Entity report No further details
  • Periera 1974 citing SBEDV Bulletin 30.

SARATOV (SARATOV  :  RUSSIA then part of the USSR)
A woman parachutist was caught by an unknown flying machine with three occupants who took her on a journey far into space to look back at the earth. They then gave her a message in an envelope to give to the authorities.
  • Flying Saucers May 1966 + Steiger and Whirtenour 1967 p82 citing Oltre il Cielo n. d.
  • Evaluation: Just a rumour.

Bill and his young son Jack were driving near their home, when they encountered a landed craft and 1.2m tall entities standing in front of it. Bill was taken to a black shiny mirror like entrance. In his dreams he was rejected by the others for some reason, and had an experience of being taken to a sort of museum, where he encountered a range of devices from the early 20th century to the future.
  • Fenwick in MUFON UFO Journal 183 p11 op cit. 1982
  • Evaluation: hypnosis, hypnotic confabulation

A man out walking his dog tapped his muddy walking stick on a metal road sign, at which a small humanoid being with an ugly brown face and dressed in green appeared. The dog growled at the thing, which exuded an air of menace, and shortly afterwards it disappeared.
  • Bord 1997 p43 citing Richard Holland in Fate December 1993 p116.

1961. Morning.
Stanley Prescott was driving along the Dagnall to Edlesborough Road, when he was forced off the road an old black Morris saloon. His wife, who was in the car with him saw nothing.
  • Broughall and Adams 2010 p52.

1961. Day.
A group of male students at York College were having a recreation in a rural area outside of town, when a cigar shaped object about 50m long and about 15m diameter, surrounded by orange lights passed over head at about 100m altitude. They just heard a displacement in the air. The young men all quickly drove away.
  • Swords 1975 p62 citing John Timmerman.

1961. Night.
A woman cycling home from a Women’s Institute meeting had reached a stone bridge over the River Bovey when a luminous figure ran beside her, waving its arms and trying to jump home in front of her. When the shocked woman reached home, her son set out in his motorcycle to see what had happened and had the same experience.
  • Chard 1979 p56 citing Syd Wils.

1961. Night.
Edward Needs and another young man were out driving and had gone down a country road when a figure like a man all on fire jumped in front of their car. They left the scene and return with friends, and 6m from the previous location, they saw the blazing figure again. One of the men shot at it without effect, and the figure ran into the woods again.
  • Holzer1975 p74.

January 1961. Approx. date.
Two young women encountered a muscular 2.3m tall hairy biped, with a sloping forehead and thick brow ridges and long arms near the top of the falls. The women were both very frightened.
  • Gilroy 1995 p212.

January 11 1961.
Attorney and private pilot W K Rutledge was flying above here when he saw a large fiery red sphere travelling slowly. He tracked the thing for about 40 minutes, keeping in touch with ground sources. Three police patrol officers saw the object zigzag across the sky and apparently land behind a hill. Rutledge also saw the landing, after which the object just disappeared.
  • Lab 1976 p12 citing APRO Files.

January 22 1961, 1830hrs.
An electronics professor at Bordeaux University and three school teachers observed an elongated glowing orange object while their car ignition encountered difficulty. One witness was said to have felt a slight indisposition and to have heard or somehow perceived the word “Zemu” repeated twice.
  • Vallee Case 515 citing Ouranos 26.

January 30 1961.
A landing report. No further details.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers May 1963 p34.

February 2 1961.
Blinking lights were seen over Lake St Claire, were seen by numerous people including police and fire officers. Sounds, as if of a crashing plane were heard. Searches were futile and no planes were reported missing.
  • APRO Bulletin November 1961 p8.

February 9 1961.
A landing report. No further details
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers May 1963 p34.

February 10 1961. Early hours.
While tending his animals at a spot called Balure, Alasdair Brown saw a bright white light descend steadily from the sky to crash on the slopes of Hynish Hill. It travelled against the wind and despite prevailing rain storms burned brightly for 2 hours after landing. The next day the earth was found to be burned through to the rock. Investigations were carried out by police. Other Argyll areas were also affected.
  • FSR 7,3 p22 citing Oban Times 13 February 1961.
  • Evaluation: Satellite debris? Meteorite?

February 16 1961, 2130hrs.
A number of sportsmen, including Jerome Dickinson and Allen O Nugent, observed a bright object with two powerful red and white beams of light hover at treetop height for five minutes. The thing then appeared to land and disappeared. A woman at Bangor had seen a bright light the apparent size of a soft ball travelling at speed.
  • APRO Bulletin March 1961 p1.

February 27 1961.
The skipper of the Fleetwood Trawler “Boston Gannett”, Harold Harrison, reported that an object “corkscrewing” and trailing smoke passed over his vessel and plunged into the sea. Three planes and a ship searched without success and no aircraft were missing.
  • FSR 7,3 p22 citing Daily Express 28 February 1961.
  • Arnold 2013 p90.
  • Evaluation: Probable meteorite.

February 28 1961, 2215hrs.
Mrs Lapalm and her 16 year old daughter, Darlene, were alerted by their dog howling. Mrs L went to the window of their rural Escanaba Rte 1 home, and then called Darlene to see a fiery sphere, the apparent size of a grapefruit in the western sky. As they watched the thing moved slowly away to the north, descending as it did so, eventually being lost to sight behind trees.
  • Machlin 1979 p41 citing Blue Book Files.

March 6 1961, 2215hrs.
A man stepped into his backyard before locking up for the night and saw a large “dirigible” shaped object hovering 30m over a nearby tomato field. A row of small greenish lights, which circled the object, blinked on and off. A large door “as big as a house” opened in the centre and three small saucer shaped objects came out, speeding off into the dark sky. Then three “shiny new Ford Galaxy automobiles” appeared in the doorway and were lowered to the ground by a hydraulic type lift. Next a large oblong capsule was lowered to the ground and a group of normally dressed people got out and four entered each car, which then sped off across the field and into SW 130th Street. As the cars disappeared down the street, the cigar shaped craft rose rapidly and vanished.
  • Gray Barker in Flying Saucers September 1961 p38 citing Norbert Gariety in an undated issue of SPACE.
  • Green and Smith 1967 p70.

March 15 1961, 0045hrs.
Mr F Reynolds, a well-known professional man from Albury (NSW) and his son Lloyd (15) were on a weekend holiday at Bowna; camped in their caravan 300m from Hume Weir. Reynolds went outside and saw, by the edge of the water, what looked like a large caravan, with four windows and a red light at one end. To its right was a fire and four people could be seen moving between this and the object. Reynolds then looked through binoculars and was astonished to see the whole spectacle of “caravan”, fire and people moving sideways in a jerking motion. The fire flared up from time to time, illuminating a figure standing near it. When he looked again at 2130 he could see nothing unusual. A search next day found no trace of either the caravan or the fire in the soft mood. Several other people in nearby towns saw strange lights in the sky.
  • Basterfield 1981 + 1997 p147 citing Australian Flying Saucer Review no 5 + investigation by Peter Thomas:: Vallee case 516 citing Australian FSR op cit.
  • Hervey 1969 p44.
  • Lorenzen 1969 p229.
  • Various sources give date as 3rd, 10th 15th and 16th of April. I have used the date and time in Basterfield 1997

March 31 1961.
On this and subsequent occasions members of the Horn family saw a “large horrid thing" in their house. It was seen three more times that weekend and again in August and October. One on October occasion it back out through a wall into a neighbouring room and on another it massaged the legs of their 8 year old son and spoke to him.
  • Whittaker 1983 p81.

April 18 1961, 1100hrs.
Joseph (Joe) Simonton, a 60 year old chicken farmer living 6.5km from Eagle River, was alerted by a loud noise outside and above his shack. He went to his window and saw a silvery object “brighter than chrome” descending vertically into his yard. It resembled two bowls end to end, 3.5m high, 9m diameter, with a row of pipes, 15-20cm diameter around the centre. It was hovering a few cm above the ground. On the upper portion, a hatch 1.8 by 1.2m opened. Through it Jose could see three men about 1.5m tall. They were clean shaven with dark hair and skin, fine complexion like a woman’s and piercing eyes, which he found unsettling to look at for any length of time. One of the men, dressed in a black two piece suit, with a turtle neck top and a kind of knitted helmet, made motions that he wanted a drink, handing Jose a “beautiful chrome jug”. Joe went inside, filled it, and returned to the beings, looking inside the craft to see a black interior “the colour of wrought iron”, in which there were several instrument panels that made a humming sound that reminded him of a generator. Two of the men were cooking pancakes on a flameless grill, and, responding to Joe’s gestures, gave him four. This man, who wore trousers with a red stripe, then hooked a line onto his belt, closing the hatch, which was seamlessly sealed. The machine then rose up to 6m then departed to the south, causing trees to bend with the air blast. The whole affair lasted FIVE minutes. Joe ate one of the pancakes, which tasted like cardboard; another was investigated by the air force who found nothing unusual in its composition.
  • Vallee 1969 p24.
  • Coral Lorenzen in Bowen 1966 p68 citing APRO Bulletin May 1961.
  • FSR 7,4 p7 citing Milwaukee Journal 23 + 24 April 1961 and an undated issue of Vilas Community Review.
  • FSR 8,3 p9 citing letter from Simonton to Hynek and Vallee.
  • Hynek and Vallee p153.
  • Lorenzen 1976 p81.
  • Keel 1970 p178.
  • Machlin 1979 p209.
  • Rutkowski 2010 p130.
  • Machlin and Beckley 1981 p17.
  • APRO Bulletin May 1961 p1.
  • Menzel and Boyd 1963 p228.

April 27 1961.
LAKE ONEGA (RUSSIA then part of the USSR)
At an undisclosed location numerous people saw an oval object, the size of an airliner, travel over the lake at great speed and so low as to brush the ice. A sort of ditch 13m long, 3m deep was found at the site. Curious metallic fragments were also found.
  • Freixcedo 1992 pp76 citing Felix Zigel citing investigation by Anton Kopeikin and Vladimir Sharanov.

May 1961.
Two schoolgirls saw a hairy human figure with a tail running from fields into woods.
  • Bord 1988 p225 citing Sunday Telegraph 14 May 1961.

May 1961. 1100hrs.
Tom Crawford, his father and brother were walking in an isolated part of Lurgan Park when they heard a sound like an engine mixed with a buzzing sound and saw a small grey disc shaped object passing 3m above the trees, spinning as it did so. The 1.2m long object came down to about 1,3m above the water of a lake in the park. There the object and sound both faded away and the Crawfords could then hear the birds singing.
  • Fry 2009 p62.

May 3 1961, apprx date. 2200hrs.
As a car approached, an inverted bowl shaped object about 2.5m thick, 3-4.5m diameter took off. It had oblong windows around the top from which flashing red lights were emitted. These lights changed to a steady fluorescence as the thing took off.
  • Hall 1964 pp139, 147.

May 10 1961, 2330hrs.
Richard Vogt was driving home to Eagle Bend, when between 1.5-2.5km south Osakis, when from the clear sky an elongated ball of fog about 1m in diameter descended from the sky at a 45 degree angle. The thing hit his bonnet and windshield and the car became filled with a terrific heat, and there was a sound like high speed gravel. The windscreen became intensely hot. It was found later to be pit marked and cracked, and there were burn marks on the bonnet.
  • CW Fitch in APRO Bulletin July 1963 p5 citing The Eagle Bend News 25 May 1961 citing investigation by W J Luyten et al of the University of Minnesota.

June 1961 or following month. Early hours.
Bert Fleckley (65) a night shift worker at the Luton Gas Works had gone out for a smoke, when he saw what looked like a woman about 2m tall and rather stout, dressed in a dazzling white robe that reached down to her ankles. The figure, which had jet black hair and appeared translucent was gliding down the street towards him. He called to a fellow worker, Jack Boutwood (36), who also saw the figure. The hailed a nearby police car, which went off in pursuit but the police found nothing.
  • Broughall and Adams 2010 p61.

June 1961, approx date. Morning.
Tom Crawford (11) was walking with his father and younger brother in a park close to Lurgan on a sunny Sunday morning, when, about 1.5km from the nearest road, they heard a sound like a motor cycle. When they turned round they were surprised to see a grey-black saucer shaped object hovering 3m above nearby trees, about 12m above the ground. The thing, which appeared to be 1.2m wide, was spinning. It then went overhead and out of view behind some bushes by a lake. Tom was petrified, but his brother ran up to the edge of the lake, to see the thing hovering 1.2-1.5m above the water. As he watched it became transparent and disappeared.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a p44 citing personal interview.

June 1961, approx. date. 1200hrs.
Helen Robbins (12) and her brother Peter were talking in front of their house, on this warm, sunny day, when they saw 5 faint “spots” in the sky, which resolved themselves into disc shaped objects with windows. As Peter ran to the house to tell his parents, one of the objects fired a blue ray at him, stunning him. Helen next saw a silvery, windowless, cigar shaped object, which absorbed the five discs. It the tilted at 45 degrees and took off vertically at speed. Helen just stepped over Peter and went to her room. Peter recovered and went to the library to get books on UFOs. Under hypnotic regression decades later, Helen recalled being vacuumed up into a small circular area in the disc that had stunned her brother. Here she met a tall being that reassured her through telepathy. This being was 1.8m tall, with a large head and very slender body, light grey skin, huge, wrap around dark eyes, dots for a nose and slit mouth, and wore a metallic blue one-piece jump suit. The being seemed to float as it walked, escorting Helen into a room with dials, metres and lights, where she was put in a reclining chair. She then found herself in a room with 8 or 9 small, less friendly, greys, who put her on a floating table and inserted something painfully into her nose. This reminded her of a dentist’s office and she felt violated. After the examination Helen was led back down the beam. Her mother had to take her to hospital for the damage to her nose. Helen claimed other anomalous personal experiences.
  • Timothy Green Beckley in UFO Universe Summer 1993 p35 citing interview with Helen Robbins/Wheels and investigations by Peter Mazzola + Budd Hopkins.
  • Beckley 1992 p32 gives date as May.

June 3 1961, 0635hrs.
Giacomo Barra of Savona was out in a motor boat with Giuseppe Podei (businessman), Filippa Marin (office worker) and the boat owner, Silvano Guardinfante. A good distance out to sea they switched off the engine and sat chatting. Suddenly the rocking of the waves increased, causing the boat to roll badly. They looked around, thinking it was the wake of a tanker, but instead, saw, 1km away, that the sea was bulging like an enormous ball, emitting long billows. From this bulge a strange contraption emerged. Its lower part resembled an upside down plate, the upper part was conical. As it emerged it thrust the water away, as if surrounded by an air cushion. It stopped to 10m altitude, rocked slightly a few times, before a glow formed around its base and it accelerated away towards the North West.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 9,4 p11 citing Settimana Incom 6 January 1963.
  • Olsen 1966 p3-73 citing above.
  • M Verga citing ITACAT files.

June 4 1961. Early afternoon.
Mrs Ames W Annis, a librarian, observed a large narrow elliptical object in the north with a cluster of smaller objects in the east, just above the treetops on the horizon. The small silvery objects then streaked across the horizon to the larger one, before all moved out of sight behind trees to the North North West. The weather was clear with bright sunlight shining on the objects from behind the witness.
  • Hall 1964 p71 citing NICAP files.

June 5 1961, 0230hrs.
About 48km from Santos, the patrolmen Jaime de Miranda and Astrogilde de Medeires were called to a spot where about 20 cars had stopped while their occupants were standing watching a luminous disc manoeuvring in the area. The patrolmen attempted to signal the object with their white spotlight, and then their red, at which latter, the disc began to move towards the cars at high speed. Fearing a collision, the two patrolmen jumped clear. Marshall Jose Otavia Leite, who had also been called to the scene, tried to shoot the light with his rifle, but colleagues stopped him. The thing manoeuvred for three hours, gradually losing its glow. At 0530 it was seen through binoculars to land near a tree some distance from the road. At daybreak it was no longer visible.
  • Lorenzen 1969 p227.
  • Evaluation: The several hours observation is suggestive of an astronomical misperception with autokinesis. Going below the horizon interpreted as landing.

June 11 1961, 2300hrs.
Jose Gregorio Barnaude (28) was lying in a hammock in the front garden of his house when he felt unwell and a prickling sensation on his head and body. Suddenly a luminous spinning object rapidly approached from behind the house, travelling from the North East to the South West at terrific speed, did a 90 degree turn, dropped vertically and hovered at 20-30m some 250m away. It was a disc 5m long, 3-4m tall, like two plates face to face, with fuzzy edges. It changed colour white-orange-red-purple back to white again. Over a dozen other people saw it for several minutes, before it rose vertically at great speed and flew away towards the South West. Horses and sheep panicked, dogs cowered and even the insects were hushed. A neighbour observed an object in flight. Jose observed the incident on the family farm estate, Fuenteluenga SA, which he managed, and developed an interest in UFOS as a result. The observation lasted about 7-20 minutes
  • Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos in FSR Case Histories 18 p11 citing his own investigation.

June 18 1961, 2030hrs.
Four young girls; Conchita Gonzalez, Loli Mazon, Jacinta Gozalez (all 12) and Maria Cruz Gonzalez (11) were playing at marbles after scrumping apples from the headmaster’s garden when they heard a sound like thunder and Conchita drew the other’s attention to a luminous figure the size of a 9 year old child, with pink wings, smallish face with dark eyes and wearing a blue robe. The figure gave off a brilliant light that did not hurt Conchita’s eyes. Over the following months and years the girls had other visions of what were interpreted as religious figures, who gave the usual homilies.
  • McClure 1983 p105.
  • Zimbars-Swartz 1991 p125.

Late June 1961
An oval object, emitting an orange glow, landed. A few hours later a cylindrical object trailing an orange exhaust was seen to rise from a low altitude in the same area. It titled to a horizontal position and then disappeared behind trees.
  • Hervey 1976 p 2.

Summer 1961 
Two witnesses were parked on a gravel road when they suddenly saw a ring of lights approaching. They thought that it was a plane, but the object appeared to hover and then land behind a distant tree line, about 1.5km away. After about 5 minutes the object ascended vertically and moved towards their car. They drove off at high speed, the thing pulling up near the car and following them for 11km into Weston, where it turned and left the road. No shape was visible behind the bright lights.
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 31.

Summer 1961
Josephine Cole was driving with her parents along a country road about 50km outside Birmingham, when they observed a “spinning top” shaped object, with a metallic sheen come down out of the sky and hover just above the oak trees 150m away. They had a feeling of being watched and, though there were no surface features, felt as though it was rotating. Her mother heard a gushing sound. After three minutes the thing took off at high speed.
  • Mark Pritchard in BUFORA Journal 10,2 p11.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a p44 citing Mark Pritchard.

Summer 1961. Night.
Mike Stenning and his wife were driving from Warminster to their home in Westbury in their Ford Zephyr, when just before Biss Bottom, they saw a cluster of 12 lights, 5 above, 7 below, in the sky. As they were going downhill the car engine failed, the lights went out and the car came to a stop. The couple had a feeling that someone was looking at them. The lights then shot of towards Cley Hill at terrific speed and disappeared. When they looked at their watches they found they had lost seven or eight minutes.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a p63 citing their own investigation.

July 1961
The crew of a pilot cutter observed an unidentified flying object descend into the sea. Searches were futile.
  • Arnold 2013 p78.

July 1961
At an undisclosed location, a student, who later became an electronics engineer in the USA, was walking in the country with four other men during an archaeological expedition. He became separated from his companions and wandered behind a group of the trees where he saw a disc shaped vehicle, 6m wide on the ground. He was lifted into this machine by a translucent elevator. The craft then transported him to a desolate area, landing near a large machine, 1.5m high, 6m long. This devise had tapes that seemed to dismiss ideas into his brain. After three hours the disc transported him back to the original spot, where he found he had been missing for 18 days, though he was clean shaven and his clothes were unruffled. He developed eye trouble, kept falling asleep, developed an increased memory and a variety of “psychic powers” and other similar effects, including a sense of mission. No beings were encountered during the experience.
  • Vallee 1975 p7.
  • Evaluation: Note that the magical machine still uses 1960s technology with reel to reel tapes! If this person went missing for 18 days surely there would have been police searches, has anyone checked newspapers for information on that.

July 3 1961, 0015hrs.
Mrs Smith and her daughter Mrs Taylor went on the roof of the latter’s flat to bring in some washing, when, looking out to sea, they spotted lights, which they thought were from a ship until they realised that they were in the air. There was a row of five lights, with another one on top. As it approached Mrs Taylor backed away, in fear that it was coming straight at them. It was a disc shaped object, somewhat resembling a helicopter, with five portholes emitting orange beams of light, with a diffuse orange light on top, and a similar glow on the base, lighting up the trees and ground 20m below. The thing then suddenly shot off of dizzying speed, “like a shooting star” in the direction from whence it had come. A sort of orange glowing smoke persisted for 5 minutes after the thing had vanished. No sound was heard at any time. Earlier another person had seen strange lights and felt a strange and very local whirlwind in a remote field.
  • Leonard Cramp in FSR 7,6 p15.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a p47 citing Leonard Cramp + Isle of Wight County Press 8 July 1961.

July 8 1961, 2300hrs.
Cinema projectionist Terry Gregory (17) and his girlfriend Nannette Hilay were parked about 8km west of Beulah, when a blue-white light appeared overhead, travelling SE-NW at the speed of a jet. About a minute later the thing stopped and descended to treetop height and then rose to an elevation of 20 degrees. After a couple of minutes the couple drove to pick up fruit farmer Walt Paynor (17) and plumber Robert Shoebridge (20). The object was still in the vicinity, behind trees, its light illuminating the rear of a nearby house like the full moon; the light fading and brightening intermittently. After 15 minutes the four left for the Immerman Road, observing a faint rotating beacon in the object. After they had been parked on the road for a further 15 minutes, a red light , the size of a grapefruit came out of the woods at about 2m altitude, travelling at the speed of a bicycle. The white object appeared about 1m from the red. These merged into one, split again and then the red object disappeared. There were now four objects, which appeared from behind 5km away at eye level. As the group headed towards town they saw the beacon again. They returned with Terry’s parents, who observed the blue light and the beacon. After taking Mr and Mrs Gregory home, the three young men returned to the spot at 0200 and nothing was visible. The air force investigators felt that the witnesses were sincere.
  • Mallan 1968 pp33, 160 + Machlin 1979 p38, 122 citing Blue Book files.

July 12 1961.
Two station hands saw an unusual object, the size of a kerosene tin, with long flames coming from one end, dive towards them, apparently landing in a nearby paddock. They went to investigate but found no traces.
  • Hervey 1969 p 103.

July 17 1961, 0200hrs
1.6km north of Bonny Spring Ranch, on US 91, two civilians in a car observed, in the rear view mirror, a low flying object that overtook their car, followed by a rush of cold air. The thing stopped, circled the vehicle, flew off and was lost to sight behind mountains, where it may have landed. A detailed investigation by Blue Book failed to find any traces.
  • Vallee Case 521 citing Blue Book Files.

July 18 1961.
A group of young girls (Maria-Dolores Mazon (12), Conchita Gonzalez (12) and their friends Jacinta and Marie-Cruz) were out playing, when they heard a noise like thunder and then both Conchita followed by the others saw a “beautiful” figure surrounded by an intense light, which did not however hurt their eyes. After a short while the figure vanished. In the following days they encountered a dark coloured figure the size of a nine year old boy, with black eyes and dressed in a sort of blue robe. This was the start of a series of visions not seen by onlookers of figures soon assumed to be the Virgin Mary and other religious figures, who uttered the usual pieties.
  • John Patrick Gillese in Fate (Fuller) 1968 p79.

August 1961. 0130hrs.
A woman visiting her in-laws was sleeping in her room with her baby and two daughters. She was awakened by a feeling of a powerful force pulling her out of bed, and saw, beside her bed, a black creature with a small round head, no neck, big “mean but sad” eyes, around the top of which were wrinkles that glowed. It moved over to where the girls were sleeping, and the 14 year old, also had a sensation of being awoken by this force. Its eyes seemed to ripple and it seemed to communicate that it wanted her to go with it. When she screamed it vanished. The baby refused to be breast fed after the incident.
  • Stringfield 1978 p71 citing Len Stringfield’s own investigation.

August 8 1961, 0330hrs.
Charles Cummings was awoken by a peculiar sensation of presence and saw two men standing in his room by the light of the early dawn. These men were between 1.2 and 1.5m tall, dressed in dark green two piece suits, with belt around their middles and helmets raised back from their faces. One was standing at the foot of the bed, the other at the head. This latter being gave the appearance of being older, with receding hairline. Both were “beautifully proportioned” and seemed to glide. Charles felt paralysed and strangely calm as the beings spoke to him for about a minute, suggesting that they return. One then said to the other “I think he’s waking up on us, we’d better go” The two beings then just disappeared as a sound like air escaping from a pipe was heard. Charles was no, longer paralysed and leapt out of bed. His wife had also seen the apparitions and had been paralysed. Meanwhile 250m away, Dr Gerald Whitney, whose western facing window had an unobstructed view of the Cummings’ property, was looking out and saw shiny, bright bluish sphere 8-9m diameter in front of the Cummings’s house. It rose slowly, gathered speed and proceeded straight north at a trajectory of 8=10 degrees. About 120m along its route, at an altitude of 15-20m, this sphere disappeared. It had been observed for 50 seconds.
  • John Musgrave in FSR 12,2 citing Bill Holt.
  • W K Allan in FSR 26,3 p22 citing investigation by Bill Holt and Paul Franck.
  • Ted Bloecher citing Richard Hall + John Musgrave both citing Holt and Franck.

August 12 1961, 2100hrs.
Two 21 year old students in their final year at Drake University, Tom Phipps and James M Furkenhoff, were driving in their convertible with the top down, when they observed a large object in the sky, about three city blocks away. They first thought that it was an aircraft about to crash, but as they approached closer they saw that it was an oval object, shaped roughly like a sledge, with running boards, just less than half the size of an American football field. The running boards seemed to have lights that caused it to glow a pale yellow. Two high vertical tails ran from the rear edge to the centre of the metallic contraption, which was hovering at 15m altitude. After staying right beneath the object for about 4 minutes, they drove away, suddenly afraid. As they did so, the object veered away to the east, disappearing in 5 seconds.
  • Mallan 1968 pp32, 143 + Olsen 1 1966 p 3-73 + Machlin 1979 p37, 91 all citing Blue Book Files.

August 17 1961.
A vertical V shaped formation of yellowish lights was seen passing behind some trees at low altitude.
  • Hall 1964 pp15, 139.

August 17 1961.
A 12/13 year old girl (see Bralorne 1951) and her friends were out cycling, when they saw a huge aerial object descend to 15m over Lake Becker and suck out water. From it came a sphere which approached the girl and interrogated her. It followed her home and became part of her life, teaching her and giving her extraordinary powers. It was eventually destroyed itself to prevent it falling into the hands of government agents.
  • Brookesmith 1998 p36.
  • Evaluation: Compensatory fantasy.

August 25 1961, 0255hrs.
Four musicians were being driven along the Lanta Road towards Toulouse in a Renault van when they observed a strange spherical object less than 50m above their vehicle. The thing was orange, 10-12m diameter and soundless. Along the side they observed nine vertical oblong openings 1m wide. The object paced the van for more than an hour. They asked their driver to stop but he was too afraid. The object took off when they reached the town.
  • Phen Spax 22.
  • Vallee Case 523 citing an unspecified issue of LDLN (gives altitude 18m, diameter 8m)

Autumn 1961. Late evening.
Keith Smith and his father were returning from a fishing trip, when their dog began to bark. Looking up they saw a large cylindrical object on which there was a dim light, slowly descending over open land to their left. They ran after the thing, which stopped 30m in the air, a hundred or so metres away. Keith detected a strange smell and felt nauseous. A short time later the cylinder rose up and disappeared into the night sky.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a p51 citing personal interview.

September 1961. 0230hrs.
Columbia University student Stan Suban saw a fire near the ocean. A white luminous sphere was suspended over the fire and around it were 5 or 6 people, 1.9m tall, dressed in dark wet suits with white strings down their arms. As Suban approached within 50m, a 7m tall giant, “white as snow”, with no discernible facial features, emerged from the ocean. The being walked with an animated gait and gave Suban the impression of massive power. Suban hid behind a 2m high block that the giant towered over. Eventually it walked back out to sea.
  • Timothy Green Beckley in Saga UFO Special 3 p50.

September 1961. 1400hrs.
A couple who owned a vegetarian hotel observed a metallic grey top shaped object, which appeared suddenly at the edge of the sea, sending up spray and disturbing the birds. It travelled over the water at 15m altitude, appearing and disappearing, twice very suddenly, eventually disappearing from sight. The couple felt as though they were in telepathic contact with the thing’s occupants. A woman and child were also on the beach.
  • BUFORA Journal 4, 9 p20.

September 1961. 1530hrs.
W. H. Harvey, a sales executive, was driving on US 60 near Beckley when he encountered a trailer truck parked up, its driver out on the road. This and a glow, drew Harvey’s attention to a huge elliptical object 90-120m in diameter hovering very low over a hill 300m away. It had two rows of square windows and two gigantic “pontoon like” structures about 30m long underneath. The upper part was blue, the lower orange. After about 5 minutes it took off at tremendous speed, the rate of its periodic hisses increasing as it did so.
  • Barker 1963. 5 p20 citing own investigation.

September 1961. 2300hrs.
Two youngsters were walking by the side of the lake, returning to the lodge when the area was illuminated by a huge orange-red sphere hovering at treetop height. They ran back to the lodge where one of the staff investigated. The light illuminated the lodge but the principle witness’s mother seemed unconcerned.
  • Cameron 1995 p29.
  • Evaluation: The principle witness then aged 12 says there was an aircrash at around this time, but I have been unable to locate any details. Reported 30+ years later

September 1961. 2325hrs.
Textile technician Czeslaw K Kawecki was walking along the beach on the last night of his holiday and had just got up to walk back when a noise of rushing water made to turn towards the sea again. 300m from the shore the water was bulging, with fountain like jets sprouting from the top. An object resembling a elongated triangle rose up from the spot, the water beneath forming a whirlpool. There appeared on the machine a belt of steady white light, segmented by a number of dark struts. This glow illuminated the object, which now had the appearance of a huge funnel, with two rims separated by the belt of light. About halfway up the top was a thin white strip, the slim end of which had a rounded top from which emerged a projection. A strong white light then emerged from beneath the funnel; which slowly tilted northward. It glided 50m to the east and back. The bottom of the object was now visible as a dark perimeter surrounding a ring of strong white light, with another dark ring and polished central disc from which this dark second ring projected a number of spikes. The machine’s body was 6m long, 5m diameter. The light became bluish as the machine took off at 45o at a speed comparable to a jet, disappearing as a spot of light. During the whole 4-5 minute episode no sound was heard. The event was also witnessed by Mr and Mrs J H Poniewicz and two local men who would not give their names.
  • Cramp 1966 p129.

September 19 1961, 2230hrs.
Post office worker and civil rights organiser Barney Hill and his wife Betty, a social worker, were driving back home from a short break in Canada, when, south of Lancaster, their attention as caught by a light in the sky. By 2300 the light had come close and, through binoculars, had the shape of a wingless fuselage, with red, green, amber and blue lights. After some time the object appeared to be pacing the car at 30m altitude and to the west. As the object descended closer, Barney stopped and got out, approaching to within 30m of the object, which was at treetop height. He could see that it was a machine with two fins sliding out, on the tips of which were red lights. It had a double row of windows through which six beings could be seen. Five of them turned around, apparently manipulating levers, whilst the sixth, in a dark uniform, stared at Barney, causing him to panic and flee back to the car, as the craft descended in jerks. As they drove away they heard a bleeping sound and felt a vibration.

They arrived home at 0500. Barney was worried about a spot on his groin and marks on the car. They both came to believe that about two hours of the journey were missing and Barney began to develop anxiety symptoms, while Betty had nightmares about being kidnapped by beings from the craft. Under hypnosis, during psychotherapy with Dr Benjamin Simon of Boston, they recalled being stopped by a group of beings at Indian Head, and taken on board the craft, where they were subjected to a medical examination by creatures with broad, flat faces, large slanting eyes, small flattened noses and large chests. They had a leader with large wrap around eyes, two holes for a nose and a lipless slip map. This being communicated with Betty via telepathy, appeared to have no concept of time, showed her map taken from a cabinet, and offered her a book, which offer he retracted after the crew objected. Numerous after effects.
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  • Walter Webb in Hall 2001 p567 citing his own investigation.
  • Pflock and Brookesmith 2007 passim.
  • Evaluation: The best analysis of this story is contained here
  • Based on detailed local knowledge. Plfock and Brookesmith provides some additional background.

Late September 1961. 1900hrs.
Tom X,and his father were driving along a dirt road, parallel to the highway, going to Norfolk via Danbury, when they missed the turn off and had to double back. Tom got out to guide the U turn, when he saw an orange-red fuzzy object, about 6m behind the car, 7.5m above the ground. It was about 3m in diameter. Tom dashed back to the car in terror. His father then saw the object and continued to observe it for 10 minutes. He then decided to approach the thing and got within 3m before walking back. Both could see a star through the transparent thing. They finally back up under the object, and when they looked back again, it had gone.
  • Klass 1968 p47 citing letter from Tom X to General Curtis LeMay and Klass’s own investigation.

September 29 1961, 1200hrs.
Rosa Quattrini (52), a chronic invalid, was lying in bed when a strange young woman, a beautiful blonde dressed in blue-grey poor clothing came to the door asking for donations. When they said they were too poor to pay the woman asked to see Rosa. She touched the invalid, who became cured. She was told to perform religious devotions, make a pilgrimage to Padre Pio, and the woman gave her a sort of magic potion to drink, before walking away.
  • Zimdars-Swartz 1991 p94 citing Buzatti 1978.

September 30 1961, 2200hrs.
8km south of La Porte, Dennis Bealor (16) saw a large sphere of orange light rise ahead of him on the road. He was so frightened that he lost control of his car and left the road.
  • Vallee Case 525 citing Hartle 1963 p158.

October 1961. Morning.
At an undisclosed location security guard Colin Crowhurst was walking his dog along the A20 on this misty morning when a blue fluorescent thing, resembling a brain, came within a metre or so of him. A beam from the thing paralysed him and his dog’s hair stood on end. Eventually the light moved off into the mist. Sometime after this Colin was lying awake in bed preparing for an early hours shift when he saw a figure dressed in a silver suit and helmet in his bedroom doorway. The figure then turned its head, creasing its suit, and faded out.
  • Fry 2009 p38.

October 9 1961, 1000hrs.
Melville Phillips was watching an aircraft when his attention was caught by a snail shaped object, with a long tail that whipped back and forth, descend to just above the trees on a ridge, then accelerated away in a flash.
  • APRO Bulletin January 1962 p3.

October 14 1961, 1700hrs.
Mrs Edwin Riley, a summer resident, saw an object the size of an ore carrier (a large ship) descend onto the surface of Lake Superior and bob on the surface 1.6km from the shore. A neighbour, Jack Ray observed it through binoculars, but was unable to make out any details. Neither could Sheriff Falk. Mrs Riley saw the object rise and move away south at the speed of an automobile.
  • Lorenzen 1969 p230 and APRO Bulletin November 1961 p3 both citing investigation by Karl Grummette.
  • Sanderson 1970 cites the above but incorrectly gives location as Michigan.
  • Evaluation: Investigations by coast guard and air force only found a large log, which Grummette doubted could have caused the report.

October 21 1961, 0200hrs.
While driving between Datil and Pietown on Hw 60, Richard and Rhoda Du Bois of Westminster California, encountered a brilliant ball of white light, which flashed down in front of their car, then slowed, turned and paced them, before streaking back into the sky, only to descend again as they were travelling through a canyon. Here it split into four smaller lights that paced them in formation until they reached a service station, where, as the car slowed, the lights flashed up and out of sight.
  • APRO Bulletin January 1962 p1 citing Westminster Ca Press sources.
  • Lorenzen 1969 p232
  • UFO Investigator January-February 1962 p1.
  • FSR 8,3 p27 citing UFO Investigator, op cit. 

November 1961. 0010hrs.
William Thorne was staying with his brother John (see October 1958) and sharing a couch with his own son John Jnr. He had just settled for sleep when he heard footsteps. Thinking it was his sister in law, he called out and looked at the door to see the figure of a woman in a long black dress, her face covered by a handkerchief held in her right hand. John Jnr also saw the figure, apparently outline by a luminosity, though he did not see the handkerchief.
  • Andrew Mackenzie in The Paranormal Review February 1997 p4 citing his own investigation.
  • Mackenzie 1982 p55.

November 1961. 0015hrs.
Four men were driving back from a hunting trip through the snowy landscape, in rain and sleet, with very poor visibility. The driver, the only one awake, saw a blazing object descend from the sky, landing 800m away. Fearing a plane crash the driver woke his front seat companion and they drove up to within 150m of the site, where they saw an object resembling the tail of an aircraft, stocking out of the ground at 85 degrees. Through eh glow it emitted, they saw it was a silo shaped craft, which was on the other side of a ditch and railway tracks. When they shone their light on the scene, there was an “explosion” and sudden darkness. Fearing a disaster, they tried to manoeuvre their car closer, waking another passenger, a treasury agent with medical knowledge. The poor terrain forced them back to their original location. When they turned to return, they saw the craft. And four figures standing on the road. They were 1.6m tall, with white overalls and partial headgear. One of the figures gestured for them to get back. They debated about investigating armed, but instead got the highway patrolman from the nearby township.

When they returned to the site the scene had vanished. They said saw what looked like automobile tail-lights in an empty field. The officer and one of the hunters pursued them, but they vanished. After some time the officer left and the hunters continued their journey for another 3km, when the object, “brilliant bluey red, like an arc lamp” landed gently 150m away, in a depression 20m below the countryside. Two of the men got out, one taking a rifle, though those in the car had no recollection of him doing this. Two beings appeared by the object, though the witnesses had not seen them emerge. The two men in the car held the beings in their headlight beam, but before they could decide what to do, the man with the rifle fired for no apparent reason, hitting one of the beings in the shoulder, who cried out “what the hell did you do that for”, his companion rushing to his aid. The men fled in terror. They later found they had suffered a time loss. The next day the treasury agent was approached at work by three men who took him home, examined his hunting gear, asked him about the first part of the incident and warned him not to talk. He eventually communicated with Dr Hynek in 1968.
  • Hynek and Vallee 1975 p129.
  • Hynek 1972 pp. 43, 240.

November 1961, approx. date. 1900hrs.
A farmer working in his field saw an orange globe taking off from a small wood 300m away and passing overhead. Sparks were visible from its edges during its flight.
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Inforspace 9 p42.

November 21 1961, 1930hrs.
11km west of Old Town an employee of the State Highway Department and a woman employee of a local Ford dealership observed a reddish orange object, the apparent size of a car tyre at treetop height for 3-4 minutes before it rose up vertically. Both observers were considered to be very reliable.
  • Mallen 1968 p183 + Machlin 1979 p139 both citing Blue Book Files.

December 1961
An entity report, witness N Brochada. No further details
  • Pereira 1974 case 58 citing SBEDV Bulletin 39/41.

December 1961. Night.
On Sheep Island road near Summerville, local teenagers and then adults, saw on a number of occasions, a light, which changed colour as it moved up and down the road, sometimes high, sometimes low. On one occasion it descended on to a car bonnet.
  • Gaddis 1967 p81.

December 21 1961, 2145hrs.
Jerry Hislope (20) of Kentland was driving 3km north of Lafayette when his car was buzzed by a glowing white object 2.5m in diameter, 1m thick. The object dived at the car, at times descending to 3m altitude before accelerating into the sky. He stopped to observe it at one point.
  • APRO Bulletin March 1962 p1.
  • Lorenzen 1962 p213 citing Indiana Journal 28 December 1961.