Summer 1972.
A man fishing in Lake Erie near Buffalo saw a large, silvery disc, about 9-12m diameter, come from under the water, less than 100m away and head straight up into the sky. The wave from the object almost sank the witness’s boat. 
  • Cochrane 1980b p69

Summer 1972. Evening.
A 7 year old girl, lying on a couch, listening to her father during a storm, saw, behind him a being a 1.2-1.5m tall with oversized head and eyes, slit like nose and small mouth. Its body and arms were abnormally thing and it had long fingers. When he father turned round in reply to her hysteria the thing dodged into the kitchen so that he did not see it. Six months later she had a dream in which a brilliant object with a white being, visible through a window, was hovering outside, giving off a brilliant light. 
  • Cameron 1995 p54.

Summer 1972. Evening.
Joan Bennett and her fiancé Mr Brockman were attending Sunday service at the Free Union Separate Baptist Church on this evening, when she noticed a man in the graveyard, where none had been moments before. He seemed to be middle aged, with white hair, wearing a blue suit and carrying a baby across his shoulder, wrapped in a pink blanket. After some moments Joan looked away and when she looked back moments later, the man had disappeared. 
  • Montell 2000 p2 direct from Joan Bennett Brockman to her daughter May 1997.

Summer 1972. 2100hs.
Two 9 year old girls were walking in a field near Malden when they saw what they first thought was some new kind of electricity pylon. They then saw that it was a sort of pylon only a quarter of normal size surmounted by a silvery-orange dome shaped object. Along the edge near the base was a row of portholes that emitted a clear light. The object appeared to be about half the size of a bus. The pylon structure was dark grey, the bottom portion covered by trees; and it appeared to be transparent. There was a glow around the edges. The girls became frightened after a few minutes and walked away. They looked back once and the thing was still there, but when they looked back a second time it had gone. 
  • Jenny Randles in FSR 22,4 p30 citing investigation by Andrew Collins.

Summer 1972. 2355hrs.
David Jones and a friend were looking out of their 1st floor flat window when she saw a light low above the house roofs opposite. The light divided first into two and then three. These were on a wedge shaped object, flying so low that they could a man in a high collared dark uniform in a sort of cabin. As the thing passed over the roof they just heard the sound of air being displaced. The thing then arced round and retraced its path. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p49 citing Alberto Rosales citing BUFOD (?British UFO Documentation Centre?) UFO reports.

Summer 1972 (or following year) 2300hrs.
A young woman waiting for her mother to come home saw her TV develop interference just as her mother arrived home from work and alerted her to a huge dark disc shaped object hovering over a central court between the houses. The object was surrounded by lights which resembled windows. After a few minutes it moved slowly away and then was gone. 
  • Swords 2005 p87 citing John Timmerman.

July 1972 (approx. date) 0100hrs
Awoken by the activities of a large number of helicopters a woman saw a huge blimp shaped object rise out of the nearby woods, hover for three minutes and then suddenly shoot up at terrific speed. 
  • Dennett 2008 p114 citing George Filer in MUFON UFO Journal 397 p12.

July 1972 (approx. date) 2000hrs.
A 25 year old housewife was driving from Kempton to cabaret at 65kph, when she saw a light in her rear-view mirror. She first thought it was a car with a single headlight, but it made no sound and she could not see any car. The light came up and over the car, the engine starting to splutter and jerk, but when the object had passed all was well. The whole affair lasted 30 seconds. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p179 citing TUFOIC files.

July 1972 (approx. date) Night.
Emilio Albaire, the director of the Industrial School at Frias, was with his family at his country house near Colonia Helalco, when they observed an enormous elongated object, about 50m long, like a railway train illuminated by a greenish-blue light, which landed right on the mountain about 1km distant. A few minutes later the objected emitted a blinding light and rose up vertically, looking like an immense ball of fire. 
  • Oscar Gallindez in FSR 19,3 p11 citing La Razon 14 July 1972 + La Voz del Interior 18 July 1972.

July 1972. 0200hrs.
A woman was lying in bed in her two story flat watching the stars when the window became flooded with a blue light which increased in brilliance as a swishing sound got louder. She went to investigate and saw, about 5m away, an object shaped like two saucers rim to rim, with alternating red and yellow lights, apparently rotating on its central rim. The thing was surmounted by a transparent dome, inside which she could see the head and shoulders of two bare headed men dressed in satin like blue suits. One of them men had his back towards the witness, and his companion turned and spoke to him at which the man with his back to her threw up his hands and laughed. The object then shot off to the North West. The witness ran back to her bed and hid under the covers. 
  • Dykes 1981 p38.

July 1972.
An income tax inspector walking down Dalmarnock Road saw a young man with a crew cut wearing a navy coat and black trousers standing on the bridge over the Clyde, looking down. Fearing a suicide attempt the witness called out and ran towards him. However when only3m away the man jumped, but when the witness looked over the bridge he saw the man disappear before he hit the water. 
  • Green 1980 p182.

July 1972. 2030hrs.
A farm couple, Mr and Mrs Joly, were disturbed by their cattle acting up. On going to investigate Mr Joly saw that the cattle were all looking towards a field some 600m away. In the field was a luminous red object around which were two small beings. Joly got his wife to confirm what was there, and despite her protests, began to approach the thing. He had only taken a few steps when the beings appeared to see him. These two, and a third, which was 30m away, entered the object, the latter at the great speed. Joly saw that the beings were green in colour. When the beings had entered the object it took off at a moderate pace up to tree top level, where it abruptly disappeared. The next day Mr Joly and his two small sons went to the site where they found an area of depressed grass about 8m diameter. 
  • Buhler et al 1985 p163 citing Le Journal de Quebec 31 December 1983 + 7 January 1984.

Early July 1972.
Near here, Debbie T (13) and a friend saw a white humanoid 1.35m tall in the woods. Four other people saw it later. 
  • Rather 1998 p17.

July 2 1972, 1900hrs.
On the Argylle Farm, Mr R L Brown, a municipal official; his stepson Billy Tidbury, Mrs Eileen Meering of Cape Town and her 14 year old son observed for 20 minutes, at a distance of 630m, an elongated flat triangle, with a tail 2m long. It was hovering and bobbing up and down in the bushes, lighting up the bush with yellow, blue blinding white and then red lights. The thing then left in the direction of Grahamstown at terrific speed. At its brightest, the object was much brighter than a welder’s torch. 
  • Data Net VI, 8 p17 citing Natal Mercury 4 July 1972.

July 3 1972. Evening.
Nine cars full of people, including members of the town council, drove out to Braeside and saw an object take off from the undergrowth and head off towards Grahamstown. 
  • Norman Oliver in Quest UFO 10,3 p17.

July 3 1972, 2115hrs.
Mrs Maureen Puddy (27) was driving home to Rye on the Mooraduc road between Frankston and Dromana when she noticed a blue light that seemed to be coming from above and behind her 1963 Holden car. She first thought it was a helicopter ambulance, like the one which had recently taken her 7 year old son to hospital. She stopped the car and looked up to see a huge object like two saucers, one inverted over the other, about 30m in diameter, 5-6m thick at the height of two telegraph poles (c 20-30m). The object had neither marks, seams nor openings on its totally smooth surface, and was emitting an intense blue glow and a faint humming sound. She then drove off in terror, followed by the object, which kept pace for about 13kmm no matter how fast she drove the car. She was then aware that the blue glow was no longer with her, and looking round saw a light streaking into the distance. 
  • Judith Gee in FSR 18,6  3 citing her own investigation (gives the date as 5th)
  • Basterfield 1997 pp.11,180 citing investigation by Garry Little and Bill Stapleton + Gee op cit + Keith Basterfield in International UFO Report 17, 3 p13.
  • Chalker 1996 p 138.

July 5 1972.
A motorist encountered bright white cigar shaped object which came to ground level and landed beside the road, at which point its light went out. The witness returned the next day to find a path of flattened undergrowth. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p180 citing TUFOIC files.

July 5 1972, 0150hrs.
Tony Inch and Joe Rust were returning to King Williams Town from Port Elizabeth, when 13km from the former they saw a fire in the grass a few hundred metres from the road0. While watching the fire, they suddenly became aware of a brilliant red object, shaped something like an American sailor’s cap, which took off from the ground. Inch tried to chase it as it rose slowly over the road, but it accelerated and disappeared in the direction of Stutterheim. Both men were unnerved and Inch especially was shivering and shaking when they reported the matter to the police. 
  • FSR 18,6 p15 citing King Williams Town Mercury 13 July 1972.

July 5 1972 2215.
Cattle farmer Jurie Wessels was driving his sister Hannie, a student at Pretoria University, home from a drive in cinema. Also in the car was his wife Helene, 15 year old brother in law and a cousin. They were driving to his mother’s house, 14km from the farm, when suddenly a huge flying ball appeared right in front of them, apparently hovering about 7m above the ground, right over Mrs Wessels’ house. Jurie slowed down, afraid of a collision. As the party watched, the thing turned from red to green and then sparks flew from its side, it then turned yellow and vanished in a flash. 
  • Data Net VI, 8, p16 + Charles Bowen in FSR 18,6 p14 both citing South African Sunday Times 9 July 1972.

July 7 1972, 2100hrs.
Frank Markley, a photographer for the Cape May County Gazette, was driving south on Shunpike [side road avoiding the turnpike] when he noticed unusual lights in the sky. He stopped his car and watched an unusual object hovering about 25m above a hill near the Shunpike –Tabernacle Road intersection. It was a round object, 8m diameter, with a flat bottom; studied with bright white lights and a tapering top .The sound of a motor could be heard. Frank took several black and white photographs with his 35mm camera, which are said to show the object trailing a core of exhaust. 
  • Data Net VI, 9 p12 + Mc Wane and Graham 1974 p38 both citing Cape May County Gazette 13 July 1972.

July 8 1972, 2345hrs.
Driving on Hw 157 between Tapso and Frias, close to Lavalle, Carlos Altamirano, a branch manager and his two passengers, Miss Aurora Bracamonte, secretary to the Frias normal school, and Miss Maria Angelica Bracamonte, came round a bend in the road and saw, 800m to their right, an object on the ground. It was 50m long, with a row of greenish windows along tis length, at the height of an ordinary door, which gave it the appearance of a train amongst the trees. Shaken, Carols accelerated away. The area was a deserted one, with no railway lines or electricity. 
  • Oscar Gallindez in FSR 19,3 p11 citing La Razon 14 July 1972 + La Voz del Interior 18 July 1972.

Nine people travelling in a minibus saw a fiery sphere, about the size of a TV set of the period, cross ahead of them and then tack and pace their vehicle. The driver accelerated up to 130 kph but the thing kept pace, bouncing along the road about every 60m, changing colour green, blue, yellow, orange, white. One pf the passengers climber under their seat in panic. The thing eventually moved off across open country. 
  • NUFON News 95, p5 citing Bill Gibbons.

July 10 1972 (approx. date) 2215hrs.
Rafael Aranda, a young travelling salesman from Seville was driving his Renault 8 at 90-100kph on a back road, approaching Alacaracejos, when, 3km from town, the car suddenly slowed down. Even pushing the accelerator down to floor could make the car do no more than 70-80kph. Seconds later, Rafael became aware of something like a great white light bulb, the beams of which were directed straight towards the car, but without dazzling Rafael at all. This light advanced, rotating in a clockwise direction. The thing was about 1-1.5m diameter and was on or near the ground to the right of the road, among the scrub oaks, which hid its lower part. Rafael came to a curve in the road to the right, and the light rotated faster but apparently without moving from its original position. Rafael now lost sight of it and was astonished to find that his car now worked normally. The experience had lasted less than a minute. The next day he took his car to a Renault dealer, but they could find nothing wrong with it. 
  • Ballester 1976 p38 case 157 citing investigation by Enrique Campos.

July 11 1972, 1530hrs.
Two small boys (8, 5) had gone to inspect some rabbit pens in the woods next to their home. They encountered a hairy bipedal creature about 2m tall next to a tree. It carried a dead dog under its arm and its black hair was speckled with blood. The boys’ screams alerted their sister, who was indoors, and she saw the thing through her bathroom window. The family dog was sick after the incident. A neighbour, Mrs Lee heard unusual noises. Three days later at 2115the boys’ father heard strange noises also,
  • Coleman 2001 p194.
  • Steiger 1974 p106 citing investigation by Glen McWane.

July 14 1972, 2030hrs.
Edgar Harrison, a deacon in the Pentecostal Church was talking to some of his congregation after the Friday prayer meeting at his house when they saw a white fireball soaring from over Marzolf Hill and descending into the trees behind an abandoned school across the street. Five minutes later a second, green, fireball performed an identical manoeuvre. This happened at a time when the area was frequented by a hairy humanoid. 
  • Jerome Clark and Loren Coleman in FSR 19,1 p20 citing investigation by Richard Crowe.

July 14 1972 (approx. date) 1100hrs.
Jose Cami Muntancia and his father Ramon Cami (70) were driving in their Citroen pickup truck in mountainous country from Borjas Blancas to a place 4km before Cervia. Just before reaching the entrance way to their destination they noticed, in the field to the left of the road, next to the bags of olive leaves they were coming to get, was an object with a red dome, with a small green hump on either side of this dome. The pair first thought that the thing was the house owner’s tractor, but when Ramon reached the spot only 10 seconds later the thing had gone. 
  • Ballester 1976 p38 case 158 citing Stendek 18 p33 citing investigation by CEI.

July 14 1972 (approx date) 1300hrs.
Luis Manresa (aged about 75) was 300m from the edge of town when he observed an object at the crossroads for 10 minutes, Later he found a circle 2-3m in diameter where thistles had been knocked down but not broken 
  • ibid.

July 15 1971, 0500hrs.
Pat Howard saw a dark humanoid object cross the road near Marzolf Hill
  • ibid.

July 16 1972, 0900hrs.
Two brothers Jose and Miguel Farre were travelling 3km from Ceriva on the Borjas Blancas Road when they saw a silver coloured object, 4m in size, moving slowly 400m away. 
  • ibid.

July 16 1972 (approx. date) Morning.
Mrs Antononia Marti Palao (70+) was just outside Cervia when she saw a strange whitish object, just over 3m in sizem with a celluloid like material for a windshield and no-one inside.
  • ibid.

July 16 1972, 0310hrs.
Atilio Brunelli (52), a professor of music, composer and concert artist, along with retired industrialist Severino Porchietto (58) were driving home to Cordoba from a musical reunion Balearia, 185km away, along a route they knew well. Severino was driving at 80-100kph, when 304 minutes after passing Arroyito, they were astonished by a bright flash of light that lit up the whole countryside. Severino caught a brief glimpse of a dark object in the sky. Thinking it was a storm he speeded up. A few moments later they observed some 50m or so from the left hand side of the road, on a completely level piece of ground, a row of rectangular soft orange lights, apparently on a structure about 50m long. After about 10 seconds they had passed the thing and it was then they realised that the sky was completely clear, with no sign of a storm and that what they thought had been windows in a train had been rectangular (about 3m by 70cm) rather than square and that this “train” was much further back than the railway line.

In the moments after they had seen this object their car had run unusually smoothly, with none of the usual bumps, so much so that Severino had the impression that they were a few centimetres above the ground. Before they knew where they were they were at Montecristo, just 25km from Cordoba, with no recollection of going through the other towns on the route. When Atilio arrived home, after being dropped off by Severino he found it was only0330. Both men arrived home in a curious state of euphoria. Severino found that is car had only consumed half the normal amount of fuel used on this journey. Atilio then developed an itch, alternating with numbness, over a perfectly circular area 1.5cm diameter in his right lumbar dorsal region. Severino also found a marked improvement in his blood pressure and suffered a sort of amnesia about the incident for 33 hours until a member of the family had asked if anything had happened on the journey. It appeared that an 81km section of their journey was missing. A group of people driving near Frontera saw an exceptionally white flash in the direction of Arroyito at about the same time. 

  • Oscar and Benjamin Gallindez and Albertson Maximo in FSR 19,3 p6 citing their own investigation.

July 16 1972.
Mr Slabbert called at the police station to report an unidentified flying object and then went with Constable J F Myburgh in the police van to the spot on the Wesselbron Road about 3km out of town. There they saw a flat rotating disc high in the sky, giving off a yellow light with blue rings around it. 
Suddenly the thing came straight down at the patrol van, hovering right above it, keeping position for 15minutes (according to some reports it rose up and down during this period). The thing now appeared to be 1m diameter and glowing red. Myburgh radioed for permission to fire on the object but was refused. The object then moved off towards Welkom. As it did so, it was seen by H F Coetzee, senior traffic inspector at Kronnstad, who reported it as looking like a zeppelin with blotches of light resembling windows on the hull. As the thing left at high speed in the direction of Johannesburg, four other traffic inspectors saw it from two separate locations.
  • FSR 18,6 p16 citing The Friend 18 July 1972 + Die Burger 17 July 1972.

July 17 1972, 2355hrs.
Heather Stewart (17), sister Cindy and friend Marilyn Coulis (both 16) were returning home from Elliot Lak when, as they neared Eliott Lake High School, they heard a loud buzzing noise, like an intermittent beeping sound along with sounds like magnified voices, all coming from the direction of the High School. Then Cindy drew their attention to a huge red ball, the apparent size of the full moon. As the sound lowered in pitch until it sounded like the whirring of helicopter blades, the object seemed to reduce itself to a small dot on the spit. It then went behind a hill and some trees but they could still hear the sound. Mrs Lorna Briggs and her 13 year old daughter of Hillside Drive also saw the object but did not hear any noise. 
  • Data Net VI, 11 p16 citing Espanola Standard 26 July 1972.

July 19 1972, 0215hrs.
A migrant worker from Ipswich was driving to work along a deserted section of the Beenleight road near Kuraby at about 60kph when his headlights illuminated six people on the road ahead. The men were of normal size but appeared to have grey faces and some kind of helmets over their heads. On the opposite side of the road was a large silvery cigar shaped object making a hissing sound, close to or touching the power lines. Five of the figures turned away but the sixth came towards the car with his hand out. His features were hidden by a diamond shaped, faceted mask. The witness heard a strange pinging sound and quickly drove away in panic, the pinging sound fading as he drove on. Possibly a Post Office telephone line repair crew and generator canopy, but the presence of such a crew could not be confirmed. 
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976 citing investigation by Queensland UFO Research Bureau.
  • Basterfield 1997 p180 citing investigation by UFO Research Queensland + Australian 22 July 1972 + APRO Bulletin July/Aug 1972 p1 citing Australian op. cit.
  • Evaluation: Line repair operation?

Late July 1972. 2050hrs.
A woman was waiting with her daughter to collect her son from work, when their attention was caught by an object shaped like one saucer inverted over another coming from the direction of the cemetery and memorial park at about treetop height. It appeared metallic, with a flat underside, a red light on top and a row of small windows around its centre. These were illuminated by yellow, pink and pale green lights and through them could be seen figures in green overalls walking about and working with various equipment. The thing emitted a beeping sound that seemed to come from the top light. The mother got out of the car and ran toward the thing, alarming her 30 year old daughter. The object moved off with a circular motion. Other motorists appeared not to notice it. 
  • Billig 1982 p227 citing (anonymised) letter from the older witness.

July 20 1972 (approx. date) Night.

Joe Carter and Michael Chambers saw an oval object with a wedge and multi-coloured lights, including red and amber, rise slowly from the trees. The lights then went out and then reappeared a.beacon lights as the object flew in and out of the clouds.
  • McWane and Graham 1974 p47 citing an undated issue of Tyler Courier-Times.

July 20 1972, 1100hrs.
Thelma Odell was driving down Commercial Road when she saw a pink circular object, with a star shape indented in it, coming from the direction of Durban. The thing was the apparent size of a dinner plate and appeared directly in front of Thelma, giving off a slight, pure white, vapour trail. It hovered over the Voortrekker cemetery and then descended into the section south of Commercial Road, appearing to disintegrate as it neared the ground. The thing was in view for a few seconds only. A second, independent, witness reported an object with a red light like a traffic signal, passing over the research farm at Cleland and descending near the centre of Pietermaritzburg.
  • Charles Bowen in FSR 18,6 p16 citing Queenstown Daily Representative 21 July 1972.

July 20 1972, 2215hrs.
Mrs C W Humphrey, her three sons and daughter in law were awakened by a pounding on their trailer and on investigating saw a large creature that was at times bipedal and at other times on all fours. Shortly after this a neighbour Bill Hurst saw a large creature with huge eyes in his garden. When he cried out the thing ran off. 
  • Coleman 2001 p197.

July 21 1972 Night.
Two families living in a rural area between Bowling Green and Luisiana observed a circle of lights at or close to ground level for about 5 minutes. A young pregnant woman at Bowling Green saw two luminous spherical objects land in a nearby cow pasture She later smelt a nauseating odour and heard some animal screaming. 
  • Data Net VI, 9 p13 citing St Louis Post Dispatch 26 July 1972.
  • Steiger 1974 p115, 116.

July 21 1972, 2030hrs.
Mrs Muriel Alexander of North Walk was returning home when she saw an object that appeared to be only a few metres above the ground. The thing was large, bright red in the centre, orange to gold towards the outside. Muriel called at the neighbours’ house and they watched the object as it completed a large circle and shot off at high speed towards Pearl. There were other, independent, witnesses. 
  • Charles Bowen in FSR 18,6 p16 citing Cape Argus 22 July 1972)

July 22 1972, 0100hrs.
Two motorists, Mr C McDuling and Mr R Barker were returning to the capital when they enco0untered a huge dazzling white light, which appeared to be settled on the Mpushini Bridge. They first thought that it was the light of another vehicle. As they approached the thing, Barker flashed his car lights but got no response and they were soon so blinded by the light that they stopped the car. An object, standing as high as their car was sitting on the bridge, blocking the entire road. Its light resembled a giant neon light. Before the two men could recover the object shot straight up into the sky and vanished. Two police constables, Chris Claasen and Nico Foourie were sent to investigate and they arrived on the scene 30 minutes later. They found nothing on the bridge but when they turned back to the capital, about 2km from the bridge, among some trees in a valley to the left they saw a strange object. They went after it, but when they had to get out to open a gate the object vanished. 
  • Data Net VI, 8 p18 citing Natal Mercury 24 July 1972.

July 24 1972. Early morning.
Teenager Chapman was at home talking to a friend Wayne Hall, when theyb heard a peculiar animal like sound and looking through the window to the lake, saw a black hairy biped about 2.5m tall come out of the woods, wander around and then disappear out of sight. 
  • Citro 1997 p181.

July 24 1972, 1700hrs.
Tax inspector Jaime Marinho and two friends encountered an “extraterrestrial” on the beach. No further details. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 18,5 p25 citing O Dia 29 July 1972.

July 25 1972, 0440hrs.
Giordano (38) and Lina (36) Orioli had been wakened by their dog at 0125 but had seen nothing, Awakened again, they saw a dark rectangular object, 6-7m long,1.5-3.6m high and thick, on the ground in the garden 6-7m away. It had two rows of portholes and bent antennae and emitted a sound like gas coming out of a canister. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing CUN.

July 25 1972. Evening.
Mrs Maureen Puddy (qv) was again driving down the Mooraduc road backl to Frankston from visiting her son in hospital in Heidelberg, when at almost the same spot as before, she encountered the blue light. Though she put her foot hard on the accelerator in her desperation to get away, it had no effect. Her car engine cut out, and she lost con troll of the steering, the car swinging to a halt on the roadside verge. It had been a dark night, but the area was now illuminated by a blue light. Maureen felt as though she was in a vacuum. Looking up through the windscreen she was able to see part of the rim of a glowing object hovering above her car. She heard a voice in her mind which said “All your tests will be negative” “Tell the media do not panic, we mean no harm and then “Now you have control”. At this last “message” the vacuum effect disappeared and the car engine began to function again. She was still very shaken when she reported the matter to the police. 
  • Judith Gee in FSR 18,6 p3 citing her own investigation.
  • Basterfield 1997 pp.11,180 citing investigation by Garry Little and Bill Stapleton + Gee op cit + Keith Basterfield in International UFO Report 17,3 p13.
  • Chalker 1996, p138.

July 25 1972. Evening.
Leroy Summers, while out jogging, saw a 3m tall, white hairy being standing upright by the Ohio River levée. Police found nothing. 
  • Coleman 2001 p198.
  • Taylor 2011 p15.

July 26 1972, 1800hrs.

An object resembling an inverted parachute, with green-yellow squares half way up it, floated low near the ground and was chased by workmen. It was observed for 2 minutes. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p96, citing TUFOIC files.
  • Evaluation: Parachute, kite or balloon?

July 26 1972, 2115hrs.
Robert Mason and Stephen Barnett were skywatching on Cradle Hill when they saw a small man or boy standing in a clearing in front of a barn. They ran to the figure but it had disappeared behind the barn. They looked out for it but did not see it again. When they got back to their lodgings they found the communal bathroom in use. A woman came out, went into a nearby bedroom and vanished. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p54 citing Rogers 1994 p 96 + The Dewey Museum Warminster.
July 27 1972, 0130hrs.
Henry Guerrero was sat in his car with his workmate Bob Apsley, near to their workplace (Master Feeders II) 50km south of Garden City when they noticed a strange bright amber light travelling at 80-95kph close to the ground about 1.5km away. It was much larger and brighter than a truck clearance light and there were no roads in the area where it was visible. 
  • Data Net VI, 9 p13 citing Garden City Telegram 27 July 1972.

July 27 1972. Night.
Mrs Joan Laws, her two children, Peter Hamilton and Michael Martel were returning home from Blueberry picking when a large round glowing object flew across the sky from north to south swooped down towards the bush and then flew up and gradually disappeared. The thing had a lot of blinding lights underneath and a fiery tale. 
  • McWane and Graham 1974 p46 citing an undated issue of Sudbury Star.
  • Evaluation: Bolide?

July 27 1972.
Joe Carter, Michael Chambers (qv) and three of their friends were sitting on the balcony of their apartment when they saw an object that appeared to rise from a group of trees across the street. It was oval shaped with two search lights in front and on its bottom was a triangle, comprising a mass of blinking white lights, with red, green and blue lights located at each corner. It came out of the trees, hovered for about two minutes, disappeared, reappeared, came across the road towards the apartment and then went behind a cloud, came out again and then disappeared. No sound was heard. During the performance the group rushed downstairs to the parking lot where they joined two other witnesses, 
  • McWane and Graham 1974 p46 citing an undated issue of Tyler Courier –Times.

July 27 1972. Night.
Two people described as “responsible citizens” saw a 3m tall being with long grey U shaped ears, a red mouth with sharp teeth, and double joined thumbs. The thing gave off a musky smell. 
  • Coleman 2001, p198.

July 30 1972, 2100hrs,
Mrs Lois Shade saw an orange glowing object, with illuminated windows, which landed in the thicket on the top of a bluff and remained for 5 hours until it took off vertically and disappeared. 
  • Jerome Clark and Loren Coleman in FSR 19,1 p22 citing investigation by Richard Crowe.

August 1972.
Steve Moncreif was exploring a dried up creek bed when he became aware of an unpleasant odour and, looking around, a 3.3m tall, hairy male biped, holding a stone club in its right hand, standing on a bank 6m away. Steve backed away, holding his pick as a defensive weapon, but then began to pursue him, so Steve ran to his land rover. As the thing seemed to be gaining on him, Steve threw his pick at the being, wounding it in the face. Steve then drove off in panic. 
  • Gilroy 1995 p205.

August 1972.
At an undisclosed location a large glowing orange ball of light passed through power lines, cutting them. A burnt area was found on the ground below. 
  • Phillips 1975 p84 case 530.
  • Evaluation: Ball lightning?

August 1972. 0130hrs.
For a number of night prior to August 16th, Mrs Gooch and her parents, Mr and Mrs H J Whitecombe saw oblong objects that came right over the pine tree on the hill. Usually only one object was seen but on one occasion three came over together. They were the apparent size of a small dining room table and gave off yellow, green and white lights and made a hum like a motor. Sometimes they were vertical, sometimes horizontal. On one occasion the light lit up the meadow and the entire house. 
  • McWane and Graham 1974 p59 citing Sacramento Bee 16 August 1972.

August 1972. 0300hrs.
A 12 year old girl, Amparo, was staying with her aunt and uncle in their holiday villa. She had to get up to go to the toiler in the night and found, in the corridor, a luminous almond shaped object hovering 2m above the floor. Amparo felt that the 5cm wide, 3cm thick object was observing her. It gave off neither sound, smell nor heat. After a short time she became afraid and retreated to her room, where she spent a sleepless night, afraid the thing would come in. By morning it had gone. 
  • FSR 32,1 p8 citing Juan Marcos Gascon Valldecabres (brother of witness) in Cuadernos de Ufologia 4,14 (March 1986)

August 1972. Night.
A motorcyclist passing the lake at Willow Park saw a white figure drift in front of him across the road and felt ant arm grabbing him round the neck, throwing him from his motorcycle. While on the ground he saw a figure standing over him and fled the scene on foot, reporting the matter to the police and requiring a police escort before he would go back and collect his bike. 
  • Tucker 2013 p141 citing Randles and Hough 1993 p128 and Internet Sources.
  • NB: Randles and Hough date this story to 1970)
August 1972. 2130hrs.
On a Saturday evening secondary school teacher Exaldivar Umberto Borchi was driving back to Galia from Ubirajara near the Figuerinha estate, 2km from the bridge over the “RibeiraoVermelho” creek when he saw a peculiar light on the road, which made him nervous, as the night was pitch black and the highway was totally deserted. He then observed, in the middle of the road, a circular object 60-70cm diameter, emitting a soft, opaque orange light. This made him return to Ubirajara when he mentioned the incident to local people. 

  • FSR 19,2 p31 citing O Globo 1 January 1973.

August 1972. 2150hrs.
Mr Hall and his family were driving out from Thief River Falls back to their home in Tolstoi, Manitoba, along Rte 59 at about 90-95kph when Hall noticed and drew his wife’s attention a very bright light in the sky to his right. His 4 children were asleep in the back. The Halls did not take much notice of the light, which they thought was on a radio tower but after 10 minutes they realized that the light was much closer and matching the speed of their station wagon. The thing then suddenly zoomed straight down towards them, lighting up the inside of their vehicle brighter than the day and waking up their children. Hall told his 10 year old son to flash at the thing four times with his flashlight, which he did. At this the object immediately gave four flashes back, by extinguishing its light four times. Mrs Hall repeated the performance and the object again responded, moving even closer. At this time the car radio began to malfunction, the engine began to misfire; eventually quitting completely and the interior of their wagon grew very hot.

Hall managed to pull over on to the hard shoulder, his wife and children increasingly scared. Getting out of the car Hall felt a prickly sensation, like small electric shocks, all over his body and saw the very bright, green-blue, oval object, surrounded by a haze, directly overhead. He lifted the car bonnet while his wife tried to start the car, but sparks jumped from the plug leads straight across the coil to the metal sides of the car. Hall, who was a master mechanic, had never seen anything like this before. As another car approached down the highway the object took off at terrific speed. This other car did not stop but the Hall’s vehicle was now working so they drove off. When they did so the object, which had become a mere speck in the sky, came close again, though keeping a reasonable distance from their wagon. It again responded to signals so they stopped again. At this point Mrs Hall and the three children saw three smaller discs leave the main one, going north, south and east respectively. The main object then gave a kind of wobble and left at terrific speed. The thing had a sort of tail. The observation lasted two hours and after the object had gone Mrs Hall realised that her bad head cold had now disappeared and that she felt really well. 

  • Letter from Mr Hall in APRO Bulletin 25,2 p1.

August 1972. Late night.
Randy and Lou Rogers several times saw a hairy creature that was mainly bipedal but ran away on all fours. It left no traces, made no noise and at times seemed transparent. At least 40 other people reported seeing the creature and it was blamed for the death of chickens on the Burdine farm. A member of the family fired at it, but apparently without effect. On one occasion a luminous object hovered over a cornfield, then explode.

  • Clark 2012 p92,93.

August 3 1972, 0445hrs.
Mrs Venning was driving her car up to the bus station, when she saw a grey-white oval object, with lights on both sides, in a paddock. It was at about 30m altitude, and she could hear no sound. She drove past the thing without stopping, as she did so her hair stood on end. 

  • Basterfield 1997 p181 citing own investigation.

August 5 1972, 0005hrs.
As a total of eight objects, blue-green on top, with bands of orange and white below, circled round the house of Mr and Mrs Michael Boston. Orange and green light appeared in the house, which became extremely hot. The objects left the area at 0600 hours. Lettuce in the garden and the sunflowers around it appeared to grow and turn green. 

  • McWane and Graham 1974, p57 citing Mountain Home News 10 August 1972.

August 5 1972, 1800hrs.
Two large spheres landed in Briones Regional Park after pausing over a hilltop. The witness was a retired Air Force Colonel. Numerous orange people saw an orange sphere in the sky, moving in a north-westerly direction, 

  • Hervey 1976 p217.

August 6 1972 (approx. date)
Several people in the Bensenville, Lombard and Oak Brook areas reported an American football (rugby ball) shaped object at low altitude. A man driving along Highway 83 near Irving Park Road saw the abject above Hw87. It appeared to be 60m away, at about 20m altitude and was 15m long and windowless and pulsed orange-grey-orange. After about 15 seconds it flew silently over his car and disappeared. Other motorists also stopped their cars to observe the thing. 

  • McWane and Graham 1974, p58 citing an undated issue of Chicago Today.
  • Evaluation: Blimp?

August 8 1972. Early hours.
Geraldo Marcilio (31) of Sao Goncalo was driving a heavy truck along the Amarel Peixoto motorway when he saw a flashing yellow and blue light. He thought it was a motorist signalling, so flashed back, but when he got within 100m he saw that it was an unusual object blocking the road, forcing him to brake hard to avoid. The thing sent out luminous flashes and then took off at staggering speed. 

  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 18,5 p26 citing O Dia 9 August 1972.

August 9 1972, 0230hrs.
A music teacher and his wife (a French teacher) were camping in the terraced garden of some friends, who lived on the road to Nimes. The lady went outside, attracted by the sounds of the village fete. The sky above the town was lit up by the lights of the fete, but the rest of the sky was dark and cloudy. He attention was caught by a brilliant white ball the size of a bubble car. While she was trying to work out how a car could glow so brightly, she heard strange footsteps, like a child going at a slow regular pace, on the grass behind her. Turning to her left, she saw, 3-4m away, a completely black form, 1.2m tall, which gave the impression of being composed of wooden parallelograms 3--40c, thick, with an egg shaped form for a head and two round disks 5cm diameter for eyes. She was unable to see any limbs. She felt an unnatural morbid fear which seemed to emanate from the form. The whole of nature seemed dead and frozen around the form. Suddenly she was back inside the tent with her husband, leaping in with a single bound. Her husband said her face was distorted with fear. 

  • Bourret 1977 p88.

August 9 1972 (approx. date)
Several people saw a huge black haired hairy humanoid in the vicinity of Brookside Park. 

  • Clark and Coleman 1978 p108.

August 12 1972, 0100hrs.
Edgar Harrison, his wife and children,. Ernie Shade and his wife and two doctors were among a number of people who saw an object on the hill. The thing was pulsating. Some witnesses saw square windows, 60cm across, on it emitting a yellow-orange light. Some saw red lights shoot from the thing. 

  • Steiger 1974 p115 citing investigation by Glen McWane.

August 12 1972, 0200hrs.

A group of about 30 young people camping at Taize were talking together by the auditorium, with a view over the hills. Ms Rennata Faa de Masullas from Sardinia was looking over this valley when she saw a star like light approaching and drew her companions’ attention to it. By this time it had landed on a hill opposite. She had been alerted by a sort of sub-audible whistling sound. The party now saw that the 30m long object was on or just above the ground at a place called “Le Cras”. On it were 7 yellow lights and to their left two orange lights which appeared to be outside the object. Five of the seven lights began to emit beams of white light that gradually extended towards the ground. Above the beams on the far left they could see two yellow cupolas. The light from the beams fanned out normally as it descended, but it gave the witnesses the impression that they were part of some solid structure rather than just lights Two of the witnesses Mr F Tantot of Macon and a man from Dijon, who did want his name used, felt a tingling in his fingers. Soon after the object had landed small red sparks appeared at the right end of the object and quickly went out. They then saw three small white discs, with red points of light on their extremities, which haphazardly manoeuvred around the main object for the next 2 ½ hours.

After they had watched this for about an hour Rennata, Tantot, the man from Dijon and an Italian student went to investigate. They noticed that the discs never moved more than 30m from the main object in their manoeuvres and that there appeared to be a correspondence between the variation in brightness of the beam second from the right and the flickering red spots on the disc. As they approached a multitude of red particles appeared in the air and on the ground all around them, various colour changes took place on the main object and above the 5 yellow lights, a series of circles of “unreal” white light formed. When the party reached the middle of the field they saw a dark mass, which their torches revealed to be a very black object, 5-6m high, resembling a giant artillery shell with a domed top, around which a small red light was circling. This thing appeared to be about 10m away, behind a sort of wall on which the beam of their torch went straight up This so disconcerted them that they made no further attempt to approach this object, the light of which went out, only to come on again a minute later. Tantot then signalled to the thing with his torch, at which the large beam to the left turned towards the party, dazzling them with its intense light and terrific heat. The object then began to move as if in difficulties, surrounded by a bluish glow and swinging back and forth on its axis. The thing then shot off into the distance, hugging the ground, at tremendous speed (estimated 3km per second). 2 hours 40 minute had passed since the thing was first seen. 

As Tantot was driving home, up the hill beyond Cluny, he encountered a group of stopped cars, whose occupants were looking at a similar object in the air below the level of the road, above a small property surrounded by trees about 1km away. The thing appeared as a large yellow light, accompanied by a small red one. It then appeared to land in the clearing and flicker. Tantot drove up as close as he could, without getting out of the car; there he saw just a bluish halo, which vanished a few minutes later. Tantot informed the police and the magazine LDLN a couple of days later. He returned to the sites of the two encounters, finding an elliptical desiccated area, 30m long, in the field, and in the wood a branch of an aspen tree had been cut in a curious manner. 

  • FSR 19,4 p16 translating J Tyrode in LDLN 122 citing his own investigation.
  • Evaluation Later: investigations suggested that this was a misperception of a local “son et lumiere” event.

August 13 1972, 2100hrs.
Six skywatchers on a field near Starr Hill saw three humanoid figures, at least 2.5m tall, with large domed heads, no apparent necks, wide shoulders, slim waists and long arms, standing in a triangle on the edge of the field. The watchers detected a “beautiful” scent and loud noises like pounding from nearby bushes. The figures then approached the group, one of whom walked right through one of the figures. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p62 citing Rogers 1994 + Warminster News September 1972.
  • Rogers 1994 p147 dates this to the 3rd.
August 14 1972, 0215hrs.
Restaurant worker Greg V Faltersack (18) was driving home from his girlfriends on Waukeshha Trunk, between Hw F and Hw164 when his 1963 Plymouth suffered a complete electrical failure, his engine died and radiator boiled. He braked and saw a large object, which appeared to be hovering just over the treetops (perhaps 12-15m altitude). The thing was 6-9m diameter. After seven seconds it made a beeping sound and rose out of sight. Greg was then able to restart his car, though the lights and radio would not return. He returned to the site with his sister. Police investigations showed skid marks at the site. The car’s fuses had blown and the temperature gauge showed the engine had overheated. 
  • FSR 16, 5 p29 citing Milwaukee Journal 21 August 1972.
  • Robert Barrow in Official UFO 1,8 p53.
  • McWane and Graham 1974 p54.
  • Data Net VI, 9 p13.

August 15 1972.
An object 5.5m long, with a wingspan of 6m came low and skids on its underside caught a barbed wire fence and brought a post down. On one wing there was a pulsating red light. 
  • Wheeler 1977 p60.
  • Evaluation: Helicopter?

August 16 1972. Night.
Elias Khosa, a worker at the trading store, was walking home when he encountered a fiery giant. He was unable to see its head, but could see flames around its feet. He invited the creature home for a drink, but it sped off through the veld at high speed.
  • Philipp J Human in FSR 18,6 p18 citing Natal Mercury 23 August 1972.

August 17 1972, 0005hrs.
Sgt John Cheemuck a police scout and his wife saw a large elongated American football shaped object flying slower than an aeroplane. It had windows in a cockpit on top, red lights at each end and a bright white light at the base. Mrs Cheemuck saw the object land and then take off again 5 minutes later. Captain Tom Williams investigated this and case reported on the following day, and found at the site, a 90cm diameter, 5cm deep with burnt grass at the bottom. The soil analysis revealed nothing of interest, but Williams had an eerie feeling while investigating the site. 
  • Phillips 1975 p85 case 533 citing Anchorage Daily Times 26 August 1972.
  • Data Net VI, 10 p24 citing Seattle Post-Intelligencer 27 August 1972
  • McWane and Graham 1974 p61.

August 17 1972, 0200hrs.
Antique dealer John Taylor (30) and his wife Sandra (29), of Heald Green, were driving home from a business trip to Newcastle. They had just got onto the dual carriageway of the A19 at Thirsk when their radio began to fill with static and Sandra noticed a glow in a field and suggested that they go out for a look. Sandra got out of the car and lit a cigarette. John followed, They were struck by a strange “other worldly” silence and saw, 30m (or 15m) away in a field on the other side of a fairly high hedge that bordered the road, a spherical object, 6m diameter, the “size of a house”, which appeared to be on the end of an elongated object, shaped rather like a melon about 10m high, 20m long. It had a tapering base. The spherical front glowed with a brilliant indescribable colour and had a red light on top. As they watched a “T” shaped opening appeared, from which emerged an extremely powerful light, like a sustained photographic flash. Totally unnerved, John dragged a still curious Sandra into the car and drove away. They reported the matter to the Stockport Police, who told that what they had seen was a marquee. Sandra was on holiday when an investigator called but John was still agitated, and refused to see any more investigators. In a separate set of investigations John had found it impossible to precisely locate the site of the incident. Their might have been a period of missing time. Afterwards Sandra had strange dreams about a little man and had ESP and other anomalous experiences. 
  • Data Net VI, 11 p17 + Hanson and Holloway 2011c p63 both citing Stockport Advertiser 24 August 1972.
  • Investigations by Ivor Beeston and Peter Warrington.
  • Randles 1988 p104 citing investigation by herself and Roy Sandbach in 1987.
  • Randles 1997 p102 which says that they encountered police cars at home before reporting it. John Taylor is called Peter Taylor there.

August 18 1972, 1400hrs.
Master mason Raymundo Villegas Alvarez (42) and his assistant Pancho Torres (18) were working on a roof drain when they heard a faint humming sound, to which they paid little attention, thinking it was coming from a nearby radio tower. They were then struck by the fact that the ordinary sounds of the day had been replaced with a stifling silence. They then spotted two strange figures 50m away. They were very tall (2.5m) reaching above the witnesses 2m high second story, and dressed in bright silvery clothes that resembled fish scales. At first the witnesses thought that these figures were people going to a fancy dress party. However as they reached the highway they were able to get a much better look at them. The strangers had very broad shoulders but unusually slender waists, with rounded heads, elongated chins, bright silvery faces with greenish bumps in place of eyes, small ears, no visible mouth or nose, hands with four pointed fingers and large webbed feet. They seemed to float in the air as they walked. The two witnesses watched the beings for about 5 minutes. When the creatures reached the highway, they flew up to the two men, who were forced to defend themselves with their work implements. At that moment a woman carrying a container of milk came around the corner, and the two creatures flew towards her. A great quantity of dust rose up from the ground and the entities disappeared into it, not to be seen again. Both men were anxious and suffered from nightmares, Torres leaving the district. 

  • APRO Bulletin 22,3 p9.
  • FSR 19,6 p30 citing El Comercio (Lima) 3 June 1973.
  • Rehn 1974 p139.

August 19 1972.
Gordon Pile and Robin Llewellyn saw a 1.5m tall thing emerge from the lake and chase them. Robin’s hand was cut by scales on the creature’s head.
  • Loren Coleman in Fortean Times 40 p44.
  • Shuker 1996 p131.
  • Shuker 2008 p100 citing Loren Coleman.
  • Coleman 1985 p70.
  • Evaluation: Almost certain hoax based on low budget film. Shuker 2015 p76 citing investigation by Daniel Loxton

August 19 1972, 0200hrs.
John I Calkins (23), assistant manager of a Nickersons farm restaurant, was wakened by the howling of his dog. Looking out, he saw three lighted objects over his house, which objects rose up and disappeared. He then heard strange high pitched whistles and sounds like a vacuum cleaner, so he called the police. Looking out again he saw objects in the sky, changing colours and lighting up the area, so that he could see that his dog had its paws over its ears. One object 7.5-10.5m diameter, 4.5-6m high, with a domed top and bottom and points at each end, emitting a brilliant light and a beeping sound, land on the Quonset Building, 45m from his caravan. John became cold with fear and had to go back inside. A call had already been received by Thomas County sheriff’s office at Colby, from another witness and patrolman Paul Carter (22) was dispatched to the scene. As he turned off Main Street at 1-70 and headed south, he saw an object moving northeast to southwest, which settled in a pasture north east of his position. The thing was large, very bright changing from red and green flashing lights to a steady white light that was too brilliant to look at. The thing was an oval 9-10.5m wide, 6-7.5m high and resembled an inverted bowl. It was hovering 3-5m above the field, which it illuminated. Paul called in for help at 0207 and his patrol partner, Dennis Brown (22) rushed to the area in his own car, arriving in time to see the object take off from the field and head away to the southeast. Taking the patrol car they followed the thing and contacted Oakley Police, 30km to the southeast, who watched the object. As the object shot away over the field, Dennis took three Polaroid photographs but nothing came out. They then appeared to have received the call from Gem and drove to that scene. As they approached they saw several red and green lights either hovering or moving swiftly in the sky. The pair went out as far as Rexford but then returned to Gem, where John Calkin confirmed that the two officers were very pale and shaken. No traces were found at either the Gem or Colby landing sites. Up to about 30 other residents saw lights in the sky until about dawn at 0620. 
  • Data Net VI, 9, p16 citing Kansas City Star, 20-26 August 1972.
  • FSR 18,6 p30 citing investigation Weidl.
  • Ohio UFO Reporter 10 p5 citing Kansas City Times 21 August 1972
  • Hall 2001 p191 citing MUFON UFO Journal Augist 1987 p20.

August 19 1972. Night.
At least ten people saw a strange giant on waste ground behind the home of Mrs Thelma Hansen in Molver Road. It was first seen by Jane Claasen and 8 year old Ingrid Hansen who saw something horrible and inhuman staring at them over the fence. Mrs Hansen described a tall creature with a long white cloak, a rectangular box like head with a row of luminous buttons on each of its sides, and fiery eyes which seemed to have an hypnotic effect on the witnesses. It was hovering 2.1m above the ground and had arms which it held in front of its body. It took off vertically, then moved off sideways and disappeared. It was seen three times altogether that night, and had been seen twice before. Mrs Hansen and seven others suffered headaches and leg pains after the experiences. 
  • Philipp J Human in FSR 18,6 p18 and Lou Farish and Dale Titler in Official UFO 1,8 p51 both citing Natal Mercury 22 August 1972 and investigation by Carl Van Vlierden.

August 19 1972, 2230hrs.

Two brothers, Anthony(8) and Joseph (10) D were camping in their front garden with their friend John L (12) when they saw a large white egg shaped light, spinning slowly, lighting up the district and emitting a humming noise as it skimmed over the telephone poles and treetops and landed in a wooded swamp about 10m away. The object was about 2m diameter and glowed for a while after landing in the swamp. The next say the water level in the swamp seemed to have fallen by an unusual amount. 
  • Data Net VI, 10 p14 + Ohio UFO Reporter 10 p4 both citing Dover Daily Advance 21 August 1972.

August 20 1972, 0530hrs.
At least two people saw an unidentified object parked on the coastal road near the Rufanes Beach turn off. It rose out to sea “like a big silver bubble”. 
  • Gemini 1,4 p10.

Late August 1972.
KERA (sic) (JAPAN)
A 13 year old boy saw a strange disc, like bat, flying around Mt Fodai (sic) and told two brothers who were his friends. They went back to the area in the night. As they watched the thing landed. They approached but as one of the brothers when to get close to the thing it brightened and the kids ran away. They thought the object was silver but could not be sure because of the floodlights. They returned to the scene 30 minutes later but could not see anything. The next day they found a mark 20cm diameter with four small holes in it. 
  • BUFORA Journal 4, 2 p6 citing T Seki and Japan UFO Research Assn.
  • Evaluation: I cannot find either Kera or Mt Fodai as place names on Google

August 21 1972, 0430hrs.
Mrs Doris Muthwa a young mother of five, accompanied by her 12 year old daughter Joyce, was drawing water from a river near her home. She looked up and saw what she thought was a man in a white suit. Then the figure began to smoke then blaze up. From his chest came a bright light which became pink and blue. The being appeared to be 3.5m tall. Doris felt electric shocks over body. The being then shot off into the sky. Doris and Joyce fled in terror. 
  • Philipp J Human in FSR 18,6 p17 and Lou Farish and Dale Titler in Official UFO 1,8 p51 both citing Natal Mercury 22 August 1972.

August 22 1972, 0200hrs.
John Burgess (32), a pipe fitter at Newalls Engineering, was driving from Spalding home to Market Deeping when he saw a red light coming across the fields towards him. He first thought that it was an aircraft but when it came within 180m of the road, he saw that it was a globe 6m diameter at treetop height. John pulled down his window to ensure that it was not a reflection and saw that it was still moving. He then accelerated off at speeds of up to 120kph, but the object kept pace with him, accelerating when he did and slowing with him also. When he reached home, John was afraid to leave his car, as the object was circling the village, and eh only got out when he saw it zoom off towards Stamford. 
  • Data Net VI, 10 p15 citing Peterborough Evening Telegraph 23 August 1972.

August 22 1972. Evening.
A young couple parked near the Ottawa reservoir saw a strange, large orange light descend into nearby woods. They got out to investigate and saw a strange luminous sphere hovering just above the ground. From it came a ramp on which figures could be seen descending up and down. After a number of minutes the beings went back into the object, the ramp lifted and the object took off and disappeared. 
  • Lab 1976 p28 citing APRO files.

August 22 1972, 2100hrs.
Mrs Patty Herman (23) of Russell was driving eastwards on Hw1=70, about 40km west of Salina, when she saw a very bright white light, rimmed with red lights. Which lit up the whole highway, rise up from behind a hill to the south. It passed north over her car at very high speed. The thing was large but Patty was unable to make out its exact shape. About 15-20 minutes later, when about 15km west of Salina Patty saw two other, similar objects together perform an identical manoeuvre. 
  • Data Net VI, 10 p15 + Ohio UFO Reporter 10 p4 both citing Salina Journal 23 August 1972.

August 23 1972, 1530hrs.
Russell Van Nice and Michael Gold saw a humanoid creature, with silvery scaly skin, huge ears, a monstrous face and a sort of pointed projection on its head, come out of the lake, look around and then walk back into the lake. 
  • Shuker 1996 p131.
  •  Coleman 1985 p70
  • Evaluation: Hoax. Shuker 2015 p75 citing investigation by Daniel Loxton

August 27 1972, 0300hrs.
Mechanic Eduardo Fernando Dedeu (37), a married man and owner of his own repair shop in Bahia Blanca, was returning home to Bahia after attending a dinner in Medanos. A short distance out of Medanos he was flagged down by a man with his coat collar turned up and wearing a cap. Eduardo gave the stranger a lift but was struck by his companion’s uncommunicative nature-he answered enquiries about where he had come from and his destination with incomprehensible mumbles. Eduardo put this down to the stranger being a semiliterate peasant until they reached km 710, where the car’s lights went out, forcing him to stop. Eduardo then noticed an object, which he first thought was an upturned bus, on the highway. It had a large blue light in the middle, and two, somewhat smaller, white lights on the sides. When Eduardo got out of the car he was dazzled by a brilliant white, searing hot, flash of light, which forced him to shelter behind the car door. When he looked up, he saw that the object, which had a row of windows giving off white light and a green light on the underside, was moving off to the left. This just took a few seconds. When he returned to the car the stranger had, gone, the door was open, with the handle on the floor. At that moment the car lights came on again. There was an independent witness, Roberto Max Maisterrena, a worker at a factory in the area, who saw, about this time, , something like a bus, hovering above a hill near National Highway 3. It had openings like windows and was emitting flashes of white light. 
  • Jane Thomas in FSR 18,6 p23 citing Asi 1 September 1972 + La Razon 29 August 1972 + La Nacion 29 August 1972.
  • Fabio Picasso in Strange Magazine 9 p34 citing La Heras 1974 p29 + Alfredo Sierra + J Fernandes in Gente 7 Septemebr 1972 p100 gives date as 27th and witness name as Eduardo Fernandez de Deugd.

August 28 1972, 0100hrs.
Harold Johnson and his wife, the owners of the Castle Hill Supper Club, south of Merillian, saw an extremely bright light shining through the trees about halfway up Castle Mound, b3hind their club. It illuminated the Rabbit hutch at the end of their lawn and lit up the branches of the trees. The intense blue-white light remained absolutely stationary in the south-east, gradually fading away after 10 minutes. The following day Mrs Johnson and her daughter went to the site but found no traces. Harold estimated that it was at between 15-30m altitude. 
  • Data Net VI, 11 p13 citing Clark County Press 14 September 1972.

August 28 1972, 2015hrs.
Koos Harmse and Daphne Vertue were driving from a farm in Lime Acres to Kimberley along the Schmidtsdrift road when, as they reached the Schmidtsdrift bridge, they saw a bright source of light between the hills, which they thought was a star. They had crossed the bridge and had to stop while an animal crossed the road when they saw what looked like a fire on the veldt to their left. Suddenly the flames disappeared and they saw two rows of lights like portholes, one above the other, the lower row being level with their car, There was also a big, bright, dull orange spotlight. The couple got back in their car and drove off in fear, only to find that the thing followed them. Through the dense bush it now looked like a large white spotlight but when they reached open country again they saw it as a row of lights on an object, which followed, increasing speed and stopping as they did. When they got within 40km of Kimberley the thing split into four bright white lights, which drifted with them until they reached the city prison, where the lights disappeared. There were numerous independent witnesses. 
  • FSR 18,6 p31 citing Diamond Fields Advertiser 30 August 1972.
  • Evaluation: The pacing and speed pacing all suggest distant light, and the distance covered strongly suggest astronomical source.

August 28 1972. Night.
Alawa primary school teacher Helen Benger was driving with her daughters (5, 19 months) and her cousin Dorothy Simpson and her 5 month old baby son. The previous night they had seen a mushroom shaped object, which had manoeuvred around their car. On this night they were driving 70km north of Pimba, only a few kilometres from the Woomera rocket range when they saw an object low down in the scrub. Helen signalled it with her torch and the light responded, fading slowly and then returning. It was seen first ahead and then behind the car. 16km past Pimba Helen noticed it on the right hand side of the car, taking off from the ground, emitting a circle of green, iridescent light. As they drove past a road on the left hand side of the Adelaide road they saw, about 100m away, a huge mushroom shaped object, the size of a house, which covered all but 60m of the 10m wide road. The thing appeared to be made of two substances, one silver and the other dull black and to be standing on legs. Helen was too terrified to go back. They then saw the thing again in the sky and Helen hid her head down on the seat rather than look at it, 

  • Data Net VI, 12 p17 citing Darwin News 21 September 1972.
  • Basterfield 1981 p96 citing his own investigation + UFO Research South Australia.

August 30 1972. Night.
An 11 year old farmer’s son was watching TV when he was distracted by a high pitched whine from outside and went to investigate. He observed a large orange egg shaped object come from out of the east, pass in front of him, and drop several metres and then return to its former level, crossing in front of the boy again. He estimated that it was the same size as a 4.8x 6m addition to their property. Another member of the family came out in time to see the object disappearing and another found she had to calm the dog, which had become exited. There was interference on TV during the incident. The boy observed the object, which appeared to be as bright as the sun, for about 60 seconds and afterwards developed a swelling of the eyes and ear ache. 
  • Skylook 60 p8.

August 31 1972, 1000hrs.
The witness was crossing route 128 on a bridge when he heard a loud huming sound and glanced up to see an oval object, with a central dome, carrying a reddish light, move over the highway in an up and down motion. Cars slowed down. 
  • Fowler 1974 p358)

Fall 1972 (approx. date)
Art Baker was driving with his wife along a country road when their car stopped for no apparent reason and a huge ball of bleu light surrounded the vehicle for 1-2 minutes, during which time their dog became very stiff, The light then left and the car restarted of its own accord, As the couple approached the Anderson farm the same thing happened again. They then drove straight home, on reaching which they felt unwell. Mrs Baker complained of red spots in front of her eyes, a headache and also a blue-black spot on her forehead, which lasted for several days. The dog seemed bewildered, as if in a trance and the car made odd noises, the source of which they could not detect. They traded it off the next year as they had previously planned. 
  • Canadian UFO Report 3,7 p9 citing an undated issue of Inter County Leader.

September 1972. Dusk.
At their home on the outskirts of Wapakoneta, a man had gone out to check for a threatened tornado when he saw a disc shaped object with red and white lights, moving slowly and silently 10m above the ground. It moved around with abrupt turns, behind the barn, across the road and towards them. His wife was terrified and retreated. The disc was metallic looking, 10m diameter, and 2.5-3m thick, with a central band of red and white lights. Above these lights was a band of translucent material, from which came a white light. The thing manoeuvred for some minutes, finally hovering over the wires 50m away. The thing then moved away, rose slightly, blazed up and disappeared. 
  • Swords 2005 p66 citing John Timmerman.

Autumn 1972.
Seamstress Mrs Reiko Harada (46) was walking home with her young son when she heard a rustling in the undergrowth and then saw a hairy humanoid, with a brown face and dark hair, standing at the side of the road. It raised its arms as if to stop her. She felt paralysed but then managed to pick up the boy and run off. A smell like a dead body was detected at the site. 
  • Bord 1980 p180 citing Jun-Ichi Takanashi + National Tattler 19 August 1973.

September 1972. Night.
Philip Wilkins was deer stalking about 10km west of Russellville when he encountered a bipedal creature 2-2.5m tall in a soya field. The thing had a short neck and knee length arms. Philip fled from the scene. 
  • Newton 2010 p62.

Early September 1972
KERA (sic) (JAPAN)
Five boys saw a bright, slowly rotating, object about 1m above a rice field. The thing had many small multi-coloured lights. The frightened lads ran away and when they returned the object had gone. 
  • BUFORA Journal 4,2 p6 citing T Seki + Japan UFO Research Association.

Early September 1972 
KERA (sic) (JAPAN)
One of the two brothers in the Late August case found a brilliant glowing object in the rice field. His brother and another friend went close to the thing and took a photograph of it. When the flash went off the object seemed to rise 1.5m. The picture was of poor quality and showed something like a bottle. The two brothers were said to have captures a disc on six or seven occasions, taken it home, where they kept it in their brother’s room. It mysteriously disappeared each time. They showed it to a friend’s father, a teacher at the technical highs school, who didn’t know what to make of it. Another friend’s mother saw the light through the bag in which it was kept. This thing was described as being 18,5cm diameter. 10cm high, 1.3kg in weight and was made of some lustrous metal with wavy patterns on the underside . In the middle of the underside was a square containing many small holes; this square being surrounded by a ridge. When the lads threaded wire through these holes a lid in the underside opened, which they could neither shut nor take off. The inside looked like part of a radio or TV set. The lid shut on its own accord. When they poured water in the holes it made a noise like a cicada. It was undamaged by blows from a hammer and a stone. It was luminous, the light shining through the bag in which it was kept. It appeared to have the ability to appear and disappear through the sealed bag and on the last occasion it vanished, the brother holding it was knocked off the back seat of the cycle on which they were riding. When they looked in the bag the object was gone, though the knot was securely tied. 
  • (ibid)
  • Evaluation: See Late August for note on this non-existent place name. Probable hoax.

September 1972. 0005hrs.
Former Seville football player Mr Valderas and his wife were driving down the long slope to the Conti farm on their way home from Seville when they saw an enormous, dazzling yellow, oval light 700m to their left, on or just above the ground. This light was completely silent and neither moved nor varied in brightness. Valderas drove rapidly away. 
  • Ballester 1976 p39 case 159 citing investigation by Manuel Osuna + Ballester Olmos files.

September 1972, 2130hrs.
About a month after his previous experience Mr Borchi (qv) was making the same journey when at the same spot he again encountered the unidentified object which disappeared almost at once. In same month Borchi encountered the thing again . On this occasion it was also seen by the occupants of the car behind him, teacher Loudres Fatima Madeira, her brother and two brothers-in-law 
  • FSR 19,2 p31 citing O Globo 1 January 1973.

September 4 1972, 1845hrs.
While out motor scootering, Aarno Heinonen (qv) was followed and passed by a small cloud at 20m distance. He stopped and the woman came down from the cloud feet first, this time wearing brown clothing. She shook his hand, greeted him, and drew out the middle antennae of the sphere. There was a sort of small whirlwind as the woman floated back into the spherical cloud which took off. 
  • FSR 36,5 p10 citing AFU Nyhetsblad 19 citing UFOaika 11.

September 4 1972, 2130hrs.
Two little boys, Jeff V (7) and Bobby C (a 7th grader were playing outside when they heard a woman scream and saw an object the size of a house, with white, blue, green and red lights (one each), circling the field as if it was about to land. It then backed away. Neither boy saw any detail on the object and Bobby thought it was just an orange light. Jeff called his father Charles, who in turn alerted their neighbours, Mr and Mrs Hunold. The three adults saw the object move away to the northwest. Several people in the north part of Canton also saw the object. 
  • Data Net 6 vI,11 p17 citing Canton Press and News Record 7 September 1972.

September 6 1972. Night.
Barbara Robinson saw a figure, which police estimated to be at least 2m tall, peep in through her bedroom window. 
  • Coleman 2001 p197.

September 7 1972, 2145hrs.
Inspector William McFarland of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, his wife Thea along with their two sons(13, 12) and daughter (7) were driving south on Hw203 just south of Beausejour, when a bright, luminous, oval object, apparent length 1.2-1.5m and 30cm thick approached from the west at an altitude of about 10m. It followed their car for 20-25 minutes, during which time the object kept pace with changes in the car’s speed and it hovered over them when they stopped and shut off the lights and engine. When they reached the house of Thea’s mother, Mrs Reimann, the object was till maintaining its position at about 10m altitude. When they switched off their lights and indicator they could see that the object was now hovering 3m above her house. When the children brought their grandmother out of the house, the object swayed slightly and rotated in a swirling motion, maintaining its position over the house, emitting a soft, bright white light. No sharp edges or details were visible. After about 5 minutes the thing moved off to the west, still rotating and eventually disappeared behind the trees. 
  • Data Net VI, 11 p18 citing Beausejour Beaver 19 September 1972.
  • Evaluation: Astronomical.

September 7 1972, 2355hrs.
Messes Tanton, Petit and a group of young people playing guitars saw a green platform, 7m diameter, 10m above the ground, 30m away. They ran towards the thing but it disappeared as they reached it. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Phen Spax 35 p18.

September 9 1972m 0430hrs.
A single witness in suburban Glasgow saw an object like a black metal spinning top with lights flashing underneath and rows of windows along the edge. Through one of the windows the witness saw an entity with blond hair wearing a silvery suit with stripes on the arms, staring at him/her. The witness later had a mental breakdown. 
  • NUFON News 44 p6 citing a UFOIN investigation.

September 9 1972, 1200hrs.
Whole patrolling the sea coast near several air bases the pilots of some jet fighters saw a luminous object land a few kilometres from a navy base. They radioed the control tower. As other jets approached the area the object took off and vanished among the clouds. Some marks and burnt grass were found at the site, 
  • Phillips 1975 p85 case 829 citing A.G.A..

September 10 1972, 0430hrs.
Kempsey greengrocer Allan Jones was driving towards Armidale when, behind trees about 30m from the road he saw a strange purple glow. He slowed down and rolled down his window but was unable to hear any sound. As he drove on the glow was visible through his rear mirror for some time and appeared to be a beam of light that was lighting up the roadway. At 1245 that day he saw a huge cigar shaped object, emitting small discs, at very high altitude.
  • Eileen Buckle in FSR 21,6 p4 citing an undated issue of Macleay Argus.

September 10 1972.
A round top-shaped object was seen at very low altitude. 
  • UFO Register 9 pt2 p50.

September 10 1972, 2110hrs.
Melanie J (10) went to the back door on her way to go for some ice-cream with her mother, when she saw an object with flickering lights at treetop height above their home, looking as if it was about to land . The flashing red, white and blue lights were on the top part of the object, which had a round bottom. Trees obscured a better view. Melanie called her mother and they both went to alert her father. John, who was at the water front. From there the three saw flickering lights moving away. Several other people saw the object. At about this time a power blackout occurred in the south side of Quincy.
  • Data Net VI, 11 p15 citing Canton Press and News Record 14 September 1972.

September 13 1972. Night.
 Ronald and Geraldine Ludwig and their 12 year old daughter were out driving when Geraldine saw a white glowing object, the size of a house, giving off a dull light. The thing paced the car, turned the corner with them and then veered over the car. It landed briefly in a field of tall corn, shot up back into the sky, flaring up, and then descended again, lighting up the field. They saw that it was large, round and appeared to have rays coming from it. The family were unnerved and drove home, where they reported the matter to the sheriff, but his investigations found no traces. 
  • Data Net VI, 10 p16 citing Indianapolis Star 15 September 1972 + Rocky Mountain News 16 September 1972.
  • Ohio UFO Reporter 10 p8.
September 14 1972, 0530hrs.
High School pupil Bill A (16) was looking out to sea from his front veranda when he saw a bright piercing light hovering, moving up and down, to the west and back. As the thing moved into the clouds, it looked like a vertical dumbbell, with a brilliant light at each end and a soft red pulsating light in its centre. As Bill cycled down Latham Street to start his milk round job, he saw the object again, apparently about 30m above Bluff Hill. He observed the object for about 5-7 minutes. 
  • Data Net VI, 11 p18 citing Napier Daily Telegraph 14 September 1972.

September 14 1972 2000  
Mr and Mrs S were watching their portable TV when the picture began to pulsate and roll. This stopped after about 1 minute. The couple went outside and saw a bright light in the south, 30 degrees above the horizon. Through binoculars this appeared to be a round shape with a flattened bottom. It had a blue white light and moved back and forth 6 or7 times before disappearing behind trees to the west. At 0300 the next morning the couple were awakened by the barking and howling of their three large guard and hunting dogs. Mr S took one of the dogs to go and investigate, but the normally courageous animal was reluctant to move. As S searched the area with a flashlight, there was a sudden bright flash of light on or near the ground, which sufficiently unnerved to abandon the search until the morning. That morning he noticed that an evergreen tree at the site, 90m from the house, had been discoloured on one side. Beyond this side an oval area of depressed grass, about 6m by 4,3m in the centre of which were three small imprints, each showing an extension or toe. These imprints were 60mm long and one was 40mm deep. A blackened area came was found in the centre of these imprints formed a triangle. These features were still visible when the case was investigated in November despite several cm of rain and snow. 
  • Ted Phillips in MUFON 1973 Proceedings p28 citing his own investigation.
  • Phillips 1975 85 case 327.

September 15 1972, 0300hrs. 
At “Mount Butler” near Armidale, three university students in the farm heard a sound like cats scratching at their door. When one of them went to see what was happening he saw an apparition like a faceless monk hovering about 4.5m from the door. He called his companions and the three saw the figure floating around in a slight arc. It then disappeared in a flash, which hit one of the men in the chest. He became shocked and incoherent. He was still in this state when they went out to investigate again. Two farm horses came up to them, one of which was the struck man’s favourite. When he put his arm around this horse, the flashed left him, entered the horse, then left it and vanished. The area was noted for UFO activity. 
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976 + Chalker 1996 p139 citing investigation by Bill Chalker.

September 15 1972. Morning.
A school teacher driving along the Hw 6 near the Bissell community saw a large oval object on the road. The dull aluminium coloured object was soundless. 
  • Cox 2004 p21 citing NUFORC.

September 15 1972 (approx. date) 2045hrs.
John Melbourne (22) was returning home to Lincoln from Newark on the A1 when he saw an extremely large round object hovering about 30m above the ground. John pulled into the nearby layby where he was joined by several other motorists. After a few seconds the object began moving rapidly and then disappeared in a “whoosh”. There were four re lights on the object, with four white lights around them. 
  • Lincolnshire Echo 16 September 1972,

September 17 1972. Night.
Billy Erwin and some friends were followed by a red glowing round object, the size of a basketball, which hovered over their car as they drove back from Sherman. The thing followed them in to Billy’s yard, where it was seen by his mother, as it hovered 15m above the ground. The light was said to follow Billy quite regularly. 
  • Data Net VI, 10 p16 citing Dallas Morning News 23 September 1972 + Dallas Times Herald 26 September 1972 citing investigation by Dave Ozanne.

Late September 1972. Night.
Two men fishing saw a huge purple globe descend over the water and then take off again. 
  • Investigation by Ivor Beeston.

September 20 1972. (approx date)
The handyman at the Little Abbey Hotel, Mr Allison saw a figure in a brown cloak and hood come up the stairs. He thought it was a guest but as there was only a toilet on the upper floor when the man didn’t return after a few minutes he went to check but there was no-one in the toilet and the other doors were locked, 
  • Green 1973 p35.

September 20 1972. (approx date) Night.
A woman observed two short beings emerge from a strange device with lights, and grab a goat which seemed to be paralysed. They took in into the object which then disappeared at great speed. 
  • Leonte Objio and Richard Heiden in APRO Bulletin 30,1 p5 citing letter from witness to Listin Diaro (Santo Domingo) 22 September 1972 + Stendek 12 p16 + Robiou-Lemarche 1979 p218.
  • UFO Register 9 pt.2 p51 citing Listin Diaro op cit + Skylook 68 p11)

September 20 1972. Night.
A man out driving saw a Saturn shaped object move up Mount Rouge with a pendulum motion, very close to the ground, and then land on the summit. The motorist drove up the foot of the mountain for a better look. The thing was 30-45m diameter with a row of oval windows. The driver flashed his headlights three times at which the object came straight towards him, passing overhead at about 10m altitude, at which the car lights, engine and radio failed and he felt an increased heat. The object then sped away and the car worked normally. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p55 citing Canadian UFO Report 3, 1.

September 21 1972, 0540krs.
Teodoro Merlo (56) a washroom attendant at the Ika-Renault plant went to unlock the washroom to prepare it for the maintenance shift. As he did so, he was surprised to see that the light in the far sector was out and that someone was sat on one of the wash troughs. He wondered how this could be as he had personally locked the room at 0140, but carried on with his work. Suddenly the light in the near sector went out with a metallic click, and the one in the far sector came on, showing that the entity had vanished. The entity had only been 3m away and Merlo had seen it was a being with a large hairless head, long pointed ears, slit eyes and marks on its cheeks. It appeared to be dressed in a dull, dark blue, tight fitting one piece suit with face and hands bare, showing long slender fingers. One hand appeared to be held against his nose as it sat on the basin with its feet on the ground (which appeared to give it an estimated height of 2.4-2.5m. The temperature in the area seemed to be higher than in the rest of the factory. Merlo suffered from eye watering, headaches, a red spot on his nose and pains in the lumbar area. As he drove back to work that day at 2110, Merlo seemed to see the being’s face reflected in the bus mirror and he could now make out other details, such as that it had a mouth in which the upper lip protruded beyond the lower one, brown patches on its cheeks, lines beneath the eyes and a triangular nose. This face vanished after three minutes. 
  • Oscar A Gallindez et al in FSR 21,2 p11 citing own investigation.

September 22 1972, 0900hrs.
Insurance salesman Virgillio Gomez was driving along a lonely highway when he was flagged down by a man about 1.75m tall, wearing a light green overall with a shiny glint to it. At first Gomez thought the stranger was a policeman, but then saw that his uniform had no pockets or insignia, that he carried no gun and wore no gloves etc. This man claimed he was Freddy Miller, a well known Dominican of American extraction who had been lost at sea 15 years before. “Miller” claimed he had been rescued by people like his two 2.1m tall companions, who came from a “modern machine you call a UFO”. The two men were dressed in identical fashion to “Miller”. with short brown hair, light coloured skin, and were standing silently with their arms crossed, observing the scene. Beside them was an oval shaped machine resembling an American football (rugby ball), with a nickled surface. “Miller” gave evasive answers to Gomez’s questions about their origin and purpose, “Miller” then told him to drive on as they were now leaving, and advised him not to worry if his car stopped at all. As Gomez drove away he saw the three leaving through the bushes. Next day the car did fail, but started working in the early morning of its own accord, after an unsuccessful trip to the garage. 
  • Salvador Friexedo in FSR Case Histories 14 p10.
  • Skylook 68 p11 citing Listin Diaro 28 October 1972.
  • Richard Heiden citing Stendek 12 p25 (gives correct date).

September 26 1972.
A strange object was seen at close range 6.5km east of here. No further details 
  • Rath 1997 p61.

September 27 1972, 2115hrs.
Mr and Mrs Smith of Hay Street were watching TV in their living room when, through a gap in the curtains they saw a yellow-orange object, the size of washtub, hovering in the sky, north of Dundas. It moved along for two or three blocks until trees blocjed it from their view as it appeared to land near Ontario Hospital. 
  • Data Net VI, 12 p18 citing Woodstock-Ingersoll Sentinel Review 25 September 1972.

September 27 1972. 2315hrs.
Enrique Moreno (19) an internal document distributor at the Ika-Enault plant was coming out of the store on his round when he saw a sort of rainbow close to the ground near the perimeter of the plant. He did not pay much attention to this and hurried up, but then noticed, 10m from the road, 100m away, a blue-green figure slowly moving as if to cross the road. At first he thought it was one of the workmen but then felt that the figure was so tall that it would have to be on stilts. When Moreno got within 30m of the figure, it turned around, swinging its whole body in a manner which gave the impression that its arms and legs were inanimate and just attached to the body. At the same time Moreno’s motorcycle began to vibrate and backfire, slowed down, then, when level with the entity, stopped. The entity was among the car chassis and only its upper part was visible, but Moreno was able to see that it was 2.3-2.4m tall, with an extremely angular greenish white face. It was hairless and its ears protruded above the top of its skull. It had round, sparkling eyes, like yellow light bulbs, with no eyelids, lashes or eyebrows, a straight line for a mouth and a perfect pyramid of a nose, the whole appearance of something modelled and artificial. It wore a one piece luminous plastic blue-green suit with a large silvery belt, which had a buckle of the same colour. On the right hand side of the belt was a pouch like a cartridge pouch. 

During this time Moreno felt an unbearable hum in his ears, an itch throughout his body and a paralysis of his limbs, which did not, however, stop him from staying on his motorcycle, a feeling of heat (the night itself was cool), a smell of burning oil. After what seemed like 30 seconds the cycle suddenly shot off to the left at terrific speed, and even when it slowed down he was driving at 50k/h without any conscious control. When he reached the security gate he heard the 2330 siren, which indicated he had been observing the being for 17 minutes, though he had no recall of this. The security staff denied there were any traces, but Moreno claimed they had deliberately obliterated two hot rectangular footprints, 20cm by 40cm, 2cm deep, in which were luminous particles, like mica. Moreno suffered from nausea, burning eyes and pain in the neck. He became so ill that staff called for an ambulance, but he asked instead to be taken to his fiancee's house. Both in the ambulance and when he got to her house he was rambling on about latitude and longitude etc, and his sleep was nervous. these were probably the after-effects of a sedative. Earlier that night at 2230 he had been unnerved by the lights in the engineering office going on and off three times of their own accord. At 2330 that night, Mrs Quirgo, a lady living near the plant, saw a luminous object, which picked up a humanoid being by means of a crystal tube. This was confirmed by Mr and Mrs Roberto Grosso who were driving past the plant when they saw a luminous body rise from the plant and high speed. 

This globe was seen by many residents of Villa El Liberador.

At 0340 the next morning Luftolde Rodriguez (52) a truck driver for Egrea was delivering parts to the plant and had just finished unloading in the extreme North East of the plant when his truck’s transistor radio packed up with a loud bang and he noticed the whole area was lit up and someone was walking towards him. Looking round he saw the torso of an extremely tall individual. When this individual reached the right wing of the truck, the witness was able to see that it was 2.5m tall. bald, the top and back of the skull were flattened. It had long erect ears, reaching 2cm above the skull, no eyelids, eyebrows, lashes, round luminous eyes, very white in complexion, straight nose with flat sides and small mouth. It was dressed in a bluish-green plastic looking one piece luminescent suit. Its body was of robust but unnatural with unnaturally long arms and legs. In its left hand it had something like a billiard ball which continuously emitted a powerful white light.. On both wrists were silvery clasps and on its feet were silvery boots, with creases on the tops and thick rectangular bottoms. The being walked without bending its knees, which made it sway as it walked. As it passed, Rodriguez was paralysed in his seat, unable even to move his hands, the truck began to vibrate so much that the radio fell away from the dashboard and he heard a humming sound, like a swarm of bees, in his ears. The entity did an about right turn, looked at him, then turned round again, swinging its whole body, and as it walked off, the lights and engine on the truck went out, only to come on again when the entity was 25-30m away. Rodrgiuez just sat there stunned until some workers came up to ask what happened. 

At 2230 that night, Moreno was back on duty and went to the teleprinting section to get some work tools when, getting the impression he was being watched, looked towards a window which overlooked some upon ground and saw, facing him, 3m from the window, the same entity he had seen the night before. At the same time the fluorescent lights began flashing on and off, the area filled with a soft hum and the teleprinters started up. He ran off in total panic until the security guard calmed him down. 

  • Oscar Gallindez in FSR 21,3-4, p16 and FSR 21,5 p 14 citing own investigation.

September 28 1972, 0005hrs.
Vasile Carabus (69), a night watchman at the CAP plant, was on Tabacici Hill, south of the village, when he saw an object, like a bright star with a tail in the sky. The thing’s apparent diameter was twice that of Venus and the apparent length of the tail was 2m. After hovering in the North West sky for a short time, the thing descended slowly, at 45 degrees, to a place called La Odaia. At this spot a circle of burnt corn and compacted clay 582cm was found. At the centre of this circle was a hole 14cm wide, 260 cm deep, around which were heaps of soil 70cm diameter; there were also three trapezoid depressions at an angle of 120 degrees to each other. This spot was bounded by three trees and two high tension cables and it appeared that the traces had been scraped out. Grass in this area appeared scorched, the surrounding maize was riper and the local moles had come out of hibernation again. Laboratory analysis showed signs of increased radioactivity. 
  • Hobana and Weverbergh 974 p273 citing investigation by Colin Turcu et al.
  • Skylook 79 p4 citing Joe Brill citing Colin Turcu and Mikai Matai.

September 30 1972, 0500hrs.
Dewey Strong was driving along Lee Valley Road, south of Coquille when, on turning a corner, his headlight caught a bipedal creature with a large head and wide shoulders about 3m away. The thing was about 2m tall with an ape like face. 
  • Wasson 1979 p6 citing her own investigation.

Late 1972.  0300hrs.
A three year old girl saw a thing described as a “boat” with a large light on or above her house. The next morning her father noticed a dark patch of grass on their front lawn about 1.8 x 2.45m. A strange grey powder was found at the site. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p176 citing investigation by Dr Geoff Stevens, report of 19 March 1995 + UFO Investigation Centre Newsletter 43.

Late 1972.
A businessman and minister, who had been hearing strange beeping sounds for a number of years heard the sound again and saw a strange flying object. He then became aware of a humanoid being about 1.6m tall, dressed in a thin one-piece overall stood beside him. The being had a thin lips and a small nose and appeared to lack teeth. Its eyes were elongated ovals. It wore a sort of turban with a star on it. This being took the witness by the hand and led him over 600m to a 15m diameter luminous object and took him inside to a transparent room with leathery chairs and various dials and gauges. The object took off and entered the sea to place where there were about 700 beings. Here he was given a strange but nourishing meal, neither sweet nor salty. After this experience the witness developed various “wild talents”. 
  • Sanchez-Ocejo and Stevens 1982 p146.
October 1972 (approx. date)  
Mr Dieterle almost collided with a lorry when he was distracted by a white oval crossing his path. After about 50m the thing disappeared. The lorry driver also saw it. 
  • Rogers 1994 p190.

October 1972 (approx. date) 2330hrs.
A 30 something taxi driver, had crossed the Ferry bridge from Port Talbot to Swansea along the A48 whe he was aware that his car was being paced by a dark flattened disc with a row of red lights on its underside. As the object passed over his car, the driver stopped and got out. Once outside he felt an air pressure, a rhythmic pulsing sound and felt a tingling on his arms and face. Just above the luminous rim, he saw three dark grey shadows that appeared to be jostling one another. The object then shot straight up and disappeared in moments. There was a curious absence of traffic on the otherwise busy road. 
  • Paul Fuller in Meaden 1991 p119 citing his own investigation.
  • Evaluation: Not reported for 17 years

October 1972  
Three people in a car saw an oval object and their radio failed. The object then disappeared. 
  • UFO Register 9 pt2 p54 citing Fountain Journal 8 p20.

October 1972. 2100hrs. 
Mr OD was walking back to the hotel where he worked after a walk on Beachy Head, when he became concerned because dark clouds came in from the sea, and he feared a storm. He then saw a large violet blue light come from the channel. When it came close, he saw that there was a dark object behind it, but he could not make out its shape because of the brilliance of the light, which saw now sweeping round. When he got within 10m of the object he felt his skin tingle and hair stand on end. He then heard a voice in his head, speaking in perfect accentless English, telling him not to be afraid. He suddenly felt the ground underneath change to a hard surface, then realised that he was in the middle of the road, about 1.2km from his previous location. He then got back to the hotel to find that three hours were unaccounted for.
  • NUFON News 139 p13 citing investigation by Jenny Randles and Roy Sandbach.
  • Randles 1997M p107
  • Evaluation: Another case reported more than 15 years after the event, by a witness who recounted all sorts of adventures both paranormal and normal

October 1972. 2215hrs.   
A couple driving home from Blackpool were driving down the old Roman Road on the outskirts of Crewe when they encountered a shimmering silvery mass about 30cm above the road. They drove on and the mass passed over their roof, making no sound at all. The observation lasted only a few seconds. 
  • NUFON News 41 p4 citing investigation by FUFOR.

October 1972. 2345hrs.
Ed Foley from Mesa was driving along US10 near Casa Grande when he stopped to relieve himself, shutting off his car lights and engine but leaving the radio on. He heard a high pitched sound on the radio and saw a light in the sky, approaching. As it got closer Ed saw that it was a golden-yellow disc, surmounted by a shallow dome. From the thing’s underside came two beams of light, from which emerged things that looked like squat cylinders, a smaller on top of a larger, with antennae from their sides and four legs. As these things descended the noise on the radio increased in pitch and debris under them swirled around. One of the cylinders flashed a beam at Ed and he got a vision of the interior of the disc where humanoid beings were working, and received “information” about their world. The beam then went out and the strange double cylinders disappeared as the disc took off. 
  • Howe 1998 p159 citing investigation by Wendelle Stevens.

October 4 1972, 0315hrs.  
Gilberto Gregorio Ciccioli (50), an uneducated building worker, was awakened by sounds from his entrance hall which he first thought were made by a large dog. When he went to the door, however, he was blinded and totally disorientated by a brilliant white light. He came to his senses in a sort of laboratory which was brilliantly illuminated by a huge central lamp that gave off a fluorescent light. Around him were 5-10 beings of generally humanoid appearance, but exceptionally tall (2.2-2.3m) and slender (waists only 25-30 cm). They were all of the same height and features, including very long and wide chins, and wore dark olive-green uniforms. They took samples of blood from the fourth finger of his left hand, and of sperm. While these samples were being taken Ciccip;i was able to look round the lab, which appeared to be of metallic construction and contained various pieces of apparatus. He then lost consciousness and came to at home at 0340. In the next few days first his finger then his whole left hand began to swell, and after 12 days noticed slight paints at the nape of his neck and his mind seemed to fill with various scientific ideas. His dog developed bouts of paralysis at about this time. 
  • FSR 19,6 p16 quoting Antonio O Perez Aleman in LDLN 129.
  • Fabio Picasso in Strange Magazine 9 p34 citing (Siete Dias 27 November 1973 citing Fabio Zerpa) + La Razon 3 May 1973 p6 citing a lecture by Las Heras, Vogt and Rietti 2 May 1973.

October 4 1972. Night 
Gladys Maldonado Quinones saw, in her bedroom, two beings with a greenish -brown scaly skin who gave her a ring and a stone, and who communicated telepathically and she had dreams of “visiting space craft in their bases”. Some accounts say that beings came from a landed object and walked into tunnels connected with a mine. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR Case Histories 17 p11.
  • UFO Register 9 pt.2, p52.

October 5 1972, 0440hrs.  
A watchman saw a circular object, about 20m diameter, some 1.5m above the ground at least 50m away. It was only observed for 15 seconds, 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing GESAG Bulletin 32 p10.

October 5 1972, 0530hrs.  
Mrs R Rennis of Winster Road went out to get the morning newspaper and saw an orange oval rise from the ground to treetop height. It then moved jerkily but fairly fast towards the north where it hovered and then landed on the mountain top. After three or four minutes the thing rose again to about 5m and disappeared, leaving a streak of orange and blue flames, about 1m long. The thing itself was about 5-5.5m in circumference. The only possible trace At the landing site was some moss apparently having been rubbed off the rocks. 
  • Data Net VII,1 p14 + Ohio UFO Reporter 10 p10 both citing Pat McInnes in San Juan de Fuca News Review 25 October 1972 citing her own investigation.

October 6 197,2 1930hrs.
At a spot 30km from Ljubljana a group of children were playing in a field near a turnip plantation when they saw two strange creatures with black bodies and what looked like white hoods on their heads 2m away. They were moving slowly from the field towards the road. One of the children said that their faces were spotted, that they wore round white caps and appeared to be moving on their hands and knees . When they moved upright one was much taller than the other. Something like a Fiat 750 was behind the figures with its lights on. The next morning, around 0900, Mrs N (60) an innkeeper was returning home from the hairdressers, bicycling along a cartway, when, in the distance, she saw two figures making their way along the edge of a hill. She managed to get within 150m of them, at which point she was able to see that they were about 1m tall, dressed in what looked like white gowns, with a black belt around the area just below the chest, that they wore black round caps on their heads and their faces were dark. They were walking together shoulder to shoulder . She followed them on cycle and foot for a short while but her anxiety about the inn made her leave off. 
  • Milos Kremlj in APRO Bulletin 21,5 p1 citing own investigation.

October 6 1972, 2215hrs.
Two brothers, Damaris and Ricardo Pena, were driving by jeep to Barahona when they saw a powerful light that they thought was on an approaching vehicle. But then the multi-coloured light vanished. At the same location, shortly afterwards, various people saw three strange lights. 
  • FSR Case Histories 17 p11 citing an undated issue of Avance.
  • Richard Heiden citing Stendek 12 p17.

October 7 1972, 2300hrs.
30 families in the Jardines de San Francisco residential area saw a brightly shining oval object on a piece orf open ground between the San Francisco and San Ignacio urban concentrations. 
  • FSR Case Histories 17 p12.
  • UFO Register 9 pt2 p52)

October 8 1972, 2355hrs.
Security guard John Byrne had just signed in at the Ferranti Works at Cairo Mill, when he heard a humming like a swarm of bees. Looking up, he saw over his right shoulder a large, rather oval object descending vertically towards the adjacent car park. It had a black rear and illuminated front, with a blue-white fluorescent light shining through a slightly projecting “window”. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up, his right arm seemed to lack feeling, and he felt unable to move. The thing descend to about the height of the mill tower, hovered for a while, then flipped over, revealing a dome, about a third the size of the main object, illuminated by a blue-white light. Less than 30 seconds later the thing took off at great speed and soon vanished. John now found that he could move. During the thing’s presence John had a sensation of being watched. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p74 citing investigations by Gordon Clegg and Ron Drabble + Jenny Randles + Richard Colborne + The Investigator 1 + Yorkshire Post 21 October 1972.

October 13 1972 (approx. date)
Juan J Noriega saw a great luminous ball, which came close to the ground. As it did so Juan was able to see intensely bright openings on its sides. 

  • FSR Case Histories 17 p13 citing an undated issue of El Impracial.

October 14 1972, 0400hrs.

Mr A Martinez saw an oval object land and from it emerged several entities who collected and took away some concrete blocks from a building site. 
  • UFO Register 9 pt.2 p52)

October 17 1972, 1900hrs.
Sergeant of Marines, Diago Amada Lugo and primary school teacher Luis Barias Pena were stood talking by the roadside near a reservoir when they saw something coming from the mountain in the North West. It was an object giving off an intermittent green light, travelling at a speed similar to that of an aeroplane. It then came to a halt a few metres from the two men and settled down behind three tall palms. It remained on the ground for 1-3 minutes its green light being replaced by an intermittent red one. No sound was noticed. The two men did not dare approach until the object took off obliquely to the south-west. The object was about the size of a car and it gave off an intense light as it took off. There was an independent witness, an elderly woman, who did not wish her name to be used and several villagers saw the light of the take-off.
  • Skylook 68 p10 citing Hector Herrera in Listin Diaro 19 October 1972 + Danilo R Dominguez.
  • FSR Case Histories 17 p13)

October 17 1972, 1900hrs.
A ball of light was seen on the ground.
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Stendek 12.

October 18 1972, 0430hrs.
George Kocsia and his sister or sister in law Marg were awoken by a loud unidentifiable noise near their home. Getting up to investigate George saw a bright sphere rising rapidly to the south-east, accompanied by a loud noise like rushing wind. The animals on the farm howled and barked while the light was visible, but quietened when it had gone. 
  • Ohio UFO Reporter 10 p10 citing Langley Advance 26 October 1972.

Late October 1972
Women at the Skefko Ball Bearing Company works on Leagrave Road saw the figure of a woman dressed in white overalls and boots, which they thought was the ghost of a former colleague 
  • Broughall and Adams 2010 p65.

Late October 1972. Night.
Ed Miller and his wife were driving between Carlisle and Germantown in search of a lost number plate when Mrs Miller saw a strange bipedal creature in a field, running in a bent position. They told some teenagers who also saw the creature. The Miller’s then returned to the scene, joined by Gary Moore and his wife. They noted that the creature had huge luminous eyes. 
  • Clark and Coleman 1978 p108.

October 28 1972, 2130hrs.
Mr Borchi again saw the object hovering 1m above the bridge and emitting a far more powerful light than before. It appeared to be1.5m in diameter. Borchi approached the thing, which came towards him, causing him to drive back into town in terror. When he returned with the Director of the College, Prof Genesion Boscardi, but when they arrived the thing had gone. 
  • FSR 19,2 p32 citing O Globo 1 January 1973.

October 28 1972, 2215hrs.
Corporal Juan Fuentes Figueroa, one of a team of 5 naval personnel who attended the electric generator for the lighthouse on the island, went to do his inspection. As he walked towards the lighthouse Juan noticed some lights on the terrace atop the 66m high structure. He went back for his pistol and set out to investigate. Getting closer he saw that they were white, yellow and violet lights on some sort of object. Near this thing were three figures, one by it, the other two, one taller than the other, descending the terrace. Two of these beings stopped Juan and seemed to communicate this to the third, and all three turned around. Juan then had an odd feeling like a vibration and a “premonition” that it would be useless to shoot, which made him feel paralysed as the three entities re-entered the object, tallest first. A sort of door in the thing closed, and the object took off with a humming sound, before tilting when it reached 45m and emitting a powerful “ball of fire” and moving off at terrific speed. Two of the beings were about 1.5m tall, the other 1.75-1.8m and all three were dressed in dark clothing, with things like hoods on their heads. The object was a red inverted bowl shaped thing urmounted by a dome, and with landing legs that retracted when it took off. Though his superior officer disbelieved him, investigators considered him a reliable witness. 
  • Willy Smith in Evans and Spencer 1987 p106 citing Milton Houcarde et al in CIOVI (Bulletin) March 1975 citing their own investigation.

October 28 1972, 2315hrs.
Dona Julia Serrano and members of her family were in their apartment in this residential suburb when they saw a vivid light and heard a strange sounds coming from near the roof of the house. They were alarmed to see, just above the roof, an unbearably bright oval, which appeared to be made of some kind of transparent crystal. The thing was emitting rays and moving very, very slowly, at times standing still and emitting a sound like an air conditioning plant. They got the impression that the thing was watching them and taking photographs. After 6minutes it moved off towards the Funetes Fluviales electricity plant. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR Case Histories 17 p13.
  • Evaluation: The very low speed is suggestive of astronomical source, possibly the moon low on the horizon

Winter 1972. 0030hrs.
Mr W, an RAF man, was driving on the A4155 between Henley and Marlow when, just before Medenham, as he was approaching a bend, he noticed some lights by the verge. When he got closer he saw it was an object the size of a telephone kiosk, with a conical top, with a series of vertical strip lights down which light pulsed. The witnesses thought about getting out of his vehicle and drove up to the object but the next thing he remembered was driving through Marlow and finding that the normal 20 minute stretch of the journey had taken 90 minutes. 
  • John Makin in FSR 24,3 p13 citing his own investigation.

November 1972 (approx date) 2200hrs.
Two people in a westward facing parked car noticed what looked like a brightly illuminated railway carriage over a hillside by a railway station. They could see six or more separate lights in which shaped or figures were visible, giving the impression of passengers facing the front motionless. The edges of the lights were well defined, whilst the shapes were darker but not black. The lights were moving soundlessly northward and faded into the distance after three minutes. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p96 + Basterfield 1997 p182 citing investigation by TUFOIC.

November 1972.
A disc shaped object, on which there were red, white and green lights, which appeared to be spinning moved across the Thanet Way at treetop height. Also seen at Herne Bay. 
  • Paine and Sturgess 1997 p10.

November 1972. 0140hrs.
Restaurant busboy Charles Coulter (18) was motorcycling home from work along the Corrales road when, after about 2km, he noticed a very bright light at 25 degrees elevation, 5-10 degrees to the right of the path. It was about the size of a pea at arm’s length and Charles thought it was an aircraft or helicopter landing light. He continued to the intersection about 5,2km south of the village where he turned east, the light following him. As he continued further on, the object kept pace, seeming to grow larger, At the Frontage Road on the east of the North-South Santa Fe highway, the object turned 90 degrees to the north, then another 90 degrees to the east. It continued to manoeuvre until it was hovering between the small businessmen’ airport and the mountains to the east.

Charles approached to within 135m of the thing at a crawl. He heard a sound like a hum and the air, on what had been a windy night, was very still and seemed charged with electricity. The object was now hovering only12m above the ground, 135m away. The motor cycle cut out and all the hair on his body stood on end. Then an extremely bright blue light came on from the object, with the front end of the beam reaching the ground. It reached the ground on one spot, retracted and then extended to another spot. Wherever it came into contact with the ground it obscured the terrain with its light. When it extended down onto Charles and his motorcycle he felt paralysed , was unable to let go of the handlebars and was so saturated by the light that he was unable to even see him own arms. The light then retracted back, changing into white-orange and went into an opening, which closed behind it. Charles was now able to see that this object was a sort of wedge shaped hexagon that resembled a pencil eraser with a bevelled surface. There were lights on panels on the underside and others around the perimeter. 

  • APRO Bulletin 26,11 p1 citing investigation by Cliff Booth.

November 1972.
For a period of at least two weeks there were reports of a mystery submarine, a dark object which shone a yellow-green spotlight. On one occasion what looked like six rocket flares were Both Norwegian and British communications were disrupted during the futile search. 
  • INFO Journal 10 p19 citing numerous press sources.

November 2 1972, 1620hrs.
Georges Vuillien was at work constructing a new building at his fish hatchery7km from Duckier when he saw a series of what looked like curls of smoke high in the sky. He then saw that these continued right down to ground level. Looking down, Georges saw these came from a disc surmounted by a cupola, which was hovering 56m from him. By calculating from the height
 of the trees in the background, it was found that the disc was 28m diameter and 1.7m thick, with the lower portion curved towards the edge and with a slight bulge on the underside. In the top centre of the disc was a cupola 17m diameter and 3,5m wide. The underside had a metallic texture but the cupola was made of a strange glassy material. Georges got the impression that someone was watching him from inside the cupola. The object appeared completely smooth, with no engine, bolts or rivets. It hovered completely silently and motionless 7-8m above one of the tanks for about 5 minutes. Georges was very frightened because of his isolated location and did not dare to approach the thing any closer. Suddenly the object seemed to rock and cupola tilted towards him. Totally terrified Georges ran to his car and loaded his shotgun. The object then went straight backwards for about 50m, rocking through an angle of 60 degrees as it did so and then stopped again. It then shot up vertically at tremendous speed, without disturbing the leaves on the nearby trees, hovered at a very high altitude for a few moments and then moved off towards the west. Georges three dogs, which were with him, showed no reaction. 
  • FSR 20,6 p28 citing LDLN 124.
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Phen Spax 34 p15 + Ouranous 24 p10 + Le Progres de Lyon 5 November 1972. 
  • UFO Register 9 pt2 p55 citing FSR + Phen Spax ibid + Phen Spax 48 p24.

November 3 1972.
An object passing at very low level caused buildings to vibrate as it went overhead. One person claimed to be paralysed while the object was near, but that was not substantiated. 
  • UFO Register 9 pt 2 p55.
  • Evaluation: Place name not found on Google, possibly farm or estate.

November 3 1972, 0400hrs.
Trudy Van Ripper was disturbed by her cats acting up and when she tried to put them out, they hid. Returning to her room and switching off the light, she saw, through the window, s golden shiny wheel with a centre hub and spokes, which was spinning rapidly and reflecting light. She felt impelled to go and open the door and saw an object like a Volkswagen without fenders or doors on her lawn. The top slid back and from it emerged three dwarfs with dark skin, hair and clothes who sat on its top. One of the dwarfs seemed to communicate by telepathy “are their any pigs in that field, they are hungry”. She then saw by the dwarfs two animals covered with fuzzy hair, standing upright. She feared that these creatures were going to eat her, but the little man reassured her and told her that the incident would be like a dream. She closed the door and saw the small object move off towards Austin 13km away. The next morning she discovered that a neighbour had lost several pigs. 
  • S Smith 1977 p131 citing letter from witness in Fate December 1972.

November 4 1972, 1645hrs.
A woman washing dishes in a remote cottage began to see shiny disks all around her inside the house. When she looked through the window she saw the torso only of a beautifully proportioned golden haired being, which had brilliant golden eyes from which came beams of blinding light. After that night she had a dream or hypnogogic vision in which she was taken to the moon by the being. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p 51 (case 70) citing own investigation.

November 5 1972, 1730hrs.
John Hickman of Station Lane was putting his small children to bed after they had been to a bonfire party when, through the bedroom window, he saw a patch of green mist about 10m off the ground about 20m away. This mist moved between two houses and changed into a sort of bubble, 6m diameter, surrounded by a blue-green luminosity. This light cleared to reveal two figures sat in front of a sort of hooped headrest. They wore black patterened garments and black collars. One seemed much older than the other and had very wrickled skin, like than of an elephant. The other one looked much younger but was balding. John ran to get his wife but she was reluctant to take notice, so he went back upstairs to look again. He saw “older” of the figures turn around and point its finger directly at him. The other being also turned round to look at John. The object then started to glow again and retreated between the houses. John went down to the landing in time to see the green glow disappearing in the distance. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p82 citing their own investigation.

November 6 1972.
During an indoor evangelistic service a strange flying object like a large star was seen to come into the house, illuminating it and causing the occupants to panic. The preacher, Maruno Enrique Baez said that he saw an angel which took him by the hand and led him,. followed by the crowd, to the room where Ramona de Baez was lying in bed, suffering from stomach cancer. The preacher touched her stomach, at which Ramona felt something cold on her back and from that moment she was cured, this being verified by the place where she was being treated. 
  • Leonte N Objio and Richard Heiden in APRO Bulletin 30,1 p5 citing Sebastian Robiou + Listin Diario 8 November 1972 + Robiou 1979 p55 + Stendek 12 p18.

November 10 1972, 2300hrs.
Near Heathfield a teenage motorcyclist became aware his lights were failing and then went out and his engine stalled, as he detected an odour like that produced by an electric arr. He then saw a luminous white mass hoverinhg nearby. After a few seconds the thing left at speed, after which the cycle worked normally. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p55 citing his own files.

November 11 1972. Night.
Truck driver Francisco Egui saw an intensely bright light, which descended rapidly, as if to crash, and then stop at the height of the barbed wire fence. The light then began to move along the fence, following the dunned terrain of the region. This light then went out and from its location there shone a powerful beam that lit up the countryside as if it were day, so that trees in a nursery 5km away were clearly outlined. Driving down the same road in the opposed direction farmer Carlos Beltran saw the light settle on a pass, through which only one car could pass at a time and when he emerged from a dip he saw the thing was over an inaccessible spot by the Choique brook. The mother of one of these witnesses had seen something like a bus with many windows in a field. No traces were found. 
  • FSR Case Histories 14 p11 citing La Nacion 14 November 1972.

November 12 1972, 2100hrs.
Police Officers observed through binoculars a brilliant object that changed colour and shape. It travelled towards Rosmead, hovered over a hill there, and then disappeared, reappeared and finally disappeared. Damage was discovered on the Rosmead High School’s tennis courts. Military trainees guarding a nearby petrol station saw lights in the courts. 
  • Norman Oliver in Quest UFO 10,3 p2o.
  • Cynthia Hind in UFO AfriNews July 1988 p2.
  • Hind 1982 p126 + Cynthia Hind in MUFON Proceedings 1981 p82.

November 13 1972, 1800hrs.
5km south of Anderson, Rex Pixley was walking back to his trailer from his brother-in-law’s house where he was staying when he heard a sound like an aeroplane in trouble. He then saw what he thought was a parachutist about to land on his brother-in-law’s house 12m away. Rex then thought that it was a devise hovering probably less than 1m above the roof. The thing appeared to be a black ball 5m diameter, with a 2m long, 15cmj diameter rigid pipe protruding from the bottom. At the end of this pipe was a box about 75cm x75cm x1m, with the 1m side horizontal. The thing was very dark, like gun metal and reflected lights from the window. Rex walked towards this object but the retreated when it came towards him. It stayed for a few minutes above propane tank, about 3.5m from its original position, the box about 4.5m from the ground, the top of the object at about 13m. During this period the thing remained unmoved despite a 20 knot wind.

The thing then moved parallel to the trailer and then turned 90 degrees about mid-trailer and manoeuvred its box between the trees and his TV antennae. During this period Rex saw two lights or openings on the sphere, as it revolved round. Each of these was just over 30cm high and 60-90cm wide and gave off a flickering orange-red light. Rex then called the rest of the family, brother-in-law Les Harris, his sister and 14 year old niece. Mrs Harris and her daughter saw the thing at once and the girl was sent to get the police. The object then moved into the wind and then stopped beside a tree for 6 minutes, during which time Rex walked under the thing. As he did so, he heard a sound like refrigerator coming from it. After a few more minutes this noise increased considerably in volume and the object leapt about 30m. Les, who had been taking a shower, now joined them and saw this jump and heard the sound, which resembled a flock of birds. The object stopped for a moment above the tallest trees and power lines and then heard south-west at a constant 16kph, moving across and slightly into the strong wind. 

  • William Murphy in FSR Case Histories 13 p1 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation: The possibility this was a radio sonde balloon was mooted.

November 13 1972. Night.
Four people saw a bright object on the water 
  • Ole Jonny Braenne in International UFO Reporter 20,1 p12.

November 17 1972, 2030hrs.
The senior post office official at Middleburg, Gert Pretorius was out driving with his wife Anna and his baby son when they saw a brilliant circular light over a mountain. The light suddenly disappeared and they drove quickly toward the police station to report it, when it suddenly flashed again less than 1lm away. From it they saw something like two glowing little red men, with something like a rucksack on their backs and apparently carrying torches. They seemed to be only about 1m tall. The light then vanished like a switch being thrown. Anna was paralysed and speechless with shock. Mr and Mrs Koos Coetzee then arrived on the scene. They had seen the same spectacle, but what Gert had interpreted as little men emerging, they had interpreted as a landing gear with lights underneath. There were numerous witnesses to the fact that some sort of brilliant light was seen near the mountains. Searches were fruitless.
  • Charles Bowen in FSR 19,1 p14 citing Daily Dispatch 18 November 1972 + East London Evening Post 18 November 1972 + Rapport 18 November 1972.
  • Data Net VII,3 p11 citing Natal Mercury 18 November 1972.

November 19 1972. Day.
P. C. Struwig and his son, of Richmond, were driving to Port Elizabeth, along the Richmond-Cape Road, 50km from Graaff Reinet, when they saw two grey objects, round on top and flat on the bottom, flying at the height of the telephone wires at the speed of an aircraft, about 2km away. After crossing over the telephone wires, the things disappeared to the east. 
  • Data Net VII,3 p11 citing Natal Mercury 20 November 1972.

November 20 1972, 1300hrs.
An unidentified underwater object was seen traveling south along the fjord.
  • Ole Jonny Braenne in International UFO Reporter 20,1 p13.

November 20 1972, 1315hrs.
Five police officers saw a submerged object in the fjord.
  • Ole Jonny Braenne in International UFO Reporter 20,1 p13.

November 21 1972. Night.
Four people saw a four small balls of light take off from the fjord 
  • Ole Jonny Braenne in International UFO Reporter 20,1 p12.

November 23 1972 (approx. date) Evening.
Burford Jones (28) and his brother in law Clark Pennington (16) were returning frim a hunting trip when they became aware of a large dark object low over their heads, blocking out the stars. On its underside was a bright white light, which obscured the rest of the thing. Clark raised his gun towards the thing, but Burford dissuaded him from shooting. At this point the thing moved silently about 150m at about 65-80 kph. They now saw that the thing was hovering 25m-30m above the ground, and that the light came from an area 5-6m across on the underside. The top was still hidden in the gloom, but it appeared to be circular and bout 10-15m across. The two ran back home. 
  • Pennington 2013 p56.

November 26 1972. Evening.
Three women, including legal secretary Judy Kendall, were driving home, but it seemed they were making no progress. They saw a disc shaped object, with bright lights, hovering nearby. Under hypnotic regression Judy recalled an abduction and medical examination by three groups of entities, humans, beings wearing masks and a tall being with a large head, grasshopper style eyes and no ears, who said everything would be OK. 
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 p350 case 144 citing The Bee, Fresno 3 November 1979.
November 27 1972 (approx. date) 0030hrs.
Alfonso Rey 952) a retired man who had been chief designer at the Istilart concern, a civilian pilot and metallurgist, was sat at home reading a book and watching television when the set began to malfunction. When he got up to adjust it he felt a curious sensation, and looking around, saw strange individual seated in an arm chair at the far end of the room. He was wearing a helmet like an old fashioned airman, a greenish one piece overall made of a metallic looking fabric with a black belt. On his clothing he had a devise which looked like a radio transmitter and he was wearing short boots. When the being stood he was more than 2m tall. Rey asked the being what he wanted, but the stranger did not say anything, just held his hand out. Rey grasped his hand and found that it was cold and rubbery, but was drawn to the strangers eyes, which seemed to emit a silvery light, but was unable to make out the rest of his face. When Rey sat down, the being did the same, at which Rey felt a strong feeling of well being and noticed that the pains he had suffered since a stroke two years before had ceased. When Rey got up again the being again mimicked his movements, following him into the kitchen, where Rey noticed that the gas lighter was emitting stronger sparks than usual, and felt that the refrigerator motor was abnormal. Though Rey was not frightened, he felt strangely distressed. The being seemed to walk around in the air and refused a glass of water. Back in the dining room the stranger pressed the buttons on the apparatus on his waist and an amber light appeared on it. Rey now retreated into the kitchen but the being followed him, went to the yard door, pressed further buttons and walked into the yard where he disappeared on the spot without a trace. A few days before a similar being had been seen in a nearby bar. 
  • Jane Thomas in FSR Case Histories 14 p11 citing La Razon 28 November 1972 + La Nueva Provincia 29 Noemebrv 1972 + Telenueva Channel 9.

November 28 1972, 1030hrs.
A group of children noticed a cloud like object descend to earth and from it emerged three small, square shaped black dwarfs. One of the dwarfs came towards the house, and the principle witness, a 9 year old boy went inside to get a hockey stick to beat it off. When he returned outside, the entities were going back into the cloud. 
  • Musgrave 1979 case 71 citing Jean Freguson in UFO Quebec 5 p9.

November 30 1972, 2315hrs.
A motor mechanic “Ron” decided to test run his car after some repairs, and drove down a dirt road from the Princes Highway to Murray Bridge. As the car crested a slight rise in the road, its engine and lights failed, the lights came back on but kept varying in intensity, so he stopped. He then saw lights 45m away in a paddock to his left, going on and off, slowly and silently. These were on an object resembling a “diamond with the top half cut off”, 3m tall by 1.5m wide, with red, green and purple lights in its bottom half. His radio was making a buzzing sound, even though it was turned off. Ron tried to re-start but the engine was dead, so he locked himself, afraid of the strange object. After about 35 minutes the lights on the thing began to flash quicker and it rose to an altitude of 6m, with a whirring sound, then travelled 300m up an incline, until it was lost to sight among trees. Ron contacted a local paper and returned to the site with a reporter. They found four shallows holes in an arrow head formation on the ground, the marks being about 1m apart. 
  • Basterfield 1981 pp22,96 + 1997 pp21,182 citing investigation by Allan Seer of UFO Research (South Australia)

December 1972 (approx. date) 1130hrs.

Howard Johnson of Beacon Road, looked through the clear bathroom window when he saw a saucer shaped object approaching at low altitiude about 75m away. The object stopped, enabling to see that it was a transparent dome surmounting a base of multi-coloured flickering lights. Inside the dome he could see three beings, two were smaller “greys” and the third a tall, bald man wearing a silver uniform. These beings suddenly seemed to realise they were being watched, and the object moved slowly away in the direction of Tunbridge Wells. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p93 citing their own investigation.
  • Evaluation: Not investigated for over 30 years, with clear later contamination.

December 1972 (approx. date) 0010hrs.
Ernest Scott from High Wycombe was driving back from Henley on Thames, when rounding a bend approaching Marlow his attention was caught by lights on the road verge ahead. When he got closer he was that it was an object shaped like a telephone kiosk, with a conical top and four fluorescent strips, giving off a pulsating light that moved from top to bottom. He decided to investigate but suffered a gap in memory. The next thing he remembered was driving through Marlow and that 90 minutes had passed. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p72 citing John Makin + Nicholas Maloret.

December 1972.
A young couple had just driven into Manitoba from the Ontario border, some 25km west from Werner Lake (Ont) when they saw a figure almost 2m tall, cross the road ahead. The thing walled upright and was covered in hair and had long arms. It left strange tracks in the snow. 
  • Rutkowski 1993 p151.

December 2 1972, 2215hrs.
An Ann Arbor couple, driving home via Saline, saw a dull metallic object, with a long yellow tail, which flew across the highway in front of their car, 60m away, at an altitude of about 10m. It followed a rough semi-circle from right to left before it going out like a light. 
  • UFO Investigator September 1973 p3.

December 7 1972.
At an undisclosed location Danish fishermen saw a sort of submarine in a fjord. Naval searches were fruitless. The thing was seen again on the 9th.
  • INFO Journal 10 p20 citing New York Times 12 +13 December 1972 + Washington Post 13 + 15 December 1972.

December 7 1972, 2050hrs.
Charles Willis and his wife, of Millsville, were driving east of Weatherby Road near Port Elizabeth, when they saw a cylindrical white light, the apparent size of a small aeroplane, flying high above the road ahead of them. The thing then hovered, descended to tree top height, crossed over to the other side of the road and crashed into the woods. An immediate search yielded nothing, but next day State Police uncovered an area about 60m diameter in the woods that was bare of all vegetation and pine needles and in the centre of which was a round hole 5cm wide and 10cm deep. 
  • Data Net VII, 3, p13 + Phillips 1975 p87 case 543 both citing Atlantic City Press 9 December 1972.

December 10 1972, 1730hrs.
While walking to a neighbour’s through the woods, in the same spot as the 1970 encounter, Aarno Heinonen saw an object 5-7m diameter, with a vivid red cupola on its underside. As he ran away he saw the object land behind the trees, but his neighbour did not believe him. As he returned along the same path two hours later he was met by a wind which increased to a gale, and he encountered the humanoid woman dressed in yellow, From her soles came beams which kept her shoes above the ground and which became thicker as she lifted her feet. She dropped something and when she bent down to pick it up she asked him if he had taken any photographs, and he replying that he had, she vanished along with his camera. The object was an egg shaped stone with whitened ends and a deeply engraved T shaped mark upon it. He later attributed various ailments he later suffered to possession of this stone, and was later “ordered” to throw it away. 
  • FSR 26,5 p18 citing AFU Nyhetsblad 19 in turn citing Ufoaika 1973 p2 and Jorma Heinonen.

December 12 1972. Late morning.
Two people saw and photographed a hat shaped object that landed nearby. 
  • UFO Register pt2 p58 citing Flying Saucers Summer 1973, p32.

December 16 1972, 0130hrs.

Economics student Greg Hardy was working on a friend’s farm, 21km from Garah, ploughing the weeds in a paddock and had stopped the tractor to smoke a cigarette. He then heard a sound like that of a high powered engine, which suggested that something was passing at low altitude. This seemed to circle the area and then cut out and gave the impression of landing in the bush 3km away. Greg began ploughing again but 5 minutes later he saw a light approach the tractor and stopped again. The light, which was like that of a car’ headlight, moved towards him at steady altitude of 3m and at a speed of 50-65kph. As it passed in front of the trees and entered the paddock, Greg saw that it was a small circular object with a concentrated light source at its centre; however the bright light that illuminated the area appeared to be radiating from the surface of the sphere and not from the central mass. When this object was 45m away it turned smoothly until it was 18m from Greg, where it stopped and hovered, still 3m from the ground. He now saw that it was a white ball of light, which did not appear to be solid, it shape being defined by three or four vague lines 120 degrees apart on its surface. This sphere was 90cm diameter, with the central mass about 20cm diameter. While Greg sat, increasingly unnerved, the object seemed to survey him. After 5 seconds it disappeared on the spot, reappearing instantaneously behind him and then moved off. Greg fled in panic and roused a colleague to get the shotgun, but when they returned to the scene they found no traces of the thing. 
  • W C Chalker in FSR 19,5 p19 citing his own investigation.

December 19 1972, 0615hrs.
Michael W Stanway (30), a tyre verifier, had just returned home from his night shift and was going to inspect his greenhouse before retiring. He had gone less than 2m when he saw an extremely brilliant ball sitting on the lawn. It seemed to consist of a central white core, shading into progressively deep blue at the edges about 4cm diameter, followed by a band of red light 85mm thick, surrounded by a feathery yellow outer edge. This light did not dazzle or light up the surroundings and no sound was detected. Less than a second after saw it the thing took off in an arc, north to south at uniform velocity, becoming nearly vertical at 3m. When the thing reached 10m, Michael lost sight of it. He marked the spot where he had first seen it with the dog’s ball, Next day, he found less than 10cm from this ball, a depression in the grass. It was an equilateral triangle with sides of 4.4cm and 30cm deep, which appeared to show traces of burning. Soil samples from this site showed no extraordinary features. The cat refused to go out that morning, a most unusual thing. 
  • Tony Pace in BUFORA Journal 3,10 p10 + 3; 11 p24 citing his own investigation.

December 23 1972, 2300hrs.
Messes Marcello Abally, Martino, Larcher and Vignoli were at a place called “Banos de Huaco” when they observed a powerful fluorescent white triangular light 100m high on a rocky mountain face. This light lit up the area brighter than daylight. While the men were discussing the nature of this light, they saw a similar one towards the south, near the Jachal road at about 300km altitude. They were then startled by a cry like that of a woman. Despite these alarms they bedded down to sleep. Aballay, a mining engineer, was laying facing to the west, when he felt unwell and as if affected by waves of intense heat, which brought him fully to his senses. Looking up, he was amazed to see small lights moving eastward along the ravine towards their location, in a zigzag fashion at high speed. These lights seemed to be emitted by circular objects, the size of small coins, one of which passed by them at a distance of only 1m. Instead of hitting the wall of the nearby inn, the thing shot up vertically at the last moment. None of the lights hit either the wall or the trees. Aballay now leapt to his feet but was unable to rouse his companions. Towards the south h saw an object 6-8m wide, flying slowly towards the north. The others roused themselves in time to see this object depart. It was now 0500 and they tried to get back to sleep but Vignoli alerted the others to three more objects flying rapidly south-west to north-east, the hindermost being smaller than the other two. Suddenly they saw it perform a lateral swoop and pass the others at fantastic speed. Three minutes later another object passed over. These were all discs, the larger ones being polished silver, with tiny yellow-pink lights, with a dark centre, the whole being transparent. The smaller discs had central uranium green cores. A local policeman confirmed that other people had seen silvery disks. 
  • Jane Thomas in FSR Case Histories 13 p11 citing Cordoba 31 December 1972.

December 30 1972, 2230hrs.
Ventura Maceiras (73) a semi literate caretaker was sitting outside his shack drinking mate and listening to his transistor radio with his dog by his side, when the radio began to fail so that he switched it off. At that moment he heard a loud noise like a swarm of bees coming from overhead. Looking up, he saw a powerful light, growing in intensity, which flooded the area. Within the area of the light he could see an object 20-25m diameter, almost overhead, above the 3-4m high trees in the eucalyptus grove. From the central lower portion tubes projected 25-30cm and emitted sparks. Around this area and enormous wheel was constantly spinning. The object was red-orange, turning to purple, and in the intensely illuminated upper central portion he could see a spherical cabin with two small windows, through one of which he could see the head and torso of s strange being. This being had a narrow face, fixedly staring slanting eyes, with just a thin line of a mouth. He could remember no nose or ears. This being was wearing dark grey clothing like rolls joined together and on his head was a helmet, from the upper part of which a tube passed to a box on his back. As a shower of sparks shot from its underside, the object tilted slightly downwards and towards Ventura, revealing a second, identical, occupant.. On the further side were two more windows, between which was a blue and gold emblem, with a sea horse wearing a crown and some symbols (it later transpired that this was the emblem of the local football team).

Inside the cabin he could see an instrument panel. At that moment a powerful flash of light from the underside dazzled Ventura, forcing him to shield his eyes; the flash then hit the cat and went out. The object then moved forward away from the trees and it descended to about 5m above the ground, while the humming grew louder and the colour turned to bluish-green. Ventura was now able to see a small, spinning, wheel in the upper part of the cabin. The object then moved off very low to the North East, disappearing behind a small hill, colour going red, then green-blue. A sulphury smell was left in the air for a few seconds. The observation had lasted about 20 seconds. Ventura had not felt at all afraid, in fact he had offered to share his drink with the beings. The only animal affected was the cat, which ran away and did not return for 48 days, despite the fact she was still suckling her kittens. Ventura claimed various physiological symptoms (severe headache, nausea, diarrhoea, hair loss, boils on the back of his neck, watering eyes) and developed a stammer. The tops of the trees in the area were scorched. The witness later claimed that he had begun to grow a third set of teeth. Though apparently believed by the first group of investigators, a follow up by a different group revealed that this was nothing more than the hardening of the gums to be expected in a man of his age, and they expressed doubts as to the validity of at least parts of his story. 

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December 31 1972, 1400hrs.

Mark K (9) was playing in the snow on his family’s farm, with his brothers Albert (8) and Glen (10). While sledging down a hill behind the barn Mark heard a whistling sound and, looking up, saw, 445m to the north- west, three shiny, silvery objects. Shaped like hamburgers, arranged in step formation, the lowest5 one 6m from the ground. These things appeared to be 4.5m across and each had s row of boxes around their circumference, jutting out. All the objects were identical, except that the lower one had a red light flashing from box to box, of which there were 15 in all, and something like a black bordered cracked mirror facing the boy, giving him the impression that he was being photographed. The other two boys heard the whistle but did not see the object. They ran in to tell their mother but the objects had gone when they returned. Members of the family had numerous other low strangeness UFO experiences. 
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