1958. (approx. year)
Farmer Lemond Bovat saw something like the full moon moving close to the ground. When it accelerated towards him, Lemond jumped into a ditch to avoid it. 
  • Citro 1994 p139

1958. (approx. year) 0300hrs.
An undisclosed number of people were climbing a path when they felt afraid and apprehensive, so walked on slowly. On reaching the top they saw a luminous disc at 1.5m altitude, with many small beings underneath, running from side to side as if working on something. The witness fled and was reluctant to the scientist partner of one of the party. This scientist had doubts about the story due to the fantastic detail and the technical knowledge of the witness. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Pablo Petrowitsch

1958. (approx. year) Early hours.
Mrs Peggy Robinson was awoken by a brilliant glow in her bedroom. On going to the window she observed what looked like a group of 5 or 6 children in a circle underneath a street light. She then realised that they were dwarfs, no more than 1m tall, which moved in a strange, stiff fashion. One, who appeared to giving orders to the others, turned and looked straight at her. The others also stopped and looked at her. She pulled the curtains to, went back to bed and fell asleep again 
  • Haisell 1978 p 58 citing his own investigation

1958. (approx. date) Morning.
Reg Chapman was sitting on a bench when he suddenly saw a being dressed in a black hat and cloak appear in front of him. It communicated by telepathy on personal matters. Later that day Chapman returned to the spot, where a horseshoe shaped object hovering over the ground about 20m away. Another being appeared came from an opening. It had black hair and beard, dark eyes and very pale skin, and was dressed in a hat and cloak, reminding Chapman of a rabbi. Further telepathic communications of a personal nature took place. 
  • Norman Oliver in UFO Magazine 11, 4 p 25

1958. (approx. year) Day.
Maureen a little girl aged about four living with her grandmother was out exploring the area, when her attention was attracted by a glint from below the cliff. On a flat rock at the base of the cliff was a group of very pale white beings, apparently in discussion. They were wearing conical, shimmering, “electrical” garments and seemed to float around. Maureen ran back to her grandmother’s house in terror. 
  • Spencer 1994 p 120 direct from witness

1958. (or following year) Afternoon.
Two teenagers in their house saw a dull metallic disc, like two hubcaps rim to rim, apparent size 60cm diameter; swoop down towards their window, causing them to duck, before it rose up over the house. 
  • Swords 2005 p162 citing John Timmerman)

1958. (approx. year) Night.

A young girl saw an unidentified object land in a forest. On investigation she saw a small man by the object. The figure signalled to her to stay away She had a ride in the object but her memory of this was vague. She did have a memory of seeing her home town through the floor of the object. She had no recollection of going home, but was punished for going to bed with dirty feet.
  • Keith Basterfield in International UFO Observer 15, 3 p10 + Basterfield 1997 p144 citing Bill Chalker in Australian Penthouse November 1989 citing his own investigation

1958. (approx. date) Night.

Musician Jose Basson, 15 members of his orchestra and the driver of the minibus in which they were travelling saw, 40km before Bragado, a large bright object 200m from the highway. They first thought that it was an aircraft in flames but when two of the party got within 150m they saw that it was disc shaped, with a sort of searchlight, emitting a vivid white light, on its upper part. The thing was hovering just above the ground and was making a loud engine sound. The party continued their journey but stopped at this spot on the return journey and noticed that the grass at the site was totally calicinated. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 15 p10 case 12 citing La Razon 4 July 1968)

1958. (approx. date) Night.
Mrs Pittock and her three passengers encountered what looked like a clump of grass beside the road. This then came onto the running board by the window. They then saw that it looked like a faceless robed figure. 
  • Ludlam 1966 p85

1958. (or following year) Early afternoon.
Two young brothers were on Letitia Road when they came across a hairy humanoid that ran at them brandishing a stick. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p225 case 76 citing son of one of the witnesses

While driving a tractor towing vehicle out of the McMurdo Sound Research Station, serviceman Roger D Benson observed in the distance what looked like a mass of girder work. Through binoculars he observed a cigar shaped metallic object kike an aircraft fuselage standing on a girder like landing gear about 500m away. There was a small indentation in its side. He then saw, walking in slow circles beneath the contraption, a thin, grey coloured, entity with arms that reached down to the ice. Its head was huge and its face covered two thirds of its entire height. Benson panicked and rushed back to his vehicle and drove off. As he did so, he saw that the fuselage, its landing gear now retracted, had taken off. 
  • Canadian UFO Report 5,1 p21 citing Idea UFO Magazine 2

1958. 0350hrs.
A teenage girl, on the fifth floor of a block of flats, woke up to go to the toilet and on returning to bed noticed a peculiar whining sound. Looking out of the window she saw a luminous circular object, with two bright orange lights coming from its underside, at the base of the block opposite. As she watched the thing rose with a motion like a swinging pendulum, going up the side of the block, getting steadier as it rose. When it reached the top it tilted and took off at high speed towards the main road. This was seen by two small boys (7,9) camping out. The girl was so shaken she barely spoke for some days after the incident. 
  • Arthur Tomlinson in Barclay 1993 p28 citing his own investigation

1958. Afternoon.

Two men were out on a caterpillar tractor, taking measurements when their attention was caught by a sort of white whirlwind about 1km to the north on this calm, clear day. Fearing colleagues had an accident they approached only to see that the white was not snow, as they first thought, but a sort of steam. In the centre of this was a domed structure about 2m high, 8-10m wide, made of something resembling glass. One of the men ran toward it, only to be confronted by two round yellowish things, about 1m high, tottering around like half inflated balloons. By them was a brilliant light, like an oxy-acetylene torch, which emitted a sort of ball made of blue sparks. The men fled, and as they did so, the whirl of white reappeared and they thought they saw the object in the sky, but when they next looked back everything had gone. 
  • Kolsimo 1971 p81

Mrs Molly Wertz and eleven other people saw a round ice blue object, the apparent size of a garage, with windows hovering 10m above the ground, 30m away. The object took off silently and disappeared behind a nearby hill. The matter was reported to the police and defence authorities. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers September 1962 p43

1958. 0200hrs.
At an Anglican children’s’ home at an undisclosed location children reported a figure like a luminous cloud. One of the nuns saw it in daylight, when it looked like a woman in a long white robe and veil. 
  • Ludlam 1966 p33

1958. 0300hrS.
Harry Unsworth, a long distance lorry driver, was driving along the A38 when near the Blackbird Inn, he saw a man stood by the side of the road, wearing a raincoat and carrying a torch. Harry gave the man a lift to Beam Bridge. During the journey the man complained about the accident rate on the road, which Harry found unsettling. Nevertheless he picked up the same man on two subsequent occasions. On the latter the stranger asked to him to wait at Beam Bridge so he could pick up some parcels. After 20 minutes the man had not returned so Harry drove off, only to encounter him some 5ikm further along by a transport café. Harry was now very spooked as there had not been time for the man to walk the distance so he decided not to stop. The man then flung himself in front of the lorry which hit him. Harry braked and got out, only to find the man still standing in the middle of the road, shaking his fist and swearing. The man then turned his back on Harry and vanished. 
  • Codd 2013 p56 citing Harry Unsworth in Exeter Express and Echo 12 August 1970
  • Legg et al 1974 p123 citing same source gives location as being in Dorset but the location given Holcolm Rogus is in Devon
  • Goss 1984 p83
  • Evaluation Chard 1994 indicates that Unsworth was the source of “much wonderful material” (p8) including a phantom radio broadcast (p31), suggesting he was a prolific source of tall tales

1958. 2100hrs.
Two teenage girls, Dorothy Hudson and Carol Serrano were sitting on the Pio-Pico Library steps when they saw a large metallic disc, with lights, descend towards them and hover over the library. Dorothy’s mother arrived to pick them up and the object followed them home. They then watched the thing from the window until it took off. Dorothy then saw that it was already 2200hrs, though only a few minutes should have passed. Carol made them watch out as she walked the few doors home. Dorothy in later years developed a fear of getting out of cars. 
  • Preston Dennett in UFO Encounters 2,4 p8)

1958. Night.
On several nights young people had seen a tall humanoid figure stood stationary in an irrigation ditch on the other side of a fence by their home. One night three friends came to play basketball and on their way home waded in the ditch to cool off. There they saw the figure stood in the shadows. The thing then dived into the water and swam towards the three girls at speed. The girls rushed out of the water and fled home. Next day they found three toes tracks at the site. 
  • Nunnelly 2011 p30

1958. 2300hrs
Two teenage girls observed three oval shaped objects, with domes on top, hovering over the airport at telephone pole height. The things were gunmetal grey, had slotted windows all around and emitted neither lights nor noise. Before the objects had arrived the girls had an eerie feeling and during the 10 minute observation they were afraid and stayed in their car, the lights and motor of which were not affected. One of the objects returned and landed on the golf course, a sort of door opened and then closed again. Two of the objects moved back and forth. The girls told their parents and friends but were not believed. 
  • Berthold E Schwarz in FSR 19, 2 pp 18+22

1958. 2350hrs.
Special constable Alex Stephanson and his wife were returning to Aklavik from Inuvik, 56 km west across the McKenzie River delta, by snowmobile when, 32km out from Inuvik they saw the light of what they thought was another snowmobile approaching. But as it came closer they realised that the light was above the treetops, at which point they thought it might be from a light aircraft. However, when they got closer, the light became so blinding that they had to stop. The light also stopped, hovering 15m ahead above them. Mrs Stephanson was so terrified that she fled from the snowmobile and had to be brought back by her husband. The light was so intense that they could only make fleeting glances at it and were not able to see any structure. After a few minutes it moved away. 
  • John Musgrave citing a clipping from an unspecified 1975 Canadian paper

Winter 1958. Night.
A woman parking in Colleton Crescent saw a figure wearing a cape and tricorn hat. The figure vanished as she looked at it. 
  • Barber1990 p8

Early 1958.
Welder Haskell Raper Jnr was driving home from work in his 1956 Ford when he noticed an unusual object on the ground and his car slowed down and stopped. The object was American football shaped, 5m long, 3m high, with a flashing beam of light on top. On the green object were the letters UN and a number that Raper could not work out. The object rose with a loud engine sound and rose into the clouds. Shortly after this Raper’s petrol tank exploded, wrecking the car. Investigations by the police and Air Force. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers September 1962 p 43 citing Norman Fletcher on Radio KNOC

Early 1958.
Trudy van Ripper took some time off to walk up a hillside, where she encountered a small boy with long blond hair and blue eyes, who seemed distressed that he lost his ball. She offered to help him find it, but during the search the boy fell over and when Trudy bent down to pick him up, her hand went right through the figure, which then just disappeared. Supposed to be the ghost of a boy said to be buried at the site. 
  • Evans 2002 p245 citing letter from the witness to Fate November 1960 p95

January 1958. 0130hrs.
A woman who did not want her name to be used was driving along the NY State Thruway in the vicinity of Niagara Falls. There was a violent snow storm so she was driving with extreme caution, when she saw what appeared to be a crashed plane on the central parkway. A large shape and a thin rod, at least 15m high, were visible, as her lights and engine failed. Two shapes emerged from the illuminated rod, which appeared to be sticking in the ground. These shapes seemed to be suspended from the rod, but moved about it. They resembled animals with four legs, a tail, and two front feelers that resembled arms under a head. They disappeared suddenly and then the shape rose to 10m, where she could see it was shaped like a saucer. It sped away and the car’s power returned. She examined the area with a flashlight and discovered an area of melted snow, 30m in diameter, the grass inside of which was warm. 
  • Vallee 1969 p16 + Vallee Case 154 citing Otto Binder

January 1958. 2100hrs.
An estate owner, his wife and their son and daughter, along with the manager of the Lagea Negra Fazenda in this municipality, saw a round machine, 10m in diameter, 3m thick, with a hat like cupola and protuberance underneath. It had a metallic gleam emitting a powerful, “cold” reddish light that made their eyes burn and penetrated into the house. It was hovering 3m above the ground, 400m away. Out of it came two beings, 2m tall, dressed in white overalls with broad waste bands and high, dark coloured, collars. They had full faces and shoulder length hair, and were European in appearance. They had large bare feet and long hands. The daughter said that “they looked like saints”. They walked rigidly, not bending their legs. They were followed by three smaller beings, 1.4m tall, wearing chestnut brown overalls, long hair and small boots. They walked rapidly, never leaving the area under the disc. The two large men went to a fence, getting as far as the drainage ditch, and then retreating. Then they came to a bridge by a gate over the ditch, again retreated, then came back along the first route, opening the gate and walked towards the house. The owner and manager had taken up positions lying under a palm tree, where they could see without being seen, the other witnesses were in the house, the boy hiding under the bedclothes, the mother and daughter at the partly closed door. The normally savage dogs did not react as the beings approached. These were only stopped by the daughter’s awestruck exclamation and her mother’s terrified call to the men. After some hesitation the two beings turned back 60m from the house and re-joined the others by the disc, which they re-entered before it rose with a slight rotary movement. The next day two sets of footprints were found at the site. 
  • Jader Pereira in FSR Case Histories 5 p3 citing investigation by GCIOANI
  • COS-MOS 1,8 p6 citing Phen Spax 20
  • UFO Critical Bulletin III, 1 p3
  • Carrion 1968 p73
  • Sources differ as to the year, FSRCH giving 1968, COS-MOS 1959 and UFO Critical Bulletin 1958, used here)

January 4 1958.
A woodcutter saw an object land and a very tall man get out. He had a tanned face and wore a helmet. After a few minutes the craft took off with a noise like a flock of birds. Air Force officers and police searched the snow covered hill for traces. 
  • Vallee Case 155 citing FSR 4, 3 piii) (FSR does not give a date however and Vallee’s source for this is unknown)

January 10 1958.
Captain Chrysologo Rocha was sitting with his wife on the porch overlooking the South Atlantic, trying to pick out a small island with his binoculars. When he focussed on the object he saw that it was not an island but some kind of dark grey object in two parts, one in the sea, one above it. Eight other people were hurriedly called. Suddenly both parts of the object sank out of sight as, shortly afterwards; a steamer came by on a course which would have taken it very close to the object. 15 minutes later, when the steamer was out of sight, the machine reappeared. The exited onlookers now clearly saw that the two parts were connected by several upright shafts, up and down which small bead like objects passed in disorderly motion. Soon the two halves closed together and the contraption submerged before a local air force plane could investigate. 
  • Charles Bowen in FSR 11,1 p20 citing Circulo da Amizado Sideral Bulletin 5

January 13 1958. 2345hrs.
Butcher, Brian Crittenden (21) was leaving his girlfriend’s house, when on closing the gate, he saw a domed light, with a long narrow light under it, come from a hill to the east and approach hi. He drove off, despite a bad tyre, along the Benn’s Road, pursued by the object, which appeared to be at 10m altitude and 50m away. It almost touched the telegraph poles on the side of the road. He was driving at about 110kph, but the thing overtook him, coming low down over his car. As the object approached he noticed interference on his radio. 
  • Chalker 1996 p 87
  • Hervey 1969 p 38
  • Vallee Case 457 citing UFO Bulletin March 1958.

January 15 1958. 1830hrs.
Richard Hoberg (28) a pharmacist at the Backer Drug Store, New Ulm, was driving to Granite Falls on business. He had passed Sacred Heart and was entering the downhill grade that crosses the bridge over Hawk Creek, when, as he started on the other side, he saw a large silver –grey object gliding along the ground to his front and left, in a field. As he approached, the object took off with a tremendous burst of speed, and as it did so, Richard saw that the thing was shaped like an inverted saucer with a round dome on top. Its outside edge was spinning and giving off bursts of sparks from pipes projecting from the circumference. On the dome were three or four triangular windows, each having three sections and giving out a bright yellow light. The machine was about 1-15m in diameter, 5m thick at its thickest part. Richard observed the thing for only a few seconds before it left at terrific speed. 
  • Arthur Straunch in Fate (UK) August 1966 p 46 direct from the witness

January 26 1958. 1600hrs.
A very bright object flew from the direction of Suruga Bay towards the Obi River estuary. It hovered and landed on the river bank near the city, where it was seen by several workers at a nearby chemical plant. Shortly after, some schoolboys saw beings dressed in diver’s suits descend from the sky without parachutes. One boy reported that they spoke in a language “like monkey’s chatter”. 
  • FSR 4, 3 p iii citing an undated issued of Shizuoka Shimbun

January 30 1958. 2345hrs.
A lawyer was driving with his wife and nephew, from Arequipa to Lima, when at a point 350km north of Arequipa they felt an electric shock and moments later their engine and headlights failed. They then saw a mushroom shaped object, about 5m diameter descending down to 50m, where it hovered for 8 minutes, emitting a red glow. People on board a truck and bus also experienced the same events. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p14
  • Maney and Hall 1961 p193
  • Cramp 1966 p213
  • Hall 1964 p75, 120, 137 citing El Universal 31 January 1958. + La Prensa 1 February 1958. citing UPI
  • Evaluation: Rodeghier cites Maney and Hall as his source, but includes details not in that book, so real source may be NICAP archives. Some say object came down to 150m (500ft) not 50m (150ft)

February 1958. (approx. date) 0645hrs.
A woman driving from Monkland to Strathmore with her 5 year old daughter on this cold, clear morning heard a whirring sound and, rolling down her window, saw a large, grey saucer or bowl shaped object, with lights around its edge, coming from the north. As the thing passed over the car bonnet, the car engine stopped, only to restart when the object moved off to the south. The little girl was afraid and crying. The observation lasted about 3-5 minutes. 
  • Cameron 1995 p23

February 1958. (approx. date) Late night/early hours.

An elderly widow and her 22 year old bus conductor daughter, sleeping in the same room, in a house on Froghall Terrace saw a figure all in white (as if in a shroud) move from the window. As the thing moved towards them the women screamed and it disappeared. It was seen some time later a woman staying in the house saw a similar figure standing by the piano and fled from the scene. 
  • Holder 2010 p 41 citing Aberdeen Press and Journal 4 April 1958.

February 1958. 0900hrs.

On this cold and frosty morning Mrs M walked to her kitchen window, and looking out toward the road in front of her house, saw a huge object hovering about 10-12m above a lake of backed up rain water near the irrigation ditch. The object was a disc 150-200m in diameter, “red hot” in colour. From the underside, which was surrounded by spheres 3-4m apart, a funnel extended into the water below. The top of the object was featureless. Mrs M and her 4 year old son observed the hovering, humming object for about 20 minutes, before the funnel retracted, leaving only a bulge, and then the whole thing moved slightly up, until the edges of the window obscured it from view. As the object rose, the fog, which had hung about the area, lifted and did not reappear until 1600hrs. 
  • Lorenzen 1970 p145

February 1958. Afternoon.
John Quirk and a number of other people in the Bridge Lunch Diner saw what looked like a steam railway train, with a “baggage” car and five or six coaches pass by. A similar thing was seen a month later at 0630hrs., heading towards Boston. No steam trains ran on these lines and no trains at all at this time. 
  • Citro 1997 p286
  • Brandon 1978 p109

February 2 1958. 1530hrs.
Farmer Yasukichi Nakaguchi, his son, and Mr Kametaro Takuma observed an egg shaped object pass over the area and apparently land in the nearby hills 
  • FSR 4, 3 piii
  • Evaluation: Meteor?

February 17 1958. 2000hrs.
Two women, Mrs Evans and Mrs McIntosh, driving from Albuquerque to Santa Fe were starting by a brilliant flash of light that illuminated the surroundings. The passenger rolled down her window to see what was going on and was struck by a second flash, which temporarily blinded her and forced the driver to pull over. Between flashes and just after the second, the women had a brief sighting of a light orange object with a flat base and rounded top. Film in a camera was fogged and the passenger developed a severe headache followed by vomiting, rash and diarrhoea. A radiation reading was reported to be abnormally high. The woman was treated at the Lovelace Clinic but the results were apparently inconclusive. 
  • Swords and Powell 2012 p280 citing investigation by James Macdonald
  • APRO Bulletin March 1958. p6 citing investigation by the Lorenzen
  • Hall 1964 p 97 + Maney and Hall 1961 p112 citing San Diego Union 21 February 1958.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers June 1971 p 8
  • Evaluation: Possibly just sunburn and heat stroke caused by driving in the sun for a long period. Could the flashes be from the nuclear tests in Nevada? Many sources give date as 20th and location as Espanola

Mid February 1958.
A man driving on the Pan-American highway saw a very large luminous, blue-green sphere in the sky and his engine, lights and radio all failed. 
  • Williamson 1959 p160 citing “a very prominent Lima physician”

February 19 1958. 0400hrs.
Mrs Mendonca and her son Fernando, her overseer, a farm hand and Mr Goncalves were driving back to the farm when, at Porteira Ortiz, they observed a red light that zigzagged down to just above the road, becoming dazzling white. It then paced them back to town, where it stopped over the Army Headquarters. There Mrs Mendoca got a small crowd, including eight members of the Saldanha family. The object followed this party back to Porteira Ortiz, where it ascended in stages at 0600hrs. 
  • Lorenzen 1966 p149 citing Olavo Fontes
  • Evaluation: The pacing and length of time suggest astronomical

February 19 1958. 2230hrs.
Professor Cicero Claudino da Silva, law student Mustafa Esgaib, Alegario Campos and Dr Joao Manuel Vasquez, drove to Porteiroi Ortiz, where a reddish light oscillated down, increasing in size and brilliance, illuminating the ground as it came very close to the car. It was then joined by a second object. The party raced back to town, leaving the lights behind. A convoy of sightseers returned to the site for saw nothing. 
  • Lorenzen 1966 p 149 citing Olavo Fontes

February 20 1958. 0330hrs.
Several boys spending their holiday at a holiday ranch here belonging to their teacher, Mr Alba Arauja Alves, observed an object shaped like a butter dish, with a red-blue light, manoeuvring at 20m above a bamboo plantation. Eventually the thing returned to its original position, where it stayed till 0530hrs.. The object had a diameter of 15m and made dead leaf motions. Among the witnesses were Alba himself, his 19 year old son, Mr and Mrs Maderia and their son and four other youngsters. 

  • UFO Critical Bulletin 11,2 p20
  • Evaluation: Astronomical + autokinesis and atmospheric disturbance.

Late February 1958. Night.

Captain Davies and other officers of the “British Empress” saw on two occasions, perhaps an hour or so apart, two yellow lights resembling the masthead lights of a steamship, at low level. On the first occasion they forced the Empress to change course. On the second occasion the lights descended, one at a time, into the sea, illuminating its surface as they did so. 
  • Armstrong 1963 p115 citing information from 3rd officer and Armstrong’s own investigation

February 24 1958. 0305hrs.

Lawyer Carlos J de Costa Pereira and his friends Manuel Mendes and Antonio de Arauja were driving between Nazare and Salander, when between the villages of San Antonio de Jesus and Coceicao Almeida their engine spluttered and stopped, so they decided to sleep in the car. They then observed a huge luminous object hovering overhead, its glow changing between silver and blue. As it approached they saw behind the glow a Saturn shaped thing, with its ring spinning at high speed. The object descended until it was about 70m away at 27m altitude and then descended with a falling leaf motion to about 2.5-3.5 m above the ground. The thing was about 18-24m diameter and its underside was slightly flattened and smaller than its top and it projected a cone of light onto the ground, which cone was twice its own diameter. As Carlos and Manuel approached, the thing took off and began to dance across the sky, once again getting to within 3m of the ground and taking off as the duo approached. It appeared one last time at 0630hrs. and after its final departure the engine began to work again. 
  • Lorenzen 1966 p 152 citing Olavo Fontes

March 1958.
A French Foreign Legionnaire, on sentry duty during the war of independence, heard a whistling sound and looked up to see a huge elliptical object hovering 35-40m altitude, 50m away. The silent object was surrounded by pale green light, which came from the centre of its underside. The solider neither picked up his rifle nor telephoned his base, but rather just stood for 45-50 minutes, transfixed by the pale green and emerald light, which he found to be the most beautiful and relaxing colours he had ever seen. He felt happy, far from the stresses of the war. The sound then returned and the object took off at terrific speed. 
  • Mark Moravec in Evans and Spencer 1987a p302 citing Joel Mesnard in FSR 19,1 p17

March 2 1958. 1945hrs.
Mr Francis saw a balloon shaped object, with a brilliant light, land on the airfield and then take off slowly and then take off slowly and hover at 250m altitude before disappearing.
  • Vallee Case461 citing Blue Book Files
  • Francis Ridge UFO Chronology citing FUFOR Index of Blue Book Cases

March 3 1958. 2230hrs.
Mario Goncalves, his girlfriend, brother and some friends again drove onto the road. The boys went out with flashlights while Mario stayed in the jeep with his girl. They saw a light over the thicket and the boys ran back in panic. As a blood red light illuminated the area, they all realised they were under a bright metallic object, which was only a metre or so above them. The thing followed them back to town at 3m altitude, giving off a brilliant light but no heat or sound. The party thought they had given the thing the slip when they drove through a wooded area. However when they approached a hill on the other side, the object landed on the road, blocking the path. As their jeep approached this object and its headlights illuminated it, the thing wobbled and then took off, as if trying to avoid the lights. It then continued its pursuit of the jeep into a town at a distance. 
  • Lorenzen 1966 p150 citing Olavo Fontes
  • UFO Critical Bulletin 3, 5 p5 
  • Hall 1999 p76 citing Fontes in APRO Bulletin May 1959 p6

March 14 1958. 0845hrs.
Mr and Mrs W F Cummings were in their back yard when they saw a round object, 1m in diameter, come from the west and land 15m away. It then took off towards the east, turned south and was lost to sight. There was another witness.
  • Vallee Case 462 citing Blue Book Files
  • Francis Ridge UFO Chronology citing Don Berliner

March 19 1958.
MOSCOW (MOSCOW : RUSSIA then part of the USSR)
Not far from Moscow a large disc was seen flying at high speed at 3,000m. A little later it came down toward the ground in a spiral motion and then started upwards again, turned over and, accelerating, disappeared behind nearby forest. 
  • Vallee 1966a p41

March 24 1958.
An unidentified object was seen at low altitude. No further details. 
  • Pablo Petrowitsch citing Horacia Gonzalez G

March 29 1958.
Roy Mc Farland was flying with two other men, Doug Holman and Leonard Knight, in a light plane, when their attention was caught by an animal below. When Roy looked through his binoculars, he saw it was a hairy humanoid figure, with patches of bare skin tearing at the carcass of a small animal. Doug and Leonard also saw the figure. 
  • Lorenzen 1970 p 106
  • Evaluation Behaviour suggests a bear

Spring 1958. Evening.

Mrs Lilias Martin was on an a walk in this rainy evening, when she saw a man running past her, apparently being chased by a hooded man on a bicycle. After they had gone a few metres they just disappeared. Lilias was so shocked she was unable to move, and had to be driven home by a local lorry driver. 
  • MacGregor 1959 p139

April 1958. 0600hrs.
Jeweller Wilson Lustosa was driving along the beach from Maceio to Paripuetra, when at Saude he encountered some fishermen who said that they were looking at a flying saucer. Wilson saw nothing at first, but then heard a hum that got louder, as an object fell out of the sky towards the sea. It rocked and hovered 15m above the sea, 40m away. It had an upper part like an aluminium inverted bowl, with a dome giving off a light as bright as an electric welding arc. The lower half was a similar but dark bowl. Where the two hemispheres met was a band with a number of square portholes giving off a reddish light, except for those nearest the witnesses, which were darkened. The whole contraption was estimated to be 15-20m in height and as wide as “a travelling circus” (perhaps 30m or so). Below the machine the water was either boiling or being sucked up. From the bottom of the machine hung things like motionless leather thongs. During the hour they were watching it, the object rose several times, then fell back with an ear-splitting crash. That night in the nearby town of Ipioca a strange large circle of bright light, the source of which could not be found, was seen on the ground. An arm extended into the circle would become illuminated but would cast no shadow. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 10, 6 p18 citing Walter Sa Cardoso citing his own investigation
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p280 + Anglada 1968 p 310
  • Vallee Case 464 citing SBEDV

April 4 1958.
Graham Stringer and his family saw a strange column of milky fluorescent, vibrating light, the size of a man, in their house. Shortly afterwards something burned a hole through a pile of baby clothes, leaving nylon stockings underneath untouched. This column appeared again at Easter time in 1959, 1960, 1962. 
  • Steiger 1966 “Strange Guests” p 138

April 12 1958. 2100hrs.
Armando Avila Garron, a well-known university professor, was out walking with his wife 14km from Abra Pampa when they heard a sound like a motorcycle approaching and the area was illuminated by a bright light, which came from a strange white glowing object, the exact shape of which was not distinguishable. The object passed within 20-30m of the couple, travelling north to south and almost touching the ground. It then turned away toward the east and vanished at high speed. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 17 piii, case 9 citing Rietti and Vogt
  • UFO Critical Bulletin III,1 p6

Apri1 17 1958. 1925hrs.
At the Abacatu railway station in this municipality, three discs were seen hovering all night long by several people including the station chief J Machado and a railway worker Mr Cavalheiro. Machado telegraphed the police in the neighbouring municipality of Tupancireta and all saw the objects coming to ground level about 1km away. At times they seemed to exchange signals. One of the discs flew over the station itself, leaving a luminous trail and considerable heat. 
  • Vallee Case 466 citing an unspecified issue of LDLN
  • Evaluation: Note the correct location, Abacatu, the location given by Vallee is simply the name of a railway station, not an actual place. Looks like a mixture of bright stars/planets low on the horizon and a fireball.

April 30 1958. Nightfall.
Ignacio Jimenz Leyva and Torcuate Sanchez, a shepherd, saw a very bright object, 10m diameter descend onto a hillside. Soon afterwards it took off towards Baza leaving a luminous trail. 
  • FSR 17,4 p11 citing a Radio Broadcast 1 May 1958.

May 1958.
A group of campers including Carlos Manuel Soto encountered a huge hairy humanoid. There was a police investigation 
  • Coleman and Huyghe 1999 p68

May 2 1958.
Eight people parking in a wood saw a green creature with scaly skin and very long arms. The pointed nails of its long fingers nearly touched the ground. 
  • Vallee Case 467 citing Bulgarini 1962

May 12 1958. 1015hrs.

Frederick Dally was just leaving to go back to work after coming home for a household emergency when he saw a dull metallic looking object, like two saucers joined together, about 6m diameter, hovering above a neighbour’s house. The thing then moved off travelling about 15m above the house tops. 
  • Dally in Colombo 1989 p248

May 14 1958. 1900hrs.

Artur Bertlet, (27), an itinerant photographer and tractor driver was out walking when he saw a strange light over woods 200m away. He approached and saw that the light came from object like one bowl inverted over the other, more than 30m in diameter. Two figures emerged and projected a beam of light at him. He was stunned and when he came to his senses he was in a milky white hospital bed, with his arms imprisoned, in a rectangular room. Tall, pale humans entered the room and spoke in a strange language. The commander had taken him to work with the agricultural samples they had collected. He was taken to another world where he was taken through various rooms and out into a city and thence to a room with fur lined walls. This was Acart, which he supposed was Mars. The inhabitants apologised for his abduction and told him and showed him lots of things about their world. 
  • Bertlet 1987 translation of Bertlet 1967
  • Evaluation This mixture of abduction and contactee motifs is probably a hoax

May 16 1958. 2045hrs.
Mrs Mary Green of Stockland Green observed for 9 minutes, through her bedroom window, a rose pink pencil shaped object surround by a haze, descend in a vertical position from high altitude to near the ground, where it became horizontal and concave. Mrs Alice Playdon of Sparkwood saw it moving horizontally at the apparent height of the chimney tops. It appeared to be of huge size. Her son Michael observed it from the bedroom window, through binoculars. It hovered briefly, descended behind the chimneys, levelled off and moved away. 
  • DIGAP files

May 18 1958. 0115hrs.

Ray and Yvonne Burl were wakened by three women neighbours, who, when seeing their fiancées out, had seen a strange object over the Burl house. The Burls went outside and confirmed that a rectangular object was moving swiftly in horizontal and vertical motions, making rustling and high pitched whining sounds. As Ray went to get his torch, the object left. The six of them waited and soon afterwards the thing returned with a spiralling motion and swishing sound and then hovered just 15m above the house. When Ray lit it with his torch he saw a faintly luminous dull metallic grey surface. It had no lights and left no trail, but had a sort of fluttering at the edges. It moved horizontally and then vertically to avoid the beam. One of the women was violently sick and some days afterwards the Burl’s baby suffered from dehydration and sickness. 
  • Cynthia Hind in MUFON UFO Journal 124 p5
  • Hind 1982 p120

May 28 1958. 0430hrs.
Remo Dali’ Armellina was driving a truck from Cordoba to Santa Fe when he saw a light, which he thought was from an approaching car, behind a hill. On getting closer he saw the light came from a being 3m tall, covered with metallic spheres from head to toe. The creature raised its arm above its head and appeared to signal. Remo picked up a crowbar and moved towards the figure, but was repelled by a powerful stench. The light emitted by the being changed to rose coloured and Remo felt dizzy, as if drugged and fainted. When he came to the figure had disappeared. 
  • Vallee Case 468 citing Bulgarini 1962 + Perego 1963
  • Lorenzen 1969 p151
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p72) (Date unclear Vallee’s sources give that given here. 
  • Lorenzen and Ribera 13-14 June)

June 1 1958. 1115hrs.
Bjorn Taraldsen, Nils M Turi, Kate Julson and Rasmus Hykkerud saw a silent unmarked delta winged object crash into the fjord, throwing up a column of water. Searches were fruitless. 
  • Ole Jonny Braenne in International UFO Reporter 20,1 p12

June 7 1958. 2135hrs.
Messes Ford, Willette and McCutcheon and three ladies were driving 10km from New Plymouth when they saw, at the base of Mount Egmont, a large dark red glow, several hundred metres across and over 100m high. After two minutes they saw a white oval object, 18m diameter rise rapidly from the glow at a slanting climb to1200m, where it stopped and then shot straight up. The oval was visible for 3 seconds. At 2215 the glow began to dim and had gone by 2230hrs.. In the following days the three men experienced a number of curious electromagnetic effects in the area. 
  • Carl Grove citing Civilian Saucer Intelligence New Zealand

June 17 1958. Night.
Three fishermen saw an orange coloured light in the sky, which light descended to just above the surface of the calm sea. It was spherical, 4m diameter, very luminous and appeared to be revolving and creating a strong air displacement, whipping up the surrounding water. This “wheel” passed very close to the boat, the waves nearly causing the vessel to capsize and the crew experiencing a wave of air and fierce heat. As it passed by they heard a buzzing sound. The “wheel” progressed by spinning along the water at great speed. It finally did a right angled turn and disappeared on the horizon. 
  • FSR Case Histories 14 p13 citing LDLN Readers Special 3 p5

June 27 1958. (approx. date)
Arlindo Alves was driving between Sao Paulo to Santos along the Via Anchieta, when the little girl drew her parents’ attention to an object hovering beside the road, 60cm above the ground. The thing had windows behind which figures were seen moving and gave off a great heat. There many witnesses as the thing hovered for several hours, causing a traffic jam. Photographs were allegedly taken. Eventually the thing took off and went behind the hills. 
  • FSR 28,6 p 26 citing SBEDV Bulletin 5 citing O Journal 12 August 1958.
  • Evaluation: Reads like a press hoax

Summer 1958.
A man was driving near here when his car developed engine trouble and he heard an odd ringing sound. He then noticed a glow behind a nearby rise. On going to investigate he encountered a strange object and banged on its side. A voice from within the thing told him that it was malfunctioning and in the process of repair. Then another strange object came down and 6 beings got out and brought some equipment up to the first thing. 
  • Donovan 2009 p152

Summer 1958. 1500hrs
Two teenagers sisters were at home when they detected a peculiar vibration. Going on to their porch, they saw a large blimp shaped object hovering over their barn. Along its side was a row of windows, though which they could see beings waving. Underneath the metallic silvery object, which was larger than the barn, was a smaller structure suspended underneath. The object moved slowly and silently away over the trees. 
  • Swords 2005 91 citing John Timmerman
  • Evaluation: Blimp, balloon?

Summer 1958. 2030hrs.
Wang Ziteng was in his courtyard, cooling off, when he heard some housewives calling out and looking up, saw a round object, emitting red and blue-white rays, passing over at a few metres altitude. The thing moved away slowly as the women, believing it to be an ill omen banged their pots and pans at it. 
  • Dong and Stevens 1983 p39

Summer 1958. 2130hrs.
A woman on her front porch, just about to open her door, saw, close to her, a bright luminous cigar shaped object 20cm long, 5cm thick. She was so afraid she ran into the house. 
  • Swords 2005 p161 citing John Timmerman

Summer 1958. Night.
Four teenage boys (Gordon and Will Chism, Bill Rose and Ken Taber, were driving back to their cabin when they observed what they took to be the headlight of a car on the road behind them. As the light got within 100-150m of them, it rose up to 30-50m. They could see that it was an oval, 6m diameter, which alternately brightened and dimmed and appeared to have some sort of rotary motion. After about 10 minutes the thing moved 200m to the south. The youths returned to the cabin, swopped their swamp buggy for a station wagon and went in pursuit of the light. At first they were unable to see the thing but it then rose up to 6m. It was then joined buy a bright red sphere 60-90cm diameter, which rose from the ground and entered the main object.
The object then moved towards the cabin, lighting the cloud cover and ground as it moved slowly. The lads followed it and went up onto the cabin roof. After 30-45minutes the thing became stationary about 800m away. Suddenly, without any perceptible movement it was right overhead. The boys leapt off the roof and when they looked back the thing had gone. 
  • Mason 2007 p11 citing Gordon Chism

July 1958.
Members of the crew of the New Zealand ship Pakura, including 2nd Officer D. Fife and the officer of the watch observed a very large and unusual object travelling at high speed on the surface of the water. 
  • Lorenzen 1970 p84

July 1958.
A glowing oval shaped object closely approached the surface of Pine Lake. 
  • Hartle 1963 p 155

July 1958. Dawn.
Just after dawn three people saw two giants, estimated to be 6m tall, dressed in brilliant red garb, climbing a hill near here. They were only seen from the rear. 
  • Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966 p36 citing SBEDV Bulletin 26/7+8
  • Ribera 1968 p73
  • Location in Bowen 1966 is incorrectly given as Mindurin, no such place exists in Brazil)

July 1958.
At an undisclosed rural location in the south of the state, a child encountered a 1.8m tall biped, with its eyes on the side of its head, in the child’s farmhouse home. No traces were found. 
  • Newton 2011 p65

July 1958. 1630hrs.
Two boys out exploring the woods saw a large hairy creature about 30m away, behind a tree, its back towards them.
  • Steenburg 2000 p69 citing his own investigation

July 7 1958. 1100hrs.
At an undisclosed location an unidentified object was seen close to the ground. No further details 
  • Petrowtisch citing Horacio Goncalez G

July 23 1958.
An unidentified object was observed close to the ground. No further details. 
  • ditto

August 1958. 0100hrs.
A 19 year old delivery driver had stopped for the night by the river. He was wakened by a fellow driver as it was starting to rain. The other man’s truck got some distance ahead, and as the witness tried to speed up to catch up, he skidded He then saw a man with a hand held up, on the other side of a ditch 50m away. Thinking this was another driver needing help; the witness drove to within 10m and let down the window. Then figure rose 40cm above the ground and floated towards the young man’s truck and then jumped on the bonnet, at which the truck’s lights and engine failed. The being had huge yellow-green eyes. The driver hit out at the figure with his spanner, at which a felt as blow between his eyes and passed out. When he came to the figure had gone and the engine and lights now worked by themselves. He drove off and when he got to base, he noticed rain just slid off the bonnet as it was covered in some sort of grease. 
  • Vladimir V Rubtsov in Fortean Times 56 p70 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation Story told decades after the event. REM intrusion?

August 1958. Daytime.
Mr L, who lived at a place 30km from Paraiba, was near his house when his attention was caught by a shiny object that landed swiftly with a faint whining noise. As he got quite close, he saw a small, round, porthole open in the lower part of the craft. From this a man emerged, who gestured at L and examined a stone on the ground. When failed to understand his gestures the man walked back into the object “as if in disgust”. The machine rose slowly then vanished rapidly into the sky. The man was 1.75m tall with long fair hair, close shaven, with a pink complexion and was dressed in a light coloured coverall without pockets or seams. The machine was yellow and gold and resembled two basins stuck together with rectangular openings around the rim from which a faint white smoke was emitted. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 13,3 p5 citing Walter Buhler in SBEDV Bulletin 10

August 1958. Night.
On several nights people in the Longridge Road area reported a being with large hands and large luminous eyes. The thing made strange scream like sounds. 
  • Haining 2008 p51 citing Lancashire Evening Post 3 September 1958.

August 1958. (approx. date) Night.
12 year Susie was staying on a cattle farm, in a small room off the bathroom. She woke to a see a white thing about 2.5m tall, raising its arms. The girl fled through a second door, as the main one was locked with the key in the lock. When the girl’s screams alerted adults they found the key still in the lock and pointed out that there was no second door and that the windows were barred. 
  • Susie Hiscock in Fortean Times 95 p54

August 1958. (approx. date) 1930hrs.
Three people on “Mojo Alto” (altitude 3,000m) on a dry clear day, temperature 10-15degrees C, observed for nearly 15 minutes an object on the ground 4km away. It was shaped like a rocket, about 8m high, with steel like appearance and three legs. The thing was silent, reflected light and rose at increasing speed towards Africa, passing over the peak. 
  • Ballester 1976 p6 case 25 + V J Ballester Olmos in FSR 17 4 p10 citing investigation by CEI

August 8 1958. 0125hrs.
An official of the Buenos Aires provincial Senate was driving along the Unsue-Bolivar road when his engine suddenly stalled and his dashboard clock stopped. He got out to examine his engine but could find nothing. He then noticed, 300-400m away, an object advancing slowly. When he turned off his headlights, he saw that the thing was weakly luminous, fattened and at the rear and with a dome which gave off a blinding blue light. The object gave off a whistling sound that reminded him of a fan, and which varied as the object performed various manoeuvres. Finally the thing rose at staggering speed to the south. 
  • Vallee 1967 p 52 citing personal sources

August 12 1958.
19km west of Las Vegas a round orange object, giving off a diffuse light, moved up and down and to the left at treetop height, went back to the original position, repeated the performance and then disappeared. 
  • Hynek 1977 p43 citing Blue Book Files
  • Evaluation: Astronomical + autokinesis?

August 16 1958. 1700hrs.
A dozen people out on the Lake in perfect weather saw a bright light coming down. They stopped their boat as the thing hovered 15m above them. It was saucer shaped, 10m diameter, with a “cabin” showing several portholes on top. The outer disc below this cabin was spinning. As the object came down toward the water, a noticeable current was created. Neither noise nor occupants were noticed. After several leaps in mid-air the object took off at terrific speed. 
  • Vallee Case 469 citing personal sources

August 18 1958. (approx. date) 2245hrs.
Mrs Courturier glanced out of her window and noticed a patch of bluish light about 8m south of her house. She called her son and they both went to investigate further. The son stayed back and only saw the light, but Mrs Courturier walked up to within 60cm of it, whereupon she observed what looked like a small person lying face down on the ground. Its head lifted, revealing its eyes, which appeared to radiate light. She felt calm and peaceful as she watched for about one minute, before her son’s call persuaded her to go back to the house. The being was said to be the size of a six year old child. 
  • Musgrave 1979 pp. 31, 43 (case 19) citing Wilbur Smith and J. R. Buchanan in Topside 1960 p3 citing their own investigation.

Late August/Early September 1958.
Near Malt Kiln Brow local residents reported a strange being with luminous eyes and oversized hands. 
  • Codd 2011a p59

Fall 1958. Warly evening.
The crew of the USS Franklin D Roosevelt, off Guantanamo saw a spherical object 25-30m diameter approach the ship. One man Chester Grunitski saw it had a row of windows, through which figures could be seen watching the ship. After 5 minutes the figures disappeared, the object turned bright red, then orange and then disappeared. Another witness, Fred Clemment, saw it as a bright ball hovering over the ship. 
  • Jacquelyn Headapohi in UFO Magazine (US) 9,6 p19
  • Evaluation: No mention of the incident in the ship’s log, and the ship’s executive officer of the period denied any such event had taken place, so yet another forces story.

Autumn 1958. 1630hrs.
Two small sisters gathering potatoes on the north side of a small valley by a creek, saw a non- luminous heavy looking, perfectly spherical object,1.5-2m diameter and a red-orange surface that looked painted, descending slowly with a vertical rotating motion above a walled cornfield. No sound was heard. The thing moved off over the field and was not seen again. The girls just continued with their task. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing C.E.OVNI.M no 70
  • LDLN 160 p18. The latter just dates the event to 1958. or 1959

September 1958. 0500hrs
At an undisclosed location a woman going to work at a nearby factory suddenly saw three little beings, the height of 12-13 year old children, wearing luminous overalls and grey helmets, like those worn by cyclists. The woman was 30m from them and saw a round object on the ground nearby. When the beings came towards her, she fled into a nearby wood, the beings pursuing her, uttering unintelligible inhuman shrill screams. After hiding a short time the woman continued on her way to the factory. About three hours later and 800m away two people saw a round luminous object about 500m above a factory. It stopped in the sky with a rocking motion and was shaped like a dull grey metallic shell, surrounded by “very harmonious looking” colours, turning successively yellow, red, green, purple. One of the witnesses distinctly saw two rows of portholes, through the upper row of which two human figures could be seen working hastily inside. The two witnesses felt attracted to this strange, silent, motionless object. After ten minutes it emitted a whistling sound and departed at speed. 
  • Alain Gamard citing Phenomenes Inconnus 1, pp. 8-9

September 1 1958. 0245hrs.

On his way to Montlucon on his moped Mr Donniau noticed, just outside Gouzon, a strange light. 400m form the Chante Bridge he saw a beam of solid light directed vertically towards the sky. At the base of this beam was another, rotating, beam, which passed over Donniau’s head. This continued for 5 minutes before the rotating beam went out. Donniau then heard a crackling sound and saw an aluminium coloured conical object, its point directed towards the ground, take off with a whistling sound. It made a 45 degree turn and travelled horizontally in the direction of Chambon, where it turned red and disappeared. After the object had performed its turn, a dark rigid trail appeared on its rear. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing OVNI/INFO 12 case 43 citing Laport and Maillot

September 1 1958. 
Two hunters encountered a strange humanoid creature in the woods 8km from Branson and tried to communicate with it without success. The thing then just vanished. 
  • Prosser 2011 p98

September 1 1958. 2130hrs.
About 11km before Laval, a businessman coming from Paris suddenly saw a motionless object 10m above the ground to the left of the road 150m away. It was shaped like two cones with a common base and showed two rows of about 10 openings in the middle section. It seemed about 20m wide, metallic, with something like a red traffic light on its right hand side, shining through the windows. The witness had time to stop and manoeuvre to get the object in his headlight beams. Throughout the observation a whistling sound like that of a jet aircraft was heard. The thing rose very slowly and then flew off at increasing speed, climbing out of sight. 
  • Vallee Case 470 citing Ouest France 4 September 1958.

Early September 1958. 2100hrs.
Mrs Veuve Didillon was in her bedroom when a violent dazzling white like, the colour of an electric arc rapidly and briefly lit up the room. This light had a sort of supernatural quality to it and was almost immediately followed by a gentle whirring sound . This all happened too quickly for Veuve to get up and open the window. The next day four deep rectangular traces arranged in a square were found in her garden. 
  • J L Brochard in LDLN 259 p19

September 20 1958.
J. D. Walop was motorcycling in a forested area when his cycle engine cut out and he was unable to start it again. Looking around, he saw, through an open space in the forest, a strange object in the sky. After the thing had left, his cycle worked again perfectly. 
  • Edgar Simons in Babcock and Beckley 1978 p6

September 21 1958. 0300hrs.
Mrs William Fitzgerald had gone to bed at the end of the late TV show, with her bedroom window shut and the curtains closed. The night was dark and the moon had set. She was trying to get to sleep when she realised that the room was illuminated, so she stood up on the bed to look through the window. A disc shaped object, with a hump in the middle, dull aluminium in colour, 6-6.5m diameter and about 2m thick, was moving about her yard at 1.5m altitude. The thing moved north, descending to 30cm, hovering 15m away, while pink-grey smoke emerged from two openings on its rim, each opening containing seven pipes. The thing then came back into her yard; rose to 1.5m gave two quick clockwise turns and then rose up. She was unable to rouse her husband but her 10 year old son John, who had been startled by a brilliant light, had also seen the object. The observation lasted 30-40 seconds. 
  • Menzel and Boyd 1963 p280 citing Blue Book Files + The Fitzgerald Report 
  • Hall 1954 p113
  • Maney and Hall 1961 p108
  • Palmer 1967 p191
  • Evaluation: Blue Book and Menzel concluded event for casued by a searchlight

September 29 1958. 0530hrs.
Private Jerome (or James) A Scanlon (21) was walking from the sentry post at the Nike Base to sound Reveille when he heard a humming sound and, looking up, saw a teardrop shaped object moving away at about 50kph, descending from 90 altitude, moving over trees, breaking branches and apparently landing 2.5km away. It then rose again and seemed to disappear. Scanlon reported the incident to guard sergeant Riney Ferris (or Farris), who had seen the object himself. They went to the area of the landing, where they found broken branches and a scorched strip of earth and vegetation 800m long. The object was also described as bullet shaped, the size of a medium plane, with no surface features, glowing with a green colour and emitting flames from the rear. 
  • APRO Bulletin November 1958. p4 citing New York Journal-American 7 October 1958
  • Lorenzen 1969 p90
  • Menzel and Boyd 1963 p239 citing Blue Book Files
  • Keyhoe 1960 p242
  • Evaluation: Explained variously as a meteorite, a farmer’s light and welding lights. It may be that accounts of the damage were inventions by the press, but if this is not the case, then some kind of missile/ordnance gone astray on launch looks like a more plausible explanation

October 1958. (approx. date) Night.
Whilst Mr L Robinson was driving along Rt 66 on a rainy night he saw something drop into the lake and went to investigate. When he had gone 100m he saw a blue light that affected his eyes. It came from a semi-circular object, 3m high, 6m long. The blue colour changed to one Robinson had never seen before. A blue-gold light came from the side of the object and flashed three times. Three of normal height, dressed in gold suits, appeared. One of these beings approached Robinson suddenly and then conversed in “perfect English” for about 3 hours. The men then moved back towards the object. 
  • UFO Critical Bulletin III, 2 p5 citing Saucers Space and Science March 1959 citing National Enquirer 12 October 1958

October 1958. 1900hrs.
Businessman Jose Luis Angelu (40) was cycling between Figueras and Gerona, when 15km from the former, he observed a bright light in the sky towards the west, descending rapidly and making a faint whistling noise. The powerful light was coming from the rear of an object. Jose feared it was an aircraft crash and went into the forest to help. After 65m he encountered an aluminium coloured craft, 8m in diameter, at treetop height. It was strongly illuminated and resembled two inverted plates, with several legs on the base and a transparent cockpit in the upper part, in which a figure was seen looking out. On the ground below the machine were two beings walking about. They were 1m tall, with large heads, wearing dark leathery clothes and were gathering material from the ground. The object rose up obliquely, its sound increasing, and disappeared seawards to the east in a few moments. The observation lasted 15 minutes. 
  • Ballester 1976 p6 case 26 citing investigation by V-J Ballester Olmos and CEI

October 1958. 2200hrs.
Carol Loburak (16) was sitting outside her house, with her brother Daniel (14) and two other teenage boys, Lee Kellner (15) and Rudy Usic 914), when they observed a flash of light from the backyard, and going to investigate, they saw a disc 4.5-6m diameter, with a transparent bubble on top, hovering just above the telephone lines over their backyard. As the thing hovered motionless for several minutes, a faint buzzing sound was audible. The boys ran right under it to get a better look; as they did so a beam of light came on, illuminating them and a circular area 3-4.5m diameter. After a minute or so, the object moved away horizontally at no great speed. The witnesses did not discuss the incident until 1967. 

  • James MacDonald in Pegasus 3,2 p11 + Flying Saucers 76 p2 citing a letter from Carol Loburak

October 3 1958. 0310hrs.
The crew of a Monon railroad freight train, travelling from Monon to Indianapolis observed the manoeuvres of four glowing discs as they followed the train from Wasco to Kirklin. The witnesses in the cab of the diesel were Harry Eckman (engineer), Cecil Bridge (fireman and a former airman with 450 hours heavy bomber time) and Morris Ott ((head brakeman). In the breakvan were Ed Robinson (conductor) and Paul Sosby (flagman). The discs were 9-12m diameter, 3m thick, white in colour but changed to a yellow when they slowed down, then to a “dirty orange” when very slow. Over the course of the 70 minute sighting the discs descended to a height of 30m or so a couple of times, passing over the train at that altitude on occasion. When the train stopped at Frankfurt for 10-15 minutes to change cars, the object appeared to have landed a couple of kilometres or so down the line. When the train reached the vicinity of Kirklin the light sped off to the northwest out of sight. 
  • McDonald 1967 citing his own investigation
  • Olsen 1966 p 3-59 + Edwards 1967a p 69 both citing Frank Edwards in Fate February 1959 citing his own investigation
  • Mallan 1968 p157 + Machlin 1979p 109 both citing Blue Book Files
  • FSR 5,1 p4 citing NICAP
  • Olsen 1966 p3-59 citing Frank Edwards in Fate February 1959

October 12 1958.
Ray Kerr of McKinleyville encountered a2.5m tall humanoid creature, covered in hair, with long arms. 
  • Keel 1970a p100

October 26 1958. 2230hrs.
Alvin Cohen and Phillip Small both from Baltimore, were rounding a curve 200-300m south of the Bridge No 1 on Loch Raven Dam, when they saw a flattened egg shaped object, about 30m long, hovering about 30-50m above the bridge superstructure. They drove, slowly, on to investigate, but as they got within 25m of the object the car engine and entire electrical system failed. The two men got out of the car and watched from behind it. After about 30 to 40 seconds they saw a brilliant flash of white light, felt a heat on their faces and heard a sound like a thunder clap. The object then rose vertically at high speed, its edges seemingly diffusing as it disappeared in 5-10 seconds. The men felt as though their faces were burning, though a medical examination showed nothing serious like radiation burns. A number of other people saw strange objects around this time, and staff and customers of a nearby restaurant heard the explosion. 

October 27 1958.

A married couple on a farm near Union Dale saw an object travelling at high speed, just above the treetops and making a loud swishing sound. The thing resembled a large grey, horizontal cigar with a sort of cross piece at its tail, rather like a large jet aircraft without wings. 
  • Blue Book Files
  • Evaluation Misperception of low flying military jet?

October 31 1958. 1550hrs.
A civilian observed an elliptical aluminium coloured object at 2km altitude, coming down to 4m, flying up and down by sudden jumps, stopping at ground level less than 200m away for 5 minutes. AS red light appeared at one end of the object, which gradually took on a fiery colour and then exploded. The witness ran away. 
  • Vallee Case 473 citing Blue Book Files

November 1958. 0500hrs.
During a Territorial Army weekend exercise, some km outside the village of Tarland (between Braemar and Ballater), two young men were left to guard a small hilltop. At dawn they heard a gurgling sound coming from some trees 100m or so from their position. When they went to investigate, two large, peculiarly dressed figures, 2.1 to 2.5m tall case towards them, walking with difficulty and conversing in guttural tones. The youths fled in terror to the Tarland Road. As they ran down the road they heard a swishing sound and saw a huge brilliant disc coming down the road behind them. The disc swooped overhead, pulsating and leaving a shower of sparks. The disc disappeared from sight, leaving the boys in a state of terror when they arrived at a nearby post office engineers hut. 
  • FSR 5,3 p5
  • Charles Bowen in Bowen 1966 p5

November 1958. 0200hrs.
R D Smallridge, a truck driver, had set out from Black Rock to Trumann (Arkansas), only to suddenly find himself there and to have travelled almost 100km in less than 10 minutes. He later had a number of strange experiences. 
  • Keel 1971a p285

November 2 1958. 2200hrs.
Wayne Cole was driving home to his farm when he observed a blue object travelling about 30m above the road. When he drove under the object his car ampere metre jumped from charge to full charge and the car engine stalled. 
  • Robert Gribble in MUFON UFO Journal 247 p21

November 8 1958. Night.
Charles Wetzel (24) was slowing down to avoid a flood on the road, when his car radio began to fill with static and he saw a 1.8m tall creature bound along and stop in front his car. The being had a scaly skin, long arms, which it was waving around and seemed to walk from the hips, its legs coming straight form the torso. It had neither no ears nor mouth, but did have a protuberant, “beaky” mouth. It emitted a high pitched gurgling sound and reached over the bonnet to claw at the windscreen. Charles grabbed his gun then accelerated away as fast as possible, running over the creature, which scraped the underside of the car. The following night something jumped out of the underbrush and frightened another motorist. 
  • Loren Coleman in Fortean Times 39 p44 citing his own investigation + Flying Saucers Feb1959
  • Shuker 2008 p99 citing Loren Coleman

November 9 1958. 2210HRS.
Two carpenters, Stig Ekberg and Harry Sjoberg were returning to the house they were building on Vaddo Island, in Stig’s almost new Ford V8 truck, when 5km before Vaddo their engine spluttered and went out, as did the headlights. As they sat trying to restart the car, harry drew Stig’s attention to be bright star like light moving towards them. As the thing passed over they saw that it was a large shiny object, and wondered if it was a searchlight. While they were discussing this, the object turned over Vaddo Bay top the left, returned and landed across the road 100m in front of them. The thing emitted a powerful neon like glow, which illuminated a barn 800m away but did not hurt their eyes. Through the glow they could make out the shape of a flattened sphere, which covered the road, making it 16m diameter and 6-7 high. It was hovering just above the road with what looked like fire coming from its underside and appeared to be surrounded by mist. After about 10 minutes, just as they were planning to get to take a closer look, the object took off, turned left and then re-crossed the road to the right and took off into the sky. When the thing was no more than a dot in the sky Stig and Harry got out to examine the engine, and noticed that the air was stifling, making it difficult to breath. They were unable to see anything wrong with the engine, which started the moment they turned the ignition. They drove to the landing site, where they found a matchbox sized triangular lump of heavy metal. The metal was warm to touch and grass at the site was depressed. An analysis some years later showed it contained tungsten carbide, cobalt and traces of titanium. After news of the metal became public Stig suffered a number of burglaries and had the feeling that his mail was being opened. One piece of metal was sent to the USAF and was never returned. 
  • Nordic UFO Newsletter 1 p2 citing investigation by Christopher Nordin
  • James Harder in Fate Proceedings 1977 p48 citing IGF UFO citing letter from Harry Sjoberg
  • Phillips 1975 p23 case 124 + Rodeghier 1981 p15 both citing CUFOS
  • Jacques Vallee in Sturrock 1999 p242 citing Von Ludwiger
  • Von Ludwiger 1998 p61
  • Evaluation: There is considerable confusion as to the date of this event. Nodin gives 9 November 1958., CUFOS 16 November 1958. + Harder and Vallee/Ludwiger 11 November 1956. The sample did not show any features that could not have been manufactured at the time. Hoax?
November 10 1958. 2345hrs.
At some 101-15km from Montpellier some motorists saw three white luminous globes cross the road in front of them. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Ouranous 25 p31

November 11 1958. 0135hrs.
Mrs Kinney, a colonel in the Civil Air Patrol, had gone to bed alone, her doctor husband being away, when her room was filled with a deep amber light and her dogs became agitated. Looking out she saw an 8m diameter sphere about 10m away in her yard. She went to investigate but as she opened her porch door, the thing took off vertically. A neighbour had seen the thing heading towards the house and had feared a fire. Her dogs also acted up. The tower personnel at Topeka airport had also seen the light. Wiring in the Kinney house had burnt out and Mrs Kinney developed sensitivity to light. The two dogs which had faced the thing developed cataracts. 
  • Swords and Powell 2012 p287 citing letter from Mr Kinney to H Allen Hynek 23 August 1974

November 11 1958. 1030hrs.
Retired carriage builder Alfred G Horn (cf December 15 1956) was passing the clam house on Rt 28 at Webster’s corner when he heard noises like “iron scraping on stone” and saw about 100 objects, the size of and shape of pie plates, flying around, striking the ground with a solid sound. The objects, some gold, others silver or platinum coloured, rose to over 100m and then descended. As he got within 3m of them, he saw that they were leaving furrows “the width of a man” on impact. These plates were 25cm in diameter, 3.75mcm thick. They appeared from the west and took off to the east, the golden discs in front. They appeared to join up with a curious cylindrical contraption, which was moving slowly along. The whole spectacle then spiralled away sat high speed. 
  • Ted Bloecher citing letter from the witness to Walter Webb

November 16 1958. Dusk.
Two men were out driving at an undisclosed location when their car suddenly stalled and its headlights went out. A blue round object landed about 60m to their right and then took off again after three minutes. The thing was about17m long, 9m high, with a luminous yellow rim. After the object took off the car worked again. At the landing site they saw the grass was depressed and felt closeness in the air. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p15 citing CUFOS files

November 17 1958. 2205hrs.
At an undisclosed location a luminous object with an apparent diameter greater than that of the full moon was seen coming down from a high altitude, hovering at treetop height and then landing. It was observed for two minutes. 
  • Vallee Case 475 citing Blue Book Files

November 23 1958. 2335hrs.
Engineer Julio Marino Madelete, an American of Spanish origin, was driving between Cojutepeque and Zacatecoluca, on this wet night of poor visibility when he was forced to stop by his car hitting an oil drum, which lodged under the vehicle. As he worked to free it, Julio noticed, illuminated in his headlights 30m away, a bell shaped object, with an upper transparent sphere emitting a bluish pulsating light, 12m diameter, 7m high, resting on three hemispheres. A human shaped figure 2-2.5m tall was examining the edges of this thing. It was wearing a blue overall, luminous heelless boots and was bald. Julio took clear photographs of the scene before the figure suddenly disappeared. The blue pulsating light then grew much brighter and Julio began to feel warm., as he heard a soft hum which rose in pitch until it became inaudible.
The object rose slowly, emitting blinding sparks from the bottom and then oscillated, turning slightly, so that two rows of windows came into view, allowing Julio to see the interior. The hemispheres on which the thing had been resting were yellowish, 120 degrees apart and almost 2m in diameter. Suddenly the oscillation ceased and the thing took off vertically at high speed. Julio found three holes where the hemispheres had rested, as well as the tracks of the tall being, which were deeper than his own. The next day Julio was interviewed by a strange newsman who appeared to know all the details of the incident. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 53 + Lorenzen 1976 p151 + Vallee Case 476 all citing Settima Inconu 16 September 1962
  • Evaluation: Needless to say we never see the photographs, and the description of the object is clearly based on the tales of George Adamski. Probable hoax

December 17 1958. 1930hrs.
Antonio Pedraza Galves (53), a retired artillery sergeant, was motorcycling when he observed a very bright object, resembling a missile 2.5m long, 30cm wide, travelling horizontally in the opposite direction, 10m above the pines. It gave off a very brilliant red-orange light that he compared to a “fantastic blaze” and a sound like a soda-jet. After two minutes the object disappeared behind trees. Independently several farmers had seen the phenomenon overhead. Antonio was so shaken that he arrived home looking very pale and had to be revived with cognac. 
  • Ballester 1976p6 case 27 citing Eduardo Buelta
  • Evaluation: Bolide

December 20 1958. 0055hrs.
Two police officers, LeRoy A Arboreen and B Talada were on patrol in an elevated area giving an unobstructed view in all directions save the east, when they suddenly saw a luminous red object approaching at terrific speed from the west, increasing in apparent size as it did so. It then stopped and hovered so that they could see that it was an object the shape of an American football, giving off a pulsating glow. After a few seconds the thing made a left turn, hovered again for a few seconds and then shot up into the sky 
  • Hall 1988 p 246 citing Hall 1964 p5

December 20 1958. 0155hrs.
Student Stig Rydberg (20) and truck driver Hans Gustavsson (25) were driving home to Halsingborg from Hoganas on a coast road in misty weather. They stopped at Domsten to answer a call of nature and observed a strange glow in the spruce wood, which they went to investigate. The glow came from a circular body, emitting a very bright white light, standing on a tripod in the glade some 30m from the road. It was 3-4.5m in diameter, 60-75cm thick and the legs of the tripod were 25cm thick. The light seemed hazy and appeared to be concealing a darker body. A strange smell like a mixture of ether and burnt sausage was noticed. When the two men got within 12-15m of the craft they saw three or four small figures, 1.35m tall, 60-75cm thick of a shining dark grey colour, rushing to and from around it, in an aimless manner which reminded them of flies. No features could be distinguished on these beings. Both men were attacked by these entities. They felt grasped by a nonhuman grip, reminiscent of elastic rings or spirals, which locked their hands and threw up their arms. The pair were unable to get a grip on this elastic, jelly like, bodies. They seemed to understand the men’s intentions, and when Hans got his arms free they went for his legs instead. The pair’s fists just bounced off the entities. Hans clung to a pole and Stig managed to get free and sounded to the car horn. As he did so, Hans, who was being held horizontal by the creatures, was released and the entities rushed back to the craft and disappeared between the legs of the tripod. The object rose with an intense high pitched sound that “pierced the marrow”; its light increasing. It took off westwards towards Denmark only seconds after the horn sounded. The whole affair lasted in the region of 5 minutes. The beings had emitted a raw smell and seemed to chatter in high pitched humming. No traces were found. The pair were shocked when they reached home and only reported the incident on prompting from Stig’s mother. Despite ridicule and accusations of hoax the witnesses stuck to their story. 
  • Investigation by Carl-Axel Jonson and UFO-Notala
  • Lorenzen 1966 p 60 citing Gosta Rehn
  • Clark 1998 p 337
  • Evaluation: Hoax by two alcoholics (Clark 1998 p 338 citing Liljegren and Svahn in AFU Newsletter33 p16)

December 20 1958. (approx. date) 1600hrs.

A disc, 20m in diameter, was observed and caused damage on the ground. 
  • Vallee Case 478 citing Guy Quincy catalogue

December 25 1958. (or following month) 0230hrs.

An 8-9 year old child (sex not given) was awoken to see a cream coloured creature about 1m tall on the porch. The child wanted to get up and greet what s/he thought was a Santa’s elf but was paralysed and eventually went back to sleep. 
  • Streiber 1998 p30

December 28 1958. Afternoon
Farmer Joseph Bennett was walking in the fields when he heard a strange noise like roaring wind. He looked up and saw a round dark object about 2m in diameter approaching at 6m altitude from the south. It went through a row of trees, dividing two of the nearby ones and then sliced through the 60cm thick trunk of a 12m high oak tree, about 2.5m from the base, felling the tree. The object had vanished by the time the tree hit the ground. Experts found that the wood at the spot was rotten but were puzzled by the cleanness of the cut. 
  • FSR 5,3 p7
  • Evaluation: Debris carried by local whirlwind?

December 31 1958. 2355hrs.
Rafael Salas (48), a businessman, along with his driver Mr Acosta had stopped just before midnight to celebrate the New Year when at that moment, 1.5m from the truck door, a cylindrical object with a pointed end shot straight up. As Salas tried to get out, a second and identical object shot up in the same manner. These things were 2m high, 30cm in diameter, reflected the headlights of the truck and gave off a sound like a beater(?). They were travelling at extraordinary speed and the witnesses could not follow their trajectory.
  • V J Ballester in FSR 17,4 p11 citing Manuel Osuna
  • Evaluation: Given the time and date, could these be large fireworks?