1957. (or previous year) Evening.
Around dinner time a Baptist minister and his wife saw a hairy humanoid about 2.5m tall, with red eyes. The thing crossed a nearby field and sat down on a tree stump. It remained there as night came on. The couple were terrified and the minister sat holding his gun. 
  • Newton 2010 p56

1957. (or following year) 0100hrs.
A mining engineer driving home from a late shift had a period of missing time. Under hypnotic regression he recalled that as he turned a corner in the road, the highway was blocked by two bars of intense light, and above these was another bright light. His car engine and headlights died and then three beings emerged and stood on either side of and in front of his car. He suffered a pain above his left ear if he tried to recall more, 
  • Swords 2005 p103 citing investigation by John Timmerman and James Harder

At a lake in interior of Kalimantan a Dayak fisherman observed a metallic object, 1m diameter. Smoke was issuing from its rim and it emitted a strange high pitched sound. As the witness approached within 100m, the thing rose at terrific speed. 
  • Brothers 1,2 p36

A 7 year old girl was exploring the field of wildflowers next to her uncle’s house when she felt a stinging on her legs and looking down saw five tiny humanlike figures only 30cm tall staring at her with angry expressions. The little girl ran back to the house where her grandfather saw welts on her legs. 
  • Rife 2001 p85 citing Fate October 1996
  • Evaluation: Tale told nearly 40 years after the alleged event

Sidney Martin and his wife Lilia were driving on the Hungerford to Salisbury Road when they saw the figure of a woman on a white horse travelling at 90 degrees to them. They eventually lost sight of her. 
  • Rogers 1994 p107

BULWELL (NOTTINGHAMSHIRE : ENGLAND)Mr R was approached in a Nottingham coffee shop by a beautiful young woman, whom he had encountered on a train in Prague back in 1955. She walked up to him, asked with they could get married and then disappeared. Shortly after this, R saw a strange star like object zigzagging across the sky in Bulwell. He then then met two “beautiful” men with sing song voices in a pub. They asked him if he knew anything about a crashed flying saucer, which he denied. One whispered that they had come to help him. Early the next morning he was awoken by chanting, which came from the men he had met in the pub. He was not dressed and could come straight to the door, and seemed unable to tell them this. They said “he is not coming, we may as well leave” and he never saw the figures again. 
  • NUFON News October 1977 p12)
  • Evaluation: Dreams? Fantasy? Just a tale told to Jenny Randles decades later.

1957. 0200hrs.
Martha Long (see Summer 1953) was helping her brother Roger on his early morning newspaper delivery. They were driving through a wooded rural area when their headlights illuminated a figure wearing a reflective silvery suit with a luminous belt and some sort of helmet, which had stepped out in the road. They swerved out of the way and left the scene. Martha had a number of other ufo experiences 
  • Beckley 1981 p28 citing his own investigation

1957. (approx year) Evening.
Two teenage boys who had been out poaching, were sitting smoking on the railway line under the road bridge, when they saw a distant light, which seems to have been a signal light, which expanded into a figure 6m high, with long pale yellow hair, white wings and a bright central spot surrounded by patches of light. The figure seemed to be female and “poured down”. The figure approached the boys, who ran off. During this experience ambient sounds faded out. 
  • NUFON News 152 p13 citing investigation by Jenny Randles
  • Randles and Hough 1993 Afterlife p38
  • Evaluation: Hallucination caused by prolonged staring at point source of light ? mist illusion?

Mizof Pantelimon and three other members of a Land Registry Survey team observed an object approach silently from 200m altitude. It was green, oval and had a bright surface. The thing came very low. When the team approached to within 40-50m, the object took off soundlessly, “danced with incredible agility” over them, before disappearing. Mizof, who related this story to friends believed he had seen a new secret helicopter. 
  • Hobana and Weverbergh 1974 p151 citing Dumitru Banciu
  • Evaluation: The witness died in 1963 and the story seems to have been related by said friends

1957. Afternoon.
Two 6 year old girls were walking home from school when they saw an object descending towards the power lines 400m away. It was a silvery thing with a white-yellow light, like huge flame, above which were multi-coloured lights. When the thing reached the power lines it veered away at terrific speed and disappeared. 
  • Dennett 1997 p94
  • Evaluation: A story told about 40 years after the event

1957. 2100hrs.
At an undisclosed location Cayin Rodriguez was out walking when he saw what looked like a group of about 6 year old children, with large heads and wearing white overalls. Cayin was so unnerved by the sight that he crossed to the other side of the road. Somewhat further along he encountered “a hollow in the air” behind which there was a strange landscape with blue and yellow lights. 
  • Magdalena del Amo-Freixedo in FSR 36,4 p9

January 13 1957. 0330hrs.
Farmer William West (47) was standing in the doorway of his garage 3km from Balfour, talking to Wallace Liddell (34) a lime worker, when they saw what looked like a shooting star approach over a belt of trees and descend to the ground. It was oblong, 30-45cm long, giving off a fluorescent glow. As the men rushed towards it, it changed shape into a sphere 45cm diameter, glowing blue-white, with a dull red glow at the centre, and it jumped away from them. It continued to evade the witnesses, finally floating over a 2.4m high corrugated fence, and disappeared across a paddock. 
  • Vallee Case 386 + FSR 3,1 p23 citing Grey River Argus 15 January 1957.
  • Flying Saucers (CSI New Zealand 4,4 p4
  • Hassall 1998 p34
  • Haines 1999 p197 citing Gross 1995(1957.JF) p13 + Invercargill Times 15 January 1957.

January 18 1957. Morning.
A strange body was observed on the slopes of Cerro Negro. The boy Abraham saw a strange spherical object descend slowly over the hill. Through binoculars Mr Angel Reals observed that the thing was oval, with a polished metallic surface that glared brilliantly in the sunlight. This was seen for some 7 hours until clouds descended over the hill. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Pablo Petrowitsch citing CONDOVI Bulletin 1957 citing a dispatch out of Salta 22 January 1957.
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 12 p9 citing ARGCAT 7 citing Rietti and Vogt 1959

February 2 or 9 1957. 2200hrs.
Mrs Ina Salter was driving home to Ridgefield on this cold moonlit night, from visiting her daughter. She turned off Redding Glen Road onto Route 33 (the Georgetown Road), a very desolate area. As she drove up a hill she came across an object that had been hidden by trees. In her surprise she took her foot off the gas and the car almost came to a halt. The object was cigar shaped, without wings or fins, suspended just above the ground, about 4m to the left of the road. Along its side were three or four portholes, illuminated by a yellowish light, through which the movement of shadows could be seen. On the bottom of the machine was what looked like an opening, through which the same yellow light was coming. This grew smaller, as if a door was sliding shut. As her car drew alongside it, the machine rose to treetop height, then sped away horizontally. The light from the object had been brilliantly reflected by road reflectors. 
  • Olsen 1967, 3-51 + Vallee Case 387 both citing Harvey Courtney in APRO Bulletin March 1962 p1 citing his own investigation

February 15 1957.
Mrs M Aschcroft was looking through a window at Birch Hill Hospital when she observed something like a ball of fire on a hillside. It slowly began to rise and was seen to be a white disc shaped object, with alternate red and green lights on its underside. It moved very low and slow towards Littleborough. It was also seen by three other patients; Mesdames Hill, Tysoe and Mondl 
  • Letter from Mrs Ashcroft in DIGAP files

February 15 1957. 2200hrs.
Gwynneth Fitton was walking along a lonely lane near home when she saw a circular object, giving off a strange white glow, hovering just above the hillside. Below this object was a second, smaller, sphere, alternating between red and white. She called her mother Dorothy, who saw the thing gliding towards the top of the house, only a few metres away from them. The object descended then ascended again, disappearing over a hill. About fifteen other people witnessed the event from separate locations. There were confused official investigations and allegations of a government cover up. 
  • John Harney in MUFOB 2,3 p31 citing an unspecified issue of CSI New Zealand citing Rochdale Observer 23 + 27 February + 2 + 9 March 1957.
  • Clifford Thornton in FSR 3, 3 p5
  • Evaluation: Possible balloon

February 21 1957.
While driving along the Winton Road, 13km from Longreach, Charles Kingston and the two passengers in the back of his truck were startled by an oval object about 3.5m long, which passed overhead quite close. It stopped, shot forward about 100m, and then stopped again. It repeated this several this several times before it went out of sight. 
  • FSR 3,3 p6
  • Trench 1958 p127

Spring 1957. 2355hrs.
Mr Heitman and his passenger Beard were driving between Krotz Springs and Lebeau, the straight stretch of road tempting him into speeding at up to 130kph. Heitman then saw a red light behind them on the empty road, and fearing that it was a police officer out to get him for speeding, slowed to 80kph. The red light quickly closed to within 15m of their car, only 3m above the road. They could now see that this was not a police car light, but a disc, 1.2-1.5m diameter, 45-60cm thick, giving off a red glow. Heitman accelerated up to 160kph to shake the thing off, but it kept pace. When they got within 400m of Lebeau, the thing rose to 30m. As they passed through the town, the disc increased its speed, turned to the left, rose up to 100m and then sped off in the direction of Lafayette. 
  • C B Fitch in APRO Bulletin November 1964 p4

March 1957. Early hours.
An RAF Flight Lieutenant at Chicksands Prior Airbase was sleeping on his right hand side, when he was awoken by a sharp clawing on his left side, which turned him over. Looking up he saw an intensely illuminated “youthful face” smiling at him. This face receded to a dot at great speed then disappeared. This was accompanied by a sort of echoing howl. He felt an oppressive atmosphere and decided to get up and check if a trick was being played on him. When he did so he saw the face of a middle aged woman, dressed in what looked like a nun’s habit. This face faded away. The airman found that his left hand side was bruised. 
  • Broughall and Adams 2010 p28 citing letter from witness

March 1957.
Norman Dixon and his wife saw something like a vibrating coil of wire on their sitting room wall. They also reported bed clothes ripped from the bed, Norman felt fingers probing his chest, and a few nights later the couple felt something clammy on their backs. 
  • Lorenzen 1970 p38 citing press sources

March 5 1957. 1400hrs.
The wife of the owner of a shooting reserve was alerted by the barking of the dogs in their pens behind the house and looked out of her window to see an object resembling a huge Derby Hat. It was circular, with a dome 15m diameter, 9-12m high and with a brim that extended out about 4m from either side of the dome. The underside was smooth featureless and gently curving. The whole thing had a dull white metallic claylike surface. The object hovered in the stiff breeze, making only a rocking motion and emitting a low pitched pulsating sound. From the underside extended twinkling, tinsel like, streamers. The witness continued her observation from her back yard on the Great Hope to Meadows Road. The object was hovering over a slope behind her house and was about 45m away. After about a minute the thing suddenly ascended almost vertically, slightly north-easterly at immense speed into the cloud cover at 100m. 
  • Hynek 1977 p152 citing Blue Book Files

March 8 1957. Night.
A pilot saw a circular object flying against the wind. It was luminous, about 5.5m diameter and flew so low that it appeared to suck up the snow. 
  • Vallee Case 388 citing Keyhoe 1960
  • Evaluation: Not traced in Keyhoe 1960
An object was observed at ground level. No further details. 
  • Table of American landings

March 23 1957.
Luis Petriera and several others saw a glowing object plunge into the lake. The authorities dragged the lake but nothing was found. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p51

April 14 1957. 1500hrs.
Two ladies of this village near Brigoles, Mesdames Garcin and Rami were walking on Route D-24 near to the chateau, when a deafening metallic sound made them turn around. AS few dozen metres away, the at the junction of the B-24 and the Vins road, was a metallic, top shaped contraption, hemispherical on top, conical below, flying slowly just above the road. . The lower cone consisted of a sheaf of multi-coloured luminous rods in rapid motion. One of the metal road signs was vibrating in apparent resonance with them, making the terrify racked that the woman had heard. They screamed out and 300m away, on the other side of a hill, municipal council worker Louis Boglio, hearing the racket and screams, and thinking that there was a car crash, ran to the scene and saw the metallic object, which was at ground level. This object then hopped over a second road sign, which also began to vibrate, descended and perhaps landed 200m further on, remained for a few seconds and then hopped into the air again, moving away at moderate speed. The thing was estimated to be 1-1.5m, high, 1m diameter. The road signs were later found to be magnetized. 
  • Michel 1958b p207 + Vallee 1967 p14 citing investigation by Jimmy Gueiu and Raymond Veillith
  • Cramp1966p220)

April 10 1957. 1150hrs.
The boson and four other crew members of the Japanese fishing boat Kitskawara Maru observed two approximately discoid, wingless objects dive into the ocean at 143.30N 31.15E. After the objects submerged there was a violent turbulence. No wreckage was found. 
  • FSR 3, 4 p15
  • Vallee 1966a p136
  • Trench 1958 p147

April 23 1957. 2330hrs.
James Emmerson (450 was driving a high explosive tanker from Hull to Dumfries when about 50km south of Penrith he noticed a reflection on the windscreen. Weh he saw that there was no other traffic to account for the light, he stopped and got out. Above him was hovering a yellow half moon shaped object, with a gold rim and a straight edge on top. 
  • FSR 3, 3 p2

May 1 1957. (or a few days previously) 0700hrs.
A resident of Cordoba was motorcycling towards Rio Ceballos, when, at a point 16km from the airport his engine stopped. As he dismounted, he saw a huge disc shaped machine hovering 15m above the road. It was 18m in diameter and 5m high. The terrified witness hid in a ditch. After a few moments the object descended to 2m altitude, then hovered again, making a sound like escaping air. From its bottom a lift descended, carrying a1.7m tall man, who steeped down, looked at the vegetation, then approached the motorcyclist, helping him to his feet. The being reassured him with gestures and persuade him to enter the craft. The being wore a close fitting plastic “diver’s suit”. Inside the craft were six identically dressed beings, each seated in front of a panel. The witness also saw windows, which were not visible from the outside, and a dull phosphorescent glow. The tour over, the occupant conducted him out via the lift. As they walked back from the craft, he saw that it had a blue-green iridescence. The motorcycle’s engine had now recovered, and the being examined it with interest before departing with further gestures. After a delay the craft rose to 75m and sped off to the North West. 
  • Charles Bowen in FSR 11,1, p19
  • Oscar Gallindez in FSR 11,4 p23 citing a Mr Aleman
  • Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966 p35 citing Diaro de Cordoba 1 May 1957.

Early May 1957. 0450hrs.
John Payne was driving a bulk milk tanker from Weston-Super-Mare to Torrington, when he pulled up onto the edge of the deserted wartime aerodrome at Winkleigh, to have a flask of coffee. He noticed, at the end of the runway, an object that resembled a submarine, the length of an airlines and 9m tall, with two large tail fins. It was metallic and emitting a fluorescent blue glow. As he walked to within 150-200m of the machine, John felt restrained by some kind of force field “like walking into a cushion”. At this point the thing rose silently to 350m, and then moved away North-West, going in front of a hill and some trees. As it took off, John felt a great surge of relief “as if a weight had been lifted from me”, and was able to walk to the spot where the object had been resting. There he found a 15m circle of black powder like burnt carbon. Another person saw the thing on the ground, and several others saw it in the air, but none of them reported this. 
  • Ron Toft in Pegasus 2,3 p2 citing Omar Fowler
  • Richard Farrow in FSR Case Histories 8 p16
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a p210 citing above and own investigation

May 10 1957. Dusk.
Shirley McBride (known as Emily Cox in some accounts) was driving down a country road in a wooded area near Lake Isabella. She stopped to watch the sunset when her attention was caught by a luminous spherical bubble, only a few centimetres in diameter, floating above the treetops. As it approached it expanded into an oval shape, 1.8m across, 2.7m high, with a row of white protruding seams, and as she came within 3-5m, she saw two fins, 10-15cm long, on the edge. Between the fins she could see two shadowy figures moving about. She felt they were telepathically telling her not to be afraid. She also had a feeling that she was intruding, and left the area, leaving the object behind. 
  • Ann Druffel in MUFON Journal 129 p16 + Druffel and Rogo 1979 p75 citing investigation by Ann Druffel, D Scott Rogo and William McCall

May 10 1957. 2245hrs.
Michel Fekete (29), a Hungarian refugee and railway worker was cycling home on the Miraumont-Beaucourt road. As he turned a bend he was blinded by a powerful light, around which four human like silhouettes, less than 1,5m tall, could be seen, apparently barring the road. Michel, thinking it was an ambush, fled to the home of signalman Rene depot and his wife, who were in the kitchen with Mr and Mrs Rene Iklef. They turned out the lights and saw on the road ahead, a luminous object at 30mc altitude, alternating dull red and white blinding as a searchlight. By this light they saw three beings 1.2-1.5m tall, with abnormally large heads, moving to and fro with tottery gaits. Their clothing was beige grey, their heads dark. The witnesses were joined by another rail man, Mr Demanchaux. A car passed and as it did so the light went out, though the beings were still visible in the car headlights, motionless by the road. After the car passed the light reappeared, above the road and dimmer. It rose rapidly to the North East at 45 degrees, disappearing at 2315. At the site a 4.5m circle of asphalt was found deposited in the road. #
  • Michel 1958b p211 citing his own investigation + Marc Thirouin in Ouranos 21. 
  • Vallee case 354 citing above and Nord Martin + Liberte + Nord Éclair all of 12 May 1957.

May 12 1957. 0300hrs.
Pensioner Mr Laine and his wife saw, at a distance of 80 from the Decupart house, an orange coloured glow, the apparent size of the moon, in a pasture to the south-west. After a few seconds the light was extinguished. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Ouranus 21 p57

May 15 1957.
A farm wife was sewing when her 5 year old son came in screaming about a hairy man. She went to investigate but found nothing unusual. 
  • Newton 2010 p57

May 19 1957. (approx. date) 1930hrs.
Tom Robinson was alerted by his father via the phone to a light approaching their farm. The thing maneuverered round and then landed behind a cane field on the east side of their property. The thing then rose to 6m, moved north-west, dropped, rose again and repeated this, seeming to get smaller as it did so. At one point it came within 80m, illuminating the entire area and causing dogs to bark. 
  • Gilroy 1995 p32

Late May 1957. 0600hrs.
Mrs Frances Stichler, who lived on a farm near Milford, was doing some chores in her barn when she heard a whirring sound, and saw a flat, bowl shaped object, 6m in diameter, approach over the barn. It had a rim about 1m wide. It hovered with one side tilted towards her, so that she could see a man wearing a light grey, loose fitting suit, with a light fitting helmet of similar colour, perched on the rim. He was of average size, had deep set eyes, a quizzical expression and tanned features. As Frances recovered from her shock, the object left towards the South East, with a spinning sound. The man had been sitting so that his legs and feet were hidden in the lower part of the object. 
  • Coral Lorenzen in Bowen 1966 p57 + Mosley 1967 both citing Milford Dispatch 19 December 1957
  • Lorenzen 1967 p128
  • Lorenzen 1976 p179

June 1957. 
People driving from Motaud to Veurney were at a turning when they saw an enormous red disc 10m away. Little beings seemed to walk around it, then re-enter the machine, which took off with a terrific din, giving the witnesses a great fright. Other people may have seen the phenomenon from a distance. 
  • Alain Gamard citing LDLN 93 p9 + 94 p8

June 5 1957. Night.
Some Indians saw a luminous object descend and land. From it some little men jumped out and attacked the Indians, who had tried to approach and possibly capture one of them. One of the Indians was hit so hard that his arm was almost severed. It was when this man was taken into Uriman for treatment that the matter was reported to the police. The witnesses were regarded as living remote from western ideas and having no knowledge of UFO lore. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Coelho 1967 p130 + Joao Martins in O Cruzeiro International 1 December 1957
  • Vallee Case 395 citing Guy Quincy’s catalogue

June 6 1957. 1830hrs.
Estate owner Ramon Cordido Salom and his mother saw a large luminous object fall out of the sky onto their “La Fundicion” estate from their porch. The object passed low over hills and took off again. Local farmers had seen the thing, described as a huge red disc, pass between two hills and then rise vertically out of sight. 
  • Horacio G Ganteaume in Babcock and Beckley 1978 p32 citing El Nacional + El Universal both 7 June 1957.

June 7 1957. (approx. date)
At the “La Caracara” estate, the administrator Hector Montes de Oca and Francisco Carrasco and others saw a huge umbrella shaped luminous disc descend to the earth, accompanied by earth tremors and a tremendous noise. As they approached the object shot up at tremendous speed. Unusual aerial activity had been noted in the region. 
  • Horacio Gonzalez Ganteaume in FSR 3,5 p5

June 14 1957. 2300hrs.
R. F. Andrews of Malabar Road heard a swishing sound as his garden was lit up as if by a searchlight, as a cigar shaped object giving off sparks at the front, and a bright glow from the tapering rear, passed very rapidly overhead at 30m, leaving a smoke trail. About the same time the Drew brothers walking near Tregolis farm saw the object, which they estimated to be 1-1.5m long and at an altitude of 90m. 
  • FSR 3,5 p6 
  • DIGAP files
  • Evaluation: Looks like a bolide with the usual misperception of height

June 22 1957.
A patrolman observed a large object with two white and one red lights plunge into Long Island Sound. 
  • Sanderson 1970 p39 citing Port Chester Item 22 June 1957.
  • Evaluation: Meteor?

Summer 1957. (approx year) 0100hrs.
An 8 year old girl had sneaked out of her house to play with a friend and explore, when they heard noises like crickets but only louder and then , encountered , by the side of her house, a luminous and not very human looking dwarf, smaller than her. She fled indoors in terror. 
  • Humcat citing Douwe Bosga and letter from witness to CUFOS 25 January 1978

July 1957. 2350hrs.
Three teenage boys sheltering in a disused boathouse by Hurst Castle saw a large rowboat approach and from it emerge five robed and hooded figures that moved off in single file. 
  • Armstrong 1963 p147

July 7 1957. 1420hrs.
While returning to work, Luciano Galli was accosted by two men in a black Fiat, a small driver and a tall, swarthy passenger and was taken to a discoid object in the suburbs. A sort of cylinder descended from the thing. Galli was led on board when he was subject to a flash and the object took off into space. There he was taken to a cigar shaped mother ship, with 4-500 people on board, where he stayed for 3-4 hours, being shown the captain’s room, library etc. 
  • Picknett 2001 p65
  • Good 1998 p199
  • Evaluation: A classic contactee story in the Adamski mould

July 8 1957. 
Many people saw a fireball with a red tail fall into the Orinoco River. Several people rushed to the spot but nothing was found. 
  • Lorenzen 1968 p51
  • Evaluation: Bolide?

July 11 1957. 1530hrs.
A nine year old boy playing truant from his boarding school was following some footprints when he encountered a couple of people dressed in grey boiler suits, which by their size, he assumed were a man and woman collecting specimens. He was surprised to see that they had tubes running from the sides of their heads down to their collars, along which green liquid flowed. He was about to catch up with the couple when a metallic looking bell shaped object about 9-10m across came down to within about a metre or so of the ground. From an opening a ladder descended and the two beings went inside. The object then shot up and away, at which the lad passed out. He was found by his headmaster at 2230hrs., though his new watch was still reading 1530hrs., and he looked sunburned. The witness claimed a second close encounter with occupants in 1978.
  • Nagaitis and Mantle 1994 p148 citing investigation by Contact UK in 1978
  • Evaluation: Another story not reported for more than 20 years

July 30 1957.
Jack Ted Stephenson was walking in the countryside outside Galt when he saw a bright flash in the sky. A circular object with a stationary dome and fast revolving outer rim, 10m in diameter, 4m thick, hovered then descended into the bush encircled gully. Terrified Stephenson hid until the thing took off again, making the same buzzing noise as when it had landed. He then summoned up the courage to go to the spot, where he found charred ground, broken twigs and branches and imprints like huge footprints. These marks were in a circle 6m in diameter and were still there when Stephenson returned with reporter Roy Frances. 
  • Earle G Shelley in FSR 4,1 p8
  • Bray 1967 p183 citing Hamilton Spectator 3 August 1957
  • Phillips 1975 p20 case 116 citing CUFOS citing Blue Book Files
  • Trench 1958 p188

August 1957. (approx. date) Night.
Mr and Mrs B were camping about 30km from here and were engaged in overturning a boulder with their truck when they were blinded by a sort of searchlight of indescribable brilliance and piercing quality. At that moment the truck engine stalled and the couple jumped down from the vehicle and caravan. The searchlight went out to reveal an elliptical object giving off an orange neon glow and a quiet hum like that of a sewing machine. As the object took off obliquely at high speed, the glow seemed to contract and become a mixture of green and “unearthly” colours. The event lasted about 90 seconds and left the couple very shocked and trembling. They decided that it was safer to stay put and they let their dogs out for exercise. The dogs headed for a plateau some 500m away but fled back some minutes later in a very shaken condition. 
  • Bourret 1977 p114 citing Michel Sorbier

Early August 1957.
Shortly before landing at Oshima airport, two passengers on a Nippon Airlines “Dove” plane saw a silver round object at ground level on the slopes of Mt Mihara 
  • UFO News Report B-10

August 1957.
The crew of a US military helicopter saw a circular object rising from the slopes of Mt Mihara. 
  • ditto

August 1957. Night.
A young woman driving home from work encountered a group of people by the roadside, looking up at the sky. She saw they were looking at a large, black, delta shaped object at about 30m altitude. Along the underside were windows, through which movement could be seen, and a round area like a door. The thing seemed to be about 300m long. As it slowly moved off, the woman heard a sound like a vacuum cleaner. 
  • Swords 2005 p48 citing John Timmerman

August 5 1957. 1000hrs.
Four six hours strange objects shaped like spinning tops were seen performing manoeuvres in the sky over the Las Salinas de Arizaro salt marshes near Taipe. They flew at various speeds and heights, performing acrobatics and leaving behind trails of white smoke. They were seen by a team of employees of the Public Highways Administration and by a gendarme patrol, who obtain photographs of the objects, which on several occasions performed sweeps at ground level. 
  • Oscar Uriondo in FSR Case Histories 17 p iii case 1(8) citing CONDOVI Bulletin 1957. citing an undated issue of La Razon

August 10 1957. (approx. date)
Having previous seen strange tacks and the night before heard an unusual cry, Professor V K Leontiev saw a humanoid, about 2.2m tall, with unusually wide shoulders and its body covered in long dark hair. When Leontiev shot at the creature’s feet, it ran off and was lost to sight among rocks. It moved in a stooped fashion
  • Sanderson 1961 p291

August 14 1957. 2230hrs.
Colleen Weller (16) and Diane Kloopher (15) were walking along Church Street, when at the Bank of Montreal intersection, Colleen had her attention caught by a bright light apparently hovering over the bank. Some moments later Diane also saw the circular object giving off a brilliant white light, which hurt their eyes. The object came overhead at 30m altitude, spurted away and returned. It had a dark centre and seemed surrounded by flames, which died away as the object moved away from the girls. It seemed to follow Colleen after the girls separated and when she arrived home her eyes were bloodshot and watery. 
  • Canadian UFO Report 1,4 p8 citing Galt Evening Reporter 15 August 1957
  • DIGAP files citing Major E. G. Shelly

Mid August 1957. 2300hrs.
James Mitchell heard a humming sound and looked out of his window to see, looking in, a being, with large eyes, wearing a sort of luminous suit. Putting his (the being, Mitchell, not clear) eyes to face he backed away. Mitchell’s telephone would not work until the humming stopped.
  • HUMCAT citing investigation by J A Hatcher of NICAP

August 20 1957.
A lone sentry was guarding an aircraft that had made a forced landing, while his two companions went for supplies, heard a humming noise, looked out of his tent, saw nothing, went back inside, her the sound again, loud and high pitched, and went out again, to see a disc at 90m altitude. This strange machine descended until it was only a few metres above the ground, while underneath it the grass and plants were wildly agitated. When the terrified sentry tried to draw his revolver, the gun appeared stuck in its holster. A “clear soft” voice spoke to him from the machine. This claimed that the machine and it’s like were “interplanetary ships” with bases in Salta, whose occupants were fearful of man’s misuse of atomic energy, and that they would establish contact shortly. Then as the bushes, blew to and fro, the craft rose up to 40-50m before moving off to the north. 
  • FSR 11,4 p30 citing Diaro del Cordoba 22 August 1957
  • Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966 p36
  • Keel 1971 p197
  • Vallee Case 398)

August 20 1957.
The lawyers, Frederico and Amelia Guevara Nunez were returning, with their daughter and chauffer from a conference when they saw 11 discs hovering over the Monay plains. One very large disc, emitting a brilliant light was in the centre, the other 10 surrounding and circling it. This rotation ceased, and one of the discs descended in falling leaf fashion onto the ground. The object appeared like two soup plates joined at the rim and shone with a metallic gleam. 
  • Horacio G Ganteaume in Babcock and Beckley 1978 p34 citing first hand from witnesses

August 22 1957. 2120hrs.
A woman who had just bathed and put to bed her two young children heard footsteps and , on investigating, swathe profile of a boy of about 8 or so, with blond hair, dressed in a grey suit, white collar and black shoes, standing two steps from the stop of the stairs. He ran down the stairs with a hunched back and outstretched hands. On reaching the bottom the figure just vanished. Searches were fruitless. Her husband saw the figure on a couple of occasions in autumn 1958 and the next door neighbour was said to have also seen the figure. 
  • Cornell 2002 p83

August 22 1957. 2140
A black bell shaped shaped object bearing two bright, white lights at the top and 15m in diameter was chased by a 25 year old man Mr Sheetz and his wife, in a car at speeds up to 155 kph, until there engine stalled. The object was then hovering at 3m altitude, near to the car, the underside of which resembled a disc with rotating vanes. When a jet aircraft took off from took off from the airfield, the object went out of sight almost instantaneously. The car battery was found completely dead. The two witnesses compared the noise made by the object to that of a helicopter. 
  • Vallee Case 399 citing Blue Book Files
  • Fawcett 1975 p19
  • Rodeghier 1981 p 7 citing CUFOS files
  • Blue Book files
  • Evaluation: Probably a helicopter, NB though Vallee in case 399 states there was no helicopter in the area at the time, the Blue Report states that there was, Vallee had the wrong time (1540hrs.)

August 24  1957. Night.
The crew of the trawler “Eros” proceeding through the Ahu passage near Ninigo in the Bismarck Archipelago off New Guinea saw a large yellow star like object, which turned red, green and then crimson. It hovered for about 20 minutes, turning back to green and appeared to enter the sea. 
  • Sanderson 1870 p39 citing FSR 4,4 p 7 citing South Pacific Post 25 August 1957.
  • Evaluation: Astronomical, bright star or planet low on the horizon

August 26 1957. (approx. date) 2115hrs.
On three occasions in the last week of August a retired scientist and his wife, saw, in their flat, a luminous figure ascending the stairs and disappearing. It was about 1.5m tall, stout and appeared to be made of a sort of incandescent ribbon like material, pieces of which stuck out from each side. One of these was about 1m long. The thing floated above the ground but moved its knees slowly and laboriously. The thing gave the impression of being male. No facial features were visible except for a pair of deep set eyes. It seemed to be wearing something like a shawl and had something on its head. When the lady saw it, it looked at her before it vanished. Despite its brilliance it did not light up the environment. 
  • Rosalind Heywood in Journal of the SPR December 1959 p185 citing letter from the witnesses and investigation by J Stratton

August 28 1957. 0300hrs.
Carlos Rocha (19) and a Swedish girl were spending the night on the beach when they observed an object that manoeuvred low over the sea shore. It came down to about 5m above the ground 100m away, showing a circular shape with a small tower and a curved window, through which they could see a yellowish light. At one point it shot a green yellow beam down towards the ground and descended to 2m. Stones and plants were found to be missing over an area of 4 sq.m. 
  • Ballester 1976 p5case 23 citing investigation by CEI

August 29 1957. 2020hrs.
Mr and Mrs Cranwell and Mrs Eustice were driving along Jetty Road when they saw a circular object, like quarter moon, following their car. It approached and the party stopped, at which the object hovered for a few moments and then moved off to the west. As it did so a white light on the underside went out and they could see a row of small lights that reminded them of windows. It descended close to the car and then moved off. It was soundless and brighter than the full moon. 
  • Hervey 1969 p129

August 31 1957.
About 12 people saw a blue-white object, the size of a garage, with windows, hovering 3m above the ground. Mrs Matthews some the thing some 30m from her home.
  • Table of American landings
  • Lab 1976 p10

Fall 1957.
Two hunters, Gary Joanis and Jim Newall shot a deer but before they could retrieve the carcass a 2.7-3mm tall hairy humanoid, came out of bushes 30m away and picked up the remains and carried them off under its arm. Gary fired several shots at the thing. It emitted a sort of whistling screaming but carried on walking. 

  • Newton 2015b p26 citing John Steele
  • Patterson and Murphy 2005 p32 citing Lee Trippett citing Gary Joanis
  • Keel 1970a p115)

Fall 1957. 2100hrs.
A solider on call in the almost deserted barracks heard footsteps approach and a huge hand open the door, as he stood, terrified, gun at the ready. A giant (2.1m tall) red headed man in a sports jacket, with a strange countenance, entered and asked whether this was where the dice game was. On being told it was not in that barracks the figure walked out. There was supposed to have been a low level UFO sighting on the runway near the barracks at about that time. 
  • HUMCAT citing investigation by Ted Bloecher 10 February 1978 following a letter from the witness to National Enquirer

Fall 1957. Night.
Harvey Howard and brothers Martin and Charlie Sollers were fishing at a community lake near Westville, listening to a fox hunt, where they saw something like a flying door, about 1m long, 2m high, moving slowly and silently less than a metre above the ground. It passed over their car. They were then distracted by the fox hounds, one of which came towards them and so decided to drive off. They met up with the hunters, who commented on the unusual behaviour of their dogs. 
  • Harvey Howard in Strange 8 p31

Fall 1957. 2355hrs.
A young couple had got lost on their way back from the drive in cinema. As they were driving along an area of 400-800m became illuminated. The light went out and then came on again. They then saw a large luminous sphere, the size of a barn, rising from behind a barn, its brilliant light going on and off; rising each time the light came on. When it got fairly high up the light went out and a shower of particles rained down from it. The frightened couple drove off. 
  • Swords 2005 p24 citing John Timmerman
  • Evaluation: Balloon with flashing light inside, eventually bursting?

September 1957. (or following month) 1100hrs.
While out hunting, L C Cavanaugh encountered three little men, dressed in metallic grey one piece suits, who spoke in a language that sounded like German. He felt that they wanted a man, so gave them a torn one. He then returned to his camp and came back with a good map and a camera. He now saw that the dwarfs were joined by a dull aluminium cigar shaped object, three times the length of one of the large cars of the period. He took two or three pictures (later lost) from about 60-90m before leaving the area. When he looked back the object and dwarfs had disappeared. 
  • HUMCAT citing investigation Earle C Bowen of NICAP

September 1957.
A man suddenly fell as if paralysed and his two companions then observed a disc shaped object with a dome on top and another underneath, 50m away. A door opened and three men, 1.7m tall, wearing close fitting, iridescent clothing and who walked “as if on skies” appeared to make a check of the craft and the surroundings, gathering samples in a large box. The witnesses saw that the craft had small portholes and a tripod landing gear. It took off after 20 minutes. 
  • Vallee Case 400 citing UFO Nachrichten July 1960

September 1 1957.
A man and his wife from Sioux City out driving saw a “flash of light” in the sky as their car’s headlights and engine failed for a few seconds. 
  • George Fawcett in Flying Saucers September 1962 p37
  • Rodeghier 1981 p7 citing FSR 4,3
  • Evaluation: Lightning? Meteor?

September 1 1957. 2350hrs.
Two police officers patrolling the sea front saw a blood red object with a jagged black streak across the centre rise out of the water on the horizon like a” blood red sun” larger than the apparent diameter of the harvest moon. Two more streaks appeared above and below the object, which remained at sea level before taking off at fantastic speed across the Atlantic. 
  • FSR 3, 6 p 9 citing Chief Inspector Reginald Jones
  • Trench 1966 p103
  • Trench 1958 p198
  • Janet Bord in FSR 17, 5 p29
  • Evaluation: Moon low on horizon, obscured by dust etc, and then obscured by cloud giving impression of rushing away?

September 7 1957. 0215hrs.
After receiving “telepathic messages”, James Cook observed an object approaching, changing colour, blue-white-blue-red-ark red. It descended 6m away, and underneath the 36m diameter craft grass was waving to and fro, the machine hovering a few centimetres above the ground. Directed by a voice from inside the object, Cook jumped onto a kind of stairway and entered the ship, which was illuminated by a ubiquitous light casting no shadows. There he changed clothes into a one piece suit and helmet. Then he was taken to a sort of “mother ship” and eventually shown the wonders of the planet Zomdic. On the mother ship he encountered about twenty very tall hermaphrodite beings who communicated though gestures and telepathy. The beings wore two piece suits and were baby faced, though some had beards. Cook was away until the night of the 8th. As he descended from the ship he burned his hand on a rail, a burn confirmed by his mother and four friends when he returned home. Subsequently he established a small mediumistic and healing cult in the town, which was accused by a national tabloid newspaper of worshipping dogs. 
  • Thelma Roberts in FSR 4,4 p26 citing her own investigation
  • Investigation by John Harney and John Rimmer 1969
  • The People, undated clipping c1966
  • Keel 1971 p200
  • Tucker 2013 p187 citing Roberts op cit + Runcorn Weekly News 2 October 1957 + Clarke and Roberts 2009 p 94
  • Rimmer 1984 citing Roberts op cit and own investigation
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a p226 citing Thelma Roberts op cit
  • Clarke and Roberts 2007 p94 citing Runcorn Weekly News 10 October 1957. + The Sunday People 17 July 1966
  • Runcorn Guardian 8 September 1978 quotes Cook’s notebooks and says did not meet occupants)

September 19 1957. 1930hrs.
Les Macdonald (17) and Gladys Smith(14) saw a red light changing to green, spreading around them like a mist and covering an area about 100m in diameter. The became nearly paralysed and felt a warm glow. They had no fear but were merely aware of the situation without being able to react. This situation lasted for two minutes. 
  • Vallee Case 402 citing UFO Bulletin December 1957.

September 19 1957. 1840hrs.
A woman taking her dog for a walk had her attention drawn to the sky and saw an object descending onto s lot on the corner of Bay Avenue and Ocean Road. It was white, boomerang shaped and larger than a house. As she was watching this, she heard a clear voice telling her not to say anything about this. She was joined by her husband, who denied calling out to her, and she (or they) saw the thing rise to treetop height and disappear. She then saw it again at 5,000-7,000m altitude, going north to south at terrific speed. Her husband searched the lot and found the grass flattened and marks like those made by something like a child’s wagon. The observation lasted an hour. 
  • Blue Book Files
  • Evaluation: The Air Force investigator pointed out that something of this size landing in an urban area would have produced numerous witnesses, and gave the Evaluation: psychological-hallucination. The marks look like those which may have been produced by children playing on the vacant lot

September 20 1957. 0330hrs.
Dr Hugo de Carvalho Linardi and the two passengers in his car (his brother and an agricultural student) had just passed Barrinha on the way to Sao Paulo when they saw an object like a burning ball to the right. It seemed to be falling but when it reached, or nearly reached, the ground, it rose up and came toward the front right side of the car. It soon moved in front of the vehicle, keeping a distance of about 200m and 50m above the ground. It now appeared circular, giving off an intense, but not blinding, yellow-red light. As it came near the car it appeared flat. Some minutes later it moved ahead of the car again and next took off rapidly up and to the left so fast that the witnesses thought it had volatized. After this brightness like lightning appeared in the cloudless sky. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p259 citing Joao Martins in O Cruzeiro 5 October 1957.

Late September 1957. Dusk.
A man was driving with his wife to his mothers’, when his wife saw an object pacing them. It sped up and slowed down with the car, rose up when entering a built up area and came low again in rural areas. When they arrived at his mother’s house, the thing seemed to go away, but when they reached the driveway they saw the pie shaped object,8-9m diameter, with red, green and gold/white lights going around its perimeter, hovering about 100m away, making a low throbbing sound. Around the bottom of the object was a row of windows, through which the woman could see the silhouettes of the top half of occupants. The mother came to the door but retreated inside in panic, along with her daughter-in-law. The man grabbed a rifle and was about to fire at the thing, which was now only 50m away, when it suddenly disappeared. He called the local Air Force base and planes were quickly scrambled. 
  • Swords 2005 p68 citing John Timmerman
  • Evaluation: The pacing is typical of astronomical misperception, possibly coupled with atmospheric refraction, later obscured by cloud.

September 25 1957. (or following day) 2300hrs.
Sam Aellig had his attention drawn by his wife, to a luminous sphere , the apparent diameter of the moon, which appeared to land 700m away. About ten to fifteen minutes later he saw a group of 11-12 men all about 2.1m tall, dressed in dark grey divers’suits, walking through a cornfield. One of the beings left the group and came between Sam’s house and his garage, coming so close that Sam could hear its heavy breathing. It then walked away and joined the group, which walked away. 
  • HUMCAT citing investigation by David Webb 18 August 1974

September 26 1957. Sunset.
300 people were said to have seen three elongated objects with a series of portholes manoeuvring at ground level in an area with many empty oil wells. One of these objects, said to be 150m long, 20m high, pearl coloured and glistening under the setting sun and showing a series of circles painted on its surface, landed for 20 minutes. An occupant emerged, observed the abandoned derricks and took off again. The being, observed through binoculars, appeared to be a “monster” 1m tall, moving with strange jumps. It was seen picking something up from the ground. 
  • Vallee Case 404 citing Perego 1958
  • Evaluation: There is no such place as Yellow Falls and the whole story must be assumed to be a hoax.

Late 1957. Night.
A girl was out in a truck with her grandmother and uncle, driving along a muddy track when they were repeatedly charged by a large, frightening being waving holly branches over a 20 minute period, forcing them to retreat. 
  • Newton 1957. p57

October 1957. 
At the Gabiroba farm, the owners, Antonio Santineri and Sebastiao de Oliveira, were chatting at the door of their farmhouse with some friends, when, suddenly, a beam of light from some aerial source nearly blinded them. It was green at its core and yellow at the periphery. They thought the light was coming from a plane, but there was no noise. One of then attempted to approach the object from which the light came, which was almost on the ground. It was circular and glowing with a brilliant light. As he approached however, the light went out and the thing disappeared. 
  • J Escobar Faria in FSR 4,6 p5
  • Trench 1958 p205
  • Vallee Case 406)

October 1957. Early hours.
A young boy, Stephen Wood, awoke to see five 1m tall black, apparently bald figures cross the room, followed by a sixth wearing some sort of head gear. The five figures seemed to present something like a cup to the sixth, which appeared to be sitting on the mantelpiece. The figures then faded away 
  • Moss 1977 p114
  • Evaluation: Classic hypnopompic hallucination

October 1957. Night.
While on the road 13km south of Gympie, J D McDonald, his wife and father in law, encountered a 2.5m tall biped with white fur and large flat feet. The thing came from the scrub and raced across the road in front of their car. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p224 case 75 citing Steve Rushton

October 1957. 2200hrs.
Mrs Masterson saw a 10m diameter disc, some 4.5-6m above the treetops and followed it her car for a block or two before it disappeared. Her sister, Bernice Childers, who was with her, saw through a 2.5x 3.5m window in the craft two beings dressed in what looked like white navy uniforms. One was moving about. 
  • HUMCAT citing Mrs Masterson’s letter to J A Hynek 12 April 1973 + Investigation by Robert L Stinson 15 July 1975

October 1957. 2245hrs.
Lorry driver Hugh Watson Reid was driving his articulated lorry through 12m visibility mist near Sark Bridge when, at the junction of the A74/A75, he saw a middle aged couple wearing old fashioned clothes, step in front of him. He braked hard and got out to remonstrate with them, but there was no-one there. 
  • Green 1980 p184

October 7 1957. Night.
A man called the police to report that an unidentified object landed in his driveway and from it came “little green men” who entered his house and stole his wallet, shoes and dog. 
  • HUMCAT citing a United Press despatch 8 October 1957
  • Evaluation: An obvious joke

October 8 1957. 1500hrs.
Two middle aged couples in a punt with an outboard motor travelling between Nabouwalu and Namaka. saw an object that they thought was an aeroplane in trouble, and went to try and help. As they came closer, they saw that it was a rotating object, hovering 6m above the ocean. Standing on the outside of the machine was a human like figure, who shone a very bright light on the boat, causing the couple to feel dizzy and weak. As they got within 200m of the object, the figure disappeared and the object rapidly out of sight. The witnesses were rural Fijians who were said to know nothing of UFO lore or comic books.
  • Vallee case 108 + Vallee 1967 p18 both citing New Zealand Herald 21 October 1957
  • FSR 3,6 p.iv citing Daily Herald 11 October 1957
  • Trench 1958 p202
  • Lorenzen 1969 p61)
  • Evaluation: Note the correct spellings and location

October 10 1957.
Sometime on the previous day to this, Mrs Mabel Yeager who lived in a trailer park on the Duanesburg-Church Road, near Mariaville Lake saw a round object descend behind a hill and re-ascend two minutes later, reflecting light like aluminium. On this day she was feeding her chickens when they fled in panic as she heard a whistling noise. She saw a disc similar to the one she had seen the previous day descend to within 2m of the ground. Two small dark beings or objects got out and hopped into a wooded area near her trailer. After two minutes the object ascended vertically, sucking up leaves, grass, dirt etc. White material like lime was found covering the grass in the disturbed area. Mrs Yeager called the police and two state troopers searched the woods without finding the beings. At about the same time a bus driver in the nearby Schenectady area saw two disc shaped machines side by side in a field. 
  • Vallee Case 409 citing FSR 4,3 p.iii
  • Phillips 1975 p21 (case 011) citing Saucerarian Bulletin May 1 1958 p3
  • HUMCAT citing a report by Fred Stein for MUFON 13 December 1975

October 10 01957. 2000hrs.
Miguel Navarrete Fernandez, an agent and mineralogist for the Exportacao e Importacao Planalto Ltda coffee company and a former officer in the Spanish navy, and his companion Guido X, were driving back to Ceres when they saw a brilliant light that came from what appeared to be a huge helicopter manoeuvring above their truck. This object hovered 50 above the ahead of them, then came closer. Guido lost control of the vehicle, which ran off the road as its lights and engine failed. They were terrified as they realised that the object was 140m in diameter, 40m thick and hovering 6m above the ground, 40m away from them. The dazzling violet light then went out and only a bright red antenna could be seen. Then a door opened from top to bottom, forming a kind of bridge “like a Convair plane”. Six small, slim but otherwise normal looking people emerged in the opening and stared silently at the terrified pair. A seventh being then appeared. They were all long haired and had a brilliantly glowing badge on their chests, which made their features difficult to discern. All this time the witnesses felt themselves to be in a kind of trance and Miguel felt that the beings were telling him of their peaceful intentions, though no words were spoken. After three minutes the opening closed, the craft rose to 300m and discharged a small disc in the opposite direction to its approach. The truck lights and engine now restarted and the couple drove to Ceres as fast as possible. The machine was described as resembling two superimposed saucers, with a 5m circle separating them. When the beings they did so in columns of three, with the seventh in the centre.
  • Lorenzen 1976 p369 citing Olavo Fontes
  • FSR 4,3 p24 citing UFO Critical Bulletin (not dated) citing Rolha da Manha October 1957
  • Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966 p36 citing above + SBEDV Bulletins 9 + 26/7
  • Richard Heiden citing Coelho 1967 p112 + Ribera 1968 p261
  • Vallee Case 410
  • HUMCAT citing UFO Critical Bulletin II,1 p15 citing investigation by Gabriel Barborza de Andrade

October 11 1957. 2000hrs.
Two people in a car saw a “dark transparent ball” about 50cm in diameter, trailing appendages, and rise from the side of the road. 
  • Vallee Case 411 citing Barry Republicain 12 October 1957
  • Larry Hatch

October 14 1957.
Robert Moudy, a farmer, saw a flat oval object, 60m long, with a fiery sphere at its centre rush overhead with a screaming noise. As it passed over his combine harvester, the machine stalled. 
  • NICAP Electromagnetic Effects from UFOS citing press sources)
  • Another version of this story appears in Rodeghier 1981 p8 citing CUFOS files. A farmer harvesting his crops saw a silver platter shaped object hovering 500m overhead, emitting a whirring sound. From its underside came a pinkish flame, which turned bluish as the thing took off. At this point the combine stopped working. That is rather similar to Vallee’s case 412, which has a silvery disc hovering over Moudy’s tractor, then engine of which failed when the object rose. Vallee just gives his source as personal.

October 15 1957. Night.
A young mother was awoken by the sound of a rushing wind and footsteps heading up to her second floor apartment. A few seconds later a 2m tall being wearing a tight grey suit and surrounded by haze entered her room. It projected a beam of light towards her, which beam split, one part hitting her, the other her young son. The being was in her room for an indefinite period, perhaps 2-3 hours, before it left. The next day the child was covered in a rash. 
  • Dennett 2008 p102 citing NUFORC files

October 16 1957. 0100hrs.
23 year old farmer Antonio Villas Boas, who had earlier seen strange lights around the farm, was ploughing the fields in his tractor when he again saw a light that resolved itself into a brilliant egg shaped object. It hovered 50m above him, illuminating the area as if in daylight. As he sat rooted in terror Antonio saw he was facing a rather rounded machine full of small purple lights, with a large red headlight and three metal spurs in front, and something on top, revolving. The object landed 10-15m away, and he saw that the revolving thing on top was a cupola or round plate. He now tried desperately to drive away but the engine stalled, and as he jumped down, a smallish being seized hold of him, followed by three men from the sides and back, which carried him, struggling and protesting, into the machine, where he found himself in a small square room. The polished metal floors of this room were glowing from the lights of many little lamps. He was thence led into another room where he was stripped, given a medical examination, and then left as a kind of gas entered. He was then joined by a small naked woman with fair head hair, deep red underarm and pubic hair and Mongoloid features with whom he had sex twice. The woman was then led out by her companions who were dressed in tight fitting siren suits and helmets with thick lenses, through which small blue eyes could be seen. There was a sort of badge on their uniforms. Antonio was the dressed and shown rounds the craft, noting strange hieroglyphics and a sort of clock the hands of which did not move. When he tried to grab this, it was rapidly snatched back, so that when he was led out he had no evidence for his adventure other than the rashes and other physiological symptoms he developed. The beings appeared to converse in growls, even the woman he had sex with. 
  • Lorenzen 1976 p61 + Olavo Fontes in Bowen 1969a p200 citing investigation by himself and Joao Martins
  • Barker 1965 p54 citing Walter Buhler in SBEDV Bulletin

October 17 1957. (approx. date)
A huge object reportedly landed near here. The object was observed flying low over the Barra-Vitoria Road by several people including truck drivers. It gave off a green-blue light. Eventually it climbed vertically into space. 
  • UFO Critical Bulletin 1, 11-12 p6

October 20 1957. Evening. 
Five respectable Sao Paulo residents, who wished to remained anonymous saw a strange object on the ground near the beach, with searchlights illuminating the area. As they drove towards it, the object’s lights went out and it rapidly climbed seaward 
  • As previous case

Late October 1957. 2230hrs.
Jeanne Chene (25) was cycling home alone, near the Shell Service Station, when she saw a fuzzy disc, like the reflection of a searchlight on a wall. She was surprised to see that this disc was suspended in mid-air. It was 1.2m in diameter, rotating fast with a vertical oscillation at between 2-4m altitude, following her about 1.5m behind. The frightened Jeanne tried, unsuccessfully, to out manoeuvre the light. She then met another woman and a group of young people, who saw the light change into an elongated ribbon, oscillating in waves. It left at tremendous speed towards the lake. She had seen the light for about 15 minutes and a total of 20 people eventually saw it. 
  • Gilles Cote in Saucers, Space and Science 56 p18

October 24 1957. 0230hrs.
Awakened by a whining noise, Mrs Beverly Potter and her husband heard sounds outside their home . The yard was illuminated by a pulsating light, and saw three figures with lights. They were blundering around and making a racket. Mr Potter yelled at the figures, who ran behind a shed. The light came from a cigar shaped object at about 60cm altitude. The thing then ascended vertically. An area of matted grass was found, objects were knocked over and a spade was broken. 
  • Phillips 1975 p21 case 679 citing Radio WERK Pittsburgh + NICAP
  • HUMCAT citing Rev Albert Baller in CSI Newsletter 10 p15
  • Evaluation: The figures seem to be likely to be local kids playing around. Cigar shaped object a balloon?

October 25 1957.
In a letter purportedly written by a semi-literate servant, it was told that the daughter of the house was dying in great pain from stomach cancer, at a farm near Petropolis. Her room was illuminated as if by a searchlight and through the window a not very large disc could be seen. The upper part of it was illuminated by a reddish-yellow light. A hatchway opened in the craft and two small beings emerged, while a third stayed silhouetted against the bright green light from the opening. The beings that entered the house were 1.2m tall, with shoulder length hair, small green slanted eyes and wore thick white gloves. Their clothes were all white, their chest, back and wrists glowed from some unknown source. One of the beings put its hand on the girl’s father’s forehead. They then illuminated the girl’s stomach, which made it transparent, revealing the ulcer, which was then treated with some other instrument. After they gave the girl some capsules to take to complete the treatment. They were said to have told the father that they were Martians engaged on peaceful scientific pursuits. The girl was said to have recovered from her disease. Altogether there were said to be seven witnesses, but none were ever traced and no evidence as to the actual existence of any of them was ever forthcoming, only this anonymous letter.
  • Olavo Fontes in FSR 13, 5 p5 citing anonymous letter sent to Joao Martins

October 26 1957. 1835hrs.
Two people climbed a mountain after an object, resembling two large superimposed saucers, with jets coming from bulges, above and below, lower part dull silver white, upper part bright, was observed in the area. When they flashed a light at the object it approached, turning on a searchlight, coming so close that the witnesses flung themselves to the ground. 
  • UFO Critical Bulletin II, 2 p18
  • Evaluation: Riacho Doce 'Sweet Creek' appears to be the name of a chain of hotels rather than a geographical location. It is not clear which one is referred to in this case

October 30 1957. 2100hrs.
Shirley Moyer and Hugh Pulju were driving 16km north of Casper when they encountered a round shiny thing in the road 75m ahead. The object was the size of a house, and had two pointed spokes; part of the object was glowing. The witnesses were terrified and tried to turn the car around and drive away, but the engine kept stalling. Eventually they were successful and when they reached the main highway, the engine began to function normally. 
  • Alex Mebane in Michel 1958b p237 citing Casper Tribune-Herald 5 November 1957. + Cheyenne Wyoming Eagle 6 November 1957
  • Lorenzen 1969 p159
  • Hall 1964 p74
  • Maney and Hall 1961 p191)

October 31 1957. 0005hrs.
A businessman and his wife saw a large lighted object with openings, which hovered, came to ground level, and took off with a great increase in brightness, silently and at very high speed. Vallee Case 416

November 1957.
A Chinese fish trader, Tock Oun Seng was approaching the coast when an object resembling a triangle between two disks, smoke coming from the three points of the triangle, descended in front of his boat, causing the engine to stall and the lights to go out. 
  • Brothers 1, 2 p37

November 1957.
An occupant report. No further details. 
  • Pereira 1974 case 96 citing Carrion 1968 p129

November 1957.
A corporal in the traffic control at the then RAF airfield saw a misty figure approach the runway from the marshes. Before he could get a better look the thing disappeared. 
  • Ludlam 1966 p32

November 1957. 
A farm couple were watching TV when it developed waves and blacked out. Seconds later a powerful light flooded through their window. Rushing out they saw a squat object 6m diameter hovering over their back yard. The man ran indoors and was violently ill, dying within 48 hours, with symptoms of microwave burning and radiation poisoning. 
  • Stringfield 1978b p163
  • Evaluation: Appears to be just another unverified rumour

Early November 1957. (before the 8th) 2300hrs. 
Dr Radralma Rego observed an object land near the “20th Army Hunters’ Battalion” and the Usmeiro’s hospital. He was so afraid that he sat with his car lights switched out until the thing had taken off again. 
  • UFO Critical Bulletin II, 2 p18

November 1957. 2300hrs.
Welder, Haskell Raper Jnr, was in the last couple of kilometres of his drive to Provencal from his work in Shroveport, and despite the rain and wet road, he was driving at 130kph, when, over the crest of a hill, he saw an object from which a light beamed, about 300m ahead on the road. Fearing that he was about to collide with a truck, he braked. He was still speeding though, when the beam swung round on to him; as it did so a strong pressure decelerated the car rapidly, halting it 4.5m from the object, which despite the dazzling light, Raper could see was oval, 4.5m long, 2.7m high, with a fringe of drab, “army green” colour. On the machine he could see the letters UN following some numbers. Suddenly a sort of heat wave struck his car, and he dived out in panic as the engine caught fire. The machine then rose, with a sound like a large diesel engine, soon vanishing into low cloud. As Raper ran from the scene, his petrol tank exploded, Raper ran home, reported the incident. On investigation his 1956 Ford was found to be completely destroyed. 
  • Vallee Case 417 citing Flying Saucers October 1958
  • Lou Farish + Dale Titler in Official UFO 1,9 p16 (gives state as Alabama

Early November 1957 (or following year) 2315hrs.
A couple were driving home from Morez, when the wife saw something like a railway carriage in the valley below, with windows through which a fiery red light was shining. They got out to investigate, at which the object took off, turning into a luminous red disc. As it approached they got back into their car and drove off. As they did so the thing, at least twice the angular diameter of the moon, passed over them. Moving shadows were seen on its surface. The thing eventually flew off. 
  • HUMCAT citing J Tyrode in LDLN 112 p14

November 2 1957. 0330hrs.
A car driven a by a civil service employee, Mr Calvin, with Sergeant bomber as passenger, rounded a corner and went over a rise , at which his headlights illuminated a submarine shaped white object 10-12m long, 3m high landing a field just off the road. Just then a flash of light lit up the car and its headlights went out. They drove on another 30m before stopping. As they reversed the headlights came back on. The observation lasted three minutes. There was a sort of conning tower in its centre, and something like a white flag, either on the machine, or held by a figure near it. 
  • Fran Ridge and Blue Book Files

November 2 1957. Evening. 
Two combine harvesters, each with two engines were working in the fields, when all four engines failed as an unidentified object passed overhead. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p8 citing Andrew Schopick
  • Hall 1964 p164, this latter dates the event as the night of 2 to 3 November)

November 2 1957. 2030hrs.
A driver saw an unidentified object on the road south of Amarillo. His motor failed. Later a pilot reported an unidentified object to the control tower. 
  • Hall 1964 pp74, 163
  • Maney and Hall 1961 p191

November 2 1957. 2030hrs.
A lone motorist saw a light or lights on the road ahead, and as he approached his motor and headlights failed. The light or lights then rose into the air and sped away. 
  • Hall 1964 pp74, 151, 163
  • Maney and Hall 1961 p191
  • Rodeghier 1981 p 9 citing Andrew Schopick) 
  • Notte; on pp151 and 163 Hall incorrectly located Seminole as being in New Mexico, location confirmed via Google)

November 2 1957. 2250hrs.
Pedro Saucedo and Jose Salaz (or Salav) were driving their truck on Highway 116, 6.5km north and west of Levelland, when they observed a flash of light in a field to their right, which they first thought was lightning. They then realised that it came from a torpedo shaped object, 60m long, with yellow, white, blue and green lights, which took off and approached them, causing their lights to go out and their motor to stall. Saucedo got out of the truck and then dived to the ground as the thing passed overhead with a blast of hot air which rocked the truck and a thunderous noise. 
  • Hynek1972 p123
  • Vallee 1966a p136 citing Hynek
  • Keyhoe 1960 p114

November 2 1957. 2350hrs.
6.5km east of Levelland, Jim Wheeler from Witharral encountered a brilliant egg shaped object, about 60m long, sitting in the road, illuminating the whole area like a giant neon sign. As he approached his car headlights and motor failed. Wheeler got out to investigate, but as he did so the object rose to 50m, the lights going out, at which the car lights and engine worked again. 
  • Hynek 1972 p124
  • Vallee 1966a p136 citing Hynek

November 2 1957. 2350hrs.
Jose Alvarez reported that his car lights and engine failed as he encountered a glowing egg shaped object in the road. When the thing took off, his engine and lights came on again. 
  • ditto but Vallee p137)

November 3 1957. 0005hrs.
College freshman Newall Wright Jnr (19) was about 14km east of Levelland when his engine began to misfire, then the engine and headlights cut out. Wright looked under his bonnet to see what the trouble was, but could find no fault. He then noticed an oval object, flat on the bottom, sitting on the road ahead. It appeared to be 38m long, glowing with a bluish-green light, and to be made of an aluminium like material on which no markings or details were visible. Wright sat, fearfully, in his car until the object took off almost vertically “in a split instant”. His engine and lights then functioned normally. 
  • ditto
  • Don Berliner in Official UFO 1,5 p23
  • Rodeghier 1981 p9 citing Blue Book files

November 3 1957. 0015hrs.
Frank Williams was driving down a dirt road when he encountered an egg shaped object on the ground, giving odd steady pulses of light. His engine failed and headlights went on and off; so that each time the object lit ip his lights failed, only to reappear when the thing darkened. Shortly afterwards it rose rapidly to 90m, its lights going off. The car started without difficulty. 
  • As all of above
  • Cramp1966 p213

November 3 1957. 0045hrs.
In the same location as the Saucedo encounter, truck driver Ronald Martin observed a large orange luminous sphere nearly 2km away. It approached and landed on the road 400m ahead, as it did so Martin’s engine and lights failed. In the minute it was on the ground, covering the paved part of the road, it glowed bright enough to light up the interior of his truck. When the thing took off, the truck lights and engine functioned normally again. 
  • Hynek 1972 p125
  • Berliner op cit

November 3 1957. 0115hrs.

While driving on a farm road; “The Oklahoma Flat Road” northwest of town, James Long of Waco approached within 60m of an egg shaped object, glowing like a neon tube, about 60m long. His lights and engine failed as he did so. As he dismounted from his truck, the thing shot upwards with a roaring sound. 
  • Hynek 1972 p126
  • Vallee 1966a 137
  • Berliner op cit

November 3 1957. 0130hrs.
While driving along “The Oklahoma Flat Road”, about 7km from town, Sheriff Weir Clem and Deputy Pat McCulloch observed a brilliant red oval speed across the highway about 300m south of their car. The light was also observed by other police officers and Fire Marshall Ray Jones, whose car lights and engine momentarily failed as the light flashed by.
  • Hynek, Vallee and Berliner op. cit.

November 3 1957. 0300hrs.
At Stallion Site, two military police, Corporal Glenn M Toy and Private James Wilbanks, on routine patrol, observed a very bright object high in the sky, descending to 45m above the A bomb bunkers, the light going out. Moments later the light reappeared, as bright as the sun, as the object fell at angle. It appeared to be egg shaped, 65-90m in diameter. The thing appeared to be about 5km away. At 2000hrs. that evening Specialist Forest R Oakes and SP/3 Barlow driving in the same area saw a bright light about 15m above the old A bomb bunker. The light took off at a 45 degree angle, blinking on and off and disappearing into the sky. 
  • Lorenzen 1966 p92
  • Alex Mebane in Michel 1958b p238 citing El Paso Times 6 November 1957. + Albuquerque Journal 6 November 1957. both citing an Associated Press dispatch
  • Menzel and Boyd 1963 p180
  • Hall 1964 pp. 50, 136, 164 + 169
  • Keyhoe 1960 p115

November 3 1957. 0800hrs.
Newsagent Hubert Lewis was cycling into town on this cold, wet morning when in the road ahead he encountered a large dull rotating object and beside it stood a tall figure. The wind around Hubert dropped. The stranger addressed him and seemed to know his life and circumstances and advised him to mind his language and keep calm, and delivered a spiritualist homily. Hubert saw that the object, which was about 30m away, was perhaps 20-30m diameter. The figure then just vanished. Hubert claimed later contacts, psychic abilities etc. 
  • Good 1998 p206 citing investigation by Tony Wedd

November 3 1957. 1730hrs.
Roger G (10) was milking the cows on the family farm when he heard a buzzing sound, similar to that of a helicopter, which was coming from an oblong object like an elongated balloon circling the farm at low altitude. He thought it was a plane about to land and went to the pasture fence to watch. He suddenly felt himself paralysed and remained so until the thing gained altitude and moved away. The boy’s mother arrived home to find him terrified. Heavy “burning” fumes hung around where the object had hovered. 
  • Hall 1964 pp. 97, 98, 164
  • Vallee Case 424 citing Blue Book Files (gives date as 5th
  • John Keel in Bowen 1969b p18

November 3 1957. 1800hrs.
A round white object leaving a reddish trail was observed just above the tree tops. It rose rapidly out of sight. 
  • Hall 1964 p164

November 4 1957. 0200hrs.
Two soldiers on patrol at Fort Itaipu saw a bright light approaching at high speed until it was above the Fort. It came down to 50m above the highest gun turret, bathing the area in a strange orange light and emitting a humming sound. Suddenly they were struck by a wave of intense heat as the humming intensified, stunning one sentry. The other managed to get some shelter and his cries alerted others. The power supply then failed as did the reserve generator. The lights returned as the object took off vertically at high speed. Both sentries suffered severe burns and shock.
  • Lorenzen 1966 p156 +Charles Bowen in The Unexplained 64 p1278 citing Olvao Fontes
  • Randle 2016 p127 citing Fontes in APRO Bulletin September 1959
  • Evaluation: This story is just a tale told by an anonymous “witness” though it seems soldiers were burned at the base, possibly due to an accident with the electricity supply which were explain the power cuts

November 4 1957. 0312hrs.
Patrolman Joseph Lukasek and Clifford Schau, with fireman Robert Velt were out in squad car investigating an open window when they noticed a bright luminous orange-red egg shaped object, 60m long, hovering over Elmwood cemetery, descending from 75m, as if to land. As it descended it appeared to be folding into itself. They turned their spotlight on to the thing, whereupon it shot up60m, “puffing itself out”, and moved off to the west. As they turned their light onto the object, their spotlight almost went out and their lights kept flickering as they pursued the thing for over a kilometre at 105 kph. At 0322 the object seemed to fold inward and disappear, but not before the station radio dispatcher, Sgt Daniel DeGiovanni observed the object for himself. 
  • Lorenzen 1969 p159
  • Alexander Mebane in Michel 1958b p239 citing Chicago Daily News 4 November 1957 + Chicago Tribune + Chicago Sun-Times both 5 November 1957.
  • Hall 1964 pp64, 136, 164
  • Paul Trent in FSR 4,1 p3
  • Hynek 1978 p172
  • Keyhoe 1960 p117
  • Evaluation: Moon seen through clouds?

November 4 1957. (Or previous day) 2200hrs.
Two young couples were approaching Monroe from the east when a bright gaseous object, about half the size of a car, rose up from near the ground into the sky. 
  • Alex Mebane in Michel 1958b citing Monroe Morning World 5 November 1957
  • Maney and Hall 1961 p186 citing Associate Press 5 November 1957
  • Hall 1964 p164 (gives date as 3rd)

November 4 1957. Night.
A police officer 928) saw a fiery sphere, trailing a green-yellow vapour approach from the east and pass 15m above a school. As it moved westward it suddenly disappeared. During the observation and for some time afterwards there was interference on the police radio. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p11 citing Anchorage Daily News 5 November 1957.
  • Evaluation: Looks like a bolide with a misperception of altitude.

November 4 1957. 2245hrs.
At Kirtland AFB, two Civil Aviation Authority tower operators ( R M Kaser and E G Brink) observed a lighted, vertical egg shaped object descend to and cross obliquely the runway area. The object hovered near the ground for between 20 seconds and a minute, then climbed up at tremendous speed (c Mach 1) into the overcast. On radar it was then followed south for a number of kilometres before returning to the airfield to follow an aircraft outbound from Kirtland. The thing was described as being the size of a car on end, perhaps 5m high, with no visible appendages, save a single white light in its base. 
  • James MacDonald in FSR 16, 5 p16 + Sagan and Page 1972 p xxiv, 115 citing his own investigation

November 5 1957. 0430hrs.
Just to the south of the city, where Broadway followed the Van Cortlandt Park Playing Fields, rubbish disposal truck driver Frank C. was talking to a bus driver when their attention was caught by a dull metallic disc, its flat, spinning base, emitting a purr, was surmounted by a motionless “Derby Hat” shaped dome with portholes. The object, which was about 400m away, was dark, hovering at the height of five star building, its diameter half that of its altitude. Suddenly it emitted a brilliant yellow light illuminating the whole area, before taking off like a shooting star. The witness was a teetotal of good reputation, who sought no publicity for his story. He was so afraid that he refused to venture into the field again. 
  • Alex Mebane in Michel 1958b p.242 citing investigation by Civilian Saucer Intelligence

November 5 1957. 1700hrs.
While driving along the banks of the Platte River, grain buyer Reinhold Schmidt (60), saw a flash of light in the sky. On investigating he encountered a blimp shaped object, 30m long, 10m wide, and 4m high resting on the ground. As he approached his car engine died, so he got out to get closer. At this he was paralysed by a beam of light. Two men came out of the craft and escorted him inside. There he met four men and two women, who were dark in skin tone, dressed in normal clothes and who spoke in High German amongst themselves, and heavily accented English to him. From the inside the craft seemed to have transparent walls, and there was just a single room, full of instrument panels. They conversed about the American space programme. After 30 minutes he was conducted out and the machine took off; as it did so Schmidt saw there were static blades on the underside. A sort of the grease and three sets of footprints were found at the site. 
  • Clark 1998 p822 citing CSI Newsletter 10 p12 +FSR 4,6 p4 + Schmidt in AFSCA World Report 13-15 p2 + Flying Saucers October 1959 p31 +Toronto Telegram 6 November 1957
  • HUMCAT citing Schmidt in FS + Blue Book Files + San Francisco Examiner 14 April 1961
  • Alex Mebane in Michel 1958b p270 citing numerous press reports
  • Schmidt and Wambly Bald in Hirsch 1968 p105
  • Schmidt 1963
  • Randle 2016 p118 cting Blue Book Files
  • Evaluation: Hoax. Schmidt went on to a career as a contactee and was eventually convicted of fraud.

November 5 1957. Evening.
A car returning to Ringwood was followed for some time by a luminous round object, bobbing up and down, and according to one witness, making a swishing sound. At about the same time TV sets in the Ringwood area dimmed and then lost both picture and sound. 
  • Hall 1964 pp 74, 155 + Maney and Hall 1961 p192 both citing Aurora Beacon-News 7 November 1957.

November 5 1957. Dusk.
A farmer saw a pulsating bluish-green object just above the ground at the same time as neighbours’ TV failed. 
  • Hall 1964 pp 74, 165 + Maney and Hall 1961 p192 both citing Amarillo News 7 November 1957

November 5 1957. 1930hrs.
A border inspector (35) observed an egg shaped object, giving off a bluish glow, approach his car after he got out to investigate a sudden falling off of engine and lights. The object approached from the south west at a 35 degree angle, making a whirring sound like an artillery shell. It passed over his car at 30m altitude, moved off on a westerly heading, changing altitude at irregular intervals. The object lifted vertically when it reached Franklin Mountains. The incident happened 5km SW of the international airport. 
  • Hynek 1978 p181 citing Blue Book Files

November 5 1957. 1940hrs. 
There were two separate reports on this day of a light buzzing a car, causing the lights and engine to fail. 
  • Hall 1964 pp 74, 165 + Maney and Hall 1961 p192 citing El Paso Times 7 November 1957

November 5 1957. (or following day) 2015hrs.
Buford Seabolt was out hunting when he saw a luminous white object, the apparent size of a plane, in a field and two small beings, one standing in the doorway of the craft, the other outside. The one outside addressed him in English, calling on him to enter. He refused, and when an aircraft passed over, one the beings said to other, “this must be the plane we were waiting for, and got into the machine, closed the door, and the thing took off. Seabolt was terrified and his hunting dogs reacted. A concave depression 1.2m wide, 7.2m long was found. 
  • Phillips 1975 p22 (680) citing NICAP (gives 6th)
  • Luis Schoenherr in FSR 9, 2 p12 (gives 5th)
  • http :// citing investigation by Albert Andre of Civilian Saucer Intelligence)

November 5 1957. Night.
112 km south-south-eastward of Wabash, Mrs Jasper Barlow and her two children were driving south-eastward from New Castle when an object resembling a large meat platter, about the size of a house, descended to treetop height, so close that it could have been hit by a gun. It had a large light on its bottom, which flashed on and off, and focussed a light to the ground between Mrs Barlow’s car and that of assistant baseball coach Marvin Rhinehart. Friends in other cars also observed the thing. The object finally moved away, trailed by two smaller objects. 
  • Alex Mebane in Michel 1958b p245 citing Goshen News 6 November 1957 + New Castle News Republican 8 November 1957.

November 5 1957. 2130hrs.
Lon Yarborough, a civilian at the Lackland Air Force Base was out driving when his car radio failed and his headlights dimmed. He then saw a glowing object in a nearby field. As he got closer his engine and headlights both failed. The light was egg shaped and about 20m in diameter. After about 10 seconds the thing rose up vertically to 15-30m, and then left to the south east, giving off a blast of air and a whistling noise as it did so. The radio and headlights came back on and Lon was able to start the cat again. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p11 citing Andrew Schopick
  • Hall 1954 pp.74, 165 citing San Antonio Light 6 November 1957
  • Randle 2016 p115 citing Blue Book Files

November 5 1957. 2300hrs.
Two young men were driving about 60km west of Hobbs when they observed for about 10 minutes, a red light to the north, which they first thought was an oil flare. The light then suddenly rose up and paced the car several minutes before passing over it and hovering over the Permian Basin Pipe Line Plant. When the object passed overhead the car engine spluttered and died and its lights went out. After the men had coasted the car down the road the engine re-started and they were able to move away. The next morning they found that the battery was drained and that the dashboard clock had stopped. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p12 citing Andrew Schopick

November 6 1957. 0010hrs.
Taxicab owner Joe Martinez and driver Albert Gallegos saw an egg shaped object than they feared would collide with their car. It was huge, brilliant, with red, green and yellow lights, lit up the inside of the car and made a distinct humming sound as it passed over. As it did so the car engine stalled the car clock and Joe’s wristwatch stopped. The thing then pulled up and shot away to the southeast. 
  • Alex Mebane in Michel 1958b citing Santa Fe New Mexican 6 November 1957
  • Lorenzen 1966 p99
  • Cramp1966 p218

November 6 1957. 0100hrs.
Three truck drivers coming from Atlanta from Macon independently reported a red egg shaped object, like an American football on the highway. Each reported that as they approached the thing, which was the apparent size of the moon, it disappeared. 
  • Alex Mebane in Michel 1958 b p247 citing Atlanta Constitution 7 November 1957.

November 6 1957. 0430hrs.
A milkman, James Moore, (34), of Pell City was delivering milk about 11km east of there, when his attention was caught by an illumination in the sky. He decided to investigate and had gone about 13km north on a dirt road, at which point his car stalled, although the batteries were new. He walked on about a further 1.5km where he encountered an object 200m long, 50 wide hovering about 60m above the ground. The ground in the area was scorched. He left and scene and after walking for several kilometres managed to hitch a lift with a friend. 
  • Alex Mebane in Michel 1958 b p247 citing George Butler in Birmingham News 6 November 1957.
  • Evaluation: The name James Moore appeared to be false and so the story may well be a hoax. It would appear that the only source was a phone call to reporter George Butler, who was unable to verify the story

November 6 1957. 0540hrs.
General Telephone Company employee Richard Kehoe was driving along the Vista del March when his engine stalled, as did those of three other cars. The drivers saw an egg shaped metallic object, cream-tan in colour, resting on two metal rings on the beach, surrounded by blue haze. From it emerged two men, 1.6m tall, with yellow green skins, who were dressed in black leather trousers, white belts and light coloured jerseys. They spoke to Kehoe and two other men (Ronald Burke of Redondo Beach and Joe Thomas of Torrence_ in broken English, asking questions such as “What time is it”, “Where are you going” etc. Kehoe got the impression he was being invited on board the craft, but he and the other two made their excuses. The two men returned to their craft, which then took off. The cars could now work. Attempts to trace Burke and Thomas were unsuccessful and doubt was cast on the story. 
  • Coral Lorenzen in Bowen 1966 p56 + Alexander Mebane in Michel 1958 p272 both citing Los Angeles Mirror News 6 November 1957.

November 6 1657 0630hrs.
Mrs E A Markell observed a low round object, so brilliant that it blurred her vision, sitting on the ledges north-east of Thompson. It was larger than a plan, with an odd colour. After a few minutes it took off without a trail or a noise. 
  • Alex Mebane in Michel 1958b p263 citing Geauga Record 21 November 1957.
  • Vallee Case 428 citing Blue Book Files

November 6 1957. 0630hrs.
Everett Clark got up to let his fog Frisky out when he saw, 90m away across the road, a large unfamiliar object. Still sleepy, he ignored it until he went to collect Frisky 20 minutes later. He saw the elongated egg shaped machine was still there, surrounded by Frisky and other neighbourhood dogs. Two men and two women of normal appearance were standing near the object, conversing in guttural “Germanic” tones. One of the men tried to grab Frisky and another dog but the beasts resisted. The man they beckoned to Everett to follow him, but the terrified boy refused. The four then re-entered the craft, apparently through the solid surface, as if walking through glass. When Everett’s parents arrived home they found him hysterical. Reporters found an elliptical imprint 1.5m wide and 7.2m long. 
  • Coral Lorenzen in Bowen 1966 58 + Alexander Mebane in Michel 1958 p272 both citing Knoxville News-Sentinel 6 November 1957.

November 6 1957. Morning.

North of Seoul a barrel shaped object, bluish white and luminous was seen close to the ground, reflected in a pool of water. It rose and vanished like a light switched off. 
  • Vallee Case 426 citing Blue Book Files
  • Vallee 1966a p135 citing Donald Keyhoe

November 6 1957. 1800hrs.
A civilian reported an object about 3-4m in diameter, close to the ground about 60 away. It was a red=yellow colour. He called to his family, but when they came out the thing was gone. It appeared to be a featureless light. 
  • Vallee Case 431
  • Blue Book Files
  • Evaluation: The report card says this case was unidentified, but inside comments say was balloon

November 6 1957. Night.
Two police officers saw a brilliant white light, which changed colour amber to orange, low in the sky and pursued it. During the pursuit their radio failed. The light eventually flew out of sight. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p12 citing Hammond Times 7 November 1957.

November 6 1957. 2320hrs.
Olden Moore (28) a plasterer, was driving along Route 86 from Painesville to his home in Huntsburg, when he noticed a bright star like light approaching, apparently following the course of the road. As the light got closer and brighter, Moore stopped at the side of the road to watch. Within seconds the object was hovering over a large field at the Hart Rd intersection. While still at altitude, the light seemed to split, one section moving up and away, the other descending slowly into the field. The thing was shaped like two superimposed saucers, with an inverted conical dome on top. The main part of the object was 15m in diameter and 4.5m high, between 6-9m including the dome. The object had a mirror like surface, surrounded by blue-green mist, through which it glowed like a luminous watch dial. It then began to the rhythmically pulsate. Moore sat in his car for 15 minutes, before getting out to take a closer look, feeling no fear. As he got closer, he heard a humming sound. He then decided to go and get more witnesses, but when he returned, 20 minutes, later, the thing had gone. A lady nearby noticed interference on her TV. An examination of the site by Civil Defence Director Kenneth Locke, disclosed markings 4cm deep, arranged with three holes in a triangle and a fourth outside, as if made by a landing gear. An area of radioactivity about 15m diameter, press sources also mentioned unusual footprints in the area. Moore later claimed to have been interviewed by the Air Force. 
  • Hall 1964 p169 citing investigation by C W Fitch
  • Alex Mebane in Michel 1958b p252 citing Paul Colebrook in Lake County Republican Herald 12 November 1957. + Geauga County Record 21 November 1957. + Cleveland Plain Dealer + Cleveland Press 8 November 1957.
  • APRO Bulletin January 1958 p1
  • Keyhoe 1960 p143)

November 6 1957. Evening.
About dusk John Trasco went out to feed King, his six-year old Belgian police dog, while his wife was looking out. They heard the dog bark furiously and saw a bright light in front of the barn about 20m from the house. It was an egg shaped object about 3m long, oscillating just above the ground. John went behind some shrubbery, where he encountered a being 75-90cm tall, dressed in a green suit, a tam-o-shanter type hat and gloves. The suit had shiny buttons and there were shiny objects at the tip of each glove. The dwarf had a putty coloured face with a prominent nose and chin, large protruding “frog like” eyes and spoke in a “sharp, scary, broken voice” “We are peaceful people, we don’t want no trouble, we just want your dog”. John swore at the being and tried to grab it, getting some green powder on his hands. The being re-entered the craft, though no opening was visible, and it rose up making a sight sound. Mrs Trasco heard the voice and the dog was frothing with terror. 
  • Coral Lorenzen in Bowen 1966 p56 + Alexander Mebane in Michel 1958 p273 both citing CSI Bulletin December 1957, citing Delaware Valley News 15 November 1957.
  • Lorenzen 1976 p177

November 6 1957. 2100hrs.
Jacques Jacobsen and two other men were sitting listening to their battery operated radio station in their lakeside hunting lodge, when one directed the other two’s attention to a brilliant light hovering over a hill 3-5 kilometres away, below the cloud cover. It projected out two beams of light, one from the top, the other from the bottom, illuminating the trees and clouds. Their AM radio was filled with static, as was their short wave emergency radio, expect that the latter also recorded a moderated pulse. When, after 15 minutes the light took off into the cloud cover, the radios returned to normal working. 
  • Mebane in Michel 1958 p248

November 7 1957. 0725hrs.
Dyersburgh truck driver Malvin (or Malvan) Stevens (48) was driving along State Highway 19 between Memphis and Meridian, when, at the small village of House, 25km from Meridian, he found his way blocked by a large light grey egg shaped object that extended right across the highway. Getting out to inspect it, he realised it was not, as he had first thought, a downed Goodyear balloon but a contraption with a single blade propeller at each end and another on top. A door opened in the side through which two men and a woman, 1.35m tall, with pasty white faces and dark hair, dressed in grey, emerged. The beings appeared friendly and spoke in an incomprehensible “chattering sound”. One of the men tried to shake Stevens’ hand. After a few moments the beings returned to their craft, which rose up vertically, disappearing in a few seconds. The entire episode only lasted a couple of minutes, a fact confirmed by his mileage chart. An 8 year old girl in House had seen a sphere moving through the sky at sunset. Stevens had an excellent reputation and declined all publicity. 
  • Alexander Mebane in Michel 1958 p272 citing Meridian Star 7 November 1957 + Jackson State Times 8 November 1957
  • Coral Lorenzen in Bowen 1966 p56 citing El Paso Times 8 November 1957
  • Lorenzen 1976 p177

November 7 1957. 2245hrs.
R J Pollard, a flight engineer was driving home on this moonlit night when, rounding a bend, he saw something resembling an electric light bulb, surmounted by an antenna, about 15m above the road. The thing was emitting a green glow. Pollard stopped at which the object rose up to 30m and then dived down and circled Lake Pukera at low altitude before hovering over a sand dune. Pollard drove home and collected his wife and they returned to the dune. The object then moved slowly south following the line of the dunes. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2014a p393 citing George Fulton

November 8 1957.
A truck driver was driving on a hill outside Sloanville when he saw a 60m long cigar shaped object hovering about 6m above the ground. 
  • Alex Mebane in Michel 1958b p264 citing Albany Times Union 9 November 1957

November 8 1957. 1430hrs.
At this tiny hamlet, Hank Mollehan and eight other members of his family observed a 12m long craft “the shape of a hot dog bun”, with 5 or 6 portholes on each side, from which fire and blue smoke seemed to be issuing. It was manoeuvring above a timbered ridge, as if in difficulty, and then suddenly dropped to the ground. The witnesses could see movement in the area, as if people were around it, and definitely saw one man, though they could not be sure whether he was from this machine or was a hunter. A search by police that evening, and the witnesses themselves next morning, proved fruitless. 
  • Alexander Mebane in Michel 1958 p265 citing investigation by Gray Barker

November 8 1957. Night.
Paul Rutledge, a packinghouse worker saw a 15m long object with a shiny bottom and glass top, through which two shapes could be seen moving inside, hovering over his garage. He ran to get another witness, but when they returned the machine had gone. 
  • Alexander Mebane in Michel 1958 p265 citing UFO Digest January 1958 citing United Press dispatch from Saginaw, Michigan

November 9 1957. 0100hrs.
A man, Mr Boardman, driving home from work observed an elongated object, 16m long, hovering 15m above the ground. His car engine died as he neared the object’s position, and it only restarted when the thing had left. 
  • Vallee Case 439 citing Blue Book Files
  • Vallee 1966a p138

November 9 1957. 1920hrs.
A woman from Tularosa was driving a college student and some companions near the junction of White Oaks Road and US64, about 19km northeast of Carrizozo when they saw a large brilliant light approaching rapidly from the south. When it got close, the car’s lighting failed. The object then veered back to the south and disappeared at high speed. 
  • Lorenzen 1966 p101

November 10 1957. 0125hrs.
A young kennel owner, Mrs Leita Kuhn, had been experiencing difficulties with a stove in her kennel on this snowy, windy night. When she stepped out of the kennel she saw that it had stopped snowing and that the sky was very bright. The illumination came from a huge, glowing, phosphorescent object, 12m wide, about 3m thick, with a dome that seemed brighter than the rest. Vapour was visible on the left of the object. From the dome came brilliant orange sparks, which forced her to shut her eyes. Despite the cold and the fact that she was only wearing a light sweater with the sleeves rolled up, she felt no chill. Her hand kept coming up to her face, and her head kept falling and she felt almost hypnotised. She ran back into the house in fear to get other people, but when she looked out again the thing had gone. Within a few days she was suffering from sore eyes, a rash on her arms and legs, and loss of sleep. These developed into a general decline in health that lasted nearly two years. She also developed psychological problems and gave up her kennel to devote her time to UFO research. 
  • Hall 1964 p 96 citing interview with the witness
  • Alex Mebane in Michel 1958b p p266 citing Painesville Telegraph 27 November 1957 + Cleveland Plain Dealer 1 December 1957
  • Maney and Hall 1961 p112)

November 10 1957.
Two Cherokee Indians observed a red luminous globe, 30m diameter, moving above the highway. As they drove up to it in their car, the thing descended behind trees and disappeared. They thought it was a sorcerer. 
  • Flammonde 1971 p107

November 11 1957. Day.
Robert B Hahn, a jewellery designer, was flying on Western Airlines flight 61 from Minneapolis to Los Angles. About 30 to 45 minutes before landing and 7 to 10 minutes after passing Edwards AFB, he observed a large, roughly elliptical, dull metallic object, apparently on the ground at the base of a shrubbed hill. At first he thought that it was a building but then he observed that it was moving. It went up and over the hill at about 60m altitude, and never rose above 300m during its erratic, zigzag flight. It eventually disappeared from view by passing behind and under the plane. Its speed was estimated to be about a third of that of the plane’s. It appeared to be about 60-75m long. 
  • Hall 1964 p67 citing NICAP files

November 12 1957. 0930hrs.
Robert Kay was looking in a southeast direction towards the Avro Aircraft factory on a daylight morning when he observed a golden yellow sphere, the apparent diameter of the moon rise from apparent ground level to 225-300m and descend again in a loop, as if landing on the aerodrome runway. 
  • DIGAP files

November 15 1957. 1400hrs.
A metallic, luminous orange object, 60m in diameter hovered about 90m above the Aero Club aerodrome. As cars approached their engines stalled. After a few minutes the thing took off vertically. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p13 citing Andrew Schopick
  • Hall 1964 pp 75, 167 + Maney and Hall 1961 p192 both citing J Escobar Faria

November 16 1957. 2230hrs.
A blinding, red and yellow object landed twice, first at the Jockey Club, where it stayed on the ground for a while, took off and landed again at the Rural Exhibition, from whence it ascended vertically some time later. 
  • Vallee Case 410 citing Quincy 1961
  • UFO Critical Bulletin 2, 11 p19

November 17 1957. (approx. date) 2000hrs.
Donald Doge, the art teacher at Valparaiso High School, was driving towards town on a Sunday evening when he observed some revolving lights descending over a snow covered field alongside the road. Thinking that it might be a plane in trouble, Dodge stopped and got out of his car. The object hovered 5m above the field, switching on a brilliant white light. Dodge hastily returned to his car and drove off, paced by the object, which then banked across the road ahead, forcing him to brake. The thing hovered for a moment and then streaked into the overcast. 
  • Edwards 1967a p22 citing his own investigation.

November 18 1957. 1030hrs.
Farmers Pedro Zilli (53) and Joao Erani (57) were building a tobacco hothouse when Erani called Zilli to see an unusual object. They saw two aluminium coloured objects 200m away, which they thought was a crashed aircraft. As they approached, they saw six people emerge from behind some trees. These were tall thin men, dressed dark grey suits, made of a strange cloth. The strangers divided into two groups, one for each of the round, wingless, metallic objects, 3m in diameter, hovering 1m above ground. The beings quickly entered the craft, which took off, accompanied by three others that had been hidden by the trees, the five vanishing out towards the sea. Both men now recalled that they had heard a strange buzzing noise for some minutes before the sighting and that cattle had been disturbed. Hilde Klein and some other people also saw the objects in the air. 
  • Hulavio B Alexio in FSR 4,4 p27
  • Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966 p36 citing Floriano Correia in Jornal do Rio 24 November 1957 + Tribuna Criciumense (not dated) + SBEDV Bulletin 26/7 + FSR op cit + UFO Critical Bulletin (not dated)
  • Lorenzen 1976 p150)

November 18 1957. 1500hrs.
Mrs Cynthia Appleton (27) had put her three year old daughter to bed and her baby in the front room. She heard a cry from the baby and went into the front room, where she was struck by an oppressive atmosphere, as if before a thunderstorm. As she looked out of the window, the figure of a man materialised by the fireplace on her left, at first blurred then clearer like the TV pictures of the period. She felt her terror being overcome by a “calming influence”. She recalled she had heard a whistle “like a radio being tuned” as the figure appeared. The figure was tall, fair, wore a tight fitting silver plastic garment that had wrist length sleeves and a high “Elizabethan collar”. It materialised on a piece of newspaper on which scorch marks were later found. The figure’s lips were soundlessly moving and it appeared to communicate something about mining titanium from the seabed and that man was approaching space travel in the wrong way. It moved its hands and a kind of television image appeared of a circular craft with a transparent dome, from which several figures were looking out. After delivering more homilies, the figure “just wasn’t there anymore”. Cynthia claimed to have a “new sense of awareness” and that her baby grey five teeth in that week. She went on to claim six further contacts on January 7, February 1, 7 10 (or11), 18 August, 25 November and 16 December 1958 in which beings either materialised or arrived in the normal way; one being apparently burning its hand on the car exhaust. They claimed that her next baby would be a “son of space”. Her baby boy arrived on the date predicted and had some unusual features. At one point the beings seemed to be in some sort of communication with one group of investigators. 
  • Brinsley Le Poer Trench in FSR 4,2 p5 citing investigations by Rev William Catmel, Rev G. E. Tilley, Gavin Gibbons and himself.
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  • Charles Bowen in Bowen 1966 p4
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  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a p232, 237 citing investigations by Dale and Gordon Creightom
  • Clarke and Roberts 2007 p96 citing information supplied by John Dale via Jenny Randles : : Randles 1988 p70 citing invesitgations by Dale etc : : Andy Roberts in Fortean Times 191 p33)

November 20 1957.SÃO CARLOS (SÃO PAULO : BRAZIL)
An agronomist, Jose Luis Andrielli and his family were driving back to Sao Carlos when there was a flash in the sky. Walking to the scene, they encountered a strange machine on the ground. An opening appeared and two tall beings, carrying devises like flashlights emerged. One of the beings broke off some stone from a rock, after which they returned to their craft, which took off rapidly into the sky.
  • HUMCAT citing letter from J Escobar Faria to Richard Hall 1964

November 20 1957.
A flashing red light passed low over the sheriff’s car. Calling other police, he tried to give chase, but was unable to catch the object. 
  • Hall 1964 p167

November 22 1957.
Shopkeeper Hans Haugaard Hansen was delivering some goods when he saw a triangular object flying low across a field and road. The bottom was solid, the upper part transparent, and through it he could see two human figures, sitting one behind the other. 
  • FSR 4,4 p2 citing Major Petersen citing magazine Familie-blad
  • Vallee Case 444)

November 22 1957.
Two people saw an object identical to that above, with “living beings” inside. 
  • FSR op cit.

November 23 1957. 0610HRS.
An airforce 1st Lt, Joseph E Long, was driving towards Las Vegas at 130kph, when 50km west of Tonopah his engine suddenly stopped. Getting out to investigate, his attention was drawn, by a steady high pitched whine, to four discs on the ground, about 300-400m west of the road. He walked for several minutes until he was within 15m of the nearest disc. The objects were identical domed discs, 15m diameter, and 3-4.5m thick. The body of each object was self-luminous; the domes were transparent and appeared to be made of a different material. Underneath was a landing gear of three darks balls, 60cm diameter. These discs were surrounded by a dark, rotating outer ring. The hum increased in pitch until it was almost painful, the discs lifted to 15m, the landing gear retracting as they did so. They then moved away at about 15kph, north across the highway, following the contours of the ground, and disappearing behind some hills. The only trace left behind was an equilateral triangle of bowl shaped depressions, 20-30cm apart. The observation lasted for 20 minutes. When it was over the 1956 Chevrolet worked perfectly. 
  • Hynek 1977 p182 citing Blue Book Files

November 25 1957. 1430hrs.
Two engineers were driving about 200m from the railway crossing in Faverges when they saw a nearly spherical object at ground level, performing zigzags on the road, They stopped and were amazed when the thing suddenly vanished leaving no traces. 
  • Vallee Case 446

November 28 1957. 
A car motor failed and the driver felt numb as a bright flash of light appeared in the sky, 6m above the ground. 
  • Hall 1964 p 75 + Maney and Hall 1961 p193 citing Honolulu Star-Bulletin 29 November 1957

December 1957. 0030hrs.
While driving along the D8 road from Royers to Bourganeuf, a motorist saw a light resembling that of a motorcycle headlight, and the apparent size of the full moon, in the sky. In a fraction of a second this globe came close to the car, surrounding it with an orange glow and interfering with the engine slightly. From Complaix to Bourganeuf the thing paced the car, moving back and forth at lightning speed. At the end of the incident, witness was able to observed that the object was cigar shaped, with a slight cupola in the centre, but otherwise flat. It gave off an orange light, was noiseless and disappeared at great speed. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing OVNI-INFO 1 p12 case 42 citing Phen Spax 10

December 1957. Night.
Edmund Rucker was awakened by a roaring noise and saw a strange object land near his house. He saw strange looking heads through its lighted windows. An opening became visible and four green skinned creatures, less than 1.2m tall, with large heads, domed foreheads and bulging eyeballs emerged, floated down and delivered a message in English, stating that they had philanthropic and scientific purposes and came from an advanced civilization on Mars. When a cock crew, the little men re-entered their craft, which then took off. 
  • Vallee Case 447 citing Flying Saucers July 1958
  • HUMCAT citing SPACE January 1858 p3 citing a letter in San Diego Union 5 December 1957.)

December 2 1957. 1715HRS.
Clyde C Rust was driving home when he saw a large bright, star like light to the south, which he continued watching after his arrival home. After a while it turned into a white ball, later a cigar, an upside down oblong dish with a gold coloured bottom and finally a boat. The boat was 30m long and 15m wide and approached within 45m of the witness at 15m altitude. At times it travelled so fast that it was only a streak of light. The boat came back on successive nights. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Flying Saucers October 1958 p67
  • Evaluation: Astronomical + autokinesis+ eye strain

December 8 1957. 1730hrs.
A close encounter of the second kind. No further details. 
  • Hynek 1972 case CEII-10

December 8 1957. 1752hrs.
Between Woodward and Smiling, 12km from the latter, an employee of an aircraft company, driving with two passengers, wss nearing a hill in this wooded area, when a bright light, like that from a mercury lamp, appeared ahead. As it seemed as though their was going to be a collision the car slowed down by itself and stopped as if the whole electrical system, including the heater and the windscreen wipers, had failed. Over the vehicle, at about 60m altitude, was a disk 15m in diameter, with portholes around its periphery, which was emitting a current of hot air and a high pitched whining sound. It had a dome on its top and bottom. After a couple of minutes the whine increased in tone and the thing rose vertically out of sight. As it did so, the 1954 Doge Coronet’s headlights came back on and the engine started by itself though that model did not have automatic transmission. The principle witness spent four hours with two officers from Kirtland AFB, who told him of similar observations, but the case was not reported to Blue Book. 
  • Vallee case 448
  • Rodeghier 1981 p14 citing CUFOS files

December 10 1957.
A farmer reported that a water melon shaped object, 3m high, 4m long, landed 20m away. At the spot authorities found broken glass.
  • UFO Critical Bulletin II, 2 p19

December 10 1957. 2200hrs.
The occupants of a truck on the Barra to Dourandia road observed a strong glow illuminating the road. As they switched their lights out, a luminous disc, 12m diameter, approached and hovered just above the ground. When the truck lights were switched on again, the object left at high speed, leaving a luminous trail. 
  • UFO Critical Bulletin II, 2 p10

December 11 1957.
An object was observed as if attempting to land. As the witnesses approached it they felt a strong heat as the object took off. Grass at the spot was scorched. 
  • UFO Critical Bulletin II, 2 p19
  • Evaluation: I cannot find this name, or one with any variation of the faint third letter on Google

December 11 1957.
Mary Louise Tobin, a school teacher, was driving on State Highway 1 when she saw an object that she compared to the rising sun in the vicinity of a smoking car. The driver of this car, an elderly lady, came out with a child, who seemed to have suffered burns. The unknown object went away and the disabled car did not catch fire. 
  • Vallee Case 449 citing Flying Saucers July 1958

December 11 1957. 1600hrs.
Many cars stopped to observe a silent reddish glowing disc, about 15m diameter, which flew 6m above the ground at 50kph. A small windowless cabin was visible on the underside of the object. 
  • Vallee Case 450 citing Flying Saucers July 1958

December 16 1957. 0230hrs. (approx.)
Mrs Mary M Starr, a holder of two degrees from Yale, and a sometime teacher, was alone in her cottage, asleep in an upstairs bedroom on the south corner of the cottage. She was awoken by a brilliant light shining in through her east window and saw what she thought was the fuselage of a plane pass by. She feared it was about to crash. The object stopped and Mary saw two men that she thought were stewards passing each other, their right arms raised, their hands not visible. They wore yellowish jackets and square helmets of a red –orange colour. One of the beings appeared to have a red bulb in the centre of his head. A third man appeared and Mary leaned forward to get a better look. As she did so the lights went out and the machine’s exterior began to glow like burnished brass. A sort of antenna 15cm long rose from the top of the craft, at the end nearest her, and moved about as if signalling. After 10 minutes this withdrew, the lights went out and the object backed off southwards in the direction from whence it had come, then made a sharp angled turn to the left. Mary could now see the dull, bluish-grey fuselage, resembling an old fashioned oval mirror, surrounded by small round blue lights, as it dipped over a tidal stream and then shot up and disappeared. Only then did she realise that she had not seen an aircraft but rather a totally unconventional craft, 6m long, 1.5m thick, which had hovered only 3m from her house at only 1.5m altitude, and that the beings she had seen were only 1-1.2m tall and of quite non-human appearance. 
  • Coral Lorenzen in Bowen 1966 p57 citing Civilian Saucer Intelligence Newsletter July 15 1959
  • Letter from witness in FSR 6,3 p7 (gives date as 18th)
  • Keyhoe and Lore 1969a p27
  • Lorenzen 1976 p179 
  • Moseley1967 p37

December 19 1957. 1600hrs.
An extremely luminous round object was observed resting in a pasture 200m away. When the witness returned with others the object had gone. A circular mark, 15m diameter, was found on the grass. Samples of the soil were collected for analysis by the Espirito Santo Technology Institute. 
  • UFO Critical Bulletin II,2 p19

December 21 1957. 1830hrs.
Mrs Yvonne Torres de Mondoca, her three children, her servant-Miss Bruna and her driver, Marcio Goncalves were travelling by jeep from her farm to Ponta Poran village, on the road which paralleled the Paraguayan border, on this dark and overcast evening, when they observed a large ball of light to the south, the apparent size of the full moon, close to the ground. As the light started to move towards them, they realised that it was from two spherical objects flying side by side, which silently approached the jeep, moving apart until one was on each side of the road. They were moving horizontally, oscillating with a strange wobbling motion and spinning on their axes. Then one stopped, dived towards the ground and hovered very low about 20m from the jeep, while the other manoeuvred in circles, coming very low at times. They could see that the objects were Saturn shaped, but their brilliant light obscured further details. Their upper hemispheres and rings were fiery red, the lowing hemispheres glowing silvery. Both objects sent beams of light on to the jeep. The terrified party drove on as fast as possible, the objects pacing them for two hours, occasionally going ahead, hovering above them and diving at the jeep. When they stopped the car, one object hovered, directing a beam at the ground. They saw the other, as its light dimmed, as a metallic sphere, 4.5m diameter, with a rotating ring. When the car stopped again, just outside town, the objects hovered close again, but rose as the car entered the town. When the party returned tom the place where they had last seen the objects low, they found a kind of luminous haze, which faded in the wind, and one of the spheres moving away in the west. 
  • Olavo Fontes in APRO Bulletin March 1959 p3 citing his own investigation
  • Lorenzen 1962 p146 + Lorenzen 1969 p148 both quote from that source

December 25 1957. 0230hrs.
A 7 year old child woke, unable to move, in his downstairs bedroom. Through the door he saw a cream coloured entity, about 1m tall, on the porch, looking into the room. He heard a voice telling him to go back to sleep, which he did. 
  • Dennett 2005 p144 citing Strieber 1997 p32

December 25 1957. Early hours.
A nine year old girl woke up and saw through her bedroom window a black coach driven by horses. Thinking it was Santa Claus delivering presents she woke her younger brother who also saw the thing. 
  • Hollis 2013 10 citing investigation by David Farrant

December 30 1957. Night.
Car mechanic George Chowanski was cutting wood when he heard a whirring sound and saw a luminous glow, which resolved itself into a disc shaped object about 4.5m long, 1.5m high, that hovered about 60cm above the ground 30m away. Three beings emerged and walked around, one picking up something heavy from the ground, which they took back to the craft, which took off shortly afterwards 
  • HUMCAT citing Edna Slack and Carl Darby Dover-Lakeland News 6 March 1958