1966 (approx. date)
Cordelia Donovan met a man in a long white robe, who kidnapped her in a black Cadillac and gassed her. She awoke aboard a strange machine, where she was raped. 
  • Keel 1971b citing Hudson 1967.

1966 (approx. date) 
MB (see 1964) was in bed when she heard a whirring noise and saw an object coming towards her. She then found herself on the object, looking at the ground below, as the object flew low over the fields. Then the thing had left the earth. MB found herself facing a “most handsome” man, who embarrassed her by his stares. There were two other men and a woman also on board, all wearing green spectacles. In the “pit” of the craft were crew who looked like human workmen. She then found herself outside the craft, in a large, empty room, where there was a white painted dining room table and oval chairs. She walked through a door and down a corridor, found herself back in the craft, which took her back to earth. 
  • Cynthia Hind in UFOAfriNews July 1988 p17.

A man saw a machine land in the desert near his home. It sat on a ridge giving off a red glow. As the witness walked toward it, he encountered three small creatures standing by, and apparently examining, a shrub. When they saw him they turned around. One of them shouted in an incomprehensible language like a child jabbering, and they ran back to their craft. (Kevin Randle in Official UFO 1, 11 p49)

1966. 0230hrs.
At an unspecified military base a man was pushed down and given an electric shock by a small being. Others were alerted and several people saw a flatten sphere rise from a wooded area in the direction from which the small being had run. The man knocked down suffered relationship problems. 
  • Swords 2005 p100 citing John Timmerman.
  • Evaluation: Just a story told by an alleged colleague of the “victim”

1966, 2250hrs.
Driving home from a midweek church meeting along Hw 77, Mrs Sadie Hagar was about to turn into the country lane 3km from her home, when she glimpsed some red lights just above the trees. At first she thought they were from a low flying aircraft, but when she next saw them realised that they were two red lights on an object hovering over a large tree in a field to the left ahead. It suddenly moved and hovered low over the road ahead. As she drove under the object, Sadie saw it was ovoid, the width of the road, with a slate grey underside. On each side were two upswept appendages on each side, which ended in red lights that appeared not to be reflected on the ground. During the rest of the journey home Sadie had the feeling was overhead, but her husband saw nothing when she arrived home. 
  • Mildred Higgins in Fate May 1977 p73.

1966. Night.
(OHIO  :  USA)
A farmer saw a strange circular glowing object in one of his fields. He ran inside to get his rifle but when he returned the object had gone. The next day a mysterious man in an air force uniform called on the witness and asked him not to talk about the incident. 
  • Keel 1975b p147.

1966. Night.
A 12 year old (sex not specified) was in bed on the second floor when s/he saw a row of lights outside the window, turning from white to blue. Four beings came out of the closet; three were about 1.2m tall, with large slanted eyes. The fourth had a head like a furry grasshopper, very long arms, round eyes, humped back and was brown. The room was illuminated by a low glow. The being touched her and put some liquid down her mouth and something like a stick near his/her ear and told her/him to go back to sleep. The witness had no further memories. 
  • Cameron 1995 p40.

1966. 2355hrs.
R. G. Smith was out driving his tractor when a bright point of light descended low above him and then shot off. 
  • Gilroy 1995 p32.

Winter 1966. Late night.
Hilda Stones and three friends were driving down the A65 from Skipton when they observed an orange light travelling fast only a metre or two above the reservoir, casting a reflection on the water. When they stopped it seemed to stop about 3m above the water. They felt a kind of electricity in the air. 
  • Nigel Mortimer in UFO Reporter 3 p17.

January 1966.
A landing report. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers, August 1967 p9.

January 1966.
Two personnel of the Naval Weapons Center, China Lake, on a survey in Baker’s Range observed an object pass overhead at no more than 45m altitude and descend to within 3m of the ground. One of the men observed it through a theodolite and saw it was a dull metallic black object 3.6m long, 2.4m wide, 7.5cm thick in front, 30cm thick at the rear. They followed it only it became lost in front of a lava flow 3km away. They then tried to radio the base and start the truck, but the radio was garbled as if jammed with static and continued thus for 20 minute, while the truck refused to start and had to be pushed down hill to get it going. They found the theodolite had become out by 5 graduations to the west.
  • S. Smith 1977 p9 citing Naval Weapons Center Rocketeer 3 November 1976.

January 1966 (approx. date) Late evening
A farmer’s wife was drinking tea by her window when she suddenly observed a great light coming down from the sky, illuminating the whole area for several hundred metres. The light came from an immaterial ellipse that hovered for a while above the cowshed. It went through several colour changes and then shot away at an angle. The lady did not tell her family, fearing ridicule. But next day her husband found that a layer of snow 50cm deep had gone from the cowshed roof, though it was still thick on the ground. The woman suffered an uncommon headache. The morning after the event, a dog that used to visit the farm kept its distance. Later the farmer walking home barefoot after his sauna felt a prickling sensation on his soles and his feet became blistered and wounded. 
  • Joel Rehnstrom in FSR 12,5 p6 citing his own investigation.
  • Phillips 1975 p40 (case 222) citing an undated issue of Saga magazine.

January 1 1966, 2100hrs.
Miss C Buchanan and her companion Mr G Norman were driving through flat paddock country from Harrabri to Wee Waa when they noticed a brilliant white object that took a sudden dive at the car, pulling up to skim along fast just above ground level. It circled several times, repeating the same performance before skimming across a field and disappearing in a few minutes. 
  • Hervey 1969 p52.
  • Australian UFO Review 10 p17.

January 4 1966.
The driver of a truck and his two passengers (a woman and a boy) were suddenly blinded by a green light that appeared ahead of them on the road, and from which emanated a brilliant haze. The motor stopped suddenly and the vehicle turned over. The three escaped with cuts and bruises and the doctor who treated them testified to the driver’s sobriety. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p390 citing Mr Vuillequez citing an undated issue of UFO Nachrichten citing Freie Presse (BA) 5 January 1966
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 15 p11 (case) 86 citing La Cronica (BA) 5 January 1966.

January 5 1966, 0815hrs.
Mrs Emnes was driving north on State Hw 94 north of La Harpe, when she saw, in the distance, a flash of light from an object coming towards her. At first she thought it was a small plane, then realised that it was a dirigible shaped object on a collision course. The object stopped above the telephone wires across the road opposite her. The object was silver, as long as a “Piper Cub” plane, not more than 3m thick, no doors or portholes or landing gear, a central longitudinal seam and one huge, very bright, yellow-white light on the end facing her. The craft began to drift very slowly clockwise on its longitudinal axis, bringing into view the other end on which was a platform 60cm wide, on which was a man 1.65m tall, wearing a bulky white, one piece, asbestos like suite, with a hood and thick gloves. Only his face, which had a ruddy complexion, with black staring eyes which unnerved her, was visible. This stocky individual was stood with his left hand on the craft, the right on his hip, looking down at Mrs Emnes. The object continued on its rotation, and when that side came around again the platform and occupant had gone. The craft climbed higher then left at a terrific speed, faster than a jet. Mrs Emnes was too petrified to estimate how long she had been watching, or even whether her car had stopped or not. She tried to attract the attention of a couple; a man on the road arguing with a woman in a car but they appeared not to notice. Her three, normally frisky, pups were quiet in the back of the car. 
  • Walt Andrus and Robert Smulling in Skylook 33, first hand investigation.
  • Hervey 1976b p116,

January 7 1966, 0410hrs.
Police Constable Colin Clive Perks (28) was checking the back door of one the shops bordering the east side of the A34, when he heard an uncanny high pitched penetrating whine, like that of a high speed electric motor. He turned to look east of the car park behind the shops to a meadow beyond and saw a strange object 10m above the grass, about 100m away. He had a clear view of the object, the upper surface of which glowed steadily with a green-grey glow that extended into the air above it. It was an oval object about 9m diameter, 6m wide, with a dark circular base and a dome on top. Colin felt too afraid to move and after about five seconds the object moved rapidly away to the East South East, passing near to a leafless tree, over the meadow, then across a rooftop. A colleague was said to have found some glass like particles at the site. Colin developed a slight stammer that lasted for several days. 
  • R. H. B. Winder and Gordon Creighton in FSR 12,2 p3 citing their own investigation.
  • Clarke 2012 p74 citing investigation by Flight Lt M. J. P, Mercer for the MOD and related material in The National Archives AIR 2/17983.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p18 citing Winder and Creighton op cit + Manchester Evenings News 2 March 1966 + Daily Mirror 3 March 1966 + Daily Sketch 3 March 1968 (sic, i. e, 1966?) Gary Heseltine + Joan Nelstrop+ Perks own statement
  • Redfern 2006 p81 citing MOD files.
  • Chapman 1969 p41.

January 7 1966, 1445hrs.
Dame Rebecca West, the novelist, was in the grounds of her home, Ibstone House, when she observed a stranger walking on her property. Following him, she saw an odd aerial object descending into a field. It consisted of a grey blue, metallic band crossed with a herringbone system of metal strips, attached to which was a sort of bag with yellow points. The thing seemed to deflate or collapse in on itself. The man turned around and followed a hedge down a valley. Eventually he stopped and looked towards her, which made her feel uneasy. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p23 citing Nick Redfern citing Air Force Files.
  • Evaluation:  The description seems entirely consistent with an object on a parachute or a balloon of some description, so it is odd that the Ministry argued it was a helicopter? Classified military exercise?

January 7 1966, 1525hrs.
18 year old student Barry Finch, the son of a minister, was driving his old car in a rural area SW of Georgetown on a rutted clay section of Hw 63, when, rounding a curve, he saw over the road ahead, a globe shaped object, he first thought was a helicopter, but then saw was a round object about 3-3.5m in diameter, silvery in colour and with a green blinking light on top. It also had a ring about 20-25cm out from the equator and a 1.5m hatch on the bottom. Barry brought his car to a halt about 6m from the object, which had descended to within 1.5m of the ground. The object, which gave the impression of being of glass rather than metal, emitted a whirring sound which irritated his ears. Becoming frightened, Barry tried to back away in order to circle the strange thing but was unable to start his engine. The object now began to ascend gradually to the NE. As it did so the whirring increased in pitch and volume. It then accelerated away rapidly and was gone in seconds. Barry could now start his car. He later found his watch had stopped at the time of the incident, and investigators found a chocolate brown substance, that smelled of sulphur, at the site. 
  • Vallée Case 271 + Hynek 1977 p42 both citing Blue Book Files.
  • APRO Bulletin Jan/Feb 1968 p5, citing Mobile Press 22 January 1968.

January 9 1966. Night.
Mario Alvarez and sisters Delip and Amanda Clemenzoni were driving home from Mar del Palta when their engine and lights died. At the same moment they saw what appeared by a strange object emitting a dazzling beam of blue light flying slowly away and climbing. It finally vanished from sight, whereupon the car engine began to function normally again. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 17 p.iv case 87 citing La Razon (BA) 10 January 1966.

January 11 1966, 1940hrs.
A former nurse and five other people in a car, were driving to a scout hall when their car headlight repeatedly dimmed and brightened, and their radio developed static. On their returned trip they observed a luminous metallic object, resembling two saucers joined at the rim, with a very sharp outline, approach swerve to the right and pace the car for some time. It then went over a field, hovering motionless. After 5 minutes it left with a tremendous burst of speed, to the northwest. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p27 citing Blue Book files.
  • Hynek 1972 pp89, 238.
January 12 1966. Late night.
Mrs Margaret Hands (52) of Somers Road, was lying in bed when she saw a giant top shaped object, big enough to hold a human being, hovering outside her window. After a few seconds it vanished. 
  • FSR 12,2 p.iii citing Walthamstow Guardian 14 January 1968.
January 16 1966,  0400hrs.
Eugene Coquil, a carpenter of good reputation, was driving home to Morlaix from Callac in his Dauphine car, when, as he was approaching the Bolazec-Plougras crossroads, he saw a light in a field on the hillside. At first he thought it was from a tractor with engine trouble about 1km away. After turning into the Bolazec road and travelling about 400m, his curiosity forced him to stop and he went into the field to investigate. The area was lit up, as if by moonlight, but the moon had only just risen. He had only gone a short distance when the “tractor began moving towards him, and he realised that it was a square machine, the sized of two cars, with portholes and four luminous columns of neon light appearance, in a difficult to define colour. The thing was 3.5m square at the base and 1.5m tall. It moved towards his car, passing g within 10m of Eugene at 4-5m altitude. Eugene raced it back, arriving at his car just before the thing, which then hovered less than 3m above the car, so that Eugene could have touched it. Eugene had trouble starting his engine due to his panic, and during this time, the strange object landed 5m away, hovering about 50cm above the grass. As Eugene drove away, he could still see the object on the road. Its four corner lights were harsh and red. Local residents confirmed that strange lights had been seen in the vicinity on the night of the 15th/16th. 
  • Bourrett 1977 p42 citing Rene Pleibert.
  • MUFORG Bulletin June 1966 p5 citing Phen Spax March 1966.
  • Vallée Case 722 citing Depeche de Toulouse 19 January 1966.
  • Falla 1979 p33 case 264 citing UFOlogy Extra 24.
  • Evans 1983 p17 citing Boedec 1982.

January 18 1966. Afternoon.
Two men working at the Naval Air Weapons Station, J E l;amson and Gale Pingle, on this cool clear day heard a buzzing sound and, looking up, saw a grey object coming towards them from 300m away. The object passed overhead so low that Lamson felt he could have hit it with a rock. The thiong continued on its course, hugging the contours of the ground at an altitude of 3-5m. It appeared to be 4.5m long, 2.5m wide and 30cm thick and at its rear were two or three fins and a difficult to describe hazy feature. They tacked it as it moved, away, descended with the slope of the ground. When they tried to drive from the site, they found that their vehicle’ spark plugs failed and they had difficulties with radio reception. 
  • Druffel 2003 p404 citing investigation by James McDonald.

January 18 1966, 1945hrs.
Alan W (12) observed a silver grey object, first seen as a point source of light, which descended to about 20m, 20m away. It now appeared as a discoid object with a light on top that cast a shadow on its metallic surface. Alan observed the thing through the viewfinder of his camera and attempted, without success, to take a photograph. The object travelled SE-NW at about 300kph and was observed for about 30 seconds.
  • DIGAP files + UFOlog 20 p1 citing DIGAP.

January 19 1966, 0030hrs.
Lee Marshall (21) of Katanning was driving home along the Kojonup Road when he saw a row of lights on the brow of a distant hill. He did not take much notice until, driving up the crest of a hill, he was blinded by a bright yellow light. Lee got out and saw a large saucer shaped object with a bright rotating light giving bright red, yellow and green flashes. The object made a buzzing sound as it moved between 15m-600m above Carrolup Hill, 17.5km west of Katanning. The light was on a sort of tower surmounting a metallic oval. The lights grew brighter as the object moved over to Katanning at a terrific speed. 
  • FSR 12,3 p32 citing Newcastle Morning Herald (NSW) 24 January 1966.
  • Australian UFO Report 10 p17.

January 19 1966, 0900hrs.
George Pedley (27) a banana farmer from Euramo was driving his tractor from Tully. While crossing the Albert Pennisi property alongside the reed covered Horseshoe Lagoon, he thought that he detected a fire in the tractor motor, followed by a sharp hissing noise, which at first he thought was a leaking tyre, but became alarmed when it became so loud as to drown out the noise from the tractor. Looking around he saw, rising out fo the reeds, about 25m to his right and slightly ahead of him, an object which rose slowly to a height of about 20m, tilted a little to one side, then vanished to the south west in a great burst of speed. This object resembled two saucers joined together, rim to rim, with a small cabin on top and another small projection underneath. It was about 7.5m in diameter, 2.5m thick at the centre, silver grey in colour and sharp in outline. At the spot in the lagoon where the object had rested the tall grass reeds were flattened anticlockwise in a circle, and appeared to be still spinning. In an area 9m diameter later investigations showed that the upper surfaces of the reeds were browned. The owner of the property had dreamed that “a saucer would land on his property” 
  • Stan Seers and William Lasich in FSR 15,3 p2.
  • Judith Magee in FSR 12,2 p26 citing Townsville Daily Bulletin 21 January 1966 + Sydney Sun Herald 23 January 1966.
  • Edwards 1969 p32.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 109 p8.
  • Hervey 1969 p110.
  • Basterfield 1997 p154 citing Sun Herald and Hervey op cit + UFO Research Queensland files + AFSR 9 p4 + 5 p5.
  • Chalker 1996 p112.
  • Sanderson 1967b p125.
  • Rutkowski 2010 p137.

January 20 1966. Night.
Police Sergeant R. Hagerty was driving on a lonely road when he saw some unusual bubbles 75cm diameter floating just above the road and drove over them. They disappeared under his radiator and he did not seen them again. He thought they may have been weather balloons, but the authorities denied this. 
  • Judith Magee in FSR 12,2 p26 citing Sunday Telegraph 23 January 1966.
  • Sanderson 1967b p124)

January 21 1966, 2355hrs.
A prominent local man from Frome, who did not wish his name to be used, was motorcycling near Shearwater Lake when he saw three people dressed in grey frogmen’s suits enter the hedgerow. They had very pale faces, widely spaced eyes and no mouths were visible. They had general human shape, but were shorter, had larger shoulders and somewhat larger heads and thin legs. The witness stopped his cycle and went back to investigate and saw a large glowing object take off from the lakeside. Later depressions were found in the reed beds on the Bath Estate on the other side of the lake. 
  • Shuttlewood 1967 p156.

January 25 1966, 2115hrs.
Kiosk owner Mr V Doo was watching TV when he heard a missing sound and the set malfunctioned. On going outside he saw a solid oval object 12m diameter, surrounded by a bright white light hovering over a swamp 90m away. It came down towards the swamp, hovered for a moment and then shot away. Mangrove swamps over which it had hovered were shrivelled and scorched. 
  • Hervey 1969 p117 (gives this date)
  • Basterfield 1997 p155 citing Hervey op cit + UFO Research Queensland files, this latter gives the date as February/March.

January 29 1966, 0010hrs.
Two civilians returning from a sporting event observed what they first thought was the moon. After driving for about 1km they saw that it was a flat, well defined, object, which had blocked the road. It was the size of a truck and cast an intense yellow-orange light on the road. The witnesses turned around the drove back to Rexburg 
  • Vallée Case 724 citing Blue Book Files.

February 1966 or following month. 0100hrs.
A 30 year old musician and an 11 year old boy were driving back to Reading from a performance. They decided to stop for a snack, and while doing so they spotted a brilliant light in a meadow, in a place they knew there should be none. The man went to investigate, leaving the boy in the car. He encountered a vertical bullet shaped object, silvery metallic in colour, with a centrally located band or marking. On its top was a revolving blue light that illuminated, as it swept past, two tall human like figures dressed in one piece shiny suits, apparently looking at the ground. The witness then approached to within 100m, but the boy in the car took panic and screamed, the beam illuminated them, at which the witness drove the hysterical boy away. The lad was so traumatised that the doctor had to prescribe tranquilisers. Next day he found a large circle of scorched glass and a sort of silvery powder at the site. The man claimed a brain tumour that had left him disabled had been caused by this beam. 
  • NUFON News 108 p11 citing investigation by Geoff Bird.

February 6 1966, 0545hrs.
Awakened by their son’s visit to the lavatory, a couple noticed that the light, which he had turned on, had gone off. Looking out the husband saw that local street lights were out but that the area was permeated by a pulsating red glow. Shortly afterwards his attention was drawn to yellow and red lights moving back and forth on some object that he estimated to be at 150m altitude. Both he and his wife detected some sort of very high pitched sound. The object then moved on from this location and was seen by the pilot of an aircraft raking off from Jefferson County Airport. The pilot compared the object’s shape to that of a tadpole, with a spherical front about 2.5m diameter and a tail 1.8m long, 60cm wide, with conical bulges on its top and centre. As the aircraft approached this thing, the object’s lights went out, only to come on again as the aircraft moved away. 
  • Hynek 1977 p186 +Hynek 1972 p90 citing Blue Book files.

February 6 1966, 2000hrs.
Jose Jordan, Vicente Ortuno and Juan Jimenez, Mrs Maria Ruiz Torres and several soldiers all saw an object land on the “El Relajal” estate and take off again. It was disc, about 11m in diameter, with three legs and giving off a bright orange glow. On the hard ground three rectangular holes 15 x 30cm, about 6m apart, with a pair of raised lines in the bottom were found, along with burnt grass. Compasses were affected. Mrs Ruiz reported seeing a gigantic eye in the machine. 
  • Ballester 1976 case 40 + Antonio Ribera in FSR 12,3 p28 both citing Porque 16 March 1966.
  • Antonio Ribera in FSR 15,5 p3.

February 10 1966.
John Zonta and his wife saw a flickering point source of orange light descend to treetop level and disappear out to sea. 
  • Australian UFO Report 10 p17.
  • Judith Magee in FSR 12,2 p28.

February 14 1966, 2130hrs.
A large orange-red glow rose from the ground and crossed to land on a beach on Bruny Island. The observation lasted 20 minutes. 
  • Basterfield 1981 citing TUFOIC files.

February 15 1966. Early morning.
Mr and Mrs David Brock were awakened by an extremely bright light moving back and forth across the trees at their country home near Brantford. Mrs Brock watched the light for 45 minutes. It was disc shaped and whenever it changed its position a red glow was emitted from the centre. It skimmed the treetops soundlessly. As soon as day broke the object took off at high speed. Mr Brock had noticed interference on his radio the previous night. The object reappeared on the night of the 16th and on the morning of the 17th, in the same spot. Neighbours were alerted, 14 people saw the object and a photograph showing an intense light source with a dark centre was taken. 
  • FSR 12,6 p29 citing Toronto Telegram 29 March 1966.
  • Evaluation: Repeat visits suggest astronomical misperception.

February 16 1966, 2030hrs.
A luminous object, showing red blue and green lights, landed in the woods, joined by a second one. 
  • Vallée Case 725 citing Blue Book Files.

February 20 1966. (Apprx date) 2100hrs.
A 33 year old assistant nurse was cycling along a deserted road near her home, when she saw a red light shing through the window of an isolated house about 500m ahead. The light moved over onto the road and split into two lights about a metre apart, turned yellow and rushed towards her. The lights then spread out into a single wall of light covering the entire road to a height of 1.2-1.5m. The nurse cycled forward a bit more but the light approached to within a few metres, forcing her to stop. She was now so close she could put her hand into the light. At this she decided to reverse direction and began to peddle away, but when she looked back the light had gone, so she could continue home. The light had been present for about a minute, during which time it was silent. 
  • SUFOI Newsletter 13 p7.
  • Evaluation: Date may be 28 February 1965. Possibly some peculiar form of aurora?
Late February 1966.
CPR Lakes Service employee Clifford Cole was on watch at the CPR dock when he saw a large object hovering over Lake Okanagan. Suddenly another smaller craft seemed to come to the surface from the depths of the lake. It remained on the surface for a time, before joining the larger object, which flew away.
  • FSR 12,3 p iii citing Vancouver papers 27 March 1966.
  • APRO Bulletin May/June 1966 p8.

February 22 1966.
A large silvery disc, 9m across, with flames underneath, swooped over Mr Palcic’s bush hut. 
  • Basterfield 1981 citing Australian UFO Report 10 p17.

February 24 1966, 2100hrs.
An orange blue light was observed, apparently rotating, above the treetops. It moved off to the east. 
  • Basterfield 1981 citing Australian UFO Report 10 p17.

February 25 1966, 2210hrs.
Two sisters Maria Marluce da Silva (a 20 year old worker at the Aguas Nrancas sugar foundry) and Maria Marlucy da Silva (17), with their friend Ofelia Verosa (21) from Igarapeba, who was staying with them during carnival, were walking home along a well lit road by the railway track after visiting some friends. Suddenly, 100m ahead of them, they saw some lights in the centre of the road, which they thought was someone repairing a vehicle. However as they got within less than 50m of the lights, they were alarmed to see a kind of inverted dish with two large headlamps, dimmed like parking lamps. Beside this machine were three small beings the size of 9 year old children, wearing large peculiar headgear. The beings were gesticulating and moving their heads as if in conversation, though no sound could be heard. Even more alarming to the girls was the figure of a man more than 2m tall, standing erect and motionless, the upper part of his body was luminous, possibly from his brilliantly shining helmet which was periodically brightening and dimming, its colours changing green-blue-red then back. They could not see any facial features behind this helmet. 

The girls now thought the beings were robbers and Ofelia and Marlucy ran back and hid a ravine some 100m back. Marluce stood her ground and advanced a few paces forward, the beings still oblivious of her presence, but she was unable to persuade her companions to dash for it until a jeep passed by in the opposite direction. The driver of this vehicle testified that though he saw the girls, he could not see any object, though the girls clearly saw it in his headlights. They rushed past the object and beings, only to find it had reappeared in a small depression by a streamlet just ahead. It was with great terror and reluctance that they crossed the bridge over the stream within less than 1m of the craft, though now they could not see any occupants. Arriving home in great agitation they told their mother of their adventure, and taking their mother with them they went to investigate. By a low, wooded farm gate they saw the object flying towards them only 6m above the ground, causing them to flee in panic. Back at the house all except Marluce bolted indoors. She watched as the object circled the house, the light pulsating until it circled higher and higher, eventually vanishing from sight. Marluce suffered from headaches and insomnia that night. She described the beings as wearing one piece suits with extremely luminous shoulder belts, which were changing colour. The object was 3-4m diameter, 1.5m high resting 30cm above the ground. She had the impression that the top was open. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR 17,2 p9 translated from his article in SBEDV Bulletin no 54.

February 26 1966, 2000hrs.
A civilian was driving 8km east of Farmington, when a flying oval object, the size of a car, came within 3m of him, then circled twice and left towards the north. It emitted a bright red glow, supported a sort of dome with a green light on top, produced radio inference and made a strange signal like noise. 
  • Vallée Case 727 citing Blue Book Files.

February 27 1966, 2200hrs.
Mr R Kirby of Bodertown saw, 8km north of Keith, an object resembling one saucer inverted over another, 4.5m diameter, with six blue lights on one side, hovering just above the road. The object left at high speed. 
  • Hervey 1969 p144.
  • Basterfield 1981 citing UFO Research (South Australia) Files.

Spring 1966. 0145hrs.
Mrs Kathleen Dickson was sitting in her garden after a domestic row when she heard a humming sound and something like voices. Looking up she saw a white fiery sphere approach and land in a field on the opposite side of the railway line at the bottom of her garden. The thing, now looking like a huge cigar shape, then took off and went across the sky. Kathleen was shocked by the incident. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p29 citing own investigation.

Spring 1966. 0200hrs.
A four year old boy called out “who’s that standing in the hall” and awoke his father who was in the bedroom opposite. He saw the torso of a human looking entity wearing a grey suit like a skin diver. The bottom part of the figure, which faded out five seconds, was not visible. The man felt relaxed while the figure was visible. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p44 case 30 citing first hand investigation by Bill Holt.

March 1966. Afternoon.
A housewife, who did not want her name in be used, was waiting in her car for her children near Point Pleasant School, when she observed a glistening metallic disk hovering low over the school playground. At an opening on its circumference a man was standing outside the object in mid air. He wore a silvery skin tight suit. He had very pointed features and very long silvery hair. He was looking into the schoolyard “intently”. She watched the object and being until her children arrived, then when she looked again both the object and being had disappeared. Later a similar object and being landed in the woman’s backyard, these were also seen by her two teenage children. There were electrical disturbances and “poltergeist” effects in the house. The woman did not tell anyone about the original incident, believing it to be a religious vision. 
  • Keel 1975a p40.
  • John Keel in FSR 17,3 p11.

March 1966.
Kathy Reeves (15) was walking up Pioneer Road near Toledo with a girl friend, when they observed a reddish glow in the distance behind some trees. At first they thought a neighbour’s field was on fire, but as they approached they could make out a dome shaped object surrounded by billowing smoke. The girls continued on home but found themselves surrounded by lights. In subsequent weeks the house became infested with strange lights and a whining noise. Five people are said to have seen stump like creatures in the area. 
  • Dan Lloyd in FSR 13, 3 p20 quoting an undated issue of Oregon Journal.

March 1966.
Near Hyderabad two army officers reported that their patrol car was forced off the highway and into a ditch by a brightly illuminated humming circular object, which dived repeatedly towards their car. 
  • Edwards 1969 p36.

March 3 1966, 1920hrs.
Several civilians reported an object that flew slowly towards the south, hovered, came within 15m of them and finally flew off towards the south west.
  • Vallée Case 728 citing Blue Book Files.

March 5 1966.
Witnesses Innes and Kitklyes saw an object at ground level in Queens Park. No further details. 
  • List of Australian landings in Data Net IV. 5 p6.

March 16 1966.
Pastor Lindsey Ward, a preacher at the Bible Church of God, was driving home from work at McKinnen Industries in Windsor to his home in Harrow when he observed a saucer shaped object at 30m altitude. The next day he encountered this object sitting in a field 1.2km off the Highway 17, several kilometres west of Harrow. The thing was about 10m diameter, 6m high, with a steady pulsating white light. It appeared to have a revolving outer section with portholes. Ward was unable to get any closer to the thing. A provincial police patrol was summoned but the object had gone and no traces were found at the site. 
  • Gene Duplantier in Flying Saucers 48 p22.

March 17 1966, 0440hrs.
A Milan Police Department squad patrol officer with 10 years of experience, observed an object in the southwest, which he thought was a plane about to crash, though no sound was audible. The object, which then appeared as a huge disc or pie shape, with a number of red, blue and white lights spinning at the periphery, diameter 10m , hovered over the car as the officer stopped at traffic lights. The thing paced the car for about 800m, hovering overhead at about 25m altitude. During this time the witness tried to radio his base, but found his radio was unusable. The object finally disappeared at very high speed into the North West. He experienced a similar thing on the 20th. 
  • Vallée Case 730 +Mallan 1968 p187 + Machlin 1979 p144 all citing Blue Book Files.

March 17 1966, 1745hrs.
Bathers in the Arpoador and Copacabana areas of the city heard a violent explosion and saw a white oval object drop into the sea near the ilha Cagarra. A sentry at the nearby fort saw a sort of parachute falling. Victor Wellisch, head of the Maritime Life Saving Services sent out four lifeboats and an aircraft, but searches until 1930hrs failed to find anything. Mr and Mrs Roban saw an enormous fireball vanish behind the lighthouse at Barra da Tijuca. 
  • Walter Buhler in FSR 17,3 p6 citing SBEDV Bulletin 55/9 p24.
  • Sanderson 1972 p43 (cites APRO Bulletin May/June but case is not in that issue.

March 18 1966, 1600hrs.
Farmer Carlos Corosan (35) was strolling along the beach, when he was alerted by a harsh sound. Looking up, he saw a huger wingless cigar shaped object less than 35m away. The object was about 20m long, with dark smoke coming out of the rear section. It was metallic grey black and reflected the sun’s rays. No markings were visible, The thing stopped ay=t 12m altitude with another explosion. After a few minutes it began to vibrate with a humming sound and then it rose slowly in an north-north-easterly direction, its engine “chugging”. As Carlos ran away to report the incident, he heard another blast and turned around to see the object crash into the sea. No trace of it could then be found. 
  • Robert A Stiff in Steiger and Whritenour 1968a p47.

March 19 1966.
Two youngsters in a car were followed from Michigan City to La Porte by an object at the height of a three story building. At La Porte it was seen by patrolman Michael Spevak and others. It was an orange ball with antennae, repeatedly flaring into brilliant light. It forced the driver to stop. 
  • Civilian F. S. Investigation Bureau Newsletter III, 1 p1.
  • Steiger 1967 p18.
  • Evaluation: Probably astronomical

March 20 1966, 0200hrs.
An unusual object was seen at ground level. No further details. 
  • Pablo Petrowisch list of Chilean landings.

March 20 1966, 1930hrs.
Frank Manor (47), a truck driver who rented a farm on the McGuiness Road, was alerted by the barking of his dogs. He and his family(wife Leona, son Ronald (19), daughter Diana (18) and her husband, Donald Merkle) saw a multi coloured object rising and falling behind the treeline. Frank and Ronald went to investigate, despite the protests of the women folk,. They went into the swampland and came within 450m of a pyramid shaped object, with a flat bottom and peaked top, giving off a shimmering light, resembling the heat effects in a desert. The thing had a blue light in front, a red and white flashing light in the rear. The object was the size of an American automobile of the period and had a coral like surface. When Ronald yelled out, the light went out. It had given off a sound like a siren. When Frank and Ronald returned home, they and the rest of the family heard a high pitched screech from the roof. 
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March 21 1966, 2330hrs.
Civil defence director William Van Horn (41), along with 87 female students and their house mother, observed an object at ground level, emitting orange, red and white lights, above the swamp less than 1km away. William was unable to make out any shape through binoculars. According to some reports traces were. There were thunderstorms going on during this time. 
  • Sherwood 1967 p26 citing UPI 22 March 1966.
  • Charles Bowen in FSR 12,3 p5 citing Providence Journal 22 March 1966 and other press sources.
  • Phillips 1975, p41 case 229s.
  • Young 1967 p48)

March 23 1966, 0505hrs.
William Laxton (56) was driving to work at Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls, Texas) where he had been an instrument instructor for 12 years. About 13km south of Temple he noticed a brilliant light to his right, which he thought was a truck which had stopped ahead. He stopped and turned onto US 70, but after going for a few hundred metres he saw that the road was blocked by a hugeobject sitting across the highway at 45 degrees. He pulled to the side of the road and halted about 80m from the craft the ran forward another 20m. He could now see that the object was 21-24m long, about 4m thick, with four brilliant lights on the side facing him, illuminating the area enough to read a newspaper. There was a porthole 60cm diameter, divided into 4 equal parts, below which was a door 1.2-11.35m high and 75cm wide. The craft was illuminated inside and had a “plastic glass” bubble, through which this light could be seen, in front. Vertical lettering TL4768 or 4168 was on the side. The tail had horizontal stabilisers 75cm high from the leading edge to the trailing edge of the fuselage.

Under the object was a man kneeling on one knee, who rapidly got up and climbed into the craft at Laxton’s approach. He was about 1.72m tall, fair complexioned, about 30-35 years old, wearing a mechanic’s cap and either overalls or green military fatigues. When the man entered the craft Laxton heard the sound of a metallic door closing. At the same instant the craft rose to 15m with a sound like a high speed drill. Laxton felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up. The craft had gone 1.6km in 5 seconds, and Laxton estimated its speed at over 1,100 kph. Laxton continued his journey and 3km down the road he encountered a truck driver, C. W. Anderson of Snyder, who said that a bright light had followed him for about 30km, that he had stopped to get a better look and that other drivers had seen similar lights on the road. The object’s general appearance was that of a conventional aircraft, but without engine or wings, and that neither rivets nor sections were visible on the unpainted craft. 
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March 23 1966.
Two young men were walking through a wooded area when they saw a bright object that they thought was a balloon covered with fluorescent paint, but it became so intensely bright that they could not look directly at it .As they walked closer, the thing exploded, leaving no trace. 
  • Vallée Case 733 citing Blue Book Files.

March 23 1966, 1700hrs.
Mrs Eulah Mae Hoch, the assistant editor of the local “Chronicle News” was in her kitchen when her 10 year old son Dean called out that there were flying saucers outside. She was not too impressed and suggested that he call her if they returned. When he did so a few minutes later she went out with him. Over a ridge, about 800m to the south, two domed disks were manoeuvring, one of the objects just clearing the trees. The other tilted and reflected the sunlight. The objects manoeuvred soundlessly for minutes. A total of 7 children and 5 adults independently reported the incident. 
  • James McDonald in Symposium 1968 p51.
  • Lorenzen 1969 p25.
  • APRO Bulletin March/April 1966 p1.

March 23 1966, 2350hrs.
John T King (22) was driving near the Bangor Memorial Hospital when he observed what he thought was an upturned car in a swampy field off Mt Hope Avenue. He got out of his car and went to the scene to give assistance, when he saw that it was a luminous object hovering over the ground. It was an elliptical object, 6-7.5m diameter, with domed top which had a central yellow-orange light, a blue light to its right, a white light to the left. The thing began rocking from side to side and began to approach within 60m scraping the elderberry bushes as it did so. At this point the car radio stopped and the lights dimmed. King ran back to his car and got his .22 revolver. When the object banked towards him with a whining sound, he accidently fired in panic. As the thing got within 15m he fired again, deliberately. There was no reaction on that occasion but when he fired a third time, the object glowed brilliantly and took off at tremendous speed, without a sound, like the recoil of a spring. Investigation by police revealed a scorched area. 
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  • NB: Rodeghier 1981 p23 incorrectly dates this to 1965. Only UFO Investigator mentions the car lights dimming and radio going off. This story does not feature in Rodeghier 1981.

March 24 1966, 0150hrs.
Businessman Jonas Franco heard a knocking at his door, and when he opened it, he saw a disc shaped object hovering about 5m from the house. It was so brilliant that Franco could hardly see and became almost unhinged with terror, running wildly in the street until stopped by police officer Edward Robson Brun. Franco could barely talk and it was only after sedation at the Carlos Chagas Hospital that he was able to tell his story. 
  • Olavo Fontes in APRO Bulletin March/April 1966 p7.
  • Lorenzen 1966 p271.

March 24 1966.
A luminous red and white object crossed the road about 60m in front of a motorist. 
  • Edwards 1968 p37.

March 24 1966, 1000hrs.
An orange object hovered at treetop height. No further details. 
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 37.

March 24 1966, 1600hrs. (approx.)
Near Cook a professional trapper watched an unusual object 18-21m long, with a row of brightly lighted openings along the side, descend slowly to the ground. A party of investigators on the following day found a long deep depression in the snow which corresponded to the size and shape described by the witness. 
  • Edwards 1969 p27.

March 24 1966, 2215hrs.
Two women saw a glowing object on the road. As they came near it, they saw that it was hovering and giving off two intense white, as well as a green and red, lights. The thing was bowl shaped. They lost sight of it when they drove away, but saw it again later, flying low on a south-north trajectory. 
  • Vallée Case 735 citing Blue Book Files.
  • Rath 1997 p82 [note correct state.]
March 25 1966.
Albert Kershaw had stopped his truck at the top of Crescent Hill, 9.5km south of west of Duncan, to check the coolant on his brakes when his attention was caught by something shiny at the edge of the fir trees. It was from an object below the tops of the 60m tall trees. Albert first thought it was a plane crash landing but then saw that it was a wingless object, like a huge pontoon, 30m long, 1.5m thick in the centre, tapering at the ends, which going back 4.5m, were glowing orange. The body of the thing appeared to be made of highly polished metal that looked like “shining a light on a TV screen”. Just behind the glowing front section were two little square markings, one smaller than the other, like panels. For about a minute Albert watched as the object crossed the road to the second clump of trees. As it approached the higher ridge of ground, two puffs of black “carbon dust” came from beneath its front end and it cleared the trees, rolling over on its side as it did so. Albert could now see that it was much wider than he had first thought and was almost circular, with something resembling a flat landing pad visible between the trees. Albert then ran to phone the local flying club for someone to track the object by air but no pilot was available. Searches of the area revealed no traces. 
  • Canadian UFO Report 1,4 p9.
  • FSR 12,6 p30 citing Victoria Daily Times 26 March 1966)
March 25 1966.
Police observed a large orb shaped glowing object that hovered for a few moments at treetop level. 
  • Edwards 1968 p27.

March 25 1966. Night.
A farmer and his wife observed a glowing spherical or top shaped object hovering at treetop height near their home. 
  • Edwards 1968 p27.

March 25 1966. Evening.
Mrs R H Chappell and her sister Miss Janie Kidd, observed two triangular object motionless 12-15m above the water for 2 minutes. The objects then moved off slowly and gracefully, without a sound. Mrs Chappell noticed that ruby red lights were flashing between the objects as if signalling. Janie reported that the lights changed to yellow before the objects moved out of sight. One object was much larger than the other. A neighbour, Mrs L Austin Wright saw a bright stationary yellow flashing light at the same place and time but did not attach any importance to it. 
  • FSR 12,6 p30 citing Saanich Peninsula and Islands Review 30 March 1966.

March 26 1966, 1330hrs.
A 54 year old shepherd, regarded as a serious and well balanced man, was guarding his flock when he saw an object approaching, which he first took to be a piece of paper blown by the wind. When the thing came close, he saw it was a milky-white vertical wheel, moving and rotating perpendicular to the ground. It was 100m away when he first saw it and followed a perfectly straight course just above, and following the contours of, the ground at a speed of 25-30kph, passing within 15m of the witness. It was 80cm diameter, 15-20cm thick, thicker at the centre than the rim, from which projected a series of about 12 bright red “gear teeth”, which reminded him of those on a potato harvesting machine. These seemed to give off a slight noise whenever they brushed the ground. He tracked the object to a point about 700m away, and as it passed, the sheep huddled together as if in fear. The object was travelling across a gusty southwest wind but was unaffected. No traces were found. 
  • FSR 12,5 p16 citing Phen Spax June 1966 + France Soir 31 March 1966.
  • MUFORG Bulletin August 1966 citing Phen Spax op cit.

March 26 1966.
Johnny S (11) saw two disc shaped objects, which made a humming sound, land in the driveway of a neighbour, who found a piece of concrete that had been moved and that sand had been swivelled into the driveway. 
  • Probe May/June 1966 p4.

March 26 1966. Evening.
Two college juniors at Hillsdale College stalled their car in excitement on a hilltop when a light, they first thought was a shooting star, careered towards then, halting 400m away. It was a luminous yellow elliptical thing, resembling “an old fashioned waffle iron without legs”. A curved line ran from one corner to the other. One of the men described portholes, but the other couldn’t see any. After 2 minutes the objected raced towards the horizon at treetop height. 
  • Young 1967 p63.

March 26 1966, 2355hrs.
Two civilian women were driving back from Amarillo when they saw an object approaching from the north. Their engine died and the headlines failed. The object flew over the car and halted 400m away. After 10 minutes the witnesses were able to start their car and leave. The thing had a waffle like structure and glowed with an intense red light. 
  • Vallée Case 738 citing Blue Book Files.

March 27 1966. Evening
A man reported seeing an object crash into a wooded area. Police searches were fruitless. 
  • Young 1967 p64.
  • Probe May/June 1966 p4.

March 28 1966.
Mrs J Scott saw a brilliant light hover 15m above Mt Tyson. It then swung like a pendulum, became yellow and then departed behind the mountain. 
  • Australian IFO Report 10 p17.

March 28 1966. Early morning.
Two police officers and a civilian saw a group of intense white lights go overhead at high speed and then dive into a swamp. 
  • Young1967 p64.

March 28 1966, 2110hrs.
While driving down Hw 401 near Yonge Street, laboratory technician Kevin White (23) encountered a brilliant yellow white object, tinged with red at the back, which descended rapidly from the west, manoeuvred low and paced his car at 180m. About 8 cars in front were pulled up by their drivers to observe the object, which was the apparent size of a fighter plane. 
  • Gene Duplantier in Flying Saucers 48 p23.
  • Probe July/August 1966 p13 (gives date as April 4th)

March 28 1966. Night.
Truck drivers saw a luminous rectangular object about 9-12m long descend close to the highway and flew parallel to it for several minutes. When the truckers flashed their lights the object’s lights blinked in the same sequence. 
  • Edwards 1968 p28.

March 29 1966
An object travelling low collided with and dented a car. No further details. 
  • Joe Clark and Jerry Johnson in Data Net IV, 10 p8.

March 29 1966, 1615hrs.
At an undisclosed location, R J (10), the son of an industrial manager was walking his dog in the wood behind his house, on the way to a small pond. He had turned off the logging road onto a path along the top of the ridge when his attention was caught by a silvery flash on the top of the ridge. He first thought that it was radar chaff but as he got closer he saw a spherical mass of shredded silvery material affixed to the top of a vertical silver rod that projected from what appeared to be the top of a box 35m away. This rod was as thick as a pencil and 45cm high. The boy thought that it was an experiment being conducted by a local physicist. When he next looked, from a distance of less than 25m, the boy saw that she shaft had disappeared and that the box was an L shaped structure, lying horizontally on a tripod. As he got nearer there was a terrific blast of air and a sound alternately high and low pitched from the object, which about 30cm above the ground, swung in a clockwise motion and then landed again. 

At this point the boy was behind trees about 7m from the thing, which now gave off electric sounds. He could see that it was about 1m high, 1.5m long, 75cm wide, its longest side parallel to him. On the upper left hand side there were two round black holes recessed 2.5cm into the object and slightly less in diameter, spaced 15cm apart, giving the impression of eyes. At the centre of its underside was a reversed dome about 60 cm diameters, with three 5cm openings, like vertical eggs, on the circumference. The box was a brownish colour that blended with the trees and had a cork like appearance, with sharp edges. The dome was metallic looking. The legs were square shafts, 2.5cm diameter, 30cm long, angled out slightly, with a pad at the end about 30cm long, 5cm square, looking as though it was made of a very dull metal.

The object continued to emit its almost indescribable humming sound in a random fashion. There was then another air blast with the same, but much louder, siren sound, as the object took off, emitting neither flame nor exhaust, vertically to about 3m. There it hovered for a moment and then moved off on a rapid horizontal course for 7m, swung clockwise, and then accelerated straight up and out of sight behind tree branches “like a missile”, giving off a tremendous whine, also heard by his mother and sister 250m away. The boy ran home in great excitement. Examination of the landing site revealed a circular impression, 60cm diameter, 10-15cm deep where the pine needles had been blown away. Marks were found in the circumference of the circle and there was a central depression. 
  • Fowler 1974 pp118 +336 + Ray Fowler in Official UFO 2,2 p41 both citing his own investigation.

March 29 1966, 1950hrs.
Mrs Madeline Huntress was going along Goodwin Road (Rte101) when her attention was caught by a light above the power lines. As she got closer, she saw that it came from an oval object, 6-9m diameter, surmounted by a dome, on or just above the power lines. The object had 5 or 6 openings through which a bright light was shining, and it had a metallic looking surface that resembled crumpled aluminium. Madeline drove hurriedly away. Other residents also saw strange lights in the sky. 
  • Fowler 1944 pp16, 337.

March 29 1966, 2000hrs.
Rodney Grimsley encountered two noiseless oval objects, carrying a red light, revolving counter-clockwise. One of the objects descended and paced his car for 300m at treetop height before accelerating up and out of sight. 
  • Fowler 1974 p117.

March 29 1966, 2000hrs.
A businessman driving at about 100kph toward the town suddenly encountered a large lighted object 1m above the road, on a hilltop. It flew off as the car engine and headlights died. The light bulbs had to be replaced. The object was oval, about 7.5m long, dark grey and showed about 30 lights along its periphery. 
  • Vallée Case 739 citing Blue Book Files.
  • Hervey 1976, p118.

March 29 1966, 2100hrs.
Mrs A Warell was sitting drinking tea, by her open window when her attention was suddenly caught by a brilliant light in the sky. It came from a brilliantly lit oval object, the size of a car, with vivid red portholes along the side. This object appeared to be divided into two sections, the front half of which had peculiar funnel like structures that gave off red flames, and the rear half appeared to be covered by a glass like canopy, giving off a bright yellow glare, which seemed to come from a dazzling rectangular section containing several small rotating wheels. The object was moving along just above the telegraph wires along the road. She could see it for about 10 minutes, until the thing dipped low and disappeared behind the Watson Taylor‘s lake in the distance. 
  • Hervey 1969 p53.
  • Aust UFO Report 10 p17.

Match 29 1966, 2115hrs.
Charles Cozens (13) saw two rather small whitish luminous objects land in a field behind the Mountain Police Station on Upper Wellington Street. Out of curiosity he ran behind the fence onto the open ground and saw the objects, 2.4m long, 1.2m wide and 90cm high, flashing red, green and blue lights around the rim. They lit up the surrounding grass and gave off a buzzing sound. Charles touched one of the objects, which was neither specially hot nor cold, but seemed metallic and unusually smooth. When he touched an antenna like projection on one end of the thing, he was flung back by an electric spark. He fled, intending to warn the police but, looking back, saw that the objects had gone, so he went home instead. Charles had a burn or stain on the hand that the spark had hit. The police were notified by his parents. He was regarded as a serious boy. 
  • Gene Duplantier in Flying Saucers 48 p24.
  • James McDonald in US Congress 1968 p78.
  • Hamilton Spectator 2 April 1966.
  • Bondarchuk 1979 p45 citing Hamilton Spectator op cit + CAPRO Bulletin 2,2 p9.

March 30 1966, 0155hrs.
Carpenter Jeno Udvardy (32), a refugee from the 1956 Hungarian uprising and former member of the Hungarian Air Force, was driving home from a late work shift when, at the crest of a hill on 27th Street, he noticed a cluster of lights several hundreds of metres ahead on a straight level section of the highway. Thinking there had been an accident he slowed down. When he was within 3m of what he thought was an ambulance obstructing the road, he realised that the object had no wheels or other means of support, so he braked hard. His headlights illuminated the smooth rounded under surface of a dull grey object hovering about 1m above the road. He was able to see more detail because of the intense white light on the left of the object. There was also red blinking light in the centre and a green blinking light on the right and above the object was a purple flashing light, Jeno, now frightened, put the car into reverse. As he did so his car was buffeted violently, as if by a strong wind and he then saw that the object was suddenly hovering over the road at a higher altitude. Now his vehicle motor stalled and he rolled down the window to get a better look. As he did so, Jeno heard a low hum, like a swarm of bees, come from the object. Moments later it rose abruptly, sped off at a steep angle and disappeared in the west. The incident lasted about 1 minute. 
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  • Hall 2001 p207 citing Keyhoe and Lore op cit + NICAP files.

March 30 1966, 0520hrs.
At an undisclosed location, Miss JE was awoken suddenly and, through her window, saw a star like point of light hanging next to a tree 15m east of her house. It seemed tom move to another tree and then landed 2.5m from the window. It then appeared as a large, round, silvery light, with points around it. At 0630 it took off, flew across the street, landed in a neighbouring lawn, hovered for a minute and then took off above the trees, circled east until it was above the city and then changed course and disappeared in the southwest. 
  • Adler 1967 p82 citing Blue Book Files.

March 30 1966.
Mr Kerpsey saw a strange object at very low altitude. It caused the water in his swimming pool to swirl and upturned garbage cans. 
  • Jo Clark and Jerry Johnson in Data Net IV, 10 p8 citing Radio KLIF.

March 30 1966.
An elongated object, 30m long and 9m high landed near the Highway for 5 minutes. According to some reports there may have been occupants but details are lacking. 
  • Vallée Case 740 citing UFO Investigator March 1966.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers August 1967 p9.

March 30 1966.
Several drivers in the Markham Road, Lawrence Avenue area of Metropolitan Toronto saw bright swirling objects that swooped down on their cars. One driver saw an object go past his windscreen and two others saw objects hovering low over their cars. Police investigations were fruitless. 
  • Gene Duplantier in Flying Saucers 48 p24.

March 30 1966.
Edward Mattison went out to fetch a bucket of water from a brook, and as he approached the brook, something flew up and startled him. He heard odd noises in the bushes and ran inside. His mother, Gladys, went out to investigate and saw a discoid object about 5m across, red on the bottom, white on top, hovering and making a whirring sound. She went in to call the police, and while she was on the phone, heard something prowling outside and then crossing the wooden bridge by her house, into the woods. 
  • Citro 1994 p142.

March 30 1966, 2020hrs.
Two teenage couples driving west on Cedar Street saw a dark object carrying a horizontal configuration of bright pulsating red lights pass over the road just ahead of them, barely clearing the telephone poles. They slowed their car as the object stopped hovered and descended towards a wooded area. The light pattern changed from a horizontal to vertical position, brightened and then dimmed down. The object appeared to land in the woods. About the same time an army officer and four civilians returning from choir practice, travelling along Rte. 118 encountered a metallic looking object with a row of very bright red lights hovering 150m above the road. The object then shot away over a wooded area. Postmaster Joseph Moitoza and his wife saw the lights from their window and heard a whistling sound at 2200. A search of the presumed landing site yielded no traces. 
  • Fowler 1974 pp125, 336 citing Ernest Reid.
  • Deneault and Lore 1969 p178.

March 30 1966, 2035hrs.
A civilian woman and her four children observed an oval object crossing the road as they were driving south, about 15km north of Lewisburg. The thing came closer to the car and a pulsating sound was heard, increasing in frequency as the object came nearer, but it seemed to come through the car radio rather than directly from the object itself. The women drove away, afraid, but was followed for about 13km by the object, the colour of which changed from reddish-orange to bluish white before accelerating out of sight. 
  • Vallée Case 741 citing Blue Book files.

March 30 1966, 2100hrs.
At a rural location, 5km north of Fulton, a 9 year old girl, Christina B heard a humming sound and, through her bedroom window, saw an object about the size of a car, with 5 or 6 steady red lights at about twice treetop height. After 5 minutes the thing shot off to the east. 
  • Sherwood 1967 p43 citing Battle Creek Enquirer and News 31 March 1966.

March 30 1966, 2200hrs.
An anonymous witness saw a round object with two lights land near the Ohio State University campus. A door opened a very think child sized figure was seen. The object then began to move towards the witness’s car and rose rapidly. 
  • Vallée Case 742 citing NICAP Reporter June 1966.

March 30 1966, 2200hrs.
William Bruce Field (or Fields) was driving his truck home to East Hampton from his work in Montauk, where he was a drugstore clerk. At the MacKay Radio Towers at Napeague, his truck’s electrical system failed. He examined the engine and after a few moments the electricity returned. He drove on another 30m when the system went out again. He began to re-examine the engine when his attention was caught by some lights bouncing along the beach, beyond the dunes 400-800m away. William first thought they were from a beach buggy, but the lights then rose up to 45m and went over the ocean. The object then rose up to about 200m, clearing the radio towers and passing overhead. He now saw that it was a narrow elliptical or torpedo shaped object with a bar of brilliant white light at its front. It continued away over Napeague Harbour on the north side of the island, being visible for 5 minutes afterwards. His electrical system now came on again. Very frightened, William reported the matter to the police. 
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969a p8.
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1967 p47.
  • Greenfield 1967 p32.
  • John Keel in Bowen 1969b p40 + FSR 13, 2 p9.
  • UFO Investigator March/April 1966.

March 31 1966, 0600hrs.
Two women observed a large object with a pulsating bluish light on top, an orange light below, windows and antennae, resting in a construction site. Silhouettes could be seen moving inside, one of them gesturing as the craft took off. 
  • Vallée case 744 citing NICAP Reporter June 1966.

March 31 1966.
Mrs J Scott saw a glowing pulsating light that hovered just above the trees and then disappeared in 20 seconds. 
  • Australian UFO Review 10 p18.

March 31 1966, 2005hrs.
By an outside pool Mrs Connie Bateman and her sister observed an object at treetop height, close over the pool. Connie’s dog howl4ed and her sister dog whined and tried to get into the house through a window. 
  • Berthold Eric Schwarz in FSR 17,2 p5 citing Dover Daily Advance 1 April 1966 p1

April 1966 (Approx. date) 0200hrs.
A recruit, one guard duty outside the camp, saw two little green men cross the military zone and the nearby highway, vanishing into the date palms. They were 65cm tall, with prominent stomachs and buttocks, exaggeratedly long arms and short legs. Their heads were shaped like inverted pears, and it appeared as though they were wearing phosphorescent yellow glasses. They appeared to be naked, brilliantly green coloured, though no bodily features could be made out. The soldier was so panic stricken he cried out. 
  • Ballester 1976 case 41 citing CEI and BOF.

April 1966.
A landing report. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers August 1967 p5.

April 1 1966, 2045hrs.
Mrs Carol Van der Plate, while in her mountain top home at Hardyston noticed an unusual object at treetop height. Her two poodles became extremely agitated, running around the room. 
  • Berthold R Schwarz in FSR 17,2 p5 reprinting from Journal of the Medical Society of New Jersey 66,8, p460 citing UPI 4 April 1966.

April 1 1966, 2240hrs.
A34 year old man driving about 10km south of Tangier reached a hilltop and saw a green object, wider than the road, flying north at very high speed, emitting a shrieking noise and a wave of heat and the car engine died. 
  • Vallée Case 746 citing Blue Book Files.

April 1 1966, 2355hrs.
Darlene Underwood, who claimed to have had many UFO sightings since the previous Christmas, was driving with her mother when they saw two star- like points of light and followed them. They saw them land near a farm house, where Darlene parked so they could observe them for 2-3 hours. One of the objects landed on a nearby hill, while the other circled. During this time a train passed by and the circling object turned off its lights and hovered at the top of a nearby tree until the train passed, when it turned on its lights again. The object on the hill rose slightly and went behind the hill. After the train passed the two objects settled close together on the hill. Both the objects were too brilliant for any clear shape to be seen, though Darlene got the impression that they were oval. As she continued to watch she saw the shadow of a man or men then heard the sound of two men arguing in a foreign language. The witnesses were then frightened by sounds resembling those of a pig being butchered. At this time one of the objects blinked out and a point of green light was observed to come from it. The objects were the apparent size of cars or helicopters and cones of light 5.5-6m high came from them. Shortly after the commotion the objects took off and flew rapidly away, the witnesses giving chase for a while. While Darlene never saw the occupants directly she got the impression from the shadows that they were of human shape and size. Note traces were found at the site. 
  • MUFORG Bulletin August 1966 p3 + Vallée Case 747 both citing Interplanetary Intelligence Report May/June 1966.

April 3 1966, 2215hrs.
A domed object giving off a yellow glow hovered 25m above Bronte Gorge. It then followed a car before disappearing at speed to the northeast. 
  • Ridge Chronology citing a NICAP report form.

April 4 1966
A 6m diameter object landed near the airfield and two small entities emerged only to re-enter when service police attempted to approach. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p45 case 32 citing a letter to NICAP.

April 4 1966, 0140hrs.
A possible landing report. Witness Charba. No further details. 
  • Data Net IV, 10 p8.

April 4 1966, 0605hrs.
A 40 year old man going to work saw, less than 2km southeast of Hague, an elongated object, 2m long, 70cm high, resting on the ground. He tried to touch the thing, which then flew off at high speed to the west. The thing had six openings 10cm diameter and made a very loud noise like a turbine, forcing the witness to put his hands over his ears. After travelling a few metres the thing just disappeared. Rain was falling throughout the four minute observation. 
  • Vallée Case 748 citing Blue Book Files.

April 4 1966, Night.
Ronald Sullivan (38) a steel construction businessman from Marylebone was driving from Wycheproof towards St Arnaud. As he reached Bourke’s Flat at 95kph he noticed, in the distance, a light that he thought was a tractor in a field. As he came closer he was amazed to see that the beams of his headlights were bent off the road as he passed the light. Beyond the paddock fence at the side of the road was a brilliant white disc, about 90cm in diameter, hovering just above the ground. From its upper surface it projected an inverted conical array of shimmering multi-coloured lights 4.5m high. Suddenly this cone rose to 6m and the disc below climbed above it. Next moment the whole spectacle vanished. Sullivan had been following his headlights and as a result almost ended in a ditch. He drove to Wycheproof where his headlights were found to be in order. He then called the police. When a motorist fatally crashed at the spot on April 7th a further investigation was held. At the site a whole 90cm across and 12.5cm deep was found cleanly scraped at a spot 45m from the fence. 
  • Australian UFO Review 10 pp18, 28.
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  • FSR 12,3 p3 citing Daily Express (UK) 12 April 1966 + Melbourne Herald 11 April 1966.
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  • Basterfield 1997 p155 citing following additional sources AFSR 5 p12 + Bill Chalker in UFORAN May/June 1984 + FSR 32,4
  • Charles Bowen in The Unexplained 72 p 1438.

April 5 1966, 0130hrs.
A woman was awakened by a flash which made her think her heater had exploded, but she found everything in order. The next day she was told that a pulsating luminous object had flown at very low altitude over her trailer with a loud buzzing sound, circled and left. There were three witnesses to this incident. 
  • Vallée Case 750 citing Otto Binder.

April 5 1966, 0300hrs.
A 42 year old woman went to get a glass of water from her kitchen and saw a spinning object, 3m diameter, 6m above the ground near her house. It left at speed, leaving a trail. 
  • Vallée 751 citing Blue Book Files.
April 5 1966, 1900hrs.
Four people, looking through binoculars saw an unusual object on or just above the ground. The thing took off, hovered for a while and then left. 
  • Vallée Case 752 citing Blue Book Files.

April 5 1966, 2355hrs.
Two civilian men stopped to watch an object hovering over a swamp and tried to follow it, but it flew away. They observed that cows, dogs and horses were all restless in the area that the thing crossed. A photographic reconstruction by the USAF showed an oval object 30m long, flying at 5m altitude, between a high tension wire and a row of trees. 
  • Vallée Case 753 citing Blue Book Files.
  • Hervey 1976 p116)

April 6 1966, 1100hrs.
A science teacher at Westall High School and several of his pupils observed a round grey object with a hump on top and a flat bottom rise from behind some pine trees near the school. The teacher, Andrew Greenwood, observed the object manoeuvre at low altitude, above a ridge 400m from the school. At one time five “light aircraft” seemed to be playing tag with the object, which now resembled a dazzling pencil of silver grey light that seemed to thicken at times. It maneuvered above trees and paddocks. After about 20 minutes Greenwood looked away and when he turned back, the object had gone. A couple of pupils went to the site where they had thought the thing had landed and came acrcoss a circle of crushed grass 8-9m in diameter. According to other reports a scorched area was found there also. A girl who arrived early on the scene was rumoured to be have been found dazed and never properly recoved. Other reports talked of two normal looking people in uniforms, one white and the other black, walking around the thing. 
  • Chalker 1996 p116
  • FSR 12, 4 p31 citing Dandenong Journal 21 April 1966.
  • Lorenzen 1966 p273.
  • Australian UFO Review 10 p18.
  • Basterfield 1980 citing AFSR 5 p13.

April 7 1966, 1845hrs.
6 teenagers (Alan Scrivner (17), Donald Otis (17), Michael Simington (17), Patricia Retherford, Kaye Hurley and Mari Zola) were on a picnic in Daniels Park, parked about 10mm from an old dugout shelter house, where they built their fire. After eating their lunch they heard a sound outside so Donald and Mari went to investigate. From the shelter Patricia and Kaye saw a figure standing next to Mari, who heard a sound, turned her flashlight toward the figure, but saw nothing herself. They said nothing to Donald and Mari when they returned. At 2130 they heard the sound of someone walking on the roof of the shelter and Donald went out to investigate again, this time with Michael. The girls in the shelter again saw a figure 1.85-1.90m tall, wearing a long dark coat like a raincoat. Outside the two boys saw no figure but noticed an unusual quiet, then a buzzing sound, followed by a rustling. 

In a nearby field they saw something resembling a car with large circular rear lights which moved around. When they got back the others told them about the figure and they decided to leave. As they walked to their car, they were again aware of a pervasive buzz, then a brilliant white light shot out, along with two, dimmer, blue ones and a brighter one below them. Four of the witnesses stood on the hood of the car to get a better look and saw four oval objects with domes on top. Three of the objects were off to the right, the fourth came round from the left, changing to red as it approached, emitting red rays from the bottom. Their 1954 Ford car kept misfiring and the radio was filled with static. When they eventually got the car going, all except Michael, who was driving, saw a road 9m diameter on the road behind them. It came close but retreated when they left the park area. The engine and radio then functioned normally. Michael was quite unable to see the object in his rear view mirror. The incident was reported to the police who seemed impressed by the youngsters. (This account is a reconstruction based on various versions which gave somewhat different details) 
  • MUFORG Bulletin October 1966 p4 citing IIOUFO Release R2.
  • MUFORG Bulletin February 1967 citing John Stevenson in UAPRO Bulletin 1,4.
  • Timothy Green Beckley in Flying Saucers 51 p24 citing William Logan.
  • Green and Smith 1967, p8.

April 8 1966, 0805hrs.
Mike D and Gary H (both 12) were walking to school along Redcoat Road when their attention was caught by sunlight reflecting off a distant object, to the west and behind them. This object flashed down and began circling them as they fled in panic down the sparsely housed street. They tried, without success, to persuade a car to stop. When the thing passed within 5m the boys heard a low humming sound, resembling a swarm of bees. As the boys fled the object seemed to search for them, driving them to shelter behind a tree and rock. Finally by the Fernandez seminary they hid under the arch of a bridge. The object descended to just over 2m, hovering and fluttering for five minutes, before taking off at speed. As the boys fled they heard a splashing sound. The object resembled an inverted plate, looking metallic and very smooth, with a black spot on its stop, near the rim and with an antenna, which was surmounted by a red light, on the upper section. The thing was about 2.5m diameter, 1.35m thick, with red and white lights on the edge, rotating anti-clockwise. The light on top was about 10cm diameter. The boys were trapped for about two hours and later were questioned at school by a man who claimed to be from as secret government agency. Their parents testified to their evident panic. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p198.
  • Lorenzen 1966 p272.

Early April 1966. 0545hrs.
A 6 year old boy heard truck noises and looked outside to see three disks land in a nearby field. From them emerged small entities that appeared to be looking round and talking among themselves. They then re-entered the disks, which took off to the North. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p34 case 31 citing APRO files.

April 8 1966. Evening.
An orange yellow glowing object, resembling a huge sombrero flashed in front of Mrs Margaret Parker’s car. The thing was twice the size of a car and Margaret feared that it was trying to run her off the road. She braked, got out and observed the object for five minutes. 
  • Green and Smith 1967 p29.

April 11 1966, 0005hrs.
A 43 year old man saw a well -defined object 5m above the ground, 100m away. The thing showed a flashing red light, rose and was lost ibn the fog. The thing was cigar shaped, 15m long, with no wings, tail assembly or wheels. 
  • Vallée Case 736 citing Blue Book Files.

April 12 1966.
A landing report. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers August 1967 p9.
  • Table of American landings in FSR 17,6.

April 12 1966, 2145hrs.
Pearl M (15) and Annie O (14) were returning home from an errand when they saw an oval object with a dome on top, the apparent size of a helicopter, with a group of lights changing red-white-green on the bottom. The thing was hovering 3m above the Oliver Wendell Holmes Grammar School. It circled the school, sped out of sight and then reappeared and moved up and down. It gave off a humming sound. The girls alerted Pearl’s brother Robert (18) and his friend Robert McCambly, who saw that the thing had a bright white light shining down from the centre of its underside. As they went through the schoolyard the object hovered less than 10m above the road, before resuming its manoeuvres. Two other boys Wayne B (14) and Michael W (13) saw two objects descend behind the school. Mark B (16_ saw the object on the roof from his window. A group of about 15 boys playing basketball fled in panic. Five minutes later a power failure blacked out the nearby Roxbury area. 
  • FSR 12,4 piii citing Boston Record American 13 April 1966.
  • Fowler 1974 p337.

April 14 1966.
A grey black object with a dome and white lights on its perimeter was observed blocking the road near the home of an Amerindian woman. When the witness’ car headlights struck the thing, it took off. 
  • John Keel in FSR 13,2 p9.

April 17 1966.
Five people in a car were followed by a glowing object which rose up from the Ravenna arsenal. 
  • John Keel in FSR 13,2 p9 citing Ravenna Record-Courier 18 April 1966.

April 17 1966
Joseph Franklin and two fellow rubbish collectors saw a rather circular object with a brilliant light at one end moving slowly over the High School and surroundings and hovering briefly at the height of a 15 story building. Police and others saw it later at higher altitude. 
  • Sherwood 1967 p50 citing a UPI dispatch.

April 17 1966, 0505hrs.
Deputy Sheriff Dale Spaur and auxiliary deputy Barney Neff were on routine patrol when word came that a woman had seen an unidentified lighted object heading towards the county. On their way to a shopping centre they saw a deserted car and went out to investigate. As they did so, they saw an object, first seen as a pinpoint of light in the west, approaching them and lighting up the whole area. It swerved over to the south, went overhead and returned from the north. It then hovered at 15m altitude, covering the road and illuminating the countryside with a piercing white light, which made the men’s eyes water, and emitting a faint buzzing sound. After about a minute the men dashed back to their car. The object then moved 30m down the road. They could see that it was 15m in diameter, with a sort of dark dome on top, and directing a kind of spotlight onto the ground. They radioed in to Deputy Robert Wilson and debated what to do next, deciding to keep the thing in view until a camera car could arrive.

As they drove closer the object moved off and they found themselves pursuing it at speeds up 145kph. As they continued their chase, the lighting of the dawn sky revealed more details. They could now see that the object was a hemisphere of metallic appearance, surmounted by an antenna 6m long. At Unity they were joined by patrolman Wayne Houston, who confirmed the description and joined in the pursuit. Soon they had crossed over the border into Pennsylvania, where the object hovered again, before moving off towards Freedom, where Patrolman Frank Banzanella joined them and confirmed the description. Another patrolman Henry Kwiatanowski saw the object moved off at altitude over the Conway area. Spaur and Neff had pursued the object for almost 140km, during which chase the object appeared to change its speed along with the car. The observation lasted 30 minutes. 
  • William Weitzel in Flying Saucers-UFO Reports 3 p38 citing his own investigation.
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  • Evaluation:  The long duration and changing speed with the car suggests an astronomical object. Sheaffer 1998 237 suggests meteor and mainly Venus.

April 17 1966. Morning.
A 23 year old woman was driving from Millersville to work in San Angelo on this wet morning. She had just crossed the crossroads about 21km from San Angelo on Farm Road 765 when she saw a silvery metallic blimp shaped object, with protrusions on the back and top. It was pacing her car at a distance of about 85m at about 105kph. She slowed down to about 55-65kph at which the object crossed the road behind her at rooftop height. The woman became afraid, at accelerated up to 135kph, leaving the thing behind. The observation lasted about 11 minutes. 
  • Blue Book Files.

April 17 1966, 2030hrs.
4 people saw an oval object, which gave off beams of lights that changed white-blue-red. It moved rapidly with an up and down motion. At times a green light could be seen. The object, which emitted a humming sound, descended to about 15m above Lake Quandapowitt. 
  • Fowler 1974 p338.

April 17 1966 (Approx. date) 2030hrs.
Robert Howard was visiting some friends on a farm outside Sinclairville when, along with some others, he stepped out to watch a saucer shaped object, about 3.5m diameter, with flashing red lights set in its edge, settle in a nearby swamp. Robert went across the fields towards this object while more people gathered. The object appeared to be beaming a very narrow stream of brilliant white light into the nearby woods. As Robert approached it, the thing bobbed to the right and took off over the treetops. For several days after this Robert’s right eye was inflamed and watery. 
  • Keel 1971 p106.

April 17 1966, 2355hrs.
25km east of Renton, four people saw a round object with a flat bottom a glass like dome on top. On or just above it were pulsating red, amber and green lights. The object came out of a wooded area, hovered and then moved to the south east, flying slowly. A grinding noise, like pieces of iron being knocked together, was heard. Dogs in the area howled and barked just before the thing appeared. 
  • UFOlog 30 p11 citing Benelux UFO Cooperation.

April 18 1966. Early hours.
Norman Brafill was awakened by a sharp blast, followed by a sound resembling that of a snowplough. When he got up he saw a huge bullet shaped object, “glittering gold” with a greenish undercarriage, move eastwards over treetops. Later than morning Norman found a strange slag like material in his driveway. He turned this material over to the authorities for investigation. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 53 p8.

April 18 1966, 2210hrs.
A grey egg shaped object, 25m long, 5m high, was observed from a distance of 25m by a 42 year old motorist. The object supported a cockpit with windows and three rows of lights, emitted red flames and made a noise like a heavy truck on wet paving. The thing followed the car for some time. 
  • Vallée Case 758 citing Blue Book Files.

April 18 1966, 2355hrs.
A motorist saw a brilliant object, with intense white and red lights on the highway ahead. He almost collided with the thing and then turned back to examine it more closely. The object then took off and flew over a cornfield, lighting up the ground. The lights then went out and the object was lost to sight. The next day the witness’s eyes were sore and bloodshot. 
  • Ridge Chronology citing UFO Investigator III,8 p7.

April 19 1966, 2200hrs.
Two women saw a cigar shaped object, with bright red lights at both ends, flying erratically. It made a whistling sound when moving, was silent when hovering. The 20m long object approached to within 100m. The lights began flashing and the object went down behind some trees when five planes and a helicopter went over the area. Two of the aircraft circled the location and then flew on. The whistling sound was heard again but the object was not seen after the departure of the planes. 
  • Vallée Case 760.

April 19 1966, 2245hrs.
A man saw what he thought was a crashing plane and then saw that the thing was oval, had white, red and green lights. It flew low over him, circled, and then came down with a pendulum motion and appeared to land on Rt 114. There were other witnesses to this. At midnight two men driving along that route saw a beam sweep the road. They stopped and saw, in a field, a disc with white, green and three red lights, which then took off.. The two reports were independent. 
  • Vallée Case 761.
  • Fowler 1974 p339.

April 22 1966, 0015hrs.
Music teacher Edward Vojtko and his wife were driving home from a late teachers’ meeting, northwards on Mc Callum Avenue, about 8km west of Alliance, when Edward noticed a brilliant stationary star like red light, due west, just above the horizon. He slowed the car and stopped about 100m south of the Tannenhauf Golf Course clubhouse. The light began to move rapidly towards them, and they could then see that it was a dark disc with a row of red lights around the edge, moving left-right, like a rotating neon sign. On top, in the middle, was a small domed white light, much brighter than the red ones. The thing stopped about 12m away, over the golf course. It was at telephone pole height, about 14m in diameter. The couple panicked and drove off at high speed, with the feeling that the object was following them, though they could not see anything behind. Finally after going about 1.5km, they saw the object at a higher elevation, accelerating towards the north east, apparently coming from directly above the car. It finally passed over a house to the east and disappeared behind trees in the distance. The couple experienced light headedness, a ringing sensation in their ears, and a strange feeling that someone was trying to communicate with them. 
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969a p8 citing investigation by David Webb.
  • Evaluation: Advertising plane?

April 22 1966, 1530hrs.
A strange object was seen flying low down the main street of Bagley, going over a school bus. It landed in the outskirts of the town, and four dwarfs emerged and appeared to make repairs to the craft. They then re-entered and the thing took off again. 
  • UFO Evidence web site citing Flying Saucers March 1967 p 24 + HUMCAT + Rosales
  • Vallée Case 762.

April 22 1966, 2100hrs.
Nancy Modugno (11) noticed a blinking light shining through her bedroom window, and looking out, saw an oval object, about the size of a car, with flashing blue, green, red and soft white lights, pass along Sohler Road, only 12m away. A soft whizzing sou8nd came from the thing as it passed behind nearby trees, heading towards, and apparently landing on, a field behind the Beverly High School. Nancy ran to tell her father Angelo, who was experiencing interference on the TV. His wife Claire was in a neighbour’s apartment, and when these neighbours, Barbara Smith and Brenda Maria came round to use the phone they tried to comfort Nancy and then saw the flashing lights themselves.. Along with Claire they went out to prove the lights were on a helicopter. When they got to the field, however, they saw three brilliantly lighted objects, manoeuvring in circular patterns. One object was directly over the high school, the others in the distance. Brenda then waved at the objects, to attract their attention, only for the one closest to move directly towards them. As they ran away Barbara and Claire looked back to see the object hovering only 6m above Brenda, who was terrified that she was about to be crushed.

Reaching the apartments, they alerted neighbours, including Bob Lessor and his wife, who joined the original party and Angelo back at the school fence, where they saw two objects in the distance and another, oval shaped, with a very bright red light and dimmer green and white lights, hovering 9m above the school. Bob called the police and officers Bossie and Mahon arrived on the scene and also saw the object, to which they gave chase but eventually lost the sight of. The Air Force was called and two planes and a helicopter arrived on the scene, but the objects had left. Descriptions of the closest object agreed that it was oval, with an underside like a grey-white plate, resembled a giant mushroom when at very close quarters, appeared blurry when right overhead, had exceptionally brilliant lights and was silent. 
  • Fowler 1974 pp132, 340.
  • Condon and Gilmour 1969 p266
  • Fowler 1981 p47 citing his own investigation
  • McDonald 1967 p18.
  • Evaluation: The Condon investigators concluded that the later observations were of Jupiter and bright stars but found no explanation for the earlier experiences.

April 22 1966, 2130hrs.
Students Vivian Russell and Patricia Wells had just left a Gordon College student union, when Vivian called Patricia’s attention to a bright yellow-orange light, brighter than a star, which was approaching the campus from the south. As it got closer it resolved itself into a circular or “squashed rectangular “ shape, divided by a dark centre line. Patricia called another girl Diane Hopkins from the coffee shop, and the three watched the thing hover at 30m altitude, 120m away, before it executed a sudden 90 degree turn and left at terrific speed to the west over the tree line. As it turned, its shape changed to that of an upright liver of light and then to a larger flattened glowing oval. Almost immediately afterwards a small aircraft flew over the campus. 
  • Fowler 1974 pp.136, 340.

April 23 1966, 0210hrs.
Farmer Ronald E Johnson, living on Rte 2, was awakened by a loud roar, and getting up and going to the window looking to the south, saw a cigar shaped object about 20m long, landing in a field about15m away, having apparently come from the north. The night was foggy, with drizzle, and no moon or stars were visible. As the object landed, the roar ceased. On the near end of the thing was a brilliant red light, which bathed the area in a blood red glow; on the far end were two red lights, about 20cm in diameter. The surface of the object had a dull finish, apart from an amber glow, extending partway along the bottom, and the whole thing rested on a series of 17-20 long legs. After landing it gave off a series of crackling sounds at intervals and the air had a smell like that of ozone. After 20 minutes Ronald went back to bed, and when he got up again, a short time later, either the object had gone or had turned off its lights and sound. In the morning he found his livestock were agitated and would not return for feeding. At the site were a series of circular impressions, 15cm in diameter, spaced alternately in two rows, 75cm between the impressions. Also to the east was a row of imprints round on one side, a serrated square on the other, there were also fresh depressions on the wood of the power line poles, as if they had been recently climbed. 
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969 p22 citing investigations by Deputy Sheriff Dick Hunt + Dennis Hicks.

April 23 1966, 1400hrs. (approx) 
Kimberley Baker (6) was playing with her cousins Wendy and Bruce Higgins in a field south of the Higgins home. The Higgins children went back to the house for a few minutes and while they were away Kim noticed a large shiny object descend towards her from the direction of the Kennebec Hill. It landed several metres from the frightened girl. It was a sphere resembling a large bubble, the size of a large car, but higher, was of a shiny metallic colour, with a sort of door and window, the latter being a sort of rectangle 20cm high. On either end of the craft were steady red lights which seemed to emanate from its body. Just above the centre of the object was a flashing green light. Through the window she saw a man in a shiny white suit with black buttons on the chest. He removed a bubble like helmet from his head, smiled, winked and tried to speak to her, which reassured her. The object then started to spin and went right up over a neighbouring house. A dog barked at the object. Kim went home by a direct route by a busy road and stayed close to her mother that day. Her mother was too upset over the death of a friend to take much notice of her story, and its was not until the 25th that she was questioned by her parents and Mr King, a family friend. They went to the site and found an area of compressed vegetation 4.5m diameter, with stems of pussy willow broken off and blackened. A reconstruction showed an oval object 5.5m diameter, 2.5m thick 
  • Richard Bonenfant in FSR 22,2 p2 citing his first hand investigation and Waterville Morning Sentinel 6 May 1966.
  • Fowler 1981 p79 citing Morning Sentinel op cit and investigation by Bonenfant.

April 23 1966, 2040hrs.
A total of 12 people, including police officers, saw an elongated egg shaped object, with white lights around its perimeter and coloured flashing lights near its bottom, at very low level. 
  • Fowler 1974 p340.

April 24 1966, 0215hrs.
Robert Martin of Bennington was driving along Rte 7, just beyond the Warren Wire Company when he saw a large light, like torch, with changing colours, about 200m away and 90m altitude. The thing dimmed and gave off a sort of trail, and red sparks which fell towards the ground. He eventually lost sight of the thing. 
  • Citro 1994 p141.
  • Evaluation:  Typical description of bolide, with gross underestimate of height.

April 24 1966, 0330hrs.
Tom M Lasseter, an architect in Austin and a Lt Commander in the Navy Reserve, was camping by the Pedernales River, with his 11 year old daughter, when he was awakened by a fluttering sound that reminded him of a flock of quail. He saw a white, glowing, disc shaped object, about 6m in diameter, with a row of lights around its rim, hovering at treetop height about 50-60m away. The thing was rotating counter clockwise. The little girl thought that there was a double row of portholes around the centre, emitting white light. They watched the thing for about a minute, after which it moved away at between 130-160kph, disappearing g either behind an embankment or low cloud to the south west. He reported the matter to the Air Force. 
  • UFO Investigator May/June 1966 p8.

April 24 1966, 2230hrs.
Mrs Jeanne Kalnicki and her daughter saw an object with blinking red lights around its edge and a transparent bubble like dome, surmounted by a yellow flashing light, which alternated with the red ones. It was at low altitude and as it passed between the Kalnicki apartment and that of a neighbour, a humming sound could be heard. The object moved out over the ocean. At 0500 the next morning, this or a similar object returned. The thing was a silvery grey disc with red lights on what looked like spokes or shafts, and had a dome surmounted by a yellow flashing light as before. The object oscillated back and forth at increasing speed. There was then an explosion which shook the building and the lights went out. This was put down to a burned out cable. Animals were disturbed, traces were found and some abnormal radiation was noted. 
  • UFO Investigator May/June 1966 p7 citing investigation by Walter Webb  :  Fowler 1974 p340.

April 24 1966, 2100hrs.
A landing report. No further details. 
  • Table of American landings in FSR 17,6.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers August 1967.

April 25 1966.
A police officer, who wished to remain anonymous, observed a circular object the size of a car hovering near the Thornded Park water tower. He had earlier seen a cloudlike object, which came out of the south, from whence this second object also came, dropping at a 45 degree angle. It was blue-green in colour, circular, trailing white sparks and had a domed top, in which lights were observed. It stopped and hovered 1m above the road leading to the water tower. After about 5-10 seconds it rose and vanished back into the south. 
  • Lorenzen 1966 p272.

April 25 1966, 2010hrs.
Two men were driving at 65kph westerly from Fitchberg toAshby, when a helicopter shaped object, with a flame coming from its rear, the whole thing emitting a bluish light, travelling in the same direction, dived down to 30m above their vehicle, making them nearly hysterical with fear. They could not hear any sound. The strange object then took off at extreme speed towards Mt Watatic. Both men were considered reliable, and the passenger was a school teacher in Leominster. 
  • Blue Book Files.

April 26 1966, 2330hrs.
A young man saw a silent object, shaped like two bowls glued together, at 30m altitude, ahead of his car. It was about 10m in diameter. He drove on without looking back. 
  • Vallée Case 766 citing Blue Book files.

April 29 1966, 0500hrs.
Peter Rushton, a man who had been in the RAF for 9 years, and his driver’s mate, Derek Robinson, both of Lincoln, were asleep in the back of the their van, parked for the night in either a side road or car park near Sawtry. Peter was suddenly awakened by a bang and flash and felt an acid taste in his mouth and was experiencing difficulty breathing. With an effort he raised his shutter and saw a large spherical, orange object ascending away from their parked vehicle. while the birds were making a commotion. By the time he had woken Derek, the thing was little more than a dot in the sky. They then saw another object either 800m or 2.5km away depending on source, to their left. The two objects suddenly changed places at fantastic speed by moving clockwise on semi-circular paths. The objects then faded from view and the birds quietened down. Peter later found he was having dreams about the incidents. 
  • FSR 13,3 p31.
  • UFOlog 33 p2 citing BUFORA Halifax Branch.
  • Shuttlewood 1976 p86.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p45 citing own investigation and Peter Johnson.
  • Evaluation: In later accounts Rushton claimed he was awoken out of a dream in which a figure in a silvery suit fired a beam at him, and to have had dreams of being examined. One suspects these were influenced by the Sunday Mirror articles on the Hills that Autumn.

April 30 1966, 1830hrs.
A cigar shaped object, emitting sparks, was seen at an altitude of about 10m. The sparks came from a revolving cylinder on the thing. A loud explosion was heard. The witness was a 68 year old widow. 
  • UFOlog 28.
  • Evaluation: Bolide? Ball lightning?

May 1966.
A light was observed at a distance, moving over tree tops. One witness found a circular ring about 90cm thick, 10.5m diameter. Nothing was growing in the ring, though the centre had normal growth. Sumach trees were knocked down in the ring area in a clockwise direction. 
  • Phillips 1975 p42 case 235 citing Brian Canon.

May 1966. 
Several times in May, while riding near Salisbury Plain near the abandoned village of Imber, Dawn Flanigan and a friend saw a long silver metallic object at treetop height over some trees about 8km to the left. On at least four occasions they saw the object descend into the woods, but on investigation found nothing. Their horses became restive and agitated in the area of the woods. 
  • Shuttlewood 1968 p63.

May 1966. Day.
While ley hunting Philip Hesleton saw, in the company of a ranger, saw on the ridge above him a strange circular object standing on some kind of legs. 
  • Gordon Millington in Pegasus Spring 1993 p4.

May 1966 (or following month) 0200hrs.
A farmer, investigating a glow on a hill top, came across a white-blue 9m diameter oval object. He left the area, followed by the light, which moved overhead then disappeared silently. 
  • Basterfield 1981 citing UFO Research (SA) files.

May 1 1966 (approx. date) 2220hrs.
Darlene Wagner (15) saw an object the shape of a “10 gallon hat” land on top of an oil storage tank then take off again a minute later. 
  • Sudbury Star 3 May 1966 p12.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers August 1967 p10.

May 2 1966
A group of reliable adults observed a large white oval object, which came down directly to the Transoceanic Towers. Two brilliantly glowing red, rod like, structures came out of this object and briefly touched the top of the towers. 
  • John Keel in FSR 12, 2 p5.

May 3 1966, 0120hrs.
Mr/Ms Martin saw a strange object at ground level. No further details. 
  • Table of Australian Landings in Data Net IV, 5 p6.

May 3 1966. Evening.
Joe Kelly, his wife and children, who lived on the Spurgeon MacQueen farm on the slopes of Muddy Creek Mountain, heard an all pervasive humming noise, like a generator, outside, just after dark on this rainy evening. Looking out of their window they saw the lights of what seemed to be a large circular object hovering over a large pond. As they watched, the object lifted up and moved towards the south east, behind some buildings and a timber stand, and went out of sight. They heard the humming noise all night as did their neighbours, the Hubert Spence family. They were confident that it could not have been a vehicle on the road or a helicopter. 
  • Flying Saucers 54 p14.
May 3 1966, 2200hrs.
Various inhabitants of this region, including Abel Potugal, a police employee, an observed an object travelling through the sky, north to south, emitting green, yellow and red flashes of light. At one point it seemed to be landing and they rushed to the presumed landing site but were unable to find anything there. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 17 p/iv case 89 citing La Cronica 5 June 1966.
  • Richard Heiden citing Banchs 1973 p29.

May 6 1966 Morning.
William Kerales (or Karelas), a real estate dealer from Cape Coral was stopped for speeding by the highway patrol on the Tamlami trail from Miami to Naples. He claimed that as he lowered the top of his convertible, a bright object approaching him, and that this object, a blue-green disc, 30m diameter, which illuminated the highway, had chased him for 16km at speeds up to 185kphm before racing overhead with a “whooshing sound”. The police found his story believable. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 55 p23.
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1967 p50. 

May 7 1966. Early morning.
Two men, driving home to Blackpool, saw two lights flickering in a field. They got out of their car and saw that the lights were revolving in a clockwise direction and were in the air. They drove on, the object following them to the outskirts of Blackpool, where it vanished. 

May 10 196, 1530hrs.
A leading Cheshire resident, Sterling Jewett, was driving in a rural area near Cheshire when he observed a cylindrical object in a wheat field 75m away, hovering at 30-60cm altitude. Jewett approached to within 30m. The object was at a 45 degree angle to the slopping road. It was 2.7-3.6m long, 1.2m diameter, with irregularly spaced pipes along its length. 
  • Saucer News 14,2 p19.

May 10 1966, 1650hrs.
A man observed the landing of an oval shaped object and two beings who came out of it through a system of light beams. They used strange instruments to examine a number of objects, including plants. They were 2m tall, had oversized heads with slanting yes, appeared bright and transparent and had very broad shoulders. They wore no apparent weapons but their belts were very wide and emitted light rays. They did not touch anything without first illuminating it with their beams. They re-entered their craft as if carried by light. 
  • Vallée Case 767.

May 13 1966.
David, Claude, Noel and John Jennings saw a ball of green light settle towards the ground. At 35m the object changed to red and hovered over their vehicle. 
  • Australian UFO Review 10 p18.

May 16 1966 (Approx date)
Manuel Hernandez was coming back from the fields near Cordoba when he saw a disk shaped object land 100m away. Small beings that looked like green birds came out briefly before the object took off again 
  • Ballester 1976 case 42 + Vallée Case 769 both siting Paris Jour 18 May 1966.

May 21 1966, 2030hrs.
Staff at the ENDESA hydroelectric plant saw three very bright bodies approach the side of the Las Tres Cruces Mountain and land there. When the operator wanted to communicate the event to Los Mollinos substation, inexplicable interference prevented contact. Other people came to observe the three devices, which appeared to be changing colour and form and which lost themselves in the firmament. Meanwhile La Serena hospital chauaffer Manuel Munoz Carvajal (25) and another hospital employee Luis Hernan Astudillo Maria had taken a medical team to a school high on the mountain, where Manuel developed altitude sickness. Luis apparently drove him back to Desvio Notre, where he received medical advice. Driving back to Las Tres Cruces early the next morning, as they were driving on the steepest part of the route, a ball of fire flew across the sky in front of them. As they neared a ridge an object approached them, making a terrific racket. 

At first they thought it was a truck, when they stopped and switched their lights off, they saw it was a sphere blazing with light. With not much further to go they decided to continue on, the light from the sphere illuminating the interior of the truck. The object now had the appearance of a walnut, with two large projections on top. Tired, with his illness, Mario stopped, at which point the object came in close. Mario could see 6 smaller objects, in pairs, with it, and in a cabin beneath the main object, the outlines of three motionless heads. Mario tried to go for a walk but felt paralysed and fell asleep. He dreamt that a number of beings 1-1.2m tall were walking around the truck. They had large eyes, green skin, large round heads with long necks, broad chests and narrow waists, thin legs and skin tight clothing. He woke up and drove on and, as he rounded a bend, saw a little man with pointed “dog like” ears, similar to those in his dream and pointed him out to his companions. The next night, back at the school, he had yet another dream in which three of the beings entered the school and “placed in his head” the idea that he should not tell anyone. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p351.
  • FSR 14,4 p16 citing DIOVNI Bullletins 8 +9.
  • Pereira 1974 case 108 citing M Saenz and Wolf in Los Sin Nombre (BA) 1968.
  • Petrowitch Catalogue of Chilean landings.
  • References also in DIOVNI 4 +7.

May 21 1966.
Five young people reported to police that they had seen a giant faceless being, 1.9m tall in the Historical Park. It had huge shoulders, was covered with hair and walked in a clumsy, still legged fashion. 
  • John Keel in FSR 13,2 p6.

June 1966, 0430hrs.
A night watchman saw a disc shaped object land 100m away near a dried up well, between here and Cirtisoara, He ran towards it, but it immediately shot up, surrounded by flames and making a singing noise. When he arrived on the scene an oval scorched area was already being examined by officials. 
  • Julien Weverbergh in Hobana and Weverbergh 1974. p229.
  • Evaluation:  Known only through local gossip as the alleged witness refused to talk to investigators.

June 1966. Day.
Peter Leather (10) was talking with his grandfather in the garden of their Daniels Road home, when a gleaming metallic cigar shaped object appeared suddenly, hovering overhead. It had spinning top and base, and windows, out of one of which, a woman with long blond hair was looking out. She raised her right arm and the thing moved slowly away out of sight. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p63 citing own investigation.
  • Evaluation:  Another story told decades after the alleged events

June 1966. 1700hrs.
A lumberjack living just south of Bagley observed for about 30 minutes, an object with a bright orange glow manoeuvre back and forth above the highway leading to Itasca Sate Park. He was unable to make out much detail, but could see that it was of an unconventional nature. 
  • T G Beckley in Flying Saucers 54 p24 citing Harpo Dexter.

June 1966. 1930hrs.
The two sons of James Harkins, aged 6 and 7 were playing behind their apartment with an 8 year old friend, when they saw an object flash across the sky and apparently land in the water. They ran to the beach and saw, about 30m ahead, two men stood with their backs toward them , apparently talking. They wore transparent helmets and diving suits. When one of the boys made a sound the men appeared startled and got aboard a round circular machine, which took them to a vehicle 300m off shore. This craft had windows through which people could be seen, and on the side, a grey star insignia with the letters HU.HR.PS.RED. The object submerged as the boys fled. The boys gave a consistent story on several questionings. 
  • Lou Farish and Dale Titler in Official UFO 1,9, p36.

June 1966. 2100hrs.
Abel Aguirre Diaz, his two children aged 12 and 10 and Mr Rosanal (18) saw a light on the ground at the same moment their vehicles lights and engine failed. They saw a glowing silhouette jumping on the side of the road. Traces 1.2 x 1.15 and 20cm deep were found at the spot, along with two series of three prints. Abel suffered from paralysis of his arms and legs, headaches, and swollen eyes. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Pablo Petrowitsch in LDLN 118 p8 citing Dr Darwin Arriagada
  • Petrowitsch list of Chilean landings
  • Pereira 1974 case 169 citing DIOVNI 12.

June 1966. 2145hrs.
On a busy evening the sky over the US base at Nha Trang was lit up in the north. It was first thought to be a flare but then was seen as a brilliant object that approached, varied its speed and then stopped and hovered at about 100-150m altitude, illuminating the entire valley. At this time all the power on the base and in the engines of various vehicles in and around the base failed. The power came on again just as suddenly when the thing shot up and disappeared within three seconds, some four minutes later. 
  • Brookesmith 1995 p86.
  • Hall 1988 p260.
  • UFO Investigator July 1973 p1 citing letter from witness
  • Fowler 1974 p101.
  • Evaluation: Appears to be just an unconfirmed story from a single witness in a letter written seven years later.

June 3 1966, 2145hrs.
Two people observed a stationary object 3m above the ground. It had a diameter of 7m, lights on its top and bottom and smaller lights on its rim. It flew away very fast to the east. 
  • Vallée Case 770.

June 8 1966, 0645hrs.
Max Baker (43) was driving west between Kansas and Toledo when he saw an object appear out of nowhere. It was cigar shaped, bright, metallic and flew low to the northeast. At its closest in came within 30m. The airliner sized object was completely silent. 
  • Vallée Case 771 citing Blue Book Files
  • NICAP citing Don Berliner.

June 8 1966, 2300hrs.
Paul Hadkin, Margaret Laktin and Christine Poznecov were driving south of Castlegar airport when they were followed by an oval object about 1.8m diameter, with beams of light pointing upwards and downwards. It gave off a bluish glow and stayed parallel with the car at speeds of 70kphn, about 3m above the power lines. It made no noise. The object disappeared for a time, when they dropped Margaret by her own car, then reappeared later, resumed following Paul’s car, until another car appeared. Paul thought he saw two wings, but the girls denied this. Mr L V Campbell also reported a strange object at midnight. 
  • FSR 12,6 p.iii citing an undated issue of Castlegar News.

June 11 1966.
About 15km northeast of Midland several young people driving on a back road observed a reddish object hovering over a pond. The object moved away over the lake and disappeared. Flashes were seen. 
  • Civilian Flying Saucer Investigation Bureau Newsletter 3,2 p4.

June 11 1966, 0345hrs.
Ronald Petit (24) of New Bedford was driving south along Rt 88 in suburban Westpoint when an object, the illumination of which seemed to vary between amber green and bluish yellow came up from behind, hovered over his car and then moved ahead. Ronald slowed down and the object appeared to stop. He drove within 30m, stopped, got out and took a closer look. The object resembled two giant plates one on top of another, with a ventral top dome and white, yellow, green flashing lights around the circumference. Ronald examined the object for two minutes before leaping back into his car. When his door slammed the object took off at 45 degrees and went straight up until it disappeared. 
  • FSR 12, 5 p30 citing Boston Traveller 13 June 1966
  • Fowler 1974 p341
  • Vallée Case 772 citing an unspecified issue of UFO Investigator

June 13 1966, 0225hrs.
The policeman who had observed an object over Milan on March 17 saw an unidentified object on the ground at a street intersection. He drove towards the thing headlights illuminating it. The object took off like an airplane, flying away to the south-east. 
  • Vallée Case 773 citing Blue Book Files citing an investigation by Selfridge AFB

June 15 1966, 2130hrs.
At an undisclosed rural location, a 76 year old farm woman was standing by her large window to get some air when she saw three luminous spheres at a distance, approaching the house, oblivious of obstacles, Fearful of fire; she called her son-in-law, who went to investigate. He saw that these spheres were rounded on top; more flattened underneath and moved about at walking pace, one coming within 15m of the house, and could disappear on the spot, like a switch being turned off. He then saw six of the things in a line in a field, 1-1.2km away, entering a large illuminated shell that he compared to a fiery tree. The witness, now satisfied there was no risk of fire, returned to the house. 
  • F Lagarde in FSR 16,5 p2 citing his own investigation
  • Vallée 1975 p31

June 17 1966, 0030hrs.
A housewife who did not want her name given was driving on this clear night when a huge bright silver object, with a very long trail, appeared suddenly in front of her car, causing her to brake suddenly. The object then flew off. The next morning the woman and her husband inspected the car and on its front and top found thousands of transparent chemical like blemishes, which looked like hardened little bubbles, which seared the pain when they were washed off. 
  • Green and Smith 1967 p28

June 17 1966, 2200hrs.
A couple were driving along State Route 12, about halfway along the 25km journey to the intersection with US 78 at Thompson, when they saw brilliant flashes of crimson light ahead to the west, coming from behind some hills. Fearing a possible plane crash they turned on the radio but there was no news. At 2245 the wife in the passenger seat noticed what looked like new stars. She then realised that these were on a cylindrical object, like a flying wing, which passed over their car at 50m altitude and crossed the road ahead at a 45 degree angle. The lady drew down the car window and still saw the thing, which appeared to be 25-30m long, with a row of what looked like lighted windows on its rear edge, with some kind of long projection from its darkened front. This was followed by 5 other similar objects. None made any sound save for a faint hum. The objects assembled into a Z shaped formation and kept pace, ahead and to the right, with their car for 25km, joined by two other objects. They again veered round and passed low over woods. A flat triangular object, with red, white and green lights, then approached at 60m altitude and hovered as they drove off. 
  • Alder 1967 p67 citing Blue Book Files/letter from female witness

June 18 1966, 0345hrs.
The mayor of this place, Leon Bariber saw a large round object, with yellow and orange lights, on a hilltop. The vegetation was later found scorched. 
  • Vallée Case 774 citing LDLN 8
  • J C Dufor and P de Lormont in FSR 23,6 p31

June 18 1966, 0400hrs.
A truck driver Nr Dugelay, saw a disc shaoped object over le Rouret. It remained motionless for 5 minutes, showing alternate red and blue-green lights. It then disappeared. 
  • Vallée Case 775 citing LDLN 84 citing Espoir de Nice 18 June 1966
  • Evaluation:  Both above cases look like astronomical object low on the horizon

June 19 1966, 0005hrs.
Bruce Sterrett and three other scouts camped with him on the mountain saw three pulsating red lights in the shape of a triangle. It came towards them and hovered above the trail, about 200m from their camp for about 5 hours. The lights blinked at different rates, with the centre one turning white at every fifth pulsation. At sunrise the object rose above their camp for about 20 minutes, looking like a red ball when observed through binoculars. Six smaller objects were hovering around the larger one, forming first two equilateral triangles on side, then a circle and finally a straight line as they disappeared behind a mountain. When the scouts went in that direction they found some trees with broken branches and some crushed undergrowth about 18m from their camp. There were three holes in the ground, forming a 1.5m sided equilateral triangle. 
  • Phillips 1975 p42 case 240 citing CUFOS citing Bruce Sterrett
  • Vallée Case 776 citing Blue Book files
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 77
  • Evaluation: The times scale and description clearly indicate astronomical misperception with coincidental traces.

Late June 1966.
Two Adelaide couples reported that their car stalled and their radio died just before an unidentified object crossed the road 200m ahead. 
  • Hervey 1969 p146

June 20 1966
Mr and Mrs J Rowland were walking on the beach when they observed a smooth spherical object, 60cm diameter, on the sand. Mr Rowland threw a pebble at the object, which shot up in the air, becoming a brilliant white light. A woman driving along the cliff saw the object and heard it making a “horrible whining noise”. 
  • Daily Mail 21 June 1966.

June 22 1966.
An object was seen and a padded down area, 1.8 long, 1.35m wide was found in the grass. A man saw white blinking lights in his yard. 
  • Phliips 1975 p42 case 241 citing Keel 1971.

June 23 1966, 1200hrs.
A splash was heard and four people saw an object rising diagonally from under the surface of the lake. It disappeared in seconds and no details could be observed. 
  • Sanderson 179 p228 citing Broken Hill Barrier Truth 23 June 1966.

June 23 1966, 2130hrs.
A 61 year old woman was reading when an intense red light illuminated the ground near her house. She went outside and saw a lighted object, 1m diameter, 20m away. The object then backed up and flew off as fast as a bullet. Three other people in the next house also saw the thing. 
  • Vallée Case 777 citing Blue Book Files.

June 24 1966, 0330hrs.
Police Officer William O Stevens was travelling north on Meadow Bridge Road near the city limits in the NE section of the city when he saw some odd greenish yellow lights in the air ahead. He approached and saw a dirigible shaped object hovering 9-12m above the Richmond-Henrico Turnpike. It was 30-40m long with alternate green and yellow lights around the perimeter and was surrounded by a misty vapour. The thing filled a large portion of Stevens’ windscreen, appearing as large as his steering wheel. He turned on his emergency flasher lights and accelerated towards the object, which swiftly moved along the turnpike away from him. As it began to move the thing turned laterally about 90 degrees, presenting its circular end. Stevens chased it across Henrico County and into Hanover County at speed of more than 150kph, but the thing stayed the same distance ahead. After 10-15 minutes it suddenly accelerated and disappeared in a matter of seconds. 
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969a p9
  • Hall 2001 p187
  • McDonald 1967 p19
  • Evaluation: The retreating and staying constant distance suggest a distant light, probably astronomical. Moon seen through varying cloud cover, eventually being obscured giving impression of accelerating away.

June 24 1966. 1600hrs.
A Liverpool solicitor and his wife were being driven between Epernay and Rheims by his sister in law and her husband. It was a fine but cloudy afternoon and the quiet road was passing through undulating country with wide views and little sign of habitation. The visibility was good. The road was tree-lined and the solicitor saw what he took to be a large hawk behind a tree on the left of the road about 100m ahead and pointed it out to the others. When they reached the spot the object had gone. They then saw it flying unbelievably fast at low altitude, climbing slightly to cross a small wood and then disappearing. They now realised that it was not a hawk but a sort of machine with a 1.8m wingspan and two small circles on its back. When hovering it rocked slightly, the wings did not move. The acceleration was definably visible. The object made no sound nor made any air displacement. 
  • UFOlog 45 p1 citing investigation by Birmingham University UFO Group
  • Evaluation: Probably a bird

June 25 1966.
A metallic looking spherical object was seen to land on a tripod landing gear, at Ellsworth Base, lighting up the area with an intense glow, as electrical systems failed. A high level party was sent to the site, but the object took off before they could arrive, leaving indentations in the ground. The electricity came back on when the object left 
  • Maloney 2011 p213 citing Hastings 2008
  • Evaluation: Another story told decades after the event without any contemporaneous documentation.

June 27 1966, 0400hrs.
Mrs Rosa Masse, Francisco Crous and Vicente Arajil (a shepherd) suddenly saw a disc floating to the north. They first thought that it was the moon and then that it was a falling artificial satellite. The thing came down very fast, showing fantastic colours “much prettier than a rainbow”, red, blue, green etc. It came to the ground about 500m away. Six minutes later a second and then a third object appeared taking off silently from the site. The first object was a disc, the other two were cylindrical. Dense smoke arose, drying the mouths and noses of the witnesses for the whole day, and one witness felt a wave of heat. Investigation disclosed traces in a clearing at the site. Over an area of about 10m across in the potato field all the leaves were brittle and yellowish. A branch of a nearby pear tree was newly broken off, thrown some distance and twisted around. Crous was very sleepy for a time after the incident. 
  • Ballester 1976 case 43 citing investigation by C de Puig
  • Antonio Ribera in FSR 12,6 p3
  • Ribera 1968 p415

June 30 1966, 2355hrs.
A couple and their 13 year old son were on a fishing trip in their truck and camper and were about to retire for the night when a darkness and silence descended on the area, with no ambient sounds, only an intermittent sound like a grinder and a smell compared to carborundum on steel. The boy disappeared from view only to reappear equally mysterious 15 minutes later claiming he had seen a disc shaped object with red and blue flashing lights and had walked towards it and then not remembered anything else. The boy had a mark on his ankle and later suffered from a crippling mental illness. 

  • Colombo 1991 p76
  • Evaluation: Only known from a letter sent to Colombo in 1991 from the alleged mother of the boy.