Early 1979.
A man was suddenly confronted by a being in a silver suit.
  • Jenny Randles and Paul Whetnall in FSR 25, 4, p.21.

Early 1979.
Larry Hawkins saw a hairy humanoid creature crouching near a road. When he stopped, the thing ran away, leaving a dead rabbit behind.
  • Rather 1998 p.13.

Early 1979.
Bush pilot Charlie “Junior” Fix was flying towards Sandy Lake having left his crew at McMurray Inlet, when his Cessna 180 monoplane was overtaken by a saucer shaped object, which, stayed alongside him for a while, speeded up and left him behind, then reappeared and repeated the manoeuvre several times. It was the size of a house, with what looked like firing spark plugs all around it. When he landed at Sandy Lake the object landed at the end of the airstrip. It later left.
  • W K Allan in FSR 26, 3, citing Mr Steel, citing William D Holt.

Early 1979. Evening.
Two postmen, Don and Jack, were at their home when the blinds went up and down. Going outside they met a group of European-looking men and women wearing woollen jumpers. They shone a light at the two men, making them feel calm, as they were taken over to a craft on a gravel mound. The men, feeling cold, were allowed to go back home for sweaters but not for food. They were then taken back to the craft, which took off. They were kept on board for seven hours while the younger man was subjected to repetitive tests. When the men were returned they were so disorientated that police were called and took them to hospital, suffering from jaundice and eyes problems. They died within a couple of years.
  • Chalker 1996 p.193, citing Colin Norris Basterfield 1997 p222 citing AIUFOFSR + Pix=People July 1988.

A 67 year old woman had a feeling that there was something unusual in a friend’s garden. On investigating she encountered a figure 3m tall with a small head, dressed in a silvery suit. It emitted a glow, which lit up the surroundings, and she had a sensation of electricity coming from the figure. It suddenly vanished.
  • NUFON News 141, p.11, citing investigation by Harry Hudson

1979. 2310hrs.
Soon after going to bed a man found himself travelling through a tunnel with a light at the end. He next became aware of lying on a table in a craft of some sort, where he was examined by three beings. One of these was a human woman with long blond hair; the other two were 1.5m tall, fat and dark brown in colour, with plump faces, large eyes, noses, lips and ears. They spoke to the man in English and seemed to be scientists. When they produced a scanner he panicked and woke up in his bed. His teeth felt numb and his knuckles were white.
  • Basterfield 1997, p.222, citing Garry Little.
anuary 1979. 2200hrs.
A driver with the RAF, Mr W, called his wife to observe a huge, brilliant white glow behind a local church, silhouetting it. The glow then faded and two white lights rose, side by side, from behind the church, in a pendulum motion. It was probably on the same night that three teenage boys independently observed a large white disc approach the church, hover low over it for 30 seconds, discharging a terrific glow, which then switched off as the object rose, visible only two white lights.
  • NUFON News 66, p.5, citing investigation by Stephen Banks.

January 1979 (or previous month)
Jules and Matilda Klanger were driving along Rte 64, when turning a sharp curve, they saw an object “as large as an office building” over the road, about 100m away. Their car went dead. The thing then rose at terrific speed. Police found small round holes at the site of where the thing had hovered.
  • Richard Schwartzberg in UFO Update, Fall 1979, p.44.

January 1979 (or following month) 2105hrs
Mrs J F (38) went out to make a telephone in the Gleadless Townend suburb on a night with scattered cloud when she observed an object hovering very low above the roofs of adjacent shops. It resembled an inverted saucer, about 10m diameter of a dull grey metallic texture, surmounted by a sort of turret, and with a red light on the underside. Through a large central window in the object, Mrs F could see two humanoid figures with long blond hair, wearing 'ice-blue' one piece suits. One of the beings was stood with its arms behind its back “like a soldier”, the other seemed to be staring at Mrs F and a male neighbour she had been chatting to. There was also machinery “like computers” inside. The area seemed unusually quiet. The thing then just disappeared. Soon after this cars came on the scene.
  • Jenny Randles in BUFORA Bulletin 18, p.2, citing investigation by David Clarke.
  • Evaluation: the other witness could not be traced, description of the lighting conditions do not match the time of year given, witness claims psychic experiences, interpreted thing as spaceship etc. Rather too much detail for something described as apparent size of a tennis ball at arm’s length. Possibly the moon seen through partial clouds, with dark markings transformed into figures by imagination and distortion of memory.

January 1 1979, 0215hrs.
Mr Dima V (50) and Luisa G (45) were driving on the 'Maza' national highway between Nago and Bolognann di Arco in a Fiat 128 when a blinding globe briefly landed in front of their car, then leapt up into the sky. It was 4m in diameter. Luisa suffered injuries to her eyes.
  • Jacques Bonabot citing A Cottellazzi in Approache, 21, p.22, case 3.

January 1 1979, 0830hrs.
Johan Van Bovan (10) saw a strange mushroom shaped object with two domes, surrounded by several small disks, emerge from a cloud. Then two tall beings, dressed in a horizontally striped metallic suits, like the Michelin Men, appeared at the corner of the window and stepped into space. They moved subtly and climbed into the mushroom by means of a short ladder. Johan tried to take a Polaroid photograph but there was no film in the camera. A friend who was staying with them, Dimitri C (13) observed the end of the sighting but his account was contradictory.
  • Earthlink 3, 2, p.24 citing G Fonck in Het Laatste Nieus 5 January 1979.
  • Skywatch 33, p.9, citing UFO INFO June 1979.

January 2 1979, 2045hrs.
Keith Jones (28) a chef at the Brookhouse Mill restaurant just outside Denbigh, observed what he first thought was an aircraft on an exercise, but then realised that it was too fast and low (about 30m altitude) and only making a slight whooshing noise. As it passed overhead, he saw it was an elongated oval with a central dome, which projected a rotating beam, like a lighthouse, in one second flashes, which illuminated the metallic surface of the object. He rushed inside and got his employer and a customer, who saw that the thing was now 800m down the valley. It then performed a 15 minute aerial ballet as it passed out of sight down the valley. It was also observed by two experienced police officers.
  • NUFON News 61, p.6 citing investigation by Janet and Colin Bord.

January 3 1979, 1845hrs.
Cuban exile and gift shop owner Filberto Cardenas was driving with three neighbours (Fernando Marti (46), his wife Mirta (36) and daughter Isabel (13), on the Okeechobee road, 16 km North West of Hialeah. Suddenly either the engine went out or could not be restarted. The two men went to examine the engine, when the car was swept by a blinding red, maroon and yellow light accompanied by a sound like the buzzing of bees, which went as quickly as it came. When the Marti family had recovered their wits, Filberto had disappeared though there was nowhere on the desolated terrain he could hide. The car could now start, thought it was almost out of gasoline. Filberto was reported missing, but turned up in a dazed condition in the middle of the road about 25km south of where he had vanished, at 2000. He claimed he had been swept about 1m of the ground by the light and had then lost consciousness. He complained on his return of various medical problems and a fear of being contaminated by radiation. Under hypnotic regression he talked of being taken by three human like entities, dressed in tight white suits, to a beach, where a lock on a rock was opened, revealing a tunnel, from where they rushed down to the sea at great speed. One of the entities spoke to Filberto in Spanish with a Portuguese accent, gave him various prophecies and pseudo-scientific talk, and with a message that “they” would return in August. They didn’t.
  • Allan Hendry in Frontiers of Science July/August 1980 p28 citing investigation by Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo et. al.

January 3 1979, 2350hrs.
Mrs Megan Quezet, a housewife in the her 30’s who had undertaken but not completed nurse training, and her son Andre (12), who had been unable to sleep, heard their convalescent dog barking. Before they could quieten it, it had escaped from the garden and got right to the top of the road, where it was sat barking with the other dogs. As they looked at the dog they saw a pink glow above the top road 12m further along. Fearing a light plane crash, they scrabbled through the rough embankment to the top road. As they approached they became increasingly bemused by the intense pink light. As they got onto the road, they saw it was shaped like a vertical egg from which the bottom part had been cut away and was standing on four legs, 1.2m high, 10cm thick, terminating in pads.

The object was 3.7m high, 5m wide, smooth and metallic grey. There was a light on either side of an opening in the side of the object, and another on top. Megan still thought it was an unusual aircraft, and as they walked closer, talking in whispers, five or six men emerged from the opening. One or two went to the left hand side away from the witnesses, two remained near the centre, and the other two came to their side. One of the men near them was talking in a high pitched sing-song voice, the other answered in monosyllables. One of the men on the far side bent down, picked up some sand from the verge and let it fall though his fingers. These beings were dressed in one piece white suits. All but two of them had their heads covered by the suits, with just visors. Of the two with uncovered heads, only the one nearest could be seen clearly. He had dark curly hair, dark “oriental” eyes and a beard. The beings were about 1.58m tall. Then the other man nearest, who was talking, saw them, said something to his companion and stepped back. The man with the beard stared at Megan and Andre, uttered some three syllable sound and bowed. Megan felt drawn to him, and fancied his eyes were translucent. Now unnerved, she told Andre to run and get his father, whom they had not disturbed on account of his bad health. The two beings conversed in monosyllables then just stepped into the door, though it was 1.2m above the ground. When it was closed, there was a buzzing sound like bees, the legs elongated to about three times their original length, then, as Megan stood, unsure of what was happening, the legs telescoped into the craft, and, after hovering for a second or two, the object shot off into the sky. Andre, who had only got part way home, returned to the scene. They did not tell his father Paul about the event until the next morning. No traces were found. There was an apparent 30 minute time gap. Under hypnotic regression Megan said that the man with the beard had hypnotised her with his eyes, and invited her inside against her protests. Inside were chairs, panels and a central table. Megan became agitated and leapt out. The men spoke in an unknown language but she was able to understand them through telepathy. They told her something she was unable to remember. Though the reporting investigator gave a positive assessment of the case, a second independent investigator and the psychiatrist dealing with the regression gave negative assessments.
  • Cynthia Hind in MUFON UFO Journal 134 p.3 + 140 p.5 + International UFO Reporter 5, 1, p.27 + Hind 1982 p.172, citing her own investigation.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 159, p.5.

January 4 1979, 0005hrs.
A 33 year old man was driving along country lanes after dropping off a friend when he saw a “star” approach his car at speed. Fearing a collision the man got out of his car and ran about 30m along the lane. He saw the object was now a huge triangle, 45m wide, with a blinding light on each corner. It hovered about 30m above a field and then took off towards Leigh without a sound.
  • NUFON News 57, p.5, citing Peter Hough.

January 4 1979, 0625hrs.
Two men driving back from a nightclub were attracted by the sight of Venus. They had just realised what they were looking at, when below Venus they saw some very strange green and orange vibrating lights, which pulsed but never went out. Behind the lights was a dark round shape. The object slowly and silently descended to treetop height and then hovered and sped off to the south. The observation lasted 6 minutes.
  • NUFON News 80, p.6, citing MUFORA.

January 4 1979, 0700hrs.
Factory worker Mrs Jean Hingley had just seen her husband off to work when she saw a light in the garden. She thought her husband had left the car port light on, but when she checked it was off. She then saw over the garden an orange light that turned white. As she went back into the house, she noticed that the dog was swaying from side to side, its hair standing on end; it then just flopped down. As she stood by the sink, three beings floated past her into the lounge with a high pitched buzz. They were slim, silvery green beings with rainbow wings. She felt stunned and paralysed and had to grip unto the sink. She then felt her hands being moved from the sink and she was floated, feet above the ground, into the lounge. It felt warm although all the doors were open; she no longer felt afraid. There was a brilliant light that made her cover her eyes and her head felt stuff. Then the light dimmed and she was able to uncover her eyes.

She saw and heard the beings tugging and playing at the Christmas tree. They were three slim little men, about 1.05-1.2m tall, in silvery green tunics, silver waistcoats with silver buttons. Their pointed hands and feet were covered in silvery green and they wore pointed caps of the same colour surmounted by something like a lamp. They had transparent fishbowl helmets that were attached to their shoulders. They had waxy white corpse like faces, no eyebrows nor ears; their eyes were like black diamonds, noses not noticed and very thin mouths. Their wings were rainbow coloured but “more beautiful than our earthly colours” and covered in dots. They were floating around the lounge, touching everything. When challenged they said they would not harm her and that they came from the sky.

A bizarre childish conversation about religion and the honours list then ensued. They bounced up and down on the couch, like children. When scolded they turned the light out, and Jean became wary. Each time they spoke they pressed their chests and a bleep sound came out. They floated about, inspecting the household equipment. Jean asked if they wanted a drink and they asked for water. They increased the light while they drank, so she could not see them, but the glasses were empty when they had finished. They also said they had been to different parts of the world but no one took any notice, but agreed that Jean could tell her story. They always seemed to confirm her beliefs and prejudices.

They accepted her mince pies, which they lifted up like magnets, but appeared terrified when she lit a cigarette and floated through the open door to an orange glowing object, 2.5m long, 1.2m high, with round glowing windows that she could not see through. This object appeared to be made of a kind of shiny plastic, with something like a scorpion’s tail, topped by a sort of wheel at the back. There was a blue light atop this wheel. The beings entered the object; it flashed its lights twice and took off straight over the fence towards Oldbury. When Jean went back into the house she found the radio and clock had stopped. A 2.4 x 1.2m area of melted snow was left and a circle scratched on the glass of the back door. Jean suffered from sore eyes and a red patch on her brow that got worse when she had a headache. Tapes handled by the beings were distorted and her wedding ring went white.
  • Eileen Morris in FSR 25, 6, p2.4 + Earthlink 3, 2, p.12 citing her own investigation.
  • Randles 1981 p.160 citing investigation by Martin Keatman.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a, p169, citing above + investigations by UFOSIS, Mark Pritchard and Richard Tolley, Martin Keatman and Stephen Banks, Alan Ponter + The Sun 6 January 1979 + Smethwick News 11 January 1979 + Wolverhampton Express and Star 4 April 1979 + Sunday Mercury 18 January 1979.

January 5 1979, 1900hrs.
Anmarie Emery was driving from the Cambridge hotel where she worked to her parents’ home in Springfield when, as she passed through the Auburn area her attention was caught by three red glowing triangular objects, flying in precise formation 400m from the road. Several cars had slowed and she assumed their occupants were also watching these objects. Anmarie also slowed and lowered her window but could hear no sound. She continued to watch the objects, with their red, flashing, rear lights, and at the intersection with Rt86 she found that she was the only driver taking that route; all the others turning off. About 1.5km beyond the corner she climbed a hill, turned a corner and saw three red glowing objects hovering over the road ahead.

Simultaneously her radio, CB, and lights all died and her car stopped, though the engine was still running in 3rd gear. Anmarie was paralysed, her foot remaining on the accelerator pedal, her hands gripping the steering wheel and shaking. The red light from the closest object was so bright she felt it heat her face and a strong skunk like smell filled the car. The strange objects were still in formation, the closest only 6m away and 3m above the road. The others were at the same height 12m and 18m away. They were shaped like four sided pyramids, with their apexes facing her. They were apparently made of a smooth, glassy substance. The red light was uniform and emanating from within the objects. Four brighter red blinking portions protruded along either side of the objects, resembling four protruding red bars, blinking in a  two-second cycle. Anmarie felt totally mesmerised, her face hot and flushed, her eyes watering.  After 2-3 minutes, she saw a distant headlight in her rear view mirror and the objects took off, one after another, the nearest one first, swung about to a 2 o'clock position and left behind a hill to the North-West at 90m altitude in 30 seconds. The radio and CB began to function and the car could now be moved. Anmarie suffered a quickly healing rash and skin peeling around the eyes and nose next day.
  • Raymond Fowler in MUFON UFO Journal 134, p.8 citing his own investigation

January 6 1979, 0900hrs.
Two nuns, Sisters Rosa Polini and Angiolini observed for five minutes, through binoculars, a luminous object, which landed among the trees on the summit of Mount Rena. It was pyramid shaped with a light and landed after three minutes. It then took off like a rocket.
  • Jacques Bobabot citing A Cortellazzi in Approche 22, p.11, case 56.

January 8 1979. Morning.
Dima Lentini and Salvatrice G Centineo saw, at the entry of a house, a black figure that gradually faded away.
  • Jacques Bonabot citing catalogue by A Cortellazzi in Approche 22, p11, case 65 citing Il Piccolo 17 January 1979.

January 8 1979, 2000hrs.
While driving down County Road 138 at the rear of Fairfield High School, Marion Ritchie, an employee of Statecraft Industries, and his wife saw red,white and green lights over an open field. They first thought that it was a water tower but as they drove past the object, which was in a field 15m from the road, they saw that it was a cylinder 5m long, hovering about 25-30m. Its lights grew ever brighter, until they were too bright for the couple to see what the object really was. It then took off at terrific speed.
  • Charles L Tucker in MUFON UFO Journal 142, p.3, citing his own investigation.

January 10 1978, 0500hrs.
Messes Crescenzi, Notazio, Roman and a policeman in his car noticed, during a thunderstorm, a vivid reddish light in the fields, 5km from Viterbe. It took off in the form of a red luminous sphere. The car radio experienced interference for five seconds.
  • Jacques Bonabot, citing catalogue by A Cortellazzi in Approche 22 p.12, case 69.
  • Evaluation: probably ball lightning

January 12 1979, 0100hrs.
Two men squatting in an unoccupied scout hut went outside when one of them had a row with his girlfriend when they saw a large revolving disc with lights around its edge hovering 90m away. On the night of the next day one of these men, driving along the Strines Valley Road, saw a domed object 15m away in the valley below. It appeared to be 15-18m diameter and reflecting the full moon. He ran to the hut and locked the door but something tapped on the walls and windows and tried the door.
  • NUFON News 124, p.15, citing investigation by David Clarke.
January 13 1979 (approx. date) 1150hrs.
Marcos Rafael Suarez (12) was in a 4 x 4m room in the school where his father was janitor when he heard a box full of newspapers fall down and, looking round, he saw a strange rectangular object, 60cm wide, 1.4m high, 1m long, which was aluminium coloured with a sort of black television screen on the upper front part. Through this he could see part of the interior, where there was a tank with cables attached to it. Below the screen was a reflector like a car headlight, beneath which were black vertical lines. The object was suspended 20cm above the floor, making a sound like an electric fan. Suddenly flaps on either side of the object opened outwards and downwards and a being, 80cm high, emerged from first the right, then the left side. They were dressed in shiny one piece overalls with shiny straps, helmets, with a dark band across the eyes, made of a similar material. The being from the left side grabbed the boy’s arm with a four fingered hand, gripping him harder as he tried to free himself. The being forced the boy down into a chair, while a voice in Spanish came from the machine, telling him to sit down and not to move. While in this chair, Marcos saw the beings had apparatus like soda siphons on their backs. The right hand being walked towards an adjacent room. The being which had seized Marcos returned to the machine, which emitted a powerful beam of red light that dazzled him, making his eyes water. At this point Marocs passed out. When he recovered the beings had gone, leaving him still in the chair, the room in disarray with a sulphurous odour in the air and the door open. Marcos ran out, falling as he did so. His face was purplish red and he was so shaken he had to be given a sedative.
  • Heriberto Janosch in FSR 25, 2, p.21, citing investigation by Juan Angel Gomez and La Razon

January 13 1979, 1600hrs.
Vittorio Mancini was watching his cows, 12km from Viterbe, when he saw a ball of fire come to the ground about 500m away. As it decreased in luminosity it took on the appearance of a metallic sphere. From it emerged a humanoid 50cm tall, of slim build, dressed in a green overall. It took a few steps, bent down and picked up something from the ground. After some hesitation Mancini ran to his car and tried to start it, but the engine misfired.
  • ibid p.13, case 75.

January 15 1979, 0430hrs.
Barman Ambrogio d’Arco and three workmen from Alfasud observed for ten minutes a circular orange object flying to the South-East at about 15m altitude. They had been attracted out of the bar by luminous flashes outside.
  • Jacques Bonabot citing catalogue by A Cortellazzi in Approche 22 p.12, case 79.
January 15 1979, 0440hrs.
A woman getting up for work heard an unusual noise like an electric fan in a confined space, which appeared to come from overhead. Looking out of a window, she saw a beam of white light shining onto the ground in her back garden. It was about 50-75cm in diameter. She could only see a length of75cm from the beam, which appeared to come from above. The sound diminished in volume for a couple of seconds, grew loud again and then suddenly ceased. She went to the window but could see nothing. No traces or additional witnesses were found. The observation lasted 5-8 minutes.
  • Basterfield 1981, citing investigation by TUFOIC.

January 16 1979, 0500hrs.
Many farmers were alterted by a commotion among the cows and saw an enormous ball of fire coming down to the ground and then taking off. The thing was 10m in diameter. Snow was displaced and the ground was burnt at the spot.
  • Jacques Bonabot citing catalogue by A Cortellazzi in Approche 22, p.12.

January 16 1979, 2215hrs.
26 year old Ms Martin was driving from work when she saw what she took to be the moon behind trees to her left, but then realised that the three quarters moon was high in the sky to her right. The object on her left was golden, circular and appeared to eb just above the scrub top to the SSE. It was lost to sight as she drove on. As she drove past the object her car headlights began blinking then went out, only reappearing when the object was some distance behind. No other lighting systems were affected, neither was the engine, and the cause was found to be a loose earthwire.
  • Basterfield 1981, p.4, citing UFO Research (Far North Queensland) Newsletter 6, p.2 + UFO Research (South Australia) Newsletter July-October 1979 p 3 + Basterfield 1997 p.222, all citing investigation by UFO Research Far North Queensland.

January 17 1979, 0415hrs.
While working on a construction site, Ronnie Patrick (19) was awakened by a beautiful beam of light, with sparkles, which entered his room through the window and wall. He reached out and touched the beam, which penetrated his arm, with a sensation like static electricity. The next thing he could remember was sitting in a chair at 0700, fully dressed and ready for work. Following this experience he lost 25lb in weight, suffered from hair loss, burning eyes, dry nose and mouth, diarrhoea abnormal perspiration, bruises on the legs and bleeding from the teeth.
  • Frontiers of Science July/August 1980, p.27.

January 18 1979, 2330hrs.
While driving between Ristoro and Lusiana, Antonio Conte (42), a wood-cutter saw an orange sphere land in front of his car, blocking the road. His car engine and lights failed and the doors opened by themselves. From this object came two small humanoids, 1m tall, with copper coloured skin, who were wearing metallic scaly coveralls. They had long hands ending in pointed nails, and their ears were like vibrating, twisted wires. They invited him on board by gestures. He found himself in a 2 sq.m. room in which there was a variety of electronic looking gadgets. The ytried to undress him, but he resisted and the wall opened revealing a sort overall He continued to protest, at which one of the beings gave him a small box with some sort of writing on it. A door opened and he returned to his car when the object disappeared. The car lights were now on. Conte may have taken something from the craft. During the meeting (whether with the occupants or the investigators is not clear) he was uneasy.
  • ibid case 80.
January 24 1979, 2215hrs.
Scott X (20) was driving about 6.5km north from Lindale when he got out to relieve himself, leaving the car engine running and a tape cassette playing. A green and yellow light with sparks in the sky hit him, winds whirled around the car and his hair stood up on end. Then two complex objects appeared, with a violet red light moving between them. Then Scott found himself sitting in the front of his car, unable to account for the time lapse. The car engine was no longer running, though the lights were still on. There was a loud ringing noise and the car engine returned to life. Cold and upset, he drove home. Meanwhile Ronald Patrick, who had a time lapse experience on the 17th, had seen an object in the distance, and a “telepathic voice” informed him that Scott had been abducted, and that he should wait at Scott’s home for his arrival. When Scott arrived and got out of the car at 0530, he appeared to Ron to be 2.1m tall, white, toothless and boneless. Scott appealed to Ron to touch him, but Ron was too afraid. Scott then collapsed to the ground, the voice told Ron that Scott would be all right, upon which Scott regained his human form except for a diamond shaped burn mark on his chest, singed hair and bruised legs. The car clock was 5.5 hours off, and there was a 2 minute blank on each side of the tape.
  • Allan Hendry in Frontiers of Science July/August 1980, p.27 + Probe September 1980 p.80 citing investigation by CUFOS.

January 26 1979, 2045hrs.
Keith Jones (28), the chef at the Brookhouse Mill restaurant beside the A525 outside Denbigh saw what he first thought was a low flying aircraft, but then realised it was too low (about 30m altitude), fast and quiet (just making a sort of whooshing noise). It banked and he saw that it was an elongated oval object surmounted by a dome with a rotating strobe light, which lit up a metallic surface. He went in and got the restaurant owner and a customer who saw it was now 800m down the valley, proceeding in jerks. Some police officers also saw the incident.
  • NUFON News 61, p.6 citing investigation by Janet and Colin Bord.
  • Evaluation: misperception of low flying aircraft or helicopter?

February 2 1979, 0710hrs.
A 13-year-old paperboy saw a stationary white oval tilted towards him, revealing a protuberance on its top and 6 ovals, outlined in black, on its underside. It was hovering at 6m. After a couple of minutes a white beam emerged from the central base and stopped in mid-air, about 1m from the ground. After 10 minutes the 23m diameter object just disappeared.
  • NUFON News 60, p.4, citing investigation by David Sydeserff.

February 5 1979, 2150hrs.
A young man driving home to Hobart from Hamilton along the Lyell highway noticed his car radio fade out. He was unable to return it to life by pressing the station buttons. Seconds later an intense white light enveloped the car and he could not see beyond the end of the bonnet. At the same time the car’s lights and engine failed. He then had a vague memory of bringing the car to a stop. His next recollection was driving up the rise on the road from Lawitta and slowing down at the Granton Intersection. There he was pulled in by the police for not using his headlights. He was found to be in a state of shock and amnesia. He was taken to hospital, where his memory returned when a nurse shone a light in his eyes. The car battery was flat, the oil level and radiator water level were low and various wires in the car had to be repaired. The witness did not want any investigation.
  • Basterfield 1982, p.4 + Basterfield in MUFON UFO Journal citing Bill Chalker in UFO Research Newsletter November/December 1979, p.4 citing TUFOIC Annual Report 1980, p.4 citing investigation by Keith Roberts.
  • Basterfield 1997, pp.107, 223, citing TUFOIC.

February 7 1979, 2200hrs.
Joaquin Sanchez Martinez was driving back from Archena when, rounding some bends at 60kph his engine and electrical system failed. He got out to examine the engine at which he was aware of an intense brightness and looked up to see a huge object, about 60m diameter, emitting a dazzling white light, at 30m altitude. On its perimeter were a series of yellow and orange lights. Joaquin was unable to move and felt an itching throughout his body. These symptoms persisted until the object had disappeared in s south-southeast direction after two minutes. The car engine then worked normally.
  • Journal UFO 1, 4, p.15 citing La Verdad 16 February 1979.

February 9 1979, 2100hrs.
An elderly banana farmer, driving home, was about 1km north of the Liverpool Creek bridge on the Bruce Highway, between Innisfail and Mission Beach, when he noticed a dull white light which appeared to be sitting on the edge of the bitumen on the left hand side of the road. As he approached the light, he noticed what appeared to be a dark beehive shaped object behind it. The light then rose vertically, and when it was an estimated 10m from him, 1m off the road, he was dazzled by a blinding flash. When his sight cleared he realised that the car’s engine and lights had died. He put the car into neutral and coasted to a halt in a truck rest area. He had a feeling he had just awoken from a nightmare. As he was just lighting a cigarette the lights came on of their own accord and he found that he could start the car. There were no traces nor permanent effects.
  • Keith Basterfield in MUFON UFO Journal 142, p.5 + Basterfield 1982, p.6 + Basterfield 1997, p.223, all citing UFO Research South Australia Newsletter May/June 1979, p,4 + Novemebr/December 1979, p.20 + UFO Research Far North Queensland Newsletter 6, p.1, + ACOS Bulletin 20, p.19, all citing investigation by Ms H Goriss.

February 12 1979, 1800hrs.
A British rail employee was walking along the track from Headingley station to his home about 1.5km away, when he noticed a green glow among the leafless bushes on the other side of the track, which glow appeared to be pacing him. When a train approached he crossed over the track near where this glow was. As the train passed, the mass rose up in the air. The witness tried to reach the thing, which looked like a cheese with irregular sides, a couple of metres or so across. Suddenly he was lifted vertically into the air by about 2m and deposited along the track about 4.5m further along. Terrified and bemused, he looked back after several seconds and saw an oval object, apparently larger than the original green mass, with a green underside and vapour behind it. He ran home and told no one, not even his wife about the incident, but never walked along that track again. Graham and Mark Birdsall in NUFON News 70, p.4 citing their own investigation. Randles 1983b, p.56.

February 14 1979, 1830hrs.
A man and woman had just left a yard in their car, when the man saw a ball of light ascending from behind the trees in the north-east. The thing was blue-green, with red flames and blue-green smoke around it. It turned and soon afterwards the smoke and flames disappeared. The ball then crossed the road and disappeared behind the trees after about 20 seconds. No sound was heard during the observation. Meanwhile at their home the TV picture disappeared and a buzzing sound was heard from the set.
  • Karl Kuure in Skywatch 33, p.15, citing Suomen Ufotutkijat.

February 21 1979, 1815hrs.
12 year old G. S. (qv) was out walking a friend’s dog, when the animal lay down whimpering for no apparent reason. Looking ahead she saw a bright orange ball in the south east, hovering and spinning. Then, to one side, she saw two entities in the gloom, by some bushes. They were dressed as in her previous encounter and smiling. She then turned her attention back to the dog and when she looked back the entities had gone. A couple of minutes later the light suddenly vanished and the dog immediately leapt up and ran home barking.
  • Jenny Randles and Paul Whetnall in FSR 25, 4, p.21, citing own investigation.
  • Randles and Whetnall 1981, p.36.

February 21 1979, 2115hrs.
While driving from Lowood to Ipswich, John Beare (19) and a 15 year old friend noticed a bright white light in the sky directly ahead, after passing through Fearnvale. A bright flash from the object lit up the area for about 750m. As the road turned to the right of this object, it approached the car to a point directly above them for a few seconds, then drifted to the right. It then descended to tree top level and paced the car, then moved to about 30m in front of it and zig-zagged across the full width of the road before returning to the right of the car. It then paced them to the Toowomba turnoff, where it was lost to sight. What appeared to be the same object was again seen at Tivoli, where after pacing the car to Pineview, it finally disappeared instantly in the south west sky. The object was cigar shaped, with red, green and white among its multi-coloured lights. No noise was heard at any stage in the 30 minute observation. No vehicle effects were noted. The area was a fairly isolated rural one.
  • Basterfield 1982, p.6 + 1997, p.223, citing files of UFO Research Far North Queensland.

February 22 1979, 1845hrs.
Two 14 year old girls were sledging on a snow covered valley slope when they saw a series of lights a few hundred metres above their heads. There were three green lights and a large red one. The girls thought they were watching a helicopter, but then suddenly it emitted an ear piercing whine and began to spiral down towards them, much to their terror. They stood rooted to the spot as it slowly descended. When it reached 30m, it stopped spiralling and the speed reduced. It then descended down, partly on a path about 10m away,. Though it was dark, the girls were able to see it was a grey lens shaped object, the size of a small car (2.4 x 1.2m), with what looked like small fins at each end. As it came to rest, the whine changed into a hum and then stopped altogether. The girls ran for about 50m, then stopped to watch the object, which remained on the ground for three to four minutes, the light still blazing. It then rose slowly, humming again to 30m, whereupon it headed towards them, then arced back, landing about 25m away, lower down, on a steeper part of the slope. After a further minute it began to wobble and then accelerated away; the lights flickering slightly, until it was lost to sight in the distance. The girls rushed indoors. An investigation three days later found two marks impressed into the packed ice in the steep part of the slope. They were 90cm across and 2.1m apart, and resembled an enlarged letter E. A series of blackened stones was found by these marks. Analysis by Leeds University showed a strong presence of coalite and carbon residue.
  • Graham and Mark Birdsall in NUFON News 62, p.9, citing their own investigation
  • Randles 1981, p.247. Randles 1983b, p.58.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a, p.203, citing Mark and Graham Birdsall.

February 24 1979, 0200hrs.
Tailor Michael Sacks (38) was giving his unwell son a glass of water when the bedroom became illuminated with a pulsing light. Looking through the window, he and his wife saw an orange luminous sphere moving north-east to south west at about 150kph. The thing stopped dead in its tracks and the light went out, leaving an arc of blue light. Then three rings of deep red pulsing light appeared beneath, illuminating the quarry below, into which the object, about twice the size of a double decker bus, descended. After telephoning researcher Jenny Randles, Sacks set out for his brother’s house about 6km away, and the two then drove to the quarry to investigate. At the quarry Sacks encountered a line of windows on a curved shape, but felt unable to look at it directly, and kept hearing a message in his head saying “porta cabin, porta cabin”. His brother saw nothing, and when they checked next day there was no porta cabin there. The light had also been seen by two police officers.
  • Randles 1983b, p.60, citing investigation by David Tarry and Norman Collinson.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a, p.204, citing above + Brian Fishwick + David Tarry + own interviews.

February 24 1979, 0800hrs.
A motorcyclist, Philip Shepherdson, had just driven through Crayke when he saw a dark vertically triangular object hovering just above the ground in a field to his left. There was a window on the object, through which he saw a crouching figure. This sprang up as the witness was looking at it. The cyclist got off his bike and then saw two other beings in the field beside the object. They were tall, slim and dressed in dark coverall suits. The being inside the craft had spikes on top of his head or helmet. The witness felt that some kind of contact had been established but could not put this into words, and he felt overwhelmed by the experience, so got back on his bike and continued his drive to work, for which he was about an hour late. As he drove away he caught a glimpse of the thing taking off at terrific speed. The witness had nightmares about the experience.
  • Randles 2000, p.234.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a, p.207, citing Simon Ritchie and their own investigation.
  • Evaluation: according to the account by Hanson and Holloway, the witness only “remembered” these details after a serious motor bike accident ten years later.

March 2 1979. Early morning.
Ernesto Fagundez was working on a transmitter tower with his son when they observed a strange object shaped object that circled the tower and stopped. Through portholes in the object they could see beings with enormous heads, who were wearing transparent helmets. A few minutes later the object dived down over a truck carrying farm workers, who through themselves to the pavement. The object then took off leaving a fiery trail and thick column of smoke.
  • International UFO Reporter 4, 2, p.2 citing El Comercio (Ecuador) 5 March 1979.

March 4 1979. Morning.
Technical student Aleksandr Podkopaev observed two domed shaped objects in fields 650m away. He ran towards them and one of them lit up with a violet glow like a mercury lamp, rose vertically and sped away. Under the cover of the underbrush he crept towards the remaining dome, which he saw was hovering 1m above the ground. Around it were standing four dwarfs with long bodies and arms and short legs who were spreading shiny metallic objects on the ground. They wore green suits and pointed silver blue helmets. They seem sense AP’s presence and turned to face him. Their faces were covered with masks and under goggles he saw large red eyes. The tallest, whose arm was twice as long as his body, raised his arm, as if in salute. He looked so funny that Alek found himself laughing. Seconds later the beings seemed to vanish inside the dome, through the translucent surface of which, their silhouettes could be seen. The dome then began to emit a violet light and flew off. A school teacher observed the event from an independent location. Three other people saw the object take off.
  • Fortean Times 33, p.30, citing Bernard Gris in National Enquirer, 13 May 1980, and 16 October 1979, citing Felix Zigel citing investigation by Lyudmila Petrova.

March 5 1979, 0030hrs.
Wheelchair user Tommy Austin was driving his stepbrother Stanley home from the pub when he observed a light to his right, that he first thought was the moon. He pointed it out to Stanley and both men saw that the thing was an orange inverted semicircle with a sort of detached dome on top. It paced the car, moving ahead of them at some speed, stopping, turning, going up to 80kph. The thing descended as if to hit the rooftops, and appeared to be twice the width of the houses. The object disappeared behind the houses. The observation lasted about four minutes. Both Tommy and his other stepbrother John had other anomalous experiences.
  • NUFON News 63, p.6 citing investigation by Stephen Banks.

March 7 1979, 0150hrs.
Mrs MS awoke for no apparent reason, then noticed that the street light outside her window had gone out. Within seconds she heard a low rumbling noise and a brilliant white light appeared, moving slowly across her curtains in the direction of her daughter’s bedroom. She was terrified and unable to move, until after about 20 seconds the noise had stopped, the light vanished and the street light came back on. The daughter simply recalled the best night’s sleep she could remember.
  • Jenny Randles and Paul Whetnall in FSR 25, 4, p.21 + Randles and Whetnall 1981 p.44 citing own investigation.
  • Evaluation: aware sleep paralysis + hypnogogic hallucination or false awakening .

March 7 1979 (approx. date) Night
Michael Mangan (19), an apprentice baker, (qv) and some of his friends were on Tower Hill, looking for little hairy men, when one of the party got separated from the others, was attacked by a small hairy creature. Mangan and others came to his aid, fighting the thing off with a stone. Mangan suffered a cut to his leg in the process and ran away in terror.
  • AstroNet Review, April 1992, p.6 citing Melbourne Herald, 12 March 1979.

March 8 1979, 1850hrs.
David and Lesley Tobell were driving home to Morecambe on this wet evening, with their two young children asleep in the back of their car, when, as they descended Hest Bank Hill, David saw some red and white flashing lights in Morecambe. He thought it was a fishing boat but moments later a red beam flooded down onto the car from above. Slowing down and looking out, he saw the underside of a huge red circular object on which were four red domes. It was pacing the car at 15m altitude and was 30m in diameter. Lesley was terrified as it moved away to the side and descended, as if to land, on the golf course. From the side it gave the appearance of a silvery disk, with a rim of rotating lights that were flashing and merging into one. Suddenly there was a white flash from the side and it shot away at terrific speed. Next day David had a recurrence of lung and chest pains he had not had for three years.
  • NUFON News 60, p.6, citing investigation by Gordon Baraclough and Rosemary Bunford.

March 13 1979, 2000hrs.
A 28 year old electrical engineer was walking to a public house, taking instead of his usual route, one across muddy playing fields. He saw a light in the sky, which came closer. As he reached the pub, the light came within 30m of him. It appeared to be an elongated oval, 6-10m wide, 2-3m high, made of gunmetal and the mist around it glowed. The area seemed strangely silent. He suddenly found himself in the gent’s toilets outside the pub, facing the wall as if to leave. When he entered the pub the barman told him there had been an electricity blackout just before, but the power was now on. As he entered the pub, he forgot all about the incident, recalling it only three days later.
  • NUFON News 107, p.14, citing investigation by Martin Dagless, Nigel Mortimer and S Hart.

March 16 1979, 1420hrs.
As Jarmo Rykanen walked towards his lakeside summer cottage he heard a buzzing sound from behind and turned round to see a bright bell shaped object 50cm in diameter hovering 2m above the ground. He took five photographs of it, as it bobbed up and down. The object disappeared for a while but reappeared by some bushes. Jarmo was then hit by a red light beam from this sphere, which impaired his eyesight for a time. The object was then surrounded by a dust cloud, and Jarmo got the impression that it shrunk and disappeared. Then a tube like object appeared, flew upwards and disappeared. On the spot Jarmo found melted metal and a red liquid.
  • Karl Kuure in Skywatch 33, p.15 citing SUR.

March 17 1979, 1990hrs.
Rosina Kirk and her son and daughter were passengers in a car driven by her son’s girlfriend, when just past the Foxholes roundabout, while in heavy traffic, Rosina saw an unusual star like light. It seemed then to become a large sphere, which became covered in smoke that became transformed into four white lights, It then came closer, with four red light visible on the underside and protrusions like legs. The car’s occupants began to feel dizzy. After 5 minutes the thing disappeared. Two men and two women in another car saw the object, the two women feeling nauseous and experiencing vision problems. The car lights and cassette player faded down.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a, p.210, citing Tony Faulkner + Hertfordshire Mercury 6 April 1979.

March 19 1979, 0005hrs. P
At least two people at this hydro-electric station saw a series of unusual objects between 0005 and 0545. First at 0005 a red ball of light was seen landing behind a nearby forest, with similar objects at 0135, 0145, then two simultaneously at 0255, followed immediately by a total of 14-15 disc shaped objects, 30m in diameter, hovering over the marshes behind the forest. One of these discs projected a bright light beam earthwards. The apparitions vanished at 0545
  • FSR 26, 2, p.32 citing SUR Report 2/80.

March 20 1979, 2015hrs.
Several people saw a red disc about 10m in diameter that flew silently from north to south and passed between two houses at 20m altitude, before disappearing behind trees. One of the witnesses suffered a heavy headache after the observations.
  • Karl Kuure in Skywatch 33, p.15, citing SUR.

March 22 1979, 2240hrs.
A number of people on the Sheppey Way including Frank Rossien (or Roosien) observed a loping figure, about 1.7m tall, in a one piece suit and helmet clamber down a bank in a way which would have been difficult for a normal person. Frank caught it in his car headlights and described it as wearing a helmet and suit connected in one piece, with no joins visible. The helmet was rounded with a flat top. There was a suggestion of a visor but Frank could not be sure from his location. The being’s head appeared small for its stocky body and broad back.
  • Valerie Martin in BUFORA Journal 8, 5, p.2 citing own investigation. Norman Oliver in UFO Magazine 11, 6, p.34.

March 27 1979. Evening.
Wesley Gruman (19) was driving north towards Oak Bluff along a road between Senackentacket Pond and Joseph A Sylvia State Beach, when he noticed green glow coming from behind the sand dunes between him and the beach. As he approached this glow, which he thought came from “light sticks” on the beach, he noticed a low frequency hum on his AM car radio. When he reached a point where he had a clear view of the shore, he saw that the glow came from a luminous yellow-green cylinder, apparently floating in the water about 60m away. It was about 9m long, rounded at both ends and had no visible openings or protrusions. When Wesley stopped to examine it more closely, the rose silently and slowly out of the water, disturbing it as it did so. It became hidden by his roof, so he got out and saw that the beach and water were now illuminated by the object, which was gaining speed as it ascended. He tried to reach into the car for a lamp, but found he was unable to move any part of his body but his head. When the cylinder had disappeared from sight he was able to move again and got back in his car and drove off to report the matter to the police. His calendar watch, which had been fast, was showing the correct date next day.
  • Mildred Biesele in MUFON UFO Journal 140, p.12, citing investigation by Joe Santangelo.

March 30 1979. Afternoon.
Two children coming home from school saw twenty 50cm tall, one eyes beings, surrounded by light. They were walking quickly and then took off into the sky.
  • Fabio Picasso in Strange Magazine 9, p.35

April 1979. 0020hrs.
A 51 year old taxi driver, going to collect a passenger, rounded a corner and encountered a green light with a purple edge, about 75cm in diameter, above a gravel heap to his right. The light came straight at the taxi and seemed to go above it, lighting the interior like daylight. The taxi lost power, would not accelerate and the motor began shaking. The driver tried to radio for help on his two way radio, but found that it was dead. The light then seemed to moved back ahead of the car as the driver swung down a left hand curve, then everything went dark again and the taxi began to function normally.
  • Basterfield 1982, p.8 citing TUFOIC Annual Report 1980, p.7 + ACOS Bulletin 21. p.18. + Basterfield 1997, p.224, all citing TUFOIC files.

April 7 1979. Early.
Several people observed a luminous object in the sky, cars on Rt 33 found their engines stopped for no apparent reason. There was an intense blinding light. Pedro Celotto observed an object land in his soya beam plantation to the west of town, Police found an 8m diameter burned circled in the field.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 141, p.12 citing La Razon 12 April 1979.

April 16 1979, 0130hrs.
A 20 year old man putting away his motor cycle after a night out with his girlfriend heard a high pitched whistle. Turing around, he saw to the NE he saw an orange sphere, with an elliptical trail, the apparent size of a soccer ball at arm’s length, descending at a 20 degree angle. The thing then slowed and changed direction, so that the trail was vertical. It then descended further in a zigzag manner, still emitting the whistling sound. The object disappeared behind houses. The observation lasted about 15 seconds. Police were called but nothing was found.
  • NUFON News 61, p.6 citing investigation by Brian Fishwick.
  • Evaluation: flare or some kind of firework?

April 19 1979, 2330hrs.
John Milroy (32) was driving at 30kph along a straight road from Ardersier to Croy, when he saw what he thought were headlights in the distance. He dimmed his own lights. Then the light seemed to open across and above the road. Fearing an aircraft crash, John grabbed his mother, who was a passenger, and they stopped and got out. They were unable to hear the sound of the car engine revving, the door slamming behind them or their own footsteps. When they reached a ditch everything returned to normal, including the usual sounds. The incident was reported to the police. Mrs Milroy was so shocked that she had to be sedated.
  • International UFO Reporter 4, 2, p.2 + Nigel Watson in Fortean Times 31, p.22 both citing Aberdeen Evening Express, 20 April 1979.

May 1979 (or following month) 1830hrs.
A schoolboy returning home saw a silvery sphere 35-40cm diameter outside his bedroom window. It then moved off through trees at the bottom of the garden. He detected a sickly odour.
  • NUFON News 122, p.10, citing investigation by Clive Potter.

May 1979, 0300hrs.
A woman living in a hillside cottage outside Todmorden was awakened by a huge light coming towards the house from across the moors. She suddenly found herself outside dressed in just her nightdress. She saw that the light came from a small oval object, which had landed on a sloping field near the house. From the this object emerged three figures, slightly smaller than the average person and slim. She had the odd idea that this was her daughter and children coming to visit in a helicopter. Next she found herself back in bed at daybreak. Chickens were later found dead in the area. In reality the object could not have been seen in the place it was at that time of year, owing to obscuring trees. The witness had many other anomalous experiences.
  • Jenny Randles in The New Ufologist 2, p.13, citing investigation by herself and Roy Sandbach.
  • Evaluation: false awakening/dream

May 1 1979, 0400hrs.
Engineers in the YPP oil field were awoken by the sound of goats in a corral. When they went to investigate, they were paralysed, as, some 70m away, an object hovered 20m above the ground. They were very frightened but after a few seconds their fear subsided and they felt a strange peace and curiosity. One of them flashed a lantern at the thing and it flashed back. This happened with another man. Then the object slowly landed at very close range. One of the men approached, while another radioed for help. The object took off at 0435. At the site a large petrified circle was found, where the sand was compacted. Changes took place in the local fauna and in the behaviour of the goats, which refused to return their corral.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 139, p.6, citing Radiolandia 2000, 28 May 1979.

May 3 1979, 2100hrs.
Mrs Ragna Karlsson had gone to a birch copse 50m from her house to gather firewood when she was startled by a vivid blue-white flash from the cloudless sky. Looking up she saw an object 2.5-3m long moving through the trees just below treetop level, about 30-40m away. Frightened, she ran towards her home, across a meadow, at the end of which she paused and looked back to see the object, now looking like a transparent bowl, filled with multi-coloured pulses, hovering over a pile of logs. After about a couple of seconds the thing shot up into the sky, leaving a sort of spiral shaped cloud behind it. This latter was observed by large numbers of people across central Sweden. Two dull reports were heard.
  • Acke Svensson in FSR 29, 2, p.5, citing his own investigation.

May 5 1979. Evening.
A black metallic object, with two silvery figures stood next to it, was seen in a field outside Southend.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a, p.215, citing Essex UFO Group.

May 5 1979. Night.
Two policemen in a patrol car, Vander Campos and Benedito Mantos saw, less than 50m away, an object with portholes, which emitted intense red and orange lights and spewed fire from what looked like turbines on the underside. The thing landed near the Belo Horizonte Military School. The car’s radio and engine stopped for 55 seconds. After being observed for 90 seconds, the object took off vertically at great speed.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 141, p.11, citing Cronica (BA) 7 May 1979.

May 6 1979. 0030hrs.
Two men were driving between Bribie Island and Brisbane with their wives asleep in the back of the car, when, after passing the Bergin Nursery, they saw bright orange lights ahead, lighting up the surrounding area. As they drove over a rise in the road, the car’s interior became illuminated and the orange bonnet appeared a different colour. At the same time the dashboard altimeter light came on, the instrument panel lights dimmed and the motor began chugging as if it were only firing on two pistons. Almost immediately the group of lights rose up at great velocity. The observation lasted 30 seconds. Though the men drove up and down the road several times before leaving, they did not see the lights again. They returned to the site next day but could not find any traces. According to newspaper accounts they saw five flashing lights 80m ahead, which were very bright, orange and spinning. There was no sound but the men detected a strong smell like cordite.
  • Basterfield 1982, p.8, citing UFO Research Queensland + UFO Research + Brisbane Courier Mail 8 May 1979.

May 8 1979 (approx. date).
A group of six woodsmen heard a screaming noise and investigating saw a creature 1.7m tall in a pine tree, clutching a branch with its arms and legs. It then climbed down and was lost into the woods. A tree trunk was thrown at the witnesses from there. Some days before this a Caterpillar tractor had been damaged, and a few days later a Land Rover window was broken.
  • Sergio de la Rubia-Munoz in INFO Journal 72, p.23 + 75 p.59 citing ABC 16 May 1979 + ABC 8 May 1993 + El Caso 10 May 1993, these latter two dated the event to 1993)
  • Evaluation: escaped chimpanzee?

May 19 1979, 0227hrs.
Mike Sacks (qv) and his brother Ray were skywatching in the hills, when they heard a muted whining sound, and turning round, saw a white light descending rapidly. It resolved itself into an object with three sections; a domed top which gave off an electric blue light, a middle section, and a translucent, glowing metallic rim. It tilted away from them to reveal an underside with a row of lights around the edges, and with triangular and rectangular inserts. On the top were two appendages at 45 degrees. The object rushed up the valley and disappeared over a hill. Photographs taken by a press photographer on the scene failed to show anything.
  • Randles 1983b, p.75.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a, p.215, citing above + own investigation.

May 22 1979, 2200hrs.
A man walking in the local park saw three bright lights on the path ahead, which lights, he then realised were coming from a 3m diameter dark disc hovering just over the path 5m away. They were two bright and one dimmer beam coming from its underside. As he got within 3m of the thing, on its surface appeared a variety of geometric forms, and there were lights flashing on other parts. At one point a luminous H shape appeared on the top part. The thing then emitted a brilliant blue light and the man, who felt as though he was burning, ran away. The next day he found he had burns and abscesses on his face and was suffering from a severe headache.
  • Bronislaw Rzepecki in Evans and Spencer 1987, p.124.
  • Spencer 1991, p110.
  • Evaluation: the big H on the top is reminiscent of the fake photos connected with the UMMO hoax and suggests this might be an imitative hoax.

May 24 1979, 1820hrs.
A man felt compelled to look over fields, where he saw a grey lens shaped object. He kept taking looks at the spot over the next five minutes. The thing then accelerated away, becoming a speck on the horizon.
  • NUFON News 72, p.4 citing CUFORO.
  • Evaluation: lenticular cloud?

May 26 1979, 0830hrs.
Three schoolboys playing in a clearing in the rubber plantation heard a droning sound and saw a tiny luminous object land. As they rushed towards it, the object sent out an intense light beam from its rim, temporarily blinding the lads. They yelled out and two adults arrived on the scene in time to see the object moved away through the jungle. Cattle nearby were restless. 
  • Ahmad Jamaludin in Fortean Times 35, p.30 citing The Daily Star 20 May 1979 + The New Thrill 1979.

June 1979.
Graham Allan was driving on the A34 near Oxford when his car radio became crackly. He bent down to check on it, and when he looked up he saw that it was now raining, whereas before it had been fine, and that he was now on a portion of the road 15m where he should have been. He had a number of other experiences in subsequent years.
  • Clive Potter, Philip Mantle and Andy Walmsley in UFO Times 11, p.7.

June 7 1979. 2245hrs.
Mrs Delores Lavelle and her husband were driving home with their daughter Charlotte. They were between the Stallings Traffic Signal and the Indian Trail crossing on US 74, when Delores noticed an orange red light approaching them from behind, fast and high. As it curved towards the highway, Delores noticed a small green light stationary over the highway ahead. When the red light reached the green light, the red one dropped straight down, while the green remained where it was. They though there had been a collision between two planes, but there was no sound and the red light shot up again, towards the green one. They hovered together, red on the right, green on the left, with the red one apparently moving in front of the green one and obliterating it from view at times. The party eventually drove under the lights, Delores and her son (?) observing them, as they drove on past them.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 148, p.6 + Wayne Laporte in APRO Bulletin 28, 10, p.7 both citing Delores Lavelle in Monroe Enquirer Journal 8 July 1979.

June 17 1979 (approx. date).
0300hrs. BOARDMAN (OHIO : USA)
Lynn M (31) a hospital doctor, was staying overnight at her parents’ house, sleeping on the sofa. She was relaxing after watching a later film when she became aware of a bright flashing light, on sharp on/off pattern. This light seemed to come through he closed window into the room and come within a metre of her. The thing looked like a headless, wingless insect at first but as it crossed over her legs it seemed to take on a flat appearance. Her dog was uneasy and Lynn became extremely afraid, unwilling to move until the thing disappeared into the kitchen.
  • Jennie Zeidman in FSR 28, 2, p.9, citing her own investigation. Evaluation: date is simply a Sunday morning in June. Hypnogogic hallucination?

June 17 1979.
Ufologist Graham Allen was driving on the A34 near Oxford when his radio developed interference. He bent down to check the dial and when he looked up again it was raining and he was on an unfamiliar stretch of road, with a lapse in time. Years later he remembered his, now stationary, car being surrounded by a yellow haze and a bright light above him. He heard a buzzing sound. The car rose into the air, Graham experienced a period of darkness and then found himself lying on his back on a smooth surface in a brightly illuminated room, where three beings with large eyes and smooth skin were looking down on him and there were other beings present. He then woke up in bed.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a, p.221.
  • Evaluation: the later memory is clearly a confusion between the original event, which suggests that he was distracted for some time, and some dream, probably years later.

June 18 1979, 2130hrs.
An object like a black cigar shaped rocket, with short front fins, trailing an orange-red trail was seen moving slowly and stopping above a quarry. Through binoculars it was seen to reverse and descend into the quarry. It was observed for 8 minutes. Checks at the quarry revealed nothing that could not be attributed to grass fires.
  • NUFON News 66, 4, citing investigation by S Wilson.

June 19 1979, 1230hrs.
Invalid ex baker, Allen X (56) and his wife Maila were sitting in their living room in the northern outskirts of Rauma, when Maila drew Allan’s attention to a peculiar object with a curved upper part, silver grey in colour and a flat blue-black upper part, resting over a rock 60m away. From the centre of the object a blue black beam swept the wood with an undulating movement for one minute before disappearing. They could see something under the object. Maila went to inspect it, getting within touching distance. It was a cupola shaped object resting on tiny legs. It was so small that it hardly reached her knees. Inside the transparent upper part she could see two little creatures sat on two tiny chairs, the being nearest to her holding an object in front of him. The beings had crooked hawk like beaks, their skin was flecked with green-brown spots like a toad.

They had large bulging eyes, large mouths and long chins. Their ears were pointed and reminded Maila of leaves. They wore shiny grey helmets with antennae and with a yellowish line in the middle. The upper part of their suits and their gloves were black. In the front part of the object there were numerous levers and round dials, on one of which was a moving pointer. As Maila was about to touch the object, the figure nearest to her turned and made a gesture with its left hand, at which Maila “got electricity in my eyes” and became temporarily blinded. As she jumped back, rubbing her eyes, the object took off to the left. Allen saw the object approach and take off but not the creatures. The observation lasted about 10 minutes. Maila came home very shaken and her eyes were sore for days afterwards.
  • Juhani Kyrolainen and Pekka Teerikorpoi in FSR 27, 7 p3 + FSR 29, 3 p26 citing their own investigation.

Late June 1979.
(TURGAY : KAZAKHSTAN then part of the USSR)
Children at a holiday camp were chased by 5-8 dark beings, which the children estimated to be more than 3m tall, but a teacher estimated the one that came within 15m to be about 2.5m tall, having three fingers and no thumb. Traces 3m in diameter were found. Military personnel nearby saw a strange object.
  • Vallee and Castello 1992, p.127.

June 26 1979, 0300hrs.
A 77 year old man was awakened by his dog acting up and went to investigate. When he opened his back door he saw an object like a balloon, uniformly glowing, about 1.8-2.1m diameter, sharply outlined and emitting a not excessively bright, “frosty white” light. The dog stepped forward and watched with him, as the object hovered, very steady at about 20m, 30m or less away. After 4-5 minutes it moved behind the trees, slowly to the SW, taking 3-4 minutes to do so. Running to the front of his house, the man saw an identical object, 20m up, moving silently NW, going behind the trees in 3-4 minutes.
  • International UFO Reporter 4, 2, p.13.

June 29 1979, 2315hrs.
A 16 year old student was awoken by a noise that sounded different from the usual aircraft noises and saw, through his window, a large object fly past. It was square, with multi-coloured lights (including blue, white and yellow and was moving slowly just above the treetops. It passed over and seemed to disappear. The youth went back to bed but 30 minutes later he heard the noise again, and, going to the window, saw the same object rise up from behind some trees directly in front of his room. The object moved directly towards and then over his the house, eventually being lost to sight.
  • Basterfield, p.9 citing ACOS Bulletin 21. P.17, citing UFOR (SA)

July 1979. 2100hrs.
While a family were driving home, the wife pointed out to her husband an area by the roadside illuminated by a bright light. There was no apparent source for this quite wide area of illumination. 400m further up the road she saw multi-coloured (blue, green, red, yellow) light out over a valley tom their left, below road height and about 100m away. This light moved with them as they headed downhill, but as the road turned it was lost to view. After rounding this bend, the wife once again saw the light pacing them. The road, once again swung downhill but this time the light went straight on and into a gully. St the bottom of the hill they noticed a large stationary light at the top of the gully, which they lost to view as they moved on.
  • Basterfield 1982, p.9 citing TUFOIC Annual Report 1980 p.7.

July 4 1979, 0130hrs.
A Swedish tourist was returning from a tavenera, where he had only one beer, when he heard a buzzing noise. Not much more than 8m above the trees on the uphill side of the road was a large black disc shaped object, 7.5m wide, blocking out the stars. Seconds later a bright white light from the disc beamed down on him and he felt a tingling in his body and a loss of weight. When the light blinked out, he was able to run off. Looking back, he observed the disc descending and following him. He saw the spotlight come on again, but this time it did not paralyse him. Two illegal campers who had observed the scene now came to his aid. The beam went out again as the disc passed overhead at 14-18m altitude, and was succeeded by four flashing red and green lights. The thing continued on for 45-60m, rose vertically to 120-150m and then flew off over a hilltop at even speed. The tourist was hysterical and bruised and his clothes were torn.
  • J Allen Hynek in Frontiers of Science III, 6, p.15 citing investigation by himself and Lt Thompson.

July 15 1979, 0150hrs.
Mrs Aris Askin of Cotmanhay was looking out of the window to see if her daughter was returning, when her attention was caught by a flash of light from the roof of the house opposite. As she continued to watch a red object appeared from behind the roof about 120m away. It was spherical with a slim tapering metallic tail. From a point behind the centre of the thing came a bright amber light, which emitted a vapour trail along the length of the tail. The sphere glowed orange. The object appeared to be three times the length of the TV aerial, which it had passed behind, with the tail about the same length as the sphere. The object moved very slowly, passing behind two trees in the garden, moved horizontally from left to right, disappearing behind another rooftop. The head and tail were both estimated by investigators to be 1.5m long, the whole thing being at 10m altitude.
  • Les Hall in UFO Research Review 5, 1, p.6 citing his own investigation.

July 21 1979, 2310hrs.
Teenager cousins Angela (17 the day before) and Connie were sat on the back porch of the latter’s home, 11km out of West Plains while the two sets of parents were playing cards inside. Connie drew Angela’s attention to a row of red and yellow lights travelling left to right ahead of them at a slow speed. The lights were too bright to be those of an aeroplane. The lights then seemed to bunch up into a single red light, as if the object had turned front on to them. It then began to approach and descend. Connie ran in to get the adults, and by the time they came out the thing was low and close, lighting up the yard with a red light. It approached two large cottonwood trees 25-30m away, but just before reaching them hovered about 8m above the ground, its light so brilliant as to make looking at it difficult. The thing dimmed, as if in response to Angela’s wish, revealing an elongated object with a circular end. The thing then seemed to turn sideways in response to Angela’s unspoken command. They could see that the capsule shaped object was about 8-20m long, diameter 2.5-3m. Along its side were 6 lights 35-35cm diameter. The lights on the end were three dimensional luminous spheres. When Angela stepped back, the lights got brighter again and the thing turned its back to them and climbed away .
  • Amateur Ufology News 28, p.5.

July 25 1979, 0315hrs.
As Shari N. a cocktail waitress in a western bar, was driving home, shortly before the light at Plummer, she became alarmed at what she thought was an aircraft about to crash. It was close and hovering and resembled three fuzzy adjacent white spheres. As she stopped at the traffic light on Plummer Street, Shari took a further look at the object and rolled down the window. She noticed no noise. There were no cars around nor street lights nor housing tract illumination, which so scared her that she jumped the red light and sped home. The normally 15 minute drive took 45 minutes. Shari felt nauseous for several days and noticed large blisters on the inside of her knees, and her western hat, normally pinned to her wig was on the seat beside her in the car.
  • Walter H Greenawald in MUFON UFO Journal 151, p.4, citing his own investigation.
  • INFO Journal 37, p.15.

July 25 1979, 1130hrs.
Farmer Federico Ibanez (54) was driving towards his vineyards when he saw a white shining object standing next to a field of beans in his neighbour’s property. Thinking it was his neighbours’ car, he thought little of it. He lost sight of the thing as he rounded a bend, and then saw it again, blocking the road about 50m ahead. He still thought it was a car and drove up behind it, but then saw that it was a vertical half egg shaped object, 2.5m x 2.5m, standing on two legs, about 4m away. It had a smooth white surface, which shone brilliantly in the morning sun. Federico then saw two beings only 90cm tall, running towards the object from a carob tree 10m to the left. The beings, which wore shiny white garments that covered their heads and were about 40cm wide, had little black legs which terminated in footwear that resembled boxing gloves, and had black goggles. They ran into the strange object, which then took off in a cloud of dust, the legs no longer visible. Later signs of this were found at the site, and two strange marks were found where the little beings had been stood. Investigators found four circular marks at the site.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 27, 6, p.17, citing Jose A Fernandez, Roberto Jorge and Luis Manuel in Stendek 45 citing their own investigation.

July 27 1979, 2310hrs.
Sales representative Garry Hull (28) was eating a late dinner on the front patio of his wife’s parents house, when he drew the attention of his wife Kathleen ( 28) and her parents, the Callows and Janet Callow to a light in the NW moving southwards at treetop level. It was an orange sphere .35 to .5 the angular diameter of the moon; its speed was similar to that of a plane but they could not here any sound. Its colour varied from cherry red to hot glowing orange. After 5 minutes it stopped and hovered, 4 or 5 white flashes erupted from the right side, followed by an equal number of faint sounds like firecrackers.. Garry now stood at the end of the driveway, calling on the others to come and see the light.

When they arrived the light was in the North again, orientated due west. At 23.19 a commercial jet flew over the house and under the object, which accelerated away vertically, diminishing to a point in 5-10 seconds. Meanwhile some 5.5km to the north, Peter Cavanagh and three guests observed a similar red light, which was bright for 3-5 seconds, and then dimmed for one second in sequence. This went on for about 5 minutes and then the light suddenly went out by turning bright white and slowly diminishing in size, flashing all the while and disappearing after 20 seconds. The light source, which was larger than a jet which passed over, was in the NE and was silent. Some kilometres to the west of the Callows and Hulls, Housein Maraghi saw a large flashing red light to the north and heard what appeared to be three or four firecrackers. The light then changed to a steady white, dimmed slowly and moved slowly towards the north and disappeared.
  • Lawrence Fawcett in International UFO Reporter 4, 3-4, p.10 citing his own investigation.

July 28 1979, 2150hrs.
Pattie Ong (26) was driving near Wenona on her way to a party when she saw an object coming towards her at speed, like a low flying aircraft. It was a triangular or pyramidal array of bright white lights, with a dark centre, about half a block (c 65m) long. She first thought that it was a friend fooling about in his plane, but then realised that it had stopped 800m north of her, the lights changing from steady to rapid flashing. From the underside lines of light began to protrude, and the underside seemed to buckle as the thing descended over a bean field. The flashing resembled an intense strobe light. The thing disappeared from site in the field. From its location came small flares, which shot about in the air, before dropping back into the field. Pattie continued to search for the object but was unable to find it.
  • William Retoff in FSR 26, 4, p.25 citing his own investigation.

July 30 1979. Night.
Fortunato Zanfretta (qv) was on motorcycle duty in the Quarto area of the city when he disappeared and was found on the summit of Mount Fasce, though no one could recall seeing going up the only road. Under hypnotic regression he recalled being lifted up by a green beam from an aerial object.
  • Rino Di Stefano in The International UFO Library Magazine 1, 3, p.33.
August 1 1979, 0135hrs.
Patrolman William Shaughnessy was patrolling just north of New York City when his car was buzzed by a white, gelatinous, doughnut shaped light, which twice sped to a point above his car, made a 90 degree turn and then sped away again. The light caused interference on his radio.
  • Nigel Watson in Fortean Times 31, p.23 citing Midnight Globe 6 September 1979.

August 2 1979, 2150hrs
Sarah Hines (14) drew the attention of her friends Cathy R (14) and Jackie B (11) to an object in the sky, and they went to a nearby field, owned by Ontario Hydro, where they saw two lights low over high tension wires. These took off when the witnesses arrived, one north, and the other south. Cathy then observed two arrowhead shaped objects and a minute later Sarah and Jackie observed a black cigar shaped object, with white lights around the periphery and a green one at each end, following one of the arrows at 150m altitude, making a sound like a generator on low power. At 2155 an oval shaped object, surrounded by a green haze and with four legs, longer than the body of the object, a dull red light on top, red lights along the bottom and yellow lights around the circumference hovered over the roof of a nearby senior school. It was 3.5-4.5m diameter and 1.9 m high, excluding the legs. There were by then seven youngsters in the school grounds, and when a girl called Jodi approached the school wall she became paralysed. The crickets stopped chirping during the incident, until the oval object lifted about 10m above the roof, hovered and disappeared from sight. 13 adults and a young boy saw the cigar shaped and arrow head objects.
  • Lawrence J Fenwick and Joseph Muskat in FSR 26, 2 p21 + Journal UFO 1, 4, p.6, citing their own investigation.
  • Hall 1988, p.305, citing CUFORN files dates this case as the 4th.

August 2 1979, 2230hrs.
A mother and daughter out cycling observed a strange light hovering to the south. The girl returned home for binoculars and they were joined by the rest of the family. The object was triangular, metallic, 15m. long and low to the ground, with red lights at each tip of the triangle and one in the centre. It also had additional red and white lights. Mrs Wurm, driving home with her teenage son and daughter, also observed the thing low to the ground, hovering over the farm feeder. The thing made an odd humming sound. There were other witnesses across the area. Some estimated its altitude as 60-100m.
  • Marler 2013, p.104, citing McCook Gazette 7, 9, 10 August 1979.

August 3 1979, 2300hrs.
Mr R and his girlfriend were driving home from an inn down a country lane south of Cannock when they heard a beeping sound and the car became suffocating. They wound down the window and seconds later a domed object emitting an orange glow, crossed their path. It gave off a whooshing sound and hovered over a hedge in front of their car. After a few seconds it shot away at high speed. They arrived home later, as though a period of 40 minutes to an hour was missing.
  • NUFON News 184, p.13.

August 4 1979, 2150hrs.
Three teenagers, Sarah Hines (14), Cathy R (14) and Jackie B (11), who were among a number of children who had had the close encounter a couple of nights earlier, along with Jackie’s father went to the Hydro field, where the previous encounter had taken place. There they saw arrow shaped objects that disappeared in a flash to the east. Sarah felt compelled to walk to a field to the north east, where all sounds seemed to stop. She crossed the road without looking out for traffic, “knowing” that there would be none. On reaching the field at 2205 she saw an arrowhead shaped object move from the street to over the field, and settle 80-90cm above the 30cm tall grass. She walked to within 60cm of the object, from which, suddenly, four shadowy figures emerged and hovered in a semi-circle 60cm above the ground. They were shaped like vertical rugby balls, 1.2m tall, 45cm wide and less than 3cm thick.

Sarah then passed out after a couple of minutes. She recalled being inside an object and observing the general area and watching a man in a blue suit exercising a dog. She awoke in the field at 2220, about 5m south of where the object had been. She returned home and slept for 12 hours, not remembering any dreams. Her face was orange red, she had a series of pin prick marks on her right hand and her eyes were dilated. A triangular area of depressed grass was found at the site. Under hypnotic regression Sarah recalled being taken on foot though the object’s walls that were illuminated by a bright sharp light, and a smell of chicken. Her hands went through everything she touched, except for an ordinary cat that “they” said they were growing on board.

In this craft were seven shadowy transparent entities shaped like rugby balls, about .2m tall. They were crystalline and each a separate strange colour. The beings said they had taken her on board to “find out what humans are made of”, that she had been on board before and that they would return when she was 25. She seemed to be “on board” for a year, saw the earth and a red planet that was “there but not”. The lights on the craft kept the entities alive. They put an instrument in her mouth, holes were painlessly burned into her thumb and index finger, and blood extracted. A machine was placed on her head “to find out what I know”. She asked them where they came from but did not remember the answer. An English speaking man was on the craft, also for tests her said, giving only his first name which she could not remember. He was not very tall, wore casual clothes and said he was a store owner. There were plants on board, and computers in another room she only caught a glimpse of. They told her to go to sleep. Sometime after this, she was in the school courtyard when she was approached by a tall thin man, wearing unusual shoes, who ordered her not to say anything. The stranger was 1.8m tall, with a grey face “like a dead man”, slanted eyes and evil grin, along with a pointed nose and long thin fingernails. This figure disappeared on the spot.
  • Lawrence J Fenwick and Joseph Muskat in FSR 26, 2, p.21 + Journal UFO 1, 4, p.6, citing their own investigation.

August 4 1979, 2335hrs.
Mrs Maria Artura (60) was babysitting her 6 year old grandson when the boy called to her about an object in the sky. She saw, approaching from Topanga Canyon Boulevard in the west, a round saucer shaped object surmounted by a plastic dome inside which she could see two humanoid creatures with oversized heads, but she could not make out any other details. In the front of the object were two blinking yellow lights. The object noiselessly approached, hovered over the apartment building across the street, tilted to one side, straightened up again, then flew behind a tree directly across the street, titled the other way, revealing an underside with six Chevron patterned spokes. The object then flew off towards the west. The weather was warm and clear. Both witnesses were very scared.
  • Walter Greenawald in MUFON UFO Journal 151, p.6 + International UFO Reporter 4, 4, p.11, citing his own investigation.

August 5 1979 (or following day)   
Robert Bicknell (16) and Paul Towel (19) were walking down Natty Lane when they saw an object like a ball of paper hovering at roof height. The boys tried to close on it, but as they approached the thing left with a whistling sound, eventually vanishing over a nearby field.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a, p.229, citing Halifax Evening Courier 7 August 1979.

August 10 1979. Day.
Zofia Z and another young person had just finished work on a forested hill tourist area above the town, when they saw a rectangular object moving low and slow above a nearby lake. The thing was about 8 long, 2.7m high and 3m wide, had curved edges, emitted a pale green glow, and had, in its centre, three light orange discs. A third witness saw humanoids on the structure. One or perhaps two other people saw humanoid figures, with large humps on their backs, dressed in suits, broadest around their heads and hips, moving with a strangle gliding motion, across waterlogged marshland. Two dogs approached the figures, which did not react, but the animals had to be put down days later because of creeping paralysis. 
  • Quest 6, 2, p.33.
  • Spencer 1991, p1.10.
  • Bronislaw Rzepecki in Evans and Spencer 1987, p.124.

August 11 1979
On this and several following days students at a Vocational Institute saw three 3m tall hairy bipeds, with red eyes, that seemed to disappear into thin air.
  • Ahmad Jamaludin in Fortean Times 35, p.31, citing Utusan Malaysia 18 August 1979.

August 11 1979,  2300hrs.
An 18 year old college student and his girlfriend, an 18 year old telephone company employee, were sitting in a car looking at the houses at the foot of a mountain off Soda Creek Road, a sparsely populated region, when they noticed a white light two thirds of the way up the mountain. They wondered how a house could be built that far up, where there were no roads. The terrain was too wooded, rocky and steep for a helicopter also. This light then seemed to increase in size, becoming four times as bright as the houses at the base. From the distance of 1.5-2km it then seemed to consist of a cluster of four lights, with a dark space in the middle. After about three minutes the light source silently rose over the mountain top, hovered there for 3 seconds and then dropped down behind it, a glow remaining over the mountain. There was no radio reception in the valley that night.
  • International UFO Reporter 4, 3-4, p.12.

August 16 1979, 1620hrs.
A 24 year old male nurse was driving south on the deserted Rt 19, 11km south of Washington, when he saw over the median to his left, ahead of him, a large silvery, American football shaped object outlined against the cloudy sky. It was horizontal with its ends pointing downwards. As he drove underneath it, he estimated its altitude as 18m and its angular diameter 10 degrees. No noise was heard. He last saw the object through his rear view mirror as he rounded a corner to his right. It was still hovering.
  • International UFO Reporter 4, 6, p.4.

August 17 1979, 0200hrs.
Carol X (22) was in the house with her three year old daughter Nicola whole her husband was on night shift. She was in bed drinking a cup of coffee, which she had made to ease the toothache that was preventing her getting to sleep. She caught sight of a red light outside the curtains and went to investigate. It was a damp, misty night but she saw, above the houses and street 100m away, on the other side of s field, an object consisting of a group of orange, red and white lights, surmounted by a faintly luminous dome. After about two minutes all but one of the lights went out, and she could see that they had been on a dark, bell shaped object. The remaining red light was in the centre of the object’s underside and appeared to be as wide as one of the houses opposite. Two minutes further on the object spiralled up and disappeared. Puzzled Carol returned to bed, to be startled a few minutes later by a low rumbling, which seemed to come from just outside the bedroom window.

Looking up, she was amazed to see at the top of the curtains, a small flattened bell shape, shaped like the one she had seen outside. It was 45cm in diameter and lit up from within by a pale grey light. Behind this was what appeared to be a swarm of tiny glittering lights. The disc and swarm moved to the light shade, hovered and then the swarm descended down on her. She felt a tingling sensation and feeling of heaviness as if being pushed down, and a dulling of her senses, and she heard a loud droning buzz. The swarm then returned to the disc and she felt herself returning to normal as it did so. The disc then went through the open bedroom door, returned, and then left. Fearing for Nicola’s safety she ran into the girl’s room, picked her up and retuned with her to her own room. She saw nothing but heard the engine sound all night. She felt tingly again as she fell asleep about 0530, but gave a start and seemed to shrug it off. She was shaken and crying when her husband came home at 0730, she had a pain in her left cheek and jaw, felt hot and flushed, developed a rash on her neck and wax in the ears.
  • John Watson in Investigation 1, 1, p.2 + NUFON News 74, p.5 citing his own investigation.
  • Albert Budden in BUFORA Bulletin 25, p.13 + 26. p.14.

August 19 1979, 2100hrs.
Linda Jones (36) and her daughter (15) and son (5) were walking along the bank of the River Mersey near their East Didsbury home, collecting wild flowers. Linda then saw something she first took to be the moon, and then saw was a golden-yellow fireball moving above the trees. The thing seemed to disappear behind a hill. They ran up the hill, fearing an air crash, but saw that the object was now low and further away. It then approached and came closer. They saw that it was something with a curved underside and domed top. It emitted a brilliant white light that hurt Linda’s eyes, and a rotating red light around its rim. The lower portion seemed to be constructed over a superstructure like girders.

During this time environmental sounds ceased. As the party fled the scene, the object took off, apparently in the wake of an aircraft. When they arrived home Linda’s husband, who normally worked till 2200 was home, suggesting a 40 minute period of missing time. Under hypnotic regression, Linda recalled being paralysed and a 2m tall figure wearing a dark one-piece suit behind her. It had a peculiar “puppet like” face and “mask like” slanting eyes. She had to go with the figure and found herself floating above the ground and seeing the children below her. She then found herself in a brightly illuminated room, lying on some kind of orange table or bed. The being is called Algenyon. The daughter recalled little other than being surrounded by blue.
  • NUFON Case Histories 3, p2, citing investigation by Harry Harris.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a, p234 citing MAPIT)
  • Evaluation: Helicopter? + hypnotic confabulation + suggestion

August 20 1979, 2130hrs.
Ms Costello (31) a former policewoman, was driving towards Devonport in a 1971 Volkswagen station wagon, and was approaching a rise in the road when a bright green light appeared behind her vehicle, lighting up its interior with a green glow. The surrounding countryside did not, however, appear to be illuminated. Although she pressed down on the accelerator the vehicle did not speed up, indeed it actually decreased to 50kph. She changed gears up from 4th to 2nd without effect. The angular diameter of the light was between that of Venus and the moon. It paced the car for 8km, maintaining its height and distance. Without warning the light just switched off and everything returned to normal. At Devonport she noticed that the fuel tank, which was full when she left, was now empty, though the trip normally only took half a tank. Her clock had stopped.
  • Basterfield 1982, p10, citing TUFOIC Annual Report 1980, p12 + ACOS Journal 1, 2, p16, both citing investigation by TUFOIC + The Westerner 30 August 1979 + The Mercury + The Advocate 26 September 1979.
  • FSR 26, 2, p29, citing The Tasmanian Mail 27 February 1980.
  • Journal UFO 1, 4, p13 citing TUFOIC Newsletter no 28 + The Westerner op cit.
  • Basterfield 1997, p224, citing TUFOIC)

Late August 1979, 0130hrs.
John Velez had gone out to dinner with friends, while his wife, who was unwell, stayed at home with their small children. He was on his way home and was about to turn into 62 St, where he lived, when he saw an American football shaped object, the size of a small van, moving about 10-12m above the roofs of the apartment buildngs. He ran to his home, but the next thing he remembered was waking up in bed, covered in blood, with a bleeding nose and swollen red eye. He feared he he had been mugged, but his wallet and valuables were still OK. A doctor at accident and emergency inquired as to whether John had had nose surgery. Under hypnotic regression in 1993, he recalled being accosted by three grey beings with large black eyes, which seemed to just float out from behind a hedge. Two of the beings grabbed him by the arms and floated him up through a beam into an object that was surmounted by a rotating red light. As they approached the thing, a opening appeared in its side. Inside his clothes were removed and he next found himself on a table in a room with 6-8 of the beings. One of the beings inserted a probe up John’s nose and another put a probe in his eye. The next thing he remembered was the beings tucking him up in bed.
  • Brooksmith 1998, p112.
  • Evaluation: the abduction story is yet more hypnotic confabulation.

August 21 1979, 1930hrs.
Mrs JB (45) a high school and college art instructor, with a master’s degree, was turning her car in the driveway going out to a bridge party, when she saw a large sphere about 45m away, hanging stationary above the trees. It was the size of a school bus and white. She followed it down the road as it moved slowly over the power lines right above the road, some 3m above the lines, 12m above the road. As she got onto the road the sphere reached a creel area 60m away, where it lifted straight up and disappeared. The observation lasted 80 seconds. This light was silent, pulsating at 1 second intervals, brighter than the moon, with fingers of light visible in the dim phase of the pulse. The thing was as wide as the road and the ditches on either side (8.5) at maximum, and wide as the road alone (6m) at minimum. In the dim phase it had a metallic appearance. There was no effect on the car.
  • Ted Phillips in MUFON UFO Journal 143, p10, citing his own investigation.

August 22 1979 (or previous week). 1140hrs.
Farmer Jim Tiller (22) and his cousin, high school student John Bartles (17) were driving farm trucks loaded with corn from McCook to the Tiller farm on US 83 near the Bison drive in theatre, when they observed an object like two oval snow-sleds attached at their rims, about 1m in diameter, with a blue top, silvery bottom and ringed with dozens of blue lights. It wobbled across the highway about 10m in the air at 8-16kph west to east. It was also seen by the occupants of a pickup truck.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 139, p13, citing McCook Gazette 22 August 1979, dates incident as 22nd gives diameter as 30 to 60cm.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 139, p18 citing Omaha Morning World Herald 22 August 1979 says happened earlier in the week on Wed, suggesting 15th if the date on this clipping is correct, and gives diameter as approx. 1m.

August 27 1979, 0140hrs.
Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson (35) was driving in a rural area about 15km west of Stephen, heading westwards on County 5, when his attention was drawn to a light amongst a group of trees 4km away on Hw220 to the south. It was above the road but below treetop height. Val concluded that it must be from a landed aircraft probably belonging to drug smugglers they had been investigating. As he approached, he noticed that this light did not appear to be illuminating its surroundings or casting shadows. Val had got within about 2km of the light when it seemed to shoot towards him; an instant later there was a brilliant flash of light, the sound of breaking glass and he passed out. Val recovered consciousness at about 0217, his car had skidded to a stop across the northbound lane of the highway, facing east, front wheels just touching the gravel. His eyes were sore and he had difficulty in seeing. At 0219 he radioed for assistance. The deputy who arrived on the scene noticed a red mark on Val’s forehead. He was taken to hospital for shock and eye problems. The eye soreness was due to an irritation similar to but milder than that produced by an arc light. The car suffered the following items of damage : one headlight smashed to pieces; a small circular dent in the upper bonnet; windshield shattered in front of the steering wheel; the red plastic filter dislodged from its lamp housing and punctured; a whip antenna on the roof bent backwards close; another one on the trunk had its top portion bent back at a right angle. Both Val’s watch and the dashboard clock were 14 minutes slow, yet they had both been synchronised with the despatcher prior to the incident.
  • Allan Hendry in International UFO Reporter 4, 3-4, p4 + 4, 5 p4 + Fate May 1980, p55 all citing his own investigation.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 139, p5 + 146 p11.
  • APRO Bulletin 28, 2 p1 + 28, 7, p1.

August 28 1979, 2315hrs.
Harry Joe Turner (28), a truck driver, was driving a load from Winchester to Ferericksburg when 3km from Warrenton on Rte. 17 his radio and Citizen’s Band radio began to emit static. He heard a high pitched whine and saw a light in both rear view mirrors. The noises and lights increased and, as an object larger than a truck came overhead, he heard two thumps on the roof. He was then grabbed on a pressure point by an “unseen entity” that he fired eight shots at before passing out. He came to at the Fredericksburg warehouse that was his destination; his cab in some disarray. From then on he began to experience increasing behaviour problems and remembered the truck being lifted up inside a craft, where he was examined by human like beings wearing white shirts, pants and caps that covered their ears and foreheads. When they lifted these caps they revealed a series of numbers across their faces. They had unusually webbed fingers and spoke in a curious “speeded up” fashion. One slowed down to ask him questions, of which he had only the vaguest memory. They had pale cold skin “like they was dead”. He was given a physical on the left side of his body and taken to a remote world with dome like cities. He then claimed that aliens controlled his left hand side. He later claimed more contacts with the aliens, became immersed in the Bible etc. Grave doubts were expressed about this case.
  • Fred Whiting in MUFON UFO Journal 145, p3, citing own investigation.
  • Allan Hendry in Frontiers of Science July/August 1980, p30.
  • Iris Maack in APRO Bulletin 28, 56, p1.
  • Rimmer 1984, p75.

August 29 1979, 0200hrs.
Russ Johnson (33) was driving alone along the lonely Highway 50 on this good clear night, when he observed a light, like a headlight, ahead of him on the highway. After 2 seconds it rushed at his car, which within a further 2 seconds was engulfed in it. Russ felt as though he was inside a light bulb and closed his eyes and braked, skidding to a stop and spinning sideways to the east. When he opened his eyes he observed the light source rush silently, rise at a slight angle and abruptly vanish. He saw what looked like a vapour trail.
  • International UFO Reporter 4, 5, p11, citing investigation by Robert Adams.

August 29 1979, 0800hrs.
A 49 year old farm woman, 15km north of town, had driven to her irrigation system 3 blocks away. Looking out over an alfalfa field, she saw what looked like a post stting 800m to the south, in the shallow valley. It appeared to be 1.20-1.5m high, alternately red and silver. She was slightly curious and decided to investigate when she had time. When she looked back, 5 to 10 minutes later, she saw that the cylindrical object was now at 1 block altitude and much closer. It flew slowly from the SW to the NW in a horizontal position, allowing her to see its black flat bottom and rounded, silvery end. She called a 43 year old neighbour and tenant, who observed the object as a flattened disc for 10 minutes, fluctuating in brightness before it disappeared into the west. Its mean angular diameter was between that of a distance plane and the full moon.
  • IUR 4, 6, p5.

August 29 1979, 1930hrs.
A 59 year old woman, who went out to see what her dog was barking at, saw a light just above the skyline. It descended vertically down a nearby mountain to within one third of the distance from the summit, and then accelerated down and towards her. At this point she called the dog inside and mentally told the object to stop and not come any closer. With this the object stopped momentarily within 100m of her and appeared to dim slightly. It then retreated exactly the same way it had come. The woman became apprehensive and her senses seemed to sharpen. Since the event she had a sensation of heaviness in her limbs and a ringing sensation in her ears. She believed that something had been trying to communicate with her and was now watching her.
  • Basterfield 1982 p11, citing TUFOIC Annual Report 1980, p20 citing their own investigation.

August 29 1979, 2200hrs.
A 27 year old housewife in a densely populated area heard a humming, roaring sound and saw the lower corner of a gigantic blimp like object through her living room window. The object extended the whole block of houses at treetop level, and she could not judge wither its height or length. Through the luminous yellow hull four different types of 1m tall humanoids could be seen. Seven creatures performed antics around the front of the house. The observation lasted for 56 minutes. Neither of her two high school aged children playing in the driveway saw this spectacle, which gave the witness an impression of an unusual animated cartoon like quality.
  • J Allen Hynek and Allan Hendry in International UFO Reporter 5, 1, p5 citing their own investigation.

August 30 1979, 0230hrs.
A 24 year old student, camping at Slip Bluff Park, was awakened by the agitated barking of her dog. Looking out of her tent window she saw some peculiar lights about a city block to the north. She got dressed and stepped out into the clear night to see, through the sparse trees, a formation of lights deployed around what appeared to be a long oval form. 5 greenish-white lights could be seen in an upper layer, while in the lower one there were about 25 dimmer, but still glaring, white lights, which surrounded the bottom. She could not tell whether the lights were actually touching or hovering silently just above the ground. Eventually the object moved horizontally away, still close to the ground and could be seen through the trees as it moved to the NW. The witness tried photographing the lights, but nothing came out. She later found a large shapeless matted area in the grass.
  • IUR 4, 6, p5, citing investigation by Mike Human.

Fall 1979
About 12 people saw a 3m tall, very thin, creature with long pointed ears bounding across the Plano Junior High School playing fields.
  • Rudy Deming in Ideal’s UFO Magazine 9, p72, citing investigation by Bill Holbrooke.

September 1979
Peter M (28), Wieland A (26) and two other Amish men were working in the fields when a humanoid figure covered in sandy coarse hair came bounding along. Wieland felt an electric like jolt in his body and started shouting in a foreign language and throwing his arms about. The being shouted back in the same language. Wieland felt that some outside force was controlling him. He felt his influence leaving as the creature bounded away and then ran off at a faster than human pace.
  • Rudy Deming in Ideal’s UFO Magazine 9, p27, citing investigation by Bill Holbrooke.
  • Evaluation: unreliable source, possible fiction

September 1979
Two young men out hunting encountered a bright white, spherical light on the ground some distance away. They saw it again the next night. In 1983 one of the men recalled a two hour time lapse, and a memory of them being floated into a room where they were subject to an examination by tall white beings.
  • Mark Moravec in UFORAN 5, p5, p6
  • Investigation by Bill Chalker.

September 1979.
A large silvery disc shaped object was seen to take off from Seven Crosses Hill and a circle if burnt grass about 10m in diameter was found at the site.
  • Letter from T J C Pearkes in The Unexplained 74 p.iii.
  • Evaluation: appears little more than an unverified rumour.

September 1979 (approx. date). 0100hrs.
Two campers were awoken by strange noises that came from an object shaped like a streamlined caravan. It had a smooth irregular shape and was faintly luminous. At one end was a sort of mast with a spinning unit mounted on it. They also saw a tall luminous figure with luminous eyes and a series of diagonal slashes on one cheek. Suddenly three more silent figures appeared, identical except for the number of cheek slashes. The campers fled. A couple of days later one of the men discovered several abrasions on his back and the other man noted burning sensation on his naval. One of them had a kind of flashback memory of being picked up.
  • Fortean Times 31, p30, citing Midnight Globe 9 October 1979. citing Budd Hopkins.

September 1979, 0230hrs.
A person lying in bed looking out of the window saw a black object, outlined against the brighter city sky, drifting into view. It resembled a sea mine with 10-15 conical, tapered spikes, some of which had white lights at the end, which was reflected off the sphere and the other spikes. As it passed soundlessly from east to west at treetop height only 7m away, it was rolling over.
  • Basterfield 1982, p11, citing ACUFOS Journal 1, 2, p7 , citing TUFOIC files.

September 2 1979, 1700hrs.
Land surveyor Aleksandr Norin was picking mushrooms in the woods when he almost fainted on seeing a shiny metallic mushroom shaped object, the stem of which was a fluorescent neon shaft 1.5m wide, emitting a soft pink light. The top part was a cupola 1.5m high, 5m wide, bathed in an orange coloured mist from which luminous flashes shot at regular intervals. As he watched, two strongly built dwarfs, 1.5m tall, with broad shoulders and well developed chests, dressed in black space suits which covered their entire bodies, emerged and walked around the object. They had two small slits at eyes level. They talked in a high pitched twittering sound. They were then sucked into the object, which then vanished. The soil at the spot was found to be sterile.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 37, 5, p39, citing Gente 31 July and 7 August 1981, citing investigation by Felix Zigel et al.

September 3 1979, 0400hrs.
While sleeping at her mother’s house, 100m from her own, Carol X was awakened by a tingling sensation and found herself almost completely paralysed. Moving her head with extreme difficulty she saw a disc shaped object in the room, hovering 1.5m above the floor in a corner. From the upper surface of the grey object a narrow tube projected at an angle. The sensation of tingling then passed, but before she could scream it was replaced by a relaxed floating feeling, though she was still paralysed. Again she managed to move her head to see, standing right by her bed, a group of small beings, some standing, some kneeling. There were more beside the door. They approached until the entire group of 12 were right by her. She was unable to see them clearly as her spectacles were on the floor, but from a later incident she was able to reconstruct that they were 75cm tall, head rather large for their bodies, with tall foreheads, large pale eyes, full lips that made their faces look strangely beautiful or feminine, though she could not tell their sex. They had pale skin and wore white clothing, one individual wearing a white cloak. Their hair was close cropped and unnaturally doll like. The clocked creature reached out and touched her eyes, though she did not feel the touch. It appeared interested in her eyes and her spectacles on the floor. It spoke to her without moving its lips; seeming to say “just like any other earthling”. They also made frequent clicking sounds. She turned her head and the floating sensation left her. When she looked back the object and creatures had gone. She could still here the humming sound however, and when she looked outside the street lights were flickering. Art about the same time her brother Walter heard the noise and saw a light moving away from her room. 
  • John Watson in Investigation 1, 1, p4, citing own investigation.

September 4 1979, 0255HRS.
Mrs Etchells and a cousin were driving from Bretton Village to the A1, on their way to Heathrow when they noticed a white disc in the sky. It was left behind as they turned left but then suddenly reappeared in front of them, its colour now orange. It was so close that they thought that it was coming for them and started to panic. They then noticed that everything was quite still; there were no cars or lorries about, no lights around them and no noise, not even of their own car engine. This state of affairs lasted for about 10 minutes and then the disc just vanished and cars and lorries were seen and heard again, as was their own engine. They then looked at the time and found it was 0350, nearly an hour had elapsed and they were still near Peterborough. Even though no sound had been heard during their experience, neither could recall stopping or having tried to stop the car, and the petrol tank, which they had filled before leaving, was now three quarters empty. They carried on with their journey but felt very frightened and kept going hot and cold.
  • J Capewell in BUFORA Journal 9, 3, p.14, citing his own investigation.

September 5 1979, 1045hrs.
Lawrence Hogan (25) a mechanic and maintenance man for a local ski area was driving home for an implement through the thickly wooded hills, 1.5km east of town on CR MM, when he observed a black dot above the trees about 1.5km ahead to the north. Within moments it moved over the trees ahead of him, 15m up. About 180m away, it slowed down and descended behind the tree line. Hogan was divining toward it at 55kph. As he watched the thing head east at 50-65kph, he stopped the truck. He could now see that the object was an elliptical form about 1.8m by 60cm, with a surface like polished steel, It made no sound as it hovered only 3m above a green bean field. The object then began to rise slowly and headed south east over East Lake as another witness arrived on the scene. This man, Dennis Christianson (35) observed the object hovering at 60m. Three other witnesses also observed the thing as it accelerated up and disappeared into the sky.
  • International UFO Reporter 5, 6, p7.

September 6 1979, 0230hrs.
A 48 year old council worker, spiritualist and former secretary to the local branch of Society for Psychical Research was lying in bed when he had the sensation of something like plastercine spreading over his lower face. He was an amorphous pink stuff with an unpleasant odour, which began to harden. He got the impression that he was being scanned by “ufo beings”. He cried out and the stuff vanished. He now found himself walking across a sunlit grassy field, approaching a wooden hanger in which there was a grey metallic domed disc with a row of windows along its side. He got within a metre or two and the object just vanished. He then walked back to where the episode had begun and found himself back in bed two hours later. He had other anomalous experiences.
  • NUFON News 71, p5, citing investigation by Andy Collins and Martin Keatman.
  • Evaluation: hypnogogic hallucination + dream

September 7 1979.
Bruce Szewcrugs and Randall Proschheuser observed a large object shaped like mushroom with the pointed end on the right behind trees as they drove down Drexel Boulevard. It was glowing bright orange and kept appearing and fading out as they drove east.
  • Iris Mack in APRO Bulletin 28, 5, p7, citing press sources.

September 9 1979, 0430hrs.
A 28 unemployed medical technician was driving a paper run on this clear night when, through her windscreen, she saw a bright amber light low on the western horizon. It came closer, stopped and then withdrew, dipped left and right and then it closed on her again, growing brighter as it floated downwards. It now had the angular diameter of the full moon. From a bright white centre red and yellow spokes of light radiated out. She then felt her face go hot, as if by the sun, and turned off sharply onto another street. Looking through her rear window she could see the lights make an abrupt turn to the left and disappeared towards the north in a few seconds. The whole observation lasted 10-15 minutes. By the noon of the day her face felt sore and tight and she could she was sunburned, with the skin around her lips peeling away. The next she could scrape the dead skin off and she soon recovered. 
  • International UFO Reporter 4, 5, p12.

September 13 1979. Evening.
12 year old G. S. was playing on some waste ground when her attention was caught by movement in a pile of rubble, and the caught glimpse of a humanoid creature about 1.35m tall, covered in dark fur, with normal sized arms and legs. The only facial features visible were its round luminous dull yellow eyes. She suffered from eyes troubles the next day.
  • Randles and Whetnall 1981, p71, citing their own investigation.

September 15 1979.
Elwood Hall saw a strange light in the sky as he was about to get into his truck. It was a huge light in the south, which lit up the area. At about the same time Robert Pearman of Reidsville and his family, driving along US158 from the Stockdale area saw four lights, about the size of car lights, sliding along across the highway, as the sky was illuminated. The observation lasted about 5 minutes. The witnesses thought there was going to be a plane crash but nothing happened.
  • Iris Mack in APRO Bulletin 28, 6, p3, citing press sources.

September 17 1979, 2100hrs.
A 47 year old woman was driving home from her sociology course at the local university when she observed what she first took to be a large star. As the light came closer she slowed down, turned off her radio and air conditioning and put her head out of the window. The thing closed until it was only 10m up, less than a block away. It resembled a huge triple decked, faceted “wedding cake”, each tier having a polygonal base with sloping straight walls, each level being smaller than the one below. A low slow motor sound could be heard. On the side of the object was a small green light, while from the underside a light illuminated the ground. No details or openings could be seen, except for a rectangular feature on the top surrounded by huge rivets. The object moved slowly off to the left towards the Virginia Beach cutoff. Other people reported a shiny saucer shaped object with lights.
  • International UFO Reporter 4, 6, p9.

September 20 1979, 0530hrs.
A 28 year old woman driving to her work at a nursing home was in a rural area a couple of blocks from her home, when about 20 degrees up in the northwest, over cornfields to her right, she saw a blue, pear shaped light, surrounded by a white haze. Half the angular diameter of the moon, it hovered it hovered for 15 seconds and then suddenly swept down in a curve towards her windshield, engulfing her van in blinding light. The area was illuminated like daylight and her AM radio was filled with static. She tried to accelerate away, but her speedometer never exceeded 65kph. She then felt a sensation of lightness, as though she and the van were floating several centimetres above the road, the wheels freely turning. The next thing she recalled was driving along in her car, 11km further along the route. She stopped a police officer in an extremely distressed state. When her husband called to collect her, she was warm despite the cold night. She slept abnormally long hours after the incident and exhibited bouts of hysteria. When her eyes were tested the probe conjured up a vision of two staring eyes. She suffered a 20 minutes time loss, the time it would take to drive the 11km.
  • J Allen Hynek and Allen Hendry in International UFO Reporter 4, 5, p12, citing their own investigation.

September 20 1979, 2100hrs.
Miroslaw Goralksi was gardening with his friend Krzysztof Kobus, when Goralski, who had gone to wash the shovels, saw a silver delta shaped object that seemed to crash and explode, whereupon he dived to the ground, yelling out to Kobus and covering his head with a shovel. Coming out of the summer house, Kobus saw, above a flower bed in the fenced garden plot, a ring with thick white flames around it, through which the sky and clouds were visible, slowly descending. Goralksi saw the object as two silver deltas connected by a cross. Both experienced a high pitched unbearable sound in their heads. Together they walked closer to investigate and found themselves engulfed in a dense white fog and illuminated by a bright light. Goralski then noticed that the shovel that he had been carrying had gone. Kobus felt totally petrified and propped himself up against one of the prism like objects, which was soft and comfortable, like an armchair. He noticed that Goralski’s face was distorted and his knees bent, as though suffering from severe gravity effects.

Meanwhile Goralksi felt euphoric, had a brief impression of a force pressing on him as though he was in a fast elevator. He began to ask questions of unseen entities, each time he spoke the sound ceased. At first there was no reply, but then two answers; they knew nothing of printed circuits and transistors, and that the most important attribute of matter was its ability to pervade other matter. Kobus, still seated in the armchair, saw a flood of colours (red, black, blue, yellow) that turned to grey and stopped. He felt as though his head was a computer through which thoughts and ideas were passing, as if from an external source. He saw Goraski turn and lean out of the fog, as if watching something, but then realised that the chair had gone, he saw he was sitting on nothing, but not falling. He also began to ask questions and received as a reply a visual display, as if of former times. Meanwhile Goralski had found himself looking down over his own town; suddenly he seemed to fall 30cm into his garden. Kobus experienced the fall as if the chair had been pulled from under him, and land on his back in the garden. There was now no sign of the object, the shovel was on the floor and the summer house door was open
  • Emilia Popik in MUFON UFO Journal 150, p16, citing her own investigation.

September 26 1979, 2030hrs.
Houston Smith (69) was awakened by a sound similar to sound escaping from a tyre. Getting out of bed and looking out of his window, he saw a large fiery ball, emitting a red light 9-12m in the air, which disappeared after a few minutes. A number of other residents also saw the light. 
  • Iris Maack in APRO Bulletin 28, 7, p6, citing unspecified press sources.

November 26 1979 (or following day). 2045hrs.
Ms Pat Gaglliardo (30) and another woman observed a single white light blinking motionless above the treetops. It suddenly shot to the right, stopped and then shot to the left behind trees. The women drove home, grabbed two pairs of binoculars and collected a third person and then drove back to the scene. Through the binoculars they could see that a light in the east was a boomerang shape, the concave side towards them, approaching them. The boomerang then stopped, tumbled end over and continued towards them, the convex side now leasing. They grey form approached with a speed similar to that of a helicopter, until it came overhead and then it sped off to the east. The witnesses were unable to agree whether they had heard an engine sound; they saw lights on the boomerang, which was like a flying wing without a fuselage, but they were unable to agree on their disposition. Its angular diameter was less than that of the moon. Pat claimed to be psychic and received considerable press publicity after allegedly discovering a missing car.
  • Lawrence Fawcett in International UFO Reporter 4, 6, p10, citing his own investigation.

September 30 1979, 0710hrs.
Carol X again felt the tingling and heard the humming sound. She saw nothing out of the window, but when she turned round she saw one of the creatures of the night of the 3rd standing by the door. This time she could see it clearly, as she was wearing her glasses. It was the cloaked individual and it seemed to be pressed against the closed door. Her dog, on the bed, seemed totally unconcerned. The creature pointed its hand towards her, and she saw something white in it, but was unable to make out what it was. Carol began screaming and the creature vanished.
  • John Watson qv.

Late September/early October 1979
Several people reported seeing a man with a dog’s head. One man chased a man carrying something in his hands, when he put this on his head he vanished on the spot.
  • Ahmad Jamaludin in Fortean Times 35 p31 citing Berita Harian 6 October 1979.

October 1979.
A 19 year old woman, who refused to give her name and address, was riding her horse when she saw two ovals in the sky. While one remained stationary, the other moved partly into a cloud and then came out again, approaching the woman and the horse, following then and slowly edging closer. She stopped and saw that it was a huge white oval, only a few metres from her. Neither she nor her horse felt any fear. The object then tilted, elongated and then shot away like a rocket. She was puzzled as she heard no sound nor felt any blast from the acceleration. At that moment the first car for some time turned the corner of the quiet lane.
  • NUFON News 80 p8, citing an anonymous letter from the alleged witness.

October 1979. 1000hrs.
oy Fulton was driving home to Dunstable from a dart’s match in Leighton Buzzard in his minivan, when at Stanbridge, just past the street lights, he encountered a young man looking for lift. He looked about 19-20 years old and was dressed in a dark jumper and trousers and a white shirt. The man got in the car but only pointed towards his direction without speaking. Roy drove on about 400-500m at about 70kph and then turned round to offer the visitor a cigarette, only to find him gone. There was no way that he could have got out of the vehicle.
  • Fairley and Welfare 1985, p150.

October 1 1979, 2015hrs.
Michael Bradford and his wife were driving along the B1388 about 15km from Hartson and shortly after crossing into Hertfordshire stopped. Between 400-800m ahead of them, at eyes level and slightly to their right, they saw what looked like a two coach train, which passed in front of them as though crossing a bridge over the road, and continued in an east-west direction, until lost behind trees. Michael, who was outside the car, heard no noise. The object was moving at 50koh and appeared to be about 30m long, with large windows that took up most of the height of the carriages. These were regularly spaced but no definite outline of the object could be made out. The object was in few for about a minute but none of the three cars that passed during this time stopped. When they reached the place, they realised there was no bridge or embankment.
  • Norman Oliver in BUFORA Journal 9, 1, p22, citing his own investigation.

October 4 1979, 1730hrs.
A 10 year old boy was in his garden when he saw a silvery faceless figure about 2.1m tall. It bent down and drilled a hole in the ground with a sort of tube. When the boy moved, the figure seemed startled and disappeared suddenly in a puff of pink smoke. The investigator met the boy within minutes and investigated the site. He found four footprints about 75cm long, 10cm wide, with traces of burning inside them. Leaves nearby were blackened and a hole was found in the ground. The footprints and hole were washed away by rain, and a box of samples mysteriously disappeared.
  • NUFON News 73, p.4, citing investigation by David Clarke.

October 5 1979, 0200hrs.
Two men in their 30s were driving home when they saw a ball of white light, with a slightly smaller angular diameter than the full moon, and slightly dimmer than a hundred watt bulb. They followed it and when it stopped drove towards it at 110kph, the passenger standing on the seat and leaning out of the window in his excitement. As they got closer they saw that it was shaped like an inverted saucer with a central row of orange lights, which seem to pass behind struts as the body of the object rotated. The top and underside of the thing were grey. It was about 9-10m diameter and at 20=25m altitude. When the object moved away it turned back into an orange sphere, which they felt was a light on the top of the dome. The object accelerated away. The frightened witnesses reported the matter to the local police.
  • NUFON News 78, p5, citing Peter Hough.

October 6 1979, 2130hrs.
A retired man of 68 was driving north with his wife on I-35 to Duluth, when east of Barnum, they observed a ball of light, slightly smaller in angular diameter than the full moon, rolling towards them from low over the trees to the northwest. They were unable to agree on its colours (husband saw blue and white, wife saw red and green). After the ball rushed over the top of their 1973 Buick Riviera at uncertain altitude, they cruised another 150m, when their car went dead, there being not even enough battery power to work the lights. A car came along and the driver tried to jump start the Buick without success. They had just enough power to use their CB to call a truck tow, which also failed to start the car. The battery required a whole night’s charging, and the interior of the alternator was burnt out, but not the exterior. They had experienced no previous trouble with the car. The observation lasted about 10 seconds.
  • International UFO Reporter 4, 5, p12.

October 7 1979, 0030hrs.
A family of four returning home from Windermere were paced for about 15 minutes by a red glowing mist, which did not cast a reflection on the surroundings.
  • Basterfield 1981, citing TUFOIC Annual Report 1980, p12 + ACUFOS Journal 1, 2, p16, citing TUFOIC.

October 10 1979, 0045hrs.
As Mrs Stewart went to close the bedroom curtains she heard a sound like a muffled helicopter, and in the NNE saw a large grey dome shaped object, with 6 red lights that rotated in anti-clockwise direction and seemed to hover on the spot for 20-30 seconds. Then, as the noise turned to high pitched diesel, the thing rose up into the sky and was eventually lost to view in the distance. Mrs Stewart suffered from extreme thirst in the early mornings for about two weeks following the experience, drinking vast quantities of tea and lemonade, which she did not usually like. She also felt tired and heavy, gained weight, which then returned to normal as fast as it had risen. She also had several psychic experiences such as precognitive dreams and an apparition of her dead grandmother. Her husband also saw the object.
  • Martin Keatman and Andrew Collins in FSR 26, 3, p2, citing their own investigation.

October 13 1979, 0400hrs.
Truck driver Wang Jian Min came across a parked car, the driver of which, said he had seen an unidentified object land on the road ahead, but was too afraid to go any closer. Wang drove on and encountered a domed object straddling the crest of a hill. Beside it were two beings dressed in silver suits and helmets with lamps attached. When Wang picked up a crowbar and advanced the object and beings disappeared.
  • Brookesmith 1995, p117.
  • Spencer 1991, p135.

October 14 1979. 0730hrs.
A 41 year old man on his way to do some fishing in the River Lea saw an object over the skyline at Waltham Abbey. After he had stopped his car, the light sped towards him, stopped and slowly descended. He became dizzy with fear. Suddenly a second, smaller object shot from the first with a shriller sound. Both objects then disappeared.
  • Iris Maack in APRO Bulletin 28, 8, p4 citing unspecified press sources.

October 15 1979, 2130hrs.
The concert pianist Luli Oswald (Mrs Margarida H Marchesini) was being driven by a 25 year old university student friend of one of her sons from the centre of Rio to the suburb of Saquarema along the coastal road on this wet night when Luli drew the driver’s attention to three lights and a domed object out to sea. Given the weather conditions they need to concentrate on the road and did not take much notice. At one point the engine faltered. On the return journey they saw the lights again, over what looked like some sort of ship. As the lights rose the waters seemed to heap up under them. Passing an abandoned factory, they were surprised to see that it was illuminated and then saw a huge tubular object in the sky, between two mountains. They then saw the lights coming towards them. They then had a gap in memory until they came too near a farm some kilometres away off the main highway. The journey took five hours instead of two. During much of the return journey the car was rattling and bumping along. Under hypnotic regression Luli gave a confused account of being followed by a craft in which there were friendly beings who established a telepathic link and later abduction by another group of large eared rat faced beings with duck’s feet. This was the start of a series of anomalous personal experiences for Luli
  • Irene Granchi in FSR 29, 1, p6.

October 16 1979, 2245hrs.
Tracie Hammond (18) was walking home with two friends, she saw a blue, circular light about 60cm diameter on the ground ahead. They skirted round it, but when they looked back they saw the figure of a man dressed in a trilby, trench coat and “old fashioned” trousers. He called out to Tracie using a nickname only know to those close to her. When she turned round again, the figure was gone. The women sat down on a garden wall to collect there thoughts, but then saw flashes of light rising from Coronation Channel 800m away and heard a sound like a moped. When these ended the house lawn became illuminated by a pink light and strange pink things like frogs fell from the sky. Looking up, Tracie saw a huge object covered in pulsating lights and a surface showing various structures, overhead. The thing flashed a blue light and then shot away. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a, p241, citing own investigation.
  • Evaluation: another story told decades after the alleged events.

October 20 1979, 0030hrs.
A 15 year old farmer’s son was watching TV when he noticed two intense white lights through the dining room window. They were extended in size and were circling behind one another in a counter clockwise direction. They seemed to be positioned to the NE just over the hayfield beyond the barn 400m away. Unable to arouse the other occupants of the house, he opened the door and was surprised to hear no sound. The dog seemed as though it wanted to get out. Then the lights turned in on themselves and disappeared. Three days later the family found a triangular area 9m by 13.5m where the hay was brown and dried in the hayfield, about where the lights had been seen.
  • International UFO Reporter 4, 6, p11.

October 21 1979. Night.
Dozens of people observed an object resembling an upturned metallic boat floating in the Niagara River. It submerged then resurfaced with people clinging to its side. It then sank again. No boats or people were reported missing.
  • Dwight Whalen in Journal UFO 1, 3, p9.

October 21 1979, 2200hrs.
Julian Wallis (12) and a friend were standing together outside when they observed a white object like a jet in the North West. It flew on an undulating course, descending to 3m altitude at one point. It then disappeared towards the North East. There were no lights on the completely silent object.
  • BUFORA Newsletter 2, p23 + BUFORA Bulletin 2, p23, citing investigation by Eric Morris.

October 29 1979. Dusk.
A group of children; Angela E (10), Patrick O (10), Andrew P (10) and his sister Rosie (8) were walking home from playing at Wollaton Park, about 1.5km from their home, when they heard a sound like a tinkling bell, and about 30 small objects like bubble cars came out of the bushes. In each were tiny beings with old, crinkled greenish faces and with long white beards with a touch of red at the end. They were laughing in a peculiar fashion and driving over the swamps near the lake. Andrew saw a figure in a red top and green bottom standing on a car. Something seemed to fall out of the trees onto them and they fell into a swamp. The next day Mary O (12) saw six small beings in “go-karts” travelling around the back of Wollaton Castle.
  • Fortean Times 31, p42, citing Daily Mail and Daily Star both of 1 November 1979.

November 1979. 0900hrs.
Hector Maldonado was jogging on the Ponce Salt, near the sea, when he was confronted by five or six thin beings, 1.5-1.8m tall, with large heads, grey skin and almond shaped eyes. They were dragging a man away with them, towards a metallic oval object surmounted by a cupola, hovering beyond the mangrove swamps. One of the being appeared to see Hector jogging and imitated him, while Hector heard a mocking voice in his head, suggesting they take him also, but the other beings declined. The mocking being, which had teeth like a shark, through a sort of liquid at Hector, which gave him the feeling his body was swelling, but he nevertheless managed to make good his escape.
  • Good 2013, p338, citing Gordon Creighton in FSR 42, 4, p10, citing Jorge Martin in Evidencia OVNI 1, citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation: probable hoax

November 1979, 1830hrs.
Philip Tennant was vacuum cleaning in a department store and decided to take rest and sit on the floor. He felt drowsy but was roused by the sight of old woman in what looked like a whit half sleeved dress. As she turned toward him, he realised that he could see the staircase through her and fled. He encountered the figure again two days later. He felt a sensation of hatred and the figure pointed its arm at him and began to approach. Once again he fled.
  • Letter in The Unexplained 63, p.iii.

November 3 1979, 0100hrs.
High School student Kent Grant was sat by the Fraser River while out on a night walk, when he observed a white light low in the sky. It approached then dipped down behind trees. It then reappeared, closer than ever, and came over the mountain on the other side of the river. It had a bright white glowing centre, surrounded by a blue haze, which seemed to create a sort of solid blue wall The ,light hovered for about three minutes, then rose vertically, did a 180 degree turn at 30m altitude, coming directly overhead at that altitude. Kent now saw that it was shaped like an inverted dish, about 15m diameter, with a central rotating rim, on which small lights were fixed. There were three markings in a triangular formation, which glowed bright orange on the underside of the dish. Suddenly the bright white light came on again, dazzling him and hurting his eyes. The thing made a high pitched sound, and there was an electrical smell. Kent rubbed his eyes, and when they had become used the dark again, the object had gone. He then went home. The next day he felt dizzy and nauseated.
  • John Magor in Journal UFO 1, 4, p19, citing a letter from the witness.

November 5 1979, 2015hrs.
Stephen Longshaw was walking home from his aunt’s, along the footpath by Townfield School, when he saw a large circular object hovering about 18m above him. There were five lights around it, a strong wind coming from the base. Stephen became frightened and started to run home, the object apparently following him. His cousin also saw the 9m diameter object. Other witnesses included Mrs Chris Baines and her friend Janet Parr.
  • Mersey News 16, p.19, citing Birkenhead News 12 November 1979.

November 8 1979.
Damion Harte and his wife were driving home from work when they saw a light rising from behind a church, which they presumed was a firework. However the object levelled off as a hazy mass of light, surrounded by a reddy glow, and moved north towards the village. They pursued it for several minutes, along country lane, and it seemed to slow down. It was then lost to sight behind a hill. When it was next seen, it seemed to have descended to just above the trees. Damion now saw it as a row of two red and one white light, with a surrounding hazy dome shape. He turned and drove to within 60m and saw it hovering 15m up. Though he switched the engine off and turned the window down, he could hear no sound. His wife, who could not see it well, became frightened and urged him to drive away. As he did so, she saw it spiral upwards, giving a clear view of a domed object, three times the size of their Jaguar car.
  • Mersey News 13, p8, citing SUFORS.

November 8 1979hrs. 1855hrs.
Seven elderly residents in an eleven-family apartment building shared individual experiences with a small ruby coloured sphere of light, which appeared both inside and outside the building. Most of the witnesses estimated that it was the size of a half dollar. One witness watched it come right through the aluminium portion of a door. Another 70 year old resident observed it circle around his legs, without touching him, about 30cm above the ground. He tried to stamp it out with his feet. The light left each witness by just fading away. Police Officer Charles Ritchie, who was called to the scene, saw it appear on the garage door for about a few seconds, executing small circles. 
  • International UFO Reporter 4, 6, p12.
  • Evaluation: the weather was clear and the duration was 30 minutes, otherwise this looks like classical ball lightning.

November 8 1979, 1900hrs.
Five teenage girls, standing outside, observed a round form with many sections of lights, in six different colours, around its exterior. They also observed as bubble top roof, a square protrusion on the top and an oval shaped door in front. The thing descended to the east, down to an altitude of 15m, hovered for five minutes, and then ascended slowly, flew over the store near the witnesses and continued north, speeding up and slowing down, It then returned to the area and disappeared over the southern horizon. 
  • International UFO Reporter 4, 6, p13.

November 8 1979, 2000hrs.
A mother and her three teenage children were walking home from the swimming baths, when they saw a very bright neonlike light with a sharp outline, 6-9m above the houses, which appeared to follow them. When they stopped, it stopped, when they moved, so did it. When they reached the street corner the object stopped, giving them the impression it was waiting to see what they would do. The mother had the impression that it was scanning them. When they turned the road up to their house, the object hovered over some trees. When the mother went out again, with her husband, the object had disappeared. A couple of days later she noticed a faint mark on one of the children’s faces, which the investigator saw.
  • UFO Times 4, p14, citing investigation by R Burton.
  • Evaluation: classic example of distant light, probably astronomical. Moon?

November 9 1979, 1015hrs.
Robert Taylor (61), a forestry foreman with the Livingston Development Corporation was inspecting some young trees at Deer Hill, 100m from the M8 motorway. He was walking with his dog along the final section, having had to park his van further along the track. He caught sight of something and round to be confronted by a large top shaped object with a central flange, protruding from the upper part of which were a row of upwards pointing cylindrical bars, topped by what looked like propellers. Between these features he could see dark grey areas that reminded him of portholes. The 7m diameter object was only about 8m away and was dark grey in colour. It sat motionless on or just above the ground. After about 30 seconds parts of the upper dome began to fade in an out, the background being visible through it. This seemed to move back and forth across the dome, giving Robert the idea that it was trying to camouflage itself. 

Then there appeared from behind the dome two objects which resembled marine mines, spheres with spikes attached. They moved in unison straight towards Taylor, making a popping sound as there spikes hit the ground. As they reached him, they attached a spike to each side of his trousers, just below the pockets and seemed to tug him towards the larger object. At the same time he noticed a sudden overpowering smell like burning brake linings and an unpleasant taste in his mouth. He felt his feet scraping the ground before he passed out, falling down on his face. When he recovered consciousness he heard a whooshing sound and his dog barking. He had a headache, a pain in his chin. His legs were too weak to support him and he was unable to call to his dog. He managed to crawl and stagger back to his van, but was unable to control it, and finally walked about 1.5km home across a short cut. His wife was struck by his physical condition.

A medical examination showed he had a graze on his chin and left thigh. His trousers and long underpants had been torn. At the site, two ladder like tracks, 2.5m long, 2.5m apart were found, the grass between the rungs was evenly flattened but not as much as the grass in the “rungs”. Around these tracks were around 40 holes where fresh earth had been exposed. They were 10cm wide at the maximum, angles at 30 degrees and the angles of direction were consistent. There were two sets, one clockwise, and the other anticlockwise. The tears in the trousers were consistent with a strong mechanical pull by a broad attachment.
  • Martin Keatman and Andrew Collins in FSR 25, 6, p.2 + 36, 3, p.2, citing own investigation.
  • Steuart Campbell in Journal of Transient Aerial Phenomena 1, 2, p.43 + UPIAR Research in Progress 1, 2, p.43 both citing own investigation.
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  • Frontiers of Science July/August 1980, p.15.
  • APRO Bulletin 29, 1, p.11.
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  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a, p.245, citing Malcolm Robinson etc.

November 11 1979, 1930hrs.
Antonas Balikis was driving home when he observed a tiny top like object, the size of a small dinner plate, which manoeuvred and hovered in an intelligent fashion, in front of his car. The top was black and the rest of the object brick red. Antonas drove past the object, and when he stopped, it had gone. A number of residents of the town had also seen it, dancing in the air.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 27, 5, p11, citing Henry Gris in Gente 31 July and 7 August 1981 citing investigation by Felix Zigel.

November 17 1979, 1430hrs.
A 13 year old boy was walking home from school through s clearing in a forested area when he observed what looked like a solid 1m tall maple tree, surrounded by an electric glow. It was stationary for three seconds, about 3.5m from him and then it shot up into the clear sky, changing colour to red. The duration was 5 seconds. No sound was heard and no traces found.
  • International UFO Reporter 5, 1, p4.

November 20 1979, 0030 hrs.
A Montreal man driving along Quebec High 20 near Exit 95 observed a dull grey object flying less than 5m above the ground. The incident lasted about 5 minutes, during which time it made no sound, but when it flew close to the car, all the systems ceased functioning.
  • David Haisell in Journal UFO 2, 1, p12, citing National Research Council files. N79/102.

November 20 1979, 1900hrs.
A man and his sister were returning to Harrogate from Calcutt when, as they topped the brow of a hill, the woman observed something crossing the road at roof height. The driver braked and turned around to park on the other side of the road where three other cars had also stopped. Getting out of the car, the witnesses saw glowing whitish-yellow fluorescent cylinder hovering first over a house then a copse of trees and then over a nearby field. Finally it landed in an adjoining field, still glowing, whereupon they all drove off. The man phoned the police from his sister’s house but when he returned to the spot 30 minutes later the object had vanished.
  • BUFORA Journal 9, 3, p15.

November 26 1979hrs. 0430hrs.
Shopkeeper Jean-Pierre Prevost (25), salesman Salomon n’Diaye (25) and Franck Fontaine (19, unemployed) were loading their station wagon with jumble to sell at the Gisor Market outside Prevost’s flat, when Franck caught site of a luminous white, elongated object moving slowly towards them from the north. It was losing height and they feared that it was an aeroplane about to crash. Salomon went to get a camera, while Prevost went on with his work. Franck however decided to drive off to investigate. Through the rear window of his flat Prevost saw the car motionless, and thought it had stalled, as it had done earlier. Then they saw that the car was surrounded by a whitish mist and then four spheres detached themselves from this cloud, which was faintly luminous and extended 20-30cm beyond the car on all sides. These spheres were slightly larger than a car wheel. After several seconds the spheres appeared to re-join the mass, which then appeared to coagulate into a kind of luminous tube, which grew longer, absorbed the spheres and finally took off. The two friends hurried towards the car, and found that Franck was missing. He reappeared on December 3rd at exactly the same time. He appeared unaware that a week had passed, his clothes were still clean, he was clean shaven and he still had his money on him. He claimed that as he reached the central electricity plant, a sphere the size of a tennis ball landed on his bonnet, the vehicle became surrounded by fog and he lost consciousness.
  • Mersey News 14, p8, citing an unspecified issue of Hypothes Extraterrests
  • International UFO Reporter 5, 1, p3, citing various press accounts
  • Brookesmith 1995, p117.
  • Baker 1998, p112
  • Evaluation: Franck Fontaine and J-P Prevost seemed to be establishing a contactee cult but in December 1983 Prevost confessed the affair was a hoax. Jacques Vallee claimed (rather improbably) that the whole thing was part of a psychological experiment by the French Ministry of Defence)

November 30 1979.
A teenage girl driving home from school encountered a landed object around which a silvery figure was walking. She ran, terrified, to a neighbour who later heard a vibration like a jet or a helicopter taking off, but saw nothing. When police searched the spot they found an area of flattened grass.
  • UFO Insight 1, 4, p.6, citing Daily Express 1 December 1979.
  • INFO Journal 37, p.12.
  • Evaluation: I cannot find this place name on Google

December 1979, 2135hrs.
Cindy Carnie was driving home when she saw a strange light in her rear view mirror. The light followed her for 10-15 seconds, after which a red light came on, flashed a couple of times and then went out, replaced by a third flashing blue light, like that on a police car. Thinking that was what it was Cindy started to pull over, at which point the blue light flashed right up on he car. Now realising that the light was not attached to any vehicle, Cindy pulled back onto the road and the lights continued following her, disappearing suddenly when another car came into view. When she arrived home she told her husband, who noticed a strange, indescribable odour in the back of the car.
  • APRO Bulletin 28, 9, p7.

December 1 1979. Night.
Dentist, Dr Alfredo Sanchez Cuesta was out driving, when he was paced by a very brilliant object, 15m above the car, for about an hour. The light was so bright that it dazzled Alfredo and he crashed the car.
  • Rino di Stefano in International UFO Library Magazine 1, 3, p48, citing ANSA, 4 Dec 1979.

December 2 1979, 1730hrs.
A housewife was alerted by the barking of her dog and, on investigating, saw the dog looking at a bright blue glowing object about 6m above the ground about 100m away. She went outside but before she gone 8m she retreated afraid. She tried to phone her husband and made other calls while watching the object. The thing resembled a vertical American football/rugby ball about 1,5m along the vertical axis. It remained stationary during the 15 minute observation. It was also seen by her two sons aged 12 and 9. There was a full moon that night.
  • David Haisell in Journal UFO 2, 1, p13, citing NBC files 79/120.

December 2 1979, 2130hrs.
Fortunato Zanfretta disappeared again while driving in the outskirts of Genoa, and was at a self -service petrol station when he heard a voice calling out from the darkness. Under orders from this voice he drove off into a cloud, from which he was taken into a large aerial object. There he encountered a tall man with a bald oval head dressed in checked suit and metallic shirt. In transparent cylinders were a frog shaped thing, a large bird and something like a caveman. The being offered Z a transparent sphere, inside of which was a pyramid shape, which gave off sparks. They told him to give the sphere to Dr Hynek.
  • Rino de Stefano in International UFO Library Magazine 1, 3, p33.

December 3 1979, 2225hrs.
Two unidentified persons observed a round thin object hovering over trees 3-4 blocks away. It was a metallic grey object, 6-9m diameter, with larger red and smaller white lights, in an irregular pattern, which blinked at random. One of the witnesses, the driver of the car in which they were travelling saw what looked like grating on the underside of the object as it hovered 12-15m above the ground. There was no sound or smell. Both witnesses were very distraught.
  • Joe and Doris Graziano in APRO Bulletin 28, 10, p.6 citing unspecified press sources.

December 4 1979, 0100hrs.
A young woman, Lilli-Ann Karlsson felt like a walk before going to bed and began to walk on the Brevik Hills behind her house. She suddenly looked up and stopped in her tracks to see a luminous object hovering about 1m above the ground ahead. She felt as though she was being watched and shortly two beings, 1.8m tall but very thin, emerged. They appeared completely white and “velvety” , they had large ears but no facial features could be made out. She had a feeling that they were discussing her which made her feel very self-conscious., feeling more ridiculous than afraid, feeling that they were laughing at her. She then heard a voice beside her telling her not to be afraid. The beings came up to her and one of them gave her its hand in which there was something resembling a bar of chocolate. They continued to talk amongst themselves, then returned to their vehicle, disappearing behind it in the same fashion as they had appeared. She noticed a faint cloud of smoke coming from behind the object, and all of a sudden it was gone in a manner she could not explain. At the same time the paralysis ended and she ran back to her apartment, crying and on the point of collapse. A friend confirmed her extreme distress.  
  • FSR 36, 5, p.6 citing AFU Nyhetsblad 19 citing Vasterviks–Tidningen 22 September 1980, citing Tor Wiklund in UFO Information 4, p.12 citing own investigation.

December 5 1979, 1755hrs.
Members of the Robert White family saw at least 18 red objects detach themselves from a white globe, which flew 600-1200m. Some of these red lights came close to ground level, at one point being visible behind trees on a ridge.
  • UFO Investigator February 1980, p.1.
  • International UFO Reporter 5, 2, p.4.

December 7 1979, 1740hrs.
Mrs Norma White and neighbours again saw a series of manoeuvring lights, two of which descended below the level of the ridge.
  • UFO Investigator. March 1980. p.1.

December 7 1979. Evening.
Insurance agent Garry Poling (46) was driving 5km east of Ansted when he saw lights, as bright as a car’s headlights, coming out of the trees off the road about 300-400m away. At this point the engine of his 1976 Plymouth Fury began misfiring and he could not get faster that 70kph with the accelerator pressed right down, and the digital clock on his dashboard gained three hours in a few minutes, although his personal mechanical watch was not affected. These effects lasted for 35-40 seconds and then suddenly stopped with the car accelerating up to 135kph.
  • International UFO Reporter 5, 2, p.4.
  • UFO Investigator, March 1980, p.2.

December 8 1979, 2030hrs. Early hours.
While waiting for a taxi home, Susan Devenney (23) of Drumchapel heard a peculiar noise and saw a shaft of light on the pavement, whereupon the head and shoulders of an entity appeared through the pavement. She became terrified.  
  • FSR 26, 3, p.3, citing Sunday Mail 7 December 1979.

December 14 1979. Night.
A woman encountered a 2.1m tall hairy humanoid, illuminated by her headlights. The creature covered its eyes with its hands.
  • Rath 1998, p.13.

December 14 1979, 2030hrs.
Two teenage boys were driving out of Ingersoll along Hw 2, west of Woodstock, when they encountered an object shaped like a triangle with rounded ends, rotating lights around the side, and flames coming out of its back. They got out but then retreated. They drove around the back roads, the object appearing again. For no apparent reason they stopped and the area began to mist up. This mist appeared to be caused by dust whipped up by an object with bright red and blue lights above them, with things like pincers moving back and forth on top. The lads again drove off, paced by the object, going through numerous back roads. Suddenly the object came right on top of them and then landed in a corn field 15-30m away. They now saw it was an oval with lights all around it, and when it landed, they could see three columns of red lights on one end and three on the other. It had red lights and a white bright dome. They drove to Woodstock to go home, but were again paced and forced back. At the Purina plant they stopped and observed three objects in the sky, projecting beams of light. Finally they screwed up the courage to drive home, pursued by an erratic white light under a kind of compulsion by the object, and disorientated. The driver found his car doors stiff the next day and its new tires were cracked and worn. 
  • Pat de la Franier et al in Journal UFO 2, 4, p.20, citing their own investigation.

Mid December 1979, 2130hrs.
BILL Owens was returning home to Netherley from the evening shift at the Ford Factory at Halewood along a country path when he had the feeling that someone was approaching, and looked back to see what looked like a motorcycle headlight. As it came closer, Bill felt a tingling sensation on the back of his neck, and turned round to see what looked like a fluorescent white balloon, 2m in diameter, which approached within 1.5m, 1.5m above the ground, moving on a steady, silent course. When about 4.5m ahead it veered upwards and then streaked out of sight. When Bill arrived home his wife remarked on his hair standing on end and this condition lasted for two days.
  • NUFON News 75, p.9, citing investigation by Danny Chevaux
  • Randles 1983a, p.8o.
  • Tucker 2013, p.223.

December 20 1979 (approx. date) Early hours.
Sarah J (4) was woken by her brother Simon (7) who wanted a glass of water. The two children reached the top of the stairs, when they saw, at the bottom of the stairs, a bipedal creature of average human size, covered in dark fur. It had luminous green or red eyes. It appeared to have appendages on its head that were either large ears or horns. The children’s screams awoke their parents. When they searched nothing could be found. Sarah had other anomalous experiences, such as waking in the night and floating down the stairs
  • Gloria Dixon in Strange Days 4, p.7, citing her own investigation.