Summer 1965.
Trevor Marsh was driving home in his Morris 1000 car when he saw an orange light over Norridge Wood. He thought it was the navigation light of a helicopter, but then it was suddenly right over him, its brilliance forcing him to slow down. As it descended to about 10m altitude, Trevor’s car engine failed and the vehicle came to a stop. Looking up, he saw that the object was huge, circular and flashing with multi-coloured lights. He drove rapidly home and reported the matter to his father. He saw a similar object about 5 days later on the same stretch of road, so turned back to avoid it.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a p232 citing own interview and an undated (c1980?) issue of The County Press.

Summer 1965. 0130hrs.
A family were driving a pickup truck in the stockyards near Omaha when three beings ran across the road ahead. The third stood right in the road, and as they were about to collide with it, it made a leap of about 10m across the road and over a fence. The beings were small, with large bald heads and large eyes. The man, a former FBI agent, wanted to investigate but his wife object. That night they heard a radio report that cattle had been found dead in the stockyard.
  • Swords 2005 p106 citing John Timmerman.

Summer 1965. 0200HRS.
Ray Badger were doing some night fishing at Diglis Weir on the River Severn, when an intense fluorescent block of white light suddenly appeared no more than 60m above them. They staggered back in surprise. After a few minutes the block of light switched off, then a second, identical block appeared in the same location. These blocks of lights neither projected light nor were reflected in the water. This repeated a further distance away, and then, at higher altitude, over the gasometer on the far side of the river. When this disappeared it left a shower of sparks.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a, p239 citing own investigation.

Summer 1965. 0830HRS.
Radiologist Dr Giovanni B was in his boat off the shore between Cattolica and Gabicce when he saw five bright, disc shaped objects emerge from the sea, one after the other. They flew away rapidly at 45 degrees. The phenomenon happened soundlessly about 2km from the witness.
  • M. Verga ITACAT citing Pinotti 1976.

Summer 1965. Evening.
Sheila St Clair and her husband were inspecting the grounds of the old church here, when she saw, by a gate, the figure of a man, the head and upper body of which were clothed in a brown cloak or habit, where below the knees the figure faded into a brown mist. It had a thin, pale, “evil” face, with deep set eyes. Sheila, who had been about to take a photograph, stood rooted to the spot. When her husband called out, the figure vanished.
  • St Clair 1972, p25.

Summer 1965. Night.
Charles Wood observed a silver metallic, biconvex disc with windows, 12m in diameter, hovering at 10m altitude, 50m away. It emitted a whirring noise. It took off rapidly.
  • Salisbury 1974n, p240 citing Joseph Hicks.

Summer 1965. Late.
A couple in a car on Southport beach saw a yellow object like a buoy, which wobbled and rotated, on the water. The woman became frightened and urged her boyfriend to drive away, but the car would not start. After several attempts the man decided to get his gun and shoot the object but the boot would not open. They tried to drive away again but again failed. Then, though the night was quiet and still, sand began to spray over the bonnet and windscreen. They were now able to drive away. When they looked back the object had gone. The woman had many other strange experiences.
  • NUFON News 105, p17, citing investigation by Peter Hough.
  • Evaluation: Not reported for about 18 years, there seems no reason to suppose the object on the sea was anything but either a buoy or some other mundane object

July 1965.
An unidentified object was observed at low altitude. No further details.
  • Petrowisch, Table of Chilean landings.

July 1965. 0200hrs.
A woman and her boyfriend were returning home on a rural road between bogland when their car was paced by a small blue light. Then a figure in a long black cloak appeared on the road ahead, but as they drew level it just vanished. When the couple looked back the light had also disappeared.
  • NUFON News 153, p11, citing Roy Sandbach.

July 1965. 1930hrs.
Stephen Bale and his wife were driving fom Modbury to Gara Bridge and were going down a slight slope to a right angled bend 200m ahead. Coming down the leg of this bend was what looked like a veteran car. Stephen slowed but when they reached the bend there was no sign of this vehicle. They saw this thing a few other times.
  • Brown 1982 p95, citing letter from Stephen Bale, 9 March 1966.

July 1965. Night.
Three boys were camping in sleeping bags in the backyard of a house in south west Seattle. Two of them were awakened by a loud, fluctuating, humming noise, and a brilliant light that bathed the whole area in a white glow. They then saw a circular object approximately 1.2m in diameter, with a transparent dome on which there was a rotating fixture, resembling a periscope. On its underside were four appendages resembling coiled springs. The thing descended to within about 1m of the ground, then began manoeuvring around the lawn. As it approached them, the two boys grabbed their sleeping companion and ragged him into the house. There, with the host boy’s parents, they watched the object until it disappeared a few minutes later. The thing had broken a power line, and entered and damaged a shed. A scorched spot was found on one of the sleeping bags, and the grass over which the object had hovered turned yellow and died.
  • Robert Gribble in Flying Saucers UFO Reports 2, p14.
  • Evaluation: Ball lightning?

July 1965. 2200hrs.
Two young women out walking heard a noise “like roller skates” and when they looked in that direction, they saw the torso of a beautiful smiling man with deep, penetrating eyes. The bottom half of the figure was not visible. Both women felt in a trance for about 5 minutes
  • Musgrave 1979 case 27 p44 citing Bordeleau 1969 p46.

July 1965. 2330hrs.
A woman was on the phone in a second floor room of her house, when she heard a rustling sound and saw a flash of light. She was puzzled but not concerned and continued with her call for another 15 minutes. When she had finished the conversation, she glanced out of her window and was shocked to see a globe of light, diffuse at the edges and not clearly delineated, in which six people with “deep sun tans” lay on their backs and made motions as if rowing. They appeared be small, about 1.5m tall and they appeared to be lying in a haphazard way. There was no sound, and the light was hovering a metre or so above the ground in her neighbour’s yard, about 30m away. After about five minutes the light went out. The witness was too surprised to take in many details, and thought that she was going insane, and was only reassured as to her sanity when her Puerto Rican maid reported that she had heard a “swishing” sound and had seen a light flash past her window.
  • Jerome Clark, first hand.

July 1965 (Approx. date) 2355hrs.
A couple driving home saw a bright light ahead, which swung around to pace them about 150m away at 30m altitude. It was a fiery orange sphere about 30m in diameter. After a couple of minutes the thing just vanished.
  • Swords 2005 p169 citing John Timmerman.

July 1 1965, 0545hrs.
For several days in June Maurice Masse (41) and his father, who were lavender growers, were annoyed by someone picking lavender shoots from the “l’Olivel Field”. On this morning Maurice was finishing a cigarette while standing near a hillock beside a small vineyard along side this field, when he heard a whistling sound. He then stepped from behind the mound to see at a distance of about 90m, a machine shaped like a rugby (American football) ball. It was standing on six legs, with a central pivot, and a cupola on top. Beside it were two small beings the size of eight year old children. He first thought it was an experimental helicopter, then that it was the people who had been damaging his crops. He crept through the vineyard and 15m of open field, until he got within 5m of the machine and its occupants. As he did so, they straightened up, and one pointed a sort of tube at him, paralysing him completely. He could see now that the beings were 1-1.1m tall, with huge heads, three times as large as a man’s. They were entirely bald, with white “not pretty” faces, smooth skins.

Their features were generally human except for their hole like lipless mouths, high cheekbones, and large slanting eyes. They seemed to communicate by means of gurgling sounds, which seemed to come from their stomachs rather than their mouths. They wore close fitting grey-green overalls, with a small container on the left hand side and a larger one on the right. They then seemed to somehow smile at him, giving him a feeling of “peace and friendship”. After a time they returned to the machine, and for a while he could see them inside it, while its legs whirled around. The craft then took of with a thump from the central pivot and floated away, till it reached about 20m away when it just disappeared on the spot. Maurice regained the use of his limbs over about a 15 minute period. Traces, consisting of a depression 1.2m diameter, 40cm deep, crossed by four furrows 8cm wide and 2 cm long, were found at the spot and the ground seemed soaked. Masse refused to grow anything there for a period of some years, and when he did so, the landing spot remained barren for 10 years. In the days that followed he found he needed an inordinate amount of sleep, while he became more obsessed with the idea that the beings were friendly, and that he “knew” when they were about.
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  • Hall 2001, p477.
July 2 1965, 2310hrs.
Mrs A W Brundage was driving home from her job at the Olympic View Nursing Home when, as she passed an old barn, the car stopped suddenly as a small orange, glowing object hovered a few centimetres above the car bonnet. The thing resembled a top and was spinning slowly. After about two minutes it left with a swishing sound. The car lights and radio resumed but she had difficulty in starting the engine and the next morning she found that her battery was completely dead. A clock which had previously kept perfect time was found to be two minutes slow.
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1967 p41, citing an undated issue of Kent News Journal.
  • Rodeghier 1981 p24 citing Saucer News December 1965.
July 4 1965. Morning.
A man looking out to sea saw two columns of white smoke descending into the sea and he called other people to see the last traces of the smoke. There were fears of an aircraft crash but naval and helicopter searches were futile.
  • Edgar Simons in Babcock and Beckley 1978, p8 citing Spiegel der UFOlogie 9 + BUFOI 6.
July 5 1965.
Dr Dimitri Reibikoff saw a large object moving below a shoal of fish. He first thought that it was a shark, but its speed was too constant for a living organism.
  • Steiger 1999, p133.
July 5 1965, 1800hrs.
Scandinavian Airlines purser Barty Anersson(41) was taking a time exposure of himself fishing when he saw an object 3.5m from the ground on the opposite side of Russian River. The thing was circular, orange, flat bottomed and with a blue dome on top. It rose rapidly, with a spiralling motion to treetop height and then disappeared. A smell of ammonia was left at the spot. The time exposure photograph showed an orange blur, reflected in the water.
  • APRO Bulletin November/December 1965 p1.
  • CFSI Newsletter II, 6, p4.
July 6 1965.
Pilot C Adams and television worker L. Hendy flew over a group of 5 hulled objects.
  • Kolosimo 1971, p109.
July 8 1965.
Mr P Rodgers observed a red glowing object hover at 6-9m altitude for 5 minutes, before it ascended vertically into the clouds.
  • Australian Flying Saucer Review, p10.
 July 8 1965, 2152hrs
24/40N 31/15W (ATLANTIC OCEAN)
Seaman Hernandez Ambeosio, port lookout on the T T Jawesta, en route from Puerta La Cruz (Venezuela) to the Canary Islands , observed a luminous object apparently rise out of the ocean. Chief Mate Tergrim Lien observed the object as it approached the ship below the clouds at an altitude of 200-400m. It was cigar shaped, with a row of square windows, through which a faint orange glow came from the interior. From its rear came a blue tongue of fire, followed by a number of blue globes, each giving off a blue beam. The object was observed for 30-40 seconds, going in a north-south direction. Three other seamen, Marciso Guillen, Jean Hernandez and Ignacio Suarez also saw the thing.
  • FSR 12, 5, p32 citing T. Lien in Moss Dagbled 27 December 1965.
July 9 1965, 1250hrs.
At the Cote de Therment , 30 year old Mrs Zielenka saw a metallic looking object rise at high speed and fly away towards Metz. She estimated it was 3m in diameter.
  • Vallee Case 652 citing Paris Jour 12 July 1965.
July 10 1965, 1000hrs.
John Hambling, a geologist and mining company exploration manager and his companion geologists were studying a miner rich area 110km north of Hazelton. They had just set up their equipment after a helicopter had left when they saw a silvery object, illuminated by the sun; appear over a small ridge below them. They first thought that it was some kind of delta wing aircraft, but then saw that it was a domed object some 800m away. The thing was about 15m in diameter and the dome was surmounted by a small knob and the object had circular markings on its base, which they thought could have been rivets or small windows. On the face of the disc itself were at least three rectangular markings, which looked like windows.
The object moved slowly across the ridge, hovered and then descended down to 15m above a small glacial lake. The thing then lowered a sort of pipe onto the water, the disc rotating, with a humming sound, until the windows were facing the witnesses, who got the impression that they were being observed. After about 8 minutes the pipe was carefully retracted. The object then shot away over the ridge, reaching a distance of 30-40m in 20 seconds. The second geologist took some photographs of the scene but nothing further was ever heard of them.
  • Canadian UFO Report 1, 3, p4.
  • Data Net IV, 5, p5.

July 11 1965, 2230hrs.
A glowing ball, larger than the apparent size of the moon, very white in colour, was observed hovering above Thornton Heath. Every 30 seconds or so it emitted flashes powerful enough to light up a darkened room. It finally vanished behind trees and perhaps landed.
  • Nigel Stephenson in FSR 11, 5, p34.
 July 12 1965, 2230hrs.
Student Humberto de Araujo Silva, driving on a deserted street in the Paraiso des Barbeires district of the city, almost collided with an object in the shape of a double convex lens, some 6m diameter, with two 1.2m long V shaped landing legs, red lights on its extremities and a flat dome. The thing emitted a quiet humming sound like dynamo. The object took off vertically and disappeared at terrific speed.
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968, pp312, 319.
  • Vallee Case 653 citing LDLN 84 + SBEDV Bulletin 51+53.
July 15 1965, 2000hrs.
Ruben Musquets, his wife Diana Loretani and their 15 year old daughter had returned home from collecting the mail when they saw in the distance, above a hill on the rim of a valley, a large and very bright object of a mainly bluish colour, which fluctuated momentarily to red and orange. From its top part a beam of light was directed upwards obscuring as view of the top of the object, but its lower part was circular and convex. The thing was 10-15m diameter. At one point it shone a beam directly at the family. It then dropped down vertically and was hidden by the hill, though they could still see the glow for some minutes afterwards and they had the impression that it had landed. They then encountered a son of one of their farm labourers lying dazed. He reported that his horse had shied as the object had gone overhead.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 15, 2, p16 citing Asi 7 September 1965.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories, case 68 citing Asi op cit + La Cronica 24 August 1965.
  • Vallee Case 654, CODOVNI 1965 report.
  • Ribera 1968, p157.
July 15 1965, 1940hrs.
Medical graduate Anton Gulka and Mrs Audrey Lawrence fled from the car they had been driving for 19km from Pimble Station near Carnarvon when a lends shaped object, which they had first seen at high altitude, dived towards them. The observed the object hovering with a rocking motion, giving off a green light. As they returned to the car, the object moved slowly westwards, occasionally descending below the tree line. They found the car difficult to re-start.
  • Australian FSR 9, p14.
  • Basterfield 1981 citing Brisbane Telegraph 18 August 1965 + Australian Flying Saucer Digest October/December 1965, p27.
July 17 1965. Daytime.
A blinding object, smaller than an aeroplane and having four metallic legs, was seen on Mende Beach on the Uruguayan side of the River Plate by two workers and four young men, including Alberto Berisco (17), Pedro Carre and Dario Seragua. White smoke emerged from the object, which remained on the ground for ten minutes, leaving X shaped traces. When a tug sounded its siren, the object rose at tremendous speed to 10m and then went away. The thing had a circular central section, with two oval ends, the whole thing being egg shaped.
  • Vallee Case 655 citing Belfast Newsletter 20 July 1965 + Nice Matin 19 July 1965.
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  • APRO Bulletin January/February 1966, p1 (gives date as 18th).
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  • Loftin 1968 p39.
July 17 1965, 1020hrs.
A red oval object with rings landed on the Mansa Beach and took off again with a zig-zag motion.
  • CIOVNI Uruguay Bulletin 1, p3.
  • Evaluation: It was red rubber river marking balloon mislaid from a tugboat (ditto p5)

July 19 1965, 1700hrs.
While walking along the beach on this rainy evening, Denis Crowe, a man with experience as a technical illustrator, became aware of a glow on the beach ahead. It came from a disc shaped object, 6m diameter, 2.7m thick resting on four legs. Its rim was glowing green-blue while its top and bottom halves were a dull silver-grey. On the top was a sort of hollow which may have been a glass dome, but no other openings were visible. As Denis got within 15m of the machine, it took off at high speed, emitting a noise like air escaping from a balloon and a yellow-orange glow from the underside. It travelled horizontally for about 10-16m, then climbed rapidly towards Manly, disappearing in ten seconds. As it took off, dogs on the beach that had been barking furiously at it calmed down. A geologist investigated the site and found traces and dying vegetation.
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July 19 1965, 1930hrs.
Various local residents, including a priest, teacher Mrs Maria I F de Andres, Mrs Ceicechea and Mr Gomez, saw an intense bright aerial object discharge another smaller one, which came down and landed in a nearby field. It remained there for 5 minutes and then took off again and re-entered the main object. A burnt spot was found at the landing site.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 12, p11, case 69 citing Asi 30 July 1965 + La Cronica Matutina 20 July 1965.
  • Vallee Case 656 citing Asi op cit.

July 19 1965, 2000hrs.
Adilon Batista Azavade (15) was walking to the cinema with two friends aged 14 and 17 when they saw an intense light “hidden behind a cloud” at 500m. The light took the form of a cone focused on a spot c 10m diameter. It was much stronger than a car’s headlight and almost solid, and descended with a humming sound. Adilon’s friends hurried on to see the film, but he was curious decided to stay behind. The light descended until it came to rest 40-50m away. He could now make out a dark, egg shaped object, reflecting the street lamps, hovering at 1m. It was about 3m long, 1.5m wide, the beam of light underneath still directed towards the ground. After three minutes a second egg shaped craft appeared, descending in a similar fashion, hovering 3m from the first, and was slightly smaller. From the larger end of the first craft, emerged two entities, 1.5m tall, with a kind of luminous helmet on their heads which prevented him seeing facial features. They moved in a human fashion and talked in husky voices in an unknown language.

To get closer Adilon crept round and crouched behind a stone well wall. He then realised that three beings had emerged from the second craft and that the 5 were now talking as a group. One of the newcomers walked around with a brilliantly luminous object “like a wand” in his hand. The first group then walked 3 times around their craft, bowed and entered it. Seconds later the humming increased, and it rose vertically at great speed, the light underneath being visible for 5-6 seconds before being lost among the stars. The occupants of the second craft seemed to take no notice of this, and continued talking for several minutes before entering their craft with the same ritual. Adilon joined his friends at the cinema, but they laughed at him, until a sudden, violent headache made him leave to get aspirin. The headache lasted for five days and a doctor prescribed tables for this and for “agitation of the heart”.
  • Gordon Creighton in Humanoids 1967, p41 citing SBEDV Bulletin 45/47 + Diaro de Noite 3 August 1965.
  • Spacelink 3, 1 p8, citing SBEDV op cit.
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968, p313 citing SBEDV op cit and 48/50 + Jornal do Brasil 4 August 1965.

July 19 1965, 2230hrs.
Four people saw, for an hour, a 12m diameter object at 60m altitude.
  • Swords 2005, p59 citing John Timmerman.

July 20 1965, 0200hrs.
Agricultural worker Gustavo Haiepek observed the landing of a small object shaped like a spinning top and emitting multi-coloured flashes of light. It remained on the ground for 4-5 minutes at a spot 500m from Gustavo’s home. The thing then rose straight up and vanished towards the south. A police commission established that there were some marks on the ground and that the pasturage seemed as if petrified on the spot.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 12, case 70 citing La Nacion 25 July 1965 + La Cronica 23 July 1965.

July 20 1965, 0300hrs.
From his hotel window, Carlos Videla Zamudie, a public official, saw a strange cone shaped object land on an isolated beach. The thing was shaped like a mushroom on top, was red coloured, lighted from the inside and rested on the ground silently. After 4-5 minutes, the object flew up to 30m and disappeared at a fantastic speed, rising vertically and a emitting a noise like a jet, before moving away horizontally.
  • Vallee Case 658 + Ribera 1968, p346 both citing LDLN 75.
  • France Soir 25 July 1965 citing FP Agency.
  • Loftin 1968 p41.
  • Heiden citing Banchs 1973, p49.

July 20 1965, 2000hrs.
Ramon Eduardo Pereyra, a resident of San Francisco Selano was driving his van past a spot called “Monte de los Curas” when he saw an object resembling a parachute drop silently from eh sky into some trees on a hillside. Investigating he found, in a clearing, chromium coloured, egg shaped thing, standing on metallic legs. Its top part was transparent and its lower part extremely smooth, with no joins or sutures.

Beside the thing stood a young looking man with blond hair, dressed in a diving suit apparently made of a plas5ic material, with small boots. The stranger had a sort of briefcase attached to his right leg and appeared to be so engrossed in studying a piece of paper that Ramon was able to get right up the object and look in through a porthole. Inside he saw a second man seated at an instrument panel. At this point the man outside noticed him and approached with an angry expression. Ramon asked him what the matter was but the stranger just re-entered the thing without answering. The thing rose at once to s height of 30m and then moved off in level flight.
  • Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966, p40 citing La Cronica 25 July 1965.
  • Ribera 1968, p166.
  • Lorenzen 1976, p154.

July 20 1965, 2330hrs.
Ronnie Servago was driving near Chesterfield when, just as he topped a knoll, his headlights shone on a strange round thing hovering above the road ahead. It was about 5m diameter at the bottom with a dome shaped top and a pair of antennae like projections from the sides. Frightened, Ronnie tried to accelerate past the thing but it paced ahead of him at speeds up to 160 kph until a minute later, at an intersection it climbed away and disappeared.
  • Loftin 1968, p40.

Late July 1965. 1630hrs.
Three young boys observed a binocular shaped object zigzag down from the sky and disappear behind a cliff. They went to investigate and encountered a red entity, 1.5m tall, with a flat elongated head. The object consisted of two cylinders 1.5m high, with supporting rods
  • Musgrave 1979 p44, case 28 citing Bodeleau 1969, p55.

July 23 1965.
An object was observed to land on a ranch 45km north of Lima by a chemical engineer, his wife and several farmers. It remained on the ground for 45 minutes leaving traces.
  • Vallee Case 660, Saucer News no 61.

July 24 1965. Night.
While at the Hotel del la Entrana. The Musquets were telling friends about their experiences, when some strangers scoffed at them. The Musquets then invited them to come and see for themselves, which they agreed to do. Arriving at the Musquets’ home, the party beheld an object resembling a shining cigar, twice the apparent diameter of the full moon, with a black band around it. For some 10 seconds the object remained stationary above the horizon. It then descended for threes seconds, rose again for 4 and then finally plunged into the ravine. The glow from the object was visible in the ravine for some time before it faded away. The visitors were the lawyers Dr Felix Cochero and Dr Fortunate Colomba along with Miguel Carlos Cuesta the manager of the COFINCO enterprises.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 15, 2, p16.

July 25 1965, 0330hrs.
While in bed at home or in his office (it is not clear which) Mr Alva an employee at the Juan Carrozo Hydroelectric Plant, r 40km inland from Lima, heard a strange bubbling noise outside. Looking out of the window he saw a small object that reminded him of a tank, 3-4m wide, only 12m away. The thing was glowing brilliantly, with little windows in the upper part, which reminded him of Swiss Cheese. Around the edge of this object were greenish lights, which went on and off, and on top was a kind of turret, which rotated continuously and from which came a projection that surveyed the area. After he had watched the object for some time, the arm retracted and the object began to move along the ground to the right. It took off slowly at first and then at high speed. At this point Alva called to his fellow workers. Investigators found dark triangular marks, 30cm in diameter at the site, in the plant garden.
  • Heiden citing Ribera 1968, p369 citing an unspecified issue of Spaceview citing an undated issue of La Prensa
  • FSR 13, 6, p32, citing IPRI citing E Maniero.
  • Lorenzen 1966 p241.
  • Loftin 1968 p42)

July 26 1965, 1900HRS.
Mrs A Morgan observed for 4-5 minutes, an object resembling two shallow bowls attached at their rims, with a dark band around the centre. The upper part was silver with indentations resembling windows in the area just above this band and the lower part was red-grey. The thing hovered just above the treeline in front of a single tall tree, some 150m away. Calm at first, Mrs Morgan became afraid when she realised she was alone and began to run towards the object, calling out to neighbours. The thing then began to slowly move, its light remaining steady, before it was “whisked away” in an instant. Mrs Morgan became very excited about the incident and claimed several other UFO experiences,
  • Loftin 1968 p87, citing Reifer, Hughes and Johnson.
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969a, p45.

July 29 1965, 2300hrs.
Alain Bressel observed a large disc shaped object in a field near Menempren-Libes. It flew at high speed towards the south, There was an official report.
  • Vallee Case 663 citing LDLN 78 citing Nice Matin 3 August 1965.
  • Evaluation: I cannot find any reference to these place names outside Vallee’s catalogue

July 30 1965, 0450hrs.
Group of 15 people attending a wake for a girl killed in a road accident were startled by a purple light, which illuminated the house from the outside. Several people ran out and an object, the shape of which was hidden by its brilliance, hovering a few millimetres above the ground. The thing oscillated and hovered for 5 minutes and then took off with a great deal of noise. It then landed again, some distance away, where many villagers saw it. At one landing site a small crater was found, trees were pulled up by the roots and some were broken, though the surrounding area was not damaged.
  • APRO Bulletin September/October 196,5 p6.
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July 31 1965, 0500hrs.
The McLintock family were awoken by the howling of their dogs. When they went to investigate they saw a disc shaped object hovering over the farmyard. It had a red projection form the top and two legs from its bottom and emitted two beams of light. It remained stationary over the yard for 15 minutes before it moved off.
  • APRO Bulletin September/October 1965 p6.
  • Basterfield 1981 p84 citing Sydney Sun-Herald 1 August 1965 + Australian Flying Saucer Digest July/September 1965 + FSR 26, 6, p27.

July 31 1965, afternoon.
A young man was fishing at the municipally owned Lake Hefner in the northwest section of the city, when a large saucer shaped object, with a dome on top and a flat bottom, rose out of the lake, hovered momentarily and then flew away. The witness was so shocked he had to be hospitalised.
  • Loftin 1968, p59.
  • Vallee Case 669 citing Blue Book Files gives date as Aug 3rd.

July 31 1965. Night
A woman driving to Valparaiso saw an object on the road. It took off and landed again in Pelluco where it was seen by several people.
  • Vallee Case 666+ Ribera 1968 p347 both citing an unspecified issue of Spaceview.
  • Evaluation: May way be same case as 30th above.
August 1965.
Two long distance lorry drivers found an upturned car and a woman lying unhurt beside it. The car was buckled on one side, and the paint on the other had lost its sheen. They could make out no way that the car could have got into its position. The woman pointed to her throat and indicated that she had lost the use of her voice. In hospital she wrote that a large round object, with a ring of light and red beams, followed her and then appeared in front of her car. It was about 10m diameter and from it came shocks that shook her whole body. She then lost consciousness. She never recovered her power of speech but believed that a whirlwind had struck her car.
  • Rehn 1974 p102 citing Par Ahlstrem in Mennes October 1967.

August 1965.
The crew of the Soviet steamer RADUGA saw a ball of fire, 60m diameter, rise from the sea about 3km away and hover at 150m altitude, illuminating the sea, which rose up in a column under it.
  • Mantle and Stonehill 2006 p23,5 citing Russian UFOlogy Research Centre.

August 1965 
At an undisclosed location a couple and their two children were out in their convertible at a drive in theatre when the children became aware of a buzzing sound like that of bees. At first the adults did not hear it, but then the father did. As he turned to speak to the children he saw a biconvex disc, with a line of tiny blinking lights around the rim, approaching the drive-in at very low altitude. Along with many other patrons, they observed the object glide overhead at 30m altitude. The only sound was the distinct buzz, which was not heard by all those present.
  • Edwards 1967a p34 citing his own investigation.

August 1965, 0200hrs.
Ralph Craft and his wife saw, from their bedroom window, a metallic object about 3m diameter, with a green interior light, fly past slowly and land in a field on Mr Gibbons’ farm, 60m away. It made a sound like a huge vacuum cleaner. After 2-3 minutes it flew off to the north, trailing an orange flame almost twice its own length. A burnt patch 4.5m diameter was found at the site.
  • Peter Willmott in FSR 21, 1, p32.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a p238 citing Peter Willmott.

August 1965, 1200hrs.
Two men were picking berries with some friends in a seldom frequented part of the forest, when one of the them heard some sort of muttering, bubbling sounds from the top of a nearby slope, though he could not see anything unusual. A short while later, looking in the same direction, he saw a small man like being about 200m away, standing on top of the slope looking straight down on him. After a while, the being, barely 1m tall, with the head and shoulders of a strong man, began to walk towards the witness, tottering for a few steps them walking with firm strides. The witness was paralysed. The being had a carrot red face and was wearing a skin tight green suit which covered his body. The little man then turned and moved in the direction of a bog where he disappeared. The being was also seen by this witnesses friend but not by Tapani Kuningas who was standing only 10m from the main witnesses, who felt unable to draw Kuningas’s attention to the being and could not bring himself to talk about the incident for some months, and it was only then that he found out his friend had also seen the creature 
  • Spacelink 5, 1, p15 quoting T Kuningas in Vimana no 2.
August 1965.  2130hrs.
Mr Harris and a girlfriend were parked at the base of a reservoir near the Carlington Heights pumping station, when an extremely bright light lit up the area. Through their tent window they saw a glowing object with 4 searchlights on its underside descend to within 5m above the reservoir. An opening appeared in which a figure, joined shortly by 2 others appeared. The figures appeared to be dark but shiny. Harris was unable to take in more detail because of the distance and his girl friend’s panic. At her insistence they drove away. There were other cars parked in the area but Harris did not know if anyone else saw the object, which he thought was a secret government vehicle
  • Lorenzen 1976, p201, citing Louis Normandin.

August 1965. 2200hrs.
Don Parratt from Warminster was driving home with his daughter and three friends on the Westbury-Warminster Road when a bright orange fiery mass appeared over Calloway Clump about 1.5km. It resembled a red hot road. Their Austin 12 car then cut out and they all got out to observe the light moving northwards at speed. The car had to be towed to a garage, where it was found that the high tension lead from the coil had burned out.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a, p275, citing Ken Rogers.

August 1965. 2300hrs.
A woman in her 20s driving home saw some lights in the sky. On the ground were things, which resembled large birds, in a ditch. The next day all she remembered was driving further along the road, with a severe headache. When she arrived home it was after 0100. Under hypnotic regression in 1977 she recalled that the car stopped and the lights went out. The creatures in the ditch were strange, small bipeds. An object descended and three humanoids got out of it. She was taken on board the object, where she was examined with the aid of an instrument like a large black eye, the occupants being particularly concerned with her red toe nails. Finally she was brought out the object.
  • Douwe Bosga in BUFORA Journal 7, 2, p23 first hand investigation.

August 1 1965 (Approx. date)
Witnesses at the weather bureau and the McConnell Air Force Base saw an egg shaped object 90m long hover on or slightly above the ground for a short time. It displayed red, yellow-white and green-blue colours.
  • Young 1967 p101.

August 1 1965. Night.
At the intersection of the calle Tandil and calle Laguda an object shaped like a spinning top, the size of a truck wheel, landed on the road and emitted a blue light. It then took off again and vanished rapidly. The occurrence was witnessed by two young sisters Marta Beatriz and Mirta Pionti who were out on an errand.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 12, p1,1 case 73 citing La Razon 2 September 1965.

August 2 1965. 0330hrs.
Pedro Medrane and his father were driving towards Cordoba City when, 10km from Jesus Maria, they saw, sone 400m ahead of them, a strange metallic looking object blocking the road. When they got within 20m of the thing, they saw it was a ring of metallic appearance, 5-6m diameter, hovering 1.5m above the ground. Suddenly a light cloudy mass appeared around the object, which then disappeared. This mist, of nondescript colour, persisted at the spot for some time after.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 15, p11, case 74 citing CADIU citing investigation by P Medrano.

August 2 1965, 0340hrs.
Two young police officers, Dave Lowe and Eddie Roberts, were on patrol when they heard a police radio report about two objects moving in a southerly direction toward Wellington, South Haven and Caldwell. They headed towards the airport on the eastern edge of town where they saw two vague objects in the sky, which objects quickly disappeared. Soon afterwards another report came in of an object north of Caldwell. At first the pair could see nothing but then Dave saw a light like headlights behind a rise in the ground about 30m away. He jumped onto the dashboard for a better look. He saw a brilliant egg shaped light 90m long, with white, red and blue-green lights, which merged and blended. When the officers regained their composure they pursued the object, pulling east on Highway 81, where the thing went behind a hedgerow and disappeared. When they revisited the spot in the morning no traces were visible. The observation had lasted 3 minutes. Shortly before this Dave had heard an engine sound like an aircraft but no aircraft was seen.
  • APRO Bulletin January/February 1966, p6.
  • Lorenzen 1966, p239.
  • Loftin 1968, p69.
  • Jerome Clark in G+FSR 12, 1, p27.

August 2 1965, 0830hrs.
Parish priest Humberto Flores da Cunha was out driving when, to his astonishment, an extraordinary object, shaped like an arrow and 7m long, shot across the road just in front of his windshield. Altogether some 50 people saw the thing, including Orestes Duarte, who was riding his horse. As the object flew away over the fields, Duarte road after it and tried, unsuccessfully, to lasso it. All the witnesses agreed that the object was flying only 50cm above the ground, its nose pointing downwards, ;its wavy tin plate looking wings inclined to the vertical and that it was leaving a heat trail. The width from wing to wing was about 4m.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 14, 3, p25 citing SBEDV Bulletin 48-50 citing Jader Pereira + O Jornal 8 August 1965.

August 2 1965.
Two deputy sheriffs of Tarrant County saw an object as bright as burning magnesium that landed as they were on patrol near Eagle Mountain Lake. Extensive investigation by police officers led to negative results. Other residents reported an object within 30m of Lewisville Dam at Denton City
  • Blue Book Archives citing press sources.
  • Lorenzen 1966 p248.
  • Evaluation: The incorrect name 'Wagle Mountain Lake', no doubt due to a press typo, is repeated from one UFO source to another, which gives a clue as to the general standard of research.

August 2 1965.
Five children saw brilliant white round object without wings close to the ground in the 650 Block on Northwest 63.
  • Blue Book Archives citing press sources.

August 2 1965.
A S R Nunes saw a strange humanoid being. No further details.
  • Periera 1974 ii/63 citing Correiro de Manha 3 August 1965.

August 2 1965, 2145hrs.
A formation of doughnut shaped objects, the apparent size of a silver dollar at arms length, passed overhead. One object seemed to be in trouble, landed and then recovered and took off again.
  • Data Net IV, 10 p8.

August 3 1965.
A strange object landed. No further details.
  • Petrowitsch table of Chilean landings.

August 3 1965.
In the Justin and Pender areas residents reported seeing a saucer shaped object land near a highway. Authorities investigated but no traces were found.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 1, p29.

August 3 1965, 1130hrs.
The driver of a pick up truck found that his radio was no longer working. Looking out he saw a metallic looking domed disc about 9m diameter come over the road and hover at about 10m altitude. It then continued on to the right with a wobbling motion. It left a sort of smoke ring. Photographs were taken.
  • Rodeghier 1981 p24, citing CUFOS files.
  • Evaluation: This is the notorious Rex Hefflin photographic case. Hoax.

August 3 1965 (approx. date) 2000hrs.
While driving near Carnarvon, Dr Antonin Kukla, formerly a physician in Europe, and Mrs Audrey Lawrence saw a flying object diving towards them. Kukla turned off the lights and stopped the car and they ran to the side of the road. There they observed the object, a flattened sphere, which hovered above the highway, rocking gently, its orange colour changing to a fluorescent green glow. The thing took off again at high speed.
  • Vallee Case 670 + Deneault and Lore 1969 p162 both citing UFO Investigator III, 4.

August 4 1965, 0130hrs.
Harvey Burgman and his family were driving near Amarillo when they saw a disc shaped object hovering over the highway in front of them. The car stopped. Harvey and his children got out to get a better look. The object emitted a motor sound and had both a red and green light, which flared up brilliantly as the object seemed to disappear straight up. After the object had left Harvey tried to restart his car but found that it appeared to have a vapour lock and it took five minutes to start.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 2, p29.

August 4 1965, 0130hrs.
A man in a car observed a red and blue light, which he thought came from a police car, and was then passed by a huge orange object flying at ground level.
  • Vallee Case 672 citing Blue Book Files.

August 4 1965, 0130hrs.
While driving along Hw 15 about 35km south of Abilene, en route to Lincoln (Neb) with a cargo of peanuts, truck driver Don Ten(n)opir of Beatrice (Neb) was surprised when his truck lights went out, came on again, and then went out again. He braked hard as an aerial object swooped down to within 6m (or 60cm)of the road, not more than 30m ahead of him., after passing over his truck with a sizzling sound. As Don’s truck stopped the object rose up a bit, slowly took off to the west and then headed south. It was in view for more than 20 seconds and despite his fright Don was able to see that it was circular, about 4-4.5m diameter, orange coloured, like the reflector jackets worn by highway repair men, 60cm thick, with a hump, 1.2m thick at the centre, on which was a dark spot resembling a window. The whole thing gave the impression of a saucer with a cup in the middle. From the object, flashing red rays were emitted. A car coming in the opposite direction had swerved around the object and the driver began to speak to Don. Before he could say much the object emitted blue sparks from its underside and took off making a sound like the wind rustling the trees. Don and the other driver drove away at high speed. Doe was so afraid that he was pale and his hands were trembling when he was interviewed by a reporter. He had reported the matter to the police but nothing came of that.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 1 p29 citing Ed Corwin in Abilene Reflector-Chronicle 4 August 1965.
  • Hall 1988 pp39, 253, citing investigation by Dr James McDonald.
  • Lorenzen 1966, p249.
  •  Vallee Case 673 citing LDLN 82.
  • Hall 2001, p206 citing McDonald and NICAP files.

August 4 1965.
A bright silvery, elongated oval object landed on Chena Hill, 5km from Lo Chena and 20km from downtown Santiago. Among the numerous witnesses were military men. There was an official investigation
  • Vallee Case 671 citing UFO Nachrichten October 1965.
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p348 citing press sources 8 August 1965) + Banchs 1976, p.49.

August 4 1965, 2200hrs.
Joao Erendo dos Santos, who was in his garden, saw a huge saucer shaped object, 5om in diameter, descend, hit the ground with a violent noise and then take off again. Despite the apparent violence of the impact no traces were found. The object illuminated a wide area.
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p319.
  • Vallee Case 674, citing LDLN 84 gives the location as Trapua.

August 5 1965.
A farmer near Caracas saw a mysterious round object land in his maize field and three strange beings got out. When he tried to approach them, the trio returned to the object which took off, rapidly disappearing from sight. This object left a circular area 40m in diameter where it had burned the ground.
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p405, citing EFE 6 August 1965 + Reuters about 6 August 1965.
  • FSR 11, 5 p iv citing London Evening News 6 August 1965 citing Reuters.

August 5 196,5 2040hrs.
Monty Howard observed a green object land in the field at the back of his house. It was on the ground for some minutes.
  • Loftin 1968, p67.

August 7 1965.
A railway worker was fishing in the River Paraiba when a disc landed nearby. From it emerged a dwarf 70cm tall, with large luminous eyes, who addressed the worker in perfect Portuguese. He claimed to be from another world and authorised the fisherman to tell the world this, and handed him a strange piece of metal before departing. The metal was to examined by the railway’s laboratories. The witness known only as “John o’ the River” was considered reliable by his colleagues.
  • Creighton in Humanoids p42 citing Jornal do Brasil (Rio) 13 August 1965 + La Cronica (BA) 14 August 1965 + Yorkshire Post 16 August 1965.
  • Heiden citing Aglanda p315 + Zera Hora 14 August 1965.
  • MUFON 134 p14 citing Jornol do Brasil op cit + El Universal (Caracas) 14 August 1965.

August 7 1965, 1600hrs.
A gynaecologist and two industrialists were visiting the breeding stables of some friends, and were walking, discussing financial matters, horse breeding etc, when their attention was caught by a brilliant flash of light in the sky. This resolved itself into a ball slowly descending and approaching. They thought it was a helicopter of some kind, until it was at a height of 100m, when they saw it was a huge discoid apparatus, emitting a brilliant yellow glow, with a round dark patch underneath. The only sound was a peculiar penetrating hum in their ears. Swaying slowly, the machine descended to within 1.5 m of the ground, some 30m away. From the underside of the machine (27m diameter), a shaft of light shone out and contacted the ground. In it descended 2 beings 2.1-2.4m tall, with shoulder length yellow hair, large penetrating eyes and dressed in seamless, metallic one piece suits. As the beings halted 3m away, the trio seemed to hear voices in their heads. In response to questions put by the gynaecologist, a typical series of absurd answers were heard as if by telepathy.
  • Horacio Gonzalez Ganteaume in FSR 15, 2 p21 first hand.

August 8 1965.
Three girls aged about 20, Becky Aanestad, Becky Evansen and Sylvia Heielman stopped their car near the Lincoln Park golf course to view what they thought was a “beautiful harvest moon”, only to realise that the moon was behind them. What they were looking at was an unknown object resting on the golf course about a block and a half away. The object blinked black and white, revealing a transparent circular shape in which the vague silhouettes of small figures could be seen moving about. Three men, strangers to the girls, were also observing the phenomenon, and said that they had been watching it for about 30 minutes, and had seen it descend from the sky. The girls went to Miss Evansen’s house to call the police, but when they arrived the object had gone. One of the men had run towards it, but it seemed that he couldn’t get any closer, then the object seemed to explode with a “bang and a noise”. A couple on a motorcycle also saw the object, which they described as having a red light on top, which when it was pointed in a certain direction, the object would bounce and roll in that direction.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 2 p9.

August 8 1965. Night.
A family was awoken by the alarm of an aunt and. looking out, saw a metallic looking disc shaped object hovering about 15m above the ground, about 80m away. There was a central band of lights, and a number of portholes, through which one witness thought she saw a human like figure. After a few minutes the object sped away.
  • Dennett 2011, p154 citing NUFORC.

August 9 1965, 1245hrs.
Mrs Biggs and two other witnesses observed an object the size of a Goodyear Blimp, glowing like white hot metal, hovering close to the ground. It moved up and down and sideways, tracing out a square
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 2, p9.
  • Evaluation: Probably astronomical + autokinesis

August 9 1965, 2300hrs.
A red elongated oval, 6-7m long, with lights around its edges was seen resting on the ground on or near Highway 21.
  • CIOVI Uruguay Bulletin 1, p3.

August 9 1965, 2355hrs.
Kent Denver was out driving with his fiancée and her 12 year old brother on this light moonlit night, when, as they rounded a hill and a curve in the road, their lights caught a rocket shaped object in a field 100m away. It emitted a red flame, rose 12-15m in a few seconds. It emitted another burst of flame and then hovered. When the object was rising the flame wood stop, to reappear when it was hovering. It rose up in jerks until it out of sight at angle in a final burst of flame. The base of the object was a hemisphere, surmounted by a cylinder, with windows around the bottom. Through these windows a brilliantly lit room could be seen. On top of the cylinder was a rotating flashing light. The object was 12m diameter, 21m thick.
  • Salisbury 1974 pp 7, 240, citing investigation by Joseph Hicks.

Second week in August 1965. 1530hrs.
David Gibson was sat on his house porch near Waverley with his father and sister, when they heard a high pitched whining sound. In the southern sky David saw an object “like two saucers glued together” 4.5-6m diameter, metallic, silver grey, aluminium coloured. No windows were visible at it was not reflecting the sunlight. It descended at parachute speed behind a tree lined hill, the sound then stopping. David began walking towards the site, an abandoned quarry, across a ploughed field, when about 15m from the site, he saw “a being or some object” behind a tree on the top of the hill. This being appeared to 90cm-1.15m tall and bald, but only the head and left shoulder were visible. David had to look down to recover his balance and when he looked up again the being was gone. A few moments later he saw a blur and heard a rush of air. Nothing was to be seen where the being had stood but about 12m south of the tree, at the northern bluff of the quarry, he found a circular area of charred grass 4.5-6m diameter , the grass outside of which was green and healthy. Inside the circle were 3 indentations 2.5cm deep, 12.5cm wide, 30cm long.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 21, 3-4 p52 citing Ralph DeGraw.
  • APRO Bulletin 23, 4 p9 + Lorenzen 1976 p197 citing Kevin Randle.

August 10 1965, 0435hrs.
Long distance lorry driver Terry Pell of Spalding, Lincolnshire was driving with his wife Judith and 4 year old daughter when a brilliant fiery sphere took off from a nearby hillside, hovered 45m in front of the lorry, then descended rapidly towards them. Terry braked rapidly and shielded his eyes as the object almost touched his cab. It seemed to travel with the lorry until the vehicle came to a stop. The sphere was larger than the lorry, about 12-15m diameter at the base and caused the vehicle’s metal window frames to rattle. After a few minutes it took off at speed. It glowed crimson, gold and silver. When the object approached, the lorry’s engine began to misfire.
  • Shuttlewood 1967 p59.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a, p241 citing own investigation.

August 10 1965, 2300hrs.
As Herb Johnson of Woodinville was driving home from a PTA meeting, when his attention was caught by a round glowing object, 45cm diameter, speed altering from 20kph to very fast, coming right at her at 6m altitude. The object made an abrupt turn to the right above her car. When she rolled her window down the object ascended out of sight in a split second. It appeared to be powered by an X shaped section at the back. It was observed for 1-1.5 minutes. Mrs Kuntz saw what might have been the same object at treetop level.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 2, p10.
  • APRO Bulletin January/February 1966 p4.

August 11 1965.
As they rounded a road in a wooded area Christine Van Acker (17) were astonished to see a hairy creature more than 2m tall step into the road. Christine accidently braked and the smelly creature reached through the open window and grabbed hold of her head. The women’s screamed and sounded their horn and the thing disappeared into the woods. Workmen arriving on the scene moments later found both women hysterical and Christine suffering from a black eye and facial bruising
  • Clark 2012 p91.
  • Coleman 2001 p199 gives date as 13th.

August 13 1965, 0700hrs
As they alighted from a car to work in a bean field, Ellen Grace Ryerson (16) and her sister Laura Jean (13) noticed three strangers. As they approached the girls were alarmed to see that they looked “inhuman”, being about 1.6m tall, with white bald heads, very large pores, a large protrusion on the back of their heads, huge protruding eyes, and either heavily tanned or grey skin. They wore purple V neck sweaters with white shirts underneath. The girls fled, and looking back after covering 50m they saw the beings had disappeared. The girls returned to their car and reported the matter to the police.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 2 p10 citing Kent News Journal n.d.
  • Coral Lorenzen in Humanoids 1967 p61 citing Saucer News n.d.
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1967 p57.

August 13 1965.
Leonard Chalupiak (37) had just put his car in the garage when he saw a disc shaped object about 100m in diameter. It flew in front of the moon in a northerly direction at about 80kph and perhaps 90m altitude. It was surrounded by orange lights, which weakened as a blue light source came on, very intense, for about 3 seconds. All the lights disappeared when the thing was about 700m away. This was followed by a sort of shockwave effect and tree leaves were shaken. Leonard went in and called the Air Force. Twenty minutes later his vision became hazy and his eyes were painful. Leonard gradually lost vision in both eyes and his entire body appeared to be sunburned. Medical examiners compared these effects to ultra-violet exposure. His vision came back gradually over several days.
  • Vallee Case 677, citing Blue Book Files.
  • Loftin 1968 p41 citing NICAP.

August 14 1965 (approx. date) 0200hrs
Patrick Nash of the Dundee Customs and Excise and his family were parked waiting for the Irish ferry when his wife saw a brilliant orange red object, shaped like a large soup plate, appear only 50m from the car. Patrick and his children saw the thing as it took off, swooped low over the car and landed about 20m away on the other side. Before they had time to think the object disappeared at high speed. The children were terrified.
  • FSR 11, 6 piii citing Dundee Courier and Advertiser 4 September 1965.

August 14 1965, 2000hrs.
A man driving from Itabuna to Belo Horizonte saw an unexplained glow in the distance beside the road in a deserted area. As he got closer he saw it was a white trapezoid, and when he got within 30m he realised that this was on a dark discoid object 90m wide, 15m high, hovering about a metre above the pavement. The soundless object was surmounted by a dome, had no other features and was illuminated by a brilliant light coming from its underside. After a few minutes the thing began moving slowly away down a depression, the beam lighting up the ground below intensely. When the thing was about 450m away this beam narrowed and rose and disappeared into the sky. The man got the indefinable impression that there were occupants in the thing.
  • Rutkowski 2010 p135.

August 15 1965, 0200hrs.
The guard at a Nablus railway station observed an object resembling a boat moving at very high speed, emitting red flames from its sides and circling the area. When it was just over a farm it began to descend gradually. This made the guard so afraid that he fired his rifle at it. Another person also saw the object as it passed over the city.
  • FSR 12, 1 piii citing an undated issue of Sabah Times citing a Reuter Dispatch citing unspecified Jordanian press sources.

August 15 1965, 2300hrs.
An object shaped like two saucers stuck together, with a central dome, was seen hovering 30m above a country lake about 100m away. The dome had a central mast like protrusion and its rim glowed red and yellow.
  • Fowler 1974 p333.

August 15 1965 (approx date). 2300hrs.
Five people travelling in a car saw a blinding light and heard a low hum. Their car stalled as an object giving off a white light landed on the road in front of them. The light changed red, green, yellow from time to time, after a while dimming so they could see that the craft was lead coloured, 3m high and occupying the whole width of the road, only 3-4m ahead of their car. Three of the people in the car fainted, the other two sat petrified. The craft was illuminated by a green light inside, allowing them to see human looking beings moving about and moving their arms. Suddenly numerous bursts of red-yellow flame shot from the side of the machine, as it rose to 1m above the road, the terrific mum starting again, before it vanished straight upwards
  • Creighton in Bowen 1966 p42. citing El Heraldo (Concordia) 16 August 1965.

Mid August 1965. 2030hrs.
While driving in the vicinity of Cumancoa, Dr Silva Guillan of that town, President of the Sugar refining Corporation, was alerted by his niece, who reported a flaming meteor had passed over their car. Looking out, he saw what he first thought was a bush fire, but then realised were flames projected towards the ground by a circular metallic looking object hovering 3-5m above the ground. Guillan stopped and went to investigate, only to return as his wife and niece panicked as the object started to come towards them. The disc paced the car for a short time and then sped out of sight.
  • APRO Bulletin January/February 1966 p4, citing investigation by Joe Rolas.
  • Lorenzen 1966, p243.

August 17 1965. Evening.
Police authority employee Hilda Santa Cruz heard a knock on her door. When she opened it, she saw a strange being. She called out but when neighbours arrived the being had disappeared but a luminous sphere passed overhead immediately afterwards heading toward the west. 
  • Creighton in Bowen 1966, p42 citing Ultima Hora (BA) 18 August 1965.

August 17 1966, 2145hrs.
Several workers at a house saw a glowing oval object manoeuvre over the reservoir in the Carrizal Hills. It hovered momentarily over the water with a wobbling motion, flew towards the house and landed briefly on the grass. When the thing neared the ground it extended several stilt like protuberances to the ground. These legs were then drawn up into the object again, which gave off an intense light and disappeared. This activity was also observed by people driving on the highway, one of whom reported his car engine malfunctioned while the object was in sight.
  • APRO Bulletin Sept/Oct 1966 p7: : Lorenzen 1966 p242)

August 18 1966.
Euclides Bencomo, Jesus Zapata and Juan Ramos were out in the Bum Bum forest, hunting, when they saw a glow behind some bushes. When they approached the source, they saw a huge egg shaped object hovering less than 2m above the ground. The thing had large round windows, from which emanated multi-coloured lights, and it emitted a whistling sound. The three dropped their guns and ran, returning later with a posse. The guns were there but no traces of the object.
  • Lorenzen 1966 p242.                               
August 19 1965, 0830hrs.
Two student brothers, Yago and Payo Rodriguez saw a luminous disc surmounted by a cupola land in an open field near the Mexican National Polytechnic Institute. The landing gear was a large tripod and the machine had a sort of radiator on the underside which burned the surrounding grass as it touched down. From the craft emerged 2 small beings about 80cm tall, wearing gas masks. They left a strange piece of metal on the ground, re-entered their craft, which then took off. Journalists and staff members of the Institute examined the site, where burned grass, marks of a tripod and some oily residue were found. The metal was taken to the Institute for analysis but no results were known.
  • Creighton in Humanoids 1967, p42 citing El Grafico (MC) 24 August 1965 + Ultima Hora (Sao Paulo) 25 August 1965 + O Dia (SP) 25 August 1965.
  • Phillips 1975 p38 (case 211)

August 19 1965, 2030hrs.
Harold Butcher (16), who had left school to work on the farm for his ill father, was milking the cows whilst listening to the end of a newscast on his transistor when his attention was attracted by the bellowing of a young bull tethered in the field outside. At about this time static developed on the radio and the tractor that ran the milking machine stopped. Looking through the window, Harold saw bending the pipe to which it was tethered , in panic and then saw an oval object hovering just above tree level about 140m from the barn. It was silver-chrome in colour, 15m wide, 6m thick, with two vertical seams and with apparent rivets along the sides. When it moved vertically a red vapour was emitted from around its bottom and when it moved horizontally a yellowish trail appeared from one of the sides. . The object descended behind a large maple tree, but an elevation prevented Harold seeing whether it landed or not. The thing emitted a loud beeping sound.
Harold ran out towards this object, but as he reached the bull, about 15-25m from the thing, the object rose up to 3m as the sound rose in pitch and a band of vapour 1.25m thick came from it and was then sucked inside. The object then shot up into the clouds in an instant, making an explosion like dynamite or a sonic boom and leaving a luminous green glow. Harold then ran home, explaining what he had seen. He returned with his brother Robert in time just to see a vapour trail. Other members of the family did not see anything. Mrs Butcher called the state police, but before they could arrive a girl staying at the farm, Kathleen Brougham, ran in saying the object was back. With Harold, Robert and William Jnr they went outside where they saw a green light giving off a yellow vapour trail in the clouds over 200m away. When state troopers investigated a pungent odour was noticed, two of the children developed stomach trouble and the cows’ milk yield declined. An investigation by Captain James Dorsey and other officials of Niagara AFB uncovered an oily liquid at the site, where the grass and foliage was burned, and there were small impressions in the ground, 5cm wide and 5cm deep. Some of the soil was analysed by NICAP showed the liquid contained iron, aluminium and silicon, with some phosphorous.
  • Fuller 1967a p33 + UFO Investigator August/September both citing investigation by Jeffrey Gow.
  • Lorenzen 1968 p107.
  • Loftin 1968 p43.
  • Hynek 1977 p170 citing Blue Book Files:.
  • Hall 1988 p254 citing Hynek op cit + Keyhoe and Lore 1969b p42 + James McDonald.
  • Hall 2001 p57.

August 20 1965, 0300hrs
Mrs Thelma E Schumaker, visiting her mother, Mrs W H Blackman, was awakened by a loud humming noise and air currents hitting the house and a pine tree outside. She got up and tried to call her husband, but found that she was unable to speak or move. After an effort she made it to the window, drew back the shades and looked out to the north east. Rising at an angle, north-south was a vertical luminous cigar shaped object, which moved up and down, sideways and then disappeared behind some trees of the highway. During the manoeuvres the object narrowly avoided hitting a spruce and some telephone wires. The next day her husband found a 15cm band of crushed grass in a perfect circle, 3.6m diameter, the drive covered with leaves from a line of oak trees, the leaves on the trees being in disarray, a hole was found in the roof of the house, and a high background count of radiation was noted. Thelma suffered from migraine for several days after the incident.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 2 p11.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 77, p6 + 80 p8.
  • Phillips 1975 p37 case 209 citing NICAP.
August 20 1965, 1150hrs.
Engineer Alberto Ugarte, his wife and Mr Elwin Voter were among a sizeable party of tourists walking around the Inca ruins at this site just outside Cuzco city, when vivid silver a disc 1.5m wide landed on one of the terraces. From it emerged 2 small beings of strange shape and dazzling brightness, with “vertical” mouths. They seemed startled by the tourists and re-entered their craft which took off rapidly and vanished westwards.
  • Creighton in Humanoids 1967 p43, citing La Prensa (Lima ) 23 August 1965 + Noticias Poulares (SP) 24 August 1965 + La Razon (BA) 23 August 1965.

August 20 1965, 2300hrs.
Eduardo Lujan Yacobi (25) and his wife Teresa were returning home, when at the intersection of “calle 9 de julio” and 216th Street, they heard a loud humming noise and saw a luminous oval object revolving and emitting flashes, pass overhead at no more than 40m, brushing the tops of the trees and landing some 200m away, shining a violet red. They come see some figures moving around it, as if carrying out repairs. Eduardo wanted to investigate but his wife dissuaded him. They remained and watched until the figures re-entered the machine, which took off and was lost to site in a few seconds. Other witnesses saw the object fly by or heard the roar.
  • Creighton in Humanoids 1967, p42 citing La Razon (BA) 21 August 1965.

Late August 1965, 0200hrs.
A young woman awoke to discover that she was paralysed and unable to cry out. Suddenly a tiny oval, American football sized dull grey object floated through her open window. It hovered over her carpet, three tripod legs lowered and it settled to the floor. A small ramp descended and 5 or 6 tiny people, wearing tight fitting garments clambered out and began to make repairs on the object. When they had finished they went up the ramp again, and the object took off out of the window. The witness was then able to move.
  • Keel 1971 p181 citing J. R. Jenkins.

August 21 1965, 1530hrs.
A motorcyclist was repairing his cycle chain on the side of the Youghal-Cork road, at Bury’s Bridge when a strange object suddenly appeared about 5m from him, hovering 1.5m above the ground. The thing was shaped like an inverted child’s spinning top, 1.8m diameter, 1.8m thick, iron grey in colour, with a rotating upper section. After a few seconds the object shot off at great speed towards the North West. It gave off no illumination. The witness, who wished to remain anonymous, was known as a person of great integrity and sobriety, and he was very shaken.
  • T J Burke in FST 11, 6 piii.

August 23 1965, 0100hrs.
Casimiro Zuk (27) was riding his bicycle near a railway crossing on the outskirts of town, when he saw a luminous object which periodically gave off a very bright light. He dismounted and saw that the object was descending slowly, in a semicircle at 500m. It then touched down gently on a beach area about 400m away. It was an elongated vehicle 5m diameter at the centre, 2.5m away. Around it was a sort of visor underneath which were several windows. From a hatchway which seemed to open slowly, a man of normal height, dressed like a pilot, but with a suit which covered the whole of his body, and which gave off luminous sparkles, emerged, walked a metre or so, then returned to the craft. The hatch closed and the object took off with a spiralling motion and a howling noise. When the Hatch was open Zuk heard what sounded like soft music.
  • Lorenzen 1976 p155 and Vallee case 687 both citing El Territorio 2 September 1965.

August 23 1965. Evening.
Once again an unidentified object was seen on the Butcher farm. Harold, Richard (25) and John (11) Butcher saw a disc shaped object rise out of a wooded area, where it seemed to have landed.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 2 p11.

August 23 1965. Night.
Three teenage boys and an elderly man observed touch down briefly near here.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 2 p11.

August 23 1965, 2130hrs.
Frank B Pearson of Ipswich and many other people saw a misty nebulous sphere of grey blue colour skim across the sea, some way off shore. It was also described as a long white object floating on the water. A search by the Inshore Rescue Boat revealed nothing.
  • FSR 12, 4 p30 citing Frank Pearson and an unidentified clipping.

August 24 1965.
An unidentified object was seen close to the ground. No further details.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 2 p11.

August 24 1965, 1010hrs.
The 300 pupils and their teachers at the Santa Leonor College were shaken by a loud noise on the college roof, which caused the desks and walls to shake. The staff and pupils rushed outside and saw, on the roof, a red dish shaped object with a pointed top, surmounted by two antennae, emitting two red beams of light from its sides. Just as all pupils reached the playground and one of the girls was about to take a photograph, the object took off with a loud noise, emitting fire and smoke from its underside, and rose up in a spiralling motion, vanishing to the north-east. Among those who saw the thing at 20m altitude were Professor Adalina Bocangra and 5 named pupils.
  • FSR 13, 6, p32 citing IPRI citing investigation by Carlos Paz, Ermanno Maniere and Cesar Ubilluz.
  • APRO Bulletin January/February 1966 p3, says 20 pupils saw the object.
  • Loftin 1968 p48.

August 25 1965. Day.
On this hot overcast, drizzly day Mr and Mrs Greenlee were resting on their patio with a neighbour Mrs Riggs, when a fiery ball the size of a basketball appeared in front of Mrs Greenlee. It was as brilliant as an arc welding torch. She had been swatting a fly and the flyswatter became edge in light and fell to the ground. The ball then hit the earth and exploded with a report that was heard by a neighbour about 50m away. Mrs Greenlee did not suffer any external injuries but suffered from back pain and headaches since the event.
  • Corliss 1976 p206 citing Frederick B Mohr in Science February 11 1966 p634.
  • Evaluation: Ball lightning?

August 25 1965.
Landing, occupant and trace report. No details
  • Petrowisch listing citing Ribera 1968 p405.

August 25 1965, 0300hrs.
Night watchman Zoile Campos Aguilar observed a semi oval object, with a powerful orange-yellow light, very close to the ground for 38 minutes. It was the apparent diameter of the full moon. If left towards the south with a double trail.
  • Vallee Case 688 citing Otto Binder.
  • Richard Heiden.

August 25 1965, 2350hrs.
A housewife was standing by her kitchen window when she saw a bright light approaching in the sky, illuminating the room with its glare. Thinking it was lightning she reached up to switch the light out, only to find that she could not move. The light seemed to burn into her skin and she had great difficulty breathing. At the same time a neighbour found that her dog had become very frightened and refused to go out for 10 minutes. The main witness was still shocked the next morning.
  • FSR 11, 6 piii citing South Wales Evening Post 3 September 1965.
  • FSR 12, 2 piii citing letter from witness’s mother.

August 28 1965, 0100hrs.
While returning from a date with his fiancée, driving on a gravel road, 6.5km east of and 800m north of Waverly, David Gibson, saw an unidentified object hovering 9m above the road. When his car light caught it, it shot out of sight to the right.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 21, 3-4 p53 citing Ralph DeGraw.

August 29 1965.
Julio Lopez de Romana and Antonio Chaves Bedoya were driving along the Pan-American highway at a spot some 20km from Arequipa, when they narrowly missed running down a strange being on the road. It was 80cm tall, had only 1 eye, and had silver and gold stripes on its body which was generally of a blackish colour. In addition to the single golden coloured eye on its head, it had other, smaller, eyes located up and down its body. Shortly afterwards an aerial object flew along above the card for some time. A low flying object was also seen 20km away.
  • Gordon Creighton in Humanoids 1967 p44, citing La Prensa (Lima) + La Cronica (BA) both of 31 August 1965.

August 30 1965. Late afternoon.
Fishermen from Maraharita Island saw, as they neared La Blanquilla Island, a spinning top shaped object take off from the ground, where it had rested on edge, and vanish into the sky, leaving behind a long smoke trail. An orange light shone from several openings. They could not make out the size of the object. La Blanquilla Island was uninhabited save for fowl, donkeys and goats.
  • APRO Bulletin January/February 1966 p7.
  • Loftin 1968 p46.
  • Ribera 1968 p404.

August 30 1965, 2215hrs.
Michael A Lily (16), Nelson Smith and Thomas Nastoff were driving towards Rt 54 near the fairgrounds, when they saw a white sphere coming down in the road ahead of them. Lily slammed on the brakes to avoid a collision as the object hit the road and bounced back up again. The thing was about 1.5-2.5m diameter, “white like a star”, bright but not illuminating the surroundings, The landing took place about a block away and lasted for 3 or 4 seconds. The lads later saw it travelling 30m above Rte 54. It was the apparent size of a basketball, followed by a streak of light 45-60cm long. It was observed in the sky for about 30 seconds.
  • Mallan 1968 p21, 191 + Machlin 1979 p25, 101, both citing investigation by Sheriff Roger D Stillings.

Late August/Early September 1965. Night.
Two teenage boys out driving saw an object come from over the beach over their car. They feared that it was a plane trying to make a crash landing, but the thing just hovered and then came right at their car forcing them to pull over, When police arrived on the scene they saw that the youths were terrified.
  • Fuller 1967a p80.

Autumn 1965.
Claudette Cranshaw (19) was walking along the beach near Blanca when a strange luminous globe landed. From it emerged 6 “semi-humanoid” beings who pursued and raped her. She gave birth to a still born baby with blue skin, seven fingers and webbed toes.
  • Steiger and Whirtenour 1967, p66.
  • Flammonde 1971, p180.
  • Evaluation: Rumour/journalistic hoax

Fall 1965. Evening.
A family driving home saw a bright light speed across the sky ahead as the lights and engine of their 2 year old car died. The engine would not start for a minute but the worked normally.
  • Swords 2005, p84 citing John Timmerman.

Fall 1965. 2245hrs.
A. Reid Bunker and members of his family were watching under the power lines when they saw an object with steady red, white and green lights travel NW to SE at treetop height, about 400m away. It seemed to travel with a sort of bouncing motion. They observed it for 30 seconds before it was lost to sight behind trees. Two men on another road had seen the same thing.
  • Fuller 1967, p190 citing letter from Bunker.
September 1965.
Daniel Glantz (26) was walking around Lake Navsjon when he saw a huge metallic object standing on its edge in the sky. It turned over and soared over the lake towards him. He saw that it was disc shaped with three spheres underneath. A gangway descended from the object and a large being emerged from it, gliding over the lake towards Daniel, who fell down on his knees and wet himself in terror. He tried to speak to the stranger in German, French and English but got no reply. It motioned to him to stay still. A visor in its helmet opened showing the being’s large eyes and static pupils. It then started to revolve and then glided back to the craft, the spheres on the underside started to move towards each other with a noise like a steam turbine and changing colour pink-orange –faint blue. It turned on its side again and disappeared at an “unnatural” speed, leaving behind smoke and a smell of burning. He reported the matter to the Air Force and a UFO organisation. He later claimed to have met the being ten more times and became a contactee preaching the usual messages.
  • Anneli Engstrom in INFO Journal 71, p48.
  • Spencer 1994, p292.
  • Evaluation: A typical contactee tale possibly based on some subjective experience.

September 1965.
Four men saw an aerial object with flashing lights near Tijuana and signalled to it with a flashlight. The thing then began moving towards them and they fled.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 3, p13.

September 1965 (or following month)  Early hours.
Mrs Joan Maloret was awoken by bright light coming through the curtains of her bedroom window. Shadows of two figures appeared, as if outside the window. They first appeared just as blobs but then appeared to be human figures, about 2.3m tall, with pointed heads and three fingered hands. She fled the room with her baby, though her husband took some rousing. A scorched mark was found in a nearby field the next day.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013b, p152 citing own investigation.

September 1965. 0200hrs.
Mrs Nazakewski of McKinley Street was awakened by a brilliant light illuminating her first floor bedroom and a loud, startling humming sound. Through her bedroom window she saw a large cluster of multi-coloured lights, about 6m from the window, blinking in an indefinite pattern, on the ground behind a tree. The lights, which resembled those of a Christmas tree, were too bright for any shape to be made out. After 15 minutes she became so afraid that she called out to her husband Joseph, who was sleeping in the next room. He dressed hurriedly and set out to investigate, but his terrified wife begged him not to go out. Suddenly the awful noise seemed to stop and when Joseph looked out again the lights had gone. No trace was found.
  • Fuller 1967a, p199 citing his own investigation.

September 1967 (approx. date) Pre-dawn.
Mrs Lindsay observed a luminous orange sphere hover outside her bedroom window for 5 minutes and then take off towards Hampton.
  • Fuller 1967a p73, citing 'Scratch' Toland

September 1965 (Approx. date)
A woman was said to have seen a silvery disc, surmounted by a dome, descend into a field by Route 88 and then take off again. Known only third hand.
  • Fuller 1967a, p78.

September 1965. Day time.
A 14 year old girl fled screaming as an object,7m diameter, with a ring of glowing lights slung below it hovered, whistling gently, at a height of 10m. The object was also seen by her father, a police officer. Many other local residents also saw the object when it returned again that night.
  • FSR 12, 1, p.iii citing Mombasa Times 2 October 1965.

September 1965. 1900hrs.
Two soldiers, Vincenzo Uliva and Antonio Russo, were going to Gemona while off duty and took a short cut along the railway line. They heard a strange sound and saw an unusual horizontal object touching the inclined slope of the embankment, between grass and shrubs. The object, which was 2m long, was 4m away. On its surface were several polygon shaped lights 4-6cm long, which flashed arithmetically. In time this object emitted a sound like an air compressor. After 20-30 seconds they duo fled in terror.
  • M. Verga citing ITACAT citing Notiziario UFO December 1979. citing investigation by U, Telarcio.

September 1965. 1930hrs.
A dozen people saw two objects zigzagging around the dome and towers of the Fine Arts Palace. These objects were like “enormous luminous bodies” with intermittently glimmering lights. They took off at great speed and soon became just luminous spots.
  • Richard Heiden, citing Ribera 1968 p33, citing Reuters 20 October 1965.

September 1965. 1945hrs.
Mrs A V was driving her sports car at 90kph along the Hoeilaart-Rixensart road, her husband driving 500m behind her in his own car, when on turning a bend by the old chateau of the Princes of Merode, she lost control of the steering wheel. Fearing a burst tyre she began to slow down, only to have the sensation that the car, with her in it, was being lifted several centimetres above the ground. At the same time, a small neon type light appeared for several seconds a few centimetres from the right of her windscreen. It was a solid, non-dazzling tube shaped luminosity, 4cm in diameter, 70cm long, with well -defined edges and slightly covered on the top. During the 3-4 seconds that the light was present the car seemed to be floating on the current of air. After the light had disappeared, the car again made a contact with the ground 50m further on. Nothing further could be seen and Mr V in his car had seen nothing. A few hours after the incident Mrs V noticed a rash on the outside of her wrist, which was two finer widths wide, composed of red, blue and black pin head sized spots, which itched. The rash disappeared after a week but reappeared for a time in 1967. The witnesses had other paranormal experiences.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 126 p4 + Canadian UFO Report 4, 6 p6 both Emil Techeur and Jean-Luc Vertogen in SOBEPS News 11 citing their own investigation.

September 1965 (approx. date) Night.
Student Miss Prescott was driving home when a silent object, the size of a house, with a red glow, came very low at a place called Round Hill and terrified her.
  • Fuller 1967a p175.
September 1 1965, 0500hrs.
A foreign workman, who did not want his name used, felt impelled by a strange sensation to go to the airstrip of a large estate near Huanuco. There he saw an oval machine land at close range and from it emerge an entity 85cm tall, with a head “twice the size of ours”. The creature appeared to be trying to communicate by sign language but failing to make itself understood, it returned to its craft, which became luminous and took off into the sky and then moved west. According to some accounts other people also saw the object.
  • Vallee Case 691.
  • Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966 p43 citing Comercio September 1965 + Donald B Hanlon.
  • Lorenzen 1966 p156.
  • Ribera 1968 p 73.

September 3 1965 (or following day) 0120hrs.
Jose Fernandez and his wife of calle de Buenos Aires were awakened by a strange humming noise coming from their flat roof. Going up to investigate, Jose saw an oval object, about 2m in diameter, rising from the roof. It had a vivid luminosity, ranging in colour from white to red, and was emitting the hum. It went straight up at great speed. At the spot, Jose found strange marks and signs of burning.
  • Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966 p41 citing La Cronica Matatina 4 September 1965.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 12 case 79 citing La Cronica 4 September 1965.
  • Richard Heiden citing Banchs 1976 p26.

September 3 1965, 0130hrs.
While driving along Rt 133, just before the crest of the hill near Candlewood golf course, schoolteacher Dennis Winters began to feel strangely uneasy and the hairs of the back of his head rose. Coming over the hill, he noticed a glow over the golf course, which, as he got nearer, he saw came from a luminous object suspended just above the ground. It resembled an inverted saucer with a flat dome, on which were five oval windows, which emitted a white glow. The object was 12m in diameter and surrounded by a red-grey glow. Winters was so shaken that he almost drove the car off the road, before he accelerated away in panic.
  • Fowler 1974 pp92, 334 citing Bob Jackson.

September 3 1965, 0200hrs.
A young man about to go into the navy, Norman Muscarello (18) was hitchhiking home from Amesbury, where he had been to see his girlfriend, to his home in Exeter, along Rt 15o, walking most of the way. Near a field, between two houses, a huge object about 25m in diameter, with brilliant red pulsating lights around its rim, descended silently and slowly towards him, coming so close that he had to lie on the hard shoulder of the road. The object then backed off, allowing him to get to a house, then, when he had no response there, persuade a motorist tie drive him into Exeter, where he contacted police in a distraught state. He returned to Kensington with Patrolman Eugene Bertrand, and walked across the field to the Carl Dining corral. While looking around there, they noticed that the horses were becoming agitated, and that rising from the trees beyond the corral was a brilliant circular object, which approached with a fluttering leaf motion, bathing the entire area in a brilliant red light. They raced back tie the car, where Bertrand radioed in, as the object hovered at 30m altitude, a “football field” away, with a rocking motion, its red lights pulsating left to right, then right to left, in a two second cycle, the lights being too brilliant for any definite shape to be mad out. The thing then began to move away, in an erratic motion, towards Hampton. At this point patrolman David Hunt arrived on the scene to see the thing moving slowly above the trees with a rocking motion and to hear to commotion among the animals.
  • Fuller 1967 p9.
  • Fowler 1974 p76.
  • Hynek 1977 p154.
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  • Hall 2001 p182.

September 3 1965, 2300hrs.
Chief Deputy William E “Billy” McCoy and Patrol Deputy Robert Goode of Angleton were driving back to West Columbia after visiting a high school football match at Sweeny, through the small town of Damon when Billy drew Robert’s attention to a purple light on the horizon. Robert did not pay much attention, concentrating on driving and rather preoccupied by a painful alligator bite on his left index finger, and considered them to be normal local lights. However after they saw the lights rise up, and a smaller blue light emerge from the general purple, Robert agreed to drive closer to investigate. Moments after they turned round the lights seemed to race towards them, stopping about 50m from the highway at 30m altitude. The purple and blue lights could now be seen to be on opposite sides of a vaguely cigar shaped grey object, 60m long and 12-15m thick. The purple light itself was the same thickness as the object, rectangular and pulsating with a brilliant mass of small lights, as bright as a welder’s arc. The blue light was of similar shape but much less prominent.

The purple light lit up the countryside and the interior of the car and Robert, who had been holding his wounded hand out of the open window, noticed distinct warmth coming from this light. This so unnerved him that he drove away at speeds up to 175kph. As he did so the object “snapped back” to the horizon and then took off at 20 degrees with a tremendous flash of light. After some time Billy persuaded him to return to the scene, but as they did so the light reappeared above the horizon and Robert drove off back to Angleton. He then realised that his finger had ceased to hurt and, taking off his plaster, saw that the swelling had gone down and could now move his finger with ease. According to some reports two strangers appeared looking for Robert and on finding him in a local restaurant described the object, which they said was a craft running on magnetic rays and that if he encountered it or its occupants again he should cooperate and remain quiet.
  • Lorenzen 1969 p245.
  • William Clayton in Klagsbrun and Quinn 1968 p66.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 3, p13.
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  • UFO Investigator August/September 1965 p3 citing investigation by NICAP and Major Laurence B Leach.
  • Hall 2001 p41.
  • Fuller 1967a p37.
September 5 (or 12th) 1965. 0500hrs.
Lt Sebastian Manchas, the military official administrating this town saw two beings 80cm tall walking about on the snow near Lake Ceulachocha. They re-entered their machine, which took off with a thunderous noise, and left traces in the snow. Many residents of nearby Huancavelica saw 2 aerial objects manoeuvring.
  • Creighton in Humanoids 1967, p44 citing La Cronica Matutina (BA) 14 September 1965 + Noticias Populares (SP) and Ultima Hora 13 September 1965.
  • FSR 12, 2 p,iv British Guiana Chronicle 15 September 1965.

September 6 1965.
A saucer shaped object was seen to land in one of the lake sized pools in the otherwise dried up bed of Lake Texcoco by many people.
  • Sanderson 1972, 228 citing Los Angeles Times 6 September 1965.

September 7 1965, 2100hrs.
More than 200 inhabitants saw two saucer shaped objects descend slowly towards the ground until they were brushing the surface. They hovered there for 10 minutes before they flew straight upwards and disappeared, leaving a pattern of scorched holes in the ground. (Steiger and Whritenour 1967 p 110)

September 8 1967.  Evening
After-work latex collectors saw an intensely bright object, resembling a huge wheel, with two openings “like eyes” in front, emitting light and flames. The object manoeuvred above the witnesses as if to land and they hid in fear. Five minutes later it came down 10km away.
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968.
  • Vallee Case 697 citing LDLN 84.

September 8 1965. Night.
A 7 year old boy saw a strange object land on his Acora Street patio. There were seven or nine beings 80cm tall with only one eye. He went to get help, but when his family arrived all they saw was an immensely bright light rising into the sky.
  • Creighton in Humanoids 1967 p43 citing Donald Hanlon, citing El Comercio (Lima) n.d.
  • Ribera 1968 p373.
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1967 p110.

September 8 1965. Night.
Jorge Chavez, a well know sports writer was driving with his family between Joli and Pomata, when they saw a strange object settle on the road ahead. Jorge tried to approach it but it rose and vanished at high speed.

  • Creighton in Humanoids 1967 p43 citing Donald Hanlon, citing El Comercio (Lima) n.d.
  • Ribera 1968 p373.
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1967 p110.

September 8 1965, 2355hrs.
Cattlemen on their way home saw a round, very luminous speedy object apparently land on or near Valadero Lake. They were too afraid to approach the area.
  • APRO Bulletin November/December 1965 p3.

September 9 1965 (approx date)
Two taxi drivers, a reporter and a bullfighter (Enrique Verga, Adolfo Ramirez, Arturo Alamanza and Antoni Nieta) observed an object with shining, luminous slits hovering over the street, and a black clad being with “cat like” eyes holding a metallic black rod which gave off a terrific light. The witnesses went away and when they returned the object and being had gone.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 134, p14 citing Excelsia 10 Septemebr 1965.
  • Vallee 1969, p69 citing Chicago Tribune 14 Septemebr 1965.

September 10 1965 (approx date)
Three women were strolling through a suburb of Mexico City, when a group of beings 3m tall with red, glowing eyes, but no noses or mouths, and dressed in grey suits and boots appeared in front of them. The women ran away in panic and when they returned the beings had vanished.
  • Timothy Green Beckley in Saga UFO Special no 3.
  • Vallee case 700, citing Chicago Tribune 14 September 1965.

September 10 1965, 0100hrs.
A man out alone in his boat on a calm, mild, starry night saw a large light developing very rapidly at sea level. It was red, like an immense flame with a little vapour around it. The witness first thought that it was a ship on fire, but the thing rose very rapidly into the sky, changing colour red-orange-green-blue-orange and then split into several parts, which gradually faded away over a period of 15 minutes. There was no sound of an explosion.
  • FSR Case Histories 14, p15 citing LDLN Readers Contacts 3,5.

September 10 1965, 0830hrs.
Antonio Pau Ferro (45), a peasant farmer, was working in his maize field when he heard a rushing, whistling noise. Turning round he saw 2 luminous discs, 1.5m wide, 60cm thick, slowly landing somewhat down hill, stopping 30cm above the ground. They then shot up to about 5m, leaving below them 2 small beings 70-80cm tall who had apparently emerged from them. The dwarfs were humanoid, well proportioned, with red brown “waxen” complexions and normal eyes, and wore one piece garments. Ferro clutched onto a tree in terror as the creatures approached, but, apparently sensing his terror, they walked away, talking in an incomprehensible language. They turned around again, smiled at Ferro, edging towards him again, examining a tomato plant and sampling the fruit. But they soon turned away again, the discs descended over them, then shot up again with a high pitched whistle. The beings had gone. He told a neighbour, Mr O. G. de Rocha of his experience, and this man testified to Ferro’s extreme terror.
  • Creighton in Humanoids 1967 p44 citing Jornal de Comercio (Recife) 14 September 1965 + Tribuna de Santos 12 Septemebr 1965 + W. Buhler in SBEDV Bulletin 48/50.
  • Vallee case 701 citing LDLN 84.
  • Lorenzen 1976 p156.

September 12 1965.
Two small beings were seen near this town, as a “squadron” of one large and 4 smaller discs flew around the area.
  • Creighton in Bowen 1966, p44 citing La Cronica Matutina (BA) 14 September 1965 + Noticias Populares (SP) and Ultima Hora 13 September 1965.
  • FSR 12, 2 p.iv British Guiana Chronicle 15 September 1965.

September 14 1965, 0100hrs.
Engineer Paul Green (28) was motorcycling home to West Mersea from seeing his fiancée in Colchester on this clear bright night. As he approached the straight road south to Langenhoe Hall he heard a high pitched humming to the east, which grew louder. He saw a point of light 8km over Brightlingsea, which light he realised was approaching. The humming became a high pitched buzz and then, as Paul realised it came from the light, his motorcycle engine and lights went out. The blue flashing light spun into view from about 1,5km away, and he now saw that it was part of an enormous object resembling a half top, about the size of a gasometer. It was surmounted by a dome, from inside of which a blue light was flashing. The object descended, slowly tilting to reveal an underside rimmed by numerous round objects. Paul dismounted and walked a few paces towards the thing, but then felt paralysed, unable to move or speak, as the flashing blue light became painfully intense and appeared to fluctuate in rhythm with his heartbeat, hitting against his chest. He felt himself tingling all over as if from electric shocks. The buzzing then became quieter as the object descended towards Wick.

Just then a scooter, which he had earlier overtaken in his journey, arrived on the scene, its engine failing also. Paul’s head began to throb and he managed to push his bike away from the scene. After a while the engine started up again, the object was now hidden by the hedges, though the blue glow still lit up the sky. Paul arrived home in a state of shock and the following day he noticed his body was charged with static electricity. A friend, who lived 8km north-west of Wick reported that his dog commenced to bark at this time and looking out he saw a blue glow in the sky. Paul was later approached by two men who warned him not to speak of the incident.
  • Bernard E Finch in FSR 11, 6, p3 citing his own investigation.
  • Chapman 1969 p88.
  • Spacelink 2, 3, p22 citing Colchester Gazette 21 September 1965.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a, p257 citing own investigation.
  • Charles Bowen in The Unexplained 45 p898.
  • Evaluation: There appears some confusion over the date, the report by Finch gave the date as Sunday 14th The 14th was a Tuesday, so either Sunday was an error or the correct date is either 12th or 19th. The second witness was never tracked down.

September 15 1965.
Ismael Gomez saw a gigantic object at low altitude.
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p405 citing Mr Vuillequez citing an unspecified issue of APRO Bulletin.

September 16 1965, 0005hrs.
Two constables, Koos de Klerk and John Lockem, were out on patrol in their van. They were returning home after making enquiries at a farm when they saw what looked like “a sea of flames” in the road ahead and their van engine stalled. The flames were surrounding a copper coloured, circular, top shaped object, about 10m diameter. As they watched, the thing shot up from the road and they saw that the flames came from two openings in its underside. It rose vertically and then moved away to the North West. The road showed evidence of heat in an area 1.8m diameter. However it was probable that this damage was caused by burning petrol. There was an investigation by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.
  • Philipp Human in FSR 11, 6, p9 citing Die Vaderland 16 Septemebr 1965 + Newscast of 17 September 1965 + Peter Grobler.
  • Ed Pitlow and Edgar Sievers in Bowen 1966 p71.
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969 p23.
  • Lorenzen 1966 p242.
  • Loftin 1968 p42.
  • Hall 1988 p256.
  • Hall 2001 p183.

September 18 1965.
A red glowing object, hovering over the treetops, was observed from a truck. The object vanished when the truck’s headlights were switched on.
  • Australian FSR 9 p11.

September 20 1965, 1630hrs.
A shepherd girl saw 6 beings 80-90cm tall emerge from an object on the ground. They talked in an incomprehensible language like the cackling of geese. The frightened girl fled and hid. She saw that they wore white clothing which emitted intermittent flashes of light. The case was investigated Samuel Prosancho Pineda, then the highest political authority in Puno, who found a number of holes burned into the ground, some metal and a liquid resembling oil or vinegar at the site
  • Creighton in Humanoids 1967 p44 citing Donald Hanlon.
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1967e p110.
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera I, 1968 p374.
September 20 1965, 2330hrs.
Geoffrey Maskey (25), Michael Johnson (22) and Mavis Forsyth were parked in Walton Avenue, when Johnson suddenly left the car. The other two waited for him for some minutes, then heard a high pitched humming sound. Mavis was terrified, but Maskey looked through the car window to see an oval, orange object about 1.8m long at 30m altitude, lighting up the lane with its glow. As the object disappeared behind trees the noise was heard again. Maksey reversed the car down the lane and as he did so Johnson stumbled from the hedge and collapsed in the road. They took him to Felixstowe Hospital where he recovered in a state of shock, with burn marks on the back of his neck, and a bump under the skin below his right ear. He was transferred to Ipswich Hospital, then discharged the next evening. He told his friends that some force seemed to have pulled him from the car and that he had seen a fiery being pointing at him.
  • FSR 11, 6 p4 citing investigation by Bernard Finch + Ipswich Evening Star 21 September 1965.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a p261 citing own investigation.
  • Charles Bowen in The Unexplained 45 p900.

September 21 1965, 0145hrs.
Mrs Blodgett had just turned off the lights in her south facing living room when she saw a huge light, red on the top, hovering low above the trees about 100m away. The object, about 30m diameter, stared spinning and shot out of sight.
  • Fuller 1967a p185.

September 21 1965.
Mr R. Bowden and several other people observed a glowing discoid object at 20m altitude. It flew low, banked and vanished.
  • Aust. FSR 9 p11.

September 21 1965, 0440hrs.
At an undisclosed location a police officer on patrol observed a huge “pie shaped” object descending towards the roof of a store. The thing had red, white and blue lights spinning round it. Fearing a plane in trouble, the officer tried to radio in, but the radio would not work until the thing moved across town at 23m altitude and shot off at terrific speed.
  • Adler 1967 p70 citing letter from witness to J A Hynek.

September 21 1965 (approx date). 2130hrs.
Barry Swan and Keith Rowland were walking the Slack Lane-Uttoxeter New Road footpath when they heard a faint whining noise, and saw 2 circular objects in the sky. One of the objects, with a round base, diamond shaped top, with green lighted windows around it, came down towards them. It hovered, spinning for a few moments, making a high pitched whine. They then saw a shadow pass one of the windows. The object then tilted first to one side, then the other and took off silently
  • FSR 11, 6 p.iii citing Derby Evening Telegraph 22 September 1965.

September 21 1965, 2230hrs.
Ronald (23) and Garry (18) Brown were driving home to Jonestown from the neighbouring village of Annville, when, as they approached home, they saw something “playing over the road”. They summoned their sisters Susan (15) and Kay (20) and a girlfriend Betty Stover. From the lawn they watched a very large round object, with green lights around the rim and white at the sides, manoeuvre. The thing vanished at one point and Ronald saw it coming out of the woods and rising into the air. Other family members reported that it came out of the woods at the back of their house, circled several times before disappearing into a clump of trees. The called their neighbours <r and Mrs Arthur Turner, who watched the latter part of the display.

About 30 minutes after the start of the above experience, Giles Brown and his wife of Route 1 were watching TV in their trailer home when the set developed severe interference and they heard a loud roaring noise outside. Through their living room window they saw a grey hulk, with a ring of blue lights around its rim, hovering 6m above the ground. The thing appeared to be Saturn shaped, 3m diameter at the centre. After a few minutes the blue lights went out and a red flame, like a rocket, came from the bottom and the object flew off to the south. The next day Giles found prints of a six digit hand or foot in a quantity of sand he had bought. These prints were the size of those of a seven year old child.
  • Kurt Sutherly in Official UFO 1, 13, p60.

September 22 1965. Night.
A truck driver reported to Speedway owner and regional fire Chief Dale E Richard that he had seen a burning object on the speedway. Dale, his father, Elmer and other track employees went to the scene where they found a burned circle 2.1m diameter in the grass, with four equally spaced marked outside the circumference, as if an object had landed there.
  • Kurt Sutherly in Official UFO 1, 13, p60.

Late September 1954, 2245hrs.
Joseph and Kent Jalbert were in a group of 7-8 people at the power lines when they saw a car sized object, with a red light and two white lights, travel along the power line, going up and over a large oak. The lights appeared to be on a round object with windows. Jerle Jalbert (14) saw it from his bedroom window and noticed a blue object come out of it.
  • Fuller 1967a p128 citing his own investigation.

September 25 1965, 2200hrs.
15-16km north of Rodeo, retired chemist, Dr George Walton, and his wife were travelling north of US80 when they saw at their 2 o'clock position, tow white lights, just above the ground. They first took lights, which ere moving towards the road at a right single, for those of another vehicle. George began to accelerate from 80-130kph to get ahead of the lights, which they now realised were at between 10-15m altitude and moving northwards in the same direction as themselves, about a city block away. The lights got close enough to illuminate the car, and after three minutes the lights went over the car, then changed colour to light blue before separating, one going south-east, and the other north-east. They quickly disappeared into the distance.
  • Young 1967 p106 citing Blue Book Files and J Allen Hynek.
  • Flying Saucers-UFO Reports1 p54.

September 27 1965, 0815hrs.
Add8e Jones (61) saw a silvery object about 10m diameter rise from a wooded area and hover silently before leaving towards the west. Under the object was a box like devise. The object was 400m away and gave off no light.
  • Vallee Case 704 citing Buffalo Evening News 28 September 1955.

September 27 1965, 1000hrs.
Mrs Spinney was driving from Exeter to Portsmouth when her attention was caught by what looked like a low flying aircraft. However when she got within 60-90m of the thing, it turned around and she saw that it was a smooth, wingless, metallic looking object, about 10m diameter flying at around 60m.
  • Fuller 1967a, p88, citing his own investigation.

September 27 1965. Night.
Villagers saw a fiery object rise from the local cemetery. The object was also seen by Inspector Brian Beattie of the Goroka police and department of Aviation official Barry Lord. They saw the thing hovering above the ridge on which Koko is situated. It was a brilliant white light with a red centre and tongues of flames shooting from its circumference. After a white it disappeared. It appears that these two witnesses observed the phenomenon from separate locations.
  • FSR 12, 2 p.iii citing Newcastle (NSW) Morning Herald 1 October 1965.
  • Hervey 1969 p114.
  • Data Net IV, 5, p6.

September 29 1965.
Two people out driving almost knocked over a 80cm tall being with just one eye and a body covered by luminous ribbons. An unidentified object later hovered over their car.
  • Fabio Picasso in Strange Magazine 9, p 35.
  • Evaluation: Same as August 30 case?

Late 1965. Night.
A woman woke her husband after she had been frightened by an eerie noise outside. He went to the window and, looking out, saw a peculiar object 1.5m high, giving off a red glow, at the bottom of the garden. The glow prevented him from seeing its size or shape clearly but he could make out the letters Z 75 on the side.
  • UFOlog 61 p3, citing SIUFOP.

October 1965.
Ray Viner, a garage owner, was driving back to Calne along Wessington Avenue, when he saw a man in the centre of the road. Ray swerved to avoid him but felt two bumps. Fearing that the car had hit the man, he rushed back to the scene but could find no traces of an accident. As Ray stood up, he saw a man going behind trees near the local cemetery. He called the police, but their searches were fruitless.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a, p266.

October 1965.
A family driving down Rt101-C saw an object with two yellow white lights, which came down right over their car before taking off into the sky again.
  • Fuller 1967a p104 citing his own investigation.

October 1965.
Occupant report. Witnesses Silva and others No further details 
  • Periera 1974 no 160 citing SBEDV Bulletin 54.

October 1965.
Solider Ranulfo Mendez de Almeida and Antonio Manini saw a rather luminous orange object manoeuvring at low altitude, making a loud noise.
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p322.

October 1965.
Mr M Sailer and five friends were driving back to Tully from El Arish when a big bright orange light descended on the outer edge of a cane farm, stopping by a large tree. The light then went off.
  • Tambling 1967 p73 citing Victoria FSRS Bulletin Oct 1966 citing Claire Noble.

October 1965. 0400hrs.
A dark object seemed to rise from the ground, go up and disappear. Dogs in the area were disturbed.
  • Basterfield 1981, p84 citing TUFOIC files.

October 1965 (approx. date) 1500hrs.
At an undisclosed location, a family sitting outside their house saw a strange egg shaped object 50m away. It had two poles or antennae on its upper part, with two supports. It was about 2m in size. The stationary object gave off intense flashes of orange light. Even though they were afraid and wanted to go inside, the family stayed watching the thing for 30 minutes. They looked away for a moment and when they looked back the thing had vanished.
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p360 citing Fiel Orbe agency October 1965.

October 1965. 2100hrs.
The witness, who wished to remain anonymous, was returning home from work when he noticed a strange object in a hay field near his home, and stopped his car to observe it. It was shaped somewhat like an upside down bowl, 13.5 diameter, about 6m high and seemed to be dull silver in colour. In the upper part of the object were three evenly spaced portholes, from which soft lights of varying colour could be seen. Behind one porthole dark shadows could be seen moving about, but no definite form could be made out. The object seemed to rest a short distance above the ground on 8-10 beams of light, through which the trees could be seen. After a while the witness went to get his wife, and when they returned the object was still in the same position. He was going to investigate further but his frightened wife urged him not to, and as he shut the car door, the object made a rushing sound and started to rise. As it did so, the light beams contracted, and they were able to see that the bottom was the same colour as the rest of the object, except for a darker circle 3m diameter. Returning to the scene the next day, he found a metal disc 501.5mm diameter, 1.6mm thick, with a whole in the centre and 8 small holes on its surface. He kept this object in his backyard and shed until 1974, when it was analysed by investigators, and was shown to be a stainless steel alloy, around a seal.
  • Skylook 84 p12 + Phillips 1975 p38 (case 817) both citing Bob Boyd.

October 1965. 2130hrs.
Albert Doughty was being driven by his wife from Seabrook to the Prescott farms when they saw a lighted object, with red and green lights, in the sky. The couple stopped and then moved off again, the object apparently following their movements. Then near she shopping centre it dived right down to the car, causing the couple to drive away in panic.
  • Fuller 1967a p176.

October 1965. 2200hrs.
Mrs Lillian Pearce and Mrs Doris Deyo were driving a group of teenagers on Warner Lane off, the Exeter-Hampton Highway when they observed an object with an enormous span at treetop height. The thing had a large number of square openings, through which a solid white light streamed, and it had dimmer red, orange and green lights. These lights, which changed their configuration, appeared to be on a metallic surface. The thing took on red lights as it descended to about 2.5m above the car. The thing was seen independently by Doris’ s son, in another car. Lillian attempted to take a photograph, and as she leaned out of the car window she could see that the object was the size of a jet, with a rounded front, horizontal fins at the rear, and with a dome on top, and appeared to be composed of some sort of hammered metal. The square openings were in a sort of compartment under the contraption. The object moved in front of the car before going overhead, flooding the area with searchlights.
  • Fuller 1967a pp100, 103 citing his own investigation.

October 1 1965.
Schoolboy Santos Vallejos and schoolgirls Antonia Aparti and Adela Sanchez were on their way to the Libertador General San Martin school, when, at a place where the road ran through wooded hills, they encountered several small green skinned “only remotely resembling human” beings, who tried to catch the children, who fled to school where they told the master.
  • Creighton in Humanoids 1967 p44 citing La Cronica Matutina (BA) 5 October 1965.
  • Vallee case 706 citing CONDOVNI.

October 1 1965 (approx date),
Schoolboy Luiz Ramirez and schoolgirls Maria Adela Cabana and Rosa Carabajal, pupils of National School 982, were fetching water from a reservoir not far from the school, when they encountered a gigantic being which rolled on the ground, then vanished mysteriously in a cloud of dust.
  • Creighton in Humanoids p44 citing La Cronica Matutina (BA) 5 October 1965.

Early October 1965. 1825hrs.
Reporter Virginia Hale was doing the dishes when, through her kitchen window, she saw a bright object going slowly across the rooftops opposite and then hovering over one house, at about 3 times the height of the house chimney. She went out onto her terrace and saw that the thing was out beyond the coast guard station. As she watched the object sped away and then circled around, descending towards her, going so low over a house behind her that she feared it would crash. It was a domed object with a flat underside, like a golf ball sliced in half, with a sort of fin at the rear. The thing emitted a pale bluey-green glow from around its rim. The observation lasted about four minutes.
  • Fuller 1967a p93 citing his own investigation.

Early October 1965. 2030hrs.
Mrs T Fuller saw a ball of fire, with a shimmering white glow, and smoke trailing from one end, hovering less than 4m above a block of flats opposite her house. After a few minutes it seemed to fade away. Numerous other people in Sydney’s northern suburbs saw a fire ball at the same time.
  • Hervey 1969 p52.
  • Evaluation: Bolide

October 2 1965, 2020hrs.
James Centorino (16) was ridimg his bike up Columbus Avenue on his way home when he saw two bright lights over the smokestacks of the power plant. They were white lights apparently connected by a dark shape, which, as he got within 100m or so, he could see was a cigar shaped object, with a slight bulge towards its rear, hovering at a 45 degree angle about 5m above the stacks. When James dismounted to take a closer look, the object made a sound like air being released from a balloon, rose up to 30m and shut off tis lights, so that he could just make it out moving off in the darkness. He estimated that the thing was 6-9m long. A woman and several other people also saw the object.
  • Fowler 1974 pp94, 334 citing his own investigation.
  • Evaluation: Balloon? Blimp?

October 4 1965.
A strange object was said to have landed near here. No further details
  • Vallee Case 707 citing an unspecified issue of UFO Investigator.
October 4 1965. Evening.
Mrs Betty Valine was sitting outside with her son Robbie (12) when they sighted a large plate shaped machine, on top of which was a dome inside which three “people” were clearly visible.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 3, p14.
October 6 1965.
A landing report with occupants and traces. No details available
  • Petrowitsch catalogue of Chilean landings.

October 6 1965.
Meredith Bolduc was driving from Fremont to Kingston when a bright white object with a red rim came down to about twice the height of the telephone poles. It resembled a sort of fattened oval.
  • Fuller 1967a p133.

October 7 1965, 0600hrs.
An oval object with a sort of gondola underneath, from which a steady yellow light shone, and the surface of which had patches of shimmering orange light, moved slowly at treetop level.
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969a p46.
  • Evaluation: Blimp?
October 7 1965, 2330hrs.
Annabelle Randall, secretary of the Warminster and District Trades Council was driving her fiancee, John Plowman of Stockton, a union official, home, when they nearly collided with a figure lying feet first in the road. Investigating to see if he was injured, they found nothing. Returning home at 0025 hours at the same spot Annabelle saw a bright orange glow adjacent to the railway embankment, coming from a large orange ball. At this point the car engine started to misfire, the headlights dimmed and flickered and a force seemed to be slowing the car down. Just beyond the Havant road junction she encountered an unlit circular machine on the other side of the road to the fiery ball-which prevented her from seeing clearly and cast a sort of fog on the road. This glowing object then moved across the road, her engine stopping completely. The sphere seemed to be spinning and giving off red and blue lights before accelerating into the sky, leaving a trail. In front of her appeared two figures wearing light woollen balaclava helmets and dark, tight, shiny suits, like frogmen. The car engine had now started up again, and she nearly ran the figures down as the car accelerated away.
  • Shuttlewood 1967 p131 - first hand from witness.
  • Hanson and Holloway 1965 p264.

October 13 1965.
Two 15 year old high school girls, Marg G and Judy N watched a huge metallic looking oval object, with bluish lights, land in a park at the edge of town. They left for help but when they returned the object had gone, leaving an oval ring of crushed grass.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 3, p14.

October 15 1965, 0930hrs.
William Hertzke was riding on the Circle Jay Ranch, North West of Cochran, looking for cattle which might be hidden in the bushes, when his horse shied and in the distance he saw a metallic looking object, glinting in the sunlight. He approached close to the thing, which was up on a bluff. He within 3.5m of the thing, which resembled an aircraft with swept back wings, but less than 5m long, with a wing span of about 3.5m, and about 1.5m deep. The exterior of its sides was made of a waffle like material, with a plane silver grey bottom and top, a dome that appeared to be made of Plexiglas, through which he could see a sort of control panel and two small transparent bucket seats. At the rear of the cockpit were three steps and a door leading to a cabin. There was a door 60cm wide, 90cm high leading into the craft, and its nose was about 45cm above the ground. He was said to have passed a lie detector test undertaken by APRO.
  • Lorenzen 1968 Chapter 6.
  • Adler 1967 p80.
  • Keel 1971 p124.
  • Data Net IV, 5, p5.

October 16 1965.
A number of residents observed a small round object that landed within 30m of a group of children at the Spring Grove Elementary School. The thing was about 50cm diameter, 15cm thick at the centre and appeared to be made of polished chromium. A scraping sound was heard as it took off with a blue-orange flame. The school principal vouched for the children’s sincerity.
  • Loftin 1968 p54 citing NICAP.
  • C.F.S.I.B. 1, 6 p5.

October 18 1965.
Thousands of people saw a round object circling over the beach. Later two people saw it land on deserted ground located in the Santos Air Force Base.
  • Vallee Case 710 citing Ouranos 32 + LDLN 84.
  • Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p322.

October 18 1965 (approx. date) 2220hrs.
Three people observed an oval object with a flashing red light on top and red, green and white lights around its circumference. It moved away, very slowly, about 30m above the ground and about 500m from the witnesses. It was independently observed by a number of other people.
  • Fowler 1974 p335.

October 19 1965.
A woman saw a red circular object, with silvery things hanging down from it, come low down over the power lines.
  • Fuller 1967a p124.

October 19 1965, 1845hrs.
The Jalbert family were outside when they saw a large red sphere, the apparent diameter of the moon or larger, with silvery things hanging from it, come low over a field. It was seen on several occasions and visible for 30 minutes.
  • Fuller 1967a p126.

October 21 1965. Night.
Mr and Mrs George McLean saw a strange, all white, cloud, the size of a kitchen table, but not completely round moving and dancing about their yard. George approached the object as it hovered above the ground but heard no sound and felt nothing.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 6, p9.

October 21 1965. Night.
Barb Fraser and Marg Baker were followed down the street by a massive spinning illuminated ball. When they stepped out of their car the object hovered above them and then passed on to the house next door. The same night Robbie McCraig was approached at Memorial Bridge by a strange object than came so close that he felt that he could reach out and touch it.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 6, p9.

October 19 1965 (approx date). 1200hrs.
Jose Camilho Jnr, a 56 year old mechanic, rounded a bend and saw what he thought were two young children sitting on the stump of a fallen banana tree. He was about to tell them off for messing up their clothes when they jumped up. He now saw that they were only 80-90cm tall, with brown shrivelled and furrowed complexions, like old people. Their hair was white, their heads large in proportion to their bodies and round, with disproportionately large slit eyes. One of the dwarfs had a sparse beard, and wore a dark peaked cap, the other was bare headed. Both had white hands or gloves, and one was carrying a rod about 50cm long, the thickness of an electric torch. When this being saw Jose he appeared to be extremely startled and made as if to go for this devise.. His companion, who wore a blue shirt like garment, green trousers and what looked like tennis shoes, was much less startled. His suite was made of some shiny material, and on the upper part of his chest he wore a belt or shield from shoulder to shoulder, from which flashed out vivid blue, red, yellow and green lights as bright as an electric welding kit, and too bright to look at. Between the dwarfs stood a cylinder 1.2m tall, 15cm diameter and the man with the belt grabbed it by its centre handle, and began running off, staggering under the weight and nearly colliding with his companion, so that both nearly fell over. Jose fled also, but looked back in time to see them vanishing among the trees. Two local residents reported that about this time they had seen a light flying overhead.
  • Creighton in Humanoids 1967 p45 citing investigation by Walter Buhler + Jornal do Comericio (Recife) 23 October 1965.
  • Vallee case 711 citing LDLN.

October 23 1965, 1915hrs.
James F Townsend (19) a radio announcer on Station KEYL, a religious man and a teetotaller was driving west on Highway 27 about 8.5km west of Long Prairie. As he turned a corner he had to brake hard to avoid hitting an object sitting on the road about 400m away. The 1956 car halted about 6m from the object, the car’s engine, lights and radio all failed and could not be restarted. The object was a vertical cylinder like a rocket standing 8-12m tall, looming above the trees. It was 3m in diameter and standing on three fins or legs. From the bottom of this object a bright light was emitted which lit up the countryside. Townsend felt that he could knock the object over and jumped out of his car to try. As he approached the object he could seen neither markings nor openings, and that it had a top which resembled that of a ball point pen. He now found his way blocked by three “robots” and size of beer cans (about 15cm tall), brown-black in colour, with matchstick limbs or fins but no other distinguishing features. When they stopped a third fin seemed to come down. Despite their lack of eyes Townsend had the feeling that they were looking at him. After what seemed like an eternity the creatures scurried, with a sideways gait. into the ship. The light built up under the craft, a humming noise, which hurt his ears, came on, then it took off, lighting up the area like daylight. When the object was airborne the light was switched off. The car engine now started up by itself. Sheriffs confirmed that Townsend was in a state of extreme terror. Several local residents saw unusual objects and lights in the sky. Three parallel strips of an oil like material were found at the spot by Police Officer Lavern Lubitz.
  • Clare John Jansen in Fate (UK) April 1966.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 3, p14.
  • Coral Lorenzen in Humanoids 1967 p60 citing APRO Bulletin November 1965.
  • Adler 1967 p63.
  • Hynek 1978 p206.
  • APRO Bulletin November/December 1965 p8 citing telephone interview by Coral Lorenzen.
  • Rath 1998 p8.

October 26 1965. Early hours.
A farm woman walking along the road by the Champion Cellulose works saw a green, round, luminous object, which appeared to be landing near an oil refinery.
  • Lorenzen 1966 p244.

October 26 1966, 2030hrs.
Dr Oswaldo Rangel Cardoso was making a house call in a taxi driven by Xavier de Campos, when he observed a bright round object which came up from behind the car, caught up with it, and then swerved to the left at incredible speed, following the taxi for a while. Another passenger in the taxi also saw the object.
  • Lorenzen 1966 p244.
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p322.

October 28 1965. Night.
Six high school juniors were driving home from play practice when the driver suddenly stopped the car, and all its lights went out. They observed the vague shape of the an object settling to earth 200m ahead of them, across the road from the cemetery north west of Upham. This object emitted a yellow light, and then an antenna, with a soft glowing tip, slowly emerged. The object was about 4m in diameter, with window like shadows running along its length. It was resting on tripod legs and lights flashed from the “windows”. After about 30 seconds the thing slowly rose straight up, hovered briefly, turned at a right angle and sped away. They replaced a broken fuse in the car and went to the spot, where they found impressions in the soft ground. Police confirmed three impressions in the ground, spread in a triangular shape, each about 30cm in diameter. In the centre was a hole 20cm in diameter.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 6 p9.
  • APRO Bulletin 30, 2 p5.

October 30 1965, 1715hrs.
An object resembling an upside down boat, made of aluminium, 6.5m long, with a motor at the back producing flame, landed in the river and submerged. The water turned to dark brown, the current stopped and then reversed. There were many witnesses.
  • Sanderson 1970 p228 citing Shawnigan Falls Standard 3 November 1965.

October 30 1965. Night.
A night watchman at the ceramics factory noticed a light in the yard and went to examine it. He saw a huge luminous disc floating slowly by the huge chimney towers. When it reached the high voltage wires it returned and seemed to head straight toward him, causing him to flee inside and lock himself in.
  • Lorenzen 1966 p245.

October 1965. Night.
A couple driving their Volkswagen from Mogi Mirim to Nova Lousan saw a huge light blocking the road, so they turned back. They encountered a truck and warned the driver. As they were talking to him another car went past but soon returned. The three vehicles slowly approached the spot in convoy whereupon the light rose up above, illuminating the whole area. When they reached a petrol station they alerted dozens of other people who also saw the object.
  • Lorenzen 1966 p245.

October 30 1965. (Approx. date) 2145hrs.
Mr and Mrs Knaepen were driving in their Volkswagen when they saw a luminous reddish circular object hovering above a field 100m away. The object switched its light off.
  • Jacques Bonabot, citing J G Dohmen in GESAG Special Bulletin p20.

October 31 1965.
Joseph Jalbert observed a red cigar shaped object high above the power lines, from which, after a time, a red-orange disc slowly and erratically descended to the lines. When the thing was only a couple of metres or so above the line, a silver pipe like object came down, and touched the wires for a few minutes. After a while it slowly retracted into the disc, which sped back up to the cigar and re-entered it.
  • Fuller 1967a, p198.

Winter 1965. Night.
Mae Doria was driving from her home in Tulsa was driving to her sister’s in Pryor, when a few kilometres east of Claremore, outside a school, she picked up a young boy, about 1.5m tall with light brown hair and blue-grey eyes, who said he had been attending a basket ball game. Despite the cold he was not wearing a jacket. At a deserted area outside Pryor the boy asked to get out and then just disappeared. Searches were fruitless.
  • Berlitz 1989 p 157.
  • Bord 1989 p 86 citing Harry Lebelson in Pursuit 18, 2 p74.

November 1965, 0115hrs.
Two teenage boys had just gone to bed after watching TV with the host boy’s family, when they noticed a light coming through their curtains. The boy in the top bunk reached out to pull the curtains back when he received a kind of electric shock. He tried again and looking out the boys could see an oval object 4.5m diameter, sitting between their house and a neighbour’s less than 2m away. Beside the object was a being about 2.1m tall, which was pounding against the side of the house. Unable to rouse the rest of the family, the boys attempted to communicate with the being through “telepathy”, the hum of the craft speeding up in answer to mentalised questions. After an hour a Morse code like sounded ended the communication, though the being seemed to indicate they would return. Next day a dark smudge was found on the wall where the being had pounded. The case was not investigated for a month as the family concerned were respectable business people who wanted no publicity, but even so the investigators’ compass was disturbed in the area. The boys who had been very adventurous now refused to go out alone.
  • Robert Gribble in Flying Saucers UFO Reports 3, p14, citing his own investigation.
November 1965, 1630hrs.
Several people observed a huge luminous disc take off from a deserted field. One witness had seen a landing in 1945 (qv)
  • Brent Raynes in Flying Saucers 69 p32.

November 1965 (approx date) Evening.
Eric Williams encountered a circular object. 30m diameter, 15m high, with portholes arranged around it, and emitting a green light, hovering close to the ground for 20 seconds, about 75m away. The thing flew away at high speed.
  • W J Maclean in FSR 12, 4 p,iv, citing Zambia Broadcasting Co broadcast 2 Decemebr 1965.
November 3 1965
Two shepherds , Jose Luis Fernandez and his 15 year old son Ignacio were on a plateau when an object stopped in mid air, and after a minute a circular opening appeared in its lower part. From this opening emerged reddish vapours and a creature resembling a lizard 80cm tall, with long ears like a mole, six tubular arms and a long tail with olive leaves at the end. It carried a type of metallic parasol with three narrow supports which it moved as if signalling. The strange being noticed the two terror stricken witnesses and jumped to the ground, causing them to flee in panic.
  • Richard Heiden citing Kolosimo (?) p376 citing an undated issue of Domenica del Corriere.

November 3 1965, 2300hrs.
A large object with two headlights approached a car driven by Diane Dymowski and a companion. The object seemed to be floating, swaying from side to side. It eventually split into two, one section disappearing in a field, the other going south on the road across Highway 17, turning around and staying for 30 minutes before disappearing.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 6, p10.

November 4 1965. PM.
An adult saw a flashing light hover, speed off, land in the Great Miami River and then take off again, with a deep red glow.
  • Sanderson 1970 p228 citing Middletown Journal + Dayton Journal Herald both 13 November 1965.

November 7 1965, 2330hrs.
Miguel D Tejera was driving from Gobendor Virasoro to Las Marias when he noticed that his jeep was illuminated by a light from a luminous object 200m above. The thing was 3m diameter and gave out bright multi-coloured flashes. It landed on the airport runway, 10 minutes’ drive from town. Here it was seen by five other people, including night-watchman Montiel. They all saw it move away to the Southwest and disappear on the horizon at great speed. (Heiden citing
  • Ribera 1968 p183 citing Natiou 20 November 1965 + Banchs 1973 p26.
November 10 1965, 0210hrs.
A farmer observed a huge luminous sphere taking off from a large field at the back of his farm. Several residents found a burned circular area at the sight. Many similar burnt areas had appeared in this field since 1958.
  • Flying Saucers 69 p32 citing Brent Raynes in an unspecified issue of Saucer Scoop.

November 10 1965. Dawn.
Actor Stuart Whitman was staying on the twelfth floor of a New York hotel during the great blackout when he heard a whistling sound “like a whippoorwill” or police siren outside the window of his room. Looking out he saw two objects, one orange, the other blue, which gave off a strange luminescent light. The objects seemed to communicate with him as if by loudspeaker, warning of humanity “threatening the balance of the universe”, and claiming that they had engineered the blackout to demonstrate their power. They then took off leaving Whitman feeling elated. Tabloid reports claimed that the objects landed in a lot next door and that two beings with greenish skin had delivered the message.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 6, p10.
  • Richard Heiden citing National Tatler 19 August 1965.
  • Beckley 1992 p23.

November 11 1965, 2100hrs.
After several low level sightings on the farm of Dario Anhaua Jnr, a landowner and chemist, on this day, after her husband had gone into town on some business with the mayor, Mrs Anhaua saw a strange light. Despite her fear she walked to the farm gate, followed by her grandson. There she could see an object sitting on the ground in a nearby field, two small humanoid beings standing beside it. One of them began to walk up and down among the furrows of the field, picking up twigs etc which he carried in his arms. His companion stood by the fence as if watching the mare on the other side. When a truck load of noisy people passed by the object left, one of the beings entering it up a green coloured tube which had appeared on the side. When the truck had gone the object returned and the collecting continued. Another car passed and the object moved and switched off its light so that Mrs Anhaua could see two similar objects hovering in the sky. After the object landed again one of the dwarfs turned on a green light which came from an object the size of a drinking glass and an explosion was then heard. The object and dwarfs then left.
After this event Mr Anhaua arranged a vigil with friends, including the bank manager two days later. Again at 2100 the object came in, its arrival noted by the sheriff and his clerk who were driving nearby. It landed 120m from the fence separating the field from the yard. The bank manager became so exited he dropped his camera so no pictures could be taken. They could see that the beings were the size of 7 year old children. One was wearing overalls, the other chocolate coloured pants and a grey colourless shirt. A third being, who had a square flat head, appeared to be wearing a surgeon’s apron. The craft and the three dwarfs all glowed brilliantly. They continued with their gathering task, and as they did so, Anhaua was able to call a neighbouring farm, and some guards and the parish priest Father Longino Vartbinden arrived as additional witnesses. After the beings had finished their gatherings, they re-entered the machine which took off at high speed. The beings came within 20m of the witnesses.
  • Lorenzen 1966 p244.
  • Lorenzen 1976 p368 citing APRO Bulletin September 1966.

November 12 1965, 1130hrs.
Two fishermen from Bluff; R D Hanning (41), skipper of the fishing boat Eleoneal and W J Johnson, were on their way to Rugged Islands to tend Cray pots, when, about 800m from the islands they saw a strange craft come out of the water. Its tapered structure rose about 4.5m out of the water and measured 1.5m thick at the top, 3.5m at the water line. About 10m away there was a box shaped object 3m long, 1.5m high. These were the only structures visible. The object was in smooth water about 300m away, and 450m from the shore. The men had it sight for 10 or 11 seconds and then the structure disappeared in a flurry of water. There was a naval investigation.
  • FSR 12, 4 p28 citing H J Hinfleaar in Spaceview 47.
  • Evaluation: I have been unable to locate Rugged Islands on Google, there is a Rugged Island in the Antarctic but that seems too far away for this story. Possibly a soviet submarine

Mid November 1965. 2100hrs.
Four people driving along by a river stopped to watch as a long metallic blue cylinder, with a row of multi-coloured lights passed slowly overhead. As it did so their radio failed and lights dimmed, but the engine kept ticking over.
  • Swords 2005 p83 citing John Timmerman.

November 16 1965, 2300hrs.
A farm wife watched a luminous phenomenon land in a cornfield. Later she found a circle in the field, surrounded by a ring 90cm-1.2m wide, of crushed grass.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 6, p11.

November 16 1965, 2300hrs.
Tom Untiedt was driving on Hw 38, 5km west of Cyrus, when he saw an object resting on the road ahead. It appeared to be 3m long, 1.8m diameter, cylindrical with a cone on top, which appeared to be made of red fluorescent material. The whole thing was illuminated by a white glow. The speed of Tom’s car dropped from 65kph to 30kph. The object then rose into the air, disappearing in thr north east in 15 seconds, leaving a fiery trail. The object had been observed from a distance of 400m.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 6, p11.

November 17 1965. Night.
Rita Gorake and Mill Miller, who had earlier seen a bright object moving up and down in the sky, returned to the site with Van Bradley and Carol Herbel. After a wait of five minutes, the object returned, coming from behind and lighting up the whole car. They started the car and the object followed them back to town. It was a bright light, low above the ground, quite large, with an indistinct outline and three windows.
  • Green and Smith 1967 p29.

November 21 1965.
Fourth Grade student Jorge V saw a round object, 4m diameter, with a brilliant yellow light and small windows, from which shone multi-coloured lights. The thing came low over a shed near the house and then afterwards disappeared in the sky. The phenomenon was also observed by his grandmother.
  • FSR 12, 5 p29 citing El Heraldo (Concordia) 23 November 1965.

November 26 1965, 2100hrs.
During a power failure many residents reported strange lights in the sky. Two motorists on Warner Road saw a red light, which turned to blue, on the ground south of them. This light appeared and disappeared three times.
  • Lorenzen 1966 p256.
November 27 1965, 0235hrs.
Four members of the pop group Peter B’s (or the Cheynes) (Peter Bardens (22), Michael Fleetwood (18), Peter Green (19) and David Ambrose (18) were driving along the A3 when Fleetwood was terrified by a tall figure 2-2.1m tall, wearing a long grey somewhat fluorescent coat, with an “old” expressionless face, walking in a mechanical manner towards them. He screamed, alerting the others, who confirmed the description. The being glowed with a yellow-grey light, walked with long, almost gliding strides and seemed to ignore the car.
  • Owen and Sims 1971, p147 + Bardens 1970, p102 both based on first hand investigations.

November 29 1965. Evening.
Kevin D (12) and Garry J (10) saw an object with a red blinking dome fly over the Cooper Creek area and come to ground level. It trailed a flame like exhaust and made a humming sound. As it came to ground level the boys could see portholes on it, and as it hovered it emitted a blast of air which blew away snow and flattened bushes. From the largest porthole there then emerged something like a long bar with “fingers” on the end. This then re-entered the machine, only to emerge a second time. The object then began to emit smoke and sparks, at which the boys hurriedly cycled away. Gary’s father and a neighbour went to investigate. The object had gone but they saw the blown snow and flattened bushes.
  • UFO Investigator January/February 1966 p4 citing press sources.

November 29 1965, 2030hrs.
On this exceptionally clear and starry night, eight people saw many moving lights, two of which, brighter than the rest came down, appearing to land on De Lucas Hill. One took a straight course down, the other seemed to pulsate. Later, one of these objects emitted bright lights, which went off at terrific speed, parallel to the ground, at treetop height, dimming and brightening as they went. The two objects on the hill resembled glowing white plant pots. At one point they seemed to move further down the hill. The lights vanished at 0005 hours.
  • Tambling 1967 p74.
  • Victoria Flying Saucer Research Society Bulletin October 1966. citing C. Noble.

November 30 1965, 0330hrs.
Ian Kinsey, a seaman in the Coastal Service saw a dingy yellow object on the beach. A few minutes later, a smaller, cylindrical object entered this one on the beach. The thing then took off and vanished over the mountains. Kinsey found a long oval shaped area on the beach, where sand, stones, logs and bushes had been pushed away
  • UFO Investigator January/February 1966 citing press sources.
  • Evaluation: It should be noted that Kinsey was discharged from the service for “unrelated reasons” shortly after this incident.

Winter 1965. 1000hrs.
A couple driving between Beetham and Milnthorpe were forced to stop owning to bad weather. After a few seconds their attention was caught by something like a luminous red dome in a field 25m from their location, its lower part obscured by a dry stone wall. They then saw three slightly luminous small figures standing in front of the wall and approaching them. Two appeared to have their arms outstretched while the third had its arms at its side. The beings had turnip shaped heads and round staring eyes. As the figures got closer, the couple drove away in panic.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a p262, citing an undated issue of Carlisle Sunday News and Star + investigation by David Sankey.
  • Evaluation: Story not told till 1996, and seems to reflect later imagery

December 1965 (approx. date). 0615hrs.
A machinist warrant officer was cycling toward the base when he was knocked down by an unidentified flying object, frightening him. There was no aircraft or helicopter flight in the area and the military investigation ruled out a joke.
  • Ballester 1976 case 39 citing V J Ballester Olmos personal files.

December 1965.
A young wife, qualifying to be a teacher, was told by her husband to prepare for a test. He drove her to a house where she was subjected to strange medical examination on a table. Among the examiners was a tall thin man with a white beard and long nose, who told her to remember his prominent eyebrows. Her husband told her they were going on a visit to the north and she had mental images of various houses, in the last of these her husband snapped his fingers and she found she was back home in Birmingham. Her husband then revealed his secret (human) identity, told her of future events then told her to forget everything. Next day he walked out on her. She only recalled these events in 1978.
  • NUFON News 106 p11, citing investigation by Jenny Randles.
  • Evaluation: False memory, possible mental illness
December 1965. Night.
Michael G Mudachi was sitting in his home near Eastleigh aerodrome, when he saw a point of light, like a star, approaching slowly from the horizon. As it came closer it resolved itself into an elliptical object with transparent windows, which landed vertically. A short time later three humanoid beings wearing what looked like long hats emerged from the craft. They had generally human appearances and seemed to be “a perfect synthesis” of all races. They spoke in an incomprehensible language, but Mudachi understood that they were not hostile and wanted to take his photograph. To get him to agree they first photographed his brother, then another witness. Mudachi now agreed to be photographed and was placed on a platform, where there was an instrument resembling a bird cage. From this instrument there came a white light, like sunlight, and from a red bulb at the centre a sort of powerful ray was emitted, aimed at his chest. It seemed to hit his heart and he found himself coughing and fighting for breath. Suddenly the beings left, without him seeing how. After the incident he fell into a deep dreamless sleep. Since the incident he suffered from hallucinations, depression, loss of appetite and general illness.
  • Fate (UK) September 1967, citing an undated issue of Nairobi Daily Nation.

December 1965. Night.
Daniel Glantz (qv) arranged for a group of people including his wife, UFO researcher Sten Lindgren, Christer Jansson and another man, to meet the aliens. He told them to urinate before they went and not to bring any metal with them. They drove out to Lake Navsjon where they encountered a large metal object on the beach. Daniel, his wife and the anonymous man approached at which a humanoid appeared out of nowhere and signalled at them with a light like a laser, warning them away. They drove away and then stopped to calm down, at which a strange object passed over them, calming them and giving the impression that the thing was searching their brains. The stars seemed to come closer during this experience. Mrs Glantz was so frightened the couple divorced.
  • Anneli Engdtrom in INFO Journal 72 p44.
  • Evaluation: Hoax and psychological

December 3 1965 (approx. date)  Early morning.
Returning home in a jeep, farmer Antonio Lozano saw a very vivid reddish circular light come down in an alfalfa field nearby. Thinking it must be a trespasser, Lozano shone his own light on it. The reddish light revolved once, moved about 200m and then, arriving at the wire fence, rook off and vanished towards the west. The next day Lozano saw that there was a large circular, curved, forked impression in the alfalfa, which was burnt. There was also a burnt circle, 5m diameter at the spot where the luminous circle had been seen.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 12, 12 citing La Gaceta (Tuc) 5 December 1965.

December 9 1965.
Commercial traveller Ian Hann (29) of Montacute was driving on the bath-Stroud road, 6.5km from bath, when he was overtaken by an unlighted vehicle “like a built in land rover with a solid roof”, with no windows on the side or back. It was travelling at over 95kph. Ian switched on his spotlight when the thing had passed; saw that it had no rear lights, reflections or number plates, only two green flashing lights on the roof. Ian gave chase for 3km, at which there was an ear piecing whine, forcing him to cove his ears, and then the strange object stopped and was enveloped in yellow smoke. When the smoke had vanished, the object had disappeared without trace. Ian examined the spot and found himself shaking with fear.
  • FSR 12, 2, p35 citing Western Daily Mail + Evening Post both of 10 December 1965.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a, p271 citing Rogers 1994 + own investigation.
  • Evaluation: Military vehicle?

December 9 1965. Afternoon.
Richard Hoglund (52) a rock blaster, was taking a walk by the frozen Lake Grindhultsjon when his dog started acting up. Altered by a whirring sound Richard looked up to see a translucent disc, 5m diameter, with figures inside, spiralling towards the ground. It hovered just above the ice and a tube descended, from which four beings floated down and approached Richard. There were three men and a woman dressed in transparent overalls, one was older than the others. They had dark, slanted eyes and large pointed ears and the men appeared extremely muscular. Through their transparent suits, Richard could see that they had no body hair. They communicated through gestures and healed his kidneys with an instrument they passed along his back. Richard later became a contactee and became part of some sort of cult.
  • Good 2013 p165 citing Blomqvist 2009.
  • Bord 1991 p135 citing Hakan Blomqvist in AFU Newsletter 27 p9.

December 11 1965, 1305hrs.
Charlie Jones was driving home from Sheridan, south along the Lamong Road on this overcast day, when he saw, below a low patch of fog like cloud, a white light about 20m above the ground, travelling north about 45-60m west of the road. As the light descended through the fog Jones kept watch on it. Soon he saw it was a solid object 2.1-2.4m diameter, with two landing protrusions, and two other protrusions, one on either side. The fuselage of the craft was made of a greenish-brown coarse material. There was a transparent front, and about 1.2-1.5m back from that, the craft began tapering to a point. Midway on the slope was a tripod with a flashing red light. Through the transparent front section Jones could see an occupant. At first he could not see any features but as the object moved away, he saw the profile of a face dominated by a huge eye, which seemed to occupy much of the temple, with a huge elongated brown-bronze eyeball, three times the size of a man’s with a solid brown pupil. The being had a “stern and intelligent” countenance, a wide nose, flared nostrils, protruding lips, jowl shaped large and fleshy jaws, with a great slant from his chin to his forehead and bronze skin. He appeared to be wearing a one piece sturdily textured overall suit, which covered his ears and hair. Jones felt the being was at least 1.8m tall. Before he lost sight of the occupant he noticed that its expression had become apprehensive. The extraordinary nature of the incident only struck him when the object had passed. Jones had had a number of other ufo and psychic experiences.
  • Janet Bord in FSR 18, 3 p20 citing letter from witness and information from Lou Farish.

December 13 1965. Night.
Many people, including police commissioner Regino Jaine, saw a large dazzling, luminous sphere, the colour of which kept varying between blue and orange. Travelling at enormous speed, it passed over so low that it almost touched the ground. The commissioner’s son was blinded and struck dumb for a while as a result of the effect it had on him.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 17 p.iv case 85 citing La Razon + La Cronica both 14 Decemebr 1965.

Late December 1965.
Shortly before Christmas several people saw two cylindrical objects hovering on top of a hill less than 1.5km from town.
  • Judith Magee in FSR 12, 2, p28.

December 20 1965, 2345hrs.
Edward Bruns (15) was driving to his father’s farm in a pick-up truck, when he noticed an object hovering less than 2m above the road, some metres away, 8km west and 3km south of Herman. The disc shaped object covered the road and gave off a bright light, and as Bruns approached the thing, the engine and lights of his truck failed. At this point the object began to emit sparks, the interior began to glow red, and silhouetting a figure moving around inside, and the disc began to take off. As it did so, the truck seemed to rise up with it, though Bruns was too shocked to have any clear recollection. When he recovered his wits he found that the truck, which had been pointing west, was on the south side of the road, pointing north and was stuck in a ditch. Bruns ran home in a state of terror. He returned with his father, who found that the truck was struck in the snow. Next day his parents returned with a reporter, and all three confirmed the absence of tyre marks leading to the ditch. Bruns was so affected by the experience that he had to receive treatment for his heart condition.
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1967 p43.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 12, 6, p12.
  • James McDonald in Science and the UFO p49.

December 29 1965, 0640hrs.
An apparently solid object, the apparent size of an old penny at arm’s length, giving off a reddish-orange light was seen, near Bletchley, sometimes in motion, sometimes stationary. The object descended as if to land, and then moved upwards and away.
  • Paul Wagg citing NICAP (GB) files.