1962 (approx. date)
While photographing in the Orlandi Hills near Pescarti painter Franco Tomassini noticed an object approaching silently at great speed and descending to 2m From an opening in the lower part there emerged a being 2m tall, dressed in a tight fitting overall, through which his muscular build could be seen, suggesting that he had no stomach. The being smiled and asked, in Italian, for water producing two containers that had been folded in its pockets. Franco obliged and the stranger thanked him, saying “I’ll do a favour for a favour”, and then jumped into the machine which took off like a rocket.

  • FSR 9, 2 p4 citing Renato Albanesi in an undated issue of Domincia del Corriere.

1962 (approx. date)
A peasant saw a very bright oval object take off from a sport on the mountains. A few days later he found a circular hole 3m deep and 30m in diameter. An expedition was organised in the town and in the bottom of the hole they found three soundly constructed tunnels 3m deep, 4-5m wide that went deep into the mountain. The darkness prevented further exploration and later the church and local authorities sealed the tunnels and forbade further exploration.

  • Ballester 1976, case 33 citing LDLN 121 p17.
  • Evaluation: Appears to be just a rumour; possibly inspired by caves or old mine workings.

1962 (approx. date)
A farmer’s wife from Somerset was in a party on the Downs when they became lost. She turned round to see a small man dressed in green standing at her elbow. He said “You take that one (path) and you’ll be alright”, then “just wasn’t there anymore. 

  • Readers Digest Folklore Myths and Legends of Britain p121.

1962 (approx date) Day
A girl was taking a lie down after lunch when she felt herself paralysed and unable to cry out. A being with fair skin, blue eyes and long hair, wearing a sort of space suit, entered the room. The being pointed to the cement wall and the girl found that she could see right through it and hear everything that was going on outside, including seeing her aunt come to visit. The figure then turned its back on her and disappeared. Everything returned to normal and she found that she could move. Her mother confirmed the aunt’s visit.

  • Swords 2005 p191, 205 citing John Timmerman.
  • Evaluation: asp with hypnogogic hallucination?

1962 (approx. date) 1130hrs.
Willy Bunch was on his way home from a night with a friend and had sat down to smoke when he saw, less than 4m away, a white thing, like a headless woman in a long dress that trailed behind her. He accidently killed a rooster he had collected in his panic to get away.

  • Montell 2000 p65.

1962 (approx. date) 2035hrs.
Shortly after a woman woke up the external sounds suddenly went away and a mist appeared around her bed. She saw two entities, one on each side of her and on her wrists were metal bands from which wires ran out of sight. Only the top half of the entities, who wore translucent dark oval helmets, were visible. Their arms were thick, suggesting that they were wearing padded suits, and they appeared to be wearing mittens. She was shown images on a sort of TV screen, then everything vanished. The events repeated a few months later.

  • Norman Oliver in UFO Magazine 11, 5 p22.
  • Evaluation: Hypnopompic hallucination?

1962 (approx. date) Late night.
At least 12 times over a five week period, a young nurse from Edinburgh awoke to see a silent faceless robed figure like a monk at the foot of her bed.

  • Holder 2010 p43 citing Adams p98
  • Evaluation: Hypnopomic hallucination?

Four members of a family having dinner saw, through their window, a large, round, brilliant light, larger than a car, enter their yard and hover for a few seconds, illuminating the yard, and then move off rapidly
  • Swords 2005 p23 citing John Timmerman. 

Steven Collins and Robert Earle saw a grey hairy humanoid in a river bank east of town. In then went into the woods. Its face looked too human to be a bear.

  • Taylor 2011, p9.

1962. Morning.
A motorist descending the slope into Milton Combe saw, turning the corner into the road ahead, a horse and cart. Before the motorists eyes they faded away.

  • Brown 1982 p94, citing Western Morning News 2 January 1971.
1962. Dusk.
10 year old Bruce Hollenbach and his 11 year old cousin were playing in the woods behind their grandparents’ home when they heard a strange whistling sound. Looking round they saw a blue-white blob like thing behind the tree. The children fled.
  • Jarvis 1992 p51 citing Bruce Hollenbach.

Mario Borlandelli and a friend saw a bright light near the horizon. As they approached it, the object shot into the air. At the site an elliptical burn 10m long was found, along with samples of magnesium.

  • Phillips 1976 p25 case93.
  • Evaluation: Phillips sites FSR Case Histories 12 as his source but this story does not appear in that issue.

A woman was driving from Grand Forks to Minot when an object flew across her car and then followed iy. The next day a bowl shaped imprint, in which all the grass was crushed, was found. Three indentations were clearly marked within the depressed area.

  • Phillips 1975 p26 (case 150) citing an unspecified issue of Data Net.

John Hart from Greenwich Connecticut saw a brightly lit spherical object hovering just above the ground at the far edge of a jungle clearing. Afterwards it left the area at high speed.

  • Barker 1963 p26 citing Saucer News March 1963 citing an undated issue of Port Chester Item.

A 6m long black object hovered above and touched down in a paddock, causing a fire.

  • Basterfield 1978 citing a letter to the editor in an undated issue of Hobart Mercury.

1962. Dusk
On a hot night a man of average size, with a smooth faces and smooth grey hands walked into a bar wearing a raincoat and scarf. He had several drinks and became rather drunk. As a barman was helping him out, the stranger just disappeared.

  • UFORA Research Digest 23 p3 citing UFO Research Queensland.#
  • Evaluation: Just an anecdote told by a barmaid in 1990

1962. Night.
Shortly after becoming widowed Elsie Moose was awakened to see a woman dressed in a long white robe, and with luminous outstretched arms. The being reassured her and promised her healing powers, which she used to cure the chief of the Nelson House band.

  • Rutkowski 1993 p125 citing Winnipeg Free Press January 28 1983 p43.

1962. 2330hrs.
At an undisclosed location, a young man was coming home from a late night movie, when in his garden he encountered something like two plates joined together, with a row of portholes above the join. Standing behind a tree, the young man could see more details. The thing was about 8-10m in diameter and 2.5-3m high, around the openings was a sort of intricate design that appeared to have been carved into the surface of the machine. From the windows came multi coloured lights (blue, green , yellow, bright red) changing in sequence, the whole thing giving off a green glow. Immediately to the right of this object stood two small beings, wearing something like uniforms with transparent helmets which had small boxes at their backs. The witness circled round the garden to get a better look from the other side, as he did so he brushed against a trash can, making a noise. At this the two dwarfs rushed back into the craft, which hovered for a second before shooting off into the sky.
  • Lorenzen 1970 p148 citing a letter from the witness’s sister.
  • Evaluation: Only known from an anonymous letter, giving no address, one in which the writer wondered why South American witnesses never took photographs of their experience, so a hoax/joke must be suspected.

January 1962, 1840hrs.
Norbert Haase (18) was relaxing after ice skating on the town lake, when he was struck by a bright light from behind the island in the lake, was dazzled, felt a chill going through him and lost consciousness. He gained consciousness by the lake shore and got home at about midnight. His parents were concerned about his reddened face and a scar on his nose, so he was sent to hospital, where he suffered from nightmares. He recalled lying on table and being examined by “beautiful” slim men with long hair and white overalls. He later became a political dissident for which he was imprisoned.
  • Michael Hesseman in The International UFO Library Anniversary Edition p45 citing own investigation.
  • Evaluation: Not reported until 1983 when witness had moved to West Germany and joined a “gnostic Christian movement”

January 9 1962, 0300hrs.
Jose A Fillpin and J. Navarro were returning by truck to Catamarca town when, just as they reached the crest of the Cuesta del Totoral, they saw two powerful lights in the sky, following their truck at a most identical speed. Surprised, they halted but the lights vanished immediately. The phenomenon recurred at Amadores however and this time they were able to perceive a strange cupola shaped object, similar to the upper half of a bus, standing on the slope of the mountain, some 100m from the road. Beside this object there was a second, similar, one. Both moved in a zigzag fashion and finally vanished behind a small hill. Subsequently the members of a police commission sent there from Catamarca town observed a luminous object that touched down gently on the high point known as Loma Brava.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 12 p9 case 18 citing La Nacion (BA) 11 January 1962 + Review 2001 no.17 (17 December 1969) p28.
  • Vallee Case 527 citing CONDOVNI report for 1962.

January 16 1962, 2010hrs.
A middle class woman and her two maids saw a tiny luminous object fly through their house at about 1.5m from the ground. The thing seemed to be mainly 40-50cm long, though it contracted at times, 5cm thick, with an intense bright blue inner core, surrounded by a sort of crystalline outer are. The thing bumped up close to the wall, hit an electric light bulb, which failed, went in and out of doors. It eventually went into the bathroom and presumably out through an open window there. Minutes before this there had been an aerial explosion, possibly due to a bolide, and at 2330 that night there was an earthquake in Rio.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 28, 2 p11 citing Walter Bulher in SBEDV Bulletin 26/7 p9 citing his own investigation.

January 19 1962, 1115hrs.
Harry Epperson, Bill Bowman, George Callaway, Alice Lockhart and dozens of other residents observed a white, round object, as bright as the sun, descending towards the ground. Several people reported seeing a man at the bottom of the object, which was in view for 5 minutes. Local and county police and the highway patrol investigated without success.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 80 p9.

January 22 1962, hrs.
From this time and date until midnight on the 25th, 15 unusual objects were witnessed in the Villa Dione (or Del Dione) Los Molines and Molines reservoir areas. Some of the objects landed on the banks of the reservoir, while others moved on the surface of the water, no more than 200m from the witnesses. The diameters of these things ranged between 5-10m.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 12 p2 (case 19) citing Cordoba 29 January 1962 + Argentine Army Manual de Informaciones Vol 4 folios 2-3 p22.

January 29 1962. Early morning.
Three people saw a conical object, with red orange and blue lights, (or the lights alternating between these colours) fall into the river.
  • Richard Heiden citing Banchs 1973 p19 citing La Razon 30 January 1962)

Early February 1962. 1500hrs.
Robert Todd went into his kitchen to get a glass of water when he was surprised by a weird glow in some trees and went out into a nearby field to investigate. When he reached the field he encountered a large circular object hovering 2m above the ground. Standing beside it was a humanoid being 2m tall, dressed in black. The being drew something in the dust, which Todd took to represent the interior of the machine. It then climbed back in the object, which accelerated away. Investigators found traces of Todd’s footprints and thinner “feminine” prints, but felt there were certain inconsistences in his story.
  • Harry Siebert in LUFORO Bulletin III, 5 p13 citing “The Hawk Research Society) (this is not the name of a place)
February 1962. Late afternoon
Mrs Cecilia Cardona and her 5 year old daughter saw, through the North West window of their house, three very dark discs standing on edge, touching the ground. These things were as tall as a row of large pear trees in the field and oscillated back and forth. When the things approached the olive trees the starlings there took off rapidly. After Cecilia had been watching the objects for 30 minutes and as night was coming on, the three discs rose vertically to a great height and went away to the North West in formation. Cecilia had several other UFO experiences.
  • Ballester 1976 case 34 citing letter from witness to ERIADNI.

February 9 1962, 0330hrs.
Ronald Wildman, a car delivery driver, employed at the Vauxhall works at Luton, was delivering a new estate car from the factory to Swansea on this clear starry night. He had driven through Dunstable and was approaching the crossroads at the end of the Ivinghoe road at the village of Aston Clinton, when he saw a white, metallic oval shaped object; with regularly space black openings, 12m in diameter, altitude 6-9m over nearby trees. As he approached within 20m, the power of his vehicle deteriorated, slowing him down to about 30kph. The engine lost revolutions, though the headlights were unaffected, and changing gear could not improve the vehicle’s speed. The thing kept about 6m ahead of him for about 180m, and then came lower. It reflected light from the estate’s headlights. Then, by some trees near the cemetery, a kind of halo appeared around the object, about 60cm from its base, which object then veered off to the right at terrific speed. As it did so, it brushed particles of frost from the trees onto his windscreen. When the thing had gone, the car performed normally. He was afraid and reported the matter to the police. Investigators found no traces but considered him honest. He had heard that other Vauxhall plant drivers had had similar experiences. 
  • FSR 8, 2 p18 citing investigation by B E Finch, J Doel and R R Russell.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a p68 citing letter from witness (reproduced) + investigation by J D Llewellyn + Daily Herald + Daily Express both 10 February 1962.
  • Charles Bowen in The Unexplained 5, p100
  • Redfern 2006 p106 citing investigation by Sgt C J Perry of the RAF police
  • Chapman 1969 p38.

March 1962.
A strange object was seen at close range for about 10 minutes and unusual radiation levels were detected.
  • Ridge 1994 p4 citing Hartle 1963 p164.

March 17 1962.
Several people saw strange lights offshore. The ice cutter Ojibwa was sent out to investigate, but the lights receded as the ship approached.
  • APRO Bulletin July 1962 p4.
  • Evaluation: The coast guard considered that these were lights refracted on the lake.

April 1962. 2350hrs.
Derek Ferguson (22) and his 14 year old brother were driving back from a holiday in Scotland, when at a spot 25km from Annan they noted that the road was otherwise deserted. Then a long stream of strange figures, animal and human, seemed to head towards the car and then disappear. The atmosphere outside became markedly cold and the car became increasingly resistant to Derek’s control. When they finally stopped the car seemed hit by a force which bounced it up and down and rocked it from side to side. They felt dizzy and sick, so Derek got out, at which the strange effects ceased, only to return when he got back in. Derek then saw a light which was on an object that resembled a furniture van. They found the car accelerating towards this vehicle but just when a collision seemed inevitable, it too disappeared.
  • Underwood 1974 p14.
  • Evaluation: It is not at all clear whether anyone ever spoke to the younger brother to see what, if any, his experiences were.

April 7 1962, 0005hrs.
A 55 year old uneducated farmer was working in his field when he saw a very intense white light, apparently on the ground. He thought it was a train, but then realised that it was zigzagging towards him. It passed overhead at 15m altitude, causing him to dive to the ground. It was shaped like a cloud and was several metres in diameter. It disappeared at great speed.
  • Ballester 1976 case 35 citing Enrique Campos.

April 9 1962 (or previous week)
Two lovers saw a disc shaped object landing in a nearby meadow, by a small wood. The disc was 5m diameter, 2m high and emitted a bright green phosphorescence that created a pulsating, coldly luminous, halo. When the object touched the ground, the pulsations stopped. A door opened in its side, light coming from the opening, from which two creatures descended and walked on the grass in front of the object for some minutes. They appeared to be talking amongst themselves. Suddenly one of the beings pointed towards a small wood and not long afterwards one of them went to the north and disappeared among the trees. The second being returned to the craft, the door closed and the green phosphorescence began to pulsate again. Immediately the machine took off, at first swaying then ascending vertically at high speed.
  • Maurizio Verga’s ITACAT citing Il Nostro Tempo 26 April 1962.

April 10 1962, 2130hrs.
Mario Zuccala (26), a tailor who worked in Florence, was coming home through the Cidinella Woods from his bus stop, when, crossing a small canal; he was stuck by a sharp wind. Turning to his left, he was terrified to see an ash coloured object resembling two bowls, one on top of another, 8.5m diameter, pass overhead at 6m and settle less than 7m away, about 2.5m above the ground. From this object a cylinder 1.5m diameter descended to the ground. A door appeared in the cylinder in which three steps, illuminated by a diffuse light, could be seen. Two beings emerged. They were about 1,5m tall, covered completely in shiny metallic suits with two antennae. They took hold of Mario under the armpits and led him into the interior of the craft, which was empty and illuminated by the light he had already seen. As if from a loud speaker, a voice addressed him in Italian. The only part he could remember was one saying that on the fourth moon they would come at 0100 to give him a message for humanity. The beings then escorted him out, and he found himself home by 2145, where his wife was started by four loud knocks on the door that Mario could not remember making. He appeared to be in a state of extreme terror and after a restless night contacted journalists, who were unable to find any evidence of the craft’s presence at the spot. According to later reports, Mario claimed that the beings returned, giving him half the message, which was kept in a case that could only be opened using three extraterrestrial words. The other half of the message was supposedly given to a man in another country. Investigators were divided about the story and thought the second part was a fabrication for publicity. 
  • FSR 8, 4 p5 citing Ceccarelli Silvano
  • Roberto Pinotti in Flying Saucers January 1966 p55.

April 12 1962. 2300hrs.
While driving along the Legrano-Saronno Road, Iller Benazzi (28) and fiancé saw a strange, dark, circular flying object, with two very powerful white lights in the forepart and three small violent lights in the rear. It descended noiselessly, diving at their car three times, almost grazing the roof on one occasion. It then turned up its front lights and landed on the road some distance from the couple, before taking off again towards Saronna at high speed. It was also seen by Stefano Fassa and his girlfriend in a second car, but they did not mention the incident until Zuccala (qv) told his story.
  • Maurizio Verga citing ITACAT citing La Nazione 14 April 1962 + La Settima Incom 18 + Cronaca 28 April 1962.
  • C Silvano in FSR 8, 4 p7. Roberto Pinotti in Flying Saucers January 1966 p57.
  • APRO Bulletin September 1962 p1 citing Edinburgh Evening News 14 April 1962.

April 24 1962, 1945hrs. 
Mrs Alice Gasslein was driving her mother, Mrs Estelle Wilkinson home, when Estelle looked out of the car window and saw an object moving slowly and silently east and west and directed Alice’s attention to it. It was circular, surmounted by a dome giving off green flashes of light. The centre section had a rotating series of square windows, giving off a brilliant white light. The object was about 10m diameter, 10m thick, the bottom was saucer shaped, curved upwards and had shafts of white light projecting down. It was traveling at 15m altitude. Alice saw the object 400m away, and after it had moved off, she turned around and drove home to alert her husband Joseph, a former Colonel in the Air reserve, to the thing. Joseph saw the object 400m away. After it had moved off, Alice drove her mother home. When she returned, a neighbour, Barbara Berryman, directed her attention to a nearby wooded area, from which a similar object emerged at 15m altitude, approaching the rear of the property. Joseph, summoned again, saw the object saw the thing at a distance of about 200m. . Paul Scattergood and a number other local residents independently reported a light low in the sky.
  • Olsen 1966 p 3-78 citing NICAP.
  • James McDonald in Pegasus 3, 12 p13.
  • Swords 2005 p58 citing International UFO Reporter Jan/Feb 1985.
  • Swords and Powell 2012 p299 citing MacDonald and IUR)

April 27 1962, 2115hrs.
Mrs Fred Harris saw two brilliant green fireballs, with tails, the first larger than the second, speed past just above the treetops at a speed faster than a plane.
  • APRO Bulletin January 1963 p4.
  • Evaluation: Bolides with gross underestimate of altitude?

April 30 1962.
At the Monte Monfre crater customs official Eugenio Siragusa, in response to telepathic signals, encountered two entities 1.65m tall, dressed in trousers with silver rings and belts that gave off at intervals, yellow-green blue flashes of light that had a calming effect. They wore one piece metallic helmets and spoke in strange metallic voices, giving him a “message for humanity”, speaking and gesturing like priests. In the crater was their 15m diameter craft, which gave off a brilliant illumination.
  • FSR 9, 1 p3 citing Renato Albanesi in Dominica del Corriere 28 October 1962.
  • Evans 1987 p126.
  • Evaluation: A classic contactee tale, hoax?
Late April/Early May 1962.
Three women and the 10 year old son of one of them were driving home when they saw bright lights in the sky ahead. They crossed the road and were lost to sight behind shrubbery. As they drove on, the party saw the objects, now standing on edge, hovering over a field. They stopped to watch, at which the objects tilted to the horizontal and approached the witnesses, who quickly drove away. The two objects were yellow spheres with a rotating red patch and only about a couple of metres in diameter. They followed the car, a metre so behind the rear window, and matched its speed. The things eventually turned away and disappeared.
  • Swords and Powell 2012 p299 citing investigation by Walter N Webb.

May 9 1962, 0330hrs.
On Highway 35 near Bahia, Jose Carlos Garcia, an employee of the naval base at Puerto Belgrano, was out on a hunting expedition with several friends when, before they had gone very far they saw a glow, which they thought was the lights of some nearby town. They then saw that it came from a luminous object, glowing like a mercury vapour lamp, which rose into the air and discharged two similar objects. One of them flew along the road above the hunters’ jeep, while the other two rose vertically and disappeared. For 8 minutes the hunters pursued the third object, until it also accelerated out of sight.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 12 p9 case 20 citing Siota Dias Illustrados (BA) 8 August 1962.

May 12 1962, 0410hrs.
While travelling from Bahia to Jacinto Arauz, three truck drivers, Valentine and Gauro Tomassini and Humberto Zenobi, observed a light, like a lantern going on and off, 200m away in a field, 40m from the wire fence. As the trio slowed down they saw a row of 20-30 lights come on, giving the impression of a brilliantly illuminated railway carriage. When they reached a point some 70m form the object, two green lights, one at the end and one in the middle of the object, came on. The drivers then turned both their truck headlights onto the thing, at which windows on it flared up brilliantly and it rose up and crossed the road at 4m altitude. The lights then went out and a reddish flame came from its lower portion and it emitted a soft humming sound. The thing then split into two sections, which flew off in different directions. At the landing site the grass was burned over an area 60m diameter and there were damp, leaden coloured, patches, which, when analysed at the Southern National University turned out to be sodium and potassium carbonate.
  • Oscar Uriondo op cit p10 case 8 citing La Nacion 24 May 1962 + Los Principes (Cordoba) 25 May 1962 + Review 2001 5 p20.
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p81 citing CIFE.
  • Vallee case 533 citing SBEDV 30 + CONDOVNI 1962 report.

May 12 1962, 0430hrs. 
Four people out driving saw three luminous objects that followed them at close range, lighting up their car as if it were daylight. The brilliance damaged the retinas of one of the witness’s eyes, a condition which required medical treatment. These lights were below the level of the horizon. One light went behind trees, where it landed and stayed on the ground for an hour before taking off again at high speed. The thing was circular with a flashing light. During the time of the landing the witnesses had run out of petrol and were waiting in the drizzling rain.
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p65 citing CIFE Case11 + La Nueva Provincia 23 May 1962.
  • APRO Bulletin July 1963 p4.

May 13 1962, 0400hrs.
Two young women driving from Rosario to Cordoba saw an elongated object with red, green and yellow streaks cross the road ahead at high speed; they then encountered a fog, which caused them to drive in low gear. When the fog deceased considerably they saw, partly hidden by some bushes, a red, hat shaped object, with portholes and red, green and yellow lights set in an arrow like arrangement. The object had been seen in flight in several localities within the state.
  • Uriondo op. cit. citing La Razon 15 May 1962.
  • Lorenzen 1969 p237
  • Vallee Case 534 citing CODOVNI 1962 report
  • Heiden citing Ribera 1968, pp81.97.
May 13 1962, 0400hrs.
A group of people attending a meeting saw a powerful light on the ground. It then rose up, accompanied by a various luminous objects of similar shape, which seemed to rotate as they flew along.
  • Uriondo op. cit. case 23 citing La Prensa 16 May 1962.

May 13 1962, 0415hrs.
Air Force Sub Officer Giasischa, his wife and family were out driving when they saw, 100m to one side of the road, a luminous mass about 20m diameter and 2-3m high. The thing was silent and appeared to be resting on its axis. Giasischa wanted to get out and investigate but his wife objected.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 15 p10 case24 citing letter from G to CADIU.

May 13 1962, 0430hrs.
Eduardo Ovejero and three well known professional men from Cordoba were lout hunting when they saw a small ball of violet light come down and vanish amongst the trees. They thought it might have been a meteorite but a few moments later the whole area began to be flooded by a whitish mist, which grew denser until all vision was impossible. The mist felt dry and had an indeterminate smell. Despite its density however, the party were able to observe a light coming from the west at treetop level. They ruled out the possibility that it could have been a locomotive headlight as the railway line was too far away. The light then passed over only a few metres away and they saw that it consisted of two disc shaped lights. The mist vanished as though it had been absorbed by the phenomenon.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 17 piiii case 26 citing letter from Ovejero at CADIU.
May 22 1962 (Approx. date) 
A reputable woman observed a disc shaped machine land on her farm between Winifreda and Anguil. There emerged from it two ugly, robot like creatures. When the woman screamed the two creatures returned to the object, which took off at tremendous speed. Her husband ran to the spot and saw the object flying away. An area of grass, 5-6m diameter was found flattened and burned, as if by a fierce flame. The woman was so badly shocked by the incident that she had to undergo psychiatric treatment.
  • FSR 8, 5 p6 citing Buenos Aires Herald 26 May 1962 and Vancouver Sun 25 May 1962 citing an Argentine radio broadcast 24 May 1962.
  • Vallee Case 535 citing La Reforma 25 May 1962.
  • Brothers 1,2 p51:: Keyhoe 1974 p187.
May 31 1962, 2100hrs.
A woman hanging out clothes to dry observed a “ketchup” red, barrel shaped object flying no more than 150m away. It was 2.4-2.7m high and 1.8m wide. Two entities could be seen inside through two round portholes. She observed it for about two minutes.
  • Musgrave 1979 p43 case 23 citing Wido Hoville in UFO Quebec 6 p12.
June 1962. Night.
A 19 year old semi-literate shipping clerk was about to go to bed when his attention was caught by a blue white flash and from his balcony he saw a blue globe come to rest on a mountain top 400m away. As the youth stood paralysed, the light bobbed towards him, stopping only 50cm away. A strange “musical” voice told him to enter the sphere, which he found to be an empty blue glassy bubble. In this device he was taken to a large black craft, where he encountered several beings in black uniforms with disc shaped shoulder pieces and serpent motif on their pockets. These beings included a beautiful girl 1.6m tall with copper coloured skin, blond hair and blue eyes; and also a “leader”, 2.2m tall, who conversed with the witness “by putting pictures in my mind”. The beings claimed to be representatives of “far galaxies”.
  • Salisbury 1974 p145 citing a letter from the witness.
June 1962, 2330hrs.
On a warm evening Gregory Sciotti (18) awoke with the feeling that there had been an intruder in his house and saw a light shining through his room. He was unable to move, while something shuffled outside his door. The light then went out and his paralysis ended. He went to investigate and found both his dogs were missing. The next night he was sat with his girlfriend in his car, parked in the driveway, when an oval object with four windows rose from the trees behind his house and passed overhead. 
  • John Keel in FSR 15,5 p27.
June 1 1962, 2300hrs.
Mrs Jessie Bilancio of Homestead Avenue was annoyed by deteriorating interference on her TV and went out to investigate. She saw a bright light, about the size of her fist, in the top of a tree in her yard, no more than 10m altitude. The thing came down to a lower level, moved from branch to branch and took off into the sky.
  • C W Fitch in APRO Bulletin July 1963 p6 citing SPACE August 1962 citing press sources.
June 7 1962. (approx. date)
A farmer, Owen P saw a 1.8m tall hair humanoid, with arms that went down to its knees. The thing mauled his dogs.
  • Newton 2010 p58.
June 15 1962. Night.

Two people on Thursday Island observed an object about 14m long fly across the sky and disappear at nearby Prince of Wales Island. The next day a search was mounted on Prince of Wales Island by Eddie Thorp and four other people. They climbed a hill and saw a dull silver object glinting on another hill about 1.5km away. When they arrived at this location they found nothing unusual.
  • FSR 8,5 p24 citing Courier Mail 18 June 1962.

June 28 1962. Night.
Mrs Maria Peregozzo, her daughter Luisa (25) and son Roberto (20) of via Abramo Massolongo were sitting by her open bedroom window on this hot night, when, for an hour, they watched a silver disc manoeuvring in a zigzag fashion above the church of Santa Anastasia opposite. The women then decided to go to bed, Roberto retiring to his own room. The women shared a room, Luisa sleeping near the window. At 0300 Luisa was awoken by a sensation of icy cold that made her teeth chatter. The whole room then seemed to be invaded by a green fluctuating light. Then, before she could recover her senses, she saw; in the rectangular opening of the window, only two paces from her bed “an incorporeal being in human form” the outlines of which were hazily defined and its body transparent. It was gigantic, with an enormous close shaven head, huge legs, and hands stretched out, as if to carry her off. It was motionless, odourless and only its hands brushed her. Her screams awakened her mother, who also saw the figure before fainting. Roberto then entered the room and he too saw the apparition, which began to recede and grow smaller. The freezing cold still permeated the room. The family was so unnerved by the incident that they moved out to the country, 5km from the town. 

  • FSR 9, 2 p5 citing Dino Buzzati in Domenica del Corriere 28 October 1962 citing Roberto Peregozzo.

June 30 1962.
Mayor Manuel Orosco of this town, 60km from La Paz, and his son Manuel, along with other townsfolk, saw a capsule shaped object in the sky. The thing seemed to fall onto a precipice. These witnesses felt that the appearance of this object, no trace of which was ever found, was connected with the appearance of a semi-tame puma (a rare beast in Bolivia) in the locality.

  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 19678 p231 citing EFE Dispatch 17 July 1962.

Summer 1962.
Five men were out fishing when their attention was caught by three orange spheres, which maneuvered around the pond. The 1m diameter spheres then came closer and the men, unnerved, retreated to their car and drove off. The objects paced them, one to the rear, two to the side. They would join up and split as they paced the car, no matter what its speed, until the things veered off into the woods. During this pacing the car radio was filled with static. 

  • Swords and Powell 2012 p300 citing investigation by Walter Webb.
  • Evaluation: Story told by just one of the alleged witnesses, the other four could never be traced

Summer 1962. 1800hrs.
Dean Self was walking home along the Clay-Palmerdale Road, after visiting friends, when he heard a sound like a wind in pine trees, though there were no such trees in the area, followed by an unnatural silence, like being in a vacuum. Looking up he was terrified to see an object 30m above him. It was 12m long, with a cabin about 2m thick at the front. The thing had a smooth white surface, multi-coloured lights on its underside, which pulsated in rhythm to a muted throbbing sound, which seemed to affect Dean’s whole body. The object suddenly vanished, the wind was heard again and then the natural sounds returned. 

  • Mildred Higgins in Fate May 1977 p75. 
Summer 1962. Evening.
A motorist driving from Modbury to Gara Hill saw a dark blue veteran car, driven by a man in a peaked cap. When she looked again it had vanished. She saw this on a couple of other occasions
  • Chard 1979 p55.

Summer 1962 (approx. year) 2355hrs.
Mr W and his girlfriend were sat in an MG sports car on the moors above Holton Airfield when they suddenly caught sight of an object in the sky, less than 800m away. It was a spherical mass of whirling white light, which arced down into some trees ahead of and below them. The girl became hysterical so they tried tom drive away, but found that their electrical system was dead. After pushing for 500m the car started. No fault could be found. The next day the girl could recall nothing of the incident. Mr W was in the RAF and the girl was an RAF nurse.
  • John Makin in FSR 24,3 p12 citing his own investigation.
  July 1962 (approx. date) Day.
A prospector saw an object with numerous lights land and then take off again a few minutes afterwards, leaving a burnt patch on the ground.
  • Cameron 1995, p32
  • Evaluation Reported by the witness’s son 30+ years after the event, about which he was vague as month (July or August) and year (1962 or 63)

July 1962. Night.
Two teenage couples were in a “lover’s lane” near Mount Vernon when they were startled when a snarling hairy humanoid leapt on their car bonnet. The youngsters fled from the scene.
  • Newton 2010 p59.
July 3 1962. Early hours.
Ray Thompson, an employee of the Corcoran Forestry Division fire station, was driving north of Corcoran when he saw a fiery luminous object close to the horizon. He first thought that it was a rocket being launched from the Vandenburg Air Force Base, but the thing then stopped. Ray stopped and listened for sound but heard nothing. The thing remained on or near the ground for about 5 minutes and then took off into the air, leaving a blue and orange trail. Mrs Jean Miller was driving her tractor in her hayfield when she saw the thing at ground level in a neighbouring farm. She stopped but heard nothing as the thing took off and then shot away at high speed. It was also seen by F M Montijo.

  • APRO Bulletin Jan 1963 p4 citing Corcoran Journal.
July 18 1962.


Dr Gazua, a well know physician from Parana, and his wife were driving near Crespo when he saw a large, luminous, object some metres distant. Two beings, about 2m tall, emerged from the object. They were reddish coloured, anthropoid, with enormous eyes. They made signs that Gazua should stop, but he accelerated away, while his wife collapsed with shock. A lorry driver, who was not identified, confirmed the story, saying that he saw three creatures.  
  • LUFORO Bulletin 3,5 p14 citing O Globo 19 July 1962.
  • Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966 p37 citing Jorge D Pineda in El Mundo 25 June 1964.
  • Pereira 1974 case 122 citing Carrion 1968 p68.

July 18 1962.
Two adults observed an object which whizzed through the treetops and settled in a creek, accompanied by a sound of bubbles.
  • Sanderson 1970 p226 citing Saucer News September 1962 p24.
July 25 1962, 2115hrs.
Mr N, his wife Margarita and sister in law Maria, and this three year old son were driving between Bahia Blanca and Bordenave, at about 65kph, when having just passed through Chasico they encountered a small bell shaped object blocking the road. Mr N continued driving, flashing his headlights, and the thing took off, a yellow light being visible as it did so. Shortly afterwards, rounding a curve, they encountered 5 such objects stationary on the ground by the side of the road, 3 to the right, 2 to the left, apparently flashing white lights at each other. For the next two hours the things would follow the car, approaching then falling back. At about 1.5km beyond Felipe Sola one of these objects reappeared so they stopped the car and got out, but as the conical object came closer they got back in the car, and drove rapidly to Felipe Sola, where they alerted guests at a hotel. Here he persuaded one of them to accompany the party to a relative’s house in Felipe in his own car. But when they arrived there, one of the objects reappeared and this man drove off in terror. Mr N then approached one of these things, which now had the appearance of a cone with a light on the bottom, and protuberances on the side, suddenly the thing just disappeared. The night was cloudy and windy and the observation lasted for two hours.
  • Lorenzen 1970 p149.
July 28 1962. Pre-dawn.
Out 9.5km from Avalon the skipper of a charter hire fishing boat saw lights low in the water. Along with two crew members, he observed, though binoculars, as their boat approached within 400m of the lights, which were seen to come from a craft resembling the stern of a submarine. It was steel grey with no markings and on it could be seen five men. Two were in all white suits, two in dark trousers and white shirts and the fifth in a sky blue jump suit. The mystery craft headed for the fishing boat, forcing them to turn hard, then moved out to sea at surprising speed, but making no noise, despite a good sized swell. Only its tail and an unusually shaped afterstructure were visible, resembling no known submarine.
  • Lorenzen 1968 p52 + APRO Bulletin May 1962 both citing Marvin Miles in Los Angles Times 25 October 1962.
July 27 1962, or following day.
Ricardo Mieres (17), a student at Parana National College was riding his motorcycle near Bajada Grande, 5km from Parana when he encountered a very tall creature with a head shaped like a watermelon. This being had three eyes that “stared fixedly without blinking” and very long almost white hair. Ricardo tried to drive away but his engine had gone dead. The figure approached him and pulled the scarf from his neck, then turned round like a robot, walking off, leaving footprints in the sandy soil. The bike now functioned and Ricardo drove into town to collect a party to hunt the figure. All they found were the footprints and the scarf. Several people saw something luminous fly past at about this time.
  • Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966 p37 citing La Razon 29 July 1962.
  • Vallee Case 539.
July 29 1962.
While driving along the Panambi-Pejucara road, farmer Joao Lombero (or Londero) and his employee, Antonio Garoup (or Giarumpe) to the former’s home, when, at the main road, the engine stopped and they saw an apparatus resembling a giant bottle with two necks, 40m long, 15m wide, at the side of the road. At each extremity was a man exchanging luminous signs. After 10 minutes the craft took off, disappearing at great speed. People in nearby Cruz Alta reported seeing an intensely luminous object in the sky. (
  • FSR 8,6 p25 + SBEDV Special 1975 both citing O Diaro 3 August 1962 + Luta Democratica 3 August 1962
  • Pereira 1974 case 123 citing Diario des Noticias 1 August 1962 + GGIOANI.
  • Richard Heiden (clarification of names and date)
August 1962.
Vincente A Bordoli, a truck driver based in Mar Del Plata, and his son Hugo were driving along National Route 3 when they observed a strange brilliant formation periodically entering and emerging from the gulf, eventually climbing and disappearing.
  • Joseph M Brill in MUFON UFO Journal 130 p4 citing EDOVNI.
August 1962, 2330hrs.
Bruce Leggatt (17) had just ridden past Sandling Station on his scooter on this very warm night when the air turned cold. He became afraid, accelerated and looked over his shoulder to glimpse a yellow, oval, apparently opaque object, rough in outline, which extended across the width of the road (about 6m). Bruce became more frightened, felt that someone was watching him and drove away even faster. The feeling persisted for some time after he turned onto the main road.
  • Charles Strickland in LUFORO Bulletin IV,5 p2.
August 1 1962, 0140hrs.
Ricardo Sommer and his wife were driving in a truck between Olmos and Mar del Plata when a huge cylinder came up from behind and hovered over the truck as they travelled along. It gave off an intense light and red sparks, pacing the truck for 15km before turning away and disappearing.
  • Barry Greenwood.
August 1 1962, 2315hrs.
Three fishermen were out in two boats, when the lone fisherman saw an elongated metallic body, with a turret in the middle, resting on the surface, 300m away. Thinking it was a foreign submarine, he alerted his colleagues. About a dozen frogmen emerged from the water nearby and entered the craft. All but the last, which waved, ignored the fishermen’s shouts over loudhailers. Suddenly the machine rose out of the water, lit up red and green lights and a white searchlight, which reached as far as the fishing boats. The light went out as the craft, now illuminated by an orange glow, rose, slowly rotating, to a height of 29m. The fishermen now realised that this craft was an oval almost round dish. The light grew brighter as it began to rotate faster, and then shot off horizontally, the climbed in a curve to be lost amongst the stars.
  • FSR Case Histories 14 p14 citing LDLN Contact Lecteurs 3,5.
August 2 1962, 0005hrs.
Luis Harvey, the manager of the Camba Punta airport at Corrientes, east of the city, was phoned to say that an aircraft, not answering, to radio calls and apparently in distress, was circling the airfield. Harvey and his staff rushed to the scene where, to their surprise, instead of an aircraft they saw a spherical object that hovered a metre or so above the runway, rotating on its axis and shooting out powerful beams of blue, green and orange light for 3 minutes, before leaving at high speed. An official enquiry took place.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 15 p10 case 32 citing La Voz del Interior + La Razon both 3 August 1968.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 10,4 p10 citing an undated issue of Los Andes.
  • Richard Heiden citing Banchs 1973 p21 + Anglada 1968 p330 both citing La Razon + Ribera 19678 p97 + Hall 1964 p171 + his own clarification of the location.
  •  Anglada gave date as 1st

August 5 1962, 0145hrs.
While driving along the road from Las Armas to Piran, on his way to Mar del Plata, truck driver Pedro Atilli found that his truck’s engine suddenly stalled. He got out with a lantern to investigate when, to his astonishment, the engine came on again, as at the same moment he became aware of the tremendous light coming from a cigar shaped object either on or just above the ground 300m away. The thing appeared to be about 25m diameter and was giving off a powerful orange glow, interspersed with flashes of pale violet and bright green light. For some moments Pedro stood dumbfounded before the object rose at tremendous speed to the west, giving off a clear white light.
  • Cordon Creighton in FSR 10,4 p11.
  • Ribera 1968 p98.
  • Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 17 p10 citing the above. 

August 7 1962.
A night crew at an IBM site was outside smoking when they saw a brilliant light overhead, apparently descending over the site. They went in and called their Commanding Offcier. Two planes were sent up from Davis-Monthan AFB to the south, and as they approached the object shot straight up. When the planes had passed the thing descended again, hovered and then sped away.
  • Lab 1976, p12. 

August 1963. Night. 
Near this town five truck drivers, travelling along National highway 5 from Buenos Aires to Santa Rosa saw an intensely brilliant thing rise from the ground and vanish into the sky at tremendous speed.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 17 p10 case 34 citing Ribera 1968 p99)

August 15 1962.
Ray Bartkowetch and ten other people saw a large domed object about twice the size of a house, with a flashing light on top come out of “an opening in the sky”. It flew slowly and is turned round they saw the silhouettes of a figure through one of the small windows. The craft hovered just above the TV aerial of the house.
  • Barker 1963 p20.

August 17 1962. Evening.
Miner Rivalino Mafra de Silva disturbed two strange looking dwarfs, about 1m tall, which were digging near his house. When he approached them they ran off into the bushes and soon afterwards a red glowing, hat shaped object took off from behind the bushes at high speed. A couple of nights later, on the 19th, his 12 year old son Raimundo was disturbed by the noise of people walking about on the roof of his shack. He woke his father, but not his small brothers. Rivalino lit a candle and, by its light, they saw a shapeless and “inhuman” shadow, less than 60cm tall, glide around the bedroom and living room then exit into the yard, through a closed door. Then voices started talking about Rivalino and threatening to kill him, warning that prayers would be to no avail. The family huddled in terror all night.

The next morning, Raimundo got up at 0600, at which he saw two spheres outside, 1m apart, at ground level. One was all black, the other black and white, both had a spike, a small tail and were emitting fiery rays and strange noises. There was an opening through which curious flashing lights were seen. Raimundo called his father, who walked to within 2m of the objects, which then coalesced into one, sending out clouds of dust and smoke. The sphere moved towards Rivalino, who seemed hypnotised, and warned the boys to go away. The mist then enveloped him, like a whirlwind of yellow dust with an acrid smell. Raimundo followed his father into the cloud but could see nothing. The mist suddenly cleared, leaving no trace of his father, only marks of sweeping on the ground. The terrified boy reported the matter to the authorities, who were unable to shake his story, even after intense interrogation. A neighbour confirmed he had seen two spheres flying around the area.
  • FSR 8,6 p10 citing Diario de Minas 26 August 1962 + Ultima Hora + Tribuna de Imprensa both of 29 August 1962,
  • Lorenzen 1966 p213 citing APRO Bulletin September 1962.
  • Coral Lorenzen in Fate/Fuller 1965b p142.
  • Barker 1965 p30 citing APRO Bulletin and Fontes.
  • Olavo Fontes in APRO Bulletin September 1962 p1.

Late August 1962.
Mrs Marylyn Chenardis (18) and her mother, Mrs Mildred Anderson, were at their holiday home by Lake Movil. Mildred was attending to Marylyn’s hair when they saw a bright red object hovering over their dock, 15m away. It was a flattened sphere, two car lengths long and 2.5m wide, with a small oval on top, with three windows emitting bright yellow light. Through these windows they could see silhouettes of three humanoid figures with elongated foreheads. They were dressed normally and were staring out of the windows. No hands were visible and the beings appeared to lack hip joints. When Mildred turned on the cabin lights and went outside, the light from the craft went out and it elevated slowly before speeding away.
  • APRO Bulletin Sepember/October 1972 p6 + Lorenzen 1976 p392 + South Lincs UFO Study Group Newsletter 50 both citing an undated issue of National Enquirer in 1971.
  • S Smith 1977 p75.
  • Swords and Powell 2012 p300.

August 30 1962, 2300hrs.
Luis Gonzaga do Carmo (28), Gerlado Liberato Da Silva (17) and an acquaintance of Geraldo’s were stood on a the deserted corner of Rua Artur Bernardes and Rua Queiroz on this dark but starry night, when they heard a hissing sound and saw a luminous, metallic disc hovering 30-40m altitude above eucalyptus trees 50-60m away., The thing was 3-4m in diameter, surmounted by a cupola on which there was something that resembled an observation deck. Gerald then saw a small humanoid figure 1.2-1.3m coming towards them on the street, It had a sturdy body, large head, long legs and short arms, and was wearing a tight leathery, ‘Michelin Man’ suit. It had a luminous upper body and walked with a fast waddling gait, its arms by its side. When it was about 10m from then, the figure just vanished. At this point Geraldo and his friend walked quickly away to the former’s home, leaving Luis stood by himself, smoking a cigarette. The lights on the object then intensified and Luis tried to call his friends back, but he found that he could neither call out nor move. This paralysis lasted until the lights went out again, and the thing apparently left. Luis now realised that his cigarette was now missing and despite a search he could not find it anywhere. He suffered from headaches for a month after the incident.
  • Rosales + Pereira 1974 case 124 both citing SBEDV Bulletin 42/4. 

September 3 1962, 2230hrs.
As Francisco Rosa was bicycling home he saw a circular object taking off silently at a spot 300m from the road. The object came north to south, leaving a bluish trail. At the apparent landing site the grass appeared to be burned over an area 3m wide. The thing was also seen by two retired navy men, Luis E Ovidio and Carlos Caristosan, who compared the thing to a ship’s funnel, with an illuminated interior, which seemed to be rotating while the object was in flight.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 12 case 36 + Richard Heiden both citing Banchs 1973 p21 citing La Razon 4 September 1962.
  • Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p101 citing CIFE.

September 5 1962, 2205hrs.
Again as a response to a “summons” Eugenio Siragusa encountered, within a few hundred metres of the of the Monte Mafre crater, two individuals, at least 2.15m tall, beneath an aspen tree. Eugenio could not see them clearly because of the bright light from their belts, but got the impression they were dressed in light coloured, one piece suits. He was again given a “message for humanity”. Associated with the beings was a craft resembling a spinning top, 25m in diameter, from the under part of which a metallic cylinder over 3m long reached down and touched the road. An opening was visible at the base of this cylinder, showing it to be a kind of lift. Eugenio watched the craft take off. He went on to found a quasi-religious cult.
  • FSR 9,1 p4 citing Renato Albanese in Domenica del Corriere (not dated)
  • Baud 1978 p64.

September 6 1962.
Following a strange presentiment, a man left his flat and took a bus to the Vienna Woods, where she walked aimlessly until she was deep in the forest, a considerable distance from the town. He came to a clearing where she heard a swishing noise from behind a clump of trees that were being shaken by a rush of air from a strange object descending towards him. He felt paralysed, unable even to scream or close her eyes. The object landed 30m away. It was shaped like two saucers edge to edge, with a domed top and slightly shallower underside, with a landing gear comprising of three spheres The bottom of the hull rotated. The “cabin” while following the general outline, projected slightly, giving the effect of two steps, each 1m back from the rim. Between the upper step and the rim was a band of windows, one of which opened to make a door. From this came a ladder, down which came a man carrying a small box, followed by two companions. They were 1.5-1.65m tall, wearing dark brown one piece suits, with transparent headpieces through which humanoid faces could be seen. They were thin but appeared strong. They spoke to the witness in an unintelligible language. The “leader” then pressed a button on the box and a red light flashed on, after which they spoke in English, asking him if they would like to visit their planet, and flashed another light, freeing her to get his spectacles from her pocket. The being then delivered a moralistic and doom laded message about the wickedness of humanity, and hinting that the witness might die of cancer when she was no further use to them. He then re-entered the craft with a smile of “either pity or mockery”. The machine then rose over the trees and disappeared.
  • Dora Bauer-Lammer in COSMOS 1,4 p2.
  • Tim Good (supplying information that DBL was not the witness.
  • Good 1998 p233 citing his own investigation.

September 13 1962, 2320hrs.
Mrs A Myra Jones (41) of Norris Hill, Moira, Burton-on-Trent was driving with her husband, W. E. Jones, clerk of the Ashby Wolds Urban District Council, from Overfield to their home in Moira in their Morris Minor saloon, when her attention was caught by a luminous object hovering over the car at telegraph pole height. The object had a slightly rounded base, with a conical top, resembling a child’s humming top and appeared to be flying on its side. The thing was metallic coloured, slightly larger than the car and had three bulbous markings around the edges and appeared to be slowly rotating. For a moment Myra feared that the thing would land on the car’s bonnet, but it emitted a noise like a rocket and disappeared. When Myra looked back, no trace of the thing could be seen. Mr Jones had been concentrating on the road ahead and saw nothing unusual, but heard his wife cry out and saw her staring upwards. She only told of the incident when they arrived home.
  • W Frankland in LUFORO Bulletin III, 5 p1.
  • FSR 8,5 p23 citing The Times 15 September 1962.
  • Cramp 1966 p123.

September 15 1963, approx. date.
Three workers on a rubber tree plantation saw a powerful light over the river, and on investigating, saw a large disc shaped object giving off fiery sparks from its underside. The thing hovered for a good time before taking off vertically with a loud noise. The loss off 17 chickens, 6 pigs and 2 cows from the area was blamed on the object.
  • Olavo T Fontes in APRO Bulletin January 1963 p3 citing A Noite 18 September 1963.

September 15 1962.
Strange tracks 1.2m by 1.6m were found after several people observed an unidentified object land. The area was cordoned off by police and an air force representative examined the site.
  • Edward Babcock and Carl Viet in BUFOA Journal 2, p6)

September 15 1962, 1700hrs.
Two bright discs were first seen at 1700, then again at 1800 at the state line. Two witnesses saw one round object, with one fin on top and another underneath, going down towards the Oradell Reservoir. At 1955 three youths, Steve Nagy, Robert Decker and David Finley, observed an object as it landed in the water with a splash. The thing was saucer shaped, with a band around its centre. The upper half was spotted and a huge fin protruded from its bottom. Another witness called the police, but the luminous object, the apparent size of a small plane, 1km away took off. David returned the next night, and in the company of Paul Bitetti, Ed Lombi and a fisherman, saw a strange object.
  • Vallee Case 547 citing Blue Book Files.
  • Barker 1963 p24.
  • UFO Investigator II,6, p3.

September 16 1962.
After awarding some controversial decisions in an inter-village football match, soccer referee Telemaco Xavier had to be rescued by a local priest. After things quietened down he set off home but was not seen again. Next day a rubber worker claimed that he saw a round glowing object, giving off sparks, land and three men jump down from it and kidnap Xavier. Marks of a struggle were found at the spot.
  • Binder 1968 p40 citing APRO Bulletin January 1963 citing Olavo Fontes citing Rio newspapers of 18 September 1962.
  • Barker 1963 p32 citing APRO Bulletin op cit.

September 16 1962, or following day. Night.
Teenagers William Cooper ansd Alfred Taus saw a brilliant light moving back and forth over the trees, as though it was looking for something. They saw the light dip behind the trees as if hovering over or landing on the reservoir. The boys then heard a loud explosion. The matter was reported to the police.
  • Barker 1965 p25.

September 20 1962. Night.
Watchman William Stock was checking the grounds of a quarry on Goffin Road, when he saw a disc shaped object hovering and lighting up the surroundings. When he turned his jeep headlights on the thing, it bobbed up and down and side to side, and then turned around, revealing what looked like headlights. The object then disappeared at speed.
  • APRO Bulletin January 1963 p4.

September 26 1962, 2145hrs.
Dairyman A T Gray was driving along Lindsey Avenue before turning into a 200 acre field to shut off some irrigation pumps, when he saw two large lights, which he thought came from a car in the field. As he approached he saw that the grey-white lights, 9m apart and illuminating the ground were on a large, flat bottom object, 9-12m above the ground. A bright red, smaller, round light appeared above the white lights, enabling Gray to see that the thing was a thick top with a low wide dome, on which the red light was fixed, resembling an inverted metallic saucer, 12-15m diameter, 3-3.5m thick. Suddenly the object ascended with a whooshing noise, turned east and disappeared. Others saw this object. Though searches found no trace of the thing, the area over where it had hovered did not allow water to flow over it until work was done on the soil but even then nothing would grow on the spot for 2 years.
  • Phillips 1975 p27 case156 citing an undated issue of Orland Unit-Reporter.
  • APRO Bulletin July 1963 p3, citing Chal Green an undated issue of Enterprise Record.

October 10 1962. Twilight.
J P Baker of Spring Park Road saw a ball of fire moving about the field behind the house and alerted his wife, who was in the upstairs kitchen. Looking through the window she saw a brilliant sphere, the size of a washing tub, which dazzled her. It hovered outside the window less than 2m away before going round the corner and crossing the road. Harold Whitehead and two other employees of the Browning Fuel Oil Company saw it was a blinding white thing, again compared to a wash tub, which moved along an electricity wire. It moved 3-6m in 5 seconds and then disappeared with a loud popping sound. The lights were dim for some 30 minutes after the incident. A woman on Pampas Drive saw a sort of diffuse glow, half a block long, which seemed to enter the house and envelope her, causing her hand to tingle and frightening her children. Mrs Gladys Faucette on Cascade Road, saw an ill-defined brilliant thing descend to within a metre of the ground between her house and the neighbour’s. The electricity to her bathroom and bedroom was knocked out and still out the next day.
  • APRO Bulletin November 1962 p1.

October 10 1962, 200hrs.
A young man, Enrique Leonardo Bocher, was using his tractor in the Peralta Ramos Forest, when he saw a great flash of bluish light among the trees. The phenomenon rose higher and moved towards him. He tried to escape but his tractor engine failed. The bright object passed over him and vanished towards the sea. There were two other witnesses. A number of burn marks were found at the landing site.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 12, p10 case 40 citing Ribera 1968 p102.

October 18 1962. Night.
A 16 year old youth driving in the north end of town saw a greenish circular object descend onto a hill north of the town. A he collected a 17 year old friend and they drove about 700m into the hills. There they encountered a white glowing object about 100m long and about 10m high on the ground. Searches were fruitless.
  • APRO Bulletin March 1963 p6.
  • Evaluation: The green object was almost certainly a bolide reported across several Midwestern states that night. The thing on the ground was probably a reflection.

October 24 1962, 1200hrs.
Railway employee Lester Sadler saw a grey-white circular object descend to the ground west of the city. Another witness saw a large orange object land at the foot of the Dixon Canyon Dam on Horsetooth Reservoir. Both reported the matter to the sheriff’s department but searches were fruitless,
  • APRO Bulletin January 1963 p4.
October 24 1962, 1240hrs.
Mrs Rex Allen saw two parachute like objects landing on the northwest edge of the Grand Mesa. Searches were fruitless.
  • APRO Bulletin January 1963 p1.
October 24 1962, 1520hrs. 
Mrs S Shoup saw a disc shaped object, shaped rather like a parachute, apparently coming out of an aircraft and landing. It was also seen by Mr and Mrs Gib Williams, but they were unable to make out a shape.
  • APRO Bulletin January 1963 p1.
October 28 1962, 1930hrs.
High school teacher Mrs Ellen D. Sylvester was driving home with her three children (9, 8, 6) along a road north of Parafield airfield when her attention was drawn to an orange glow about 3-5km away, in the foothills beyond the airport. Her 10 year old son claimed he saw an oval shaped object sitting on four legs, surrounded by a light, and with four round windows. Two men were inside the object, both about 1,8m tall. One was bending down, the other was climbing a ladder towards the ground. He was wearing a mask that resembled a gas mask and appeared to be looking at the legs of the object. The object then rose a little and settled down again, this being repeated 4 or 5 times. The man climbed into the object which slowly lifted from the ground and moved away northwards at 45 degrees. There appeared to be no way that the boy could have seen such detail at such a distance, and Mrs Sylvester and the two girls claimed to have seen an orange glow.
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976 + Basterfield 1997 citing investigation by UFO Research South Australia + Australian Saucer Record 6,1 p13.
  • Inaccurate and exaggerated accounts in FSR 9,4 p23; Barker 1965 p24; Edwards 1967a p112 and Australian Saucer Record 1963 p3 all appear to originate from the Hobart Mercury of 5 February 1963.
End 1962. Night.
While driving down the Rio Colorado-Choele-Choel Road, Mario Norkandelli and a companion saw something bright just above the horizon ahead of them. When they came closer to it, the thing shot rapidly into the air and was soon out of sight. At the spot beneath where it had hung they found an elliptical area 18m long, in which the grass on the dirt track was burnt, the soil having a uniform mineral appearance. They took samples of a residue found there and an analysis by the La Plata Museum determined that it was magnesium.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 15 case 46 citing La Gaceta de la Tarde 16 September, 1965.
Early November 1962. Night.
Driving on the Salta-Tucuman road from Salts, truck driver Pier Livio Ouaia was forced to pull up abruptly on encountering an egg shaped luminous object, 12m diameter, 4m high, hovering a few metres above the road. From openings like small windows around its rim, came green and red lights. The object then rose up vertically, passed at high speed over the truck, shaking the cab as it did so, and emitting a powerful whistle. Two other truck drivers also saw the object.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 15 p10 case 42 citing La Gaceta 6 November 1962.
Early November 1962. Night.
Engineering student Jose Enrique Torramorelli and his cousin Hernan Caverlotti were motorcycling 17km outside Salta on the road to San Miguel de Tucuman when they saw a glowing sphere pass slowly over them and land on a hill 500m way. The engines of their motor cycle and other vehicles in the vicinity cut out and the two cyclists were paralysed. The sphere then took off vertically, performed a number of manoeuvres in the air and then landed again and switched off its light. Only then did the young men recover their mobility. Then a phosphorescent red light appeared on a nearby hillock. Both lights rose and moved away at high speed. The wiring of their motorcycle was found to be burnt out and the two youths had burns on their arms.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 12 p10 case 41 citing La Gaceta 9 November 1962.
November 1962. Evening.
A garage owner from Herault was driving down a minor road in torrential rain with his headlights full on. Rounding a bend, he saw a group of figures clustered in the centre of the road, 80m ahead. As he slowed down to avoid the group, it split into two parts, suddenly and jerkily. He leaned his head out of the car to see what was happening and saw fantastic birds diving at his car from each side. In terror, he accelerated away for 150m, then stopped, looking round to see the creatures flapping their wings and flying towards a luminous object that resembled two plates rims together suspended over a field. The birds, which had definite plumage, were sucked into the machine, “as if by a whirlwind”. The machine made a dull sound and moved off at high speed.  
  • Lionel Trigano in FSR 14,6 p18.
November 1962. 1830hrs.
Janice Georgiou (13) was reading under the covers in bed when she felt someone in her room. Fearing that it was her father come to check on her, she was reluctant to look, but when she did so, she saw that the electric fire, which was turned off, was glowing blue and giving off a noise. The light increased and then went out. A silvery light coming down from the ceiling, resolved itself into a featureless figure 2.25m tall, which gave the impression of being male. She felt paralysed as the figure telepathically told her it was her guide. The room seemed to change size and an image of a city appeared in it. This was the start of a number of contacts. 
  • Spencer 1994 p218.
November 26 1962, 0100hrs.
Hauliers Francisco Salas and M Arnaday were driving a cargo of coal in a tractor and trailer a short distance out of Abra Grande on the route to Clodomira, when they saw an object on the railway track that ran parallel to the road. They thought it was a lighted railway truck, but on getting closer saw it was a kind of gigantic robot emitting phosphorescent flashes. Making no sound, it rose 50m into the air, and then landed again beside the road. Throughout the whole journey this performance was repeated in identical fashion until the first lights of Colomira were reached, when the object broke off the pursuit and then climbed at high speed into the sky.
  • Uriondo Case 44 in FSR Case Histories 12 p10 citing El Liberal 28 November 1962.
November 30 1962. Night.
Two young boys Mike Williams and Miles White, intrigued by tales of a light over the Fleetwood Elementary School bell tower, went there along with Miles’ mother and saw an elliptical blue light over the tower. iles and his mother returned next day at 2100 and saw the almost transparent light hovering 6m above the school. They threw stones at the thing, but after a delay they heard them fall on the school annex roof, behind them and in the opposite direction to the throw. The following day after than the two boys went to the cinema, where Miles complained about a buzzing in his head and then his voice became blurred, then rambling and finally he fell asleep.
  • APRO Bulletin January 1963 p6 citing investigation by W K Allan

December 6 1962. 
A 13 year old boy saw a red sphere moving sometimes fast, sometimes slow at an altitude estimate at around 120m. The thing was about 30m diameter, soundless and hovered at one point. The thing was seen for 2 minutes.

  • Swords and Powell 2012 p299 citing Blue Book Files.

December 9 1962, 2200hrs.
A young driver, Antonio Candau, was walking in the Via Codvilla when a circular object, 5-6m diameter landed 9m from him. From it emerged two men who approached to within 2m of Antonio and spoke in an incomprehensible language. They wore yellow coveralls with wide belts. Noticing that Antonio was afraid, one of them made a reassuring gesture with his hand, and the craft departed with a strange sound. The incident lasted for 2-3 minutes.
  • Maurizio Verga’s ITACAT citing Settimana Incon 30 December 1962.
  • Vallee Case 552 and LUFORO Bulletin III,6 p9 both citing Cesare Carassiti in Settimana Incon Illustrata 23 + 30 December 1962.

December 11 1962, 0200hrs..
Just outside this town, 7km from Catamarca town, the director of the Sebremonte Museum, Dr Godfrede Lazcano Colodrere, his wife, two sons and a friend, were driving to Cordoba when they saw, lined up at the foot of the mountains, not more than 600-700m away, seven brilliantly luminous spheres or discs, arranged in “military order”. Dr C stopped the car and the party sat watching until shortly afterwards, the objects rose vertically and disappeared at great speed, leaving brilliantly luminous trails.
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December 17 1962,   0220hrs.
Francesco Rizzi (37), a night patrolman for the Milan police, was inspecting a mill near the Sant Ambrosio square. While he was crossing the courtyard of the mill he became aware of a swishing noise, which he at first thought was in his ear, until it grew louder. He turned round to see, hovering 1m above the ground, an aluminium coloured metallic craft about 4m in diameter, surmounted by a turret on which were a number of lighted windows. Rizzi was paralysed, and then the noise stopped. At the bottom of the disc a door opened and a dwarf 1m tall emerged. This dwarf had a black head and wore luminous overalls and made reassuring gestures, beckoning Rizzi to come closer. However he was still paralysed. A few moments later another dwarf, surrounded by a blue haze, appeared in the door and summoned back its colleague with a “commanding and imperious gesture”. Suddenly the door closed in front of the dwarfs, the noise started again and the craft took off in a cloud of white smoke. Only now did Rizzi lose his paralysis and reported to a colleague and his superiors. As a result of the press and TV publicity he lost his job. 
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December 19 1962. 
Three sailors on a ship observed two grey helmet shaped objects hovering 1km away, 20m above Lake Maggiore. The objects were about 150 in diameter. After 5 minutes one object started moving rapidly, gaining, height as it did so, in an undulating movement. It was soon joined by its companion and both disappeared together at the horizon.
  • Vallee Case 555 + M Verga ITACAT both citing France-Soir 21 December 1962.

December 19 1962. 
Harold Threkeld was walking along a fell, picking holly, when he heard a buzzing sound that got louder, Looking round he saw a huge disc shaped object hovering about 200m above the ground. It descended to about 50m, and he saw that that 18m diameter thing was surmounted by a transparent dome, which emitted a blue radiance, and with what looked like tables or benches inside. On the underside were three projections like beer barrels and slatted spars around its rim. After a couple of minutes the thing left at terrific speed in the direction of Wrynose Pass.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a p107 citing personal interview.
  • Barker 1965 p15 citing Orbit November 1962-January 1963 + Lancashire Evening Post 21 December 1962
  • Evaluation: Another story where the description of the “craft” is suspiciously reminiscence of the faked photos of George Adamski

December 21 1962, 
Arthur Mayhew (61) was cycling to work when he observed an object shaped like a thin bar 1m long, in a field about 200m away. It was travelling slowly, parallel to him at 15m altitude. The bar gave off a faint light and had three bright lights hanging underneath, one at each end and the other in the middle. These lights were as bright as 100 watt bulbs. As Arthur cycled along, he got ahead of the thing and finally lost sight of it. Unexplained fires had been seen in the area.
  • Barker 1965 p18 citing Orbit November 1962/January 1963.
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December 21 1962. Daytime.
Ali Diaz of Caracas was on board a tourist plane flying over the Angel Falls, taking a film, when he saw a flash of light in his viewfinder. The film showed a light source apparently rising from the floor of the jungle at the base of Mt Auyantepuy, rising across the face of the mountain, with an oscillating movement, finally accelerating in to the clouds. The jungle beneath was quite impenetrable.
  • Hall 1964 pp90, 96 + 120 citing Askold Ladonko + Jose Cecia
  • Evaluation: As of 1977 the whereabouts and status of this film was unknown. Possibly a bird or a lens flare??

December 22 1962, 0300hrs.
Tower operators Horacio Alora and Mario Pezzutte were watching an Argentine Airlines plane about to take off, and a Panagra DC-8 about to land, when the pilots alerted them to a luminous mass at the head of runway 1-0-2-8. Alora turned around and saw a large round object, giving off a fiery light, on or just above the runway. As he turned the object rose 10m, hovered briefly and then rapidly accelerated away on a North East course. Before it disappeared, operator Pezzutte also saw it.
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December 22 1962. Night.

Two young postmen, Giovanni D’ Agata and Italo Magri were walking in the Piazza Spirito Santo when they encountered a strange being 1.8m tall. It was dressed in a space suit and helmet and walked like a web-footed bird. They approached it, but, looking through the helmet, they saw, to their horror, that either it had no face, or if it did have one it was quite shapeless. They fled in terror and when they turned round the being had disappeared.
  • Roberto Pinotti in LUFORO Bulletin III,6 p5 + Flying Saucers January 1966 p59 citing an undated issue of La Nazione.