Late 1973. Evening.
Bill Ridgeway the deputy mayor of Dover was in Buckland Hospital, recovering from a heart attack when he saw something like a boy on a sort of trolly. The figure asked Bill if he was going to die. When Bill answered in the negative the figure disappeared. 
  • Green 1980 p196.

October 1973. 0100hrs.?
While driving between Columbus and Mansfield Mr V saw a light flashing; first to his left, then to his right, then in front. It gained speed and disappeared ahead of his car. He lost conscious memory while driving at 110kph and regained it driving at 135-145kph down the same highway (H 1-71). He found that a period of 55-85 minutes was unaccounted for. This and a series of disturbing psychic experiences led him undertaking hypnotic regression in the winter of 1974/5. Under regression he recalled driving off 1-71, down a tree lined narrow road, for no reason, On the road were three beings, one with both arms and legs outstretched, forming an X shape, while the others were closer to his car. He next saw two sets of eyes ahead and a face forming and shimmering to his left. Each set of eyes seemed to be projected into his brain and out again. His next impression was of approaching a craft with a door on its upper side. As he went in his terror turned to relief. He next found himself lying on a table and saw beings with a silvery metallic look, one of whom was bending down looking at the witnesses legs. A brilliantly lit instrument was brought close to his head, hurting his eyes. Presently he was let out of the craft and watched it lift off. It was black, outlined by a shimmering white light. 
  • Webb 1976 p11,27 citing letter from the witness to CUFOS.
  • West and Jefferis 1978 p46.

October 1973.
Mrs Reafa Heitfield was frightened by a strange creature in a curved, glassy enclosure. 
  • Steiger 1978 p94

October 1973.
A woman reported to a sheriff’s deputy that an object with a long blue tail passed in front of her yard. Its wind blew up her dress and made the trees in the yard sway. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 83 p59

October 1973.
Mrs A Cook saw a very low moving bullet shaped object over her farm. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p73 case 904 citing Waterloo Record 29 October 1973. + Quest 5,3 p3

October 1973. Dusk.
Mrs Mary Rose and her 11 year old son were walking home from the boy’s grandmother’s in the light of the full moon. They had approached some power lines when a low flying object, with bright lights came up from behind. They first thought that it was a helicopter but the quiet humming sound co9muing from the thing made them change their mind. The pair were now directly under and the object directly over, the power lines. They could make out a silver white disc, about 6m diameter, with bright red, purple and blue-green spotlights, which made the scene, resemble the lights seen at a road accident. Two silvery, metallic looking projections lowered themselves from the underside of this object, emitting heat. The mother and son were terrified and ran 20m to the protection of a tool shed, which they hid under for 30 minutes, during which time Mary hid her face in her arms. When they dared to emerge the object had gone. 
  • David Bodner and Ted Sprinkler in MUFON UFO Journal 132 p10.

October 1973. 2300hrs.
Five people walking back to camp from a fishing expedition observed a dark circular object just above the tops of the cottonwood trees behind them, at about 60m altitude about 100m to their rear. Then a white light shone out from the thing’s underside. The 25m object was visible for about 15 minutes. The object then transformed itself into a plane, all its lights except for a small red one going out as moved off over the trees. 
  • Magor 1977 p52

October 1973. 2355hrs.
A27-year old hospital manager saw a metallic looking domed disk with a sort of mesh like underside for 6 seconds. His new car suffered a total electrical failure. 

Early October 1973. Dusk.
Jeff Martin was fishing in lake near Galveston when he heard a sound behind him and turned round to see a bipedal creature about 20m away. He called out to the thing but it moved off. Minutes later Jeff was tapped on the shoulder by a sandy coloured hairy humanoid which then ran off in leaps and bounds. Shortly after this a luminous bronze coloured object took off from the woods. The next evening Jeff drove back to scene with his fiancé Nellie Floyd, her father Gene and two friends. They seemed to be guided by a starlike light in the sky to a bridge where they encountered the 2.4-2.7m tall creature. When they turned their flashlights on the thing the beams that it hit seemed to be weaker than the rest. The thing stayed immobile even when they threw rocks at it. They had to move to let another car pass and when they returned the creature had gone. 
  • Clark and Coleman 1978 p82
  • Don Worley in Dornbos 1976 p290 citing his own investigation gives the names as Jim Mays and John Grey

Early October 1973. 2015hrs.
Mason and garage owner, Manuel Silgas and March. Angel Gonzalez Martinez were placing nets in the vicinity of the Entreyubias rocks when they saw a light moving from the Altar de los Santos rocks along the shoreline. When they returned to the spot a second time in their sweep the light moved rapidly up from the shore to the Entreyubias rocks, as if in answer to them lighting their lantern. This light lit up the whole area as it hovered some 3m above the sea, 50-70m away. They thought that it was another person with a rowing bow. The light went back and forth from the Altar to the shoreline at about 1.9-2m above the water at about 20kph and had the appearance of a reddish dish. When the object was still there on their third sweep they began to suspect that it was smugglers. For their fourth sweep they didn’t put their lantern on and by then the brightness and strange quality of the light unnerved they and they abandoned their nets. As they rowed away the light left at high speed. No structure could be seen behind it. 
  • MUFON UFO Journal 116 p5 citing Maximiliano del Rosal in STENDEK May 1976

October 1 1973. 0330hrs. 
Mrs Barbara Marquart (20) of Cleveland was driving on Bagley Road when she saw a green ball hovering in the sky at the height of three houses. The thing arced over her car and landed in a field. Another woman heard a sort of explosion at about this time and other residents heard peculiar noises in the field, which upset animals, one horse running off. Police were unable to find anything. 
  • Skylook 72 p13 
  • UFO Magazine News Bulletin 1,1 p3
  • The Lebanon Reporter 2 October 1973.

October 1 1973. 2015hrs.
Three teenagers; Becky Martin, her sister and another youngster, saw, during a thunderstorm, an egg shaped object, the top of which was illuminated by a white light. It flew over the tops of nearby trees and went out of sight behind them. They then saw a hairy robot like creature, with a large round head and its arms upraised in the air, which walked with a slow, rocking, mechanical motion. 
  • Webb 1976, 22,37 and 69 citing Darbro and Ingham 1974 p49 + Pulsaki Citizen 3 October 1973.
  • Phillips 1975 p92/3 (Cases 593 and 651) citing Pulsaki Citizen op cit.

October 1 1973. 2100hrs. 
Special Officer ZT Jackson was driving north on Ingram Road to investigate a UFO report when, near the intersection with Tanner Road, a large bright red ball 15-30m diameter shot up from just above a soya bean field. About 15-30 police officers saw three objects manoeuvring in the sky that night. 
  • Skylook 72 p13

October 2 1972 Early Hours.
Mrs Cozart was awakened in the night by a clicking noise and coloured lights flashing through the bedroom windows. When the noise and lights creased she went back to sleep. The next day a flattened area 3m by 6m was found on the neighbouring Harrison Branch Farm soybean field. At 2200hrs. the previous night her fifteen year old daughter and a friend had seen an object hovering 60m above the farm. It was a silvery object with red and green lights. Both the Cozarts and their neighbours saw the object leave. 
  • Skylook 72 p11 citing Paragould Daily Express 2 October 1973.

October 3 1973. (Approximate Date) 
Joe 913) and Barry (9) S hid in a chicken house when the spotted a green object, with red li9ghts, which went overhead sow low they feared it was going to attack them 
  • Skylook 72 p12 citing Arkansas Gazette 4 October 1973.

October 3 1973. 
A farm family observed a strange object in a field. Trees at the site were damaged and a burned area was found.
  • Phillips 1975 p93 case 597

October 3 1973. 0620hrs.
Eddie Doyle Webb (45) and his wife Velma Mae (47) were driving a tractor on Interstate 55 when Eddie noticed some lights about 1.5km away and approaching. These lights were multi-coloured and very bright. He called out to Velma, who had just woken and was dressing in the over-cab bunk, but she was unable to see anything because of the fog. The object had now almost caught up with them and a sort of spotlight was shining on the left rear trailer wheel. Eddie put his head of the window to get a better look and saw it came from a silvery object, about 10m diameter, 2-22.5m high, with a band of multi-coloured light across its centre. The top part of the thing was shaped like a turnip, and both top and bottom sections were metallic looking and spinning. The thing appeared to be ab out 1-1.5m above the road and straggled both lanes on their side.

As Eddie looked the object seemed to rise somewhat and emitted a faint humming sound. At this point a yellow-red flash hit Eddie across the face and forehead, blinding him. He braked immediately and the truck motor died. Velma then took over the running of the truck and Eddie found that one lens of his glasses was missing. Velma drove to the office, where a colleague phoned for an ambulance. Eddie’s eyes were extremely sore; an examination of the glasses frame suggested they had been internally heated; his face appeared red and hot. An ophthalmic examination showed his vision was only 20%, with difficulty in colour vision, however no organic eye damage was detected, 

  • Stringfield 1978b p201 citing investigation by Edward O’Herin
  • Skylook 72 p5 citing press reports citing investigation by Harley Rutledge
  • Blum 1974b citing UPI 5 October 1973
  • Jacobs 1975 p271 citing Cape Giradeau Southeast Missourian 4 October 1973. + Wisconsin State Journal 6 October 1973.

October 3 1973. Evening.
Arlin Mohundro, the sales manager of a local radio station, saw an object hovering 30m above the ground behind the radio station. When it got closer, Arlin could see that it was a black oval object, the size of a car, with red, white and green lights. 
  • UFO Magazine News Bulletin 1,1 p4

October 3 1973. Late Night. 
A boy (Kevin Shaw) woke up with the feeling that there were other presences in his room beside himself and his sleeping elder brother. In the darkness he could make out two beings apparently hovering 30cm above the ground, swaying gently from side to side. One was standing slightly behind the other. In the weak light entering the room he was able to see that they had large bald heads, slit like eyes, lipless mouths and small, flat noses. After standing and observing Kevin for some time, the leading being opened its mouth, and a high pitched whining filled the room, and at that instant they began to fade away. Kevin felt no fear, only curiosity and neither his brother nor anyone else in the house had wakened. 
  • George Alahouzes in FSR 35,1 p4 citing own investigation.

October 4 1973. 1845hrs. 
Gary Jay Chopic was driving westbound on the Simi Freeway. when climbing the hill towards Pass Road, he observed an object like a space capsule hover over the hills and drop out of sight. He slowed down, and as he approached the off ramp for Koehner drive he observed a cloud of dust to the right and below the freeway. He pulled onto the hard shoulder and got out to look. He saw a triangular object about 9m by 15m, with a 3m wide blunt nose. It was pink grey in colour, with no visible lights. It was hovering 3m above the ground, 25-30m away, swaying like a boat at anchor. The entire side of the machine was covered by a mark, consisting of a large V with a series of progressively smaller Vs in this large one. On the top of the machine was a 90cm glassy bubble which swivelled like a ball, and from the underside of the craft projected a sort of hose 2.5m, 30cm diameter, which almost reached the ground. Inside the bubble on top he could see a light coloured object moving around, and as Chopic continued to watch, an individual came from the opposite side of the machine, and crawled round to the narrower front end, looked up towards Chopic, and scrambled to the other side of the of the object and disappeared. At about the time this individual spotted him, Chopic heard a clicking sound that lasted for 2-3 seconds. The being was a human of normal size, wearing a silvery wet suit, his face was darker but Chopic was unable to make out any features. After the man had retreated the bubble again began to rotate and disappeared into the smooth body of the craft, which then began to make a low whirring hum, and emitted a sort of vapour which covered it completely. This fog had a sweet smell like incense. Suddenly it all disappeared and the object had gone. After a short indecision, Chopic reported the matter to the police. A woman informed him that she and her husband had seen a round object in the same locality a week earlier. 
  • Idal Epperson and G Kahlert in Skylook 73 p4 citing (David Branch and Robert E Klinn in Santa Anna Register 31 October 1973. citing police reports etc) + Bob Engens in Enterprise Sun and News 12 October 1973.
  • Webb 1976 pp 11, 27
  • Dale Titler and Lou Farish in Official UFO 1, 9 p40

October 5 1973. 0300hrs.
Agnes Wherle was awoken by a bright light which, when she got out of her bed, she saw was coming from outside her house. She then saw an object 20m off the ground and 120m away, giving off an intense light. Each time she tried to look at the light it burned her eyes and she had to look away. After 15 minutes the object disappeared. Agnes suffered a reduction in vision the next day and her eyes still hurt four days later. 

  • Jacobs 1975 p270 citing South Illinoisian 9 October 1973.
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p55 case 63 citing Carbondale Illinoisian 9 October 1973.

October 6 1973. 0045hrs. 
Mr and Mrs R of Huron Street went out for some fresh air before retiring when they saw a powerful white light in a field 465m to the north. They thought it was cattle thieves and when the light went out they thought no more of it. At 1115 that morning Mrs R was handing out washing while her husband was helping some workmen with repairs about the house when she saw smoke coming from a field to the north and called her husband. They wondered how anything could burn as it had been raining hard not long before. The smoke lasted 30 minutes. While they were watching this, their attention was caught by a cupola shaped object, 22m in diameter, resembling a tent and yellow in colour, in a field 465m away. From this tent emerged a smaller object, which reminded them of a bulldozer, which travelled to a spring 60m away. They then saw 5 small people about 1.2m tall moving between the “tent” and the “bulldozer”. Their legs were hidden the grass and seemed to be scurrying back and forth, moving their arms a lot and appeared to be dressed in bright yellow clothes with helmets. They thought that they were boy scouts at camp. 

They watched the scene on and off for the next 20-25 minutes, until they suddenly saw that the objects and the “boys” were no longer there. It was only then that they realised that it was quite impossible for anyone to have arrived and left without using the road by their houses. They also remembered that the objects had no openings and had indistinct outlines. It appears that the workmen also saw the main object but made no remark on it at the time, thinking it was nothing unusual. Later a neighbour said she had seen a large object silently take off from the field and disappear in the direction of Rougemont Mountain. When their daughter arrived home from work after 1200hrs., she went to the site where she found a large circle of crushed grass, 17m diameter, with tracks proceeding from this circle to a smaller one, 3.6m diameter, close to the spring. The track was 15cm wide. The girl later developed headaches and nausea. Investigators later found three marks 55cm by 37.5cm, arranged in a triangle 10m apart from each other. 
  • Claude Macduff in UFO Register 7 pt.1 p3 citing Phillipe Blanquiere and Wido Hoville in UFO Quebec Vol.1 no 1 citing own investigation
  • Webb 1976 pp 11,27
  • Lorenzen 1975 p210
  • Canadian UFO Report 3,1 p22
  • British UFO Documentation Centre Bulletin 4 p1 citing UFO Quebec op cit
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p183
  • Bondarchuk 1979 p74
  • Rutkowski in Rutkowski and Dittman 2006 p106

October 6 1973. (Approximate Date)
Three people watched a brilliantly lit object pass at very low altitude over an area near Beech Creek Bridge, between Winnfield and Sikes 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p73 case 895 citing Winn Parish Enterprise 14 November 1973.

October 6 1973. 0610hrs.
Mr and Mrs Barnhill watched a brilliant red light, the apparent size of the full moon, below treetop level near their home. Local dogs were howling. The thing suddenly dematerialised. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p55 case 666 citing Darlington County Tribune 18 October 1973.

October 7 1973. Evening.
Constable Charles Delk was driving back after unsuccessfully investigating a UFO report when he saw, above Petal High School, a top shaped object with a short antenna on top. It was about 10m diameter, the wider portion uppermost and was surrounded by a yellow band of light. It emitted a humming sound and had four flashing lights. Delk followed it for about 50km towards the Tallahalla swamp. When he got close to the thing his motor and radio cut out and would not work for 15 minutes, after which they restarted as if nothing had happened. Delk then followed the object through the town of Ovett and past a swamp, after which the object did a double flip and disappeared. 
  • Skylook 75 p16 citing James J La Chute + an undated issue New Orleans State Item
  • UFO Register 5 pt.1 p52 case 672 citing Huntsville News 9 October 1973.
  • Blum 1974 p29 citing Mobile Register 9 October 1973.
  • Evaluation: The long pursuit is very suggestive of an astronomical object or perhaps distant ground light.

October 7 1973. 2515hrs.
Mrs Wallace L was talking to her sister on the phone when she heard footsteps on her wooden porch and noises on her screen door. After hanging up the phone she went outside onto her porch and saw a brilliant diffuse, silver coloured, cloud of some sort hanging 1.5m, above the tree in her backyard. From this object was projected a brilliant white spotlight into her neighbours’ living room. As she stood, awestruck, she noticed that nearby dogs were making a disturbance and a kitten darted from the yard and hid under a parked car. A mercury vapour lamp immediately adjacent to the yard was blinking on and off irregularly, Wallace called out to a male boarder in her house, but he retreated when he saw the object.

After about 15 minutes the cloud began to disperse, revealing a domed disk, with a glowing red underside and about 10 struts projecting down from the rim. Her estimate of the diameter was vague, she said 1m but her description of its angular diameter suggested more like 4.5-6m. She had the feeling that it was aware of what she was thinking; for example when she wondered what a green mark on the thing’s top was, it tilted towards her, showing a glowing projection. Wallace felt she was under the control of the object and at one point walked back into the house for no apparent reason. A few minutes later she tried to approach the object but when she got within 6m of the tree, she suddenly felt as if she had walked into a wall and she could see nothing but a silvery light. When she retreated her vision returned to normal, but the same thing happened when she went forward again.

Wallace then returned to her house and called her back yard neighbours (not the people whose house was lit by the spotlight) and this couple joined her . After 2 minutes of the observation then thing shot around the neighbour’s house and then returned to its original position above then tree. At 0015 it shot straight up, leaving a hole in the overcast. The next morning Wallace had forgotten about the incident until reminded by her neighbours. She then realised that her eyes ached. During the observation Wallace had noticed an unusual silence. 
  • APRO Bulletin 22,3 p1 citing investigation by Robert Young.
  • Evaluation: All that probably caused by astronomical misperception

October 9 1973. (or following day) 2005hrs.
Policeman Robert Bales and about 25 other residents observed and tied to photograph four bright lights that fused together at the base into an oblong object. It shot across the sky and came to treetop level. When Bales tried to turn his spotlight on it, the thing shot up and disappeared. Numerous other people, including Deputy Ed Stoner had a sighting that night, some at treetop level. 
  • Skylook 72 p13 (gives date as 10th)
  • UFO Magazine News Bulletin 1,1 p4 (gives 9th.)

October 9 1973. 2215hrs.
Mrs Bushey of St Albans and Sandra Chagnon were driving on Route 89 near Milton when a silvery yellow oval light rapidly approached and just missed the front of their car. 
  • Citro 1994 p144

October 10 1973. 1800hrs.
Mr and Mrs Rumfield saw two shiny metallic circular objects hovering close to the ground. A robot like thing, 1.2m tall, emerged from an opening in one of the objects, and it inspected the ground before re-entering the object. Both objects then took off. 

  • Ted Bloecher’s 1973. occupant list, not in Webb 1978
  • Rosales citing

October 11 1973.
A probable landing report. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 85, p38

October 11 1973. 1640hrs.
Terry Evensole, his sister and a neighbouring lady saw a silvery oval object, with a dome on top, hovering over the trees. The dome had three green doors and the underside of the thing was divided into three equal parts by three lines. The Eversole’s were unable to tell if it was making a noise, as they had their stereo on. After a few seconds the object suddenly sped off in a horizontal direction, disappearing in 5 seconds. 
  • Don Worley in APRO Bulletin 24,11 p1 + Official UFO 1,5 p 18 (latter gives date as 15th.

October 11 1973. Evening.
A 3 year old boy told his mother that he had been playing with “some old monster” in the backyard. It was grey with wrinkled skin and pointed ears. 
  • Webb 1978 pp12,27 citing Pottstown (PA) Mercury 19 November 1973.
  • UFO News 5 p15)

October 11 1973. 1930hrs.
Joel Burns, Randi Stevens and three friends observed an object like two saucers joined together at the rim hovering over the trees. On its underside was a sort of compartment, with a round flat, bottom, which was divided into even thirds by white fluorescent lines. In each of the three areas was a small circle. The thing emitted a sound like a swarm of bees and constantly moved up and down and sideways. It was in sight for about three minutes until a truck driver, who had stopped to observe it, blew his horn, whereupon the object took off and moved out of sight in three seconds. The thing was hovering at about 25m altitude. 
  • Don Worley in APRO Bulletin 24,11 p1 + Official UFO 1,5 p18 citing his own investigation.

October 11 1973. 1930hrs.
46 employees of a dishwasher manufacturing company, including Bill Tremper, observed an oval object with bright yellow lights top and bottom. It hovered and appeared to land behind trees in the AVCO ammunition testing area, on a hill one block west of the plant. It was the size of a helicopter and had a trisected bottom. A man on a loading dock, closer to the site, thought he heard a buzzing sound. After 20 minutes the object rose, hovered momentarily and then headed off into the northwest. 
  • Don Worley in APRO Bulletin 24,11 p3 + Official UFO 1,5 p18 citing his own investigation. (Latter gives date as 15th as does UFO Investigator February 1974 p5.

October 11 1973. 2000hrs. 
A woman, her daughter and 13 year old grandson were driving west of their home in Madisonville when they observed an egg shaped object 1.5-1.8m long, giving off white and then red, pink and blue lights, which illuminated the road. The object, which was at between 6-8m altitude, began to follow them . The daughter, who was driving, was so scared that she carried on driving at 110kph, the silent object pacing them to the left. 
  • Jacobs 1975 p 269 citing Madisonville Messenger 17 October 1973.

October 11 1973. 2130hrs. (approx.) 
Charles Hickson (45) and Calvin Parker (18) were fishing in the old Shaupeter Shipyard when their attention was caught by a blue light, over the bay, which circled the area and descended to within 60-90cm of the ground, over the bayou 12-40m behind them. They went towards the river, Parker becoming hysterical. The object was about 5-6m long and from an opening in the end emerged three creatures, about 1,5m tall, pale grey in colour, with wrinkled skin. Their heads seemed stuck down to their shoulders. Their arms ended in claw like appendages, with two digits, about the size of a normal hand. Their legs appeared to be fused, as if standing on a pedestal, and they seemed to float above the ground. The creatures had two small, conical, ears, slits where the eyes should have been, a small sharp nose and a hole below that. One of the creatures emitted a sound like the buzzing of a machine. The creatures grabbed the two men, Parker passing out as they did so. Hickson lost all sense of feeling when the creature touched him and found himself being floated into the craft. The two men were taken into a bare area, well lighted, but no indication of where the light came from. Their bodies were scanned by an instrument like a huge eye. They were left on their own for 15-30 minutes, before being floated out again. When Hickson tried to speak to one of the creatures, it just buzzed in reply. When they were released, the object itself emitted a buzzing sound and left. Both men were terrified by their ordeal. Hickson suffered from nightmares, stigmata on the arm, and later claimed other contacts, 
  • Blum 1974b p29 etc. citing own investigation
  • APRO Bulletin 22,2 p1 citing investigation by Dr James Harder
  • Peters 1977 p52 citing own investigation
  • Webb 1978 pp12,28 + UFO Register 5 pt.1 pp 56-63 give long lists of other, mainly newspaper, sources
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  • Randle 1989a p19
  • Charles Bowen in The Unexplained 46 p914
  • Huyghe 1996 p60 citing Hickson and Mendez 1988
  • Clark 1998 p714 with extensive bibliography

October 11 1973. 2300hrs. 
Gregor Hines observed a large object at very low altitude over an area near here. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt.1 p57 case 686 citing State Columbia 17 October 1973.

October 12 1973. Night. 
Several people reported seeing a ghost like entity, with a beard, near the College of the Ozarks, Mc Lean Hall 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 case 694 citing Cleveland Press 17 October 1973.

October 13 1973. (Approximate Date ) Night. 
A married couple heard a strange inhuman conversation, like an argument, outside their bedroom window late at night. It went on for 10-15 minutes, was loud and resembled high pitched babbling. They were too afraid to look out. Traces were found at the site. 
  • Webb 1976 pp10,27 citing John Oswald

October 13 1973. (Approximate Date) Night. 
A national guardsman observed pulsating bright lights in the sky, which swooped down and disappeared behind some trees. When the witness checked ther site, he discovered that the waist high weeds in the field were crushed down in an area 6m wide and 9m long. 
  • Jacobs 1975 p273 citing Columbus Evening Dispatch 14 October 1973.

October 14 1973. 
A possible landing report. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 85 p38

October 14 1973. 
A possible landing report No further details. 
  • (ditto)

October 14 1973. 
A deputy saw a sphere. The area was found burnt and trees were pushed over. 
  • Phillips 1975 p94 case 601

October 14 1973. Evening. 
Four people saw a huge glowing object at very low altitude discharge 8 smaller lights, near Culpeper.
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p58 case 702 citing Culpeper Star-Exponent 18 October 1973.

October 14 1973. Night. 
Police Chief Richard Winkler and five of his officers observed an oval object hover for 45 minutes and then take off vertically and silently at terrific speed. An unidentified target was picked up on the Wright-Patterson radar. 
  • Stringfield 1978b p143

October 14 1973. Night. 
A woman rang police to say that an elongated object with flashing lights had landed in her field, and that two cows were either missing or dead. Police searched the area without success.
  • UFO Investigator November 1973. p4
  • Stringfield 1978b 140
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p58 case 701 citing Tiffin Advertiser-Tribune 15 October 1973.
  • Phillips 1975 [94 cases 600+ 613]

October 15 1973. (approx date) 
A woman on her way to church saw a long cigar shaped object in a field. Investigations found no traces. 
  • Don Worley in Official UFO 1,5 p18

October 15 1973. 
A Clay County businessman saw an oval object sitting on Cedar Bluff Road near Henryville. The thing was resting on legs 1.2=1.8m long and had 6-8 orange lights. The grass at the site was found burnt and two round pad marks were found.
  • Phillips 1975 p94 case 630 citing Starkville Daily News 18 October 1973
  • UFO Register 5 pt.1 p58 case 708 citing Times Leader-News 18 October 1973.

October 15 1973. 0105hrs. 
George Willis was awakened by a brief high pitched sound, his room was lit by a bright orange glow and he saw three humanoids, 90cm-1.2m tall, materialise. They had bald roundish heads, grey-white wrinkled skin and large rounded ears. They moved mechanically. Willis fainted and when he came to he was on the floor, propped up against the wall and unable to move. The entities examined his whole body with a small oval object. As this object was moved down his, leg Willis looked down to see that through the instrument he could see his leg bone. A being reached towards him, and he developed a severe headache and passed out again. He awakened towards dawn, lying on the floor. The bedroom lights were still on and his bedclothes were neatly folded back. He reported the incident in June 1974 after a second curious incident involving his girlfriend. 

  • Webb 1976 pp12,28 + Stringfield 1978b p70 both citing investigation by Lee Mehciz, Lois Sayon and Mimi Hynek

October 15 1973. 1730hrs.
Edward Deutsch, a stock chaser for an Allentown truck works, was driving up Crooked Mountain in 1963 Pontiac at 25kph in second gear. Just as he reached the crest and slowly began the steep descend, the area became bathed in a brilliant light that completely obscured his headlights. Rolling down his window, he saw, right above his car, a circular object, the apparent size of a tractor wheel at arm’s length. The thing had two bands of alternating red, green and white lights, which appeared to be revolving round the object in a counter clockwise direction. At one point Edward’s car began to turn to the right and he was unable to correct this by use of his steering wheel. As this was going on, the object’s lights spun faster and its hum, which had originally sounded like an electric razor, increased in pitch and volume. The car was now turned through almost 180 degrees, heading back in the direction from which he had come and was partway onto the shoulder of the road, so that Edward was afraid he would be tipped over the edge of the hill. The object then disappeared over trees to the north, having gone from 65 degrees south to 80-85 degrees north. As Edward sat shaken in the car, a pickup truck arrived on the scene. The driver said he had seen the object pass over and that it had picked the deer he was hunting and then drove off without giving his name. When the object had been overhead the inside of the car had heated up and Edward now found that the roof and bonnet were too hot to touch. Following his experience D suffered from nightmares and appeared to have had some sort of blackout during the experience. 
  • Michael McClellan in APRO Bulletin 22,6 p1 citing his own investigation
  • Gordon 2010 p214 citing Gerald McKelvey in Philadelphia Inquirer 21 October 1973, gives time as 0530hrs./40hrs. in the morning rather than the evening

October 15 1973. Dusk.
Farmer Richard Pape had been driven by his wife to a field 3km from their farmhouse to collect a pickup truck. As Richard got out of the car he saw an unusual light that came closer. Richard ran for the truck and drove home, with his wife driving behind him. As they left the scene, the object descended over the truck and, from the car, Mrs Pape was able to see that the thing was a disc the size of a large room, with three white lights. The thing stayed with them, even when they altered speed. When they reached home they ran for the house, while the object hovered over the barn for a minute and then shot off at terrific speed. At eh same time a radar operator at Baer Field. 55km away, saw an orange slow moving blip on his radar screen, as did his three colleagues in the tower. 
  • Flying Saucers 83 pp46,57

October 15 1973. Night. 
After receiving two calls about a UFO, Deputy Robert Williams, with two colleagues and a newsman, went to investigate. Just northeast of Martinsville they saw a clear bright light take off from the ground toward the east at high speed and disappear in mid-flight. 
  • Flying Saucers 83 p58
  • INFO 12 p27 citing Chicago Today 16 October 1973.

October 15 1973. 2100hrs.
Police Chief James Parks and Water Department superintendent Newman Chitwood were out patrolling when an object, the size of a trailer truck, with flashing and steady lights “like a million neon lights” hovered over the car. 
  • Flying Saucers 83 p47

October 15 1973. 2130hrs.
A single witness observed an oval object at very low altitude over cotton fields near Lambert. It was huge and orange. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt.1 p58 case 705 citing Clarksville Press-Register 16 October 1973.

October 15 1973. 2130hrs.
A single witness observed a huge orange object low over the railway tracks. 
  • (ibid)

October 15 1973. 2145hrs.
As Mrs Phillips was driving downtown she saw an object like car with its headlights on in the sky, hovering stationary and soundless at treetop height over the business district. After a short time it moved on, and Mrs Phillips drove away. At 2200hrs. her son Gilbert Jnr (17) was closing up the family filling station when he saw a square of four white lights, with a flashing red light in the centre, marking the outlines of an object which was rotating as it moved slowly towards the station at 30m altitude. When he turned on the station lights the object moved away to the west. 
  • McWane and Graham 1974 p16.

October 15 1973. 2225hrs.
Mrs Charles Seymour observed a huge round ball, with a gold dome, and orange and red pulsating lights hover over a nearby creek for three minuites, and then rise and move away to the west. This was one of a large number of reports from Knox County that night. 
  • Flying Saucers 83 p47

October 15 1973. 2230hrs.
A farm family, Earl Fralix, his wife and son, David Graves and his wife, along with James Cline, had all gone to bed when they were awoken by the barking of the dogs. They saw lights shining through a wooded area, apparently from a yellow object on the ground. Late the thing lifted up and they could see that it had an illuminated top, which cast a red glow in the sky, and was surrounded by lights. As they watched, James and perhaps others saw a humanoid figure, whose head glowed with a white light, run upright across a field 15m away. The object climbed into the sky and returned to the ground two or three times. At the site two half circles 10cm diameter and 6.6m apart were found (other sources give 6.6m long and 3.6m wide) 
  • Phillips 1975 p94 case 646) + Webb 1976 pp 12,28 both citing Stanley Ingram in Pulaski Citizen 24 October 1973.+ Dabro and Ingram 1974 p54

October 15 1973. 2300hrs.
Loranie and Susie Evans saw yellow and red objects flying overhead. They turned and landed in a field. There was a burned area 90cm long, 30cm wide. 
  • Phillips 1975 p94 case 629 citing Chattanooga Free Press 17 October 1973.

October 15 1973. 2300hrs.
Sig McGill of Sunset Avenue, was watering his lawn when he saw a silvery black object, emitting a fiery exhaust, pass overhead at 50m altitude, execute and right turn and disappear behind trees. 
  • Blum 1974 p47 citing San Jose News 17 October 1973.

October 15 1973. 2330hrs. 
A woman saw a beautiful fish shaped object in a field east of town, and then found herself inside the thing, under the control of a 1.2m tall being. She saw 8-12 other people, including her sister and the latter’s young daughter. The principle witness then found herself back in her yard, watching strange beings walking away. 
  • Ridge 1994 p39 citing Don Worley

October 15/16 1973. Late Night/Early Hours.
Sheriff’s deputies including Michael Moore chased five orange red objects through the pine woods for about 19km. When one of the deputies turned on his red lights, the objects came down at his patrol car. When he switched the lights off again, the objects disappeared as into a cloud. The things descended below the treetops several times. There were other witnesses. 
  • San Francisco Examiner 16 October 1973. citing UPI
  • Flying Saucers 83 p48
  • UFO Investigator November 1973. p4
  • UFO Register 5 pt.1 p59 case 714 citing Toronto Daily Star 16 October 1973
  •  Cleveland Press 17 October. 1973.+ Contact (USA) Newsletter 1,2 p4 + Quest 5,3 p4
  • UFO Magazine News Bulletin 1,1 p4 (gives date as 10th)

October 16 1973. (Approximate Date)
Two witnesses independently reported that they had to swerve their vehicles into a ditch to avoid an elliptical object with blue and orange lights, standing on legs1.2-1.8 ,high. The next day one of these witnesses found burnt patches on the grass on either side of the road, which patches gave off an oily smell, and pad like marks in the ditch. 
  • Jacobs 1974 p 273 citing West Point Times-Leader 17 October 1973.

October 16 1973.
A landing report. No further details 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 85 p38

October 16 1973.
An object landed and an occupant was seen. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 85 p38

October 16 1973.
Several people saw large orange coloured oval object descend to a very low altitude. An occupant was seen inside. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt.1 p60 citing South Bay Daily Breeze 22 October 1973.
  • This could well be a duplicate of the case from October 4th, where same newspaper source is cited

October 16 1973.
A woman saw an object shaped like a spider land on a golf course near her home. 
  • Flying Saucers 83 p 59

October 16 1973.
A prisoner on a work party at Winchester Crown Court was terrified when he saw a figure wearing a tricorn hat, britches and a half coat walk through a wall. 
  • The News 2 p8 citing Daily Express + Daily Mail both 17 October 1973.

October 16 1973. 0400hrs.
Henry Brown was driving near Hattiesburg when a small grapefruit sized object landed briefly on the bonnet of his car, causing all the doors to fly open. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt 1 p 59 case 713 citing Hattiesburg American 23 October 1976)

October 16 1973. 0930hrs.
Ira Lundy and Frank Pierce (both18) were out hunting birds when an object came from the east and passed over their heads at treetop level. It was a blue grey oval, with a saucer shaped bottom and a central rim, on which were red and white flashing lights, and a flattened top. The object appeared to three times the size of a car, 3-3.5m tall. On the top was something like an antenna. The thing came down to ground level on or over a soya bean field about 60m away. Am opening appeared and closed rapidly. At this point Lundy shot at the object with his 12 bore shotgun, and the two ran back to his home. As they did so, they looked back and saw the object wobble from side to side and take off with a sound like air going through a hose. The thing was on the ground for 3-4 minutes and they watched it take off for another 7 minutes. Diane Sweetman found 4 imprints and depressed grass at the site. 
  • UFO News 5 p22
  • Phillips 1975 p94 case 628 citing an undated issue of Biloxi Herald
  • Richard Heiden citing an undated issue of Mississippi Press

October 16 1973. 1130hrs.
Eddie N (4), the son of a police officer, was playing in the back garden with his two year old brother and their dog, when a large oval object, with a pointed dome on top, descended into the yard. Smoke and rays were coming from the underside of the object. Inside the object were four occupants which had featureless faces and either pointed heads or caps. One of these “monsters” invited Eddie into the machine, where he saw a chair. He became frightened and ran to his mother, who awakened his father. When the parents arrived in the yard the object and “monsters” had gone. The toddler was stood staring into the sky and the dog was barking furiously and staring at the spot where the object was supposed to have landed. Much of the reconstruction of the event was based on the chatter and drawings of the 4 year old, whom the investigators were not permitted to interview.
  • Ann Druffel and Walt Greenawald in FSR 21,1 p3 citing own investigation

October 16 1973. (Approximate Date) 1800hrs.
A woman was driving her son to a school event when they saw lights to the east, moving north to south. They stopped to get a better look and saw they were on a domed disc, about 10m diameter. The main body of the thing resembled one plate face to face with another, and there were windows on the dome. The object was grey and metallic looking and was between 15-75m altitude, 100-150m away. The mother and son went on to the school after the event they returned to the site with friends. They saw several lights and a large red object from which descended smaller ones that moved around at terrific speed. One of these crossed the roads 400m away, either silently or making a faint hum. 
  • Ridge 1994 p39 citing press sources

October 16 1973. 1930hrs.
Mary Geddis (21) was returning home to her house trailer from evening class. When she pulled into the driveway she saw “something like ghost” floating 15m above the ground 300m away. It was like a person, draped all over in a close fitting sheet, about 1.2m tall, thin, with an distinguishable head and body shape but no visible limbs. On looking through the open passenger widow toward the road, she saw a bright white light moving with a fast jerking motion. It came within 60m, at which she became scared and drove on. She observed it for some minutes and estimated that it was 6m in diameter and 7.5-9m above the ground. When she got out of the car she felt a weird invisible presence and was too scared to walk to the trailer until her boy friend, Joe Ben Israel, arrived home. While they were preparing supper, two neighbours came home and said they had seen something strange in the sky. Joe went out to talk to them and left the door open. Just then a little squarish figure like “an electric man” looked round the door. The figure gave the impression of being an energy form, blue green in colour, 75cm tall, almost translucent, with a face and arms but no visible legs. Its head and body seemed to be covered with spiky projections. It gave the impression of being friendly and timid and “not knowing whether it should be there”. It then disappeared back behind the door. When she went to look for it, it was gone. Mary and Joe saw many other strange lights in the distance on that and subsequent nights. 
  • George Eberhart in FSR 20,5 p10 citing own investigation
  • Webb 1978 pp13,28)

October 16 1973. 1930hrs.
Mrs Shirley Johnson and her two children were driving home from her mother’s along R772 near the Hirsch fruit farms, when three huge lights, two white and one greenish-yellow zoomed down. The white lights were on either side of their car, the green-yellow one in front. They swooped back into the sky. They were soundless and blindingly brilliant. Both Shirley and her children were scared. 
  • UFO Magazine News Bulletin 1,1 p5
  • Flying Saucers 83 p56
  • UFO Register 5 pt.1 case 715 citing Chillicothe Gazette 17 October 1976 + Madison Preds 17 October 1976 + Arkon Beacon Journal 17 October 1976

October 16 1973. 1930hrs.
Patrolman Mike Conlin saw an object, 30m diameter, which glowed with a bright white light. On top was an area which glowed red hot. As he chased the object it increased in speed, its dull hum increasing in frequency as it did so. 
  • UFO Magazine News Bulletin 1,1 p5
  • UFO Register 5 pt.1 case 716 citing Chillicothe Gazette 17 October. 1973.

October 16 1973. Night.
Several people saw a lighted aerial object land in a field near the old Kiln-Picayune Road in Hancock County, near Gulfport. It then took off again. Though the field was wet, the object started a fire. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt.1 p60-case 728 citing Biloxi-Gulfport Daily Herald 17 October 1976

October 16 1973. Night.
Police received a call that a mysterious object had landed on the railway tracks near the downtown district. 
  • Stringfield 1978b p145

October 16 1973. Night.
William and Donna Hatchett were driving down a country road when she saw bright light coming from the south. They first thought it was a security light on a pole, but then realised the thing was pacing them and descending. When the Hatchetts stopped the truck, the light stopped also, in front of the truck. As the object hovered it gave off a blinding light and penetrating low pitched hum. They had the feeling that there were occupants in the thing who knew everything they were thinking. Donna was so afraid that she twice left the truck cab and went into the back. William managed to persuade her to return and they set off, the object rose up in the opposite direction. 
  • Randle 1989b p143
  • An undated issue of Official UFO

October 16 1976 Night.
An elementary school bus driver saw a yellow orange American football/rugby ball shaped object, the size of a barn, hovering over some trees, its glow illuminating them and the ground. It then rose up and away. 
  • Jacobs 1974 p267 citing The Madison Press 17 October 1973.

October 16 1973. 2115hrs.
Mrs Raymond Belcher had just returned home from the shopping centre when, getting out of her car, she saw a large multi-coloured object, surmounted by a white dome, above the treetops. A number of neighbouring children were pointing at the thing and yelling. When she got in she was struck by strange sounds of music. The lights then suddenly went out. She tried to phone the police but the phone was dead. Her poodles in the back yard began barking furiously and she had to comfort them. The lights then came back on. Her husband was away on business and she was so afraid of being in the house on her own that she asked a neighbour to come and stay overnight. She tried to contact the authorities but they laughed at her and ridiculed her German accent. Coming back from the market next day she found her front door had been smashed in but nothing had been taken from the house. 
  • Stringfield 1978b p144 citing an investigation by Charles and Geri Wilhelm

October 16 1973. 2200hrs.
Gilbert Amay and his wife of Jackson Avenue were walking along a dirt road near McKee Road and Jackson Street, when they saw a round object, with blue-green lights, hovering over a field of flowers. It made a humming sound and appeared to shine its lights on the couple and then disappeared. 
  • San Jose News 17 October 1976 p26

October 16 1973. 2330hrs.
A 37 year old Italian immigrant housewife living in Taunton was driving to Wellington to visit a sick friend. She had just passed the Langford Budville signpost on the B3187 when she saw a very bright light over the field to her right ahead. She did not pay it much attention until her 1967 Mini saloon began to malfunction, with both lights and engine failing. She coasted to a halt and was unable to restart. She immediately began to connect the failure with the light. She lifted up the bonnet to find what was at fault. She then became aware of a very loud hum, like a generator, which seemed to pervade the whole area. She put down the bonnet in panic, glanced at the light again and was about to get back into the car, when a very heavy hand grasped her left shoulder. Turning round, she came face to face with a tall metallic dark coloured robot that reflected light from the source in the field. There was a strange coloured flashing light and she passed out. The next thing she remembered was standing in front of a large hemispherical object, with a rounded top and flat bottom, in the field. It was as bright as an arc lamp. When it faded to a glow, she that it was a machine, silvery grey in colour, like aluminium, resting on at least two thick legs. It was about 12m across, 6m high. She stood, transfixed, in front of it for what seemed like an age, noting large oblong windows from which issued a yellow light. The hum was now coming from the from the object itself. 

She blacked out for a second time, coming to strapped to a table, presumably inside the object. Her clothes had been removed and she was covered only a by a large, light blue blanket. Her wrists were held against the table by large rubber bands, as were her spread-eagled legs by similar bands around her ankles. The blanket and the object were freezing cold, and she lay shivering. Over to one side of the room the robot was standing. On the walls were a number of pieces of equipment, and to her right was a console with dials, buttons and levers, all of a uniform grey colour. Above her head were two tubes of transparent plastic, pointed down towards her head, 30cm apart. Lighting was pervasive. The floor was covered in a sort of black rubber matting, in sections. She felt that there was s door behind her. While she was lying there three men came into view, two stood by the left of the table, while the third went to the far end, picked up some boxes and placed three of them on the rail on the right hand side of the table. Put there, they began to glow, and appeared to be of shiny plastic, sides 15cm square. This man performed an exhaustive medical examination. Her throat was too sore to allow her to cry out or vomit. The three people looked exactly alike, totally human, medium height, fair and slim. They were dressed like surgeons, with skull caps tied at the back, facial masks that revealed eyes slightly more rounded than normal. Each wore a tunic with a grey metallic edging, elbow length gloves, an apron which covered most of the body down to the ankles and thick soled boots. Though they nodded to each other, they made no sound, she could not even hear or see them breathing. She kept glancing at the robot which had a flashing light and window on top of its “head” and “chain mail” on its palms. At no time during the examination did any of the beings touch. 

They removed the blanket, oblivious to her embarrassment, as she were an animal. When she became very cold, they put on another blanket. During the examination she felt pain only around her groin. Towards the end of the examination, feelings of calm and fear. At times she felt the examiner was evil, but this passed. When the examination ended the examiner informed her that the robot was used for retrieving specimens and doing manual work outside the craft. The trio then left, but shortly afterwards one of the men returned and raped her, first numbing her with a sort of needle. This took place in a totally unemotional way. Afterwards she was drained, nauseated and nearly hysterical. The trio then returned and released her. The robot then approached again and she passed out. She came to, fully clothed, standing next to her car and drove home automatically in a state of shock, not knowing at first who or where she was. It was 0230 when she got home and related the story to her husband. Sequelae including visits by strangers who related the incident and warned her to keep quiet, threatening phone calls and letters, a mysterious car circling her house and a truck trying to force her car off the road. The visits by the strangers were also witnessed by her daughter. 
  • Barry King and Andrew Collins in Strange Phenomena 1,1 p13 + 1,2 p24 citing own investigation
  • Alan Bell in Mersey News 16 p6 + 17 p4 also citing the King and Collins investigation
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p163 citing King and Collins in New BUFORA Journal 8
  • Randles 1988 p76
  • King 1992 
October 16 1973. 2300hrs.
Mrs Patty Roach, a 34 year old divorcee, contacted a neighbour at 0100 on the 17th, saying she had been woken up with the feeling their was an intruder in the house. Police searched without result, She had been sleeping on the living room couch with her 5 year old son, when he woke her up screaming about a skeleton in the house. Next day her 7 year old daughter talked about a spaceman. There the matter rested until 1975, when she contacted APRO via Saga Magazine. Investigation uncovered an abduction story told by the 7 year old and corroborated by her eldest sister. This led to an hypnotic regression of Patty in which the following story emerged. She was awakened by a bright light and two figures standing over her, her son being no longer with her. The figures were thin and wore uniforms. She the became aware that 4 of her 6 children were standing in the room. The beings grabbed her and her children by the arms, lifting her from the couch. They appeared to have a machine of some sort and to act in a businesslike manner. Patty next recalled being in a large, bright room in which 4 or 5 beings, in uniforms, were standing around. She got the impression they were cold blooded and not as nice as they wanted her to think they were, and made her feel like a guinea pig. To the top of one side, she appeared to be looking out onto the stars. There were a lot a machines with wavy lines going across screens, like computers. Patty described the beings as being just over 1.2m tall, very thin, with large slanted eyes, long arms with claw like hands with small thumbs. Their mouths were long and fishlike, they had no noses, their pupils were large, round and black and moved at lot. . They wore fluorescent clothing with “Sam Brown” belts and gloves, and helmets of some kind. They put her on a table and hooked her up to machines which gave her a physical and gynaecological examination, a blood pressure test and probed her with needles. They seemed to take the thoughts out of her head with one needle. The examination was assisted by a normal looking human being, medium height, bald with a fringe of grey hair, looked about 55 and had horn rimmed glasses. He seemed to be able to read her mind. They seemed to be enquiring about emotions and to be in urgent need of information. 

At this period, she recalled standing on a cliff, looking down on the waves. She then remembered dressing, while the humanoids stood by without helping. The human, dressed in dark clothes, with a rubber glove on his hand, tried to persuade her that he had let her red on the craft. On this craft was a clock with many hands, and some glass cases in which there was a kind of coloured liquid. After she had been given back her clothes, she was floated back to the house. Under regression her eldest daughter recalled seeing her mother lying nude on the table, the three humanoids and the human interrogator. The 7 year old recalled a line of people, including her sister and two neighbourhood boys,. waiting to go onto the craft, On the craft she saw a dark girl, who looked like an Indian, in a long dress. The beings seemed to communicate with her telepathically and told her she would get better. She had been very ill prior to this experience but now her health was very good. When Patty got back to the house, the 5 year old boy was lying on a blanket on the floor, After he wakened her, she checked the children and found two of the little girls on opposite sides of the bed to normal. The beings gave her an injection to make her forget the episode. She also recalled that they had rounded club feet, and that their faces were really painted to look human. In the house the beings had white uniforms, but these were fluorescent silvery blue on the craft. 
  • Lorenzen 1976 p9 + Lorenzen 1975 p340 + Webb 1976 pp13,28 + Kevin Randle in Story 1980 p309 + Randle 1989a p26 +Randle 2012 p90 Sl citing investigation by James Harder and Kevin Randle.

October 17 1973. 0020hrs.
A couple and their 10 year old daughter were travelling in their pickup when they saw a huge object, which appeared to be much larger than a 747 aircraft, which came within 75m of their truck. It had an intricate set of lights, four prongs with red lights on them coming out of the tail, and a white light in the centre. The thing gave off both high and low pitched buzzing sounds. The driver stopped and the family watched the object. While they did so they felt enveloped and powerless. 
  • Jacobs 1975 p272 citing Tulsa World 19 October 1973.

October 17 1973. 0345hrs. 
Ms Bowers (66) was woken up by a sound like an explosion. She then heard a loud humming sound. She walked to the front porch where she saw a red, transparent, oblong object, 4.5m long, 1.2-1.8m high, surmounted by a bubble, inside of which she could see a human looking figure standing up. 
  • Webb 1976 pp13,28 citing investigation by J Lutz

October 17 1973. 0915hrs.
Peter Gultilla drove his car into a landed object on a road in the Santa Anna Mountains. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p60 case 735 citing South Bay Daily Breeze 22 October 1973.

October 17 1973. 
Mrs Blanton and her family saw an object, changing colour, white-green-blood red, descend into a field near their home in a rural area of Walker County near Parrish. Several members of the family horridly drove to the spot, but as they got close the thing took off at high speed, 
  • FSR 20,2 p30 citing News Extra 16 December 1973.

October 17 1973. 
Henry Lambert observed an oval object at very low altitude. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt.1 p63 cases 757 citing Toronto Star 20 October 1973.

October 17 1973. 1400hrs.
Mrs Linda Green and her neighbour Ruth O’Quinn watched a copper coloured circular object hovering over a hillside adjacent to their homes. To Linda’s horror the object landed on a lawn her son and a neighbouring boy were playing on across the street from her home. A door opened in the thing and a being, about 1.8m tall, with blinking eyes and claw like hands, stepped out and attempted to grab the two boys. They ran straight into Linda’s house and the object took off straight up and disappeared. At least five people had seen similar objects the previous afternoon. 
  • Ann Druffel in FSR 21,1 p8 + Webb 1976 pp14,28 both citing R Hendrix and B Toohey in Johnson City Press Chronicle n.d.

October 17 1973. Evening
Mr Singer and a colleague were driving home to New York City from work, along Rte 23 near Wayne when they saw a large round silvery object hover over a field and then land. They stopped and got out of their car as the object descended. The driver got scared and drove off, but Singer conversed with 7 people who got out of the object. 
  • Webb 1976 p14,28 citing WINS radio report 18 October 1972
  • Evaluation : Doubts were expressed about Singer’s reliability

October 17 1973. 1900hrs.
Police received a call from a woman who reported, hysterically, that a large bright, cigar shaped, object had landed in a wooded area near the Charles A Bell Elementary School, in the Alton Park area. Sergeant Lester Shell and Patrolman Harry Jarret were dispatched to the scene. As they approached the wooded swampy area they encountrered a brilliant blue-white oblong shaped light, too brilliant for any shape to be discerned behind it. The light was hovering less than 5m above the swamp, within 30m of the offciers. The thing was motionless, twice the length of a patrol car and was emitting an unsual hissing sound. As Lester walked closer the object rose up to about 27m, made a sharp angular turn and shot away to the east. It then almost caught up with an eastbound aircraft, which it then seemed to be following. Lester called the control tower of Chattanooga airport, but both they and the plane reported there was nothing there. Strange lights were seen at various locations in the Chattanooga area, sometimes at low altitude, for much of the night and early morning. 
  • Stringfield 1978b p116 citing his own investigation
  • APRO Bulletin 22,4, p10
  • Evaluation : Searches uncovered paper among the trees, perhaps connected with the area being used as a town garbage dump, or perhaps evidence of a hoax

October 17 1973. 1945hrs. 
Early Patterson (26) was driving along Highway 82 when he encountered an object, 15m wide, hovering 60-90cm above the highway. As he got within 100m of it, his car lights and engine failed. A second car stopped behind him. A second aerial object then appeared 18m above the first, illuminating it with a light. Both craft resembled inverted cups with green-blue flashing lights. A cat fish like creature got out of the top of the lower object, holding onto a handrail. The being was 1.8m tall, with grey, fish like, skin, a wide mouth, one glowing eye, flipper like feet and webbing between the legs which reminded Early of a flying squirrel. It had feather like objects on its back that opened and shut when it moved. When the objects took off the car lights and radio returned to normal. 
  • Webb 1976 pp14,28 citing J. King radio interview with Patterson 17 October 1973. + P. Nicaise + Columbus Triangle Advertiser 24 October 1973.

October 17 1973. (Approximate Date) 2000hrs.
A grey fish shaped object with a transparent front cabin at the front, and portholes on the side hovered and moved low over a field near Fountain Street. On its underside were some 25 golden lights, which illuminated the base. Through the transparent front, the witnesses could see the heads and shoulders of two beings, slimmer than humans, and with large heads and white eyes, and similar faces were seen in the portholes. The thing emitted heat and a powerful humming sound that hurt the witnesses’ ears. 
  • Ridge 1994 p38 citing press sources

October 17 1973. (Approximate Date) Night.
A night watchman saw a huge, flat cylinder descend to treetop level. It had a series of windows, the position of which altered as the thing rotated anti-clockwise. 
  • Ted Spickler in APRO Bulletin 22,2 p9

October 17 1973. Night. 
At least 10 people observed thee multi-coloured lights at very low altitude over the “I Hope” ranch 10.5km north of Powhatten. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p61 case 738 citing Monroe News-Star 19 October 1973.

October 1 7 1973. Night. 
A white object landed on top of the bonnet of Mr Gizer’s car. The thing was almost half the size of a house. When Gizer braked the object took off again. 
  • Webb 1974 p2 citing an unspecified news clipping

October 17 1973. 2100hrs.
Lawrence Smith along with Peggy Stepp and her daughter Kathy saw a cigar shaoed object about 30m above the ground. They followed the thing down the Dunbar and Bateman Road. There this object was joined by another. And the two approached, causing Kathy to scream in terror. They drove rapidly back to an inhabited area. One of the objects came up from behind and over the car, projecting a beam of light on to it. 
  • Miles 2000 p101

October 17 1973. 2157hrs.
Alerted by UFO reports, Cpl Bobby Fisher saw an object the size of a building, with red, blue and green lights, hovering over a field. The object passed overhead, emitting a humming sound like electricity in the wires and Bobby began to pursue it. About 1.5km east Houston Lake Road, along the Dunbar road he caught up with it. The thing hovered 30m above his car. Bobby got out and shone his flashlight at the object, which apparently reflected the beam, as if from a metallic surface. 
  • Miles 2000 102

October 17 1973. 2210hrs.
Responding to an anonymous telephone call concerning a strange object landing, police officer Jeffrey Greenhaw (26()went to a gravel road on the outskirts of town. There he encountered a 1.65m tall humanoid figure dressed in a silvery suit. Jeff got out and spoke to the figure, taking photographs as he did so. When the thing moved towards him Jeff turned on the police car light, art which the figure sped off at speeds of over 30kph. 
  • Clark 1998 p402 citing Blum 1974 + Birmingham News 19 October 1973. + Decatur (AL) Daily 16 November 1973. + Ginsberg 1980 + Walter Webb in UFO Investigator October 1974 p1 + January 1977 p4 + William Spaulding in MUFON UFO Journal 108 p3.
  • Evaluation : Hoax, the only question being whether Greenhaw was the perpetrator or the victim, Webb eventually concluded the latter

October 17 1973. 2300hrs.
Paul Brown (35), a car salesman and former Methodist minister and non drinker of good reputation, was driving on Highway 29 just north of Danielsville when his car radio became filled with static. He heard a buzzing noise as a bright light passed over his car. He first thought it was a plane in distress, then realised that it was an object which had landed on the road 90m ahead of his car. He braked hard. The object was 4.5m diameter, 1.9m high and emitted a brilliant light. From its underside emerged two humanoid beings, 1.2-1.35m tall The had reddish facial skin and white hair, and wore silver suits with white gloves. Brown, unnerved, got out his pistol from the car and was about to alight but when he was halfway out of the car, the beings turned and returned to the object, which extinguished its lights and took off with a whooshing sound. Brown took several shots at it, with apparent effect. Deputy Sheriff Jimmy Mattox, who investigated, confirmed that Brown was extremely nervous, but there were no traces of the object. 
  • UFO Investigator November 1976 p4
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  • Salisbury 1974 p274
  • Webb 1976 pp 14,28 citing UFO Investigator and Salisbury op cit + J. Dillon in Christian Science Monitor 24 October 1973. + Athens Banner Herald 18 October 1973. + Toronto Star 20 October 1973.
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p62 giving as an additional ref to much of the above Atlanta Journal and Constitution 19 October 1973.
  • Eileen Buckle in FSR 19,6 p3
  • Ann Druffel in FSR 21,1 p6 citing Atlanta Banner Herald op cit
  • Miles 2000 p103 dates this to the 18th

October 17 1973. 2345hrs.
Clarence Ray Patterson of Pensacola, Florida, an electrician and businessman, was returning home from Mobile in his truck, on Interstate 10, when, near the Loxley exit. a huge cigar shaped object, with a green ,light on top, hovered over his truck, which was sucked into the strange craft. Once on board, he was pulled out of his truck by six short beings with claw like arms, like robots. They examined him and seemed to be able to read his mind. He was kept on board the object fro almost 30 minutes., during which time he noticed a sulphury smell. The next thing that he remembered was that he was back in his truck, doing 145 kph on Highway 297. Police Sergeant Lucien Mitchell, who interviewed Patterson confirmed that he was very frightened. 
  • Pensacola News 18 October 1973. via Ted Bloecher
  • Webb 1976 pp14,28 citing above

October 17 1973. 2355hrs.
A close encounter with an unidentified object forced a vehicle off the road. No further details. 
  • Skylook 102 p7 citing Mobile Register 19 October 1973.

October 18 1973. Morning.
Near Charleston, several teenagers including Annette T, on their way to high school, saw two cigar shaped object, with hazy lights, hovering over houses and settling towards the ground before heading north. Annette became scared ran to a house. 15 minutes later, while directing school traffic, Police Sergt Charles Parker also saw the two objects. 
  • Stringfield 1978b p118

October 18 1973. Night.
Sgt Thomas Spilde was on patrol just west of HW 95 and north of the Matinez lake road. He was driving up a hill for security check on three trailers when he saw an object approaching from the east. He lost visual contact momentarily but stopped his vehicle and located the object again. The thing was stopped about 450m to the north at eye level. It was oval shaped, much larger than a fighter and was surrounded by bright blue strobe type lights and emitted a swishing sound similar to that made by a rope being twirled through the air. During the three minutes that the thing hovered Thomas was able to hold his radio mike out of the jeep so that the dispatcher could confirm the sound. The object then moved towards a chemical testing area, hovered for a couple of seconds and then headed north and up at high speed. There was a second witness, civilian Saied Joseph. 
  • Skylook 73 p10 citing Arizona Republic 20 October 1973.
  • Richard Heiden and Barry Greenwood citing Yuma Sun and Sentinel 19 October 1973.

October 18 1973.
A strange object was seen and a lava like substance was found at or near the site. No further details, 
  • Phillips 1975 p95 case 700 citing MUFON

October 18 1973.
A strange object was seen on or close to the ground. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 85 p38

October 18 1976
Mrs Ann Rodriguz and her daughters were out walking when they saw something land and then flashes, like those from a flash bulb. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 83 p59

October 18 1973. 
Cosimo Brigida (16) and Giovanni Lenace (17) observed a ball of fire land near the railway station. The light from the object went out, and they found themselves confronting a being 2m tall, with a globular, “approximately human” shape and with a white face, two eyes, and little red and yellow lights on its head, which had apparently emerged from the object. The boys fled and hid behind a wall, but the creature followed them there. It was driven back when they pelted it with stones and they were able to get to the police station. Police investigations apparently revealed that there were holes in the ground where none had been before, but there was no sign of the entities. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 20,2 p28 citing La Cronica (Buenos Aires) 23 November 1973. (does not mention traces)
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p64 case 772 citing Contact (Italy) Circular September/November 1973. p1
  • Webb 1976 p 20 (cites FSR op cit but gives wrong date

October 18 1973. 1830hrs.
Troy T (10) was driving a small motorcycle in front of his uncle’s house when a strange object hovered a few metres above him. The motorcycle spluttered and Troy ran into his uncle’s house. Several other people aged between 10 and 58 came out as the object left the scene. This object emitted a humming sound and an opening appeared in its bottom. Troy was so frightened that he could not sleep that night and did not go to school the next day. 
  • Russell Spring Times Journal 25 October 1973. citing an undated issue of Clinton County News

October 18 1973. Early Evening.
Bill Hines of Guilford Street and another boy were on White Oak Mountain just south of Chatham when they were chased by a bright white figure 90cm-1.2m tall, with a shimmering body, large head and no eyes, which ran sideways. The boys ran back to a pickup truck, where an adult was waiting for them. It is not clear if this adult saw the figure or not. Just after they reached the truck, a green hazy cloud moved up into the sky and then north. At about the same time, State Troopers in Salem saw a red fireball in the sky. 
  • Danville Bee 19 October 1973.
  • Webb 1976 p15, 29
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p p63-case 766

October 18 1973. 2030hrs.
A light was seen descending into a field and possible traces were found. 
  • Skylook 102 p7 citing Mobile Register 19 October 1973.

October 18 1973. 2115hrs.
A tiny silver being was seen standing beside US Rte 17, near Savannah. A line of cars slowed down to observe the being, but no-one stopped. 
  • Webb 1976 p15, 29 citing Savannah News 20 October 1973.

October 18 1973. 2230hrs
A woman in bed was disturbed by a sound she compared to that of a river barge, and went out to investigate. She saw to the south, over her garage, a set of up to 50 white lights, creating a long narrow shape, with a red, flashing, light at the rear, moving slowly east to west. When the thing swung round, it presented four lights, giving the impression of a squared off cigar. The thing was at very low attitude, but she could not see any structure behind the lights. 
  • Ridge 1994 p39 citing his own investigation

October 18 1973. 2330hrs.
Police patrolman Herchel Fueston had just arrived at Morse Reservoir in the South Harbour section for his routine hour’s watch. It was a foggy night and he turned his spotlight on to let the security guard know he had arrived, when his attention was drawn to a cigar shaped object, with bright orange lights, at a 45 degree angle in the northwest sector of the sky. When he turned his spotlight on, this object’s lights became brighter. The thing began to descend towards the south-west, and towards him. It passed over his car and continued its descent from about 450-500m down to treetop height, and then moved away in level flight. It was observed stationary for about 90 seconds and in flight for 30 seconds. As it passed directly overhead, Fueston thought he saw a row of portholes. He was familiar with the area and its lights. 
  • APRO Bulletin 22, 4 p10 citing investigation by A V McDowell

October 19 1973. 0240hrs.
A woman in the Park and Grafton Street area had called the police several times about an object with green lights that came down to treetop height. At 0400 it came very low over her backyard and then ascended rapidly, displaying red and green lights. Police investigations were fruitless. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 83 p52

October 19 1973. 
An unidentified object passed at very low level and one witness suffered facial burns. 
  • UFO Register 5 p65 case 789 citing Flying Saucers 85 p40

October 19 1973.
Two people saw a small object briefly land on ground near Van Ness Avenue and Gramerey Place
  • UFO Register 5 p65 case 791 citing South Bay Daily Breeze 22 October 1973.

October 19 1973. 15hrs
Architect and engineer Hugo Luyo Vega (54) and a client from Matucana were driving along the Peruvian Central Highway when they stopped near Cocachacra. At this pout the client pointed out a luminous object near the bottom of a valley, moving towards them. Hugo ran to the car, grabbed his Polaroid and took a photograph when the object was 50m from them and 20 above the ground. The thing then moved rapidly away in the opposite direction. It resembled an inverted soup bowl, the colour of burnished silver, with a cupola on top. At the apex of this was a steady blue light, below which was a turret with a row of small portholes. The main base of the object was 10m diameter and in the centre of the underside was a cone from which issued a deep red pulsating light, next to which were hemispherical oval protuberances. The observation lasted for 30 seconds but the witnesses were so astounded that it was 20 minutes before they could drive on. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR Case Histories 18 p12 citing El Comercio (Lima) 23 October 1973
  • Skylook 77 p6 citing El Comercio op cit + La Prensa 23 October 1973.
  • APRO Bulletin 22,4 p11
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p64 case 777 gives further references
  • Good 1998 p339
  • Evaluation : The published photograph is of poor quality but resembles the notorious Adamski photographs. Probable hoax

October 19 1973. 1530hrs.
Mrs C, a businesswoman from Huntsville, Alabama, was driving to see relatives at Tifton (Ga) on Highway 75. Not long after she had refuelled and just north of Ashburn, her car engines and systems (including her power brakes and steering) suddenly went out. She managed to get the car onto the shoulder of the road. While she sat in the car she began to experience an eerie feeling. She turned her head slowly to the left, where, through the widow, she saw a humanoid shaped being dressed in metallic material like pewter. On its head was a sort of bubble shaped helmet in which there were rectangular shaped openings for the eyes. After 5-6 minutes, the creature walked from the left side of the car to the front and then round to the back. Because of her position she was unable to see its legs, though its gait appeared normal, though it had a mechanical quality. From the elbows down, the arms were narrow and reminded her of chicken’s legs. After the creature had left, she became afraid that the car would explode and got out. She raised the bonnet to attract passing motorists, but when she did so, smoke came billowing out. After 90 minutes a state trooper arrived on the scene and called a break down wagon, which took another 90 minutes to arrive. The bonnet was almost molten hot before the car was got to the garage. Other people were said to have the same experience on that road. 
  • Skylook 73 p7 citing Barry Casebolt in Huntsville Times 30 October 1973.
  • APRO Bulletin 22, 6 p5 (the Lorenzens’ suspect a hoax)
  • Webb 1976 pp15,29,39 citing above + P. D. Nicaise
  • Miles 2000 p 105

October 19 1973. 1900hrs.
Farmer Dupont and his wife saw a cigar shaped object 15m long, 2m high giving off about 20 rays of electric blue light, which were projected for some 50-100m. The thing hovered 5m above the ground and then took off to the east. 

  • Jacques Bonabot citing LDLN April 1974 p12

October 19 1973. 1945hrs.
As they set out to attend a football match, David A Doby and his wife saw a large blue oval shaped object hovering over their mobile home. As David watched the object, Mrs Doby a 90cm high creature, dressed from head to toe in a gold metallic suit, in the front yard. She screamed, and they grabbed their small son and drove away from the farm. They refused to return that night, staying with relatives instead. Even the dog fled from the farm and did not return until the next day

  • George Fawcett in Skylook 74 p14
  • Webb 1976 pp 15,29 citing as above + George Fawcett in The Mount Airy News 30 November 1973.
  • Fawcett 1975 p21

October 19 1973. 2030hrs.
Mrs Norman Wright saw a bright ball of light moving east over a hill and apparently descending over the property of a neighbouring farmer, Mr S. About 30 minutes later, Mr S, a cattle and pig farmer in his 60s, was exercising his dogs, when suddenly the eager animals began to balk, and to be almost dragged up the remainder of the slope near the house. There he saw, 90m away, near the base of the wide ravine below, a saucer shaped object with a bell shaped top. It was 15m in diameter, dimly lit, had two white and blue lights, was resting on three stilts and made no sound. Underneath the machine were three human looking figures, one of whom was climbing up a ladder, while another was bent down as though reaching for something, while the third figure was stood by him. The men all appeared to be 1.8m tall. By now the dogs were barking uncontrollably and this made the man on top of the ladder stop and look in S’s direction, before vanishing inside the craft. In a couple of minutes, the other two men went up the ladder and drew it up after them into the craft, which then rose slowly, made a sound like a train whistle and shot off into the sky. When investigator Wilhelm visited the site, he found the ground unusually spring and moss laden. S suggested that the area was waterlogged. 

  • Stringfield 1978 p147 and Webb 1976 p15,9 both citing investigation by Charles Wilhelm)

October 19 1973. 2030hrs.
Gabriel Demogue was motorcycling with his girl friend on the road up to the top of le Malmot mountain, a few kilometres to the north of Draguignan, when their attention was caught by a vivid orange yellow ball, around which a lighter coloured halo was rotating. It was travelling on a similar course to theirs, west-east, at low altitude and some 500-600m away. It then flew up the southern face of the mountain and over the crest. The girl was nervous, so they returned to town, where Gabriel told a friend who was associated with a group of UFO buffs and several of these young people decided to investigated. This friend, who did not want his name used, set off in a car driven by Alain Leca, accompanied by another car driven by Georges Macret and Christian Bensa. They drove up to the viewing platform near the mountain peak and turned the cars round to be ready to descend. As they sat on the viewing bench, they became aware of a glow on the peak some 80m away, from which sounds vaguely resembling radio interference came. At this time Macret who had his hands on the camera-obscura felt the table suddenly become hot and the air grow warmer, They then saw a red light begin to descend the track from the summit and heard a heavy tread. They became afraid, and Macret, Bensa and X hid behind a ,low wall downhill from the table. while Leca lay down on one of the benches. From these positions they saw that the footsteps came from a humanoid figure 2-3m tall, which reached a spot 25m from the boys and 20m from Macret’s Fiat. There the figure bent down as it to pick something up, then straightened up. The light and the noise then went out. They then heard the car being shaken several times, at which they panicked and ran for their respective cars. As X was about to open the door of his R8 car, a powerful beam of light came from the slopes and shone on them. and they hid until it went away. Leca and X now found they had difficulty starting their car, but managed to push it into action. The other car had no trouble starting. 

After they had been travelling a short time, Leca looked back, and saw, 5m from the car, first one, then two then three figures over 2m tall. He drove away then reversed back to them. As the beings moved jerkily toward them, he yelled out “Are you good or are you bad?” Lit by his rear lights, he could see that they were over 2m tall, wearing red one piece suits, in which there was a vertical light which seemed to give the suits their red colour, with square luminous rectangular openings at eye level. One of the entities had no helmet but wore a sort of gas mask and veil. The beings now approached quicker with their mechanical gait, uttering peculiar whistles. Leca then drove off, but stopped after 50m and when he saw that they were not following, he turned round and drove to the observation area, but could see or hear nothing, except for the white glow over the summit. His companion was terrified and he was uneasy, so they drove away. Leca returned an hour or two later, and now even the white glow had disappeared. , but there was a smell like burnt varnish in the air. While all this had been going on, Macret and Bensa had driven on without stopping, but having gone 100m, and just before a narrow turn in the road, they saw what looked like two phosphorescent red legs cross the road in two strides, a few metres ahead. At the same time their headlights and dashboard lights went out and they almost crashed. The lights then came on again Bensa was now so scared he hid behind the dashboard. After 150m he waited at a rest area for Leca, but when the latter did not appear after a few seconds, he panicked again and drove on Ikm further on, they saw the two “red legs” again. Halfway back to town, the car was suddenly flung off sideways at 90 degrees to the road, then flung back again, as if by some huge force. 
  • FSR 20,4 p12 translating from J. Chasseigne in LDLN 132 citing own investigation.

October 19 1973. Night. 
Ms SR was driving to a conference when she saw lights, which she then realised came from a disc shaped object in a cornfield. It was 8-10m diameter, with a dome and gave off a blue glow. She attempted to speak to her husband on her CB radio but interference broke into the transmission. After what she thought was five minutes, but later found was 20 she realised that the object was in the air. Under hypnotic regression in 1978 she recalled that her car stopped and its lights went out. Beings, about 1.5m tall, approached her car. One came to the door and she noticed it had a pasty white face, elongated eyes, only holes for a nose, a slit for a mouth and had only three fingers on its claw like hand. Two of the beings looked female, one of whom was dressed in a long robe with a band around her head. The other, like the “men” wore a silver grey metallic jump suit, along with gloves, boots and belt around the chest and waist. Their shoes had a separate place for their big toes. Their hands were cold like the dead, and gave the impression of being cold and unfeeling, only interested in acquiring data.

She found herself in a very bright space, with lots of machinery along the sides of curved walls. These machines were like nothing she had ever seen before, a couiple of them had screens, with lines moving along them. There were also large, strangely shaped coloured lights. Towards one end of the room was a screen on which there were things like stars. The “woman” gestured to S to undress and wheh she hestitated the woman began to undo her blouse. When teo of the beings held her arms, S felt her will drain away. They told her in some unspecified way that it was important that they get hold of the information. S was strapped to a table by both hands but only one leg. She saw her blood flowing into a series of small tubes, needles were pushed into her arms and they and her bound leg were stretched to the limit. The beings took samples from her skin and mouth. A needle penetrated her navel, at which pain was replaced by euphoria. One of the beings then seemed to tell her to relax and that they would then talk. Her moods swung wildly as memories flooded through her, and fears seemed to be induced. A cold metallic devise penetrated her vagina. At the end of this they made no attempt to help her get dressed again. The walls of the room opened and two of the beings helped her outside and back to the car. The object then took off with a buzzing sound. Further investigation in 1983 hinted at further abductions and of the abduction of her husband. 
  • Randle 1989a p44 + 1989b p198 + Randle 2012 p106 citing his own investigations.
  • Evaluation : Possible hoax Story kept escalating to meet new trends in the subject

October 19 1973. 2230hrs.
A teacher, who wished to remain anonymous, and eight teenagers were returning home to Point Arena from a drama workshop. They were driving north along Highway 1, when as they ascended out of a gully something like a gigantic light flashed on in the meadow opposite them. It was a large, fuzzy yellow, bright spherical light only 25-30m away and appeared to be on the ground. By the time they had stopped to look they were about 120m up the next hill. At this moment the object rose up from the meadow and over the cypress trees, at which the party accelerated away. For a few minutes the object followed the car and the teenagers became frightened, one girl starting to cry. The object then veered off and headed out over the ocean. They let one boy off in Point Arena and then started back to Gualala and as they came to the crest of the same hill, they saw the object again, this time on the east side of the road and more distant. The next day the teacher returned to the site where the thing had first been seen and found a circular, discoloured mark in the meadow, where the thing had been and a hole in the ground, which was probably a gopher hole. Another couple had seen the thing moving out over the ocean. 
  • Paul Cerny in Skylook 74 p10

Late Fall 1973. Evening. 
Alerted by his daughter, a man looked out to see a large red sphere about 2.5km away. The thng bobbed up and down and shrinking and filling at about 10 second intervals. This continued for about 90 minutes. When first seen by the girl, the object had been yellow. 
  • Swords 2005 p23
  • Evaluation : Astronomical?

October 20 1973. 0200hrs.
Mars Walker (sic), a 20 year old art student at the University of Georgia, was reading alone in his apartment when he heard a soft, high pitched, siren like sound and a glow like that on a watch dial shimmered around the house. He went to the door, where he saw lights and a vague, purple, round shape about 50m away in the night sky. It was smooth and unearthly, 5m by 3-3.5m. After five minutes the pitch grew sharper and something took shape within the doughnut shaped centre of the mass. It was a green humanoid figure, with a number of off devices on a plastic belt it was wearing, and was holding an object shaped like an egg with a piece missing. The being seemed to take readings with these objects, which changed colour. Surrounding the creature’s head were tentacle like objects, and its hands had three or four fingers only. The creature ignored Mars and the whole scene had an unreal appearance, like a hologram or an electrical field. After 25-30 minutes the creature was taken back into the doughnut shaped object. The sky was then clear. Mars did not know who to contact about the incident and did not get to sleep until dawn. 
  • Athens Banner Headline and Daily News 21 October 1973
  • Webb 1976 p16,29 citing above

October 20 1973. 0200hrs.
Sam Richardson his wife and young son were awakened by the barking of a dog. As Mrs Richardson went to comfort the child her attention was caught by a luminous object across the road. She called Sam’s attention to it, and both observed for 15 minutes a triangular object, twice the size of a car, hovering at treetop height about 100m away. 
  • Marler 2013 p89 citing Campbellsville News-Journal 25 October 1973.

October 20 1973. 0650hrs.
The crew of a train travelling between Mount Vernon and Evansville saw a pulsating light in the sky, moving north to south. Shortly after this they saw a light so low that they thought there was another train behind them, and the automatic warning of something on the track was activated. The control authorities denied there was anything on the line behind. The light was then seen to take off and the warning went from red to green. 
  • Ridge 1994 p41

October 20 1973. 2200hrs. 
Ms LP was returning home from college but she failed to arrive and her car was found abandoned with tracks suggesting something was dragged away. Investigators found nothing until she came into the sheriff’s office on the 24th, with dirty feet and torn panty hose. She reported that she was driving along a deserted highway when her car stalled. As she was examining the engine under the bonnet she was grabbed from behind. She realised that there were three beings, who seemed to have no real face, only white visages like moulded plastic macs, with two large eyes. They had three fingered claws and wore metallic blue overalls. She was touched on the neck and seemed to lose her will, as she was floated up a ramp into a strange object. Inside she was strapped to a table and given blood tests, skin scrapings, rectal examinations, and needles pushed into her arms and abdomen. After the beings had left her alone for hours in the examination room she was released and then tied to a chair. Electrodes were attached to her body and she was interrogated by two beings. Afterwards she was again left strapped up, hands tied behind her back. Sometime later one of the beings returned with food and water. She drank the water and fell asleep. When she awoke the beings returned with her clothes, standing by as she dressed. After another period of isolation they returned with food, which when she ate, felt tasteless like paper. They told her they would monitor her and see her again and that she would want to see the baby. On finishing the food she passed out and came to in a cornfield, with her watch, earrings and one shoe missing. She suffered an emotional collapse and severe depression. 
  • Randle 1989a p62 citing investigation by Sheriff William H Schaller and Dr James A Richardson.
  • Evaluation : There are major problems with this story and that of JR. Neither case has a specific location, the stories contain anachronistic elements, and attempts to verify the LP story from press of the period failed. Unable to trace an Indiana sheriff William H Schaller. There must be suspicion that Randle has simply made these stories up.

October 20 1973. 
Lloyd Smith observed a hemispherical or mushroom shaped object at very low altitude towards Goldsboro, from a location 5km east of Grantham. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1, p65 case 796 citing Goldsboro News-Argus 26 October + 1 November 1973.

October 20 1973. 2330hrs.
A man driving to see his girlfriend noticed flashing lights ahead. He thought it was a police car but then saw it was an object 30m above the road, which projected a beam at his car, whereupon the systems all failed. The thing pulled the car onto the pavement and then back onto the road. The driver was then able to start and sped away. The object pursued him for some distance, the corn waving under it. 
  • Miles 2000 p107

October 20 1973. 2350hrs. 
Nine people, including four high school students, spent a night on El Yunque Mountain (at about 900m altitude) to look for UFOs. About midnight they heard sounds, and Heriberto Ramos and Efrain Arroyo moved down the slope, where they saw four beings on the path. One of the entities had a little machine with lights on it in his hand, When a flashlight was shone on the beings, they moved away. They came as close as around 5m and were about 1.5-1.6m tall, with long arms, big eyes, pointed noses and ears. They made easy, leaping, movements. Two sizes of footprints and broken branches were discovered. Subsequent phenomena occurred, including nightmares. 
  • Webb 1976 pp16,29 + UFO Register 5 pt1 p66-case 800-both citing N Rigau in Awareness 3,2 p4
  • Corrales 1998 p25

Late October 1973.
A man and his daughter had just parked their car back at their farm, when they saw a discoid object about 18m diameter, with portholes along the side, hovering over trees 150-200m away. Lights were flashing along these portholes. The object then slowly descended behind the trees.
  • Swords 2005 p75 citing John Timmerman

October 21 1973. 0230hrs. 
Mrs R Heitfield, a 48 year old divorcee, was asleep with her children in their trailer home. She awoke to get a drink of water and noticed a light coming through the drawn curtains. When she pulled them apart she saw an arc of individual lights less than 2m from her home. There were six lights, about 1.2m above the ground, as large as an outstretched hand, colours alternating from vivid blue to silver, but they cast no reflection. Suddenly they blinked out and she saw a brighter light resting on the asphalt of the parking lot 15m away, partially obscured by a car parked on the pavement 3m away. It was a glowing object, shaped like a bell jar 2m diameter and was transparent, emitting a light like that in an operating theatre. She then saw by this capsule, a huge ape like creature, which appeared to be near the rear of the parked car. She tried to wake her 13 year old son Carl, without success, then went back to her window, where she now saw that the creature was in the light source. It was stood sideways to her, facing a large building 45m to her left. It was a hulking, grey, ape like creature with a heavy waist and no neck. The only facial feature she could distinguish was a snout like nose. Its arms swung slowly, stiffly and mechanically up and down, as though it was operating levers. By now Carl, still very sleepy, had arrived on the scene and was able to make out the light, but was not sure about the creature. Mrs Heitfield went to phone the police, who refused to believe her, and when she returned the object and creature had gone. Next day, she learnt that a fire alarm had been set off for no apparent reason in the nearby warehouse at the same time. Later at the site a swirl of ashes, some powdery material and other small chunks of stuff were found at the site. 
  • Stringfield 1978b p106 + (Canadian UFO Report Vol. 3 no 4) + (Webb 1976 pp16,29 citing Skylook 87 p3 ) and Phillips 1975 p95-case 782) all citing investigation by Leonard Stringfield
  • Clark and Coleman 1977 p24

October 22 1973. 
Two people saw a blue object hovering over an abandoned house, which caught fire. 
  • Phillips 1975 p95 case 632 citing Sun City News-Sun 26 October 1973.

October 22 `1973. 2130hrs. 
At a point 14.5km east of Hartford City, Mrs Debbie Carne saw a group of creatures cross the road in front of her, then raise their arms, making a loud noise. She thought that they were children playing pranks until she heard of the following, later incidents. About 15 minutes later, Debbie Donathan was driving her husband, DeWane, and baby home, when at the same spot, just one block before their home, they saw what looked like two children dancing in the road. She stopped the car about 10m from them, and saw that they were two creatures, about 1.2m tall, dressed silvery, tight fitting suits. They were slight in build, with very straight bodies and what looked like boxes on their feet. They moved in a strange, slow motion fashion, apparently bouncing off the road with their arms flapping strangely. Debbie panicked and accelerated past them; as she did so the creatures got out of the way in a strange, slow, skipping manner, with their arms moving slowly and flopping. Debbie drove on to an old church a few blocks away. Here DeWane took over the wheel and, arguing that it was children, drove back towards their house. They could see nothing on the road, but could see a row of red lights over a cornfield. Debbie was too frightened to go home, so they returned to her mother’s house in Hartford City, where Debbie was so shaken her family thought they may have to call the doctor. They didn’t do this, but did call the local sheriff. The call was answered by Deputy Edd Townsend, a state policeman who did not wish to be identified, and Garry Flatter-a local gas station owner, and wrecker driver. These three went to the scene, where they could see nothing but heard an unnerving high pitched sound. At about 2355hrs. Flatter and the policeman returned to the area, the officer going east, and Flatter taking a road 1.5km south of the original sighting. While travelling east on this road, Flatter noted the animals were making a mass exodus from the area, and he had to slow down for several rabbits, cats, a possum and a racoon. He then heard the high frequency sound again and, looking round, saw, standing in a field 6m back off from the road and about 23m from his location, two small creatures about 1.2m tall. They wore metallic suits that were so shiny that the reflection almost blinded him when he put his spotlight on them. He was able to see that they had either egg shaped heads or helmets, from which tapered a sort of “garden hose” which went into their lower chest. He could not detect any facial features and their arms seemed to lack hands. He also noted their strange thick boots (7.5 x 5.5cm). They seemed to jump up a metre without any effort, going up and down in slow motion, hardly ever moving their arms. They did this three times then took off in feet down position, flying off into the night. He tried to trace them with his spotlight, but could only see red tracer streaks coming down. Before the creatures took off, Flatter had become very uneasy. They next day Flatter, DeWane Donathan, Townsend and the state policeman returned to the scene where the Donathans had seen the creatures. As they had driven away that night, DeWane had thought he had seen the creatures go into a cornfield, and at a spot 15m back from that place, they found seven imprints, each about 2cm deep at the deepest point, which looked like rather squarish hoofprints. They measured 7.5cm across and were in alternate rows as if something had walked in the area. The field was dry and the men, who weighed an average of 200 pounds, made no imprint themselves. 
  • Donald Worley in Official UFO 1,5 p45 and APRO Bulletin 22, 2 p1 citing his own investigation
  • Webb 1976 pp 16, 29 citing Worley and Hartford City News Times 23 October 1973
  • Blum 1974b citing Hartford News Times op cit
  • Fowler 1975 p325
  • Lorenzen 1975 p 221)

October 22 1973. 2230hrs. 
Lois Hartig of WMBD radio was driving home with her three children along University Street when her attention was caught by a dark green cigar shaped object, 12-15m long, travelling east-west at very low altitude, about treetop level. Her 9 year old daughter also saw it and her squeals of delight awoke the other two children. 
  • McWane and Graham 1974 p25 citing the witness

October 23 1973. 
A strange object was seen on or close to the ground, No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 85 p38

October 23 1973. 
A strange object was seen on or near the ground. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 85 p38
  • Evaluation : There are several places called Long Lake in Canada and there are no indications at to which one this refers.

October 23 1973. Morning.
A woman in Russell County, near Russell Spring, went out to feed her dogs and encountered, on her carport, two dwarfs 90cm tall, red in colour, who walked as though they were on tiptoe. After observing the woman for a few moments, the beings walked round the side of the house and entered a bight object, shaped like a washing tub, which took off and flew directly over the house and disappeared. Sheriff Wendell Wilson who investigated noted that the grass and ground was disturbed at the site and that the woman was genuinely frightened. 
  • Russell Springs Times 25 October 1973.
  • Webb 1976 pp17,29
  • Phillips 1975 p95

October 23 1973. 2030hrs.
Pat, Becky, and Bruce Escanny, Jimmy Penny, Terry Dupree, Garry Small and others saw a red and white circular object, with windows and flashing red lights, descend and land in a soya bean field. After 10-20 minutes the thing took off to the northwest at terrific speed. Pat was terrified by the experience. 
  • Richard Heiden citing UFORN February/March 1974 p3 + National Tattler 17 February 1974 p16 + 28 April 1974 p18

October 23 1973. 2300hrs.
Virtually the entire population of this village saw a kind of white triangle, with three green prominences on it, in the sky. The thing remained motionless over a nearby wood. After 30 minutes it began to change colour, becoming completely red on top and glided softly to the ground. A young man ran to the scene to see what was going on, but after he had run about 400m, the object lit up with a blinding brilliance that dazzled his eyes. At 2335hrs. the thing emitted three devises that resembled lamps, turned round on it and took off at terrific speed. 
  • Luigi Guarrea in Awareness 3,1 p13

October 24 1973. 1900hrs.
Two people were badly frightened by a large round object which passed over at treetop height. Horses in the area were agitated.
  • Ann Druffel in FSR 21,1 p6 + UFO Register 5, pt1 p68 case 828 both citing David Branch and Robert Klinn Santa Anna Register 8 November 1973.

October 24 1973. 2000hrs.
Mrs Janet Fleischmann of Seymour Road and her 7 year old daughter were sat in their driveway when the little girl drew her mother’s attention to an object, about 3.5m diameter, with red and white lights around the bottom, hovering above the apple tree in their neighbour’s front yard They observed the thing for about 3 minutes after which a smaller object came from the end of Tan Lake and came underneath the first one and then went north west towards Granger Road 
  • Letter from Mrs Fleischmann in Skylook 74 p6
  • UFO Register 5 pt 1 p68 case 829 citing Oakland Press 29 November 1973.

October 24 1973. Night.
A single witness observed a strange object land by Buck Shoals Pond. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p69 case 837 citing Atlanta Journal and Constitution 26 October 1973
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 86 p9

October 24 1973. 2100hrs.
While driving down US601 towards Mr Airy, David Simpson of Dobson found that his car lights and engine failed as an oval object about 3.5m wide, 2.5m high landed nearby. Then a creature with yes like balls of fire�peered through his window. When the object and being had departed the car lights and engine began to function again without him having to touch the ignition key. He then continued his journey in a badly frightened state. 
  • George Fawcett in Skylook 74 p14
  • Webb 1976 pp17, 29 citing above + Mount Airy News n. d.
  • Fawcett 1975 p44

October 24 1973. 2300hrs. 
An employee of the County Extension Service was crossing the Ochlocknee River Bridge on SR133 when he saw an oval object, about 2m high, across the c centre of the road. It appeared to be composed of dull grey metal and as the witness watched, red, yellow, blue and green lights came on in a clockwise order. The thing was silent and the witness could not see any other features. When the man went for his gun, the object took off and flew over his car and the trees and vanished into the distance. 
  • Miles 2000 p108

October 24 1973. 2330hrs.
The driver and passengers in a car going down Sylvester Road saw a strange object come down close to the road surface and head towards them. The driver turned into a yard and put out his lights. The object hovered for a moment and then shot off. 
  • Miles 2000 p108

October 25 1973.
A strange object was seen low over a field. Grass was found depressed in an area 12m by 6m and imprints were found. 
  • Phillips 1975 p96 case 604 citing J A Hynek

October 25 1973. 2100hrs.
At least 15 people saw a bright red ball hovering over a field on the Kowalczyk farm. George Kowalczyk (22), the son of the owner of the field, was driving by at the time and decided to investigate. Two neighbouring 19 year old twin boys came with him, and he took his rifle. As they drove towards the light his car headlights dimmed and they saw the object slowly descending towards the field .They walked up over the crest of the hill and saw the object on or just above the field. Meanwhile at the house, George’s German shepherd dog became very agitated. The trio now saw that the object was a bright, white dome about 30m diameter, illuminating the area and emitting a sound like a lawn mower. One of the twins yelled that something was approaching. George could not properly see what it was because of his myopia, but thought it was bears and fired a tracer shot over their head to frighten them away. From the light of the tracer he saw that there were two strange creatures 2.1m and 2.4m tall, certainly taller than the 1.8m tall fence. Both creatures resembled anthropoids, were covered with long, dark, greyish hair, and had yellow-green eyes. The smaller creature seemed to be taking long strides as if trying to keep up with the larger one, whose left hand was touching the fence as they moved along. They were making whining sounds, like a baby crying, to each other, and there was a strong smell, compared to sulphour or burning rubber. George fired a second shot over their heads, then, when they kept on coming, three shots directly into the larger of them. When it was hit the creature made a whining sound, moved its right hand towards its fellow, at which the glowing object just disappeared in the field and the noise stopped.

One of the twins fled back to the house in terror and the creatures walked back into the woods. George and the other boy saw a glowing white area in the field, and their eyes began to bother them. After some hesitation, George called the police and State Trooper Paul Shearon arrived on the scene. On going to the site he confirmed the existence of the glowing ring. After they had been in the area for about 30 minutes, they saw an illumination in a field and heard sounds in the woods, at which George, becoming very agitated, left the area. Shearon called in Stan Gordon and his colleagues in the Westmorland County UFO Study Group. They arrived on the scene with George and his father. Suddenly a bull and a dog became very agitated. While one of the members was interrogating him, George collapsed into a severe hysterical attack and could be restrained only with difficulty. During this attack he had a vision of a symbolic struggle (symbolised by a bright light and voice) and evil (symbolised by a “grim reaper”, the creatures and a force). He believed he was being told that the United States would not see 1976. During this crisis several other reported a smell of sulphour and experienced feelings of anxiety. Horses and cattle later stayed clear of the site. 
  • Berthold E Schwarz in FSR 20,1 p3 citing own investigatio
  • Stan Gordon in Skylook 75 p7 citing own investigation
  • Skylook 73 p8 citing Uniontown Evening Standard 27 October 1973
  • Webb 1976 pp17,29 citing above + Stan Gordon in MUFON Proceedings 1974 p142 and Spectrum 2, 1 p19
  • Phillips 1975 p96 case 638 also citing Gordon
  • Gordon 2010 p227

October 26 1973. 0100hrs.
The Kingswood police and two fire tower observers watched a light cavort over Caddell Mountain for hours. William Zinn, a policeman from Terra Alta was driving home via a mountain road, when a 1.2m tall brown or green creature, with long fuzzy hair, darted across the road, forcing him to skid into a ditch. The two fire observers joined him and all three saw a very bright, silent, reddish-white light overhead at treetop level. 

  • Webb 1976 pp 17,29 citing Ted Spickler first hand + Preston County News 30 October 1973.

October 28 1973. 
Early Hours RENO (NEVADA : USA)
Mrs Imogene Proctor was having difficulty sleeping and went to the window, to find, to her amazement, three very large saucer shaped objects hovering across the street. About 10-12 figures, wearing cube type uniforms ,were milling about the area. Their extremities were not visible, but they seemed to be illuminated by a dull glow and appeared to be systematically examining the area. When the witness opened the window to hear if there was any sound coming from the object, she noticed the absence of the usual night sounds (crickets etc.). The street light was brighter than usual. Her family dogs were absolutely silent, as if they had been drugged. She detected a low buzzing sound. Everything else was unusually silent and motionless. Two of the objects then approached and she went back to bed very frightened. She the suddenly went to sleep and awoke in the morning, There was no trace of the objects and no one else seems to have seen them. 
  • Ed Dickman in UFO investigator October 1974 p3 citing own investigation
  • Webb 1976 pp18,30

October 28 1973. 0115hrs 
Dionisio Llanca (or Yanka), 25, a truck driver was forced to stop and change a tyre at a spot 18km from Bahia city. As he was working the road became illuminated with an intense yellow light about 2km away. He thought that it was car headlights but after a few seconds it became a searing blue light, like am arc welder’s torch. Dionisio lost strength and was unable to rise. He then saw an object shaped like a plate hovering at 7m altitude and three people at his shoulder. The paralysis became more intense and the saw that the strangers were two men and a woman, each 1.7-1.75m tall dressed in smoky or silvery grey one piece, close fitting suits with orange gloves and boots. They had blonde hair, short with the men, shoulder length for the woman, high foreheads and “Mongolian” eyes and they talked in an incomprehensible noise, like the humming of a badly tuned radio. These strangers seized Dionisio and applied an instrument, like an electric razor with a small tube, to his finger at which he passed out. He awoke at about 0230hrs. in the rail yard at Bahia, 9.5km from the scene of the encounter, cold, sick and suffering from loss of memory. He was taken eventually to the municipal hospital. He recovered his memory on the 30th. During his stay in hospital he was given sodium pentothal and hypnotic treatment. He discharged himself but returned a few days later, still suffering from anxiety, depression and nightmares.

During these sessions he recalled being taken into the object up a ray of light with the two men. He found himself in a room with a metallic floor and a single round window, where there were instruments, one of which had a sort of TV screen on which there were stars. One of these instruments was a sort of radio set which addressed him in Spanish, which said that they were friends who had been contacting earth people since 1950; were seeing if earth people could live on their planet. He added that the object had affixed two tubes, one to a high tension wire, and the other to a lake (there had indeed been a sudden surge of power at that time. He also told some investigators that he had been given a message that he was not permitted to divulge, and hinted that they would be back. Dionesio seemed to lose consciousness when the woman approached him with a glove. He then found himself falling into a field.
  • APRO Bulletin 22,3 p7; 22,4 p6
  • Liria Jauregui in APRO Bulletin 23,1 p5 + Joe Brill in Skylook 82 p4 citing Gente Y La Acutalidad + La Nueva Provincia neither dated + Eduardo Mata et al first hand
  • Skylook 76 p19
  • Charles Bowen and Gordon Creighton in FSR 26,4 p2
  • Randle 1989a p73
  • Evaluation : Probable hoax

October 28 1973. 0230hrs. 
Don Taylor and another man saw an object 9m in diameter crash into a railway embankment on Don’s property and then shoot straight back into the air. The next day Don inspected the site and found a fence knocked down, a 9m diameter area of crushed plants and a light coloured three sided rock, which weighed 27kg. This, when analysed, was shown to consist of potassium nitrate an agricultural fertiliser. 
  • INFO Journal 12 p27 citing Metro East Journal 30 October 1973.

October 28 1973.
A single witness saw a domed object land near a hay barn in a paddock near the Ashcott road. The object took off at tremendous speed, leaving a scorched area and five marks on the ground. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p71 case 878 citing Hawkes Bay Herald-Tribune 30 October 1973.

October 28 1973. 1930hrs 
Sylvia and Shirley Mae McClam, Lessie Burry and ten children saw a plate shaped object, with multi-coloured lights and making a humming sound, land in a nearby field. The thing remained there for 10 minutes. The next morning the authorities found a circular area, 4.6m diameter, where the weeds were crushed down, at the site. 
  • Richard Heiden citing National Tattler 28 April 1974 p18

October 28 1973. 2040hrs. 
Mr W E (a former member of the air force), his wife and their 4 year old daughter were watching TV in their trailer home when the picture became a negative and the sound inaudible. This was followed by the rear of the trailer being illuminated as bright as daylight. Mr E went and looked out of the large rear window and saw a sharply defined egg shaped object hovering just over a small barn behind the trailer and shining a powerful searchlight onto this barn. From the size of the barn Mr E estimated that this object was 9m long, 6m high. Mrs E watched the object while her husband went outside, noting that as he did so, the object’s spotlight went out and the thing itself moved further back behind the barn, over then top of the trees. Mr E noticed red and green constant running lights across the centre of the object, which then turned to the left and back again. Mrs E then called her parents, the Ws, who lived just two houses below them and they arrived within 5 minutes, bringing a large flashlight. Messes W and E observed the object from outside, moving up and down, as if to avoid the flashlight beam. The object was 15m away when first seen and retreated top 23m. During the 30 minutes that the men observed the object they noticed the total silence and that dogs in a nearby kennel which normally barked at anything unusual, were silent. Finally the object rose into the air and flew off to the southwest. No traces were found and there were no other witnesses. 
  • Jerry Poling in APRO Bulletin 22,4 p1 citing his own investigation

October 29 1973. 2000hrs. 
A man walking his dog in a Toronto park saw a blue green fluorescent light forming a circle of light on a brick wall. Inside this light there was what looked like TV screen in which there were images, including those of entities who communicated with the witness. The dog was frightened and the man became ill. 
  • Musgrave 1979 case citing investigation by Henry McKay

October 30 1973. 
A teenage girl returning home from a nearby community saw a circular object with shining blue lights and a pulsating red dome. She was too frightened to stop. She later returned to the site with a friend and discovered four red pad marks, 2.5m apart, where the ground had been scorched. 
  • UFO Investigator January 1974 p4

October 30 1973. 2305hrs.
Two people watched an aerial object, with flashing blue and red lights, at very low altitude. Their dog was very agitated. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p72 case 883 citing Golsboro News Argus 1 November 1973.

October 31 1973.
Mrs Helen X, along with her son and daughter, saw an object with a large light on its top and smaller pulsating lights around its middle, hover and then land in a field. After an hour it took off vertically and disappeared. A depressed area and tracks were found. 
  • Phillips 1975 p96 case 649 citing Pulaski Citizen 31 October 1973.

October 31 1973. Evening. 
Ronald Stone and a colleague were driving in the Countesthorpe and the deserted village of Foston, when they were held up by a tree fallen across the road, and decided a seek refreshment. Going down a road only signed “The Village” (? Foston) and turned right at a junction. There they encountered two figures walking towards them. The duo were going to ask for directions, but then saw that the strangers were dressed identically in long black cloaks, loose hoods, black trousers and shoes, and that their small, white, bald heads on top of strangely elongated necks. They drove away in panic and ended at a public house, without customers, there they were charged just 5 pence each for a pint of beer. They paid this with old pre-decimal money they happened to have. When the men tried to find the pub some weeks later they could find no trace of it. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p173 citing their own investigation

November 1973. 
A woman and her son encountered an object with a widow, through which two humanoid figures could be seen, on a country road. 
  • Ridge 1994 p43 citing Don Worley

November 1973. 
Two people saw a square object land in an alley between houses. 
  1. Stringfield 1978b p129 citing the local sheriff’s department

November 1973. 
A woman saw a large object hovering a few metres above her 2m high fence and at the same time heard strange sounds on her roof. She called the police. She was surprised to find papays melons strewn across her yard, though there were no such trees in the area. 
  • Stringfield 1978b p129 citing his own investigation

November 1973. Early Hours.
Janet Hickie, a nurse at Kent County Ophthalmic and Aural Hospital awoke and saw, by the window a white object that looked like a disembodied human head and which came within 60cm of her. She hid under the bedclothes and when she looked again the thing had gone. 
  • Brazil 1999 p32
  • Evaluation : Hypnopompic hallucination

November 1973. 0200hrs.
A woman was awoken by a loud humming sound and went to the back door to look outside. Hovering over her patio, which extended 3m beyond her door, was a large sphere with flashing red and green lights in its centre. The thing was wobbling and moving from left to right. The woman ran upstairs, screaming, to her teenage children. When they went to investigate the thing had gone. The witness was so shaken she had to take sedatives. 
  • Stringfield 1978b p140 citing his own investigation

November 1973. 0200hrs.
A cylindrical object, with entities, was seen at close quarters on the west shore. No further details.
  • Skylook 102 p7 citing investigation by the South Alabama UFO Study Group.
November 1973. Night. 
A 12 year old schoolboy was going to bed when he saw, from his window, an orange sphere over woodland, and observed it through binoculars as it moved in a jerky fashioned and descended behind the trees. The next day he and three friends went to investigate. Two of the boys went home, but the witness and a friend went over Shotover Hill, and as they did so they saw a luminous object descend overhead and they went and phoned the police. Then, as they left for home they found their path blocked by a black shape, about their size, squatting down with its shoulders hunched and arms resting on its knees. Its eyes were red. The boys fled in panic. The reporter became a UFO investigator. 
  • NUFON News 154 p 11

November 1973. Night. 
Mr D A (350 a groundsman at the State Park was driving along Memorial Drive road when an object hovered over the road in front of him. His car started jerking. A sulphurous odour was left behind and a burn mark was found in the road. 
  • Don Worley in Earthlink 4,2 p3 citing his own investigation

November 1973. 2200hrs. 
A resident of a mobile home was out hunting with his dog and revolver when he noticed a dark figure in the distance. Thinking it was an intruder the hunter challenged it. When it turned round he realised that it was a tall, hairy creature resembling an ape. The witness fired six shots at the thing at a distance of 25m, at which the thing just vanished on the spot, though he could still hear its movements.

Early November 1973. Evening. 
A teenage boy, Mr Wood, heard a tapping at his grandmother’s front door. He then saw a white, ghostly looking being in the yard. 
  • Webb 1976 pp19, 30 citing investigation by John Oswald

November 1 1973.
Looking out of her kitchen window Mrs Wanda Jones saw rotating orange coloured thing hovering about 1.52m above the ground. It appeared to be about twice the size pf a two car garage and was emitting a buzzing sound. She gathered her children and fled to a neighbour’s house. 
  • Keel 1975b p119

November 1 1973. Evening.
Southeast of Sharon a biconvex object, surmounted by a pointed structure was observed at treetop height. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt.1 p75 case 924 citing Canadian UFO Report 3,1 p23

November 1 1973. 2015hrs.
Several people observed an egg shaped object pass overhead at very low altitude. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p75 case 923 citing Carolina Pacemaker 3 November 1973.

November 2 1973. 0400hrs.
Mrs Lyndia Morel, a masseuse, aged about 20, was driving home, when in Pindarville her attention was caught by a bright flashing star in the sky. This was in view intermittently until she passed the outskirts of Goffstown (this light was probably Mars). She then saw a light, which she thought was the same one, low down on the North West Road. It was about 480m away and was the angular diameter of a pea. It was emitting multicoloured flashes (red, green blue) and appeared to be a golden-orange globe, honeycombed with hexagons, and with a paler oval window on the upper left portion. She heard a steady high pitched whine and her body tingled as if she were falling asleep. She felt unable to take her eyes off the object or her hands off the steering wheel. She felt that something was taking over her body and the car, which was being pulled forwards. She had no recollection of travelling the next 800m. When she came to her senses she found that the car was moving fast forwards, out of her control, and that the object was pulling the car towards it. This object increased to first the angular diameter of a dime, then a quarter. . As the car approached a point opposite the middle of the cemetery, the object seemed to come within 150 of the car, growing brighter and the whine growing louder. She now saw in the upper left hand window, outlined against a white light, the head, upper arms and torso of a figure, whose lower body was obscured by a dark horizontal surface. It had small shoulders, a rounded head of a lighter greyish or flesh colour, darker on top. The face was wrinkled like an elephant's hide, the eyes were large, egg shaped, angled up towards the forehead, and had large, dark, pupils. There was a slit shaped mouth, no ears or nose being visible. The eyes seemed to grip her and she received an impression that she was being told not to be afraid. The light became blinding, and, covering her eyes, she swerved into the driveway of the Beaudoin house. She dived out of the car, punched their alsatian out of the way and pounded on the door hysterically. The object had shifted from west to north and the high pitched sound had become unbearable. Mr Beaudoin opened the door after a couple of minutes, and Lyndia collapsed into the house, crying that a UFO was trying to kidnap her. Neither of Beaudoins heard the sound, though Lyndia was covering her ears. She claimed that the noise and numbness passed after she had been in their kitchen for a couple of minutes, and that her eyes were suffering from a bright spot similar to that produced by a staring at a bright light. Police investigated and saw a bright light which seems to have been Mars. 
  • Walter Webb in APRO Bulletin 22,4 p5 citing own investigation
  • Fowler 1979a p 322 citing investigation by John P Oswald
  • Don Tibbetts in Manchester Union Leader 3 November 197
  • Lorenzen 1975 p194
  • Webb 1976 pp 19,30 citing above and Raymond Fowler
  • Walter Webb in Story 1980 p275 citing own investigation
  • Jacobs 1975 also citing Webb’s investigation

November 2 1973. Dawn.
A number of people saw an oval object with a silver phosphorescence that flew so low over the town that they could see its humanoid pilot who wore a helmet, strange eyeglasses and who waved at them. The object hovered as if to land for a few minutes, but then gave an abrupt turn to the right and moved off. A warm powdery substance like ash was found on the ground. 
  • Webb 1976 pp19,30 + UFO Register 5 pt1 p76-case 932 both citing N Rigau in Awareness 3,2 p7

November 2 1973. 2020hrs.
Two warehousemen at Mount Vernon Milling saw an orange wedge shaped object 20-25m altitude, about 6 blocks away. It was gone in 15 seconds. 

  • Ridge 1994 p42

November 3 1973. 0515hrs.
Robert Bunnell saw a hemispherical object at very low altitude over Mt Morris near Forreston. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p76 case 942 citing Rockford Register-Star 4 November 1973.

November 3 1973. 2025hrs. 
Enrique Castillo Rincon was guided by telepathy to rural location in Cundinamarca Province, where he found a metallic sphere the size of a golf ball. By getting warm and emitting light, this guided him to a forest area where he encountered two domed objects, which had risen from the nearby lagoon, dripping with water, 100m apart. They resembled soup tureens 45m wide, 12m high, with three rotating spheres on their undersides. One approached and hovered at 80-100m, projecting two beams of light, down each of which came tall beings (1.8m +) dressed in tight diving suits and helmets. They came within10m, telepathically said they were friends, and took Enrique to a clearing where a beam transported him onto the craft. He was disinfected and taken to the leader. There were other beings, one of whom was a transformed former friend. There was the usual platitudinous conversation, he was shown a laboratory, gave him something like a chocolate bar to eat, which they said was manna, and allowed to sleep in a bed for three hours. He was then dropped off and fell asleep again. His watch now read 11.15hrs. though it was actually after 8 in the morning. He claimed additional contacts on November 19th, July 15th 1974 December 24/5 1974 and January 29/31 1975. 
  • Missing Link 115 p17 citing Fabio Zerpa in Cuarta Dimension 36 citing his own investigation
  • Good 2000 p66
  • Evaluation : Classical 1950s style contactee case. Probable hoax

November 3 1973. 2110hrs.
Norman Hearn was driving was driving near the Lewisville when his truck began to vibrate all over and the engine and electrical system malfunctioned as a saucer shaped object passed over at very low altitude . The effects passed off when the object moved away. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p76 case 945 citing Lewisville Leader 7 November 1973.

November 4 1973. 0015hrs.
Edgar (30) and Theresa Snow were startled by a noise of something brushing against their house. Edgar got up but was unable to see anything. However their dog, in the kitchen, began to whine, so Edgar got up again to let him out. He noticed light coming from the kitchen, which, when he reached it, he saw was coming in through the window. The German Shepherd dog was crouching near the door, growling, teeth bared and hair bristling. As Edgar opened the back door curtains, he was shaken to see that the light came from two self luminous, silver suited creatures, 1.35-1.5m tall, with oversized pointed ears, dark, egg shaped, holes for eyes and large noses. Their heads were covered by what looked like Klu Klux Klan hoods made of a silvery material. Their hands were covered by silver gloves; indeed everything except their boots seemed to be made a single, seamless silvery garment like a wet suit The boots had no heels and were curled up at the toes. Edgar terrified his wife by rushing back into the bedroom, loading his 38 calibre automatic and returning to the kitchen. He now ordered the dog to attack the creatures, which were less than 20m away. The dog went for the creatures but when it was about 10m from them, it turned round and walked back to the house, where it lay and whined. Edgar quickly closed the door, shaking too much to use the gun, while the creatures carried on picking up items from the ground and putting them in a silvery bag. While one of the beings held the bag, the other held a long cylindrical instrument like a powerful torch. The creatures moved slowly and deliberately, like a slow motion film. They then turned and walked into the woods. Only then would Theresa come to the door; all the saw was a glow in the woods. Police were called and confirmed that Edgar was extremely shaken but no traces could be found. At 1930hrs.hours the previous Evening. Edgar had seen a silvery object with four red glowing windows at one end hovering over radio station towers about 1.5km to the east. 
  • Fowler 1979a p 324 + UFO Investigator January 1974 p2 both citing investigation by Raymond Fowler and John Oswald
  • Webb 1976 pp19,30

November 4 1973. 1200hrs.
On their father’s farm near Inkster, Robert J (15) and his brother Bruce saw a stationary light over an oat field about 800m away. It was a sort of vertical rectangle, 3m square and 14m tall. It was high up when first seen and then came near the ground. After about 10 minutes it moved north and then left rapidly. Two hours before the boys saw this object their father had noticed that the cattle were extremely restless, his truck engine would only run intermittently and his fair felt as though it was standing on end. The next day the family found a kidney shaped area of dead vegetation in the field, 3.15cm long and 1.6m wide, bounded by an indentation 125mm deep and 250mm wide. A strong smell could be detected. The soil tested negative for radiation. 
  • Phillips 1975 p96 case 667 citing CUFOS files citing investigation by Lt Michael de Capua

November 4 1973. 2330hrs.
Brian Hoffman and his wife along with two friends who did not want their names given out, were hunting deer, parked by a dirt lane north of Pine Grove. They had not been parked long when an intensely bright light suddenly appeared and hovered about “three tractor trail lengths” from their car. The other man turned his spotlight on the thing, which seemed to reflect the light back at them like a mirror. They horridly left the area. 
  • Curt K Sutherly in Official UFO 1,7 p52 citing his own investigation
  • Sutherly 2001 p65 located this at Pine Grove, PA.

November 5 1973. 2100hrs.
Mrs Jennifer van Bogaerde saw a luminous domed object at very low altitude over Maresfield Army Camp 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p78 citing Contact UK files

November 6 1973. 2120hrs.
Raymond Ryan (42), his son Earl, (16) brother Rayme (42) and nephew Larry (17) were fishing for mullet and trout in the Pascagoula river, with members of the Rice family when Rayme called the others’ attention to a luminous object in less than 3m of water. When Raymond swung his oar hard into the water, the light went out. The object appeared again, even more brilliant. This went on for some time and they were able to make out that this object was almost 3m in diameter, round and of metallic appearance. It resembled the rounded top of a parachute, with rib like lines running from a dark lump in its centre to the outer rim. It glowed milky white when the light was on. They reported the matter to the coast guard who sent a boat crewed by Charles Crewe and Alan Nations. They reported that the light was oval, about 90cm by 1.2m amd when it passed under the fishing boats that had gathered they could see that it came from a metallic object. When they put oars into the beam of light, the light seemed to shine through them. The light went out and reappeared about 10m away, but dimmed when they gave chase. 
  • Fawcett and Greenwood 1984 p70 citing official coast guard report]
  • Stringfield 1978b p121 citing his own investigation
  • INFO Journal 13 p31 citing coast guard files + Robert B Klinn in Santa Anna Register 14 November 1973
  • Spencer 1975 p100
  • McWane and Graham 1974 p24
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p78 cases 972 +975 citing Mississippi Press 8 November 1973. + Arkansas Gazette 9 November 1973. + Saga UFO Report Spring 1974 p52 + some of above

November 7 1973. 
A woman driving home between Winnfield and Sikes on a foggy night encountered a being, 90cm tall, at Beech Creek Bridge. The being had a large oval head, with deep red eyes that seemed to attract her. The being had a silvery body with arms that were split below the elbow. 
  • Webb 1976 pp19,30 + UFO Register 5 pt1 p78-976 both citing Winn Parish Enterprise 14 November 1973

November 7 1973. 1930hrs.
A group of 10 children out playing saw an object 5-6m in diameter, 2-2.5m high, with portholes, a door, a steady white light and red flashing lights, on the ground, standing on legs. During the 10 minute observation the children’s eyes became irritated and one child’s watch stopped. Trapeziodal marks 4.4m x 35cm were found at the site. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing LDLN April 1974 p10
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p78 case 974 citing GESAG 37 p12 + Saga UFO Report Fall 1974 p6

November 8 1974 0030hrs.
Patrick Archer of Blythe (Michigan) was driving west on I-10, east of Blythe, when he observed an object with a red and green light on either side and three amber lights in front, hovering over an orchard. It was circular and silent. It started to move up and down and side to side, when he pulled off the road, and later paced his car at speeds up to 185kph as he drove away. 
  • INFO Journal 12 p27 citing Fontana Herald-News 9 November 1973.
November 8 1973. 
A Bolivian air force plane followed an unidentified object that landed on the 6,000m high mountain and then took off to the south. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Nord Littoral 10 November 1973

November 8 1973. 1440hrs.
Dozens of people observed a conical object pass at very low altitude. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p78 case 979 citing Contact (USA) Newsletter 1,3 p5

November 8 1973. 2240hrs.
Rick and Donna Bouchard were driving towards Ottawa from inspecting their newly acquired home in Vars, 25km to the east, along Highway 417. They were driving along the deserted road in a rural area on this dark night, about 2.5km down the road, when Rick, a railway ticket clerk, observed brilliant lights in his side mirror. He first thought that it was a truck but then realised that a truck could not have suddenly got into that position, and that the lights were a large number of small lights, rotating and bouncing up and down. Donna observed them at about the same time. The lights appeared to project about 60cm over each side of the road, and to the right behind them. Rick accelerated up to 155kph and after a short distance at the object fell back and rose to treetop height. The thing then dived down to within 3m of them, rose up and dived again, reaching speed up to 500kph. It went under the last underpass after them, and then disappeared. They continued to derive at about 160kph before almost colliding with a road sign. They reported the matter to the police and then went to the hospital for shock. 
  • Arthur Bray in Canadian UFO Report 3,4 p11 + Bray 1979 p25 citing his own investigation

November 10 1973. (Approximate Date) 0215hrs.
Mrs Dolphijn (60) had to get up to go to the bathroom and on her way noticed something white out of the front windows. Returning from the bathroom, she looked out of the window and saw three small beings, dressed in white garments, walking on the pavement towards her. Kneeling down to get a better look, she saw that they wore white robes, which reminded her of monks’ habits, that came down to their feet, which were covered by oversized shoes. On their heads they wore hats that came down in two points on their shoulders, where they appeared to be attached to their robes. She could not see any facial features, because of reflections from the moon and a streetlight, but she could see that they wore belts on which several small instruments were attached. Two of the beings, about 1m tall, were walking side by side, while the third, somewhat taller, one was walking behind them. 

They appeared to shuffle along without taking their feet off the ground, and Mrs Dolphijn got the impression that they had short stiff legs and no knees. The being on the front right hand side had, in his hand, an object reminiscent of a carpet sweeper, which he moved back and forth along the pavement. She became afraid and thought of calling her husband, who was still asleep in their back bedroom, but thought better of it, as he had a weak heart. After a 4-5 minute observation the taller being seemed to notice her, looked up at the window where she was crouching, and immediately they all turned round and shuffled away at some speed to behind a nearby school. She then went back to her room, where her husband woke up. Glancing out the bedroom window, she saw a luminous red ball, 2-2.5m diameter, which reminded her of the setting sun, but much brighter, on the pavement some 40m away. Her husband asked what the time was , she glanced at the clock to note it was 0225, when she looked back to the window, the object had gone. She then told her husband what she had seen, and he noticed that she was shaken. After a while they decided to go back to sleep. 
  • Douwe J Bosga in MUFON UFO Journal 133 citing own investigation and that Gerard Kok
  • Webb 1976 pp10,27 citing E Van Muyen

November 10 1973. 2230hrs. 
A single witness saw a tremendously brilliant light come down over the hills and hover over Cossem Dam for about 7 minutes. It then shot straight up and took off to the west at terrific speed. 
  • Skylook 77 p7 citing Auckland Sunday News 6 January 1974

November 11 1973. 0230hrs.
A taxi driver, Mr Foster, reported that a being about 1m tall, dressed in a light brown coverall, got into a cab and told the driver to take him to Greasy Corners, a local intersection. Its head was featureless, except for goggles or large eyes. It wore gloves and gold boots, along with gold buttons on its chest. The being paid the fare with a dollar bill, which had the green side painted yellow. 
  • Webb 1976 pp19, 30 citing M Pine and Ted Bloecher

November 11 1973. (approx date) 0400hrs
Two security personnel at Northern Illinois University and several county sheriff’s units saw an oval, amber object, moving, hovering and taking off from several locations. Patrolman Robert Bunnel saw the object descend from a great height to within 1m of his location and then disappear to the north. 
  • UFO Investigator March 1974 p3

November 11 1973. 1700hrs.
R Bouchard and four other people were driving along Hw417 en route to Ottawa when an oval object chased their truck at a very low altitude. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p79 case 996 citing Contact (USA) Newsletter 1,3 p5

November 11 1973. Evening.
A single witness observed a red flashing object land in the Lobster Valley near Corvallis. Subsequent examination of the site revealed an area of brunt ground and peculiar fungus growing there. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p80 case1003 citing Corvallis Gazette-Times 13 November 1973.

November 12 1973.
A strange object landed. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 85 p38

November 12 1973. 2100hrs.
Mrs Long was pulling into the drive of some friends’ farm near Lynchburg when a round orange object approached and hovered over her car, at which her lights dimmed. She screamed and the thing disappeared immediately. She found her pet cat was missing, even though she was sure that her car windows had been closed. 
  • Stringfield 1978b p140 citing a phone call from the witness

November 12 1973. 2145hrs.
Two police officers, C. C. Smith (29), who had four years’ experience, and Joseph Wynkoop (28), who had five years’ experience, were dispatched to the Boyle Heights area in the eastern sector of the city in response to phone calls about unidentified objects. The two had seen nothing and were on their last circuit of the area around the Euclid-Whittier intersection when their attention was caught by an object descending at 45 degrees to the southwest. The object passed behind a sign, came so low as to be obscured by neighbouring buildings and then rose to 300-500m in a flash. The thing was an elliptical, very bright bluish white light, too bright for prolonged observation and with no visible structural details. It appeared to be about 6 blocks away and was estimated to be 10m diameter. A photograph was taken just before the rapid take off, which just showed a vague light source. 
  • Walt Greenwald in Skylook 76 p10 citing his own investigation
  • FSR 20,2 p31 citing Los Angeles Times 14 November 1973.

November 12 1973. 2300hrs.
Four young people driving back from a meeting in two cars had their attention caught by a 30m long object hovering 400m away, below the peak of a hill. They stopped and were joined by a third car, the occupants of which had seen the thing from a separate location. From this thing came small lights that moved along the mountainside. The youngsters then drove off in pursuit but lost sight of the light and retreated. As they did so they came across a fourth car and enquired as to whether the occupants had seen the lights. At that point a double column of 20-30 figures wearing helmets with lamps in them approached and the group had a two hour loss of memory after which the fourth car and the column had disappeared. 
  • Budd Hopkins in MUFON 1981 Proceedings p47)

November 13 1973. (Approximate Date)
At an undisclosed location state patrolman John Roberts and two companions saw an object which followed his car for a few minutes, before landing 150m behind them. When John turned to approach the thing, it vanished like a light being turned off. A pulsating red light was then observed in the sky for 45 minutes. 
  • UFO Investigator March 1974 p3

November 13 1973. (Approximate Date) 0500hrs.
Three park police saw an object travelling fast and disappear into a row of trees on Constitution Avenue. They radio in and searched the area but nothing was found. It was also seen by two other, independent, witnesses. 
  • IFO Investigator March 1974 p3
  • UFO Register 5 pt.1 p81 cases 1024/5 citing Washington Star-News 17 November 1973. gives date as 16th

November 14 1973. 0630hrs.
Cameron County deputies Eddie Gonzalez and Frank Lopez were driving three prisoners to Huntsville State Penitentiary when a silent, round object, with a red light on the top and a yellow one on the bottom, descended to 15m above their cruiser. It followed them for 30km at speeds up to 130kph. The prisoners in the rear began to panic. Police units in Harlingen and San Benito were alerted and Patrolman Arnold Riveas of the San Benito police observed an orange object hovering 12m above the deputies’ car. The object then changed to an intense white, turned off at an angle and took off at terrific speed. The unit at Harlingen also saw the light. 
  • Stringfield 1978b p129 citing his own investigation
  • UFO Investigator December 1973. p4
  • Jacobs 1975 p269 citing Wisconsin State Journal 16 November 1973. section 2 p18

November 14 1973. (Approximate Date)
A landing report. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 85 p38

November 14 1973. ( 1845hrs.
Ray Landrum (20) was driving on FM 1470 about 3km east of Poteet, when he encountered an object hovering low over the road. Behind a window on the object tall humanoid figures were visible. Though Landrum did not stop some liquid dripped from the object and damaged the paint on his car bonnet. Highway Patrol Officers saw the damage and took samples of the residue of ashes. 
  • Webb 1976 pp 21, 30 citing Austin Evening Statesman 14 November 1973. + Jerry Johnson

November 14 1973. 1845hrs.
In a rural area 8km from Greensboro, Sharon McIntyre saw a bright light among the trees and heard a rustling sound. Her dog was upset. She drew her husband Wayne’s attention to it. They watched the light for 15-30 minutes. It was sometimes motionless, at other times it made quick darting movements. Another couple, the Minors, also watched the light. Messes McIntyre and Minor chased the thing in a car, but were unable to tell which roads led to it. They went to the Andrews house, where the family had already seen this object and concurred in a description of it being a turquoise vertical egg shaped object, about 3m long by 1-11.5m wide. At 2030hrs. McIntyre and Minor left the McIntyre home and encountered a white light coming over a nearby hill. They first thought it came from the headlights of a truck, but then saw that it was from a streamlined, oblong, aerial object, which lit up the sky beneath it. They retreated to the McIntyre home, at which time it came within 90m. They saw that it was between 8-12m in diameter, 1.5-2.5m high. It retreated somewhat and began to emit a pulsating sequence of turquoise, amber and white lights, in a rapid sequence from right to left, along a central band. It then made a wide sweep of the horizon, before settling down out of sight behind trees. At about the same time Harold Hopper had seen a bright white light descending in the direction of the two women. 
  • Dr Arlan K Andrews in Skylook 75 p7
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p81 case 1013 citing Greensboro Record 15 November 1973.

November 16 1973.
A landing report. No further details. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 85 p38

November 16 1973. Early Morning.
Three people saw one red lighted object and one blue lighted object in the sky, 3km south of Brick. One of the objects appeared to land while the other paced the witnesses’ car. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p81 (case 1026) citing Oklahoma City Times 16 November 1973.
  • 'Brick' is not the name of a town in Oklahoma, this probably refers to the Bricktown district of Oklahoma City

November 16 1973. 1515hrs.
Several people in the vicinity of the Mahelona Hospital saw a white square object, 3-4.5m square, almost transparent with solid sides, which appeared to land in a wooded area in or near the Kapahi area. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p81 case 1027 citing The Garden Island 21 November 1973
  • UFO investigator January 1874 p4 (gives date as 21/11/73)

November 16 1973. 1900hrs.
Richard T and Daniel F (both 11) were playing outside on this overcast evening. Passing through a neighbourgarden, they came to a vacant lot that contained a couple of small trees, hard clay ground covered by dead field grass and surrounded by a chain fence. In this field they saw a dark object apparently sitting on the ground. Richard walked up to it and hit it two or three times with the flashlight he was holding, making a metallic sound. Immediately a dome on the top of the object, about as high as broad, became illuminated by an intense red light that lit up the whole area. The boys now saw that it was standing on legs about 45cm above the ground. It rose up to about 1m and as it did so a row of green lights around the peripheral rim began to flash in sequence, the object began to rotate, emitting a medium pitched 'whooing' sound. 

When the rate of rotation became very rapid, red light went out and came back on again and the object took off to the south west, still emitting its peculiar sound. At this the boys panicked and ran away, feeling faint and tingly, almost passing out, and feeling as though they were running in slow motion. As they reached the streets they saw the object disappear among the clouds. They described the object, in comparison with their houses, as about 6m in diameter and 3m or so high. Investigators found two holes in the field, 15cm square and deep, about 2m apart. A third hole, forming an equilateral triangle with the other two was found on a slight rise. They were about 12m from the back fence and the hole nearest the side fence was 7.6m from it. The dead grass appeared to be lying in a counter-clockwise circular pattern. The holes gave the impression of some great weight shearing into the clay. Later investigations detected a magnetic fluctuation. Interference on television had been noted at 1920hrs.
  • Donald T Carr in APRO Bulletin 22,4 p7 + Skylook 75 p4 citing his own investigation
  • Lorenzen 1976 p31
  • Stringfield 1978 p13i
  • Phillips 1975 p97

November 16 1973. Evening.
A sentry at the Air Force Base, about to be relieved, was coming down the ladder from his look out post, when he saw, in a nearby field, two individuals dressed all in white, and no more than 1.5m tall. A little further away, near a hedge, was a small white object. The man who was relieving him also saw the spectacle. The beings entered the machine, which took off in total silence. A patrol was sent to the spot and marks were found on the ground. The affair was classed as secret and appears to be only known though rumour. 
  • FSR 20, 5 p11 citing a Mr Ameglio in LDLN 139 citing Veneto Notte 19 November 1973.

November 16 1973. 2045hrs.
Four teenagers double dating in a car in a country parking spot noted some 6m behind them a white sphere, about the size of or just a bit bigger than a basketball, low above the ground. It emitted a soft glow that did not illuminate the surroundings and had a slight bobbing motion. The four got out to investigate, and as they approached the light moved slowly away, increasing in speed as one youth tried to outflank it, and wove its way through the trees till it was out of sight. They stood around talking about the incident for a couple of minutes, until the cold drove them back to the car. They were about to get back in, when they suddenly saw an object slowly descending through the overcast. It resembled one plate inverted over another, with flashing red, yellow and blue lights around the centre and a bright light shining up from the top, lighting up the clouds. They estimated the object was about 1.5km away and about 30m in diameter and that it was hovering about 200-300m below the cloud cover. The top light then went out and after about 30 seconds the object began to move slowly towards the group. When it had halved the distance it stopped again for about 10-12 seconds and then a white sphere dropped out of the bottom and sped away to the northwest, after a while descending at an angle before flattening out and speeding away. About 10 seconds later another sphere dropped out of the object, followed about a minute later by a third sphere, red this time, which descended to about 60m and sped overhead. The large object then slowly rose into the cloud cover. The whole episode occurred in complete silence. No effects were noticed on electrical equipment etc. 
  • Amateur UFOlogy News 29 p10 citing their own investigation

November 16 1973. 20130hrs.
A single witness observed a ball of fire hovering over a tree. No further details. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p81 case 1028 citing Awareness 3,1 p10

November 16 1973. 2145hrs.
Four teenagers (2 boys, 2 girls) saw a small object, which moved along at 3m altitude, occasionally going lower. It was a circular thing, with a luminous red underside. 
  • Ridge 1994 p43 citing UFOFC files

November 16 1973. 2300hrs.
High school student David Grosser was sat in his car on the Charleston-Empire Highway near Coos Bay when he saw a round grey object pass 10m above the trees. He rolled down his window but could hear no sound. He became frightened. 
  • ditto case 1029 citing Coos Bay World 21 November 1973
  • UFO Investigator January 1974 p4 gives date as 21 November

November 17 1973. 0130hrs.
Janice Boyd and Willa Selsor watched a large orange object, with a platform like structure, land. The thing emitted a strange noise and their dogs were upset. Both witnesses were very confused about what they had seen. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p82 case 1031 citing Southwest Times Record 18 November 1973.

November 17 1973. (Approximate Date) 0200hrs.
A 61 year old security guard observed a very bright yellow translucent object 15-30m out over Mobile Bay, and 90m from his own location. It was just 15cm above the water and was silent. The yellow area, which may have been the luminous portion of a larger, dark object, was about 1.5m square. The light jerked back and forth in a movement which reminded him of a hummingbird. He observed four silhouetted figures, 1.35-1.5m tall, who also jerked about in a corridor inside the object. A week earlier the witness had seen a blue light, and he observed an object every night for two weeks. In December 1973. he developed physical problems and died 18 months later. 
  • Webb 1976 pp21, 31 citing investigation by RF Boyd

November 18 1973. 1745hrs.
Miss G (24) and three other young women, the youngest aged 14, were driving from Tracy to Montreal along Rd 3 on this clear, starry evening, when they observed a luminous sphere, the apparent size of a water melon, hovering over a pylon some 400m ahead of their car. As they drove past the ball and pylon, going west, the sphere flew from left to right, flying over the St Lawrence River just to their right, and then proceeded to follow their car. The ball was white, with a slight yellow tinge, shone with a soft, sparkling light, and was surrounded by a thin halo. Its dimensions kept changing, but never went below the angular diameter of Venus. It seemed to come closer through uninhabited regions and retreat in populated districts. It generally kept to the same speed as the car, sometimes behind, sometimes by the side, sometimes ahead. At times it came below 10m, once as low as a telephone pole. Just before they arrived at Contrecour the object had ascended as a car passed at speed, but on the other side of town it came low in a field. At this point they were in a line of cars travelling at 95kph, but they had to slow down as each car passed through a sort of cloud. 

This cloud was the width of the road, as long as four car lengths and about the same height as the cars. As Miss G and her companions drove through it, they noticed an unusual silence bit no other affects. Just after they came out of the cloud they saw that a car which had overtaken them had fallen into the ditch on the right hand side of the road, but as they could not see the driver, they carried on. Just then they saw a small man standing on the white line in the middle of the road, performing some sort of sweeping action. He worse dark green clothes, a peak cap that covered much of his face; he was no more than 1.52m tall, with short legs and slim build. He seemed strangely unconcerned as they drove past him. A little further on there were two or three people in dark clothing who stood by the side of the road. The object continued to follow them until they reached the Louis -Hyppolite- La Fontaine tunnel, upon which it took off towards Montreal. When they returned along the route at 2030hrs. the red cloud was still there but nothing else was to be seen. 
  • Claude Macduff in UFO Register 7 pt1 p7 + British UFO Documentation Newsletter 4 p4 both citing Marc Leduc in UFO Quebec 1,3 citing his own investigation
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p184
  • Rutkowski in Rutkowski and Dittman 2006 p107

November 18 1973. 1915hrs.
A couple driving near Ottawa were followed by aluminous red ovoid object, which approached closer when they passed through deserted areas. The couple were very frightened. 
  • Claude MacDuff in UFO Register 7 pt1 p10

November 18 1973. 2230hrs.
A luminous object, shaped like an inverted pear hovered at 30m altitude above the Boulevard Industriel. The thing was surrounded by red and green flashing lights on both sides. After hovering motionless for 15 minutes the thing began to move slowly southwards and two similar objects joined it. Then all the lights and objects disappeared silently. 
  • Claude MacDuff in UFO Register 7 pt1 p11
November 18 1973. 2015hrs.
Mrs Fay Seeley, her sons Richard and Russell and Mrs Fay Hileman and her son Richard were driving on Hw 14 near Bremond when they saw a bright light, which then dimmed, low in the sky. Later the object appeared on first one side of their car and then the other, darting faster than the eye could follow. This object followed them, dimmed out, got brighter and then disappeared. At the Brazos River Bridge the thing reappeared again, at treetop height, as if to land. Mrs Seeley then turned the car around but the object kept following them, keeping pace but when another car approached the thing took off. It was round, with one point on the top and two on the bottom and was bright enough to cast shadows on the highway. 
  • Skylook 77 p13 citing Rosebud News 22 November 1973
  • Skylook 76 p15 citing Dallas Times-Herald 20 November 1973.

November 19 1973.
Farmer Joao Rodrigues Tera (25) and his farm hand Djalman da Silva Faques (22) were driving to the farmer’s house (Cavora Farm, about 50km from Sidrolandia), when they observed a strange low white cloud and then a bright orange oval object, 12m diameter. It was 1m above the ground and 30m away. It had a cap on the top and bottom, the surface was shiny and metallic, with a luminous fan shaped beam directed upwards from the top. The object continuously changed colours. They had difficulty starting their pickup truck and then could only crawl along as the machine paced them at a distance of 30m, for 10 minutes. Faques, the passenger, observed the object closely and could clearly see a small human figure inside. The truck functioned normally after the object had gone away, but its new battery failed three days later and could not be recharged. 
  • Webb 1976 pp20, 31 citing SBEDV Special Bulletin p61 + O Dia (Rio) 9 December 1973.

November 19 1973.
A strange object was seen on or just above the ground. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers 85 p38

Late November 1973. Day.
Near Albermarle, a hunter who did not wish his name to be used, observed a machine like two inverted saucers on the ground 50m away. It was 4.5-6m in diameter, silvery, with black marks like scratches on it. Two beings were collecting leaves, pieces of wood and samples of water from the stream. The hunter remained hidden until the entities boarded the craft. He left before the object did, but no traces were found when he returned. 
  • Webb 1976 pp21, 31, 69 citing letter from witness to CUFOS

Late November 1973.
A local resident saw something like a helicopter without a tail, with four struts on its underside, moving down a valley at treetop height towards the lake. 

  • Cochrane 1980 p121

Late November 1973. 
An actress, porter and barman saw, just after sunset, two fiery globes, which came down from the sky at terrific speed and hovered over them at very low altitude for a few moments before moving away in separate directions. The actress fainted in terror.
  • Awareness 3,1 p12 citing Luigi Guarrera

November 21 1973.
Hubert Young saw a ball of fire pass in front of his cart and hit the ground. A deep grove was found and the grass was burnt. 
  • Phillips 1975 p97 case 641 citing Altus Times-Democrat 21 November 1973.

November 21 1973. 1930hrs
Gracia Unger and others saw a slow moving object, shaped like a brick with its ends worn off, land in the River Brazos channel, near Farm Road 979 near Calvert. A dimly lit some was just visible on top. A second, similar, object also landed in the river channel. The lights on both of these went out and they submerged. There were numerous other UFO in the next week or so. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p82 case 1039 citing Calvert Tribune 20 December 1973.+Flying Saucers 85 p40 + Saga UFO Report Spring 1975 p23 
  • Sifakis1979a p42)

November 21 1973. 2100hrs.
A high school student was starting her car after finishing her part time job, when she heard three musical tones. She next recalled coming to on a dark road, near a closed road sign. She saw a red light moving in the sky backwards and forwards. Terrified she drove off and eventually reached home at 0015hrs. She developed nightmares about being held down by small beings. These faded after a time but returned in 1988. Her daughter had a dream in which saw her taken out by small beings. 
  • Swords 2005 p102 citing John Timmerman

November 21 1973.
2305hrs. (YONNE : FRANCE)
At an undisclosed location Mrs C was driving along when she saw a red light in front of her car. This light came from a disc shaped object surmounted by a cupola 7-8 diameter hovering 5m above the ground. Mrs C drove under the object. There may have been other witnesses. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Phen Spax 38 p30

November 21 1973.
A Catholic priest and members of the Provincial Police saw strange objects leaving Domtar’s limestone quarry. 
  • UFO Register 7 pt,1 p12 citing Claude Macduff

November 22 1973. 0200hrs.
Mrs J P was unable to sleep and went into the kitchen to smoke, without switching on the light as the room was lit by a nearby street light. Her attention suddenly attracted by a white object outside her window and she went to look through the very low window. Outside, she saw a being 1.2m tall, with a round head, two very bright eyes, which were three times the normal size, but with no visible nose or mouth. Around the head there was a sort of fiery halo, and laces around its neck. The creature’s shoulders sloped right down from its head at 45 degrees. Mrs P was not afraid and was so captivated by its beauty that she could not move away. After about 15 seconds it went away, and she now realised that it had been something very strange and went to wake her husband. Mr P found no traces of the being, but the dog was lying on the ground in terror. The following night their cat was agitated kept going to the window where the creature had been and keeping unusually close to the family. 
  • Claude Macduff in UFO Register 7,1 p12 citing Wido Hoville in UFO Quebec 1,2 citing own investigation
  • Skylook 77 p9
  • Webb 1978 p21, 21
  • UFO Register 5, 1 p82 case 1042 + British UFO Documentation Centre Newsletter 4 p8 both citing Canadian UFO Report 3,1 p21 and other sources
  • West and Jefferis 1978 p69
  • Rutkowski in Rutkowski and Dittman 2006 p108

November 24 1973. 2355hrs.
Peter Hildebrand and a friend were fishing on the army ground beach at Grain, opposite Southend, when they noticed a light like a Tilly Lamp coming towards them from about 2km out to sea. At first they thought that it was a fishing boat and did not take much notice of it. Looking to their right, a few minutes later, they saw that the light was in line with the beach, at about the height of an army lookout tower. They then realised that it was turning and coming towards them. It came within 55-65m of them and they saw that it was disc, which reminded them of a giant clay pigeon, with a dome on top, in which there were several windows that emitted a powerful light. The thing itself appeared to be of a dirty grey colour. After hovering above the pair for 5-6 minutes, the object moved off along the beach towards Sheerness at walking speed. 
  • J Castle and Laurence Dale in BUFORA Journal 6,12 p 15 citing their own investigation
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p173 citing above + Southend-on-Sea UFO Group

November 25 1973. 2245hrs.
A young man was returning home when his bicycle developed a flat tire. The night was clear and starry and an intense glimmer to his eft caught his attention. In the sky he saw two white lights, located over a smaller red one. They twinkled for two seconds and appeared to be part of some larger object. This object progressed towards the cyclist, in a series of jerks, down from 90m to 15m. The young man now saw that the thing was circular, luminous, metallic looking and was the apparent size of a car. It was surmounted by a dome, with red light on top and a white light on its circumference, which light made an orbit every two seconds. Frightened, he abandoned his bicycle and hid behind a nearby garden wall from where he observed the object take off at a running pace, in the same jerky fashion. The witness then grabbed his bicycle and ran home, where he alerted his parents, who observed the lights through the window for 5 minutes. 
  • Claude MacDuff in UFO Register 7,1 p17 citing investigation by Marc Leduc
  • British UFO Documentation Centre Bulletin 4 p11 citing Leduc op cit

November 26 1973. 0100hrs.
A couple parked on the Canourge road saw a white metallic looking hemispherical object, about 15m diameter, in snow covered fields 100m away. A dark opening appeared in the thing and three beings, about 1.2m tall with large heads protruding eyes with prominent whites, just holes for a nose, narrow mouths and bulging cheeks. They were each carrying a dark box with a sort of round screen in their unusually long arms, and walked slowly and stiffly to within 15m of the couple. Behind them, close to the object, stood two human looking figures about 2m tall, with light complexions and shoulder length blond hair, dressed in similar once piece suits. Close by the opening stood a squat, “ape like” figure covered in fur. The young woman was so afraid that she left her friend’s car and ran back to her own, parked nearby, and jumped in. At this the various figures stopped and they entered the object, squat one, followed by the humans and then the dwarfs, the latter running so fast that it looked as though they were flying. The dark opening disappeared and the thing took off, becoming a brilliant shiny colour as it did so, rising vertically to about 10m and then shot off to the west, becoming orange, blue and red respectively, as it disappeared to a point. The woman just observed the thing take off. The witnesses did not hang around but next day Mrs Michel and her children found strange tracks in their garden at Maubeuge about 1.75km away. 
  • Alberto Rosales in Anomalist 12 p145 citing investigation by Joel Mesnard + Jean Marie Bigorne
  • Nunnelly 2011 p220

November 26 1973.
Two racoon hunters had just released their dogs in a wooded area when they noticed a large red-orange spherical light across a field at low altitude. They were prevented from approaching further by a herd of cattle. The dogs passed the cattle and jumped into the truck, refusing to leave it. The men then drove on to Hw65, the red sphere pacing the truck along the narrow gravel road. When they reached the highway they saw another reddish sphere hovering toward the south. This second object was joined by the first and they both moved away at high speed. The younger man’s father also saw the objects, which were flying near top and parallel to a high voltage wire from a distance of 800m. 
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 75 p13

November 29 1973. 1930hrs.
Darrel Nickels (19), a carpenter, was driving on a rural road near Dead Woman’s Crossing when he saw an illuminated aerial object, which eh first thought was a helicopter. The thing was hovering 9m to one side of and above the crossing. Darrel approached to within less than 10m and was able to observe that the object 5-6m wide, 2.7-3m high, with a silvery dome containing about 30 flashing red, white and blue lights. Around the bottom third of the object was a dark band, Darrel shut off his engine and watched the silent object for three minutes, until a bright light appeared from the thing’s side, at which he drove off north rapidly. Up to 40 other people phoned the police about lights in the sky. 
  • Skylook 8 p15 citing Weatherford News 30 November 1973.

November 30 1973. 1845hrs.
Michael Currie (16) saw a strange object, about 6-8m long, hovering above his house. It had pointed ends and a row of five windows along its side, through which a brilliant light was shining. Through these windows, he could see three occupants, one at the rear of the first window, a second on the far side, and a third walking past the front window. He could only see their upper halves, but saw that they were wearing grey suits and were humans with shoulder length blond hair. The thing was moving at walking pace and then took off at an altitude of 12m above a neighbouring house. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p176 citing Internet source

December 1973. (Approximate Date)
Mr and Mrs D L were followed home in their car by an egg shaped object, which directed a powerful light on the as they drove through the Bazos bottomlands into Calvert. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p92 case 1189 citing Saga UFO Report Spring 1975 p89

December 1973. (Approximate Date)
Alfred and Helen Conitz saw a flat pie-plan shaped object moving erratically in the sky from their outskirts home It was observed for 30 minutes and appeared as thought it was about to land at one point. 
  • ibid p 93 case1193 citing ibid

December 1973.
Paul Amichetti was driving his girlfriend, Catherine Kear to her aunt’s in Dedham when near the edge of town they observed an extremely bright light hovering at treetop level. Paul detoured and followed the light as it travelled through the town. After several minutes they got within a couple of hundred metres and stopped. The thing then turned on its side and began approaching, at which they backed away. Now back on their original route they saw that the object was now pacing the car. Paul got out, and as he did so the object stopped and rose into the sky silently. Paul got back into the car and when he looked again the object had gone. Police also observed red lights, like inverted cups, over a swampy area. 
  • UFO Investigator April. 1974 p2

December 1973.
A man observed, through binoculars, an object like “an old fashioned lamp shade”, 9m long, hovering about 30m above the water. 
  • Skylook 77 p7 citing Auckland Sunday News 6 January 1974

December 1 1973. 1900hrs.
A woman who did not want her name given and her 13 year old daughter were driving along Rt33 when the girl saw lights in the sky, which she thought were on a helicopter. The object then descended towards their car, circled to the left and paced it at 55 kph. The thing was a shiny, silvery, cigar shaped object, with a green light at one end, a red light at the other and a pulsating white light in the centre, which was so bright that the woman had trouble seeing the road,. She felt as though the object was photographing her and her heart rate became rapid, though she did not feel excessively frightened. The light stayed fixed on the car for at least 35 minutes, during which the object, the same size as their Buick, made no noise. The object then went quickly across the meridian of the divided highway, head back straight for the car and then pulled up and ascended into the sky. The episode lasted ab out an hour. Both the woman and her daughter felt extremely elated after the object had left. 
  • Mrs Geri Wilhelm in Skylook 75, p9

December 2 1973. 0530hrs.
Two fishermen, Georges Jean (33) and his son Noel (180 went to the beach to retrieve their nets at low tide. When they arrived they saw a very bright object hovering directly over the area, at ground level, where their nets were spread. They pair walked towards the thing, until, they were 150m away, where it became much brighter and they felt paralysed by fear. The thing now appeared as an intense yellow window 2.5m long, 1,5m wide, emitting a conical beam, directed towards the ground, its light resembling that of a stove. The Jeans continued with their work, trying not to think of the strange light but then it changed suddenly. The yellow light was turned off and over the area where it had been hovering there was now a small blue-green sphere resembling s soccer ball, which got smaller and disappeared from view. Georges refused to out of the house after this incident. There was a possible radar confirmation of this event and a local ham radio enthusiast noted his set was blocked for 10 minutes at this time. A couple of months earlier Noel and his brother in law had seen three yellow spheres over the same beach. 
  • Vallee 1975 p51 citing investigation by Janine Vallee
  • Bourret 1977 p555 citing investigation by Charles Melingue
  • FSR 20,1 p32 citing Courrier de l’Ouest 7 December 1973.

December 2 1973. 0620hrs.
Rita France saw a very low moving egg shaped, object in the sky and her dog became very agitated. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p85 case 1087 citing GESAG
  • Jacques Bonabot citing SOBEPS 14

December 2 1973. 2515hrs.
Mrs Jay R Hodges looked out of her window and saw an orange glow. She called her husband and they both saw a 60-90m long, red-orange shape floating above the tree level. It was a hemisphere, with a flat top and rounded bottom, like an inverted bowl. Mt Hodges, a one-time aircraft observed the object for 7-8 minutes. It glowed as if illuminated by an internal fire. At the end of the observation it slowly moved away. 
  • Skylook 76 p15 citing Warrensburg Star-Journal 11 December 1973.

December 3 1973. 2030hrs. 
Francisco Ferraro Bejarano (51), a wealthy landowner was driving on his farm with one of his workers, on their way to the nearby town of Almonte. The worker pointed his boss’s attention to a light that they first thought was on a tractor. They then saw that it was a rectangular light, 1.2m tall, 65cm wide, with fuzzy edges. The top part was a contained intense red light, the lower quarter a pulsating orange. From each side of the rectangle there projected downwards an orange ray, which was about 2m long, They got within 150m of this hovering object. After 20-30 minutes Francisco got out of the car with a flashlight and the light moved away towards the south-west, becoming hidden by eucalyptus trees. The object was silent and always stayed 2m above the ground. The night was clear with no wind or fog. 
  • Ballester 1976 p42 case 168 citing investigation by Manuel Osuna and colleagues

December 3 1973. 2330hrs.
Mrs Jeanette Cornell was driving near her home when she saw a glowing mushroom shaped object, the size of a house, orange in colour, hovering just on the treetops off Pincherry Road. The thing had no direct rays and though her window was turned down Jeanette heard no sound from it. She was so startled that she drove off. 
  • Skylook 76 p20 citing Petosky News-Review 4 December 1973.

December 4 1973. 
At an undisclosed location a woman and her two sons, who did not wish their names to be used, observed an unidentified object land near a wood and then suddenly take off. 
  • Awareness 3,1 p13 citing Luigi Guarrera

December 5 1973. 2125hrs.
Near Carnegie, Mr Cornelison and two other men in a car saw a being with flashing lights on him approach the car. The being wore red pants and a welder’s type mask. Another man reported seeing the being and a glowing white light down a wide road. 
  • Webb 1976 pp21, 31 citing Tulsa World 6 December 1973.

December 6 1973. 1845hrs.
Two teenage boys, Fernand P (14) and Jean-Paul D went on their mopeds to the ancient chapel of Saint-Baudile on a hill 5km from the village, to test their machines on the hills slopes. The lads found the chapel apparently lit by orange floodlights. Dismounting and walking a bit further on,, they saw a circular, aluminium coloured, metallic looking thing standing on legs and with a light that flashed alternately red and white going around it. It had a cupola on top of which was a sort of protuberance that was more brightly lit than the rest of the thing, and the thing emitted a slight hum, like that of an electric motor. The boys were almost paralysed with fear and when a double sliding door opened in the thing’s side and a small ladder unrolled, they jumped back on their mopeds and drove for home. As they did so, the object pursued them, lighting up the sky with its orange glow, though they did not look back to take in any details.

Back in the village they informed three other boys, Thierry C, Jean R and Jean Y, who went to the site but were too afraid of the orange glow to investigate any further. The boys’ story brought out some locals to investigate. In one car was Mr Antoine Bas, his two sons, daughter and son-in-law, who drove up to within 300m of the chapel, where they saw a round luminous object that appeared to be about to land, but which took off towards Sete. They followed it the car and saw it once more. Many other motorists also saw the thing and stopped. The time was now 2200hrs. In another car were Jean Rodriguez Snr, and five boys, including his son. They closely examined the landing site by the light of their car headlights and saw freshly made marks; 4 holes 30cm wide, 1.3m apart set in a square. On one side of the square were two smaller holes a few centimetres deep and closer together, which appeared to have been made by a ladder. The area appeared to have been swept, as if by a blast. Mr Bas returned on the night of the 8th at 2300hrs. and again saw a great red glow. Fernand was extremely shaken and had nightmares on the night of the incident. 
  • FSR 20, 1 piii citing Midi Libre 22 December 1973.

December 7 1973. Early.
Two deer hunters were camping at Steele Creek near Bremond saw a tremendous object hovering over them. One hunter fired at the object repeatedly with his rifle and could hear his bullets strike the underside with a metallic sounding noise. The object then rose up into the sky silently and swiftly, 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p91 case1126a citing Saga UFO Report Spring 1975 p69_

December 7 1973. 2015hrs.
Several people observed a multi-coloured object at very low altitude.
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p99 case 1125 citing Warrnesburg Star-Journal 11 December 1973.

December 9 1973. (Approximate Date)
Marin Riley was driving back to the family caravan on the dead-end Quakers Road, which he and his father used as a base for their bulldozing in the area. East along Quakers Road, about 2km from the caravan, Martin saw a yellow light, like a headlight, above a new tractor in the paddock alongside the road, Martin continued toward the light and when about 300m from it, the thing moved off parallel to the road. The light was about 60cm across, and though he was travelling at 65kph, seemed to keep the same distance ahead about 2.5m above the paddocks. Martin found this experience rather disturbing but carried on to get to the caravan. A sandbank about 2.5m high now blocked the light’s path but it just cleared the bank and was lost to view. When Martin turned the next bend the light was waiting for him some distance ahead. The light then began to move again and when Martin next looked for it, after negotiating g a gateway, it had disappeared. 
  • WK Roberts et al in FSR 21,3-4, p48
  • Basterfield 1981 p99 citing TUFOIC files
  • Evaluation : Distant light, either ground light or astronomical low on the horizon

December 10 1973. 1820hrs.
Two women down Rte CD 119 between Sulley-sur-Loire and Ouzouer observed, for about 20 minutes, a conical object, base 5m, height 2.5m on the lower part of which was a triangle of red flashing lights, with a steady white light ion the centre. The thing was travelling at a height of 20m. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Republique Centre Ouest 13 December 1973.

December 10 1973. 2030hrs.
Friedrich Lennartz (33), landlord of the alpine hut on the peak of Mt Hochries (1569m), was sat having dinner with his porter, Peter Zettle (29), when, through the window, Peter saw a sort of fiery light over Mt Geigelstein (1808m) and Friedrich’ a attention to it. This light was so brilliant that it illuminated the ground around it. They first thought that it might be an emergency flare, or a hut on fire, but through binoculars it resolved itself into a vertical egg shaped object, with the upper end more pointed, which was stood on the snow near the mountain cross, from the dimensions of which, Friedrich was able to estimate the dimensions of the object as 9m wide, 12-14m wide. Its upper third resembled a yellowish dome and rotating coloured lights sped round the outer part of the body and circumference. Despite this curious shape the men went into aircraft emergency procedure, signalling the object with the hotel lights and began to contact other 11m band users in the Munich-Rosenheim area, with his powerful equipment. At 2050hrs. F fired a rocket signal and the object responded by emitting a pinky-red glow and slowly rising, clearing the mountains in 4-5 minutes, rising 200m to do so., glowing red all over, except for the yellow cupola. The object dashed towards the hut., F noticing static on his carrier wave as it did so, while the operators listening in noted the his signal was getting stronger. This interference was compared by some stations to that of a jammer. Within 10 seconds the object had travelled 5-6 kilometres i.e. at supersonic speed) and had landed on the slopes Klausenberg, less than 2km away, descending from 1800-1550m. They could now see the lights running around its outer edge again and that the dome resembled a sort of Perspex cockpit, through which a white light was shining and being made yellow. Three or four dark ledges reached down from the object’s apex to the lower rim of the cabin, giving the effect of a glared crew cabin.

Below the rim four rows of pulsating coloured lights, whirled round the dark body, red, green, blue, white anti-clockwise, like the strobe lights of a discotheque. At the circumference another light went round the thing clockwise. They had a vague impression that the thing had a grey- metallic surface. After 30 seconds the object took off and made a right angled turn in the direction of Klausenalm hut in Austrian territory. Two to three minutes later they saw it hovering 10-30m above a high pasture between Klaustenberg and Zinnenberg. The static on the receiver continued and they turned off the set. At 2100hrs. F;s dogs whimpered to get in. Nothing further happened until, 2340hrs. when F fired another signal rocket, at which the object took off at tremendous speed, inclined slightly to the west. Within 30 seconds the thing was down to a point source of light and within 5 minutes it had gone. Reception then became clear again. There were several other, independent, witnesses to an orange-yellow light in the Hochries direction.
  • Adolf Schnieder, Ernest Berger et al in FSR 21, 1 p22 citing their own investigation

December 11 1973. 1830hrs.
Mrs Nita Smitherman was driving with her grandson Brent R(4) on the Old Hearne Road, north of Calvert when the boy began to insist that there was a “spaceship” in their pasture, near the calf pen. When Nita looked she saw an oval object, the outline of which was blurred by very bright flashing red lights. The oval was surmounted by a sort of tower, on top of which was an even more intense red light. At either ends of the object were antennae which seemed to gather and project the red light in a pulsating motion. The light on its west end was huge and maroon. Nita drove into the yard and called her husband. When he came outside and neared the fence, the object made a whooshing sound and took off faster than the eye could follow. It settled down again in the distance, behind some trees. An oval area of depressed grass was found, with white ash. 
  • Skylook 76 p20 citing Calvert Tribune 20 December 1973
  • Phillips 1975 pp98 case 727 citing Canadian UFO Report 17

December 12 1973. (Approximate Date)
Wayne Gerard and his wife saw a very low moving saucer shaped object of huge size from Interstate near Wilsonville 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p91 case 1174 citing Lebanon Express 13 December 1973

December 13 1973.
Racing driver and sports journalist Claude Vorilhon was driving in the countryside outside Clemont when he felt an impulse to visit the Auvergne Volcanoes park. He walked up to the Pui de Lassola crater. Here he saw a flashing red light through the fog, which he first thought was a helicopter, and when he heard no sound, thought might be a balloon. He then saw the thing, which was at about 20m altitude was a flattened bell shaped object, which was slowly descending. The red light was on the underside and on the top was a bright white light. The object descended to within 1m from the ground and an openig appeared, through which a small being about 1.35m tall, with almond shaped eyes, long black hair and short black beard, emerged. The being was dressed in a green one piece suit and a peculiar halo surrounded its face. The two held a conversation in French, which set Claude on the road to creating a new religion. 
  • Marc Letournea in International UFO Library Magazine 1, 3 p24

December 13 1973. 2110hrs..
Patrick T (16) was driving towards a friend’s house when he saw what looked a plane going down and drove down Manatee Avenue to investigate. At the second bridge over the Braden River his car lights illuminated an object hovering 6-8m above the river. The thing appeared to be 6-7.5m diameter and about 3,5m thick, with a sort of projection going down into the water. Patrick returned to his car and took several photographs with a flash and illumination from his car headlights. After 4-5 minutes the projection withdrew and the object moved towards Patrick, making loud clanking noises. As it did so, it changed to a pale green blue around the undersides. The object came within 5m and Patrick retreated to 15m from the thing. The object then passed less than 3m over his car and dropped several objects, some into the water. The object became red orange and progressed into the infra-red as it accelerated away. Two “metallic rocks” were recovered from the site. Other witnesses reported a bright light in the area. 
  • Skylook 79 p4 citing investigation by Larry Moyers + press report
  • Evaluation : Skylook concluded that a combination of unconvincing photographs, dubious physical evidence, contradictions in stories told by various alleged witnesses and the background of the main witness all suggested a hoax

December 13 1973. 2320hrs.
Bryce Maritano (18) and Tom Villalobos were driving home from visiting friends. They rounded a bend on a deserted road and spotted a glowing light, which they first thought was a car accident. They stopped less than 5m away and were about to get out when they realised that it was an unusual object 9m long, 2.5-3m wide and about 4m high, which appeared to be nothing more than a pulsating, opalescent orange light source. This changed their minds and after 30 seconds they drove away. 
  • UFO Investigator February 1974 p4

December 14 1973. 2145hrs.
Two Vietnam war veterans, Lance Mathias (23), by then a biology student and Mike Anderson (29) by then a computer programmer, were driving in a Chevrolet van along Hw 101 in open country. They spotted an amber sphere, from the underside of which protruded a black conical appendage. This projected a red beam that hit the ground, throwing up dirt and earth. The object was hovering about 1.5km away at about 250m altitude. The cone was then drawn up into the sphere and became surrounded by a cloud of vapour. The sphere then took off at 60 degrees at terrific speed. Where the beam had hit the ground, was a glowing oval area 7.5m long, 3m wide, the perimeter of which was glowing red, then yellow. The centre was not glowing at all. After about 15 minutes the glow faded and the men were swallowed up in the darkness. At this point Lance and Mike were about 10m apart when Lance shone his beam on two cylindrical shapes, about 6m high, with crankily aluminium skins and almost humanoid shapes, who appeared to be waving their arms below waist level and appeared to have a luminosity where eyes should be. They were about 15m away. Lance yelled and dropped to one knee, at which Mike caught a glimpse of them. When he shone the flashlight in that direction again the objects had gone. Soil samples were taken from the site.
  • Skylook 75 p9 citing Santa Anna Register 2 January 1974 and Stringfield 1978b p132 both citing investigation by Robert Klinn and David Branch
  • Webb 1976 pp21, 31
  • Phillips 1975 p98

December 16 1973. 20130hrs.
A boy in this village in the Mislinja Valley observed a great ball of fire rotating and hovering over a large old tree. After a while the boy became afraid and went home. 
  • Awareness 3, 1 p10 citing Vincent Strmenik

December 19 1973.
A truckload of workmen on the Eugene Gibson were paced buy an object at treetop height, which stopped when they stopped when they stopped ,reversed when they reversed and moved forward when they moved forward. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt1 p89 case 11433 citing Saga UFO Report Spring 1975 p68
  • Evaluation: Almost certainly astronomical

December 19 1973. 1845hrs.
Mr Gerrard (or Gerard) (15) was hurrying to meet his girlfriend on a clear frosty night, when about 200m away, he saw an object dropping down from a steep bank topped by trees. It moved slowly, hugging the contours of the ground, crossed the road, rose up the parapet of the bridge and then dropped down the main electric railway track, whereupon it streaked away at high speed. The object was a solid looking blue sphere, 30-60cm in diameter, which emitted a faint buzzing sound. At its closest it came within 20m. 
  • NUFON News 59 p8 citing investigation by Ted Horton and Stephen Banks

December 20 1973. 1530hrs.
Zoran Tomac observed a gold coloured saucer shaped object descend to ground level near Podvinke Hill, and saw a “mechanical arm with a hand” emerge from it and scoop up some fallen snow. Unusual markings were found at the site. 
  • UFO Register 5,1 p89 case 1146 citing Vecernnji-List 24 December 1973.

Mid December 1973. 0200hrs.
Mr V. M. (28) got up to go to the outside toilet in the dark, using a torch so as not to wake his wife. When he reached the kitchen he heard a sound like a shovel hitting the ground and saw a greenish light through a gap in the curtains. Looking through the widow, he saw at the other end of the garden a little being, 1.1m tall, wearing a one piece suit that emitted a green luminosity, whose back was toward him, in three quarters profile. The being was of medium build with head, arms and legs of normal appearance. The suit appeared to be made of a bright sparkling polyester, and he wore a transparent globular helmet, from the rear of which a tube led down to a pack on his back, stretching from the waist to the shoulder blades. The suit appeared to have no stitching, buttons, pockets, nor fasteners. The being wore a belt and a small bright red box on its abdomen (belt 3-4cm wide, box 8cm long, 3-4cm wide) that emitted a constant red light. The dwarf’s trousers were baggy towards the bottom and were thrust into small close fitting boots, which resembled the rest of the uniform, its hands covered by gloves. It was surrounded by a luminous halo from head to foot that partially illuminated the surroundings. The entity made no sound and the witness could not see any signs of respiration. It was holding a devise which resembled a vacuum cleaner or mine detector, which was passing over a heap of bricks that M had gathered at the end of the garden. This instrument had a box and a long handle. The small being appeared to have difficulty in getting about, moving slowly with a waddle and bending its knees slightly, as if unused to the weight.

At this point M flashed his torch at the being, whereupon it turned around, turning the whole body, as if its neck was stiff. M was unable to see any nose or mouth, but could see pointed ears and very large, bright, oval eyes, yellow in colour, surrounded by a green rim. When the being closed its eyelids, it seemed to darken its face, and it seemed to answer the flashes with flashes from its box, and gave the witness a V sign with its index and second fingers. It then turned around again and headed for the back wall, which it proceed to walk up in the same stiff manner. Reaching the top of the 5m wall, it walked down the other side in the same way. Four minutes or so later a vivid halo of white light appeared beyond the wall and M heard a sound like a faint chirping. Then a round object appeared, a few metres beyond the wall. This object, 5m in diameter, phosphorescent orange in colour and surmounted by a cupola emitting a green light, hovered just above the wall for four minutes, The lower part of the object was claret coloured and on it were three lights, blue, yellow and red in line, which two or three times in sequence. On the periphery of the machine was what looked like a shower of sparks being thrown out from the rim. Beneath the transparent dome, M could see the entity, bathed in blue-green light. On the hull of the craft, below the dome, M could make out an emblem, a black circle transverced by a diagonal lightning flash. The object now rose 20m, began to rock to and fro, the sparks still coming from it, while the chirping got louder, becoming a hiss as the object accelerated into the sky, leaving a trail of sparks. He felt quite calm during all of this, and afterwards prepared himself a light snack and went back to bed. He woke neither his wife, nor his cousin staying with them. No traces were found and there were no other witnesses. 
  • FSR 20,5 p13 translating from Jean-Luc Vertongen in INFORSPACE no 18
  • Lorenzen 1975 p133
  • Steiger 1978 p54
  • Webb 1976 pp21,31 citing FSR
  • Canadian UFO Report 3,8 p8

December 23 1973. 1000hrs.
Thenia Rodriguez (23) was in her suburban home with her 9 month old daughter, doing the household tasks. She went out to hang washing and noticed a light coming from something like a hubcap in the sky. She was too busy to take much notice but on going back in, on turning the radio on she noticed it was filled with static. Going to the door to investigate Thenia was confronted by a humanoid in a one piece suit, its face lacking nose and mouth and just having two large eye sockets. The top of its head was covered by a helmet. She lost consciousness, coming to an hour later. When her husband arrived home he found her hysterical with fear. Under hypnotic regression in 1975 she recalled being taken to a gorge where there was a triangular object emitting a clicking sound. She watched it for 15 minutes and then was “ordered” to return to her house. 
  • Corrales 1998 p32 citing investigation by CEOVNI

December 25 1973.
A strange object was seen at low level and a circular area of grass was covered with spherical charcoal like particles. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p190 citing UFOIC
  • Evaluation : The residue was probably leaf smut

December 25 1973. 1830hrs.
Chauffer Joaquin Ojeda was driving back to Almonte from a hunting trip when, passing a place called “La Canada”, he saw what looked like two discoid objects 1m diameter and 30m apart, gliding 5m above the treetops 150m away. The things had a strong orange colour but did not light up the ground and they had no odour. Ojedas got out of the car and watched them almost 30 minutes, during which they made some very smooth turns. He heard a sound like high tension wires vibrating in the wind. Ojeda then got back into the car in order to drive underneath the objects, which then, however, accelerated suddenly away, moving several kilometres in a few seconds. He got the impression that they were lights on some dark, unseen object. The second disc appeared to be 1m high than the first. 
  • Ballester 1976 p42 case 169 citing investigation by Manuel Osuna

December 28 1973. 1905hrs.
Hans Fritz (21), his mother Hedwig (49) and brother Gerhard (16) were grilling hot dogs a few metres uphill behind their house when a huge fiery object dashed at lightning speed just below the treetops to the south west, in the direction of Buchegg, 3km away. The thing then dashed back and disappeared, and then came again performed the same sequence at irregular intervals. It was 1.5m times the angular diameter of the moon and too fast to be a car headlight. Hans drove to Buchegg but could see nothing. His mother reported that the sequence continued for another 30 minutes, the intervals between performances lengthening until they stopped altogether. This was just one of s great number of UFO experiences involving this family. 
  • Ernest Berger in FSR 21,5 p26 citing his own investigation

December 29 1973. 1800hrs.
High school student Steve was driving home with his friend John through a heavily wooded area, about 3km northwest of Flippin. About 100m from an intersection they saw a white light, which they first thought was a reflection. The thing rose to just above the treetops and came towards them, descending to less than 5m above them,. It was a spherical light 2.5-3m diameter, the outer fringes had a translucent appearance, while the centre was a much brighter white light, which gave the impression of being solid. Both Steve and John became frightened and John, who was driving accelerated, upon which the object went straight up. There were no unusual effects on the car. 
  • Skylook 75 p5 citing investigation Lawrence Willett

December 30 1973. 0440hrs.
Roger Hawthorne observed a blue-white light, angular diameter of the moon fly at very low altitude over Gibson Way. 
  • UFO Register 5 pt.1 p90 case 1164 citing Albany Democrat Herald 31 December 1973

December 301973. 1720hrs.
A fiery green object apparently landed in the vicinity of Interstate 5 near Albany. 
  • ibid case 1166 citing Cornville Gazette Times 31 December 1972.

December 31 1973. 0700hrs.
MR Jean Lifooghe, a grocer, was driving between La Basse and Lens on the way to market at Haisnes, along National Highway 347, when he saw, 100m to his right, two headlights stationary on the ground. Jena drove on but suddenly the lights moved towards him and then turned away abruptly. Jean though it was a vehicle which had overtaken him but when he had gone another 200m and turned a corner he saw a huge glow in a field. At a distance, various said to be 100-400m away, stood a huge vertical cylindrical object, like a rocket, 30-50m tall. When Jean began to walk towards the thing it began to rock from side to side and increase in luminosity, changing from orange-red to a blinding white before taking off in to the sky at terrific speed. Jean the continued on his journey. On his way back he examined the site in the field. There he found a group of small footprints, the size of those of a 10 year old boy converging on a fresh basin shaped depression in the ground. At this spot gendarmes found three small holes, which made an isosceles triangle with bases 8.8m and sides 4.7m, these holes were 10cm diameter but could not find the footprints. Jean also claimed that a UFO group had found ionisation at the site. 
  • Bourret 1974 citing investigation by Euloge Boissonnade
  • FSR 2,2 p.iv citing Le Meridional 1 January 1974 + Le Soir 2 Jan1974
  • MUFON UFO Journal 106 p19 citing Nostradamus 202
  • UFO Register 5,1, p90 case 1169 citing above+ Saga UFO Report Autumn 1974 p8

December 31 1973. 2220hrs.
Jacques Bauge was driving with his wife and son and they were just entering Mettray when they suddenly saw two shining balls about 30m ahead, zigzagging to and fro at low altitude. 
  • Jacques Bonabot + FSR 20,1 p.iv Le Soir 2 January 1974

December 31 1973. 2300hrs.
During a thunder four people saw a moon like object in the sky, and then a large yellow cigar shaped object in a paddock near the house. The glow faded and small lights were seen. The witnesses claimed that there was damage to a tree, house paint, a fridge etc, and that they suffered after affects. None of this could be confirmed. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p190 citing TUFOIC
  • Evaluation : Ball lightning?