1977 JAN - JUNE

Two service men one American and one Australian were driving down the Eyre Highway near the border with Western Australia, when they saw a purple-green ball of fire crash nearby. On investigating they found that it was a craft, in which there were two occupants, one dead, and the other alive. They were about 1.5m tall, with long thin arms, large black eyes, and an absence of ears and hair. The living one was making squeaking noises. The two men emerged from the machine to find themselves surrounded by military personnel. The Australian was told to keep quiet and he never saw his American colleague again. 
  • Chalker 1996 p58
  • Evaluation : A typical unverified crashed saucer story told years after the event.

Property workers Vince and Trevor Collins were driving their truck along a bush track, 10km north of here when they heard two loud bangs on their vehicle. On investigation, these came from boulders hurled at them. Up the road, a 2.7m tall, hairy gorilla like humanoid, waving a tree limb and screaming, was running towards them. They drove away at speed. 
  • Gilroy 1995 p203 citing his own investigation

A woman in her own home had a time loss and found herself in a strange room with a large number of people. She saw a girl of about 10, who said that she was there with her brother and sister, and that she liked being in another room, where there were people in period costume. Asked by the woman if she wanted to go with her, the girl declined and said that her time was almost up, and that her name was Arna. 
  • Chalker 1996 p.194 citing Keith Basterfield

A man, in his living room, felt a tingling on his skin and had a compulsion to look behind him, where he saw the upper half of some inhuman, but otherwise described, creature. The thing then disappeared again. About 18 months later the same thing happened again 
  • Swords 2005 p190 citing John Timmerman

1977. Day.
A teenager, Ken Lindsay, out on his trail bike came across a 1.2-1.5m tall humanoid stood on a log. It was covered in orange-tan hair, had thick arms and legs, an almost non-existent neck and a very broad chest. After about three seconds the thing stepped down from the log and Ken cycled away as fast as possible. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p237 case 106 citing instigation by Paul Cropper

1977. Night.
A young woman was driving with her boyfriend and brother on dark country road, when its engine and lights began to fail. They assumed this was due to a faulty fan belt in the old car and the two men set out for help. As they got out, a light crossed the sky and descended behind trees, splitting into two spheres and making a strange noise. These spheres manoeuvred round each other and then disappeared. The woman also saw a domed object with curved windows moving away, though the men did not see this. 
  • UFO Times 25 p.12 citing investigation by Michael Lewis

1977. Night.
A man, who with his wife and small child, was working on the island heard a commotion in the kitchen and on going to investigate saw a huge black humanoid shape running into the night. The thing left a terrible smell behind. 
  • Pinkney 2003 p29 citing his own investigation

1977. Night.
Mr Xuc, the caretaker of the Mayapan archaeological site heard the sound of someone chopping wood long after closing time. Investigating, he was bombarded with pellets encountered a tiny man with a disproportionately large head and a black beard. He was dressed in traditional Mayan dress. 
  • Bill Mack in Fate August 1984

1977. Night.
Two farmers saw a brilliant object the apparent diameter of the moon come in off the Taiwan Strait and land on a hillside. The area was surrounded by troops and a group was sent up to investigate. The thing increased in brilliance, such that the soldiers felt dazzled and nauseous, and they were ordered to open fire. At this its brightness increased and it emitted a terrific noise and took off vertically. 
  • Dong 2000 p4

January 1977. (Approx. date) 
Tom Banks and Ken Schofield were driving their ambulance on the Alaska Highway 40km NW of Whitehorse when they observed an extremely bright point source of light stationary in the sky. It then descended to close range, where it appeared as an oval, giving off such a bright light that no definitive shape could be discerned. The thing followed the ambulance for about 20 minutes, hovering and darting back and forth at very low altitude. At one point it darted head on towards them and then turned to one side. While the object was close the electrical system in the ambulance was interrupted. Eventually they managed to get their dome light on, and when it began flashing, the object flashed a bright light back at them, appeared to hover quite close for a few seconds and then skipped over the trees and out of sight. They reported to base that the object was following them and also reported the matter to the police. 
  • APRO Bulletin 26, 12 p.7 citing Edmonton Journal 10 January 1977.

January 1977. (approx. date)
University student Jorge Alvarez (20) was going to get water from the river, when he fell into a swamp. He was sinking rapidly and had given up hope, when four little scaly creatures, less than 1m tall, of human appearance but with only three fingers on each hand and covered in green scales, arrived on the scene, grunting and gesticulating. They held out branches and helped him onto dry land. Their three fingered hands were cold and clammy. He then collapsed with exhaustion and when he had recovered he found the little creatures had vanished. 
  • FSR 23,5 p.iii citing Buenos Aires Herald 12 January 1977 citing Reuters Lima citing the radio show Interplanetary Contacts (not dated) + The Peruvian Institute of Interplanetary Relations

January 1977. Early hours.
A woman was awoken by her bedroom door opening. She thought it was her 8 year old child coming in but instead she saw a strange small boy with long blond hair, who gradually faded away. She saw the figure on at least two other occasions
  • Steedman and Anker 1977. p50

January 1977. 0300hrs.
Encyclopaedia salesman Steven Woodward (18) was driving through a wooded area north of Bergen en route from Celle to Hamburg. The radio, which was turned on, suddenly began to emit a high pitched humming sound, which faded like the static from high tension wires. He turned the radio off and then the car became filled with a smell like “perspiring bodies”, which also faded. Steven turned the radio on again after about 5 minutes but it was still dead, though he now left it on. After a further 10 minutes, Steven noticed, through the rear view mirror, an intense circular light a short distance behind, at the height of a car headlight. He thought it was a motorcyclist, though the light was weaving about erratically. Looking over his shoulder, Steven was surprised to see that it had disappeared, but when he looked in his mirror it was back again, looking to his rear it was gone again. Puzzled, Steven stopped the car and got out. Everything seemed quiet, but when he looked at his car, he saw a circular light moving along his roof and bonnet. It was oval and brilliant white and it suddenly vanished. Steven then tried to walk back towards his car, but found that his feet appeared to be stuck to the ground and, looking down, saw the same oval light engulfing his feet, legs and a surrounding area about 35cm in diameter. After some minutes, which were hazy in his memory, Steven had a sensation of blood rushing down his legs and the light had gone. After standing for a minute or two in a daze, he staggered back to his car. He felt alright, but when he got into the car, he encountered the putrid smell he had noticed earlier. He began to feel dizzy and became aware of a metallic taste in his mouth and a cold shivering down his spine. He drove off at speed and after a while the radio began to function again. 
  • Andrew Collins in Strange Phenomena 1,1 p22 citing his own investigation

January 1977.
At an undisclosed location a man walking to the top of a hill saw a light amid the trees below him and felt drawn to the site, where he became surrounded by a glow and his legs immobilised. Two almost human male beings, 1.65m tall, with large eyes short blonde hair approached. Their tight fitting suits turned from brown to silver as they did so. They stood by a dimly lit disc. The beings seemed to expect him, apologised and shown him a black box, which knocked over a hairy humanoid. He could not remember what the beings said him and he felt it was irrelevant. Nonetheless he felt that they were friends. Before the incident he had a number of anomalous experiences including poltergeist effects, appearances of hairy humanoids, cattle being mutilated and strange lights and objects seen around the place. Afterwards he was woken in the night to see a 2m tall, bald headed being with large eyes and long thin arms and legs and large eyes. The thing, which wore a helmet and had a box on its chest, gave the witness the impression that it was old and helpless. 
  • John Derr and Leo Sprinkle in APRO Bulletin July 1978-January 1979

January 1977. (approx. date) 1630hrs.
Mrs Barbara Street (30s) asked her 12 year old son to empty the waste bin into the dustbin. As he opened the lid he saw a large figure peeping at him from the bushes at the end of the long garden, and fled inside. His mother thought he had been fooled by a light and went to investigate. Outside, she saw first the legs then the body of a being about 2.7m tall, wearing a white suit and a helmet with a visor on it. She was not too alarmed, thinking it was someone playing a prank, and yelled at it to go, but it just looked down on her. She fled into the house, locking the door behind her. Through the kitchen window she saw the figure floating above the ground towards the house. At 1720 she was joined by a woman friend, who confronted the figure with her broom before fleeing indoors. A male friend of Mr Street, who was away, then came on the scene and decided to confront what he thought was a hoaxer, with a knife, but he too fled indoors. A second man arrived and when he saw the square head looking in through the kitchen window he ran off to call the police. Mrs Street and the first man then went upstairs and opened the window. The figure was looking at the ground and when the man shouted it looked up and pointed something, which they were unable to make out in the dark, at them. The next thing either could remember was walking down the stairs feeling very calm. Two police officers then arrived and, as the others looked on, went out to confront the figure, which vanished as they approached it. The police allegedly said that they could not report such an incident and advised them to forget it. Mrs Street was later visited by a man who claimed “he was working with the aliens” and when he had left all the clocks in the house had stopped. 
  • NUFON News 60 p6 citing investigation by Brian Fishwick
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p.170 citing investigation by Fishwick (gives date as February
  • Randles 1988 p65 dates to January

January 1977. 1830hrs.
Two young teenagers (Richard Luxford and Tony De Rosa) were playing in Willow Street in the Shoreditch area, when they observed a red-orange sphere emitting a vertical column of grey-black smoke from its top, just above the rooftops. It had a shimmering surface, about as bright as the moon, did not appear quite solid, was faintly illuminating nearby rooftops and was emitting a faint crackling sound. It was about 20m up, 30m away. After about 20 seconds it moved out of sight. 
  • Barry King, Andrew Collins and Graham Phillips in FSR 24, 2 p.27 citing their own investigation

January 1977. Early hours.
A famer was kept awake buy the incessant barking of his dogs. When he wnet to investigate he saw a large dark figure by his barn. He later found a 3.5m high drainpipe so twisted as to be useless. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p269 citing Bigfoot Coop

January 1977. Night.
A police officer saw a large hairy creature cross the road ahead. 
  • Newton 2010 p65

January 1977. Late night.
Carl Smith saw an orange light bobbing about above the trees and called his neighbour Edward Fletcher, 800m away. They saw the spherical object manoeuvring back and forth over trees and then descending to the ground and being lost to sight. 
  • Randle 1989b p.180 citing his own investigation

Early January 1977. 2130hrs.
A family driving from Llantwit Major to Bridgend saw, as they were passing the disused Llandow Airfield, a flashing light in the sky. They thought nothing of it until a brilliant flash lit up the ground. They then saw that an object was moving across the road in front of their car, about 200m away. It was a silver grey round disc about 10m in diameter. The family stopped by the hedgerow as they saw the object hover at about 20-25m above the road, exhibiting red, green and white rotating lights. It then slowly moved away over the disused airfield and then circle back in a southerly direction towards them, and, turning eastwards, rose into the sky at terrific speed and disappeared. 
  • BUFORA Journal 6,5 p.17
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p.136 citing above

January 1 1977. Evening.
Mr and Mrs Francois Perez were driving near Valence when they noticed that their car was being followed by what looked like a large star, which they though may have been a helicopter. Intrigued they returned to the spot an hour later, to see an oval object, 30-40cm diameter, surrounded by a halo of white light. After 10 minutes the lights began flashing and the thing took off at a 45 degree angle. Both Mr and Mrs Perez suffered from sore eyes for 48 hours after the incident and Mr Perez’s wrist watch ceased to function. 
  • John B Musgrave in the San Diego Evening Tribute 8 January 1977. citing an AP dispatch
  • LDLN 164 p34 citing Republique Var Matins 9 January 1977.

January 4 1977. 2130hrs.
A 20 year old man and his girlfriend were driving 8km from Lithgow when they saw an orange glow in the distance, which they first thought was a bushfire, until it approach their vehicle. As the thing passed overhead, the couple saw that it was a huge circular diffuse glow, which was confined in its own parametres. At this point their car became enveloped in a fog bank that persisted until the glow had passed. 
  • Keith Basterfield in MUFON UFO Journal 126 p.16 + FSR 24,5 p.29 + ACOS Bulletin 11 p.21 all citing UFO Research New South Wales

January 5 1977. 0410hrs.
Kirk Alore (17), described as a serious and responsible young man, was driving en route to his parent’s house, when at a point about 50km North West of Prince George his pickup engine began to misfire and his radio developed static. He then rounded a corner and saw a red light over some hydro towers about 1.5km away to the right. As he watched this light, he saw another oncoming car about 800m away. He then saw the red light shoot right over the top of this car, as he came within 300m and then on towards him. As it came right up to him, Kirk estimated that the thing was about two highway widths across, though estimates ranged from 9m to 36m, and longer than wide. The object was oblong, with a surface which reminded Kirk of an alligator skin. It had small protruding wings like triangles with rounded ends. On the underside he could see one disc turning inside another. The thing was surmounted by a dome, inside of which were multi-coloured dots, smaller than car headlamps, which were constantly changing colour. At that instant a red light shot from the dome and Kirk felt a tingling in his arms and legs and managed to swerve to one side before passing out. He was roused about 15 minutes later by the other motorist, feeling sick and with sore and aching limbs. This other motorist reported that he had come to standing outside his car and that Kirk was in the passenger seat of his car. Despite the fact that he had been travelling at over110kph there were no skid marks where Kirk had skidded off the roads. Both drivers went to hospital, where they were diagnosed with shock. 
  • W K Allan and John Magor in Canadian UFO Report 4,6 p1 + FSR 24,3 p.8 citing their own investigation
  • APRO Bulletin 25, 9 p1 citing investigation by Michael Sinclair
  • Shelley Hallock in Canadian UFO Report 4.4 p1
  • UFO Pulse Analyser 2 p15: : Magor 1983 p85
  • Evaluation: Though Kirk’s parents said he had phoned them from the hospital, no record of his visit could be found, and no one seems to have tracked down or even identified the second driver

January 5 1977. Evening.
A senior MOD employee and his wife were walking their dog in a rural location on this cold evening, when their dog ran away, an unusual occurrence. Looking around they saw a large disc shaped object hovering at about 25m altitude. It left a shadow on the ground. They could not make out any lights, markings or structure. After 20 minutes the thing took off so fast that it was only as blur. Their son, back home, experienced a break in TV reception at about this time. The dog was found, exhausted, two days later in a village 6.5km away. It refused to ever go back into the field where the object had been. On the night of the  6th they encountered disturbance on their TV again, and looking out, they saw an identical domed object hovering in the same location. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p.135 citing investigation by Michael Hellicar

January 5 1977. 2240hrs.
The witness in the 27 December 1976 case had gone out to kill a turkey when he saw the same object moving slowly in the same direction as before and then hovered above the pines. It was seen by two other people; Mrs Saysett and 20 year old Luc Lapeyre. 
  • Theodore Revel in LDLN 170 p23 citing his own investigation

January 6 1977. 0115hrs.
Mrs Florida Malboeuf (25) of Casgrain Street had woken up as a result of her bronchitis and was sat by her bedroom window, when she noticed a white luminous shape coming from the north in a cloudless sector of the sky. It passed about 5m over the rooftops of the houses on the corner of Casgrain and Neaubain Street. It now appeared to be a flat, metallic silvery oval object, rather like an oyster, with a flattened underside and a bulge on top. Along the base was a row of 4-5 white lights. The object descended onto the roof of the apartment house across the street, quickly being hidden by the roof wall. Within a second a couple of beings crossed the roof, diagonally, side by side. They were about 2m tall, very think, with long arms, wearing white one piece garments, with light helmets, like those of a frogman. She was unable to see their faces or make out their hands and feet. They were about 20m away at the closest. They walked around the roof as if looking for something, then one of them looked up to the sky, then they walked back in the direction from which they had come. When they were out of sight, the object rose up 7m, stopped then proceeded in a straight easterly course down Belleschasse Street. The next day her son Andre called the local airport who gave him a NORAD number to ring, where someone told him that three people standing by a subway had seen an object moving 18m above the ground that morning. Andre found a 4.5m diameter circular depression and four footprints in the ice and snow on the building. Confirmed by investigator Howard Gontovnick. 
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1978 p19, 32 + Alain Gamard both citing Marc Leduc and Wido Hoville in UFO Quebec 9 p.6 citing own investigation
  • UFO Pulse Analyser 2 p16
  • Musgrave 1979 p.54 case 87 citing UFO Quebec op cit and Howard Gontovnick in UFO Researchers Newsletter 1,3 p6
  • Bondarchuk 1979 p62 citing UFO Quebec 3,1 p6 + UFO Pulse Analyser + Gontovnick + Le Journal de Montreal 9 January 1977.)

January 6 1977. 1900hrs.
A disc shaped light appeared above a road and directed beams of light downwards. The disc hovered over the road for a few seconds and then disappeared in the sky. There was one witness. 
  • Ika Serra in MUFON UFO Journal 114 p.18

January 7 1977.
Miss G Britain was in her caravan on the site of near Porchester Crematorium when she observed a pink sphere, with a white light in the centre, land in a nearby field and then take off with a puff of smoke, flying off low to the horizon. 
  • Paget 1980 p.73

January 9 1977. Morning.
Joyce Bakewell was exercising her dog in the woods when she heard an annoying buzzing sound. After about two minutes a silvery circular object, about 1.2m diameter, with a red band around its centre appeared in a clearing, hovering 1.2m above the ground. The thing then landed and a door opened, out of which came three tiny female figures 8-10cm tall dressed in short silvery skirts, emerge and flew towards Joyce, at one point settling on her arm. They returned to the disc, which then took off vertically. 
  • Redfern 2017 p22

January 13 1977. 2200hrs.
Two girls chatting in the front of a house saw an object with multi-coloured lights, which descended almost to treetop level, at the same time as the area was plunged into a blackout. 
  • FSR 23,2 p.iii citing El Universal 15 January 1977.

Mid January 1977. 1500hrs.
PH (11) and his 7 year old sister went out to play in the newly fallen snow when they saw a silvery oval soundless object, about 10m long, come down to within 30m of the ground, 300m away. The thing circled twice and then took off into the sky 
  • Picknett 2001 p118 citing letter from PH to The Unexplained

January 19 1977. 0630hrs.
A 9 year old boy was preparing breakfast when he heard a sound and went to the door to investigate. Through the door pane he saw a greenish creature about 90cm tall, only 1-1.5m away. The thing had a single pedestal like leg, a single cyclopean eye, short hair, two antennae and a straight mouth and arms. The thing then saw the boy and drew out a devise like a gun. He went to his mother, but she was too tired to take any notice. The boy then decided to investigate for himself. He saw a metallic looking oval object on the ground in his back yard. Hiding behind an old fridge in the yard, the boy saw another oval object resting on the flat section of his roof. The thing he had seen at the front of the house came around and then appeared to float up into the object on the roof and entered it via a ramp and opening, though which a brilliantly lit interior in which there were two chairs, one of which was occupied by a second being. The boy then saw a third creature stood by the object on the ground and entered in a similar fashion, the opening revealing a fourth creature inside. As the objects took off, a sort of sliding cover obscured the front windows in the objects. As these objects took off, they entered something like a cloud and disappeared. While on the ground the strange creatures moved around by rotating on their bases. Investigators found circular marks 65-75mm long, 25mm wide and a circular impression 3m wide in the back yard.
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1978 pp 25, 32 citing Akers and Vogel in Toppenish Review 26 January 1977.
  • Canadian UFO Report 5,2 p15 citing Tri State Herald 5 November 1977.
  • Long 1990 p59 citing investigation by David Akers and Bill Vogel

January 19 1977. 0145hrs.
A farmer went outside his house to relieve himself when he noticed a bright flashing, like .lightning, in the sky, lighting up the ground. On looking up he saw a bright ball of light travelling along at close range. It then took off at high speed. 
  • Keith Basterfield in MUFON UFO Bulletin 126 p.16 + Basterfield 1981 p105 citing ACOS Bulletin 11 citing UFO Research South Australia, gives date as 20th

January 21 1977. 1645hrs.
Three women factory cleaners at the Britax factory on the Bessingby Industrial Estate were walking to work when they observed a hazy object hovering above the factory to which they were going, but were unable to make out any details. They then noticed a second hazy object hovering above a wood yard about 100m ahead of them. This second object started to move off almost as soon as the women saw it, halting over first the timber merchant’s office and then their factory. When the thing hovered over a vapour discharge chimney, the vapour disappeared and the object became distinct in appearance. It appeared to be a rugby ball; shaped object, larger than a double decker bus, with grey top and bottom, and a flat central section with a row of portholes, through which could be seen a corridor and its wall. These portholes emitted a brilliant light. On what was apparently the back of the object was a cylindrical structure like a telegraph pole. However, as the object moved away, this projection was leading. The object moved across a fruit merchant’s and then came down to within 2m of the ground over some allotments. It then lowered its tube and seemed to suck up some of the polythene bags, which allotment users held to keep waste material. The object moved towards the West Hill housing estate and was lost to sight. The observation lasted between 5 to 10 minutes. . Both witnesses who were interviewed developed bad colds following the incident, and this was believed to be the case with the third witness. One reported that her normally affectionate dog refused to go near her for three days following the incident, another that her watch stopped at the time. A claim by the witnesses that machinery at the factory had stopped at the time of the incident and took days to put right was emphatically denied by the management. No independent confirmation of the story could be found. 
  • Robert Morrell et al in FSR 23,3 p.8 citing their own investigation

January 21 1977. 2045hrs.
A coypu hunter was boating along a canal when his boat was enveloped in a brilliant light and all the ambient noises ceased, returning when an object shot way. The hunter picked a friend and continued his hunting, only for the strange light to reappear above them. The silence again descended, the hunter’s hair stood on end, there was a feeling of warmth and though the boat engine kept running the vessel just stood still. The light came from a 6m diameter circular object, the surface of which was covered with a diamond pattern, hovering 20m above them. The object then moved off, at which the boat leapt forward, knocking the men down. The thing then hovered over a oil refinery and then over another spot, projecting its beam downwards. The whole affair lasted 30 minutes and the hunter felt he had lost 20 minutes. 
  • Hall 1988 p.54, 289 + Hall 2001 p222 both citing MUFON UFO Journal 111

January 21 1977. 2330hrs.
Mr Damon and family heard his farm dogs barking and on investigation saw a silvery red object at ground level in a ploughed field. There was an undulating humming sound. The object then just faded out, at which the witnesses went to investigate but became afraid and fled the scene, fearing the thing would come back. No traces were found. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p.212 citing TUFOIC files

January 22 1977. 1930hrs.
Mrs D. S., her daughter Connie (11), her son Terry (13) and her 36 year old brother, along with a family friend Mrs A B and her 4 year old son were driving out of the Schwegman shopping centre. They were turning into Jean Lafitte Parkway, passing a white trailer, when Terry drew their attention to a large, lighted object, hovering above and behind the auditorium. Mrs B stopped, and for 5 minutes they watched as the thing made a sort of circular motion around a static position. It was of metallic appearance, larger than a car, perhaps as large as a house, dome shaped, with extensions on either end. The dome was flanked by two bright red lights, with another, yellow-white in colour, in the lower middle. On the underside were three propellers. The whole thing appeared to be spinning. The party were within 600m of the thing, which they were sure was not a plane, helicopter or blimp. When the car behind them blew its horn, they moved on, and the object began to move slowly northwards. When it stopped again, 400m further on, they turned onto the central reservation and kept it under observation for another 10 minutes. After “bouncing around” for some time, the object appeared to lower behind the trees, across a field and rise up again. It then tilted at a severe angle and went behind the trees. The party could see the lights shining through the trees, but first the red lights and then the white one went out. No traces were found by the investigators. 
  • Ted Peters and James LaChute in MUFON UFO Journal 112 p.10 citing their own investigation

January 23 1977. 0030hrs.
Several residents of this village were awakened by a penetrating sound and bright light, as an object circled above the village, descended, almost colliding with a house roof, and landed on the banks of the River Turbio. It emitted multicoloured lights that caused panic. As the object landed, humanoid figures could be seen moving in a slow robotic fashion inside it. A group of people with flashlights went to investigate, but the object took off before they reached it. The object left landing traces and a greasy granular material that burnt the hands of a boy who touched it. The oval object remained on the ground for about 5 minutes. 
  • Mike de Silva in FSR 23,1 p13 citing El Nacional, El Universal and Ultimas Noticias (Caracas) all 24 January 1977, and all citing Mario Daboin in El Informador 23 January 1977 citing own investigation

January 26 1977. 2230hrs.
Neil (10) and William (8) B were in bed, while their mother Louise (40) watched TV in an adjacent bedroom and their elder brother Kelly (12) watched it downstairs. Suddenly the boys’ room became brilliantly illuminate from the outside and, going to their window, they saw a large, yellow object, so bright that it was difficult to look at, in the air just beyond nearby trees. It was twice as large as a house, with reddish and greenish lateral edges and perhaps a red light on top. The thing had a flattened underside and a domed top and was either hovering or moving very slowly. Neil stood, transfixed, at the window, while William screamed for his mother to come. Louise saw that the object was just above the treeline, about 25-30m altitude, and about 100m from their house. It appeared to be a yellow glow, the size of a large airliner. It moved away slowly, hovering at treeline 300m to the south, where it suddenly disappeared. The dogs were barking throughout. Kelly noticed no effects on the TV at the time, but some were noticed later. 
  • APRO Bulletin January 1977 p.4 citing investigation by Burt L Monroe Jnr
  • Evaluation : Moon low on horizon?

January 27 1977. 0105hrs.
Lee Parish (19) a driver and general worker at the family firm, was driving home from his girlfriend Kathy Johnson in his jeepster, west on Highway 329, when, about 6.5km before the intersection with Highway 42, he saw an object hovering above the treelike about 30-65m from the road and at an altitude of 30-45m It was about 12m long, 3m high, perfectly rectangular and emitting a brilliant light. Lee felt compelled to look at this light, though it was much too bright. he wanted to leave the area but was unable to act and no longer felt that he was in control of his car. After about 15 seconds the radio failed. When he was directly under the object, it sped away faster than a jet. When he got home his mother drew his attention to his painful bloodshot eyes. he realised that the 7 minute trip had taken 45 minutes. Under hypnotic regression he said that when he had got under the object it went black then white, then he lost his sight. When he recovered from the dazzle he was not in his jeep but in a circular all white room 6m diameter, 6m high. Inside the room were three “sentient machines”; a black one, as high as the ceiling, on his left, jug shaped with a small “head” and a handless single joined rough skinned “arm”. the rest of its body being patchy rough and smooth. It touched Lee on the side and back, hurting him. To the right was a red think like a coke machine, also with a single “arm” that gave Lee the feeling that it was scared, but which “reluctantly” touched him on the right, and gave him a prick.. The third “entity” was white, Lee’s height, (1.8m) stood facing him; it was solid, bulky with a square “head” sloping at 45 degrees to the body. It was featureless and glowing, its arms remained stationary, and Lee got the impression that this was “the leader”. The whole craft seemed to rock back and forth. The red object then behind or merged with the white one, which made a rhythmic scraping sound, then merged with the black one, which then disappeared leaving Lee alone. He was then back in the jeep, which was suspended above the ground, as it had been when he left it. The jeeps electrical system failed the next day. 
  • Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert and Lawrence Allison in FSR 23,3 1p5 + APRO Bulletin January 1977 p1 citing own investigation
  • Rimmer 1984 p.132 citing above
  • Hendry 1979 p122)

January 27 1977. 1430hrs.
Farmer Donald Fender (48) from Greenville was driving on 1-49, 24km from Clarksville, when he had a feeling that someone wanted to talk to him, and he felt impelled to drive off the interstate onto a side road, There he encountered what look like an egg shaped balloon made out of some silky material. From it emerged five beings who claimed peaceful emissaries from a planet unknown to earth, who could only land at this spot, later found to be in Cookeville. A second object may have been seen. The witness gave various estimates of the duration, and his perception of time around the incident seemed terribly confused. 
  • Ron Taylor in Clarksville Leaf Chronicle 2 February 1977
  • Len Stringfield in MUFON Proceedings 1978 p32

January 28 1977. (approx. date) 0530hrs.
Mrs C, driving a truck load of fuel from Mount Garnet to Mount Surprise, had driven 200m beyond Return Creek on the Kennedy Highway, when she observed what looked like a galvanised iron hay shed with angled sides in a gully to the left of the road, where there had been no structure before. She decided to take a closer look on the way back, but when she returned five hours later the structure had gone. In February traces consisting of one large circle surrounded by four smaller ones, where grass had gone were found at the site. The grass in the site was still sparser than that in the rest of the field four years later. 
  • UFO Research of Australia Newsletter 1,2 p4 citing investigation by Holly Goriss and Russell Boundy

January 28 1977. (approx. date) 1830hrs.
Richard Luxford was in Willow Street on his way home from a friend when he saw a sphere in the sky (apparently for the second time). After 10-15 seconds it blinked out. He was now 15-18m from the end of the street, and he saw, crossing his path, from the pub on the corner of Willow and Paul Streets, to an old building on the left, a small figure. It was a yellow humanoid about 90cm tall, which appeared to be leaping across the opening. though its limbs did not move, giving the impression of a gliding motion, the feet apparently about 20cms above the ground. It had very thin limbs, a peanut shaped head, right leg in forwards position, left leg to the rear, the left arm was extended to the front, the right to the rear. The yellow colour was given by a glow which surrounded the figure, which was only 30cm across, the main part of the body was dark. The face, hands and feet could not be made out. Rather unnerved Richard hurried home. 
  • Barry King, Andy Collins and Graham Phillips in FSR 24,2 p27

February 1977. (or following month) Morning.
Maureen Gaines’ infant twin girls saw a sort of aircraft and a man jump down from it and walk up their drive. Maureen saw nothing. A couple of days later she was out with the twins in their push chair when she saw a man about 730m away acting strangely and then walking towards them. She also saw a flash in the sly like lighting and a white circle moving away. The man was over 1.8m tall and dressed in a sort of blue-grey boiler suit with boots and gloves. The man, who had shoulder length hair was talking into a walkie-talkie (an ancestor of the mobile phone) in a foreign language. The cattle seemed agitated. The twins claimed that this was the man they had seen on the first occasion. A few days after this Maureen and the twins were collecting firewood on the common when they saw what looked like a very small dark grey caravan on the golf course, on closer look they saw it was an egg shaped object on two small wheels and a single wide frontal window. A tall man was stood beside it. The twins said that this was the aircraft they had seen. As the field was muddy and difficult to access Maureen did not investigate. 
  • Maureen Gaines in Fortean Times 250 p75

February 1977.
A strange object was seen hovering a metre or so above the water, and the water under it became depressed.
  • Feindt 2010 p55 citing Bob Pratt

February 1977. 1100hrs.
Mrs Betty Gee, looking through her back door, saw a bipedal creature about 3m tall by a jetty. It was covered in dark hair and had a rounded head and short neck. Betty planned to investigate the thing, but was interrupted by a telephone call and when she returned the creature had gone 
  • Healy and Cropper 1994 p127
  • Smith 1996 p153 citing Northern Star 2 July 1977. p8
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p237 case 107 citing Manning River Times 11 March 1977.+ Sydney Sun-Herald 13 March 1977. + investigation by Paul Cropper)

February 1977. Evening.
Stan (69) and Edith (61) were driving along the Lennel Road and had just rounded a bend past Lennel House, 800m from Coldstream when they simultaneously saw, 150m ahead of the, an object about the size of an average car. It was an oblong box shaped object, slightly narrower (about 2m wide) and rather lower than a car and was completely covered by square windows. These also covered the roof and object emitted an intense light that brilliantly illuminated the ground beneath. The thing was straggling the white lines in the middle of the road and appeared to be about 15cm above its surface. It was moving slowly towards a small cross roads. As Stan tried to accelerate towards it, the object also accelerated. After about 50 seconds it suddenly vanished on the spot. The couple examined the site but could see no traces. 
  • Jenny Randles in FSR 24,4 p.24 + NUFON News 50 p7 citing investigation by Alan and Tricia Price)

February 1977. Night.
Eric p.(13) was bicycling home from school to his parents farm”Au Rapt” along D223, turning left at a place called Laspeyre where he suddenly saw, above a farm building a sort of aircraft hovering low in the sky, which attracted his attention by its flashing red light. The object then began to follow Eric home, rotating as it did so, at about 20m altitude, parallel to the road, lighting up the boy and his bicycle with its flashing red light, making no sound as it did so, making Eric very afraid. After 300m he arrived home after having gone down a steep slope without breaking and rushed into his kitchen and unable to speak for some minutes. He then told his parents and elder brother what had happened. The latter went straight out to verify the story and saw a light over a hill but it was too distant to make out detail. 
  • Gilbert Le Charpentier and Philippe Massabeau in LDLN 175 p15 citing their own investigation

February 1977. Night.
A man saw a 2m tall hairy humanoid jump in front of his car. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p269 citing an undated issue of Miami News

February 1977. Late night.
A motorist driving along Ashton Moss Lane encountered a red sphere 1.2-1.8m diameter with a humanoid figure in it. The man fled from his car in panic and he was so distraught than a passer- by he met phoned for an ambulance. While he was telling his story to the ambulance men all three saw a red sphere slowly ascending and accelerating without a sound. The man was admitted to Ashton General Hospital with mild shock. 
  • Robert Bailey in Skywatch 25 p11
  • Evaluation: Known by hearsay only

February 2 1977. 0410hrs.
A 21 year old man from Concord had just left the Will Pass Restaurant, when he was confronted by two short grey skinned men, about 1.5m tall, with enlarged bald heads and black pupils. The next thing he remembered was being in a field near Willow Park Elementary School, where he was facing a circular object from which a ladder was extending. Suddenly he found himself inside the object. While there he put his hand in a chamber and various lights went off. The beings told him by “telepathy” that they were studying “life habits on earth”. The next thing he remembered was being outside the apartment complex on Nohr Lane, where he was unable to move for 15 minutes. he called the police at 0533. 
  • Concord Transcript 2 March 1977. p1

February 3 1977. 2130hrs.
Some children (10/11 years old )at a youth camp heard a noise and saw a spinning dome with flashing lights and windows. In the centre window they saw a thin figure, with a large round head, wearing what looked like a high collar. To the right an arm was visible. The figure moved its head and changed position in the window. After 1 to 2 minutes the object moved away. 
  • Keith Basterfield in MUFON UFO Journal 126 p.16 + Basterfield 1981 p105
  • Basterfield 1997 p.212 citing ACOS Bulletin 11 p21 citing TUFOIC
  • Basterfield 1980 p852 case 52 citing TUFOIC Annual Report 1978 p4

February 4 1977. 0130hrs.
A single witness saw a large blue light, like gas flame, close against her window. This light was 1.5m long and reached up the height of the bay window. Other people saw this, which occurred at the same time as a power failure. 
  • LDLN 164 p15 citing Courrier de l’Ouest 5-7 February 1977.

February 4 1977. 0225hrs.
Two AA men in separate cars 50m apart were driving near Basford and communicating by radio. Their conversation was drowned out by static, white noise with a high pitched single note. One of the men saw an orange luminous sphere flying parallel to the road, heading west. It hovered for a short while, at low altitude. 
  • Rodeghier 1981

February 4 1977. 0630hrs.
In a village near Senozeti, Miss Metoda G (18) and her mother Mrs Helena G were leaving the house while it was still dark, when they saw, about 100m from the house, a large luminous ellipse hovering over the trees in the forest. As they went on their way the object disappeared. They then saw an orange glow behind the hill. Despite their fear that it might be a forest fire, they continued on their way, the light spreading as they did so. As their fear of fire increased they ran through the fields to raise the alarm, but when they reached the road again, the light was no longer visible despite the clear view. Nothing further was seen. They had seen 4-7 dark points on the object hovering over the trees, which gave the women the sensation that they were being observed. 
  • Milos Kremlj in MUFON UFO Journal 116 p3 citing investigation by Franci Bricelj + Kristen Branko

February 4 1977. 1300hrs.
At least 15 children on their lunch break saw an object shaped like a dome with a flattened bottom, about the size of a single decker bus, in some fields behind a hedge about 200m away. There were windows and an orange red flashing light on top. It was thought that no vehicle could have got into the area. At least three boys (David George (9), Jeremy Passmore (9) and Tudor Jones (10) said they saw a figure, with long ears, in a silver suit. The object was still in the area when the school ended at 1535. No adult took the stories seriously. In addition to the above, three other boys Michael Web (11), David Davies (10) and Philip Rees (10) gave coherent accounts of the object. 
  • Pugh and Holliday 1979 p19, 25 + Randall Jones Pugh in FSR 23,1 p3 + BUFORA Journal 6,1 p13 citing own investigation
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p.151

February 4 1977. 2100hrs.
Two people driving towards Mount Gambier saw lights following their car. Their speedometer broke and their clock stopped.
  • Basterfield 1997 p.39

February 5 1977. 2200hrs.
Mrs Rose Strand was driving with her daughter Cindy from Regan to their ranch in Canfield, and had just left Regan when they observed a glowing yellow object that followed their pickup truck, just above the telephone wires, and then hovered above trees outside their house. 
  • INFO Journal 23 p.9 citing Minneapolis Star 26 February 1977.
  • Norman and Scott 1995 p390

February 6 1977. 0100hrs.
Mrs Mary Louise Basset was driving home from her restaurant in Carmarthen to Ferryside, with the radio tuned to Radio Luxemburg, As she approached Idole, Mary noticed a blue flashing light on a rounded mass by the side of the road, while her radio was increasing drowned out by static. This light was very powerful and she saw what looked like barriers, which made her think that it was a road accident. However, when she reached the spot there was nothing to be seen although her radio was still acting up. On the top of the hill before Llandyfaelog she saw the same thing again. He radio was now completely drowned out. The amorphous mass with the flashing light was now on the other side of the road. Rather unnerved Mary drove home. When she arrived the dogs refused to greet her and one of them suffered from extreme anxiety afterwards, which lasted for several months. 
  • Pugh and Holliday 1979p73 citing investigation by Randall Jones Pugh
  • Paget 1979 p25 citing his own investigation)

February 7 1977. 2245hrs.
Miss Jane Human (22), a civil servant and ex-policewoman, was driving home from her boyfriend’s home, on the B4507, across the Downs to Lambourn, when just after the West Challow turn-off; she noticed a circle of light in her rear view mirror. This light paced her for 800m through dips and turns. She first thought that it was a motorcycle headlamp, but its position and colour were wrong, so she slowed down to 8kph and turned round. She saw a jagged circle made up of hazy red and yellow colours, apparent diameter 20cm. It seemed to approach from 4.5m and Jane feared that it would stick on her rear window, so she accelerated away. The light continued to follow her for another 800m and then vanished when she went down a dip in the road. Near the Childrey turn-off she saw the thing again, for a moment, hovering over a hill. Jane felt at first that the light was evil, but later felt that it was “just strange”. 
  • Peter D Wroath in FSR 23,3 p.17 citing his own investigation

February 9 1977. Night.
Deputies Ken Creel and James Luke responded to a call that an unidentified object had been seen in an area 8km west of Flora. They were driving along Coxferry Road when suddenly an unidentified aerial object flew to a position 6-15m above their car. It shone a bright light and there was interference on the radio. It was seen by another officer, Herbert Roberts, and flashed twice in response to his blinking his headlights. He described the thing as a very bright round object, with portholes, which departed at great speed. 
  • Ted Peters in APRO Bulletin 25,9 p.2 citing investigation by James La Chute
  • UFO Investigator March 1977. gives date as 11th and town, incorrectly, as Floria
  • Pennington 2013 p116 citing Madison County Herald 17 February 1977.

February 10 1977. 0045hrs.
While driving alone to Southville, Tom Thibault had his car pushed back 75m by 9m X 18m object hovering 3-3.5m above the road. A blue light emerged from the object, giving Tom an electric shock and creating an unbearable noise. Tom suffered a memory loss and afterwards suffered from headaches when driving past the area. 
  • UFO Pulse Analyser 1, 4 p23

February 10 1977.
Two boys skateboarding on the Grammar School playing fields saw an object like workman’s lamp on a stand with a flashing blue light. When one of the boys through a stone at the thing, it rose 6m into the air. It then had the appearance of an orange cigar. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p.166 + JTAP 1,1 p.11citing Tony Pace

February 10 1977. 1930hrs.
Lois Stovell was sat in her living room couch, when through the window, looking towards the Cavett Elementary School, she saw a light rising to the left of the school, like a plane coming over the horizon. She felt unable to take her eyes off the light, which she found strangely beautiful. It rose and came round the Southwest corner of the school, passing behind two trees to the south, then curved towards her house at below treetop height, descended to just above a bare patch on the school lawn, hovered for a moment, then continued to move again. She then told her grandmother, Mrs Alice Bruckner, who was in the same room, and they both went to the door to get a better look. It came over the school fence and hovered over a small tree in their yard. They approached to within 15m, and the object seemed to come even closer. It was a cylinder with blunt, rounded ends, the top rather more so than the bottom. The side facing them was transparent, and in its lower part was a light like a flame with streamers of red and blue, with a white, but not brilliant mass. This transparent area was divided by dark vertical bars from top to bottom. When right under the craft, Alice raised her arm, but the object was about 60cm out of reach. As she raised her hand, the object rose slightly, changed course . As the object rose, she saw crouched behind the bars, a grey, human shaped figure, about the size of a 6 year old boy, which appeared puffed up like a balloon. Its suit had ridges on its arms and around the waist. No hands, feet or facial features were visible. The figure was crouched with the arms extended as if holding non existent controls. The object was independently observed by her neighbour Mrs Dessie Turner, who had been attracted by a light through her bathroom window. Mrs Turner went to the front door, saw the object, which she estimated to be 1.95m high, 75cm diameter, and the figure. The two women stood watching as the object crossed over the Turner house and disappeared to the south. All three women saw at least three helicopters over the school ground and five or six in the distance while the “capsule” was in sight. No one would admit responsibility for the helicopters.

  • Coral and Jim Lorenzen in APRO Bulletin 25, 7 p1 citing own investigation:
  • W Stevens in Fate May 1979 p46 citing above)

February 11 1977. 2040hrs.
Health service cook Mrs Slavka Gorsek (26) was putting her two children (6, 4) to bed, before retiring herself (her husband was working night) when the bedroom was lit by a brilliant flash. She observed a glowing egg shaped object land behind the hen house, some 15m away. After two minutes of darkness the object flashed up again and made a rapid, vertical, take off. It was 2.5-3.5m wide, with a luminous white glow from its outer edge and then a pale blue stripe, with a blue centre area on which there were three round spots. The family were so afraid that they sat watching TV until Mr Gorsek came home. Three days later Slavka noticed some traces at the site. These were five pad marks in a pentagram formation. In each pad were marks of three tubular segments, 1mm thick, making a triangle, sides 137mm long. A silvery dust was also found at the site. A lorry driver was also said to have witnessed the incident.
  • Milos Kremlj in MUFON UFO Journal 118 p.6 citing investigation by SOLT Union UFO Section Ljubljana

February 13 1977. 1950hrs.
Mrs Chassagne who lived at a place called Gabas saw red ball fly over the fields at low altitude, projecting red and purple rays towards the ground. The grass over which it had flown was found to possess a pronounced brown tint. 
  • LDPN 165 p34 citing Sud Ouest 26 + 28 February 1977.

February 14 1977. Night.
Lawrence McCool was driving along Hw 90 near the Intersection with Rt K on this wet, stormy night, looking for a light which had been seen in the area for some nights. He saw the thing, a domed disc, about 3.5m diameter and 1.2=1.8m thick, giving off an orange light, hovering at 25m altitude above the trees. As he slowly moved drove his truck closer, its engine, CB and lights failed. After a few minutes the object faded from sight and the engine, CB and lights then worked perfectly. 
  • Randle 1989b p.178 + Randle 2012 p75 both citing his own investigation

February 15 1977. 0315hrs.
A woman, Mary Bereziuk , living on the outskirts of town was altered by noises among the cattle, and going outside with her rifle, noted the strange eyes of her cattle and an unnerving silence. Going back indoors, she looked through her north facing bedroom window she saw some lights by a bridge across a swamp about 1km away. There was a primary set of orange lights, and another set to one side. The lights resembled windows and there were also multi-coloured “searchlights” projecting up into the sky. The woman watched these lights for about 3 hours until a mail truck came along, at which the two objects rose into the air and one headed towards her in a peculiar up and down motion. In the sunlight this thing appeared a metallic brown in colour, and had wings on its side. It passed over a 7m tall tree and she estimated the thing was 2m wide, 1m high. It was lost to view over her house. She was so concentrated on this that she didn’t see how the other one departed. No traces were found. 
  • Rutkowski 1993 p43
  • Canadian UFO Report 4,3 p10 citing B Keating (gives date as March and time as 0200hrs.
  • Evaluation: The three hour viewing time suggests that the original lights were astronomical objects. The brown objects in the second part might have been birds

February 16 1977. 0200hrs.
A housewife in Prestbury Drive was awoken by brilliant flashes of light that illuminated her room. She went to the window to investigate and saw a golden coloured sphere, with specks of silver, at ground level in Penfold Marsh to the south of the town. 
  • Shuttlewood 1979a citing Police Sgt David Perry

February 16 1977. 0200hrs.
Lawrence McCool of Pineville parked his truck on a ridge near the Sims County Store, looking for strange lights which had been seen in the area. He saw some lights flying in formation in the distance. After a white he decided to drive home. At 0230 he began to hear strange noises on his CB and then the whole of truck’s electrical system went dead. Suddenly a brilliant molten-copper red object, 5.5-6m diameter appeared at 12m altitude on the road ahead. After 1 or 2 minutes it took off into the overcast, at which the electrical system returned to life. 
  • Bob Pratt in National Enquirer 10 January 1978

February 16 1977. 1140hrs.
Nia Jones (11) was cycling to visit a friend in Carreglefn, when she saw a shadow, and looking up, saw an object with a silvery dome and glass like underside, divided into patches about 2m above her. After a few minutes it moved away across a field and then shot off into the sky. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p.168 citing their own investigation

February 17 1977. 1000hrs.
A woman teacher on leaving the side entrance of the Broad Haven Primary School had her attention caught by something shining. She observed a large, metallic object with a slight dome and ridges. Before she could call anyone it emitted a humming sound and moved away to the left, in a tree lined field. Shortly afterwards two canteen workers leaving the school saw an object on the ground in the field beyond the school. They observed a figure get into the machine, which moved up a slope and disappeared behind trees. In the poor, heavily raining, conditions, they thought they had seen a dust card, but the field was thought to be too boggy for any vehicle to have driven there. 
  • Pugh and Holliday 1979 p21 citing investigation by Randall Jones Pugh

February 18 1977. 0410hrs.
Angel Maria Tonna (52) was bringing in the cows at his 5,000 acre ranch, 15km south of Salto, along with his foreman Juan Manuel Fernandez, when all the lights went out and a bright light appeared on the east end of the barn. They thought it was an electrical short and fire and Angel ran to the spot, accompanied by his dog. He then heard a noise and saw a fiery object, like two plates face to face hovering a short distance above the ground behind the barn. All the dogs were barking and the cattle were acting up. The disc began to move off in a southerly direction, breaking off the branches of a tree by the barn and displaying a rocking motion as it flew. It stopped and hovered above some trees 100m south of the barn at about 20m altitude for a moment moved east another 75m and stopped over a concrete cattle bath. Angel and his big police dog, Topo, walked towards the object, Angel fascinated by the light. As they did so, the disc turned and approached to within 20m. At this Topo began to attack the object, but stopped on a mound about 5m short and howled. At this point Angel noticed 6 beams of light, 3 on each side of the object, like wings. He felt electric shocks and had to shield his eyes with his arm as the beam hit him and then felt unable to move. The object then moved away, its colour changing from bright orange to red as it accelerated away, being lost to sight in woods 800m away. Once the object had left the generator started working again but the wires had been burnt out. Angel’s 19 year old son’ veterinary student Tulio had watched the incident from the house. Topo refused to eat or drink and went round howling before dying three days later. Examination showed that it died of internal bleeding due to overheating of the blood vessels. Angel received a burn on the arm he shielded his face with. Broken trees and circular marks were found around the area, including a 10m diameter circle of burnt grass, in the centre of which were three circles in the form of a triangle. 
  • APRO Bulletin 26,2 p1
  • Hall1988 p290 + Hall 2001 p222 both citing MUFON UFO Journal125)

February 21 1977. 1930hrs.
Dorothy Sanders and Trudy Clayton were driving North West of the High School when their attention was drawn to a peculiar silvery airplane moving in a strange jerky fashion, easily visible in the dark sky. It was completely smooth with neither markings nor lights, was cross shaped with wings that were as cylindrical as the fuselage. It kept changing direction, descending from aircraft height to about twice that of the telephone poles, flying backwards and forwards across them. Despite its low altitude it presented only the apparent size of a small plane. When the women rolled down the window and cut the engine, they could hear a faint hum. The women drove on for 15 minutes, but when they returned the thing was still there. They drove off again after 2-3 minutes. When they reached the Sanders house, they saw the same or a similar object at higher altitude. It was also seen by Dorothy’s niece, Carolyn Howard and another relative, David Howard. Carolyn stayed out when the others went in. At one point the object suddenly dived earthwards, its wings no longer visible, and appeared larger than the nose of a 747. Carolyn was sure that it would crash, tried to scream but found that she couldn’t, and the thing curved up at the last minute. At this pointy she fled inside. 
  • Lorenzens in APRO Bulletin 25,7 p.7

February 22 1977. 2140hrs.
Bus driver Antonio Serena (45), his wife Francisca Castellance (about 40) and their daughters (15, 10, 9) were driving home from visiting friends at Villar when they noticed an intense white light in the sky. The object moved off as they passed through Liria, only to come closer when they left it. By the time they had passed through the next village of Villamarchante, the object had come much closer, presenting the appearance of an oval three times the apparent diameter of the moon, the intense light obscuring the details. When close to, the thing projected a yellow beam downwards and as it approached, the car engine began to misfire, increasing the family’s unease. Soon neither the car tail nor head lights were visible. The object began to oscillate between the right and left of the road, this affecting the car engine. As Antonio tried to reach the crest of the hill, the object descended over the road ahead of them. Some of the family could now distinguish a cupola and landing gear. Based on the width of the road, the object appeared to be 4.5m diameter and as they approached the thing lifted up allowing them to pass. At this point the 15 year old asked them to stop so that she could get out and vomit. While they were stopped the thing hovered about 7-8m above them and the girl thought she could hear machinery like rumbling. At this point a car passed them and as it did so the object moved away, only to reappear when it had passed. The family now drove off towards Cheste and then Chiva, where they left the object, which disappeared to the south. The next day the car had developed ignition failure due to a discharged battery, though the battery was new and Antonio always kept the car well maintained. A transistor radio developed such severe static that it had to be turned off. The `15 year old girl suffered from nausea, cramp, headaches and depression for several days after the incident. The younger children suffered from sleep problems. 

February 23 1977. 2230hrs.
Four people, including three members of the Observer Corps, observed a metallic grey disc about 15m in diameter hovering over a stone circle on the moor. They timed the period of observation at three minutes 21 seconds. The thing was rumoured to have been detected on radar. 
  • NUFON News 43 p5 citing Paul Bennett)

February 24 1977. 0300hrs.
Two men Rudi Grutsch (52), a restaurant manager and Lothar Schaefler (27) , an electrician, were driving home after an evening out when they saw two luminous objects coming from the direction of Lake Boden. They stopped and got out to observed two cigar shaped objects, with four lighted windows on their side, which were hovering about 500m away, dazzling the witnesses with their bright lights. These dimmed and faded. Grutsch went into his house, leaving Schaffer in the car. The lights then reappeared 50m away at about 20m altitude. S ran towards the house, but G found himself paralysed and unable to let him in. S then hid and then ran to a neighbour’s house, where he rang the bell. At this he heard a whistling sound and two beings 1.2m tall appeared beside him. They had long arms, pale skin, bald head and large slanting eyes. S panicked and smashed the door of the neighbour’s house. They thought it was a burglar and called the police, and then found their neighbour collapsed on the floor. He was taken by the police but was found not to be drunk. Under investigation by a psychologist he talked of being “in the air” and then on the ground again. Other people had seen cigar shaped objects in the sky.
  • Michael Hessemen in The UFO Library Anniversary Edition p.46 citing his own investigation (says 27th)
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1978 citing investigation by I Ludwiger von Brand says 24th
  • Hall 2001 p495 citing Illo Brand von Ludwiger and Schneider, Adolf first hand, again says 24th.
  • von Ludwiger 1998 p48
  • Evaluation : Bolide + Drugs??

February 24 1977. Evening.
In a town near here, a woman and her friends saw a sort of cloudy boomerang shaped rim with powerful multi-coloured lights, with a dark central area, come down to 60m. Openings appeared and lights bathed the exited witnesses. 
  • Swords 2005 p51 citing John Timmerman

February 26 1977. Night.
Ivan Kanable, his relatives Evelyn and Virgil Hottinger and four car loads of people went up to the county high point in search of the light. As they did so they saw a glow in the woods below, a couple of hundred metres away. Tbey firest thought it was a fire then realised it was something else/ Through binoculars they saw two rectangular metallic objects, which they first took to be bridge markers, then realised that there was no bridge in that spot. Nothing could be found there the next day. 
  • Randle 1989b p177 citing his own investigation

March 1977.
The witness, whose name and sex was not given, was walking across Birchwood golf course, when s/he encountered a landed object, which shot away as s/he walked towards it. S/he returned for her/his stick and when s/he returned the object was there again. S/he watched it for a minute and then a vehicle on the motorway revved up and the object shot away at terrific speed. 
  • Paget 1980 p.37 citing letter from witness

March 1977. 0330hrs.
A couple were woken by their baby’s cries and when the mother went t check on her she found the house bathed in a hot, green-blue light. Her husband went out to investigate and saw a grated disc hovering some 15m above the palm trees. The grates gave off multi-coloured lights and the thing emitted a humming sound that grew in intensity, as did the heat. The thing shot out of sight. The couple suffered from irritated eyes and dry throats that lasted for a week. 
  • Corrales 1997 p199

March 1977. 0045hrs.
A man driving home after dropping off his fiancée saw a huge red object, about 9-12m diameter, that approached his car at 30m altitude, passed over it and hovered over a lake. He stopped to watch as the thing discharged a smaller object, which flew off. The main object then just disappeared. His fiancée had seen the performance from her back door. 
  • Swords 2005 p169 citing John Timmerman

March 1977.
A witness looking through a window saw about a white light about 10cm across hovering close to the ground. The thing was about as bright as a bicycle headlamp and disappeared after 4-5 seconds. Grass at the site was found to be yellow brown and there was a burning smell. There were no thunderstorms in the area at this time. 
  • Devereux 1982 p99 citing BUFORA Journal 7:3

March 1977.
Two teenagers were motorcycling in a forest area north of Lake Ida Road and west of Congress Avenue when they encountered a 3m tall, thin humanoid covered in hair, with thin arms and thick legs. It walked along the road with a swaying gait in long strides. The witnesses just sped past. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p270 citing an unspecified issue of Boynton Beach News Journal

March 1977. 1600hrs.
Dave Jaraczeski and Jim Palagi were driving down a rural road from Stockett to Great Falls when they saw a dark figure moving in a wheat field 400m away. The men drove in to the field and chased the thing, which suddenly turned and faced them. They saw that it was a humanoid over 1.8m tall with broad shoulders and chest. It had long dangling arms, was covered in long hair and neither its neck nor its ears were visible. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p270 citing Bigfoot Coop and investigation by Keith Wolverton

March 1977. (approx. date) 2205hrs.
Ron Cargile was driving through a wooded area when his CB became filled with static and he saw a glow to his left. This passed over to a tree ahead. It was a brilliant domed disc 1.5-3m diameter, with a metallic looking band around its centre. Its light was illuminating the ground. Ron drove away and as he did so his radio reception improved. 
  • Randle 1989b p179 + Randle 2012 p77 both citing his own investigation

March 1 1977. (approx. date) Early hours.
A woman was awakened by red, green and white flashing lights shining through her bedroom window. She felt paralysed and heard voices talking about the lights. She thought this was her children but they denied this and neither they nor her husband had been aware of anything unusual. 
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON 1978 Proceedings p20 citing Minot News 15 March 1977.
  • Evaluation: Hypnopompic hallucination and asp. Only Pleasanton shown on Google is in California

March 4 1977. 0600hrs.
Ludwig Siegal was driving east along Provincial Road to his farm outside Sundown when he saw a sort of shimmering oval luminosity, the size of a car, about 4.5m above the road directly ahead. The thing’s outer edges were white-cream, getting yellower towards the centre. Ludwig drove under the silent light and about 1km further along his headlights illuminated three entities in the middle of the road, arranged in a row less than 8m in front of his vehicles. These things were 1.5m tall and shaped rather like bowling pins, with large heads, think necks and a sort of flared body “like a skirt”. He was unable to break and ploughed into the things but felt no impact, and when he looked back he saw the things stand up again and then shrink down, “like a balloon deflating. The matter was reported to the police but there were no traces of things and no sign of impact on Ludwig’s car. 
  • Rutkowski 1993 p44 citing Winnipeg Tribune 3,4,5, 8 March 1977.
  • Swords 2005 p212 citing John Timmerman (gives time as 0400hrs.

March 4 1977. 2040hrs.
Tina K (9) watched an object with three points, a yellow light on the end of each, with three red lights underneath, hovering, darting about and pulsating at about 20m altitude. She was afraid. 
  • Awareness 6,2 p.20 citing investigation by Paul Waine
  • Evaluation: Astronomical + autokinesis ?

March 4 1977. (approx. date) 2120hrs.
Mr M (29) and his fiancée Miss T (21) were driving toward Grasby Bottoms at only 25kph, owing to the icy ungritted roads, on this cold, clear moonlit night. As they approached a cross roads, they became aware of a pulsating orange light, filling the car, tinting the blue bonnet and the headlights and spreading across the narrow road. At first they thought that it was from a gritting truck, but then realised that nothing was visible and that the source must be right overhead and was silent. The couple became panicky and accelerated to the cross roads, where they stopped. Here they looked back and observed a globe of terrific pulsating light, about 25cm diameter, on the road about 100m behind them. They drove away quickly and the object was soon obscured by the terrain. The observation lasted about 20 seconds. 
  • Nigel Watson in FSR 24,4 p25 + NUFON News 50 p7 + personal communication all citing his own investigation

March 5 1977. 2300hrs.
Lonnie Stites (26) and his wife Debbie (23) were driving towards McNatt when they saw several red lights in the distance. As they approached, the lights started rotating, and a large object rose up in front of them, hovered over their truck and flooded the area with a brilliant light. The light then went out, and three balls of light rushed down the hillside towards them. Debbie forced Lonnie to brake and as he did so, they saw a man 1.5m tall, wearing green coveralls and pair of black, square rimmed glasses standing 3m away in the road ahead. He wore a tight fitting skull cap and did not appear to have any ears. He waved them down, but they were frightened and carried on driving. 
  • Bob Pratt in National Enquirer 10 January 1978
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1978 p21 citing above and Robert Sandford in St Louis Post Dispatch 1 May 1977.

March 6 1977. 0105hrs.
Security guard Douglas Kriese observed an orange red object, the apparent of the full moon, descend steeply over a low hill to the southeast and was lost to sight behind the plant. Douglas went to investigate and through a gap between buildings he saw a dark red-orange, dimly glowing object on or just above the ground in a field about 100m away. It resembled a can surmounted by as transparent dome, through which he could see the landscape. The glow wavered in a peculiar manner and he was aware of a low pitched hum and a sensation of warmth. Unnerved, he went to phone police, who passed him on to investigator Druffel. She asked him to see if the object was still there, but when he went to investigate he found the thing had gone, though he could not work out how it had left without him seeing. Alleged physical traces turned out to be natural features. 
  • Ann Druffel and Morrey Allen in MUFON UFO Journal 124 p.12 citing their own investigation
  • Druffel and Rogo 1980 p.147

March 7 1977. 2200hrs.
Mrs Joyce Bowles (q.v.) and a friend, Mrs Ann Strickland were driving to see the Pratts, when 1.6km from Nether Wallop, their car failed and they heard a humming sound. They then saw a white luminosity and got out of the car, to see that it was a luminous oval object. A man with shoulder length hair, wearing something like buckles on the bottom of his trousers approached. He looked up and down, held Mrs Bowles’ hands, with his “warm and human” hands, spoke in a foreign language then delivered a message in broken English, which Mrs Bowles did not feel able to repeat. The man then turned round and re-entered the object, which took off with a high pitched sound. Mrs Strickland felt that her mind had gone blank, and could remember nothing of the conversation. 
  • Tony Gray in News of the World 17 April 1977.
  • Geoffrey Doal in BUFORA Journal 6,1 p.iii citing own investigation
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p.174

March 8 1977. 1930hrs.
A red ball of fire, apparent diameter of the moon, was seen by 11 people in 6 separate groups, drifting against the wind in a left to right wobbling motion, slowly and horizontally for 2-5 minutes, before dropping to the lawn of the Robert Brown property. It was not seen to leave. A grass fire was started, which had gone out by the time the fire brigade appeared. A burnt patch of grass, 30m long, 9m wide, with a 30cm diameter hole was found 40m to the southeast. The soil was burnt to a depth of 75mm. Within the burnt patch were three holes 25mm diameter and 69mm deep, forming a triangle 135cm by 130cm by 180cm. No traces of radioactivity or combustible fuels could be found in samples taken and the grass itself did not support combustion. 
  • Hendry 1979 p.120 citing investigation by John Lutz

March 9 1977. 0030hrs.
The clubmaster and the professional at the Ardeer Golf Course were about to lock up the club for the night when they saw a light in the north east, through the window. They first thought it was the landing lights of an aircraft, but it then turned and hovered over the course at telegraph pole height, giving off a powerful glare which illuminated a wide area. After about 4 minutes the light shot into the sky, leaving a hole in the cloud cover; the cloud seeming to evaporate then reformed, the object glowing through it. The cloud and dome then seemed to form themselves into the shaped of a grey dome with a black base. This thing then shot straight towards them, speeding overhead and out to sea. 
  • Randles 1983 p.97

March 9 1977. 0310hrs.
Brian Grimshaw (38), a textile worker, was returning to the Night. shift, having taken a canteen worker home, and was accompanied by a colleague who did not want his named used. This latter person saw a bright light in the sky over Pendle Hill. This thing descended, hovered for a brief time and then came towards the witnesses, coming within a metre or so, changing from a luminous sphere to an immense cigar shaped thing 27-30m long, filled with a vast number of multi-coloured lights which gave the impression of moving. One the sides were ovals that resembled windows. The thing was surrounded by a grey mist and a sound like a cross between a hum and the sound of the sea on the shore. As this object approached the car headlights dimmed and the engine cut out and would not restart. Brian’s friend became very afraid and the men, who had been stood outside the car, felt a sensation of something pressing on them. They got back into the car and Brian made attempts to restart it, without success. After about 5 minutes the thing moved off to the south, towards Manchester. Brian was then able to restart the car and they carried on to their place of work. They both had severe headaches and Brian suffered from a watery eye and went off his food for a while. 
  • Tony Grimshaw and Jenny Randles in FSR 23,2 p5 citing investigation by Hilda Rogales and Tony Grimshaw
  • Evaluation: It appears that the second witness was never interviewed

March 9 1977. 2100hrs.
Teenage twins Maria and Susanna Stratford saw a shiny oval object with a flashing red light on top and a bulge on the bottom and making a low humming sound, descend to treetop level near a school ground. As it circled 10m above them, the twins could see the reflection of the street lights on its surface. It hovered, made a couple of right angled turns and sped away. 
  • John Magor in Canadian UFO Report 4,3 p.7
  • John B Musgrave in MUFON UFO Journal 118 p.14 citing above + True Flying Saucers and UFO Quarterly no 6

March 10 1977.
Glen C Coonfield (60) an army aviation veteran with 10 years’ experience in helicopters, and his wife, saw a large object, with a glowing front and emitting flames from its rear, descending into Big Sugar Creek Valley and then take off into the sky again. There were at least 6 other witnesses. 
  • Bob Pratt in National Enquirer 10 January 1978

March 12 1977. 0100hrs.
Three young women who were out skywatching found that 2 hours of the night were missing. One underwent hypnotic regression, to recall being awoken by a light shining in her eyes. A domed disc was hovering nearby and two of the women were drawn up into the object by a light beam, while the third slept. She then recalled being a small circular room along with a humanoid of average height dressed in pale overalls and white boots. A telepathic conversation took place, then the women were released and the object left at speed. The second woman refused to be hypnotised. 
  • Dykes 1981 p.46 citing investigation by Bryan Dickinson
  • Keith Basterfield in MUFON UFO Journal 177 p5 citing above

March 12 1977. 1915hrs.
In charge of her two sisters and brother while her parents were out, Madeline Kerlin (15) went to call her brother Eric (11), who was playing with a neighbour, Tammy Fannin. She noticed a bright light in the North East drew the two boys’ attention to it but went indoors after a short while. Eric and Tammy saw the object descending in the west and ran towards it. As they approached, they saw that it was a circular object with bright yellow lights rotating round the rim in a slow anti-clockwise motion (about 2 revs per minute). As the thing moved along, it performed peculiar scooping motions. Twice it tilted at an angle, revealing a small dome, which was the same colour as the rest of the object, on its top. At one point it stopped over the Diversion Channel and the boys tried to reach it but were stopped by the Tucson Motel perimeter fence. They followed it to where the Diversion Channel went under the Benson Highway. The object was now very large and low. Eric kept falling over in the gravel as Tammy walked towards the thing, arms outstretched, but it rose up to 75m, dimming its lights as it crossed the highway and then putting them on again. As it reached aircraft height the lights went out. They had been observing the object for 30 minutes. The children then went inside to watch TV but then heard a sound like a pulsating jet and ran out, with Eric’s sister Andrea watching from the door. They now saw an object that reminded Andrea of the top third of a sphere with completely smooth outlines. It was dark grey in colour with reddish orange lights rotating around its underside at about 1 rev per second. It was flying at a 20-30 degree angle, just above the treetops. It was only half the size of the previous object, but much closer. It moved from the east to the North-West and then turned west, passing over the house, just above treetop height at helicopter speed, leaving a short double trail. The first object was estimated to be 7.5-9m in diameter, the second 3.5-6m. 
  • Wendelle C Stevens in Fate May 1979 p.50 citing his own investigation

March 13 1977. 2100hrs.
Stephen Taylor (17) was walking home from his girlfriend’s when he saw a glowing oval object with an orange halo at a place called “Hendre Bridge”. he went to tell some friends but they laughed at him, so he continued on his way. At 2130hrs. in a country lane about 800m from this spot, he suddenly noticed that the usual lights of Brawdy Airbase were no longer visible through one of the field gateways. Strolling over to the gate, he saw the lights were being blocked by a very large domed object, with a faint glow around the outer edge, sitting in a field. It was about 9-12m diameter, 6m high. Stephen stopped to look at this object and smoke a cigarette. While he was lighting his cigarette he heard someone coming from the extreme right and looked around to see a figure 1.8m tall, with a suit “which looked transparent but wasn’t”. It had no hair, high cheek bones and unnaturally large eyes. Where its mouth should have been there was a small rectangular box from which a tube extended over its left shoulder. The figure wore a jacket with a zip in it. Stephen panicked, struck at the figure but did not appear to hit it and fled home. When he arrived home his normally friendly dog growled and showed its teeth at him, and had to be put in the kitchen. It was quite normal the next day. No traces were found in the field. 
  • Pugh and Holliday 1979 p.44 citing investigation by Randall Jones Pugh
  • Tony Pace in Journal of Transient Aerial Phenomena 1,1 p11
  • FSR 23, p6 citing Western Telegraph 17 March 1977.

March 13 1977. 2030hrs.
Two teenagers driving near Mandurah saw a luminous blue-white sphere travelling on a straight trajectory as their car engine died. Their headlight remained on during the few seconds of the observation. Once the sphere had sphere had disappeared in the distance, the car worked normally. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p.70 citing Australian Centre for UFO Studies

March 14 1977. 1920hrs.
A group of skywatchers including teenager John Brealey, saw a red object circling Ostlers Plantation at 15-30m altitude. 
  • Paget 1980 p27

March 15 1977. 2030hrs.
Witness Le Clair observed for three minutes an unidentified object in which an occupant could be seen. No further details. 
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1978 p.32 citing Keta Steens in Sturgeon Bay Advocate 17 March 1977.

March 16 1977. 2330 hrs.
Michael Noonan had pulled up their vehicle for a few hours sleep. Jennifer woke to find the lights on the vehicle on and asked Michael to turn them off. An hour later she awoke again and to find the lights on again and the battery flat. When the pair first awoke they got the impression that something was preventing them from opening their eyes. When they did open them they saw a strange object with flashing lights some distance away. This rose, moved sideward and then zoomed off when a truck approached. The truck driver clutch started the couple’s vehicle and they proceeded on, erratically, towards Brisbane. The generator, lights and temperature gauge kept malfunctioning, the felt a force was pulling their vehicle sideways and there were noises in the panel work and back of their covered utility vehicle. When they arrived at St George the couple saw several objects in the sky. The hovering object at Moonie emitted a very acrid smell. The pair also found a strange piece of metal under the bonnet. The truck driver who helped them also developed problems with his truck. 
  • Bill Chalker in UFO Research (SA) Newsletter November/December 1979 p.18 + MUFON UFO Journal 150 p.4 citing Baloone Beacon 17 March 1977, (or 1979 both dates were given) + person communication from the editor

March 17 1977. 2000hrs.
A woman driving near here saw a luminous object with red and white lights, and a sort of yellow cross hovering. The car’s electrics malfunctioned and the engine failed. The object made a right turn into a field and disappeared in a few seconds. The car seemed to move forward of its own accord and the woman had difficulty getting it to slow down. During the next 30 minutes there was no traffic on the otherwise busy road. 
  • Evans 1989 p145

March 17 1977. 2015hrs.
Mrs Pauline Coombes was driving her three children home after driving one of their friends back to his house, when her 10 year old son drew her attention to a light performing oddly in the sky. As they turned into the main Dale Road the boy yelled that the object was coming towards them. It had descended and was approaching along the road at no more than 4m altitude, illuminating the hedgerows. The thing was about the size and shape of a rugby ball, of a yellow colour with a grey hazy light underneath it. The object flashed over the car and then returned, following on the left hand side above the treetops as they turned into the side road to Ripperstone farm. Over the last 800m to the farm, as the family became increasingly, the car headlights dimmed down and the engine began to fail, going out completely as they reached the house, where they told her husband Billy and their 16 year old son what had happened. The lad went out and saw a light moving seaward. Pauline had the feeling the something was outside waiting for them and when she was making tea at 2230 she saw a red-orange circular object arc in from the sea and disappear in a field. 
  • Pugh and Holliday 1979 p.89 citing investigation by Randall Jones Pugh
  • Harold 1979 p.16 citing own investigation
  • Journal of Transient Aerial Phenomena 1,1 p.11
  • Daily Mirror 13 April 1977.
  • Skywatch 24 p.8
  • FSR 23,1 p.6

March 21 1977. 2200hrs.
7km north of Yalgoo a prospector was disturbed by a very bright light, which approached to within 4m of him. Its upper half was a bright glowing orange hemisphere, slightly larger than a softball. This orange glow suddenly switched off and the object disappeared. 
  • UFO Research of Australian Newsletter 1, 1 p.10)

March 26 1977. 0750HRS.
Mrs Josephine Hewison, wife of the manager of the Ripperston and Broadmoor Farms and a graduate in agriculture, was just getting up, when glancing through the bedroom curtains on Lower Broadmoor Farm, she saw a contraption on the grass, obscuring the greenhouse. She first thought that it was farm machinery but then saw that it was a three tiered circular object, the top being a dome of aluminium appearance, about 4.5m high and 10-12m diameter, looking like a squashed jelly mould, with no visible surface features. After a couple a minutyes Josephine went to wake up her young sons, so that they too could see the object, but when she returned it had vanished, though less than a minute had elapsed. No traces were found. A pony, which normally stood by the greenhouse to be fed at that time, had moved 400m to the other end of the field. 
  • Pugh and Holliday 1979 p.87 citing investigation by Randall Jones Pugh
  • BUFORA Journal 6,2 p14 citing investigation by W G Cale
  • JTAP 1,1 p11
  • FSR 23,1 p5
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p.184)

March 30 1977. 0330hrs.
A middle aged lady, awoken by caterwauling, went to her window and saw a misty white vapour rising over her neighbour’s untended garden. At the bottom of her own garden was a dome of the same substance. This was also observed by her mother and husband. Shortly afterwards, her daughter, who did not see the object, came down with an inexplicable rash. 
  • NUFON News 60 p5 citing investigation by Eric Westley
  • Evaluation: Atmospheric phenomenon?

Spring 1977. 0300HRS.
Mrs Nicholls awoke with a jolt and found herself paralysed but found herself quite calm. She had a sensation that someone was coming up the stairs. She then saw coming through the closed door a tall, luminous white figure. She got the impression that the thing was trying to tell her something, but she could not make out what. The figure then faded away and she went back to sleep. 
  • Randles 2002 p60
  • Evaluation: A classic case of asp and hypnopompic hallucination

Spring 1977. (or following year) Night.
A couple driving along US2 West, just beyond Loretto and approaching Sturgeon River Bridge, when the man, who was the passenger saw a light reflected in the river. It came from a dark object with three small illuminated portholes at 15m altitude. It projected a beam of light down into the water. 
  • Godfrey 2014 p133

Spring 1977. 0830hrs.
Mrs Lillian Owens was making breakfast in her kitchen when an odd feeling made her turn round, to see a man in the doorway. He wore a green, small check, suit, white shirt and green tie, all of which appeared to be brand new, and his skin was deeply tanned. He asked if she had any trousers, to which she replied no. The stranger put his shiny new black shod foot in to block her shutting the door, but when she said she would get her son, the stranger left. When she looked out the stranger was nowhere to be seen. When she asked around, a neighbour claimed that this man had suddenly materialised inside her locked house and asked for water. She went to call the police, at which the figure disappeared. This woman was so shocked she moved house. Mrs Owen was woken some time during the summer by a bright light shining through her window at 0200HRS. This came from a sphere with blue vertical lines. 
  • NUFON News 75 p.9 citing investigation by Danny Cheveaux

Spring 1977
A man walking along a forested hillside saw a sort of silvery, metallic looking cylinder come up out o0f the ground nearby. From each side this thing, four tall men with blond hair; wearing tight fitting blue suits emerged, followed by s very tall figure covered in hair all over. This ape like thing followed the four men around the silvery object, which all five then re-entered the silvery object, which retraced back into the ground. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p270c citing Jorge Martin and Albert Rosales

Spring 1977. Mid morning.
While a passenger in his parents car, Ray Shoeman (12) saw something walking upright in the water on the other side of the lake, about 150m away. It was visible for about10-15 seconds. Ray drew his brothers attention to the thing, but his parents refused to look. 
  • Steenburg 2000 p167 citing his own investigation

April 1977. 2100HRS.
Teenager JV (16)and her boyfriend (19) were parked in a car in a deserted spot off the main road outside Worrall, when they heard a rustling like footsteps outside. Looking through the back window they saw an orange light close to the ground. They first thought it was a car headlight, but were shocked when it expanded into a large orange coloured hemisphere. As it came toward the car they felt impelled to put the radio on. All they obtained was heavy static. As the object approached closer at ground level, they could see the silhouette of a dark, tall ,broad, human figure, surrounded by a white haze, in the middle. They drove off, experiencing no effects on their engine, the object pacing them, keeping a level course, though the road went up and down. When they reached the main road they saw two white lights in front of the object, which they interpreted as a car between them and it. When they glanced back a few seconds later there was nothing to be seen. The witnesses refused to co-operate with the investigator. 
  • Nigel Watson in NUFON News 53 p5
  • Randles 2002 p47 
  • Clarke 1994 p133 citing investigation by Nigel Watson)
  • Randles 1990 p105
  • Nigel Watson in Investigation 2 p11 citing his own investigation

April 1977. Night.
Tom and Connie Courter had just driven home when, as Tom got out of the car, some kind of animal collided with it. The next night they saw a .5m tall hairy humanoid on a hill and Tom shot at it 15 times, perhaps hitting it once. 
  • Newton 2015b p48 citing Bigfoot Encounters citing Cincinnati Post 20 April 1977.

April 1977. (approx. date) 2300HRS.
While downstairs with her husband, her children having gone to bed, Marion Sunderland saw the figure of a young man, about 1.8m tall, dressed in a wide sleeved one piece suit, who seemed to look at her as he passed. It was visible for only a couple of seconds and her husband did not see it. 
  • Randles and Whetnall 1981 p32

April 1977.
A number of reports, including EM effects, landings and humanoids. No details. 
  • INFO Journal 23 p.9 citing Kansas City Star 19 Apr 1977.

April 1977.
Two mushroom pickers from Seattle saw a shiny cigar shaped thing. From its underside came a purple coloured elevator, from which stepped a hairy humanoid carrying something resembling a plank. The object then took off with a roaring sound and was out of sight in seconds. 
  • Grey Barker’s 1982 Annual p.15
  • Guttilla 2003 p270 citing Don Worley and Tri State UFO Study Group

April 1977. Night.
Geoff Nelson (24) and his friend Alan Merrett were shooting by spotlight at Scott’s Creek when a creature on all fours climbed out of the creek bed and stood upright. The creature, including its face, was covered by black hair, and its underlying skin was equally dark. Its eyes were luminous and widely separated. It walked away standing head and shoulders above the 2m tall creek bank 
  • Healy and Cropper 1994 p128
  • Healy and Cropper 20063 p238 case 108 citing their own investigation)

April 1977. (or following month) 2100hrs.
Mr Lyons was driving alone when he saw a brilliant light that rapidly approached, becoming 30m overhead in 5 seconds. He then saw that the light came from two circular windows on some silent object. The thing paced his car for 3 or 4 seconds at about 80 kph, before disappearing in the west in about 5 seconds. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p.213 citing UFO Research South Australia files

April 4 1977. 0100hrs.
Witness K. O. C, a retired female military officer was out walking when she encountered a landed object and a being about 1.05m tall, which came within 2m, and said its name was “Oneel” and invited her on board to talk. Her next memory was being inside a room with panels, where there were four smaller beings , one of which was at the controls, whom she took to be females. She was then led into a smaller room where he was offered a drink that he declined. The experience lasted an hour. The beings asked her various intimate questions. The next thing she remembered was walking home.
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1978 p.20, 32 + Budd Hopkins in MUFON 1981 Proceedings p.45 both citing investigation by Fred Dennis

April 6 1977. 1900hrs.
A disc shaped object, about 12m long, with a row of windows and emitting a buzzing sound was observed to land in a nearby field. Two boys went to investigate and it graze the surface of a pond, the water evaporating around it as if it were touching a hot surface. As the object remained by the pool they could see an entity in front of it. Later footprints were discovered at the site. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p.54 case 88 citing Marc Leduc in UFO Quebec 10 p7

April 7 1977. 0445hrs.
Cyril John (64), a retired decorator and coach driver for senior citizens was awakened by a slow, rhythmic, pulsating orange light in his room, reflecting off the walls. Looking out of the window, Cyril saw the sky was orange and there were two silvery objects in the area of coloured light. One was an egg shaped object about 1.2, diameter, swinging back and forth above and behind the chimneys of a house, through a distance of about 15-18m. The other object was a large figure of a man in a boiler suit, about 2.1m tall, about 12m above Cyril’s window, in the attitude of a free fall parachute jumper. It wore a silvery one piece suit, with a hood which seemed to obscure its face. No other features were visible. This figure hung motionless for about 25 minutes while the egg swung back and forth, the figure between Cyril and the egg. Both egg and figure then moved away sideways out of sight, he got up to prepare for his early morning coach run. 
  • Pugh and Holliday 1979 p.47 and Randall Jones Pugh in BUFORA Journal 7,1 p16 citing own investigation
  • Tony Pace in Journal of Transient Aerial Phenomena 1,1 p12

April 8 1977. 0200hrs.
A man, glancing out of his window, saw an object the apparent size of the full moon, and awoke his wife who also saw it. He observed the thing through binoculars. Both witnesses watched it move soundlessly in front of buildings opposite and apparently land in a clump of nearby trees, from which it shortly afterwards took off, rose into the air and joined a similar object which had come into view. Both objects disappeared into the west. 
  • Awareness 6,3 p.18 citing investigation by A Kane

April 9 1977. 1600hrs.
Steven Unzelman(38) was walking along a trail near his house when he saw a stranger, aged about 50 or more, who appeared to be about 1.2m tall and thin, with a pale brown complexion. The entity wore a metallic looking blue uniform. Steven then heard a buzzing sound, at which the stranger seemed to become blurred. Then a second man appeared, dressed in blue, who appeared to be surrounded by a sort of turbulence. Both men seemed to be associated with ovoid objects that took off into the sky. Steven now realised that the men were less than 1.5m tall, one of them being bald, with a flat nose and lacking eyebrows. The second man was black with normal hair. Both wore metallic blue suits with what looked like divers tanks on their backs. A metallic looking, disc shaped object, with a central hole, then descended low over all three, making a clicking sounds which increased in pitch until it seemed like a jet engine and then into a howl, at which the disc took off with a deafening sound. The strange small men then walked off, followed shortly after by a hairy humanoid which seemed to ne following them. For some time after this Steven was plagued by animal like screams. 
  • Nunnelly 2011 p245
  • Howe 1998 p145 gives witnesses name as Bismark
  • Guttilla 2003p139 citing his own investigation

April 10 1977. 0940HRS.
The USS Dolphin was in the Mediterranean off the coast of Israel when crew members saw a silvery object that hovered for three or four minutes and then descended towards the sea at great speed, emitting, a blue white light as it did so. The object remained on the surface for a couple of minutes, still producing the light. 
  • Feindt 2010 p217

April 10 1977. 2355hrs.
Mrs Phyllis Palmer was among a group of sky watchers on Cradle Hill when she saw a man dressed in a “space suit” walking up the hill from the direction of the army barracks. He wore a tight fitting helmet and brilliant white boots. The figure bent down and then walked away. Phyllis then saw a sort of cloud, which turned into a beehive shaped object, from which two other figures, holding what looked like heaters. Other people could not see anything. The object disappeared, but another later appeared and two men came out to walk about. One of the beings had oriental eyes and high cheekbones. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p.194 citing letters from witness to Peter Tate and Ian Mryzglod
  • Evaluation: Probably just witness’s imagination, but possibly hoax by soldiers.

April 11 1977. 2000hrs.
A pensioner observed an unidentified object touch down for a moment in a school playground. 
  • Paget 1980 p.28

April 11 1977. (or following day) 2100hrs.
Mark M (12) was bird nesting on the dirt path 50m beyond the edge of the village with four friends when they saw a red glow on one of the banks. His friends went into a haystack, while he went back down into the valley to check a nest. he then heard rustling and heavy breathing in the hedge, then something dropped out of the hedge. It was a figure about 2m tall, very thin, dressed in a silvery boiler suit, with a black visor covering the face, along with black boots and gloves, which began to walk towards Mark, who began to run away in panic. The figure stopped underneath the street lamp, with its legs apart wiggling its fingers, then turned around and went back the way it had come, walking stiffly, into the sewers. As it turned round, Mark saw a sort of antenna on its back. He ran home very frightened. 
  • Pugh and Holliday 1979 p.68 citing investigation by Randall Jones Pugh
  • Tony Pace in Journal of Transient Aerial Phenomena 1,1 p12
  • Paget 1979 p33 dates this to 15 April

April 12 1977. 1530hrs.
Andrea K (13) and Bridgitt O were walking east up the Tucson Diversion Channel towards the junction with Julian Wash. They were coming up the sloping access road from the bottom to the south side of the wash, when Bridgitt saw, three blocks east, just above the confluence point, a dark grey drum shaped object with 4-6 legs hanging down from its outside edge. It resembled a huge grey spider. It was rising from bushes a 100m or so east of the point. It rose up to 9m then shot off towards the Southeast, in a swift curve, out of sight. The girls described the object’s legs as being thin and joined in the middle. The drum was a sort of squaring oval divided by 5-6 vertical divisions. There were no windows or openings of any kind. When it tilted away from them, they noticed a sort of crosshatch pattern on the underside. The legs terminated in roundish pads. Before they could really take in what had happened, they saw, in the clump, a strangely dressed tall thin humanoid figure with long dark brown hair, which gave the impression of being a woman and was dressed in a blue jacket with brown trousers and footgear. Following this person were five identically dressed but smaller figures, who only came up to the shoulders of the first one, who was of normal height. The figures moved quickly out of sight in the direction of Ajo Way and the water detention reservoir. The “woman” stopped and looked back at the smaller figures who caught up with her, The next day the two girls found three sunburst marks in a regular triangular pattern in the soil at the site. 
  • Wendell Stevens in Fate May 1979 p.52 citing own investigation

April 12 1977. 1920hrs.
Kenneth Moreton, a farmer, was at home with his daughter. They were walking towards a gate in the field where they had been feeding the lambs, when, looking towards a pine forest, about 1.5km away, they saw something that resembled a large aluminium van. They were puzzled as there were no roads in the area. After about 390 seconds the object rose up vertically, sank and rose again. It was as bright as the moon, though it was a rainy dusky evening. The thing finally sank again below the horizon. The next day Kenneth checked the area and found that the tops of spruce trees in a nearby wood had been broken off. 
  • BUFORA Journal 7,1 p15
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p.195 citing own investigation

April 13 1977. 2300hrs.
Gail S Golding and her sister saw a yellow, triangular object moving slowly just above the tree line and passing over fields behind their garden. When it passed over the rooftops, they lost sight of it. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p.196 citing Tim Good
  • NUFORA Journal 6,5 p.27 (gives no details)

April 14 1977. 1830hrs.
Deborah S (13) was in some fields with her bother Andrew (10) and friends Sally T (11), David M (10) and Tracy C (10) when they felt the atmosphere “go scary” and saw a brilliant, gleaming, silvery, football sized sphere in the field opposite. It mimicked all their movements and so frightened them that they ran home. 
  • BUFORA Journal 6,2 p.8 + Pugh and Holliday 1979 p.71 both citing investigation by Randall Jones Pugh
  • Hilary Evans in The Unexplained 44 p.875
  • Evaluation: The children had gone out looking for an “outer space” thing, so expectation and imagination probably account for this story

April 15 1977.
Pilots and others in two small planes (an Aston and a Cessna) ibserved four red lights, 1-3m in diameter take off from ground level and rise steadily to 1,200m. Photographs were taken. 
  • UFO Pulse Analyser 1,4 p.1 citing investigation by Pat de La Franier
  • Evaluation: Canadian officials concluded that the case was a hoax involving flares attached to helium filled balloons, but UFO investigators challenged this

April 18 1977. 0100hrs.
A Saturn shaped object, emitting a humming noise, which tilted on its axis before moving into the sky, was observed at close quarters. 
  • NUFON News 42 p5 citing investigation by Irish UFO Research Centre

April 18 1977. 0430hrs.
A man standing by his truck observed a bright white light 15m diameter ascending over sand hills some 150m away from him. He stood there, amazed, until it came within 30m, at which he entered his truck cabin, from where he observed the thing back off and descend over the dunes and then speed away to sea, only a few metres above the water line. After a while it left the sea surface and climbed in to the sky. 
  • Keith Basterfield in MUFON UFO Journal 126 p.16 + Basterfield 1981 p105 both citing R Blackman in ACOS Bulletin 12 p.10

April 19 1977. 0200hrs.
Mrs Rose Grenville, proprietor of Haven Fort Hotel, was reading in bed, listening to a Spanish radio station, when the radio went out and she heard a humming sound. Thinking she had left the central heating on, she went to check the boiler. She found it was off and realised the hum did not sound like the heating. Wondering if it was a ship, she looked out of her bedroom window. Though ther night was dark and drizzling and there was no moon, the field at then back of the hotel appeared to be illuminated, as if by brilliant moonlight. She then saw that the light came from a mass of intense, pulsating bluish light in the corner of the field. She thought it was thieves after her chickens, but when she looked through binoculars, she observed an oval object with two tall (c 2m) figures with pointed heads on which no features were visible. They had long arms “like a gibbon” and legs and appeared to be dressed in boiler suits made of some white plastic material. They were measuring something and climbing up the bank. She tried to yell to her husband, but found she was unable to call out. Petrified, she turned on the lights, but when she looked through the window again the object and beings had gone. An hour before this incident, her daughter Francine (20) had been awaked by a violent rattling of her window. Rose next day found a crescent shaped pressure mark on the grass, but this was gone when the investigators arrived. 
  • Pugh and Holiday 1979 p40 citing own investigation
  • Tony Pace in Journal of Transient Aerial Phenomena 1,1 p12
  • FSR 23,2 p6
  • Hilary Evans in Common Ground 1 citing own investigation suggest hoax by locals
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p.198 citing own investigation

Late April 1977.
Two people communicated with a normal sized entity. No further details. 
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1978 p.32 citing Mrs Sinda Angulo de Montiel in Panorama 16 May 1977.

Late April 1977. Morning.
While taking fodder to their ponies, sub-postmaster Josiah George and his daughter Carol noticed that they were bunched together by the gate and very agitated. Looking through a gap in the fence, they saw a chrome coloured triangle on the ground, with its apex pointing upwards. When Carol went into the next field to investigate, she could see nothing. About 20 minutes later the ponies became agitated again, and the couple again saw the triangle moving across the fields, but, again, when Carol investigated she could see nothing. 
  • Pugh and Holiday 1979 citing investigation by Randall Jones Pugh

April 21 1977. 2230hrs.
Three 17 year olds, Bill Bartlett, Mike Mazzoca and Andie Brodie were driving north on Farm Street, when Bill, who was driving saw a creature creeping along a low wall of loose stones on the left side of the road. He first thought it was a dog or cat, but when his headlights picked it out, he realised that it was something he had never seen before. It had an oversized melon shaped head, with two large lidless eyes, shining like orange marbles. The head, which rested on a thin neck, , was as large as its thin body. Its limbs were long and spindly, the hands and feet large, the skin hairless but rough and peach coloured. It was about 1.2m tall. Its long fingers were curling round the rocks as it made its way along. Bill was frightened and drove off fast before his companions had time to seen the creature. 
  • Jerome Clark in Fate March 1978 p.50 citing investigation by Loren Coleman and Walter Webb
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1978 p32 citing above investigators and Nina Sossen in Suburban Press 19 May 1977. p1
  • Clark and Coleman 1977. p218
  • Clark 2012 p.182
  • Coleman 2001 p45)

April 22 1977. 0030hrs.
While returning from his girlfriend’s down Millers High Road, John Baxter (15) saw a short figure approaching. Thinking it was an acquaintance who was quite small, he called out. The figure did not reply. The two stopped facing one another, John only seeing a shadowy form. Then, when he took a step closer, it scurried off down a shallow wooded gully to the left. He now saw the figure in silhouette about 10m away. Its feet seemed “moulded “ around a rock, several feet from a tree trunk,, which it was grasping with its long fingers as if for support. It resembled a monkey, except for its dark “figure 8” head. Its eyes were like two spots of light looking at John, which made him very uneasy, and he walked quickly away, later being given a lift in a car. 
  • (ibid)

April 22 1977. 2330hrs.
At their home at Ripperston Farm, Pauline and Billy Coombes were watching a late night movie on TV, when Pauline became aware of glistening lights outside the window. She ignored them while the film was on. As it ended, at 0050, Billy who had been dozing, woke up, and looking out of the window at the glow, he saw a huge faceless figure nearly the full height of the window (2.1m) in a glowing silver suit and square helmet. One or other of them phoned the police and a neighbour, Mr Hewison, the farm manager. The dog refused to go out and was very agitated. Paget says that while the figure was at the window, there was interference on the TV and the window rattled. When Billy picked up courage to go outside there was nothing there. When Hewison and the police arrived, Pauline saw the figure fade away. 
  • Pugh and Holiday 1979 p.94 citing investigation by Pugh
  • Harold 1979 p.34 citing own investigation
  • Paget 1979 citing own investigation
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  • FSR 23.1 p6
  • The Guardian 26 April 1977. p2
  • Hilary Evans in Common Ground 1 + The Unexplained 44 p.876 citing own investigation
  • Paget 1979 p38 dates this to early 24th
  • Evaluation: Hoax by local residents

April 22 1977. 2345hrs.
A 19 year old woman driving home saw an oval light, emitting red, green and yellow lights, approach her car, and as it passed overhead the car’s lights, engine and radio died. Four seconds later they all returned to normal. A magnetic signature check revealed no anomalies. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p.45, 213 + Keith Basterfield in MUFON UFO Journal 126 p.16 both citing UFO Research South Australia files
  • Rodeghier 1981 p.70 citing Australian Centre foir UFO Studies

April 23 1977. 0005hrs.
Will Taintor (18) was driving Abby Brabham (15) home along Springdale Avenue, when Abby saw, spotted in the headlights, a creature crouching on all fours facing the car. It had a thin money like body, with a large oblong head on which no facial features could be discerned, except for glowing eyes, which Abby thought were green, but Bill, who only saw it momentarily, thought were orange. It was hairless and its skin was a beige tan colour. Abby insisted that Will speed out of the area. 
  • Fate March 1978 p53
  • Clark and Coleman 1977. 221
  • Coleman 2001 p49)

April 23 1977. 2355hrs.
Alan Coles had just put the car in the garage when he saw a brilliant flash of light in the sky at 60 degrees elevation. A few seconds later he saw, 15 degrees below, an object descending at terrific speed before hovering at less than 50m altitude. The thing was a sort of disc with a central band of luminous pink, with shades of red and green. This band extended about three quarters of the diameter of the thing. When the object stopped the light on the band faded rapidly away. It was now about 300m away and appeared to be about 120m diameter. It rose up, in a curved trajectory, to around 600m and then descended to 30m before rising up and disappearing behind the garage. Alan called to his wife but she seemed not to hear. He then ran to his back garden where he saw the thing perform swooping manoeuvres again until it disappeared into the distance. 
  • Martin Keatman in Investigation 2 p20 citing his own investigation

April 25 1977. 0400hrs.
Corporal Armando Valdes and seven conscript soldiers (Humberto Rojas, Ivan Robles, German Riquelmo, Raul Sainas, Pedro Rosales, Juan Reyes and Julio Rato), were on routine assignments when Pedro, who was one of the sentries, observed two violet lights descend from the sky. One of the lights was about 500m away, illuminating the area and approaching. Pedro rushed back to report to Valdes, who ordered his men to screen off their camp fire. The totally silent light has a red spot at either end and advanced and retreated. Commending himself to God, Valdes went out to challenge this light. He appeared to have been only a few metres from the camp fire and in full view of his men when he seemed to just disappear. About 15 minutes later he reappeared in a manner which they could not specify, saying “you don’t know who we are or where we come from but we will be back soon”. Valdes only recalled blacking out, waking for a moment by the camp fire and then blacking out again. He recovered at 0700hrs., still thinking it was 0430, which was the time told by his watch, the date on which had been advanced by five days. Valdes, who had shaved shortly before his adventure now had five days growth of beard. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 23,5 p.8 citing Clarin (BA) 20 May 1977. + La Cronica (BA) 19, 21, 23, 24 May 1977. + La Razon (BA) 19 + 20 May 1977. + Sunday Express 26 May 1977.
  • David Hume in Official UFO 2,5 p.30
  • APRO Bulletin 26,1 p1
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1978 p.32 citing Michael J Hoy in National Enquirer 26 June 1977.
  • All these sources refer back to an investigation by Pedro Araneda)

April 25 1977. 0530hrs.
A woman aged about 50 was driving her 18 year old son to Nantes station to go on his national service. Their little dog which had been on the knee of the sleeping youth suddenly awoke and began to muzzle the steering wheel making low moans. The woman then saw ahead and slightly to her left a dazzling white light at treetop height (about15m). She briefly lost sight of this but slowed down. About 300m on, through the trees, she saw small orange lights. She slowed down further and a bit later on she saw on the edge of the road a tall, large arc or semi-circle of flashing orange lights. She was not able to make out, in the darkness of the light between the lights, any mass or silhouette of a solid object, just these small glimmering orange lights she found difficult to recall exactly. 
  • Gerard Beneteau in LDLN 187 p24 citing his own investigation

April 26 1977. 2045hrs.
Mrs Rees and her 16 year old daughter Beverley were driving from Tiers Cross to Haverford West, when they observed an orange-red rugby ball shaped object, 5-6 the angular diameter of the moon, hovering above them at treetop height. It was swinging like a pendulum, sometimes slow, sometimes rather faster and emitting flashes. It was about 50m away and 30m altitude. It moved behind trees and out of sight. 
  • Pugh and Holliday 1979 p49 citing investigation by Randall Jones Pugh.
  • Evaluation: Despite the claimed size, the description seems to point to astronomical + autokinesis.

May 1977. 0115hrs.
Ronnie Patrick (18) heard a growling sound outside his house, and on going to investigate, saw two very tall black figures with no hands, feet nor facial features floating 20-25cm above the ground in the porch, He was shocked and scared. The police were called but found nothing. Ronnie later found what looked like the footprint of a baby with claw marks near the fence and felt impelled to cover it up. 
  • Allan Hendry in Probe September 1980 p80 citing investigation by CUFOS

May 1977. Night.
A man driving home from work along Denton Road was near Brush Creek when eh encountered a 2.4-2.7m tall hairy humanoid with human looking face and hands, which walked in a human fashion and emitted a sulphurous odour. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p271 citing an unspecified issue of Union Tribune

May 1977. Night.
Geraldo Da Costa was riding home on his horse when an oval object passed overhead at less than 3m altitude, emitting coloured lights and an intense heat. Geraldo rode on for another 50m he came across the object on the ground. Beside it were two dwarfs with large eyes and long hair, one of which asked Geraldo for assistance, while the other touched his shoulder and Geraldo was floated down from his horse, which ran off. Geraldo then lost consciousness. He was found the next day, lying, unconscious in a banana grove, with a 15cm scar on the inside of one, and 5 puncture wounds, two on each side of his chest and one on the left shoulder. On being taken home Geraldo lay for three days in a stupor and when he could get about went to four hospitals, the last one finding a tumour on his vocal chords. He became withdrawn as well. The horse also suffered, becoming weak and useless.
  • Pratt 1996 p150

May 1977. Night.
A man was out driving when his car broke down and he saw a luminous disc in a field and by it a being of normal human size and appearance. The witness returned the next day and found traces at the site.
  • Eric Zurcher in LDLN 195 p28 citing Frontiere del la Science group

Early May 1977. 2100hrs.
Hans Woodhof and his wife were sitting in their cottage, looking at the road when they saw what they first thought was the head of a girl on horseback in front of a 6m high hedge on the other side of the road, 12m away. On looking properly they saw that it was a rugby ball shaped object, 60-90cm in diameter, of a beige brown colour. It was moving slowly, emitting neither light nor sound. 
  • Pugh and Holliday 1979 p.50 citing investigation by Randall Jones Pugh

May 1 1977. 0045hrs.
Mrs Shirley Lewis was suffering from insomnia and had got up to make a cup of tea. She had on only the small strip light over her cooker. Glancing out of the window, she was puzzled by a white glow through the window, and on investigating, saw two identically shaped objects descending vertically towards the ground, one above the other. They were pear shaped with the pointed end upwards. The top one was white, the lower, dark, fluorescent green. They descended in a graceful fashion until the lower one was obscured by buildings 300m away. The second object disappeared in a similar manner. Looking through binoculars, Shirley saw a green glow on a rooftop. A check of the area showed that the objects could not have descended behind the buildings but must have gone through them. 
  • Randles and Warrington 1979 p.114 citing investigation by Andrew Collins
  • Evaluation: Or they were much further away? Meteors, flares?

May 2 1977. 2000hrs.
Mr Hartley and his son were sat by their camp fire near the River Murray, when Mr Hartley turned around and was surprised to see a blue trapezoid 2m high, 75cm wide at the top, tapering to 45cm wide at the bottom, stationary in front of a tree. He looked away and on looking back it was gone. 
  • Keith Basterfield in MUFON UFO Journal 126 p16 + Basterfield 1981 p105 + 1997p 213 citing ACOS Bulletin 11 p.21 citing investigation by UFO Research South Australia

May 3 1977. 0355hrs.
After receiving a 999 call from a member of the public (who investigators were never able to trace), about a mysterious light near the lake in the forest, two police officers, who would not allow their names to be used, were dispatched to the area. They arrived at about 0412 and entered the forest, really a large wooded recreation ground, and observed, to their left, a bright red light by the eastern end of the lake. They got out of their car to observe this object, which was at ground level, its lower portion partially obscured by small trees, about 300m away. It was red, resembled a bell tent, was pulsating between dull and bright and was silent. After two or three minutes the thing appeared to dissolve on the spot. Rather apprehensively, the officers separated to investigate further. One of the officers was dumbfounded to see a large white inverted crescent shaped object directly above him. As he called out to his colleague, this object also dissolved. They were unable to see anything further, though they noticed a strong smell of burning localised in the eastern area of the lake. Investigation at the site revealed that a large bush had recently been flattened at the centre, had suffered slight burns and was almost broken in half by a clean fresh break at 1.5m above the ground. Indeed all the branches had been broken at a height of 1.5m over an area spreading 25m in one direction, 20m in the other. On a large mud bank 50m away, saplings had been uprooted and two bore holes 10-15cm apart, 4cm in diameter were found. Evidence of burns could not be confirmed. 
  • Barry King and Andrew Collins in FSR 23,2 p8 citing their own investigation

May 4 1977. 1000hrs.
A contact case lasting 30 hours. Physical effects, several occupants, unspecified message. 
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1978 citing Luiz Augusto Cabral in O Estando de Parana 5 and 6 June 1977.

May 5 1977. 1015hrs.
A student pilot, Manuel Jose Lopez Ojeda (22) was on a routine training flight over the 2,600m mountain south of Bogota in his Censa 250, when near Tabio, as he did a steep turn, he noticed that all his instruments were on danger. As he looked down for a field to land in, he saw a pure white thing, shaped liked an upturned dish. 15-20m diameter, 3m thick, with a red-yellow light on its upper centre. The object was keeping pace with his plance, moving in rapid zigzags. Manuel then saw that all his controls had failed, and then his eyesight began to fade, just as the object departed. His controls came back and he was able to be talked down safely. He was taken to hospital where is sight recovered. 
  • Hall 1988 p292 citing MUFON UFO Journal 115 citing an undated issue El Tiempo and investigation by Rudy Faccini

May 6 1977. 1315hrs.
Miss E Griffiths was washing up when looking out of her rural bungalow she observed a silvery object, the size and shape of a car, in a cornfield. She first thought that it was a car, until she realised that it was in the field. As she watched the object disappeared only to reappear 20m further away. It moved slowly along the ground for another 2m and then disappeared. She observed for a total of about 5 minutes. 
  • Pugh and Holliday 1979 p.34 citing their own investigation

May 7 1977. 2200hrs.
Gerald St Louis and his two 12 year old sons were camped in a rurual area. When Gerald went to go outside he was confronted a creature, which ran off and jumped over a 1.4m fence. The thing was a brown hairy bipedal thing, between 2.5-3m tall. About 300m away Jeff Warren and Stanley Evans were in their truck, which started shaking. Looking out they also saw a large hairy animal. Both sets of truckers fled. 
  • Citro 1997 p194

May 8 1977. 1900hrs.
Two men parked in a wooded area were walking their dog when they heard a rustling sound, and they observed a huge figure (2.4m tall, 1.2m wide) dressed in dark blue, but brighter than its surroundings, cross their path less than 8m ahead at 90 degrees. The witnesses did not keep an appointment with the investigators 
  • Barry King in FSR 23,2 p10 citing story given to Steven King by the witnesses

May 8 1977. 1900hrs.
School teacher, Maria de Sousa Perieria and her two children were just leaving their house when she encountered an object comprising a spinning silver –grey dome standing on a fixed lead-grey base. Between these two sections was a ring on which there were five evenly spaced openings, from which were emitted, in rotation, horizontal beams of yellow light, which just dissipated into the air. No light appeared from the third window from the left. From the distance of 150m the thing appeared to be 1m in diameter. It flew towards the Sumare mountains and was lost to sight behind the roof of Maria’s house. 
  • Irene Granchi in Canadian UFO Report 4, 5 p.7

May 10 1977. 0130hrs.
A 65 year old woman had got up to go to the toilet when, through the window, she saw an inverted pear shaped object moving slowly at low altitude. It was brilliantly luminous red-orange thing that did not, however, light up the surroundings. The thing then began to descent obliquely towards a water tower beside a factory on the Maubeuge-Hautmont boarder. This was an area than had been used as a waste tip but was now being colonised by wild flowers. As the thing approached the ground it turned sparkling white, lighting up a large circle on the ground. The thing stayed for about a minute before rising slowly, the light on ther ground fading as it did so. Suddenly it then shot off at terrific speed roughly following the course of the La Sambre river. 

  • J M Bigorne in LDLN 170 citing his own investigation

May 11 1977. 2045hrs.
Several people on a housing estate observed a strange humming object in the sky, circling an aircraft. It hovered low over some boys on a cricket field, who had observed the thing stop in mid- air as it circled the aircraft. The object was silvery, 9m in diameter, with red lights on the underside and a sort of aerial which came up from its back. The object came from the south-southeast. 
  • NUFON News 46 p5 citing investigation by UAPROL

May 12 1977.
Four people at the Sites farm fired on a hairy humanoid. It or something similar had previously killed rabbits on the farm. 
  • Newton 2015b p46 citing New Jersey Herald 17 May 1977.

May 14 1977. 0200hrs.
Ms J McCormick awoke for no apparent reason and went to look out of her bedroom window and after a few seconds her attention was caught by a light coming from her right. Looking around, she saw, about 10m from her window a lone patch of heavy mist. This brightened and descended and became a bell shape with a luminous centre and fuzzy edges. It emitted a brilliant flash of light and disappeared. Her fiancé saw this from his own house, 100m away. 

  • Meaden 1989 p34 citing Shuttlewood 1979b p115 citing letter from witness

May 14 1977. (approx. date) Night.
Geoff Nelson (qv) was driving down Cowan’s Lane when a creature, over 2m tall and covered in pale grey hair crossed the road ahead of him in four or five huge strides and leapt the bank and fence in one go. Its arms seemed to move in an odd and inhuman fashion. 
  • Healy and Cropper 1994 p129
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p238 case 109 citing their own investigation

May 15 1977. 0300hrs.
Mrs Miller was awakened by a very loud sucking sound. When she ran downstairs she heard the dogs making a terrific racket. Going out, she saw for a moment, over the house, an inverted saucer about 12-15m diameter, of silvery colour with an orange light on top. The thing was gone in a moment. The next morning she found a circular area in the road where the gravel had been gathered together in a cone 5cm high. 
  • Pugh and Holliday 1979 p.59 citing investigation by Pugh

May 15 1977. (approx. date) 0300hrs.
17 year old Caroline M was awakened by a powerful light from an object with a green beam around it. She then saw, standing on the window sill by the glass, a small humanoid about 1m tall, dressed in a silvery one piece suit, with a high collar and mittens. It had long hair, slanted eyebrows, normal looking eyes and a curved nose. Though she was frightened, she got up and closed the curtains and went back to bed. 
  • Pugh and Holiday 1979 p.63 citing their own investigation

May 15 1977. 1505hrs.
The Coombes twins were playing in the grass when she observed a very tall, silvery humanoid figure, wearing a sort of square helmet with a black visor though which no facial features could be distinguished. It had long arms by its side, was quite slim. It walked slowly along 15m from them and went straight through a barbed wire fence into the next field. The dogs were growling and their hair was stood up on end. At the bottom of the field the youngsters saw an enormous silvery saucer shaped object with lights and windows all around it. An opening appeared, followed by a ladder which was then retracted, following which a sort of red box was ejected from the object which rose into the air. Then another similar but larger object appeared above the first one ,and they both flew off rapidly but soundlessly across the field to the cliff face and entered the sea between the shore and Stack Rocks; The box disappeared before the girls eyes. There was a buzzing in the air and the girls fled back in panic. Their mother Pauline returned to the site with the girls and found a burned area and footprints 60cm long, with huge strides. While they were looking one of the twins and her elder sister saw the object in another field, again taking off for the Stacks. Another circle 15m diameter was found in this field. The twins developed rashes on their arms and legs. That night at 2300hrs.Pauline Coombes, observed, through her living room window a tall silvery luminous humanoid figure moving around on the drive. It suddenly vanished. Next day she suffered from swollen and reddish eyes and a sore arm. 
  • Pugh and Holiday 1979 p98 citing own investigation
  • Harold 1979 p48, 53 citing own investigation
  • Tony Pace in Journal of Transient Aerial Phenomena 1,1 p13. 
  • Pugh and Holiday make no mention of the object, the second observation in the afternoon or the night one. The object is mentioned in JTAP but the account differs from Harold. 
  • Evaluation: : Hilary Evans in Common Ground 1 suggests that the figure was a hoax by locals, much of the rest looks like imagination and expectation

May 17 1977.
Five police officers observed a huge triangular object, 50-70m wide and as long as an American football pitch, hovering over the high tension wires. It was surrounded by a white glow and had red, yellow and green lights. After hovering the thing shot away noiselessly at terrific speed. 
  • Spacequest 1 p.2 citing an undated issue of National Enquirer

May 18 1977. 1830hrs.
Karen McLennan and Fiona Morrison (both 10) were playing near an old disused railway track behind a pub when they heard a strange humming noise. They went to a wooded area to investigate, and saw in front of the fence around the woods a long (c10m) cylindrical object with rounded ends and a small dome on top. The object was a polished metallic colour, with no visible markings nor openings. On top was a steady red light. In the centre of the lower section was a red band, about one quarter the width of this portion, which appeared to be rotating. The object was about 400m away, hovering about 60cm above the ground, straggling the depression of the old track. By the side of the object was a silvery figure 1.8m tall, dressed all over in a silver suit, with a row of silver buttons down the front. It was quite thin and no facial features were visible. They were confused about its arms, describing them both as unusually short and unusually long. When the figure started to move towards them, the girls fled. After some seconds they looked back and the being had gone, and the object took off to the right in three jerky steps. Both girls’ mothers, Mrs Caroline and McLennan and Mrs Maureen Morrison had heard the sound even though Caroline was deaf in one ear. Next day Caroline and the children found an area of damaged trees about 100m diameter. Samples were taken but these got lost in the post. The girls did not report the matter to their mothers until the next day. Caroline later received a threatening phone call and saw lights moving over the site at night. A neighbour also heard the sound. 
  • Jenny Randles in FSR 23,4 p.7 citing investigation by Bryan Hartley and Constable Grant
  • Patricia Donaldson in FSR 26,2 p31 citing own investigation
  • West and Jefferis 1978 p.70
  • Halliday 1997 p72
  • Randles 1992 (Entity)

May 18 1977. 2335hrs.
Reporter Paul Roberts and his girlfriend were driving along the Penzance Road when they saw a red light in the sky. They first thought that it was a helicopter and stopped for a better look. The object seemed to get ever closer and larger, and oiher drivers stopped to observe it. They drove towards the thing and saw it hit the ground giving off smoke. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p.214 citing The Cornishman 19 May 1977.

May 19 1977. 0500hrs.
Caroline Marsh (q.v.) was awakened by the light from a round object with a transparent compartment on top, surrounded by a green glow, which hovered over her father’s car. by her sister’s window, at rooftop height. The light came in through a side window. There was a row of portholes around the object. A figure came out of this object and began walking in mid-air. It had an oval shaped face, long, very dark brown hair, slanted eyebrows, normal looking eyes and a hooked nose. The entity retreated into the machine, which took off. Two similar beings were seen inside the craft. The family’s poodle became anxious at around this time. 
  • Pugh and Holiday 1979 p.64 citing investigation by Pugh
  • Tony Pace in Journal of Transient Aerial Phenomena 1,1 p12 incorrectly fuses the two Marsh cases and dates them to the same as the John case, 7 April and says she lived in the same road, P and H say neighbouring road)

May 20 1977. 0630hrs.
Ms Schultz, a young nurse, was driving to work when she encountered a luminous red sphere 5-10m in diameter on the ground in a paddock a few metres away. It then rose into the air and left without making a sound. 
  • Keith Basterfield in MUFON UFO Journal 126 p16 + Basterfield 1997 p.214 citing ACOS Bulletin 11 p21 citing investigation by UFO Research South Australia

May 20 1977. 2145hrs.
As they pulled into their apartment complex parking lot, Doris Cunningham and her son Michael saw, hovering directly in front of them, near the swimming pool, a huge spherical object, which was revolving like a top. Michael saw the object first and drew his mother’s attention to it. The top of the object was dome shaped and glowing orange, brighter than the background of the clear night sky. The thing appeared to be hovering at about the height of the 12 story apartment building. As they got out of their car to go into the building, the object sped off at the speed of a jet. There was no sound during the 90 second observation. 
  • UFO Investigator August 1977. p3

May 20 1977. 2300hrs.
A 35 year old farm worker out shooting saw a huge white disc, with an orangish, glow, rise up between two trees and climb up in a slow arc towards Montrose. 
  • NUFON News 39 p.5 citing FAPURG

May 20 1977. 2300hrs.
Three 14 year old schoolboys were out in a field when they observed a saucer shaped object with a row of white rectangular windows, which flashed on and off, 50-100m away. It was accompanied by a blue light. A minute later three dark human silhouettes 1.8m tall, surrounded by mist, approached the boys from near the object, moving with a limping gait. The boys ran way and looked back in time to see the figures fade from view. Investigators found the boy’s stories contradictory and containing obvious lies (such as a claim by one that President Carter had called him to talk about the experience), but a police officer who saw them soon after the alleged incident confirmed that two of the boys were very upset. 
  • Hendry 1979 p121 + Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1978 citing Richard Haines in International UFO Reporter 2,7 p4 + 2; 10 p7 citing his own investigation + Chuck Chapman in Richmond Independent 24 May 1977.+ Pittsburg Post and Dispatch 23 May 1977.

Late May 1977. (approx. date) 2230hrs.
Two nights after seeing a strange light flashing across the sky, Cyril Picknett, a retired civil servant, was in his garden when she saw something that resembled “an old fashioned railway coach” cross the sky low in an arc. Inside he saw a man, wearing a large hat, reading a newspaper, and a woman dressed in a bonnet. At about the same date, two female neighbours saw a large bright white sphere hovering over the trees at the bottom of their gardens. The object headed towards them, coming to within 3m, at which it rose above their heads and took off. Their cat went missing for four days. 
  • Picknett 2001 p120 citing her own investigation

May 22 1977. 0130hrs.
Mr Courbeuil, a masonry contractor and his wife were returning from the ile d’Oleron when their attention was caught to the left by a dazzling yellow light close to the ground 4-50m away. It seemed to come from openings in a sphere 4-5m diameter. Courbeuill slowed his car but the thing remained motionless. 
  • LDLN 201 p19

May 25 1977. 0420hrs.
In response from a call from a truck driver who had seen an unusual object, officer Steve Sasser was sent to the scene. He saw about 30m above the ground and to the left of the road, a rectangular object with a white luminosity. The thing was moving up and down. The truck driver said he had seen the thing as low as15m. Steve called his chief Tony Blakney, who tried to take a photograph but without success. Other people in town saw the object. 
  • Pennington 2013 p118 citing Jackson Daily News 26 May 1977.

May 26 1977. 2355hrs.
On her farm, 11km east of Orange, Mrs Hervey was reading in bed when she heard the dog barking and a horse whinnying in a most agitated manner. Before she could get up to investigate, what she thought was a stray dog, her 16 year old son came into her room. He too had been awakened by the noise, and looking through his bedroom door, he had seen about 90m away to the north west a very bright light complex on or near the ground. It consisted of four bright white lights in a row, which seemed to slowly increase in brilliance and then fade to a red orange colour and go out. At this point he ran in to inform his mother. They returned to his room but could see nothing on the darkened hill side. Mrs Hervey then went through the house to the front door, where she was surprised to see a paddock on the other side of the road to their property brightly illuminated by a monochromatic white light source. Moving over to the fence, she was able to see the apparent source of the illumination in the NNW. It was bright elongated rectangular object with four square windows along the side, apparently moving slowly over and around the crest of the hill. She ran back to fetch her son but when they came out again all they could see was a bright glow in the same area, which slowly faded out. Neighbours were also disturbed by the animals acting up. Local factory workers made two independent reports of unidentified flying objects. The next day Master Hervey searched, without success, to find cartridge shells, thinking the lights could have come from hunters. The next morning Mrs Hervey made a more detailed examination and found two circular areas denuded of grass, with a covering of finally granulated soil. Investigators some days later found four such holes 5cm in diameter, arranged in a trapezoid shape, sides 5.3m, 10.1, 4.3, 5.8m. Thermoluminescent testing showed no significant signs of radioactivity or heating.
  • Bill Chalker et al in APRO Bulletin 26,10 p.4 citing their own investigation
  • Bill Chalker in UFO Research Australia Newsletter 1,1 p13
  • Basterfield 1997 p.214 citing Chalker et al in UFO Newsletter November 1977.
  • Basterfield 1981 p105 citing ACOS Bulletin 11 p.21

May 27 1977. 0845hrs.
A man and his 16 year old son driving through Altrincham on the way to Sale passed by a long white cigar shape, with a red light on one end, stationary between two houses, possibly hovering over a nearby football field. It was lost to sight in two minutes as they drove on. 
  • NUFON News 39 p.7 citing investigation by MUFORA

May 30 1977. 2230hrs.
A person out shooting near Opossum Bay observed a silver sphere, tinged with red and with a red trail, 10m off the ground 400m away. It passed silently over the River Derwent and rose into the sky. 
  • Keith Basterfield in MUFON UFO Journal 126 p.16 + Basterfield 1981 p105 citing TUFOIC Annual Report 1978 p.8

June 1977. (approx. date) Night.
Terry Ingham and a colleague were on night shift when they saw an object 30m long, 40m wide, hovering 3m above the roof of the cylinder block section. Its curved underside was made of metal panels of various sizes and shapes. After a while the thing took off. About a fortnight later he and his wife were awoken in their Martley Crescent home by a knocking at the door at 0300. Invesitgating he saw the outline of what looked like a child, but on looking through the letter box, which had lifted up saw that it was a being 1.5m tall, with green, scaly skin, pointed ears, slanted red eyes with black pupils and filthy teeth. It had four fingers on each hand, what looked like a tail and was dressed in a sort of ragged sackcloth toga. It back away, approached again and then crouched down and leapt over a tall fence and disappeared. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p.186 citing own investigation
  • Evaluation: Just a tale told in a social setting and the authors were never able to get in touch with the witness again

June 1977. Night.
Three men illegally fishing near Crows Peak, 3km up river from Oberon when they saw a dark mass on the shore. Five minutes later an indefinable shape about 3.5-4.5m long, 6m wide, with s blue glow, came silently round the bend of the river, about 30m above the water. It crossed over the peninsula and went out of sight. The next day all the grass and low hanging branches across the peninsula area where the thing had been seen were either browned or burnt. Even weeds 15-20cm below the water line were browned. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p.214 citing UFO Newsletter 52 November 1977.

June 1977. 1615hrs.
Cameron L (8) and two other boys of the same age were playing on Lennel Mount when they observed a dull white oval object, the size of two cars end to end, hovering over a field less than 30m away. It had a green light underneath, a blue one on top and a row of small windows around the centre. After 30 seconds it moved north and land behind some trees, the flashing lights being visible through them. After a minute the thing took off into the sky. One of the boys said he saw several small green figures inside, through the windows, and the letter “X” and some numbers visible on the side. 
  • Alan Price in NUFON News 55 p.4 citing his own investigation

June 1977. (approx. date) Night.
Jose D (13) was returning to his grandparents’ house, from his night classes, when he observed a vortex of luminous points, which were bright but did not flash. He felt scared and paralysed. As the light grew bigger, Jose felt as though some force was dragging him towards it, and he hung onto a lamp post and yelled for help. He then lost consciousness, recovering at home. 
  • FSR 23,5 p.iii citing La Razon (BA) 26 June 1977. citing U.P. Montevideo)

June 1977. 2330hrs.
Mrs Mary Hill, the caretaker of the Baptist Church, was going to bed when she saw a silvery-white object at eye level, through the window. As the light in its centre became hazy, she saw two figures inside, looking out. One was taller than there other, giving the impression of male and female. A few minutes later the light grew brighter again and the thing took off rapidly at an angle. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p.230 citing Sky Scan + Crystal Hogben

Early June 1977. 1130hrs.
Pang Gengsheng (33) was in the woods in Dadi Gulley when he encountered a hairy humanoid that approached to within 1.5m. The thing was about 2.1m tall with a sloping forehead, large ears, large round, deep set eyes and bulbous flattened nose, arms below its knees and was covered with dark brown hair. The thing walked upright and was seen for an hour. When Pang threw stones at it and hit in the chest, the thing howled and rubbed the injured area. 
  • Dong 2000 p190
  • John Green in Markotic and Krantz 1984 p90 citing Yuan and Huang 1981 + Audrey Topping in Science Digest August 1981
  • Shackley 1983 p83)

June 2 1977. Night.
Two women who had been giving a dog training class in a rural area were leaving the building with their three dogs when the sky was illuminated by a yellowish light and a strange object rose up from behind the building and hovered a metre or so above the roof, the light changing from yellow to white. They noticed that the three dogs appeared to be paralysed. When, after a few minutes, the object left, after which the dogs immediately rose to their feet. 

  • Budd Hopkins in MUFON Proceedings 1981 p50)

June 3 1977. (or following day)
Bernard A Zurnamer and his 15 year old daughter were driving the 16km to a petrol station and back. During the journey they had difficulty with radio reception, and on the reverse run they encountered a row of lights, which they assumed was a line of traffic. Most of these lights dipped, but one continued very birght. As they got within 135m they saw that this was an elongated wavering light, that appeared to be above the road, They turned round and drove away from the light, home, at up to 200kph, but the brilliant white 3m high light seemed to keep up with them all the way home. 
  • Hind 1982 p.157

June 6 1977. Night.
Farm worker Mark Henshall (16) was motorcycling down a rural stretch of road on this wet night at about 50-55kph, when he observed two purple lights, like the full beam headlights of motorcycle in the distance. They kept pace with him for 30 seconds and then disappeared. Moments later a car overtook him and as it did so a brilliant light seemed to surround both Mark and the car. The light came from an oval object resembling a meat dish, pink-purple in colour, with a solid outline, above and behind them. Mark’s cycle began to lose power, his limbs felt hot and his jacket began to steam. Both his arm and the petrol tank were very hot. After both cycle and car had gone a further 30m, the object disappeared. The next day the cycle brakes, which had been in good order had become so worn that they needed resetting. Mark’s clothes were dry despite the rain, though there were no permanent traces on them, his face and hands were flushed and about two weeks later he suffered from a bout of stomach trouble. The driver of the car told Mark that he too had lost power and had seen the light, but could not see the object. He would not be interviewed but wrote to the local paper confirming the story. 
  • Brian Straight, Edwin Ollis and Malcolm Leech in FSR 23,5 p.6 citing their own investigation
  • Randles 1981 p.245

June 6 1977. 2355hrs.
Mrs Millicent Parr (68) was watching the Jubilee Eve fireworks display on TV. She was alone in the house, her daughter, with whom she lived, being out. Suddenly the TV picture was reduced to a thin band of light and then disappeared altogether. She switched off the set and turned on the kitchen light to make some tea using the electric kettle and then returned to the living room, switched on that light and sat about 2m from the window. Suddenly the whole room was enveloped in green and red light, which she first thought was a jubilee firework but then changed her mind. Pulling back the net curtains, she observed a brilliant sphere hovering 3-4.5m above her garden. It was 30cm in diameter, a red core being surrounded by a green perimeter 10cm in diameter. The thing was spinning and was as bright as a searchlight, illuminating the sides of her house and the facing side of the neighbours’ but not any other surroundings. After a few seconds Millicent went outside for a better look and observed the thing hovering a few metres above the 3.5m high lilac tree in her garden. She almost went underneath it, before it rose gently to the north, just missing the roofs of some houses 100m away. As the thing moved away Millicent observed a white tail, which started at the same as the sphere, tapered down and wound into a smaller sphere at the end. While Millicent was in the garden, she did not observe any illumination of the surroundings. She called a neighbour, Mr Jardene, but he had not observed anything out of the ordinary. The TV failure was caused by the reset button being released, indicating that the set had become overloaded. The set worked perfectly when re-set. The light had been seen travelling east to north between 2330 and 2345hrs. by teenager Louise A, who lived a few streets away. It was travelling slowly and it was so bright that it lit up the room. She observed it descend below rooftops to the north. Her sister Carol confirmed the illumination of the room but did not see the object herself. 
  • Andrew Collins in FSR 23,3 p.25 citing his own investigation

June 7 1977. 2015hrs.
Harry McLeod was driving on a straight road at 80kph when the road became illuminated by a brilliant light. Harry observed a large object, shaped like an inverted saucer, surmounted by a dome, travelling faster than his car, about 4m above the road. The thing was around 10m in diameter, with two openings emitting a pale light. The thing gave off a dull red glow from its underside and moved away at about 90kph until it was out of sight. 
  • Spacequest 2 p.3 citing an unspecified issue of Spaceview

June 8 1977.
A brilliant yellow green transparent sphere, the apparent size of a bus, with a fuzzy outline descended from the base of a cumulous cloud. It appeared to float down the side of Garn Fawr, emitting brilliant light for about three seconds before fading. The object rotated slowly on its horizontal axis and seemed to bounce along the ground. During this the radio was filled with intense static and the cattle and seabirds became agitated. 
  • Corliss 1982 GLB7-X4 p75 citing Ian Jones in Journal of Meteorology 2 1977. p271
  • Evaluation: Variant ball lighting? Note equipment malfunction and animal reaction motifs

June 9 1977. Afternoon.
Joyce Bowles and Ted Pratt again encountered two red haired humanoids who stopped their car and now gave her permission to reveal their message which concerned the misuse of nuclear weapons. 
  • Paget 1980 p.75
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p.228 citing Earthlink

June 9 1977. 2330hrs.
At a spot 1km from El Garrobo a motorist saw an orange rectangle resembling a TV screen 10m above the ground in the middle of the road, 200m away. He then saw the thing rise up, changing colour to yellow and then white and then disappear. 
  • LDLN 176, p22

June 11 1977. 0040hrs.
Two teenagers walking home across open land encountered a strange area of light 60-90cm above the ground about 75m away. It had the appearance of a misty white dome 18m long, 60cm thick. It was milky white in colour and cast a faint light on the ground. There was no wobble, vibration or swirling. Some bulls in a nearby field were running about in great agitation. After 30 seconds the youngsters approached the mass, which faded out. It did not reappear. 
  • NUFON News 61 p.5 citing Martin Keatman
  • Evaluation: Mist patch?

June 11 1977.
Manfred and Elizabeth Gundle were sat in their car when they saw a bright orange sphere approach at terrific speed and then stop and hover 9012m above the ground about 500m. The oval then changed into a cigar shape about 10m long, and then returned to spherical before shooting off at immense speed. 
  • National Enquirer 1985 p60
  • Note correct spelling of location)

June 12 1977. (approx. date)
An occupant report No further details 
  • Nigel Watson

June 12 1977. 0930hrs.
One of the witnesses in the June case was sat listening to the radio in her kitchen while the family were at church, when the radio went off and a yellow light filled the room. She could no longer hear the ambient sounds. When she looked at the clock again it was 1130hrs. and she was still sat at the table, feeling relaxed. 
  • Budd Hopkins in MUFON 1981 Proceedings p50

June 12 1977. 2300hrs.
Mr C encountered four beings just over 1.2m tall, wearing dark green metallic, shimmering uniforms and helmets like glass bubbles. A metallic ring connected their helmets to their uniforms. They were very thin. After they had left, the witness noticed a sort of vacuum effect. 
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1978 pp21,34 citing investigation by Douwe Bosga

June 16 1977. (approx date) 0515hrs.
A newspaper delivery van driver, At Gouws, was driving on the National Road between Noupoort and Middelburg when he became aware of a dull glow at the Wolwekop Quarry. For a moment he thought that it was the moon, but then the thing descended on his vehicle, enveloping it with its glow. The van’s lights and engine cut out, but it did not stop and a moment later, when the object left with a buzzing sound, they came back on of their own accord. The driver felt that something, which he was unable to remember, had occurred while the thing was over his van. 
  • MUFON UFO Journal 118 p.17 citing Die Vaterland 23 June 1977, citing Arthur Knott-Craig in an undated issue of Karroo News

June 16 1977. (approx. date) 2125hrs.
Arthur Shuttlewood and Chris Trubridge were walking up Elm Hill en route to a Cradle Hill skywatch and had stopped to catch their breath at the stile to Calloway Clump when they became aware of a bright point of light moving slowly at height. It then approached and descended to about 4m above the ground. It now a appeared as a silvery hemisphere, with a sort of projection, on the end of which was a sphere. The combination emitted a brilliant, dazzling light. After some minutes the thing swung around and went behind the trees on Calloway Clump, being visible as an amorphous light behind them. Arthur and Chris moved on to the next gate, about 60m along the road. From there they saw the thing take off into the sky. 
  • Shuttlewood 1979b p55

June 17 1977. Night.
Dale Schexnaider had spent a day fishing and swimming with a couple and their two young daughters and as he and the girls were carrying stuff back to his truck from the camp, he became aware of a low frequency vibration. Above the trees he saw a beautiful pin point of light coming from a disc shaped object 25m across, 15m high, with a bubble like top and with two steady lights and other lights which revolved and flashed. The object began to glow and illuminated the trio with a sort of floodlight. It then directed three-five intense electric blue, thin rays at them, which centred on their bodies. Dale heard crackling sounds, noticed that their bodies were glowing an eerie blue and felt trapped in a force field that mad movement slow and heavy, as if in a dream. After about 10 seconds the light and field suddenly vanished and the thing glided away with only its steady lights on, the humming fading as it did so. 
  • Doris and Joe Graziano in APRO Bulletin 29,1 p.6 citing unspecified press sources)

June 18 1977.
N. P. (8) and a friend were at the water cress bed, when the second boy saw a small being dressed in red. They searched but were unable to see anything, until they walked alongside the beds, where they saw some people dressed in red and yellow one piece suits, helmets and air tanks on their backs, running very quickly with their knees up about an old hut. They had strange red eyes, which frightened the boys, who ran away. 
  • Fortean Times 23 p.7 citing John Michell

June 18 1977. Night.
UFO researchers Terry Shotton and Chris Bourne were driving near the Hilderstone Level when Terry had a sudden feeling that they would encounter a UFO as they turned the corner. When they did this they encountered a golden-yellow ball of light, which came towards them, getting brighter. When the thing disappeared for a moment, they stopped the car. They then observed the ball heading towards them, lighting up the surroundings. After a couple of minutes the thing floated to the ground behind trees, leaving a glow where it had disappeared. 
  • Randles and Warrington 1979 p.115 citing Terry Shotton

June 20 1977. 2355hrs.
Twenty minutes after retiring to bed, Mrs R. J. was awakened by the sound of someone walking up the stairs into her apartment. She had a sensation of someone in the room, was paralysed and unable to speak. She felt the sensation of the sheets moving as she were being lifted and recalled a figure in a bluish suit. Suddenly she found herself wide awake and rushed into the living room to see it was 0157 by the clock. A friend she thought might have visited her had not. A scar like a wheel with spokes, 1cm diameter was found on the back of her left shoulder and she had a severe headache for a couple of days. Under regression she recalled an ugly being dressed in a shirt with an inverted triangle design on it, no pupils in the eyes, no neck, normal nose, line like mouth, small, flat ears, hair thin on top, slight around the sides, long fingers. The being carried her to a place called Fernan’s Lake. They went through a door to a place with windows, seals and a cold floor. Inside were three other creatures, two like the abductor, one who looked more humanoid. This latter took her by the hand and she no longer felt cold. A door opened, she heard a humming sound and she observed an upright wheel in the centre of the room, which the entities pulled her back from. She noticed the walls of the room were made of dull metal , the room was lighted, but no source was visible. She was guided into this second room, which was square with rounded corners. In the ceiling was an apparatus like a shiny, streamlined wagon wheel, from which metallic instruments hung. She was mentally asked to sit down on a box like structure. The being asked her to take off her shirt, and, to her embarrassment, asked her about the line of her swimming costume. She next recalled lying on her stomach, the whole floor rising, some kind of warm light on her back, and a liquid that burned put on her shoulder. When she protested the being mentally told her that they didn’t mean to hurt her and got the impression that it did not understand pain. She was told they would “change her for the better” and they would meet again. The humming sound returned , the door opened and three of the entities entered. When she demanded to be taken home again, she found herself sat up in bed. 
  • Leo Sprinkle in APRO Bulletin 26,5 p1 citing own investigation

June 22 1977.
A prospector, Albert Smith, saw three thin cylinders come down from the sky. From them emerged several beings, both male and female, who played games with balls of light. They materialised and dematerialised, looked human but with bluish skin and said they came from the planet Begua, They stayed with the prospector for two days before leaving in their cylinders. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p.214 + Basterfield 1980 p54 case 63, citing Psychic Australian 3,2 p4, February 1978
  • Evaluation: Hoax or psychological

June 23 1977. 1930hrs.
A woman observed a rectangle with a pink flashing light 3m long, 1m high, floating 30m above the ground, 100m away. She decided to drive to a better location to observe it, however as she did so, it departed soundlessly to the north east. 
  • Keith Basterfield in MUFON UFO Journal 126 p.16 citing ACOS Bulletin 12 p10 citing Tasmanian UFO Investigations Centre

June 24 1977. 0100hrs.
While returning to Santo Domingo, A. S. Cruz saw a light that descended to water level, over the sea. A tube came out of the bottom and took on water. Cruz stopped to watch the spectacle, but the object stopped its suction action and headed straight. As it approached, he saw, in the windows, two beings who appeared to be looking at him. He tried to drive away but the car would not start. He then noticed the presence of a second, identical, object. Behind the two objects were a pair of thick black tubes or cylinders that were joined together. Suddenly, an in complete silence, the two objects were sucked up by the tubes, which started moving then disappeared before his eyes. 
  • Leonte Objio and Richard Heiden in APRO Bulletin 30,1 p6 citing investigation by Objio
  • Stendek 33 p5
  • Robiou 1979 p.387)

June 25 1977. 0300hrs.
Two friends driving home noticed flashing lights above their car. The lights seemed to pace them before disappearing into the distance. There was no solid object, just a group of 6-8 lights, flashing yellow and pink-red. The observation lasted 10 minutes. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p105 citing ACOS Bulletin 11 p22

June 25 1977.
A man and his partially sighted fiancee were driving along the deserted A 303 near Warminster when they saw a triangle of three white lights ahead. He first thought they were some sort of road sign but then felt there was something unusual in their luminosity. When they almost on top of the lights, the three separated, one disappearing into the bushes by the side of the road, the other two then moved alongside the car, “dancing” along, changing their shape and colour from white to orange. They then moved to the rear, where they saw them through the rear view mirror. 

  • Clarke 2012 p.90 citing letter from witnesses, who did not give their names to MoD in The National Archives TNA DEFE 24/1207

June 26 1977. 2340hrs.
Mrs G and six members of her family, driving back from a party along Mossford Lane at 40-50kph, observed a large pink red ball of light above the roof tops to the left of the road. In 5-10 seconds it passed silently across the road and dropped below the level of the rooftops. This ball was independently observed by four teenage boys walking along the Manford Way about 3km away. The boys thought the object was in Hainault Forest and went to investigate. As they approached the pitch black forest, a flat grey mist, several metres thick, the underside lying about 3m above the ground, emerged from the forest, emitting a burning smell. It covered the width of the road, holding together as it went 20-50m down Bearing Way. Unnerved the boys fled. 
  • Essex UFO Study Group Journal 1,5 p3 citing investigation by P. Spink et al)

June 29 1977.
At an unspecified rural location near the western boundary of the Catskills, Ned Grimm was hiking along a forest path when he became aware of a tingling in his body. The overcast sky then became suddenly clear, with a green tinge. The terrain was more open than he remembered for the area and the vegetation was unfamiliar and he came across tall cliffs where there had been none. He reached a waterfall where he saw four small human like figures playing music on flutes, while another was filling a jug with water. He then joined the others and Ned took some photographs before the group before the beings moved off up the canyon and out of sight. Ned then retraced his steps, only to feel the tingling again and find that the weather was again overcast and the terrain was the familiar one. Though at least three hours had apparently passed his watch showed only 30 minutes had elapsed. The photographs he took came out as green tinged shadows. 
  • Quinn 2006 p53