1971 (Approx. date) 1530hrs.
A woman was standing in Waikanda Crescent, waiting for her daughter to come home from school, when she observed white needle shaped object, like a pencil of smoke in the sky, coming towards her. The thing curved across Penrith, made a sharp right turn and descended behind houses in the bottom half of the crescent. When she looked again she saw a white object coming over the rooftops at rooftop level. When this thing reached the corner of Neriba and Waikanda Crescents it dropped something like a bent stick about 1.2m from the witness, behind the fence of a house yard. Immediately the stick shot back into the object like a fiery arrow, head uppermost. The main object was egg shaped, about the length of a small telegraph pole and about 3.5m diameter. It had a white, metallic looking surface, the only marks being two Perspex looking windows at the front, surrounded by black metallic looking borders. There appeared to be a metallic looking rod on the object, pointing downwards. As the thing drew level with the witness, it jiggled sideways until its rear end was pointing towards her. From the centre of the object projected a pipe, held in place by spokes. From this pipe a smoke trail pulsed out. The object then left at the same angle as a jet. It left a smoke trail that appeared to cut off, and the thing disappeared behind the horizon. 
  • UFO Research of Australia Newsletter 2,2 p7.

1971 (approx. date) Night.
The wife of a well known singer and her two teenage daughters observed a light on the side of the room near Broome while she was driving behind her husband. They thought he might have pulled off the road and went to investigate. They found that the light came from a luminous human figure. One of his hands was outstretched and between it and the ground a ball of white light bounced up and down like a yo-yo. They then saw that their car was surrounded by thousands of small lights, arranged in rows, as far as the eye could see. The daughter who was driving turned the car around and drove over these lights, which vanished on impact. 
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976 citing Jim Oram in Sydney Daily Mirror 4 November 1975 and Bill Chalker’s own investigation.

1971. 0130hrs.
A naval technician was driving from Nice to Toulon after visiting his girlfriend, when near Cuers, his radio began to fade and he became aware of an orange sphere descending down to the road, almost on top of him. As this glow grew closer, his engine also began to fail. When the sphere was only 50m away he tried to brake but, as the sphere came within 15-20m, illuminating the surroundings, his car seemed to float 3-5m above the road. The glow then suddenly vanished and the car landed back on the road. The car was badly damaged and at an angle across the road. There were no other vehicles in the immediate vicinity, though they soon arrived on the scene. With the help of a tow from another motorist he was able to recharge the battery and slowly proceed on the journey. He found that, even with the slowing down this journey which should have got him to his destination at 0300 had taken him till 0600. 
  • Jean-Louis Forest citing FSR 32,3 p8 citing his own investigation.

A young man out looking for hallucinogenic mushrooms encountered an object on the ground, and conversed with, and was taken on a ride by, its humanoid occupants, landing on the other side of Cairns. The conversation was largely “spiritual” in content, with the occupants alleging that Cairns, Byrom Bay and Cliff Harbour were “the greatest centre of religion due to the mushrooms and the UFOs. 
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976 citing Bill Chalker’s own investigation
  • Basterfield 1980 p41 case 40 citing letter from witness to Bill Chalker.
  • Evaluation: Comment on this case seems superfluous

A Greek family is said to have seen a landed object and its occupants. No further details 
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976 citing Adelaide UFO Club.
  • Evaluation: Only a rumour

Mrs Kay Reynolds was dusting her room in the Townhouse when she saw a tall black female figure, her right hand on her hip, the left hidden by her dress. The woman had square shoulders, a slim waist and wore a gold bracelet. After about a minute she just faded away. 
  • Green 1980 p105.

A deputy sheriff was patrolling a rural area when he saw a hairy humanoid walking down a forest road. The deputy stopped his car and watched the creature for a few minutes until it turned off into the forest. 
  • Byrne 1975 p56.

A hiker, Glen Weston, camping in a remote region was awakened by a loud humming noise. Investigating, he saw an egg shaped object, giving off a white light, with dark human like figures moving around it. The figures went into the object which rose into the air. The object was silent. 
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976 citing Bill Chalker.
  • Basterfield 1997 p174 citing Rex Gilroy,
  • Gilroy 1995 p22.
  • Evaluation: Little more than a vague anecdote

Two young men saw a car in a canyon some 15m below the road. The car was undamaged but a couple in it were semi-conscious. The woman told the highway patrol that they had seen a light before the incident but did not know how they had come off the road. 15m from the car was a 20m diameter stained circle. 
  • Phillips 1975 p54 case 155.

A witness observed a luminous object over the ground for several minutes. A dehydrated area and broken tree limbs were found. 
  • Phillips 1975 p74 case 456.

1971. Day.
While playing near the old airport Victoria T (9) and other children had the uneasy feeling of being watched. Victoria ran to a nearby road and on looking back and saw brown hunched humanoid running at great speed just inside the tree line. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p229 citing investigation by Paul Cropper (1991)

1971. Evening.
G W Grater was driving up the hill by Hembury Fort when his car began to misfire and then failed. He then heard a swishing sound from an adjacent field and a silvery disc shaped object passed overhead and descended down to 6m altitude in a field about 80m away. The thing was about 8m wide, with a dome on top and light beam coming from its underside, which beam was moving over the ground as if looking for something. It emitted a humming sound. After 10 minutes the thing took off, becoming a speck in the sky after 10 seconds. The car then restarted perfectly. 
  • Letter from witness in FSR 37, 2 p25.
  • Evaluation: A self reported and flowery story from a UFO buff.

1971. Early evening.
Nurse Evelyn Sheppard was walking along Corve Street when she saw a man wearing eighteenth century looking clothing in front of her. On reaching St Leonard’s burial ground the figure hesitated and faded away. 
  • Green 1980 p135.

Early 1971. Morning.
Milkman Graham Rhodes drew his colleague Arthur Pope to a figure like a monk in brown in Turkey Cock Lane. Arthur was shaken by the sight. The figure disappeared after a few seconds. 
  • Green 1980 p53.

January 1971. Lunchtime.
Doreen Jackson was having a driving lesson in her lunch hour, when, as she approached St Anne’s she saw a woman, about 1.68m tall, in a long black dress, holding a handkerchief to her face step off the verge 20m ahead. Doreen braked, but when she looked again the figure had disappeared and the instructor had seen nothing. 
  • Andrew Mackenzie in The Paranormal Review February 1997 p 7 citing his own investigation.

January 1971.
A peasant saw, every day, a man dressed in black get out of an object shaped like one dish rim to rim with another, and search the ground for small stones. When in the air the object changed colour and disappeared in a flash. The peasant believed that the man was the state governor. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR Case Histories 10 p8 citing Dinah Silveira de Quueirez in Correro do Povo 23 January 1971.
  • Evaluation: The journalist’s report was based on third hand sources and the story may be little more than a rumour.

January 1 1971, 0300hrs.#

A man, who did not want his name given, said that in the Big Canyon area south of town, he saw an object as bright as the moon, hanging wobbling in the sky. It appeared to be 30m diameter and shone through the clouds like the moon. From it shot bright orange objects that landed on the sides of the Sacramento Mountains. 
  • Data Net V,4 pVI citing Alamogordo Daily News 3 January 1971.
  • Evaluation: Moon + autokinesis?

January 1 1971, 0600hrs.
Mrs Gladys Ewing was leaving her daughter’s home on her way to work when she, over some grass about 100m away, huge figure wearing a hood and long cloak, the alter blowing in the breeze. Gladys felt paralysed and then the figure raised an arm and beckoned to her. She found herself walking towards the figure. However, when she got within 2m of it, the figure drifted away like fog. The compulsion to walk forward then ended. 
  • Moss 1977 p91.

January 2 1971, 1615hrs.

Farm worker Gerald Redman saw a bright light in the sky over Corfton on the opposite side of the valley. It was a bright orange-red object, which fluttered from side to side as it fell, trailing a black smoke trail. From the distance, Gerald estimated the thing must have been the size of a small car. It was independently observe d by farmer Ken Edwards. Ken’s son Colin went to the presumed landing site but could find no traces. 
  • UFOlog 80 p4 citing an unspecified edition of Parasite.
  • Evaluation: Flare?

January 3 1971, 0400hrs.

Keith Brown was driving along the Wishkah Road when he saw three fuzzy lights, about 60cm diameter, flying towards the river. When they got near his car, its engine died and his radio developed static but his lights remained on. The engine started as the objects flew away. Keith drove out of the area quickly. 
  • Data Net V,4 p.VII citing Aberdeen World 5 January 1971.
  • Rodeghier 1981 p50 citing APRO Bulletin May/June 1971)

January 3 1971, 0600hrs.

Early risers, including Mr JB saw a bright ball of light moving west along the frozen surface of Lake Saapunki only 8m above the ice. The thing was moving against the force 7 wind and was able to illuminate details on hills 1.5km away, despite the snow reducing visibility to around 300m. As the thing passed, electric lights went out. After 15 minutes it reached the house of Mauno and Martta Talala at a place called Tuhkaniemi, who were having their morning coffee in front of the kitchen window when the phenomenon arrived, only 17m away behind berry bushes in their garden. Mauno hurriedly began to dress. This light was far too brilliant for more than the occasional; glance, but he estimated that it was 10m diameter, lighting up a small island 300m away as bright as day. Before Mauno had finished dressing, the light disappeared and as it did so the electric light went out for a while, but reappeared after a minute. When they went outside nothing could be seen. Later that day their saw Timo drew their attention to a spot of green ice where the snow had melted. This area of melted snow was 6m by 3m, in which there was a pear shaped lump of ice 2x 3.5m. The snow, the general depth of which was 40cm had melted down to 20cm, and in the centre was an area 1.5m diameter where there were needles of hollow ice, with a spherical formation on top. Traces of metallic oxides were found in this green snow. Other witnesses included Kaarle Hayha, Anna and Kalle Saapunki and Eetu Patsi. 
  • Ahti Karavieri in FSR 17,5 p23 citing his own investigation.
  • Ellis W Grahn in FSR 17,2 p2 citing Helsingen Sanemat 6 and 8 January 1971.

January 4 1971. Late night.

Residents reported seeing a kind of fireball cross the sky off the coast. Some said that it was an oval object with illuminated portholes. 30 minutes later gendarmes noticed a bubbling ion the water’s surface 400m offshore. Frogmen were going to be sent down to investigate as to whether it was a meteorite. 
  • Data Net V,5 p.VII citing Paris Jour 6 January 1971.

January 7 1971, 0710hrs.

John B (12) had just left home to catch the school bus when he caught sight of a strange silvery cigar shaped object, larger than an aircraft, with an orange flame coming from its rear, descending in the south-eastern sky and disappearing behind the tree lined ridge bordering Scargo Lake. John ran through the yard of a friend, Martha K (13), who joined him, to the lake. They ran to the deck, 500m from their houses, where they saw a steaming hole in the ice. The object was independently observed by Paul M (13) who saw it as a brilliant yellow elongated solid object, moving in a horizontal trajectory before descending to the lake. Investigations showed that the hole was about 30m by 8m and appeared to be caused by something melting through 7.5cm of ice. People agreed that it had not been there the day before. Owing to the weather conditions divers could not be sent down until spring and then nothing was found. 
  • Fowler 1974 pp218, 357 + Phillips 1975 p74 case 661 both citing investigation by Walter Webb.
  • Evaluation: Meteorite?

January 5 1971, 2210hrs.

An insurance salesman, John Clucas (37) of Wahreenga, was driving home from work when he was paced for 21km from Penrith to Windsor, at speeds up to 130kph, by a brilliant light about 1m diameter, which lit up the inside of his car and made looking through his rear view mirror virtually impossible. It kept pace with the car at road height, sometimes almost touching and sometimes 400m behind. When John reached Windsor the thing disappeared. 
  • UFOlog 83 p3 citing The Sun 16 Apr 1971.
  • Data Net V,2 p17.
January 8 1971, 0300hrs.
Housewife Elizabeth Bunn was awake most of the night with her usual insomnia and got up to walk around the room. Looking out of the window, she saw what she thought was a very bright star in the northern sky. She then realised that it was growing in size and approaching at great speed, pushing the clouds aside like the bow wave of a boat. The object came to a halt, apparently at treetop height and she had the impression that there was life in it. It was a large circular, pure white, bowl shaped object surmounted by a very bright light. The thing remained stationary for a short time and then moved back and forth over a restricted area for 10 minutes, silent all the time. It took off in a matter of seconds, even the bright light being lost to sight. 
  • FSR 17,2 p30 + Data Net V,6 p12 both citing Dumfries and Galloway Standard 9 January 1971.
  • Evaluation: Bright astronomical object seen through gaps in cloud, which later obscured it + autokinesis, and fatigue, possible REM intrusion.

January 8 1971. Midday.
Andres Antonio Lopez (32), the manager of the Alberto Zerazosa estate was picking lemons with the help of his nephew Mario Antonio Lobo when they suddenly heard a noise like the wind whistling and saw, come from the highlands, an object shaped like two dishes joined together at the rim. The lower part was red, while the upper part, from which two antenna were sticking out backwards, was of a shiny aluminium colour. The 3m diameter, 1m high object was smooth and had no visible features. The thing stopped some 30m from the witnesses, rocking to and fro in the air and then went down behind a stand of maize. Mario wanted to approach the thing, but Alberto was more afraid. However they did move towards it and, as they did so, the object emitted a loud whistle and shot off towards la Quebrada de les Cainze ravine, where it vanished among the trees. At the spot where the object had hovered the men found a two year old lemon tree dried right down to the roots, along with burnt corn. They feared that it was “an evil thing”. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 13 p15 case 162 citing La Razon 18 January 1971 + Review 2001, 31 p26.
  • Data Net V,6 p14 citing Clarin 18 January 1971 + El Comercio (Lima) 19 January 1971.

January 9 1971, 0020hrs.

Dennis Duckworth of Park Avenue observed a lighted object, the apparent size of a basketball near Bridgeboro and Washington Streets. It hovered, giving off a constant light and when Dennis approached it, the thing moved parallel with him at a height just above the rooftops and then moved rapidly to the south-east. It was also seen by Police Officer Leroy Martin and they both followed it top Spring Garden Park. Leroy then left and Dennis followed it to Chester, where it disappeared towards Moorestown. When first seen the thing appeared to be floating gently to the ground. Two other patrolmen had seen the same thing a few nights before but had not reported it. 
  • Data Net V,4 pVII citing Burlington County Times 10 January 1971.

January 18 1971, 1900hrs.
A 25 year old woman, Mrs Weertz, was driving on Spring Street with her 2 year old son when her infant drew her attention to a light. This light came from a domed object hovering about 10m above the street. The thing proceeded to pace her car at 35kph from the 12th Street Intersection to the block between 14th Street and 15th Street where it came to a halt. Mrs W then made a turn and parked her car at her mother’s house on Spring Street. On the object were 14 dark shapes, in a sort of box on its top, and a bright opening from which projected a beam that seemed to try and follow her as the ran to the door, The thing hovered over the house three doors away and the light beam seemed to descend to the pavement in steps. The witness noticed a peculiar sweet smell like that of some kind of lily, but there was neither sound nor smoke. Though the dark markings appeared solid, the object itself the object itself appeared to be composed of some sort of light substance and she had the impression that she could have walked right through it. She was joined by her mother, Mrs Ruth Sheffler, who also saw the object and smelt the odour. There were at least four reddish lights, three of which turned blue and the other white, as the object shot straight up, tipping slightly and pulsating, as it headed west and was out of sight in seconds. Before this happened the light beam had retracted in stages in the same way as it emerged. The three blue lights were visible after the object had gone. Ruth estimated that the object was the size of a four bedroom bungalow. 
  • Walt Andrus in Skylook 45 citing his own investigation.
  • Data Net V,7 p17 citing Quincy Herald-Whig 24 April 1971.

Late January 1971. 2000hrs.
Egidio Silva (29), an employee of farmer J B Marcelino (see 16 June 1970) went outside to see why his dog was barking furiously. When he got 10m from his hut his light went out and he became aware of a powerful light shining down on him from above. He felt paralysed all over and then being gently lifted off the ground by some unusual force and was unable to shout for help. He heard a noise as though his body was bursting and lost consciousness. He came to his senses at 0800 the next day, awoken by his dog. His shirt was torn, buttons were missing and his belt and lantern were damaged. 
  • FSR 19,1 p29 citing GRECE.
  • Evaluation: The investigators discovered that local people considered Egidio a drinker and teller of tall stories.

January 21 1971, 1945hrs.
Elvis Keith Arnold (20), his wife Sharon and her sister Lynn Holding were driving north on Oldfield Point Road, about 5km south of Elkton, on this cloudy but otherwise clear evening ,when they observed a light in the distance. The light came over the left of them and appeared to hover over some trees. Elvis asked his wife to stop the car, at which the object veered off back toward Elkton. They set off in pursuit and went through several turnings. They then saw a second object, similar to the first, come from the north and meet up with its companion over an open field some distance away, before turning back to town and vanishing from sight. The first object then came back towards their car, crossed the road and hovered over a field at about either 20m or 60m distance at an altitude estimated at either about 25m or 70m. They turned off the car lights and engine and Elvis got out for a better look. The object appeared to be the size of a piper cub monoplane and was shaped somewhat like a plane with a fuselage and slightly swept back wings but there was no tail assembly and at the front was a large, very bright, searchlight. The fuselage was dull grey with a cluster of lights on its belly, the outer of which were white and constant, the inner were red and blinking and appeared to speed up when the object moved or accelerated. There was a muffled sound like a generator. The object pivoted when it changed direction. When Elvis attempted to approach the thing it turned away rapidly and silently. The second object circled the town at low altitude. 
  • UFOlog 83 p5 citing an unspecified issue of APRO Bulletin.
  • Data Net V.6 p13 citing Cecil Democrat 27 January 1971.

January 21 1970, 2030hrs.
Antonio Garcia Delgardo (24) and his 14 year old brother were motorcycling towards a farm 3kmm from town in a strong wind and driving rain ,when they observed a dazzling orange object 400m away hovering 2m above the ground. The thing was a disc 55cm diameter that illuminated the surroundings and scared them. When they reached the farm they were able to observe the light for 15 minutes, after which it suddenly disappeared on the spot. At the same time a motorist saw the thing from the road. 
  • Ballester 1976 p32 case 138 citing investigation by Manuel Osuna +LDLN 115 p16.

January 22 1971. Pre dawn.
Wilbur Leppke’s two sons, Stewart and Lyle, were doing their morning farm chores when they spotted a lighted object in a cattle lot. When they flashes the tractor lights on the object, its light diminished and they saw small figures less than 60cm tall, moving outside it. The brothers also noticed small windows on the object. They ran in to tell their mother, who saw something in the field and called the sheriff. The object then rose a couple of metres above the ground, hovered, tipped on one side then sped away. The sheriff did not arrive until the object had left. The boys’ teachers said their stories remained consistent. 
  • Data Net V,5 p.VII, citing Gazette-Herald 28 January 1971.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 76 p12 citing Greensville (Tenn) Sun 5 June 1971.

January 22 1971, 2100hrs.
A large number of local residents (at least 10 calls were made to the police) saw a diamond shaped object with a glass globe in the front, red and white lights on either point of the diamond and two red exhausts at the centre of the underside. Richard Williams, driving with his wife and son along Old Rover Road saw it as liker a bat or plane, wings longer than the fuselage, with a red exhaust at the centre of each wing and red and white lights on the corners. The thing was about 7 or 8m long. As the object hovered at 30m, they could see a shadow, as if someone were moving about, obscuring the light from its dome. The thing then took off again and circled the town. Other witnesses included a large group of children skating on a frozen pond, including two brothers (12, 10), accompanied by their mother. They said that as the red crescent passed over at low altitude it appeared to glide and then dart forward at intervals, accompanied by musical tones that ranged from below middle C to D sharp. 
  • Skylook 41 citing an undated issue of Mansfield News Journal + an unspecified issue of FSIC Bulletin citing investigation by Larry Meyers.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 76 p12 citing Norfolk Reflector 23 January 1971.

January 25 1971.
Jay Chase (19) and his girlfriend were driving down a rural road near Jackson when they saw something that looked like the moon rising from the ground ahead of them and hover in front of their car. They backed away from the light, which changed from orange to purple and seemed to follow them. They then turned the car around and drove off. 
  • Haines 1999 p297 citing APRO Bulletin January/February 1971 p7.

February 1971. Night.
An army wife had gone out to bring in things from the rear porch when she encounted a bipedal hairy creature with a canine looking face. Her cries alerted her husband who saw the thing leap over their boundary fence and move off into the night. 
  • Jarvis 1992 p23 citing Bradley Sinor.

February 1971. 0010hrs.
Two nights after the preceding event, a group of young soldiers walking in an area of town known as The Strip when a hairy creature leapt from behind some bushes, made some sort of noise and ran off. The soldiers followed it but lost track of it near the cemetery. 
  • Jarvis 1992 p25 citing Bradley Sinor.

February 1971. 0800hrs.
A strange object was observed at ground level. No further details. 
  • Table of American Landings.

February 1971.
A farmer going out for some logs saw, across the yard, a bright red ball of fire, trailing sparks, shoot up from the ground and move off towards the town. 
  • Mrs M I Till in FSR Case Histories 10, p13.

February 1971. 2155hrs.
Robert Razelle, an employee of a large department store in Fort Worth, was returning home from night school, driving west, when he saw a blue light rising from the ground to the southeast, close to the Quartermaster’s Store. It was a cigar shaped object 90m or more long, rising at an angle. Along its sides were bands which gave off occasional flashes of yellowish light, giving the impression of doors opening and closing. The object was totally smooth and emitted a faint sound. After 15 minutes the thing assumed a vertical posture, rose slightly, stopped, made a sharp right angled turn and then shoot out of sight to the northwest at a 45 degree angle, disappearing in 15-20 seconds. Two other students driving on the same road confirmed the sighting. 
  • Skylook 44 citing Ms Tony Page in Cross County News 22 April 1971.

February 4 1971. Evening.
Two British army wives (Mrs Valerie Wills and Mrs Susan Haworth-Wood) were driving between Nienburg and Liebenau when at Oyle Hill they noticed a red glow on the horizon to the right. At the “Five Ways” at Liebenau this glow seemed even larger and straight ahead. It was still ahead when they reached their destination at Pineweed Camp, so they went on to investigate. After about 1.5km they came across a white glow in the road, which had no apparent source of illumination. Passing through this they found themselves on the road to Deblinghousen. There, to their right, about 2km away, was an object shaped like a vast inverted electric light bulb, giving off a powerful pulsating red glow. Somewhat unnerved the women turned round to get one of the men from the base but when they looked back the object had gone. 
  • FSR 17,4 p32 citing Brigadier G W Wersdell + Die Marke- Nienburger Zeitung 26 April 1971.
  • Evaluation: Probably an oil well fire.

February 5 1971, 0720hrs.
Petti Piispanen was working in the woods when he saw a ball of light, about 1m diameter, moving at treetop level for two minutes. 
  • Tapani Kuningas in FSR 17,5 p19.

February 5 1971, 1500hrs.
Petter Aliranata (21) and Eske Juhani Sneck had just finished their work in the woods, and Petter was switching off his motor saw he observed a metallic object, like two saucers, one on top of the other, 5m in diameter, at treetop height and descending. The object landed in a small clearing 15m away on 4 landing pads about 2m long, 5-10cm thick, and the end of which was a round plate.. During the descent a circular opening appeared in its underside from which, on landing, a small being glided 2m to the ground and began to approach Petter in short, very stiff, steps. It was about 90cm tall, covered in a greenish one piece suite which covered the face, apart from a sort of lens in the centre. It wore mittens and boots which were an integral part of the suite, and appeared to walk on top of the snow and not to sink into it. Petter approached it with his motor saw. Eske was alerted by this and turned round to the see the little man and Petter approaching each other. The little being then turned round and headed back towards the machine, with Petter off in pursuit. 

On the top side of the machine were three windows, 1m wide and through the one on the right hand side three vague humanoid forms could be seen moving. The little man then floated up towards the opening in the machine, and when Petter grabbed it by the boot, he sustained a nasty burn on his right hand, which forced him to let go and step back in pain. When the being was inside the craft, the latter began to emit a slight humming sound and to slowly take off, Petter felt a slight gust of air as it did so. The opening closed but the landing gear remained in position as the object vanished into the sky in 15 seconds. The incident had lasted about 3 minutes. After the object had left they felt stiff all over and too dazed to talk. The plates on the landing gear appeared to have penetrated the full 40cm depth of the snow cover, leaving 4 marks, 35cm across in an even square of 2m. The being had left small circular footprints 15cm in diameter with a stride of 20cm. The traces had disappeared when investigators arrived, but they could see the palm, thumb and forefinger of Petter’s right hand were burned. Petter was nervous about going into the woods for a couple of months after the incident 

  • Tapani Kunigas in FSR 17,5 p18 citing his own investigation.
  • Rehn 1974 p 134.
February 9 1971 (Approx. date) 0400hrs.
A farmer was starting his car to go milking when he saw an elongated, slightly flattened, egg shaped object, with both ends illuminated, rise from a pasture at a 45 degree angle and go out of sight. The farmer began to drive towards Buhl and as he did so he saw an object, which illuminated the road with a single light, follow and overtake his car, coming so close that he thought it would hit him. As he climbed Clear Lakes Grade, the object, which was 6-9m long and 4.5m high, passed over his car at treetop height and disappeared. 

  • Skylook 44 citing UFO Research Newsletter 1,1 citing Twin Falls Times-News 10 February 1971.

February 12 1971, 1600hrs.
Local residents saw a fireball trailing sparks fall into the ocean and apparently sink without a trace, despite an all-night search. No aircraft were reported missing. 
  • Data Net V,5 pviii citing Penn Herald 13 February 1971.

February 12 1971 (Approx. date) 2340hrs.
A motorist driving on the Grafton Regis to Old Statford Road saw, in a field beside the road, a large round object surrounded by red lights, with an amber flashing light on top. After a few minutes the object took off across the field. The witness reported this to the police but they found nothing and treated the matter as a joke. 
  • UFOlog 81 p1 citing Bucks Standard 19 February 1971.

Mid February 1971. 1600hrs.
Franklin Altamirane was test driving his Ford Falcon car on the old road to Centenario and was going along a track at a place called “Terren de Azucar” when he saw three people coming along the track towards him. When they got closer he saw they were three beings of unusual height, wearing dark clothing, with their heads covered by capes down to their knees. Their eyes, visible through slits in the capes, had a phosphorescent glow. They appeared to be carrying some form of torches, one in each hand. When they got within 10m of the car and made no move to stop, seeming to be oblivious to its presence, Franklin turned around and drove away from the scene. When he returned there were no footprints visible. Returning to the scene three days later, Franklin saw walking along the same road in the opposite direction one of the strange men dressed in dark suits and capes. Franklin was going to get out and confront the stranger but thought better of it and drove away 
  • Jane Thomas in FSR 18,4 p23 citing Sur Argentine (Neuquen) 25 March 1972.

February 16 1971, 1800hrs.
Farm worker, Ake Westerberg (20 arrived at the bus stop to go to visit a neighbour, in the dark, when he caught sight of a dark form, like a little man with a grey spot for a face, in the centre of the road, 15m away. He seemed rooted to the spot. When Ake stepped closer, the being emitted a growl which caused Ake to retreat. Moments later an intense white light appeared, lasting for about 5-6 seconds, forcing Ake to close his eyes. When he opened them again, the creature had gone/ Ake couldn’t investigate further as his bus arrived. He had the impression that the being was clumsy, was dressed in dark clothing and sort of helmet, and had a box or lantern on his stomach. Ake felt pains in his limbs, some paralysis and insomnia that night, but the symptoms were gone in the morning. 
  • Ake Franzen in FSR Case Histories citing Norrlandska Social Demokraten 26 February 1971.
  • Rehn 1974 p135 (gives date as 26th January.

February 17 1971, 2205hrs.
Pat McCollum saw flashing blue lights pass his trailer window. He went outside and fired three shots at a blue light surrounded by an orange glow. The thing emitted a humming sound. He saw two lights, one about 2.5m above the ground, the other at about 10m altitude. Lewis County Sheriff’s deputies saw nothing when they arrived. 

  • Data Net V,6 p15 citing Contralia-Chehalis Daily Chronicle 18 February 1971.

February 18 1971, 0930hrs.
Dr J. W. Mueller and Martin and Theodore Thoele saw a conical cage like object with a light string and an occupant inside. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 76 p12 citing UFO Research Newsletter Vol 1 no5.

February 18 1971, 2035hrs.
A 15 year old lad, who had been lying under an olive tree, had just got up and clearly saw a light on the ground next to a well 750m away. This, investigators found, correlated with the presumed landing place of an object which a group of children had seen on a curved trajectory over the town from 1930 hours. At the site rake marks in the field had been smoothed over a slightly flattened area 3m in diameter. 
  • Ballester 1976 p32 case 139 citing investigation by Manuel Osuna +LDLN 114 p8.

February 24 1971, 0010hrs.
A group of people playing cards were called out by a caretaker to see a red sphere, the apparent size of the full moon, passing overhead on a curved trajectory no more than 40m overhead. Among the witnesses were Jose Augusto Rosendo, his wife Maria Jose and his cousin Victoria Eugenia, who on the way to the game had seen a brilliant bell shaped light just above a 400m peak about 2km away. Jose tried to signal this low flying object, but its lights continued flashing in the same fashion, 20-30 seconds on, 30-40 seconds off, as it flew over in a semi-circle. The 5-7 minute observation caused some panic among the group. 
  • Granchi 1995 p117.

February 25 1971, 2230hrs.
Robert Milcher (18) and a 10 year old boy were walking through an orange grove when they encountered a domed object at least 15m diameter. Through the lighted transparent dome they could a sort of central control panel surrounded by 8-10 occupants dressed in green coveralls, which waved at the boys. The object displayed red lights and a searchlight beam. These red lights flashed in response to flashes the witnesses sent on their flashlight. They felt numbness in their arms and wrists as they got closer and the young boy then became hysterical. The object then moved away, emitting a buzzing sound, and turning on its searchlight. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 76 p12 + 78 p11 + Saucers Space and Science 64 p2 all citing William H Le Fevre.

February 26 1971, 2300hrs.
Edward Green and his wife were driving home along Lake Road, when they saw a man with long unkempt hair and a black beard. He was walking bent over and wore only a pair of tattered shorts. This sight so disturbed the couple that Edward phoned the police,. About 15 minutes later the Greens heard the police sirens and when Edward looked out he saw the stranger crouched on the walkway by their apartment. When he saw he was being observed the strsnger jumped down 5m to the road. Several other people, including a group of soldiers saw the figure. 
  • Clark and Coleman 1978 p85 citing investigation by Jerome Clark.

February 27 1971, 2300hrs.
Donald Child heard something outside his house and went to investigate. He saw a human like figure kneeling on his front lawn by an almost empty pond. When the witness approached he saw that the tall figure’s face was covered with hair and his shorts and jacket were too small for him. The stranger was startled and leapt for over the 3.5m wide pond. Donald was so shocked he had a mild heart attack.
  • Clark and Coleman 1978 p87.
  • Jarvis 1992 p24 citing Bradley Sinor.

March 1971.
A coastal artillery fort was brought to full alert when a guard saw a reddish glowing object flying low to the ground and land on the snow to the west of the fort, A four man patrol; found a depression 4.5m by 6m, The guard estimated that the object was 13m diameter. Samples were taken. 
  • Phillips 1975 p75 case 463 citing Argosy October 1971.

March 1971. 0030hrs.
Dorothy Fear looked out of her Boreham Field bedroom window and saw six tallish grey figures with “unusual” heads float above her garden. 
  • Rogers 1994 p94.

March 1971, 1955hrs.
Ronald Sterry of Little Woodend Farm was driving into the yard when he saw an object coming across the horizon not very far above the ground. It seemed to be spinning, was giving off a dull green-yellow light and looked as though it was about to land. The thing seemed to hover for s moment and then shot out of sight behind the house. It was in view for 30 se0cnds and gave the impression of having some sort of motor power. 
  • UFOlog 80 p3 citing Hereford Times 12 March 1971.
  • Data Net V,7 p19 citing Hereford Times 19 March 1971.

March 2 1971, 2000hrs.
Mrs Jones of Wakool and her son were driving from Barham when they saw a large red sphere, like a full moon, to the west of the moon. After 3-4 minutes the thing changed colour to green and then came back glowing and was seen moving below the tree line, making vapour trails. 
  • Data Net V,8 p11 citing Barham Bridge 5 March 1971.

March 4 1971.
Viljo Sontaniemi was driving his truck 3km from Pornu at the Poiso and Rovamiemi cross-roads when he saw a light behind him. At first Viljo thought that it was a car headlight and drew to the side of the road. Nothing overtook him, instead the light moved diagonally from the side of the road to the front. Viljo stopped the truck to take a close look at the thing, which looked like a beam of light 3m long that slowly moved away from him at an altitude of 20m and disappeared over the treetops. The upper portion of this light was yellow, the lower part blue. 
  • Ake Franzen in FSR Case Histories 4 p14 citing an unspecified issue of Norrlandska Social-Demokraten.

March 4 1971, 2030hrs.
Tom Beres, a part time security guard at the County Community College, spotted a brilliant light going up and down between 400-800m altitude in the direction of Elyria. As he drove along Abbe Road in front of the main college building , the object followed him, parallel to his position.. As Tom got out of his car the object, a grey blue oval or disc about 6m long, with a back shaped like a Mark One Mustang car, with two bright headlights and, on top, a dome giving off a violet light, and a red light on the bottom, came silently towards him, Tom brought a girl out of the college centre to look at the thing. . However, on seeing a flashing red light, Tom assumed the thing was a helicopter, and sent the girl back in out of the cold. The object then descend down to perhaps as low as 30m, so Tom dived back in and got another girl from the information booth but by the time she came out the thing had gone, It had been observed for 5-10 minutes but nothing was detected on radar. 
  • Data Net 4, 4 pviii citing Lorain Journal 5 March 1971)

March 5 1971. Night.
G Camus, a radio and TV repair man, saw an object, 20m diameter 10m high, 20m away. His car engine stalled. He saw a number of beings which he described as giants with heads like those of lions. Traces were found in the snow and paint on his vehicle was damaged. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Ici Paris 22 February 1972 p15.
  • Evaluation: I cannot find this location on Google. It may be a distortion of Condamine, Ain DĂ©partment. Ici Paris has a reputation as a sensationalist paper.

March 6 1971. Evening
Rev Harry Collins and his family were having dinner in the rectory, when he saw, in the hallway, the indistinct figure of a man with “muddy blond” hair, wearing an “Eisenhower” jacket, with his hands in his pockets. The figure seemed to fade out below the knees. After a few moments the figure just faded away. Others around the table did not see it. Strange odours and other odd experiences were noted in the Rectory and other people saw the figure on subsequent occasions. 
  • Rogo 1978 p7.

March 13 1971, 0700hrs.
Jim Barber and his 11 year old son observed a disc shaped object, surmounted by a hemispherical dome, with a row of windows around the middle from which came yellow light. The thing was about the size of a car and flashed multi-coloured lights. It circled there car at the Lowgap Wildlife Club and then shot off into the sky, disappearing into the distance. It was observed for a total of 15 minutes. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 80 p12.

March 13 1971, 1700hrs.
Alan Rosback and his wife observed a diamond shaped object flying low to the ground over Cook’s Hill, coming towards Galvin. The thing had red flashing lights, emitted a deep whine and travelled and the speed of an aeroplane. Other residents also sae the thing and it was reported to the Lake County Sheriff’s Dept. 
  • Data Net V,6 p16 citing Centralia-Chehallis Daily Record 15 +16 March 1971.

March 13 1971. Night.
Ron N (15) and his girlfriend Linda M saw a sparkling silver object, about the size of a car, hovering above the trees about 80m away in a field near Farr Avenue. The couple went to get a neighbour but when they got back the thing had disappeared. 
  • Data Net 5,4 pVIII citing Lorain Sunday Journal 14 March 1971.

March 14 1971, 2100hrs.
Brian Scott (24) and a companion were camping in the Arizona desert when they found themselves levitates into a 60m diameter saucer shaped object. They found themselves paralysed in a small room. Several 2.1m tall ugly beings with sloping shoulders, crocodile scaled skin, elephant like feet and hands with three fingers and a recessed thumb, emerged and undressed them. The two men were taken away in opposite directions. Scott, supported by two beings seemed to glide rather than walk through a heavily fogged area, stopping at a door with an insignia and flashing lights at the top and sides. When one of the beings touched it, the door seemed to explode and they entered a brilliantly lit room. Scott found himself, unable to move, placed against a sloping wall. Two of the beings stood beside some sort of consoles, a third by a pole on which there was a sort of mobile box with many small coloured blinking lights and two intense large ones, one of which seemed to hold his gaze, while the other probed his body. He felt a series of uncomfortable though painless sensations, including bleeding, urinating and feeling that his chest had been opened and his heart taken out for a brief moment. He then felt a pull on his head and the lights went out, followed by the lights on the box.

He then detected an unpleasant odour and out of the fog came a being similar to the others but 2.7m tall. This being communicated with Scott by means of telepathy and suggested that the beings were clones of a central computer, which could also assume humanoid form, and were hatched in a laboratory on the second floor of the craft. The being also claimed they were “checking the original biological plantation on planet Earth”, this interspersed with vague comments on philosophy, the beings purpose and a promise to return. Scott then went on a “telepathic trip” though time, seeing the destruction of Earth in an atomic war, and a visit to the beings home planet, a harsh purple hued world, surrounded by a dome, and with two suns, which planet he sensed was a happy place. Scott was then taken from the wall and returned to the small room, where he met his friend who looked grey and drawn. They dressed and were floated to the ground. They could remember nothing of the incident, which came to light when Scott was given hypnotic regression in 1975. The friend, though located, showed such anxiety during regression that further details could not be obtained. Scott’s behaviour caused suspicion and he had been in jail, but the investigators felt that not all of his story could be discounted. 
  • Alvin Lawson et al in FSR 2,3 p19 + De Herrera 1978 pp.4, 16 + Webb 1976 p17.
  • Hamilton 1988 p6.

March 17 1971, 2115hrs.
64 bowlers, including MR j Walsh, secretary-manager of the Deniliquin Bowling Club saw a cylindrical object, apparent dimensions 1m long, 60cm wide, which was transparent, with a white light at its centre, move slowly east to west 6-9m above the club house. It seemed to hover above the club for a minute and then float out of sight behind the club house. 
  • Data Net V,7 p19 citing News Berrigan 23 March 1971.
  • Jacques Bonabot citing UFOIC Newsletter 30 p3 gives date as 18th.

March 22 1971, 1750hrs.
Ted Baldwin and his wife observed a smoking object plunge into Monterey Bay. No planes were reported missing and searches were fruitless. 
  • INFO Journal 10 p19 citing Peninsula Herald 23 March 1971.

March 22 1971, 2350hrs.
Jose Pereira da Souza was returning home from his work at his fiancĂ©e’s father’s farinha house and had stopped to urinate when he saw a luminous sphere that seemed to pursue him. Jose was so afraid that he ran along a hazardous dam path. As he did so, the 10m diameter thing, which had blue, pink and red smoky lights, came down very low over the water, and was screaming to be let him when he reached home. At that point he saw the thing moving off to the west. 
  • Pratt 1996 p78.

March 25 1971, 2200hrs.
Mrs A Laws was awoken by a brilliant burnt orange light illuminating her room. When she went to look through her bedroom window, which overlooked the bowling club, Arakoon and the old jail, she saw a bright light 2.5-3m diameter near the bowling club. She first thought that the club was on fire but then saw the glowing sphere descend slowly to the ground, disappearing behind the bowling club. Her son Douglas and his brother reported the matter to the police, fearing it was a flare from a ship in distress, but no flare of this nature was inn use. It was observed for 10 minutes. 
  • Eileen Buckle in FSR 17,4 p22 citing The Macleay Argus 17 April 1971.

March 29 1971, 2100hrs.
Two members of a dance band, Andre Bouchard (23) and Pierre Calafat (25), were going with other members of the band to an isolated near Les Nourrandons, which the two had obtained for rehearsals. As they drove up the approach road, Pierre, who was driving, had his attention caught by a bright light in front of and above the car, and alerted Andre. They pulled up and then saw a round, bright, stationary object, shaped like a lens or hemisphere, 10-15m diameter, emitting a dark red light. Pierre turned off the lights, but fumbled with them in the process, dimming them slowly. The object then made a rapid vertical movement for about 15m, then a shorter, slower oblique descent, followed by a shorter fast vertical rise and a shorter, slower oblique descent. After these manoeuvres the object moved away on a regular oblique descending trajectory to a vineyard about 150m away, where it halted, swinging like a pendulum 10m above the ground. Andre and Pierre then drove on to the house, getting to within 50m of the object, which now had a lenticular appearance. It was 12-13m diameter, 2-2.5m high with sharp outlines, a dark red surface, darker on the bottom than the top, with a circular rim of clearer light, which had a scintillating effect. On top of the object were three rotating lights, giving the impression the thing was turning on its axis. The thing hovered in complete silence for two minutes and then “rolled up” and shot away towards Flayosc. Pierre felt a sense of oppression during the experience and was still pale when the other members of the group, who had been travelling separately, arrived and was unusually tired for the rest of the week. His watch subsequently began to stop repeatedly. Traces were found in a field next to the vineyard in September but these depressed areas could not have had any connection with the March incident. 
  • FSR Case Histories 14 p1 citing LDLN readers’ letters November 1971 citing investigation by Jean Chasseigne and Francois Noll.
  • J C Dufour in FSR 19,3 p3.

April 1971. Early morning.
Judy Cadman and her boyfriend were driving across the moor when their headlights caught two strange figures ahead, walking towards them on the opposite side of the road. One was dressed in a one piece whole body green garment, with only slits where the eyes would be. The second was dressed in a similar manner, but in green. Her boyfriend only saw them briefly as he woke up. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p221 citing their own investigation.

April 1971 (or following month) 1600hrs.
Two people driving west of Columbus were at a stop sign when their attention was caught by an odd object in the sky. The object was a blue domed thing, surmounted by a steady blue light, and with a large number of flashing lights along its lower part, traveling 3-5m above the trees. Its blue colour made its shape difficult to discern. When they tried to start their car, their engine was dead and would not start for 5 minutes. 
  • Swords 2005 p84 citing John Timmerman.
April 2 1971, 1810hrs.
Mrs Ina Murray, her son David, daughter Rowan and nephew Richard Cooke saw a bright red light, with purple overtones, travelling low in the north-western sky. Through binoculars, David saw a smoke trail. The light then made a controlled descent near the hospital. At the same time Arnold Nelson saw reddish light over the Macleay River, as he sat with his sister-in-law, Mrs Adamson, who also saw the thing. They thought the light descended between the Kempsey Reservoir and the hospital. Arnold thought the thing was about 1.2m diameter and a smoke trail. Mr and Mrs Andrews, who lived who lived opposite Arnold also saw the red light, as did a Mrs Blight and her children. 
  • FSR 17,4 p21 + Data Net V 7 p18 both citing The Macleay Argus 8 April 8 1971.

April 2 1971, 2020hrs.
While driving at the Crosstown expressway, Morris Helflin saw a disc about 20m diameter, 3.5m high, above a bridge The ground beneath the object was dried and vegetation was reduced to ashes. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Kansas Newsletter 2 p11.

April 2 1971, 2210hrs.
A 34 year old aboriginal man, who did not want his name used, got up to go to the kitchen for a glass of water when he saw a small, hairless face, the size of a saucer, pressed against the window. He seemed attracted to this face by some sort of force and went through the widow. His wife heard the crash and ran into the kitchen to see her husband disappearing horizontally through the top half of the bottom window. The man, who was 1.58 m tall, appeared to have been lifted bodily a distance of 1.2m through a window pane 25 by 20 cm, without touching anything on the sink in front of him or damaging the window pane. He tumbled down 2.15m without injury. He seemed shocked and raving. He was put into a police cell, but though he had been drinking earlier in the evening he was sober at the time of the incident. He refused to return to his house and went off to Sydney, urging his wife to join him. 
  • Eileen Buckle in FSR 17,4 p20 citing The Macleay Argus 8 April 1971 and investigation by Patricia Riggs.
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976, ibid + UFOIC + Don Clem in The (Australian) Daily Mirror 5-6 July 1971.
  • Chalker 1996 p132.

April 6 1971, 2230hrs.
Don E and Mike P (both 17) were in spate locations when they saw a flash in the sky followed by a reddish-orange object that hovered over the ground on a farm about 1.5km away and 5.5km from Westgate. The next day, along with another boy, they found an area of burnt grass 3m diameter with four smaller circles, two on each side, on the James Bantz farm. 
  • Data Net V,6 p17 citing Waterloo Courier 14 April 1971.

April 7 1971, 2105hrs.
A Yendon man saw bright light, with a red light revolving around it, north to south, stationary in the sky about 30m above the ground. It appeared to be over, or slightly to the east of Gordon. 
  • Data Net V,7 p19 citing Ballarat Courier 8 April 1971.

April 9 1971m 1600hrs.
Charles Haffenden (32) and Bob Thompson (43) were hunting for rabbits in the Rakaia riverbed near Leeston when they saw a glowing light in the bush ahead, as though someone was stood smoking in the bush. As they neared they saw an object like a kite, which lifted above the bush and changed coolur from red to white. It had lights, which brightened and dimmed. They observed for two hours as it rose through the clouds in a zigzag motion. 
  • Data Net V,9 p6 citing Christchurch Star 17 + 19 April 1971.
  • Evaluation: Kite.

April 10 1971, 2130hrs.
Two men saw a yellow-red burning light descend slowly behind some trees. All through that night they heard a loud “pinging” noise on the roof of the caravan in which they were sleeping. They could find no traces the next say. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p93 citing UFO Research South Australia files.

April 13 1971, 0445hrs.
Speedway driver Geoff Richards (28), his wife Toni (26) and their 5 year old son were driving on a long, deserted section of the Southwestern Highway, just after Brunswick, when they saw a single white light through the rear view mirror. Geoff thought it was another car but then the thing raced up to them at an estimated 800kph. Toni screamed, fearing it was about to hit them, but the thing stopped about 20m behind, stayed for a few seconds and then shot back to the horizon. This thing glowed red, lit up the countryside and then turned white and came at them again. This happened about four times. They then saw another light coming from the front, which light shot at them at head height as the first light made another approach. The one at the front came at them three times and when it returned to the horizon it seemed to disappear for a time. They could look at this light directly without hurting their eyes as it was only bright on the horizon. 
  • Data Net V,5 pVIII citing Sydney Daily Telegraph + Daily Mirror both 14 April 1971.
  • UFOlog 81 p4.
  • Skylook 49 citing an undated issue of Daily News.
  • INFO Journal 9 p40 citing Sydney Morning Herald 14 April 1971.

April 14 1971.
Near the Napier-Taupo highway, two men saw an object shaped like “a coolie hat” with a green light on top and orange lights revolving around its base. It took off towards Taupo. 
  • INFO Journal 8 p13 citing ? Daily Telegraph 14 April 1971.

April 14 1971, 2000hrs.
Dennis Donaldson was driving his fiancee Marion Lang home to Pittsburg from Evans City down an unlit country road, when, just past the Callery Chemical Plant, Marion saw, though the open car window an object flying along 90m away and drew Dennis’s attention to it. It was flying low at the same speed as the car and glowing yellow-white, following the contours of the hills to the right. As they stopped, it shot from the hills, across the road at 30m altitude, disappearing to a point source of light in the sky. Less than a minute late the object returned to the point over the hills then appeared to drop behind them. It was shaped like two steep bowls placed rim to rim, the upper section more pronounced than the lower one, and the whole object was luminous. Dennis decided to follow the object and turned down a dirt track. After travelling for about 400m they saw the object about 70m away, hovering a couple of metres or so above the ground on the other side of a ploughed field and close up against some woods, There was no-one in on the farm. They noticed a strange fresh odour as if it had been raining, though it had been dry for at least 3 days. They could see the object surrounded by mist from marshes behind the wood. It appeared to be around 7.5-9m diameter and 6m high. As they watched, a shaft of white light shot up from the top of the object. In the upper bowl there were several vertical rectangular windows, with three round windows in the lower bowl. From both sets of windows a reddish flickering light could be seen. The couple then noticed two large figures silhouetted, one in each of the upper windows. They estimated that these beings must have been at least 3m tall. The couple then drove away in terror. Marion was still pale and trembling when she was interviewed. The object was soundless and no traces were found. 
  • Robert A Schmidt and D Hillman in FSR 17,4 p3 citing their own investigation.

April 20 1971.
Four teenagers saw a large red glowing light near Warwick Racecourse. The thing appeared to be moving very fast in a northerly direction towards Colombatti-Frederickton at treetop height and to be about 30cm in diameter. They followed it by car until they reached the Pacific Highway. When the light was directly over Colombatti it was joined by three smaller lights that seemed to come from nowhere. These smaller lights then travelled north at the same speed as the larger light. The observation lasted about 5-10 minutes. 
  • FSR Case Histories 8 p2 citing Macleay Argus 29 April 1971.

April 22 1971.
Mrs Fay Bonner was awoken by the furious barking of her dogs. Getting up to quieten them, she saw a brilliant orange light travelling north to west. It was descending slowly and appeared to be attached to a parachute or something of that shape. After 5 minutes Fay tried but failed to awaken her husband. She then saw the thing descend behind some trees, so that only half of it was visible above them, the other half glowing through the branches. The lights then rose up and moved further behind the trees and soon disappeared leaving complete darkness. The light was probably between 3-6km away, but could have been 25km away. 
  • FSR Case Histories 8 p1 citing Macleay 24 April 1971.
April 23 1971, 0830hrs.
Christopher F (9) was sitting in a culvert, waiting for the post office to open, when he saw an object, which seemed to be enveloped in flames, high in the sky and appearing to be descending. He ran to his brother Peter (13) and a friend, Ronald D (11), who were standing about 3-5m away. All three saw the object rapidly descend from the east, slowing down as it got lower. It was a silvery egg shaped object with large square windows and sides that seemed to jut out from the bottom. From its rear came flames that lost intensity as four legs, with pads of their bottoms, came out. At between 60-90m altitude the thing seemed to wobble, bank like an aircraft and then, legs descending, it came down into a gully beside the railway.
  • FSR Case Histories 8, p1 citing Macleay Argus 24 April 1971.

April 24 1971, 1930hrs.
A Greenacre woman and her 10 year old daughter were going home in the dark, in a taxi driven by a Greek immigrant, when, passing Roberts Park, they saw an object hovering over a floodlit field where some youths were playing soccer. These floodlights seemed to prevent the youths seeing the object, which was football shaped, with a grey metallic surface. It had three transparent openings and a transparent dome on top. From the interior of the object came a light which seemed to them like “the saddest blue imaginable”. The object then tilted downwards, revealing three humanoids more than 1.8m tall. One of the beings then pointed down at the taxi, then turned towards a lighted rectangular area. The woman asked the taxi driver to stop but he accelerated away, and when they reached their home, he drove away without collecting his fare, he was that afraid. 
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976 citing UFOIC Newsletter 31.

April 30 1971 1945hrs.
Hugo Abrahamsson (50), the head of a manufacturing firm, was watching TV with his son Sven (18) and 9 year old daughter, when the little girl saw something through the window. They rushed to look and saw, about 100m away and 15-20m above the ground, below the treetops, an object travelling SW-NE at between 60-80 kph. The thing was a disc with a flat bottom, a dome on top, 10m diameter, 2-3m thick, with a surface that looked like aluminium or steel. From the dome, which was 1.5m above the rim of the disc, came a revolving, shimmering cone of green light, which performed a revolution every 5-10 seconds. Spurts of flame came from the underside through a series of small openings. These were small, green,” puffs of fire” 30-40 x 10-15 cm, which were emitted in regular intervals. When first seen the thing presented dome first, but it turned so they faced the underside before the object disappeared behind trees. During this observation the family felt an extraordinary sensation which they found impossible to describe and the little girl was so shaken she was afraid to go out afterwards. 
  • Sven-Olof Frederickson in FSR 175,5 p9 citing investigation by himself and colleagues.
  • Rehn 1974 p125 citing an unspecified issue of UFO-Sweden citing investigation by Carl E Tornqvist) + Barometern 30 Apr 1971 (sic).

April 30 1971, 2350hrs.
Revenue Officer Herb Williams (36) was filling a truck with diesel at the Ready-Mix plant on the west side if Carlyle when he saw a bright object at about 30m altitude over the fairgrounds. The thing moved slowly (about 16kph) and emitted an intense white light and made a left turn towards Beckenemeyer. Herb followed it in his car but when he stopped to call a friend in the police, it had gone when he returned. Itb gave the impression of moving in a purposeful manner. The observation lasted 10 minutes. 
  • Rosetta Holes in Skylook 43.

May 1971 (approx. date) 0200hrs.
An elderly woman, who lived alone at Hudson’s Beach, had got up to make a cup of tea. When she looked through the curtain she saw three men standing, talking, on the beach. She thought that they were fish cleaners and then realised how unusual this would be at that hour. She then noticed that the figures seemed to be shrouded in a grey mist and that a very bright red light was shining through the branches of a pine outside her gate. A few minutes later a silver strip appeared on the water, which strip seemed to light the way for the men to re-enter a red sphere, which was the source of the light behind the tree. The silver strip disappeared and the red sphere moved off slowly, bouncing in the air at low altitude. When the thing neared the aerodrome it gathered height and then took off. 
  • Data Net V, 11 p9 citing Truth 15 June 1971.
  • Basterfield 1980 p41 case 42 + Basterfield and Chalker 1976 citing Canadian UFO Report 2,3 p25.

May 1971 (approx. date) Dusk.
Mary Mallon of “Willow Glen”, a widow, had just driven back from a shopping trip and was opening her gate when her attention was caught by s glow to her left. She turned and saw it came from a barrel shaped object, with a sharp triangular front and less sharp triangular rear, which gave off multi-coloured sparkles, skimming across the treetops towards and over the crest of a hill 400m away. The observation lasted for about 5 seconds. 
  • Data Net V, 12, p17 citing Central Western Daily 3 August 1971.

May 1971. 2000hrs.
Angela Rajhs (17) was cycling home, on the Stara Gerkev road, from buying some drink, on this cool, cloudy evening when she heard a whistling sound, like that of a plane, but was too close. The surroundings were illuminated by a red light coming from a small hollow in a nearby field. Angela went to investigate and saw a red luminous thing on the ground, apparently standing on legs. There was a yellow patch on it. The thing was horizontal, elliptical, 7-10m long and more than 4m high, standing on three 1m high legs. Angela watched the thing for 4-5 minutes but then became uneasy cycled off towards home. She cycled lowly, keeping looking back over her shoulder. She was able to see the thing take off slowly and obliquely in a spiral motion, with its legs retracting As this happened the buzzing sound increased. The object, which had appeared elliptical on the ground now appeared circular and to be emitting heat. She later saw two holes at the site. It was independently observed on the ground by Alojz Krz (50), a former partisan, who came within 20m of it on the ground at 1930. Angela’s mother was among those who saw it in flight. The next day Angela and her parents returned to the spot where they found a series of pointed holes 15-29cm diameter, which appeared to have been dug with some implement. The surrounding grass appeared to have been burned but they were too afraid off possible radiation to take any measurements
  • Milos Krmelji in FSR 24,3 p6 + 30, 3 p24+ Canadian UFO Report 4,4, p9 all citing his own investigation.

May 1971. 2200hrs.
A family driving home were startled by a bright light above the road. The vehicle lights failed and the drive switched off the engine. They got out to see what was amiss then got back in again, at this point the car lights came back on of their own accord. As they drove on the light paced their speed, disappearing when they approached Queenstown. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p174 citing TUFOIC files.

May 1 1971, 0130hrs.
E.M. (32) an employee of the Fasa-Renault factory at Valladolid, his brother S.M. (26), a farm hand , and their father S.M. (65), a local farmer were driving to go snail hunting. At the Natallana/Carrabal intersection, they saw, for3-4 minutes, a light, which made various manoeuvres above the Santa Cruz meadow, 2km away. They went down the Carrabal road for about 200m; they encountered, just before the Montealegre-Amoudia highway, a white light, apparently coming straight towards them on the narrow road. Fear a collision, E. M. stopped. After a few seconds they realised that actually the light was hovering 1.5m above the Teruelo Hill, about 60m beyond the highway ahead. Keeping watch on the light, which illuminated the top of the hill, the continued on down the road. The 60cm wide light rapidly descended the side of the hill by about 2m and turned, so that they saw it had two small, orange, triangular lights on its sides. These ceased to be visible when it took off at speed towards the north-east. Just before the light left they could make out a dark body behind it. By the end of this 15 second episode the car had almost reached the end of the highway. The three men soon reached the “Prado de las Cadenas” and got out to gather snails, but soon after they were forced back to their car by rain. They saw the clouds light up and then a yellowish-white light appeared which slowly came down over the car. This episode lasted 30 minutes.

The following early morning at 0100 S. M., unable to sleep, decided to go for a drive to see if he could see the lights he had seen with his father and brother the previous early hours. He was driving over the top of a hill in the Santa Cruz meadow 2km out of town when he saw a dark object just 12 m away, hovering 3m above the farmland to the right of the highway. A large white light source in its middle made it hard to distinguish the dark outline of the object at first, but it seemed to be about 3m wide and 1 m tall. Near each end was a small yellowish light. There was no sound. Frightened, S. M. turned the car round, running into the ditch and damaging the car, before he sped away. Meanwhile the object was moving in the opposite direction. It left no traces. 
  • Ballester 1976 p32 cases 140+ 141 citing investigation by the Charles Fort group + LDLN 131 p4.

May 2 1971, 0005hrs.
Bobby Ford (25), his brother Don and a friend, Charles Taylor, saw a creature about 2m tall, 1 m wide, covered in hair that tried to get into the house. They shot at it. Bobby was taken to hospital with shock. 
  • Blackburn 2012 p18 citing Jim Powell in Texarkana Gazette 3 May 1971.
  • Brandon 1978 p17.

May 2 1971, 0200hrs.
18 year old cook, Elry C Tice and four other people were standing by their parked car at the East Herrick and N Chippley Roads when a light approached down East Herrick. The basketball sized thing floated from a ditch in the road, brightening and dimming as it moved with a wobbling motion 1.5m above the road. When one of the party turned the car lights on the white light turned around, displaying a red rear and moved down the road. There were 10 witnesses in all. 
  • Data Net V,9 p10 citing Detroit News 6 May 1971 + Detroit Free Press 9 May 1971.

May 3 1971, 0730hrs.
Residents of Mona vale and Palm Beach saw something like a light plane flying over their homes. Several residents said it crashed on the golf course and others that it had plunged out to sea. No wreckage was ever found,
  • INFO 9 p40 citing Manly Daily 4 May 1971.
  • Evaluation: Probable bolide

May 4 1971.
Harri Peltomaa saw an egg shaped object emitting a light like a welding torch, which appeared as if about to land. He ran out and told the property owner, Keiji Rinne. They then went back to the woods and found two deep holes in the snow, with a black substance around one of them. A third hole was found and all three formed a triangle. The black substance was analysed but no results were ever released. 
  • Phillips 1975 p76 case 471 citing Argosy October 1971.

May 8 1971, 0245hrs.
Morris Hefflin was drive home west on SW15th street when, as he crossed the bridge over North Canadian River he looked to his left and saw a beam of light coming from a saucer shaped object hovering just above the treetops about 30m south of the bridge. Morris stopped and got out for a closer look. He saw green lights on the underside, revealing the letters IX-1478. After about 5 minutes he became uneasy and drove away. The next morning he investigated the site with reporters Keitha Fish and her daughter Keitha Hewes. They found the ground where the light had been shining was very hard, dry and covered with ashes. Bark on the trees was scorched and dry vines were hanging down. Morris had seen the same object on April 2nd. 
  • Steiger 1974 p146 + Hervey 1976 p204 both citing Mrs Keitha Fish in an undated issue of Kansas (OK) Newsletter)

May 10 1971, 1715hrs.
A young girl’s horse pranced around excitedly and her dog began howling as she saw a metallic looking egg shaped object approaching at an altitude of 30m, with a brilliant long tapering exhaust. The thing stopped overhead and then moved north. That evening a buzzing sound was heard coming from the nearby hills, and the same object was seen twice more. 
  • Basterfield 1981, p93 citing APRO Bulletin May/June 1971.

May 14 1971, Night.
Milton Raw Eater, the driver of the Blackfoot Reserve school bus, and his wife Rosalin were driving home from a night at the bar, when just after they had passed a small group of houses, a bright light struck their car from the right side. Rosalin then noticed the car was driving unusually smoothly and, looking out, saw that it was moving along about 60cm above the road. They were travelling at about 65kph. After about 400m the light went out and the car hit the ground with a bump. The headlights were on all through the experience. Rosalin was very frightened but Milton seemed unconcerned. 
  • W K Allan in FSR Case Histories 11, p8 citing his own investigation.
  • Lorenzen 1976 p58.
  • Magor1977 p179.

May 16 1971, 2130hrs.
Gene Whitlock (47), his wife and two sons (13, 11) were in their home when the power failed. They heard a high pitched sound and the dogs were howling. They saw an object moving very slowly 450 south of the house. It was fluttering and wobbling rapidly in the air. It came close and passed east of the house, at a distance of 50m. At this point the animals were very frightened and high pitched sound increased in volume so that the witness’ ears began to hurt. It passed around a sycamore tree and in a north east direction. During this time their telephone was dead. The sound was heard for an additional 20 minutes near s creek. After the sound stopped, their lights came back on. A large tree which it passed died either after this sighting or a repeat one in June. The object was about 20m in diameter and made of colours that they had never seen before. After the experience Gene lost consciousness for an hour. He and other had previously seen a strange object over Highway 31. 
  • Phillips 1975 p76 case 473 citing Eyewitness Vol 3,3.
  • Hervey 1976 p205.
  • Don Worley in Unexplained UFO Sightings 5 p66.

Late May, 1971.
Joe Mederios, a maintenance man at a trailer court, was watering the plants in front of his office when he saw at a cleft in a bluff, 3m tall grey figure with long arms. The next day Joe and three businessmen from Portland saw a 3m tall creature come down from the rocks and walk across the open field in front of the court. Two nights after this music teacher Richard Brown saw the thing as he drove home at 2130. Brown went and got his rifle, had the creature in his sites but did not fire. 
  • Steiger 2011 p90.

Late May. 1971. Night.
A young boy was camped with his German shepherd dog and two friends outside a small rural community near Fredericksburg. He stayed in the camp with his dog when his two friends went off to investigate the sound of a car horn in the distance. Walking through the large open field the boy had a sensation of being followed. At first he saw nothing, but looking round again, he observed a glowing object located over a pond in the field. The object moved slowly towards the boy, stopping near him and settling to the ground, legs extending from its underside as it did so. After the object had landed, a door opened straight down towards him and a huge figure of shiny with long arms and carrying a sort of glowing box, emerged. , looked around then started towards the witness, who was now crouching down in the long grass. The dog snarled at the humanoid and began to approach it, whereupon the being turned around in a stiff bouncing fashion and returned to the craft. The opening closed, and about 10 minutes later the machine lifted off. The boy was found in a state of shock by his two companions. All three left the area hurriedly. On or about this night, two of the boys sisters were driving home from a night class along their long, winding driveway, when they became aware of a humming sound and red light apparently coming from above the car. The car’s radio, engine and lights all died. The girls could see a glowing white disc shaped object hovering about 15m above their tree lined driveway. After about 5 minutes they were able to start the car and drive the remaining few metres to their home, the object following them. Alerted by the sound of the car racing up the drive two brothers ran out in time to see the object follow the car, hover over it for a few minutes then drift away out of sight over the horizon. 
  • John Carlson and Bruce Maccabee in UFO Investigator September 1973 p2 citing their own investigation.

May 20 1971, 1945hrs.
Mrs X and a companion were driving south on a country road about 1.5km west of Breese, near beaver creek Bridge, when they saw a conical object hovering at treetop height near a coal mine. The object remained stationary on the south side of US50 and was observed for 4 minutes until it became obscured from view behind some trees as the witnesses drove away. The compared its size to that of a baseball bat. 
  • Skylook no 45 citing Jerry Turner.

May 22 1971, 2030hrs.
A motorist, who wished to remain anonymous, saw three lights, red, white and blue, apparently on an object 3m long, settle down in a paddock 50m from the highway near Norwood. After 6-10 seconds they took off in a flash of colour like fireworks. The lights went out at 150m. Investigators found a 3m diameter flattened area of bracken and blackberry bushes. This area did not have a specific shape and did not seem to be flattened in an orderly fashion. 
  • W. K. Roberts in FSR Case Histories 7, p13 + Data Net V,11 p10 + Basterfield 1981 p93 citing Jerry Holden in Launceston Examiner 5 June 1971 citing his own investigation.
  • Basterfield 1997 p 174 adds to these sources TUFOIC files.

May 23 1971, (Adprox. date)
Mr and Mrs DC Woods and R H Segass were driving along Hw 71 when they saw a creature like a giant monkey run across the road ahead of them, almost colliding with them, before it ran off into the woods. 
  • Blackburn 2012 p20 citing Texarkana Daily News 24 May 1971.

May 23 1971, 1930hrs.

Mr L J Riley was driving home to Wilmot on the Cethana Dam road, when climbing uphill to the Cradle Mountain-Wilmot Intersection about 1.5km west of the dam he noticed a flickering reflection outside the driver’s side window. Winding it down, Riley saw a round, coal red object pacing his vehicle 35-40m away at 30m altitude. Over the next 2.5km he accelerated from 40-70kph but the object kept pacing him at various distances, at one time coming within 15m of the road. As Riley reached the top of the hill the object pulled slightly ahead. He pulled up at the intersection and was able to get a better look at the thing. It resembled a tyre 9m in diameter with no visible markings. It was now some 100-150m away, was soundless and, progressing in a bobbing motion, moved over the hill towards Wilmot. Riley continued on his journey, and after he had gone 1.2km, the object reappeared to his right, crossed the road ahead of him and paced him for a short distance from behind some tall trees. It finally disappeared down a deep gully to his left. The sighting lasted about 15 minutes, during which time he had covered 3km. At one point a cast a bright reflection on a large gum tree. 
  • AFSR ns5 p8 citing TUFOIC Annual Report 1971.
  • W. K. Roberts in FSR Case Histories 7 p13.
  • Basterfield 1997 p174 gives FSRCH op cit + TUFOIC files.

May 24 1971, 0300hrs.
A group of campers at a cabin at the foot of Mt Blanca were awakened by loud noises outside, and saw a flash of light and shadowy figures. Unusual footprints were found at the site. 
  • Sutherly 2001, p71.

May 24 1971, 1210hrs.
The well-known painter, Julio Suarez Marzal, was in the surgery of dentist Dr Walter Griehl on the first floor of a building in the calle Pedro Molina when they saw a strange object high in the sky above the military barracks some distance away. Walter went to get binoculars, while Julio continued his observation. The bright, pear grey object descended from an altitude and distance of 1km with a rocking motion and at dizzying speed, to eye level. It then emitted a cloud of vapour, which surrounded it, before darting away. It then returned at lower altitude, some 70m away, at first incandescent orange and then pearly grey. It then began a gliding motion before hovering, vibrating slightly. At this point Julio began to feel very alone, and became entranced with a sort of “viewer”, a short bell shaped cylinder resembling s telescope eyepiece, which seemed to be made of old bronze. While Julio was looking at this detail the object moved away and then a few seconds later reappeared only 40m away. The object was biconvex, with a central ring on which this “eyepiece” was situated. The object then began to perform strange rocking motions and Julio had the distinct impression that some sort of intelligence was directing it. The object then shot back 1km and rose to an altitude of 1.5km, giving, as it did so, the impression of moving effortlessly. It then moved away in a strange dancing motion that Julio was unable to follow clearly and had disappeared before Walter returned. 
  • Antonio Baragiola in FSR 18,2 p7 (trans from LDLN 115)

May 25 1971. Morning.
A man on his way to work in Queen Victoria Street saw a bright yellow object falling slowly into Cockburn Sound. He thought that it might have been an aircraft. The port authority painter also saw the object falling into the sound. However local fishermen and FPA signalmen saw nothing and no aircraft were missing. 
  • Data Net V,10 p9 citing Perth Daily News 25 May 1971.

May 25 1971, 2245hrs.
Housewife, Mrs Eunice Rose (36) was driving home to Bletchley from visiting friends at Odstone, in her 1956 Austin A30 on the A447. 800m from the junction at Belcher’s Bar she observed, through her windscreen, a large glowing light some distance ahead. At first she thought it was a lorry coming towards her, but when nothing passed she wondered if it was a car stuck in a ditch with its lights pointing up. However she came across nothing until she turned right for Hinckley at Belcher’s Bar, when after driving about 100m her transistor radio faded and died, and she saw that her car headlights had dimmed and that the car was losing power. At the same time she became aware of a large light to the left. The car finally spluttered to a halt though the engine kept spluttering over. Eunice now realised that the whole interior of the car was being lit up, and becoming progressively more illuminated as the light moved overhead and then darkened as it moved away on the other side. She saw that the light was in the form of a flat moonlike disc about 12m above the ground. It was about 15m in diameter. She was surprised to see that there was no light beam projected from the light and that it did not light up any other part of the landscape as it passed over, as it had done with her car. This disc moved, smoothly, slowly and soundlessly. When it was about 100m away, over a field to her right, the headlights and transistor came back to life again, and the engine began to work properly after a couple of tries. She realised that the same record was still being played on the radio, starting when the set went off, and ending as it came back on. As the light passed overhead, the hair on the back of her head stood up, and she had the sensation of time standing still. The light was disappearing in the distance as she drove off. A teenage boy driving with his family near Hinckley saw a light high in the sky at about the same time, and the 10 year old son of the people she had been visiting had seen a light through his bedroom window. 
  • Geoffrey Coxon in FSR Case Histories 11 p9 + BUFORA Journal 3,7 p26 citing his own investigation
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011b p227 citing their own investigation.

May 29 1971, 0400hrs.
Warren McCarthy, his two teenage sons Mark and Michael and their friend Ray Breudry were fishing on the shore of Buffomville Reservoir when Ray drew their attention to a bright, erratically moving light coming towards them from the west. It was a bright, bluish white light, which was moving up and down and side to side. As it approached they could see that it was a glowing rectangle which seemed to be attached to the top of a dark object with a shiny surface. When about 90m away and at treetop level the object flipped over, revealing a round bottom with 7 to 8 diffuse white lights spaced evenly around the perimeter. The thing then back off at terrific speed and was soon lost to sight. As the group sat discussing what had happened, the object reappeared with the same erratic movements and then steaked at them, stopping 100m short, right over the opposite shoreline. Warren thought he could see the light from openings reflected on the water and they had the uncomfortable feeling of being watched. The object then streaked away again. 
  • Fowler 1974 pp178, 357.

May 30 1971.
A middle aged caretaker was struck down by a flash of light from a landed object which left its imprints on the soil. 
  • Phillips 1975 p77 case 477 citing an unspecified issue of Cosmos Express.

May 30 1971, 1405hrs.
A woman searching for vegetables for her rabbits saw, at ground level, 800m away, a dark object, resembling an inverted basin. A little man with a large head was floating round this object. The being put some chalk on the ground and then disappeared under the object, which then took off like an arrow. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing LDLN Contact no 1.

May 31 1971, 1310hrs.
A Roman Catholic seminarian was driving in a pickup truck with his brother. As they drew into open country after a tree lined route, they saw an unusual object hovering 1m above the ground in front of the trees at the edge of the field. As they braked the object began to slowly take off. It was a grey-white object, about the size of a car and shaped like a flattened pear without a neck. A horizontal series of indentations was just visible on its upper surface. The thing accelerated as it gained altitude, ascending vertically until it was just visible against the clouds, whereupon it arced away into the distance. The thing seemed to move in a controlled manner. No traces were found. 
  • Fowler 1974 pp180, 357.

May 31 1971. Night.
Psychologist Zulema Bruno was driving along the coast when she observed an object with a flattened appearance and emitting orange rays emerge from the Atlantic, spinning on its axis. It accompanied her car for about 300m and then made a dizzying turn before rapidly climbing out of sight. 
  • Joseph Brill in MUFON UFO Journal 130 p5.
  • Sanchez-Ocejo and Stevens 1982 p168.

May 31 1971. Night.
A schoolgirl Lynette P was distracted from her homework by a bright object moving through the sky. This object, which had the apparent size of a NZ 10 cent piece moved steadily across the Collins Road area, passing above some street lights towards Melville. 
  • Data Net V,11 p10 citing Waikato Times 1 June 1971.

June 1971. Night.
Teacher Richard Brown and his wife were returning to their trailer home from a church meeting when their headlights caught a creature standing in a nearby field. Richard went and got his rifle and was about to shoot at the creature but its humanoid appearance dissuaded him and the creature just walked away. 
  • Slate and Berry 1976 p56 citing Bob Watt in Hood River News 26 June 1975.

Workers on a construction site in Doughty Street saw a short, thin figure wearing dark clothes and a tall dark hat gliding through the site. 
  • Green 1973 p196 citing Leyton Express 16 July 1971.

June 1971(or following month) 2215hrs.
A farmer,Dale King(qv), alerted by his dogs barking, went out and encountered about 8m away, a bipedal creature about 3m tall, with a head that reminded him of a furry helmet. It had no neck and long arms and was emitting a deep growl. His dog was lunging at this thing. The farmer ran inside to load his gun and when he went out again the creature was moving off towards a creek. The farmer fired at it without effect. This creature was seen in the area over the next several years, depressions were found in the grass etc. 
  • Clark and Coleman 1978 p77.
  • Don Worley in Dornbos 1976 p289.

June 1 1971 (approx. date). 1530hrs.
The three owners of the park, Dick Ball, Jim Forkan and Frank Verlander, were holding a meeting in their office when they saw, through the window, about 250m away, a 2.3-2.5m tall, very broad, grey, hairy humanoid in a meadow across the road. It was walking among the rocks in the meadow in a rather bent fashion, disappearing behind rocks from time to time. 
  • Byrne 1975 p94.

June 2 1971. Evening.
Gloria Dean Richey heard the sound of something walking in the woods near her Oats Street home. She and 2 neighbours shone a torch, which revealed a tall hairy thing with red eyes squatting on the embankment. When the light shone on the creature, their dogs began to act up. The creature leapt over weeds and disappeared into the woods. The two other witnesses Junior Goodman and Jerry Smallwood went to investigate but found only trampled foliage. 
  • Blackburn 2012 p24.

June 3 1971, 2300hrs.
Desmond Walsh and his wife of Stanstead Road were in their bathroom when they noticed a pink-red glowing light moving across the fields 800m away. The thing was travelling diagonally across their north-west facing window and was observed for 15-20 seconds until it disappeared behind some trees. They both felt an eerie sensation. 
  • Data Net V,11 p11 citing Caterham Times 4 June 1971.

June 9 1971, 2050hrs.
On the night of the full moon, Miss Esther Clappison was attracted by a light shining in through her window, and, accompanied by her dog, went to the porch. At the intersection of two roads 200m from her home was a rectangular lighted object. The end of the object facing her seemed to be open, exposing the interior and a white opaque light that lit up the road. The rectangle appeared to be 2.5m high and 1.5m wide. In the interior she could see two beings and an instrument panel, which one of the beings seemed to be trying to conceal with his arm. A third being was outside the object, about 6m from it, stooping down to gather samples of rock. One of the men in the machine was signalling to this man outside as well as his companion inside. These beings were no more than 1.5m tall wearing hoods which had keyhole eye openings and baggy olive green suits, tight at the neck, and with padded joined mittens on their hands. They had thin bodies, very narrow wrists, and no elbow or knee joints were visible. Esther was unable to see their feet. Esther made the move to go closer but her dog, which had been cowering and trembling, just pushed her back. She then went to call her brother, with whom she lived, but when she looked through the window the object had gone. An area of blackened vegetation was found at the site. 
  • W. K. Allan in FSR Case Histories 10 p4.
  • FSR Case Histories 16 p6 reprinting Brian James in Canadian UFO Report 2,5 citing his own investigation.
  • BUFORA Journal 3,12 p6 citing Canadian UFO Report 2,4.
  • Lorenzen 1976 p208.
  • Magor 1977 p183, gives date as 7th.
  • Bonarchuk 1979 p67 also gives date as 7th.

June 9 1971, 2130hrs.
Pedro Chico Alvarez and his wife were driving from Seville when they observed a strong brilliance like a ball of fire 2km away to their left, illuminating an area of 250m around it. They stopped to get a better look at the phenomenon and saw that it was a tall dome, 7m diameter, hugging the ground. The entire object gave off a white light and no fuselage was visible during the 10-15 minute observation. Ballester 1976 p33 case 142 citing investigation by Manual Osuna and Ballester Olmos’ own files.

June 11 1971, 1000hrs.
A San Juan provincial policeman, Julio Cesar Urbane, and two other people who were travelling with him in a truck, saw, a strange aerial, silvery lens shaped object, 5m diameter, which landed gently a few metres from the highway. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 13 p15 case 164 citing La Razon 11 June 1971 + La Nacion 12 June 1971.
  • Evaluation: 'Cesta de las Vacas' means, rather improbably 'Basket of Cows'. Can any South American reader clarify?
June 13 1971, 2215hrs.
A motorist driving near Larned found that his engine misfired as he saw a an object with a double cone shape, flashing red and green lights, hovering near the road. He drove on and did not seen what happened to the object. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p61 citing Goodland Daily News 16 June 1971.

June 14 1971, 0030hrs.
While on his way home from the cinema, Mr Smeets (18) sat down on a park bench in the city. He saw a circular object that came just above his head. He felt surrounded by a wall of heat and noticed a strange odour like sulphur. Terrified, he ran off and told the police. His shoes were found to be burnt. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing R Lerthieir + SOBEPS 5 p24.

June 15 1971, 2050hrs.
Tony Wilkins of West 9th Street observed a velvety silver object 15m in diameter, with radiating green lights, hovering at treetop level over his back yard. Two humanoids contacted him via telepathy and provided him with a formula which they said would “provide him the universe at his fingertips”. They invited him on board their craft, but he declined. They then promised to return to Alton on August 3rd. There were police investigations. 
  • Skylook 45 citing Alton Evening Telegraph 16 June 1971.
  • Evaluation: Psychological

June 16 1971. Early hours.
At a spot some 3km from Fouke, Al Williams and A L Tipton were driving along a gravel road when a creature about 1m tall, with ape like features, crossed the road ahead of them. The thing walked in a crouched position. 
  • Blackburn 2012 p30 citing press reports 16 June 1971.

June 17 1971, 2140hrs.
Mrs MM Smith and her sons (18, 9 ½ ) observed an object which first appeared in the sky like a bright star and which seemed to come closer and closer. It made several low swoops around their property; at one point almost hitting a shed. The two boys watched the thing for 25 minutes through binoculars. Through the naked eye it appeared to be saucer shaped, half the apparent diameter of the moon, with a knob like dome on top. It appeared to be criss-crossed in a spider’s web of lines and from its rear red and green lights flashed alternately. It swept over the house low to the ground. The two boys saw it emit a silvery flash when it moved at great pace back and forth across the sky. Mrs Smith was terrified. 
  • Data Net V,11 p17 citing Portland (Vic) Observer 21 June 1971.

June 18 1971, 0055hrs.
UFOlogists, Mrs Josephine Clark and her mother Mrs Minna Thompson, were watching late night TV when the lights and TV began to flicker in an irregular pattern, suggestive of Morse code. They woke their husbands, Leonard Clark and Tom Thompson, who began to check the electricity supply. The power lines and TV antennae across the street were all buzzing and crackling with the same pattern. The town lights of the neighbouring localities were all flashing in the same way. Tom walked to the end of the porch and noted, between two trees, a huge glowing ball, hovering low in the southern sky. It was as large as or larger than the apparent size of the full moon and its circular edges were vibrating. The thing appeared for 30 seconds and appeared to be around 900m away. It suddenly disappeared on the spot. An odour of ozone was in the air. Tom checked the current with an accurate voltmeter and found the potential varying from 5-115volts, though the line frequency stayed at 60 cycled. At 0155 the power of the whole area failed, affecting 10,000 people. 
  • Josephine Clark in Data Net V,8 p4.

June 19 197, 0255hrs.
On a clear frosty night, while attending a Citizens Military Forces (reservist) camp at Brighton Army Camp, Mr G Purcell glanced up to the starry sky. He noticed a strange light to the south-east, which came from an about 30m above a paddock, 100m away. This object had a squat ball shape, with a dull silvery surface. Around its top, which gave the impression of being a glass dome, there was a white haze. The object appeared to be 4.5m high and 6m across. Purcell made no move and after about 5 minutes the object moved about 270m down the paddock, directly in front of him, but still behind the pine trees that bordered the camp. As it moved, an orange glow underneath grew stronger and a rainbow coloured vapour shot from the underside towards the ground. When the object came to a halt, the vapour died back to an orange glow. The object hovered, silently for 3 minutes and then, with another burst of exhaust, rose slightly and moved another 90m from Purcell before hovering again. After a further three minutes the object began to climb, assuming a discoid aspect as it did so. It then gave a flash and disappeared at high speed. 
  • A.F.S.R. 5, p6 citing TUFOIC Annual Report 1971.

June 20 1971, 2245hrs.
Glancing though her window, Mrs R H Dawkins noticed, to the south, an object larger than the apparent diameter of the full moon, with a light on each side, dropping towards a nearby paddock. She turned off all the house lights and watched as the side lights went out and a series of small lights appeared around the central light. All the lights then appeared to dim and Mrs Dawkins went next door and woke her mother in law. Together with her uncle they all watched the object, the central light of which was 6m diameter, standing in the paddock only 360m away. They went out into the road for a better view and watched for 90 minutes until all the lights went out. No traces were found. Dogs were disturbed. 
  • W K Roberts in FSR Case Histories 7 p13.
  • Basterfield 1981 p94 citing TUFOIC files dates the case to 24th.

June 24 1971, 2300hrs.
A disc shaped object 8m diameter, 2m thick was observed approaching from the north. It ascended vertically. A circle 6m diameter was found with an “N”shape 2.5m square at the centre. Imprints were found both inside and outside the triangle in a rough circle. 
  • Phillips 1975 p77 case 401sp citing an unspecified issue of LDLN.

June 26 1971, 2300hrs.
A married man and woman making love in a lonely spot saw a large red- yellow light 2m above the ground. They watched it for about 15 minutes then left the scene. 
  • Ballester 1976 p33 case 143 citing Manuel Osuna + Ballester Olmos files.

June 29 1971 (or 28 June or 1 July) 0300hrs.
A 19 year old youth and a friend were walking through Delamere Forest while hitch hiking, when they saw an electric blue light moving erratically in the trees and making a buzzing sound. The friend fled, but the witness walked towards it, and then next remembered walking back in the opposite direction, the light moving off towards a structure resembling a garage. They went back to the spot but there was no garage there. The youth hallucinated for some hours after this event. He reported a large number of other anomalous experiences. 
  • NUFON News 111 p12 + Randles 1988 p113 citing investigation by Jenny Randles.