1977 JULY - DEC

Summer 1977. Evening.

A man falling asleep, listening to the children playing outside, heard a high pitched sound and heard metal sounding footsteps outside his bedroom and then saw a humanoid, 1.5m tall, with blond shoulder length hair on the other side of the room. he got the impression that it was wearing a sort of brown tunic. In response to the man’s cries the being tried to turn on the light, but without success. The thing then put something into the man’s ear. He felt paralysed and could still hear the sound of the children. He then came to, still hearing the children, but the being and paralysis had gone. He had a vague memory of being inside some craft. 
  • Rutkowksi 1993 p71
  • Evaluation: Hypnogogic hallucination with asp

Summer 1977. Night.
Three members of the crew of a ferry saw a dark dirigible shaped object “the size of a [American] football pitch” pass overhead at 30m altitude. Blue flames came from the rear of the silent object. At first the thing was moving very slowly but then shot off at terrific speed as a blue streak in the sky. 
  • Storr 2016 p188 citing Larry Nelles
  • Evaluation: Only known second hand via Nelles

July 1977.
While a passenger on a bus on the Afyon-Ankara highway, Miss Ailye Icyer observed a strange aerial object that she first thought was a helicopter, then realised that she could not see any propellers. It was a dome shaped object with two windows on its grey surface and was about 5m long, 2.5m high, with three spheres on the underside that emitted a blue light. It moved at high speed and appeared to land at one point. 
  • Magic Saucer 14 p13 citing Selman Gercelsever citing the witness first hand

July 1977.
A motorist encountered a ferocious biped covered in white fur. 
  • Newton 2010 p65

July 1977.
Bruce Morgan and two friends saw two dark hairy figures moving among trees. They tried to take a photograph but without success. One of the things began hitting rocks together and when the party started to do the same they were pelted by stones coming from above. (
  • Guttilla 2003 p271

July 1977. Late night.
At a rural farm about 15km north of Hazard, Rick S was watching TV when he was alerted by a horse acting up. He and his cousin went out, thinking it was a bobcat and encountered a hairy biped, 2-2.7m tall and twice as wide as a human. It fled, jumping across a creek as it did so, and left footprints. 
  • Newton 2010 p65

July 1977. 1900hrs.
Mrs Frater (50) was walking through a field beside Copley Springs Wood en route to visit her horse on this bright, clear evening. Looking to the north she saw, hovering about 30cm off the ground, a circular object about 10m in diameter, apparently made of some dark grey material. It was surmounted by a dome and had a row of portholes between the base and the dome. A red flame was coming from the underside. After about 5 seconds the thing wobbled and then rose up in a clockwise motion. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p.246 citing investigations by Nigel Mortimer and Walter Reid
  • Jenny Randles in BUFORA Bulletin 14 p.2 citing investigation by Nigel Mortimer

July 1977. Late evening.
Farm hand Alfredo Marques Soares (55) was walking home when he received a hard blow to his left leg. Looking round he saw a large beam of yellow-white light, which resembled fishing net. He felt something pulling him back, such that he hurt all over. He tried to hide under a tree but found himself running round in circles. He managed to crawl home, where his daughter found his leg was severely bruised and burned. Alfredo suffered from nausea, headaches and diarrhoea and his leg became infected. 
  • Pratt 1996 p28 citing investigations by Jose Jean Alencar and himself)

July 1977. 2100hrs.
G. S (qv) saw a large orange light apparently over the same field as the humanoid encounter. Her mother called her in and as she started to wind up her skipping rope the object just faded away. 
  • Jenny Randles and Paul Whetnall in FSR 25,4 p20 citing their own investigation

July 1977. 2230hrs.
Randall Jones Pugh opened his curtains on this misty night, to see, in a field in Pembroke Park, across the 10m wide main road, a crescent shaped object with a pipe shaped stem sticking about 1, up. He could see the outline of the upper half of a dome through the mist. As soon as the curtains were opened and the bedroom light shone out the object took off vertically at high speed. The tube, which appeared to be made of glass or plastic, flashed a very bright red light three times. This light was so bright that Pugh could see what looked like filaments in the tube. The flashes were at about 1 second intervals. 
  • Randall Jones Pugh in FSR 23,6 p8 + BUFORA Journal 6,6 p16

July 1977. 2300hrs.
Joao de Brito was out hunting and had a an animal in his sights when a beam of light from the sky scared the animal way. Joao was hit by the beam, which came from a cyclindrical object, and he felt his strength ebbing away. Voices in an unknown language were coming from the cylinder. When the light left, Joao was left so weak he had to go to hospital. 
  • Daniel Rebisso Giese in FSR 39,3 p9
  • Evaluation: Only a second hand story narrated by a friend of the alleged witness

July 1 1977. 0300hrs.
A Master Sergeant on security duty at the US air force base at Aviano was alerted by alarms on the perimeter fence. Going to investigate he observed a strange light, apparently hovering 10m over a soya field, 200m beyond the fence in the northwest. The electrical power on the base went out, forcing back-up generators on line. The disturbed sergeant alerted the base wing command post, which sent out a security team, and they also saw the strange light. When the sergeant was relieved at the end of his shift, he climbed on top of nearby security building to get a better look. The thing now looked more like a solid object, a circular object, about 25-30m diameter with a sort of rim and, perhaps, a dome. Though he was 500m from the light, the witness felt static in the air. As he watched the thing took, gradually at first then vertically at greater speed, disappearing towards the mountains in about a minute; and before a joint US-Italian security team could reach it. As the object accelerated, its colour darkened from yellow, through orange to red. A buzzing sound that he had detected earlier also increased in pitch. 
  • Hall 1999 p318 citing, Good 1988 p.144 + Jerry Rolwes in MUFON UFO Journal 334 p.3
  • Good 1987 p140 citing Antonio Chiumiento in FSR30,2 p2

July 2 1977. 2300hrs.
An 18 year old boy and his sister were driving at 50kph when the lad saw the reflection of a very bright light in his rear-view mirror. The light seemed to be at ground level 250m away. This light may have followed the car. Soon afterwards the car engine seemed to lose power for 15 to 20 seconds, as though the ignition had been turned off. The driver eventually got the car going again, only for the same thing to happen on the next incline, though this time the car did not stop and he was able to re-start it with the ignition. The light had gone by then 
  • Keith Basterfield in MUFON UFO Journal 126 p16 + Basterfield 1981 citing TUFOIC Annual Report 1978 p10 + ACOS Bulletin 13 p.11
  • Basterfield 1997 215 citing TUFOIC files

July 3 1977. 1500hrs.
John Hall was in his garden with his wife and 17 year old son, Barry, when he observed a black oval object, a few metres in diameter, rising from some low trees at the end of the garden. This thing seemed to creating a vortex in which a mass of web like material was spinning around. This vortex rose to the height of the 12-15m tall pines. Barry walked halfway towards the vortex, which had begun to come towards him. As it passed over his head he was able to see that it was about 6 sq. m in diameter, and was composed of a black hair like substance. The material thinned out but nothing was found at the site. The family and their neighbours noticed a sudden, terrific gust of wind at the time. 
  • Jenny Randles in FSR 24,2 p.iii + NUFON News 40 p.6 + Randles 1978 p.7 citing Bill Muir
  • West and Jefferis 1978 p.52
  • Rvaluation : Atmospheric vortex, whirlwind.

July 3 1977. 2115hrs.
Mrs Dorothy Moore and four of her children (daughter 19, 11, sons 14, 8) were feeding their cattle at a tenant farm, just off Annapolis Junction Rd. Dorothy and the 14 year old were standing by the cattle fence, while the other children sat in the car. The boy noticed a round object, with red and green lights, over the trees and altered the others. Then thing appeared to be spinning and slanting downwards, just above the tree line. No sound could be heard. They drove away from the area, but Dorothy remembered that they had not shut the gate. When they went back to do this they could not see the object, but as they backed away it came over their car and followed them down the road. 
  • A J Graziano in APRO Bulletin 26, 11 p3

July 3 1977. 2315hrs.
P. C. Bill White was on late night patrol when he observed two strange lights in a field at the Sun Inn. They were brilliant white, flashing on and off like beacons and were about 30m above the ground. Bill observed them for about 2 minutes, they then disappeared. Another Police Officer observed them from a separate location. The next day Bill found a circle of flattened grass 18 m diameters in the field. He refused to co-operate with investigators. 
  • Randles 1978 p.10 + NUFON News 40 p.8 + 44 p.5 all citing Ian Creswell
  • Evaluation : Aircraft?

July 5 1977. 2220hrs.
Some children at rural children’s home observed an unusual object and called on Mrs S, who ran the home, to observe it. They saw a yellow object, which changed shape on a number of occasions from a saucer to a cigar hovering at the top of the tree line, apparently over a nearby lake. The sides seemed to be shimmering and beams of light slanted down from the underside. Mr S, the husband of the above, and his younger brother arrived back at 2240hrs. and confirmed the observation, which continued for 20 minutes. Through binoculars the thing appeared to be an elongated silvery object with humps on its side. The object moved slowly across to the south east and hovered over a clearing, where it dulled through orange to red and disappeared from view, reappearing in its original colour and shape in a few moments time. It descended behind trees. The witness contacted investigator Randles who suggested they take a photograph if the object reappeared. It did return at 0025 but only briefly. As it disappeared a clearly audible aircraft flew overhead. 
  • Jenny Randles in FSR 23,4 p.31 citing her own investigation
  • Evaluation : Very probably astronomical with usual distortions of atmosphere, eye strain and out of focus binoculars

July 6 1977. (Approximate date) 1000hrs.
Three young men Tom R (14), Larry S (15) and Renee M (15) were clearing brush on a ranch when they smelt a rotten odour and then heard branches cracking and they were hit by rocks. As they fled they saw a hairy humanoid with long arms. The youths ran back to the M farm where they picked up a rifle. Larry fired a shot at the thing from a distance of 40m. The creature seemed unhurt but it ran off, seeming to just glide through the thick brush. 
  • Blackburn 2017 p120 citing Abilene Reporter 7 July 1977.

July 8 1977. 1845hrs.
A 66 year old man driving a tractor saw a circular object, surmounted by a silvery dome, on which there were green widows. The thing manoeuvred around in an erratic manner for about 20 to 25 minutes, at times coming down to 20m altitude. During the observation the tractor stalled. The thing eventually moved slowly off into the distance. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p.71 citing CUFOS files

July 9 1977. 0230hrs.
Mr R Thompson was driving along the Southend Road near the A13 when he saw, low in the sky to his right about 12m away, an egg shaped object 10m long, 5m wide and 3m high. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a p.374

July 10 1977. 0100hrs.
Chicken farmer Jose Benedito Bogea was walking into town to catch the bus to San Luis when the dark sky was lit up by a bright green-blue light. The light seemed to follow Jose for about 200m and then came down close to the ground, circling over a bush at 3-4m altitude. Jose could see that it was a V shaped object 15-20m long, from which an orange beam was projected towards the ground. Jose shone his torch at the thing and was almost immediately stunned by a flash of light. He came to in a strange city full of people about 1.5m tall dressed in grey clothes He was given some sort of examination and then allowed to walk around the city. He encountered machines which resembled Volkswagens and was eventually asked to enter one inside of which he passed out again. He recovered consciousness in Itaqui more than 110 km from when the light had hit him. He suffered severe pain in his back and right hand side which lasted for some weeks, but his eyesight and hearing which had been poor were now much improved, such that he no longer needed glasses. These improvements reversed after a traffic accident 
  • Good 1998 p356
  • Bob Pratt in Good 1990 p108
  • Pratt 1996 p100)

July 12 1977. 2145hrs.
Adrian de Olmos Ordonez (42), a cattle feed distributor, regarded as serious and hard working, was resting on his balcony taking the evening air, when he observed a small figure step out from the darkness of the grounds of the farm opposite his house. This figure went under the barbed wire fence and walked normally towards the street lamp. Adrian thought it was a child out playing but then saw that the figure, which was about 1.05m tall, was dressed in an inflated green suit and a metallic helmet on top of which was a sort of antenna with an illuminated tip. From each side of the helmet, which was a lighter shade of green than the suit, things like pointed ears were sticking up, and the helmet was joined to the suit by a dark neck band. In its front was a sort of visor, but the light from the street lamp reflecting off it preventing him seeing the being’s face.. He called out to his daughter Irasema de Olmos Padibn (16) to get him a pencil and paper so that he could sketch the being. As she did so, she turned on the outside balcony light in mistake for the living room one. Meanwhile the creature had got within 3m of the street light and some 10m from Adrian, who saw it was holding a shiny object, the size of a matchbox, with a sharp point on the end, and was staring at the lamp, making Adrian think it was drawing power from it. The moment the balcony light went on, the being ran off in the direction from whence it had come, bent under the fence, then halted for a few moments, allowing Adrian to see that it had a sort of tail and was wearing a belt, and had on its back a small rectangular box, fasted with two straps. It had only four fingers on each hand, and feet lie a duck. The being then put its hands into its thick belt, and two red and two white lights, all rotating, appeared on the box, lighting it up. Between the two pairs of lights was a sort of opening and from its underside came two beams of light, like welding sparks. At the same time Adrian heard a humming sound like an electric drill. Immediately after that the being rose in to the air, and moved away to the nearest trees on the farm, art a height of about 3.5m. At this point Irasema came onto the balcony, to see the lights on the being’s back, followed by her mother Dominga and her brother Rafaeil Edgardo. The being moved off at speed, horizontally, its tail raised in the air. By now a group of neighbours (including Marvel, Daniela and Josefina Gonzalez; Luis, Carlos and Iris Cortes; Minerva, Betsaide and Ivi Mena Ludo; and Mercedes Medina de Leon) had gathered to hear Adrian’s story, and watch the lights leaping from tree to tree , occasionally descending to ground level. They could also see a second set of lights performing the same manoeuvres, which made Adrian think there was a second creature around. The cattle on the farm were dashing about, and the neighbourhood dogs barking furiously. The lights eventually vanished before police arrived on the scene. At least one and possibly two sets of footprints were found by Rafaeil and a branch on the farm was found broken and withered. 
  • Sebastian Robiou Lamarche and Jorge Martin in FSR 23,6 p.9 + MUFON UFO Journal 124 p3 citing own investigation

July 13 1977. Night.
On the night of a power outrage, travel agent George Lynch saw two large objects hovering over the Hudson River. They were joined by a third coming in from over the Indian Point nuclear power station. All three objects then dived into the river. 
  • UFO Update Fall 1979 p.21

July 14 1977.
Vietnam Veteran Charles Stoeckman and his son were walking in a mangrove thicket when they encountered a dark hairy creature and smelt a foul odour. A week later Charles’ wife was awoken at 0300hrs. by the sound of something in their brush pile. Looking out she saw a biped with a large head, broad shoulders and colourless eyes. 
  • Blackburn 2017 p241 citing Valley News 28 July 1977.

July 15 1977. 2245hrs.
Mrs F was lying in bed with her sleeping 11 year old daughter, when the room was illuminated by a bright green glow, which, as she leapt out of bed, she saw was coming through her window. As she peeped through the curtains, she saw the light retreating into a hovering, inverted saucer shaped object about 10m diameter, 60m away. Its surface appeared to be metallic and divided into equal sized squares. The flat bottom of the object was in darkness. The green light appeared to being sucked back into this underside. When the beam had vanished the object lifted off and disappeared into a wooded area. When the beam hit the witness her fear disappeared only to reappear when it left. There were no electrical effects or animal reactions and the little girl was not wakened. 
  • Len Stringfield in MUFON UFO Journal 122 p.9 citing his own investigation

July 17 1977. Morning.
Joao Batista Souza of the Nova Melia ranch was out walking on his property when he saw a luminous sphere flying low about 200m away. Joao hid behind a mound and saw the sphere land and its light fade. He saw that it was shaped like a straw hat. An opening appeared on the thing and a 1m tall dwarf with a hairy body and its head in a helmet with antennae, emerged. The entity carried a sort of torch emitting a red beam in its left hand and some other, indefinable, devise in its right. At this point Joao lost consciousness, where he was later found by his family. He was so weak that he had to spend several days in bed. 
  • Daniel Rebisso Giese in FSR 39,3 p12

Late July 1977. 1900hrs.
A woman going down a meadow to the field where she kept her horses had her attention drawn to a dark metallic machine, hovering just above the ground in the NNW. It was a flattened disc, about 10m diameter, surmounted by a dome. After a few seconds the silent craft began to wobble and then shot up into the clear sky and disappeared. Investigators in 1983 found two holes at the spot and a ring of lusher growth. 
  • NUFON News 104 citing investigation by Nigel Mortimer

Late July 1977. 2130hrs.
Unemployed builder Ernest Longstaff (45) was taking his dog for a walk along Lyne Sands, 800m from his house, while he collected sea coal. As he walked inland towards the dunes, he looked back to call his dog, at which he was confronted by an object shaped like two plates stuck together, with the top one surmounted by a slight dome. The thing had a central band around which square openings, emitting red smokeless flames, were rotating from left to right, seeming to pass into the object rather than rotate around the edge. The lead grey object was about 7.5m wide 4.5m high and was hovering about 20m above the shore, 100m away. Ernest now became very frightened and the dog was sitting with its eyes wide and its ears pricked up, though the object appeared to be silent. As both man and dog stood rooted to the spot, the object began to approach them at no more than 16kph and descended until it was very close to the ground 30m away. The sand beneath it was not disturbed. After remaining stationary for a few moments, the object retreated to the right and then the shore, keeping its same face towards them, descending still further, skipping the dunes, as if to land. At this, Ernest fled the scene in panic. His wife confirmed that he was extremely agitated when he arrived home. When he returned to the site, two days later, there were no traces. 
  • Alan and Tricia Price in FSR 24,2 p.21 + NUFON News 47 p5 citing their own investigation

July 21 1977. 1730hrs.
Forestry production worker Wang Wanchun (56) saw a hairy humanoid that came within 4m, on the other side of a ditch, after descending the mountain. The creature kept saying something like ‘go-ro’ and then imitated various wildlife sounds. Wang retreated, throwing a rock at the thing, which moved rapidly away with 1.5m strides. The creature was about 2.25m tall, 1.15m broad, with a head larger than a human’s, hair over the shoulders, a brow ridge over sunken eyes, thick set legs and large thighs. 
  • John Green in Markotic and Krantz 1984 p91 citing Yuan and Huang 1981)

July 21 1977. 2225HRS.
A woman observed an object consisting of a tube attached to an oval descending out of low cloud. She went upstairs to tell her husband, a draughtsman, who had gone to bed early. They observed something that consisted of three bands of light, and 5 dark marks between the top and second top band, apparently on an unseen lens shape that was moving away and descending into a large deep quarry. The light had swamped the street lamps and illuminated the clouds, but as it went out of sight, the object just disappeared. The investigator calculated the thing was 9m in diameter. 
  • NUFON News 54 p5 citing investigation by Frank Johnson

July 22 1977. 2245hrs.
While watching TV Charles Hayward (48) noticed a glow through the window. Pulling back the curtains he observed a white domed object at about 6m altitude. It had a green band around the top and sides, and outside that was a blood red band. Someway below Charles could see a pinky red halo, which did not appear to be attached to the dome. The object slowly descended vertically and was lost to sight behind some old factory building, as if landing on some playing fields 400m away. The thing appeared brighter than the moon. 
  • BUFORA Journal 7, 1 p14 citing investigation by Andrew Collins

July 23 1977. 0110hrs.
13 year old Janine was staying with her aunt Monica (26) at her rural home, when they heard the daschund barking. Thinking it might be prowlers, they sent their German shepherd out, but it returned without finding anything. From their upstairs window they watched 11-12 stars, which formed into the shape of the Big Dipper (in addition to the real one) that seemed to be nearby and surrounded by halos. They then saw a bright light appear on a hill 300m away, followed by a noise from a creek beyond the house. They then saw what looked like small creatures with flashlights, and a red light source, which approached the house and retreated at which both witnesses got severe headaches. One figure on a hill in the distance seemed to shine a light on a tombstone and make it levitate. Then a creature was seen directly below the window. When it bent down, the light on its belt momentarily lit up its face, showing Janine that it was human. When the door began to rattle they phoned Janinemother, who in turn phoned the police and sheriff. The taller figure on the hill made a cooing sound that called the others back to him. At 0430 Janinefamily and law officers arrived. The police could find no traces, but when they left the two witnesses believed they found three footprints 60cm apart, which were very shallow and showed no tread nor heel mark. Another deputy came to examine the tracks but was unimpressed. The two women suffered burning eyes, headaches, dry throats, ringing ears, sluggishness and a shortened time sense that made them think the three hour experience only lasted for one. Three nights later on the 26th at 2300hrs., about 9.5km from this experience, a friend of the family Donald X heard a noise outside and, on investigating, encountered a humanoid 1.2m tall, wearing a suit that was light on top, dark on the bottom. Armed with a flashlight and a pistol Donald went outside and shone the beam on the creature. This, at the same time, illuminated an object, hovering above a nearby tree, that projected a beam on him, knocking him back. He was afraid to venture out again that night. He experienced headaches, numbness, ringing ears, cramps, his wife also experiencing the latter. Six or seven unidentified objects were observed that night along with a number of humanoids who explored the property, making a chattering sound. They went up onto the rooftop and loosened a metal roof louver. The beings had gone by 0500hrs.. The whole complex became difficult to investigate because some of the adult witnesses got into serious trouble with the law. 
  • Hendry 1979 p.123 citing investigation by Allan Hendry, Douglas Dains and Dr Gary Truce
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1978 pp 24, 34 citing International UFO Reporter 2,9 p5 + Ted Phillips

July 24 1977. 2235hrs.
Auguste and Madeleine Gairaud, shopkeepers from Maresille, were driving along N951 from Cruis to Malle Pougasse on their way home from an evening with their family. Suddenly, at the end of a turning, they saw a lighted mass on the ground in open fields behind some trees at the end of a turning in the road. The object was illuminated by a more intense internal light and by it were standing two humanoid figures. Auguste wished to slow down, but his wife insisted they drove away. The object was about 7-8m long, emitting an extremely intense blue-white light, like an electric welding arch, that made their eyes water. It was about 45m away and resembled a bowl or inverted umbrella, the upper part of which was darker, and just under the level of the 2-2.5m tall trees. There were no portholes. On either side of the object were beings about 1.65m tall, silhouetted against the light. The couple were unable to make out any features, but the figures appeared to be dressed in overalls and helmets. The couple thought they were seeing a military exercise or something connected with the St Michel observatory, but were informed that the observatory had no facilities in that place. When their fear outran their curiosity they drove on. 
  • Alain Gamard citing Bedet and Serini in UFO Information 22 p34 citing own investigation

Late July/Early August 1977. 1045hrs.
Von Hickman and a friend (both 13) were walking in a creek when they saw a dark brown hairy humanoid cross their path about 300-400m away in a striding walk. 
  • Cook 2015 p47

July 25 1977. 0305hrs.
Bryant Beckett (19) was eating in their car, with his wife Mimi at the San Francisco Marina, relaxing after his late shift. Looking up he saw a light coming down over the Angels Island area, at about 360kph. It looked as if would hit the water but stopped just above it, then proceeded to bounce along at 25-30kph, about 3km away making no sound, and seeming to blend into the background. He now saw that it was conical with yellow white lights along the bottom, moving left to right, and about a third the way up had two red lights. The object itself seemed to be of grey-black colour and it was at altitude of about 6-10m. The object moved round the bay, then took off, as it did so, the upper part opened up and ejected a luminous sphere, which rested on the top of the object. This sphere had a ring of yellow-white lights around its centre, and about a third the size of the upper paet of the cone. It continued on its journey around the bay, stopping for a short time under the bridge. When the object reached the San Francisco side, Mimi (who lacked her glasses and couldn’t see the thing properly) became frightened and pursued Bryant, who was still curious, to drive away. 
  • Mark Uriarte and Brad Sparks in MUFON UFO Journal 203 p.9 citing investigation by Uriarte

July 26 1977.
A family called De Costa were visited by small beings on three occasions. The beings vanished when people stared at them. Boot like footprints and a strange stone with markings on it were found in the garden. 
  • Rosales + Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1978 p34, both citing Cronica de Buenos Aires 14 August 1977. citing EPE Montivideo )

July 28 1977. 0230hrs.
A rather poorly educated 18/19 year old farm boy from Love Clough was camping with a friend by Clowbridge Reservoir, when he decided to go down to the water to drink. He took his rifle with him, in case there was anything to shoot. As he bent down over the breakwater he noticed, standing about 100m in front of him, a figure 2.4m tall, dressed in a white robe. It had a beard and bushy hair and was staring out over the water, apparently not noticing the youth. When the boy called out to his friend, the figure vanished. 
  • NUFON News 43 p.5 citing investigation by DIGAP

July 29 1977. 0100hrs.
A 30 year old housewife retiring to bed, saw two bright lights over Cottam power station, to the North East. She observed them for over two hours through a telescope, and saw that the light nearest to her was a window on a dark cigar or dome shaped object about 30m long. Through this window she saw the silhouettes of the upper parts of human figures moving to and fro. The light was bright enough to reflect off the slate roof of a house in the valley below. When the light moved overhead she went outside, but could not see the body of the object and went to bed. 
  • NUFON News 88 p6 citing Martin Keatman

July 30 1977. 1540hrs.
While driving with a young lady on the Birdwood-Williamson Road a 36 year old high school teacher and former army major with a doctorate in organic chemistry, observed what he first thought was an aircraft descending at about 120kph. As it came closer he realised that it was something else. As it approached the ground the nose lowered and it settled between a clump of trees and a power pylon, about 400m from the road. Another car arrived on the scene, and its driver could also confirm that he saw the object. After 3 minutes it raised its tail, shot backwards and upwards, vertically out of sight within 3 seconds. This object was about 60m long, 10m thick and 20-30m wide. It had a sort of rounded nose made of a sort of scalloped surface, with a swept back main body and concave underside. It was light salmon pink in colour and appeared to be made of satin rather than metal. There were no unusual noises and no landing gear was seen. 
  • Keith Basterfield in MUFON UFO Journal 118 p3 + 120 p4 citing his own investigation

August 1977. (Approximate date)
Several people saw three hairy humanoids apparently playing and chasing each other in a meadow. 
  • Prince-Hughes 1997 p45 citing Davis County Clipper 2 September 1977.

August 1977.
A strange object was said to have crashed from which dwarfs with square feet and luminous shoes were said to have survived. Police and troops were said to be searching for them
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1978 citing La Cronica (BA) 5 September 1977 citing EFE Mexico City no date given
  • Rosales quoting EFE
  • Evaluation: Mere rumour.

August 1977. 
A 29 year old hairdresser with two male friends were driving towards Birmingham Airport when a sort of huge pink mass reminding her of candyfloss rose from trees to the left and crossed the road, climbing. It was an oval mass the size of a house. They tried to drive after it but the car refused to accelerate until the thing had gone. The observation lasted about 2 minutes. 
  • NUFON News 130 p9

August 1977. 
Brian Jones and two companions saw something with red eyes looking through their window. Brian went out to investigate and encountered a 2.5m hairy humanoid, which emitted an unpleasant odour, The thing lifted Brian off the ground, but dropped him and ran off when the two others started shooting at it. 
  • Newton 2011 p59

August 1977.
CHEKHOV (MOSCOW : RUSSIA then part of the USSR)
Three friends were gathering mushrooms when they saw a bright sphere like a balloon on or close to the ground. A hole 4m diameter 5cm deep was found at the site, as if it had been impressed by a massive weight. 
  • Vallee and Castello 1992 p.96 citing Alexis Zolotov

August 1977.
Craig Two Hearts was working on the outside of his aunt’s house when he saw a biped with dark brown hair, swinging and with a hunched back come out of trees by a river 400m away. Craig went to get a witness but when they returned the thing had gone. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p271 citing Bigfoot Coop

August 1977. 0215hrs.
Night porter Allen Kennington at the Hamner Lodge opened the glass doors into the Smoking Room he saw an old woman and small boy, both dressed in old fashioned clothes, sat an equally old fashioned looking table. This spectacle was about 7m from Allen and seemed to penetrate into a wall, with a sort of shimmering at the join. The woman turned and smiled at Allen and then the scene vanished. Allen then heard a sound like sobbing from the chimney. 
  • Evans and Huyghe 2000 p28 citing Robyn Jenkins The New Zealand Ghost Book Reed, 1978

August 1977. 0300hrs.
A miner returning home across some fields after his shift heard a loud droning in the air and stopped. Glancing across the field towards some trees, he observed a bright light moving behind them. As the light rose above the trees, he saw it was a huge domed disc, which moved slowly at treetop height towards him. The thing was surrounded by coloured lights and as it went directly over him, it beamed down a brilliant light on him. The frightened witness was now lying on the ground. As soon as the light hit him he was stunned by a sort of electric shock. When he recovered his senses the object was slowly disappearing from view. It was about 25m in diameter. When the witness got back to the mine building he realised that 45 minutes had passed, which he could not account for. 
  • D N Mansell in Awareness 8, 1 p5

August 1977. Afternoon.
Mrs Janet Park was doing the housework in her Gaisby Lane house on this drizzly overcast day, when, entering her bedroom, she saw a 1.im tall figure dressed in a sort of long cloak. Fearing a burglar she ran down the stairs, but no one followed her, so after 25 minutes she went to look again the figure had disappeared. This figure was seen a number of other times over the following weeks, on one occasion seen by her 15 year old son lying on his brother’s bed. One night the same 15 year old woke to see the figure at the foot of hid bed. It glided towards him, its eyes lighting up as it emitted a overpowering stench that made the boy sick. The same boy also saw the figure in his bedroom wardrobe. Footsteps and other anomalous phenomena were also reported. 
  • Earth 2 p6

August 1977. 1630hrs.
While riding his motor cycle on a dirt road 6.5km from Talbingo, John Crocker had stopped for a short break when he saw a 2.4-2.7m tall hairy humanoid, covered in brown hair and with arms that reached below its knees. The thing was stood still in scrub about 30-40m away. After a brief time John became unnerved and cycled rapidly away. He returned with his brother and found tracks of feet 40cm long. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p239 case 110 citing invesitgation by Paul Cropper (1993) + Tumbarumba Times 31 August 1977.

August 1977. 2300hrs.
Council worker Dennis Parkin (34) was walking along the sea front up the coast with a friend, when they saw a bright yellow disk with two rows of portholes, a red light on top and two green lights at the side, come silently from the inland fields and fly over them at 12m altitude. 
  • UFO Magazine August 2002 p.17

August 1977. 2300hrs.
Judi Moudy (15) and two friends were sitting out talking in her front yard when their attention was drawn to erratically moving lights in the north. The lights then approached at speed and then hovered over the field across the street. As it did so the animal noises ceased. The thing was cigar shaped with lights on its top, bottom and centre, the latter of which gave the impression of being portholes. It moved to the far end of the field and descended. The girls ran towards it, at which it projected beams of bright blue light, which seemed to separate out into segments. When they reached the chain fence, they rose over it. The girls then became very tired and noticing the time as now 0030hrs.. There then appeared to be a period of missing time, as when the girls got in, they found themselves with dirt on their arms and legs and saw that it was 0300. When they awoke the next morning the two friends were covered in a rash and Judi had a severe headache. The next day they found a triangular area of burnt crop in the alfalfa field. 
  • Thompson 1995 p84 citing letter from Judi Moudy

August 1 1977. 0200hrs.
Janine and Monica (q.v.) again observed dark human shapes outside the house for two hours. They experienced headaches and ear ringing. Monica’s father, a 53 year old welder, was also present. he could only see blue- green lights and did not experience any symptoms. EM effects were noted. 
  • Hendry 1979 p.124
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON 1978 Proceedings p.34 as above

August 3 1977. 0330hrs.
Mike Stevens (24) a musician and postman, with a BA in Russian, was driving back to Chelmsford from a recording session in Cambridge in his hired Vauxhall-Chevette-E. He had just passed through Thaxted and was turning a right hand bend over the brow of a hill, when his attention was caught by a red orange glow, seen through an opening in the bushes on the right hand side of the road. At first Mike thought it was a building, but about100m further on, through another gap, he saw there were two unusual glows and pulled over to the left to study them. He observed two orange-red objects stationary 15m above the ground, about 300-400m away. They were hovering above and beyond a small clump of trees in an open field. The one on the left was just a diffuse oval glow; the one on the right, which was closer, consisted of a circular centre of concentrated light, with a diffuse glow on either side; the lefty resembling a Christmas cracker, the right tapering to a point, these sections did not appear to be attached to the core. They seemed to be casting a great deal of light skywards but not towards the ground. After watching them for some time he saw the left hand light suddenly increase in brightness and then dim down. Then the right hand one moved up deepened in colour and then moved down. The right hand light then began to move towards him slowly in an upwards arc. Somewhat alarmed, Mike drove off. As he came down the hill in fourth gear, he noticed that though his foot was right down on the accelerator, he was still doing only 55kph, though the engine appeared to be running normally. After about 400m, Mike suddenly accelerated up to 80kph. The observation had lasted for 90 seconds. Mike reported the matter to the police, who searched but found nothing. Some magnetic anomalies were found on the car. 
  • Andrew Collins + Barry and Christopher King in FSR 23,4 p25 + BUFORA Journal 6,5 p16 citing their own investigation
  • Randles and Warrington 1979 p.124

August 4 1977. 2015hrs.
Mrs Fortier observed for 15 minutes, an object which emitted extreme heat, and in which six entities, 90cm tall, could be seen. There was a babble of voices like a large number of citizen band radios on at once, but she could not make out what was said. The dog began to whimper and was agitated all evening. After 15 minutes the object took off straight up and headed south. When Mrs F got back to the house she found her face and legs were red from the heat. 
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON 1978 Proceedings pp 23-4, 34 citing investigation by Lorraine Duchesne
August 4 1977. 2220hrs.
A teenage girl saw a large red sparkling mass descend rapidly and disappear behind the Banff Mineral Springs Hospital near the Bow River. Investigating she found, in a wooded area, a circular object with a conical top and wide circular base. The top part of the cone, about 1.2m wide, was covered by flashing white lights, while a ring of red and white flashing lights was evident on the lower, wider portion, which was about 3m in diameter. The thing was completely silent. At one point the girl thought that the object had moved towards her, though she kept her distance. The girl went to the hospital, where she alerted a desk clerk to the flashing lights. No traces were found by the RCMP the next day. 
  • Res Bureau Bulletin 22 p.4 citing RCMP Bulletin N77/98)

August 5 1977.
Mrs Doreen Trevor was driving home from Eastbourne to Eastdene when, on looking to the right, across some fields, she saw what appeared to be the top of a circular brilliant golden object, marked out in triangular sections like the spokes of a wheel. There appeared to be unusual markings in each section. There was mist about so Doreen was unable to tell whether the thing was on or hovering above the ground in the valley below. The road then dipped and the object was lost to view. 
  • BUFORA Journal 8,2 p12 citing R Fisher)

August 6 1977. 1030hrs. (or 0820hrs.) 
Tom Dawson (63, a retired car dealer and resident in a caravan park with his wife and 7 year old daughter, was walking to his neighbour’s accompanied by his two dogs, on route to a fishing trip. He had just entered a field and was about to close the gate, when a strange circular object descended in front of him, hovering 60cm above the ground. It was 12-15m diameter, 3.5-4m high, appeared to be various colours all blended together, and it had a cabin like protuberance on top. Tom was unable to move, and the dogs and cattle in the field appeared likewise to be frozen. A hatch opened and five strange humanoid beings, 1.5m tall, got out, two women and three men. One man and one woman were both entirely nude, they were completely hairless and had floury white skin. The woman's breasts were almost up to the armpits, and her vagina was situated where a human navel would be. The male’s sex organs were underdeveloped. The other three were dressed in extremely beautiful clothes, with silky shoes that had turned up ends. One man, who appeared to be the leader, got out first, tested the ground, then motioned for the other to join him and the other two men got out to guard the craft. All had sharp, turned up noses, and pointed ears that seemed to come straight from the shoulders. They cautiously approached Tom, put a sort of skull cap on his head, attached to which were several cords which led to a sort of hoop on which was a set of dials. His clothing was removed and a medical exam was started, but was interrupted by a voice from the craft calling out “ I am Jimmy Hoffa” repeated three times, a fourth time cut short, The beings them removed the skull cap, retreated about 3m and began to confer amongst themselves in high pitched voices, Tom thinking he heard the word “Jupiter”. They then returned to the craft, closed the hatch and it took off. Tom saw it for a moment at 25m then it was gone, and both he and the animals were released from the paralysis. He dressed and ran to the neighbour, who confirmed his extreme agitation. He was taken to hospital for hysteria, apparently caused by fear. There were no traces of drugs or alcohol in his body.
  • Norman Oliver in BUFORA Journal 6, p.18 citing Pelham Journal 11 August 1977.
  • Camilla Enterprise 10 August 1977.
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON 1978 Proceedings p34 citing above + Jerome Clark in UFO Report 5,3 p12 and Bill RachelsMiles 2000 p186)

August 6 1977. Late night.
A doctor saw a cigar shaped object l in a cow field by the banks of the Iton and 500m from his location. He saw the same thing a week later. Traces in the form of an equilateral triangle made of three holes 15-20cm deep and 8m apart, along with a wider area of burned stubble. 
  • Alain Gamard citing Gazette del Popolo 18 August 1977.
  • LDLN 169 p35 citing Nile Republique de Centre Ouest 19 August 1977.

August 8 1977. Early hours.
A man camping by Pelicanpouch Lake near Minaki was awakened by a low throbbing sound that was then joined by a high pitched whine, painful to the ears. At the same time he felt a hot burning sensation over his body and felt paralysed. He saw a diffuse light coming through the flaps in his tent. After a couple of minutes the whine and heat stopped and the changing tone of the throbbing sound was suggestive of an object moving away and circling in an arc. A couple of weeks later he went to bed early, with children still playing outside and had a dream in which he still heard the children but heard the whine, and then “metallic” footsteps approach, and a humanoid with blonde hair, about 1.6m tall, wearing a sort of brown cloak entered and put something in the man’s ear. He woke up in panic, still hearing the children. 

  • Rutkowski in Rutkowski and Dittman 2006 p.257 citing UFORUM case files

August 9 1977. (Approximate date) 0130hrs.
While on patrol near Stonebridge Avenue. P. C. David Swift (27) observed a peculiar bank of fog on some playing fields and, thinking it might be smoke, went to investigate. As he walked towards the fog, he observed in it three dancing figures, which he first thought were drunks. He then saw that one figure was a man in a sleeveless jerkin and tight fitting trousers, and the other two were women dressed in bonnets, shawls and white coloured dresses. They each had an arm raised in the air as though dancing around an invisible maypole. Swift walked to within 15m of the figures. at which they vanished. He was very shaken and ran back to his car and drove up and down for a while, as he recovered his composure. 
  • MUFOB NS 8 p11 + Fortean Times 23 p.p7 both citing Hull Daily Mail 10 August 1977.

August 9 1977. 2300HRS.
Two teenage boys were walking back from a disco in Culcheth down a dark country lane when they observed a cigar shaped object, with flashing lights along its length, flying low over a nearby wood. Shortly afterwards they saw a cigar shaped light in the sky, which slanted down rapidly, apparently landing in a field behind some trees. The boys, now frightened, called the police, who took them in a police car to view the scene, but nothing was found, either then or in a more thorough police search the next day. They confirmed that one of the boys was shaking with fright when they arrived on the scene. Both boys were reluctant to discuss the matter with investigators. 
  • NUFON News 41 p7 citing investigation by Steve Ballon et al

August 10 1977. 0230hrs.
Jean Maloney was awoken by the yelping of her dog and a high pitched screaming sound, went down and out into the backyard to investigate. There she found herself within 2m of a creature sat on its haunches, squeezing her dog to its chest. After some moments, the creature dropped the dog and backed away, keeping its eyes on the witness. It was about 1.8m tall, covered in brown or ginger hair and had a small head and no neck, wide chest, powerful legs and long slender arms and seemed to emit a powerful offensive smell. The thing backed away to the trellis, where it stood making deep grunting noises for time before running off to the right. The dog was badly scratched and bruised. The woman’s daughter found footprints, one of which survived the rain and was inspected. It was 22cm long, 11cm wide. A neighbour had heard the dog’s cries and loud grunts coming from this woman’s yard. 
  • Healy and Cropper 1994 p130 + Smith 1996 p15 both citing Gary Buchanan in Lismore Northern Star 15 August 1977. p3: 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p239 case 111 citing above + their own investigations 2004 + 2006.

August 12 1977. 1530hrs.
Near Pender, Larry C, a counsellor, was abducted by four beings. He came to his senses in a strange room with four walls, on which there was a pattern of white lines on a dark background. There was a similar pattern on the ceiling. There were no doors nor windows, and there was nobody with him. An invisible being telepathically questioned him about maths, counselling, religion etc., and after this interrogation, asked him to join their form of existence. 
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON 1978 Proceedings pp25,34 citing letter from witness to CUFOS and information from Douwe Bosga

August 13 1977. 2340hrs.
David Parkes (19) was motorcycling home, with a friend, Stephen Metcalf, riding pillion and they were about 75m from Townley Park Hall when they saw an orange-yellow saucer shaped object in the air between the hall and some trees, as if to land. There were a number of cars in the general area and the two watched for some time after the thing had descended behind the hall but there were no developments. They then suddenly felt that they had to leave the area rapidly. On returning home David told his father and they returned to the spot by car, but nothing could be seen. The object had emitted a humming sound and its brightness was compared to that of the moon behind cloud. 
  • BUFORA Journal 6,5 p13
  • NUFON News 46 p6
  • Spacequest 1 p.3)

August 16 1977. 0630hrs.
Near the Bain de Bretagne Mr Moreau, a farmer, was looking for his cows when he saw 15m away a brilliant, sharp red, spindle shaped object about 30cm long. It then rose 20m into the air and took the form of a sphere 1.5m diameter. The thing then seemed to open up, revealing a dazzling white light. Another person, 60m away, also saw the thing. 
  • LDLN 169 p35 citing Presse Ocean 27/8 August 1977.

August 19 1977.
S. V. Tyutin, a noted inventor, and two of his assistants were camping in a field at this place, 90km south of Moscow, when they heard the babble of several very loud foreign voices. This continued for about 30 minutes and then, about 150m away, a huge light bulb shaped object, about 25m diameter began to glow with an eerie violet light, which did not illuminate the surroundings. The bulb rose slowly with a wobbling motion and then took off with a steady spiral trajectory. It was enveloped by a small fluorescent cloud and then both cloud and object vanished. A round area of compressed grass, about 4.5m wide, was found in the morning. 
  • Fortean Times 33 p.27 citing Bernard Gris in National Enquirer 29 April + 6 + 20 May 1980 citing F Y Zigel
  • National Enquirer 1985 p72

August 20 1977. (Approximate date)
Mrs Charonnier and all her family saw an object above them projecting luminous yellow beams. Then they saw 5 objects landed in a meadow about 500m from their home. These soon disappeared. The next day they discovered about 20 circles about 20cm diameter, within which the grass was yellow. 
  • LDLN 169p35 citing La Montagne 24 August 1977.

Late August 1977. 2200hrs.
A single witness observed three entities. No further details. 
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON 1978 Proceedings p.34 citing Farncesco Izzo

August 26 1977. 0915hrs.
Secretary Nancy Barbosa was working in her office when she heard a noise in an adjacent conference room. Inside were two little men about 1m tall studying a map of Puerto Rico. When Nancy screamed the dwarfs rushed to escape through the open window. As they did so, they were seen by customer Abraham Almodovar, who had been alerted by Nancy’s screams. Abraham was able to note the beings long arms, short legs, flattened oversized heads, scaly fish like skin and ears ending in antennae. They were dressed in what looked like a combination of one piece swimming costume and a T shirt with a design on the back. 
  • Corrales 1998 p42

August 26 1977. (Approximate date) 1030hrs.
A 47 year old Majorcan aristocrat and departmental manager with a masters degree was driving between Escora and Pollensa, about 4km before the Lluch Monastery at about 70kph, on a straight stretch about 300m long, when he noticed a sort of milky-white translucent, soft edged skittle about 35cm high and 15cm wide at the baste. he had the sudden feeling that it was alive and manoeuvred so that his wheels, at least, would avoid, as he could neither stop nor get round it. He felt no impact, but when he looked round he saw that the object had been knocked over. As he drove on he felt increasingly anxious and returned to the scene, but the only thing he could find at the spot was a round wet stain 15cm in diameter. He later developed a buzzing in the ears, diagnosed as hypertension. 
  • Ignacio Daraude in APRO Bulletin 29,2 p.1 citing own investigation

August 27 1977. 0230hrs.
Long distance lorry driver Francis Lloyd was driving a truck full of cargo bound for the continent, with John Dwyer, the 16 year old son of his employer acting as mate, when 3km out of Carmarthen on the A48 heading for Crosshands, they slowed down to take Nanty-caws Hill. Coming down a dip at the bottom of the road and sloping up again, the truck lights picked out two huge figures about 2.1m tall and very broad, dressed in one piece suits made of a material that resembled celluloid. Their heads were elongated as if wearing tall helmets and appeared to be 30cm wide and 45cm high. They reflected the light from the headlights. They were standing together, slightly turned towards each other, seemingly holding some sort of instrument between them, which the witnesses were unable to make out. They appeared to be holding radios and from the left hand side of their chests emerged antennae that reached up to the tops of their helmets, and Dwyer glanced a smaller aerial coming out of one of the creature’s heads. These figures stood still as the truck slowly went up the hill past them. As it did so the witnesses felt a sort of cold tingle. The witnesses were unable to see either of the figures’ legs and their faces seemed blank. The two truckers did not refer to the incident during the rest of their journey and Dwyer seemed especially upset. 
  • Pugh and Holiday 1979 p.131 + F. W. Holliday in FSR 24,1 p20 both citing investigation by Pugh
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p256 citing above + personal interview)

August 28 1977. 0600hrs.
Messes Puleur, Brunaux and Blanchard saw, from a distance, a red object with a greater angular diameter than the sun, over the treetops in the distance. The thing hovered there for 10 minutes before moving off and disappearing from view. 
  • LDLN 169 p35 citing Nord Matin 10 September 1977.

August 28 1977. 2330hrs.
Bridget C of Whitley was driving north of Warminster, approaching the turning to Upton Scudamore when she noticed a bluish oval light in the sky. She slowed down her car and opened the window and saw that the object was now much lower and had the appearance of a dark silhouette. Bridget drove a little further along the road until she was level with the thing, which was resting in afield by the side of the road. It was shaped like a large inverted cone, standing in a shallow dish with a row of three green and pink lights half way down the side of the cone and a large white light on top. She grabbed her camera, which wouldn’t work, and then tried another, managing to take three photographs before the thing disappeared, leaving a yellow musky smoke. 
  • BUFORA Journal 6,5 p.13 citing investigation by Ken Phillips and UFO INFO
  • Evaluation : The photographs were not reproduced in the source and were said to be unimpressive. The investigators expressed considerable doubts about this story

August 30 1977. 0530hrs.
A housewife, who did not want her name given, had wakened to feed her baby when, on walking out of the bedroom, noticed two green glowing circles. Thinking she must have imagined them, she went to the baby, but on her coming back they were still there. The things were the size of tennis balls and when she touched them, the light shone through her fingers as though her hand was over a torch. The things, which she now saw as spheres, were 50-75 cm apart at the foot of her bed and were transparent and apparently without substance The bedroom window was open. She thought the lights may have come from the luminous liquid in a cold torch belong to her son, but the next day she found the torch was intact. There were 6 electrical failures over the following two weeks. 
  • BUFORA Journal 7,1 p14 citing investigation by M Lewis

August 30 1977. (Approximate date)
A ten year old boy observed four entities for 30 minutes, No further details 

  • Ted Bloecher 1978 Proceedings p34 citing letter to CUFOS from the witness

August 30 1977. 2030hrs.
Mrs Cray was driving her son Bob (19), daughter Cathy (18) and her 10 year old son and 3 year old daughter back from Bob’s football game at a site near the 177m peak of Fitch Mountain, when she became aware of pulsating circular lights in the southwest sky. They appeared to be a larger cream coloured light, with six smaller red, green and blue lights about it. The family manoeuvred their car around somewhat, viewing the lights from various locations. With Bib now driving they went down to Hw 101, where, at the intersection with Old Redwood Highway, one of the lights detached from the group and passed to within 12m, flooding the car with a light that seemed to penetrate their heads. It appeared to be a circular object, about 15m diameter, with three or four windows and two beams of light. Cathy saw in one of the windows something resembling a frog’s head. Their sense of time, direction and distance all became confused. Mrs Cray, Cathie and the younger boy all became nauseated, and Mrs Cray and Cathy also developed headaches. They arrived at the Melville house in something of a panic, and drew Mr Melville’s attention to a luminous object about 800m away, travelling towards Alexander Valley. 

  • Vallee 1991 p.73 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation : Vallee’s investigation eventually revealed that the initial lights were those of a distant helicopter training exercise by the National Guard. It would appear that the “close encounter” represents some kind of radical misperception.

August 31 1977. 0030hrs.
Two students, Rocco Cirullo and Michele Giovanniello were walking along the main Sturno-Frigento road, when they saw a red light shining between the foliage flanking a small hill that overlooked the road. Moving over to an old stone quarry on the fringe of the hill, they saw a green light above this red light, and two white lights on the side,. They heard a continuous undulating sound like Morse code imposed on an out of tune radio station. Moving again, they saw a figure in silvery metallic overalls, reflecting the moonlight, standing in the short undergrowth between some trees. It stood still at first, then made two sudden steps towards the students, who fled to the village of Castelluzzo, where they met up with another student, Antonio Pascucci (26), teacher Amalio Capobianco and a turner. Arturo D’Ambrosio, who drove the whole group back to the site in his car. Once again they encountered the same strange being and sound, ran back to the car, plucked up courage to go out again, only to retreat once more when the entity moved towards them. They then returned to the village to get a torch, where they met 38 year old singer Mario Sisto and 47 year old photographer Michele Riofoli. All seven returned to the site, got out of the car (the engine of which they took care to keep running) and watched the entity. A. C., who was 25m away, directed his torch on the moving entity, which stopped and appeared bewildered by the unexpected light. It then turned towards the torch, flashing two red-orange lights, which were located on its head at about the level where a human’s eye would be. The men then panicked and decided to drive and tell the Carabinieri, but then thought if the authorities investigated but found nothing they would get into trouble, so they turned back to the quarry. As they rounded a bend approaching the site, A. p.drew the others’ attention to an intense luminosity ahead of them, which, as they neared the site, they saw was from a source hanging on or near the top of the hill, at about the height of the top of the old quarry, illuminating the area. This light was coming from a cylindrical object that was divided into sections by vertical bands of alternate dark and light, and was surmounted by a bright dome. They observed this for only a short time. At 0200hrs.they were back at their observation posts, where they observed the entity with its flashing eyes for 75 minutes. At one point it made ambiguous gestures that were followed by an intense beam that illuminated the witnesses and surroundings, again causing them momentary panic. Recovering their composure, they took a closer look at the entity, which they now realised must be almost 2.5m tall, body in proportion to its height and no neck. Other features not previously noted were a black box on the entity’s right arm and a kind of metallic belt. Though its legs were hidden by the undergrowth, they were sure that it moved without bending its knees, and it never turned its back on them. At 0315hrs. they went back to the village for further witnesses, but found none, and when they returned to the quarry, they found that the luminous object and entity were gone. The story got out and the carabinieri became involved, advising the witnesses to keep quiet. Independent investigations showed three traces in the flat space in front of the cliff in the form of an isosceles triangle. These traces indicated a pressure of 40 tons had been applied, and minute traces of a sliver coloured substance were found. 

  • Maurizio Verga in FSR 25,1 p17 citing investigation by Umberto Telarico and Giorgio Russolillo
  • UFO Examiner 2,1 p19 citing La Parisienne 3 September 1977.
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON 1978 Proceedings p.34 citing Francesco Izzo and article by John Checkley and Paul House in National Enquirer 21 February 1978

August 31 1977. 2245hrs.
A couple living in Old Fold View observed a bright white, well defined sphere , like a car headlight hovering low near their house. After 10 minutes it disappeared. 

  • Budden 1995 p130 citing Michael Lewis

Autumn 1977. 0230hrs.
John Watkins, a motor mechanic, was driving home to Rushden along the A45 in his 1974 Mini, when he became aware of a light behind him. As he looked at the light, a large object came towards him from it and hovered over the front of his car. Through a window in the thing, John saw “happy” people with oriental features, large eyes and short hair, wearing blue-green uniforms. The radiated a sense of warmth and well-being. Another car pulled up behind him, and shortly afterwards the object turned slowly on its axis and sped away towards Irechester. The experience lasted a few minutes. 

  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a p.278 citing Northampton branch of London UFO Studies

September 1977. (or following month) 1720hrs.
A policewoman, who did not want her name used, was waiting at a bus stop when she saw a metallic, green-grey object, surmounted by a dome, on top of which was a blue-green light and with a dark circular section on its underside, hovering at 100m. When she waved at the thing it came closer, getting within 15m. She then caught her bus and when she was able to look out of the window, the thing had gone. She appeared to have a 20 minute time loss and when she got on the bus she experienced numbness, stiffness and lack of co-ordination, followed by an intense headache. She later developed thirst, conjunctivitis and stomach problems. 

  • Good 1987 p114 + 1996 p78 both citing Patricia Grant in FSR 25,2 p18 + personal communication from Grant both citing her own investigation

September 1977. 2000hrs.
A motorist saw a bright light in the north-east, which within seconds was above his car. It was a flat rectangle the size of a bus, which lit up the whole area. The man felt his face tingling and heard static on the car radio. The light then went out. 

  • Basterfield 1997 p.217 citing TUFOIC files

September 1977.
Paul Monzelowski and his son were on a hill on their farm several kilometres west of Cannon Ball on the north side of Cannon Ball River when they saw a 2.5m tall bipedal creature, covered in coal black hair. The thing then ran off downstream, crossed the river and into the bush at a faster than human speed. 

  • Guttilla 2003 p272 citing Bismarck Tribune n.d.

September 1977.
Mildred Quinn was left behind by other climbers at 1,800m and doxed off. When she awoke she saw a black humanoid figure with long hairy limbs and broad shoulders. The thing’s hair was standing up as if charged with electricity. Mildred turned away, closed her eyes and prayed and when she opened them the thing had gone. 

  • Guttilla 2003 p272 citing Portland Journal n.d.

September 1977. Night.
While walking along a rural dirt road Lemar Bear Ribs encountered a hairy humanoid which emerged from bushes 3m away. Lemar ran home and was so shaken by the incident he needed medical attention. Mrs Ester Thunder Shield drove him to get the attention and on the way they both saw, outlined in the headlights, a bipedal creature walking with a stiff gait. 

  • Guttilla 2003 p272 citing Sioux Falls Argus-Leader n.d.

September 1977. Night.
A couple parked outside Louisville were startled by the appearance of a humanoid covered in white hair. The thing was about 30m behind their car. 

  • Newton 2010 p65
  • Nunnelly 2017a p117

September 1977. 2155hrs.
A couple and their two sons (7, 6) were driving towards Windwhistle Hill, 3km from town, when they saw a light in the sky and a large cigar shaped object, 60-100m long at about 2,500-3,000m altitude. Something like a cycle light then approached them coming from the opposite direction. When they arrived home they noted about 25-30 minutes of missing time. A few days later the couple were returning down the same road, when they saw two figures lying down and a third standing by them. Fearing an accident, they slowed down. The standing figure then put a foot out, its leg stretching out to the centre of the road. The leg was not only unnaturally long, it was very thin. Eighteen years later the elder boy, now an adult, recalled that the car stalled and lights went out; their mother appeared to be missing, their father terrified, and his younger brother excited. He recalled a dark, very tall figure through the rear window. There was a flash of light and his next memory was that the orange light had gone. 

  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p.273 citing John Heponstall et al in BUFORA Bulletin 24

September 1977. 2330hrs.
A man and his girlfriend were parked by the closed Hurn Airport when they saw lights approaching the airfield, which they thought was a plane about to land, and heard a whirring sound and interference on the car radio. Looking out of the window the man saw a cigar shaped object with a row of lights along its side descending. The woman panicked so he drove her home and then returned to the site. There object had gone. He saw a vehicle pull up behind him, and three men got out, carrying equipment. The witness drove away from the scene. 

  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p.271 citing investigation by Leslie Harris

September 1 1977.
Near here seven people saw an object surrounded by a brilliant halo land in a field. A being more than 2m tall descended from the thing and came slowly forward. The witnesses waved a torch at the thing and it went away. Traces were found at the site. 

  • LDLN 169 p35 citing Le Progres 2 September 1977.

September 2 1977. (Approximate date)
Olga Fuentes and a friend were on the steps of her home in the Mediania Alta district when they became aware of a disc shaped object hovering over a Palm tree. The thing had blinking green and blue lights and small windows. A neighbour told her he had seen four dwarfs wearing what looked like swimming costumes in Olga’s back lot. 

  • Corrales 1998 p43

September 2 1977. Evening.
John Vasquez was among 1,300 men on an evening parade to receive orders for a training course, when attention was caught by a light moving back and forth across the sky. They then noticed an intense light behind the tree line, which John thought was from the headlight of a truck. Then John was among a number of personnel who fell asleep. When they recovered the place was in a panic. As a Sergeant Santini came out of one of the buildings, a brilliant luminous sphere came from the second story, and, as Santini went into a second building, hit him. This added to the panic and confusion. Sometime later an even more brilliant light approached and John heard a voice in his head and saw something like a possum on the ground. John then heard a voice saying that it was ok to come out. As John headed for a grassy knoll he saw a small shadowy figure run into the light. As he reached out for a friend he fell unconscious again. John then felt himself being lifted by one person on each side. He experienced a female voice asking if he remembered; was given a physical examination in a room in which there was a strange insignia on the wall. Looking round he saw rows of men in beds. The voice told him to go to sleep again. A male voice told him to stare into its eyes, and he had visions of himself by the shore, alone, and of the whole earth being destroyed. He saw the face again and then found himself back in the line on parade, in a disorientated state. His and others clothes seemed to have been put back on in an unusual fashion. 

  • UFO Magazine (Quest) May/June 1998 p.60 citing John Vasquez: : Vasquez and Holms 2000
  • Evaluation : Apparently only “remembered” in 1989. If in any way a real event, possibly a test of some psychoactive substance

September 2 1977. 2250hrs.

Council plumber Stanley J Curtis (41) was driving home from bingo along the Westbury Road, when by Calloway Clump, his attention was caught by four orange objects, apparently attached to the trees, in two groups of two. He stopped to observe them more closely and saw a fifth light on the ground, while the two pairs swung around the trees. The object at ground level then changed into a silvery domed disc, with fin like projections coming from either side. After watching them for four minutes, Stanley became unnerved by the sight and drove rapidly away.

  • Shuttlewood 1979b p34

September 2 1977. 2340hrs.
Two people in a car saw a fluorescent green sphere, the size of a cricket ball cross in front of their car and go behind trees. The driver got out of the car and tried to chase the thing. 
  • Budden 1995 p130 citing Michael Lewis

September 3 1977. 0200hrs.
MOSCOW (MOSCOW : RUSSIA then part of the USSR)
Mrs S G (35), a biochemist was lying in bed trying to sleep when, through the window, she saw a sphere with a central ring. From it emerged figures like Sviet soliders in uniform that flew off around the residences. One came to her balcony and claimed to be an alien in disguise, described the aliens mission, gsve her vignettes of earth history, changed to the form of an aquaintence and asked for sex, which she refused. During this two hour conversation she was oblivious of her sleeping husband next to her. The beings then returned to the object, which then faded away. Mrs G then returned to bed, now aware of her husband and promptly fell asleep. 
  • Vladamir Rubstov in MUFON Proceedings 1994 p143

September 4 1977. 0330hrs.
At Barrio Abra Centro, near Corozal, farmer Luis Sandoval (74), who lived with his wife and son in a little hill house, felt an urge to get out of his hammock and go out and admire the view. While he sat, looking northwards, he heard a whoosh like a carnival rocket and saw a brilliant blue cigar shape, which approached, making a sound louder than a jet, and landed right beside him. It now turned into a dwarf about 1m tall, who stepped in front of Luis and told him to “have courage” in “a husky, deliberate voice”. The little man had a sort of stethoscope around his neck and began examining Luis all over, like a doctor, The dwarf then announced he was an extraterrestrial, stepped back 60cm, stood for about 5 minutes looking round, then said “how nice Puerto Rico looks”. It then stepped back another 60cm, turned into a blue flame, then shot off into the air. The being had long pointed ears with a round, ugly, muddy coloured face, with an ape like nose and small mouth with big lips. It wore a sort of jacket and small tie. The being had passed between the branches of an avocado pear tree when it took off and one branch of this was found to be withered as if subjected to a great heat. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 24, 2 p9 citing El Vocero de Puerto Rico 19 September 1977.

September 4 1977. 2300hrs.
A young couple out driving an oval “star like” object emerge slowly from a nearby copse, hover silently for a short time, and then return to the copse, moving in an erratic fashion and emitting a sort of flame from its left side. While it was hovering the light had flashed on and off twice. 
  • Budden 1995 p130 citing Michael Lewis

September 5 1977.
Two young brothers (14, 10) playing in their backyard encountered a female looking hairy biped with large teeth and fingernails. 
  • Prince-Hughes 1997 p45 citing Saginaw News 28 November 1978
  • Coleman 2003 p107)

September 6 1977. Night.
At an undisclosed location in the Caucasus four scientists on an expedition, A I Nikolaev, O p.Lezhava, A M Gurbindze and I I Gershenson, approached to within 15m of a metallic looking disc on a plateau. They felt a sudden intense fear and the leader, Nikolaev passed out. While Lezhava went for help, AMG and IIG threw rocks at the thing, these seemed to just pass into its surface without leaving a mark, and the landing gear absorbed and damaged a rod passed through it. The two Gs made a camp for themselves and the unconscious Nikolaev and when they woke at door to see five disc shaped objects hovering nearby. Two small humanoids, about 90cm tall, dressed in “space suits” and helmets, emerged and walked through the wall of the original object. It began to emit an orange glow and then took off, accompanied by the other things. Nikolaev then came to but required months of psychiatric treatment. 
  • National Enquirer 1985 p73 citing V K Zuraviev and Felix Zigel

September 10 1977.
Judy Longhurst (21) was sitting in her car near her home when she observed a bright rectangular orange shape, about half the size of a house, hovering 6m over the rooftops in Long Rede Lane. It was surrounded by a pinky-orange glow, which spread over the area of two houses. After hovering in this position for at least a minute, the rectangle descended behind a house. The glow, which was as bright as the setting sun, remained for a while and then went out like a light switched off. The thing was soundless. 
  • BUFORA Journal 6,6 p12 citing J Castle

September 12 1977. 1615hrs.
The witness in the previous Pender abduction was abducted again. 
  • Bloecher in MUFON 1978 Proceedings p.36 etc.

September 13 1977. 2120hrs.
A couple driving along a country road on the edge of the Wrotham Park Estate saw a circular object hovering low over the road junction ahead. The thing had two orange-red and one green light on its underside. As their car reached the junction the object shot off. 
  • Budden 1995 p130 citing Michael Lewis

September 13 1977. Late night.
Andrew Cromak (19) was lying in bed trying to sleep when the room became pervaded with an “electrical” atmosphere. In the corner of his room a sort of green glow appeared. This transformed into a sort of “hole” from which emerged a disembodied green hand. Andrew found himself paralysed and unable to call out and then passed out. In the morning he found his bed saturated with water. This water was not urine. 
  • Earth 2 p10 direct from witness

September 14 1977. 1315hrs.
Angel Torres was driving from Sanlucar towards Huelva when on the outskirts of a village on the route he was flagged down by a good looking blonde woman aged about 40. He opened the door and let her in and then continued on the journey. Then the passenger asked if she could go in the back seat as she had an injury to her spinal column. Angel then stopped and the woman got out and went into the back seat behind him. When they started down the slope of Las Doblas hill, a long steep slope into a village, and a notorious accident spot. The passenger here urged him to be very careful. When they reached the bottom he commented to the passenger that they had gone down without problems. When she didn’t reply, Angel turned round and saw that the seat was empty though the door was still shut. He continued on to the village of Manzanilla where he reported the matter to the Civil Guard. The guard showed him a photograph of the woman and told him his was the 14th time that this woman had stopped travellers on this section of the road and warned od the dangers of the hill and then mysteriously disappeared. The photograph was of a woman who had been killed at that spot seven years previously. 
  • Darnaude in LDLN 175 p24
  • Evaluation : A classic “phantom hitchhiker” story. A check with the civil guard along the route confirmed that no such incident had occurred.

September 14 1977. 2300hrs.
A woman and her daughter were driving near Cassel en route from Roubaix to LePortel on this dark overcast night when they saw two points of the light in the sky. These descend to treetop height, at which they became a single dazzling red sphere that followed them at treetop height for several minutes at least at speeds up to 140kph. The mother was very scared but the girl was more curious.. When the y arrived home the right hand side of the car, the one facing the thing, were found to be pot marked. 
  • LDLN 196 p30 citing investigation by Mr Plessis of CEPS

September 15 1977. 0220hrs.
Bus driver Antonio Bogaga La Rubia (33) was crossing a field on the way to work when he was stopped in his tracks by a huge object that extended beyond the boundaries of the 70m field. It was a dull leaden coloured, hat shaped contraption apparently resting on the ground. As he tried to run away, Antonio was stopped by an intense light that lit up the whole area, and he noticed three “robots” near him. They were about 1.4m tall (he was 1.68m), but antennae, jutting out from the tops of their heads, reached above his height. Their heads were shaped like American footballs, with a horizontal band of what looked like blue mirrors across the middle, one a little darker than the others. They had broad stocky bodies, arms that resembled elephants’ trunks narrowing down to pointed tips like a single finger. Their bodies were made of a rough scaly substance, and their trunks were rounded at the bottom, ending in a single leg terminating in a pad the size and shape of a saucer. One stood in front, one at the side, the third behind it. When the blue light had moved on, Antonio could no longer move but found himself trapped in a kind of jar. One of the robots pointed a sort of syringe at him and he found himself being floated along towards the object, but was unable to say how he entered it, only that he felt a tremor and found himself in an aluminium corridor, beyond which was a wall. Two of the robots went one way, one another. Looking down the corridor Antonio could see the field, as though the surface of the craft was transparent. He felt it take off and got the impression it was moving northwards. Then a bright blue light came on and he found himself in a large circular room, lit from the ceiling, in which there were 24 unipeds, 12 on each side, “like children in a classroom”. Antonio was now able to shout out and when he did so all of the creatures fell to the floor. The light now became blinding bright. Antonio found it difficult to breath once inside the craft and though he heard the entities breathing he could not hear the sound of his own breath. The entities now raised their appendages to their antennae, which stopped spinning and were seen to be the shape of tea spoons. In front of Antonio was a box shaped artefact about 15-17 cm wide, standing on two supporting poles, with two antennae and what looked like keys, which made it resemble a piano. On top was a sort of tin can in which the entities placed apparatuses like syringes that had hung from their belts like hooks. Each time they placed one in the can a picture appeared. These were Antonio, naked, being given a medical by the entities; standing naked; standing clothed; horse, cart and peasant; A standing by a light orange ball; blue ball with one of the beings near it; big dog snarling at one of the beings, which melted away when the dog barked; factory in which the beings were building their craft; an old train entering a tunnel; a busy road with cars. During this performance, one of the beings took a blood sample from A’s little finger, using a syringe, and drew a picture on the wall. After the street scene had been shown, A was thrown out of the object onto a street opposite the Paciencio station. All his belongings were with him. His watch still showed 0220. Looking beside him, A saw nothing but looking up, saw what looked like the bottom of a large dark balloon ascending into the darkness. He went to a police station where he found it was 0250. He caught a bus at 0310 and went to work. However he began to suffer from a high fever, diarrhoea and delirium, which led to his hospitalisation. 
  • Irene Granchi in Canadian UFO Report 4,7 p13 + APRO Bulletin 26, 2 p1 citing own investigation
  • Richard Heiden
  • Coral Lorenzen in Rogo 1979 p44

September 17 1977. 0200hrs.
A couple returning from their honeymoon in Switzerland were approaching Kargowa when they saw two spheres, which seemed to be joined together, approaching them at terrific speed. The spheres came within 2m of the car. They stopped and the husband got out. He saw that the larger object had an apparent diameter of 30cm and emitted a bright but not dazzling white light. The smaller object was yellow-orange and both rather resembled lamp shades. When the family started the car again the objects kept pace with them, pacing them for about 10km at distances from 3-10m. When the couple reached their home in Wolsztyn, the spheres climbed up and moved away at speed. 
  • Cielebias 2015 p32 citing Zbiginiew Blania-Bolnar Obecnosc UFO 1983

September 17 1977. 2130hrs.
Caroline Bond was getting on her moped outside the post-office she ran with a friend, Peter Boulton, when she had a feeling that someone was behind her. She looked around and saw a sort of green haze about 4m away. She walked to within 2m of the thing, at which it seemed to be coming closer, so she went back in to tell Peter, watching it go up the barn steps and into the barn as she did so. They observed the thing for about 2 minutes and then Peter, who had been decorating, went to get his spectacles. While he did so, Caroline went to a couple in the telephone kiosk opposite, Bill and Sally Beard, who alerted Sally’s mother, Mrs Gibbons, the officer in charge of a home for unmarried mothers, who lived up the road. By now the object was flashing red, green and silver as it hovered over a tree, about 1.5km away, and a second object was visible in the North West sky. The second of these objects were visible until 2330hrs. The lights were seen again the next day. Peter and Caroline both suffered from vomiting, headaches and muscular pains afterwards, which led to Caroline having an unnecessary appendix operation. 
  • Terry Hopper in FSR 24,1 p.28 + (as Terry Cox) in The Unexplained 118 p.iii citing his own investigation

September 18 1977. 0015hrs.
Wendy Lovejoy (18) was driving northeast along the Rongotea road when she noticed an object shining in her rear view mirror. She continued driving, afraid to stop. The object was a double triangle with curved apexes intersecting each other. The interiors of the triangles were dark but the edges were glowing bright orange. The thing moved slowly left and then right, the glowing frames of the triangle emitting sparks. The thing was about6m from the rear of her car. It disappeared from view after two minutes, while Wendy was looking at the road ahead. No traces were found on the car, but Wendy felt unwell for a couple of days afterwards. 
  • Ann Druffel in MUFON UFO Journal 124 p1 7 citing investigation by Harold Fulton + Evening Standard 19 September 1977.

September 18 1977. 2045hrs.
Several entities were seen inside an object. No further details. 
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFOB 1978 Proceedings citing Jean M Stevens in The Forum 9 November 1977, citing Cipriano and Krogstad

Late September 1977. 0200hrs.
A receptionist and a night watchman at a motel north of Ploriesti saw a large disc, three or four times the angular diameter of the full moon. The thing had an orange-red core, with a surrounding yellow-red halo. The thing hovered for three or four minutes and then descended, with a brief stop, towards Floresti, less than 2km away. The receptionist stood on a table to see if he could make out if the thing had landed but was unable to see. 
  • Farcas 2016 p42 citing investigation by Calin Turcu)

Late September 1977. 2300hrs.
Mrs Ethel May Field (62) had gone out to take in washing, while her husband Maurice (68) and daughter Teresa (24) were watching TV. She heard a humming sound that prompted her to look up into the clear sky. Approaching from the SSW was a round object surmounted by a dome, The object was glowing with a grey colour, while a brilliant blue-yellow beam was projected downwards from the perimeter of the disc, in an umbrella effect that did not reach the ground. She though she saw a patterned effect on the underside and something in the dome, but could not be certain of its speed. She was, however, able to make out two occupants through two windows in the dome, one at each window, As the object reached a point above the far end of the garden, it hovered for a moment and Ethel held her hands upwards, palms outwards, to shield her eyes. She felt a slight sensation of heat on her hands and a vibration on the ground. The two figures in the dome were of normal proportions, wearing silvery suits, with similar coloured headgear, connected by a collar, which covered all but the face and which came to a point. Ethel felt the figures were male and slender, the arms were normal and the hands appeared to be covered by the same sort of material as the suits. The cabin was lit by normal lighting. The figure on the right hand side appeared to be operating controls that were out of sight. The other figure looked directly at her and made a down pointing gesture with his right hand, which alarmed Ethel, who ran into the house, observing the object speeding away to the north west as she did so. There had been no interference on the television. The following week Ethel developed a spot on her left palm that turned into dermatitis in both hands. The object was about 6.5m diameter and at about 20m altitude. During the observation the background noises vanished. 
  • Andrew Collins in FSR 24,2 p6 citing own investigation
  • Skyquest 3 p2:
  • Randles 1988 p66

September 26 1977. 0735hrs.
Patricia Carter (23) a computer programmer, was driving a van from Bristol to Minehead when she noticed something hovering over the hedge on the other side of a field to the north of the road, and got out to take a better look. As she walked toward the field gate, Patricia noticed that all the cattle were huggled up in one corner of the field. She saw that the object was a clearly defined, silvery grey, slightly egg shaped and about 4.5-6m across. As Patricia walked towards it, she entered a region where her skin prickled and her hair stood on end as if there was high static and she heard a low humming sound. After a few moments Patricia walked out of the sharply defined static field and returned to her van, driving off, leaving the object still there. Very shortly afterwards she saw an object move rapidly across the sky. 
  • Norman Oliver in BUFORA Journal 7,2 p.6

September 27 1977.
Three objects and a 1.8m tall entity were observed by three people. No further details 
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON 1978 Proceedings p36 citing Richard Hoffman

September 27 1977.
Another abduction involving Larry C. He stopped at a house and conversed with the occupants leading to strange complications. No further details.
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON 1978 Proceedings p36 citing Owen and Bosga

Late 1977. 2230hrs.
Faustino Lima, the assistant engineer on a freight train saw a large luminous object, with a blue, green and yellow light, moving rapidly back and forth over the train. When it did so the train slowed from 60-55kph. The object disappeared over the mountains. Lima suffered from sore eyes for about a week after the incident. 
  • Pratt 1996 p227

October and November 1977.
On three occasions in October and November families driving between Marsh Gibbon and Twyford found their car engines cut out and they stopped. From the hedge an entity in a silver suit emerged, it walked around the car once and then disappeared into the opposite hedge. Paint work in the rear of the car in each case was scorched. One of these events led to a fruitless police investigation. 

  • Norman Oliver in UFO Magazine 11, 6 p.21

October 1977.
A man taking his dog for a walk saw two figures like men wearing duffle coats. When he looked again they had gone. 
  • Green 1980 p7

October 1977.
Two men saw a hairy humanoid in a metal shed, eating fruit out of a bag. They shot in to the shed and the thing ran off. There was a police investigation. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p273 citing Bigfoot Coop

October 1977.
David Seghezzi, the night supervisor at Holly Acres Boarding School saw a 1.8m tall tan coloured hairy humanoid run through adjacent woods. The thing’s eyes glowed when David shone a torch on it. During the sighting dogs were disturbed.
  • Guttilla 2003 p273 citing Auburn Journal n.d.

October 1977.
A man, who did not want to give his name, twice saw a 2m tall, bulky, hairy humanoid between Wellington and Yeoval. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p241 case 113 citing Central Western Daily 12 October 1977

October 1977. Evening.
After hearing strange animal sounds and seeing a tree shake, Paul Cronk and Mark Gill (both 12) saw, as it was approaching sunset, a dark bipedal figure down a slope. It was covered in black or dark brown hair and may have been up to 2.5m tall. The boys watched the thing from a distance of 70-100m. for about 10 minutes as the thing crouched down. They then fled to Mark’s home. The boys returned by another route to see a tall oak swaying about and hearing more noises. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p76, 241 case 114 citing investigations by Paul Cropper and Gary Opit

October 1977. Evening.
Paul Johnson was walking along the cliffs just before dark on a dull, calm, drizzly day when he saw a group of about 6 figures coming up from the shore 10-15m away. They appeared to be exerting themselves as if carrying something. They made no noise and when they reached a field they just disappeared. 
  • Austin 2005 p73

October 1977. 2000HRS.
Two 10 year old boys, Michael and Steven were leaving a field and chip shop in High Street, when they noticed a brilliant glow coming from around the bend of Nursery Road and they went to investigate. Rounding the corner, they encountered, hovering no more than 2m above the road, less than 30m in front of the, an object with a solid oval base, surmounted by a small round, transparent dome, the whole object giving off a very bright glow, which illuminated the surroundings “like a gigantic white light bulb”. Inside the dome was a small dark stump, about 30cm tall, which rather resembled a head. This did not move during the 45 seconds of the observation. The object appeared to be jerking up and down and emitting rasping, humming sound. After a few seconds the thing started to hop towards the boys in this fashion and the lads fled the scene in panic. The object was virtually touching the stone walls on either end of the street and was about the same height, giving a diameter of 4.8m and a height of 1.8m. One of the boys’ mother confirmed that the boys were white with fright when they arrived home. 
  • Allen and Tricia Price in FSR 24,4 p.27 + NUFON News 50 p.9 citing their own investigation

Early October 1977.
Mrs Alice Surre and her mother saw a huge red sphere on the ground. It rotated a number of times and then took off a great speed. 
  • LDLN 170 p34 citing La Montagne 2 October 1977.

October 1 1977. 2015hrs.
Susan Hiscock (19)and her partner Leonard Walker (21) set out for the pub and found the street unusually deserted. In front of them, spanning the width of the road, was a large black triangular object with red and white lights, emitting a sound like the hum of a hairdrier. As they walked towards it, the object approached. Leonard called out to Susan to run from the scene, but she stood under the object, transfixed, feeling calm and unafraid, until Leonard pulled her into the house. The object went over the house and disappeared over the rooftops. Susan had the feeling she would later have another, closer, encounter. 
  • Randles 1983 p.74 citing investigation by Margaret FrY
  • Fry 2009 p48

October 2 1977. early hours.
Clive Turner (21) was walking home from visiting his girlfriend when he heard a roaring sound and saw, hovering above him at about 60-100m altitude, a circular object about 50m wide, with a flat underside. The centre of this underside was a dirty silver colour, with multi-coloured lights moving around the perimeter in a clockwise direction. After about 30 seconds the thing shot off at great speed towards the Malvern Hills. 
  • Devereux 1982 p34 citing BUFORA Journal 7, 2

October 2 1977.
An object landed in a field and an entity, white all over, came out from it. No further details. 
  • Eric Zurcher in LDLN 195 p28 citing Mr Seray and Alain Gamard

October 2 1977. (or following day)
A male hitchhiker was attacked by a hairy humanoid outside of Belleview. 
  • Newton 2011 p59 citing Orlando Sentinel Star 5 October 1977.

October 3 1977. 0200HRS
Donnie Hall, a security guard, while on duty was attacked from behind by a 3m tall hairy humanoid, which ripped his shirt. The thing fled as Hall shot at it twice. 
  • Newton 2011 p59, 65
  • Blackburn 2017p44 citing Orlando Sentinal-Star 5 October 1977.

October 4 1977. 1445hrs.
A group of ten children at Upton Primary School saw an unusual object between the trees 
  • Clarke 2012 p.97 + Clarke 2017 p.64 both citing letter from their teacher to MoD in The National Archives TNA DEFE 24/1206

October 4 1977. 2030hrs.
Mr Prince, a driver with British Rail, was driving a car through Balterley Heath, en route to Crewe, with Mr Gorman, when he observed an orange coloured rugby ball shaped light, surrounded by a haze, rising from a field to his left. It was about 2m above the ground. He stopped and observed the object accelerate away to the south, disappearing ijn 30 seconds. Mr Gorman did not see the object at all. No traces were found. 
  • UFO Insight 1,4 p11 + Skywatch 31 p5 citing investigation by Steven Cleaver

October 9 1977. 2030hrs.
Pinkerton Security Guard Ms Holly M Prunchak (18) was working alone at the main entrance of the French-Hecht plant, in the guard room with the lights dimmed; listening to an FM radio station on an AC powered radio. Suddenly she noticed a pair of brilliant white flashing lights, just over some houses on the other side of town. They rose, hovered and then began moving towards her and as they did so her radio went dead and when she tried to call the main plant on her battery operated walkie-talkie she found that was dead. As the lights approached they passed between Holly and a grain elevator that was surmounted by a red flashing warning light, obscuring both the elevator and the lights. Between the bright flashes, Holly could make out that these lights were on a dark oval object, which at 100m distance appeared at the size of two quarters held at arm’s length. When these lights passed close to a mercury vapour lamp across the street, the lamp went out for 60-90 seconds. The bellowing of cattle in a field across the street and the chirping of crickets also ceased while the thing was in view. The object descended into or behind a group of trees to the left of the farmhouse across the street, settling at 5 degrees elevation. After a brief time the flashing lights went out, at which the ambient sounds resumed and the radio came back on again. Holly now called over the intercom for help. When other guards refused to believe her or investigate, she went and reported the matter to the police and quit her job. Ralph Wood, the owner of the property on which the object apparently landed, did not see anything, neither did his tenant, Mr Schwarz, but he did recall that his TV went off for two minutes at 2030hrs. though the light attached to the same supply was not affected. 
  • Ralph De Graw in UFO Examiner 2,1 p4 citing own investigation
  • Hendry 1979 p119 citing his own investigation

October 9 1977. 2110hrs.
At Chateau de la Roche Courbon, Miss Guilbeau saw a brilliant object interlaced with flames. She then saw at about 30m altitude, three oblong objects hovering and emitting red and green sparkles from there central parts and a strange light came from their rear. The gendarmes were called to the scene and saw this until about 2330hrs.. 7 hours and 35km away there was an earthquake and the same spectacle was seen the next night over the park. 
  • LDLN 170p34 citing Sud Ouest 11 October 1977.

October 11 1977. 0225hrs.
A supermarket manager was awakened by a very loud sound like a high pitched whine from an electric drill, which struck him as being oppressive. He went to his window but could not see anything in the pitched darkness. Thinking it might be his fridge acting up, he went downstairs, the sound decreasing as he did so and increasing slightly as he went into the kitchen, which was on the same side of the house as his bedroom. He checked the fridge and other equipment, but could find nothing wrong. Returning to his room, where the whine was louder again, he looked through the window once more, to see a large circle of light (apparent diameter 15mm at arms length0, with a dark outline, shining through the branches of the trees. He suddenly feared that this was a nuclear explosion and went and hid under the bedclothes. Neither his wife nor his pet dog and cat, the birds he was breeding in an open air aviary in the garden, nor a neighbour’s dog were disturbed at all during the incident.
  • UFO Research Review 2,3 p17 citing investigation by John Cree
  • Randles 1983a p.62

October 12 1977. 2130hrs.
Kevin Preston (20), a gardener, was out in his own garden with his dog and tape recorder, when he observed a blue-grey dish shaped object, with a dome on top, blue and red flashing lights, a sort of hole in its underside and a short tail protruding from its rear, descend and hover 15-30m away. The thing emitted a bumping sound that caused his dog to howl, and which Kevin was able to tape record for a few seconds. The object was about the size of a light aircraft. It may have been the same object that three teenage girls, going to a disco, observed for 5 minutes as it flew low by the side of their car for 5 minutes at 1920. About 20 people said they had seen something unusual that night. 
  • NUFON News 44 p.7 citing Ian Creswell

October 13 1977. 2030hrs.
Mrs A, her sister Mrs L and another pair of sisters Miss p.and Miss TH were driving down Mobley Road at about 50kph when Mrs A had her attention drawn to the sky, and drew the others’ attention to an object and then stopped the car. The object was a silvery, metallic, domed, saucer shaped thing, with red and blue flashing lights, three legs on the underside and a projection on top and descended into some trees on a hill about 150m away. Feeling unnerved they decided to leave but had only gone about 6m, when Mrs L drew their attention to a brilliant light illuminating the treetops. Their radio had stopped about 50 minutes before this encounter. Mrs AS felt nauseous during the experience, Mrs L suffered for constant headaches for two days afterwards and PH developed a rash a couple of months later. The trip which normally took 25 minutes had taken an hour. All four reported mysterious phone calls, PH a bedroom visitant, and another UFO experience along with Mrs L.
  • James R Harris and Gray Barker in UFOCUS 1,4 p1

October 16 1977. 1410hrs.
At least 12 people ,including Mr and Mrs Trace and their 8 year old son, saw a disc shaped object rise up from a rocky outcrop, a sort of vapour rolling down the rocks as it did so. The disc had domes on its top and bottom, and a metallic lustre. A smaller bright red light came out of the side of the silver one and hovered before shooting off out of sight. The silver object then rose and disappeared from view.
  • Basterfield in MUFON UFO Journal 126 p.17 + Basterfield 1981 + Basterfield 1997 p.216 citing UFO Research NSW Newsletter 53 p.8 citing newspaper sources
  • Bord 1980p25)

October 16 1977. Night.
Two people in a car were paced by a light that stayed 50m from them. They called in a hotel where they were informed that some hotel employees had also been paced by something. Eight people then drove to the spot, where they observed three round pulsating red and green objects landed in paddocks some 3km from the hotel. They took off, moved about and landed several times before they left. While they were on the ground, three figures, which, though hard to see, appeared to be human rather than animal, were moving about them. No traces were found. 
  • Keith Basterfield in MUFON UFO Journal 126 p17 + Basterfield 1981 p106 + Basterfield 1997 p218 citing UFO Research (WA) Newsletter 53 p.8
  • Basterfield 1980 p.54case 64 citing Perth Daily News 17,19 + 20 October 1977. + West Australian 19, 20 + 21 October 1977. + UFO Newsletter UFOR (NSW) 53 p9

October 18 1977. 1730hrs.
Mrs J. F. and her daughter Lori (18) were driving north on Patterson Road, to go shopping in Midland, along a very rural part of the road. As they neared Pine River Bend a strange being leapt over the low fence from a Soya bean field to the right, leaping 1.2m into the air and landing on the road 60m ahead, causing the women to brake. The being then made a second leap across the remainder of the road and a deep gully, into the underbrush on the left of the road, jumping to a height of 1.2-1.5m and a distance of about 10m without flexing its knees or bending its legs. It was 1.65m tall, slender build, dull smooth black from head to toe, as if covered in black fur or a black wet suit. Its torso, head and neck were of normal human proportions but no arms were visible. The being was only observed for two seconds. 
  • Dan R Wright in MUFON UFO Journal 139 p8 citing own investigation

October 18 1977. 2000hrs.
Kurt Nilsson (35), the owner of a short wave radio transmitter had driven up to the radio and TV transmitter on Hemilden mountain to see if he could improve his reception. 400m from the top his radio developed interference, which caused him to close down by the time he reached the top. His attention was then caught by a pale blue object, outlined against a hillock, in a hollow. It was a domed machine about 2m in diameter, in front of which three figures about 1m tall in greyish spacesuits, about 100m from him, clearly outlined in the light from the machine. Surprised, Kurt turned on his headlights, at which the machine and figures became invisible. After about one minute the scene reappeared. Kurt, now very frightened, began to drive away, but after he had only gone 50m his car stopped, and he saw the same or similar three figures in the middle of the road, as if crossing it. They wore suits of a plastic like material with short, white, tight fitting boots, and visors in their helmets. The figure in the centre had a spade shaped thing in its hands, which it then completely turned around by crossing its arms, and at the same time the car’s engine and lights died. It was now pitch black. Kurt now turned off the light switch and attempted to start up the engine, which, much to his relief, fired on the headlights. The figures were nowhere to be seen, He drove home, where he found his watch was 20 minutes slow by the time on the house clock. His dog did not greet him in the usual way when he got home and was very uneasy when they went back to Hemilden. Two days later, a friend, Kjell Naslund experienced interference on his TV in the evening. Site investigations showed that a birch tree had its bark removed from a position 2.8m above the ground short, rather wide, footprints were found at the site. They had a heel 4 x 4 cm on which there was a cross design. Investigators calculated that the actual diameter of the object was 5-5.5m 
  • Carl A Mattsson and Thorvald Berthelsen in Nordic UFO Newsletter 1 p.7 citing investigation by Reinhold Carleby

October 19 1977. 1930hrs.
After a row with his girlfriend a 26 year old man saw a figure about 1.65m tall, with green scaly reptilian skin and red eyes with a pink glow materialise. It had a sort of medallion on a chain hung across its chest. The being communicated by telepathy and claimed to be from space, and to be trying to help humans. The witness felt it was “devious” and declined further contacts. His girlfriend, present at the time, did not see the figure. The witness claimed to be psychic etc.
  • NUFON News (May 1981) p.5
  • Evaluation : Psychological

October 20 1977.
Adrian de Olmos Ordonez (qv) was making a delivery near Camuy heard a sort of shrieking in his head and developed an agonising headache along with a sensation of heat that made him pull over, feari9ng that his car roof was on fire. He then saw a huge luminous sphere, about 4m diameter and composed of a bunch of smaller lights, blocking the road ahead. This gave off a kind of vapour which coalesced into two creatures, talking to one another in shrieks. These beings had four fingered hands, apple coloured faces and resembled lizards with long red tongues. They were wearing in metallic looking white suits, with small boots and had diamond shaped things on their foreheads, held by black bands. One held a sort of box like that Adrian felt was monitoring him. When he challenged them the creatures shrieked again and melted into the lights. The object then took off and disappeared. 
  • Corrales 1998 p53

October 21 1977. (Approximate date) 0320hrs.
A railway engineer was sitting in his cab on this cold, clear morning when he saw what he first thought was a meteor in the west. It descended and crossed over a field at about 5m altitude, The thing came down on the other side of the tracks, perhaps 60-90m away. It came within about 30m and he could see that it was a disc, 30m wide, 15m high, and brilliantly illuminated by nine vertical tubes with dark spaces between them. His conducter, about 150m down the track also saw the thing. It was spinning counter clockwise and emitted a yellow light and blue sparks.. When the train’s powerful lights were shone on it, it flared up. After about two minutes the object flared up again and shot away at terrific speed. 
  • Ridge 1994 p63 citing MORA files

October 22 1977. 1400hrs.
20 pupils at a local school, camping at the Koonjewarre camp site, including Bill O’Chee (later to become a noted athlete then senator) and Craig Jackson, observed on this and the following day a strange creature, like a hairy humanoid, broader than a human and hunched down. It was at least 2,5m tall. Saplings were found twisted and prints were found. 
  • Clark 2012 p.226 citing Gold Coast Bulletin 17 November 1977, and later interviews with Tony Healey
  • Healy and Cropper 1994 p131
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p70, 241 case 115 citing above)

October 25 1977. 1730hrs.
Two 14 year old pupils at the Alm school, Johnny Myhr from Holmestrand and Frank Sverre Mandt from Prestfoss, were returning to the school, where they were boarders, when they observed an object descend from the north and land in a freshly ploughed field, close by the sports ground, 100m from the school. It landed on three supporting legs, was light green in colour, with domes top and bottom. In the upper dome there were two windows, while there was a row of portholes along the central rim. Behind either one of the windows in the upper dome, or one of the portholes, they observed a humanoid figure, apparently watching them, but could not make out any details. They fled back to the school, and as they did so, the object took off after about 10 seconds. 10 minutes later at the school, Agvald Elling Ingaldsen (14) alerted one of the adult workers who went outside to see a bright, shining, circular object flying slowly and soundlessly above the trees, disappearing over the hill in 20-30 seconds. The next day three prints in an equilateral triangle, sides 6.6m, with clear prints 10-15 cm deep were found at the site. The soil in these prints was significantly more acidic than outside. The prints were 36 cm long, 14.5m wide at the widest and 7.5m wide at the narrowest. 
  • Dag Heim and Kjell Christensen in Nordic UFO Newsletter 1 p16 citing own investigation
  • Anton Lidstrom in APRO Bulletin 26,6 p1 and MUFON UFO Journal 144 p10 citing investigation by Heim and Karl K Backman
  • These latter give date as November 1st and MUFON gives location as Nybygda

October 25 1977. 1900hrs.
COLIN Stone and Lawrence Hill were driving to Wales along the M4 when about 10km or so from the Wiltshire border they saw a bright light in the sky, which light descended towards them, coming down to about 60m above the treetops on the left hand side of the road. It was an elliptical object with red and green lights on its underside, and three bright white lights. When they stopped and got out of the car, they heard a pulsating hum and felt a cold rush of wind. They stood watching it for 5-19 minutes, after which it began to move slowly away. They continued on their journey, the thing pacing them at speeds between 30-130kph. They got out again and saw that the thing was higher in the sky but they still felt the breeze and heard the hum.. By the time they reached Bristol it had crossed over the road and disappeared to their right, but it reappeared on the outskirts of Monmouth. Stopping again they saw it moved about as if “writing” or “dancing”. By the time they reached Arthur’s Stone the thing had gone. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p.290 citing investigation by Janet and Colin Bord
  • Evaluation : Probably astronomical + autokinesis

October 26 1977. 1700hrs.
Mr Gay was looking out of his window when he saw a shining object shaped like a flattened rugby ball, hovering just above the treetops 300m away. After 5-10 minutes it moved off towards Warminster. His wife and mother in law also saw the thing. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p.291 citing investigation by Richard Blake

October 26 1977. 2100hrs.
Miss Irene Lucente (14), was walking home, when she saw a humanoid form by a tree. It began to walk with a very slow, staggering gait. The figure appeared very white and held its right hand near its neck, as if short of breath. It only appeared to have two fingers on each hand, was about 1.6m tall, and seemed to be wearing some sort of helmet. The legs below the knee were hidden in the underbrush. Irene became very frightened and ran home. 
  • Massimo Varrichio in BUFORA Journal 7,3 p18

October 27 1977. 1630hrs.
A teenage boy walking towards his grandparents when he saw a luminosity underneath a streetlight about 150m away. Getting closer he saw that it was the figure of a woman with bun hair and a long pleated dress, hovering several centimetres above the ground. The entire figure was white and translucent and quite still. Its mouth was open and the hands out, palms up. He circled the figure at a distance of about a metre but could not see any source for a projector. His grandfather claimed to have seen a similar figure as a boy and claimed it was the ghost of a murdered woman. 
  • Balzano 2008 p97

October 30 1977. 1500hrs.
Mrs Pauline Coombes, her three daughters and her Mother Mrs Grycz were returning to Ripperston via Broadmoor along the coast road when they observed a small silvery disk descend rapidly into Stack Rocks, a prominent mark in St Bride’s Bay. The party went to investigate and saw two humanoid figures on the rocks, which seemed to have an open door. Mrs Grycz now became very frightened and insisted they return to the farm. Here they found Mrs Rose Granville at the hotel had independently observed silvery beings on the rocks. Mrs Grycz returned to the cliff with the twins and her two sons. There were two beings visible, one of which seemed to climbing up steps out of the rocks, the other figure was walking near the water, stooping as if to pick something up. The figures had elongated heads and wore silvery luminous suits. The door in the rocks seemed to be opening to and fro. The figures moved seawards then the doors and figures vanished.. 
  • Pugh and Holiday 1979 p161 citing investigation by Pugh
  • Harold 1979 p100 citing own investigation (gives date as November 12th
  • Randall Jones Pugh in FSR 23,6 p7 + BUFORA Journal 6,6 p9 (which gives a very different account than from the book)
  • Hilary Evans in Common Ground 1 citing own investigation gives a very negative review of this story

October 31 1977. 0615hrs.
Mr D F Hale (32), a shift worker was motorcycling home along the Hertford-Brickenden road, when his attention was caught by a strange rectangular structure resting in the middle of a ploughed field, where he had never seen such a structure before. There was no noise or lights but he was able to make out two rows of dark areas on the side of the off-white structure. Hale slowed down but did not stop. Rumours that cattle in the area had gone missing could not be substantiated. 
  • Skyquest 2 p2 + BUFORA Journal 7,1 p.20 citing investigation by Ken Phillips

Late 1977. 0300hrs.
A man waking in the night, was coming down the stairs, when he felt a tingling in his head and saw a cylinder of light, about 1m diameter, stretching from the floor to ceiling. After about 20-30 seconds it disappeared. Both he and his wife had extraordinary dreams and he suffered from headaches, memory loss etc, which he claimed to have cured by mentally blowing up spaceships. 
  • Swords 2005 p.207 citing John Timmerman
  • Evaluation : Hypnopompic hallucination or false awakening + psychological

Late 1977. Night.
A police officer saw 8-10 figures dressed like monks moving about in a churchyard. He challenged them but got no reply, so he gave chase, armed with a shotgun, up a hill. When he reached the top, a short time after the figures they had disappeared. 
  • Fairley and Welfare 1985 p.126 citing Richard T Crowe

November 1977.
Two young hospital workers saw a huge orange object, with a rounded bottom and convex top, fly low past their car. They stopped a police car and led police to the scene. 
  • BUFORA Journal 6,6 p21 citing Daily Express 28 November 1977.

November 1977.
Out hunting, DB noticed broken trees, on some of which were red hairs. He then saw a dark object running along the trail ahead and then heard a strange turning from a rumble into a scream and then a whistle. 
  • Citro 1997 p198

November 1977.
During a ceremony to “lure wild people” two hairy humanoids were seen crouching in the bushes by a group of about a dozen women and children. 
  • Prince-Hughes 1997 p45 citing Bismark Tribune 26 November 1977.

November 1977. 1400hrs.
A police officer out deer stalking felt that something was inspecting him and then saw, coming out of the bush 50m away, a 2m tall translucent thing, that appeared to be sort of hole in space. The officer fired at it without effect and then fled the scene. 
  • Godfrey 2012 p.166

November 1977. 1500hrs.
A woman climber and her husband became lost in a snowstorm on the mountain. She saw to her left a large luminous blue sphere, shining with a “clear and warm light” close to her. She was surprised and frightened, closed her eyes, but it was still there when she reopened them. Her husband was unable to see it. When she moved forward, it moved with her, then turned to the right and slowly moved away. She followed it “as if hypnotised”, and it led them to safety. 
  • Hilary Evans in INFO Journal 72 p16 + Bord 1989 p141 both citing Guy Lyon Playfair in Fortean Times 31 p54

November 1977. Night.
A woman trucker was driving alone along Hw178 when she saw two ape- like creatures, covered in brown hair, by the roadside. One of things screamed, revealing a row of large teeth. One creature was about 2.7m tall, the other 1.8m. and they appeared to be holding hands 
  • Guttilla 2003 p273 citing Bakerfield Californian n.d.

Early November 1977. Early hours.
In his attic bedroom, between Bradford city centre and Shipley, a 19 year old youth was awoken by a loud roaring sound and looking round saw a 2.7m tall figure stood in the room. The thing was red and surrounded and illuminated by a white light. It had no facial features save for two luminous red eyes. The lad was unable to move or cry out, but hid under the bedclothes. When he looked out 30 minutes later the figure was still there, so he again hid under the bedclothes and went to sleep. The next morning g his bed was saturated with water (not urine) and the paint where the figure had stood had peeled off. 
  • Earth 3 p10 direct from anonymous witness

November 1 1977. 1600hrs.
An 18 year old woman on the way to vote for the first time was driving in a rural area when she saw a hawk fly close to the car. The next thing she remembered was standing next to her car, her head feeling heavy. Looking up she saw a V shaped group of people in a field, the one in front being tall and very thin, the others being smaller. They wore turtle necked one piece suits She found herself waving to this group as she drove off. When she reached her boyfriend’s house he was angry she was late arriving to pick him up. 
  • Zimmerman 2014 p77

November 2 1977. Evening.
A 16 year old lad was alone in his aunthouse on Dom Oscar de Oliveira Street when he heard a sound like a wind and footsteps in the house. A Saturn shaped thing, consisting of a blue sphere about 1m wide, encircled by a ring of golden light, came through the door, crossed the room to the TV set, at which the plug came out of the socket, swept through the kitchen and bedroom and then hovered 1m above the floor by the kitchen door. Suddenly a being over 2m tall appear to his right, gestured with its right arm at which the room became filled with light and the being vanished. The lad now followed the Saturn shaped thing outside. Here, the strange being appeared again from the boy's right, Accompanied by a woman and child. The beings restrained the boy and led him back to the house, where they sat on the sofa, opened a closet with a gesture, and the woman lay on the bed. They communicated to the lad by telepathy. The beings then exited the house again. The male figure was over 2m tall, thin, and wore a helmet with a visor and two antennae. The woman and boy seemed to be normal humans with light skin and dark hair. All wore tight fitting overalls, gloves and boots. In the back yard the boy saw a large ladder, down which he was taken to an object the size of a house lying in a depression. It had a transparent section, though which an illuminated interior could be seen. In it were other beings operating various instruments. He was then led up the ladder to the ground near his house. A neighbour turned up to hand back a borrowed item, at this the three beings vanished, along with a fourth hidden by the side of the house. The little 'Saturn' stayed visible but hidden. When the neighbour had gone, the beings reappeared and one placed a sort of plate against the lad's hand. They then filed away. The small object took off. The boy returned to the house. When he went to open the front door, the key flew into his hand. He was so shaken that he could not speak for two days afterwards. The beings had warned of trouble in his family and two of his brothers were both to have significant accidents. 
  • Hulivo Brant Aleixo in FSR 30, 6 p12 citing his own investigation

November 2 1977. 2000hrs.
Luis Pereira Rodrigues was one of a number of pottery workers who had been left stranded by the low level of the river, and had gone to hunt while waiting for it to rise. He was surprised by a brilliant light, like sunrise, which came from an object moving slowly over the treetops, lighting up the jungle. As Luis was debating with himself over what to do, an opening appeared in the thing from which floated down a being wearing a diver’s suit. The being extended its arm and fired a beam at Luis, who promptly fled. The creature floated back into the object, which pursued Luis as he ran towards his companions. All the party saw this object and hid in the fields, as the thing approached their boat and the being emerged, looked around, and then returned to its craft, which left over the treetops. 
  • Antonio Huneeus in UFO Universe, Fall 1994 p.26 citing Giese 1991

November 2 1977. 2200hrs.
Pierre Guiraud and his wife were driving back home to Pont de Charrettes near Uzes after taking their daughter to her lycee in Nimes. They were driving part of the journey down a quiet country road and were within 300m of rejoining the main road when their attention was caught by a luminous object they assumed was a military vehicle. They stopped within 20m of the dark grey top shaped thing that was hovering motionless 3-4m above the ground. It was about 3-4m diameter and 3m high and it had two round lights that resembled portholes and beams came down its sides. On its base was a bright flashing violet light. Pierre got out for a better look and saw that two other motorists had stopped. The object then slowly took off rising several tens of metres, emitting something like fog or smoke from its underside as it did. It headed off towards Uzes, gradually increasing in speed. A woman in one of the other cars fainted so Mrs Guiraud went to her aid, after which all the witnesses resumed their journeys. The Guiraud family continued their journey while keeping an eye on the object, which veered off in the direction of Avignon when they reached Uzes, eventually going off behind a hill. Press appeals for the other witnesess to come forward were fruitless, though other people reported strange things seen in the sky around this time. 
  • Gerard Jarretie in LDLN 175 p7 citing his own investigation

November 3 1977. 2345hrs.
Kirk Alore (18) (qv) and his girlfriend Mary Ann(e) Sampson were strolling down the road at Colony Point where they had parked their truck, when they observed a red spherical light behind some trees. Thinking it was the moon, they walked towards the trees, but then saw that the thing was a hemisphere with a rounded bottom and flattened top. Despite Kirkfear, Mary tried to persuade him that they should get closer to it, but a sort of force stopped them and blue sparks, the size of baseballs, flew from the thing, which was the size of a Volkswagen and less than 100m away. The couple fled back to their truck and headed back to town, but the object continued to follow them for 60-90 minutes at treetop height, seeming to pop up in unexpected places. As the couple reached the Illerbrun farm 800m from the road, the object crossed their path and continued ahead of them at treetop level. When they reached the farm they phoned the RCMP, but when they arrived the object had gone, leaving an odour like burnt electrical insulation. The couple later had an identical dream on the next night after the incident but they would not reveal details. 
  • W K Allan in Canadian UFO Report 4,7 p.5 + FSR 24,3 p11 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation : The pacing is very suggestive of a distant light, perhaps the moon after all?

November 4 1977. 1430hrs.
Patrician Mohan saw a strange object at close range. There were physical effects. No further details. 
  • Rath 1997 p71)

November 4 1977. 2000hrs.
Timothy p.(12), his younger brother Nicholas and a friend Roger S were building a bonfire when they observed as light which appeared in the sky, moved north and vanished. This was repeated 10m minutes later. By 2120hrs. Timothy was on his own and saw a blue white light, the size of a garage, appear from nowhere. It did not light up the surroundings. He observed it for about 5 minutes, as it moved to the hill in front of him and then for a further five minutes as it settled behind a clump of 4 or 5 trees in front of a field at the top of the hill. He saw lights behind the trees and then ran home to tell his parents but they did not believe him. He went to the field Early next morning, where he found a flattened oval in the 30cm high grass, and a warm green sticky material, like jelly, on some of the grass. 
  • Nigel Watson citing his own investigation
  • NUFON News 48 p5
  • Nigel Watson in BUFORA Bulletin 7 p.13 citing own investigation

November 6 1977. 2355hrs.
Olive Bessant was looking through her bedsit window before going to bed when she saw something like a luminous candle approaching from the direction of the Bristol Channel. It came over some allotments and hovered over two elm trees at the bottom of her garden, sending off sparks. It then became cylindrical in shape and turned to right, gradually disappearing. 
  • Meaden 1989 p76 citing letter from witness

November 13 1977. 2300hrs.
A couple driving along the Esparron to Sillans-la-Cascade road became aware of an intermittent light in the hills above them, which light seemed to be growing larger and brighter, until it stopped above the old Roman town at Amphoux. They pulled off onto the shoulder and turned off their headlights to observer it for about 15 minutes. They suddenly observed another light on the road behind them; a point like a flashlight moving just above the ground. They turned and drove back a short distance, when they encountered a phosphorescent white figure that reminded them of a religious statuette. It had no visible arms, legs nor facial features and no thickness. It seemed to be pulsating like a TV image. It was of average human height. Terrified, they hurried on to Sillans but they could still see the pulsating light behind them. The disc of light was not part of the apparition and did not illuminate the ground. 
  • Jean-Luc Rivera and Mildred Biesele in MUFON UFO Journal 144 p17 citing Alain Prigent in La Revue Des Soucoups Volantes 3 p5 citing own investigation
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON 1978 Proceedings 3 p5 citing his own investigation)

November 14 1977. 0230hrs.
Two men observed an object descend behind a factory. As they drove towards it and approached the factory gate the car's engine cut out and would not start for several minutes. They did not see the object again. 
  • John Judge and Alastair Prevost in Skyquest 2 p.3 citing their own investigation

November 14 1977. 1745hrs.
Four people had got off the bus bringing them home and were walking up Conifer Walk when they saw lights in the sky which they first thought came from a local oil refinery but then realised they were two far to the south. These lights were like two floodlights but thought they were very bright they did not produce any glare or beam and appeared to be at 30m altitude about 800m away across fields. The lights were then either obscured or turned off. They now found themselves rooted to the spot as a dark rectangle, estimated to be up top 800m long passed over. At its conical front was a pulsating red light, the apparent size of the full moon and at its flat rear were the original two lights. As this occurred the background noises faded. As the object moved off the witnesses felt able to move. There was an inconclusive police investigation. 
  • Jenny Randles and Ron Sargeant in FSR 34,4 p22 citing their own investigation

November 15 1977. (Approximate date)
A 67 year old Baptist minister came within a metre or so of a hairy humanoid. 
  • Cox 2004 p42 citing Florence Times 16 November 1977.

November 15 1977. (Approximate date)
About 5km from the previous case a hunter encountered a 2.5m tall hairy humanoid. He fired at it several times but with effect.
  • Kleinberg 1978 p71

November 16 1977. 2100hrs.
Alerted by the activation of an automatic alarm on the northern base perimeter fence, two sold soldiers, Jenkins and Raeke were sent to investigate. They saw a bright light just outside the fence. Raeke went outside to investigate and saw a humanoid figure dressed in green, metallic looking overalls and helmet. Raeke challenged the figure, which pointed a box like devise at him which emitted a flash of light that hurled him to the ground and burnt his hands. Raeke then called for assistance and Jenkins went out and challenged what were now two beings, from behind cover. When they did not respond he fired, apparently injuring both entities, which fired their beam at him and then crawled away. Moments later a 6m diameter green disc rose from the area, hovered for a moment or two and then shot off. Raeke's hands recovered in an unusually short time. 
  • Matthews 2008 p103
  • Hamilton 1991 p14 gives as Ellsworth

November 18 1977. 1815hrs.
Draughtsman, Alan Pepper, his wife and two daughters (12, 7) were driving from Clwyd to Stoke, through this village, when they saw a bright white light pacing the car low down in the North East. This continued for several kilometres, before Alan stopped and wound the window down. They now saw first two then three white lights, in a triangle, which moved away into the distance in a few moments. As it did so a long narrow tube of fluorescent blue light fell into a field. 
  • NUFON News 44 p.8 citing investigation by UFORA Staffs

November 22 1977. 2345hrs.
Barbara Beavers was doing her yoga exercises when she received a mental command to go to Desert Christ Park, about a 15 minute walk away. At the car park there she heard a sound like wind and saw a transparent hemispherical object with four translucent panes. The upper section of the thing was rotating, until it came to rest 6m metres above the ground. She was greeted by a voice speaking in English and invited her on board. She was told to undress and to go through a sanitizer and put on a new suit. Barbara was met by four beings, a human looking couple and a small being with a large head and a tall one with slanted eyes. She was given a tour of the vessel, shown various equipment and given technical information. She was then allowed out of the object and arrived back at the apartment block at 0230hrs.
  • Good 2013 p188 citing investigation by Shawn Atlanti

November 29 1977. 1025hrs.
UFO researcher Hamish McLean was investigating a case, when, rounding a bend, he saw a domed, disc shaped object hovering about 150m away to the left, about 100m above the road. It came towards him, emitting blue, green and red lights, to within 60m and flashed a blue light, which hit a dead tree 15m from the object and 45-60cm from Hamish, lighting up all the colours of the rainbow. Sheep fled from the area, bleating The thing then moved 17m to one side, hovered for a couple of minutes, and then swooped around the back of a hill, where it hovered for a while. It was about 10m across, 5m high, red on top, blue in the middle and green on the bottom. 
  • Kevin Berry in APRO Bulletin 30,2 p.2 citing Hamish McLean
  • Hall 1988 p.293 citing Xenolog 1/1978

November 29 1977. Evening.
Mrs Edith B was being driven by her daughter from Swinton to Coldstream, with her granddaughter a passenger in the back seat, when the two women were startled by a figure which appeared suddenly, only a few metres ahead, directly in front of the car. It was about 2.1m tall, wearing a balaclava like hood. The figure appeared black in the headlight beams and no features were visible. As soon as they braked the figure vanished. The little girl had been looking out of a side window and did not see the figure. 
  • Jenny Randles in FSR 24,4 p25 + NUFON News 50 p7 citing investigation by Alan and Tricia Price.

December 1977.
Jackie Tharp was grabbed by a hairy humanoid. The thing let her go when she screamed. 30cm long footprints were found at the site. 
  • Newton 2011 p59

December 1977. Evening.
Two persons in a rural area saw a strange oval object circle the area and shortly afterwards saw the same or similar object go down behind trees 50m away. Shortly after this the duo detected an acrid smell and heard a whistling sound. They then saw a 2.5m tall creature covered in light brown hair and with luminous white eyes stood looking at them. The thing ran off into the brush. Then the pair saw white flashes coming from the forest and heard several loud booming sounds. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p274 Paul G Johnson and Joan L Jeffers of Pennsylvania Bigfoot

December 1977. Dusk.
Two men from a party staying at a mountain cabin set out on a snowmobile ride before it went dark. They were returning, heading towards a swamp, when they saw a humanoid figure 2-2.7m tall come from the tracks by the swamp and cross the road ahead of them. The thing seemed to be covered in black hair. 
  • Le Blanc 2016 p132 citing Bigfoot Research Organisation website

December 1977. Dusk.
At abandoned Monk Farm 16km inland from Pambula Kos Guines and his sons were out rabbit hunting, when Ken, walking down a gully heard a noise in the bracken and saw the back of a black thing, not much more than 1.5m tall, but extremely broad r5unning off from a distance of no more than 10m. The thing’s dome shaped head seemed to rest on its shoulders. Kos shot at the thing as it ran off, but without effect. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p65, 241 citing Melbourne Sunday Press 20 June 1982 investigation by Tony Healy

December 1977. 2155hrs.
Arthur Johnson, a farmer in his mid-60s, was driving to the local hospital to pick up his wife from work, when, having driven 300m from his house, he became aware of two very large bright white lights, one above the other, at about 50 degrees elevation in the ESE. Intrigued, he pulled up in a muddy turning to take a look at what he first had thought was a helicopter and then got out of the car and clambered up a small embankment. There he was able to see the object as it came within 50m of him, at 30m altitude. It passed over the road, banked sharply over the hedgerow and telephone wires, came to a point above a tree, banked right and then moved off in the direction of the village, all of this in complete silence. It was in view for about 30 seconds. He saw that it was a cigar shaped object, tapering at both ends, which moved like a submarine in water. It was surmounted by a pill box dome and was 12m long, 3m wide at its thickest, metallic and glowing white from intense white light given off by the dome on top and a sort of grill on the underside. The former was symmetrical (3m by 3m), made of a transparent material and divided by four or five vertical struts. The latter consisted of several metallic one directional bars, about 1.2m long, but no definite shape could be made out. The light from these two sources lit up the ground underneath the object. After the thing had gone, Arthur continued with his journey. 
  • Martin Keatman in FSR 24,3 p.29 citing his own investigation
  • NUFON News 50 p8

December 2 1977. 0300hrs.
A farmer heard his dogs barking, and, grabbing his rifle, went to investigate. He came upon two creatures 1.4m tall, dressed in glittering silver overalls with red coloured boots, white opaque helmets and large silver gauntlets with flared arm coverings going halfway up the arm. They appeared to be trying to steal one of his dogs, so he shot at and wounded one of them. The dog was released. One of the beings left in an unidentified object, the other fled into the bush. It was later seen in the undergrowth and on the road, but never captured. Traces were found at the site. The witness claimed he was followed by two men in a car wherever he went. Known only anecdotally. 
  • Kevin Berry in APRO Bulletin 30,2 p3 citing Gisborne Aerial Phenomena Research Group
  • Keith Basterfield in MUFON UFO Journal 177 p.5 citing an undated issue of Xenolog
  • Basterfield 1980 p54 case 65 citing unspecified issue of Xenolog
  • Evaluation : Hoax?

December 3 1977. 2130hrs.
Two people in a country home were alerted by barking dogs and restless cattle. They observed, 10m away, in their back yard, a circle of light 1m diameter and to its left a group of four horizontal bars of light, the total width of which was m, total height 2m.They observed the stationary lights until 0330hrs. when they went to bed. The next day it was snowing, the snow covering the yard except for the patch of ground directly under the lights. This was also covered by snow later. 
  • APRO Bulletin 29, 6 p.6 citing UFO Research of Finland

December 5 1977. 1200hrs.
A man working in a grocery warehouse saw a small white object, the size of a butterfly but more resembling a jellyfish, come through the large open doors. It darted around the room, startling the warehouse cat, which chased the thing around the warehouse. It passed within 2m of the witness before leaving. 
  • Randles and Warrington 1985 p11 citing letter to Daily Express
  • Evaluation : Seed blown by breeze?

December 7 1977. 1600hrs.
Pauline Broadhurst and three of her young children were returning to Clifton Campville from Lullington, walking along a wooded country lane when they saw, above some trees, an orange oval shape, which at about 4kph at an angle, towards them and then swung at an angle of 60 degrees to travel across the top of a hedgerow, which it illuminated. After it had been in view for two minutes, the thing blinked out. The weather was fine, clear and cool. 
  • NUFON News 59 p.9 + FSR 26,4 p.18 + BUFORA Journal 9,1 p.19 all citing investigation by Martin Keatman and Stephen Banks

December 7 1977. 1930hrs.
Three people out driving found their car paced by a red disc, which came in from the sea. During the observation the car’s headlights dimmed, but returned to normal when the thing moved away. When they arrived home they found the car battery was dry, even though it had serviced only two days before. 

  • Rodeghier 1981 p.71 citing Spaceview 1978/1

December 8 1977.
A man saw a 1.45m tall entity, dressed in a silver suit and red boots, by the side of the road 
  • Kevin Berry in APRO Bulletin 30,2 p3 citing Gisborne Aerial Phenomena Research Group
  • Keith Basterfield in MUFON UFO Journal 177 p.5 citing an undated issue of Xenolog

December 9 1977. (Approximate date) 1830hrs.
Having just finished work in her kitchen a woman went to close the shutters on one of her windows, which overlooked a large meadow. There she saw a bright reddish object resembling an egg with flattened ends, 7m long, and 2.5-3m high, coming in from the south or south-west. It was coming in at only about 20-30kph well above the trees on the other side of the meadow, 75m away. Without changing speed the thing then descended. It was the colour of a brake light and had sharp edges. During the descent in made a sound it made a sound like a car but on the ground was completely silent. After some moments there emerged from the right hand side of its top, a figure closer to 2.5 than 2m tall, that climbed on top of the object, walked round to the right, descended apparently without touching the side to the ground and then walked along its base and climbed back on the left disappearing into the top again though no door could be seen projecting. This entity had a square head, which appeared to be grey white in colour though its face was covered by a dark, impenetrable visor. It had a short neck and unnaturally long and thin legs, though its arms and hands, which ended in five fingers, were more proportionate. It was dressed in a dark outfit, like that of a scuba diver. When it moved its arms were held motionless against its body. Moments after the entity had re-entered it, the object took off, making the same sound as before, vertically and then made a slow curve to land in or by a grove on the other side of the road, 10m from the highway and 50m from the house, at which the sound stopped again. After a couple of minutes it took off again to the north-north west. Traces were found. 
  • R and P Darnaudguilhem in LDLN 183 p22 citing their own investigation

December 10 1977. 2355hrs.
David B (19) was watching television when his dog became frisky, so he took it out for a walk. They were at nearby playing fields when the dog froze, hackles raised, staring at the fields. Following the animal’s gaze, David saw, behind a fence a few metres away, a figure 2,4m tall, dressed in a white astronaut’s suit that appeared padded, non reflective and self luminous, and with a visor in the helmet. It walked stiffly and slowly, one arm raised as if carrying something. It moved about 30m in a minute. David was so afraid that he fled, leaving the dog to run after him. He was shocked and the dog hid under a chair for the rest of the night. David later had inexplicable urges to return to the site. He claimed to have been followed by men in black before the incident. 
  • Andrew Collins, Martin Keatman and Graham Phillips in NUFON News 82 p6 citing own investigation)

December 12 1977. 1630hrs.
Four small girls, Sally J, Linda B, Gina W and Lynne W (not same name) were with Sally's pony in Gina's field when they were surprised to see a metallic object come from the north. As it approached they saw it was shaped like a convex lens and was rotating slowly in an anti-clockwise direction. It was 2.5m diameter and appeared to be made of dull white metal. Above the central axis were two bands, one red, the other blue, and on the underside was a small curved protrusion, the same colour as the rest of the thing, surrounded by four metal landing legs. On top of the object were two flashing lights, one red the other blue on silver cylinders and the upper part of the main object was a row of three portholes. They heard a buzzing hum, like a swarm of bees. The thing passed directly overhead at a distance of 6m, hovered briefly at 18m altitude and then returned in the direction from which it had come, the humming noise decreasing, and slowly descended into Lullington Woods, about 2km away, with a falling leaf motion. After a few seconds it suddenly shot up from the woods in a near vertical ascent. Estimates of the time the event lasted ranged from 30-200 seconds. The girls fled from the field. 
  • NUFON News 59 p.9 + FSR 26, 4 p.18 + BUFORA Journal 9,1 p19 all citing investigation by Martin Keatman and Stephen Banks
  • Randles 1981 p.127

December 14 1977. 0605hrs.
William Paul Flood, a worker at the Kraft Food factory at Haverfordwest, was driving home to Merlin’s Bridge, after coming off his shift, when the engine of his 1968 Morris 1800 suddenly cut out. He managed to get home, however and was parking his car, when he observed a bright blue sphere, about the size of a soccer ball, light blue in the centre, darker on the outside, gliding along at 15m altitude, noiselessly, descending southwards in an arc and landed in a field. William was too nervous to investigate. When he examined the field the next day there was no sign of the thing. 
  • Pugh and Holliday 1979 p.156 citing investigation by Randall Jones Pugh

December 15 1977. 2120hrs.
A 25 year old man driving through Holland observed for 7-8 seconds a cigar shaped object twice the angular diameter of the moon, hovering stationary and silently 120-150m away in the east, before it disappeared in a red flash. In oval windows along the side, he observed 3-4 human forms. His girlfriend who was with him did not turn round and did not see the object. 
  • Hendry 1979 p.122 citing own investigation

December 17 1977. 1600hrs.
A woman driving a pickup truck saw an oval object, three or four times the diameter of a B29 aircraft, hovering about 120m above a meadow. The thing gave off a blue-white glow, was surmounted by a small dome on which there were 4 or 5 windows, and had an underside which was blurred as if it was rapidly rotating. She stopped to observe it more closely and was joined by a motorist. After 4-5 minutes the object assumed a vertical orientation, at which both vehicles stalled. After another 10 minutes the object rapidly left towards the west, after which the vehicles could be restarted. The woman experienced skin burns and eye irritation after the incident. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p.72 and Frances Ridge chronology both citing Donald Todd in APRO Bulletin July/August 1978 p.4

December 17 1977. Evening.
Kenny Drake (17), his wife Carol (16) and their 12 year old nephew were driving down North 16th Street, approaching the parking entrance to the Richman-Gordman store, when they observed a very bright red-yellow, luminous ball in the sky, just above the treetops to the east. It was moving rapidly towards the Big Lake Park. Curious, they quickly drove to the scene, where they found a blob of molten metal, 1.2m diameter. Mike and Criss Moore (both 24) were among others who saw the object hovering at treetop height. 
  • Sebi Brecci in Fate March 1979 p.70

December 18 1977.
Herrero Sierro was taken on board an object for three hours. In a room about 18m diameter, the walls of which were like crystal or plastic, he conversed telepathically with strange beings. No further details. 
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON 1978 Proceedings pp 25, 38 citing Cronica (BA) 26 January 1978 citing EFE Madrid 25 January 1978

December 19 1977. 0730hrs.
Five people from four separate viewpoints observed a bright light. The closest witnesses, who were about 80m away, observed it as an oval shape, pointed at one end. The top part of the object shone brightly. The pointed end contained a red light, and there was a band of red lights between the top and bottom halves of the thing. They heard a humming sound and saw a trail behind the object, which flew at an altitude of 10-30m. The more distant witnesses just saw a ball of light, which turned into three different lights part of the time. 
  • APRO Bulletin 26,9 p.6 citing UFO Research Finland

December 20 1977. (Approximate date) 0110hrs.
Rick and Judy G were watching the late show on TV when the living room was illuminated by a green glow through the curtains. Going to the window, they observed a green, glowing, egg shaped object on or just above the ground 15-30m away. It was 3-4.5m diameter, its centre encircled by a solid row of green flickering lights. After about three minutes it slowly rose vertically and then levelled off and disappeared into the wooded area beyond the house. 
  • MUFON UFO Journal 122 p.9 citing investigation by Leonard Stringfield

December 20 1977. 0355hrs.
Joseph Giusti, a self- employed music producer, was unable to sleep. He saw a vivid light outside his bedroom window, and hurriedly put on his trousers and went to investigate. He turned the corner of the house and had taken about five steps when his flashlight went off, though the batteries were only a few days old, and he heard a strange gurgling sound. He immediately observed two dim silhouettes no more than 2.5m away. The one nearest to him was about 3m tall, the other between 1.2-1.5m. Both were about 1.2m wide and their general contours suggested they had a feathery surface. They appeared to be moving towards him with a swaying motion. Alarmed, he threw his flashlight at the tall figure, which it hit with a noise and a flash of light. Joseph then fled back into the house, noting the time as 0420, though the incident only seemed to have lasted a minute. The next morning, after his wife had gone off to work, he was getting a glass of milk, when he saw two sets of prints; one was circular, about 30cm diameter with a “V” shape cut in it; the other consisted of three circles in a line extending 60cm. They went on for about 45m to the neighbourhood swimming pool, going through a 1.8. tall fence. Next to his flashlight were two strange pieces of granite. The next night Joseph suffered from strange dreams. Police regarded the story as a hoax. 
  • Larry Cole in Westchester Daily News 8 January 197
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON 1978 Proceedings pp 20, 22, 36 citing investigation by Fred Dennis and Georgia Galaropoulos + New York Sunday News 8 January 1978 + The National Star 24 January 1978)

December 20 1977.
Two workmen saw an oblong shiny object on a hillside. In the next January an area 13m long and 7m across in the middle, in the shape of two merging circles of burnt grass was found at the spot. 
  • Kevin Barry in APRO Bulletin 30,2 p.2

December 21 1977. 0400hrs.
While driving along the Stampa Sera Road between San Mauro and Cassino, truck driver Angelo Cusimano (43) saw an object the size of a truck wheel, at 20-30m altitude. It illuminated the ground. The object went away at speed in the direction of San Mauro, then came back and then disappeared. The observation lasted five minutes. Angelo was terrified. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing SLUB 5 citing Stefano Giusti

December 22 1977. 2340hrs.
Flying over the Atlantic at 7,000m, 950k out from Logan (Mass), two pilots (a 40 year old Captain and a Lieutenant) observed twinkling dazzling lights appearing dead ahead and about 15m below them. As they tried to manoeuvre above the presumed object to avoid a collision, it stopped and rose up to the right, pacing them. There was no sound or turbulence. They now saw that it was a huge circular object, at least 30m diameter with a row of flashing white light around its middle and red flashing light on both its top and bottom. As they watched a sort of neon green smoke screen, about 6m diameter, detached itself from the large object, descended down to the sea and submerged. This was followed by a second ring that submerged and a third that descended rapidly and then sped towards the coast. After about 20 minutes the lights around the main object went out in clusters, followed by the top and bottom lights, leaving only small blue lights on its surface. They could now see the dim outline of an object shaped like two shallow bowls, stuck together rim to rim, with a row of green, glowing, trapezoidal windows just above the mid lateral line. The thing then assumed a bluish corona and sped off leaving a blue streak. 
  • Donald R Todd in APRO Bulletin 26, 10 p.5

December 24 1977. 1730hrs.
A nurse was out driving with her mother as front seat passenger when she was forced to brake suddenly when an old, pale faced man in a trilby hat and heavy raincoat stepped in front of her car. Her mother was flung again the windscreen but she did not see the figure and there was no sign of anyone injured. 
  • Michael Goss in Fate January 1936 p37 citing Ivan Bunn

December 25 1977.
Keith Lane went out to feed his guinea pig and rabbits when he saw a being 1.8-2.1m tall, wearing one-piece silvery suite, with a white belt and shoes joined to its trousers, standing at the end of his garden. The being had a long forehead, red pupils in its blue glowing eyes, and long sandy hair. Keith ran back into the house. Next day he found his guinea pig dead, and at 1830hrs. he saw two other beings 1.5 and 1.2m tall, but otherwise identical with the one the previous day stood about 2m from the kitchen door. He shouted out in terror at which the figures vanished before his parents arrived. Investigators found a 12m wide burnt circle in the tar and grass. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p.301 citing investigation by Roy Fisher and Derek Marshall

December 25 1977. Night.
Richard Sage, Dee Goss and two other friends were driving down St Mary’s Lane near Cranham when Richard and Dee, who were in the front seats, saw a robed, cowled figure cross the road ahead. It appeared to lack legs and float rather than walk. The two in the back seats saw nothing. Richard saw the same thing in December 1979 

  • Bord 1989, p85, citing Sunday Express 23 December 1979. 

December 27 1977, 0700HRS. 
An 18 year old walking the dog saw, hovering above trees, a small, grey, egg shaped object, which was in view for a few seconds only before it disappeared.  

  • NUFON News 45, p6, citing Ian Creswell. 

December 30 1977, 0130hrs.
A motorist saw something like a shooting star to the east, and then a white circular light paced the car at 100kph. As he slowed to watch the thing his car engine developed trouble and the ignition and oil lights failed to come on, but there was no effect on the radio. The car had no more trouble once the light had disappeared behind trees. 

  • Basterfield 1997, p218, citing UFO Research South Australia files.  

December 30 1977.
Four people saw a luminous oval mass approach, hover for five minutes above electricity pylons, then take off, leaving a 25-30m hole in the low cloud base. 

  • Randles 1983, p97, citing Ken Phillips in FSR 24, 4.