1976 (or previous year) 1800hrs.
A married couple driving home saw a light, which when it came closer they saw was a large silvery cigar shaped object with short stubby wings and a cabin in which they could see five entities dressed in silvery suits, and red and blue instrument panels. The couple filmed this on their movie camera, but when the film came back from processing this section was missing.
  • Basterfield 1997 p204 citing Bryab Dickeson and Moira McGhee)
  • Evaluation: Is this anything more than a rumour?

1976 or following year    
A group of women , led by a trail guide, were hiking in the Central Cascades when they encountered a bipedal being 2.7-3m tall. The guide shot at the thing but made little impact, and the creature either badly injured or killed him.
  • Ray Crowe in INFO Journal 71, p36 citing Richard Grumley citing conversation with one of the alleged party)
  • Evaluation A third hand story with an anonymous source which seems more like an urban legend.

1976. 0200 SMYRNA (GEORGIA : USA) A six year old girl woke up and went to get a drink. Through her large picture window she saw a cigar shaped object, larger than a house, with a row of lights along the side, hovering just above the ground about 30m away. She watched the object for about 10-15 minutes. The next thing she could remember was waking in the morning. A boy at school said he had seen the same thing. (MUFON UFO Journal 300 p 18 citing investigation by J. R. Gillis)

1976 1200hrs. 
A 31 year old was vacuuming her house she felt unwell and sat down on her couch. Suddenly three small beings appeared in front of her. One of these was 1.5m tall, very slender and had a very elongated face and seemed to be female. The other two were much shorter with chubby broader faces. All three had large eyes but with only hints of mouths and noses, and all three wore shroud like cloaks. The taller being seemed to communicate by telepathy, telling her she had to go with them, but she refused. They seemed to accept this and allowed her to go, heading to the door in a crawling slow motion, She then felt being dragged back to the couch. She tried to escape again, meeting her husband, but was again dragged back. The next thing she remembered was her husband coming home at 1730hrs. Nothing further was revealed by hypnotic regression.
  • Basterfield 1997, p205 + Chalker 1996, p195 both citing Bill Chalker
  • Evaluation: She fell asleep on the couch, a classic false awakening

An elderly man was abducted after a bright object landed near him. Beings got out and took him on board. They asked him questions about human activities and life on earth before he was returned, unharmed, to the same place.
  • Basterfield 1997, p205 citing UFO Research New South Wales + Pony Godic.

A state trooper was driving along at 150kph on an empty road on this dull day, responding to an emergency, when time after time, a pulsating luminous sphere approached his car on a collision course, veering away at the last moment. He then continued his journey on the opposite land. When he turned a corner he found a moose on the road in the correct lane, which he would have hit, if he not changed lanes.
  • Swords 2005. p227 citing John Timmerma.

1976. 2200hrs.
A woman who had just gone to bed saw a figure in her house. She thought it might be her young son and called out his name, at which the figure turned into an intense white light, which streaked out of the window of her daughter’s room.
  • Basterfield 1997, p204 citing TUFOIC files.

Early 1976. Early morning .
A figure resembling a woman in a long flowing dress and with a large hat was seen floating down the driveway of Elm House by a woman who did not want her name used.. The figure seemed to be floating above the ground.
  • Broughall and Adams 2010, p136.

January 1 1976.
Mrs Pauline Dudgeon, her husband Doug, members of her family, and several other people, including Mr and Mrs Frank Pringle observed an object emitting four light beams hover over a field near the Dudgeon home. Doug saw the object take off at fantastic speed over the barn.
  • UFO Pulse Analyser 1, p11.

January 2 1976  .
A single witness observed a dwarf, with big bulging eyes, floating in the air and shot at it with a shotgun. The entity was apparently not hit and left the area.
  • George Fawcett in Awareness 6, 1, p5.

January 5 1976 Night.
A boy, Jean-Claude Silvente who lived near Domene observed a mysterious machine, resting on 5 feet, from which emerged a giant with long blond hair and dressed in a brilliantly coloured one piece suit. The being twice walked towards the terrified boy, who fled as fast as he could. The next night, Jean-Claude, joined by his mother, 17 year old sister Elaine and her friend Marcel Solvini observed a sphere that looked like a large red headlamp, which came down to land, as if on top of them. The fled and reported the matter to the authorities.
  • Steiger 1978, p81.
  • Skylook 102, p5, citing Nostradamus 21 January 1976.

January 6 1976, 1920hrs.
Mrs Janet Stewart (29) was driving from her home in Bethel to Moundview, when rounding a corner she saw red and green lights in the sky. She first thought that it was an aircraft, bur when it came straight towards her, the green light flashing, she then thought it might be a helicopter. As she slowed on another curve obn County Road 15, the object came down almost on her car bonnet, level with the windscreen and then over the roof. Through the frosty side and back windows, she thought she made out a sort of Saturn shape, at least as large as her car. She drove on to the house of a friend she was going to pick up on the way, Mary Root, and both women returned to the site of the first encounter but there was nothing to see. Both women began menstruating out of cycle the next day and Janet developed sore and watery eyes, but these cleared up before she could make a doctor’s appointment.
  • Hall 1988, p284, citing MUFON UFO Journal 101.
  • Rath 1998, p37.
  • Hall 2001, p203 citing Skylook April 1976, p4.

January 6 1976, 2330hrs.
Mona Stafford (35 or 26), owner of an arts and crafts shop, was returning from a restaurant with a friend, Elaine Thomas (48) and a friend of Elaine’s, Mrs Louise Smith, to whom she had recently been introduced. They were driving down Rt 78 about 1.6km south of Stanford, when Mona and Louise saw an intense red glow in the eastern sky, rapidly descending. Mona thought it was a plane about to crash and asked Louise to hurry to the spot, so they could help. The object then stopped at treetop height about 100m away. They now observed it was a huge disc shaped object, at least the size of two houses (c.30m diameter), surmounted by a brilliant blue white dome, the light from which was reflected on the metallic disc. Below the disc was a row of round windows, through which a red light was rotating counter clockwise; below these there was a row of yellow lights.

The object rocked gently from side to side, then circled the car to behind. They had gone another 400m when the car was lit from behind by a brilliant blue light. The women appeared to have stopped for an instant, seen that the light was a beam from the disc, and quickly got back in the car. As they drove on they noticed a complete silence, including absence of wind, their skin began to tingle and they developed headaches and severe eye pains. They realised their car was doing 135kph but Louise, who was driving was unable to stop. The car was pulled to the left, then seemed as though it was being dragged backwards over humps in the road. Looking out they saw what appeared to be a strange wide road stretching far ahead of them, though there was no road like it in the area. A red light on the dashboard indicated that their car had stalled, though they still had the sensation of moving forwards. Then suddenly they were in Hustonville, 13km beyond the point where they had first seen the disc.

When they arrived at the Smith home they found it was 0125hrs, though the journey should have only taken 50 minutes.. Louse's watch hands were whizzing round and she had searing pains on her hands and face when she went to wash and her pet parakeet panicked when she reached out to touch it. All three women were experiencing great pains in their eyes and had curious weals on the backs of their necks. Louse's car developed engine trouble. These troubles led top the matter being reported to the press and thence to hypnotic regression by Dr Leo Sprinkle. These revealed vague memories of terror in being dragged into a wall of blackness, lying on a table with a huge eye over head, medical examinations by five short humanoids wearing surgical garments. There were recollections of another woman on the table and at looking though at the sky through a long tunnel. Elaine recalled the entities as being 1.2m tall, with one large blue and one black eye. Mona later felt impelled to return to the site.
  • Stringfield 1978b, p208 + MUFON UFO Bulletin 110, p5, both citing investigation by Len Springfield and Jerry Black.
  • Lorenzen 1977, p114 + APRO Bulletin October 1976, both citing investigation by Leo Sprinkle and Bill Terry.
  • Earthlink 2, 4, p18.
  • Billig 1982, p15, 181, citing his own investigation.

January 7 1976, 2355hrs.
At a ski slope cottage, just outside Valadalen, two people saw two objects in a valley about 1km away. The first object was pyramid shaped, with a square base, and vertex pointing upwards, and with a row of lights around its base, the whole thing giving off a yellow-green light. After a while a rocket like object rose into the sky from an undetected location on the ground, without a sound. After observing the object for about 2 hours, they saw a very powerful blue-white light illuminate the forest. A second object, with a pulsating red-yellow light and three windows on the other end, then came into view. From its upper part a white gas cloud was emitted, which was distinctly bounded and appeared to rotate. The diameter of the upper portion was 50m. The second object was in view for about 40 seconds, and then both objects darkened and vanished.
  • Bertil Soderquist in MUFON UFO Journal 109, p5.

January 9 1976, 0545hrs.
Mrs Inger Larsson was preparing breakfast when her attention was caught by a very bright, yellow-white, light at ground level about 300m away, in the area of the family barn. She wondered if it might be a car or snowmobile, but dismissed these explanations and walked to the window for a better look. As she did so, the object rose up very slowly, at an angle, in a southerly direction. As the thing cleared the trees and a small hill, she was able to see that it was a large yellow sphere, with two stubby wings in its middle. She awoke her husband Eugene and son Kurt, who observed the object slowly departing, spiralling as it did so. They estimated it was about 30m in diameter. Eugene skied to the site later than morning but could find no traces.
  • Michael Sinclair in APRO Bulletin 25, 9, p7.
  • Shelly Hallock in Canadian UFO Report 4, 4, p3.

January 9 1976, 1910hrs.
Jean Dolecki (55), a central heating service engineer, was driving home along a back road, on this dark night, when he noticed a brilliant ball high in the sky. The ball descended rapidly towards him, so he stopped the truck and got out, fearing a collision. He then saw 100m away, in a field to the right of the road, a brilliant sphere 12-14m diameter, the upper part larger than the lower, hovering just above the ground. From the bottom came a solid beam of light, while from each side of the top came vibrating helices, and the top of the sphere also seemed to vibrate. Unnerved, he stepped back a few metres, without daring to re-enter his truck.

Then an opening about 2m tall appeared in the upper part of the sphere and three figures in aluminium 'diving suits' appeared, framed in the opening. They appeared to be giant robots, the same height as the door, moving in an unsubtle automatic fashion, as they descended rapidly from the machine. Jean then saw that they had small legs, telescopic arms, which reminded him of fishing rods, and vaguely square shaped heads. They moved a short distance from the sphere in jumps, like mechanical toys, waggling their arms. After 10 minutes, during which Jean was very afraid of being detected, the beings re-entered their object, the door closing behind them. All the lights went out, apart from the top level of the sphere, which remained a blinding white. The object then took off at dizzying speed. Jean notified the police when he got home. On that evening the farmer in whose field the object had landed reported that his TV screen went black a few times, at about the time of the landing, though other farmers at the far end of the field reported no such interference on their sets.
  • Skylook 102, p4, citing Nostradamus 21 January 1976.
  • FSR 21, 6, piii citing La Dauphine Libre 11 January 1976.
  • Steiger 1978, p79.

January 10 1976. Night.
Mr Masseron, sleeping in his trailer, was awakened by blows against the wall, a scratching sound, and the violent shaking of the vehicle. When he looked out of the window he saw, a few metres away, a luminous egg shaped object 1m high, the upper part of which was glowing green, the lower part red. As he watched, the object took off on a spiral trajectory, emitting a strident whine, which grew louder as the object ascended to 15m, where it stopped, hovered, and suddenly disappeared. As Masseron went out to investigate, he heard a screeching voice like that on a walkie-talkie, which appeared to be trying to give him a message, but all he could remember was LPX LPX. He was then attracted by a movement to the left and turned to see the silhouette of a man like creature quietly crossing the road diagonally. Two trailers away Mrs Zamora was awakened by a voice asking “What shall I do?” and another answering “Do as I do” and when she went to the window she also heard LPX and saw a circular object rising, falling and pitching. By the time her husband had gone to the door, the object had gone, but the voice calling out the letters was still audible. Later that night investigation showed that strange footprints in the area toward which Masseron had seen the figure walking.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 130, p17 citing LDLN 175.#
  • Evaluation: Alain Gamard and Michel Monnerie suggested that this was possibly a military drill.

January 18 1976, 2015hrs.
Mrs Betty Barrett was looking out of her kitchen window towards the north east when he attention was caught by a brilliant ball of light that she estimated to be 60m above the ground, about 800m away. The object was about the size of the waning moon but was much brighter, too bright to look at for a prolonged period, and had hazy edges. As it passed close to the moon’s position on its southward journey Betty saw vapour rising from its top. The horses in the field next to her home were more than usually restless. Betty was scared, and ran to her neighbour, Helen Counts, watching the thing descend to the south for three minutes, eventually landing in some rolling fields 800m to the south. The actual object was now no longer visible, but the light began to pulsate at 5 second intervals. As the women talked, Helen saw a shower of lights like sparklers, followed by s blast like a shotgun. This explosion was heard and seen by a number of other residents. Fearing a plane crash, Helen called the sheriff’s department and a rescue operation was mounted but no traces were found. Military planes searched the area on the 19th.
  • APRO Bulletin 24, 7, p1, citing investigation by Ken Childress.
  • Landsburg 1976, p160 citing his own investigation.

January 19 1976.
Mrs Kay Peterson and Mrs Vi Camp were leaving the Peterson home when they noticed a boomerang shaped object, with two bright lights, hovering soundlessly above some woods about 30m away. They called to their neighbours Mr and Mrs Wayne Tomlin, who came outside with their two children to watch the object. Two minutes later its lights dimmed, brightened and then flashed out, as it moved off. As it passed directly overhead, the witnesses observed a semi-circle of red lights on its underside and Mrs Camp heard a whirring sound and saw a dark figure, from the waist up, through a small window in the object. None of the other witnesses saw this. The object flew off in the direction of Delaware Bay.
  • Rick Barr in Official UFO 2, 2, p51.

January 21 1976, 2100hrs.
At their farm home, 19km west of Fairfield, a farmer, his wife, brother and two sons (13, 15) and daughter observed strange lights in a field. One of the boys had drawn their attention to these lights, which appeared to be moving behind trees about 900m down the road, apparently repeatedly landing and taking off in the field. They observed them through field glasses for 20 minutes, before they saw two red flashing lights on the road. Thinking this was the highway patrol come to investigate the strange lights, the farmer and his two sons went in their pickup to join them. As the group approached them, the red lights took off from the highway, still flashing, towards the field where the original lights had been seen. When they got within perhaps 500m of these, they saw they were on a rectangular object, which made them think of a two story hotel. There were two rows of lights or windows, about 1.5=1.8m high, 60-90cm wide. This thing was surrounded by other lights that manoeuvred around it, dimming and brightening.
  • Fawcett and Greenwood 1984, p38 citing investigation by Keith Wolverton and Sheriff Peter Howard.

January 21 1976, 2110hrs.
Jean Robert of La Baume d’Hostin was driving home when he was surprised by what he first thought was the headlight of another car. He then realised that the source of this light was off the road to the left. On top of a banked up piece of ground stood a blindingly luminous cigar shaped object, 1.2mn high, with what appeared to be portholes, the rims of which were emitting the very bright light. The car was now stopped and Jean, very frightened, hid his face in his hands to keep out the light. When he took his hands away, the object had gone.
  • FSR 22, 2, p.iv citing an undated issue of LDLN citing Le Dauphin Libre 24 March 1976.

January 21 1976, 2330hrs.
Ermino (or Hermino) Reis and his wife Bianca were driving from Rio de Janiero to Belo Horizonte, when just past Matias-Barbosa they felt sleepy and decided to pull over. Ermino fell asleep but was wakened by Bianca as the area was lit up by a blue light. Their car was sucked into a brilliant lit circular area, where they were approached by two beings 2m tall approached them with gestures. The couple got out of the car, and Bianca had the sensation was moving beneath her, and she felt as though she was intoxicated. The beings, who spoke in an incomprehensible language, took them up stairs into a large room full of instruments. There they were given headsets, one of the beings also donning on, and they heard a voice in Portuguese, saying she was "Karen" and telling them to calm down. Bianca was given a medical in which her ears, eyes and skin were all examined, and put in a sort of box, where she was stunned by a sort of electric shock. When she recovered she was in something that moulded to the shape of her body. Both were given a green liquid to drink, which had an unpleasant taste like a mixture of sugar and iodine. More beings appeared, including a tall, brunette woman with “clear eyes”. “Karen” told them that the strangers came from a world which had done away with old age and death, and to be doing medical research. They warned them not to talk, and offered to erase their memories, but the couple declined. Bianca was given a devise said to measure brain waves and through which she was continuing to communicate with “Karen”.
  • Bartholomew and Howard 1998, p364 (case167) + Hall 1988, pp99, 286 both citing La Nueva Province (Bahia Blanca, Arg) 17 September 1978 via Janet Thomas.

January 23 1976, 1805hrs.
Receptionist Shelley Barnes (17) was returning home from work when she became aware of a red light, like the rear light of a car, over Rumsworth Lodge Reservoir. After a few seconds it streaked towards her at about 1.5kpsecond and hovered low over the rooftops just ahead of her. She could now see that it was an octagonal shaped object, with a rounded underside and one dim red and one vivid amber light, which appeared to be shining from inside the object. These illuminated a metallic structure 6-7.5m wide. The amber light was steady, the amber light was flashing and there was a diffuse white glow around the thing’s rim, which disappeared as it tattled away at an angle and began rapidly spinning on its axis. Shelley heard no sound, though the object was only a few metres away. As it began to spin Shelley felt a peculiar grinding sensation in her lower tenth and, becoming absolutely terrified, fled from the scene, leaving the object still there. The observation lasted about 10 seconds . She later suffered from damage to her dental fillings, burns on her arm and side, a purple rash on her arm and shoulder and nausea. The family were later visited by two strange “investigators”. Some years later under hypnotic regression she recalled being on a bed in a strange place with a tall blond woman standing over her, pouring information into her head.
  • NUFON News 52, p8 + Jenny Randles in FSR 22, 1 p32 citing investigation by Arthur Tomlinson et al.
  • Bolton Evening News 24 + 27 January 1976.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p68.
  • Peter Hough in The Unknown February 1986, p57.
  • Randles 1988, p83 citing investigation by Harry Harris et al.

January 25 1976, 2000hrs.
A sheriff’s deputy, who wished to remain anonymous, and his family were out driving when they noticed an object in the sky and stopped the car and turned off the headlight to get a better look. It was an object the size of a semi-truck, in the centre of which was a bright light, and around the edge of which, multi-coloured lights were rotating. When the object came closer he was afraid hit was trying to catch them, and, finding himself unable to turn on the narrow road, began backing his car away from it. After travelling about 1.5km he was able to turn round. By this time the object was 3m off the ground, 100m away. As he turned the car around, the object moved off and was lost to sight behind trees in a small valley. He drove his family home and set off in a truck to search the back roads. On returning to the valley he saw a bright light rise swiftly and disappear from view.
  • UFO Investigator. May 1976 p1.

January 28 1976, 0010hrs.
Farmer Miguel Carrasco was walking down a dark lane on his way home from visiting his girlfriend when a powerful beam, coming from above, hit him. It seemed to come from some object hovering over head. He tried to run away but two tall thin beings emerged and then projected a beam at him, which blinded and paralysed him. He came to banging on his front door at 0230. A mark like a burn was on his cheek, which mark soon faded away and he was raving about “men from the stars” coming back.
  • Randles 1988, p174, citing Ballester and Fernandez 1987.

January 28 1976, 2300hrs.
Two farmers (a young man and his middle aged female cousin) were going to attend to the irrigation pump when, at a point 5km from Dargo, they observed what they thought was a shooter’s spotlight. As they drove closer they found that it was a brightly luminous object, floating in the air alongside the road, which as they drew level began to pace them at 70kph. For a 1.6km stretch, where the road ran through a deep cutting, they lost sight of the object, but it reappeared over the paddock by the side of the hill when they turned off the main road It reached the top of the hill before them and hovered above a gateway in the fence that boarded the track,. As the pair passed the thing, they saw it was about 2m in diameter, the colour of the full moon and had two horizontal projections, one on each side and two similar projections at 45 degrees from the vertical, on the underside. As they continued along the downhill stretch at 65-70kph, the object emitted a bright glare that lit up the area like day and kept pace with above the trees on the about 10m high right hand side bank. It followed them in this fashion until they reached and turned off the pump. At this point they became afraid that the object was closing in on them and drove out of the paddock as fast as possible. When they joined the highway, the object gave off another intense flash. After another car passed they were no longer able to see the object.
  • FSR 22, 3, p30, citing Australian UFO Bulletin May 1976.

January 29 1976 (approx. date)
A 7 year old boy saw an unidentified object in Hudson Park.
  • APRO Bulletin 25, 1, p3, citing Hudson Dispatch 27 February 1976.

January 29 1976, 2200hrs.
Country singer Johnny Sands (30) was driving on the Blue Diamond Road when he saw an unusual aircraft. He did not pay much attention to it as it paced his car for 5km. At this point his engine began to malfunction, so he pulled off the road and got out to see what was wrong. As he was checking the car, he saw the object “like a Goodyear Blimp”, 18m long, with a large circular ring mid section, hovering 300m above him. It also had circular windows about 3m diameter, 1.5m apart. The object was rusty-red in colour, with flashing red and white lights on the end. It moved slowly over the mountain to the south, lighting up the mountains and appearing to land.

Sands turned back to his car, then turned and looked up the road in the direction of his headlights and saw two figures approaching. He first feared they may be muggers, but as they got within 1 and 1.5m respectively, he saw they were perfectly bald beings with neither eyebrows not eyelashes, who had gill like protrusions, which moved rapidly all the time they stood there, on either side of their faces. They had small, black, deep set eyes with very white pupils. Their small mouths never opened and they had flat pug noses. After 10 minutes they walked away into the desert. After they had gone 45-60m they disappeared in a flash of light. During the 10 minutes the beings were with Sands, they asked him several questions about earth life and warned him not to talk about the episode. They seemed to talk from their bodies and their voices were very deep. They wore silvery overalls with a diagonal white strap around their shoulders. They were 1.7m or just under tall and their faces seemed extremely old. There was a positive polygraph test.
  • APRO Bulletin 24, 9.

February 1976. Night.
Mr L, a local government officer with some standing in the community, was lying in bed when a tall being dressed in a silvery suit. accompanied by a similar being a few centimetres shorter, with large, long, ashen grey coloured faces, long thin lips, long noses, narrow eyes with cat like pupils, and with only four digits on each hand, materialised in the room. The beings appeared worried, showed him a “U” shaped piece of plastic tubing and then invited him on board their craft. He was instructed to lie still on the bed, and felt himself become paralysed and then floating in space, and entered an object shaped like an inverted bathtub, which seemed to have a pulsating fluorescent glow. he next remembered being on a table in a large room, in an anaesthetised state, scarcely aware of his surroundings. Eight beings were around him in pairs and he was examined by an eye like structure, which was of red purple colour. His questions received brusque replies. He next found himself back in bed with the beings by his side of the bed. When they vanished a tingling sensation ceased. It appears that his wife was in the room at the time and noticed none of this. He later suffered from a pain at the base of his skull, behind his right ear, and in his abdomen. Medical complications led to the investigation being curtailed.
  • Jenny Randles in NUFON News 27 p8 + FSR 22, 6, p19 + Randles 1978, p12 + Randles 1993, p139 citing investigation by Graham Barker and Trevor Whittaker.

February 1976, 2300hrs.
A man and his wife had gone to bed in separate beds in the same room, and the wife was already asleep when the man put out his light when he saw the doorway darken. Three figures came through the closed door. One put its hand on the man’s leg, which went dead. Another tried to put a bag over the man’s legs, under the bedclothes. The man tried, without success, to rouse his wife, eventually throwing his cigarettes, lighter and ashtray at her. This roused her and she went to put on the bedroom light. At this the figures stepped over the man’s bed and went through the window, which seemed to burst open with an odd orange glow. The lady never saw the figures, but did see the stuff he threw on the floor.
  • Basterfield 1997 p70, 205, citing TUFOIC files.
  • Mark Moravec in Evans and Spencer 1987a, p299, citing Moravec 1981.
  • Evaluation: hypnogogic hallucination and/or microdream?

February 10 1976.
A 'close encounter of the 1st kind'. No further details.
  • Rath 1998, p48.

February 12 1976, 0510hrs.
Two men working on a power line saw an object with powerful red and green lights approaching them and then hovering over a local church. It was about 12m diameter, saucer shaped, with a shiny metallic surface. It flew off, returned and then flew off at speed.
  • Basterfield 1981, citing ACOS Bulletin 6, p17, citing TUFOIC files.

February 12 1976, 2330hrs.
Boutique operator Mrs Sandra Malfonado was driving home on the Vosenkill Road, north of Catskill, when, as she was going up a small rise, she saw a flashing red light directly ahead, which she thought was an aircraft in trouble, and then a helicopter. As she came up close she that it was an object that was as wide as the 7.5m wide road, hovering just above the telephone poles and trees. It was a domed object, surmounted by a tall mast like structure made of pylons, at the top of which was a sort of square box, with transparent sides, in which a red light revolved. This changed into a soft white light that illuminated the metal hull of the main object, which was shaped like an inverted bowl over a plate, the only external features of which were two intricately designed concentric circles. By now very frightened, Sandra accelerated away, going under the object to reach her home 3-4km away. The object t followed her, illuminating the area. Just before Sandra reached her driveway the light seemed to go out. She ran into the house but was unable to wake her husband. Through the window she watched the object drifting up and down Vosenkill Road for 30 minutes, its light going out when an aircraft approached and coming on again when it had passed. The object then drifted out of sight, apparently settling in a swampy area.
  • Harold Bates and Garry Levine in Skylook 100, p16, citing their own investigation.

February 15 1976, 1930hrs.
The passengers on a bus from Itapemirim to Rio, including Elvira Perreira dos Santos, saw an object emitting light beams of various colours, which appeared as if was about to collide with the bus and then took evasive action. Flames then appeared from the centre of this object and spread across the underside, which took on the appearance of an incandescent ball. This fiery ball began to fall towards the ground, but the rain extinguished its light before it hit. There were at least two other independent witnesses, Mr and Mrs J B da Silva, besides the bus passengers.
  • FSR 21, 6, p.iv, citing O Dia 18 February 1976.

February 15 1976, 2010hrs.
Francisco Calero (27), a bricklayer and Ignacio Perez Carmona (26), an agricultural worker, were driving to Cerena from Olivares, on Ignacio’s motorcycle, when, at km 7 from Cerena, 1km before the ruined tower “la Torre Mocha”, they were alarmed to see, no more than 5m from the highway, hanging stationary about 1m from the ground, a cigar shaped object about 30m long. They drove within 100m of this object, at which the cycle engine cut out. The two men could see a row of about 20 windows along the length of the object, lit by an intense vivid red light, which made it impossible to tell their exact shape. The duo managed to turn around and drove back to Olivares at high speed. When they had gone about a kilometre, Ignacio saw something in his driving mirror and then Francisco looked around and saw a vivid white light almost overhead, which continued to pursue them for 4-5km, until they were about 2km from Olivares. They were in a state of great panic when they reached the town. Both men were considered reliable.
  • Joaquin Mateos Nogales et al in FSR 22, 3, p31 citing their own investigation.

February 17 1976, 0400hrs.
Two men travelling in a truck from Tarraleah to Berridale were paced for three hours by a yellow-white dome shaped object, about 10- 16m in diameter, at a distance of 550-600m. When they stopped , the light shifted position, coming lower at 300m distance. When they tried to listen to the radio they found that it was filled with static. The thing was first seen 1km away at about 300m altitude. It was accompanied by a smaller orange object for the latter part of the sighting.
  • Basterfield 1997, p206 citing TUFOIC files.
  • Rodeghier 1981, p67, citing ACOS Bulletin June 1976.

February 17 1976hrs. 2215hrs.
Wayne Thorp and three friends noticed two orange lights moving quickly from the direction of the National Park, slowing as they went over the Mayden Range, then stopping. Even through binoculars they just appeared as large lights. After remaining still for about 10 minutes, the leading light dropped down in front of the range, above Fitzgerald, about 5km away, seeming to increase in size as it went down, but going out before it reached the ground, possibly going behind trees. The second light then went up and then out like a light being switched off.
  • Paul Jackson in MUFON UFO Journal 106, citing W. K. Roberts.

February 18 1976, 2030hrs.
Miss Charlotte Staples and Mrs Geneva Carruth, two employees of the Special Technical Facility for the deaf in Talladega were driving home on Hw 77, when Charlotte saw a light over the woods to the left. It was an oval object that remaindered her of a washtub and was illuminated with a peculiarly contained orange light. She slowed the car down to 8-16kph. The women first thought that the light was from an industrial plant, but they now saw a glow behind them and another object about 2-2.5m above the first and then two more appeared on the spot in front of them, like a light being turned on. The objects then glided out to the highway and came within 60-90m. There were no five objects coming towards the car, so that the now frightened women drove off at a speed of up to 130kph, at which speed the lights overtook them. When Charlotte tried to use her CB radio, she was unable to hear anything at all, not even static. The objects continued to pace the car at treetop height, until they reached Lincoln City limit at which the objects just disappeared. Both women were highly regarded by their employers.
  • Skylook 100, p12, citing Jerry Harris in Talladega-Sylacauga Daily Home 20 February 1976.

February 19 1976, 0200hrs.
A doorman at the Stonehenge Building, who wished to remain anonymous, observed an unusual figure near the original landing site. It appeared to be of normal height, was dressed in a coverall garment, had a light affixed to his head, and walked stiffly, bending over repeatedly, as if looking for something, He appeared to be carrying a bag. The headlamp, which stayed on all the time, illuminated the ground as he bent over, although he kept to the darker sections of the park. The doorman observed the figure for 20 minutes, both from the lobby and the driveway in the front of the building. The next evening, at the same time, another door Teofile Rodriguez, observed, on and off for two hours, a figure with alight on his head, bending down and searching the ground in the darkest section of the park. The next night, again at 0200, Rodriguez saw the same figure foraging in the park, and called the security guard Alberto Perez, who also saw the figure moving about near the flagpole 150m away. Unlike the doorman, he thought the light was hand held. The figure appeared to be moving slowly, as if wearing heavy boots.
  • Ted Bloecher and Budd Hopkins in FSR 22, 3, p6 citing own investigation.

February 19 1976, 2200hrs.
Mr A Walker and his wife saw two orange lights moving slowly, as if drifting, from the NE, appearing low as they passed in front of the Maydena Range over Fitzgerald. The two lights hovered side by side for two or three minutes, then one descended and other went up and away. It took about five minutes for the light to come to ground level, fading out as it reached the top of a clearing. The second light then went up and “just out”.
  • Paul Jackson in MUFON UFO Journal 106, p7, citing W. K. Roberts.

Late February 1976, 0100hrs.
A man was attending to a child when he looked out of his window to the east and saw what he thought was an aircraft coming down at a 45 degree angle. He could see a white beam from an edge like a landing light. He watched for a couple of minutes, then fearing an aircraft accident, went to see if he could be of assistance. The object came down behind a sporting oval opposite his house. The witness crossed the oval and climbed the bank, where saw, about 25m down the other side of the Little Oyster Creek Bank, a dome shaped object emitting a bright yellow-white light, through three or four windows, and heard a hum like that of an electric motor. This hum increased in volume as the object took off to the east, gaining elevation slowly, and then accelerating away at 60 degrees angle, receding to a point source and then disappearing. The object was dome shaped, with ribbing from the top, and around the base was a small ledge that had a short vertical side. Through the windows he saw a tall cylindrical object that reminded him of a ship’s compass mounting, and motionless grey shapes that vaguely resembled car seats with head rests. The next day the witness returned to the site and found that the rough grass beyond the oval had been scorched in a circular area. This grass later died and was replaced by a “tougher cutting grass”. When investigated in April 1977 this grass was much greener than the surrounding vegetation. Thermoluminescent analysis of the soil showed that it had neither been exposed to excess heat or radiation.
  • Keith Roberts and Geoff Stevens in FSR 24, 3, p18, citing their own investigation.
  • Basterfield 1980, citing ACOS Bulletin 10, p25, citing TUFOIC.
  • Chalker 1996, p161.

February 20 1976, 1900hrs.
A young man and woman saw unusual red lights in the sky. Then two flattened discs with three triangular lights came low over their car and maneuvered about for around 10 minutes. During this the car radio was filled with static. The two discs eventually flew off.
  • Rodeghier 1981, p67 citing MUFON.

February 24 1976.
A student fainted when he was touched on the shoulder by a humanoid 1.3m tall.
  • George Fawcett in Awareness 6, 1 p5.

February 24 1976, 2130hrs.
Mrs Jane Smith (28) was driving home alone from the Citizens’ Center in Exeter and was going along the west bound on-ramp of Route 101, when checking to see if the lane was clear for entry, she saw a strange lighted object hovering low over the east bound lanes, directly across from her intersection and stopped her car on the on-ramp to observe it. She first thought that it might be a helicopter but then realised that she was looking at a disc shaped object, the size of a small hour room house, hovering with its landing gear visible, about 3.5-4m above the road, with the edge closest to her directly above the centre lane. The thing’s surface was smooth but not shiny and was neither especially light nor dark. Around the thing were small hooded lights, which directed low intensity yellow beams downwards. The upper portion of the object was encircled by a silvery metallic rim, the underside was almost flat with black markings on the edge nearest Jane, but the rest of the underside was hidden either by the darkness or a tilt. From the outer portions of the underside, four evenly spaced legs, 1.5-1.65m long, 5 x 10cm in cross-section extended vertically downwards. On the end of each leg was a horizontal foot, with the same cross-section and 37cm long. The disc was surmounted by a dome, divided into distinct sections by dark bounding, these sections glowed yellow and gave the impression of being translucent, but Jane was unable to see the inside. The surface appeared to be made out of beaded glass, like that found on bathroom windows. On the left hand side of the dome was a steady red light, about 50cm in diameter. None of the lights was sufficiently bright to illuminate the area. Jane heard no sound and during the observation, which lasted about 2 minutes, she became increasing afraid and finally drove away in panic. When she arrived home at 2200, she was crying and shaking so much that her husband thought there had been an accident. Jane awoke, afraid, several times in the night and reported the sighting to the police and was still extremely nervous when the investigator arrived three days later.
  • Raymond Fowler and John Oswald in MUFON UFO Journal 115, p14, citing their own investigation.
  • UFO Investigator July 1976, p1.

February 25 1976, 1600hrs.
Five children from this village were playing on a nearby hill when they observed a metallic disc 8-10m wide, surmounted by a transparent cupola, land in a barley field. From the machine a being 2.3m tall, dressed in a black one piece suit from head to toe, emerged, took a few paces in the field then returned to the disc. Reporters found five large footprints, 40cm long, in the field.
  • FSR 22, 6, p27, citing La Voz del Galicia 27 February 1976, citing the Charles Fort Group in an undated issue of La Gaceta del Norte.

February 25 1976. Night.
A middle aged woman was driving on a country road Northwest of Nashville, when she encountered two humanoids who flashed a blue light at her before they sped away. The beings were very tall with large feet and no necks.
  • Skylook 100, p7, citing Associated Press citing investigation by CUFOS.

Spring 1976. 0235hrs.
Grace Thompson of Wheatland Lodge, unable to sleep, was sitting looking out of the window when she observed what looked like a beautiful star in the distance. When she looked up again, a second later, she saw the object come over the house opposite, just miss the telephone lines and hover over the 30cm deep snow for about 5 minutes. It was a top shaped object about 20m long, with a row of windows about a third of the way down. The entire surface of the thing gave off a brilliant yellow light, which made Grace’s eyes sore for days afterward. From a narrow tube about 40cm long in the centre of the underside was hung a black disc, 18m diameter and 50cm thick. After 5 minutes the whole contraption took off. The trees over which it hovered died.
  • W. K. Allan and Nellie Harwood in Canadian UFO Report 4, 1, p3, citing their own investigation.

March 1 1976, 2130hrs.
A woman living on one of the upper floors of the Stonehenge Apartment building glanced out of the window and saw a small sparkling object darting through North Hudson Park near the ground. The object darted to and fro around the deserted park, throwing out sparks to the left and right, going as far as the apartment house lawn in one direction and the lake in other, emitting red and yellow sparks.
  • Ted Bloecher and Budd Hopkins in APRO Bulletin 25, 1, p3.
  • Evaluation: this appears to be a story told at second-hand.

March 5 1976, 0315hrs.
At the family farm, 27km east of Grahamstown, Christopher Halse was awoken by a commotion among his dogs and saw a dazzling object apparently hovering 3m over his parents’ home 25m away. It grew brighter and dimmer at regular intervals and made a strange buzzing sound. He woke his parents and they watched the object until 0500, when it suddenly shot off into the distance and vanished.
  • Mike Viljoen in MUFON UFO Journal 114, p17, citing Contact South Africa, Durban branch.
  • Evaluation: the details suggest astronomical object low on horizon, later falling into earth’s shadow.

March 5 1976, 2125hrs.
A 23 year old woman, driving home, saw an oval object about 5m in diameter hovering at high altitude above the road. It then descended down to about 25m altitude. Around its circumference red and white lights were revolving. As she approached the object, her radio went off. The thing then shot up into the air and moved to the side of the road where it hovered and directed two lights beams towards the ground. The witness continued driving on, but her radio did not come back on until she had gone.
  • Falla 1979, p76, case 387 citing CUFOS News Bulletin June 1976.
  • Rodeghier 1981, p68, citing CUFOS files.

March 11 1976, 0605hrs.
Mrs L G saw an object, glowing with a red hue, hovering above her cowshed at an altitude of 30m. It had a dark rotating band around the centre and glassy cupolas top and bottom. No sound was heard. The woman suffered from a severe headache for some days afterwards.
  • Bertil Sonderquist in MUFON UFO Journal 109, p5.

Mid March 1976. 2200hrs.
A married couple driving home saw what looked like aircraft landing lights, they then saw that it was a group of five orange lights that paced their car on the right hand side. When a car passed on his other side, the driver dipped his headlights, at which they went off, though the parking light remained on . They then drove ion, stopping for the oncoming traffic; the orange lights being visible all the time, seeming to stop when they stopped. These lights finally veered to the north west and were lost to view. The observation lasted 30 minutes.
  • Basterfield 1997, p208, citing TUFOIC files.

Late March 1976   .
A number of people saw an unidentified object land on a former army tank depot.
  • NUFON News 28, citing MUFORA
  • Evaluation: this appears to be just a rumour.

March 20 1976, 2200hrs.
Farmer Arlindo Ferreira received second degree burns from the intense light of a strange object that flew over the area. He was taken to the town medical centre.
  • Richard Hall in MUFON UFO Journal 105, p19, citing Folha da Manha 25 March 1976.

March 22 1976, 0545hrs.
A couple form Murrurundi, returning from their holiday, were stopped in front of the post office, studying a road map, when their attention was caught by a small white car with its headlights on, coming towards them They got out, hoping to ask the occupants for directions when a bright green-yellow light descended on and completely enveloped the small car. The light disappeared and the car, now covered in a ball of thick haze, began to drift towards the wrong side of the road and stopped. After a couple of minutes the white haze disappeared and a lady got out of the car and began to wipe some stuff off it. The car lights, which had gone off, now came on of their own accord, so the woman threw the cloth away and began to drive off. As she passed they saw that the car was covered in white stuff all over. The cloth the woman had been using to wipe the car burst into flames when it was thrown away. The driver of a utility truck also saw this. At about the same time a woman living nearby saw a greenish yellow ball of light pass by at low altitude. The witnesses do not seem to have been located by the investigators.
  • Bill Chalker in FSR 22, 5, p28 + APRO Bulletin 25, 1, p6 + 25, 2, p1 + MUFON UFO Journal 108, p5 citing Northern Daily Leader, 8 April 1976.
  • Chalker in UFO Research Australia Newsletter 1, 1, p13.

March 23 1976.
A CE1 No further details.
  • Rath 1998 p43.

March 28 1976, 0030hrs.
Burton Woods (45) an employee of the Piper Aircraft Corporation and a deputy in the County Waterways Patrol, was awakened by a loud humming sound. He ran to the porch of his mobile home and saw a huge teardrop shaped object, 45-60m long and about 18m wide, gliding along at treetop level. It resembled a blimp with a dull metallic finish, with no openings or seams, and with a green glowing panel, 15m long, 6m wide, on the underside. One end of the object was flat, the other tapered. The sound, which resembled twirling rope, seemed to come from the top of the object. The tops of the trees appeared to be vibrating but there did not appear to be any downward force. As it hovered at 20m altitude, Woods ran and grabbed his camera, taking two photographs as the object rose to 120m and departed over the trees. The observation lasted 5 minutes. He did not awaken other members of the household. The photos, taken on an instamatic, turned out blank. Woods suffered from headaches, irritation of the eyes and fatigue for some days after the incident.
  • T Scott Crain Jnr in MUFON UFO Journal 117, p6, citing investigation by Joan Jeffers and Robert Cowell.

March 29 1976, 1915hrs.
10 children were walking home when they observed strange lights about 50m from the summit of 500m high hill to their front and west. They first thought that they were truck lights, but they appeared too large. The lights would disappeared and then reappear a great distance away. Sometimes only a single red light was seen, at other times two orange lights. They continued with this performance, moving faster than a truck or tractor for 15 minutes. The lights, which had the apparent diameter of a pea at arm’s length, then converted into a single large sphere, the angular diameter of the sun. It appeared and disappeared, first yellow and then red. The thing seemed to descend and then two small lights appeared, zigzagging at ground level. One of the children, an 11 year old girl, at a separate location from the others, observed the light land near the Teleajen River and then take off 5 minutes later, leaving a long smoke trail. The children reported the matter to their teacher, Balan Christian, who investigated the site and found a strange mark. He later suffered from a painful red swelling on the palm and fingers of his right hand and from headaches, after collecting a sample. An investigator found a round track of burnt grass 5cm wide, where dead grass had been burnt, as had the tops of the live grass. There was an extremely unpleasant odour about the burnt grass. The site marked glass films after 45 minutes, suggesting radio-activity.
  • Joe Brill in MUFON UFO Journal 107, p12, citing an anonymous first hand investigation.

March 29 1976, 2330hrs.
A bright light illuminated the trailer park west of here, and members of the Williams family heard a growling sound, and maybe saw a dark shape.
  • Sutherly 1996, p 145.

March 30 1976. Morning.
While en route to college, student Francisca Roseti da Silva (23) was followed and harassed by a luminous object with powerful rays. When she looked at the light she was almost completely blinded and didn’t have the strength to run away. However she managed to stagger to her back yard. She was hospitalised with burns and shock. Students at the Military Academy also reported a luminous object in the sky.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 105, p 19, citing Correio do Povo, 1 April 1976.

April 1976. 0100hrs.
A 7 year old boy awoke in the night and went to get a glass of water. At the foot of the stairs he saw first a disconnected silvery hand, then next to but not connected with it, a silvery figure with a blank face and arms held out in front of it “like Frankenstein”. When it took a step up the stairs the boy dropped his glass and fled to his mother. When she looked, the figure had gone. A few days previously, at 0200, he had been awakened by a feeling of being watched, and, looking round, saw an orange globe 5.7m across, 4.6m above the garden, which it illuminated with a yellow glow, and then saw it move away.
  • David Clarke in NUFON News 73, p4.

April 4 1976, 2155hrs.
Nancy Feener was standing looking through her glass storm door, overlooking the marshes, while waiting for the 2200 newsflash, in her house on the sparsely populated Town Farm Road. Without warning an intense luminous white mass appeared 450m over the marsh, 750m away. Nancy called to her husband Wayne and they watched as the object moved away along a narrow strip between two AF antennae stations. At the Jenson house, about 900m further along the road, on a driveway about 250m into the marshes, Mrs Ruth Jenson was sat watching a film on TV when a brilliant light flooded in from the window overlooking the marshes. Looking out Ruth saw, through the trees, a horizontal string of four red-orange lights. Despite the lack of sound and the normal aircraft interference on her TV, Ruth thought they were aircraft lights and resumed her viewing. When she causally glanced out of the window a few moments she was surprised to see that the lights were still hanging motionless in the same place. Ruth turned down the TV and went to look. Going outside and rounding the corner of the house, she encountered four distinct ovals, the red colour of fiery coals, which appeared to be on an object, which she was unable to distinguish in the dark, hovering 15m above the marsh. Unnerved, she returned to the house, and continued to observe through the window. The lights changed simultaneously from red to white. She left off her watch in order to answer the phone and when she returned moments later the object had left without trace.
  • Ray Fowler in Official UFO 1, 11, p47, citing his own investigation.

April 7 1976   
A woman from Truro was abducted by an unidentified object. No further details.
  • Venetta Chouinard in Pembroke (Ontario) Observer 17 Aug 1977.

April 10 1976, 0530hrs.
A duck hunter from King Island, who wished to remain anonymous, was parked at a deserted coastal spot near Whistler Point, waiting to shoot the ducks along the shore at first light. After being parked for 10 minutes he noticed what looked like a headlight moving across the brow of a hill 800m to the west, in a spot where the terrain would not permit free movement. There was no sound and he gained the impression that some sort of object was behind the light. When the light began to move towards him, he saw that it was on a cross shaped object, the size of, or smaller than, a light aircraft. It was travelling nose down, following the terrain. As it approached the thing projected an inverted cone of bright orange light downwards at an angle from its front. This cone was defined by brighter shafts at its extremities and front centre, interspersed by broken dimmer shafts. Fearing that the object was being attracted by his car, the shooter went to the other side of the small hill to watch the object’s approach. At its nearest approach, the cone appeared to be 30m across and 60m from its base to its source. The object continued its forward approach for a minute or less and then reversed, moving back along the direction from whence it had come, disappearing into the skyline. The hunter remained at the spot until dawn but was too unnerved to do any shooting.
  • Canadian UFO Report citing a clipping from an unspecified King Island newspaper, 14 April 1976.

April 12 1976, 2300hrs.
A woman in bed heard a whistling noise and then saw outside, a large black sphere, with a periphery of white light, some 9-12m across, which approached and stopped by a fence. Her mother then noticed an orange cloud effect and then the object, which vanished. Then, with two other witnesses, they saw a pulsating ball of orange light, receding north-east, trailing white vapour. An area of long grass, 30m x 13.5m, in a nearby paddock was swept in an outside direction, and four marks, which looked as if they had been made by plate size pods, were noticed.
  • Basterfield 1981, citing ACOS Bulletin 7, p9.
  • Bill Chalker in UFO Research Australia Newsletter 1, 1 p 13.

April 13 1976.
Five backpackers encountered a 1.5m tall hairy female humanoid figure.
  • Clark 2012, p226.

April 18 1976. Night.
Sandra Larson (qv) was again taken from sleep, floated into a hovering object and placed on an examination table with wires on her head. She was later returned to her bedroom.
  • Peters 1977, p59, citing talk by Jerome Clark in MUFON Symposium at Ann Arbor 1976.

April 21 1976. Night.
RCMP Constable Bill Toffan was patrolling on Highway 16 west of Terrace when he observed what he thought was a vehicle with flashing lights on the road ahead of him. As he got closer he saw it was some kind of object hovering just above the road. When he drew abreast of this aerial object, there was a blinding flash, which caused him to almost lose control of the car. He got out, fearing a light aircraft had crashed but was unable to find anything. He was ordered not to discuss the incident.
  • FSR 22, 3, p30, citing Vancouver Sun 26 April 1976.
  • Canadian UFO Report 3, 8, iii.
  • Magor 1977, p195.

April 21 1976, 2230hrs.
A 23 year old woman, driving a pickup truck through marshland near Stacy, saw a greenish light to the side of the road and stopped on a bridge to observe it. The 3.5-4.5m diameter light was pulsating and coming towards her, eventually passing over her at 100-120m and then climbing vertically up and disappearing. While the thing was near her CB radio developed static.
  • Rodeghier 1981, p68, citing CUFOS files.

April 22 1976, 2300hrs.
George W Wheeler (71) a police officer for some 30 years, and relief police officer for Elmwood, noticed an orange glow on top of Tuttle Hill, east of Elmwood. Suspecting a fire he drove up to investigate. When he reached the top, he saw, 150m away and 30m above the ground, between a limestone quarry and a farmhouse an object with six windows that emitted blue–white light, through which he could see shadows as if someone were moving about inside. In the middle of the side facing him was a sort of open panel in which a mechanism with finlike parts was revolving slowly. These lights and panel were on a band in the centre of a flattened oval 75m long, the height of a two story building, portholes being on either side of this panel. The object itself was rounded top and bottom, the rounded areas being of a silvery colour. The object was surmounted by a dome giving off an orange-white light. Between the mid-section and the dome were two raised knobs and a third knob was located beneath the panel. From the main body of the thing, projections like legs or landing gear were extended, and a long black hose extended down at a slight angle from the middle of the underside, the end of which was obscured by trees.

George carefully observed the object and radioed the sheriff’s department at Elmwood describing what was happening. After 45 seconds he was startled to see the object beginning to rise up at very high speed. At the same time there was a bluish flash and his car lights, radio and engine went dead and there was a whooshing sound. At that point George lost consciousness and he next remembered being asked if he needed help by dairy farmer David Moots, who had been concerned to see the patrol car stopped, blocking one lane and feared that George had suffered a heart attack. David was followed on the scene by the police chief and Mrs Wheeler. George had called out over the radio that he had been hit. When George had first mentioned the object, Mrs Wheeler had called Paul Frederickson, the administrator of the Elmwood Nursing Home, whose porch overlooked the hill to go and look at the hill. He saw hemispherical orange light. He went back to the phone and then roused his wife, but when they went back to the porch the light had gone. A local resident reported that her TV had gone out at that time and two children said that when they returned home, the dogs didn’t greet them, but sat barking for a long time. The incident was also observed by a Mrs Wergland, whose TV also went off. George suffered from prolonged severe headaches and nightmares and later developed complete amnesia about the incident. The car’s spark plugs and points were burned completely out.
  • Lorenzen 1976, p1 + APRO Bulletin 24, 10, p1, both citing investigation by Dr J. Bostrack and Robert Pratt.
  • Essex UFO Study Group Journal 1, 5, p8, citing Robert Pratt in National Enquirer 29 June 1976 + Midnight 12 July 1976.
  • UFO Investigator September 1976, p3.
  • Blum 1990, p174.

April 23 1976, 1950hrs.
Mrs J K was watching TV when the set failed, giving only the sound of static, and white dots on a black screen. Her husband, listening to a ball game on the radio in the bedroom also found his programme drowned out. After some time Mrs K went out to investigate and found a solid white “cloud” with sharp edges on or just above the ground in her yard, behind a tree, lit up by a street light. The general weather was clear and starry. The cloud then moved towards her, at the same time as neighbours dogs began barking. The thing went overhead, at which she felt giddy and then it began raining and a 12m tree bent as if caught by a terrific wind, though Mrs K felt none. The cloud then dispersed and she saw steady red and green lights moving soundlessly to the north. Then she could only see the red light, which was hovering, over the hill from whence the cloud had come. Later the area where it had hovered showed abnormally fast growth of grass and weeds.
  • Vallee 1991, p101 citing his own investigation.

April 29 1976.
A police dispatcher was approached in her car by a white glowing object, which was below treetop height, as she was passing a disused NIKE site. As the thing was about to pass her, it changed to blue and disappeared almost instantaneously.
  • Raymond Fowler in Official UFO 1, 1, p.48.

April 30 1976 1720hrs
Three people saw a pointed object, tearing a channel through the ice, as it travelled at 90kph. It cut a channel 1km long and 3-4m wide through the ice; ice flows and water cascading around it. The object was dark, perhaps grey and about 10m long.
  • Richard Hall in MUFON UFO Journal 108, p11,citing Bertil Soderquist
  • Janet and Colin Bord in The Unexplained, p1625.

May 1976 (approx. date). Night.
A man saw two beings dressed in silvery suits in a paddock by the railway station. He first thought they were sheep rustlers, but when he got within 100m he saw that they had long arms that tapered to points rather than ending in hands. He fled the scene.
  • Dykes 1981, p129.

May 1976 (or March 1978). Night.
A woman saw a bright silvery figure in her garden. It cast neither shadow nor reflection on the ground. The next night it appeared at her French window and looked in the house. This figure was illuminated by an intense light, which lit up the room, and had two eyes that seemed to emit beams of light. Her husband ran into the garden to confront the figure but nothing could be seen, though there was no time for anyone to escape. Their normally aggressive dog did not react to this figure at all.
  • NUFON News 173, p 14.

May 1976. Late evening.
Jan Molloy and her friend Alison were walking along the front towards the pier on their way home from work when they heard a roaring noise above them. Looking up they saw a conical object, the size of a small aircraft, coming towards them. Flashing lights on its underside illuminated the surroundings. As the two women ran away, they had the experience of running through an old churchyard wearing crinoline dresses. There was a mist, burning smell and flashing lights. Alison screamed and brought them back to reality. While in the “churchyard” Alison had seen a 1.8m tall, thin being with a large head and three fingered hands. Though the incident seemed to last only a few seconds, they found that three hours had elapsed.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a, p77, citing their own investigation.

May 2 1976, 2115hrs.
Butcher, Dominique Menuge (20 or 21) was driving his car at the cross roads, turning on to the L’Etang road, when he caught sight of about fifty little men standing in a field to his left quite close to the road, in the beam of his sidelight. They were erect, green and frog like, the green either being their skin or very tight fitting suits. Their hands and feet were webbed, their heads were frog like, and appeared to be covered in masks or helmets which revealed two large red eyes, 10cm or so in diameter, which resembled traffic lights. They were about 1.15m tall, and fairly corpulent. The beings stood perfectly still, some facing him, some in profile. They had nothing in their hands. Frightened, Menuge backed off, and as he did so, he saw another, identical, little man in the bushes 3-4m away. He arrived home very shaken and had a bad night.
  • FSR 22, 6, p21, citing M. Spingler in LDLN 160. citing own investigation.

May 11 1976, 0615hrs.
A middle aged lady, Mrs Kent, was taking a pair of tights to her daughter who lived close by, before going to work. As she passed a grassed over slag heap, 23m high, she noticed a spherical object partly obscured by the side of the hill. The sphere was perfectly smooth, and was of a silvery colour, like metal reflecting the sun. From the centre of the object a beam of light pored down the road. To the left of the sphere was a small figure (though apparently taller than the sphere), standing perfectly still, like a statue. The figure resembled a mannequin, dressed all over in silver, with a cloak that had pointed lapels at the top, broad sleeves, and a pointed hat. Its arms hung down by its side. Owing to the glare from the rising sun, reflected on his suit, Mrs Kent was unable to make out any facial features. When she returned from her daughter’s five minutes later, the figure was still there and she was sufficiently unnerved that she went home on a different route. When she passed the hill again at 0640 on her way to the bus to work, the figure had gone. No definite traces were found, as the grass had been recently cut. Mrs Kent thought the sphere was about the size of a room.
  • NUFON News 25, p8 + Randles and Warrington 1979 p139 + Jenny Randles in FSR 22, 3, p27 citing investigation by MUFORA.

May 31 1976, 0200hrs.
A 17 year old unemployed youth was listening to the radio when the set began to develop static, and the family Alsatian dog started barking. he went to the porch to see what was the matter with the dog, when, through a window looking onto the back lawn, he saw, about 10m away, a humanoid looking figure 1.65-1.75m tall, with normal arm and leg proportions, dressed in a silvery one-piece suit and white boots, with a visor like object over its head. Strapped to its chest was a box 30cm square on which was a symbol like a vertical figure “8”. As the youth walked towards the back door, still indoors, the figure bent down and patted the dog. The dog, on seeing its master approaching, barked, whereupon the figure looked up, said something to the dog in a garbled language and moved towards the youth, who immediately fled back inside. The figure then took to the air, though the witness could see no sign of propulsion, and entered a cigar shaped object, which had been hovering over a line of nearby trees. Three days later the boy’s mother found some yellowish indentations in the lawn that resembled footprints, which disappeared in a week or two. Nothing remained of these traces at the time of the investigation several months later.
  • Basterfield 1980, citing investigation by UFOR (SA).

June 1976 (approx. date). Night.
Thelma Govier and a friend were walking along Bourne Road when they saw a bright light in the sky coming towards them. They first thought that it was an aircraft, but it halted at about 2-25m altitude. It seemed to have a sort of cockpit with vertical windows, from which came a dazzling white light and through which she could vaguely see figures standing at waist high consoles. The object then moved out of view. Several cars stopped and their drivers got out to look at the thing.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a, p 80, citing their own investigation
  • Evaluation: this was only reported thirtuy years or so after the event. One would have thought such a thing would have got into the press at the time.

June 3 1976, 2155hrs.
Two people out driving saw a silvery or chrome coloured disc in the sky and followed in their car as it changed direction erratically. During this their radio was filled with static. The thing eventually left at high speed.
  • Rodeghier 1981, p68.

June 9 1976.
A hiker saw what looked like a band of gypsies emergence from an unidentified object near Echo Lake. The object and people had gone the next morning.
  • Bob Rickard in Fortean Times 18, p16 ,citing Jerome Clark citing Leonard Stringfield.

June 11 1976, 0130hrs.
Miss Helen Giulana (or Giuliana) (20), a town hall employee at Hostum, where she lived with farming parents, was returning to Hostum from Romans, after going to the pictures at Valence. Just after she crossed the bridge at a place called “Le Martinet” her car began to lose speed. She got out, examined the tank, then contemned her journey. The engine kept failing, then stopped, and her headlights went out. 15m in front of her car, she saw a strange luminous orange mass standing on the road. She was afraid it would kill her and covered her eyes. When she dared look again the object had gone. Terrified, she drove home, but had to go the long route, because she had missed her turning. This route would normally have taken 30 minutes, but when she arrived home it was 0400. Under hypnosis she recalled two dwarfs opening the car’s left hand door and carrying her toward a light. She entered the craft through an iron door. The dwarfs came up to her waist and were dressed in dark overalls, had big eyes and were “sickly looking”. She was taken into a high, round room, where there were white, red and yellow lights and where everything was made of iron, They put her on a table, strapping her hands and feet, and put a sort of napkin on her forehead. One of the dwarfs traced circles on her sweater with a device that resembled an electric light. She then found herself outside the machine, which had three legs and was 3m long.
  • Jean Bastide in MUFON UFO Journal 104, p6 + Canadian UFO Report 4, 1, p10.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 107, p14, citing Andre Nevola and Stephane Day in Nostradamus 230, citing their own investigation.
  • Steiger 1978, p152.

June 12 1976, 2355 hrs.
Prison guard Dennis Craigen (28) and his girlfriend were out driving when he saw a light, the size of a car, descend behind some trees ahead and to the side of the road. When Dennis drove past he could not see anything. As he approached his house another light materialised, flew towards his car, abruptly turned and went back towards his house. A third light suddenly appeared in the air, like a light being turned on, and moved towards the second light, both hovering over his house. Dennis and the girl watched these lights for a few minutes before he turned around and headed for the OPP detachment in Newburgh. As he drove he saw a fourth light heading south at 60m altitude, at a speed of about 80kph. The lights were spherical, red and changed direction in one quick movement. They ascended and descended silently at speeds from 50-95kph, getting more brilliant as they rose and dimmer as they descended.
  • UFO Pulse Analyser 1, 1, p12.

June 13 1976.
Bill Holmes and members of his family observed a top shaped object, too brilliant for any details to be observed, hovering at treetop level and then apparently descending into a barley field near their house. While the object was hovering, the animal sounds abruptly ceased and the air was still. Large scorched areas, which had not been there before, were found in the barley field.
  • UFO Pulse Analyser 1, 1, p11.

June 13 1976 (approx. date). 2215hrs.
Mr and Mrs Clarkson and a friend were driving on the A518 between Haughton and Gnossal, on a June Sunday, coming back from a day trip to North Wales. They had their headlights on and Mr Clarkson had slowed down to negotiate a bend on a bridge but before they reached it a large circular object emerged from behind a hedge and rose over the car. The thing was dark, silent, about 9m in diameter, with numerous lights alongside the underside perimeter. These orange lights were not even bright enough to illuminate its underside properly, but they did give off a faint orange luminosity. The observation lasted less than 10 seconds. No effects were noted.
  • Martin Keatman in BUFORA Journal 8, 1, p19 + NUFON News 52, citing his own investigation.

Mid June 1976. Afternoon .
A group of schoolboys saw something like a stick man, black with a round head, jolting along without making any noise, 150m away, behind a hedge. No investigation took place.
  • Nigel Watson, citing Philip Hudson.

June 20 1976.
A CE2 No further details.
  • Rath 1998, p38.

June 20 1976. Night
A teenager couple and their baby were driving from Ohio to Colorado, when on the western border of Kansas they saw three, then four, then a single unidentified object pass overhead and later found that they could not remember 90 miles of driving and experienced missing time. Under hypnosis they recalled an object like two deep plates rim to rim, 12m high, 40-50m across. Below the thing’s rim were two clockwise rotating rings. They were taken on board by three 1.65m tall, helmeted beings who moved the couple from room to room in a courteous manner. They later had unusual marks on their bodies and paranormal experiences.
  • International UFO Reporter 1, 2, p7, citing investigation by Richard Sigismonde.
  • Evaluation: probably highway hypnosis, with later hypnotic confabulation.

June 21 1976, 0040hrs.
Police officer Th. Brandt-Jensen saw a bright blue-white light cross the road behind him. He first thought that it was an aircraft trying to crash land on the road and sped up to 150kph to a crossroads, where he could pull off the road. The object came within 50-75m of him, and as its light struck his car, its motor and lights died. B-J was able to coast the car onto the hard shoulder. The light from the object illuminated the road. B-J got out and was able to see, before the thing disappeared behind the terrain, that it was shaped like a glider, and that the only sound it made was a slight whistling, also like a glider. The object appeared to be about 15m long. It passed over his car, swinging a ray of light back and forth, at over 100kph and then slowed down to 20-30kph.
  • Richard Hall in MUFON UFO Journal 113, p14, citing UFO-NYT 5/76 + SUFOI Newsletter 76/2-77/1, p7.
  • Evaluation: it looked like a glider, acted like a glider and sounded like a glider, so that is what it probably was.

June 21 1976, 0100hrs.
Mrs Valerie Baker and her husband, a retired couple, were out driving when they observed an elliptical metallic blue object, about 9m in diameter, without lights, hovering in the air two blocks from their home. They stopped to watch the thing and flashing lights at its rear and a humming sound came on. As the object moved off, they followed it to a deserted wooded area, where it crossed the road in front of them, at which the car stalled, and landed in a pasture. There the couple saw lights moving about. Mr Baker, a volunteer fireman and St John’s Ambulance trainee, wanted to investigate, but Valerie was afraid, so they drove off when the car could be restarted. Later Mr Baker went back with a flashlight but the thing had gone. The next day he found a circular scorched patch in the pasture.
  • Letter from Valerie Baker in Canadian UFO Report 4, 3. p22.

June 22 1976, 2130hrs.
Dr Francisco-Julio Padre Leon, the town doctor of Guia was a passenger in a taxi driven by Francisco Estevez, along with Santiago del Pino, who had called for him, to make urgent visit to the latter’s mother. As they rounded a bend, they saw about 60m from them a perfect sphere marked by a very beautiful grey-blue periphery. The radio suddenly cut out and the driver and his passengers felt an extreme cold. The surface of the sphere, which was hanging 2m above the ground not more than 50m away, was transparent like a soap bubble, so that they could see the stars through it. Inside the sphere, which was the diameter of a two story house, they could see a sort of silver coloured platform on which were some rounded panels and two figures. These figures were 2.8-3m tall, wearing black divers helmets and tight fitting clothing made of a peculiar shade of red. Their hands appeared encased in large, black, conical gloves. They were facing each other, in profile to the witnesses, operating levers with their hands. The back part of their heads seemed disproportionately large.

When, after about 20 minutes, the driver switched on his large spotlight, the sphere began to rise, until it was level with the roof of a nearby house. The trio then saw a transparent tube inside the sphere , from which a bluish gas was emerging and surrounding the sphere, which expanded until it was the size of a twenty story building. The beings, platform and panels all retained their original size. The terrified party then turned around and drove to one of the nearby houses, where they sought refuge. Their hosts said their TV had just blacked out. Now joined by the occupants of the house, they went to the window to continue watching the sphere. The gas inside the sphere had now stopped moving and its diameter had stabilised. The object then gave off a high pitched whistle and shot away towards Tenerife, changing into a spindle shape, surrounded by a large vivid white halo as it did so. Only minutes before the sighting the crew of the corvette “Atrevida” off the South East coast of Fuerteventu observed an object which ejected a vivid yellow-blue halo before splitting in two, the upper part streaking away. The object was seen all over the Canary Islands , and in the southern part of Gran Canaria a civilian took 36 photographs of a Saturn shaped object. There was an official enquiry.
  • J. M Sanchez in FSR 23, 3, p4 citing J. J,. Benitez, citing an unofficial military document summarising twelve UFO cases.
  • FSR 22, 6, p27, citing ABC 26 and 27 June 1976.
  • FSR 22, 4, p.iii.
  • Evaluation: misperception of US naval missile launch (see BUFORA Bulletin NS 10, p6.

Summer 1976. 0500hrs.
A woman was sat at her kitchen table by the window when she heard a loud hum, like an electric motor, and saw a large black object, like one disc inverted over another, with bright lights around its central rim. The thing was flying slowly, just above the height of the telephone poles and the witness was able to follow its progress through three windows and by going out of doors as the thing disappeared behind houses and trees three blocks away.
  • Journal UFO 1, 3, p7.

Summer 1976. 1900hrs.
A couple and their friend were in the couple’s garden when they observed a bright bullet shaped object, 60cm tall, 20cm thick, emitting a pulsating orange light, on a picket fence some distance away. It would brighten and then dim, sometimes almost fading away. When it brightened the thing emitted a high pitched sound. They observed this for two hours before approaching. When they did so the object just disappeared.
  • Swords 2005, p177 citing John Timmerman.

Summer 1976 (approx. date)  Night.
In the St John’s area, Trevor Jones was disturbed by cats fighting as he was getting ready for bed. Looking out of his window he saw an object moving just above the rooftops. It was a dark, rusty brown object with a circle of white lights. It front part was curved, the rear flat and curving inwards. After a few minutes the thing became transparent, though its out edge was still discernible.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a, p88, citing their own investigation.

Summer 1976. 2130hrs.
Susan Meredith of Tunnel Hill was bringing in the washing, when she noticed lights behind her. Looking round she saw a bright, silvery, disc shaped object, surmounted by a dome hovering near the roof of a neighbouring house. The thing, which was about the size of a small car, moved towards her and then went behind the wall of her house and disappeared. No traces were visible the next morning.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a, p89, citing their own investigation.

Summer 1976. Night.
David Kingston was skywatching on Cley Hill, when he saw three luminous spheres manoeuvre around for three hours. One of them passed overhead at 10m altitude and descended into a field. A circle of flattened grass about 10m in diameter was found at the site.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a, p96, citing their own investigation.
  • Evaluation: This account was not reported for 30 years or so. There is no contemporaneous report to back up a story linking UFOs at Warminster to crop circles. Probable false memory.

Summer 1976. 2350hrs.
A woman driving home from work had a curious feeling of being watched. Her radio then developed static and eventually failed and the car became sluggish. Looking up she saw that her car was being paced, at telephone pole height, by a large domed disc, which started and stopped and changed speed with her. Her watch had also stopped. The object then hovered directly ahead, spun anticlockwise to the right of her car. It then flipped backwards and disappeared. Everything then returned to normal, except for the watch, the battery of which was dead.
  • Swords 2005, p88, citing John Timmerman.

July 1976. Pre dawn.
Mr D. A., a groundsman, was cutting grass on the practice fairway when a grey object 15m high, flashing red and green lights, and with a golden band around the centre and three spheres on its underside, landed, and three figures emerged. They went under the object and the witness heard banging. The figures then returned to the object, which took off. Three circular depressions were left in the fairway.
  • Don Worley in Earthlink 4, 2, p3, citing own investigation.

July 1976 (or following month) Day.
A young boy was walking down Coed-On Road, when, as he passed a gate, he saw something strange in the field. Climbing on the gate, he saw it was a huge silvery dome shaped machine resting on four small legs. Around the object were oblong windows, curving round the edge. Leading from the object were a steps down which a group of beings about 1.55m tall, with round heads, large pointed ears and large circular eyes, descended. They wore silvery suits and their hands and feet seemed claw like. When a barking dog ran up to them, one of the beings pointed a long object with buttons on it, at the animal, then lowered it. The beings conversed amongst themselves making sounds like birds chirping. They seemed to see the boy and one of the beings turned his “gun” towards the hedge. A red ray emerged with a hissing sound, and inside this ray was a bell shaped thing that fell to the earth after travelling 6m. When the ray struck it, the hedge turned black without smouldering or burning. As the lad jumped down from the gate, the beings chirped again and hurried back into the object. The steps were retracted and the object shot away. The next the boy found a large number of three-toed footprints in the sand.
  • Randles and Whetnall 1981, p84 citing own investigation.

July 1976. 0200hrs.
Diane Samat awoke to feelings of great cold and panic, and saw the figure of a tall, gaunt, brown skinned woman with untidy grey hair, lit up from the inside, standing by the door. Diane rubbed her eyes but the figure remained and approached and attempted to strangle her, before moving away and turning back with a “sneer” on its face. Diane believed she received a telepathic message “Now you will believe in ghosts”. Her Malaysian husband believed it was his jealous grandmother.
  • Holder 2010, p47, citing Moss 1977 and Lamont 1980.
  • Evaluation: a classic case of extreme aware sleep paralysis.

July 1 1976, 2325hrs.
A 50 year old shopkeeper and his wife heard a sound like a vacuum cleaner and saw a red oval object descend into a field from an altitude of 30m. 35 minutes later the object took off, moved over a tree and landed again. Numerous other people observed the first descent. Investigators found an oval patch of ground 8m by 4.5m, which had been denuded off grass three days later, but this was probably done by cattle. Samples were taken.
  • NUFON News 35/6, p4, citing investigation by Miles Johnson et al
  • Evaluation: possibly a balloon?

July 4 1976 (or following year) Late night.
Two people turning into a campsite saw a reddish light, which they first thought was another camper’s fire, and then realised it was a white sphere, between a golf ball and a baseball in size. It seemed to slowly float along, but its light kept appearing and disappearing in different places, without any apparent motion. It approached in this fashion, going just 60cm -1m above their heads.
  • Swords 2005 p27 citing John Timmerman

July 6 1976, 0140hrs.
A group of people on the 10th story of a building on Calle Carlos VII observed a huge red object, with a greater apparent diameter than the full moon, in the north, as if it had just emerge from the sea. It moved up and down once or twice and then disappeared to the south, becoming an oval with a yellow-orange periphery.
  • FSR 22, 6, p28, citing La Gaceta del Norte 14 July 1976.

July 7 1976.
A person returning home noticed a round light with a yellow centre and pale yellow edge close behind him, 7m up and 10m away. After a bend was turned the object was no longer there.
  • Basterfield 1981 citing ACOS Bulletin 19, p9, citing TUFOIC files.

July 10 1976, 0100hrs.
Five young professional photographers in their twenties arrived at the mountain summer chalet owned by one of them and were photographing some of the rooms when they heard a sound like heavy breathing, or an animal panting, outside. At 0500hrs Manuel Linares was awakened by noises and alerted the others, and all heard the deep heavy breathing accompanied by a whistling sound which reminded them of car brakes being rapidly applied. Three of the party ran to a window at the end of the corridor. Through the window, they saw, standing by a tree, a huge figure, taller than the tree, with huge luminous eyes, below which everything appeared black, as if hidden by something. They ran to get axes and machetes, but when they returned the creature had gone. They then went back to sleep, leaving Manuel on watch. As he stood guard he was suddenly assailed by a terrific heat, followed by a smell of sulphur, while something outside was hammering on the doors and walls. Looking through a slit in the shutter, Manuel saw a huge figure, silhouetted in the moonlight. He turned off the lights and roused the others. At 0900hrs they heard the hammering again, this time on the roof, but nothing could be seen when they went to investigate. They then drove away as fast as possible
  • Miguel Peyro et al in FSR 23, 2, p31, citing their own investigation.

July 12 1976. Night.
Three 14 year old boys from Savanna on a camping trip notice the air getting warmer and saw, hovering over the trees, three objects shaped like two white saucers placed together, with rotating blue-green lights in the mid-section, and a dazzling bright red light on top and a beam that seemed to search the woods. They made no sound except for a “whooshing when they rose up from the trees. Two of the objects flew out of sight and the third disappeared in the treetops. The next night the boys returned with a camera and attempted to take photographs when they observed two red lights coming down the side of the mountains, among the trees. They first thought that they were coon hunters with torches, until the lights rose above the treetops.
  • APRO Bulletin January 1977, p1, citing Ken Milam in McAlester Democrat 15 July 1976.

July 13 1976, 1930hrs.
Two nursing sisters were driving in a Kombi van, following a woman friend who was driving a motorcycle. The van driver suddenly saw the woman on the bike veer off the road, then noticed a light coming towards them. This light followed the bike rider as she skidded into a ditch. It then swung in front of the now stopped van and was lost to view. The light was white, about 1m diameter and silent. At the time they had turned the radio off because of static. The next day the van was difficult to start and minor ignition and electrical problems continued for some time.
  • Basterfield 1981 + 1997, p208, citing ACOS Bulletin 8, p15, citing Victoria UFO Research Society files.

July 13 1976, 2200hrs.
Landscape gardener James Watt from Bonnyrigg, Midlothian was on holiday in the mountains with his wife and children. On this quiet still night they saw what they thought were the lights of a plane coming from the coast. As the thing got closer, they saw it was a large round object, which emitted a yellow light. It seed to float silently away across a valley. In direct line of where the object was going, two furrows were found in a valley in Nice, 40km away.
  • Shuttlewood 1979b, p106, citing Daily Express (Glasgow edition) 20 July 1976.

July 15 1976 (approx. date) 0530hrs.
Mrs Margarita Cagigas (28) and her neighbour Miguel Angel Ruiz Samperio were on their way to work in Treto, when they saw a giant over 3m tall, wearing shining, dark brown clothes and something like a silvery disk on its head. The being, which paid no attention to them, seemed to be moving above the ground “flying as a bird does” Owing to their rear view they were unable to make out any details.
  • FSR 22, 4, piii citing ABC 18 July 1976 + Correo de Zamora 18 July 1976.
  • George Fawcett in Awareness 6, 1, p5, says being entered a hovering object.

July 15 1976, 2115hrs.
A red object the apparent diameter of the sun was seen, and the lights of the car were affected for a minute before the object accelerated rapidly away.
  • Basterfield 1997, p208, citing UFO Research South Australia files.

July 18 1976, 2345hrs.
Charles Gilpin, his wife, 8 year old son and baby were driving home in their pickup truck when their attention was drawn to something hovering above the road. They stopped the truck and were unnerved to see that the thing was a disc shaped object about 25m in diameter. As they watched the object approached until it was hovering less than 10m above the truck. Frightened, they now tried to back away, but the truck began swaying all over the road. Finally Charles managed to turn it around and began to drive away. Though the speedometer read 135kph, judging by the slow passage of the scenery (and by a subsequent test drive over the spot), he was sure that he was going no more than 25kph, and they felt that the object was pulling them back in some way. After they had gone 400m the object overtook the truck, Charles’s arms were sore from holding onto the steering wheel. They had now reached the drive of their farmhouse and the object seemed to let go of the truck, which leapt forward. Mrs Gilpin and the children ran into the farmhouse, where the object moved over the rooftop, so close that they could hear a humming sound and feel a breeze coming off it. Meanwhile Charles felt frozen into his truck and unable to join his family. When the object moved away, the family restarted their journey. Nearing gravel Switch they saw 18 people standing outdoors and watching the object as it moved across the farmlands at low level and disappeared into the distance.
  • Stringfield 1978b, p222, citing his own investigation.
  • Rick Barr in Official UFO 2, 6, p38 citing an undated issue of Lebanon Enterprise.

July 20 1976 (approx. date) 1500hrs.
D. S (8) was walking down Coed-on Road, a quiet lane, when he noticed something silvery in a field and went to investigate. In the field was an elongated silver oblong with a tailpiece, resting on four tall legs and surmounted by a dome, the surface of which seemed to be composed of numerous tiny square windows. This was topped by a kind of periscope and a coloured cross in the centre of the dome. On the silver oblong was a central line of black writing, and on the edge opposite to that with the tail fin, a row of small windows. From the object to the ground there were 5-6 wires, attached to blue bulbs on pole about 1m high. About 5-6 men were walking about in a peculiar fashion as if they were crippled. They appeared to be angry, and carried objects that resembled guns, on which there were masses of buttons, including a blue one, which when released produced a red ray. The beings appeared to be trying to destroy the bulbs, and were jumping up and down in their frustration at not being able to do so.

These beings were 1.45m tall, generally human in appearance, but with angular bodies and only wisps of hair. They wore silver tops and green trousers. Eventually first one, then the others, smashed the bulbs with the buts of their guns and appeared “overjoyed”. A central ramp then came down from the object and a creature with a green body and a red neck emerged, but one of the men ordered in back with a growl. Then a more human like figure with a pink face and much hair, wearing a white tee shirt, appeared inside the dome, apparently having difficulty manipulating the controls. He looked at picture on the wall then went behind it. Inside the object everything appeared smaller, then entities to be only 1m tall, but growing when they emerged. When the men looked the other way the boy fled. That night he saw the object take off, the cross illuminated. The investigators felt the boy may have being trying to upstage his sister (qv)
  • Jenny Randles and Paul Whetnall in FSR 25, 3, p12 + Randles and Whetnall 1981, p17, citing own investigation.

July 20 1976, 1700hrs.
On this sunny day Mrs Parry was called into her yard by her young son to observe a shiny aluminium coloured rugby (American football) shaped object passing overhead at about 20m altitude, no more than 30m away. It moved silently and slowly and was observed for about 10 seconds. Mrs Parry turned round to call her eldest son and when she looked back the object had gone.
  • NUFON News 30, p6, citing MURO.

July 21 1976, 1710hrs.
Mrs Castledine was looking eastwards out of her sitting room window, over a large expanse of waste ground, cut across by a disused railway, when she saw an aluminium coloured object, like two saucers rim to rim, moving slowly across her view with a wavering motion. It was so low that it obscured trees and buildings pm the waste ground. When the object had moved out of view, she ran into the garden to follow its progress. It seemed to follow the railway line, then flipped on its edge, becoming circular and rose slightly above the horizon. It then changed back into a disc and hovered over a new factory, before diminishing to a dot and then growing in size again. She called her five year old daughter, who also saw it. The object then suddenly vanished.
  • NUFON News 30, p6, citing MURO.

July 22 1976.
While DA was cutting grass an orange glowing object approached and emitted a beam that caused him to suffer a headache and numbness in the extremities for 24 hours.
  • Earthlink 4, 2, p3, citing investigation by Don Worley.

July 24 1976 (approx. date) 1350hrs.
G. S., the nine year old sister of the previous witness was riding her bicycle along a different part of Coed-on Road to her brother on this hot sunny day. She was descending a hill when a glint of silver caught her eye and she dismounted from her bike and peered through a gap in the hedge, In a field she saw an object like a silvery cigar about 10m long, 3m high, with a narrow rim around the base, and on top, a sort of dull red box. Along the side of the object were three rectangular windows, with a fourth just visible around the right hand edge. They were composed of various shades of yellow blending into one another. Thinking she was seeing something from a carnival, she carried on watching the object, which was only about 20m in front of her. As she did so, she saw a shadow pass the window. As she late flat on the ground, she saw a strange man, whose appearance made her realise she was seeing something very unusual, emerge from around the side of the object.

He was 1.65m tall, very thin and angular. He walked jerkily in side steps, and his knee joints were three quarters of the way up his leg; his elbows were also pointed. His face was long, thin and very pale, and as he came closer, she was struck with his very large round eyes, which were white, with just a pink dot in the middle. His nose was squat and flat, his mouth just a slit with many white teeth. He had only a few sandy wisps of hair. On his hands were three pointed fingers and a wobbly thumb. He was wearing a one piece silvery suit from neck to foot and hands, with no zips nor fasteners. He had silvery boots with thick black soles, and a round helmet, silvery at the rear and with a glass bubble in front, which was part of the suit. Connected to this at the side was a transparent tube that fitted into a white heart shaped apparatus on his back. he was carrying an “L” shaped device, and when he pressed a button on it, a wavy red beam descended to the ground, gouging a cup sized hoe. He bent down stiffly to feel it, then walked around the craft, making six holes in all, feeling each one. By now G had been watching for some 10-15 minutes and she moved her leg slightly, at which she felt that the entity, which was only 3m from her, had “turned his eyes on her”. She had a sensation of cold and dizziness, and of her mind being probed. He occasionally looked at her as he made the holes, and each time she felt this chill.

A sort of high pitched whimper came from the craft and a banana shaped flap, which had been moulded into the side, came down. A hand appeared and helped the man back into the craft. he then came out again and walked around to the back. Then another figure came from the right hand side, who G thought was a woman about 1.55m tall, with a long jagged knife stuck to her side. She proceeded to scrape the knife in each of the holes, a noise was heard, but the knife always came up clean. This woman also made G go cold by looking at her and she seemed more hostile. After she had been watching for about 20 minutes, there was a low pitched whimper from the object, the woman looked towards the sun, then walked up the ramp, while the box on top of the cigar began to pulsate deep red. G ran off, gashed her knee, went back for her cycle and began to run with it. As she went, she heard a faint humming sound and, looking back, she saw a line of trees in the field trembling and smelt slight burning. Then the cigar took off at an angle, accelerating into the only cloud in the sky, revealing a circle of lights on its underside as it did so. She did not tell anyone about the experience, but went back to the field the next day with her elder brother. She found a oval patch where the grass was tinged with silver and where the holes had been the grass was greener and fresher. No discrepancies were revealed by hypnotic regression. There were numerous sequela.
  • Jenny Randles and Paul Whetnall in FSR 25, 3, p13 + 25, 4, p20 + Randles and Whetnall 1981, p7, citing their own investigation.

July 28 1976, 1530hrs.
Ira Leifer (24) a camp counsellor at Camp Delaware, and 13 boys in his charge were resting on top of Blueberry Hill, when they heard a whining sound and saw a metallic disc with a flat, mirror like bottom and a dome on top, with a red light, at about 20m altitude. The thing was about 6m in diameter and either the whole thing or the dome was revolving. It hovered in silence for about 25 seconds and then depart, with the whining noise starting up again
  • Cahill 1985 p 21.

July 29 1976, 0110hrs.
A woman who had got up to attend to one of her children saw a ball of light outside, She went to the next room to wake her husband and saw two entities, consisting of bright globes of light on top of legs, in the entrance way. While she searched for binoculars, her husband got up to see two bright globes of light merge into one like an electrical spluttering
  • Musgrave 1979, p53 case 85, citing Marc Leduc in UFO Quebec 7, p10.

July 29 1976, 2130hrs.
A woman driving home saw two rows of flashing lights 15m long, 4m off the ground in a paddock 140m away. They were stationary and then climbed away and were lost to sight in the North West. The observation lasted three minutes. No traces were found.
  • Basterfield 1981, citing TUFOIC Annual Report 1977.

July 31 1976, 1910hrs.
A round fluorescent light headed towards a car from its right, moving quickly and in a second or two filled up the occupants field of vision, before it shot over the roof and was gone.
  • Basterfield 1981, citing TUFOIC Annual Report 1977.

July 31 1976, 2345hrs.
Debbie Focken was driving home and had just entered Council Bluffs when she saw a stationary light. Coming closer she saw it was from an oblong object with illuminated windows hovering silently 30m above a service station. More people stopped to watch the object. Debbie drove home and returned with her brother in law, but the object had gone. A variety of electrical equipment was damaged at the service station.
  • International UFO Reporter 1, 2, p13, citing investigation by Ralph DeGraw.
  • Evaluation: the investigator had not spoken to Debbie, only to her brother in law.

August 1976. 0200hrs.
Jan Siedlicki (65) was startling by a bright light illuminating his room. Fearing a fire he went to the window to investigate and saw a dark bluedisc shaped object moving back and forth about5m off the ground, with lights coming from its underside. He got up and went towards the thing, which had now landed on three legs. Hiding behind a generator about 25m from the thing, Jan saw a brilliant white tube come below the object and from it came two figures, about 1.2m tall, dressed in yellow “spacesuits” with squarish boxes on their chests, on which were various switches. They beckoned to him to approach, waving their arms and speaking in a foreign language. One pressed a switch and was able to say in English that their ship was in trouble. They let Jan enter through the metallic tube after them and he entered a room bathed in light. Inside there was a smell of rotting grass. They took Jan up a ramp into a blue lit room in which there was a channel of running water, in which there were plants 60cm high. They passed a dim room in which there were several beings dressed in brown suits looking at something like oil on the floor, giving off sparks. Overhead was an orange sphere moving side to side. One of the beings told him that “we have the space bug”. He was hurried out of the craft, by the crew, who seemed panicked. Once outside Jan saw the object tilt at 45 degrees and then take off at high speed. As it went through the clouds red flames came from its underside. There area where it had landed was warm.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a, p99 citing YUFOS.

August 1976. 0340hrs.
A motorist saw an unidentified object land and a figure came down a ramp, then re-enetreed the object, which took off vertically.
  • Basterfield 1981, citing Bill Chalker citing open line radio December 1977.

August 1976.
Mr Brook (or Brooks), his wife, two children and sister were driving down the M62 near Rainhill when they saw two small lights, which descended and grew into the size of a farmhouse. They were moving very fast, and one object descended behind trees. The family drove home rapidly and went inside without packing the car.
  • NUFON News 30, p6, citing Harold Scothern citing an unidentified newsclipping.

August 1976. Dusk.
South of Lincoln a woman was sitting on the back porch of her farmhouse noticed that all the animals had become silent. She then saw, 300m away, silhouetted against the sky a huge hairy humanoid. It approached rapidly through the fields, until less than 10m away it suddenly vanished. Hair samples were found at the site, but were never analysed.
  • Clark 2012, p 93.

August 1976. 2010hrs.
18 year old Harold Eagles and his girlfriend Rita Brennan went to the site of a bush fire in an isolated spot, just as dusk was setting in. As Harold got out of the car, he saw a yellow light rise out of the woods in a “rising leaf motion. The light then hovered and Rita also saw it. It moved from 20 degrees elevation in the east, towards them, rising to 60 degrees, an estimated altitude of 10m. It could now be clearly seen to be a flat bottomed oval with yellow lights on the sides and two white beams on the front, which pulsating every two seconds. When the couple returned to the car, Harold flashed his headlights at the light, whereupon it turned into an orange ball which folded in on itself and disappeared. The observation lasted three minutes.
  • Martin Keatman in NUFON News 57, p4 + BUFORA Journal 10, 2, p11 citing his own investigation.

August 1976. 2230hrs.
Following reports that a young blonde woman in a white dress was locked in Resurrection Cemetery, Police Sergeant Pat Homer was sent to the scene. He could see nothing in the cemetery but found railing bars bent apart with human like handprints on them.
  • Fairley and Welfare 1985, p127, citing Richard T Crowe.

August 1976.
D.A. saw a strange object in the distance, then his attention was caught by what looked like a hiker on the Number 3 Green. Thinking it was a mischief maker, he pursued him on the mower. When he got within 3m, he saw it was a tall, long nosed figure, dressed in a shiny space suit, with a black helmet. On each pocked of its suit was a dog’s head insignia with three circles. On the Number 13 tee on the ladies’ course, the stranger’s helmet lit up and his belt started to glow red. Two beams of light stopped the mower and paralysed D. A. Then a small glowing object swooped down and the figure floated into it through a small door. The witness took photographs of footprints left in the soil at the spot.
  • Don Worley in Earthlink 4, 2, p3, citing his own investigation.

August 2 1976, 0400hrs.
Mr Wood was driving home northwards along the Midland Road towards Granton, after a card playing session. He suddenly heard a sound like distorted and over loud electronic music. A second later his field of view of lit up as if he was driving into a picture screen. There seemed to be a yellow light source on the left and a large figure in profile to the right. The large figure was facing the right and slowly turned to the right. It appeared to be a male, with close cut fair hair, wearing a tight fitting jacket and light coloured trousers. It was about 3m tall and appeared to be three times as wide as a normal man. Mr Wood braked the vehicle but he seemed to go straight through the “picture” as though there was nothing there. For a second he thought he had run over someone and subsequently stopped but saw nothing, so carried on home.
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976 + Basterfield 1997, pp73, 209 citing investigation by TUFOIC.

August 4 1976.
Lorenzo Alvarez Vazquez (10) observed two small beings 1.2-1.3m tall, standing beside a motorcycle. They had green noses and eyes and were wearing silvery clothing. The boy watched them for about 5 minutes. They shone a light on him. He told several adults, who went with him to the spot. They could see nothing thought the boy insisted that the beings were still there. When one of the men pointed a gun in the direction of the motorcycle, the boy said the beings had taken refuge behind a car.
  • FSR 22, 6, p28, citing ABC 5 August 1976.

August 6 1976, 1000hrs.
A family out driving on this foggy day found their car being paced by a red spotlight. Then their engine and headlights failed and the car interior began tom heat up. When outside they later saw a huge oval object with windows and entities with large eyes, which frightened them all,
  • Musgrave 1979, p53, case 86 citing Jean Ferguson in UFO Quebec 8, p5.

August 7 1976, 2200hrs.
Orville Ziegelbauer was working on his Route 1 farm, when he observed an object moving low and called his 15 year old son, Mark, to observe it. The both observed the object, the size of a camper trailer, which had large multicoloured lights going around, go past their silo at low altitude in a hayfield, out of view. Mark drove towards the spot and picked out in his headlight, two green men. One was about 1.7m tall, the other slightly shorter. As they put their hands up, Mark dimmed his headlights, whereupon the figures just disappeared.
  • FSR 22, 6, piii citing Mary Sondergard in Fond du Lac Reporter 10 August 1976.

August 12 1976, 0020hrs.
A motorist , David L Dobbs, observed a break in a local radio transmission and his engine and headlights lost power, then returned to normal almost immediately. A voice on the radio told him to go to a location where there was a disabled vehicle. He drove to that spot where hr was stopped by a fallen tree and then observed a flickering blue light illuminating the treetops and saw a figure moving toward the car. David became aware that the figure was a robot which was communicating with him. It picked up a gadolinium ingot package from the car, and it floated off despite the weight of the package. The motorist followed and came across an object about 12m diameter standing on three legs in a clearing. Light came from the underside, and when the witness got within 100m of the object. David felt his hair stirring and heard a low humming noise. After 20 minutes the being reappeared and the package was placed on the ground. The humming sound and light increased and the object took off, hovering and swaying slightly before in accelerated away to the north, disappearing in a few seconds. David then continued his journey and delivered the package for air shipment. He was later informed that the magnetic properties of the gadolinium were unusual, and, on analysis, a depletion of the highest isotope was found.
  • Falla 1979 case 410, citing National UFO Network, Texas.
  • Cohen 1981, citing Timothy Green Beckley in an undated issue of UFO Review.

August 13 1976.#
Ted Nelson was walking along the shore of Broke Lane with his son when they observed an orange-red object, with windows around the rim, which landed on an extended tripod about 800m away, flames coming from its underside. The object left after five minutes. Broken branches, scorched earth, burnt and maimed squirrels were found at the spot. Other people were said to have seen the object.

  • Fortean Times 22, p29, citing Midnight 8 November 1976.

August 14 1976, 1700hrs.
Two young boys, cousins, were playing with a dog on a farm when they observed a being like a robot, dressed in black trousers and a sort of red sweater. The skin on its bare arms was yellow-green and scaly. It had no eyes nor nose, but had blond curly hair. The dog was barking as thought it wanted to attack the robot. The boys hid behind some bushes from where they heard a strange sound and saw a black sphere which rolled behind some underbrush and disappeared. Meanwhile the robot walked slowly and stiffly away to the west.
  • Leonte Objio and Richard Heiden in APRO Bulletin 30, 1, p5 citing investigation by Miguel Fiallo and Robiou, 1979, p387.

August 15 1976, 0145hrs.
Two people in a utility truck noted an approaching light, which then drew back and shone a beam into the vehicle’s back window. It resembled a sort of “jelly bean” surmounted by a dome 125m to the rear and 225m altitude. The vehicle’s radio faded as its interior was illuminated. The road went under a cliff and the light wasn’t seen again.
  • Basterfield 1997, p209 citing TUFOIC files.

August 15 1976.
An elderly gentleman observed a bright circular object hovering a few metres above the ground near his yard. From it emerged a human like figure which almost immediately re-entered the object.
  • Leonte Objio and Richard Heiden in APRO Bulletin 30, 1, p6.

August 17 1976.
Mrs Beth Hamblin (18) was driving home down an unlit residential west side street when she suddenly saw a large metallic object hovering over the bonnet of her car, at eye level. It was about 9m wide, 7.5m high and stretched right across the road and had bright lights, which almost blinded her, all around it. She observed it for about 5 minutes before it started up, moved ahead of her, the bright light going off and a red flashing tail light coming on before it disappeared. Other people had seen the object in the sky.
  • FSR 22, 6, iii, citing Marinette Eagle Star 19 August 1976. citing AP.

Late August 1976, 1230  hrs.
10 year old twins (a boy and a girl, and another little boy were playing on the waste ground off Longford Road West, near Reddish Vale Golf Course and Fir Tree School. The girl went into a play hut to get herself a drink of orange, while the boys played by the bushes. Suddenly the boys saw a flash of silver and heard a crackling in the bushes, and looking round, saw a human figure, wearing a silver one piece suit, with a short grey beard and long yellow hair, emerge from within the bush, floating about 15cm above the ground, After a few seconds the figure just vanished. The girl in the hut, unaware of this, heard rustling sounds, and, looking out of the window, saw a strange man, standing behind the boys, facing her, only a metre or two away. As she looked, the figure turned away and proceeded to dig up samples of soil, using a small hand shovel he had taken from his belt, putting them in small plastic bags. The girl now became frightened and called out to the boys, upon which the figure again vanished on the spot. The children agreed that the figure was about 1.75m tall, with a pale complexion, long narrow, rather slanted, eyes and wearing a sort of silvery track suit with four or five buttons on the top of its jacket. It had silver gloves and boots, the latter with thick black soles. Unafraid the children again looked round and again saw him taking samples near the school fence. After a few moments it just seemed to fade into the ground. The children walked towards the spot and saw, slowly rising from the school playground, a flat bottomed, gently curving disc, with four dark markings on a shallow dome on top, and two dark marks low down on the surface. As the object moved slowly away to the SSE in the direction of Tennyson Road at low altitude, the children fled home, by now very frightened.
  • David Reese and Pauline Knebel in FSR 25, 2, p29 + NUFON News 47, p4 citing own investigation.

August 23 1976, 0225hrs.
A woman observed an object shaped like a 50p piece, about 2.5m high, 1.8m wide, appear outside her bedroom window. It appeared top consist of an outer Perspex case and an inner one of metal. The outer surface was divided into squares about 10cm square inset into a ribbed structure, top and bottom separated by a dark green band about 30cm wide, with a gap in the centre, as if the two halves did not quite fit together. On the top and bottom were two small dark green ridges, with a row of yellow lights underneath the top one. The surface of the object glowed orange. Inset in the squares were yellow lights, in two rows, 6 near the centre, 4 nearest the ends. The object hovered close to her window for 5 minutes, allowing the witness to see it such detail. Then a sudden wind blew a cloud onto the scene; this cloud looked normal but was at rooftop height. The object pivoted around and then flew off at great speed behind the cloud. The witness later reported poltergeist activity and apparitions in her house.
  • NUFON News 42, p4, citing investigation by PULSE
  • Evaluation: could this be the moon obscured by cloud?

August 23 1976, 0415hrs.
D.A. (q.v.) was cutting grass on the Number 12 Green, when two figures emerged from a large orange object that had landed nearby. They came down a beam of light from an opening and landed in front of the mower lights. A got off and spoke with them. They were a man who sounded like Andy Williams and a woman who looked like “Elizabeth Taylor in her youth”. The usual contactee message followed and D.A. claimed further contacts.
  • Earthlink 4, 2, p4, citing Don Worley and Keeta Steebs in Startford UFO Research Team Newsletter, September 1979.

August 26 1976 Night.
Four art students; Jack and Jim Weiner, Charlie Foltz and Chuck Rak, were trout fishing when their attention was caught by a luminous, coloured sphere hovering 60-90m above the cove. It seemed divided into four zones of light moving with a gyroscopical motion. When Charlie shone a torch on it, the sphere began to approach, projecting a beam of light onto the water, moving towards their canoe, apparently gaining on it. The brothers remembered the object coming down to 6-10m above the water, the beam pointing down. Suddenly the beam was pointing upwards and the object was taking off at high speed. When, a few years later, Jim Weiner suffered a head injury and epileptic seizures, doctor s suggested that episodes of asp were hints of abduction. Under regression the four remembered being taken into a craft by the beam, placed on a table and given a medical examination. Previous and later episodes of abduction were revealed.
  • Raymond Fowler in MUFON UFO Journal 300, p3, citing investigation by himself, David Webb and Anthony Constantino.
  • Donderi 2013, p110.
  • Randle and Estes 1997, p192, dates the case as August 20th.
  • Raymond Fowler in Evans and Stacy 1976, p131, citing his own investigation.
  • Evaluation: aware sleep paralysis, hypnotic confabulation.

August 28 1976.
Guard Steinar Langeland was sat in his Mazda car, waiting for his hunting companion, with the engine idling. When he was about to start, the engine developed trouble, something which had never happened before. As Steinar got out to see what was wrong, he saw a shining square object come over the hill, sinking down the slope, just above the treetops, keeping the same distance from the ground. As the thing passed within 30m of him, Steinar saw that it was like a square window and had the impression that it was on a larger, dark object. As it passed over soundlessly, he heard a crack from his car engine. On examining the engine, he found two spark plugs had been broken across.
  • Anton Linstrom in MUFON UFO Journal 144, p9, citing investigation by Norsk UFO Centre.

August 30 1976, 1845hrs.
Francis de John was strolling in his backyard smoking a cigar, when he observed a small clear bubble floating towards him from a neighbour’s yard, very slowly. When it got within 1.5m, Francis walked up to it, with the intention of capturing it. As he got closer., he saw three dark blobs surrounded by red auras, which gave him the impression of being alive. As he reached out to stop it, Francis was halted by a “mental communication” which asked him not to harm entities from “another world”. He watched as the object, which was the size of a tennis ball and appeared to have purposive movements, slowly glided into a neighbour’s yard, negotiated a tight left turn around the neighbour’s house and vanished out of sight. The witness was a “metaphysical pamphleteer”.
  • Ann Druffel in MUFON UFO Journal 129, p15, citing own investigation.

August 31 1976, 1630hrs.
Mrs W, 29, of Moorpark was driving south on Somis Road with her two young children when she observed a blimp shaped object, like fat fish, with huge red teeth and a single eye on a grey surface, hovering about 15m above the railway tracks. Frightened, she drove on and noticed a similar object hovering over Canejo Grade. It was also observed by several people at Point Mugu.
  • APRO Bulletin December 1976, p1, citing investigation by Dennis Leatart
  • Evaluation: likely advertising blimp

Fall 1976. 1830hrs.
Timothy Pennington was sat on his grandparents’ porch when he saw a light moving at between 25-30m altitude above the ground in a hollow, apparently on a collision course. The light then rose up and passed over the house, about 15-20m above it.
  • Pennington 2013, p81

Autumn 1976. Evening.
A young civil servant had put his little brother to bed, the boy being unusually quiet, when the house became stiflingly hot and all sound on the busy road disappeared. Unnerved by the silence the young man looked through open blinds in the bedroom and observed a large white oval light hovering above the road. As he stood, pondering what it could be, he was struck by a powerful beam of white light, which seemed to crawl into the room. He was blinded and pushed back against the wall and raised about 30cm above the ground. He hung there for about 10 minutes, with bright lights flashing in front of his eyes. He then slid to the floor, still partially paralysed. Looking through the window, he saw the light climbing away at 45 degrees. The next day the grass outside seemed to be flattened in a circular patch.
  • An unspecified issue of NUFON News citing letter from the witness to Jenny Randles.

Autumn 1976. 2130hrs.
A small boy (aged 4-5) in bed heard a humming sound and climbed onto the storage heater to look out of the window. He saw two shapes moving along the sky at walking pace, which, as they got closer, resolved themselves into two men, 1.2m tall, dressed in white all over, including their bootless feet. They wore white helmets with black visors. They were flying with their legs held out straight and arms at right angles to their bodies, as if swimming. They were clearly seen-illuminated by the street light, and as they came close they were several times the apparent size of the full moon. They did not appear to communicate with each other. On their back were objects of the same colour as the suits, these were rectangular boxes topped by cubes, on the top of which was a button. The beings were in view for about one minute and the sound was still heard for a few seconds after that.
  • Stephen Banks and Martin Keatman in NUFON News 82, p5, citing their own investigation.

Autumn 1976. 2300hrs.
Jane B (16), the daughter of a minister in the Silverdale area, was lying in bed when a beam of yellow-white light, about 60cm across, materialised . It appeared to have sharp edges and filled the vertical field of view of her window. It seemed to originate from a field behind their garden fence. It was transparent; the trees behind it being visible through it. After 10 seconds it went away and Jane realised that she felt a “peculiar attraction” to it. She looked up and saw a disc of white light moving towards the woods at high altitude. This was just one of a number of UFO and paranormal experiences of this witness.
  • NUFON News 69, p3, citing investigation by Stephen Banks.

September 1976. Night.
A textile worker was hospitalised, for shock, in a private psychiatric clinic after observing a strange object land and its occupants get out.
  • FSR 22, 4, p.iv, citing Ultimas Noticias 18 September 1976.

September 1976. Night.
Oscar Moquette was walking about 7km from Jimani when he observed a strange, human like figure, dressed all in black, emerge from the underbrush. The being said he came from another world and wanted Oscar to be his contact to pass messages to humanity. The witness was afraid and fled.
  • Leonte Objio and Richard Heiden in APRO Bulletin 30, 1, p6 citing investigation by Danilo Rodriguez.

September 3 1976, 0100hrs.
Housewife, Mrs Lorenza Maltoni Jole (69) heard a noise outside and looked through the window to see, on the opposite side of the road, in a court between two houses, an ovoid 3m diameter, 2m high, violet pink in colour, and no more than 1m above the ground, about 20m away. Around it were four-five white spheres, 20cm diameter. Between the object and her house was a being about 1.75m tall, wearing a helmet and tunic like a Roman soldier. The helmet had a protuberance on top. She could see its arms but not its legs, It marched towards the court in a goose step, its arms upright, but its head slightly bowed. She went to another window to get a better look, but could not and returned to the first. The being had now gone. The ovoid object then took off, slowly at first, then gathering speed, disappearing from sight. The spheres remained a short while, swinging to and fro, and then disappeared. During the observation, the noise, which sounded like that of birds on the upper terrace and which was heard by other people, stopped. The observation lasted 10 minutes. The witness had poor eyesight.
  • Maurizio Verga citing investigation by Renzo Cabassi.

September 3 1976. Early hours .
A woman was awakened by a high pitched whine and looking out, saw a small white sphere (c. 60cm-1m diameter) moving around close to the ground. It then tilted to show itself as a disc, which moved up and then down right into the ground, at which the whine ceased. No traces were found. About a month after this her dog mysteriously disappeared. She also had out of body experiences, a sensation that she was emitting a red light, and a feeling that large objects were suspended over her.
  • Swords 2005, p215, citing John Timmerman.
  • Evaluation: probable hypnopompic hallucinations/false awakening?

September 3 1976, 1900hrs.
19 year old farmer worker Joao Romeu Klein was returning home, when about 400m from his house, he saw a disc shaped object in the sky, coming from the south. It consisted of a bowl shaped lower part, slowly rotating anti-clockwise, and a flatter upper part, surmounted by a light, which changed, red-orange-yellow-green-white as it slowed from high speed to a halt. The 3m diameter grey thing passed overhead at about 10m, coming to halt at 5m altitude, a little ahead of him. From the centre of the underside came a beam of intense red light, in which Joao could see three beings, 1m tall, descending. These three took up positions across the way, blocking Joao’s way, while the object moved over a grove of trees behind him, at about 8m altitude. Joao decided to continue on his way, and way they spread out their arms to stop him, speaking in an unknown tongue, he got out his knife to challenge them, but it was deflected by an invisible barrier. At this the being in the centre pointed a sort of rod at him and Joao was hit on the thigh by a beam of blue-white light and he lost consciousness. He was found by neighbours and when he came to; he found his left leg was stiff, though no external injury was found when he was taken to hospital. He recovered over several days.
  • Walter Buhler in FSR 28, 1, p5, citing his own investigation.
  • Baker 1983, p34 locates this event at Pirassununga Sao Paulo .

September 3 1976, 2100hrs.
A 63 year old woman and her 18 year old niece were walking past a waste area while returning from a visit to relatives, when they observed a strange object on a mound of earth. It was 1.5m long, about 1m high, oval shaped, with a large transparent compartment in the centre, an orange dome on top, and standing on metallic runners. the couple felt attracted to the object, as if hypnotised, and as they approached, the wind seemed to stop, the trees stopped swaying and the traffic on the nearby road just seemed to disappear. They looked at their watches and noticed they had stopped, though they were working perfectly before and after. The older woman reached the object and was able to run her hand along the warm, perfectly smooth, side. Suddenly, two doll like figures, about 30cm tall, appeared by the side, or perhaps inside, the object. They had long white hair, unusually large eyes and claw like hands. The women were frightened and so, apparently, were the beings, who put their hands up to their faces. Then witnesses became disorientated for some moments, then stepped back. As the moved back from the object, the wind and street noises resumed. At this point the object took off with a humming noise. The next day when the 63 year old was trying to put a plug in a socket, she felt her hand repelled by some force.
  • Randles and Warrington 1979, p143 + Jenny Randles in NUFON News 33, p7, + FSR 22, 6, p2 + Awareness 6, 1, p13 citing investigation by William Muir and John Rouse.

September 4 1976, 1500HRS.
Three farmers bailing hay in a field 7km west of Dallas saw a tall, dark, hairy creature about 2m tall, crossing a clearing between two areas of bush, on two feet. One of the men pursued the creature and got within 150m, confirming its bipedal stance. (Rutkowski 1993 p158.

September 8 1976. 
Leonicio Torres and Elena Bedjara were driving by tuck from Ollachea to Ayaviri when a strange object landed 30m ahead. Two strange beings, 1.75m tall, carrying flashlights, approached the blocked truck. The witnesses’ backs were touched by the beings, which made them feel as though they were being burned. Elena fainted.
  • George Fawcett in Awareness 6, 1. p5.
  • International UFO Reporter 2, 1, p2, citing Cronica (BA) + La Razon.

September 8 1976, 0300hrs.
A stationary oval object, the size of a house, was seen at ground level in a roadside gully by a motorist. During the observation he felt a tingling sensation.
  • Basterfield 1997 citing TUFOIC files.

September 9 1976. Dawn.
A Frenchman, resting in his car, saw a being 2.4m tall, dressed in white, in a field. A locked door of his car flew open and this was repeated when he closed and locked it again. He got out and walked to the field gate, to talk to the figure, but when he touched the gate he received a mild electric shock as an orange light flashed from the giant’s waist. The entity then vanished as a strange looking machine hummed loudly and took off.
  • Terry Hooper in Mersey News 13, p6, citing Shuttlewood 1979a + an undated issue of Reveille magazine.

September 10 1976, 0045hrs.
Billy Vincent Pecha Jnr (39), a self- employed heavy equipment mechanic, was watching late night TV in his mobile home, while his wife and two children were asleep. The TV and air conditioning were knocked out by a power failure/ Thinking that his heavy welding work of the day had tripped his circuit breakers he went out in his shorts to his work shop to investigate. As he approached the underground cable his body hair stood on end as if from static. He thought this was due to a leak in the cable, but the static increased rather than decreased as he moved away from it. His attention was then caught by a diffuse illumination to the southwest. Looking up, instead of the expected moon, he saw a circular object hovering just above a 10m tall TV antenna. This object was about 15m above the ground; he first estimated it to be 40m in diameter, later reducing this to 25-30m. It had a smooth, ceramic like underside and was surmounted by a dome divided into vertical ribbed sections, each one of which was concave, and appeared to be made of a kind of slag. There was a metallic central zone, which was rotating clockwise, and a smaller area in the underside that was rotating counter-clockwise.

From a round shape in the centre of this lower ring came a beam of greyish light, too diffuse to cast shadows, which ended abruptly in mid-air. Also coming from the object were six wavy motionless cables, dangling down about 1.8-2.4m from the bottom of the object. Pecha walked to within 20m of the object and after about 30 seconds the thing began to retreat to the west, between 25-30m away. The cables were pulled up and in, two pincer like appendages, one at each end, swivelled upwards and inwards about half way, two hatches on the north and south rims swung open, a spotlight coming on in each. As the object retreated, Pecha following was able to see more of the upper ribbed dome, which was about 4.5m-6m high. Pecha then went back into the house and woke his wife Lenda (34). They both went into their 10 year old son’s bedroom. There they both saw the object, joined by two others, manoeuvring over the area. This so unnerved them that they grabbed the two children, hurriedly dressed and fled the house into the pickup and fled the scene, paced by the first object at speeds up to 145kph to neighbours (the Arant’s), who observed the object move into the distance. Independent witnesses were Mrs Elaine McGowan (39) and her 17 year old son Charles Morris, who observed a small brilliant light moving in the sky at the time of the outrage. A small pear tree over which the object hovered bloomed out of season and was later found slightly scorched on one side.
  • APRO Bulletin 25, 7, p3 + 25, p8, citing investigation by Brad Sparks et al.
  • Paul Cerny in MUFON UFO Journal 107, p3.
  • International UFO Reporter 2, 1, p6 citing investigations by Paul Cerny et al + Robert Pratt + Alan Hendry.
  • Hendry 1979, p117 citing own investigation.
  • Hall 2001, p39.
  • Evaluation: could this account have been generated by the moon low on the horizon, partly obscured by clouds, and distorted by fatigue, eye strain and anxiety? Other witnesses may have seen different things such as aircraft lights.

September 10 1976 (approx. date)
A group of amateur UFO researchers claimed to have photographed a being 1.2m tall, which emerged from a landed object. The being wore a dark black overall and white helmet, and had two fissures on the face. It walked with a peculiar gliding motion. The witnesses suffered from “magnetic disturbances.
  • FSR 23, 2, iii, citing ABC 11 September 1976 citing EFE.
  • FSR 22, 6, p31, citing The People 12 September 1976.
  • News of the World, 24 October 1976.

September 11 1976, 0100hrs.
More than 200 people at a camp site near Laredo, including many foreigners, saw a discoid object, 15m in diameter, hovering very close to the ground 150m away for 5 seconds. It emitted a bluish light and a yellow beam came from each of its extremities, widening considerably as they reached the ground. The object disappeared instantaneously.
  • FSR 23, 2, p31, citing ABC September 11 1976, citing Europa Press Service.

September 11 1976. Night.
Three members of the Hood family driving home to Little Britain saw a flashing light over the treetops, which accelerated away as the car approached. Some days later Paul and Don Hood saw a 10m diameter circle of browned and swirled grass by a fence in a swampy area less than 400m from the Hood’s home.
  • International UFO Reporter 2, 1, p2, citing UFO Newsclipping Service.

September 12 1976, 2250hrs.
Mrs Vivinane Ginouvres (31) and her 11 year old son were sat watching TV when the set began malfunctioning and the cat that was sleeping on the boy’s lap woke up terrified. Mrs G went to the door to let the other cat in and was struck by an intense heat that surrounded the house. Her attention was drawn to a blinding white luminous elliptical mass that was descending very slowly towards the ground behind a thicket of trees 300m away. The boy went to fetch his father, who was in the summer house, and he also saw this luminous mass “as large as 200 car headlights” hovering close to the ground behind the trees. After about three minutes the light just went out, leaving a small light that faded away. Thirty minutes later a violent storm blew up. A neighbour Antonio Dubolc was awakened by a loud bang at about this time, was struck by the heat, and found that his light would not work, though it began functioning again a few minutes later.
  • Essex UFO Study Group Journal 1, 5, p11, citing Andre Revel and Edmond Carrere in Les Extraterrestres 3, citing their own investigation.
  • Evaluation: a form of electrical phenomenon akin to ball lightening?

September 13 1976.
A number of unidentified objects were observed, and ranch worker George Aguerre saw an object about 14m diameter, 2m high land, then take off again after three or four minutes. The object emitted two powerful beams of light
  • International UFO Reporter 2, 1, p2, citing Cronica (BA) undated.

September 17 1976, 0330hrs.
A 32 year old motor mechanic was driving to repair a broken down vehicle when his car slowed and lights went out. He pulled up but when he tried to re-start all systems were down and the speedometer was swinging between 0 and 40 kph though the vehicle was stationary. He could not see what was wrong and even his torch would not work, and even though magnatized would not stick to his vehicle. He then saw a bright light approaching on his left; after two minutes resolving into a circular object 4m above the ground, which gave off a warmth as it passed over the car at 40kph. No marks were visible and no sound heard. When he touched the fan belt the engine started itself but it just stopped again. Then the headlights, radio and other systems came on by themselves and he drove away.
  • Basterfield 1997, p209, citing UFO Research NSW files.
  • Rodeghier 1981, p69, citing Australian Centre for UFO Studies.

September 19 1976, 0130hrs.
After a number of citizens had reported a bright light in the sky, an F4 fighter was sent up to intercept. When it had got within 50km of the object, the plane’s communications and instruments began to malfunction, so the pursuit was called off. A second F4 was sent up, and when this got within 50km of the object, the latter took off at speed. This object was brilliant with a rectangular pattern of flashing, alternating, blue, green, red, orange, strobe lights, the flashing being so rapid that all colours seemed to be present at the same time. This sighting was confirmed by radar. South of Tehran, a smaller brilliant object left the main one and headed for the plane at speed. When the pilot, Lt Fafari_ tried to fire a missile at this object, his controls and communications failed for a time. After sharp manoeuvres this object returned to the main one. As they continued the chase, another object left the main one and dived towards the earth, apparently gently coming to rest on the hill side, as the main one sped away much faster than sound. The object on the ground cast a brilliant light over a 2-3km area, this light faded as the plane circled overhead. As the plane flew back to base there was interference on the communications. A civil airliner passing over the area developed similar trouble. The intercept plane encountered, over the airfield, a cylindrical object with lights on either side and a flashing light in the centre. A search of the landing site was found next day. According to the most reliable reports nothing was found, but a story circulating in the Soviet Union, claimed that an object 4.5m diameter had landed and two giant occupants, 2.5m tall had emerged, looked over the area, then re-entered the object, imprints of the landing gear of which indicated a weight of 5 tons.
  • UFO Investigator, November 1976.
  • APRO Bulletin 25, 3, p1, citing an undated issue of Ettela’at.
  • V. G. Azhazha in MUFON UFO Journal 128, p5, citing TASS news agency 21 September 1976.
  • Fawcett and Greenwood 1984, p81.
  • Kim Hansen in Evans and Spencer 1987a, p85.

September 20 1976
While historian Ahmad-Beni-Ahmad (56) and his wife were at Lake Tabriz a luminous, circular body, 4-5m in diameter, with a small window in the side, landed 30m in front of their car. Two occupants resembling mummies abducted Ahmad.
  • International UFO Reporter 2, 1, p2, citing an undated issued of Tehran Journal.

September 22 1976. Night.
Rodney Hedtke (10) was going to be when he heard a tapping on his second floor window. Looking out he saw a being 90cm-1.2m tall, with green skin, huge bald head. Immense red eyes, absence of a nose, small lipless mouth, long arms and small hands, crouched on the roof, tapping at the window. After about a minute the naked thing walked to the edge of the roof and then floated down to the ground. It looked back at the boy and then entered a grey object, 3.6cm x 3.6cm x 2.1cm, with red-orange pulsating lights on its corners, and a yellow interior light. The being entered this object via a sort of ramp, which had rolled down from a hatch. The machine began to glow red and then took off vertically and soundlessly. When Rodney’s mother arrived home 2 hours later she found the boy terrified and found that the house lights were dim and the TV not properly working. A fuse had blown.
  • Rosales etc., citing International UFO Reporter November 1976, p5, citing investigation by John Barry.
  • George Fawcett in Awareness 6, 1, p5, gives date as 24th.

September 25 1976, 2330hrs.
Bert White (65) his wife (55) and two 18 year old lads, Kim Williamson (the son of a policeman) and Joe Schiripia (the son of a farmer) were driving along a graded road from Karawinna back to Mildura when ,rounding a turn in the road, they saw, on their left, red lights, which they thought were on a shooter’s car. The red lights then began to flash and the object rose above the ground. When they rolled down the window Mrs White thought she could hear a low hum. The object was rising at about the speed of a helicopter from a fallow wheat paddock about 120m away. After hovering a metre or two above the ground, the object began to rise again, crossing the road as it did so. It hovered twice more in the process of rising. When it was at a 75 degree angle, its lights went out as if by a switch. The observation had lasted about 5 minutes. One of the witnesses suffered severe neck pain and ear trouble, which required medical attention. On the 28th, three of the witnesses, along with Mr Boulton, the owner of the paddock and six other people investigated the site and discovered a circle of depressed and discoloured stubble. Investigators found this circle to be 21m in diameter. Though ants were noted avoiding the circle, analysis at a university showed no special features or radiation.
  • UFO Investigator March 1977, p2, citing investigation by Paul Norman and Judith Magee.
  • Basterfield 1978, citing ACOS Bulletin 8, p16, citing investigation by Victoria UFO Research Society.

September 26 1976, 0600hrs.
A young woman going to the bathroom saw two bright orange-yellow searchlights rising from a clump of trees on the open mossland before her. She called her husband and 11 year old daughter, to see a flat bottomed disc, with searchlights on both ends, and a row of 4-5 yellow windows on lead grey surface. The thing was observed through binoculars and was observed to hover and then move away over Sunningdale Drive, in and out of low cloud, which it illuminated from above. The woman felt singled out and became almost hysterical. She alter had dreams of floating in space, with unintelligible voices talking to her.
  • Jenny Randles in NUFON News 57, p6 + FSR 26, 6, p28 citing her own investigation.
  • Evaluation: astronomical plus hypnopompic hallucations?

September 29 1976.
CE 1 Witness Mrs Roubideaux. No further details
  • Rath 1998, p50.

October 1976. 2000hrs.
A couple and their friends were driving from Stockholm and had just passed through the bridge under the Nybro Gas Plant when their car suddenly stopped, its light went out and they saw four sharp lights projecting down onto the fields 15m from the road. They could not see what, if anything, the lights came from, but after a time they were retracted after which the car lights came on and the engine worked OK.
  • Peter Norgaard in SUFOI Newsletter 14, p26.
  • Per Anderson in BUFORA 1995, p11.

October 1976. 2115hrs.
A woman out driving with her 6 year old daughter heard a loud noise when she stopped at a stop sign. Looking up she saw a huge dark, silvery grey sphere or disc, “half the size of a basketball court” hovering overhead, making a roaring sound. The thing had a misty outline, with a sort of multi-coloured haze on its boarders. The thing moved off and she felt an urge to follow it, gathering the impression that the object had control over her car and was speeding it up. With something of a struggle she eventually managed to stop the vehicle, and the mystery object disappeared. Though she had been a bumpy road, the journey at speeds of up to 120kph had seemed entirely smooth.
  • Swords 2005  p186  citing John Timmerman.

October 5 1976, 1840hrs.
A 26 year old credit manager was returning home with his youngest daughter and a friend, when, as he approached a rise he saw an object stationary low down in the sky. It then moved from south-east to north-west at about 45 degrees to the horizon, and was shaped like a flattened disc, thicker at the front, with portholes. The radio, which had been on, stopped when the thing appeared.
  • Basterfield 1997, p210, citing UFO Research New South Wales.

October 9 1976, 0300hrs.
UFO researchers Andrew Collins, Barry King, Steven King and Alan Denham were driving slowly down an unmarked road near Norton Bavant crossroads, about 5km from Warminster, in a slight fog. Their attention was caught by a very bright light about 100m to their right. It appeared to be coming their way, jogging up and down about 1.2m above the ground. It was round, about 20cm diameter, and brilliant white. They kept the light in sight and then speeded up a little, finally stopping above the field where they could see the light, now apparently behind a row of trees, where after a minute it was either blocked from view or went out. They first thought that it was a moped, but when they investigated no tracks could see at the only entrance to the muddy field.
  • BUFORA Journal 6, 1, p15.

October 10 1976.
Four cars travelling through a reserve encountered a disc shaped object flying about 25m above them.
  • Basterfield 1978, citing ACOS Bulletin 8 p16.

October 10 1976, 2015hrs.
Two young couples were parked in a car at “Crackneck Lookout”. The two men went to the nearby cliff edge, where they heard the sound of something moving about, then saw an off white coloured creature crawling up the cliff face. They ran back to the car, locking all the doors, and told the girls what they had seen. Then one of the girls screamed as a humanoid figure, 2.5-3m tall, hairless, with facet eyes like a fly, came from the trees towards them. One of the men thought its mouth was just a round hole. It had triple joined arms, huge legs, and shoulders 90cm across. The girls screamed for them to get out of the area, and they reversed out of the place. Just before the two men returned t the car, one of the women had observed a rectangular “burnt orange” light out to sea. About a week later concrete picnic chairs and tables at the spot were wrecked, the damage was attributed to vandals.
  • Basterfield and Chalker 1976, citing UFOIC Newsletter 49, citing investigations by UFOIC and ACOS.
  • Basterfield 1978, citing above + ACOS Bulletin 8, p16.

October 11 1976.
A young boy, Tonnlie Barefoot (8) was playing in a cornfield off the Jonesboro Road, while his mother was picking peas, when he saw a small man, “not much bigger than a coke bottle” dressed in blue, with black boots. No-one believed him, but next morning a group of small footprints 625mm long, 250mm wide, were found at the site. Two days later a second set were found 150m away.
  • Search, winter 1976, p8.
  • Paul Begg in The Unexplained 72, p1421.
  • Bord 1997, p74, citing Fred Bost in Pursuit 12, 2, p50.

October 12 1976, 2110hrs.
Mr Hughes, the caretaker of Mons Hill school was about to lock up when he noticed his wife looking at a dazzling white light shining in through the window. It came from a large white oval object about 20m above the ground, which they kept in sight as they went outside and crossed the school yard. The thing accelerated from the NNW to the North, where it moved up and down several times. The couple were joined by two footballers who had been training at the school. The four watched for some minutes as the object moved in a series of complicated zigzags, finally either receding fast, or fading away in the east. The reported the matter to the police. Mr Hughes’ digital watch began to malfunction and it did not correct itself until he took it off his wrist.
  • NUFON News 34, p3, citing investigation by NUFOSIS.

October 15 1976, 2215hrs.
Joao Francisco Gaga da Camara, a worker with the Soleite Company, and other patrons of the Micaelense Cinema, saw a powerfully illuminated white object, with red and blue colours inside, above the Aguia de Pau range, at about 1,500m. The object disappeared for 40 seconds and then reappeared for 45 minutes, during which time, Joao drove up to the top of the range. There he observed the object at the height of a plane for about 5 minutes before it landed. It was circular, the edges being fuzzy owning to the intensity of the light, and on its underside it had three luminous lines.
  • APRO Bulletin 26, 7, p4, citing Jose Figueiredo citing Diario dos Acores 14 + 15 October 1976 + other press.

October 16 1976, 2000hrs.
Paul Bennett (qv), Michael MacDermott and four other boys were playing some metres from Westfield Grove, when Paul turned round and saw a small creature, about 60cm tall, standing in the road. It had a flattened head, straight legs, which ended in flattened feet, no hands nor facial features. It moved in little short paces, like a dwarf at the circus, up Westfield Grove. Paul ran to the spot but the creature had vanished. Only Michael took him seriously, the other boys ran away and laughed. Michael found a trail of small circular footprints leading from a puddle to a garden and heard a whistling and a voice calling Paul’s name. They had both seen Paul’s hedge move. Paul was very afraid, and when he lay in bed that night he saw the silhouette of a small man appear against his door, then, some minutes later, heard a voice calling his name.
  • Nigel Watson in MUFOB NS 11, p6, citing own investigation.

October 16 1976, 2130HRS.
David W and his girlfriend were driving back to David’s home west along Sturgis Road, when they observed, coming very fast from the North East, a silvery oval object about 3m in circumference, which either glowed or reflected the car’s lights. It passed within 6-12m from their car and continued in a South West direction, leaving a sort of afterglow. The frightened couple drove to David’s house as fast as possible and called the police. The incident occurred in an area of scattered farmland.
  • APRO Bulletin December 1976 p 3 citing investigation by Dennis Leatard.

Late October 1976.
Woody Polston was trying to communicate with strange lights seen in the area, with a flashing light, when he observed a disc followed by an aluminium coloured object, the size of a supermarket, with a formation of lights along one edge and an indentation along one side. He observed the objects for 2-3 minutes, taking pictures and then stumbled back to his car, where he sat, semi-conscious for 12-13 hours. When he came to, his watch was about 10 hours slow. He later suffered from nightmares and a feeling that “he had not aged since the experience”.
  • APRO Bulletin 28, 9, p6.

October 24 1976, 2230hrs.
Mr Lucarelli Romea was driving on DR-116 between Herstroff and Hobling when he saw an object with two lights that followed his car 100m above the ground. He slowed down, then accelerated rapidly, the object continuing to follow the car. It then began descending. He then signalled the object with his headlights. He then saw in its centre a sort of screen that was dimly lit by an orange light from the inside, and two figures appeared in this screen, apparently looking at him. He drove back home, where is wife could see the object above the garage. The lights then went out, and he heard a hollow humming. Traces were found.
  • Alain Gamard citing LDLN 169, p25.

October 25 1976.
PERM (PERM : RUSSIA then part of the USSR)
A student taking a walk along a forest path encountered a being 3m tall, dressed in a sort of diving suit. The smiling figure kept saying “friend, friend!” and brought out a wad of banknotes. The student took a 50 rouble note. The being rushed back into the forest and the student ran back home.
  • Vladimir Rubstov in Evans and Stacy 1997, p226, citing letter from the witness.
  • Evaluation: Rubstov says the student did not respond to enquiries, could this not be because the original letter was a joke!

October 28 1976, 0620hrs.
Shirley Ann McCrimmon (22) of East Harnett Street was closing the door behind her as she came home, when she heard the sound of someone in the bushes outside. She looked out to see a small man, no larger than a coke bottle. She watched him for a few minutes in the growing light. When she moved he shone a tiny but very bright yellow light in her eyes. She screamed and the little brown man disappeared around the west side of the house and the dogs began barking. Two small footprints were found. Police investigation.
  • Search, winter 1976, p9.
  • Bord 1997, p75, citing Fred Bost in Pursuit 12, 2, p50, gives date as 25th.

October 28 1976.
A man and his son observed a hovering top shaped object about the size of a car. Through windows in the object they could see a being with a pale white skin and claw like hands. An area 4.5-6m in diameter was found under the spot where the object had hovered. The boy was treated for shock.
  • George Fawcett in Awareness 6, 1, p5.

October 30 1976, 2200 hrs.
A group of people at a school PTA meeting saw a light over a field 300m away. It appeared to be a yellow rectangle and it rose up to about 100m and approached. The witnesses, including Isabel Cardozo de Alvez were dazzled by a brilliant light and a blast of hot air stunned them for 5 minutes. The next day they suffered from dizziness, nausea, vomiting and eye irritation. Two people in the town saw a sort of indistinct red sphere or cylinder about 50m long. They heard loud noises and also felt a hot blast of air. The thing emitted multi-coloured but predominately green lights and was seen for 20 minutes.

October 31 1976. Evening.
Mrs Rose Pritchard and her three sons were decorating the front porch for Halloween when a dark object, whose size and shape were lost in the night, appeared low and very close over their garage. The thing had red, elongated glowing windows. Rose and two of the boys stood transfixed while the eldest boy ran for his camera. Before he could take a photograph the lights went out, leaving a green glow that faded into the darkness.
  • Letter from Rose Pritchard in Fate, October 1979, p113.

October 31 1976, 1940hrs.
As a small boy was being taken home for his 2000hrs bedtime, he saw a line of copper coloured missiles fly 3m. above a nearby house. Neither his mother nor other children out in the street appeared to see the objects.
  • Hanks 2013, p65, citing NUFORC.

November 1976 (approx. date) 0030hrs.
Liberate Anibal Quintero, a cowman who tended a heard of 40 cattle, was lying in his hammock during a thunderstorm when he became anxious and felt he had to go out. The rain had stopped when he got outside but he felt heavy as if “controlled”. Just before he reached the cow sheds he saw a vivid beam of light in the sky, coming closer. He through himself to the floor and was unable to get up again, so crawled into a hollow. As he watched, a large luminous egg shaped object descended, lighting up the surrounding area, and gave off an unbearable heat. As it touched down by the sheds, the light almost blinded him. A small ladder descended, from the side of the craft, to the ground, with a metallic sound. Liberate wanted to run away but was unable to move except to sit up and see a number of people with what looked like torches in their hands coming out of the machine. They were less than 1.5m tall with white skins, flattened faces with very high cheekbones, thick eyebrows and round protruding eyes. Among the occupants were three women with long hair. The beings then seized him, and though he knocked some down, he was overpowered in the struggle and fainted. He recovered in a room with strong lights. His arm was sore where he appeared to have been given an injection, as indeed was his whole body. His back was massaged by naked women, one of whom seduced him. She communicated with the others in barking noises. Liberate was then given a drink which “restored his vigour” and had sex with the other two, the whole episode lasting three hours. He was then given another injection in the back, passed out, and awoke on the grass. There he dashed home to tell his wife and friends what had happened. When they returned to the scene the object was gone but marks were left on the ground. His employer and workmates considered him reliable.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 23, 1, p14, citing Vea 270/271.
November 1976.
A couple driving across deserted moorland from Aberystwyth saw two humanoid figures dressed in white jump suits carrying large open crates. They drove on, fearing the IRA
  • NUFON News 157, p12 citing Margaret Fry.
  • Evaluation: military or similar exercise.

November 1976. Evening.
Jockey Peter Leather was walking, with a companion, back to the training stables along the old Roman road when they saw a blue haze forming over the tops of nearby trees. The thing took on a disc shape and descended to the ground about 20m away. There then appeared in front of them an “athletic” humanoid figure about 1.8m tall, dressed in a one piece suit, holding a small red light by its chest. Peter and his friend fled, the friend suffered health problems after the incident. Peter reported the matter to the police and later received a phone call saying that it was a weather balloon and that he should not talk about the incident.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a p124, citing their own investigation.

November 1976. 2100hrs.
A woman sitting by the window of her small cabin, facing south west, noticed a small white light over the trees 150m in front of the cabin. She first thought it was a snowmobile and then realised that it was in the sky. It grew to immense proportions and lit up the whole area like daylight, before going off like a flashlight. The sequence was then repeated. At maximum dimensions the light appeared to be about 4.5m in diameter.
  • Canadian UFO Report 4, 4  p3  citing investigation by Shelly Hallock.

November 5 1976, 0620hrs.
David Pointer was exercising his dog on Sapley Playing Fields when he saw an object in the sky, and then dome shaped object with coloured lights on its domed top and a sort of metallic probe , hovering above the ground. On the side were the letters WARCON David fled in terror.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a, p110, citing MOD files.
  • Evaluation: blimp?

November 9 1976. Night.
Farmer Martinez Sanchez was returning from the “Blancares” farm, on the Badajoz-Valencia highway, between Barrax and Albacete, with his young daughter, when they observed a dark object, surrounded by sparkling lights, which flew very low. He stopped and got out . The object had also stopped. It was a round thing about 5m in diameter, surrounded by a chain or bars on which were the lights. There was one very brilliant light, the others, some constant, some alternating, were also strong. The little girl became very frightened and they drove on to Barrax 8-9km away. The object followed them at a height of 10-12m, speeding and slowing with the car, until they reached Tajo-Segura canal, at which it rose up to a considerable height.
  • FSR 22, 6, p32, citing Diario Ya 10 November 1976.
  • Evaluation: observations of a distant light

November 10 1976, 0430hrs.
Antonio Alfonso Casado was driving his truck from Guillena to Burgillo, when 4km along the road from Guillena, he saw an unusual object approaching him at a 30 degree angle, appearing to gain speed as it approached. It passed right across the road in front of him, at a distance of a few metres and swung round to take up a position behind him. Through the driving mirror Antonio could see the thing following him. As the object paced, he felt a wave of intense cold, followed by one of intense heat. The object had a domed top, on which there were three portholes giving off a vivid yellow orange light, and the flattened underside emitted various shade of blue light, from about 8 or so openings. The whole object was about 5-6m long, 3m high. At Burgillo, Antonio stopped briefly, at which point the object was directly overhead at an altitude of 50-60m and emitting a metallic sound. As the town was deserted, Antonio decided to drive on, the object staying behind. Antonio, who was regarded as a serious and reliable person, was very unnerved by this incident.
  • Joaquim Mateos Nogales and Manuel Filipo in FSR 23, 2, p30, citing their own investigation + (Jose Ortiz in El Correo de AndalucĂ­a 23 November 1976 citing his own investigation) + other clippings.

November 12 1976, 0145hrs.
Two national servicemen Jose Maria Tejo (21) and Juan Carrirzona were on sentry duty in the fuel stock zone when they heard a sound like radio interference, which changed to an ear piercing whistle that faded after 5 minutes. The noise then reappeared near Jose’s sentry box. Fearing sabotage they began to search the area, the noise going off for another 5 minutes, then recommencing for another 5. As the noise faded this time, they saw a light in the sky over Badajoz a few kilometres to the south west. They were now joined by a third sentry, Jose Hildago, who was patrolling the base with his Alaskan dog and who had also seen the light. They alerted Corporal Pavon who arrived with support guards and ordered a general search of the area. JMT, JC and JH set out for the fuel stockpile and had gone 300m, keeping to the perimeter wall, when, as they approached a sentry box in the process of construction, they were struck by a sort of whirlwind, localised in one spot, and heard branches being broken in a eucalyptus plantation. They loosed the dog, which however came staggering back after a few seconds, looking beaten and terrified and not uttering a sound. This happened each time they sent the dog in. The dog then began to circle them, a signal that they were under threat. Unnerved, they called out to the intruders.

Then JT had a sensation of someone looking at him and glimpsed a green light out of the corner of his eye, and wheeled round to confront what looked like a shimmering human figure, at least 3m tall, only 15m away. The creature was a luminous green and appeared to be composed entirely of small points of light, more intense along the periphery. Its head was small and appeared to be covered by some type of helmet, its arms were long and its body thick. They could not see any legs. The being’s arms were crossed but its hands were ill defined. When JT finally prepared to shoot at the figure, he found himself unable to move, then his legs slowly gave way and he sank to the ground, his sight failing. His yell alerted the other two to the entity. C and H rapidly fired about 40-50 shots at the figure, which thereupon faded like a television picture turned off. They then rushed to T’s aid. As he staggered to his feet he became aware of a pain in his chest, though he had not fallen hard, and they heard the whistle coming from the eucalyptus, lasting for 10-15 seconds. After about 20 minutes T’s chest stopped hurting. Military investigators were unable to find any trace of the fired cartridges and a perimeter wall that should have been pot marked by the shots showed not the slightest trace, though there was no doubt that the weapon had been fired. A few days later T’s sight faded but recovered in hospital, but on his release this happened again and he was transferred to the Air Force Hospital in Madrid, where he suffered from another attack, a pain in the neck, then forehead and blindness, while he thrashed about in the bed. This was the final attack.
  • Juan J Bernitez in FSR 23, 5. p3 citing own investigation.

November 12 1976, 2000hrs.
Seven young men observed a blue-yellow light in the north-western sky, followed 10-15 minutes later by two lights in the north east and, simultaneously, they observed two yellow balls to the west, about 30-40m away. They were 1.5kmn above the ground and expanded and contracted, dimming as they expanded and vice versa, reaching a diameter of 1.5m at maximum expansion. Two of the lads, Eero Lammi (19) and Seppo Moilanen, approached to within 10m of these lights before losing courage and touring courage and turning back. Then Eero noticed a bright flash of light above and behind him, felt a pain in his chest and blacked out. Seppo saw that a bright beam of light had hit Eero, penetrating his body and hitting the ground about 1m from his feet. Eero screamed, and fell unconscious, his muscles totally stiffened and his pulse slowed down to 40. His friends carried him to a hut where he came to after about 5 minutes. The balls of light disappeared after the light beam. Later in that evening a large number of red spots appeared on Eero’s chest above the lower ribs and a red area appeared on his back. These faded and disappeared within a day. Several neighbours had seen the blue-yellow lights in the North West, but they had not seen the balls of light. Eero did not call a doctor.
  • Ilkka Serra in MUFON UFO Journal 114, p16, citing UFO Research of Finland Quarterly Report 4/76.
  • A very inaccurate account appeared in FSR 22, 6, p32 citing Sunday Express 12 December 1976.
  • Evaluation; possible atmospheric electrical phenomenon.

November 14 1976, 1615hrs.
About 10 people observed, about 1km north of Kolsva, a large object. One couple describe it as shaped like tropical helmet hovering above the treetops. It was about 6m in diameter, shiny and silver, with a yellow-red light coming from the lower portion, and a plume of smoke from the upper. This object disappeared but later another object hovered over the power plant, moving up and down and making turns, and three times beaming a light down on the wooded area. Then a smaller object appeared, rose slowly for 20 minutes, positioning itself temporality beneath the larger one, and then disappearing quickly. This second object was elongated like a sausage, with a white centre and orange, blue and red ends. The larger object remained in view for a further 30 minutes. At about the same time, two people approaching Kolsva from the north, observed an object as large as the full moon. Another witness0 was a farmer about 10km away.
  • Bertil Soderquist in MUFON UFO Journal 118, p12.
  • Evaluation: probable astronomical phenomenon + autokinesis.

November 14 1976, 2100hrs.
Mrs Joyce Bowles (42), a railway powder room assistant, and Edwin Platt (58), a retired farm manager, were driving to Chilcomb Farm from Winchester, to pick up Joyce’s 17 year old son who was visiting his girl friend at the farm. Joyce was diving her 1972 Mini-Clubman. As they turned onto the A272 they noticed an orange glow in the sky, which disappeared after a moment or two. A few seconds later Joyce saw the glow again for a moment. At the bottom of the road, she turned onto Chilcomb Road, a narrow lane boarded on the right hand side by a grassy area about 15m wide. Almost immediately the car began to shake, and despite both of them gripping hold of the steering wheel, moved diagonally across the road onto the verge. About 5m in front of their car they saw a cigar shaped object, perhaps 4.5m long, hovering less than 50cm above the ground, vapour apparently emerging from jets on the underside. In the top left hand portion there was a window (or windows) in which three heads could be seen.

A man emerged straight through the side of the object. He was about 1.8m tall, slim, wearing an aluminium coloured boiler suit, with a zip up to his chin. This suit flapped although there was no wind. he wore nothing on his head, had long, blond, hair, curled up at the back and a dark beard reaching to his sideburns. His skin was pale, his eyes very pink and apparently luminous, his nose rather pointed. The being walked up to the car, put on hand on the roof and looked in. There was a whistling sound. Joyce became terrified and clung to Edwin, who felt some power from the being, which seemed to calm him. The being then walked to the back of the car and was not seen again. When they looked to the front, the object was gone. When they tired to move forward they appeared to hit an invisible wall, (this was probably due to the mud on the verge). but moved on a second attempt. They then drove on to the farm. Joyce later suffered from a rash on the right hand side of her face and her watch gained appreciably. When the being came close to the car, the dashboard seemed to glow four times as brilliant as normal. Joyce claimed to be psychic and to have had poltergeists in the house. Interview with the witnesses seemed to give conflicting information in some areas.
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  • Norman Oliver and Alan West in Spacequest no 3 p22 (gives date as 16th)
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  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a, p112.

November 15 1976
A boy observed an unidentified object at low altitude and suffered physiological effects. Traces were found. No further details.
  • BUFORA Journal 5, 6 p6.

November 15 1976. Morning.
Ken Saunders, a police officer was motorcycling home to Long Ashton from duty in Portishead, when, passing a university research establishment, a he saw a figure about 2-2.5m tall, dressed in a “space suit” and helmet with visor. Its hands were down by its side. Ken drove off at speed.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a, p123 citing Phil Hoyle.

November 16 1976, 1930hrs.
Olle Rostmark (35) was driving along a country logging road, south of Tornefors, when he collided with a brilliantly lit sphere, about 1.5m diameter,. The car started to vibrate and Olle felt a burning pain. The whole incident lasted about 30 seconds. No damage could be found on the car afterwards. Olle felt paralysed and the next day his vision was impaired. A doctor suggested that he may have been suffering from snow blindness.
  • Bertil Soderquist in MUFON UFO Journal 118, p12.

November 19 1976, 2100hrs.
Construction worker Brad Richmond and his friend Brad Davey observed a large red object, too bright to make out detail, hovering over an apparently deserted farmer’s field, about 800m from his house, illuminating an area the size of a small house. The light just went out as though switched off and almost immediately afterwards a smaller red light appeared tin the same location and quickly ascended to about 60m before streaking away to the north, gaining altitude. It was lost to sight in 10-15 seconds. No sound was heard during the observation.
  • UFO Pulse Analyser 2, p15.

November 22 1976, 2330hrs.
A man saw a green coloured rectangular object about 20m diameter, which descended close to the ground. The thing was surrounded by a haze and a red underside. He only saw the thing for 4-5 seconds before the thing went behind trees. During the incident the car radio developed static.
  • Rodeghier 1981, p69, citing CUFOS files.

November 27 1976, 2000hrs.
G. W. Taylor and his wife were driving along the A38 from Truro to Zelah at ab out 65kph, when Mrs Taylor drew her husband’s attention to a sphere, about the size of a soccer ball, with a white light, hedge hopping so close that Mr Taylor thought that he could have touched the thing, if he had stood on his car bonnet. The object was observed for 10 seconds as it passed in front of the car. There was no sound and there was no storm at the time.
  • Letter from witness in BUFORA Journal 6, 2, p8.

November 27 1976, 2245hrs.
A group of skywatchers, including Christopher Trutbridge and his wife Pauline, saw a silvery gold object come down within 3m of the ground near the golf clubhouse. They ran after it as it hovered for about 4 minutes. It then took off towards Upton Scudamore in a slow bobbing motion and then rose towards Westbury. The thing came within 5m of the clubhouse.
  • Shuttlewood 1979b, p17, 688.

December 1976.
A number of people, including several peasants, observed a saucer shaped object, emitting a dazzling violet light appear suddenly and apparently abduct Mrs Candelaria and her two month old daughter, who were getting ready to return to the fields.
  • FSR 23, 5, p.iii, citing La Razon 31 December 1976, citing ANSA, citing an undated issue of La Prensa (Lima)
  • Evaluation: possible press hoax?

December 3 1976, 1500hrs.
Mr A Antonetti (68) was taking his dog out for a walk in the country near Cuers when they encountered a little black being with a big head, who spoke to him in French, asking him what he was doing, and when the witness replied that he was taking the dog for a walk, the being told him he had go home and rest. The gendarmes described Antonetti as an alcoholic vagrant and considered the story dubious.
  • Alain Gamard citing Erich Zurcher.

December 7 1976.
A couple driving over the Conway Bridge saw a brilliant white sphere of light that dropped something into the river; then it drifted off to the north east leaving a trail of smoke.
  • NUFON News 121, p10, citing an undated issue of the North Wales Weekly News.

December 9 1976, 1845hrs.
Mrs Dorothy E Cale, a school meals supervisor, her 10 year old son and two friends, Mrs Yvonne Andrews and Mrs Anne Berry, were driving between Walton West and Rosepool when a very bright flashing light appeared above the left hand hedge. It was vaguely dome shaped and, as it flashed, there appeared to be a zigzag nucleus like an electric light filament. The thing gave off a yellow-white light that was bright enough to illuminate the surrounding area. Another woman motorist stopped suddenly to avoid a collision, but the light flashed four times and disappeared. It was only observed for four seconds. The flashing object was 1.5-1.8m across and about a metre high and it appeared to be 4.5-6m above the ground. Dorothy got the impression that it was the top of an object hidden by the hedge.
  • Pugh and Holliday 1979, p32 + BUFORA Journal 6, 1, p15, both citing letter from Mrs Cale to Randall Jones Pugh.

December 9 1976, 1945hrs.
Two young women driving through Wetley Rocks on this frosty night saw, ahead of them, a mass of lights hovering low over a field. At first they thought that it was a helicopter but then realised that this was not possible owing to the high tension cables in the field. Getting closer, they stopped the car and lowered the window. The object hovered soundlessly for 2-3 minutes. There were orange and blue lights , the apparent diameter of a golf ball at arm’s length , in a triangular formation. These lights suddenly went out, leaving no traces.
  • NUFON News 33, p5, citing investigation by UFORA Staffs.

December 12 1976, 0720hrs.
Julien Hermann (38), a guard at the M3 factory, was sat at his desk, when he saw, through a window, a fluorescent green humanoid shape, 1.65-1.7m tall, surrounded a multitude of little green flashing lights, about 20m away. He saw its arms and legs distinctly, but the face, head and shoulders were covered by a helmet like that of a motorcyclist or astronaut. The being stood in the middle of a 2m diameter yellow-orange luminous circle. The witness was unable to move his head for a short time. When he recovered he went outside and again saw the green human shape, which suddenly vanished.
  • Alain Gamard citing Ouranous 20, p11.

December 13 1976, 1720hrs.
A woman art teacher was coming out of her neighbour’s house when she saw an oval yellow-orange glow, with two tiers of bright lights and a flat bottom, hovering over an electricity pylon, lighting a path through the thick fog, at a 45 degree elevation in the NNW. The object pulsated and faded into a glow, which became a shallow band of elliptical light. A male neighbour saw it as an orange object in the sky. At the same time at Kidsgrove Bank, less than 2km to the east of Dunkirk, Mrs Dean saw, though the fog, a brilliant white light by an electricity substation. She first thought that it was a car headlight, and then saw that it was from a window in a grey object shaped like an oyster shell. The windows were surrounded by a fluorescent glow, and a beam of light was projecting up into the sky. After a couple of minutes Mrs Dean became so frightened that she walked away so quickly that she tripped over something in the road. The visibility ranged from 30-90m.
  • NUFON News 33 p5, citing UFORA Staffs
  • Evaluation: moon or ground light shining through fog?

December 14 1976, 1715hrs.
Teacher Mrs Bebbington was driving her car when she saw a large semi-circular brown-gold object, with two tiers of white lights, hovering over the rooftops. A greyish vapour was swirling around the base of the object. Mrs Bebbington was so shaken she nearly drove onto the pavement. She drove away leaving the object behind.
  • NUFON News 33, p5, citing UFORA Staffs.
  • Evaluation: possibly moon seen through fog?

December 18 1976, 2000hrs.
A man with a karate black belt heard a humming noise and looking up saw an object like two soup plates rim to rim, with a light in the centre. He set out on a walk, felt very relaxed, then hot and then fled from the scene in terror.
  • NUFON News 35/6 p3.

December 26 1976, 1800hrs.
Candelaria Tucto Chilon and her young daughter were in the front of a group of about 120 people returning from their fields. They were walking along the main road when they saw an intense violet light about 120m away, which then resolved into a metallic looking disc. The thing approached Candelaria and her daughter and changed back into the violet light again. The light then took off and mother and daughter were never seen again.
  • Alberto Rosales in Anomalist 12, p151, citing an undated issue of Mas Alla de La Ciencia 1991.
  • Evaluation Unreliable source, Mas Alla de La Ciencia  appears to be a pseudo-scientific magazine, and has been accused of having links to the Neo-Nazi groups CEDADE and Youth Front.

December 26 1976, 1930hrs.
Two ambulance personnel saw their vehicle being paced by two oval objects for some time, about 3km away, behind mountains. At one point during the incident the ambulance electrical system malfunctioned.
  • Rodeghier 1981, p69, citing CUFOS files.

December 28 1976, 1930hrs.
Darryl Smith (26) was driving his van from Kingsley Holt to Cheadle on this cold; clear evening, when he observed a peculiar red light in the northern sky, hovering over some woods. After driving on a while, Darryl stopped and wound down the window. As he watched the object moved westwards, split into two parts, which then re-joined. Darryl then continued driving with the window rolled down, keeping the light in view for about 8 minutes. When he arrived at his brother-in-law’s in Cheadle, Darryl searched for some binoculars, but was unable to find any. After about 10 minutes he drove off to try and locate the object again. In the area of Shawe Park he saw the thing descending towards a field about 100m away. It was shaped like a vertical bullet with a deep red coloured top and the bottom quarter section was white. The top was pointed. Owing to the terrain Darryl was unable to tell whether the object landed in the field or not. He reported the incident to the police. The area was searched but no traces were found.
  • Jenny Randles in FSR 23, 1, p8 + NUFON 33 p6 + Awareness 6, 1, p12 citing investigation by UFORA Staffs.

December 29 1976, 1100hrs.
Clint and Jane Chapin, both aged 74 were at their mining claim, which they had operated for 40 years, and had just got out of their car when they noticed a strange heat. They began to walk cautiously around, Clint walking to a wall area beyond a creek, where he saw an egg shaped object downstream in the bush. When he yelled to Jane to get her gun, the object rose up to 27-30m and hit them with a sort of force field, which dazed them for 190-15 minutes. Jane had wet herself with the shock. Just before the shock they had been able to see that the object was small, with a pot marked tan coloured surface. It seemed to pass through the trees on its rapid departure. The object had been about 55-60m away. The couple blamed their health problems on this object and later claimed to have been taken to a secret government laboratory where they were medically examined and samples from the mine analysed.
  • Paul Cerny in MUFON UFO Journal 125, p8, citing his own investigation
  • Vallee 1991, p183, citing his own investigation dates the case to 27th.

December 30 1976, 1410hrs.
Anastasio Martinez, the night watchman at a tobacco processing works at Arrubal was returning home to Logrono when he saw, on the road ahead, an oval shaped object, about 5m wide, which emitted a green trail about 10m long.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 25, 3, p22 citing ABC 7 January 1977.

December 30 1976, 1830hrs.
Joyce Bowles and Edwin Pratt (qv) were driving along on an unlit part of the road, about 1.5km from Quarry Farm, when Pratt saw a light in the sky and directed Bowles’ attention to it. She was dazzled by the headlights of an oncoming car, but when this cleared. she saw the light move in and out of the clouds. They then heard a high pitched whistling sound, and the car started rocking back and forth. Bowles then passed out, and when she came to she realised they were standing next to the car in some sort of craft. A being came up and stood close to her, another had a belt with a large jewel on it, which flashed when he touched it. This being said something like “Mileeger” and other things in an unknown tongue, before, in broken English, they asked Pratt to take seven paces forward, and asked him how he felt. He replied cooler at one end than the other. The being pointed to diagrams on transparent material on the wall, and seemed annoyed when Pratt could not understand what he meant when he said “these are our fields”. When one of the them said they were not planning to invade, Bowles replied “That's what Hitler said”. Much of the conversation was incomprehensible.

The beings wore boiler suits with polo necks; though the one nearest them was dressed in a shiny metallic suit, had coarse sandy hair and seemed to be looking Bowles up and down. The couple got the impression that JB had been chosen because one of the beings had put his hand on the car on the previous occasion. In the centre of the room was a large bottle like structure rising up form the floor, wide at the bottom and tapering upwards, with emblems that looked like signs of the zodiac. The room was about 6m by 3.5m. Things seemed to go hazy, and when the couple came to they were are a road near a river that they did not recognise. After driving around for about 39 minutes they arrived at Chilworth about 16km south of Winchester. They drove back to Quarry Road, arriving at 22.15hrs.
  • Lionel Beer in Awareness 6, 1, p20, and BUFORA Journal 5, 6, p15 and Jenny Randles in FSR 23, 1 p12, both citing investigation by Geoffrey Doal and John Cleary Baker.
  • Randles and Warrington 1979, p158.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2012a, p137 citing investigation by John Ledner dates this as 6th January 1977.

December 31 1976m 0240hrs.
Nellie Richardson (65) was awakened by a loud bang and her room was illuminated by a bright yellow light. Looking through the window she saw an oval object hovering at low altitude. After going downstairs to check the time, she came back and watched the object, which had moved slightly, that now filled a quarter of her window. She watched for over an hour as it seemed to come towards her and darken. Two figures resembling toy soldiers were moving about in front of it. Her 31 year old son coming home at an estimated 0415 saw the object on the journey home, and saw it with his mother for a short time as it seemed to recede towards crew.
  • Jenny Randles in FSR 23, 1, citing investigation by Derek James.
  • Evaluation: Re-investigation by Tony Pace showed that the object was the moon, and the entities possibly a telegraph pole, (though lunar markings may also be involved). There was an error of an hour in the timing and the son arrived home. Frost in the glass along with fatigue and perhaps some degree of REM intrusion may help explain the radical misperception.
  • Skywatch 35 p9 + Skywatch 36.
  • Randles 1983, p33.