1954. (Approx. date) 
A girl aged about 10 was playing with another girl, when they saw 20-34 disc shaped objects fly past at treetop height, in 2-4 rows of 5-6 objects. They seemed to be 6-9m diameter, dull metallic grey, and to hover momentarily when overhead. 
  • UFORA Research Digest 27 p2 citing Bill Chalker + UFOIC

1954. (Approx. date)
A production engineer was cutting wood in his yard when a disc shaped object descended and hovered about 6m from the ground. A ladder appeared and three humanoids that appeared to lack mouths descended. They communicated with the witness through sign language. 
  • Williamson 1957 p330

1954. (Approx date) Night.
Two men working late at the airport after dark observed, hovering above the observation tower, an object with portholes around it, through which shapes could be seen moving around. It finally shot into the air at high speed. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p78 + 1997 p148+ Basterfield 1980 p12 case 12 citing Mark Moravec + UFORNSW
  • Evaluation - Known only from a letter written to Mark Moravek, this being a 4th hand account. Probably little more than a rumour

1954. (Approx. date) Morning.
Gladys Spencer was sat on a wall on the corner of Dudley Avenue when a transparent sphere with a flattened bottom suddenly appeared and landed in the centre of the road, completely filling the road. The underside was green. Inside the thing she could see four human looking occupants sat on green slatted sheets. One of the occupants, a normal looking person in a suit, came over and asked if she was all right. Gladys felt drawn to the object, which then took off towards Uppingham. Scorch marks were later found in a nearby field. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2016 p353
  • Evaluation - REM intrusion, microsleep. The man in the suit was obviously just a passer bye worried that she looked odd or unwell

1954. (or following year) 
A couple were out driving when a metallic object hovered over their car. The man died a few days later of an unknown illness and the wife’s hair turned white almost at once. 
  • Otto Raymundo in MUFON UFO Journal 105 p6
  • Evaluation - Known only through third hand sources, looks little more than a rumour.

1954. (Approx. date) Night.
At there farm near Lancaster, Gerhard Koblich and his wife a number of anomalous experiences and saw strange lights in the sky. One night when watching TV a misty white light beam came through one of the windows. When they looked out they saw the head and neck of a dark complexioned man, who could have only been about 1.2m tall. When they walked toward the window the face disappeared, only to reappear when they stepped back. It was seen on a number of subsequent occasions and the face seemed to he somehow in the light beam. 
  • Williamson 1957 p341

A bus driver saw a woman dressed in white by a bus stop and stopped but there was no one there and a search failed to find her. 
  • Wright 2006 p76
  • Pearce 2007 p104

An information specialist and his wife saw a 6m diameter object on the ground being examined by several men. Nothing appeared in the press. 
  • Randle 2010 p175
  • Evalution - Did they have 'information specialists' in 1954?

1954. Day
Three young men in a car were followed by a disc. They claimed to have taken a large number of photographs, but these were confiscated by the RAAF 
  • Basterfield 1981 citing Australian Saucer Review 5,3 p19
  • Evaluation - Unsubstantiated rumour. Possible hoax.


At an undisclosed location a young couple went for lunch at a local basement restaurant, where they encountered a strange tall man, with shoes, showing his extremely long toes and odd, narrow heeled foot. He was wearing a dark brown suit. 
  • Wilkins 1956 p220
  • Evaluation - Just from a letter from the young woman, who did not reply to Wilkins’s further enquiries. Just a tall man with odd shoes, so what?


An entity report. Witness Cambero. No further details 
  • Pereira 1974 case 31 citing O Cruzeiro 15 January 1954.


A group of seven young people in a car saw something like a burning sailing boat on which figures appeared to be moving about, out to sea. They followed the thing to DeSable but it did not come closer to shore. 
  • Watson 1988 p38


Dean Averick, the operator of Dean,s Boat Landing near Padanaram saw a humanoid more than 1.8m tall, covered in light brown scraggy hair and with a snub nose and peaked eyes walking out of the bush 125m away and waded in to about 1m of water in the river , heading for a small island. 
  • Green 1978 p208 citing Miami Homestead City News 29 August 1978 or 1977


Harry X (qv) encountered a being, 1.6-1.7m tall, with long golden hair wearing a maroon body suit and broad belt, which emerged from behind a tree. 
  • UFORA Research Digest 19 p3 citing UFO Research Queensland-Sunshine Coast Branch


Many people observed a flying object at a distance of less than 15m. It finally left leaving a circle of flattened corn. Nothing grew in this circle for many years. 
  • Phillips 1975 p11 case 62 citing an undated issue of Data Net

1954. Night.

R B Davis and two other men were returning from a camping trip when their boat motor failed and had to be discarded. They were tossed in bad weather, when they saw, a few metres away, a red light that seemed to skim across the top of the water. The object manoeuvred about, hovered, approach and retreated. The men paddled after the light and reached shore safely, after which the light disappeared. 
  • Ronan 1974 pp96

1954. Night.

A six year old farm boy woke in the night and felt impelled to go outside, where he saw an array of lights moving back and forth. One of these was a sphere that came within 6m, spinning and hissing. The boy was frozen to the spot as if held by some force. He eventually forced himself free and ran back to the house. As he did so he was stunned by an explosion that hit him in the left hand. He next remembered being comforted by his mother. He went on to have other anomalous experiences over the years. 
  • Leir 2000 p57

1954. 2355hrs.

Howard Aling, his wife and 8 year old son saw a large circular light, apparent size of the full moon, moving over and behind their neighbours’ house in a curious undulating motion. The thing changed from orange to white and came very close to the ground about 800m away in front of a line of hills. It was quiet silent. A child was born in the following early hours. 
  • Williamson 1959 p139

Early 1954.
A group of young people were driving past March Field Air Base when they observed a shiny disc shaped object on the ground. They stopped and walked towards it, but as they neared it a human looking figure, wearing a sort of metallic half mask, emerged in front of them, raised his arm and projected a ball of fire at them. This hit their car and burned and blackened the paint. The group drove off and called the sheriff’s department. 
  • Williamson 1957 p329

January 1954. Early hours.
While driving between Mexico City and Acapulco along winding country roads, at an undisclosed location, Armando Zurbaran felt drowsy and pulled over. On the road ahead of him were a group of men wearing overalls with wide belts. These men were standing around a lighted object. Armando then found himself entering the object, escorted by the strangers. As he did so he heard a buzzing in his ears. These men had long fair hair and they had a long conversation with Armando. During this time the machine took off into space, while the crew explained they were space travellers from an undisclosed planet, using anti-gravity. He was then given a shower, a meal and more about their utopian home world. Armando was then set down near his car. The normally 6 hour journey had only taken him 90 minutes.
  • Corrales 1998 p167

January 4 1954. 2100hrs.
On this cold and moonless night, fire fighter Mr Chesneau was on duty at the Boussiron hangar on the far west of the airport, stood at the entrance to the hanger, when he saw a luminous sphere flying from the south towards the airport at a moderate speed. It landed and bounced up several times. Chesneau phoned the control tower but got no response so went to investigate but found nothing. The next day a number of metallic fragments were found at the site, including stems 15cm long, on the end of which were spheres the size of billiard balls. 

  • Guieu 1956a p140 citing investigation by Constant Vautravers in Nice-Matin 9 January 1954.
  • Evaluation - The stems were aircraft ant-statics devices.

January 7 1954. 2200hrs.
A woman retiring to bed heard a humming sound and she woke her husband, both going outside to investigate. They found nothing, but the humming continued and she went out twice more. Finally, through the window she saw a circular, gold coloured object, illuminated by the moonlight, manoeuvre around and then disappear over the horizon. After three minutes a cigar shaped object rose from the same location, looped around the sky, emitting puffs of white smoke. When this thing eventually left, the noise stopped. 
  • Wilkins 1956 p212 citing Australian Flying Saucer Investigating Committee report

January 9 1954. Night.
An orange light was seen 10m above the treetops, moving in an undulating fashion. 
  • Wilkins 1956 p203)

January 14 1954. 0130hrs.
Student Miss E D Bonacini was walking home with her boyfriend when they saw a red light in the sky. When they next looked it had changed into something like an inverted parachute and was moving towards them. After about 90 seconds it came very close, at the height of a three-four story building. It was a hemisphere with small protuberances on its lower section and a brilliantly illuminated area in its mid-section. It appeared to be as wide as the road (about 18m). The couple hid and watched the thing for 9 minutes, getting the feeling that something inside it was watching them. They decided to run away from the thing and as they did so it tilted 45 degrees into the vertical and sped away towards Fiumicino. After some kilometres it slowed down, displaying all the colours of the rainbow as it disappeared in 90 seconds. 
  • Verga 2007 p60 case 5442 citing Il Giornale d’Italia 31 October 1954. + Stilo 2006 p546 + Bonacini 1981)

January 28 1954. Morning.
Julie Grove (17) a typist for a firm of beer, wine and spirits wholesalers was looking out of the office window when she saw the figure of a man wearing a light jacket, leathery leggings and “riding britches” walk back and forth through the walls in the yard below. 
  • Ludlam 1967 p123)

January 29 1954.
A married couple were driving about 9.5km south of Santa Ana when a disc shaped object about 25m diameter passed over their car at a distance of 12m. As it did so their radio failed and the car engine misfired. 
  • Hall 1964 p73 + Maney and Hall 1961 p190 citing APRO Bulletin March 1954.

February 1954. Evening.
Mr and Mrs Forster were walking along a dirt road back to the road from a newly acquired property they had been examining, whenMrs F drew her husband’s attention to a light between trees. After walking a fuither 60m and rounding a rock they encountered a metallic looking object on or just above the road and next to it stood a woman. Looking into the object through an opening, Mr F could only see some glassy rods with blue balls on their ends through a sort of haze. Pipes came around the object from its underside to its brass coloured top.
The woman wore a sort of inflated dark hooded suit and goggles though which her luminous eyes could be seen. She was holding a tube leading to the object on one side and a sort of box on the other. The woman’s fingers seemed to be so subtle that they “bent the wrong way”. The couple fled the scene Mr F dragging his half paralysed wife along and drove off at speed fopr about 5km. When they stopped Mrs F was speechless with terror and Mr F found he was so shaking with fear that he had difficulty re-starting the car. Later a search of the area showed a place where the ground seemed have the trace of a large heavy object. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p201 citing Dominic Lucchesi in The Saucerian II, II)
  • Vallee Case 125 citing Gray Barker

February 1954. 1400hrs.
Mrs Jandot, a doctor’s wife was walking her baby son in his pram on the bridge across the Save. Halfway along she became puzzled by the behaviour of a motorcyclist sat still on his stationary bike looking up at the sky. She carried on her short journey and when she came back she saw the cyclist still there. Looking up herself Mrs Jandot saw, in the southern sky, at the height of the poplars, a stationary, oval metallic looking object with a sort of cone at its rear, which was emitting white smoke vertically. Mrs Jandot swore she saw two human heads, “like yours and mine” in the thing. She had no concept of time elapsing during the observation. The object then shot off at dizzying speed. 
  • GRROVNI in Lumieres dans le Nuit 176 p15 citing their own investigation

February 1954. 1900hrs.
Mechanical engineer A. P. Wheeler was driving through the San Bernadino Mountains, when he saw, in his headlights, an object sitting half on the road, half on an intersection of the bank. It had a dull grey metallic colour and was about 8, in diameter. Wheeler braked about 10m from it and saw that it was like two saucers joined together. He briefly glimpsed something like a hatch on which there were dark markings. The object then began to oscillate, disturbing the gravel underneath. It then went across the road, tipped, then moved away northeast at tremendous speed. The object was observed for thirty seconds. 
  • B Ann Sale in Saga UFO Special 3 p42

February 1954. 2330hrs.
An officer worker was motorcycling home when he saw a huge white light, which did not illuminated the surroundings, come to a stop at 30m altitude, about 200m away. When the man reached the object he saw that it was a domed object on the ground. From the centre of the dome, there emerged a small ladder, though opening could be seen on the dome, and two beings came down it. They seemed to converse with each other then approached the man, who was paralysed with fear, They were about 1.4m tall, their bodies except for their heads were so brilliantly lit they he could not make out much detail. Their heads were elongated, pear shaped with large, almond shaped, glistening eyes; their noses and mouths were very small. They wore tight white suits and their bodies humanoid. One of them approached the witness and asked him, speaking in perfect Italian, to go on TV to give the world a message against nuclear war, and to warn if humanity didn’t do this, they would have to be terminated. They then re-entered their craft, which changed its colour from white-light blue-orange, gave off a hissing sound and took off. The witness was so frightened he stayed at home for two days. Afterwards he went to see the state broadcasting authority but they laughed him away. 
  • Verga 2007 p62 case 5439 citing G Carosi in Il Gioarnale dei Misteri 35 p69 + Stilo 2006 p589
  • Evaluation - Verga notes that only Carosi spoke to the witness; that TV was in its infancy in Italy in 1954, and that the whole thing might have been made up by Carosi a typical occultist ufologist. One should also note how closely the message follows the plot of The Day the Earth Stood Still, and that the description of the entities belongs very much into the 1970s

February 8 1954. Early hours.
John Fante was awoken by a sound like a motor and saw a 30m diameter luminous hazy blue sphere about 300m away. From it came a sort of funnel down which small humanoid figures were walking. This thing, like a 60cm tall conveyer belt went down to the sea and the beings, of which there seemed to be thousands were carrying luminous torches. Then the sphere rose with a roaring sound. At the site John found one of the cylinders, which when broken open was found to contain coffee. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 [203] citing HUMCAT citing press sources
  • Evaluation - Newspaper joke ?

February 18 1954. 1530hrs.
“Cedric Allingham” was walking along the coast when he heard a swishing sound and saw a strange object through binoculars. Three hours later the thing landed only 50m away. It was a glowing metallic, aluminium like object 15m wide, 6m high. A human like being 1.8m tall with a tanned skin and a high forehead emerged. He wore a one piece suite from the neck down, had two tubes into his nose and went barefoot. They communicated by diagram and gesture, indicating that the being came from Mars. Allingham touched and photographed the object, and the entity. The object took off with a slight humming sound. There was said to be a second witness a Mr Duncan. 
  • “Allingham” 1954.
  • Evaluation - Literary hoax by Patrick Moore and Robert Davies
  • In October 1983 Jenny Randles was approached by an anonymous source who claimed to have interviewed this second witness, who claimed that he had seen an object shaped like a bell tent with a flat base and an open door with retractable steps. From this object, which Duncan interpreted as Russian surveillance vessel, came a human figure wearing a one piece wet suit, who spoke to man. When the pilot saw Duncan he jumped back into the craft, which took off before the door was shut, and took off vertically using jets which sent the dust flying. 
  • NUFON News 170 p15)
  • Evaluation - Clearly no credence can be put on an anonymous claim to have interviewed an almost certainly non existent witness

Spring 1954. 0240hrs.
Mr B was walking home along a small path when he heard a sound like a hammer striking an anvil, and a few seconds later, when he gone a further 20-25m, he heard a voice. He first thought the sounds came from a nearby house and carried on his way, down a terrace on some private property. There, after he had only gone a few steps, he encountered no more than 10m away, a brilliantly luminous disc, the upper part of which was more curved, and with a small dome in the centre. The left hand side of the disc was shining like gold. This disc was about 5m in diameter, 1.2m thick and was suspended about 1m above the ground. To the left stood a slim, well-proportioned being, about 1.6km tall, wearing a tight fitting one piece suit, which shone with a white phosphorescent glow, and which covered its head. The being gave B a feeling of harmony and sympathy. As B approached, this being, which had had its back turned to him, turned round and gave a start of surprise. The being’s face was covered by a veil of the same material from the forehead to the chin. The first being then spoke a few words to a second one, which only now came to B’s attention. Though clad in the same kind of suit, this second being was smaller and less well proportioned, with a large head. As this second being turned round it touched something like a pocket torch that it was wearing on its abdomen. As B took a step forward, a beam of white light came from this object, hitting and gradually paralysing him. The beam grew until the funnel was 20cm by 20cm. B now had difficulty in hearing, seeing and breathing. 

The two beings continued to exchange a few words in their incomprehensible but articulate language, and the second one came up to within 60cm of B, who could now estimate its height as between 1.45-1.46m. It then lifted its veil to reveal a “horrible” toothy grin, a high, wide forehead, pointed chin, thin “eagles beak” nose, thin lips, a wispy beard on its right cheek and darkish skin. The eyes were set farther apart than normal and were larger and more globular than a human’s, and consisted of just a white globe with no pupil or iris, and from its left eye their rolled a thick brown tear. This figure then left its veil drop down and gestured to B to follow it, with impatient gesture, but was then calmed down by the larger being, and they walked back to the machine, which they re-entered with some difficulty. B was unable to see exactly how they entered, but heard two metallic sounds, after the second of which he passed out. . When he recovered his senses, the object was at 10m altitude, some 50-70m away, spinning anticlockwise and making a humming sound. On its upper outer periphery the machine had three or four ripples; there was a smaller bulge at half the radius and in the centre top, a second, larger, protuberance. There were two illuminated portholes on at least one of these bulges, through which he had the impression that an unveiled figure was observing him. The object had now lost its luminosity and appeared grey, and he noticed an indefinable smell. The machine then emitted a powerful flash that lit up the countryside and took on a golden hue with an orange halo, and spiralled up to 500-600m in a few seconds, remained stationary for a few seconds, then moved off, horizontally, slowly at first, emitting sparks, which increased as it accelerated. It vanished at high speed, leaving a long trail of sparks. B was very shaken by the experience. Next day he returned to the site and noticed trampled and flattened grass, but was too afraid to investigate. 

  • FSR 21,2 p17 citing J Chasseigne in Lumieres dans le Nuit 126 citing his own investigation
  • Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p69 citing above and a radio interview on Radio CQFD February 1976 which provides place. Larry Hatch on his computer data base gives a date as 1 April. On the radio interview the witness gave the time as 2200hrs.
  • Evaluation - Though the witness remembered all these details after c.20 years, he couldn’t remember the date, suggestive of fantasy or false memory

March 1954. 1700hrs.
Ruben Hellwig was driving from Santa Maria to the rice plantation he ran near Passo des Croves, when he observed a strange object standing 50m from the right hand side of the road. He first ignored it, but was then overcome by a strange feeling of curiosity and drew up. It was an object shaped like a rugby ball, about the size of a Volkswagen. He could see two slim men, about 1,6m tall, one seated in a small cabin in the front of the object, the other outside, picking up quantities of grass and handing them to its colleague. Their faces were uncovered, revealing their brown complexions. Seeing Hellwig watching them, the two exchanged a few words, and the one outside came up to Hellwig, carrying a litre bottle of a reddish liquid. It greeted Hellwig courteously, and though it spoke in an unknown language, Hellwig somehow knew that it wanted ammonia for its machine. He told them that they could get this at the nearby town of San Pedro do Sul, at which the being thanked him and returned to their machine and re-entered it. The craft was then surrounded by a bluish-yellow luminosity, which made it appear spherical. From each side of the object merged tubes 5-7.5 cm long, from which a sort of yellow flame appeared and the craft disappeared at once without a sound.

Early the next morning, having spent the night someway further along the road, Hellwig drove another 4km, where he encountered what appeared to be the same machine on the left hand side of the highway. The occupants were a tall, fair complexioned, man and two women with light brown complexions, large dark slant eyes and long silky black hair. All three were dressed in similar brown, suede one piece suits, with a zip top to bottom. They called over Hellwig and expressed surprise that he was not afraid. They explained that they were scientists seeking information about the earth, praised Brazil, said that they possessed weapons of such destructive power that they fled rather than use them, and showed him one, a devise about 20cm long. They then showed him their craft, which was less than 3m long, with a cabin 90cm long, not much more than 1m high, and appeared to consist of a transparent metallic material. They explained the working of the craft, explained their social and political order and said they came from a star further than the furthest star known on earth. They seemed to have some sort of hypnotic influence on Hellwig. They told him to stand back and when their craft took off he just felt a light, soundless breeze. They said they would return and take him one a trip. 
  • Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966 p33 + FSR 12,6 p27 citing Diario de Noticias 25 August 1965
  • Evaluation - A classic 1950s contactee tale, probable hoax

March 4 1954.
A poacher observed a huge ball crashing onto Roughton Gill. Thinking it was an aircraft in trouble he went to give assistance. He found that it was a circular machine, in which there was an entity he thought was a demon. Military forces picked up the body or bodies. A farmer and his son also came across the scene and were detained by the air force and detained at the Kirkbride Air Force Base for weeks, and on release, told not to talk of the incident. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a p115 citing Sharon Gill and Internet sources
  • Evaluation - Hoax, sources are an anonymous web site, an anonymous phone call and an anonymous letter

March 17 1954.
An aboriginal stockman was riding his horse over a ridge when a spherical object 12m in diameter nearly through him from his horse. The object rose suddenly with a heavy wind, a rumbling sound and trailed four columns of smoke. It was also reported by other aboriginals and a grazier, Mr E Whipple, who reported that the object, travelling very fast, at 0nly 30m altitude, turned at right angles just beyond the roof of his house 
  • Hervey 1969 p98
  • Wilkins 1956 p203, 1967b p211
  • Flying Saucer News (Bristol) 6 p2 citing Melbourne Argus 2 April 1954.
  • Basterfield 1981 p78 citing Sydney Daily Telegraph 2 April 1954.

March 28 1954. Evening.
David, Steven and Lois Bunker, along with David’s fiancée and a friend of Lois’s drove to an isolated area near some power lines and soon after turning off their lights, saw a white glowing ball of light wobbling and gliding down from the sky, about 2.5km away. It apparently went into a clump of trees. The light then approached their vehicle, coning up through a valley and moments later the white globe of light was in front of their car. When they turned on the car lights, the sphere disappeared. Steven saw a tall, well-built, broad-shouldered man standing at the same spot where the globe of light had been seen. The figure was encased in a glowing white light. This was one of a number of anomalous experiences to befall this family and others in the area. 
  • Williamson 1957 p336,339

April 6 1954. 1630hrs.
Mrs Lelah H Stoker of North Sheridan Road had returned to her apartment from the library, when she observed a very brilliant white, parachute like object, with a suspended human form skimming over the water in all directions, level with her window, about 1km away. She called two neighbours, William Baruszak, a vice president of Western United Dairy, and his wife. Mr Baruszak saw a large oval object floating about 100m off shore, which he took to be an experimental balloon and did not take much notice. At 1645 Lelah called the coastguard, but as the searching seaplane neared the area, the object descended and seemed to condense in size, landing among sporadic foliage along the shoreline. From the object a small, but well-proportioned humanoid figure, dressed in a green one-piece suit, with a tight fitting headdress, alighted, walked up and down the frontage behind the low stone wall, and blended in with the grass. After the aircraft left, the object reflated and hovered over the water, and the occupant, who was now suspended in the air, re-entered the craft, which took off at high speed eastwards, without noise. During a tilt, Lelah noticed two parallel bars on the underside of the spherical umbrella. Investigated by Army Intelligence. 
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON UFO Journal 159 p9 citing Blue Book Files
  • Evaluation - Prototype micro-lite glider?

April 10 1954. Night.
Sr. Emelino Martinez was walking back from hunting in the hills outside of the city when there was a sudden movement in the nearby bushes. Martinez stopped and stood motionless, shotgun at the ready, when the thrashing noise happened again. He waited briefly before resuming his walk toward his parked automobile. Next, he heard a blood curling guttural noise. Terrified, he dropped his day's catch and ran for his car. An unintelligible shout behind him indicated that whatever the creature was, it was close to him. He stopped for an instant to glance back toward his pursuer. He then saw two bizarre creatures running after him. They were short, and looked like they were half man-half monkey. They were covered with dark hair. Martinez reached for the car door handle, fumbling in his pockets for the keys. He dropped the keys and picked them up, and was attempting to open the car door when he was then suddenly grabbed from behind. He fell into a ditch besides the road, together with his assailant. He dropped his shotgun as two powerful arms closed over his throat, but he managed to break free and scramble back towards the car. The creature jumped on top of him, screaming, growling, and biting like a mad animal. He could not reach his shotgun, so he grabbed a large rock and repeatedly smashed his attacker on the head. Screams of pain slashed through the dark night. Martinez saw his attacker move backward, blood spurting from his head wounds. He then dashed to his car. He snapped the door locked as the two creatures lunged against the car, pounding their hairy fists against the windows in frustrated rage. He managed to start the car and drove away at high speed directly to the police station. The next day, Martinez and some friends returned to the site and recovered his shotgun; they also found some blood-stained leaves. They questioned locals and were told that strange disc-shaped objects had been seen in the area and that some cattle, sheep, pigs, dogs, and two young farmhands had disappeared on the mountain. The farmers reportedly had also seen black, bristly haired dwarfs that hid in caves, and kidnapped both livestock and humans. Martinez never returned to the area to hunt again. 
  • Source UFOCat 1954.
  • Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1954, case 2992, citing Smith 1975 retype
  • Evaluation - Unreliable source and probable a fiction based on the other little man stories

April 22 1954. 1400hrs.
American military personnel saw a grey cigar shaped object coming to the ground. Smoke was seen to rise from where it landed, but a search yielded no results 
  • Vallee Case 128 citing Blue Book Files

April 22 or 23 1954. 2330hrs.
A ball of light 3m in diameter chased some men on foot and in their car. When a spotlight was directed at it, it moved away. It circled a house, stopping several times, dived at a man working in the yard . There were six witnesses altogether (Les Reatherford, Fred and Harley Skeets, John Vaughn and Tom and Dayton Henderson), all employees of Reynolds Metal Co and the observation lasted 20 minutes 
  • UFOcat 954 citing APRO Bulletin September 1954.+ NICAP files + Lumieres dans le Nuit 339 + unspecified newsclipping 24 April 1954.
  • Haines 1999 p277 citing Associated Press 23 April 1954.
  • Type 1 status uncertain as is date, location and time. UFOcat splits this into two entries though they obviously refer to the same case

April 24 1954. 1500hrs.
Roger Mougeolle (37) and a 19 year old assistant were logging on a hillside known as La Grande Cheminee when they heard a loud noise like a train going over a bridge and looking up saw three large elliptical or cigar shaped objects going overhead. Two of these continued on their way but the third descended to just centimetres above the ground. The thing was at least 200m long and 80-100m wide and high and the only marks on it were small black and white spots, otherwise the surface was uniformly grey and metallic. The assistant ran off in terror but Roger, thinking it was an airship, approached and touched it, the surface felt cold and metallic. At this point he hit at it with his axe, it connected with a metallic sound and Roger was thrown back 5 or 6 metres and paralysed. The thing then took off at which the paralysis ended 
  • Patrick Gross 1954. catalogue citing letter from witness in an unspecified issue of Nostra magazine 1975 + Joel Mesnard in Lumieres dans le Nuit 275/6 p27
  • Bord 1989 p60 citing Mesnard in FSR 32,5 p16 (trans of Lumieres dans le Nuit article)

April 26 1954. (or following day)
A number of people reported seeing a blue-green hemispherical object slowly descend into the sea, emitting a loud noise and brilliant light. 
  • Evening Standard 27 April 1954.

April 28 1954. 0630hrs.
Engine driver Ted Smith (26) and Fireman Colin Beacon (23) were travelling in the cabin of a goods train nearing Geelong, when they saw a dark purple object diving and banking in the eastern sky, some 6km away. It would seem to hover for about 90 seconds and then dive down on the train, approaching within 100m. It seemed huge, much larger than the angular diameter of the sun, which it obscured at times; they estimated it to be 400-450m across. 
  • Chalker 1996 p78
  • Wilkins 1956 p122 citing an undated issue of Melbourne Argus
  • Hervey 1969 p73
  • Evaluation - Some kind of mirage?

May 5 1954. 1600hrs.
A young boy was sitting on a hill with his goat near here when he heard a whistling sound that came from a nearby hollow. When he investigated he saw one dome shaped object leaving in the direction of the nearby river and another on the ground. It was metallic with a sort of ring round the bottom with a transparent upper section, surmounted by a brown cone. Inside this object he could see beings with large heads and large, wide apart eyes, round holes for mouths and antennae on their heads. They wore metallic blue outfits. One seemed to be working controls and the other looking out at the boy. When the thing took off, he was struck by a wave of heat. Traces were found at the site. 
  • Rosales citing Ballester and Fernandez 1987
  • Evaluation - The influence of popular cartoons seems to be at work here

May 1954. (Approx. date) Midday.
Donald and Rosalind John and their five year old daughter had just sat down for their midday meal in their one storey cottage in the outskirts of Norco, when they became aware of a metallic droning sound that increased in volume. Donald was crippled with arthritis, so Rosalind and her daughter went out to investigate. They saw, coming through the haze, an object moving slowly (c 8kph) over their heads. It positioned itself above a tree about 4.5m from the cottage. The metallic drone toned down to a faint hum. The object was 6m long, 3m wide and resembled an aluminium coloured rowing boat. The only visible feature was a transparent dome on top, in which they could see five men sat in a semi-circular position, facing them. These men wore “neutral coloured” suits and helmets and had dull olive skins, dark eyes and hair, and rather long faces. The men then leaned forward and looked at them; one in particular seemed to gaze right through them and gave Rosalind an impression of a “cold scientific mind”. After about a minute they leaned back in their seats, the droning noise increased and the object moved off north east into the haze at 55kph. Donald heard the sounds as the others described them. Rosalind got the impression that the object “earthly” and “old”. 
  • Rosalind John in Flying Saucers November 1961 p8
  • Donald B Hanlon in FSR 14,3 p15 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation - Rosalind John’s article “Saucer over our Carob Tree” includes references to tales of Lemurians in Mt Shasta and the Shaver mystery, which if written by her and not ghost written by Palmer himself suggest some knowledge of an involvement in the UFO mythology of the period. Perhaps a distorted memory of a helicopter.

May 1954.
At the Mt Hope Station near Boonie three youths were pursued by a 1.8m tall hairy creature with a tail and something like an apron around its waist. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p224 case 74 citing Melbourne Herald 7 Jun 1954.
  • Evaluation - Possibly a wallaby.

May 1 1954.
Mr J Fuller was driving near Logan when he saw startled by a dazzling hemisphere emerging from the ground to his left ahead. Eight seconds later as he drew abreast of the thing, there area was shaken by an explosion, which almost knocked his vehicle over. Doors and windows were shaken over a wide area 
  • Wilkins 1956 p223

May 5 1954.
A farmer working the fields went over a rise and saw a silvery disc shaped object, standing on legs. As he looked the legs retracted and the thing took off with a loud whistle, rose to 30m, hovered, rocking slightly and the tilted and shot off to the east. 
  • Randle 1989a p179

May 11 1954.
A man observed a disc shaped object hovering 3m above the ground. Below it, in its shadow stood a humanoid figure 1.2m tall. When the figure saw the witness it disappeared in a flash of light and the object shot off to the west. 
  • Randle 1989a p179
  • Evaluation - Both the above cases lack contemporaneous documentation

May 14 1954. 2230hrs.
Commander Horatio Penrose was driving along the Derby-Buxton road near here, when a bright light approached and the car crashed/ He felt the car being lifted through the air with a light above him. The car landed on some iron railings and he was lifted from it by a man in a one piece suit, who lifted him through an entrance on the underside of a large round object, giving off a bright light, and was taken into a room with control panels, where there were both men and women, with short hair, wearing one piece suits. He was questioned about his work and then given an injection of green fluid after which he lost consciousness, recovering it hospital. 
  • Margaret and Geoffrey Westwood in FSR 23,4 p23 citing their own investigation
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a p119 citing above and their own investigation
  • Nagaites and Mantle 1994 p119
  • Evaluation - A complex and convoluted tale told more than 20 years after the accident, and reflecting later ufolore. False memory is likely.

May 18 1954. 1900hrs.
Two people observed the landing of a lens shaped object the size of a house, which came to the ground near the railroad tracks, kicking up a small sandstorm in the desert. One witness decided to approach it, then ran away in affair. 
  • Vallee Case 129 citing Otto Binder 1967.

May 20 1954. 0200hrs.
Nigel Frapple (18) was cycling home from a dance in Wincanton, when 5km from Bruton and the Redlynch crossroads his attention was caught by a terrific light in a field and an eerie throbbing sound. Dismounting, he observed, from the cover of a hedge, a circular object 15m in diameter, with a brilliant fiery light coming from three portholes on a central cockpit, and having a metallic surface. It was hovering at no more than 6m altitude 25-30m away. Through these windows, Nigel could observe something moving about. At one end was a sort of luminous sphere, which seemed to be suspended in the air. The object now only emitted a faint swishing sound. After about a minute it accelerated away to the north. The next day the grass in the field was flattened over a wide area and there was some scorching. Other witnesses saw the thing in the air. He was visited by two mysterious men, one of whom had unsettling staring eyes. 
  • Charles Bowen in Bowen 1966 p3 citing Sunday Dispatch 13 June 1954.
  • Jack Ibson in Flying Saucer News (Bristol) 6 p9 citing investigation by Capt E L Plunkett and a Mr Watts (unpublished)
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a p124 + 2016 p305 citing above and their own investigation
  • Evaluation - Frapple’s account to Hanson and Holloway differed slightly, giving the thing a 12m altitude and a distance away of 60m. This account introduced the movement in the cockpit. One of the other witnesses described a luminous sphere in the sky, the other a description taken from Adamski’s fake photographs

May 24 1954. 2350hrs.
15km out of here, on Highway 3 Messes Atencio and Gracia saw a luminous disc shaped object hovering just 1m above the ground. Inside it two human like shadows could be seen moving around. The observation lasted about a minute. 
  • UFOCat 1954. citing Roberto Banchs in Phénomènes Spatiaux September 1976 p35 + UNICAT 542 citing Banchs 1980 p12

May 30 1954. 2025hrs.
Radio announcer Christopher Muir, radio station employee David Reese (18) and four other people, stood talking at the gate saw a glowing oval object, the size of a tram, descend rapidly on a curving trajectory to about 20m, and then curve upwards emitting cloud of orange-yellow smoke from the rear. It seemed to disappear in mid-flight. Reese and two other witnesses saw shadowy figures like busts in the transparent object. Observed for about 5 seconds. 
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976 + Basterfield 1980 p12 case 13 +Basterfield 1997 citing Melbourne Argos + Melbourne Sun 31 May 1954.
  • Holledge 1965 p53
  • Chalker 1996 79
  • Wilkins 1956 p206
  • Wilkins 1967a p47
  • Round Robin X,2 p23 (gives date as June 6th)
  • Watts 2017 p6
  • Evaluation - Bright meteor/bolide

May 31 1954. 1530hrs.
Two people observed a dark object which appeared to come from ground level and which then travelled straight upwards at terrific speed leaving a white vapour trail. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p79 + 1997 p141 citing TUFOIC files + Hobart Mercury 31 May 1954.

June 1954. (Approx date) 1000hrs.
A farmer living 800m south of Harptree was pumping water in his yard when he heard a droning sound. A circular object was moving between the house and shed at an altitude of 6m and a speed of 130kph on a north south course. The machine looked as if it were made of translucent metal or plastic, had a diameter of 17m and through a window two figures, wearing luminous suits with darker helmets, were seen. Between the figures was something resembling a “stick shift like today’s cars”. The craft appeared to such up the ground “just like a big whirlwind or big vacuum had passed”. 
  • Data Net V, 7 p13 + Saucers Space and Science 62 p12 + Musgrave 1979 p42 case 15 all citing an investigation by Dean Clausen)

June 1954. 1600hrs.
A middle aged lady, Mrs Humphries, walked out of the back door of her isolated cottage to be confronted by a discoid object, 15m in diameter hovering 1-1.5m above the ground about 100m away. It left with an undulating movement at terrific speed. She had had a premonition that “something unusual was going to happen” all day. 
  • Wilfred Daniels in FSR 1,3 p16

June 1954. 1430hrs.
A professional man, who did not want his name to be used, was driving along a country road when he stopped for a break. His dog began to yelp and bark. After 10-15 seconds he heard an annoying loud hiss that grew to an unbearable level. The man got out and saw, at about 200m altitude, a strange object descending vertically and rapidly into an open space between two thickets. Curled up in the bushes, he saw the object land on a tripod landing gear 20m away. He saw that it was a squat object, 10m long, 7m wide, 3m high, and grey in colour. It was ovoid with a transparent front and a squat tail on which there were some openings, with two smaller openings on the underside, near the landing gear. In the centre of the top was an azure coloured prominence. After two or three minutes two beings emerged from the underside and opened three hatches on the side, from which they took metallic boxes that they placed on the ground. These beings were almost 2m tall and walked stiffly, as if they had not walked for some time. They were dressed in azure overalls and helmets, and their faces were covered by dark glasses. After a further two or three minutes the beings stood up and returned the boxes to the object,. One of these being set out to the maize field, where it walked around, examined some plants and picked up others, which it took back to the object, where it showed them to its companion, then placed them in a glassy container. They walked around the object and re-entered it through the underside. The hiss returned as the object rose rapidly to 300m, then moved off to the north, disappearing in a short while. The witness detected an odour like ozone at the site. At the maize field he found some plants cut out from the ground, six of them in a transverse cut. There were also impressions like those of a helicopter. 
  • Maurizio Verga citing Il Giornale dei Misteri 42 citing investigation by the group GORU
  • Verga 2007 p63 case 5401 citing above + Boncampagni 1974 p45 + Sider 1997 p319 + Stilo 2006 p591
  • Evaluation - Another case reported years after the event, which Verga thinks might be a hoax, though a researcher Paolo Fiorno who corresponded with the witness believed he was telling the truth.

June 1954. Evening.
A group of teenagers with an older woman were out camping when three boys who had gone exploring heard strange footsteps with the result that they returned to camp, got some guns and ammunition and went back into the forest. There they encountered a strange thin 2.1m tall man who seemed to float above the ground. One of the men Volodya Tkachenko, shot at the figure, which then flew at speed towards the men and then the camp before disappearing into the night. The boys tried to fire again but their weapons would not work. They were too nervous to eat that night and left the next day. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p232 citing Mikhail Gershtein citing letter from one of witnesses N D Grachev to USSR Academy of Sciences 27 May 1980

Early June 1954. 0100hrs.
Mrs De Hart had just put out the kitchen lights to go to bed, when the room was illuminated by a pink light coming in through the window. Looking out she observed a metallic, hat shaped object, with three oval openings around the brim, each emitting a bright light, green on the outside, pink on most of the area. There were shadowy lines, like seams, on the surface of the object, which moved southwards at 80kph with an undulating motion. The lights brightened as the object rose up and dimmed as it moved down. It was at about 30m altitude and 120m away when first seen. As the object peaked it seemed to emit a chiming sound. The witness was able to stare at the light with being bothered by the glare. 
  • Magor 1977 p98 citing his own investigation

June 5 1964 0200hrs.
Orchestra leader Harry Nixon was enjoying the night air before retiring when he saw a deep circular object about 10m diameter come up from the beach and over the hotel no more than 20m away. It had dull glowing top and a white metallic looking base, which appeared to have rivets in them. It was also seen by service waiter David Elliot. 
  • Letter from witness in Shuttlewood 1976 p87

June 51954. 1820hrs.
Janette Brown (16) and her friend Jeanette Johnston (13) heard a loud noise, like a motor cycle, and saw a large dark object, which “burst into light”, hovering 20m away, at the height of a factory gate. It was cylindrical, 10m long and 5m high, with a canopy on top and at each end. It emitted a silvery grey-blue light. It flew away and was lost to sight behind some trees. Miss Brown’s watch stopped at 1823, the battery of her torch drained and her handbag and belt clasps were magnised, as was an iron fence over which the object hovered. It had seemed to come towards her when she shone her torch, which later felt charged with electricity. When the thing was lose Janette had a “ghostly “ feeling. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p141 citing Melbourne Argus 9, 16 + 26 June 1954. + Melbourne Herald 31 July 1954. + Holledge 1965
  • Hervey 1969 p74
  • Wilkins 1956 p207, 1967b p216
  • Chalker 1996 p79 citing Argus 26 June 1954. op. cit.
  • Watts 2017 p7
  • Evaluation - A geologist reported that the iron fence was actually no more magnetized than control samples.

June 10 1954.
In a field outside town witnesses saw a 2m tall humanoid dressed in a metallic looking suit. The thing had a square face and strong jaw.

  • Rosales 1950/54 p233 citing GEPUC

June 15 1954.
A yellow light, accompanied by two smaller blue ones, one on each side, appeared to rise from the ground with a rushing sound and moved away in a slow curve towards London. 
  • Flying Saucer News (Bristol) 6 p10 citing Kent and Sussex Courier 18 June 1954.

June 21 1954. 0100hrs.
Mr and Mrs Guy Baker saw, from their house, a hovering disc about14m in diameter, with a dome and several rotating lights. The couple got into their car and followed it down a back road. During the chase the object crossed in front of their car and landed in a field behind a wooded area. They stopped the car when they saw the object land and watched lights moving about in the fields. Guy wanted to investigate but his wife was afraid. When they tried to restart the car, it would not respond until Guy got out and pushed. When the disc left the ground, the car re-started again. They found a large brown circular spot in the field where the car had been resting. 
  • Vallee Case 132 citing Saucers, Space and Science September 1962
  • Lorenzen 1969 p57
  • Hall 1964 p73 citing NICAP files
  • Maney and Hall 1961 p190
  • Colombo 1991 p64 citing Mrs Baker in “Michael” 1957

June 25 1954. 2325hrs.
4km from Stafford the Rev Cedric Wright was looking through his bedroom window when he observed an illuminated domed, “crab like” object, with a halo above it, and projections, hovering at 25m altitude no more than 400m away. The object was golden in colour and about 8m in diameter. Cedric was joined by his wife and 22 year old son, and all three watched the object moving backwards and forwards in sweeps of about 1km for two hours, until they finally went to bed. 
  • Gibbons 1956 p55
  • Flying Saucer News (Bristol) 6 p8 citing an undated edition of the Sunday Dispatch
  • Evaluation - Probably astronomical object in haze

Summer 1954. (Approx. date) 
Lynn (8) was playing ball with a friend when she glanced upwards to see a silver wingless aircraft, with neither tail plane nor markings. Along its side was a row of windows, looking out from which were two humanoid figures; one was a woman, the other a man of about 19-20 with light coloured hair. The woman smiled at her. The object was stationary at rooftop height. The young boy she was playing with also saw this. She glanced away and when she glanced back the object at figures had vanished. 
  • NUFON News 50 p5 citing Derek James and Phil Barnett

Summer 1954.
At an undisclosed location in the Mid West a physicist was driving home when his path was blocked by a large brilliant sphere, radiating heat, forcing him to stop. From it emerged a giant humanoid radiating heat. The being said it was Moroni and that it new scientists were causing disasters. 
  • Wilkins 1956 p209
  • Evaluation - Just another rumour. 'Moroni' comes from Mormon lore

Summer 1954. Early hours.
Mr and Mrs D L were sleeping, when Mrs L awakened and noticed, through her glass patio door, something moving under the street lamp. She woke her husband and they both rushed out to investigate. From directly under the light, they saw a grey cigar shaped object 90-105cm long, 38cm wide at the centre and tapered at both edges, circling 1m below the top of the lamp. The object circled the lamp again and then moved down the street and vanished. 
  • APRO Bulletin September 1964 p5 citing Lorenzens’ own investigation
  • Evaluation - Could this dark object be the magnified shadow of a moth, dust particle or some such?

Summer 1954. 0900hrs.
Mario p(14) was walking, with his kitten, in the fields near his house, when he saw a 1.8m tall disc leaning against a tree. At the base of a flight of steps were three “Germanic” men, 1.85m tall, with blond hair and square faces. They wore long coats and military style trousers and boots. As Mario approached, he felt paralysed, but felt released when the beings stopped looking at him. He then saw 60-70m diameter disc hovering above him, with 70 or 80 (!) smaller discs were flying around it. He also saw two old biplanes, but could work out if they were connected to, or even aware of, the scene. Three or four beings descended from the sky (from the large disc?) on things like scooters. One of these beings seemed to be in charged and glared at Mario, but. Nevertheless, allowed him to ride one of the scooters into the disc, which opened to receive him, then closed.
The interior of the machine was almost bare, except for a 2m wide transparent in which there were many flashing lights. Around the perimeter of the room was some sort of “mobile construction” that made a loud noise. About 20 beings were working at desks. Mario’s recollection then became hazy but he remembered descending in the “scooter” and seeing the disc titled and leave at high speed. He then heard the bells of a nearby church ring for noon. He had been away for three hours. 
  • Verga 2007 p64 case 5460 citing an (anonymous?) letter/article in UFO Notiziario 25 p18
  • Evaluation - Allegedly recalled in bits about 50 years after the event. Verga suggests this might have been a dream, but is there even any evidence at the witness actually existed. It should also be noted that this story appears to tap into the “Nazi UFO mythology”

Summer 1954. Daytime.
Maureen Garner was walking from her lounge to her kitchen when she suddenly encountered a very tall man dressed in a metallic blue, seamless “siren suit” and translucent helmet. It had a very high forehead, a slit like mouth, large eyes, prominent cheek bones, but seemed to lack a lower jaw bone and the lower part of his face was pointed and appeared curiously immobile. Maureen felt compelled to look at the being’s eyes. After a time it just disappeared. Despite the figure’s strange and sudden appearance, the normally nervous witness felt neither fear nor surprise. 
  • Norman Oliver in COSMOS 1,7 p5 citing his own investigation
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a p131 citing above
  • Evaluation - Dream, false awakening or REM intrusion. Influence of Adamski story is evident, though some modifications may have taken place in the fifteen years between the experience and the report

Summer 1954. 1200hrs.
A couple from Battersea, London, despite both waking feeling deeply depressed, due to overwork, decided to go and visit the Dorking area. They spent the morning in the graveyard at Wooton and then walked up a hillside and sat on a bench. There was then a sudden silence and they could not even hear the birds. The woman became cold and developed a sense of fearful foreboding; she somehow seemed to see, through the back of her head, three men dressed in black “clerical” garb. The central figure seemed to be friendly, but the other two deeply hostile. When she tried to turn round the found herself paralysed. The husband said she felt as cold as a corpse. They then got up and descended the hill and finding some grass lay down and fell asleep. Their next memory was arriving at Dorking and taking the train home. Two years later the lady returned to the scene but found the topography was quite different. The next week her husband also visited the site and a local confirmed there was no such landscape in that area. 
  • Mackenzie 1987 p247 + Mary Rose Barrington in Fate October 1985 p88 both citing investigation by Mary Rose Barrington and John Stiles
  • Manfred Cassier in UFO Brigantia 34 p15
  • Evaluation - Despite the claim that there was no landscape that met that description, a second expedition in June 1984 found there was a route that rather matched the description. The woman in the case was taken there later and denied the connection, but by that time 30 years had passed. The story was first taken down in 1973 and real investigations started in 1980

Summer 1954. 1245hrs.
Marie-Louise M (57) was out walking for her health on this fine sunny day on a dirt track less that 500m from her house, in sight of the Mazeau-Croze crossroads, when, on the boundary of a meadow and an avenue of trees, she saw a strange object. It resembled a flatted disc, giving off a brilliant, predominantly red, light, with orange and yellow stripes. The object, which was 50m away and the size of a large car, was on a sort of tripod that lifted 1-1.5m above the ground, close to the lower branches. She then saw two grey beings, about 1m tall, l with large heads, apparently collecting something in the meadow. The beings were then seen under the object, which then rose slowly and silently with a trembling motion to tree top height, whereupon it sped away. 
  • Patrick Gross URECAT citing investigation by Giles Mange published in 1980
  • Guy Magne in Lumieres dans le Nuit 196 p26 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation - It is not at all clear when Mange spoke to the witness (a relative?) who died in 1977, it would be interesting to know if this was before or after the Valensole incident.

Summer 1954. Night.
A 13 year old boy out camping in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park with his family and a friend was awoken by coyotes acting up. He then seemed to get messages in his head and got up and started waving his torch. Then a bright light appeared and closed in on the campsite. As it got closer, he saw that it was a grey metallic looking thing with a projection at its front. Through a large window, he saw three human looking figures looking down on him. The thing then emitted a high pitched whine and an opening appeared on its underside from which became a brilliant light that lit up the camp site. The witness felt paralysed and confused. The object then took off in a flash of light. 

  • Rosales 1950/54 p229 citing Barker 1982

Summer 1954. Late night.
A young girl was awakened by a bright light shining in through her bedroom window. Looking through the window she saw a triangle composed of white lights, point towards her. The lights then just went out. For the following few days she had a fever. 
  • Swords 2005 p80 citing John Timmerman

Summer 1954. Late night.
Gayle Rayburn, his twin brother Dave and three other family members were driving along the Alcan Highway when they were passed by two silvery-metallic looking vehicles that appeared just to have one wheel (front and back?). On each sat human figures wearing metallic helmets. These vehicles had a single bright light at their front and travelled in complete silence.

  • Rosales 1950/54 p230 citing his own phone interview

Summer 1954. 2300hrs.
A worker was bicycling home when, suddenly, a circle of light descended from the sky and landed in a field near the road. From it emerged came two human like beings wearing helmets with antennae. The witness tried to accelerate away, but he had a feeling he was pedalling in a vacuum. A peasant in the area also claimed to have seen some strange individual in the countryside. 
  • Jean-Luc Rivera in MUFON UFO Journal 130 p16 citing Jan D’Agure Lumieres dans le Nuit 130 p15 citing J. G Dohmen
  • Dohmen 1972
  • Evaluation - Known only apparently second and third hand, possibly based on an investigation before 1972. Dohmen appears to have been a supporter of George Adamski

Summer 1954. 2230hrs.
A group of children and young people at a juvenile holiday camp at Chateau de Flassy were camped on the “Montange des Alouettes” when a group of about a dozen of these children saw an orange glow a few hundred metres away. They thought it was another group of child campers and set out to raid them . When they got closer they saw in was something like two saucers stuck together rim to rim, about 3-5m wide and 2-2.5m high. The thing was surmounted by a truncated cone from which the orange light came, illuminating the surroundings like a street light, and between the main disc and the cone was a row of rotating lights . Associated with this object were a group of entities 1.2-1,4m tall. Though no facial features were visible the creatures had snouts like monkeys and were dressed in dark one piece suits and had webbed feet or footwear. Two of these beings were on the ground and the third on the top of the object. When one of the boys cried out the two beings on the ground seemed to rise in a curved trajectory and entered the object head first. The thing then rotated on its axis, tilted at 45 degrees and took off at terrific speed. 
  • J and E Hocquet in Lumieres dans le Nuit 200 p29
  • Evaluation - This alleged multi- witness case is actually based on the testimony of one man in 1980, who would have been 8 years old at the time. No attempt to get contemporaneous documentation appears to have been attempted.

July 1954.
A 2.1m tall hairy biped was seen walking near woods in a rural area near Latrobe. Corn was flattened and strange footprints were found. 
  • Gordon 2010 p23

July 1954. 0500hrs.
Attracted by a puzzling humming sound, which he had heard around this time for several weeks, wood cutter Harold Carpenter went to wooded Sunny Calvert, where looking down a steep slope to his left he saw an unusual object resembling a stemless mushroom. It was 5-6m in diameter grey-white in colour and hovering 2.5-3m above the ground. Underneath the object was a group up to five beings 1.2-1.5m tall wearing flexible grey one piece suits that covered their heads, and carrying jars with handles in one hand and something resembling tweezers in the other. They were using these to put samples in the jars. Their faces were visible and seemed human but expressionless, except for snout like noses. They also seemed to lack thumbs. For a time he wondered if they were children playing a prank but then realised none would be about at that time. 

Harold got within 3m of the craft, at which one of the beings looked up and stared at him with the same expressionless look. All the beings stopped what they were doing and retreated to the craft, which was now down to 60cm. The creatures entered the machine through its rim and a sort of gate, as it began to rise slowly, until it cleared the trees, at which it began to increase speed, travelling east, until it emitted a flash of light and disappeared at incredible speed. He heard the hum again at that point for the last time. He never told his wife and children about the incident but returned the next day to look for traces but found none. 

  • Chris Rolfe in UFO Magazine August 2002 p56 citing investigation by himself and Jerry Anderson
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a p130
  • Evaluation - Not reported until 2002

July 1954.
An 11 year old girl, on holiday, was picking mushrooms in the forest, with her friends. She went off by herself and walking by a cliff she saw an oval luminosity at ground level. As she approached the thing, a figure approached her from an opening in the object, and she found herself drawn towards it, eventually climbing up some steps and through the door. Inside were four other generally beings, generally human in appearance save for things like humps on their backs and their faces : their eyes were small; they lacked noses and had only slits for mouths. They seemed surrounded by mist and were wearing close fitting clothing. They told her to lie down and she fell asleep. When she woke up, she was sitting by the cliffs, surrounded by worried friends, as she had been missing for 7 hours. 
  • Spencer 1991 p83 : :Spencer and Evans 1988p65
  • Evaluation - Only “remembered” in 1986 when such things were in the news

July 1954.
While sitting reading poetry in a wood, John Neary saw a tiny humanoid being of “indescribable beauty and lace like delicacy” among the bluebells. 
  • Johnson 2014 p18

July 2 1954. Afternoon.
Miner Enzio Lasarza (25) encountered a landed object, 7.5m diameter, with six legs, three sets of projections with claw like endings, and automatic, “ear like” spurs on top. From it emerged three beings 3.9m tall, with strange burning eyes that made him faint. The object broadcast radio messages. Both the provincial police and the air force investigated and considered the case a hoax. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p42 case 24 citing Sudbury Daily Star 6 July 1954. + Blue Book Case 3084 + Keyhoe 1955 p184
  • Flying Saucers News (Bristol) 6 p8 citing Vancouver Province 7 July 1954
  • Keel p136 citing Interplanetary News Service 7 July 1954.

July 1954. Night.
A police officer out patrolling near the Miami River on the outskirts of town saw four dwarfs about 90cm tall, with inhuman features huddled in a group. They made some gestures. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p236 citing Orbit Vol II

July 3 1954. 2355hrs.
David Bunker (qv) and his fiancée were out driving when they saw a white light descend out of the sky into some bushes by the side of the road, and then turn green. David turned out the car lights and shortly afterwards they saw a solid luminous red sphere come from the left and land about 6m in front of their car. When he turned the lights on again, in place of the sphere was a man about 1.8m tall wearing a tight white shirt and vest. The stranger gave the impression of looking right through the car, and when David started his car engine, this figure just vanished. The green light was still flickering in the bushes. 

  • Williamson 1957 p339

July 5 1954. 0100hrs.
A man out driving saw a light ahead that he feared was a fire but then saw was a luminous being walking towards him. The thing had a metallic looking sheen that reminded the witness of chrome plating, its body was white and its head was red. The driver had to swerve as he came about 1...2m from the thing, which he now saw as being 2.4-2.7m tall and having no face. The thing walked in a stiff, robotic fashion and at its closest the car radio became filled with static and the red light lit up the car’s interior. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p242 citing investigation by Stan Fouch

July 5 1954. 1740hrs.
G V Burnett, chief draughtsman at the Lake George Mines and union official T Kerr were returning to Captain’s Flat from a council meeting in Queanbeyan along a deserted stretch of road when they saw a cigar shaped object, the size of a car, emitting a green trail descend from 150m to low over the road ahead and then went ahead of them, below the line of hills 3km away. It then just seemed to disappear. 
  • Holledge 1965 p62

July 14 1954. 0750hrs.
About 10 workers in the driveway and parking lot of the McDonnell Aircraft Corporation saw an irregular rectangular object 45cm x 45cm x 20cm approach from the east at 10m and descend to ground level. One observer walked to within 1.2m of the object, which rose to 1.2m, did a right handed turn, advanced about 25m to a 2.5m high cyclone fence, which it rose over to disappear in the overcast. The object appeared to be opaque and the consistency of cotton candy or sprung glass. The observation lasted 3-5 minutes. There was a light southeast wind about 4-5kph. 
  • Hynek 1977 p150 citing Blue Book Files
  • Evaluation - The USAF concluded this was debris blowing in the wind, which Hynek disputed, but seems reasonable to me.

July 17 1954.
A textile merchant and his wife were driving along in their van at about 100kph when a bluish light appeared in front of their windshield, which then shattered, forcing them to stop. A whitish mist then filled the van. The lady felt an inexplicable heat envelope her chest and a pressure pushed her blouse to the skin. After this the white blouse turned straw yellow. 
  • C W Fitch in APRO Bulletin July 1963 p5
  • Wilkins 1956 p225

July 19 1954. 0830hrs.
Clementina Francescon was doing the housework in her farmhouse when, through the window, she saw an orange sphere, surrounded by a blue-white halo flying in a zig-zag from west to east. It seemed to approach the house and then retreat a number of times, while maintaining its flight path. It appeared to be a bell shaped object 4m in diameter and travelling at about 300m altitude. She called her 14 year old brother, who also saw the object. The halo seemed to be composed of a number of tiny orange flames. Its light was so intense that it illuminated the room, despite it being already broad daylight. As it passed the cattle in the farm stable and the dog seemed agitated. The object descended behind some fir trees near the farm. The observation lasted about 10 minutes.
A few days later their father Luigi, a mason, discovered a 4m wide circle of stirred up and blackened ground in a field 850m from the house. It looked as though the damage was done by an object spinning anti-clockwise. A cow was said to have produced acid milk for some days afterwards. 
  • Verga 2007 p66 case 5450 citing Il Giornale dei Misteri 56 p4 + TVR Notizie 27 January + 24 March 1979 + Stilo 2006 p593
  • Evaluation - Verga suspects it might be an invention by the teenage ufologists who first wrote about it, and subsequent investigators found that alleged other witnesses denied all knowledge of the affair. The story looks rather like an exaggerated account of a bright bolide.

July 20 1954.
Near Oslo two men were chased by an object and stopped their car to observe it. After the sighting a watch stopped and the pain on their car appeared to change colour. 
  • Vallee Case 134 citing an undated issue of Verdens Gang

July 27 1954. 2300hrs.
Mrs M De Ngeri (4( was on her terrace when she saw a sky-blue light which approached until it was the apparent size of the full moon. It hovered at 400m altitude, just over Mount Maggio. She went to get her 18 year old son and when they returned the object had moved to above the house, coming down to the level of a nearby walnut tree. It now appeared to be a dark shape bordered by two concentric circles, one smaller than the other. From these were emitted large circles of blue-white light. The lady screamed and Mr and Mrs Pittaluga and their 19 year old daughter, her neighbours came out and also witnessed the sight. the object now increased in brilliance and rose to its original height, then moved slowly and horizontelly towards the village of Saviglione. It was seen by two other people in Casella Mr S Brassesco and his sister Mrs L Passadori, and by others in Saviglione/ It eventually left towards Genoa. 
  • Verga 2007 p66 case 5402 citing Corriere della Liguria 5 August 1954. + Il Giornale dei Misteri 57 p4 + Boncampagni 1980 p80 + Stilo 2006 p52

July 28 1954.
TV reception was interrupted as a sparkling green light appeared to land in an orchard.
  • Hall 1964 p74 citing CRIFO Orbit 7 September 1956

August 1954. (Approx date) 2015hrs.
In the Atlantic 130km before New York, members of the crew of the Dutch Government ship Groote Beer observed a flat moonlike object rise out of the ocean. Captain Jan Boshoff observed it through binoculars. It was grey but turned brighter on the lower part. It also had bright spots resembling lights around its edges. Third Office Cornelius Kooey measured the object at 60 degrees to the south-west. Its speed was 32 minutes of arc in 90 seconds of time. 
  • Sanderson 1970 p37 citing Fate March 1955

August 1954. (Approx date) 1600hrs.
Lidio Orlandn was walking his dog and hunting rabbits about 800m north of Highway 3, about mid way between Coleman and Blairmore. He was sat on a high ledge when he saw, about 400m away, a dark creature walking or walking towards him at an extraordinary rate. Lidio first thought that it was another person but then realised no human could keep that pace. As the thing passed under an overhanging tree, Lidio was able to estimate that it was about 3.5 tall. 
  • Steenburg 2000 p197 citing letter from witness

August 1954. Morning.
Mrs Carrier, who was on holiday with her family, and was returning from shopping in the village, when she saw something like a black balloon land and from it emerge a dwarf with a “dreadful black face”. Another being stayed in the craft, and the one who got out returned shortly afterwards. The object then took off silently, leaving an intensely white trail. Two cows in a nearby field fell to the ground, their necks twisted . Mrs Carriere along with the farm and his wife was paralysed. 
  • Gross citing Garreau and Lavier 1975 p205 citing a letter from Mrs C in 1975
  • Evaluation - Known only from a letter sent to ufologists 21 years after the alleged event.

August 1954.
A man saw a luminous sphere with little beings around it in a field of cut corn, and ran away. 

  • Alain Gamard citing Lumieres dans le Nuit files

August 1954. 0345hrs.
An RAF Flight Lieutenant at the RAF Base at Chicksands Abbey woke up and put on the light intending to read. When he did so, he saw the figure of a red faced woman wearing a dark dress and lace collar, holding something like a pad, standing at the side of his bed. He closed his eyes, and when he reopened them, he saw that the room was illuminated by a strange light and that the figure was now at the foot of his bed. Despite this he went back to sleep again. 
  • Broughall and Adams 2010 p27
  • Evaluation - Hypnopompic hallucination

August 1954. Day.
Messes Prestland and Malone were sat smoking when Prestland saw a head peer round a tree, and drew Malone’s attention to it, but the thing disappeared before Malone turned round. Some moments later both men saw a humanoid being about 23cm tall, run about 10m from one bush to another. The thing was about 23cm tall and appeared to be naked, with brownish skin. 
  • Johnson 2014 p19

August 1954. 1745hrs.
Edmond Campagnac. the head of technical services for Air France, was outside his offices on the then Avenue de la Liberation when he saw a luminous green sphere descending vertically, an event which led to many other people gathering to view the scene. The thing descended behind the mountains to the south. Another green sphere then came low over the city, curving down from the hills to almost rooftop height. As it came closer Edmond and the others could see that it was in fact two objects, a lens shaped gaseous looking object, and about 30m behind this, a cylindrical object 40m long. When these passed silently over the city at 300kph, stampeding the animals in a zoo, the lights all went out, coming back on when the things had passed. 
  • Charles Bowen in The Unexplained 28 p558
  • Evaluation - Probably bolides

August 7 1954. 1930hrs.
Gabriel )13) and Henri (11) Coupal had gone into one of the fields on their farm near Hemmingford, to pick some peas. They heard a sound like the buzzing of bees and Gabriel looked up to see a luminous multi-coloured sphere, 2.7m in diameter, descending near a barn. As it hovered a few metres above the ground, the sphere turned black and a shaft appeared on the bottom and descended to the ground, making a sort of ladder. A circular opening appeared, as did a very tall (2.1-2.4m) man dressed in a skin tight rubber suit. His head was apparently bare, revealing a white face, large round eyes and close cropped black hair. The boys panicked and ran away; Henri looking back and seeing the being following them. Their mother, Mrs Phillip Coupal went to the scene, and while the being was no longer there, she saw the sphere and kept it under observation for more than an hour, during which time it briefly touched down several times in the neighbourhood. It was observed by a large number of people, including agronomist. C. E. Petch and Mr and Mrs Douglas Laurie over whose home it briefly hovered. It took off with a brilliant orange glow. Mr Petch examined the landing site and found traces in the ground and skid marks on the grass, 4.5m long. 
  • Ted Bloecher in FSR 20,3 p26 citing investigation by Dr Adolph Dittmar + (The Huntington PQ) Gleaner 18 August 1954
  • Musgrave 1979 p42 case 15 citing Bordeleau 1969 p18
  • Wilkins 1967b p237 citing The Gleaner op cit 
  • Flying Saucer News Bulletin 6 p2 citing Dittmar op cit
  • Constance 1956 p277.
  • The date of the boys’ interview with Dittmar 28 August s often given as the date of the event.)

August 8 1954.
Several members of the crew of the Japanese ship Aliki Maru saw a fiery sphere moving in and out of the water in an erratic course, leaving a white trail. 
  • Preston Dennett in Fate Magazine February 2006 reproduced in Godwin 2011 p244

August 19 1954.
Gladys White Eagle heard a loud noise and saw a disc shaped object land near the river bank. A tall, thin dark skinned man with a long beard emerged and said that the US would be destroyed by a bomb and earthquake on October 13 and laughed. He told her to return on September 13 but she was took afraid to do so. 
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 p299 citing Clinton Daily News 17 +19 September 1954. p1 in each case

August 20 1954. 1400hrs.
Edith Jacobsen (24) and her sister, Mrs Asta Solvang (32) were berry picking with their uncle, Haldvan Jacobsen. Haldvan had wandered off on his own and the two women had gone into a nearby fen, when they encountered a man in the distance. They first thought he was another berry picker, then he came and addressed them in a strange, melodious language, which they were sure was neither English, German, French, Spanish or Russian. He was well proportioned, with long wavy hair, was of medium height, rather dark in complexion, with slightly oblique eyes. He had “beautiful” hands with long fingers, and was dressed in what looked like an overall, lacking zips and fasteners, but with a broad belt at his waist. He appeared “good” and friendly, and when he realised that they could not understand him, he drew some circles on a sort of pad and gestured for them to follow him. He led them to a grey-blue contraption, shaped like two giant pot lids placed rim to rim, perhaps 3m in diameter, and 1.35-1.5m high. He motioned them not to approach any closer, and entered the object through a hatch on the top of the rim, which he shut behind him. The object then rose up, spinning on its own axis, and humming like a bee. It hovered for a moment at 30m, started rotating very fast, then rose at tremendous speed and disappeared. The story emerged when Asta told her husband. The USAF announced that the women had encountered a US helicopter pilot, but both and the pilot denied this claim. Their uncle was positive he had never been more than a few minutes’ walk from the ladies and had seen nothing. 
  • FSR 1, 4 p8 citing an article by Messes Finn and Norstrom in an unidentified magazine citing their own investigation
  • Hans Bloedu, Oddvar Larsen and Hans Almaas in MUFON UFO Journal 161 p9 citing their own investigation
  • Girvan 1955 p132 citing Daily Mail 26 August 1954
  • Wilkins 1956 p55
  • Jerome Clark in Strange 10 p55 citing Bloecher and Larsen 1981 + FSR op cit
  • Anton Lindstrom in FSR34, 2 p3 citing his own investigation)

August 23 1954.
Elsie Blanc approached an object looking like an aluminium trailer with two beings, 1.2m tall , standing close by. When they saw her they grunted like pigs and entered the object, which took on a fiery colour and flew away in a multi-coloured cloud. 
  • Vallee Case 137 citing Vallee 1967 p129
  • Patrick Goss citing Le Dauphine Libre 8 October 1954. + personal correspondence.
  • Evaluation - Mrs Blanc also told the newspaper that the dog was a descendent of the wild beasts that once terrorised the district, perhaps a reference to the Beast of Gaudavain. A local correspondent of Goss wrote to him in 2006 to says Mrs B also claimed other visits from small beings, to have been given special stones by them etc.

August 27 1954. 2330hrs.
Bill Supa, a handyman employed by the Caswell Construction Company, suddenly saw something appear in the starry sky. As it got closer he saw that it was a wingless flying machine that landed about 2.4km away. He headed for the spot and had got within 300m when the object, which gave the impression of being circular, took off to fast for him to make out any detail. The grass was flattened at the spot where the thing had settled down. 
  • Wilkins 1956 p218, 1967b p227 citing an unspecified Toronto evening newspaper

August 30 1954. 0525hrs.
Sgt Durdle was stretching himself outside his Nissan Hut when he saw something shoot towards him in the sky from across Lake Nipissing. He braced himself for a collision when the object stopped. From a circular glowing top their hung a sort of canister. This central circle supported a long cone, surmounted by a rapidly rotating sphere, which sent out rays of light that illuminated something like gleaming metallic lattice work. As Durdle watched, the object rotated from the vertical to the horizontal position and he was able to see the serrated interior of the hollow circle. The cone was now vertical, and revolving on its base, like the globe on top, emitting a light that hurt his eyes. On the part of the rectangular area facing the circle was a vertical slit of light. This was an opening through which he could see various levers and gadgets. Six objects, like gleaming diamond necklaces, hung down from the objet, which was at telegraph pole height. . The “canister” was about 6m in diameter, the circle about 2m in diameter and the cone stood up 2.5m from the circle. The rays of the light seemed to shoot more than 6m from the sphere. When Durdle had recovered his wits, he summoned four of his colleagues. By this time the contraption was moving up and down in a spiralling motion. At about 3km it stopped over some woods and began pulsating, the lights expanding and contracting from its centre and top. It then spiralled higher, where it appeared as a shapeless blur of light for another 20 minutes. 
  • Wilkins 1956 p218, 1967b p227

Late August/Early September 1954.
At an undisclosed location, Mr Ferreira, a landowner met two beings 2.4m tall, dressed in metallic suits, which emerged from a cup shaped object. 
  • Wilkins 1956 p228
  • Evaluation - Duplicate of hoax

Autumn 1954. 2000hrs.
A man, out walking, saw an orange object up in the sky. It changed colour to red and then white, before descending to just over the electricity wires with a falling leaf motion, turning back to dull orange as it did so. He could now see that the thing was a disc about 30m diameter. The man then felt himself paralysed and levitated upwards to within just over a metre from the bottom of the disc. The underside seemed to be composed of electric sparks. The man then blacked out, coming to some 30m further along the road. The main object was now back at higher altitude and there was a smaller object low over a building. This latter took off, emitting a whooshing noise and emitted six fiery exhausts from its bottom. The upper one just vanished. The man was in a state of shock and developed cycles of fever and nightmares of lying paralysed on a table. 
  • Swords 2005 p80 citing John Timmerman

September 1954. Pre dawn. 
Neil Deane was delivering a sailing yawl, sailing alone from the Bahamas to Massachusetts, when he was awakened by the boat being swamped by water. Ahead there was a mound of water from which came a steady orange glow. He backed off, approached again and watched as the object rose out of the water, its orange light dimming down, and headed for the coast at a 45 degree angle. It made no sound. The water at the spot was churned up and foamy. A coil of nylon anchor cable on the front of the boat was fused. 
  • Lou Farish and Dale Titler in Official UFO 2,3 p55 citing George Earley

September 1954. 2015hrs.
John Jacob Swain (12), the son of a farmer near Coldwater, was coming in from the fields on his father’s tractor, when he saw a small figure about 120m away, who disappeared behind a terrace in the field. He drove up to the terrace and saw, no more than 6m away, behind the terrace, a small figure crouching down. As it jumped up, John saw that it was the size of a 5 year old child (c 1.05-1.2m tall), with very long pointy ears and nose. It was dark, wore shiny clothing and had two cylinders on its back. The figure looked at John then floated or flew over a small hill toward a disk shaped object hovering 1.5m above the ground. An opening appeared through which the little creature entered. The object then lit up and took off at high speed. The sheriff investigated and next day went with John and his parents to the site, where they found wedge shaped marks in the soft dirt. Some accounts say these marks were footprints 12cm long, 5cm wide, with extremely narrow heels. There were about 100 of them in a circle. 
  • Coral Lorenzen in Bowen 1966 53 + Lorenzen 1967 pp.28, 119 both citing Lincoln Star undated but late September 1954 + letter from John Swain to Rev Albert Baller 3 October 1954.
  • Wilkins 1956 p228 citing Wichita Evening Eagle not dated
  • Jessup 1957a p232 citing Pratt Daily Tribune 14 September 1954.)

September 1954. (Approx. date) 2230hrs.
Rene S (8) was one of a group of 60 children in a camp on the Montagne des Alouettes some 4km from Sainpuitts. They were playing out late when their attention was caught by an orange light a few hundred metres away. A group of about 12 children went to investigate, thinking it was a camp fire made by another group of children. Coming closer, to within 10m, Rene saw that the glow actually came from a metallic object shaped like two plates pressed against each other, surmounted by a truncated cone, from which the light emerged. Between this cone and the top of the object was a row rotating orange lights. The object, which was about 3-5m in diameter and 2-2.5m high, was hovering 50-60cm above the ground. Around this object were a group of little people, about 1.2-1.4m tall. One was on the crown of the object, another on the turret, and two more were on the ground, one searching the ground with a sort of hoe, and passing samples to his companion, who was holding a bag. They wore dark brown one piece suits, like those of frogmen, with webbed feet. He was unable to see any eyes or facial features, but the creatures’ faces seemed to end in a kind of snout. When they became aware of the children, the beings on the ground placed their hands across their chests and flew into the machine, head first. The orange light went out, the thing dipped, rotated on its axis then rose into the sky, disappearing in a few seconds. There was no sound from the machine during the entire observation. No traces were visible at the site. 
  • Patrick Gross citing JP and E Hocquet in Lumieres dans le Nuit 200 p29 citing their own investigation
  • Evaluation - Investigation took place in c1980, again a story where a quarter of a century had elapsed. No other witnesses traced.

September 1954. 2030hrs.
A 20 year old teacher, Mrs Decalf, saw an object emitting lights and sparks. Several little figures were seen near it. No traces were found 
  • Alain Gamard citing an undated 1970 issue of Nord Matin

September 2 1954.
The crew of a Honduran freighter observed a luminous sphere that skipped along the surface of the sea before vanishing and leaving a white trail. 
  • Gaddis 1965 p212)

September 3 1954. 
Many workers in the fields 12km south of the town saw an object, apparently made of transparent plastic, fly over the houses, stop on edge and swing like a pendulum a few metres above the ground. It made several erratic jumps and then resumed its horizontal position and flew away. 
  • Vallee Case 141 citing Depeche de Tunisie 14 October 1954.

September 3 1954. (Approx. date) 2355hrs.
Jean Dumont was driving his car when his headlights went out, and he saw, in a field, a high, round object with three men. The object took off vertically to the east. The observation lasted two minutes. The witnesses sketch shows a conical object with two spots halfway up the surface. 
  • Alain Gamard citing Gerard Barthel citing Cirquel L’Honor de Cas Investigation.
  • Lumieres dans le Nuit files

September 7 1954. 0715hrs.
Two masons from Acheux-en-Amienois, Emile Renard (27) and his helper Yves Degillerboz (23) were bicycling to work, when between Harponville and Contay, Yves suffered a broken tyre. As they were seeing to this, Emile’s attention was caught by something like an inverted plate, in a field 200m away. He first thought that it was some peculiar haystack, but then noticed it was oscillating slightly. They ran across the fields to investigate, but as they got within 750m, it took off at an angle, travelled diagonally upwards for about 15m then rose up vertically. It was observed for three minutes in all. The blue-grey object was about 10m in diameter, 3m high. On the left side of the bottom they saw something like a plate or door, wider than it was high. The object disappeared in the clouds, emitting smoke from the underside. The matter was reported to the police. 
  • Michel 1958b p35 citing Le Figaro + Paris-Presse + Le Soir all of 9 September 1954
  • Patrick Gross citing La Nouveau Nord Maritime 9 September 1954. + Var Matin Republique 15 September 1954.

September 8 1954. Evening.
A group of electricians returning home from work saw an unidentified object land on the edge of the woods a hundred or so metres from the highway. A number of motorists stopped to observe it. 
  • Patrick Gross citing Var Matin Republique 18 September 1954.
  • Evaluation - The alleged witnesses confessed that the story was a hoax, and were prosecuted.

September 10 1954. 2230hrs.
The lights and engine of a bus went out, as a strange object passed low over it, causing a panic among the passengers. When it had passed the lights came on again and the driver restarted the engine.
  • Patrick Gross citing Michel 1958c 

September 10 1954. 2035hrs.
Farmer Antoine Mazaud was walking home to Mourieras, along a quiet country road, after working in his oat fields 1.5km from the village, and had just finished a cigarette in a little wood and restarted on his way. In the gathering darkness he encountered a normal sized man wearing a sort of motorcycle helmet. Shaken by the unexpected appearance of a stranger in this remote region, Antoine grabbed his pitchfork. After remaining motionless the stranger approached, making a sort of gesture above his head and bowing low. Antoine now decided he was dealing with a madman, and so when he was right in front of him, Antoine held out his hand to the stranger, who shook it hard, then pulled him right up, drawing Antoine’s head against his helmet. Very shaken Antoine muttered a greeting. The stranger made no reply and went into the shadow of the woods a few metres away, where it seemed he got down on his knees. A few seconds later Antoine heard a low hum and saw a dark cigar shaped object 4.5-6m long, swollen one on side, rise almost vertically among the branches, pass under the high tension wire and disappear in the sky towards Limoges, where, a few minutes later, witnesses saw a red disc with a blue trail flying east to west. Antoine arrived home white and trembling. Police investigations found no traces. 
  • Michel 1958 p40
  • Vallee Case 143 citing Le Parisien + Combat + L’Aurore all 14 September 1954
  • See Patrick Gross 1954 for press details

September 10 1954. 2230hrs.
Marius Dewilde (34), a metal worker at the Blanc-Misseron steel works, was at reading by the fire in his house in a wooded area 1.5km from Quarouble, his wife and son having gone to bed, when the dog outside began howling. Thinking there was a prowler, he went to investigate. From his garden he noticed a dark mass, which he took to be a farmer’s cart, on the railway tracks, less than 6m away. Just then his dog crawled up to him, and he heard footsteps to his right. Turning his flashlight, he saw, behind the fence 3-4m away, not the expected smugglers, but two creatures dressed in one piece divers’ suits, with their heads encased in divers’ helmets. They were only about 1m tall, but very broad shouldered, and their helmets looked enormous. Their legs appeared small and he was unable to see any arms. Marius rushed to the garden fence to grab one of the creatures, but as he got within 2m, he was blinded by a brilliant beam, like a magnesium flash, coming from a square opening in the dark mass on the railway tracks. He found himself paralysed, unable to move or cry out, and while in that state heard the creatures depart towards the railway. When the beam of light went out he recovered his senses and saw the dark mass hovering of the railway and a sort of door closing, thick black steam was coming out of the bottom of this object, with a low whistle. The object then rose up to 30m then turned east towards Anzin, becoming a reddish luminosity then disappearing. Marius, in a state of shock, woke his wife, and then reported the matter to the police at Onnaing about 1.5km away in an extremely agitated manner. Police investigations found that in five places, on three of the wooded tiers, identical depressions about 375mm square, fresh and sharply cut, three in a row 45cm apart on one tier, the other two on either side of the lie formed by these three and 70cm from it. The gravel in the rail bed appeared brittle as if subjected to a high temperature, and blackish traces were found. The prints were such that it was calculated that a weight of 30 tons would have been need to produce them. 
  • Michel 1958 p44
  • Vallee 1969 p17
  • Vallee Case 144 citing Le Parisien + Combat+ Le Figaro all of 13 September 1970
  • Patrick Gross 1954 reproduces many press reports
  • Hall 1999 p227 citing France Soir 15 September 1954.)

September 10 or 17 1954. 
Town councillor Pierre Delveen saw a hairy being emerge from a spherical object 4m diameter 2m high and walk away on all fours. 
  • Alain Gamard citing Kolisimo 1970 p353 
  • Patrick Goss citing Sider 1997 p64 citing L’Ardennais 23 September 1954. p2)

September 12 1954. Afternoon.
A merchant driving his van saw disc, surmounted by a dome, come down vertically and hover by a group of trees . Several human like beings were seen in the front. When the witness walked up to the thing he was struck by a beam and paralysed. The object then took off straight up. 
  • UFOCat 1954. citing Mesnard and Bigone + Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p77

September 15 1954. 2300hrs.
A group people were driving on a side road near a place called Forez when a strange object landed a few metres away from them, as their car stalled. A small creature, wearing a Nazi style uniform, ran by the car. It fled when witnesess tried to approach it. The object then took off. A dog was agaitated. 
  • Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p79 citing La Depeche 18 + 19 September 1954.
  • Gross citing La Charollais Dimanche 19 September 1954. p1
  • Evaluation - Gross shows that the article in La Charolais Dimanche was a joke saying that a being like Adolf Hitler had emerged from something like a red boiled egg. It isn’t altogether clear whether the whole thing was a joke, or this was just a joke about a story in a rival newspaper

September 17 1954. 0830hrs.
Mr Delvenne saw a metallic looking top shaped object, 4m diameter, 2.5m high come own from the clouds. A being emerged from the thing and walked around on all fours before re-entering rhe object which rapidly took off again.
  • Rosales 1950/54 p256 citing HUMCAT citing press sources
  • Evaluation - Press joke?

September 17 1954.
Paul C encountered a 2m tall being dressed in what looked like a polar bear’s hide. The being claimed to come from outer space. 
  • P Gross 1954. citing Franc Moulin in Est Magazine 30 December 2007 citing an unspecified issue of L’Est Republicain
  • Evaluation - Another press joke?

September 19 1954. (Approx. date) Night.
A bicyclist saw a disc shaped object on the ground in a field close to the road. Two little beings were seen; one of them erected some sort of apparatus with a screen, and then talked with a figure that appeared on this screen. They then entered the disc, taking this apparatus with them. When one of the beings broke a branch of a nearby tree, the witness fled in terror. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Zendagsblad 26 September 1954.

September 17 1954. 2230hrs.
Yves David (28) of Pontgame was bicycling from Vouneuil-sur-Vienne to Cenon, on this dark night, when at a place called Le Pontereau just outside Cenon, a wooded area, he felt a sort of prickling in his body, like an electric shock. This forced him to stop and dismount, this causing his bicycle lamp to fail. The prickling intensified and he felt paralysed. In the darkness, as his eyes adjusted he saw ahead of him on the road, an object about 3m long and 1m high. After a time he saw a silhouette move towards him from the dark object, this resolved itself into a small being, much smaller than an adult man, that came up to Yves, touched him on the shoulder and utter a sound “inhuman and incomprehensible”, then moved back to the strange object, where it disappeared. A few seconds later this dark mass emitted a greenish light and took off at high speed.
  • Michel 1958 p58
  • Vallee Case 147 citing Le Figaro + La Croix + France Soir + Le Parisien all 30 September 1954.
  • Evaluation - According to Barthel and Brucker 1979 and Figuet and Ruchon 1979 this story was a newspaper hoax. It is not clear which of the many newspapers that mentioned this story is meant

September 15 1954. 2320hrs.
Roland M (19) was motorcycling between La Begude and Feyzin when 200m from the Fort at Feyzin when his attention was caught by a white light from the sky, which swept across the road in front of him and became motionless. Stopping to observe it more closely, he observed that it was coming from the top of a dark elliptical mass 10m above the ground, 50m from him. After a moment he heard a sound like a sputtering fuse and sparks came from the underside of the object, which rose at tremendous speed. 
  • Michel 1958b p49
  • Vallee Case 146 citing La Parisienne 29 September 1954.
  • Patrick Gross citing Le Meridionel 30 September 1954.+ Var Matin Republique 30 September 1954.+ Le Quotidien de la Haute Loire 1 October 1954. + Guieu 195b p141

September 18 1954. 2015hrs.
Mr Guitta of Casablanca was driving along the coastal road when he suddenly saw, in his rear mirror, a grey object diving down at him. Fearing a collision he gripped the steering wheel and ducked. A few seconds later the grey object passed on the left at terrific speed and close to the ground. The object was followed by a violent gust of cold wind, followed by a suction that drew the car to the left. Guitta saw the object departing on the horizon in front of him. It resembled a small grey disc. 
  • Cramp 1966 p127
  • Vallee Case 148 citing Ouranous

September 19 1954. (Approx. date) Night.
A bicyclist saw a disc shaped object on the ground in a field close to the road. Two little beings were seen, one of them erected some sort of apparatus with a screen, then talked with a figure that appeared on this screen. They then returned to the disc, taking the apparatus with then. They then seem to converse amongst themselves and pointed at the witness, who closed his eyes and felt himself paralysed. When he opened them he saw one of the beings carrying a branch to the object. The thing then took off and the witness fled but as he did so he was hit by a powerful beam of light and was thus unable to see the object leave. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Zendagsblad 26 September 1954.
  • Rosales 1950/54 p259 citing GESAG no 446 citing Walter

September 19 or 26 1954. 2045hrs.
Mrs Decalf, a school teacher, was walking back to this village from Watten station, down a country track, when she came across a strange apparatus resembling an electricity pylon, where none should have been, about 1km before the village. It emitted weird noises and flashes of light, and a sound like the humming of bees. It its base were dark masses she thought were bushes. The thing resembled a sort of sugar loaf with a superstructure of lights. She ran back to the coffee shop in Watten, afraid, but it was closed, so, cautiously resumed her walk at about 2300hrs.. When she got to the scene there was nothing there. When she checked the next day, all that was there was a beet field, with no buildings in the area. 
  • Gross 1954. citing GERU citing letter from Mrs Decalf to Jean Pierre d’ Hint of GERU 18 November 1969
  • Evaluation - Gross suggests she may have wandered off the path she later went on and found a pylon

September 19 1954. 2115hrs.
Policeman Louis Moll observed a bright light that appeared in the east crossed the sky, slowed down and came down east of Tromborn. From a distance he saw the object land and its luminosity diminish. It appeared to be the size of a small bus. After 40 seconds the light became reddish and he thought he saw a dark silhouette moving in front of it. Then the object rose up vertically, looking like a red ball that flattened as it moved off to the southeast. Another witness at Tromborn saw luminosity behind the hills, and at Vaudreching, 5km to the west, electrician Rene Paul saw an elongated object with luminous neon light pass over. 
  • Michel 1958 p63
  • Vallee Case 149 citing Le Parisien 23 September 1954.

September 19 1954. Night.
A municipal councillor returning home on this dark night saw a strange object in a field with a being stood next to it. The witness approached the being to speak to it, but when it saw him it entered the object, which took off 
  • Gross 1954. citing Robe, Gamard et al in Lumieres dans le Nuit September-October 1986 p12 citing L’Alsace 24 September 1954.

Late September 1954. 2350hrs.
Jean Dumons was out driving when his car headlights failed. In a nearby field he saw a high circular machine, about 2.5-3m diameter sitting on a landing gear. Three beings were by its side. After 2 minutes the object took off vertically then moved away horizontally 
  • Eric Zurcher in Lumieres dans le Nuit 195 p26 citing Alain Gamard citing Cerquel l’honor de Cos first hand
  • Sider 1997 p173 citing above)

September 20 1954. 2240hrs.
A guard, Vitorino Lourenco Monteiro, was on duty in the central control post, when he saw a biright yellow light travelling at moderate speed, North to South. It descended vertically and he saw it was an object 3m long and 1.5m thick, with a transparent front, hover and then land on the airfield 50m away. The light blue object emitted a whining noise. It had a door and protrusions and an orange light on its front. From it emerged a blond man 1.75m tall, wearing a dark yellow overall and dark helmet, emerged from a door in the transparent front and approached Vitorio, speaking in a strange language. The stranger understood neither Spanish nor Portugese . Finally he just patted V on the shoulder, got back into his craft, put on his safety harness and pushed a button. The object then took off nose first, before moving off horizontally
  • UFOcat 1954. citing Don Berliner and HUMcat both citing Blue Book Files
  • Vallee Case 150
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 27,6 p11 citing Ocurrencia 21 November 1954. citing witness statement
  • Evaluation - Clearly a helicopter!

September 22 1954. 2300hrs.
Two employees of the Webster Gas Company of Marshfield were returning from making a delivery to Bracken, when 5km east of Marshfield on the Scout camp road they observed a formation of three clouds of silvery dots. They stopped to watch them, then saw a boomerang shaped object at 180m altitude, about 200m south west. One side of this boomerang was much longer than the other, appeared to be about 2m long in total and very thin. It was silent and appeared to be covered by some sort of plastic material. The entire object revolved very slowly. It was dark in colour, with two red stripes near the end of the wing, through which the sun appeared to shine. As they watched, the object appeared to climb to 450m without changing its rotation, this taking about 20 seconds. It then began to descend at a slower pace. After 150m it started to tumbled, then emitted a puff of white smoke and fell into a stretch of timber, though they were unable to see the actual impact because of the terrain. They left the truck to investigate and found two areas of pulverised earth. 
  • Hynek 1977 p178 + Phillips 1975 p13 case 017 both citing Blue Book Files
  • Evaluation - Prototype microlight?

September 23 1954. (Approx. date) 0145hrs.
Roger Leroy was at work in a factory when the windows and surroundings were illuminated by an intense white light. Leroy and a colleague Auguste Lemaire went out onto a platform to see what was going on and saw a bright white object surmounted by a darker dome hovering just above, but not touching, the ground 50m away. The main body was about 15m long, the dome about 2m shorter. Dark moving silhouettes were visible. After about 30 seconds the object took off at 45 degrees, trailing a stream of white light from the left hand side. 
  • Jean Marie Bigorne in Lumieres dans le Nuit 371 p11 citing his own investigation in 1974

September 23 1954. 0300hrs.
Mr Rouzeaud (42) was driving from Moussoulens to pick up a friend from the Marseilles to Carcassone train, along Rte 269, when turning a bend, at the RN 269/RN 113 crossroad, he saw, 10m away, something blocking the road. It was a sort of half egg shaped object, from which a human form, wearing a cape, and whose face was hidden emerged. The stranger gestured to Rouzeaud not to touch the machine, and to back away. He also interpreted the gestures as meaning the being would return at the next moon. This being was joined by another figure, who seemed female, about 1.3-1.35m tall, her face was also covered. The two beings re-entered the craft in a way R could not understand, and the thing took off with a rustling sound. Some days later he found an object the size of a chestnut at the scene. It was passed on to an acquaintance for analysis but was not seen again. 
  • Gross 1954. citing Sider 1997 p168 citing Alain Gamard citing Orbis 1 citing GEOS International 2 p5 citing investigation by Francois Taset and Jean-Claude Baillon in 1969

September 23 1954. 1700hrs.
A group 16 hunters saw a strange object travelling a terrific speed, brushing the treetops. 
  • Gross 1954. citing Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p84
  • Evaluation - Hoax

September 23 1954. 2100hrs.
Postal inspector Robert Patient, his wife and two children were driving from Bourges to Vasselay on Rte 58. They had been driving a few minutes when Mrs Patient drew her husband’s attention to flares, like magnesium flares, in the sky. They thought nothing of this, but then saw, in the north, over Le Jou, 5km north of Bourges, an extremely brilliant round object, the luminosity of which was too great to make out a clear shape, which progressed in jerks. Suddenly it dropped to the ground and disappeared from sight, as if it had landed. From the presumed landing site, a huge red luminous hemisphere, 15m in diameter, arose. From the centre of this hemisphere an incandescent filament, 50m long, stretched up to the sky. After 20-30 seconds this light went out, and a second later the luminous ball reappeared above the horizon, illuminating the area, and the clouds brighter than the moon. They had stopped to watch the object, but when it started moving towards them, and got within 200m, they ran back in to the car and drove off toward Fonland, where they had relatives. As they did so9 Mrs Patient saw the object through the trees, apparently following them. A minute after the reached Fonland it blacked out again. When they continued their journey at 2200hrs., passing Le Jou again, they saw a second flattened elongated object rise up and move off at speed parallel to the horizon. 
  • Michel 1958b p69
  • Vallee Case 151 citing Le Figaro 27 September 1954. + Paris Presse + La Croix both of 28 September 1954.
  • Garrau and Lavier 1975 p144)

September 23 1954. 2100hrs.
Miss Irene Vignolles observed a luminous object arrive silently at high speed and very low altitude and stop for several seconds just above ground level in the meadow behind the rectory and then take off just as it came. It left no traces. 
  • Michel 1958b p77
  • Vallee Case 152 citing Paris Presse 28 September 1954.
  • Evaluation - The original press reports simply stated that she saw a cigar shaped object take off or land from the field slowly. Source of rest of Michel’s description is unclear

September 24 1954. 0900hrs.
Widow Geoffroy was by her wash house when her attention was drawn to an object, a few hundred metres away, 5-6m long, resembling an inverted saucer. Near it was stood a man wearing brown=grey clothes and a peaked cap. The lady became afraid and left the area. This was also seen by Miss Giselle Fin, a public assistance apprentice employed by a Mrs Guillot. She was taking the goats out when her dogs began to bark. She walked on for about 10m, and came across a dull coloured machine about 1m high and 5m long, tapered at one end and standing on skates. Squatting beside it was a man wearing dark clothing and a helmet. She walked her goats away from the scene 
  • Gross 1954. citing Jacques Delindry in Var Martin Republique 29 September 1954. + Garreau 1956 citing press and own investigation
  • Evaluation - Garreau concluded that it was a Bell Helicopter and crew

September 24 1954. 1000hrs.
Cesar Cardoso (sic) was driving near this village when he heard a buzzing sound ans his car engine stalled. Getting out to check his engine, he saw a rapidly moving sphere, emitting multi-coloured lights land in a field 200m away. Behind a semi-trnsparent central section moving shadows could be seen. From the craft emerged two beings about 2m tall, who were dressed in shiny aluminium suits. They cut flowers and branches from trees and placed them in a shiny box. Three local people also witnessed this. The beings approached the witnesses, making incomprehensible sounds and by gestures invited them to enter their machine, but they refused, and the beings climbed back into the craft, which took off at high speed, emitting sparks. 
  • Wilkins 1956 p58 citing letter from Cardoso in Diario de Lisboa 28 September 1954.
  • Robert Gribble in MUFON UFO Journal 257 p13 (has three witnesses and two beings
  • Evaluation - Hoax by the nephew of the alleged witness, a teenage UFO buff who also wanted to draw attention to the bad state of the local roads. Hoax admitted in Diario de Lisboa 1 October 1954.

September 25 1954. 2135hrs.

Industrialist Louis Perret and a friend were walking on the banks of the Marne when a strange object descended and landed silently 20m away. From it emerged two beings, covered with hair, about 1.1m tall Louis was paralysed by a ray and the beings attacked him and tore his trousers. His friend called out and the beings fled back to their craft 

  • Gross 1954. citing Barthel and Brucker 1979 p83 citing Le Petite Courier des Soucoupes Volantes 1954. citing “files” also Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p86
  • Evaluation - It isn’t clear just what the source of this story, presented as a joke by Barthel and Brucker is. It reads like a press joke.

September 26 1954. 1430hrs,
Mrs LucetteLeboeuf was gathering mushrooms from the wood near the cemetery, when her dog started to bark and howl. She saw the dog standing at the edge of the wheat field confronting what at first looked like a scarecrow. Going closer she saw it was a creature with eyes larger than human ones, about 1m tall, wearing a sort of plastic translucent diving suit and helmet. The creature moved towards her with a quick waddling gait, at which she fled. Her dog was joined by the howling of other dogs, as a large circular flattened metallic object rose from behind some trees, with a whistling sound, crossed the wheat field and headed off to the north east. Her husband and some other people in the cemetery heard the howling and the whistle and so rushed to the scene, where they found Mrs Leboeuf in a state of collapse. At the site they found a circle of crushed shrubs and bushes 3m in diameter. A branch on an acacia at the edge of the circle was broken down; another acacia was stripped of its leaves at the height of 2.5m abs the first few metres of wheat in the track of the object were flattened out in radiating lines. Mrs Leboeuf was in bed with a high fever for two days, and was still shaking three days later. 
  • Michel 1958 pp. 83 + Vallee Case 156 citing Le Figaro + Combat + Le Parisien all of 30 September 1954.
  • Carrouges 1967 p116
  • Vallee 1966a p70 : : Vallee 1969 54
  • Constance 1956 p256 
  • Gross 1954. with extensive bibliography, most important sources are an investigation by a coworker of Raymond Veilith conducted on 3 December 1954. + Mr Arnaud and Pierre Bouvard in Ouranous 1955/1 p19 citing their independent investigations
  • Michel Figuet in Lumieres dans le Nuit 177 p16

September 27 1954. 0230hrs.
Having alighted from their bus Mrs Julien and her son Andre saw a reddish object encircled by a halo of dimmer light come down and disappear behind a hill. 10 minutes later at “Reverty” Mrs Roche went out for a breath of air and was confronted by an object like a luminous tomato with five or six small projections coming out of the centre of its top. It was on the ground beside the road 100m or so away. She called her husband Louis, a road mender in Besseges_ and they observed it for 20 minutes before going in. At 0330 Louis went for a second look and found the object still there, but when he checked again at dawn it had gone. 
  • Michel 1958b p171
  • Vallee Case 157 citing Paris Presse + Le Figaro + France Soir all of 2 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - The long time interval is rather suggestive of an astronomical explanation.

September 27 1954. 0840hrs.
Children saw something like a box with an unknown man standing by it. 
  • Vallee Case 158
  • Evaluation - Hoax by children?

September 27 1954. Afternoon.
A high school student saw a circular object on the ground on the road to Lassus. Two “grotesque little creatures” got out of it, then e-entered the object and left. The boy was so shaken that his parents called the doctor 
  • Michel 1958 p88
  • Vallee Case 159 citing France Soir 2 October 1954.

September 27 1954. 2030hrs.
The four Romand children, Raymond (12), Janine (9), Ghislaine (8) and Claude (4) were playing in the barn of their isolated farm on a darkish, rainy, night, when the dog outside began to bark. Raymond, going out to investigate, encountered something like a vertical rectangle, split at the bottom. When Raymond threw stones at it, they bounced off with a metallic noise. He then shot a rubber arrow at it, before going to touch it. When he did this, he was thrown to the ground by a sort of ice cold invisible force. His sister Janine, alerted by his cry went outside and saw the thing waddling away. They retreated to the barn, and when they went back the thing had vanished. Their little brother Claude drew their attention to a large luminous ball oscillating slightly in a meadow 120-150m away. When police and officials arrived on the morning of the 29th, they found a circular area 3.5m diameter of flattened grass and flowers. There were four holes in the closely defined circle, arranged in a square, and a flagpole on the edge of the circle was scratched and marked. 
  • Michel 1958 p92 citing investigations by Captain Brustel and Charles Garreau
  • Vallee Case 160 citing Ici Paris 11 October 1954. + La Parisien 1 October 1954.; Paris- Presse 2 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - Hoax by Raymond. The hoax was confessed only six weeks after the event to the Geneva based group COMOS Report published by Yves Bosson, with a commentary by Thierry Pinvidic in Vaucluse Ufologie 18/19 (1980) also in SOS Ufologie 1992 p4. Cf Rossoni, Maillot and Deguillaume 2007 p268 citing Yves Bosson in Pinvidic 1993 p123. The traces in the meadow, not part of the children’s initial story were the traces of an old hut. The children originally planned the entity to be a robot, it was their schoolteacher and her ufologist husband who interpreted in UFO terms, and somewhat changed the children’s answers by suggestion

September 28 1954. 1745hrs.
Many people saw a bucket shaped object descend to ground level and move away in jumps, emitting flashes of light and smoke 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing La Voix du Nord 7 October 1954.

September 28 1954. 1845hrs.
Albert Zion (or Sion), a night clerk at the Hotel Bristol, was driving between Toulon and Marseilles along a path to the side of the road, when 10km before Cuges his cycle stalled. 15 ahead, on a hill was an object 8m diameter, 1.7m high. It wss rust coloured and consisted of two sections, rim to rim, the top being wider than the bottom, A gap appeared between them, and a sort of shadow appeared. Albert took a couple of steps forward then felt “weighed down” and had to sit down. The top section started rotating and the object slowly took off. He could see no sign of a landing gear. Albert stumbled to his feet and found that the cycle now worked. He got it checked out by a mechanic who could find nothing wrong. 
  • Gross 1954. citing Seligman in la Meridional 5 October 1954. citing own investigation + Julien and Figuet 1993 p184
  • HUMCAT citing Radar 17 October 1954. gives date as October 5th
  • Evaluation - This just looks like some kind of helicopter

September 28 1954. 2130hrs.
Miss Georgette Mongot went to her doorstep in the Place de la Fontaine and noticed a wide luminous spot over the Momonet Hill in the North West. It changed from to green and back again several times in five minutes and began to slowly descend until hidden by trees. The object lit up the clouds for some time after being lost to view behind the trees.It was also seen by Alexis Lartillot and his wife. 
  • Michel 1958b p94
  • Vallee Case 161 citing Haut Marnais 7 October 1954.
  • Garreau and Lavier 1975 p31
  • Evaluation - Astronomical?

September 28 1954. 2310hrs.
At La Butte Rouge, railway engineers Messes Gerard and Paroux, who were bringing a locomotive from Nantes to Aurey, saw a long dark object flying just above the marsh, gaining altitude as it came towards them. It was luminous, dark red tinged with violet and followed the engine for about 10 seconds, only a few metres above the vehicle. Then it accelerated away to the west at high speed. Gerard was so shaken by the incident that he was feverish for several days. 
  • Michel 1958b citing Parisien Libre 30 September 1954
  • Vallee Case 263 citing Le Parisien + L’Aurore + Combat all of 30 September 1954.

September 28 1954. 2230hrs.

A vineyard owner, Mr Mercier, was watching his vineyard at Grand-Tetre hoping to surprise thieves. He was about to leave for home when he saw a sort of luminous mass descending from the sky about 50m away. He found himself paralysed and saw the movement of three men near the light. He lost consciousness and when he came to, everything had gone. He fled to a nearby café to recover from his shock. Here people noted he was white and trembling. 
  • Michel 1958 p97 citing Berry Republicain 29 September 1954. : : Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p93 corrects location

September 29 1954. 1320hrs.
Two clerks, Roger Braquemont and Mr Rouillard, were on a lorry when they saw a very luminous flattened sphere standing on the south bank of the Cher river, 500-600m away. After about 30 seconds the object took off rapidly into the sky 
  • GESAG 34 citing Nouvelle Republicain + Centre Ouest 30 September 1954.

September 30 1954. 0445hrs.
While driving to work, laundry worker Lawrence Cardenas (45) slowed his car at a traffic light, and saw, to his right, in a field where a new road was being constructed, a group of 15 men around the derricks. They were about 1.6m tall, dressed in dark green uniforms, with lightly fitting skull caps that had sharp peaks at the front. A larger man, about 1.75m tall, dressed in a brown uniform, seemed to be addressing them in a language Lawrence could not understand. They all wore heavy goggles over their eyes and cylinders on their shoulders. A couple of seconds later Lawrence saw, 75m away, resting on the grass, a large oval machine with flickering coloured lights on its upper surface. It appeared to be 3,5m high, with smooth finned sides. The men appeared to be friendly and curious. 
  • Wilkins 1956p 230 citing press reports but giving no details
  • Evaluation - Looks like workmen and their equipment

September 30 1954. 1530hrs.
Jean-Claude Delmotte (10) was walking along the church path near the town hall and Chereng wood when he saw in a field 300m away, a sphere 3m diameter. At first it was brown in colour but it turned to an intense yellow-orange light, which took off making a low noise and emitting sparks. He found at the site a circle of webbed footprints 16cm long, the circle being 1.5m in diameter. It was trampled away before gendarmes could investigate 
  • Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p95 citing La Voix du Nord 6 October 1954. p6 + Sorez in GNEOVNI 3)

September 30 1954. 1630hrs.
Georges Gatay, the head of a team of eight construction workers, found himself walking away from the other workers in a kind of drowsy daze. Suddenly he encountered, less than 10m above him on a slope, a strange man. He was dressed in grey overalls, short boots and an opaque glass helmet with a visor coming down to his chest. In his hand he held an object than reminded Gatay of a pistol, and on his chest was a light projector. The stranger was standing in front of a large dome with a cupola, on top of which were rotating blades, hovering 1m above the ground. Suddenly the stranger just vanished, and the object took off with a loud whistling noise and the craft rose vertically in a series of jerks, until it too disappeared in a blue haze. During the episode Gatay and his co-workers Messes Beurrois, Lubanovic, Sechet, Villeneuve, Rougier and Amiraut) were paralysed. The others saw the object and being. Following the incident Gatay suffered from insomnia, headaches and loss of appetite for a week 
  • Vallee 1969 p68 + Vallee Case 165 citing Ici-Paris 11 October 1954. + France-Soir 3 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - A probable hoax According to Garreau and Lavier. Gatay later confessed that the thing was a hoax. CF Paquet 1978 p178

September 30 1954. Dusk.
At sea between Brest and Roven the crew of the tanker “Port Lyauttey” observed an object touch the surface of the sea and then take off vertically and give off a red flame before being lost to view. 
  • Vallee Case 166 citing Le Figaro 2 October 1954. + La Croix + France Soir 3 October 1954. + AFP 30 September 1954.
  • Evaluation - The original press reports date this event as the 24 September and merely talk of a light low on the horizon, no doubt an astronomical object

September 30 1954. 2200hrs.
Ferry operator Jean Andrieux (34) was startled by a brilliant reflection in the water and looking up a large sphere of white light, with another sphere of green light under it. He went to the bank to get a witness and there met Michel Leroux. The two observed the light for about 20 minutes before it slowly descended and disappeared silently to the southwest. 
  • Gross 1954. citing Paris Normandie 2/3 October 1954.
  • Vallee Case167n citing Le Parisien 2 October 1954. + France-Soir 3 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - Nowhere in the original text is there a mention of low altitude. Moon and star?

September 30 1954. 2200hrs.
A mason, Celeste Simonetti saw a luminous sphere 12m diameter 50m above the ground. It changed colour from red to blue and took off. 
  • Gross 1954. citing Var-Matin Republique 8 October 1954. + La Quotidien de la Haute Loir 9 October 1954
  • Vallee Case 168 citing Sud Ouest 27 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - A light changing colour hints at astronomical. The newspapers quoted by Gross give the altitude as 50m, Vallee and those who follow him give 1m

September 30 1954. (or following day) 1300hrs.
Two bricklayers Romain Sebastiani (or De Bastiani or Bastiani) (20) and Bruno Buratto (21) were out bicycling when their attention was caught by a hissing noise and they saw about 100m away an object 2m long, resting on two feet at the front. The thing took off with a “sweet” hiss. The pointed end was yellow, the rest of the object was brown. 
  • Gross 1954. citing Garreau and Lavier 1975 210 + Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p94 + Carrouges 1963 p90

September 30 1954. (or following day) 1330hrs.

South of here, a woman going to fetch the washing in from the wind, saw two shiny discs on the ground in a field 100m. She called her husband and for four or five minutes they watched these objects. She then suddenly saw two dwarfs by the objects. They appeared to be “aluminium men”, less than the height of a 12 year old child. They approached one another as if to talk, then went into one of the discs. Both discs took rapidly and disappeared. 
  • Alain Gamard citing La Depeche 8 October 1954.
  • Figuet and Ruchon 1979)

Autumn 1954. or following year) Day.
A man driving near Calgary observed a silvery disc, inside of which he could see a man with long black hair and leather jacket. The observation only lasted a few seconds. The man was later committed to a mental hospital where he claimed the figure was Jesus Christ. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p42 case 16 citing an undated CAPIC report

Autumn 1954.
At an unspecified location a couple walking their dog in wooded area by the coast (sic) saw a bright blue light that disturbed their dog and made it run ahead. The couple then saw that the light came from a pyramid shaped object with a flat underside, 60m diameter, from which came a dazzling amber light. A similar light came from a sort of cabin on top of the object. The thing came down to ground level and as it did so the couple felt paralysed. A very tall man wearing a tight fitting shiny overall approached them and seemed to communicate by telepathy that he came from the constellation Aquilla. The man then called out his pet, which looked a lot like an Alsatian, from the object. 

  • Rosales 1950/54 p251 citing Ulrich Magin and Josef Heinrich in UFO Nachrichten December 1976
  • Evaluation - Sound as though started as a newspaper satire, there being no coast in Bavaria

Autumn 1954. 1945hrs.
Mr Aupetit was hurrying from one field to another on the farm when he saw a faint red sphere, the apparent diameter of the full moon, land on a path with a “waddling” motion. The object, one of the sides of which was flattened, took off again five minutes later. 
  • Jan D’Agure in Lumieres dans le Nuit 130 p15 citing J G Dohmen
  • Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p82

Autumn 1954.
Someone was said to have shot at an unidentified object on the ground. 
  • ibid
  • Evaluation - Just a rumour

October 1954. (Approx. date)
In a rural location in the north of the state Mr Hall was inspecting his sheep when he heard a whirring sound and saw 6 tiny white dots in the sky. These landed, and he could now see than they were 10m tall cylinders, with rims around their bottoms. About a dozen beings got out and formed a group. Mr Hall fainted and had a vision of his property as a “fertile paradise”. He claimed that within 2 months this had come true.
  • Basterfield 1980 p12 case 14 +1981 p79 citing Sydney Sunday Telegraph 2 August citing an unspecified issue of Sir Magazine
  • Evaluation - Probable hoax

October 1954. (or following month) 2300hrs.
Mrs Cresswell was in bed when she caught sight of an object, like two saucers stuck together with a central rim, over the rooftops at the back of the house. There were three small round protrusions on the underside of the silver grey object. Three square windows along its middle emitted a white glow. In the window to the right was a man dressed in a one piece suit, with a balaclava helmet. He was of slim build, appeared to be 1.5-1.8m tall, with a sallow complexion and dark penetrating eyes. He appeared to be touching controls or something in front with his fingers, and was lost to view at one point as he bent down. The craft made only the faintest humming sound as it moved in a slow rolling motion, passing overhead. Mrs Cresswell went to the front to follow it, as it disappeared from sight over the rooftops at the front. It was larger than an aircraft and appeared so low that she was afraid it might crash. Her mother also saw it, but she died several years before the investigation. 
  • Graham Hall in NUFON News 48 p4 citing his own investigation

Early October 1954. 0700hrs.
A 12 year old schoolgirl was going to her catechism, when she saw an unidentified object hovering over her head. Two strange beings, armed with long knives got out. The girl was terrified. 
  • Alain Gamard citing Le Dauphine Libre 8 October 1954.
  • Gamard considered the case “dubious”)

October 1954. Day.
Two farm women and two children were out walking in the Usselles when they saw a strange being of human size but covered with plentiful brown hair lying on a path. It had a round hairy head, extremely piercing eyes but no ears. It gestured with its arms to the witnesses, as if asking them to approach but they preferred to go round the longer way to avoid it. Later inhabitants armed with guns organised a search but nothing could be found of the being. 
  • Alain Gamard citing Info OVNI 10 citing La Montage-Aurilla 18 October 1954.

October 1954. 1200hrs.
Mr Molenaer was fishing on the banks of the River Lot when he became aware of unusual lights sbout 100m away. He then saw a disc shaped object land on the river without making any sound. From it emerged a small being that filled a bottle with the river water and then re-entered the object, which then took off at high speed. 
  • P Gross 1954. citing Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p99 citing La Depeche du Midi 18 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - Hoax?

October 1954. Evening.
A farmer saw a disc shaped object in his yard and with it small humanoids that made sounds imitating the lowing of calves. They then re-entered the object that took off. 
  • P Gross URECAT citing Jean Sider in Lumieres dans le Nuit 319 citing Le Dauphine Libere 9 October 1954. p6

October 1 1954.
A woman saw a luminous disc, leaving a long trail, which landed in a field and took off again. She reported this to the police. 
  • Vallee Case 169 citing Combat 3 October 1954. + Vallee 1967 p32

October 1 1954. 1600hrs.
A man and his dog were paralysed as a luminous white object dived towards them and climbed again. 
  • Vallee Case 171 citing “personal”

October 1 1954. (approx. date) 1815hrs.
A farmer, Mr Vanhamme (49) was counting his cattle when he thought he had an extra white ox. On a second look this turned out to be a brilliant rectangular object 400m away. When he approached, it took off with a whistle like a steam engine. Marks like a tripod landing gear and burnt grass were found at the site 
  • Garreau and Lavier 1975 p93 + Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p209
  • Vallee Case 172)

October 1 1954. 1845hrs.
Between Rue and Quend on Rte D 27, 4km from Ligescourt, Rene Coudette (18) and Bernard Devoisin (18) were cycling with a third witness, when they saw a luminous, orange, domed disc, 3m wide, 2m high, resembling a haystack or honeycomb, on the road 20m ahead of them. A man, the height of a child, dressed like a diver, stood by the machine. As the witnesses approached to within 70m, the little man hurried back to the object, which took off very rapidly. 
  • Alain Gamard citing Abbeville Libre 8 October 1954. + Le Journal du Rue 9 October 1954.+ Le Courrier Picard 4 October 1954. + La Voix du Nord 5 October 1954 + Radar 17 October 1954.
  • Michel 1958 p118
  • Vallee case 183 citing Figaro 4 October 1954. + France Soir + Liberation + La Croix all 5 October 1954.
  • Richard Heiden citing Carrouges 1967 p158

October 1 1954. 1900hrs.
Two young men saw a luminous white disk moving in the sky. It descended to the ground and two very tall men dressed in white emerged from it and made gestures. The witnesses ran away. 
  • Vallee Case 173
  • Garreau and Lavier 1975 p30

October 1 1954. 2000hrs.
Near here , two businessmen, Messes Estier and Phelippeau , who were driving back from Royan saw a little man crossing the road in front of their car. Having stopped, they saw the figure disappear in the woods. 
  • Vallee Case 174 citing Sud Ouest 27 October 1954.

October 1 1954. 2200hrs.
Fireman Jean Deafix was cycling to his apartment in Rue Berlin, along the track by the railway line, when he saw an intense light, which resolved itself into a fusiform object emitting three green flashes, descending at dizzying speed. He got home and was about to close the shutters when he observed the object again, emitting an intense light, much closer, apparently taking off from the ground. As he watched he saw a tripod landing gear retract on the underside of the hemispherical object. As this object took off it left a vacuum into which air rushed, almost pulling him forward. There was a whistling sound and the object took off into the clouds. Next day he told his landlord, Marius Marot, with whom he lived, about the incident. Later that day Mr Marot’s neighbour, retired railwayman Jean Labonne, told Marot that at the same time as Deafix’s experience, he Labonne had gone to close the garden gate to the railway, when he caught sight of a mushroom shaped object on a piece of ground, 3m by 5m. The upper part was dark; the body of the object resembled Plexiglas and was luminous. Then, no more than 3m away, a shadowy figure stood up blocking Labonne’s path. He yelled out to the stranger, asking him who he was and what he wanted. The figure did not reply but turned around and walked back to the object, which took off seconds later leaving a luminous trail. Labonne saw the three landing legs being retracted. After a sleepless night Labonne went to investigate the site at dawn, where he found three slight impressions, and that strange, black, long-stemmed mushrooms had grown up overnight. He did not dare touch them and the volatised at the first rays of the sun. 
  • Alain Gamard citing J, Giraud – citing Rene Sampson and local press
  • Vallee case 176 citing Figaro 6 October 1954. + France Soir 7 and 8 October 1954
  • Michel 1958 p130 gives date as 3rd

October 1 1954. 2000hrs.
Returning home at night, butcher, Gilbert Prudent saw a shiny object on the road 50m away. His motorcycle engine failed. The thing had a flat bottom and a mushroom shaped top. As he approached the object turned dark and took off with a soft whistling sound. 
  • Vallee Case 175
  • Garreau and Lavier 1975 p46
  • Figuet and Ruchon 1979 citing above + Le Figaro 6 October 1954. + France Soir 8 October 1954.

Early October 1954.
A man and his son saw a landed object in a field and a small man climbing up a ladder to get inside. 
  • Alain Gamard citing L’Union 13 October 1954.

October 2 1954.
At the Bourse du Cerisier Mesdames Janiki and Lacotte independently reported to police that a luminous disc about 3m in diameter had flown very low over the village. 
  • Vallee Case 177 citing Figaro 4 October 1954. + France Soir + Liberation+ La Croix all 5 October 1954.

October 2 1954. 0230hrs.
Mechanic Emile Nicolas was driving a motor cycle, he had been repaired, on the road to Bourg, when he saw a dark mass land in a meadow between the road and railway 50m away. Two openings appeared from which a powerful yellow light was emitted. Emile saw that the object was a cylinder 8-10m long, with a slight bulge. Emile, scared, drove off; as he did so the object took off. There was no sound. 
  • Garreau and Lavier 1975 p217

October 2 1954. 1845hrs.
Robert Cuffaut was driving his tractor at a place called Croix au Moines when he saw two figures dressed in white a few hundred metres away, looking towards the airport. After Robert went round his fields three times, the figures had disappeared. At 2045hrs. he saw a fiery object 4-5m long coming from the direction where he had last seen the figures, moving to the north east at terrific speed. It was only seen for 4 or 5 minutes. The field was searched but no traces were found.
  • Gross 1954. citing Jacques Delindry L’Yonne Republicaine 4 October 1954. p3

October 2 1954. 2000hrs.
Mechanic Ernest Delattre was riding home on his motor scooter when a brilliantly illuminated egg shaped object landed on the left hand side of the road 15m away. He saw short dark shapes that resembled potato bags moving about the object. He sped up and saw this object, which was the size of a small bus, taking off, while its colour changed from orange to blue and then to greyish blue. Ernest was so shaken that he fainted while telling his story. Two people in neighbouring villages independently reported the story 
  • Vallee case 180 citing “personal” information

October 2 1954. 2300hrs.
Mr and Mrs Guillemnteau were on their farm when they observed an object 2-3m high, 5m in diameter about 1m above the ground on swamp. The red object then took off. Next day police found oily marks at the spot. 
  • Gross 1954. citing Le Figaro 7 October 1954.
  • Michel 1958b p131
  • Vallee Case 187 citing Franc-Tireur + La Croix + France Soir + Le Figaro all of 8 October 1954.

October 3 1954. 0015hrs.
Marcel Senechal, a metal worker, was cycling home to Saint Amand-les-Eaux along the tow path by the river Scarpe when he heard strange voices. He then saw, in a field called Vandeville, he saw something that looked like a luminous millstone 3m diameter. From it came a beam of light and by it were two human like beings, 1.2m tall and with large heads, dressed in luminous suits. Marcel fled to the police station in Saint Amand but when the police investigated there was no trace of the thing. 
  • Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p110 citing Garreau and Lavier 1975 p128,132 + Dominique Caudron in GNEOVNI no 5 citing unspecified issues of Nord Matin + La Croix du Nord
  • Evaluation - I give the form used the Wikipedia and other sources for the place name rather than Nivelles

October 3 1954. 0545hrs.
Angelo Girardo (55), a stockyard employee was going to work, when, near the silo of the Bressuire farm co-operative, he saw a circular object 3m in diameter, and, standing close by, a small figure, wearing a diving suite, that walked towards him. As Angelo cycled away in terror, the little man re-entered the craft, which took off at a fantastic speed. 
  • Michel 1958 p130
  • Vallee Case 182 citing La Croix + France Soir + Liberation all 5 October 1954. + Figaro 4 October 1954. + Guieu 1956b p131
  • Richard Heiden citing Carrouges 1967 p158 + Perrira 1966 p193
  • Alain Gamard citing Pacaut 1978 p177 and personal communication
  • Evaluation - Years later, after his death Giraldo’s friends told ufologist Rene Pacaut that the story was a hoax to impress his workmates. It appears that La Nouvelle République du Centre-Ouest 4 October 1954, p2 and p3 of the Deux-Sèvres edition would explain that it was a hoax.

October 3 1954. 1600hrs.
A miner was canoeing on La Pause when he felt a prickling sensation on his back and saw the water boiling up near him. He looked up to see a bronze coloured oval object 9m in diameter, 3.6m thick that flew silently by. It then stopped and two small men with steel like claws, wearing transparent head gear and white rubbery suits emerged. They gathered vegetation and returned to the machine after about 10 minutes. Before leaving they “gargled” some words. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p42 case 17 citing Ferguson 1977 p167

October 3 1954. 1600hrs.
A woman and her two young children came back two hours late after a walk in some woods by a river. They had no recollection of anything unusual but years later they suddenly remembered seeing a large dark object on the ground by the river. Thinking it was helicopter in trouble they went to see if they could be of assistance. They then realised that around the thing were four or five beings between 1m and 1.5 m tall, who seemed to be a taller one. These beings had large heads, long arms and wore grey overalls and caps
The creatures approached the trio from the woods in Indian file and at the same time a grey sphere came down near them. This sphere had the contours of a be capped human head. This followed the small beings back to the landed object. The last being in made a gesture towards the witnesses at which they felt a strong gust of hot air, which made them close their eyes and lower their heads. When they looked up again the things had disappeared. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p272 citing Franck Boitte
  • Evaluation - False memories perhaps based on later dreams

October 3 1954. 1920hrs.
People walking in the west of the village saw a luminous oblong object travelling at low altitude and high speed. When it reached the height of the footbridge over the Marque River, it emitted sparks and descended. The witnesses ran towards the object, but as they did so, the object took off again. The whole performance only lasted 10 seconds. There was no sound 
  • Michel 1958b p115
  • Evaluation - A very different account of this event is provided by Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p73, this was one of large number of observations that night, which were almost certainly of the crescent moon seen through cloud

October 3 1954. 2055hrs.
AS they were leaving Herissart, to drive to Amiens, Mrs Nelly Mansart and Mr and Mrs Delarouzee saw a luminous orange mushroom shaped object from which hung cables. The object was 7-8m in diameter and 150m away. It changed colour first to violet, thence to green, while its upper part vibrated. The object descended to ground level, following their car for about 7km through several villages, departing when habitations were reached, and returning when they were left behind. When they stopped the car for a moment, the thing circled at ground level. At Rainnville, 9.6km from Amiens, the object left at high speed. 
  • Michel 1958b p115
  • Probably the moon again

October 3 1954. 2100hrs.
An object, giving off flashes of green and purple light, which had been manoeuvring in the Vergaville-Gueblin area since 2015hrs. descended to ground level behind some trees a few hundred metres from Biderstroff. As witnesses ran towards it, the thing took off at a slant, at high speed. 
  • Michel 1958b p104
  • Evaluation - Astronomical. Moon?

October 3 1954. 2105hrs.
An orange object pursued a car driven by Georges Gallant, a butcher from Rue, with his wife and son for 8km at ground level at distance of about 100m, slowing down to 50kph when they did. It accelerated away just before they reached Rue. 
  • Michel 1958b p116
  • Vallee Case 185 citing France-Soir 7 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - Moon again

October 3 1954. 2245hrs.
Jean Allary (22) was driving his moped between Montmoreau and Villebois-Lalvalette, when just before Ronsenac his headlight illuminated an object resembling a barrel with nails that glistened in his headlights , which appeared to be swaying just above the ground. According some accounts after he passed it, it took off, becoming completely luminous. It was about 1m high, 1.8m diameter. The next day grass at the site was found flattened and for about 6m, some of it had been pulled out a little. 
  • Michel 1958b p130
  • Vallee Case 186 citing Combat + France Soir + Paris Presse all of 6 October 1954.
  • Gross 1954. citing La Charente Libre 5 October 1954.)

October 3 1954. 2345hrs.
Two villagers, Mr Gilcher and Mr Domant saw a disc emitting a weak green light land in a field 10m from the road. When the two reached the site they found passers by gazing at an object without daring to approach it. After some time the witnesses walked away and returned home. 
  • Michel 1958b p105
  • Evaluation - Moon again?

October 4 1954. 
An object landed in the yard of railway worker Mr Montagne 

  • Vallee Case 188 citing France Soir 7 October 1954.

October 4 1954. 
Some children encountered vaguely humanoid dwarfs with green skin. 
  • Randle 1989a p181

October 4 1954. 0810hrs.
Mr Lacambre saw, near a brook 200m from his house, a little man, 90cm tall, with a brown, bare head, wearing leather breeches, shoes, belt and smock. Lacambre got out his hunting rifle and returned to the site. He saw the little man scooping up water with his hand from the brook, and picking up pebbles, which he put in his belt. As Lacambre got close, the little man said something like “ortin” or “ortou”. It had under each of its arms a pear shaped object the size of a sugar box. It flew away vertically and disappeared in 30 seconds. Lacambre saw size 21 footprints at the site. 
  • Alain Gamard citing Sud-Ouest 7 October 1954.

October 4 1954. Morning.
A woman, who did not want her name given, was cycling by the banks of the river Loire when she was accosted by a man wearing a brown suit and boots and holding something like a mask in his hand. The stranger invited her to follow him and led her to a field where there was a translucent disk 10m diameter, 2m high, surmounted by a transparent dome. Through an opening she could see an interior in the centre of which was a table with handles, buttons and lamps and their other devises on the walls. The object rested on three struts and there were marks on its hull which were not from any known alphabet. The stranger then told the woman that he came from another world and they were worried about the earth‘s nuclear weapons, “they” were natural observers but could annihilate everything if attacked. The stranger then put on a helmet, entered the object, which emitted a pale yellow light withdrew its struts and took off, whistling as it did so. It increased in speed and shot off out of sight. 
  • Letter from the alleged witness in La Resistance de l’Ouest 9/10 October 1954. p2
  • Evaluation - Patrick Gross suggests the style is more that of a man than a woman. A journalist hoax based on the The Day the Earth Stood Still?

October 4 1954. 1815hrs.
Ms Elianne Berthaux (10) was leading the cows home on their farm 200m out of town, riding her bicycle, when after going a few metres, she saw about 10m to her left and a little ahead of her, something she first thought was a tent. Getting closer she saw it was an egg shaped machine, 3m high, resting on a triangular landing gear. From it emerged a little man, whose head was encased in a sort of square helmet. His eyes were sparkling, and his fingers seemed to come from straight from his arms. It had long red hair and wore some sort of suite. The little girl fled. Antoine Barrois (70) saw a red object rise from the ground, but took no notice and another resident heard a buzzing sound. 
  • Garreau and Lavier 1975 p24 citing police and fire service investigations

October 4 1954. Evening.
A farmer Mr Garreau saw a bowl shaped object, the size of a carriage, land in his field. Two men of normal height emerged through a sliding door. They were European looking men wearing khaki overalls. They shook hands with Garreau and same something indistinct, which Garreau thought sounded like “Paris Nord?” They gave his dog a pat on the back, then re-entered the craft, which took off at an amazing speed. 
  • Vallee Case 190 citing Franc-Tireur + L’Aurore + Liberation all 7 October 1954. + France Soir + Paris Presse 8 October 1954. + Vallee 1969 p146 : : Heiden citing Carrouges 1967 p130 + Pereira 1966 p195
  • Lumieres dans le Nuit 126 p24 suggests this might have been a helicopter and pilot
  • Evaluation - Probably a helicopter

October 4 1954. 1930hrs.
Three men from Bordeaux, who did not want their names to be used, were driving along RteCG 40 when they noticed red glow lighting up the area. They got out and saw, 200-300m from the road, a disc, surmounted by a luminous orange-red dome, suspended silently about 10m above the ground. It was about 6m in diameter. The object then moved horizontally behind some woods, its light still shining through three trees. Two of the men went to investigate with a flashlight, and after 400m encountered the machine landed in a field surrounded by trees. Near it were four dwarfs, about 1m tall, engaged in some sort of activity. As the men approached to within 15m, the dwarfs went round the machine and apparently went inside. The object then changed colour blue-orange-red, dazzling the two men, and left the ground at terrific speed. 
  • Michel 1958 p158
  • Vallee Case 238
  • Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p119 citing Sud-Ouest 10 October 1954.)

October 4 1954. 1900hrs.
About 20 people, including three policemen and Remy Gaudicourt of Sanvignes saw a circular luminous object take off from a place called “Chavannes” not far from a colliery railway line, and shoot away to the horizon in silence. 
  • Michel 1958 b p138
  • Garreau and Lavier 1975 p60)

October 4 1954. 2000hrs.
Mrs Yvette Fourneret (23) went to the window to close the shutters and saw, about 20m from the house, in Mr Cazet’s meadow, an elongated luminous orange object, about 3m in diameter, hanging in the air by a plum tree, asi f about to land, its luminosity illuminating the leaves and branches of the tree. Terrified she grabbed her son and ran to a neighbour. When Messes Giragot and Vincent arrived with rifles, along with other villagers, the object had gone, but they found an area 1.5m long, 68cm wide at one end, 50 at the other, in which ground appeared to have been sucked up and earth torn out and scattered in clods 25-30cm wide, over a radius of 4m. Similar clods were found inside the hole, which was wider half way down, than at ground level. Roots in this hole remained intact. Francois Bouiller (19) independently observed a luminous wingless fuselage climbing to the south east, becoming greener as it did so. There were intensive investigations by the Air Force and police. 
  • Michel 1958b p132
  • Vallee Case 194 citing Franc-Tireur + L’Aurore + Liberation all of 7 October 1954. + Paris Presse + La Soire both of 8 October 1954.
  • Garreau and Lavier 1975 p41)

October 4 1954. 2000hrs.
A number of people in the Bout du Pont and Clos Rondot sections saw a pale white glow descend in the west. At 2045hrs. Mrs Salabrine and her daughter, who were preparing for bed, experienced a disagreeable twitching of the eyes. About 2145hrs. Miss Salabrine went to the window for some fresh air and saw, about 200m from the house, a luminous mass resting near a hedge between the station and the bridge. She called her mother and both observed the illuminated mass, which was white on top and dazzling red below. It threw out a jet of sparks from time to time. When a car drew up and sounded its horn the object became dark. 
  • Michel 1958b p138
  • Vallee Case 202
  • Garreau and Lavier 1975 p217
  • Evaluation - Moon through cloud again?

October 4 1954. 2030hrs.
Several people saw a luminous metallic object hovering over a hilltop. They drove to the site but the object moved away as they approached. 
  • Michel 1958b p139
  • Vallee Case 191 citing Le Parisien 7 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - Probably astronomical

October 4 1954.
Henri Leherisse stepped out of his house to get some water for his dogs when his attention was caught by an unusual light. Looking up, he saw a flat luminous object, with a metallic appearance, about 2-2.5m diameter hovering 45m above a garage. As he approached it, the object moved rapidly away, but not before he had seen dark forms like shadows moving about in the lighted mass. 
  • Michel 1958 b p139

October 4 1954. Night.
Two inhabitants of Lezignan, Andre Gardia and Andre Darzais were driving home along the Rte D-3, in a truck, when they saw a luminous object 10m in diameter slowly descend to the earth in a field at the edge of Lagrasse. They stopped to go and see what it was, but it suddenly took off, emitting a blinding flash as it did so. 
  • Michel 1958b p139
  • Vallee Case189 citing France Soir 7 October 1954.)

October 5 1954. 0400hrs.
A baker, Pierre Lucas was draining water from a well when he noticed, some distance away, a circular object about 2.5- 3m in diameter. From it emerged a dwarf with an oval face surrounded by hair and eyes “as large as raven’s eggs”, that touched him on the shoulder and spoke to him in an unknown language. The dwarf went away and the object took off. 
  • Vallee Case 196 citing Franc-Tireur + La Croix + Figaro all 7 October 1954
  • Heiden citing Carrouges 1967 p141
  • Evaluation - The story appears to have begun as a joke after a drinking session

October 5 or 7 1954. 0630hrs.
East of Le Mans on Rte 23, Renault employees were going to work when they saw, near the road, a luminous object on the ground and felt a prickling and a sort of paralysis. The object emitted a burst of green light and flew away very low over the fields. 
  • Michel 1958 b p143
  • Vallee case 197 citing France Soir 9 October 1954. + Jean Vuillequez
  • Garreau and Lavier 1975 p62
  • Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p130

October 5 1954. 0715hrs.
A road mender, Mr Narcy, saw an object near the road between Veillecoate and La Neuville. In a report to police he said he saw a hairy dwarf wearing an orange tight-fitting jacket, climb aboard an object which comprised a cigar shaped section under a flat disk. Between the two sections was a kind of porthole, through which the entity entered the object. Traces were found at the site. According to Jacques Bonabot citing research by Jimmy Giraud and Mr Dubois this story was a hoax. Jacques Vallee in FSR 10, 3 p22 also labelled it a hoax. 
  • Vallee Case 198 citing Le Parisien 7 October 1954. + Combat + L’Aurore + France Soir 8 October 1954. 
  • Journal du Dimanche 10 October 1954.)

October 5 1954. Morning.
Gregorie Oldut (64) was on his way to Wassy when suddenly behind a curtain of trees he saw a disc which descended to the ground, bounced a few times and then stayed on the ground. The thing was golden –orange in colour and surmounted by a dome. From it emerged a dwarf 1m tall. It t hen re-entered the object which took off into the sky. 
  • Paris Radar 11 October 1954.

October 5 1954. 1545hrs.
10km from here several people saw an object coming towards them and getting brighter. When it was about 150m away they felt a strange sensation and found themselves unable to move. The object left a smell similar to that of nitro-benzene. 
  • Vallee Case 199 citing Franc Tireur + La Croix + France Soir + Figaro all of 7 October 1954
  • Vallee 1967 p53

October 6 1954. 0600hrs.
Joseph Roy, a mechanic in the Panhard car factory, was bicycling along Route N-52, when he was struck by beam of intense light low down ahead of him. He thought it was vehicle headlights. The light moved a little and then went out. Some distance along, he saw, in a field by the road, something like an artillery shell, 3m long. From portholes came a dim light, and in front of it a small dark form could be seen moving about. Roy, frightened cycled to the police, who returned with him and saw strange marks on the ground. Three other workmen had seen a luminous sphere descending to the ground. 
  • Michel 1958 b p142
  • Garreau and Lavier 1975 p210
  • Le Lorraine 9-10 October 1954. p7
  • Evaluation - According to ufologists Joel Mesnard Jean-Marie Bigorne (as reported by Alberto Rosales) the being was of normal size and dressed in khaki. If this were the case it would suggest yet another helicopter. Figuet 1982 lists this as a “British helicopter”. Patrick Gross in URECAT lists the case twice as 5th and 6th and to different locations.

October 6 1954. Dusk.
Mr and Mrs Laroche from Paris saw a fiery sphere land near Chatannay. 
  • Vallee Case 200 citing AFP 7 October 1954.

October 6 1954. 2130hrs.
A gunner Robert D was in his room in the military barracks when his attention was attracted by a glow that lit up the room. He went out to investigate, and having gone 50m he saw stopped by a force which held him to the spot. Some distance ahead of him he saw a brilliant shell shaped object 80cm high, 3-4m long, and another indistinct form on the ground to its right. He heard a sound “like a command” which seemed to gather the object together and the multi-coloured object took off with a bright purple flash, disappearing as a fiery sphere in just 10 seconds. As it did so, Robert felt himself caught in an intense beam of light. After this Robert returned to his room, so shaken that he could not speak. Another gunner Bernard M went out to help, but was also struck by the light. Two other soldiers saw brilliant flashes. There was an official investigation.
  • Gross 1954. citing an army report + Guieu 1972 p197 also quoting an army source)

October 6 1954. Night.
A fisherman encountered a red clad being who spoke a strange language. 
  • Vallee Case 195 citing Guy Quincy.
  • Vallee in FSR 10,1 p9 + 10,3 p22
  • Verga 2007 p68 case 5455 citing numerous press sources

October 6 1954. 2330hrs.
A woman cycling home saw an illumination by the side of the road. At first it was orange and then turned to green. This illumination came from something shaped rather like a turtle, surmounted by a dome. The light then went out and she could see two humanoid figures come out of the thing. One held a stick like apparatus and seemed to be looking for something. The object was then lit up again by as much more powerful light and she could now see that the figures were dwarfs with only one eye, only holes for a nose. The witness screamed at which the thing took off with a low buzzing sound. 
  • P Gross 1954. citing Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p128 citing an anonymous letter in Sud Ouest 12 October 1954.

October 7 1954. Early.

The crews of several fishing vessels saw in the sky, towards the land, a spot of orange coloured light, surrounded by a cloud of dense smoke, which hovered then rapidly crossed the sky, disappearing in the south east. In the village, a fisherman’s family observed the same object descending perhaps as low as 10m before disappearing. 

  • Michel 1958b p138
  • Vallee Case 204 citing France Soir 10 October 1954.

October 7 1954. 0400hrs.
Farmer Eduard Thebault (36) found his room strangely illuminated as he got up. From his window he saw a luminous object 203m diameter on the road a few metres from his house. When he struck a light, an enormous light appeared on the object also, and swept all around. He ran to wake his father, but when they returned the object had disappeared. 

  • Michel 1958 b p142
  • Vallee Case 205 citing France Soir 10 October 1954.

October 7 1954. Dawn.
Railway official Rene Ott was riding his motor scooter when his headlights caught a mushrooms shaped object, 3m in diameter, in a field 3m from Rte-D16 and 1m above the ground. A luminous rectangle, like a door 1.35m high, 60cm wide, was seen in the side. As Ott drove away, after 20m he was caught in a terrific light, which illuminated the area for at least 200m. The machine passed over him at about 5m altitude, giving off a bright light that contained all the colours of the rainbow. It carried on ahead of him to the first house a few hundred metres further along, where it went straight up. 
  • Michel 1958b p144

October 7 1954. 0620hrs.
Truck driver, Alexander Tremblay was going up a slight hill on a side road just off Rt-N 138, when his motor and headlights died. When he got out he saw an intense blue light coming towards him. The object producing it was cigar shaped, red and blue. His flashlight was not affected. Several seconds after the light went off he found that his motor and lights were working again. 
  • Michel 1958b p143
  • Vallee Case 207 citing France-Soir 10 October 1954.

October 7 1954. Morning.
Mr Manes Guesurtia was on his way to work when he noticed, at a distance, a mushroom shaped object. He walked across the field towards it and saw, on the ground, two red machines about 2m diameter. Beside them stood two little men about 80cm tall, who gestured to him, indicating that he should enter one of the machines. They entered the other one and it rose into the air without a sound. Looking through the open door of the other object Manes saw a third little man. Suddenly the door was closed and this second object also took off, displacing a slight current of air. Neighbours saw nothing, but grass in the field was crushed and yellow. 
  • Jean-Luc Rivera in MUFON UFO Journal 130 p16 citing Sud-Ouest 9 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - Possible hoax

October 7 1954. 1430hrs.
Rene Margaillon (40) was going about on his cart when he saw a strange object in a field 100m away. He stopped, got down and approached the 2.5m high luminous object. It suddenly disappeared, leaving him feeling choked (and some sources say paralysed) for some seconds. No traces were found 
  • Gross 1954. citing le Provencal 9 October 1954. + Guieu 1956b
  • Evaluation - Possible hoax

October 7 1954. 1800hrs.
Claude (10) and Francoise (9) Lansselin were returning home from church on an overcast evening. They were passing a newly ploughed field, when, in a hollow 200m away, they saw a red, luminous egg shaped object with its top pointing upwards. As they approached with 100m they saw a black “lid”, and at the same time two men of normal height appeared from the object. They were dressed in black and had black faces. The youngsters fled. When their father came to the field the machine and the men had vanished, leaving no traces. 
  • Michel 1958 p145
  • Gross 1954. Wilkins 1956 p231, 1967b p242 both citing Marc Thirouin in Ouranos 12 p4 citing own investigation
  • Heiden citing Carrouges 1967 p129

October 7 1954. 2355hrs.
A baker, Mr Sebelli or Sibelli saw, in the street, a cigar shaped object 2m long, surrounded by small lights. He awoke his neighbours, who saw the thing take off. 
  • Gross 1954. citing Le Quotidien de Haute Loire 14 October 1954. + Guieu 1956b : : Vallee Case 210 citing Paris Presse + Figaro 13 October 1954.

October 8 1954. 0230hrs.
Ghasema Fili of Amireah Street was on the second floor of his house when he a luminous white flying object stop in mid-air 80m away. Lights were shining from its rear and side. Inside he could see a small man dressed in black, with a trunk like that of an elephant. As Fili stood with both hands on the balcony staring at the object in astonishment, he suddenly felt as though he was being drawn to the object, as if by a magnet. He cried out in terror and woke his neighbours. The object shot straight up, emitting sparks and was lost to sight almost immediately. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 13,2 p23 citing Etteela’at 15 October 1954
  • Vallee Case 211 citing L’Aurore 13 October 1954.

October 8 1954. 1145hrs.
Four motorists passing Compiegne Avenue saw a humanoid walking along. 
  • Gamard citing L’Union 13 October 1954.
  • Alternative version apparently going back to L’Union has a father and son saw a disc shaped object in a field and little man climbing into it via ladder (Gross 1954. URECAT)

October 8 1954. 2115hrs.
A motorist driving to Boulogne saw a light in a field, like that from a bicycle lamp. The object then came over the road, and he could see it was a large devise with its surface and windows blue in colour, and surmounted by a clear dome. It turned white and disappeared towards Calais, silently. 
  • Gross 1954. citing Le Provencal 11 October 1954. citing AFP
  • Vallee Case 212 citing L’Aurore + Le Parisien + Figaro all of 11 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - Another helicopter?

October 8 1954. 2300hrs.
Chauffer Mr Puygelier (24) saw overhead, near Bel-Air, a luminous elongated object, resembling a gigantic egg, which descended close to the ground, oscillated a few seconds, then landed behind a hedge near the road. He drove on to St Claude in fright, but then returned with a colleague. Where the object had been they could make out, in the darkness, a human silhouette standing motionless on the roadside. At this place next morning a strip of burned vegetation 3m long was found, surrounded by an area of trampled grass. 
  • Jean Luc Rivera in MUFON UFO Journal 130 p16 + Alain Gamard both citing La Charente Libre 11 October 1954.

October 9 1954.
A postal worker saw a cigar shaped object land. Two “approximately human” silhouettes were on board. According to Jacques Bonabot this case is a hoax. 
  • Vallee Case 213 citing Le Figaro 11 October 1954.

October 9 1954. 0700hrs.
A shepherd, Giusseppe Mimia saw a white luminous canopy like a kite or sail circle the area and come down to 1.5m altitude about 18m away,. Attached to it was a man dressed in black, with a helmet. He guided the apparatus by swinging back and forth. The stranger started to hand out pamphlets in a foreign language to local people. The man then circled a few times and flew away. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p279 citing HUMCAT citing press sources
  • Evaluation - Kite or early paraglider?

October 9 1954. 1600hrs.
As he was driving near Carcassonne, mechanic Jean Bertrand saw a bright metallic sphere flying low over the road ahead. Its lower part appeared to be made of shiny metal and its upper part of transparent plastic, though which he could see two humanoid forms standing inside. It took off rapidly towards the east. 
  • Vallee Case 219 citing Paris-Presse 12 October 1954.
  • Michel 1958 p154
  • Jean Luc Rivera in MUFON UFO Journal 130 p16 citing La Charente Libre 12 October 1954.

October 9 1954. 2000hrs.
A farmer, Mr Court, at Mas Blanc between Montaren and Uzes was closing his farm gate when he saw a luminous oval orange mass just above the ground 1km away. It was oscillating from side to side. He called a neighbour Dr Fabre, a councillor, and his family, also saw the object. They were about to call the police when it faded away. 
  • Gross 1954. citing Le Provencal 9 October 1954. citing C. P.
  • Evaluation - Astronomical + autokinesis?

October 9 1954. Evening.
Willi Hoge, a cinema projectionist, was returning home to Munster when he saw a blue light and thought an aircraft was making an emergency landing. 70m from the road was a cigar shaped object with four men, wearing rubber overalls, working under it. They were about 1.2m tall, had very large chests and oversized heads, but their legs were short and thin. 
  • Vallee Case 217 citing Le Parisien + Combat + Figaro all of 12 October 1954. + Interplanetary News Service 10 October 1954.
  • Michel 1958 p155
  • Richard Heiden citing Carrouges 1967 p160 + Guieu 1956b + Pereira 1966 pp.180

October 9 1954. 1830hrs.
Four children, Gilbert Calda (12), Daniel Hirsh (9), Jean-Pierre Hirsch (5) and Robert Maguin (16) were roller skating when they saw a luminous object in the sky. It landed near the cemetery. It was round, about 2.5m diameter, had black, yellow and white stripes and was standing on three legs. A dwarf, about 1.2m tall, dressed in a black robe like the village priest and having a face covered in hair, and with large eyes, came out and said something in an unknown language. In one hand he held a light, in the other a luminous cross. The light went out at which the children ran away but looked back in time to see the object flying away, high in the sky. A man also saw the object climbing. 
  • Vallee Case 220 citing France Soir 12 October 1954
  • Michel 1958 p154
  • Heiden citing Guieu 1956b p1979
  • Vallee 1969 p54
  • Gross 1954. citing Le Republicain Lorraine 10+ 13 October 1954. + Dimanche Éclair 10 October 1954.+ Le Lorrain 11 October 1954. + Le Provencal 12 October 1954
  • Evaluation - A strange story with religious overtones, possibly based on the bolide of that night and seeing a local resident going out to feed his rabbits with a flashlight

October 9 1954. Evening.
Near the Landes-Foret pool, plumber Christian Carette, who was on his bicycle saw a fiery sphere about 4m in diameter, with a protuberance on top, pass overhead at, shaving the treetops at terrific speed, disappearing in 10 seconds. 
  • Vallee Case 218 citing Paris-Presse + Combat 12 October 1954. citing Le Meridonel 12 October 1954. p12
  • Evaluation - Meteor

October 9 1954. Night.
Several local people saw a luminous spherical object land in a pasture. 
  • Vallee Case 216 citing Oest France 12 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - Looks like that bolide again!

October 9 1954. 2030hrs.
On Rt N 631 at La Caiffre technician Jean-Pierre Mitto was returning from Toulouse with his two cousins when they saw two small figures, the height of 11 year old children, cross the road about 5m in front of the car and jump into a pasture. Stopping the car at once, they saw a large convex disc take off vertically. It was orange, 6m in diameter and appeared to be sucked up into the sky. Brown oily spots were found at the site” 
  • Michel 1958 p154
  • Vallee Case 222 citing Paris-Presse + Figaro 13 October 1954.+ Sud-Ouest 9 October 1954
  • Jacques Bonabot
  • Evaluation - Two journalists Michel Agnellet and Pierre La Foret claimed in Samedi Soir 21-7 October 1954. that this was one of number of hoaxes they had performed, travelling the country with fireworks and disguises

October 9 1954. 2150hrs.
People out hunting saw a luminous sphere take off as they approached it. It flew off towards the south west. 
  • Michel 1958b p152

October 9 1954. 2215hrs.
Max Favel, the local representative of a German firm saw an object, emitting a white light, hovering above the ground, a few metres from the edge of the sea. It seemed to land and take off again, rotating as it did so. At 1900hrs. a journalist Mr Abdelkarim had seen a red sphere travelling across the sky from the north. 
  • Gross 1954. citing Le Meridonal 12 October 1954. p12 citing Journal del‘Orient 11 October 1954.

October 9 1954. 2230hrs.
Gilbert Lelay (13) was cycling home behind his parents’ car from a visit to his uncle’s, when he saw a fiery object on the ground in a meadow by the road. From the front it appeared cigar shaped, from the side, round. Gilbert walked up to within 10m of the object, at which a tall individual wearing a grey suit with a dark grey hat, and boots emerged. The being came up to Gilbert, took off its hat and scratched its head, put its hand on Gilbert’s shoulder then told him in a Breton accent, that he could look at the machine but not touch it. In his hand the stranger held a ball that gave off purple flashes. The being then opened a door in the craft, showing him two red seats, opposite which were multi-coloured buttons. The man then said something that Gilbert could not understand and slammed the door shut. Flames came out of the object in all directions and it took off vertically and silently, with a sort of rotating circle in its lower part. The object then looped round twice and shot off. Gilbert was so afraid he could barely peddle home or speak. When he told them what had happened, his parents laughed at him. 
  • Gross URECAT citing Ouest France 14 October 1954. p9 + Var Martin Republique + La Croix 14 October 1954. + Guieu 1956 b p222 + Carrouges 1963 p103 etc

October 10 1954. (Approx. date)
Many farmers observed the landing of a luminous hemisphere, emitting multi-coloured beams. The central part appeared to be metallic. The object shot straight up suddenly and vanished while the crowd watched. 
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 13, 2 p23 citing Ettela’at 15 October 1954.

October 10 1954.
Between Epoisses and Toutry, topographers Messes Grapin and Bolatre saw a luminous sphere 3.5m diameter on the ground near Rte 454 
  • Vallee Case 225 citing Quincy 1961

October 10 1954. 0615hrs.
Michel Toutain was cycling from Marville to Blainville when he found that peddle as he might his cycle would not go any further forward. He checked but could nothing wrong with the cycle but still found that he could not move it forward. He then saw, about 500m away to his right, a luminous red sphere and 4m above that a sort of green plate shaped thing. Between them were four silhouettes and a rotating light, which changed colour as the thing moved, sometimes green, sometimes pink, then white and blue. It seems to resemble a sphere separating into two parts. During the whole 15 minute observation Michel was only able to move forward 200m. A truck driver on a rise, Mr Josse that the thing leaving in the form of a luminous sphere. 
  • P Gross 1954. citing Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p141 citing La Gazette Francaise 16 October 1954.

October 10 1954. 0630hrs.
Roger Thiriet, the jailer at the Ecouvres Detention Centre was motorcycling to work through dense fog, when, by the railway bridge across the D 60 at the crossroads there, the light from his lamp reflected off an aluminium coloured object. When he got within 10m he could see that it was a disc, surmounted by a dome in which there were two windows, 2.4m diameter, 1.4m high. He was unable to see whether it was on legs because of the fog. As he got closer the thing took off without a sound, after 5m disappearing into the fog and dark. He could not make out any traces. 
  • Gross 1954. citing L’Est Republicain 20 October 1954.
  • Vallee Case 227 citing France-Soir 21 October 1954.

October 10 1954. Morning.
The forest warden Mr Flechelle was in the Bois de l’Epinay., along with an Italian coractor known only as Antoine , near the clay pigeon shooting range. They then saw a strange object land on the shooting ground and out of it come three hairy dwarfs, one of which put its hand on Flechelle’s shoulder. They then re-entered the object which took off, leaving any trace. Despite this a photographer wss called to take a photo of the landing site. (P Gross 1954. citing Sider1997 p192 citing La Depeche du Pays de Bray 14 October 1954. p1)

October 10 1954. 1145hrs.
Marius Dewilde (qv) was alerted by his son (3.5 years old) who told him that there was a car on the path. Investigating, he saw that the object was on the other path to that of September. When he got within 50m he saw that there was an opening on the the base of the dome. Around it were a group of humanoid beings, 1,2m tall, dressed in grey rubbery or plastic coverall suits. One of the beings, that Marius took to be the leader, approached to within 3m and Marius felt his fear fade away. Through the transparent helmet, its features appeared “Mongolian” with high cheekbones, dark brown hair and eyebrows, brown eyes and hair. The being tapped Marius on the shoulder, smiled and spoke in an incomprehensible tongue. The smile revealed flawless white teeth. Through an opening in the object he could see a being on the floor, apparently groaning, with another standing over him. The interior seemed to be of a brick grey colour and contained multi coloured buttons and other devices.

The being took a few steps towards Marius’ chickens, and picked one up, without it complaining, and passed it to two companions by the door. The being then touched the little boy on the head, tapped Marius on the shoulder again, and gestured him to leave. The two beings who had been passed the chicken then reentered the craft, followed by the leader along with two others who had been under the machine. The leader was helped inside and the being standing by the one on the floor moved along to allow them entry. The door then slid shut and the craft took off vertically and silently. On the underside he could see a raised central portion, surrounded by small circles and rays of lines. On investigating Marx Thirouin found traces on the ground.

In 1980 Dewilde told the co-writer of his book a somewhat different story. In this the little boy runs towards the craft and Marius picks him up. The being moves towards the house, M thinks it is to retrieve some object from the previous encounter, but actually goes for the chicken. M feels an impulse to invite the being into his house, but it declines, instead gesturing M to the object, which he enters climbing up some metal steps 50cm wide. He takes a few steps into the cockpit. Inside he sees the interior of the metal dome is illuminated like daylight, somehow it both is and isn’t translucent. There is a semi-circular “desk” 70cm high and 50cm wide. There is a partition and M feels he should not know what lies behind this. He hears a cry like “boukak” and sees a being on a stretcher on four feet which keep it 20cm from the floor. Two people carry the stretcher into another compartment. There is another structure with dials etc. M is asked to sit on a seat, holding his son. Something like headphones is put on his head. A woman with rounded breasts comes through an opening in the wall and gives him a drink of a colourless liquid. He receives telepathic commands and feels he is being prepared for further contacts and given protection against diseases. After 30 minutes he is sent out again and waved away. The object takes off with a whistle and blast of hot air. 
  • Gross UFO Entities citing investigation by Marc Thirouin + Mary and Dewilde 1980 chapter 7
  • Evaluation - This is a story which changed as times changed, the 1980 version introducing abductee/contactee themes.

October 10 1954. 1400hrs.
A mathematics professor Mr Bon observed a silvery disc, about 7m in diameter, rise silently from a point about 250m from the side of the road. Spinning, it dived to the ground from an altitude of about 800m, then flew off horizontally at a dizzying speed. 
  • Vallee Case 228 citing France Soir + Figaro + Liberation + Le Parisien all 14 October 1954.

October 10 1954. Nightfall.
Roger Gayout and his family saw a very bright object come very close to the ground. 
  • Vallee Case 229 citing Figaro 13 October 1954.

October 11 1954. 0130hrs.
Members of a farming family were awakened by a strange whistling sound, and looking through the open shutters they saw a flat luminous object, three times the apparent size of the sun, which appeared to land on a hillside, then take off again a few moments later. At the site a calcinated circle 1.5m diameter was found. The earth was reduced to ashes to a depth of 3cm. 
  • Gross 1954. citing Le Lorraine 12 October 1954. p7

October 11 1954. 0210hrs.
Between 0210 and 0245 Mr Arlaune saw, resting by the side of the road 15m away, an object with humanoid occupants. 
  • Alain Gamard citing Lumieres dans le Nuit files citing unidentified press reports)

October 11 1954. 0300hrs.
Two motorcyclists saw a ball shaped object hovering 1m above the Evreux-Louviers railway line. The lower part was ring like and the object gave off reddish and greenish sparks. A burst of orange light was seen as it jumped about 10m into the air, then it remained motionless for about an hour, during which time a third witness joined the other two. The object eventually turned brighter and flew away to the east. 
  • Vallee Case 231 citing France Soir + Figaro both 14 October 1954 + Michel 1958b p162
  • Evaluation - Astronomical + autokinesis

October 11 1954. 0415 hrs.
Baptiste Jourdy (30) was making his daily milk round in the mountains south of St Etienne, when, as he approached the cross-roads to Chambon and Feugerolles his truck engine and headlights died. He stopped and dismounted to see, flying under the clouds overhead, at right angles to the road, a large glowing, multi-coloured object, which crossed the road in front of him, then went into the distance at speed. Jourdy now saw that his headlights were on again, and he could re-start the truck. 
  • Michel 1958b p158
  • Vallee Case 232 citing Liberation + Le Parisien both 14 October 1954
  • Cramp 1966 p212
  • Gross 1954. citing Le Quotidian de Haute Loire 14 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - LQ actually states that the light was at rather high altitude.

October 11 1954. 0420hrs.
Mr Labonde was driving between Thury and Champignolles on Rte D 104, when, as he left the Vernusse woods, his car was lit by a reddish glow. Glancing round he saw that a luminous crimson globe almost 1.8m in diameter was following his car at a distance of about 25m. It paced him as he speeded, slowed and turned into Rt D 14, until he reached Lacanche, where it swerved and climbed up in the sky to disappear. 
  • Vallee Case 233 citing L’Aurore 13 October 1954.

October 11 1954. 0430hrs
Grain merchants Henri Gallois and Louis Vigneron were driving from Clamecy to Corbigny when they felt an electric shock as their car headlights died. They then saw an object in a pasture 50m away. It was cylindrical, fairly thick and three dwarves were making quick, lively movements and gestures nearby. No light was seen, except for a small reddish point. Both men were paralysed until after the craft left. A third witness, Henri Chameau, had seen a lighted object rise over the woods at La Carie 
  • Michel 1958 p158
  • Vallee Case 234 citing Liberation + Le Parisien both of 14 October 1954.)

October 11 1954. Dawn.
Anny Pracht (18) and her sister Roselyne (22) saw a light in a field, which they first thought was lit by a shepherd. When they approached they saw it came from a barrel shaped object 2m tall. This rose up, glowing redder, and took off. The same thing was seen by two other people. 
  • Gross 1954. citing L’Independent 12 October 1954.
  • Michel 1958b p159.
  • Evaluation - Anny had the previous year claimed a vision of the Virgin Mary, which turned out to be a gypsy encampment fire. She was thought to be rather simple. (Info supplied to Gross in 2005)

October 11 1954. Pre dawn.
A farmer was walking across his field to milk a cow, when a red light illuminated the area, growing brighter. The farmer and two other people saw a huge, elongated red object, lacking a well defined shape, coming towards them just above the treetops. The cows panicked, and this farmer’s one would not give milk that day. 
  • Michel 1958b p159
  • Evaluation - Looks like a bolide again, with the usual misattribution of height.

October 11 1954. 0500hrs
A large disc, flying very low over a road, scared two truck drivers Gaston Breau and Mr Amoura, who stopped their petrol truck and ran away into the fields, while the object flew silently on towards Medea 
  • Vallee Case 237 citing France Soir 17 )ct 1954. + Depeche de Tunisie 16 October 1954.

October 11 1954.
Jules Martin, a colonial teacher on holiday, encountered two 'cute' space women, 1.7m tall, dressed in shiny helmets, ankle length boots and leather gloves. One them took his ball point pen and wrote some incomprehensible marks on his note book. 
  • Patrick Gross citing Le Quotidien de Haute Loire 14 October 1954
  • Evaluation - Hoax, possibly a journalistic satire on the Allingham hoax

October 11 1954. 2230hrs.
Farmer Spirite Stamare was cycling home when he saw something blue at the crossroads from Fronton and Villemur. Hiding behind a tree he saw that it consisted of one disc superimposed on the other, the size of a “gardener’s umberella. Near it were three small men dressed in dark grey uniforms with tight trousers and helmets like those worn by pilots. All of this was about 20-30m away. The three beings entered the object through the middle section between the two discs, the top disc then lowered, leaving just an antenna 1.5 m high sticking up. The object then took off m making a sound like an electrical motor. 
  • P Gross 1954. citing Carrouges 1963 pp80, 105, 166 + Garreau and Lavier 1975 p170 + Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p667 all citing Michel Agnelett and Pierre Laforet in Samedi-Soir 21-27 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - Hoax by journalists

October 11 1954. 2330hrs.
Night-watchman and local councillor, Roger Ramonde, saw on a hillside, across the other side of the Agout River 400m away, an elongated object 2-3m long, 1-1.5m high, which illuminated the area with a red orange light. It stayed there till 0200, at which it rose vertically for 30m, then took off in a flash 
  • Gross 1954. + Vallee Case 247 both citing Sud-Ouest 12 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - Alain Gamard reported that Michel Figuet had concluded the case was a hoax. The time suggests an astronomical object, later disappearing behind cloud

October 12 1954. 0400hrs.
Pierre Vidal, a cook, (76) on the Lanusse Street had got to go to the toilet when his attention was caught by a hissing sound. He ran to the terrace, calling to his nephew Angel Hurle who slept in the next room, the join him. They saw a powerful light, like a giant rocket, flash into the sky, emitting a green and orange light. Later in the day they found in their next door neighbours garden four imprints in a 4-5m diameter circle. Fat was found on the ground Radioactivity was said to have been found at the site. 
  • Gross 1954 citing Barthel and Brucker 1979 p115 citing Le Depeche 13 + 14 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - Hoax, probably by the Samedi Soir journalists

October 12 1954. 0620hrs.
Yvonne (33) was walking through the fields to her place of work when she saw what first looked like a star in the sky. It followed the same route as her and descended, growing in size, till it was hovering just 50cm above the ground. She now saw that it was a large white, intensely luminous translucen sphere. Silhoueeted in the light were two figures, one larger than the other, dressed in body suits and also some objects that Yvonne could not make out. One of them seemed to have its arms by its side. As she walked towards the thing it crossed the road ahead and then took off silently and went behind the hill. She went on another 10m at which the object came back again to a slightly different location. This time the being which had its arms by its side now had them sticking out. After a few seconds the thing shot off again in the direction of Satillieu, only to come back again some seconds later. Yvonne was now so disconcerted that she but her hands in front of her eyes and hid in the bushes. Seconds later the thing left again and the frightened witness ran on to her work, where she was in such a state she had to go home sick. Starting a few days after this incident the nail of the middle finger of her left hand continually blackened and fell out and the finger itself would swell up.
  • Patrick Gross URECAT citing Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p153 citing investigation by David Duquesnoy and AAMT + Jean Luis Ruchon in Le Dauphine Librere 11 April 1974)

October 12 1954. Early morning.
A man saw a disc shaped object land in MacArthur Park and from it emerge a little man in a white suit. A truck then came on the scene and took both the little man and the disc away. The witness was unable to get this vehicle’s licence number owing to fog suddenly descending. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p282 citing HUMCAT citing unspecified press source

October 12 1954. Afternoon.
A French engineer, Mr de Mekres, driving to Port Lyautey saw a dwarf about 1.2m tall, wearing silver overalls, enter an object that shortly afterwards took off 
  • Vallee Case 241 citing La Croix 16 October 1954
  • Heiden citing Carrouges 1967 pp105,138
  • Lorenzen 167 p95)

October 12 1954. Evening.
A railway employee Mr Laugere, on an inspection tour, saw a torpedo shaped metallic object 4-5m long, on the ground near a petroleum tank. An individual covered with hair, or wearing a fur coat was standing nearby, uttering sounds that were not understood. The witness went to get his friends, as he turned to look back he saw a light rising into the sky. 
  • Vallee Case 243 citing Paris-Presse + Liberation 15 October 1954.
  • Heiden citing Carrouges 1967 p141
  • Gross 1954 citing Var Matin Republique 16 October 1954. + Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p668 + Figuet 1982
  • Evaluation - Jacques Bonabot citing Dubois and Giraud describes this as “a hoax by workmen”. This is confirmed by Figuet and Ruchon based on researches of a local group. A colleague of the witness dressed in a goatskin, and then fired a rocket. The “object” was presumably a piece of railway equipment

October 12 1954. 2230hrs.
A mechanic, Jean Marty ( 42) was in his shop when he saw a luminous disc about 6.5m in diameter and .5m thick, land. He tried to approach but the object rose vertically and silently at amazing speed. 
  • Vallee Case 242 citing La Croix 16 October 1954.

October 12 1954. 2100hrs.
A farm labourer Franzesko Beuc (48) was returning home on this foggy night when he encountered an object shaped like a Citroen 4CV, sitting on wheels 40cm in diameter. As Beuc got closer he met a man, 1.5m tall, dressed in a cap and leather jacket. When Beuc called out to him, the man got into the vehicle, which drove on for 30m, then took off like a plane and flew away. 
  • Gross URECAT citing L’Alsace 27 October 1954. + Zurcher 1979 + Private Information
  • Evaluation - It was a 4CV and its driver with the 'take off' an illusion caused by the fog. Vallee turned this into a small man entering an object no details provided.

October 12 1954. 2245hrs.
A local industrialist, Michel Vielle and a friend were driving on the N47 between Pontarlier and Frasne when their attention was caught by an ochre-yellow and violet light in the sky to their west, moving east to west. It was a round object flying straight at moderate speed. They stopped the car to watch as the object started to descend with a jerky motion. When it reached a low altitude it turned off to the southwest-the same direction as the road. Michel followed it to Dompierre where he stopped, while the object accelerated on towards Fasne, gaining altitude. 
  • Michel 1958b p167 
  • Vallee Case 246 citing Quincy 1961

October 13 1954. Afternoon.
A group of children returning home from playing in a field saw a large circular object hovering high above the fir trees, rocking side to side. The boys ran and hid, lying on the ground behind trees. the lads notice that the area was unnaturally quiet, without even the sounds of birds as the thing began to descend down to just 1m above the ground. They could now see that it was a smooth, silvery thing, around the middle of which was a series of small windows and it was surmounted by a transparent cupola. Suddenly they saw three small beings appeared by the object, with no clue as to how they got there. The these beings were only 1.2m tall and wore dark green suits like those worn by divers, on top of which were huge opaque class helmets. The boys hid for some considerable time but as night began to fall one of the boys tried to leave but was hit by an unknown force which made his legs shake. The beings seemed surprised and hurried back into the object, which then started to oscillate and then turned red before just disappearing. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p286 citing Hubert Lampo’ catalogue for GESAG

October 13 1954. 1930hrs.
At Donjon de Montlaur, five people including J. Dubois saw a round object manoeuvre and give off a blinding light. It had some openings or portholes and seemed to land far from the witnesses 
  • Vallee Case 248

October 13 1954. 2000hrs.
Mr Malifaud at Chabannes saw, through his window, a large red object that appeared to land at Mailletard. 
  • Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p159 citing L’Echo de Centre 21 October 1954. + Giraud and Catinet in UFO INFO
  • Evaluation - These two cases clearly refer to the same thing, meteor? Astronomical?

October 13 1954. 1935hrs.
Messes Olivier and Perano, along with a third man, saw a reddish disc about 4m in diameter. Nearby was a small being, about 1.2m tall, wearing a bright, shiny, glass like, diving suit. Its head was large in comparison to the rest of its body and it had two enormous eyes. The object was surrounded by a sort of misty glow. One of the men approached within 20m and was paralysed. The object took off, throwing him to the ground, and rose very fast. 
  • Vallee Case 249 citing la Croix 16 October 1954. + Paris Presse + Liberation 15 October 1954.
  • Samedi Soir 27 October 1954.
  • Alain Gamard
  • Evaluation - Yet another hoax by the Samedi Soir journalists

October 13 1954. 2000hrs.

While driving home past a brickyard Sadi Levy found his car suddenly stopping. He then saw, in the beam of his headlight, two small, luminous green beings, with large eyes and tails. These things then disappeared after which his car re-started. 
  • P Gross URECAT citing Sider 1997 p199, 253 citing L’Ardennais 21 October 1954. p4

October 14 1954.
Several hunters saw seven small beings flee into a phosphorescent when they were approached. It took off immediately. Unknown seeds were said to have been found at the spot. 
  • Vallee Case 250 citing La Croix 16 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - According to Bonabot and Giraud the case is a hoax. The case was actually exposed as such in Midi Libre 16 October 1954.. It may have been an advertising spoof for a seed company

October 14 1954. 0030hrs.
People in a bar, including Luigi Bartolini saw a large glowing object land in a grassy area near to houses. On the ground it resembled a flat black dish. After a few seconds it took off again. According to some sources no traces were found, others say that Mrs A Pasqui and others saw a burnt circle 10m diameter at the site. 
  • Verga 2007 case 5403 citing La Nazione Italiano 15 October 1954. and other papers + Giornale dei Misteri 32 p11 + 185 p50 + Notiziario UFO 101 p51 + Quaderno degli Argonauti 29-30 + OVNI Presence 33/4 p15 + Boncompagni 1980 p85 + Bianchini 1996 p13 + Gross 1991 p59 + Stilo 2006 p174
  • Evaluation - Verga suggests this was a hoax, based on researches by journalist Franco Bandini

October 14 1954. 0630hrs.
A man coming out of his house saw a luminous object resembling a star 100m away. Approaching within 20m he observed it was an object 5m long, near which a young man was standing on a circular piece of metal, laughing at the witness’ terrified expression. The craft then took off at an unbelievable speed.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 13, 2 p23 citing Ettela’at 15 October 1954.

October 14 1954. 1200hrs.
Farmer A Crepaidi was with his wife Giulia in their courtyard, where there attention was caught by a growing shadow over their water trough. Looking up they saw a large dark ovoid object slowly descending. It halted 10-15m above the ground, so close they felt they could have touched it. The thing was surrounded by a curtain of yellow and blue sparks that seemed to crackle. Three cows became agitated, bumping into their 9 year old daughter who had come out to see what the fuss was. Crepaidi’s brother in law pBallarin was also in the courtyard was so frightened that he ran away. Crepaidi himself hid under a carriage and thought he might have fainted. The object then emitted an intense light that made impossible for them to see more details and Crepaidi thought he saw an opening appear in one side. Flames emerged from the object, a bundle of straw caught fire, the watering trough and a cow and perhaps the little girl were injured. 
  • Verga 2007 p69 case 5404 citing numerous press sources such as Gazzetinno Sera 15-16 October 1954. + APRO Bulletin November 1954. + Oltre il Cielo 15 May 1958 + Notiziario UFO 75/6 p13 + OVNI Presence 33/4 p15 + Boncompagni 1980 p90 + Bowen 1969 p55 + Gross 1991 p54 + Stilo 2006 p161
  • Plantier 1955 p104
  • Evaluation - Another hoax according to Franco Bandini in L’ Europea 31 October 1954, by a local newspaper correspondent. Possibly based on the bolide of that date see OVNI-Presence December 1985 p14

October 14 1954. 1500hrs.
G Pregnolato, a fisherman, mending his nets, saw an ovoid object leaving a multi-coloured trail, manoeuvring slowly in the air and then descending very low over a canal and cane thickets. “Milk like liquid” was found at the site. 
  • Verga 2007 p70 case 5405 citing La Gazzetta Padana + Il Gazzettino both 16 October 1954. + Epocha 24 October 1954. + Il Giornale dei Misteri 12 p11 + Notizario UFO 75/6 p13 + Boncompagni 1980 p96 + Stilo 2006 p163
  • Evaluation - Verga suspects another journalistic hoax. Alternatively a confused description that 14 October meteor

October 14 1954. 1815hrs.
Jose Cassella (19) was driving home from work in the municipal accounting department when he encountered an oval aluminium coloured object on the road ahead. As he braked 6m from the object, it rose up into the sky fast and silently and disappeared. The thing was circular with a swollen top, and its hemispherical bottom resting on the ground. It was 5-6m in diameter and just over 1m high. No traces were found. 
  • Gross 1954. citing Nice Matin 16 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - Probably a hoax based on a meteor of that date

October 14 1954. 1815hrs.
August M Bourget, a local councillor, saw 80m from his stable, a red sphere over 1m in diameter. The underside then went dark. When he approached he encountered a dark circular mass with grey bars and feet on the ground. The thing then disappeared on the spot. 
  • Gross 1954. citing Jean Sider in Lumieres dans le Nuit 331 p34 citing Les Sables-Vendee Journal 24 October 1954. p6
  • Vallee Case 254 citing La Croix 16 October 1954.

October 14 1954. Nightfall.
A farmer observed an orange sphere land and approached it. He found that it was shaped like a flattened dome, 5.5m in diameter, and gave off a blinding light, which illuminated the countryside for about 200m. It was transparent and a dark figure could be seen inside. After remaining at ground level for 10 minutes it flew north, while a bright cloud slowly fell to the ground at the site. When the witness arrived home he found his clothes covered by a white film of adhesive substance, not unlike paraffin wax. 
  • Vallee Case 255 citing La Croix 16 October 1954.
  • Michel 1958 p176)

October 14 1954. Night.
Marcel Lonjarret was walking in the country when a peculiar light attracted his attention and he went to investigate. Behind a hedge at the border of a wheat field he saw a sort of luminous orange-red dome motionless just above the ground. He watched it, then returned home. Next day no trace could be found. 
  • Michel 1958b p175

October 14 1954. 1930hrs.
South of Gueugnon, Messes Jeannet and Garnier, travelling on Rte D023 saw a reddish fireball fly low over their car as their engine and headlights failed. When the object had passed these resumed functioning. At about the same time Andre Cognard driving from Gueugnon was at the top of a slope when he was so dazzled by a brilliant light that he had to stop. The light came from a sort of disc that flew over his car in a westerly direction. 
  • Michel 1958b p175,176
  • Vallee 1966a 9p 130/1
  • Evaluation - Obviously the same thing, a brilliant meteor

October 14 1954. Nightfall.
Mr B was motorcycling from St Romain to Brosses-Thillot when his motor stopped. A brilliant light revealed a circular object “like a plate upside down” about 50m ahead. When he retreated the cycle began to function again 
  • Michel 1958b p176
  • Vallee 1966a p130
  • Evaluation - That meteor again

October 14 1954. 2000hrs.
A chemist at the Montecatini factory was taking a break outside when his attention was caught by something very bright behind him. Looking round he saw an object giving off an intense light hovering a few metres above ground 150m away. From its lower section hung a ladder on which three small beings were hanging. The witnesses went to get others, but when they returned the object had gone. 
  • Verga 2007 case 5406 citing L'Unita 15 October 1954. + Stilo 2006 p123

October 14 1954. 2000hrs.
A man saw a dark elongated object egg shaped object, with a dome, standing on a sort of tripod 60cm high. The object was 4m diameter, 2m high. A normal sized human form was in front of it, and it seemed to that the cupola was also occupied. As the witness tried to draw near, he was paralysed. The object took off in the direction of La Rothiere 
  • Alain Gamard citing L’Est Éclair 16Oct 1954.

October 14 1954. 2010hrs.
On the road between Thieulloy and Beauvaos, Mr Covemacker saw an object fly over his car as the headlights died. It went towards the north, seemingly following a train 
  • Vallee Case 260
  • Evaluation - That meteor again?

October 14 1954. 2050hrs.
Mr G Mouillon, an engineer at Genelard saw between Circy and Montceau-les-Mines an enormous object surrounded by green flames descend rapidly towards the ground. 
  • Vallee Case 259
  • Vallee 1966a p130 citing L’Astronomie 7 November 1954. p469
  • Evaluation - Meteor

October 14 1954. 2100hrs.
While driving their lorry between Domart and Conde-Folie, the cattle dealers Mr and Mrs Dumeige and cattle broker Mr Lourdel caught sight of, near “La Folie” farms, a bright light apparently landing in a field by the road. They stopped the lorry and went to investigate. They then saw, near the light, six or seven little beings walking one after the other. The witnesses were so afraid that they drove away without investigating further. 
  • Alain Gamard citing Courrier Picard 16 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - Object landing is the meteor and figures a group of children?

October 14 1954. (Approx. date) Night.
At a place called Ca Venier two farm workers saw an ovoid object, emitting bluish-red flames land on a field for a few minutes, before taking off with flames and a crackling sound. Some source say just flames were seen. 
  • Verga 2007 p71 citing Gazetta Padana 16-17 October 1954. + Il Tempo 18 October 1954. + Notiziario UFO 75/6 p13 + Boncompagni 1980 p113 + Stilo 2006 p169
  • Evaluation - Verga describes this as a newspaper rumour. It looks like another description of the 14 October meteor, possibly a fragment reaching the ground.

Mid October 1954. 0300hrs.
While walking across the Ely Golf Course and Recreation Park Larry White encountered a globe with a concave wing around its centre. The object stood on a landing gear resembling a lever and rod assembly, “with something like ball bearings set in the part that made contact with the ground”. White conversed with two occupants of the machine, who were standing beside it. They communicated alleged details of the propulsion system and their home planet. 
  • Flying Saucers 77 p30

October 15 1954. (Approx date)
A hunter, Manuel Madeira, heard a noise that he thought was made by a large animal. Coming closer to see what it was, he saw an object rise vertically from the ground at high speed. It was soon lost to sight. 
  • Ballester 1975 case 9 + Vallee Case 278 citing Diario de Noticias 19 October 1954.)

October 15 1954. 0340hrs.
A baker came out of the bakery for a breath of fresh air when he saw a luminous yellow, mushroom shaped object, 4m diameter, 2m high descending rapidly and landing on the railway near Rte N-43. Shortly afterwards it took off again and disappeared. 
  • Michel 1958 b p180
  • Garreau and Lavier 1975 p131 date this story to the 14th
  • Evaluation - Another meteor?

October 15 1954. 1930hrs.
Near the swimming pool in St-Assiscle, Damien Figueres ( 56 or 76) was walking with his dogs when a reddish luminous sphere landed 30m away and a tall individual wearing a diving suit walked around it. The dogs barked at him. He boarded the machine, which flew away in silence. 
  • Vallee Case 261 citing Paris Presse + France-Soir 17 October 1954. + Carrouges 1964 p120)
  • Gross 1954. 
  • Evaluation - There is much confusion on the age some sources say 56 some 76, there are various spellings of the name (some say Figueras) and the date, 13, 14 and 15 all given. Possibly the Samedi Soir hoaxers, or fantasy based on October 14 meteor.

October 15 1954. Afternoon.
Several people saw an egg shaped objet descend in a circular path and land on some marshes, taking off vertically again a minute later, at first slowly then at speed heading east. A 6m long tace area was found surrounded by burnt poplar trees. 
  • Verga 2007 p71 case 5408 citing press sources such as Gazetta Padana + Il Messaggero 16 October 1954. + Il Giornale dei Misteri 12 p9+ Notiziario UFO 75/6 p13 + OVNI Presence 33/4 p15 + Bocompagni 1980 p115 + Stilo 2006 p168
  • Michel 1958b p181
  • Evaluation - Another case investigated by Bandini where witnesses could not be found, ufologists found some years later.

October 15 1954. 1830hrs.
Toulon bar owner Mr Repellini and his friend, merchant navy officer Mr Ottaviani were driving between Toulon and Hyeres when at a place called Chemin Long when they saw a strange metallic looking disc shaped object by the side of the road. The got out for a better look and from a triangular opening a man about 1.6m tall dressed in a grey-whiter suite made of a material resembling asbestos got out. Asked if he was a Martian, the stranger said that he was French and asked where he was. Told he was near Hyeres the stranger re-entered the object rose making a sound like stream or compressed air up to 50m and then headed off to Hyeres emitting orange lights and a sound like a coffee percolator. 
  • P Gross citing Sider 1997 p200 citing various press sources
  • Evaluation - Different sources give different times, various first names of the witnesses etc. It is probably a hoax (the conclusion of Michel Figuet) or if not, a confused description of a helicopter and its pilot.
October 15 1954. 1830hrs.
A 42 year old clerk was cycling along a road when he stopped for a smoke. He was suddenly illuminated by a brilliant light and saw a strange object at 40m altitude. It was a metallic domed disc 12-15m diameter, 3m high with three spheres on its underside. It emitted powerful searchlights from two sources which reminded him of eyes, and portholes in the dome from which came a green light, which was reflected on the clouds. Also on its bottom were four retractable wheels. A car and motor cycle passed but their drivers did not seem to notice this object. The object then took off leaving an intense trail. The observation lasted about 4 minutes. The witness claimed there was an official investigation. 
  • Verga 2007 p72 case 5409 citing Gazetta del Veneto 28 October 1954. + L’Unita 2 November 1954.+ Investigation by Massimiliano Mantello + Boncompagni 1980 p120 + Stilo 2006 p390
  • Evaluation - The object is a classic “Adamski saucer” which was in the press at the time

October 15 1954. 1900hrs.
A number of people including nurse Maria Vanoli and driver Gianni Rossi heard something like an aeroplane engine and saw two disc shaped objects emitting a bluish light, most intense around the periphery. At their centres were illuminated poles. The objects flew at 150-200m, surrounded by a fiery aura. The objects suddenly descended nearly touching and scorching the tops of some pines. Rossi saw a small dark humanoid figure running away from one of the objects. 
  • Verga 2007 p74 case 5410 citing numerous press sources such as La Prealpina 16 October 1954.+ Boncampagni 1980 p123 + Sider 1997 p319 + Gross 1991 p58 +Stilo 2006 p218
  • Evaluation - Another journalistic hoax according to Bandini

October 15 1954. 1950hra.
A yellow cigar shaped object 30m long, 6m diameter, with brilliant portholes, was seen on the ground. Figures in helmets covering the head could be seen inside. A sort of haze was observed at both ends of the object. 
  • Vallee Case 266 citing Guy Quincy)

October 15 1954. 2100hrs.
A truck driver Rene Le Viol saw a red luminous object rise from behind trees. It resembled an inverted plate and took off towards the sea. A second object followed on a similar course. 
  • Michel 1958 b p182
  • Vallee Case 269 citing France Soir + La Croix both 17 October 1954.)

October 15 1954. 2200hrs.
Two men driving back from Ales 5km from Nimes saw a greenish light in a field. As they approached they saw a rugby/American football shaped object, which seemed to stand on crutches. The object took off with a slight humming sound and became progressively more orange coloured. 
  • Alain Gamard + Jacques Bonabot both citing Garreau and Lavier 1975 p164

October 15 1954. Night.
A steelworker observed a luminous sphere land in a field. It then emitted lights of various colours, which were seen by numerous witnesses in nearby villages 
  • Michel 1958b p181
  • Vallee Case 268 citing France Soir + Paris Presse both 21 October 1954.

October 15 1954. 2350hrs.
Miss Patricia Hennessey (23) was walking home just before midnight, when, by the gates of the Southchurch Hall Park something caught her attention. In the road, 5m away, was a silvery object 3m long, 4m high. It was cylindrical and domed and was emitting a pale shimmering light. There was a pipe “like a gas mask tube”, “the thickness of a human body” attached from the side of the bottom. This pipe was corrugated and gave off a brilliant glare. Patricia fled in terror, arriving home in an agitated condition. 
  • FSR 8, 2
  • FSR 8, 5
  • Michel 1958b p182
  • Bowen 1966 p4
  • News Chronicle 16 October 1954.
  • Southend Times 20 October 1954.

October 16 1954. 0005hrs.
Mr and Mrs Mozin were driving back to Maubeuge from Doulers, after visiting sick relatives, when, as they reached the “Belle Hotesse” inn, they saw some very bright lights by the side of the road, about 2km away. Thinking it was an accident, they hurried to the scene at 120kph. Suddenly, at a distance of 100m or so from the spot, the car lights went out. Silhouetted in a doorway in a cigar shaped machine, 3m long, was a little man, 1.3m tall. He was dressed in a very big helmet, with big gloves and boots, and a “Michelin Man” suit. The being walked towards them, with a clumsy gait, like that of a diver. From the 1.8m high doorway came a light that illuminated the countryside. Through the opening they saw various controls and wires. The couple drove rapidly away, and 50m on, their lights came on again. The observation perhaps lasted for only 10 seconds. 
  • Bourret 1977 p81 citing Andre Darchville
  • Gross 1954. citing J M Bigorne in Lumieres dans le Nuit 191 p34 + Lagarde 1976 p119 Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p206 + Sider 1997 p1 + various websites

October 16 1954. 0600hrs.
A 64 year old mason, who came originally from Poland, was cycling to work in Chalindrey he saw in a field 150m away, through the fog, a small man about 1.5m tall. As he slowed down the witness saw the being walk towards an object shaped like an inverted bowl, 2.5m wide, 1m tall. The being seemed to be almost 50cm taller than the object into which it moved. The being then sat down in the object, which travelled about 20-39m along the ground and then took off into the air. 
  • P Gross URECAT citing Le Haute Marne Liberée 19 October 1954. p3
  • Evaluation - Turned out to be a mushroom picker and his car distorted by the thick fog.

October 16 1954. (Approx date) Morning.
Jeanne Roignon, a young woman, was bringing in the cows from the pasture for milking, when, on a small hill 30m away, she saw a strange devise and almost fainted. She suffered from a skin disease like toad skin for some days afterwards. 
  • Gross 1954. citing( Garreau and Lavier 1975 p27 citing press and investigations by Garreau and Prof Villequez) + Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p171 + (Sider 1997 p256 citing Le Lorrain 21 October 1954. p6))

October 16 1954. 1730hrs.
Mr Bachelard (42) was driving a light truck on D 52-E between Chanat and Couheix in clear sunny weather when, some 5-6km from Coheix, rounding a bend suddenly the engine began to slow down and he felt half paralysed . He then saw, in a field near the road, a brown object about 10m long, 2.5m high. It was silent, gave off no light and showed no opening/ No traces were found. 
  • Michel 1958b p198
  • Vallee Case 273 citing Combat + La Croix 20 October 1954.

October 16 1954. Nightfall.
Veterinary surgeon Dr Henri Robert was driving through this village on Route N-314 when he saw four objects at 300m altitude flying slowly in echelon formation. Suddenly one of them dropped to the ground in a dead leaf motion, 100m away. Robert felt an electric shock as his headlights and engine died, and the car stopped, when the object hit the ground. Incapable of moving, Robert saw a figure about 1.2m tall, moving in the light of the object, then all went dark. Sometime later his headlights resumed operating by themselves and Robert saw the craft skimming along the ground, taking off to the north. He was then able to move and restart his car. 

  • Vallee Case 274 citing Paris-Presse 19 October 1954.
  • Michel 1958b p185)

October 16 1954. Night.
A professor of history and geography was driving slowly towards Lesparre when he saw an orange light in the bushes. He got out to investigate and encountered a circular machine, 5m in diameter. From it emerged a small figure in a diver’s suit, which came up to him and said "KA-A-BO-O-TRI-TO-OUN", several times. It then re-entered the craft through a porthole and the machine rose up at speed. 
  • Gross URECAT citing an anonymous letter in Sud Ouest 20 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - Probably a satire on the stories of the time.

October 16 1954. 2145hrs.
Messes Deschamp and Laclotre saw an object giving off a yellow light, about 20m diameter, 2m high, come within 4m of the ground for three for four minutes. The glow extended around 4m 
  • Vallee Case 275
  • Evaluation - Misperception of meteor or the moon?

October 16 1954. 2200hrs.
Five people from Saulieu were driving home from Pouilly-en-Auxois on RN 6 when at Cote du bras de fer, 3km from Saulieu they suddenly saw on the left hand side of the road, a vividly luminous globe with a phosphorescent trail. It took off vertically very rapidly and moved off to the south at high speed. As the driver stopped the object disappeared behind a hill. 
  • Garreau and Lavier 1975 p47
  • Evaluation - Meteor

October 17 1954. 0400hrs.
Andre Csimir was out hunting on his moped when he saw a powerful light in the Boulevard de la Plage. He tried to drive towards it, but his moped would not move forward. The glow went out and he could then go on. An hour later, a local councillor, Leon Baudouvin was driving in the area when he saw a circular object, emitting a purple light rise from the ground, leaving a trail of flames. 
  • Gross 1954. citing Le Provencal 2 Oct 1954. p12
  • The second observation looks like another meteor

October 17 1954. 0930hrs.
Guy Puyfourcat (22) who was coming back from the fields leading a mare by the bridle was surprised when the animal became restless. Rising from the side of the road, a grey object about 1.5m diameter flow over them. The mare rose about 3m into the air and Guy had to release the bridle. Then the animal fell like a lump and for 10 minutes was unable to move. Eventually it got up and tried to walk but was still trembling and stumbling with fear. The object had long since flown away at high speed. Guy himself felt absolutely nothing.
  • Vallee Case 272 + Gross 1954. citing Francois Lagrade in Lumieres dans le Nuit 109 p17 citing investigations by himself and Mr Delphiux)

October 17 1954.
Retired professor Rene Cotard was out walking the forest when, in a clearing, he encountered an object like an inverted coffee mug and by it a being with an animal like face. The creature entered the object which then took off vertically at terrific speed, emitting a whistling sound and strange lights. 
  • P Gross 1954. citing Sider 1997 p206 citing letter from the witness in Ici Paris 25 October 1954. p6
  • Evaluation - Just another letter to a notoriously sensationalist paper. Is there any evidence that Rene Cotard actually existed.

October 17 1954. 1430hrs.
A 65 year old man, Maxime Pignatelli, was hunting with his dog near the junction of the Brilliance Canal and the Durance River, when, alerted by a noise he saw a grey object about 4m long and 1m high on the ground 40m away. It had a dome from which two helmeted figures emerged. The witness fled in panic, falling into a water hole in the process, but his dog started towards the object, but soon retreated, walking awkwardly as if partially paralysed. Maxime himself felt a numbness when he got home. 
  • Vallee Case 279
  • Gross 1954. citing Francis Schaefer and Pierre Deval in Phen. Incon. 14 p10 + Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p178)Evaluation - There is confusion was to where this took place, at Cabasson in Var, or Corbieres itself listed in Basse-Alpes or Alpes de Haute Provence by various authors. According to Wikipedia Corbieres is a mountain region in neither of those departments

October 17 1954. 1920hrs.
Near the Capodichio Airport a number of people saw a bright sphere descending from the sky to within a few metres of the ground. The object then took off again and left to the north. 
  • Verga 2007 p74 case 5411 citing Il Mattino 18-19 October 1954.

October 17 1954. Evening.
An artist, Raffaele Castello saw something like small flames on the terrace of the writer Curzio Malaparte. When, sometime later, the area was lit by moonlight, Raffaele could see a metallic disc shaped object 4-5m high, emitting a number of thin blue light beams in all directions. Around the object were four humanoid figures that were moving about, themselves emitting beams of light. The beams then turned toward him so he hid behind a bush. He now realised once and for all that this was not a helicopter. As clouds covered the moon the creatures re-entered the craft, which made a faint hissing noise. The blue light increased and the object took off vertically at speed. 
  • Verga 2007 p75 case 5413 citing Vittorio Foschini in Nazione Sera + Carlino Sera + Corriere Lombardia all 18 October 1954. Rome 20 October 1954. + Corriere de di Napoli + Il Messaggero both 19 Oct 1954. and other press sources + Il Giornale dei Misteri 18 p10 + OVNI Presence 33/4 p16 + Boncompagni 1980 p144 + Gianfranceschi 1977 p162 + Sider 1997 p319 + Gross 1991 p65 + Stilo 2006 p232
  • Vallee Case 281 citing France Soir, Le Soir, Paris-Presse all of 20 October 1954
  • Michel 1958 p188
  • Heiden citing Carrouges 1967 p138 + Perez 1968 p58 + Pereira 1966 p196
  • Evaluation - Probably a hoax by Foschini, either made up completely or an exaggeration of a report of a meteor by Castello

October 17 1954. Evening.
A man was near the canal at the Saint-Charles ground when he saw a light nearby. Approaching he saw a cigar shaped object 8m long, 2m high resting on the grass. A phosphorescent light on one end illuminated its metallic surface. An opening appeared and three beings 1.2m tall emerged, walking with a crab like walk and uttered incomprehensible words. A fourth being then appeared, 1m tall with transparent legs. As the witness tried to approach he was struck by a red-yellow beam from one of the portholes, and the beings rushed back into the object. The object then rose rapidly and then moved off towards Tinquex. 
  • Gross URECAT citing Sider 1997 p206 citing Alain Gamard citing an anonymous letter in a regional edition of L’Union 23/4 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - Another anonymous letter, probably a hoax or satire.

October 17 1954. 2030hrs.
Several motorists on Rte D-10 noticed a bright red luminous object motionless on the highest part of the field alongside the road. They called at the nearby café of Mr Beuclair, alerting him and the crossing guard Mr Barrat. After a few minutes Beuclair and his daughter Jeanne advanced towards the hemispherical object, which rose up and approached to within 20m, and then sent out beams of red and white light from its underside. The two retreated and after a few minutes the thing took off at high speed There were numerous other witnesses. 
  • Michel 1958 b p188

October 17 1954. 2200hrs.
Mrs C Odoardi (57) and others saw silvery object resembling a closed umbrella crossing the sky from west to east at great speed, leaving a bright trail in its wake. At one point the object slowed and descended to about 50m, appearing to hover over a range of hills, before climbing rapidly and heading out to sea. 
  • Verga 2007 p75 case 5412 citing Voce Adriatica + Il Rest del Carlino + Il Tirreno all of 19 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - Probably a meteor.

October 17 1954. 2230hrs.
A retired gendarme Gaston Deprez was driving on the RN7 from Cauny, when at a place called “La Faye-De-Servais” he saw a huge fiery globe, 4m in diameter, motionless above the village. He was at the Cavalry area, and when he tried to approach the light it went away, but after the cross roads in landed just in front of a wood some 200m from the road. He returned with his car to see the object taking off in the direction of Beautort-la-Fere. The event lasted two to four minutes. 
  • Garreau and Lavier 1975 pp 198, 206

October 18 1954. 0005hrs.
Mr Renzo Pugina (37) had returned home and was just closing the garage door after putting the car away, when he saw a gentle glow in the villa park. He was just going up the steps of his villa driveway, when he saw, at the top, a strange creature looking around. When the being saw Renzo it turned round and pointed a sort of torch at him. When Renzo yelled out “A Martian”, the creature gave a grimace of annoyance. Renzo felt paralysed and terrified. The being then took off and flew away with a screeching sound. Only then was Renzo able to move and go home, where he told his wife. Both were too frightened to sleep that night and Renzo was afraid to go out for some days afterwards. The being, which was only 3m from Renzo, was 1.3m tall. When it turned it turned only the top part of its body. It wore a helmet with a transparent band in the lower part, through which he could see its “crushed” face, almond shaped eyes, normal nose and mouth and receding forehead. The upper part of its body was covered by scaly metallic overalls. It seemed to be standing in a sort of tube that covered the lower part of its body. Attached to this was another, thinner, tube, 1.5m long, which terminated in a horizontal disc like a bicycle wheel. This disc, however, did not appear to be actually attached to the tube. Renzo later suffered from extreme anxiety, high temperature and trouble with his eyes. Next day Renzo found a trace where the creature had stood, which trace faded after two or three days.
  • Verga 2007 p77 case 5451 citing many press sources starting with La Provincia 20 October 1954. + Oltre il Cielo 15 May 1958 p445 + Cielo e Terra 27 + Il Giornale dei Meteri 15 p15 + Bollettino VDM 3 + OVNI Presence 33/4 p16 + Dossier Alienai 7 + Boncompagni 1980 p149 + Gross 1991 p74 + Sider 1997 p319 + Stilo 2006 p300
  • Maurizio Verga citing investigation by group Rigel 2002 + La Provincia + L’Ordine 22 October 1954
  • Vallee 1969 p18 + Case 295 citing Le Soir 25 October 1954. (gave date incorrectly as 20th
  • Evaluation - The date of this story is rather confused Vallee gave 20th, Verga in personal correspondence c1980 gave 15th and in Verga 2007 gives 18th, which I assume to be the most accurate. Verga 2007 gives a complete list of newspaper sources and a detailed discussion of this case

October 18 1954.
J Augard and J Chanzwtte saw an oval object with a dome, emitting a bright white light, resting in a field. When they approached it, the object rose vertically, leaving a reddish trail, and flew to the northeast. 
  • Vallee Case 282 citing Combat + La Croix both of 20 October 1954.Evaluation - A letter in La Liberte 20 October 1954. suggested this was actually dated 16th and was the 2130hrs. meteor

October 18 1954.
Mr Meunier a construction supervisor was terrified by a strange object that rose vertically from the ground. He said he had never been as afraid as this, even during the war. 

  • Vallee Case 283 citing La Croix + Paris Presse both 20 October 1954.

October 18 1954.
A farm boy Albert Giraud (15) was riding his bike from Andigne to Saint Martin du Bois when he saw a light changing from green to yellow descending jerkily towards the road. The lad felt paralysed by fear. On the ground the thing resembled a transparent saucer giving off a red light, inside of which was a being 1.2m tall, covered with hair from head to feet and with large eyes. The object took off giving off a blast of air which hit Albert in the back. The boy was so terrified that he was bedridden for several days. 
  • Alain Gamard + Gross URECAT citing Figuet and Ruchon 1979 citing Ouest France 20 October 1954. p182
  • Evaluation - Very distorted account of an owl ?

October 18 1954. Morning.
A man driving to Bordeaux saw, 3km from Pons, an oval object 5-6m diameter hovering and then landing near the road. From it emerged two little men about 1.25m tall, but when they saw the witness they rapidly re-entered the object, which took off vertically 
  • Barthel and Brucker 1979 p45 citing an anonymous letter in Sud Ouest 20 October 1954
  • Vallee Case 298 citing France-Soir 22 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - Another anonymous letter. Most sources date this 21st, but Sud Ouest was before this date

October 18 1954. 0430hrs.
Lucien Flesch from Colmar was cycling to work, when he encountered, near Issenheim, a metallic sphere 5-6m in diameter, 1m above the ground. Afraid he cycled on to Mulhouse, where he reported the matter. He later returned to the site but no traces could be found. 5 people from Bergholtz had seen a similar sphere in the sky when they were on the way to work 
  • Gross 1954. citing L’Alsace 21 October 1954. + Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p184 : : Vallee case 290 citing Quincy 1961 + Paris Presse 22 October 1954. incorrectly dates to 20th)

October 18 1954. 1000hrs.
Mrs Alice Paquet was looking after her cows at Cote de la Chambre farm when she heard foreign voices in bushes 50m away. From these came two men, 1.8m tall, wearing black or dark blue overalls. One of then shouted and pointed in the direction of Blanchon’s Mill and two other men appeared along the banks of the La Rozeille stream. 15 minutes later a dog began to bark and then Alice saw a cigar shaped machine take off without a sound. It was 5m long, dark in colour and disappeared in the southwest at moderate speed, leaving no trail. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing INFO-OVNI 1 p8 citing Le Montagne 27 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - Helicopter and crew?

October 18 1954. 1800hrs.
Pierre and Isabelle Zirolo were motorcycling from Toulon to Marseille and had just gone through Le Beausset when their attention was caught by what they first thought was the moon. When they stopped they realised that it was to close and too bright to be the moon. It resembled a globe with soft edges, emitting orange and yellow sparks. The thing seemed to come closer and they cycled on to Aubage, 25km away, with no recollection of how they got there. The thing then (?) seemed to be over Saint-Cur-Mer. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p294 citing letter from witness’s son (?) in Lumieres dans le Nuit 372

October 18 1954. 2040hrs.
Mr and Mrs Lherminier saw a cigar shaped red object dive towards them with a reddish trail and land on the road. Upon reaching the top of the hill they were confronted by a bulky human figure, about 1m tall. The creature wore a helmet and its eyes were glowing with an orange light. Four other people saw the object in flight, from separate locations. The countryside was illuminated over 2-3 km. 
  • Vallee 1969 p85 and case 284

October 18 1954. 2100hrs.
A number of motorists on Route N-150 saw two discs in the sky, one orange, the other red, with a sort of luminous bridge between them. Mr and Mrs Labassiere saw them land in a nearby field. One dwarf came out of each craft and went into the other one, without any communication between them. After this exchange of occupants both objects flew away with a tremendous flash. 
  • Vallee Case 285 citing France-Soir + Paris Presse 21 October 1954.
  • Michel 1958 p193
  • Heiden citing Carrouges 1967 p319

October 18 1954. 2245hrs.
Miss Marie-Louise Bourriot (25) was motorcycling on Route N437 when she saw a bright red light about 200m ahead. As she reached the former La Cascade mill she saw a man, 1.5m tall in a dark coat, stood on the footpath. Beside him were two small black beings, which crossed the road less than 10m ahead of Marie-Louise. Three kilometres further along, she looked back to see a red oval object rising vertically above the village. 
  • Vallee Case 286 citing Quincy and Lumieres dans le Nuit 97
  • FSRCH 1 p16 
  • Michel p197 : : Heiden citing Carrouges 1967 p138)

October 19 1954.
Bruno Sensei saw two shining objects, emitting smoke, and land in a field. Out of them came small, red, monstrous beings that chased him. In a state of great excitement Bruno was brought to a hospital where he tried to hide under a bed, screaming and trembling in terror. 
  • Vallee Case 287 citing Il Tempo + Il Messagero + Romento Sera 20 October 1954.

October 19 1954. 1500hrs.
Teacher Gustav Rivet and 19 schoolboys were going for a botany ramble in the country, when at “les deux passages” they heard a slight whistling that suddenly stopped. 30 minutes later they heard the same noise and saw a deep red coloured metallic object. It comprised of a spherical lower part, 1.5m diameter, with oval portholes, surmounted by a rotating disc 50cm thick, which gave off the sound. It stood on square blocks. Around the object were three figures with humanoid trunks, but only one leg that terminated in a spherical stand. They had hook like hands and small conical heads with three eyes in a triangle. They wore leather jackets. 
  • Alain Gamard citing Le Dauphine Libre 20 October 1954.

October 19 1954. 1920hrs.
Filippo Corridoni saw an object descending close to the bank of the River Isonzo. He ran towards it, and as he approached he saw that it was something resembling a grey “floppy balloon” 20m in diameter, bouncing a few centimetres above the ground. Behind this was a round metallic object with a tinted upper section, surmounted by a black dome. In this were a number of widows, some of which were lit by a brilliant blue-white light. Fllippo could not see anything inside the dome but had “the feeling” that there were occupants on the far side of the object, which rested on some sort of metallic frame. A few seconds later the light went out and the windows appeared to have closed. The thing then began rotating and took off, retracting the frame and dragging the “balloon”, which after a few metres inflated to a huge size, revealing a striped multi-coloured surface. The observation lasted about one minute. 
  • Verga 2007 p82 case 5414 citing Il Messaggero + Il Gazzettino both of 21 October 1954. + L’Unione Sarde and Paese Sera 22 October 1954.+ Boncompagni 1980 p153 + Gross 1991 p68 + Stilo 2006 p268
  • Vallee Case 288 citing Il Messaggero op cit
  • Evaluation - Distorted account of a hot air balloon?

October 19 1954. 2045hrs.
Andre Vasseur (25) and his wife were returning home on their bicycles and were just approaching the downhill slope before Hericourt-St Samson when they saw a red cigar shaped object hovering at high altitude. Suddenly this thing streaked downwards landing behind a hedge several hundred metres from the road. When they reached the top of the hill, Mrs V screamed as she saw a 1m tall squat humanoid wearing a helmet down to its shoulders. From where the eyes should have been came narrow beams of orange light, which seemed to follow the couple. Mrs V fainted and Andre had to drag her and the two bicycles home, the beams following him as he did so. Both witnesses were so shaken that they could neither eat nor sleep. Searches by the police etc. the next day were fruitless. 
  • P Gross URECAT citing L’ Oise-Matin 20 October 1954. p10

October 19 1954. 2100hrs.
A mason, Mr Sioneau or Filloneau was out driving when a ball of fire 2m diameter took off the from the ground and flew off nearby. His car stopped or he stopped it, he felt a violent blast of air and the battery and headlights died. It appears that the battery was flat. There was a gendarme investigation but no details were released. 
  • Vallee Case 299 citing France Soir + Le Soir 24 October 1954 + Gross 1954. citing Sider 1999 citing La Republique de Bordeaux et Sud Ouest 23 October 1954. p6
  • Evaluation - Possibly another misperceived meteor

October 19 1954. 2230hrs.
Two men, satirist, Paolo Cutizi and writer, Giulio Emery, were in a park, when they saw a disc shaped object, 6m diameter, hovering and emitting small violet flashes 20m from a building When they gotm within 40m they saw that on top of it was a very high antenna, and beneath it a small ladder. A few minutes later two robot like beings, 1.2m tall, descended from the ladder. Their eyes were sharp and dark red. They said something like “Dbano da skigyay o dbano” and went aboard their craft and flew away. 
  • Vallee Case 289 citing Il Messaggero 24 October 1954
  • Verga 2007 p83 case 5452 citing Il Messaggero op cit + Cronache 2 November 1954. + Boncompagni 1980 p472 + Gross 1991 p69 + Stilo 2006 p337)
  • Evaluation - Hoax, given the two’s background a satire on the flying saucer stories of the period

October 20 1954. 0230hrs.
Lazlo Ujvari was suddenly confronted by a man wearing a jacket, boots and cloth headgear (like a pilot’s), who pointed a gun at him and said something that he could not understand. When Ujvari spoke to him in Russian, the stranger replied in the same language and asked whether he was in Spain or Italy, and how far he was from Germany. When asked the time, Ujvari said 0230. The man took his watch and said “You lie, its 4.00 o clock”. He then wanted to know how far and in what direction Marseilles was. He made Ujvari walk on the road with him, and they came close to a grey craft with an antenna on top. When he was about 200m away, Ujvari heard a soft whistling sound and he saw the craft fly straight up, then take an oblique trajectory. 
  • Vallee 1969 p146 + Case 291 citing Carrouges 1964 p99
  • Gross 1954. citing Le Liberte de l’Est 23 October 1954 + Jacques Bergier in ParisPresse + Le Quotidien de le Haut Loire both 24 October 1954. + Guieu 1956b pp226 + Carrouges op cit + Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p190
  • Evaluation - Possibly a Russian helicopter (would these have been flying around France in 1954) or a hoax to promote the Russian secret weapon theory, or possibly a micro-sleep episode)

October 20 1954. Early morning.
A number of people including notary public include Michelle Vitkosusky saw several unknown objects manoeuvring for two hours. One of them was very brilliant and landed in a field. Two others were seen near the cliff in Mers, and seemed to be communicating by means of light signals, with objects in another group. 
  • Vallee Case 293 citing Paris Presse 11 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - Classic bright astronomical objects + autokinesis

October 20 1954. Early evening.
Lumber dealer Roger Reveille was walking along a woodland road when his attention was caught by a sound like a flock of pigeons. Looking up, he saw, at treetop height an oval object 6m long, and felt an intense heat from it. It took off vertically at great speed. Inside the woods, the heat had become intolerable and a cloud of dense smoke was forming under the rain. After 15 minutes Roger was able to approach the site, where he found the grass, trees and ground all perfectly dry. 
  • Michel 1958b p204
  • Cramp 1966 p153
  • Vallee Case 292 citing Quincy 1961 and Michel op cit
  • Note Gross 1954 dates this as 22nd, though almost all sources give 20th.

October 20 1954. 1800hrs.
A 23 year old woman was closing her house shutters when her attention was caught by an orange0red light hovering over a nearby field. Coming from this was a sharp thin beam of light descending vertically on to the road. Five small humanoids then seemed to come from the bottom of this beam and then walked to her home. As they entered, the doors opened as if by their own accord. She could now see that these beings were between 1-1.2m tall and were covered all over in russet hair, except for their porcine faces. The creatures circled around the woman but when she shouted out they moved back in to the beam of light, which then disappeared with a high pitched whistle that shattered a bottle she was holding in her hand. Her husband, who had been shopping only 30m away and had seen nothing heard her scream and came home to find her collapsed on the floor. Her two month pregnancy ended in miscarried and she developed heart disease shortly afterwards. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p299 citing Gerard Champetier in an unspecified issue of Lumieres dans le Nuit
  • Evaluation - Clearly a story told decades later and influenced by later lore.

October 20 1954. 1830hrs.
On Route N-393, 800m from this village, Jean Schoubrenner (25), a truck driver, saw a bright light in the distance and soon found the road blocked by a strange object. When he was within 20m of it, his engine died and he felt paralysed, his hands feeling glued to the wheel. The object looked like an inverted cone, with a phosphorescent lower part, the middle part dull, and the top luminous, with a yellow or orange point. As the car rolled forward Jean felt a sensation of increasing heat in his body. All these symptoms disappeared a few seconds later when the object flew away towards the northwest. 
  • Michel 1958 b p204 
  • Cramp 1966 p152
  • Vallee Case 294 citing France Soir 23 October 1954

October 20 1954. 1930hrs.
Mr N B was cycling home when he saw an object with headlights at about 7-8m altitude. It gave off a humming sound. After some seconds it took off at great speed. The witness then noticed another craft above the field. It took off like the first five minutes later. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing GESAG section Liege

October 20 1954. Approx date.
Ermelinda Lanzillo had gone outside to attend to her animals and look for cat on this rainy night when she encountered two or three figures by her pig pen. They were sturdy beings, 1.7m tall, dressed in shiny blue-green metallic suits and helmets like those of divers. A sort of halo appeared over their shoulders. Her nephew became concerned at her absence and went out to call for her. She heard him but felt unable to respond. When he came across her, she hurried back to her house, gesturing for him to follow, shutting the door behind her. When they went out again 15 minutes later, nothing could be seen. Other accounts talked of a strange short wide creature with a hairy head coming from behind a bush, or an encountered with a pot bellied ape like creature with a head like a helmet. 
  • Verga 2007 p84 case 5453 citing Il Nuovo Corrierre 26 October 1954. + La Nazione + Il Gioranle del Mattino both 27 October 1954 + Il Giornale d’Italia + Sydney Telegraph all 31 October 1954. + Il Giornale dei Misteri 62 p8 + UFO Notiziario 55 p49 + Boncompagni 1980 p217 + Gross 1991 p89 + Sider 1997 p321 + Stilo 2006 p376
  • Evaluation - Too confused to make much sense of; the UFO story really came from the nephew when interviewed by teenage ufologists in 1975

October 21 1954.
A young man walking in a field heard a rustling noise and saw and strange craft land nearby. Getting closer to investigate, he saw a pilot with a diving suit coming out of the craft, which emitted bronze-green rays of light, flooding the whole countryside. The witness was paralysed. A dog barking about 100m away caused the pilot to rapidly return to the craft, which then took off. 
  • Vallee Case 297 citing Il Giornale d’Italia 22 October 1954
  • Verga 2007 p85 case 5415 citing Il Giornale d’ Italia op cit + Corriere di Sicillia 22 October 1954. + Corriere di Caserta 4 September 2000 + Boncompagni 1980 p163 + Sider 1997 p320 + Gross 1991 p74 + Stilo 2006 p264
  • Evaluation - Verga suggests a press hoax

October 21 1954. 0900hrs.
Near here, a road worker Angelo Cali (52) was going towards the River Alcantara when he saw something resembling a “flaming bird” rise out of the sea and move along just above the river. It landed on the right bank about 59m from Cali. The thing was a convex platform, 10m diameter, surmounted by a dome. It glistened in the sun like metal. After a few seconds the object took off, ascended a few metres then left without a sound. 
  • Verga 2007 p85 case 5443 citing Il Corriere di Sicilia 23 October 1954. + Stilo 2006 p318)

October 21 1954. 1645hrs.
Mrs Jessie Roestenberg, (25) who had experienced tingling sensations since noon, and her two sons (8 and 6), heard a loud hissing sound outside. They went out, thinking a jet aircraft was overhead. Instead they saw a brilliant aluminium coloured, disc shaped craft with a dome, hovering low over the house. The craft was titled and through two transparent panels, two men could be seen. These men had white skin, long hair to their shoulders and very high foreheads. They wore transparent helmets and turquoise blue ski suits. The beings looked "sternly, not in an unkind fashion, but almost sadly, compassionately" on the terror stricken family. The machine flashed a purple-blue light, ascended silently, circled the house before moving off faster than a jet, leaving a vapour trail. It was observed moving off over Wolverhampton by a number of people. The witnesses were shocked, Jessie suffered a facial rash, the two boys and her two year old daughter began to act up. The family had other sightings and felt uneasy until they moved house. Jessie later claimed to have seen the beings around her house, to have ESP, received messages in her head etc. 
  • Gibbons 1956 chapters 7 and 8
  • Charles Bowen in Bowen 1966 p4
  • Vallee Case 298
  • Lorenzen 1967 p88
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a p141 citing above + investigations by Wilfred Daniels and themselves
  • Randles 1988 p68
  • Randles 1999 p25
  • Evaluation - A story clearly influenced by the Adamski story in the press at the time.

October 21 1954. 2130hrs.
A resident of Cherbonniers was driving from La Rochelle with his three year old son on Rte 1C-20, when, between Serifere and Paille they suddenly felt painful pricklings, similar to electric shocks, and the child started crying. They felt increasing pain as the car rolled on and, suddenly, the engine died and the lights went out. They were blinded by a strong red light, which turned orange. It came from an object hovering above the road. Everything returned to normal when it went away at high speed 
  • Michel 1958b p204
  • Ramp 1966 p153
  • Vallee Case 300 citing L’Aurore 22 October 1954.

October 22 1954. 1530hrs.
A miner, Casimir Starovk, or Stawski was picking chestnuts about 120m from Erchin Forest 700m and 300m from the road, north west of Erchin Village, when he heard a branch break then saw the glint of metal tubes He thought it was a gamekeeper and hid, 4m away, a being about 1.1m tall, with a large head, protruding slit eyes, which had a very small iris, a flat nose and thick red lips. The thing was wearing skull cap with a beaded front, from under which long hair hung down to its shoulders. Its body was bulky and covered with fur. It was carrying two metal rods Before Casimir could think of stopping it, it had disappeared or Cssimir fled.
  • Vallee Case 252
  • Vallee 1966a p14
  • Heiden citing Carrouges 1967 p252
  • Vallee in FSR 10,1 p10
  • Alain Gamard citing Nord Éclair + Nord Matin + La Voix du Nord + La Croix du Nord all of 27 October 1954.+ La Croix du Nord 24 October 1954.(this later source says being spoke in an unknown language, and that Casimir saw four other beings inside a (landed) object
  • Fouguet and Ruchon 1979 p195 citing La Voix du Nord + Nord Matin + Nord Éclair all 27 October 1954. + GNEOVNI2
  • Sider 1997 p215
  • J. pD’Hondt citing Lumieres dans le Nuit 103 p5 
  • Evaluation - Rather a confused story, perhaps a misperception of a local tramp out dowsing, or even an owl

October 23 1954. 0100hrs.
Two tradesmen, V Ammirati and I Catapano (both 21) were driving home when their attention was caught by a brilliant light. When they got within 150m of the thing, they saw that it was a luminous sphere, like wheel, 10m in diameter. Catapano, who was driving, skidden then stopped 30m beyond the object. The men got out but as they did so, the object took off vertically, emitting a hissing sound, and leaving a brilliant trail. The object rapidly reached about 3,000m and it had become red. The men were afraid and had upset stomachs. According to some sources strips of scorched earth and blackened grass were found at the site, and seen by police. 
  • Verga 2007 p86 case 5416 citing Nazione Sera 23 October 1954. + Il Mattino + La Nazione etc etc 24 October 1954. + Il Giornale dei Misteri 32 p11 + G Sorrentino first hand + Boncompagni 1980 p177 + Gross 1991 p79 + Stilo 2006 p326

October 23 1954. 0300hrs.
An Italian farmer saw a flying craft descend to ground level about 90m away, with a sound like that of a compressor. It was an egg shaped machine with six wheels and complex machinery. The top half was transparent and flooded with bright white light. Aboard were six men in yellowish coveralls, having human faces and masks. When he touched part of the craft the witness felt a strong electric shocked. One of the occupants for him to stay away. For the next 20 minutes the witness was able to observe the six men apparently busy with instruments. The craft then rose silently to 50, then took off at dizzying speed. Investigators found the imprints of six wheels. 

  • Vallee 1969 p151 + Case 303 citing “personal” sources

October 23 1954. Night.
Mrs Boeuf was milking her cows when she saw a luminous object in the sky and called her family out. When the object looked as though it was about to land, they fled indoors, only coming out in the morning. 
  • Gross 1954. citing Midi Libre 26 October 1954.
  • Vallee Case 301 citing France Soir 26 October 1954.
  • Evaluation - Moon low on the horizon?

October 23 1954. (Approx. date) 2200hrs.
A merchant from Hesdin, his deliveryman and another passenger were driving near here, when they saw a blinding light ahead of them. It passed over the vehicle, and as it did so their motor and headlights failed and they felt something like an electric shock. The shopkeeper and the deliveryman were both badly bruised. 
  • Gross 1954. citing J D’Hondt citing Le Journal du Pas de Calais et de la Somme 27 October 1954.
  • Michel 1958b p204 + Vallee Case 314 citing Le Parisien 28 October 1954., these latter date the case as 27th October

October 24 1954.
A small man with strange glowing eyes was seen on the Mediterranean shore.
  • Vallee Case 304 citing Guy Quincy

October 24 1954. 0600hrs.
Ulderigo Cardinali a farm worker, was walking along a meadow path, when je heard a buzzing sound and encountered a patch of fog. When he cleared it, he encountered a disc shaped craft among the reeds of a swamp. It was 2m in diameter and near it was a small being, 1.4m tall, clad in yellowish-brown overalls, seeming with some task around the craft.. This creature went inside the machine, which took off at very high speed, making a quiet buzzing sound and touching the tops of the reeds. 
  • Verga 2007 p87 case 5417 citing Il Giornale de Mattino + Il Tirreno + Il Messaggero + Corriere di Tripoli all 26 October 1954. + Oltre il Cielo 15 May 1958 + Il Gioranale dei Misteri 12 p9 + Boncompagni 1980 p180 + Sider 1997 p320 + Stilo 2006 p377
  • Vallee Case 308 citing Oltre il Cielo Vol 1 p445)

October 24 1954. 1030hrs.
Mr Laforet encountered a disc shaped object, 3m diameter, 1.7m high, at the wood at Grandchamp. He ran away and returned with some companions. They found a circle of flattened grass 2-3m in diameter, which the dogs refused to approach. 
  • C. E. OVNI M 46 citing Lumieres dans le Nuit 128 p18.

October 24 1954. 1530hrs (or 0330hrs)
A shepherd tending his sheep at 800m on Mount Moumboa saw two strange Caucasian men 1.7-1.75m tall, and some 50m away, a devise like a horizontal shell 3-4m long, 1m diameter on the ground. The milky coffee coloured object had a central cabin and propellers at either end. At the rear was a sort of tripod. The two men approached the machine and put it upright on the tripod. They opened a narrow door in the craft and entered. The propellers turned in opposite directions, without making a sound, and the thing took off vertically for 100m, then disappeared to the north. 
  • Gross URECAT citing Sider 1997 p217 citing an anonymous letter in L’éclair Pyrenees 3 November 1954. p2
  • Evaluation - If this is not another hoax, as seems likely, it may be another fantastic description of a helicopter and its crew.

October 24 1954. 1730hrs.
Near Ste. Catherine Janine Seon (10) was tending the cows, when she saw a white object descending. It was hidden behind the slop of a hill, so she went to see what it was. She encountered something like a large tram with widows. She then saw a “man” leaning against a hay sheaf, who walked with stiffly towards her. The being was dressed in a red metallic suit, was about 1.4m tall and gesturing at her. It had long hair, a hairy face and large eyes like those of oxen. It spoke to her in a deep voice but she could not understand what was said. In its hand was a green devise. The being came up to her, touched her on the shoulder, then re-entered the craft through an opening in the front. The machine, took off, rotating, making a sound Janine compared to a sewing machine. At altitude it emitted blue, red and green flames and took off. Her dogs followed her, but when they encountered the cigar they fled without barking. 
  • Gross 1954. citing H Meilland in La Depeche la Liberte 28 October 1954. citing own investigation
  • Evaluation - Is this a childish misperception of a helicopter and a pilot wearing goggles?

October 24 1954. 1830hrs.
A local councillor and farmer Germain Mahou (30) was cycling along a country lane, when a place called Fontaine-Brouillon he encountered a strange glow in the road. On approaching he saw it came from something that resembled a giant chicken incubator, 2m in diameter, 1.5m high, its light illuminating the surroundings. It took off leaving a luminous trail. 
  • Gross 1954. citing Garreau and Lavier 1975 p141 + Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p197)

October 24 1954. 2100hrs.
Between Biozat and Effiat on the road from Claremont to Vichy, the engine of a motor scooter died as an egg shaped object took off from the side of the road, and arose without a noise, leaving a trail behind. 
  • Vallee Case 306)

October 24 1954. 2200hrs.
A 44 year old medical officer, Gino Giovanni, and his wife were out driving, when she alerted him to a white-green-blue luminous sphere hovering about 20m altitude, 50m away. They stopped and got out, at which the thing flew over their car and away. The observation just lasted a few seconds. Gino had seen a similar luminous sphere in the sky a few days before. 
  • Verga 2007 case 5418 citing Giornale dei Mattino + La Nazione + Il Nuovo Corriere + La Gazzetta del Popolo all 26 October 1954. + Paese Sera + Il Giornale d’Italia 27 October 1954. + investigation by URSA MAJOR + Boncompagni 1974 p182 + Stilo 2006 p374)

October 25 1954. Evening.
A red object, leaving a faintly luminous trail landed and two beings emerged from it. The then re-entered the machine, which took off again. 
  • Verga 2007 p88 case 5420 citing Il Nuovo Corriere 27 October 1954. + Boncompagni 1974 p216 + Sider 1997 p320 + Stilo 2006 p376
  • Evaluation - Verga lists this as just a newspaper rumour, possibly made up by journalists

October 25 1954. 2030hrs.
Mrs Louis and sons, Marc and Yvon, observed an orange object 6m diameter, 3m high fly over them as their tractor engine failed. The lights also went out and the battery was found dead after the sighting. 
  • Vallee Case 312
  • Richard Heiden citing Carrouges 1967 p171)

Late October 1954. 1750hrs.
A man was waiting for a bus in North Fosse Road, along with his mother and a couple of friends when they saw a large silvery disc-shaped object appear over a factory on the other side of the road. Through one of what looked like six portholes, they saw three small men with large heads and eyes and wearing what looked like smocks. The object then moved off to the west.
  • Leicester UFO Research Society Digital Database citing an unspecified issue of Leicester Mercury.

October 26 1954. 0600hrs.
Vincente Casmajou was in his truck with his wife, climbing up a hill 18km north of Angouleme, when they saw a white light in their rear view mirror. They saw that this came from a sort of huge “cauldron”, the size of a 5 ton truck (about 7m long), which had taken off from a meadow. It climbed at 45 degrees, leaving a trail. 
  • Gross 1954. citing Garreau and Lavier 1975 p154 + Fuget and Ruchon 1979 p199)

October 26 1954. 2130hrs.
Mrs Spinner and another witness saw a flying object come from the west and land 1km away. 
  • Vallee case 313.

October 26 1954. 2245hrs.
Aime Bousard (47), a farmer, was cycling back from the town hall at Alleyrat to his hamlet Vaureille, when, at a place called Le Madiere or Le Badiere. he suddenly saw an individual bent down by the side of the road. When the stranger stood up he projected two bright beams of blue light on Aime. He also had two lamps, emitting green light, on either side of his head. Aime could see that this stranger was 1.6m tall and dressed like a diver. As he stood up and projected the beams, Aime felt a pressure and a violent wind through him backwards. He remained unable to move for 10 minutes as the stranger moved about, shining the blue beams. He suddenly disappeared. Aime continued to feel pain in his right arm and leg, and when interview the right hand was still swollen. A circle of upturned earth 70cm in diameter was found at the site. 
  • Gross 1954. citing La Montagne + L’Est Republicain both 28 October 1954. + Var Matin Republique 29 October 1954. + Guieu 1972 p231 + Carrouges 1933 p120 + Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p670
  • Evaluation - According to local gossip Bousard either got into confrontation with a motorist, whom he shot at (meant was hit by?) or got beaten up by a gang of youths and made up the story to explain his injuries.

October 27 1954. (Approx. date)
Widow Maurel saw a bowl shaped object in a meadow. From it emerged a strange individual, all covered with hair. When it saw the witness, the creature immediately went away. 
  • Gross URECAT citing Sider 1997 p222 citing L’Eveil du Cantal 30 October 1954. p2

October 27 1954.
Andre Treussard and a friend were driving from Morbihan, when near a place called La Chere, they were blinded and forced to stop by a blinding light. It came from a “boat shaped “ object 4-5m long, in a meadow, 100m away. They did not dare go any closer and the thing took off almost immediately. 
  • Gross 1954. citing Garraeu and Lavier 1975 p89 + Figuet and Tuchon 1979 p201 : : Vallee Case 307

October 27 1954.
A policeman saw an object take off from the ground. No further details 
  • Vallee Case 315.

October 27 1954. 1400hrs.
Fabio Bruni (16) head a hissing sound and saw a strange object of vague shape, about 20m diameter, transparent, white and emitting a brilliant light, hovering 1m above the ground. The boy was so frightened that he fell over, spraining his ankle. He saw the object take off vertically, leaving a trail behind. He discovered bright silvery-white threads at the site. 
  • Verga 2007 p88 citing La Nazione 28 October 1954. + Paese Sera 29 October 1954. + Boncompagni 1974 p226 + Gross 1991 p86 + Stilo 2006 p408
  • Evaluation - Verga suspects a hoax

October 27 1954. 1930hrs.
A farmer, Gilbert Hee was gathering pears when he suddenly saw an elongated object with a light at both ends, resting in the pasture. He dared not investigate but saw cows gathering around it. A few minutes later, the lights went out, and Hee lost interest and went home. Two hours later, 18 year old Mr Cheradame fell from his motorcycle as it abruptly failed at the same spot, and altered neighbours, including Mr Marais, who saw the object again. It moved only slightly and two occupants were seen. They were about 1m tall, walked in a stiff fashion and had clothes like bright armour. They vanished suddenly as the craft took off without noise. 
  • Vallee Case 317 citing Carrouges 1963 p120.

October 27 1954. 2030hrs.
Guy Culliver (13) was out walking his dog when the animal ran off, barking. Guy followed and encountered a dark circular machine, 4-5m in diameter in a meadow. The boy ran back home. At first his parents would not believe him, but later his mother went with him to the scene, in time to see a reddish glow taking off rapidly. The both fled again. When police investigated they found triangular marks and blackened grass at the site. 

  • Gross 1954. citing Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p202 + France Soir 30 October 1954. : : Vallee case 318 cites France Soire but incorrectly says the school principal saw the object also, the article merely says he accompanied the boy to the police

October 27 1954. 2045hrs.
A motorist driving between Effiat and Allier saw a yellowish disc, with three bright spots on the periphery take off and take on a reddish hue. 
  • Gross citing Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p203 citing Le Montagne 29 October 1954.
  • Jacques Bonabot citing C E OVNI M 49 citing Lumieres dans le Nuit 128 p18)

October 27 1954. 2315hrs.
On Rte N40, the mayor’s secretary saw for 15 minutes,a bright cigar shaped object flying very low and following the turns of the road at 20m altitude. Suddenly it turned a right angle from the road and flew away. 
  • Vallee Case 319.

October 28 1954. 2100hrs.
Labourer Egidio Mazzucato (26) was at home with his wife and aunt, when he heard a knocking on the door. He answered but could not see anything, so closed it again, only to hear the knocking again and a faint voice. He opened the door again, to his 7 year old niece, who was clearly afraid. Egidio was then enveloped in a brilliant light, coming from a strange object, 7-8m wide, hovering over a pear tree, about 10m above the ground. The thing seemed to be composed of three concentric circles, from the inner of which came two dazzling beams of light. At the centre of this circle was something like a transparent cabin, and the lights illuminated the two outer rings. The object was surrounded by a red halo, which illuminated the countryside and emitted a sulphurous smell. After a few seconds the object took off with a gust of air, and no sound save for a faint hiss. His aunt saw the departure, and other people had seen luminous objects in the area at around the same time. Next day Egidio’s eyes were bloodshot and he had problems with his vision. 
  • Verga 2007 p89 case 5422 citing Gazzerra de Veneto 30 October 1954. + Avenire d’ Italia + Il Giornale d’Italia + Il Popolo all 31 October 1954.+ M Mantello in Giornale dei Mesteri 68 p4 citing his own investigation) + Boncampagni 1980 p252 + Stilo 2006 p523
  • Evaluation - Misperception of a helicopter?

October 28 1954. 2200hrs.
Farmer Guido Ceriani was cycling home from the cinema, when he noticed a bright light in a stadium, somewhat between a car headlight and a searchlight in size. The 10m wide object had landed in a nearby field. From it emerged two beings uttering guttural noises. Guido was afraid so he cycled into town and up to a local bar. There he persuaded about 20-30 patrons, mainly youths, to go back to the site with him. There they heard guttural noises like turkeys, and one man, Mr Toniut, climbed the fence to see a being with close fitting tight trousers, a dark belt and a metallic grey shirt. The light made this being difficult to make out, but Toniut saw that it had something like a elephant’s trunk on its face. Several other people starting throwing rocks at the object, which was 20m away, and was spiral shaped and composed of two sections of different colours, and had an underside like a cradle, and ended in a sort of tail that touched the ground in three places. The lower part shone with a green light, the upper part was a brilliant silvery hemisphere, too bright to look upon, surmounted by a silvery antennae 1.5m high, 20cm diameter. Ceriani and Toniut finally got into the field and through at least one box at the creatures, which retreated towards the machine. Another man tried to set his boxer dog on the beings but it attacked Ceriani instead. The beings retreated to their craft, which took off with a loud whistle, like a siren, rotating and projecting a beam of light on the ground. It rose up top 500m where it remained for 15 minutes, before suddenly disappearing. The next day many of the witnesses had bloodshot eyes, and a Mr Cerizzin was so shaken he had to remain in bed. 
  • Verga 2007 p90 case 5449 citing Gianfranco Tonali in La Notte 29 October 1954. + numerous other press sources + Notiziario UFO 4 p15 + OVNI Presence 33/4 p17 + Boncompagni 1980 p473 + Gross 1991 p89 + Stilo 2006 p492.
  • Evaluation - Hoax by two or three local youths orchestrated by Ceriani, probably with the connivance of most of the 'witnesses', aimed at Mr Tonali. Verga produces a detailed account of this, with photos of the effects used taken from various papers of the period. This was all exposed at the time, but this did not stop the case being repeated by ufologist after ufologist. An exaggerated version of this story was transposed to Monza on November 8th, with now 150 witnesses! (cf that entry)

October 29 1954. 0800hrs.
Jean-Pierre Coubrait was driving to school on his moped when he saw a large disc facing the sun. As he drove on, it came down close to him, assuming a vertical position, and seemed to chase him. In panic he stopped at the farm of Mr and Mrs Gentile. Mrs Gentile went out to investigate, at first she saw nothing, then saw a disc, 3-4 times the angular diameter of the sun, surrounded by red and purple reflections. The object rotated several times then disappeared. The thing had left a trail and the boy had the impression that the thing had “stung” him. There were police enquiries. 
  • Gross 1954. citing La Montagne 30/31 October 1954. p5 + Le Meriondel 31 October 1954. p1 + Le Provencal 31 October 1954. p9 + Guieu 1956b p231 + Figuet and Ruchon 1979
  • Jacques Bonabot citing CFRU Ouranus 8 citing Centre Matin 30 October 1954.
  • Vallee Case 321
  • Evaluation - Mock sun?

October 29 1954. 1425hrs.
Nine road workers, including G Licandro (42) and F Cantone (32) were working on the road, when Licandro looked up and saw a transparent torpedo shaped object fly by. It appeared perfectly smooth and had two red lights in its lower section, and they thought they saw someone inside it. They thought it was death come for them. Suddenly there was a terrific noise and the thing sped away. 
  • Verga 2007 citing La Sicilia 30 October 1954. + Boncompangi 1974 p273 + Sider 1997 p321 + Stilo 2006 p512
  • Evaluation - Verga considers that either a balloon or a helicopter are possible sources for this story.

October 30 1954. 2355hrs.
Flavio Rebello (38), an official in the Porto Alegre Agricultural Secretariat was driving with his wife Isle and sons Luiz (15) and Paulo (10) to Tapes, on this windy overcast night, when they saw pair of strong lights approaching them on the highway and then leave the road and go into a field. A little later two more lights appeared behind the first. By this time the family had got within 1km, the lights were much brighter and were 300m to the right of the highway. These lights gradually changed colour blue-violet-orange-“red hot red”. During this colour change a form like a huge bottle could be seen behind the lights, which were 2m from the ground, 1m in diameter and sharply defined. The lights, in some strange way did not light up the surroundings. The family watched until the lights began approaching, at which, Isle insisted that they leave. 26km further on and 2km from Taves they saw two bright silvery lights, the angular diameter of the full moon, manoeuvre at a height of 500m. Little Paolo was asleep during the first encounter. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Ribera 1968 p247 citing (Joao Martins in O Cruziero 4 December 1954.) + Ultimas Noticias (Santiago 7 February 1955 + Carrion 1968 p51.

October 31 1954. Night.
Near Long, pPetit and his employee Mr Tillier, with a shop owner Mr Pecquet saw an oval object like a torch 4.5m long on the ground, emitting a light like that of a welder. When a tractor’s light went out, the object took off, came back, turned and flew off to the southwest, making a noise like a swarm of bees. 
  • Vallee Case 363 + Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p204 citing AAMT Bulletin 15 + Vallee.

Early November 1954. 2130hrs.
Mr Roelants was returning home to Lisseweghel on his motorcycle when a short distance after “Blauwe Toren” he was surprised to see a light descend to the ground ahead, some 200m away. It was on a dark object, 3-4m diameter, 5-6m high, the shape of a shed, with no visible details. After about 90 seconds the object took off, trailing a rose coloured flame. At the spot a small metal box was found, which contained a parchment written in an unintelligible script, said to resemble Hebrew. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing GESAG Bulletin 35,4 p21
  • Edgar Simons in Babcock and Beckley 1978 p9 citing BUFOC correspondence + investigation by GESAG and UFO Group Puttershoek
  • Evaluation - Sounds like a hoax. GESAG and UFOGP found no-one of the name Roelants was living in the village of Lisseweghel in 1954. and concluded the story was another press hoax. Bonabot in his correspondence gave the witness name as Wadron (an error?)

November 1954. (or following month)
Some charcoal burners saw an incandescent globe landing in a clearing covered by dense bush, and fled. When they returned to pick up their tools they found large areas of the bush had been carbonised. 
  • J B Delair in UFO Register 8 pt 1 p8 citing H T Wilkins citing an anonymous source

November 1954. 0030hrs.
From his bedroom window Emile (or C) Carton saw a great yellow light in the neighbouring pasture, then what looked like a calf lying on the ground. He went to the pasture fence but saw nothing. His son who lived 50m away heard crackling but did not get up to investigate. 
  • Alain Gamard citing OVNI-INFO 1 p9 citing La Montagne + Le Courrier + Echo du Centre all 4 November 1954. + Courrier Francais 13 November 1954. + Police enquiries in 1976
  • Gross 1954. citing La Montagne op cit

November 1954. 0200hrs.
Vincenzo Dattilo (67) a poet and critic was praying before the main convent when he saw a star like light descending and spinning rapidly. The thing flew to and fro, came down to 100m, then landed 20m away. It gave off a brilliant light, which then went out, revealing a 10m wide disc, with upper and lower domes. The upper dome had two long thin antennae, which moved as if in a wind. The thing was hovering just above the ground. An oval hatch then appeared in the lower dome and a small creature emerged, another was seen, seated and fluffed up and ruffled in the dome. The creature outside approached Dattilo and gestured him not to move. This being was now about 4-5m away, and Dattilo could see that it was about 1m tall, dressed in a transparent outfit, which gave off a blue-white light, with a transparent helmet and gloves. The being communicated in a strange language that Dattilo eventually recognised as Old Latin. Through this he learned that the being came from a foreign country with a powerful technology, which valued small people. The being hovered in the air for a while. It eventually re-entered the craft, as if pulled in. It sat beside its colleague, its hands on a sort of steering wheel. The other being that had stayed in the craft had a series of lights on its face. The machine lit up again and took off vertically with a slight rumbling sound. When it reached a certain altitude it flew back and forth and spun around, then left at high speed.
  • Verga 2007 p119 citing article by Dattilo in Il Mattino 22 November 1954. and to Renzo Cabassi September 1976
  • Evaluation - Vincenzo Dattilo might have been a pseudonym. There is no biography in Wikipedia or other internet source, though there are several references (in Italian) to his works including one on Marinetti, the Futurist poet. The story is clearly a literary invention, perhaps a satire of some sort.

Early November 1954. 0600hrs.
Two soldiers, Christophe de Devi and Mr Zopina went to buy some milk, but the found the shop closed. In a ravine near Hospital 294, they heard a buzzing sound resembling that of a small motorcycle, and on the ground, they saw chrome metallic craft, with a luminous orange rim around the edges, and a tail similar to that of an aircraft rudder. 10m from the object were two men of normal height; one, standing in a circular passage located in the lower part of the object, was wearing a pilot’s overall and had wavy hair and brown skin. The other appeared in an opening, talking with the first. They then approached the witnesses, who fled. Near the hospital chapel they encountered their companions, Messes Roch and Issoujom, and the four of them saw the machine take off at terrific speed and disappear in the distance. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Tarade 1969 p176 citing Maurice Malvillan
  • Evaluation - Helicopter and crew?

November 1 1954. 0630hrs.
Rosa Lotti (40) was going to the church and cemetery, when, on a country path, by a cypress tree, 50m from a clearing, she suddenly observed an object in the bushes. Coming closer she saw it was like a double cone with a common base. The craft appeared to be made of a sort of “leathery metal”. It was about 1.7-2m tall, 1.2m diameter. In the thickest part were two portholes on opposite sides with a little door between them. Through these Rosa could see two little “kiddie chairs”, back to back, facing the portholes. From behind the spindle emerged two small men, the size of children, about 1m high. They were clean shaven with friendly expressions. They wore grey one piece overalls, with “doublets” and helmets. Apart from their size, they were in all respects human in appearance, one looking about 40, the other 50. These being’s, who spoke in a strange language like Chinese, snatched Rosa’s flowers, and one of them took the stockings she was carrying; the “elder” of the men pointing a dark brown “cardboard package” at her. Rosa then fled; only as she left the scene did she feel afraid. Two little brothers (6 and 9), tending their pigs also saw this scene, and when the 9 year old returned with his father all that remained was a hole in the ground. Workmen also saw the landed craft; several others observed it in flight. The hole was also seen by police investigating Rosa’s story. 
  • Segio Conti in FSR 18,5 p11 citing La Nazione Italiano 2 and 5 November 1954.+ La Nazione Sera November 2 1954. + Il Giorno del Mattino 2, 3 and 5 November 1954.+ 2 March 1955 + La Settimana Incom 17 June 1962 + investigations by MUF and Prato UFO Study Group
  • Verga 2007 p95 case 5425 gives a very detailed discussion and analysis and cites numerous sources
  • Hilary Evans in Fortean Times 67 p43
  • Clark 1998 p177)

November 1 1954. 1530hrs.
Adelmo Monti, a farmer, saw something like a dark spot close to the ground about 500m away. The thing had a diameter of 1m and was surrounded by a number of small cylinders. He also saw a very tiny figure at the side of the object. 
  • Verga 2007 p109 case 5426 citing Il Resto del Carlino 2 November 1954.

November 1 1954. 2240hrs.
Gonzalo G Rubines Ramos stopped his car at “Curva del Obispo” between Santiago and Ordenes, sending word to La Coruna. His friends Rafael Carollo Sabell and Juan Pardo Ramos arrived sbout midnight to give him a tow. They found Rubinos inside his car, extremely excited, with his rosary in his hands. He had seen a spherical object, about 6m in diameter, which had appeared at ground level and had risen while all the dogs in the neighbourhood were barking. That night radio reception was blocked and people in Boccerea and Mora saw an unknown flying object. Rubines was known as an extremely religious man. 

  • Ballester 1976 p3 case 15 citing investigation by Oscar Ray + Ribera 1966 p265
  • Vallee Case 327 citing Le Parisien + Combat 8 November 1954.

November 1 1954. 2345hrs.
Mechanic Marcello Pistocchi was out motorcycling when he saw an object flying horizontally close to the ground, giving off a brilliant light like welding torch, which illuminated the surroundings, from a central headlight and two side lights and leaving a blue-red trail. Marcello called a neighbour Mr Colcelli and his sister Tosca, who saw the object like a luminous egg the apparent size of a door. The lights then went out and the thing disappeared. About 15 minutes later two groups of people in Cenninan and Pietraviva saw a bright blue globe flying along, giving off flashes, stop in mid-air and descend towards a hillock, stopped again then moved off to the north west. 
  • Verga 2007 p109 citing Il Giornale del Matteno 3-5 November 1954. + La Nazione 5 November 1954. + Investigation by GRSF + Notiziario UFO 44 p11 + Boncompagni 1980 p310)
  • Evaluation - Meteor and tricks of perspective.

November 2 1954.
A luminous globe was seen going east to west above the suburbs. One person reported humanoid figures on board 
  • URECAT citing Var Matin Republique 4 November 1954.

November 2 1954. 1030hrs.
Taxi driver Maurilio Braga Godoi was walking home, when, in an empty lot between two houses, he saw a luminous circular machine, about 3m in diameter, on the ground. He tried to run away, but seemed to be rooted to the spot, unable to cry out. When this feeling passed, he felt a great curiosity and approached the craft. He entered it through a sliding door, finding himself in a large circular room than was illuminated by soft light. Here he saw an odd shaped table and began to examine some of the maps on it. He was interrupted by the appearance of three men, less than 1.6m tall, with dark skin, black hair and wearing light grey one=piece overalls. On each of their belts was a devise resembling a gun. These men started to Godoi, conversing in a strange language, forcing him to back out of the craft, completely against his will. Once outside, he jumped down. As he fled he observed the vehicle hovering at 10m altitude. It then climbed silently at high speed, giving off a blue-red or violet glow at the periphery. Godoi was pronounced sane by psychiatrists who examined him. 
  • Lorenzen 1967 p198

November 2 1954. 1600hrs.
Two students, Pietro Alberini (20) and Pericle Sacchi,(21) out hunting near here, saw a dwarf 1m tall. It was dressed in a rubbery suit and a metallic helmet, with a tube attached to it, connected to a sort of cylinder on its back. When they came close to it, the being pushed something on its overalls and wrapped itself in a bluish cloud. The men fled. 
  • Vallee Case 325 citing Oltre Il Cielo not dated : Verga 2007 p110 case 5447 citing Corriere della Sera + Il Messaggerto both 3 November 1954. + Il Tirreno + Il Gioranle d’Italia 4 November 1954. + Oltre il Cielo 1958 p445 + OVNI Presence 33/4 p17 + Gross 1991b p8 + Sider 1997 p322
  • Evaluation - Admitted hoax; admited by Pericle Sacchi to ufologist Francesco Izzo in 1976 (Verga)

November 2 1954. 2230hrs.
Anna Spiadiacci (52) and Adele Orsini (37) were coming home from the cinema, when, at an intersection of a square and street, they encountered a strange creature moving in jerks and emitting “terrible” gutteral noises. The creature was about 1m tall and wearing something like a grey diver’s suit and leather helmet. From its forehead came a bluish light. The thing said something like “Axgi etam anui” and then vanished in a white cloud. 
  • Verga 2007 p111 case 5448 citing an unidentified clipping wrongly attributed to Corriere della Sera 4 November 1954. + Gabbola June/July 1990 p9
  • Evaluation - Fake clipping?? Newspaper hoax based on Cremona story?

November 3 1954. 0630hrs.
Farm hand Roland Poirier went out with a lantern in his hand on this foggy morning to milk the cows. He had only gone 500m when he encountered two strange beings in the fog. He described them as having hairy faces, large noses, oriental eyes and wearing metallic clothes and transparent helmets. They seemed to skate or glide along rather than walk. The boy ran away in terror as the beings circled around him. He was afraid they were chasing him. He arrived back at the farm out of breath, his face distorted by fear and he was sick all day and refused to sleep alone.
  • URECAT citing Sider 1997 pp 224, 268 + in Lumieres dans le Nuit 325 citing Les Nouvelles 6 November 1954. p3 + La Depeche Libre du Maine 7 November 1954. p3

November 3 1954. 0700hrs.

A delivery driver for Maroc Presse, a man considered to be of “sane judgement and excellent eyesight” observed, flying over the Beht river, a flat circular object, apparently made of copper. It flew normally for some time, then suddenly flipped over, landing gently on its edge in a field. It rose up at great speed almost immediately to continue its horizontal flight. 
  • Vallee Case 326 citing Maroc-Presse 4 November 1954.)

November 4 1954. 1515hrs.
Taxi driver, Francisco Tanca (in his 50s) was driving along a side road, when he saw a strange object in a clearing by the road. He stopped and got out to investigate. He saw it was a round object 15m wide made of a dull metal. It was surmounted by a “scaly” turret in which there was a porthole of thick, opaque glass. Around the object was a row of openings covered by something like a grid. Tanca became afraid and drove away. At 1530 20 year old Gianni Cambosu, riding his motorbike in the opposite direction came within 50m of the object, at which he was so startled that he fell off his bike. Despite hurting his arm, he remounted and drove off. Some minutes later a student, G Guarracini in another part of the mountain saw a circular object take off vertically with a buzzing sound, then move away diagonally. Police investigations suggested there were other witnesses, including three girls on the other side of the mountain. When Tanca returned to the spot with a friend, they found the object had disappeared. 
  • Verga 2007 p112 case 5428 citing numerous press sources such as L’Unione Sarda + La Nuova Sardegna + Il Giornale d’Italia all 7 November 1954. + Il Giornale dei Misteri 2 p14 + Diischi Volante p19 + (Perego 1957 p12, 1963 p87 both citing his investigation on 12 August 1955 + Boncompagni 1980 p314 + Gross 1991b p17
  • Vallee Case 330 (incorrectly gives date as 7th) citing Il Giornale d’Italia 7 November 1954. + Il Tempo 18 November 1954. + Wilkins 1967a p249)

November 4 1954. 1915hrs.
Farmer G Gibin (45) was cycling home when he saw a brilliant red torpedo shaped object flying directly towards him. It came right up to the witness forcing him to brake and hide, as the 4m long object with a circular forward portion hovered close to the top of a cypress tree for some time. Here it seemed to produce an even more intense light, then changed course at 45 degrees towards Campiglia, parallel to the mountain side. It disappeared in a way that Gibin could not specify. 
  • Verga 2007p 112 case 5429 citing Il Giornale del Mattino + Il Resto del Carlino + L Unione Sarda + Il Messaggero + Il Nuovo Corriere all 6 November 1954. + Il Tirreno _ Il Giornale d’ Italia + Nazione Sera all 7 November 1954. + Oltre il Cielo 1958 p445 + Il Giornale dei Misteri 50 p4 + Boncompagni 1974 p118 + investigations by CRU and CTA
  • Evaluation - Fireball?

November 4 1954. (Approx. date) Night. 
At an unspecified location Fernando de Moya (39) was out hunting on his launch in the Delta when he saw a luminous globe hovering about 2m above the ground. Two Indian helpers with him fled the scene, but Fernando went close and saw two 90cm tall dwarfs with round heads and large eyes. They were rushing back and forth to the sphere on small jumps, picking up things from the ground. When they saw Fernando they jumped into the sphere, which then took off straight up. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p314 citing an unspecified issue of APRO Bulletin

November 4 1954. Night.
Jose Alves was fishing in the Pardo River when he suddenly saw a craft approach with a wobbling motion and land so near that he could have touched it. It was shaped like two washbowls placed together, about 4.5m in diameter. Too terrified to move, Jose saw three little men with dark skin, dressed in white and wearing tight fitting skull caps, which came out of the craft through a window like opening in the side. They gathered samples of the local vegetation, and one of them gathered waster from the river. They then jumped back into their machine, which took off vertically at speed. 

  • Vallee Case 327 citing Lorenzen 1962 p44
  • Lorenzen 1967 p105
  • Coral Lorenzen in Bowen 1966 p33

November 4 1954. 2330hrs.
Journalist pJuvara and teacher R Favara were going home after a night at the cinema and in the bar, when they saw a greeb blue light coming from within a nearby stadium. Approaching the gates they saw that the light came from a triangular object with a silvery reflective surface sitting on the ground, intense light coming from slit like openings on its surface. At each of the vertices of the triangle were small discs that made contact with the ground. Beside the object were two or three figures with webbing along their flanks, outlined in the glare. The men went to get other witnesses, but before they could do so they heard an intense whistle, and looking round saw a bright rotating object heading out to sea. 
  • Verga 2007 p114 case 5445 citing Corriere di Sicilia 6 November 1954 + Giornale di Sicilia 9 November 1954.
  • Evaluation - The story in the second paper by Juvara gives a different date from that in the first. Verga suggests that this is yet another imitative press hoax based on the Tradate hoax

November 5 1954. 1010hrs.
An outdoor worker, Raymond R and his 13 year old assistant Michel were working in the fields, when their attention was caught by a grey round object in the woods. They approached within 100m and saw lights around it. Thinking it was a “flying saucer” Raymond went back for his camera. The two then crept through the woods to within 50m of the machine. It was a disc, 9m in diameter with a cabin with portholes on top and three spheres underneath. About 5m from this object was a being about 1.6m tall dressed in a colourless plastic suit, with a sort of hump on the back and a dark grey helmet about 40cm in diameter. This being kept pacing back and forth for about 10 minutes, walking heavily and never going more than 3m from the machine. During this time Raymond took 7 photographs. The machine emitted a red-green light and a faint hum. The being entered the object but then two more emerged, one holding a white sphere, the other something like a submachine gun. At this sight, and that of blue smoke coming from the craft, Michel fled, breaking branches as he did so. At this a green beam came from the craft, the boy screamed and Raymond almost fainted. The machine then took off with a hissing sound. Raymond found Michel down on one knee unable to move. When he got him to his feet, the boy was still unsteady. At the site there was a 3m diameter area of blackened grass, and a ball of what looked like cotton wool but turned out to be very heavy, as was a yellowish powder found at the site also. Raymond put this in a paper bag, but it ate through the bag and burned his hands. Just after 1800 that evening Raymond saw 9 objects flash across the sky from west to east. One came down to 100m, and then slowly descended to the landing site. This took off again 10 minutes later. The two were too afraid to get closer than 3km this time. 
  • Gross 1954 citing letter from the witness to La Bourgone Republicain + Lumieres dans le Nuit 125 p23 citing letter to Les Depeches + Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p207 + Barthel and Brucker 1979
  • Alain Gamard
  • Evaluation - The only source for this story is a letter or letters from the anonymous witness. A drawing supplied by him is clearly that of Adamski’s fake flying saucer, the alleged photographs never turned up, there are mysteries in the chronology, investigations by Michel Monnerie concluded that this was a hoax

November 7 1954. 0200hrs.
Philip Molava, a 13 year old orphan was tending his pet rabbits in their hutch at the orphanage when he saw a white disc floating towards him at 8kph. It resembled two plates rim to rim and was only the size of a large plate. It was flying so low that he jumped up to touch it but missed. The next day he became paralysed. 
  • Janet and Colin Bord in FSR 24, 3 p1 6 citing their own investigation

November 7 1954. 
Messes Muller, Meyer, Settner and Mrs Zimmerman saw a little being that resembled a black radish. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing an undated 1954. edition of Radar

November 8 1954. 1800hrs.
In the Vahcheresse Forest, “reliable persons” reported seeing a luminous sphere land at the edge of the forest and turn dark. Investigators found that an area 4 to 5m in diameter had no leaves, though the ground elsewhere was covered with them. The earth seemed to have been dug up 
  • Vallee Case 332
  • Jacques Bonabot citing CEOVNIM 58 citing Ouranus 8)

November 8 1954. Nightfall.
Blacksmith Andre Chaillou was riding his moped home when he saw a blue disc in the sky as his moped light and engine failed. He became enveloped in a blue light as intense as an electric arc and found himself paralysed and a tingling on his hands despite his gloves. The light then passed and he was able to resume his journey, but 200m further along the light reappeared then went again. He then heard a low whistle and saw a dark mass growing brighter as it went away to the north. He then saw it was a conical object 5-6m in diameter 
  • Gross 1954. citing Guieu 1956b p234 + Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p209
  • Vallee Case 333 citing Combat 23 November 1954. Paris-Presse 24 November 1954.

November 8 1954. 2230hrs.
A man discounted from his bicycle when he observed a light in a little used sports field. In the field he could see a large object glowing like a fluorescent lamp, on or just above the ground. He could see some dark forms moving in front of the craft. As he cycled in panic back towards town, he encountered a group of farmers who returned to the spot with him. Soon a large crowd, perhaps up to 150 people, gathered, observing the machine, which rested on three legs and had a dome emitting a blinding white light and supporting an antenna. They also saw the dwarfs, who were not more than 1.2m tall, and were wearing light trousers, grey jackets and helmets. One had a black face “with a sort of trunk”, and they conversed in guttural tones. When the crowd burst through the gates, throwing bricks and rotten fruit, the little men retreated to the object, which took off vertically at high speed, with a shrill whistling sound. When one member of the crowd had tried to get his boxer dog to attack the dwarfs, it had turned round and bitten its owner instead. 
  • Vallee Case 331
  • Wilkins 1967b p250
  • Edwards 1967a p116
  • Lorenzen 1967 p99
  • Evaluation - Press hoax essentially transposing the Tradate story of October 28 to this date and place, and exaggerating the number of witnesses.

November 9 1954. 0130hrs.
While lying awake in in his dormitory, Philip Molava (see 7 Nov.) had a feeling that something was going to happen, as a cold mist materialised at the foot of his bed. It resolved itself into three figures dressed in monk like robes, two on one side, and one on the other. Time seemed to stand still as the beings appeared to paralyse him. He tried to speak to them, but they did not reply. None of the other boys noticed anything, though one did recall hearing voices. He later had several precognitive and out of the body experiences. 
  • Janet and Colin Bord in FSR 24,3 p16 citing their own investigation

November 9 1954. Evening.
Two villagers reported the landing of a 2m high “flying egg” in a pasture. Screams seemed to emanate from it. A motorist Fernad Lassire was frightened by an object emitting a blinding light, which touched down on the countryside as he arrived home. 
  • Vallee Case 334
  • GB Guldenpfenning 1972 
  • GESAG Special 19

November 10 1954.
An agronomist and his family in their car saw a landed disc from which two men of normal height, with long hair and overall like clothes emerged and came toward the car with their arms raised. As the frightened witnesses sped away, they saw the men re-enter the disc, which rose and flew off at very great speed. 
  • Lorenzen 1966 p48
  • Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966 p33
  • Perez 1955 p43)

November 10 1954. (Approx. date) 2030hrs.
Messes A Beltrami (5) and T Balardini (28) were driving their diesel tractor, while a colleague Mr pSolcini was driving a petrol engine one. When they reached an isolated house they found the occupant, Mr Santorni looking skywards. Solcini continued with his work while the other two joined Santorni. The three saw a red beam of light moving erratically in the sky, sometimes fast sometimes slow. At one point the beam was directed towards the ground, at which the two tractor drivers threw themselves on the ground, as Santorni feared it was attacking his house. The aerial dance went on for about an hour, the beam seeming to be at about 50m altitude. When this was over the two tractor drivers went on their way towards Taversone. En route they encountered Solcini’s tractor abandoned. Solicini was found hiding in the woods. He had been terrified by the beam of light which had come close. Whenever the light approached the tractor, the engine would cut out. On the last occasion it came so close that he fled in panic. When the beam left the tractor engine started up on its own. Other people were said to have seen the beam of light. 
  • Verga 2007 p115 case 5430 citing Nazione Sera 11 November 1954. +  Resto del Carlino + Gazzetta Padana 12 November 1954. + Liberte de l’Este 15 November 1954 + Boncompagni 1980 p339 + Vallee in Bowen 1969 p55 + Michel 1958b p211 + Guieu 1956b p207 + Gross 1991 b p21 :
  • Vallee Case 341 citing Michel op cit
  • Cramp 1966 218
  • Lorenezen 1969 p62
  • Evaluation - The date is uncertain and might be the 9th. Verga is somewhat unclear as to what happened to Solcini’s tractor, he writes “Each time Solcini went to approach the tractor, the engine lost power and then went dead”, but this does not make much sense, so I assume it is an error for the beam coming close to the tractor. Vallee incorrectly dates the story to the 14th and the location as Forli There is no indication in Verga’s summary that the diesel tractor was actually running at the time, as the men had got down to talk to Santori, contrary to the popular version.

November 11 1954. FOUKE (ARKANSAS : USA0
A woman walking in a wooded area came across two very tall (c 1.9m) tall women dressed in silvery one piece suits. They smiled at the witness before walking off into the woods. (Redfern 2017 p338)

November 11 1954. 1945hrs. ISOLA, ORTONOVO (LIGURIA : ITALY)
Amerigo Lorenzini (48), a farmer, was grassing his rabbit hutch just outside his house, when he heard swishing and metallic sounds and looking up was dazzled and stunned by a brilliant light. When he recovered his senses, he saw a bright cigar shaped craft, surrounded by a luminous halo, in a clearing near him. An opening appeared in its side, and out of the object came three dwarfs, dressed in metallic diving suits, who approached Amerigo’s kitchen garden, the latter now hid behind his door. Here he saw the creatures more clearly, and that their metallic suits even covered their faces. They centred their attentions on rabbits in a cage, while speaking amongst themselves in an unknown language. Thinking they were going to steal the animals, Amerigo aimed a rifle at the intruders, but it failed to fire twice, and he suddenly felt so weak that he had to drop the gun. He was now unable to even cry out. The dwarfs took the rabbits and their craft departed, leaving a bright trail. He could now fire the rifle, but the craft was too far away (Verga 2007 p116 case 5434 citing Il Tirreno 13 November 1954. + Corriere della Liguria 14 November 1954. + Momento Sera 16 November 1954. + Liberte d l’Este 16 November 1954. + La Settimana Incom 17 June 1962 + Oggi 15 April. 1978 + Il Giornale dei Misteri 24 p9 + Cielo e Terra 19 +23 + OVNI Presence 33/4 p17 + Boncompagni 1980 p359 + Nobile 1979 p70 + Gianfranceschi 1977 p40 +Pinotti 1992 p137 + Sider 1997 p322 + Gross 1991b p20 : : Vallee Case 339 citing Settimana Incom 17 June 1962 : : Lorenzen 1967 p99 : : Richard Heiden citing Carrouges 1967 pp. 145, 159 + Pereira 1966 p197 : : Gordon Creighton in FSR 16, 3 p30 : : Vallee in Bowen 1969 p66) (Vallee and those following him date the case as 14th)
Evaluation - Verga suspects a press exaggeration.

November 12 1954. ARQUA’ POLESINE (VENETO : ITALY)
Fisherman Dante Stoppa (23) was fishing in the Bianco Canal when he saw something like a “large transparent meatball” descend at great speed. It nearly touched the water, then nosed up and plunged in, throwing a large spray of water and steam. The water continued to boil for some time. Another version has Stoppa as 30 years old, and hearing a piercing hiss and seeing a fiery mass descend into the water, missing the bridge by centimetres, bouncing along the water for 10 minutes then plunging in. This report describes the object as an ellipse with an open forward section, like a huge horseshoe. (Verga 2007 p117 case 5432 citing Gazzettino Sera 13-14 November 1954. + Il Tempo 14 November 1954. + Boncompagni 194 p354)
Evaluation - With two vague but contradictory accounts this could be anything from ice to an aircraft part to a balloon to a meteorite.

November 12 1954. 2200hrs. ITAPETININGA (SAO PAULO : BRAZIL)
Professor Jose Orti watched an object descend to a height of 1m, where it stopped. Through the transparent upper part in the middle, he could make out imprecise forms moving around inside. (Richard Heiden citing Jose V Soares in O Cruzeiro 15 January 1955)

November 13 1954. 0200 BUCHY (SEINE-ARITIME : FRANCE)
MR R L of Rouen was driving his $CV into Buchy, when 500m past the level crossing before the intersection with the RN 28, he saw a glowing object parked on the road 100m ahead. The object then took off and sped off northwards at about 150 kph, just a few metres above the ground. He now saw that it was a dark mass emitting an intermittent green white glow. As he approached the thing, he felt tingly and paralysed and his car began to slow down from 90kph as if by itself. When the strange object disappeared the car function normally. (Gross 1954. citing Guieu 1956b p194 + letter from (anonymous) witness in Le Courier Cauchois 23 November 1954. : : Vallee case 337 citing also Quincy 1961)
Evaluation - Gross suggests another helicopter. Alternativly the moon is possible, and given that Mr R L was anonymous and “a friend” of Jimmy Guieu’s, the possibility of a hoax by Guieu shouldn’t be ruled out)

November 13 1954. 0330 BERCK (PAD DE CALAIS : FRANCE)
Near the local airport Mr Davril saw an object like a round hut 300m ay. It flew off without noise (Vallee Case 336)
Evaluation - Helicopter ?

November 14 1954. 0330 CURITIBA (PARANA : BRAZIL)
A lens shaped object was seen on the railway tracks by Mr Cheminot, a railway employee. Near it, three dwarfs, wearing right fitting luminous suits, were looking at the tracks with a light. When the witness approached, the men re-entered the craft which took off very fast. (Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966 p33 citing Lorenzen 1962 : : Vallee Case 339 citing Le Soir 15 November 1954. + Creighton op. cit. : : Lorenzen 1966 p49 : : Lorenzen 1967 p109)

November 16 1954. 2330hrs. CATANIA (SICILY : ITALY)
Salvatore Rapisardi (20), Gaetano Nicolosi (17) and two other young men were out in a car when they saw an object coming down over the main entrance to the local cemetery. It hovered at 50m and was a sort of round metallic platform 6-7m diameter. It gave off a strange sound. Suddenly there was an intense flash and a hatch opened, out of which a small head peeped out. The craft then left at high speed. The whole episode lasted about 20 seconds. (Verga 2007 p118 citing Corriere do Sicilia 17 November 1954. + Giornale del Mattino + Il Tirreno + Voce Adriatica 19 November 1954. + Boncompagni 1974 p361 + Sider 1997 p323 + Investigation by group URC)

November 17 1954. 2355 MADRID (MADRID : SPAIN)
A nurse, Alberto Saumartin was taking a late night walk to alleviate toothache and was crossing the Puente los Franceses” bridge when he encountered a stranger dressed in what looked like a metallic grey flight suit. The stranger seemed to emanate peace and goodwill. Alberto then became aware of a disc shaped object under the bridge. The stranger indicated that he came from this object and was from another world. The stranger then went to this object to fetch a strange rectangular stone which he gave to Alberto, before returning to the disc, which took off at high speed. The stone which was 12cm x 4cm, had indecipherable inscriptions on it. The stone appeared to be made of Calcium Carbonate. (Rosales 1950/54 p320 citing Internet sources)
Evaluation - A typical contactee story of the period. Hoax

N Bastianucci (52) a dish peddler was walking towards Brolio, coming out of the woods when he saw a spindle shaped object resting on the road 20m away. It had a wide midpoint and sharp edge. On its right hand side was a open hatch from which a small leg was dangling, covered by a flowery fabric. When the witness got within 10m, the leg withdrew and the object took off vertically. (Verga 2007 p118 case 5441 citing ( Danilo Masini in Il Giornale del Mattino 22 November 1954. + 2 March 1955 citing his own investigation) + investigation by Siro Menicucci 28 October 1972 + Bianchini 1996 p20 + Sider 1997 p323)
Evaluation - Despite being regarded as Masini as “sincere, balanced and self confident”, the 1972 investigation by Menicucci led him to consider the case as a hoax.

Danielle Ponner (12) was awoken by a bright light, and looking through the window, she saw a luminous object like a boat on the ground and near it two small hairy beings picking up apples. She called out to her parents and when she did so, the light and object disappeared. (URECAT citing Lumieres dans le Nuit 325 + Sider 1997 p225)
Evaluation - Gross suggests apple pickers, another possibily is a hypnopompic hallucination or false awakening)

November 20 1954. 0700 VOVODA VILLAHE near AEGION (WEST GREECE : GREECE)
Helias Coromilas (84) was working in his field when he saw something like a small dark coloured two wheeled car, 1.5m x 2m, coming down the road and into the field 100m away. Hector ran to warn the car driver of a steep cliff but as he came closer, the thing took off in to the air amid a cloud of dust. (Rosales 1950/54 p322 citing Homer Carajas)

November 20 1954. 1515 BLAISON (MAINE ET LOIRE : FRANCE)
Mrs Bernier of “ Le Petit Cotillon” was coming down from her attic when she saw a circular object the size of a good sized dinner table, sat in the farm yard made of some indescribable material. As she reached the bottom step a small being rushed at her and took her onions. She also saw a number of other beings in the yard. They looked human but had yellow skin, small, dark , piercing eyes and were dressed all over in brown, hooded, coveralls, with a sort of pack on the back, and with a sort of pipe in their mouths. The shock of the thing grabbing at her knocked her over, and by the time she got up the object was just a distant point in the sky. She was so shaken she was in bed for a couple days, cold, trembling and off her food. (URECAT citing Les Nouvells du Bretagne et du Maine 26 November 1954. p4 + Jean Sider in Lumieres dans le Nuit 325 and Sider 1997 p271)

November 20 1954. 0545 ILNA DO ROBERTO (MINAS GERAIS : BRAZIL)
15 minutes after taking off for Campinas fromk Uberata in a T-15 plane, Lts Francisco Hardy and Lee A S Sobral observed an unusual light 15km away over this island on the Minas Gerais-Sao Paulo border. It seemed to be a luminous point, 10-15m diameter, stationary a few metres above the ground. As the plane came closer, they observed that it was a metallic object with a dome, 8-10m diameter, 3-4m high. The object rose suddenly at great speed. The witnesses lost sight of it momentarily when the plane made a turn, and they then saw it (or another one) pass by, now with the shape of a cigar 10-15m long. (Richard Heiden citing Joao Martins in O Cruziero (International edition) 16 December 1957)

November 20 1954. BROOKSTON (MINNESOTA : USA)
A light was seen to crash into a forest. (Rath 1998 p38)
Evaluation - Meteorite?

An undergraduate in Queen’s College, was walking back to the University down Silver Street, after disembarking from the coach bringing him back from a hockey match in Oxford when, opposite The Anchor pub he saw a dark figure, like a little bent, balding, silver haired old man wearing a morning coat on the other side of the road. As the witness crossed the road just behind the figure, it vanished on the spot. The figure was visible for 60-90 seconds on this clear starlit night, with the gas lamp on. He heard no sound of footsteps. (Alan Gauld in Journal of the SPR June 1955 p89 citing investigation by himself and F J M Stratton : : Cornell 2002 p39)

November 21 1954. 1600hrs. IXELLES (BRUSSELS : BELGIUM)
A man was woken up from his Sunday afternoon doze by a sound that resembled that of a washing machine. Looking out of his window he saw just above the roofs a grey metallic looking disc, surmounted by a dome emitting a milky white beam of light towards him. Inside the dome he could see a human shaped silhouette looking out. On the thing’s underside was a lilac pink light that resembled a neon light. The object moved off following the contours of the land. (Rosales 1950/54 p323 citing SOBEPS GS no 2480)
Evaluation - Helicopter??

November 22 1954. 2145hrs. SANTA MARIA (RIO GRANDE DO SUL : BRAZIL)
Arquidmedes Fernandez, a radio operator at the local air force base, saw a huge dark object about 50m in diameter hovering at treetop height. With four other people, including Ruben Machado and Jurandir Ferreira, from separate locations, he for several hours, sometimes softly glowing, sometimes coming down almost to the ground. ( Lorenzen 1966 p51 : : Pereira 1966 p159 : : Vallee Case 342)
Evaluation - Time period and description is suggestive of astronomical misperception

November 23 1954. afternoon TORPO (BUSKERUD : NORWAY)
Three small girls, Ann (10) and Tora (9) Storedal and Tora Moy Haugo (9) were coming home from school through the woods, when a black object descended, knocking snow off the treetops, and hovered only a few metres above the girl’s heads. It was spherical, 3m in diameter, with yellow glassy spots and red jagged edges on the dark underside. The top was transparent and inside a man dressed in black with huge red glasses over his large eyes was at some controls. He looked at the girls. The object then rose with a droning sound, brushed a high tension wire, striking sparks from it, and filling the whole air with ozone. At this the girls fled. The object trailed a white trail as it descended. A track 25m long was found at the site. (Flying Saucer News Bulletin not dated citing Civilian Saucer Intelligence Newsletter no 7 citing Oddvar Larsen in Sir March 1957 citing his own investigation)
Evaluation - Helicopter?

November 23 1954. 1700 COLCERASA (MARCHE : ITALY)
Two 12 year old shepherd boys, Marziano G and Santucci por T were returning to their flocks, when they noticed that their sheep had moved and their dog was barking. Marziano saw three dark figures moving about, The beings were only 35cm tall, had disproportionally flat topped large heads and lead-grey skin They were dressed in dark plastic like suits. Nearby, partly hidden by bushes was something like a barrel 60-70cm wide, 1.5m long, with two sharp pointed propellers or antennae in front, which started spinning as the beings entered the craft, which took off suddenly with a hissing sound. When it reached 20m altitude, it emitted a large ball of fire that exploded before it hit the ground, and a powerful blast of air hit the boys. It then took off to the east. Only Marziano was able to the see the event clearly, as the other boy was running away (Verga 2007 p121 case 5419 citing Il Resto del Carlino 25 November 1954. + Gazzettino Sera + Il Messaggero + Corriere Lombardia all 26 November 1954. + L’Ordine + Il Giornale del Mattino 27 November 1954.+ Olre il Cielo 1958 p446 + Il Giornale dei Misteri 61 p6 + OVNI Presence 33/4 p18 + Boncompagni 1980 p209 + Gross 1191b p29 +Sider 1997 pm 320 + Investigation by BILANCIA group 1976 : : Vallee Case 343 citing Oltre il Cielo Vol 1 p445)

November 26 1954. Sunset.
The sexton of a small country church saw a flying saucer moving, slowly around. It dropped a piece of metal, wrapped in paper on which there were drawings, the sexton deciphered as meaning that the occupants wanted a drink. The writing then disappeared and the paper turned to dust. The sexton went home, resisting the urge to drink a bottle of wine. He then heard a rustling sound and saw the saucer descending over the churchyard. Remembering the drawing he went back and got a bottle of wine, which he placed on the rim of the saucer, from where it was sucked through a porthole. The object then took off at speed. 
  • Verga 2007 p122 case 5459 citing Gazzetta del Popolo 27 November 1954. copied in various other papers + Boncompagni 1980 p476
  • Evaluation - Advertising spoof for 'Asti Gancia' wine

November 27 1954. Evening.
A man walking along a country path encountered a 1m tall being. As he ran away he saw the creature run off and jump over a ditch. He told his brother in law and friends about the incident, but when they investigated nothing could be found. 

  • Verga 2007 p123 case 5458 citing Gazzetta di Mantova 29 November 1954.
  • Evaluation - If not, as Verga suspects another newspaper hoax, it could be an escaped pet monkey, or almost any small creature.

November 28 1954. 0200 PETARE (MIRANDA : VENEZUELA)
Two truck drivers, Gustavo Gonzales (25) and Jose Ponce, found the road blocked by a luminous sphere over 3m in diameter, hovering 2m above the ground. A small creature with claws and glowing eyes came towards them. Gustavo grabbed it, found it strangely light (less than 20kg) and observed that its body was very hard and covered with fur. When Gustavo stabbed at it, his knife was deflected as off metal, and the creature pushed him back. Jose saw two other dwarfs emerge from the bushes and leap into the sphere, carrying stones and other samples. Gustavo was blinded by a light from the craft, and received a severe gash in his side from the creature. This creature also climbed back into the sphere, which took off rapidly. One of the doctors who attended to the pair later admitted that he seen the incident while out on a night call. (Lorenzen 1966 p57 : : Lorenzen 1967 p103 : : Lorenzen 1969 pp. 144, 168 : : Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966 p33 : : O Cruzeiro 1 December 1957 : :Keyhoe 1955 p239)

November 28 1954. PALMARITO (LARA : VENEZUELA)
A group of peasants observed a globular object land and from it emerge three very small men. When in flight the craft left a slight trail. (Lorenzen 1969 p63)

At the time of a power outrage, a luminous figure was seen in a wheat field, with a short humanoid figure beside it. (Gross URECAT citing Rosales citing Lumieres dans le Nuit 325)

The director of the Harquisimeto College was chased by a luminous disc as he drove near Guanare. It first appeared like the moon, then huge as it approached and manoeuvred over the car. He fired at the object with his revolver, without effect. He then stopped a car in which a lawyer, a sheriff and a policeman were travelling. All four saw the machine fly away, leaving a bluish trail. (Lorenzen 1962 p43, 1966 p49 : : Vallee Case 345 : : Keyhoe 1955 p242 : : Haines 1999 p192 citing Gross 1995 (1954.ND) p44

Several workers saw an unidentified object land on a hacienda, but they did not try to approach it. (Richard Heiden citing La Nacio (Sant) 28 December 1954.)

December 1954. FIXIN (COTE D’OR : FRANCE)
Mr Baran saw a grey top shaped object sitting in a field. Around it were several humanoid figures wearing grey one piece suits, who appeared to be moving with difficulty. Previous to this he had seen bright lights in the sky (Gross URECAT citing Rosales citing Raul Robe regional catalogue)

December 1954. Evening. LICOLA (CAMPANIA : ITALY)
An engaged couple were driving to the beach when their car engine suddenly stalled. The got out and saw a 10m wide disc landing on the beach. Two short, manlike creatures, with almond shaped eyes and very prominent cheekbones, emerged and communicated with the couple by telepathy, saying that they were not from earth and were not hostile. They then returned to their craft, which then took off. The car now worked fine. (Verga 2007 p126 case 5456 citing Rome 24 October 1978 + ALATA Internationale February 1979 p14)
Evaluation - Lacks contemporaneous documentation

December 1 1954. 0430 BASSOUES D’ARMAGNAC (GERS : FRANCE)
Mr Paysee looked out of his first floor window and saw a pale yellow fireball which went down behind a hill, leaving a barely visible glow. He called his wife, daughter and servant, but unable to make much out, they went back to bed. After a couple of minutes, it took off diagonally, and they other three were able to see its departure. (Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p213 citing Vallee Case 346 + Investigation by Lumieres dans le Nuit Mont de Marsan in Lumieres dans le Nuit 126 p13)

An unidentified luminous object was seen hovering just above the ground. (Keyhoe 1955 p240)

12 people saw a square object 10m wide land and take off at great speed. (V-J Ballester Olmos in Bowen 1971 p47 case 11 citing Voz de Galicia 5 De c 1954. + Vallee case 347)
Evaluation - Helicopter?

December 3 1954. 0800 MONTEBUONO, SORANO (TOSCANA : ITALY)
A group of people, including pBosconi and F Lombardi” saw a cigar shaped object flying over their village at between 30-50m. It seemed “potbellied” with two small white wings on either side, a large porthole on its underside, and was 10m long and 3m wide. It flew slowly east-west and emitted a pinkish light. At one point the object came very low over the River Flora before taking off vertically. (Verga 2007 p123 case 5434 citing Giornale del Mattino + La Nazione 4 December 1954. + Boncompagni 1974 p375)

December 3 1954. 0800 VICENO (LAZIO : ITALY)
An object came down from 2,000m and skimmed the treetops near Torre Alfina snd flew on at this altitude for about 4km, then left slowly towards Ortbello and the sea. Another object was seen landing near Viceno, before taking off at high speed. (Verga 2007 p124 case 5444 citing Il Tempo 5 December 1954.)
Evaluation - Balloon?

December 3 1954. Night. CASELLE DI NOGARA (VERONA : ITALY)
For several minutes a young waiter saw a circular object stationary in a pasture 50m away. It was blue with symmetrical openings, from which a bright red light was emitted. The witness got a rifle and fired twice at a very tall figure that came out of the turret of the object. Immediately a very strong wind was felt and the object took off. ( Verga 2007 p124 case 5435 citing Nazione Sera 4 December 1954. + Gazzettino Sear 4-5 December 1954. + Il Messaggero + Il Giornale del Mattino + Alto Adige + Il Nuovo Corriere + Il Secolo d’Italia + Il Resto del Carlino all 5 December 1954. + Oltre il Cielo 1958 p446 + Boncompagni 1944 p378 + Bulgarini 1962 p80 + Sider 1997 p323 : : Vallee Case 348 citing Il Messaggero 5 December 1954.)

A Aguirre Zavala saw a bright disc shaped object that descended to about 6m above the ground. Inside the thing he saw a dwarf with a huge head The object then emitted a bright beam of light and took off. (Jacques Bonabot citing case 24 of a catalogue by Roberto Banchs in Phénomènes Spatiaux 49 p26 citing La Razon 14 December 1954. : : Rosales 1950/54 p328 citing HUMCAT)

Americo R Aguirrezabala (32) was going out from his family’s store along a dirt track, to their farm, when 200m ahead of him, he saw in front of a clump of trees a round, pale red object 20-30m diameter suspended 15m above the ground. It was silent and transparent. Though the light was rather dazzling, as he approached on his journey, he saw movements, like human silhouettes, going from one side to the other. Two of the figures seemed to be in constant motion, and the trio seemed oblivious of the witness. When Americo got within 70m the thing shot away to the south south west, so far as to almost appear to vanish on the spot. No traces were found and his brother on the farm had seen nothing( URECAT citing Banchs 1993 p23 +Heiden citing Banchs 1976 p17 citing La Razon 14 December 1954.)Evaluation - This version is based on an account given by the witness to Banchs many years after the event and differs from the account in La Razon, which talks of a single dwarf with an oversize head, and the sphere being 1 oe 2 m above the ground and the thing turning cigar shaped. Americo admitted to being pleased to see one of the flying saucers that had been in the news. Banchs suggests a parahelion, which would tie in with the brother on the other side not seeing anything. This and the above case clearly refer to the same event, despite the differing names

December 4 1954. 2030hrs. KARIAMBKKAM (TAMIL NADU : INDIA)( at the time Tamil Nadu state was known as Madras state)
A strange object saw something like an aerial boat, with a brilliant light at its rear landed swiftly and vertically on an open space by the village road. At least 100 people saw this. Inside were three occupants, two men and a woman, dressed in European dress, who gestured to the people to come closer, but many of the witnesses were terrified and ran inside and shut their doors and shutters. After 5 minutes the thing took off vertically and left at high speed. (Hall 1999 p232 + both citing Ambala Tribune 6 December 1954.)
Evaluation - A multi witness case with no detail, press hoax? Helicopter or light aircraft?

December 5 1954. 0140hrs. LAKE ERIE (PENNSYLVANIA : USA)
Mrs Harold Dawson of Dill Park saw an object similar to a fishing tug, but hovering 2-.3.5m above the water. It had brilliant orange lights, a double row of square windows and topped by a bulbous dome from which an orange glow emanated. After about 10 minutes the witness went to get her binoculars, but when she returned the thing had gone. 10 other people had seen the orange glow but had not attached much significance to it. (Jessup 1956 p57 citing Buffalo Evening News 5 February 1955)

December 7 1954. 0725hrs. GAINCHURIZQUETA, IRUN (PAIS VASCO : SPAIN)
Juan Martin Portoles (26) of Renteria, who worked in Irun, was riding his bicycle near “Loidi-Berri” farm, when he saw an object land nearby. It came from the sea on a north-south trajectory. Juan got within 6m of it and saw that it was round, 3m in diameter, 1m high with a headlight surrounded by four fins. Juan fled in panic and returned later with his father. They found the field was pressed down, there were footprints 15mm long and metallic samples. (Ballester 1976 p4 case 16 citing La Vanguardia Espanola 8 December 1954.)
Evaluation - Helicopter??

Sarandi D’Alvora and three friends were heading towards the Isla del Frances, in the Rio Santa Lucia, which formed the state boundary, for a fishing and swimming trip. They saw a luminous object ascend between the trees at great speed. While they were commenting on this event, it came again, descending from the north, apparently hitting the river at the south end of the island. Heading towards the spot by boat they saw, over the water 25m from the island, a large elliptical object 10m long, 1.8m tall, steel grey in colour, with blue and yellow tones at times. No opening was visible on its surface, and it was surrounded by a complete cone. When they were 60m from the object, one of the party revved up the boat’s engine, and instants later the object rose in an oblique trajectory at great speed, passing over them at low altitude. Near to the landing place the water was hot. Next day there were no fish, and there were 200-300 dead doves in the area. They did not relate the incident to the press for a month. (Richard Heiden citing CIOVI OVISO citing La Tribune Popular 8 January 1955)

December 8 1954. (Approx. date) CHACO (SUCRE : VENEZUELA)
An unidentified aerial object landed in various parts of the town. One witness, Thomas Betancourt, grappled with a gelatinous occupant that slipped out of his hands. (Jean-Luc Rivera in MUFON UFO Journal 130 p16 citing El Universal 9 December 1954.)

December 8 1954. ZUERA (ARAGON : SPAIN)
Miguel Sevilla Galvez was out hunting in the Sierra de Alcubierre when he saw a luminous object 20m diameter, 4m high, which had antennae and propellers. The thing landed about 50m away and from an opening came two men who spoke a language Miguel did not recognise. They then re-entered the thing, which took off at terrific speed, making a hissing sound. (V J Ballester Olmos in Bowen 1971 p47 case 13 citing Noticiero Universal + Amanecer 9 December 1954. + Voz de Galicia 10 December 1954.)
Evaluation - Helicopter?

A farmer, Olmiro da Costa e Rosa, observed a stranger standing near a cream coloured “tropical helmet” shaped machine, which was surrounded by haze, and making a noise like a sewing machine. Another figure was looking at a fence, and the head and arms of a third were visible inside the craft. As the witness dropped his hoe, the first stranger smiled, picked it up, and gave it back to him, after which they both motioned for Olmiro to stay away, then re-entered the craft, which rose to 10m, then flew away to the west at high speed. The strangers were of average height, had broad shoulders, long hair, very white skin and slanted eyes. They wore brown overalls ending in shoes without heels. (Lorenzen 1966 p52 : : Lorenzen 1967 p106 : : Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966 p34)

December 9 1954. 0600HRS.
Farmer Giovanni Aquilante (100) was setting out for work when two dwarfs emerged from behind a bush. They wore suits of many colours and took Giovanni by the hand and lifted him skywards, or walked him effortlessly for two days. They appeared to change size and shape. At times they became aggressive. They either flew him back to the house or he escaped from them. Meanwhile at midnight on the 10th/11th his son Paolo heard a noise outside and went out with a torch to investigate. He saw two figures with bright eyes hovering about behind a fence. Despite his fear he approached the figures but when he got within a few metres they disappeared into the air. The next day even more worried about their father, two of his sons and another relative went searching for him. They saw the two figures hovering behind a low wall. The three men were paralysed by fear, but eventually one of the sons, Andrea, rushed at them, but the two figures vanished. On the morning of the next day (12th), Giovanni reappeared at 0600, in shock and hungry, but not apparently tired. Though it had been raining, he was completely dry. 
  • Verga 2007 p125 case 5454 citing Il Mattino + Nazione Sera + Il Giornale + Corriere Mercantile all 13 December 1954. + Il Gazzettino + Il Giornale dei Mattino + Il Tirreno 14 December 1954. + La Domenica del Corriere 2 January 1955 + Rome 24 October 1978 + Il Mattino Illustrate 22 January 1979 + ALTA International February 1979 p14 + Investigation by Centro Clipeologico Paternopeo 1974 + Notiziario UFO 104 p25 + MUFON UFO Journal 391 p4 + Bulgarini 1962 p89 + Boncompagni 1980 p381 + Gross 1991b p57 + Sider 1997 p323
  • Paolo Fiorino in UFO Times 13 p5 citing press sources
  • Evaluation - An strange mystical tale, completely lacking the technological gloss of modern UFO stories.
December 9 1954. 1930hrs.
Ernest Jung and his wife saw an intense red luminous object descending towards them at great speed. It hovered 5m above the ground. They stopped their motorcycle and saw it was a 5m long, 2m wide cigar shaped object. It turned off its lights and took off towards the forest. 
  • Vallee Case 350 citing UFO Nachrichten October 1956
  • Evaluation - Yet another helicopter?

December 10 1954. 1830hrs.

A doctor from Caracas, who was deriving, with his father, between La Carlota Airdrome and Francisco de Mirandada Avenue, stopped his car as two little men were running into the bushes. Soon thereafter a luminous disc rose from the side of the road with a sizzling sound and flew away. 
  • Lorenzen 1966 p49
  • Lorenzen 1967 p15
  • Lorenzen 1969 p63
  • Keyhoe 1955 p242)

December 10 1954. Evening.
While out rabbit hunting, two young men, Lorenzo Flores and Jesus Gomez, saw a bright object near the Trans-Andean highway. On approaching it, they saw it was shaped like two bowls glued together, about 3m diameter, hovering at less than 1m above the ground. The underside was a source of fiery light. Four small beings, about 1m tall, emerged and attacked Gomez. Flores beat the creatures off, his rifle being broken on their extremely hard, hairy bodies. Despite their great strength the creatures appeared to be very light. When Gomez recovered consciousness the two fled and so did not see the craft take off. Police who investigated saw the boys’ bruises and torn clothes. Evidence of a struggle was found at the scene 
  • Lorenzen 1962 p43
  • Lorenzen 1966 p49
  • Lorenzen 1967 p105
  • Lorenzen 1969 pp. 63,169 
  • Keyhoe 1955 p240)

December 11 1954.
An 11 year old girl, Miss Francinetti, saw an upright luminous object, resembling a barrel with a small window, in a field. From the window a little man gazed out at her for some time. The object then just disappeared on the spot. People coming to the site detected an acrid smell and discovered turned up soil surrounding five holes in the ground, the centre one being the deepest. 
  • Verga 2007 p127 case 5436 citing Il Resto del Carlino 14 December 1954. + Paolo Fiorino + Boncompagni 1974 p385 + Sider 1997 p324
  • Evaluation - A woman claiming to be this witness contacted Fiorino, complained of harassment by ufologists and promised to send a report, which never materialised.

December 11 1954. 1700hrs
Farmer Pedro Morales was alerted by a chicken squawking and saw an object hovering and oscillating at low altitude. It had a bottom like an “enormous polished brass kettle”. Its upper part resembled a jeep hood, and it made a noise like a sewing machine. In a nearby field were two little men that appeared to lack faces. They were dressed all over in a “yellow coloured sack”. One kneeled and picked a tobacco plant from the ground, while the other ran toward the witness, gesturing him to leave. They got into the craft, which disappeared into the sky in a few seconds. No trace of the machine was found, nor any footprints of the beings. 
  • Lorenzen 1962 p46
  • Lorenzen 1966 p53
  • Lorenzen 1967 p107
  • Lorenzen 1969 p171)

December 12 1954.
An object was observed at ground level. No further details 
  • Pereira 1966 citing Gonzalez 1961 p207

December 13 1954. 0100hrs.
An occupant report. No further details. 
  • Pereira 1966 citing Gonzalez 1961 p219

December 14 1954. 0300hrs.
An object was observed at ground level No further details.
  • Pereira 1966 citing Gonzalez 1961 p223

December 15 1954.
A man fishing in the river 400m away from his holiday home heard his dog howl and saw a sphere 2m above the ground. Attached to its bottom were three balls, and a second, smaller, sphere was rotating around it. From the large object three very small men descended with rapid and agile movements. They collected samples, returned to the machine, two of them re-emerging to repeat this operation. The samples were collected in a metallic tube with a conical end by one of the beings, and placed in a luminous basket by the other. This completed they re-entered and both objects took off at high speed. They had removed calcareous material from the river bank, leaving square holes, some large enough to hold a man. 
  • Lorenzen 1967 p195
  • Lorenzen 1969 p289

December 16 1954. Night.
In the Ministry of Agriculture Exposition Park, three young men encountered a dwarf, which attacked one of them, Jesus Paz, before fleeing into a disc shaped machine that took off immediately with a loud buzzing noise. It was flat and had been hovering just above the ground. Paz received deep cuts, as if from a wild animal and had to be taken to hospital. 
  • Lorenzen 1966 p55
  • Keyhoe 1955 p242)

December 17 1954. 1000hrs.
10 year old Luisiana Nardini was playing by a wall, when from behind it, came a dwarf less than 1m tall with a helmet on its head. It gestured to the little girl as if to invite her to come nearer. Instead she ran away to her mother. At the site, the mother found a toy, looking like the dwarf. 
  • Verga 2007 p128 case 5457 citing Rome 18 December 1954
  • Evaluation - Sounds like another advertising spoof.

December 17 1954. 1700hrs.
A carpenter from Poligny, Charles Monayyeur was driving his motorcycle when he encountered a white light that he first thought came from the headlights of a foreign car, but then saw came from a black mass 80m away. As the light grew brighter, Charles felt an intense heat and thought he was going to die. The light then gradually disappeared. 
  • Vallee Case 355
  • Gross 1954. citing Sider 1997 citing Les Dernieres Depeches (Dijon) 20 December 1954. p272
  • Evaluation - May well have been a car and headlights after all

December 18 1954. 0005hrs.
An employee of the Barbula Sanatorium saw an object on the ground but did not report it. Three hours later another employee saw the same object, which was luminous and took off soon afterwards. 
  • Vallee Case 352 citing Lorenzen 1962 p52
  • Periera 1966 citing Gonzalez 1961 p231

December 19 1954. 0600hrs.
A luminous globe took off vertically from ground level and disappeared into the sky. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing CRFU Ouranous 8 citing Centre Matin 20 December 1954.

December 19 1954.
Moral Bernal and J Riquelme Camacho were at a place called “Tavirona” when they observed a landed circular object about 50m away. As they walked closer they were surprised to see the object rise very high and fly away towards Portugal with a lot of noise. 
  • Ballester 1976p4 case 17 citing Noticiero Universal 20 December 1954.
  • Evaluation - Helicopter?

December 19 1954. 2300hrs.
Jockey Jose Parra (18) saw six small creatures loading stones into a disk shaped machine hovering 3m above the ground. He tried to run away but was paralysed by a violet beam aimed at him by one of the beings. All of the beings then re-entered the object, which then took off. 
  • Lorenzen 1966 p57
  • Lorenzen 1967 p105
  • Keyhoe 1955 p243

December 20 1954. 0400hrs.
60Km from Neiva, on the winding road to Camp Allegre, farmers Cearis Corres and Geraldo Mejias saw a strange orange object in the sky, which for a moment they mistook for the moon, but then realised that it was an object at a very low altitude which grazed the tops of the trees for a few moments and left a trail 30m long. 
  • Richard Heiden citing Pablo Petrowitsch citing La Nacio (San) 23 December 1954.

December 22 1954. 2200hrs.
Blacksmith A Pignatelli and L Coccia along with a number of other people saw a bright trail of light descending behind Mount Vedetta. After a few minutes the duo observed two bright, rose coloured, lights moving along the mountain crest, as if carried by people. These disappeared after 20 minutes. The next day people discovered footprints in the snow, which appeared to like those of bare foot children. Years later it was claimed that a triangular object landed and that three circular traces were found. 
  • Verga 2007 p128 case 5437 citing Il Tempo 24 December 1954. + L’Unione S Sarda + Il Mattino 27 December 1954. + Liberte de L’Est 27 December 1954. + Il Giornalle d’Italia 28 April 1965 + Il Giornale dei Misteri 21 p24 + Investigations by Francesco Izzo 1971 and CRUA 1972 + Perego 1957 p22, 1963 p102 + Boncompagni 1974 p387

December 23 1954. 1110hrs.
A landing report. No further details 
  • Petrowitsch list of Chilean landings

December 25 1954. 0800hrs.
Ms M Canepa (56) was standing in a shop doorway when he saw a red sphere hovering over the sea, just beyond the Cerusa Creek. She called the shopkeeper, Mr Piccardo, and he saw them same thing from a side window for some moments before it flew away. It was a bowl shaped object, about 1.5m wide, with two small wings on ither side. It was bobbing up and down just above the surface of the sea, as if having difficulty flying. It then suddenly changed colour and sped away, leaving a bright trail. There were other witnesses, some of whom described the object as translucent. 
  • Verga 2007 p129 case 5440 citing Gazzetta del Lundeli 27 December 1954.
  • Evaluation - Balloon + contrail?

December 26 1954. (Approx. date) Night.
A luminous triangular object hovered close to the ground over the Agaunico Mine for 5 hours. The thing was blindingly bright, resembling a photographer’s flash. It moved slowly up and down and then shot off into the sky at terrific speed. 
  • Marler 2013 p71 citing Toronto Telegram 27 December 1954.
  • Evaluation: The long time period suggests astronomical object low on the horizon

December 27 1954. 1000hrs.
Elizabeth Klarer (37) was visiting her family farm, when her attention was caught by the excitement of farm workers, who had seen something in the sky. She went up to a nearby hill, where she saw a flash as a large discoid object, about 18m in diameter, came out of the sky and hovered 4m above the ground, emitting a slight humming sound. An air pressure gave her a headache. The thing consisted of a flat disc rotating around a flattened dome, giving off or reflecting a light so strong that it hurt her eyes. There were three portholes, behind one of which was a human like being, stood, staring at her, with its arms folded across its chest. It looked like a human male with a thin face, aquiline nose and high cheekbones. Elizabeth found him handsome and his eyes hypnotic. The air pressure was extreme and made her feel her head would burst. At that point the thing took off at terrific speed, with a hot blast of air. 
  • Hind 1982 p22 citing own investigation
  • Trench 1958 p30 citing investigation by Edgar Sievers
  • Evaluation - The start of a long contactee tale

December 28 1954. 0330hrs.
A group of seven people (a female music manager, an impresario and five Spanish musicians) were returning along Rt 143 to Mendoza, after the opening of a new radio station in San Rafael. About 20 minutes out of the town, one of the group saw a light by the side of the road. They first thought that it was a fire, but then saw it came from an object giving off a blue light, like that of welding, or the flame of pure alcohol. This object was resting in a field 100-200m away. It was shaped like two superimposed plates, joined at the edge, with no structural features visible. The party stopped, got out and approached. When they were 50m from the object they noticed two human figures 1.7m tall, wearing dark one piece diving suits that extended into hoods covering their heads, so that their facial features could not be discerned. The two beings headed towards the object, which they entered by a rectangular door which opened against the luminous background. When this object closed, the object began to emit vapour from its circumference, and then it rose vertically to a few metres altitude, where it stopped. Then, some distance from the main body of the craft, two red lights appeared, flashing alternately. The alarmed witnesses retreated to their car and drove off at speed. As they did so the strange machine followed them. Finally after 20 minutes it was lost to sight in the dawn fog. 
  • Richard Heiden + MUFON UFO Journal 139 p10 citing O Revita Atom 4 p7 + Uriondo 1972 p23 citing his own investigation

December 29 1954. 0005hrs.
A cigar shaped object was seen hovering at 25m altitude. It had a transparent compartment in which a number of figures could be seen. 
  • Rosales 1950/54 p337 citing Lumieres dans le Nuit 326

December 29 1954. 0630hrs
A 62 year old bell ringer was walking down a mountain path to get to a church when he heard a odd “swishing” noise. He looked around but was unable to see anything. At a treeless clearing a bit further on he heard this sound again. This time he saw a cigar shaped object, 10m long, hovering 3-5m above him. He was so afraid he almost collapsed, but was able to steady his nerves, and saw that it was composed of a metallic material like polished brass. Either in the front or centre, there was a transparent compartment in which two figures could be seen, one sat behind the other. They gave the impression of studying the witness, and to be “joyful” and smiling. They wore black suits with peculiar helmets. There were three propellers on the top and three on the bottom of the craft. These were still when the object hovered, but moved when it did. The witness carried on his journey, as he did so he heard the noise again, and saw the object moving away towards a nearby valley. 
  • Verga 2007 p130 case 5438 citing Corriere d’Informazione 30-31 December 1954.+ La Nazione + Il Giornale del Mattino + Voce Adriatica +L’Ordine all 31 December 1954. + La Domenica del Corriere 9 January 1955 + Il Giornale dei Misteri 49 p4 + Investigation by RIGEL 2001 in 1974 + Boncompagnia 1941 p393 + Sidern 1997 p324)

December 29 1954. 2100hrs.
Mr Gamba was walking to Gardonne along a small path, when, neat Bru, he encountered an oval red object 50m away and found himself unable to move. With this paralysis subsided he ran to get his two brothers, who were in the fields 300m away. The trio returned to the scene in time to see the object turn white and then red, taking off towards the east. It had been on the ground for at least 25 minutes. The ground appeared dug up at the site, and shrubs looked as though they had been cleanly cut. 
  • Vallee Case 358 citing Sud Ouest 31 December 1954. + Figuet and Ruchon 1979 p214 citing investigation by Charles Garreau and Sud Ouest 7 August 1974 + Garreau 1971 p33 + Garreau and Lavier 1975 p165
  • Haines 1999 p42 citing LDLN 104)

December 31 1954. 0010hrs.
J Nodel and three other people saw a 30m wide disc stop and hover at 1m above the ground. A human looking occupant got out and walked around the machine, carrying a sort of lamp 
  • Pereira 1974 case p41 citing Carrion 1968
  • UFOCAT citing Felipe M Carrion in Phénomènes Spatiaux December 1971 p32 
  • valuation - Another helicopter?

December 31 1954. 0755hrs.
Mrs Vivot, the wife of an army officer, opened her window to see an oval object of a dull metallic colour, about 400-500m away. It was 100-150m long, with a brilliant beam of light coming from one end, and a shower of sparks from the other. This shower of sparks went out, followed by a swirl of white smoke. The light beam then began revolving round the object, which slowly rose into the air. Mrs Vivot then called in witnesses and telephoned her husband, who was able to witness the phenomenon through binoculars, seeing the beam for 10 minutes. Then, with a jet of smoke coming from each end, the object shot into space, where it was still visible at 0830, the beam becoming brighter. The force from the object was such that Mrs Vivot was shocked for three days. A search of the presumed landing site was fruitless. 
  • FSR 1, 2 p8 citing an unidentified issue of Courier Interplanetaire