Summer 1966, 1900hrs.
On several occasions between 1900-2000 hours, Valerie Haywood (19) saw, in her bedroom, the figure of a man with grey hair and dressed in black “Victorian” clothes, with a gold stud on its collar. The dog would not go into the room. It was supposed to be a former resident who committed suicide in the room.

  • Bord 1989 p81 citing Chester Butterworth in Ebon 1968 (Ghosts) p110.
Summer 1966. Night.
Jean Sheldon was out driving when she stopped for a breath of air when a silvery disc , about 15m in diameter, surmounted by a luminous red dome descended near here. An opening appeared in its underside and she was levitated on board, where she encountered three naked humanoid beings, 1.5m tall, with green eyes. By telepathy they told her that they wanted to mate with her and advised her to comply. They had sex on a bed for over an hour, which she found very exciting. They told her that this showed that their races were compatible, but she did not become pregnant.
  • Binder 1968 p32 citing National Tattler 2 April 1967.
  • Evaluation: Journalistic hoax

Summer 1966. Night.
A woman arriving home late drove her car through the three shrouded driveway leading to her garage. A light in her rear view mirror caught her eye and on getting out of the car she saw that it was a blue light emitted by a tiny egg shaped object, slightly above the garage door. The thing was just larger than an American football and was fuzzy at the edges. It hovered and manoeuvred in darts, as if studying the witness. After a few moments it shot out of the driveway.
  • Dione 1973 p13.

Summer 1966. Evening.
An object rimmed with blinking lights approached at treetop level and stopped over a clearing where a group of teenage boys were having an outing. One of the boys thought about running to get his rifle but then changed his mind. The object seemed to float in the air for five minutes, wobbling from time to time before turning a pearl grey colour and shooting away.
  • Dione 1973 p17.

Summer 1966. 2300hrs.
A teenage girl and her boyfriend were walking north on Boundary Lane when they saw what they thought was a shooting star over the golf course to their right. However the object descended in a zigzag fashion until it was hovering over a tree on the course. They now saw that it was a hemispherical object with a row of flashing lights around the base. The girl gradually pulled her boyfriend away from the scene, while they watched for about 10 minutes until the thing took off in a similar zigzag fashion at high speed.
  • Cameron 1995 p38)

Summer 1966. 2350hrs.
At an undisclosed location an 18 year old youth was taking his girlfriend back home through a wooded area. They sat down for a rest only to encounter a group of teenage boys, who first thought were trouble makers, then realised were frightened of something. There was then a sudden silence and they felt oppressed, the teenagers’ voices appearing distorted. They then saw a sort of white mist some 15cm off the ground, which swirled around them. As it did so time seemed to slow down and everything seemed in slow motion. Eventually this past and the young man noticed that despite the apparent passage of several minutes his cigarette had not burned out.
  • Randles 2001 p59.

July 1966.
A landing report, no further details.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers August 1967 p10.

July 1966.
A landing and occupant report. No further details,
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers August 1967 p10.

July 1966. 0300hrs.
While patrolling the North West city limits, Capt. Jack Brown (47) of the Mount Shastra police department observed an object approaching on collision course, forcing him to swerve so that he almost went into a ditch. Terrified, he prepared to abandon his car. He now saw the object was a smooth disc 9-12m diameter, 3-3.5m thick, which was hovering 6-9m above his car. The thing emitted a blue-white glow, particularly intense around its rim, which hurt Jack’s eyes. The object had no openings but on its underside were two thick tubular protrusions, about 20m around at the edges. After 3-4 minutes the thing drifted off erratically across the road and then shot off in the direction of Mount Shastra. There was no interference with the vehicle’s electricity system. Officer Mazzeri, 13km north of Mt Shastra, observed the object moving towards the mountain.
  • Steven Adams in MUFON UFO Journal 164 p18 citing investigation by Paul Cerny.

July 1966, 0945hrs.
On a Saturday in July, a young couple were driving along the Pennsylvania Turnpike from Allentown to their summer cottage in the Pocono Mountains when they encountered a large circular object low over the road, as if to land. They pulled to the edge of the road and stopped. The object, which had black spots that resembled windows, flew low over their car and then suddenly vanished. On reaching their destination, the couple found that the 30 minute journey had taken four hours.
  • Keel 1975a p199
July 1966. 
A 4 year old girl disappeared from her bed and could not be found despite intense searches. As her disappearance was about to be reported to the police, her father heard a voice say “we have returned her”. She was found back in her bed at home with no memory as to what happened to her.
  • Bord 1988 p155 citing The Unexplained 70.
July 1966, approx date. Night.
A woman was awakened by a humming sound like a motor and observed a large luminous sphere in the garden outside. She then saw a tall human figure in silvery metallic clothes. The figure raised its hand and a ray of light came from it and hit her upper body. The figure just disappeared on the spot. Her husband and young son were asleep nearby.
  • Musgrave 1979 case 33 p45 citing a letter from the witness in Saga UFO Report October 1977 p77.

July 1966. Night.
Mrs Alice H Herle and her family were sat on the back porch of their Rt 1 home, on this clear night, where a huge light ascended from behind the woods, about 1km away. The thing rose slowly and passed over their house at treetop level. They ran into the yard for a better look and saw that it was a large, very bright, white light, about 10m diameter, which lit up the yard with a blue-white light. It moved too slowly to be any kind of conventional craft.
  • Skylook 53 p15.

July 1966, 2315hrs.
A group of people including a Mr Stephens saw an object to the east just above hills. It rapidly approached them and paced their car. It was a red circular object, the size of a large tail light. which made no sound. At times it came within 3m of their car at about 6-10m altitude. It moved off to the north and just disappeared.
  • Basterfield 1997 p157 citing TUFOIC files.

July 5 1966, 2150hrs.
A very small, strange being, no more than 1.5m tall was seen by a woman and some youngsters as it walked along the streets leaving a luminous trail. Some of the children fled, but others who stayed on said that the being seemed curious and appeared to try and talk to them. It then moved off to another part of the town, where it was seen by Miss Antonieta Chirinos (18) and two children who were with her. It was also seen by a boy Gonzalo Villavicencio, who yelled at the creature from his balcony, causing it to move quickly away.
  • Charles Bowen in FSR 14,3 p17 citing El Noticiero Universal (Barcelona) 8 July 1966 and La Razon (BA) 8 July 1966 both citing an undated issue of El Comercio (Lima).

July 5 1966, 2000hrs.
At a place 5km northwest of Norfolk four people observed an octagonal object with coloured lights, which dimmed and brightened as the object swooped twice low over a field and then took off again.
  • John Keel in Bowen 1969a citing Norfolk Daily News 6 July 1966.
July 11 1969, 2045hrs.
Two women saw a red luminous object, 30m long, 6m high, in a field 30m away. It had small openings and made a whirring sound. The observation lasted for 90 minutes.
  • Vallée Case 779 citing Blue Book Files.

July 13 1966, 0230hrs.
Level crossing keeper Camillo Faieta was on duty at the 65km point on the Pisa-Florence railway on this dark moonless night, when he was startled by a brilliant light and saw a red fireball leaving a luminous trail in the sky. He first thought that it was an aircraft crashing in flames, then saw that when it reached 10m above the embankment, it gained height again, then descended over a small islet in the middle of the Emmisario Canal. Faieta ran into his cabin to notify the Pontedera station master, asking him to call the authorities. Meanwhile other witnesses arrived on the scene. These included lorry driver Vittorio Camillini, who also reported a noise like bells, three other lorry drivers and a couple in a car. They saw that the object, 15m in diameter, was giving off an intense light. Faeita look a signalling lantern and approached within 3m of the object. As he reached out his hand, he saw, under the object two circular tubes or beings 50cm tall, which disappeared from sight behind the disk. He was scared and returned to the cabin. The lights of the lorry were directed on the object and went out. The telephone went down at the same time. At 0345 the object disappeared completely. Police who arrived on the scene also saw the disk, but could find no traces. Another witness was the crossing attendant at Arnaccio, Giuseppe Valeriana.
  • BUFORA Journal 2,1 p11 citing Renato Albanese in Tribuna Illustratra 12 March 1967.

July 17 1966, 0345hrs.
A party of 6 people, including Rene Pebre, were returning to Draguignan from La Martre, 50km away. Three of the party went on ahead, the other three including Rene were driving someway behind their friends when, at the Rebouillon crossroads they became aware of two great lights travelling parallel to their car. The then saw that these lights came from an object hovering 200m above the valley to their right. They stopped and walked to the parapet overlooking the valley from where they saw the object from 200-300m distance. It was egg shaped; 1.5 times the size of their car, from its rear a lighted stem was pointing upwards and on its sides were four weakly illuminated windows. After remaining stationary for a moment the thing began to turn on its own axis and then came within 50m of the party, 20-30m above the ground.

At this point the object switched on luminous beams, projecting down from its underside, illuminating the ground. Eventually these lights went out and the object moved off in the direction of Draguignan in perfect silence. The group were then joined by their friends who had come searching for them. They had also seen this object but had not taken much notice. Dogs were barking and howling in the countryside during the observation.
  • FSR Case Histories translating from Jean Chasseigne and Francois Noll in LDLN November 1971 citing Revue d’Etudes et d’Information de la Gendarmerie National 1967
  • MUFORG Bulletin December 1966 p9 citing Phen Spax September 1966.

July 18 1966, 2030hrs.
A large, bright white light took off from the edge of a reservoir. It was observed for just 10 seconds.
  • Basterfield 1981 p86 citing UFOR (SA) Files)

July 20 1966, or following week. 2130hrs.
Angela Cotton and her boyfriend John were sitting in their car when they became aware of a blue-yellow glow between two hills and, as they wound down the window, a sort of vibration in the air. They decided to drive away but had not gone more than 400m when John was seized by a pain in his stomach and elbow and had difficulty in breathing, which eased as they moved out of the area. John developed bruising and puncture marks on his elbow and stomach. When they investigated the next day they found that the earth was scooped out in a furrow, which looked as though it had been made by a circular devise. The grass was browned as if exposed to heat.
  • Angela Cotton in Spacelink 5,2 p12
  • UFOlog 33 p2
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b citing UFOlog op cit + own interview 2007.

July 22 1966, 2300hrs.
Estate agent, David H Roth of Fort Wayne, was driving his son John, an officer in the Naval Medical Corps, home on leave, when he noticed a strange object pass over the car three times. On the third occasion John indicated that he had also seen the object, which he described as being like a prehistoric bird. It was circular, about 7.5m diameter, with a convex lower part and portholes. It hovered silently 10m above the road. It appeared sharp, metallic and so close that they could have hit it with a stone. It was illuminated like a “church steeple at night”. It manoeuvred in an arc of about 100m, coming to within less than 5m of their car. When another car arrived on the scene, the thing turned off its lights and moved off leaving a bluish trail.
  • Edwards 1969 p65.
  • Hynek 1972 pp. 95, 238.

July 23 1966, 2030hrs.
Mr L G Bradbrook saw an object the apparent size of the full moon rise from the ground and speed off.
  • Australian UFO Review 10 p18.

July 25 1966, 0200hrs.
College student James Clark, driving between Greenville and Vanceboro saw a glow in the woods and was followed at speeds of up to 170kph by the light. He finally stopped to observe it, but became afraid when he saw that it came from a pulsating object that flew within 100m of his car, 15m above the ground. The colour changed in sequence orange—blue/green and the thing wobbled on its axis. It came within 30m and then suddenly left straight up., disappearing within 30 seconds.
  • Vallée Case 782 citing Blue Book Files.
  • NICAP UFO Chronology citing above + Don Berliner.

July 27 1966, approx. date.
Mrs Larry Fish, wife of the deputy sheriff, was driving down State Road 28, near the Junction with State Road 29, when the area became brightly illuminated, and her car stopped. She saw a light just above the treetops “like a big white puff of light”, which lit up the road and a barn. When the light blinked out the car was able to move again.
  • Edwards 1969 p66 citing Frankfort (Ind) Times 28 July 1966.

July 28 1966, 1530hrs.
Marion Bull (14) was at the swimming baths in Weymouth Street, when looking towards the Ferris Mead housing estate, she saw large, shiny, silvery, flat object pass over just above the trees. When it reached the park, it turned on its side to reveal a shape like that of a bowler hat. It went back and forth for a while, changing shape again to a sort of cylinder with bulges on either end. It then moved side to side again before shooting off.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p69 citing Ken Rogers.

July 28 1966, 2230hrs.
Mr Lacoste, a photographer from Samur, and his wife were exploring a piece of land they had bought in Montsoreau, when Mrs Lacoste saw a red ball in the sky, which she thought was a meteor. However, the nearer the ball came to the ground, the more blinding became its light, lighting up the countryside. Mrs Lacoste became almost hysterical. Mr Lacoste saw the object rise up, circle the area for about 40 seconds and then either land again or hover at low altitude. The couple ran back to their car and switched on their headlights, at which, the object, which was about 300-400m away, climbed away. They tried to follow it in the car, but it became lost to sight behind a wood, though its light was still visible for a few moments. The observation lasted for 3-4 minutes. It was also observed from the nearby hamlet of Momoiere de Montsoreau. The following Sunday (31st) a local farmer, Alain Rouillet found an area, 2.5 x 3m of flattened wheat in a definite rectangle, and oily traces.
  • Vallée 1969 p32 citing Paris Jour 14 August 1966.
  • MUFORG Bulletin December 1966 p9 citing Phen Spax September 1966.
  • FSR 12,6 p.iii citing Paris Jour op. cit.
  • FSR 13,2 p31 citing Paris Jour 13 August 1966.
July 31 1966. 
A landing report. No further details.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers August 1967 p10.

July 31 1966. 2145hrs.
Betty Jean Klem (16), Douglas J Tibbetts (18), Anita Haifley (22) and her two baby girls aged 2 years and 6 months, and Gerald La Belle (26) were holding a picnic on the beach. When their car become stuck in the sand La Belle went to get help. During his absence Patrolmen Ralph K Clark and Robert Loeb arrived on the scene and were assured that all was well. At some point between 2130 and 2200 Tibbetts and Klem began watching a bright “star” which seemed to head towards them. They could then see that it was a brilliant white, mushroom shaped light, the size of a house, with lights on the back. As it landed on the beach about 150m ahead it turned a brilliant red and their whole car began to vibrate as they heard a buzzing sound. A sound could also be heard on the car roof. Though the object itself was difficult to see in the distance it had began to emit narrow beams of powerful white light which seemed to rotate. The two police officers reappeared and Tibbetts informed them about the object which had now dimmed its lights, and the three men went to investigate. While they were away Klem saw the outline of a creature, almost 2m tall, outside the car. She began to press the horn, bringing Tibbetts and the police officers back. Mrs Haifley saw nothing. The officers testified to Klem’s panic. Searches of the area failed to find the object or the creature, but other police officers found 4 pairs of triangular prints 45cm long, sloping down to a depth of 20cm, skid marks and conical imprints 24cm diameter, 15cm deep, as well as three spots of sand dampened with a colourless, odourless sticky liquid. Air Force investigators concluded that it was bear’s urine.
  • John Keel in FSR 12,6 p5.
  • Vallée Case 784 citing the above + UFOIC Newsletter June 1967.

August 1966. 0005hrs.
A family of three, annoyed by constant damage to their cornfield, went out one night with some friends to hunt the while bears they believed were responsible. While they were hidden in the rocks they heard a noise behind them and observed, some 20m away, an object 3m in diameter, shaped like “a car wheel or cheese”, with a fluorescent blue –white colour. On its surface there was a circular cupola, which was throbbing. Thinking they had seen a ghost they fled. Visiting the spot a few days later, UFO investigator Manuel Pedrajo found traces of a tripod,, two of the bases of which had slipped in the ground, producing distinct signs of dragging. Next to the place was a rectangle 1m x 30cm, in which the moss and soil had disappeared, and in which recent marks, like those of a bear’s paw could be seen.
  • Ballester 1976 case 44 citing investigation by Manuel Pedrajo.

August 1966.
A landing report. No further details.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers August 1967 p10.

August 1966.
A landing report. No further details.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers August 1967 p10.

August 1966, 1530hrs.
An ambulance man and four American friends were walking in some fields near to the USAF base when they felt rather than heard a whining noise in the air above them. Looking up they saw a large, round, black object coming towards them. Frightened, they ran and hid under a nearby railway bridge while the object descended to within 15cm of the ground. They now noticed that the thing had a blue-grey colour. They noticed that they all had slight headaches, cows in a nearby field lay down, a can rolled towards the object and all their watches had stopped. When one of the Americans dropped a bottle the object took off again with a roar and a brilliant flash, going straight up and disappearing within seconds. Some minutes later four military police arrived, ordered the Americans back to base and warned them that no one would believe their story. The ambulance man was not allowed to meet the Americans again.
  • BUFORA Journal 5,2 p.iii citing Robert Digby.

August 1 1966, 0030hrs.
Three girls, including Kathy P (14), who was going to bed saw a landed object for 30 minutes. The thing made a rattling sound and hovered a few centimetres above the ground. It was oval, 1.8m long, 1.2m wide. A square opening appeared and two beings, 1.5m tall, slender, with large heads, emerged, walked about, apparently examining some bicycles and then returned to the object, which took off. Grass was found matted in a circle, with two marks in the grass, 1.2m apart, which were 2.5cm wide.
  • Phillips 1975 p43 case 685 citing an unspecified issue of UFO Investigator
  • Alberto Rosales citing Patricia Rudic and NICAP.

August 1 1966, 1945hrs.
A young girl, Donna G, drew the attention of her playmates to an object hovering over a tree near them at about 20-25m altitude. The other children were playing about a block away and when Donna called out to them, the object, which was round, brighter and about four times the apparent size of the full moon, with a silvery colour, fuzzy edges and slight rocking motion, took on a red-orange colour, mainly on the outer edge of its bottom. The thing seemed to revolve and appeared to jump across the road, stopping abruptly over some trees on a hill, a city block to the south. The youngsters ran back to Donna’s home where her mother was on the phone to her mother, Mrs Bailey (64), a churchgoing lady who was considered reliable. When told of the incident, Mrs Bailey went outside and watched the object herself four 5 minutes. A group of teenagers including Eric M at a Dairy Delight Drive In, about 2.5km from the children also observed the object for 45 seconds before it grew brighter and then disappeared to the south. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p109.
  • APRO Bulletin July/August 1966 p8.
August 3 1966, 0530hrs.
Mrs Julie Helwig of West Third Street was awoken by the barking of neighbourhood dogs. She looked out of her window and saw a human shaped being about 1.65m tall, clothed in a yellow jacket and trousers with no discernible pockets, belts or other features. Its head was large, moon shaped, with a flat back and straggly, muddy brown, hair. The creature had broad shoulders but a slim body and moved in a mechanical fashion, its legs not bending at the knees and the arms hanging stiffly by its side “like a wind up toy”. It ignored the dogs barking at its heels. It appeared across from some oil storage tanks and walked stiffly out of view. Julie alerted her husband, but with his poor eyesight, he could only see a movement. The same week a woman driving down Third Street late at night reported a similar creature which pounded on her car bonnet.
  • John Keel in FSR 12,6 p8 + Keel 1970a p161 citing his own investigation.

August 6 1966, 1400
The three youngest children of a family living in an isolated part of Texas suddenly saw a dark object with no colour or lights visible, shaped like an upside down cup, at a height of 4.5m near a tree about 10m from the house. A square of yellow light, like a door opening, appeared in which a small creature 90cm-1.2m tall, dressed in black clothing which reflected a yellow or gold colour. The observation lasted several minutes, then the door closed. A low humming sound became audible and the object took off towards the North East, rising sharply at moderate speed. The tree was found undamaged.
On 3 September at 14.00 the eldest daughter of this family was in the house, with a friend, watching TV, while most of the family were out. The set developed interference and then went out, at the same time the house became illuminated by an eerie red and yellow light which appeared to be circling or twirling. They looked outside and saw an object hovering in the same position was before. The shape was again that of an upside down cup with a flat disk underneath. It was covered with light and departed shortly afterward. No sign of life was apparent inside or outside the object. In the evening two days after this, the father of the house was sitting up in bed looking through his open door across the hall to his sons’ bedroom, when suddenly he saw a small person 1.05-1.2m tall dressed in tight fitting clothes enter the dark bedroom. he thought it was his small daughter going to see her mother who was in the room with the boys, but 10 minutes later he saw something like a bar of light which appeared to crumble. he got up and went to the room, where his wife and sons told him they had also seen the bar of light, but there was no sign of a small figure and his wife told him the little girl had never been in the room.
  • Vallée 1969 p52 citing Blue Book Files.

August 7 1966.
A landing report. No further details.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers August 1967 p10.

August 8 1966 approx. date. Evening.
Gale (6), Bobby Jnr (11) and Tina (10) Johnson were playing outside their rural hilltop home, 3km east of Connersville, when they saw what first looked like a bright star. When it came closer, they saw it was a large disk with a silvery transparent dome, and pulsating multi-coloured lights underneath, and was emitting a buzzing sound. Dale fled home and Bobby was partially hidden by some trees, but Tina was able to see the object stop at very low altitude between the barn and the house, and project a beam of yellow light, from an opening, in the direction of the highway and town. The beam then retreated carrying a dark, square object with wheels “like a little car”. After the car had entered and the opening closed, Tina saw the torso and head of two creatures at the side of the dome. They appeared to be dark, scaly, wearing some sort of mask or helmet and to have little, bright red, eyes. One of the creatures seemed to have one arm shorter than the other. Tina then ran home in panic. Bobby was distracted during this period by his cat suddenly becoming wobbly and falling off a tree. Both heard a high pitched whirr (also heard by their father, in the house, who thought it was the wind) and developed headaches. Tina was afraid at night and preferred not to sleep alone. Despite ridicule and interrogation Tina stuck to her story.
  • Don Worley in Official UFO 1,9 p35.

August 10 1966, 0030hrs.
On this clear night a ball of red orange light, about 90 cm diameters, with a central black design was seen skirting the walls and ceiling of a country cabin by a single witness. It gave off no heat, light or smell.
  • Fowler 1974 p341.
  • Evaluation: Some form of ball lightning?

August 11 1966. Night.
In a rural area near Melbourne, Marlene Travers (24) went out to the store 800m away. She heard a humming sound and saw a light in the sky, which she first thought was an aircraft until it landed in a field 10m away. She saw that it was a silvery disc 15m across, 3m thick, glowing with its own light. A sliding door opened and a tall handsome man dressed in a loose metallic green tunic emerged. His eyes seemed to give off light and he spoke with a high pitched whine than she understood through telepathy. He touched Marlene’s shoulder and led her into the craft. She passed an instrument panel as she was led into a strangely furnished room that seemed to go out of focus. The being told her that she had been selected for the honour of baring an extra-terrestrial and proceeded to have sex with her. After the event she was led out, as she departed she tripped and burnt her ankle. An indentation was found in the earth at the site and she had burns on her legs and ankle. She had been missing for seven hours and later found she was pregnant.
  • Edwards 1968 p86 citing New York Chronicle 21 November 1966
  • Evaluation: Journalistic hoax

August 14 1966, 2355HRS.
Cotton farmer Phillip Johnson was working late on his farm when his attention was caught by a bright light, like a brilliant star, in the moonless sky. He then realised it had a string of red lights behind it. It slowed down, dropped closer to earth, then stopped and the red lights went out. Unnerved, Phillip drove away and the object moved behind a hill and disappeared. As he sat eating his snack and wondering what he had seen, the bright light reappeared (suddenly according to one report, slowly according to another). It grew increasingly brilliant like a welding light, until Philip could no longer look at it. Looking down he saw the whole area bathed in moonlight like glow. He was now terrified and was prepared to crawl under the tractor to hide, when the bright lights went out and four red “pilot lights” about 12m apart seemed to come towards him and then turn away towards the next farm. Then the white light came on again, lighting up the whole area, as it hovered about 200m away. It then slowly rose and banked up, so that Phillip saw three or four sets of white vapour trails coming from it. Outlined against the starry sky, Philip could now see a huge object 35-40m long but only about 2m thick, which moved slowly away and disappeared. 30 minutes later an object with three red lights circled the area at about 200m altitude, flew around the area and hovered over the mountain until dawn.

The next night at either 2145 or 2345 Philip was driving home at 50kph on rough roads to get first aid for a badly cut finger, when he caught sight of a light 400m away. Without getting out of the car he shone a torch towards this light, at which point t it was only 100m away, travelling low and slow parallel to the road. It appeared to be 50-55m long, about 2m thick and of shining metallic texture. The rear light then went out and there was a swish and it accelerated to 80kph. By the light of the torch Philip could see two doors, many windows and a sort of front window or windscreen on the object. The rear light then came on again with another swish and the object moved away at 25kph. He hurried home and told his mother and family. They, along with some neighbours, drove to the scene in convoy at high speed but saw nothing except a bright white light in the distance.
  • A.F.S.R 6 p8 + Spacelink 4,1 p9 citing Sydney Sun Herald 27 November 1966.
  • Hervey 1969 p160.
  • Australian UFO Review 10 p30.

August 15 1966, 0200HRS.
Keith Palmer was making his way to the bathroom when he glanced out of the widow to the east and, to his amazement, saw an object, half the apparent size of the full moon, approaching from the direction of Edmonton. He awoke his wife and the couple saw the object stop about 150m from the house over an old tree, which had twice been struck by lightning. They could now see that it was a large and intensely glowing disc, no features being visible in the glare. After it had hovered for a short while, the object suddenly shot put two smaller brightly illuminated discs and these took up positions on either side of the main body and emitted beams that lit up the ground in cones of pure white light, so bright that Keith was able to read his watch.

To get a better view, he opened his window and as he did so, the two smaller discs extinguished their lights and moved back into the parent body, which tilted slightly and came slowly towards the house. As it came close to and over the house, the couple heard sounds resembling both a humming top and a muffled jet. They saw that it was enormous, pear shaped, with a series of coloured lights revolving in a random fashion on the discoid underside. Mrs Palmer was very frightened. The next day Keith noticed a rash, resembling sunburn, on his face, and both he and his wife had headaches and sore necks. When the area over which the thing had hovered was examined an elderberry bush was found to have died in its centre apparently on the same night, and circular holes, including a depression of flattened grass were found. It was claimed that the Ministry of Defence cordoned off the area.
  • Colin McCarthy in FSR 12,6 p4 citing his own investigation.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p73 citing above and own investigation.

August 15 1966.
Victor Camp and two other teenage boys were driving up a hill when a myserious domed object approached. A strange buzzing was noted on the car radio and the engine stalled. The object was glowing reddish orange, resembled a flat bowl 1.8-2.4m diameter. When it was about 3m away, the boys jumped out of the car and ran down the hill, followed by the object, which then veered up in the air and seemed to disappear.
  • Green and Smith 1967 p28.

August 16 1966, approx. date.
James Luhn and the three passengers in his car were driving down Highway 8 when they saw an object the size of an American football field take off from a wooded area. As they drove towards the object, its light dimmed, but it then suddenly whirled, changed colour and headed towards their car. It had blue, green and faint red whirling lights, which turned to a definite blue green as it approached the car. As it did so, the car’s windows began to steam up. When the object was only a few blocks away, Mr Luhn turned the car around and headed back towards the highway. Numerous other local residents reported similar strange objects.
  • FSR 12,6 p.iv.
August 16 1966.
Several pilots reported that an unidentified object landed on an east-west runway, then took off again. According to some accounts an occupant was seen.
  • FSR 12,6 p.iv citing Duluth News Tribune 18 August 1966.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers August 1967 p10.

August 16 1966.
East of Cameron a strange object was seen at close range and their were physical effects. No further details
  • Rath 1997 p64)

August 18 1966, 2145hrs.
A landing report. No further details.
  • FSR 17,6. Table of American landings.

August 19 1966, 0040HRS.
Chris W (14) and three friends were camping in the back yard, when they were awoken by a large object which swooped down and hovered over them. The other boys began to run off in terror, but Chris waited for a few seconds longer. As he stood there he was stuck on the side of his face by a beam that came from an opening in the object. He appeared paralysed and the other boys were unable to move him. The object then turned red and moved. Chris suffered numbness in his face and partial hearing loss.
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1967 p109.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 78 p33.
  • Green and Smith 1967 p5.
  • Richard Heiden citing Official UFO October 1975 p58.

August 19 1966, 1650hrs.
A border patrolman employed by the US immigration service was driving in a rural area, 1.6km north of Donnybrook when bright flashes in a clear patch low to the east, in an otherwise stormy sky, caught his attention. He stopped and watched as a bright metallic silvery object dropped below the horizon and moved down the slope opposite him into the shallow valley. It appeared to be tilted to one side, showing it to be a disc with a dome on top, 9m diameter, 4.5m high, moving with a falling leaf motion 3m above the ground. In its centre was a dark spot, like smoked glass, and around it three smaller spots, about 35cm diameter. When it reached the valley floor it rose about 30m and moved to a small reservoir, where it turned horizontal and hovering for about a minute. Then it moved up slope and settled just above the ground about 75m from the witness, as static blocked his two way radio. The thing then tilted slowly back on edge, took off with a whooshing sound and disappeared rapidly into the clouds. The radio now returned to normal. At the landing site, two groups of depressions, three per group 2.85-3.75m apart, and some 10 displaced rocks were found. The object had been 1.2km away when first seen and had come within 30m of the car at one point. The observation lasted five minutes, the final take off 3 seconds. The witness was regarded as reliable and sincere and desired absolutely no publicity.
  • Condon and Gilmour 1969 p273 citing investigation by Allen Hynek and Robert Low.
  • Phillips 1975 p 2 case 820 citing Centre for UFO Studies.
  • Vallée Case 788.

August 20 1966. Early hours.
Otto Becker, his son and daughter in law woke up to find the whole house bathed in a bright light and they observed a “six story” object at treetop level 60m away. It gave off rainbow colours, which appeared to pour off its edges “like water” in a fantastic display. A distinct engine noise was heard before the thing took off vertically. Domesitc animals had been greatly disturbed and the witnesses had inflamed eyes for several days.
  • Vallée Case 789 citing NICAP Report January 1967.

August 20 1966. Dusk.
12 people including Gladys Cuch and her husband observed a convex object, glowing orange, hovering 100m away. It approached within 50m, projecting a red beam from its bottom. When some children ran towards it, the object moved away. No sound was heard.
  • Salisbury 1974 table citing Joseph Hicks files.

August 21 1966, 0100hrs.
Jack Tait saw a point of light travelling north to south about 30m above the ground, and thought he heard a whistling sound.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p75 citing an Aerial Phenomena sighting report.

August 21 1966, 0400hrs.
Gloria Blizzard (17) was awoken by noises like a jet engine starting up, a whistle and a hum and on going to her window saw a silvery cigar shaped object 25m long, hovering above a house 8m away, emitting light. On its side were three dark ridges. The thing was then silent. The noise started up again and the thing moved slowly away. (
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p75 citing Aerial Phenomena sighting report + Penge Gazette 8 September 1966.

August 22 1966.
Five reliable people observed a luminous being 2.4-3m tall, changing colour red-orange-yellow. One person saw it from a window and took a photograph, which however never surfaced)
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1968 p83
  • John Keel in FSR 13,2 p6 citing Malvern Daily Record 23 August 1966.

August 22 1966, 1830hrs.
While watching cattle, Ernest Brockey observed an unidentified object in a clover field behinf the farm buildings, 400m away. Accompanied by his daughter and two grandchildren, he drove in his truck to within 200m of the thing. He then became afraid and drove back and then went to get some neighbours. A hired ahnd also observed the object from the barn lot. When Brockey returned with the neighbours the object had gone. An investigation 24 days later showed the presence of residual radiation twice the normal background level and four, roughly circular, patches, approximately the size of a bushel barrel arranged in the form of a square, 6.3m from centre to centre, where the live clover had become blackened.
  • Orville B Hartle in Flying Saucers 78 p51.

August 24 1966, or following day. 2200hrs.
A missile crew commander Captain Val Smith was on duty at Mike Flight Missile Site, about 20m underground in a concrete bunker, when his radio began to be filled with static. At the same time a strange object was reported over the site at about 30,,000m altitude. It was tracked on radar. The thing then appeared to swoop and dive and apparently landed about 15-25km south of the site. When an investigating team got within 15km their radios were disrupted by static. Some 5 to 8 minutes the object t’ glow diminished and it took off. A second object appeared above the first. Some 150 minutes after the incident was reported an F-106 interceptor was sent up but nothing could be seen.
  • Randle 2014 p 219 citing Blue Book Files + J Allen Hyenk + Robert Hastings.
  • Vallée Case 791 citing Blue Book Files.
  • Minot Daily News 6 December 1966 p1.

August 29 1966.
Clausson observed an unidentified object land. No further details.
  • Table of American Landings.
  • Flying Saucers August 1967 p10.

August 31 1966, 0345hrs.
A girl looking out of the window of her fifth floor flat off Littleton Road, saw two pink-red lights, joined by a bar, underneath a grey oval object, which was surmounted by a dome. It was travelling 8-10m above the ground, 300m away and passed over a block of flats in front of her. It appeared to be travelling at about 130-160 kph.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p76 citing Joan Nelstrop.
  • Evaluation: Misperception of aircraft heading to Manchester Airport?

August 31 1966, 2020hrs
Mrs Taina Pele was called to the balcony by her two daughters, to see an object that came from the direction of the Tarvo Highway. It was luminous, resembled two plates one on top of the other. The edge was brilliantly illuminated, as was the top part, which was pulsating. The thing came in at 200m altitude and appeared to be about to land in a nearby field, its light dimming as it descended. However it suddenly rose again and continued flying towards Kapyla. As it sped away, its light became brighter. No sound was heard.
  • FSR 12, 6 p iii citing Helsingia Sanomet 1 Sept 1966).
  • Evaluation: Helsinki airport suggested that this might have been a light aircraft.

Early Autumn 1966. 0100hrs.
A 9 year old boy was awakened by something outside his house and on looking through the window saw a bpidel creature about 1.8m tall with a ridge on its head and small reptilian eyes. On seeing the boy the creature ran off towards Sinking Creek.
  • Newton 2010 p100 citing Bart Nunnelly.
  • Evaluation: Reported 30 years after the event

Fall 1966.
A truck driver, who did not wish his name to be given, was driving between Winston Salem and Elkin when he almost ran over a small man dressed in a silver “space suit”. The being then ran off into the nearby woods.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 77 p3.

Fall 1966.
A number of people are said to have seen tiny men in this area.
  • John Keel in FSR 13,2 p5

Autumn 1966.
Young children claimed that some little men, 1m tall, with large heads, dressed in silver suits gave them something like candy which lasted for days. The children disappeared for hours at a time. Small dark beings dressed in cowls and carrying things like rods were also reported. Dogs in the community were barking. Strange objects were seen landing and leaving imprints in the ground. On one occasion a bush pilot and a friend wwere out walking when they heard a humming sound and experienced a sense of intense fear.
  • Musgrave 1979 p45 case 34 citing a letter to NICAP.
  • Rutkowski 1993 p18 citing letters to NICAP and APRO + personal information.

Autumn 1966, or following year. Dusk.
A family out driving outside of Lancaster saw a thin disc shaped object, stood on legs in a field. The thing, which was 9-12m diameter, had a row of lights around its circumference. Next to it was an army style helicopter. The mother of the family drove on.
  • Swords 2005 p211 citing John Timmerman.

Autumn 1966. Evening.
A group of teenage UFPlogists including Frank Earp saw two luminous spheres, which followed them. They then saw a strange flat “cardboard” like figure over 1.8m tall. It appeared to be covered in hair and its head lay directly on its shoulders, but could see no facial features as they were viewing from behind. Its arms seemed to hang down, ending in a single, inwardly curving, finger rather than hands and its shoulders were hunched up. In each of these “fingers” it held a red glowing rod, 20-30cm long. The being’s legs just faded out towards the bottom. It appeared to be hovering above the ground. Only two of the three boys in the group could see the entity.
  • Bord 1988 p225 citing Frank Earp in Northern Earth Mysteries 11 p7.

Autumn 1966.
An object was reported to have landed and traces and footsteps found at the site.
  • John Keel in FSR 13,2 pp5,9.

Autumn 1966. Night.
T. W. Van Winkle, janitor at the consolidated school, was northwest of the school, attempting to light some wet papers in the incinerator, when the area suddenly became very bright. Looking for the source of this light, he saw, coming from the north below treetop level, an egg shaped object with a large light source at the top and a ring of amber lights about one third of the way down. The thing was grey, 12m long, 4.5m high and moved very slowly, taking about a minute to move a block, emitting a humming sound like a swarm of bees. It passed along of the football field, less than 100m from the witness, continued to the south, toward Geode Park and raised itself over the top of trees at the north end of the field. Some youths had seen a similar object on several previous occasions and the same night they had followed a lighted object to Geode Park but lost it there.
  • T W Van Winkle in Skylook 31 p12.
September 1966.
Barbara Corliss (17) and Douglas Whitlow wearing driving along the Toledo-Siletz road, when they observed a large zigzag white object whizzing above the treetops.
  • Dan Lloyd in FSR 13,3 p30.

September 1966, 0010hrs.
David Rayney (19) of Raglan Street, Coalville Estate was getting ready for bed when his room was illuminated by a powerful beam of light, as the radio became filled with static. When the light faded, so did the static. This repeated a few minutes later, David looked out of the window, to be nearly blinded by the light, which was rotating around. From this beam came three luminous blue spheres, one near Caverswall, one over the River Blythe and the third over Sheepwash Lane. This latter glided low over the fields, coming close to a car on Sheepwash lane. The beam then went out.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p80 citing own investigation.

September 1966. 0130HRS.
A light stopped in mid-air, 3-4.5m above the ground for 3-4 minutes and then took off, leaving a multi-coloured trail.
  • Basterfield 1981 citing UFO Research (NSW) files.

September 1966. 0330hrs.
Deputy Sheriff Ed Korenek was driving northbound on Hw 71, travelling at 190kph to clear his engine of soot when he saw a fiery mass on the highway north of him. Suddenly there was an object pacing his car at 190kph. This was another fiery mass. Looking to the front again, he saw the first fiery mass on the road about 800m ahead, three stories tall, its shape indistinguishable in the flames. He braked and tried to radio in, but found his radio was dead. He was able to glance to his left again to see that the second object was hovering over a field at Spot Thornton Airport. He headed straight for the object on the road and as he did so, the thing glided slowly off the highway to the east, sucking in the flame, which now appeared as a fiery tail behind it. Looking back at the airport, Ed saw that the second object had also now disappeared. His radio now worked and radio dispatcher Clarence Ribodeaux confirmed the terror in his voice, though Ed refused to give details. The police confirmed his reliability.
  • Flying Saucers 56 p22.
  • Lorenzen 1968 p23.
  • UAPRO Bulletin 1,7 p12.
  • Vallée Case 792 citing Houston Tribune 19 January 1967.

September 1966. Evening.
Christopher Chesters (20) was out walking with his girlfriend, when, turning the corner into another lane, the couple saw a large egg shaped object, of dull silver colour, hovering about 18m above the ground. As the astonished couple watched, another, much smaller, shimmering object of similar shape and colour rose from behind a barn and merged with the larger object, which also began to shimmer. This larger object then rose rapidly and moved off into the west. Chesters estimated that the large object was 4 times the size of the Goodyear blimp, the smaller one to be half the size of the blimp. Investigators considered these dimensions to be exaggerations.
  • Mark Tyrrell in Skywatch 27 p3.

September 1966. Night.
Leon W was driving his girlfriend home when they saw a large blue, circular object that descended to within a metre or two of the ground. They drove to within a few metres of thing, which then took off. On the return journey Leon again saw the blue object. His car seemed to travel at speed, outside his control, and he was unable to open the doors. When he regained control of the car, Leon reported the matter to the police.
  • Steiger 1999 p40.

September 1966. Night.
A 30 year old secretary was driving along the South Yaquina Bay road, with her daughter and a friend, when a ball of light appeared just above and to the rear of the car. It was blue-white like a welders arc, the size of a house. It came so close that thr witness was afraid it would collide with her car, and braked. The thing went ahead of them at high speed.
  • Dan Lloyd in FSR 23,3 p30.

September 1 1966.
A secretary to one of the range employees was driving on Highway 70, followed by her weekend guests in another car. At a point between Mars Site instrumentation site and the small missile range, a mushroom shaped object with a fiery trail took off suddenly from the ground near the road and disappeared in the distance, leaving the fiery trail. The secretary was unable to identify the object as anything produced on the site.
  • Bill Clarkson in Flying Saucers UFO Reports 3 p60.

September 1 1966, 2230hrs.
In the area of Fort Duchesne, Colin Murdock saw a slow moving red-orange object at close quarters, sometimes in the sky, sometimes low to the ground. There were five other witnesses
  • Salisbury 1974 table citing Joseph Hicks files.

September 7 1966, 2000hrs.
About 15km east of Durand, Mrs Ed Bruns and her two children observed an elongated object, 9m long, with lights revolving around it hovering at about 1m altitude between their house and an orchard about 60m away. It emitted a high pitched sound that hurt the years of her younger, 6 year old, son. The object then tilted at an angle and sped away.
  • APRO Bulletin September/October 1966 p5.

September 7 1966, 2325hrs.
Donna Massey, a schoolteacher, had just finished canning tomato juice and went to talk to her husband Valda, also a schoolteacher, when she noticed an odd red light in the west. On her way back she went into the utility room for a better look. She saw the light was moving about 8kph, above the treetops about 1.5km away in front of a range of hills. Soon it became evident that she was watching a thing as large as a house giving off horizontal red and yellow beans. This thing appeared to be oval shaped and that the yellow light had multi-coloured tinges. The thing landed about 1.5km away. The couple called Mormon Bishop Garth Batty who arrived at the house and observed the spectacle for an hour. Through binoculars he saw that it was brilliantly illuminated domed shaped object, lit up like a blow torch, with a row of windows half way up. When the trio drove towards the object it took off vertically so rapidly that it appeared to vanish.
  • Salisbury 1974 p19 + table citing his own investigation and that of Joseph Hicks)

September 9 1966, 2100hrs.
A man saw an object descend from a cloud bank, slowly down and land with a soft whirring sound. It showed three horizontal bands of light, red, blue and green.
  • Vallée Case 796.
September 10 1966, approx. date. 2330hrs.
Valda and Donna Massey again saw a strange object cruising above the treetops and landing on the knoll. The light in the dome was brighter than before and bluish, before dimming to its original intensity. The family went to bed and did not see the thing land.
  • Salisbury 1974 p19.

September 13 1966, 0730hrs.
Farmer’s son Randy R (11 or 12) while waiting for a school bus saw an elliptical object, with a glass like bubble protruding from the top, about 11m diameter silvery-grey in colour, sharply outlined, silent, with three legs projecting from the bottom and five flashing lights. It was about 1,5km away when first seen and then moved to within 300m by a zigzag motion and made a vertical landing in his father’s field. Randy fled back inside and continued to view the thing through the window. It was between 2.5-3.5m thick. After about a minute the thing emitted a blue glow followed by a roar and a buzzing sound as it took off vertically and disappeared. The electrical power in the area was off after a thunderstorm. The incident was investigated by General Homer Goebel, State Air National Guard Commander at Fargo, who found a three indentations 30cm diameter, 18cm deep, with tapering bottoms, forming a triangle with sides 7.8 x 6.9 x 6.6m diameter. The soil appeared compressed rather than dug.
  • Phillips 1975 p43 case 247 citing investigation by CUFOS.
  • Lorenzen 1976 p7.
  • Vallée Case 797 citing Blue Book Files.

September 15 1966 1400hrs.
James C, a high school student, saw a silvery, metallic looking biconvex object 15-18m diameter hovering 1.5m above the ground in a clearing in the forest near his home. He was able to walk to within 30m of the thing and observe windows before the thing began to rise vertically, spinning slowly and then move rapidly as it rose. No sound was heard.
  • Salisbury 1974 p22 + table citing his own investigation and Joseph Hicks files.
September 17 1966, 0445hrs.
Ronald MacGilvary observed an object that glowed with a golden white light, sometimes bright, sometimes dim, hovering on or just above the sand at the water’s edge. When in its bright phase, the thing illuminated the surrounding sand. Other, much smaller lights approached this larger one with “skipping” motions, alternately fast and slow, eventually appearing to settle on it and then leave again to explore the nearby hills. Oneobject was observed for 30 minutes before vanishing behind a low hill on an island 400m from the witness’ home. The main object seemed to fade with the coming of dawn.
  • Edwards 1968 p 68 + UFO Investigator III,10 p4 both citing investigation by H W Eisman and Raymond Fowler
  • Evaluation: Fading at dawn strongly suggestive of astronomical source.

September 17 1966. Night.
While in the woods near Rockcastle, two 17 year olds, Joe McFarland and Edward Alcorn sat down for a rest. Almost immediately they felt faint and noticed that the area was becoming brightly lit. Looking up, they saw about 8m above them a bright circle of light “like the overhead lights in a hospital operating room”, 9m in diameter. After a few seconds it appeared to die out. They heard no noise. The boys ran down the hill in panic where they met Edward’s brother, sister and a friend. The five youngsters returned to the hill where they saw a bright flashing light in the trees and another, smaller light in the sky. Other residents also reported seeing lights in the area.
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1967 p109.

September 19 1966.
A meteorologist saw a strange object and baseball sized pieces of metal and footprints were found at the site.
  • Phillips 1975 p44 case 636 citing Modern Spaceflight Association, Japan.

September 20 1966, 2030hrs.
High school student, Priscilla Sireech and her siblings were watching TV in the living room, when the room became brightly illuminated by a red light. They ran outside to see a large object with a flat bottom and domed top, hovering just above their small house and appearing to be twice its size. The thing gave off a humming sound and around its bottom edge were blinking lights, predominately red but tinged with green and yellow. The thing was so bright it hurt the youngsters’ eyes just to look at it. No occupants could be seen in the dome. The object moved east from the house rather rapidly for about 400m and then came back over the house, finally disappearing over the horizon in the southwest. The object projected a red beam that only illuminated things that it touched. Other witnesses saw the thing from a distance, there being a total of eight witnesses in all. The object moved with a wobbling motion at an estimated altitude of about 10m.
  • Salisbury 1974 p23 + table, citing his own investigation and Joseph Hicks files.
September 21 1966, 0440hrs.
A veteran police officer on routine patrol was stopped at the traffic light in a business sector of town, where he saw an object that he thought was a small plane apparently in difficulties, lowering itself above the store building and his patrol car. The object, which resembled a huge pie, illuminated by red, white and blue lights around it, then hovered over his car. While it did so the officer was unable to use his car radio. The thing continued to fly at about 25m above him for about 800m across town, before disappearing at very high speed. Three days later he again encountered a strange object that came so close to his car that he had to stop and get out before he could see again.
  • Adler 1967 p70 citing Blue Book files.
Eight members of the Royal Canadian Air Force were refuelling an aircraft when she saw a shiny circular object travelling in an easterly direction at high speed. It suddenly stopped and descended close to the ground, where it hovered for 20 minutes. It then shot up at high speed. At Burton about 70km away, two fishermen saw a very bright “star” travelling high, west to east.
  • UFO Investigator III,10 p4 citing (?) Journal-Pioneer not dated.

September 23 1966, 1900hrs.
Dennis Billings had taken out the garbage into his back yard, when he heard sounds from one of his neighbour’s houses sounding as if they were coming from close by. As his wife joined him, they both saw a fiery sphere, about 8m diameter, above the house. The thing seemed to be composed of a vast number of tiny particles in a state of agitation. Within seconds the agitation calmed and then thing more resembled a solid beam. This then dimmed and formed into a rocket shape, which took off and moved up into the sky in a spiral motion.

While Dennis and his wife were pondering on this, they again heard distant sounds much magnified. Looking up they saw another luminous object that came down to 30-50m. It was a hemispherical object, with a flat base and blinking multi-coloured lights. In the centre of the otherwise flat underside was a sort of plastic looking, translucent cupola, in which some sort of activity could be seen. Mrs Billings became afraid and went back inside but Dennis moved to directly under the thing. After 15 minutes the thing took off and hovered for a time, manoeuvred and hovered again, before being joined by a similar object, at which they disappeared below the horizon.
  • Bearden 1980 p56.
September 24 1966.
Leon P Gaines was driving his girlfriend, Geneva Robinson, back to her apartment when they encountered a large blue object, which hovered over the car for a while, and then lowered itself to just above the ground. Leon drove towards it, coming within a few metres of the thing, at which it took off and disappeared. Later, while he was driving back from the apartment, the thing reappeared. Leon now found that he had lost control of his car, which picked up speed. The brakes would not work, the doors refused to open and Leon had no control over the steering. The object seemed to control the car this way for several kilometres, before Leon was able to gain control and report the matter to the police
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1967 p52.
  • Steiger 1988 p21.

September 24 1966, 2120hrs.
Mr T Burwood and his wife, of London, were driving on the A360 road between Tilshead and Shrewton on Salisbury Plain, when suddenly the car’s engine, lights and radio died. Burwood got out to inspect the engine, when he saw a sort of red mist coming down from the sky and settling on the road, about behind his car. It covered the area of an average sized car and stood about 2m high. He pointed it out to his wife and both watched it for some time. They then became aware of a light humming sound, which made then afraid. The mist was now rising up, leaving a smell like burning flesh. At that point another car rushed past, hooting has it passed their darkened car. When this car had gone and the mist had also vanished, and his car lights were on again. The engine started normally.
  • Letter from T Burwood in FSR 12,6 p18.

September 28 1966, 1830hrs.
A man getting out of his car, on returning from work, when his attention was caught by a bright halo of light behind his house. As he watched a bright bar of orange light flying 15-18m overhead at about 30kph. It resembled an electric clothes iron, with flickering flames coming from the rear at 3 second intervals, accompanied by a sound. The thing then turned back along its original course and headed to the west over a nearby park. A neighbour also saw the object.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p80 citing an unspecified issue of UFOlog.

September 28 1966, 2100hrs.
Three students, Kent Denver, Charles Thompson and his sister Kay, were riding their bicycles on Agency Hill road near the government offices, when they saw a big red fiery ball at low altitude for 30 minutes, in the southeast about 1km away. It eventually left.
  • Salisbury 1974 p24 + table citing own investigation and Joseph Hicks files.

September 28 1966, 2230hrs.
Jo-Ann Harris and Charlene Serwop were taking a group of teenage girls back to Randlett from Roosevelt. When 2.5km south of Fort Duchesne, they saw a big bright light against the mountain at treetop height, which light started to move towards them. As it moved, the lights would turn off and it would slant towards them. Joe-Ann thought it was a plane about to crash, until it got very close, when they saw that it was a dome with two extending parts, the light flashing on and off. After wondering if it was a large bomber or a new test vehicle, they decided that it was something extraordinary and began to panic. The object was now 50-100m away. At that point, another car, driven by Gail Watkins, drove past, and Jo-Ann decided to follow it back to Fort Duchesne. Gail did not see the object at all, and it appeared to vanish when his (?her) car arrived. During the sighting the object seemed to come closer each dark period. The girls, all First Americans were terrified, and one 16 year old had to sleep with her parents for a fortnight.
  • Salisbury 1974 p28 and table citing own investigation + Joseph Hicks files.

September 28 1966, 2235hrs.
Estel Manwaring, a schoolteacher and President of the Mutual Aid Association, and a colleague, Jo Ann Harris, left Roosevelt in separate cars, Jo Ann taking a girl home. The two cars separated at Fort Duchesne. Near a hill they saw an unidentified light and Estel turned off towards it. This object was circular with an illuminated silvery dome on top and bright lights around the outside, brightening and dimming, changing colour and obscuring the outline of the base. The object, which was the size of a small house, was crossing a field about 100m away at just above treetop height. When Estel reached open ground about 150m from the thing, it took off at tremendous speed, emitting a blue-red light as intense as a welding torch.
  • Salisbury 1974 p31 + table citing his own investigation and Joseph Hicks files.

September 30 1966, 1630hrs.
Curtis E (15) was out driving his tractor 600m north east of the airport, with his ten year old twin brothers, Kevin and Bevin, to bury a dead calf, when they saw an object fly overhead and come down to about 15m, 60m away. The boys shut off the tractor and to within 15m of the object, which they saw was metallic looking, shiny, shaped like a flat rim with a bump on top. The main object was 15-16m diameter, the rim 3m diameter. The thing hovered with a wobbling motion. As the lads got close, the object began to move away at 45kph and then took off at terrific speed “like a jet”. It was out sight for about 29 minutes but then could be seen again amongst the clouds.
  • Salisbury 1974 p36 + table citing his own investigation + Joseph Hicks files.

September 30 1966, 1730hrs.
Mrs Weston Justice saw a bright white object with a green bottom descend to the ground and disappear.
  • Salisbury 1974 table citing Joseph Hicks files.

September or October 1966. 2355hrs.
One Saturday three young itinerant crop workers, Philip (17) and Herman (20) Williams and Otto Collins (20) claimed to have been attacked by a giant hairy ape like creature, which attempted to kidnap Philip and Otto. They only escaped when the creature lost its balance when hitting a table near their shack. The creature had a rotten smell and very large bright green eyes. A farmer said he
saw a luminous object land at the site.
  • Green and Smith 1967 p.95.

Late 1966
A US soldier lost in the Demilitarised Zone was cornered by an enemy rifleman, when the sniper was shot down by a strange helmeted figure, about 2.5m, who then told the servicemen to go back to his own helicopter. When he looked back the stranger had disappeared.
  • Maloney 2011 p236.
  • Evaluation: Just another decades after the event anecdote.

October 1966, approx. date.
Jose Gironell (29), a pilot with more than 100 hours flying time, was driving with a young woman on National Highway11 when the car stopped and the lights went out. Two other cars also stopped. Jose then observed, in a ravine on the other side of the highway, a circular or elliptical object, of an opaque, metallic appearance, about 15m across, which emitted a fluorescent light as it wobbled slightly, very close to the ground. Seconds later it took off at great speed in a straight line, at about a 35 degree angle, towards the Bay of Rosas 13km away. It did so without making a sound or altering its luminosity and was lost in the distance after it had passed over the bay. The clouds were at 1500m.
  • Ballester 1976 case 45 citing investigation by CEI.

October 1966, approx. date. Night.
Farm wife, Mrs B and her teenage son were walking on the road to their house when they saw a large glowing object hovering directly above the trees. The woman was badly frightened.
  • Keel 1975a p139.

October 1966. 1800hrs.
Frank Earp (15) and two school friends were walking home from a sky watch along the bank of the Nottingham Canal, when they noticed mist coming from the nearly dried up canal. A portion of this formed into a toroid object, which emitted a pale glow. This luminosity then moved onto the canal path about 20m behind the boys. As the nervous boys walked away, the thing seemed to follow them about 60cm above the ground. The boys then saw two milky white globes, the size of car headlights, form in the centre of the object. As the thing continued to follow them, the boys ran off, slowing again as they reached a more built up area. The object stopped also, now only about 6m away. As the boys confronted this thing, they also noted a dark figure about 1.8m tall, apparently floating over a ditch. It gave the impression of being covered with hair, but also had the appearance of a sort of cut out. Its head seemed directly attached to its shoulders and its arms ended in a single finger each, It appeared to be holding a sort of red rod in each of these hook like hands. The boys then fled from the scene.
  • Devereux 1982 p221 citing Frank Earp in Northern Earth Mysteries 11

Saturday October 1966. 2050hrs.
A young man and his girlfriend were in Church Lane when they saw a grey tear shaped object zigzagging in the sky, just above some trees, in a motion resembling that of a fish leaping and manoeuvring at very high speed. The witnesses were shocked and distressed.
  • UFOlog 32 p2 citing Stratford upon Avon UFO Group.
  • Evaluation: Tear shape is suggestive of a balloon, and motion could either balloon or kite in high wind.

October 1966. 2100hrs.
R G Warren, a police officer, and his wife were driving towards Cromer Railway Station, when a few kilometres outside Stiffkey, Mrs Warren drew her husband’s attention to what looked like the lights of a two carriage railway train moving very slowly about 150m away and diagonally to their position. Warren slowed his car down, as they got within 30-40m of the object, which now appeared to be at the altitude of a two story building. The object, which had vertical oblong windows emitted a bright fluorescent green, and with red light at the rear, seemed to be travelling about 15kph. They thought it was a railway train, only to be told at Cromer, that there was no line in that location, something they confirmed for themselves the next day.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p82 citing their own investigation.

October 1966. Evening.
A woman living 3km from Connersville, looking through her bedroom window, saw a large, silvery, domed object, with flashing multi-coloured lights hovering outside, a short distance away. There were six windows around the object, through which she could see beings with long blond hair, fair skin, almond shaped, sparkly blue eyes and sharp chins, dressed in dull metallic suits. The got the feeling that they were asking her to go with them, but she refused. They seemed to say that they were sorry for what she would have to endure in the following years.She felt transfixed during the experience and when it was over she was on the point of collapse and suffering from headache and nausea. Her child was born with cerebral palsy, she suffered a personality change which led to psychiatric intervention, her marriage collapsed, followed by the death of her ex and estrangement from her family.
  • Don Worley in Unsolved UFO Sightings 5 p66 citing his own investigation.
  • Evaluation: Unreliable source, and possibly an exaggerated version of the November story below from same source. If genuine then probably psychological

October 2 1966, 2020hrs.
Mrs E S (49) was telephoning a friend when she noticed a foul smell in the room and was struck with dizziness and nausea. She went to bed having a feeling of being watched. Looking out of the window, she saw a brightly coloured oval object, with portholes, hovering near the ground in a wooded area a couple of hundred metres or so away. She woke her husband who saw the object move away from the house, then cut back and hover 30m above the ground for 20 minutes. It was 23m in diameter with red, green and white lights rotating round the rim. They saw that this object was hovering near their daughter and son in law’s house. Mrs S called them and they observed the object from their upstairs window. They were joined by a neighbour, a naval reserve officer, who confirmed that it was a disc with square windows. The dogs in the neighbourhood started barking and the couple’s cat panicked. The two men drove off after the object, which streaked off. The daughter went outside as the object moved away, only to see it return to its original position and eject a small object like a red ball. After the large object with the yellow windows had moved off, the red one, which was larger than a cottage, with a metallic underside, moved overhead at 20-30m altitude. As it did so her fear was replaced by an eerie detachment. She too noticed a foul smell like garbage. In the meantime Mrs S had gone to her other daughter’s room to sleep, but as she lay in bed, the room was illuminated by a brilliant light that faded, leaving a globe of light, the size of 53cm TV screen. Inside the screen were three inhuman hairless heads, with oval shrunken eyes, slits instead of noses and no mouths. She heard a voice in her head saying “we have made contact” over and over. Her screams alerted her husband and daughter, but the globe had gone. She suffered a nervous breakdown that required electric shock treatment.
  • Stringfield 1978 p48 citing his own investigation.

October 4 1966, 0500hrs.
A newsboy JJ (13) was delivering papers on John Street when he noticed a row of lights in a field beyond the end of the street. He thought nothing about the matter until the next day, believing it to be a new extension to the electricity sub-station. However at 0535 day, he went to show his friend DD (14) these new lights. He then realised that the lights were now further to the north than they had been the previous day. As both boys sat on their bicycles they saw that the lights were on a dark object, 8m wide, 3m thick, shaped like a couple of dishes fastened together at the rim, on which were pulsating red, white and green lights. The thing was about 250m away across the field. D heard a high pitched whirring sound and both could detect a faint odour resembling a mixture of sulphur and tannic acid. After some time the boys heard the sound of breaking weeds, as if someone was walking towards them and they were definite that it was not a four legged animal. Both boys panicked and finished their paper round at speed, with a feeling of being watched. When the field was investigated that evening, three holes 17.5cm diameter at the top, tapering down to 2.5cm were found, making an equilateral triangle, the holes being 2.4m apart. These holes were cleanly compressed and the weeds had not been disturbed. The smell of sulphur still lingered and a red dust was found at the spot.
  • APRO Bulletin November/December 1966 p1 + Lorenzen 1968 p 110 + Official UFO 1,8 p35 + Phillips 1975 p44 (case 738) all citing investigation by Don Worley.

October 5 1966.
A boy saw a disc shaped object with a transparent dome and a row of lights at ground level. It rose at high speed, emitting a wave of heat and was lost in the clouds.
  • Vallée Case 800 cites UFO Investigator October 1966, but I can’t find this story in that issue.

October 5 1966, 1930.
An unidentified object landed. No further details.
  • Table of American landings in FSR 17,6.

October 6 1966, 2030hrs.
Lynda Thompson and another girl were out walking when they saw at fairly close range, a large oval object, flashing red, white and green lights. It moved slowly and then sped away. One of the girls called her sister just before the object sped off.
  • Salisbury 1974 table citing Joseph Hicks files.

October 6 1966, 1930hrs.
Jack Lewis, his wife and children were out driving 10km southwest of Connersville, when Mrs Lewis saw an object with red, green and white lights. She first thought that it was an aircraft travelling east at low altitude, but no sound was heard and the lights descended to just above the corn in a field. There was now just one pulsating white light. Jack turned the car round for a better look at they observed it for 15 minutes before the thing flared up and departed at high speed, a red and green light visible on either side.
  • Lab 1976 p13 citing APRO files.

October 7 1966, 2030hrs.
Nine teenagers, four women and a man observed an unidentified object, which interacted with the environment, for an hour. No further details.
  • Hynek 1972 pp114, 240 case CEII-19.

October 10 1966.
At the edge of the strip mines, Mr Dean, Mr Allerman and two other people saw a silent, round, yellow object, about the size of a tennis ball held at arms- length. It followed into, through and out of town and several kilometres beyond it. The object grew larger, stopped and spewed out a cascade of a greenish phosphorescent material that shimmered as it came down to the ground. The witnesses felt a mild electric shock and tingled from head to toe.
  • Phillips 1975 p44 case 738 citing Don Worley.

October 10 1966, 1720hrs.
A farm woman, Mrs C, was preparing supper, while five of her children were playing outside, when they called her to come and see “the silent plane”. Glancing out of the south window, she saw, coming into sight just south of the 22m silo an object moving east to west at 11m. She first thought that it was an aircraft about to crash and then realised that it was something unusual. She hurried outside and saw that it was a blue, metallic looking object, with seam lines, a single dull black window, a raised part near the back of the top and on the lower back half was a brownish-gold design of dots and crosses. This was partly obscured by a glowing blue haze, which seemed to surround the thing. The object drifted quietly, except for a brief whirring sound as it moved along at between 6.5-13kph, between 45-90m from them. It rose to clear the REA electric power line and then it shot upward and away with an orange flare. It was also seen by a woman 11km away. It was estimated to be about 5-7m wide.
  • Lucius Farish and Dale Titler in Official UFO 1,9 p38.
  • Hynek 1972 p238 CEI-12.
  • Stacy and Huyghe 2000 p76 citing Karl T Pflock in Anomalist 5 citing investigation by Dr George Kocher.
  • Sagan and Page 1972 p.xxix.
  • Evaluation: Blimp?

October 11 1966. Night.
Two boys, James Yanchitis and Martin Munov were walking home along 4th Street and New Jersey Street, when they reached a corner parallel to the New Jersey Turnpike, which stood at the top of a steep incline from where the boys were and was bordered by a very high fence. Stood behind this fence was a man over 2m tall, dressed in a sparkling green coverall, which shimmered and seemed to reflect the street lamps. He had a wide black belt around his waist. When he turned around, the boys saw he was exceptionally broad, with dark complexion, small “beady” eyes. He gave them a grin, and they fled in terror. According to rumour a middle aged resident was pursued by a tall green man on the same night.
  • Keel 1970a p176 citing his own investigation.

October 11 1966, 2115hrs.
Many people reported a brilliant and unusual light in the sky. An alert call was put out to get Sgt Ben Thompson (20 years a security guard, 6 in the police) who was patrolling the reservoir area. He went to the spot and saw a very bright light in the sky. As it came closer he saw it was an oval object with a domed top; its light blindingly brilliant, diameter 2.5m. Ben was blinded for about 2 minutes as the object hovered at 75m altitude, 75m away. The thing then manoeuvred around the reservoir and high speed and just above treetop height. As it passed over trees, they seemed to be knitted together by a sort of wind and it drew up a column of water from the reservoir almost 1m into the air as it passed over. The object seemed to be surrounded by a kind of strange mist. The observation lasted about 3 minutes, the thing disappearing after Ben turned off his police beacon. A fourfold increase in radioactivity was noted at the site.
  • Mallan 1968 p75.

October 12 1966, 1200hrs.
Over 50 domed objects were seen manoeuvring in the Johnson City/Jonesboro area depositing a sticky substance that burned and irritated those who touched it. One witness, Mrs Fox, reported that one of the objects descended over the power line behind her house, went behind trees in the distance, through which it was still visible. The strange substance was said to be radioactive.
  • George Fawcett in Saucers, Space and Science 63 p7.

October 14 1966, 1845hrs.
An adolescent first saw a bright light and then a plate shaped object hovering near the house, illuminating the area. The object, which was yellow-orange in colour, with a blue line around its centre, under which were red lights, took off, and as the youth phoned his mother about the incident he experienced static on the line and the TV was effected. When she arrived home she found the lad in a state of shock and the dog hiding in a corner.
  • Vallée Case 801.
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969a p45.

October 14 1966, 2230hrs.
James Roberts saw two round pinkish-red objects on a hillside near his home. James fled when the things took off with a hissing sound, emitting streams of fire.
  • Vallée Case 802 citing N.C.A.P. Reporter January 1967.

October 15 1966, 0430hrs.
Jerry H Simons, a 21 year old forester of Newfoundland NJ was on a fishing and camping trip and was travelling north on the road when he noticed a very outstanding glow in his rear view mirror. It was dull at first and Jerry thought his brake light was stuck. However the orange –red glow became brighter. He stopped the car and looked out of the window and was shocked to see a huge glowing body, 7.5-9m wide, 1.5-1.8m high. It was oval shaped with a sort of dome on top, directly to the rear and above his car. Jerry tried to manoeuvre onto the main road but the object followed him, his car power began to dry and the lights and electrical equipment failed. The object was then right above his car but when it fell back the power returned only to fail again as the object came overhead once more. This happened three times. The object seemed to follow Jerry home, illuminating the area behind him on either side of the car. He parked at the reservoir office, but when he came outside again with duty guard, Martin Shauger, the found that the car had apparently started spontaneously. A few weeks later the engine exploded for no apparent reason. Jerry later developed an unexplainable illness, symptoms of which included fatigue, drowsiness and weight loss, which led to a period of hospital treatment.
  • Bowen 1969a p47 + Keyhoe and Lore 1969a p9 both citing Berthold Eric Schwarz in Medical Times October 1969 citing his own investigation.
  • Hall 2001 p37.

October 18 1966, 0555hrs.
Walter Stone (20) od Carlisle was driving to work at the Kawneer Steel Plant in Cynthiana when on Highway 30,a bout 3km east of that town his car lights picked up an object, which flew over his car at terrific speed. The thing was top shaped, with a white light or flames on the underside, and a ring of red light or flames around its outer edge. The thing emitted a whine that hurt Stone’s ears and a sort of force seemed to hold him down on his seat as it passed over. The experience left him scared and shaken.
  • Edwards 1968 p74.
  • Green and Smith 1967 p5.

Late October 1966, 0400hrs.
Leonard 'Shy' Elmore (72) was walking to relieve his insomnia, when on a road about 2 blocks from his home, he saw a strange “L” shaped structure which resembled a galvanised iron shed, dark, with no windows or doors, in a field directly behind the Duncan Elementary School. Not having seen it there before he went over to investigate. Something about the structure seemed indefinably frightening and he started to hurry away. As he did so, he heard a normal male voice say “Don’t run, don’t run”. He returned to the site with his shotgun only to find that the “shed” was gone. He was very nervous for some days after the incident.
  • John Keel in FSR 13,3 p3 + Keel 1975a p149.

October 21 1966, 2215hrs.
Two boys heard a humming noise, like that of a spinning top, and saw a red light rising from the direction of the golf course. They watched it for about 10 seconds until, it disappeared. While they were still staring at the sky a white disc appeared travelling towards the north at tremendous speed, vanishing in a few seconds. Two other boys also saw the object and three other young people said they had heard the noise but had not seen anything.
  • UFOlog 30 p2 citing Isle of Wight UFO Investigation Society.

October 22 1966, 2330hrs.
Dennis Tilt and his wife were returning to Warminster driving just on the far side of Chitterne. There they noticed three flame coloured lights in triangular formation on farmland to the right. They stopped for a few minutes but Mrs Tilt became apprehensive and they continued to drive on. Looking back they noticed that these lights had fused into a pan shaped object, which was hovering silently at 15m. As the couple accelerated away the object seemed to maintain its distance. It appeared to fade out when they reached home but Mrs Tilt saw it again, briefly, from a bedroom window. The thing was circular, became elongated and vanished.
  • Shuttlewood 1968 p61.

October 30 1966, 0230hrs.
Two couples were driving eastward on Rt 38 just east of Camden when they saw a carrot shaped object hovering 120m away, 15m above the industrial plant near Haddonfield in Cherry Hill. The object was 120m long, in horizontal position and had huge lights, windows and a ramp going down to the roof of the factory, where they could see humanoids moving about. The couples left after about 10 minutes of fascinated observation. A truck driver, who also saw the object, excitedly crashed his car into a telephone pole. Five months later the records at the hospital, garage, insurance company and New Jersey Bureau of Motor Vehicles could not be found.
  • Richard Heiden citing Campione 1968 pp25, 31.

October 30 1966. Night.
Multi coloured objects, some of them carrying red and green lights, were observed at low altitude. Some of the objects descended to treetop level. Screeching noises were heard. Among the hundreds of witnesses were policemen. Cylindrical objects were observed at 60m altitude.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 53 p12.

October 31 1966, 1735hrs.
Draughtsman William Sinclair was returning home from work when he observed two brilliant lights to his left, at about 12 degrees from the horizon, at about 25-30 altitude 135m away. He thought the lights were on a low flying plane, until he observed that they were stationary. He then saw that the object consisted of two spheres, 60cm diameter, connected by a dark cylinder 90cm long. The object moved away slowly for about 20m, and then ascended in a long curve at high speed. The thing gave off a red glow from its underside. It was also seen by William’s son, William Jnr.
  • DIGAP files.

November 1966
Mrs Ralph Butler and a friend were stood in a field outside town, watching the bright flashing lights that had been seen in the sky for several nights. Suddenly one of the objects descended rapidly and hovered at the far end of the field, swinging, at ground level. The object had a glowing rim around which lights flashed. Mrs Butler’s friend went into a kind of trance, in which she asked questions about time and other matters. When the lady recovered, the object shot away. Both women reported that they developed severe headaches when trying to discuss the subject. In May 1967 Mrs Butler was visited twice by a man dressed as an Air Force officer. She also experienced poltergeist phenomena.
  • Keel 1971 p184.

November 1966. 2320hrs.
Mrs Saxton, a 36 year old housewife and mother of three in this small town near Arlington, was watching TV while her husband and children were asleep. Going to get a glass of water, she glanced out of her kitchen door to see what she thought was a helicopter hovering over the electricity lines 400m away. It slowly approached at 8kph, finally hovering at the height of a two or three story building about 15m away. It was the size of a house, spherical, with a rim around the centre and windows in the upper part, and with multi-coloured lights. In these windows she could see figures silhouetted against the powerful light from the interior of the craft, in which she thought she could see computer like gadgets. The widows were separated by narrow upright supports. Two of the occupants were smaller and slenderer than the third, and she took them to be women. The third figure, who she took to be a man, was more muscular and was closer to her. He unnerved her by seeming to stare at her. She felt hypnotised by this man and was fearful that he might overpower her She kept calling out to her husband, but he did not waken. One of the “women” was in a higher platform where the “computers” were. On the lower level, the man seemed to be holding some sort of control, while the woman handed him a small object like a cup of coffee. The object moved away over next door, then took off at a steep angle. As it did so a metal tube came out of the underside, from which a multicoloured exhaust was emitted. The object moved away faster than a jet and vanished. 
  • Don Worley in Ohio UFO Reporter 10 p13.
  • Lorenzen 1976 p390 citing Don Worley.
  • Don Worley in Official Ufo 1,8 (May1976) p60.

November 1966.
A biconvex object with windows flew alongside a car driven by Russell Squires at a distance of 15-30m for a few seconds, and it then took off.
  • Salisbury 1974 table citing Joseph Hicks files.

November 2 1966. Dusk.
On this rainy night Mrs Mark De Friend (32) of the wife of a dairy farmer, was paced by an object, which raced along in front of and to the side of, her car at speeds of 95kph. At times the object moved to the side and raced over the fields. As it passed in front, she saw that it was a misty green-blue mass, with right circular red lights. At one point the thing moved behind her car and hovered over the trees
  • Flying Saucers 56 p23.
  • Vallée Case 803 citing Huston Tribune 19 January 1967.

November 2 1966, 1925hrs.
Woodrow Derenberger (50), a salesman for a sewing machine company, was driving home on Hw 1-77, when he was startled by one of his sewing machines falling onto a stereo. As he slowed a car passed him, followed by another vehicle which swung in front of his truck. He first thought it was a police car, then saw it was a dark metallic object, with flat bottom and a domed top. The object blocked the roadway ahead of him, forcing him to brake 2.5-3m from the charcoal grey object which was hovering a few centimetres above the highway. From a door which slid open in the side of the machine a man about 1.75-1.8m tall emerged. Woodrow “felt” that the man wanted him to lower his car window, which he did. The man, who had a dark complexion, swept back hair, dressed in a short top coat over a shiny blue-green suite of shirt and trousers, communicated with him by “telepathy”. The being claimed to be 'Cold' a searcher from a country much less powerful than the USA. During this episode the hovered between 15-25m, descending again as a second object opened the doorway, helped the first in, then slammed the door shut. Other drivers saw Derenberger talking to a stranger, but did not see the object. Derenberger arrived home in a state of shock. He later claimed other contacts in which the stranger claimed to be Indrid Cold, a time traveller from 'Lanulos'. Derenberger’s marriage eventually collapsed.
  • FSR 13,1 piii citing Albuquerque Journal 5 November 1966.
  • Keel 1975a p50, own and Mary Hyre’s investigations.
  • M Spohn Marling in Flying Saucers UFO Reports no3.
  • Vallée case 804 citing Chicago Sun Times 4 November 1966.
  • Jerome Clark in International UFO Reporter 2,1 p7 citing investigation by Charles Weitzel et al of NICAP + Larry V Murphy in Parkersberg News 4, 5, 6, 8, 13, 17, 27 November + 5 December 1966+ Steve Morehead in Parkersberg Sentinel 4 November 1966 + Derenberger and Hubbard 1971 + APRO Bulletin November/December 1966 p8 + McCelland and Stevens report to NICAP 1967.
  • Missing Times 127 p18 reprinting Derenberger in Probe September 1968
  • Would You Believe? 45 p15 citing Derenberger.

November 2 1966. Evening.
Some time around the previous incident an elderly man and his work mate were driving home to Point Pleasant from Marietta on Hw 1-77, when an elongated object descended directly in front of them. They stopped their car, as a man emerged from the object and walked towards them. He looked like a normal man, wearing a dark coat, with his arms folded, hands out of site under his armpits. The witness rolled his window down and their was a brief conversation, in which the stranger asked the pair who they were, where they were and what time was it. He then returned to the cylinder, which rose into the overcast. The elderly man later developed insomnia, suffered from nightmares and began to drink heavily for the first time in his life.
  • Keel 1975a p49 citing Mary Hyre
  • John Keel in FSR 13,2 p7.

November 2 1966, 1930hrs.
Back in October or thereabouts, farmer’s wife Mrs B and her teenage sons had seen a large glowing object hovering above the trees on their road. On or about the 2nd November, she was behind some farm buildings, when she saw a flash like a flash light above her. She was paralysed as a cylindrical object landed silently in the parking lot only 6m away. Two normal looking men got out and walked towards her. They had dark complexions and pointed features and were dressed in uniform like coveralls. They asked her trivial questions in a high pitched sing song voice and kept asking “what is your time”. They then returned to the machine, and after it had taken off the witness found she could move again. She later claimed she had seen the men in the town dressed in normal clothes. Previously the family had been troubled by cattle mutilations, poltergeist phenomena etc.
  • Keel 1975a p135 first hand.

November 5 1966. Morning.
Alan Prynn saw a glow in the sky and went out to investigate. Through the morning fog, he could see, 200m away, at 15-18m altitude, a cigar shaped object with openings, from which came bursts of flame. It was travelling horizontally at 25kph. His wife, Philomena also saw a blue glow going up into the sky.
  • FSR 13,1 p31 citing Geoff Dunlop in Reading Evening Post 11 November 1966.

November 6 1966, 2200hrs.
A landing report. No further details.
  • Table of American landings in FSR 17,6, gives location as untraceable Weirtona, presumably an error for this place.

November 8 1966, 2355hrs.
Diana Foulkes (22) was dirivng near Montford Bridge when she saw an object low in the sky. It paced her car and projected rays of light. At one point the thing came close to the car, and the rays struck its offside. She felt a bump against the side and felt she had received an electric shock, and experienced pain in her neck. Her left hand headlight went out. She arrived home feeling ill, and a burn was found on the car.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p 88 citing an Air Force investigation.

November 10 1966, 2200hrs.
Becky Jenkins saw, south of her home, 1.6km east of Roosevelt, an object the apparent size of the moon, or larger, hovering over a tree about 1,5km away. It was spherical, red, dimmed and then brightened again.
  • Salisbury 1974 table citing Joseph Hicks files.

November 12 1966, 2325hrs.
Edward Gunderman was driving his daughter Nancy (13) and her friends Sherri Lewis (14), Gloria Fuller (13), Cheryl Mullin (12), and Debbie Kubic home from a skating party when the girls saw several cars parked by the side of the road and their occupants looking up in the sky. When they looked up, they saw Saturn shaped object, with two green lights on top, three red lights on the ring and flashing white rays on the underside. It was spinning at treetop height and appeared much larger than a plane. The thing vanished in the direction of Mt Washington before the car could be stopped, so neither Edward nor Debbie saw the object.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 53 p11.

November 13 1966, 1930hrs.
Children of a farming family, south of Elk River, observed a large, bright, round object approach the farm. The object hovered over the yard light at low altitude. Sparks seemed to come from the ground. A woman driving in the vicinity also saw the object. Sheriff’s deputies who investigated the incident considered the children honest.
  • UAPRO Bulletin 2 p2.

November 14 1966, 0415hrs.
While driving along a country road, Alberta Wiselka and Leonard Kaiser observed an object with windows resting on the ground. Traces were found.
  • Phillips 1975 p44 case 250 citing Lucius Farish.

November 16 1966.
A man from Charleston and some girls with him saw a low flying object, with red flashing lights, making a humming sound, over the TNT area. They watched the thing for several minutes.
  • Keel 1975a p62.

November 16 1966, 2245hrs.
AK (12), a pupil at Stoneham Grammar School, was meteor-watching when he saw what he first thought was an aircraft coming from the North West. He then realised that it was a cylinder about 8m long, travelling at about 20m altitude and at about 25-30kph. He observed the thing for about 30 seconds as it passed over the road, three houses to his left. He was able to see a sort of opening in the front. Investigators considered the boy straightforward and intelligent.
  • FSR 13,1 p32 citing John Crabtree in Reading Evening Post 18 November 1966.

November 17 1966, 0445hrs.
Mrs Roy Grosse, a music teacher, was awakened by the barking of her dog. Looking out of her kitchen window she saw the bright moon and a brilliant illuminated circular object, the size of a small house, hovering at treetop level on the other side of Rt 7. It seemed to be divided into sections, glowing with dazzling blue and red lights. After 30-40 seconds it zigzagged to and fro and then vanished.
  • UAPRO Bulletin 6 p11.
  • Keel 1975a p64.
  • APRO Bulletin November/December 1966 p10.

November 17 1966, 0445hrs.
Patrolmen A G Huskey and Charles Hutchinsons were making a routine patrol on an isolated road in the West Burford Street extension, when, as they neared a right angled bend in the road, they suddenly saw a metallic object descending from 6m directly in front of them. It was spherical, with a wide flat rim around it, total 6m in diameter, totally dark with no lights or openings, reflecting a dull gold colour in the police car headlights. As the object settled just above the ground a small door opened on the underside and a ladder 1.2-1.8m long was extended. A white light came out of this opening, but nothing could be seen in the interior. Then a figure emerged, descended the ladder and walked slowly to within 5m of the officers. This being was the size of a 12 year old child (about 1.2m), dressed in a gold shiny suit without buttons, or zippers, and had no helmet. What few details they were able to distinguish in the poor light were entirely human. The being spoke to them in a slow, accentless voice, asking a number of pointless questions, then announcing he would return in 2 days. When asked where he came from he just laughed. He then returned to the machine which took off slowly making a muffled engine noise. Footprints like those of children were found at the site, but no casts were taken. Later two strangers made enquiries about the incident.
  • John Keel in FSR 14,2 p17 citing his own investigation and Fate April 1967 p25.
  • Keel 1970a p158.

November 17 1966, 0350hrs.
A truck driver was paced from Victoria to Stinton by a flashing light that came within 60m of the ground. Police officers who investigated saw a spherical light, the size of a softball at 15m, emitting multi-coloured lights. It was observed through binoculars for more than an hour. (Edwards 1968 p77::Evaluation: Venus

November 17 1966, 1130hrs.
North of here Annette Cook observed a biconvex object travelling fast and very low, going behind trees 5-6km away. It was bright silver and glistened in the sun.
  • Salisbury 1974 table citing Joseph Hicks files.

November 19 1966, 0750hrs.
Two local businessmen observed a dark grey metallic looking sphere from the top of which projected a dozen tentacles, 2m long. It was flying at about 40mk altitude and then came down behind a house. It was assumed that it plunged into the bay but a search by patrol boats was unsuccessful.
  • Vallée Case 806.

November 21 1966, approx. date. 0730hrs.
A Hiland Milk driver on the Badlands Road to Utah stopped when he saw two cars parked. He then observed an object resembling the top of a parachute, on the top of a hill 50-100m away. After a few moments the thing took off.
  • Salisbury 1974 table citing Joseph Hicks files.

November 22 1966. Dawn.
A man driving a car saw, on the road in front of his vehicle, a ball shaped object, red-blue in colour. The object took off swiftly, flying over a nearby wood.
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Het Volk 22 November 1966.

November 22 1966, 1000hrs.
A deer hunter saw a disc shaped object rising from a valley 100m away. A humming sound was heard, A tent was burned and the top of a nearby tree was found burning. A total of $600 of damage was caused. Two photographs were taken.
  • Phillips 1975 44 case 253p.

November 22 1966, 1945hrs.
Buinessman Edward Christiansen (40) and six members of his family were driving on Garden State Parkway, just north of Mayville when a bright red, green and white object plummeted out of the sky and disappeared. They thought they had witnessed an aircrash until they got parallel to Burleigh, where they saw a glowing sphere just above the treetops, to the front and right. Thinking it was a fire from the crashed plane they pulled over and got out to watch. They then realised that it was a glowing sphere, which executed a sharp turn, passing over their heads. As it approached three powerful elongated headlights, stretching from top to bottom of the object appeared in front. The thing disappeared northwards. Mrs Christiansen and her sister, Gwendoline Martine became hysterical, alarming their children. The following January the family were visited by a mysterious stranger who claimed to be from the “missing heirs bureau” and asked a variety of personal questions.
  • Keel 1975a p66.

November 25 1966.
Two teenage boys, both amateur astronomers, saw a doughnut shaped object, 7.5m diameter, hovering about 30m aboveand near an old covered bridge. The thing was noiseless, black and white, with a shiny coil on its dome. The boys were able to take six photographs before the object rose straight up and out of sight.
  • Richard Heiden citing Saucer News 68 p20 citing Louisville (NY) Courier-Journal 11 December 1966.
  • Evaluation: UFO Photographs taken by pairs of teenage boys are always fakes! So, I assume is this story

November 25 1966, approx. date. 1745hrs.
A 16 year old youth was walking home along Mount Pleasant Lane when he saw three objects in the sky. One of them came down to a height level with the top of the lampposts and shone a green light on him. Everything around the lad turned green and he began to feel unwell and ran home, terrified. Soon afterwards he began to feel dizzy and became afraid of going out alone in the dark. The family had two subsequent UFO experiences.
  • D F Ogilvy in FSR 13,2 p30.

November 26 1966, 0200hrs.
3km north of Talmage Lairn Beckstead was awoken by a round object, glowing green and then orange. His wife awoke while the room was green and went out to see the object manoeuvring round the house and field at about 100m distance for a few minutes before it flew away.
  • Salisbury 1974 table citing Joseph Hicks files.

November 28 1966, 0530hrs.
Telephone operator Charlotte Nipper (19) was driving to work in Valdosta from her farm home 8 km south of Lenox, and was still on the short paved road which to Interstate 1-75, when her headlights caught an object she first thought was a large piece of farm machinery which had been left in the road. As she passed close by it at slow speed, she saw it was an object shaped like two plates stuck together, with a row of white lights around the middle, as high as a large truck. As she passed she noticed a red light to her left, then her radio died. When she pulled back onto the road, she saw two huge “eyes”, which seemed to follow her movements, in a dark dome on the object. The object paced her car, sometimes very close, sometimes dropping back for a couple of kilometres, when she encountered a large semi trailer, and the object moved off. The driver of this vehicle independently reported that he had seen a car pursued by a strange object. A neighbour Mrs Betts had seen a strange light by the Nipper farm at about the same times as Charlotte set out.
  • Mona Dearden in Fate (UK) August 1967, p43.

November 28 1966, 0920hrs.
Mrs James Passineau was on the phone when she looked out of the window and saw a circular metallic looking object skimming across a nearby field, as if about to land, but the thing continued on and then shot away.
  • Lab 1966 p13 citing APRO files.

November 28 1966.
Bryan Ritz and Janis Dodungen were driving on Farm Road 1300 when they passed a red object on the road. It glowed a deeper red as they went past. Looking back they saw two red lights hovering less than 2m above the ground.
  • Flying Saucers 56 p23.
  • UAPRO Bulletin 1,7 p12.
  • Vallée Case 807 citing Houston Tribune 19 January 1967.

November 28 1966. Night.
The occupants of a car at a campsite 35km south of El Camp were followed to El Campo by an object at treetop height.
  • UAPRO 1,7 p12.

December 1966.
Lorraine Mayone saw a strange object at close range and reported physical effects. The encounter took place about 3km outside of town.. No further details.
  • Rath 1998 p44.

December 1966. 2030hrs.
Bob McKinnon, owner of a stopping place on the Alaska Highway, noticed a strong light beaming through his window from the direction of an old Indian Burial Ground on a mound about 800m away. He first thought that someone was working there and then saw that the light was hanging motionless about 30m from the ground. The thing was blue-green and about 60cm diameter. Bob called his family and friends in the lodge and they watched for about 3 minutes as the light ascended and then disappeared just above ground level. As it came low, the light lit up the burial huts.
  • John Magor in Canadian UFO Report 1,1 p8.

December 1 1966, 1835hrs. 
An apparently oval object, carrying two large, bright red pulsating lights, dived in front of the witnesses car and stopped to hover over woods just off the road. A curved shape was visible behind the lights.
  • Fowler 1974 p66.

December 1 1966, 2100hrs.
A group of 5 youths driving along Carroll County Road saw a pink circular object, about 20m diameter. It hovered above the trees at about 30m altitude, crossed the road ahead and hovered over a house. Mr Rose saw the thing hovering silently before it took off over the woods. About 15 minutes later the thing reappeared, and projected flashing red lights around the woods . The thing then just disappeared.
  • Table of American landings in FSR 17,6.
  • Lab 1976 p14 citing APRO Files.

December 2 1966, 0200hrs.
John Nelson was ploughing with his tractor when he saw a saucer shaped object, 12m diameter, 2.5-3m thick, came down and hovered a short distance away. The thing flew way but returned a few minutes later, hovering 120m away, emitting a white beam downwards, and a sound like a whirring wind. The object took off vertically and then moved away to the east.
  • John Keel in FSR 13,2 p8 citing Lamberton (MN) News 8 December 1966.
  • Rath 1998 p42 gives date as November 26.

December 2 1966.
A truck driver saw a saucer shaped object on US19, near Weeki-Wacki
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 55 p24.
  • Loftin 1968 p81 citing Joan Whritenour in Saucer Scoop January 1967.

December 3 0966. Early morning.
Harry Jones (30), a works manager at Trafford Park, was driving home to Northwich when he saw a triangular glowing shape 18m above his car. He was travelling at 80kph but the object overtook him, returned, cut across the front of his car and paced him. It was the size of a car and made no sound. Frightened, Harry got out and knocked on a door, but the elderly householder refused to go out. Harry observed the thing for 4.5 minutes before it moved off to the north and vanished.
  • FSR 13,2 p29 + UFOlog 38 p8 both citing News of the World 4 December 1966.
  • MUFORG Bulletin December 1966 citing Liverpool Daily Post 5 December 1966.

December 3 1966, 2315hrs.
Patrolman Vern Morse and his wife Charmion were returning to San Francisco from Redwood, when they observed what they thought was a parachute flair descending to 60m then climbing, They pulled over to get a better look and saw that it was a glowing cylindrical object about 1m diameter, 2.5m long. On the top of the object were struts connecting the cylindrical lower portion to a nose cone resembling a crash helmet. Someone appeared to be on the platform guiding the object. The glow from the lower portion was difficult to look at. A marine also pulled up and saw the object continue Northwards until the light went out over the Bay Meadows Race Track.
  • Keel 1970a p211.
  • T. G Beckley in Flying Saucers October 1967 citing Associated Press 3 December 1966.

December 4 1966, 0215hrs.
John Reeves (qv) was up late working at correspondence and watching television, when his dogs began barking. Going out, he saw an object with flashing lights on the ground. He ran to a nearby phone booth, where he called the sheriff and Mrs Ralph Lewis. As he was talking to Mrs Lewis the object took off, the lights still flashing. Four depressions in a perfect circle and dumbbell shaped footprints were found at the site.
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1967 p127
  • Loftin 1968 p80 citing Saucer Scoop January 1967.

December 4 1966. Night.
Christopher White of Springfield was driving his girlfriend Penny Turner (19) home to Broomfield when they saw a deep red glow in a field next to the road. It trailed them to the end of Ramsey Road, turning with them. When they stopped at the crossroads at the end of Ramsey Road, the object, glowing brilliantly, circled above them and then shot off towards Southend.
  • FSR 13,4 p26 citing Essex Chronicle 8 December 1966.

December 5 1966.
Six adults saw a circular object with eight coloured lights on its side and a blue flashing light at its centre as it hovered over a field at a height of somewhat more than that of a two story house. It moved away briefly, and then returned to where the witnesses were standing. Finally its lights went out and it rose into the sky, with a peculiar loud sound, unlike that of an aircraft.
  • John Keel in FSR 13,2 p8 citing Ocean County Citizen 6 December 1966.

December 6 1966, 1000hrs.
Diana Brown was wakened by a sound like that of a transformer running. She looked out of her window to see a hazy red object, about 8m diameter, hovering right outside her house and shining a white light. During the 15 minutes the thing was under observation two cars passed and the light was directed at them as they went by.
  • John Keel in FSR 13,2 p8 citing Niles Daily Star 7 December 1966.

December 8 1966, 0200hrs.
A young man, who had got up to go to the bathroom, saw a brilliantly illuminated circular object hovering just above the river. On it were windows covered a “curtain like crumpled aluminium foil”
  • Keel 1975 p83.

December 8 1966, 0630hrs.
Charles Horn was walking his dog by the Ohio River when he saw a red light across the river. At first he thought it was the light on the boat of a muskrat trapper and then realised that it was on the opposite bank. In the glare of the light he could see some very small figures moving to and fro. He called his wife and they both watched for several minutes before waking their neighbours Mr and Mrs Walter Taylor. Mrs Taylor, a schoolteacher, also saw the red and orange lights, which flashed on and off, one light being directed towards the water most of the time. After the others had gone in, Mrs Horn remained watching and saw the lights go out to be replaced by a bright green light. The object then rose straight up into the air and disappeared into the sky. The Horns were so stunned that they did not talk about the incident and sat silently through breakfast.
  • MUFORG Bulletin April 1967 p2 citing UAPRO Bulletin January 1967 citing Athens Messenger 12 December 1966.
  • Keel 1975a p83 citing investigation by himself and Mary Hyde.

December 8 1966, 1700hrs.
Mr and Mrs R Dale saw a burning object near the ground by their house. Around burnt area 24cm diameter was found.
  • Phillips 1975 p45 case 255 citing an unspecified issue of FSR.

December 9 1966, 1915.
Mrs Marilyn Taylor and her four children were driving around George’s Creek Road, when a circular red-orange light appeared in front of her car at telephone pole height. It bobbed up and down and flashed beams of light towards the road. It was the size of a helicopter but was not one. She followed it for about 2.5km, until she reached a lighted area by a transformer. The object then shot into the air and disappeared. Her 6 year old son was very frightened.
  • Keel 1970a p167 citing own investigation.

December 12 1966, approx. date. Night.
Janis Bondugen was driving home on farm rioa1300, just off Hw 71, when she saw two bright lights coming towards her. She thought that it was another car and signalled that she was going to make a turn, a block and half away from the lights. Suddenly the lights merged into one big golden light covering the whole road. It appeared taller than the trees and narrow. Janis slowed down but as she saw the object continue to glide gracefully towards her, she turned and accelerated away.
  • Flying Saucers 56 p22.
  • Lorenzen 1968 p24.
  • Evaluation: Is this another version of the November 28th case?

December 14 1966, 0400hrs.
Two discoid objects, with windows, were observed by five children aged between 8 and 13 years, hovering on opposite sides of their house. The objects had two red lights on each end and three in the centre. They released red balls of light from their fronts, which balls descended rapidly. One of the objects turned, revealing an underside of revolving, glowing circles. The observation lasted an hour.
  • Saucer News 14, 2 p21.

December 25 1966.
Three objects rose from a field, with a screeching sound, manoeuvred in the sky and paced a car. Blast from the objects at take-off knocked the witness against his car. Flattened grass was found at the site.
  • Phillips 1975 p45 case 256 citing NICAP files.

December 27 1966, approx. date. 2300hrs.
Mr Ture Hastbacka, his wife, sons Borje , Helge and their three young brothers saw two very bright shiny objects moving at 30kph NW to SE. The things were about 10m across, one being a red disc, the other a cigar shaped, glowing orange. There was a strange sound like heavy rain on a metal roof. Helge got out some binoculars, through which the objects could be seen rotating at 1 revolution per second. The light and sound increased and decreased in unison. The objects seemed to move at between 20-40m from the ground on which the red light was reflected.
  • FSR 13,2 p30 citing Kokola-lehti 13 January 1967.

December 28 1966, 1945hrs.
The Waldman family were watching TV when the picture became distorted. The 9 year old son glanced out of the window and screamed for his mother, who joined him and saw a circular object, 6m across, with flashing red, yellow and orange lights hovering directly outside their window. It was also seen by a neighbour, Mrs Patricia Reynolds. After a few seconds the thing shot skywards, trailing smoke and fragments.
  • John Keel in FSR 13,2 p8 citing Santa Anna Register 30 December 1966.

December 30 1966, 2015hrs.
North of Haynesville, a nuclear physicist and his family were driving north n Hw79, through heavy overcast and drizzle. In the vicinity of a wooded area the wife called her husband’s attention to a red-orange glow through and above the trees to the left. The light, appearing as a luminous hemisphere, seemed to emanate from a source at ground level in the woods. This light pulsated from red to orange and, at the closest point, became a brilliant white, swamping out the car headlights. After about 4 seconds the light subsided to the pulsing red-orange. Having stopped to get his bearings, the physicist continued on his way. Investigations suggested that the light source, about 1-1.5km away at nearest approach was giving off about 500 megawatts, that game in the area had declined sharply since 1966, that farmers had detected similar lights and reported losses of cattle, and that several slightly radioactive burnt out oil slicks were found. These were associated with oil wells in the areas.
  • Vallée 1969 p45 + Vallée 1990 p37 citing investigation by himself and J A Hynek.
  • Condon and Gilmour 1969 pp61, 277 citing investigation by David Saunders and Jim Wadsworth.