1973. (or following year) 1645hrs.
Mike Shea was driving from the University of Baltimore to Olney when, 25km outside Baltimore he saw a beam of light strike a barn about 50m away. The beam came from a large aerial object with a row of alternating red and yellow lights, which was making no sound. The thing then moved over his car, at which he felt electric shocks up his spine. He then found himself just outside Olney feeling quite relaxed. When he reached the bar where he was going to meet a friend, he found that it was now 2100hrs. not 1900hrs. Under hypnotic regression Mike recalled four creatures by the side of the road. They were black and wore black suits, and helmets with a central line, they had four long arms and bowed legs, and reminded Mike of grasshoppers. Three of the beings were large; the fourth, smaller one was dressed in a black, silky suit with a frontal zipper. There were now two objects, one in the sky and a smaller one on the road. Mike was taken on board and given a medical examination. 
  • Huyghe 1996 p90 citing Gary Smith in The Washington Post Magazine 3 January 1988 citing investigation by Budd Hopkins.

A young radio ham, Giovanni La Rosa, one day heard, over his radio set, a message that professed to come from space, and spoke in a metallic Italian. This voice made an appointment to meet him in a wood near the town a week later. When he went to the rendezvous there was a vivid light that petrified him, and a circular machine 3-4.5m diameter landed. A small door opened in the front, and a ramp, like a portable ladder, came down. From the machine emerged three people of normal height, wearing what looked like asbestos suits with antennae on this helmets. The beings promised to come back and cure his dangerously ill daughter but never did so. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 20,2 p28 citing Giuseppe Randazzo in Gente 21 December 1973.

John Maddox was sitting on his back porch when he saw an oblong object land and then take off a short time later, in a field 750m away. A burnt area 9m diameter was found. 
  • Phillips 1975 p88 case 733 citing David Schroth.

At an undisclosed location a woman motorist saw a grey object, 5mj long, with no engine or propeller, only a metre or so away. In the front section she could see a helmeted person, who looked rather frightened. The object was only going at 20-30 kph and looked primitive. 
  • APRO Bulletin 24,6 p6.

Two men were asleep in a caravan in a remote building site, when one of them was awakened by a blue light projecting from a hovering aerial disc. He experienced a time lapse of 2 hours and had the feeling that “Caucasian” beings were somehow involved. The principal witness had reported several other close encounters at this site. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p183 citing David Buching September 1975.
  • Mark Moravec in Evans and Spencer 1987a p300 citing Moravec 1981.
  • Basterfield 1980 p44 case 47 citing UFOIC + “anecdotal interview” with David Butching.
  • Evaluation: Rumour?

A taxi driver was driving to collect a fare when a tall figure in white stepped in front of him. Unable to brake in time the taxi seemed to go right through the figure. When he looked to see if anyone was injured, the taxi driver found nothing. 
  • Green 1980, p7

Louis Awhile of White Salmon and his young daughter saw a hairy humanoid cross the road, greatly frightening the girl. 
  • Byrne 1975, p104.

Two boys found a hairy humanoid asleep in a nest of grass clippings. 
  • Prince-Hughes 1997 p44 citing Allen V Noe in Pursuit 6,4 p28.

1973. 0230hrs.
Merchant seaman Robert Crowe (33) awoke needing a cigarette. As he was about to get up to get one from a nearby vending machine he experienced a sense of presence and a random mass of dots and lines appears, assembling into the figure of an elderly woman with ginger hair in a white check dress and apron. The figure appeared to try and communicate but failed and dissolved into a sort of white dust. When Robert switched in the light there was nothing to be seen. 
  • Moss 1977 p137.

1973. 0350hrs.
A patient at the St Osyth’s Priory Convalescent Home, Mrs Loveridge, awoke to see the ward door open and a man dressed in a monk’s habit and cowl walk in. After a few seconds the man turned round and began to walk back but then disappeared. 
  • Green 1980 p204.

1973. Afternoon.
The vicar of St Nectan’s church was walking across the graveyard when he saw a figure like a monk coming up the path towards the church door, about 6m away. As Harold went to greet the stranger, he disappeared on the spot. 
  • Green 1980 p25.

1973. 1500hrs.
A cleaner at Blithfield Hall entered a room to see a man in dark clothing stood there, rubbing a ring on his left hand. As she looked the man just disappeared. 
  • Green 1980 p141.

1973. Evening.
Mrs Taylor was driving the A38 when she saw a middle aged man, head bent down, wearing a long grey coat, stood in the middle of the road. Mrs Taylor had to swerve and almost ended in a ditch. When she got out to remonstrate with the man, there was no-one there. 
  • Green 1980 p140.

1973. 2300hrs.
A boy and girl parked at the “Dave Busenbeck Park” when, as the youth got out to go to the outhouse, he saw what he first thought was a tree stump and then realised that it was a 3m tall being, about 50m away. The thing uttered a snorting noise. The girl also saw. The couple fled the scene. 
  • Wasson 1979 p6 citing Jack Woodruff_

1973. 2350hrs.
Ken and Elaine Rayner were sat by their camp fire when they heard a loud high pitched screaming sound that lasted for 15 minutes. They retreated into their utility, which was rocked up and down by a large dark being. After about a minute the thing retreated. After waiting some time, the couple drove rapidly away. 
  • Gilroy 1995 p205.

Early 1973. Night.
Bill Wilson, a veteran of the Burma campaign, his wife Nancy and another couple were driving home when, on nearing the top of Dordon Hill they saw an object with the apparent diameter of the full moon hovering above the road. Their engine began to misfire and the car stopped. The object then projected a beam of light towards the car and began to approach it. Just before a collision, the light separated into two sections which travelled at speed, returned and then remerged before setting off towards Middleton. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p113 citing their own investigation.

January 1973. (Approximate Date) 
An object landed in a field by the road in the Thorold area, where it was observed by a single witness, who was possibly teleported. 
  • UFO Register 9 pt.I p15 case 49 citing Thorold News 11 January 1973.

January 1973. (Approximate Date) 
A very low manoeuvring light paced a car driven by a single witness driving between Thorold and Stone 
  • (ibid)

January 1973. (Approximate Date) 0200hrs.
A mushroom shaped object landed by a barn and was seen by two people. 
  • UFO Register5 pt2 p14 citing Thorold News 11 January 1973.

January 1973. Evening. 
Elizabeth C was driving four other people, when just past the turnoff to Sussex Inlet she drew the others’ attention to a light like that of an approaching semi-trailer. The thing then took off and past her car and then returned, pacing them for 24km. The thing was disc shaped with windows, under which were thin strips of red light, and a sort of rotating searchlight coming from its underside. One of the people in the car, an army officer, saw figures through the windows. As they came close to the turnoff to a naval base, the thing shot up into the sky, arced around Nowra and was lost to sight out to sea. Later that evening, at the campsite at Shoalhaven Heads, they saw numerous helicopters apparent circling over a fiery mass in the sea. When they reported the matter to the naval base, they were told there had been numerous witnesses and that the thing had affected the base radar. The army officer was interviewed by Intelligence officials. The navy denied all knowledge of this when questioned by investigators. 
  • Chalker 1996 p 141 citing his own investigation.

January 1973. Night.
Gerald Summer, a truck driver for Ackers Motor Lines, and another Charlotte trucker, named Rhom, watched through binoculars, as an oval object with a black base, surrounded by holes landed in a field. 
  • Ohio UFO Reporter 10 p12

January 1973.
Gerald Summer (qv) and Norman Self were 2.5km out of Rock Hill in the pouring rain when they saw a glowing oval object drop out of the clouds, follow the truck for a short distance and then take off back into the clouds. 
  • Ohio UFO Reporter 10 p12 citing Gaffney Ledger 26 January 1972.

January 1 1973. (Approximate Date) 0005hrs. 
A businessman from Osorno and his wife were travelling by car when the engone suddenly stopped, At the same time they saw a flying object, which resembled a gigantic bat, but was disc shaped object with a green light and a red light flashing on and off beneath it, which passed overhead. As the object moved off the engine came back to life without him having to switch it on. 
  • FSR 19, 3 p29 citing La Cronica 3 January 1973.

January 3 1973. 2200hrs.
A man driving along secondary road 43, OFF 99 Island Road, was followed by a domed object at very low altitude. During this period the car’s headlights dimmed appreciably, returning to normal brightness when the object moved away. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt.1 p112 case 4 citing Gaffney Ledger 9 +23 February 1973. + Columbia Sun 27 February 1973.

January 4 1973. 0230hrs.
Joao Marques (31) saw a strange object hovering low over a road near his home. An opening appeared in the thing and a human like figure, dressed in white, descended a rope. The being put some grass to its face and then discarded it. The being then picked up a hydrangea plant and then re-ascended the rope back into the object. 
  • Webb 1976 p110 citing SBEDV Special Bulletin 1975.
  • Rosales citing HUMCAT 1973.

January 4 1973. 1815hrs.
Arthur Jackson was returning from Woodbridge to Manchester was just starting off after a stop at a fruit farm 3km out of Debenham when about 100m ahead he saw a figure dressed in a tall black hat, cloak and tall boots standing on the right hand side of the road. Arthur slowed down to 30kph but did not seem to get any closer to the figure, which then moved to the left, forcing Arthur to swerve. The figure however followed him and the van went right through it. Arthur stopped and got out but could not find any trace, but when he set off again the figure returned, running along drainage ditch by the side of the road. When Arthur reached 55kph then thing disappeared. 
  • Green 1980 p147.

January 5 1973. (Approximate Date) Night.
Local residents observed a dish shaped object, with circular wings, apparent diameter 4 times that of the moon, hover a few metres above the ground in the direction of Coyagasta Dam in the south-east of the town. The thing’s body was lit by a vivid red light, with a white light at its centre. Between the inner and outer sections a number of small dark windows were visible. The thing then rocked to and fro and lifted up a few metres higher, where it remained stationary for almost 30 minutes. The thing gave off a light beam of such intensity that it lit up sections of the town like the full moon. It finally climbed away to the south-east and was lost to sight in a few minutes. 
  • FSR 19, 3 p29 citing L Razon 7 January 1973.

January 6 1973. 0600hrs.
While parked at a layby on the Thames Road between Tiddington and Wheatley, Ian Low saw a very low flying circular object pass across the front of hid lorry, as if to land in a nearby field. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p11 case 6

January 7 1973. 2355hrs.
When an unidentified object appeared very low over his patio, farmer Santos Sipe, tried, unsuccessfully, to hit it with a machete and club. 
  • Richard Heiden citing El Tiempo + El Comercio both17 January 1973. citing UPI 16 January 1973.

January 8 1973. 1015hrs.
Billy Gowen or Gowan, a freshman at East High School, who reported to station WBBO on that school, was phoning in on the Pat Nanney show when his radio started acting up. Through his window he saw a red and gold squarish object, about 30cm tall and 10-12cm diameter, come towards the ground, tilting slightly and emitting a sort of yellow flame. It kicked up snow and landed. Billy grabbed his camera and ran outside, taking a photograph at 15m range, before the thing took off, scattering snow again. It rose to 15m, emitted an explosive sound and took off at terrific speed. There was a hole 750mm diameter in the snow, filled with an unpleasant smelling greenish liquid and black particles were found scattered around the surrounding snow. The photograph(s) were not developed when the story was reported. 
  • Data Net VIII,3 p15 citing This Week (Forest City) 10 February 1973.
  • Phillips 1975 p88 case 544 and Ted Phillips in Skylook 76 p 16 citing own investigation.
  • UFO Commentary 3,3 p9.
  • Spectrum 1 p3.
  • UFP Register 5 pt1 p11 case 5 citing Winston Salem Journal 1 October 1973 + Saga UFO Report Spring 1974 p46 gives date as 5th, as does Timothy Green Beckley in Machlin 1979 p165.

January 12 1973. Evening.
A 40 year old woman driving a truck on Hw 44 south of Farmington saw a single intensely blue-white bright light which suddenly appeared and then paced her truck for one or two minutes. First seen about 3km away, it approached at high speed to within about 400m and then disappeared. 
  • Dennett 2011 p92 citing NUFORC

January 14 1973. 0030hrs.
Frank Allen (27) was on his way home from Chillicothe to his trailer home on the court on US23 north when he saw an American football shaped object hovering about 30m above the court. It was about 23-30m long, 15m thick, with red, yellow and green lights that glowed on and off. After about 10 seocnds it moved up and away to the west. 
  • Data Net VII,3 p16 + Ohio UFO Reporter 10 p20 citing Chillicothe Gazette 15 January 1973.

January 15 1973. Night.
A disc paced a car driven by a lone driver on Hw 18 near Gaffney. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p12 citing Gaffney Ledger 2 February 1973.

Mid January 1973. 1930hrs.
A trucker going from Grants Pass, Oregon to Eureka California was driving along the Avenue of Giants between Garberville and Fortuna, rounded a curve to be confronted with a creature that walked out in front of his truck. The thing’s head was at least 15cm above the 1.9m tall bonnet of the truck. The truck hit the thing which was propelled to the left hand shoulder of the road. The trucker, who been driving at about 65-70kph with his lights on, did not stop for between another 8-10km further along. There was extensive damage to the front of the truck but so sign of blood or other organic matter. 
  • Green 1978 p409 citing his own investigation

January 16 1973. 0030hrs.
Mr and Mrs Sucknow and two other witnesses saw a very low, silent, train like object moving near the Penhoek Pass. As it passed, the interior of their car went very cold. It appears that the Sucknows saw occupants in the craft but no details are available 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p12/13 citing Cape Town Daily Reporter 17 January 1973. 
  • Webb 1976p 110 citing Skylook 65 p15.

January 16 1973. 1900hrs. 
A very low flying domed object paced a car driven by a local attorney and his wife, making a sound like a high flying plane. When the object was present the car appeared to be raised off the ground and the couple felt a sensation of weightlessness. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p12 citing Winston-Salem Journal 1 October 1973.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 81 p36
  • Spectrum 1 p3.

January 19 1973. 2325hrs.
A student, Jerry Littleton was driving south on Highway 19, 21 km south of Gaffney when he noticed a number of lights flashing on the highway ahead. Thinking there had been a wreck, he slowed down. However when he got closer to the scene, he saw that the lights came from a domed object in the middle of the road, surrounded by about 12 men. The object had a rounded underside like a plate, The topside angled toward a large dome. The whole structure was an estimated 4.5m diameter, and was 4.5m high. Multicoloured lights were flashing, in no particular order, in a band around the base of the dome. The object was supported by three landing legs, and steps appeared to be coming from it. It appeared to be constructed out of a material like fibre glass and glowed dark yellow, like a light bulb. Surrounding the object were about 12 normal looking Caucasian men, with jet black hair, dressed in white coveralls, on which were buttons, buckles and belts, and white gloves. The men just stood around the object, though those facing in the opposite direction turned around to face the witness. Their outlines appeared to waver, as if in a heat haze. Frightened, Littleton turned around onto a secondary road and drove rapidly away No traces were found at the site 
  • Ohio UFO Reporter 10 p12 citing Roger Painter in Gaffney Ledger 26 January 1973. 
  • Flying Saucers 81 p32.
  • Webb 1976 p110 citing Ted Bloecher
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p13 (case 21) citing Gaffney Ledger 2, 9 and 23 February 1973, and Columbia Sun 27 February 1973.
  • BUFORA Journal 4, 1 p39.
  • Saga UFO Report Spring 1974 p48.

Late January 1973.
Mr and Mrs K O Wilkes saw, about 800m away on a hilltop, a dull, aluminium grey coloured object, about half the size of a house trailer. The thing had red and green lights at either end and its top appeared to glow. The couple could see several beams of light extending up to 30m from its top. The object was about 7m long by 3m high. The Wilkes saw neither the arrival nor the departure of the object. At the site semi-circular imprints about 9m across were found and plaster casts were made of them. 
  • Phillips 1975 p88 case 647 citing Darbro and Ingram 1974 + Pulaski Citizen 24 October 1973.

January 21 1973. 0325hrs. 
January-Ove Sundberg got up to go to the lavatory and when he looked out from his second floor window, he saw a strange man dressed in dark clothes in his garden. He shouted to him as to his business, but the stranger did not answer and disappeared into the hedge. When Sundberg investigated the stranger was nowhere to be seen, but unusual footprints in the snow led from a parked car to a hedge. A neighbour 300m away, Mr Fransson, found similar footprints starting in the middle of his garden and around the Holst estate next door. These consisted of two semicircles 26 cm and 22 cm diameter larger at the rear) connected by a bar 10 cm long, 7 cm wide. 
  • Letter from Sundberg in Flying Saucers 84 p61.

January 26 1973. 
Bob M (11) saw a white furry humanoid creature, about 2.6m tall, walk across a yard and into an unfinished house. 
  • Rath 1998 p18.

January 27 1973. 0650hrs.
Workman Vicente rias-Montes (42) had left his house to walk to work on a farm 2.5km away when art a place called “Las Cruces”, 350m from the entrance to the town he saw, hovering above the ground 50-60m away, a brilliant white-yellow light, with fuzzy outlines, which lit up the area, including Vicente. The light came from something that resembled a motor cycle. As Vicente continued his walk over the next five minutes, he kept stopping to glance back at this object. Finally when he did so, he found that the thing had gone. It made no sound or movement, just shone intermittently. Vicente’s two dogs did not reaction. 
  • Ballester 1976 p39 case 160 citing investigation by ERIDANI + Ballester Olmos files.

January 28 1973. 1835hrs.
A group of 6 or 7 children were playing at Knight’s Grange Farm, including Robert L (11) and his sister, who had just finished their dinner when they observed an object twice the size of a double decker bus, 3m tall, with red, white and green lights. It was hovering over a pool known as Ocean Pool 400m away, behind some trees. The glowing semi-circle seemed go below the level of the trees. The children went back to the L home and called the police and then returned to the site, where they saw a glow under the water. A senior police officer arrived on the scene from Winsford but his car engine and radio appeared to malfunction. The boys apparently phoned the police again when they saw this car’s lights go out. A patrol car from Northwich arrived on the scene and a constable saw the light, which then went out. This police car also suffered engine problems. The little girl was afraid to approach the pond afterwards. Investigations were inconclusive and reports of a mysterious lack of micro-organisms in tow concentric rings 15m and 13m diameter near the site and something vaguely odd about the pond were never substantiated. 
  • Information from talks by and conversations with Roy Dutton (citing investigation by Gordon Clegg), Arthur Tomlinson, Steve Balon and Peter Warrington.
  • Daily Mail 29 January 1973.
  • UFO Register 5 pt.2 p14, 15, cases 37 +55 citing Liverpool Echo 29 January + 8 February 1973. + Manchester Evening News 8 February 1973. + Awareness NS 2,1 p7.
  • Evaluation: No detailed account of this case was ever published and accounts were fragmentary and sometimes contradictory and it is not clear how much was rumour or childish imagination. The police denied any knowledge of the event.

January 30 1973. 1915hrs.
Motor insurance underwriter Barry Watts of Deal was driving towards Dover on the Dover-Deal Road when, near the first turning into St Margaret’s, he saw a large amber fireball, flashing across the sky to his right, seeimg to get lower. He lost site of the thing. Near the Swinegate he saw the thing take off from a field like a rocket and head towards the sea in the direction of St Margaret’s.
  • FSR 19,2 p32 citing Dover Express 9 February 1973.

January 31 1973.
A strange object was seen on or just above the ground. No further details.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 85 p37.

February 1973. 0045hrs.
On this rainy night, a couple in a car saw a street lamp dimming and brightening then fading to a faint glow. They then saw a golden luminous sphere rise up from behind trees and hover. After a few minutes it turned to orange and then deep red. They decided to investigate but their engine would not start, and the headlights only came on dimly. The object then left to the south west, after which the street light and car engine returned to normal. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p184 citing UFO Investigation Centre Newsletter 1976 p48.
  • Chalker 1996 p152.

February 1973. 0400hrs. 
A cowherd named Floencio went out of his hut to see why his dog was barking and saw a luminous object on the shore of the reservoir, a few hundred metres away. He noted that on the upper middle part there was a smaller blue circle that rotated at high speed. Floencio walked a few steps towards the thing but, as his dog was afraid to move, he thought better of it. The object suddenly took off across the reservoir, rising up several metres as it went by. It disappeared into the mountains to the east at terrific speed. A circled of flattened ground was found at the site. Someone allegedly warned Floencio not to talk about the incident. 
  • Ballester 1976 p39 case 161 citing Manuel Osuna.

February 1973. 2020hrs. 
A woman was sitting in a car in a rural area near Tennyson, while her husband was talking with a farm family, when she heard a loud noise, which she thought was a tree limb hitting the car. Shortly afterwards, while listening to the radio, an aerial object passed low overhead. About 15 minutes after this a light appeared moving back and forth on the rear of a car parked to her left. While she was watching this, the witnesses developed a headache, something unusual for her. Then again a strange object, the size of an aircraft, passed over at less than 6m altitude. All that could be seen of the thing was a central red light and white lights on the sides. During this time she was unable to hear the car radio. 
  • Ridge 1994 p33 citing his own investigation and UFOFC files.

February 197 Night.
A single witness in a lane in the Portsmouth/Eastleigh area saw an immense object, with about 400 portholes; pass over at very low altitude. As it did so, the witness’s hair rose on end, as if by static electricity. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt.1, p24 case 126 citing Southern Evening Echo 2 June 1973.

February 1973. Night.
After a seance, Ventura Maceiras (q.v.) claimed that two beings 1.75-1.80m tall, with small round ears, slit eyes, a small flattened nose and very short and fine thin hair appeared to him. One of them approached, smiling, and greeted him, placing his left hand on Maceiras’s breast. The being appeared to communicate through telepathy about his home world, a cure for cancer etc. The cure turned out to be meaningless nonsense. A follow up investigation concluded that many of these claims were the result of suggestion from the first team of investigators. 
  • Pedro Romaniuk in FSR 19,5 p14 citing own investigation.
  • Richard Heiden citing investigation by Roberto Banchs.

February 1 1973. 0700hrs. 
On several occasions witnesses had observed a ball of light foating 1.5m above the gournd in the woods near here. The thing was about twice the size of a motor cycle headlight, with a whitish-yellow colour. On this occasion farm worker Vicente Ayamonte (40’s) saw the thing stationary against a strong wind, about 60-70m away. He went on and when he looked back after he had gone 50m, the thing had gone.

  • Ballester 1976 p40 case 162 citing Extremadura 7 February 1973. citing investigation by M Tamayo, F Ares and M Amirola.

February 2 1973. (Approximate Date) 
A very low object was seen by two people over roadside trees near Draytonville. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p15 case 60 citing Gaffney Ledger 23 February 1973.

February 3 1973. 2355hrs.
Student Samuel Faria (26) was sat up reading a magazine when he heard a strange chirping sound from the garden. He awoke his aunt, Mrs De Souza, who was the only other person in the house. Together they looked through the window into the garden, where they saw yellowish light close to the house and a number of points of light about 6m from the ground and heard the sound of voices There was then a knock on the door and, fearing a thief, Samuel went into the garden, while his aunt switched on the kitchen light. Once outside, Samuel was terrified to see a luminous orange coloured ring hovering about 20m above his uncle’s radio ham mast, lighting up the garden like midday. The ring appeared to be about 2m diameter. This light was accompanied by a wave of heat like a furnace. Samuel fled inside and dived into his room. Through his window he saw what looked like smoke drifting towards the Convento da Fenha, 150m away. Mrs De Souza phoned a neighbour, who ran to help. Samuel and this neighbour inspected the garden but found that the object had gone. The radio antennae had been severed as if by scissors. 
  • FSR 23,5 p14 citing Walter Buhler in SBEDV Bulletin 112-15 citing investigation by Marcos A Fundac.
  • Evaluation: Human activity, someone using a welding arc to sever the radio mast, perhaps because the uncle’s ham radio was interfering with local TV reception.

February 4 1973. 2150hrs.
Two young people, Brian Hunt and Sharyn Finckler (or Finkler) of Kimba, were travelling from Iron Knob to Kimba on Highway 1, when, about 50 km before Kimba, Hunt stopped to answer a call of nature. At his point they were overtaken by Max Inglis, who, about 400m further on, a rectangular orange glow in a clearing on the right hand side of the road. Thinking it was an accident, he slowed down, but then felt there was something odd, so waited to see what the car behind, driven by Brian and Sharyn would do. When Brian passed the spot he saw what seemed like a red flare, and looked back to see a rectangular shape of orange-red light, 3 m high, 1.5 m wide. In it was a sharply defined figure like a normal human figure, dressed in white all over “like a white space suit” apparently motionless some 60-90 cm above the ground, and arms and legs pointing down. Brian accelerated away and pointed to Sharyn to look. She saw an orange rectangle with a white spot on top. She looked away for s moment, and when she looked back the orange glow appeared to spread right across the road. When she looked back again, they had gone over a small rise, and nothing could be seen. When he had seen the car behind him accelerate away, Inglis also drove away at speed. About 10 minutes later truck driver Allan Degnor from Caduna passed the spot and saw what looked like a large caravan doorway with a figure in white in the middle. No structure corresponding with a caravan could be seen however Brian and Sharyn arrived at her house at 2230hrs., where her father saw that Brian was white faced and trembling, so much so that he was unable to hold a cigarette on his own. There was a police investigation but no traces were found. 
  • Keith Basterfield et al in FSR Case Histories 18 p7.
  • Basterfield 1981 p26, 97 + Basterfield 1997 pp25, 184 citing investigation by Basterfield et al and Whyalla News 16 February 1973.
  • Basterfield 1980 p45 case 48 citing sources as above.

February 8 1973. (apporx date) 0300hrs.
Jim Sutcliffe (28) was driving home to Welwyn Garden City on the Hemel-St Albans road, when, just before the road went under the M10 Bridge, he saw a group of cars pulled up by the side of the road and followed suite, They watched a large yellow ball hovering 6-10m above the ground in a field about 100m away. Ss one of the witnesses went to inform the police, the ball shot up into the air and vanished, Another witness, who did not give his name, reported that his car engine had failed by the bridge and only came back on again when the sphere had taken off. 
  • FSR 19,2 p32 citing Hemel Hempstead Evening Echo 12 February 1973.
  • UFO Register 5 pt1, p16 case 70 citing Hemel Hempstead Evening Echo op cit + Watford Evening Echo 12 February 1973.

February 11 1973. 1800hrs.
Mrs Rouffignac was driving along the unnumbered road running across Cobham Common between the hamlets of Longcross and Burrowghill, in a south westerly direction when she saw, across the common to the east, a rectangular object with a sort of rudder at one end. It appeared to be about 10m above the ground and was surrounded by multi-coloured flashing lights. The object made no sound, and the witness was certain that it was not an aircraft. It was visible for 15 seconds as she approached the junction of the B383, onto which she turned north west. She then stopped to observe the thing but found it could not be seen. 
  • BUFORA Journal 3,10, p18 citing investigation by BUFORA.

February 11 1973. Evening.
Near Draytonville, four people saw two triangular objects. While one hovered at low altitude, the other landed in a hillside pastureland. Later that night two people driving near the town were paced by a low flying triangular object. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt 1 p 17 cases 80 +82 citing Gaffney Ledger 23 March 1973.

February 14 1973. 0230hrs. 
The pilot and co-pilot of a DC8 charter cargo jet had just started a descent from 6,300m cruising at 815kph in the vicinity of McAlester when their attention was caught by another object 1. km away below the edge of their right wing. They thought it was another commercial flight until it rose up and closed on their plane to within 300m. In the moonlight they could see it was a silvery, polished, metallic oblong with rounded edges “like a flounder lying on its side” The body of the object contained two very short stubby fins that looked as though they could be folded into its body, and on which were steady amber lights on the leading edge, with another set of amber lights located above and below the body of the craft. In the top centre of the machine was a transparent unlighted dome in which two or three figures appeared to be moving about. From the top rear of the object were two vertical fins, one on either side of what looked like an exposed jet engine pod, which emitted no glow however. The underside was flat with no protrusions, landing gear nor hatches. The whole assemblage was 23=-26m long and 12m wide. When they switched their radar on the craft appeared as a blip on the edge of the scope, but almost the moment they switched the set on, the object rose straight up and crossed sideways to a position just above the plane, passed momentarily out of sight, then reappeared to the left, dropped behind and below, then sped past at twice their speed about 100m below them, performed several up and down motions, then sped out of sight to the right. It went off the radar scope at a distance of 80km. The whole observation lasted 18 minutes. 
  • UFO Investigator March 1974 p2.
  • Webb 1976 p110 citing investigation by Raymond Fowler.
  • Spencer 1975 p3.

February 14 1973. 2355hrs.
Raleigh and Phil Nix saw a luminous orange oval object fly low about 300m from their home. The thing was very brilliant and larger than the large cars of the period. The object came down to less than a metre above the ground in a nearby field before moving off and then suddenly disappearing.
  • Cox 2004 p24 citing his own investigation and press sources.
  • Note - what is almost certainly the same case is dated February 18th on Cox p25. The Lexington case of 17th may also be another version of this one.

February 16 1973. 0505hrs. 
John Spencer of Baddesley Ensor, married man with a family, was driving to his work at the Dunlop factory in Birmingham, when just after passing Dordon on the A5, his attention was caught by a strange object in the sky over to the right. The normally busy road was deserted and he was afraid that the object was going to crash on the road ahead. He slowed down to 35kph as the object passed over Birchmoor, 800m of open fields and then over the road 200m ahead, between John and Kinsall Green Garage. John did not stop, though he opened the window but could hear no sound. The object was oval, at least 45m diameter, was a vivid orange colour and was ejecting a cone shaped flame from the centre of its lower part. This flame appeared in the form of a single jet and did not appear until some three or four metres below the object, and was about 2.5-3m long. The inner section of the flame appeared to be white, while the outer edges were pinkish yellow. There appeared to be no markings or openings on the oval object, which gave the impression of being driven forward. This object appeared to be descending at first and then levelling out as it moved away at a speed in excess of 160kph at treetop height. John was unnerved by the incident. 
  • G Geldard in FSR Case Histories 14 p6 citing his own investigation.

February 16 1973. 
A couple saw two very low moving objects, one of which passed so close to their car that they thought they were about to be abducted.
  • UFO Register 5 pt1, p17 case 86 citing Gaffney Ledger 23 March 1973.
  • UFO Investigator June 1973. p2.

February 17 1973. 
A family observed an object, giving off a light so bright that it hurt their eyes to look at it, land 300m from their home. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 81 p36.
  • Spectrum 1 p3.

February 18 1973.
A family near here observed four objects swoop down just above the treetops, as if to land, make a wide sweeping turn and climb into the sky, heading towards the Draytonville area. As the objects lifted up the witnesses could hear a humming sound. 
  • UFO Investigator June 1973. p2.

February 18 1976 2230hrs. 
A housewife and her 9 year old son were diving to get some aspirin for her sick baby, while her husband stayed at home to look after it. At the fork in the road they saw a bright white light approaching over the corn fields and then hover 1.5m above the car until they reached her mother’s home, where the light took off over the pine trees. It was just a soundless light. On the way back they encountered a purple, glowing, oval object hovering 8m above the cornfield, illuminating the whole area. The woman stopped the car, ad if in a trance, and had none of her normal fear of the dark. Her son’s cries brought her to her senses and drove home, where she got her husband and the sick baby to come to the spot with her, but the object had gone.
  • Letter from witness in APRO Bulletin 27, 3 p5.

February 20 1973.
A Yakima County fire official in his home saw four bright flashing red lights moving back and forth along the lower part of the ridge, as if following a winding road. An Indian police patrol went to investigatebut found nothing. 
  • Long 1990, p26.

February 20 1973. Night.
An unidentified object apparently landed at Cashions Crossroads near Draytonville 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1, p17 case 98 citing Gaffney Ledger 21 February 1973.

February 21 1973. 2030hrs.
Clearwater High School basketball coach, Reg Bone and 5 boys were drivng along US 90 near Elsinore, returning from a basketball tournament, when they saw a shaft of light beaming down frokm the sky. As they pulled onto Rte 49, near Bushy Creek, one of the boys called the others attention to an unsual object and Reg stopped the car. The object appeared to be 15m above the ground, about 20hrs.0m away, with four lights, red, green, amber and white, though no definite size or shape could be made out in the darkness. After 5-10 minutes the thing took off silently and disappeared over a hill. 
  • Data Net VII,3, p16 citing St Louis Democrat 6 March 1973.
  • Spencer 1975 p2.
  • Caveat Emptor 9 p30.
  • UFO Register 5 pt1, p19 case 103 citing various press reports + Omega 1,8 p7 + Understanding 13,5 p14 + BUFORA Journal 4,1 p39.
  • Marler 2013 p15.

February 22 1973. 0650hrs.
John E (14) was about to set out on his paper round when he heard a noise like a loud refrigerator and, through the door, saw an orange disc with 10 yellow lights and black marks, flashing on and off around the base in continuous sequence. When John stepped outside he saw that the thing was hovering just above the garden, 14-15m away. He rushed back inside and called his sister, who also saw it. When viewed from nearly underneath the object presented the appearance if a disc about 10m diameter, with the lights situated near the outer edge, but as it moved off and was viewed in profile, it appeared to be a cigar shape, with a hemispherical dome on top and a smaller dome underneath. The thing finally disappeared to a spot of light, like the fading of pictures in old fashioned TV sets. There may have been two other, independent, witnesses. 
  • Richard Nash in BUFORA Journal 3,10 p16 citing his own investigation.

February 22 1973. 1630hrs.
Near here two people saw a very low flying oval object. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p19 case 109 citing Detroit News 1 April 1973.

February 22 1973. 2130hrs.
Many people saw a cigar shaped object at very low altitude over or near Whitaker Mountain, north of Blacksburg. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p19 case 110 citing Gaffney Ledger 23 February 1973. + Gastonia Cazette 24 February 1973.

February 22 1973. 2200hrs.
Motorists on Interstate 85 observed an object flashing red and white lights land on Kings Mountain. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 81 p35.
  • Spectrum 1 p3.
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p19 case 111 citing Gastonia Gazette 24 February 1973.

February 23 1973. 2045hrs. 
Seven boy scouts were hiding in some bushes when they saw a luminous round object speeding along the ground about 1.5km away. It was like a huge ball, of a bright flaming red colour, with a white nucleus, which was rolling along and humming softly. The main witness Nigel B was very frightened. Later he found a long scorch mark through the bracken and heather at the site. 
  • Scan 1, 6 p 14.

February 23 1973. 2200hrs.hrs. 
Mrs Benesh saw a red-orange light in a field. The next morning she and her husband Frank found tracks 48cm wide and 28cm apart, the pattern being repeated at 1.2m intervals. 
  • Phillips 1975 p88 case 546 citing an unspecified issue of Skylook.

February 24 1973. 2125hrs. 
Some 3km outside Gaffney, at leatst two but possibly more people saw a cigar shaped object, with nine portholes along its side, hovering very low over a pine tree copse. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt 1 p20 case 118 citing Understanding 18, 5 p16.

February 27 1973.2 (or previous day) 2200hrs.hrs. 
From Prospect Street, Mr and Mrs E Groves saw a brightly lighted object of uncertain shape, which appeared to land in the area of the Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p20 case 115 citing Hamilton Spectator 28 February 1973.
  • Flying Saucers 85 p37. Gives no details but gives date as 26th.

Spring 1973. Night. 
A woman looking for her dog in a rural area outside Berryville saw what she thought was a silver coloured helicopter on the ground in a neighbouring golf course. As she reached a clearing she encountered a group of human-like figures dressed in white coats, and two humanoids, gathered around a horse which appeared to be in pain. The beings spotted the woman, who fled from the scene back to the golf course, where the strange machine had now left. She was struck by something which burned her and made her ill. 
  • Adams 1991 p10 citing Stigmata 4.

March 1973. (or following month) 1850hrs.
Robert Harvey and Harry Nugent were driving back from duck shooting, travelling at 80kph, 8-10km east of Grafton, when, rounding a bend, they noticed an object on the side of the road. As they came closer their headlights revealed a peculiar creature. It was off white, of general human appearance, with a strange shape like a woman’s bustle projecting from its hind quarters. It had the form of a face, with an impression of long hair, and a pointed chin, but no other facial features could be observed. As they drove past, the figure turned slowly, following the direction of the car and raised its right arm as if to make a halting sign. They sped on but stopped some distance along and wondered whether to go back, but thought better of it. 
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976 citing investigation by Bill Chalker.

March 1973. 0230hrs.
Kim Hawkins (19) was returning to her mobile home off Avenue J after a night baby- sitting when, as she got out of her car, she noted that the dogs were hiding rather than coming out to greet her. She then heard a moaning sound and saw a hairy creature 2.5m tall get up from the grass and run off on two feet. 
  • Slate and Berry 1976 p70)

March 1973. 
A three year old child named Ramiro Lagunes wandered away from home and was missing for 6 days. A playmate then told the searchers that the boy was in a cave about 15km away. He reported that he had got lost by a river and saw five little green men who fed him with sweet and milk. He woke in a cave where one of the men stayed with him. Others joined from time to time. When the rescuers arrived there were no marks on the boy suggestive of the scramble to the cave or the stay there. 
  • Webb 1976 p110 + Clark 2000 p59 both citing R Lopez and R Bound in Fate November 1974 p52.

March 1973. Night.
Three Marines saw a 2.5m tall hairy humanoid run across Avenue J, forcing them to brake hard. 
  • Slate and Berry 1973. p70.

March 1973. Night. 
At an undisclosed location the crew of a DC-9 cargo plane, flying at 7,000m saw lights, which they first thought was a distant aircraft. The thing approached and paced them, so they could now see that it was a domed disk with two vertical fins in the rear. They could see figures moving in the transparent dome. They detected the thing on radar. After about 18 minutes the object shot in front of the plane, doubled back and was lost to sight at terrific speed. 
  • Randle 1989b p127.

March 1973.
Night. (USA)
At an undisclosed location Olga Adler was lying in bed with back pain, when the room became illuminated and she felt paralysed. A being wearing a robe and hood entered the room through the closed door, holding a sort of metal cylinder. This the entity moved across Olga’s back. She had a feeling of warmth and found that her back was no longer paining. The being left again, through the closed door. 
  • Dennett 1996 p48 citing Mark Chovinsky in Fate October 1993 p22.

March 1973. Night. 
A night watchman Julian Hidalgo Montezuma saw several cylindrical orange lights, like rockets, rise out of the sea and vanish into the sky. On other occasions these things flew eastwards along the coast once they had emerged . He had several of them emerge in one night, Observations were made from both Macuto and Naiguata. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 21,1 p11 citing unspecified press reports.

March 3 1973. 1200hrs. 
A great crowd of people including the then dictator Ida Amin saw an object surrounded by smoke descend into Lake Victoria near Lutembe Beach. After about 7 minutes the thing took off like a slow moving rocket. 
  • BUFORA Journal 3,10 p5 citing unspecified press sources.

March 4 1973. 
A police chief saw an oval object 15-23m long, with amber lights on the side and blue and red lights on the rear, It manoeuvred near a property for 30 minutes, descending close to the ground several times and emitting a high pitched whine. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 81 p35)

March 5 1973. 2300hrs. 
Two people independently observed a lighted object resembling an oil rig, moving at a fairly slow speed, at extremely low altitude. One witness was near the S Emsland farm, 16km south of Hw 42, the other about 10km south of Buffalo Coulee School. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p22 cases 142 +145 citing Vermilion Standard 14 March 1973.

March 6 1973. 
0200hrs. WACO (TEXAS : USA)
A 24 year old waitress was driving back to Waco from the diner where she worked, some 40-55km from town. She had driven for about 15 minutes on a quiet stretch of road when she began to feel light headed and nauseous and the car engine seemed muffled. She tried to continue her journey but the car became filled with a brilliant light, the car headlights and engine failed and she felt shooting pains through her body. She parked on the hard shoulder and saw pale pink dome shaped object in a field about 60m away. Two small humanoid creatures were moving towards her. She tried to leave the car but her legs became unresponsive. She was next aware of being in the passenger seat of the car as dawn was breaking. She had dreams of being taken on board the strange object and being laid out on a table and given a medical examination that included a metallic tube being inserted into her vagina, and a similar but smaller devise into her right nostril. She also had dreams of apocalyptic destruction. About three weeks after this experience she encountered a strange man who came to her door and asked questions about her security. She also had visits from military looking people who talked about aliens kidnapping people and planning to start nuclear war. 
  • Redfern 2006 p99.

March 7 1973. 
Four people observed a strange object landing and contacted the police, who found a burnt area. 
  • Skylook 76 p16 + Phillips 1975 p89 case 547 both citing Larry Moyer.

March 8 1973.
Mrs Sharyn Semmel, a registered nurse, was driving to her country bungalow on Focht Lane, 3km southwest of Hamburg and had just driven into her driveway when her attention was caught by a silent oval object, the size of a car, with red and white pulsating lights, approaching from a field opposite the bungalow. Sharyn ran into the house and watched as the object hovered at very low altitude and then moved off. There was an independent witness. Sharyn saw the object on at least two subsequent occasions. 
  • Curt Sutherly in Official UFO 1,7 p20.
  • UFO Register 5 pt.1 p22 case 152 citing Reading Times 22 March 1973.

March 11 1973. 2000hrs. 
Robinson Balmaceda (62) was in his house when two men with long chins, and white skins, wearing ordinary clothes came into his room. They spoke with an accent and showed Robinson a devise they claimed would turn matter into energy. When they activated this thing Robinson felt everything dance around. The beings then left his house. 
  • Fabio Picasso in Strange Magazine 9 p34 citing La Razon 24 March 1973. p4.

March 13 1973. 
While driving on the highway from Salta to San Salvadir de Jujuy, engineering student Jorge Roberto Herrera (23) saw an object 5m in diameter, like one saucer inverted over another, land on the highway. It was aluminium coloured and landed on what looked like legs. Suddenly a humanoid 1.6m tall emerged from the side of the machine, though no opening was visible. It wore a one piece suit, hand no hands and the legs terminated in outsize, unshod feet. When Jorge moved up to it the entity moved away without moving its legs, then stopped and vanished on the spot. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR 26,3 p9 citing Cuarta Dimension 9 p2.

March 14 1973. Night. 
Earl Turnbaught saw a cone shaped object hovering about 12m above a field near Brushy Creek. From the thing’s top a rod was projecting, The object was dark and was only visible when illuminated by lightning flashes. 
  • APRO Bulletin 21, 5 p4.

March 15 1973. 2100hrs. 
Wesley Howard, his wife and daughter, along with another person saw an amber coloured object, emitting rays, over the treetops from Hw 34. The thing suddenly disappeared. 
  • BUFORA Journal 4,1 p40.
  • UFO Register 1,5 pt1 case 160 citing St Louis Globe-Democrat 23 March 1973.

March 18 1973. 1935hrs. 
Timothy Pennington had just finished putting the luggage in his car boot for the trip back home from his parents’ when he saw, looking south, a bright white light, about half the angular diameter of the moon, moving at treetop height at somewhere between 45-80kph. It passed behind a tree at about 10m altitude. After a few seconds he went in and got out the rest of his family (wife, brother and parents) and all saw the thing hover for a while and then seemingly retrace its path. Mrs Pennington Snr heard a faint buzzing sound. 
  • Pennington 2013 p61.

March 19 1973. 
Explorer Scouts Tom M (14) and Kevin K (160 were in a party camping on top of Bluff View when they saw a luminous circular object skim across the lake and disappear. 
  • Caveat Emptor 9 p31.

March 19 1973. 2200hrs. 
Two geologists, prospecting for uranium, were sitting in their car about 15km east of Mafra when they noticed horses in a nearby field acting up. Moments later they saw luminous sphere approaching from the south west, followed another similar one. The lights were half the apparent diameter of a basketball. They went behind some bushes and hovered for a few seconds before just vanishing. 
  • Bord 1989 p142 citing an undated issue of Wall Street Journal.

March 20 1973. 1915hrs.
While near her house, Mrs Vanderveert saw a light coming from the Comognes wood. With the aid of a war time optical periscope she made out, in the front of the light, a figure standing with his arms stretched above his head. He appeared to be looking at some sort of panel in front of him. The figure was not very tall, and appeared to wearing a close fitting suit. The silhouette was glowing. Mrs Vanderveert saw many other objects on this and other nights, both before and since. She took a photograph of the object at its closest point, but it showed no details. The object then changed position and moved out of sight. 
  • Alain Bonivert in GESAG 35 pp6, 21 citing own investigation.

March 20 1973. 2130hrs.
A young farm couple returning to their home saw a tear drop shaped white glowing object descending extremely slowly to ground level, where it went behind trees 400maway. It was observed glowing through the trees for four minutes before dimmed out, having apparently landed in a gravel pit to the west of their home. While visible, the light hurt their eyes. According to some report it stayed on their property for hours. No traces were found at the site. 
  • UFO Investigator September 1973. p3
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 81 p35.
  • Spectrum 1 p3. 
  • Evaluation: Pease AFB suggested this was a distant flare. Depending just how slow “very slow” was an astronomical object setting below the horizon is a possibility.

March 21 1973. (Approximate Date) Pre-Dawn.
Five fishermen returned home rapidly after seeing several disc shaped objects hovering above the lake. 
  • Caveat Emptor 9 p31.
March 22 1973. (Approximate Date) Evening. 
A family living in the outskirts of Piedmont were watching television when their house began to vibrate and the TV developed inference and died. Outside a brilliant light hovered at 25m altitude. It then moved and disappeared
  • (ibid)

March 21 1973. 2100hrs. 
Jean Coleman and Cathy Leach were driving across the dam when a disc shaped object with a reddish glow surfaced from the lake, rose silently and soared over a mountain top. 
  • Caveat Emptor 9 p30.

March 23 1973. 2355hrs. 
Max Burdick, his wife Fern and sister-in-law Elva Gardner were returning to Roosevelt from a square dance in Vernal. They turned a bend in the road and saw a bright orange object sitting off to the left of the road about 200m ahead. It was a circle surmounted by a hemispherical dome and was located between the, and a hill, roughly at a spot known as Half Way Hollow. It was orange, brighter than the moon and appeared to be about 60m diameter, The thing moved across the road ahead of them, hesitated, and then went out to the right and moved on parallel to the road. During this manoeuvre, the party tried to accelerate to catch up with the thing, but it shot away so fast that it gave the impression of disappearing on the spot. 
  • Salisbury 1974 p96 citing his own investigation.

March 25 1973. 1830hrs. 
Numerous people including municipal sanitary employee Carmelo Panfri Salazar, his brother Carlos, Luis Perez and Donato Garcia saw an object out to sea, change red-orange, become oval and head south over the E; Avila hills. Other objects were seen rising out of the sea pm the night of the 25th-26th.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 21,1 p11.

March 26 1973. Morning. 
A man cycling to work on this cold, foggy morning saw an object which he compared to a titled stove hovering ahead of hi, seeming to retreat as he approached. He then noticed the reflection of a bright blue light on the damp street and, looking round, saw a strange object 300-400m away, gliding towards him. The thing was rectangular with four pointed protusio0ns at the front. Pedalling frantically and now bathed in blue light, the cyclist turned again to see that this object was now nearly overhead. The thing then climbed upwards at a steep angle, revealing a row of eight red cupolas on its rear, and vanished like a light being turned off. This witness had many other alleged UFO experiences. 
  • Ernst Berger et al in MUFON UFO Journal 104 p16 citing their own investigation.

March 27 1973. 0015hrs.
A man driving south on Rte 58 from Rhode Island Hospital saw an orange glowing object, which appeared to be pacing him at 90kph and an altitude of 60-100m. Thinking it might be a reflection the driver pulled over and got out. The object also stopped and its light pulsated. When he resumed the journey the thing paced him for 25km before veering off to the west and disappearing. 
  • Haines 1999 p301 citing APRO Bulletin May/June 1973.
  • Evaluation: Distant light, probably astronomical.

March 27 1973. 2100hrs.
Nigel B (13) qv and four friends observed a stationary light on the ground about 200m away. It had been preceded by flashes in the sky. The light had a flattened oval shape, red on the outside white in the centre and was somewhat larger than the apparent size of an orange at arm’s length. One of the boys heard a buzzing sound, After 90 seconds the boys became frightened and left. Nigel returned to the spot with his father and they saw three amber lights rise from the ground about 1.5km away, joined by a fourth shortly afterwards. The four hovered in a line for a moment and dropped out of sight. Almost immediately three more rose slightly to the right of the first group, hovered and then sank down again. 
  • Scan 1,6 p14 citing Carl Whitely in an undated issue of Bournemouth Evening Echo citing his own investigation.
  • Evaluation: Flares ?

March 28 1973. 0130hrs. 
Clyde O Donahower was aroused by a rumbling and screeching sound. With his wife and eight year old son he saw an object changing shape, and colour from red to green, apparently on a hill in a field near his house. After about 20 minutes they observed a black figure, like stick figure only thicker, moving about in the centre of the light, bending down from time to time. At one point the object lit up so brilliantly that Clyde feared it would explode. The witnesses, now very agitated, called the police. Just before the police arrived a dairy truck left a nearby farm and as it passed the object dimmed out. No trace of the object’s presence could be found in the field. The boy was unusually quiet during the episode. 
  • UFO Commentary 3,3 p11.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 81 p33.
  • UFO Register 1,5 pt 1 p25 citing Reading Eagle 28 March 1973. + Awareness 2,2 p13.

March 28 1973. 1900hrs. 
Two girls saw a triangular object hovering over the trees ion Stony Lane. The thing was illuminated by brilliant white lights, with smaller red and green lines on the apexes of the triangle. The object which emitted a buzzing sound, was at about 60m altitude. It finally moved away. 
  • APRO Bulletin May-June 1973, p9.

March 29 1973. 0100hrs.
Armando Silva and his wife were at their seashore country house at “La Salina” near Carayaca, when they were awoken by a great heat. Mrs Silva went onto the balcony and saw two vivid blue capsules flying low. When they came close to the shore their light was as bright as the sun. One of the dropped into the sea, submerged, then rose again. The second one then also fell into the sea, stayed put for a while, then moved nearer the first one. Mr Silva had gone down to the beach, while his wife watched from the balcony. he saw that one of the capsules had fallen only a few metres from the shore, and through a window in it, he saw the head of a being which appeared to be the size of a 5 year old child. It was wearing a sort of helmet which resembled a large gourd. He only saw the head and torso of this being. He fled inside. After about 15 minutes Mrs S saw the objects take off into the sky at terrific speed, at which the temperature in the house returned to normal and they were able to sleep. They had seen two similar objects cross the sky the previous evening. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 21,1 p11 citing an undated issue of Ultimas Noticias.

March 30 1973. 0345hrs. 
Two nurses at the St James’s Hospital, Mrs Ludford and Mrs Windsor were finishing their night shift and were leaving at the Warren Avenue entrance, when their attention was caught by a shiny silvery cigar shaped object hovering about 3-5m above the hospital building about 50m away. The object gave off an intense white light that hurt the eyes if directly looked at. The thing was surrounded by a smoky grey ring. The object then began to move slowly away at 15m altitude, crossing Furze Lane and heading out to sea. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p117 citing Peter Hill and Nicholas Maloret of WATSUP.

April 1973. Morning. 
High school student John Parkinson was driving east along Avenue J when he saw something he first thought was a burnt out tree. The thing then stepped into the road and John saw that it was a 2.5m tall humanoid figure with a bullet shaped head and a body covered in hair. When John got within 100m of the thing, it walked away. 
  • Slate and Berry 1973. p69.

April 1973. 1200hrs.
A 13 year old boy and another teenager saw a strange object land in their backyard. Near it was a strange being. No further details 
  • Webb 1976 p110 citing Ted Bloecher.

April 1973.
A man in a car observed a 30m diameter metallic bowl shaped object, with red and green flashing lights hover about 50m above the waters, 150m away. It was surrounded by a sort of shimmering haze. Behind illuminated windows shadowy figures were visible. The object moved in strange jerky movements, of about 10m each, and a pungent odour was detected. The observation lasted 10 minutes. 
  • Webb 1976 p110 citing Richard Hall.
  • Rosales citing HUMCAT citing Bertil Soderquist.

April 1973.
Mrs Lora Slorach and her neighbours Mr and Mrs Herb Levercha saw a globe with lights rising above nearby tree. It resembled a large frosted light bulb with a central bright light. Next day they found a circle 12.5m diameter with a ring 45cm diameter, and another circle 90m away. Two smaller rings were also found. The soil outside the ring was dark and moist, with the ring soil heavily loaded with a silvery white substance to a depth of 10m. 
  • Phillips 1975 p 89 case 577 citing an undated issue of National Enquirer.

April 1973.
Two little girls saw a luminous wingless machine in a field. They ran away but returned with a post office engineer of their acquaintance. The object was still there but when they got within 65m it disappeared on the spot. A report was made to the police and it was rumoured that the air ministry conducted an investigation. 
  • Shuttlewood 1976 p51.

April 1973.
A farmer saw something like a helicopter hovering above a pasture and projecting a beam down to the ground. Police officers in 20 vehicles followed the thing but never caught up with it. 
  • Adams 1991 p10 citing National Tattler 3 June 1973.

April 1973. Night.
Two teachers from Easterville School were driving west of Highway 6 when their headlights illuminated a bipedal creature about 30m ahead. The thing then turned into the car’s path forcing the driver to brake. They saw the thing was 2.5m tall with a flat face, shrunken, beady eyes, and broad shoulders. The thing bounded away across a ditch. 
  • Rutkowski 1993 p152.

April 1973. 2130hrs.
Rick Burgess (27) was working on a loft conversion with a colleague, when, through the corner of his eye he saw a figure like man with long hair, dressed in a long coat, moved from the landing into the other room. His colleague saw nothing. They were the only people in the building at the time, 
  • Legg 1998 p49 citing Poole Evening Echo 11 May 1973.

April 2 1973.
A group of sixth-grade children saw a dull grey object with a red light on top and white lights on its sides, resembling an inverted soup bowl. Alerted by two children a number went to the windows to see the thing tilt, shine and move off at about 50m altitude. It went over trees to the west, emitting a burning odour, moving towards a nearby cemetery. When the children followed it, the thing turned back towards the school before rising up at an angle. 
  • Lab 1976 p15 citing APRO files.

April 3 1973. 1130hrs.
On Rte 60, 6.5km west of Ellsinor, Mrs Raymond Stucker observed a triple teared object with a tripod landing gear at very low altitude over a wooded area across the road. It was circular, with a central band and surmounted by a dome with portholes. Later a triangle of three holes, 15cm deep, 60-90cm diameter was found at the site. Trees were found split and bark stripped off, and it appeared that ground vegetation was burned. 
  • Caveat Emptor 9 p31.
  • BUFORA Journal 40,1 p40.
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 pp21, 25 citing Omega 1,8 p17_+ UFO Potpurri 24 p6.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 85 p37.
  • Robert Gribble in MUFON UFO Journal 240 p20 gives date as 6th.
April 4 1973.
Several people saw a domed object land in a field adjacent to a government training centre. It suddenly vanished. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1. p25 case 197 citing Phenomena 1 p7
  • South Wales Argus 4 April 1973. + Western Mail 10 April 1973.

April 6 1973.
A landing report. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 85 p38.

April 6 1973. 2000hrs.
Mrs Dorothy Thompson watched an egg shaped object at tree height for about 3 minutes. It had a red top, white bottom, did not flash and was silent, TV interference was noticed at the time. 

  • Caveat Emptor 9 p31.
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p25 case 200 citing Awareness New Series 2,2 p13.

April 13 1973. (or following day) 2000hrs.
A man driving, with his son, along the Creswick Road near Mount Rowan saw a brilliant spherical object that appeared 6m above the highway, about 800m ahead. They stopped to avoid getting any closer to the brilliant light, which reflected off the car bonnet. The sphere then disappeared on the spot. 
  • APRO Bulletin 22,1 p9 citing an anonymous letter in an undated issue of the Ballarat Courier.

April 17 1973. Early Hours.
Near Mark something like a helicopter without a bubble front took off from a field, headed first north and then south again in the direction of Missouri,. It was lost to sight. 
  • Adams 1991 p10 citing Des Moines Register 18 Apr 1973.

April 22 1973. (Approximate Date) Early Hours. 
The wife of a hunter was asleep in her caravan when she woke to see the figure of a woman enter head first through the roof hatch. The figure floated backwards and forwards before taking off vertically out of the caravan. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p96 citing TUFOIC files.
  • Evaluation: Hypnopompic hallucination

April 22 1973. 2200hrs.
Antonio Perez Cumbre (19) of the “Los Parras” farm was driving north to Guadalcanal on Hw 432 when he saw a row of four round yellow lights next to the road, just beyond the next curve, on the other side of the ravine ahead. They were at the 11 o clock position and 300m away in a straight line. The two on the left were about 1m across, those on the left, 50cm and they brightened periodically giving Antonio the impression they were approaching. They always kept to the same formation, making Antonio think they were on some sort of object, hidden in the darkness. Antonio stopped and signalled with his headlights, following which one of the larger lights generated a diametrical, violet coloured stripe. Antonio turned his Seat 600 round in an attempt to flee, but had travelled just a few metres when he was surprised to see the lights going by on his left. At this part his car engine failed and the lights passed by in silence, going southwards. He could now start his car again.

Antonio soon encountered the lights again, this time hovering 10m above a straight stretch of road. Antonio did not stop but drove right under these lights. Soon after this he encountered them again for a fourth time, just 1m above the pavement. As he approached Antonio noticed that his headlights seemed to be absorbed by these lights, but when he got 25m beyond them, they rapidly moved horizontally to the valley on the left (the east-north-east) and were lost in the night. A couple of days later two yellow burn marks were found on the ground where they had been first seen. They were 9m apart, which was roughly the distance between the two sets of lights. On the night of the day these marks were found (24th April) at 2200hrs., Antonio again returned to the site, with his father, a brother-in-law and a friend. Looking east from a point just south of the previous experience, they saw, on the mountainside, 200m away, something rather round, with a ring of about eight small lights, alternately red and yellow, which were alternating bo0th colour and intensity, like a luminous roulette wheel. The lights suddenly became brighter and two small balls shot out from the ring and disintegrated in the air before reaching the neighbouring mountain to the south. 
  • Ballester 1976 p40 cases 163/4 citing Manuel Osuna et al in Phen Spax 37 p22 citing his own investigation.

April 23 1973. (Approximate Date) 
Two teenage boys out driving saw a 3.3m tall creature come out of the camp ground and follow them down the road in a loping gate at 30kph. The thing had a conical head, one arm was free, the other held as if carrying something. After this the boys saw strange lights around their car. 
  • Moravec 1980 p24.

April 23 1973. or following weeknight. 
A truck driver reported that a sort of shadow flashed over his truck art terrific speed and a racket like a jet plane. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Milwaukee Journal 27 may 1973, citing Bob Wright in a unspecified issue of Marquette County Tribune.

April 24 1973. 0400hrs.
Near this town two people saw a blue-green circular object descend to a very low altitude near a sugar plantation. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p26 case 218 citing Awareness 3,2 p14 citing Listin Diarao 27 April 1973.

April 25 1973. 2130hrs.
When his family heard a scratching at the door, disabled war veteran, Henry McDaniel went to investigate. He saw what he thought was an animal and returned with a gun and flashlight. He then saw a most unusual creature only about 1m away. It had a large, dirt grey coloured head, with pink, reflecting, eyes. was hairy 1.2-1.5m tall with short arms coming from its breast area, and standing on three legs. McDaniel shot at it four times. He appeared to hit it on at least one occasion, as it hissed, leaped about 25m in two jumps and disappeared down the nearby railway track. 30 minutes earlier it on 10 year old Greg Garrett’s feet. It left 6 toed pads, two of which were 10cm around, the third 8.25cm. On May 6th Henry was awakened at about 0300 by the barking of his dogs and saw the strange tripod creature on the railway tracks 25m away. Tracks were found around the area, resembling little hoof marks 7.5-12.5cm across, from which plaster casts were made. 
  • Clark and Coleman 1978 p72 citing investigation by Loren Coleman.
  • FSR 19,6 p31 citing Baltimore News American 7 May 1973.
  • Richard Heiden citing Milwaukee Journal 7 May 1973.

April 29 1973.
A strange object was seen on or close to the ground. No further details.
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 85 p38

April 30 1973. 0345hrs.
Mrs Kruger of Berry Street was awoken by a strange low pitched droning sound and awoke her husband Derek (52), a paymaster for a labour recruiting organisation, who compared the sound to that made by a propeller driven aircraft. A dull light was shining through their thick curtains. The light and noise seemed unnatural to Derek and when they went away after 10 minutes he was left with the feeling that he was living in a haunted house. The couple found it difficult to get back to sleep and Derek got up to make coffee. They did not look out through the window. That afternoon while watering the garden Mrs Kruger noticed four marks of darkened grass on the lawn. They were square ovals 23cm x 15cm, forming a recxtangle 3m x 1.5m. Tow of the marks, by the telephone wire, were aligned in the same direction as the wire, at about 45 degrees to the other two marks. A mark was also detected on a porch piller by investigators 12 days later. The grass in the ovals was green, being surrounded by a brownish ring. 
  • SCAN 7 p4 citing Johannesburg Star 5 May 1973. + (Skylook 69 p6 citing Queenstown Sunday Tribune 6 May 1973.) + investigation by J Gerber, Bill Dyke and Miss G. D. Whitehead.
  • Ivan Clark in FSRCH 17 p9.
  • APRO Bulletin 22,1 p4 citing investigation by Frank Morton.

April 30 1973. Morning. 
Mary Treadgold, a writer of children’s books was on the early morning bus after an overnight journey to Mull. When the bus pulled into a layby to let a car pass, she looked out on an expanse of peat and saw a tiny figure, about 45cm tall, of a young man, with his foot on a spade, as if frozen in the act of digging. He had a thin face with light brown curly hair and was dressed in an intensely blue bib and braces and a very white shirt with rolled up sleeves; by his side was something like a sack. The observation lasted only about 4 seconds, before the bus turned off. By the time Mary turned around the figure had vanished. 
  • Letter from Mary Treadgold in Journal of the SPR September 1975 p 186 + Letter from investigator Brian Nesbit in Journal of the SPR March 1976 p282.
  • Rogo and Clark 1979 p2.

April 30 1973. Night. 
Alan Wilcox, Ian Hudson, Patricia Flanagan and Sue Yabsley of Kempsey were driving along the south west rock between Kinchela and Gladstone, on their way home from a fishing trip. Alan drew the attention of his companions to an egg shaped object high in south eastern sky. This then dropped down behind some trees, at great speed, a moment later. When first seen it was a bright yellow colour, broken by a lime green colour around its head. After they had driven another 180m, Sue noticed a glow in a paddock about 1.5km to the east. Alan turned around and drove towards this spot. When they reached it, their headlights seemed to black out momentarily. They then saw, on open ground in front of a straight line of trees, a reddish orange helmet shaped object, about 1m above the ground, continually changing colour. The top part changed from red to orange to yellow, while the underside stayed on constant yellow. The light was too bright to look at for any length of time and after 5 minutes they became afraid and headed for home. As they did so they saw a sphere circling the area at high altitude. 
  • Eileen Buckle in FSR 21,6 p4 citing Patricia Riggs.

May 1973. 0200hrs. 
Jeremiah O’ Leary was awakened by a feeling of cold and saw the figure of an old man, with white hair, complexion and suite, and a goatee beard looking down on him. He leapt out of bed to confront what he thought was a burglar but the figure retreated through the bedroom wall. Other odd things occurred in the flat. 
  • The News 2 p8 citing Kentish Independent 4 Ocxt 1973.

May 1973. 
Judy Doraty was out driving with four family members, when they became aware that their car was being followed by a light. Judy stopped and got out for a better look, at which she experienced a period of missing time. Under hypnotic regression in 1980 she recalled both standing by the car and being inside an object in which strange short, spindly beings, with large heads, vestigial noses and mouths and eyes that had vertical pupils and yellow irises. They were mutilating a cow, which they had beamed on board in a yellow beam that seemed filled with streams of particles. The beings said that they were monitoring toxins. Judy was alarmed to see her daughter being examined by the beings, but they reassured her that the girl would not be harmed and that they had not intended to bring her, Judy, into their craft. 
  • Baker 1998, p117.
  • Howe 1989 p48 +1993 p198 citing investigation by Leo Sprinkle.
  • Evaluation: Hypnotic confabulation. NB the beam is of course the Star Trek series transporter beam!

May 1973. (or following month) 2300hrs. 
M. T. Driver, L/Cpl Mike Perrin and his friend Trooper Carvell were in a regular radio exercise on the MoD property on Bellerby Moor. They were sat in a land rover when their two radios developed interference and then went dead, and the headlights failed. They were unable to locate the fault. Mike was about to start the Land Rover when he noticed as strange aircraft approaching them; coming in from 800m and then hovering 3m above ground, 100m away. The object was shaped like a rugby ball, with a row of small circular windows around its middle section, through which flashed white lights. A sort of vapour was coming from its lower portion, and it emitted a slight buzzing sound. The thing appeared to have a sort of hump on its top. The pair noticed that a herd a cows beyond the object were stood rooted to the spot, staring at it. After about 5-10 minutes the object took off silently and headed away over the woods. Then the vehicle’s headlights and radios came back on. When the pair reported the incident at the end of the exercise they were not believed. They later searched the area and found a burnt section of grass 9m across. 
  • Barry King in FSR 24,1 p23 citing his own investigation.

May 1973. Pre-Dawn.
An art director driving along the Pacific Coast Highway saw a an object with silver, metallic looking domes on its top and bottom, hovering 30-60m above the beach, projecting a beam of light down. 
  • Preston Dennett in Fate February 2006 reproduced in Godwin 2011 p241.

May 1973. Night. 
Bill Hopkins, a primary school teacher, was driving up to the Red Bridge 3km from Llandindloes, when the figure of a woman stepped out in front of the car. He seemed to drive through her and he could still see her “mournful” face in the mirror. A chef, Adberraham Sennah had a similar experience in July.

  • Bord 1988 p35 citing County Times and Express 2 June 1973 + 14 July 1973.

May 1973. Late Night.
Agnes McInnes (22), a waitress at the Cocket Hat pub was clearing up when she saw a man in a coat and hat, where no one had been a moment before. She and the figure looked at each other for a time, but she found she could not remember his place. She went to fetch the licensee, but when they returned the figure was gone. The licensee claimed it was a former owner. 
  • Holder 2010 p 66 citing an undated issue of Aberdeen Evening Express.

May 1 or 8 1973. 1600hrs.
Fay Y (7) and a little boy of about the same age were playing near Lake Common when they heard a sound like the wail of an ambulance siren. This led them across the golf course and through a hedge to a swampy meadow adjacent to the little used airfield, where the noise stopped. As they were crossing a little wooden footbridge across a brook, a blue gloved hand appeared from under the bridge and a strange figure emerged. The being dropped a book into the water then fumbled about trying to retrieve it. He then progressed with a strange hopping motion, knees held high, towards a metallic hut like the ones seen on building sites, except that it had no windows. The children wandered off, but then the figure then reappeared carrying a microphone with black knobs and a white flex. The wailing noise reappeared so loud that the little boy began to run away. The wailing noise then ceased and the being addressed them through the microphone, his reassuring voice booming out over the entire area. Going closer then saw that he was about 2.1m tall, his head appeared wedged straight onto his shoulders. He wore a yellow pointed hat which was fastened to the red collar of a green tunic. On top of his hat was fixed a round, black knob with wooden antennae on either side. His face had triangular markings for eyes, a brown square for a nose, motionless yellow lips and very white cheeks with round markings on them, and a fringe of yellow hair was visible. His limbs appeared to be wooden slats. Onto a notebook he wrote “Hello, and I am all colours, Sam”, which Fay read word for word as he pointed them out, for they were written in an unconventional sequence. Venturing closer, they discovered that he could speak without the aid of the microphone, though his lips did not move and his speech was unclear. The children conversed with him, both sides asking questions. His clothes were all torn and he explained that they were the only suite he had. When they asked if he was a man, he chuckled and said No; when they asked if he was a ghost, he replied “Not really, but I am in an odd sort of way”, but then asked what he was, he just replied “You know”. He said he had no name, but there were others like him, and that he was afraid of people. 

They all crawled through a flap into his hut, which had two layers. The first had a high ceiling, with blue green walls covered in a pattern of dials, an electric heater and sparse wooden furniture. Upstairs was less spacious and had a metallic floor. The being revealed that he ate berries that he collected from a camp on the mainland in the late afternoon, and drank water from a nearby stream. Inside the hut, the being took off his cap to reveal sparse brown hair and round white ears. He had only three fingers on each gloved hand and three toes on his bare white feet. Before eating a berry he popped into one of his ears, upon which it emerged from one of his eyes, he then popped it into his eye, whence it reappeared in his mouth. After 30 minutes the children left the being and ran to tell the nearest adult that they had seen a ghost. While they were talking to this being, two workmen nearby appeared oblivious to the whole scene. Fay’s father had had previous ufo experiences on the island. 
  • Norman Oliver in BUFORA Journal 6,5 p9 citing Leonard Cramp.
  • Rick Barr in Official UFO March 1977 p31 citing letter from Fay’s father (anonymous) in Isle of Wight County Press 24 April 1976.

May 2 1973.
William Wright saw a yellow light moving back and forth near trees. Lava like material was found. 
  • Phillips 1975 p 89, case701 citing MUFON.

May 2 1973. 1930hrs.
Mr R Zadow was driving his Bedford truck on a road between his property and that of his brother, near Kaylan at 55 kph when he noticed, above a paddock about 30m away, a brilliant red spherical light, with an angular diameter about that of the full moon, about 5 to 10 degrees above the horizon. The light approached his vehicle at an altitude of about 12m, but did not illuminate the ground. As it passed over his truck lights and engine failed, returning when it left to his rear. When he looked around nothing could be seen. The observation lasted two minutes. The next day his battery was found to be flat. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p97+ Basterfield 1997 p22, 186 citing his own investigation.
  • Robert Gribble in MUFON UFO Journal 241 p21.

Early May 1973. 2105hrs.
Margaret K Roffe an aide at the veterans’ hospital was walking from one building to another when she heard leaves moving above the buildings and observed a disc shaped object hovering over one of them. As she watched it descended onto the roof of the four story building about 50m away. A step ladder appeared from the object down which three beings walked backwards and started examining the legs on which the object rested, talking among themselves high, squeaky, bird like voices. The being closest to her had a large elongated head, grey skin, long arms that reached down below the knees and terminating in claws, short legs and bald head. One of the beings seemed to see the witness, and the beings re-ascended the steps into the disc, which took off slowly, the legs retracting under it, and disturbing the leaves. 
  • Robert Gribble in MUFON UFO Journal 241 p20.
  • Clark 1998 p224 citing UFO Reporter 1,7 p10.

May 10 1973. 2115hrs.
Miss Shaw and her boyfriend were parked on Hartshead Pike when they saw a brilliant white light, like a car headlight, moving low and slow from the west-southwest. It flew towards the Pike and hovered close by the tower at a height of 30m. It remained stationary there for about 30 seconds. The couple could see that it was a dome with a dull metallic surface, with suggestions of holes on the top and bottom, and vertical shafts. It appeared to spin both clockwise and anticlockwise, so that a brilliant beam, like that of a lighthouse, oscillated back and forth around the left hand edge. This beam came from a window, either side of which were ones with a red light and a green light. The object appeared to be about 4.5m high. It circled away, rotating clockwise and it appeared to be about to land. Miss Shaw got up to follow it, but saw it spiralling away to the west-southwest at about 65kph. She did not notice any sound. 
  • NUFON News 26 p6 citing MUFORA.

May 10 1973. 2130hrs.
Sgt Fred Schmidt was in his patrol car at Old Schaumburg Road and I-90 when he observed what looked like round, pulsating vapour lamps. Some stayed still, while others moved up and down, at one point descending to below tree level and apparently landing on the preserve. They then rose up to about 300m. During the 30 minutes that the lights were present, lights on Fred’s patrol car were inoperative, but when the lights disappeared, these came back on again. At least four other police officers were among the many people in the northwest suburbs who saw the lights. 
  • Skylook 68 p5 citing Chicago Today 11 May 1973. + Racine Journal-Times 11 May 1973. + Chicago Tribune 13 May 1973.)
May 12 1973. 2120hrs.
Sam Tott was driving west on Rt 76 near Kent saw a group of flashing lights that came directly over the car. They followed him and stopped when he stopped. Looking through his windscreen same saw an American football shaped object that flashed from red to blue and white in a repeating cycle. Suddenly a figure 60-75cm tall materialised about 3m below the object and descended rapidly to the ground about 3m in front of Sam’s car. It was humanoid and dressed in a silvery suit with thick boots. Sam could not be sure if the silvery colour was a suit or the creature’s skin. It lacked hair and ears, had a “Dutch” nose, narrow mouth and small pointed chin. Its arms were rigidly down by its side. Sam noticed these features when the thing turned to look at him. After about 30 minutes the being rose like a balloon and the object took off vertically, the car rocking as it did so. 

May15 1973. 
An employee of the Fazenda Secap and his wife saw an oval flying object, with two people in big hats linked together by a sort of tube. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 21,3-4 p14.
  • Evaluation: Known only by hearsay.

May 15 1973. 2145hrs. 
Mrs Maria Quiros Valderas, a young window, employed in a medical products laboratory in Seville, her home town, was driving along the Gerena –Seville highway towards Seville when at km3 she saw an unusual circular violet light to the right. The thing changed to an intense red circle, the light of which irradiated her. This light was about 70cm-1m diameter and paced the car at a distance of 5m, keeping the same relative position and speed as the car. No cars passed her on this normally busy highway. There was no interference of the vehicles lights or engines. 
  • Ballester 1976 p41 case 165 citing investigation J Mateos.

May 18 1973. 2130hrs.
Three young people travelling back to Victoria saw a light following their car. When they stopped, it hovered over the trees, pulsating. It took several attempts to re-start the engine. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p187 citing investigation by UFO Research SA.
  • Evaluation: UFORSA concluded that a mixture of headlights, stars, imagination and a temporary electrical fault as causing this incident

May 22 1973. 0300hrs.
Onilson Patero (41), a married man with two daughters, who was the organiser of the Public Libraries in the townships of the state, was driving back to Catanduva, after taking a hitch hiker to Itajobi. At km7 he noticed that the car radio was fading and its engine was misfiring. He slowed into 2nd gear and at this point a bright blue, luminous circle, about 20 cm diameters, appeared in the car and began moving back and forth. As it passed across the instrument panel, Patero got the impression that he could see right through the panel into his car engine. His attention was then drawn to the upper curve of the road where there was a line of the same luminous blue as the circle, which line was getting brighter, the focal point seemingly directed at him. Thinking it was a truck with a powerful headlight; Patero stopped and signalled to it, but got no reply. Patero hid his head for a minute and then looked up to see what he first thought was a helicopter but then realised was an object like one soup plate inverted over the other. The thing was 10m wide, 7m thick and was hovering 10m above the road, 15m away. Everywhere was brilliantly lit and there was stifling heat, lack of air and a buzzing sound, yet the object itself was dark. A sort of transparent curtain came from eh right hand side of this object and circled it, bit by bit. When it had done son completely, the heat and lack of air vanished. At the same time a tube came down from the bottom the thing and descended to within 2m of the ground, at which Patero jumped out of the car and began to run towards the woods.

After he had gone about 30-40m, a sort of pull restrained him and, looking back, he saw a tube of light come from the underside of the strange object and hit his car, which became transparent. Patero then passed out. About an hour later, two young men driving past saw the abandoned car and Patero lying beside it. Fearing a murder they reported the matter to the police. When they returned to the scene with a patrolman they found the car open, and Patero’s papers ransacked. When they moved him, Patero came to and began to fight them as though they were assailants. The patrolman, who knew Patero, managed to calm him down and they took him to hospital, where the doctors found nothing much wring with him and gave him a sedative and took him home. From that afternoon Patero began to develop a rash that started in the abdomen and lumbar region, taking the form of blue, changing to yellow, bruises, which spread. A further medical examination revealed no further disturbances. Under hypnosis he was able to remember some of the things that had happened while he was unconscious. His brown hair turned black after this incident but soon returned to its normal colour. 
  • Lorenzen 1976 p356 citing investigation by Dr Max Berezovsky : : APRO Bulletin 21,6 p1.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 21,3-4, p14 citing Estando de Sao Paulo 24 May 1973. + O Dia 29 +30 May 1973. +SBEDV Bulletin 94-8.
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  • APRO Bulletin 22,1 p5.
  • Webb 1976 p110 citing much of above + SBEDV Bulletin 99-103 pp2,17.
  • Emmeneger 1974 p12.
  • Granchi 1995 p164 citing investigation by Berezovsky.

May 22 1973. 0800hrs.
Truck driver Miguel Angel Gonzalez was taking a load of asbestos, steel plating and concrete slabs from Tinjas to Tierra Blanca, when near Cintalapa he was forced to stop by an engine defect. When he got out of his cab, five dwarfs, 60cm tall, well proportioned, with light brown complexion and dark hair, suddenly materialised in the road, barring the way. He went to shoe them out of the way and they ran into the thicket by the side of the road before he could get a better look at them. When he returned to his truck he found that it was burning, despite its non-combustible load. It was reduced to a fused mass and gave the appearance of having been struck by some sort of aerial heat blast. 
  • S Smith 1977 p104 citing R Lopez and R Bound in Fate November 1974 p54.
  • FSR 19,6 p30 citing El Comercio (Lima) 3 June 1973, citing investigation by Raul Alvarez.
  • Webb 1976 p110 citing both primary sources.

May 23 1973. (Approximate Date) 
A single witness saw a glowing sphere plunge out of the sky into the river near the Verrazano Bridge 
  • UFO Register 5 pt.1 p30 case 273 citing Saga’s UFO Report Spring 1974 p48.

May 25 1973. 1205hrs.
Mrs Margorie Cundiff, manager of the Piedmont County Golf Club, was driving across the dam on this misty afternoon, looking at the water level, to see the effect of the recent rain, when she suddenly noticed a fast wake and waves as if someone was water skiing. Then a flat, square topped object came out of the water and made a sharp turn. 
  • APRO Bulletin 21, 5 p3.

May 29 1973. 2230hrs.
Anthony Dorsey of Norris Avenue was watching TV in his living room when he was disturbed by his dog barking and went to investigate. He saw his dog apparently fighting with something in a heavily wooded area 12m from his house. He went into the woods where he heard a crashing sound a saw two huge eyes, reflecting red in his flashlight, over 2m from the ground. Police Officer Charles Rupp came to investigate and also heard the crashing noises. 
  • Mark Opsasnick in Strange Magazine 3 p19 citing his own investigation + Sykesville Herald 31 May 1973.

June 1973. (or following month) 
A sphere of green light passed very close to some trees. Two weeks later all the leaves on the side nearest the thing had turned brown. After another two weeks they returned to normal. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p98 citing Bill Chalker.

June 1973. 
A landing and occupant report. No details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 85 p38.

June 1973. 
Eduardo Calle of Orense was driving along a country road when his engine failed. He got out to inspect it and saw a round, blindingly bright object rise straight up from a nearby field and vanish into the sky at immense speed. On examining the site, the police found a round hole, scorched and burnt grass and fungi of the unknown species growing on the spot. 
  • FSR 19,6 p29 citing an unspecified June issue of La Cronica.

June 1973. 0430hrs.
A 20 year old chef awoke with a compulsion to go out on to his landing. Through a large window overlooking the Loch, he saw three yellow orange spheres hovering over the water. They then took off at terrific speed, and he felt as though he had come out of a trance. He then realised that his parents were behind him, also having woken with the compulsion to go onto the landing. 
  • Randles 1983b p225 citing NUFON News 84.

June 1973. 1115hrs
A 74 year old retired engineer was sitting on top of a stone wall at the top of the lane from the village to the hills, when he saw a light buff coloured object travelling west at treetop level. As it approached he heard a “shushing noise”, and when it got really close, it inclined itself to the horizontal and the man felt a blast of hot air on his face. The thing then shot straight up and disappeared too fast for the eye to follow. 
  • Richard Farrow in BUFORA Journal 5,2 p.iii citing his own investigation.

June 1973. 2245hrs.hrs.
A woman at a campsite was lying down looking at the stars when she closed her eyes and could not reopen them. She then found herself in some place where short bald beings were conducting a physical examination. This seemed to take 10 minutes, but when she was next aware of being on the other side of the camp ground, with a group of people around her and her children saying that they could not find her. She felt disorientated and dizzy and found that it was now 0400hrs. Other people were said to have seen a strange aerial object in the area. 
  • Swords 2005 p96 citing John Timmerman.

Early June 1973. 0400hrs.
C. M. Perez saw a brilliant light on or just above the ground in a city lot on the roadside between Arecibo and San Juan. On the ground near it were three entities. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt.1 p35 case 394 citing Awareness 2,3 p15.
  • Webb 1976 p110 citing Awareness above and N Rigau in Awareness 3,3 p3.

June 3 1973. 2100hrs.
Mr and Mrs Wayne Bayliss saw a row of shimmering yellow-orange lights, which seemed to be near the ground, but they lost sight of them behind a hill. They found a 4.5m diameter circular area that appeared to be lightly scorched. Around it were a number of holes 10cm in diameter. There were six of these separated by regular distances. 
  • Phillips 1975 p90 case 583 citing Junee Southern Cross 6 June 1973.
  • Basterfield 1981 p98 + Australian UFO Bulletin 10 June 1973.
  • UFO Register 5 pt.1 p31 case 284 citing Awareness NS 2, 2 p14.

June 3 1973. 2230hrs.
Having previously thought he had seen some kind of animal on his property, E Howard Gassaway was keeping vigil when he saw a large figure through his back window. Going to investigate, he saw a large ape like creature going towards a neighbouring house. The thing later returned and Howard saw it as an oval standing out of thicket. The thing then stood up and Howard, along with his mother and a cousin, Diane Coleman, saw it from a distance of about 10m. It was a grey-white creature almost 2.5m tall. Police searches were fruitless but Howard the creature again at 1630hrs. the following afternoon by the railway tracks. It was also seen there, independently by William Rozier (19) and Tom Williams. Tracks were found. 
  • Mark Opsasnick in Strange 2 p19 citing Sykesville Herald 7 June 1973. + Carroll County Times 14 June 1973. + his own investigation in 1987.

June 4 1973.
Two people independently encountered a short (1.7m) , broad shouldered creature that emitted a foul smell. The thing chased them. A similar event occurred on the 8th 
  • Taylor 2011 p17.
  • Newton 2011, p57 dates to June 6th as does Coleman 2003

June 7 1973.
A landing report. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 85 p38.

June 7 1973. 2200hrs.
Gilmar Aparcecido Barijan (16), a bank clerk who attended evening classes at the local high school, had seen a strange globe on several occasions. On this night he was determined to prove the truth of his story and drove his sisters Niece and Solei to the spot where he had seen the globe before. A short distance from Joaquim Egidio they saw the globe in the sky 500m away. The two girls became very frightened and insisted that Gilmar drove them home. As he reversed the car the fiery globe headed straight for them and hovered about 50m in front of them. They could now see that it was an ellipse about the size of a small car, emitting concentric rings of yellow fire. His car engine had failed and he tried to start it for about 10 minutes during which he experienced an intense tingling in his skin and a severe headache, though the thing apparently only hovered in front of the car for a few seconds. Gilmar became so nervous that he stayed at the home of a sister in Soussas (where he his work and school was) rather than make the journey home. Numerous other people had seen similar globes in the area. 
  • FSR Case Histories 17 p7 citing Correo Popular (Campinas) 9 June 1973.

June 8 1973. Night.
A truck driver driving in Rte 32 saw something large by the side of the road. The thing stood up and was revealed as a 2-2.5m tall dark coloured hairy humanoid, with its lower body covered with mud. The creature looked at the truck driver for a moment or two and then walked off into the woods. Searches were fruitless. 
  • Mark Opnsasnick in Strange 3 p21 citing Baltimore Afro-American 11 June 1973. + Sykesville Herald 14 June 1973.

June 12 1973. (Approximate Date) 
A young man, who had stopped when his car engine misfired, and a farmer who was first to see it saw an intense light and then an enormous wingless disc, which took off vertically and then vanished towards the south. The authorities found the vegetation at the site was scorched. 
  • FSR Case Histories 17 p8 citing Noticias Populares 13 June 1973.

July 12 1973. 1945hrs.
Four teenagers were walking out of the park when they saw a dark object they first thought was a dog, but then realised was something moving 60cm above the grass. It was a dull metallic object about 5m high. 2.5m wide, of a dull metallic appearance. The thing moved over their heads. 
  • Fry 2009 p42.

June 13 1973. Afternoon 
Several people saw a very low flying blimp like object in the sky near here. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p32 case 304 citing Irwin Standard Observer 27 July 1973.

June 14 1973. 0030hrs. 
Blacksmith Trevor Butler was driving from Bostobrick to Tyringham, when at a 45 degree angle above the forest he saw a large circular object with a static green and red rotating light, surmounted by a yellow light. It kept pace with his car for 20 minutes, when, near his house, Trevor got out of the car and climbed a small hill. The thing was now over Boney Mountain to the west, hovering 100m above the trees. It moved in a pendulum motion, making a sound like a bull-roarer. It then disappeared behind the mountain illuminating a tree as it did so. Chalker 1996 p147.

June 16 1973. 
Several groups of people independently saw a vertical elongated object with several square windows around its base, resting on the mountain behind the town. Two people, Sandra Ford and Jill Cotmore, driving to Dorringo saw a red vertically elongated object resting on the mountain to their right. It was a bright red thick column of light with flashing square lights around its base. The vertical light was alternately brightening and dimming. One person saw a yellow oval drop out of the sky in the same area. A circular area was found in the vicinity, in the southern portion of which a white surface powder was found. The NNE perimeter had a charred circular area about 1m diameter. A burnt tree branch was found in the vicinity. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p188 citing investigation by Bill Chalker.
  • Chalker 1996 p147.

June 19 1973. 0040hrs.
At least four people watched three very low moving round objects pace a lorry some 5km west of Peabody. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p33 case 318 citing Newton Kansan 26 June 1973.

June 21 1973. 
A strange object was seen hovering at ground level for a few minutes. Less than 24 hours later an inspection of the site revealed an area of thinner grey grass. No analysis was undertaken. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p188 citing Bill Chalker.

June 23 1973. 2355hrs. 
A woman was on her patio when she saw what first appeared as a point source of light descend to treetop height, now appearing as a large luminous globe. A rectangular opening appeared in the side, revealing the brightly illuminated interior. A tall humanoid figure with a large head, wearing a tight suit, emerged, apparently working on something. When the women yelled out the figure turned to look at her. At the same time a second, similar object approached and suddenly disappeared. When she looked back the first object had also disappeared. She then fell asleep and woke up in a different position some 4 or 5 hours later. Under hypnotic regression she recalled, rather vaguely, being floated up to some dark enclosed place where something uncomfortable was placed on her head and beings were heard talking.
  • Webb 1976 p110 + Rosales citing investigation by L Steward.

June 25 1973. 0010hrs.
Randy Needham and Judy Johnson were parked on a boat ramp by the Big Muddy River when they were startled by a loud animal noise and then saw a bipedal 2m tall creature, covered in white hair, approaching them. When it got within 6m, the couple fled. Police found unusual tracks at the site. Other teenagers reported similar incidents over the following days.
  • Clark and Coleman 1978 p53.

June 25 1973. Evening. 
A five year old boy saw something like a white ghost in his yard, and shortly afterwards Cheryl Ray was sat on her back porch saw a dirt white hairy creature with luminous pink eyes standing in the trees. It was about 2m tall and had a large round head and long arms. Cheryl went inside to turn on the light while Randy tried to get a better look, but the thing just walked away. An unpleasant smell was detected 
  • Coleman 2003 p15.

June 25 1973. Night. 
W Kulas and D Menard observed an apparently shapeless green mass descend to ground level near Highway 66 in the vicinity of Koketow Lumber Mills. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p34 case 335 citing Kirkland Lake Northern Daily News 27 June 1973.

June 28 1973. 0030hrs. 
James G Richards (41), an animal care technician, his wife Shirley, daughter Vanea (16) and son Jamie (3) were in their mobile home in a wooded area at the end of a lane 800m out of Columbia. Vanea was putting a baby bottle in the fridge when she heard a loud thrashing noise coming through the open window above the sound of the record player in the next room. The outside noise appeared to be moving around a large tree and so frightened her that she called to her father. As James went to the window, Vanea closed all the doors. Looking out James saw two beams of light between the fence and the trees and about 15m from the window. They were 1.2m wide at the top, tapering to 60cm at the bottom, were bright, silvery white in colour and about 1.5m apart. Nothing solid could be seen behind them. These beams suddenly faded out and James and Vanea now saw a bright oval 3.5-4.5m diameter at ground level. It gave off a brilliant silvery light and its edges were fuzzy. It lit up the surrounding trees as bright as day. No other sound than the thrashing of the trees and the grass could be heard. The trees appeared to be moving back and forth as if in a strong wind and one tree appeared to be being pulled towards the ground. As they watched the thrashing sound ceased and then shortly afterwards there was a loud crack and the tugging motion on this tree stopped. The area was now very quiet and James moved from window to window. As he did so he noticed that his dogs, which normally barked at any light or noise, were lying very still between the trailer and a shed. At this point James loaded up his guns and began to consider calling for help. Just then the terrific light began moving away towards the north, passing below tree limbs through an open area 6m wide. It moved parallel to the ground until it reached the edge of the field, where it raised itself slightly and hovered 60m from the house.

Its light had now dimmed and they could see that it had a silvery white centre, with a blue band, and an orange glow extending around the outer edge. Then the object, still below the line of the trees moved 10 degrees to the west and then back to its original position. James now tried to call for help. As he talked the lights dimmed twice and having been told that the exchange operator would ring him, hung up. When the exchange operator tried to ring there was no reply and no ring as though the line was dead. James worried as to why no one was calling him back also found the line dead. It came back to life on the operator’s fifth attempt. The family contacted the Federal Aviation Authority and all seemed impressed by James’ sobriety and genuine fear. When the object returned to its original position James felt his time was up and was almost speechless with fear. After an indeterminate time the light moved away through the trees again towards the field and then returned to its 60m distance location, where it got smaller though it did not seem to be moving away. Eventually at 0145hrs. the police arrived, but they did not seem impressed. When investigators arrived on the scene they found a tree broken 4.8 above the ground, dead leaves, numerous imprints on the ground, mostly 12-15 cm wide and 9cm deep. It appears that Shirley was away at the time. 
  • Ted Phillips in FSR 19,6 p18 + Skylook 70 p5 citing investigation by himself, J Allen Hynek et al.
  • Stringfield 1978b p125 and Fate Proceedings 1977 p71 both citing investigation by Ted Phillips.
  • Hall 2001 p61.

June 28 1973. 2115hrs.
Mr L Roberts arrived home to find a saucer shaped object, with a dome on top, about 3m high and somewhat wider, sitting on the back lawn, emitting a low drone. As he opened the back gate, the thing rose into the air, emitting a thick odourless smoke. Roberts yelled out in fright, which alerted his wife, who saw the object disappearing, surrounded by haze, through which a bright orange light was visible. 
  • FSR 19,5 p11 citing Rand Daily Mail 30 June 1976.
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p34 case 341 citing FSR op cit.
  • Skywatch South Africa 26 p11.

Summer 1973. 0200hrs.
Three teenage boys camped in one of their back yards decided to go and visit their girlfriends but on the way encountered a white hairy biped 2-2.5m tall, which caused them to flee. Odd noises, as of an unseen prowler were heard in the woods around this time. 
  • Newton 2010 p62,

Summer 1973. (Approximate Date) 
Phil Differ was driving back to Kilsyth along the A803 when he became irritated by a woman dressed in blue grey, with cloth around her feet, walking slowly ahead of them. The figure then just vanished. 
  • Adams 1998 p37

Summer 1973.
A group of boys out shooting small animals some an animal they first thought was a bear about 100m away. They then realised it was standing upright. The frightened boys shot at, but the creature just seemed to swat the bullets away. The boys fled but as they did so they saw the thing walk off in the opposite direction. 
  • Steenburg 1993 p63 citing his own investigation

Summer 1973. 
Two young children saw an ape like humanoid with a pointed head. Its body was covered in brown hair. 
  • Moravec 1980 p24

Summer 1973. Afternoon.
Three men were walking along the Sangamon River on the edge of the Greenwood Cemetery, at a place called Hell Hollow, when they encountered a very tall, hairy humanoid, which then dashed back into the bushes. 
  • Taylor 2011 p17

Summer 1973. Evening.
A woman who had gone into her yard encountered a dwarf floating in the air, coming to within 30cm of her. The figure was about 1.2m tall, had a human face with puffy cheeks, pallid skin and a smirk on its face, and was dressed in a black cloth overall and pointed hood. It’s its thin arms and legs ending in hands and feet in pointed covers. The woman decided to continue getting her dog’s bowl and the entity just disappeared. 
  • Swords 2005, p107 citing John Timmerman

Summer 1973. 2000hrs.
A married couple driving home saw a bright light come towards them and hover of their car. The man got out and saw that it was a brilliantly lit circular object, lit by a large number of lights on its underside. The thing emitted a quiet hissing sound and seemed to move from place to place almost simultaneously. It hovered over a house and then came back to within 150m of their car. The man then got back in and drove off. Other people reported the object and a trace was found near the house. 
  • Swords 2005 p28 citing John Timmerman

July 1973. 0130hrs.
University student Mr. M K (20) was working late on his vacation job as a night watchman at a lumber yard. After making a round, he was sat relaxing and smoking in his car when he saw what looked like a shooting star. It then flashed on and off in the same spot, then began to expand making a series of extremely small and rapid expansions and contractions until it reached the apparent size of a basketball. It then began tom dark to and fro over an area of 1m, emitting green flashes, then descend with a spiral motion till it was just above the top of a distant cement factory. It then descended over the bay in an arc, stopping 20m above the water. From the underside of the light there descended a transparent tube, which, when its top touched the surface, began to glow and appeared to be sucking up water. At the same time he heard a sound like that of a cricket. The terrified youth hid his head for a few minutes/ When he looked up the light was still hovering. It then began to approach him at 50m altitude. As it approached it seemed less bright, and he could that it was a smooth white sphere. Around the centre was a row of small windows. In the central window there was a single figure, and in another, two windows to the right were two figures. These figures looked too small and deformed to be human. K then put his head against the steering wheel and felt himself silently groan. He felt himself bound head and foot. He managed to look up again and saw three or four similar objects. With them was a huge dark silhouette like three gasoline drums connected lengthways. The object with the widows approached this spectacle and then all the spheres were sucked into this larger object, which moved off to the north at terrific speed. K then realised that his body was numb like it was after yoga practice and his radio was emitting meaningless noises. The incident lasted 10-12 minutes. 
  • MUFON UFO Journal 106 p4 + APRO Bulletin 24, 20 p1 + FSR 22,1 p18 + Webb 1976 p110 all citing investigation by Juni-Ichi Takanashi.
  • Charles Bowen in The Unexplained 50 p998

July 1973. 
Two vacationing couples from Utah were driving up Kingsbury Grade when they saw a 2-2.5m tall hairy creature with a “leathery” humanoid face which creature stood up and walked into the bush. Two other women were reported to have been frightened by a similar creature shortly before this incident. 
  • Slate and Berry 1976 p16

July 1973. Late Afternoon.
Bill Towns and a companion were hiking through a forest next to a sugar cane field when they saw, only a metre or so away, in the bushes, a 2m tall hairy biped with large male genitals. This was joined by a smaller (1.2m) male creature, and then by two females of similar sizes to the two males. When they saw the hikers, the creatures went into the bush, only for the two males to re-emerged and scream at them, the larger one waving a branch and running towards them, The two men then fled. 
  • Gilroy 1995 p225

July 1 1973. 0215hrs.
While staying at his summer cottage electrician Jarmo Nykanen (18|) was awakened by a buzzing sound, and saw a strong blue light enter the cottage from the direction of the door. He went out and walked to the jetty, where he saw a blue light above the lake. The light approached him. stopping above the shallow water, where he saw it was a gelatinous object, twice the size of a rowing boat. He though he saw a strange being inside the light. The next thing he remembered was waking up on his cottage porch at 0600. He was very sleepy and went back to bed, waking at noon. 
  • APRO Bulletin 28,5 p1 citing investigation by UFO Research of Finland (SUR).

July 2 1973. 2100hrs.
A 52 year old housewife was returning home from a day trip with her husband, son and his fiancée. When she was alone in the car at a layby she observed a steady clear, fluorescent, jewel like object apparently descend behind some trees in a controlled manner. She felt unable to call out to the others during this experience. 
  • BUFORA Journal 4,3 p29

July 4 1973. 2200hrs.
Several people saw a great round luminous ball of fire descend from the sky at an 80 degree angle toward an electrical power line, level off some 10s of metres above the ground and follow the contours of the ground to a place behind a hill, turned to the right and disappeared out of site. In an open area used as a dump for unused paving stones, four marks were found forming a slightly irregular figure; 5.9m x 6.2m x 13.3m x 3.1m. Three of the marks were 40cm across and 22cm deep, while the fourth mark which was on slightly lower ground level was 30cm across and only 15cm deep,. Sketches were made of the imprint and the path of the object and a photograph was taken of a plaster cast of one of the imprints. 
  • Phillips 1975 p91 case 665 citing Skylook March 1975

July 4 1973. 2015hrs.
Erling Bakke and his wife observed a black object about 8m long, 2m high with a protrusion on top travelling along the water at more than 160kph. They first thought it was some sort of speedboat but then the object rose at 45 degrees into the sky and disappeared. 
  • Ole Jonny Braenne in International UFO Reporter 20,1 p12

July 11 1973. (Approximate Date) Evening. 
Several people saw an object at very low altitude over the top of the De; Puerto Hospital, Toyon Lane near Patterson. 

  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p36 case 405 citing Patterson Irrigator 12 July 1973.

July 12 1973. Daytime.
Mark Willis observed and photographed a fairly low flying domed disc as it passed over the lake. As it did so, Mark saw steam rising from the lake, exactly under the object. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p37 case 380 citing National Insider 25 November 1975.
  • Evaluation: Probable tabloid hoax

July 13 1973. 0330 hrs.
At their farm, east of Emden, Terry and Linda Stice were awoken by the barking of their dog. Its bark seemed unusual, as of the animal was afraid of something . The couple went to the front door to see what was the matter, their normally brave dog staying in the porch area. Terry could not see anything so went back to bed, but Linda saw a light and called him down again. Terry saw a sort of egg shaped object, the size of a small car, hovering 5m above the ground in a clearing behind a tree. The thing had a peculiar orange colour, which Terry found impossible to describe exactly, and it seemed as though he could look into his brighter interior, but also gave the impression of being transparent. When Linda turned the house lights on, the thing seemed to flicker like a car headlight as a car moves off. It moved off at no more than 8kph. It rose only slightly and seemed to pursue a dead straight course through the trees. As it moved away the neighbour’s dogs and some cattle on a hill kicked up a fuss. The object was observed for 10 minutes and it took 20 seconds to depart to the west. The FAA were called but showed no interest. 
  • Joseph Brill in Skylook 70 p14 citing his own investigation
  • Skylook 69 p13 citing an undated issue of Quincy Herald Whig

    July 21 1973. 2100hrs.
    Yves Rinaldi (35), manager of a firm in Bastia, was driving along DR139 to his parents’ inn in Saliceto. 2.5km before the village and 20 seconds after overtaking a Citroen, Yves suddenly felt paralysed by an unseen force, his car stopped and immediately afterward his lights and radio went out. He was unable to move, felt a sensation of intense cold and his eyes began to water, making him fear that he was dying. At that moment he saw an extremely bright shining object “as bright as the sun”, which rose out of the scrub and shot overhead, spinning rapidly. Though he was unable to turn his head, Yves nevertheless “saw” in some incomprehensible fashion, as though threw the back of his head, the object pass over his car and continue on its way behind him. When the object had passed , the car lights and radio came on of their own accord and the car began to move forward. When he arrived at his parents’ place 30 minutes later, Yves was still in a very shaken condition. The driver of the Citroen then arrived on the scene and confirmed that he too had seen the object from his position 300m behind but had not experienced any odd effects. 
    • J. C. Dufour and P de Lormont in FSR 23,6 p31

    July 22 1973. 2245hrs.
    David Akers and the Satus Peak fire lookout saw three orange lights hovering below the peak of Horse Heaven Hills 29km away to the southeast. The lights flickered and appeared and disappeared until 0100. At the same time on the 24th a bright red light was seen moving less than 1.5km away below the lookout station level. 
    • Long 1990 p26

    July 23 1973.
    A strange object was seen on or close to the ground. No further details. 
    • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 85 p38

    July 27 1973. (Approximate Date)
    5 cyclists cycling near Durham encountered a 1.5m tall hairy biped, which reminded them of a chimpanzee. It stood and looked at them for some moments and then ran off on two legs. 
    • Prince-Hughes 1997 p44 citing Portland Press-Herald 28 July 1973.

    July 27 1973.
    A 16 year old youth, who was a ufo buff, photographed strange traces on the ground near the lake shore. Four years later, under hypnosis, he recalled being approached and touched by a human shaped being. He lost consciousness and when he recovered he found he was being sucked into the underside of an aerial object. Inside he found himself in a circular room, where 4 people were standing. A woman then entered and the entities began walking around, talking, and touching him on the forehead and sides. He was almost paralysed. He was then taken to another room where he was made to sit on a chair, where he saw the outside, as the object descended. He looked at the craft as it took off, then photographed the traces. 
    • Paolo Fiorino in UFO Times 13 p6

    July 27 1973.
    A strange object was seen on or close to the ground. No further details. 
    • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 85 p39

    July 27 1973.
    A strange object was seen on or close to the ground. No further details. 
    • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 85 p38

    July 27 1973. 0210hrs.
    A motorist encountered a domed object at the side of the road. The thing took off and crossed over the road. 
    • Hall 2001 p254 citing MUFON UFO Journal July 1988 p19

    July 28 1973. 2300hrs.
    Four teenage boys parked at a bridge on the outskirts of town saw a strsnge bipedal creature less than 6m away. It was about 1.7m tall and covered in red fur. One of the lads and other friends went to the place some days later and saw strange red eyes. A crowd of people a couple of days later went in search of it, accompanied by a drunken journalist. 
    • Smith 1996 p157 citing Gold Coast Bulletin 3+7 August 1973. + Brisbane Sunday Mail 5 August 1973.

    July 29 1973., 2100hrs.
    A professor and assistant dean at McGill University was driving, along with his wife, back to Montreal from a vacation at Chalk River on this cloudless evening, when the wife observed a strange bright star which seemed to be heading towards them. She observed this for about one hour, thinking it was a comet, then mentioned it to her husband. It now appeared to have descended into a field, and as they drove by about 30m away, they saw it was hovering without support. A beam flashed from it and a partition moved back, revealing three portholes, which emitted a glaring yellow light. The object itself was round, the size of a bungalow and blue white. The object then moved above the car, and as it did so, the academic saw three humanoid figures outlined against the portholes, but his wife did not see this. The object disappeared in about 10 seconds. 
    • Canadian UFO Report 4,8 p7 citing Wido Hoville and Don Donderi in UFO Quebec 14 p19 citing own investigation
    • Donderi 2013 p xiv

      August 1973. (Approximate Date) Night.
      Luis Gimenez Illueca (17), a slaughterman, and his brother-in-law, Juan C (15), a student, were driving from the Generalissimo Reservoir in this locality to Tuejar when, after 3km they saw a triangular or tetrahedral shaped metallic looking red light, with diamond facets, sitting on a hill some 20m from the road. The thing appeared to have an area of 1 sq. m. After a few seconds the thing suddenly went out. 1km further on they saw an empty parked car. Even though they were meant to stop they did not do so. 
      • Ballester 1976 p41 case 166 citing his own investigation

      August 1973.
      A landing and occupant report. No details 
      • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 85 p39 + Skylook 75 p10

        August 1973. Daytime.
        A father and son were driving along the main highway in the Exeter area when they saw a landed object beside the highway. By it was standing a humanoid. A hoax was suspected. 
        • Webb 1976 pp9 27 citing J Oswald
        • This may be the same case as Hampton above

        August 1973. Evening. 
        A family driving back from the woman’s parents in Mt Carmel to avoid a storm were approaching Princeton when they saw lights low in the sky over a wooded area. When illuminated by lighting it appeared to be a cupola shaped object, surmounting an inverted cone. The thing was about 9-12m wide, about 10m above the trees, 150-200m away. The thing appeared to be made of burnished metal and gave the impression of being “old fashioned”, and emitted powerful beams of light. The observation lasted 2-5 minutes. 
        • Ridge 1994 p35 citing his own investigation

        August 1973. 2100hrs. 
        Margaret and Christine were travelling as rear passengers in a vehicle, which stopped at traffic lights at the entrance to a housing estate. A car drew up behind them, at which their car’s engine and radio died. The two women then saw, coming towards them from open ground on their left, two large beings dressed in one piece silver suits, walking in a mechanical fashion. When the beings reached the car, Christine felt paralysed, choking and then passed out. When she came to, the beings were walking away from the car. After they had gone from view a light cone spread across the trees. The car now worked. Christine at least experienced a time loss. 
        • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p137 citing Ron Halliday
        • Evaluation: Appears to be just a story told by Christine, one suspects years after the alleged event. Were the others ever asked for their views?

        August 1973. 2230hrs.
        Three friends sitting out in their driveway heard a low hum, and saw a sort of hemispherical object, with a silvery metallic sheen, emitting an orange and blue glow, descending slowly to about 6m above the garage roof. One of them yelled sat it to stop, which it did. The thing then flew away. Two days later one of the party heard the same sound and on going out with his dog, saw the same or similar object at street level. He could now see that it was 8-10m diameter and only about 1m above the ground. He felt compelled to walk towards the thing, losing sensation. His dog barked and broke the spell. The object then moved slowly away, rose at an angle and then just disappeared. 
        • Swords 2005 p64 citing John Timmerman
        August 3 1973. 1500hrs.
        Several people saw a blinding flash of light and heard a dull thud. They saw an object rapidly rotating just beneath the water. Jets of water shot in to the air and appeared to be mixed with a kind of vapour, the surrounding water appeared to be boiling. The jets of water rose to 10m above the surface. At first the object veered towards the shore of the Orinoco River, spinning constantly with a left to right motion. The thing then returned to the middle of the river, where it sank deeper beneath the surface. At no time did this thing come up to the surface, but the witnesses, including Tereso Marcano (41), a fisherman who tried to pursue it in his boat described it as being disc shaped. As Tereso closed in on the thing his boat engine lost power and almost stalled forcing him to give up. The disc moved off downstream. 
        • Source missing

        August 4 1973. (Approximate Date) 
        Coastguard Derek Vine (26) was looking over this area through his binoculars, when he saw a man stood at the foot of cliffs, the sea closing around his feet. A police officer confirmed the sight. Two coastguards and a lifeboat were sent out but nothing was found and the cliff was considered unclimbable 
        • Arnold 2013 p101
        • The News 1 p11 citing Sunday Mirror 5 August 1973.

        August 4 1973. Evening.
        Three young men were attacked by a 2m tall creature, covered in fur and with bulging eyes. 
        • Basterfield 1981, p98 citing Adelaide News 7 August 1973.

        August 4 1973. 2030hrs.
        Bud Sedgwick, his wife and parents in law Mr and Mrs Delos Robbins were driving west on a country road, east of Greenup, when they saw a pale boxcar shaped object, which came at them at treetop height, forcing them to brake hard. The object then apparently landed in a cornfield 800m away. It was also seen by Bill Morris and his son, about 1.2km south of town, and a woman and her daughter. 
        • Skylook 71 p5 citing an unspecified issue of Charleston Times Courier

        August 6 1973. 0300hrs.
        Diane and Peter Shepherd had just left a friend’s house, when they saw a saucer shaped object the size of a football pitch in a nearby field. Peter climbed onto the roof of the car to see a dark grey smooth object, with seven rectangular amber features. A number of red spheres hovered over nearby trees. When Peter drove towards the thing, one of the red spheres appeared in front of them. She next remembered driving down the road about 300m further on, with the dawn coming up. When they checked their watches 40 minutes was missing. 
        • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p139 citing their own investigation
        • Evaluation: A story told in 2006 and no contemporaneous documentation

        August 6 1973. 2220hrs.
        Mrs Jenifer Van der Bogaerde (40) was watching TV with her 12 year old and his friend Martin A when, through the open curtains, they saw a bright aerial light approaching the cottage, low over the trees. They rushed outside to get a better view, switching on the outside house light. The fluorescent light on the object turned red and its lights went out when the house light went on, leaving just small flashing red and green tail lights. The thing hovered over the well less 15m from the cottage at altitude of 15-30m. While the thing was hovering the family was able to make out that it was cigar shaped 9m long, without half a dozen dark portholes along the side. After remaining motionless for about two minutes, the thing spun round once and moved off towards Piltdown Lake, passing over Maresfield army camp. It was observed for about 15 minutes in all. Subsequently the TV burnt out and Jenifer began to develop red weals on her scalp and right cheek, her hair began to fall out and ulcers appeared on her gums. She claimed many other UFO and paranormal experiences such as being followed by a yellow Volkswagen car
        • Bernard Delair in Awareness 2,3, p3 citing his own investigation
        • D N Mansell, F W Passey and J Sears in Awareness 3,3 p3 citing their own investigation

        August 10 1973. Daytime.
        Four pupils of the local Normal School (Medarno Martinez, Hipolito Garcia, Hernan Manjarras and Mario Ferndandez Ramirez) were on a botany trip at the El Jordan Ravine a few kilometres outside this town. Arriving at the banks of the rivulet, they were astonished to see four small beings, no more than 20cm tall, standing beneath and slightly in front of a little stone footbridge, seemingly searching for something in the mud. They were dressed in white, with tiny grey caps on their heads and had humanoid features. As the boys walked on towards them, the little creatures disappeared as if by magic. When the boys got over their shock they went to the river bed and found a whole series of rather deep, round marks, which they attributed to the beings’ footprints. The beings were independently observed by a police officer, whose account was said to agree with that of the boys, but neither his name nor the details of his experience were released. 
        • Gordon Creighton in FSR 21,5 p31 and Webb 1976 pp9,27 both citing Rafael Barrero Cortes in Cuarto Dimension 23 citing own investigation

        August 13 1973. 2230hrs.
        Daniel Jackson (19) of Lake Anne and Mauna Jousselen were driving along Cass Road by Boardman Lake when they saw an object moving towards the lake. It cleared the trees 15m in front of the car and at angle of 45 degrees to the left side of the road. It was not very distinct, but resembled a flying oil derrick, with four legs made of girders and bars. Lights covered these legs, about 10 in all, flashing on and off, blue, pink and green, but there were none on the cylinder. The legs appeared to gyrate. The object appeared to be 15m high and following a straight course. The thing was observed for 8 seconds. It was reported to the airport and sheriff’s office but had disappeared before a squad car arrived. 
        • Skylook 71 p14 citing investigation by Donald R Kabat + Record Eagle 14 August 1973
        • UFO Investigator September 1973. p3 (this latter gives date as 14th and says object was 15m long and came within 6m of the car

        August 14 1973. 2230hrs.
        Two people observed a circular object land in a cow pasture, 
        • UFO Register 5 pt1 p39 case 424a citing Winston Salem Journal 1 October 1973.

        August 14 1973. 2255hrs.
        Going down a side road, about 6km north of Haderslev, Police Officer Evald Maarup (qv) saw an intense light across the fields to the north. As the light came across the fields Evald saw it was a beam projecting down from an object, illuminating cattle and horses and causing them to act up. Evald was stopping his car as when the light came over, at which its engine and lights again failed. The 15m diameter, steel grey velvety object tilted revealing three domes on its underside and a row of rectangular portholes on its domed top, emitting a brilliant light. After manoeuvring round, the object retracted its beam and ascended to the east with a whistling sound Evald took more photographs but they only showed a dot of light. 
        • Kim Hansen in Evans and Spencer 1987a p75 citing UFO Nyt 6 : : Spencer 1991 p 99
        • Evaluation: See 13 August 1970

        Mid August 1973.
        Two deputies saw what looked like a helicopter hovering 7-8m above cattle on a ranch. 
        • Adams 1991 p10 citing Chicago Sun-Times 19 August 1973.

        August 17 1973. 2245hrs.
        Salesman Miguel Pages Rodriguez (18) was walking to a friend’s house in the Cam Amar Development, east of town, when his attention was attracted by two strange lights, about twice the size of car headlights, 100m away. One was a dazzling, steady, yellow light, about 1m above the railway ahead, the other was an irregularly blinking orange light, 2.5-3m above the ground, behind a twisted olive tree to the left of the road. There was no sound during the observation, which lasted a couple of minutes. Miguel, frightened and anxious, ran to his friend’s house. They met on low ground and when Miguel took him up the road to show him the lights, they nowhere to be seen, though Miguel felt that they had been turned off rather than left, but was not brave enough to investigate. When he did examine the site next day there were traces left. 

        • Ballester 1976 p42, case168 citing investigation by Albert Adell + Stendek 15 p35.
        • Evaluation : The investigator found that Miguel had a vision defect in his right eye, which may have distorted what he had seen.

        August 18 1973. 2130hrs. 
        Two people saw a huge rocket shaped object apparently land in the Everglades. 
        • UFO Register 5 pt1 p40 case 428 citing Hollywood Sun 22 August 1973.

        August 18 1973. 2355hrs. 
        Two teenage girls walking home along Sutton Way saw a 3m diameter, domed object with flashing red and orange lights, fly low above the rooftops. The girls were so shaken they were shaking and ashen when they arrived home. 
        • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p 140 citing Ellesmere Port News 22 August 1973.

        August 19 1973. 2000hrs. 
        A huge being, 2.7m tall, dressed in odd clothes made of a strange shimmering material, with long legs, walked down the main street of this small village 
        • Keel 1975b p129

        August 19 1973. 
        A local man saw a strange object land 60m from his car, while he drove in an rural area. The object seemed to follow him back to town. 
        • Skylook 75 p5

        August 19 1973. 2200hrs. 
        Robert Hudson, Kim Gire and Vicky Bumpus were driving between Charleston and Mattoon on their way back from a family reunion on a country road, north of Illinois Road 16. As they drove past a house, they saw a light in the sky, which to be slowly coming to the ground. Robert let the truck coast and pointed the light out to the girls, who became frightened. As the light passed over the the pole light on the barn, the thing flared up. The saw it was an object the size of an American football field, with a row of green lights on it. Kim thought she saw a landing leg, and the object landed as they drove away. No traces were found. At least 200 people saw a strange object in the sky. 
        • Skylook 71 p5 citing an undated issue of Charleston Times Courier and other unspecified clippings

        August 20 1973. 2100hrs. 
        Mrs Daryll Crandall and two of her children were driving back from a visit to her father at Lake City, when just south of Rockwell City; they saw an extremely intense light on a deserted farm. They were curious was to what it was and approached the spot, at which their car windows fogged up. When they rolled the windows down, they saw the light moving away to the North East in a curious floating motion. It appeared to descend slightly. Beneath the light, they could make out a silvery saucer shaped object. Flakes of white ash were later found on the car. 
        • McWane and Graham 1974 p12

        Late August 1973. Night/Early Hours. 
        Robert Lippens and his wife had just moved into a rented farmhouse outside Charlottetown, when they were awoken by something in their room. Robert saw it as a blurry, round shouldered white thing that rather resembled a refrigerator that seemed to waver. His wife thought she saw an “unfriendly” face. After about a minute the object began to dissipate, disappearing within 10 seconds. The family had other strange experiences in the property. 
        • Letter from Robert E Lippens in Psi Researcher August 1995 p13
        • Evaluation : The content of the letter looks over literary and flowery, a classic told as true tale

        August 26 1973. 0315hrs.
        Mr De Deuce was driving near Medanos, when he encountered a large object, on the road, from which a small entity emerged. This being entered his car for a while. 
        • UFO Register 5, pt1 p41 case 443 citing La Nacion (BA) 29 August 1973. + Understanding 18,9 p12

        August 27 1973. (Approximate Date) 2250hrs.
        Mr V M was out walking with his wife, sister in law and cousin, on the beach when they heard a sound like a low pitched siren, out to sea. The cousin drew their attention to very flat, rectangular object, 5-6m long, travelling along above the water surface close in-shore, obscured by the darkness and mist. When the thing passed in front of them, they were able to discern four dimly lit square windows set horizontally beneath the object. As it passed over the sea, it made a splashing noise; going from Nieuw Port in the NE to Oostende in the SW. Mr M shone his torch on it, at which the lights in the portholes went out, only the red hull being visible. When the object reached a breakwater, it rose it up to cover it and then went down to sea level again. They still heard the splashing sound when the thing was over the breakwater. 
        • Jean Luc Vertongen in FSR 20,6 p16 citing his own investigation
        • Evaluation : Probably the Dover-Ostend hovercraft, perception distorted by weather conditions

        August 29 1973. 
        James Johnson, while driving along a rural road, observed a disc shaped object that gave off a bluish-green light. The car’s electrical system failed as the thing hovered 20m overhead form several minutes. When the object left, the car’s electrical system returned to normal. 
        • UFO News 5 p15

        September 1973. (Approximate Date) 
        A motorist was paralysed and his car engine failed while he observed an unusual object in the sky. 
        • UFO Register 5 pt1 p93 case 1195 citing La Nacion 23 September 1973. + Understanding 18,10 p11

        September 1973. (Approximate Date) 2030hrs.
        Graham Brooke and his girlfriend Julie Taylor were walking towards Sidcup from a party when they observed a circular object, with seven illuminated features on its base, which appeared to be the size of a soccer pitch at 300m. The object hovered for a short time and then moved away to the left over trees. When the couple asked for a lift they found that it was now 2310. 
        • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p 157 citing Internet source.

        September 1973. (or following month) 0320hrs.
        While he was en route to work, Mr Chubert’s motorcycle misfired several times and then stopped. Thinking he was out of petrol, Chubert pushed it to the top of a rise where a dazzling light appeared on the road ahead. As Chubert approached, he saw it was a luminous ovoid object with smoke underneath, hovering just above the ground. A being suddenly appeared and put his left and came up to Chubert, putting its left arm on Chubert’s shoulder and offering “reassuring words”. This being was a humanoid, 2m tall, thin, wearing a suit made of a material that looked like aluminium. A large helmet rested on his shoulders, with a snorkel like tube on the right side. His face appeared to be covered by a nylon stocking and he had slit eyes. In his right hand the stranger carried a devise like a pistol, pointing to the ground. He asked Chubert where he was going, and when the latter said that he was going “to my job”, the being said that he must return to the craft, which he asked Chubert not to examine too closely. The being entered it from beneath and it rose vertically, with a sound like a swarm of bees and moved off horizontally. The motorcycle then started normally. The observation took place 100m from Hw 151 and lasted 10 minutes.
        • Webb 1976 pp 10, 39 (cas 13) citing J Desbois and D Bettini in LDLN 140 citing their own investigation

        September 1973. 0200hrs.
        Mr P A (21), an Italian immigrant, who worked in engineering, with an interest in cars, was returning home from a dance in Northampton about 35km away. At Little Houghton he noticed the time on the village clock and then saw what he thought were the headlights of an approaching car. Suddenly he was blinded by a single very bright white light straight in front of his windscreen. He remembered nothing more until, he came to his senses walking along Bromham Bridge, 3km from Bedford at 0700. His coat and feet were wet as though he had been walking through long grass. He felt strangely awake and refreshed, and went to a friend’s. He got the friend to drive him along the route, as he could not remember where he has left his car. This was found in a ploughed field off a road leading to Olney. It was carefully locked up and the keys were in A’s pocket. There were no marks on the car and no tracks in the field. He could remember nothing of the missing 5 hours and dismissed the whole incident from his mind until it came back to him after drinking too much art a party a year later. 
        • Miss E C Hargreaves in FSR 22,1 p iii citing her own investigation
        • Randles 1988 p60

        September 1973. 
        Mr and Mrs Orval Wyman allegedly photographed a bell shaped object in which a strange creature could be seen. 
        • Steiger 1978 p94 citing Canadian UFO Report no 21

        September 1973. 
        A landing report. No further details. 
        • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 86 p13

        September 1973. 
        A couple were out walking when the man encountered something like an invisible wall. They then encountered a small clean shaven humanoid figure dressed in white, with large boots of a similar colour. With it was a taller figure dressed in black, with a cloak and three cornered hat. 
        Bord 1997 p73 citing George Young Ghosts in Nova Scotia 1977 p13

        September 1973. 
        Jockey Peter Leather was walking between the road and the starting point on the Epsom Downs racecourse, when he was startled by a strange noise and turned round to see a disk, enveloped in a blue haze, hanging 6m above the ground between two clumps of trees. From the upper part of the object there appeared to be flashes of yellow sparks at 5 second intervals. Suddenly the disk descended, the frequency and brilliance of the flashes increasing as it did so. It took about 5 minutes to land, Leather then saw an orange coloured light coming from the blue haze close to the ground. He slowly became aware that it was a light held by a human shaped figure which was approaching him, at which he fled. Glancing back as he ran, he was surprised to see no trace of the being or the orange light, only the blue disk was still visible. When he reached the road, he looked back again, but this time the disk had gone also.
        • Derek James in FSR 23,5 p27 citing his own telephone investigation

        September 1973. Late Night. 
        A man returning home to his rural home saw a glow near his big barn,. Fearing a fire, he drove 800m up the lane, where he encountered an oblong object, with a row of flickering pale blue lights, on or just above the ground. The man got out and tried to touch the thing, but the thing shot off. He then got his brother and wife, but each time they tried to touch the thing, it moved off. His brother and wife saw the thing the following Night. but later forgot about the episode. 
        • Ridge 1994 p37 citing Don Worley

        September 1973. 2230hrs. 
        David McCready, assistant fire chief for Travis AFB, and five of his friends were camping on his land 5km south of Dinsmore. David stepped outside his trailer and noticed a beam of whitish light shining on the tallest tree, about 200-250m away. Between and about 23-30m above the trees was a domed object, 12-15m across and 3.5-4.5 m high, revealing the silhouette of a dome, on which a row of 8-10 blue jets suddenly appeared, followed by a triangle of dim light on the dome, which became very bright after 15 seconds. These two interchanged in sequence. David moved from one side of this light to the other and then, as it reached its third sequence, he returned to the trailer to rouse the others, but by the time he succeeded the thing had gone. No traces were found. 
        • Paul Cerny in MUFON UFO Journal 151 p13 citing his own investigation

        September 2 1973. 1430hrs. 
        Mr C, an evangelical lay preacher, was driving down State Road 3 near Milroy, when he noticed, in his rear view mirror, what looked like a dark green car with barrel like fenders. Suddenly it came very close to his rear and now it looked like a van with a large curved windscreen, though which he indistinctly saw two humanoid figures with shoulder length hair. He heard a buzzing sound, which stopped with a flash. His rear window then seemed to fill with water, then what looked like eagles crossed the top of the window and he had the impression of flying through the air. He next found himself looking at the interior of an indirectly lighted room. into which three ordinary looking men wearing hospital face masks entered. This vision was replaced by one of a distant aerial view of an earth like planet with a moon between two mountains in the distance. This was followed by a vision of a huge dark, crossed shaped area in the centre of a water covered surface. Two humanoid figures emerged from the centre of this area, became luminous and moved towards him as if they were on a conveyer belt, steadily increasing in size. The dark eyes figures were dressed in tight fitting suits with a cloak and sash tied in front. As they came right up to the car, the minister became afraid and was able to take his eyes of the mirror. His radio and watch malfunctioned after the experience. 
        • Don Worley in Earthlink 4, 2 p2 citing own investigation
        • Ridge 1994 p37 citing Worley

        September 3 1973. Night.
        While driving along a north Georgia highway into Athens, a man saw an object with one bright light and four flashing lights, swoop down to less than 5m above the road and then veer off into the sky. The frightened man reported the matter to the police. 
        • Skylook 71 p4
        • UFO Magazine News Bulletin 1,1 p2
        • UFO Investigator October 1973. p2 citing a UPI dispatch 4 September 1973.

        September 3 1973. 2140hrs.
        Mr De Lathauwer, a respectable man of 75, was going to a reunion when he saw a curious object along the length of the “La Flammonde” brook, on his employers’ property. As he continued to look he realised that it was a cylinder, 4m long, 2m diameter, standing less than 1m above the ground. The thing gave off a red, hazy glow and was sometimes vertical, sometimes horizontal. Its extremities were curved. After six or seven minutes it slowly took off in the direction of Bavia. The witness then woke his neighbour, Alexandre Bak (59) and they both saw disappear in the distance. At its closest it was 150m from Mr De Lathauwer. Traces and radioactivity were later found in the area. 
        • GESAG 34 p10 + 35 p2 citing LNLN 130 p7
        • FRS 20,1 p32 citing Le Meridionel 11 September 1973
        • FSR Case Histories 17 p16 citing Le Parisien 11 September 1973.

        September 4 1973. 2310hrs.
        Mr Hanocq and three members of his family saw an elliptical object emitting strong white light and converging beams of light. It hovered 20m above the ground for 10 minutes. Vegetation at the site was burnt. 

        • Jacques Bonabot citing GESAG 34 p10
        • FSR Case Histories 17 p16 citing Le Parisien 11 September 1973

        September 5 1973. 
        CLINT (TEXAS : USA)
        A very bright aerial object apparently landed in Lower Valley near Clint. 

        • UFO Register 5 pt 1 p44 case 496 citing El Paso Times 6 September 1973.

        September 6 1973. 0300hrs.
        Miss Ringer (32 ) was a passenger in the cab of a semi-trailer, travelling between Adelaide and Perth. She had been asleep for about an hour, when, between the localities of Penong and Ivy Tanks, she was roused by a voice telling her to wake up and long through the window. Looking out, she saw a stationary object on the left hand side of the road. As the truck went past at 70-80kp, she saw that it was an egg shaped object on the ground, illuminating the surroundings. She could see a figure walking towards an opening in the egg, with another figure inside the object. The oval was set back 15 from the road, its bottom portion hidden by scrub. It was 5-6m long, 3m high with openings which resembled a door and a window and was illuminated by an interior light, which gave the impression that it was translucent, (she appeared to see the figure moving about inside other than through the door and window), One of the figures was visible through the window from the shoulders up, the second was walking in the light, apparently looking at something in its hand. . It walked inside through the door, stepped to the left and appeared to talk to the figure sitting down . This figure then reached, with one hand, to the back wall, then the glow died down to a single white light. .The beings were completely human in appearance, about 1.9m tall; the one seen full body was wearing a one piece lose fitting silver white garment, gathered at the wrists and ankles. The driver apparently did not see the object as he approached and was surprised when Ringer asked him to stop. There was now only a vague glow behind them as they drove on. They were about 400m past the spot when she asked him to stop. She described the voice that awoke her as male, warm and soft. Despite the detail in the description, the incident lasted only a few seconds. 
        • Keith Basterfield in MUFOB NS 13 p1 and UFO Research South Australia Newsletter 10 + Webb 1978 pp 9b + Psychic Australian February 1978 + Basterfield 1981 p28, 98 + Basterfield 1997 p28, 189 all citing investigation by Keith Basterfield and V Godic

        September 8 1973. 0230hrs. 
        Two military policemen, Bart J Burns and Randy Shade, were making a routine patrol of Hunter AFB when they noticed a cluster of lights in the sky at 600m, flashing red, orange, blue and white. The lights disappeared behind trees but returned at 0245hrs., hovering just above one end of the deserted runaway, flashing brilliantly. The lights then began to approach their patrol car and they could now see that they were on the underside of a metallic saucer shaped object about 15-25m diameter, which came towards the car so low that Bart and Randy were afraid there would be a collision. As they drove away at 160kph, they got the impression that the object was less than 1m above their car. Bart was so afraid of a collision that he crouched under the dashboard. After driving for about 1.5km they finally skidded off the road. The object hovered close by, about 200m, as they worked to free their car from the ditch, an exercise that took 15 minutes. The thing then rose to treetop height, followed them back to the base and then shot off and vanished. The object was soundless and during the incident they could not even hear the sound of the night wind. The object was also seen by a civilian, sports reporter Marcus Holland. 

        • Stringfield 1978b p22
        • UFO Magazine News Bulletin 1,1 p2
        • Skylook 71 p3
        • Blum 1974b p88 citing Atlanta Constitution 9 September 1973
        • Michaels 1997 p75 citing her own investigation
        • Peter Gersten in MUFON 1981 Proceedings p22

        September 8 1973. 0400 
        Wayne Meadows and another witness watched a lighted object, twice the size of a car, pass over at very low altitude. 

        • UFO Register 5 pt1 p45 case 514 
        • Arkansas Gazette +Montgomery Journal +Los Angeles Times all 10 September 1973.+ Birmingham (Al) News + Montgomery Advertiser + Mount Airy News all 11 September 1973. + National Enquirer 4 December 1973.

        September 8 1973. 
        15 people at various vantage points saw a very low moving object. 

        • UFO Register ditto p46 case 520 citing Arkansas Gazette 10 September 1973. + Winston-Salem Journal 10+11 September 1973. + Mount Airy News 11 September 1973. + Star Free Press 16 September 1973.

        September 8 1973. Night. 
        A highway patrolman saw an object hovering at tree top height. The thing then took off over his patrol car at high speed, 

        • Stringfield 1978b p21 citing UPI

        September 9 1973. 0230hrs.
        About nine sky watchers, including Ron McClure from Bournemouth and his wife and two young men from the South East, encountered a being about 2m tall, dressed in a two piece garment made of green denim, with a hood which almost covered his face. He held an odd shaped silvery object with a red piece on the end, walked slowly, and spoke in a peculiar deep and mechanical way. The being called on them to go away, and later said he would be back. At least one witness got within 1m of the figure. There were many other witnesses including Peter Ballard.
        • Ron McClure in Scan 8 p8.
        • D. J Goring in Earthlink 2,4 p7.
        • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p154 + 2013a p 64.
        • Evaluation: Suggestion + probable hoax

        September 9 1973. 0440hrs.
        A cat was made very agitated by a very low moving object, which was seen by Mrs V Smith. 
        • UFO Register 5 pt1 p46 case 521 citing Atlanta Constitution 10 September 1973.

        September 9 1973. 
        A single witness saw a golden egg shaped object descend inti a field. A depression was found. The temperature of the soil taken several hours later was found to be between 200-300 degrees F. 
        • Philips 1975 p91 case 589 citing UFORC Clipping Service

        September 9 1973. 2110hrs.
        Pat Williamson saw an unusual aerial object apparently land on farm land. 
        • UFO Register ditto case 527 citing Savannah News 10 September 1973.

        September 9 1973. Night. 
        Mrs Beall observed a disc shaped object, surmounted by a cupola, hovering at treetop height over her house, emitting a peculiar noise. On its base the thing had gold, red and green lights. Mrs Beall called the police and, as a deputy drove towards her place he saw two red lights slowly descend to the earth and disappear. 
        • Stringfield 1978b p21 citing UOI 10 September 1973.

        September 9 1973. 2200hrs. 
        Several people including some children and youths observed an object land in Laurel Grove cemetery and from it emerge ten black hairy dogs which ran through the cemetery. No traces were found. 
        • Webb 1976 pp9, 27 citing Savannah News 10 September 1973
        • UFO Register 5 pt.2 p47-case 536 citing Savannah News op cit + Winston Salem Journal 11 September 1973.

        September 10 1973. Afternoon.
        Ress Clayton (or Clanton or Clinton) was sat in his porch when he saw a golden egg shaped object descend, spinning. It touched the ground, throwing up smoke and then took off again. The site was about 25m from Ress. A charred circle was found and the ground was hot to touch 
        • Phillips 1975 p91 case 590 citing UFOCS
        • UFO Register 5 pt1 p47 case 537 citing numerous press sources
        • FSR 19,6 p32 citing San Francisco Examiner 11 September 1973
        • Richard Heiden
        • UFO Investigator October 1973. p3
        • Skylook 71 p4
        • INFO Journal 11 p22
        • Aerial Phenomenon Perspectives 2,1 p4
        • Tulsa Daily World 16 September 1973
        • Miles 2000 p93

        September 10 1973. Night. 
        Carolyn Nobles saw a very large, bright red, circular object about 80m above her house. It had flashing red lights on top and left s trail. It hovered for 20 minutes and then shot away. 
        • Miles 2000 p92

        September 13 1973. (Approximate Date) 0100hrs.
        Mrs Florence Charmers and her 13 year daughter were awoken by a humming sound. Florence got up and looked out of the window to see a green object stationary over the roofs of the houses opposite. It was about half the width of the terrace row, and was a disc shaped thing with a row of windows. Florence got her daughter up to see the thing. Florence gave up watching after 10 minutes but her daughter continued watching until the object departed. Two children in a neighbouring house also woke up and watched the thing. 
        • Fry 2009 p43

        September 13 1973. (Approximate Date)
        A single witness observed a metallic top shaped object passing over at very low altitude. 
        • UFO Register 5 pt1 p48 case 554 citing Patriot News 14 September 1973

        September 13 1973.
        Two people saw a very low flying red object. 
        • UFO Register 5 pt1 p48 case 555 citing News/Free Press 19 September 1973 + Toronto Star 15 September 1973.

        September 13 1973. 2130hrs.
        Piet and Crissie Mans had just gone to bed on this windless still night when their small dog began to bark frantically and their 9 year old son ran into their room, saying that he couldn’t sleep and that he felt like something was going to happen. There was a sudden explosion and something fell onto their roof. They ran to the door and saw a fiery disc, with a smaller golden sphere, emitting sparks, under it. This thing lit up the area like day as it disappeared over trees 90m from the house. The corrugated iron roof of the double garage and store house next door had been lifted off and had landed on their roof. People from a nearby roadhouse, including a couple parked in a car, had seen what looked like a burning plane topple and fall and then take off again in the westerly direction from which it came. The fire brigade found a black patch on the roof. Later a peculiar shiny cylinder was found in a scorched patch of veldt. Another garage 2km away also had its roof blown off. 
        • Scan 9 p3 + Stringfield 1978b p86 both citing an undated issue of Johannesburg Star
        • Phillips 1975 p92 case 591 incorrectly locates this in England!

        September 14 1973. 0130hrs.
        8km out of Lebanon two military policemen from Fort Leonard Wood observed a red-orange sphere at treetop height 30m away, across the road. It paced them for about 800m before turning sharply to disappear in the distance. 
        • Ted Phillips in Skylook 71 p8 + Skylook 74 p13

        September 14 1973. 0200hrs.
        Tennant farmer, Roy Hawthorn heard a sound like locusts and saw a bright light, which resolved itself to gold object, descend to the ground. He tried to shoot the thing but it disappeared leaving burnt grass. 
        • Aerial Phenomena Perspectives 2,1 p5
        • UFO Register 5 pt1 p48 case559 citing Atlanta Constitution + Seattle Post Intelligencer + Arkansas Gazette 18 September 1973. + Mounty Airy News 21 September 1973.

        Mid September 1973. 2130hrs. 
        Joseph C was up studying while his wife and 19 year old son Wayne were watching TV. Going out for some air, Joseph noticed a sphere made up of small lights some 600m away. He went towards the thing, at which it split into seven 2-3m diameter luminous green spheres, which rapidly approached to within 30m of him at 15m altitude. Joseph seemed to receive telepathic messages from the things. At one point he called out his wife and son, but only the latter responded. The objects were now 45-60 away and about 10m above the ground. He tried to take a picture but the message came back saying they were fearful he was going to shoot. The objects seemed to inspect him, and Joseph got the idea they were duplicating him and copying areas of his brain in a greedy fashion, but also felt they were friendly. He got the idea they wanted him and his son to go with them but he declined and the things eventually left. Joseph later claimed to by psychic, to be in constant communications with the UFO occupants, and spent much his time investigating UFO reports, so much so his wife divorced him. 
        • Haines 1999 p254 citing New England UFO Newsletter April/July 1982 p16 + an unspecified issue of Lancaster Coos County Democrat

        Mid September 1973. 2330hrs.
        A young man driving home from a date noticed a dark shadow pass over. On slowing and looking round he saw it was a large boomerang shaped thing, about 5m thick over the trees. As he hurried home the thing paced him and then veered overhead. As it did so his lights, engine and cassette player all went out and only came back when the object had gone. 
        • Swords 2005 p85 citing John Timmerman

        September 15 1973. 0530hrs.
        Jerry Sanders saw a fast moving light pass low over a pond south of here. 
        • UFO Register 5 pt1 p48 citing Montgomery News 17 September 1973

        September 15 1973.
        A family near here observed a large glowing oval close to the ground. The object, which was seen for several minutes, lit up their house. 
        • Skylook 74 p13 citing Ted Phillips

        September 17 1973. 2100hrs.
        Mrs Anne Taylor was walking her dogs back to her farm when she saw a light approaching that she first thought was a helicopter, but then realised it was making no noise. Two of her dogs cringed close to her. The green sphere approached slowly to within a few metres at about 4m altitude. Her watch had stopped and she felt a tingling in her spine. At the sound of a distant jet plane, the green light went out, there was a whirring sound and the sphere rose up into the sky. As the light went out the dogs started to behave normally. 
        • Clarke 2012 p86 citing letter from witness to MOD and related documents in UK National Archives TNA AIR 20/12552

        September 18 1973. 0100hrs.
        A woman observed an object, which she assumed to be a helicopter, taking off out of the Hillhead Limestone Quarry. 
        • Clarke and Roberts 1990 p55 citing Buxton Advertiser 21 September 1973.

        September 18 1973. 2145hrs.
        Mr and Mrs Heath heard a loud thud outside their house. Mr Heath went to investigate and found three smallish, greenish glowing spots on the ground. He also heard “garbled voices” and electrical noises from the top of a large tree in the yard. The spots were still glowing at 2330hrs. when Mr Heath went to bed. 
        • Webb 1976, pp9,27 citing investigation by John Oswald
        • Evaluation : Looks like a prank by local children.

        September 19 1973. (Approximate Date) Afternoon.
        Osvaldo S’Annuncio saw several luminous objects in a field by the highway leading to this town. As the things took off, Osvaldo felt a blast of wind like a gale. The grass at the site was burned. Osvaldo was apparently paralysed at the time of the sighting and subsequently suffered from skin burns. 
        • UFO Register 5 pt1 p50-case586-citing Understanding 18,10 p13 + La Nacion 23 September 1976

        September 19 1973. 
        An egg shaped aerial object apparently landed near here. 
        • UFO Register 5 pt1 p50-case587 citing Understanding 18,10 p13
        • Columbus Dispatch 21 September 1973.

        September 19 1973. 2230hrs.
        Mrs Jenifer Van der Bogaerde of Batt’s Cottage observed, from her bathroom window, a large luminous sphere descend behind the trees at the bottom of her garden. Moments later an intense, narrow beam of light struck her in the face. As she backed away a second beam stuck the wall behind her. 
        • Bernard Delair in Awareness 2,3 p8 citing his own investigation

        September 20 1973.
        A probable landing case. No further details. 
        • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 85 p38

        September 20 1973.
        A probable landing case. No further details. 
        • (ibid)

        September 20 1973. Evening.
        Julian Garside (16) was being driven home on a friend’s motor cycle, when as they passed Stainland Woods, he noticed three triangular lights and alerted his friend. They both saw three yellow-white triangular shapes about 1,5m. They followed the lights, which speeded up. When they reached the top of the wood these figures had disappeared. Above the hill was a circular orange light, which moved away as they watched. They detected a smell of oil. 
        • Norman Oliver in UFO Magazine 11,5 p31

        September 20 1973. Night.
        The first of a series of encounters between members of the Williamson family and a large monster with red, glowing, eyes, grey face, long hair, pointed ears and a hooked nose. It was dressed in a brown shirt and black pants and wore a small black cap on its head. It walked with a limp and one hand was missing. It had a metallic medallion on its chest which was said to be used for communication and disappearing. It was 2-2.5m tall. Also observed by a Mr Nealey. The being returned on the 25th, when Rose Williamson was arrested for shooting at it. 
        • Clark and Coleman 1977 p89
        • Webb 1976 pp 9,27 citing L Hamilton in The Robesonian 30 September 1973. + Tabor City Tribune 26 September 1973. Ted Bloecher
        • Ted Bloecher CE3 1973 list
        • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 86 p14 citing Atlanta Journal and Constitution 30 September 1973. citing UPI

        September 20 1973. 2130hrs.
        Mrs Bev Hal, a university graduate in English and Sociology and former social worker and newspaper editor, was returning home to Maple Leaf Farm with her 13 year old daughter and the latter’s friend (13), when they noticed a bright light hovering over a clump of trees 400m away to the east. They got out and watched the light, which brightened and dimmed. After a time it brightened again and headed towards a lane leading to a barn on the other side of the gate, and then moved back up the lane towards them, less than 30m above the ground. As the light approached they could see a vague disc shape. Bev thought the thing was going to crash into their barn, but it went behind it, emerging to the right, having changed direction, and then circled towards and around their house. 30-40m to the right of the barn, and then moved towards them, passing directly overhead. It repeated this performance twice more before rapidly leaving to the south-west. The whole incident lasted 15 minutes. The object was 6-9m diameter and emitted a creamy white glow from its interior, through 8 -10 windows around its circumference. There was a red glow coming from its top. The thing moved, slowly, steadily and gracefully, emitting a slight hissing sound. A neighbour living 2km to the east observed the object through binoculars 
        • Haisell 1978 p79 citing his own investigation

        September 21 1973. 2030hrs.
        A single witness saw a white light hover in the sky and then descend to very low altitude. 
        • UFO Register Vol5 pt1 p51 case597 citing Daily News 22+24 September 1973.

        September 21 1973. 2130hrs.
        Two people watched a pulsating light descend out of sight near West Side, Columbus. Later examination of the supposed landing site revealed an area of crushed weeds and vegetables. 
        • UFO Register ditto case 607 citing Columbus Evening Dispatch 1 October 1973.

        September 21 1973. 2245hrs.
        Before going to bed a woman looked out of her front window to check the weather and observed an object, emitting a brilliant red and blue light, which approached at treetop level, passed over the garage and house and settled to the lawn, hovering about 2m from the street at garage height for about 6 minutes. As the thing moved silently the lady became too petrified to move. After a couple of minutes the object began to slowly rotate to reveal a sort of ribbed shield extending upwards and inwards towards a translucent dome from about 25m from the side of the object. The thing had a rounded bottom and a high domed top, with blue and red lights glowing from its interior. It continued to rotate slowly and after 5-6 minutes it gradually moved back in the direction from whence it had come and drifted north. Through binoculars the witness observed the thing in the sky, where it was joined by a second object. The two began darting about and then shot out of sight. 
        • Emenegger 1974 p108 + Jacobs 1975 p267 both citing St Joseph Gazette 9 October 1973.

        September 25 1973. 0300hrs.
        A luminous object was observed descending in a swampy area. Searches were fruitless. 
        • Aerial Phenomena Perspectives 2,1 p6
        • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 86 p13

        September 27 1973. 1730hrs.
        Mr A was gathering mushrooms on Mt Real, when, straightening up, he noticed, at the edge of the clearing, a small being 1.2m tall, who seemed to be grabbing something from the ground. A second similar being, so similar to the first that they could have been twins, emerged from the bush. Thinking they were children gathering mushrooms, he yelled out that the pickings were good. The beings who were 25-30m away, laughed out loud and ran into the bush. They had entirely human features, wore beige overalls up to the neck with no visible pockets. Their hands were bare and human the overalls reaching up to the wrists. They wore black berets. Their limbs were slender. The witness could not see any ears. Some seconds later a large, dull blue grey oval object, 5m long, 2m high, without any visible markings, rose up from behind bushes 20m away. It rose slowly and vertically with a slight whistle, to 6m, carrying up dead leaves from the ground. It then hovered silently for a second, then shot away horizontally in the direction of Mt Ventoux to the north east. At the landing site the grass and bush were flatted. Mr A now thought he had seen Chinese spies. 
        • Jean Bastide in MUFON UFO Journal 118 p4 citing Ouranos 16 p11 + LDLN 158 p12 + Approche 10 p8.

        September 29 1973. 1830hrs.
        Frank A (14) stepped onto the front porch of his Queensberry Street house, surrounded by small factories, to see, two or three blocks to the south, a large disc rotating above the factories at 30m altitude. The thing was dull metallic grey; its underside looked red hot, and emitted a faint glow. Across the middle of the object was a row of white light. Through binoculars, Frank was able to see smaller red lights in and around the white ones. After watching for about 30 seconds, Frank called to his elder brother, upon which the disc emitted a high pitched whine and dissolved in mid-air before the brother could arrive at the scene. 
        • George Alahouzos in FSR 25,1 p3 citing his own investigation

        September 29 1973. Evening.
        George and Vicki Rogers were driving home they saw to their left a bright red light, 2m diameter, in a field. The light was so bright that it lit up the field, and so dazzled the couple and that they and six other cars on the road were almost involved in accidents. The thing appeared to be at the height of the utility lines. 
        • Skylook 72 p10
        • UFO Magazine News Bulletin 1,1, p3

        September 29 1973. 2250hrs.
        Three Montcalm County Sheriffs’’ deputies saw a round, very bright, object hovering at treetop level, The thing then appeared to touch down,. When the trio reached the site nothing could be seen. 
        • Skylook 72, p15 citing Royal Oak Daily Tribune 1 October 1973.

        September 30 1973. 1435hrs.
        David Swanner was in a deer stand in a tree when he saw a spherical object that came across a nearby soya field, passed in front of him and sat down in an old dirt road bed, 15-19m away. It first hovered 30cm above the ground, then three legs unfolded from its base into a tripod. Two of the legs set down in the outside wheel track, the other extended over the other track, 45cm into a field. The thing was a white and fluorescent glowing sphere with no openings or external markings, seams etc. Suddenly an opening 90cm wide, 1.2m high appeared in the sphere, as if from nowhere. It was hinged at the bottom and lowered itself into a ramp. At the same time David heard a peculiar beeping sound, “like a high pitched crow call”. He felt cold and sniffed his nose, at which the door slammed shut, the tripod retracted and the object took off at terrifying speed, leaving a fog of white vapour. When David went to the site and breathed this fog, he felt as though he was being smothered and then as though his lungs were being pumped full of air to bursting point. This sensation faded when he ran from the fog. The tripod left imprints 20mc long. This was the first of a series of UFO, Bigfoot and contact experiences. 
        • Skylook 74 p3 citing Stanley Ingram in Pulaski Citizen 10 October 1973, citing his own investigation
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