Early Summer 1974 (or following year) 2200hrs.
A man, considered a respected member of his community, coming out of an underpass saw a circular object about 50m diameter, with red lights that seemed to circulate in time with a whirring sound. The object paced him at 15-25kph, and at 30m altitude rising to avoid trees from time to time before speeding away. The man then saw next to the roadway a 1.2m tall humanoid dressed in a silvery suit, with antennae 27.5-30cm long on its head, and a sort of holster on its belt. As the man drove off at about 100- 105kph. As he did so the strange being outpaced him, extending its lead from 12m to 30m, and then it scrambled into dense bushes. 
  • Miles 2000 p270.

Summer 1974.
John Martin and his brother were playing on a football pitch when she saw a luminous silvery cigar shaped object, with five shapes like portholes and a dome at the “blunt end”, from which a wire or rope was hanging. The thing was about 10m above the ground and moved off following the contours of the ground. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p238.
  • Evaluation: Not revealed for 30+ years. Helicopter?
Summer 1974.
A commercial traveller, parked near the Feather’s Hotel, saw a teenager girl wearing a see-through blouse and miniskirt walk right through his car and disappear. 
  • Green 1980 p136.
  • Evaluation: Wishful thinking?

Summer 1974.
On two occasions a boy fishing in the Columbia River just east of Stevenson, saw a humanoid creature standing up to its waist in the water. On both occasions the thing just walked away. 
  • Byrne 1975 p61.

July 1974. Morning.
Jack Cochran (43) was working a crane in a logging operation when his attention was caught by a humanoid figure about 60m away at the edge of the trees, where no-one should have been for safety reasons. He looked back to confirm his co-workers Fermin Osborne and J C Rourke were safely behind the crane. Jack shaded his eyes with his crane jib and now saw that the figure was a massive, dark, muscular figure 1.8-2m tall covered by thick black hair. As Jack watched the creature walked back into the woods, putting an arm against a tree as it did so, and then turn to the right and disappear, moving in a smooth motion. His two companions did not see the thing. The next day Osborne and Rourke went into the trees for some shade when they saw a huge shape in the bushes to their left. Osborne saw that it was 1.9m tall, with massive shoulders and body, covered with thick black hair. As the thing strode away Osborne ran after it and through two rocks at it to try and get it to turn around, but it just continued into the scrub. 
  • Byrne 1975 p69 citing Bigfoot Information Center.

July 1974 (approx. date) 2100hrs.
Wayne Jones, the director of a camp for emotionally disturbed children, was sitting by a camp fire when a bipedal humanoid creature nearly 2.5m tall, covered in hair and with a round head and large ears, walked out of the forest. It came within 11m of Wayne, who sat in silence for 3-4 minutes, until the noise of children arriving on the scene caused it to walk back into the forest. 
  • Byrne 1975 p61 citing his own investigation.

July 1974.
Farm worker Jose Nobre Uchoa was in his house, near Km 48 on the Belem-Brazillia Highway, when two men, dressed in strange reddish, luminous garb, appeared and asked if he was “interested in seeing a flying saucer”, and if so, to walk along the highway at given time the next day. Uchoa did this and, as he was walking along, a light suddenly appeared ahead of him and he was knocked down. He was badly injured and taken to the nearby hospital, where his injuries were diagnoses as being caused by a car accident. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 21,2 p21 citing O Dia from an unspecified date in July 1974.

July 1974.
 A gtoup of people driving in a Valient station wagon near Bridgewater saw an oval object, with a red light on the top front and a larger bottom light, which hovered and kept pace with them perfectly silently. As they passed the main road near Campania where there were a few houses, the thing moved further away and higher, only to descend again as they re-enetered open country. The driver then felt that it was taking control and that he was in its power. The steering became difficult and at one point they were drawn to the object on the right hand side of the road and it was an effort to get back. After the object had gone the driver’s shoulder ached from the effort of keeping the car on the road.
  • Stringfield 1978b p65 citing investigation by the Tasmanian UFO Centre.
  • Evaluation: Astronomical + fatigue.

July 1974. 2355hrs.
A young man out driving was dazzled by a brilliant blue light as he crested a hill. This light seemed to light up the whole countryside. He braked, fearing a collision. He next remembered the light moving away from his car 100m away above a field. There it converged into a beam 15m diameter, 30m high, the grass seeming to burn where it touched the ground. After a couple of minutes the phenomenon disappeared without trace. The next day the driver returned and found a near perfect circle of burned grass about 15m in diameter. 
  • APESG Update 1 citing Bill Chalker citing transcript of witness statement pm 2UE Forum Radio Programme 24 February 1978.
  • Basterfield 1997 p195 citing Bill Chalker.
  • Evaluation: Only an anonymous contribution to a radio show, alleged witness refused to contact investigators.

July 1 1974.
A strange rectangular object landed. No further details. 
  • Wido Hoville in Skylook 84 p11 citing investigation by himself and colleagues.

July 1 1974, 2200hrs.
A woman observed a large object, changing from yellow to brilliant green, and illuminating the area, come down out of the sky and land in the Carson Valley area. It was also seen from Reno, 50km away. 
  • UFO Investigator October 1974 p3 citing investigation by Ed Dickman.

July 5 1974, 0400hrs.
Dale Jones and his wife, on rural property 3km south of Oakland were awakened by a peculiar screeching sound. Dale went out to check that the animals were Ok, when he saw a bipedal creature about 2m tall, 1m wide, in a pasture. Dale went back inside for his binoculars and when he came out again the thing was running off. The strange sound was heard five or six times during the summer and in the middle of August a rabbit hutch was found torn apart. 
  • Rogo and Clark 1979 p153.

July 7 1974, 2200hrs.
At an undisclosed location, a young motorcyclist driving north towards his home, founded his bike suddenly speeded up. He then observed a flying object approaching. His bike suddenly failed and he had to disengage the clutch to avoid toppling over. The witness estimated that the object to be about 8 or 9m diameter. It resembled two plates put together , with an orange-red light around. The thing appeared metallic and the youth hears a strange buzzing or humming sound. The object appeared to hover just above the ground for about three minutes. There was then a small flash of light and the object rose slowly and then accelerated away at speed.
  • Falla 1979 p71 case 419 citing Scandinavian UFO Information Newsletter No 75.

July 8 1974. Night.
While out driving Roberto Imolesi noticed a light in the centre of the highway, out in the distance. He got out of the car and saw that the dark yellow light was at the centre pf a huge, ill-defined wing, which resembled a cap with a visor, and was about 15m diameter. The object, rose, flew in a circle and departed. Other witnesses also saw a light travelling towards the mountain and the sea. The next morning, in a dry portion of the Senio River bed near Barbiano, a circle 7.5m diameter and four smaller circles 1.35m diameter were found. They were outlined a peculiar, very thin, powder. In the centre of each of these circles was a circular impression. 
  • Phillips 1975 p103 case 176 citing Skylook 87.

July 9 1974.
Numerous people observed a spherical object, giving off a faint luminosity, which hung silent and motionless 15m above the ground, next to the Bologna highway. The object then slowly settled to the ground and lost its luminosity. 
  • Skylook 82 p9 citing an undated issue of El Faro (Madrid
July 9 1974.
A fashion model, Ms Medina saw a strange being about 2m tall, covered in scales, like a brilliant, iridescent, fish, standing like a statue, just watching her. The being then went away. The witness’s eyes were irritated by the light and her eyebrows fell out, so she had to wear false ones. 
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1975 citing El Faro de Vigo (Spain) 11 July 1974 citing Efe Bahia 10 July 1974.

July 9 1974.
A railroad agent saw an occupant which emerged from an unidentified landed object. No further details.
  • Bloecher ibid.

July 10 1974, 2235hrs.
As they were walking along the street, Giovannia Ragni, drew the attention of her companions; Maria G Gandini and Patrizia Cremonesi, to a light travelling across the sky, its light changing from yellow to reddish-orange. As the thing passed over their heads with a wavy motion the three women gestured to it and a light flashed on and off in its lower portion. The thing then gently turned and disappeared behind a house. As the trio walked on, they saw a spot of fire in a field on the horizon. Giovannia then returned home and reported what she had seen to her family. They did not take her very seriously but went out onto their balcony to take a look. The whole family; Guido Ragni, a security policeman, his sister Giovannia and their parents, saw a luminous sphere that seemed to hover a short distance above the ground and emitted a pulsating light, changing from orange to brilliant red. Guido called the fire brigade but they said it was none of their business. There were a number of other witnesses. Guido, his sister and mother drove off to investigate. At first they could see nothing and were about to turn back when Mrs Ragni screamed and they saw, in a field 300m away, a luminous hemisphere, 10m diameter, with a flat base and s sort of spike on top, along with another projection with a round thing on the end, coming from the front top. From the base of the object a sort of fixed light was pointing to the ground and a sort of “pillow of red dust” was being raised between the base and the ground. They drove home and Guido called the carabinieri and returned with them to the site. The object had gone but many metres from the road they encountered a rectangular area 30m by 15m with the broad side parallel to the road, where the stubble had been burnt. On the broad side there were three burnt triangles pointing towards Pavia. The carabinieri found a burnt circular area 1.5m diameter. Some newspaper reported that Mr Vecchi and his daughter, who lived near the site, had gone into the cornfield to extinguish a small fire about midnight. 
  • Dr Marco Marianti in Skylook 86, p3.

July 13 1974, 0010hrs.
Maurice Goodenough (35), a bricklayer was driving along the road at Blue Bell Hill when a young girl, looking about 10 years old, seemed to appear out of nowhere in front of his car. He was unable to avoid a collision and hit the girl. Maurice got out and found the girl, dressed in white blouse, skirt and ankle socks, on the road, with grazed knees and a cut forehead. Unable to attract attention he placed the girl in a blanket by the side of the road and rushed off to report the matter to the police. When he returned with the police they found the blanket by the side of the road but no side of the girl and searches and appeals for information were fruitless. 
  • Goss 1984 chapter citing The Gazette (Maidstone) 16 July 1974 + News of the World + Sunday People both 14 July 1974 + Kent Messenger etc. 15 +19+ 26 July 1974.

July 15 1974 (approx. date)
Ms Lakpa Sherpani (19) was looking after a herd of yaks when she was approached by humanoid creature, 1.2-1.5m tall, covered brown hair on its upper body, black on the lower and with thick, long nailed fingers. It hit and stunned her and killed four yaks and a cow. 
  • Fortean Times 17 p21 citing San Francisco Chronicle 18 + 26 July 1974 + St Louis Post-Dispatch 18 July 1974 + Sunday Times 28 Jul 1974 + Atlanta Journal and Constitution 9 March 1975.

July 17 1974. Night.
After being interviewed by UFO researchers about previous experiences, Mrs Jacqueline Booth, a 39 year old music teacher, and her family had retired for the night. She awoke from a sound sleep, walked through the hallway into the living room and opened the front door. On the doorstep stood two beings, grey, 1.5m tall, with oversized heads, which appeared flat on top; large, glowing, yellow eyes, a slit like mouth and no ears or neck. They had small shoulders, gangly disjoined arms that extended down to their knees, and which terminated in hands without fingers, just a thumb. She invited them in, and they did so, one standing by the door, the other by her green chair. The beings seemed to communicated through telepathy, and she could “feel my thoughts leaving my head”. She started to play the organ and the beings seemed enthralled by this. When she turned round they had left. Neither her husband nor her three boys heard any of this. 
  • Official UFO 1,9 pp43,66 citing investigation by Allan Benz, Earl Neff and C. E. Frey.

July 17 1974, 2200hrs.
Three people in a trailer park outside Palmdale saw a luminous cylindrical object descend down close to the earth in a shallow valley. As the thing hovered it dropped a number of dark “animate masses” which then proceeded to amble away. These things had no clear features except for two evenly spaced red dots, which glowed like light bulbs, which seemed to alter their distance apart as the things moved about. The main object rotated on its axis and shot away into the night. The witnesses developed symptoms similar to sunburn and eye irritation and had trouble sleeping. The next day unusual tracks were found at the site. 
  • Nunnelly 2011 p222 citing investigation by Peter Guttilla.

Late July 1974.
Margie Lee was startled by a 1.8m tall hairy humanoid that was only 2m away. It had brown hair and long arms, and Margie got the impression it was a juvenile. She, and others, saw the thing several more times over the next two weeks, and she was struck by its enormous speed. 
  • Clark and Coleman 1978 p91 citing investigation by Jerome Clark

July 23 1974, 0210hrs.
RYAZAN (RYAZAN : RUSSIA then part of the USSR)
Dr Aleksander Mitrofanov and two friends were camped on the left bank of the Oka River near Ryazan, when along with people from another encampment; they saw a light like a torch in the undergrowth 70m away. When the witnesses stood up the light rose up and moved towards them. At its nearest point first one ring then another detached itself from the main object. The thing then moved sideways, became pear shaped and after 4 minutes disappeared, after which the sky in that direction became reddish and brighter than the surrounding sky. The thing made no sound and there was no smell. 
  • Corliss 1994 p247 citing Steuart Campbell in Journal of Meteorology 13 p126.
  • Evaluation: Campbell suggests this was a mirage of Venus low on the horizon

July 26 1974, 0100hrs.
Mrs Davies, her daughters Kim (14), Cindy (18) and Dana (20) went out, along with Dana’s baby, to find the cause of an unpleasant smell of gas that was annoying the neighbourhood that night. While driving on Homewood Street in a residential area, they saw, moving towards them rapidly toward them, a strange being about 15m away. It was about 1.5m tall, walked with a forward lunge, lurched from side to side and appeared to hop, its arms swinging from side to side. The being worn no shirt and they thought it had a hairy torso. Dark trousers with no visible bottoms extended to hooves rather than feet, the hooves making a loud clicking sound on the pavement. It had a bald head, but had hair on the lower portion of its face, no other facial features were visible. They turned around at the end of the street but the entity had gone. When they arrived home the smell had gone and no gas leaks were traced by Gas Company officials. 
  • Stringfield 1978b p110 + Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1975 p60 both citing Stringfield’s own investigation.

July 26 1974, 1900hrs.
A woman and her daughter were driving towards Launceston in their Valient station wagon, when they saw a lighted object following their car. It was an oval object with a red light on the top front and a larger bottom light. They stopped and saw the object hovering; when they set off again, the light paced them. As they passed the main road near Campania, where there were a few houses, it moved away and higher, only to descend again as they re-entered open country. The woman then felt that it was taking over the car and that she was in its power. The steering became difficult, at one point the car was drawn towards the object on the right hand side of the road and it was an effort for he to take the car back. After the object had gone, her shoulder ached from the effort of keeping the car on the road. 
  • Stringfield 1978b p65 + Basterfield 1997 p196 both citing investigation by TUFOIC.
  • Hall 1988 p278 citing Skylook 101 citing investigation by TUFOIC.

July 26 1974, 2345hrs.
Hans Fritz (qv) observed a bright light, like a sodium vapour lamp, from his window. After a few seconds the thing started to diminish in size and grew bright red. Hans and his brother Gerhard went outside with their 8x40 binoculars and observed the fuzzy yellow-orange hemispherical light, which was giving off short rays Investigators calculated that the object was only 35cm diameter, 55m away and at 30m altitude, Between 0000 and 0030 on the 27th the brothers saw two blinking lights between two pine trees to the north-east.
  • Ernst Berger in FSR 21,5 p28 citing his own investigation.

July 29 1974, 2100hrs.
Ke Jingzhi, a student at the construction workers polytechnic was walking through some vegetable gardens to the canteen when he encountered a 1.8m tall figure standing in his way. The figure was black all over, but surrounded by a luminous glow. At first he thought it was another peasant, but it did not answer his challenge. When Ke yelled at the figure, its glow became brighter and it disappeared into the fields. Searches were fruitless. Two days later two other people saw the figure in the field. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 28,6 p 21 citing Bo-Shi 1983.

July 30 1974, 2050hrs.
A couple, Gary and Georgeanne McCarty, and their small son were driving home to Mt Vernon from New Harmony on Hw69, when they saw an object with three lights, silhouetted against the moonlit haze, between 1.5 and 3.5km away. The object continued towards them and after they had driven about 2.5km, it seemed to come within 15-30m of their vehicle, which remained stopped for about 2 minutes. This object seemed to be about 6-7 car lengths (c 45m) diameter and had four lights resembling headlights. The object’s speed ranged from 0-30kph, mainly around 8kph. It appeared to hover as if it was on water and appeared to be about to land. It was soundless and did not affect their vehicle. After observing the thing for two minutes the couple continued on their way for 320m. They then stopped again after rounding a curve and the object was no longer in sight. 
  • Francis L Ridge in Skylook 83 p9 + Ridge 1994 p49 both citing his own investigation and UFOFC files.

August 1974 (or following month) 0010hrs.
Five people saw a disc shaped object, surmounted by a dome, the size of a small plane, emitting a faint hum, about 10m away. During the several minutes it was present they had a sensation of peace. 
  • Swords 2005 p60 citing John Timmerman.

August 1974.
A number of children playing near the River Gravone on the Peri Plain, 15km to the west of Ajaccio, near NH195 saw a very red ball of light rioe up from the ground and disappear towards Sarrola and Carpiono to the west. 
FSR 23,6 piiii citing J C Dfour and P de Lormont.

August 1974, 0010hrs.
Michael Phipps and Richard Cadman were exercising their dogs in Witton Lakes Park when the dogs began to whine and the two men saw a swirling white shape on the lawn about 50m away. One of their greyhounds ran towards the thing, only to race back in terror. The light resolved into a white shape that resembled a young woman. It came within centimetres of Michael who felt paralysed. The thing seemed to float towards a tree, where it vanished. 
  • Green 1977 p120

August 1974. Night.
At an undisclosed location on the Chusovaya River, Alexander Katayev (14) was walking along the banks of the Chusvaya in the moonlight when he heard ‘metallic’ laughter, which drew his attention to two beings in the water. They got out, 5m away from the boy, who could now see that they were male and female, the former about 2m tall, the latter heavily pregnant. They were both covered with grey hair. They ate food from a sort of box made of birchwood and tried to make fire by pounding stones. After the meal, the male helped his partner up and both walked away. They communicated in a peculiar language, Alexander compared to that of a deaf and dumb person. 
  • Dimitry Bayanov in Markotic and Krantz 1984 p70 citing letter from Alexander Katayev July 1978.

August 1974/ 2330hrs.
A woman, her friend, and her young son were walking home from the bus stop down Oxford Street when they observed a domed disc hovering over a house on the corner with Patricia Street. It was grey, with a blue light coming from the centre of the underside. Through windows they could see figures outlined by an interior light. There was a feeling of static in the air and the wind and ambient sounds had ceased. The thing moved off east and then returned to its original position before shooting up vertically at terrific speed. Years later the boy went back to the scene and estimated that the thing had been 3m above the 8m high house, and been 15m diameter. 
  • Cameron 1995 p69

August 1 1974.
A housewife and several other people saw a round orange object having a larger apparent diameter than the full moon, and brighter. It hovered above the treetops for 15 minutes and then sped away. 
  • George Fawcett in FSR 20,4 p31

August 2 1974.
A newspaper editor and his wife heard some strange metallic noises and saw a dark red object, which emitted roaring sound, pulsated, and chased their car for several; kilometres down Rte 979. When the object came close to their car, the vehicle began to shake as if were about to fall apart. 
  • ditto.

August 3 1974, 2215hrs.
Two seminarians saw an object on the sea, 200m away, emitting orange, yellow and green flashes. It emerged and submerged several times in succession and then disappeared, into the sky at great speed. . It was also seen by customers of a restaurant. The seminarians reported the matter to the local paper. 
  • Ballester 1976 p52 case 196 citing Sur 4 August 1974

August 4 1974 (approx. date) Dusk.
Two peasants, Ricrado Chaika and Adaulfo Monteil were returning to their homes from Maracaibo when they were blinded by a sudden light from the sky. A round silvery machine with flattened sides appeared. The two men tried to run away but found themselves drawn back to the same spot, where they found themselves paralysed. From the machine, two men, more than 2m tall, emerged, dressed in leaden coloured clothing, with dark coloured belts and blue goggles in front of their eyes. The two beings came towards the witnesses slowly, gesturing, while the machine emitted a whistling sound. Then two other machines descended, as if suspended from invisible cords, and took the first machine and its took occupants in tow. The witnesses were then able to move again. 
  • FSR 20,6 piii citing La Razon (BA) 6 August 1974 citing an undated issue of El Mundo.

August 6 1974, 1840hrs.
P.M. and his old wet nurse Mrs R C were driving southwards towards Basella when they saw an object flying ahead and to the right of their car, about 100m away, followed the straight course of the tree lined Segra River, which ran parallel to the road. The object, which was flying at an altitude of 15m and a speed of 70kph, had a body 4-5m long, 1.5m high, with what looked like rapidly spinning rotors (like a helicopter), or a disc, 1.5m above it. . The metallic looking object was mostly red, with white on the left side and had two white lights above and below to this left side. These two lights blinked on and off alternately, each one staying lit for about ½ second. The object made a uniform velvety sound like a new greased motor and gradually disappeared into the distance. The event, on this sunny day, lasted 1-2 minutes. 
  • Ballester 1976 p52 case 197 citing his own investigation and that by CEI.

August 7 1974, 1835hrs.
Two witnesses in separate cars were driving at high speed when a small white light, about 20cm in diameter , overtook one car and then rose into the air at speed. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p100 citing UFO Research South Australia.

August 10 1974, 1000hrs.
A couple were driving from their home in Holter towards Hamar. Toward the southern end of Lake Mjosa their attention was drawn to an object in the lake. What appeared to be a periscope was protruding about 50cm above the water, about 50-70m from the shore, apparently aimed towards the shore, where the road and railway passed very close to the lakeside. Nine hours later a local earthquake was registered precisely in this region. 
  • Richard Hall in MUFON UFO Journal 108 p11 citing Bertil Sonderquist.

August 10 1974. Late evening.
Barry King (qv) was sitting at his bedroom window looking for meteors when he saw a small red light bouncing around. He flashed his torch at it, at which the light bounced away. Some minutes later he heard a noise in the garden and when he shone his torch towards it, it illuminated a figure near the shed. This was the sane figure seen in May and appeared to be moving towards him. Barry hid away from the window in fear. When he got the courage to look again the figure had disappeared. Next morning he could find no traces in the garden. He then developed a rash on his hands and face. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p254.

August 11 1974, 0330HRS.
Two police officers from Tilton, Mark Paine and Mile Alden, sent to investigate a suspect car, saw a saucer shaped object with red, white, blue and yellow lights, which came within 900m of their car. It was a domed ellipse, 10-15m diameter. Two other patrol cars were sent to the scene and the thing’s presence was also confirmed by a deputy who also arrived on the scene. Observations lasted until 0517 during which up to four objects were seen, manoeuvring, rising, flashing lights and diving low. The lights came within 400m of the cars, which were lined up at one point. The observation was terminated by the cars leaving the scene. Other officers included Deputy Steve Hodges, Officer Michael McCarty and Special Officer Norman Stanley. Other police officers and people collecting their morning papers also saw the lights. 
  • Larry Spiegel in Skylook 82 p13.
  • UFO Investigator September 1974 p3.
  • George Fawcett in FSR 20,4 p31.

August 12 1974.
An Air Force officer and his wife were chased in their car by an oval object, which bathed their car with a blue light. 
  • George Fawcett in FSR 20,4 p31,

August 12 1974 (approx. date)
A landing report. No further details. 
  • Larry Spiegel in Skylook 82 p13.

August 14 1974.
A police officer photographed three objects which appeared to be about 20m above the ground. 
  • George Fawcett in FSR 20,4 p31.

August 15 1974.
An 11 year o0lf girl encountered a hairy humanoid, between 2-3.5m tall in a Cow Pond. The thing seemed unconcerned by her presence or that of her dog, but she was terrified and ran to tell her 14 year old brother. When they returned to the seen the thing had gone. 
  • Cox 2004 p38 citing Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organisation.

Mid August 1974.
A recently discharged veteran was on a fishing expedition at Oklahoma Campground, North West of Willard. He was walking down to an off road stream when he saw a hairy humanoid creature squatting in the stream. As the young man ran back to his car he saw the creature get out of the water and walk away. 
  • Byrne 1975 p63.

Mid August 197.
Connie Johnson, her sister Cheryl Rupert, and her two younger brothers saw a huge hairy thing about 25m away. One of the boys threw a firecracker at the thing, which rose on its hind legs and ran into the cornfield. Tracks were found. 
  • Rogo and Clark 1979 p154.

August 16 1974. 1930HRS.
David B (7) and Steven (9) and Henry S (7) were playing on the banks of the Coquitlam River when they observed an inverted dish shaped object, with a square protuberance on top, in which there was a door, and which was surmounted by a red or colour changing flashing light. Around the aperture was a row of lights, which changed colour, red, green, white. The thing flew over the river and descended into a gravelled area about 45m from the spot where the boys were. It had no markings, emitted a buzzing sound and gave off a blast off hot air as it touched down. The boys were frightened and ran into the house. They told their parents and a neighbour, Mrs Lola Rogers about the incident. The boys were pale and their eyes glazed. When Lola accompanied the boys back to the site the next morning, they detected a nauseating burning odour and found two black spots, one 1.65m in diameter, the other 1.35m. Lola got some of this stuff in her hand and it took a week of scrubbing to get it off. Investigator Halishoff, a month later, found this residue lay 10cm below the surface. Analysis showed the rock and soil had been subjected to a great heat. Their cat was terrified during the incident. 
  • APRO Bulletin 23,1 p 1 + Lorenzen 1976 p34 both citing investigation by R J Halishoff.
  • Graham Conway in Canadian UFO Report 3,4 p9+ Quest 6,3 p37 citing his own investigation.
  • Bondarchuck 1979 p25 citing Conway.

August 16 1974, 2155HRS.
Author and painter Raymond Bayless saw, in his hallway, illuminated from the light of a bedroom, where his wife was working, something resembling a folded greyish cloth, at a 45 degree angle, coming towards him at head height. It was at head and moving at walking speed, coming within 2m of Raymond. 
  • McAdams and Bayless 1981 p31.

August 18 1974, 1445HRS.
Philip Bailey (25) was cutting down a tree by the lake on his Betley Hall estate when for some reason he looked up at the lake. The breeze had suddenly died and there was not a ripple on the lake. 45m away and 15m above the lake a dark grey or charcoal coloured disc shaped object, with a flattened portion, was hovering, reflected in the still water, He called his girlfriend Vicky and when she along with Philip’s 15 year old brother and a friend arrived, about 20 minutes later, the object began to accelerate along the surface of the water, rising slowly, clearing the trees at the end and going out of sight. As the thing moved across the lake it was mobbed by three pigeons. The observation lasted two minutes. 
  • NUFON News 39 p4 citing investigation by UFORA Staffs.

Late August 1974.
A woman saw a hairy biped about 1m tall in her garden, 30m away. It was squatting down and eating tomatoes. The woman and her children fled. Police found “primate like” footprints in and around her garden. 
  • Rogo and Clark 1979 p156.

August 20 1974.
An object was observed at low level. No further details.
  • David Fideler in Fortean Times 32 p14 citing a CUFOS Press release.

August 20 1974, 2130HRS.
Seeing an object fly overhead and descend into the trees, Mr R drove into the woods towards the landing site. Getting out, his flashlight illuminated two shapes in the woods about 30m away. Alarmed, he got back into his car and drove away. 
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1975 p60 citing David Webb citing investigation by Bill Haydock.

Late August/September 1974. 2130HRS.
Many people at a drive in cinema saw a cylindrical object about 50m long, 3-5m thick at about 15m altitude for 3-5 minutes. Jets from the nearby naval base were scrambled. 
  • Swords 2005 p60 citing John Timmerman.

August 23 1974, 2030HRS.
Soon after Friedrich Lennartz (qv0 left the Riesen hut for the Hochries hut, his landlady, Mrs Ramsaur, saw an elongated balloon like object standing upright to the left of the hut on the peak, illuminating the eastern side of the Hochries hut brightly with its yellow –orange coloured spotlight. She called her husband and a relative, and through 10x 40 binoculars, three watched an object, larger than a house, on or just above the ground by the Hochries hut. . The thing appeared to be 12m high. During the 30 minute observation this luminous banana shape appeared at various positions around the hut. They had no means of communication with Hochries but it turned out that Mrs Lennartz had been watching TV on the western side without noticing anything and no traces were found, 
  • Adolf Schneider, Ernst Berger et al in FSR 21,2 p29 citing their own investigation.

August 24 1974 (or following week) afternoon.
A second year engineering student, with an interest in parapsychology, Regina Concieicao Correo da Silva, was sat with three fellow university students outside one of their homes on Estrada da Vista, Chinesa, when their attention was caught by something shiny on the woodland highway. Though dazzled by the sun, they were able to make out two golden clad, helmeted beings, about 1.7m tall, floating down the road towards them, about 50cm above the surface, They were stepping as if on solid ground, though their legs seemed stiffish. They were walking side by side, a short distance apart. They had visors in their helmets, but as the sun was behind them, their faces could not be seen. They wore boots like those of motorcyclists, of the same colour as their suits, which resembled those of astronauts, though they appeared to be made of a scaly texture. The girls ran into the house and locked themselves in, very panic stricken. According to Regina at about the same time, motorists at Silvestre in the same state were approached by a being “with the looks of a woman with flowing hair that looked like blades of steel” as if trying to stop them for a lift. 
  • Irene Granchi in Canadian UFO Report 3,7 p4 citing own investigation.

August 24 1974 (approx. date)
Motorists were approached by a being “with the looks of a woman with flowing hair that looked like blades of steel, as if trying to stop them for a lift. 

  • Irene Granchi in Canadian UFO Report 3,7 p4 citing Regina CC de Silva.
  • Evaluation: Only known second hand.

August 26 1974, 0100HRS.
Andrew Simpson (22) a Royal Marine commando was driving by Lord’s Hill, 5km south of Warminster when a luminous red sphere rose from a field and began to follow his carrising from ground level to windscreen height in a fraction of a second. As the thing overtook Andrew, his car began to misfire and its lights went out. The sphere then seemed to move off and descend. Andrew was very shaken by his experience. 
  • Rogers 1994 p189.
  • Paget 1980 p43.

August 26 1974. Evening.
Lydia Stalnaker and a male friend were driving on US1 between Jacksonville and Callahan when they saw a bright flashing light above the treetops. They turned off the main road to get a better look, but Lydia felt afraid and began to shake. The next thing she knew was that they were back towards Jacksonville on the Lem Turner road and that three hours had elapsed. Lydia suffered intense headaches, anxiety attacks and weeping sells, so decided to undertake hypnotic regression. Under regression she recalled being taken on board a craft, where she was placed on a kind of table opposite another woman. She was strapped onto this table by unknown persons, who told her that the other woman would be placed inside her body and that it would not hurt badly. Her head was placed inside something and the table began to revolve at increasing speed until she passed out. When she awoke she felt a warm sensation coursing through her body from the top of her head. The occupants took her off the table, put a robe around her and said the was now one of them. Two of the beings led her back to the car, she felt weak on her feet. Her friend was slumped over the wheel. Later she claimed to be an alien called Antron, claimed psychic powers, healing ability, predicated cataclysm and preached a sort of space age salvation. 
  • Ralph Goff in The Florida Times Union 4 February 1977.
  • This scenario is actually taken from the 1968 Star Trek Episode 'Return from Tomorrow'.

August 26 1974, 2100hrs.
63 year old Mr Moret was standing at his door, waiting for his daughter who was late coming home from the fair, when he saw an object in the sky. At first he thought it was stationary, then realised it was imperceptibility moving. It was perfectly round, inky black, standing out sharply against the background of the dark grey sky. It was surrounded by a luminous white corona, and was about 200m away to the SSW. he went in the got his wife (57), who joined him outside. They both observed the object, which after 15 minutes came to a a halt about 20m from the ground, apparently over a small brook in a hollow. Then, very gradually, it split into two vertical hemispheres (like half moons) that slowly drifted apart. The right hand half moon moved off to the SSE ,gradually fading from sight. Then a sort of veil appeared to be drawn across the other half moon, and on this new background, at first one then another being appeared. They looked like men dressed from head to toe in grey-white metallic material, with voluminous helmets, like astronauts. They moved to and fro with a rolling gait, like marionettes, their limbs moving in a mechanical fashion, and they changed places as though on a flat surface. This continued until 2200, leaving the witnesses fascinated but a little afraid. They then remembered that their daughter had not yet come home. Mrs Moret went inside to make the table, while Mr Moret drove off to fetch his daughter home. He was too busy lecturing her on the way back to noticed if the object was still in the sky. Each half of the object was 4m diameter, and the beings were about 1.5m 
  • FSR 22,1 p25 translation of J. M. Bigone in LDLN 151 citing own investigation.

August 27 1974. Evening.
A woman who claimed a previous encounter with an “extraterrestrial woman and had seen an object over her goat farm on the 25th, saw the object again on this day, and ran down the driveway to meet it. The cigar shaped object descended to 4.5-6m and shone bright lights in a circle around her. In a transparent bottom section, she saw one male and two female occupants, one of whom was the one she had met before and this woman smiled. The object took off rapidly as the witness’s daughter approached. The witness claimed that she was hospitalised for severe physical symptoms, inclosing weight loss, dehydration and bleeding from the kidneys, which began the next day, and that she had a dent in her skull which had not been there before. She also claimed that her “insides were glowing under an X ray. The investigator was unable to confirm any record of her hospitalisation. The witness also claimed to have become “exceptionally psychic”. 
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1975 p60 citing investigation by Larry Moyers.

August 27 1974, 2315hrs.
High school student Joseph K Needham (16) was driving home from work when, rounding a bend on US421 east of Kernersville, he encountered a brightly glowing domed disc. It straggled the road (about 7m) with two legs, one resting on each side pavement. The object’s outline was fuzzy and glowing with a hue similar to a full moon though the moderate fog. Joseph slowed from 80-50kph when he saw the thing, which blinked out when he got within 100m. he drove straight through the area where he had seen it but there were no traces or effects. 
  • Skylook 86 p19 citing investigation by Tarheel UFO Study Group.

August 28 1974.
Three people saw a disc shaped object, surmounted by a square protuberance on which there was an opening and red and green lights. There was a sort of opening on its underside. The object flew over a river and descended into a clearing 50m away, making a buzzing sound as it did so. After 10 minutes the thing took off, giving off a blast of hot air. Two blackened areas 1.35m diameter were found at the site, in which there was a black residue at a depth of 10cm. 
  • Lab 1976 p23 citing Meteor Research Society.

August 28 1974 (Approx. date) Early hours.
A man, awakened by the rattling of his back porch rail, saw a hairy humanoid figure, one arm 15cm longer than the other, come within 2m as it ran across the lawn, then walked away, dragging one of its feet. Police tracked the thing to the fence surrounding the High School. 
  • Rogo and Clark 1979 p156 citing Sioux City Journal 31 August 1974.

August 30 1974. Early hours.
A woman was awoken by dogs barking a rattling of her fence, and directing her flashlight from her second story window, she highlighted a creature which jumped down a 3m stairwell and ran off. She heard odd noises for some time after this. 
  • Rogo and Clark 1979 p157.

August 31 1974. Night.
Fisherman Antonio de |Azevedo and his wife Francisca Guimaraes de Azevedo were strolling along the beach near the fishing port when they saw a disc shaped object in the sky, giving off multicoloured light. They first thought that it was a shooting star, then an aircraft, but it was outside the time of day of any normal flights and was silent. The object then landed close them, and they were able to see it resembled two plates stuck together rim to rim. The couple were paralysed by the lights given off by the object, from which emerged three strange beings, wearing peculiar green spacesuits, who talked together in an unknown language. They examined the couple and seized Francisca and took off with her in their craft. The police considered the fisherman to be deranged but then recalled another fisherman had told them an identical story a month before, and that the first man was highly regarded. 

  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 21,2 p22 citing Diario Popular 3 September 1974 and Diario de Tarde 3 September 1974.

Autumn 1974 (or following year) Afternoon.
Two young boys were walking home from school on the south side of the city when a strange object appeared 9-12m overhead. One of the boys aged 9 said that he felt drawn into the thing. 
  • Rath 1997 p76.
  • Evaluation: Known only via the mother of the 9 year old

Autumn 1974. Evening, DEL RIO (TEXAS : USA)
Jim Marshall and friends were hunting wild pigs by the Devil’s River when they saw a young girl in a sort of haze. The girl, who was very thin and had long hair and “wild” eyes then just vanished. 
  • Murray 1988 p123.

Autumn 1974. Evening.
Kazimierz Duba and his family were in their flat at the village school when their attention was caught by sounds like static electricity. Kazimierz went out to investigate and saw a dark oblong object, with sparks on its surface, on the other side of his fence. As he approached the thing it rose to 5m, hovered, emitted a loud crack and intense sparks and then took off at an unusual angle. (There are numerous places in Poland called Janowice, the exact location is not identified in the report, 
Cielebias 2015 p32

September 1974.
A young couple driving down a back road near Gibsonia saw a tall, human shaped figure, dressed in a silvery metallic looking suit, standing by the road. As the couple approached, the stranger raised his hand at which the car lights and engine failed. He then approached the car and shone a bright light, which seemed to come from a cube shaped device, at the couple. After the event the two young people ran into a nearby establishment to report the matter. 90 minutes later the same thing happened to a man in a truck. Other similar events were said to have taken place in September). 
  • Stan Gordon in Skylook March 1975 p12.

September 1974
An 11 year old boy walking his dogs near here encountered a huge, broad, long haired being in the woods and fled. 
  • Newton 2010 p62.

September 1974. Late night.
Elizabeth Leverson driving down Burnt House Lane had to stop to let a car pass saw a strange figure by the side of the road by the side of the road. He was wearing a grey smock like garment with a central belt, his arms behind him. His head was lolling to one side with just black holes for eyes and things hanging from the mouth and cheeks. 
  • Green 1980 p81.
  • Steedman and Anker 1977 p43.

September 1974, 2215hrs.
A woman driving home alone in her Hillman Hunter noticed an illumination behind her car. It came from a white light that was approaching at high speed. She thought it was a vehicle trying to overtake so she moved to the left. She then saw the car on her right, and the car vibrated up and down, causing her to hold on tightly to the steering wheel. Though she pressed the accelerator no power came on, as if the engine had stopped. The light then just vanished. She was so afraid that she could not remember the rest of the journey home. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p196 citing own investigation.

September 1974. Night.
Ron McClure (qv) was getting ready for bed when he saw a light beam shining on the roof of a neighbouring house. He ignored this, as he tried to ignore the barking of his dog, which started some minutes later. Looking through the window he saw a hemispherical object through the clouds. It then descended, followed by a black silhouette 1.5m tall. His wife Jackie sat up in bed, complained about lights in her eyes and fell back to sleep. Ron then heard the bedroom door open slightly, but when he looked nothing was there. When he looked back at the window the silhouette had gone. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p257 citing Leslie Harris.

September 1974.

Mr Cartwright was driving along the Poulton Road from Higher Bebington when he saw a woman with dark hair wearing a long coat on the side of the road as if looking for a lift. He stopped but as he did so the figure just faded away. 
  • Green 1977 p76.

September 1974. Night .

A brother and sister saw, through their window, a bright light in the sky and alerted a neighbour, who watched the thing through binoculars while the siblings looked at it through a rifle scope. They contacted the RCMP and an officer came out and also observed it. The thing appeared like two plates rim to rim, with a light like that of a welding torch on it. It had portholes through which they had the impression of something moving about. The object hovered, dived off at terrific speed, returned; repeating this performance for two hours until it shot off at terrific speed for once last time. 
  • Swords 2005 p36 citing John Timmerman.
  • Evaluation: A near CEIII produced by astronomical + autokinesis. Venus, Abetted by lens distortion?

September 1974. 2100hrs.
A couple and another man, on their farm saw a peculiar illumination of their silo, coming from above, though its source was not clearly discernable. The light then came over the witnesses, illuminating them with an intense blue-white light, which allowed them to almost make out their bones. The light then just drew up into the sky.
  • Swords 2005 p166 citing John Timmerman.

September 1 1974, 1045.
Edwin Fuhr (36) had been harvesting his rape crop for almost an hour in a field, located 450m south of his house, on his farm about 0km north east of Langenburg. He was closing on a slough located at the south end of the field, when looking up to check his position and slowing down his mowing machine, he noticed a metallic dome, 3m wide, 1.5m high, about 15m away, apparently sitting on the grassy area between the slough and the crop area. He stopped, dismounted and walked to within 5m of the object, noticing as he did so, that the grass around the base of the thing was moving and that the thing itself was rotating rapidly. He became frightened and backed away to the mower, which was still running at full throttle. He climbed back onto his machine and saw four more identical domes, hovering about 50cm above the ground and spinning. Two of the objects were close together, and the whole group was arranged in a rough semicircle around the slough. During this observation he was unable to move. After several minutes the objects suddenly ascended, in a step formation, to 60m, where they stopped in a perfect line, emitted a puff of smoke from exhausts at their base, accompanied by an air blast that knocked Fuhr’s hat off and flattened the rape standing in the immediate area. After remaining stationary for one or two minutes, the objects took off into the low cloud and disappeared. Fuhr later learned that at this time cattle in a nearby field panicked and broke through a fence in four places.   After the objects had left he approached the landing site and found five rings of grass, which had been depressed and swirled in a clockwise direction. In the early hours of that morning a neighbour’s baby sitter was frightened by the barking of the dogs. On the night of the second the dogs were barking again and Fuhr’s TV was acting up, the next day a 6th ring was found, and on the 15th a seventh, after the dogs had been barking again. Fuhr and his family suffered harassment from locals. 
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  • Dittman in Rutkowski and Dittman 2006 p110.

September 4 1974.
George Hoffman saw a lighted object for about 5 minutes. The thing was at treetop level and had an erratic motion. George’s dog and cattle acted up. S burnt semi-circle in which the ground turned white was found in an alfalfa field 
  • Phillips 1975 p104 case 745.

September 6 197, 0820hrs.
Driving along Hw 77 about 5.6km north of Jefferson, Jim Douglas (24) a pest exterminator encountered a creature covered with sandy hair moving through an alfalfa field, apparently dragging some sort of creature behind tit. Jim stopped, reversed and stopped again to stand on his running board for a better view. He estimated that the thing might have been about 2.7m tall, with a thick neck and a peculiar left turned nose. Police refused to take him seriously. 
  • Rogo and Clark 1979 p158.

September 6 1974, 1800hrs.
KAISHI (GEORGIA then part of the USSR)
While walking in a remote rural location beside the Inguri River, 32km from Kaishi four men (Dt A M Gregenidze, Dr A L Nikolayev, II Gershenon and S P Lezhava), all with a scientific or technical background, encountered in an open area among the bushes, a 4m diameter sphere. It rested on a sort of base, with outer elements 1.3m long, 20cm thick and inner ones 40cm long, 10cm thick. The men approached the thing, waving their arms but, as they got within 5m of it, they felt an increasing fear, which after a further metre, became an abject terror. Nikolayev got within 3m of the thing, at which he collapsed. The others dragged him back to a camp 75m away. Lezhava went off to report the incident, while the others stayed behind and took 19 photographs of the thing. They threw stones at the thing, which seemed to disappear inside it, and a stick pushed into it had its end altered in some undefined way. They then gave up until 0523 the next morning, when they saw five small discs, 1m diameter, 35cm thick hovering 1.5m above the ground, 6m away. At this point they began to feel the fear again.  About 4 minutes after this they heard footsteps and saw a 2m tall humanoid, dressed in overalls approached and vanished into the thing. At 0539 it gave off an orange light and the men experienced difficulty in breathing. Three minutes after this a sort of fire appeared under the object and it took off emitting a whistling sound, heading to the northeast, accompanied by two of the smaller objects, the other three of these going off to the west. Soil samples were taken, which showed evidence of heating. 
  • Haines 1999 p223 citing files of Vladimir Rubtsov citing Dr Vadim Vilinbakhov.

September 7 1974, 0130hrs.
Mrs Moiser saw a diamond shaped object, emitting a bright red light, in a treetop to her east. The thing seemed to be about 60cm long and 30cm wide. 
  • Rogo and Clark 1979 p159.

September 9 1974. Night.
A woman, her two daughters and their male boarder noticed the agitation of their cat and neighbours’ dogs. Late that night or in the early hours, the boarder was awoken by a loud bang that shook the house and then turned into a rumbling sound. He went back to sleep again but minutes later was awoken again by a flashing purple light outside, which lit up his basement room, and seemed to quieten the crickets but set the neighbourhood dogs barking again. In the next minutes he saw a white light the size of a baseball go pass the window, and shortly afterwards heard a scratching at the door. A second white light and another scratching sound followed. One of the daughters was then woken by a screeching sound and went to get her sister. Meanwhile the boarder heard a tapping on a nearby car and, minutes later, the sound of someone opening a garage door. Looking out he saw a 90cm tall being, carrying a purple flashlight, standing between two dustbins. At this he ran upstairs to get the family. Before they could investigate the house was hit by a huge gust of wind that made them too frightened to investigate further. The next day a circular scorched area about 75-90cm diameter was found on the concrete patio 
  • Rogo and Clark 1979 p159 citing Dr Lacey + MUFON.

September 9 1974 (Approx. date) 2130hrs.

Broadcasting engineer Alfred Vernon and his daughter Karen were watching TV when, glancing out of the window, Karen saw a lighted object fall out of the sky. They went to the window for a better look and observed an object hovering low over a nearby radio tower. The thing then made an abrupt sliding descend towards the ground, disappearing behind a wooded area. Alfred through it was a helicopter landing at the airport. Karen was sure that it had landed in farmer Robert Dingwall’s field. Later that week Dingwall found an oval shaped patch of dead grass, measuring 9x 10m, which was severely discoloured and exhibited a soft, spongy, consistency. Four indentations were also found. Soil samples showed unusually high levels of potash, phosphate and magnesium. 
  • Gregory M Kanon in Canadian UFO Report 3,8 p15.

September 14 1974. Evening.
A 49 year old female factory worker was out walking her dog on the night before a hospital appointment for her serious and worsening cancer. She dog went into bushes and woman was following when he had a sudden peculiFar feeling and tiredness, at the same time as her flashlight went out. She was surrounded by a beam of light and she felt something grip her neck, and then she felt herself being lifted up. She next saw another light, near the ground, and she found herself back on the path. Her legs, which had been aching terribly, no longer hurt and the next day the hospital told her there was no sign of the cancer. 
  • Dennett 1996 p121 citing Joel Mesnard in MUFON UFO Journal 309 p10.

September 16 1974, 2030hrs.
Mrs Anthea Richards was returning home to her house “The Marshes” 19km north of St Helens, from Launceston, with her two daughters (8, 5). They were driving through the drizzle on the Anson’s Bay Road, 6.5-8km north of St Helens when, as they approached a bridge, Anthea noticed static on the radio and the sky seemed illuminated. As they crossed the bridge the car lost power on a gentle incline, and then the engine, lights and radio went dead. She tried to start the car but after 10 seconds the vehicle was shaken by a terrific noise like “30 or 40 jets”. Anthea and the 8 year old were shattered by this sound, but the 5 year old went on sleeping. Almost simultaneously they were shaken by a series of strong electric shocks, fat worse than that from an electric kettle, which lasted for about a minute. Anthea screamed and the car became filled with a colourless choking gas. Anthea and her eldest fled from the car, dragging the dozy 5 year old, to the Chappel house about 3km away. There Harvey Chappel was alarmed by Anthea’s hysterical condition and returned with them to the car. He saw nothing out of the normal and the car was working perfectly (Chappel was a qualified mechanic), though the bonnet was hot, suggesting that the engine might have overheated. Anthea continued on her way. Her husband Brian heard a roar and saw a light but thought nothing of it. The car was examined by a garage next day and nothing was found wrong with it. 

Anthea’s arms and legs became swollen, the right side of her face was numb and there was a red mark the size of an Australian 2 cent piece over her right eyebrow. She also suffered from extreme anxiety. The girls showed no after affects. Anthea was regarded as sane and hardworking. Two nights later at 2015 Brian Richards was driving home by a back road when he noticed a light to the southeast at 45 degrees. It was a vaguely defined patch of light, pacing his car about 800m behind at speeds of 30-50 kphn. It seemed to be 4 times the apparent size of the moon. This experience lasted 30 minutes. When Brian arrived home he told his wife and children. His 11 year old son went out and saw an inverted banana shape, half the apparent diameter of the moon hovering over the treetops 100-150m from the house. It seemed attracted by both the car and house lights, and when the house lights were switched out, the object moved away, disappearing in 5 minutes. 
  • FSR 21, 5 p22 + Skylook 86 p10 + Basterfield 1997 p196citing investigation by Roger Brooks of TUFOIC.

September 21 1974, 2030hrs.
Kevin Knight (20) and his family were moored at Marlow during a cruise on the Thames. Mr Knight was on the deck on this cold clear starry night when he called the rest of the family out to see what at first looked like a fire among the trees across a field 500-600m away. They then noticed the light was 4.5-6m above the trees. It was motionless and continuously changing between red, yellow and orange. After about six minutes it began to lift higher above the trees. Kevin’s uncle ran to get binoculars. Through them he could see it was a bright orange disc spinning on its axis. All eight witnesses confirmed this through the binoculars before the object took off at terrific speed. 
  • Letter from Kevin Knight in FSR 21,1 p32.

September 22 1974, 1720hrs.
Barbara W was parked 200m from the junction of the Tayene and Diddleeum Plains roads, on the wrong side of the road. She heard the 1720 time on the car radio, at which the whole area was illuminated by a light that penetrated the interior of the car, and at the same time a high pitched whistle developed on the radio. She leaned over to turn it off and as she did so she saw a glowing orange and silver object coming between two trees and down the hill. It was 10-15m high and descending towards the road. It appeared to be the size of a small car 3-3.5m diameter. Barbara panicked and backed her car down the road but the object kept approaching until it was at fence top height, in the centre of the road 20-30m away. After Barbara had backed up 100m, her car backed over the steep bank of the road, and became stuck. She was now able to observe the object directly in front of her. On its top was a dome, which gave off an intense yellow-orange light that obscured its details. On the silver-grey brim there were what looked like portholes, below which there was an area on which there were 6-8 reversed stepped bands, covering a depth of 1,5m. In the centre of the base was a small revolving disc and below this a protruding box or tube of short length. After about 60 seconds the thing dipped to the right and moved away from the road over a valley area alongside the road, and then rose straight up and was lost to sight. As it took off the bottom tube seemed to split into four sections. Barbara leapt from the car and ran the 1.6km home. When her husband and son returned for the car they found nothing unusual. Her permed hair turned straight after the encounter, she became nervous and sick for some days and the radio, which had previously worked normally now showed distortion. The car hood was now clean though the rest of the car was dirty, cats paw marks on it cleaned away. 
  • Skylook 86 p11 + FSR 21, 5 p23 citing TUFOIC citing investigation by John Dean.
  • Bill Chalker in APESG January/February 1980.
  • Basterfield 1997 pp 43,196 citing TUFOIC.
  • Charles Bowen in The Unexplained 74 p1480.

September 21 1974, 2200hrs.
A high ranking Swedish army officer was driving with his wife and two children along a gravel road when, as they entered a long curve, they saw a blinding light ahead. The army man dimmed his lights, thinking it was ca car approaching with its headlights full on. However, when they reached the straight section ahead they saw it was an aerial object 900m ahead. As the object slowly approached from a clearing, at an altitude of 10m, the car engine began to splutter and after a further 100m, it died, along with the lights and radio. 
The object passed the roadway 200m ahead of them, still at 10m altitude and then seemed to land 75m to the left of the road, in front of a stack of fire logs, illuminating a wide area with a brilliant green shimmering light. The man wound down his windscreen and heard a sound like a swarm of bees as the object’s lights dimmed. Through 7x50 binoculars, he observed a white, egg shaped object, 10m long and a few metres high, with a smooth surface. His wife was very agitated and he tried to start the car without success. . After a few minutes, despite the protests of his family, the officer got out of the car to examine the engine, noting the object hovering just above the ground. Suddenly he heard a deafening road, and fearing an explosion, dived behind the car, calling on his family to take cover. They got out and joined him behind the car from where they observed the object take off with a rocking motion, again illuminating the surroundings with its green light. The thing flew off slowly at 30m altitude, in the direction from whence it had come. It first flew with a wavy motion, emitting a low drone and then accelerated away at unbelievable speed, vanishing in a fraction of a second. As the shaken family got back in their car, they noticed that the radio was now playing. The engine and headlights worked perfectly. They suffered from slight headaches and diarrhoea, starting 30 hours after the incident and lasting for three days. The investigator could find no trace at the site. 
  • Nordic UFO Newsletter 1 p10 citing investigation by Boris Jungvist.

September 24 1974, 0010hrs.
Two people were driving between Newport and Bridport when the car interior became cold, the driver was unable to accelerate and then the headlights dimmed for a few seconds. The witnesses then saw an object resembling a neon tube with indistinct edges, emitting a bluish fluorescent light, ascending g in the sky in a zigzag fashion. After 15 seconds the thing was out of sight and the car now behaved normally. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p63 citing BUFORA files.

September 26 1974, 2200hrs.
At an undisclosed location in the part of the island north of Copenhagen, on this clear night more than 100 people observed several unusual lights in the sky. A car driver was suddenly surrounded by a dazzling red light that lit up the area. The car engine, lights and radio all failed. After several attempts the drivee was able to restart and turn on the lights. A cone of white, neon like light came down towards the car. A bumbling sound and a sound like broken glass was heard on the car roof and then a 30cm spurt of flame appeared from the car radio. The engine and lights failed again and the radio faded out. After about five seconds a distinct click was heard and everything worked normally again. Examination of the car revealed no marks and everything appeared to be undamaged. 
  • Fall 1979 p42 case 420 citing Scandinavian UFO Information Newsletter 75.

September 27 1974.
Two couples were parked near Rugg Brook Reservoir and when one of the men got out of the car a hairy biped about 1.8m tall approached. They fled back to town, where they encounter Police Officer George Corso, who agreed to go back to the site with them, keeping his car locked. One of the men claimed to see the thing again, but Corso saw nothing and no traces were found. 
  • Citro p182.

September 27 1974, 2300hrs.
Teenager Dan R, who had had several UFO experiences in the previous few days, was sat up reading when he heard a terrific sound outside. Through the windows he saw a helicopter with many windows and a star on its side, propellers spinning on its top and with a single white light. The object swirled up debris and damaged the pear tree. He called his father Walter and they both saw the object take off vertically amid many electric wires and trees. They though it was the government warning them to keep off military secrets. 
  • Stringfield 1978b p82 citing his own investigation.

September 29 1974, 0050hrs.
Merchant seaman Mr Le Bihan and his wife (both 46) were awoken by their son Younic, a sergeant in the air force, who rushed into their bedroom after returning from a night out, and asked them to look through the window of his darkened room. Through this they could see an illuminated object in a field 500m away. Through binoculars they could see it was the upper portion of a hemisphere, with vaporous, indefinite outlines, which glowed like furnace. In its centre were some sort of portholes emitting a peculiar, indefinable but beautiful orange green colour. On each side of the base was a vivid red light, twice the size of a car headlight, which also ill defined. The object appeared to be oscillating about 60cm above the ground, and to be 10m wide, 7m high. . The area was then thrown into darkness, and they could see a yellow luminous point in the sky, disappearing at high speed. Then first Younic, then his mother, saw, through the binoculars, three 1.7m tall, very fat entities, moving heavily and wobbling from side to side “like astronauts on the moon”. They were dressed in suits which resembled molten metal or aluminium foil that gave them the appearance of Michelin Men. They had round heads but no facial features could be discerned. The trio then turned and headed straight to the witnesses in a “V” formation. The family, fearing they were about to be attacked, fled the house to go to Mrs Le Bihan’ mother’s further up the street. . Mrs Le Bihan became hysterical, and they had to drag here into a neighbours house. This neighbour, a retired gendarme, confirmed that the witnesses faces were green and contorted with terror. During the event and flight their dog howled dreadfully. The weather had been stormy (with two especially loud thunderclaps) but had calmed by the time of the experience. No traces were found. Mrs Le Bihan’s clock had stopped at the times of the experience, but was running normally next morning. She suffered from major shock, insomnia, headaches, feeling “her brain was wrapped in cotton” and prickling for three days afterwards and lost 12 kg in weight. Both father and son were also shocked. 

Younic explained that he had returned home after taking his girlfriend to her house, had just finished a snack and gone to his room, when there was the last, violent, thunderclap. He then saw a yellow-orange light coming in through the window. Looking out he saw what he thought was a fire at a nearby farm and got out the binoculars. Through them he saw three rectangles of bright red light, which resembled traps doors, and below these, three phosphorescent masses like sheep, which appeared to be circling something. The red rectangles were on an object with a pedestal 1m tall, surmounted by a dull grey truncated cone 4m tall that was partially obscured by an obstacle. He then saw three humanoid silhouettes and went to get his parents. He thought the object had made a slight lateral somersault before it disappeared, and that the beings were moving above the ground. Meanwhile, the fish warden, Alexandre Duigiou (36) and his wife Marie-Francoise (26) had been awoken by a loud sound. They went to unplug the television and found the lights didn’t work. They then felt an extreme heat and saw an intense neon light coming through their shutters. They did not look to see what it was and five minutes later the electricity came back on. Two weeks later Alexandre found three rectangular burnt traces 60X0cm in the grass, where it looked as though the grass had been scorched by a chemical. 
  • MUFON Journal 127 p8 citing J. L Brochard and Pascal Gireaudot in LDLN 145 p6 and 146 p16 citing own investigation.

September 29 1974, 0030hrs.
Mr and Mrs Oliver were driving west along Romsey Road and had just crested a hill, when they saw a flashing light ahead, which they thought was an aircraft, but on reaching the bottom of the hill they realised they were now almost under the stationary light, which consisted of a circular pattern of “V” shaped lights flashing rapidly on and off. It was hovering over a field about 30m away. They slowed down to about 8 kph, and noticed that the occupants of another car had stopped to get out to view the thing, which was below cloud level. They eventually lost sight of the object behind trees. 

  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p262 citing Nick Maloret.

Late 1974. Night.

A number of airmen on the American base at RAF Alconbury were said to have seen a hairy creature intrude on the base, setting off alarms. One witness was Wesley Uptegrove one of the bunker guards, who was alerted to an intruder on the base. Seeing a figure in the fog he pulled over and rolled the window down to speak to what he thought was another guard. Instead he was confronted by a hair bipedal creature that screamed at him loudly. The being then ran off, pursued by Wesley. It evaded a second guard, who fired at it but missed. It dragged the third man’s dogs away from his grasp. The creature ran off with huge bounds and leapt over the perimeter fence, disappearing into woods. It was a hairy biped, about 1.73m tall, with human eyes, a flat nose, large ears and teeth. The face was narrow around the eyes, but wider at top and bottom. It had muscular “frog like” thighs and horse like lower limbs. On the same night these same guards had seen a floating apparition. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p147.
  • Evaluation: Only known through rumour and a letter from Wesley Uptegrove’s son. Probably fictional

October 1974 (or following month) 0730hrs.
About 10 schoolgirls were waiting for their bus while it was still dark when they saw a luminous red spot moving in the sky. It descended and land a ground dike about 200-259m away. It was 7-10m diameter, 3-5m high. A few minutes later the girls saw four averaged sized figures appearing and moving around the object. They were human shaped and each wore a bright white light. After a few minutes the figures began to walk towards the girls. At that point the bus arrived and the girls boarded it. Through the window, they saw two figures returning to the object, which took off at high speed and disappeared. The observation lasted 20 minutes. The next day, one of the girls returned to the site and found a circle several metres diameter where the grass was burned and blackened. 
  • Alain Gamard citing D. Gaudron.

October 1974.
A 14 year old high school student, S. R., observed an object with portholes at treetop level above his school yard. That night, either in a dream or trance he saw an inhuman oval shaped head, with oval eyes, wrinkled skin, no nose and slit like mouth, which appeared to tell him by telepathy that it would take him away and he should not be afraid 
  • Leonard Stringfield in Skylook 98 p6 and Stringfield 1978b p36 citing own investigation.

October 1974.
Sometime after the observation of an object with two light beams that illuminated the ground the reporter found two circular marks on his property beneath where the object had hovered. On examination these appeared to be fungus. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p197 citing UFOIC Newsletter 43.

October 1974. 0810hrs.
A woman school teacher was bathing in a lake in the north of the state when she heard a sound and looked up to see a strange object take off from the ground, turn and then come down the centre of the lake towards her, projecting a bright blue hot light on her, before it moved off on a zig-zag course towards the south west. The witness felt dizzy, nauseous and had prickly pains. There were slight burns on her back and arms and spots on her legs, the burns developing into blisters. The woman lost weight and was so unwell that she had to give up teaching. 
  • Pratt 1996 p149.

October 1974. Night.
Four people hunting raccoons encountered a hairy humanoid that knocked one of them down, before fleeing, pursued by dogs. 
  • Newton 2011 p58.

October 1974. 2130hrs.
Karen Vernon and her father saw an object with lights descending at high speed above trees. A dead patch of grass and four imprints were found. 
  • Phillips 1975 p104 case 780 citing Sydney Post 8 November 1974.

October 1974, 2300hrs.
A man who had made fun of a neighbour’s belief in aliens, found that night a strange light moving erratically around his room. He went to his bedroom, where he found the whole room illuminated and two dwarfs with large heads which lacked ears and had only slits for mouths, in the doorway. They had just a point for a nose and round white eyes with just a dot like pupil and wore uniforms with a front buckle, which contained little lights. They wanted him to come with them but he refused and suggested they take his neighbour instead. They then showed a sort of cine picture of world events, including one of his neighbour and wife in bed, and asked him questions about the various scenes. When the beings had gone, the witness was finally able to wake his wife, and realised it was now 0400. The neighbour complained the next day about him sending little people to him. 
  • Swords 2005 p221 citing John Timmerman.

October 2 1974.
A domed object with “off axis” lights was seen to land in a field by a young couple. In then took off again and they drove after it, but the thing went out to sea at speed. 
  • NUFON News 11 p11.

October 7 1974. Dusk.
Two women driving east of Cave Junction, near the California border saw a large disc shaped object in the sky, with a row of octagonal windows, from which a vaporous purple light descended down to the ground. After a couple of minutes the thing emitted a cloud of black smoke and moved off at speed. The two women then continued their journey until they reached the state border line sign. On or around this sign the women saw green slanted eyes, though they were unable to see what creatures these were attached to. One of the women wanted to stop but the other was frightened and told her to continue on. 
  • Swords 2005 p45 citing John Timmerman.

October 8 1974. Day.
Paul L (9) and another boy were sat in the bushes behind the Royal Malaysian Air Force Primary School, when they saw a brown creature the size of a thumb. The thing had two feelers on its head and a metallic rod in its hand. They got hold of the creature but it escaped. That afternoon three boys on their way home saw a tiny object with 7.5 cm tall creatures near it. One of the boys was shot at by the beings and passed out. In the evening three of Paul’s friends went to the site and also saw the beings. In the days that followed two women reported encountering these beings. 
  • Bartholomew and Rickard 2014 p165 citing Berita Harian 12 October 1974.

October 9 1974, 2100hrs.
Two 13 year old boys, KB and DH, were walking down Ploughly Road when they were frightened by a large hunched figure of general human shape following them. It was accompanied by a bright light and made no sound. The boys fled to, or were brought into, Bicester Central Ordnance Department MOD Police Station, where they were given first aid for shock. KB was later attended to by his own doctor for shock due to fright. DH did not seem as affected. Five minutes after the boys arrived a police dog and handler were sent into the area, but found nothing. 
  • Francis R Hendry in Awareness Winter 1975 p13.
  • D. J. Parry.

October 11 1974, 1610hrs.
The driver of a pickup truck saw a metallic looking object, surmounted by a dome, about 400m from the road. When he tried to accelerate his engine stalled but his tape deck continued as normal. The object then took off in a curved trajectory, disappearing in 8-10 seconds. The truck’s engine then worked normally. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p63 citing CUFOS files.

October 12 1974, 1950hrs.
Eugene Loyal and his wife were in the living room of their mobile home, outside Connersville, when Mrs L noticed a bright orange glow coming through the curtained window. When she opened the curtains she saw an area about 12 m diameter bathed in an orange glow, apparently coming from a burning orange object moving towards their trailer just above the trees. Mrs L called out to Eugene and the couple ran to the porch to observe the object move in a straight line to the wooded area. When in the distance, the thing did not appear to be burning. The object had come within 10m of their trailer and was at an altitude of 15m. It appeared to be an elongated object, about 1m diameter, was brilliant orange and was travelling south-west to north-east. As they left for church the next morning they noticed their new painted black car was pitted with dozens of small burnt holes, with a white material round them, all over its body. Traces of white ash were found in their yard. They called the police. UFO investigators found the material of a 120m area and that it appeared to be fatal to insects. 
  • Stan Gordon in Skylook 86 p15 citing investigation by himself and colleagues.
  • Evaluation: The material proved to be magnesium olxide and the investigators considered that the object might have been a magnesium flare attached to a balloon, though magnesium normally burns with a white light.

October 13 1974, 0015hrs.
GC a 24 year old French citizen and former air force pilot was driving with his friend Juan and two girls near the Generalissimo Reservoir, when they saw what looked like blue-white lighting in the distance. Somewhat further on they saw, 200m away ,a luminous blue-white sphere, larger than a truck (about 10-12m diameter). Neither its colour nor intensity varied and the thing barely illuminated the ground, though it resembled the interior of a furnace which hurt their eyes to look at. The perfect sphere wad 3m from the ground. GC changed his car lights but they did not reflect off the sphere, which after 20 seconds went out like a light switched off. The men were frightened and the girls were almost hysterical. 
  • Ballester 1976 p52 case 198 citing his own investigation.

October 13 1974, 0400hrs.
Policeman David Dawson (33), and civil engineer Alan Kerr (25) were sat resting while descending from Tower Ridge when they observed a bright star-like light travelling along the bottom of the Glen about 120m below. The thing then rose came above them 180m away. They could hear a deep humming sound, like as transformer. The thing gave them the impression of being controlled.
  • FSR 20, 6 p32 + The News 9 p10 both citing Scottish Daily Express 14 October 1974.

October 14 1974, 0100hrs.
Mr Houghton and his wife had been up late celebrating his 65th birthday. As a former miner with a chest complaint, he slept with the window and curtains open. He was woken by a bright light which filled the bedroom and also woke his wife. Fearing an accident outside, Mrs H went to the window to investigate and then called her husband over. They saw a huge object about 70m away, hovering low behind the trees. The thing had a domed to and a rectangular underside and appeared to be 12m long. Along the rectangle was a row of 7 windows emitting a powerful white light, which were surrounded by clear frames. The object rose slowly from ground level to treetop height, hovered for a few seconds, accelerated and then streaked away, dimming as it did so. A sort of orange outline remained above the trees. 
  • NUFON News 25 p6 + Randles and Warrington 1979 p76 citing investigations by BUFORA and DIGAP.

October 18 1974, 2130hrs.
Mrs Edmoana Toews and Mrs Nuria Hanson, were driving back to their home state Alaska from a religious meeting in Michigan. They had a meal in Fort Nelson and were driving slowly along the foggy highway when, nearing the summit of Steamboat Mountain (c 1,050m), they observed a bright light on the mountain slope across the valley, then a second in the sky above the first. The second light approached them in an oscillating movement, then hovered between them and the mountain, now the apparent size of the full moon. It blinked out, reappeared brighter, growing to brilliant white, then shot up into the sky. They now directed their attention to the object on the slope. It resembled a “Derby Hat” with a row of portholes on the bottom of the dome, just above the rim. To avoid an accident they turned into an abandoned driveway and sat observing the object for 45 minutes. The object in the sky came closer, larger and more brilliant, hovered over the landed object, which changed glow from yellow to bright orange. It appeared to be 27m diameter from brim to brim. The object then took off, lifted between 30-45m and landed again. The orange glow grew darker but gave off several bright orange flashes. On three occasions the light in the sky took off and was lost in the background of stars, at which the landed object resumed its bright yellow glow. After 15 minutes, a southbound truck stopped for 10 minutes but the ladies, for some reason, did not approach the driver. At 2235 they resumed their journey. As they became fatigued they started to pray and sing hymns to relax. They then found that the terrain was not proving difficult anymore and that the car seemed to be driving itself. Mrs Toews, who was driving, was able to put her arms on her lap. They felt peaceful and calm. The car seemed surrounded by a light, even in the fog. They noticed another shadow on the road and when they looked, they saw a single fluffy cloud, illuminated by a light from something above it. They found the first lodge closed and moved on the second one 110km further on. During this journey the oil gauge didn’t register. 

At the Munch Lake Lodge, also closed, they got out and were joined by a young man, dressed only in shirt and slacks, who asked for a lift to the next lodge 130km further on. He sat hunched up on Mrs Hanson’s lap, to whom he felt curiously light. He then moved to the console between the two seats. He said his name was Gordon. During the further journey, in which they saw the light in the sky again, he discussed with them topics such as angels and life on other worlds. They then noticed he was sitting a few centimetres above the pillow on the console. They began to panic again when it was clear he was levitating, but he stared at them and said he was PK, which caused them to stop puzzling. “Gordon” told them to book into the next lodge, which they did, sleeping in the lobby. “Gordon” got out with them, but when they turned round to thank him he was no where to be seen and theirs were the only tracks in the snow. Only on the next night did they realised what a strange experience they had undergone. Mrs Toews also realised that “Gordon” resembled her husband Jim, and his middle name was Gordon. On the 20th they drove through a snow storm, but there was no snow falling on the road. They met no cars, except when their car engine failed on a down slope, and two young men in a jeep got out and fixed it. They seemed to know the ladies were going to Anchorage and followed them. They dropped behind however and when the ladies stopped for them to catch up, there was no sign of them. The strange cloud seen on the 18th followed them on the rest of the journey. They put a religious interpretation on the events.
  • Joseph J Brewer in Fate June 1977 p38 and July 1977 p63 citing own investigation.

October 19 1974, 0250hrs.
A farm woman and her children were awoken by an oblong object, surmounted by a dome on which there were windows. The thing was 18m diameter. 7.5m high and emitted a powerful white light and a noise like a jet engine without the whine, as it hovered 30m above the ground close to their house for 2 minutes, after which it took off to the north and then to the west, very fast. Constable David Grundy was called to the scene and joining the woman in watching the object through binoculars, through which he saw three diamond shaped objects dancing about in the western sky above the Rockies. 
  • FSR 20, 4 p29 citing Edmonton Journal 21 October 1974.

October 21 1974, 2020hrs.
Felice Ravolo, the Commissioner for Internal Affairs in Dakar and his wife saw three objects descend and hover over a wooded section beyond their backyard. One, conical and about the size of a large plane, descended silently down to about 30m, 60m beyond their yard, as Felice approached with his revolver drawn. At one end of the object was a dark area like a port or door. He suddenly saw a figure on the ground beside the object. partially obscured by the picket fence. It was human in shape but taller and thinner than normal and appeared to be covered with short, wire brush like hair. The figure loped slowly across the ground towards the witness, who fired a warning shot. The figure turned and with 6m strides headed towards the object, which descended and seemed to engulf it in one of its leaps. Felice fired again as the object ascended at high speed. Trampled trees and broken branches were found at the site. 
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1975 p61 and Ted Phillips in ditto p106 both citing Ronald Drucker in UFO Report II,3 p26 citing investigation by Dr Richard Egan.

October 25 1974, 1600hrs.
Oil driller Carl Higdon (40) was hunting for elk on the north ridge of the forest, about 65km to the south of Rawlings, when he saw five elk as walked over a hill. He fired at them, the bullet dropped after only going 15m. He went and picked up the bullet then heard a twig snap, and in the shadow of the trees to his right he saw a figure. The being was about 1.85m tall, appeared to weigh 180 pounds, was dressed in a black suit and shoes, wore a belt with a star in the middle and a yellow emblem below. It was bow legged, had a flattened head on which were two antenna and straight up thin hair, and had no chin. The being asked Higdon is he was hungry, and getting an affirmative reply gave him four tablets. Higdon took one and put the container containing the others in his pocket. The being, who called himself Ausso, said these were “four day pills” and asked Higdon if he wanted to go with him. When Higdon agreed the creature pointed an appendage on his sleeve at him and Higdon found himself in a transparent cubical along with “Ausso”. He was sat in a chair with bands around his arms and a sort of helmet on his head, from which came four wires. On a console opposite were three levers that “Ausso” manipulated. Through what looked like a mirror on the upper right, Higdon could see five elk in a sort of cage, not moving, yet he estimated the cage to be only 2m square. When “Ausso” manipulated the largest lever the contraption seemed to be moving. Higdon could see the earth below, looking like a basket ball. A second being disappeared when they landed, “Ausso” saying they had travelled 163,000 light miles. 

Outside the cubicle was a huge tower, about 27m high, with a powerful rotating light and a sound like an electric razor. Standing outside the tower were five people (adult male, teenage boy and girl and two girls of about 10-14) who were dressed in ordinary clothes and appeared to be talking amongst themselves. “Ausso” took him into the tower, then said he was not what was needed. Next he found himself back in the cubicle with “Ausso” who gave him back his gun, saying it was primitive. He then pointed at the largest lever and Higdon found himself on a slope. His foot hit a loose rock and he fell hurting his head, neck and shoulder. Dazed and not knowing who or where he was, he managed to get back to his truck and call on the Citizen Band Radio. Authorities were alerted and he was found at 2330 that night and taken to hospital. His eyes were bloodshot and teared constantly. At first his appetite was poor but a couple of days later he was ravenous. He later recalled that “Ausso” had only six teeth, three on top and three below and that “Ausso” had told him there were no fish on his planet, that the sun’s rays burned him, and that they were taking animals back for breeding purposes. 
  • Leo Sprinkle in Haines 1979 p225 + APRO Bulletin 23,5 p1 and Lorenzen 1975 p25 citing investigation by himself and Richard Kenyon and Bob Nantkes.
  • Skylook 85 p10 citing Sue Taylor in Rawlins Daily Times 29 October 1974.
  • FSR 21, 3-4 p3 citing Taylor op cit and Frank Bourke in National Star 22 March 1975.
  • Scott T Weber in Official UFO 1,12 p36.
  • National Enquirer 24 October 1978.

October 27 1974, 2200hrs.
J D (29), his wife S (25) and his three children (8, 7, 4) were driving home from his parents in law in Harold Hill, Romford, when the 7 year old drew his parents attention to a light just above the houses, about 450m to the east. It appeared larger than the apparent size of Venus and they thought it was the light on a helicopter. The road was unusually quiet. The light paced them down Park Farm Road, then went down a dip and was obscured by bushes. As they passed a gravel pit on the Aveley Road they noticed that they could not hear the car tyres or engine, though they could hear the radio. They felt something was wrong, and as they rounded a bend, they saw a deep green mist banked 2.5m high, on the road about 30m away. At this point the radio began to crackle and smoke so J pulled the wires out. The lights then went out. The fog enveloped the car which jerked violently. It seemed light, very cold, dead silent and their was a tingling feeling. They lost track of time, but after what seemed like a second or two there was a jolt and the mist had gone. They were now 800m down the road. J seemed to think he was in the car on his own for a while, shortly afterwards his wife came too also, and they carried on home, only to find it was 0100 hours, the journey normally only taking twenty minutes. They were tired and nervous. After the incident the car started to act up and was disposed of. Following a nervous breakdown in the December, J and S became vegetarians and concerned with ecology. There were MIB and poltergeist incidents and a nocturnal hum. When the investigation started in September 1977, S began to remember standing in front of a blue car on a platform with machinery to the left, around which men in one piece suits were moving, and being led to a room where there was a small ugly person. This appeared to be the recall of a dream. 

Under regression J recalled being in a room with tall, “peaceful” beings in one piece suits. He was on a table while a sort of bar moved over him. The beings seemed to communicate by telepathy and showed him a diagram with marks on it. There was also a small furry creature. Amplified later with an account of a beam of light penetrating the car, him feeling as though he was being lifted up then blacking out. He was then on a platform looking at a couple and their family, who he identified with himself and his family, through his car was white, not blue as this one was. S and the 7 year old were with him, behind was a being 7m tall. He next came to, on the table with the bar passing over him. There were three tall beings and two small ugly entities, the latter performing the examination. They were 1.2m tall with long white gowns,. furry heads, long triangular slanted eyes, beak, slit mouth, pointed ears, large hairy hands with four taloned digits. When they left J was able to sit up and examine the room which was 6m long, 3.6m wide, 2.1-2.4m high, everything in it smooth, like the inside of a bubble. One of the tall beings was 7m tall, other 1.95m, wearing one piece suits and masks. They had large eyes and appeared to be jointless. J was taken in a laboratory then a sort of cabin, then to the control room. The entities showed him a series of pictures and holograms and appeared to communicate something about their planet’s pollution problems. Then there was a hologram of a hooded figure holding a ball, which J was asked to touch. S recalled under regression a more complete medical examination by the furries. After this she was taken into another room where she was offered sweets, but, as she was about to decline, they were taken away. They seemed to communicate through telepathy. She was asked to touch the ball, as J had been and told that this was “the seed of their life”. She recalled dressing and hurrying the others up. The car appeared to be moving off and she seemed to follow it through the lanes until she entered it. 
  • Andrew Collins, Barry King and Leonard Wilder in FSR 23,6 p13 and FSR 24,1 p5 citing own investigation.
  • FSR 24,5 p31 citing John Clare in News of the World 24 December 1978.
  • Rimmer 1984 p19 citing above.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p268 citing FSR op cit + own investigation.
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  • Collins 1990.

October 28 1974, 0030hrs.
A couple and their two daughters (13, 14) were returning to Pawcatuck after visiting relatives at Plainfield, when about 1.5km outside of Plainfield, the husband became aware of a round, glowing, white object to his left. He first thought it was the moon, but five minutes later he realised that the moon was in front of him. Looking over his shoulder again he saw the white object pacing them at 30m altitude, parallel to the road, as they did 70kph, and alterted his family to it. It appeared to be 15-18m in diameter and to be a flat convex shaped thing, with indistinct outlines, larger than the apparent diameter of the moon. Ther thing stopped, started and changed direction with them, and was visible when they got out of the car. It made no noise as it paced them for 30m minutes, until they made the final turn towards their house in a built up area, upon which the object rose straight up, hesitated for a moment, veered away and disappeared at moderate speed. 
  • Donald R Todd in APRO Bulletin 23,4 p1.

November 1974 (Approx. date)
A 36 year old businessman was hiking in the woods on his rest day, when, about 600m away, he observed a domed object 7.5m diameter, with green, blue and red-purple colours. There were two windows on the dome and the object rested on four metallic legs. The witness approached within 30m of the object, when a being 1.5m tall, dressed in a silver coverall with skin tight gloves stepped from behind some bushes. Through a transparent visor in its helmet, the witness could see its eyes were set far apart and its chin was pointed. The being came up to within 3-4.5m of the witness and lifted something taken from its right side to its face. The object flashed twice at which the witness fled. 
  • Sifakis 1979a citing Gracia Unger in an undated issue of the Calvert Tribune.

November 1974 (Approx. date) Day.
A housewife was driving to Fredericksburg when a huge sausage shaped object swept out of the sky and hovered near her speeding car for several minutes before it veered away at terrific speed. 
  • Val Smith in Fate January 1978 p 61 citing Brenda Star citing press sources.

November 1974 (Approx. date) Day.
A group of girls in a car were approached repeatedly by an object with portholes, through which odd faces peeped out. 
  • ibid.

November 1974. Early evening.
Gary Sedore was going to the pump house to get some water for the horses when he noticed a white glow on the southern horizon. Thinking it might be a barn fire or car crash, he drove out to get aid. He found that the light was well off the road and emitted a blue haze. As he approached as close as the road would allow, the object began to lift up. It was shaped like one saucer inverted over the other, with a gap in the centre. The top half was hazy blue in colour and appeared to be rotating in a counter clockwise direction, while the bottom half was the colour of molten metal and was rotating clockwise. The whole thing appeared to be the size of his barn and about 30m in diameter. As it took off in a gentle arc towards the NW, Gary felt hypnotised and unable to take his eyes off it. As it moved away towards Bellhaven, Gary got into his car and tried to follow it. After a while it arced round and disappeared in the south. 
  • Haisell 1978 p51.

November 1974. 2000hrs.
On an isolated ranch 14.5km north and 25.5km east of Goldendale, Claire Haser saw a yellow white glow on the ground in the distance. She dismissed it but two hours later it was still there, more intense and apparently closer. An hour later still at 2300 as a group of visitors left the ranch they saw, 3m away and about 5m above the ground, a vertical cylinder about 1m long and 35cm thick. Two thirds of the way up this was a beam of light, 5cm thick and 1m long with a diffuse end. This thing seemed to be composed of silvery-white, semi-opaque ice crystals, and was moving slowly in a clockwise direction. The party observed this for about ten minutes, then went indoors for a further 30; when they re-emerged the thing had gone. 
  • Greg Long in International UFO Reporter 19,4 p17 citing own investigation.
  • Evaluation: Aspects of this case, the long duration, the slow clockwise movement and something of the description suggest an astronomical object seen through a thin layer of ice crystals.

November 1974. Late evening.
A couple driving 30km north of Bangor had stopped to look at the stars in a rural area when their attention was caught by a large bright light approaching. When it got within 500m they could see that it was disc shaped object surmounted by a dome. The thing landed 50m away making a high pitched sound and with a powerful air blast. The thing was made of something like opaque Perspex. On opening appeared and a being 1.05m tall emerged, dressed in “a fancy space suit” emerged and gave the male witness a 16 sided object with strange writing on it. 
  • Jenny Randles in NUFON News 11 p10 citing phone call to a radio phone in February 1975.
  • Evaluation: Caller claimed to be calling from Los Angeles, had an excuse for no-one being able to phone back, and call was cut off mid sentence. Almost certain hoax.

November 1974. 2300hrs.
A man driving home to Scottsdale when he saw an enormous, soundless object about 800m away to his left in the north. His car engine and radio failed and the lights on his watch lit up brilliantly. The object moved along and then took off vertically. The watch broke down soon after and the left hand mudguard of his car changed from red to orange where it stayed. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p198 citing TUFOIC.

November 1 1974, 1930hrs.
Brent Smith saw a red glowing saucer shaped object with a domed top, 3-3.5m wide, 1.5-1.8m high. He went into his house and brought out his sister Bonnie. They both watched it hover about 30cm above the ground for about 15-20 seconds, before it to off in NNE direction. A 3m diameter burnt ring was found in the grass. 
  • Phillips 1975 p105 case 767 citing CUFOS citing Ludwig Loewen.

November 4 1974, 2300hrs.
A motorist saw a huge flame coloured glow lighting up the vegetation, then rise into the sky and leave. His car lights, radio and motor all failed and the dial on his watch became brighter. The event lasted two minutes, and his watch was later found to be slow by that amount. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p198 citing TUFOIC Annual Report 1985.

November 8 1974.
Economist Jose Maria Cavero returned to the site, near the Talavera Air Base, where he had a ufo experience in the company of an Air Force lieutenant on the 5th. Whole there he saw a being wearing a dark brown jacket, black trousers, and a sort of Roman Helmet on its head. When he shone his torch on the being, he noticed it had slant eyes and appeared to lack a nose. The body was human, tall and slender, but Jose was unable to make out any arms or legs. When Jose got out of the car the being ran off and he was unable to catch it. 
  • FSR 20,5 p32 citing Hoja Del Lunes 11 November 1974.

November 11 1974.
Patrolmen Zachary Space and Lester Nagle followed an object with three white lights and surrounded by a glow for 20 minutes. It descended to the level of the high tension wires for 15-20 seconds and then rose slowly out of sight and descended again. This happened on a number of occasions before the thing shot away at speed. There were other witnesses. 
  • Marler 2013 p90 citing Fort Worth Cross Country News 8 January 1975.

November 9 1974, 1900hrs.
John L (14) and his brother Bill, and another boy Bob G saw a yellow-red object with ill-defined outlines and a trail, come out of the southern sky and land in a sump pond on the edge of town. It appeared to be 6m off shore in 2-2.5m of water. Jim B, and Bernard and Jerome G were called to the scene. They observed a yellowish light, 1.5m diameter, which pulsated in a cycle and gave the impression of being attached to a larger object. Police and fire officers attempted to dredge the pond. Something was caught in a net but could not be brought outer. Later a lantern was recovered from the site but Officer Mark Terella who made the first netting was sure than what he had in his net was not a lantern. 
  • Douglas K Daine in Skylook 85 p12 citing his own investigation.
  • Randle 2010 p259 citing investigation by Matt Graeber.
  • Evaluation: Hoax.

November 12 1974, 2300hrs.
TV producer Michel Briant was in the caves after opening hours, checking the location for a Dr Who episode when he saw a figure in a diving suit heading towards one of the underground pools. He later found that he was the only person in the caves that time. 
  • Adams and Brazil 2013 p158.

Mid November 1974. 1730hrs.
Mrs Giovanna Sensoli (46) was tending to her animals when she noticed that the chickens and rabbits were running about as if afraid. Looking up she saw, at rooftop height about 4m away, a figure sat on a sort of box. This figure appeared to be 2m tall and dressed in a shiny one-piece suit with red, green and white marks, along with ski boots and helmet. He was swinging to and fro. On the box was a red lever. When Giovanna called to her mother the figure moved off with a humming sound. Her attention was then distracted by a brilliant light, the angular dimeter of the full moon, moving eastwards, lighting the area like daylight. Both light and man seemed to circle around the cemetery. 
  • Gianfranco Lollino in FSR 32,4 p25 citing his own investigation.
  • Evaluation: Microlight 

November 17 1974, 1330hrs.
A female bar owner, who had seen a strange light in the sky the previous night was approached in her bar by a stranger who was only 1.35m tall who talked excitedly about the incident. He had a dark complexion and shiny black hair and walked with a “bouncy gait”. He wore a peculiar burlap jacket and dark glasses. The strange seemed intent on convincing her that the sighting had been on Friday not Saturday night. After he left the people in the bar could not see him in the street and there was no sound of a car. 
  • Rosales citing investigation by Art Koskela.
  • Rath 1997 p61.

November 19 1974, 1800hrs.
Christophe F (16) was locking up the house before going out with some friends when, as he was closing the west facing kitchen shutters, he saw a ball of light partly obscured by a wall. Closing the bathroom window he observed, about 35m away, a bright shining bsll of an indefinable opalescent colour, which, despite its brilliance, did not illuminate the surrounding area. The ball, which was stationary beside the road, appeared to be between 2-2.5m diameter, perhaps most probably 2.2m and was either touching or just above the ground. Despite the stiff wind, this thing remained motionless. This so alarmed Christophe that he went and got his gun, and thus boldened, also got his camera and approached to within less than 25m of the object. At this point he heard a continuous modulated sound like a bottle being opened and saw about 3 circular patches of deeper colour moving about on the globe. Christophe was now so frightened that he could barely hold his camera, so he went back inside, pulled himself together and got out his tripod and light metre and took four photographs, two at 35m, two at 23m (one of the latter was no good. After which he went inside and played a record while continuing to watch the thing. At times the thing appeared to become transparent. After a few minutes this rose 4-5m and then stopped and a blindingly brilliant cylinder of light appeared from it underside, about 1.8m long, 40cm wide, which forced Christophe to shield his eyes with his hands. The object then shot off like lighting. Christophe continued with his plan to go into Uzes town and as he passed, on his moped, the spot where the thing had hovered he felt a sensation of heat. The film was examined by the investigators but the lad refused to have it sent away for analysis and it was subsequently stolen. Mrs Clutten, her daughter and her nephew, who lived 150m away saw the object slowly descent between 1700-1800 and someone who lived on the outskirts of Nimes saw a sphere travelling towards Uzes that afternoon 
  • Charles Gouiran et al in FSR 24,4 p3 citing their own investigation.

Late November 1974. 2140hrs.
5-6.5km south of Colebrook, the crew of the Hobart-Launceston train saw a v very bright light appear from behind a hill and curve towards them and then hover in front of the hills. After four minutes it was hidden by the terrain. When the trains topped to load milk cans art Stonar at 2215 they observed an object moving NW at 16kph above some 18m high pines by a house to the southeast. The thing then turned north towards the train, which it flew above at 15m altitude. It was a long narrow object 9-12m long, like an elongated egg, with a golden orange colour and 3-6 lights along its underside and with two or three lights at each end, which illuminated the ground. The thing disappeared after 5 minutes. 
  • William K Roberts in APRO Bulletin 24,2 p1.

November 24 1974, 0230hrs.
Ronald Meesore, a child psychologist at a Rhode Island hospital along with his wife and two daughters (4, 6), were driving in the vicinity of Baxter en route from San Francisco to Rhode Island at 12000-1500m altitude in the Sierras, when Ronald observed a green and white revolving light 200-400m to his left. He first thought that it was an aircraft locator beacon until he saws that the thing was moving. The light was now interspersed with blue and Ronald realised it was passing over the trees at about 10m altitude. Then a huge round, orange-white floodlight was switched on directly over the beacon and the object began to cross over the road, so close to the ground that it appeared to block their path, forcing them to slow and swerve. They turned off their headlights. Before the beam had been switched on they had seen a car about 100m ahead, now they realised it was no longer there. As Ronald accelerated 120kph, the object descended to the ground about 50m away to their right. It was a dome, surmounted by two poles, topped by the revolving beacons, only one out three of which appeared to be on, giving off blue-white flashes, which lit up the area. The object sat there was the family drove on. 
  • Letter from Ronald Messore in APRO Bulletin 24,3 p5.

November 25 1974.
Dora Ellen Afelbaum was carefully driving her new car when her attention was caught by a light above her, which seemed to stay with her. Dora pulled over and parked. The light got closer so she rolled down the window but could not hear any sound so decided that the thing was not a helicopter. The light then moved and then hovered in front of Dora. She then saw what looked like dogs running towards the thing and got a glimpse of a humanoid form. Then the lights, dog, and form vanished. No other cars stopped, as if they had not seen anything strange. 
  • Letter from the witness in Fate February 1977 p134.

November 27 1974, 1930hrs.
A registered nurse driving on IS 40 saw at least eight objects hovering in front of her car, to the left of the highway. They had bright red, white and green lights and one had a definite circular structure. The witness was very frightened and wished there was someone in the car with her. As she exited into Rt138, she noticed another object in front of her car and on the left of the highway. This thing did not exhibit the rapid speeds shown by the first group of objects. She called the police but when they arrived there was nothing to be seen. 
  • UFO Investigator January 1975 p1 citing Marion Webb.

November 29 1974, 2300hrs.
Diane Forcey and her husband Stephen had just returned to their Broad Street flat, after a visit to her mother, when they noticed that their sitting room was unusually quiet. They then heard a noise from the kitchen and when Stephen went to investigate he encountered a black figure in a sort of cloak and cowl going down the stairs. 
  • Royal and Girvan 1976 p25.

November 30 1974. Night.
While driving back along the A6 Buxton Road from a drop off at Whaley Bridge, taxi driver Brian Mohan saw through his rear view mirror, a woman aged about 55 with long hair and wearing a black coat and white blouse sat in his back seat. He saw this several times. On reaching Stockport town centre he stopped and turned to ask her what she was doing there, but there was no sign of anyone in the back of his cab. 
  • Spencer 1998 p185.
  • Whitaker 1989 p129.

December 1974 (Approx. date) 0930hrs.
A small girl, A W saw a silver suited figure 1.85 tall with white hair, which had no parting, silvery boots in her room. He said he came from a flying saucer. Her mother G a well known local ufo researcher had also seen a figure on a number of occasions. 
  • Tom B Moeller in Cincinnati Enquirer 4 December 1977.

December 1974. Night.
Richard Taylor and Larry Followell were driving along the Hurricane Ridge road, when they damaged their car and injured themselves swerving to avoid a humanoid creature stood in the centre of the road. No traces were found.
  • Byrne 1975 p66.

December 2 1974, 0300hrs.
Stephen Jenkins awoke to hear clearly audible footsteps on the stairs, and in the doorway on the landing he saw two figures whose bodies appeared to be made of pulpy compressed leaves. Their red faces also appeared vegetable in composition. Their eyes were yellow with hard black pupils. They appeared to be enclosed in a box like structure. 
  • Jenkins 1977 p184.

December 2 1974, 2230hrs.
Farmer, William Bosak (68) was driving to his farm south-east of Frederic from a Farmers’ Co-op meeting in town, along County Road W. He was driving slowly because of patch fog, when, about 9.5km east of Frederic, his headlights caught, about 2-2.5m away what looked like a curved front of glass, inside of which, illuminated by a bright light which had no discernible source, was a creature with its arms raised above its head. Its bottom half was obscured by the fog, as was the bottom half of the object, which was vaguely discoid. The tube stood about 2.5-3m high and tapered to a bullet shaped peak. The creature was generally human in shape, covered everywhere except for the face and chin with a dark tan fur, which ran along the top and side of the rectangular shaped head. The ears were stretched out about 75cm and resembled calf’s ears. Bosak thought that the tan fur may have been on a suit, but there were no seems nor buttons. The creature’s eyes were protruding as if it were afraid. Startled, Bosak accelerated past, and as he did so his car lights dimmed, the inside of his car became dark. He heard a whooshing sound and a sound like branches brushing against the car. He was afraid to go out for some nights, and it was a time before he would even tell his wife and son of the incident. He returned to the spot some days later but could find nothing. 
  • Everett Lightner in APRO Bulletin 23,4 p1 citing own investigation.
  • Jerome Clark in FSR 21,1 p10 citing own investigation and Dewey Berscheid in St Paul Pioneer Press 19 January 1975.
  • Lorenzon 1975 p196.
  • Steiger 1978 p92.

December 12 1974.
James Todd claimed that his car suffered serious damage when he hit an unidentified object, 15m diameter. 
  • Phillips 1975 p105 case 773 citing Toronto Star 12 December 1974.

December 21 1974, 2330hrs.
Three young men were driving home to New Athens from Darmstadt when they saw a 6-9m diameter disc, emitting a light that illuminated the surroundigns, about 15m above the trees, 300m away. The object had red and yellow rotating lights around its outer edge. When they parked up they again saw this or a similar object, about 1.5km away, 15m above the trees, projecting a beam towards the ground. Further along they saw that this object was apparently hovering a cylindrical, 15m long, 1.5-2m long, on the ground. 
  • Ridge 1994 p50 citing MUFON UFO Journal 90.

December 22 1974, 2230hrs.
Mrs Page (82), a bright and alert lady, had retired for the night but was still wide awake when her attention was attracted by a bright light shining through her partially open blind, illuminating her bedroom wall. Looking through her window, she saw an oval object, shaped somewhat like a boat, hovering directly over the neighbour’s house 125. The object was large with red and green lights around its rim. On one side were three small square windows, through which a white light shone. The object hovered in this location, bobbing up and down, for 15 minutes. It then moved in a straight line to the church less than a block away, where it again hovered, bobbing up and down, for 30 minutes, during which time she saw two dark figures in what appeared to be a transparent dome above the craft’s windows. She opened the kitchen door to get a better view, but it was too cold for her. While the door was open she heard no sound. The figures appeared to be small people and she could see them down to the waists. They walked back and forth along the object and constantly gestured with their arms. The object then moved away from the church northwards, then suddenly accelerated away. 
  • Stringfield 1978b p109 citing investigation by himself and Geri Wilhelm.

December 23 1974. (Approx. date) 2300hrs.
Six young men driving in the Animus Road area were nearing a hill when a brilliant blue white light came around the hill, shone its light on their jeep, lighting it up, and then zoomed away to the to the south-east at terrific speed. 
  • APRO Bulletin 28,3 p3.
  • Evaluation: Appears only to be known through hearsay.

December 24 1974, 0230hrs.
Mrs Marcia Knipfer (19) had been visiting her grandmother, along with her mother Mrs Shirley Mattison. They were just leaving and were driving west along the grandmother’s long driveway when Marcia noticed a bright orange-red ball to the right of their car, which she first thought was the moon, until she realised it was too large and close to the ground. Shirley was driving about 35-40kph and only glanced at the object. Marcia saw that the thing was tilted at 45 degrees to the tree roots. The object then began to make and spin, levelled off and began to pace the car at 30m altitude, moving from north-east to south-west, until they reached Marcia’s home. Shirley then continued on towards Madison. Indoors, Marcia began to watch the object, which appeared to have landed on a treetop about 500m away, by Lake Kegonsa. This object was estimated to be about 12m diameter. Marcia called her brother Gain to look at the thing, but he showed no interest. Marcia then heard a noise downstairs and went to telephone her grandmother. When she had finished the call, the object had gone. While the object was visible all the local dogs were howling. Marcia could not sleep until dawn and was afraid to go to the bathroom. 
  • APRO Bulletin 24,1 p6 citing investigation by David Weier.

December 26 1974 (Approx. date) Night.
Cyril Hughes was driving from Hook to Haverfordwest when he saw a luminous red sphere descending towards the river st “moderate” speed. He turned his car round to check but could not find anything. 
  • The News 9 p10 citing Western Mail 28 December 1974.

December 29 1974, 2200hrs.
There were numerous reports of an object with bright coloured lights submitted to the sheriff’s department. At about the same time four people reported seeing a humanoid figure wearing a silver and black suit, with some sort of helmet, in the Forest Acres area. When observed the figure would jump into the bushes and disappear. They reported this to dispatcher Fred Barnes who said they sounded sober. Four deputies were sent to the area but they found nothing. 
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1975 p64 citing The Robesonian 30 December 1974 and Lee Spiegel.