1964 (approx. year) 0100hrs.CHANNOCK CHASE (STAFFORDSHIRE : ENGLAND

) Dennis Bills was walking home to Staley Croft on this overcast night, across Cannock Chase, when his attention was caught by a red light 200m away. He though it was someone using a torch, but when he got within 50m from Cavans Wood he saw something resembling a board illuminated with luminous paint on the edge of the clearing. When he got within about 12m, he saw that the colour was a reflection and was on a circular object 5m diameter, and less than 2m high, with pointed ends. He left the scene and when he got home his father refused to believe him. He returned the spot about a year later and found a ragged 5m diameter circle devoid of plant growth.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a p193 citing investigation by Irene Bott and Graham Allen of Staffordshire UFO Group 1978 + their own investigation 2010.
  • Evaluation: another story told years after the alleged event

1964 (approx. year) Dawn.
Vicento Rodenas, a reliable innkeeper, aged about 55, had gone out into the fields to saw, accompanied by his nephew Miguel and another person. There they saw, above Espes Hill, a dark body the size of a car, which had a light that slowly increased in intensity, and then diminished. When its brightness increased the object rose, and when it stopped the light diminished. The thing rose like that to an altitude of about 100m, where it stopped awhile, and then, emitting green sparks, it turned away to the North. Rodenas was more afraid than he had been in the civil war.

  • Ballester 1976 case 37 citing his own files.

1964 (Approx date) Night.
Becky Andreasson (8) awoke to see a glowing yellow-orange sphere hovering outside her bedroom window. It directed a narrow beam of light at her. She screamed and her mother came up, but the object had gone by the time she arrived. Shortly afterwards Becky began to write pages of strange script.
  • Fowler 1979 p189 citing his own investigation.

1964 (approx. year) Night.
The witness was in bed when (s)he heard a vibrating sound and a round silver object approached his/her face.
  • Cynthia Hind in UFO AfriNews July 1988 p17.

1964 (Approx. year) 2330hrs.
Mrs. June Coton and a friend were driving along the Kings Lynn-Hunstanton road, when they observed a round object, with 7 or 8 lights around it, approach them and come down in a field on their right near side. Terrified, they drove on to the hotel in Sandringham where they alerted several other people and watched the object circle the area every twenty minutes until 0200.
  • Letter from the witness in Shuttlewood 1976 p9.

1964 or following year.
Jack (9 or 10) and his friend Jim were playing in a deserted hilly conservation area about 15km south of Lake Ontario, when a 1.2m tall, bald, creamy skinned humanoid being approached them and asked them to go with it. It had a small nose, slit like mouth, hook where the ears would have been, disproportionally large head, large hypnotic eyes and four fingered hands. It worse shiny, dark blue skin tight suits and boots. They had black insignia on their right shoulders and left lapels. The boys followed the being to a garage, where they were taken into a black Cadillac which drove them (apparently by itself) to a swampy area, where they were taken into a large disc shaped object where they were placed on wheeled cots and given medical examinations. Inside the craft there were two beings shorter than the rest. The boys were then driven back to the garage again and told to forget what happened.
  • Fenwick in MUFON UFO Journal 183 p12.
  • Evaluation: 1982 hypnosis, confabulation, distorted memory, possible hoax.

A 3 year old girl in a cot in a room with her mother woke up to see the room filled with 10-12 people dressed like doctors who were surrounded by a glow of light. They appeared to be female and she felt close to them. She believed they examined her and her mother. She had three other “abduction” experiences later in life.
  • Basterfield 1997 p149 citing Bill Chalker of UFO Research Australia.
  • Evaluation: only recalled at some later date on seeing a magazine, false memory or dream

1964. Night.
Quintin Ramirez de Perez and his sister Zulma saw, on a number of occasions, luminous discs with transparent domes, in which beings could be seen. One night after yelling at these things, asking them what they were, he was in bed when he felt an impulse to go to the lagoon in his jeep, down a back road. As he approached, two human looking beings about 2m tall, with long blond hair, dressed in silvery one piece suits, approached. Afraid, he waved them back, and they walked back into the lagoon.
  • Jorge Martin in Good 1993 p17.

1964. Night.
On three consecutive nights two people saw a disc shaped object close to or on the ground. A dark circular area, in which there was increased radioactivity, was found at the site.
  • Awareness 2, 1, p5 citing investigation by Contact UK Bristol Branch.
  • Evaluation: a sighting three nights running strongly suggests astronomical object low on the horizon. Ring and radioactivity pure coincidence?

1964. Night.
(OHIO  :  USA)
At an undisclosed rural location Lew Lister and his 18 year old fiancĂ©e (later wife) were sat in the car when a 1.8m tall upright walking creature, covered with sandy fur and with a pointed head, porcine ears and nose and “hypnotic” luminous eyes bounded towards them, going right through the barbed wire fence. The thing reared up at the car, then seemed to transform into a quadruped, which then just disappeared.
  • Rogo and Clark 1979 p175 citing Leonard Springfield.

Early January 1964/
A retired psychiatrist and acupuncturist was making meteorological observations, when he heard strange voices. Going up a slope he encountered a strange object close to or on the ground. It was a Saturn shaped thing, with a domed top, a sort of bowl shaped underside, with a central, very thin, bluish metallic rim. The object was so close that he was able to touch it several times, feeling only a tingling on each occasion. The upper part of the central sphere was transparent, inside of which could be seen a sort of polished metallic tube. After a while he heard a humming sound and an opening appeared in the rim, from which a light, first bright and then blinding was given out from this tube. By the time he felt able to open his eyes, the object was taking off at high speed.
  • Adolf Schneider in UPIAR Research in Progress 1, 2 p17 citing J E Fumoux in LDLN 202 p16.

January 9 1964, 2230hrs.
Several customers on the verandah of a cliff top restaurant near Santa Eufemia noticed groups of mysterious glowing objects scattered over the sea. Some fishermen tried to approach these “luminous dolphins”, which were 300m offshore, but as they approached they realized that these were metallic torpedoes, 3-4m long, with three antennae, 1m long, on their bodies. When one of the men struck one of these “torpedoes” with an oar he received a powerful electric shock, which caused them to row back in panic.
  • Maurizio Verga’s ITYACAT citing Il Mesaggero 10 January 1964.
  • Roberto Pinotti in Flying Saucers January 1966 p62.

February 3 1964, 0230hrs.
A farmer’s wife suddenly awoke on this hot night and noticed that her bedroom was brilliantly illuminated by a dazzling light which threw the outside area into sharp relief. She did not see anything at first, but suddenly, as if a cinema screen had descended, she saw a normal human figure 1.6m tall holding a black box about 45 cm square which he was pointing towards a garden near the house. He pointed it at a couple of plants and at the witness, and on each occasion there was a buzz and a click. After he had pointed it at the witness, he took the box away from his face. She now saw that he wore a black balaclava like helmet, blue-green overalls, a brown open jacket with 3 large buttons down the front, elbow length black gauntlets on his hands, and a cord which ran from his helmet to his left shoulder. He appeared to have a red face with a large nose. The woman now became uneasy and went back to bed to watch from there. She heard 3 definite footsteps on the concrete verandah coming nearer, and on the bed appeared a ring of silver light. She tried to speak to the man but could not get the words out. The man and the light had by now vanished and the woman fell asleep. The incident was part of a complex contactee nexus.
  • Basterfield 1980 and Basterfield 1981 and Basterfield 1997 p150 citing first hand investigations by Colin Mccarthy and Colin Norris, and by John Burford, Keith Basterfield and Bill Chalker.

February 19 1964.
The witness of the Feb 3 incident observed an unidentified object approach and hover near her house. Through the window she saw the thing at very close range. It made a ticking sound when it hovered. The object was of an odd shape and an occupant was visible standing near what looked like a wooden railing. The object, which had a transparent domed top, and emitted a “lovely” glow, eventually took off into the sky.
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976 citing investigation by Basterfield, Chalker and Burford.

February 19 1964, 0100hrs.
John Hoban (21) and his wife Donna (19) saw several times this early morning, a luminous globe in their bedroom. On the first occasion Donna awoke with a sense of presence and saw the globe right in front of her face. Where there was just one doorway from the room to the verandah Donna now saw three. She awoke John, who also saw the light.
  • APRO Bulletin March 1964 p5 citing an undated issue of Auckland Evening Post.

February 20 1964, 1815hrs.
A grazer was driving near Tilly Swamp 80km north of Kingston, when he heard a noise similar to a high pitched generator and looked out of his right hand side to see a great shadow, apparently hung from a chord, silvery, about 60m wide, pacing his car. After a couple of seconds it took off at tremendous speed.
  • BUFORA Journal 1, 1, p10 citing Adelaide Advertiser 22 February 1964.
  • Hervey 1969, p143.
  • Basterfield 1978 citing Australian FSR 8, 9, gives the date as March 13.

February 25 1964. Early morning.
Juan H Botta was driving his car when he saw two intensely luminous tilted discs that remained stationary in the sky for an hour, after which one of them disappeared towards the north and the other landed in a field nearby. Juan was unable to approach as a large stretch of water separated it from the road.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 12, 2, p24.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 12, p11, case 54 citing FSR op cit + CODOVNI Bulletin 1964.
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p126 + Banchs 1976, p23.

February 29 1964, 1400hrs.
A schoolboy, David Mathlin (aged about 7) was setting out to visit a friend and had just opened the gate when he heard a sound from a vacant lot across the road, and saw an object about 7.5 m diameter, 4.5-6m high. It was oval shaped with a dome. The dome was of a silvery grey colour, topped by a spinning ball. An opening appeared and a human figure 2.1-2.4m tall appeared. He was dressed in black tights, a purplish shirt and coat, a skull cap, black gloves and black metallic high heeled boots. Around his waist was a thick dark belt, with a buckle 35 cm by 35 cm. He had a coppery red face and a large nose. A second figure was visible inside the object. David ran to fetch a friend Kim Jenson (10) but when they returned the object was taking off to the north. The observation lasted three minutes. Investigators cast some doubt on this story and some published versions are exaggerated.
  • Basterfield 1981 + 1997 p 150 citing ACOS Bulletin 11, p14, and first hand investigations by UFOR (SA) 8 March 1964 and himself.

Spring 1964. 0130hrs.
Mrs. Lainchbury was awakened by a whirring sound and an orange light flooding into her bedroom. Going to the window, she saw a sphere of orange light floating across the sky, approaching her window, then moving away over neighboring houses, growing brighter, then exploding into fragments. Some minutes later she heard a noise like the chattering of angry or frightened voices. The next morning she found the window frame, door and drainpipe near to where the sphere had been were burnt, the drainpipe was also broken.. later these areas were found to be unpaintable, the paint falling in lumps.
  • Jenny Randles in NUFON News 25, p7, and FSR 22, 3, p27, citing her own investigation.

April 1964
Mr. and Mrs. L observed the landing of a top shaped object within 100m or so of their mountainside home on numerous occasions starting in April. The object was first seen by Mrs. L, then her husband and daughter Mrs. C S. It was top shaped, the size of a house, and its circumference was surrounded by rows of fluorescent lights ranging from bright to dim. On one occasion Mrs. L and C were awoken to see a strange beam of light 7.5cm diameter pointing at their foot. When they rose, the light followed them around the room. On another occasion the lights of the object dimmed as an aircraft passed overhead, and on yet another occasion they saw it take off to join four others in the sky. The presence of the object was signaled by a panic among the animals, the spontaneous lighting of the oil furnace and the cessation of normal sound. Since the visitations began the game left the area, the house was plagued by poltergeist activity, local TV reception developed interference and their grandson K S (31/2) claimed to meet a spaceman with an unpronounceable name in the barn, unaccountably disappearing and appearing hours later, “visiting the spaceman”, these incidents being accompanied by the same indications as the appearance of the object.
  • The Searchlight 1, 9, p2, citing Missoulian Sentinel 25 July 1964.
  • Charles Maney in FSR 10, 6, p27, citing Mrs. McElhatten, perhaps in turn citing the same newspaper.

April 1964. 2105hrs.
Student Anthony Gregson and a friend were walking across the Victoria Golf Course when they saw, about 1km away, a figure like that of a a luminous grey woman that seemed to glide along the ground. The figure then stopped, as if looking out to sea.
  • Colombo 2000 p172.

April 3 1964, 2100hrs.
A graduate student of anthropology at the University of Wisconsin, Mr. Rossing, his wife, mother in law and 12 year old sister in law, were driving west on county highway C towards Argyle, 1.6km out of Monticello on this dark night, when they saw two red flashing lights at 11 o clock. They realized that were too far above ground level to be a police car, and as these lights came closer, they feared that they were in the path of a crashing airliner. They stopped and rolled down the windows, as the girl lay on the floor in terror. The thing now came closer, slowing and hovering alongside the car, about 100m to the left of the road. It was composed of four red lights, more or less making the vertices of a rectangle, one white light in front of the others at closest approach, and a large number of minor lights. This gave the object the appearance of a sort of flying Christmas tree, and the geometric regularity of the lights suggested that they were on a solid body. At this closest approach the thing was behind the telephone poles and wires, subtended an angle of 30 degrees and was so large that the lights were both above and below the wires, thought it might just have fitted into the space between the poles. The object then passed to the rear, at which time the anthropologist turned the car around, to see the lights disappearing in the distance. Though he pursued it at speeds of up to 80kph, the lights moved rapidly away in the direction of Monticello. The event lasted in the region of 10 minutes, the thing appeared to show an intelligent interest in the car, and displayed green lights at time.
  • Olsen 1966, p 3-88, citing Blue Book Files.
  • Vallee 1967, p31.
  • UFO Chronology citing FUFOR files.

April 11 1964, 2045hrs.
Robert Hall was driving his double decker bus over a bridge on the River Lea, when a silvery cylindrical object, 2.7m long, flew past his bus at upper deck level, hit some telephone wires and fell into the river. As the thing passed it made a loud sizzling noise, passing above and to the right of the bus. The telephone wires were downed at the spot and later a scar was found on the embankment. Police investigated the incident but claimed searches were fruitless.

  • Geoffrey Doel and Mr. Harper in BUFORA Journal 1,1, p8 citing their own investigation.
  • Janet Bord in FSR 17, 5 p30.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a, p176, citing Geoffrey Doel.

April 12 1964 (approx. date) 0615hrs.
Mr. E Neal was looking through his bedroom window before dawn, when a strange fiery metallic sphere, about the size of a B59, surrounded by a bright shimmering halo, and having a nose cone on which there was a brighter patch, flew very low directly over the house. Neal could see neither wings nor surface features. As he was not dressed he was unable to go out and follow it.
  • Hervey 1976 p104.
  • Evaluation: bolide?

April 22 1964, 2100hrs.
Mrs. Marie Morrow her 6 year old son and her friend Ruth Overlette were driving west, when 15-25km east of Lordsbury, when the boy alerted them to what he thought was a jet aircraft approaching from behind. Shortly afterwards, the car and the entire surroundings were illuminated by a bluish light, which lit everything up as bright as day. Marie braked and swerved to the right. She saw that the light was a large circle, as bright as a welder’s torch, composed of many lenticular lights, and that it appeared to be only 3m above the car, and quite a bit wider than that. It gave off a whirring sound as it continued down the highway, veered north and disappeared out of sight. The observation lasted two or three minutes.
  • APRO Bulletin May 4, 1964 p10.
  • Evaluation: bolide or low flying military aircraft?

April 23 1964, 1930HRS.
Mrs. Ivah Frederick observed a landed disc with a dome revolving clockwise and humming for about 15 minutes, 100m away. A sort of “central landing shaft” was visible and a human figure 90cm-1.2m tall was seen. The object ascended vertically. A 90cm circular imprint and footprints 10-20 cm long with 4 toes were found.
  • Phillips 1975 case 681, citing NICAP.

April 24 1964, 1000HRS.
Garry T Wilcox (28) a self-employed dairy farmer was spreading manure on a field to the east of his Davis Welles Road house, when he glanced up and saw a shiny object. It was on top of a nearby hill on the inside edge of some woods about 700m away He drove his tractor and spreader to within 90m of the spot, then approached on foot. He then saw that the object was off the ground. It seemed longer than a car, about 6m long, 45-5m wide and 1.2m high. It was egg shaped and aluminium coloured and smooth, with no rivets or similar. As he turned round and kicked the object, two small men about 1.2m tall came from under it. They were carrying metallic trays about 30 cm square, in which were what appeared to be sods of earth and plant debris. The 2 men, wearing white metallic one piece suits, with no faces visible, and appearing to be unusually broad, walked towards him. One of the beings spoke “in a voice which was not a voice”. Wilcox found he could understand the being even though he did not know if he spoke in English. This voice just seemed to come from the beings’ general direction. The being told him not be afraid, that they had spoken to people on earth before and claimed to be from Mars, and questioned Wilcox about the fertilizer, asking for samples. It went on to warn about the dangers of space flight and of an upcoming cosmic catastrophe. Ducking, they then reentered the object, which hovered while making a sound “like an engine ticking over”, then glided away, disappearing when 45m distant. W later left a bag of fertilizer for the beings, and found it gone next morning. The only trace left behind by the machine was some red dust.

April 24 1964, 1745hrs.
Patrolman Lonnie Zamora (31) was chasing a speeding motorist down Old Rodeo Street, when his attention was caught by an “explosion of flame” or possibly just an explosion to the SE about 2.5km away. Fearing that some youths had caused an explosion in a dynamite shack, he broke off pursuit to investigate. He climbed his car up a gravel roaded hill with difficulty, looking for the shack, when he saw a shiny object 250m away to the south, which he suspected was a car overturned by children. He then saw it was vertical egg shaped metallic looking object, with two figures in white coveralls stood nearby. As Z approach one of the figures turned round. When he got within 30m Z got out to investigate, but as he did so he heard a loud noise rising in frequency, then saw flame under the object which started to rise vertically. As the object rose he noticed an insignia on the side. Fearing an explosion, he started to run, losing his glasses as he tripped over a car fender. When he next looked, the object was ascending in a slight SSW direction. When level with the car the flame shut out and the object continued with its shallow ascent, skimming the shack at 3m altitude. As the object ascended Z picked himself up from where he had ducked and returned to his patrol car to raise the alarm, while still viewing the object retreating into the distance. Sgt Samuel Chavez who came to the scene noted Z’s terror, but was sceptical until he investigated where 4 impressions as of a landing gear and burned soil and vegetation were to be found. Z said that when he first saw the object he heard two bangs which could have been the occupants re-entering it

  • Olsen 1967 3-92 Steiger 1976 105 + Mallan 1968 + Machlin 1979 p29, 100 all citing Blue Book files and investigation by Hynek.
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  • Fawcett and Greenwood 1984 p139 citing CIA file.
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  • Hall 2001, p177.
  • Randle 2014, p188 citing Blue Book files.
  • Evaluation: Explanations for this story seem to devolve to two alternatives, some sort of prototype lunar lander and/or military device, or a hot air balloon. There have been persistent rumours that this was a hoax by college students, but real evidence for this has never come up.

April 24 1964, 1700hrs.
Paul Kries and Larry Kratzer were driving back to Dubuque, Iowa, on Hw 60, when, about 1.5km SW of Socorro their attention was caught by a cloud of dust and black smoke 1-1.5km away. Paul only saw a momentary reflection of light, but Larry, who was driving, saw an oval object with a row of darker portholes along the side. It had a red “Z” marking on its right hand side. The thing climbed vertically out of the smoke, leveled off and moved off to the SW.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 131, p14 citing Ralph DeGraw and Patrick Crowley in UFO Examiner 2, 3, citing their own investigation.

Last week in April 1964. 0330hrs.
A very respectable farm couple observed a pulsating green object on the ground. Farm animals were frightened.
  • Flying Saucers 65, p25 citing Kenneth Arnold in NJAAP Bulletin 11, 4.

April 26 1964, 0100hrs.
Orlando Gallegos of Espanola, visiting his father, went outside to chase some horses out of the yard. His attention was caught by s bluish glow about 60m from the house. He walked towards it, saw that it was shaped like a butane tank the length of a telephone pole and was siting on the ground between the park cum dump and the Petaca-La Madera dirt road. It was 4m long and wads projecting blue flames from openings ion the sides of its bottom. Gallegos went back inside to tell his family, but they ridiculed him and when he went outside again, the object had gone. Investigating Police Captain Martin Vigil and two of his patrolmen found the site hot and smoking, with traces of fused glass, four indentations 20 x 30cm and other traces in a scorched circle 10.5-12m diameter, despite the passage of 20 hours.
  • Lorenzen 1966, p222 citing Lorenzens’ own investigation
  • Flying Saucers June 1965, p9 citing NJAAP citing Albuquerque Journal + Los Angles Herald-Examiner both 28 April 1964.

April 27 1964. Late afternoon.
Eightchildren, including 12 year old Kathy Roane, saw, from their school window, an egg shaped object 1.3m tall,, covered with something resembling a sheet, floating above their school ground. A search revealed nothing.
  • Flying Saucers July 1965, p10 citing NJAAP, citing El Paso Herald Post 28 April 1964.

April 27 1964. Night.
A man who wished to remain anonymous through fear of ridicule reported that a big ball of red flames has landed near New Mexico.
  • ibid citing Los Angles Herald-Examiner 28 April 1964.

April 28 1964. Morning.
Numerous witnesses, including policeman Raul Artoche saw a reddish round object hover at low level (sic) and then take off very rapidly towards the west.
  • Vallee Case 599 cites UFO Investigator July/Aug 1964 (p7) but the original makes no reference to low altitude.

April 28 1964, 0005hrs.
Don Adams (22) of Edgewood was watching television when he was disturbed by the incessant barking of dogs and went out to investigate. Going towards his barn he saw a green object about 8m long hovering over a field. He then got in his truck and drove along Rte. 66 towards Moriarty. As he drove under the oblong object, which was hovering at 30m altitude, his engine stalled. He got out and fired six .22 shots at the thing with his pistol, the shot hitting with a metallic sound. He fired again as the thing descended towards him and pursued him. After about 100m the object veered away to the north and vanished. The dogs barked throughout the incident.
  • UFO Investigator July/August 1964, p7.
  • APRO Bulletin September 1964, p3.
  • Flying Saucers July 1965, p10 citing NJAAP citing Los Angeles Herald-Examiner + Albuquerque + El Paso Herald-Post all 28 April 1964.

April 29 1964, 2130hrs.
Linda Davis (11) looked out of her bedroom window and saw a glowing object resting on the slope. This object was seen to land by a group of children at the Harold Rust house (Peter Rust(13), Diane (15) and Linda (16) Flittner, and Tom Davis (15). As the children went to investigate the object disappeared in a flash about 38 from the rear of the Davis home. Searches revealed 4 holes in an area 1.2m in diameter, along with scorched vegetation.
  • APRO Bulletin July 1964, p1. This source is quoted also in Lorenzen 1968 p105 and Lorenzen 1966 p223 which also cites Chicago Tribune 5 May 1964.
  • Flying Saucers July 1965 citing NJAAP citing St Helena Independent Record 30 April 1964 + Arkansas Gazette 6 May 1964 + NICAP Special Bulletin 8 June 1964.Hall 2001 p261.
  • Evaluation: the USAF investigators concluded this was a hoax by the children, the Lorenzens disputed this.

April 30 1964.
The pilot of a B57 reported that a white egg shaped object, with markings which resembled those seen by Zamora, maneuvered low and landed on the range extension between Socorro and Albuquerque
  • APRO Bulletin July 1964, p1 reproduced/cited in among others FSR 11, 1, p3 + Fate (UK) December 1964 + Lorenzen 1966 p225 + Coral Lorenzen in Fate 1965 p140.
  • Evaluation: this appears to be little more than an unverified rumour.

April 30 1964.
Mrs. Gloria Biggs, her husband, and mother, Mrs. Lorene Ayres, all of Fontana, were driving to Las Vegas, when, about 15km west of Baker, they saw an object on a hillside just off US 91. At first they thought it was a water tower, then saw it was a smooth brownish domed object, the like of which they had not seen before. They had the object in view for 5-6 minutes as they drove along. The thing disappeared while they looked away for a moment. A large depression was found on the ground.
  • FSR 10, 5, p21, citing Salt Lake Tribune 30 April 1964.
  • Flying Saucers, June 1965, p14 citing NICAP, citing Salt Lake Tribune 1 May 1964. It isn’t clear which of these dates are correct.

April 30 1964, 1400hrs.
Two nine year old boys observed, for a period of 30 minutes, an object on or close to the ground in the vicinity of Butler Elementary School. It was larger than the car which drove into its general vicinity.
  • Flying Saucers, June 1965, p16 citing NJAAP citing NICAP Special Bulletin 8, June 1964.
  • Evaluation: the school principle thought the children had made up the story.

May 1964 (approx. date)
A metallic grey saucer shaped object, 30m in diameter, with three sliding doors on the outer surface landed on a moor.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a, p178 citing Richard Farrow.

May 1964 (Approx. date)
A glowing object, 6m in diameter, with several lights on its underside was seen to land and then take off again by at least six people
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a, p178 citing Torbay Astro Research Society.

May 1964 0630

The driver of a lorry parked in a lay-by was awakened by a strange noise, and opened his cab window to see a large domed disc descending into a field 60m away. It had large square windows which went around the circumference. After a short while a sort of ramp was let down, revealing an opening. A figure then appeared at this opening and shouted at someone inside. Then a total of 36 similar figures filed down the ramp and formed up in three separate ranks. They all appeared to be fair skinned, dressed in olive green tunics with hoods and black boots. They carried outsize torches which gave off green beams, and spread out to search the fields. The terrified driver tried to start his vehicle but the engine was dead, so he dived out of the far end and hid among some trees. From there he saw the figures examine his lorry before returning to their craft, which took off with a loud droning noise and slowly moved away. After it had left, the witness examined the site and found an area of flattened grass 25m diameter. The lorry engine now worked perfectly.
  • D. N. Mansell in Awareness 8,1, p9.

May 1 1964 (Approx. date) 2030hrs.
A large object with a rotating orange light on its dome, was observed landing and taking off.
  • Flying Saucers June 1965 citing NJAAP citing NICAP Special Bulletin 8 June 1964.

May 1 1964, 1730hrs.
As Russ Quintana, custodian Lonzini Meter Company was sitting in his car at the main street railway crossing, waiting for a train to pass, he observed to his north, a huge, white, very shiny object, with what looked like a hook on the bottom, descending from the west, as if to land on the hill facing Hill School. He then lost track of the thing as trees obscured his view. The next day he found a V shaped hole in the ground.
  • Flying Saucers June 1965, p15 citing NJAAP citing Walsenburg World Independent 7 May 1964.
  • Evaluation: balloon?

May 5 1964, 0630hrs.
Near Comstock, farmer Alfred Ernst saw an oval object take off from a field and rise quickly into the overcast. A depression and imprints were found at the site. The witness was regarded as reliable.
  • Flying Saucers June 1965 p 15 citing NJAAP citing NICAP Special Bulletin 8, June 1964.

May 9 1964, 1100hrs.
Three young children were playing in a field west of Route 532 when they saw a disc shaped object with a silver dome come down from the south and land in the east part of the field, where it inclined downwards. The thing seemed to larger and then smaller. It landed 135m and appeared to be 2.7m in diameter.
  • Flying Saucers June 1965. p17 citing NJAAP citing A E Candusso in FSIC Bulletin June 1964.

May 9 1964 (approx date) Night.
While driving through a wooded area in his truck, Albert Kalbermatter encountered a gigantic creature 2.7m tall, with long black hair and some human features. The creature uttered a loud cry, and Kalbermatter accelerated nearly knocking it down. A day or two earlier he had seen an enormous luminous object which seemed to be lodged among the branches of the trees in the heavily wooded area he was driving through.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 12, 2, p26 citing La Razon 10 May 1964.
  • Australia FSR 9.
  • Heiden citing Ribera 1968, p28.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 15, p11, case 55 citing above + La Gaceta 11 May 1964.

May 10 1964, 2130hrs.
Businessman Maxmino Dughetti was driving his van along the Patquia-La Rioja highway, accompanied by his son and his nephew, when, at a point almost 20km from La Rioja, the engine stopped and the lights went out. From a coppice nearby came a dazzling beam of bluish-white light. This light then went out, and the three were then able to see an object shaped like an inverted dish, 15m diameter, with a cupola on the upper part. This object was slowly rising into the air and producing a soft hum. It crossed over the road, diagonally, at a height of no more than 10m, 20m from their van, and moved off towards the Sierra de Mogote Colorado range. The engine and lights of the van then came on again. The next day a circular area of burnt vegetation, 10m diameter, was found in a clearing in the coppice.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 12, p11, case 57, citing El Surene 12 July 1965 + Review 2001, 18, p25.

May 13 1964. Night.
A schoolteacher, who wished to remain anonymous, saw an object shaped like a banana, flattened and thin, emitting fire from its underside, and with two white lights, which came to ground level or landed, and then took off again in a red haze, at high speed,
  • Flying Saucers June 1965, p17 citing NJAAP citing Rio Vista River News Herald 20 May 1964.

May 13 1964, 2215hrs.
Mrs. McKarley, the wife of a high school trustee, was driving with her son Bruce when they observed a light near the ground. It slowly rose, took on a spherical shape and approached to within 400m of their car. As thing paced the car, imitating its movements, Mrs. McKarley saw that there were two objects, the second, much smaller one, on top of the first. She picked up her other two sons, Alan and Brent and attempted to approach the object. It avoided her over an hour, again imitating the movements of the car, before vanishing over the horizon in the vicinity of the high school. The secondary object was visible for some time afterwards.
  • Flying Saucers June 1965, p17 citing NJAAP citingRio Vista River News Herald 20 May 1964. 

May 14 1964. Night.
High court official Tomas Victor Oliver and his son were driving back to Salta in a chauffeur driver hire car when, near the town, they saw a large greenish light beside the road. At first they thought it was a new illuminated advertisement, but on getting nearer saw that it was a flat disc shaped object about 10m wide at 8m altitude. Alarmed, they put on speed, while the thing rose rapidly into the air and was out of sight in a matter of seconds.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 12,2, p25 citing El Tribune (Salta) 25 May 1964.
  • Australian FSR, 9, p31.

May 14 1964. Night

Ismir Bey and his wife were driving along a road adjacent to a railway line, when they saw a spinning disk, the size of a house, in the sky. It seemed to plummet to the ground where it burst into flames. From it emerged a huge hairy creature which attacked Bey, flinging him toward the railway track before running off into the woods
  • Steiger 1978 p100, citing Canadian UFO Report, 12,6.

May 15 1964.
School teacher Paul Minette of Winifred was driving from there to Lewiston, with Mrs. Helstad and her three children when, just north of Lewiston, they saw a circular object, resembling a large car with bright headlamps, in the sky, moving g with an undulating motion towards the Judith Mountains. Sometime later it was seen as a glow on the horizon near Milger, and then finally, about 10km south of Winifred, it came within 30m of the ground, looming very large and giving off an orange red glow. The thing maneuvered over Winifred before disappearing.
  • Flying Saucers, June 1965, citing NJAAP, citing Lewiston Daily News 16 May 1964.

May 15 1964, 2350hrs.
On interstate 90, 11km southwest of Ashtabula, two truck drivers and a motorist (Bill Mitchell) saw a shiny object resting among a clump of bushes by the side of the road. As they went to investigate, the object, which was the size of a trailer truck, began to glow a deep orange and slowly rose to 120m altitude. After hovering for a moment it shot off out of sight. There were said to be other witnesses. The Ohio State Patrol found the area to be giving off 500 millirontegens of radioactivity and they felt the witnesses were sincere.
  • Flying Saucers June 1965 citing NJAAP citing FSIC Bulletin June 1964 + Newton Square County Leader 14 May 1964 an unidentified town and date News-Leader.

May 16 1964. Early morning.
A man who wished to remain anonymous reported seeing an object on a tripod pakred in a picnic area near Erie.
  • Flying Saucers, June 1965 citing NJAAP citing Erie Times 18 May 1964.

May 17 1964. Evening.
Mrs. Margaret McCutcheon and her son Robert Hirst (13) saw a disc or wedge shaped object, about 5m long, with two aerials and a flashing light hovering 5m above the rooftops at the end of a garden. The thing took off over nearby houses. Trees and bushes in the back garden were found to be burnt.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a, p179 citing Parkinson 1972 + Daily Express 8 May 1966 + own investigation.

May 17 1964, 2125hrs.
A huge pink-orange luminous sphere was seen hovering over the fire house, from a home to the west by two women and three teenage girls. The thing moved in a jerky fashion and passed over the house at 30m altitude, turning from deep orange to white and making a whirring sound. It then descended rapidly, appearing to land in an artificial lake. Two 6 year old boys independently reported this and claimed to see a sort of net hanging from the object. After 10 minutes a white light ascended and moved rapidly away to the west, blinking white and orange. During this performance the fire station staff complained of heat and the main transmitter overheated. Several other witnesses saw a strange object maneuvering in the area, including Mr. and Mrs. R J Meyers, Marvin Veigel, his wife and 14 year old son, and her Ben Frye. A high radioactivity reading was found near the North West shore of the lake. Police radio was said to have suffered interference.
  • Flying Saucers June 1965 citing NJAAP citing FSIC Bulletin June 1964
  • Vallee Case 605 citing Akron UFO Research Society.

May 18 1964, 0710hrs.
A 10 year old farmer’s son, Michael B, who had never been allowed to read science fiction, went to put the cow into the field and was surprised by the unusual nervousness of the animal and its reluctance to leave the barn. When they reached the barn door, Michael saw a bright silver object less than 60m away, in the wheat field., It was square, metallic and the apparent size of the kitchen table, about 1.2m high, with a cone in the front and was standing on four shiny legs. The thing then began to take off, making a beeping noise, slowly until it reached telephone pole height at which it rocketed away. Michael ran back in terror as was described as “white as a sheet”. At 0800 Mrs. B and a neighbor, carpenter Ray Morntensen went to investigate and found that the wheat was flattened as if by a huge wind, in a circle, in the centre of which was an inner circle about 90cm diameter where the wheat was evenly flattened. Outside this inner circle were four plate sized marks, three of which were very clear. The case was investigated by Air Force Ltn Frank Rezak who testified to the boy’s sincerity.
  • Flying Saucers June 1965 citing NJAAP citing Canby Herald + Portland Reporter both 21 May 1964.#
  • Cramp 1966, p270.
  • Steiger and Whritenour 1967, p111.
  • Vallee Case 606 citing UFO Investigator June 1964.

May 22 1964, 0900hrs.
High school cafeteria employees observed the landing and take off of a round object emitting four beams of light. Grass was found flattened at the spot.
  • Flying Saucers June 1965 citing NJAAP citing NICAP Special Bulletin 8, June 1964.

May 24 1964, 2100hrs.
Two people were out driving near Millinocket Lake when they saw a fiery sphere, 75cm diameter, appear on the side of the road. After about 5 minutes they got out of the car for a better look, but became afraid and returned to the car, which could not be restarted. The fire ball seemed to follow them back to the car, with a bouncing motion, and came within 1.5m of it, before moving off. It flew off with a “flowing motion”.

May 26 1964, 1630.
John G (13) saw a disc shaped object over Michigan Avenue Bridge, travelling about 15m above the treetops. The object turned along the side, appeared flat and round, was noiseless and left no vapour trail. It flared up at one point. It travelled smoothly but John was unable to assess its size or speed,
  • Flying Saucers June 1965, citing NJAAP citing Lansing State Journal 27 May 1964.

June 1964.
Mr. E. Neald was standing in his driveway, looking across the park at the clouds, when he saw a mottled white brown object, the apparent size of a tennis ball, moving at about 6.5-8kph, about 2m above the rooftops over McKinley Street. It had no lights and made no sound.
  • Hervey 1976, p104.

June 2 1964. 1600hrs.
Charles Keith Davis (8) was standing outside his grandmother’s laundry when his grandmother, Mrs. Frank Smith, saw an elongated, top shaped, metallic object sweep down out of the sky, hover over the boy, giving off fire and smoke. Charles stood with his eyes tight shut until the object rose quickly away with a whooshing sound and disappeared. The boy’s face was swollen and covered with a sooty deposit. Hospital examination showed he ahd second degree burns but had felt no pain until the wounds began to heal. Samples were taken from the boy’s shirt and Mrs. Smith’s apron, but no analysis was revealed.
  • Loftin 1968, p83 + Lorenzen 1966, p226 + Lorenzen 1969, p194; all referring APRO Bulletin November 1964 p1.

June 2 1964, 1730hrs.
David Wilson (14) was passing Lam Lane Farm, on the way to get some straw for his rabbits, when he saw about 10 small figures which he thought were small children standing about 20m from a haystack. As David got within 30m of the scene he saw 5 or 6 similar beings on the haystack. They stood 60-75cm tall, dressed in green suits, with hands which resembled lighted electric light bulbs. They were rummaging through the hay as if searching for something. Other children in the area also claimed to have seen the beings, and a young girl saw a circular silvery object take off from the ground.
  • Clark and Coleman The Unidentified p24.
  • Vallee case 609 citing Flying Saucers December 1964 citing an undated issue of Tyneside Ufo Society Orbit.
  • FSR 10, 5, p18 citing Newcastle Upon Tyne Journal 9 June 1964
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a,  p180 citing investigation by Harry Lord.

June 3 1964, 2200hrs.
An importer from Tucson was returning from a trip to Wyoming along Black Canyon Highway when, near the Verde Road crossing. Je spotted a dirigible shaped object hovering above the ground in a canyon to his right. The object, which was clearly silhouetted against the hills, was surrounded by a cold blue glow. As the importer approached, it turning a curve to his right, he caught the thing in his headlights. It then rose vertically and disappeared to the south west. The observation lasted 15 minutes.
  • APRO Bulletin July/Aug 1965, p5, citing investigation by APRO Tucson.

June 5 1964, 0300hrs.
Marlene A Ventura, a laboratory technician, and Donald Kupchick Jnr, a landscaper, were parked outside her residence, when their attention was caught when her backyard was lit up by a light that came from a luminous sphere making a slow descent at 45 degrees. Its dull red, transparent circular centre was surrounded by an orange and a yellow ring. It was followed by 10 much smaller objects. They all came very low, clearly the 3.5-4.5m tall shrubbery and moved across her drive at 1.5-1.8m altitude, some 15-16m away. The objects briefly hovered, their lights increasing in brilliance, revealing a fourth, yellow-gold ring around the main object. They estimated that this object was 3m in diameter. The small objects were rectangular with translucent red domes, and appeared to be about 60cm long and appeared to be divided into three identical pyramid shaped sections. Then from the lower edge of the main object projected “fingers” of bluish white light, with sparkling tips. These were perhaps 2m across. The area was by this time illuminated by an intense light that highlighted the grass and portions of the house wall, giving colours a negative look to them. There was then an intense flash, which did not however dazzle the couple, and the things had vanished. No traces could be found.
  • APRO Bulletin November 1964, p2,6.

June 5 1964, 0400hrs.
A Buenos Aires doctor, aged 42 and his wife were driving from Cordoba to Rio Ceballes to visit a friend, when at a place some 30km from Pajas Blancas airport, they saw something flying rapidly towards them. They first thought it was an incoming airliner. They object then disappeared. Shortly after this a bright light appeared on the road in front of them, which they thought was caused by the headlights of an approaching vehicle. The doctor flashed for the oncomer to dip his lights, but it remained undimmed. The unknown vehicle now halted within 1m of the car, its bright light fading to violet, so they were able to see it was on an elongated machine. The wife became nervous and they stayed in the car for some 20 minutes, during which time the car could not be restarted. As the doctor, armed with his revolver, got out to investigate, a stranger approached and asked what the matter was in Spanish. The doctor replied that the engine could not be restarted, whereupon the stranger suggested they try again. This time the engine did start, and the doctor put his lights on to reveal the complete strangeness of the craft in front of them. The stranger now smiled at them and told them not to be afraid, for he was a terrestrial with a mission on earth, and gave them his name. He then rejoined two other beings, dressed all in gray, who were waiting for him. The trio then reentered the machine, which took off swiftly, leaving a violet coloured trail
  • Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966, p39, and FSR 12, 2, p25 both citing Cordoba 29 Nov 1964.

June 7 1964, 2130hrs.
As they were driving home from Salta in a van, Vicente R Pellicer, Dr Juan Medrane and engineer Luis Cervine twice observed the passage at a low altitude of rectangular reddish orange object, with a pentagonal appendage below. The upper part of the thing had black stripes across it, from the extremities of which, smoke or vapour was seemed to be coming. Two large vanes were rotating around the thing in a clockwise direction. The object was some 6m wide, 5m thick and it was travelling along just a few metres above the road. At one point it crossed the road and as it passed over, a small reddish rectangular light, lying stationary on the road (and which the trio had thought was a warning light left by a lorry driver). It seemed to above the latter for it suddenly vanished.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 17, iv, case 59 + Gordon Creighton in FSR 12, 3, p35, citing La Cronica + La Gaceta both 14 June 1964
  • Banchs 1976 citing Uriondo 1965, p128.

June 7 1954. Night.
Two boys searching for cows in a deserted pasture observed three objects, one of which appeared to be in difficulty. The things emitted a shrill sound. The next night the lads returned with Sheriff K C Brinkerhoff, publisher Harvey Ralise and two other men. They saw an ill-defined object in the field and turned their spotlight on it. When they did so, a green light came from the object, filling the sheriff’s car. They estimated that this light was 10-15 times more powerful than an aircraft landing spotlight. The object had been travelling across the muddy ground, which was on the nearby road, at up to 95kph. When the thing switched its light off the witnesses left the area.
  • FSR 10, 5  p22 citing Sheridan Press 10 June 1964.

June 8 1964.
An unusual object was seen close to the ground. No further details.
  • Data Net IV, 10, p7.

June 8 1964, 2130hrs.
Mrs. Helen Reed, who lived next to US50, about 4km west of Lawrenceville, was in her back yard taking in the washing when she looked up and saw a strange object near the shed behind her barn. No structure was visible, only light sources. It appeared to be 3-5m above the ground and moved closer to the shed and out of sight. Helen then went to investigate and saw the object move slowly east for about 100m, make a sharp left turn, moved a similar distance to the north and then sharply turn and approach within 15m, where it hovered for a few seconds, its lights brighter than headlights but not causing her any discomfort. There was no sound and Helen saw its yellow lights were rotating counter clockwise at increasing speed and at the same time they appeared to be on a vertical band moving left to right at a slow rotation. There appeared to be a wide space at one point in the lights, as if one light was missing. Helen estimated that the object was 3.5-4.5m diameter. There was a top light that turned blue-orange-red. The object finally became partially obscured by trees before it vanished into the north keeping to the same altitude. The observation lasted for 10 minutes.
  • Olsen 1966, p3-98 + Keyhoe and Lore 1969a, p14 citing NICAP files
  • UFO Investigator July 1964, p8.
  • Evaluation: possibly an advertisng plane?

June 9 1964.
Gordon Brown and his brother lit up a 2.7m tall hairy creature in their headlights.
  • Coleman 2001, p199.

June 11 1964.
Three 13 year old girls encountered saw large hairy creature on a deserted road. One of them was so scared that she fainted.
  • Coleman 2001, p199.

June 13 1964, 2100hrs.
Mrs. Karen Fahl saw a brightly lit object apparently land about 200m away. As the object descended, the lights, which were arranged in a row, dimmed, brightened and turned a dark red. There were two white lights above this row. After 5 minutes the object moved slowly away and was lost to sight between trees and buildings.
  • UFO Investigator July 1964 p6 citing investigation by the Arkon UFO Research Committee.
  • Vallee Case 612 citing AMUFO Sept 1964.

June 14 1964, 2100hrs.
Charles Englebrecht (18) was alone at home, watching TV in his darkened living room, when a light flashed through his window and the electrical power failed. Charles felt his way outside and looked through the door. About 15m away he saw a basketball sized, blue-white light hovering on or just above the ground. He started towards the thing but found himself paralyzed as he experienced a tingling sensation in his body. The light rose and disappeared over the barn leaving a sulfurous or “burnt rubber” smell, which was detectable 400m away. NICAP and Air Force Investigators found a plate sized area of scorched ground, surrounded by three holes 2.5cm deep in the shape of an isosceles triangle. All the cherry trees and plants in the area of the landing died afterwards.
  • Fowler 1974 p14 + Phillips 1975 p31 (case173 citing NICAP files.
  • UFO Investigator July 1964 p6 citing investigation by William Powers.
  • Evaluation: Hoax?

June 14 1964, 2155hrs.


Mr. C H Coxon of Bedford Road observed, near the railway, a slightly phosphorescent elliptical object hovering 6m above the River Mersey.

  • FSR 10, p19, citing letter from Coxon in Manchester Evening News 23 June 1964.
  • Evaluation: astronomical?

June 15 1964, 2310hrs.


William Angeles (20), a first year student at the Franklin Technical Institute, was watching TV in his living room, while his mother was lying in bed awake in another room. The living room was filled with a loud, intermittent roar, which died down after 5 seconds. Going out to investigate William saw a red glowing light, shaped like an inverted, truncated cone, hovering above the vacant parking lot 6m away. He then saw that this cone was suspended from the bottom of a slightly riding domed object, 4.5m diameter. As William started down the steps towards the departing object, he felt a tingling sensation in his body and found himself paralyzed. He could not move again until the thing moved away at great speed, spewing out a white vapour trail. A neighbor reported an orange flash of light, a loud noise and interference on her TV.
  • Fowler 1974 pp13, 329.

June 16 1964, 1700hrs.
At a place 20km inland from Arica, miner Rafael Aguirro Denese encountered a strange machine 3m long and 1m wide, which came down from the sky and landed nearby. From it emerged two fair skinned men, who spoke to him in a mixture of Spanish and English, asking for water, which Denese provided from the radiator of his car. The beings then reentered their machine, which then took off.
  • FSR 11,2 p29 citing La Razon 21 June 1964.
  • Bowen1966 p39.
  • Petrewisch List of Chilean Landings.

June 23 1964, 0100hrs.


Eddie Fund (21) was driving his girlfriend Linda Taylor (17) and her parents’ home to their Indian River County home when the car was paced by what at first looked like a cluster of lights, reflected in their rear view mirror. On closer examination they resolved into a group of 15-20m amber coloured discoid objects travelling about 20m above the ground. They were at least 1.5m diameter and turned so that their configuration was easily visible. When the party got out for a closer look, the objects stopped also, their glow diminishing and nearly disappearing. When the group continued the journey the objects reappeared, brighter than before and could not be shaken off even at speeds up to 160kph. At some point in the journey they seemed to come out of the ground. When the party pulled into a driveway the objects split formation and disappeared behind trees. These objects were independently reported by Mr. Street and his son at Keenansville.
  • Lorenzen 1966 p227 + APRO Bulletin November 1964 p4 both citing Fort Pierce News Tribune 24 June 1964.
  • Evaluation: Distant lights, possibly astronomical, low on the horizon

June 25 1964.


Rancher George W Rogers of Spring Valley was driving to Ely with his brother Bert when they noticed a peculiar object, which they thought was a crashed jeep, beside the road. They then realized it was the top of an object 1.2m above the road. The thing then rose and landed on the road, resting on a 60cm long slender pedestal, and the witnesses, who were within a metre or two of it, saw it was a pyramid shaped top with the point facing down to the pedestal. The top was curved and rotating rapidly. George ran out to touch the thing which, as he drew near, rose 3m with a loud humming sound, descending on the road 12m away. This performance took place three or four times. Finally, prompted by his brother’s warnings, George re-entered the car and the object rose slowly and then moved rapidly away to the east, vanishing behind a ridge. George noticed that the surface of the thing was made of a shiny plastic like material, and that it had a red insignia on one face, which he could not make out because of the rapid spin.
  • Edwards 1967a p75 citing Ely Record 1 July 1964.
  • Mallan 1968 p 159 + Machlin 1979 p111 both citing Blue Book Files.

June 29 1964, 2350hrs.


While driving between Carnesville and Lavonia, on his way to Wellford (SC) from a business trip to Atlanta, businessman Beauford E Parham spotted a very bright light in the sky coming towards his car. A moment later, the object, resembling a giant spinning top, making a loud hissing sound was directly in front of his headlights. The top part of the object was spinning clockwise, the bottom counter clockwise. It was surmounted by a tower like projection with a dark band, while in the bottom there were a number of openings through which flames issued. On the outside rim were a row of vanes or antennae. The thing was about the same size as his car and 2m high. The thing disappeared in a flash, only to reappear a moment later, staying directly in front of the car for almost 2km, about 1,5m ahead and about 50cm above the road. This object gave off a tremendous heat. It then rose over the car, leaving a strong odor, resembling embalming fluid and a gaseous vapour that left an oily deposit on the car and Parham’s arm. As the approached for the third time, Parham’s car engine began to misfire and he stopped. The thing then took off. Parham’s arm began to burn and the car bonnet was warped and the paint bubbled up.
  • Phillips 1975 p31 case 559 citing NICAP.
  • Vallee 1967 p38.
  • FSR 10,5 p22 citing Charlotte News 3 July 1964.
  • Edwards 1967a p76.
  • Steiger 1967 p18.
  • Hall 1988 p248 citing Keyhoe and Lore 1969b p5.

June 30 1964.


On this and the following day local children claimed that little green men with white hats had been seen throwing stones and clods of earth at each other. A 14 year old boy claimed to have seen several green beings, 60cm tall, running around a haystack

Summer 1964. Day.


Four young people were watching the TV when the set developed interference. Going out, they saw, hovering over the high tension wires, an egg shaped object the size of a car, with red, white and green lights rotating around it, and with a row of windows on top, moving along at about 8kph. When one of the witnesses ran towards the thing, gesturing, it took off at high speed.
  • Swords 200, p62, citing John Timmerman.

Summer 1964 or following year. Night.


Six youngsters were on their own at their aunt and uncle’s cabin when their attention was caught by a light outside. Looking out they saw a cigar shaped object hovering over the lake, tilted at an angle. The thing was silvery, about 6m long, with a row of red lights along the side, and was soundless. They went back inside and heard a whooshing sound as the thing took off.
  • Swords 2005 p63 citing John Timmerman.

Summer 1964. Night.


Mrs. Lainchbury was lying awake in her bed when, suddenly, a being 1.5m tall materialized in her room. It was humanoid in shape , but had no detectable features as it was covered by a suit made of hundreds of small grey tubular rings, about 2.5cm in diameter. The being told her he was the occupant of the sphere she had seen exploding that Spring, and that he and two others were stranded in the town.

  • Jenny Randles in NUFON News 25, p7, and FSR 22, 3, p26.

July 1964. 0100hrs.


Peter Foley of Gorey, and a night watchman, saw a yellow light, the apparent size of an old British penny (c 40cm diameter) flashing on and off on the beach for about 30 minutes. It was a fine, full moonlit night.
  • UFOlog 4 p1 + UFOlog 5 p2.

July 1964.


14 year old Peter was driving a van with his father as passenger when they came around a bend and saw a metallic disc hovering 1.2m above the road, and had to brake to avoid a collision. The disc, only 6-9m away, took off rapidly, throwing red and black dust into the air. This dust was so hot that it baked into the paint of the van. Every diode and valve in the load of electronic tuning equipment they were carrying had to be replaced.
  • Phillips 1975 p31 case 492 citing Skylook March 1975.

July 1964. 1730hrs.


A couple driving a van saw a shiny silvery object on the side of a mountain, about 1.5km away. It seemed to be resting on legs and to be about 18m diameter. The couple stood and watched the thing for about 25 minutes before leaving. When they came past the spot the next day, the object was no longer there.
  • UFORA Research Digest 18 p14 citing UFO Research Far North Queensland.

July 1964. 2300hrs.


On the H F Ramsey farm, 21km north of Greeneville on the Kingsport Road, Kathie M Riney and her parents saw a luminous round object hovering over a barn roof, which reflected the luminosity. After about 5 minutes the object took off straight up and vanished, the treetops swaying back and forth as it did so. The next day strands of a material 45cm long were found on the trees and bushes. These strands disappeared when touched. A light pole was down and the power was off during the event. The next day a bull calf was missing from the area where the “angel hair” had fallen. Police found no explanation for the incident.
  • George Fawcett in Saucers, Space and Science 63 p6.

July 1964 (approx. date) 2330hrs.


Economist Dr Jose Luis Barcelo was driving between Madrid and El Escorial when he observed a metallic disc, shaped somewhat like a truncated cone, 6m wide, and 9m high resting on a hill. About 4km further along Jose met two policemen and the three returned to the site where they found evidence of great pressure on the ground and vegetation.
  • Ballester 1976 case 38 citing investigation by Cacharren, Ares and Lopez.

July 1964. Late night/early hours.

Robert Knowles, one of a group of young men who had leased a wildfowlers cottage, was awoken by the growling of his dog. Looking out, he saw, in the moonlight, the face of a man with a large nose, wearing a jacket with a double row of buttons. The figure suddenly floated in through the window, coming within a metre of Robert and turning away to look at one of other men. Robert then saw that this figure had no lower part, only a sort of haze. Before he could react the figure floated back out of the window. This other man, Malcolm Chittleburgh, said that he had seen a similar figure looking through the window in 1963.
  • Wentworth-Day 1973 p32 citing his own investigation.

July 7 1964, 2100hrs.


Nine people in three separate houses observed a top shaped object. Mr. J Evester was watching TV when the program became interrupted by increasing interference. He turned off the set and the family went out for some fresh air when they suddenly saw an object flying just above treetop level, which came within a few hundred meters of their house. It seemed to stop over their neighbor, Mrs. Mickinan’s garden. Only the lower end, which resembled a red cup, with a row of three lights, red, white and red again, was visible. Its red lights were blinking. When the object rose these three lights went off and a powerful green light appeared in the thing’s lower part, casting an eerie light over the countryside. An odor resembling brake or embalming fluid was left. The county sheriff, A. J. Champan noticed this odor when he arrived on the scene. The next day some of the witnesses felt a burning sensation on their faces and arms.
  • Vallee 1967 p39 citing Jeffrey Liss in Fate November 1964 p66 + Saucer News XI, 4.

July 8 1964 (approx date).


Jean Senac of Liberas (67), an army veteran, was on Dept Highway 21 (Tarbes-Castelnau) 150m beyond the Galan Road intersection, when looking along the road towards Sentous, he was dumfounded to see an extremely bright shinning machine straggling the road and verge, 250m away. The light from it was so dazzling that he could not make out a proper shape, though it reminded him of a table. It gave the impression of hovering just above the ground, about 2.5-3m long, and the height of a small car. The object suddenly rose up and flew off towards Puydarrieux at great speed. At the spot where the machine had stood, he now saw two dwarfs, 1.15m tall, wearing a sort of khaki coloured suit. The beings walked along the hedge for about 30m towards him, then through a gap in the hedge, across the bracken towards a chestnut tree. They had sacks on their backs which seemed to way them down. He quickly took his cows home, then cycled back to the spot to investigate. The beings had now vanished but had left marks of trampling beneath the tree.
  • FSR 15,6 p17 translation of article by investigators F. Lagarde and J, Mirtain in LDLN 98.

July 9 1964.


Maria Elliott was driving near Tallulah Falls with her mother and young daughter when she came across a crowd of cars. People said that they had been looking at a ball of fire. The thing then reappeared and the cars scattered but Maria’s would not start. Two other cars remained, one driven by a navy man, and the other by an African-American family called Jones. As the object hovered over her car, Maria felt extreme heat, and people complained of thirst. Mr. Jones ran towards the fire ball and his face got burned. Maria lost weight after the incident and the hair on the side of her head facing the fireball turned white. The red fire ball then disintegrated and an object of silver or platinum colour emerged, followed by discs and a cigar shaped object. An inner voice told Maria she would be contacted later. That night she dreamed of being in a large room, with machines in it on some sort of craft. She went from room to room and a voice welcomed her to “the mother ship from Mars”. She was told that the ball of fire was to test humans tolerance of heat, and was given the usual contactee messages. When she awoke her left shoulder was sore and her hair had turned white.

  • Elliot 1964.
  • Evaluation: self published contactee story. Hoax?

July 14 1964. Evening   . TALLULAH FALLS (GEORGIA  :  USA)
Miss P Upton was riding her bicycle along with a friend when they saw a saw a strange low flying object and noticed an unpleasant smell. They were both terrified and Ms Upon ran home in terror.
  • Vallee Case 616 citing Jeffrey Liss in Fate November 1964.

July 16 1964. Afternoon.
Five boys Edmund (9) and Randy (7) Travers, Billy (7) and Gary (5) Dunlap and Floyd Moore (10) were playing in some blackberry bushes about 3km from the Tavis home, when notice a shiny domed object I a field by the road. About 2m of its width was showing, and the underside was hidden by weeds. They then heard a peculiar sound like a penny whistle. Looking round they saw a creature about 50m away. It was about 1m tall, dressed in shiny black pants, and a black short sleeved shirt. It had a human like face, surmounted by a black helmet from which two “antenna” were projecting, and with white wavy lines across the front. A sort of transparent plate, part of the helmet, covered the eyes. The whistling sound seemed to be coming from the creature’s stomach.The boys began throwing apples and stones at it, but it remained in the trees, out of range for about 15 minutes, crouched on the lower branches about 1.8m above the ground. It then fell off the tree and seemed to float to the ground and crawl towards the object. The boys ran back to the Travis house for some water for the creature. The boys were reluctant to tell their mother and grandfather about the incident for fear of punishment, but eventually did so. When the boys returned to the scene, with Mrs. Travis the object and creature had gone, but in the field the was a perfectly circular area of flatten weeds, broken bushes, and uplifted and scattered moss. Three depressions were found outside this area.
  • Walter Webb in Story 1980, p86.
  • Coral Lorenzon in Humanoids 1967, p59 citing Binghampton Press 17 July1964.
  • Fate (UK) April 1965 p32.
  • Lorenzen 1976.

July 20 1964, 0445hrs.
A state employee was driving on Rte 101, about 6.5km west of Littleton when he observed an object rising above the treetops. It was a hemisphere, emitting purple red jets, which made him think it was a rocket. He then saw that these jets were formed by a luminous cone that opened beneath the hemisphere. The thing rose up higher, turned to face the witness for a few seconds and then turned again, climbed into the sky and vanished.
  • Sifakis 1979a, p73.

Late July 1964.
Near here a whitish elliptical object followed a car and then landed in a field. The driver got out to observe it but when the thing started in his direction he became and drove off.
  • UFO Investigator September 1964, p5, citing Flemington Democrat 30 July 1964.

July 27 1964, 2050hrs.
Engineering supervisor Louis Daubert (50) was driving in underpopulated rolling hill country 27km North West of Norwich on a little used country road. As he drove to the top of a slight rise, he observed a spherical object about 8m diameter, surrounded by a luminous ring and of aluminium appearance, in the southwest at an elevation of 15-20 degrees above the horizon. It appeared to be at an altitude of 15-18m and about 150m away. Then thing remained motionless and silent for 4-5 minutes, before emitting three blinding flashes of light and disappearing. The witness was frightened by the incident and stayed in his car until the thing had passed. He was considered a reliable person.
  • Olsen 1966, p3-101 + Vallee Case 618. both citing Blue Book Files.

July 28 1964, 2230hrs.
A former navy pilot and another man, both considered reliable, were at work in a field when they saw an intense cone shaped light emitted from the ground. A similar light was observed in the sky when the one on the ground went off and then the reverse took place. A circular, aluminium looking, object, about 10m diameter, with one red and one white light, then appeared and descended to ground level, with a strong whistling sound similar to a small jet. Piercing and high pitched voices similar to those of children playing were heard. After 40 minutes the thing took off, but before it did so a jet aircraft, flying at low altitude, circled its position. On July 31 and August 1 the densely wooded area was explored from a helicopter and on foot by Sheriff Nickell and an Air Force officer but nothing was found.
  • Vallee Case 619, citing Blue Book files.

July 31 1964. Late night.
The two children of Jack Edmonds were sleeping in a tent in their farm yard about 16km west of Mendallville. The boys, aged 8 and 10, were awoken by a large ball of fire “like the sun” flying very low over the weeds. It maneuvered, descended into the weeds, where the light went out. The boys could now see that the object was circular. The light came on again and the ball began to move again. The incident was observed for 30 minutes; the boys’ mother was convinced that they were telling the truth.
  • FSR 10, 6, p27 citing an undated issue of Defiance Crescent-News citing Charles Maney citing the boys’ mother.

August 1964. Afternoon.
While sleeping outside her house, Luisa Pozzi (10) awoke suddenly with an irresistible desire to go to the poultry shed behind her house. When she got there, she saw, over a nearby laurel, a strange object hovering 12m above the ground. It was 3m long, with a transparent dome on the upper forepart, in which some sparkling instruments were visible. Her attention was immediately arrested by a humanoid being sitting in the dome. His face had a frightful pallor and was very thin, his mouth was an immobile slit and he had large, dark, closely set eyes. His head was covered by a silvery tight fitting cap, and he appeared to be wearing some sort of overall. His arms looked as though they were resting on something, Though Luisa felt hypnotized by his glance, she could make out other details of the silent object. The forepart with the dome was about 1.5m high, making the creature about 1m tall. After about a minute she suddenly felt freed from this hypnotic gaze, and ran to the house. As she did so, she felt a soundless blast of air, and looked round to see that the object and being had vanished.
  • Maurizio Verga’s ITACAT citing Il Giornale del Misteri 102, citing first hand investigation by A. Chiumiento, and Il Piccolo, 10 October 1978.

August 1964. 2230hrs.
Gaspare C. was in the courtyard of his country house when the surroundings were illuminated by a bright white object. It slowed down and descended to within 15-20m of the ground by a tree 50m from the boy. It was a round object, 5m in diameter. It disappeared vertically.
  • Maurizio Verga’s ITACAT citing SUP citing ORMU.

August 1964 (or following month). Evening.
A man who was almost accidentally throttled while being hauled up from a diving job, had an experience in which he found himself in a machine like space confronted with a large being, and then in a control room in which there were androids, putting their hands against the black walls. There was also a control panel which just had displays with faint black lines. He then entered another, brilliantly illuminated room, in which there were human figures, including a woman of about 10-25 with long twisted blond hair and an older person who talked to him. He then found himself in a sort of dome, seeing the stars whizz by. He then found himself back in the water.
  • Swords 2005 p202, citing John Timmerman.

August 1 1964, 0140hrs.
Miss McLoud saw from her bedroom window a very bright spherical object with a tail descend into the sea near the pier 800m away. The object was the apparent size of a salt cellar held at arms length.
  • UFOLog 4, p1.
  • Evaluation: possibly meteor or flare.

August 2 1964. Night.
Local residents observed a cigar shaped object, lined with windows from which red, white, orange lights shone. It had trail of red flame 45m long. It was seen at 10m altitude. The event was investigated by Constable Race, who made a drawing from the witnesses’ descriptions.
  • Hervey 1969 p157.

August 11 1964, 1730  hrs.
John D (15) and Frankie John J (14) were walking near the railway tracks south of state road 201 on this dark evening when Frankie drew his friend’s attention to an object, half the apparent size of the full moon, above the GM water tower. It was domed, with a flanged base, was rotating slowly, its horizontally arranged lights illuminating the area. The thing was white and gave off a high pitched continuous whistle. It moved off horizontally at moderate pace and then shot up vertically at greater speed and disappeared.
  • FSR 13, August 1964 p27, citing Defiance Crescent News 13 Aug 1964 citing investigation by Charles Maney.
  • APRO Bulletin November/December 1964 p5 citing Maney.

August 12 1964, 2200hrs.
Witnesses got out of their car to watch an oval or crescent shaped object resembling a burning haystack, which took off from the ground, crossed the sky and was lost to sight in the south.
  • Vallee Case 621.
  • Location not identifiable on Google.

August 14 1964.
A bright disc shaped object, with a red flashing light on top was observed by two men in the Dalbeater Road. It made an unusual noise as it passed over and appeared to land on a distant hilltop.
  • UFOlog 7, p1.

August 14 1964, 2350hrs.
Three campers on East Hill, Colin Wood, Geoffrey Anderson and Paul Joy were roused by a bright yellow light shining on their tent. As they scrambled out they saw, not many metres away, a large round object with a triple domed top. From underneath the object there projected two beams of light that swept the hill. The object was hovering just above the ground before disappearing to the west at terrific speed. There was a violent thunderstorm later that night. Exactly a week before Colin and Paul had seen a similar object, 6m long, flying in the sky about 10m away.
  • Letter from the witnesses in Fate (UK) Feb 1965 p10.
  • Earlier incident from UFOlog 14, p1.
  • Evaluation: The failure to mention the earlier incident in the letter to Fate is suspicious. Perhaps the later incident was a dramatic retelling of the original.

August 20, 1964.
Two boys, Pat and Cliff I. from Richland observed a red and white object, resembling an aeroplane, crash into the sea, leaving a red and white smoke trail. The incident was checked by the coast guard which confirmed that no aircraft were missing.
  • Sanderson1972, p42, citing Seattle Post Intelligencer 21 August 1964.

August 21 1964, 2115hrs.
Eric Bridge, a dye works director from Macclesfield, had just finished trout fishing in the River Dane and was walking away when he caught sight of an object high in the sky over Rudyard. The object moved slowly and then appeared very low down, approaching him as if to land. He now saw that it was a shallow round dome, with a rim of coloured light, which changed from red to yellow as he looked. The thing was surmounted by an illuminated triangular shape on the dome. Eric was so terrified that he ran and jumped into a ditch for safety. After three or four minutes the object came over some trees 1.5km away, veered left and disappeared.
  • BUFORA Journal 1, 2, p11 + UFOlog 7, p3.

August 22 or 29 1964. 1900HRS.
While staying at his summer house with his family, Raimo Bolmqvist (43) was walking on the cliff by the lake, when, in the NE, he saw a light that approached him. A multi-coloured oval object, surrounded by a hazy light, hovered 2m above the water, 10m from him. The left edge of this object was bent upwards, as if it had been involved in a collision. The thing was 3-4m diameter, 2m high, and though its light was quite bright, it cast no reflection on the water, which, however, appeared to be rippling under it. After the object had been hovering for 20 seconds, a brightly glowing fragment fell from it and landed in the shallow water with a hissing sound. Yellow, green and orange stripes on the object then began to glow brightly and then then thing took off into the cloud cover in a second. Raimo went to the spot and picked up the fragment, which was not analyzed until1975. It was 36mm long, 6mm thick, weighed 15 grams and had a density of 4gm/dm3. There were 5 layers, the core being a 2,5mm thick layer of metallic iron and iron oxides, with traces of other metallic elements.
  • Ikka Serra in MUFON UFO Journal 122, p6 + APRO Bulletin 26, 6, p1 citing investigation by UFO Research of Finland.

August 25 1964, 2130HRS.
Three boys in a car observed a silver grey object, with a red light on each end and white one on top, flying low over Littleton Common. They pursued it to the outskirts of the town, where it hovered over Porter’s Field with a fluttering motion. A fourth boy observed it there from his bedroom, The boys in the car got out and walked towards the thing, at which its lights went out and it took off at high speed. During the incident the object emitted a soft whining sound.
  • UFO Investigator September/October 1964, p6, citing investigation by Raymond Fowler.

August 25 1964, 2230HRS.
Richard Pratt (17) had driven into the driveway of his home by Lennox Hill and had started to walk into his house when he was started by a high pitched whine. He glanced upwards and saw a tilted, silvery oval object, 6m in diameter, descending onto the hill top 60m away. The object had a rim of soft light ringing its perimeter and illuminating a dome like structure on its top. The thing halted momentarily above the hilltop and then dropped behind some trees 90m away. Richard was so disturbed by this experience that he locked the house door and sat with a loaded rifle until his parents came home. A nurse on duty in the nursing home on top of the hill had also heard the whistle.
  • Fowler 1974, pp17, 320, citing his own investigation.
  • UFO Investigator Sepember/October 1964, p6 citing investigation by Fowler.

August 27 1964, 0350HRS.
Mrs. Kathleen Shard of Fenny Lane was suddenly awoken by flashing lights. A huge blinding light approached, dazzling her eyes. After 30-40 seconds, the light retreated and then vanished.
  • UFOlog 8, p5.

Fall 1964.
While driving down an isolated section of Shunpike Road, near Madison Miss Dorothy Angebour, a middle aged car parts bookkeeper, was buzzed by an object flying at an estimated height of 1 ½ telephone poles and about two telephone poles distant from her car. After several minutes the thing suddenly disappeared.
  • Berthold Schwarz in Bowen 1973. p6.

Autumn 1964. 1700HRS.
Roy and Joan Vincent were out in their car looking for UFOs, when the area was illuminated by a brilliant light, which came from a field behind a hedge 50m away Looking behind the hedge they were surprised to see a large dome made of some translucent material, like glass, and a grey green solid, lower section. The thing was about 1.8 long, 1m high. Inside the dome was something resembling a cabinet with dials and around the outside were what looked like portholes. They were unable to see from their location whether the thing was on or hovering just above the ground. Joan felt frightened and they drove away. She later had a lump on her right leg out of which grew something like a blade of grass and other marks on her legs.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a, p204 citing their own investigation
  • Evaluation: not reported for 40 years, evidence of suggestion as to marks on the legs which could have been caused by farm equipment.

September 1964 (or following month). 0045Hrs.
Mrs. Mable Till, a pottery designer, was out satellite spotting in her garden when she heard a sound like an electric motor. As she looked around she saw a dark silhouette, apparently rise from behind the damson trees near her garden. She was rooted to the spot, until she saw a red light on the object and her fear turned to curiosity. A triangular devise cleared the TV aerial with 3-3.5m to spare, its altitude being about 10m. She estimated the thing to be about 10m wide and 12m long, of metallic grey colour, with streaks of what appeared to be paintwork. Along its centre was a panel, glowing red, as if from red hot metal, though she thought it more like a Perspex material, set in a double row of molded, translucent and faceted squares, which were illuminated at intervals by a bar of brighter orangeish light at half second intervals. The thing gave the impression of being some sort of automatic machine, which had no cabin. When it was about 15m ahead, Mable saw that there was an oval light on each wing tip. The thing seemed to follow the contours of the ground and trees. Its hum was at G natural pitch.
  • Letter from Mrs. Till in FSR Case Histories 10, p12.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a, p201 citing Gordon Creighton.
  • Evaluation This seems a very precise description of something seen at night. Hanson and Holloway say she was just about to go to sleep when she heard and noise and then got dressed and went out to see what it was.

September 1964. 0230HRS.
A man walking home along a cobbled coastal path was stuck, as he came close to home, by an unusual silence and the absence of his normally friendly dogs. Turning a corner he saw a being about 3m tall standing by a wall. It was wearing a tight fitting scaly, grey coloured suit like that of divers and was looking out to sea, its face thus obscured. The thing then spoke to the witness in perfect Spanish, asking if there were any fish factories in the area. After a couple of minutes the witness just carried on walking home, where he fainted.
  • Alberto Rosales in Anomaly 12, p154, citing Benitez 1990.
  • Evaluation: this looks like some sort of practical joke

September 4 1964. Evening.
A large sphere with an intense red orange glow was seen to hover and then land in a forested area by two men. A circular area of burnt grass was found at the site. In the centre was a hole 75cm diameter, 45cm deep, Tree trunks were scorched.
  • Schurmacher 1967, p131 citing investigation by John Pagano and Ward Campbell.
  • Evaluation: probable hoax by teenagers. see eg Machlin 1979, p221 for detail.

September 4 1964, 2200hrs.
While hunting in the Cisco Grove mountains, factory worker Donald Shrum (26), became separated from his two companions, and found his expected route back to camp ended in a sheer drop. He was forced to retreat to a canyon with a granite outcropping, sparse bush and few trees. He briefly took refuge in one of these trees. Shortly after he saw a light, which he thought was a lantern, below the horizon. When the light darted up and over a tree he changed his mind and assumed it was a rescue helicopter and made three signal fires. However it came closer and hovered without sound or motion, he realized it was something extraordinary and climbed about 3.5m up the 8m tall tree. The light was white, 20-25cm diameter, and was accompanied by three other objects a regular distance away. The light circled the tree, there was a flash and a dark object fell to the ground, and he noticed a dome shaped object about 400m away.

His attention was attracted by noises, as two figures emerged from the bush from slightly different directions. The figures seemed to be curious about the hoot of an owl. A third figure, moving in a noisier and clumsier fashion than the first three, then arrived. Shrum climbed further up the tree. He now saw that the first two beings were about 1.6m tall, dressed in silvery grey hooded suits. The third was a of darker grey, had no neck, two red flickering eyes, and a rectangular opening for a mouth, these features suggesting it was a robot of some kind. The two humanoids then tried to climb the tree, one boosting the other up, but without success. The robot then proceeded to attack him with some kind of gas, which made him pass out for a few moments, then awake retching, He fired three arrows at the robot, which struck with a spark, then some of his clothing, which he set alight, his bow, canteen (which the two men examined with interest), and some silver coins, The attacks continued through the night, the men trying to climb the tree all the while. As dawn broke a second robot joined the first, they stood face to face and sparks flew between them, and the area became filled with the gas which rendered Shrum unconscious again, for some time. 

When he awoke again, nauseated and suffering from exposure, the beings had all gone. He then made his way back to the camp, being found by one of his companions en route. Back at camp, he found the 3rd man had also nearly got lost, and had seen a large bright glowing light descend. Back at the scene he retrieved two of the arrows, the metal heads of which appeared to have been ground by a file.

September 5 1964, 2100hrs.
Mr. Chafrede Dagota of Pueyrredon saw a strange object land on a kind of pillar and give off a blinding light. Nearby he caught a blurred glimpse of two figures moving about.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 12, 3, p26 citing El Tribune (Salta) 8 September 1964.

September 7 1964. Night.
Carol Smith saw an orange object, which emitted a red light from its underside, hovering above woods. It landed, took off with a roar and then landed again.
  • Randle 1989 p 119.

September 11 1964, 0500hrs. ULYSSES (KANSAS  :  USA)
Karen Campbell was driving home to Penca City (Okl) when, 7 hours from home, she was frightened by a round object, with an oval dome 1.2m high, the width of the road and of a dull copper colour, travelling towards her at about 1m altitude at high speed. It climbed rapidly, avoiding a collision and floated over the car with a rushing sound.
  • Green and Smith 1967, p27.
  • Vallee Case 625 citing Oklahoma City Times 16 September 1964.

September 15 1964. CORE LAKE (LOUISIANA  :  USA)
James Warren was awoken by a noise and saw an object bearing blinking red and green lights fly over his house at treetop level. He called the police who also reported seeing the object.
  • Vallee Case 626 citing January 1965.Fate

September 20 1964. Night.
A respected man man returning to his villa from the town saw three or four objects descend into the sea in a curved trajectory. A few moments later they re-emerged, skimmed the water, turned over rapidly, became surrounded by a brilliant light and ascended into space.
  • 18Phen Spax
  • Richard Heiden citing Banchs 1973 p23.
  • Joe Brill in 130 p4 gives date as 30 and says man was driving from Caleta Olivia in Santa Cruz to Comodoro R.MUFON UFO Journalth

    October 6 1964, 0030hrs. (HAVERHILLMASSACHUSETTS  :  )USA
    Robert Saucy and his passenger, William Chase, were driving east along Broadway in a sparsely populated region bordered by cemeteries and tree studied fields, when Chase called Saucy’s attention to an object hovering over the trees. They reversed until they were alongside a domed oval object, several times larger than a car, hovering motionless at treetop height, 45m away. The thing resembled a hemisphere surmounting a flat disc, 3m diameter, at 10m altitude. The fat bottom of the object gave off a soft silvery glow. The duo observed the spectacle for about 20 seconds but they were too afraid to stay any longer. They contacted the police who found nothing in their investigation but considered the witnesses sincere.
    • Fowler 194 p23, 330.

      October 10 1964, 2110hrs. VILLICUM (CORDOBA  :  )ARGENTINA
      Four female school inspectors were driving in a country bus from Angualaste to , when near Villicum a tremendously powerful light appeared in the sky and split into two portions, which dived down at the bus. Two more lights then joined them. All were the apparent size of the full moon and cave off a powerful burning light with red flashes. The women became convinced that they were seeing something unnatural and began to pray in terror and urged the driver to accelerate away. The objects paced the bus (which had damaged suspension) down the mountain at speeds of 90kph. The driver alter related that two of this friends had seen the lights at exactly the same sport previously. San Juan
      • Gordon Creighton in FSR 12, 3, p27 citing Tribuna (SJ) 13 October 1964)

        October 15 1964, 0530hrs. ) TRELEW (CHUBUT  :  ARGENTINA
        AT a spot some 15km from Trelew the driver and passengers of a country bus saw a disc, 3m diameter, with smoke issuing from its underpart, hanging motionless beside the road ay about 5m altitude. The driver got out to take a better look. When they resumed their journey the disc followed them almost into Trelew. It transpired that numerous truck drivers and motorists had also seen the disc at the same spot.
        • Gordon Creighton in FSR 12, 3, p27 citing (Chubut) 21 October 1964. Esquel

          October 19 1964 (Approx. date) 1100hrs. ) ST CIRGUES (CANTAL  :  FRANCE
          A brother (18) and sister (24) had gone out for a drive and a walk, exercising their parents’ new dog. They were taking the stroll on the plateau of Le Pieu (800m), when the previously happy dog came rushing back, howling, as they heard a humming sound. Looking up they saw coming towards them, an oval object surmounted by a dome on which there were small portholes, which hovered at 20m altitude, 30m away, its metallic surface glittering. After a couple of minutes the thing shot away to the south.
          • Christian Caudy in FSR 29, 2, p14 translated from LDLN 225/6 citing his own investigation.
          • Evaluation: this case was only investigated in 1982, 18 years after the event.

          • October 25 1964 (Approx. date). 0010hrs. ) (SOMERSETBRIDGEWATER  :  ENGLAND
            Coal merchant James Sharman (21), his friend Wait Depledge from Sheffield and two companions from were fishing in the Kings Sedgemoor Drain when they saw a red light, resembling that of an aircraft approaching up the drain, lighting up the bank and surrounding countryside. The light tapered to the rear 3.5m away (?) (does this mean the light was 3.5m long or that distance from the witnesses).When the light was overhead it hovered, flashing on and off, terrifying a herd of about fifty cattle, which stampeded, forcing them men to seek shelter behind a car. After about 15 minutes the light accelerated silently away. Accrington
            • FSR 11,1 p 25 citing both 26 October 1964. Post + Daily ExpressYorkshire
            • 8, p5.UFOlog
            • Deneault and Lore 1969, p153 (gives wrong date)

              October 29 1964, 1810hrs. ) (MASSACHUSSETTSARLINGTON  :  USA
              Alfred Erickson was walking his dog along Rhinecliff Street in low cloud and poor visibility when he was surprised to see a stubby cigar shaped object descend slowly out of the cloud cover and hover over the minister’s house, about 200m away. The thing glowed all over with a yellowish light, was tilted at a 15 degree angle, two vertical black markings being visible, located along its mid-section and at the end tilted downwards was a dark area, resembling a cockpit. After 30 seconds the object rapidly re-ascended into the low cloud cover.
              • Fowler 1974, pp28, 331.
                November 1 1964, 1630hrs.
                Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Young were motoring along the promenade when they observed a blackish object, about 1m diameter, emitting a purring sound, descend top 15m, then start side slipping and rise again, its hum becoming high pitched. After 45 minutes it went out of site behind a shelter. It was independently observed by other motorists, including Ian Taylor, who first observed it hovering over the north end of the promenade. It resembled a “pure gyroscope” with no visible means of propulsion other than the rotating of its outer flange.
                • FSR 11,1, p25, citing 2 November 1964 + Ian Taylor in 6 November 1964.Aberdeen Evening ExpressAberdeen Press and Journal
                • 34, p2 citing Ian Creswell.NUFON News
                  November 3 1964, 2015hrs.
                  PESCADERO (CALIFORNIA  :  )USA
                  Alerted by the barking of a dog, the caretaker of the Butane Girl Scout Camp near Pesccadero went outside with a nursery man and saw a bright red light maneuvering in the northeastern sky. The caretaker flashed an SOS signal at the light with his torch and, to their surprise, the light approached, and hovered over some trees 800m away, moving back and forth, flaring up in response to another signal. The two men then got their wives and then signaled yet again, whereupon the object headed straight towards them causing them to flee indoors in some panic, Through the window they watched the thing go back and forth and grow dim. They contacted a forest ranger but deputies who examined the site found nothing.
                  • Lorenzen 1969 p242.

                    November 8 1964 (Approx. date) 0100hrs.
                    Dr Nelson Lebel, owner of a property 5km north of town, was aroused by the barking of his dog and, going to his door, saw a large luminous ball handing stationary above the treetops 600m away. Its light was too dazzling for any shape to be made out. Feeling chilled, Nelson went back inside to put some warm clothes on, but when he returned the object was gone. On the 9 he went to inspect the site, where he found an area 30m across where all the bracken was broken off a few centimeters above the ground, a tree had several of its branches severed on the side facing the flattened circle. It, and four fence posts showed signs of scorching. A hole 7.5cm in diameter, 90cm deep, was found and investigated by the Ottawa Royal Astronomical Society, the National Research Council and others showed radioactivity at the centre of the circle, diminishing outwards and saw the presence of an oily substance. th
                  • FSR 11,2, p25 citing La Nouveau Samadi 14 + 21 November 1964 + Ronald Anstee.
                  • Vallee Case 627, citing LDLN 76.
                  • Fuller 1967, p31.

                    November 10 1964. Night. ) MANSILLA (ENTRE RIOS  :  ARGENTINA
                    Two residents of this town, Nester Reynese and Orlando Maresini were driving to Mansilla from , when a huge luminous object rapidly approached them, receding equally rapidly when they turned their lights out, but on starting up the engine and lights again, the thing came back, giving off blinding blue and white flashes. At one point it came down to within 1.5m of the ground, only 50m ahead. Its brightness was so intense that it was impossible to make out a definite shape. The pair continued their journey with their lights off but the object made several more close passes over them, before disappeared. Victoria
                    • Gordon Creighton in FSR 12, 3 p27 citing 11 November 1964.La Cronica

                      November 21 1964. ) (PIEMONTEMOUNTMUSINE  :  ITALY
                      An unidentified object was seen to land near . No further details available. MountMusine
                      • Roberto Pinotti in January 1966 p66.Flying Saucers

                        November 25 1964, 0045hrs. ) NEW (BERLINNEW YORK  :  USA
                        Mary M (20) was staying with her mother in law, while her husband and his father were out hunting. Stepping out to get some air, she saw a “falling star”, which seemed to come down directly over Route 8. She then realized it was a light, brighter than mercury vapour, crossing in front of the hillside as it followed a creek. It emitted a low hum. She called her mother in law, and as she did so, the light seemed to inspect two cars passing by. As the mother in law came to the door, the light accelerated toward Mary, who ran back from the driveway into the porch, the car passing by accelerating away at the same time. The light hovered 200m or so across the road. Attempts of persuade the family’s sheep dog to venture outside failed. The light then paced a 3rd car which accelerated away. It then moved slowly up the mountain NNE, settling down below the ridge of the hill, 1140m away. At her mother in law’s insistence, she came indoors at about 0105, continuing the observation through a NNW facing window, using binoculars much of the time. The object appeared to be standing on legs, the light coming from underneath it, while around it, a group of men were making repairs, carrying tool chests, moving in a semicircular fashion, getting down on their hands and knees at times. Mother in law also saw the men, 5-6 in number, wearing dark wetsuits, with bare hands and faces. They seemed very tall about 1.9-2.4m and muscular. They were working on the machine with wrenches and screwdrivers. Another machine joined them, coming from the WSW, its occupants getting out and joining in the repairs, which lasted until 0505, involving cutting cable, work on the light, and difficult maneuvers trying to get a sort of motor into the bottom of the machine. In the light, Mary saw that the front part of this machine was curved and tapering upwards. When the repairs were finished the men from the second vehicle ran back as fast their boxes would allow. This second vehicle left first, followed by the original one, going WSW. The objects appeared to be 809m diameter, the legs about 2m tall and the light 3m wide. Next day Mary searched the area and found 3 places where a heavy conical object had rested, spaced in a triangle 4.5-6m per side. Two sets of these marks were found. Sometime later she found a piece of the cable at this spot. It had the colour and fell, but not the properties of aluminium. Mary had had several paranormal experiences before and after this incident.

                      • Investigation by Ted Bloecher in FSR 20, 2, p21, 20; 3, p24 and 23, p6.APRO Bulletin

                      • Berthold Eric Schwartz in FSR 21, 3-4, p22.

                      • Phillips 1975 p32.

                      • Lorenzen 1976 p332

                        November 27 1964, 2030hrs. (GRANDVALLEYPENNSYLVANIA  :  )USA
                        Mrs. Florence Rosenburgh of Eldred Center and her young daughter were staying with her brother-in-law on his farm. She had just stepped onto the porch when she observed a blue-white ball of fire, five times the apparent diameter of a star, travelling low and fast, above and behind the barn. It was 90m away at last 30m altitude. It was travelling south west, emitting a bright red streamer of fire, and descending vertically behind the barn, apparently landing near a creek. The object was independently reported by Elmer Van Guilder 400m up the road, who saw that the light was preceded by a dark object 10 times its size. At the landing site a circle about 65-70m diameter was detected where radiation levels were up to 14 times the local background.
                        • FSR 11,2, p39 citing January 1965, citing 28 + 30 November 1964.NICAP ReporterTitusville Herald
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                          November 30 1964. TERRYVILLE (CONNECTICUT  :  )USA
                          A medical officer saw an object with a blinding white light descend towards a nearby road. When he drove into the clearing where the object had landed, it took off brushing the top of his car and disappeared at a speed faster than that of a jet. It left a burnt area and definite landing marks.
                          • Phillips 1975 p32 case 101 + Fuller 1967 p31 both citing NICAP.
                            ) December 5 1964, 0030hrs.
                            (STRATHCLYDEGLASGOW  :  SCOTLAND
                            6 people were driving home to England from a dancing competition when, shortly after a hailstorm their attention was caught by an orange ball of light 1m above the road and spanning the road 60m ahead. There was an unusually absence of traffic, total silence, and witnesses seemed unusually calm as they got out of the car for a better look. As 19 year old MG walked towards the sphere it rose to treetop height and moved westwards at about 15kph and then dipped into a valley and was lost to view.
                            • NUFON News 112 p10.

                              December 10 1964, 0155hrs. (FORTRILEYKANSAS  :  )USA
                              A disc shaped object 11-15m diameter, 3.5-5.5m thick, with a fin like protrusion, a smooth, aluminium like surface and a black band of squares around its rim crashed in the portion of . CampForysthe FortRiley
                              • Brookesmith 1995 p81.

                                December 15 1964. ) RHYL (FLINTSHIRE  :  WALES
                                An unidentified aircraft was reported falling into the sea. No planes were missing and searches were called off.
                                • FSR 11,2, p26 citing 15 December 1964.Liverpool Echo

                                  December 20 1964. (, AUCKLANDAUCKLANDNORTHISLAND  :  )NEW ZEALAND
                                  Two young girls observed an object flying 17m above the ground. It was shaped like two plates glued together, with two rows of intense lights and a turret with a green light on top. When an opening became visible the girls thought the thing was about to land and fled.
                                  • Vallee Case 625 citing an unspecified issue of Spaceview.

                                    December 21 1964, 1700hrs. (STAUNTONVIRGINIA  :  )USA
                                    Horace Burns, a gunsmith, was driving from his shop in Harrisburg to his home in Grettoes on Rt 250, in the direction of Waynesboro, when 6.5km east of Staunton, , he saw a huge conical object cross the highway about 60m ahead. As it did so, his motor died and a sort of force brought his car to a rapid halt. As the car coasted to the side of the road, the object landed at 25kph, landing lightly, “like a bubble” in a field about 100m away. Burns got out and observed the thing for about 90 seconds. It resembled an inverted ice-cream cone or child’s top, 37m in diameter, about 25m high. Its sloping sides rose in 6 concentric rings, diminishing in diameter to a domed top. Around the base of the object was a bluish glow in a band 30cm wide. The surface of thins object appeared metallic in the twilight.  The object then rose vertically to 60m; with a whooshing sound and moved off rapidly in the north east, vanishing from sight in less than a minute. Once the object had disappeared, Burn’s car worked normally Burns did not report the incident until he heard a radio talk about a local UFO group, 6 days later. Investigators found an unusual level of radioactivity at the site when they arrived nine days later. Independent witnesses were found, including a 14 year old boy who observed an object travelling over the city from the direction of the landing site. Air force investigators did not confirm the radioactivity.

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