Summer 1975. 0800hrs.
A couple driving from Boulder to Lamar on a deserted road on this bright morning saw a metallic elongated object with a central hole, about half the length of an American football field, at about 100m altitude. The couple watched the object for 30-45 minutes, from the other side of a barbed wire fence. The woman sent it a mental message, at which 3-4 small white clouds appeared travelling east to west, followed by a large cloud that covered the metallic thing. When it had passed the object had gone, so they continued their journey. Years later under hypnotic regression the woman recalled wanted to run towards the object, but being restrained by her husband. Nevertheless she found herself inside the object, where she encountered two beings, male and female, 1.9m tall, thin, with long blond hair and eyelashes and white skin, dressed in blue jumpsuits. They gave her a message of peace and told her to return. 
  • Huyghe 1996 citing his own interview July 10 1987. 
  • Evaluation: A traditional contactee story, probably hypnotic confabulation or pre existing fantasy. The object may well have been some kind of unusual cloud

Summer 1975.
A solid looking army green thing, looking like a helicopter, landed about 100m from a house near Franktown. A female witness was terrified by the incident. 
  • Adams 1991 p15 citing Bush Banner 20 August 1975 + Denver Post 29 August 1975.

Summer 1975. 1820hrs.
Geoffrey Grundill (15) was sat listening to the radio and looking out of the window on this hot sunny evening, when an object shaped like a balloon glided into view around the gable end of the house. At first he thought that it was an aircraft in difficulties, but then it stopped and hovered over a 6m high tree a few metres away. It resembled a smooth, silvery aircraft, with a long fuselage, tall tail, two short wings, a ball gear on the front underside and a dome on top. There was no variation in colour, even for this cockpit. Geoffrey turned down the radio and opened the window. The object was making no sound and the surroundings were unusually quiet. The object was then manoeuvring, giving the impression that it was struggling to get free, crossed over the lamp post and narrowly missed the rooftops. It then backed off and stopped again. Geoffrey got out his binoculars in time to see smoke pore out of the underside and slowly envelope the object, which melted away into the smoke, which then faded away. The observation lasted about 5-10 minutes. Geoffrey was cold and shaking after the incident. He noticed that birds seemed to avoid that tree for some time afterwards. 
  • NUFON News 63 p6 direct from the witness.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p34 citing their own investigation.
  • Evaluation: Not reported until 4 years after the incident, by which time witness was a UFO investigator. It might have been some sort of waking dream but equally the event seems consistent with a radio controlled model plane getting into difficulties and disintegrating.

Summer 1975. 2100hrs.
Three men out driving near Ogenia were alerted by a flashing light in the sky. They saw that the lights were on something hovering close to the road. On approaching the thing, they saw it was a triangular object, with a light at each vertex, one red, one green, one yellow. They drove underneath the thing, which then moved about 1.5km down the road. It continued to move away as they tried to approach it. After the incident their vehicle’s cruise control failed, and when checked by a garage it was discovered that its transistors were burned out. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p65 citing CUFOS files.

Summer 1975. Night.
LB and her girlfriend J were asleep, with another friend, B, in another part of the house. LB awoke to hear voices and something seemed to communicate with her through telepathy. There was a whining noise and she was unable to move. She managed to rouse herself with an effort and noticed J lying in a trance like sleep. She shook J awake then noticed that an hour had passed. They went into the kitchen, then heard the whining noise again, as the room was illuminated with an intense yellow-white light shining in through the window. This lasted 60-90 seconds. After the investigation L said she had remembered seeing small, rounded headed, beings come through the closed door and stand around her bed. One had acted as spokesman and asked her to come with them. Under hypnotic regression she recalled a very small, thin, bald creature stood by her bed, while further back were a group of even smaller beings with egg shaped heads, deep set lidless eyes that emitted a powerful, painful light, and a hole for a mouth. They transformed into light and took her though the walls into a dome shaped dark object in a nearby field. It was emitting a humming sound. She was taken into a domed room, which seemed larger than the object, where she was put on a sort of table and examined with light that seemed to drain her energy away. Previous to this she had stood in front of a mirror that allowed her to see the blood going through her veins. They wanted her to go onto a mother ship, but she refused and they returned her to the apartment. The girlfriend JB had a confused memory of the incident, and under hypnotic regression has vague recollections of an abduction. 
  • Druffel and Rogo 1980 pp156, 163, 181 + Rogo 1980 p214 citing investigation by Ann Druffel, D Scott Rogo and William McCall.

Summer 1975. Night.
Geoffrey Tandy, a painter and decorator, was walking over the Malvern Beacon when he saw a light travelling from left to right at an estimated 150m. It suddenly stopped and dropped to the ground. The next day he found a triangular mark in the bushes.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p35 citing Crystal Hogben.

Summer 1975. Night.
Ann Haywood was lying awake in her bed, suffering discomfort from recent surgery, with her husband asleep beside her, when there was a sudden gust of wind, billowing the curtains, and the room turned cold. Looking around she saw figures that looked like a woman and two children come in through the window. The “children” stayed by the dresser, but the “woman” came up to her. She wore a garment with a cape, from which came two hands like pigs feet. She had an almond shaped face, pointed wrap round ears and “rat like” mouth. The figure seemed to speak to her, and suck the breath out of her. This figure continued to haunt her for a number of years and left marks on her body. Poltergeist effects were also noted. 

  • Osborn and Ishmael 1981 p16.

Summer 1975. Late night.
Campers John Clark and Ralph Johnson were woken by their dog’s barking and. looking around; saw a 2.7m tall humanoid covered in blond hair moving around their camp with a sort of gliding motion. Ralph threw a frying pan at the thing and then locked himself in the car, while Joh locked himself in the caravan and held his rifle until sunrise. Under hypnotic regression some years later Joh recalled being held in a triangular room while strange beings inserted tubes into his arms and stomach. 
  • Nunnelly 2011 p225.

Summer 1975. 2330hrs.
PC Trent Davis, called out to investigate a light above the radio transmission masts. He saw a huge light, which was triangular in shape, and which followed him to a nearby village. He thought he heard someone whispering to communicate with it. When he flashed his headlights it darted into the distance. Other police officers arrived on the scene and they watched the distant light until they got bored. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p36 citing email from witness and investigation by Joanna Semmerscales.
  • Evaluation: Probably astronomical, the light from the headlight making the light look much dimmer. Some idea of the witness’s state of mind can be found from his claim that the thing moved “hundreds if not thousands of miles of miles away” when he flashed his headlights, though the thing was still visible.

July 1975 (approx. date) 0320hrs.
Mr K Gottschalk (51) was driving home from work when he experienced a strange chilly feeling and the vehicle veered sharply to the right, barely missing two poles to the right of the road. As he slowed and returned to normal, he saw a bright orange light to his left, following the car. He again had trouble steering until the light left, at which the vehicle returned to normal 
  • Basterfield 1997 p201 citing TUFOIC.
  • Rodeghier 1981 p65 citing Australian Centre for UFO Studies files.

Early July 1975. 0300hrs.
Four young people on holiday by the reservoir awoke feeling nervous and then saw a luminous sphere rise out of the water 800m from the shore, emitting a brilliant cold light. As the thing rose, concentric circles of various degrees of width and brilliance formed around it. The object took off across the lake in complete silence, disappearing in about seven minutes. 
  • Mantle and Stonehill 2006 p223.

July 1975 (approx. date) 
A shopkeeper, Dennis Taylor (47) was lying in bed in the flat above the shop when he encountered a faceless robed figure, about 1.5m tall, which moved towards him. He fled. He experienced other anomalous phenomena in the building. 
  • Murdie 2006 p18 citing unspecified issues of East Anglian Daily Times + Bury Free Press in July 1975.

July 1975. 0650hrs.
A 20 year old man out driving at 80kph was paced by a circular orange white glow, which illuminated the countryside. During this time the radio seemed to lose volume 
  • Basterfield 1981 + 1997 p202 citing TUFOIC.

July 1975.
Six School students observed eight mysterious hairy dwarfs, 60cm tall with black hair and white, gleaming eyes, in the reeds near their school. They went into the bushes when the children, aged 10-14, approached them. 

  • Basterfield 1978 citing Sydney Sun-Herald 20 July 1975.
  • Bord 1997 p68 citing Pursuit 12,3 p136 citing Fiji Times 19 July 1975.

July 1975 (or following month) 2100hrs.
A married couple out driving saw what they thought was a meteor. This however stopped and then approached them on level flight. The thing, which was discoid or cylindrical, with a row of luminous panels, seemed to cover the road. They pursued the object, noting a dead silence in the environment, and the thing seemed to respond to the woman’s comments. It then accelerated somewhat and then just disappeared. The couple noticed an unusually large number of animals running around. 
  • Swords 2005 p173 citing John Timmerman.

July 1975. 2130hrs.
A family of four out driving, 30k east of Hobart found their car becoming hot before it stalled. As their car rolled to a stop they saw 200-300m away a white-grey metallic sphere stationary in the centre of the road, about 20m above the ground.. It was silent, 5m wide, grey-white in colour and had an iridescent appearance. The thing then took off and sped out of sight, moving off to the south-south-west in a spiral trajectory The car then worked normally. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p102 + 1997 p202 citing TUFOIC files and ACOS Bulletin 12 p11.
  • Rodeghier 1981 p65 citing ACOS Bulletin December 1977.

July 1 1975. Evening.
About 2km east of town, three people saw an object moving with a bobbing motion. As it passed over a grain elevator, its brilliant light revealed even the nails in the wood. It was a circular object about 25m diameter, with the top and bottom sections rotating in opposite directions. There was also a static central section about 2-2.5m wide in which there were oval windows. The object appeared to land in a nearby field, but before the witnesses could drive their four wheeler up to it, the thing took off again. 
  • Rutkowski 1993 p38 citing UFORUM files.

July 3 1975, 2300hrs.
While driving in an open car, the two witnesses saw a large strip of white light overhead and stopped for a better look. Buy this time it had turned into a multi-coloured row of blinking lights, which encircled a dark, top shaped object. This hovered silently above the treetops for a few minutes and then started to move away. They then chased it in their car as it moved erratically about the sky, but were forced to give up the pursuit a short time later when the thing suddenly left the area. 
  • FSR 21,6 p24 citing a CUFOS report form.

July 4 1975, 0005hrs.
Two people in a car, college student Tom Cahill and his girlfriend Jane Tiger, saw an object coming from a south-westerly direction and crossing over them at about 25m altitude, moving silently at about 8kph. They were awed by the size, structure and graceful movement of the thing, which was about 18-24m diameter. The object itself and the surrounding area were illuminated by non-glaring light. When first seen the light shone from the object’s front and rear, and the dome, which protruded from the object’s top, was lit by a dull green light and appeared divided by metallic bars, while the dome’s interior appeared translucent. From its underside, a bright light appeared to be sweeping the area below. There were also a single red light on its fuselage and two white lights on either side of a central location. Two people in an aircraft, Jim Quodomine and his fiancée, had reported a similar object three hours earlier and there were other independent reports. About this time police radios were disturbed in the area. 
  • Sachs and Jahn 1977 p156 + UFO Investigator August 1975 p2 + September 1975 p1 + (FSR 21,6 p 25 citing CUFOS) all citing investigation by Ernest Jahn.

July 4 1975, 0130hrs.

Two teenage boys stepped outside to get some air after watching late TV. One of them the attention of the other (his younger cousin) to a dark coloured thing, about 2-3m tall, with long arms and negligible neck. Then frightened lads ran back inside. Tracks were found at the site. 
  • Rutkowski 1993 p154.

July 6 1975, 1700hrs.
Tobacco farmer Joseph Borda (48) was walking from the house to the barn on his mother’s farm, when, looking across a rye field, he saw a shiny domed metallic object in the field beyond, 500m away. He first thought was that it was a “flying saucer”, but then dismissed it as a tank truck, even though one could not have been driven into the field without him noticing and carried on working. When he went into that field a couple of days later he felt hot and unwell, and when he returned after lunch, he came across a crushed area 9-12m diameter, in which there was some purple-red substance that was sticky to touch. Analysis of this proved negative. Three days later, while in a field with UFO investigators, they heard a strange “unearthly” female voice speaking in an unknown language, and fled from the scene. 
  • Graham Conway in Canadian UFO Report 3,8 p1 citing investigation by Jim Berneth.
  • UFO Investigator October 1975 p2.
  • Bondarchuk 1979 p27.

July 6 1975, 2015hrs.
15 km from Karoi, Mrs Una Weincler and her husband were out driving, when they saw a bright orange yellow-object, the apparent size of an orange, with a pointed front and jagged tail. It moved and stopped with their car. Minutes later it descended to treetop height, frightened Una, and they drove off. It was seen on many subsequent evenings. 
  • Hind 1982 p105.
  • Evaluation: Astronomical

July 8 1975, 2100hrs.
A man out threshing saw a figure approach a pickup truck a few hundred metres away. He first though that it was his brother-in-law, but then realised that it was a humanoid creature 2m tall with dark hair all over its body. It had exceptionally long arms and legs and no visible neck. When it saw the witness it turned headed to the river, walking with long strides and repeatedly turning its head. It eventually disappeared from view. The observation lasted 10 minutes 
  • Rutkowksi 1993 p155.

July 10 1975, 1300hrs.
As Mr and Mrs Taylor were driving through the country road on their way home from holiday in North Wales, they rounded a corner surrounded by steep embankments topped by high hedges and spotted a figure which had apparently just climbed down the embankment. It was facing them from the road, but turned slightly to stare at them with a startled face as they drove past. At the same time it seemed to pick up something from the roadway. It was at least 1.95, probably more than 2m tall and wore a one piece silvery suit and balaclava type helmet. The face was human but they felt the stare was “mechanical”. 
  • Randles and Warrington 1979 p138 + NUFON News 41 p4 both citing Ron Sargeant
  • Ron Sergeant in Investigation 2 p18 citing his own investigation.

July 10 1975.
A 10 year old boy and girl were playing on the Miller property when they encountered an ape like creature in the 1.8m tall corn. They got the Miller’s 12 year old daughter who also saw it and the children watched the thing from the roof of a low shed until it fled into the woods. The 10 year old boy saw it again two days later. 
  • Don Worley in Dorbos 1976 p291.

July 12 1975. 
Four people walking on a footpath to the top of Highdown Hill saw a disc shaped object land. They then saw a creature with a grey body and a face shaped like a “sideways lemon?). One of the party was then hit by a red beam causing him to fall to the ground, screaming in pain. He quickly recovered and the group ran off. When they recovered their composure they returned to the site but nothing could be found, other than a dip in the land was lined with glowing powder 
  • Norman Oliver in UFO Magazine 11,6 p20.

July 14 1975.
Three people observed an object land in a cornfield. There was a terrific sound, forcing them to cover their ears. One man fired at the object with a rifle, whole another phoned the sheriff. By the time members of the sheriff’s department arrived on the scene, the object had disappeared. Camp Pickett AFB denied military plane involvement. 
  • UFO Investigator August 1975 p3 citing a phone call from one of the witnesses.

July 14 1975, 2230hrs.
Mr DE and a friend were walking to Lamastre, when about 100m from Saint-Julien on the Lamastre road, they saw a dark human form wearing a sort of glowing suit, walking in the same direction. The dark figure turned white and appeared to be gliding above the ground. It turned, looked at the witnesses, who were hiding, then disappeared into a turning, came out and moved towards them, at which they fled to the village searching for shelter, but no-one would help them. They saw the entity for about a minute. They sat outside the terrace of a shut up cafe and saw a round luminous hemisphere rising into the sky, trailing luminous smoke. The dazzling hemisphere was red-orange in colour and moved at moderate speed and altitude in an rectilinear trajectory. They saw this hemisphere for about three minutes, during which the dogs in the town were barking. 
  • Alain Gamard citing Mr Fournier in UFO Information 15 p4 citing own investigation.

July 14 1975, 2300hrs.
A man, his wife, three daughters, son and nephew on a cottage holiday were looking over the water on this clear starry night, when they saw a whitish sphere with a blue centre appear above the centre of the lake at 10m altitude. It began to float towards them, passed overhead and disappeared into the fell behind them. Then three coloured lights appeared over the fell and hovered for 5 minutes before two moved off. The third, a bright orange sphere continued to hover for another 19 minutes, then took off, disappearing in seconds. 
  • NUFON News 115 citing investigation by Dean Ladds.

July 15 1975, 1915hrs.
Wayne Burger (23) and his wife Noeleen had noticed that their electricity was briefly interrupted on a couple of occasions. When he went to lock the house gates, his Alsatian dog was usually nervous and Wayne felt as though he was being watched. He then saw a bright oblong or disc shaped object, with a flat bottom and circular top, surrounded by a white light, moving fast and silently at treetop level 45m away. The thing disappeared behind the trees. 
  • Hind 1982 p107 citing own investigation.
  • Evaluation: Bolide?

July 16 1975.
Eric Burgess and his wife Mickey were in their front garden in Smuts Road, Prospect when they saw a brilliant bright orange light travelling from south to north at treetop height about 300m away. A small orange object separated from the larger body. 
  • Hind 1982 p 108 citing own investigation.
  • Evaluation: Bolide?

July 16 1975, 2325hrs.
School teacher Stephen Jenkins, a colleague Richard Miller, and two boys were examining ley lines when they heard a noise like something hitting the ground. Jenkins saw a dark figure 60m ahead of him in a barley field. It appeared to be 1.95m tall and narrow. It faded to grey, slipped sideways and vanished. A moment later he saw it again 5 degrees to the left, this time it was also seen by the two boys. It again turned grey, turned sideways and vanished. 
  • Jenkins 1977 p114.

July 17 1975, 1830hrs.
Emiliano Velasco, a middle aged man of little education, who worked for the widow Angeles de la Pena, was ploughing a field with his tractor when he heard a discordant sound, which he thought was caused by a loose pipe in the tractor. As he was in the middle of a furlough he decided to continue on to the end. On the end of the run he turned round to come back down the field when he was confronted with a cylindrical object, shaped like a jar, with something resembling a sort of wide dish or hat on top and V shaped feet. . Around this cylinder was a sort of belt with four circles on it, above which were two rectangular windows. From one side came three spokes of an antenna. The cylinder, about 3m high, 3m wide, appeared to be floating above the ground, emitting a silvery light. As Velasco watched the object performed a number of movements in successive circles around him; then, as his tractor moved up the field, the thing began to come closer to him. When he had nearly finished the edge of the field, the object emitted a flash as it passed across in front of his tractor. Then when he had completed his turn, the thing emitted a second flash; he heard a high whistle and one of the panes in his tractor cracked. At this point Velasco ran off sown the high street. The noise was audible all the time, becoming deafening just before the window cracked, Velasco suffered impairment to his sight and hearing and developed anxiety. It transpired that around dusk on the 16th, the residents of the farm “La Castellana” at Pedrosa del Roy, 300m from Villaster, Angel Casas, his wife Angel Gonzalez and his mother in law Leoncia Garcia, all saw a bluish, trail, denser than an aircraft trail, moving upwards in a spiral from the field where Velasco was to have his encounter the next day. The trail persisted for an hour. 
  • FSR 22,3 p8 translating from Stendek 23 citing investigations by Fr Antonio Felices and the .Charles Fort' group.

July 18 1975, 0150hrs.
Newspaper worker Arthur Jones was returning home when he observed a circular object, with a vibrating orange glow hovering about 100m above the ground over a shopping centre about 1.5km away. The thing was the size of a large house and had an opening on the upper part. After a time this opening closed and the thing moved off over the trees. 
  • Hind 1982 p108 citing own investigation.
  • UFO Investigator October 1975 p2 dates this to July 24, says object was 30m altitude, about 480m away.

July 19 1975, 1945hrs.
Farmer Richard Gustafson and his girlfriend, reporter January Maddox, were driving to Junction City when, as they drove past Skiddy Cemetery, they saw a large shiny object in the sky. On it were four cylinders, three in parallel and one below the middle one. The thing descended rapidly, taking 3-5 seconds to reach the ground. The couple first thought that it was a plane crash and rushed to the site. When they got over a rise, they found the field on fire, but no trace of any plane. There were three rings of fire, about 1.5m diameter, burning in the grass, about 4.5-6m, apart in a triangle shape. Two men arrived with sacks to put the fire out. January took some Polaroid photographs of the site. 
  • Landsburg 1977 p6, 155 citing his own investigation.

July 20 1975, 1830hrs.
Allan Wright was in his paddock when he saw a bright green object, somewhat larger than a soccer ball; appear over a clump of bamboo about 350m away. The object then moved off east-west, passing over a neighbour’s house and disappearing within 5 seconds. The local dogs were barking. 
  • Hind 1982 p109 citing her own investigation.

July 21 1975. Day.
Mr Malichev, an artist, was painting in a field near this town, when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Turning around he saw a disc shaped object about 12m in diameter, with three antennae. It was on or close to the ground and near it stood two men and a woman, the latter appearing to be the leader. By telepathy they invited him to go with them. He declined and the beings re-entered the disc, which took off, splitting into 8 parts and then reuniting, becoming a rectangle, torus, cylinder and finally disc again as it landed in the field again. This time Malichev went on board and he was taken to a planet with three moons. On the voyage, which lasted about two hours, he saw a huge face on a screen and encountered his dead best friend among the beings. They showed him a diagram of a body, the outline of one, then just a point in the abdomen, which was supposed to illustrate the three stages of life 
  • Vallee and Castello 1992 p132 citing investigation by Martine Castello.
  • Evaluation: Dream?

July 21 1975, 1900hrs.
Farmer Emaliano Velasco Baez was on his tractor in his fields when he heard a strange sound, which he thought was caused by damage to the engine. He then saw about 80cm above the ground, about 20m away an object that was turning on its axis. As it turned Emaliano saw that the thing was a metallic cylinder surmounted by a cupola that reminded him of a sombrero and a sort of V shaped structure on its underside. On its side were what looked like a window and door. As the thing came within 3m, Emaliano was struck by a deafening whistle, and then by a beam which drilled a hole in the tractor’s rear view mirror. He drove off in fear. His health deteriorated after the incident and his wife blamed his death on the incident, even though it occurred years later. 
  • Alberto Rosales in Anomalist 12 p152 citing Jimenez 2002.

July 22 1975, 1700hrs.
Teenager Trevor P a teenage holiday maker was walking up Wyfla Hill (75m), and on reaching the brow of the hill was unnerved to see in front of him, no more than 15m away, a strange object. It consisted of a large circular base, about 12m diameter, 2.1-2.4m high, surmounted by a hemispherical dome. There were large circular lights, about 1.5m diameter, positioned around the base, shiny brightly with a colour that Trevor could not recognise, and which cast no light on the ground. Between these lights (of which there were about 7) there were deep groves set in the base, which was silvery and rounded at the edges. The dome was transparent and at its apex was another light, about 1.5m across, also emitting an unknown colour. In the centre of the dome, which had a smaller diameter than the base, was a sort of metallic unit 4.5m long and 2.1m high at its highest point. This consisted (left to right), a vertical side, eventually dropping away to the right at 45 degrees, then levelling into a horizontal top that stepped down twice in an irregular pattern. No marks could be distinguished on this unit. Also in the dome were two animate forms that resembled massive, irregular pieces of jelly, about 2m by 2m , which were of a translucent whitish colour, and inside of which appeared to be hundreds of tiny white disks, about 15cm diameter. These forms constantly changed shape, though their masses appeared to be constant. One of these forms was in front of the metal unit, the other one half hidden behind it. 

After crouching, frightened but curious, for about 20-25 seconds, Trevor saw a panel beginning to open on the extreme right of the base. This was the same size as the entities and the one in full view started lowering itself through. Trevor then rushed down the hill to his father, then, for no apparent reason, ran back up to the grounded object. The entity was back in its original position and the hatch was closed. Then the lights on the side and top began to flash simultaneously, blue, brown, green (the colours of the surrounding countryside). These seemed to flash faster and grow larger until they almost enveloped the whole object, which seemed to blend into the background and disappeared. Trevor then ran down the hill saying he had seen a jellyman. When his father investigated there was nothing to be seen. Trevor later developed tonsillitis, followed by psychosomatic blindness that alternated between the eyes, severe headaches, insomnia, a period of total blindness which then cleared somewhat. This was followed by periods of extreme aggression. 
  • FSR 24,4 p14 + BUFORA Journal 8,1 p13 + NUFON News 52 p5 all citing investigation by Andrew Collins etc.
  • Randles 1983a p65.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p40 citing above.
  • BUFORA Bulletin 7 p16.
  • Randles 1993 p64

July 25 1975, 1230hrs.
Mrs Mary X, an invoice typist (about 50) was hanging out her washing when she casually glanced up to the sky and observed a strange object quite high up. She first thought it was an aircraft, then, as it came nearer and there was no sound, she thought it was a helicopter. She watched, transfixed, as the object descended to hover at 7.5-9m altitude, above the trees in a neighbouring garden. The object was like a humming top, tilted towards her, revealing two portholes through which she saw the heads of two occupants. They wore silver suits and divers helmets, had very fair complexions and staring blue eyes. The object, which was silvery all over, started to move off she went to tell her husband, but he said she was “seeing things”. The investigators felt that the witness was prone to fantasy and had a “disorganised memory”. 
  • Patricia Grant in FSR 25,5 p26 citing own investigation.

July 26 1975. Evening.
Farm cooperative employee John Clark (54) was going out for a meal at a local café and had gone round the house when he was struck by an intense bright light coming from above the electricity wires 10m away. He was knocked down, stunned and unconscious for at least an hour. He was badly bruised and very unwell the next day. 
  • Hind 1982 p109 citing her own investigation.
  • Rick Barr in Official UFO 2,6 p38.
  • FSR 21,3-4 p63 citing Rand Daily Mail 30 July 1975.
  • Evaluation: Hoax?

July 26 1975. Night.
Two business associates, Tony Alexander and a companion, were driving from Harare to their motel at Rusape, when at Marondera they became aware of an unusual smell. As they continued their journey they saw a large orange mass behind the trees. They first thought that it was the moon, and then realised that the moon was behind them. The light pursued them for 20 minutes to Macheke. They still felt uneasy and driver was too afraid to stop. The passenger saw the object was shaped like a vertical egg with the top sliced off, and was about 20m diameter and very low. 10 minutes before they reached Rusape the thing took off and disappeared into the sky. 
  • Cynthia Hind in UFOAfriNews 4 p33.
  • FSR 21,3-4 p63 citing Rand Daily Mail, 31 July 1975 dates this to 28th.

July 28 197, 0600hrs.
Three servicemen were on the terrace roof of the radar installation on the Air Force Base when they saw about 150m to the south-east an object moving along about 15-20m above the bottom of the valley. It was travelling very slowly in a north easterly direction, coming across the base fence as it did so. Two of the men, sergeants, went back into the building, while the third man, a radar technician, walked towards the object. The thing was shaped like a rugby ball, with three light, red white and yellow set in a sort of T shape on its top. On the top of the object was a sort of nozzle, pointing towards the ground and emitting an intense light, the rest of the object had a dull grey metallic appearance and seemed to be about 12m long. It emitted a faint hum as it moved along, eventually stopping 3m above the ground 5m away from the witness. Then something like a sliding door appeared in the thing’s side curved round to hit the witness, making him realise that he was on the edge of the roof and in danger of falling off. The thing then changed course and flew off to the east at high speed, disappearing in three or four seconds. The whole observation lasted about 10-15 seconds. 
  • V J Ballester Olmos and J AS Fernandez Peris in FSR 33,4 p19 citing Ballester and Fernandez 1987.

July 28 1975. Night.
A driver saw three widely spaced lights, blue red and orange. The blue light flashed at 0.5 second intervals, the red at every third blue flash, the white light was steady. It was tracked for over an hour on a 60km journey through Chorley, Bamber Bridge and Adlington. It hovered over the M 61 motorway at one point, and at another came low and close over a golf course. At one point the driver flashed his light at the thing, which seemed to reply by stopping flashing. He attempted to take a photograph but apparently without success. The thing reappeared the next night. 
  • NUFON News 16 p10 citing investigation by MUFORA.
  • Evaluation: Duration and length of time of chase along with reappearance next night all point to astronomical source.

July 31 1975. 0730hrs.
Danie van Graan (69) was walking across his land just before sunrise, when he saw, 185m away, what he first thought was a caravan belonging to uranium prospectors. But as he came closer he saw it was a round object, with rounded windows and triangular lights, standing on three legs. In the object he observed four human like beings. They were about 1.5m tall with long, pale, thin faces. high foreheads, slanting eyes, high cheek bones which came down a sharp chin. He estimated they weighted c 55 kilograms. Three of the beings appeared to be keeping Danie under observation, while the fourth work at some sort of instrument panel. When Danie moved to get closer a flap near one of the windows opened and a stream of light hit him in the face, causing his nose to bleed, so he continued his observation from a safe distance. He watched the object and its occupants for about 30 minutes, after which it took off, without a sound, almost hitting a windmill, and disappeared within seconds. At the site five marks (four on the outside, one in the centre), 10cm long, 2cm wide were found an equal distance apart on the hard ground as if a heavy object had rested there. Danie picked up a piece of glass he believed was sand fused at the time. 
  • Official UFO 2,2 p50.
  • Rick Barr in Official UFO 2,6 p39, 61.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 159 p6 citing Cynthia Hind and UFO Report March 1978.
  • Hind 1982 p1.

August 1975 (approx. date) Day.
Darryl T and his wife Toni were camping at a spot 130km SW of Boise, Idaho and had stopped by a small creek to cool off, when they both noticed what looked like a plane that flew silently past the hillside. They then saw a shiny object sitting on an adjoining hillside across the valley. They didn’t think anything of it, got in their truck, which started unusually quickly and drove better than normal on the gradients. Despite their unusually rapid drive they arrived home two hours later than usual on this route. Darryl began to suffer from disabling depression while Tony claimed enhanced psychic abilities. Under hypnotic regression they recalled discussing their different perceptions of the aircraft, then walking towards the object, as if in a trance, Toni 3m behind Darryl. When he reached the object, Darryl felt the surface was like Teflon. A sort of opening appeared and a ladder materialised. Darryl went in. Toni could not remember going in, but remembered the octagonal door, and being inside a place with dark walls on which there were small lights. Under further regression, Toni recalled that when in the room with the lights, one wall became a doorway through which she could see another room where Darryl was lying strapped down on his back on a table. The room was white, had curved walls and a couple of chairs by a small table. A strange instrument was hanging over Darryl. One wall had a round window, which was black at first, then, as if a shade had been pulled up, showed, outside, clouds, then a view of the earth. Then a doorway opened on the opposite wall, and in walked two beings, 1.7 and 1.55m tall, with dark grey wrinkled skin and balloon like fingers. They had no ears and only slits for eyes, nose and mouth, and wore dark grey uniforms. They spoke to Toni with a sound like buzzing bees, but she could understand them to say that they meant no harm, hadn’t intended to follow Darryl, but with her being psychic, she could handle the situation. They then examined Darryl, scanning his body with the machine, which produce a pin beam of light. They then manipulated his arm. which had been injured in boyhood, back straight again. Darryl was unable to open his eyes during this time, but felt overpowered by the creatures’ love, which seemed to be the cause of his depression. Regression was therapeutic and appeared to clear the depression. 
  • Terry Hartman in MUFON UFO Journal 141 p3 citing own investigation.

August 1975 
Roger Bellamy, his wife and four other people were driving through a wooded area in the north west of the state when they saw an upright hairy creature by the road. They looked at the thing for some time before it moved off into the woods. 
  • Rogo and Clark 1979 p6.

August 1975, 0200hrs.
A man alighting from his car after a night out felt compelled to look to the right and saw a disc shaped object come over the building across the street. The thing was overhead, at an altitude of about a story and a half. It was a dull grey metallic object, 12m diameter and was totally silent,. The man then experienced a “telepathic command” not to move, and had the impression that two silhouetted figures were approaching. Next thing he remembered was lying on his bed awake and terrified. After 45 minutes he found himself back in the light and hearing the voice, which ended when he shut his eyes. This occurred three times before falling asleep until the afternoon. 
  • Swords 2005 p102 citing John Timmerman.

August 1975. 2100hrs.
Two teenage sisters, walking back to their rural home, saw a disc shaped object, larger than barn, descend close to them, hover and then approach, at which they felt heat on their faces. They ran from the scene and felt the heat on their backs as they did so, and heard a hissing sound. When they reached a creek the elder sister got over, but the other just stood mesmerised by the thing overhead. The older girl returned and had to shake and slap her sister to rouse her from her trance, at which she fell to the ground and had to be hauled up and almost dragged away. Hay in the fields was spinning counter clockwise as they ran. Eventually the object disappeared though they could not remember how, and though they thought that only 20 minutes had elapsed, in fact it was now about 90 minutes later. 
  • Swords 2005 p79 citing John Timmerman.

August 1975. 2200hrs.
A young couple were making a fire in a wooded behind Sherwood Avenue when the 29 year old woman saw two red eyes some 10m away. They appeared to belong to an inhuman bulky creature about 2m tall. The thing lowered itself slowly and disappeared into the foliage. 
  • Arnold 2013a p175 citing own investigation.
  • Evaluation: Animal? Not revealed for more than 30 years.

August 1 1975, 2025hrs.
Brad C (14) was fishing in the shallow water of the lake when he noticed a glowing orange sphere in the sky, the apparent diameter of a marble at arm’s length. He thought it was a meteor and noted the time on his wristwatch so he could check with observatories. Looking up again, he realised that it was not a meteor; it was moving too slowly, left no trail and did not appear to be burning. 
The sphere then changed direction and began circling the lake, travelling in a curved southern course, returning to its original position at a somewhat lower altitude. This lasted for 10 seconds. The object then abruptly stopped and began a very slow, vertical descent, suddenly changing from orange to white. John watched as the thing slowly settled on the surface of the lake. When the object was halfway between the treetops and the lake surface, Brad was struck by a smell like rotting eggs, which caused him to vomit. The object was now just above the water. Brad then heard a light hissing sound. The object submerged completely in about 2 minutes, sending out ripples across the water. It was totally submerged at 2035. When Brad arrived home he was agitated and his eyes were smarting. He returned to the spot with his father but they could find nothing. 
  • APRO Bulletin 24,11 p1 citing investigation by Ronald Simjian.

August 2 1975, 2000hrs.
Two people were driving through a turn when they saw a silvery-grey rectangular object, 15m long, hovering at 30m altitude. They passed by within 45m of the thing and obtained a side view of the flattened rectangle. After passing they pulled off the road and turned to observe the object again, but it had vanished. 
  • FSR 21,6 p24 citing CUFOS.

August 3 1975. Night.
A cigar shaped object, emitting multi-coloured flashes of light in which orange predominated, was observed to settle for a moment on the top of a hill. This was witnessed by a number of people. A newsstand attendant, who was about to go and fetch his supply of newspapers, was attacked by a strong chemical smell that irritated his eyes and nose. A couple reported that the area was bathed in yellow-orange glow. As a number of people, including students, rushed off towards the hill, the cigar shaped object shot off, after a few seconds, on a straight trajectory towards the Pacific 
  • FSR 22,2 p3 citing La Razon (BA) 4 August 1975.

August 4 1975, 0400hrs.
Ricardo Villanueva (36) and his wife, Margarita Ardiles (32) were driving in their motor van when Margarita saw what she thought was a meteor. Shen then realised that there were other, similar, objects. Ricardo joked that these things were “flying saucers” but he rapidly became afraid and began to accelerate. Almost immediately of these objects swooped down at his van at terrific speed, causing Margarita to grasp her husband in panic. The thing was a sort of huge, fiery, intensely luminous orange ball, which stationed itself behind the van at about 30m from the side of the road. Ricardo was intent on accelerating, while Margarita hid her face in her hand. Ricardo was dazzled by the reflection of the object in his driving mirror for a few moments. The object then rose up swiftly, receding to a pin point of light and then vanishing. 
  • ibid.
  • Evaluation: I cannot find this place name in Google. The name translates as 'Bitter Truths'.

August 5 1975, 0600hrs.
A man driving to work found his car lights going dim, so he decided to return home. On the return journey he saw a brilliant white circular light descending in slow motion at 30-45 degrees, disappearing behind hills in 10 seconds. When he got back home he found the battery was flat. 15 minutes later it was working perfectly. 
  • Basterfield 1997, p203 citing TUFOIC files.
  • Rodegier 1981 p65 citing ACUFOS files gives location as Orielton.

August 6 1975.
A CE2 report No further details. 
  • Rath 1998 p47.

August 9 1975, 2215hrs.
Four people, including a police officer, watched an unusual object that moved slowly and low altitude across the road they were on. The object was a white disc 60m long, which was rotating between two narrow, 60m long, cylinders. The disc was titled at a 30 degree angle to the cylinders and appeared to be attached to them. The cylinders carried bright yellow-orange lights on each end, while square areas around the disc emitted a flashing yellow light. The witnesses observed the thing until it was gone from sight. The object made no sound as it travelled along at about 160kph. 
  • FSR 21,6 p24 citing CUFOS.

August 13 1975, 0120hrs.
Sergeant Charles L Moody, a decorated Vietnam War veteran, stationed at Holloman Air Force Base, had driven into an area of the desert, where the city lights were not visible, in order to view a meteor shower. He was sat on the front fender of his car, smoking, when he was shocked to see a huge metallic, faintly luminous, disc shaped object drop out of the sky about 90m away, He was puzzled by the unusual configuration of the aircraft, which appeared to be about 15m long, and 5.5-6m wide. It came to down to a height of 4.5-6m, wobbled like a top, stabilised, then came towards the car at walking pace. Realising it was something unusual, Moody got back into the car, only to find that it would not start, that the lights would not go on, and it appeared the car had no battery at all. By now the object had stopped still about 20m away. Moody heard a high pitched sound like a dental drill. He saw, on the centre right of the object, an oblong shaped window 1.5m long, 1m wide, through which he could see shadowy human forms. The humming stopped, he began to go numb, then he next remembered sitting in his car, while the object took off, going out of sight in seconds. 

He drove rapidly back home and was surprised to see that it was now 0300. He was pale and upset, He developed a pain in his back and a rash on the lower part of his body. It appeared that using some sort of auto-hypnosis, he obtained “recall” of the missing 90 minutes. he claimed contact with beings 1.5m tall, weight 110-130 pounds, with large hairless heads, somewhat larger than human eyes, very small ears, small nose and thin lips. They had black, skin tight, suits, save for one in a silvery suit, who spoke to Moody. The inside of the craft was as clean as an operating theatre and was lit by a light, the source of which could not be determined. Moody was touched on the back and legs with a rod, taken into a small dim room which descended to a room about 7.5m across with a huge carbon rod going through its centre. Around this were three glassy spheres, filled with crystals, with a rod at each end. This, he was told, was the drive unit. There was a large black box at the other end of the room, the purpose of which he was asked not to reveal. Further talks followed. Later he recalled that as he sat in his car it became enveloped in a glow, and two beings glided towards him. he fought the beings, lost consciousness, then came to on a table in a room, with the white suited leader, whose face was white-grey, like a mask. He also added that the two rooms he was were larger than the external dimensions of the craft. The being claimed that limited contact would be made over the next twenty years, and that several races were co-operating. 
  • Lorenzen 1977 p39 + Coral Lorenzen in APRO Bulletin 24,3 p3 + 24,12 p6 + 25, 1 p3 citing her own investigation.
  • Stringfield 1978b p88.

August 13 1975, 2250hrs.
Evald Hansen Maarup, a police officer, was driving home to Knud in his patrol car when, as he was driving down into a hollow, his car was engulfed by a blinding blue-white light, which forced him to shield his eyes. The car engine, lights and radio all failed and the car began to warm up, as though it was a warm summer day. He saw that the inverted light cone, bottom diameter 4-5m, came from the underside of a round object about 10m in diameter, into which it then retracted. The thing was about 20m altitude and had things like domes on the underside. He took three photographs with his automatic patrol car camera, before getting out for a better look. As he did so, the thing took off vertically and silently at great speed. The photographs showed a light source and he passed the film to the Danish Air Force. 
  • Hall 1988p 282 citing MUFON UFO Journal 106 citing SUFOI Newsletter August 1975.

August 14 1975 (approx. date) 0150hrs.
Air Force Captain V G Platsev was in a rural location on this cool clear night, waiting from transport into Borisoglebsk when his attention was caught by a dark mass in a field. Suspecting it might by a car or tractor in difficulties he set out to see if aid was needed. When he got to within 80m of the thing he saw that it was a disc, surmounted by a dome, which was lit from within and from this light he could see a humanlike figure silhouetted. When Platsev got within 30m he saw another, similar, figure inside the dome. As he moved still closer he encountered a sort of barrier and lost consciousness. When Platsev came to he set out to get at the thing, but as he ran towards it, the thing retreated, staying a constant 25m ahead. The object then rose vertically and soundlessly up to 3m,where it stopped for a moment before rising to 15m and crossing the road. The thing landed again on the other side of the road but when Platsev approached again, the thing took off once more and headed towards Voronezh town at speed. It appeared the incident lasted about 1 hour, but to Platsev it seemed only 15 minutes. 
  • Haines 1999 p226 citing files of Vladimir Rubtsov.

August 15 1975, 2330hrs.
Mr Dominique Samie, on leave from military service was driving his father’s car, with a friend, Patrick Pingwak when, 100m from the village of Andelot they noticed, on the left hand side of the road, a dim white light, which rapidly grew in intensity. This light followed them for 50m, at which Patrick stopped and took a photograph. The light was by then an intense orange semi-circled, which emitted a beam of intense light, which, however, did not illuminate the countryside. As the photo was taken the object shot towards the pair and Samie backed up 500m, the object following, the top part emitting a dim white light. As they drove away Patrick took another photograph. Samie arrived home at 0015 and awoke his father Andre, who went to investigate. At the Cirey-Les Moirelles crossroads on RN 65 they saw a hemispherical object, glowing red-orange, at ground level, oscillating slightly over a small wood. They drove on to CD137 for a better view. Two cars passed without stopping and then another object approached from over the car. The pair then drove to Chantereines where they saw the object hovering 30m above the street. As they drove on to between Chantereines and Blanchville, the object appeared again in the road behind the car. Then at the entrance to Blanchville moves in front of them and then disappeared after a moment. 
  • MUFON UFO Journal 108 p10 citing Eric Meylan in Ouranous 15 citing his own investigation.

August 17 1975, 1810hrs.
Henry Authers and his father-in-law Mr L Sealy were driving home to Shabani from the mine, when about 24.5km from town theysaw what they thought was a bus approaching them at speed. When they turned a corner they saw that it was going in their direction, not towards them, heading down a slope. They thought that this was a bus, in which one person standing and another sitting. This bus appeared to be domed, with panoramic windows, with narrow black pillars, though which a strong white light was shining. The thing then turned a corner, and when they followed there was no sign of the object and nowhere it could have turned off.
  • Hind 1982 p 114 citing her own investigation.

August 17 1975m 2225hrs.
A 33 year old police officer saw a strange bright light, surrounded by red and green rotating ones. He lost sight of the thing, but after about 3-4 minutes, his car engine, headlights and radio all failed for no apparent reason for 30 seconds. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p66 citing CUFOS files.

August 22 1975, 2145hrs.
Julio Hernandez (24) and his girlfriend Begona Macias (21) were driving from Polos to Castrouno when they saw a huge red object, shaped like a vertical rugby ball. It approached and passed right over their car, only 4m above the roof. While Julio was comforting the terrified Begona he saw the thing swing away and make another pass at them. The couple returned to Pollos and collected a friend Mario to go back with them. At the site they found the object stationary above a mound in the local cemetery. They were so shaken they went for a drink to calm down. Other witnesses appeared on the scene and some reported that the object was still visible at 0300. They all described it as a vertically rugby ball or egg, one side a vivid red, the other a pale yellow-red. The thing was rotating on its axis, projecting a beam of vivid white light to the ground from time to time. Julio described three projections, one above, two below, from which these beams were coming. The thing had a greater angular diameter than the full moon and its light did not cause anyone discomfort. 
  • Ignacio Darnaude R-M in FSR 22,6 p27 citing investigation by the 'Charles Fort' Group.

August 25 1975, 0100hrs.
Ian Simpson (22), a marine commando at Abroath, was driving near Lord’s Hil when he observed a luminous red sphere that appeared to have taken off from a field beside the road. The thing paced his car, rising and falling, and as it did so, the car engine began to misfire and its lights flickered. The object emitted no sound and eventually vanished in a downwards direction. Ian was very shaken by the experience. 
  • Shuttlewood 1979b p53.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p47 citing Ken Rogers + The Dewey Museum.

August 26 1975, 0405hrs.
Mrs Sandra Larson a cocktail waitress and country singer was being driven to Bismark, with her 19 year old daughter Jackie, by 20 year old LM, a friend of Jackie’s. When about 70km west of Fargo on IS94 they heard a terrific rumbling and the sky was lit by a bright flash. Glancing out of the window, they saw 8-10 glowing orange spheres coming out of the southern sky, eastwards and groundwards at 30 degrees. The objects, one large, the others smaller, came within 15m, stopping 6m above the ground over a grove of trees. Three of the objects shot away, as did half of one of the others, which seemed to split in some way. Though doing 80kph the party felt frozen in their seats, and, when they recovered their wits, Jackie was in the back seat, where before she had been sat between the driver and her mother. On stopping at Tower City the time was found to be 0523, indicating a time loss of somewhat more than an hour. On seeing a TV programme on the Hill case, Sandra, who had experienced an unusually heavy menstrual flow on reaching Bismark and who had began to suffer from nightmares, became increasingly disturbed. Hypnotic regression was undertaken, during which Sandra described how the objects landed, the car being dragged to a spherical object the size of a large house, just above the ground. She next recalled lying on a long narrow table, strapped down, with LM strapped on a vertical table. Her clothing had been removed and she was examined by one or more large beings with glaring eyes, which stared out of a face that was wrapped up like a mummy. An instrument rubbed cold liquid over her body, a sort of knife with a cotton swab on the end scraped her nose and, in some way, her brain was taken out of her body and put back differently in a way which reduced her autonomy. Sandra and LM were then floated out of the object back to the car, which was in a ditch about 60m from the landed object. Under regression all that Jackie could recall was standing in a field. Sandra also recalled operating a machine with switches and an examination of her sexual organs. During the investigation additional encounters were reported and Jackie developed an episode of dissociation. 
  • Jerome Clark in Rogo 1980 p138 + UFO Report August 1976 + Lorenzen 1977 p52 call citing investigation by Jerome Clark, Leo Sprinkle and J Allen Hynek
  • Skylook 100 p10.
  • Peters 1977 p56.

August 27 1975, 2030hrs.
Secretary Mrs Jill Bodman (22) was driving with her Bob, a photographer on the Reading Chronicle, towards Wokingham, when at Winnersh, she saw an object in the sky. She first thought that it was an aeroplane or helicopter, but it was so low that she thought it might crash. She then realised that it was an unconventional object, bell shaped, with a rounded bottom, moving just above the rooftops. It had small indentations along over its surface, was metallic grey in colour, with flashing green and white lights on the top. There were no windows in the object, which appeared large enough to carry two people. Bob, who was driving, only got a brief glance at it. It The thing went behind trees several times and finally disappeared from sight at Emmbrook Park. It was observed for five minutes. A resident saw something hovering in the area at 2200 but gave no details. 
  • FSR 21, 3-4 p60 citing Reading Chronicle 29 August 1975.

August 27 1975. Night.
A woman driving along Henley Road towards Shiplake had just passed the Flowering Spring inn when she saw a dark blue object, about 4m diameter, hovering only a metre or so above the hedgerow. It had a rounded bottom, domed top and a brilliant yellow-white flashing light. Neither the hedge nor the grass under the object appeared disturbed. The frightened woman drove away from the scene. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p46 citing Leslie Harris.

August 28 1975. Early hours
At an undisclosed location a policeman on his beat looked up and saw a red sphere bouncing along at 15m altitude. He retreated hurriedly and concealed himself in a shop doorway. There he kept observation on the object and called up other officers on his radio, but by the time they had arrived the thing had gone. This object was an amber-red sphere moving east to west. The observation lasted four minutes and he heard a whirring sound. The object bobbed up and down between altitudes of 15-60m. The object appeared to glow and had lights on it. The police officer was extremely frightened by the experience. 
  • D J Parry.

August 29 1975, 2245hrs.
Mr R Cyrus (48), a retired gendarme, shopkeeper and prominent citizen of Muret was driving along the D10 from Longages to the RN 125 south of Noe when about three quarters of the way along the route, he saw a dark mass 10m away in a field on the right hand side of the road. It was aluminium grey coloured metallic looking object, about 7m long, rather more than that in width, and about 3m high. As Cyrus arrived abreast of it, the underside of thing lit up with a phosphorescent glow. It then glided towards the car at bonnet level and shot out a dazzling light as bright as the sun. Cyrus put up his arms to protect his head and the car slipped into a 20m deep ditch. The object shot up, almost at once, into the air and took up a position, silently, directly above the car, emitting a red light, which dimmed and brightened several times. Cyrus seems to have had an about 30 seconds gap in his memory, coming to his sense when another motorist, coming from the opposite direction, opened the door for him. This man had seen the object swoop on Cyrus’s car from a distance of 150m, and had feared that the car was about to explode. Cyrus suffered from shock, speechlessness during the incident, extreme sleepiness, he would fall asleep if not active all the time, and black patches before his eyes one morning two days after the incident. His watch also started to gain. There were no effects on the car. Apart from the second witness, who did not which to get involved, there were two other potential witnesses, Mr L Gain and Mrs G Tegedor. This lady, who had seen a glow at the time of this incident, encountered another intensely bright glow at ground level some distance from the first. It was produced by two lights, larger than car headlights, which lit up the whole countryside like and hurt her eyes with their dazzling glare. This later incident occurred at 0100 on the 30th. There were no traces found at the original site. 
  • FSR 22,2 p7 translating from G Cattiau. R Gayral and D Lacenal in LDLN 153 citing their own investigation.
  • Hall 2001 p221.

August 31 1975 (or previous week). 2000hrs.
Service engineer Alan Fallows (22) was driving his service van from Wakefield to Mossley, when just after Holmfirth; he entered hill mist, which reduced visibility down to 15m. As he approached Wessenden Head, he noticed a white shape by the side of the road. Stopping, he saw an object which appeared to be the size of a farmhouse, 250 degrees from his location. The object, which was 100m away, was shaped like a finless barrage balloon and emitted a light which appeared to create a sort of tunnel through the mist. The only mark on the object was a lack circular ring, 1m diameter, on the rear underside. The object now began to move towards Alan, so he turned off his headlights. Coming within 18m the object turned slightly. Using the marker posts (1.2m by 150mm by 50mm), Alan was able to assess that the object approached within 7.6m as it cleared to posts by 2m. Using the road as a guide, investigators calculated that the object was 7.5m long and wide and 4.5m high at the front, tapering to 6m wide, 3.6m high at the rear. It resembled a huge egg with a flattened base, was coloured white, and resembled a large plastic bag with a light inside. As the object passed across the road and down the valley, now back at ground level, Alan saw that it was being followed by two sheep, one of which was bleating, this being the only sound Alan heard during the episode. The object followed the valley until it was lost to sight behind an outcrop. As the thing disappeared from sight, Alan felt a popping in his ears. During the 7 minute observation he had felt paralysed with fear, and afterwards he drove away as fast as the weather permitted. 
  • Jeff Porter and Peter Warrington in NUFON News 31 p7 citing their own investigation.
  • Manchester Evening News 21 March 1977 p7.
  • Randles and Warrington 1979 p110.
  • Randles 1983b p42.
  • Randles 1998 p61.

Fall 1975.
A rancher’ daughter was in the house alone when she saw something resembling a helicopter fly over a field about 100m away, going down below the height of a building on the property. It came within 30m of the house, and she heard a sort of muffled sound. 
  • Adams 1991 p19 citing Berkeley Barb 27 February-4 March 1976.

Autumn 1975.
Stewart Sanborn was driving north of Lake Okanagan when a peculiar light in the sky caught his attention. A moment later it disappeared behind hills. As he was approaching Kamloops a few minutes later, he noticed two lights, one red, the other green, about 10m apart, moving slowly. They almost stopped, a light came on and Sanborn saw what looked like a cabin between the lights. A door opened and a man, wearing horseshoe shaped headgear with red and green lights, seemed to jump out. He fell 15m, then the light went out. The object then started off again, veering to the left at great speed. He was informed that there was no aerial activity at that time. 
  • W K Allen in Canadian UFO Report 5,2 p3.

Autumn 1975. Evening.
John and Helen Birnie and their three children were driving on the A832 when they saw a woman wearing a uniform of a black dress, white apron and cap, appear as if from nowhere, walking along the front ahead of them, her hands clasped together and head bowed. The figure took no notice of the car, and when it had passed her, the family looked back but the woman was nowhere to be seen. 
  • Adams 1998 p34

Autumn 1975. Evening.
Two soldiers saw a huge disc shaped object giving off beams of orange light as it circled overhead. One of them went back to camp to give the alarm while the other kept watch. When the reinforcements arrived the guard was missing. A fruitless search was undertaken, but several hours later the missing man reappeared, his hair, beard and eyebrows showing extensive growth, his memory gone and his watch stopped. 
  • Paul Dong in FSR 29,6 p17 citing Zhang Ke-Tao.
  • Dong and Stevens 1983 p84.
  • Evaluation: Appears to be an unconfirmed rumour, possible hoax by Zhang.

Early September 1975.
Two telephone company operatives working on a mountain top saw a sort of helicopter land in the valley below. An occupant got out for a short time and then re-entered the thing, which took off. 
  • Adams 1991 p16 citing Luis Girodo.

Early September 1975.
A forest service employee encountered several people in black hoods and robes walking along the creek. The next day mutilated cattle were found in the area. 
  • Albers 1979 page 86

September 1975. Evening.
A cook at All Saints Hospital turned round to see a figure resembling a nun dressed in grey. It disappeared into steam. 
  • Green 1997 p32.

September 1975. 2130hrs.
Keith Boland, a trainee priest, had to use a telephone box to call his parents. People were waiting outside and told him that a woman had been inside for 20 minutes and walked off. He opened the door to hurry the woman up, but as he did so she just faded away. 
  • Green 1977 p119.

September 1975. Night.
Three women coming home from a wedding shower in two cars when they observed a triangular object, larger than a van, widest part in front, resembling a tower with multi-coloured flashing lights, approach at just above treetop level. The thing was silent, was travelling slowly. 
  • Marler 2013 p174 citing Biwabik Times 3 August 1978.

September 1975. Night.
For a few days before the twelfth, a strange medium sized figure dressed in black was reported, moving like an ape, jumping off verges, gesticulating and throwing stones at people. No-one was able to get closer than 20m to the figure, which ran away or disappeared when approached. 
  • Awareness 4,4 p12 citing Le Soir 12 September 1975.

September 1975. 2055hrs.
Steven Smith, a territorial soldier, was motorcycling along Wickford Road, with two friends, when he saw two lights in his rear view mirror. The girl riding pillion looked behind and her yell caused him to crash into a ditch. Looking up they saw a bullet shaped object, with a flashing light underneath, pass overhead to the south. He reported the matter to the police and military, the latter telling him to forget about the incident. Paint on the motorcycles peeled after the incident. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p51 citing Brenda Butler and Ron West.
September 1 1975. Evening.
Farmer Kenneth Tosh saw a hairy humanoid figure about 2m tall about 6m from his house. It had strange red-pink glowing eyes. Over the next few days a neighbour Marion Parrett shot at it with his hunting rifle but without effect. The thing had a sulphury “rotten egg” and left a three toed track. The thing appeared again over a period of weeks Toward the end of this period two such creatures were seen, making noises to each other. The second one was grey in colour and about 15cm shorter. 

  • Clark 2012 p92.
  • Clark and Coleman 1978 p93 citing investigation by Jerome Clark.

September 4 1975, 0030hrs.
A 58 year old man was out driving in a mountainous area near Mt Wilson when he saw a triangular formation of turquoise blue lights. He kept these in view as he drove doewn the mountain. Finally he stopped to get as better view and as he did so his car radio became filled with static. The 3m wide formation came within 800 of his car at closest point. After 15 minutes he lost sight of these lights. 

  • Rodeghier 1981 p66 citing CUFOS files.

September 14 1975.
Paul M (16) was walking the dog when he saw an object in a field. He called his uncle, publican Michael Hennessy, who was sat in the out- house. He saw a silvery-chrome, disc shaped object, 1.8m wide, hovering in the field, spinning rapidly and emitting a humming noise. After about 2 minutes the thing took off and disappeared into a nearby valley. 

  • FSR 21, 3-4 p62 citing Dublin Evening Herald 15 September 1975.

September 15 1975. Night.
Frances Victor (45), who on August 10th, had seen a circular object with four landing gears, in the sky at Gilroy (Ca), along with her daughter and a friend, woke to find two beings, with slit like eyes, noses and mouths and dressed in very tight fitting latex kike suits, stood by her bed. The beings communicated that they wanted her to go with them so that they could collect information. She was taken by the elbows and led out through the front door and then flown up to an object like the one seen at Gilroy. She was floated into the thing through a central core and up a ramp, through three layers, until she reached a circular room with an emerald floor. The room was lit by a milky white light and the walls, on which were a variety large circular objects, were silvery. Suddenly a door opened and she was blinded by an intense white light and woke up in bed in daylight. The front door was unlocked and open. On May 15 1978 she experienced an episode in which she was apparently beaten up by an invisible force. 
  • Vallee 1991 p 92 citing his own investigation.

Mid September 1975. 0300hrs.
A farmer on the way to the bathroom looked out of the window and observed a red light, the size of a car headlight, in a Soya bean field about 75m away. At the edge of an area illuminated by a night light a large bipedal creature was walking towards the light with a forward swaying motion. Suddenly the red light flared up like a magnesium flash for 5 seconds, then vanished, along with the creature. That morning the farmer found a 9m diameter circle of browned Soya beans. 
  • Clark and Coleman 1977 p84 citing investigation by Don Worley.
  • Worley in Dorbos 1976 p291 dates this to August 1975.

September 15 1975. Night.
Two people in a rural area were watching TV when their attention was caught by a 2.5m tall hairy humanoid that left a huge pile of faeces in their back yard. 
  • Newton 2010 p63.

September 16 1975, 0200hrs.
Advertising manager Jack Hennequin was taking his 19 year old girlfriend home when they observed a round object, with a central red light, around which white lights were circling. There was also a green light. The object descended rapidly disappearing behind the trees in two minutes, as if it had landed in a nearby field. Police searches were fruitless. Jack was fascinated by the incident but the girl was afraid 
  • FSR 21,3-4 p60 citing Caterham Times 19 September 1975.
September 19 1975 (approx. date) 2335hrs.
A man woke up and looked through his caravan windows. He saw a jet black object about 1m high, 60-80cm diameter, with an iridescent blue window and 2.5cm diameter holes on its underside, taking off. When level with the window it hovering briefly, with a slight vertical motion before taking off vertically, disappearing in a couple of seconds. The man searched the area but nothing was found. There was a sound like that of an electric motor during the incident. 
  • UFORA Research Digest 16 p 3 + 18 p18 citing UFO Research Queensland.

September 20 1975, 2100hrs.
A married couple were cleaning their mobile home when they wife drew her husband’ attention to something that resembled a gossamer like disc, 20cm in diameter, about 60cm outside their back door. After watching for a few seconds they realised that it was not a spider’s web. It turned on its side and rose from 1.8 to 3m above the ground, and then after a few seconds, returned to the ground and repeated the movements and hovering over the top of their trailer. They noticed no sound. At this point the lady became disturbed by this object, and hit it with a broom breaking it into two identical discs, which flew off in opposite directions. 
  • Stan Gordon in Skylook 99 p13.

September 22 1975. Night.
The driver of a pickup truck was almost forced off the road by something resembling a helicopter. He used his CB to call for help and when police arrivrd they found in a frantic state. One officer shot at the thing and heard a ricochet. Personnel from several agencies chased the thing, which made a sort of whistling sound, first to the west and then to the north, where it went out of sight. 
  • Adams 1991 p17.

September 25 1975, 2340hrs.
Mrs Elsa W was lying, wide awake, in bed, when a ray, as bright as magnesium, shot into the room through the window. It shot in as far as the kitchen and then out again. It was a band of light, 15cm thick that was clearly defined and reached 9-10m into the kitchen, coming within 4m of her head. It did not illuminate the room. There was no thunder and when Elsa looked out of the bedroom window, there was nothing to be seen. No damage was caused. 
  • Ernest Berger in FSR 23,1 p24 citing his own investigation.

September 30 1975, 0330hrs.
At the Kent Plott Dairy, 11km south of Corning, Hubert Brown (22) had gone to round up the cows in back lot, when he saw that the area was lit up like day. The light came from a domed disc hovering and emitting a red light and humming sound. Brown ran back to the dairy and got co-worker Tyrone Phillips (38). The two men watched the object, which seemed to raise a cloud of dust behind the barn, so that the cows fled from the area, until; it took off in a flash. 
  • Hall 1988 p283 citing Skylook 95.

October 1975. 0400hrs.
Some kilometres south-west of Sterling, two cattle men were sat out watching out for feared cattle mutilators, when they saw three human like figures which seemed to glide over the feed lot fence. The sheriff’s department was called and though officers reached the spot in minutes, so sign of the intruders could be found and there were no footprints in the muddy field. 
  • Howe 1989 p39.

October 1975
Two young women reported that they had shot at a hairy humanoid that had entered their lot. The thing then ran off. Broken branches were found at the site. 
  • Howe 1989 p39.

October 1975.
Local residents saw something like a giant tailless bipedal lizard. 
  • Nunnelly 2011 p34.

October 1975. 1500hrs.
A married couple were at their hillside home north of Nice when they saw something like a metallic box approaching, following the contours of the valley at their altitude of 100m. The thing was black 2m x 90cm x 1,2m, full of little holes, and illuminated by an interior light. The thing carried on towards the Alps. 
  • Swords 2005 p162 citing John Timmerman.

October 1975. 1800hrs.
A young mother having tea suddenly found herself compelled to look outside. On the rooftop opposite was a dome with a flat bottom. There were 4 openings in the dome and 4 on each side of the rim. The thing crawled along to the edge of the rooftop. At which point it flipped on edge, revealing a dark round underside, with orange-yellow lights. It appeared to be 4.5-6m wide and 2.1-2.4m high. After being in few for a few seconds it went out like a light bulb. During the experience the woman felt “transfixed” as if compelled to watch the thing. 
  • NUFON News 57 p6 citing investigation by Bryan Hartley.

October 1 1975, 2000hrs.
Michio Hikawa (19) and Takeshi Furuya (18) had stopped in the parking lot of the Southern Alps National Park, while out on an evenings drive in Michio’s father’s Suzuki car. Takeshi became agitated, saying that he could see children that were dressed like beggars, and girls in white clothes, 1m tall. Michio saw nothing and turned on the car’s headlights, which Takeshi’s said made the beings disappear. While they were wondering about this, the car was pulled back several metres so rapidly that Takeshi fell forward, Michio holding on the steering wheel, was not much affected. This pulling motion was repeated twice more despite the car being parked on level ground with the parking brake firmly on. Frightened, they drove back to town at high speed. As conversation turned to “spacemen” Takeshi remembered that the figures had yellow, glowing eyes, and that he had seen something like a cow’s hoof rubbed down the window on his side. Going back to town and meeting their friends (who, however, refused to accompany them back to the spot) allowed them to pluck up courage to return. The car was again pulled several times, on one occasion they were actually able to see the wheels spinning when they got out. They called out with no response. The next day Mr Michio Snr noted marks on the car, and on examination, a piston was found to be broken and the battery was surprisingly low.
  • Jun-Ichi Takanashi in APRO Bulletin 25,5 p6.

October 2 1975, 1630hrs.
A young housewife in a rural area outside of Greensburg was taking down some curtains in her bedroom when she was shaken to see a metallic sphere about 30cm in diameter, reddish brown in colour, with spikes sticking out all around the sides, hovering outside her bedroom window, emitting a low beeping sound. After several seconds the thing spun slowly around until and opening was opposite her. It then ascended straight up into the sky and vanished. 

  • Stan Gordon in Skylook 99 p13.

October 5 1975, 1930hrs.
Steve Evans and Roy X were walking in the Heaven’s Gate area on a sky-watch, when they felt as though they were being watched and saw a figure running away from the bushes. They gave chase but the figure ran into the entrance of a hollow bush and when they arrived on the seen, it had vanished. Its feet did not appear to make any sound while running across the twigs and bracken. When they reached the spot, they had the feeling of something running past them into the open. 

  • Paget 1980 p60.

October 7 1975, 2030hrs.
Robert Suffern (27),a carpenter, was watching TV, when he received a phone call from his sister, Mrs Shirley Greer, who said she had seen a glow in the sky, and wondered if his barn was on fire. He went outside but saw nothing, though he heard the cattle moving about. He then called Shirley again to come and baby-sit, as his wife was out for the evening. When she arrived, he drove off in his car. he saw nothing until he turned on to a side road and encountered a circular object about 2.4-2.7m high, 3.5-4m diameter, the surface of which was crinkled and was the colour of the dull side of aluminium foil. It resembled a disc sitting on a half disc with a squat, stubby protuberance beneath. There was no sound and after a moment the object took off into the night. Then, turning for home along the 3 Mile Lake Road, Robert encountered, no more than 3-4.5m away, a short figure, 1.2 to 1.5m tall with disproportionately broad shoulders. It wore a silvery, one piece, suit, and its head was covered with a white globe. 

The being was on the grassy shoulder of the road and about to cross from Robert’s right to left. It suddenly pivoted and turned towards the pasture, reached up with its hands, grabbed the fence post, and vaulted over without any effort, its movements agile “like an ape or midget”. Robert then returned home and put the children to bed. The TV was on, then the sound, followed by the picture faded out for several seconds. Going to the door, Robert saw an orange fluorescent light heading out to the lake, following the lie of the land. Her then called the authorities. No traces were found. He later claimed that three men “from the government” came down and told him everything there was no know about “the space people” and the government’s co-operation with them. 

  • Henry McKay in APRO Bulletin 24,7 p6 citing own investigation.
  • UFO Investigator February 1976 p3.
  • Harry Tokarz and Wayne Forsythe in UFO Pulse Analyser 2 p20 citing own investigation and John Conway (or Cosway) in Toronto Sun 9 October 1975.
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  • Musgrave 1979 p23 + 53 case 81 citing McKay op cit + Canadian UFO Report 3,3 p5 and Conway/Cosway in Sunday Sun 23 October 1975.

October 9 1975, 0330hrs.
A man driving along the highway found his way blocked and was forced to turn round by fifteen masked individuals blocking the road. 

  • Albers 1979 p87

October 9 1975, 0600hrs.
A woman letting out the cat saw a creature 1.05m tall that seemed to be “running down the street in slow motion”, leaving a trail of sparkling white behind it 

  • Musgrave 1979 p53 (case 82) citing Don Gauthier in North Bay Nugget 11 October 1975.

October 9 1975 (approx. date) 
Something like a small blue and white helicopter circled and landed on several ranches, including that of the Sidwell family 

  • Adams 1991 p18 citing Denver Record-Stockman 16 October 1975.

October 10 1975. Night.
Two teenager brothers (18, 16) and a 13 year old friend were walking on the moor and had climbed over a wall into a field, where they encountered, 60m away, a luminous white figure 2-2.5m tall, with hairy arms, hands and head. The thing was clad In what looked like along, rough cut and appeared to be chasing a small girl, stopping with its arms outstretched as it did so. The lads fled and when they were able to look back the figure’s had vanished. 

  • Earth 5 p5 + 7 p3 (corrects date).

October 12 1975, 1605hrs.
Paul Bennett (aged 12) and Andrew Hammond (about the same age) were walking home from school when Paul looked up to the top of Carr Lane cliffs. He saw what he first thought was a tall man with thin arms and legs. When he got within 5m of the foot of the cliff, he could see that it was a robot or entity, 3.6m tall, the body like two rough spheres, one on top of the other, with matchstick arms and legs, hovering just above the ground. The arms were about 1.2m long and resembled the legs of insects, ending in black claws, while the legs were long and stilt like terminating in circular pads. Its body was of a green colour and appeared to be metallic. . No features were visible on its head. The entity appeared to be scooping up samples of the charcoal deposits with its arms and depositing them in pouches on either side of its lower abdomen. The arms scooped in rotation, in a sort of paddling motion. It hovered from left top right , stopped, moved from right to left and continued scooping for another 30 seconds. .Paul through some stones at the thing, one of which hit it, making a metallic sound. He shouted to Andrew who vaguely saw something he couldn’t make on top of the cliff. When Paul looked again the thing had vanished. Traces of circular pads and claw marks were found at the site, along with a scorch mark, but these may have been connected to a girl guide camp and barbecue on the cliff top. 

  • Nigel Watson in MUFOB NS 11 p4 + MUFOB NS 12 p6 citing investigation by himself and Roger Hebb.

October 12 1975. Evening.
Carpenter David Hamel was sat with his wife and a friend, watching TV,. when the screen went “snowy”, and from this interference a man and woman in one piece suits materialised. They seemed to communicate by telepathy and David found himself in a craft, 5.4m high, 9m diameter, with windows around the edge. It was partitioned into a number of small rooms, 1.2m by 1.8m,, which contained rows of drawers that closed with a click. He also encountered a third, bearded, being, had a medical examination, was shown a laboratory. The beings said they were from a planet “ Three Billion Miles from Earth”, and there were conversations of a philosophical and pseudoscientific nature, including plans for a “perpetual motion machine”. His wife and friend noticed nothing. David claimed that the aliens had moved into the house and Mrs Hamel noticed poltergeist style affects. David sank most of his savings into this “machine”. 

  • Graham Conway in Canadian UFO Report 5,2 p8 citing own investigation.

October 14 1975, 0930hrs.
A young woman, Judy Powers, was driving home from work near peers, when she saw what she thought was a cattle truck parked on the road ahead with its lights on. As she drove closer, she saw it was a large oval object with a superstructure, hovering by the side of the road. Standing on top of the rim were two normal sized figures wearing helmets that obscured their faces, and silvery suits. Each held a large rod or staff in its hands. She drove hurriedly home, where she persuaded two other people to return to the spot with her, When they got there 10 minutes later, they could see nothing. 
  • Ted Bloecher in Fate January 1978 p34 + Musgrave 1979 p53 case 83 + John Musgrave in FSR 22,5 p26 all citing investigation by Musgrave.

October 18 1975, 0030hrs.
John Struble of Columbia Falls was driving his truck 40km north of Helena when he observed an object about 15m diameter pass 8-9m above his truck from his rear and hover about 100m ahead. It projected a beam at him, at which the truck’s lights and engine went out. After 5 minutes the thing took off, making a sound like that of a large jet aircraft, and shot off to the east at high speed. The truck lights and engine returned. John noticed that his mechanical watch had lost 5 minutes. 
  • Fawcett and Greenwood 1984 p33.

October 18 1975, 0430hrs.
John Giacomino, the vice principal of the Flathead Valley High School, was about to go out hunting when he saw, through his window, a large bright object near the peak of Columbia Mountain, illuminating the mountain. John observed the thing for about 30 minutes, during which time it dimmed, turned red and rose up the mountain before disappearing to the north. 
  • Fawcett and Greenwood 1984 p 33.
  • Evaluation: Probably astronomical

Late October 1975. 0200hrs.
Dick Jackson (55) went out for a walk to combat his arthritis induced insomnia. When halfway to a palm tree 6m away, he blacked out. When he came to, he found he was standing at the foot of a stairway leading a round, domed, object, with a humanoid standing by the door. The being spoke to him in perfect, accentless, English and invited him through a tall doorway. Dick felt that a suction pump was being applied all over his body. Inside were two other beings, who spoke in an unrecognised foreign language. The totally human beings were about 1.55m tall. The cabin was about 7m diameter, very plain, with a control panel on the left hand wall. The only furniture was a sort of desk behind which the first being sat. The second occupant, standing to Dick’s right, closed a panel which had some wires. The beings claimed to be from a world called Planteh, which had an advanced technology. They said they were preparing an uninhabited world for terrestrial colonists, who would have a utopian society. Dick would be cured of his chronic ill health in exchange for working as a recruiter. When the conversation was over, Dick left the craft and watched it depart, accelerating away at terrific speed. The beings said they would return but had not done so by February 1976. 
  • Peters 1977, 9 citing Ted Peters’ own investigation.
  • Frazier Moore in Southwest Florida News Press 15 October 1975.

October 20 1975.
A woman saw something that resembled a black and white helicopter flying 30m above her property. 
  • Adams 1991 p19 citing Donovan and Wolverton 1976 p47.

October 20 1975,1630hrs.
A ranch couple saw an ovoid object with its larger end on the ground on the east slope of Priest Butte, about 800m away. Its yellow light grew brighter and it had two appendages, one on each side and made a continuous motion. After 5 minutes the appendages retracted the thing ascended vertically out of site. 
  • Fawcett and Greenwood 1984 p34.

October 22 1975. Night.
An engineer on the 14th floor of the Municipal Building, observed, through binoculars, a disc shaped object with a “catwalk” around which lights were rotating, and with peculiar wings. It went around the building, close and at low altitude. It moved away before the witness could take a photograph. 
  • Len Stringfield in Skylook 98 p5.

October 23 1975, 2100hrs.
S. C., his girlfriend and another girl were pursued in their car at low level by a cigar shaped object, which emitted a rod shaped object, with 4 small orange balls at the tip. The object passed over the car as it went up a slope, and was caught in the headlights. The girls became hysterical. 
  • Len Stringfield in Skylook 98 p5 + Stringfield 1978b both citing his own investigation.

October 24 1975.
A couple out driving saw an object with two rows of windows, separated by a bar, below which were flashing red green and white lights. The thing, which was the size of a bus, came so low that it almost hit them, and emitted a faint humming sound.
  • Randles 1983b p33.
  • Jenny Randles in Awareness 5, 1 p25 citing LAPRO.

October 25 1975. Night.
Two lumber mill electricians, Stan Gayer (19) and Steve Harris (26) were out testing their CBs in the Shivar Saddle area when they saw two very bright “stars”, one of which came over the ridge with an oscillating motion and descended towards them, presenting the profile of a cigar with a glowing red end. The men drove away and as they did so they saw a large red luminous object on the ground on the slope of Cade Mountain. Two days later on the 27th the duo returned to the scene with a 29 year old friend, looking for a peculiar metallic material at the site of the landing. They heard a sound like a siren and saw a pair of glowing eyes in the unnatural darkness that hid the trees. They went back to town where they told their story to Helen White (62) and a 17 year old student.

The five went back up into the mountains, where Steve started shooting off with his rifle. Two beings, wearing helmets like those used by welders and surrounded by a peculiar light, emerged and once again they heard the siren noise. As these strange beings got within 15m of them, the witnesses felt an oppressive heavy heat, which gave Helen a feeling of a pressure on her chest. The group retreated down the mountain, pursued by a red light. On November 2nd Steve, Stan and Helen returned to the site with two other people. There they encountered a heavy fog and boulders began to fall off the cliffs. Their vehicle was opened by a strange being, who told Steve that he would not need his gun. Helen recalled being taken into a room where she had a surreal conversation about “transparent gold”. Steve recalled being inside a craft with windows, through which he could see China Mountain. They next recalled driving down the road, singing a hymn. Traces found at the sites were found to have no significance. 
  • Vallee 1991 p164 citing investigation by himself, Paul Cerny, Tom Gates and Mark Uriarte.

October 26 1975, 0100hrs.
Mrs Peggy D and her 17 year old daughter were driving back to their suburban home from visiting Mr D in hospital, down a dark street adjacent to the Coosa river, where they observed two enormous figures, 2.1-2.4m tall, standing on the right hand side of the road. They wore dull, silver, close fitting suits, with darker pants, ankle high silvery boots, fitting tightly on the top, round helmets that obscured facial details, and from which antennae stuck from either side, and face plates which either reflected the headlights or were self luminous. The figure standing closest to the road faced the street, one arm held up pointing to the sky. The second, slightly smaller, figure was looking up to the sky in another direction. Unnerved, the D’s drove away. The daughter’s boyfriend, following in his won car, did not see the figures, though he did see the car swerve to the opposite lane, then drive on. 
  • Ted Bloecher in Fate January 1978 p34 + Bloecher 1977 citing letter from Peggy D to CUFOS.

October 26 1975.
A 15 year old boy saw a disc shaped object, with a dull reddish and black underside, divided into squares resembling graph paper, come low over his house. 
  • Len Stringfield in Skylook 98 p6 + Stringfield 1978b p35 citing his own investigation.

October 27 1975, 0330hrs.
David Stephens (21), a Vietnam War veteran, and his room-mate Glen Gray (18), both night shift mill workers, were in their trailer listening to records when they heard an explosion outside. They saw nothing but decided to go for a drive, Gray suggesting Lake Thompson. They had gone less than 2km down Rt 26, when their car, apparently on its own accord, went onto a back road top Oxford. The journey seemed unusually smooth and lasted only two minutes (it was about 8km long). The same song was playing on the radio at both the entrance and exit to the road. They continued out of Oxford along the eastern shore of Lake Thompson, encountering a group of cows sat in a field, moving their heads from side to side. A short distance further along they saw two white lights in a corn field, shining onto the road. They thought it was a truck and stopped. They then saw the lights take off, making them think it was a helicopter. They rolled down the window but heard no sound and saw that the object had an assortment of green, blue and yellow lights around its body that went out as it rose above the trees in front of the field.

They now saw it was a cylindrical object, very large and elongated, only 6-9m from the car, They rolled up the window, locked the doors and drove off with the cylinder in pursuit. About 1.6km down the road they saw what looked like bright stars. Their next recollection was of being stopped on the right side of the road 1.6km from the cornfield with their widows down and doors unlocked. When they looked at each other, each thought the other’s eyes were strangely orange. They saw a light in the sky, headed back whence they had come, then turned back south again to a gravel road by Tripp Pond, where they saw the cylinder hovering about 150m from the car. As they had turned into this road, their radio had died. The object rose up to the SE at 80 degrees, now about 450m away. Within 45-60 minutes of being stuck on this road, two discs with red, green and blue lights performed an aerial ballet, skimmed across the water of the pond, then ascended at right angles in a stepped fashion. As mist then arose out of the pond and entire scene became totally distorted. They became engulfed in this mist, only the cylinder being visible and a voice on the radio said it was going to be a clear sunny day. 

They were able to start the car at 0530 and arrived at the Stephens home at 0700, where they experienced light headedness, burning eyes, sore throats, loss of co-ordination, chills, soreness and loosening of teeth and mental impressions of a voice saying “we are not done with you yet. We are coming back with you.” When the cylinder took off, the clouds seemed to follow it, then two ducks, two geese, two more ducks went by, and the cows got up in pairs. Sequela included hallucinations, , poltergeists and MIB, other members of the Stephens family also being involved. . Stephens underwent regression under Budd Hopkins, a procedure which Gray refused. Under the regression, Stephens recalled being out of the car as the twin lights hit it, Gray being left behind. he was taken into a circular room 9m diameter, where he was joined by a creature 1.35m tall, dressed in a black, paper like, robe that stretched to the floor. The being had a mushroom shaped head, two arms ending in hands with three webbed fingers and a single thumb, browless white eyes, small flat nose with two nostrils, no visible mouth or ears, and paper shoes on its feet. he was taken into another, brighter lit, room, where there were three more similar creatures and a good deal of equipment. He was put on a table, stripped and given a medical examination; blood, hair and finger nail samples being taken, and given an injection of a brown liquid. He struck at one of the creatures without effect. The creatures seemed to telepathically tell him not to be afraid, and that they had been watching him for some time. He was then permitted to dress and returned to the circular room and thence to the car. The creatures were bald, had thin limbs and already knew Stephens’ name. 
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October 27 1975, 1945hrs.
Staff Sergeant Danny K Lewis of the 42nd police unit, was on guard duty in the ammunition storage area at the north end of Loring Air Force Base, when he observed what he first thought was a low flying aircraft entering the base, It was at about 100m altitude, and had a steady red and strobing white light. At the same time an unidentified target was noted on the control tower radar screen. Attempts to communicate with the aerial object, which descended to 50m less than 300m from the nuclear storage area, were futile and there were fears that it was a hostile helicopter, leading to a general alert. The thing eventually moved off towards Grand Falls. 
  • Fawcett and Greenwood 1984 p16.

October 27 1975, 2030hrs.
From their 2nd story office window in eastern Cincinnati two artists for a publications company observed a brilliantly illuminated disc hover and oscillate jerkily over an electromagnetic power line, about 800m away. After 30-40 seconds the thing shot off at a 30 degree angle at terrific speed. 
  • Stringfield 1978b p35.

October 28 1975, 0230hrs.
A police patrolman out on patrol drove between two soundless objects, which were at very close range. 
  • Len Stringfield in Skylook 98 p5 + Stringfield 1978b p35 citing own investigation.

October 28 1975, 1945hrs.
Once again the aerial intruder entered the air space of Loring AFB. It was first seen by Sgt Clifton W Blakeslee and Staff Sgt William J Long, as lights like those of an aircraft’s running lights, approaching from the north at about 1km altitude. They observed the thing for about an hour, during which time it was also seen by Sgt Danny Lewis, who saw a steady amber-orange and flashing white light. The thing was kept under observation until 2020, coming down to 50m on more than one occasion. Bomber crew chief Sgt Steven Eichner, Sgt R Jones and others working on a launch truck something that looked like an elongated American football hovering and moving in jerks over the north end of the runway. They drove towards the thing, getting to within 100m of thing, which was hovering about 1.5m above the ground, the apparent width of four cars. It emitted coloured lights, which blended together as if in a heat haze. There was then a general alert on the base and these witnesses, who had driven into a secure area without permission, retreated. 
  • Fawcett and Greenwood 1984 p18.
  • Klass 1983 p89.

October 28 1975 (approx. date) Night.
Robert Kinn and another student at Bowdoin College were in the vicinity of the Brunswick Naval Air Station when they saw an object twice the size of a normal helicopter, with several red and one white light, come in from the sea and treetop height, perform 90 degree turns and hover over the base for 5-10 minutes, illuminating the whole area. They saw considerable acivity on the base. 
  • Fawcett and Greenwood 1984 p24 citing Robert Kinn in Washington Post 18 January 1979.

October 29 1975. Evening.
15 year old S. R. (qv) was walking home after selling candy for a school charity, when an object shaped like a beer can, with a white light on top and rotating red lights underneath, appeared overhead at an altitude of about 8m. It hovered for about 20 seconds and then shot away. He was afraid, and when his parents were unsympathetic and in view of his previous experiences ((October 74, October 26 1975) became so panic stricken he fled from home “before the ufo could get him” and was apprehended at the airport. 
  • ibid.

November 1975.
A suburban family saw a blue luminous sphere, about 60cm diameter, land in a field. Electricity seemed to spread and across the field and a transformer shorted out. 
  • Milne 2011 p47 citing Steve Johnson in UFO Data May/June 2007 p41.

November 1975
Two shooters observed a black running figure about 2.1m tall, about 50m away. It seemed to be running too fast to be a human being. Shortly afterwards a large tree fell over though there was no wind. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p102 citing TUFOIC.

November 1975 (approx. date) 0005hrs.
A young man was awoken by his father and they both saw, through the bedroom window, a disc shaped object surmounted by a dome moving slowly north to south above the rooftops. There were multi-coloured lights around its base, moving in a clockwise direction. In the dome there were two or three rectangular windows, through which figures could be seen silhouetted by an internal light. The figures appeared to have long blond hair. The entire observation lasted about twelve seconds. 
  • NUFON News 150 p10 citing an investigation by BUFORA.
  • Evaluation: A surprising amount of detail for a distant object seen for a few seconds.

November 1975. 0500hrs.
The young man in the preceding case was driving with his brother on a dark stretch of the M6, when they saw, in their headlights, a figure just over 1.2m tall, dressed in a tight fitting silver suit, run into and across the road to the bushes on the other side. They could not find anything from where the figure could have come from. 
  • Ditto.

November 1975. 1800hrs.
A woman out walking noticed a brilliant disk in the sky, with large rectangular windows through which she could see moving shadows that looked like occupants. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p53 case 84 citing Phillipe Blaquiere in UFO Quebec 12 p7.

November 1975 (approx. date) Night.
Mr G, a small town businessman, was returning home from a drink with his business partner. Feeling he had drunk too much he stopped the car and fell asleep. he awoke to see four men around his car and was afraid he was going to be mugged. He then had the feeling that “they were the good guys”. he got out of the car and went into theirs, where he was restrained when he tried to get out, the restraint seeming to inhibit his breathing at one point. They took him to an abandoned farm house, where he was told to undress and lie on a table. Here he was given a medical examination using a rail mounted body scanner. The abductors told him by telepathy that they were unable to bare male children and were taking earth women for breeding purposes. He noticed some peculiarity, and they said he would die of cancer if he revealed it. After the examination he was taken home, where he found his car. The witness would only confirm the story as told by others and refused to elaborate. 
  • Bill Jones et al in MUFON UFO Journal 115 p9.

November 1975, 2315hrs.
Kathie (19) and Susan (20) were driving back to Sonora from Modesto on Hw108/10, when a point 35km west of Sonora, when Susan became aware of a yellow-white luminous sphere in the sky. The object seemed to come closer; the car seemed to drive itself to a place where they stopped the car Susan ran towards the thing, while Kathie remained in the car. Under hypnotic regression an abduction was recalled, 
  • Haines 1999 p394 citing his own investigation.

November 1975. 2355hrs.
John Porritt, a miner, was driving home from Chasewater in Cornwall to his home in Sussex, on this cold foggy night, when between Chasewater and Goonhavern his engine and lights failed. As John stood inspecting the car he saw a light approaching, accompanied by a humming sound. He first thought that it was a motorcycle, but he then saw that it was travelling over a field and giving off a red light. He then was struck by a blinding multi-coloured flash a metre or so above the ground. As he walked towards the thing, he saw that it was something like an upside down haystack, covered with multi-coloured flashing lights. The thing seemed to have a metallic, manufactured appearance. When the thing began give off a pulsating glow, John, fearing an explosion decided to drive away, and as he tried the ignition, the thing took off and his engine worked perfectly. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p60 citing their own investigation.

November 1 1975.
A married couple heard a sound like a strong wind, as local dogs barked furiously. They then heard the noise of something hitting the ground. Going out they saw an object 10m in diameter, 40m away. It travelled in a fast arc towards the horizon, its path marked by a zig-zag of light or smoke. 
  • Chalker 1996 p161.

November 1 1975.
George Willoughby was walking through Catstone’ Wood when he a red-green object, about 10m wide, with fuzzy edges in the northern edge of Idle Hill. 
  • Earth 5 p3.

November 1 1975.
Larry Lucas, an elk hunter, was driving his truck along a mountain road near Mount Hood when he saw a large grey-black hairy upright creature cross the road ahead. 
  • Rogo and Clark 1979 p6.

November 1 1975. Night.
At the Firnekas ranch, about 40km northwest of Midwest, Charles Firnekas and his ranch detective Jim Zimmerschied, accompanied by Mrs Firnekas and Mr Apodaca observed an object with red and other coloured lights moving in a snowbound area. An aerial search revealed no traces. 
  • Leo Sprinkle in Skylook 102 p 16 citing own investigation)

November 2 1975 (or 9th) 2030hrs.
Reporter Bill Jackson was driving his wife Cheryl and young child home to Sterling when 30km north of Otis their attention was caught by a red light approaching in the overcast sky. They first thought that it was an aircraft and were concerned that it was flying dangerously low. They stopped and Bill got out, at which he noted that the thing made no sound. The object then passed over at less than 30m altitude, so low that Bill thought he could have hit it with a stone. It was an elongated object with at least 12 rows of multi-coloured lights and with indentations on its underside and was travelling at no more than 65kph. After about 4 to 5 minutes the Jacksons drove off at speed. 
  • Dolan 2009 p100 citing Richard Sigismond in International UFO Reporter May/June 1985 citing his own investigation.

November 2 1975, 2130hrs.
Mrs Helen Kay was seeing her son Jerry and his wife out, as they left for home, while her daughter Jane was doing her homework, when they observed a large orange sphere descend behind a large building about half a block from their, edge of town, home. They thought that the object had landed on a football field behind the building about 120m away. They examined the field and found a burnt spot, 3.6m in diameter, where there was burnt grass and an ash like residue. There were no other marks in the field, and as they examined the site, they saw a red ball of light above the trees, and Jerry tried to follow it in his car, but it kept moving ahead and ascended over a ridge. The samples examined by Dr Edward Zeller of the Space Technology Lab of the University of Kansas, showed unusual patterns of luminescence, evidence of heating and possible high radiation. 
  • Landsburg 1977 pp5,13.
  • Ted Phillips et al in FSR 21,6 p26 citing their own investigation.

November 3 1975, 0200hrs.
Richard Jackson woke up and went outside his trailer home, to encounter a domed object with steps leading to a door. A 1.5m human looking being, with dark skin and wearing shirtless overalls, invited Richard in. The stranger claimed to be from “Planteh” and asked Richard to assist “them” in recruiting volunteers for planetary resettlement. After 90 minutes of conversation Richard left the thing, which took off at speed. He next remembered being in his trailer home. 
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 p362 case 164 citing Fort Meyers News-Press December 15 1975.
  • Evaluation: Dream and/or false awakening

November 3 1975.
A local resident observed an unidentified object land. The next day in a large circular area a pattern of holes was found. Next to the circular area were several three toed footprints 32.5cm long, 16.3 cm wide. 
  • Stan Gordon in Skylook 102 p10.

November 4 1975 (apprx date)
Something like an old man, covered in long hair, with glowing wyes and minus legs, was seen by maid Emma Mtimukla. Then to her employer Mrs Koekie Killian ,whose family had moved in the previous day, along with other members of the family and a neighbour. It seemed to float, accompanied by a cold wins. It was seen on several other occasions, including a further new house into which the family moved. The family finally fled the area. 
  • Fortean Times 25 p38 citing Rand Daily Mail 11-13, 15 June 1977.

November 4 1975.
A strange object was observed at close range. No further details. 
  • Rath 1997 p74.

November 4 1975, 1730hrs.
Brian Scott and his wife Anne were being visited by a friend, Leah M and her son David. Leah and Anne were in the kitchen, the children playing in another room, when Brian went to the door with his dog. The animal came back in terror, followed by Brian, who was pale and shaken, saying that strange light was outside. They went into a bedroom, from where they could see a red-orange light in a tree in the back yard. Lea almost pushed Brian outside to investigate but they both became paralysed. They were able to observe an intense, sharp edged, fiery, orange-red sphere, about 15-20cm behind the tree. Leah felt peaceful when she looked at this thing. They went back into the bedroom, where they were joined by the children. After some minutes the light left. The three adults talked in kitchen for about 30 minutes. Brian then went back up into the bedroom where he saw the ball of light again, but it had gone before Leah could see it. At 1905 they saw an orange light in the tree and a deep red light on the ground. These lights seemed to give Leah headaches and anxiety. At 2000 Leah heard a humming sound in the next room. Brian saw a similar light in the kitchen at 2245. Moments later some UFO investigators arrived and nothing further was seen. 
  • De Herrera 1978 pp70,60 citing his own investigation.
  • Evaluation: Scott was an abductee/contactee at least some of whose claims were fictitious.

November 4 1975, 1845hrs.
Six people in a car observed a cylindrical object about 23m in diameter with blue, green and red rotating lights hovering at treetop level. It had square windows. As this object hovered over a wooded area it began spinning and a small glowing sphere, about 1m diameter, was ejected out of the bottom. At this point the car’s lights and engine went out. After the red ball had disappeared, blue landing gear descended from the bottom of the cylinder, which appeared to land in the woods. When the cylinder disappeared from sight, the car engine started and the night sounds of the wood, insects, which had been silent during the thing’s presence, started up again. 
  • Len Stringfield in Skylook 98 p6 + Stringfield 1978b p36 citing his own investigation.

November 5 1975, 0430hrs.
Civil defence director for Farmington, George Yeaton Jnr, saw a cylindrical object with green, red and orange lights hovering low over an island in Rangeley Lake. The object projected a bright light, which lit up the island, for about 15 seconds, during which time his car radio went dead. He was less than 1.5km from the island. The object switched off the light beam and then took off at tremendous speed. 
  • Brent M Raynes in FSR 22,3 p12 citing Portland Sunday Telegram 30 November 1975.

November 5 1975 1815hrs.
Michael Rogers (28) and his six man wood cutting crew (Travis Walton (22), Ken Peterson, John Goulette, Steve Pierce, Allen Dalis (21) and Dwayne Smith) were driving back to Snowflake from their work in the Sitgreaves National Forest about 19km south of Heber, when, as they drove through the trees, Walton and Dalis, who were passengers in the front cab driven by Rogers, noticed a glow among the trees and drew the attention of the men who were smoking in the back to hit. As they reached a small clearing in the wood their attention was drawn to a glowing object hovering about 5-6m above a pile of freshly cut wood, about 30m away. It was an oval object 4.5-6m diameter and 3.5-3m deep. It was a dim amber colour with opaque dividers. It was encircled by a narrow rim, giving it the appearance of two shallow dishes placed rim to rim and was surmounted by a milky white dome. 

Walton jumped down from the truck and ran towards the machine. At close quarters it resembled a sort of giant light bulb with no surface features, and which was emitting beeping sound. As Walton watched, the object began to wobble on its axis, emitting sounds like those from a generator. The object was observed to project a blue-green light at Walton, hitting him the upper chest, blinding and stunning him, and, according to Peterson, flinging him to the ground stiffly. This panicked the crew into driving out of the area at breakneck speed. As they drove away they saw a light take off at speed to the north-east. They then decided to return to see what had happened to Walton. On arriving at the site they saw some heel marks in the ground but no sign of the man. Searches carried out on the 6th through to 9th found no trace of him and he did not resurface until between 2330 and 2355 on the night of the 11th. 

Walton could recall awakening in pain and with a metallic taste in his mouth, lying on his back as if on a table, with a luminous rectangle which gave off a soft white glow. He was aroused from his daze by the sight of three creatures, less than 1,5m tall, standing near him. They had huge domed bald heads, with no eyebrows or eyelashes, which gave Walton the feeling that they were huge foetuses. They had large brown eyes and were dressed in loose fitting brown coveralls with caps and facemasks similar to those of surgeons. They appeared to be carrying out some sort of medical examination (Walton in his daze had thought he was in hospital until he saw these creatures clearly). Walton jerked off the table, knocking off a plastic strap and pushed one of the creatures, which seemed oddly soft to the touch and which fell back on one of its fellows. When Walton grabbed a piece of tubing and threatened them with it, the beings backed out of the room. Walton was now able to see that the room was irregular (c. 2m high, with three walls 3.5m long) and of dull, featureless, metallic consistency. The hot, claustrophobic atmosphere forced him into the corridor. He looked in the next room that just had a chair in it and which appeared to darken as he stepped further in. 

He could see stars all around, either through, or projected on, the walls. As he sat in the chair, playing with some buttons, a dark tanned man about 1.8m tall, dressed in blue overalls with a transparent helmet on his head, entered. This man just smiled at Walton’s questions and led him into a bright airy hanger in which there were a number of oval craft. He left him a room, in which there were two men and a woman who “looked like they were from the same family”. They had “dirty blond” hair, bright hazel eyes, and wore coveralls but no helmets. They too refused to answer Walton’s questions and they led him to a table, where he became hysterical again. They put a mask over his face and he lost consciousness. When he recovered he was on the highway outside of Heber, with the circular craft hovering about 1.2m above the highway. A white light on the underside went out and the object seemed to disappear on the spot. 
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  • Klass 1983 p161.

November 8 1975, 0100hrs.
Two young men from Brooklyn, Vincent L and John D, camping in the forest, were awakened by sounds coming from the garbage can. When John put his flashlight on the ground outside to scare away the presumed animals, the tent became darker, as if a light had been shining through the walls. As they looked around they could see no animal nor tracks. They then heard a sonar like sound passing to and fro above them, then noticed what looked like a streamlined camper trailer in the nearby woods. John went to take a further look and had only gone a few metres when he saw that it was a smooth, irregularly shaped object, with a luminous surface and a sort of mast at one end, to which a spinning object was attached. The two men returned to the old picnic shelter, where they had pitched their tent and were trying to make out what the object was, when, as John swung his flashlight, he illuminated a tall figure with two large dark eyes and a series of diagonal strips on one cheek, in an otherwise undetailed, faintly luminous, shape. 

As John swung the light around he picked put three more of the creatures, which were identical, except for the number of cheek marks. One of them was in a tree. The men thought that these creatures were some sort of slide projection until they approached within 4.5m. The creatures kept advancing and retreating and would stop still whenever the flashlight beam landed on them, and if the beam hit one of the figures towards the back of the group, it seemed to halt all of them. The men built up their camp fire. Another creature, accompanied by a devise which resembled a “wheeless covered wagon” 75cm wide, 1.8m long, with several loops along its width, supporting a transparent cover. When the creatures retreated to the woods again, the pair took the opportunity to flee to their car. As they doused the flames the creatures seemed to rush at them. The men got tot their car, which appeared to malfunction at first, but then it leapt away and the drove out of the area at speed. John and Vincent were very shaken by the incident, remaining indoors the following week and only told close family. Vincent developed several diagonal abrasions along his back, while John developed weals from his naval to his groin, which led to hospitalisation for tests for a possible kidney complain that proved negative. John also claimed to have developed clairvoyance for a period. They both had dreams and vague memories of an abduction and medical examination. 
  • Budd Hopkins and Ted Bloecher in MUFON UFO Journal 137 p10 citing own investigation.

November 10 1975, 0400hrs.
Police Officer David Rivera was cruising the Plaza area with his window down when he heard a sound like that of a helicopter. He turned off the engine and looked around could see nothing to account for it. He heard the noise again on Kit Carson road and, looking up, saw a large, bulky cigar shaped object without any lights flying at treetop height above, and slightly to the left of, his car. The thing appeared to be30-35m long and about 7m diameter. It kept pace with his car from when he was cruising at only at 8kph to a max speed of 110kph. The object verted towards the mountains in the north. As David turned back to the sheriff’s office he saw a circular light on the mountain. He informed dispatcher Paul Vigil, who went outside and saw the light. Searches the next day were fruitless. 
  • APRO Bulletin 24,7 p4.
November 10 1975, 1950hrs.
Peter Eilbes (64), a retired construction works foreman, and his wife Anne (59) were in their home when their doorbell rang. Anne went to answer and found a very strange man, wearing a narrow brimmed hat, who had a brown face that resembled smoked meat, marked with numerous grey vertical lines, a narrow chin and a mouth only 5cm wide. In his hand he held a white rod 1.5m long. When the being did not respond to Anne’s questions, she called Peter, who unlocked the storm door to get a better look. He saw the stranger had tufts of hair sticking from either side of his hat. As Peter, angry, made a grab at him, the stranger banged his stick on the ground with a clicking sound and drifted backwards. Now the couple saw that there were at least four other beings on the street and lawn. They were moving in long slow jumps of up to 3m long, hitting the ground with their sticks, then floating several centimetres above the ground. One being in the street was larger than the others and was leaping vertically 60cm-1m as his stick hit the ground. Their legs looked bent and bowed and their hands resembled arthritic claws, and as the being who had rung the doorbell went across the lawn he raised his bent hand to them. Seeing the spectacle, Anne dragged her husband inside. When inside he could no longer remember any details of their faces, only their mouths and almost collapsed onto the sofa. The police were called but found nothing and did not take the incident seriously. 
  • Ted Bloecher in Fate January 1978 p38 citing investigation by Richard Heiden.
  • Carol Wahlen in Milwaukee Post et al 8 March 1976.
  • FSR 22,5 p111 citing National Star 11 May 1976.
  • Canadian UFO Report 4,1 p2 citing Milwaukee Post etc. ibid.

November 13 1975, 2215hrs.
Mrs X observed a very bright blue white sphere, which approached her farmhouse, made a low pass below the trees and stopped for a short time just above the ground 12m away. The thing then ascended vertically and disappeared. Mrs X, who was alone, was so afraid she asked a relative come and stay with her. No traces were found. 
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 98 p8.

November 15 1975
A luminous red object approached a car near Pacific, at which the car radio became filled with static. The object emitted white orbs of light. Metal on the car became magnetised after the affair. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p66 citing Skylook February 1976.

November 20 1975, 0430hrs.
Mr LB was driving his pickup truck home when he was followed by a cigar shaped object, about 4.5m long, which emitted a blinding white light and a humming sound, at low altitude. He tried evasive manoeuvres but the object stayed close at an altitude of about 10m. When he reached home he awoke his wife and three teenage children. They all saw the object which now presented a discoid appearance, hover above their house. It then ascended to a higher altitude, still making the humming sound. The police were called and when two patrolmen arrived they also saw the object. When one officer turned his spotlight onto the object, the thing moved closer in to the car. LB’s dog barked violently while the object hovered close to the house. 
  • Stringfield 1978b p37 citing his own investigation.

Late November 1975
Two men out driving 14-15km west of Goodridge saw a luminous red object in a field and stopped to watch. Their engine then stalled out . The object was about 2.5m diameter. It took off, hovered for a few seconds and then landed again. The men could now restart their car and drove off, but they found that their almost new car required extensive retuning. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p66 citing his own files.

November 28 1975, 0500hrs.
Mrs Carol K (23),a high school graduate was awakening by her husband closing the door as he went out on a hunting trip and she got up to check the door. She then suddenly heard a rumbling sound, like thunder, which turned into a buzzing sound like electricity in the wires. Both her dog and those of neighbours started barking and growling. Looking through the front window she saw a “weird looking star” surrounded by a blue-green halo. The thing seemed to be getting larger as it got closer. She then saw it as a white centre, surrounded by a dimmer green-blue circle. After two minutes the thing turned to the left and began to slowly descend. As it turned, the thing looked like a three pointed star with a tail and the halo was no longer visible. The thing then seemed to turn over and Carol could see spinning blades face on. The thing descended down between two trees 40m away, where it stopped for two to three minutes. It was now titled up so that Carol could see the street lights reflected on the metallic looking underside, The thing had both large and small red lights, had a white dome with three circles on it, and a sort of black cross on its back. After the object tilted the small red lights turned towards the ground and Carol could see that the circles on the dome were really raised surfaces like bubbles. The thing then moved toward her for a bit, the large lights illuminating the snow. Then the thing moved back from her, ascended again and went away over the house to the north-west. During the time the thing was in view, the buzzing and the howling of the dogs continued and the kitchen and street lights appeared to dim. Carol’s dog was normally placed. 
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 98 p6 citing his own investigation.

December 1975. Evening.
A farmer driving along Pumpkin Road stopped to avoid a collision with a cow and two calves, which seemed distracted by something. As he went over a hill, the farmer encounter three men in a ditch, one of which leapt about 5m into the road, forcing the farmer to swerve. He then realised that he was by followed by a luminous oblong object, illuminating his cab with a 3m beam of light, which followed him to his home. By the time he had roused his family, the thing had gone. 
  • Duplantier 1979 p40.

December 1975 (approx. date)
A truck carrying shift returing from duty at the Clark Air Force Base was followed by an orange sphere, about 1m diameter, which rose and fell. About half way back to the base the thing took off and disappeared. At about the same time a military police officer saw an orangw disc shaped object 25-30m diameter that hovered over him for a few seconds and then took off. 
  • Dolan 2009 p101 citing a letter to Brian Vick.
  • Evaluation: Third hand anecdote

December 1 1975, 0200hrs.
A young couple were driving south on Provincial Road 214 near Seddons Corners when they stopped for the man to relieve himself. He was surprised to see a large humanoid figure; about 2m tall, with no neck, round head, long legs and arms. The man got back into the car and they drove off. 
  • Rutkowski 1993 p157.

December 2 1975, 0330hrs.
Under regression, Mrs Sandra Larson (q.v.) recalled that she awoke to see two beings resembling the ones seen in August standing on either side of her bed. She seemed to be levitated through the wall to a field a few blocks away, where she saw a bright orange object hovering just above the ground. She then found herself spinning round, became nauseous and closed her eyes in fright. She appeared to be being carried in a sort of cube and felt a sensation of a powerful light. She was nude. The was taken into a square building with a sort of “V” shape on either end, located on what looked like white sand resembling a desert. She had now been released. Inside the room, which had a high ceiling and in which objects were self luminous, she had a sort of telepathic conversation with one of the beings, who warned her she would not be believed if she told anyone. The two original beings the reappeared and floated her back into the craft through a kind of hatch. Inside they lay her on a cube moulded to fit her body. The only thing she could see inside was a control panel. They then took her through a tunnel of brilliant light, and when she emerged on the other side she could see the earth. They again advised her not to tell anybody. The object landed in the same field and the beings then floated her through the walls again. Once in the house, they walked normally. She gave them a cup of washing up liquid, then retired to bed exhausted; the two beings standing by the side of the bed. When she awoke again at 0630, the beings had gone and she only vaguely remembered the encounter as a nightmare. Sequela included poltergeist effects. 
  • Jerome Clark in UFO Report August 1976 p50 citing own investigation.
  • Lorenzen 1977 p64.

December 3 1975, 2130hrs.
Galba Jose Cordeiro de Albuquerque (32), a married man, accountant and amateur radio operator from Carcuarcu, was driving his Volkswagen when just past Neves, as he topped a hill; he saw a light on the road ahead of him, at ground level in the distance. Galba first thought that it was another car and so, dazzled by the light, he lowered his own headlights, at which the strange light went out. As Galba’ scar came down the hill. He saw that the lighted object was coming towards him, just above the road, on the edge of the highway. The thing was an ovoid, surmounted by a transparent dome, 13m diameter, with two beams of brilliant light coming from its underside. The entire object was surrounded, at a distance of 2m, by a halo of beautiful blue light. This object came up to within 100m of Galba’s car. Stopped and then began to retreat faster than the car. By the time Galba reached the top of the next hill, he could hardly make out the light in the distance. He was made very nervous by the experience. 
  • APRO Bulletin 29,6 p1 citing SBEDV Bulletin 126-8 p25 citing investigation by Edmilson R de O and Rubens Antoni de Coute Soares.

December 7 1975, 0230hrs.
While driving along 16th Street, on the east side of town, a 37 year old man observed a blue-white globe to the south. The thing appeared to pace his car, accelerating and moving ahead for a short time. The witness attempted to follow the object up to the end of 16th street, , at which point the object dropped down to about 6m above the ground , near a barn. He stopped and watched as the object moved away toward the east. When the object was hovering at ground level, the witness could see a dome, on which there were three windows, and there were rotating lights around the centre of the thing.
  • Ted Phillips in Skylook 98 p8)

December 11 1975 (or following day) 2130hrs.
Farmer’s wife Mrs Pauline Dudgeon was drawn to her window by a very bright light. She observed a large object apparently restring on, and covering the width of, Highway 12. An extremely bright pulsating red light on its top made her think there had been a traffic accident and she went out to investigate. Getting within 300m of the object, she observed that it was discoid, surmounted by a cupola, on top which was the pulsating red light. Other bright lights were revolving around the object. These lights and an unusually intense sensation of cold on her face, forced Pauline back inside. She had heard no sound but was almost entranced by the red light, which she kept under observation for 20 minutes. After the observation she realised that the lights had left a persistent after image of such severity that her vision was distorted and her eyes were continuously running. She was referred to an eye specialist. Who compared her symptoms caused to welders no wearing protective goggles. Her sight did not return to normal until May 1976. 
  • UFO Pulse Analyser 1, p11.
  • Harry Tokarz in Canadian UFO Report 4, 7 p8 (gives date as 12th)

December 12 1975, 1805hrs.
Mrs Orr and her two children were driving home from Bolton along the M61 and A580, driving south and south east when she observed, for several minutes, three lights low over the golf course. The centre lights were red, the two outside ones were blue; all appeared unusual in some way. She got within a few hundred metres of the lights, which appeared to be on an object, three times the size of a helicopter, at ground level. The lights were sharp and flashing in an irregular manner, which gave Mrs Orr the impression it was transmitting a message. She watched the thing for several minutes and was convinced it was a revolutionary new hovercraft being developed by the local firm, Seddon-Chloride, but no such machine was in fact developed. 
  • NUFON Detailed Sightings Investigations No 3 p6 citing by Peter Warrington, Jenny Randles et al.

December 12 1975, 2130hrs.
Richard Beck, an estate agent, his wife Betty and daughters Patricia and Sandra (both in their 20s) were driving near a 10,000 acre (about 4,000 hectare) block that had been cleared of trees when they observed a saucer shaped object, which appeared to be about the size of a DC8. The thing glowed and had four bright, pulsating, red-orange lights around the edges. When the thing went below some trees, the family thought that it was a plane coming down and drove towards it. When they got within 200m the light went out, as if a switched had been thrown. At the same instant another large light appeared about 400m away. It resembled a fiery but noiseless explosion, which went out after several minutes. 
  • APRO Bulletin 24,7 p1 citing investigation by Jim Jones.

December 12 1975, 2300hrs.
Marcus Barnes was driving south on State Hw 13, going to his hunting camp, when in the same general area as the above case, he saw a light and thought that the woods were on fire. As he got closer, he saw an object on which there were many bright red-orange and amber lights, which appeared to be coming from windows in the dome shaped object. The thing appeared to be behind the trees; it then crossed the road and retreated out of sight. 
  • APRO Bulletin 24,7 p3 citing investigation by Jim Jones.

December 14 1975, 2100hrs.
Eugene Bell, Ray Lanier and Iris Brenner were driving down a dirt road underneath a powerline in the Ocala National Forest, about 1.5km north-east of Salt Springs, looking for a lost deer hound, when they noticed what they first thought was the power line ahead of them on fire. When they got closer they observed a large saucer shaped object, with a domed top, hovering over the powerlines, emitting very intense blue-white light. The object was 45m around, about 7.5m high to the top of its dome and on the thing's flat underside were four supports about 4m long. The bright line lit up the entire area. As the trio got within 250m, the object moved off, emitting bright, fiery lights from two spots on its side, and flashing red, blue and white lights around its rim, as it did so. It then descended to 3m above the ground, some 250m further on, in a cleared area. During the 30 minute observation the witnesses heard a loud pulsating hum, detected a strange smell had noted a peculiar metallic taste in their mouths. Their CB would not function until; they left the area, leaving the object still hovering at ground level. A search the next day revealed nothing g conclusive, but a second search on the 18th revealed a 15m diameter circle where vegetation appeared to have been exposed to heat and where the small trees were covered by a sweet sticky substance the investigator had taken samples of this substance but had not analysed them at the time of writing. 
  • APRO Bulletin 24,7 p2 citing investigation by Jim Jones.

December 14 1975, 2110hrs.
Larry and Mary Ellen Masters, their friends Leighton and Tedra Middleton, along with three children (10,11, 13) were having an oyster roast at the Masters’ farm by State Highway 13 when they observed what appeared to be a large house on fire below the treeline, about 1.5km away, towards the “10,000 acre block”. As they watched a large dome shaped object, with many rows of windows that emitted bright amber lights, emerged from the treeline, hovered in the air for several minutes and then descended again, the bright glow once more shining through the trees. The two men began to drive towards this object in their truck, whole Tedra phoned the St John’s County Sheriff’s Department. After two minutes behind the trees the object, now displaying three rows of lights, came up above the trees again, only to descend again after another minute, after which the light went out as if a switch had been pulled. The men got one of the nearby crop spraying helicopters and made a search with that, but found nothing. Searches by the sheriff’s department the next morning were equally fruitless. 
  • APRO Bulletin 24,7 p3 citing investigation by Jim Jones.

December 14 1975, 2300hrs.
Jim Miller was driving his truck along Pumphouse Road along the northern slope of the Ridge when his attention was caught by cattle in the road, apparently afraid of something. Jim slowed down and, as he topped a rise, he saw three figures to the left of the road, He thought they were travellers in trouble and slowed further to help when one of the figures bounded in a nearly 5m slow motion jump into the centre of the road. Jim saw that the figure was about 2m tall and very thin. The stranger wore dark, close fitting clothing, with white wrist and ankle bands. On his chest was a sort of trapezoid insignia. The being had a long thin, extremely pale face, with a long pointed nose and the mouth seemed pulled into a snarl, revealing white teeth, with a tiny lower lip. The stranger had red-brown long matted hair and his fingers were long. In his left hand was some sort of devise attached to a wire. Jim was very frightened and drove rapidly away, too afraid to look back. Behind his truck a strange elongated object came up, flooding the truck with light. Jim then saw the figure of a good friend sat next to him, and a woman’s voice urged him to drive faster. The male figure turned to him, wiped its eyes, leaned back and then forward and then vanished. The next morning Jim learned that the friend whose apparition he had seen had been shot dead that night. No traces were found. 
  • Long 1990 p58 citing investigation by David Ackers and Bill Vogel.

December 15 1975, 1530hrs.
Mrs Marjorie Bayless was looking at her bathroom mirror when she saw, reflected in it, a white thing, resembling a man’s shirt about 6m away in the dining room. It glided along for about 2m, until hidden from sight by the door. 
  • McAdams and Bayless 1981, p32.

Mid December 1975, 1900hrs.
Two people, who wished to remain anonymous, were driving along the road from Castrouno to Pollos when they encountered, near the bridge over the River Trabancos, a vivid white transparent light. Their car engine failed but the lights remained on. The witnesses were unable to see the source of the light shining down on the road in front of them. After they had remained there for a few seconds, observing it, the light moved off towards their left. The car engine started with no difficulty and they drove up the track to a nearby farmhouse to see if the family there had seen anything. The farmer’s son had seen a similar light a few days previously. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 22,6 p27 citing investigation by the Charles Fort Group.

December 17 1975. Night.
Sergio Salles de Andrade (16) was returning to his sister’s house when he encountered an intense light that he was unable to escape from, He woke up next day in a thicket in Limeira, 28km away. He was very tired, his jacket was missing, and he had three peculiar spots, one on his head, two on his forearms. On returning home he felt ill and was hospitalised but was realised with a clean bill of health. He suffered from headaches whenever he tried to recall what happened. Since his release from hospital the headaches and marks got worse. He was considered to be an intelligent boy and had just started employment as a file clerk. 
  • Richard Hall in MUFON UFO Journal 105 p19 citing Folha de Sao Paulo 8 January 1976.

December 20 1975 (approx. date) Afternoon 
Michael Farrell was walking on a narrow forest path, when he became aware of a movement about 10m ahead of him. As he got closer, he encountered a glowing white mist about 2.5m high hovering a metre or so above the ground. It then changed into a sort of figure with an indistinct lower portion. This thing began to move in a strange slow dancing motion, its “head” bending forwards, its arms lifting above its head. Michael ran off in fear. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p61.

December 23 1975, 2300hrs.
Three teenage girls were out driving when they saw a bright light in the sky, at which the car’s engine and lights failed. The thing came closer, and they now saw that it was an orange object with circular sides and a flat top, was 6-9m diameter and had several flashing lights on it. The thing came within 8m of the car, after which it just disappeared. The car lights and engine came on by themselves. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p67 citing his own files.

December 26 1975. Late afternoon.
Two teenage girls were checking on their horses, which seemed agitated. 200m away and 25m from a thicket was a humanoid figure about 2.3m tall and twice as broad as a man. One of the girls fired into the air and then at the creature than ran away on all fours then resumed its bipedal posture. As the girls fled, one ofthem saw three or four other creatures with the first one. The girls passed a polygraph test.
  • Clark 2012 p93.