1960. (or following year) Evening.
Luka V Tynzyanov was going with his two dogs from Yaraskogort (sic) to Vasyakovo (sic) along the side of Oba Mountain (sic) when the animals began to bark and bare their teeth before running forward and returning to Luka in fear. Two beings, one 2m tall, the other rather smaller, came out of the forest. Their eyes seemed to emit a red light, like a lantern and their bodies were covered with black hair. Their arms were unusually long and they swung them in an unusual manner. Their gate was strange also, their legs turning as they walked. When the things had passed the dogs ran off back to the village. 
  • Shackley 1983 p129
  • Evaluation: I can’t locate any of these places on Google

Summer (Southern) 1960 or following year.  c.0500hrs.
A milkman on an early round heard a whirring sound and saw a pulsating light behind some sand dunes. On investigating he encountered a disc shaped object with a violet light, hovering 60cm above the ground. Its whine was getting louder on each pulse. Two beings, with vivid blue slanted eyes, dressed in space suits came out from behind the objects. They appeared to speak in perfect English, but their words seemed to come from boxes on their belts. Their own language was incomprehensible, as was the name they gave to their home in the galactic centre. They had travelled by a roundabout route, going through “negative systems” in order to assist planets in our solar system from “negative forces” from Orion. Orion beings were physically weak and would interbreed with earth beings in order to create a hybrid race, as they envied the earth’s fertility. These friendly visitors travelled in time, but the witness could not understand their explanation. 
  • Buckle 1967 citing Colin McCarthy

1960. Approx date) 
Andy Hoad and Bret Taylor were out prospecting. They first notice a rotten smell around their hut. Later when they reached a dried up creek they heard noises in the scrub and saw a hairy female biped, about 2m tall, in a stooped position. It was then joined by another about 1.8m tall. These were joined by a 2.7m tall male. Andy and Bret fled, but when they reached their hut it was being demolished by a 3m tall creature. When this thing moved the two men gut into their truck and fled. 
  • Gilroy 1995 p204

1960. (Approx. date)
Denis Baker was driving past Grace Dieu Priory when he saw a woman on the verge ahead. She then turned into the road and he seemed to collide with her. He felt no impact and when he looked back she was carrying on across the road behind her. 
  • Wright 2006 p75

1960. (Approx. date) Night.
A group of boys hanging round a deserted cabin encountered a hairy humanoid more than 1,8m tall. Its dark hair was 10-15cm long. 
  • Blackburn 2017p127 citing BFRO
  • Evaluation: Only known from widow of one of the witnesses reporting the story decades later

Mrs N called to her husband that a craft had landed in a field some 300m away. The lady refused to give out any further details. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Jean Giraud in OVNI-INFO 1 p13

A man was driving his father to visit friends near Broken Hill, when they noticed in low bush country, on the east side of the road a white square 5m x 5m several metres off the road. On it were 3m high white and amber lights, and from its centre came a shower of burning metal, which gave off sparks, 1m diameter that leant backwards. 
  • UFORA Research Digest 25 p 2 citing UFORA

At an undisclosed location in Northern California the president of a Portland heavy equipment company got separated from his companion. He then heard noises in the bush and saw a hairy humanoid walking away about 30m distance. It stood head and shoulders above the 1.8m tall juvenile pines. His companion had been spooked by a sense of being watched and returned to camp. 
  • Byrne 1975 p57.

Mr Guy saw an object land in the courtyard of a farm. No further details and Bonabot considered the case suspect. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing OVNI-INFO 1 p12 case 45.
1960. Daytime.
Rita Newman was finishing her tea break in a factory in Portslade, when, looking through a large window, she saw a large object resembling a coal boat leaving the harbour. When she looked again, a few seconds later, it had moved a considerable distance. It was travelling rapidly but suddenly stopped, and tipped up to a vertical position, emitted smoke and sank. No one else in the factory saw this, but her father, working in a nearby power station also saw the thing, which had masts which covered his window. It seemed to be coming close to shore, but when he looked again it had disappeared. 
  • Arnold 2013 p 36
  • Evaluation: There is no clear description of what exactly was seen.

1960. Night.
While staying at Whithorn Castle overseeing decoration work Lawrence Little was going to bed when the figures of a woman in her 20s and a child about 5, both in old fashioned clothes and hair styles appeared. They then turned and walked towards the bedroom wall and disappeared. 
  • Green 1980 p189

1960. Night.
During a tornado a luminous sphere flew past low and slow and then a sphere 5m diameter descended to a few metres altitude, hovered for a while and then flew. Two luminous spots, like car headlights entered a suburban cottage, which then rose into the air. 
  • Dong and Stevens 1983 p42 citing He Qingxian and Nanjing Ribao
  • Evaluation: Electrical phenomena associated with the tornado.

1960. Night.
Near Liberty, 11 year old boy gathering firewood was grabbed on the waist by something. He first thought it was his brother playing a trick, but then saw his brother some distance away in a field. The boy ran home, with the thing attached to him. Rounding a corner he threw the thing off. He then looked back and shone his torch onto the thing. It was a creature with red, brown skin, about 60-90cm tall, with a single dark eye and a horn on its forehead, extending down to the eye-line, and long, antennae like ears. The boy fled to his grandmother’s in terror. The event lasted 3-4 minutes. 
  • Miles 2000 p46.

January 3 1960. 0245hrs.
Bill Douglas and a boy had stopped for a rest on his journey from Christchurch to Takaka at a point between Clarence Bridge and Kekerengu. He was awoken by a brilliant light shining in to the car coming from a bright, white, luminous sphere about 10m diameter on or just above the beach less than 100m away. After a couple of minutes a decided to get back into the front seat and drive away, but fell asleep again before he could do so. He awoke about 0430hrs. at sunrise, still in the back seat. Searching the beach he found various footprints, including one set that were abnormally large. 
  • Dykes 1981 p156
  • Evaluation: False awakening?

January 6 1960.
A group of young people in Cobb Park panicked when a strange object appeared to land in a park 
  • Gross January-June 1960. p6 citing APRO Bulletin January 1960. p4 citing Fort Worth Star-Telegraph.
  • Evaluation: Possible meteorite

January 7 1960.
A motorist saw an unconventional object land on a road just south of the General Motors Plant and then follow a car. 
  • As above
  • Evaluation: Only known as an anonymous report to the police

Early January 1960.
Paul M, an electrician, was out camping when he heard splashing in the creek and his flashlight illuminated the hairy legs and body of a bipedal creature. He was afraid to shine the light onto the thing’s face and fled instead. 
  • Alley 2003 p33.

January 11 1960.
0545hrs. ANDKJAER MOSE (sic) (DENMARK)
A man going out to the garage encountered a small being dressed in a grey-green “space suit”, with a helmet surmounted by small antennae When the man pointed his torch at the creature it rose 50m into where it was taken up into a disc, which then disappeared emitting a flash and a humming sound. 
  • Rosales 1960/64 p 16 citing Per Andersen and SUFOI
  • Evaluation: I cannot find this place name outside this story

January 18 1960.
At a point about 15km west of Lakota, the lights of a car driven by Messes Haley and Baker dimmed as there was a flash as an unidentified object flew towards a field about 1.5km away. The object appears to have been only a point source of light. 
  • Maney and Hall 1961 p193 + Hall 1964 p75 both citing Grand Forks Herald 21 January 1960.
  • Rodeghier 1981 p17 citing Schopick however says they saw “a crescent shaped object with an exhaust slightly behind them.
  • Evaluation: Meteor?

January 30 1960.
The Argentine navy unsuccessfully pursued two unidentified submarine objects for 15 days. Objects were also seen entering and leaving the gulf.n On this day they depth charged an unknown object 
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 pp citing FSR 6,3 p14 citing Newsweek 22 February 1960.
  • Kolisimo 1971 p 107.

February 1960.
Barbara Hudson answered her apartment door to a 1.8m tall man dressed in ordinary suit, shirt and tie. He claimed to be a pest controller but seemed more interested in a UFO book she was reading. He asked her questions about her interest and views, kissed her on the cheek and hinted he was from Saturn. Barbara went to the window but never saw the stranger leave. She claimed other dramatic UFO incidents. 
  • Dennett 2008 p103 citing Timothy Green Beckley in UFO Universe 3, 1 p58.

February 14 1960.
A rapidly moving undersea object eluded the US Navy. 
  • Kolosimo 1971 p 108

Spring 1960.
A 45 year old electronics engineer, who did not give his name but claimed to be a Christian teetotaller, was out fishing, driving 6.5km, then walking through woods for 800m to a creek. Darkness had set in and he was returning to his car when he heard a high pitched hum and saw an object downstream, low over the river, and landing on the bank. On the top right of the object was a revolving light. The sound gradually stopped, and from an opening came two dwarfs with oversized head who dragged a hose to the water. One being returned to the machine, while the other splashed his hands in the water like a child at play. Then the second being reappeared and they both jumped around “as if enjoying our light gravity”, while emitting multi-coloured light. The witness watched from behind a tree until the round machine left. 
  • Vallee Case 501 + Binder 1967 p 06 citing anonymous letter from alleged witness to Otto Binder
  • Evaluation: Probable hoax

March 1960.
A being 2.4m tall, with only one eye, was seen. 
  • Fabio Picasso in Strange Magazine 9 p 35

March 10 1960.
Electrical engineer Vitko Novi had just finished work at the hydroelectric plant when his attention was caught by a sparrow hawk on the generator wall and went to phone his superiors to tell them of the incident. There was then a power outrage. Yitko went into one of the tunnels to check on the situation and when he emerged he saw a circle 500m diameter lit by an unusual light. He then realised that the light was coming from an oval or lenticular object on ledge at the join of the Santa and Kitaragsa. Though its light was brilliant it did not hurt Vitko’s eyes. Thinking it was a new military devise Vitko continued on his work but was rather discomcered by the calmness of a guard. This man told Vitko he had seen this thing and its “friendly occupants” before. Vitko went towards it against the guard’s protests. When he got within 60m of the thing, Vitko encountered two tall men in suits that appeared to be made of seal fur and claimed to be from the planet APU. The object rested on beams of light and a had a stairway through which the beings walked before the thing took off with a faint hissing sound, Vitko claimed a number of other contacts and became a regular contactee. 

April or May 1960.
0200hrs. (PUY-DE-DOME : FRANCE)
Village baker, Germain Tichet, a former Free French Special Services soldier, was kneading his dough when his attention was caught by an unusual noise and multi-coloured lights shiny though his window. Rushing out, he saw, in the middle of an old fairground uphill from him, an enormous circular machine, below which was an undercarriage resembling an accordion bellows standing on the ground. This undercarriage expanded on the left side, allowing the object to stay horizontal on the sloping ground. Above the general noise from the machine he then heard a metallic sound as a step ladder was lowered from the right hand side. A very small humanoid descended the three steps and began walking to Tichet’s right. As this was going on Tichet felt a powerful, pungent wind come from the machine; hitting him on the left cheek. Undaunted he walked towards the creature, intending to capture it. When the being saw Tichet it pointed a long tube at him, from which came a blinding light. 

As Tichet continued forwards, the being turned, re-entered the machine up the step ladder, which disappeared in an instant. The machine rose vertically to 30m at great speed and then shot away towards the south in an undulating, horizontal flight, then joining a group of similar objects in the sky. The machine was shaped like a spinning top, 10-15m wide, 5m high, the top, transparent half, rotating rapidly. On this top part were four fixed luminous tubes like neon lights, 50cm long. The bottom half was the bellow affair. The being was well proportioned, “handsome”, wearing little boots, light fitted trousers, a belt with four boxes on it, a grey-green jacket button up the front, and a helmet like a fireman. On its right side it wore what looked like the scabbard of a curved sword, hilt visible. Tichet was described as a man with only elementary education, and was considered very reliable. He told his story only to his family and one colleague before seeing a GEPA advertisement in a paper. 

  • FSR 16,1 p9 citing Joel Mesnard in Phen Spax 21 citing own investigation

April 5 1960.
Local residents saw an orange saucer shaped object in the sky, emitting a sharp whistle. It landed a few seconds later and was soon afterwards destroyed by a loud explosion. Four small humanoid creatures ran away from the machine into the bush. 
  • Vallee Case 502 + FSR 6, 5 p27 citing an undated issue of Times of India citing the Lisbon papers of 7 April 1960. citing the Lusitania news agency
  • Dauphine Libre of 9 May 1960.
  • Evaluation: Press rumour?

April 13 1960. 2100hrs.
A farmer, Mr Arnold saw a fiery red object about 3.5 by 2.5m descend from the south at high speed, emitting a loud rumbling noise. The object ploughed through the trees, striking the ground 300m away, then bounced like a stone on water, hitting the ground in nine places making loud explosions which were heard by other residents, who also saw flames. The object then ascended to the west. The whole incident lasted just 3 seconds. Furrows and scorched grass were found at the site where the tree had been decapitated. A substance like metallic paint was found. Arnold was thought very reliable. 
  • Vallee Case 503 citing Science and Mechanics December 1966
  • Mallan 1968 p 169 +Machlin 1979 p123 citing Blue Book Files

April 25 1960.
Olaf Nielsen was out walking when he was sucked into a hovering object and taken on a journey to a large, brilliantly lit, cavern, where he was shown several flying machines in an underground hanger and a machine used to provide protection from the “dark ones of Orion” 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 9, 4 p10

April 27 1960. 0300hrs. 
Whilst passing the Gyldenholme, 11km south of Slagelse on the road to Neestvad, travelling at 60kph, Mr N felt a strange sensation of being watched. After leaving the wood surrounding the main building, he saw an intensely shining white circle approaching at great speed from 20 degrees to the south west. After 3-4 seconds the circle stopped close to the car, the motor of which lost power and lights went out. MR n stopped to the right hand side of the road, 6m from the object, which resembled two bowls face to face, with a broad shining band approximately around the centre and smaller stripes on top. It was 9m wide, 6m high. On the top was a small superstructure; underneath it were three luminous spots. 

As the craft hovered at 3m, three legs and a cylindrical tube descended from the underpart. From a square opening in this tube emerged four dwarfs, 90cm tall that moved towards the car with slow graceful movements, like frogmen walking on the bottom of the sea. Their faces were human looking but flattened, their mouths moved soundlessly. They were dressed in green shining costumes, on the front of which were three dark vertical stripes. As the beings approached the car, a thick cable slid out of the bottom of the machine towards it, stopping 2m from the right window. The cable ended in a square screen in which a round luminous lens was visible. The four beings surrounded the car, two at the left door. In their hands they each had an instrument like a slender lantern which they placed on the car several times. During this time there was a humming sound like high voltage equipment. The beings, cable and landing legs all returned to the craft, which took off very fast to the SW. 

  • Saucers Space and Science 58 p3 citing SUFOI Reporter 4
  • Report from Denmark 1,5 citing UFO Nyt 1967 no1

May 1960.
Mrs H Denia observed an object like a plate with a bright flashing light at about 30m altitude moving 50m away. The same object was said to have been seen three times a year in the same location. 
  • APRO Bulletin July 1960. p6
  • Evaluation: Repeated appearances suggest astronomical misperception

May 1960. 0200hrs. 
A 12 year old girl was awakened by a light shining in through her room and looking through her window to see a disc shaped object hovering there. Two dwarfs entered the room through the window, placed a cylindrical object against her neck and then took her through a small object into the disc. There she was placed on a table in a large room and had some sort of operation. She passed out and woke in bed with marks on her abdomen and her nightdress torn. She claimed other abductions and related experiences. 
  • Rosales 1960/64 p26 citing Genevieve Vanquelef Invasion Secrete Vol 1 (1995) p62,68,86,142-3
  • Evaluation: Primary source unclear, date may be very approximate, known only from fringe source

May 1960. 1300hrs.
Teacher Miguel Timermans Ceballos was motorcycling from Prado del Rey to Jeres when at the Arcos/El Bosque crossroads he observed a strange human like figure about 150m away, on a steep incline on the road ahead. The figure appeared to be 2m tall, red all over, and was walking with difficulty in a stiff mechanical fashion. As Miguel stopped a second, similar figure appeared as suddenly as the first. This figure was only 1.2m tall and one red boot. As they crossed the road ahead at an angle Miguel saw they were wearing red “Michelin Men” suits. He decided to follow them but by the time he reached the curve in the road where he had seen them go up the slope, they had disappeared as mysteriously as they appeared. 
  • Miguel Peyro Garica in APRO Bulletin July1980 translated from Stendek June 1980 citing own investigation

May 1960. (sic) Evening.
Alipio Lauriano had come out onto his front porch to see a disc shaped object smaller than a Volkswagen hovering over a wheat field 400m away, making a sound like a small engine. The object rapidly moved closer to the ground where it hovered for 5 minutes. Behind what looked like windows Alipio saw several figures moving around, though he could not make out any details. The thing then shot off towards San Jose do Torvo leaving behind a smoke trail that quickly disappeared. 
  • Rosales 1960/64 p 7 citing Internet sources
  • Evaluation: Typical Rosales fake date, original source, a sensationalist contactee/conspiracy site simply gives the date as May in the late 1960s

May 4 1960. 0915hrs.
A yellow elliptical object with four evenly spaced window like openings was seen at ground level by an architect. 
  • Hall 1964 pp137,148
  • Vallee Case 504 gives an incorrect reference)

May 14 1960. 0400hrs.
A fisherman, Raimundo Ursurlino dos Santos, was leaving his residence to go to town 8km away, when he observed two aluminium coloured disc shaped machines resting on a sandy hill on the beach. As he approached closer he saw two small beings of human appearance talking to each other. They had very pallid complexions and wore transparent, glass like, helmets. One was wearing a blue suit. One of the beings gestured to the amazed witness, who fled in terror. When he returned with another man the object had gone, leaving marks on the sand, where it had stood. The incident took place near Capin Acu farm. The day before a strange object had been seen manoeuvring above the town. 
  • Olavo Fontes in APRO Bulletin September 1960. p5 citing Gazeta de Noticias 24 May 1960 + A Tarde 25 May 1960
  • Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966 p37
  • Lorenzen 1966 200
  • Vallee case 500 citing above + LDLN 5
  • Evaluation: Possibly helicopters

May 14 1960. 1850hrs.
Mr E Lewis, his wife and children were driving towards the border with Victoria when they were paced for 25km by a red light, 3m in diameter. 
  • Hervey 1969 p139

May 15 1960. 2230hrs.
Mr A L was parked in front of a gypsum quarry when his vehicle engine and lights failed and he felt a sort of electric shock from the nape of his neck to his forehead. Fearing an attack he got out of the car and rolled to the ground. He then saw, towards the top of the quarry a pulsating car sized shape, changing from spherical to vertical oval and lacking defined boundaries. The thing was generally magenta in colour but gave off multi-coloured lights. He then saw a somewhat human shaped entity climbing up the side of the quarry as if on a rope, but about 50cm off the wall. As it reached the luminosity, the latter seemed to flatten out and then both it and the entity vanished. No traces were found at the site but AL suffered from severe thirst over the next couple of days. 
  • Rosales 1960/64 p30 citing investigation by Renzo Cabassi and Rasegna Casistica in 1988

May 19 or 29 1960. Night. 
Jeweller Salvatore Cianci and his wife were driving near here when a creature 1m tall appeared in the headlight beams. It wore a luminous overall and a diver’s helmet and instead of arms it had two little wings. Mrs Cianci suffered from severe nervous shock. 
  • Vallee Case 506 + Pereira 1974 both citing Luis Schoenherr in FSR 10,4 p20 citing Agence France Press 30 May 1964
  • Pereira gives date as 29th, Vallee as 19th

May 17 1960. 1830hrs.
18km from Paracuru, farmer Pedo Alves dos Santos was driving a heard of donkeys, with a relative, when their attention was drawn by a huge round, grey object, with a bright blue light on top, flying very low. The object paced them for 18km, always keeping the same distance. After 20 minutes it climbed out of site at tremendous speed. 
  • Olavo Fontes in APRO Bulletin September 1960 p5 citing Gazetta de Noticias 24 May 1960 + A Tarde 25 May 1960

May 19 1960
A deaf mute Eskimo man was in his house yard when he saw an object flying along a ridge, causing considerable suction, by which two large cans were picked up and swirled in the air below it and carried about 100m. The man was terrified that it might injure some toddlers playing in the area. It passed within 15-30m of him, just clearing some electric wires less than 4m above the ground. The object passed between houses, dipped slightly into the ravine and ascended at high speed, whirring dead grass into the air after it. It was described as circular, silvery metallic, 6-7.5m diameter, 3.5m thick, with projections on the end and centre. A red band was around the object between the projections. On its underside were two appendages that moved with a flapping motion. In the centre of this underside was a hemisphere that spun proportionately to the object’s speed. Another witness, who saw the object from 60m distance, heard a whirring and sucking sound. The main witness communicated his story through his brother. 
  • Hynek 1977 p146 citing Blue Book Files

May 22 1960. 1000hrs.
An ovoid aluminium coloured object flew silently over the Santa Teresa del Tuy hills 60km from Caracas, landing on a hill near the earth moving operations in the Paraiso del Tuy area. The object was observed by more than 20 people, including engineers, topographers and a police officer, weaving a path in and out of hills, dodging trees and flying at low speed. It stopped in the air over a patch of “gamelot” grass. One of the observers, Dr Rino del Negro pursued it in his jeep, catching up with it in the see it descend behind a hillock. As he turned a bend in the road, the thing took off, vanishing behind some hills further away. On reaching the spot later, he saw that the tall grass was flattened in a circle 20m diameter, the roots of the grass being burned. Topographer Vicario Dante reported that it moved in a white cloud with hazy edges. A strange aerial object had also been seen the previous day. 
  • Lorenzen 1966 p 185 gives year as 1961
  • Horatio Gonzales G in APRO Bulletin September 1961 p5

May 24 1960.
A large group of people including several doctors, a topographer and a policeman saw a large oval object, followed by two smaller ones descending in formation. The larger object landed on a heavily wooded hill. At the landing site weeds were found scorched and flattened in a diamond shaped pattern. 
  • UFO Investigator July-August 1960. p5 citing El Universal 25 May 1960
  • Hall 1964 p 97, 138 citing Dr Askold Ladonko

May 25 1960. 

Mrs Vera Bowden (35) was out picnicking with her young son and his friend when they saw an elliptical grey shape hovering at treetop height over Broadwater Lake, 3km away. The object was observed for about 20 minutes before it receded into the west. 
  • FST 6,5 p25 citing New Daily 27 May 1960.
  • Evaluation: Astronomical misperception ?

June 1960. Morning.

A couple were sat in their dining room when their attention was caught by a brilliant red flash in the kitchen, and they saw an elongated light come through the fan blades and rush into the dining room, where it crawled along the wall, turned pink and disappeared. It was 75cm across at the thickest. 
  • Ronan 1974 p96

June 1960. 0730hrs.

Mr and Mrs Prude were riding their horses along a dry wash trail on their ranch near Pearce when they saw two gun metal grey discs, about 5m diameter and lacking surface features approaching down the centre of the wash at an altitude of 15m. Mrs Prude ducked automatically. The things were completely silent and the Prude’s horses did not react to them. 
  • Patti Morris in APRO Bulletin 31, 2 p4 citing her own investigation

June 10 1960.
A lady known to Coral Lorenzen but who wished to remain anonymous was driving her sleeping husband and two children about 25km east of Globe at 105kph. As she pulled round a right hand turn and straightened out, her headlight caught a small figure, 90m ahead on the right of the road. As she slowed, the figure turned towards her and she saw that it was 90cm tall with broad shoulders, long arms, and dark skin and with a pumpkin shaped head in which there were eyes that appeared to be projecting light. The body seemed covered by a kind of fur. She accelerated away and woke her husband who wanted to go back and investigate, but she and the children refused. 
  • Coral Lorenzen in Bowen 1966 p57
  • Lorenzen 1967 p129
  • Lorenzen 1796 p180

June 10 1960. (Approx. date) 0330hrs.
Tailor, Carlos Sabino (25) was out walking his dog near a place called “Perras”, when he saw an object he thought was a car. He then saw that it was disc shaped and gave off an unusually bright light. He hid and saw six men around the machine. It then rose up at great speed. As Sabino fled home, the machine reappeared, illuminating the ground with intense beams of light, and then left. The dog ran away in terror. Neighbours testified to Sabino’s trustworthiness and genuine terror. 
  • Ballester 1976 p7 case 30 citing Diario de Noticias 12 June 1960.

June 25 1960. 1130hrs.
About 38 km from Uitenhage, citrus farmer Carl Coetzee and his son, Christofel (18), were out hunting on their farm, when they observed an object, 9m long, hovering at 200m, about 250m away. It then moved off to the east, apparently landing in the hills. Searches were fruitless. 
  • Kenneth Bayman in FSR 7,1 p29 citing Eastern Province Herald 30 June 1960.

Summer 1960. 0200hrs.
Three people in a car approached to within 90m of a 1m diameter sphere that was hovering around a 35m high tree, which stood alone in the centre of a cultivated field. The sphere was highly luminous and changed colour through the whole spectrum. It circled the upper branches at between 15-30m altitude, passing in front of the tree. One of the witnesses attempted to move closer to take a photograph, but the object accelerated away to the south in 2-3 seconds. The incident was also observed by two police officers. 
  • Hynek 1972 pp 47, 236 citing a letter from one of the witnesses.
  • Evaluation: Lacks contemporaneous documentation

Summer 1960.
A couple picnicking at Duckbill Lake heard a low humming sound and climbed up a hillock to look down on the lake. They saw a large, green. Circular object near the lake and four dwarfs with hosepipes attached to their suits, syphoning water out of the lake. When the woman screamed the beings entered the disc, which took off. The male witness suffered harassment at work following the event. 
  • Cameron 1995 p25
  • Evaluation: Known only second hand. The story appears to be a copy of the Sawbill Lake hoax and is probably an invention of the person who wrote to Cameron

Summer 1960.
Three sisters were driving the 23km from Hays to Ellis, when they were startled by a blinding light, causing the 16 year old in the back to jump into the front. The object kept directly over their car, so they could only see the glow, until it landed beside the road, 5km from Ellis. They stopped to investigate and saw a row of lighted windows, but when the 16 year old became hysterical they had to drive on. 
  • Letter from one of the sisters to APRO Bulletin 26,11 p4, she did not want her name given.
  • Evaluation: Lacks contemporaneous documentation, letter writer was a 'repeater'.

Summer 1960. 2100hrs.
A couple out driving saw a brilliant red sphere, four times the apparent diameter of the full moon, in the northern sky. They followed the thing, which was hidden by trees for periods. It eventually just disappeared. 
  • Cameron 1995 p28

Summer 1960. Night.
One of s group of young men camping in the woods was chopping wood when he felt something touch him and heard a noise. He turned round and saw, not a friend playing joke, but a 2.5m tall figure covered in hair and with eyes like balls of fire. The thing moved off before the lad and his companions could act. Large footprints were found in the area.

  • Keel 1970a p120 citing letter 7 January 1961

Summer 1960. 2330hrs.
Three men in a pickup truck were driving east of Crater Lake. At this late hour only the driver, Tom Page was awake and he saw a white light shoot up from the road ahead. Shortly afterwards he saw the same or similar light, so pulled over and woke his companions. Driving further on the light seemed always to keep the same distance. When the light faded they could see it came from an inverted bowl shaped object, which seemed to straggle the road ahead, and was surmounted by a red light. As the men coasted their truck further towards the thing, the object brightened and began to move away. Tom then saw another light about 50m to their rear.The trio got out of their truck and noted the absence of ambient sounds. Tom ran toward the thing, which then began to move toward him. When he held out his hand, the thing reversed back, out of sight behind a hill. 
  • Haines 1999 p287 citing Tom Page in MUFON UFO Journal 226 p8

July 1 1960. 1030hrs.
Four men, Claude Rouse, Gus Troghini, Clyde Clark and Glen Lutz saw a polished silver object, like two plates stuck together, come from the south, descend and hover 15m above a slag heap 120m away. They estimated the object was 55m in diameter, 4m thick. On its underside were five transparent hemispheres that looked like bubbles. The object seemed to have a whirling motion. It then took off to the south again 
  • APRO Bulletin July 1960 p1 citing investigation by Kent Clark

July 3 1960. 1630hrs.
While driving along the Yacanto-Cordoba Highway at a spot 70km before Cordoba, Captain Francisco (or Hugo) Luis Niotti of the Argentine Air Force observed, to his right, an object stationary in the air 100m away at an altitude of 10-15m. It was conical, appeared to rotate on its own axis and was 8m high, 4m diameter and opaque. It was travelling along slowly in a southerly direction. Niotti stopped the car and took at least one photograph. The object then accelerated away before rising up. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 17 p.iii case 16 citing Revista Nacional de Aeronautica November 1960. p30
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p77 + Ribera 1969 p132
  • Evaluation: Balloon ?

July 4 1960. 1205hrs.
Gilles L (7) was having lunch in his parental home when a sort of mental impulse told him to go outside to the barn. As he walked towards it, he saw about 6m away a red sphere about 1m above the ground. This sphere gave him the impression of being alive and able to read his mind. He put his hands in front of his eyes and then hid behind the wall of the shed. He passed out and recovered on a hard surface in some space which seemed filled with entwined spheres and had a wall on which there were strange symbols. He heard talking in an unknown language and then a being about 1.5m tall with a bird like head and beak like nose and two large yellow eyes appeared by his side. The thing had red leathery skin and its arms ended 3 things like claws. It was joined by a second being who also communicated in a kind of murmur. The things showed Gilles some kind of tablet with the strange writing on it and tried to get him to remember it but he was too afraid. He then developed a severe headache and passed out, recovering on the ground by the shed at about 1500. The witness claimed abductions in 1967, 1971 and 1983. 

July 20 1960. (Approx. date) Evening.
A misty blue cloud with a bright centre was seen coinciding with a power failure. Later police received a report from a crowd of people chasing a being with a gold coloured bubble like helmet and investigated but the creature had gone. 
  • APRO Bulletin July 1960. p6 citing Miami Herald 22 July 1960. p14c
  • Evaluation: Coral Lorenzen and others were unable to locate this clipping, supplied by Norbert Gariety of SPACE. Perhaps the date was wrong, or perhaps the clipping was a hoax.

Late July 1960. (Approx. date)
Hans Ludwig went to investigate a noise outside his house and saw, by the aid of his flashlight, three objects, 7.5m away, hovering 2.5m above the ground. They were spherical, the size of basketballs with three concentric rings going darker towards the centre. One of the objects had a hook and a thumb like object, and two small concentric objects hanging below the hook. The objects were visible form three nights in a row, then after about a week, reappeared in another location. Flesh like traces were found on the witnesses door knob. 
  • APRO Bulletin September 1962 p3 citing letter from witness to Dr Frank Salisbury
  • Evaluation: A hoax?

July 22 1960.
Shirley Sisk (13) saw a hovering disc with a small rudder like attachment on one side. Large oily circles with a black substance were found at the scene. 
  • Phillips 1975 p24-case 139 citing an undated issue of Saucers, Space and Science

August 1960. 0145hrs.
Mrs Helen Aldridge, who lived in an isolated part of the suburb, near to the cliffs, was awoken by a buzzing sound and a bright light shining in through her bedroom window. Getting up to look, she saw, between 15-20m away, in an area between her back yard and the cliffs, a top shaped object sitting in a paddock beside her home. She first thought it was a semi-trailer but then realised that there was no way it could have been brought in. She then tried, without success, to rouse her son. Her attention was then drawn to a person walking towards the house, who was looking at the ground as if searching for something. When the figure was only 3m away, she quickly closed the windows, startling the intruder, who glanced up at her then hurried away, climbing over a low fence. 

She then woke up her son but the only trace of the object by then was a light moving in the sky. The top shaped object had a light like a headlight at its apex, which rotated, projecting a yellow-white beam that illuminated the area. The machine glowed red and gold and had a surface like a camouflaged tank and was 4m across by 1.2m high. Around it ran a 30cm high, lighted, strip like window. It gave off a continuous, low pitched, buzzing sound. The being was between 1.05-1.20m tall, of normal proportions and mannerisms and was dressed in an olive green skin-tight suit made of a dull material, in which no fastenings could be seen. On its heads was a helmet with an opaque orange frontpiece. It also wore olive green gloves and white-grey footwear resembling basketball shoes. The experience lasted for 15 minutes. Mrs Aldridge did not report the incident for many years for fear of ridicule. 

  • Australian UFO Report 10 p31

August 1960. 0920hrs.
Mrs K St Bereits was in her garden when she observed an object descending at great speed towards the houses. It stopped at 60m then pulled towards her, halting 5m away. It was a 7m diameter disc, standing on edge, with a halo of pulsating yellow light. From a large opening in the centre came three equal beams of light, standing out against a haze surrounding the centre, which was filled with reflections. Immediately above the opening, a brown-red glow was visible. As the object moved slowly on, the curved side became visible. From this rear side yellow pipes, surrounded by a green glow, appeared. Along these ran a clearly visible stream of air that continuously increased in speed. 
  • Bernard Finch in FSR 7, 4 p15 citing UFO Nachrichten January 1961

August 1960. 1030hrs.
At an undisclosed location, four Italian engineers saw a luminous disc land or hover close to the ground, 300m away. It then ascended and a circular area of depressed grass, 10m in diameter, was found. 
  • Phillips 1975 p 24 case 140 citing an undated issue of FSR

August 1960. (Approx. year) 2300hrs.
Mr and Mrs Plumauzille were driving along the La Prodelie-Ayen road, detouring the Puy d’ Yssandon, near a wooded slope, when Mr P saw a red-violet light level with the trees. As it rose up, he saw that it was only 100m away. Almost immediately both of them saw a mass like a sack of potatoes that seemed to be collapsing in on itself. There were a number of smaller, similar masses, light brown in colour, like potatoes with globular protuberances, which moved by contractions, like a person in a sack. Two of the entities crossed the road. The red-violet light then went out and the experience was over. 
  • Joel Mesnard in FSR 20,3 p14 citing his own investigation

August 1960. 2350hrs.
John Swift (19) from Golborne was cycling through the Hollows, near Castle Hill, when his cycle light illuminated a huge figure, twice the size of a human. The top part of its body was white. 
  • Ludlam, 1960. p87

August 5 1960.
Farmer Daniel Huy was driving back with his wife and children to his house near St Omar, after a visit to his parents. After a turn in the road, he suddenly saw a luminous object, the colour of the setting sun, hovering 3m above the ground ahead of him. He stopped but the object moved to his left and for the next 20km it paced the car, keeping 20m in front. When they arrived home the object took off and circled the village. It was oval, very luminous on the bottom, darker on top, 5m long, 3m thick. They thought they could see a human figure inside it. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Le Soir (Brussels) 6 August 1960. citing a press report from Lille 5 August 1960.

August 11 1960. 1510hrs.
Ray Hawks was working a tractor when his attention was caught by a detonation in the sky. Soon afterwards a disc shaped object descended rapidly and vertically to 60m, about 220m away. It resembled two concave discs stuck together, of dull aluminium mat colour. Around its perimeter were a series of metal plates, one of which was giving off bright blue smoke. The object emitted a hum like an electric motor. He then saw the smoking plate withdrawn inside the machine, then a new plate came out to replace it. The hum increased, the object appeared surrounded by a sort of heat haze. It then took off instantaneously, ascending vertically. As the object, which was about 30m diameter, 6m thick, was in the area, the tractor engine would not work and Hawkes felt a strange contentment. Some time later he was driving in the same location when he encountered a helicopter on the ground. Two officers got out and tried to persuade him to put an notice in the local paper saying that the object would reappear on the 20th. 
  • B. V. Wilson in APRO Bulletin September 1960. p1 citing his own investigation
  • Rodeghier 1981 p18 citing Blue Book Files
  • Olsen 1966 p3-69
  • Lorenzen 1962 p246)

August 13 1960. 2350hrs.
Highway patrolmen Charles A Carson and Stanley Scott were out on patrol when they saw something that they feared was an aircraft about to crash. It was an elliptical object with red lights at each end and came down to 30-60 above the ground, then shot back up to 150m. The object kept moving about and as the officers approached it, it sent out a beam of light which illuminated the ground, at which their radio developed interference. . The object moved off to the east where it was joined by another object. Both disappeared over the horizon. The first light was said to have been detected a radar. 
  • Hall 1988 p 247 citing Hall 1964 p5 + Hynek 1977 p92 + Dr James MacDonald
  • Swords and Powell 2012 p295
  • McDonald 1967 p17::Clark 1998 p790 with extensive bibliography

August 15 1960. (Approx. date)
A physician saw a disc with red lights hovering at low altitude. 
  • Richard Heiden citing James McDonald

August 15 1960. 0230hrs.
Mrs Violet Whybrow looked out of her bedroom window and saw a grey-amber object, surmounted by a brilliant white light, with a sort of band weaving around it, hovering outside her house. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a p 38 citing Unknown UFO magazine

August 16 1960. 2240hrs.
Mr and Mrs Watson, who were visiting their daughter, saw a red-brown cigar shaped object, with “points” along its centre, and struts that stood out from it, passing overhead about 30m above the ground. 
  • As above.

Late August 1960.
Two men out driving saw a pale white light hovering over the road about 100m ahead. After 15 minutes they began to drive closer, at which the light rose to 30m and became orange. The men stopped again, but could not hear any sound. The object then began to perform complex manoeuvres in the sky before it accelerated away, changing back to white as it did so. 
  • Swords and Powell 2012 p294 citing NICAP files (report dated 1966)

Late August/early September 1960. Evening.
Rhodes McCarroll was sat with his grandfather on their upstairs rear balcony when they saw a luminous basketball sized sphere on the ground by the hedge. After a minute or so they also saw, stood behind this ball, a luminous naked humanoid figure about 1.8m tall holding a light at chest height. The figure had square shoulders and unusually long narrow legs. After about 5 minutes both globe and figure faded away. 
  • Clark 1998 p227 citing letter from Rhodes to CUFOS 1978

Autumn 1960. (or following year) Night.
A man was driving his fianc√©e home from the cinema when they saw strange green objects take off from the ground and speed off to the west. When he arrived at his own home the police were interrogating his brother. Later he was also interrogated by people from the Air Force. This was, apparently, about an encounter the same night as his brother, and a period of missing time. Two or three days later the original witness and a friend went to the place where his brother’s encounter took place. There they found a circle of squashed grass and marks of four landing pods. When they entered this circle the sound of the birdsong and the wind stopped, and the two seemed to communicate through telepathy. When they left the circle all returned to normal. 
  • Swords 2005 p212 citing John Timmerman

Fall 1960. RUBY
Paul Peters, who lived in a rural area about 15km from Ruby in a cabin about 30m from the bank of the Yukon was alerted by the barking of his dogs and saw a muscular 2m humanoid figure covered in black hair coming up the river beach. The creature then turned and walked into the bush. 
  • Clark and Coleman 1978 p33 citing investigation by Bob Betts and Jim McClarin

Fall 1960.
Several people saw a tall hairy biped around the Walnut Creek area. 
  • Keel 1970a p98

Early September 1960.
A couple driving between Bunnell and St Augustine saw a tall object in a field. The thing then came towards their car, spinning and wobbling, at which the car’s motor stalled and lights faded. The driver felt dazed as the dark blue square object came within 15m. Both remembered people coming toward them and then had a memory gap until they saw the thing take off and disappear. They felt that they had an hour of missing time. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p18 citing CUFOS files

September 1960. 2130hrs
A man with 40 years experience in the aircraft industry saw an object hovering over an orchard about 40m away. The only structure visible was a strut along the side. A bright light, flashing red, white and green came from its interior. After 10 minutes it shot upwards into the sky in seconds. 

  • Hanson and Holloway 2011a p8 citing Isle of Wight UFO Society

September 2 1960. Night.
Charles and Ann Palmes were out driving north of Bunnell when they observed something like a dark grey-blue two or three story building covered with titles in a field by the road. Its top seemed wider than its base. The thing then took off with a wobbling motion and landed again in the centre of the road, occupying the whole roadway about 10-15m away. As the couple drover closer their car lights and motor failed. Ann then saw that Charles appeared to be in a trance and then saw short figures in tight suits coming towards them. The next thing she remembered was a roaring sound as the object took off vertically, being lost to sight in seconds. 
  • Rosales 1960./64 p47 citing investigation by Norman Bean

September 23 1960. 
A Canadian ship reported that a cylindrical object with lighted portholes came down, hit the ocean and sank off the north coast of Labrador. 
  • Vallee Case 509 citing Blue Book Files

September 26 1960. 0200hrs.
Two police officers chased a bright ball of white light that appeared to land on a mesa west of the city. As they approached within 60m, the object took off with a blinding flash at great speed and disappeared. 
  • APRO Bulletin September 1960. p2

September 28 1960. 0425hrs.
A glowing object struck the ground west of the city, turning from white to bright red. Searches by the Air Force found nothing 
  • APRO Bulletin September 1960. p2 

October 1960.
A monstrous cyclops was reported from this region. 
  • Vallee Case 510 citing La Razon 24 October 1962

October 1960.
W C Priestly was driving along when he encountered a monstrous bipedal creature, with large, fiery eyes, the long hair which was standing erect. Priestly’s car engine misfired and stalled. He stayed them for some time until some friend’s in bus came to see what had delayed him. At the bus’s arrival the creature’s hair then fell back down and the car engine began to work again. The creature then moved off.
  • Rogo and Clark 1979 p6
  • Rogo 1977 p150 citing an undated issue of Charleston (WV) Daily Mail
  • Keel 1970a p121 spells name as Priestley. Gives date of Charleston Daily Mail 5 January 1961)

October 1960. (Approx. date) 0800hrs.
Mr Bringsli was collecting huckleberries along a deserted logging road and gone about 100m into the bush when he looked up and saw, on a rise about 15m away, a bipedal creature 2-2.7m tall with long legs and short arms. The thing was covered in long blue-grey hair and its head seemed directly attached to its shoulders. When the thing began to shuffle towards him, Bringsli fled back to his car and drove off. He returned with friends armed with rifles and cameras the next day, but there was no sign of the creature except for a footprint 40 or cm long. 
  • Green 1973 p65

October 15 1960. 0755hrs.
A landing report. No further details. 
  • Jacques Vallee’s Table of American Landings in Data Net IV, 5 p8

October 23 1960. (Approx. date) 1900hrs.
Mr Faure, a farm worker, was coming home when, about 10m away, 3-4m above the ground, he saw a dazzling rectangular light, in the upper portion of which he could see two humanoid figures. Either their heads were round, about 45cm diameter or they were wearing circular helmets. The light then went out. Faure went to look for traces the next day but could not find anything. 
  • Rosales 1960./64 p51 citing J C Ameil in LDLN 95

November 1960. 1800hrs.
At an undisclosed location, 16 year old Tom was with his girlfriend when she drew his attention to an orange red, perfectly round object, 3m in diameter. It was dimly glowing and had fuzzy edges. It was at 15m altitude. It came towards them, descending to within 1.5m of their heads, expanding to 4.5m diameter as it did so. They ran to the front door in terror as the object came to ground level. When no one answered the door, Tom ran round the back, while the girl ventured out of the porch. As she did so, the object retreated into the sky, changed colour to yellow white then swooped down on her at high speed. At that point Tom opened the door for her. They were both shaking with terror. When the object was overhead Tom felt as though they were enclosed in a large dome and that some force was attacking their bodies. 
  • Klass 1968 p 46 citing his own investigation and a letter from the witness to General Curtis Le May

November 1960. (or following month) 2100hrs.
Five members of a family were driving back from shopping down a country road south of Jackson, when they observed an entity about 1m tall run from the side of the road, in front of them into a ditch that it tried to climb up. The thing had pointed ears, claw like fingers, a balding head and human eyes. It was wearing a tight fitting suit with a sort of backpack, from which a tube ran to its mouth. The family just drove on. 
  • Swords 2005 p 105 citing John Timmerman

November 3 1960. 1630hrs. PRICE COUNTY (WISCONSIN : USA)
The 8 year old son of county sheriff Gehring and his friend Douglas Fox (8) were out playing with a new bow and arrow, in a gravel source, when they heard a high pitched hum and noticed that the air was unusually warm. Looking around they an aluminium coloured disk with a dome and square windows, about 7m in diameter, perched on the hill they had just descended. They went to get a better look, but as they approached the machine ascended at high speed. They found the ground where it had landed warm to the touch. Tests showed no unusual radioactivity. 
  • APRO Bulletin January 1961 citing investigation by Earl Grummett
  • Lorenzen 1969 p 226)

Early November 1960. 0700hrs.
Mr Guittarde was driving towards Jarnages when for some 700m he saw on the left of his car, a vertical oval shaped object, the lower part of which was hidden by the fencing. The oval had a fiery colour and aspect. The witness got out of his car but he was afraid and it was raining so drove off. The next day he searched the area some 100m from the road, but found nothing. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Jean Giraud in OVNI-INFO 1 p13 case 49

November 13 1960. 0245hrs.
Tool repairer Remi Carbonnier was awakened by a green light illuminating his room. He went to the window and saw a round bright object, 6m in diameter, resting on three legs, on the railway tracks 30m away. It was emitting orange flashes like flash bulbs. As he looked, a dome on top of the object started spinning, the legs folded up, and the object took off vertically above the trees without noise. Less than 20 seconds later it had cleared the 200m high hill and disappeared towards the south west. Next day he went to the site and found no trace, but his dog sniffed the area then ran away. 
  • Vallee Case 512 citing Le Maine Libre 19 November 1960 + Paris-Soir 20 November 1960.
  • FSR 7, 2 p9 citing Paris-Jour op cit.

December 1960. Night.
Laurie F Cocks and another man were on the sea front near the Strand Hotel when they saw a light over the sea, near North Keppel Island. They went down to the beach to get another view. The light travelled the 15km from the island to Double Heads in a few seconds, close to ground level. It then circled the area, sometimes low, sometimes high. It was circular, fluorescent and the apparent size of a car. 

  • “J. Johnson” (pseud) in FSR Case Histories 7 p 9

December 2 1960. 2030hrs.
A dog barked at a glowing object resting in a park. Three witnesses observed it from separate locations. It appeared as an oval luminous craft, 4m diameter, inside which vague shadows were seen. It took off towards the north. A circle of yellowish grass was found at the site. 
  • Vallee Case 513 citing Ouranos 27

December 24 1960. 2355hrs.
At the Wade Folsom ranch, near Durango , about a dozen family and friends saw what they first thought was a star on the mountain top to the north. The light was then seen to be round and beneath it were many tiny multi-coloured lights, below which were windows that blinked. The lights were on a dome shaped object 6-8m in diameter at ground level, in a clearing about 120m north of the Florida Road. The lights were pulsating, first one dimming, then the other. The glow surrounding this object turned green, then the whole spectacle vanished. The next day Mrs Ruth Stephenson and three other women went to investigate. They found damaged trees, snapped off branches and bark scraped 2m from the ground. A further search was made by Mr Folsom and two of his grandsons, with a dog. The next day the family dog came out of the woods in panic and died. A further search by police and others uncovered giant human like tracks, 37cm long, coming to and fro from a cabin. Other traces were also found 
  • Olsen 1966 citing APRO Bulletin January 1961 p1 citing Durango Herald 28 December 1960.
  • Flying Saucers September 1971 p4
  • Keel 1970a p163
  • Evaluation: Wade Folsom discounted the tracks and considered he had seen an unusual electrical phenomenon similar to the aurora.

December 25 1960. 2345hrs.
Roger Birner, who was visiting relatives with his family, went outside for air and saw a light moving to the north. As it came closer he saw it was a hemisphere surmounted by a dome, from which lights shone. In the base was an opening which revealed something resembling white string. The thing descended at angle, rocking side to side. It then ejected a small object “the size of a pea at arm’s length”, which moved off to the west. The main object descended and then released two small red objects, which flashed green beams of light at each other as they moved off and separated, while the main object moved up and down. The three smaller objects then returned to this main object, which left in the direction from which it had come. The observation lasted 10-15 minutes. 
  • Rath 1998 p39

December 26 1960. 0200hrs.
Two cyclists came across a circular or oval object a few metres off the road. It appeared to be made of some shiny metallic substance . One the witnesses fled the scene but the other was able to observe that the thing had landed on four legs. Something that looked hinged came out of the object which projected a purple beam onto the witnesses face, paralysing him. The witness then saw a door opening , revealing a faint light and then a dark figure enter a sort of cockpit. The object then took off, disturbing the snow as it did so. As the thing moved off the witness found he was able to move again. The next day an area of burned ground 4m diameter and four holes 30cm diameter were found at the site. The witness was still afraid of this site as late as 1982. 
  • Rosales 1960./64 p53 citing Guieu 1992

December 30 1960. 2300hrs.
Charles Stover was driving his bakery truck along side roads near Hickory Flats when, on rounding a corner, he encountered a 1.8m tall hairy humanoid. After passing the thing, Charles stopped his van and looked back to see the thing stood by the edge of the road as if looking at him. He quickly drove away. Searchers found marks on the ground and overturned rocks. 
  • Keel 1970a p122