1972 (approx. date) Early hours
Karen Hills (7 or 8) was awoken by a whirring sound, and looking out of the window, saw an object with a luminous base surmounted by a transparent dome, in which brightly lit machinery could be seen. She tried to wake her older sister, but the latter refused to stir. When Karen looked again the object had moved slightly but was still there. She had a dream (whether at this time or another is not clear) in which she was called into a strange object via a ramp, and sitting with a group of people she knew. There was some sort of strange being present. Her sister had an identical dream. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p41 citing Irene Bott.
  • Evaluation: Only told decades later, dream? Moon? + false memory?

1972 (approx. date) 2355hrs.
Kate Saunders was being driven home by her boyfriend after a night out, when the car engine misfired and they a saw a dark object ascend from behind trees. The car then started normally. They drove to her boyfriend’s house, where they saw a large object with a searchlight overhead. Her boyfriend’s father too photographs but these did not turn out. When Karen was being driven home by her boyfriend’s sister they saw “dozens” of objects moving towards Newbury. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p 44 citing Internet sources.
  • Evaluation: Latter experiences at least were due to a military exercise.

A cylindrical object with a dome was seen by two people to merge from the river and fly off into the sky 
  • UFO Register 9 pt.2, p59 citing an unspecified 1972 issue of BUFORA Journal.

Two young children saw an object hover near the ground and project a beam of light to the earth near their farm. 
  • Phillips 1975 p80 case 501s.

Several people saw an object on the ground. Burnt ground and trees were found at the site. 
  • Phillips 1975 p80 case 567.

A 14 year old camper was walking by a waterway when he heard footsteps behind him. He thought that it was one of his siblings trying to frighten him, but when he jumped out he encountered an ape like dwarf that attacked him. 
  • Miles 2000 p47 citing Georgia Swamp Ape Research Society.

A waitress saw a figure of an old lady dressed in historic costume walk into a solid wall at Chilham Keep. 
  • Cameron 2005 p27.

Anthony Giacoble was demolishing a property on a recently bought lot when he was approached by and elderly woman in a bonnet, carrying a stick. Fearful of running her down Anthony stopped his bulldozer but when he looked round the figure had disappeared, 
  • Evans 2002 p99 citing letter from witness in Fate August 1984 p55.

Several people saw a small, elderly looking man dressed in old fashioned clothes on a field path near Pond House. 
  • Wiltshire 1973 p61.

1972. 0315hrs.
Two police officers staying in the attic of the Roebuck pub on Richmond Hill awoke to see a column of white mist, about 1.7m tall in the centre of the room. It moved towards the window, which then rapidly opened. Even before the window opened the officers noticed a drop in temperature.  
  • Green 1973 p312.

1972. Morning.
Linda Skeath arrived early for work in the Denleen Separates Factory and when she switched on the light saw a woman in along grey dress running towards the stairs. Thinking she was thief Linda gave chase but as she reached the top of the stairs the stranger was nowhere to be seen. Linda then realised all the doors were locked and that the woman’s face had been just a blur. 
  • Green 1977 p11.

1972. Dusk.
A delivery van driver was heading into Syde on the A417 when he saw a coach drawn by four white horses cross the road ahead at an oblique angle about 15m ahead. 
  • Sullivan 1999 p117.

1972. Night.
Carol (10) awoke with a sensation of being watched and looking outside she saw a strange large cat. Under hypnotic regression she recalled seeing a male humanoid, 1.2-1.5m tall with a large head, with a pointed chin and luminous white, skinny body, and being floated into a large object in the sky through a hole in its underside. She passed out and recovered in a room lit by an orange light, which smelt of a hospital. She was lying on some sort of table and there being various entities present. The one nearest to her a yellow body, large head and dark-black almond shaped eyes. Following this she had a recurrent nightmare of a 1.2m tall being with a grey body, round, bald head with large eyes but no visible ears or lips.. She had another experience in 1978 while staying with family members at Robe (SA), where she and a friend saw a light and experienced a period of missing time. 
  • UFORA Research Digest 16 p1 citing investigation by UFOR South Australia.

1972. 2000hrs.
Mrs Eddellbuttel saw an orange light moving above the trees on her piggery. It then descended among the trees behind the pig sheds. She drew the attention of family members to this light, and her brother approached it, to see that the light emanated from a large disc shaped object. Nearby motorists may also have seen the thing. Police were called but the object had left before they arrived. A farmer in the Megalong Valley below the cliffs near where the piggery stood, saw a large dark object descend into the valley and land in a deserted field some distance from his house. It remained on the ground for 10 minutes, and he saw that it was about 9m in diameter. It then rose silently, and accelerated away into the darkness. At the landing site no grass would grow in a circular depression. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p178 citing Gilroy 1995 p10.
  • Investigation by Bill Chalker.

1972. Night.
9 year old Carol was getting ready for bed when she saw an entity 1.2-1.5m tall outside her bedroom window. . It had a large head, pointed chin, huge yellow eyes a little thin glowing white body. It lacked nose, mouth and ears. She saw a light in sky, and was floated up to it. She had no recollection of entering the craft, but came to on a table in a room , surrounded by entities, one of which was leaning over her. It also had a large head, pointed chin, black almond shaped eyes and yellow body. These entities seemed to be doctors of some sort. Something black was applied to her leg, and the being close to her seemed to communicate by telepathy that all would be right and it wouldn’t hurt. The shapes then faded and Carol awoke in her own bed. This story only emerged nearly 20 years later under hypnotic regression. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p177 citing investigation by himself and UFO Research Australia + UFO Research South Australia.

1972. Night.
A woman sleeping at home with her two children was awakened by a strange illumination in the room. She saw two human like figures, dressed in overalls, near the window. She shouted and they ran out. Her 15 year old elder son came and looked out of the window to see a circular object rising at great speed. 
  • Leonte Obiljio and Richard Heiden in APRO Bulletin 30, 1 p5 citing investigation by Danilo Rodriguez Domineguez)

1972. Night.
On successive nights dozens of people observed fiery red sphere  moving slowly and only a few metres above the ground over the fields near the Morro do Rolador.  The thing was round like the moon and never changed shape or colour. On one festival day Ilton Dias  was followed by this object, which was the size of a truck tyre. It  gave off a red light, much brighter towards the top. When it got closer it appeared bluish. It made a rumbling sound like a truck being  moved slowly and it followed Dias to the hall, where all the windows were shut to prevent it getting. 
  • FSR 19, 4 piii citing Eduardo Santa Maria in O Dia 26 October 1972 citing investigation by GPECE.

1972. Night.
Heriberto Garza had just gone to bed when he was alerted by a noise in the living room and on investigating encountered a tall man with “feminine” features who claimed to be able to enter locked rooms etc and to come from the planet Auko. On a subsequent occasion he was taken on board a craft where blood was taken from his ring finger. The witness suffered psychiatric problems and investigators claimed that he developed extra nipples on his chest. 
  • Scott Corrales in Roleff 2003 p37 citing investigations by Jorge Reichert, Salvador Friexedo and Peter Norris.

1972. 2350hrs.
A member of staff at the Wyke Non Political Club went into the women’s toilet where she encountered, a metre or so away, a grey haired man with staring eyes and a bedraggled appearance, dressed in a dark suit. As the women turned to flee she felt the touch of a thumbless hand and fainted. 
  • Whittaker 1983 p97.

Winter 1972. 0030hrs.
Mr W, an RAF man, was driving on the A4155 between Henley and Marlow when, just before Medenham, as he was approaching a bend, he noticed some lights by the verge. When he got closer he saw it was an object the size of a telephone kiosk, with a conical top, with a series of vertical strip lights  down which light pulsed. The witnesses thought about getting out of his vehicle and drove up to the object but the next thing he remembered  was driving through Marlow and finding that the normal 20 minute stretch of the journey had taken 90 minutes. 
  • John Makin in FSR 24,3 p13 citing his own investigation.

January 1972.
A guest in the George and Dragon Hotel saw something like a young woman in a white dress move along the corridor and disappear by a room door. 
  • Green 1980 p11.

January 1972. 1900hrs.
Anthony Cuerton, his two children and dog were walking 150m from their house, when they saw a cylindrical object with two layers and numerous dull lights. It descended from 200m and landed in a complex of fields on the other side of a 2m tall. The children saw a pointed face with pointed ears and large red eyes pop up from behind a wall. By the time their father arrived on the scene the figure and the object had both disappeared. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p24 citing Dan Goring.

January 1972. Night.
Donna Wilkins, a senior at Breeze Central High School, was driving with her boyfriend in a rural area near Bartelso when they saw lights moving to and fro in an odd pattern in the distance. They drove a short way further at which a lighted object appeared right by them. They had only gone another 400m when the object began hovering over their moving car. They could see that it was a metallic looking triangle, twice the size of a car. Only its underside was visible and appeared to be constructed from metal beams. The object maintained its position as the drove at speeds of up to 135k/h, disappearing behind the tree line as they drove into Bartelso. It did not reappear. 
  • Data Net VI, 7 p15 citing Metro East Report 31 May 1972.

January 5 1972, 2245hrs.
Five people were snowmobiling through a field that was crossed by railway lines when they came across a glowing object hovering 3m above the ground about 100m away. The thing was oval and glowed with a yellowish light, It rose vertically and then descended behind trees. 
  • Fowler 1974 p358.

January 6 1972. Night.
J-RENE Guay and his wife were driving down Laurier Boulevard when they observed a long object hovering 15m above their car. After a few moments the thing quickly rose to an altitude of 45m and headed north. It was observed for a total of 5 minutes. Residents of another suburb, Ste-Foy observed an object hovering in the sky for the second night running. 
  • Saucers, Space and Science 64 p15 citing a CFRB Radio Broadcast in Toronto 7 January 1972.

January 8 1972, 1400hrs.
Farmers and peasants saw an object, shaped like two bowls joined at the rim, with a reddish bottom and two antennae on top, which landed. Before they left the area, two witnesses Andres Lopez and his nephew heard a sharp sound coming from the object. At the site pastures and a cornfield were burned and a lemon planation was dried up. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 79, p3.

January 8 1972, 2135hrs.
A man aged about 26 driving a “Pegaso” truck on the National Highway to Extremadura, was at a spot just before km 468, going downhill, when he saw a very strange being about 1m tall, with a very fat head,  and very long arms and hands, standing in the middle of the road, as if trying to stop the truck. The stranger appeared to be naked. The driver panicked and stepped on the accelerator, forcing the being into the ditch, and he did not stop until he reached Camas, 10 minutes later, where he reported the incident. 
  • Ballester 1976 p36 case 153 citing Manuel Osuna.

January 13 1972, 1800hrs.
Chris G (13) saw a dull red object, emitting flashing white lights, which appeared to fall into a field near his home in Station Road, close to the electricity pylon. Police searched the area the next day but nothing was found. 
  • Nigel Watson citing Gainsborough News 14 January 1972.

January 13 1972, 2300hrs.
An orange sphere, trailing sparks, was said to have landed. 
  • UFO Register 9, pt2, p38 citing Awareness NS 1,1 p13.
January 16 1972, 0330hrs.
Lyle and Shirley Yarnold and their family from Port Moresby, New Guinea were staying with Peter Yarnold and his wife at their farm near Collombatti. Shirley had gone out of the house and saw, near the barn, 12m away, where her daughters were sleeping, a brilliant white light about 45cm diameter, shaped like a triangle with a curved base, no more than 1,2m above the ground. Lyle, who was following her out of the house, saw bright glow behind the barn but did not investigate. Shortly afterwards Peter and his wife were outside when they saw a pulsating light disappearing towards the west. The same night the two  girls were awakened by the barn shaking violently and the poultry becoming agitated. This shaking had occurred on several other occasions during the previous two weeks. 
  • Eileen Buckle in FSR Case Histories 11 p11.

January 16 1972, 2300hrs.
Chauffer Robert Ferguson was driving his car near the Jones Elementary School when a series of three blood red discs came down from the sky and appeared to land in a wooded area. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 80, p12.

January 19 1972. Night
Four youths (Darrell Rich (16), John Yeries (16), James Yeries (14) and Robbie Cross (15) drove out after dark, in the rain and mist, to fish at Battle Creek. As they did so, a brilliant, glowing, oval object passed over their car, emitting a blue-white light, which lit up the car and countryside. They parked their car at Battle Creek Bridge and began to look for the object, when they heard a strange noise and a scream in the brush. They turned a torch on the area and saw, 15m away, a creature about 2.1m tall, dark green or brown in colour, with what looked like a large tear drop shaped ear. It appeared to have no hair, but had lumps all over its body and seemed to be hunched up. As the creature shambled into the brush the two younger boys ran back to the car, where they were soon joined by the others. As they drove away, they had a strange feeling of being watched and followed. Our of the rear window Darrell saw what looked like silent firecrackers exploding on the pavement behind the car. John also saw them. They then saw a number of fiery objects, blue, white, orange and red moving erratically in the open fields on either side of the road. Darrell saw two glowing balls come together in the sky, whereupon one of them shot straight up and disappeared. At another point, two of the boys saw what looked like a glowing human figure walking down the road. After taking Robbie home, they reported the incident to Darrell’s father, Dean Rich. Though he thought they were pulling his leg, their evident fear impressed him enough for him to accompany them back to the site with his pistol. They walked through a walnut orchard for about 100m when they were disconcerted by a deep growl, which resembled no animal that Dean had ever heard, and they decided to leave the scene and report the matter to the police. Police investigations were fruitless, but the police confirmed that the boys were honest and scared. 
  • Data Net VI, 3 p18 citing Redding Record Searchlight 21 January 1972.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 79, p3 and UFO Register 9 pt.2, p38 both citing UFO Report Autumn 1974 p32.
  • Clark and Coleman 1978 p44.

Late January 1972.
A police officer saw a hairy humanoid near Pleasant Grove Baptist Church. The startled creature fled. 
  • Cox 2004 p21 citing Smith 2000.

January 23 1972.
Bill Stratton saw what looked like an aircraft plunging into the sea, leaving a smoky trail. Searches were fruitless and all aircraft were accounted for.
  • INFO Journal 9 p40 citing Daily News 25 January 1972.

January 25 1972, 2050hrs.
Mr Delchevalerie was outside his house in a lonely part of the pine forest 3km from Les Nourrandons when his attention was caught by a strange low frequency sound, rather like that made by a large ventilator. Looking up, he saw a large, dark grey, slightly flattened sphere descending vertically. An intense orange light was revolving around the thing, or the thing was revolving on its axis, with the light on its surface). The object appeared to be two-three times the size of a car. It vanished into the trees an undetermined distance away. The witness went to the spot where he thought the object had come down but could see nothing.  However at 2150 he saw the thing take off again from the same spot, rise vertically and slowly over the trees, with the same orange light orbiting it. The thing turned through 20 degrees and sped off rapidly towards Raphael. Three weeks later the witness saw exactly the same thing. These experiences left Mr D anxious and unable to sleep. 
  • J-C Dadone, J L Pale and J Chasseigne in FSR 20,5, p32, a translation of their article in LDLN 125 citing their own investigation.

January 26 1972, 0300hrs.
On this island, at the south of St John’s River, Norman Chastain (62) saw several orange and blue lights at 45cm altitude, then was paralysed as an oval object hovered on or very close to the ground, and an entity, 1.5-1.65m tall, emerged, emitting an overpowering stench. Traces were found. 
  • Phillips 1975 p81 (case 705) citing Jacksonville Journal 28 January 1972
  • UFO Register 9 pt.2, p38 citing UFO Report Autumn 1974 p32.

February 1972.
At a place 150km from Bahia town, four people in a car found that their car was vibrating and their radio was filled with static, making them stop. They then saw a disc shaped object surmounted by a cupola, with another, smaller, object behind it. The main object emitted a red light. Both objects performed aerial manoeuvres for seven or eight minutes before flying away. The car then worked normally. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p53 citing UFO Nachrichten June 1972.

February 1972. 0540hrs.
Robin Legg (30) was cycling to work when he his lamp lit up what looked like a grey figure in a cloak crossing the road ahead, forcing him to brake so hard he fell of his cycle. The figure was nowhere to be seen 
  • Guttridge 2009 p63 citing David Haith in an undated issue of Bournemouth Times.
  • Legg 1998 p17 citing Bournemouth Times 20 October 1972.

February 1972. Evening.
A group of people got out of their car near the Stanford Linear Accelerator depression when they heard a sound like the humming of bees. The sound became more distinct as a glowing red object flew up the hill, as if following the path of the underground accelerator. The thing flew down and was lost to sight in the valley. It then came back into view, rising high and fast and when two of the witnesses looked up at it, they compared the sharp light as to like looking through a window into the interior of a star. 
  • Vallee 1975 p19 citing his own investigation.

February 2 1972, 2000hrs.
Two nurses; Marie Odile Girard and Suzanne Baveral (both 20) were out driving when they saw a globe 2-3m diameter, 2m above the ground. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Ici Paris 22 February 1972 p15.

February 3 1972.
Tito Rojas and Adolfo Panafiel, the owners of an animal feed business, wrre driving their truck over the Pampa Carbonera en route to Nazca when their radio became filled with static and the truck engine died.  The men got out to investigate and saw what they first thought was a car parked in the desert scrub. Thinking it was another breakdown they approached to give assistance. They the saw that it was an oval, brightly polished metallic looking object, 15m long, 4m high resting on three legs. A figure dressed in green overalls and a helmet then approached, walking slowly and gathering samples of plants etc. When it saw Tito and Adolfo the entity scurried behind the object, which seconds later emitted a whining sound that increased in pitch and volume and then took off vertically into the sky. The truck now worked perfectly. 
  • Matthews 2008 p101.

February 8 1972. Early morning.
A motorist had just dropped his girlfriend off after a party and was on Providence Road, when he saw a bright light, like a satellite, in the sky. The thing then accelerated and changed direction by 90 degrees, heading straight for his car, causing him to brake suddenly. It appeared to be vaguely triangular in shape, with rapidly rotating and pulsating multi-coloured lights. Even when the witness rolled down his window he could hear no sound from the thing. At that moment a dog from a nearby yard ran, barking, into the street. Suddenly an orange-yellow beam shot from the object and the dog disappeared. After hovering for a few seconds the object moved rapidly away. Providence Road residents told the newspaper that their dogs were missing. Several people also reported lights in the sky, and one saw an object settle behind some trees to the rear of his house.  The motorist’s story was partially confirmed by the owner of the dog, who said she let the dog out and saw a car parked in the middle of the street. The dog had begun barking and would not come in when called. When she and her husband went to investigate both dog and car were gone and there was a strange yellow-orange circle where the dog had been. 
  • Data Net VI, 5 p17 citing Charlotte News 11 February 1972.

February 8 1972. Evening.
Motorist John Pevitt saw a strange lighted object that hovered immediately in front of his car and was unable to continue his journey until the thing had ledft the area. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 79 p3.

February 13 1972, 1830hrs.
13 year old Lorraine T was talking to two 14 year old friends about 200m from her house when they heard a sound like “a modern American police car siren”, which slowly increased in volume. Turning round to see the source of the noise, Lorraine saw a bright round 2m diameter object approaching them at about 20m altitude. . The girls ran back to the house, the object following them, but when they reached the house the object changed direction and the noise cased. They told Mrs L but she did not believe them. A few minutes later they went outside and saw it was silently hovering a few houses. A red light passed over the ball, which began to pulsate and the sound started up again. At this point the girls phoned the police from a call box, but the police treated their story as a joke.  The girls returned in time to see the object move away and then fade out like (an old fashioned) TV screen. Several people had been attracted into the street by the noise but they were unable to see anything. There was an independent witness, a 31 year old housewife, whose dog was driven to distraction by the noise and who, when she opened the door to let the animal out, saw a large blue ball, surrounded by a white flare, which expanded and contracted in rhythm with the noise, hovering over a nearby garage. She went to alert a neighbour but when she came out the object had gone and the noise had ceased. The neighbour had heard the noise however. The dog had fled back into the house and refused to go out that night or the following day. 
  • R P Knowles in FSR Case Histories 10 p6 citing his own investigation.

February 13 1972. Evening.
Three egg shaped objects were observed at very low altitude. 
  • UFO Register 9, pt2, p39 citing Clypeus NS 4 p7 + Argosy UFO Annual 1975 p6 + Hessische Allgemeine 3 May 1972 + Johannesburg Star 21 July 1972.

February 16 1972, 2150hrs.
Mr K B Miller was outside and saw a bright orange light in his neighbour Mr Harwood’s field. The next day he found an area of rippled and slightly melted snow at the site. On the same night Mr and Mrs AA German a km8 on the Alaska highway saw a light descend over Kilkerran and Mr and Mrs Clifford and their 15 year old son had seen a red light travelling to and fro in the south for 30 minutes,, before it moved further south and out of sight. 
  • Phillips 1975 p81 case 504 citing H H Mackay.
  • UFO Register 9, pt2, p59 citing Canadian UFO Report 2,6 p14.

February 17 1972, 2000hrs.
Mr and Mrs Ryan were driving along the Birkenhead Road towards Moreton, when they saw a light behind them, which they first thought was the headlights of a lorry. Looking back, Mrs Michelle Ryan saw two dull white discs, one in each corner of the rear window. They slowed and then accelerated and the lights disappeared. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p28 citing Liverpool Echo 18-21 February 1972.

February 19 1972, 0225hrs.
Mrs Murphy, an employee of the Motorola Plant at Quincy had just arrived home from her night shift and was unloading groceries from the car when her attention was caught by a stationary red light through the trees to the southwest, 10 degrees above the elevation of her hilltop home.  On her third trip was from the car to her house she saw that the light was approaching in a SE-NW arc. As the object approached she heard a buzzing sound that grew louder as the thing approached. Mrs Murphy went into the house and observed the object’s close approach over the street intersection SSE of her house, through the kitchen window. At the thing’s closest point it appeared to be just skimming the treetops. She was then able to see that it was a disc with a row of windows and a bright red beacon light rotating underneath. At a window at one end of the object was a blue light, at the other end a green light, with orange or red lights in the others. The light from the object was so powerful that it was visible through the curtains, even with her kitchen light on. She observed the thing for 15 minutes before it passed out of sight behind a bluff to the northwest. 
  • Walter H Andrus in Skylook 53 citing his own investigation.

February 22 1972 (approx. date)  060hrs.
Dave Snyder and another boy were walking across a field into a south east corner of the town when they came upon an object on the ground, flashing blue, green and red lights. The boys were scared and ran home but returned the next day to find s circle of melted snow 7.5-9m diameter  
  • MUFON UFO Journal 1094 citing investigation by Lawrence Lacey.

February 23 1972, 1830hrs.
Mr A W Ranger, company secretary to Rumasa subsidiary Williams and Hubert at Testwood House went into the reception room and saw a tall figure in a top hat and cloak. He fled from the scene. 
  • Green 1973 p131.

February 25 1972, 1500hrs.
Student Danny Lee Forrest observed a round object 7.5m long, 2.5m high, with a small dome. The thing was displaying red lights and emitted a smell that resembled gunpowder. It appeared above the car port of Danny’s home and he felt a wave a heat come from the object and felt a strange vibration between his shirt and arms, making him shake. The object then moved off to the north, out of sight. 
  • Fawcett 1975 p41.

February 25 1972 (or following day). 2100hrs.
High school junior John B was leaving Larned for home when a large white light appeared before his car. The object lowered itself down in front of the vehicle and kept about 100m ahead, keeping in front as John speeded up and slowed down. The thing circled the car and then followed it into his parents’ farm, where it hovered over the coral. John ran inside  and closed the curtains. The next morning the bottom two wires of the coral looked as though they had been cut and twisted, and were found in a pile in the coral. Several of the cattle had burnt patches ranging from the size of a man’s fist upwards on their hides  where the hair was scorched. His parents, had seen no sign of the object when they arrived home 30 minutes after John. 
  • Data Net VI, 5 p18 citing Larned Tiller and Toiler 28 February  1972 (gives date as 26th)
  • Phillips 1975 p81 case 505 citing an unspecified issue of Skylook.

February 28 1972 (approx. date),
Soldier Silvio Vieira da Silva saw a melon shaped object, with s bright light, at low altitude. After overcoming his initial fright, Silvio watched the thing attentively and thought that it was close enough to reach. As he ran a little way towards it, this light seemed to grow bigger and brighter until it was hurting his eyes, thought it did not illuminated the surrounding bush. The object reappeared on subsequent days and was also seen in the neighbouring cities of Tatui, Boituva and Capelo de Alto 

  • Richard Heiden citing O Estado (SP) 7 March 1972.
  • Evaluation: Repeated appearances are symptomatic of astronomical misperceptions

Spring 1972.
Vietnam veteran T Phelps and his partner in the Corps of Engineers rounded a bend in Flint River and encountered a creature in the river 100m ahead. They first thought that it was a bear but when it stood up they saw it was a biped 2-2.5m tall covered in thick black hair. The creature then sprinted away at high speed. 
  • Miles 2000 p47 citing Georgia Swamp Ape Research Center.

March 1972. 0230hrs.
Mrs Diana Granville Mathews was driving home near Norridge Common on this cold clear night, when she saw a circular orange object crossing the road in front of the her car. It came from a hedge to her left and slowly descended to road level about 10m away, and then took off over another hedgerow, becoming circular as it did so. She was unnerved and decided to drive on. A few hundred metres further on she saw a strange, tall loping figure dressed all in white. She went home to bed, and at 0005 she was awoken by a loud knocking on her front door. When she went to investigate there was no-one there. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p39 citing Ken Rogers.
  • Evaluation: Owl?, person out walking and hypnopompic hallucination?

March 1972. Lunchtime.
Two schoolteachers walking through Nonesuch Park saw a thin figure, about 1.75m tall dressed in a sort of cloak, by the gate. When they got within 3m of the figure it vanished. 
  • Green 1973 p308.

March 3 1972. 0100hrs.
Police officer Ray Schocke was driving towards Loveland along the Riverside Road when his headlights illuminated what he first thought was a dog at the side of the road. The object then stood up on its back legs revealing it to be a creature about 1m tall, with leathery skin and a frog like face. The thing looked at Ray for a moment and then leapt over the guard rail and headed off down an embankment. Ray reported the matter and then returned to the scene with a colleague, Mark Matthews. The thing was nowhere to be seen and the only traces were scrape marks on the embankment. 
  • Shuker 2008 p104.

March 5 1972.
A high school student drove over the brow of a hill and saw a yellow-gold object sitting in the road between two hills. He drove to within 150m of it and stopped. After 10 seconds the object lifted off. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 75 p4.

March 5 1972, 2030hrs.
Marco Rotting (16) was motorcycling to Orland when, glancing over his shoulder, he saw some white and blue lights slightly to the rear of his cycle and about 30m high. The lights appeared to be on some object, but he was unable to distinguish any shape. He heard a high pitched sound like a pump motor. As Marco went into the Tony Betterncourt dairy barn, the lights veered off into the sky, headed towards an aeroplane that was passing and disappeared. Others reported hearing the same sound. 
  • Data Net VI, 6 p17 citing Orland Unit Register 8 March 1972.

March 5 1972, 2055hrs.
Francis Chard was walking home along Haslett Avenue from East Crawley Station when he observed a luminous mushroom shaped object about 1.2m wide, hovering over an electricity power station. The thing had a domed top, glowed yellow and had two red and blue spotlights. It then arced away to the south-west. His mother experienced peculiar interference on the TV at about this time. When he got home the thing was visible as a point source of yellow light hovering over a field 3km away. This faded from view by 2130hrs. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p28.
  • Evaluation: The bright star in the latter part of the sighting is clearly an astronomical object low on the horizon. The strange interference was noted two weeks later, and a similar object was seen, which turned out to be Venus!

March 7 1972, 0230hrs.
Diana Granville Matthews was driving along the Warminster-Bath Road when she saw an orange disc rise from a hedgerow to her left and cross the road very low about 12m in front of her car. A few hundred metres further along she encountered a tall man in all white clothing coming towards her. Unsettled she drove rapidly away. 
  • Rogers 1994 p94.

March 10 1972, 0400hrs.
Mr Nelson (35) was awoken by terrible stomach pains and his getting out of bed awoke his wife Donna (34). As the pain began to subside they looked out of their window to see a great orange glow over the farm of his father Albert. Nelson returned to bed when the pain had gone, but Donna watched the glow for about an hour, after which an orange coloured glowing boomerang shaped  object ascended from the area. It flew west and when it was south of the Nelson farm, it was only about 45m from the house, at which distance it appeared larger than a “flying boxcar” aircraft. The thing flew away at aircraft speed to the south-west at 45 degree elevation. The next day Albert Nelson and his grandson Brian were checking an isolated back field when they discovered a very bright red-orange rock, about 13cm by 50cm, which they found difficult to move. When they returned for it with the tractor next day, it had gone, leaving no traces. 
  • APRO Bulletin 21, 6 p1 + Official UFO 1,6 p16 both citing investigation by Don Worley.

March 10 1972, 2135hrs.
Daniel Lauret (63), a radio and TV store manager was out driving his Renault 6 when he saw an oval shaped object with two portholes from which a pale light was directed towards the ground. The thing landed on four short thing legs about 200m away. It was 4-5m diameter, 2.5m high, the portholes were 60cm diameter and there was a dim red light at its rear and it made a sound like a large tractor, When Daniel tried to drive away his car engine spluttered for some distance. The observation lasted 40 seconds. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 79 p4 (gives date as 18th)
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Phen Spax 31.
  • UFO Register 9 pt.2, p39 citing Phen Spax 31 p22 + La Razon 13 September 1972 + LDLN 124 + Le Progress Soir 20 March 1972+ Fountain Journal 8.

March 17 1972 (approx. date)
Police officer Mark Matthews was driving by the river just outside town, when he saw what he first thought was a dead dog by the side of the road. The thing then raised itself into a crouching position and facing, Mark, lifted its legs over the rail and disappeared. 
  • Shuker 2008 p104.

March 18 1972. Early hours.
Truck driver Luis Exequiel Bracamonte was driving from Olavarria to Buenos Aires, with a load of cement and stone, when a few kilometres before the Namuncura restaurant at Grandadero, he saw a sort of the sparkling mist appear over the fields. Thinking it was the result of eye strain, he stopped for a rest, upon which the mist was replaced by an intensely vivid light, which almost blinded him. When  Luis opened his eyes again, he saw a huge oblong, opaque machine with a rim on the upper part and projections on the lower part, in a pasture about 100m away. From it emerged three humanoid beings, with very broad shoulders, angular forms and Mongoloid looking faces, who walked with difficulty, as if suffering from altitude sickness. Luis was rooted to the spot, unable even to think. One of the beings touched him, and without knowing why, Luis responded. Haing grabbed him by the elbow, the being and his fellows began speaking in a strange language, but Luis was able to understand that he should not be afraid, that there was nothing wrong with their machine, and something about the highway and lights that he was unable to understand. One of the beings then took a plaque from his pocket and showed it to Luis, who saw that it had two shining symbols on it. He arrived at the restaurant in a most agitated condition, where he was interviewed by journalist M Z Grinberg, who was a customer there.  
  • Jane Thomas in FSR 18,4 p21 citing Mauricio Zelman Grinberg in La Union (Catamarca) no date given.
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 p348 case 140 gives date of newspaper as 22 March 1972 and dates incident to 16th.

March 18 1972, 0920hrs.
Peter Mantell was cycling to Upton Scudamore with a friend in the fog. His friend cycled ahead, but Peter felt dizzy and dismounted. He glanced into a field to the right, and he gradually made out, 8m away, a huge humanoid figure about 2.7m tall. It had no nose on its face, three long fingers, the middle of which was down to its waist. It was wearing a tunic with a sash and sock like shoes. The being, which appeared to be wet, had short thick legs and arms going below its ankles. As Peter yelled to his friend, the thing touched a sort of black spot and it vanished. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p35 citing Ken Rogers,
  • Rogers 1994 p95.
  • Evaluation: Misperception of straying farm animal in the dense fog?

March 18 1972.
A number of people including  Olivier Rieffel saw a red or red-orange  discoid fireball crash into a mountain starting a bush fire. Alleged official investigation.
  • Randle 2010 p256 citing Len Stringfield and Jean Sider.
  • Evaluation: Meteorite? 

March 19 1972, 2200hrs.
A boy Mario, went out onto his patio to look for a broom on this clear starry night when his attention was drawn by a bluish light, which got larger as if it was approaching the ground. Mario saw that the thing was coming down in a vacant lot and, thinking it was a hot air balloon, ran towards it. When Mario reached the lot he saw the thing was a kind of luminous sphere, giving off a blue light, like that of a welding torch. Mario now became frightened and ran to call his mother. As he went in the house, two neighbours Zacarian Mendoza and Manuela Carlotta de Mendoza also saw the object. When Mario came out again, accompanied by his mother  (Josefina) the object, which had been on the ground for seven minutes, began to rise up, producing s hum and casting off more blue sparks. Gradually the light and sound were lost in the sky. The next day Mario went to the site and found four deep tracks, about 20cm deep, separated exactly from each other in the form of a square of 2.5m. At an equidistant point in the centre of the tracks there was a black burnt mark on the ground. 
  • Ted Phillips in MUFON Proceedings 1973 p26 citing Jueves de Excelsior 20 April 1972:.
  • George Fawcett 79 p5.

March 20 1972, 2130hrs.
At a spot 3km from the Crillon-Songeons crossroads, Christiane Picard saw a hemispherical object, the size of a small car, of a shining metallic appearance, hovering 1.5m above the ground 150m away. During the operation, which lasted one minute, she noticed interference on her radio. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Phen Spax 31 p25.
  • UFO Register 9 pt.2, p39 citing Phen Spax op cit +France Soir 22 March 1972 + Lisitn Diaro 28 October 1972.
March 21 1972.
Aarno Heinonen encountered a male humanoid more than 2m tall, who handed him a sort of green pen. When Aarno started to ask questions the figure just floated away and disappeared.  
  • FSR 26,3 p16 citing Anders Liljegren in AFU’s Nyhetsblad 16 citing information from Jorma Heinonen.

March 21 1972.
At an undisclosed location in Normandy  a fireman saw an unidentified object land in a field. When the object took off again, a local farmer reported that he had a total electrical failure in his car. 
  • FSR 18,2 p24 citing London Evening News 22 March 1972.

March 22 1972. Night.
Several teenagers observed a long object with red lights all round, moving in a stop start motion in the sky. The thing landed briefly in a field before taking off in a north-westerly direction. 
  • Data Net VI, 6 p17 citing Kansas City Kansan 23 March 1972.

March 25 1972, 0330hrs.
Mr B, a businessman, was a awoken by a loud humming sound. He looked around his room but could see nothing to cause it. He then noticed light beams coming through the Venetian Blinds, and peeping out of the window, he saw a blinding white light, and near it, a sort of wall of fog 4m long by 2m high. Thinking his car was on fire, he put on a jacket and slippers and dived into his car, noticing that the ice on his car alone had melted. When he started the engine, the fog crept around his car, which bounced as though someone was sitting on it. B could still see the light through his mirror, so drove off to  try and put the flames out, He found that his horn would not work, and he did not meet anyone. He came across a road on which a chain was stretched. This chain tightened and broke while he was 4-5m away. He then realised that he was on  the “Leusderheide” 4km out of town; a deserted area where there a was a military range. Looking out of his car window he saw a human like figure run past from somewhere behind his car and suddenly vanish. Getting out, he saw to his left a bright oval light moving across the trees to an object in front of him. This was a lens shaped object of enormous size, surrounded by a green glow, 15m from him. The green glow came from windows which seemed to be an integral part of its smooth metallic surface, which resembled aluminium. There were no welds, joins or rivets. From the top of the object, three thick beams of green fluorescent light shone upwards like searchlights. Through one of the windows he saw a human like figure. When the white oval reached the lens, it crept along the side until it reached the top, whereupon another green beam shone up.  

Thinking it was an army experiment, he walked closer to the machine, which appeared to be 3-40m long and 4m high. When he got to within about 4m of the object, a man appeared at one of the windows and gestured to him to go back. This man was about 1.5-1.6m tall, dressed in tight fitting, seamless overalls that had a dull metallic glow. It fitted tightly around the wrists. On his waist was a belt with a tube to the right hand side which ran around his back, and was attached to his stand up collar. He had an almond shaped head with disproportionate almond shaped eyes that seemed to light up and look straight through the witness.. His upper lip appeared to be curled up as if he were smiling. Behind this being was a sort of instrument panel on which there were constantly changing colours.  As the being turned to look at this panel, B noticed  other beings behind the other windows, separated by a transparent panel through which they appeared to be communicating. When the first being had finished making his gestures to B, the objected jerked from the ground, hovered for a moment, floated 10m to the right, and was then “hurled away” without raising dust, but making a sound like a tile slipping off a roof. When the object had become the apparent size of a dinner plate the green beams vanished and it became a grey spot with a blue-white glow in the centre, trailing two smoke trails. When the object finally disappeared B felt very cold and drove home best he could. Arriving home, he found that he had left the door open, and been gone  for 45 minutes and his family was anxious for him. One of his children went to the site, where he found an area of flattened grass near his tyre marks. It appears that three holes were found in the area, and a tree in the vicinity did not grow leaves that spring.  

  • G S Wiersema in FSR 18,6 p10 citing Ufologisch Informatief Tijdschrift May/June 1972 citing investigation by Dutch UFO Study Centre.

March 26 1972, 0530hrs.
A young couple  driving in the D 108 between Dargies and Grandvilliers saw three rotating luminous red discs near the ground and drove off. 
  • Jacques Bonabot + UFO Register 9 pt2, p39 both citing Phen Spax 31 p28.

March 28 1972. Evening.
BILL Johnson (18) and Tim H (14) were out driving when they saw a ball of fire descend to treetop level. 
  • Caveat Emptor 5 p32.

April 1 1972, 2300hrs.

Two students were driving from Luso when, between Cacuso and Lucala, their engine and lights failed. They found that the batteries and fuses were normal. A bright light was seen, which was joined by another moving parallel to the road. Shortly afterwards they heard a whistling noise coming from a partially illuminated object, with three feet about  40m away. No heat or other electrical effects were noticed . The object soon lifted to an altitude of 12m, where it hovered briefly, retracted its legs, whistled again, turned on edge and moved away. As soon as the thing left, their vehicle’s lights and engine returned to normal. 
  • Falla 1979 p59 case 409 citing UFO Nachrichenten 216.

April 11 1972, 2000hrs.
Four nearby cars, with a total number of 17 witnesses,  stalled, their engines misfiring simultaneously as they heard an increasing loud humming sound and a silvery-blue, metallic looking disc, with a sort of halo of orange light plunged into Lake Huaypo.  After two or three minutes the cars restarted and the witnesses drove away.
  • UFO Register 9 pt.2 p40 + Rodeghier 1981 p53 both citing SOBEPS News 3.

April 14 1972 (approx. date).
On this peach, some kilometres from the city of Trujillo, Josefa Gayose de Iparraguirre and her two sons, German and Cesar, almost touched a landed object shaped like an inverted bowl. There were other witnesses, some of whom suffered headaches and eye damaged caused by the thing’s brilliant light. 
  • Jane Thomas in FSR 18,4, p24  citing La Cronica 16 April 1972 citing an undated issue of Ultima Hora.

April 15 1972, 0110hrs.
Three Bristol men, J Beecham, G Davies and M Porter, along with Barry Taylor of Bridgewater, observed a dull yellow object descend in a falling leaf fashion to the right of the copse on top of Cradle Hill. No traces were found. 
  • Warminster UFO Newsletter 7 p5.

April 16 1972. Evening.
Numerous people observed a bright orange object rise up off the ground and move over the city for six minutes. About 20 minutes later people from nearby Pleasant Unity saw a bright circular object, which projected a light beam down onto a house trailer, lighting up the area. 
  • Data Net VI, 6 p18 citing Irwin Standard Observer  24 April 1972.

April 18 1972, 1930hrs.
Four people saw an object the size of a Cadillac (about 6m diameter), oval shaped with a silvery surface, a flat bottom and a tail fin on the upper part, moving steadily north at low altitude. The thing had three triangular openings through the centre, from which a red light, with the brilliance of a 200 watt bulb, was emitted. 
  • Data Net  op cit
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 79 p5.

April 21 1972, 2200hrs.
Several people in a trailer court saw \ bright orange sphere, with lights revolving around its base, at treetop height. During the observation s dogs were agitated and interference was noted on TVs. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 79 p6.

April 24 1972, 0200hrs.
Mrs Margaret Taylor was unable to sleep, and looking through her bedroom window, a glowing yellow sphere over a factory chimney opposite. From it emerged a figure wearing boots, acting like an astronaut landing on the moon. After a couple of hours the object seemed to fold in on itself and disappear. 
  • Investigation by Ivor Beeston.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p41 citing DIGAP.
  • Evaluation: This turned out to be the moon!
May 1972 (approx. date)
Mrs Sylvia Taylor saw the figure of a woman in her late 50s or early 60s, with dark grey hair drawn into a bun and wearing a light high necked long sleeved blouse and a longish dark skirt, cross her dining room and come close to her husband and then disappear. 
  • Mrs Sylvia Taylor in Colombo 1979 p111.

May 1972.
An egg shaped object landed in a banana grove and left curious ground marks. 
  • UFOP Register 9 pt.2 p40 citing Jornal do Brasil 28 June 1972.

May 1972.
A group of people were driving 19km west of Volgograd when their car engine stalled. They got out and saw a huge metallic looking object and “telepathically” heard a voice saying “we come in peace, do not fear us” The thing then left at high speed and when it was gone the car worked normally. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p54 citing Gris and Dick 1979.

May 1972. Morning.
Ron Ferret and his wife saw three strange beings, only 90cm tall, wearing baggy clothes, walking down Main Street. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p95 citing UFO Research Queensland files.

May 1972. Night.
A woman on a holiday coach saw on the roof of the companion coach, a group of beings the size of 7 or 8 year old children. They did not appear completely solid but were not transparent. They climbed up the coach and played on the top, seemingly being aware of and amused by the people in the coach. No one else saw this. 
  • NUFON News 127 p9 citing investigation by MUFORA.
  • Evaluation: Hypnogogic hallucination from a fantasy prone witness

May 1 1972. Night.
Numerous witnesses saw something like a ball of fire settle down behind some trees. The thing was observed by two people from an aircraft overhead. One of the witnesses thought he saw red and white landing lights on the object. The thin g appeared to crash in the Grassy Pond-Boiling Springs area. 
  • Data Net Vi, 9 p10 citing Gaffney Ledger 3 May 1972.

May 2 1972, 2300hrs.
A discoid object was seen to land by two people, an opening appeared and a ramp was let down. Two beings, 1.2m tall were seen by the object. Both witnesses were frightened.  
  • UFO Register 3 pt.2 p40 citing Argosy UFO Annual 1975.

May 5 1972, 2215HRS.
In response to a female mental voice, Aarno Heinonen (qv) went to the cross-roads between  Jaala and Voikoski where, behind a red barn, he encountered a woman with long yellow hair, dressed in a tight fitting, bright yellow trouser suite. In her left hand she held a silvery sphere that was connected to a rod, which she held in her hand. On this sphere were three antennae 30cm long, pointing towards Aarno. They shook hands and she greeted him in Finnish. He also saw a man dressed in a similar but lighter suit about 70cm away. She talked about her home “ a green and pleasant land” at the other side of the galaxy, and though she only looked twenty, said she was 180. 
  • FSR 26,3 p18 citing AFU’s Nyhetsblad no 16 citing Ufoaika and Jorma Heinonen.
May 8 1972, 0015hrs.
A man and his son driving along the main highway across the Nullarbor Plain noticed an orange glow in the shrub ahead of their car. An orange disc rose up. When about 1/3 of its original angular size the thing faded out on the spot. Keith Basterfield and Ben West.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 109 p9.
  • Basterfield 1981 p95 citing UFO Research South Australia files.

May 13 1972, 2140hrs.
Four young boys were camping by a barn in an open field. One of them was looking at the stars and alerted the others to a point of light that descended into a nearby field. Thinking it was a helicopter landing the boys ran to get a closer look and flashed their light  at it. The thing descended in a zigzag fashion descending to at least 50m. They now saw that it was an octagonal object, about twice the size of an average car, with four thin legs or pipes underneath, with pads on their ends. From its top came things that resembled bright, silver, upwards pointing cables. The object then passed low overhead. 
  • Hall 1999 p96 citing UFO Investigator July 1972 + Robert Gribble in MUFON UFO Journal 289 p20.

May 17 1972 (approx. date)
Mr and Mrs George Snow saw a glowing orange oval object hovering over the trees near Vinci’s Lake, casting a bight reflection on the lake. The thing darted about and appeared to chase them at times. They called the police and Chief  Murril Starke and officers Frank Lumley, Norman Bernard and John Upham investigated and also saw the object, sometimes stationary, sometimes flying fast, sometimes very high, sometimes at treetop level. The police saw an aircraft which appeared to be trying to chase the oval, but the aircraft soon left behind,. Numerous other witnesses also saw the object, 
  • McWane and Graham 1974  p41 citing Montello Tribune 18 May 1972.

May24 1972. Early hours.
Several people saw an unidentified object on the ground and three entities. Later broken trees and an area of burnt ground were found at the site. 
  • UFO Register pt.2 p40 citing Official UFO January 1976.

May 24 1972.
An unidentified object was seen on the ground by several people. 
  • ibid.

May 24 1972, 1840hrs.
A  group of first-form schoolboys at Taverham Hall School (average age 8 years) were building huts in Red Wood about 300m from  the  school when some of them heard a high pitched hum. David B and John C (who had been playing football)  ran over to the woods in time to see an object moved left to right, above the woods about 100m away, causing a disturbance among the treetops. The thing was shaped like “a rugby ball with the bottom cut away” with a band of coloured light, ¾ of the way down,  in three rows.  This light was of an orange-red or yellow colour. . The object itself had a shiny, grey-silver top, surmounted by a sort of spike and a copper coloured bottom. It was travelling  at less than 15 altitudes at 40-50kph, spinning and dipping up and down as it circled the woods. When the thing reached the eastern end it hovered and then executed a rapid U turn. On the fourth or fifth circuit the object stopped in the middle of the woods and then  dipped down. A third boy James H had seen the lights of the object as it move dover the wood and seen the trees move, and he now joined David and John, along with Christopher L, Jeremy A, Martin B and  Master C. This group of seven boys  watched a pattern of lights flashing through the trees for 5 minutes until they had to go home for bed. No traces were found in the wood  and the investigators felt that the object must have been behind the woods, over the electricity pylons. 
  • Gemini 1,3 p2 citing investigation by Barry Marsh and Peter Johnson.

May 26 1972, 0300hrs.
Joe Anderson, Andy Dufrene and Bob Ashmead were returning to high level from Edmonton by truck when, about 8km south of Paddle Orairie they noticed that they were being followed by a strange object. This object followed them for 80km at treetop height, first on one side of the road and then on the other, splitting into segments, which wandered about in the sky and then fused together again. When they reached high level their employer and his wife also saw the object, There was a police investigation, 
  • Data Net VI, 9 p10 citing Peace River Record Gazette 7 June 1972.

May 26 1972 (approx. date) 1900hrs.
Numerous people saw a strange object over Hobart and area. Two men driving their truck near Cornelian Bay noticed a red glow at the back of their truck. They stopped and saw a circular object, 15m diameter, only 15m above the ground. The object hovered the area and then moved off slowly towards the Tasman Bridge. 
  • Data Net VI, 7 p18 citing Hobart Saturday Evening Mercury 27 May 1972.

May 29 1972, 2355hrs.
A globe of light emitting a loud hum was seen at very low altitude. 
  • UFO Register 9 pt2 p40 citing Spaceview 67 p10.

May 31 1972, 0635hrs.
“Ralph”, a factory manager was driving to work in fog when he crested a rise in the road and saw in front of him a set of unusual lights. He first thought it was a vehicle coming towards him, so he pulled over to the side and stopped. About 20 seconds later he realised that there were two lights, white on the left, red on the right, between which was a dark oval shape, darkest at the centre. The thing seemed to be four times the angular diameter of the full moon. The thing then seemed to rise and pass over his car with a swishing sound that diminished over a few seconds. He looked round to see the object through the rear view mirror, but nothing was visible, not even when he got out of the car.
  • Basterfield 1981 p14 + 1997 pp8, 178 citing investigation by himself and Tony Colbert.

June 1972 (or following month) Evening.
Mrs Hilda McAfee and her mother were driving home to Deeming from Laz Cruces on Interstate 10 at about 105kph, when, 37km west of Deeming, a beam of blue light shone on them from what appeared to be a short distance ahead on the same lane. The light was huge and blinding, filling the car and Hilda prepared to swerve round an object on the ground just ahead. As they swerved past, they saw two men, clad in pale blue bulky, quilted overalls and dark helmets, like those worn by motorcyclists, bathed in the brilliant blue light. Both appeared to be standing beside or below an obscure object  which had some vague resemblance to a truck, which one of the men appeared to be working on. The beings had wide belts and gloves and appeared to be “rigid” and unaware of the near collision.  They carried black rods 10-12cm wide. The light seemed to follow their car as they drove past. When the ladies looked back all was dark and there was no sign of the object or beings. Both later suffered burning aching pains in their chests and arms. 
  • Patti Morris in APRO Bulletin 24,6 p1 citing her own investigation.

June 1972. Early hours.
A patient at the Southampton General Hospital, Kathleen Bury was lying awake in the early hours and was beginning to feel drowsy when she was roused to full wakefulness by two people of indeterminate sex, wearing what look like religious habits, standing at the foot of her bed. When Kathleen rang for the night nurse the figures either moved off or faded away. 
  • Green 1980 p205.

June 1972. Night.
A woman saw lights in a field where police found a a large circular burnt ring with three imprints. 
  • Phillips 1975 p83 case 570.

June 3 1972, 0010hrs.
Mr Balay (60)  saw a luminous egg shaped object, 1m by 80cm, 17m above the ground,400m away. The thing gave off alight that changed from orange to yellow and made no sound. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Phen Spax 32 p26:: UFO Register 9 pt.2 p41 citing Phen Spax op cit + Les Depeches 5 June 1972.

June 4 1972, about 1800hrs.
Six young people (four men and two girls) went in their old sedan car to investigate Bents Basin where various alleged phenomena were supposed to have taken place. They parked for a picnic at a spot about 90m from the water and 200m from a small hill, the top of which was not directly visible owning to the car’s inclination on the slope. When they tried to start the car to move further into the basin, they found it would not start. One of the men got out to discover what was the matter, and saw an object on top of the hill opposite. On being called, all the party, except for one girl who was afraid to look, confirmed this. It was a disk resting on three legs, with a pink top and blood red bottom. The light from the object was pulsating in rhythm to a hum it was emitting. The five watching the object all experienced severe headaches., the girl watching fainting, and one of the men almost doing the same. They managed to get the car going the drove further into the basin but they had not gone very far when they heard thumping sounds on the car roof and the engine caught fire, forcing them to jump from the still moving vehicle in panic. The car them came to rest among some trees. Two  of the men went off to try and thumb a lift, but rushed back to say that a huge shadow was approaching. The party heard a soft, windy, whining noise and hid in the grass. The two who  had gone to fetch the lift, and a third man while a huge humanoid “animate being” 2.4-3m tall approached the area where the car was, with a slow motion that gave them the impression that it was on rollers. They were unable to see any legs, but could make out a glossy body, round helmeted head, broad shoulders and arms which terminated in pointed hands. After 30 seconds, and just when they thought the being was “going to get them”, it vanished on the spot, either going out like a light or vanishing from the bottom up. After 30 minutes the party ran out of the area past where the circular object had been but there was now no sign of it.
  • Basterfield 1980 p42 case 44  citing David Buching and Bill Chalker in UFOIC Newsletter 45 citing own investigation.

June 6 1972. 1600hrs.
(IOWA  :  USA)
Mr T (46), who totally refused to allow his name to be given, was working in his field in a rural part of Iowa when his attention was caught by a flash of light in the sky. He first thought it was an aircraft, then saw that it was a silvery egg shaped machine rapidly approaching him. It slowed down and descended slowly into the cornfield, a tripod landing gear coming down from the bottom just before it landed 100m away. An opening appeared in the underside and a group of beings 1.5m tall, dressed in one piece “flying suits” got out, messed around in the corn for a while, then re-entered their craft, which was between 4.5-6m tall. As the object took off, a blue flame shot out from the bottom, the landing gear retracted, and it gave off a slight roar as it shot into the sky.  The whole observation lasted about 30 minutes.  Vegetation in the area looked as though it had been blown down by an incredible wind.  
  • Kevin Randle in APRO Bulletin 22,6 p1 citing own investigation.
  • Lorenzen 1976 p195.

June 5 1972, 2215hrs.
On the Molope road near Vryburg a huge sphere was seen at very low altitude, 
  • UFO Register 9 pt2, p41 citing Johannesburg Sunday Times 9 June 1972.

June 9 1972, 2230hrs.
Driving through the mountains near Algodonales on his way from Malaga to Seville,  a 27 year old travelling salesman saw a light but thought that it was on a car, All of a sudden he was blinded by a terrific light and his car stalled, though its headlights stayed on. In the middle of the road, 5m ahead, was a yellowish oval pulsating light, 2m long but only a few centimetres tall, which gave the impression of being pure energy. Surrounding this oval were blue protuberances. After two minutes the oval disappeared and the salesman thought he saw a light over the ditch. As he got out of his car, he observed that the oval was moving along at moderate speed towards the gully at the height of the treetops, which it illuminated as it went by and disappeared into the distance.  The thing had been completely silent and did not have any particular odour. The witness learned from the owner of the next roadside inn that the same thing had happened to a couple driving past the same place the previous night. 
  • Ballester 1976 p37 case 155 citing LDLN 130 p18.

June 10 1972. Evening.
A nurse was driving with her 65 year old mother and her infant son outside Millerton when they saw what they first thought was an aircraft, which suddenly descended at terrific speed, making them fear an air crash. The object  then stopped and hovered above trees a 100m or so away, making a soft humming sound. It was a huge disc shaped thing, surmounted by a dome, around which were windows, through which beings with large heads, large oval eyes and thin necks stared out. Their car was then struck by a blue-white light beam that illuminated the car like daylight. The light was so intense that both women had to shield their eyes. As the object began to move, the nurse accelerated away, only to be followed by the thing at treetop level all the way to their home. The object then moved off with a faint whining sound. 
  • Dennett 2008 p113 citing NUFORC files.
  • Evaluation: Reported years after the event and showing influence of post Hopkins abduction lore.

June 11 1972, 2345hrs.
P C Harris, while walking off duty with his father-in-law, saw a cigar shaped object, about 9m long with a blue light at either end and no wings.  The thing was travelling southwards, slowly and silently 12m above Glynogwr Mountain and was observed for 30 seconds. A nearby farmer was awakened by a disturbance amongst his sheep and poultry and also saw the object. 
  • Data Net VI, 8 p13 citing South Wales Echo 26 June 1972 + Glamorgan Gazette 16 June 1972.
  • UFO Register 9, pt2, p11 citing Bridgend Gazette 17 June 1972 + Contact UK files.

June 13 1972, 2000hrs.
Miss Shirley Deveraux of Danebury Avenue was looking out over Richmond Park when she saw a conglomeration of lights hovering about 10m over the park. The lights then moved across the Park, until they stopped by the priory, where they just disappeared. For the next two hours she saw various other lights all converge on the same spot. She observed some of these later lights through binoculars. These lights were orange, becoming duller before they landed. They were also seen by her mother. The original lights had been in a definite saucer shape. A keeper at the park talked of ghosts being reportedly seen there. 
  • Data Net VO, 8 p13 citing Surrey Comet 17 June 1972.
  • Pegasus 4,4 p11 case S201.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p49 citing an undated issue of Barnes and Mortlake Herald
  • Evaluation: The location is close to a main flight path into Heathrow Airport.

June 16 1972, 2030hrs.

Bill Meerton was leaving his house to go out when he noticed an orange light shining through the kitchen window. He thought he had the left the light on, but going back inside, he found he hadn’t. . However on going out of the back door he encountered, about 200m away, a dull metallic looking object, about 10m long, 5m high, on which were about 30 brilliant orange lights. Its light lit up the whole surroundings and there was a terrific wind blowing, which blew the door out of Bill’s hand and bent the pine trees in his backyard. The object was making a sound like a cement mixer, which drove his cows frantic. Soddenly the object rose up and disappeared at terrific speed. As it did so, Bill observed three blue lights, though he was unable to pinpoint their position on the object. The night was still and cloudless. No traces were found but his TV and radio reception had been ruined by static that night. Bill was very calm during the object’s presence but became very afraid once it had left. 
  • Australian FSR, New series 5 p18.

June 17 1972. Night.
Two girls (9, 11) saw an object, which emitted a whirring sound hovering ar9und their campsite for 3 hours. At times appeared to be a large orange sphere, almost on top of them, at which point the noise was deafening, and at other times a bright blue dot high in the sky. Both girls became hysterical, the younger one became quite ill 
  • See sources below.

June 18 1972, 2330hrs.
Darrell Totten of Highlands was driving with two passengers near Barstow when they stopped at the scene of a minor accident. They found about 30 people watching a blue-white circular object moving about in the sky at light altitude. It then came low, turning red-orange. The accident had been caused when the object buzzed the trailer belonging to the family whose children had seen the object the previous night. The object made a whooshing sound like a vacuum cleaner when it dipped down low. It was at this time that the family told Darrell about the previous night’s encounter. 
  • Data Net VI, 8 p14 citing San Bernardino Sun 1 July 1972.

June 18 1972, 2215hrs.
Under similar instructions as before Aarno Heinonen went up a hill path 100m from the cross-roads here, where he again met the woman. She told him that when he went home he would encounter one of their craft. The woman was 1.4m tall, walked with a stiff gait and disappeared. 150m from his house, Aarno saw a silvery disk, 5-7m diameter, which wobbled at 100m altitude. 
  • FSR 26,3 p16 citing from Anders Liljegren in AFU’s Nyhetsblad  16 citing Ufoaika and Jorma Heinonen.

June 19 1972, 0100hrs.
Two airmen, Gary Corley and Randolph Wogoman saw a bright orange object, about 110m diameter, descend behind a building southwest of their security police beat. There were no other witnesses and no traces were found. 
  • Data Net V, 7, p18 citing San Bernardino Sun 20 June 1972.

June 22 1972, 0200hrs.
Javier Bosque (20), a student for the priesthood, was reading in his bed when he was astonished to see an intensely powerful light outside the living room window, which was slightly ajar. He became afraid when the two leaves of the window  opened slowly to let in aluminous elliptical thing about 50cm by 33cm move silently and slowly towards the centre of his bedroom alcove. The thing was 2m from the head of his bed and 2m above the floor. With the entrance of this object, Javier’s transistor radio, which had been left on though the station had closed down for the night, began to produce high pitched beeps. Javier turned on his tape recorder kept by his bed. At this the object dropped to about 40cm and, after a few minutes, put out a beam of light 5cm wide, which extended slowly until it reached the radio, causing it to sway. The light then drew back to half its length and reached out towards the tape recorder, which did not sway, and after touching it for a moment, withdrew back into the object, which again rose up to 2m, halted for a few moments and then headed straight out of the window,, climbing out of sight the moment it reached the street. The incident had lasted 15 minutes but the beeping on the radio continued for some time after the object had gone out of sight, slowly fading away. Javier had a vague but persistent feeling that seemed to be located in the frontal part of his brain. This seemed to keep saying “measure the time” and which lasted from the moment he switched the tape recorder on until the object left the room. Analysis of the tape showed that it would have been impossible for Javier to have produced the bleeps himself.  The same morning a travelling businessman driving a highway was followed by a similar light, putting itself above the car, stopping the motor for a moment and terrifying the driver. 
  • Ballester 1976 p37 case 156 citing investigation by Pedro Redon and Alberto Adell + Stendek 10 p4 +13 p3 + FSR 19,2 p10.

June 21 1972, 1330hrs.
Jose Gugerman (41) and his 12 year old son saw a round object with a dark underside and brilliant top take off  over the trees and head south, whipping up a vortex of dust, grass and leaves, At this site they found 6 little holes over an area 4.3m diameter. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Stendek 10 p32.

June 23 1972, 2015hrs.
Numerous residents reported a strange, bright, orange light to the west of the city along Rushforth Road. It appeared to be not far above the trees by the tick gate. One person said it was cigar shaped with a light at each end. 
  • Data Net VI, 9 p11 citing Grafton Daily Examiner 24 June 1972.

June 24 1972.
Mr F and his 10 year old son were in a car at Roberts Park when they were terrified by an object shaped like a rugby ball, grey coloured, surmounted by a cupola, hovering soundlessly 6-8m above the ground. Outside the object were three 1.8m  tall, thin humanoids, one of whom pointed to the car. Another being was visible inside the machine, standing in front of a luminous panel. It was cloudy weather. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing UFOIC Newsletter 31 p3.

June 25 1972, 1940hrs.
Aarno Heinonen and  Esko Viljo were in the kitchen of the latter’s house when a figure 1.4m tall suddenly appeared from the brick wall by the oven and stood in the middle of the floor. It wore a grey suit with white stripes. It was impossible to see its face. After 30 seconds the figure took two steps backwards into the darkness behind the oven. A short time later there were two thuds and the house was lit by a bright light which moved in a wavy pattern through the room. They searched but found nothing. 
  • FSR 26,3 p16, etc op cit.

June 26 1972, 0800hrs.
Bernardus Smit (40), the owner of a plumbing business in East London was taking a winter holiday on his “Braeside Farm”, 14km from Fort Beaufort. A labourer Boer de Klerk was sent out to inspect a dam and was about to make a fire when he noticed smoke coming from a clump of trees. Thinking it was a trespasser, he called out and was shaken to see a shiny object, like a ball of fire, emerge from the trees and hover overhead. He went back to get Smit, who, when he got to the scene, observed a glowing red object, which turned bright green and then yellow –white, hovering in the 5m tall bush. It appeared oval, with a white spot of light glowing above the right hand edge, and flames coming from all round it. Smit went and fetched his rifle, calling the police at the same time. Returning to the scene with the rifle, Smit fired at it. Two police officers, Warrant Officer P von Rensburg and PC Kitching, arrived at the site about 1000 hours. They observed that the object had a blue-black, gun metal colour, was egg shaped and 3m long. De Klerk and three other labourers were engaged to try and beat it out of the bush, and when that failed they fired at it at a range of 250m

Smit advanced to within 10m of the thing and fired twice at point blank range. Altogether 15 shots were fired, none appearing to have any serious effect, though at least one shot it hit with a dull thud, causing it to rock from side to side. At his closest point to the object Smit heard a humming sound like machinery. The object appeared to respond to events with a purpose. It then moved into the Fordyce Bush, an almost impenetrable area, and after an hour the police left. Smit stayed behind and the object remained in the area until well past midday, moving through the trees without burning them. Three sets of two impressions were found in the damp clay; each imprint was 625mm in diameter and turned slightly in a clockwise direction. There appeared to be some confusion as to the exact sequence of events. 

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June 28 1972, 0300hrs.
Wendy (13) and Stuart (10) B were awoken by the sound of terrified horses, which had broken out of the paddock next door, and were galloping down their drive way, and the barking of dogs. They also heard a weird sound, which caused them to look through their window, and see an object shaped like s dustbin lid over the roof of the house next door. They observed it for about a minute. 
  • Data Net VI, 10 p13 citing Auckland Western Leader 13 July 1972.
  • Evaluation: Moon?