body, with a red light on either side of the bottom. The beings walked together, their arms hung down beside them, and wore white or yellow clothing. After 5 minutes they re-entered the machine, Ugo believed this was some sort of helicopter and calmed the boy’s fear. After finishing their job they walked back to their workshop at 1455hrs. and saw the object still on the hill. A few moments later it was gone. Next day they went to the site with a colleague. There they found the grass trampled down, the damaged tree burned and charred and apparently wrenched apart. They were astounded to discover that such was the height of the grass the men must have been floating above it to be visible. A third person reported to the police after fainting at the sight of the object and its crew. Carlos suffered a headache for the rest of the day. 
  • Coral Lorenzen in Fate (UK) July 1968 p5 and Lorenzen 1976 p17 both citing Irene Granchi
  • APRO Bulletin November/December 1967. p3 citing investigation by Irene Grnachi
  • Granchi 1995 p56

November 26 1967. Early hours.
A highway patrol officer on duty at Km 124 on the Anhanguera Highway saw what looked like an unlit aircraft descending. He ran to assist what he feared was an aircraft crash but saw instead that this was an immense object, the size of a 15hrs. story building, hovering at 50m altitude. It was aluminium looking with what looked like rivets, and hatches on its underside, and appeared to be spinning. The officer was about to return to his post when the ibject emitted blindingly bright lights and an intense hum that gave him a headache. He was unable to restart his patrol car and he then realised that the lights in the police hut and a nearby petrol station were also out. The object then took off and was lost to sight in the sky, at which the lights came back on and he could start his car. In garage owners home, the TV and fluorescent lights all burned out. He also discovered that the engine of a passing truck had also cut out. 
  • APRO Bulletin September/October 1968 p5 citing Flavio Pereira citing investigation by Methodios Kalkaslief and Max Berezavsky

November 26 1967. 
A forest fire, which took 24 hours to bring under control, was said to have been caused by a round object, which flew low over the forest, sending out flames. The witnesses were farm workers. 
  • Hobana and Weverbergh 1974 p197
  • Evaluation: Appears to relate to same event as 23 November

November 26 1967. Late afternoon.
A woman driving along Shipston Road saw a square object in the sky in the gaps between trees. Its base jutted out rather, had rounded corners and when seen in open air it resembled the wings of a large bird. It disappeared in seconds. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p267 citing J D Llewellyn

November 27 1967. 2100hrs.
Four people in a rural area saw an object descend, and three people driving on a country road north west of the Philco-Ford plant saw it as a sivlery domed disc, larger than a house, with masses of red lights on its underside. They stopped and saw, through windows in the object’s dome, lights like those on a computer. They drove off at high speed. 
  • Ridge 1994 p24 citing Don Worley

November 28 1967. 0230hrs.
The same patrolman as on the 26th saw the huge metallic looking object approach again, so he hid in a ditch and saw the thing descend to 30m altitude, 50m away. From the object came a sort of open fronted elevator, in which were two figures, dressed in tight fitting suits, like frogmen, lit up by a dull light. They had wide belts on which were shiny objects. One of the figures then turned around and spoke and gestured to the patrolman, telling him not to be afraid and that they would return. The patrolman wanted to get up and greet them, but his legs would not work. The object then took off and disappeared. 
  • APRO Bulletin September/October 1968 p5 citing Flavio Pereira citing investigation by Methodios Kalkaslief and Max Berezavsky

November 29 1967. 0200hrs.
Percy McBride was out camping and lying looking up at the sky when he saw an object pass overhead and land. He got up and walked to within 400m of the thing, which appeared to be the size of a station wagon but rather thicker. It was white and had flashing coloured lights and two aerials. From its underside was a sort of square box hanging down from a pole The thing was emitting a clicking sound. He shouted at the thing a couple of times and on the second occasion, the aerials and box retracted and the thing, giving off a howling sound, took off and disappeared within 90seconds. Percy was very frightened by the 5 minute observation. 
  • APRO Bulletin January/February 1968 p3 direct from witness

December 1967.
A machinist saw a saucer shaped object, with lights and portholes, sitting in a field. The man returned to town and returned with two friends. The three watched the object for some time but did not stay to see it take off. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 51 p8 citing Calgary Albertan 18 January 1968

December 1967
Two students from Iowa, Lyle Bingaman and Mike Burton shot what they thought was a bear, but they found it was a humanoid creature. They left the area for fear of being accused of murder.
  • Newton 2015 p32 citing Jonathon Steele citing Robert Lindsey citing Peter Byrne
  • Evaluation: Another urban legend?

December 1967. Afternoon.
An elderly and rather deaf man living in a cottage near a wooded area in a village outside Frome saw a circular object come down to between 1-2m above the ground about 25m away and two figures wearing helmets emerged and walked into the woods. The witness followed them and noted that they wore blue, close fitting suits and were talking but he could not make out what they were saying. When he got within about 20m one of the figures raised a gloved hand and both figures vanished. Looking around the witness saw the object covered with a sort of vapour. 
  • Shuttlewood 1979a p145

December 3 1967. 0230hrs.
City Patrolman Herbert T Schirmer (22) was making his rounds on Highway 6, 800m south of Ashland. As he passed a ridge near the Hw 63 intersection, he saw an object with lights which he thought was a stalled truck. He then saw it was an aluminium coloured object, about 7m long hovering about 2m above the ground. As he drove to within 12m of the object, his engine died. He then observed the object take off in a shimmering fashion, with a twanging sound which became a beep as the object rose to 15hrs.m. As a brilliant red-orange light shone from its base, the object took off, showing a glowing square protrusion on its base. Schirmer’s flashlight refused to function. The car then started normally. An abnormally high radiation count was noted at the site. There was an apparent time lapse and under hypnotic regression by Dr Leo Sprinkle for the Condon Committee, he recalled that a brilliant white light had shone on the car from the object and that a blurred white figure had approached and communicated with him, the alleged communication concerned the origin and propulsion of “ space ships from another galaxy”. The psychological examination also revealed that Schirmer suffered from a headache after the incident and subsequent psychological disturbances. These latter persisted after the Sprinkle regression, and a second regression was undertaken by a hypnotist under the aegis of a popular ufo writer. This was said to reveal an abduction by beings 1.35-1.5m tall wearing close fitting, grey uniforms, with a winged serpent chest emblem and gloves and boots. They had long, thin, grey white faces, with flat noses, slit mouths and slanted eyes. They showed him the workings of the ship and said they were planning the peaceful invasion of the earth. The only physical trace of the incident was a weal below Schirmer’s ear. 
  • Coral Lorenzen in Fate UK July 1968 p30 + Lorenzen 1976 270 both citing Leo Sprinkle
  • Blum 1974 p109
  • Norman 1970 p169
  • W Smith 1977 p87
  • Vallee 1979 p57
  • Clark 1998 p817 with extensive bibliography

December 3 1967. 1945hrs.
John Hrytzak and his wife were returning from visiting her brother, Barry Kostiuk, when, on Highway 20, 6.5km from Crystal Springs a large radiant object passed almost in front of their car, forcing them to stop. They phoned back to Harry, who arrived on the scene with his father. For the next two hours and move they observed several objects that seemed just to appear and disappear. A domed object was observed 150m away, lighting up the area and then a glowing red object, with flashing red and orange lights, came down the road and over their car at 20-30m altitude. 
  • Gene Duplantier in Flying Saucers 58 p24 + Saucers, Space and Science 50 + Steiger and Whritenour 1968a p39

December 4 1967. 0300hrs.
A man crossing the village green was startled by an orange light. Four beams of light were coming from a giant circular object, which appeared to be about to land. As the witness approached, the thing moved off north. The witness became paralysed. The object then turned south and disappeared behind some buildings. By the time the witness followed, the thing had disappeared. 
  • Zenith no 7

December 6 1967. Morning.
An occupant report. No further details. 
  • Alain Gamard citing J Giraud.

December 6 1967. 
Paul P and his wife were driving their car along D15 near to the intersection with the St Hilaire road and N 20 when they saw a dwarf about 1.1m tall that glided along the slope as though it was weightless. It was bulky like the “Michelin man”, with its head covered by a sphere. The thing raised its hand twice. The couple drove off at speed. 
  • Erich Zurcher in LDLN 195 p27 citing Quy Quincy

December 7 1967. Evening.
Hans Lauritzen was on a walk with some friends, when he found himself unable to keep up because of his hepatitis. He then saw two large dim yellow globes about 100m away, which were also seen by another member of the party. Separated from his friends, he appeared to fall into a trance like state in which he held conversations with alien entities. Another member of the party was blinded by a blue light. After about 1 hour Hans came to and they began to walk down the slope. Hans then began to run and thus found he had recovered from his hepatitis, but later suffered from severe psychological problems. 
  • Trench 1974 p94 
  • Evaluation: Psychological

December 8 1967. 0030hrs.
A woman saw a large orange bowl shaped object and observed it for 30 minutes. At some point she was levitated by the thing and had no recollection of how she got home. She suffered unspecified physiological effects and claimed visitations by small beings and that there was an implant in her head. 
  • Ridge 1994 p24 citing Don Worley

December 8 1967. 1940hrs.
Marilyn Wilding (15) was on her front step, waiting for a friend, on this cold overcast night when her attention was caught by a strange light in the sky, reflecting on the snow. Going further out , she saw a brilliant circular object, the apparent size of a small car, hovering low over the house, so close that she felt she could have hit it with something if she threw it. It tilted, revealing a transparent dome in which the vague outlines of two figures could be seen, but details were obscured by the glare. Marilyn ran inside to get her sister, but she refused to come as she had no shoes on. By the time Marilyn went out again the thing was beginning to rotate in a clockwise direction, giving the impression of a wobbling motion. In this manner it moved away to the north, its light dimming and turning orange. Her sister and brothers saw the thing departing from inside the house. 
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969a p 29 citing investigation by C Reed Ricks

December 10 1967. 0100hrs.
Tom Monteleone, (21) a psychology student at the University of Maryland was driving home from work along the interstate when his route was blocked by an unidentified object that landed on the road. By it stood two human like beings, one of whom, who had a sun tanned complexion and bulging eyes, approached Tom, claiming to be an alien called Vadig. Vadig left saying “see you in time”. Tom claimed later contacts from Vadig, who took him on a visit to his home world of Lanulos and its nude inhabitants. 
  • Jerome Clark in International UFO Reporter 20,1 p21 citing Keel 1970, 1971, 1975 + John Keel in FSR 15,3 p9 + Derenberger and Hubbard 1971 + Karl Pflock in Fate November 1980 p 40 + Thomas Monteleone in Omni May 1979 p 146
  • Keel 1971a p187
  • Mark Opsasnick in Strange 15 p18
  • Evaluation: Admitted Hoax

December 10 1967. 1945hrs.
Engineering foreman Bill Horler was walking through a field near Gas House Lane, when he observed a long, white, brilliant, cylindrical object pass overhead and land about 200m away. Bill felt as though he had lost strength, fell down and began crawling away from this object, which gave off a powerful, pulsating, white light. At the end of the field Bill’s strength returned and he ran home. His eyes had become red and sore and it was some days before he was able to stand strong light. 
  • Shuttlewood 1968 p58

December 10 1967. 2335hrs.
George Radbourne, a foreman fitter at a firm of agricultural engineers, and his wife Ruth had driven through the crossroads and Chapmanslade on the Thoulston Bends-Warminster Road, when they observed a cigar shaped white object, with a green sheen at the centre, travel from left to right, moving up and down in a jerking fashion. The thing descended in a curve, its light going out just above Cley Hill, where it apparently landed. 
  • Shuttlewood 1968 p68

December 11 1967. 2200hrs. 
A strange object was observed at ground level by someone named Sigler. No further details. 
  • DataNet V, 7 p7

December 12 1967. 1930hrs.
Beautician Rita Malley (25) was driving home to Ithaca from North Lansing with her 5 year old son in the back seat along the Auburn-Ithaca road. She was exceeding the speed limit in order to get home to cook her husband’s dinner, despite the poor weather, light snow and strong winds severely buffeting her 1962 Ford convertible, though there was little traffic on the road. Between North and South Lansing, Rita noticed a red glow to het rear, which glow was getting brighter. She thought it was a police car and was thinking of ways to explain her speeding, but then an object came into sight over the telephone pole to her left. . The thing was circular, with a dome on top, brilliant red and green lights underneath and was about 16-18m diameter and it tilted at one point. Its light was too strong for her to look at for any length of time. She looked back to see her little boy sitting bolt upright, his eyes staring, and mute when she spoke to him. As the object hovered at a height two to three times the height of the telephone poles a white light came down from the object and seemed to take control of her car, which stopped when the light stopped moving. Her car was then moved over on to the side of the road and into a field, a distance of about 5m.

As the object hovered at 35m altitude, 55m away Rita’s car lights began to dim down. She tried various times to get control of the car, without success. The object then began to emit a humming sound like a swarm of bees and then a sort of chorus of broken voices came from the thing, informing her that the brother of a woman she had been to beauty school with had been killed in a traffic accident, and that her son would not remember this period of time stop. After six or seven minutes the car returned to the road, the steering wheel moving as if on its own accord. Though the car lights came back on, Rita felt she was still under the influence of the light to her left. The white light then went out, leaving blending red and green lights. Traffic then appeared coming from the opposite direction and the object shot away, Rita now being back in control of her car. The little boy remembered nothing of these incidents. When Rita arrived home she was late, had a headache and became hysterical. The next day her sister mentioned that the man referred to by the voices, had indeed killed as described. 
  • Mallan 1968 p67 citing Lloyd Mallan and William Donovan
  • T M Wright in Fate (UK) June 1969 p32 citing investigation by William Donovan

December 12 1967. 2105hrs.
Meryn Dickson went outside after interference had developed on his TV. He observed a glowing light and two orange objects descending through the trees 150m away. District Forestry Officer J Mahony saw an orange glow in the area. Other residents noted interference on their televisions.
  • UFO Analysis Report 1,  p5 gives date as 4th December
  • Data Net IV,5 p.i gives 12th

December 13 1967. 0200hrs.
A man was out driving when his lights and engine failed. He pulled over to see what was wrong. As he was inspecting under the bonnet he saw a dome shaped object hovering about 150m away and at 15m altitude. The thing was metallic looking, with lights around its edge. The motorist found that his battery was warm. He returned to his car and watched the object oscillate back and forth through some 3-5m for about an hour, during which time both he and the car began to heat up. He found that his flashlight would not work either. After the thing finally shot up vertically at terrific speed, the car headlights came back on, but the car could only be started with difficulty. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p39 citing CUFOS files
December 14 1967. 0220hrs.
Francisco Meuri, Miguel A Colazo and Mario E Benegas were working at the food processing plant on 24th September street when the lights suddenly went out. They then saw a powerful light come from the street, which lit up as in daylight. The went out to see a huge ball radiating an intensely bright white light, which then commenced changing colour to red, green and then back to white. It remained hanging there for 5 minutes, at the height of the street lamps and then moved slowly into the air and away. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 16 p10 case 103 citing La Vox del Interior 15 December 1967. + investigation by CADIU

December 14 1967. 1720hrs.
Three residents, who did not give their names for fear of ridicule were returbning home from the city were on Root River Bridge when they were startled by an object, with three lights, which appeared before their car, forcing them to slam on the brakes. The long, narrow object went over the car at low altitude. They pulled down their windows to get a better look but the object disappeared into the snow storm. 
  • Saucers Space and Science 51 p4 citing Sault St Marie Star 16 December 1967.

December 19 1967. 0400hrs. 
Dressmaker Mrs Maryellen Kelley and her husband had, since October, been plagued by a strange whining sound and electrical disturbances which had led to a large bill. On this morning their dig became agitated and Maryellen had twice heard someone whistling outside the front door. The dog’s continued agitation led her to get up and lock the front door. She saw an orange-yellow light and when she went outside she saw it crossing the road to the north. It cleared the trees and rose rapidly, at an angle, to the north. When her husband arrived in response to her cries the thing was visible only as a bright blinking star. Maryellen suffered headaches, seemed to get electric shocks when she touched things, developed sore eyes, reddening of the exposed parts of her skin, earache and nosebleeds. Later she developed dizziness, severe thirst and chest pains. She observed the object some months later at 15m altitude, 30m away. It was about 8-9m across, with three dark pods on its orange-red underside. 
  • Maryellen Kelly in Fate (UK) September 1969 p53

Late December 1967. 2000hrs.
Silvo Milne was returning home from Gladstone when he observed three men dressed in silvery uniforms standing by the roadside, 100m from Ballantyne’s Lookout. Silvo was unable to prevent his car hitting one of the men and he reversed out of the area. Investigation showed only a dent in the boot lid. An hour later he was followed by a car driven by three men in silvery suits and two girls, who ran off in terror when this car stopped. A claim that a police car first burst a tyre and then stalled at this spot could not be confirmed. Ambulance driver Sonni Dale said that a patient he was taking to Rockhampton told the driver that he had seen an overturned car on the ranges and four men in silvery uniforms who got out and righted it. 
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976 citing Rex Warren

December 21 1967.
A CE1 No further details. Witness Ed Batz 
  • Rath 1997 p70

December 22 1967.
Four boys and two girls aged between 14 and 17 were driving in two cars when they observed a silvery disc with multi-coloured rotating lights some 100m away. It rose to 15-18m and approached the cars, the passengers becoming unbearably warn as the thing hovered overhead. The object, about 20m diameter, with a pointed projection on top, then took off straight up and disappeared. The teenagers were first alerted to the situation when they came across a car in a ditch, the driver of which was gazing at the landed object. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 58 p19

December 22 1967. Afternoon.
Mrs Mary Hyre was approached in her newspaper office by two short Asian looking men, who seemed almost like twins, and who enquired about UFO reports and what her reaction would be if she were told to stop publishing such stories. They left but then later that afternoon another man, about 1.7m tall, Asian looking man came in. He was not wearing a coat despite the cold weather and also enquired about UFOs and her reaction to being told to stop publishing reports of them, claiming to be a friend of ufologist Grey Barker. He spoke in a strange, hesitant fashion. 
  • Keel 1975a p13

December 23 1967. 2155hrs.
John S Martin saw, from his bedroom window, a large sphere with a smooth surface, lit by an internal light, travel across at 50-75kph, between 15-30m above the buildings on the opposite side of the street. When the thing turned its coloured changed to a blue white and it accelerated to 160kph and became oval shaped. The observation lasted between 30-60 seconds. 
  • Letter from Martin in Canadian UFO Report 1,2 p3

December 24 1967. Evening.
A couple driving near Tucson saw an amorphous red light, which approached their car. The car engine and headlights both failed. The thing went over their car and left to the south, at which the engine and lights came back on. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p39 citing CUFOS files

December 24 1967. 1800hrs.
In the Green Hill Section, Linda Dobson and her 12 year old sister watched an oval object with a dome on top and with a large number of red and yellow light scattered across its surface, about 9m long, 3m high, hover 15m above the ground for 15 minutes before taking off to the south-west. Both sisters were shaken and upset by their experience. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 80 p10
December 27 1967. 2100hrs.
Two high school seniors were driving home along a dirt road in a truck when they observed a triangle of lights in the distance. They first thought that it might be a radio array, but then the lights approached. They stopped and saw that the lights were on a disc 30m or more in diameter, at about 90-120m altitude. It turned, revealing its underside of square light panels. At first only three were lit, but then the whole underside lit up, as if made of hundreds of panels. The thing turned level again and its domed top now lit up and approached them down the road. They got back into their truck and drove off, as the object banked and headed off towards Elmira, New York. 
  • Swords 2005 p67 citing John Timmerman
December 28 1967. 0400hrs.
While out driving with his wife in a place called Subida de la Chilca, Mr Clerici saw a violet light almost touching the ground ahead of his car. The thing turned to green for a few moments on occasion. Clerici drove the car onto the verge and turned off its engine and lights. Then a spherical luminous object about 2m diameter rose up and vanished towards the mountains. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 16 p10 case 104 citing La Razon 29 December 1967
  • Richard Heiden citing Banchs 1973 p33 citing La Razon, says date is approximate

December 31 1967. 0230hrs.
A 23 year old man was walking down Woden Road after seeing his girlfriend home when, just past Wednesbury Youth Centre a bright red object swooped down at fantastic speed from ahead of him. The thing appeared to be composed of hundreds of tiny, pill sized, green lights, flashing in unison like a beacon. A bright red glow appeared from the top of the thing and the man had the uncanny sense of being stared at. A few seconds later the object floated over his head and appeared to land in a field to his left. There was a faint burring sound. The man fled home in terror. 
  • UFOlog 50 p4 citing BUFORA