1967 ( Approx. year)
A 17 year old girl learning to ride her scooter on the disused airfield reached the top of a grass bank and saw an old fashioned looking small plane. A door opened on the plane and two men dressed in second world war uniforms and caps got out. One of the men turned to his companion and pointed at the girl. One of the men then shouted at her to go back beyond the line. She turned round to call her father, who had been supervising her, and when she looked back a moment later both plane and men had disappeared. 
  • Eason 1997 p9

1967 ( Approx. year) Evening.
Several people independently saw a white light over the treetops in a densely wooded area. Two people claimed that the thing landed in a clearing and several humanoid figures emerged and began gathering samples. The couple, who had been in a lover’s lane, rapidly drove off. Strange animals were also seen in the area. 
  • Earth 2 p18.
  • Evaluation: A story that is, at best, second hand and may be nothing more than an urban legend

1967 (Approx date) Evening
Charlie Walraven was driving home down a deserted rural road when a hairy humanoid crossed the road ahead of him. 
  • Blackburn 2012 p66

1967 (or following year) Early morning.
Two people independently saw an object 45-60m diameter, with three lights. It came down below 60m and emitted a humming sound. 
  • Swords 2005 p60 citing John Timmerman

1967. (or following year) Evening.
Two brothers were riding their horses south of Buffalo Trading Post, and were just going up a hill when something came overhead and one of the men passed out, while the other saw a disc overhead making some kind of sound. The second brother recovered and both dismounted and tried to control their panicking horses. They could now see that the object was spinning and had a row of windows along the side, and a sort of hatch on the underside. The thing hovered at treetop level for some time. It then passed over a neighbour’s house and apparently landed in the brothers’ own backyard. They returned home and told no-one what had happened until the next day. 
  • Swords 2005 p68 citing John Timmerman

1967/ (Or following year) Night.
A couple and their daughter simultaneously dreamed that an object landed in their backyard and they were invited on board, but the wife refused because she had a hole in her nightdress. 
  • Swords 2005 p224 citing John Timmerman

1967. 0220hrs.
John Seager was driving towards the bridge on Corfe Hill when he saw a white shape crossing the road ahead and rising and falling on the path at the castle foot. It reminded him of a headless woman in a long white nightdress. 
  • Legg 1969 p21
  • Legg 1998 p23
  • Legg et al 1974 p10 citing Swanage Times 12 July 1967

1967 Evening.
Chris and Neil Sambell were driving along the Kojonup road to Mayanup when their car was paced by a light that travelled along the right hand side of the road at treetop height. As they turned to go to the Basford property the thing shot in front of them and disappeared. 
  • Hack p56

A single witness saw an object 90cm in diameter, travelling in a spinning fashion, spraying water 2m-2.5m as it zipped into the bushes, went back and submerged. A loud noise was heard. 
  • Sanderson 1970 p228 citing UFO Investigator IV

1967. Evening
Mr and Mrs Holiday were returning from the Ideal Homes Exhibition to Abingdon, when near Henley they saw a “not young” slim female figure wearing along grey coat and wide brimmed hat cross the road ahead, heedless of the traffic and then seemingly walk right through a hedge. There the figure became transparent and then disappeared. 
  • Richardson 1985 p9

1967/ 1930hrs.
A motorist driving from Chudleigh to Gara Bridge saw something like a 1920s Daimler car approaching him. When he slowed for a better look the thing had gone. He saw the same thing a week later. 
  • Green 1980 p24
  • Green 1973 p63

1967. Night.
A 12 year old boy was alerted by the door rattling and footsteps outside. Leaving his bedroom he saw the shadow of a small being, which ran off. He searched the house but this was secure and there were no signs of an intruder. Three weeks before, he and a friend had an episode of missing time while on the family boat in Avalon Harbour, Catalina. In the 1990s he underwent hypnotic regression and “remembered” abductions on both occasions. 
  • Dennett 2005 p163

A witness observed a light mass passing between two trees. The following morning the trees were dead. 
  • Phillips 1975 p45 case 287

A single witness observed a glowing mass 3m away for 30 minutes. An opening was seen in its side. A 15m diameter circular depression was found at the site. 
  • Phillips 1975 p46 case 763

Near here Harry Dreeson befriended a hairy humanoid which he fed on oranges and bananas. 
  • Blackman 1998 p12

Tom Shuffs and his brother saw a perfectly round, reddish object, about 10m in diameter, which looked at first like the full moon rising. It was skimming the treetops less than 400m away at 50-80kph, emitting a very loud rapidly pulsating noise. While the object was in view, their dog went wild. 
  • Letter from Tom Shuffs in FSR Case Histories 18 p.iv

Mrs Lainchbury saw a long object with rows of windows, through which couild be seen bench seats on which figures sat upright. 
  • NUFON News 25 p7 citing investigation by Jenny Randles

1967. Afternoon
Col. Harvey G Rolfe was driving when he observed a circular object 5km away. It landed over a slight rise briefly and then took off vertically, ascending at high speed. At the site Rolfe saw a scorched area about 1.2m square and around it four imprints over a space of about 3.6m square. 
  • Phillips 1975 p45 case 250 citing an undated issue of National Enquirer

1967. Afternoon.
A woman in a rural area outside Arkon was nursing a badly cut hand, waiting for her husband to come home before going to hospital. Suddenly, a beam of pure white light came in from outside, onto her hand, causing it to spectacularly heal. 
  • Swords 2005 p220 citing John Timmerman

1967. 1920hrs.
A 19year old man was walking between Bontuchel and Clocaenog along a road across the Denbigh Moors, when he saw a red thing in the sky, which descended to treetop height, at which point he could see it was a flat bottomed disc. As he looked a beam emerged and the thing emitted humming sound and an acrid, sulphurous smell. He flagged down a passing lorry and leapt on the back, as the thing descended with a rocking motion. The object then moved overhead, and they next found themselves driving slowly along another stretch of the road. The young man arrived home an hour late. 
  • NUFON News 169 citing investigation by Margaret Fry
  • Evaluation: Only revealed indirectly from the principle witnesses stepdaughter in 1989

1967. 2100hrs.
A Cuzco shop keeper was driving to his weekend home near Urubamba, along the road by the lake, when his lights and engine failed. He got out to examine the engine, when the area was illuminated by a brilliant flash and he heard the sound of falling water from the lake, 50-60m away. Looking around, he saw a disc, 8m diameter, rise from the lake and hover 50m above it. It was metallic, with a row of portholes around the sides, green glints, and with a dome on top, which slowly rotated. After a few minutes the object climbed away over the road, emitting alternating green and orange flashes. The witness dived back into his car, which now worked perfectly, and drove back into Cuzco. 
  • Canadian UFO Report 4,1 p8 citing Zizi Ghenea in unspecified issues of Inforspace + SOBEPS News

1967. Night.
Russell Carter was out driving with his wife when a round luminous object came down at an angle. It levelled out at 12m, pacing their car for 4-5 minutes, lighting up the area. Russell felt a peculiar sensation in his body and his wife felt that on her face and neck.
  • Keyhoe 1974 p28

1967. 2350hrs.
A young man was driving a truck with his girlfriend and her younger sister when they thought they saw the noon over a rise before realising that it was in the wrong location and was too bright. The object began to pace the truck at up to 145kph, then shot overhead and then dived at the car, splitting in two as it came, then reassembled as it passed overhead. It continued to harass them until they reached home. At close range the thing resembled a giant electric light bulb. The girls became afraid to venture out alone at night. 
  • Dan Clements in Official UFO 1, 12 p44

Winter 1967 2130hrs.
A woman who had just come home heard a sound like geese and looking out, saw something with lights in its upper part on the ground. Through a large window she could three human like figures working on some equipment. This sight terrified the woman’s four year old daughter. 

  • UFO Trans 2 p21 citing Martin Lyck in SUFOI News 1995

Winter 1967. 2330hrs.
Three teenage boys driving on the edge of town observed an object in front of their car. It drifted over a wooded area in which there was a narrow access road and the boys got out to investigate only to return when the object moved towards them. The boys then drove back to report the incident. They observed structural details, fins and lights. 

  • Condon and Gilmour 1969a p288 citing investigation by Robert Low, Jim Wadsworth and –Crow

January 1967 (Approx date)
A NASA scientist from Cape Kennedy was fishing in a small boat off the Florida coast, when an object emitting a humming sound made several passes over his boat, coming so close he could have touched it with his fishing rod. The object hovered giving off an intermittent flashing light. Then a sort of robot floated down toward the boat, whose crew accelerated it away. 

  • Green and Smith1967 p95 citing report by Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America

January 1967 (Approx date)
A shepherd named Martin reported that he “had talked with angels who had come from heaven in their gigantic oval house surrounded by a luminous halo”. These beings were a little shorter than the witness, dressed in brilliant clothing and their eyes were far apart. Even though they did not have wings “they flew in the sky when they walked. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p333 citing Mia 52 15 February 1967

January 1967 (Approx date) Afternoon.
An elderly man in a village near Frome was at his cottage when he saw an object which skirted the trees, and land at the far edge of a clearing, hovering, with a swaying motion, about 1.5m above the ground. Two figures wearing helmets descended from the machine and walked with a stiff gait to a point 35m to the left of the witness, about 60m from the machine. Thinking it was some new invention of the air force, the man walked towards the aviators, whom he saw were fairly tall, wore dark grey close fitting clothing which gave off a plastic sheen, rounded black, plastic helmets on their heads. One was shaking his head, while the other muttered. When the witness got within 20m, one of the beings raised a gloved hand, and they both disappeared “like ghosts”. Looking round he saw that the craft was surrounded by a sort of mustard coloured vapour, in which movement could be seen. From this vapour a light flashed upwards so fast that no details could be seen. The witness later found that his heartbeat was unusually strong. 

  • Shuttlewood 1968 p178 first hand

Early January 1967. Late night.
Newspaper correspondent Mrs Mary Hyre was working late in her office when a small man 1.35m tall entered. Despite the freezing weather he was only lightly clad in a short sleeved shirt and thin trousers. He had thick glasses and long black hair, cut in a “bowl” haircut. Mrs Eyre was joined by a colleague while an incoherent conversation was held. The visitor seemed puzzled by a ball point pen and when he left he gave a peculiar laugh. 
  • Keel 1975a p88 and Keel in FSR 13,2 p7 both citing his conversations with Mary Hyre

January 1967.
While working on repairs in an old farmhouse five people surprised, in an empty room, a little man with a large head, exactly like that described by Mr Masse, except that he was wearing a beard. They tried to catch him, but a sort of invisible force made him slip through their hands, and he escaped through a window. Further pursuit across the countryside proved fruitless. 
  • FSR 14,1 p17 + MUFORG Bulletin April 1967 both citing Francois Peyregne in Phen Spax 11

January 1967.
A point of light was seen in the area where a 1.2m diameter circular area, devoid of grass was found. Associated with the circle were two 90cm diameter burns and outside the circle, three triangular traces, with rounded edges were found, as was, nearby, a metal foil. 
  • Phillips 1975 p45 case 363 citing an unspecified issue of Ohio UFO Reporter

January 1967. 0600hrs.
Mr Tyrell (64) was driving to work past Burton Hill House School when he saw a man dressed in grey overalls appear in the centre of the road. Tyrell tried to stop his car but it seemed not to be under his control. The stranger then turned revealing a very white, sharp featured face, raised his arm and then vanished. 
  • Rogers 1994 p105
  • Wiltshire 1973 p45

January 1967.
An X ray technician with the Medical Arts Laboratory was driving south on Highway 57 when he saw what he thought was a plane in difficulties. A truck driver had also pulled over to watch. While they stood there, they saw that the object was a metallic hemisphere, surmounted by a transparent dome, glowing red. The thing came within 150m at 15m altitude. 
  • H Spohn Marling in Flying Saucers UFO Reports 3 p21

January 1967. Evening
Ernest Edwards was walking between here and Bontuchel, looking for a rumoured ghost woman, when he saw a large black mass, silent and with pulsating lights, hovering over an advertising caravan. There was a smell of burning rubber and rotting. Trees at the side of the road were swaying. The terrified boy caught a lift home on a lorry, the driver of which had also seen the object, which had banked and hovered over a nearby house. Ernest developed a rash and swollen eyes. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p108 citing own investigation
  • Evaluation: Not reported for decades, possibly smoke from a pile of burning tyres.

January 1967, 1930hrs.
Robert Blaine was driving to Kensington from Villard, to attend the baseball game, when Mrs Galvin, Billy Smith and three of his own children as passengers. 3km east of Farrell the 1964 car stopped suddenly and the headlights went out. At that instant Robert noticed a flash to the left, at the level of his bonnet, and then tiny beads of light crossed in front of the windshield, Mrs Blaine also saw an orange-red flash by the driver’s side. After coasting for some distance the engine and lights came on again spontaneously. An inspection of the car showed nothing amiss. 
  • Lorenzen 1967 p25

January 1967. 2100hrs. 
Wilfred Tremblay, his wife and children, were at their isolated farm, when they were alerted by the dogs barking. Wilfred looked and saw a large rectangular object with red and amber lights moving in the distance. He first thought it was a truck on the main road, but its movements and speed seemed to contradict that. The thing apparently landed in a nearby field and stayed on the ground for an hour. He examined it through binoculars, where it filled his field of vision. When he examined the site the next morning there were no traces. 
  • APRO Bulletin January/February 1967 p8

January 1967. Night.
Jean-Pierre Morin, the head of security for CNES, was driving three members of a rocket launching team to the site when they observed an aerial light approaching silently and the car engine misfired and failed. The black, cylindrical object, 300-400m long, 30m wide, with multi coloured lights along its edges came down to 2ith 500m of the party, who found that they were paralysed and speechless until the object moved off slowly at very low altitude. The other three members of the team then arrived on the scene and saw the object moving off in the distance for 20-30 minutes. 
  • Good 2006 p296 citing his own investigation

January 1967. Night.
Four teenagers were parked in the local Lovers Lane when one girl alerted the others to a foul smell. Something looking like a green chimpanzee, with green luminous eyes, jumped on the bonnet of their car. When they started to drive away the thing jumped down and went back into the woods. 
  • Keel 1970a p104

January 1967. Late night.
David Pike (18) was motor cycling home to Wellington from Taunton when, as he was approaching the crossroads to Poole, he saw another motor cycle coming in the opposite direction. The cycle and rider seemed to be enveloped in a halo like light and the thing titled and rapidly crossed David’s path and just vanished. David dismounted but found no evidence of the other cycle, and a man in a car behind that cycle seemed not to have seen it. 
  • Bardens 1970 p121
  • Evaluation: Some form of reflection of Pike and his vehicle?

January 3 1967 (Approx. date) 0200hrs.
A professional secretary was driving on a rural road near her home when she noticed the area was brilliantly illuminated. She first thought that her car headlights were on full, but when she switched them off she realised that the light was coming from a luminous object that hovered right over her car, which she could see through the rear view mirror and side windows, brightly lighting up the surrounding area. The object paced the car for 10-15 minutes, during which time woman found that her car slowed down and she was unable to accelerate and experienced a loss of steering control. She felt that the object had control of her car. The next day the car radio was full of static and the speedometer was malfunctioning. As the object took off at the top of the rise she could see that it resembled an inverted mushroom with a short stem on top, a uniform yellow glow, with two bright white, and several smaller lights underneath. The women reported several subsequent mechanical failures in the car. 
  • Hall 2001 p208
  • Gilmour and Condon 1969a p282 citing investigation by Fred Hooven and David Moyer
  • Evaluation: The investigation by the consultants from the Condon committee determined that the effects were due to normal wear and tear and there was no unusual magnetic signature on the vehicle. Some sources locate the incident at New Richmond Michigan

January 5 1967 2315hrs.
Mrs Ralph Beard, her children and sister, Mrs Lillian White, were driving from Greenfield towards Geary when they spotted a large blue and green object travelling at high speed very close to the ground. After a brief touchdown about 800m from the highway, the object soared into the sky and headed south. 
  • Steiger 1967 p54

January 6 1967.
Several settlers and missionaries at the Dominican mission here saw strange aerial objects and a tribe of Indians near the mission saw them come down very near the trees and prostrated themselves in worship, believing it to be a religious vision. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p373 citing Efe 7 January 1967

January 6 1967, 2250hrs.
The balls and sphere returned to the family of June 15 1966. The farmer had gone out to check on the animals, when he suddenly saw one of the spheres not more than 50m away, about 3m from the house. He decided to try to get behind it, but when he reached the gate it was waiting for him. It followed him for about 60m and then at the entrance to a narrow path blocked his way. The farmer returned to the house and called his son. They saw six spheres and the large shell, giving off a beam of very concentrated light, which lit up the room when it shone in it. This beam was turning round like a beacon. The men were too afraid to venture outside. On this shell were three projections on each side, onto which the balls returned. The balls were about 1.2m across. Eventually the whole spectacle just vanished. The next evening at 2120 the son saw a green-blue light at ground level in a field. He was joined by his father and together they again saw the shell. 
  • FSR 16,6 p3 citing Lagarde et al in an unspecified issue of LDLN
  • Vallee 1975 p31

January 9 1967.
Leonard Sabatine Jnr, the owner of a radio and electrical repair company saw two large domed objects hovering over the treetops near his home. 
  • Steiger 1967 p54

January 9 1967. Late evening.
Colin Hall observed a stationary object about 25m long, with three very bright orange lights, Approximately 8m apart hovering at 30m altitude in a clear sky 
  • UFOlog 32 p1 + Hanson and Holloway 2011b p108 both citing BUFORA Halifax

January 10 1967, 2030hrs.
A woman was driving with her 16 year old son were driving down the lane to their cabin when they saw a dull grey elliptical object, with a blue rim, about 8m above the car. The thing appeared to be about 10m diameter, 2.5m thick. After a few seconds it moved away, slowly at first and then rapidly to the south west, disappearing in about 7 seconds. As it banked, they could see a row of lights around its rim. 
  • Ridge 1994 p19 citing Don Worley

January 10 1967 2230hrs.
Wallie Barnett (77), a retired schoolteacher living on a farm on Rt 2, 19km from Point Pleasant, heard his dogs barking and went out to investigate. He observed a very large light on the summit of the steeply wooded slope at the back of the house. As he watched, the light came down the hill and moved slowly towards the ravine. It was the apparent size of a Volkswagen, with brilliantly illuminated windows, which went out as the thing got close to the ground. Two red, 10cm lights stayed on, and the thing came white sparks, which darted in and out. The object came within 18m of the witness and then went out of sight behind his chicken coop. Barnett went round to investigate but the object had disappeared. 
  • John Keel in FSR 13,3 p3

January 11 1967. Evening.
The son saw the shell land near the farmhouse and drove towards it, preceded by the balls. He got within 30m of this shell, which seemed to be taller than the trees, about 13m high and hovering about 2m, above the ground. A maroon halo surrounded its top, the main body being brilliant white. When he opened the car door, the object became very bright, leaned to an angle of 45 degrees, emitted a whistling sound and took off. The witness then saw another ball in front of him and followed it at 70kph. Then his engine stalled, lights went out etc. and he saw a disc shaped object coming from the North West. This thing stopped about 20m away about 3-4m above the meadow. 

It was whitish yellow, the size of a Peugeot 404, with a red light in the rear. On top were two domes in which he saw two occupants wearing green trimmed white overalls. These cabins were lit by a green light. When the man tried to open his car door he was struck by a wave of heat and immobilised. A signpost nearby was vibrating. The object then took off with a whistling sound, similar to but less piercing than that given off by the shell, rose to 40-50 and then swooped down again close to the ground and took off again to the east. As the object moved away the heat faded and the car’s equipment returned to normal. The witness later suffered periods of intense and sudden sleepiness and night paralysis, had dreams in which men dressed in red holding a book were urging him to write in it. On one occasion he arrived at an investigator’s house to discuss the incidents only to find he was unable to talk. 
  • Lagrade et al in FSR 17,1 p3
  • Vallee 1975 p33

January 11 1967, 2000hrs.
Bill Swanson (31) a park ranger was in Aster Park when he saw an object, like an elongated disc with pulsating lights on its lower extremity, rise from the ground and then land again. The object then rose to about 60 and then disappeared among the mountains to the north. At the landing site snow was partially melted with three indentations 20-25vm deep, 45-50cm across, with prong marks inside. 
  • UAPRO Bulletin II,7 p9

January 13 1967, 0130hrs. 
A young boy saw a disc shaped object, 8m wide, with a dome, in which there were windows, hovering over an alfalfa field. The thing had lights and a sort of opening in which the boy saw a being in crinkly green clothes. The object emitted a rotating red light, circled the area and then flew off. 
  • Hall 2001 p323 citing NICAP files
  • Phillips 1975 p46 case 94 citing an unspecified issue of UFO Investigator

January 15 1967, 1745hrs.
While driving north towards Granville on a lonely road about 800m south of town, Mrs Helen Goddard and her teenage niece saw a discoid object moving towards them from the general direction of the mountains to their right. The disc had several, openings on its rim from which bright beams pointed in all directions. The thing stopped and hovered over an open field some 200m away, at treetop height (about 10m). They estimated the thing to be about 15m diameter and observed it for 5 minutes until the light went out and the thing vanished. As they drove into town, they saw this or a similar object overtaking them from the direction of the lake. This object repeated the same performance as above; this time the women got out of the car. After picking up their friend, the three returned to the south of the town, where the same events took place for the third time. On this occasion the object had dim rectangular windows. 
  • Saucer News 14,2 p18
  • Condon and Gilmour 1969a p265 citing investigation by Ayer and Wadsworth

January 15 1967, 2100hrs.
A strange object was observed at low level and there were physical effects. No further details. 
  • Ridge 1994 p19 citing APRO Bulletin 15

January 16 1967, 1700hrs.
Robert B Fuller alias Bobby Brandon was driving home to Contoocook from Georgia Mills, when he saw a bright light over Mt Sunapee. 13km further on at Brandon he saw that the light was pacing his car, by Brandon 14.5km further on it had swung round and had become difficult to see. Shortly the thing turned toward him and presented itself as a cigar shaped object with amber windows, with a flashing red light to the right and two brilliant white lights in front, these lights apparently being on protrusions on the object. It was now so large that he compared it to a grapefruit at arm’s length. He went to look for witnesses and was joined by Mrs Manry, a former missionary. She saw the thing swoop low over her home and the hill behind it. The thing was the size of a 20cm wide dinner plate at arm’s length, projecting lights down, yellow in the centre, white at the edges, and making a purring sound. Charles Black and his wife, driving toward Warner saw a battle grey object, “like a skate”, with two lights moving slowly about 200-300m away. 15 minutes later Mrs Degeruick and her daughter saw an object moving very slowly over a field. As the object accelerated away, it made a purring sound. 
  • UFO Investigator III,12 p5 citing investigation by John M and Virginia Meloney

January 17 1967, 1845hrs.
A woman walking home saw a beam of light about 1m in section sweep the ground in her direction. It came from a circular white object that turned off its main light. She then saw reddish spots before it vanished entirely. Another witness saw the phenomenon from a separate location 2km away.
  • Vallee Case 809 citing an unspecified issue of LDLN

January 17 1967, 1920hrs.
Robert Ludacka and Judy Bradley were driving home from the country club when they saw lights over a treelined hill to the north east. They thought the lights were on a plane as it banked towards them. As it turned and ran parallel, they saw that it was an object with a beam projecting from the front. The thing had a red blinking light on the left and green blinking light to the right rear and two groups of four windows, separated by the red light and illuminated by a soft yellow light from the rear. Behind the lights was a blimp shaped object 15-25m long. The object was about 60m above the trees, moving slowly and appearing to be about to land. The couple drove on to get a better view, but by the time they had the area in view again the thing had disappeared. The observation lasted about 3-5 minutes. 
  • Hall 2001 p325 citing Omaha World-Herald 18 January 1967
  • APRO Bulletin January/February 1967 p4

January 17 1967. Night.
Francis Bedel Jnr (23) of Portland was driving on State Hw 135 about 8km north of Freetown when a brilliant glowing white light darted into his field of vision. It hovered over the road for a few seconds, allowing Francis to see that it was saucer shaped with multi-coloured flashing lights and then slowly reversed its course. Francis was so engrossed in watching the thing that he crashed his car, which was badly damaged. The state police who investigated confirmed that Francis was sober. At about the same time and place Mr and Mrs Phil Patton of Freetown encountered a brightly illuminated discoid object that moved along the highway in front of their car, 30m away and 30m above the road. The description was similar to Bedel’s; a circular object, the apparent size of a small house with brilliant red lights and flashing white and yellow lights along its side and bottom. After about 30 seconds it took off in a flash. 
  • Edwards 1969 p31
  • Lorenzen 1968 p22

January 18 1967, 0015hrs.
Four witnesses at the county power lines saw a flash in the sky just preceding an area power failure. Soon afterwards they sighted a domed lighted object near the ground on the opposite bank of the Green River. When they drove away to find help a red glowing buzzed them. 
  • Fowler 1974 p343
  • Fowler 1981 p163

January 19 1967, 0905hrs.
Tad Jones (38) of Dunbar was driving to the appliance store he managed in Cross Lanes, along Rte 64, about 10km outside Charleston when he noticed a large object blocking the road ahead of him. He first assumed that it was a vehicle used by highway repair men, but as he drew closer, he saw that it was a large metal sphere, hovering about 1.2m above toad. In the broad daylight he got a good look at a dull aluminium coloured sphere, 6m in diameter, from the bottom of which were attached four legs terminating with castor like wheels. On the side of its upper part of the sphere was a window 24cm in diameter. Underneath this was a propeller that was moving slowly. On its top were two antenna like projections. The propeller began to spin rapidly as the object took off. Later investigations found strange footprints at the site. Jones received threatening notes and later had a curious encounter with a mysterious “linesman” at the same spot where he had seen the object. 
  • John Keel in FSR 13,3 p4 + Keel 1975a p96 citing investigation by John Keel, Ralph Jarre and Mary Hyre
  • Lorenzen 1970 p154

January 19 1967, 1500hrs.
High school freshman Reed Thompson was in his home on Hickory Lane due to a half day holiday when his attention was caught by a a rumbling sound like that of a train. Looking out he saw a light outside. He then saw that it was a silvery disc, about 2.1m diameter, 1.65m thick, with small portholes, moving at walking speed 6m above the ground. It seemed to float along, following the contours of the ground. Reed took several photographs, of which one came out. Later trees in its path died. On an April day in 1973 the now adult Reed was visited, at his auto parts store, by two strange beings, who spooked his normally fierce dog. One was a 2.1m tall, very thin, man, wearing a hat; the other very short (under 1.5m) thin woman. Both wore winter clothes despite the warm day, had “plastic” like skin. They asked about his 1967 experience in odd monotones, and who demanded the photographs in imperious tones. An employee, looking out, saw their car was a 1969 Buick with no interior. When Reed drove away from work the visitors followed him in this car. When he reached the garage he was visiting, the strangers were disturbed by an arc lamp and they and their car disappeared.
  • CE Chronicles 3,5 p 4 citing Norman Kissell in Dearborn County Register 19 March 1992 citing investigation by Don Worley
  • Edwards 1969 p133
  • Ridge 1994 p19 citing UFOP Filter Center files + Don Worley

January 20 1967.
A farmer driving along a back road, 6.5km from Victoria observed an object hovering 10m above the road. The thing was circular, the size of a house and gave off a green-blue glow. The witness felt his truck vibrate in the proximity of this object. People in other vehicles stopped to observe.

  • Saucer News 14,2 p27
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 55 p33 (says location is Victoria (Illinois) Google confirms there are small towns called Victoria in both states)

January 20 1967, 1845hrs.
Three teenage girls, Kimberley Lodge, Ellen Kenney and Janice Shafer were driving to a baseball game in Kimberley’s car on their way to pick up Juan Sierpina, on a lonely street bordered by woods and fields. On reaching the top of a hill they were surprised to see a string of 9 or 10 bright glowing red lights moving over a field ahead to the left at about 150-200m altitude and about 120-150m away. They wondered if it was a helicopter but as they rapidly closed with the thing, the car engine, lights and radio failed. The object had now begun to swing on its axis, showing multi-coloured lights. Kim and Janice were able to see that the thing was hovering 30-100m, away apparently over a house. It consisted of four glowing red lights that made a perfect trapezoid, with two red lights on the top, two on the bottom. These lights seemed to be on the surface of a dark object, and in their vicinity they highlighted a metallic surface and the girls gathered that they were viewing a bowl shaped contraption, larger than a house. During this time the car’ generator panel lamp was dimly pulsating on and off. After a couple of minutes the object started moving slowly and then it shot away at terrific speed. Less that 5km away Arthur Michelsen, his daughter and her friend, while out driving, saw a pattern of lights in the sky. 
  • Fowler 1974 pp138, 343
  • Hynek 1972 pp119, 239
  • Fowler 1981 p163
  • Rodeghier 1981 p31 citing NICAP files
  • Sagan and Page pxxvi

January 21 1967, 0200hrs.
Susan (17), Tanya (14) Kushner and their friend Marianne Williamson (16) were having a pyjama party when all three saw a light shimmering through the closed bedroom curtains. Suddenly these parted of their own volition and a small triangular object, hovering a metre of so from the house, beamed in a painfully intense pink light. When the triangle moved opposite the second window, the curtains there also parted, the light becoming brighter. As the girls moved to flee their room, they became paralysed and unable to cry out. After manoeuvring for a while the light vanished, and the girls were now able to move, though they suffered from a weakness and dizziness that lasted for an hour. The previous night at 2330hrs. the girls and Mrs Kushner had seen a brilliant pink disc manoeuvre above a nearby ridge. A week later the family were questioned by a mysterious “government official”. 
  • Robert Goerman in Official UFO 2,2 p46

January 24 1967.
A cylindrical object, 100m long, at an atltidue of 15m, was seen by Nicholas Ronaldi as he drove through the community. The object had three red lights, one at each end and one in the centre, and emitted a whirring sound. After two-three minutes the craft turned to a 45 degree angle. As it moved off with a rocking motion towards Hartford, over high tension wires, the sound increased and its lights got brighter. 
  • Saucer News 14,2 p19

January 25 1967, 0430hrs.
A 32 year old civilian Harold Lenz, driving to work in his 1964 Chevy had to stop and inspect the vehicle when the engine stalled. Only then did he observe an intense light to his right coming closer. He saw it land on the road, and locked himself in his vehicle. The craft was 25m diameter, 10m high and settled on a tripod landing gear. Something similar to an elevator came down from it, and a man of medium height, dressed in blue coveralls “with something like a glass fishbowl on his head” seemed to check something and left. 

  • Vallee case 811 + Rosales both citing Blue Book Files.

January 25 1967.
A landing report. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 55 p33
  • Evaluation: Probably duplicate of January 19th Charleston incident

January 25 1967. Evening.
Betty Ann Andreasson was in the farmhouse with her parents, Waino and Eva Aho, and her children Becky (11), James (10), Mark (9), Scott (7), Todd (6), Ronnie (4) and Cindy (3), while her husband was in hospital following a car crash. Betty was working in the kitchen, while the children were watching TV with their grandparents, when suddenly the lights went out, the house was flooded by a red orange pulsating glow and everything went still, as if in a vacuum. Waino went to the kitchen window and saw a group of strange looking creatures which were hopping like grasshoppers. Under hypnotic regression in 1977 Betty recalled that Becky, looking into the kitchen from the dining room, had seen a dark silhouette shape bobbing in front of the light shine through the window. Shortly afterwards all the family except Betty became paralysed and oblivious. 4 beings seemed to enter through the closed kitchen door in a jerky motion. One was taller than the rest, but otherwise they were identical, with grey skins, outsized pear shaped heads with wrap around eyes, scar like mouths and just holes for noses and ears. They wore dark blue shiny close fitting uniforms with an emblem of a bird with outstretched wings. They had three-digit hands which were enveloped in gloves. There were four beings in all. The taller leader seemed to tell her that his name was Quazgaa. Betty gave them a Bible which they seemed to multiply and they gave her a blue book in return.

It appears that Becky awoke again and saw this scene. Betty felt strangely hypnotised and followed the beings out through the closed door and, floating above the ground, went to an oval object, with a raised central portion, sitting in the back yard. She was taken into a sort of bubble, then stood in a room for some time before being taken through a hatch into something like a decontamination and changing room where she changed into a white garment. She was then taken into a brightly lit room where she was laid on a flat table and given a medical during which she felt isolated and helpless, and as though she was being treated as a guinea pig. Needles were stuck in her naval and up her nose, and a sort of large eye on a machine examined her body. She then got dressed again, before being fastened into a closed chair on a track, which was filled with pulsating liquid. From there she was led by hooded beings through a dark stone tunnel into a realm with a red atmosphere. There she saw strange creatures with eyes on stalks coming out of their bodies and with no heads crawling over the place. She was then taken to a starkly beautiful city with fantastic crystalline structures, pyramids and something like a sphinx. She was then taken through the crystals to a place of searing heat and light, where she had a vision of a phoenix in the fire. When the fire died the phoenix was replaced by something like a fat worm. A voice which she identified as God called her to its service. She was returned to the craft in much the same way as she arrived, where she was given another mystical discourse by Quazgaa. They then returned to the house, the creatures carrying white spheres. She was then put to bed by the beings. As she lay in bed she heard a whirring noise coming from Becky’s room. Both she and Becky later looked at the blue book but after a few days it vanished. 
  • Fowler 1979 passim, citing investigation by himself and James Webb, Joseph Santangela, Jules Vaillancourt, Fred Younger and Harold J Edelstein
  • Rimmer 1984 p69

January 25 1967 (Approx date) 1900hrs. 
Mr C F C a well known and respected engineer from Osnorno was out for a stroll in the woods, when, suddenly, while sitting on a tree trunk in a clearing, he was dazzled by a brilliant flash of light like a magnesium flare. Shortly afterward as he was about to leave he observed a very bright light nearby, and on approaching found a rust coloured object 33m diameter, with no visible openings, suspended close to the ground, and felt a gentle warmth coming from it. Suddenly it shot about 1m to the left, as it did so a projection came out then rapidly retracted. A being appeared then appeared below the craft, as if materialising out of thin air. He was 1.5 m tall, wearing a tight fitting one piece, creaseless transparent suit. His movements and gestures were human, but his head, hands and feet were extremely pale, he had long hair, a prominent jaw, a flattened or even non existent nose. His arms seemed glued to his body. The witness was too terrified to speak or move, and his body felt stiff, as if he were riveted to the spot. Suddenly the entity vanished and the craft began to grow larger, assuming an incandescent red colour and emitting a powerful violet light, but with no increase in sound or heat. The object then rose straight up and vanished. The witness fled. Next day he returned to the spot, but was unable to find any traces. As a result of the incident the witness fell ill. 
  • FSR Case Histories 12 p12 citing UFO Chile 1 and LDLN March/April 1968 both citing La Cronica Matutina 25(?) February 1967
  • Spacelink 5, 2 p22 citing La Cronica op cit, citing La Tercera 24 February 1967
  • Lorenzen 1968 p59
  • Petrowitsch table of Chilean landings

January 25 1967, 2015hrs.
Mrs Myrtle Wain and her daughter Rosemary were in their garden when they observed a grey object, with a ring of red lights, about 55m away and below the height of the roofs (9-12m). The thing was silent and flew off in a southerly direction at 25kph across a park. 
  • UFOlog 33 p3 citing NICAP GB
  • DIGAP files

January 26 1967, 2100hrs.
A Methodist minister was driving south on Rte 185 near Coffeen when he saw an object with a flat bottom and rounded top cross the road silently at low speed 100m away. It was 20m long, 3m high. 
  • Vallee Case 813 citing Blue Book files

January 27 1967.
Vicky Cantrell and Linda Terrel were followed by a brilliant object that paced their car at low altitude until they reached Vicky’s house. There, joined by Vicky’s parents, they saw an object they hovered for a few minutes and then disappeared in the west. 
  • UAPRO Bulletin 1,7 p6

January 27 1967 (Approx date) 1345hrs.
A group of primary school children were playing in an area of Studham Common known as The Dell. The boys, Alex Butler (10), Tony Banks (11), Kerry Gahill (11), Andrew Hoar (11), David Inglis (10), Colin Lonsdale (10) and John Mickleburgh (10) were on their way back to school 200m away when they noticed a single stroke of lightening and roll of thunder. A few minutes later Alex saw, in the open centre of The Dell, a little blue man, with a tall hat and a beard, stood upright. He called the other boys and they all raced towards the stranger 20m away. As they approached the little man disappeared “in a puff of smoke”. The boys continued to search and saw the being on two more occasions. On the third occasion he was back in the original position, and they heard a foreign sounding babble of voices as if he were communicating with invisible companions. The boys approached cautiously and were undecided what to do until their teacher’s whistle called them back to school. They described the being as 90 cm tall, wearing a 60 cm high hat resembling a brimless bowler. The being was surrounded by a grey blue glow obscuring detail. however they could make out two round eyes, a small flat triangle in place of a nose, that he was wearing a one piece garment with a belt around his waist, on which was a black box 15 cm square. His arms seemed short and close to the chest. The beard appeared to divide and run down each side of his chest. 
  • R H B Winder et al in FSR 13,4 p3 citing their first hand investigation.
  • Theo Paijmas. Fortean Times 339, April 2016, own investigation re-interviewing original witness

January 29 1967, 2200hrs.
Mrs Enid Campbell (43) and her sons Gene (18) and George (14) were watching TV in the living room of their two story farm house 6.5km south west of Knox City when George called his mother and brother to look at the unusual size of the rising moon. A few minutes later after the boys had gone to bed Mrs Campbell looked again and saw this “moon” had not risen as it should. It was a spherical object the colour of a white light bulb, surrounded by a pink red glow or mist. Around the centre was a thin ring with several openings, about 10 cm diameter and 30 cm apart. This ring was shiny gold and extended below the edge of the sphere. Enid observed these details as the object crossed a field just to the east of the house, then toward the house, passing over a 1.2m high fence. It stopped, almost touching the ground, less than 1m from the house. In the lower right hand quarter of the sphere was a control panel in which two occupants could be seen. One was seated at the panel, the other was standing behind him. A sort of lever could be seen on top, but no other features could be distinguished in the yellow light of this control room. The beings could only be seen in silhouette, but they appeared to be of human shape and dressed in shiny, silvery “wet suits”. After briefly hovering, the object took off for the Southeast. She called her sons, who were in time to see the object as a sphere, gaining altitude and moving away. As it hovered, two smaller, white, spheres approached from the north, and entered through an opening in the lower left quarter. The ring then gave off “fiery fountains” of a red coloured material which fell a short distance and disappeared. The object then ascended vertically and disappeared. The event lasted 30 minutes, The witnesses claimed that snow had melted where the object had hovered, and that a glass fruit jar was also partially melted. An area 200-300m long and 2m wide on the flight path became barren after the incident. Later the family saw strange lights and experienced poltergeist effects. 
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 41 + Phillips 1975 p46 case 266-citing his first hand investigation.

January 30 1967 (Approx. date)
Mrs Meyer of Emma Avenue saw an oval shaped wheel come out of the sky and come close to the street. 
  • Art Epstein in Skylook 39 citing St Louis Globe Democrat 31 January 1967

January 31 1967.
A landing report. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 55 p33

February 1967. Night.
A single witness saw a strange object near the ground. No further details. 
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 38

February 1967. Night.
Four people were driving through Washington Crossing Park near Trenton when an object flew low over their car, heading toward Mercer Airport. Pulling to one side to get a better look, the witnesses were shaken to see a huge creature 2.5-3m tall gliding towards them across the grassy knoll. They quickly got back to the car and drove away. 
  • Timothy Green Beckley in Flying Saucers 54 p24 citing Emil Slobida in an undated issue of The Trentonian.

February 2 1967. Night.
A woman driving along State Highway 37 near the Lake of Egypt Road, was about to turn onto Interstate 57 when she saw an object hovering over a truck. The truck moved away but the object remained, so scaring the woman that she took another road into Marion only to find the object pacing her almost overhead. She nearly crashed her car in her panic and later refused to drive alone at night. 
  • W Scott Marling in Flying Saucers UFO Reports 3 p24)

February 4 1967.
A landing report. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 55 p33

February 5 1967. Evening.
A young man heard a strange noise and a dog barking furiously and then saw an egg shaped object, about 25m long and about 15m high at the centre, come in low over the road shoulder and land in a field on three legs. From an elevator like shaft came human shaped figures, with a hypnotic look, that placed small spheres around the craft. A man then came across the field and appeared to talk to the beings, as if by telepathy. The witness then stepped on a twig, alerting the entities to his presence. One of them chased and caught him, inflicting a wound like a burn on his neck. This being was then joined by another and they tried to get the youth into their craft, but just as they reached the door, they “looked at each other in panic”, gave up and dropped him, retrieved the and then took off. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 1 p6

February 5 1967, 2145hrs.
Louis Monin (70) went out to lock the entrance to the courtyard of his country house on this clear evening. As he turned to go back inside, he observed to the WSW 150m away, above a graveyard adjacent to his property, white flashes of light. He first thought it was someone illegally dumping waste and called for his wife and granddaughter Marie-Solange, who also observed the glimmers, which were also observed by three other independent witnesses, who did not, however, observe the sequel. Instead of the expected van, the family saw an ellipsoid 10m diameter, red like cooling ambers, which was silently skimming over the graves, lighting the ground with a white light, like day. Mrs Monin fled indoors, but Louis and M-S continued to watch as the object advanced up their vegetable patch, where it hovered, oscillating at several metres altitude. Suddenly it dropped to the ground and flames issued from its left extremity, then orange flames came from the right, while they heard a crackling sound like burning stubble. These flames were less like a normal fire, than a rapid stream of compact particles. M-S wanted to investigate, but Louis held her back, and she went back inside the house hoping to get her grandmother to join them again. As Louis watched, he observed a dwarf, no more than 1m tall, emerge from the right hand side of the object, standing in the middle of the orange flames. In silhouette he appeared grey, but they were surprised to take in so many details. Louis ran back to get his wife, but she refused to come out. When he returned to the porch with M-S the being had disappeared and the object now looked like a great red ball, which suddenly rose up vertically, hovered for a while, then took off to the south, being lost in the sky in seconds. No traces or effects were noted.
  • Phen Spax p22

February 6 1967.
A landing report. No further details 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 57 p24

February 6 1967.
A landing report. No further details. 
  • (ditto)

February 8 1967, 1843hrs.
While eating the evening meal, Lee Elliot (16) alerted his family’s attention to a circular object on the top of a hill about 400m away. In its centre was a set of dazzling, pulsating yellow lights, from which red lights were pulsating g outwards. The television developed interference at this time. Younger brothers and sisters were terrified by this but his older sisters, mother and aunt were more intrigued. After 4o minutes the object left and the TV interference ceased. 
  • Bondarchuk 1979 p124 citing Ottawa Citizen 9 February 1968

February 9 1967.
Near Lyndon, Kenneth Lyon observed a grey circular object, 2m diameter, descend to ground level for a few seconds and then rise up again. As the thing rose, it broke off several branches from a tree, without sustaining any damage itself. It made no sound. 
  • UAPRO Bulletin 1,7 p15

February 9 1967, 2045hrs.
Donald Guseman (29) the president of a construction company, and his wife, a hospital business administrator, were driving south towards Odessa when they saw lights ahead, which they first thought were on a plane trying to land on the road. As they got within 60m, they saw the lights were on an object shaped like two shallow bowls places rim to rim, with a sort of gondola underneath. The thing was hovering just above the trees at an altitude of 20-25m.Iit was about 15m long and 5m thick at the thickest. From one end a pair of white searchlights was directed downwards, growing wider in the normal fashion. On the gondola was a horizontal row of windows giving forth a faint soft light, of a yellow or pink shade. On the bottom of this gondola were three red lights. After 2 minutes the searchlights swung to aim at an upward angle of 45 degrees. The object then began to move slowly northwards, emitting a soft hum or buzz which gave the impression of coming from the beams. After it had gone 60-100m the thing seemed to just disappear. The witness thought it had dropped view the level of the trees but they could not see anything there. 
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969a p21 citing investigations by Stuart Nixon, Isabel Davies and James McDonald

February 10 1967, 0340hrs.
Patrolman Gary Butler was patrolling alone in his car along Schenk Road, when he glanced towards the NASA Plum Brook Atomic Facility and was shocked to see a blue green disc apparently hovering right over the plant. It appeared to be about 12m above the ground and 6-8m diameter. Gary jammed on his brakes and watched the object for 4-5 minutes before radioing in to the sheriff’s office. By the time the deputy sheriff had arrived on the scene the object had gone below the trees. 
  • Edwards 1968 p130

February 10 1967.
An occupant report, No further details 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 55 p33

February 10 1967, 0340hrs.
A man out driving near the Plum Brook Naval Air Station saw a blue discoid object some 3km from his car. He tried to contact his headquarters at the station but his car radio became filled with static. The object appeared to land but the man did not investigate. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p32 citing UFO Investigator March/April 1967
  • Evaluation: This happened at the exact same date and time as the Perkins Township event above. Perkins Township is largely the suburban area of Sandusky. They are probably different reports of the same incident.

February 10 1967, 0430hrs.
Richard Martinez was driving from his home in Tucumcari to Alamogordo along Hw 54 when, at a spot 40km north of Tularosa, he saw a metallic object t with a round with round bottom, domed top and three lights attached to the outer circumference-one of which was green and flashing, hovering beside the road. He reported the matter to the state police. 
  • Lorenzen 1969 p274

February 11 1967, 0145hrs.
Michael McKee, an employee of the Pennsylvania Railroad and Sharon Hildebrand (19) were driving toward Milford when they noticed a white glowing light shining through the woods. Taking a railroad light from the car they went to investigate and encountered a n oval object with a tube like appendage coming from its underside hovering a metre or so above a deep creek. They approached within 30m of the object, which appeared to be about 10m in diameter. The thing reflected the lamp’s light, which unnerved them and they fled the scene. Officer Charles O’Brien returned to the scene with the pair at 0330. The thing had gone but branches and twigs at the site were splintered. There were other witnesses to perhaps what was this object in the air. 
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969a p21 + APRO Bulletin November 1967 p6 both citing investigation by Leonard Stringfield
  • McDonald 1967 p19

February 11 1967.
A landing report. No further details.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 55 p33

February 11 1967.
Two people saw an unidentified object at low level. No further details. 
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 38

February 11 1967 2130hrs.
A man and his wife were driving home between Acklington and East Thurston, when the woman saw a bright yellow oval object shoot across the sky at 30 degrees elevation. Her husband then saw it at 20 degrees, appearing black, with four squ8are dull yellow windows. The object was 2.5-3m long and travelled north East to South West at about 15m above the car, 50-100m ahead and flashed out of sight in 3 seconds. 
  • UFOlog 34 p1 citing Tyneside UFO Society

February 12 1967, 1810hrs.
Two people saw a bright white luminous object with a red light on either side hover just off the road. Up to 7 other people may also have witnessed the thing. 
  • Fowler 1974 p344

February 12 1967 (or following day) 1850hrs.
For two days strange lights were seen in the area. A group of people, including village councillor Sam Talaak and reporter Bill Neacock saw a brilliant light in the sky, south of the village. It came down very low, landing on the ice at one point, and emitted orange and yellow lights. During this activity the local electricity generator failed for an hour. 
  • Edwards 1968 p137 citing Bill Neacock in an unspecified issue of Fairbanks Miner

February 12 1967. Evening.
Kenneth R Miller and airport manager Carl Nicholas were out driving when they encountered a domed object, with revolving red, green, blue and amber lights on its lower edge and a bright white light in its dome. It went over their car at the height of the telephone wires and covered the width of the roadway. Other people saw the thing at treetop height, where it stopped, banked and took off. 
  • Hall 2001 p160 citing Houston Chronicle 15 February 1967

February 12 1967, 1930hrs.
Mrs Ainsley Ryle, a former senior lecturer at Sydney University, was watching TV with her husband when, through the panoramic window, she saw a shimmering object approaching slowly as if to land on the roof of the flats opposite. She called her husband F. J. and they went onto the balcony to get a better look through binoculars. They saw about 160m ahead, a perfect sphere, 2 to 3 times the apparent diameter of the moon, moving slowly along the roof line. It had a pulsating soft orange glow, with flashes of orange and tangerine, which seemed contained within the object and cast no reflection. At or just below the thing’s centre was a belt of at least three identical but smaller spheres vibrating in harmony with the parent body. The couple had the curious feeling that they could somehow see into or through the opaque object and that it was just a light source with no internal structure. Several other people in other suburbs saw the same object. 
  • Australian UFO Review 10 pp20, 32
  • Tambling 1967 p65
  • Hervey 1969 p55

February 13 1967, 1915hrs.
Karen Prather and her friend Carol Richied were driving home from a shopping trip when the observed a bright light they assumed was an aircraft landing light. The object, however, headed towards them, coming within about 100m. They now saw that it was a triangle of lights that appeared to be heading straight at them. At the last minute the object tipped up, showing its discoid base, with a central red light and about 5 dimmer white ones. The thing then turned off to the southwest. 
  • McDonald 1967 p19 citing his own investigation

February 13 1967, 2200hrs.
Mrs Thompson and her two small children were driving in their pickup truck when the vehicle’s engine and lights failed. Mrs Thompson got out to investigate and saw a green-blue circular light, too intense to look at, overhead, giving off a feeling of heat. The light moved to the right and turned red-orange, at which the truck engine started spontaneously. 
  • Joan Whritenour in Steiger and Whritenour 1968a p32

February 13 1967, 2255hrs.
Ronald Martino and a companion were walking between Ashington and Pegswood when they saw an amber ball circling on the horizon at an elevation of about 30 degrees. The companion turned off for home and Ronald continued on alone. The object then dropped down, appeared to examine the surface of a field and then began following Ronald, who had started to run, at a distance of 15m. This object appeared to be quite large, with an amber light rippling out from the centre. Ronald had the feeling that the thing was deliberately keeping its distance and a felt a sensation of tingling, his nylon mackintosh coat was crackling with static and he felt hot. When a car’s headlights shone on the object, the amber light dimmed and then returned to normal when the lights passed on. This happened several times. When Ronald reached the main road, the object was no longer to be seen, though he still “sensed” its presence. Arriving at his destination he saw the light again, in the sky. No sound was heard. 
  • UFOlog 33 p1 citing Tyneside UFO Society
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p111 citing TUFOS op cit + The Journal (Newcastle) 20 February 1967

February 14 1967,  0700hrs.
A farmer was walking towards a large barn 100m east of his house when he noticed that one of his cows was looking into a field east of the barn. He then saw an object on the ground, 100m away, resting on a rise in the field. He walked to the northeast corner of the barn from where he could see that the object was not a parachute as he had first thought, but a shell or disc seen edgeways, about 4m diameter, 2m thick, sitting on a shaft 75cm high, 45cm diameter. The object was grey-green in colour, the texture of silk rather than metal. Along the bottom was a row of openings `5-20cm long, about 30cm apart, from which an extremely bright light, changing colours, was emitted. Underneath this object were several small things or beings moving about and moving their arms rapidly. They were the same colour as the object and appeared to have wide set eyes. The farmer left the bucket of feed he had been carrying and walked to a fence about 20m from the barn. At a distance of about 10m from the object he threw the first of two large rocks he had been carrying, but at a distance of 4.5m from the object, it just fell to the ground. A rock lobbed to hit from above seemed to bounce off something. He then walked on to this barrier, where a sort of pressure kept him back. The object now began to rock back and forth and then took off at high speed towards a ridge in the northeast, the shaft pulled up as it took off. The witness recalled that there were about 10-12 of the “robots”, which were about 60cm tall, with a proboscis like protrusion from the top and with slim arms. No legs or feet were visible. No traces were found. 
  • Lorenzen 1976 p190
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 38 + FSR Case Histories 8 p10 citing his own investigation
  • APRO Bulletin September/October 1969 p5

February 14 1967.
A disc with red flashing lights came low, forcing a car off the road. It then returned, hover in view of a large number of people before landing. Traces were found in the snow at the site. 
  • Hall 2001 p327 citing NICAP files
February 16 1967. Night
Raymond Wettling , was driving along Hw 70 outside St Louis when he encountered a cylindrical object 60 cm long in a field and was invited inside by three occupants in silvery suits. He was on board for two hours and noted that there were two large rooms, one of which was bathed in a red light. During his time on board he was given a cup of coffee. When he left the thing took off at high speed. 

  • Saucer News 14,2 p27 
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 p219 citing Chicago American 16 February 1967

February 16 1967, 2220hrs.

Mrs Ruth Millard, owner of the Millard school was taking her German sheep dog for a walk when, as she turned a corner, she noticed a red-orange light hanging just above the school gymnasium, about 15m above the ground, not more than 45 from her. This light was on the bottom of a rectangular object 2m wide, 4.5m tall, moving in an upright position, tilted slightly forward. After remaining motionless at treetop height for several minutes, the object rose swiftly and silently, crossed Bradley Lake and went out to sea at high altitude. Police investigations showed that several students had also seen the object. 

  • Edwards 1968 p139

February 16 1967, 2345hrs.
Soldier, Max Recod and his wife were driving near Kingman when they saw an oval object with one green and three red lights approaching below the 100m cloud ceiling . As the thing passed over, it illuminated the ground with a beam of light. The object then went behind a hill only to reappear followed by two white lights, one of which landed. The main object then ascended into a star like point, which seemed to absorb (or be absorbed by) it, and then went up out of sight.
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969 p44
  • Hall 2001 p328 citing UFO Investigator November./December 1967 p3

February 17 1967, 0105hrs.
A single witness at and elderly peoples project saw an object resembling a cymbal, with a dome on top, hovering at treetop level over the project. It had 4-5 purplish lights around its perimeter, and was emitting a whirring beeping sound, which was heard by two other people. 
  • Fowler 194 p 344

February 17 1967, 1855hrs.
A salesman for Flying Tiger Airlines saw cars ahead of him slow down and stop to watch a huge silent object of unknown shape, hovering low over the road. It was wider than the road. He passed directly under the thing and saw a rectangular pattern of floodlights on the underside. There were at least three other witnesses. The incident took place on County Route 93/499. 
  • Fowler 1974 p 344
  • Fowler 1981 p164

February 19 1967, 1630hrs.
Josephine Lambert and Sam Rigel were at a shuffleboard court, when, looking up they saw a gunmetal coloured oval object at 6m altitude. It was about 8 wide, 3m high, with a rough, dented underside. Around the circumference was a row of windows, giving off a yellow light, through which they could see what, looked like the heads of people or mannequins. Beneath these windows was a row of green lights. The thing stayed in sight for about 30-40 seconds as it moved slowly along. 

  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 55 p33 
  • Rosales citing HUMCAT 1967-20 citing Vicky Varnum and NICAP
  • Ridge Chronology citing Hollywood Sun-Tattler 3 November 1967

February 19 1967,  2355hrs.
Local residents in the 15 th Street/Santa Anna Avenue area reported a 2m tall hairy humanoid, like a stooped ape. On one occasion it lunged at a car. Some time before this a strange object had been seen in the sky. 

  • Steiger and Whritenour 1968a p41

February 19 1967. Evening.
Department store manager K R Miller (33) and his wife were driving home from church when they saw a pulsating red light closing fast and losing altitude, at which they pulled up and dived out of the car. The object crossed the pole at telephone height about 60m away. It was a circular object 15-18m diameter, with a band of red, amber, blue and green lights circling the lower portion. On top was a dome emitting a glaring white light. Two similar lights could be seen in the distance. The couple drove back to Wharton, where they called the Wharton Journal editor Frank Jones, who returned to the scene, where they were joined by Marlowe Preston, the publisher of the Journal, and mayor Melvin Weaver of Lane City. Jones saw, through binoculars, red and white lights, less than 400m away. Rice farmer Sipriano Barron saw a fireball crash with a terrific explosion. Two hours earlier Frank Jones’s wife, a schoolteacher, had seen a large pulsating red light at treetop height near the Bowling Green airstrip. Numerous other people saw unusual aerial objects that night. 
  • Edwards 1968 p 143 citing Houston Tribune 23 February 1967

February 20 1967.
A landing report. No further details at present. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 57 p24)

February 20 1967, 0310hrs.
An orange-red domed object descended and paced a truck before it disappeared behind trees. 

  • Hall 2001 p328 citing Blue Book Files

February 20 1967. Night.
Patrolman Gerlad A Lambard and others saw, from the steps of the town hall, an umbrella shaped object with a flame below. It was first seen at between 60-90m altitude and then descended to within 8m of the rooftops as it moved towards East Street. It was seen for 5 minutes. 

  • Saucer News 14, 2 p19

February 21 1967. Night.
Graham Crammond was riding home on his scooter when he saw an object with flashing red and green lights, gliding across the sky. It glided above the road, turned a circle and floated down behind some trees into a field. Graham went home and told his sister and aunt, and five minutes later the three of them saw the object spinning over houses to the north-east of Chippenham. 
  • FSR 13, 4 p 20 citing Bucks and Wilts Evening Chronicle 22 February 1967

February 21 1967.
Mrs Wolf, a registered nurse saw a orange-red flattened sphere which hovered over the road emitting pulsating light beam. The thing then paced the car and the speedometer and her wristwatch both suffered problems. 
  • Hall 2001 p199 +328 citing NICAP files

February 21 1967 2300hrs.
Patricia Blake was awoken by her dog acting strangely and got up to give it some water. It did not drink and continued trembling. Patricia went back to bed but a few minutes later she heard a high pitched hum coming from outside, which gradually increased in intensity until it hurt her ears and jaw. She also felt a change in air pressure. Getting up, joined by her two year old son, through the window, she observed a sort of orange bar, surmounted by a grey dome in which there were five windows, hovering over the houses opposite. From the windows in sequence came a dazzling white light, which so hurt her eyes that she had to close the curtains. She saw the lights through the curtains for another 5 minutes. The sound now changed in pitch and the object vanished. A peculiar musty smell filled the room. Her ears and jaw ached through the night and remained so bad, along with a peculiar tiredness, she had to take two days off work. The dog remained fretful through the night. 
  • NUFON News 78 p 6 citing investigation by Martin Keatman

February 22 1967.
Bob Gaines was climbing south of El Paso, when, in a clearing in the woods, he encountered an object 10m diameter on the ground. The thing rose at high speed leaving three marks, 20-25cm deep, 45-50cm diameter, on the ground. 
  • UAPRO Bulletin 1,7 p12

February 22 1967, 0630hrs.
A disc shaped object with a row of lights along its side and two bright lights to the front flew slowly above a creek at 30-60m altitude. The witnesses’ two dogs behaved oddly.
  • Hall 2001 p329 citing Keyhoe and Lore 1969b p34 +Richmond (IN) Palladium-Item 3 March 1967

February 22 1967, 1030hrs.
Mrs Rice and Mrs Weston were talking on the phone when they were surprised to hear a very strong sound and saw an object flying low over their area. A third person saw the object and heard it. The snow was swirling under the thing, which was mushroom shaped surmounted by a dome on which there was a fin. The thing was greenish in colour and left toward the Severn River. 
  • Vallee Case 819 citing an undated issue of Baltimore News citing American 25 February 1967

February 23 1967, 2000hrs.
Milk driver Roy Marchant was driving in his truck when he was paced by an orange light for about 1.5km at a distance of 400m. When he stopped the truck and turned off his light the object rose up vertically until it was a point source of light. After 10 minutes it went down into the south east, out of sight. 
  • Salisbury 1974 p39 and table citing Joseph Hicks files

February 23 1967, 2215hrs.
Four people at Patawalonga Golf Course at Glenelg saw a red-orange triangular object rise out of the sea. It resembled a ship on fire but with a steady light. After 5 minutes it sank again. It was seen far out to sea and appeared to move up and down. 
  • Hervey 1969 p147

February 25 1967, 1645hrs.
Oscar Molina, a hand at a farm between Choele Choel and Luis Beltran, was in his house when he thought he heard a car engine and dashed outside. He then sae that the loud and steady hum was coming from a disc shaped object, which descended to within a metre or two of the ground, some 60m away. The thing was metallic, about 12m diameter and spinning rapidly on its axis. His five dogs were braking furiously at the object but dared not approach close to it. Oscar turned and fled, but as he looked back he saw the object shoot straight up out of sight. An area 12m was found to be totally scorched. 
  • Oscar Gallindez in Australian UFO Review 10, 39
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 15 p11 case 90 citing El Sureno 26 March 1967

February 27 1967, 1905hrs.
Television interference was noted when a top shaped object with red and blue lights on its surface hovered over trees. 
  • Hall 2001 p329 citing Topeka State Journal 28 February 1967

February 27 1967, 1930hrs.
Mrs Thyrena Daniels, a registered nurse in her mid-60s, was driving home to Roosevelt from the hospital when, as she drove around the hillock on the road into Vernal, she saw a light off the road ahead. She first thought that it was a plane about to crash and accelerated out of the way but then saw that it was rising. It went out of sight while she went around the hill. She then saw the light about 30m ahead. It seemed to pace her car, mostly ahead or to the right, but overhead on one occasion. This continued for 50km, the thing never being more than three treetops high. The thing was orange coloured, 30m diameter shaped like a sphere with the bottom third cut out. From this bottom section came red, blue and green streaks. The adventure lasted for 45 minutes, until Mrs Daniels reached Roosevelt, where the object rose up into the sky, becoming a star like point of light. 
  • Salisbury 1974 p39 and table citing his own investigation and that of Joseph Hicks

Spring 1967, 0200hrs.
The wife of the owner of a small airport was awakened by a loud whirring sound which seemed to permeate the whole house,. Moments later it stopped. Thinking that an aircraft was about to make an emergency landing, she awoke her husband. Going outside he saw, hovering 8m above a pond between the house and the airport, a strange silent aircraft resembling two metallic shallow saucers, one on top of the other, with a transparent canopy on top. Around the object’s rim were evenly spaced elongated vents emitting soft orange flames. The canopy was illuminated by a softer green glow silhouetting what looked like the heads of two figures. Thinking it was an experimental machine in trouble, the witness walked towards it, yelling and gesticulating. The object then moved silently and smoothly away from him, hovering over some pumps and aircraft at the edge of the airport. The witness again approached with shouts and gestures, whereupon a loud whirring, swishing sound came from the object, and is orange lights began to spin at an increasing rate. Tilting back to an angle of 30 degrees, it then shot away at terrific speed. Simultaneously the yard light dimmed right down, then came back on as the object moved off into the distance. A smell like burnt matches was left in the air. The witness who got within 30m of the object described it as about 15m diameter, 7.5m thick including the dome, with a smooth metallic surface, the dome being made of the clearest material he had ever seen 
  • Fowler 1974 pp 215, 348

Spring 1967. 2230hrs.
A couple, making love in the back seat of their car on a deserted road, were startled by a blinding blue light and a tingling sensation. It came from a big ball of bluish light hovering just above the ground alongside the car. When the girl screamed the light seemed to move away, while the hum increased in volume. The light suddenly vanished. The couple dressed horridly and drove away. Though the incident had seemed to last only seconds, in fact 2 hours had elapsed. Both later suffered from severe rashes like sunburn and sore eyes. 
  • Keel 1975a p104

March 1967 ( Approx. date) 
A family of 7 reported that they had seen a circular object land in a wooded area. They stopped their car tom watch and were astonished to see two normal human sized beings leave through and opening in the object and enter a large black car which had pulled up. The car drove off and the circular machine took off into the night sky 
  • Keel 1975a p119 citing own investigation

March 1967. 0200hrs.
Chris Holder, a railway fireman was walking to work from his home on the Whiteway Estate, towards a place called “The Hollow”, when, reaching the junction with Kelston View, he saw a green object following the course of the River Avon from the city centre, towards Tiverton, where it passed just above the building line, occasionally going lower. He then lost sight of the thing and continued on his journey. When he reached the bottom of a hill, he saw the thing, a pulsating fluorescent green sphere about 1m diameter, with a row of smaller lights around the base, which were of a colour he had never seen before, come over the roof of a nearby house and come down to 60cm above the ground. It then rose again over a hedge about5m away, and went away across gardens. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p115 citing own investigation

March 1967. 0500hrs.
Gunner Lundstrom (39), a road worker was driving to work on the road to Reftele, on this dark morning, when he noticed an object surrounded by a red-yellowish glow, above the treetops in the distance., The thing then came down and rushed towards him, just a couple of metres above the road. It was egg shaped and about as wide as the road. Gunner braked hard to avoid a collision and the object rushed over his car. He jumped out and looked back, thinking it had landed behind him, but nothing could be seen. Looking forward again, though, he saw it hovering just above the ground 75m away. It hovered for a while, making a buzzing sound and he could see dark spots along the side. It then moved rapidly away in the opposite direction to its previous trajectory, its colour changing to peculiar greenish-white-blue colour. After some minutes the thing disappeared. 
  • K Gosta Rehn in APRO Bulletin May/June 1968 p 4 citing Gotenborgs-Tidningen 3 December 1967

March 1967.
A construction worker was stopped by two oval objects in front of his car. 
  • K Gosta Rehn in APRO Bulletin May/June 1968 p4 citing press sources

March 1967.
At Cold Lands Wood, near a recreation ground dozens of youngsters reported a huge ball of light, also described as a white, bag like object moving along the grass, leaving tracks. Investigators found a clearing where grass was flattened and noted broken branches of trees, though there was no evidence to link these with the ball of light. At 2135 one evening three people saw a vague white light ascending. 
  • UFOlog 37 p5 citing NICAP (GB)
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p115 citing same

March 1967.      (USA)
At an undisclosed location, J G a company executive was out driving when he saw a strange object in the sky. His car stalled and a group of beings approached and courteously escorted him into their craft. There were crewmen on either side and in front and behind. G was confused and seemed to faint as the beings approached. Just before they entered the craft, they revived him with a touch on his forehead. As they dragged him up a ramp, he struggled and then got the impression that they were smiling at him. He then felt that they were friends and stopped smuggling. These beings consisted of a leader dressed in blue and a crew between 1.35 and 1.55m tall, with broad foreheads, hawk like noses and stretched, oddly slanted eyes, in which he could not see pupils and which disturbed him. These beings communicated amongst themselves in a guttural tongue. When they entered, the ramp shot back after them. There were no seams. The interior was illuminated by a steady glow from the walls and ceilings. There was a central cylinder and in another room a consol/control panel with buttons, gauges and flashing lights. The “leader” gave JG a tour of the craft and communicated by telepathy. The cylinder was the propulsion system, but they seemed evasive about the details. This column began to rotate as the crew worked the console. One of the crew went out to turn off the ignition on JG’s car and then they took him on a journey, during which he saw the lights of a city through a window. They gave him some clue as to their intentions which he refused to talk about, but was left with anxiety, insomnia and weight loss. 
  • Warren Smith and Steiger and Whritenour 1968a p 65 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation: Smith was notorious for making up stories and this is probably just another fictional tale by him

March 1967. Dusk.
A family of five were driving along an isolated road when a luminious object approached the side of the car, illuminating it. The car radio became filled with static and they felt their hair stand on end. The thing, the perimeter of which had a row of coloured lights, hovered very low over the car, and the 14 year old boy in the back seat saw a huge eye through a window in the object. The next thing remembered was that the car was almost in a ditch, and the one hour journey took much longer.
  • Dennett 2011 p183 citing MUFON
  • Reported by the 14 year old witness 40 years later

March 1967. Evening.
A woman out driving saw two bright lights in a field and moments later her car was surrounded by a bright white light, while her radio emitted a hissing sound. As the witness accelerated the light, which appeared to be the same size as her car, kept pace with her. After a couple of minutes this light left the car but hovered over the house she was heading to. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p32 citing CUFOS files

March 1967. Night.
Mrs Leona Boeving saw a bright light outside her window. It came from a large spherical object with a row of red lights and one, very bright, white light. She woke her daughter and they observed it for about 10 minutes. It was on the ground 450m away and its light was too intense for them to look at it through their field glasses. When they opened the window, it immediately took off, flying east away from the house. Neighbours who visited the site two days later reported a large precise circle of dead clover about 30m diameter in the field, where the crop was brown and crumbly, although it was healthy in the rest of the field. 
  • Data Net IV, 7 p15

March 1967. 2355hrs.
Maria Cristina Leguizamo was listening to her radio when a strange object landed in her backyard and “an extremely handsome man with green eyes and shoulder length silvery hair invited her on board, but told her to remove her shoes when she did so. The being said that another world was pulling the earth into the sun and no-one would reach the moon,. He claimed to be from the ”Green Planet”. 
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 p331 citing Mexico City General News 22 June 1968

Early March 1967. 2115hrs.
While driving east on Hw 50, 5km east of California, as he was about to turn to the right on RtK, a motorist saw an unusual bright light approach from the North-East, crossing the railroad tracks at just above treetop height. As he drove along, the witness kept glancing at the object, which appeared trapezoid, with widows, which gave off a light like that of a mercury vapour lamp. The thing tapered somewhat towards the top. About 1.5 times above and to the right of the main structure was a red flashing light, near the front of the bottom was a green-blue light. The windows were between 0a half to two thirds of the way up the thing. When the witness rolled his window down no sound could be heard from the object. It followed the car along Rt K at 105kph, crossed the road, rose to clear electricity wires and then moved off towards the Lake of the Ozarks 
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 45)

March 1967. Night (BERMUDA)
A lookout on HCMS Annapolis observed a light and alerted others. The thing was an elongated cigar shaped object, with a row of windows through which beings could be seen walking about. The seamen were told to keep quiet. 
  • Swords 2005 p91 citing John Timmerman

March 1967. 2200hrs.
A married couple were out driving when they saw a star like light flashing multiple colours approaching their car from their right front. They stopped and backed into a driveway. The object was now the apparent size of a boxcar and was hovering above the telephone wires. There were two large windows on its side, through which movement could be seen. This alarmed the couple, got back into the car. The object “quivered like a leaf” and moved off over the road before emitting a flash of light and disappearing. 
  • Swords 2005 p55 citing John Timmerman

March 1967. Night.
Linda Lilly (16) awoke to see a large, broad man in a check shirt in her room, grinning. The figure moved around the bed and stood leaning right over Linda. She screamed and hid under the bedclothes. When she looked again the figure had disappeared. 
  • Keel 1975a p125

March 1 1967, 0130hrs.
Dewitt Baldwin was out hunting when his attention was attracted by a peculiar noise, and he saw a circular gold coloured object land. A sliding door opened and a man dressed in a black tight fitting suit, with helmet and goggles walked down the incline of the machine and approached Baldwin. The being asked Baldwin what he was doing and if he were born there. Baldwin replied that he was hunting and came from Georgia, whereupon the being took his rifle, examined it, then returned it. Then, saying he would be back, he walked back into the machine, which seconds later flashed out of sight. The being was neither white nor black and talked in an accentless voice. No traces could be found at the site, but a crack was found in the muzzle of Baldwin’s gun. Local investigatorsregarded the story as suspect. On the March 3 Baldwin returned to the site to get his wallet and encountered the beings again. 
  • Keel 1971b p110 
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1968 citing above + Buffalo Evening News 4 March 1967 p1 +investigation by James Reed Jnr

March 1 1967, 0820hrs.
Mrs Ernestine Brewer observed an object with flashing lights and emitting a beeping sound. It darted from side to side and landed in a field. Washington State Patrolmen and Grey’s Harbour police who investigated heard the noise but could not see the object. 
  • UAPRO Bulletin 1,7 p13
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1968b p40

March 1 1967,  1010hrs.
Mrs Carolyn Manhood, wife of the green keeper at Canterbury Women’s Bowling Club, went onto the veranda to fetch her small daughter, who had wandered out, when she saw a strange circular object descend out of the clouds and hover over the bowling green. Her sister, Mrs R Coleman was on the phone to their mother, and the phone died as Carolyn screamed out. Mrs Coleman ran to join her and both saw the object at the height of the telephone wires. The thing was plate shaped, dark grey in colour, the size of a small plane and emitting a weird humming sound. After 10 minutes this object disappeared behind the railway lines and seconds later shot up into the sky. They called Mr Manhood who saw the object as being like a balloon high in the sky. At its closest the object was only 30m away. 
  • Tambling 1967 p 62 + FSR 13, 4 p 30 both citing Sydney Sun-Herald 12 March 1967
  • Hervey 1969 p56
  • Jacques Bonabot citing UFOIC Newsletter 13,2
  • Chalker 1996 p124 citing Sydney Sun-Herald 8 March 1967 + investigation by Dr Duggin

March 1 1967, 2100hrs
Along a road northwest of Towanda, several young men saw revolving red, white and blue lights in the vicinity of the water well. City Marshall Virgil Osborne returned to the area with two of the boys, and as the patrol car turned into the roads leading to the wells, they saw the lights rise from ground level to 100m and take off in a south-westerly direction. The lights appeared to be some object of indeterminate shape, and they illuminated the trees by the river as the thing passed at speed. 
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1968 p40

March 1 1967, 2130hrs.
Aleman Holsapple and four other people in a car saw a red object, 15m long and almost 3m high about 150m away. When they stopped and got out the object stopped, hovered, swung back and forth and then took off at terrific speed a minute later. 
  • Ridge 1994 p21 citing UFO Filter Center Files

March 3 1967, 0035hrs.
David Ellis and a friend were driving a few kilometres out of Edmond when they observed two triangular objects at 15m altitude, 40m apart. These objects were identical, 8m across at the base, with windows visible on the side, divided into three sections. Its left hand side emitted a soft red glow, there was a flashing red light in the centre and two red lights were on the right. After some minutes a beam of red light descended towards the witnesses. The then the things moved into a position where one was above the other, and flew slowly towards Edmond. The witnesses followed the objects into town but lost sight of them there. 
  • UAPRO Bulletin 1,7 p10

March 3 1967.
A rectangular object with windows hovered over trees, banked and then left at speed, emitting a sort of whining hum. 
  • Hall 2001 p330 citing NICAP files and Blue Book files

March 3 1967, 1730hrs.
A silvery disc with a dome emitting a red light, and with pulsating blue lights on its underside descended rapidly moved from side to side and hovered over a highway construction site before moving away. 
  • Hall 2001 p330 citing Toledo Record 4 March 1967

March 3 1967, 2355hrs.
Charles Fellows and his wife were driving to Sandwich, when they saw a bright white stationary light. The light was on top of a dark “clam shaped” object. The thing followed them for about 20 minutes, moving up and down and changing to a blue-green colour, going below tree level at times. At times it came down to no more than 30m above the car, so close that Mrs Fellows felt she could reach out and touch it. There was a peculiar electrical feeling in the air and their dog became distressed as its hair stood up on end. When they reached Route 113, the thing, which was hovering between two church steeples, went off tom the north east, discharging an electronic “ping”, both heard and felt by the couple in the car. 
  • UFO Investigator III, 12 p5

March 5 1967, 0125hrs.
The two Soderstrom sons, on returning from Vilhelmina alerted their father Erik and the family to an unusual flying object outside Through the kitchen window five members of the family saw, partly silhouetted against the sky, a dark coloured cigar shaped object 25-40m long, 4-8 thick, hovering some 8m above the ground, partly hidden by a barn some 60m from the house. When, after six minutes, the kitchen light was turned on, the large object accelerated away to the north with a whistling sound. At the same time a smaller object shot from the larger one, made a turn and then came back and hovered over a power line some 100m from the house at an altitude of 20m. This object was circular, silvery, apparently metallic, gave off a faint lustreless light and appeared to have a kind of trail. It was 6-12m diameter and hovered for about three minutes, disappeared, returned and then went away to the North West. The whole observation lasted 15-20 minutes. 
  • Ake Jonsson in FSR 4,2 p12 citing his own investigation

March 5 1967.
A couple and their two children driving about 15km east of Hayes saw a bright light following their car. It came within 1.5km of the car, at the height of the telephone wires. The object was triangular and emitted a bright light that illuminated the road and humming sound. The couple felt a numbness during the incident. 
  • Marler 2013 p153

March 5 1967. Night.
A Red Cross bloodmobile was being driven by Beau Shertzer (21) and a young nurse down Highway 2 towards Huntington when there was a flash in the woods on a nearby hill and a large white glow appeared and rose into the sky. The object hovered over the vehicle and when Beau looked out of the window he was horrified to see the object lowering a sort of extension towards the vehicle. The nurse saw another extending descend down the other side. As the bloodmobile was accelerated the object kept pace, only retracting the projections and taking off with the appearance of the headlights on approaching cars. Both witnesses were hysterical when they reported the matter to the police. 
  • John Keel in FSR 13, 4 p21 + Keel 1975a p171 citing his own investigation

March 5 1967. Night.
Two young men were returning to Mackie Lake from Plevna after taking a colleague home by snowmobile, when they saw strange lights near the Walker Ohlman farm, towards the Lucky Lake region. They stopped and watched the object go up and down several times, hover over the field and move around. When they arrived back at camp their hair was standing on end. 
  • Gene Duplantier in Flying Saucers 55 p9 citing Tweed News 8 March 1967

March 5 1967. Night.
A triangular object emitting a bright light approached a car, its light illuminating the surroundings and emitting a hissing sound. When the thing was at the closest the witness felt numb. The object then moved erratically away. 
  • Hall 2001 p331 citing Rapid City Journal 7 March 1967

March 6 1967, 0425hrs.
The local sheriff saw a disc shaped object, surmounted by a dome, with a rapidly rotating base and a row of pulsating red lights along its rim. It went overhead at low altitude, emitting a hissing noise and a beam of bright light that illuminated the ground. 
  • Hall 2001 p331 citing Blue Book Files

First week of March 1967.
A strange object was seen on or close to the ground. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 55 p33

March 7 1967. 0030hrs.
Mrs Lucille Drzonek was returning with her two daughters to their Bartlett home, after driving her niece home to Worth. They were passing Keeneyville on US 20 when they what they first thought was a shooting star, until it hovered and they could see that it was a circular object with blinking red lights. As they entered Bartlett the object seemed to descend into a wooded area, its glare lighting up the trees. As they turned to get a better view, the red glow disappeared and a brilliant white object shot out the woods, and shone two beams of white light into the car. The object followed them to their home, where it hovered about 3m above a tree. They woke her son who joined his mother and sisters in watching the thing for an hour, as it rose up into the sky and turned grey. A sort of grey mist descended over the area and when it had cleared the object had gone. Their dog, which was in the car with them, was terrified during the event. 
  • APRO Bulletin March/April 1967 p 11
  • Hall 1988 p263 citing Keyhoe and Lore 1969b p34
  • Hall 2001 p331 citing Keyhoe and Lore 1969b p34 + Elgin Courier-News 9 March 1967 gives location as Elgin
  • Evaluation: The pacing, the long period of visibility and the “rising into the sky” are all suggestive of an astronomical misperception

March 7 1967.
A strange object was seen on or close to the ground.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 55 p33

March 8 1967, 0105hrs.
William Wallace and his wife Joan were driving around, looking at the snow covered landscape when they observed a large white light hovering 120-150m over St Leo’s cemetery. William stopped the car and got out. As he did so, the car’s engine, lights and radio all failed, and William felt an electric shock and found himself paralysed. After more than 30 seconds the object moved off, increasing speed and emitting a humming sound as it did so. The car’s electrical system now worked but William felt his movements to be sluggish for about 15-20 minutes after the incident. 
  • UFO Investigator III, 12 p5 citing witness report to NICAP Massachusetts sub-committee
  • Hall 1988 p 263 citing Keyhoe and Lore 1969b p7 +Fowler 1974 p145
  • Fowler 1981 p165 citing investigation by Frank Fechulis, gives date as 9 March
  • Randle 2016 p141 citing Blue Book Files etc
  • Fowler 1974 p104, 345

March 8 1967. Daytime.
A dark skinned (but not African-American) man walked into the employment office. He had staring, glassy eyes and wore a black cope and cap and spoke to attended Mabel McDaniel in garbled, sing-song, foreign accent, claiming to be seeking travel insurance. He also claimed, falsely, to have spoken to journalist Mary Hyre. 
  • Keel 1975a p120

March 8 1967, 2130hrs.
Physical effects were noted when a strange object was seen at close quarters. No further details. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p32 citing NICAP

March 8 1967 ( Approx. date) Night.
Police officer Harold Harmon observed a solid dark object with windows, hovering over a small pond, with a rocking motion. The thing then floated silently away over the trees. 
  • Keel 1975a p110 
  • Keel 1970a p224

March 9 1967.
Forrest Kerstetter was driving with his along a mountain road when they observed an object, with a row of huge lights, flying low. These lights were flashing like those in a theatre. When Richard signalled to the thing with his lights, this row of lights went out and huge lower lights flashed the same signal back to him. The lights then went out and the object left. 
  • Binder 1967 p137

March 9 1967, 0100hrs.
Mr and Mrs R, driving home to Leominster encountered a thick fog as they reached the town, which forced them to drive very slowly. As they passed the cemetery, Mr R saw a light to his left, though his wife did not. Thinking that it might be a fire they drove to investigate. They now both saw the light and drove to within 200m of a brilliant object, shaped like a flattened egg, hovering directly over the cemetery and emitting a sound like a dynamo. As Mr R got out of his car he was paralysed by a kind of electric shock and the car lights, engine and radio died, and his hand was forced down onto the car roof. After 30-40 seconds the object accelerated away. At once the car lights and radio came back. The object, still humming, vanished out of sight in the fog. 
  • Fowler 1981 p165 citing investigation by Frank Fechulis
  • Evaluation: Is this just another version of the 8 March story?

March 9 1967, 1910hrs.
Six members of two neighbouring farm families 11.5kn east of Galesburg (two housewives, two teenagers and four children) saw a pulsating red light at treetop level, close to the horizon, between their location and Galesburg. One of the women saw it first and her scream alerted the others. The object was a disc surmounted by a cone and with a rim of irregularly pulsating red lights. It approached closer and then a brilliant white cone of white light seemed to explode from it, towards the witnesses, forcing them shield their eyes. This white light turned off after 10 seconds and then the red pulsating lights were again visible until the object accelerated rapidly off to the north, disappearing behind trees. This was the third UFO experience of the two adult women. 
New Report on Flying Saucers p64

March 9, 1967. 2100hrs.
Three witnesses observed an object as they were driving up Rte 2. The thing was round, hovered at treetop level and left suddenly at high speed. It was the size of a car and there were several lights on its underside. 
  • Vallee Case 824 citing Blue Book Files

March 10 1967.
A landing and occupant report. No further details 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 55 p33

March 10 1967. 1400hrs.
Mrs Rinner was driving back from Pottsville when, as she neared the edge of Auburn she observed a fast moving object coming northwards across her path at treetop height, not more than a block ahead. She first thought that it was an aircraft but then saw that it was a light green coloured disc, with a bright narrow band across tis middle. The thing presented an oval profile but neither features nor sounds were detectable. The object was independently observed by Mrs Koch from the front window of the post office, looking west. She described it as bright green but not luminous. Some school children also saw it. 
  • James McDonald in Pegasus 3, 2 p16 + Flying Saucers 76 p5

March 10 1967. 1830hrs.MILDURA (VICTORIA : AUSTRALIA)Brian Wilshire and his wife were driving with their three children and Mrs W’s parents, Hector and Mrs Coe between Mildura and Dareton when Mrs W saw what she thought was a cloud but then realised was a dark object, silhouetted against the sun, hovering about 25m above the road ahead of them. The object was oval with a dome on top, was larger than an aircraft and was surrounded by a sort of haze. The thing accelerated away to the east at between 350-500kph. The family tried to pursue the thing but soon lost it. The observation lasted about three minutes. 

  • FSR 13,4 p30 citing Sunraysia Daily 11 March 1967

March 10 1967, 2005hrs.
Sheldon W (15) saw an object shaped like a World War One helmet, about 90m wide, hovering over Hw 403, west of the city. The object swept down the escarpment and vanished. At the same time two other boys Peter S and Peter S and HansWi saw an elongated object emitting smoke moving back and forth at 60m altitude in the Hess and James Street areas, vanishing to the west. 
  • Gene Duplantier in Flying Saucers 55 p9 citing Hamilton Spectator 11 March 1967

March 12 1967.
A boy who had gone outside to buy a newspaper saw an object resembling an inverted mushroom hovering 10m above the ground. It was about the size of a car, took a 45 degree orientation and left to the northwest. Three photographs were taken. 
  • Vallee Case 825 citing Blue Book Files

March 12 1967. Early.
On the Braden property at the south edge of Paragould, Mrs J Braden Hackmanm her two daughters, and one of their boyfriends saw a saucer shaped object floating 50m away, between 6-15m in the air. From it came white lights, which searched the grounds. When Mrs Hackman ran towards it these lights went out and were replaced by red lights that shot out from all sides, like Roman Candles. The witnesses felt a vibration and heard an alternating beeping sound. As the thing came closer it stopped and then left in a few seconds. 

  • Hervey1976 p129
  • Hall 2001 p332
  • Arkansas Gazette 14 March 1967

March 12 1967, 1415hrs.
Four young boys saw a landed object 100m away, with 5 occupants. Footprints and two small holes were found in the snow. 
  • Phillips 1975 p 46 (Case 687) citing an undated issue of UFO Investigator.

March 12 1967, 1915hrs.
Larry Burke saw a strange object with red, white and green flashing lights, southeast of MvIntosh, then picked up his friends Dick Makens, Junior Edinger and Charles Warren to investigate. On a country road, 1.6km west of town they saw four lights low over the road ahead of them. As they went up a hill, their car engine stopped, and, frightened, they coasted back down the hill, where the car engine re-started. The boys were shaken when they reported the matter to the police, and could only describe reen lights of indeterminate size and altitude. The Rev Terry Nelson reported that while driving between McIntosh and Morristown he also had seen an object with red white and green lights flying parallel to the road. 
  • Lorenzen 1976 p44

March 12 1967. 2015hrs.
Tony Zufelt and his wife were driving back to Roosevelt from a meeting in Vernal when the surroundings became illuminated. Looking round they saw that the light came from a cylindrical object with a tapered end and a row of what looked like windows passing over at 50m altitude. From the rear of the object came luminous spheres and flames. The thing was blue in colour and silent. The observation lasted a matter of seconds. 
  • Salisbury 1974 p46 + table
  • Evaluation: Bolide?

March 12 1967, 2030hrs.
A flashing red light was seen over the centre of the shopping forum. It was the apparent size of a car rear lamp and was stationary for two to three minutes, and then it moved away west very slowly. It then returned to its original position for another minute and then moved slowly to the north. There was no sound and no outline could be seen. The light was between 4.5-6m altitude, about 10m from the witness. 
  • UFOlog 34 p1 citing Tyneside UFO Society

March 12 1967, 2230hrs.
Through a window in his home, Clyde L Dwyer saw a metallic grey disc or top shaped object, about 30m in diameter about 175-200m away. The main dark surface of the thing was illuminated by street lamps, but around its centre was a row of three square windows, from which a white light shone. In this light Clyde could see people through the windows, two men and a woman in the central one, and two men in the right hand one. He was not able to make out anything beyond their general human appearance. Under these windows were jets of vapour that seemed to come from spots. After about 5 minutes the thing rose and left to the south west/ No sound was heard at any point in the observation. 
  • Rosales citing Richard Bonefant
  • Hall 2001 p332 citing Glens Falls Times 14 March 1967

March 12 1967, 2330hrs.
A woman and her 20 year old daughter were driving home from church when, rounding a corner in a wooded area a huge white thing with curved wings 3m wide and a head surmounted by hair, appeared in front of their car, After a few moments the thing took off vertically and went out of sight. 
  • Keel 1975a p119

March 13 1967, 2015hrs.
Bert James and two friends were driving on the highway outside San de Fuca when they were overtaken by a speeding car, in which a girl was screaming. They were also aware of an intense light. The young men pursued this car to see if the girl needed assistance. This other vehicle turned into a driveway and a young airman got out and went to the door. As Bert and friends became aware of the light again, their car engine and headlights died. The strange object maneuvered at treetop height over the brow of a nearby hill. It then moved over the airman’s car, giving off a pulsating light. When the object disappeared the lads could restart their car. 
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1968b p42

March 15 1967,  2355hrs.
Builder’s labourer Birger Lundgren was driving from here towards Kiruna on his way to work a night shift when he noticed two round luminous objects, one smaller than the other, in front of his car. The things followed the cat for several kilometres at only 10m altitude. At times they seemed to go faster and appear as if about to land. The objects remained in view after Birger turned his headlights off, their intense light illuminating the road. When the object vanished, they did so that rapidly that Birger had no idea how it happened. He was so shaken that it took him an hour to drive the remaining 30km to work. 
  • Ake Jonsson in FSR 14, 2 p13 citing Norrlandska Socialdemokraten 17 March and 22 April 1967 + Alftonbladet 22 March 1967

March 16 1967, 0030hrs.
A luminous elliptical thing, emitting a loud hum, was seen between2-2.5m above the ground. It rose and fell twice before taking off vertically at speed. 
  • Hall 2001 p333 citing Manistee News-Advocate 17 March 1967

March 16 1967.
Mrs Smith and her daughters Cindy ald Lee had just driven into their driveway, when they saw a round shiny object, the size of a house, giving off dazzling light, mainly white but sometimes red, which hurt their eyes. The bottom part of the object was spinning. As the object approached their car lights failed and when Mrs Smith waved at it, the thing seemed to dip. The family observed the thing for 45 minutes, during which time it emitted a high pitched sound that hurt their ears and sent the family dog scurrying under the bed. 
Steiger and Whritenour 1968b p42

March 16 1967 2030hrs.
Barry Morris, an assistant storeman was driving his fiancĂ©e’s mother Mrs Vera Lidden from St George to Mitchell, along the Mitchell Highway, when, 64km from Mitchell they observed a greenish light, which resolved itself into a bright silvery sphere. It was lost to sight behind trees, but when they turned a bend, they saw, in a clearing, 100m off the road, a hemispherical object 4m high, 5m long, with a flat underside hovering about 30cm above the ground. In its side was an opening, from which came a sort of hatchway leading to the ground. From the interior came a bright blue-white light that illuminated the brush. As Morris approached the thing his car radio failed, though the car lights and engine were unaffected. He drove past the thing at speed. About 3km further on the thing began following them, only leaving when 8km outside Mitchell, The next day Morris returned to the site and found three rectangular holes 15x 30 x 7cm forming an equilateral triangle the sides of which were 1m long. 
  • Chalker 1996 p 121
  • Australian UFO Review 10 p20

March 17 1967.
A number of residents observed red, white and green lights near Percy Clark’s field. Mr K O Whalley came within 200m of these lights, whereupon they went up to treetop height and took off across the field to the south. A patrolman took photographs of four imprints in the field. 
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1968b p43

March 17 1967, 1945hrs.
Wilbur Daniels (37) and his wife Janet watched a light that followed their car for about 1.5km at an altitude pf 30m. Several neighbours saw the object hover over the Daniels’ house for 5 minutes. It was a round, fiery orange, object. 
  • Lorenzen 1976 p45

March 18 1967.
A strange object landed and a strange being was seen. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 55 p33

March 19 1967, 0200hrs.
Members of the Tomasson family and another witness saw a very luminous, sort of cigar shaped, object, which landed. 
  • MUFORG Bulletin April 1967 p2 citing Phen Spax March 1967

March 20 1967, 1800hrs.
CNT lineman Kenneth Green and his wife glanced out and saw something move at the top of the 1800hrs.m peak, about 8km away. At first they thought it was a snowmobile and then realised that it must have been an object the size of two freight cars. Through binoculars they saw that it was a wide oval object of brownish colour with a cone shaped light beneath it, which changed colours, mainly between red and yellow. The cone was vertical when the object was stationary and at an angle when it moved. This object slowly descended the mountain, just above its surface until a quarter of the way down it headed over the adjacent mountain and then flew part way back and disappeared in a gap between the peaks. During the 30 minutes it was visible neighbours Mr and Mrs Tom Clare also saw. There were other witnesses. 30 minutes later Kenneth saw a vapour trail in the area. 
  • Canadian UFO Report 1,1 p3

March 20 1967. 2245hrs.
Mr R and his daughter Jean went out to investigate ome strange lights seen by his wife earlier that evening. After driving around for a while, they parked and Mr got out/He saw two globes of light about 1.5km down the road, 60m above the ground, just smaller than the apparent size of the full moon. The objects came towards the couple flying parallel, changing places with each other about 800m away. The objects were now much larger, but their light did not illuminate the countryside. They thought they were lights on a private aircraft, but their general manoeuvrability and the fact that they landed on the road about 400m away caused the witnesses to change their mind. They approach at between 110-130 kph 3m apart. The witnesses switched on their headlights, but the lights continued to approach, suddenly vanishing about 50m away. When the expected impact did not materialise, they got up from where they had been crouching, to see, a few metres from their Volkswagen, a group of figures standing in an irregular semicircle. They quickly got back into their car and drove away. As they did so, Jean was able to see the beings more clearly. They were about 3m from the car, of human appearance, but with expressionless inhuman faces. Their eyes were long narrow slits, their noses were human, but their mouths were like slits. Four of the figures were about 1.7m tall, the other much shorter, about 1.5m. All wore flat top caps, beneath which blond hair was showing, much longer on the shorter being who gave the impression of being a woman. All were dressed in grey-green shirts, open at the neck, and outside their equally grey-green trousers. Their skin was rough and scarred looking. On recalling the incident, Jean stated that as the lights approached, she “heard” a chorus of voices in her head saying “don’t move” in a long drawn out fashion. The girl was hysterical and both believed they had encountered some diabolical manifestation and went to their minister. Calmed, Mr R returned to the scene but could see nothing. 
  • Robert A Schmidt in FSR 14, 5 p5

March 21 1967, 0200hrs.
Two women aged 51 and 25 were awakened by a considerable heat in the bedroom. Through the window, they saw a disc shaped object on the ground. Its surface was illuminated by a soft glow, and a bright circular light was located at its centre. In the lower section was a ring of red lights and lighted panels were evident around it base. This object ascended vertically, stopped briefly and then flew away horizontally, describing two sharp turns before disappearing behind trees. At the site they found an area 16m diameter where the plants were dehydrated. Five holes were found leading away from the area, 90cm wide, 25cm deep, each containing a dark vile smelling liquid. An Air Force investigation did not take away any samples. The site was still barren in 1972. 
  • Phillips 1975 p48 case 268sp

March 21 1967. Evening.
About 1,5km west of Hillsboro, Miss Mary Beth Neufeld of Lehigh and several friends had their attention caught by a brilliant light that seemed out of place in the cloudy starless night. They drove towards the thing, whereupon it flashed and came towards them. It was a flat object, surrounded by an inverted cupola. When the object came overhead the car rocked violently from side to side and engine stalled. When the object left suddenly a few moments later the engine restarted itself. The girls then drove to Hillsboro and reported the matter to the authorities. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p26
  • Lorenzen 1976 p45
  • APRO Bulletin May/June 1967 p5

March 21 1967, 1930hrs.
A luminous orange object, with a row of square windows and a red light on one side hovered, emitting a whirring sound and then disappeared behind trees. Cows in the area behaved oddly.
  • Hall 2001 p333 citing NICAP files

March 23 1967. Day.
Mr Tillet was pursued by a cylindrical object at low altitude. Various effects were noted. No further details. 
  • Jo Clark in Data Net V, 7, 7 citing Data Net 1, 4

March 24 1967, 0530hrs.
Air Force Staff Sergeant John Ferguson, his wife and three children were on the FM road, en route from California to Tennessee when he pulled up in the vicinity of Loco to consult his road map. His attention was attracted by a red light, which he first thought was another vehicle until it came close, at which he saw that it covered the width of the road. John now drove off, the object following him at speed up to 160kph, profiling the contours of the landscape. It was gaining on the car when they reached a farmhouse, where the light split into two separated lights and disappeared. 
  • Lorenzen 1976 p45

March 24 1967, 2100hrs.
Ken Williams was driving his auto-transport from Laurel to Great falls when about 3km south of the turnoff to Belt, he saw a bright light moving slowly a few hundred metres above the hills. He then lost it to view. On reaching the bridge on the long grade into town, at the top of Belt Hill he saw the object again. It was a huge dome shaped thing, 800m away emitting blinding white light and was at 200mn altitude. He stopped and saw the object descend to on or near the ground in a ravine about 2.5km away. It took off and settled down in a ravine behind a ridge. The light brightened and dimmed three times, becoming blinding at its brightest. At its brightest the light was too brilliant for him to look at. Ken stopped a motorist, Don Knotts, who informed the police department. Patrolman Bud Nader drove to the scene, briefly seeing a light to the right of the Belt Hill en route. Arriving at the scene, he saw a light, like that from a farmhouse, in a ravine, which was too steep to investigate that night. A search next day found an area about 10m diameter of freshly broken twigs and branches, which brakes appeared to have been caused by rotation. Investigations were inconclusive. 
  • M Spohn Marling in Flying Saucers-UFO Reports 3 p12
  • New Report p56
  • Hall 2001 p199, 333 citing Blue Book Files
  • Randle 2014 p203 citing Blue Book files

March 24 1967, 2100hrs.
Three people saw an object shaped like a turtle shell, with flashing red and white lights, hover over Rock Pond before moving off faster than a jet plane. 
  • Fowler 1974 p346

March 25 1967. Dawn.
An intensely luminous object woke up several residents, people in trains going toward Acapulco and people travelling by car saw the same phenomenon, which came to ground level with a dazzling light and then took off again. 
  • Vallee case 828 citing Kitchener Waterloo Record 27 April 1967

March 25 1967.
A landing report. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 57 p24

March 26 1967 (Approx. date)
A landing report. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 57 p24

March 26 1967, 1930hrs. 
Robert Lore, his brother Roland and Cecil Bailey saw an elliptical object near the ground for about 1 hour, An occupant, 1.65m tall, wearing white coveralls, was seen and a dog reacted.
  • Phillips 1975 p47 case 688 citing an undated issued of UFO Investigator
  • Hall 2001 p334 citing NICAP files

March 26 1967, 2030hrs.
A hexagonal object some 10m diameter appeared on the right side of the old Rio-Sao Paulo highway, at kilometre 51, between Itaguai and Camp Grande, and then accompanied a car carrying six people for 50km. The centre of the object was luminous like fire and rotated, while the upper and lower parts were dark. The object seemed to fly in a spiral path at a constant altitude of 15m. The travellers stopped to have a better look and when they turned off , the light, which had also stopped, went out and the object was not visible by the light of the full moon. After 5 minutes they decided to continue their journey and the lights of the object came back on and it continued to accompany them until they came to a place where a hill came between them and the object, after which it did not reappear. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p328 citing SBEDV Bulletin 55/59 citing investigation by CICOANI

March 26 1967, 2045hrs.
Mr and Mrs John Dick and Mrs W Buhr were driving toward Gretna when near three radio towers, situated 3.5km south of Altona, they saw a very bright object at ground level, illuminating the countryside with a pink glow. The object itself was dark, with a luminous band around it. It hovered, pulsating, then suddenly disappeared. 
  • Vallee Case 829 citing Altona Red River Valley Echo 19 April 1967

March 28 1967, 0230hrs.
David Morris (20) was driving home on a back road to Monroe Falls from his shift at the Lamb Electrical Company at Kent. Because of foggy conditions he was driving carefully at 50 kph, concentrating on the road ahead. He was approach a small hill on Monroe Falls Road, when he saw the glow of what he thought was a barn fire ahead, and slowed still further. As he got closed he saw that the orange red glow came from a conical object, 7.5m tall, 3.6m wide at the base, in a wheat field 20-30m to the left of the road.. On top of the cone was a sphere. Turning back to the road, he less than 15m in front of his car, on the road, a group of small figures 1.05-1.20 m tall with oversized heads. They were giving off the same orange-red glow as the object in the field. The beings were running back and forth across the road in a purposeful manner, from a drainage ditch on the north side to the south side, with surprising speed and agility. The moment he saw the beings Morris slammed on the breaks, but the creatures seemed oblivious to his presence, and unable to stop on time, he struck one of them, hearing a thump on the right front portion of his car. He was about to get out and assist, when he was overcome by panic at the inhuman nature of the beings-he had the impression that there were no fingers on the hand of the creature he struck, fear of their revenge, the strange glowing object hovering less than 1m above the field and a strange smell like hot brass. For these reasons he drove quickly away. He also had the impression he had passed over the creature without touching it. He was shaken by his experience and it was two hours before he went to bed./ Next day he and a friend visited the spot, but found nothing except his own car’s skid marks. There were three separate dents and some scratches on the chrome of his 1964 Chevrolet. He recalled that the beings seemed to be wearing one piece suits, that there were no marks or openings on the object, and that has he drove away he saw the creatures standing in a group, though was unable to say if one was on the ground. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p36 + Lorenzen 1976 p187 both citing APRO Bulletin March/April 1967 citing first hand investigation by Virgil Tarleton and Frank Smith
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969a p30

March 30 1967, 2030hrs.
Brothers Kerry and Adrian Smith were driving along the dirt track from Orry Road, about 6.5km south of town, when their car stalled, as did two behind them. While Kerry was inspecting the engine, Adrian pointed out a brilliant sphere, disappearing in the sky at 1,000m, about 1.2km away, whereupon the engine restarted, as did those of the following cars. They continued with their hunting trip through tracked and back roads. At one point they saw lights moving erratically in the distance. A few moments later their attention was caught by a red glow about 400m away. Getting out and going closer, they saw it was suspended above a creek and “diffusing” along. Unnerved the brothers rushed back and hurriedly drove off. As they were driving away, Adrian keeping an eye on the light through the rear window, the whole area was illuminated by a ring of red-green fire, which rose up to a height of about 8m, remained for a few moments, then took off at tremendous speed, disappearing in a few moments. The fire seemed to be a ring of jets about 4.5m diameter, but with no solid structure visible. 
  • Australian UFO Review 10 p31
  • Hervey 1969 p147
  • Basterfield 1981 p86 +1997 p158 citing Australian UFO Review + UFO Research South Australia files

March 31 1967.
A large bright orange light, emitting a shower of green sparks, accompanied by two smaller lights, was seen in a field near Hanley. 
  • FSR 13, 6 p 29 citing North Staffs Sentinel 1 April 1967

March 31 1967. Evening.
Carol Wayne Watts (29), a respected local farmer was working in his barn when he saw a light on his uncle’s adjacent property and went to investigate in a pickup. In his headlights he saw a dull grey cylindrical object 25-30m long, 2.5-3m high, floating about 60cm above the ground. Fearing a plane crash, Carol walked towards the thing. A door slid open and he saw inside. There was no crew, only machines and dials lit by a strange blue light. A voice, like a recording, invited him on board to take a physical examination. It seemed to know all about him. The voice said that they were stationed all over the world and that no-one could stop them. On the night of April 11th, Carol went out to check for storm damage and saw the light again. Before he reached the spot, his truck stalled as a small ovoid object landed beside him. He saw 4 men beside it. They were 1.35-1.5m tall, muscular and dressed in a white coveralls. They had wrap around eyes, superficial ears and noses and slit like smiley mouths. An electronic voice again urged him to take a physical. He entered the machine and a door closed behind him. There he was sat on a flexible chair. The lights went down and Carol felt pushed back and had other feelings of acceleration. After a couple of minutes a felt three bumps and a slight vibration. The door opened and he saw a large room. He was stripped and probed by delicate wires, while the beings stood in another room, studying something on an illuminated circle, as if studying the results. Carol saw a green cube on a table and put it in the hip pocket of his jeans, which were hanging nearby, but after he had dressed, one of the men reached into the pocket and removed the cube. Carol grabbed the being’s arm and was knocked unconscious. 
  • Barker 1983 chapter 11
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1968a p33, 1968b p44
  • Associated Press 26 February 1968
  • Seattle Post-Intelligencer 2 April 1967 for the March 31 event
  • Investigations by Bob Loftin and Richard E Wallace
  • Randle 2012 p11 citing his own investigation.
  • Keel 1970a p155
  • Evaluation: Watts also produced some dubious UFO photographs, flunked a polygraph and claimed that he had been fed the story by a New York hypnotist, elements of the story look like a combination of Socorro, Hills and AVB. Watts claimed later that his “confession” had been forced when someone shot at his house, and two men with a rifle had threatened him

Spring 1967. Daylight.
A farmer living in an isolated rural area outside Melville saw a metallic looking disc shaped object hovering a metre or so above one of his fields. From it hung a sort of ladder, which retracted before the thing took off at speed. A few days later he was visited by a mysterious gypsy looking woman who asked for a glass of water so she could take a pill, and then left. 
  • Keel 1971b p109

Spring 1967
A college student was taken on board a strange object and made to have sex with a female there. Afterwards the young man went straight to hospital. 
  • Keel 1970a p173
  • Evaluation Lacks documentation

Spring 1967. Night.
The musician Carl Finch and his female cousin were driving back to Texarkana from Shreveport (Louisiana) in the cousin’s Volkswagen along the desolate Hw71 when their headlights picked out a human looking figure running in the same direction at a sizeable pace. They first thought that it was a jogger in a brown coat but then realised it was a hairy biped with long arms and a non-human gait. Once they had passed the creature was lost in the darkness. 
  • Blackburn 2012 p67 citing own investigation

April 1967 (Approx date) Dusk.
Two boys, who had been playing by a haystack, were about to go home, when they observed a dark grey object in the sky. The boy who had first seen it thought it was a waterspout and ran home. His braver companion hid in a ditch and continued to observe it. He saw it descend, slowing down quickly as three legs were lowered through the bottom. It looked as if it were going to land, but when the object got within 1m of the ground the legs were retracted and the object accelerated out to sea over the Kattegat strait, When it was over the shore some objects like boxes were thrown out. The object then made a turn over the sea, and a sort of box or hamper was lowered from it, suspended on the end of a thick flexible cable. Eight persons then emerged from an opening in the craft, and climbed down the cable into the box. The beings seemed to be carrying instruments resembling binoculars or cameras. Four of the beings smiled at the boy and gestured to him, holding their palms vertically and making quick horizontal movements. The object moved away, making a sound the hum of a battery operated tape recorder. The beings were quite small, one wore a blue suit, the others striped ones, and all wore stripped caps. Apart from the being dressed in blue, they all had containers on their backs, from which tubes led to their mouths. On their shoulders they had what looked like electric torches with lights at both ends. One of the boxes dumped on the shore was later picked up. It was a lump of material which included, according to those who analysed it, inorganic coal (sic?) and lime. 
  • MUFORG June 1967 p4 + FSR 13, 5 p32 both citing Report from Denmark 1, 3 p2 in turn citing Holbaek Amts Venestreblad 15 April 1967 and an undated issue of UFO Nyt

April 1967 (Approx. date). Night.
North of here a farmer heard a commotion amongst his cattle. Going outside, he found that they had charged through an electric fence. In the field was a large red and white luminous object. The farmer ran back for his gun but when he returned the object had gone, leaving a circle of flattened grass 9m in diameter. His circuit box was found to be fused and his dog was missing. 
  • Keel 1975a p153

April 1967.
OCTOBRISKI (sic) (BAKHIRI REPUBLIC (sic) : RUSSIA then part of the USSR)
Witnesses saw a large cloud like thing which dissipated leaving a hole 6m in diameter 
  • Vallee and Castello 1992 p 95 citing Alexis Zolotov
  • Evaluation: I cannot find either the place or the Bakhiri Republic on Google

April 1967. 2100hrs.
A` 12 year old girl was returning home from visiting a friend on this clear, starry night, when she saw a light zigzagging downwards. She ran home to gert her 19 year old brother. They saw that it was a large circular or oval, with a ring of red, green and white lights around it. It was making a strange whooing sound. She estimated that it was the size of a bungalow, more than covered the tops of the largest trees. The object moved east to west and was lost to sight behind houses. 
  • Cameron 1995 p41

April 1967. Early evening.
Three youngsters on Lingletown Road nearly panicked when an object, 10-15m diameter ,dropped soundlessly out of the sky and hovered less than 15m above them. It had an orange glow, surrounded by a halo which changed from yellow to blue and back. From the side of the thing two antennae were protruding. This object projected a ray of light; thin at each end, thick in the middle, which attached itself to some power lines. The children’s screams alerted a neighbour who arrived just in time to see the object take off vertically, leaving a vapour trail. 
  • John French in Flying Saucers UFO Reports 4

April 1967. Evening
Mr N Roeters of Port Pirie was driving home, accompanied by a work mate, when he suddenly noticed what he thought was a large roundish metallic caravan on the road ahead; swerving and swaying in a dangerous fashion. As they drove closer, the thing suddenly shot up into the air and vanished without a sound. A similar object was seen by passengers on a train it paced that night.
  • Hervey 1976 p140

April 1967, 2300hrs.
A local woman was escorting a visitor back to her car, when both women saw a star like light descend to tree level. From it emerged a red object the size of a baseball, which rushed overhead and into the trees. It was independently observed by a 12 year old boy from his bathroom. 
  • Jennifer Stevens in Bowen 1969a p36

April 1 1967, 1915hrs.
Donald O Ameral his wife and family were returning home, when, as they got close they saw an odd red light on the eastern horizon. When they directed a headlight at 45 degrees towards the light and signalled towards it, the thing headed towards them. It now appeared as a glowing red upper part, with a wider, hazy lower part. It gave off a high pitched whine. Donald began to walk towards the object, but his daughter Shareise became afraid and pulled him back. The thing then moved slowly away across the treetops, before emitting a brilliant light and moving off at terrific speed. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 2 p3 citing investigation by John Blemer

April 1 1967, 2000hrs.
Two boys saw an orange disc less than 1m in diameter fly at high speed, stop ahd hover for 3 minutes 20m above the ground. Police Chief Peter Mehan confirmed that the incident was under investigation. 
  • Vallee Case 831 citing the New Westminster Columbian 3 April 1967

April 1 1967, 2200hrs.
John Keel and Mary Hyre observed a light circling the woods and fields at treetop height, When it got closer they saw it was a window on a dark object about 15m above the ground. Keel thought he saw a shadowy human figure in the window but Hyre was unable to confirm this. When Keel flashed a torch at the object, it shot straight up, the red light going out. 
  • Keel 1975a p130

April 2 1967, 1820hrs.
Mrs Harrison was sat on her sofa, alone in the house, when, through the window, she observed an object heading west-east below treetop level. It was the shape of two dustbin lids stuck together and of a beige-brown colour. The object was flying slower than an aircraft and had two lights. It then tilted to the south east, showing a third light and a white substance around its underside. The thing was about 1m diameter. The lights were white and green. Numerous other people saw the object at higher altitude, including James Doran (18) who took a photograph. 
  • Journal UFO 2,1 p5 citing direct from Mrs Harrison + Toronto Telegram 4 April 1967

April 2 1967. Night.
A large group of people including police officers observed a formation of 15 lights manoeuvre over a forest and descend. 
  • Keel 1975a p133

April 3 1967, 0045hrs.
Driving back to Point Pleasant from a skywatch Mary Hyre saw a large globe of light on the river. She did not stop. Later she found it difficult to stop forgetting about the incident. 
  • Keel 1975a p135

April 3 1967, 0135hrs.
John Keel was sat in his car when a clearly defined circular object passed close to the vehicle. The thing had a green upper surface, surmounted by a bright red light and there were reddish circular lights or openings around its rim. The colours seemed unearthly and Keel heard a hissing sound. The next day his eyes were sore with conjunctivitis.
  • Keel 1975a p132

April 3 1967, 2000hrs.
Mrs Clendenin saw and object with alternating red and white lights and another red light on top circle her house at 15m altitude for 2 minutes. 
  • Sergent and Walmsley 2002 p102 citing Athens Messenger 4 April 1967 p6

April 5 1967, 1945hrs.
A small luminous ball, with a metallic looking band, emitting two vapour trails and a humming sound, approached a car, receded and then paced the vehicle. 
  • Hall 2001 p335 citing Peterborough Examiner 14 April 1967

April 5 1967, 1945hrs.
John H Demler ,a justice of the peace, was driving from his home in Lickdale on Route 72, when about 800m along, his car engine misfired three times, then stopped and the lights also failed. He then saw an object that appeared to be composed of black glass about 10m wide, and 10m above the ground. The object moved slowly over his car and then hovered by its side. The thing had lights on its rear, made a sound like an electrical motor and emitted a smell that reminded John of sulphur and camphorated oil. The thing then tilted and slowly moved away before suddenly accelerating away at terrific speed, its sound increasing a lot and sparks given off . At this the car seemed dragged toward the object and rocked from side to side, throwing John across the front seat. John was very shaken, was wet with perspiration for much of the next day, and skin on his hands and feet peeled. 
  • UFO Investigator IV,1 p6
  • Hall 2001 p208 citing Keyhoe and Lore 1969b + investigation by James McDonald
  • Rodeghier 1981 p34 citing CUFOS files dates this as 10th April

April 5 1967, 1945hrs.
Mrs Dauncey, driving with her children down Buckhorn Road, was forced to brake by a blinding light, which silhouetted the area with a lime green glow. A sphere of intense light, 75cm diameter, descended close to the car bonnet. This light was slightly flattened at the top and bottom and in the centre was a luminous metallic looking band. The thing emitted two vapour trails, 10cm wide, about 45cm apart to one side of the object’s underside. Soon after she stopped, this sphere rose above a large tree, flattening out more as it did so. Two lights, one white, the other red, flashing on and off approached the sphere three times and then backed away. After the sphere had risen a certain distance the vapour trails stopped and at the same time sparks came from the centre of its base. When the object began to move west, Mrs Dauncey turned her car round to follow it but when the condition of the road forced her to turn back, the thing followed them. When she stopped the car, the object stopped with a sudden rocking motion and then moved off to the north, growing smaller in the distance. 
  • Gene Duplantier in Steiger and Whritenour 1968a p37

April 6 1967, 1245hrs.
Robert Apfal, a teacher at Crestview Elementary School and six of his pupils in a mobile classroom looking north east spotted an aluminium coloured, slightly reflective ellipsoid resembling two lenses, back to back, with no surface details, apparently stationary about 10m above the ground, over a telephone pole about 1.5km away. As the group watched the object, the apparent size of a half dollar coin at arm’s length, just disappeared. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p112 citing Irving Lillien and Arthur Preast
  • Vallee Case 833 citing National Enquirer 25 June 1967

April 6 1967. Night.
Someone out driving (sex not given) out driving crested a hill and saw a 30m diameter orange object. The car lights died and engine backfired though did not go out. The interior of the car seemed to get much hotter so the witness turned round but the thing paced the car and hovered over a roadside store. Part of this event was seen by another witness. 
  • CUFOS files

April 6 1967, 2310hrs.
John Keel and Mary Hyre were on an isolated hilltop on Five Mile Creek Road, south of here when they observed a pale red light of indeterminate size moving in an apparently controlled manner just above the treetop level over a hill 500m south of their position. This light flickered as it moved. When Keel flashed at it with his flashlight, the object gave off a brilliant white flash apparently in response. It then rose upwards and went out. 
  • Keel 1975a p140

April 7 1967, 0100hrs.
A 13 year old girl observed a yellow green object, with red flashing lights, hovering above trees on the Naybob Road. The object seemed to keep disappearing and reappearing. It was spinning but made no sound. The girl was accompanied by other children and two dogs that ran into the bush, barking. 
  • Gene Duplantier in Flying Saucers 55 p11 citing Timmins Press 8 April 1967

April 7 1967, 0820hrs.
A group of children waiting for Mr Apfal (qv) to arrive saw an object with a turreted structure on top flip over and land on the trees north of the school. Several of the children saw a sort of antennae on the object. They were near hysteria when Mr Apfal arrived. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p112 citing Lillien and Breast op cit

April 8 1967, 0945hrs.
Children at the Elementary School and many adults saw three cigar shaped objects, one white, one red and one black. One of the objects appeared to land behind some trees before taking off again, another travelled across the sky in an undulating fashion while the third appeared to pursue an airplane. Later that morning a group of 30-40 people including painter John Wolff and his children, saw a group of domed objects on which no detail could be seen. When planes approached these domes just seemed to vanish and there appeared to be an air of unreality about these objects. It was estimated that there were up to 300 witnesses in the three day complex according to some reports, including teachers Mrs Martin and Miss Marianne Waters. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p112 citing Lillien and Breast op cit
  • FSR 13, 3 p3 citing Miami Herald 8 April 1967

April 8 1967. Evening.
5km west of St Louis the manager of a local aerospace firm and 7 members of his family were having a back yard cook out when an object descended onto an open clay pit about 250m away. Another object stationed itself at treetop level and a third at about 600m altitude. In the remaining daylight the witnesses could see that the objects were metallic looking, disc shaped and about 15m diameter. They hovered for about 30 minutes, pulsating with a high intensity white light. The pulsation was separate for each object and they reflected off one another. Just after dark the objects rose vertically, one at a time, constantly increasing in acceleration until they were out of sight, a process which took only 2-3 seconds. 
  • Data Net VI, 12 p10 citing John Schuessler

April 8 1967. Night.
Four students at Lees McRae College (Rod Mittrell, Eldie McGowan, Ken Davis and Mary Casey) were in a car on a double date near the Highland Games field, Grandfather Mountain, about 13km from Banner Elk when they noticed a green fluorescent light on the ground near a clump of trees 60m away. Suddenly their car engine failed and could not be restarted and the car radio became filled with static, like the sound of an electrical metre. The students pushed the car back to the main road where they were able to get it started. The object then moved towards their car, veered away suddenly and disappeared in a valley near the field. The next morning they found on the ground, under an opening in the trees, three circular imprints about 15 cm diameters, 5cm deep, each 90cm apart, forming an equilateral triangle as if a heavy object with tripod legs had landed there. The students were of excellent character. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 77 p6
  • Phillips 1975 p47 case 269 citing George Fawcett

April 10 1967, 2215hrs.
Thorsten Lindmark was driving his car close to his home when he suddenly felt a powerful wind against the vehicle. At the same time he noticed two round, luminous multi-coloured objects, 1.3m long, 20cm thick and 15m altitude. The objects moved towards the east at great speed. Thorsten hurried home and his wife could see the objects in the distance. The next day Thorsten went to the site where he found small fir twigs laid out in belt 50m long, and several metres wide, pointing in the same direction as the object’s flight path. Meteorologists rejected the idea of a self-luminous whirl wind. 
  • Ake Jonsson in FSR 14,2 p14 citing Vasterbotten Kuriren 12 April 1967 + Ostersunds Posten 12 April 1967

April 11 1967, 1845hrs.
A bright glowing object, shaped like a flattened egg was seen hovering 30m over Tully Pond for a short time by three people, before moving off at great speed. A rotating red light was seen on the bottom of the object. 
  • Fowler 1974 p346

April 11 1967, 2145hrs.
A woman who did not want her name to be used was driving towards her home in Woodville, when she saw a bright light to her left. It appeared to be twice the height of the telephone poles and larger than a car. It had a plastic appearance, and a shape like that of a top hat, with a “coning tower”, with vertical partitions, and a bright curved underside. The object was amber in colour and was moving slowly. The lady followed the thing to her home, where she got the 13 year old baby sitter to also see it. They both saw the thing pass westward over the yard and hover over lava beds nearby. It then emitted two fiery spheres and sparks from the underside. This was repeated a few minutes later and then the object’s lights just went out. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 1 p1

April 12 1967, 2100hrs.
Three people out driving saw, to their left, a luminous red-orange bell shaped object that emitted yellow pulses. The thing hovered over a streetlight and then dived towards the car, at which the car engine stopped. The thing then banked first to the east, then to the west before taking off. As the trio continued their journey they saw the same thing eight more times and also a strange white object. During this time the car engine worked normally. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p34 citing Blue Book Files

April 13 1967.
A strange object was seen on or just above the ground. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 55 p33

April 14 1967, 2100hrs.
A man driving near Melville saw a luminous object in the sky and then his car engine died as a circular, metallic looking object landed beside the road. At this point his car radio, which was off, started to emit strange voices. From an opening in the landed object came a tiny figure that looked more like a machine than an organic being. This thing picked up some soil which it placed into the disc. The opening then closed and the disc turned bright red as it rose into the sky with a whirring sound and united with the large luminous object. The car then worked normally. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p34 citing CUFOS files

April 15 1967.
Businessman Guillermo Roldan and his daughter Chichita observed a glowing egg shaped object that flew across the sky at high speed, stopped abruptly and then descended to the ground. As Roldan, his daughter, sons and other witnesses rushed towards the area the thing took off again at very high speed. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p60

April 17 1967, 2045hrs.
Large numbers of people, including pharmacist Lewis Summers saw a large object flying up the Ohio River at about 150m altitude. Lewis followed the thing for about 1km, after which it crossed the road 800m ahead. When he flashed his headlights on and off, lights on the object seemed to respond. The thing passed over his car at about 160kph. A farmer saw the thing hover over one of his fields and project lights, too bright to look at. A boy was thrown from a cart, as his pony bolted and ended up on its back. Mrs Capehart saw a large luminous sphere with two rows of four portholes pass overhead. On each side was a conical projection. Other people reported interterence on their TVs. It was also seen by Louis Ellis at Middleport. 
  • UFO Investigator IV,1 p6

April 17 1967, 2100hrs.
A school principal was driving home from a PTA meeting, down a small county road, with some colleagues travelling with him in another car, when his attention was suddenly caught by a bright light over a cliff. He was afraid that an aircraft was going to crash land in a nearby cornfield, only for him to see that the thing was shaped like a World War One helmet, and perhaps 100m long. It hovered in front of his car for a moment, its intense white light seeming to come through the vehicle’s roof and his hands, before changing direction and heading towards the airport. He went to join his companions in the other car and they all saw the object hover over power lines for about 10 minutes. They went to the airport, to find that the thing had overflown the facility and the pilot of an incoming plane saw the thing below him. It was also observed by two lawyers from Kansas City standing near the airport 
  • Hynek 1972 pp96, 238

April 17 1967, 2145hrs.
Zelma Eaton and her daughter saw a bright light over a field, heading towards their car, 100m away at altitude of about 20-25m. The object was amber colour and there was a light coming from a protrusion in its bottom. It went behind their car at about 55kph 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 1 p1

April 21 1967, 0100hrs.
Two businessmen were driving with their wives about 16km south of Ephrata when they encountered a very bright light on the road, several kilometres ahead. The driver speeded up to view this at closer quarters but then had to brake to avoid a collision. As the light became clear to them, it went out and then reappeared as a dull amber light to their left, switched off again and then appeared behind the, white again. The light followed closely as the driver attempted to speed up the car, which began to splutter and lose power though it did not stop. As oncoming traffic appeared from Ephrata, the thing ascended into the sky. The white light appeared to come from objects resembling car head lights, each giving off a shaft of very bright light on an elliptical object, which appeared lensed shape at close quarters. When the sheriff’s deputy investigated he found the witnesses badly shocked. He also found a teardrop shaped sticky spot on the highway about 5m at the longest dimension, with the point turned towards the side of the road. It looked like either fresh oil or as though the asphalt had recently been very hot. 
  • Hynek 1972 pp114-5, 120, 239
  • Phillips 1975 p48 (case 613) citing CUFOS
  • UAPRO Bulletin 1,7 p6

April 21 1967 2000hrs.
Three bright lights, which appeared to be on some unseen object hovered and descended below tree level near a duck pond. 
  • Fowler 1974 p348

April 21 1967, 2100hrs.
A man driving home from work saw a blue-white circular object landed in some woods. He called the Sheriff’s department and then returned to the area with his wife and children. He and the police officers searched the area between them. He saw an object on the ground in a swamp area and a humanoid figure about 1.7m tall next to it. The witness hailed the figure but felt he received a telepathic message to get out of the area and fled back to his car. 
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 p332 citing letter from witness’s wife in NICAP files

April 21 1967, 2100hrs.
Clifton N Crowder, manager of the Mobile Chemical Co warehouse, was driving home from working late when, as he turned west on East Farrell, his headlights illuminated a cylindrical object 150m away. It was a cylinder 3-3.5m tall, with legs 1m long, 15cm thick. Its body was 3m diameter with a flat bottom and dome shaped top. It had an aluminium colour, similar to that of a nitrogen fertiliser tank near his office. Crowder drove cautiously to within 75m of the thing. He increased his headlights and as he did so the object took off, with a column of white fire 45cm in diameter, the object rising out of sight in an instant. The road was left burning with orange flames. Crowder drove past the site and reported the matter to the police. A burned patch of tar and three carbonised matches were found at the scene. Later investigations showed four small holes in a square of sides 3.45m. State troopers who investigated the site on the evening swore that they were not present then. Farmer Norman Martin who lived several hundred metres away saw a brilliant light rise from the ground at about that time. 
  • UFO Investigator III, 12 p 1 citing investigation by Gordon Lore, Don Berliner and Leon Katchen
  • Klass 1974 p113
  • 1969 True Report on Flying Saucers p 69
  • Edwards 1968 p146
  • Flying Saucers-UFO Reports 3 p25
  • Lorenzen 1968 p 47)
  • Evaluation: Hoax?

April 21 1967, 2155hrs
While out driving a female architectural designer, had her attention drawn by her mother to a yellow object with a dome on top and a flat underside which descended at a 30 degree angle with a swaying motion, as if to land. It emitted a beam of light pointing upwards and apparently landed in the Rillito River area. No traces were found. 
  • APRO Bulletin May/June 1967 p7
  • Evaluation: Probable bolide

April 22 1967. Evening.
Cliff Hackford and three members of his family were coming into their driveway when they heard dogs barking and saw a bright red, oval shaped object, 15m diameter, on the ground about 800m away. When they turned off their car lights the object rose and left rapidly. 
  • Salisbury 1974 table citing Joseph Hicks files

April 22 1967, 2200hrs.
Four boys observed, through binoculars, an object descend with oscillating movements, illuminating the woods, 1km away. It was conical with a blue underside and a top that changed red, orange, white. 
  • Vallee Case 838 citing Blue Book Files

April 24 1967. Evening.
Dennis Whitley was driving home from a church meeting when he observed a large white light, shaped like an umbrella with crystals on top, above the road ahead. He signalled to it by blinking his lights, whereupon the thing began to follow the car at speeds up to 80kph, turning orange and coming closer, as if to land. It followed the twists and turns of the road. When Dennis got home, his mother also saw the object, which hovered near their house for 30 minutes. Neighbour George Hilton and his wife also saw the object as they left the Celanese Plant in Little Rock. 
  • Lorenzen 1976 p46 
  • Data Net IV, 10 p8.
  • Evaluation: Lorenzens dates to 28th but their dates are often inaccurate. Again the pacing, road following and hovering when witness stops points to a distant light, probably astronomical

April 24 1967, 2030hrs.
A group of children were terrified when a silvery oval object, with green lights on its surface, and bright lights on its underside, hovered close to the ground. When the children screamed the thing pulsated and took off vertically giving out shrill whistles and beeps.
  • Hall 2001 p337 citing NICAP files

April 24 1967, 2355hrs.
Farmer Edvin Ahs, his wife Karin and their son Tjorborn (20) watched an object resembling a car wheel, emitting a powerful white light as it hovered motionless above a timber felling site several hundred metres from their house. After three minutes the wheel descended towards the ground, and the light, which ad illuminated the area like daylight went out. 15 minutes later Torbjorn caught sight of a similar object hovering above them and moving slowly across the sky with a somewhat less powerful light. No traces were found at the presumed landing sight. 
  • FSR 14,2 p15 citing Sundsvalls Tidning 27 April 1967

April 26 1967, 2100hrs.
Brian Dorscht saw a dark object, 1m diameter, 1.5m high, with flashing green and white lights. When 1m above ground six legs came out and the thing landed on a lawn near the National Grocers Company. The whirring sound that the object was making stopped and the witness became afraid and ran away. Police found six prints at the site. 
  • Vallee Case 637 citing Saucers, Space and Science Summer 1967 citing Kitchener-Waterloo Record 27 April 1967

April 27 1967, 2210hrs.
Mrs Keiran was driving home when she observed a strange object moving just above the treetops, parallel to her car, between 30-60m away. It appeared to be about 10m long, with a circle of 7 or 8 lights around its edge. It was surmounted by a cupola and had legs underneath. The thing tilted, turned to the west and disappeared behind trees. Meanwhile in Salem, Mrs Doris Lowe saw a circle of red lights, with a white light in the centre, and heard a shrill “beeping” sound. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 2 p3 : : Fowler 1974 p348

April 28 1967, 2100hrs. 
Estate agent Betty Cassar and the occupants of three other cars saw a shiny object, about 4.5m tall, with a band of three red and two green lights around its centre hovering just above the trees. It descended about3m, at which Betty became afraid and drove away. 
  • UFO Investigator IV,1 p3

April 29 1967, 0940.
Several times in April strange lights and objects were seen by Mr Harris and Ian McGregor, drillers at Mt Newman camp, about 5.5km, south of Whaleback. On this night they drove towards the airstrip 13km away. About 1km south of the airstrip, in the bush, they saw a bright haze which turned into an inverted cone of light, followed by an orange discoid object that rose vertically and then turned onto its edge and came towards them. They flashed their headlights, whereupon the thing stopped, reversed and landed in the same spot as before. Their compasses would not function in the area, though they did not see the object again that day. 
  • L J Locke in A.F.S.R. 8 p16

May 1967 (Approx date) Late night.
A farmer was looking over the fields, when he saw an “artificial looking” lilac light. He went towards it, and about midway saw it was an unusual object. The light came from some ovoid windows in the dome of an object with a dark underside. Something seemed to be moving behind the windows. He was shaken by the sight and went home to bed. Next day he examined the site, where he found a substance, like strangely coloured, fine cotton wool. He could scarcely feel the substance in his hands. He placed a sample under a stone but it gradually vanished over a period of three days. The grass at the sight was pressed down, and the lowest wire on some nearby pylons had been pulled down and dragged 20m. 
  • MUFORG June 1967 p3 + citing Report from Denmark 1,3 p5 in turn citing Holbaek Amts Venestreblad 11 April 1967

May 1967. 0030hrs.
Mr and Mrs Alex Yarosloski were driving from Vauxhall on the north Retlaw Road, and 3km south Wilfred Alberts, each saw a lighted object. Alex’s lights failed and Albert’s engine stalled. 
  • Flying Saucers 58 p22 citing Gene Duplantier in Saucers, Space and Science 50

May 1967.
A blue and white light was seen flying at treetop height southwest to northeast. It then appeared to land. It was moving in the opposite direction to the motorist who observed it. In intervals of 30 seconds to 1 minute two similar objects appeared at treetop height. The woman driver saw all three objects, her male companion only the second. 
  • UFOLog 35 p5 citing N.O.B.O.V.O.)
  • Evaluation: I cannot find this place name on Google. The location may be De Knipe, Heerenveen, Friesland. Wikipedia notes "De Knijpe) was a unofficial translation that has never been accepted by the City Hall of Heerenveen, and should therefore by avoided".

May 1967.
A woman encountered an olive skinned being, dressed in a green suit, who gave his name as Aphloes. 
  • Keel 1975a p159

May 1967. 1230hrs. 
23 foreign legionnaires, including Mr Wolff, has started to eat in a clearing while on patrol when they observed the arrival and descend of an object with a metallic sheen, surrounded by an intense dazzling glow. The oval object descended with a falling leaf motion and made the ground shake when it landed. The men were paralysed. The thing then took off again and they found that they had recovered the use of their limbs, and looking at their watches saw that 2 hours, 45 minutes had passed, for which they had no memory. The thing was shaped like a vertical egg 2-2.5m tall and when it took off, slowly at first and then at high speed, multi-coloured flames emerged from openings on the bottom. At the site they found traces of a tripod landing gear, in the middle of which was a crater 3m deep, widening towards the bottom, in which were crystals like broken glass. The witnesses suffered from violent headaches in buzzing in the ears for two days after the incident. 
  • FSR 23,1 p29 citing H Julien in LDLN 160
  • Charles Bowen in The Unexplained 28 p559
  • Evaluation: Appears to rely only on Wolff’s uncorroborated story

May 1967. Evening.
Contactor Ellis Matthews (35) took a cine film of a hovering light in the sky. The film was sent to an American flying saucer buff, who some frames enlarged up to 1,000 times and claimed they showed a window in an object, through which a vaguely humanoid figure could be seen moving around. 
  • Basterfield 1980 p34 case 28 citing his own investigation + Pix=People 1 December 1971 + Cathie 1971 p134 + Official UFO November 1975 p26
  • Evaluation: Astronomical + paradolia

May 1967. Night.
Dennis Taylor (19), David Churchill and friends were walking home when they heard someone following them on an upper parallel path. Something about 2.4-2.7m tall rushed at them and then seemed to mimic their movements. They ran down onto the road to try and get a lift, but the headlights of a vehicle illuminated another of the creatures. The lads ran to a motel where they got a pickup truck and more friends. They returned to the scene and saw one of the creatures but it outpaced them. They returned on the following two nights. On that third night David fired at it with a shotgun. The thing fell down but got up again, tearing through a barbed wire fence, damaging the posts, in its escape. Tracks about 48cm long, 20-23cm wide were found at the site. The youths saw the things in the distance on subsequent occasions and noted an offensive smell. 
  • Hunter and Dahinden 1975 p129
  • Green 19763 p 198 citing Roger Patterson

May 1967. 2200hrs.
William Stillwell saw a light descend descending by the Chimes Building. When it got within about 10m he saw that it was a grey object with portholes giving off an orange light. 
  • Dennett 2008 p61 citing Dick Case in Syracuse Herald-Journal 3 August 1994
  • Evaluation: Repeater witness who claimed to have taken a photo of a UFO during the New York Blackout

May 1967. 2330hrs.
A woman and a 16 year old girl were driving down Hw 76, when they observed a large greyish object sitting on the left lane of the highway. As they approached, the object was completely dark. It was egg shaped. About 5.5m long and 3=3.5m thick, straggling the whole left lane and covering 1m of the right lane and 1m of the shoulder. The girl became frightened and the driver pulled onto the right shoulder to pass the object. As they passed within 60cm of the thing, they saw a diffuse soft yellow circular light about 60 cm diameters shining through a sort of grill that extended down from the light to the lower edge. After passing the object, the witnesses looked back to see the end covering the highway was also illuminated by a yellow white glow. The woman later returned, with her husband, to the site, but no trace could be found. Several young men were found to have reported a similar object. 
  • Ted Phillips in FSR Case Histories 8 p10

May 1 1967.
A landing report/ No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 57

May1 1967. Night.
A 12m diameter elliplical object rose from behind a shed and hovered at about 5m altitude and tilted. The witness’s car engine and radio failed and the interior became extremely hot, giving the witness headaches and vision loss. 
  • Hall 2001 p338 citing NICAP files

May 2 1967, 2025hrs.
Dennis Latcham (19) was out ploughing on his tractor, without his lights on when he saw, hovering about 400m away, a sort of grey, misty thing, with  four red lights blinking in rotation and a steady white light on top. Dennis continued his work until he completed it at 2045. He then drove towards the field where the thing was hovering and began to continue the journey on foot, but then thought better of it. He could hear no sound. He retreated to his tractor and watched the object for another 10-15 minutes, until it took off vertically and then moved off to the west. Dennis was so shaken that he was covered in sweat when he got home. 
  • APRO Bulletin May/June 1967 p8

May 3 1967, 0630hrs.
Mrs Ruth S Smyth was driving west on the Schuylkill Highway, about 10km out of Philadelphia, following a removal van at about 95kph on this overcast morning when she saw a gunmetal grey discoid object, with a darker central band on which there appeared to be dark windows and a revolving upper portion. The thing appeared to be at no more than 50m altitude, 11-12m diameter and 6m thick and to have no further external markings except for a sort of exhaust which was emitting a vapour trail. This trail suddenly turned to cherry red sparks and ascended vertically into the cloud cover. At the same time Ruth developed an intense pain in her upper right jaw. 
  • APRO Bulletin May/June 2967 p12

May 5 1967 0230hrs.
Farmer Anders Markussen (65) went out to his courtyard when he suddenly heard an engine noise coming from a glade about 500m from his house. Immediately afterwards a large saucer shaped object rose towards the sky, disappearing in a couple of seconds. 
  • Ake Jonsson in FSR 14,2 p15 citing Expresssen 6 May 1967

May 6 1967, 0143hrs.
Michael Campeadory (or Campeadore) (24)a hospital employee was driving from his home in National City California to Salt Lake City to attend his grandmother’s funeral, when about 27km west of St Goerge he heard a strange loud humming sound. He thought that a truck was following him but could not see any lights in his rear view mirror. He then saw a yellow light to his left. Thinking it was a jet plane about to crash, he stopped and got out. He saw an object shaped like an inverted bowl hovering at about 6-10m above him, about 30m away. The thing was about 12-15m in diameter, metallic, with a dome on top. Thoroughly frightened he got out his .26 Berreta pistol and fired at the object. He heard several bullets hit before the thing moved off, disappearing within seconds. When he made the report at a service station, the attendant claimed that there had been about twenty ufo reports in the Salt Lake City area. Michael was considered a reliable person. 
  • Francis Ridge Chronology citing Salt Lake City Tribune 7 May 1967
  • UFO Investigator IV, 1 p6 citing above
  • Vallee Case 842 citing National Enquirer 27 August 1967 (gives incorrect date off 11th
  •  APRO Bulletin May/June 1967 p6 (incorrectly gives date as 13th
  • Lorenzen 1968 p40
  • Lorenzen 1976 p47

May 6 1967. 1100hrs.
A mechanical engineer and his daughter were driving between Durango and Mazaltan when they spotted a disc shaped object on the ground off the highway. They took three photographs as the object was taking off; one was said to show the object partially hidden by trees, the second, the object in flight and the third nothing These photographs were never traced by investigators from APRO. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p60

May 7 1967, 0200hrs.
Ricky Banyard was on his way home when he saw an object with red and green lights at about 60m altitude. He called his friend Glenn Coates who also watched it for some time. After he left Ricky followed the thing to the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, where he hid under trees as the thing projected beam of light on the ground 15m away and made a muffled sound. When Ricky emerged from behind the trees the light disappeared and he heard a noise like a jet starting up, and the lights on the object also went out. There were 7 or 8 explosions as the thing took off. The observation lasted several hours. 
  • UFO Investigator IV,1 p3 citing Edmonton Journal 8 May 1967

May 7 1967 (Approx. date)
A man and his wife were driving through Tabasco state when they saw a bright point of light in the sky. It descended to a spot about 150m from their car. The thing was cone shaped and gave off an intense, bright, orange-white light. The couple stopped and shut off the car lights. When the object came nearer, they put the lights back on again. The object stopped in mid air and its lights blinked on and off twice. The couple, now frightened, drove to the nearest town to report the incident. Several people accompanied them to the spot and found the object still there. When they turned their lights on and off the object approached. As several members of the crowd ran towards the object with weapons poised, the object ascended into the sky and was out of sight in a few seconds. The crowd included two policemen and a professor, all were regarded as reliable. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p60

May 7 1967.
A strange object landed. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 57 p24

May 11 1967, 0205hrs.
Four people saw two inverted dish shaped objects, with rotating red and white lights around their rims. The objects hovered, moved up and down and then descended behind trees in a cranberry bog. When police pointed a spotlight on them, the objects moved off. 
  • Fowler 1974 p348

May 12 1967, 2000hrs.
On the highway south of Neola, Richard Faucett and Charles Winn saw a silver coloured oval object, 13m long, 3.5m thick, with no windows. It had a bright, distinct outline. The object was travelling fast at first, and then very slow. It came down fast, becoming level with the road, which it travelled along for a while before slowing almost to a stop. It tilted, slipped over the crest of a hill into a valley and out of sight. 
  • Salisbury 1974 table citing Joseph Hicks files

May 13 1967. 0300hrs.
A group of fishermen observed something like a missile with a red sphere at either end. A white glowing object landed across the road from the men and grew brighter. Fearing an explosion the men fled and reported the matter to the sheriff. 
  • Ridge 1994 p22 citing UFOFC files

May 14 1967, 0400hrs.
Returning from work, Mr Harris and some workmates observed a large silver disc due east of Whaleback. Arriving back at camp they saw that it was hovering about 30m above the ground, with a small orange object at the “10 o clock” position to it. The large silver object was 30-35m across and projected a beam with a range of 2km. The small object moved to the north, the larger one keeping up with it. The men pursued it in their car but lost sight of it when they had to put their headlamps on. When they got back to the camp they saw a light 1-1.5m diameter, with a flame like tail, moving along the airstrip and disappearing into the scrub when they walked towards it. 
  • L J Locke in A.F.S.R. 8 p17
  • Australian UFO Review 10 p21
  • Evaluation: Probably astronomical

May 14 1967, 2130hrs.
5 people ( 2 couples in their 20s and a woman of 37) found their car stuck after a picnic. They decided to walk to the Mill Creek Guard Station. One of the women drew the others attention to a light in the sky. The thing then started descending in jerks, before taking off to the west with a blast of air. The thing then returned, at 30m above the trees and then hovered over a hill about 2km away. The thing was silent up to that point, but there was a sudden whooshing sound and the sky lit up, stunning the party. When they came to their senses they were running and it was 0130hrs.. One of the women felt tired so they left her by the road as they carried on to the Station to call for a lift home, picking her up on the way. One of the men suffered nightmares after the event. 
  • Long 1990 p64 citing investigations by Ron Westrum and Bill Vogel

May 14 1967, 2315hrs.
The two rear tyres of a car burst when a cigar shaped object, with a throbbing red glow, came within 100m of the car. The thing then shot off. 

  • Hall 2001 p339 citing NICAP files

May 16 1967, 2330hrs.
Mr J A Carson saw a glowing red light, about 3-4.5m diameter, on the opposite side of the River Murray. It disappeared without leaving a trace. 
  • Australian UFO Review 10 p21
  • Basterfield 1981 p87 citing UFO Research South Australia files
  • Hervey 1969 p149

May 18 1967, 0635hrs.
Mrs Ruth Smythe was driving about 9.5km out of Philadelphia, following a removal van, when she observed a disc shaped object, of dark dull grey gunmetal colour. It had a dark band around its centre, with what looked like unlit portholes, and a sort of pipe out of which came a thin stream of vapour. The thing was surmounted by a dome, which seemed to be rotating on a central axis, and a flat bottom. Ruth observed it at the height of three telephone poles for 3 minutes, after which it seemed to shudder and, emitting cherry red sparks from the pipe, shot straight up. As it emitted the sparks, Ruth developed a violent toothache. This faded a few minutes after the thing had gone. 
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1968b p46 citing letter from witness to Saucer Scoop

May 20 1967.
Several residents reported seeing a brightly lit glowing object land in a field near the Ohio River Junior High School. Some people observed it for 20 minutes before it took off slowly. 
  • John Keel in FSR 14, 4 p12

May 20 1967, 1215hrs.
Stephen Michalak (32), an industrial mechanic from Winnipeg, was on a prospecting holiday in the Falcon Lake area. He was chipping at some rock when his attention was caught by the cackling of geese in a nearby swamp and looking up saw two scarlet lights in the sky. The lights then resolved into a two cigar shaped objects, each with a central hump, approaching at 15 degrees from the horizontal on a heading of 240 degrees. One of the objects landed 40m away, while the other one, after hovering at treetop height for a few moments, took off. The landed object changed colour from brilliant scarlet through grey-red, then grey then silver. Stephen now saw that it was a disc 10m in diameter, 3m high, with sloping sides and surmounted by a rounded dome 3m diameter, 1m high. The dome was surrounded by horizontal slats 30cm long. The side facing Stephen had vents 15cm by 24cm containing some 30 small holes. Stephen sat and sketched what he thought was a new American test vehicle for some minutes until a square opening appeared in its lower part, from which emerged brilliant multi-coloured lights. These were so bright that Stephen had to put on his welding goggles to approach. He also heard a high pitched sound like a motor, a whooshing sound and smelled something like burning sulphur and experienced waves of heat.

After about 30 minutes Stephen approached within 12m of the object and heard the sound of voices from the hatch. He walked right up to the thing, calling out in English, Russian, German, Italian and Polish without response. With his goggles down he looked in through the hatch but could see nothing except small lights flashing in a random pattern. He stepped back and the doorway closed. He approached again and placed his hand on the thing’s surface, his glove coating melting on contact. At the same instant the object angled upwards and Stephen was caught in a wave of heat that set his shirt and undershirt on fire and burned a hole in his cap. The blast sent him reeling back and a terrible smell of sulphur filled the air. He managed to stamp out of the flames on his shirt and staggered back to his camp. He then left for town, vomiting violently, feeling dizzy and with pain in his chest and burns on his abdomen. During the incident his compass was affected.

He did not receive any medical help until he returned to Winnipeg. There his family confirmed his symptoms, which also included a foul odour on his breath, an apparent 10kilogram weight loss and the reoccurring appearance of a chequered rash on his chest. Tests by several doctors and clinics proved inconclusive. Efforts to find the site, including one by the Condon committee were initially fruitless, but a second search by Stephen and a friend disclosed a circle of disturbed ground and some radioactive samples. Two bars of metal, showing signs of radioactivity, were found at the site were discovered a year later. 
  • Michalek 1967
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  • Michalak in Colombo 1991 p7
  • Clark 1998 p396 with extensive bibliography

Late May 1967. Day.
A primary school pupil was looking through the class window when he saw a silvery disc shaped object, narrower at one end than the other, descending some distance away behind low hills. A couple of days later he and his father went to the site, where they found a large circle of flattened and browned grass. 

  • Swords 2005 p71 citing John Timmerman

May 21 1967, 0300hrs.
A dark object with a ring of red pulsing lights was seen moving along the road at below treetop level, illuminating the area with a light so bright that it produced after images. The object made two passes in the 2 minute observation. 
  • Ridge 1994 p23 citing UFOFC files

May 22 1967. Evening
A teacher, Mr Tyrode (45) saw a glow and then an object shaped like an inverted plate, emitting a greenish-blue light, which flew less than 20m above his car at 40kph. 
  • Vallee Case 845 citing LDLN 94

May 23 1967, 2120hrs.
A couple observed from the window of their flat observed an unusual object take off from the roof of a building about 800m on, on the edge of Bush Road. The thing rose 6-7m into the air, reversed direction and moved off to the south-east, where it merged with another object. One of these objects came back to hover over the building again. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p 131 citing an anonymous letter to BUFORA

May 24 1967, 1500hrs.
Antonio de Carvolho (52) the manager of the Parque Rio Grande estate and his wife Julieta Cornelio were putting a tiled roof on their shed, while their 6 year old son was, Jose Antonio, was playing nearby. Julieta suddenly saw, and ran out to draw her husband’s attention to, an object 5m long, light grey in colour, resembling a big cigar with oval ends and four legs. The object then moved, and a small opening appeared, thought which a “not very tall” occupant wearing a sort of helmet leaned out as if observing them. The object then vanished at high speed. 
  • FSR 17, 2 p30 citing Ultima Hora 30 May 1967.

May 24 1967, 2300hrs.
Remy Deneuville and his family saw a white light to the side of the road, but it was turned off when they drove within 150m of its location. Minutes later they saw a luminous spherical object fly away for several minutes. 
  • Vallee Case 846 citing Phen Spax December 1967

May 26 1967, 2215hrs
Three youths were driving on Artisco Avenue when they spotted a white light approaching from behind. It darted back and forth across the road and at first they thought it was a car driven by a drunk. The object then went above their car, keeping their speed. The car’s engine and lights then died. The youths jumped out and as they looked up, the object flew away to the south-west at high speed. It made no sound. 
  • Lorenzen 1976 p47

May 27 1967, 2340hrs.
A farmer and his family were returning to home in their car when, at a point some 1.5km from their house, they saw a sphere of orange fire, stationary, giving out a luminous trail. It was above one of their fields, near to their house. They rushed to the spot but it had gone. Two days later, walking in the same field, the farmer found his tobacco crop burned in rows running from North to South. Soon afterwards, in the neighbouring hamlet of Sermerieu cattle died of an unidentified illness and four circles of burnt grass, 50cm diameter, were found in their pasture. These holes gave off a powerful odour, like benzene. 
  • FSR 14, 5 p 35 citing J Billandar in LDLN March/April 1968

May 28 1967, 0200hrs.
Four young people watched as two very bright pale yellow spheres, some 7.5-9m across, crossed the road behind their vehicle. A third similar sphere was seen in an adjacent paddock, about 5m above the ground. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p87 citing UFO Research (South Australia) files

May 29 1967, 0240hrs.
A single witness saw an object shaped like a glowing red scallop with white flashing lights on its surface. It moved slowly with a rocking motion at low altitude before darting upward and out of sight at high speed. 
  • Fowler 1974 p348

May 31 1967, 2330hrs.
Mrs Inkpen was sat on her front porch waiting for her husband to come home when she noticed an intensely bright red light in the distance. She first thought that it was a light on a truck but then, as it got closer, she saw that it was airborne, glowing brilliant red on top and blue on the bottom. It was approaching from the south over high tension wires. When the thing got within 50m of her house, she became terrified and ran inside. The next day her husband found a circle of smouldering soil, 7.5m diameter at the site. The site was still smouldering two weeks later. A later investigation showed traces of radioactivity at the site. 
  • Canadian UFO Report 1, 7 pp19, 25
  • Lorenzen 1968 p29

June 1967.
A strange object landed. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 55, p30

June 1967. 1030hrs.
Bob Luca was driving to Hammonasset Beach when he observed 2 large bright cigar shaped objects in the sky above a wooded area. From one of the objects emerged 8 smaller ovals ones. One of the main objects sped off, but the other headed towards him and descended behind trees 400m away, with a falling leaf motion. It was dull metallic in colour. Luca became anxious and tried to drive away. The next thing he remembered was that it was 1400hrs.. Hypnotic regression in 1977 revealed a memory of being taken on board a strange object, being forced to remove his clothes, and being given a medical examination by beings with large heads and huge eyes. 
  • Fowler 1979 p195

June 1967. 0300hrs.
Paul Bornemann and his family saw a strange object coming from the horizon, It stopped above the tops of the trees and resembled a kind of black parachute, about 7m diameter, it was 900m away. The thing was motionless for 30 seconds and then a red flame came from its underside and it took off. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing letter from Bornemann in GESAG Special Edition p21

June 1967. Night
The crew of plane coming from Palma found its runway (12) blocked by what looked like three navigation lights The ground crew went to investigate and when one of the team got within 200m of the red, blue and yellow lights these merged into an intense white radiance that rotated dizzyingly and rose rapidly. This was also seen by another airliner coming from London. 
  • Ballester 1976 p11 case 46 citing Ribera 1968 p105

June 1 1967.
Mrs Evelyn Brown was driving her school bus towards Shavavon when she saw a round object with a dull aluminium appearance over her left shoulder. Above the body of the thing was a superstructure with portholes, on top of which was a dome made of a glassy material After about 15 seconds the thing rose up, passed over the bus, hovered to its right and then straight ahead. When Evelyn flashed her headlights the object rocked side to side and then rose up very fast. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, 6 p3 citing investigation by D F Clausen

June 1 1967, 2100hrs.
A number of people, including, Manuel Rivero Ciudad and Mrs Eugenia Arbiol de Alonso saw a brilliant yellow-orange object with three retractable legs land for about a minute near the “La Ponderosa£ restraint. The thing was circular and had windows and a sort of H mark on its underside. Three holes 6m apart in an equilateral triangle were found at the site. The holes were 15 x 30cm. Powder and strange tubes were found at the site. 
  • Ballester 1976 p11 case 47 citing Antonio Ribera in FSR 15,5 p8 + Phen Spax 22 p18 + Ribera and Farriols 1969 p127)
  • Evaluation: Part of the complex “UMMO” hoax.

June 1 1967, 2330hrs.
John M (7) had to be taken to hospital after observing a disc shaped object that emitted a buzzing sound. It was the size of a Volkwagen and had red and green lights. The thing landed in a clearing and took off like lightning. 
  • Vallee Case 847 citing UFO Investigator May 1967

June 2 1967.
A landing report. Witnesses Spurill and Bradshaw. No further details. 
  • Data Net IV, 1 p9
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 55 p33

June 3 1967, 2210hrs.
A buoy tender observed green and white lights between two small islands. Thinking it might be another boatman in trouble, he went towards the lights. When he was about 30m away, they rose out of the water with a whooshing sound and sped off. 
  • UFO Investigator IV, p5
  • Sanderson 1970 p228

June 7 1967, 0130hrs.
An unusual object, shaped like a mushroom, with a quadrilateral appendage underneath, approached close to a motor vehicle near Itajuba at which the vehicle’s electrical system failed. Through the brilliantly illuminated transparent surface of this thing, the faxes of strange beings could be seen. 
  • Hulvio Alexio in FSR 14, 56 p10 citing GEOANI Report November 1967 p12

June 8 1967.
A large, round, shimmering, silvery object hovered, rotating, over marshes. 
  • FSR 13,6 p29 citing Eastern Evening News 8 August 1967

June 9 1967, 2100hrs.
A six year old boy was in the bathroom when a red ball came through the window, struck him on the forehead and shot up through the ceiling. Outside he saw red and blue lights and a strange being with short horns, slanted eyes and a lipless mouth. This strange being asked the boy about the composition of the soil and then asked him to watch the “rocket ship”, while the being flew up onto the roof, propelled by tanks on its back. On board the object were two other beings, one of which came over to the boy and asked him what a tree was. It then pointed something like a gun at the lad, who fled from the bathroom screaming. 
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 p332 citing letter from boy’s mother in NICAP files

June 11 1967, 2000hrs.
Two children saw a disc shaped object, 1m diameter, 25cm thick, making a metallic noise as it hovered above them. They took a series of pictures that showed only a blur. 
  • Vallee Case 849 citing Cincinnati Enquirer 12 June 1967)

June 13 1967, 0230hrs.
Carmen Cuneo, a worker at Damtar Ltd’s gypsum mine went outside for a moment for a call of nature and saw a cigar shaped machine, 11m long, on the ground and two silvery coloured discs 4.5m diameter hovering at less than 4m altitude nearby. The landed machine was about 150m away in a field, and he first thought it was a tractor/trailer. He noticed lights flashing bright and dim in portholes, and a bubble like projection underneath. He also saw at least 12 small beings wearing what looked like miners’ helmets with four multicoloured lights on top, moving around the landed object, especially around a sort of aerial on one side, and a small creek on the mine property. The little men were 150m away at the closest. They walked with a stiff gait like robots, and appeared to be gathering samples. The beings entered and exited the object through a retractable staircase and the side of the object opposite to the one facing him. He did not feel afraid, nor did the creatures seem afraid of him. After some minutes he called a fellow miner Merv Hannigan. When Merv arrived the landed object and the beings had gone, but the 2 discs hovered for 20 minutes before heading south west towards Lake Erie, flashing coloured lights, The next morning Cuneo found a large gouge on the ground and an unusual kind of oil on some burdock leaves. Cuneo later received a threatening phone call. 
  • Lawrence Fenwick in UFO Pulse Analyser no2 p2
  • Lorenzen 1969 p285
  • Lorenzen 1976 p202
  • Barry Greenwood and Vallee Case 850 both citing APRO Bulletin November/December 1967
  • Musgrave 1979 p 45 (case 35) citing Saucers Space and Science no 49 p9 + CAPRO Bulletin Vol 1 no1) (all accounts except Fenwick give 2 objects and 3 beings.)

June 13 1967, 1930hrs.
Charles W Fletcher (69) was sat in his yard on Nine Mills Road, reading his paper, when a bright light appeared from above and was reflected on the paper. A liquid dropped to his left and the light burnt the left side of his face slightly. As he brushed the substance off his arm 2ith his paper, he caught a glimpse of a shadow of an object of indeterminate shape cross the trees. The substance on the paper was purple with metallic speckles. When he wiped his arm again with a rag, the rag turned purple-blue. The police took the paper and rag for analysis. 
  • Skylook 30 citing Richmond Dispatch 14 June 1967
  • Evaluation: Bird droppings of some kind?

June 14 1967, 2145hrs.
Several hundred people including Mr Fisher saw a point source of light, which descended straight down to within 30m of a nearby wood. There was a pulsating red light about 6m long at the end. After several minutes the light dimmed and changed colour and the object moved into the woods out of sight. Investigators found an area 4.8m long, 1.6m wide, swirled down in a clockwise manner. Three pod holes were visible in the area and a Geiger counter reading showed an abnormally high level of radioactivity. 
  • George Cook in Flying Saucers UFO Reports 4 p53
  • Data Net V, 7 p12
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 57 p 24

June 19 1967. Pre-dawn.
A farmer was awakened by the barking of his dog, normally an unusually quiet animal, with whining and throating high pitched noises. Thinking the animal was injured, he got out of bed. Looking through his window he saw glow, so, grabbing his gun, he dashed outside. In a level area 15-25m away, in the southeast corner of his barn, was a round object with pulsating red lights, which lit the area, and a double dome. The object was so beautiful that the witness was moved to tears just talking about it. 
  • George Cook in Flying Saucers UFO Reports 4 p53

June 17 1967, 0040hrs.  
A couple saw 800m away, an object 60m above a paddock 60m off the road. It then directed a beam of grey-white light towards the ground. The driver got out and saw that the thing was barrel shaped. It then moved off, parallel to the road, towards Burrenjuck . They followed the object at 70kph, getting within 200m of it, at which red lights could seen flickering all round it. The driver got out again and heard a clicking sound. The object then turned to the left, and departed over hills. There was a police investigation.
  • Chalker 1996 p122

June 18 1967 (Approx. date) 0330hrs.
A group of five men were on a fishing vacation on this dark cloudy morning, when they heard a painfully low pitched humming sound. One of them, an engineer, decided to go and investigate, while the rest carried on fishing. About 5 or 6 minutes later the humming started again, only louder. They realised that it came from a hill 500m behind them, from which beams of smoky light were projected upwards. The frightened men decided to leave, but as they did so the engineer returned and forced them up the hill at gunpoint. At the top was a huge circular object, 30m wide, 5m high with fins coming from either side, emitting a green phosphorescent light, hovering 10m above the ground. The thing had a central hatchway that emitted multi-coloured lights. A sort of cylinder, with an oval door, came down from the thing to within 30cm of the ground. The narrator then became faint and when he recovered him and his companions were lying on padded tables in a room with milky-white glassy walls. In the ceiling was a red blue light from which a voice came. It claimed that they had been taken “for the good of the universe” that the 6 members of the crew were too alien to show themselves, and asked a variety of inane questions. In response to the men’s fears of suffocation, a triangular opening appeared in the thing, letting in fresh air. After more questions and pseudo-science the men found themselves back on the beach at 0520. Some items of their equipment were missing. No footsteps showing how they had come down the hill again were visible. At the top of the hill was a shallow crater. 
  • Granchi 1995 p131 citing anonymous letter to journalist Jose Belem dated 6 October 1967

June 18 1967, 2300hrs.
A resort employee, R Greene and his wife were returning home by boat from visiting neighbours when they noticed a bright oval object hovering 15m over the treetops 400m away. They turned their boat towards the object to observe it more hasty retreat to the shore, whereupon the object returned to its original position. They then set out again to return to their neighbours, but again the object appeared to descend towards them. They then awoke a colleague and his household. A total of eight people observed the object hover then disappear rapidly west-northwest. The thing was oval, 7.5-9m by 3-4.5m at the thickest point, with a slight rise on top. The surface appeared shiny, metallic and glassy and reflected the moonlight. The object titled when descending and the trees swayed as it did so. A neighbour reported interference on his transistor radio and the tops of the trees were found to have wilted for no apparent reason. 
  • Hynek 1972 pp131,239
  • Phillips 1975 p49 case 282
  • Bonarchuck 1979 p31 citing official files gives location as Shoal Lake Ontario
  • Campagna 1998 p92
  • Evaluation: Hynek could not rule out the possibility that the light was actually Venus. NB Falcon Lake crosses the Ontario-Manitoba provincial border, it is not quite clear which side of the border this location is.

June 20 1967, 1200hrs.
Farmer Arvi Juntunen was standing in his yard on this bright sunny day, greasing one of his machines when he suddenly heard a humming sound “like a whirlwind going by”. Looking around, he saw, at the edge of a nearby field some 6-7m away, a round, shiny grey object, resembling an upside down cooking pot, suspended about 50cm above the ground. Its top part was domed with a sort of wing on it, while its bottom half was flat and rotating at high speed. The thing was about 70-80cm diameter. As Arvi dashed to grab the thing, three antennae emerged, so unnerving him that he stopped. The object began to rise and shot out a powerful blast, which raised a cloud of dust. Arvi tried to throw his hat at the object, but it was blown clear. The object then began to circle the house and then darted away. The incident was seen by his brother Veikko. Two neighbouring women, Sirkka and Liisa Koranen rushed out in time to see a brightly shining object fly close to their house and vanish in the sky. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 14, 3 p25 citing Kaleva 26 July 1967

Late June 1967. Evening.
A group of campers at the Wild Plum camping site heard a high pitched whistle and saw a disc shaped object land in a gravel parking area. A mechanic voice then asked them to identify themselves left to right. They did this and the thing took off, emitting the whistle again. 
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 p332 citing Downieville Mountain Messenger 29 June 1967

June 21 1967
A huge domed object ascended from the woods emitting s rocket like sound, which affected the witnesses and agitated the dogs. Trees at the site were disturbed and broken. 
  • Phillips 1975 p 49 case 561 citing Keyhoe and Lore 1969b

June 24 1967.
A strange object landed. No further details. 
  • Jacques Vallee in Data Net V, 3 p.iv

June 24 1967, 1000hrs.
Two persons saw a silvery-grey hat shaped object hovering about 150m from the shoreline. It emitted vapour from its base. It ascended into a fog bank and then descended again at a greater distance, before moving, away. 
  • Fowler 1974 p349

June 25 1967 (Approx. date) Night.
Deborah (15), Ronald (17) and Gary (14) B and three other youngsters, sleeping out in their yard, saw a bright light moving horizontally. They drove to Sunset Hill to see it more clearly. They saw that it was a large round thing, surmounted by a dome, around the bottom of which were red and green flashing lights. The car radio was filled with static, though the object was silent. Several weeks later the boys walked through the field over which the object had hovered and found an area where the grass was matted down. 
  • Phillips 1975 p 49 case 614 citing New Times 15 July 1967

June 27 1967, 1230hrs.
Squadron Leader D Shipwright and his wife were walking along the top of the downs from Newlands Corner to One Tree Hill Road on this bright sunny day when. looking towards Albury Church, they observed a white elongated object “about three times the size of a horse” moving back and forth at ground level 2km away, about 400m from the church. They observed the thing for 10 minutes before it hesitated at a hedge. Became circular in shape, went eastwards alongside the hedge, going through a barbed wire fence in the process, and then out into an open field towards a number of cows, which it passed at a distance of less than 15m, without their apparently noticing it. On reaching a large avenue of trees, it rose up and went along the treetops and then descended into the next field. It was still proceeding eastwards when the couple stopped looking at it, an hour later. It appeared to be an elongated disc or balloon. 
  • Letter from Sq Ldr Shipwright in FSR 14, 1 p28
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p135 citing investigation by Jimmy Goddard
  • Evaluation Probably a balloon

June 30 1967, 0200hrs.
After keeping an unusual object under surveillance, Merchant Policeman James Ferguson called up Highway Patrolman Dennis Eisnach for help at the Montana-South Dakota construction site. Soon after Dennis arrived at this site, both officers saw an object, with flashing lights, take off from behind a clump of trees, and hover just above the branches. They were unable to make out a shape, just red, white and green flashing lights, which went back and forth and landed a couple of blocks away. When Dennis drove behind it, the thing took off again and landed behind a hill. When close to the ground, the white light got brighter. Several other officers saw the object and three similar in the distance for 2½ hours. 
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1968b p48
  • Evaluation: Time and description suggest astronomical

June 30 1967, 1800hrs.
Mrs D F Le Marquands had just entered her house when she heard a beeping sound and, looking out of the window, saw debris swirling around the house in a circular motion. Going outside, she saw her husband and 5 children staring into the sky. After a while she was able to see the cause of the disturbance, a large oblong or cuboid object, revolving in an anti-clockwise direction. As the thing rotated, the sides alternated between dark and aluminium coloured but there were no openings or markings on the completely silent object. Mrs L then heard a sound and saw a neighbour’s boy holding down her 8 year old daughter. After the object had moved off at a 45 degree angle, levelling off, hovering and then leaving ion a level course towards the south-east, the children revealed that the girl had been lifted off the ground about 1m towards the object, her skirt, blouse and hair rising straight up. The little girl remembered nothing of the incident and was the only one of the children not terrified. 
  • Saucers Space and Science 52 p6 citing CAPRO citing investigation by L Chickoski + K Barker
  • Rutkowski 1993 p26 citing Beckley 1969 p84.
  • Evaluation: Localised whirlwind?