1963 or following year

A schoolboy saw an object land on the beach and was approached by two entities who spoke to him. He later developed a high IQ but became difficult to control.

  • Basterfield 1981 citing K. Bennetto.

1963 or following year day

The young lady in the previous case was unwell with menstrual cramps, when two beings entered the room and smiled and gestured to her not to worry. One sat by the bed while the other examined her. They put a needle in her spine and a sort of disc on or through her abdomen. As a result of this her severe pains disappeared and she did not have to go to hospital.

  • Swords 2005 p191 citing John Timmerman.


During a time in which fierce forest fires ravaged Parana state, a peasant woman and her neighbours in a village near San Bernardo stood helplessly watching the fires that threatened their homes, when a huge basin shaped machine descended into the inferno, hovering about 5m above ground. It was 35m in diameter, 8m high and a brilliant zinc colour. The machine hovered for about 15 minutes as a “power” seemed to quench the flames. Then, without warning, two or three very tall individuals emerged from the craft and the proceeded to walk around it, picking up debris and stones.

  • Charles Bowen in FSR 11,1 p21 citing Dr Caio de Castro in C. AS (Curtiba) Bulletin 4.

At an undisclosed location in the north of the state a woman reported that an object landed near her property and that occupants were seen. When the object had left she found burnt trees and damaged plant life at the site. The geologist from the University of Maryland who reported this did not investigate.

  • Phillips 1975 p 27 case 157 direct from anonymous geologist
  • Evaluation: Appears to be little more than a rumour

A 6 year old boy saw a metallic disc, 7-8m diameter, in the sky. The next day the boy was approached by a tall, dark skinned man, dressed entirely in black, who spoke in a strange mechanical fashion, apparently without moving his lips. The stranger asked him about the disc and told him not to talk about it.

  • Gordon Creighton in 28, 6 p 21 citing Bo-Shi 1983.

January 1963 0300

Mrs R E Gordon, who was unable to sleep because of the heat, heard a swishing sound and looked out of the window to see the sky brilliantly illuminated. A strange object, appearing to tilt on its side, shot past the bedroom window, flying on an upward curve. It was dazzling green with a bright orange dome, a round nose and two fins. It appeared to be a little smaller than a DC3 plane. The night was foggy at the time. The experience frightened Mrs Gordon. Other witnesses had seen similar phenomena in the same area.

  • Barker 1965 p17.

January 4 1963 1900

A well-known psychiatrist saw a strange object on the ground in a deserted city park. Its shape was that of a dome upon a cylinder, bearing a series of round apertures and surrounded by a thick roundish ring, set on a tripod landing gear supporting the base of the cylinder 1m above the ground. The thing wad 5m in diameter. Suddenly the ring started spinning rapidly and a gust of air was felt ad the object rose a few metres above ground and then disappeared in a split second.

  • Vallee Case 557 citing Momento Sera 9-10 January 1963
  • Roberto Pinotti in Flying Saucers January 1966 p60.

January 11 1963 2300

A 43 year old farmer, Antonio de Luca was awakened by the restlessness of his animals and went out to calm them. About 15 minutes later he saw a brilliant object land in a small square in the village, 30m away, and walked towards it. The devise measured no more than 1.5m diameter, of which the lower 70cm was dark, and 4.5m long. Luca got within 10m of the machine when he became paralysed. Through the transparent dome on top he could see shadowy movement, either of occupants or machinery. After 2 minutes the object moved to the right, rose up and disappeared towards Brindisi in 3-4 seconds, emitting a vertical beam of green lights. Exaggerated press reports suggested that two strange garbed occupants were seen inside, but this was not so.

  • Richard Heiden citing Danyans 1968 p225 citing a letter from Luca
  • Inaccurate reports can be found in Vallee Case 58 citing Gazetta del Mezzogorno + Il Tempo both of 15 January 1963.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 9,4 p12 citing Le Ore 24 January 1963.
  • Robert Pinotti in Flying Saucers January 1966 p 60)

Late January 1963 night

Juan Gerenimo Perea, overseer of the “El Trezel” ranch, with his wife and children, saw an extremely luminous egg shaped object, three times the apparent diameter of the moon, pass overhead and go down towards the ground on the property of the Lopez brothers. This came to light when on January 31 the Lopez brothers found at a spot 2km from their house, an area of burnt grass in the shape of two rings. Each consisted of a ring of 30cm of burnt grass in a circle 3.3m diameter, the grass being burnt to a depth of 7-10cm. A white residue was also found at the site. A temperature of 2,000 degrees was said to have been involved.

  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 12 p11 case 48 + Gordon Creighton in FSR 11, 6 p15 both citing investigation by CONDOVNI + Ricardo Perez + Oscar Gallindez in Phen Spax 21 p20 + La Gazeta 5 February 1963
  • Richard Heiden citing Banchs 1976 p21 + Ribera 1968 p09.

January 28 1963 1720

Mrs E L Sharp went up to the kitchen to draw the curtains over a window overlooking a view of fields and a farm. She was dumfounded to see a blaze of light. It came from a cylindrical object, with four portholes, giving off a yellow-orange light, hovering over the trees of an orchard about 250m away. It was twice as long as deep. After a minute it shot off suddenly in the direction of Rugby. Mrs Sharp called her daughter Mary to view the object, but it disappeared before she arrived.

  • Letter from Mary Sharp in FSR 9,3 p27.

January 28 1963. Night
A former Chilean air force officer, who was driving a truck, observed two disc shaped objects that followed him for 10 minutes.

  • Vallee Case 560 citing Blue Book Files.

February 1963

Painter Mario Slamase of Piove di Sacco was walking through the snow covered woods when he saw a luminous object with a man in a cellophane-like suite standing nearby. The occupant hurriedly climbed into his machine and took off as Slamase took pictures of him. These pictures were not published.

  • Barker 1965 p26 citing Saucer News June 1963.

February 1 1963, 1350hrs.

An unidentified object was seen at ground level. No further details.

  • Petrowitsch Table of Chilean landings
  • Evaluation: I cannot find a Chilean place with this name

February 2 1963, 1920hrs.NORTH HALSHAM (NORFOLK  :  ENGLAND)
Retired solicitor’s clerk, Miss Bertha Humphries was taking her small dog for a walk on the snow covered road, when at the bend at the top of the road; she saw a dull red glow moving above the ground, side to side. At first she thought it was the rear light of a reversing car, and then dazzle in her eyes. However the object had now emerged from the narrow part of the road, and she could see that it was a jet black object, with a dull dark red circle of light in the centre. The thing flapped along like some kind of bat, slowly rising to rooftop level, when she could see that it was trailing behind, like the trail of a kite, a similar but miniature object. After a second or two it rose into the clouds. A man walking in the area saw nothing. (Letter from Mss Humphries in FSR 13, 1 p 28)
Evaluation Looks like some kind of kite

February 5 1963, approx. date.

A student, Anastasio Lenven, saw an object land on the school ground. In a different observation several residents, including an Interior Ministry official saw an object flying at very high speed above the city.

  • Vallee Case 562 citing Blue Book files.

February 7 1963, 1830hrs.

Felix Carrizo and his wife were driving to La Pampa, when at Alberti they perceived an extraordinary elongated, intensely luminous object, suspended only a short distance above the ground. They stopped to look at it, and Felix took a photograph. The object then began to move and vanished at fantastic speed. The photograph or photographs were said to be astonishingly clear but were never published.

  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 11,6 p15 citing Histonium Review 7 February 1963.

February 15 1963, 0700hrs.

Farmer Charles Brew and his son Trevor (20) were milking the cows on this rainy morning, when Charles saw an object, which he first thought was a helicopter, descend at 45 degrees. As it hovered at between 20-30m altitude, he saw that it was round, 7.5m in diameter, battleship grey in colour, with a transparent dome , revolving in an anti-clockwise direction. It was about 2.5m thick. On this revolving lower section was a row of scoop like projections 30-45cm apart, which made a swishing sound that was also heard by Trevor, who did not see the object. On top of the dome was a chrome coloured aerial 1.5-1.8m long. The underside of the object was pale blue and appeared to glow. The object vanished “from a standing start” at terrific speed, on the same course from whence it had come. During the episode the horses reared in panic, the cows became very agitated “they did everything but turn somersaults” and the two dogs fled in terror. Charles felt fascinated by the thing, unable to take his eyes off it, and developed a headache behind the eyes, which lasted all day. Despite this he felt the object was beautiful and that he could feel the life pulsating from it.

  • APRO Bulletin September 1963 p1 citing investigation by Peter Norris.
  • Olsen 1966 p 3-83 citing above.
  • Barker 1965 p27 + Holledge 1965 p87 citing Peter Norris’s investigation.
  • Basterfield 1997 citing Australian Flying Saucer Review 8 p10 + Gordon Creighton in FSR 16,5 p29 + Holledge op cit.
  • Lorenzen 1969 p238.
  • Vallee Case 563 citing Blue Book Files.
  • FSR 9,3 p23 citing Auckland Star 16 February 1963.
  • Chalker 1996 p106.

February 20 1963, 1730hrs.

A young man saw from a window, a slowly spinning object, almost stationary, 500m away. It appeared as a disc, having a central upper dome, with a total diameter of 3m. The object had a brilliant yellow-red halo but its dome was much more brilliant. The witness, who observed it through binoculars, saw a particle leave the object, after which it stopped spinning, gained altitude with a vertical movement and left towards the northeast.

  • Vallee Case 564 citing Momente Sera 21 February 1963.

February 21 1963, 0230hrs.

Bill de Haan was driving home from his work at the Yellowstone Pine Lumbar Company, when his car shook and swayed as a strange red sphere landed about 60m away. Sheriff’s officers combed the area the entire morning but could not see any traces. At the same time as this encounter a number of telephones in the area rang for no apparent reason, waking local residents.

  • Hervey 1976 p80
  • Vallee Case 565 citing Blue Book Files.

Spring 1963, 0750hrs

About 5km west of Roosevelt, Sam Brough saw, through his rifle scope, a silvery domed object, the size of a small house, as it hovered 10m over his head. Through the dome he saw a long skinny humanoid face. The object gave off a humming sound and Sam felt a pressure as it was overhead.

  • Salisbury 1974 case 2 citing Joseph Hicks files.

March 1963, approx. date.

Two 10 year old boys playing in the grounds of the deserted East Hill House, saw a new looking but old fashioned ambulance part outside the (disused?) mortuary in the grounds. The driver and assistant got out and took a body into the mortuary, came out and re-entered the ambulance which then just disappeared.

  • Harrison 1990 p23.

March 2 1963, pprox. date.

Pilot Lenart Strang and his passenger Alden Hoover made three passes over a “gorilla like” creature 3m tall. Photographs were taken but did not come out.

  • Barker 1963 p 42 citing Toronto Daily Star 4 March 1963.

March 9 1963.

Amos Biggs (or Gibbs) , a man known as the hermit of the Snody Mountains observed a silver saucer shaped object, with a slight oval dome, which landed on the frozen lake for 10 minutes. A door opened and then shut, and the thing took off with a buzzing sound.

  • Vallee Case 566 citing Flying Saucers July 1964.
  • Barker 1963 p26 citing Saucer News September 1963.
  • Hervey 1976 p81.
  • Fawcett p56.

March 13 1963, 0530hrs.

After an intense rainfall Pablo Michalowski and Roberto Jorge Martinez observed and photographed a luminous circular object that emerged from a forest reserve about 2km from town.

  • Vallee Case 567 citing CONDOVNI 1963.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 12 p11 case 48 citing Clarin 30 August 1963 + Vallee.
  • Richard Heiden citing Banchs 1976 p22.

April 1963.

A farmer on his tractor saw a round yellow object come from the west and pass overhead at 50m altitude. The silent object lit up the ground before it disappeared behind hills.

  • Basterfield 1997 p148 citing TUFOIC files
  • Evaluation: Probably a meteorite.

April 1 1963, approx. date. 0530hrs.

Rancher Angelo Mosteccioli had just rounded up the cows from a pasture when a huge disk suddenly came over the horizon, emitting a blue glow. It settled to the ground near a eucalyptus grove. The cows bawled and panicked and several broke a wire fence and went into a neighbour’s field. Several small figures emerged from the craft and began to walk about. With considerable difficulty several of them captured a calf and carried it on board, kicking and bawling. . Other little creatures emerged to collect samples of turn and plants from the pasture. When they beckoned Angelo to come on board the machine, he fled down a creek bed and they did not follow him. He heard a loud humming noise and looked around to see an eerie bluish glow as the craft passed over and sped out of sight in the general direction of Nicasio. Traces were found including a scorch area 9m across, faint unidentifiable tracks and small holes. The event was reported to sheriff Luis Montanos.

  • Barker 1963 p26 citing Interplanetary News Service 2,1 citing Petaluma Argus Courier 1 April 1963.
  • LUFORO Bulletin IV,3 p21 (probably an April fool story)

April 13 1963, 2230hrs.

Fred White was fishing while a friend slept in his car 500m away. Fred heard a high pitched whine, which apparently came from the east, then saw a very bright light, the apparent size of the moon, travelling from east to south at 60m altitude. As Fred scrambled up the embankment, the craft, a metallic machine 30m in diameter, landed 15m away. It resembled two inverted soup plates and flowed with a greenish light. Fred was paralysed with fear. The air became warm for a period, but this ended, along with the noise, when the craft landed. Through several over portholes Fred could see the brilliantly illuminated interior, with a circular control panel running along the outer edge wall, a foam covered floor and a man inside. He had smooth skin, fair complexion and was of muscular build. He was dressed in a seamless blue one piece overall, metallic crash helmet and gloves made of a shiny mesh. Fred saw the head and shoulders of the motionless being for almost 6 minutes and got the impression that others were on board. The hum then came again, increasing to a whine as the craft rose vertically, warming the air again. It hovered at 60m before accelerating away at high speed. When Fred woke his friend and they both tried to listen to the radio, they found it blocked by interference.

  • Philip J Human in FSR 9,5 p21.

April 28 1963, 0405hrs.

Mr and Mrs L Greenhalgh of Essex Avenue, heard an engine noise “like rocket taking off” and through their bedroom window saw an extremely brilliant light, through which no definite shape could be discerned. This light almost touched their roof and then swerved away, hovered over a partially built house across the road for 10 minutes before it landed. After 10 minutes the noise was heard again fading into the distance, though no light was seen on this occasion.

  • BUFOA Bulletin 1,7 + LUFORO Bulletin 4,1 p6 + Barker 1963 p6 all citing Heywood Advertiser 3 May 1963.

May 1963, approx. date. Night.

Tony Broughall was walking back from his girlfriend’s parents’ house and had gone about 50m along Sundon Road when he saw a black shape like the head and shoulders of a man cross the road, about 50m ahead. He thought it was a cyclist but when he reached the spot, nothing could be seen on the other side of the bend.

  • Broughall and Adams 2010 p53.

May 1963 or following month. 2045hrs.

A woman walking with her two children saw. In a side yard no more than 6m away and about 5m above the ground, a round object with three concentric circular rings decreasing in size from the edge towards the centre. The thing was slightly larger than a compact car and possessed an indescribably beautiful whiteness and brilliance. It had sharp lines except for a rim like halo and an area of even more intense brilliance. The top was white and bottom dark and metallic. The object hung silently, just quivering slightly from time to time.
On the left of the lawn, not far from the mass was a middle aged man with a hose, who appeared to be paying no attention to the object. The woman tried to speak but was unable to do so. It seemed as though she and the children were “frozen in time” and she could not even hear the usual sounds of crickets, dogs, cats etc. She then felt very afraid and forced herself and the children to walk away. As she did so she felt a sense of euphoria. When she arrived home it seemed to be later than expected. She pondered going back but felt that the object would be gone. She now felt sad and depressed. The street lights were not affected.

  • The witness, in APRO Bulletin 26,10 p1)

May 4 1963.

A male witness observed a silver sphere at 30m altitude, from a place 13km from Ballarat. It suddenly moved off at 50 kph.

  • FSR 9,5 p27.

May 4 1963.

Ronald B Hull saw a solid metallic object, apparently controlled, land briefly some distance away. Other people in the vicinity also reported unidentified objects

  • Barker 1963 p19 citing Interplanetary News Service 2,1.

May 4 1963, 1630hrs.

A round object, lie a soap bubble, 10cm in diameter was seen following a straight course about 1m above the ground at about 8kph

  • LUFORO Bulletin IV,5 p6 citing UFO-Nyt October 1963.

May 7 1963. Evening.
Mrs Margaret McCutcheen (34) and her son Robert Hirst (13) of Mottram Close, were watching TV when the electricity failed. Robert went to put a coin the meter and, through the kitchen window, observed a strange object and called his mother. They saw an object about 5m in diameter, with two aerials and a flashing red light, hovering in the garden, emitting a low buzzing sound. It hovered for about a minute before moving off over the rooftops. A drawing by Robert shows a sort of wedge shaped object with a turret on top and a bowl shaped devise on the bottom.

  • FSR 9,4 p22 + Baker 1963 p16 citing Daily Express 8 May 1963.

May 9 1963.

Several children reported seeing a creature “half man and half woman”, with one side of the head bald and the other with hair. It was seen entering a tunnel near a housing project.

  • Taylor 2011 p10.

May 15 1963.

Mr and Mrs D of Carignan saw an object on the ground to the left of the road as they were driving between Bergerac and Bordeaux, beyond the Yvrac intersection 2.5km from Maille. They stopped to observe it and the object then followed them for part of their trip.

  • Vallee Case 570 citing LDLN 71.

May 18 1963.

Businessman, Mr B Mathly, was driving his car at 70kph when he began to hear a buzzing sound on his car radio, growing louder until all reception was blocked. He then saw a light coming from behind the car. A luminous object 9m diameter came over the car and landed 400m ahead. It was so brilliant that its height could not be estimated. When Mathly dipped his headlights, the craft took off again. As it did so, the radio returned to normal.

  • Eric Livingstone in LUFORO Bulletin IV. 5, p4
  • Basterfield 1981 +1997 p 148 citing UFO Research (SA) files.

May 18 1963.

James McKinney saw something like a “half man half horse” outside his house. He called the police but searches were fruitless.

  • Taylor 2011 p10.

May 19 1963, 2130hrs.

A 17 year old apprentice mechanic, who did not want his name used for fear of ridicule, was driving from Glencoe to Mt Gambier, when, at a landmark known as “The Piggery” he saw on the side of the road an object that he thought wad a truck or a bulldozer. When his car was about 20m away the object put on a brilliant light like an electric arc, which dazzled him and forced him to brake. The object, which was 4.5-5m wide, 3-.5m high, then moved to the other side of the road. The youth then accelerated his car and as he did so the strange object shot straight up and hovered over the car. It disappeared until he reached the main road to Mt Gambier, where it reappeared at the 9.5km post and followed the car at speeds of up date 95kph, giving off its intense, electric arc, light, changing colour from red to green. The lad’s father confirmed that he arrived home looking white and shaken

  • Hervey 1969 p142.
  • FSR 9, 4 p 24 citing New Zealand Herald 27 May 1963.
  • APRO Bulletin November 1963 p6 citing press sources.
  • Eric Livingstone in LUFORO Bulletin IV, 5 p4.
  • Basterfield 1981 + 1997 p 148 citing UFO Research (South Australia) files + Queensland UFO 1,2 p6.
  • Barker 1965 p 15 citing Saucer News September 1963.

May 19 1963, 2215hrs.

The Rev R Dean Johnson was driving out from Zion, with his wife, when on the outskirts of Waukegan, when their attention was caught by a stationary light, that they first took to be a floodlight, moving away some 12km or so away, at about 300m. As they continued driving the thing changed course and came towards them. As the light came closer they saw it came from a double row of windows on some dark object. About 800 after passing the intersection with Hw 132 they stopped, and now saw that the thing was about 25m diameter and about 5m high, and was at an altitude of 60-90m, and was moving along at about 65kph. The object was spinning. They could look through the windows but could only see ceilings. As it past overhead it remained silent. The object continued onto the SW, then turned SE before gaining altitude and velocity.

  • Dean Johnson in Fate 1965 p148.

June 4 1963, 0300hrs.

Zearl Leinen and four other truck drivers reported separately to the police that multi-coloured object, the size of a small truck, landed or came close to the ground near Lyle, and then take off again. Police searches on both sides of the Minnesota –Iowa border were fruitless.

  • Barker 1965 p19 citing an undated issue of St Paul Dispatch.
  • APRO Bulletin January 1964 p1.
  • Vallee Case 372.
  • Hervey 1976 p 89)

June 18 1963, 2100hrs.

A group of children playing in their yards on De La Vista saw an object rise above the trees like the moon. A young brother and sister called their mother after seeing an object descend. They went outside and saw a red glow hovering in the sky behind a clump of trees one block from the corner of De La Vista and Pacific. On top of the glow was silvery dome, and from where the two met, antennae were protruding. A number of other witnesses, including Mr A M Creech observed the object as it hovered for an hour, and then proceeded slowly to Mt Rubidoux, where it hovered for another hour, before slowly rising and disappearing.

  • FSR 10,1 p28 citing Understanding September 1963, citing Arlington (Ca) Times 26 June 1963.
  • Hervey 1976 p89.
  • Barker 1965 p19.
  • Evaluation: Probably astronomical, actually the moon?

June 21 1963, 0100.
A woman saw, from her bedroom window, a silvery dome shaped object, with brilliant red lights along its base, and a sort of spectrum of colour along the top, hovering silently above an electricity pylon for about 10 minutes. The object then moved off.

  • NUFON News 139 p11 citing investigation by H Hudson.
  • Evaluation: Not reported for more than 25 years, the witnesses refused to co-operate, saying “ I am not permitted to know what it was”.

June 22 1963, 2110hrs.

A scientific commission aimed at securing photographs of the Zodiacal light had installed themselves in the General Lamadrid Military camp near the peak of this mountain. One night they heard a metallic sound outside the hut, and running out for fear of an avalanche, and saw a vivid blinking g light descend, brush against the steep side of the of the nearby Santa Elena peak, until it reached a point 1,000m from the top, where it stopped. Another, still stronger, light appeared either on or just suspended above the slope of Santa Elena. Both lights then faded out. In the next days the expedition members; meteorologist Bernardo Bazquin, engineer Angel Binaghi Pages and Sergeant Pedro E Zani confirmed that the area was impossible to travel in because of deep snow.

  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 15 p11 (case50) citing Clarin 30 August 1965 + CONDOVNI 1965.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 11,6 p15 also citing CONDOVNI.

June 26 1963, 0100hrs.

Enrico and Janet Gilberti, a couple in their 20s, had moved their bed close to the window on this hot, sultry night, when, after an hour’s fitful sleep, they were awoken by a deafening roar. Through the window, they saw, 90m away, at 30m altitude, a huge object, “ the size of a 10 wheel truck”, shaped like two bowls rim to rim. It was of a grey colour, with a darker connecting rim. On the top and bottom of the mid- section was a softly glowing yellow light. After about a minute, the thing tilted smoothly upwards and moved slowly away. Three different neighbours heard the sound, and the next door neighbour felt it shake the house, but was too tired to investigate.

  • Fowler 1974 pp.3, 329 + Fowler 1981 p24 both citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation: The noise suggests a low flying helicopter.

June 28 1963, 2130hrs.

A resident of Willaston, who would not give his name, was returning home from Lyndoch on the Lyndoch-Gawler road, when, on rounding a bend near the Sandy Creek hotel, he encountered a blood red object extending across the roadway. He braked, and was within 3.5m of the object, which had a concave top and flat base, was 7.5m across and 3.5m high. It then rose suddenly to over 100m and turned on its side. As the thing took off the deep red glow turned a light yellow, it then made off at fantastic speed, leaving two vapour trails. The witness was in a state of terror when he got home. He returned to the site the next day, but could not find any traces. He reported the matter to the police, the Weapons Research Establishment at Salisbury and he was interrogated by the Commonwealth Intelligence Bureau.

  • Basterfield 1997 citing Australian Flying Saucer Research Society + Queensland UFO 1,3 p26.
  • FSR 10,1 p30 citing Melbourne Age 10 July 1963.
  • Hervey 1969 p128.
  • Holledge 1965 p88.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 109 p8.

July 24 1963, 1630hrs.

Martin Henrrich and his wife were fishing from their boat on the Lewis River, when as they approached the railway bridge at Ridgefield, they saw, 305m from the water’s edge, about 30m in front of them, something they first thought was a tree trunk. When it moved they saw that it was a large, brown haired humanoid creature.

  • Edwards 1964 p161.

July 28 1963, 0130hrs.

A man and two women driving from Satus Pass to Toppenish along a rural road encountered a light grey coloured hairy humanoid, 2.7-3m tall, by the side of the road, illuminated in their headlights. They first thought it was a tree stump but then realised that it was moving.

  • Edwards 1964 p160 citing Martin Clark in Portland Journal 30 July 1963.

September 16 1963. 1630hrs.

A woman saw a disc shaped object land near the Blue John Cavern. From it a ramp was let down and a being dressed in a “space suit” came out, walked to a car and drove off. The disc took off after about a minute. During this time the otherwise busy road was quiet. The woman had been led to the site by a message over a client’s radio set and later claimed other contacts

  • Evans 1989 p143.
  • Good 1998 p249.

Summer 1963. Afternoon.

Susan Bissette was in her back garden, watching a local rugby match when she saw a red cigar shaped object, with silvery patches along its side hovering low some 30m away. The thing was about 3-4m long. As she alerted her husband, the thing made a sharp right hand turn and accelerated rapidly towards the horizon.

  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a p140 citing their own investigation.

Summer 1963, 2200hrs.
Mrs Olen Cardwell noticed s light in her kitchen, and through the window, saw a brilliantly illuminated object close to the ground 400m away. It was moving slowly in a semi-circular arc, alternately brightening and dimming. It disappeared in 10 minutes over mountains to the east.

  • APRO Bulletin May 1964 p9 :: Evaluation Suggestive of astronomical misperception, moon low on horizon??

Summer 1963. 2200hrs.

A group of family and friends sat out on a porch heard a sizzling sound and, looking up, saw a huge circular or pear shaped object moving south to north about 60m above the poplar trees at slow walking pace. The thing had about 12-15 windows, lit up with a dark blue light, about 45cm square and 15cm apart. The object’s surface was silver grey. The object had gone out of sight in about 5 minutes.

  • Cameron 1995 p35.
  • Evaluation: Reported about 30 years after the event.

Early July 1963, approx. date. 1615hrs.

A schoolgirl was taking a short cut across fields on the way home from school, when she saw a strange human figure dressed in a silvery one piece suit staring at her from just a couple of metres away. After a minute or two, in which the two stared at each other, the figure seemed to go behind a hedge. When she reached the spot a few seconds later the figure was nowhere to be seen. The witness had a number of paranormal experiences including OOBEs.

  • NUFON News 177 p12.
  • Evaluation: Another tale told decades later.

July 1963. Afternoon.

A 13 year old boy and his 9 year old sister observed an aircraft apparently crash into the inlet. It was a two engine machine, which seemed to suddenly appear in the sky and descend leaving reddish sparks. Civil defence teams found signs that an object had landed but no trace of the machine could be found.

  • Bradley King in Fate November 1976 p77.

July 1963. Afternoon.

Ms Shi Guo Kao, a pharmacist, heard a noise in her back yard and saw a fiery object land there. The thing stayed, spinning, for about a minute, and then turned dark red and exploded with a thunderous noise that shook her house. The thing then rose at speed, leaving a red trail,

  • Dong and Stevens 1983 p43.

July 1963. Night.

KB was driving along a deserted stretch of rural road, when his attention was caught by an oval light in the sky. It descended close to the ground in a zig-zag motion, chaing red, blue and then yellow. The thing, which was about 20m in diameter, passed over his car at treetop height. A corrosive liquid came from the object, burning him and damaging the car

  • Steiger 1999 p35
  • Evaluation Crop spraying plane or helicopter?

July 1963. 2350hrs.

A woman had just got into bed when she felt paralysed and heard a flapping sound to her right. There she saw a faceless winged humanoid hovering overhead. The thing then flew at the closed window, which it hit with a loud bang. She then noticed a light in the corridor as the thing flew, its wings making a great noise, at the dressing table mirror, into which it vanished. The paralysis was then gone.

  • Holzer 1975 p89.
  • Evaluation: A classic example of asp and hypnogogic hallucination

July 22 1963, 2030hrs.

William Holland (12) was playing with his two friends, Paul Lightfoot and Keith Kerfoot, on a tip in some waste ground opposite Redgate Street when they saw an object first high in the sky and then descend to 20m. The thing was discoid, with a dome with portholes, surmounted by a red flashing light. From its bottom descended a tripod landing gear and a central projection. From the top came something that resembled a periscope, which swivelled around and pointed at the boys. These then retracted and the silvery object took off again to join a strangely coloured cloud that moved against the wind. The disc eventually left the cloud. When the thing was descending it was spinning but it stopped this when it hovered. The boys were frightened when they arrived home and denied making up the story.

  • FSR 10,3 p24 citing Harry Bunting, Alan Rawlinson + St Helens Reporter 27 July 1963.
  • Hanson + Holloway 2011a p126 citing own investigation.

July 23 1963, 0100hrs.

Three people out driving saw a humanoid being about 3.5m tall and covered with grey hair cross the road ahead.

  • Bergier 1975 p170.

August 1963, approx. date.

A couple from Portland fishing in the river saw a being about 3,5m tall, wearing a pointed hood.

  • Bergier 1975 p170.

August 1963. Night.

A woman saw a large object, the size of a double decker bus land on or near Wimbledon Common Golf Club.

  • Barker 1965 p15 citing Daily Sketch and London Evening News 15 August 1963 citing David Briggs
  • Evaluation. Briggs simply repeats something an unnamed police officer told him.

August 3-17 1963.
Following a mine collapse, two miners, David Fellin and Henry Thorne, were trapped underground. During their 14 day ordeal they had a number of visionary experiences including a vision of Pope John XXIII; of men in peculiar vehicles reminiscent of chariots, who wore things like miner’s helmet’s on their heads; a blue light which came and went but which allowed them to carry out some tasks; a sort of stairway; three men about 1.9m tall, with bronze skins, pointy ears and thin lips wearing kimono like robes, who held a sort of plaque 40cm long, 60cm wide; small child like figures that danced round the rescue shaft etc. In the last period before rescue the figures began to appear grotesque. The two men also had out of body experiences and visions of other worlds.

  • Bill Schmeer in Fate/Fuller 1968 p21 citing his own investigation.

August 4 1963, 2330hrs.

Returning from a drive in movie, Ronald Austin (18) and his girlfriend Phyllis Bruce (18) were driving their 1956 Ford car past Mount Vernon Airport when their attention was attracted by a fuzzily outlined ball of light at treetop height. The light manoeuvred around the car as the couple drove at speeds up to 180kph. On a gravel road 1.6km from the Bruce farm, the light, changing from white to yellow, swerved and went over the car. As it did so the car motor failed and the radio became swamped by static. These effects faded as the light circled back to its original position at a distance. This light then pursued Austin home, where he altered his family. Mr Austin Snr contacted the police ay 0025 and at 0110 Deputy Lee saw an orange light in the sky. Austin was so shaken by the incident that he refused to go out at night.

  • Steiger 1966 p90.
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  • Barker 1965 p13 citing Racine Journal Times 5 August 1965.
  • APRO Bulletin Jan 1964 p3.
  • Blue Book Files see
  • Ridge 1994 p5 citing UFO Filing Center Files)

August 5 1963, 2230hrs.

A woman living in Bolton Road, Crown’s Brow, was bringing in coal, when she observed a green light over the wood at the rear of the house. It made a sound like a radio oscillating and rotated across the sky. At 0155 her teenage son saw a strange light, 30cm in diameter, giving off a green glow, hovering 3m off the ground, about 50m away. He walked towards it, and when he got within about 30m, in began to move away faster. He followed it over a sandpit and four fields, until it disappeared behind a wall about 400m away. When he arrived at the spot there was no sign of it at first, but looking around he saw it moving at 130kph towards a quarry. When he reached that spot, he again did not see anything at first, but then saw a huge circular light hovering overhead. He went to hide in a hut. Through holes, he observed the thing approach and come down to 60m. Flames came out of its bottom and it took off. He then rushed home, but as he did so, the object projected a beam lasting two seconds, which illuminated the ground about 1.8m away. When he arrived home he was trembling and perspiring heavily.

  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a p137 citing letter to Lionel Beer by the mother in 1968.
  • Evaluation: The teenager in this incident later became a ufologist, but abandoned the subject after, allegedly, a frightening experience at a transfiguration séance (Personal information)

August 6 1963. 1000hrs.

People in the Las Acacias section, including the Jorge and Villagas families, saw a strange object on the hill opposite, across a valley. It appeared in the sky, made a number of manoeuvres at treetop level, before hovering for a few minutes. It then took off vertically at great speed. Some witnesses feared it was a plane crash and the emergency services were called, but searches were fruitless

  • APRO Bulletin March 1964 p3.
  • Ribera 1968 p402.

August 7 1963. Night.

Five people observed a luminous source travelling west, then north, slowly over the railway tracks. It appeared to land in a wooded area. The luminosity was variable

  • Vallee Case 576 citing Blue Book Files.

August 7 1963 2100

Mr and Mrs Pladgett saw a light as bright as the sun, with other lights projecting from it, while driving home. When they reached home they found that the object, which had come from the east, was over their car.

  • APRO Bulletin January 1964 p3.

August 9 1963, 2210hrs.

An oval, red luminous object, coming from the north, dived towards a car, flying around it. It then went away towards the west and disappeared like a bulb being turned off, and then was seen again the west, flying very fast. It was observed for 15 minutes by numerous people including former Mount Vernon Mayor Harry Bishop

August 11 1963, 2355hrs.

Intrigued by a strange globe of light that he had seen on July 28, herdsman Alexander Santner of the “Saileralm” hut was keeping watch with his wife and 15 year old son. They were roused from sleep by a commotion amongst the cattle. Alexander went outside and saw about 40-50 luminous globes of different dimensions, flying in and out of the Arzmauer caves. He called his wife and son and at 0326 all three saw a very large flying object, with torpedo shaped openings on the side s at 1.4km, giving off luminous flashes as it moved to and fro as the globed kept moving in and out of the caves. Eventually this large object picked up the small globes, six such operations being seen before the thing was hidden by clouds. Several other sightings were made on following days.

  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 20k 6 p 27 citing TGIO Sept/Oct 1963)

August 13 1963.
Near Ellsworth a family and their housekeeper observed an elliptical object, with lights along its length and rays of light flashing up from either end, apparently on the ground adjoining Melasses pond for more than hour.

  • Hall 1964 p141 citing Walter Webb.

August 13 1963.

A trucker was followed by a cone shaped object, and there were physical effects. There were said to be 26 other witnesses.

  • Ridge 1994 p6 citing UFO Filter Center files.
  • Evaluation: Astronomical low on horizon?

August 14 1963. Night.

Mrs Harry Linder saw a 1m long egg shaped object flying overhead at treetop level, lighting up the area like a Christmas tree.

  • APRO Bulletin January 1964 p4.

August 15 1963.

Mrs Jean Gutzler saw a bright white round object, which lit up her yard, west of town, over her barn. It disappeared after a short time.

  • APRO Bulletin January 1964 p4.

August 18 1963. Afternoon.
David and Michael S (9, 8) were out playing when they heard an intermittent humming sound, and looking up, saw an object, shaped like two plates rim to rim, moving slowly. As it passed over a nearby hill it just scraped the treetops before it went over the river to the south. They called the adults out, but by the time they went out, the object had gone.

  • APRO Bulletin March 1964 p6.

August 20 1963, 2130hrs.

In a wooded area near Rome a motorist observed an object resembling an inverted plate, with a central turret, flying low over his car.

  • Vallee Case 579 citing Blue Book Files.

August 21 1963, or following day. 1830hrs.

Helge Mikalsen was out on a fishing trip on the Kagsund sound near Skjervoy. He was about to change location and was looking west when he saw a flame flash from the mountain on Arnoy island. He first thought that it was a navy rocket. At 2km the flame went out and Helge saw a grey metallic object, which gradually approached, losing altitude until it hovered 12-15m above the water some 250m away. Helge saw that it was an oval object 33-36m long, about 10m high, with five oval orange windows, about 2m high, on the side, and a domed top and fiver cup like protrusions on its base. There was a smaller object 3m x 2m hanging underneath. This latter affair was drawn into the larger object by two rails. By now the sea was getting dark and choppy, but underneath the thing it was shiny and calm. From one of the windows a green light was directed towards Helge and he seemed to become paralysed. The object was hovering over the site of a wartime wreck and material seemed to be passing between it and the water. The thing hovered for 10 minutes before tilting to one side and accelerating away to the north in the direction of the Kvenangen fjord.

  • Nils Jacobsen in FSR 16,4 p 18 + COSMOS 2,2 p12 + Pegasus 4,3 p4 direct from witness.

August 28 1963, 1005hrs.

Two bluish circular objects about 30cm in diameter were observed at 6-8m altitude.

  • LUFORO Bulletin IV.5 p11 citing UFO Nyt October 1963.

August 28 1963, 1915hrs.

At the Sagrada Familia estate near here, Fernando (12) and Ronaldo (7) E. and their friend Jose M Vidal, who lived opposite, went into the farmer’s garden to wash a coffee percolator in a tank by the well, after supper. They noticed the garden was illuminated but did not attach any importance to the fact until Ronaldo realised that the light came from an illuminated sphere, with transparent walls, hovering some 5m above the ground over a pear tree, 8m from the boys. The sphere was the diameter of a room (3-3.5m wide) and was divided into small squares, with two rods projecting from an angle at the top, and a central vertical rod. Through the walls, four people could be seen, sat on little one legged stools. They were three men, and a woman with long blond hair pulled back. All the beings were wearing diving suits with transparent helmets, with leathery suits, top part chestnut, lower part white, and wrinkled at the chests and limbs. From the bottom of the machine two parallel shafts of yellow light were projected toward the ground, between which one the beings descended to the ground, floating upright and walking toward the boys as soon as he reached the ground, with a measured step, arms swinging. Appearing insensible to the brothers he walked to the well where he touched Jose on the shoulder.

Fearing an attack, Fernando pushed the lad to the ground away from the stranger. The boys pushed themselves against the house in terror, until gestures from the being calmed them. Fernando realised that this being was huge, totally bald, had reddish skin, with a single eye in the centre of his forehead and huge incisor teeth. It was a large round dark eye, with a horizontal dark streak for a pupil. Fernando made to throw a stone at this Cyclops, but it turned rapidly and from a copper coloured metallic box on its chest came a yellow ray that made the boy drop the brick.. The boys saw, as this being talked, in a strange loud voice and gestures, to its companions, that they too had only one eye. This being tried to communicate with the boys in a similar fashion but without success, though it seemed to imply it might return.. It then re-entered the machine in the manner in which it had alighted. The machine then emitted a bright light, then rose up to the east, where its light went out and a wind swept the area. The boys fled into the house in terror. Mr E, returning home, saw triangular marks 1.5cm long on the being’s route, and traces of depressed ground.
  • Gordon Creighton in UFO Percipients p28 citing SBEDV Bulletin 65/68 citing A. F. de Carmo and M H Alexio in CICOANI Bulletin 51/3.
  • Spacelink 3,2 p4 citing Walter Buhler in SBEDV (issue not given)
  • Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966 p37 citing SBEDV Bulletins 48/50 and 51/2.

Autumn 1963.
A young woman saw a large ovoid object, apparently composed of flashing lights, hovering 6m above the railway tracks near Greenville Street. Two months later a railway worker saw a similar thing,

  • Miles 2000, p332.

September 12 1963.

19 men in the process of dismantling the tower, including foreman Patrick Loreno, sighted an object with a central white light and giving off smoke resembling steam 5km away. A coast guard boat was sent out but the object had sunk before the boat arrived. The thing was in view for 20 minutes.

  • APRO Bulletin May 1964 p8 citing an undated issue of Staten Island Advance.

September 12 1963, 2320hrs.

Mrs Myra Jones, the wife of the clerk to the Ashby Wolds Urban District Council was driving home to Moira from Overfield near Tissington in Derbyshire, when she noticed a light. It came from a grey, luminous object, larger than her car, with a curved base, on which there were three dots, and a dome on top. The thing was at the height of the telephone poles, slowly rotating and slightly tilted. She feared it was going to land on her car bonnet. After a few moments the thing emitted a swishing sound and disappeared.

  • Times 14 September 1963.

September 19 1963, 2000hrs.

Brian Whitehead (11) and three friends were playing behind the school when they saw a bright oval light with strange wings “like circles in circles”, come out of the north. The light lit up the playground like daylight, and they could see a telephone pole through it. As this object hovered 6m above the ground on the opposite side of the street, a box like object fell from it. The main object then moved off in the direction from whence it had come. As the boys got within 3-4m of the box, a 3m tall being “stood up” and the box disappeared. This being was dressed in white robes, like a monk, appeared to be periodically transparent, and held out its hands and made moaning sounds as it moved towards the children, who fled in terror. One of them, a small girl, was hospitalised for two weeks for shock. The following evening Brian and some friends saw the object return to the field, hover and fly away. On the ground lay a being , its arms and legs moving. This time the children did not approach. Police investigated.

  • Jerome Clark in Beyond Condon p55 citing Mary Guenther in Interplanetary News Service 2,4.

September 20 1963.

Richard Abel (26), a reservation clerk and former navy man, was out walking when he found himself followed by a star like object, which at one time went overhead and at others descended to 60m. Other witnesses included a police officer and the bartender and several patrons of the Roselle Gardens Tavern.

  • Barker 1965 p 3 citing Chicago American 20 September 1963.

October 1963. 0900hrs.

A middle aged woman, who desired no publicity, and who had seen a strange object hovering over her house the previous July, observed a grey coloured object about 3m long, resembling a wingless aircraft, approach from the north and hover 1.5m above the ground on the eastern side of the house. She could see three figures in the transparent front of the machine and that the grass under it was flattened. Suddenly one of the occupants, a human being of normal size, dressed all over in a white “asbestos suit”, which covered the face, appeared through the side of the craft and stood on the grass. He then proceeded to lead the machine around the house. When the lady called out “What do you want”, he conferred with his colleagues and replied “One of our party knows you, we will return”, before re-entering the machine through the solid side. As the craft now continued its movement around the house, it suddenly shrank considerably in size and tilted so that its rear portion dipped into the ground. The witness “sensed” she was not to approach the craft, which, when it had resumed its normal size, took off to the east emitting steam, smoke, a flash and a noise, rapidly disappearing from site. Some time later a strange fungus appeared at the site.

  • Marvin Smith in FSR 10,6 p13.
  • Cramp 1966 p337.

October 1963. 0930hrs.

Two people out bird hunting encountered an oval metallic object with flashing red lights in a field about 100m away. Neither was willing to stay while the other went for the police, so both left. When they returned, the object had gone, leaving an oval area of burnt grass about 6m long.

  • Swords 2005 p72 citing John Timmerman.

October 1963. 1800hrs.

Xie Yizhi saw a circular, spinning flying object, brighter than the moon, descend to 100m for a few seconds and then shoot back up again.

  • Dong and Stevens 1983 p45.

October 4 1963. Evening.

A carpenter from Nivala was fishing after building a summer cottage for a cattle dealer on this overcast evening with low cloud. The witness was alone when he saw a metallic object, shaped like as basin, 20m wide, descend from the clouds and hover close to the lake surface 200m away. As the object hovered, the water under it seemed to boil. After some moments the object re-ascended into the cliuds. The witness had also had a ufo experience in 1954.

  • BUFORA Journal 3,3 p17 citing a letter from witness in an undated issue of Vimana.

October 12 1963, 0330hrs.

Truck driver Eugenio Douglas 947) was taking a load of coal along the Monte Maiz –Isla Verde road during a violent rainstorm. At a point some 3km beyond Monte Maiz he was blinded by a powerful light beam, which he thought was the headlights of an approaching vehicle, until he realised that only one beam was visible. He was then struck by an intense heat that hurt his eyes and a tingling burning sensation on his face, causing him to almost faint and to lose control of his lorry, which fell into a ditch. Climbing out he saw that the light came from an oval or circular object that barred the road and was at least 10m high. Another light appeared at the side of craft as a door opened and three huge human shaped “robots” about 4-5m tall emerged. They wore close fitting suits and luminous helmets, from which emerged two little glowing antennae. As the entities saw Douglas they projected a beam of many red lights at him, burning his skin with its power.

In panic he fired at them several times with his revolver and fled back down the road to Monte Maiz, hiding his face in his poncho. As he fled down the road, the craft, which the giants had now re-entered, dived at him several times, each time giving him the burning sensation. At the edge of town participants in the wake for the late Mr Ribes were alerted Douglas’ plight by changes in the colour of lights and candles, which gave off a green light and choking gas. Outside they and other inhabitants found the terrified Douglas, a red light in the sky and the street lights going from red to green and also giving off the gas. A crowd escorted Douglas to the police station, where Dr F. G. Daboles found he was suffering from unclassifiable burns. Complaints had been received by the generating board, who feared that a generator was about to break down. The electrical wiring of the truck was found to be fused. A businessman from Mateo Manocchio had seen Douglas as he ran down the road, the changes in street lamps, and himself experienced an indescribable sensation followed by a memory loss of several hours. Police investigating the site found traces of footprints 45-50cm long.
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  • Richard Heiden citing Banchs 1976 p22 citing La Razon 18 October 1963
  • Ribera 1968 p113; Anglanda 1979 p319; APRO Bulletin January 1964.

October 21 1963, 2130hrs.

At the “Santa Teresa” estate, home of Antonio Mereno (72), 3km from Trancas, a generator failure at 1900 caused the family to have to resort to lamps and candles, causing them to retire for the night at 2000. Yolie (21), the wife of an air force officer (who did not want his name revealed) was awake when the maid, Dora Martina Guzman (15), knocked on the door in fear of strange lights outside. Though Yolie and her sister Yolande (30) investigated they found nothing to account for the girl’s panic, until they walked to the far left of the courtyard. From there , in the direction of the Belgrano railway line, about 150m from the house, they saw a tube 100m long with bright lights at either end. Outlined against this contraption could be seen up to 40 silhouettes of normal size moving to and fro. The women thought that this was repairs to a rail crash, though Yolande had the impression that the figures were in the tube. Before they investigated further they went to get warm clothes and alerted another sister, Argentina de Chavez (28), also the wife of an army officer, who walked to the end of the gallery, where , to her terror, she saw some strange machines near the house; her screams awakening her father and mother (Teresa, 63).

The first three witnesses now went to investigate, Dora leading the way, when at the gate, a green light, which they thought was a farmhand’s truck, turned out to be from a metallic domed disk, 8.5-9m diameter, hovering at 4m. On the machine were windows, 75 x 60cm, about two thirds of the way down. From the bottom of the machine came a white mist, the thing rocking on its axis. From this machine a coloured band was emitted, speeding up, going orange, the mist thickening and becoming sulphury. After only 30 seconds a sort of flame from the craft knocked the women down, rolling them along the side. Dora received first and second degree burns on her face and extremities, and the trio fled in terror. As they did so, three more lights lit up the line, making 6 in all. By now the near object was totally obscured in mist and it emitted a compact beam of light, 3m wide, which seemed to probe the house. The other, smaller, metallic craft, also projected a beam. These beams seemed to penetrate solid object, went through Yolie’s arm, giving a powerful sensation of heat, , and lit up the interior of the house, where the temperature had risen from 16 to 40C. At one point Teresa thought she saw a shadow pass a window. Other lights lit up a chicken coup and tractor. The beam on the nearest object turned south towards the town, then rose and swung through 180 degrees to the north, and was then retracted. The object then retreated to the railway line, where it was joined by two others, before rising over the Sierra de Medina range. The mist lasted for 4 hours and strange balls of calcium (96.48%) and potassium (3.51 %) carbonates and scorched trees were found, the dogs were silent and dazed, overseer Jose Acosta saw numerous lights saw numerous lights to the west and a woman doctor saw 40 or so lights in the sky after her car broke down.
  • Oscar Gallindez et al in FSR 17,3 p14 citing own investigation.
  • Earlier less accurate reports include that in FSR 12,1 p23.
  • Charles Bowen in The Unexplained 8 p158.

October 23 1963, 2045hrs.

Mrs Gordon and her two sons heard a piecing hum. On looking out to see what was causing it, they saw a circular object hovering above a tree in their yard. It hovered for several minutes, on one occasion emitting a flash of red light. It then moved slowly away

  • UFO Investigator II, 10 p3.

October 31 1963, 0415hrs.

Bread delivery man Jim Davidson (28) was making his rounds when he saw a glow in the sky, which came closer. It came from a cloud like object 2.5-3.5m long, glowing orange, with two red tail fins, which came down to 25m, 90m ahead of him. He followed it for 3km. At one point it crossed to the right hand side of the road, continuing to pace him. It then accelerated up a hill and then started to descend. Davidson, frightened, drove on. The last he saw of the object was an orange glow out to sea. Two other bread men in Wonthaggi, Frank Coleman (43) and Norman Veal (42) saw a glow in the sky .

  • FSR 10,2 p29 + Hervey 1969 p79 citing Wonthaggi Express 7 November 1963.
  • Vallee Case 585 citing Australian FSR May 1964
  • Loftin 1968 p 197.
  • Hall 1964 p 141.
  • Basterfield 1997 citing Express op cit + Queensland UFO 1, 5 p21.
  • UFO Investigator IV, 10 p3.

October 31 1963, 1430hrs.

Route de Souza (8) heard a strange roar, increasing in volume, and saw a luminous silvery object descend from the sky over her house, strike a palm tree, gyrate in the air and then fall into the Perapava river near the opposite bank. Her uncle, Raul de Souza, working about 100m away, heard the sound and ran to the spot to see the water boiling up mud. On the opposite shore, fisherman Tetsuo Teshigawa (some sources give the name as Issuo Oikiti) was able to see that the object was basin shaped, about 7.5m diameter, 1m thick, and was at 6m altitude when it struck the river. A number of other fishermen also witnessed the incident. Searches were fruitless.

  • APRO Bulletin January 1964 p1.
  • FSR 10,5 p7 + Olsen 1966 3-86 + Lorenzen 1966 p217 + Lorenzen 1968 p53 + Sanderson 1972 p74 + Ribera 1968 p304 all citing above.
  • Elidio Hernandes in Babcock and Beckley 1978 p41 citing Nelson Gato of Diario de Sao Paulo.

November 1963. Night.

Mr Fowler (17) was out motorcycling on this foggy night when he encountered something like a Morris 1000 Traveller estate car in the middle of the road, facing him. When he got within 20m of the thing it just disappeared.

  • Puttick 2003 p10, citing Radio Oxford Jan 1996.

Late 1963. Evening.

As Mr Sedore reached his trailer home, returning from work, he saw an unusual object outside and drew his family’s attention to it. About 12-15m above them was a spinning top shaped object. About 10m diameter, with multi-coloured lights rotating about a central point. It emitted a whirring sound. There were several similar objects in other parts of the park. While Mr Sedore and his wife Vera stood transfixed, watching the object without speaking and with a loss of full perception of time and surroundings, their son and daughter chased around the yard following the other objects. After about 30 minutes jets approached and the sound of the engines the objects around the trailer park vanished at terrific speed. The Sedores now felt able to talk and suddenly felt afraid. Other park residents noted TV interference and came outside to view the spectacle.

  • Haisell 1978 p54 citing his own investigation.
  • Evaluation: Balloons?

November1963, approx. date.

Mr Sesplugues, manager of the Mirador hotel in Andorra, and his wife, driving between Comarruga and Terreedembarra, saw a strange creature from a distance of 100m It was a black being, the size of a man, without had head and was crossing the road ahead of them.

  • Vallee case 38 citing Ribera 1966/8 p28.

November 15 1963.

Peter Valke and Jim Keesian ran toward a strange object that appeared to land but it vanished.

  • Vallee Case 587 citing Otto Binder.

November 16 1963, 2100hrs.

Art student, Tony Harrison (17), painter John Flaxton (17) and plastic moulder Mervyn Hutchinson (18) were walking a girl back to Sandling station when, passing Breckhill school, they saw a red “shooting star” descend in the Sandling station area. As they passed Slaybrook Corner they saw an oval light on a hill about 80m away, hovering about 3m above the ground. As they walked down a dip in the road they lost sight of this light. Then on the road, about 20-25m ahead they saw a figure described by Harrison as “ a man (in) a scarlet cloak, with a flickering lantern giving off a white light, held to his left, the upper part of his body in the gloom; but by the other two youths as “a headless bat with wings and webbed feet”. All four fled, believing they had seen the local ghost. From the 21 st onwards, various other groups of teenagers reported seeing strange mists, shooting stars, a human figure 1.8m tall that disappeared, traces of footprints and a heavy object in the woods etc. On one occasion a girl walked towards a light, saw a black figure, fled then blacked out. Investigations were inconclusive.

  • Charles Strickland in LUFORO Bulletin IV,5 p2.
  • FSR 10,2 p11.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a p150 citing above.
  • Today 18 May 1963.

Late November 1963, 2345hrs.

Two young airmen on a patrol saw a bright dome shaped object descend behind a hanger, its glow lighting up the area. From the thing came a green searchlight that swept around the area. The airmen watched the performance for about 2 minutes, until a sort of opening appeared in the object’s upper half. At this they fled. No traces were found.

  • FSR 10,2 p17 citing Wolverhampton Express and Star 7 January 1964 + an undated issue of Orbit + Lesley Otley + Wilfred Daniels.
  • FSR 10,3, p31.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a p153 citing much of above + MOD files.
  • Evaluation: Contemporaneous information suggests this was little more than a rumour and no real investigation ever took place. The story as grown in recent years with various other accounts.

November 20 1963, 1755hrs.

Captain J Murray of the Aberdeen collier “Thrift”, en route to Blythe, and three members of his crew saw a flashing red light, which passed within 1.6km of their port side at between 5-8m altitude and suddenly disappeared about 5km astern. The collier radar had two contacts on its screen, which disappeared as the ship got within 400m. The light flashed brilliantly and made no noise. Searches were fruitless.

  • FSR 10,2 p22 citing Northern Echo 22 November 1963.
  • Janet Bord in FSR 17,5 p29 + Sanderson 1970 p41 both cite the above.

November 20 1963. Night.

On a highway 88km east of Neche, a bright orange oval shaped object, surrounded by a light haze, circled a car driven by two high school girls. The thing sped across in front of their car and circled it before disappearing to the South East.

  • Lore and Deneault 1969 p 161 + Hall 1964 p141.

November 28 1963, 2200hrs.

Gustave Pipine and Carlos Perez were driving along the road to Alta Bracia when they encountered a luminous, blue, circular object, about 30m in diameter, hovering at 20m altitude,50m from the highway. As they were watching it, the thing suddenly made off and rose at staggering speed.

  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 12,1 p25 citing Diario de Cordoba 29 November 1963.

December 1963
At an undisclosed location a man saw a strange object land, and from it emerge a being which spoke to him an a language he could not understand. The being then re-entered the object, which flew away again.

  • Vallee Case 589 citing LDLN 70.
  • Evaluation: American helicopter??

December 1963. Night.

Taxi driver M Atkins called to East Riddlesden Hall to pick up a fair. Looking through a window he saw a woman in old fashioned clothing. He assumed there was a fancy dress party but when he entered the place was dark and the woman he was taking home told him that no such thing was going on.

  • Whittaker 1983 p44.

December 1963, 1830hrs.

The three man crew of a freight train riding between Presidencia (La Plaza) and Resistencia, saw a being over 2m tall, wearing a red one piece garment, walking along the railway track towards them. The driver slowed down and all three saw the being had a pale face, long fair hair, and was holding before him, in both hands “as if making an offering” something that they thought was the body of a small child. As the engine got within 5m, the being shot up as if in a whirlwind and disappeared. Searches were fruitless. At about the same hour in Resistencia Justo Masin and his 16 year old son saw an identical entity descend towards them as they were about to take supper in the garden.

  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 12,1 p26.

December 2 1963. Night.

Several people reported a glowing object plunge into Lake Erie. Three coastguard vessels were sent out the next day but nothing was found.

  • APRO Bulletin September 1964 p .
  • Evaluation: Meteor?

December 5 1963, approx. date. Early morning.

While driving home to Wormelow, lorry driver Tom Walker (26_ saw a luminous object, the apparent size of the full moon, appear in the sky at Johnson’s Garage. The thing was low and appeared quite close. It paced him back to Wormelow, where it rose into the sky and disappeared. Tom had had a similar experience previously.

  • FSR 10,2 p22 citing Hereford Citizen and Bulletin 6 December 1963.

December 13 1963.

Two customs inspectors at gate 2 of the borderIgnacio Baz and Amber Gordillo, saw a huge white sphere approaching at treetop level. It stopped and hovered, where it was joined by two other spheres. The three spheres then bounded along a ploughed field, near and parallel to the river and then entered a wooded area where the things dissolved without leaving any traces.

  • Lab 1976 p13.

December 14 1963, 0100hrs.

Leslie Immelman and W T Muller were driving from Petchefstreem to Verneeniging, when 19km from Parys, they saw what looked like a large dog in the road. They had just finished investigating this beast and were resuming their journey, when the countryside became illuminated as bright as day, highlighting the boulders and potholes on the road. Suddenly a strange bright object appeared ahead and dived at the car with speed, causing the two men to jump out. As the two stood by their car, the object, which they now saw was circular, 15m diameter, dived again at their car and hovered 15m above it, giving off an orange glow, and, on one side, a bright blue light, from which protruded a fiery trail emitting sparks. After about 2 minutes the object took off, only to return and dive at the car 5 or 6 more times, on one occasion hovering beside the road. While the thing hovered, it emitted gentle hum. On the same night Mr Gericke, a farmer at Keyterskloof, was milking his cows when he saw a meteorite, which exploded over the horizon.

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December 18 1963, apprx date. Night.

Railway worker Cesar Tulie Gallarde was sat in a stationary sleeping car at the Sauce Viejo sidings, listening to the radio and reading a newspaper by the light of a carbide lamp, when the light went out and the radio went dead. He went out to see white was going on but was frightened by strange lights outside and slammed the door shut. At that moment a being surrounded by a strange lights came in through the other door of the coach, creating such a dazzle that Cesar was forced to shield his face with the newspaper, which however, the being snatched away from him and tore up. The being then seized an oil can and poured the contents into a small container that it had taken from its clothing. While this performance was going on, Cesar was able to observe that the visitor’s legs were covered in a shiny dark cloth. The being then departed in the same as it had arrived. A few minutes later Cesar had reported his story to the police, passengers on an incoming train saw a luminous being walking down the railway track.

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December 22 1963.

Two boys observed 8 to 9 cylinders swoop over their home at only 6m altitude and plunge towards the ground 800m away. A search found nothing.

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December 24 1963, 1945hrs.

A farmer was out driving near his farm when he saw an unusual object at the same time as his battery went dead. The cows would not give milk for two days after the event.

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December 25 1963. Night.

A fisherman witnessed the landing of a craft from which a terrifying creature emerged. It was humanoid in shape, spoke sounds the witness could not understand, left footprints in the sand and went back into the machine, which then took off.

  • Vallee case 592 citing LDLN 70 citing a Radio Gabon broadcast 2 January 1964 + France Culture broadcast 26 Dec 1963 + Etoile du Congo 7 January 1964.

December 27 1963, 1600hrs.

Miss Pauline Abbott (16), a trainee riding instructor at the Ivy Banks stables, where the previous day two young people had seen a strange object in the sky, was bringing her horse back the pasture, when she head a “squelching” sound and the horse refused to move. Through the mist, she saw an object about 2.5m long and about 1m high, tapering to a point at each end. The object stood out clearly in the mist, bright and white, as if glowing. On the left hand side of the thing was a panel resembling a car windscreen in profile, which was giving off a definite glow. When she called out to Mr Banks, the owner, the thing accelerated away to the left, leaving the ground in a shallow climb. After the object had gone about 30m, a straw stack cut off her view. The next day the ground was found to be slightly depressed in an area about 3.3m diameter. There was a centre circle about 1m across, with marks resembling knife cuts radiating in the turf, at the end of three of which were marks made as if by three large fingertips. A fence post in the object’s line of flight was sent to have been bent and strange slimy deposit was found.

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  • Evaluation: Dole and BUFORA editor Cleary Baker suggested the object was a reflection a car’s headlights on mist.

December 28 1963. Evening

Colin Provest was taking his dog for a walk, when by the light of the full moon, he saw a red sphere about 60m wide, with yellow-white a tail 45cm long, tapering to a point, with some sort of attachment like the fin of a bomb. It was descending at 45 degrees about 40m away at 15m altitude.

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December 28 1963, 2215hrs.

Mr V E Burnett observed an object travelling slowly in an east-west direction low enough to be visible through the trees. It was the apparent size of the moon, luminous, pulsating ruby red, circular, composed of equal segments, the space in between which were clearly visible. The thing reversed its course and Burnett watched it until it was hidden by trees and a hill top.

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