1959 (Or following year.)
Three young children saw a bright light descend among trees. The next day they found three holes forming an equilateral triangle and the insides of two nearby trees were charred up to 1.2m above the ground. 
  • Swords 2005, p73 citing John Timmerman.

1959. Dawn.
A man saw an oval object standing on three legs on the road. In it were three dwarfs. It emitted a soundless explosion of light and disappeared. 
  • Pratt 1996, p222.
  • Evaluation: Only known second hand, witness was the uncle of A F Duarte the 1988 witness.

1959. 0005hrs.
A farmer, Mr Neilsen saw a strange light in his field and “sucking” marks were found in the snow. 
  • Phillips 1975, p23 case 129 citing an unspecified issue of FSR.

Four year old Jack was playing at home when something shot out from behind the couch and drew blood painlessly from his leg. The device quickly left his ankle and retreated behind the couch. 
  • Fenwick in MUFON Journal 183, p11.
  • Evaluation: Under 1982 hypnosis, a confused account of a childhood accident?

 A 10 year old girl saw a bright light about 400m away across a field. It stopped and was joined by four other lights. Her parents and neighbours came out to look at the thing, which then took off. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a, p323 citing own investigation.
  • Evaluation: not reported until decades later

A deputy sheriff out fishing saw a hairy humanoid come out of the trees, apparently see him and then turn back.
  • Byrne 1975, p56.

1959. Morning.
Police Officer Philip Holmes was attending a St John’s Ambulance training course at the Miners’ Rest Home here, when he went outside for a cigarette on this foggy morning. He was close to the sea, looking seawards when a silvery sphere about 1m in diameter, with four metallic prongs, appeared about 6m away. After a few seconds a bright blue flash of light came from the bottom prong and the thing rose at speed and was lost to sight over the sea. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a, p264, citing own investigation.

Two boys were chased by a large, heavy looking bipedal creature covered in black hair and with ape like features. It ran towards the lads with outstretched arms. One of the boys shot at it twice. The thing fell and screamed but kept coming at them. Tracks less than 30cm long and less than 12cm across the heel were found at the site. 
  • Wasson 1979, p5.

1959. 2115hrs.
A youth riding a motor scooter saw a light on his left hand side. He stopped and pointed his headlights at the thing, which appeared to be a translucent sphere, emitting a magenta coloured light, about 30cm diameter, hovering 60-90cm above the ground. When he stopped and pointed his headlights at the thing, he only seemed able to see a glow, but the object reappeared when he turned them away. Afraid, he drove on. The next day the tall grass at the site was found depressed and discoloured in an area about 1.8m diameter. 
  • Swords 2005, p.71 citing John Timmerman.

1959. Night.
Dr Claudio Crocqueville and a friend were fishing in this lake when they observed a luminous object that was approaching circuitously. It passed within 30-40cm of the witnesses, who threw themselves into the lake in fear and hid among the plants for about an hour. The object 2-3m in diameter was flying in circles, rising and falling rapidly, until moving away and stopping to hover for a while in the distance. Its shape could not be made out because of its brilliance. A photograph was said to have been taken. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Pablo Petrowitsch citing a letter from the witness to UFO CHILE.

January 1959. 1715hrs.
Labourer Leonard Hewins, (43) of Tredington, had just finished work and had gone to collect his bike from the rear of the refuse tip near the car park in Arden Street, when his attention was caught by a fiery object, resembling the setting sun, coming from the east. It descended slowly, coming to rest about 100m away. As it stopped, the light went out and a blue haze about 3.5m high began to form and hover just above the ground where the object was. He then saw three tall, human-like figures moving in the haze. One of the beings was facing him. He could see their heads and their arms, which they raised as they appeared to sit down on something, with a clumsy movement. A fourth figure was seen as they sat, two in front, two behind. The blue haze rose slightly and gradually faded. The glow then reappeared; the bottom of the red coloured light touched the ground. The light then became very bright and rose swiftly, leaving a trail of multi-coloured stars and a sound like rushing water, and disappeared to the west. While the object was on the ground Hewins was terrified and unable to move. 
  • Denis Llewellyn in FSR 13,5 p15 + UFOlog 49, both citing investigation by himself and BUFORA Bradford upon Avon.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a, p263 citing Llewellyn.

January 1959. 1800hrs.
A soldier, Aldo Valeri (23) was travelling in a train between Ortona and Verona, when, from his compartment, he saw a metallic disc, 8m in diameter, hanging horizontally at an altitude of 10m, 200m away. Its underside was black, while its upper part was bottle green. At the extremities of this upper part, were two strange lights, one red, the other, azure. In the centre there was another, green, light. In the top part were what looked like portholes on a central cabin, which was faintly luminous. The sky was clear and Aldo felt a sensation of peace and great serenity. 
  • Maurizio Verga.

January 8 1959, 0920hrs.
Two NEC employees saw an object 2.7m long disappear between buildings. Three other objects were seen in the sky and a fourth, which resembled an inverted skittle, with a ball at the end of a handle, appeared to dive into the River Derwent. 
  • Basterfield 1981 citing TUFOIC files.

January 13 1959, 0700hrs.
Robert Collins of Linesville was driving his pick- up truck on a deserted road near Greenville when he saw two extremely brilliant, blinding lights. They merged into a single, blinding light which hovered above his vehicle for 3 to 4 minutes, during which time the truck’s engine, headlights and radio all failed. The objects illuminated the ground for some 100m in front of the truck. When the objects sped away the lights and radio went back on. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers September 1962, p38.
  • Lorenzen 1969, p95 says objects were at 600m, therefor not close encounter.

January 13 1959.
A man driving near Bygholm Castle saw an object hovering in the sky ahead. About 5 seconds later the light came down to about 100m and passed over his car, at which its engine stopped but its lights were unaffected. As the thing sped away to the west its colour changed from yellow-green to yellow white. 
  • Rodeghier 1981, p16 citing FSR 5,5.

February 1959 (Apprx date)
A manufacturer from the town of Comodor Rivaddavia, who had been spending the night in Bahia, was just about to drive off from the hotel when a dark mass enveloped the whole car. He lost consciousness and when he came to a few minutes later, he was away from his car in a deserted part of the countryside near Salta, 1,155km NW of Bahia. Further details are lacking but some accounts mention alight object which made the witness feel dizzy and faint. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Kolosimo 1968 p369 + Ribera 1968 p79.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 11,2 p14 citing an undated issue of Diaro de Cordoba.
  • Oscar Gallindez in FSR 11,4 p10 citing Diaro de Cordoba, 3, 10 + 17 October 1959 + 28 February 1960.
  • Edith Grienert in FSR 6,4 p28 source for object and had other divergent details.

February 1959.
300km east of Umiat a party of trappers saw a red disc, first seen about 3.5km away. It rose and descended to just above the ground several times and then flew away slowly in a tight circle before disappearing. 
  • Lee R Munsick in FSR 5,3 p9.

Early February 1959.
A motorist crossing a bridge on the Licking River saw a bipedal creature much larger and bulkier than a human. Another driver saw the same or similar creature emerge from the Ohio River. 
  • Newton 2010. p57.

February 24 1959, 2200hrs.
A teenage boy’s attention was caught by a bright, steady, white light shining into his bedroom and reflected on the wall opposite his window. Realising it was too intense to be car headlights and because he was in change of his younger brother while his parents were night school, he dressed and went to investigate. As he let out the dogs, they began to howl and from the porch he saw, in the west, 20 degrees above the horizon, an elongated egg shaped object, about 45m long, 25m away. The thing was half as thick as it was long and despite its brightness it had a dull red colour, with purple waves coursing through its extremities and made a loud, high pitched humming and swishing sound.

The object descended towards the lad, passed over the house, came within 3m on the ground and then veered to the north east. The boy was puzzled by the fact that he could only hear the object when he saw it, and could not see it from the rear. He then went back inside to calm his little brother and the dogs. When he returned five minutes later, he saw the object approaching form the west, as if for an even closer pass, and, terrified, ran back for a gun. As he did so the younger boy saw the thing through the slits in the living room blind. The object made three even closer passes, the last time the whole house vibrated. During the 15 minutes that this was going on the radio was blocked by intense static. As the object passed over the boy hear a crackling sound, like a giant spark. Neighbours also had disturbances on their radios and TVs. When his parents arrived home at 2300 the dogs were still whimpering and cowering under the furniture. 

  • Hynek 1977, p165 citing Blue Book Files.
  • Olseky 1979, p62.

February 28 1959, Evening.
S/P Gerry Irwin was driving from Nampa (Iowa) toward Cedar City, en route to Fort Bliss (Texas). At Cedar City he turned onto Rte 14, driving through sparsely populated mountain country. 10km beyond the turnoff, he became aware of a glowing object illuminating the surroundings. It crossed over a nearby ridge, where the light went out. Thinking he had seen a plane crash, he left messages for help on his cart and went to investigate. 30 minutes later his car was found and a search instigated. Irwin was found unconscious and there was no trace of a crash. He remained unconscious for 23 hours and subsequently suffered from fugues and a compulsion to return to the scene, before deserting some weeks later. 
  • Lorenzen 1976, p347.
  • Vallee 1969, p87.

March 1959.
Soldiers, coastguards and civilians saw the sea become agitated and a triangular object, 4-5m long, rise out of the water and circle the district, finally ascending at speed. Searches by the army and divers were fruitless. 
  • Vallee Case 483 citing Courrier Interplanetere 56.
  • Cramp 1966, p129 (dates case as April 1957)
  • Vallee 1966a, p141.
  • Wilkins 1967a, p314.

March 12 1959. Night.
Kim Marks (6) was preparing for bed when he saw a man in a red jacket and trousers with white trimmings. He was 1.5m tall and crimson faced. The boy watched this man for about 80 seconds, during which time the dog did not react to his presence. 
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976 citing investigation by Keith Basterfield.

March 13 1959, 0210hrs.
Percy Briggs, a carrier of Purnong, was driving towards Mannum carrying a load of vegetables, with his passenger Carl Towill, the postmaster of Claypens. They had crossed the Murray by ferry and were just topping the brow of Cournamont Hill, about 1.5km further along when they saw a dome like arrangement of red and blue lights, 30m in diameter, which reminded them of the lights of a circus tent. The lights were half blue and half red, and then would switch around, and the individual lights were 6m apart. At one point they felt that something in the object was observing them. As they got about 100m closer, the contraption rose at an angle of 15 degrees and began to move away to the south west, the eight or nine separate lights becoming one. As they drove along they observed the light receding in the sky for 10 minutes. 
  • FSR 5,5 p6.
  • FSR 5,3 p9.
  • Hervey 1969, pp127, 135.
  • Basterfield 1997 citing investigation by himself and Garry Little 26 December 1972 + Australian Saucer Record 5,2 p3.

March 22 1959, 0130hrs.
Robert Kinney and his wife were driving down a country road when they saw a brilliantly lit object to their southeast, at about 60m altitude some 3km away. The thing appeared to be 6-9m diameter and from two positions on its base came intense beams of light. They drove to a position parallel to the object, which was about 15-25m from the road and still at 60m altitude. The thing seemed to pace the car for a while, and then the beams disappeared and a circle of 8-10 red lights appeared on its base. The thing then shot off into the sky. 
  • Swords and Powell 2012, p288 citing Blue Book Files + letter from Robert Kinney to Hynek 23 August 1974.
  • Menzel and Boyd 1963, p241 citing Blue Book Files.
  • Evaluation: The case was originally explained as a misperception of the radio telescope on Peach Mountain and lights on a radio tower. Swords disputes this claiming that the witnesses were looking in the opposite direction, but the source of that information seems to be the letter to Hynek written 16 years later. 

March 22 1959, 0355hrs.
Soloman Aronwich. (59) of Middleton was at the cleaning depot on Wilmslow Lane when he observed for about 50 seconds a large blue green circular object, the bottom part darker than the top, travelling rapidly in a South South West direction at 15m altitude, 3m above the works roof. It suddenly darted off towards the right, behind a building. He noticed a tingling on the back of his neck but heard no sound. 
  • DIGAP files.

March 23 1959.
Two men saw a strange object, at first apparently on the ground, but then afterwards in the sky. It remained in view for 10 minutes. 
  • Hervey 1969, p134.

March 26 1959 (or following day) 1245hrs.
An 83 year old man and his daughter were on the back porch of their farmhouse in an rural area near Corsica when they observed a barrel shaped object, resembling a bright blue wingless aircraft, pointed at one end, squared off at the other and with metallic bands 6m long, 2m wide, hovering above the treetops at 12-15m altitude, across a valley about 600m away. After about 3 minutes the thing settled behind the treetops and disappeared. 
  • Mallan 1968, p182 + Machlin 1979, p138 citing Blue Book Files.

March 31 1959, 2330hrs.
Barry Neale (15) an operator at the Port Elliott cinema was driving home to Goolwa. On a straight undulating stretch of road about 1.5km from Goolwa he passed a low hill called Graham’s Castle. Beyond it, between 450-550m away, between the road and the sea, was a domed object about 5m in diameter, glowing bright red-orange, with a row of evenly spaced portholes, through which shone a brilliant white light. The red glow from the object illuminated trees behind it. As he approached it, he estimated that the object was 300m from the road. He then turned off the main road to approach the thing, but when he reached the site, it had gone. Getting out of his car he saw it climbing in the eastern sky at 45 degrees and watched it for about 8 seconds before it faded into the distance. No traces were found. 
  • FSR 5,5 p6.
  • Hervey 1969, p135 (gives wrong date)
  • Basterfield 1981 + 1997 p145 citing Australian Saucer Record 6,4 p14 + Adelaide News 2 April 1959)

April 12 1959, 2000hrs.
Local residents saw a red object, which hovered low over a field and then climbed rapidly, emitting sparks from its underside. About the same time a red object hovered low over nearby St Hubert’s Air Base and then accelerated away.
  • Hall1964 p118 citing UPI 13 April 1959.
Between Svendborg and Nyborg, meat packer Ove Christensen, cycling home from work, was stopped on the road by a disc shaped object spinning at ground level. After 5 minutes it began chasing him, flying 6m above him for 5km. The object was luminous and seemed to be made of glass. 
  • Vallee Case 486 citing FSR 3,3 p.iv (but note this source does not give a date)

April 17 1959 (approx. date) 1000hrs.
Workers at the La Carlotta farm observed an aerial object shaped like a cigar with a tail, land and then take off again immediately at high speed. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 12 p9 citing Banchs 1976 p18 citing La Razon 26 April 1959.

April 22 1959. Late afternoon.
A resident of Hannah Hall, Mrs Audrey Page, was sitting at her living room table when her attention was drawn to the door to a small box room, where she saw the figure of a small fair haired boy, who looked about 7 or 8 years old, wearing something like a white smock. She looked away momentarily and when she looked back the figure had gone. She saw the figure again in July. Other anomalous experiences were reported in the house 
  • Mackenzie 1968 p190 citing investigations by Alan Gauld and Tony Cornell and by himself.

April 27 1959, 0310hrs.
A young man had seen a red light in the sky on the night of the 25th, and at about 0430 the next morning was awakened by a strange feeling. He found a note in his garden telling him to be at the spot at 0310 the next morning. The memory of this only occurred to him at the appointed time when he went into the garden in a kind of trance. He felt himself paralysed as a circular machine; 6m diameter appeared to 100m altitude. A human figure spiralled down from a wedge shaped door. It was clad from neck to foot in a plastic suit, and wore a helmet and transparent glassy gloves. The being spoke to the young man, seized the paper from him and ordered him to return to the spot on the 30th. He then spiralled back to the craft, which vanished a minute later.  

At 0205 on the 30th, the young man returned to the rendezvous, where a disc shaped object reappeared and the being spiralled down again. It looked at a tiny object on its wrist and said “0205 hours earth time”. The witness, trying to look at his own watch, found himself paralysed. The being then asked if everything was normal. The man replied “yes”, whereupon the being vanished in the by now familiar manner. Then he, or another similar, reappeared, greeted the witness, its helmet moving up and down as if studying something. He excused himself and the whole performance was repeated again. This time the being asked for a sheet to write on, and the witness, who was now mobile, got a notebook, which rose up into the craft. Moments later it returned, with an incomprehensible scribble, which the being said an “earth man” must decipher, and then it again spiralled back into its craft. 

  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 13,3, p5 citing investigation by Walter Buhler.

April 28 1959, 2230hrs.
Jerry Monkman was driving home with his friend Alex Gillis when , as they topped a rise, they encountered a slate gray coloured, egg shaped object, about 4m wide, with a light shining through the top, sitting on the road. After a few minutes the thing disappeared silently, as if it had risen straight up at terrific speed. The witnesses delayed reporting their experience for a month for fear of ridicule, before reporting it to the mounted police. 
  • FSR 5,6 p20 citing an undated issue of Vancouver Sun.
  • Vallee 1966a, p140.

May 17 1959, 0430hrs.
Three crocodile hunters heard a powerful humming noise and saw a football (? Australian) object, 50m across, with a band of semi circular windows, at treetop height about 100m away. Two of the men stood up to observe it, one of whom became seriously ill and the other died. The observation lasted 20 minutes.
  • Chalker 1996 p101 citing interview with the man who became seriously ill in 1976.
  • Evaluation: Really just a story told years after the alleged event

May 20 1959, 1730hrs.
Antonio Sanchez and Ernesto Fogliani were out hunting when they saw, 150m away, a shiny metaalic discoid object 2.5m high, with a cupola 1m in diameter, resting on the ground. Its surface resembled aluminium or dull glass. When the thing had left the grass at the spot was found to be flattened. 
  • Vallee 1967 p53.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 12, p9 case 15 citing La Razon 24 May 1959.
  • Banchs 1973 p18)

June 1959 (or following year) 2030hrs.
Sarah Fraser (19) was sat on a bench at Den O’Mains with her boyfriend when they heard a sound of wheels on the gravel and saw a couple pushing a pram along. The young couple asked the strangers for the time, but they were ignored. When they looked again the strange couple were gone. The man was dressed in a tailed jacked and stovepipe hat, the woman in a long coat and dress, with a wide brimmed hat and veil. The pram was tall and narrow. 
  • Holder 2012b p46.

June 18 1959.
The governor of this town, Julio Banani and several students travelling on the Santo-Anestacio-Piquerobi road observed an intensely brilliant glowing object, with a dome, manoeuvre close to the ground; its violent movements back and forth frightening the witnesses. 
  • UFO Critical Bulletin III, 5, p3.

June 21 1959, 2000hrs.
At “The Willows” farm near Pretoria, a housewife saw a saucer shaped object “the size of a house” at about 5m altitude, 90m away, The thing was illuminated by an orange glow from its interior, which the witness compared to a dying fire, and a green light from its side. After a few seconds the thing disappeared at great speed, apparently following the contours of the ground, at the same altitude. The witness refused to give her name for fear of ridicule as she had previously herself laughed at people who reported UFO experiences. 
  • FSR 5,6 p19 citing Pretoria News 22 June 1959.

June 26 1959, 1110hrs.
22 years old R. T. of Westminster Road was walking down Alexandra Avenue when he observed two men, 1.8m tall, walking ahead of him. They were dressed like cyclists with tight fitting trousers and heavy boots. The witness was surprised by their long hair. The men turned a corner and when the witness looked they had vanished. 
  • DIGAP files.

June 26 1959, 2045hrs.
The Anglican missionary Rev. William B Gill had just finished his dinner and was coming out of the door of his mission house near the beach, when his attention was caught by a very bright sparkling object near Venus. As the light descended, Gill and teachers Stephen Gill Moi and Ananais Rarata saw it shining like a lamp and hovering between 90-120m away, where it was the apparent length of “half a hand”. It changed to dull yellow and could be seen to be circular, with a number of legs, a wide base, narrow on top, and with a shaft of blue light that shone up into the sky. Men came out of the object and appeared on top, where they were illuminated by a kind of glow. The craft was surrounded by smaller objects, moving erratically and swinging like a pendulum. At 2130 the object wavered, then departed at high speed. 

The next night at 1800 medical assistant Annie Borwea alerted the other members of the mission staff to a luminous object, accompanied by two smaller lights. Two beings were working on the larger object; a third was leaning over the rail. When Gill and others waved at this being, it and three companions returned the gesture. The machine swung, apparently in response to light signals. The beings then went below, two emerging later to carry on working. After some minutes Gill went inside for dinner and the strange craft was later seen only in the distance. 

  • Norman Cruttwell in Bowen 1971 p14 citing letters from Rev Gill.
  • Norman Cruttwell in FSR 6,6 p3.
  • Lorenzen 1969 p101.
  • Olsen 1966 3-67 quoting APRO Bulletin November 1961 p5.
  • FSR 5,6 p7 citing Sunday Mail (Brisbane) 16 August 1959.
  • Chalker 1996 p91.
  • Klass 1974 p234.
  • Kottmeyer, Magonia 54, November 1995, et seq.

Summer 1959 (approx date) 0015hrs.
Mrs Stutz and Mr and Mrs Rossi were on a camping trip in a valley bordering the Pan de Azucar. It began to rain heavily and the two women went out to fetch in some belongings, at which they observed a strange opaque mass coming straight down towards them. When only 15m from the women the thing changed course rapidly and vanished into the night. It resembled the wingless fuselage of an airliner with a number of small rectangles along the body. It flew at 9-10m altitude emitting neither sound nor light. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 17 piii case 15 citing a letter from one of the witnesses to CADIU.

Summer 1959. Early hours.
GA and his fiancée had been sleeping in their car in a lay-by 3km outside Ramsgate when they awoke to see a huge orange red fireball in a nearby field. They thought that it was barn fire and fell asleep again. When they awoke later that morning there was no sign that there had been any fire. 
  • Haisell 1978 p42 citing his own investigation.

Summer 1959. Evening.
On this clear evening with a bright moon, Emily Deneault, a microelectronics operator, was in her driveway when she heard a humming sound and saw lights flying low over a field 300m away, across the road. She thought that it was a plane about to crash until she realised that the lights had stopped and there was no sound. As she alerted her son Robert, her stepfather Alex Blanchard and her sister Rita, the object floated down onto the field, its lights going out. Another object then appeared and hovered over the landed one. The objects were identical in shape and resembled two saucers one inverted over the other, joined at the rim by what looked like dark glass from which bright blue lights, as intense as welding lights, revolved round, making Emily’s eyes water when she looked at them through binoculars. The objects themselves had a dull silver grey colour. The thing on the ground floated up to join the other and they moved away at terrific speed. The next morning a small area of burnt grass was found. 
  • Fowler 1974 p53 citing his own investigation.

Summer 1959. Late evening.
Four RAF personnel were to returning to their bomber base when they saw a light in the distance, just above ground level. Some distance further along their route the party turned a bend in the road and encountered an object they compared to the size of a Vulcan bomber, hovering above the ground 20m from the road. From its underside was projected a beam of light in which vague movement could be seen. As their car’s headlights struck this beam, the beam was drawn up gradually into the object. When the men reached base they enquired if any planes had made a forced landing and when they found none had they decided to keep quiet about their experience because of fear of ridicule. 
  • Terrance Collins in FSR Case Histories 9, p16.

July 1959 (or following month) 1100hrs.
Insurance agent Mr D J Harris was walking down Charles Street when he heard a whistling noise and saw an enormous metallic grey object, 45m diameter, descending slowly at 15m altitude on the right hand side of the road. The object was elliptical, spinning very slowly, and appeared to be made of material like weathered aluminium. Around its maximum diameter was a row of deep fruiting. The object moved behind the 20m tall chapel steeple and when Harris got round the corner, the thing had disappeared. 
  • F W Holliday in FSR 20,2, p10 and Holliday 1979 p53.

July 7 1959, 0700hrs.
A stockman and two boys droving with him saw something they thought was a float on the side of the road. Later the two boys rode to within several hundred metres of the thing, which they then saw was a large grey triangle surmounted by a dome. After a few minutes first the dome and then the whole thing just disappeared. At 2120 that night, a police constable saw a red object with a bright blood red light coming from its underside, in a sort of cone, thinnest at the centre. The thing moved backwards and forwards and side to side, and then moved away slowly. 
  • Chalker 1996 p100.

July 8 1959. Dusk.
A group of four couples were out on a camping holiday 65km east of Cloncurry when one of the party, Lionel Afford directed the other’s attention to a sort of yellow streak descending behind some trees from an original altitude of 4-6m. It had three lights, red, yellow and yellow-green. The thing was far away at the horizon. At 1837hrs a party of hunters at a place 30km north of Kalumba, reported a circular object, half the angular diameter of the moon, with yellow, red and green lights at about 300m altitude. The same night at Prince of Wales Island, 16km off Cape York Peninsula a large red object was seen to land on a hilltop by Koko and Napan Adednego and their three children, amongst others. 
  • Maney and Hall 1961 p24.
  • Evaluation: Despite the claims of low altitude and even landing, this was very probably a bolide seen low on the horizon.

July 13 1959 (approx. date. ) 0005hrs.
Antonio Domingo (40) and his brother saw an object surrounded by a glow on an estate 25km from Lerida. It was spherical, 80cm diameter, hovering motionless at 15m, illuminating the countryside like daylight. It started moving in a west-east direction and Domingo panicked when he heard an explosion. His brother, 3km away, could only see the glow. 
  • Ballester 1976, case 29 citing CEI.

July 13 1959, 0530hrs.
Mrs Frederick Moreland, on her small farm outside Blenheim on Old Renwick Road, got up at 0500 to milk the cows. After lighting the steam sterilizer and switching on the lights and radio, she walked, with a torch, to her cows bedded down beneath a row of pine trees by the boundary fence. The morning was cold, with a sharp frost, and as she walked to the cows she noticed a green glow in the sky. She first thought that it was the moon, until she realised it was in the wrong part of the sky. Then whole area was bathed in a brilliant “horrid” green, as two green objects descended rapidly. Mrs M became terrified and ran for shelter behind the pine trees. A disc shaped glow, with two indented green lights underneath, descended. The air became warm from two bands of orange coloured flame that shot out from the middle. When the machine stopped within a metre or so of the ground, the flames stopped and two bands began revolving in opposite directions at great speed, making a low humming noise.

The object was 6-9metres in diameter. A white light then seemed to be switched on in a transparent dome, illuminating two figures dressed in skin tight silvery or aluminium coloured suits, with huge helmets. The rear figure was leaning forwards on its hands, looking at something ahead, and then sat down. As it did so, the machine titled slightly, the bands stopped whirring, disappeared, then reappeared projecting orange beams. The object then shot upwards at high speed with a high pitched sound. A hot peppery smell was left behind. Several other people in the vicinity saw strange lights in the sky. Her hands were swollen and discoloured for some time after the incident.

  • Maney and Hall 1961 p29 + FSR 5,6 p20 + Vallee 1967 p24 all citing Nelson Evening Mail 22 June 1959.
  • Hervey 1969 p181 citing Lionel Browning.
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976 citing Lionel Browning in Australian Flying Saucers Review 2, p7.
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969 p29.
  • Chalker 1996 p98.
  • Stott 1984 p123.
  • Dykes 1981 p34.
  • Hassall 1998 p37.

July 14 1959
Aboriginal hunters reported the landing of a red glowing object on a hill on the island. Other hunters saw a similar object near Karumba Lodge. 
  • Vallee Case 492 citing Australian FSR 1,1.
  • FSR 8,5 p24 citing Courier Mail 18 June 1962.

August 1959
Newsreel cameraman Bud Cooper was on a dirt road when he encountered a large transparent cylindrical object. He encountered three beings, one of whom gave him a tour of the craft and explained its electromagnetic propulsion system. 
  • Christopher O’ Brien in The Missing Link 131 p19 reproduced from Would You Believe, Spring 1994.

August 1959, 1400hrs.
Two cars stalled near a bridge over a small creek, over which a shiny, silvery disk was hovering. The thing extended hose, 15-20cm diameter into the water for several minutes, and the water under the disc became rounded up. When the thing retracted the hose, the cars could start again 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p16 citing CUFOS files.

August 2 1959 (approx. date) 0100hrs.
Juan Sovarzo, a worker for the National Petroleum Company (ENP) was taking readings of the level of the petroleum storage tanks when a light came overhead, which made him run away, leaving the test uncompleted and the tank hatchways open. The light seemed to follow him. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Pablo Petrowisch citing Armando Uribe.

August 9 1959, 1955hrs.
Mr and Mrs Armando Uribe and their 11 year old servant girl were returning from Sombrero camp to their home when the truck ran out of fuel. The servant girl saw a light and they first thought that it was another truck, but then realised it was a bright scintillating, blue light, swinging like a pendulum. As it approached, they saw that it came from a vertical metallic looking egg shaped object, with two shafts of white light pointing downwards spotlighting patches on the ground. From the top of the egg was a rose coloured contraption that resembled a megaphone on what appeared to be an extended chain of metallic pieces. Mrs Uribe and the girl were terrified. As Armando got out of the truck, the object changed position as if observing him. He walked to the back of the truck, apparently paced by this object. But when Armando picked up his rifle and pointed it at the object, it receded rapidly, vanishing in seconds. The moment it had gone, a truck appeared to take them back to camp. Next day Armando returned to the scene and calculated from the topography that the object had been 1.5m wide and 2m high and had only been 60cm above the ground and 120m from the truck. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p14 citing Armando Uribe direct.

August 12 1959.
An unconventional object, resembling a war tank, was seen on the Canavieiras swamps and the director of the “Fishermans’ Colony” took photographs from a distance. 
  • UFO Critical Bulletin III, 5 p4.

August 13 1959, 2130hrs.
Orville Shanks, his fiancée and two other women were out driving about 3km north of Freeport when they saw an object so brilliant that they could not properly make out its shape, approach at low altitude. As it did so their car engine and lights failed. Around the central object were two smaller ones that circled over the road and moved to the right over the fields, ponds and woods. The main object then followed them and all three appeared to land in the woods. The car lights and engine came back on again, and at the women’s insistence, Orville drove on. When they returned along the route about 0000 the strange object was still there. Orville this time got out of the car and began to walk towards it. As he did so the object increased in brilliance, the two smaller objects reappeared and the thing emitted a low penetrating sound. Orville was now only too happy to agree with the women’s insistence that they leave the scene. They reported the matter to the police and returned with them to the site. The object had gone, but another couple Randy Chandler and Leslie Ann Fowler had seen the strange thing depart. 
  • APRO Bulletin September 1959 p3.

August 21 1959, 0330hrs.
While in a cabin by the lake, four young girls, having sneaked out to sit up in one of their family’s station wagon were awoken by a light passed overhead and landed on a nearby mountain, illuminating the area as though it was daylight. A group of figures then approached and shone lights into the car. One of the girls became hysterical. 
  • Dennett 2011 p146 citing NUFORC.
  • Evaluation: Yet another story reported decades after the event. Meteor + security patrol.

August 25 1959, 1100hrs.
Lutz Holtman went towards a bright object in a forest and fainted when he got close to it. When he regained consciousness, he saw the thing take off silently and vertically. The thing was circular, had a tripod landing gear, two rows of bright openings and was about 30m in diameter. 
  • Vallee Case 498 citing UFO Nachrichten October 1959.

September 1959.
While driving a tractor near Euramo Max Menzel saw a large brilliant conical object, about 10m long, hovering just above the cane tops, illuminating a nearby house with its red-orange light.
  • Hervey 1969 p101.

September 1959.
Patricia M (14) and Linda McC went for an evening walk to Sandback 3km away and were walking home on the high road when they observed two objects in the sky. The terrified girls ran to hide in a field at Ardandam farm, but the two objects descended until they were just above the telegraph poles. The girls began running again, the objects following them until, the pair dived into a ditch, where the objects hovered over them and manoeuvred round in the sky, retreating and then returning. After some time the girls stopped a car driven by Mr and Mrs Henry English of Paisley, who also saw the large round objects. 
  • Chapman 1969 p40.

September 7 1959. Morning.
Mail carrier, Walter Ogden observed an elliptical object hovering low over the ground. The object rose vertically, emitting a blast of flame and then sped away horizontally. A stained ring 30cm wide, enclosing a circle 4m diameter was found. 
  • Maney and Hall 1961 p111 citing Fleminsburg Fleming Gazette 17 September 1959 + UFO Investigator November 1959.
  • Hall 1964 pp 97, 138, 151 citing William D Leet.

September 13 1959, 0105hrs.
Ronald H Daubner (28), a papermaker and son of a farmer, was collecting worms for fishing when he was shaken by a tremendous pulsating noise, so loud that it made his ears hurt. He saw a large yellow ring of light, with eight very bright blue lights just inside the circle, themselves surrounding a ring of larger red lights, which resembled an exhaust, rising vertically from a field 3km away. Daubner only saw the underside of the object, which reminded him of the underside of a rocket. The blue lights appeared to have the strength of 300kw lamps. 
  • Olsen 1966 p3-66 + Mallan 1968 p152 + Machlin 1979 p102 all citing Blue Book Files.

September 24 1959, 0500hrs.
Robert Dickerson, a police officer, was driving on patrol when he saw a large bright white object, which descended to 60m and hovered, illuminating the trees below. He drove to the Federal Aviation Authority building where he reported the matter and, along with others, observed the thing, which had moved to the northeast of the airport and become red-orange in colour. Through binoculars it appeared flat and emitting tongues of flame. Aircraft were scrambled and as they approached the object emitted a fiery exhaust and rose to about 4,000m, forcing one of the aircraft to swerve and catching another in its wake. It was tracked on radar at altitudes from about 2,000-20,000m. 
  • Dolan 2000 p7.
  • Evaluation: The Blue Book evaluation was Venus

September 29 1959 or following month. 1855hrs.
Electricity sub-station chief fitter, Gideon Johnansson (59) went out of his house to investigate a power cut, when his 25 year old son Rolf directed his attention to a blinding white light hovering over a three story building. At first he thought it was a crashing aircraft, then a helicopter, as it descended silently, smashing a maple tree and hovering 30cm above the street, rocking like a boat in a swell. Gideon approached the within 3m of the mass, and saw an unusual compact white light, shining through a large window, revealing two beings inside. They had very high crowned heads, large “very beautiful” eyes, long thin noses with small nostrils, small mouths and lower jaws, and pointed chins. They wore white uniforms with black belts crossed over their shoulders and chests. They were about the size of 14 year old boys. One loosened its belt and began to work on some kind of instrument. When this being had finished its work, Gideon gestured at it; getting no reply, except for a sense that the being was reading his mind and that he had an impression of the interior of the craft. 

Soon the craft moved away, Gideon following for 25m. It then vanished on the spot, creating an air pressure. This object was described as an oval, 3.5-4m long, 2.5m high. It was light blue and metallic, with plates at least 8mm thick, and gave Gideon the impression of being made in a simple manner. A strange glassy deposit was found on power lines. Gideon later suffered from a prickling sensation in his lower body, followed by glandular trouble and loss of appetite. He had previous UFO and Fortean experiences. 

  • Anders Liljegran in FSR 16,6, p14 citing Swedish UFO Newsletter 2, citing Ewart Martesson in Sokaren May and September 1969. Gives date as end of October.
  • Saucers Space and Science 58 p9 citing Soren Andersson.
  • Lorenzen 1976 p128 citing Gosta Rehn (these give October date).
  • Steiger 1977 p4.

October 2 1959  (approx. date)
Gaynor Wilson (14) was riding a horse in field when she wss terrified by a brilliant light overhead, which was illuminating the ground. She called her father, who saw two strange orange objects and heard a high pitched hum which hurt his ears. 
  • FST 6,1, p15 citing Vancouver Sun 5 October 1959.
  • Vallee 1966a p140.

October 19 1959, 1815hrs.
Mark Muza (15) and Harold Moore Jnr (14) were hunting nearly 2km into the desolate Big Marsh area when Mark heard a whirring sound and saw a small dark circular object 1.5m wide with a 15cm wide silvery ring hovering at 25m altitude. As the object descended to 15m, Mark fired three shots at it, the third one hitting the object with a metallic sound. The thing then shot straight up and disappeared, spinning like a top. When Mark fired at the object, Harold about 100m away saw the thing and heard the noise. The event lasted for about 90 seconds. 
  • UFO Commentary 1,1, p11.
  • FSR 7,6, p27 citing Newport News Daily Press 21 October 1959.
  • Robert Gribble in MUFON UFO Journal 258, p23.

October 19 1959, 2130hrs.
Real estate dealer and retired police officer Cavalheiro Mendes was vacationing at his beach house, when, unable to sleep, he went for a walk on the beach, “nudged by an unexplainable urge” Almost immediately after going outside he saw a huge light 300m away. He found himself desiring to walk to towards it, becoming aware as he did so, that this light was coming from a glowing disc shaped machine resting on the sand. From behind the object came two helmeted beings. He was unable to distinguish further features because of the light. He got the impression that these beings were communicating, telling him not to resist. He found himself paralysed and the only memory that he retained of the next two hours was of someone scratching his forearm with some kind of instrument. When he recovered his wits it was 2330, and he was nearly back at the beach house. After some weeks he began to suffering increasingly from anxiety and depression. He sought the help of investigators with military backgrounds but refused to be hypnotised. 
  • Pereira 1974, case 114 citing CGIOANI 2,2 p3 + Carrion 1968 p75, gives few details, mentions one occupant but gives likely correct date above.
  • Lorenzen 1967 p199 gives the details above but the date as late November 1961.

Late October 1959, 1800hrs.
Mrs Moulet, her 6 year old twins and 9 year old daughter, of La Font Du Mai, Aubagne, saw an object descend. Through portholes in the craft they saw up to twenty tall, well proportioned, people, who wore white overalls, with short sleeves and “officers’’ collars”. They had clear skin, blond wavy hair and their faces were “more beautiful than any seen before. They seemed to smile at the witnesses. When the object disappeared, it did so with a vibration and the air seemed to resume its normal temperature. A sort of trail was left in the sky. The experience lasted for about 10-15 minutes. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing LDLN 125, p10.

October 22 1959. Dusk.
An actor, his commercial artist younger brother and the latter’s fiancée; an author and illustrator of children’s books were out driving, when the actor pointed out a circular metallic disc, giving off a blue-green mercury type light around its edge, at the 2 o'clock position to the right. The younger brother, who was driving, braked but left the lights, engine and radio on. The disc descended to 15m and then moved leftwards until it centered the road, still at 15m. They heard a vibrating hum. The two men were about to get out, when their lights engine and radio all failed, as did attempts to restart the car. After some minutes the disc shot straight up and forward, making a 90 degree turn to vanish into the clouds edge on. As it did so, the car’s engine, lights and radio restarted. 
  • Lorenzen 1969 p104 + Maney and Hall 1961 p183 + Hall 1964 p75 citing Whitney Bolton in Newark Evening Post 5 November 1959.

October 25 1959.
While driving on the Trans-Canada Highway west of Fort William back to Lakehead, from a hunting trip, Victor Arone, Ray Disguiseppe and John Defilppe of Port Arthur noticed, 12m ahead of and above their car, a white, spinning oval light. The light stopped when they stopped the car and moved again when they drove on, sometimes ahead, sometimes behind the car. Finally it veered away and disappeared. It had remained with them for 50km. 
  • FSR 6,1, p17.

October 26 1959, 0130hrs.
While walking home in the fields on the outskirts of Gizycko, lumberman Aleksy M Jakimowicz (26) observed an unusual pulsating light to his right, over Lake Mamry. This light was circular, stationary and almost the apparent diameter of the moon, though the moon itself was visible through cloud, in a different part of the sky. The novel light was yellowish and was dimming and brightening. Aleksy then heard a whistling sound, which set his teeth of edge, and observed a huge egg shaped thing descend towards him. Aleksy began to run way but had only gone about 30-40 paces when the object came over the treetops. A wave of oppressive heat hit him, followed by a lack of air, forcing him to the ground. As he turned, Aleksy saw that the object was as large as a house, circular, glowing yellow orange, the surroundings being bathed in a green-blue light. After the thing passed a blast of air followed, allowing him to breathe again. He discovered his nose was bleeding. The object moved up and away over the lake. After running for a while Aleksy looked back to see two round yellow lights moving north west, one in front of the other. He was so upset by this experience that he left town. The story was investigated by forestry specialist who discovered that other people had reported a fireball over the lake. 
  • Antoni Szachnowski in Spacelink 1,4 p22 citing the forestry expert.
  • Evaluation: Large bolide?

October 31 1959. Early morning.
While driving from Marton to Matamata, Walter and Brian Hawkins were accompanied between Ohingaiti and Desert Road, a distance of about 95km, by a luminous object, like a large street lamp. At the top of the hill at Mangaweka, they stopped and the object moved around the valley below, like a helicopter. The object maneuvered round the car. It disappeared at Waiouri, reappearing when they were on the desert road, ascending vertically and disappearing at daybreak. 
  • FSR 6,2, p17 citing an undated issue of Taranaki Daily News.
  • Evaluation. The reappeared object is clearly astronomical.

October 31 1959.

Mrs K Henderson of Pembroke Road looked out fo her bathroom window and saw a cross shaped object hovering above some 12-15m tall trees on her property. She observed it for about 15 minutes until it rose into the sky and out of sight. She described it as “three times brighter than a star, with a tail like a mermaid’s”. 
  • As above.
  • Evaluation: Astronomical

Early November 1959 (approx. date)
Farmer John Byrne was moving a large bush with his bulldozer when a 1m tall humanoid figure emerged from it and ran across the field and over the fence. There was a large flagstone under the bush, which could not be shifted and when they tried to explode the stone, the gelignite failed to explode. Three other men saw the small being. 
  • Bord 1997, p44 citing Folklore 71 p53 citing Belfast Telegraph 9 November 1959.

November 1959, 0530hrs.
A man looking out of the widow of his top floor room in Whitcomb Street, saw, apparently on the first floor of a building opposite, a figure like a young woman in  a white flowing nightdress, floating across the floor with her arms held out in front of her. 
  • G W Lambert in Journal of the SPR, June 1964 p.281.
  • Evaluation: Mist figure?

November 1959.
James Cooke (see 2 November 1957) was telepathically summoned to Helsby Hill, where he encountered an unidentified object. He was invited on board by the occupants, humanoid beings 1.55m tall with golden brown skin. They took him to their home world Shebic, where there were long days and long cold nights. Though conditions were utopian there were no birds. 
  • Tucker 2013, p192 citing FSR 6,2 p16.

November 1959 (approx. date) 2355hrs.
Police Officer Samuel Cowell Jnr was on duty when an unusual object landed on the paved road, about 50m in front of his car. It descended without a sound, landing on five or six “grasshopper” legs, which seemed to bend as the thing touched down, covering the whole width of the road. The object emitted a buzzing sound like a hive of bees. The thing seemed to be a sort of block with ribbing, and around it was a shiny metallic rim, about 1.2-1.5m from the bottom, with a hole of similar dimensions in the flat top, its sides “breathed like bellows” and the whole thing seemed to have a brown cast in the moonlight. The thing then shot up into the sky at terrific speed. At the landing site Samuel found several chunks of a cork-like material, 3cm thick, 9cm square, which he gave to an Air Force friend. Two neighbours Mrs Ahlrichs and Mrs Grove were plagued by a foul sulphurous odour at about the same time. 
  • Berthold E Schwarz in Bowen 1973 p7 + FSR 17,2 p26.

November 3 1959. Night.
Two Invercargill businessmen, who wished to remain anonymous, were driving along the Dunedin Highway ro Invercargill when, between Woodlands and Kennington, they observed, above the pines, a brilliant rectangular object, 12m long, with a balloon shaped section, the size of a large room, below. As the car approached, the object accelerated away at tremendous speed to the north, becoming sausage shaped and brilliant white. 
  • FSR 6,2 p18.
  • Lorenzen 1969 p100 (gives date as April 11th!).

November 20 1959, 0415hrs.
Constables P Collins and R Snowden observed a cluster of star like lights, reflecting the moonlight, out to sea in the western sky. They were apparently skimming at sea level in a northerly direction. A few minutes later the two police officers saw an elongated object with a dome, passing across the face of the moon. This object was about 1/8 the apparent diameter of the moon. 
  • Hervey 1969 p139.

Late November 1959. 0500hrs.
Insurance agent William Anderson and his wife Janet were lying in bed awake when they saw the figure of a woman in a high necked blouse suddenly materialise. William felt a prickling in his neck. The figure walked back and forth and then vanished. Janet had seen the same thing for a shorter period rather earlier. 
  • Ludlam 1966, p61.

December 1959 (approx. date) Evening.
Mr. F, his wife and her friend, were driving back from the engineering plant in Stafford where they worked, to their home in Hednesford, when by the German military cemetery past Brockton on the Rye Green and Hednesford Road, the car stalled and the two women got out to push. The darkness was illuminated by the snow on the ground. The part suddenly became aware of a being, 1.05m tall, dressed in close fitting blackish clothing from the neck down. It had an enormous head, three times normal size, enclosed in a large transparent bowl. The being enquired if they were in trouble, and when they explained the situation, pushed the Morris Oxford car up the fill at such a pace that Mr F. was able to restart it. When they turned to thank the being, it had disappeared. 
  • Wilfrid Daniels in FSR 13,3 p19 citing his own investigation.

December 1959, 0545hrs.
A truck driver noticed that his radio had developed interference and that his headlights had dimmed. He got out to investigate, and saw a bright green crescent about 400m behind his truck, rocking back and forth. During this observation the witness felt as though he was being sucked into space. The thing then sped off to the northeast, disappearing in about seven seconds. He found that his truck’s batteries had melted and its wires were burned. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p17 citing CUFOS files.

December 13 1959, 2150hrs.
Karl L Dresson alerted other crew members of the Swedish ship Dorthemaerk, north of this locality, to a glowing conical object, giving off strange flares, which impacted with the sea with a loud concussion and submerged, leaving the water with a multi-coloured luminosity and turbulence. 
  • Lorenzen 1968, p50
  • APRO Bulletin January 1964 p1 (gives year as 1956)

Late December 1959.
Billy H (14) was hunting on his grandmother’s farm, east of Ravenna, when he saw an upright walking creature on a hill. He ran the 1.2km back to the house in terror. Searches were fruitless. On the same evening high school senior was riding in car near the Mantasket Bridge, when she saw a similar hair humanoid figure, which terrified her. 
  • Lorenzen 1970 p106 citing Omaha World Herald 24 December 1959.

December 22 1959, 2350hrs.
Kenneth Lindsley (28) was walking in the vicinity of Claribel Road and McHenry Avenue when he observed a luminous orange, bowl shaped object at 600m, In about 60 seconds it descended to just above the telephone poles at 6m altitude, where it hovered for about two minutes, covering the width of the road, and illuminating the surroundings, the light reflecting off the road. Kenneth could see vague shadowy movement in the light. The object then went back down the road and into the sky. Kenneth was so unnerved that he abandoned his plan to hitch-hike home to Oakdale, and headed back to Modesto, to stay the night with a friend. After walking 2.5km to the site of the “McHenry Bowl”, he observed the light again at 0045. Several workers at the John Inglis Frozen Food Plant night shift and Mrs Estelle Hendershott of Waterford and Mrs Erikson of Modesto also reported the object, the latter while driving home from the plant. 
  • FSR 6,3 p21 citing APRO Bulletin January 1960 citing Stockton California Record 24 December 1959 + an undated issue of The Modesto Bee.
December 24 1959, 2110hrs.
Lucien Landau and Eileen Vincent were about to deliver Christmas presents to a friend in Park Crescent when they saw a slim woman with shoulder length hair wearing a dark coat walking by. They lost sight of her for a few seconds as they parked, and when they looked again she had disappeared, though there was nowhere she could have gone to in the time.
  • Letter from Landau in Journal of the SPR December 1960 p432.