1965. (approx. year) 0600hrs. SPRING CREEK (IOWA : USA)
Buzz Montague and William Andrews were camped on a bluff overlooking a valley. When they awoke they noticed a shiny spot on a mine dump on the other side of the valley. Through their 10 power rifle scopes, they saw that the spot was one of four objects hovering over the dump. From the top of each protruded hose like devises, which were inserted into the slag piles and were probing around. After a time the objects rose, one by one. At this time Buzz and William noticed a large cigar shaped object, with four depressions on its underside, hovering at about 300m. When the smaller objects reached this larger one, they fitted into the depressions. A short time later, the small objects again descended onto the heap. This happened four times. All the objects were silvery in colour. No openings were visible on the large object, the smaller ones had transparent domes but nothing could be seen inside.

  • Lorenzen 1976 p5 + APRO Bulletin 22, 2, both citing Allan Benz.

1965. (approx. date) 
A group of children out playing were approached by unusual lights and were “put to sleep” For one 6 year old this was the first of a number of events. In about 1969/70 she was abducted by a luminous sphere and associated entities and subjected to a medical examination. In 1971 she was sat, feeling depressed, on a beach where a being came out of the water and led her through a tunnel into a craft. In 1975/6 a group of 6 small and 1 larger entities took her to an otherworld where she was given a preview of her future, and had fragmentary recall of an abduction in 1978.

  • UFORA Research Digest 15, p1, citing UFOR South Australia.
  • Evaluation: There appears to be no independent evidence for any of these claims

11km south of this city, a couple and their son observed a green light mass landing and then ascending. A dried circle, 1.8m diameter was found at the site. This remained barren for 8 months, during which time water would run off the ground.

  • Phillips 1975, p33 case186 citing Brent Raynes.


As Robert Dore left his grandparents’ house, with Diane Drew, they noticed the unusually nervous state of the animals. They began to drive up Hunt Road, when an illuminated disc, “like an artificial moon” appeared and began gliding towards them. They turned and called out Robert’s grandparents, Mr and Mrs Linwood Dore, and neighbours. At least 10 people saw the object as it hovered 5-6m above the ground, moving up and down, side to side, its colour changing from red to green as its motion changed. When members of the group tried to approach the hovering object, it shot over the treetops at tremendous speed.
  • Fuller 1967a, p48 citing an undated issue of the Boston Globe.

1965. Early hours.
A woman was awoken by a high pitched whistle and got out to investigate, then woke her husband. They saw an object 30m in diameter 20m above the rooftops opposite. It was circular with a row of windows on the underside and brilliant light coming from a central projection. Moments later it shot upwards at terrific speed.

  • NUFON News 107 ,p11, citing investigation by Jenny Randles.
  • Evaluation: The moon?, with the shooting away an illusion caused by sudden cloud obscuring. Memory distortion after nearly 40 years to investigation. Possible false awakening.

1965. (Approx year) 1730hrs.
A woman tourist had her attention caught by a strange pink cloud and observed it from 1730-1800 hours. At 1900 she looked again and saw it had moved towards the base of the cliff on which her house was situated. As it came closer, she saw that the cloud was formed from vapour emerging from vents in the outer rim of a disk, which emitted a noise like a “well cared for engine”. As she watched, a shiny ladder was lowered from a hatchway and a man came down, sat on a rung of the ladder, and shone a strange beam of light into the sea. Shortly after this, a brilliant pink flare went further out to sea, and the ladder with the man still attached to it, was retracted and the object sped off in the direction of the flare. In the moonlight the woman could see a long shape in the water, and when the object reached this, they both disappeared in a pink flash

  • Basterfield and Chalker, 1976, citing a letter in an undated issue of the Australian Post Magazine in 1965.

On a number of occasions, all but one of them on a Monday, Mrs B, while working about the house, would have a sudden compulsion to look into her lounge, where she would see the figure of a man, 1.9m tall, dressed in a grey metallic two piece suit, with a hip length rounded collar jacket, a dark belt about 10cm wide around his waist, with a clasp, loose fitting trousers tucked into large dark boots; and with a large, bulbous silvery helmet on his head. He was good looking with fair hair, rosy cheeks, blue eyes, a finely chiselled nose, and close shaven. He gave the impression that he did not need to shave. He was large and broad shouldered. He always appeared on the same spot. When she turned away and looked he would have vanished. The were at least 6 such appearances.

  • Trench 1969, p45 citing investigation by Gerald Lovell.

Two girls, aged 10 and 12 were resting on their porch, when they noticed a long haired white figure on the other side of the street. It called the name of the elder girl, who asked what he wanted, at which he just repeated the call. As the girls went to the edge of the porch, the figured turned around, walked about 5m, then stopped with its back towards them. Suddenly there was a semitransparent duplicate behind the first figure. Moments later the figures merged and walked into a luminous cloud, which took off into the sky. Over the next 10 years there were severe poltergeist disturbances in the girls’ home.

  • Douwe Bosga in BUFORA Journal 7, 2, p23 citing own investigation.

A woman was startled by a bright yellow light, “as bright as the sun” 30m away. The object. described as a tiny plane, “without an elevator”(?), and making a whistling sound, approached to within 3m of her window, She became paralysed, and saw in the plane a small pilot, wearing a helmet, holding a sort of wheel.

  • Melvin Pedell in APRO Bulletin 24, 6, p1 citing SUFOI.

1965. 0330hrs. 
Mrs Anne Corcoran and a friend were staying in the Highland Hotel, when they were awoken in the early hours, with the friend feeling that something was gripping her throat, and Anne saw the room was illuminated by a light that went out of the window. The next night, a heavy chair they had put against the door was moved, and on a third night they kept a candle on and saw the door opening and a light came in, illuminate the room and then go out through the window.

  • Forman 1987, p11 citing letter from Anne Corcoran.

1965. Day.
A woman shopping in Disneyland with her family heard a voice say “hello”, on a couple of occasions, and quite insistent on the third. Turning round she saw a very tall being with pronounced facial features and large pointed ears, which seemed to be communicating via telepathy, saying he was a “Velusian” in holiday. Before she could alert her husband, the being had disappeared.

  • Swords 2005 p188, citing John Timmerman.

A group of climbers going through a rain forest encountered a 3m tall hairy biped that left a powerful stench.
  • Gilroy 1995 p224.

1965. Afternoon,
A 15 year old girl was alone in her remote farmhouse while her parents were out shopping. She was feeding the chickens when the dog started acting up. Turning round she saw a 2.5m tall hairy biped. The thing moved towards her, so the girl ran into the house and locked the door. The thing moved around outside the house for some time, leaving the girl hysterical.
  • Gilroy 1995, p221.

1965. Night.
A little girl, aged about 7, was getting off to sleep when she saw, in the corner of her bedroom, a small man floating in the air. He had blue skin, white eyes, very red lips, and was dressed in a silvery suit and a helmet with a transparent visor. He figure seemed to be trying to talk but made no sound. The frightened child fled from the room.
  • Swords 2005, p104, citing John Timmerman.
  • Evaluation: Hypnogogic hallucination?

Early 1965.
A man was captured by the occupants of a disc shaped machine and was taken to another planet with thin, cold, dry air and craters. The inhabitants lived in special quarters. He was shown thousands of craft and was put through strenuous physical exercises and tests, and was told that they were planning a peaceful invasion in 1966. He was missing from home for two weeks.
  • Lorenzen 1966.
January 1965 (or following month)  Night.
A group of soldiers protecting a space capsule on the military base at Jacksonville, saw a large light in the sky, along with four smaller ones. The larger light remained stationary while the four smaller ones came down low over the area where the capsule was located and then rose and appeared to enter the larger one.
  • Swords 2005, p124 citing John Timmerman.

January 4 1965, 1715hrs.
While driving between Bethel and Randolph on Highway 12, Dr Richard Woodruff, Vermont State Pathologist and Senior Examiner at the University Of Vermont College Of Medicine, and a state trooper, suddenly saw, just above a distant treetop to their left, a sharply defined object, glowing orange-red with intensity somewhat less than a car headlight. It rose rapidly in sight and crossed the highway ahead of them. It was the apparent size of an American football at arm’s length. This object was followed by two others in rapid succession, following the same flight course. The whole incident lasted only 30 seconds. The objects were 800m-1.6km away and soundless.
  • Fuller 1967a, p50, citing Raymond Fowler and an undated issue of Burlington Free Press.
  • Citro 1994 p147.

January 4 1965. 2145hrs.
Mr M, an engineer, was parked in a wooded area with his girlfriend and when he got out to remove his raincoat he saw a bright light flying across the sky, but dismissed it from his mind. Getting out of the car again at 2145 he was shocked to see, less than 5m away, tucked under the trees, an extremely bright “igloo” shaped object, a similar length to his car, but higher and of uniform brilliant whiteness. He dived back into the car, but when his headlights swept the area, there was no sign of this object. As they drove homewards they saw an extremely bright object flying towards Walthamstow. No traces were found at the site. Mr M later suffered from a severe psychological reaction.
  • Geoffrey Dole in BUFORA Journal 1, 3, p8 citing Paul Webb
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a, p227 also citing Paul Webb.

January 11 1965 (Approx. date)
Mrs Paul Zimmerman Gearhart and her two sons saw a triangular object, which slowly came out of the south east and then suddenly plunged into the sea several kilometres off shore. It left two trails of fire behind.
  • Sanderson 1970 p 42, citing Seaside Signal 12 January 1965.
  • Evaluation Meteor?

January 12 1965, 0005hrs.
Department of Justice Inspector, Robert E Kerringer, a man with air national guard experience, was driving in an agency car at 65kph along a tree lined road some kilometres from Lyndon, when the ground was lit up by a light so powerful that he could see distant farm buildings. As he was about to stop, a huge, shining, object swooped over the car, almost paralysing him with fright. The thing was circular, 9m in diameter, glowing so brilliantly that the only detail clearly visible was a dark area in its centre. The thing was hovering 15m away, but when a collision seemed inevitable, it shot up and hovered right over the car. When Robert tried to shoot at the thing, “something kept me from firing” and he had strange feeling of being watched. After hovering for 3 minutes the disc rocketed upwards, just as he was about to call headquarters. After the disc left Robert was struck by a sickening fear. It was reported that the object had been detected on Radar at the nearby Blaine AFB
  • Keyhoe 1974, p11.
  • Hynek 1972, p133 citing NICAP

January 12 1965, 2020hrs.
Mrs Jubert was attracted to her window by what appeared to be the landing lights of the airplane. The light, which was extremely bright and appeared to be coming directly into her yard, made her fear than an aircraft was about to crash on to the house, so hurried her three teenage daughters out of the building. From the yard they saw that the light, now blended into one huge intense mass, was coming in slowly in a straight line. It lifted over a100m to clear a clump of evergreens and then dipped down and touched the ground on the far side. It was round, 9m in diameter and slightly domed; its light illuminated the area. After several minutes it took off almost vertically in a burst of speed and disappeared towards the north- west. The object had landed in 40mn cm of snow, and had left a circle of melted snow and scorched earth 3-3.5m diameter. Oval tracks 20cm long and 20cm apart in single file were found leading from the site to a clump of evergreens, where they disappeared. The traces were still visible a month later.
  • Hynek 1972 p132 + Phillips 1975 p34 case 188s, both citing Mr Bernier in UFO-INFO (US)
  • Edwards 1967a p61 citing NICAP.
  • Hall 1999 p275 citing UFO INFO op cit.

January 14 1965
Brilliant lights were seen hovering and moving erratically over Lake Elsinore by many people. They moved in patterns, bright for 5 minutes, dim for 3, in a cycle. After an hour they rose and disappeared in the east.
  • Sanderson 1970 p228 citing Lake Elsinore Valley Sun 21 January 1965.

January 14 1965. 2355hrs.
James Myers, a student at Old Dominion College saw a diamond shaped object, which rose from the ground 450-500m, where it became obscured by a church steeply and other buildings on the skyline. When it reappeared it was as a bright, silvery circular thing that gave the impression of flowing.
  • Harold Deneault in Fate (UK) Oct 1965, p18.

January 15 1965, 2155hrs.
After his TV stopped working Matthew Rybczyk went out to check the aerial, at which he saw a light at treetop level, emitting a hum. When the object left the electrical power returned to normal.
  • UFOlog 15 p3,
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers August 1965, p57
  • APRO Bulletin March/April 1965 p8.
  • Both these latter give date as 25th.

January 19 1965, 1815hrs.
Industrial draughtsman William Blackburn was chopping wood for archers on the Augusta Archery Site on Highway 250 about 5km from Fisherville, when he saw two round objects hovering between 600-1200m above him. The larger object was about 25m across, the smaller 6m across. This smaller object silently landed about 15m away. A door opened making a slight noise and three beings about 90cm tall, with reddish orange skin and piercing eyes approached to within 11m of Blackburn, who stood transfixed in terror. He noticed that the being on the right had a very long finger on its left hand. They wore shiny suits. The opening in the craft gave off a peculiar light, and its metallic surface was so highly polished, that Blackburn felt it would have been visible up to a kilometre away on a clear day. The beings uttered unintelligible sounds, which Blackburn told them he couldn't understand, then they walked back into the craft. The door shut to, the opening seemingly moulding itself into the ship. The encounter may have lasted for 30 minutes.
  • Harold Denaeult in Fate (UK) October 1965, p22.
  • John Keel in Flying Saucers UFO Reports 2 p58.
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969b p30 (via Richard Heiden)
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers August 1965 p57, citing Wanesboro News Virginian not dated but probably 23 January 1965.
  • Coral Lorenzen in Bowen 1966, p60, citing Saucers News March 1965 in turn citing various news clippings.
  • Hall 2001 p476.
  • Hall 1988 p57.

January 20 1965, 0940hrs.
An unidentified object was seen flying slowly over the area. The witnesses could see figures inside, one of which appeared to be operating a camera like device.
  • Donald Hanlon in FSR 12, 2, p15.

January 23 1965, 0840hrs.
A real-estate executive from Richmond was surprised when his car stalled as he was driving along Hw 60. He watched a conical object, with a blue light on one end and red on the other hover over a cornfield. After hovering for about 20-30 seconds the object took off with a swish and car’s power returned. About ten minutes later a 31 year old businessman, was driving his 1964 Cadillac westwards on Hw 60 at the intersection with State Route 14, when the car stalled. Looking to his left, over a field he saw, hovering between 1.2-1.5m above the ground, a conical object 25m tall, 7m diameter, resembling a mushroom or electric light bulb, with a metallic grey colour and with a red-orange light on one side and a blue one on the other. The object made a sound like a vacuum cleaner as it took off against the wind at a high speed towards the west.
  • Harold Deneault in Fate (UK) October 1965 p20.
  • Edwards 1967a, p60
  • Vallee Case 633 citing Blue Book Files.
  • Hynek 1977 p177.
  • UFOlog 15.
  • Evaluation: It is not really clear whether these are separate sightings, as indicated by Deneault or two versions of the same. The USAF concluded that the object was a weather balloon.

January 25 1965, 1940hrs.
Police Officer Woody Darnell, his 13 year old son and other family members, along with a neighbour, saw a brightly glowing reddish-orange object on or just above the mountainside, 5km south west of Marion. Sparks came from the object, which grew brighter and then exploded with a crashing sound. A few minutes later an object took off in the direction of town. Searches next say discovered several treetops bent over and one green tree still on fire at the site.
  • Harold Deneault in Fate (UK) October 1965, p20.
  • John Keel in Flying Saucers UFO Reports 2, p59.
  • UFOlog 15.

January 25 1965, 2000hrs.
Nine people observed an object resembling a sparkler moving up the Rappanhanneck Valley. It was shaped like a pie or top, giving off sparks. The thing bobbed up and down as it moved, skimming the treetops in places. The object hovered over the centre of the river for some time. After 10 minutes, when 5km east of Fredericksburg, it took off to the south west.
  • Harold Deneault in Fate (UK) October 1965 p20.
  • UFOlog 15.
  • Sanderson 1970, p228, citing Fredericksburg Free Lance Star 26 January 1965

January 27 1965, 1755hrs.
Two NASA engineers, Major John Nayadley (USAF Rtd) and A. G, Crimmins were scanning the sky for the Echo Satellite when they observed what at first appeared to be a meteor, but then resolved itself into a V shape, with flashing red and orange lights on the outer edges. The object passed overhead silently. Crimmins saw, through his binoculars, the thing perform a zigzag manoeuvre and land briefly before accelerating out of sight.
  • Harold Deneault in Fate (UK) October 1965 p21.
  • Keyhoe 1974 p88.

January 29 1965 
Mayor George Clemens and his family spotted a very bright light performing aerobatics in the northern sky. It hovered for a time and then shot up vertically at high speed for about 150m, faded, dropped down and then hovered again. It then dropped down towards the water and disappeared. The thing was also seen from the air by a local pilot. Searches by the coast guard were fruitless.
  • Sanderson 1970 p42, citing Monterey Peninsula Herald, 30 January 1965.
January 30 1965, 0200hrs.
Sidney Padrick (45) a radio and television technician was walking along the beach to cure his insomnia, when he heard a roar like a jet and saw a shadowy object overhead. A voice from the object invited him on board, and disk shaped machine 15m long, 10m high hovered just above the beach. He stepped on board the machine and was greeted by eight men and one woman of human appearance, with pointed chins and noses, and long fingers, wearing blue-white suits. The men had short dark hair, which still gave the impression of being uncut. Only one man, who gave his name as Zeno (or Zienna or Zno, really just a buzzing sound) spoke to Patrick, telling him that the machine was travelling on a light beam.

They showed him a picture of a “navigation craft” illuminated by the sunlight and invited him to pray in a chapel. This took place as the object flew up to a mountain top and back. Padrick was struck by the fact that all the contours of the craft were round, with no corners, the walls giving off a ubiquitous blue-white light. Padrick was shown through two levels of the craft each containing 7 rooms, while Zeno discussed aspects of his planet, and its utopian but authoritarian lifeways. After about an hour he was shown out, whereupon he noticed there was a third layer he had not been allowed to visit. He was initially afraid, but later regarded this as a profound religious experience, though he felt also that Zeno was evasive.
  • Clark and Coleman 1975 p228. Lorenzen 1976s p39.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 11, 3, p21.

January 30 1965 (Approx date) Night.
Carlos Souriou, his elder brother and some labourers, were working on his father’s land, when they saw some dwarfs 50cm tall, which grew to 2.5m. The brother tried to shoot them with his rifle but in inexplicably failed twice. The witnesses fled inside the house, which was illuminated by a mysterious light coming through the wooden walls. After a while, thinking the beings had gone, Carlos went outside to his car, at which the beings came out of nowhere to surround him. He had to run to the door of the house, where one of the beings put its arm around his waist. He managed to shake himself free and get inside. The beings were not seen again that night, and no craft was seen. The strange thin beings had only one eye.
  • Richard Heiden citing Riberia 1968 p140, citing El Territoria (Posadas) 31 January 1965 and an investigation by Rialto Flores of CONDOVNI.
  • Fabbio Piacco in The Missing Link 120, p14 + Strange Magazine 9, p35.

January 30 1965 1815hrs.
While travelling between Kent and Renton, William E Bolsom and fellow musicians saw two objects, shaped like a flying dumbbell, which moved back and forth across the landscape, flew off, returned and hovered over high tension wires. The objects changed colour white-red-green and back to white.
  • APRO Bulletin May/June 1965, p1 citing Seattle Intelligencer 1 February 1965.

Mid Winter 1965. Evening.
A couple were sitting watching TV in their home near Pewsey when they heard a noise outside and went to the door. They saw a glowing object stationary, 30m above the field below the manor. They thought that it was an army devise and went back to the TV. A few moments later the picture flickered and failed so they returned to the door to see the object tilt, move off slowly at 30m altitude, until it was out of sight near the next village, 1.2km away to the west. The TV then came back on of its own accord.
  • Rev Howard Bell in FSR Case Histories 1, p8.

February 3 1965, 2045hrs.
A man saw a light on the beach near Penguin Street and got out of his car to observe it. He then heard a modulated whistling sound and saw an object 7m wide rise from the beach to an altitude of about 20m. He came back to the site with other people and a dog, which became restless at a spot where grass was found flattened. Another witness driving near Humphrey Avenue saw the object as it rose over South Brighton.
  • Vallee Case 638, citing Press and Evening Post 4-5 February 1965.

February 3 1965. Night.
While driving between Cavance and Chicunde in their station wagon, Mr Vidarra and his two friends stopped for a while. They saw a light go on, at a short distance away. At first they thought it was from a lantern but then perceived that it was even more powerful than the headlights of a car. The luminous object then rose up into the air and came overhead at a height of about 15m, illuminating the whole area around, before it disappeared towards the south. After driving on for a few kilometres, they saw the same object coming back towards them, flying very low. They stopped and turned off their engine and discovered that the object was soundless. It flew off again but returned several times during the journey, projecting a powerful beam of light at the wagon.
  • FSR 11, 4, p32 citing Diaro de Noticias 4 February 1965.

February 4 1965 (Approx date) Night.
A man called his neighbours out to see 5 luminous objects flying overhead. Then a transparent craft landed, and from it emerged 5 beings nearly 2m tall, with only one in the middle of their foreheads. On their heads were instruments giving off multi -coloured flashes. They entered a farmhouse and tried to seize a man, but withdrew when the villagers went for them. 2 nights later the beings returned to the village and again tried to catch a man, who escaped to give the alarm. Villagers turned out with shotguns and fired at the beings without effect.
  • Gordon Creighton in Humanoids 1967, p39 citing Rodrigo de Riana in La Cronica Matutina 10 February 1965.
  • Evaluation: Another version of the January 30th case?

February 6 1965 (Approx date)  Sunrise.
Retired milkman Harvey Keck, was walking along an isolated stretch of the shore of Lake Michigan, when he encountered a stocky dark figure 1.5m tall, with a transparent domed helmet. His eyes were set further apart than normal and he had an extremely pointed chin. Nearby was an object 1.8m high, standing on a 4 legged landing gear.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 159 p12, citing Ronald West in Orlando Sentinal 6 March 1965.

February 12 1965.
Schoolmaster A Reeks Phillips and his wife, from Wincanton, were driving towards Nailsworth when their attention was caught by a strange ash grey plane, with an indistinct misty appearance, flying west-south west at 30m altitude. It came from behind some trees and then just disappeared before their eyes. It made no sound and did not appear to have an engine.
  • FSR 11, 3, p27, citing Western Daily Press 15 February 1965.

February 12 1965.
Reginald Eaves, a retired radar operator and his wife Myrtle were driving across Exmoor when they saw an aircraft crash into the sea about 1.5km off shore. Searches were fruitless and no aircraft were missing.
  • FSR 11, 3, p27 citing Bristol Evening Post 13 February 1965 + Western Daily Post 15 February 1965.

February 13 1965.
An object was observed at low altitude by Riddle and Higgins. No further details.
  • Jacques Vallee and Josephine Clark in Data Net V, 1 p8.

February 14 1965.
5 local residents observed the landing of an unusually large object. 3 of them went back to a nearby motel to get additional witnesses, while the 2 who remained behind approached the object from behind sand dunes, coming within 20m. From this position they noticed that 3 tall (almost 2.5m), thin creatures, wearing dark, tight fitting, one piece suits had emerged. Before the other witnesses could return the beings had re-entered the craft and it had taken off. Traces of footprints and unusual circles were found at the site.
  • Timothy Green Beckley in Saga UFO Special Vol 3, p23.

February 14 1965, 1900hra.
C H Watson and F Pursey of Dover were driving home from Whitstable with their wives, when, as they commenced the run up the hill from Bridge to Dover, they saw a dark object, which they took to be a van without lights, cross the road from left to right about 20m ahead. The unlit and silent thing seemed to disappear into a churchyard. The two women, sat talking in the back, saw nothing g. Other drivers were said to have seen the same thing.
  • FSR 11, 3, p27 citing Kentish Gazette 26 February 1965.

February 14 1965. Night.
Nile Domingues was resting on the beach when he saw an object land and turn on a bright spotlight that moved about on the sand. A porthole could be seen on the object, and from an opening g in its underside came another strong light. Suddenly the object took off rapidly and disappeared. 30 minutes later Nile returned to the beach with his son and they found strange marks in the sand as though the craft and its crew had retuned while they, were away.
  • T G Beckley in Saga UFO Special 3, p23.
  • Evaluation: I am unable to find this location on Google

February 21 1965, 2100hrs.
Several disc shaped machines manoeuvred low over this village, before one of them landed. About 50 members of the Toba tribe witnessed the landing of this machine, from which emerged 3 tall cyclopean beings surrounded by haloes of light, walking very slowly. Various accounts differ as to what happened next, some saying that the Indians worshipped the beings, others that they tried to seize them. The beings returned to the craft, as police were summoned, and remained looking out of the windows for some minutes. According to some accounts they broadcast a message of goodwill. As the police arrived the craft took off, but they were able to obtain photographs.
  • There are two separate data streams:
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 11, 4, p13 and Humanoids 1967, p39 (cited also in Trench, Flying Saucer Story, p58) citing Oscar Gallindez in Cordoba 25 February 1965 which mention worship, message, photographs
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera I, 1968  p373  citing CODOVNI investigation which gives date as 23rd, has cyclops, seizure, police arrive as craft departs.
  • Evaluation: Hoax

March 1965. 0100hrs.
A mid-western bank president and his wife were driving about 30km west of Santa Rosa when a bright green light appeared in the sky ahead of them, closing rapidly. The wife, who was driving, pulled to the side so that they could observe the phenomenon more closely. After about a minute, the light from the object, which was hovering at about 6m altitude, 100m away, was blinding. The couple became very frightened, locked the car doors and bent below the dashboard to escape the blinding light. After a couple of minutes the light went off and the highway was clear. The witnesses recovered their composure and resumed their journey, but they had not gone more than 800m before they were being paced by the object again, moving parallel to the car over some fields 200m to the right. A brilliant white beam was projected from the underside of this object at five second intervals and the green beam played on their car for a couple of minutes before both lights went out, the object having disappeared. Both witnesses were considerably shaken by the incident.
  • Edwards 1968, p108, citing his own investigation.

March 1965. 2300hrs.
A woman had just got into bed, when turning round, she saw, in her hallway, a human looking being, with a ruddy complexion, wearing a helmet and a grey suit with zippers, holding a transparent sphere in its hand. The figure seemed to communicate that it did not mean them any harm and was just observing her and her husband.
  • Swords 2005, p174, citing John Timmerman.

March 2 1965, 1355hrs.
John Reeves (55), a retired Brooklyn longshoreman, was walking in the woods when he saw “a red bird” flying to the left. His attention was then caught by a red and blue object, resembling a trailer roof, some 650m away. He walked to within 90m of it, then circled the bushes to within 30-50m. Suddenly a being about 1.5m tall emerged from some bushes about 30m away, walked toward the machine, turned and approached Reeves, coming within 5m. It then stood for a few moments before producing a black object 15-18cm diameter from his left side, raising it to his chin, whereupon it emitted a flash like a flash-bulb. Reeves fled, stumbling and having to retrieve his glasses and hat, allowing the being to take another flash, then approach and put its hand on Reeve’s shoulder and communicate by gestures, before returning to the object. Reeves was now able to see that this was a machine 6-8m diameter, 1.8m high, standing 1.2m above the ground on 4 landing legs. Its colour was a mingling of red/green and blue/purple. It was disc shaped with blades 90cm long, 20-25cm diameter on the outer rim.

On the top of the machine were two windows. The being re-entered the machine on the steps of an escalator, which led into a cylindrical devise 45cm diameter, which retreated into the hull. The blades then began to move up and down like a venetian blind, the rim revolving with a rumbling sound, the legs retracting into the body of the craft, which took off slowly at first, then accelerated away, disappearing in about 10 seconds. Reeves described the creature as having dark, sun tanned skin, with widely separated eyes, which seemed to reach almost to the ears and a pointed chin. It was wearing a sort of skullcap under a bowl like helmet. Reeves found that the being’s expressionless piercing gaze reminded him of a robot. At the site he found figure of 8 footprints 10cm diameter, 11cm deep apparently made by the landing gear and a piece of paper with hieroglyphics. Air Force cryptographers found these were a simple substitute code for “Planet Mars-Are you coming home soon-we miss you very much-why did you stay away for so long” and concluded the story was a hoax.
  • Loftin 1968, p42 citing investigation by Joan Whritenour.
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  • Randle 1989, p29.
  • Randle 2012, p19 citing his own investigation.
  • Evaluation: Hoax or psychological

March 4 1965, 1830hra.
A farmer and his employee saw, from their car, three yellow-orange spheres rapidly rising from a field. Oily spots were found in the field.
  • Vallee Case 639, citing Blue Book Files.

March 8 1965, 1940hrs.
Three people saw a cigar shaped object, with two fixed red lights. It flew above them and avoided hitting their house at the last moment and was lost to sight in the north east.
  • Vallee Case 640.

March 10 1965. (Approx. date)
While flying above a location 105km north east of Quebec City, Quebecair pilot, Captain Claude Laurin and his co-pilot observed a submersible vessel for some 4-5 minutes. No submarines could penetrate to that location.
  • INFO Journal 10, p20 citing Toronto Globe and Mail, 11 March 1965.

March 12 1965, 1130hrs.
While flying on a positioning flight from Whenuapai Airport (Auckland) to Kaitaia and travelling just north of Helensville, Captain Bruce Cathie took his aircraft down 150m to better see his flight path. His attention was then caught by what appeared to be a whale stranded in the shallow water below. On closer inspection this proved to be a streamlined symmetrical object with no surface features, except the suggestion of a streamlined hatch on the top. The thing was 30m long, 5m wide the widest part, and of metallic appearance. The object appeared to be lying in less than 10m of clear water. Bruce did not alert the other two crew members and the rest of the flight proceeded as normal.
  • Cathie 1968, p17.
  • FSR 12, 4, p28 citing Henk J. Hinfelaar in Spaceview 47 (gives date as January 12th but I assume Cathie’s own date is the more accurate)

March 14 1965, 0100hrs.
Richard Cocks observed an object approach and hover above the rail crossing at about 30m altitude. It was discoid, 9-12m diameter, with portholes emitting a pale blue light. A red and green light was visible on either side of the thing, and a blue light was projected down onto the rails. Cocks awoke his wife and they approached the humming object making gestures, but the thing rose rapidly without leaving traces.
  • Panorama 9, 2, p19.
  • Evaluation No place called Elizabeth Sound can be found on Google. Elizabeth is a suburb of Melbourne

March 15 1965, 0100hrs.
While out exercising and training four hunting dogs in the Everglades, about 30km east of the Big Cypress, rancher James T Flynn (45) had to set off in his swamp buggy in pursuit of three of the dogs, which had not returned since jumping a deer, As James was looking for the animals, he saw a huge light above the trees about 1.5km away, moving east to west and back four times. It then descended, hovering at 1.2m. James drove closer, turned off the buggy lights and saw, through binoculars, that the thing was a cone 9m tall, about 25m wide. 2.5m from the top was a row of windows, with three similar rows beneath, all 60 cm square, surrounded by a black strip, 5cm wide. The lowest row was 3.5m from the bottom of the object. The cone, the dimensions of which were estimated by reference to the vegetation, was rounded on top, appeared to be metallic and made of a material riveted in 1.2 x 1.2m strips. The windows gave off a dull yellow light, the underside an orange red glow.

After watching for 30-40 minutes from 400m distance James approached much closer, his remaining dog becoming frantic. He walked towards the thing, waving. As he did so he heard a strange ringing sound like a transformer and felt a strong wind before a beam of light came from just below the lowest row of windows, and struck him above the right eyebrow. James was stunned and when he came to he discovered that he was almost blind. He managed to see that the thing had gone, leaving a circle of burned ground and that several of the cypress trees were burnt. Later investigations showed scuff marks on trees, suggestive of a heavy weight. James was fed by a Seminole friend and then made his own way home. His right eye had sustained fairly serious injury and he was in hospital for 5 days. He also suffered symptoms suggestive of severe shock. Later it became clear he had been unconscious for 24 hours.
  • Lorenzen 1966 p229 + Lorenzen 1969 p192 both citing investigation by Dr Stipe.
  • Keyhoe 1975 p26 + Deneault and Lore 1969 p172 + Loftin 1968 p85 + Phillips 1975 p35, case 195, citing investigation by Charles H Fereseman for NICAP.
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  • FSR 11, 4, p
  • 14 citing Helen Hartmann.
  • Hall 2001, p56, citing Keyhoe and Lore 1969b, p12.

March 16 1965, 2010hrs.
Six people observed, in a clear sky with a full moon, a soundless, hazy white object through binoculars for 20 minutes as it travelled east-west with a bobbing motion, less than 10m above the ground. It was the size of a quarter at arm’s length and had a circle of green lights with a red light in front.
  • UFOlog 15, p6.

March 22 1965.
A brilliant red fireball was seen to ascend straight up out of Lake Washington.
  • Sanderson 1970 p226 citing NICAP Washington State Sub-committee.

March 28 1965.
Geoffrey Brown was driving through Skeeby when his engine misfired and then died. Getting out to investigate, he saw a saw a milky white light, 30m across, with rounded corners, emitting a humming noise. It hovered a couple of hundred metres above the ground, and then came closer, stopped 200m away, and then moved out over the moors, a pulsating light on the underside. The thing then shot off at an angle at fantastic speed. Above it were 9-10 other objects in a V formation, which moved slowly. Brown later noticed odd red marks on his skin.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a, p230, citing Nick Redfern citing TNA File Air/2/1757.
  • Redfern 1996, p55 citing his own investigation.

April 1965.
Shopkeeper Felipe Martinez (37) was out hunting when he saw a large egg shaped machine hovering a few metres above the ground 300m away. It was silent and surrounded by a rapidly rotating ring. Martinez ran toward the machine but was suddenly struck by a paralysis. A door opened in the craft and a small man, about 1m tall, descended a ladder about 30cm wide. He wore a diver’s suit and helmet linked to the craft by two cables. The dwarf spoke to the witness “slowly and with difficulty” claiming to be the pilot of a sil from near the moon. The being asked Martinez to meet him again on May 3rd, which he did. He also encountered the being at Marcias (Entre Rios) on July 21st and appeared to becoming a regular contactee.
  • Gordon Creighton in Humanoids 1967, p40 citing Sydney Morning Herald 2 August 1965 + La Cronica Matutina 8 October 1965 + La Cronica (BA) 8 October 1965.

April 8 1965, 2130hrs.
A 60 year old man saw an object 200m away, in the North West, at 30m altitude. It turned east and then left towards the south. It was first seen as single bright light, and then two luminous sources were visible through a door in the object, which appeared metallic. Radio interference was noted.
  • Vallee Case 643, citing Blue Book Files.
  • Richard Heiden.

April 10 1965, 2115hrs.
A yellow gold disc with a cupola was seen travelling west to east. It was then seen to hover and land. A row of windows was observed around the rim.
  • Loftin 1968, p34.

April 11 1965.
Mr R Banks and a friend had gone down to the beach to inspect a cracked fishing boat. While at the cliffs they saw two objects about 800m off shore and observed them for 15 minutes. The objects were about 100m apart, and as they turned away from one another and headed out to sea. The witnesses were sure that they were the coning towers of two submarines; however the authorities argued that it was most unlikely that submarines could have manoeuvred in these particular coastal waters.
  • FSR 12, 4, p29 citing H J Hineflaar in Spaceview 47.

April 15 1965.
Two youths observed a cylindrical or oval object 1.2km from the shore.
  • ibid.

April 19 1963.  Night.
Two fisherman were pursued by a 30m long object with a small bridge and a cable on the stern.
  • ibid

April 20 1965.
While flying between Coolum and Neesa a former Air Force pilot saw an object resembling a crash diving submarine. All the above the cases were studied by a Sydney submariner but no comment was issued.
  • ibid.

April 23 1965, 0800hrs.
A woman observed an object land near her home, while she was working in the kitchen. It was disk shaped, about 7m diameter, with portholes and a cylinder about 1m high with a sliding door, through which a small creature 1m tall appeared and jumped to the ground. Its face was not clearly visible, but it had pointed ears, a sort of tail and was linked to the main object by a sort of cable. It wore white clothing, appeared to pick up something from the ground, and re-entered the cylinder, which then slid up into the larger while disk. The outside rim started spinning in a counter clockwise direction with a soft whistling sound, and the object rose straight up out of view.
  • Vallee case 644 citing Blue Book Files.

April 26 1965, 1700hrs.
Gary X (9) saw an object which came down silently and hovered at ground level 60m away. A sort of periscope emerged from it and a strange noise was emitted, which was also heard by his father. After 1-2 minutes the periscope disappeared, the object rose and then dashed up at unbelievable speed.
  • Vallee Case 645.
  • Rath 1998 p46

Early May 1965.
40km north of Willowdale a man observed a bright light on the back portion of his lot, amongst the weeds, but attributed it to a reflection or a neighbour’s propane lantern. Returning g to the window some minutes later, he saw a light moving over the treetops, disappearing into the west. Two weeks later he was walking in the area where the light had been seen and came across a ring of scorched and vegetation, devoid of grass, 1m thick, and 10m diameter. Some trees in this ring had been knocked down at the base in a clockwise direction, as if by a great force. Trees in the centre were untouched. Around the ring the vegetation was undamaged.
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1969 p21 + Phillips 1975 p35 (case 196) citing Gene Duplantier citing cousin and neighbour of the witness.

May 20 1965, 1900hrs.
Edward McDonald and give members of his family observed a silver white metallic disc, the approximate size of a car, with a row of portholes, 30cm diameter, pass over the house, skimming the rooftop and emitting a low buzzing sound. As the object passed over, their dog and their horse (in a nearby field) both panicked. The dog ran off and the horse reared up and ran around. Normally these animals showed no fear of aircraft. Neighbours’ radio and TV reception suffered unusually and severe interference.
  • Spacelink 3, 1, p21 + Deneault and More 1969, p153 + Gordon Creighton in FSR 16, 6, p27, all citing UFO Investigator III, 3, p3.

May 22 1965, 1700hrs.
A single witness observed a grey dirigible shaped object hovering low over the Residential Harbour power plant.
  • Fowler 1974 p332.

May 23 1965 (or following day) 0130hrs.
Sydney French and his wife, of Geraldton, were driving between Morawa and Mingenew when loud static broke into their car radio programme. They got out but could see nothing. They continued driving with the radio off, when 2.5km further along they saw a large dark object, bigger than a tractor, with eight or more glaring lights beaming down, less than 4m above a field. At the same time they were struck with a loud, shrill, piercing noise. They were afraid and drove away. 3km further along their radio again developed static.
  • Tambling 1967 p52.
  • Vallee Case 647 citing Spaceview 44 + LDLN 80.

May 23 1965, 2050hrs.
A schoolteacher observed a white disc less than 1m diameter, travel at speed NE-SW at 30m altitude.
  • APRO Bulletin January/February 1966, p8.

Last Week May 1965. 1200hrs.
A 74 year old woman and her 8 year old grandson were in their first floor apartment in Lagra do Machado, while her daughter was taking a shower. The elderly lady was sat next to an open window when she saw a light enter and drew the little boy’s attention to it. They saw that it was reddish, oblong, luminous, about 40cm long. On its upper half was a strange design and something was hanging from the underside. The thing hung 1.5m from floor, stopped or slowed rapidly. It then made a crackling sound like an old fashioned light bulb and rose to 2m rapidly, headed to a point on the opposite wall, 8m away, its light changing from red to blue, releasing a smoke cloud from its rear and throwing fire on the floor from its pointed from part. On reaching the wall, the thing turned around and headed straight for the window, through which ti left, its colour changing to yellow, with the same crackling sound. The boy ran to catch it, while his mother, alarmed at the noise, dashed out of the shower, fearful for the old lady’s safety but the object had disappeared through the window.
  • Richard Heiden in FSR 20, 4, p29 citing Ribera 1968, p310 citing SBEDV.

May 24 1965, 0005hrs.
At the Retreat Hotel, 65km from Mackay, the owner, James William Tilse, a local justice of the peace, had been playing cards with two of his guests, John Burgess and Eric Judin. Burgess, a truck driver, went to move one of Tilse’s trucks, while the latter did some clearing at the bar. As John went out he saw a luminous object on the ground and called to his two companions. They saw a metallic object, identity difficult to estimate (estimates varying between 2m and 9m were given), hovering 60m above the trees some 300m away. It had a flat elongated, somewhat convex, top, with an understructure consisting of orange and red lights in decreasing rows, ten down to six. An area some 60m wide was illuminated by these bright pulsating lights. The object remained suspended for 10 minutes, then moved slowly towards the hotel, stopping 200m away. It now appeared as a giant luminous mass with three triangular landing legs, and gave off an orange glow from its underside. Tilse phoned a neighbour, but a ridge obscured that man’s view.

The object then moved slowly backwards, stopping from time to time, and swerving gently from side to side. It then came about half way forwards again, then turned south for 400m, then back to its original line. After 30 minutes it rose slowly to 90m, then accelerated away at 45 degrees to the east at great speed. Burgess and Judin heard a low pitched hiss, rising to a whine, while the object moved away, being last seen as a point of light. At one point it landed or almost landed on a ridge. Photographs were said to have been taken, but did not come out. The next day a 12m diameter circle of flattened but unburned grass was found at the site, the centre untouched, There was an outer circle 95cm thick. Trees were burned.
  • Hervey 1969 p111.
  • Tilse in Spacelink 2, 3, p13.
  • Judith Magee in FSR 11, 5, p13.
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  • Keyhoe 1974, p46.
  • Basterfield 1981 + 1997 p152 citing Australian FSR 9, p12 + Australian Flying Saucer Digest July/September 1965 and investigation by UFO Research (Queensland)
  • Evaluation: Elements of this story, the length of time, slow movements, difficulty in estimating size, movements back and forth etc all suggest a astronomical object + atmospheric distortion and autokinesis. In which case the ground marks would be coincidental

May 24 1965, 1840hrs.
Jose Miranda, his sons Jose Jnr and Darwin (31) and their neighbour Dario Videla were out hunting when they observed through binoculars a very luminous object, shaped like an inverted plate, with a red light on top, constantly changing shades, circling at 100m altitude 2.5km away. The thing landed on a hilltop and became opaque. A police patrol under Commander Osvaldo Pagella investigated despite the difficult terrain. It is not clear what happened next, some sources suggest they saw an object on the ground and then taking off, whereas others say a metallic deposit was found. A second patrol on the 26th appears not to have found anything. On the same day residents in San Carlos had seen a luminous object larger than a weather balloon passing by at great altitude.
  • Vallee Case 645
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 12, p11, case 67, citing La Tribuna 26 May 1965.
  • Heiden citing Ribera 1968, p149, citing CODOVNI citing La Tribuna op cit + Diaro de Cuya 27 May 1965.
  • Heiden citing Banchs 1973, p24 citing La Razon 26 May 1965.

May 27 1965, 0415hrs.
Mrs G Teenan was giving her daughter a glass of water when the room was lit by an orange coloured light. An instant later it was gone but 30 minutes afterwards it reappeared from the direction of the backyard. Looking through her kitchen window, Mrs Teenan saw a glowing orange ball, about 3m diameter stationary and just to the left of an 18m gum tree about 100m from the house. The thing was visible for a minute, went out and then reappeared to the right of the tree, with four or five broken orange rays following its outline. It went out again after about a minute.
  • Hervey 1969 p107.
  • Basterfield 1981 citing AFS Digest July/September 1965.

June 1965. 1000hrs.
A round, dark coloured object was seen at ground level coming out of the Ludington railway bridge tunnel and travelling up the embankment. One of the witnesses fired a shot gun at the thing, producing a metallic sound. The witnesses became very frightened. The weather was warm with a slight breeze and scattered cloud.
  • Paul Wragg citing NICAP (UK) files.

June 2 1965, 2000hrs.
A former airman, Mr D Armstrong, the owner of a property 3km out of Kurnada on the Cairn’s Road, was alerted by his two teenage sons to a spherical object with flashing lights, which landed silently on a hillside on the property of his neighbour Mr R G F Watson. Searches were fruitless. Possibly the same object was seen Mrs L Wood and Mrs B Medric on a mountain NE of Messman.
  • Judith Magee in FSR 11, 5, p12, citing Cairns Post 3, 4 and 5 June 1965.

June 3 1965, 2200hrs.
An importer from Tucson, who wished to remain anonymous, was driving along the Black Canyon Road, south of Flagstaff. When he rounded a corner near the Verde Crossing his headlights caught a dirigible shaped object, bathed in a cold blue glow, hovering above a canyon and clearly silhouetted against the hills. The object then ascended straight up and headed southwest in the direction of Buckeye.
  • Lorenzen 1966, p236.

June 6 1965, 1130hrs.
Private Pilot C Adams and TV cameramen Les Hendy were flying over Fraser Island when Adams noticed two objects in the water 13km away. The objects were 5km east of the of the island and as the witnesses got nearer they saw that the objects were narrow, up to 30m long and resembled dark coloured legs. Two or three similar but smaller objects could now be seen near the first two. They did not move but appeared to submerge as the plane got within 1.5km, without disturbing the surface. Earlier on the same day Mr G Simpson, part owner of the Seabrae Hotel and Mrs V Grady had seen a similar object 800m out from Radcliffe. It was observed for 10 minutes and appeared to have a kind of balloon suspended over it.
  • FSR 12, 4, p28, citing Spaceview 47, citing K Hinfelaar in Spaceview 44.

June 9 1965, 1645hrs.
Stanley T, the chauffer of a Norwich dignitary, was driving back from his employer’s club when he saw an object hovering at tree height, making a humming sound, like that of a refrigerator. The object was dull grey, about 12m diameter, shaped like a flattened sphere on top. After being observed for 20 seconds, the thing vanished at incredible speed.
  • Jacques Vallee citing J A Hynek citing a taped interview with the witness.

June 19 1965, 0400hrs.
Two farm boys were stashing logs when they were surprised by the sudden close appearance of a brightly lighted, circular, wingless object. It was the thing’s brightness which first impressed the boys; they thought it might have been a helicopter but Quentin AFB confirmed that no helicopters were operating. The dogs were set barking, though the boys did not notice if the cattle were affected. The boy who saw the thing first thought it was about to crash as they headed back into the barn. The object, emitting a bright white light, came down at a 45 degree angle, to the height of nearby telegraph wires, moved horizontally across the farmyard and was last seen over a small silo. The object was the apparent size of the full moon or larger. It appeared as a circular object, with numerous lights around the inside. Either the centre portion or the whole thing was rotating in an anti-clockwise direction. The incident lasted for less than three minutes.
  • Hynek 1972, pp91, 232.

June 21 1966, 2125hrs.
A circular object with a flashing red light hovered and appeared to land. It was observed for 20 minutes.
  • APRO Bulletin January/February 1966 p8.

June 25 1966, 2100hrs.
Mr Cerda of Santa Barbara was driving home along an unpaved road when, some five minutes’ drive from the town, he saw a sort of ball of fire, emitting a strange luminosity, which disappeared behind a bend in the road, which at that point bordered a brook. He saw the light emerge again from this brook and cross the road to his car. At that moment the car engine died and the vehicle carried on by its own momentum.
  • BUFORA Journal 2, 8, p17, citing Juan Aguillen, Alberto Bernai and Eugenio Aranguiz in Bol. Info de DIOVNI 4.

June 27 1965, 2130hrs
Pia Mosbach (5), who lived with her parents in an allotment garden colony in the then West Berlin, saw, though her window, a” second moon”. She got out through the window to investigate and saw that it was a disc 10m diameter, surmounted by a dome, which slowly descended and landed close to her. Four dwarfs emerged and took a sample of the water from the Tetlow channel, near the landing site. One of the beings saw the little girl, who was hiding behind some bushes, and pointed a bright object at her. She blacked out and had a vague memory of lying in a brightly lit room, she then found herself back behind the bushes and ran back home, crawling back through the window. She had a severe headache. From then on she claimed to hear a voice in strange language in her head and became a contactee.
  • Michael Hessmann in The International UFO Library Anniversary Edition p45, citing his own investigation.
  • Evaluation: If not a false memory, probably a dream. Psychological

June 28 1965.
An unidentified object was seen in the general vicinity of an unusual circular depression.
  • Phillips 1975, p36, case 198p, citing FSIC.

June 29 1965, 2330hrs.
Mrs Lillian Pearce and her 14 year old daughter were driving home along Route 88 from a neighbour’s house, when they saw flashing red lights ahead. They thought it was an accident but as they got closer they saw it was a huge object in a field by the road. They stopped beside the thing, which was oval shaped, the apparent size of a large car, its shape indistinct in the steady bright light, and was hovering at below tree top height some 10m away. They drove and the thing suddenly took off. Her daughter was afraid to go out alone after this incident.
  • Fuller 1966a, pp74, 101, 105.