1978. Morning.
Park keepers encountered a strange object on the lawns of Greenwich Park. Police and observatory personnel arrived on the scene. The keepers were told they would be sacked if they spoke of the incident. 
  • Fry 2004 p67
  • Evaluation: Little more than an urban rumour.

1978. (Approximate year) 2230hrs.
Two teenage boys participating in Red Cross emergency drill were going through bushes looking for a pretend causality when they encountered small aluminium looking object about 1.8m high, 2.1m wide, spinning about 50m away. The thing appeared to be asymmetrical, to have bolts in it and its surface was lit by flashes of light. The watched the noiseless think for some minutes before it moved off at increasing speed. 
  • Swords 2005 p162 citing John Timmerman

1978. (Approximate year) Late night.
A boy was awakened in the night and saw a green beam of light come through the ceiling down to the floor. Down this beam came two beings with very large eyes, one much taller than the other, dressed in suits, and helmets on which there were lights. The being ignored the boy and roamed the house, the boy following them. At one pointed they raided the fridge before going back again through the beam. The boy noticed that his father was missing from the marital bed. His mother had woken in the night to hear something in the house but had fallen straight back to sleep. In the morning the boy and his sister saw a strange object in front of the house, but it had gone by the time their mother came in. 
  • Swords 2005 p101 citing John Timmerman

1978. (Approximate year) Late night.
A woman living in a 76 year old house saw a luminous sphere hovering in her rear hallway. Later that night, in bed with her husband, she suddenly saw a 1.8m tall, white, faceless, hooded figure stood about 1m from their bed. The figure vanished after three or four minutes. The next day her husband confirmed he had also seen the figure. Other anomalous experiences including odd behaviour by the dog, cold breezes, lights going on and off and odd noises occurred in the house. 
  • Rutkowski 1999 p109 citing his own investigation

1978. (Approximate year) 2300hrs.
A young man who had been praying for his uncle, woke up to see a dwarf with a large beaked nose, warty face, pointed ears, blond straggly hair snarling at him, displaying crooked teeth. The witness invoked a traditional charm and the figure vanished. 
  • Swords 2005 p105 citing John Timmerman
  • Evaluation: Hypnopompic hallucination

1978. (or following year) Late afternoon.
Max Haines and another soldier were fire fighting when they saw a tall dark figure running towards the fire. The men called out a warning but the thing ignored them, and they realised that the thing was not human. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p84, 244 case 130 citing interview with Max Haines’ widow
  • Evaluation: Only known second hand

A 7 year old boy and his younger brother independently told their mother that they had been taken on board an aerial craft during the night in a white beam of light. There they met red and green beings. When the older boy touched one his hand was burned. The younger boy said they gave him a present which resembled a digital watch. When he tried to show it to his mother , it had disappeared. 
  • Edward Harris in Magic Saucer 12 p9
  • Evaluation: Known only as result of a conversation between Harris and the boys’ mother. Childish fantasy.

Two boys camping in a lean to in the woods heard something coming down the hill and looking out saw a white bell shaped thing, which one of them, a Catholic, thought was the Virgin Mary. The thing disappeared into the trees. 
  • Jarvis 1992 p52 citing Bruce Hollenbeck

A man walking on an isolated footpath encountered a group of beings about 1.2m tall, dressed in a way that reminded him of miners. With them were two robed figures about 2m tall. All these beings were faceless. Before the witness could flee he fainted. 
  • Saunders 2003 p153

The captain and crew of a a Soviet destroyer saw a bright yellow, sparkly, semi-transparent object at 30m altitude, at which the ship’s navigation equipment failed. After a time the thing descended to the ocean surface and moved off at great speed. After it had gone the ship’s equipment resumed normal working. 
  • Stonehill and Mantle 2016 p93 citing Vitaly Pravdivtsev and Yevgeny Litvinov on Channel 3 in 2009)

Joe DeAndrade, a former security guard, was stood by a pond at a spot called Clay Banks, when he had an urge to turn around. Doing so he saw, about 200m away, a brown ape like humanoid walking into the woods 
  • Le Blanc 2016 p134 citing Bartholomew 2008 p69

An oil worker saw a silvery oval object moving up and down the desert grassland. When soldiers and workers surrounded the thing it took off vertically. 
  • Dong 2000 p49

A 12 year old was abducted. Only recalled years later under regression and no details were published. 
  • UFORA Research Digest 21 p6 citing UFOResearch Queensland

William Montila was leading a party of tourists in the caves here, when they encountered a luminous orange sphere, which followed them as they fled from the scene. William poked it with a stick upon which the sphere just disappeared. 
  • Fry 2009 p84

1978. 0600hrs.
Bill Hartley saw a very tall, bent, cowled robed figure, apparently carrying something cross the road on the left hand carriageway. He saw the thing on another occasion. 
  • Green 1980 p125

1978. Evening.
Robert Murphy saw flashing red and white lights, which appeared to be on some sort of object, descend into his back yard about 15m away. It made no sound and when Robert momentarily looked away, when he looked back the lights had disappeared. The next night at 0300hrs. he heard strange moaning sound. 
  • Dennett 1997 p202

1978. Evening.
Waitress Ievte Felipe (23) was at her sister in law’s house when she saw a blue light in the distant sky. The light rapidly approached and swept the house with multi-coloured beams, while emitting a humming sound. The light seemed to penetrate the shutters and Ievte detected a sulphurous smell. The sister in law and cousin returned home in time to see the object and detect the odour. 
  • Cutchin 2016 p2 citing Bob Pratt in MUFON UFO Journal 430 p3

1978. Night.
A 17 year old youth encountered a 2.4-2.7m tall humanoid in the centre of an isolated bush track 8m away. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p247 case 120 citing email to Paul Cropper

1978. Night.
On two nights running a woman was awoken by her windows rattling. The was too afraid to look on the first occasion, but on the second she went to the window and saw three circles linked together, each having concentric rings of red, white and blue. The woman next found herself being examined by beings with white skin and large heads. The experience just ended. 
  • Swords 2005 p97 citing John Timmerman
  • Evaluation: False awakening and dream

1978. Night.
A 4 year old girl, in hospital having the first of many operations for congenital problems, woke to find herself lying on a couch in a strange room, surrounded by beings rather less than 1.5m tall, with gold coloured oversized heads, large oval eyes and high cheekbones, with thin mouths. They were thin with very long fingers. The beings were examining her, mainly about the face. Their leader was female and wore a close fitting turquoise suit, on which there was a four pointed star and a triangle on her belt. This woman appeared to be pregnant. 
  • Swords 2005 p199 citing John Timmerman
  • Evaluation: Dream, later revised after watching CEIII

Early 1978. 0200hrs.
Two men out fishing on an island in the River Ouse saw a dark object with a circle of red lights rise from behind trees across the river, on this rainy night. 
  • Randles 1983b p103

Early 1978.
A National Parks worker was cutting trees when he heard a grunting sound and saw, about 3.5m in front of him, a dark hairy humanoid, with huge hands, flat, black, shiny face, yellow eyes and just a whole for a mouth. The witness was unable to move until, after 10 minutes, the thing emitted a foul smell and moved off sideways and disappeared. 
  • Bord 1989 p212 citing unidentified news clipping 7 April 1978.
  • Healy and Cropper 1994 p135

Winter 1978. Evening.
A teenage boy was standing by the bathroom window when he saw a light approaching. A circular white thing came through the window, said “boo” and then retreated. 
  • Randles 1990 p38

January 1978. 0350hrs.
On several occasions a single mother living in a third floor flat was awakened by a buzzing sound that seemed to come from inside her head, so that she started sleeping on the settee with the light on. She then awoke to find her arm being held by an arm with a blue sleeve. She did not turn round to look at its owner. Her own hand was glowing and she could see the bones in it. When she moved it away, the glow faded. She then re-awoke a few minutes later. She had a later experience in which she saw the figure full on (no details) and heard a high pitched “singing” noise. 
  • NUFON News 117 p10
  • Randles 1994 Star p49
  • Evaluation: False awakening, sleep paralysis.

January 1978.
Aviation administrator Jim Coffee saw a 2.5m tall humanoid going down a road and fired sever al shots to scare it off. Tacks 60cm by 30cm were found at the site. 
  • Guttilla 1978. p266 citing Seattle Post-Intelligencer n.d.

January 1978. Night.
A young boy disappeared after meeting a stranger in the apartment lift. While the search was on objects moved about on their own in the apartment, and there was a strange beeping sound. The boy was discovered next day at 0800hrs. sleeping in the grounds of a nearby power plant. The boy told his mother that he had been taken in a rocket to two moons in succession, in the second of which he was looked after by a man and woman who lacked mouths. They put things in his head, gave him rice and fish to eat and a reddish gaseous drink. He saw other children before he was put to sleep in a small bed, covered with a blanket. They said they would return for him. His mother noticed strange marks on his body. 
  • Alberto Rosales in Anomalist 12 p147 citing investigation Pablo Villarubia and Mario Rangel
  • Evaluation: Either the boy was abducted and possibly sexually abused by the man in the lift, or he just played out too long and fell asleep and either dreamed or made up the story.

January 1978.
5 members of a family travelling between Orlando and Jacksonville along a deserted back road were approached by a luminous sphere which paced their car and then descended behind the trees. The family arrived in Jacksonville two hours later than they should have done so. A woman and her teenage brother in the party later had dreams of being abducted by small grey beings. 
  • Budd Hopkins in MUFON Proceedings 1981 p47

Early January 1978.
At an undisclosed location a 12 year old girl encountered a 2m tall creature covered in fur and with arms three times the length of a human. This happened 5 times over the space of a week. The creature, which called itself “Honor” gave her psychokinetic powers. 
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 p371 case 181 citing Rhein Neckar 10 January 1978.
  • Evaluation: Press hoax?

January 1978. Dusk.
A 23 year old woman from Sydney, and her boyfriend encountered a 3m tall hairy biped in the Springbrook National Park. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p242 case 122 citing Gold Coast Bulletin 18 January 1978.

January 1 1978. 0145hrs.
A group of people saw a large circular bright red light, with a faint bluish tinge, pass silently and slowly overhead at about rooftop height, illuminating the surroundings as it did so. It disappeared to the south west. 

  • Tucker 2013 p216 citing Jenny Randles in FSR 23.6

January 2 1978.
A young Warkrworth couple had seen on a number of occasions small glowing lights moving around. On this occasion the husband stood at the back door and flashed his torch at one of the lights. The light descended into a paddock 50m away, and the witness saw that it was a round, silvery, glowing object. A door opened and a figure 2.2-2.3m tall stood there. The witness waved at the figure, which waved back. The door then closed, the object then rose to 15m and then departed. 
  • Keith Basterfield in APRO Bulletin 28,3 p7 citing Spaceview 76 + VUFORS Bulletin August 1978. + Rodney and Waitemata Times 1 February 1978.
  • Basterfield 1980 p54 case 66 citing above sources

January 2 1978. Late night.
A relative of the editor of the newspaper Siglo in Turreon was sat in his front room reading when he suddenly looked up and saw a tall, blond, blue eyed man in the room. The witness asked the man who he was and what he was doing there, but the stranger did not reply, instead he turned around without touching the floor. His body became surrounded by a glow and he floated through the doors of two other rooms into a rear patio, followed by the witness. The glow on the stranger’s body increased and he flew up into the air and out of sight. 
  • Paul R Hill in APRO Bulletin 27,3 p3 citing information from the editor of Siglo

January 2 1978. 2040hrs.
A woman from Windermere was driving along a familiar route along the A591, 6.5km north of Kendal on this rain night, when she suddenly encountered in this lonely area what looked like a huge two story mansion by the side of the road. It had dark mullions dividing rows of windows and a sharp slope to the left, which resembled a porch. The whole structure glowed with a peculiar intense amber light. The witness thought it was a building but was curious and was going to stop for a better look until she saw a police car and decided to drive on. It was only when she got home that she realised that there was certainly no such large building there and how odd the whole experience had been. 
  • NUFON News 45 p.7 citing investigation by Peter Warrington

January 2 1978. 2320hrs.
Four young men in a car (driver Geoff Hales, passengers Stephen Simpson. Glyn Matthews and Keith Thomas) were driving along an old coach road in the Kirkby Moss area when they took a wrong turning, braked sharply and skidded into a ditch. They then saw, standing in the middle of the road, illuminated by their headlights, a humanoid figure about 2m tall, dressed in a fluorescent one piece suit with short white boots and a rounded helmet, with no openings for the face, which appeared to be an integral part of the suit. Its body was very broad, much more so than a normal man, and its arms were very short (perhaps only 20cm long) and terminated in what might have been claws. On its chest,, directly under the head, was a rectangular box that stood out in relief, on which were two red lights that flashed on and off in rapid succession. As the figure approached, Hales tried to reverse the car out of the ditch. In panic Hales suffered a severe asthma attack, but they managed to get out of the ditch and drive to nearby Brown Birch Farm, where the owner called the police. Police confirmed Hales’ distressed state but searches were fruitless 
  • Jenny Randles in FSR 23,6 p3 citing investigation by Stephen Balon, Tony Pace and Bill Skellon
  • Tony Pace and Stephen Balon in BUFORA Journal 6,5 p18 citing own investigation
  • NUFON News 45 p8
  • Randles 1978. p11
  • Skyquest 2 p2
  • Daily Mail 3 January 1978.
  • A critical view is given by Robert Morrell in FSR 24,3 p.25
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a p26

January 3 1978. 0400hrs.
Mrs H, a 33 year old housewife, was returning to bed after seeing to her baby daughter, when she became aware of something unusual outside. Looking through her north facing bedroom window she saw a dark object like an inverted cereal bowl, 3-4.5m diameter, with a large number of dull orange lights, hovering over some houses 6m away, lower than the treeline. As she watched, the lights flared up to brilliant white and the thing spun away like a flung discus. As it did sol a tree seemed to be enveloped in flame for a couple of seconds and then glow white and then red. The lights were brilliant as the object moved away but after about a minute they disappeared. 
  • Philip Taylor in BUFORA Journal 7,1 p17 citing own investigation
  • Steven Watson in Awareness 7,2 p3 + Skyquest 2 p2 citing own investigation (dates event as 2nd.)

January 3 1978. 0650hrs.
Paul Strutt (13) was awakened by a storm and got up to get a drink. Looking through the upstairs widow, he saw a very large object, with red lights, on the ground some 250m away. The top part was spinning and a bright white light in the centre flashed on and off. There were two red lights on either side of the white one and a row of three red lights on the lower half. The body of the object was silver coloured and emitted a sound like a vacuum cleaner, which was also heard by neighbours. Contemporary sources say that Paul ran to his parents but they did not believe him and he then woke his 15 year old sister Jane to see the thing, and she persuaded her parents to look. Mrs Jenny Strutt saw a half circle of green lights, which as it went into the distance absorbed a red light. M<any years later Jenny Strutt she had seen the lights hovering over school playing fields behind their house, the top part rotating. She tried to call the police but the phone was down. 
  • S Thrower in BUFORA Journal 7,1 p18 citing his own investigation
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a p27 citing their own investigation

January 9 1978. 0030hrs.
A woman saw her bedroom lit by an external light source and heard a humming sound, then a pitch black oblong passed her window and as it did so the humming faded. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p106 citing ACOS Bulletin 13 p12 citing investigation by UFO Research Far North Queensland

January 9 1978. 1930hrs.
Mrs Therea Gould (50) and her daughter Nancy were sat in their living room, when Therea saw a large yellow-orange ball of light descended behind trees. She phoned a friend, but when she tried to use the phone 5 minutes later, the phone was dead. Meanwhile Therea’s mother, Mrs Campbell, who lived next door had been trying to phone Therea without success. In her home, her great-grandson, Johnny, had been frightened by a white figure in his room, which tried to touch him. Giles T, the boy.’s father, tried to reassure him that it was a nightmare but as he left the lad’s room, he heard a knock in the empty bedroom next door. Going in, he saw, through the window, a masked and white suited figure on top of the porch 60-90cm away, eyes staring out of the mask. Giles fled. Later his wife Carol complained about the porch door banging and when Giles went out to close it, he saw, as he re-entered the house, the same figure standing outside the glass door. The next day at 1430 Thomas Gould (52) was chopping wood in an area north of the his house when he noticed a white suited figure standing on a path by a tree about 27m away. The figure was 1.35m tall, wore a squarish helmet in which Thomas could see two dark eyes or eye holes. It had broad shoulders with arms that hung down by its side, terminating in gloved, three digited hands (thumb, finger and thicker part like mittens. The figure’s hands and helmet were battleship grey. (This was a reconstruction based on a number of encounters, not all registered). Tom spoke in English and French, and at the latter, the figure seemed to move slightly. These figures now being a common sight, Tom went on unconcernedly chopping wood for 60-90 minutes. On finishing, he drove down the road a short way in his pickup. He looked back for the being but it was gone. He then noticed what looked like a huge boulder about 45m down a slope in a partially wooded area. He got out and walked towards it for a better look. It was an egg shaped object wider at the front than the back. All over the sides were small hooded windows. Its surface was dark grey, dull, rough and seamless. It was 12m long by 4m wide. He was too afraid to approach closely and eventually returned home. The next morning at 0430, Tom again saw the object in the same place, and called his children , Allan (21) and Nancy (20) to see it. Allan was unable to see much because of the glare, but Nancy was able to make out 7 round windows protruding from its side, evening though it was 45m away, and obscured by bush and trees. At 1000hrs on the 12th, Allan observed, from the bathroom window, an object about 30m in the air. It had a smooth, dull, metallic surface and was shaped like two discs placed together, the bottom one being flatter than the top. He could see two landing legs but assumed there were four. The object rose slowly and vertically. Allan ran outside but it had gone. He later found pod marks in the clay soil by the rise. The one seen by the investigators was 113mm deep and 15cm wide. 
  • David Webb and Raymond Fowler in MUFON UFO Journal 143 p7 citing own investigation 
  • Fowler 1981 p155
January 10 1978. 0400hrs.
Garry p.was driving along the old Grafton-Armidale Road, about 16km out of Grafton when he observed two aerial lights about 10-12k altitude, a short distance away. One of the lights moved slowly down a mountain side, trailing sparks. This observation lasted for about 20 minutes. Garry then left the area, reaching Bakers Creek Falls near Armidale via Tyringham (where he saw some people he took to be hunters by the road) a distance of more than 150km without any coherent memory of the journey, which he thought was much shorter than it actually was. At Bakers Creek Falls he encountered a huge brilliant elongated object with portholes above the ground. He thought it was a chicken coup until it started to move. He then tried to take photographs (which showed a yellow blur) and became involved with a second witness, who refused to cooperate. He then drove towards the paddock but the object retreated into the surrounding mist. He returned to the falls, saw the fog retreating out of the ravine, then stop and roll back towards and rapidly envelope him, reducing visibility to less than 3m. This was accompanied by a sound like a vacuum cleaner, and he saw through the mist, a column above him where he could see the sky. The fog and sound then faded away. Garry stayed by the falls until morning, when he returned to the car, where he experienced two shock waves one minute apart, which seemed to shake the entire area. Then at 0705hrs. all returned to normal.
  • Bill Chalker in UFO Research Newsletter November/December 1979 p.18 citing Australian UFO Newsletter 54 p6 citing investigation by himself and David Reneke
  • Basterfield 1981 p106 citing ACOPS Bulletin
  • Bill Chalker in UFO Research Australia Newsletter 1,1 p.13)
January 10 1978. 2015hrs.
A woman going out to get some coal observed an unfamiliar glow from the tops of some trees. A saucer shaped object, emitting a bright orange glow from its lower half, emerged from behind the trees. The thing rotated silently as it accelerated away away NE-N, disappearing behind the trees.

  • D N Mansell in Awareness 7, 2 p.4 citing investigation by Garry Piper)
January 11 1978. 2135hrs.
Ron Hills and Ian Hoole (both 15) were running home from the Youth Club along Mytchett Road when they observed what they first thought was an aircraft flying overhead, but they then saw that it had two headlights, which lit up the clouds, and two red lights underneath, flashing on and off alternately. When they reached the bridge, they saw the object getting lower over field to their left. It was a large oblong object, with rounded edges and a shiny strip along the side. There was a faint noise. The boys were very frightened and walked way hurriedly as the object moved away. As they looked back, they saw the red lights in the distance seeming stop and then moved towards them; upon which they started to run. After about 100m the object was right over them. It was massive, and the row of small windows was emitting an orange light. The object glowed with a misty light which gave an impression of heat. The front lights were on again. The boys fled to Ian’s house, where they saw the object disappear behind trees. Mr and Mrs Hoole confirmed that the boys were very shaken. 
  • Omar Fowler in FSR 24, 1 p.25 citing own investigation
January 12 1978. 0430hrs.
Sandra Cavalletti was awoken by her daughter and saw a ball of fire hovering in nearby woods, under a TV booster. The golden yellow sphere was rapidly revolving, moving back and forth and pulsating. It was still there at 0500hrs. 
  • CUN Provisional Catalogue
  • Evaluation: Probably astronomical
January 12 1978. (Approximate date) 2155hrs.
VYELIKEYE POLYE (PSKOV : RUSSIAN federation then part of USSR)
Vladimir S Kharanitov and his brother were having a meal at a friend’s, when Vladimir stepped out to smoke. He saw three people who seemed to be looking for something,. When he hailed them, they straightened up and he saw that they were dressed in seamless, metallic shiny overalls and visors covering their faces. One of the beings was a woman with long hair. Next to them was a dark object surmounted by a cupola 2-2.5m diameter. One of the beings gestured to Vlad to join them in this machine. He left a garment tied to a tree and entered the machine, in which there were soft seats, a sort of steering wheel and a console. The thing took off, without any sense of acceleration, but Vlad panicked and hit the pilot. Vlad then passed out and recovered consciousness sat against a tree outside the house. He had been away for 10 minutes. 
  • Bronislaw Rzepecki in UFO Times 21 p.19 citing archives of Dr V N Fomiyenko
January 14 1978. 0600hrs.
Three youths were being escorted out of the local sports complex by the watchmen, after partying much of the night. One of the youths suddenly stumbled for no reason and seemed to disappear into the wall. He was found about an hour later by his friends. He claimed that he had entered a small dark room where there was a medical examination chair. Through another door on the other side, the lad could see trees blowing in a summer landscape, which he was looking down on from the fourth floor of a building. He walked through another examination room into a strange dark place, where he became paralysed as five shadowy figures, with rectangular heads approached him. One of the beings was working an instrument that resembled a corncob and gave off a powerful light that did not, however, illuminate the room. Voices seemed to be saying his memory was going to be erased so the lad fled through a door that slammed shut and then disappeared behind him, finding himself back in the concert underground corridor of the sports complex. 
  • Alberto Rosales in Anomalist 12 p148 citing Priyma 1996
  • Evaluation: Looks very much like a fictional tale based on the “mysterious disappearance” stories of Ambrose Bierce.
January 14 1978. Night.
Janet Chapin (qv) saw an entity with a flat head, large eyes and nose and an extended arm but no visible feet, near her bed. 
  • Vallee 1991 p.187
January 18 1978. 0400hrs.
A number of strange objects were seen over McGuire Air Force Base and Fort Dix army base, and military police and state troopers pursued them. A military police officer from Fort Dix, JM, was pursuing a luminous blue-green oval object, when it hovered over his car, at which his radio failed. Then there appeared in front of his car a grey brown being 1.2m tall, with a fat head, long arms and slender body. The terrified officer fired five shots at the being and one at the object, which took off and joined 11 others at high altitude. . The being ran into the woods. State troopers and security at McGuire became involved in the search for it, and they found a dead body, which was crated up and taken to Wright-Patterson.
  • Quest 4,5 p.37 citing anonymous letter to Len Springfield
  • Hall 2001 p97 citing his own investigation
  • Dolan 2009 p169 citing Hall op cit and Richard Hall and Leonard Stringfield in MUFON UFO Journal June 1987 + George Filer
  • Hamilton 1991
  • Evaluation: Just an assertion by one man with no contemporaneous documentary evidence. Hoax?
January 18 1978. 1300hrs.
Four schoolboys aged about 7 were in their school playground at lunch time, the weather having been foggy but now clearing, when they heard a sharp whistling sound and saw a round object descend onto the flat roof of the school, changing colours as it came down. From it emitted three beings, in gold coloured suits, who seemed attached to the object by wires or tubes from the backs of their suits. The boys could not observe any arms. When a boy standing on a concrete slab, who had the best view, called out to his friends, the beings turned round and ran back into the craft, which moved off slowly until it cleared the building then shot away. This boy was nervous about going to bed for some days afterwards. 
  • Nigel Watson in Fortean Times 33 p42 and personal communication citing transcript of a Radio Humberside “Countywide” phone in July 1978. between himself with Robin Pulford and Colin Watson and the mother of the main witness, who refused to give her full name.
January 19 1978. 1715hrs.
Six young boys playing football saw a luminous discoid object fly past at treetop height and land silently. Four of the boys ran home but two cousins stayed behind and went missing. One of the boys was found in nearby Rondonopplis but the other was never found. The boy who was found said that as they tried to run away they were paralysed and them felt themselves impelled to approach the object, in the interior of which was a large room, furnished only with a chair and a button on the wall. In this room there were 8 short humanoids with human like faces wearing red tight fitting rubber suits. Both boys were held on the chair but the thing landed in Rondonopolis and the boy that was found was let out. 
  • Alberto Rosales in Anomalist 12 p.150 citing Guillermo Manuel Gimenez of ONIFE-CEP
  • Evaluation: Confused memory of a criminal abduction, or a cover story to cover death of the missing child.
January 19 1978. 2045hrs.
Richard Wakefield, his cousin Robert Gammon and Richard Noble were snowmobiling on Estes Lake, when Richard drew his two companions’ attention to two large oval objects, with red lights, hovering over the trees. They party approached and then switched off their snowmobiles. The silent objects were covered in lights and were rotating slowly. After a few seconds the things flew off side by side, and 12-15m apart, at high speed. 
  • MUFON UFO Journal 126 p.18 citing Michael Lafavore in Biddeford Journal Tribune 24 January 1978.
January 20 1978. Evening.
Manoel Roberto (11) and his cousin Paolo were taken from their home town in shiny machine, inside which there were small people dressed in red who did not speak, but communicated in eye movements. At the time of the incident there was an electricity blackout and some residents saw a strange luminous object in the sky. Manoel was found half naked and dirty by a Chilean engineer, but Paolo was still missing at the time of the press reports. It appears that the boys were playing with other youngsters. 
  • Toronto Sun 26 January 1978. citing AFP
Last week January 1978.
A young couple, Richard Wilson and Amanda Prowse, were out driving hen Richard saw two bright lights in the sky in front of them. When they came closer about 30m above the car, they saw that it was domed object, with a flat base and the girl saw shapes through a window. The object had a green light. Other cars stopped before the object moved rapidly away. 
  • BUFORA Journal 7,1 p.8 citing Essex Chronicle 3 + 17 February 1978, citing Essex UFO Study Group
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a p.280
  • Evaluation: Possible aircraft

January 24 1978. 1900hrs.
Student Michel Roudiere (20) had just arrived back at his parents’ home when he saw to the right a dark shape about 40-50m above a field 30m away. It was a circular or oval object with a light of indefinable colour, a sort of mixture of white, yellow and rose at each end In the centre towards the bottom was another light, strong, red and flashing. The observation lasted two minutes. The driver of a car that passed nearby may have been another witness. 
  • LDLN 177 p20 citing investigation by Denise Lacanal

January 26 1978. 1830hrs.
A group of children at the Pinchmill School Youth Club, who had seen strange lights the previous week, observed complex of yellow and white lights manoeuvring over Pavenham Woods. Two of the youngsters, Stephen (12) and Robert (17) Honeywood, who lived nearby, went for their father Howard (39), an agricultural manager. He observed the lights above the woods and in the trees, as if close to ground level. After about 30 minutes he decided to go and investigate in his van, the group of about 13 children piling into the back. When they reached the woods, about 2.5km south-south west they saw one of the objects overhead. The lights then veered away westwards towards Carlton, with the van following. About 8 lights were darting about in the sky and on several occasions they got close, only for the light to dart away. At a place called Turvey they pulled up at a bend in the road just outside the village to observe an object hovering by a tree just off the road. This light veered off towards the village and when they looked round in the North West, they observed a triangle of lights in a field about 45m away. The lights were equilaterally placed 11m apart on a transparent dome, through which they could seen the headlights of a car on a road some distance beyond. Becoming uneasy Howard turned around to shine his headlights on the object, but it was obscured by a sort of mist, which made them feel even more uncomfortable so they drove away from the scene. No traces were found. The lights resembled “flying bubble cars” the size of helicopters, but without rotors or fins. 
  • Ken Phillips in FSR 25, 3 p.28 citing his own investigation

January 27 1978. 1945hrs.
Four young men (aged 17-19) were out looking for pheasants to poach on farm land in the Devil’s Garden area on the banks of the River Weaver. They were waiting for pheasant when one of them saw a strange object coming along the river from the south-east, about 6m above the water level. They thought it was a satellite out of control. The object passed by and landed in the bushes making a buzzing sound, mixed with a peculiar sound of rushing air. It was a silvery sphere about 4.5m diameter with a sort of skirt or rim (like that of a hovercraft) on the underside. There were flashing lights on the sides, and windows which emitted an ultraviolet light that made it painful to look at for any length of time, and emitting flames from the underside. The interior was rendered indistinct by the light. Fearing it was some sort of atomic powered satellite, they were about to run away, when a man wearing a silvery one piece suit came from around the side of the object. The stranger, who had a light on the upper part of his helmet, looked at some cattle, which the youths realised were standing dead still, then returned to the spherical object, returning moments later with a companion. They were carrying what looked like a silvery metallic cage or frame, which they placed over one of the dead still cattle, and moved the struts and bars of the cage, as if measuring it. the young men fled from the scene to the bridge over the river, one of them feeling a force pulling his testicles as he ran. His testicles and legs were red and sore for some days afterwards. His companions experienced faint tingling sensations. One of the witnesses possessed certificates in science subjects, another was the son of a prominent local person. They refused to meet UFO investigators and details were provided by a newspaper reporter. 
  • Jenny Randles and Paul Whetnall in FSR 23,3 p6 + Runcorn Weekly News 2 February 1978 and 13 April,1978 all citing journalist Sue McTurk
  • Randles 1993a p71
  • Randles 1988 p66
  • Evaluation: This is probably a hoax

January 28 1978. 2200hrs.
The occupants of a car driving along the A2 near Gravel hill had their attention caught by a bright orange light moving across some trees and then appearing to land behind some nearby houses. The thing was round, between the apparent size of a cricket ball and soccer ball at arm’s length, and emitted a soft orange glow. It then reappeared, hovered and moved across the front of the car before disappearing behind some more houses. 
  • D N Mansell in Awareness 7,2 p.6 citing investigation by Margaret Fry

January 29 1978. Evening.
A hairy humanoid, 1.8m tall, with an egg-shaped head, a small, flattened nose, deep set eyes and covered in black hair looked in a house and fled when the occupant threw a chair at it. The creature, which gave off a rank odour, had very long hands, and walked with a stoop. 
  • Bord 1980 p152 citing Paranormal and Psychic Australian April. 1978. p5
  • Healy and Cropper 1994 p134 citing Howard Smith)

January 29 1978. 1745hrs.
Mr A was driving down Hw 47, east of Toronto when, 1.5km from Hw 48, he observed a brilliant fluorescent white light in a field several hundred metres from the road. It was the size of a house, with short stubby wings on either side. He pulled in to have a closer look and saw that the light was hovering just above the ground. When he turned off his headlights and put on his flashers the light began to move towards him. He walked towards the object, which was now 200m from the road and then, deterred by the cold, returned to his truck to observe it further. Almost immediately the bright white light went out and was replaced by a pulsating light. The witness made another attempt to approach it but was stopped by the snow and when he stopped a car, a woman passenger became afraid and they drove off. A then returned to his truck. The object flared up white again and retreated from the highway at an angle over the trees. A continued on his journey and after a short distance observed tow bright lights in the sky at 150m altitude, 60m apart, but was too intent on the traffic to take much noticed of these lights, which may have been b=on the highway poles. He then pulled into a petrol station and was describing the experience to the attendant when he observed the red pulsating light again, 100m from the station at 60m altitude. He watched with the attendant and several customers as the light moved about 1.2km from the station and apparently landed on a large hill, where it rested for 5-7 minutes before it moved off to the south. 
  • David Haisell in Journal of UFO Studies 1,1 p22

January 29 1978. Night.
A young man returned home after a night out with friends only to hear, shortly afterwards, something brushing against a window. When he looked out he saw a huge dark, ape like creature, about 2m tall with an ovoid head and a small screwed up nose and strange “porcelain” like eyes. The thing gave the youth the impression that it was lost and miserable but when it moved towards the open door it flooded with room with hideous urine-like odour. The terrified youth threw a chair at the thing, which then went back into the forest, limping. The youth ran to a homestead 4km away, where his friends found him. The friends found large tracks on the lawn. 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p73, 242 case 121 citing interview by Healy with the friend, David Windrow
  • Evaluation: Known only second hand

January 29 1978. 2300hrs.
The Fisher family were driving along the M8 from Edinburgh to Lanarkshire, when just before the Livingston turn off they saw an intense white light in the sky, which they forst took to be an aircraft. They lost sight of this, but on turning a corner saw a dark object hovering about 45m above fields. It had four red lights on its underside, a bright searchlight in front, sweeping the ground. The shape of the dark object was obscured by this light, but they thought that it was rounded. The object moved off slowly, sweeping the ground with the beam. The Fisher’s wound their windows down but could hear no sounds. 
  • NUFON News 52 p6 citing investigation by Paul Murray
  • Evaluaton Helicopter?

January 30 1978. 2000hrs.
Four boys were skateboarding on a quiet road in the Brighton Hill Estate when they noticed a bright light in the sky moving towards them. Two of the boys moved off, leaving the other two (14, 13 ½) on their own. These two saw a round object, emitting an orange red glow. The whole object seemed to be rotating as it approached but when it hovered only the outer lights rotated. The object came within 30m of the ground and the boys could see that it was an oval shaped thing with a row of yellow lights around the centre, rotating at least 80 revs per minute. There were other lights and the object was surmounted by a red dome, atop of which a red light was suspended. There was a white light on the forward part of the object. It emitted a rhythmic droning noise, like bees. The thing reversed a little and then came forward again and continued to hover. It appeared to be about the length of a house roof. The boys fled and after a short time they looked back but the object had gone. 
  • BUFORA Journal 7,3 p.17. 

January 31 1978. 0410hrs
A well-defined object with two brilliant white lights in its centre was seen performing a circular motion over a paddock, only 1 or 2 m above the ground, less than 200m away. It circled for three or four minutes, then passed over trees and repeated its movements, before departing at speed
  • Basterfield 1981 p106 + 1997 p.218 citing ACOS Bulletin 13 p.11 citing TUFOIC files

January 31 1978. 0645hrs.
William Charles Bartrop (66) was in Whittle Road when he saw an object shaped like an inverted saucer, with two bright yellow-orange lights on its edges, and with wings, appear from behind the Crompton Works about 20m away and at about 15m altitude. Its body and wings were grey. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a p39 citing Dan Goring.

January 31 1978. 1815hrs.
Three small boys, John and Michael (10) and Eddy (8) were playing on the icy playing field of Montvale Memorial Elementary School, when two objects, one after the other, passed overhead. The second one came directly over the field, circled and hovered. It was a square object with large yellow lights at each corner, a slight dome on top and a red light underneath, which projected a beam of red light toward, but just short of, the ground. Its altitude was 150-300m. Rather unnerved the boys moved towards a shed, from which they saw first one, then a group of figures moving south along Memorial Drive. These figures moved in a stiff fashion “as if stunned”. They were about 1.68m tall, bald, dressed in bright yellow outfits with boots and gloves. There was one who appeared to be slightly different, with a larger head, creased down the middle like a hawk and who wore a brown coat or cape over his yellow suit. They kept moving back and forth so that it was impossible to say how many there were, the boys estimates ranging from six up to eleven. At this time, the boys noticed a peculiar silence all around them and an unpleasant odour like sulphur. The boys then left the shed and approached by about 15-30m. They then saw, in the parking area on the east side of the drive a woman with medium length brown hair and a dark suit with a blue fur around her shoulders, who walked as if in slow motion and who sat down on the fence pointing to the sky, where the boys saw the same or similar square object. They were so intent on this woman that they did not see the other figures leave. The woman began walking towards the public works garage. When a police car passed, she disappeared from view, only to reappear when it had passed. The she began to fade away from the legs upward, until only her top half was visible, then walked into a solid wall. The boys began to run towards John’s home, where his 12 year old brother Hilton saw them running towards the house, with over their heads at an 135 degree angle, an oval object several times the angular diameter of the full moon, with four yellow lights around the edges and red light in the centre. The dog, which had been acting in a peculiar manner, was now very exited as Hilton ran to let them in. As they entered a fire alarm sounded, which alarmed them still further. They phoned the fire brigade and police, who investigated but found nothing. John and Hilton’s mother arrived home at 1840 and found the boys very agitated. She had to take Eddy and Michael home, 
  • Ted Bloecher, Budd Hopkins and Patrick Huyghe in MUFON UFO Journal 123 p4 citing their own investigation.

February 1978. (Approximate date)
A woman hanging out washing saw a blue light coming from the north and hovering over the garden. She became enveloped in “bubbles of light”. She then encountered three beings 1.5m tall, dressed in blue metallic clothing, who grabbed her by the arms and lifted her into a sort of room, where there more such beings. They communicated that they meant no harm. She then found herself back on the law and was stunned by a blow to the back of the head. Looking around he saw the object departing. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a p.43 citing Daily Express 14 February 1978. citing investigation by Contact UK
  • Codd 2013 p150 citing Bernard Delair

February 1978.
A 30 year old truck driver saw two unusual lights and suffered a three hour memory lapse. He recalled talking to two voices and talking about some invention. 
  • UFORA Research Digest 21 p.7 citing Jeff Bell
  • Evaluation: No proper investigation and further details lacking

February 1978.
Two friends out driving saw a red flash and their car headlights dimmed. Getting out of the car they approached the area where they had seen the flash ans suddenly saw an objhect resembling an inverted soup tureen. They fled, one of them falling and hurting himself in the panic. The next day they found a circle of burnt grass at the spot. 
  • CUN Provisional Catalogue 1978.

February 1978. 0110hrs.
A couple were driving along a narrow road close to one occupied by their friends when they both saw a strange “box” on the side of the road. When they tried to approach the strange thing a sort of force paralysed both them and the friend in the car. The man got within 2m of the object at which, they heard a ripping sound that made them tremble and the man felt hot and breathless. Then the thing took off and circled round over an area of 100m, 20m above the ground and then emitted an orange flash and shot up into the sky. The woman fainted. They found a 2m area inside of which there was no snow and the earth was completely dry. 
  • Maurizio Verga in LDLN 207 p30 citing Qui UFO

February 1978. Morning.
Two company directors driving between Carmarthen and Newcastle Emlyn saw a large cigar shaped object, at least 6m long, cross their path as low as the top of a bus, only 100m ahead and pass out of sight into a field. The men expected a crash and were surprised when they drove by and saw nothing. 

  • BUFORA Journal 7,1 p.9 citing Daily Express 13 February 1978.

February 1978. Night.
Two people saw a strange light in front of them which gradually increased in size until they saw that it was a 20m diameter object shaped like an inverted tureen about 500 to 600m away. The witness’s car developed engine trouble but they were able to drive off though terrified. The next day a circle of burnt grass was found at the site. 
  • Maurizio Verga in LDLN 207 p30 citing Notiziario CTRU 4 citing investigation by M A Chumento

February 2 1978. 2000hrs.
CCM (sex not given) and his/her son Bruce were leaving the house of M’s mother, Kay Burlingham, when M saw, about 9-12m from and above 12th Street what looked like two lighted cylindrical bird cages made of thin silver coloured wires, drawn together top and bottom to make fat sausage shapes with rounded ends. The two cages moved around one another as if swinging on a common pole, always the same distance apart from each other and above the ground. At the bottom of each basket was a bright light, which did not light up the surroundings, though it created a glow at the bottom of its cage. Each basket was 3-4.5m high and 1.5-1.8m in diameter, the wires about 13-25mm thick and about 10-15cm apart. The things emitted a soft humming sound. CCM ran back to his/her mother’s house, aroused Kay and pointed out the objects, then 45-60m away and rising. The contraption went south out of sight. CCM then re-joined Bruce and they followed the objects south until they went out of sight. Kay had seen a silvery connecting bar linking the two baskets. 
  • Letter from CCM in APRO Bulletin 26,9 p1

February 3 1978. 2200hrs.
Francesco Ida, his wife and sons saw a very bright light on the slopes of San Geminiano Hill. It was also seen by journalists and the policemen, who observed from the Ida house until 0100hrs. and photographed it. 
  • CUN Provisional Catalogue 1978.

February 4 1978. Early hours.
Mrs Semaza and her two sons (14, 11) were awoken by a painful humming sound, which upset their dog. Looking out they saw, over trees 800m away, an oval object with a red light at each end and a line of blue white lights between the, The thing was surrounded by a sort of grey haze. The object then flashed a white light two or three times in a few seconds and then shot away. 
  • Bord 1980 p21

February 4 1978. 0445hrs.
Argentine Airlines employee Manuel Alcarez and three companions (his brother Pedro Sosa; a civil servant and Regino Perrol, a taxi driver) were fishing at the La Florida dam, when they observed an object shaped like an inverted soup bowl, emitting a fluorescent light, which appeared suddenly, flew towards them at low altitude, then stopped and descended noiselessly to an altitude of 3m, 25m away. A hatch opened in the side, a small ladder was lowered, and down it came a figure 1.8m tall, dressed all over in a one piece silvery, luminous suit that was covered in scales. It carried a device in its mitterned hand. The being walked a few paces, extended its hand, as if in greeting then returned to the object, which took off immediately. The observation lasted one minute. Police searched the area, and though no official results of the enquiry were made public, it was known that traces 30cm long, 17cm wide, 6cm deep, as if made by some extremely heavy body, were found at the site. 
  • La Nacion 6 and 12 February 1978.
  • D. N. Mansell in Awareness 7,2 p6 citing Buenos Aires Herald 16 February 1978.
  • Canadian UFO Report 5,1 p.3 + MUFON UFO Journal 131 p11 + Fate November 1979 p9 all citing Ashland Daily Press 14 November 1978. citing Associated Press sources in Buenos Aires
  • LDLN 191 p27)

February 4 1978. 2200hrs.
A 6th grade student out walking heard a sharp, wavering, siren like sound and looked up to see a saucer shaped object hovering above the ground. He observed movement that looked like creatures through the dome portion. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p.54 case 89 citing Joe Muskat in CUFORN Summary May/December 1978. citing own investigation

February 5 1978. 0045hrs.
A truck driver experienced a time lapse of over three ours when travelling from Boarder Village to a point some 40-50km east of Balladonia, and had only vague memories of talking to someone about an invention and conversing with two voices. When he came to at 0400hrs., driving west towards Balladonia, he observed large spotlight coming towards him west to east. Thinking it was another vehicle he put his headlights on full a couple of times, but the other light did not respond. He then saw that this light coming towards him was diamond shaped, with red, blue , green and yellow lights reflecting off the roadway under it. He was momentarily blinded by the white light and was unable to tell whether it went over him or veered off to one side. He then stopped, got out for a bit, before starting his journey again. He then noticed a dull white light, apparently diameter 5-7cm, which paced the truck. This disappeared on the outskirts of Balladonia, where he got out to refuel. He then realised that he no longer had his shorts on, though he was wearing them when he started out, and had no recollection of taking them off. The object reappeared as he drove through the town, only to disappear when the driver of a truck coming in the opposite direction asked him if he was alright, as he had stopped again. The light then reappeared and he switched his lights off, at which the object changed from a round to an elongated shape (apparent diameter 42 x 20cm) of dull white colour, with black segments. When he switched his headlights back on again 1-2 minutes later, the object disappeared only to reappear on his right hand side At 0430 as the sky grew brighter, the object disappeared. 
  • Bill Chalker in UFO Research Newsletter November/December 1979 p.20 citing investigation by Jeff Brill
  • Basterfield 1981 p106 citing ACOS Bulletin 13 p12 citing UFO Research West Australia
  • Evaluation: There seems to have been some confusion as to whether the stopping place was 4 (6.5km) or 40 miles (65km) east of Balladonia, if the latter this was well before the light. The story is strongly suggestive of highway hypnosis, fatigue and microsleep distorting perceptions of astronomical objects

February 5 1978. Early hours.
Julio Fernandez (30) a man who ran a family business was going out hare hunting, along with his dog. He drove out of his way and had a meal at a hotel, which he later found was closed. He drove on and just past Medinaceli he felt a need to hurry and then lost consciousness. Under hypnotic regression he recalled that his car seemed to be under some sort of external control and then its engine and electricals failed. He got out, armed with a shot gun. Two men, wearing green one-piece suits approached. They had unusually long arms, high foreheads and very large eyes. The beings suggested that Julio follow them and they took him to a large inverted soup bowl shaped object, surmounted by a cupola. The thing appeared to be 60-70m diameter, 15-20m high, and at the base of the cupola was a 15m diameter ring of multi-coloured lights. The thing was hovering 4m above the ground and from its centre came a sort of cylinder, 4m high, 2.5m wide, which emitted an unsettling all pervasive white light. Julio entered the thing and at one point had to climb up a ladder with a strange cold rail. Inside was a peculiar multi-coloured light that cast no shadows. The beings then examined first the dog and then Julio, taking various samples. He was then sat at one of the consoles. The beings examined a screen and conversed amongst themselves in a guttural unintelligible language. They held various “telepathic “conversations with Julio on ecology, other aliens etc. 
  • Good 2000 p104
  • Antonio Ribera in FSR 30,3 p4 + 30,4 p2 + 30,5 p2_

February 5 1978. 1505hrs.
Two sets of young neighbouring brothers in Imber Avenue were out playing on this sunny day, when they saw a large object, like two plates, rim to rim, with a lighter central zone. It came down so low they thought it was going to land. It was soundless until it tilted, revealing a blue pulsating underside, and emitted a high pitched humming sound that died when the thing took off into the clouds 
  • Shuttlewood 1979b p60

February 8 1978. 2450hrs.
A ranger at the Lower Huron Metropolitan Park was closing up when his attention was caught by flashing lights in the sky. As he drove through the park, checking for straddlers, he saw that the lights were following him. These lights then came down so low that the ranger swerved his vehicle into a snowbank to avoid them. Looking back he saw something with blue, yellow, green, orange and white lights hovering above treetops about 150m away. He was unable to make out what was behind these lights until his colleague, whom he called up, arrived on the scene and pointed a spotlight on them. This illuminated a grey sombrero shaped object, apparently made of some sort of glossy metal. Around it was a row of a large number of white lights, which gave the impression of being windows. The object manoeuvred around the treetops for some minutes and then disappeared. 
  • Barfknecht 1993 p75 citing an undated issue of Detroit News citing Dr Harry Willnus

February 13 1978. (Approximate date)
Jorge Daniel Lamazon and Mario Martinez were driving to Parana by car, when, about 10km south of San Justo, they saw a very bright white light 500m from the road. A minute later they saw a tall figure dressed in black clothes standing by the light. The figure moved closer to their car, stood there for a while, then went back into the light. While the figure was close they could not move the car, but could once it had retreated. 
  • La Nacion no date given

February 17 1978.
A small being was seen. No further details. 
  • Musgrave 1979 p54 case 90 citing Canadian UFO Report Network Report 2 March 1978.

February 20 1978. Evening.
A truck driver observed an object at low altitude and his truck experienced difficulties. No further details 
  • Res Bureau Bulletin 35 p4

February 21 1978. 2050hrs.
Robert Guitton (56) a futures trader was driving along the RN 11 and had just reached the houses before the Grolleau bridge when his attention was caught by what appeared to be a dirt bank behind the trees that lined the railway line by the side of the Marrans canal. He wondered if this was an incoming train but as they rose up, he saw the lights were on a sort of horizontal cigar about 30m long, surrounded by a sort dense smoke. The lights resembled those of a welding arc but not as dazzling. The object had by then topped the trees by several metres and it now stopped for a while but turning round through 70 degrees, suddenly flooding the area with a brilliant light, as light as day, so that Robert, now back in his vehicle could even see the electricity wires. He was taking this when there was a report like a powerful canon shot, fading down to that of a shotgun blast, echoing over the countryside. Robert jumped and looked round , to the that the object had disappeared leaving just a faint red line over Niots. A couple of other people saw a flash of light lasting a few seconds around this area. 
  • Pascal Grousset in LDLN 205 p16

February 21 1978. 2245hrs.
A couple were driving towards Nettlebed on this foggy night. As they approached the village, the fog thinned out, and when they turned into the High Street, they saw, in the middle of the road, two figures which appeared to be almost completely bandaged. The witnesses were extremely startled. 
  • Skyquest 3 p3 citing BUFORA

February 23 1978. (Approximate date) 0500hrs.
A woman asleep in her back bedroom was awakened by a loud noise, which became deafening, driving her to take refuge under the bedclothes. Her daughter, a 21 year old nurse, in the room above, was also wakened by the extended rumbling. As she ran to the window, the noise changed into an even louder pulsating whirr. Just then there glided through the gap between her house and the one next door, so close that she could have touched it, had the window been open, a silvery, metallic cigar shaped object with a row of 20-25 horizontal lights on each side ,slowly rotating along its horizontal axis. It was 9-11m long, about 2.5m wide. There were no signs of doors, windows, or occupants as it sailed through the gap at an altitude of 8m, being lost to sight behind some of the higher flats at the back of the estate in about 30 seconds. She could still here the noise fading away for some seconds. The experience lasted about 3 minutes. Neither the four men nor the dog in the house were disturbed. 
  • Carol Tounessen in FSR 24,4 p29 citing her own investigation

February 23 1978. 2345hrs.
A courting couple in a car on Mt Morelio suddenly noticed that their radio was being drowned out by static. The young man got out to see what was wrong, and found himself bathed in a warm violet light. He thought he saw four vague shapes and several lights all around him. He thought he had only walked round the car once, but when he returned to the car, the girl was crying as he had been gone for 20 minutes. The radio was now working again. He had no memory of what happened to him outside the car. 
  • CUN Provisional Catalogue 1978.
  • Paolo Fiorino in UFO Times 13 p6

February 24 1978. 2145hrs.
Elsie Tate (20) a woman with a BA in Fine Art, had almost reached her home when she looked up and saw four white lights surrounding a central red one. Stepping back to get a better view, she first thought that they were on an aircraft but then saw that there were too many lights and that they were on an object shaped like a helmet made of a dull metallic material that was hovering silently just above the rooftops with just a vibratory movement. After a minute the thing moved off northwards at about 150kph. Elsie estimated it to be about 14-18m in diameter. 
  • BUFORA Journal 7,2 p6 citing investigation by S Kellard

March 1978. 0200hrs.
A woman coming home in a taxi from a night out saw a white shining sphere, the top portion of which was hidden by mist, in a field. The felt as though everything stopped, including her thoughts and he spoke neither to the taxi driver nor her sister, who had been baby sitting, about the incident. She claimed several positive character changes since the incident. 
  • NUFON News 123 p10

March 1978.
Several drivers observed a silver suited being that loped along like an ape. The police were called but it had disappeared into a ditch before they arrived. 
  • APRO Bulletin 28,8 p1 citing press reports of a talk to the BUFORA London Conference by Lawrence Dale

March 1978. 1600hrs.
Ted Graham, Peter Collins, Jean Bailey and Betty Nile were camped below the walls. They were walking along a track when they saw a hairy humanoid with long arms, about 2.5m tall, some 130m away. The thing stopped, turned to look in their direction and then moved off. The next day footprints 50cm by 20cm were found at the site. 
  • Gilroy 1995 p219

March 1978. Night.
Two campers on the banks of a lake saw a 12m diameter pulsating light and retreated to their tents, but otherwise seemed unusually unfazed. After 10 minutes they went out to fish. After about 30 minutes they heard heavy footsteps in the woods behind them. At first, as they swung their light beams around, they could not see anything, but the light then picked out a large hairy bipedal creature with its arms down to its knees, 8-10m away. One of the men shot at it several times, and crouching, the thing went away behind trees. The men rushed to their tent. When, some minutes later, they heard a sound like a bounding on a hollow tree, they fled from the scene. The men’s faces were red and swollen and they later suffered from nausea, diarrhoea, thirst, exhaustion, sleepiness and depression. They both had dreams of being floated up into a place where they were sat in chairs and examined by strange hirsute beings. 
  • Don Worley in Unsolved UFO Sightings 5 p.68 citing his own investigation

March 1978. 2210hrs.
Mrs Jeanpierre went out on to her doorstep and saw an oval object like a large vertical egg 250m to her left and 25-30m altitude. The thing was an incandescent yellow orange colour and seemed to be surrounded by small glittering globes. It moved through the trees in the direction of la Folie. The observation lasted about a minute. 
  • LDLN 175 p33 citing Nouvelle Republique 20 March 1978.

March 1 1978. 2130hrs.
Interior designer Lynn Holley (25) was out driving, listening to her radio, when, as she turned a corner, saw a glowing ball of blurred pulsating light hovering about 6m above the road. The light appeared white at the centre, then a red-orange area and then a green phosphorescent glow on the outside. Four beams of glistening light were projected to the four points of the compass and Lynn heard a low swishing sound. As she observed the object the car radio crackled and went out. It continued to malfunction and later had to be replaced. After about 50 seconds the object moved straight up at high speed, moved north over the Detroit Metropolitan Airport and finally straight up again until it disappeared from view. 
  • UFO Investigator October/November 1978. p.4 citing Jack Thompson)

March 3 1978. Night.
Jose Alvano (18) was walking out to check up on his father’s house, while the latter was away. He suffered a blackout and woke up at 0400hrs., with images of war in his head and repeating the words “The task is accomplished”. Under hypnotic regression he recalled being led into a room where a tall, silver haired female humanoid with large eyes rubbed him down and forced him to have sex with her and told him that he would be given another task. Two stonemasons claimed they had seen lights in the sky at around this time, but a passer-by reported he had seen the youth unconscious on the street but had ignored him, assuming he was drunk. 
  • Randles 1988 p139 citing investigation by Luis do Rosario Real, Dr Palmor Carapecos et al 
  • Gevaerd and Stevens 1987 p103 
  • Luiz de Rosario Real in FSR 31,3 p16 translated from SBEDV Bulletin 132-5 citing his own investigation

March 5 1978. 0210hrs.
Mr Balogh, a truck driver, driving between Leigh Creek and Hawker, had stopped to change a tyre just before Parachilna when he had a feeling of being watched. He neither saw nor heard anything so finished his task and set off after a short break. Two-three minutes after he re-started he observed a blue-green light about 2-2.5m above the road. He thought it was reflection from the railway, but then it started to move slowly up and down by 60-90cm. As he put his beam on it, two small red lights appeared under the green one, and it took off at 45 degrees, too fast for his eye to follow. The green light reappeared about 30 seconds later 4.5-6m above the road. It descended to 1.5m, at which Balogh switched on his high beam. Again, before the beam could hit it, the two red lights came on and the thing shot off again. It soon reappeared, pacing him 6m above the road, about 45-60m ahead, altering speed with him. When a semi-trailer came up behind, Balogh stopped, switched off his headlights and hailed the driver down. As he walked to the semi-trailer he could still see the light, but before he reached it the light had gone out. The semi left and when the light did not reappear Balogh left himself 10-15 minutes later. 
  • MUFON UFO Journal 126 p.8 citing UFO Research South Australia Newsletter 30

March 5 1978. 0400hrs.
National Parks ranger Percy Window was clearing scrub near here when he heard a sound like a pig grunting and on going into the forest to investigate, saw, less than 4m away a black hairy humanoid, about 2.5m tall, with huge hands, one of which was wrapped round a sapling. It had a flat black shiny face, two large yellow eyes and its mouth was just a hole. Percy was unable to move, even to raise the axe he was holding. After 10 minutes the thing emitted a foul odour that made Percy vomit and then disappeared off to the side.
  • Clark 2012 p.226
  • Bord 1980 p152 citing Paranormal and Psychic Australian April. 1978. p4
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p3, 243 case 123 citing Gold Coast Bulletin op cit + invesitgation by Paul Cropper

March 6 1978. 0400hrs.
Elementary school teacher Jerry Ysaaguerre was lining his music students to go into class when one of the children drew his attention to a dark metallic grey flat circular object hovering over some trees a distance away in the southeast. It was titled at 10 degrees towards them, revealing five equally spaced round markings and two lighter straight lines on the underside. The object moved suddenly sideward, stopping again a short distance to its left, where it hovered for five seconds before it moved straight away in a 90 degree change of direction, towards a small dark cloud, where it stopped and hovered again. In a few seconds it started to move again, once more moving smoothly to the left, stopping again for a few more seconds. It then moved straight away and ascended out of sight. 
  • Wendell Stevens in APRO Bulletin 26,9 p1 citing his own investigation

March 7 1978. 0330hrs.
Mr and Mrs Gilham (both 65) were awakened by their dogs barking and disturbances among the sheep, which had gathered near the house. Mrs Gilham got up and walked past the wash house, to find it illuminated. She then saw a huge brilliant white light, which resembled a giant cobweb, in a paddock, hovering just above the ground and apparently wobbling and shaking. They watched it for 20 minutes, though it made Mrs Gilham’s eyes ache. Eventually she went indoors. Mr Gilham saw it as a pillar of light. A 4cm depression was found in the driveway where the light had appeared, and the dirt and gravel were blown apart. Scores of sightseers made the site impossible to investigate. Mrs Gilham suffered from a severe headache for days after the experience. 
  • Bill Chalker in APESG Update 1 citing Paul Norman in Australia UFO Bulletin May 1978. p.1 + Chalker’s own investigation + Sun-News Pictorial + Northern Star both 9 March 1978.
  • Basterfield 1997 p.219 citing Northern Star op cit + Melbourne Sun 9 March 1978. + AUFOB op cit
  • Chalker 1996 p.164)

March 8 1978. 0645hrs.
Mrs Simone Huguet was to driving to work at the Singer factory at Bonniere-sur-Seine when reaching a crossing on the road to Bonnecourt; her attention was caught by some lights flickering through the trees to her front and right. She continued to watch these lights as she turned on the local road, fascinated by their beauty but feeling uneasy. As she got close to the field from which they were originating, she was surprised to see a large mushroom shaped object on the ground. The red and blue lights were coming from little squares on its periphery. The thing was topped by a bright metallic cone or triangle. The object was about 7m long and 2m high. Simone observed it for a short time, but after less than a minute, a combination of pain in her eyes caused by the lights, her general unease and her need to get to work on time, made her drive away hurriedly. When she arrived at work she was very shaken and on the verge of collapse. She returned to the field with some colleagues at 1200hrs. They found a circle of flattened trees and scrub 7m in diameter, but this had gone by nightfall. Simone suffered from anxiety induced stomach ache, giddiness, burning sensation in her head and sleeplessness for a couple of days. Faint radioactivity was detected at the site. 
  • Jean H Sider in UFO Examiner 2,4 p17 citing investigation by himself and colleagues

March 8 1978. 2000hrs.
Two park rangers observed a green and yellow conical object fly past the park administration building at perhaps only 15m above ground level and then travel east across Lake St Claire at 65-80kph. 
  • Awareness 7, 2 p8 citing Port Huron Times Herald 8 March 1978.

March 8 1978. 2010hrs.
A turquoise coloured light ascended vertically from ground level and was in view for several seconds 
  • ditto

March 10 1978. 0610hrs.
At a place called “Le Breuil” Mr Gibard saw a circular red object resting on the ground. As Gibard drove up to 150m of the thing, it took off at great speed towards Montaigut le Blanc. No traces could be seen at the site. 
  • LDLN 175 p33 citing L’Echo du Centre 20 March 1978.

March 11 1978. 1930hrs.
Three radio hams, L Olivieri, L Spongero, and a man who would only give his code “Phantom” were on Mt Bernadia for radio communication when they saw a large circular orange object manoeuvring at fairly low altitude. It passed over their car, went out of sight and then returned and landed in a wood about 200m away, behind a hillock. “Phantom” approached the light but after he had gone 40m he fled in panic as the light got brighter. While driving away they saw the object take off and leave. 
  • CUN Provisional Catalogue 1978.

March 11 1978. 2310hrs
Three young women were camping on the site of an ancient Maori burial ground when they heard a strange sound like the buckling of tin cans, but saw nothing. Three hours later one of the campers awoke to see a figure in calf length silvery boots standing by her. She touched the boot which felt metallic and cold. She could not remember anything more until 0400hrs., when all three suddenly woke up and left the area in a hurry. Under hypnotic regression, one of the campers recalled being awakened by a strong white light emitted from a sharp edged white disc hovering directly overhead. The object had a dome and yellow lights. She felt something heavy on her chest and she and one of her friends were drawn up the beam of light into the disc, where they conversed telepathically with a medium built occupant who told them not to repeat any of their experiences in the craft. 
  • Kevin Berry in APRO Bulletin 30,2 p3
  • Chalker 1996 p165 citing investigation by himself and Keith Basterfield

March 12 1978. Night.
A mill worker encountered a huge egg shaped object, the size of a 5 story building, with thousands of small lights on the side. He got to within 15m of the thing before it rose to a height of 100-130m. 
  • Kevin Berry in APRO Bulletin 30, 2 p3

March 12 1978. 2145hrs.
Mr and Mrs Bedford had just switched off their TV and were about to walk out to a nearby pub when, over the houses opposite, they saw a pulsating red light. They watched it circle slowly southwards and kept it in view as they walked to the pub. On reaching there they saw the light fall slowly from the sky in a gap between the pub and an adjacent building. The observation had lasted 10 minutes. A fluorescent light had blown out in the pub at the same time. No traces were found at the presumed landing sight. 
  • NUFON News 48 p6 citing investigation by HAPI

March 15 1978. 0430hrs.
About 1.5km west of Moser Channel two motorists observed a birght white light plunge into the water, just off Seven Mile Bridge on the Gulf side and reported it to deputies. No planes were missing. 
  • Derek Mansell in Awareness 7,2 p9 citing Key West Citizen 15 March 1978.

March 17 1978. (or following day) 1800hrs.
Andrea Gallo and his wife were driving between Torre Orsaia and Policastro when they saw two grey-green objects flying very low over the River Bussento. They moved rather slowly, leaving a white trail and headed towards a mountain where they were lost to view among the rocks. 
  • Maurizio Verga in LDLN 207 p31 citing M U Telarico in Il Mattino Illustrato 27 January 1979

March 17 1978. 2130hrs.
Seven people observed an object with reddish lights, like two bowls stuck together. Three of the witnesses, 12 year old girls, saw the lights split up and a huge, dark, cigar shaped object, surrounded by red, green and blue flashing lights, descended to 10m. It shot up into the sky, soundlessly and at terrific speed. The girls fled home in hysterics. 
  • NUFON News 47 p8 citing investigation by Paul Murray

March 17 1978. 2330hrs.
Service engineer Kenneth Edwards (39) was driving home to Fearnhead from a union meeting in Sale, when, as he passed within 400m of the Risley Reactor, he caught in his headlights, which were lighting the road for 100m ahead. a figure climbing down the 3m high embankment to the right (the direction of the reactor). Ken was intrigued by the figure’s peculiar stance; walking with the arms outstretched forwards down the steep bank, in a manner that seemed quite impossible; and also by its clothes. He stopped about 50m away, then saw that the figure was over 2m tall, with a broad body, arm that stretched out directly from the chest, a stiff body, and was walking bending the legs at the hips as if it had no knee joints. It appeared to be covered in a uniform dull silver boiler suit. Its head was dark and round and appeared to be covered by a balaclava type helmet, through which Ken could see two small round eyes, no ears, nose, mouth nor hair was visible. It took about 30 seconds to reach the centre of the road, where it stood about 10m in front of the van for about 60 seconds, during which time it turned its head toward the van, projecting two pencils of light, from its eyes, towards Ken. Though they diverged slightly, they were only 15cm apart when they reached the van. When they hit him, Ken felt a sort of force pressing on him and paralysing him, while unusual thoughts seemed to race through his head, including a conviction that the figure “came from outer space”, The figure then continued to walk along its previous path, coming within 5m of the van, until it reached the 3m tall security fence on the other side of the road, where it raised its arms, stopped for a moment, lowered them again, and walked through the solid fence as if it were not there and continued to clamber up what remained of the embankment. Ken was unable to move for some minutes after the figure had left, then, after waiting for a few moments to calm down, he drove rapidly home; a journey that normally took only 5 minutes. However, he found that it was 0030hrs. when he arrived home. He had the impression that the confrontation with the strange figure had lasted longer than he remembered. When Ken arrived home he was white and shaking, and felt impelled to call the police and got his wife to drive him to the police station at Padgate. Police confirmed that Ken was reliable and sober, but could find no traces. His watch stopped at 2345hrs., three dark marks appeared on the inside of three fingers and the van’s radio equipment was burnt out, as if a power surge had come through the aerial. On the 23 March at 2355hrs. Ken was showing a UFO investigator the site when he experienced the same pressure and feeling during the time the entity had focused its beam of light on him. They got out of the car and walked up the embankment. When they reached the top, the investigator walked away, and then Ken saw the same figure again ,walking away from him along the waste ground along the top of the embankment. Afraid, he drove home. 
  • Jenny Randles and Paul Whetnall in FSR 24,2 p16 citing own investigation 
  • Randles and Hough 1988 p64
  • Jenny Randles in Fortean Times 305 p29

March 18 1978. 0130hrs.
A young man was driving from Wellsford to Warkworth when, on a downjhill section, his car engine stalled. He slowed down to park on the verge when a brilliant white light descended and hovered above and to the right of him. He therefore let his car coast down the hill, the light keeping pace with him for 3km before disappearing. At this point he was able to restart the car. 
  • Dykes 1981 p125 citing Xenolog
  • Evaluation: Anonymous report. Same witness reported another sighting on March 30th, this time probably an astronomical misperception)

March 18 1978. 2030hrs.
Bill Herrmann (27), a car repair worker and “ufo repeater” was driving home when he observed a disc hovering over the power lines. It swooped down on him. He was struck by a blue white beam, became paralysed, then lost consciousness. When he came to he was in a field watching the silvery disc flying away in a series of triangular patterns. The occupants of a passing car told him he was at Summerville 25km from his home and that the time was 0005hrs. He was shocked and called the police. His wife and father took him home. He complained of headaches, insomnia and flashbacks to the missing period. Under hypnotic regression he recounted an abduction story in which he was lying on a bed watching a bar with two lights flashing in sequence, while three pale, oriental looking, beings, 1.35m tall, examined him,. The beings were pale, bald, with large heads, dark eyes, small noses, were wearing buttonless red hued jump suits. The walls and ceilings of the room emitted a deep red light. One of the beings seemed to communicate in perfect English without moving its lips, tell Bill that the time was short and he must come. Bill was taken along a curving corridor to a room filled with machinery, computers, flashing coloured lighted, more crew members who were seated on swivel chairs and watched over a checker board of lights. Another room contained wires and coloured rods that the beings said were part of the propulsion system. Bill was then told that the reason for his abduction would be explained at a later occasion, but now he must forget. He was taken back to the examination room, told to lie down, and they shone the bar of flashing lights again, after which he remembered nothing till he was in the field. 
  • Allen Hendry in Frontiers of Science July/August 1980 p26 and in Probe September 1980 p.7 citing investigation by James Harder
  • Stevens and Herrmann 1981
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 p372 case 183 citing Charleston News and Courier 18 November 1979
  • Evaluation: Herrmann also produced obviously faked photographs, so this is another probable hoax

March 20 1978. 0030hrs.]
The CB enthusiast “Phantom” was driving home when he felt an impulse to return to Mt Bernardia. There he saw a broad being 2m tall, with a helmet and bright close fitting overalls, which had transverse stripes. The being approached the witness and extended its right hand, which the man, who felt extraordinarily calm and collected, grasped instinctively. As he did so, he felt a pain in his hand and tried to free it, but the being’s hand felt so sticky that the witness had to use his left hand to wrench it free. He now felt panic stricken, but after watching him for a few seconds, the being then headed for a landed machine, that the witness had not previously seen. Three conical light beams came out of it, the central one drawing the being on board. The craft then took off vertically, with a bright red flash. The witness felt a message in his mind telling him that they would return and provide him with something that would make him believe in their existence and meanwhile not to tell anyone what he had seen. The fingers of his right hand were darkened and sore as though suffering from sunburn. The witness did not want his real name to be given or to talk about the incident. 
  • CUN Provisional Catalogue 1978.
  • Maurizio Verga in LDLN 207 p31 citing Notiziario CTRU 4 citing investigation by M A Chiumiento dates this as the 19th.

March 20 1978. 0430hrs.
Lorry driver Terry Rennie had set out from Horncastle with a load of paper sacks, when he encountered a pale yellow egg shaped object to the right of his cab, which object seemed to come closer. It was spinning in the centre and casting a circle of light onto the ground. It now paced the lorry very close, appearing to be 15 times the angular diameter of the moon. Terry felt very afraid, his hair was standing up on the back of his neck and he was sweating, despite a mental impression that he should not be afraid. When he stopped, the object also stopped. At Langton he made a 999 call from a call box at 0445. The police advised him to stay where he was. While he did so he flagged down another lorry but the object had gone. This driver had seen the light also but thought it was the moon. After the second driver had gone the object returned, but as the lights from an approaching vehicle appeared the object accelerated away towards Lincoln with a swishing sound. 
  • NUFON News 52 p7 citing investigation by SUFOR
  • Evaluation: Almost certainly the moon (Randles 1983 p.76), again fatigue, sensory restriction and possible REM intrusion were probably playing a role

March 20 1978. 1715hrs.
Mrs Constantina Imbimbo (26) saw a sort of whirlwind move the trees on the opposite side of the railway line. Almost immediately after this a white cone shaped object, with horizontal bands of orange, appeared a few centimetres from the ground. The thing moved a few metres, swinging side to side, and then returned without swinging. Mr Imbimbo saw the thing before it disappeared behind trees. 
  • Maurizio Verga in LDLN 207 p31 citing M U Telarico in Il Mattino Illustrato 27 January 1979) cf April 25th.

March 20 1978. 2000hrs.
Graziano Muzzetto and Maria Grazia Corona were out driving when their radio stopped working and their engine died as they saw a white luminous object. 
  • CUN Provisional Catalogue 1978.

March 21 1978. 2035hrs.
Mr J of Rexdale was a passenger in a car travelling east along Hw 401 when, just after they had passed Church Street, he observed a bright point of yellow white light in the sky to the south, Suddenly the light swooped rapidly down over the highway for an instant and then returned to high altitude and disappeared to the east. 
  • David Haisell in Journal UFO 1,1 p.23

March 21 1978. 2045hrs.
Mrs Grace Nye and her son Mike were driving along Westney Road when their attention was caught by a bright star in the west. As they were looking at this, they then noticed an object first seen as red and white lights close together. The object, moving easterly, swooped right down over the car, at which Grace and Mike could see that it was circular, with a series of 10-15 steady red, green, light yellow and green-blue lights in a circle on the underside, a short distance from the rim. It was the apparent size of a dime at arm’s length. Grace wanted to observe it closer but Mike became scared so they drove off, as the object moved off to the east, now travelling slowly. Its lights seemed to be eclipsed one by one by a sort of protrusion along the underside rim, until nothing could be seen but red, orange and white flashing lights. 
  • David Haisell in Journal UFO 1,1 p.23

March 22 1978.
A number of people, including Jeane Pluff, observed an unidentified object at ground level. A circular spot, 1.8-2.4m diameter of melted snow was found in a garden at the site. 

  • MUFON UFO Journal 127 p17 citing St Paul Dispatch 20 June 1978. citing investigation by Brad Ayers
  • Rath 1998 p38 gives location as Beaver Lake

March 22 1978. 1910hrs.
Several people watched for 4 hours, three aerial objects, which changed from red to green and back as they moved around the Voltri Hills, following geometrical paths. One of them appeared to land, the second began to pulsate and then turned green, the other two changed their colour also at the same time. They later left. 
  • CUN Provisional Catalogue 1978.
  • Maurizio Verga in LDLN 207 p31 citing Il Lavoro 22 March 1978.
  • Evaluation: Probably astronomical + autokinesis

March 22 1978. 2300hrs.
Four young men, Gary (24) and David (22) Oickle, Barry Smith (22) and Ken Cabot (22) were talking round their campfire when Barry and David, who were 15m from the other two, saw for a few seconds a flat object that went behind a ridge. As they walked back to the fire, another object appeared overhead from behind a ridge to the north. It was a triangular object, 45-60m long, with large windows along the side and three white lights, one at each corner, at about 60-75m altitude. Three of the men saw a shadowy figure at one of the windows, as the thing moved slowly southwards. Three of them also saw a bright point of light that repeatedly changed colour, blue-green-yellow-red. 
  • Marler 2013 p109 citing APRO Bulletin April 1978.

March 23 1978. 2230hrs.
Eight people saw a white disc hovering low against Mount Sant’ Apollinare, illuminating the slopes. The light fell and rose several times in a dead leaf fashion, before finally ascending and disappearing behind the mountain. Dog were heard howling and a power blackout was reported in nearby Lanzara 
  • CUN Provisional Catalogue 1978.
  • Evaluation: Probably Astronomical + autokinesis

March 24 1978. 1200hrs.
A 16 year old youth was gathering fruit in the forest when he heard a sound like a car horn and, looking up, saw a brilliant light that hurt his eyes just above the trees. He found himself knocked down, paralysed and levitated into a circular object with four spheres on its underside. Inside were dwarfs, 1m tall, wearing helmets and visors, which just ignored the lad. He heard a rumbling sound and the object moved and took him to a dark place where there was nothing but a field of long grass. There he was laid out on a flat stone table where the beings put a tube up his nose and a transparent ball in his mouth, and fed him a liquid which made him pass out. He was missing from home from the Friday till the following Monday evening when he was found in the forest, his hair apparently burned off, paralysed and unable to speak. He was taken to hospital where he gradually recovered. 
  • Bob Pratt in Good 1990 p114

March 27 1978. (Approximate date)
In Constantina Imbimbo’s house the lights went out and came back on a few minutes later. Taking this as a promotion she ran into the garden and saw by the railway a strange luminous object 10cm long, like a half moon with its ends upwards, emitting a very intense pulsating white light. Inside the half -moon was something like a huge eye or eyelid, opening and closing alternately. Several moments later the phenomenon disappeared as if it had gone into the ground, leaving a white mist that dissipated after a few seconds. 
  • Maurizio Verga in LDLN 207 p31 citing M U Telarico in Il Mattino Illustrato 27 January 1979

March 28 1978. Night.
A woman going to bed saw a light through her blinds and heard a droning sound. Looking through her window she saw a large transparent disc. When she turned round to get her husband she found herself walking down a long corridor, lit by a soft warm light. She felt euphoric rather than afraid and her questions seemed to be answered by voices in her head. At the end of the corridor were a tall, blonde, beautiful man and woman, with short hair. They did not appear to notice the witness, dressed in her nightdress and barefooted. Instead they just carried on with their work. She next found herself in a dome, with seats around the walls. There was a man in pyjamas there. She remembered nothing else to the morning, when she awoke with two pin pricks in her arm. She suffered a mystery illness after this. 
  • Gary Blair in SPI Enigmas p.39 p33
  • Evaluation: False awakening-dream

March 29 1978. 1300hrs.
Mr Bishop and a colleague were flying in a traffic control helicopter from Biggin Hill, when their helicopter was buzzed by a small brown object, about 1m long, which came within centimetres of their craft. They then tracked it Kilburn, where the thing went between goods wagons on the railway track and at Willesden where it buzzed a fork lift truck. 
  • Fry 2009 p.64

March 29 1978. 2135hrs.
Three trucks were travelling along 1-70 East, 1.6km from Hw 165, at about 95kph, their drivers talking to each other over their CBs, when they were all covered by a bright blue light. The drivers were unable to see beyond the hoods of their trucks, all outside sounds stopped, and the engines began to splutter. This lasted for 3-5 seconds and then the light went off and all returned to normal. The drive in the rear truck yelled out over the CB “hey ufo I want to go with you”, upon which the blue light came on over the trucks again, producing the same effects, this time lasting for 15 seconds, during which time the trucks were slowed down to 8-16kph. During this period the drivers felt as though there was no one else in the world, and extraordinarily peaceful. One of the drivers reported that his clock, which had previously worked perfectly, now lost an hour a day, and that it took his battery 90 minutes to recharge. Other motorists on the freeway, about 100 people, saw the three trucks obscured by a light 75-90m long, coming from a spout 7.5m long. 
  • Charles L Tucker in MUFON UFO Journal 126 p3 citing his own investigation
  • Awareness 7,1 p4 )

March 29 1978. 2200hrs.
A number of CBers including the UFO buff Maurizio Midena were informed by a colleague of a light that was frequently changing colour. When the party pointed their aerial towards it, their communications were interrupted by a strong signal. Ten of them drove towards the thing, noticing its yellow, red, white and blue lights. These grew brighter and were apparently revolving around something. When the party arrived at the foot of the mountain they were unable to see the lights any longer. They got to look for the object, which they then saw had landed behind a hill. One of the party was frightened and persuaded the others to drive away. On the following day they returned to the site and found a circle of burnt grass, 8m in diameter, with four holes regularly spaced around it, but at different depths because of the slope of the ground. Within this circle mole hills had been flattened. Near this track vehicle engines and cameras appeared to malfunction. 
  • CUN Provisional Catalogue 1978.
  •  Maurizio Verga in LDLN 207 p31 citing M A Chiumiento in Notizario CTRU 4 citing his own investigation.

March 30 1978. 2030hrs.
Gaylene Roberts and Bernice Ewin were driving home to Dairy Flat to Kaukapakapa and had just passed the turnoff to Helensville when they saw what they thought was an aircraft landing at the North Shore Aero Club. As they drove on, the object descended, coming down into a paddock about 200m away. When the object hovered it had red and green lights, when it moved they were rotating red and white. The thing came in front of their car and approached to within a few metres, before following them for a kilometre or two and then at Falloon’s Store at the intersection of Massey Road and State Highway 1 it moved off at speed towards Silverdale and Orewa. The object, which was in view for 10-15 minutes, was a rather small, cigar shaped thing. 
  • Dykes 1981 p125

March 30 1978. 2230hrs.
Joe La Bella was driving home after dropping his girlfriend off when he found that he was getting a lot of static on his car radio. He then noticed, through his mirror, a light in the distance behind him. It was a single light like a motorcycle headlight, about 800m behind him. Joe thought little of it, carrying on trying to get a station on his radio, when the car was lit by a brilliant flash. Looking out of the window, he saw an object gliding over the field 30-50m away. The thing resembled a boxcar, 12-18m long, 3-6m high, with a multitude of flashing lights, like those on a Christmas tree and was pacing him. It had a middle section containing many bright white lights, and the top and bottom sections contained duller blue white lights. Though his car was bouncing because of potholes on the road, the object stayed steady. After two minutes the thing ascended in a blur of speed. The witness was a junior at Brockport College studying computer science and physical education. 
  • APRO Bulletin 26,12 p5 citing investigation by Robert Barrow

March 31 1978. (or following month) 2135hrs.
A solider, Dawie van Jaarsveld was riding his motorcycle along the Barandas-Willowmore Road, when just outside Uniondale he met a young woman with dark hair and dark top and trousers by the side of the road. He offered her a lift and gave her a spare helmet and the second ear piece to his radio. After driving around 15km Dawie felt a bump and looking round saw the young woman was missing. He back tracked down the road to see where she had fallen off but found no trace of her. There was a second bumping and he found the spare helmet on the back of the cycle. He now realised that the second ear plug was in his own ear. 
  • Goss 1984 p122 citing Cynthia Hind in Fate July 1979 p54 + David Barrett in Scope 18 July 1980 p54,

Spring 1978.
A teenage boy camping by the Elk River saw a 2.5-3m tall “bulky” hairy humanoid.
  • Cox 2004 p43 citing Bobby Hamilton

Spring 1978. Evening.
A woman saw a luminous silvery figure beside a tree in her back garden. Despite being luminous the thing cast no shadow. The next night she and her family saw the figure come again from the open fields, right up to the house, illuminating the interior with its luminosity. It had two bright eyes. The dog did not react. Her husband ran out to confront the figure but it was nowhere to be seen. 
  • Jenny Randles in Fortean Times 265 p28

April 1978. (Approximate date)
Terry Ward (13) was walking home when he saw a strange object come ovr the trees, a few metres from his house. The thing then hovered 15m above the centre of road. On its underside were three dark concentric circles, inside of was a sort of cross shape, on which there were small lights. The thing was surrounded by a sort of luminous vapour and was making a hissing sound. It moved off towards Badshot Lea and then made 90 degree turn towards Aldershot. The boy was so frightened that he hid a thorn bush. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a p54 citing own investigation
  • Evaluation: Not reported for more than 30 years

April 1978.
A girl was awakened by a beam of light coming through the window. From it came a man who invited her on board. She accepted and took a trip in it, later coming back home. No further details. 
  • CUN Provisional Catalogue 1978.

April 1978. Night.
An elderly couple driving along Route 125 on this dark, wet, windy night, traveling slowly along the deserted twisting two lane road, when they saw a red light in the distance. They first thought that it was a helicopter sitting on the road and backed away. The thing then hovered over their car so low that they felt they could have touched it. It was at about 10m altitude, with three bright red lights, about 1m diameter, 6m apart. They were unable to make out the thing’s general shape. Even though they wound down the windows they could not hear any sound. They were so afraid that they drove into a ditch. The thing then flew above some high trees that flanked the road. When they got their car out of the ditch they drove away without looking back. 
  • Cahill 1985 p38 citing investigation by Peter Geremia

April 1978. Late night.
A couple living by Carbon River saw several bipeds moving around 12-15m from their rear window. A few minutes later they saw a face with two large staring eyes, looking in no more than 3m from the window. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p266

April 1 1978.
While driving between El Pedroso and Cantillana Antonio Gil Rico (42), his wife Carmen (43), their 15 year old daughter and his mother Carmen, (69), saw, in a field half way between the hamlets of Las Jarillas and El Pinar, a bell shaped luminosity, which seemed to emit a sound like an engine. The thing’s height fluctuated between 3m and 3.5m, and its width was less. Over the thing’s surface were large shining red and green lights and it was topped by a large white light. The witnesses were very scared and drove off, the observation lasting two minutes. 
  • LDLN 186 p16 citing Ignacio Benvenuty Cabral

April 2 1978. 2030hrs.
Lee Robinson was motorcycling when she saw lights in the distance. She stopped as the lights, which seemed to revolve like a lighthouse beam, came closer. Lee now saw they were on a edge shaped object, broad at the front, narrow at the back. There were two red lights and one green. The object stopped about 200m away and Lee clearly saw two figures, visible from the waists up and apparently wearing dark robes, peering down at her. She stood petrified for several minutes until a car arrived from the opposite direction and the object moved away. 
  • Keith Basterfield in APRO Bulletin 28,3 p7 + Basterfield 1980 p55 case 67 both citing Victoria UFO Research Society Bulletin August 1978. + Xenelog 115 + Auckland Star 3 April 1978.
  • Dykes 1981 p127 citing Auckland Star op cit.

April 5 1978. (Approximate date)
Between Osaia and Policastro a couple saw two grey-green objects with short trails land behind a hill. 
  • CUN Provisional Catalogue 1978.

April 5 1978. (Approximate date) 1800hrs.
Constantia Imbimbo and Bruno Neverins saw a white thing like a rocket, coming from behind a hill, moving slowly, with an orange red trail and then returning, near here. 

  • CUN Provisional Catalogue 1978.

April 5 1978. 1940 hrs.
Andrew Slater and two other boys playing football on the Moor Road football field in the Hawley Estate were surprised to see a gold coloured cigar shaped object, with red, green and blue flashing lights on its side hovering over the field. It was making a humming sound. The object then took off at speed and the boys fled in terror. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a p.51

April 6 1978.
Three teenagers saw a strange object, shaped like an upturned saucer, with flashing, red, orange and cream lights, `5m above the ground. It moved towards Carnforth and then returned. They went to fetch the police 
  • NUFON News 48 p.7 citing J Bleasdale

April 7 1978. 1730hrs.
A hunter found his car bogged down in mud on a lonely stretch of road near Dayborough. When he got out to investigate he saw two figures walking in a paddock some 100m to his left. They were human in appearance, were wearing white jump suits and were 1.2m tall. He looked at them through his rifle scope, jumped back in his car and tried to restart it, without success. Getting out again, he saw the figures staring at him, so he ran down the road to get help. 
  • Keith Basterfield in APRO Bulletin 28,3 p7 citing UFO Research Queensland Newsletter April/May 1978.

April 9 1978. Morning.
Douglas Gould (14) (q.v.) was riding his minbike with his cousin, D. P., near the family’s ruined pig house when they suddenly glimpsed two large white heads through the low bush about 9-10m away. Only the heads were visible, in an attitude as if crouching behind the bushes. The heads were of normal size and had no hair. The two youths rapidly left the site. That afternoon at 0400hrs., Douglas and Allen Gould returned to the same site with DP and his sister RP. While sitting and talking they felt as if they were being watched. Doug and Allen glimpsed several figures that faded from sight or moved too quickly to be studied. RP and DP were sat together, when RP saw a figure standing 3-4.5m, in profile. It was about her height (1.58m). The head an unusually a large posterior projection and appeared to be encased in a clear round helmet. She noticed a large, dark, oval eye, a slit like nose, but no mouth nor ears. No hands nor feet could be seen and the ends of flaring sleeves and pants. Its waist was encircled by a belt with a dark central band, vertical stripes and a black buckle. Recovering from her initial shock, she shouted out, and ran after the being, which quickly retreated with its back to her, going into the bush where it was lost to sight. The others did not see many details but Allan detected a sulphurous smell. 
  • David Webb in MUFON UFO Journal 143 p9 citing own investigation

April 10 1978. 0515hrs.
Police officer Ben Eldridge was, standing in the corner of a field, by a hay barn ,on a stake out for cattle killers, when over his right shoulder, about 300-400m away, he saw a bright red circular object at least 3-4m long. It was metallic, surrounded by a red glow. It moved off slowly and silently 6m above the treetops. 
  • Robert Gribble in MUFON UFO Journal 240 p.21

April 10 1978. 2200hrs.
Anthony Charles Boys (16) was walking home along East Howe Lane, when he had a peculiar feeling of being watched. Turning around he saw a luminous figure, which seemed to mesmerise him. It vanished on the spot only to reappear closer. Anthony felt unable to move as the figure bent towards him, at which he felt sensations of heat and pressure. The figure then turned sideward, giving the impression of having no depth, and it became surrounded by a tube of smoke that turned into a beam of light and then disappeared. Anthony came home very frightened. His parents went with him to the scene but nothing could be seen. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a p57.

April 13 1978.
Six children aged between 11 and 13 saw a strange object with a square top and circular bottom, with flashing red, white and yellow lights hovering low overhead, at one point extending three or four metal legs from its underside. The object made a humming sound and was so close that one boy hit it with rock, which struck with a “pinging” sound. During its 10 minute presence the boys felt a peculiar tingling sensation. Their screams alerted a local woman who came out to the object “like a large aeroplane” moving away at 30m altitude. 
  • Robert Gribble in MUFON UFO Journal 240 p21

April 13 1978.
Two couples exploring an old observation tower were unnerved by loud screams followed by an absence of ambient sounds. Driving away they saw a bipedal figure, about 2m tall and black all over, pass across the road ahead, its arms swinging as it did so, and disappear into the brush. Only the two men saw this. 
  • Le Blanc 2016 p134 citing Bigfoot Research Org. website

April 14 1978. Night.
The Jacobo brothers, Ismael, Candelaeio and Fernando were driving their tractor across the fields when they saw a round disc that gave off a copper green light and emitted a roaring sound. As the disc came towards them, they turned off the tractor lights and fled. The object then landed in the field for a few minutes before taking off again. 
  • Edmonton Sunday Sun 15 April 1978. citing UPI

April 16 1978. Night.
An AA patrolman, Cyril Gates, had just arrived home when his attention was caught bya bright light behind trees to his left. Then a brilliant silver-white object with a bulbous front and a thinner tail rose slowly above the trees and hovered at the height of the electricity pylons above the railway station. It approached and rose towards the east, coming within 500m and emitting orange sparks. Other witnesses saw it as a light in the sky. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a p61 citing Price 1990 + The News 18 April 1978.

April 17 1978. 0100hrs.
Mrs Ritherford was driving along slowly in unusually heavy traffic when, as the road passed an orchard, she looked down to see an object that looked like a horizontal fir tree. It was metallic grey, 1.2m long, with a green fuzzy haze at the rear from which red sparks were shooting out. It hugged the ground as it moved along at high speed, until it reached a bank, at which it stopped, changed direction, then accelerated out of sight. It was in view for about a minute. The witness did not stop. 
  • NUFON News 50 p9 citing UFORA Staffs + an undated issue of Wolverhampton Express

April 19 1978. Night.
R. P. was playing with he brother and the two Gould boys in the Gould basement, when she glanced at the window, which was at eye level. Only 30m away, she saw a whit face staring at her through the window. It was oval, with a vertical nose slits, a narrow mouth and large, gold, slanted eyes. It may have been covered by a transparent helmet. She turned to yell to her companions but when she looked back the figure had gone. 
  • David Webb in MUFON UFO Journal 143 p9 citing own investigation

Late April 1978. Night.
School janitor Jack Donohue was coming home late from work, when he saw something like an old fashioned steam train moving soundlessly through the town. It was black, with windows that had blue curtains. Through one of these windows Jack saw a shape that looked like someone sitting down. No trace of a driver could be seen. 
  • Jarvis 1992 p8

April 24 1978. 2355hrs.
Between Codoprio and San Vito al Tagliamento an object with an intermittent yellow-orange light passed along at speed, 2-3m above the ground. 
  • CUN Provisional Catalogue 1978.
  • Verga op cit citing UFOlogia 1 citing Il Messaggero Veneto 25 April 1978.

April 25 1978.
William McNair and his son were driving back to their farm Merrymouth and as they turned onto the track leading up to the farmhouse, a bright red glow filled the lane ahead, keeping a constant distance. They stopped and got out, to see, in a field 100m away, a rugby ball shaped object, about 30cm long, projecting light all around. It was stationary and after 30 seconds just blinked out. They waited a while, and then drove to the farmhouse. About 30 minutes later, as they went out to tend the cattle, the air became filled with a squealing noise that came from the top of the hill behind them. William called the dogs but they refused to move, which was most unusual. They walked towards the hill but the sound suddenly rose in pitch and then faded. Only then did the dogs follow them, still on edge. William examined the field at first light but found nothing. People in Burnside about 2km to the west had seen a red light the previous evening. 
  • NUFON News 66 p6 citing Andrew Ewan

April 25 1978. Afternoon .
Constantina Imbimbo saw a bright spherical mass 2.5m in diameter, which became smaller. When it was down to 1.5m, there emerged from it a human shape with a pointed head, very thin arms and legs, wearing orange overalls and dark booties. The being descended the hill in front of Constantina’s house, leaping and bending forwards, while the sphere was fading out. When she yelled out, the being hid behind a tree, then dissolved into thin air leaving behind a mist that soon dissolved. 
  • CUN Provisional Catalogue 1978.
  • Verga op cit citing Telarico op cit)

April 25 1978. 1900hrs.
Matteo di Martino (46), a farmer, and his wife saw a very intense light on the sea, aboiut 5km out to sea. Through his binoculars Matteo saw it was a brilliant red object with the appearance of a boat with a large antenna on each side, which was rising up from the sea. About 45 minutes later the light began to get less bright and the antennae moved to a horzional position. The thing then descended to the sea and disappeared from view. During this observation it was raining. 
  • Verga op cit citing La Sicilia 27 April 1978.

April 27 1978. 2030hrs.
Ann Hauprich-Neilsen, a reporter on the Oakville Journal herald was driving home from work along Derry Road, between Trafalger Road and Highway 25 when she observed a bright light in the sky at 30 degrees elevation straight ahead. She first thought it was a plane but then it started to descend rapidly towards her, making her think it was going to crash onto the road. Her attention was then diverted to the red flashing lights of a van in a ditch to her right. When she turned attention by to the aerial object, she saw it was an oval with slightly pointed ends that shone with a silvery white glow. It had a horizontal row of red, orange and yellow lights around its rim, the yellow predominating in the pulsating lights. Ann now became very frightened and sped away, going right under the object, which was now 9-12m above her. As she looked back she saw the object hovering over the road, moving up and down a metre or two. 
  • Journal UFO 1,1 p24 citing David Haisell and Oakville Journal Record 3 May 1978.

April 29 1978. Evening.
A couple driving home had their attention caught by a brilliant disc shaped object sky. The thing was surmounted by a dome, surrounded by lights. There were other witnesses. As the couple carried on driving the object, the size of an American football field, descended to treetop level, passed over the trees and swerved upwards to avoid trees. A neighbour’s child hid in the back seat of his car. Another neighbour reported interference on the TV and there were power failures in the area. The principle male witness was so terrified that he tore a neighbour’s door off its hinges 
  • Sheaffer 1998 p138 citing investigation by Allan Hendry
  • Evaluation: Hendry found that all of this was caused by an aircraft towing an advertising display, that was nowhere near ground level, was not the size of a football pitch etc.

April 30 1978. 2030hrs.
Debra S (13) and twins Charles and Guinevere G (12) were walking home from Warton along a public footpath, on this clear still night, when they saw what they took to be an aircraft moving slowly over the houses in the South West. However it then descended until it was only 8m above the path, some distance ahead; where it hovered making a high pitched buzzing sound. It was cigar shaped, 5m long, 2m thick at the widest, with pointed ends, dull grey in colour and had three erratically flashing lights. The right hand one was red, the left one yellow-white and the one on the centre underside orange. The whole area had become very still and quiet. The youngsters walked towards it for a couple of minutes, but when they got within 30m it suddenly took off vertically and moved away to the NE at speed. They children were now very frightened and ran home, seeing, as they did so, the object again, over electricity pylons in the distance. It then moved very rapidly to the south west, passing its original position and disappearing. The observation lasted 10 minutes in all. Debra came down with influenza shortly afterwards, and that night and for a couple afterwards, Guinevere had a dream in which she relived the incident. 
  • NUFON News 68 p10 citing investigation by Gordon Barraclough

April 30 1978. 2300hrs.
Ron Jolie and Wendy Hamblin (a graphic artist) observed from their apartment several object bearing red, white and green lights circle and perform complex manoeuvres in the sky to the west. One of these objects then descended until it was just above the 11 story apartment building across the road. They could see that the object was huge and circular, about15m in diameter and resembled one disc inverted over another and glowing with an intense golden colour. It covered half the roof and barely cleared the TV aerial. The centre was glowing golden section, dissected by a series of dark vertical bars. On top of the upper section was a protrusion like a small dome. The bottom disc was flatter than the top. After hovering soundlessly over the building for 30 seconds, the object began to move away at 25kph, trailing a long narrow protrusion in the direction in which it was moving. This had half the diameter of the object in length. Wendy phoned a friend in the apartment over which the object was hovering, but this person could see nothing. 
  • David Haisell in Journal UFO 1,1 p25

May 1978. 0200hrs.
A 17 year old youth woke up paralysed to see three people come in from the balcony of his second (US) /first (UK) floor apartment. There were two women and a man. The man was over 2m tall, dressed in a black blouse and black gloves; the older woman was 1.8m tall with bushy hair and dressed in a black blouse and skirt, the younger woman was blond, 1.8m tall, with extremely long fingers and dressed like the older woman. The man and young woman sat on his bed and the girl stripped off and had sex with the youth. The three then left through the closed balcony door. The youth later had problems with his telephone. 
  • Thanassis Vembos in Strange Magazine 34 citing investigation by Panagiotis Skagiannis
  • Evaluation: Aware sleep paralysis and false awakening/erotic dream

May 1 1978.
A man in his early 20s was sat on a bank fishing when he heard something behind him, He thought it was another fisherman but when he turned round he encountered a hairy humanoid between 2-2.5m tall, with an ape like face. When the thing emitted a piercing screech the witness jumped into the creek and ran to the other side. As he ran back to his car, the creature followed him on the other side of the stream, going back into the bush when the witness finally reached his car. 
  • Long 1990 p148

May 3 1978. 0200hrs.
Mr and Mrs Titler were driving home along a narrow lane, leading to the A20 at Farningham when they saw a brilliant blue cigar shaped object cross over the river and Lullingstone Lake near Eynsford and then cross over the lane in front of them. At about the same time a docket from Abbeywood was returning home along the same lane, when he saw a figure resembling a “Michelin Man” bouncing along the road, about 60-90cm above the surface. The figure moved off into the fields. 
  • Fry 2009 p115 citing investigation by herself and Douglas Clark

May 4 1978. 1530hrs.
Four teenage girls playing on Barnard’s Meadow saw two bright orange objects hovering over the town and then descending with a peculiar sideways motion until they were lost to sight. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a p68

May 10 1978. 0800hrs.
January Wolski, a 71 year old farmer, was driving his horse drawn cart though the woods, in a country area, when he came across 2-4 strange beings by the roadside. They were 1.5m tall, wore tight fitting divers suits, had green faces, squinting eyes, protruding cheek bones and webbed fingers. Their suits were completely smooth with no buttons nor pockets. They moved in a sort of gentle jumping motion and made inarticulate sounds. The beings either forced or persuaded January to enter a white rectangular vehicle hovering nearby. It resembled a bus, 5m by 3m by 2.5m, on the edges of which where things like barrels in which straight and helical shaped tubes were spinning rapidly. Inside the vehicle he saw only benches in a bleak austere black room, where he was examined by an apparatus like an X ray machine. The creatures then offered him some transparent food that they ate themselves, but which he declined. They then let him go. When he reached the site the object had gone, but some rectangular footprints were found in a muddy section by the river. At about the same time a boy in the village saw what he thought was an aeroplane hovering over the granary. He called his mother but before she could go outside it took off with a roar that shook the cottage. According to some reports two children and two policemen also saw the creatures. 
  • George Wielunski in MUFON UFO Journal 126 p8 citing Kurier Polski 17 May 1978.
  • John B Musgrave in Canadian UFO Report 4,8 p8 citing Kurier Polski op cit and anonymous private information.
  • Fortean Times 33 p36 citing Feliz Ziegel in National Enquirer 20 May 1980.
  • Marek Iwanek in Journal UFO Studies 2,3 p8 citing Zbignaw Blania and Ryszani Kutlinski in Kultura 5 November 1980 citing own investigation.
  • Good 1998 p362.
  • Buhler et al 1985 p167 citing Notiziario UFO 11 (12 dates this to 17th)
  • Cielebias 2015 p35 citing investigations by Blania- Bolnar and by Borowski et al.

May 10 1978. 2240hrs.
Assis A Caetano de Avila (28) was being driven home in a friend’s station wagon when he noticed a light in the sky like a beacon. His friends thought nothing of it, but once Assis had been dropped off and was walking home past a field he again saw an unusually bright “star”. This descended to within a few metres of the barbed wire field fence, and Assis now saw that it was a luminous sphere, inside which was a pith helmet shaped, metallic looking object, with a row of oblong windows in the dome. This projected down two beams of white light and extended four metallic looking legs on which it landed. Everything became dark, as if the town lights had gone out, but there was a starry sky, obscured by cloud or mist. Despite now feeling dizzy, Assis felt compelled to walk towards the fence. There he was grabbed by two humanoids about 1.1m tall, dressed in close fitting reflective white suits and visored helmets, on top of which were two antennae, surmounted by small spheres. These beings invited Assis, in Portuguese to go on their craft. Despite his declining the offer the beings propelled Assis to the circular object, on which an opening appeared, and through which Assis was moved, up a stairway. On board Assis was released into an environment illuminated by a non-glaring white light and an atmosphere that made it difficult to breath. Here there were two other entities, which were female in form, with capes over their suits and somewhat taller than the males. These “women” were sat in front of consoles with screens. One of the women, with dark hair, asked him to go with them, but he again declined, protesting that his mother would be worried about him. Another of the women then said he should be released. The opening then reappeared and Assis was able to walk out. Once he had done so the opening closed and the object took off. It was now 0015hrs. 
  • Caselleto et al 1985 p106 citing investigation by Dr Wilma Romita

May 11 1978. 1930hrs.
A boy observed a silvery domed object, with a blue flashing light on top approach and called his mother. They both saw the object come in and then hover over trees 400m away. During its presence dogs acted up and there was interference on their TV. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p107 citing UFO Research Far North Queensland Newsletter 3

May 13 1978. 0332hrs.
Police officer Manuel Amparano saw a glow in the distance and fearing youngsters setting trees on fire went to investigate. He reached a cotton field near the railway where he saw a luminous, oval, metallic looking object about 30-50m altitude to the south. The thing was crimson, about 8-15m diameter, and about half that in height. Manuel observed the object for about 4 minutes, until it emitted a bright blue flash like that of a flash camera and then angled up to the south before ascending vertically at high speed. Manuel noticed a tingling on his skin, which he attributed to the cold, but colleagues noticed sunburn. That evening Manuel attended hospital four second and third degree burns to his face, neck and arms. Mrs Lisa Harrison was watching the late show when he she heard a whirring sound and went out to see two lights moving at treetop height to the northwest. There were other witnesses. 
  • Randle 2016 p154 citing Michael Swords and Coral Lorenzen

May 13 1978. Evening.
Tracey S (14) and her friend Michaela F (13) were putting away their horses when they saw an unusual object hovering close to the ground among trees 400m away across the marshes. It was a silvery object with orange lights around it. The lights changed to red-pink then brilliant white as the object rose, hovered for a few seconds and then landed again, the lights changing back to orange. The lights then dimmed and the girls saw four figures coming towards them, one large and one small being on each side, moving in a strange jerky motion, covering 1.5m in each leap. The creatures then vanished and the object rose up, then faded away in 10 seconds. Horses, dogs and cats in the vicinity became agitated. 
  • Robert Gribble in MUFON UFO Journal 241 p21
  • Lantern 2 p10
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a p.68 citing investigation by David Spoor

May 15 1978. 0200hrs.
A 24 year old woman was driving home to Bagneux from visiting a friend in Montilly, when at the crossroads of the D13 and D101, she saw a luminous orange object, shaped like a half moon in the sky. This thing seemed to follow her car, apparently at varying distances, as its size kept changing. This continued for 3km until she reached Laugere. There she saw, about 600-700m to the left of the road and at some 10s of metres altitude, an incandescent orange sphere, which then assumed the shape of something like a lowered blind, the base of which was on or just above the ground. The whole area was lit up like day and her car was bathed in light. Suddenly from the upper portion of the thing there came a brilliant beam of white light, projecting upwards at 30 degrees and lighting up the scattered clouds. At this point the witness panicked and stepped on the accelerator, almost crashing as she missed the turn of the road. This and the fact the thing was only visible for only seconds prevented from taking in many details but she was able to make out that it was a huge thing, and reached the height of a two story house. Trees prevented from seeing how the thing departed but as she continued her journey she again saw the crescent moon shaped thing in the sky, its points turning downwards, which thing followed her home, where her mother saw a vaporous luminosity in the sky. 
  • Mr Jardillier in LDLN 184 p26 citing his own investigation

May 15 1978.
Igancio Sanchez Munoz was out walking when he came across a luminous cuboid object hovering above the ground. The thing was emitting a yellow light and a buzzing sound. He seemed to get the idea through telepathy that the thing was empty but that soon humanoid occupants would arrive and that “they” would return for him. This strange conversation lasted about an hour. 
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998 p373 case 184 citing International UFO Reporter 3,7 p2)

May 22 1978. 2145hrs.
Altered by the loud and continual barking of their dogs, Mr and Mrs Li Puma went outside and saw two-three luminous spheres hovering at the height of a man. They were flashing on and off, were 30cm in diameter, red in colour and slowly approaching the house along the road. They then saw two small human shapes, like children covered by red cloaks, one of which was very near, and they heard a shrill voice. Suddenly the figures disappeared into thin air. Frightened, the couple ran home to continue their observation through the house window. When a car approached the spheres switched out, reappearing when the car had passed. After 15 minutes one of the lights took off and the others disappeared. The dogs had been barking the whole time. Two days later at 2200hrs., Mrs Li Puma was in the house alone when she saw the spheres again, but was too afraid to look at them for any length of time. 
  • CUN Provisional Catalogue
  • Verga op cit p32 citing Notiziario UFO January 1979

May 22 1978. 2330hrs.
A 30 year old plumber and his 28 year old girlfriend were driving near Beaufort Wood when the woman spotted a reddish light filtering through the vegetation and coming from the eastern horizon. They first thought it was the full moon but it then lifted up above the horizon. For a time it was obscured by some trees, but as the couple slowed to avoid high tension wires, the thing descended rapidly towards them. It came down low over the electricity and telephone pylons, filling their front windscreen. Unnerved they drove into a house driveway and stopped the car, though they left its headlights on. As the women went to see if anyone was in the house, but found it shuttered, the thing came down still lower, descending down to 10m altitude, though they could not guess at its distance. They got the impression that it was only the pylons preventing it landing on the road or their car. Despite the engine turned off they could not hear any sound. There was no interference with the headlights. When they saw another car approaching they took the opportunity to accompany it into the village of Hautmont, the thing diminishing in size and moving off to the ESE in the direction of Solre-le-Chateau. When they arrived the girlfriends house, they wo0ke her mother, brother and sister and all five saw a large disc accompanied by a bright red ball high in the sky at 70 degree elevation. This thing did not seem to undergo any changes so the party went to bed, the couple however were too nervous and afraid to sleep. 
  • M Bigorne in LDLN 187 citing his own investigation.

May 23 1978. 0730hrs.
9 year old Melanie was alone in her kitchen for a short while. She looked out of the window to the east, to see a strange object hovering at rooftop height. After a few moments it descended to within 8m of the house, at an altitude of 2.5m, stopped for a moment then travelled below the height of the 1.8m tall fence and stopped in front of the kitchen window, 90cm away and 1.2m above the ground. At this point Melanie saw it was about 1.8m in diameter, with a curved rilled (like a coin) silvery plate on the bottom, surmounted by a dirty yellow dome, the whole thing had an appearance of being tatty, with some of the yellow paint peeling off. On top of the dome was a black circle, set on top of which was something that looked like a handle. The object appeared to be rotating anticlockwise and making a humming sound that died down. As Melanie watched, a head appeared, sticking up out of the dome. It appeared to be made of a silvery material, which, however, was creased like leather. It was turning from side to side and appeared to be animate but no facial features were visible. The object then moved off again, was temporarily obscured, then it reappeared, still low, opposite the house and moving, though the head was no longer visible. She was now very frightened and had backed against a wall, fearing a crash. She then fled from the room and called her mother, but the object had gone when her mother arrived the buzzing sound had increased when the object started moving again. The observation lasted 2-3 minutes. The house was in a rural area. 
  • NUFON News 56 p10 citing investigation by Geoff Westwood and Mark Pritchard

May 25 1978. 2325hrs.
As she was going to bed Mrs Collas saw her bedroom lit up as if by fire outside. She first thought it was the farmers in their fields. But realised it was the wrong time of year for night work. Looking through the window she saw the fields lit up like daylight by something that resembled the sun. This light faded a little to reveal something like a golden plate. She wondered if it could be car lights, but then realised they would have to have been stacked on top of each other. This light suddenly turned red and then went out. Next she saw next to where this light had been a silvery square, which appeared to be turning producing a halo effect. This thing then also turned red , and both (?) now resembled red balls. She now realised that it was 0045hrs. and went to bed but could not sleep and so went back to the window, where her attention was drawn to a half disc apparently hovering over Roucourt woods, This seemed to be slowly rising and illuminating the surroundings but then it disappeared. She thought it had gone over to Lewade woods, where she again saw two red spheres, far too large to be car headlights. She returned to bed but could get no sleep that night and the next day she was too afraid of radiation or some such to go out in to the fields and it was Monday morning before she ventured out with her dog. In the wheat field was a three quarters circle but this and other marks were probably made by a tractor. The lights were estimated to be about 1.11km away. 
  • LDLN 194 p27

May 28 1978. 0310hrs.
After returning home late a man went outside for fresh air and saw an object shaped like a parallelogram taking off at high speed beside an electricity pylon. At about 40m above the pylon the object began to light up with a fiery red light and moved off towards a hamlet 1km away. The man woke his mother who saw the object in the distance above a cherry tree. After about 10 minutes the mother and son were fed up of the cold night air and went to bed. The next day the main witness walked up to the pylon and found the grass flattened in three circles joined by arcs. 
  • Gerard Andreau et al in LDLN 179 p19 citing their own investigation

May 28 1978. (Approximate date) 2330hrs.
Bill Duncan (42), the manager of a pet farm, mad been making later checks and was walking back to the house when he noticed the trees behind the office become illuminated by a white light and heard a droning noise, which was heavy but not loud. It came from a field where two horses were kept, and after a few minutes hesitation Bill went to investigate. As he approached he saw a white light about 3m down from the top of a 6-7.5m tall power line pole in the middle of the field. The light was 60-90cm in diameter and Bill firs thought that it was on a helicopter landing in the field and carried on to see what was up. He then saw a second light about 25m to the right at the same altitude. As his eyes got accustomed to the darkness and had climbed over the fence into the field Bill realised that the lights came from a huge object only 55m away. It was 6-7.5m high and 26-27m in diameter. It consisted of three sections; the top was a mushroom shaped dome, the centre was a tube, its diameter four times its width, in which there were horizontal, window like, slits, two on each side of what appeared to be a door, with a walled ramp leading down to ground level, the two bright lights were on either side of this section. On the underside was a sort of skirt. The whole object was a dull grey or silvery colour. After 5 or 6 minutes Bill lifted his torch to illuminate the slits and door but as he did so the object lifted up and rose over the railway to the south east at high speed. The TV played up slightly that evening Bill had a dream or dreams about a fleet of such objects over the farm and felt that he would see the thing again. His wife first heard humming noises on various occasions. 
  • Bill Eden in Earthlink 3,2 p10 citing his own investigatio
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a p.76, 281

Late May/Early June 1978.
A high ranking army officer was walking away from the lake when he was grabbed on either side by two men in dull coloured cellophane like garments. His initial fear vanished and he felt light headed. They told him they wished to speak to him, but would erase his memory. He came to a room, in which there was a table illuminated by a bright white light that seemed to emanate from the walls and for which he could see no definite source. The room itself was dark and he just make out two people, some small tables with buttons and what looked like a TV screen. he suggested they should drink to the occasion, and they brought out a hemispherical glass, which they filled with a liquid that tasted like salty lemonade. The officer then wrote the formulae for alcohol the wall, and they produced some. They talked for about three hours, the beings claiming that they could not interfere with the earth’s affairs. When the time came for them to erase his memory they said that they couldn’t take the risk after, as they did not know what part of his brain had been affected by the experience. He then came to standing in the same place and it was clear that only seconds had, in fact, elapsed. His memory appeared to, indeed, have been affected and he claimed that his suit and clothes were fresher and cleaner after his experience than before it. 
  • Nkita Schnee in FSR 26,6 p6 citing own investigation
  • Evaluation:: This place name cannot be traced in this spelling on Google

June 1978. 
A schoolboy plating in goal was hit on the head with the soccer ball, which made him feel dizzy, He blacked out after leaving the field, and next recalled coming to on a sort of slab surrounded by dark figures in monk like garb. He thought they did something to his side and has a scar there. He later had all sorts of anomalous experiences. 
  • UFO Times 30 p13 citing investigation by Gloria Dixon and D Newton
  • Nagaites and Mantle 1994 p158

June 1978. Day.
Matt Sanders was on the playing field of Heathside Secondary School when he saw silvery-grey disc shaped object, with a central rectangular section composed of things that looked like darkened windows. The object was hovering about 10-12m above the ground in front of woodland area separating this school from Brooklands College, about 50m away. He looked away for a moment and when he looked back the thing had disappeared. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a p83 citing own investigation

June 1978. Day.
Craig Downer and a friend were in jungle near the Alto Anchicaya Dam, when their attention was caught by unusual lights. They then saw a luminous transparent, cloudlike figure, which had a greeny-white hue. It appeared to be humanoid in form and came within 20m and which the witnesses fled. Locals said it was the ghost of a traffic accident victim. 
  • Bord 1989 p89 citing Craig Downer in Fate March 1982 p.42

June 1978. 1900hrs.
A 19 year old out with a group of teenagers on the street noticed a sudden silence and saw a thing shaped like a ray at 60-90m altitude. The thing was grey with four white lights on the front. The object then rolled and became invisible. It seems that no-one else saw this. 
  • Cameron 1995 p95

First week June 1978. 0200hrs.
Barry Ledger (37) and his 12 year old son were walking towards Halfpenny Bridge near Clove Field while rabbit hunting when they saw a stationary white light, with a silver haze around it, hovering about 60cm above the ground ahead of them. After a few minutes it shot away at fantastic speed. Three days later at 0230hrs. Barry was out hunting with his 12 year old and his 14 year old daughter when they saw, at the far end of Halfpenny Bridge a rugby football shaped object 9012m long, 6m high, hovering less than a metre above the ground 30m away. After about 30 seconds it just disappeared. The next day Barry and his wife were walking in the field where he had seen the object when they found 5 clusters of 5-6 holes in the ground. 
  • Nigel Watson in Fortean Times 28 p44 citing investigation by Mark Biridsall

June 4 1978. 2300hrs.
Mareo (or Marco) Neri (`18) was driving towards Bellaria when he and two other motorists noticed regularly spaced flashes of light coming from a nearby wood. They stopped their cars and saw, about 100-159m away, a bright red hemisphere among the trees, revolving on its axis, each turn emitting a bright flash like a lighthouse light. The thing was about 10-12m diameter and 15m above the ground and appeared to be resting on a sort of pedestal. It was partly hidden by the trees After a few minutes the white light died out. The witnesses were afraid and got back in their cars and drove off. Shortly afterwards Neri returned to the site with some friends, where they saw a hemisphere, darker than the night and oonce again fear drove them away. The following morning a rectangular track was found in a potato field at the site. An area 3m by 4m was denuded of plants and the ground was flattened as if by a heavy object. Two girls had also seen the light from a place several kilometres away. 
  • CUN Provisional Catalogue
  • Verga op cit p32 citing Il Giornal dei Misteri 101

June 9 1978. 2355hrs.
Mrs Imbimbo saw three opaque objects close to the ground by the side of the railway line. They had a very strange shape. Mrs Imbimbo closed the window so they would disappear. When she looked again the things had gone The next day she, her husband and other people found that the grass at the site was quite yellow in three patches. Some days later she saw 15 disks that landed and took off again from a hillock. When they landed they seemed to disappear leaving a haze that dissipated shortly afterwards Mrs I had many other observations of strange phenomena including sightings of strange spheres including a bright blue sphere 10cm diameter that touched an olive branch which dried immediately. 
  • Verga op cit citing Telarico op cit
  • Evaluation : A classic case of the person who sees UFOs everywhere

June 10 1978. 0230hrs.
Muriel Pusey were driving with her husband Arthur back from Warminster along the A350 when, as they left the town, a luminous sphere shot up from their right hand side, crossed in front of their car and disappeared. Further along, on the Dorset border they encounter a motorcyclist and another man talking to a woman outside a lit up cottage, which the Puseys knew should not be there. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a p81 citing own investigation

June 11 1978. 2328hrs.
Gunnery Sergeant Brininger and Pfc Johnson were on duty outside a 25m tall tower at the Ammunition depot at Earle Naval Weapons Station when they observed a white sphere with a short tail which came in from the horizon to a point about 100m away and about 60m altitude. When Brininger turned a spotlight on the sphere, it veered away and rose to the west, its centre now darker and only the rim luminous. 
  • Dolan 2009 p175 citing Haines 1999 + International UFO Reporter 3,7 p4

June 14 1978. Late evening.
A man, his wife, two daughters (5, 3) and his sister had just passed Stanford en route from Reading to Gloucester, when they noticed a light in the sky ahead and to the right, pacing them at 80 kph, too slow for an aircraft. Connected to this white light was a smaller red one. When they stopped, the lights arced around. They were on a large circular black object with a shallow curved underside, which crossed over the road and descended behind some trees. Through the trees they could see a row of small multi-coloured lights, revolving slowly from left to right. The object rose and fell several times at ground level without ever quite reaching the ground. It now presented the appearance of a biconvex lenticullar object with tapering ends, which emitted a rhythmic swish and a metallic drumming sound. The wife became afraid and asked them to drive away. The landscape now seemed totally distorted, with non-existent cottages, hedges and hills. The car seemed as though it was driving itself. The light paced them, leaving when they reached Faringdon, reappearing when they were back in open country, finally going at Cirencester. When they reached home they found that the journey had taken them 50 minutes longer than usual. At 0130hrs. they heard the sound of the object passing over the house. The adults developed a skin irritation and discoloured marking around the knees. A casual remark from the 5 year old led to fears of abduction. She said that she now remembered them being stopped a second time by a disc with square windows, through which people could be seen as it hovered nearby. A row of coloured lights were moving around it. A light shone on them and a woman in a shiny metallic suit led them up the beam into the object, which they entered by a sliding door. On a sort of screen she was able to see the car. This led to a hypnotic regression of the adults, from which emerged an account of abduction by the inhabitants of the destroyed world “Janos”, who wanted to emigrate to earth. These aliens were said to look like normal Europeans. 
  • Johnson 1980 p8 citing own investigation

June 14 1978. 2330hrs.
A woman who had seen a number of strange lights in the sky while watching and returning from a drive in cinema, became worried about this and had a dream in which she and her husband were abducted by small beings with slanted eyes. The couple’s 11 year old daughter saw her mother chased by these beings. 
  • Swords 2005 p98 citing John Timmerman
  • Evaluation: Swords records that the husband was a great UFO buff and his wife shared his interests. He claims to get alien concepts through a pyramid cap and she claims to be one of the chosen ones. Psychological.

Mid June 1978. 1200hrs.
At a remote location 15km north west of Toccoa, 13 year old twins and another 12 year old girl were walking in the woods, when about 10m away they encountered a hairy biped, “like a cross between a man and a bear”. As the children ran to the nearest house, the thing pursued them, getting within 5m at one point. 
  • Miles 2000 p50

June 16 1978. 0030hrs.
Veterinarian V. G. Paltsev was hitchhiking home to Borissoglebsk when he saw a softly glowing object in a field and walked towards it. When he was about 50m away, he saw it was surmounted by a transparent dome in which there were three short men with egg shaped heads and long fingers, who were working a sort of control console. When he got within 25m he was knocked out by a sort of force field, and when he came to, he saw that his briefcase now looked old the frayed. The force field had now gone, so he again walked to within 25 of the machine, whereupon he was knocked to the ground by a gust of wind as the object started to glow and ascend. It rose to 100m then suddenly took off. His watched had stopped, but he discovered from a motorcyclist who gave him a lift that he had lost 45 minutes. Under hypnotic regression he recalled being picked up and taken on board the object by the humanoids, which placed his briefcase in a sort of machine that aged it. He was then dragged back to the same sport where he had been lying. 
  • Fortean Times 33 p30 citing Bernard Gris in National Enquirer 29 April, 6 and 20 May 1980 citing Felix Ziegel

June 16 1978. 2315hrs.
A 16 year old schoolboy walking back from his girlfriend’s along Oulton Road suddenly heard a very loud voice all around him, so loud that he thought it would wake the village. It sounded like a radio newsreader but was talking nonsense and rose and fell as though blown on the wind. It faded after 5 seconds. After he walked another 50m (about 5 to 6 seconds later), he noticed, through a wooded gate to his right, a cylindrical column of white light, about 200m away in the grounds of a convent. It was 3-3.5m high, 2m diameter and appeared to be sharply defined and solid. It appeared shining directly over a 2m high cross in the in the grounds. After 5 seconds he the impression there was something in the beam and ran home in fear. 
  • Martin Keatman in BUFORA Journal 9,1 p17 + NUFON News 57 p5 citing his own investigation

June 17 1978.
Raymond Poar (17) was tuning his motorcycle on waste ground with Keith A (15) and Tony B (13) when they observed a green light, the size of a car, emitting a high pitched sound that changed to a buzz as it hovered overhead. It followed them through a tunnel and Raymond was so afraid that he fell of his bike. They called the police but nothing could be found. 
  • Sunday Express 18 June 1978.

June 23 1978. 0040hrs.
Lidia Menegatti (24) was driving towards Farento when she saw a brilliant object that descended towards the ground. It was a red orange sphere that faintly pulsated . A few moments later the thing disappeared behind a hill. 90 seconds later Lidia saw, in the centre of the road, a luminous globe about 2-3m above the ground. Lidia stopped at once about 30m from the thing, which was about 4-5m diameter and white. Behind Lidia’s car, another motorist also stopped but then drove on at speed. After about 2 minutes the object took off at an angle to the right. The sighting took place near high tension cables. 
  • Verga op cit p33 citing M APagani in Il Resto del Carlino 24 June 1978, citing his own investigation

June 24 1978. 0030hrs.
Giovanni Salvucci was on the beach when he saw an odd light on the surface of the water coming towards the beach. As it approached, he saw it was a spherical object the angular diameter of the moon but slightly flattened. It suddenly emitted a bright flash that so frightened Giovanni that he ran away. 
  • CUN Provisional Catalogue

June 25 1978. 2000hrs.
A group of neighbours gathered in one of their back yards as their children played ball. They saw a bright object approaching through a gap in the pines. It was a silver grey disc, about 10m diameter, with a central dome, which hovered, with bobbing motion, about 100m away for about 5 seconds before speeding away. 
  • Fowler 1981 p144 citing investigation by Joe Nyman

June 25 1978. 2240hrs.
A man and his wife her driving home, when, navigating a roundabout, the husband, who was driving, glimpsed a figure 1.4-1.5m tall, with a dark complexion, by the side of the road and swerved to avoid it, but when he looked back there was no-one there. The investigator regarded it as a misperception. 
  • Keith Basterfield in APRO Bulletin 28,3 p7 citing investigation by John Burford

June 26 1978. 0110hrs.
Mrs Robinson was driving her sister Brenda home from visiting another sister, when an object the colour of the moon and the size of a saloon car descended to about 1m above the road surface and flew alongside their car. It was a hemisphere which would turn on its side at times, but was flat side down when just above the road. It paced them as they made sudden erratic turns down side roads to avoid it. It would move on slightly ahead and wait for them to arrive at times and when another car passed by it rose into the air and then returned. The sisters stopped a publican in Crayford who was stood outside but he said it was just the moon. Not comforted they drove back to their parents’ house in Barnhurst, where they were unable to rouse anyone. As they returned to the car the object was waiting for them and the pacing continued, the object staying 1-3m above the road, until they arrived at the Robinson house. Mr Robinson refused to look outside when he let them in. When the women went to bed in the back room they saw the object outside, beaming light in. It was still there when they went to sleep at 0330hrs. It had paced them for over 16km. 

  • Earthlink 2,4 p13 citing investigation by Margaret Fry
  • Evaluation: The pacing and the long period of appearance all suggest an astronomical misperception, almost certainly the moon low on the horizon

Summer 1978. 0300hrs.
Randee Ford and his colleague Ms Millward were driving their newspaper truck along Hw 97 just outside Quensel when, as they rounded a bend to the left, their headlights illuminated a creature to their right. As the lights hit it, the thing stood up and ran off. It appeared to be between 2.4-2.7m tall, was covered in brown-black hair and had an ape like face. The observation lasted for 45 seconds. 
  • Steenburg 1993 p87
  • Steenburg 2000 p36 gives male witness’ name as Randell Colclaugh

Summer 1978. Night.
Geoff and Julie Matthews were fishing on the beach on this clear night, when they saw what looked like a three masted ship, with flickering lights on the masts, bow and stern. The object came right up to them and then disappeared. There was no way any real boat could have got so close. 
  • Baldwin 1992 p75

Summer 1978. (or following year) 2100hrs.
A group of three friends driving from Forest Hills to Tarrytown had just emerged from Rte I-87 by the Cross County Shopping Centre when their attention was caught by a bright point of light in the sky. This light seemed to pace them and then moved off at high speed. Some minutes later the y saw it again, moving up and down and side to side. The object then came down to 30m directly overhead. It was a dull pewter colour, with neither lights n nor size and appeared to be huge and circular. After about a minute the thing moved off. The total observation time was 15 minutes. 
  • Zimmerman 2017 p32

July 1978. (or following month)
Alerted by their grandchildren and their friends, Howe and Evelyn Caton and their friend Vickit Keck saw a bipedal creature about 2m tall and weighing an estimated 140kg, and with dark matted hair standing in a gravel pit. 
  • Coleman 2001 p.201 citing investigation by Ron Schaffner

July 1978.
January Thompson and her cousin Joe were out on their dirt bikes when they heard howling from the woods and a bipedal creature with pointed ears and large snout emerged and tried to drag Joe off his bike. The youngsters fled back to their home, when the creature followed them and broke a bedroom window. When Joe’s mother arrived home and sounded her horn the creature fled. 
  • Newton 2010 p65

July 1978.
On three occasions, the last on July 25th, a man had seen humanoids covered in rusty brown hair. Their heads seemed to rest right on their shoulders and they walked with a stoop. One two occasions he saw only one creature but on the 25th saw three, the tallest about 2m tall. The things had large, “beautiful doe like” penetrating eyes. On two of the occasions he was with his 26 year old son, who also saw the thing(s). 
  • Healy and Cropper 2006 p62, 243 case 124 citing Moruya Examiner 3 August 1978.

July 1978. (Approximate date) Night.
Mrs Arnevich was asleep in her beach house when she was awakened by an unusual loud buzzing sound. Looking outside, she saw a large rectangular object hovering at 30m altitude, with two smaller objects apparently connected to it. She observed the things for more than an hour as first two and then three men climbed ladders between the objects, and beamed silver, gold and orange lights at the objects. One of the beings wore a garment like a wet suit. The objects manoeuvred around each other and projected beams back and forth before separating and moving off over Hauraki Gulf. 
  • Dykes 1981 p.124 citing John Wilson in Sunday News 16 July 1978, citing investigation by Vic Harris
  • Evaluation: The length of time suggests either a blurred perception of some maritime activity or an astronomical misperception along with dream like material.

July 3 1978. 0010HRS.
Mrs Vigil (or Vargas) was aroused by a brilliant orange light and crackling sound. Looking through her upper floor window she saw the light came from an orange disc, twice the length of a car, over a field. The light then turned grey and shrunk until it disappeared. Ashes found at the site were shown to contain 24 elements, including unusually high levels and potassium and magnesium. 
  • Wood 1979 p3
  • Dennett 2011 p97 citing Tommy Roy Blann in MUFON UFO Journal 138 p14 + Linda Kerth in Rio Grande Sun Jul4 1996 + NUFORC

July 3 1978. 0140hrs.
Anna Orso was sleeping in her 8th floor apartment when she was wakened by an intense intermittent light that came from an object hovering 100m away. It was slightly above the 8th floor level. The thing was a hemisphere surmounted by a small dome. Anna became rather frightened but continued to watch the thing for about 40 seconds. It gave off an orangey white light and from its underside there was an intense beam of such light as wide as the base itself, which was directed towards the ground. The lower section of the thing turned rapidly right to left, but its top including the dome was stationary. The revolving part features beacons that emitted the very powerful beams and also horizontal red bands, composed of numerous small lights that turned with the lower part of the object (perhaps an optical illusion). The base of the thing covered an apparent diameter of 40cm and it was apparently 20-25cm high. After about 40 seconds the thing moved off slowly towards Capodimonte hill, going out of sight in about 20 seconds. 
  • Verga op cit p33 citing investigation by M U Telarico

July 3 1978. 2310hrs.
Mark Kirk (20), a steelworker and his wife Tina (20) a supermarket cashier were driving Mark’s sister Anne (17), a shop assistant, home to Scunthorpe from Skegness. When driving north on the A46 out of Market Rasen, Tina drew their attention to some lights in a field. They thought it might have been a plough then a jump jet, but when Mark got out, he realised that there was no sound coming from the object, which was 15m above the ground, 45m away in a field. They drove off, but as they got level with the object it began to pace them at 65kph. It consisted of two very bright lights, which however did not illuminate the ground, on a roughly oval shaped object, with a dip between the lights. When the party turned to the right, a series of coloured lights, at least two on either side of the main ones, came on. These were red, orange and green and reflected a kind of metallic light rather being self-luminous, and curved around the back of the object. This object then swept overhead, the women straining to see it. Mark then stopped at a farmhouse and saw the object streak away to the south. He then decided to drive off but 800m down the road, the thing reappeared again in the west. They now accelerated up to 110kph, the object pacing them, fading out as they passed through populated areas; when cars passed them the thing dimmed to an orangey line. It continued to be visible through the rain. After they had passed through Brigg, they saw it hovering over the A15 directly ahead of them. It accelerated across the fields, growing larger and then began pacing them again, as the road curved off to the north. When they went through woodland they saw it through gaps in the trees. When they reached a roundabout the object disappeared. There were no effects on the car. 
  • Nigel Watson in FSR 24,5 p15 + NUFON News 52 p8 citing investigation by himself and David Johnson
  • Evaluation: Various astronomical objects seen through cloud?

July 4 1978. (approximate) 1300hrs.
LW was driving with his wife, mother-in-law and three children when he saw a figure just less than 2m tall come from a field and down an embankment. It wore a one-piece silver suit, balaclava, with a robot like face. The being then bent down and picked something up from the ground. The others saw nothing and he drove on. 
  • NUFON News 117 p13 citing investigation by Georgina Mills
  • Evaluation: Probably an imitative hoax

July 4 1978. 2230hrs.
Two sergeants in the Air Force, Attlio de Salvatore (30) and Franco Padellaro (27), Naval Sergeant Maurizio di Pietro (21) and his friend Mrs Antonina Esposito, all felt an urge to go up Mount Sona on the Etna Massif) There they saw a triangle of red lights in the sky, which lights began to pulsate. One of these detached itself from the other two and streaked down towards the ground, landing behind the slope of Sona. The party drove nearer, then walked to within 300m of the object, which was sitting by a rocky precipice in the dip below them. It was a red disc, 12m across, surmounted by a yellow dome. On top of the main body were red and blue lights. By the side of the object, on the precipice, were 5-6 beings of human appearance and “very beautiful”. They were tall, with blond hair and wore black, tight fitting, overalls. The witnesses found themselves rooted to the spot by a strange force, as two of the beings began to climb the precipice, gesturing at the witnesses and smiling. They approached within 5m, before one of the strangers nodded towards the machine, and they began to climb down again. The machine then began to glow with myriad tiny multi-coloured lights, with red, yellow and blue predominating. These lights went out as a car passed, only to come on again when it had gone. At 2305hrs. the hold on the party was suddenly released and they scrambled back to the car, driving as fast as they could towards Catania. For some time afterwards all four felt drained of energy. At about the same time as their experience had begun, Mrs Giuffrida and her two sons saw, from Catania, a large green object heading from Mt. Etna out to sea. 
  • CUN Provisional Catalogue 1978.
  • Maurizio Verga in FSR 24, 6 p25 citing La Scicilia 6 July 1978.

July 6 1978. 2100hrs.
Francisco Nunez Snr (66) and his 24 year old son Francisco Jnr were driving south of the city when they found themselves suddenly driving on a strange, five lane highway, surrounded by tall buildings, all joined together, in a strange red city and the formerly clear sky was now red. They then found themselves back again on the usual road, 9km further long. Under hypnosis they recalled the car being levitated off the road, the engine failing and being blinded by a powerful red light, while feeling very cold. When they got home they felt a compulsion to clean the car, and Nunez Snr felt impelled to take a bath. 
  • Bullard in Hall 2001 p554 citing Cronica (BA) 30 August-2 September 1978.

July 8 1978. 2355hrs.
Returning from his parents’ house in Cournon, a male witness caught sight of a very vivid white light 300m from his vehicle. He first thought it was a police car at an accident, but as he got closer he saw a large mass with a mushroom shaped upper part, 5m high, surmounted by a brilliant light. As he sped past the object, he could see, thought the transparent side, a human figure dressed in a helmet and close fitting suit. After the witness had gone several hundred metres, he looked back, but the object and light had disappeared. When he got back home, his wife and grandparents told him they had observed a red-orange glimmer and other green light at about 2030, moving in a zigzag and disappearing rapidly after being observed for a few minutes. 
  • Alain Gamard citing La Montange 2 August 1978. + LDLN 178 p34 + La Autre Monde 28 p45

July 8 1978. 2300hrs.
Eugene Kline and Ken O’Neil (both 17) were walking along the railway tracks behind the Kline property when their attention was caught by a noise in the bush ahead. Looking to their left the lads saw a figure about 2m tall, with red glowing eyes. The thing’s head was much larger than its body. No either its hands or feet were visible. It made a peculiar growling or squeaking noise Ken ran off, but Eugene found himself unable to move, as if transfixed, and he got the impression that the thing was beckoning him to come to it. At last he broke the spell and ran back to the house. 
  • Ron Schaffner in UFO Ohio Yearbook 1979 p.32 citing investigation by himself and Earl Jones

July 9 1978. 1600hrs.
Two young boys were alerted by a whistling, rustling sound and saw a slivery cigar shaped object with a small dome on top on which there were three to four portholes. There was a flashing alight atop the dome. The object hovered over a tree at the bottom of the garden for 45 seconds, glowing incandescently and then shot off to the North East at terrific speed. 
  • NUFON News 57 p5 citing investigation by John Leadbetter

July 9 1978. 2220hrs.
Mechanic Krysztof Howak (23) was driving his truck along with two companions Mr Peciniski and Mr Konopka, when they observed a strange phosphorescent rectangular object in the dark. The glow suddenly went out and was succeeded by blindingly strong lights. The witnesses became afraid and drove away. They returned to the site the next day, where they found a large circle of yellow, burnt grass, within which there were three circles 35cm in diameter where the grass was completely calicinated. Police were notified. 
  • Mark S Iwaniec in UFO Examiner 2,4 p18 citing an unspecified press clipping

July 10 1978. 0100hrs.
Pierre Berriau (17) was one of a party of students staying at the old abbey here. He got to his bedroom late and opened his window at which he saw a brilliantly luminous object about 3m from his window. The thing seemed to approach in small movements and Pierre estimated it was 50cm high, 40cm across and was about 10cm from the ground. It seemed to move on tiny limbs. It hovered for about 18 seconds and then retreated in the direction from whence it had come, towards the car park. There it stayed for two or three seconds and then returned to the original place. Pierre then called the two boys sharing his room; Alain Dieumegard and Daniel Sauneuf (both 16) who also saw the thing for a few seconds. Pierre had the impression that it was looking at him and trying to contact him. There then appeared a circular or globular object about 12m diameter, about 60m away in front of the trees, rising straight up to a height of 25-30m. It had very dazzling golden yellow lights with red interiors and flashing red lights around its edges. The thing then seemed to change position before shooting off towards the mountains to the south. Shorly afterwards he saw in the east an elongated object like a cigar and then a very long object like a huge stick with red and green flashing lights. The thing was first seen in the distance and then came closer and they could see two lights in the front of the thing, facing them. It then seemed to make a sidewards move making very loud ticking sounds, like a car backfiring, They saw other objects, including a circular object with blue, yellow red and green lights. Father Mercier who come to see what all the commotion was at about 0200hrs. to 0300hrs. saw something above the trees. The lads finally settled to sleep at 0400hrs. 
  • Mirtain and Lagard in LDLN 179 p12 citing their own investigations
  • Evaluation: Some of the later objects were probably helicopters

July 10 1978. 2200hrs.
A group of people from Mansfield out driving were at the railway crossing near the Kline property when they saw a sort of slumped dark mass with red eyes by the railway tracks. The witnesses, who did not want their names used, were very frightened. 
  • Ron Schaffner in UFO Ohio Yearbook 1979 p.32 citing investigation by himself and Earl Jones

July 11 1978. 2345hrs.
Mrs A was sitting upstairs watching TV while her children were sleeping. She noticed interference on the set and her dog barked. She went to the kitchen and heard a sound like a swarm of bees that she thought came from a nearby workshop. As she reached the patio, she was shocked to see, on either side of the door, a small being, and behind them, on the patio, an oval object resting on three legs. One of the beings gestured to Mrs A to stop, while the other glided around, as if floating above the ground. Mrs A felt paralysed, able only to put her hands to her chest. One of the beings stroked her head, while the other inspected the machine. Then the one who had been with her went to the craft door. One of the beings then took an object from its belt. This object projected a solid beam of green light, which appeared to expand and contract, towards the kitchen. The second being then got out another object and sprayed itself and its companion with a sort of vapour before getting back into their machine, gesturing to the woman to follow them, before shaking their heads and closing the door. From beneath the craft came a kind of smoke which stirred up dust on the patio, the object rising, while emitting two kinds of bright yellow light, separated by 1-1.5m. The object roe rapidly and disappeared in an instant. Mrs A thought she saw a third being in the object. After some minutes Mrs A found she could move again and staggered to her daughter’s bedroom. Miss A found her mother so white, trembling and voiceless and with a rapid heartbeat that she feared her mother was having a heart attack. The beings wore round metallic helmets, the “colour of old silver”, around the forehead of which was a small bluish glow that gave off a thin ray of light. Behind their helmets, she could see their yellow, jaundiced, faces, with neither eyebrows nor eyelashes. 

They had flat noses, deep set eyes and no visible mouth nor ears. The place of the mouth was covered by a round piece of metal. They were 1.25m high, dressed in clear grey, body length overalls that covered their hands and feet. Around their waists were buckleless belts, 10m wide, from which were hanging small cylinders. They were very thin, with disproportionately large heads. One of the beings was slightly fuller (Mrs A thought it might have been a woman) and wore a 15cm diameter shiny disc on its chest. The craft was oval, surrounded by a shiny silver band, above which were two very bright blue rings. It rested on four conical legs. Above the silver band were two oval openings from which shone a very bright yellow light. Through an open door, she saw some illuminated books on the far wall, and a sort of rounded backed footstool. Above the machine where four thin stems that seemed to be a kind of aerial, and in the centre, between them, a thicker one, surmounted by a sphere composed of numerous small wavering multicoloured lights. From this luminous sphere came small threads. The craft was, without its landing gear, 2m high and 3m wide at its widest. About 1.5m from the object were two yellow lights without any apparent connection to it. The witness noticed that everything seemed silent and frozen during the 10 minute experience. As the object took off, she thought she could smell something like ammonia. 
  • Mersey News 21 p8 citing Hypotheses Extraterrestres 18 citing investigation by CIOVE

July 12 1978. Night.
Theresa Kline (15) and her father Roger were pitching hay when they were alerted by a train sounding its horn. Theresa went to investigate and saw two luminous orange-red eyes, heard a sound like a high pitched scream and detected an unpleasant smell. 
  • Ron Schaffner in UFO Ohio Yearbook 1979 p.32 citing investigation by himself and Earl Jones

July 13 1978. 2300hrs.
Two teenagers Harald (19), a railway fitter and Josef (16) an electrician were driving home in their Alfa-Romeo car when Josef observed a luminous object of greater angular diameter than the full moon stationary at 40 degrees right of the road, heading at 10 degrees in the direction of the airfield. It was a half-moon shaped object, pale red in colour, with a ragged left contour and dark marks on the surface, which looked like folds. The steady light seemed to illuminate only the object, which paced them out of town, became a full orange globe and then suddenly swerved across the road in front of them, stopping over a roof, where it moved up and down, occasionally going below the roof. It then continued to pace them on them on the right, while they got a peculiar sensation of being watched. It stopped and started with the car, kept pace with them at speeds up to 150kph. At one point it trailed a conical glow. They lost sight of it at St Egyden, but briefly saw it again as they drove back into Wiener Neustadt. 
  • Ernest Berger in MUFON UFO Journal 127 p4 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation: Again the pacing indicates a distant light, most probably the moon seen through various degrees of haze and cloud, the swerving across the road being the car not the moon!

Mid July 1978. Day.
Two sisters and a friend out playing saw a silvery domed object, surrounded by lights, at close range. Both sisters suffered nightmares afterwards and one experienced poltergeist effects in her house. 
  • NUFON News 168 p12

July 16 1978. 2100hrs.
A motorist saw a grey metallic cigar shaped object swoop down across the road and hover. The car was stopped by some invisible force and the driver paralysed. The object then sucked up a derelict car that was on the side of the road and drew it into an opening on its underside, which then closed. The object then took off. The witness later returned to the site and found traces of the missing car on the grass. He refused to cooperate with the investigator and the case was only known second hand from a workmate. 
  • Margaret Fry in Earthlink 2,4 p14
  • Evaluation: Probably just a joke on the workmate

July 17 1978. 0300hrs.
Karl-Erik Pettersson of Harad Street was awoken with a feeling of presence and looking up saw a green-grey transparent creature 1.2m tall, lacking facial features, with club like hands and looking like a rag doll. The creature pulled the blanket away and touched Karl’s feet, causing him great pain. At this the thing released his feet and floated away over the bedroom floor and through the open balcony. His screams woke his wife Ulla, but the being had already gone. He suffered pains in his feet, which had white marks where the thing had touched him. A small sphere was detected in the feel of one foot by X rays, and there was nerve damage in both. 
  • J. O. Sundberg in UFO Universe Spring 1993 p23
  • Evaluation: Hypnopompic hallucination, foot pains probably due to prior injury or to damage when leaping out of bed. 

July 17 1978. 1945hrs.
Mrs M was taking her two daughters and the dog out for a walk on the Common. As they were walking home she sat down for a rest while the children and dog ran on ahead. Suddenly a large orange ball of fire came out of the sky and settled down next to a small clump of trees where she had been sitting. Then two small men were walking towards her, and she saw her father, who had been dead for five years, sitting beside her on the grass. Then she looked again towards the two men, who now appeared to be 1.5m tall, compared with her first impression of 1m. They were dressed in peaked caps and fawn uniforms with raised button down the front of their chests, which reminded her of those worn by chauffeurs. They stood in front of her and talked, but she could not understand them. As they approached she felt as though she were being drained of energy and her blood was rushing to her feet. She passed out and her next memory was of being taken to hospital by her husband. She suffered from a complete loss of sight for three months and she had a rash over the exposed parts of her body. She was in hospital and received several months psychiatric treatment, apparently for anxiety. Both she and one of her 14 year old daughters sensed a presence in the house and all five children heard their mother’s name being called and other odd experiences took place in the house. 
  • Margaret Fry in BUFORA Journal 9,3 p10 citing her own investigation
  • Fry 2004 p46

July 18 1978. 2100hrs.
Giorgio Gasponi and Giussepe Imperiali observed a revolving object, which zigzagged and left a short white trail behind. It stopped and hovered above the cemetery, where it ceased revolving. It then began revolving again and left with a hissing sound. The leaves on the trees rustled as it passed over, dogs in the area barked and electrical power in the house dimmed somewhat. 
  • CUN Provisional Catalogue 1978.

July 21 1978. 2230hrs.
Two men in their 20s and three teenage boys went off in a car to try and find a hat shaped object that three of the party had seen at 2100hrs. and ended skywatching over fields at Sutton. They were about to give up when they saw a white light over an electricity pylon. This light grew to an oval shape, which approach the across the field. The boys fled but turned round to see a sombrero shaped object at ground level in a field. They then drove off. When they arrived home they found there was a period of missing time. 
  • Fry 2004 pp66, 77 citing her own investigation

July 22 1978. 1800hrs.
Two men sat out one of their homes heard a sound like thunder and saw a brilliant flash of light. When they looked up they saw two rotating silvery objects that became transformed into dark triangles, one of which lifted a cactus out of the ground and then smoothed over the earth to remove any trace of its presence. Both objects then took off in a flash of light.
  • Dennett 2016p 45 citing NUFORC

July 22 1978. Sunset.
Two women, Mickie Eckert and Kathy Echard, were driving towards Nebraska along Interstate 80 East along the Utah-Wyoming border some 150km north of Wheelock Nebraska, when their attention was caught by lights by the side of the road. They feared that it was a car crash and they fixed their spotlights on the scene, but all they could see were three circles a metre or so above the ground. These then changed into two sports cars heading towards them. They headed off in the opposite direction and were followed by a number of lights and two trucks which seemed to have come out of nowhere. They continued their journey and when they reached Salt Lake City they saw a basketball sized ball of light which also spooked them. At Evansville Wyoming they found the place close early and saw two objects, one orange the other yellow-white, in the sky, apparently pacing them. As they came towards Green River the car slowed and then failed and a light entered the car. They saw strange tucks passing them on all sides, at times appearing to be domed object moving about a metre above the ground. There was another car behind them and when Kathy got out to talk to them, she saw a black dog with fiery eyes and retreated. They then saw the figure of a boy with his arms folded in the back seat and fled the car. They saw a large spherical object approach; people appear out of nowhere and walk around the central reservation. Another motorist then gave them a lift to a hotel. There they found that the TV turned itself on and a light appeared in the room. It was 1700hrs. the next day before police took them back to where they thought they had abandoned their car, which was not where they thought they had left it and the scenery was different. 
  • Beckley 1980 p5 citing his own investigation and that of John De Herrera

July 221978. 2315.
Raymond Dawson, his wife Kiriakoula and daughter Catherine (27) were sat after their meal at a tavern, on an n open air seat when Catherine heard a humming sound and, looking up, saw a dark round object with square windows on its side. The thing was surmounted by a red light. She called to her parents but the thing had gone before they could get a good look. Shortly after this they drove round the corner and saw the object again as a circular disc with a row of windows and with a red light on top. The thing was rocking to and fro and was changing shape and colour and projected a beam of light towards the ground. Their contemplation of the object was interrupted when a small boy crossed the road ahead and they called out a warning to him. When they looked back the object had disappeared. When first seen the thing was at an estimated 30m altitude and on the second occasion at 50m. 
  • Jenny Randles in FSR 25, 1 p31
  • Evaluation: Astronomical + autokinesis, atmospheric disturbance and eye strain?

July 26 1978. (or following day) 1415hrs.
Mrs Eileen Clark (50) of Parkside Avenue was doing some gardening when she fell down as something like a helicopter came very close. She saw, in the cabin, two men; one looking at her, the other one looking ahead. She then walked away down the path to the house, forgetting about the incident. The object, which had a single window and no marking, was observed for 30 seconds as it moved at 5m altitude. It was the size and shape of a normal helicopter but silent and had no rotors. It was brown-black in colour. The men wore leathery brown "like pilots in the First World War". 
  • Margaret Fry in Earthlink 2, 4 p17 citing own investigation
  • Hanson and Holloway 2013a p.96 citing Margaret Fry

July 27 1978. 0045hrs.
Mrs Cora Evelyn Winscher (52) was driving home to Arnold from Union east along Highway 50 when she felt a sudden impact on the rear of her car, which rose up to about 30cm and started swaying back and forth and side to side and vibrating. When Cora looked through her rear view mirror she saw no other vehicle only a bright light immediately behind her, which light rose above her car. During the incident her car windows were fogged up by a burst of heat. After a few seconds the car returned to the ground, the bumping stopped but the car continued. Cora was very shocked but managed to negotiate a bridge before stopping. She expected to see the boot severely damaged but all she found were indentations. Examined by police, these were about 25mm deep. Cora suffered from headaches and aching limbs for some days after the incident. 
  • Shirley Hoffman in Fate October 1979 p44 citing investigation by Leo Wicklinski and William F Christian
  • Canadian UFO Report 5, 1 p31

July 29 1978. 0100hrs.
Mrs Teige awoke for no apparent reason, an unusual thing for her, and went into the kitchen. She found that the kitchen and courtyard were illuminated by an intense white light, tinged with red, over the courtyard. It was moving from northeast to northwest at the speed of a cyclist and was about 60-70m away as it passed behind some trees. She called her husband, who first thought that it was the moon, but its brilliance (it was too bright to look at with fully opened eyes) soon made him change his mind. As they watched the object came from the northeast in an even course, gradually slowing. It now stood 1.5m above the ground some 25m from the house. The light then diminished as the object landed, diminishing further as it hit the ground and then flaring up as it jumped another 6m towards the house. George Teige (72) ran towards the object but could see nothing. They had not been able to see any details on the thing, owing to the brightness of the light, but they thought that it was round and about 40cm in diameter and gave the impression of being under conscious control. It made no sound and their dog was not disturbed. The next morning they found two signed circles 35cm in diameter in the mossy grass, which had an oily smell that gradually faded away. No additional radiation was detected at the site. 
  • Anton Linstrom in MUFON UFO Journal 144 p.9 citing investigation by Norsk UFO Centre.