1975 (or following year) Day.
A man who was carrying a gun because of recent cattle mutilations on his farm, saw a light and fired at it. The thing then came within 10m and he saw that it was a luminous egg shaped object, 3m tall, 2-2.5m wide. He ran for a camera but when he returned the thing had gone. 

  • Swords 2005 p61 citing John Timmerman)

A schoolboy from the Foyle Estate was walking in a country area when he felt himself enveloped in a sort of huge energy field. He lost consciousness He was found and taken to hospital where he remained in a coma for a week. 
  • John Hind and Miles Johnson in NUFON News 38 p4
  • Evaluation Appears to be little more than a local rumour.

A woman, her daughter and a child in a car saw a strange lighted object on the road ahead. They thought it was an accident so slowed down. The car then began to be buffeted. A group of 4-6 entities with pointed heads and no discernible facial features surrounded the car, and a beam of light shone over it, causing the women to scream. The daughter hid her face in her hands and they drove away at speed. The older woman received permanent damage to one of her eyes, which she said her doctors could not explain. 
  • Basterfield 1980 p48 case 55 citing letter to Bill Chalker).

At an undisclosed location a shepherd saw a disc shaped object descended to about 100m above a flock of sheep. From this object came very thin beams of light, which knocked down several sheep. The object descended to only 60cm-1m above the ground, a ramp descended and down it came three figures wearing diving suits and carrying implements like wands with which they touched the sheep. When the shepherd brandished a stick to warn these beings off he found himself paralysed while the beings continued with their work. They then re-entered the disc which took off. As it did so the shepherd found movement returning. When the carcasses of the sheep were taken to slaughter they were found to be without blood or brains. 
  • Howe 1998 p164 citing Wendell Stevens

Two men out hunting racoons saw a large luminous disc emerge from underwater in the Green River and fly off at terrific speed. Their dogs bolted in panic. 
  • Nunnelly 2017b p100 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation reported 20 years later

Jane Woodruff and her friend Orin saw large numbers of tiny human like figures, only about 12cm tall, leaping through the flowers 
  • Bord 1997 p73 citing Jane Woodruff in Fate March 1978 p128

1975. Afternoon.
A 12 year old boy, seeking to distract himself from the death of his dog, was out hunting. He went through a wooded area and noted an unusual stillness. He then came across a hairy humanoid stood over the grave of the dog, digging at it. The boy shot at it, hitting it in the chest. The 2m tall thing then ran off into the woods. 
  • Blackburn 2017 p163 citing investigation by Brian Sons

1975. 1820hrs.
A man was listening to his radio on a Sunday evening when he observed an object floating around the gable end of his house. It was a 7.5m long fuselage, with two 4m long wings, a tail about 3.5m long and two spherical structures at the front, surrounded by a frame. The thing also had an arch structure like a cabin. A smoky cloud then enveloped the object, which vanished. Tree branches nearby only sprouted on one side afterwards and birds appeared to keep away from the area. 
  • BUFORA Journal 6,5 p26 citing R Hall
  • Evaluation: Either subjective or a blimp/balloon of some description

1975 1900hrs.
A military policeman at the Naval Depot was out on patrol in a pickup truck when his engine and radio failed. He then saw a flashing red light that he first thought was a tower light until it started darting about at terrific speed. There were other witness, some of whom saw beams of light projected down onto the bunkers. 
  • Dolan 2009 p101 citing letter from main witness to Brian Vick

1975. Night.
Robert Nickson, a teacher at Syracuse University, was staying in his holiday cabin when he saw, through the open door, a red luminous sphere, the size of a basketball, hovering 2,5m above the ground about 4.5m away, making a ticking sound. He invited the thing in, but instead it took off. 
  • Citro 1994 p138

1975. Night.
As Becky Andreasson (19) was getting her baby’s bottle in the cellar kitchen the lights suddenly went out and she saw huge glowing eyes peering in at her through the cellar window. She fled upstairs, leaving the gas on. The power failure only occurred in the local area and the lights came on by themselves. 
  • Fowler 1979 p188

1975. Night.
At an undisclosed location, a man on the house alone while his wife and children were away visiting, was awoken by the sensation that he was being throttled by an unseen attacker. He grabbed hold of its arm, but it was wrestled free and disappeared with a scream. He turned on the light but no sign of an intruder could be found. His pyjamas were torn and next morning he found the remains of the previous day’s meal smeared around the kitchen. Starting with the following year this man began to see a shadowy human figure in the bedroom, and on one occasion this was seen by his wife. 
  • Wonderland 1 p5 citing investigation by Chris Wright and Sonya Brown

Early 1975. Night.
Terry Chown were driving towards East Dean on the dark, unlit Beachy Rd, en route from Eastbourne to their home in Braintree when their car was illuminated by a white light behind them. They thought it was another car, but when they turned a bend the lights went out ,as though the other vehicle had turned off a side road, but in the morning they saw there were no other roads there. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p 31 citing their own investigation

Early January 1975. (approx date)
Several residents, including a local district councillor, on both sides of the river, saw a bright orange object, the apparent size of a soccer ball, move at low speed over the Britannia Royal Naval College, change direction and land on the river, where it remained for several minutes before taking off in the direction of Torbay. 
  • FSR 21,1 piii citing Western Morning News c. early January 1975)

January 1975.  0330hrs.
Kay who arrived home after a period of missing time and feeling so unclean that she had to take an immediate bath, under hypnotic regression recalled seeing three lights, so bright that she was unable to see, and found her car being pulled over against her will. She encountered a being with a large head, wearing a white suite, and followed it into an object with a sort of red bubble on top. Inside three beings manhandled her into a large room, where she felt weak and paralysed as a red light shone on her. She next remembered being back in her car. 
  • Bullard 1987 case 87 citing Earl Ayres in UFO Report 7,6 p31

January 1975.
Two young men found the cattle they had come to collect by tractor, huddled in a tight group at the bottom of the field. They saw a light shining through a hedge, which light rose, moved towards them and hovered briefly less than 1m above the ground, 9m away. It was shaped like a rugby ball (American football ), 45cm long. It moved slowly away at an angle. 
  • Valerie Martin in BUFORA Journal 6,1 p8 citing South Wales Evening News 20 Nov 1976 citing investigation by Randall Jones Pugh

January 1975.
A couple were driving past Eggardon Hill when their car engine and lights failed. Looking out they saw a brilliant luminous sphere overhead. When the thing moved off their car engine and lights worked. 
  • Shuttlewood 1979b p 28 citing press sources.

January 1 1975. 0625hrs.
Four soldiers (Manoio Aguera, Felipe Sanchez, Ricardo Iglesias and Jose Laso) were driving back to the Army Engineering Academy in Burgos, when the driver, Aguera, saw a light fall from the sky at great speed. They stopped and all four got out to watch an intensely luminous, yellowish thing joist above the ground, 400m away, at the place where the light had fallen. The thing was like a truncated cone, 2m tall, 3m wide, which emitted white jets of light towards the ground. The main light suddenly went out and four others appeared in a straight line very close to each other, lighting up in succession. Driving on the soldiers stopped twice more to watch the lights (on the second occasion only two or three lights were visible). There were several other witnesses, including Jose Rivas Riano of the secret police. An investigator, Fr Malo Martinez found two parallel burnt areas, 60mX12m and 30m x 12m, 15m apart. In these burned areas there were numerous randomly spaced marks where the grass had been burned down to the ground. Except for 2 large ones, which measured 1m x 31cm and 60cm x 31cm, the holes measured about 20cm x25cm. 
  • Ballester1976 case 199 citing investigation by CEI + La Acutalidad Espanola 20 January. 1975 + Stendek 18 and 19 (covers) and 19 p3 + Skylook 89 p1
  • FSR 23,2 p22)

January 1 1975. 2120hrs.
An orange yellowlight,325m long, 15m wide, landed in a wooded area near the property of James Williams (19) and his wife January.. It remained on the ground, in this rural area, for about 5 minutes and then rose into the air. 
  • Richard Goerman in Official UFO 1,10 p46

January 1 1975, 2120hrs.
Debbie Janette of Carlyle was travelling south on the Tomalco Road when, stopping at the Mulberry-Keyesport road, she saw very bright blue lights to the left. At first she thought they were on a new building, however, as she turned right towards Keyesport, she saw it was a huge orange object, which followed her towards Keyesport. When she turned into Rt 127, the light just went out. 
  • Richard Goerman in Official UFO 1, 10 p46

January 2 1975, 0010 hrs.
An object, three times the size of a car, flying at treetop level, about 100m away, and with a bright light on top, was reported to the sheriff’s department by a witness whose name was not given. 
  • Richard Goerman in Official UFO 1,10 p47

January 2 1975. 2330hrs.
Members of the military patrol on the Las Bardenas air force firing range, while on routine patrol, saw some very intense, intermittently bright, multi-coloured lights, which moved slowly and then stayed stationary on the ground. He barracks were notified and officers observed, through binoculars, an object shaped like “half an orange” which rose and slowly disappeared on the horizon. Then another strong white light appeared which even illuminated the ground. Soon afterwards it too disappeared. The objects were in the view of 30 observers for 3-4 minutes. There were other witness and there were supposed to be traces. One of the objects may have flown over the heads of the soldiers. 
  • Ballester 1976 case 200 citing FSR 20,5 p 32 + Skylook 87 p19 + El Pensamiento Navarro + ABC both 5 January. 1975 + El Noticiero Universal 6 January. 1975 + Informaciones 8 January. 1975 + ABC 8 and 9 January. 1975 + Le Actualidad 20 January. 1975
  • Good 1996 p139
  • Evaluation Reflection of moon, lunar halo and stars on the ground fog, traces coincidental

January 3 1975.
Seven boys saw two large lights descend and hover over a hillside. The lights flashed and a humming sound was heard. An investigator found an area 7.6 x 4.5m of twisted and broken wattles. Trees had been damaged about 1.2m above the ground and had fallen over. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p 199 citing investigation by T Dean of TUFOIC

January 4 1975.
Two people heard sounds outside and one of them saw a bright light. A 2.4m diameter depressed circle was found the next morning 
  • Phillips 1975 p 106 case 751 citing Len Stringfield

January 4 1975 1755hrs.
A sailor on National Service at the Marine Arsenal, driving on his rounds saw, 60m from the crossroads a dull black object rather like a balloon under a tree he was driving away from. He turned round to keep watching and saw the thing slowly descend in a dead leaf fashion, trailing faint smoke from its right hand side. It first looked like a balloon but then appeared more crescent shaped as it got lower. As the witness stopped at a crossroads, the thing seemed to stabilise at 4-5m altitude and then veered off to the south and was lost to sight behind buildings. It came within 40m, at which distance it had an apparent diameter of 15cm. The sailor then continued on his rounds. 
  • LDLN 149 p16

January 5 1975 circa 0350hrs.
Carlos Alberto Diaz (28), married with one child, had caught the bus home from his night job as a waiter and was walking through a deserted railway yard (or the road by the yard) when he was momentarily blinded by a beam of broken light. This happened in silence. When he recovered from the dazzle her tried to run away but found himself first impeded then paralysed and heard a humming sound. He then seemed to be lifted up in the beam and after he had gone about 3m he passed out. He awoke in a smooth, shiny sphere, lit by luminescent walls that resembled translucent plastic. There were no furnishings or instruments. He half crouched close to some air holes in the floor of the object, which was 2.5m wide, 3m high. Then three humanoid beings, 1.75-1.8m tall, slim build, with featureless green hued faces and undersized heads. They wore pale cream extremely soft rubbery suits, which contrasted with their moss coloured green skin. Their arms terminated in stumps. The beings grabbed Diaz with these stumps and seemed “tireless” and impervious to his resistance. They then yanked out tufts of his hair, “dancing with glee” as they did so. Dial's sight then became cloudy and he fainted again. He recovered on a road. Sources are contradictory about what happened next, Romaniuk says Diaz was picked up by a motorist who informed him he was now in Buenos Aires and drove him to the railway hospital, where he arrived at 0830hrs. and phoned his family 0920. Another source says he arrived at 1615 having hitch hiked for over a day, while Banchs says hospital records show he arrived at 1715. 
  • Pedro Romaniuk in APRO Bulletin 23,5 p3 and FSR 21, 3-4 p29 citing own investigation
  • Joseph Brill in Official UFO 1,6 p12
  • Roberto E Banchs in APRO Bulletin 26, 2 p8 citing own investigation (considers case a hoax)
  • Richard Heiden).

January 5 1975.
A woman living on the outskirts of Leicester saw a brilliant point of light descended to tree to height and out of sight. 
  • Paul Ledger in The News [now Fortean Times] 11 p16

January 5 1975. 1900hrs
Yvon V (13) was in the yard of his parents’ farm when he saw 150m in front of him, through an above a row of trees a hemispherical object with a sort of porthole from which came a powerful clear yellow light. After only moments the thing took off and came progressively closer to the lad, turning towards him as it did so. It rose slowly at first and then progressively increased speed. Yvon could now see that the object was cigar shaped, 15m long, 3m thick and 4.5m high and was composed of four distinct parts. Its main body was brown and had a row of five bright equally spaced portholes in a line. As the thing rose it rotated every faster the row of portholes looking like a continuous line of light. Yvon could also see three feet on its underside, which retracted into its interior as it rose. The thing was surmounted by a sort of dome on which there was a single porthole, which faded out as the thing rose to 100m but the others remained bright. The thing then rapidly moved off to the north east leaving a faint cloud of tan coloured smoke that soon dissipated. The next day Yvon discovered 6 imprints; three were roughly triangular 8cm long, 4.5cm wide, and three roughly circular, a little less than 7cm in diameter and about 3cm deep. A sort of U shaped patch of darkish greasy liquid 1.76m x 1.77m was found at the site and next to it the grass was compressed in a patch 1.15m x 13cm. The lad’s aunt who lived on a neighbouring farm saw a brilliant light at about the same time. 
  • Roland Godefroy in Phen Spax 43 p9 citing his own investigation
January 5 1975.  2030hrs.
Two people out driving saw for a brief moment an object so close to the ground that it appeared to be either landing or taking off. They drove on for a while and then turned round to encounter the object again. The thing was then paced at about 65kph. The thing appeared to be the size of the rear end of a Volkswagen and to have three red lights on one side and two white ones on the other and to be at 60m altitude, 60m away. The thing moved in a tight circle and then moved off and hovered again. The witnesses drove to a relative’s house but when they returned with them the thing had gone. 
  1. FSR 21,2 piii citing CUFOS files citing investigation by J Pannenhagen

January 6 1975 2230hrs.
Mrs M and her father and husband were parked on the old Lady Mary Mine Road off the Animas Road, 5-6.5km south of Lordsburg for some fresh air. The father, who was driving, noticed some lights, and thinking another car was coming, prepared to drive over, only to find that the car would not start. Then a powerful blue light shone in through the driver’s side, illuminating the foliage, and the CB developed static. The light seemed to manoeuvre fast, as if probing. When it had gone, the car started. The party could see no other vehicle. They heard a sound like electricity humming in the wires, but there were no such wires nearby. They pulled onto the Animas Road, then back on to the old mine road, too see a blue glow, like a halo, but not arched, behind a hill. Mrs M especially became unnerved and her face felt hot, so they moved out of the area. 
  • APRO Bulletin 23, 8 p3 citing report to L. J. Lorenzen following KPHO-TV appearance 4 May 1975
  • Lorenzen 1975 p 52
January 7 1975. 1800hrs.
A woman was walking from her farmhouse to fetch two ponies from a field several hundred metres away when, nearing the field, she looked up to open the gate and saw a large dark object hovering over the next field. It was elliptical with 12-13 lights around its lower part. It was stationary at first, but then stared to descend, the orange light flashing on and off at regular intervals as it did so. The witness watched from behind a hedge as the thing slowly descended out of sight behind some trees in the next field, 250m away. She did not investigate but gathered the ponies and returned to the farmhouse. 
  • Keith Williamson in Lantern 16 p4 citing his own investigation

January 8 1975. 2330hrs.
Dale Norton and Sheryl Ricard, returning from a flounder fishing trip, were driving about 1.6km from Brookby on the Alfriston Road, when Sheryl saw a red, brilliantly lit globe in the sky in front of them. It was lost from view in a bend in the road. As they passed the trees, the object, which appeared to be the size of an average family car, illuminated by its lights, came closer. Dale thought it was just a plane, but when it passed over the car and went into a paddock by the side of the road he slowed for a better look. Sheryl saw it was a circular object with a bright white dome in the centre, and two white and two red lights on the rim. From its underside their protruded four legs on the end of each of which there was a red light, smaller than those on the rim. Inside the clear, Plexiglas like dome she could see three shadowy figures moving around. By this time the object had come closer and was pacing the car, just above the power lines on the right hand side of the road. about 7m from the car. When Dale said he was going to stop the car to take a better look, Sheryl panicked, so they turned into the drive of the first house they came upon. When Dale turned off the engine a faint hum could be heard. The object hovered nearby for a few seconds, then shot off over the hills before the householder could come out. Sheryl was in a state of shock when she arrived home and had to be calmed by tranquillisers 
  • Basterfield 1980 p48 case 56 + FSR 22, 4 piii + FSR 22, 3 p40 all citing Australian UFO Bulletin May 1976 citing Spaceview no 66 citing investigation by New Zealand Scientific Space Research.

January 9 1975. 1100hrs
Mr Sighvatur Asbjarnarson, owner of the of the Gudmundarstadir farm was coming from his barn when he saw a very bright light to the south of his farm, which filled the small valley (about 8km from the farm) which it was in and illuminated the surrounding area with a silvery glow. Then a brilliant ball of light, the apparent size of, but much brighter than, the sun rose slowly from the centre of the valley to 450m altitude, where it hovered for a minute. It then went down again very slowly, or moved away from the witness, giving the impression of sinking below the horizon. After this event the valley still glowed in a manner the witness had never seen before. He was shocked and virtually blinded and was unable to talk for several minutes. The observation lasted three minutes. The weather was misty (visibility about 11km), there was almost no wind and the weather was cloudy. 

  • Karl E Vernhardsson in Awareness 4, 2 p13
  • Evaluation Some kind of mirage of below horizon sun??

January 9 1975. 1845hrs.

CHADDERTON (STAFFORDSHIRE : ENGLAND)Two middle aged sisters driving towards Leek saw a domed object, with a flat underside and a large, brilliantly illuminated, oblong central window, hovering low over fields. The light from the window did not, however, illuminate the fields. It had two white lights, and a central red one on the underside. The women stopped in a layby and wound down the window. The thing flew, silently, overhead and dropped over fields on the other side of the road, and then appeared to drop down and land, at which point the women drove off to fetch the police. 3km in Chadderton, a plumber and his wife saw the same or similar object pace their car before dropping down into the fields. 

  • NUFON Annual Report 1975 p6 citing NUFON News 13 p7 + BUFORA Journal May/June 1975

January 9 1975. 1915hrs.
Two 15 year old girls observed an object, the size of a motorcycle, moving silently and very fast just above the treetops. It flew into a large, brightly illuminated white mass, which disappeared as the object flew through it. After the object had flown through this mass, there appeared a beam of light in front of the mass. The object itself had two small blue lights and a red ring. The girls went to find another witness and when they returned with this other witness; they could not spot the object at first, but then spotted it hovering over a house a block away. It then suddenly disappeared into thin air. The first observation lasted 4 minutes, the second 90 seconds. 
  • FSR 21, 2 p.iii citing CUFOS citing investigation by William Boyce)

January 10 1975. 2030hrs.
A glider pilot and his wife saw a light surrounded by a blue, red and orange blur flying below the line of hills and silhouetted against them. It disappeared behind a golf course. 
  • Randles 1983b p31

January 11 1975. 2130hrs.
The Walmsley family (Joseph (44), wife Alice (37); their 13 year old daughter and 12 and 16 year old sons) were at home waiting for the beginning of a TV show, when the 12 year old looked out of north window and observed an object about 27m above the ground, over a three story building. It was flat bottomed with circling white lights underneath, a domed top, which glowed with green-white lights, and a row of very bright oblong windows, set vertically along the side; these gave off a light which seemed to be a mixture of red, blue and green colours. While the object was near they could hear a humm9ng sound. Alice ran into the street barefoot and dressed only in a bathrobe, as the family followed the object, which had moved from their window view after 2 minutes. The object moved out of sight behind the Stonehenge apartment building. 
  • Ted Bloecher in FSR 22, 4 p6 + James D White in APRO Bulletin 25, 1 p1 both citing investigation by Gerard Stoeher

January 12 1975. 0200hrs
George O’Barksi (72) was driving though North Hudson Park, en route to an all night cafe, after locking up his liquor store. His radio began to go tinny then cut out. He then heard a droning sound like a refrigerator, and an object, about 9m diameter, 2.5-3m tall, surmounted by a dome, came floating down. The object was dark with a series of lighted vertical windows around the main body, about 30cm wide, and 1.2m high, spaced 30cm apart. From the windows came light, the colour of ordinary household lights, and there was a lighted strip at the base of the dome. Straight up above the dome were several antennae like projections. The sides of the object were 1.8m tall, with another 60-90cm to the top of the shallow dome. The object moved into the park, parallel with his car and stopped 30m away. It descended from 3-1m above the grassy area. Suddenly a square lighted opening appeared on the side of the object facing his closest position and some sort of mechanical steps descended. Down these came 9-11 occupants, 90cm-1.2m tall, dressed in what looked like snow suits with round helmets on their heads and wearing gloves. The apparel was dark. Each was carrying a small dark coloured bag and something like a small shovel or spoon. George observed them digging in various spots near the object and placing samples in bags. They were moving normally and efficiently. George, following the curving road was now within 33m of the scene. After about one minute the beings returned, in the same manner, to the object, which began to hum again and took off, revealing a dark, hollowed out, underside, and disappeared within 20 seconds. George, more terrified than when his store had been held up, went straight home to bed, pulling the covers over him. Next morning he returned to the site and found several holes in the ground. Confirmed later by his son Frank, and 10 months later the investigators found 12-15 small triangular spots. Investigators tracked down the former doorman at the Stonehenge apartment, only 300m east of the site, who was on duty at the time. William Pawlowski had observed a circle of lights in the park between 0200hrs and 0300hrs. He was making a phone call to a resident at the time and while he saw still on the phone he heard a loud crack and saw that the large plate glass window he was looking at was cracked in one corner. Thinking it was a shot from the lights, which he now suspected were from a ufo, he called the police, who examined the damage and said that it was not caused by a bullet. he also said that a tree between the apartment and the park had been damaged. 
  • Ted Bloecher, Budd Hopkins and Gerald Stoeher in FSR 22, 3 p3 + FSR 22, 4 p8 + Skylook 100 p3 + Dorbos 1976 p25 citing own investigation
  • APRO Bulletin 24, 8 p1 citing Budd Hopkins in Village Voice 1 March 1976 citing own investigation

January 13 1975. 2025hrs.
Mrs Kathy Soulages (26) was visiting the home of Mr and Mrs Clarence Hale and went outside to view the sky, whereupon she almost immediately observed a large oblong object, with red white and green lights, rotating clockwise above the mountains to the west, about 1.6km away. She got the Hales, who confirmed the sighting. After 5 minutes, a round red object appeared to emerge from the bottom of the cylinder and began descending towards the mountain, as the cylinder moved out of sight. The disc hovered over a powerline. Then another object emerged from this disc and began to follow the powerlines until it was at ground level on a small island in the middle of the Verde River. The object dimmed and brightened as it came down the mountain, sometimes dimming for minutes at a time. When it reached the island, it emitted two brilliant flashes that lit up the area, and was seen no more. The Hales now went back into their house and Kathy went home. At 2200hrs Kathy went outside to look once more at the mountain, where she observed the red disc take off and hover. She called her husband out and they both observed the thing through binoculars. Kathy then called Mrs Hale, who also saw it. Kathy saw the cylinder again at 0040hrs. She compared the cylinder to a Boeing 747 and a Pullman car; the disc was orange and humped and the third object was a pale orange glow. 
  • Lance Johnson in APRO Bulletin 23,4 p3 citing his own investigation
  • Raymond Jordan in APRO Bulletin 24, 2 p 5
  • UFO Investigator May 1975 p4
  • Evaluation The lengthy time line is very suggestive of astronomical misperceptions, along with autokinesis, eye strain, out of focus binoculars and weather conditions)

January 14 1975. 1830hrs.
Three 14 year old boys were playing in a field near the Bentley Colliery when the field became brilliantly lit. Looking up the boys saw a diamond shaped object, the apparent size of an A4 sheet of paper at arm’s length. It grew larger as if coming to land and moved in a series of moves in a square. Each set of movements took about 2-3 minutes. After about 10-15 minutes the thing just went out. The boys were terrified by the observation, one of them being in a state of collapse. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p21 citing BUFORA Journal July/August 1977 citing investigation by Mr Thrower

January 14 1975. 2025hrs.MOORSIDE (GREATER MANCHESTER : ENGLAND)Two teenage girls (13, 15) had stabled their horses and were walking down a narrow dark lane, surrounded by cottages, towards their home, when above the rooftops they observed an oval object. The object then swooped down on the, coming very close. There was a white underside and a dome on which there were two steady lights, one red, the other green, giving the impression of a face. It was rotating. One of the girls shone a powerful torch on the thing, and it seemed to react by rocking to and fro, like a falling leaf. After about a minute it rose up again and faded from view. The girls were very frightened by the experience. 

  • Jenny Randles in FSR 21,6 p27+ NUFON Annual report 1975 + NUFON News February 1975 + Awareness 4,2 p6 + Randles and Warrington 1979 p75 + Randles 1983b p31 all citing investigation by Jeff Porter

Mid January 1975. Night.
Mrs Annie Alvarerdo of Garden Hills, San Juan, was awakened by a sound like a mixture of a constant low hum and an intermittent buzz. She noticed that an electric fan had stopped working. She locked herself and her two children in the bathroom until the sound stopped. When they emerged, the fan was working again. The gardener noticed a triangular pattern of three depressions n her garden. Neighbours had seen an intense light by the palm tree in front of her patio. The object was visible for 10 minutes, emitted green and red lights, then suddenly shot skywards to the west and was out of sight in seconds. An investigator found that the holes were 75mm deep and 10cm diameter and formed an equilateral triangle, sides 1.1m long. Grass refused to grow in the depressions, which would have required a colossal weight to produce in that soil. 
  • Sebastian Robiou in UFO Register 6 pt.1 p14 citing an investigation by Oscar Hernandez

January 16 1975. 1930hrs.
A young woman out driving spotted an unusual cluster of lights hovering low in the sky, over a field. She arrived at a friend’s house, to find this friend was also observing the object, which was smaller than an aeroplane and had rotating white lights. It passed over her car at 12m altitude and shot rapidly into the sky. The weather was clear and the observation lasted 5 minutes. 
  • FSR 21,2 p32 citing CUFOS citing UFO Central

January 16 1975. (approx. date) 0400hrs.
A police patrol saw strange white lights, which appeared to land on the hills. The police went to investigate on foot but found nothing. 
  • Randles 1983b p32

January 17 1975. 2200hrs.
Electrician Philippe Bontemps and his girlfriend Michele Guilbert had driven out to a square of crossroads in the forest of Compiegne and had stopped at the “Crossroads of the Princesses” to start their walk in the forest and take wildlife photos. They saw, out to the west , they saw a large circular white light moving slowly to the south a few metres above the trees, scarcely above the horizon. The couple were at a spot 70m above ground and the thing was lower down at 55m and was following the path of a creek. The thing clearly moved away from the 140m tall.  After this thing had disappeared the couple continued their expedition, eventually returning to their car, where they stood and had a smoke. They were suddenly interrupted by an extraordinary noise that seemed to come from the bottoms by the creek and which resonated though the forest for three or four seconds. It had a metallic tone which the witnesses thought sounded like the rattling of the gear of a phantom army. Phillipe started out to walk down to the Hourvari crossroads to see what was up, but returned to the car. They continued to drive on only to see an object like a small yellow-orange dot seeming to fade away. It then expanded very rapidly on the spot, taking the form of a distorted sphere that gave off a strange opaque non -shining light. The thing then seemed to advance towards them rapidly through the fringe of shrubs by the roundabout. The couple backed away, possessed with a sensation of being watched and studied. They drove off, flashing their headlights and sound the horn. They returned the next day with friends to look for traces but none were found. Though they had the camera with them on the night they didn’t take any photos of the thing. 
  • Bigorne and Pierart in LDLN 149 p20 citing their own investigation

January 20 1975. 0015hrs.
Mrs Elizabeth Hughes and her daughter were sat in their room, when it became illuminated by a red glow. This came from a luminous red sphere, coming from behind trees, It was brilliant and emitted red sparks from all over its surface. It gave off a white smoke. The thing moved gradually away, then diminished down to a white core, which then also disappeared. 
  • The News 9 {Fortean Times] p11 citing investigation by Phil Leger)

January 21 1975. Evening.
Malcolm Handly was talking to his wife when he observed, out of the corner of his eye, a figure dressed in a long black robe. It had a white face and hair and bushy eyebrows. When first seen it was shaking its head horizontally, it was then seen raising an appendage on its right arm. The figure was never visible when looked at directly and faded away while he glanced at it. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p22
  • Evaluation: Hallucination, due to eye fatigue?

January 21 1975. Night.
A girl taking a short cut through the back yard of the house of a friend she had been visiting looked up and saw a flashing disc hovering at treetop height. She dashed back into the house and told her friend Sandra P what she had seen. When the two girls had plucked up courage to look outside they saw a discoid object, about 1.2m diameter, surrounded by four blue lights, with a white light in its centre. The visiting girl then decided to run for home and the disc followed her until she reached her home a block away. The girl’s mother reported that the house lit up as if a car had shone its lights into the front yard. There were, however, no cars on the street at this time. 
  • Robert A Goerman in Official UFO 1.10 p65

January 23 1975.  2100hrs.
Four people saw an object, 6m diameter, with five pulsating white lights about two blocks away. The thing approached slowly and hovered over the witnesses at 60-120m altitude and then disappeared behind trees 50m away. The lights went out in the witnesses’ home and police reported power cuts in the area at the same time. The observation lasted 7 minutes. 
  • FSR 21,2 p.iii citing CUFOS files citing investigation by William Stevens

January 23 1975, 2355hrs.
Phyllis Lewington and Yvonne Wilson, both 20 and students of physical education at Nonington College, were driving back to their home at Stelling Minnis, when about 2.5km from Barham they both saw a glow in the sky to their left. They first thought this was the lights of Eltham but on peaking a steep hill some way along the road they could see , across open fields, that the light came from a bright orange sphere hovering about 30m above the ground. They slowed and stopped at a bend in the road. From there they saw the thing coming towards them, forcing them to drive off again. When they reached home they saw from a bedroom window the object moving up and down and side to side just above or below the tree line. Their housemates, fellow students Marcia Williams and Jill Wood also saw the thing. . Finally at 0015 the thing moved off to the south. 
  • Alastair Prevost in FSR 21,1 p7 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation: astronomical + autokinesis

January 25 1975.
As she watched TV with her husband, Mrs Annie Bourke was distracted by bright lights outside the window. Looking out she saw an enormous object drop below the roof of the house opposite. She feared a plane crash but nothing happened. 
  • UFO Investigator March 1975 p3

January 28 1975. 0615hrs.
Looking out of her window Joan Stuart of Southwood Road saw a huge pulsing pale yellow light, the apparent size of a tangerine. It was the shape of a somewhat flattened sphere and was about 30-60m above the trees 800m away in the Mottingham area. It suddenly moved off to the west at high speed. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p 22 citing John Beresford

January 29 1975.
A schoolboy came home in terror after encountering a strange object on thin legs on the ground near a park lake. Bloecher, Hopkins and Stoehrer in Dorbos 1976 p27

January 29 1975. 1915HRS.
Cipriano Olea Carmona was on his tractor, finishing his work, its headlights on as night had fallen, when he saw in the western sky something he first thought was an aircraft but then realised was two pinky-blue lights. The object quickly arrived but then slowly descended. Frightened Cipriano shut down his tractor and switched off its lights. The thing continued its descent until it was at 10-15m altitude, 50m away from the witness. It now appeared as a bright yellow which lit up the ground brilliantly. It hovered in that position for about a minute before suddenly taking off into the sky, its bright yellow light going out and being replaced by the pink ones,. The object fell and rose again before finally disappearing. The whole observation lasted about 5 or 6 minutes. Daraude in LDLN 155 p9 citing investigation by Jose Ortiz Polo and Joaquin Mateos Noggales

February 1975. (approx. date) Night. 
A man out fishing saw a strange object approach and saw that there was a figure inside it. He saw a similar object on 5 March in the same location, when he was fishing with a companion, but no occupant was seen on that occasion. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p 200 citing UFO Research Queensland

February 1975.
At a caravan park west of Elizabethtown, Elizabeth Cahill (28) heard rapping on her widow. Going to investigate she was confronted by a gorilla like creature that jumped into the lighted area at the end of the driveway and then began to move towards her. Elizabeth then ran back into her caravan and phoned neighbours. When they arrived with a dog there was nothing to see and no traces. 
  • Sutherly 1996 p14

February 1975.
A farmer, north of Lundar, was walking to his barn when a red spherical light, about 45cm diameter, passed close over his head. The farmer felt as though hot plastic had been poured over his face and felt suffocated and unable to think straight. 
  • Rutkowksi 1993 p30

February 2 1975. 1900hrS.
Two 15 year old boys Mike K and Chuck D went out on this cold clear night to test the ice on the local pond for ice skating the next day. On entering a clearing in the heavily wooded area by the pond they were amazed to observe a large American football shaped orange glow about 120m away. The boys watched this for about 10 minutes, during which time it appeared as though its outer edge were converging on its centre, such that it became transformed into a basketball sixed mass, which then suddenly disappeared. At times the thing, which appeared to be about 8 m diameter, seemed to go below the treeline. There was no noise, heat or other physical sensation. The frightened boys ran to the house of a friend and informed him of the incident. They returned to the scene early next morning to find several trees were sheared off, and some were covered by a carbon like substance. The wood was sent to a laboratory for analysis. The report suggested that the superficial burns and carbon residue suggested a low temperature oil based file. At the same time as the boys’ sighting Daniel Kish was walking along Barclay Avenue in a wooded area with his German shepherd dog when the normally fierce dog became nervous, refused to go into the woods, slipped its collar and bolted for home. The dog remained nervous until the next morning. 
  • UFO Investigator April 1975 p1
  • Dennett 2008 p115 citing Beckley 2005 p99 citing his own investigation, gives date as 14th

February 4 1975. 2000hrs.
Two witnesses saw a light in the sky, which would dim, go completely out and then come back in a matter of moments. The thing began moving erratically and descended towards them, whereupon they saw a second light appear where the first one had been. The descended light was hovering 60m away, moving around the area, barely above tree level for about a minute. The light was so brilliant that they could only look at it for brief moments, but they were able to observe four lights on its right side and felt that it was rotating. The thing was about the length of a large car (5-6m). No sound was heard at any time. The object ascended and stayed over the Mt Olive area for approx. 2 hours, during which time it was observed by at least 6 other people in different locations. 
  • FSR 21,2 p32 citing CUFOS citing investigation by F Harrison
  • Evaluation: The latter part of this observation seems to be astronomical, the rest astronomical +autokinesis?)

February 5 1975. 2005HRS.
10 year old Thierry was in the Cordonnier gardens and at one of the hedges bordering it, overlooking a field when he saw a luminous sphere hovering above an old leafless tree 30m away. It was alternately red and white, with sharp edges except for a fuzzy halo. The thing seemed to turn in on itself, about 20-30cm above the grass and flush with the overhanging branch of a tree, which branch was 2.1m above the ground, giving a diameter of 1,7m for the sphere. Suddenly the thing began to move from out under the tree, rose to about 1m and approached the lad, making a sound, like the buzzing of a bee, that got gradually louder. Now frightened the lad turned around and went towards his home but when he had got a good distance from the hedge he turned round to see that the sphere occupied the place he had just left. It then moved back to its original location, ducking under the tree branch. The buzzing had now stopped. When he got home Thierry tried to tell his parents about this but they were too busy to take notice. Dogs did not act up and no damage was found on the overhanging branch but 150m away on the other side of the field residents of an apartment in the “Vasco de Gama” building saw around 2015, towards the south a dark mass of indeterminate shape at an unknown distance but very low down, which seem to keep coming and going, under which there were blue-white flashes; After about 5 minutes the sky cleared and the stars came out. 
  • Bigorne in LDLN 149 p10 citing his own investigation.

February 6 1975. 0030hrs.
Two brothers driving down the highway saw an object that was illuminated by the full moon. The thing was spinning and dropped at speed towards the treetops and then moved east towards the ocean. The brothers lost sight of it for a moment but suddenly it came towards them form the south, following g the road, so low that the pair ducked. It flashed over their car and disappeared. 
  • FSR 21, 2 p32 citing CUFOS sitting letter and report form the witnesses

February 8 1975. 0330hrs.
Keith Payne, who lived with his wife in a showman’s caravan was awakened by a deep humming sound and went outside to investigate. It was a dark and slightly misty morning but, looking over the marshes, eastwards towards Southwold; Keith saw a bright red light, which was reflected in the water, though its outlines were indistinct due to the mist. It appeared to be about 800m away and 12m above the water, and to be emitting some sort of humming noise. As Keith watched the noise got louder and the water appeared to be illuminated by a white light, but there was no sign of a beam of light between the object and the water. Keith called his wife and they observed the object for over an hour, until the cold forced them back in. 
  • Peter Johnson in FSR 21,5 p10 citing his own investigation

February 10 1975. 200hrs.
Guy Pothin observed a very bright object come out of the sea and fly away very fast. He observed this for a considerable time. 
  • FSR 25, 3 p8 citing Lt Col Lobet in LDLN 147

February 14 1975. 1200hrs
Antoine Severin (21), a shop worker, had been troubled by a beeping sound in the ears since a dream on the night of 11-12th of February. This made him nervous, and now had become so unbearable that he had to leave the shop the moment it closed. As he ran home past the cemetery the sound became louder. When on the main road, just before the cross-roads to his cottage he felt himself stopped by some force, the sound became deafening. He turned into a maize field, where, after a few metres, he was struck by a blast of heat and air. He was paralysed and then saw an intensely bright, aluminium coloured disc, surmounted by a cupola, hovering about 1.5m above the ground. He then saw a ladder, inclined at 45 degrees that appeared from the top of the object and did not touch the ground. Then a dwarf in tight fitting clothes like the “Michelin Man” emerged from the object. This dwarf was shiny like the machine and in his right hand he held a shiny device 30cm long. While on the ladder his movements seemed graceful, but on the ground he became clumsy and was walking with his feet together. Two other little men joined him. While the first one was digging on the ground, the second held a little shiny bag but he didn’t seem to put anything in it. On their heads they had a sort of antennae, which moved at one point. Antoine looked up to the turret on the machine and saw the profile of a fourth dwarf. At that point he was knocked to the ground by a powerful flash of light. As he recovered his senses he saw the little men ascend the ladder faster than they came down, and the ladder was drawn up again at once. The machine then rose into the air with a loud whistle, but Antoine was unable to tell in which direction it left. When he recovered he fled to his parent’s home. Every time he tried to return to the field in the weeks following he would hear the beeping sound and on an least one occasion he fainted. Immediately afterwards he lost his voice and sight for a few days when he got home. He was still able to draw a plan of the field and a neighbour (Mrs M-M Leveneur) who investigated found footprints and three round holes. 
  • FSR 25,2 p p6 and FSR 25,3 p7 citing LDLN 147 citing investigation by Lt Col Lobet
  • Hall 1988 p 274 citing Ouranos 14 gives year incorrectly as 1974 and time as 1330hrs.

February 15 1975. 0030hrs.
Paul Duas (31),a warehouseman, was returning home to Muret from visiting a friend in Aureville and was between Lagardelle-Sur-Leze and the D12-RN20 intersection and had stopped to relieve himself by a hedge when he saw a white sphere descend out of the 2-22.5km cloud cover and rapidly descend behind the hedge. Paul, frightened went back towards the road but then fell back and then saw what had landed behind the hedge. There, 70-80 away right in the middle of a field, resting on tripods was a sort of rugby ball shaped thing, 7-8 long, 3-4m tall, illuminated by a brilliant pale light, brighter that a welding arc that was unbearable to look at. Underneath this was a sort of luminous hemisphere. Then the thing went dark only to blaze up again shortly afterwards the P had to put his hands in front of his eyes and his vehicle engine stalled. The thing then took off silently before speeding off with a whistle like a bullet in the direction of Venerque-Miremont. Paul sat trembling in his car for a while and then got his torch and examined the site but no traces were visible. In the June or July after this Paul was travelling with a friend in the latter’s car when they heard voices, speaking an incomprehensible language coming from the car’s speakers. This lasted about 10 seconds. 
  • Gilles Cattiau in LDLN 155 p12 citing his own investigation

February 19 1975.    0200hrs.
A doorman at the Stonehenge building saw a figure dressed in an overall, with a light on his head, walking stiffly and picking up something from the ground and placing it in a bag. Observed for about 20 minutes The same figure was observed by another doorman, Teofilo Rodeiguez for about 2 hours, later that day. Another guard Alberto Perez saw this or a similar figure next day. 
  • Ted Bloecher, Budd Hopkins and Jerry Storhrer in Ouranos 1976 p27
  • Evaluation: There seems little reason to suspect that this was anything but a workman or workmen

February 19 1975. 1920hrs.
Mra X was driving home to Orbaek after dropping her daughter at Ryslinge High School, when her car suddenly stopped and all her lights went out. She saw a very bright, blue object, which she found difficult to describe, approaching and descending on her car from behind. Her car became illuminated and very hot. The strange object suddenly disappeared and her car engine started by itself and the lights came on. During the incident she noticed a prickling sensation. The next day she felt restless and nauseous and when she went outdoors her face ached. Her red Volkswagen now had row of blue stripes on the roof which weren’t there before. 
  • Richard Hall in MUFON UFO Journal 105 p 5 + Hall 1988 p280 both citing UFO Aspekt April 1975 citing Jyllands Posten 25 February 1975
  • Falla 1979 p73 case 421 citing Scandinavian UFO Information Newsletter 75

February 20 1975. 0145hrs.
A young farmer’s wife was driving home alone in her car, when a brightly lit bowl shaped object appeared behind her and paced the car for 15-20 minutes. She accelerated but the thing seemed to come closer and swing from side to side. When she turned off the main road, the object was lost to sight. 
  • BUFORA Journal 4,9 p20

February 20 1975. 2100hrs.
Two 17 year old female students saw a light in the distance, which they thought was a train about to cash. The object descended to treetop level, stopped, went straight up and then stopped at an angle of 45 degrees. Both the students and the object seemed to approach each other, until they were only about 50-70m apart. The object then stopped directly over them. It was 3-3.5m diameter, with a dull grey surface. It hovered about 25m above the ground for about 30-60 seconds, emitting a soft hum and exhibiting a rocking motion. The thing then slowly moved away and disappeared, only to reappear 10 minutes later, and was viewed for 90 minutes by numerous witnesses. Several sighting were reported on subsequent nights. 
  • FSR 22, 2 p32 citing CUFOS citing investigation by Giambrone
  • Fowler 1981 p175)

February 23 1975.
A number of people saw a circular, twinkling light, comprising orange, bright white and dull red lights revolving around themselves, close to the ground. 
  • Devereux 1982 p29 citing Paul Devereux and A York in The News 11 and 12

February 23 1975. Morning.
Mavis Allen was walking her dog in woods when she saw round black object, about 2m diameter, with what looked like spikes along its edges, rolling along the ground. The thing then rose to a height of about 5m and then shot away. 
  • Redfern 2017 p65)

February 23 1975. 1830hrs.
Two 7 year old boys Masato Kono and Katsuhiro Yamahata, were roller skating near Kono’s apartment in the Hinode Housing Estate when they observed a light the sky. Looking more closely, they saw that there were two clear orange coloured lights approaching from the east. The larger object turned north towards Mt.Atago while the smaller object continued towards them with an irregular motion. When it was near they heard a sort of “tick tack” sound from it. They hid and watched the light as it went out of sight. Thinking they had seen the last of it, the boys started home, only to see what looked like a fire in the vineyard behind Kono’s home. As they approached, the light took off to a great height, then landed again near the centre of a grapevine trellis. It was a domed object about 5m diameter, about 2m high, with three landing pads. From a distance it appeared a clear luminous orange, but when they got within 1m or less the surface appeared to be silvery. On one side of the craft Kono found five characters, which looked like Japanese, but which he couldn’t recognise. There were four similar characters on the other side. While Kono was inspecting these characters, Yamahata began to walk around the craft. When he reached the opposite end Kono heard a clatter from inside and the craft opened and a ladder extended slowly to the ground. Down this ladder came a humanoid, 1,3m tall, with dark brown skin, pointed ears, no eyes, nose or mouth. Its face was covered with wavy wrinkles and it had three silvery fangs pointing downwards from where its mouth should have been. Its head was very large compared with its body and completely bald. It was wearing silver coloured clothing and carried an instrument that resembled a shotgun or rifle. When Yamahata came round the craft near the occupant, both boys were able to look inside and saw second, similar but smaller occupant sat with one hand on something that looked like a control lever. The humanoid outside then spoke to them in a voice which sounded like a tape recorder going to fast or in reverse. The boys then ran to Kono’s house,. 100m away, where both sets of parents were. When Kono told his story he was told not to talk nonsense, but when Yamahata confirmed it, the parents went out with the boys to take a look. They saw, from a distance of 50m, a luminous orange object in the centre of the vineyard. They first wondered it was a house light on the other side. As they looked closer, it began to pulsate rapidly, became bright, then dim, then disappeared. They went to the spot but could see nothing in the dark. 
  • Vance Dewey in APRO Bulletin 25,5 p5 citing Modern Space Flight Association Space Report 15 Sept 1976 citing investigation by Japan Space Phenomenon Society
  • Beatrice Zimmer in Canadian UFO Report 4,5 p19 citing UFOLOGY 12 May 1977
  • Rick Barr in Official UFO q2,2 p51

February 23 1975. 1840hrs.
A young man and his fiancĂ©e, driving near Potts Wood, noticed a huge bright, slightly pink, circular object in the sky. It was the apparent diameter of a soccer ball at arm’s length. They got out of their car and timed the object for 30 seconds, as it hovered. It then descended into or just beyond the woods for 5 seconds, at a speed of 50-55kph. The case was reported to BUFORA investigator Lawrence Dale, who returned to the scene with the male witness. They observed several aircraft approaching Heathrow Airport with their landing lights on, and then a small bright light, several degrees below the aircraft, which approached them increasing in size and brilliance, until the light was brighter than the strongest landing light. They had a feeling “as if it knew it was being watched” and within two seconds it had dimmed to a point source 1-2 degrees North West of its original position and disappeared. For the next 15 minutes military aircraft circled the area at a lower altitude than the civil aircraft. 
  • Lawrence Dale in BUFORA Journal 4, 12 p 14 citing his own investigation

February 24 1975. 1855hrs.
Thomas Meyer (62) a postal messenger from Aldringham, who was well respected in his community, was walking his dog along the beach 2km north of the Sizewell Nuclear Power Station in the direction of Minsmere, on this bright clear night, with the moon just rising above the sea, when he observed what appeared to be a shooting star appear from the North East. The light was travelling very fast and within a matter of seconds it was near him. It resembled a pumpkin, was coloured green and yellow and had a luminous screen, like that of a television. It stopped about 20m from Thomas’ location, hovering about 1.8m above the ground, remaining stationary for 30 seconds. It appeared to be about 3.5m in diameter and while it was hovering there, Thomas felt as though he was transfixed and detected a warm feeling and a pungent acid smell (“like acid drops”). It was soundless, its outlines were clear and it appeared to be rotating. While the object was present the dog was trembling, and when it had sped away rapidly in the direction from which it had arrived, the dog fled back to the power station, where it awaited its master. At the time of this event, there was interference on local television sets. 
  • Peter Johnson in FSR 21, 5 p11 citing investigation by M. K. Howe + an undated issue of Leiston Observer
  • BUFORA Journal 4,11 p15
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p27 citing above

February 24 1975.  2150HRS.
Paul Rogers was driving home along the Weymouth Road, when, about 800m from his home, he observed a large object hovering 18m above an open field to the left of the road. He braked to avoid running into another car, whose driver had stopped to observe this object. The thing was 18m long, shaped like one plate inverted over another, the space between them illuminated by red, green and blue rotating lights. It was only about 180m away. Aster about 30 seconds the thing disappeared “faster than the eye could follow”. The second driver agreed with this description but announced that he was going to forget the experience. Paul was very shaken by the incident. At the same time, his dog, at home began to growl for no apparent reason. A police sergeant neighbour reported TV disturbance at the same time. 
  • UFO Investigator August 1975 p1 + Sachs and Jahn 1977 p148 both citing investigation by Ernest Jahn

February 25 1975. 2115HRS.
Willie Campbell, his wife and 4 children were driving home to Inman from the cinema in Spartanburg, along Byrnes Boulevard, when their attention was caught by a ball of fluorescent blue, red and orange silver light, its colours pulsating and blending “too large to be a star” and “too massive to be an aeroplane” nearing town and getting larger in the western sky. They weren’t very concerned until the thing swung right and followed them up the Asheville Highway, pacing them at treetop level. When they stopped to get an ice cream just before their home block, the object had descended to less than 15m above a field across the road, where it was hovering, and rocking gently back and forth. As they continued their journey the object followed, stopping between 200-300m, hovering between two houses at below rooftop height, as they turned into their driveway. Mrs Campbell and the children ran into the house, but later came out with her mother, to join Willie watching the object hover for 15 minutes. Willie and his 12 year old son then got into the car and followed the object to Campton Heights, where it went in front of the car and rose higher and further away. After 15 minutes the pair returned to Inman, the object following them part way, but gone by the time they reached home. After 10-15 minutes, it reappeared coming over the house at150m, leaving a silvery blue trail 4.5-6m long. 
  • William Steiner in APRO Bulletin 23,8 p4 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation: Distant light (astronomical? Barium cloud?) + aircraft

February 26 1975. 0100hrs.
A family and their neighbours in the Durham-Raleigh area observed a fuzzy flashing light at about 25-30 degrees elevation, floating over the trees 75-100m away to the South West. It was a fuzzy circle, one part of which was clear white on the left side, but emitting rays from the right side. It appeared to be moving up and down. Police and a TV station were called, the TV station tool a film of the light but it did not come out. The police officer also saw the light and eight similar ones. One witness reported that it was a triangle emitting a strobe of blended red, blue and green colours. The observation lasted for about FIVE hours. 
  • FSR 21,2 p.iii citing CUFOS citing investigation by B Hagen
  • Evaluation Astronomical

February 26 1975. 0200hrs.
Mr G (45) a cement mixer from Phoenix was sleeping on top of a camper parked on the bank of the reservoir, two companions being asleep inside. He woke up for no apparent reason, to see a strange structure consisting of a number of uprights and cross members, from 10-15cm in width, covering an area about15m wide, 10m high, hovering about 3m from the camper, 1.2m above the ground. The further edge of the thing as at about the edge of the reservoir and the whole thing was moving northward at about 1.5kph. As G got his glasses for a better look, the object started moving eastwards and then north again, so he banged on the camper to arouse his companions. The other men did not see the black object. During the experience G noted that some fibreglass fishing poles were tapping against the fishing boat, which was parked a short distance from the camper, and fish were jumping out of the water in an area from 30m north to 30m south of their location and within 15m of the shore. After 15 minutes G went back to sleep, only to be awoken again at 0305 by a bright light and prickling sensation like an electric shock. The light came from an object 12-15m diameter at 0200 elevation, titled to a 20-30 degree angle. This light was coming from a slit, which opened and closed, on the upper portion of a curved dark structure of a dark object, which was clearly silhouetted against the night sky. G tried to wake his companions but the object had moved away into the distance before he did so. As it left, it came directly overhead and G could see a number of holes with lighted circumferences around the outer edge. The fish were jumping and the poles vibrating again. 
  • APRO Bulletin 23,4 p3 citing investigation by Leslie J Lorenzen
  • Evaluation: i) Lattice hypnopompic hallucination; ii) Hypnopompic hallucination + astronomical seen through cloud. Both have features of false awakenings

February 26 1975. 2045hrs.
A war time tail gunner in the RAAF and professional man was fishing at Lake Sorrel, along with a commercial artist, when he observed three objects flying in from the north east, one larger than the other two. He lost sight of them for a few minutes, then saw two of them travelling south west and stopping over Dogs Head Peak before going on towards Mt Penny. On their undersides were central red pulsating lights, with red and orange lights around their circumferences. An object 60m in diameter then came out of the clouds 4km away, to within 1km at 500m altitude. It then directed a powerful beam of light, so intense that it hurt his eyes, down towards the lake, swinging back and forth over the water, illuminating an area of about 2.5km. When the object approached, they heard static across all the stations on the band. The brilliant light then went out, leaving a blue-white phosphorescence about 10m above the lake. Both this object and one out by Mt Penny departed at terrific speed, like a tracer bullet. The next day they met campers at Silver Plains, about 1.5km away, whose tent had been illuminated by an intense light at about this time. There were other witnesses in the Silver Plains area. 
  • FSR 22, 6 p 30 citing Mac Moult in Saturday Evening Mercury 29 March 1975 citing investigation by Ken Bennetto of TUFOIC and his own meeting with the main witness
  • Hall 2001 p219 citing above + Skylook June 1975 p3)

February 28 1975. 2030hrs.
After hearing a strange humming sound and trying to locate its source, a man saw an elongated trapezium shaped object at 30 degree elevation North East with flashing lights along its entire edge. He returned inside and when he looked again the thing had gone. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p101 citing ACOS Bulletin 2

Spring 1975. 0715hrs.
A 55 year old woman eating breakfast had her attention caught by a strange brown cloud approaching her house very low. As it approached her rear wall, the thing appeared as egg shaped and of purple colour. The thing then moved over onto her lawn, hovering 1m above the ground, in front of and obscuring the green house. It was now milky white with a spiralling or oscillating centre and, while it had no effect on the grass, it caused bushes at the rear to move. It then transformed in to a sort of green igloo shape and a flash of light shot from it, The woman felt as though she was unable to taker her eyes of this strange thing but when she went into the garden for a better look there was no sign of it and it had left no trace. 
  • NUFON News 94 p3 citing Mark Pritchard

March 1975. 1945hrs.
The daughter of a household, sat closest to the window saw,
300-400m away, and at about 30m altitude, a dazzling round object with a central bulge about 1m thick. On its underside was a flashing light. The 16 year old girld called her parents who also saw the thing, which hovered for 15 minutes before moving slowly off towards Douai. Eight hours later the same object was observed for 10 minutes at the same location, moving slowly northwards. The father had another UFO experience in June. 
  • M. Desheraud in LDLN 160 p17)

March 1975. 2015hrs.
A man noticed two soundless flashing lights 15-20m above the ground, 5-7m apart, some 300m away. Beneath them was a yellowish glow that dimly lit the ground. The lights backed away, pulsing all the time, before speeding upwards at a steep angle. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p101 citing TUFOIC Annual Report 1977

March 1975. Night.
One of a number of shooters stopping at the farm went outside and saw the outline of a woman dressed in the costume of the 19th century gliding up some steps. To another witness it was an oval area of light that pulsed and then faded away to nothing. 
  • ibid

March 2 1975.
A police officer saw a discoid object with humps on the top and bottom about 300m away, shining bright white and blue lights on the ground. The object was about 10m in diameter with red-orange lights on its lower edge. When the officer put his spotlight on the object, the thing rapidly ascended. Before this sighting and others, his car radio made short weird noises. 
  • FSR 21,2 p32 citing CUFOS citing investigation by L Spiegel and D Flickinger

March 2 1975. 0250hrs.
A housewife, who was unable to sleep, opened the curtains to look outside and saw a red circular object 1.5 times the apparent diameter of the full moon, moving slowly from left to right in an undulating path. It seemed brighter when ascending than descending. At its closest approach to the ground its altitude was 15-30m. It appeared to be about 800m away. It eventually disappeared behind some trees. 
  • BUFORA Journal 4,9 p19

March 2 1975. 2000hrs.
Alfred Forster and his family were out driving when their attention was caught by a star like object apparently following them. They did not think much of this untilt the thing began descending, as if to land in front of them, They now saw that it was an object shaped like two saucers rim to rim, about the size of a car, and with stick like protrusions underneath. It was white and surrounded by lights. This terrified the children so they fled, sounding the car horn as they did so. At this the thing departed. The Forsters alerted their neighbour Roger Weber and he and his family saw the object moving off, and later as he escorted the Forster family home, they saw the thing in the distance. 
  • Rath 1997 p67

March 2 1975. 2015hrs.
Barber Jim Zahn (26) and his wife Peggy (22) were leaving the home of his brother in law Jeffrey Tielman and his wife Cindy (19) when Peggy noticed what appeared to be a ball of fire following their car at a distance of 200-300m. She told Jim, who changed direction several times, the object seeming to follow and get closer. When they got close to the Tielman home again, Peggy panicked and ran into the house. The women called the sheriff’s department, while the men went out to watch the object, which hovered at treetop level for 10-15 minutes and then disappeared. Visibility was good across a cleared level field to woods 400m away, where the thing had hovered. When Constable Chet Hendrickson (65) arrived it had already disappeared. While he was answering this call, there was a report of a similar sighting in Bland, about 40km away, Chet decided to cruise the area and while doing so saw a bright orange object with a halo, and followed it for 13km along County Road Z West from Mattoon at a speed up to 105kph. The Zahns and Tielmans were considered respected members of the community. 
  • APRO Bulletin 

March 4 1975. 2130hrs.
John Foy, a police officer’s son, and his sister in law Joan Pelletier were driving down Weymouth Road when they observed huge oval object hovering 60m above the field where Rogers had had his sighting. They watched for 30 minutes as the silent object descended slowly towards the ground and then moved off to the east at 8kph. They described a round object with lights around it but could not agree on details. John described four white lights at the front and a red one at the rear, while Joan described, red, green and white lights revolving around it. A helicopter passed over the thing. John was very unnerved by this sighting. 
  • FSR 21,2 p32 citing CUFOS citing investigation by Eric Jahn)

March 9 1975. 1945hrs.
Stuart Hill, a young Prescott man was fishing from a remote campsite on the north shore of Alamo Lake when he observed a light rapidly descending towards the lake at a 60-70 degree angle from the southwest. It decelerated and hovered about 9-12m above the water, about 150-200m away. Hill immediately put out his lantern. The object appeared to be at least as long as an American football pitch, and was of a flattened American football shape, surmounted by a dome that emitted very bright white light. At first Hill could only see the lights. Under the white dome were three red rectangular lights, arranged horizontally, which glowed individually in sequence, left to right. Then all three lights came on simultaneously, increasing in intensity. The lights then repeated the sequence, each sequence lasting one second. During the sighting Hill heard a whine like a jet, which increased in intensity and when the object was hovering, Hill heard a humming sound. The dome light went off, the noise stopped, the whole structure glowed an intense orange, which illuminated the ground brighter than daylight for four or five seconds. This then went out, the three red rectangles reappeared and the object shot off into the clouds at 45 degrees. His dog was afraid and ran into the tent. 
  • Raymond Jordon in APRO Bulletin 24,10 p5

March 10 1975. (approx. date)
A farmer and ex-policeman and his family watched an object that emitted vivid flashes of light, touched down very briefly, hovered for a few seconds and then took off again and vanished at terrific speed towards the north. 
  • FSR 21,5 p32 citing La Razon 11 March 1975

March 11 1975. 1330hrs.
Ms Aase Trautner of Balles Gard was travelling in a taxi over Frederick’s Bridge on a fine sunny windless day when, looking down, she saw a long, narrow, dull silver cigar shaped object with pointed ends, floating silently along the railway line below at treetop level. Around its middle there was a dense cluster of light beams, which appeared to be rotating around it at high speed, throwing off red and pale blue sparks. As the object neared the bridge it suddenly vanished. Aase estimated that the thing was 3-5m long and about 3-4m below the bridge. 
  • FSR 26,5 p7 citing UFO Aspekt 11,3 citing FUFOS

March 11 1975, 2330hrs.
A 46 year old professional pilot was driving south along US 89 from Ash Fork to Prescott. While crossing the bridge over Hell’s Canyon, about 30km south of Ash Fork he noticed red glow and several smaller lights in the canyon to his right. He first thought that it was a railway station but realised that it wasn’t and so turned back. Arriving back and looking down he saw three or four dim red lights in the 150m wide, 60m deep canyon. Somewhat unnerved he drove on again towards Prescott. Suddenly a white light emerged from the side tributary canyon, 30m behind and slightly to his right, at a low altitude. . It swept a bright red light back and forth across his car, as he accelerated up to 200kph. The thing followed him for 3km, crossed over to his left and continued to follow him as he passed another car. About 37km from the bridge he slowed to turn right and as he turned, noticed a white light, with a pulsating red light on the front, which followed him down the road for several kilometres until he lost sight of it in a built up area on the northern outskirts of Prescott. 
  • UFO Investigator May 1975 p1 + APRO Bulletin 25, 10 p5 both citing investigation by Raymond Jordan

March 12 1975, 0430hrs.
While fishing from a boat off Punta Occa the witnesses observed a disc shaped flying object, surmounted by a transparent dome, approaching. As it stopped overhead they could see the silhouettes of two human like figures, with bulky helmets on their heads, working at some controls in this dome, The object left out to sea. 
  • Leonte Objio and Richard Heiden in APRO Bulletin, 30,1 p5 citing investigation by Alberto Rogers)

March 12 1975, 2130hrs.
Farmer Luis Torres Aldorondo, his son, Jose Daniel, wife Rosa and eight neighbours saw a shiny, slivery object, larger than a house, with a rapidly spinning light, like that of a police car, emitting multi-coloured lights and a soft whistling sound. The thing was first seen at treetop height and gained altitude as it moved away to the east. After a few seconds it was lost in the clouds. 
  • UFO Register 6 p14 + FSR 22,6 p6 citing Sebastian Robiou Lamarche in Stendek 22 +2

March 13 1975, 2100hr.
A woman, who did not wish her name to be used, was driving along the shore of Lake Ontario when she saw a cluster of lights near the shore. She first thought they were on a sand dredger but when she next saw them, she realised they had moved. She went around to get a better look and saw these lights, too bright to be on a barge, were arranged in a triangular formation, mainly red and blue, but with the largest, white, light on the bottom, low above the lake. Another array of lights was to the side of these. The brightest light seemed to sway and fade and reappear. The sighting was confirmed by the woman’s daughter, who said her family dog cowered in fear during the episode. The lights were also seen by local police officers. 
  • Cochrane 1980 p123

March 13 1975,  2100hr.
Jane Baker (15) outside to take the cats to the garage for the Night. when, at the garage door, she heard strange high pitched noises and turning round, saw the who of the hill to the north illuminated by an object sitting on the road into Mellen. It was a silvery disc with a domed top that gave off a yellow-white glow. Around the thing’s mid-section were red and green lights, flashing on and off. Very, scared, Jane ran back into the house and informed her father Philip, a machine operator. He went outside to see a dome shaped object, surrounded by a brilliant halo, with blue, green and red lights around its outside and in its centre a yellow white light, too brilliant to watch. The thing emitted a high pitched whine. As they watched the noise and lights died down and as they walked closer they heard a sound like heavy metal hammering. Mrs Baker and her three sons (11, 12, 16) also saw the object, through the window. Mrs Baker was so afraid that Philip returned to the house and called the undersheriff. While he was on the phone there was a loud bang and the lights disappeared.

When Undersheriff George Ree arrived on the scene there was nothing to be seen but on arriving home about 2200hr., there as a message from the sheriff to go and investigate lights seen in Iron County. When he arrived, one Mellen and two Iron County Deputies were already there They observed a large bright light on Hw77 and then saw as second object moving towards but not too close to, the first A couple of deputies went to Birch Hill Tower and independently observed an object, with flashing white and blue-green lights, at ground level, along with an aerial object. After about 15-30 minutes the light on Hw77 approached them. As it passed over a squad car at Madigan Road, the car radio went out for 30 seconds and car interior was lit up as bright as day. When Jane Baker went out next morning to see if there were any traces of the previous Night.’s object she observed a domed disc hovering over some evergreen trees towards the swamp. Shew went back in to put on some warm clothing and get the dog but as she went out again the dog whined, pawed at its ears and had to be carried back inside. When she went out again the object had gone. Later the two older boys went to the scene where they found some ruffled snow. 
  • Landsburg 1977 p34 citing his own investigation
  • APRO Bulletin 23,6 p1)

March 14 1975,
Mr Knapek, his two sons and two friends were camped in a clearing 1.6km east of the lake. They were about to have a snack when the two children (13, 15) pointed out an object rising slowly at first from behind trees 300m to the west, towards the lake. One above the trees the thing rose rapidly and shot up into the southwestern sky, diminishing to point size at 75 degrees elevation in 5 seconds. The object was Australian football shaped and about 15m in diameter. It had a bright yellow underside, with a paler yellow top, the colour becoming paler and brighter as it moved away. 
  • W K Roberts in APRO Bulletin 24,1 p3

March 17 1975, 2055hrs.
Keith W (16) and Geoffrey M (14) were returning home from the boys club when they saw an object that first appeared as a bright star in the distance, but as it moved rapidly and silently towards the boys resolved itself into a very pure silvery-white disc, edge onwards, projecting thin beams of light, some half the size of the others, top and bottom. The object then moved very rapidly, directly over the boys. They could see its underside, a central green light, surrounded by six orange ones, in an evenly spaced circular formation. At this point, with the object less than 30m away the boys could no longer seen the beams from its lower part, only the upper. A warm sensation covered their bodies below the waste, which lasted for five seconds. The object began to move slowly away and they followed it for a while, until it was eventually lost to sight. The observation lasted no more than 10 minutes. 
  • Timothy Good in FSR 26,3 p32 citing his own investigation

March 17 1975. 2245hrs.
Mrs d Wilmot saw a fiery thing she feared was a plane on fire, coming down over Lake Ontario. She then realised that it was a fluorescent object, about 6m long, 1.5m thick, with a domed top. The thing hovered about 500m from shore for 5 minutes before oscillating and then rising slowly upwards and then shooting off to the west, becoming hidden behind an apartment. 
  • Cochrane 1980 p124

March 20 1975, 1950hrs.
A driving facing west/south-west in a car exiting 1-10E on Hw 90E, at the intersection of Hw 90 and Tillman’s Corner saw a disc with red lights on top and two white lights rotating clockwise around the rim opposite one another at treetop level, about 200m away. The witness observed the thing for between ten and fifteen minutes as it travelled west-north west at 40koph. 
  • Skylook 102 p7 citing South Alabama UFO Study Group

Late March 1975. Evening.
A man driving west along the perimeter highway observed something like a solid white light, moving slowly some kilometres away to the southwest. He felt that it looked different from other aircraft he had seen. The object then made a sharp turn to the right towards Charleswood and then crossed the highway, its lights going out as it did so. As ti came within 100m, he saw that the object was (?American) football shaped about 12m wide, 4.5m thick and was travelling at about 80kph, about 10m above the ground. It manoeuvred over a field and then rose straight up at enormous speed, disappearing within seconds. 
  • Rutkowski 1993 p37

March 21 1975.
Carlos Santiago and his wife Maria were driving in the “EL Mamey” district when an incandescent object flew over their car at low altitude. They gave it chase but it disappeared within two minutes. 
  • UFO Register 6 p14 + FSR 22, 6 p6 both citing Sebastion Rabiou Lamarche in Stendek 22 +23

March 22 1975, 2230hrs.
Two men and three girls driving along the Dingo-Mt Flora road, observed an object hovering just above a gravel storage area just off the road, about 90 km from Nebo. They turned round for a second look and saw a row of dull yellow-white flashing lights, which appeared to be attached to a large box like mass. Above this structure a circular mass was apparent consisting of several rings of blue-green lights, with a central black disc. Some of the witnesses noticed a sort of pole connecting the two masses, and four legs could be faintly discerned. As they drew to a halt, the lights increased in brilliance, blinked on and off rapidly, and a very low bang like a shotgun was heard; the car seemed to shake in response. As they drove off, the upper circular mass appeared to turn with them, as if following them. The men later returned with a construction worker. The object had gone, but three oval, one circular and one rectangular areas of a impacted ground were found. Investigations by police and the RAAF from Townville AFB were inconclusive. 
  • Bill Chalker in MUFON UFO Journal 143 p6 citing RAAF file
  • Basterfield 1997 p200 citing RAAF files and ACOS Bulletin 10 p22
  • Chalker 1996 p 158#
  • Watts 2017 p105)

March 23 1975, 2350hrs.
Robert Bennett, his son Michael and their friend Robert Groom were driving down a country road to Black Point when they encountered a 2.4-2.7m tall hairy humanoid stood next to a car, rocking it violently. As the trio approached a man got out of the car and called for help, at which the creature walked off into the forest. The trio drove on for a short while but then turned round. They found the car but no sign of the man or the humanoid. They reported the matter to the police who investigated but found no trace or car, man nor beast. 
  • Blackburn 2017 p239 citing Dade County Public Safety Department files
  • Evaluation Probable hoax

March 26 1975, 2230hrs.
Mrs M and a companion were driving along Rt 1 from Wakefield when a large red, crescent shaped, object appeared from the north, passed over the road to the south, performed a tight U turn and then passed again over the road to the north. As they drove along, the object, now a large red point source of light paced the car at below aircraft height and apparently quite close. The object changed speeds but generally paced the car. Just prior to their turning into the east bound lanes, the object changed colour from deep red to brilliant silvery white and crossed Rt1 in apparent anticipation of their move. Now frightened, they turned down Matunuck, the object again pacing, crossing as if in anticipation as they reached Mrs M’s house, where the thing changed to a pastel green colour. The duo severed into the yard, dived into the house and closed. The police and investigator Donald Todd were unable to see anything when the matter was reported and Mrs M said that just after calling Todd, the object moved away southwest, over the ocean, at very low altitude and moderate speed. APRO Bulletin 24,8 p5 citing investigation by Donald R Todd
  • Haines 1999 p303 citing above + McCampbell 1976)

March 27 1975.
Bob and Elaine Diemert were walking from their farmhouse to their private airfield when they saw a pulsing red light surmounted by a dome, come in low and pass 100m over the trees at about 30kph. The observation lasted 5-7 minutes. 

  • Rutkowksi 1993 p31

March 27 1975. 2045hrs.
Mrs Eileen Sweet and her 14 year old daughter were driving down Rt 1 when a large, brilliant silver-white object approached from the n orth. The thing had a silvery metallic looking undercarriage resembling a sort of silver bathtub. . The object paced the car on the right hand side of the road, shot across to the south, then back to the north, appearing to anticipate her actions. It finally shot down the driveway to the Sweet and Todd houses and up into the air. . Donald Todd was alerted and saw a silvery light over trees 800hr.m to the west. . As Todd tried to take photographs and look through binoculars, the object drifted away to the west. They picked up Eileen’s husband Warner and pursued the object, which darted back and forth in front of them on the straight cross road. They thought about taking a plane but the cross winds were too treacherous. The object finally turned orange, then blood red and drifted away to the north. The photographs just showed a point source of light. APRO Bulletin 24, 8 p4 citing investigation by Donald Todd

March 28 1975, 2000hrs.
Miss D M, a young school teacher, was approaching the Hell Canyon Bridge when she 0bserved what she first thought was a fire truck, with very bright red and blue lights, travelling towards her from the right. She then realised that there was no side road. The lights appeared to go under the bridge, reappearing on the left going very fast. They then stopped just east of the bridge, maintaining an inverted L configuration, without changing colour or intensity. There was a vehicle parked in a lot next to the bridge. The witness was frightened and drove rapidly on towards Prescott. 
  • APRO Bulletin 24,10 p6 + UFO Investigator May 1975 p1 both citing Raymond Jordan

March 30 1975 (approx. date) Night. 
A group of people were camping here over Easter. During the night one family who were sleeping as a group in a station wagon noted an unusual light in the sky. Next day a little girl reported she had seen a face at the window during that night. 
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976 - told to Basterfield during a lecture in mid 1975

*March 31 1975, 0330hrs.
The D family were woken up by their dogs acting up and when the head of household opened the shutters he saw a powerful red light in the road. It was a starless dark night without any natural illumination. He also heard a sort of indistinct murmuring by the window. By now his wife and daughters were all awake and his step=son who lived in the basement turned on his light. At this Mr D, through the window, saw an intense red triangular mass, rather like a TV screen, which seemed to be hopping about 40-60cm above the road. The thing continued down the road, but became more rounded as it did so, its colour changing to electric blue with a tinge of green. When it has reached 60m from the house, the thing stood on the left side of the road, its colour now greeny-white. Several moments later the thing went back along the carriageway about 80m, resting on the right hand carriageway, now looking like a green sphere. The dogs had now calmed down and the step son turned off the courtyard light and returned to bed, not answering his stepfather’s appeals for him to help in working out what the thing was. By this point the object’s light had diminished to that of an electric light. Mr D wanted to go out but his wife asked him not to. He went back to bed but was unable to sleep. At 0440 the street lamps were lit and the dogs started howling again. The family got up rapidly but the thing was already moving at ground level, appearing as a green sphere. When it reached their house it just disappeared. Traces were found at the site. 
  • LDLN 151 p13

April 1975. 0200hr.
Three people in a house saw, through a window, a large shiny, silvery disc shaped object, with a row of portholes along its centre, emitting light, travelling slowly at about 40m altitude. It appeared to be about 20m in diameter. One of the people felt “a great sense of compassion” during the episode. 
  • NUFON News 53 p 4 citing BUFORG

April 1975 (?) Early hours.
At an undisclosed location a couple who had tried to telepathically contact “space people” awoke to find their room filled with light. They went outside as if enchanted where they floated into a circular luminous object. They found themselves in a circular room; there was also a curved corridor that led to an examination room, lit by an unseen source, where there was a table. There were humanoid beings with small mouths and noses, covered by a transparent covering. One was a female, which took the woman witness through to the examination room, where she climbed onto the table. Here she was scanned by a light. There was projection showing her internal organs. This procedure caused her reproductive organs to tingle (she had mentioned being infertile to the beings). She then filled in forms and re-joined her husband. He had communicated with a priest like leader, who talked of other dimensions pollution and such topics and then watched star images on a screen. Both awoke the next morning as from a dream. The woman, who thought she could not have children, later gave birth. She later had another 45 minute time lapse. 
  • Eugenia Macer-Story in Pursuit 18,4 p146

April 1975. 2100hr.
John Womack was driving along the foot of Ryan Mountain, down a wooded country road, when a fireball about 1m diameter dropped onto the road in front of him and began rolling down the gravel road. he drove along slowly behind it, while it made a sharp turn to the right and went along a small creek bridge. About 30m beyond this it left the road and rolled into the meadow by the creek bank. As Womack got out of his car, the ball took off over the hill, with a sound like a blow torch. As Womack stood dazed, he heard a humming sound and saw, over the tree above which the ball had disappeared, a huge silvery disc, at least 45m diameter, 15 thick, was approaching. The object 90-120m above a meadow 30m away, emitting a low hum like a turbine. A yellow blue glow extended several metres beyond the disc. From the underside of the machine a beam of light 3m thick appeared and began moving slowly along the ground. As, unnerved, he began to retreat towards his car, there was a high pitched whistle as the light seemed to descend towards the ground, and spread out until it reached the road like some kind of fog. As the object began descending, Womack made a dive for his car but a red beam of light hit him in the face and he passed out. When he recovered his senses he was driving along only 3km from his home, 40km from the scene of the incident and it was about 0045hrs.. He suffered from anxiety, sleeplessness, feeling of unreality and he became convinced he had been taken on board the craft. After a series of dreams, aided by a visit to the site, where traces of scorched earth could be seen, the memory of such an abduction returned. He now recalled that after the red beam had hit him he had woken up in a padded chair, with a metallic helmet on his head, connected to some complex machinery by a cord. he was in a large room packed with intricate devices and equipment. There were several beings, two of whom that appeared to be leaders catching his attention. They were humanoids with egg shaped heads and mouths, like those of a porpoise, There were also three giant creatures about 2.5m tall, and 6-8 little creatures about 1.5m tall, with flippers, six thin arms with crab like hands, their bodies covered with green warts, and they had large heads. They appeared “harmless almost comical”. One of the leaders, whose language was “like the croaking of a tree frog” spoke into a translating machine and told Womack that he was their guest and gave him a sedative pill. Alleged details of the construction of the ship, means of getting him on board were given as were claims they were from a planet 40 light years away. They also talked of “demons” which caused all troubles, and which the pill had expelled, other metaphysical issues and warnings about the hydrogen bomb etc. There was also a tour of the two floored ship, with rooms 15x 15x 3.5m filled with complex devices, including a sort of super X ray. The interior of the ship was illuminated brightly but the source could not be discerned. A metal cone was then put on his head, which gave him a sort of mystical experience. He woke up sitting under a tree on the creek bank watching the object take off. 
  • Hugh Helms in Official UFO 2,3 p27 citing own investigation
  • Womack and Helms 1975).

April 1975. 2145hrs.
A man walking up towards a bridge over a disused railway line, on his way to the pub, had his attention caught by a green light descending left to right, growing wider as it did so. It eventually hovered just above the 6m high bridge parapet. He could now see that the light was on a smooth black cigar shaped object 40cm long and 10cm wide and was coming from a shutter like opening. After about 10 seconds the opening closed and the object shot off towards Macclesfield. 
  • NUFON News 124 p13 citing investigation by Roy Sandbach

April 1 1975. Night.
A number of people in the Two Harbours area saw groups of red-orange lights appear, disappear and re-appear, occasionally going below the trees.

April 3 1975. 0130hrs.
Police Officer Philip Stanton was called out to investigate a report of a strange object and saw a triangular object with red lights on one side, blue-green on the other, hovering 15m above the water tank at the north end of town. It appeared to be about the size of a Cadillac car of that period and had a large spotlight and made no sound. The thing then shot off towards St Pauls, 25km away, arriving in 90 seconds. There officer Tom Hagens and security guard John McPherson, saw a red flash and then a triangular object, with blue lights around the edges, a pulsating ball of red light in the centre and two searchlights, rising from behind trees and moving low over a country road. The object moved rapidly off, almost as fast as a jet, was lost to sight, reappeared and then shot off. 
  • Zeidman 1976 p3 citing investigation by Lee Speigel
  • Granville Toogood in National Enquirer 9 Sept 1975)

April 4 1975, 0110hrs.
Officer John Hayes, altered that there was a strange object heading his way, stopped near rural road 1703 and turned off his lights and engine. He saw a V shaped object with lights under each side and a large spotlight at the front, the whole surrounded by a grey-blue glow, pass very slowly overhead between 90-120m altitude, making a faint hum. 
  • Zeidman 1976 p9

April 4 1975, 0145hrs.
Special deputy William Halstead, driving south along Rte. 101 saw a V shaped object, illuminated by a bright light at its front. The thing was between 60-90m altitude and the size of a car. It hovered for about 15 seconds and then moved off at speed. 
  • Zeidman 1976 p11

April 4 1975, 0230hrs.
James Ed Floyd, the night security guard at the Alamac Knitting Mill, observed an object no larger than a car travelling west at treetop height. It approached the south-west corner of the building and hovered silently. It then passed noiselessly over the building. 
  • Zeidman 1976 p35 citing Lee Speigel

April 4 1975, 2045hrs.
Police Chief Garry Moore was driving on patrol when he saw a brilliant white light descending towards him. Fearing a collision he got out of his car as the thing came within 60m. When he flashed at it with an aircraft landing light, the object seemed to reply. The thing was V shaped with a central large light than projected a beam 150m diameter onto the ground, and smaller lights along its sides. It hovered for 4-5 minutes and then took off at speeds up to 300kph. 
  • Zeidman 1976 p15

April 4 1975. 2345hrs.
Police dispatcher Ron Thompson and Lee Speigel observed a large bright light which increased in brilliance as it moved east at treetop height, about 600m away. They stopped but could hear no sound. The thing then turned red, pulsing every 90-120 seconds. The pair then observed a second row of red pulsating lights traveling in the same direction 9-12m above the trees. 
  • Zeidman 1976 p17 citing Speigel

April 5 1975. 0130hrs.
Lee Speigel and Ron Thompson were driving down Philadelphia Road, just outside Pembroke, when a deputy radioed that a V shaped object was approaching them. They observed a white light, approaching slowly 5-6 above a line of trees 150-180 m away. This light moved north in a jerky fashion, its brilliance preventing them from seeing any detail. They were joined by communications director Freeman and a reporter, Mr Dougherty, who also observed the object stop and flare up. The thing made no sound, but they heard numerous dogs barking. Three deputies had a closer view and observed that the object was V shaped. After a short time it flared up red and, pulsating every two seconds, moved back the way it had come, in a jerky fashion. The deputies observed the object turn a circle. The total duration of the observation was six minutes. 
  • Zeidman 1976 p18 citing Speigel

April 5 1975, 0145hrs.
Rev Evander Parnell was parked at a rural spot on Rte, 74 about 13km west of Lumberton, looking for UFOs when he saw he saw brilliant object, the apparent size of the moon, suddenly appear and then descend into woods about 800m away, illuminating the whole area, as from a fire. After a few seconds the light went out. 
  • Zeidman 1976 p11 citing her own investigation
  • Evaluation: In an interview with Speigel, Parnell claimed that he saw the object rise from the trees up to about 100m and then take off to the east. The version above suggests a flare.

April 6 1975, 0200hrs.
James E Floyd again observed the brilliant light approach the Knitting Mill, coming over the trees towards the building. The light was more brilliant than ever and shining down onto the ground. The other lights on the object were red and blue and quivered . As the object came within 3m of the building the five security spotlights went out and stayed off while the thing hovered close to the building for 5 minutes. When it went away the lights gradually returned. 25 other lights powered by the same switch were unaffected. 
  • Zeidman 1976 p35

April 6 1975, 0200hr.
Two 18 year old youths, Rod Seagraves and Mike Lewandowski were driving from Wausau to Athens on Highway A when their CB radio failed. Mike saw, about 500m to the north on the road, a hemispherical object emitting a pulsating silvery-grey light, on or just above the ground. After driving a bit more, Mike encountered a 2m tall thing like a tree trunk moving slowly 30m away. They returned to Wausau where they parked up at 0300hr. and fell asleep. When they awoke at 0600hr. the car was in a different position in the lot, they had used up petrol and were both muddy. In the aftermath Mike suffered problems with thinking and memory. 

April 6 1975. 1715hrs.
Deputy Roy Strickland (35), his wife (a school teacher) and his two daughters (13, 10) were driving north of the Philadelphus Road, 2.5km north of Pembroke, at about 80koh, when Ray drew the others attention to five pink-red lights, flying as a unit. These lights passed in front of the car at a descending angle, apparently landing in a field 120m to the east of the road. Each of the lights trailed a bluish streak and did not vary in intensity or colour during their constant shallow descent. At an altitude of 30m and a distance of 100m they appeared to be moving at 160kph. The family observed the lights descend behind a house. David F (12) and three friends in the yard and porch observed the objects land, throwing up clouds of dust. Ray drove his family home and returned to the scene with Ron Thompson, where they discovered circular blue patches about 30m diameter. Colonel (57) and Ethelee (56) Lockyear driving along the Philadelphius road in the opposite direction to the Stricklands also saw the lights. Analysis of the spots in the filed suggested they had been caused by flares. 
  • Zeidman 1976 p35
  • Ted Phillips in Fate Proceedings 1977 p63
  • FSR 21,2 p31 citing Raleigh News and Observer 8 April 1975
  • Evaluatio: Flares

April 6 1975. 2240hrs.
Willi Lopez was working as a disc jockey on Radio WBMJ, located on the top floor of the Darlington Building in the Miramar sector, when he heard three loud knocks on the outside window. Going over to the window, he thought he saw a luminous figure in rapid movement, which seemed to hide behind one of the external columns of the building. Willi then remembered that he was alone in the studio and phoned a friend, Jose Manuel, who lived in the same building. When Jose did not come up, Willi went and opened the window, and saw, right on top of an adjacent cooling tower , a luminous, yellow-white, saucer shaped object, about 12m diameter, making a slight rocking movement;. The thing was only about 1m from the building. Frightened, Willi slammed the window shut and ripped its curtain off the hook in his fright. He told the story over the air at the time and then Jose arrived. Willi was ill for three days afterwards. 
  • FSR 22,6 p7 + UFO Register 6 p15 both citing Sebastion Robiou Lamarche in Stendek 22 +23

April 18 1975, 2000hrs.
Orlando Franceshi (26), a janitor at the San Lucas hospital, was coming out of his shower to get some water from the ice box when he saw a movement outside. He thought it was a dog so he grabbed a spade to shoe it away. Going out he encountered a dwarf with long ears and nose, two black blobs for its eyes, a lipless slit for a mouth and an ape like jaw. It was walking like a “zombie or robot”, swaying from side to side. Afraid that it was going to attack him, Orlando hit it with the spade. This made it step back but it made no sound. He hit out at it twice more, but the third time he lost his balance and fell over. When he tried to get up Orlando found himself paralysed. The 1.4m tall being was about 1.2m away. When Orlando hit it hard on the chest with the spade, the blow sounded hard. When the creature had gone Orlando’s strength came back and he got up. His dog did not come to his aid or even bark. When he returned to the house his family saw his distressed condition and called the police. The results of the police investigation were not revealed. Orlando was under sedation for two days. He later began to call for a religious revival after hearing voices in his head. 
  • UFO Register 6 p15 + FSR 22,6 p7 citing S Robiou Lamarche in Stendek 22 and 23

April 18 1975 Night. 
Five young men returning from the Glenview Housing Estate encountered a strange dwarf, which they pelted with stones and scared away. 
  • ibid

April 18 1975, 2045hrs.
A taxi driver on his way to New Norfolk saw sparks in a paddock 200m from the road. When he stopped he saw that they came from a round object, which was taking off. It shot off to the north east in a matter of seconds. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p201 citing TUFOIC files

April 19 1975, 2145hrs.
Two people stopped at a traffic light saw a metallic looking disc shaped object about 15m above them The thing was about 25m diameter, with an orange glow on its underside. It was surmounted by a dome, on which there were rotating lights. Their car radio began to emit a strange beeping sound at the rate of three beeps per second. After about 30 seconds the disc moved off at speed and the car radio returned to normal. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p65 citing MUFON files

April 19 1975. 2215hrs.
In the Barrio Collores in the Las Corozas sector, Mrs Alda Isabel Vazuez de Figueroa was doing her housework when, opening a door leading to the patio, she saw a very bright vivid orange light, hanging stationary above the garage, the thing was larger than a car wheel. Alda stood, routed to the spot watching the thing for about 5 minutes while it slowly ascended and disappeared behind a mountain, leaving a bright glare, which persisted for few seconds. It was also seen by her daughter Camille 
  • UFO Register 6 p9 + FSR 22,6 p8 citing S Robiou Lamarche in Stendek 22 and 23)

April 20 1975, Night.
A group of children encountered something that they thought was construction working. When they later asked the construction workers if they had been working that night, the latter denied it. The workers, intrigued, inspected the site and found traces like landing pads in a perfect equilateral triangle, sides 4.1m long. The “pads” were 30cm in diameter, 1cm deep and the soil in them, appeared to have been calculated. Around the markers were seven enormous mushrooms. 
  • Joseph Brill in Skylook 98 p12 + Official UFO 1,7 p13 both citing San Juan 24, 25 + 28 April 1975 citing press investigations

April 25 1975, 2000hrs.
Several residents in the western sector of “Florida Street” saw a ball of light hanging, oscillating, at the height of the Pachimoco dike for eight minutes, before it disappeared, leaving a tenuous cloud. 
  • Joseph Brill in Skylook 98 p13 citing San Juan 28 April 1975

April 25 1975, 2130hrs.
Half an hour after he came home from work Mr Dumont was alerted by the barking of the dogs in his garden. He hoped they would settle down but his attention was then caught by a large luminous sphere about 40m diameter, compared in size to a copper basin, moving slowly over the rooftops. It was a bluish white colour, luminous but not dazzling and was moving horizontally in the direction of Rugles, its colour and brilliance remaining steady. It was perhaps 100-300m away and at between 15-30m altitude. Dumont told his wife and two daughters about this but they did not believe him. At about the same time in the village of Bois-Arnault 1.5km away a couple and their two daughters were watching TV when the 15 year old, sat by the window drew their attention to a bright light. Through the window they saw an orange –red object with an apparent diameter of 25-30cm (about the apparent size of a plate) coming slowly out of the south, at anything from 50-500m away and perhaps 8-10m above the ground. It came out of the west and appeared to stop and then come down to 2-3m from the ground passing in front of the witnesses as it moved off to the left and disappeared behind a tree on the lawn, leaving the witnesses a little afraid. About an hour after this, at Harneau les Siaules a 14 year old girl returning to her darkened room saw a semicircle of sparkly white light on the wall by her bed apparently coming from the curtainless window, but neither she nor two sisters nor her mother could pluck up courage to look through the window. 
  • LDLN 193 p25 citing investigation by LDLN Eure

April 26 1975, 0200hr.
Two young people saw a bright light descending behind a school building for a few seconds. A piece of metal; and a hole dug in the frozen ground were found.
  • Phillips 1975 p106 case 610 citing Len Stringfield citing Howard Gontounic

May 1975
At an undisclosed location a camper was cooking his dinner on a campfire, when his Alsatian dog growled. Looking round he saw a hairy upright creature in the woods about 100m away. The thing looked at him for an hour before walking back into the woods. 
  • Rogo and Clark 1979 p 6

May 1975.
A man on his way to work saw a 2m tall bipedal creature covered in brown grey hair, and with a domed head and long arms, at a distance of about 20m. 
  • Guttilla 2033 p277 citing John Green

May 1975 (approx. date) Night. 
On three successive nights Mrs Doreen Oliver awoke to see a dark human kike figure, with wrinkled skin and no face by the bed. Other anomalous experiences were reported in the house. 
  • Royal and Girvan 1976 p37 citing press sources

May 1975.
A female instructor at Southport Air Base was driving home along a gravel road when she saw a disc shaped object flying low over a field. Her car stalled and as she coasted along she saw that the object was rotating, showing alternate red and green lights. As there came a point where trees separated the car from the object, the car engine started up again and she drove off at speed. 
  • Cameron 2017 p57

May 1975, 2000hrs.
Jose Ferreira (47) and his son Ademar (21) were out fishing, Ademar was cooking a fish while his father continued fishing Ademar then called out in alarm to Jose, who ran to the scene where, in the light of the fire, he saw a blue disc shaped object, the size of a car, surmounted buy a dome and with five or six windows around it, standing on the sand. Next two it were three light skinned men, two were tall, one wearing green, the other blue, while the stocky one wore yellow. They then rushed back into the disc, which took off emitting multi-coloured sparks that illuminated the whole area. The stocky man spoke in a strange language but Jose understood him to be telling him to stay where he was and that they were leaving. Jose found Ademar hiding behind some bushes. 
  • Pratt 1996 p266

May 1973, 2355hrs.
Steve Croft and his future wife were camped in a cave beside a swimming hole when they heard something moving through the scrub. When Steve lit the camp fire they saw, on the other side of the pool, a 1.8m tall humanoid covered in long, straight orangey-brown hair. Its face, hands and feet could not be made out in the dark. The thing turned and ran away. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p233 case 99 citing investigation by Neil Frost and Ian Price

May 3 1975, 1334hrs.
Carlos Antonio de los Santos Montiel was flying his Piper PA-24 from Zihuatenejo to Mexico City at about 5,000m. As he passed over Lake Tequesquitengo the aircraft began to vibrate and he saw, to his right, a disc shaped object about 3-3.5m long, surmounted by a sort of dome. A similar object was on the left of the plane, while as third approached head on and dropped beneath the aircraft, giving the plane a jolt. Carlos found that the landing gear refused to operate, and felt that the plane was being dragged by something, and was unable to get his controls to work. Mexico City airport reported that they detected unexplained radar traces performing manoeuvres beyond aircraft capability. These merged into a single blip, which moved off in the direction of Popocateptl. With the objects gone, Carlos was able to deploy his landing gear and land safely. 
  • Hall 1988 p 280 citing Skylook 93

May 3 1975, 2115hrs.
Alois 'Monk' Olenick (48), a sheet metal worker, was driving west on Mogford Road, south of San Antonio, in his 1959 pickup, to a nearby store, when he saw a strange amber coloured object rise rapidly upwards from a grove of trees about 800m into the pasture opposite the road. This object then approached his pickup at terrific speed, loosing altitude as it did so. As it approached, an amber primary light on the front of the object turned to an intense cherry red. When the object got directly over Alois’ pickup his lights and engine went dead. At first Alois thought the object was a helicopter, but as it hovered overhead, he saw it was a roughly globular machine, with two projections on either side of the centre, these appeared to be part of a rim. The underside appeared to be made of highly polished metal, which cast a red glow, possibly reflected from the primary light. It was tilted at a 37 to 40 degree angle, revealing a transparent upper portion in which two occupants could be seen, outlined against a diffuse red light. One of the occupants appeared to have its hands on some controls, the other was looking directly at Alois. These occupants appeared to be no more than 1.5m tall, bald, with long prominent ears, long noses, slit like eyes, tight, firm, wrinkled grey skin “like sharkskin”, and wiry firm build. He only got a look at their torso’s, head, and part of the upper arm. On the control panel Alois could see several “T” shaped handles. They did not appear to be wearing head-dresses of any kind and he thought they wore leathery shirts. There was no sound of a motor, just a loud wind “like a cyclone”. As the object took off straight up, a terrific thrust buffeted Alois’ vehicle, and the object appeared to vanish almost instantaneously, like the turning off of a light bulb. Alois had also noticed a strong odour like burning copper as the object hovered over his truck that persisted in the truck for some time. Alois also suffered from slight eye damage and had to wear dark glasses for some months, and also some anxiety but there were no other effects. 
  • Gary Graber in Skylook 99 p3 citing own investigation

May 4 1975, 0430hrs.
Mr Rivera was up reading late when his attention was drawn to an intense yellow pulsating light coming from the extremity of an object stationary on a hill slope about 450m from his suburban house. He roused his family and observed the scene through binoculars, through which he could make out a second, less intense, light on the other edge and in between a whitish glare, from what appeared to eight rectangular windows. They watched this affair for some time (accounts very from 10 to 45 minutes0 and then, sleepy, returned to bed. The following day they went out to the p0lace where they thought the object had been and found a burnt area 7.5m diameter. There were also marks like three toed footprints, 35cm long and tapering from a width of 47.5cm at the front, to 10cm at the back. These marks appeared to be in straight lines 1.25m apart . There were also scratch marks on the ground. 
  • UFO Register 6 p17 + FSR 22, 6 p8 both citing S Robiou Lamarche in Stendek 22 and 23

May 4 1975, 2215hrs.
A sociologist and his wife had turned north off Hw 16 about 2.5km east of where Hw 159 terminated into Hw 16 at Royal Lakes. They went onto a country road and shortly afterwards they saw a light, about as bright as a farm light, to their right. As they drove on they came closer to the light, which they assumed to be on to the top of a building. When they got within 60-150m they saw that the light was about 20-30hrs.m into the air and there was no building beneath it. They then saw a searchlight go on from the vicinity of this light, directed southward, parallel to the ground. They stopped the car, turned off their lights and got out. The white light and searchlight remained stationary for about 5 seconds, to their east and then the light began moving south in the direction to which the searchlight was focussed. A red flashing light, followed, seconds later, by a green flashing light, appeared, both on the side nearest them, with the original white light furthest away. The couple then got back in their car, turned round and followed the light at between 40-50 kph, while the light was doing between 55-70kph. They continued the pursuit until they reached Hw16, which they crossed, then parked and watched this white light move out of sight. The red and green lights were blinking in alternation, the white light was constant. When they turned off the car engine, they could hear a low smooth sound. The couple then turned back to go home and having driven 3km north, but not yet reached the spot where the white light was first seen, they saw another moving white light. They again stopped, turned off the engine and got out the car. This second object followed an identical course to the first but higher and 300m further east. They observed this on its steady course for 3-4 minutes. A third and then a fourth light (just red and green flashing lights) appeared. An aircraft passed overhead; its lights were regular and they could hear the usual aircraft sound. After this there was a fifth distant, white, red and green, light, which they observed moving up and down in a circular motion for 15 minutes. There was then a sixth object, with red and green constant lights, replaced by a single white light as it passed over. As the couple continued driving they saw a stationary white light over a field 600m away. When they arrived at their farm house they saw a stationary white light 6-15m above the ground, between 1650-300m away, which also turned on a spotlight. The object then began flying slowly with red and green lights and the same low steady motor sound. It was now 0045 on the 5th. Police and the Federal Aviation Authority were called without definite result. 

  • The witness, in UFO Investigator July 1975 p1

May 7 1975, 2330hrs.
To French nationals, a 39 year old fitter and a 34 year old electrician were working late into the Night. by the light of an electric lamp, when one of them alerted the other to a luminous phenomenon to the north, north east, over the fields, meadows and thickets. It was discoidal or cigar shaped, fiery in colour, seen against the starry background. It appeared to be rising slowly from the ground until it was above the poplars, where it hovered at about 50m altitude. The two men were unable to say if had been on the ground, but it had been at very low altitude. It gave off a clear but thin halo from its top. It also gave off a broad white beam sharply edged , shaped like an inverted funnel that lit up the trees and surroundings over an area of about 40 metres diameter. The thing was later estimated to be 15m diameter. Silently, the thing resumed its ascent, increasing in speed and rising bottom up in an oblique fashion. In the first seconds of this ascent the luminous beam was shut off. Then this quickly became a small red-orange ball that changed direction and headed north east at terrific speed. Their wives who were in the house came out to see the end of the affair.
  • J M Bigorne in LDLN175 p21 citing his own investigation

May 10 1975, 2130hrs.
Chuck D (15), a boy of high academic and sporting ability, went out to fetch in his horse, which was at the other end of the 3 acre (1.2 hectare) field/ As he did so he heard a sound like a buzzing of bees and turned round to see an object shaped like a mantra ray, 6m long, 3m wide wing tip to wing tip, hovering 6m above a neighbour’s vegetable garden 25m away, The thing was bobbing up and down like a cork on water and Chuck could feel the ground vibrate. On this object there were two light sources; a luminous green rectangular section on its underside, resembling a green traffic light, about 2.4m long, 1.2m wide, faced with a row of circular lenses; the other, a red light on the object’s tail. On the top of the object was an unlit, featureless raised dome. The porch light was reflected on the body of the thing, giving it a metallic green cast. While Chuck stood transfixed an olive green beam appeared, which did not widen and which appeared to probe the neighbour’s garden. Chuck noticed dust in the beam was swirling and the branches on a nearby tree were swaying. . The beam proceeded to make wider probes of the gardens and yard and when the beam illuminated the swimming pool Chuck noticed that a blue glow surrounded the electricity wires. The beam then hit Chuck, who found himself; paralysed but still conscious. He seemed to see mathematical symbols and equations, which didn’t make sense to him, in his mind’s eye, followed by various other scenes, such as standing on a cliff looking out a red sea, and floating in space. During this time chuck felt very cold. When the beam went out Chuck fell on his face and no longer felt cold. The object was still in view. After Chuck got to his feet, the buzzing got louder, and he could also hear a metallic drumming sound. The object then moved into a vertical orientation, the tail increased in brilliance and then became a blur. This was followed by a purple flash, followed, 3-4 seconds later by a loud thunderclap. The object was now just a red light in the sky, which went straight up, curved, levelled off and then gave off a white flash. Chuck’s parents noted his flushed appearance when they got home. His head cold vanished overnight. 
  • Stringfield 1978b p58 citing his own investigation

May 13 197, 2330hrs.
A group of people, including TV presenter Bill Kendricks and Allen Kerr were out looking for the mysterious light seen in this district. They saw a light rise above the trees on the western horizon and drift slowly south. It emitted flash and shot up into the sky at terrific speed. The party then split up and one group led by newspaper editor Howard Bennett and including Kerry McIntyre and Red Storey headed to a point a few kilometres east of where the light had been seen. They saw a glow behind trees less than 800m away. It was a hazy red glow, about 15m tall, 6m thick and was at an angle of 45 degrees. They claimed later to have found an area of higher than average radiation levels. 
  • Rutkowski 1993 p33
  • Cameron 2017 p53

May 16 1975, 0200hr.
Three young men had wandered off from a beach party on the north shore of Boyne River Lake when one drew the others’ attention to a bright red light, the apparent size of the moon hovering 150-300m above the dam at the eastern end of the lake. After about 10 minutes it suddenly shone a bright beam of opaque white light down onto the lake, about 30m from the shore. At this a white glowing object appeared under the water, just below the surface, and commenced to move towards them, illuminating the bottom of the 4.5m deep lake. When this underwater object got within 6m of the dock, one of the lads threw a large rock at it. The thing seemed to break into sections, which then reunited. The aerial object then split into two; the two sections moved off in separate directions and performed various manoeuvres before shooting off. 
  • Rutkowski 1993 p36

May 17 1975, 2130hrs.
At Park Gardens Merida Mendez was tslking to Georgina and Norma Toro in their back garden, when Norma drew their attention to a circular yellow object, with a powerful light, hovering at 60 degrees elevation over a nearby house. The thing consisted of three parts; in the central part were windows that emitted a brilliant green light. As the women watched, the object started to rise, making a “put put” sound as it did so and a red light came on inside it. After the object had climbed higher, it circled the area for some minutes and then disappeared. 
  • UFO Register 6 p18 + FSR 22,6 p9 both citing S Robiou Lamarche in Stendek 22 and 23

May 18 1975, 2200hrs.
Mrs Scothern was looking out of the window towards land to the south east when she spotted an object resembling three tennis balls in a triangular formation, and descending, steadily pulsating. She called her husband (The investigations officer for a local UFO group, NAPRA) and her father. The three watched the object for about a minute as it moved over a barn at very low altitude and descended behind some trees 30m away, at about 15-25 kph. Mr Scothern ran into the field. At first he could see nothing but then saw a white glow emanating from a small hollow, surrounded by trees. He ran back to alert the others, but when they returned there was nothing to be seen, though Mrs Scothern thought she heard a buzzing sound. The site, a small pond surrounded by a mud bank, was investigated by NAPRA, who found four marks that resembled footprints 32.5-34cm long, 15cm wide and separated by a stride of 112.5 cm. A sort of metal coil was also found at the site. These seem to have been made by high pressure. About an hour later three people at Great Sutton 19km to the east of Rainhill saw an identical formation of lights pass over. 
  • NUFON News 15 p5 + 23 p 1 citing investigation by NAPRA
  • NUFON News 73 p3 (for corroboration)
  • Randles and Warrington 1979 p130
  • BUFORA Journal 4,9 p6
  • NUFON Annual Report 1975
  • FSR 23,6 p5
  • Tucker 2013 p216
  • Evaluation: The 'investigation' appears to have been quite chaotic, and little reliance can be placed on this tale. Hoax by eager ufologists looks probable
May 24 1975.
All members of the Ortiz del Rivero observed an unidentified object close to their balcony in Del Farque Street. 
  • UFO Register 6 p18 citing S Robiou Lamarch citing investigation by William Santana.

May 30 19, 0015hrs.
Joseph and Anna McCann were returning home when they saw a red light near the Haywood tower. They followed it form a time, lost sight of it and then encountered again on or close to the ground in a field. It was a rotating red thing, surrounded by silvery pink. At this point it was also seen by Alex Dufferin, a neighbour’s boy, also saw the thing. It was then lost to sight but as they drove home, the thing reappeared on or close to the ground in another field, its light shining on one of the horses om the field. Shadows that resembled people moving about could be seen around the thing. Joseph and Anna watched the thing until 0330hrs. when they left to go to bed. It was later seen at 0400hrs. by their lodger Randy Neuman (17) 
  • Cameron 2017 p60 citing his own investigation and an unspecified issue of National Enquirer

May 30 1975, 1430hrs.
At a detached pasture, 30klm north of their main farm the McCanns were with Mr Hill a local vet when Anna saw a silvery circular object land behind trees to the north. Joseph was in his tuck nearer the landing and saw the object as two domes, one over the other, separated by a belt of clear material. The upper dome was silvery, the lower milky. His estimates for its length ranged from 28-60m. Joseph set out to speed back home, but his newly bought truck stalled. The object then flew off to the east. Some 15 minutes after this incident the area was hit by a huge wind. 
  • Cameron 2017 p63 citing his own investigation

June 1975 (approx. date) Night.
Melanie Cunningham was awoken by her terrified boyfriend to see a sphere of yellow light, 60-90cm diameter, hovering 90cm-1.2m above the landing floor, its glare lighting up the bedroom. It switched off and then on again. This happened a few times and then the thing just disappeared. No traces could be found in the morning. The weather had been clear and dry. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p 30 citing their own investigation

June 1975 (approx. date)
A man and his girlfriend were driving in the mountains behind Santa Barbara when their headlights caught a large structure they first thought was a firebreak. On investigating, the man saw that it was, in fact, a seamless disc shaped object 11-12m diameter, standing about 2m off the ground on three legs. When he shone his headlights on the thing he saw that it was made of a dull silver-grey non metallic material and was about 5m high. When he walked underneath the thing, the man felt a tingling sensation. The woman became afraid and insisted they leave. As they were driving away an owl flew at the car, after which they experienced a period of missing time. When the man returned to the site the next day, he confirmed that there was no structure there. 
  • Dennett 2005 p181 citing Lindemann 1991 p167

Early June 1975. 0300hrs.
A courting couple were parked on a remote road, 5km south of town when they heard two bangs on their door and a scratching sound. They drove off, but the man returned to the spot about an hour later. He again heard thumping on his rear door and through the rear view mirror saw something like a large ape, with its head set directly on its shoulders. The man drove off in terror and refused to leave his house for some time. Marks were found on the car door and trunk. 
  • Rutkowski 1993 p153

June 1975.
Two men saw two luminous eyes that were on a dark shape that made heavy footsteps. They left but returned 15 minutes later when they saw a large humanoid covered in grey hair and with a dark stripe down its back. The thing had large luminous orange eyes and both men heard a high pitched humming sound. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p277 citing John Green

June 1975.
A rancher hunting along the banks of the Little River bear the creek when a 2.5m tall animal came from the brush on the opposite bank. The thing had long arms and grey-black hair an d ran with a shuffling, loping gait. Tacks and hair were found at the site. 
  • Blackburn 2017 p65 citing McCurtain Sunday Gazette 19 July 1978

June 1975. Night.
A group of people in a car saw an ape like biped walking along the side of the road carrying something resembling a lantern. A second group of motorists saw a hairy humanoid and a light in a field by the road, A third group saw a large domed object in the field but no entiy. 
  • Moravec 1980 p30
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p233 case 100 citing Frank Anderson in Page Research Bigfoot 1978

June 3 1975, 1930hrs.
5 young men were on the Yamba Road to Palmers Island when they saw a bright red and green object coming from the west. It then hovered nearby, at which the group drove towards it. As they did so the thing moved off towards the bridge to Palmers Island. After it had gone over the bridge, it approached the car, coming within 200m at the end of a straight stretch in the road. It now appeared as a 10m wide disc. As they approached the thing shot off further down the road, zi-zagged across the road, hovered above the trees in the sugar fields on Harwood Island before moving off to the left. 
  • Chalker 1996 p 206

June 4 1975, 1430hrs.
A truck driver, driving 3km north of St Claude, saw a huge object, shaped like two domes, edge to edge, with a transparent central section at treetop level some 7-8m from the truck. The upper dome was silvery, the lower, milky white. He tried to drive away, but the truck would not start. The object flew off to the east and was lost to sight behind trees. 
  • Rutkowksi 1993 p38

June 8 1975. Night.
Three boys (Jeff Norris, John Sullings and Don Shuttleworth) and two girls were spearfishing at Norah Head. The boys were gathering firewood when they heard rustling sounds. They shone their torch into a bush and saw a luminous object about the size of two fists with dark spots on its right hand side. They watched it for two or three minutes, becoming afraid. It retreated into the bush. It was round and very bright, and reminded them of a cat’s head. Then a series of small, apple sized oval objects appeared out of the bush; they glowed as a multi-coloured glow and had a sort of luminous thread in their centre. These lights were only visible when the torches were off. When Deborah, John’s girlfriend went to have a look, she was unable to see anything. Jeff and John were convinced that the lights were after them, and the party fled the scene and reported the matter to the police, who were less than sympathetic 
  • Bill Chalker in APRO Bulletin 25,3 p6 + Chalker 1996 p152 citing his own investigation. In Chalker 1996 he says there was just one girl present

June 9 1975.
Emilio Bourgon, a psychologist, and two other people encountered a strange object on the beach and were taken on board. There they met a group of tall humanoids, wearing black and white suits, with helmets and large gloves, who said they wanted to help humankind. 
  • Bartholomew and Howard p360 case 160 citing Cronica (BA) 12 April 1978
  • Evaluation A classic contactee type tale, hoax?

June 10 1975.
At an unspecified location two brothers were out smashing tin cans for recycling when a circular object with dull dark surface descended and hovered a metre or so away, emitting a humming sound. The boys tried to throw rocks at things, which seemed always to avoid them as it moved back and forth. After about 15 minutes the thing took off over the desert. It returned and took off again three times before it finally departed. Two months later one of the boys was cycling home when this, or similar, object came down close to him and paced him about 30cm from his face. By the time he reached the driveway the object had left. 
  • Dennett 2016a p41 citing MUFON CMS

June 10 1975. Night.
Three young men were driving in a truck, exercising their dogs, and were parked on a ridge. From there they saw a light among the trees 600-800m away. It came down in a meandering fashion close to a local house, at which all but one of the dogs rushed back to the truck. As the thing passed over security lights, these dimmed. When they youths called in the last dog, the object moved towards them, hovered over another light and then meandered off, becoming a dim red light in the distance. This then flared up for a few seconds and then disappeared. 
  • Swords 2005 p45 citing John Timmerman

June 22 1975. 0115hrs.
Jeanette Frost had just finished attending to a sick horse when her dog started acting up. Looking through her landing window Jeanette saw a red light flying about 4m above the ground, 12m away. She feared it was an aircraft about to crash but there was so sound expect for the humming of the electricity wires. The thing appeared to be the size of the 5.5x 6m granary store and had a small flashing yellow orange light and larger yellow orange ones. The thing itself was gold coloured and bullet shaped. As Jeanette went to investigate thing was no longer there. 
  • Cameron 2017 p90 citing investigations by Daniel Coleman, Timlick and himself

June 12 1975. 2145hrs.
Carroll Critchfield, his pregnant wife Barbara and two sons (15, 12) were driving home from a baseball game when Barbara suddenly screamed. Carroll thought she had started labour until they saw flashing lights hovering, silently, over a thick grove of trees. Their car was directly under the lights which were on a large diamond shaped object hovering 9-12m above the trees, which ere about 12m tall, The thing had flat ends 2-2.5m across or larger, a red flashing light and two spotlights on top. It moved soundlessly at 65kph down the gravel road, after hovering perfectly stationary. About two months later Carroll went back to the site and found a larger burned area, with four imprints 5.85m apart, and 7.5cm deep in the hard rocky soil, Cattle would not eat around these imprints. 
  • Landsburg 1977b p8+23 citing his own investigation
  • FSR 21,6 p25 citing CUFOS citing investigation by Ted Philips

June 14 1975, 0200hrs.
PascalTrullard was driving from Fretterans to the pharmacy at Pierre de Bresse on this clear night when he saw a light approaching him. As it got within 250m of him, Pascal slowed down for a better look. The thing was as bright as the sun, with well defined edges and an apparent diameter of 50-60cm and its colour was between yellow and pale orange and was 3-4m above the ground. The thing had no other features. Pascal carried on with his journey and 3km further on he saw the sphere again. When he reached the pharmacy he told the pharmacist of his experience. On the way back along the road to Fretterans about 0230hrs. he again saw this sphere in the same place, not having moved. There was no railway line at this spot and in any case the light was too high up. The following night his brother Regis (21) and a friend were out in the car to look for the thing and saw, in front of a house about 1km away, a similar sphere, about 3m from the ground. It was a bright luminous thing with an estimated diameter of 2m. They stopped as the friend wanted to walk back to Fretterans down a side path. At this point the car’s headlights failed and the light from the sphere seemed to lit up the car interior. It also lit up the house behind, so that they could erven see the shutters. This light was intense but not blinding especially towards the side. The thing was absolutely stationary during the observation and did not move at all and made no sound. The crops near the thing moved about a bit, but Regis through that might have been the slight breeze. Regis got out to see if that clarified his vision but he saw the same thing,. After about 30 seconds he got the shakes but did not it that was due to fear or not and decided to leave. 
  • Pierre Dumont in LDLN 1652 p18 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation: Dumont described the investigation due to the fact that Pascal was not interviewed and the information seems to have come from his less than cooperative father. Probably ground lights of some description.

June 14 1975 2340hrs.
Jean-Pierre Marlot (22), a foreman (the son of the local police chief) and Sylvianne Uyttersport, an employee of an assurance company were parked in a country lane leading to a farm and boarded by the wall of a chateau and its wood on this dark starry night, up by the wall with the lights off. They then saw a light moving behind the chateau wood, its upper portion was seen through the trunks of the trees, the lower portion hidden by the wall. The light crossed the path behind the gate, and then a small hedge and they could then see it in full as it slowly and silently crossed above a barley field, just in front of the two trees which marked the end of the hedge, stopping in front of the final one. It was shaped like two joined triangles forming a lozenge shape, the left triangle being sharply delineated, the right more fuzzy. Together they were 4m long, 2,5m high and were very brilliant, though they did not light up the surroundings. The thing hovered by the tree, 50cm above the crops for some minutes. Then suddenly in a few seconds a dark band appeared to come from the rear of the right hand side of the object, the one that was fuzzier, moved to the left and then disappeared, leaving the thing as it was before. The couple now scared but on the headlights, turned the car around and departed towards Senlis, everything function normally. Possibly traces were found the next day but in another part of the field. 
  • Lesbos and Ollier in LDLN 149 p8 citing their own investigation

June 14 1975, 2345hrs.
Two men in their early 20s; Rick Campbell and Steve Mentor were northwest about 1.5km north of Lordsburg when they observed an orange object, the apparent size of a house, falling at a slowly at a 70 degree angle in the vicinity of a sparkly populated area, 8km or more to the west of Glen Acre The thing landed without any sound and sent out shafts or orange light, which were so bright that Rick and Steve could not determine its exact shape. Thinking it was an aircraft that had crashed, , they contacted a middle aged neighbour Mr Roper, via their CB. Roper called the police and then drove up to the site, where he also observed the glow out to the west. A search party was organised,. At 0035, one of the searchers reported seeing an orange light moving towards him, swinging back and forth. The light then approached and then went out, making him very afraid. Another of the searchers, Patti Morris, noticed a strange absence of wildlife, and stillness in the area. No planes were down and nothing was found. 
  • APRO Bulletin 23, 1 p5 citing Patti Morris

June 15 1975, 2240hrs.
Miss Garner (20) was leaving the house of her friend and neighbour, Miss Doyle (21) on the Stretford side of Winchester Road. They saw a white light, moving rapidly, through the trees, towards the south. The thing slowed down and was hidden behind houses. The women moved down the street from where they saw the object hovering over fields (now the site of Humphrey Park railway station) at less than 60m altitude. It appeared to be the size of a 5p piece at arm’s length. The light seemed to illuminate the surroundings at times. After 2-3 minutes the light rose up at high speed, through the 500m high clouds, which it illuminated as it passed through them. An aircraft passed directly over the site after the light had gone. 
  • NUFON News August 1975 p7 citing investigation by MUFORA
  • Evaluation Probably optical effectsof lights from the aircraft turning as it approached Manchester Airport to the south.

June 19 1975. 2230hrs.
A man and his son out fishing saw an object the apparent size of the full moon, glowing yellow white, with little points of light covering its rim and body, which made a soundless 15 seconds descent from about 45 degrees to 310 degrees in the sky and went behind trees on the other side of the lake. It appeared to be rotating as areas of different light intensity appeared to be going round it. It was shaped like a(n old fashioned?) sailors hat with a rounded top. Searches revealed no traces. 
  • FSR 21,6 p25 citing CUFOS citing investigation by Don Worley

June 24 1975. 0130hrs.
Mr Bartelleau had woken and got up for some water and was returning to bed when he noticed, though the window, a large orange light. Surprised by this he thought of waking his parents but decided instead to get his camera but found that it had no film in it. He went back for a better look at the thing. It was a vertical cigar, about 3.5m high, 1m wide hovering 7or 8 above the ground and was orange in colour and surrounded by a sort of halo of light orange mist. It emitted reddish flashes. After some minutes these flashes became ever more intense and brilliant and the object became clearer as it turned horizontally towards Bartelleau, keeping the same altitude and then at incredible speed receded to a tiny luminous point. This observation lasted for about 3 minutes. After the orange object had left Bartelleau saw five white lights, similar to the above but located in different places, which lights faded rapidly. All of this took place in silence. The main object had been about 25m away, behind the houses facing him. During the time of the sighting a car drove slowly along the street as if its occupants were looking at the light. 
  • J-M Bigorne in LDLN 169 p28 citing his own investigation.

June 27 1975, 0330hrs.
Jean=Paul Nicholas (20) was walking from his home the 300m to where his colleague Yganico Prias Hernandez would pick him up in his car when, at the crossroad before the house, he saw s luminous sphere, apparent diameter 5mm at arm’s length, moving 50m above the 15m high HLM blocks, south east to north west. The thing then moved over N57, in complete silence, growing in size as it did so and its luminosity increasing. It was now surrounded by a bright orange ring and shimmered like the heat on the road in summer. The thing continued on its way in complete silence until it came to rest over a gas station. Jean-Paul set out to investigate and crossed the road but when he got a few dozen metres he was stopped in his tracks, paralysed and unable to speak. The top part of the thing was grey-black, the underside gave off brilliant white flash that lit up the whole gas station and was about 200m away. The thing hovered for 30 seconds and then shot away so fast that Jean-Paul could not tell in which direction it went. Right away after the thing had disappeared J-P found himself able the move again. At this time Ygancio came out his house and saw the thing for 5 seconds before it shot away. They reported the matter to the authorities. 
  • J P Pierau in LDLN 154 p19 citing his own investigation

June 28 1975, 2355hrs.
Five members of a family and two of their neighbours observed a disc shaped object, with a slight rise in the centre, 6-9m diameter, rimmed with red and white pulsating lights, hovering next to the 1.5km long Dartmouth-Halifax Bridge, about 800m away. After 7-10 minutes the object began to move parallel with the harbour made a right angled turn over the nuclear power plant and disappeared. When the thing was moving it appeared as a solid bright white light. 
  • Journal UFO 1,3 p7

Summer 1975. 0800hrs.
A couple driving from Boulder to Lamar on a deserted road on this bright morning saw a metallic elongated object with a central hole, about half the length of an American football field, at about 100m altitude. The couple watched the object for 30-45 minutes, from the other side of a barbed wire fence. The woman sent it a mental message, at which 3-4 small white clouds appeared travelling east to west, followed by a large cloud that covered the metallic thing. When it had passed the object had gone, so they continued their journey. Years later under hypnotic regression the woman recalled wanted to run towards the object, but being restrained by her husband. Nevertheless she found herself inside the object, where she encountered two beings, male and female, 1.9m tall, thin, with long blond hair and eyelashes and white skin, dressed in blue jumpsuits. They gave her a message of peace and told her to return. 
  • Huyghe 1996 citing his own interview July 10 1987
  • Evaluation: A traditional contactee story, probably hypnotic confabulation or pre existing fantasy. The object may well have been some kind of unusual cloud

Summer 1975.
A solid looking army green thing, looking like a helicopter, landed about 100m from a house near Franktown. A female witness was terrified by the incident. 
  • Adams 1991 p15 citing Bush Banner 20 August. 1975 + Denver Post 29 August. 1975

Summer 1975 (or following year) Afternoon.
Two teenage boys, out on of them’s motorcycle had stopped under a tree off the Old Henderson Road when one drew the other’s attention to an animal seeming to get to its feet in a wobbling motion. They saw that it was a biped 2-2.5m tall covered in light brown hair, with a large head and humanoid face. They got the impression that the thing was trying to communicate through telepathy. 
  • Nunnelly 2017a p146

Summer 1975. 1820hrs.
Geoffrey Grundill (15) was sitting listening to the radio and looking out of the window on this hot sunny evening, when an object shaped like a balloon glided into view around the gable end of the house. At first he thought that it was an aircraft in difficulties, but then it stopped and hovered over a 6m high tree a few metres away. It resembled a smooth, silvery aircraft, with a long fuselage, tall tail, two short wings, a ball gear on the front underside and a dome on top. There was no variation in colour, even for this cockpit. Geoffrey turned down the radio and opened the window. The object was making no sound and the surroundings were unusually quiet. The object was then manoeuvring, giving the impression that it was struggling to get free, crossed over the lamp post and narrowly missed the rooftops. It then backed off and stopped again. Geoffrey got out his binoculars in time to see smoke pore out of the underside and slowly envelope the object, which melted away into the smoke, which then faded away. The observation lasted about 5-10 minutes. Geoffrey was cold and shaking after the incident. He noticed that birds seemed to avoid that tree for some time afterwards. 
  • NUFON News 63 p6 direct from the witness
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p 34 citing their own investigation
  • Evaluation Not reported until 4 years after the incident, by which time witness was a UFO investigator. It might have been some sort of waking dream but equally the event seems consistent with a radio controlled model plane getting into difficulties and disintegrating.

Summer 1975, 2000hrs.
Julius Szego and his 15 year old cousin saw a creature around 2m tall crouched at the edge of the water, 12m away, pulling out roots. The thing was covered with brown-black hair, but its face was naked and humanoid. The boys through a rock at the thing, which then stood up, looked at them and walked off. 
  • Steenburg 1993 p68 citing investigation by Guy Phillips

Summer 1975. 2100hrs.
Three men out driving near Ogenia were alerted by a flashing light in the sky. They saw that the lights were on something hovering close to the road. On approaching the thing, they saw it was a triangular object, with a light at each vertex, one red, one green, one yellow. They drove underneath the thing, which then moved about 1.5km down the road. It continued to move away as they tried to approach it. After the incident their vehicle’s cruise control failed, and when checked by a garage it was discovered that its transistors were burned out. 
  • Rodeghier 1981 p65 citing CUFOS files

Summer 1975. Night.
LB and her girlfriend J were asleep, with another friend, B, in another part of the house. LB awoke to hear voices and something seemed to communicate with her through telepathy. There was a whining noise and she was unable to move. She managed to rouse herself with an effort and noticed J lying in a trance like sleep. She shook J awake then noticed that an hour had passed. They went into the kitchen, then heard the whining noise again, as the room was illuminated with an intense yellow-white light shining in through the window. This lasted 60-90 seconds. After the investigation L said she had remembered seeing small, rounded headed, beings come through the closed door and stand around her bed. One had acted as spokesman and asked her to come with them. Under hypnotic regression she recalled a very small, thin, bald creature stood by her bed, while further back were a group of even smaller beings with egg shaped heads, deep set lidless eyes that emitted a powerful, painful light, and a hole for a mouth. They transformed into light and took her though the walls into a dome shaped dark object in a nearby field. It was emitting a humming sound. She was taken into a domed room, which seemed larger than the object, where she was put on a sort of table and examined with light that seemed to drain her energy away. Previous to this she had stood in front of a mirror that allowed her to see the blood going through her veins. They wanted her to go onto a mother ship, but she refused and they returned her to the apartment. The girlfriend JB had a confused memory of the incident, and under hypnotic regression has vague recollections of an abduction. 
  • Druffel and Rogo 1980 pp156, 163, 181 + Rogo 1980 p214 citing investigation by Ann Druffel, D Scott Rogo and William McCall

Summer 1975. Night.
Geoffrey Tandy, a painter and decorator, was walking over the Malvern Beacon when he saw a light travelling from left to right at an estimated 150m. It suddenly stopped and dropped to the ground. The next day he found a triangular mark in the bushes. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p35 citing Crystal Hogben

Summer 1975. Night.
Ann Haywood was lying awake in her bed, suffering discomfort from recent surgery, with her husband asleep beside her, when there was a sudden gust of wind, billowing the curtains, and the room turned cold. Looking around she saw figures that looked like a woman and two children come in through the window. The “children” stayed by the dresser, but the “woman” came up to her. She wore a garment with a cape, from which came two hands like pigs feet. She had an almond shaped face, pointed wrap round ears and “rat like” mouth. The figure seemed to speak to her, and suck the breath out of her. This figure continued to haunt her for a number of years and left marks on her body. Poltergeist effects were also noted. 
Osborn and Ishmael 1981 p16)

Summer 1975. Late night.
Campers John Clark and Ralph Johnson were woken by their dog’s barking and. looking around; saw a 2.7m tall humanoid covered in blond hair moving around their camp with a sort of gliding motion. Ralph threw a frying pan at the thing and then locked himself in the car, while Joh locked himself in the caravan and held his rifle until sunrise. Under hypnotic regression some years later John recalled being held in a triangular room while strange beings inserted tubes into his arms and stomach. 
  • Nunnelly 2011 p225
  • Guttilla 2003 p278 citing an undated issue of Independent Journal + investigation by James Harder

Summer 1975. 2330hrs.
PC Trent Davis, called out to investigate a light above the radio transmission masts. He saw a huge light, which was triangular in shape, and which followed him to a nearby village. He thought he heard someone whispering to communicate with it. When he flashed his headlights it darted into the distance. Other police officers arrived on the scene and they watched the distant light until they got bored. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p 36 citing email from witness and investigation by Joanna Semmerscales
  • Evaluation Probably astronomical, the light from the headlight making the light look much dimmer. Some idea of the witness’s state of mind can be found from his claim that the thing moved “hundreds if not thousands of miles of miles away” when he flashed his headlights, though the thing was still visible.