1974. (Approximate year) Night. 
While lying in bed, Mr L, a local government officer, saw a humanoid being, 2.1m tall, with a large head, an ashen grey, long face, with a long nose, thin lips, a perpetual grin and cat like eyes with narrow pupils. The being, which wore a white one piece suit with a high collar and had only four digits on each hand, came up to the witness, said “hello” then vanished. 
  • Jenny Randles in FSR 22,6 p19 and NUFON News 27 p8 citing investigation by Graham Barker and Trevor Whittaker
  • Evaluation: Hypnogogic hallucination

1974. (Approximate year)
A 9 year old boy awoke to find people dressed in black standing around his bed. A felt as though he was naked (he was not) and being watched. He felt drawn towards the curtains, which were filled with coloured patterns. He became terrified and fainted. He was woken in the morning by a sharp crack on the back of the head. 
  • NUFON News 141 p.11 citing Coileen Innes
  • Evaluation: Hypnopompic hallucination/false awakening reconstructed to fit 1980s UFO lore in the 15 years between event and reporting

1974. (Approximate year)
A lone woman driver travelling from St Helens to Ansons Bay had stopped for a cigarette, when, in a nearby paddock, she saw an object with a ramp, up and down which beings were moving. She fled the scene. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p.192 citing TUFOIC files

Ms Lahakpa Domani (19) was tending yaks to the north east of the village when a 1.2m tall creature with black and brown hair attacked her flock, killing a number of them and throwing Lahakpa into a stream. 
  • Freeman 2011 p43
  • Evaluation: Bear?

1974. Evening.
The Giles brothers were bringing home the carcass of a deer they had shot when a hairy humanoid jumped on the back of their trailer and smashed up their motor bikes. 
  • Blackburn 2012 p94 citing Doyle Holmes
  • Evaluation: Second hand story in which Holmes recalled something that happened when he was 9 some 30 or so years later

1974, or following year
Three hunters encountered a large black object hovering over trees. One man ran towards the object and shot at it. From this object emerged a number of circular objects which darted around. The men next remembered packing up their guns and going to sleep. Portions of the story only emerged when one of the men saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p.199 citing Mark Moravec

A school teacher was said to have met the occupants of an unidentified object and gained remarkable ESP powers. No further details 
  • Basterfield 1981 p99 citing Tasmanian UFO Investigation Committee
  • Evaluation: Known only as a second hand rumour

Two young women, relaxing at home, heard a strange “ enchanting” sound and felt compelled to get into their car, which drove itself to a certain spot, accompanied by a large brilliant white light. Vague human shapes were seen and strange chants heard. They had visions of their worst fears (rape and sudden death respectively. One of the girls, Heather, got out of the car, and when she tried to get back in, she found the car door covered by viscous material like spider’s webs. There was missing time. They somehow got to the nearest police station, where the police had seen strange lights in the sky and a massive procession of snails across the road. When the girls were escorted home, they thought that the experience was over, but soon felt the same compulsion and went through the same experience again. They felt “guilty” and “ashamed” about going to the police, and that the manipulating force had complete control over them. Heather later suffered from physical and psychological after effects which prevented further investigation. 
  • Basterfield 1980 p47 case 51 + Basterfield 1997 p.191+ Chalker 1996 citing investigation by Bill Chalker, actually a story told by a friend of the woman who suffered the side effects

A nine year old girl observed an unidentified object at close range from two different points of view with no memory of moving between them. Later under hypnotic regression she recalled her head buzzing and being inside a room, with a being with a small pointed head and pointed ears, and another, surrounded by a silver glow, walking towards her. One of them had a thick metal object like a skewer, which was to take out fluid.
  • Keith Basterfield in International UFO Reporter 15,3 p.11 + Basterfield 1997 191 citing his own investigation.
  • Evaluation: Only reported as an adult years later, hypnotic confabulation

Two people saw a disc hovering over trees, the upper brachnes of which were found burnt and broken. 
  • Phillips 1975 p99 case 668

1974. 0845hrs.
Nicholas W (9) was walking to school through a wooded area when he saw a brown hairy thing 1.8m tall, walking upright through the woods. The thing growled at the boy and retreated into the bush. Nicholas ran in terror to tell his teacher. 
  • Rogo and Clark 1979 p.5 citing Bigfoot Information Centre

A man walking his greyhound through the fields saw the figure of a small elderly woman wearing black, with a white apron, coming to the connecting gap in the hedge. He slowed to let her past, but before she reached the gap, the woman disappeared on the spot. The dog fled in terror and was never any good in the races after this. 
  • St Clair 2001 p67

A lorry driver heading south was forced to brake when what looked like a woman in a long dress crossed the road ahead. Fearing an accident he looked back to check and saw the figure walking right through a barbed wire fence on the other side of the road. 
  • Green 1980 p172

1974. 1200hrs.
Two men surveying a road south of Swift Current saw an elongated cigar shaped object at 30-50m altitude. It was 15-30m long, with fiery red lights at each end. It slowly crossed the road and then just disappeared 
  • Swords 2005 p.170 citing John Timmerman

1974. Afternoon.
Members of the Overfelt family saw a bright circular object, the size of a small house, descend onto a nearby hill. The thing changed colour from red to white. While the object was on the ground the animals all acted up. They called a local investigation group and noted that their radio was not working, their compass was swinging wildly and the TV was showing strange interference. After 20 minutes, and before investigators could arrive, the thing took off. As it did so the compass needle flew off its pivot and lodged against the cover. Military planes followed the object. 
  • Dennett 2005 p149 citing Brae Canlen in San Diego Reader 8 February 1990 citing investigation by Eric Herr

1974. 1530hrs.
Alwyn Richards and his sister were horse riding on his property when their horses shied away from a wooded area and they had to walk them through it. On the other side they encountered a 2.7-3m tall muscular hairy biped with long arms and a humanoid face. Alwyn went within 30m of the thing, while his sister hung back. As he got closer he could detect a smell like burning. After what seemed like several minutes the creature turned and walked away at speed, stepping over a 1.2m high fence without breaking stride. 
  • Healy and Cropper 1994 p126

1974. Evening.
Cheryl Chuter was walking into Farnborough, taking her work’s takings to the bank, when she was approached by a man, wearing ordinary clothes, but with no pupils in his eyes, only deep blackness. The figure then just faded away. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p.232 citing their own investigation

1974. Evening.
Dianne Sudron was baby sitting her younger brother and sister when 6 beings with cream coloured bald heads, pointed chins and almond shaped eyes came in through the French windows. Part of her wall turned into a control panel as a female alien pressed buttons on it. This happened on a number of times, during which the Dianne was paralysed. On another occasion in the early morning she became “aware “ that an alien had arrived in a Honda car and then beings dressed like dOctoberors appeared and apparently cured her cysticis and made her more psychic. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p.238 citing Hartlepool Mail 7 March 2008 + their own investigation
  • Evaluation: Variant Aware Sleep Paralysis (ASP)?

1974. Evening.
A 6 year old girl walking up the stairs in a children’s home encountered a black thing like a tree with “half a human face”. She screamed and when adults went to investigate there was nothing there. 
  • Adams 2013 p60

1974. Late evening.
Donna Mitchell was playing with some friends were playing in her living room on this dark, wet evening when, looking through the window, they saw a dark male human figure looking through the window. This unnerved the children and they turned away. When they looked back a short time later, the man was no longer there. 
  • Montell 2000 p25 direct from Donna Mitchell in 1989

1974. 2000hrs.
GM observed at a place called Three Legged Cross a luminous object with a transparent strip moiving at treetop height. Through the transparent strip he could see the lower face and body of a being wearing a red hood and one piece luminous suit and surrounded by beams of light in which bullet shaped objects were moving. G followed the thing in his car at speeds of up to 115kph the wrong way up the road, getting within 3 m of the object, which was at 6m altitude. A car then approached from the opposite direction. He slowed down but the car then vanished, only to reappear behind him. After this incident his right hand began to grow green. 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p.267 citing Scan 10 + FSR 20,3 p.31 both citing investigation by Leslie Harris
  • Evaluation: Fantasy, witness was a repeater and produced an obviously fake UFO photograph

1974. Night.
Steve Paulson and his girlfriend were out camping and watching the stars after a meal. The woman had fallen asleep when Steve saw a point source of light descend from the sky to within 1.2m of him, taking on the appearance of a luminous sphere. The thing hovered for abo0ut 2 minutes and then took off slowly and dissipated, just as the girlfriend was waking up. 
  • Dennett 2016a p.38 citing MUFON CMS

1974. Night.
A woman babysitting for her sister had a cold feeling and felt a need to check on the baby. Going into the nursery she encountered a figure the size of a two year old child, dressed in knee length britches and a sort of vest over a loose fitting shirt. The being had long hair, a moustache and beard and looked generally unkempt. The sitter picked up and baby and backed out of the room. The baby’s parents had also seen the figure on occasions. 
  • Jarvis 1992 p194

1974. Night. 
A young couple out driving saw a hairy humanoid 1.8-2.1m tall with very dark fur cross the road ahead of them, is shoulders hunkered down. 
  • Newton 2010 p62

1974. Night.
A young couple, who did not want their names used, were driving just north of Castlegar on this clear night, and had just rounded a corner when they saw a large dark hairy figure stood on the hard top. It had long arms and a rounded head. The couple just drove on and the thing just stood still.
  • Byrne 1974. p64

January 1974. Day.
Two female college students driving from Gulfport to Biloxi along a coastal highway saw a large ovoid object, with lights emerge out of the water and come close to their car. Despite its proximity it was soundless. They briefly came off the road and then drove off at speed. 

  • Swords 2005 p44 citing John Timmerman

  • January 1974. 0220hrs.
    Jim Brinton was walking up his driveway seeing some friends out, when his attention was caught by something moving by parked cars. Thinking it was a dog, he paid no attention and returned to his house. He then heard a high, shrill scream and went outside with his deer rifle. He saw a large hairy creature, about 2.1m tall, by the house. It came within 25m, at which Jim shot it. The thing fell backwards but got up and ran off before Jim could fire a second shot. 
    • Rogo and Clark 1979 p.152

    January 1974. 1330hrs.
    A 38 year old man went searching for fossils, leaving his girlfriend in the car. When he was 2km from the car, he was approached by two short haired, humanoid dwarfs 1m tall, with elongated heads, wearing silver suits and rapidly speaking an inDecemberipherable tongue. Their arms seemed unusually short. They wore silvery suits. They took him to an elongated silvery object, small on the outside, much larger on the inside, where there were many more female beings. He was given a drink which made him pass out. He came to on the floor of the craft, with two of the beings standing over him. He felt as though he had been rejected and felt ignored. Then, looking around, he saw two girls aged about 9 and 12 in a sort of cage. A doorway then opened and he walked out of the craft and walked back to his car, finding that 90 minutes had passed. 
    • Chalker 1996 p.193
    • Good 1998 p344 citing investigation by Kevin McNeil
    • Evaluation: Larger inside than out of course comes from Dr Who’s TARDIS, which I don’t doubt had featured on Australian TV

    January 1974. 2000hrs.
    Frank Filon, a supervisor at the New York Telephone Company, was driving between Flemington and Washington, with his wife and 10 year old daughter when he noticed three brilliant round lights coming down over the mountains towards the highway (RT31). Frank thought they were aircraft landing lights and then realised how large and close they had become. His daughter and wife then said that they too could see the lights. As these lights came closer, both the Filons and the occupants of the two cars behind them drove over to the side of the road. The white lights were in a triangular formation, which they then broke, one going straight up over the car at high speed, the other two heading east and west respectively. They then regrouped in a layer position, made a 45 degree turn and disappeared over the mountain range from which they had originated. As the lead object passed over the car, its glow increased, only to diminish when it had passed. 
    • Sachs and Jahn 1977 p105 + UFO Investigator December 1974. p1 both citing investigation by Ernest Jahn)

    January 1974. 2130hrs.
    A student teacher and his fiancée (both 20) were paced by a green light as they drove towards Leek. Though the thing veered off at one point, they still felt followed and stopped and got out. Above them was a dark oval object, which projected a green beam on the road and a blue one on their car. These then closed together and circled around the car. The couple jumped back in and drove off, but the male driver felt impelled to follow the light. They felt a bump in the road and found that they had just gone over a cattle grid at Ilam in Derbyshire and that it was now 0130. A few moments later they felt a second jolt and they found themselves in Macclesfield at 0330. They reported the matter to the police. 
    • Randles 1988 p61 citing investigation by Derek James
    • Randles 2002 p208

    January 1974, or following month. 2320hrs.
    Edison Coelho de Souza and his fiancée Lucia Maria were driving back from a late film, when they noticed a new road by the town cemetery and Decemberided to go along it. There they encountered a group of large, old fashioned looking, but shiny new cars and people walking around. When they returned along the road some minutes later there were no signs of either people or vehicles. As they stopped by the cemetery their car was lifted from the ground and bumped down again,. This happened a couple of times, and when Maria opened the door to see who was playing a trick, she felt an unnatural cold, and saw Edison’s hair standing on end. As they drove off, they saw a luminous, white figure 1m-1.2m tall to their right. They arrived home some 20 minutes late, Maria laughing hysterically and Edison taking a swift drink.
    • Granchi 1995 p141

    January 2 1974.
    Vernon County farmers observed a large glowing object, with portholes, which manoeuvred at low altitude. 
    • George Fawcett in FSR 30,4 p300

    January 3 1974. Night.
    Three people in a car noted that their engine became affected when an aerial object approached. This thing speeded with the car and continued to follow them when they turned the car round. They went back to their house and stayed in for several hours. When they came out again the object was still hovering high overhead. Through binoculars they observed row of small windows on the thing. 
    • Sifakis 1979a p92
    • Emmenegger 1974.p111 citing Morbridge Tribune 10 January 1974.
    • Evaluation: The object seen hours later is clearly astronomical, as probably is the first, note how through binoculars it develops “windows” and the earlier equipment malfunction motif

    January 3 1974. 1955hrs.
    Lizzy Rodriguez de Maisonet was in the front of her home when she saw, in the sky, a round object with a flat bottom and a protuberance on top, resembling an upside down soup plate. She called her husband, a former commercial pilot, and neighbour, Iris E Rivera , who in turn called her three sons (10, 9, 8) They all saw the object moving east to west at a speed slower than the aircraft they frequently saw approaching the Isla Verde International Airport, until it disappeared behind a wooded hill 300m away. Only the three boys stayed out after this and at 2010 they saw the object again hovering over the hill 10-15m above the ground. Along its lower rim was a ring of bright little lights, which appeared to be rotating rapidly and were in the shape of squares resembling windows. The object itself, dark grey in colour and somewhat larger than a Volkswagen car, did not rotate; on its top were two antennae, each with a steady bright red light at the end. 

    From the underside of the object there came a cylindrical beam of bright white light, tinged with yellow and four, apparently solid, light green balls descended in this beam. The first was larger than the other three. After 10 seconds the beam disappeared as the round opening it came from closed. On the side of the object was a square opening with a, with a point of blue light on a white background. The boys were about to call out to their mother and neighbours when this side opening also closed and the object began to move southwards, keeping the same altitude. It stopped for about 20 seconds, emitting a white cloud of smoke which seemed to stir up the dust below. Then the thing began to move slowly towards the south, stopping over a pump house belonging to the Aqueduct and Sewage Authority, where it stayed for some seconds. This movement was witnessed by Lizzy and Iris and three other neighbours. When they stopped shouting they could hear a soft buzzing. Then the object turned slowly northwards, followed a path westward of its southward one and disappeared from view. It had been about 200-300m from the witnesses. There was an unconfirmed report that a youth on the other side of the pump house had also seen the object. 
    • Richard Heiden citing Stendek 19 p23

    January 4 1974. 1715hrs.
    Two women who did not want their names used, were driving when they an object with two bright lights in front, shining straight ahead around smaller lights around the side. When first seen it was hovering about 100m ahead, 25m above a high school athletic field. The women were parked when the thing was first seen. The object then began to move, the two bright lights going out to reveal a sort of red tower on the thing. They followed this thing for about 200-400m, until it disappeared from view to the north, behind the school building, at the speed of a small plane. 
    • Skylook 75 p15 citing investigation by Laurence P. Rybak

    January 6 1974. 1815hrs.
    Mr and Mrs J Wightman and their three children saw, through their window, a flame coloured glow, which moved south-east to east, away from their house. Mrs Wightman and her daughter saw the thing fall to the ground in one of two pieces, like a flare, while the others went for binoculars. Mr Wightman and sons then saw a glow in a field and a white light travelling along the same course. The original object was soccer ball sized, very bright, almost fluorescent, with a cloudy appearance. No traces were found. 
    • Skywatch 11 p5

    January 6 1974. 2330hrs.
    Carl N (15) was babysitting his younger siblings when he was alerted by dogs barking. Looking out he saw an object with four lights, blue, yellow, green and red hovering in the sky. After about an hour the object emitted a white beam from its underside and settled to the ground behind trees. Police were called but it is not cealr whether they saw the thing or not. 
    • Ledger 1998 p99

    January 7 1974. 2040hrs.
    A 31 year old mechanic was driving his Ami 6 from Comines towards Warneton He had nearly reached the latter and was driving at 60-70 kph on the wet road (it having rained though the sky was now clear) with his cassette player on, when his engine, headlights and cassette player all suddenly cut out. He put the car into neutral and its momentum carried on about 100m down the 1:20 slope, before he applied the hand-brake. He was about to get out and see what was the matter, but as he turned to his right to get out, he saw, through the door window, something 150m away in a field. He first thought it was a bale of hay, but then made it out to be a disk shaped object, with a dome on top, standing on three legs. It was 2.5-3m high, 7-10m wide with orange, white, blue, red and electric bleu lights in sequence. There were areas of orange and white light on the object and a beam of white light coming from the underside. He then saw two figures, 30m away in the field, approaching him. He first thought they were a farmer and his son, but then noticed their peculiar stiff walk. They halted for a moment 15m from the car, then came on again. He now see them in greater detail. The smaller one had a ringed suit which reminded him of the Michelin Man advert, and a round helmet on its head. Through a window in this helmet, the witness was able to see the stranger’s face. In its hand this being carried a devise like a short, thick ruler, with a pointed tip, pointing at the car. The other, somewhat taller, entity was 1.2-1.3m tall and was walking slightly in front of the other. On its head was a cuboid helmet with opaque sides and a transparent front. The two beings had identical faces; pear shaped, faintly grey coloured, two perfectly round eyes, like agate marbles, which were slightly shrunken in relation to the rest of the face, small, only faintly visible nose, mouth just a lipless horizontal slit. 

    When one of the beings opened its mouth, the witness could see neither tongue nor teeth. The being with the cuboid helmet had a sort of rectangular black box beneath its chin, and wore a dull, metallic grey, one piece, suit from head to toe. Above the cubs shaped helmet was a sort of tube. Both entities wore heavy, pointed boots. Despite their facial identity, the entity with the cube shaped helmet had a very different physique from the first one, having an athletic build, broad shoulders, narrow hips. It wore a black belt around its waist, on which there was a luminous oval spot where the buckle would be. A black sash ran from the belt to its left shoulder, while from the base of the helmet, a row of buttons ran down each side. Both beings had arms which ran down to below their knees. Their helmets were illuminated by a soft, uniform light, like that on the belt, which did not seem to radiate to the outside. They then halted by a ditch 4m away . The entity in the cuboid helmet open and closed his mouth, immediately after which the witness felt a faint shock in the region of the cerebellum and somehow began to “hear in his head” a low pitched modulated sound that grew louder and louder. There was also a second “Michelin Man” close by the object.

    During the confrontation with the entities, a sort of small luminous object fell from the second entity's belt, without them appearing to notice. The two beings suddenly turned their heads simultaneously, at which the sound in the witness’s head stopped. They then pivoted around in military fashion and walked briskly back to the machine, walking over the muddy field without any difficulty. As they did so blue light began to pulsate like a light on a police car, When they had re-entered the machine, the legs retracted, leaving it hovering 50 cm above the ground, the white beam cutting out. then after 3-4 seconds it rose at a 60-70 degree angle, eventually vanishing from sight. Just as the object took off a second car arrived on the scene as the witness almost collapsed over the wheel. The second driver asked how he was, and said that he too had seen the object and beings and his engine had faltered a few times but had not stopped. The witness also managed to get his car going, and his lights and radio were working again. The observation had lasted twenty minutes. Local residents reported nothing unusual. The radio-cassette was found to be impaired after the experience. 
    • FSR 20, 5 p6 translating from Bazin, Bigone and Boldin in LDLN 139 citing own investigation
    • Lorenzen 1975 p.342)

    January 8 1974. 0310hrs.
    John E Justice (50), the Night. attendant at the Springfield Masonic Home, was driving out of the long driveway of the home on his way home when his headlights dimmed and his engine went dead. Seconds later he saw a row of very beautiful lights, like a rainbow, descend a short distance in front of his car. The rainbow then blinked out and was replaced by an oval light about 1.8m diameter, too brilliant for any features to be made out. The object approached within 2m of his car and only 1m above the road. Justice could now inside the oval object. The interior consisted of a gold coloured room in which five beings 90cm-1.2m tall, with long brown hair covering their faces and reaching to the floor, dressed in garments like capes, were sat in a straight row of high seats. Their long “beautiful” hair and dresses (red, yellow, blue, green, orange respectively and delicate arms and hands made him think they were women. After a short time the interior became dark and the object took off in a blaze of light, like a rainbow. Ray Fields, the maintenance man at the home, had trouble within his radio pager that night. 
    • Stringfield 1978b citing investigation by himself and William Connors:
    • Rick Barr in Official UFO 2,2, 50
    • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1975 p.54)

    January 8 1974. 1730hrs.
    Mrs Frost of Chiddingstone Avenue and her son and daughter saw a pale yellow object resembling a “vertical dumbbell” hovering at 60m altitude for 4 minutes. The object then moved off, returned, hovered again and then finally left, slowly at first and then speeding up. 
    • Fry 2009 p44

    January 9 1974. 0330hrs.
    Richard Lee Smith was driving his car along SR27 outside Hollywood when a “creature like a gorilla” jump in front of his car, which apparently hit it,. The thing was dark coloured and about 2-2.5m tall. It limped off into the swaps after the bump, A police officer who investigated, Robert Holmeyer, saw a shadows 2.5m creature in the underbrush.
    • Green 1978 p278 citing Miami Herald January 10 1974.
    • Blackburn 2017 p238 citing Ian Glass and Jon Hall in Miami News 9 January 1974.

    January 12 1974. 2030hrs.
    Francisco Cabrera Ruiz (30s), the owner of a supermarket in Rociana was returning from a funeral in Bollullos with his wife, sister and uncle, wheh they saw two intense red lights (which did not diffuse) about 60cm diameter, about 5-6m away, one above the other. They were moving towards the party horizontally, 4-5m above the road at about 60kph. These two red lights fell into the vineyard to the right of the road, behind a high earth barrier, Septemberarating the farm from the road. Francisco stopped the car and went to see what had fallen. Standing on tiptoe to look over the wall he saw, in the vineyard, a dark oval shaped body, 1m high, 3m long. When he returned to the car for a flashlight a single red ball, only 20cm diameter, rose up silently at about 20kph, vanishing into the sky. None of the objects made any sound nor were any traces found, All the witnesses were puzzled by the sight. 
    • Ballester 1976 p43 case 170 citing investigation by Manuel Osuna et al

    January 14 1974. Early hours.
    An aerial object like a helicopter was pursued by police and briefly landed here before taking off again. 
    • David Clarke in UFO Brigantia 24 p13

    January 14 1974. 1630hrs.
    Two people saw what looked like a large yellow helicopter, apparently suffering from problems with its engine land in a field during a heavy rain storm. After about a minute it took off again. 
    • David Clarke in UFO Brigantia 24 p13

    January 15 1974. 2355hrs.
    Two law students, who did not want their names used, were walking along the beach when they saw a small white light coming in from the sea. This divided into three and moved towards the pier. The duo walked towards the pier for a better look, and they saw two more lights to their right. They then realised that the lights were on the chests of five men, dressed in old fashioned divers suits, walking up to their chests in the sea. These men then walked up onto the road. 
    • Fabio Picasso in Strange 8 p22 citing Victor and Sylvia Cerasale and Fabio Zerpa in Cuarto Dimension 10 p38
    • Evaluation: actual divers?

    Mid January 1974. 0400hrs
    Deputy Harry Gilpin was driving along Hw80 and was approaching the turnoff to Rowena on routine patrol, when he caught on the edge of his headlights a 2m tall humanoid figure walking away from the centre rail. 
    • Byrne 1974. p59

    January 17 1974. 0300hrs.
    Barry Swanner (37) a 10 hour a day factory hand, living in an isolated area with his wife and two daughters (13, 5), was apparently awoken by a high pitched buzzing, and a voice in his head told him he hand been monitored since 14 by a race of beings from a planet behind the sun. It was perhaps on the same night that a caller to the newspaper on the 25th, claimed that he had seen Swanner drive up, in his truck, to a g lowing white ball in the woods and enter it. The object then took off, returning 10 minutes later, discharging Swanner who drove away. Swanner remembered nothing of this. 
    • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1975 p54 + Norman Oliver in BUFORA Journal 6, 2 p15 both citing investigation by Stanley Ingram

    January 18 1974. 0915hrs.
    Five schoolchildren observed a bright orange sphere with a hazy outline move slowly and then descend behind some trees with a whooshing sound. A trail was visible for some time afterwards. 
    • BUFORA Journal 4,3 p31

    January 18 1974. 2200HRS
    Danny F (13) and Jeff S (10) saw an orange cigar shaped object, almost too bright to look at, approach from the north faster than an airplane. The thing was 6m long, 3m high, with windows in the aft section. It had a tail of orange fire and emitted a humming sound. The object began to slow down and came so low that the boys feared it would crash into a boar going up river, but it lifted, increased speed and s=took off to the south. It was also seen by a neighbour, Mrs Small and her 16 year old son, who described it as huge and round, with projections coming from the side. 
    • Skylook 79 p2 citing Fort Pierce News-Tribune 20 January 1974.
    • Evaluation: Probable bolide

    January 23 1974. 2010HRS.
    Trevor Duell was driving along the Guildford by-pass towards Liphook, and as he began to climb up a hill, saw lights in the distance. He first thought these were on a new bridge being built, but then saw that they were hovering 60m above the bridge. As he came almost underneath the lights, he got out of his car for a better look. Beams of light came from the rectangular object about 6m long, 3m wide, which also displayed red and green lights. 10 minutes later the thing moved off northwest towards Guildford. 
    • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p.194 citing Omar Fowler
    • Evaluation: Blimp?

    January 22 1974. Night.
    A man who did not give his name saw a landed object in a park. No further details. 
    • Roger Sandell citing Buckinghamshire Free Press 25 January 1974.

    January 24 1974. 1610HRS.
    Mrs N. D. was driving her Volkswagen 1300 on this clear day when, as she rapidly approached the top of a hill, she noticed a red object on the ground to the left of the road, 150m away. Her car engine spluttered to a stop and her radio went dead though its light remained on. She was now only 10m from the object, which was 1m in diameter, 50cm high, with a red flattened dome on top and two rows of spots around the circumference. The surface appeared like dull metal. After 4 to 5 minutes the thing rose 50cm and then dropped back towards the ground. This action was repeated a second time. The third time the thing rose slowly and steadily to 3-4m above the ground and moved above her car, revealing a flat, grey, featureless underside. The object appeared to hover over the car for a few seconds and then reappeared to her left side and moved away on a curved trajectory. Mrs D’s car then started by itself while still on fourth gear. That spring the car began to malfunction and was found to have a faulty distributor. 
    • Richard Hall in Skylook 99 p.10 citing investigation by SOBEPS

    January 25 1974. 0030HRS.
    Charles Kendall, the owner of a pizza restaurant, heard a beeping sound and saw a round object, with numerous white and amber lights, about 3.5m diameter hovering between 4.5-6m above the ground. He first thought that it was a spotlight on a delivery truck but soon afterwards the thing took off with a noise like an idling jet, interspaced with a clicking sound. It rotated in a clockwise direction, disappeared into the air and then reappeared a few minutes later, flying back and forth and changing altitude regularly, before speeding off to the south. His wife and two friends also saw the object. 
    • Skylook 76 p19 citing UPI

    January 26 1974. 0400hrs.
    Two adults parked in a car on Rt 66, outside of Greensburg, were frightened when a round object with a flat top and ridges around the sides, the apparent size of a barn, swooped down in front of their car and then rose into the sky at terrific speed, Their radio became filled with static until the object departed. 
    • Stan Gordon in Skylook 78 p12

    January 27 1974. 0200hrs.
    A woman driving home from work on this cloud, rainy night saw point of light in the sky. She assumed they were stars until they descended rapidly to telephone pole height, leaving a streak of light behind them. She now saw that the lights were attached to a solid curved grey object about as wide as a house and as tall as a bus, which came to within less than 30m of her car on her left hand side. Around the object was a row of red lights, like portholes, that blinked a couple of times and from its front came two wide dazzling beams. As the object approached the car engine began to misfire, though she managed to put a bit more distance between her car and thing, the car ran smoother. A truck driver also saw the lights. 
    • Gordon 2010 p264

    January 29 1974. Early evening.
    A hunter checking on his traps near Keystone Park had gone down a path to the reservoir when he saw a tall, broad shouldered bipedal creature in the woods/It ran off in a “clumsy” manner. 
    • Gordon 2010 p265

    Late January/Early February 1974. 2015hrs.
    Gerhart Fritz had just set out to visit his uncle when he saw, to the south-east, a brilliant red round or egg shaped object, the apparent diameter of the moon, which lit up the surroundings noiselessly. From the object a cone of light descended onto the snow. The object itself appeared to be hovering over brushwood 300m away and Gerhart estimated it to be 2.5m diameter. He observed the light for 5 minutes before going on his way. When he returned to the spot 30 minutes later the thing had gone. 
    • Ernst Berger et al in FSR 21, 5 p28 citing their own investigation

    January 31 1974. 0200hrs.
    Two young people in a car saw two red balls of light, one of which scouted the car and then came to a position in front of it. The witnesses felt strange. The sphere always kept the same distance from the car despite acceleration and deceleration and followed them to their destination in Aureilham. 
    • Jacques Bonabot citing Depeche du Midi 1 February 1974.
    • Evaluation: Distant light, astronomical?

    February 1974. or following year. 0750hrs.
    A council worker, Mr J N was driving to work when he saw a huge orange oval, about 9m across, hovering low over the road ahead. One end of the thing was over a fence. Shortly afterwards another car arrived and both drivers got out to observe and were joined by two other cars, They watched for 15 minutes as the object rose until it was about 6m above the road, whereupon it went out like a light being turned off. No traces could be found. 
    • NUFON News 72 p.3 citing investigation by David Clarke

    February 1974. (Approximate date) Evening.
    Mr Robinson was ice fishing on Lake Simcoe about 11km from the shore when a bright light descended rapidly, close to his hut. Frightened he got into his snowmobile and started to rush for home. The light continued to pace him back to shore. Since the incident he was afraid to go out on the lake at night. 
    • Haisell 1978 p58

    February 1974.
    At an undisclosed location two boys and their sister, washing their clothes in the river, encountered a woman with white skin and long black hair, wearing a blue dress. The little girl fled but the boys approached the woman, who then vanished. Some days later the boys returned to the river, only to go missing for some days. They came back unharmed and claimed that they had gone away with the woman, who was accompanied by two men and another woman, who took them on a 'walk in the clouds'. 
    • Cutchin 2015 p57 citing Lamarche 1979

    February 1974.
    Over a period of about 10 days, three people on Septemberarate occasions, saw luminous red balls that appeared on top of the slope opposite their house and then shot down at great speed towards the valley, rose up over the slope opposite and finally disappeared behind the woods. 
    • FSR 21, 6 p22 citing J M Bigone et al in LDLN 139

    February 1974. 0930hrs.
    A woman returning home from driving her children to school saw two children in brightly coloured duffle coats and hoods playing in front of her house. When another car appeared the children seemed to walk through the metal bars of her front wall. When she went to investigate they were nowhere to be seen. 
    • Letter from anonymous witness in FSR 34,3 p.iv

    February 1974. 2230hrs.
    An occupant report, No further details. 
    • BUFORA Journal 4,5

    February 1974. 2100hrs.
    Mr A Richardson and his two children were out driving when the children saw a large object wobbling over a house. It had windows through which a dark shape could be seen inside. Richardson himself just saw a small light leaving silently when he pulled up. 
    • Basterfield 1980 p47 case 52 +Basterfield 1997 p182 citing TUFOIC files
    • Evaluation: Children’s imagination

    February 1974. 2350hrs.
    A woman driving home in a rural area turned the corner to her home and saw that the area was illuminated by a bright light in the sky. As she approached she saw that it was an elongated object 30-45m long and at about the same altitude. Getting home, she drove under the silent thing, which had a row of windows from which emerged a purple light. When she arrived home her husband told her that the TV had failed. 
    • Swords 2005 p87 citing John Timmerman

    February 1974. Late night/Early morning.
    A man in his 80s had gone to bed early because of a power cut. He was awoken in the Night. by a brilliant white light, which lit up the room from the outside. In the bedroom stood a man in a white robe, with perhaps some smaller figures with him. The old man became distressed and then the figure faded away. When he out of bed and looked through the curtains he saw a large white object, which resembled a caravan or bus with large wheels. It lit up the surrounding area and small people appeared to be inside it. It then started to rise slowly in an easterly direction. without any sound, and disappeared into the clouds. No traces were found. The witness seemed to regard it as an angel and as a premonition of the death of his wife. 
    • Letter from G Toms (son in law of the witness) in FSR 20,5 p19

    Early February 1974. 0800hrs.
    Mr S Perrot observed a luminous globe, about 1m diameter, on the ground. 
    • Jacques Bonabot citing Le Telegramme 5 February 1974.

    February 4 1974. 1800hrs.
    Barry Swanner (q.v.) heard a buzzing sound and noticed disruption to television reception. Going outside to investigate, he saw a strange object like “ a Dutch wooden shoe”, emitting a soft white glow. It was hovering less than 2m above his garden. The body was about 5.5m long, 2.5m high and 2.7m wide, with a glass like translucent cockpit on top, through which he could see the shadowy head and shoulders of two human like beings moving about. The object slowly swivelled and moved away to the east. On its rear end were two red and blue lights, and at each top corner was an insignia which reassembled a tobacco pipe with a mark through the top. 
    • Lucius Farish and Dale Titler in Official UFO 1,9 p4
    • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1975 p.54 citing W A Dabro and Stanley Ingram

    February 5 1974. Early hours.
    A strange black aluminium, winged object, 2.7m long, 1.5m wingspan was found on the beach by Stack Rocks. No one claimed official responsibility for the thing, which was allowed to rust away. 
    • Arnold 2013 p.47 citing an undated issue of North Wales Chronicle

    February 5 1974. 2100hrs.
    A couple and their 13 year old son were out camping when they were awoken by beeps. They then realised it was morning. Under hypnotic regression the male witness recalled seeing four or five beings walking around their truck. One looked in. The man next recalled standing in the desert, with a being on each shoulder. Despite this he felt calm. Ahead he saw bright light from a large object stood one four legs. He was taken in through a hatch. His wife recalled looking at the hatch. Their memories of the beings were vague; the son recalled about 1.2m tall beings with a long head, with large eye orbits and grey skin. His father recalled one wearing red trousers. The room was lit by blue light and included a screen displaying a star map. They were shown images of a city being destroyed by a nuclear explosion. The son had a memory of a crystalline devise. 
    • Bullard 1987 case 144 citing Proceedings of the Rocky Mountain Conference 1981 p84
    • Pursuit 13, 4 p145)

    February 6 1974. 2200hrs.
    The wife of the witness in the November 1973 case was sat alone watching television, when she heard the rattling of tin cans on her porch. She thought it was wild dogs, so she turned on the porch light and went to the door with her shotgun. She was confronted by an ape like creature, 2.1m tall, which raised both its arms into the air over its head. Thinking it was about to attack her Mrs A fired at in point blank, whereupon it disappeared in a flash of light like a photographers flash. There was no sound nor smell. She ran back into the house. As she was trying to recovering from the shock, she was phoned by her son in law, who lived with his wife and family in a trailer 30m from the house, and had been alerted by the shot. On hearing her story, he went to her house, armed with a revolver. As he approached, he saw, near the woods, the shadows of 4-5 ape like creatures, 2.1m tall, with long arms and fiery red glowing eyes. He fired two shots then ran into his mother in law’s house. Looking out of the window, they both saw a bright red flashing light hovering over the woods about 150m away. They resembled Christmas tree lights, and revolved like a police car beacon. Very frightened, they called the police, who found no traces, but noticed that all the animals were frightened and nervous. The baby cried all through the Night., something it had never done before. 
    • Stringfield 1978b citing Stan Gordon
    • Gordon 2010 p266)

    February 7 1974. 0055hrs. 
    A man driving between Wooddale and Laurelville encountered a disc shaped object, about 10m diameter, about 30m away at between 30-45m altitude. The thing had a white light on top and red, green and blue lights on its underside and the driver heard a humming sound and detected a sort of chemical smell. He drove rapidly away. 
    • Gordon 20410 p273

    February 8 1974. Dawn.
    10 girl students at the children’s home observed from their dormitory window, in the direction of Bughes de Jos, 2km away, two yellow-orange incandescent spheres over a grove of trees close to the dormitory building. The globes were hovering motionless and were surrounded by a transparent gelatinous halo, which resembled egg yolk. After about 15 seconds, the two spheres merged into a single elliptical object, with a diameter of about 7m, while keeping the same colour This object then began to move slowly towards the southwest, and then suddenly accelerated and disappeared, leaving a sort of milky fog behind. The investigator found, behind the tree line, two small concave ditches in the ploughed field; which resembled tractor tracks, but too far apart and ending suddenly. In each track there was a spot of green liquid. The times were from sighting to first movement about 15 seconds, from movement to merger 15-17 seconds, movement to southwest 6-7 seconds, disappearance 3-4 seconds. 
    • Joseph Brill in Skywatch 83 p.14 citing Jeno Miklos citing Flacara 9 March 1974. citing investigation by Calin Turc
    • Moraru Augustini in APRO Bulletin 22,2 p.5
    • Lorenzen 1976 p.32: : Phillips 1975 p100)

    February 8 1974. Night.
    Mullah Umar Siddiq, mullah at the Al-Hud mosque was standing on the mosque roof, along with two friends, merchant Ibrahim Khaleb and physician Muhammed Watif, when, looking to the east, they saw three large white discs gliding towards the earth, apparently landing in the Wadi Jawlan, an uninhabited region some 50km away. Thinking they were either Russian or American space capsules, the trio set out to investigate. As they were saying their prayers the next dawn the eastern sky became illuminated by three yellow white beams projecting into the sky, which beams gradually faded away. When they reached the Wadi, in inaccessible rocky area, which no vehicle except a helicopter could reach, they found in the sand evidence of caterpillar tracked vehicles and in three places, 100m apart, there were scoop marks 85cm wide, arranged in the form of regular triangles , with sides of 5.3m. In the centre of at least one of these triangles the rock had been fused and melted and the grass and scrub were burnt. These traces were examined by German engineer Wolfgang Appel.
    • Gordon Creighton in FSR 20, 3 p12 citing Das Neue Zeitalter 28 citing the investigation by Wolfgang Appel
    • Evaluation: Little reliance can be placed on a piece in a “New Age” magazine, but if this story is true it probably reflects Soviet military activity.

    February 9 1974.
    Barry Swanner (q.v.) claimed to have been taken on a UFO ride around San Francisco by two men, 4-5m tall, with long pointed chins, small eyes, ears and nose and high foreheads. They were wearing white, tight fitting, overalls. The beings gave a him kind of physical examination using something like an X ray machine, delivered a warning about nuclear war etc., and claimed to be from Plantoes from a planet “on the other side of the sun” and to lived for 125-175 years, to be 1,500 years ahead of us, use telepathy and etc. Swanner produced some curious pieces of metal as alleged proof of his story.
    • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1975 p.54 + Norman Oliver in BUFORA Journal 6, 2 p15 both citing W A Dabro and Stanley Ingram

    February 12 1974. 2110hrs.
    HOSCHIMACHI (sic) (? : JAPAN)
    Ms Akiko Nakayama was walking in a rice paddy when she saw a dim orange coloured object appear close to the ground, wobbling somewhat. Under it, on the ground, were two bulky looking being with short legs that began walking around. Ms Akiko then became aware of something behind her and, looking round, she saw a similar creature behind her. She was now able to see that it had a long but humanoid face but short, thick arms and legs. The thing touched her and went to join its two companions. The object descended and seemed to cover up the trio before it took off at high speed. 

    February 12 1974. 2300hrs.
    Kenny Sherrer (18) was driving home near Hackneyville along a road he had frequently used before, when he suddenly noticed what appeared to be car headlights among some trees to the left hand side of the highway. As he passed the entrance to an old deserted house, fiery object, resembling a mass of burning ashes and having a dull glow emerged from the driveway and began to follow him. At first the thing remained above and behind Kenny’s car, but soon came alongside, travelling along the road and then rose towards the front of the car. At times it circled the car clockwise, alternately rising and falling as it sped alongside Kenny for 8km, never rising above the height of the power lines and keeping pace even at a speed of 160kph. Kenny developed a numbness on the right side of his body, which the doctor attributed to nerves but there were no other effects or traces, Investigators considered Kenny reliable
    • UFO Investigator June 194 p2
    • Evaluation: Distant gas/oil fire?

    February 13 1974. 2000hrs.
    While practising mediation at the foot of the staircase, schoolmaster Stephen Jenkins suddenly saw at the top, a dark blue or black figure with white eyes, fangs and wearing what looked like a golden crown. The figure was enclosed in a clearly defined, rectangular box like area. 
    • Jenkins 1977 p184

    February 14 1974. 0415hrs.
    Two brothers were driving a truck from Buhl (Idaho) to Helmet (California), one sleeping while the other was driving. 88km north of Ely the driver woke his brother to tell him that an unidentified object was following them. The sleeping brother did not take any notice till his brother woke him again, 10 minutes later. He then looked out of the left side of the cab to see a round orange object about 3m above the ground. Through the right side of the cab he could see three smaller blue objects at a higher altitude. One of these flickered on and off, while the other was constant. The driver said that the orange object had passed from the right tom the left. At this point the truck appeared to be buffeted by a sudden blast of wind, the lights flickered on and off, then engine began to misfire, the driver lost control of the steering and the transmission selector jumped from “drive” to “neutral” and the truck coasted to a halt. As the brothers sat in their cab, with the engine running, they observed a huge silver ball, surmounted by a dome and with short pointed wings hovering and pulsating above a hill to the left.

    They then saw, on the road ahead of them, a huge light, with a red light on top of it, making towards them from about 1.5km ahead. One of the brothers got out of the truck and shone his flashlight ion this thing, without effect and then went to inspect the truck to find that the drive shaft was turning. Very frightened he got back into the cab and watched the light get closer. They felt that they were in a vacuum, isolated from the rest of the world. Then either car or something else zoomed past them at terrific speed and suddenly the experience seemed to be over. They put reflectors on the road to avoid a collision and flagged down a car, which took them to McGill, where they got another truck and drove back to the wreck. The truck was a right-off. Investigations showed that the damage was caused by lack of proper lubrication and had no connection with the experience. 
    • APRO Bulletin 22,6 p.4 citing Santa Anna Register 27 March 1974
    • Investigation by J Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallee
    • Hall 1988 p.52, 275 + Hall 2001 p218 both citing Skylook 78 + Santa Anna Register 27 March 1974.

    Mid February 1974. Afternoon.
    Ashley Lunham and his wife saw an object move across the lake and then turn towards their house. Midway across the lake the thing began to glow with a brilliant white light, upon which the frost on their widow melted When Mrs Lunham went to mop up the window, she found that it was too hot to touch, even though it was -20 degrees C outside. 
    • Kurt Sutherly in Fate November 1977 p.55
    • Sutherly 1996 p.22

    February 15 194 2200hrs.
    Ramona Hicks was by a pond in the woods when about 15-18m away she saw, in profile, a 2-2.5m tall bipedal creature with about 10cm deep dark brown hair, long arms and legs and a flat backed domed head. Later a 48cm long footprint was found at the site. 
    • Rosales 1970/74 p286 citing internet sources (no longer operative)

    February 17 1974.
    A caller rang the local newspaper to say that an unidentified object had landed on the intersection of 5th and Jackson Streets. A reporter was sent to the scene but as he approached the intersection the area appeared completely deserted. He then saw an object flashing on and off at about 1.5km altitude which disappeared from view in 15 seconds. 
    • UFO Investigator May 1974. p2

    February 17 1974. 2200hrs.
    Mr Calmet saw an oval mass with two lights on the front and back, about 100m from his house. There were investigations by the gendarmerie 
    • J Bonabot citing Soir de Bruxelles 26 February 1974.

    February 18 1974. 0515hrs.
    Clay Knight., a dairyman and university graduate, was getting his heard ready form milking on his farm by Rt 2 near Chelsea. Clay was about 300m from his barn when he heard a high pitched sound and saw an oval object, with a flat bottom, about 150-220m above him. The thing had a metallic looking structure, with an orange-red flashing light on its bottom and was the size of a bedroom. Clay’s dog panicked and ran back to the farm house and the cattle became agitated and stampeded through a barbed iron fence. As Clay returned to his farmhouse he saw the object out in a pasture to the north of the house. The thing then descended behind a small hill. It rose straight up 90 minutes later. The weather was cloudy and “ready to storm”. No traces were found.
    • Walt Andrus in Skylook 77 p20 citing his own investigation
    • Skylook 76 p15 citing AP 8 February 1974.)

    February 19 1974. Night.
    TV engineer Harold Stanton along with a professor from the University of Southern Mississippi and several other local residents saw a series of 7 objects, which flew in formation and manoeuvred. Five of them landed a field and took off in formation, joining the other two in the air when the witnesses tried to approach. The things intensity varied from a bright glowing orange to a dull blue rotating halo, with neon like glow.
    • UFO Investigator April 1974. p11 citing Indianapolis Star 21 February 1974.

    February 19 1974. 2325hrs.
    James Kulhman, the operator of a Clark Service Station, was driving his wrecker past the Hillcrest Shopping Centre when he observed an object flying towards him at 30m altitude. He became terrified and parked his truck in the shopping centre. The object, which was larger than the truck, had a sort of white dome on its top and fiery jets coming from its underside. It passed over slowly in north-easterly direction. James followed the thing in his truck and was joined by Patrolman James Preiss in his squad car. Preiss, had spotted the thing as he drove north on US 52 and confirmed Kulhman’s description. Nothing was detected on radar at Rochester Municipal Airport. 
    • Skylook 81 p18 citing Rochester Post Bulletin 20 February 1974.

    February 20 1974. 2330hrs.
    Tony Muschat and another welfare officer saw two objects; a cross shaped one and a hemisphere flat part downwards, over the south-easterly section of the RAAF base for three hours. At times the objects settled behind trees, p[permeating the area with a strong white light. Beams and from the top and bottom of the cross shaped object illuminated the area as they rose up, The things also moved from side to side, faded to pinpoints of light and grew large again . They were also seen by Roelf Hart and his wife. 
    • Skylook 80 p11 citing Darwin News 26 February 1974.
    • Evaluation: Astronomical

    February 23 1974. 2100hrs.
    On this hot night Carlos B Gimenez was sleeping on the Santa Catarina beach after visiting a friend. He was awoken by a buzzing sound that was getting louder. Looking up he saw, only 15 m away, a large metallic looking object emitting flashes of light as it hovered over the beach. Only moments later he saw two 1.3m tall beings with large ears, large slanted eyes and face wide mouths, approaching. They were wearing green trousers and V necked shirts and around their necks were chains from which hung watch like devises. They stopped about 1.2m from Carlos then one of beings approached and addressed him in Spanish. Carlos was told he was going on a mission and was escorted to the 20m diameter disc and taken in via a ladder. The disc had a top floor as a work-space and a lower one as a storage area. Carlos was given a tour of the object, its facilities and instruments and was taken to an “alien world” that was oppressively hot, despite its weak sun. There he was taken by a sort of car on skates to a temple. There he lost consciousness and woke up on the beach at 0500hrs.
    • Rosales 19720/74 p.286 citing Cristoff 2978

    February 25 1974. 0005hrs.
    A builder saw a domed object coming towards him. On its rim were three figures of normal human appearance, 1.5m tall, dressed in one piece suits. They remained motionless as the thing passed about 30m away at a speed of 50kph. It was lost to view in 2 or 3 minutes. 
    • Basterfield 1997 p.192 citing TUFOIC files

    February 25 1974. (Approximate date) 0400hrs.
    At the holm oak meadow on the “El Vicario” farm, 4km from town, three residents of Sanlucar; Jose Almansa Marquez (butcher, single) and two men who did not their names used, who were out hunting. They were driving slowly on a path in the meadow when they saw something like an ember approaching. They stopped, without turning off their lights, whole the light came towards them. They became frightened and switched off their lights. The strange light then stopped 20m away for a few seconds, before taking off vertically at terrific speed. The light was 1m diameter, moved at a height of 5-6m, almost grazing the tops of the oak trees and did not illuminate the ground. The observation lasted three minutes. The witnesses were very agitated and frightened. The two men who wanted anonymity gave consistent accounts. Jose was described by the investigator as a “man of little education”. 
    • Ballester 1976 p43 case 171 citing investigation by Manuel Osuna et al

    February 25 1974. 2145hrs.
    A woman and two children saw a crescent shaped object on the ground, 200m away, for 10 minutes. The thing was orange in colour, with its underside on the ground. 
    • Jacques Bonabot citing Le Merdional 27 February 1974.

    February 25 1974. Night.
    A local resident alerted the gendarmes to mysterious lights in the area. Two gendarmes, accompanied by the resident, went to the field where the lights had been seen. When they had gone about 300-400m they saw two red circles, like large headlights, at ground level in a field. After an instant these circles rose to 50-100m and then returned to ground again. They appeared to be just lights with no structure behind them and made no noise. As the party drove back to the brigade headquarters they stopped on a slight rise about 3km from the field, which commanded a good view of the area. There they saw a single circle, about 1m diameter, with points like those on a paper star on the ground in an inaccessible field. Gendarmes investigated the area next day but found nothing. 
    • Bourret 1977 p83 citing his own investigation

    February 26 1974.
    The Lunham family (qv) saw four strange objects come within 12m. They had four wings, 6m long, were dark in colour, and had blue-white lights. They would give off a fog and disappear. 
    • Southerly 1996 p.23

    February 26 1974.
    Mrs Lunham Pitts observed a light mass landing . She found a V shaped formation of marks with two pad like imprints. 
    • Phillips 1975 p101 case 697 citing Lindsay Post 14 March 1974.
    • Evaluation: These two cases appear to refer to the same family, are they the same incident very differently reported?

    February 27 1974. 2120hrs.
    A man saw two bright lights at low altitude that he thought belonged to a helicopter. Suddenly one of the lights disappeared and reappeared on the ground 800m-1.6km away. This light disappeared from the ground in about a minute, the light in the sky disappearing at the same time. State police dispatched two cars to the scene but they found nothing. 
    • Skylook 78 p12 citing Stan Gordon

    February 27 1974. 2145hrs.
    Greg Thornton and his girlfriend, Sally lamprey, were returning home on the Moriarty Road, when about 1.5km east of Latrobe, Greg noticed a bright orange dot ahead. Roadside trees then obscured their view for another 150m. Then they saw a bright orange light about 1.5km to the west, at 100m or so altitude, over the Mersey Hospital area. They stopped. The object appeared to be increasing in size and when they turned the car headlights off, the object approached rapidly, slowing as it neared them. It was now only 250m, over the roadside trees at about 15m altitude. It now had the appearance of a bright shimmering triangle with rounded edges, the apparent size of a tennis ball. Somewhat unnerved Greg started the car and turned on the headlights. The object then turned on its side, becoming a straight orange line inclined at a 45 degree angle, and accelerated away, vanishing behind trees on a hill to the north. The observation had lasted three minutes. Minutes later, 8km further east along the road, Mr J, travelling towards Latrobe noticed an orange light keeping pace with him, some distance from the road to the north. When he stopped he noticed that the light was moving west without a sound. It appeared to be about 6m in diameter. J continued on his journey at between 65-90kph, the object apparently keeping pace at 15 degrees elevation. By the time he reached the Bass Highway the object had disappeared. 
    • W. K. Roberts et al in FSR 21,3-4 p.47:
    • Basterfield 1981 p99 + 1997 p.192 citing TUFOIC files)

    February 28 1974. 0535hrs.
    Mr B (59) a forge worker at Hirson was driving to work on his moped along RN 363 and had just gone past the last houses in Les Routieres and was rounding the bend just before the river, when he was confronted by two beings. Somehow he came to a stop, though he did not remember braking, and caught sight of a large, dark, circular mass, about 35m to his left in a field below the road. He was unable to make out many details because of the extreme darkness of the morning, but he could make out that it was about 1.8-2m ,diameter, the size of two cars, circular and standing on the ground, but could see no legs, antennae, windows etc. The two beings were stood holding his handle bars. They were about 1.7m tall and dressed in dark, one piece, astronauts suits with a square helmet. There was an opening for the face, but he could see nothing in this opening, only darkness,, as if they were wearing masks. There were no pockets on the lustreless suits. The beings wore gauntlets. The beings began to make gestures indicating that he should eat something, which made him really panicky. The beings then turned towards each other, as if conversing, and then one put his hand behind his back and produced a piece of substance about 1cm square, which they again indicated that B should eat. He complied with their request. It was brown, like chocolate, only softer and with no discernible taste. The beings held him until he had eaten, upon which they jumped out of the way and let him speed out of the area. He was agitated at work and told his work mates what had happened, which made him the subject of some ridicule. Neighbours reported traces at the site, but these had gone by the time investigators arrived. The witness seems to have been regarded as 'simple' or 'innocent'. He was very reluctant to discuss the incident. 
    • FSR 21, 6 p20 quoting J M Bigorne et al in LDLN 139 citing their own investigation

    February 28 1974. 1930hrs.
    At an undisclosed location, Dinant Mello Ferraz (18) found himself transported from his home to a square, windowless room, where a voice, coming from a box in the corner, assured him that “they” were his friends. An opening appeared in the wall and a devise emerged, which scanned him with a yellow light, after which a perfect double of Dinant appeared out of it. This duplicate left through the wall and, on a screen, Dinant was able to observe its activities impersonating him. This went on for 24 hours, during which time Dinant felt neither hunger nor thirst. During parts of this time Dinant was partly controlling, partly advising the duplicate. 
    • Granchi 1995 p.151
    • Irene Granchi in FSR 32, 3 p18 citing investigations by Fernando Cleto Nunes Pereira and herself

    Spring 1974, or following year. 0330HRS.
    Lynn F (aged about 20) awoke to go to the toilet, noticing as she did so a large object to the east, through the curtained window. It was a large domed object with a flat base. As she watched, four rectangular window like lights came on in sequence, emitting a yellow-white light. Next the base, followed by the right, left and top edges lit up, until the whole object was a brilliant blaze of light. The lights then went out and then back on again, the whole sequence occurring 20 times over during an observation period of 15 minutes. Her husband awoke mid way through the sequence and also saw the object, which came within 1.5-2m of the window. The couple, fearing a collision hid their faces. When they looked up, the object had gone. Lynn, who later was divorced from her husband, had various other anomalous experiences. 
    • NUFON News 71 p5 citing investigation by Stephen Banks
    • Randles 1983a p.64

    Spring 1974. 
    Jane Woodruff and her friend Barbara were walking towards their high school when, in a patch of weeds to their left, they saw a human like figure only 25cm tall, sitting with its knees up. It was wearing green clothes, a conical hat and seemed to be smoking something like a pipe. 
    • Bord 1997 p73 citing letter from Jane Woodruff in Fate March 1978 p128

    Spring 1974. Night.
    Lupe Cantu woke up and went to his kitchen to get a drink when, through the window, he saw a bright object moving across the sky. In a transparent dome on the object could be seen something that resembled a gorilla. 
    • Jerome Clark in Rogo and Clark 1979 p.162

    March 1974. 0300hrs.
    A man driving back to Fleurance from Laujuzen was rounding a curve when his car stopped for no apparent reason. Ahead of him, he saw a bipedal creature, 90cm tall, with very large feet, and arms so long that the witness was unable to tell if it had hands, stood with its back towards the car. Immediately it moved down into a ditch beside the road, so that only the upper half its body was visible. It was green, with pointed ears on the top of its head and very black eyes. The next day the witnesses went to the doctor, who found himself nervous but otherwise normal. 

    • Mildred Biesele in MUFON UFO Journal 130 p16 citing Jean Luc Rivera citing Depeche du Midi 3 June 1977 + Midi Libre 4 June 1977

    March 1974. 
    A strange aerial object was said to have landed in a steelyard. No further details. 
    • NUFON News 11 p11

    March 1974. 
    A man driving on the A12 between Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft encountered a figure like a man with an open mouth, wearing a dark brown suit, on the road ahead. No further traces were found. 
    • Green 1980 p149

    March 1974. Early morning.
    A man driving on the road between Gallivare and Porjus on a cloudy, chilly morning saw a strange mist over the ice free lake. This mist was surrounding a dark object 15-20m long, 5m high, with a superstructure resting on a point, sitting in the water. The witness became afraid the drove away. 
    • Richard Hall in MUFON UFO Journal 108 p11 citing Bertil Sonderquist

    March 1 1974. 1300hrs.
    John and Carra Williams were sat on their farm front porch when they saw 5 small circular objects descending into a nearby pasture. They appeared to 60cm in diameter with oval tops and flat bottoms. On the ground they looked white, but looked silver when the sun shone on them in the air. One of the cows approached the objects, and when it approached one of them the thing would rise up and then settle down again. Joh ran and got his rifle but never fired it, but at this point the objects took off, one of them circling John and emitting a flash of light, as they did so. The next day the cow that approached the things was found dead. John, who had a weak heart, died a couple of weeks later. 
    • APRO Bulletin 30,7 p7

    March 1 1974. 2000hrs.
    Billy Wayne Plasters (27) noticed that the whole hillside on his father’s farm, off Rt 28near Vesta was illuminated. He immediately drove to the home of his twin sister and brother in law, Jane (27) and Richard N Clinton (35). They all watched the yellow glow through the window. They were startled when a reddish oval object “larger than a Volkswagen” rose up to an altitude of 90m above the glowing area, performed some right angled turns and headed south towards Stuart;. They then saw that the light was still on the hill and the two men went to take a closer look. As they drove towards the scene in a truck, they noticed that the farm animals, which usually came to greet people, were nowhere to be seen. Billy, who was driving, then saw what looked like a big, tall, heavy-set man coming towards them on a nearby ridge, silhouetted against the light. When Billy got no reply to his shouted enquiries they panicked and drove off. Jane watched the truck stop and turn around from the house. The men returned very shaken, collected their guns and went back to the site a second time, only to find burning debris. They notified the sheriffs’ department but were ridiculed. Mrs Cassell and her daughter Freda who lived in the area heard a shill penetrating sound but were afraid to go out and investigate. Investigators next morning found charred areas extending for several hundred metres on the hillside, the charring appear random in a manner unlike a normal bush fire. A smell of burning pervaded the whole area. Soil samples showed nothing out of the usual. 
    • George Fawcett et al in Skylook 81 p10 citing their own investigation
    • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1977 p55 citing Stuart Enterprise 20 March 1974.
    • Fawcett 1975 p56)

    March 3 1974. Night.
    South of Calais a businessman in his car saw two red lights performing manoeuvres in a field, 5m above the ground. They were elongated, rather like a submarine and shining. The lights crossed the road and went away to the south-east. The dog in the back of the car was terrified. 
    • Jacques Bonabot citing Nice-Matin 6 June 1974.

    March 4 1974. 0005hrs.
    A woman driving to Ipswich had just passed Esk when her attention was caught by something like a brilliantly illuminated building. On getting closer she saw that the thing had no roof, and when she got within 200m, she saw that it was shaped like one saucer inverted over another, with a row of tapered windows or openings around the centre. From a rectangular opening on its left side came a “fantastically bright” beam of light. The woman drove on.  

  • Basterfield 1981 p99 +1997
  • p193 citing UFO Research Queensland

  • March 8 1974. 0845hrs.
    Nick W (9) was on his way to school when he encountered a large brown, hairy humanoid about 1.8m tall in the scrub by the road. The thing walked of and Nick fled to the school in terror. Teachers confirmed how pale and out of breath he was. 
    • Byrne 1975 p59 citing own investigation

    March 10 1974. 2200hrs.
    Peter Courtney, a reporter, saw a dull red light just above the treetops, moving slowly north and then retracing its step. It was too dull to photograph. That same night a crows of 50, including Mr and Mrs Lunham, (qv) watched as six snowmobiles approached a landed oval object. One of the men fired at the thing and the bullet hit with a dull metallic sound. The object then took off straight up. 
    • Curt Southerly Fate November 1977 p57 citing Peter Courtney in Minden Progressive 14 March 1974.
    • George Fawcett in FSR 20, 4 p30)

    March 12 1974.
    Mr Theetan was driving 6km from Etreaupont when he watched, for 15 minutes, a large red light flashing very regularly, in a field beside the road. He went towards this light several times, retreating again. Each time that he went to get near to it, the light stopped flashing. The witness then drove on 
    • J M Bignone in FSR 21, 6 p22 trans from LDLN 139

    March 13 1974. 2030hrs
    A man driving on a deserted back road saw a cluster of lights in the sky ahead of him. These lights dived down to within 30m of his car roof and continued to move over the top of the car until they were out of sight SAs the lights approached the radio became filled with static and the headlights went very dim. His battery discharged to -40 according to his ammeter but his car did not stall. As he continued on his journey he became very tired and could not keep his eyes open, which caused him to hit a guard rail. 
    • Stan Gordon in Skylook 78 p13

    March 17 1974. 0030hrs.
    Two young men driving a Ford Falcon saw a large circular yellow-green light stationary near the top of a hill, and stopped to watch. After a minute or so, the light seemed to approach them, and when they tried to start the car, the engine would not start, though the ignition light came on. After holding the key for 30 seconds they got the car to start. As they drove off, the light seemed to follow them to Burra. There they woke a policeman there, but he thought the object was just a star. 
    • Basterfield 1997 p.193 citing UFO Research South Australia
    • Evaluation: Probably an astronomical misperception

    March 17 1974. 0330hrs.
    At Km 6 on the Puerto de Santa Maria-Sanlucar de Barrameda road, Cristobel Munoz Romero, a responsible person and driver in the service of the President of the Cadiz City Council, driving back from Sanlucar, while passing through a very foggy area only 5km from the Rota Naval Air base, observed a metallic white light, above and to the right of his car. The shining light was 10m from the road and advancing. Seconds later he saw the silhouette of a human like being, more than 2m tall, next to the road. It seemed to be wearing a diving suit from which projected a bright cylindrical solid-like beam of light from the front of the collar, which light could lengthen and shrink. As the car passed near the being, the engine began to fail and Munoz felt the car “shaking like a leaf” as if buffeted by a very strong wind. Feeling very afraid, Munoz sped away as fast as possible. 
    • Ballester 1976 p43 case 172 citing Diario de Cadiz 24 March 1974. + ERIDANI)

    March 18 1974. 0005hrs.
    Vincente Gonzalez Romero (24), a physical education instructor in Merida, was driving home from Zafra when, shortly after passing Almendalejo he saw a steady bright white light on the highway ahead. Vincente drove 1.5-2km toward the light until a change in the slope made him lose sight of it. This light, which was about the size of a car tyre did not reappear until 5km further on, when Vicente saw it, closer than before, moving along the surface of the highway towards him. After travelling a distance of some hundreds of metres towards Gonzalez, the light went towards the left and disappeared.
    • Ballester 1976 p44 case 173 citing investigation by CEI

    March 19 1974. (Approximate date) Night.
    Mrs Antonia Diaz Ramos, a member of a well known and respected family in the town, was clearing up in her kitchen after all the family, except her father, had gone to bed, when she was momentarily blinded by a very strong light that entered the house through the window overlooking the yard. This was followed by a series of high pitched, deafening, squeaking sounds and she saw a strange object in her yard at window level. It was about 4m away, hovering about 1m above the ground. It was egg shaped, some 2m long, about 1m wide. It was shooting forth a bright reddish, twinkling light, with a transparent white centre. Despite the dazzle she was to observe two black bulky objects clearly discernible inside the device. During the several minutes observation this device manoeuvred in various directions, then rose and quickly disappeared. She screamed, and her husband, Manuel Valderas Fuentas ran to her aid, but the object had gone. 
    • Eileen Buckle in FSR 20,3 p2 citing ABC 20 March 1974.

    Late March 1974.
    The Barnes family along with a neighbour, Mrs Hicks saw an object manoeuvring about 800m from their home. It was joined by a second object and they both hovered for a while and then one sped off at high speed. The other departed slowly and then dropped to the ground. These objects had red, white and blue lights. 
    • Curt Sutherly in Fate November 1977 p57

    March 20 1974.
    A close relative of the reporter Stanley Ingrams was contacted telepathically and went to a football field. He was two thirds of the way down the field, when he suddenly found himself in a craft he had not seen. He heard the door close and saw two little men. He claimed he was taken on a trip to Northern Australia and back by the two entities who gave their names as Alton and Tombo. 
    • Norman Oliver in BUFORA Journal 6,2 p16 citing Stanley Ingrams

    March 20 1974. 1120hrs.
    Adrian Sanchez Sanchez (31),a business agent, was driving between Aznalcollar and El Castillo de las Guardes, when he stopped to watch an object falling silently from the sunny sky down to the nearby valley. Adrian got out of his car and walked up a small hill, expecting to see an aircraft crash and was surprised to see a large, shiny, metallic looking, wingless cigar shaped thing hovering 3-4m above the ground 50m away. The thing was 200m long and 15-20m high, including two antennae on top. A huge triangular door opened in the thing’s rear and a formation of three smaller objects proceeded to enter the main object. These things were about 7m diameter and 4m tall, shaped like yo-yo’s but with pointed tops and bottoms. Two of them actually entered the larger object but the third turned and headed slowly towards Adrian, who panicked and drove rapidly away in his car, pursued for about 15km (taking 10-15minutes) by the object, which came as close as 10-15m. The news programme on the radio became interrupted by a sound like liquid spurting. Two of the four men from El Castillo who accompanied Adrian back to the site suffered an upset stomach in one case and a severe headache in the other. Possible traces were found.
    • Ballester 1976 p44 case 174 citing investigation by Manuel Osuna + ABC Andalucia 22 March 1974. + Stendek 16 p9 + Stendek 18 p32 + FSR 20, 3 p3 + FSR 20, 4 p11

    March 20 1974. 2245hrs.
    Mrs Jacqueline Booth (39), a music teacher, and her boys had been watching TV while her husband was away on a business trip. The TV began to malfunction so they went to bed. At 2245hrs. Jacqueline turned over in bed and at that moment a beam of light and a terrific roaring sound filled the room. Looking out of her window, Jacqueline saw, across the street, about 5-6m above the house, right over the treetops, a large round object with Septemberarate large, brilliant white lights around its edge. In the centre of its underside was a sort of small bubble giving off a pulsating-red orange glow. The thing swayed to and fro as it hovered. Then, after 2 minutes, it took off westwards towards the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company tower. She called the police, but they refused to take her seriously. She was awoken again at 0200 by the roaring sound but saw nothing, A neighbouring high school student saw a large round object right over her roof. 
    • Allan Benz, Earl Neff et al in Official UFO 1,9 p43 citing their own investigation

    March 21 1974. 0230hrs.
    Maximiliano Iglesias Sanchez (21), a truck driver was driving home to Lagunilla when he encountered a blinding white light on the road, 700-800m ahead. By the time he stopped,. 200m away, the light had dimmed and he could see that it was a smooth metallic structure, 10-12m wide, resting on three legs. To the right was a second, darker, object hovering at 15-17m altitude. The lights and motor of his Ford Avis diesel truck went out. Then the witness saw two beings in front of the first craft. They walked together, gesturing with their arms and facing him. One of them pointed at him. They were 1.9m-2m tall and wore shiny diving suits. After they disappeared to the right of the craft, it slowly rose towards its companion making a humming sound. MIS drove past the objects, the truck now functioning normally. When he stopped to look back, the illuminated craft was again on the ground. Now afraid, MIS sped home. That night at 2315, when it was drizzling, MIS was driving past the same spot, when he saw three craft, one on the road, the other two on the right, each 8-9m apart. He stopped the truck 200m away, and the light and engine went out. Four beings suddenly appeared. They gestured and looked and pointed at him. When they started walking towards him, he got out of the truck and ran away, leaving the cab door open. 2km away he was forced to hide in a ditch, and after the beings had gone, he cautiously returned to his truck, to find both doors now closed. The beings reappeared in the middle of the highway as soon as he closed the door behind him. They gestured and looked at each other, and a few seconds after they moved off to the right and disappeared. The craft on the road climbed slowly at an angle, making a humming sound and stopped to hover at a height of 15-17m above the other two. Up to till then he had not been able to start the engine, but it now started easily and MIS drove past the objects, which were all on the ground again when he looked behind. He got out and came within 8-9m of the four beings, but kept behind the bushes. For three minutes he watched them pushing two tools into the ground of the road embankment. One of these was T shaped, the other horseshoe shaped. MIS became afraid again, returned to his truck and drove off towards Lagunilla. Traces were found 
    • Ballester 1976 p44 case 175 citing investigation by CEI and Stendek 17 p2; 18 p12 + 19 p38 and Skylook 83 p.5; 85 p3 + 88 p16 and FSR 20, 3 p.4 + 20, 4 p10 and APRO Bulletin March/April 1974. p1
    • Lorenzen 1975 p.138
    • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1975 p55)

    March 23 1941 2200hrs.
    Randall Hall and B C McAdams Jnr were driving on May Road, approaching Highway 109. Just as they were slowing for the stop sign, they saw ahead of them, about 45m above the trees that screen an open grassy area on the other side of the road they were approaching, about 300m ahead, a glowing reddish-pink triangle with intense red light at the corner. As the thing descended it became more red and less pink. They could see, through the trees, that it was approaching the ground, but then it disappeared. The next morning they returned to the area and found three 3m circular areas of depressed and broken grass in a line adjacent to each other, with the greatest depression in the centre circle. Outside the circles the grass was also broken or bent toward either end of the row of circles. 
    • Phillips 1975 p99 case 698 citing CUFOS citing Robert Whitaker

    March 23 1974. 2350hrs.
    A man left a party at Hagalund and Decemberided to walk the 4-5km walk home to Lindholmen along a country route. To the side of a small hill he saw bright light, which he thought might be the reflection of the headlights of a car coming up behind him. He then went out to the side grass and through himself to the ground. Before he could hit the ground he was drawn up into a cone of light coming from some object above. His next memory was of arriving at his own front door with a cut on his forehead and burn on his cheek. Under hypnotic regression he recalled being taken on board the object, where he encountered four tall, slightly glowing, semi-transparent beings, wearing hoods and communicating in musical tones, which cut his forehead with a sort of probe. 
    • Spencer 1991 p.103 + 1997 p94 citing investigations by Sten Lingren and Arne Groth
    • UFO World 1987 p9 citing Hakan Blomquist and Anders Liljegren, gives location as Makim and said witness left his own house
    • Evaluation: A more plausible explanation for this person's injuries is that he hurt himself jumping out of the way of a car and developed concussion. The 'investigations' not only included the hypnotic regression but use of crystals, diving rods and other New Age techniques.

    March 24 1974. Early morning.
    Two men independently reported seeing a metallic looking object in a field between the crossing at Haga and Granby Gard. 
    • Spencer 1990 p115

    March 24 1974. 1700hrs.
    An employee of Radio Sweden was driving home to Rimbo from Stockholm when at Soderhall, they saw something like a water tower in the forest. Lights were coming out of windows. They later discovered that there was no such tower there. 
    • Spencer 1990 p115

    March 25 1974. 1625hrs.
    John Wagner observed a solid, sharply outlined object motionless in the north-eastern sky. He estimated that it was at rooftop height 3km away. His attention was caught by the fact that it reflected the sun. John observed then thing for 45 minutes until it seemed to drop from sight behind the chimney of a large building. 
    • UFO Investigator May 1974. p2

    March 25 1974. 2030 hrs.
    Mr Fourment and his brother saw an orange oval object that descended slowly towards the ground. It lacked any visible features. Later a circle 3.6m diameter was found in a field of sunflowers. The outer part of this was burnt black. 
    • Pottier in LDLN 150p17 citing his own investigation

    March 27 1974. 0300hrs.
    Barber Juan Minguela Momiguez (60) was awakened by an unbearable heat and heard his three hunting dogs howling desperately in the garage next to his costal country house. Juan looked out of the window to see a bright greenish oval object hovering just above the rocks on the beach. It was approximately 100x 30m, and had no doors nor windows. The thing rose silently and then disappeared at tremendous speed. It left behind a white circle on the oil blackened shore. Juan was frightened by the experience. 
    • Ballester 1976 p45 case 176 citing FSR 20,3 p4 + 30, 4 p10 + ABC 30 March 1974. + Diario de Cadiz 28 March 1974.

    March 27 1974. Night.
    Two couples driving back to Phoenix from Las Vegas were changing drivers when their attention was caught by a huge silvery platter shaped object, the size of an American football field, with three huge spotlights beaming down, approached, stopped and hovered over their car for 5 minutes. One of the couples was so afraid they started praying. The object had a fiery trail behind it while moving and left a steel-blue haze where it hovered. 
    • APRO Bulletin 23, 8 p1 citing one of the witnesses speaking to L J Lorenzen on KPHO-TV phone in 3 May 1974.

    March 27 1974. 2030hrs.
    Pedro J A (13) and some friends were playing behind the residential area of Santo Tomas de Aquino, in front of their own estate, when he saw an oval object, with a row of windows around the centre, with red revolving lights, and with flashing green and amber lights from a sort of projection. The thing was about 20m diameter and came down to within 2m of the ground, where it remained for 10 minutes. It then turned off all its lights and lifted off, switched them on and off again and began moving from side to side until it finally vanished from view. 
    • Eileen Buckle in FSR 20,3 p3 citing press sources

    March 28 1974. 1700hrs.
    Restaurant owner Guillermo Rodriguez Riesco (47) was fishing in the Esla river, when his two hunting dogs became agitated. He turned around and saw, about 150-200m away to the east, a dull white humped back entity, which looked like a robot made of plastic. It was 2m tall, with a round head, a neck and no arms, sliding on rolling along in silence. The lower part was hidden by the grass. When he set the dogs onto it, the robot glided away uphill. The sighting lasted 5-10 minutes. The witness went to get his cousin, a high ranking military man, who was fishing a short distance away, but when they came back the robot had gone, thought they found tracks 4-5 cm wide, running intermittently through the thicket for a distance of 150m in the direction in which the robot had disappeared. They ended abruptly. It was calculated that they were produced by a body of some 80-100 kg. The witness was dazed for five days afterwards. 
    • Ballester 1976 p45 case 177 citing own investigation and that of Jose-Tomas Ramirez y Barbero + LDLN 144 p23

    March 28 1974. 2130hrs
    At a place called Roris Maria CB (12) was at the door pf her house when she saw, at the wall 15m away, a round object the size of a small car, with three or four legs. The thing shone brightly with a white light and made a soft sound. When Maria looked at it, her arms were paralysed. She was so frightened that she asked for a sedative. 
    • Ballester 1976c p46 178 citing La Voz de Galicia 31 March 1974.

    March 29 1974. 0145hrs.
    Mr A W, a French citizen, who was on vacation in Togo was bathing with a local woman. They were about to return to the hotel when they heard a high pitched whistling sound, painful to their ears, coming from the direction of the sea. They then saw a dark object coming towards them across the water. When it was 200-300m from them, the thing halted, facing them. The beach was then hit by a large wave, the first of a series, through the sea had been 50m from their spot. W had to hold on to the woman with one arm and grasp a coconut tree with the other, to save them. Suddenly three dazzling lights, like searchlight beams, appeared on the object and other beams came from its sides and probably from the top and rear as well. Most of the beams were white, but there were also multi-coloured beams. Because his glasses were slightly shaded, W was able to make out that the water under the object was hollowed out into a basin, 5-6m deep and as wide as the object itself (25-30m). The light gave off a powerful heat and appeared to paralyse the couple. They then suddenly felt the air grow fresher and they saw the object moving out to sea, keeping the same height. Then its lights went out and it was lost to sight. They both felt pain in their ears as they went back to the hotel. Next morning W felt dazed, light and empty and in the next few days developed headaches, fainting spells and longer term effects of nervousness, giddiness and spasms of pain. 
    • FSR 22, 6 p4 translating Joel Mesnard in Phen Spax 47 citing his own investigation

    March 30 1974. 0400hrs.
    The crew of the MV Rathmines illuminated with their searchlight a dark object, which sank beneath the water. 
    • Arnold 2013 p.46

    March 30 1974. 1920hrs.
    Julio Algora Gutierrez (56) and Luis Ayala Barbera (45), technicians at the National Institute for Reform and Agrarian Development, along with neighbours from Burgos were returning to that town from a fishing trip, when they saw a bright orange object appear in the sky to the left of the road (i.e. the south) at a great height. Luis, who was driving, saw it first and pointed it out to his friend. The object slowly moved to the right over the highway and then came down very rapidly, stopping for a couple of seconds 25m ahead of their car, about 15-20m above the road, forcing Luis to brake sharply. The thing was at this point as wide as the 7m wide highway. It then sped upwards in a clockwise loop and then slowed as it disappeared into the distance. The soundless observation lasted about 2 minutes and there were no effects on the car. Julio thought that the thing was a sort of rectangle with pointed ends, though appearing oval at its closest. Luis, who wore glasses, saw it always as oval. The figures for distance and altitude are very approximate and may have been up to 10 times greater. 
    • Ballester 1976 p46 case 179 citing his own investigation and that by ERIDANI

    March 30 1974. 2130hrs
    A 46 year old bank manager in Lugo and his wife her approaching Hombreiro in their car when they were blinded by a bright yellowish=green object 52m to the right (north-west) of the road. The car engine stopped and its lights went out. They saw that the object was 4m wide, 2m tall and was on or just above the ground in a pasture. Three or four minutes later this object rose slightly and moved away horizontally to the north-north west at about 10kph, soon disappearing behind the trees, after which the car engine and lights began to function again. The object made a soft humming or whistling sound. Three rectangular holes were found where the object had been first seen and two deeper ones 35-40m to the south. The next morning lights were seen in the valley.
    • Ballester 1976 p46 case 180 citing investigation by Carlos-Javier Fernandez Valdivieslo + Carlos-Alberto Alvarez Fernandez

    March 31 1974. 1600hrs.
    Two families from Reus, Paulino Torner ( a tool sharpener) and his wife Josefina (nee Gilbert) and their two year old daughter, and bricklayer Bartolome Rubio, his wife Francisca (nee Bonachera) their sons two sons (12, 10) had just finished a picnic near Almoster when they heard a loud noise. They saw a small, oval, metallic looking object, 80cm diameter approach rapidly from the south-east and then suddenly stop and hover over a carob tree 15m away. The object was a “dirty” colour and was spinning rapidly. After hovering for a moment the thing moved away low over the trees, which were agitated as if in a wind. It then passed low over a high tension wire and stopped by three sturdier carob trees 400m from the party. These trees whirled around violently for three-four minutes, after which the object seemed to disappear into a nearby depression. At the same time the intense sound and agitation of the foliage began to fade. 1-5-30 minutes later Rubio went to investigate but there were no traces either among the trees or in the depression. 
    • Ballester 1976 p47 case 181 citing investigation by CEI + Stendek 16 p22 + FSR 20,3 p2

    April 1974.
    A bright light was seen near the ground and grass was found to be burnt.
    • Phillips 1975pp case 694

    April 1974. 0515hrs.
    A woman looked out of her kitchen window and saw a red light in the sky. It moved closer then stopped. An entity emerged from a hatch and moved toward the top of the craft. After about 5 minutes the object moved to the south and out of view. 
    • Musgrave 1979 p52 case 78 citing Marc Leduc in UFO Informer Summer 1977 p7

    April 1974. 2345hrs.
    Yvonne Sanders was driving through Hawthorn Hill when she saw a red and some distance from it, a green light in the sky. Then her car was bathed in light and looking up she saw n elliptical object 5m above her. It was creamed coloured and was divided by a stainless steel coloured cross. She looked away and when she looked back the thing had gone. 
    • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p.231

    April 1 1974. 1730hrs.
    A 27 year old man was in his family’s vineyard “Par del Condada” between Rociana and Bollullos when he saw an object 50-60m away, apparently resting on beams of light that did not get any wider. The object itself was metallic blue and shaped like a truncated cone, 1.5m tall, 3m wide at the base. In the upper section there was a long triangular glassy window, but nothing could be seen in the dark interior. After a minute the object took off at an angle, remaining vertical and was out of sight in a few seconds. No traces were found. 
    • Ballester 1976 p47 case182 citing investigation Manuel Osuna et al

    April 1 1974. Night.
    Nelson Bland, a reporter on the Mount Oliver Tribune was driving north from Faison to Mount Olive on Hw117 when, as he approached an overhead bridge, he noticed an erratically moving light in the sky. Owing to his colour blindness Bland was unable to make out the colours but he noticed pulsating lights. He got out his camera and took three photographs, which just, however, showed a speck of light, and made out one bright and two smaller lights. As it moved south, the object came closer, and then, in a sudden acceleration it came and hovered about 23m above a field about a 100m away, near the Scott and Jones Company. The thing was oblong about 9m long, 3m wide; its metallic looking upper part reflecting the lights whole the bottom part was a dark silhouette. There was a large light on top and two smaller ones on the side. Bland was about to take another photo when a powerful beam of light was projected directly on to him, making him drop the camera. When the light went out Bland drove off, extremely nervous. 
    • Skylook 80 p18 citing Nelson Bland in Mount Olive Tribune 5 April 1974.
    • George Fawcett in FSR 20,4 p31)

    April 12 or 19, 1974. 0500hrs.
    Edmond Alby a professor of physics and chemistry was driving towards a place called La Garrigue to fish for trout when he saw ahead and slightly to the left of the road, where it turned to the right and then to the left to skirt the hills, a large sphere stationary 20m above the ground in an area of little or no vegetation. He estimated that the object was about 5m-10m diameter and was white but not illuminated. The thing had a central rim which gave it a Saturn like appearance. This was white with a dark central band. Intrigued Edmond began to drive towards the thing, but when he got within 150m of it, the object shot off at terrific speed and disappeared among the hills. Edmond had the feeling that the thing was under intelligent control. As he knew the area well, Edmond accelerated after the thing but without success. 
    • Grazioli in LDLN 152 p12 citing his own investigation

    April 3 or 10 1974. Early evening.
    A couple were driving along the Cromer Road when they observed a light low on the northern horizon. Thinking it was a fire, they drove towards it to help, only to see it rise into the air and grow in size. It was a pulsating red-orange light at ground level and appeared to be 8km away and 200-300m across. As the man was on his CB radio describing the scene the thing seemed to open up and discharge a box like devise on the end of something resembling a rope. It whirled round for a time then re-entered the object. The object then approached the couple, coming within about 800m, at which they could hear a faint motor sound. The couple drove rapidly away and the thing followed them for about 75km. At 0215 the couple stopped for lunch at a roadside restaurant, where they were accosted by a strange man with a large mouth who spoke in a peculiar slow voice asking about their experience. His eyes seemed to pop out if his head several centimetres, and his nose and fingers were unusually long. The stranger would not be put off and the couple left. After about 3km the couple saw lights behind them, at times rising to almost 2m into the air. The woman then felt a force behind her head and saw a large orange sphere coming up behind them, along with the small lights on the other side. They then saw in front of them a little man with a peculiar hat and a tail, sitting on a black object that moved back and forth. They kept seeing these things as they backed up and drove away, all the way to within 400m of the man’s house in Findlay. The man and a friend later went back to the site and had seen a vast number of white lights travelling across the fields. The waitress at the restaurant confirmed their presence and that of a peculiar man who sat alone. 
    • Clark 2012 p.243 citing investigation by Marc Hunker as reported in his letters to Ron Westrum 30/7 + 19/8 1975

    April 4 1974. 0830HRS.
    Maria Luisa D L(13) and her cousin Manolita L R (12) were waiting for their school bus at a spot called “Rogueira” on the road to the Vegades-Pontevedra highway when they saw a metallic looking object descend from the sky to about 12m above the ground, 100m to their west. The thing was about the size of a bus and on the upper part was a sort of turret with two square windows, surmounted by a long vertical appendage with a round end, which gave off a powerful light. Underneath the object were two L-shaped legs. The aluminium grey object, after stopping for a few seconds, moved away to the north-east and then disappeared to the north. The observation lasted about a minute. The girls told their friends when the school bus arrived. 

    • Ballester 1976 p47, case 183 citing El Faro de Vigo 5 April 1974.
    • Evaluation: Known only from a questionnaire which gave identical replies. Hoax?

    April 7 1974. 0330HRS.
    A patrol of soldiers at the La Parra Air Force Base saw a light about 1km away. It resembled the revolving beam of light from a lighthouse, a bright white light that swept the ground and lit up the witnesses. The light appeared to come from an orange vertical body, limited by two vertical lines, the base of which was obscured. After watching for an hour the soldiers informed an officer who observed the thing until 0550. During this time they rejected conventional explanations and informed a more senior officer, but before he arrived the light had disappeared. Soon afterwards it reappeared somewhat further away and next a white circular object, with two projections on its lower portion, was seen in the sky. It resembled a sort of convex arc. 
    • Ballester 1976 p48 case 184 citing investigation by CEI

    April 8 1974.
    Two girls observed a cone shaped object, the size of a small airplane, which emitted a high pitched whine and a series of coloured lights. It hovered over their car for several minutes and then took off at tremendous speed. 
    • George Fawcett in FSR 20, 4 p31

    April 10 1974. (Approximate date) 0015HRS.
    Mr S who had left work just after midnight was driving on Rte. 64 towards Waterville when his motor and lights died. When he got out of the car, he noticed the car behind his had stopped, and the driver, normally dressed and grey haired, got out. He looked like “the man in the Cadillac advertisement”, approached and offered the witness “proof” by dematerialising a rock with a small hand held implement, told him to save his marriage and promised a subsequent contact. This experience took place after the witness had met a local friend and contactee and asked him for proof. 
    • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1975 p.56 citing investigation by Larry Moyers and Earl Neff

    April 10 1974. 2100HRS.
    10km before here, truck driver Jose Serrando Penalver (35), from Murcia, saw a long, bright white light, shining upwards, in an open area to the left, 300m-1km away. There was another, smaller, ball of compact light in the foreground. Seconds later the larger light turned red. Jose got out of his truck for a moment to watch these silent lights. When he resumed his journey the small light continued along the left side of the truck for 10km and then disappeared for a moment, to reappear about 20-30m dead ahead. Both Jose and the thing stopped. This flashing white ball, about 1m diameter, turned red when a cylindrical extension, 10-15cm wide, came out of its lower part. The light went out immediately the extension reached the ground. After Jose left Las Vertientes the compact white light reappeared to the left and paced truck at a distance of 60m at speeds up to 90kph, becoming hidden at times by hills, curves etc. and was also not visible when Jose drove through towns and when passing a roadside inn. 3km before Puerto Lumbreras when the road went through a narrow valley with restricted visibility, the light disappeared for good after pacing her for 65km. Jose spent the night in PL though he was too nervous to sleep we,, and his left leg, the one nearest the light, began to feel as though it had gone to sleep. 
    • Ballester 1976 p48 case 185 citing investigation by CEI + Stendek 16 p26
    • Evaluation: Astronomical

    April 13 1974. 0200HRS
    Teacher Julio Acosta Bertel (33) and his wife Gloria Torres Dominguez (28) were at home when they saw a bright whitish rhombus shaped object, 20m tall, 100m long, on the ground 300m to the north. In its upper left part there appeared a reddish-yellow semi-circle, which moved to its centre, changing into a 3m diameter circle. To the lower left of this circle were two points of light, the three lights forming a straight line. A minute or two later the circle moved to the upper edge of the rhombus, forming a semi-circle again. The circle moved slowly towards the horizon. At this point the couple went inside after watching for 5-6 minutes. A student, Agustin Berzas Berzas (17) also saw the object for a period of 45 minutes from his home 300m east of the Acosta residence and 150m from the object itself. Agustin heard the thing make a sound like an old fashioned alarm clock. There were no traces. 
    • Ballester 1976 p49 case 186 citing his own investigation and that by CEI

    April 14 1974. Early morning.
    Two men driving from Tandil to Olavarria saw, by the side of the road at a point 14km form Tandil, a dwarf that appeared to have no face. Their car was then illuminated on the inside by a very brilliant white light. 
    • Joe Brill in Skylook 98 p16 citing investigation by Jorge A Bruno

    April 14 1974. 0400HRS.
    Sebastian Acevedo (35), a sack maker at the grain factory and largely illiterate, was walking to work the 4km from his home. He had walked three blocks in the pre-dawn mist and had just entered Argentine Aeronautics Street, when he noticed a luminous point that seemed to fall from the sky. He had walked on another 5m when he was struck by a powerful light from behind. As he was walking on the road, Acevedo thought it was a car coming up behind him and stepped to the side and looked around, He then saw that the light came from something which had stopped just above his head and was producing a deafening sound. The thing appeared to be 2-2.5m diameter, with 6 or 7 flames coming from its edges. An opening then appeared in the thing’s underside from which issue a concentrated beam of red light that totally paralysed him, leaving him unable to run or call for help. He felt a pain in his chest. The beam then seemed to twice lift him 309-40cm above the ground. When he rose up, the thing, which appeared so close that he could touch it, also rose up. The light caught the attention of Juan Reyes, the night watchman of the cheese factory where the incident took place. Juan ran to the scene fearing that a transformer by the gate had caught fire. Though he heard the sound and saw the light, all had gone when he reached the gate. All that Acevedo could tell him was that the object had risen above the power lines and then moved off horizontally. When Acevedo was found , he was walking in circles, dizzy and thirsty. He also recalled that as it, the object had flared up at one point, which the investigators connected to the severing of the power cables at this point, an incident which led to a power failure in the town. Acevedo later suffered from severe anxiety. 
    • Joe Brill in Official UFO 1,9 p25 + Skylook 98 p14 bath citing investigation by Jorge A Bruno)

    The occupants of two cars saw a large cylindrical, metallic looking, object, like a dull-grey torpedo, with 8-10 beams of light on its underside, hovering at treetop level above the road. They drove under the thing without incident. 
    • Richard Hall in Skylook pp p11 citing SOBEPS

    Mid April 1974. 0600HRS.
    Two people saw a bright glow on a hillside near the road. Then a white light moved slowly up into the sky and went away towards the west. 
    • W K Roberts et al in FSR 21, 3-4, p28

    April 15 1974. (Approximate date) 0600HRS.
    Electricians Jose Hato Rodriguez and Lopes Iglesias were 3km from Aznalcollar en route to their shipyard workplace when they saw a row of four bright silvery lights 20m apart, 500m to the right of the highway, on the side of a hill. Shortly after they were first seen the lights disappeared.
    • Ballester 1976 p49 case 187 citing El Noticiero Universal + Diario de Cadiz both 17 April 1974.

    April 15 1974. 1730HRS.
    6 people in two cars were travelling back to Adelaide, when someone in the second car said they saw an object, so both cars pulled up. One of the others said that their car had suffered a power failure as the object passed over their car. 
    • Basterfield 1997 p.194 citing UFO Research South Australia
    • Evaluation: UFORSA investigations showed that this story was mainly media hype

    April 16 1974. 0050HRS.
    Small businessman Mauro Bellingeri and his wife Carla (both 26) were driving back from the fete at the nearby village of Cascina del Rossi, when about 400m from their home they noticed a bright object moving through then sky to their left. When first seen it was high and possessed an unusual motion. It then dived down vertically until it was hovering 12-13m directly over their house. The couple drove up to the house and Mauro got out to open the garage door. They then stood by their car and watched the strange object which consisted of two parts; a lighted transparent dome and a discoid ring surrounding it. This seemed detached from the dome carried red, yellow and green lights, which rotated counter-clockwise making a circuit every 20 seconds. The object reflected spotlight from a nearby builder’s yard and Carla thought she saw two protuberances on the ring. the couple could see, inside the dome, the silhouettes of three figures in a row at the front. These appeared to have big greyish round helmets with a sort of nozzle at the front, like that worn by a frogman. Suddenly the figure nearest them turned as if to look at them but soon returned to its original position. Then all three rotated to the right, as if the base on which they were located had turned. At this point three or four jets blazed out from beneath the object, in phase with a peculiar pulsating, whizzing sound and an increase in the rotation of the ring. The object then departed at the same altitude to the North-East, with the cockpit gently rotating anti-clockwise. At this point Carla panicked and ran into the house, while Mauro was held back by a great rush of air. Carla had a sleepless and troubled night after the event. Mauro’s sister in law apparently heard the noise, and her three year old son was frightened by something at 2200 on the 15rh. An amateur astronomer Enrico Giaroli was said to have seen the object, but he refused to comment. The couple’s normally nervous dog was not affected by the sound. No traces or radioactivity could be confirmed to have been found. 
    • Renzo Cabassi in FSR 22, 5 p.23 citing his own investigation

    April 16 1974.
    At both here and at Gibraltar an object was seen to move up out of the sea and then descend again. This happened twice. 
    • Jacques Bonabot citing Le Soir 18 April 1974. citing an undated issue of El Faro de Ceuta

    April 19 1974. 0730hrs.
    Two men driving between Radebaugh and Grapeville saw a stooped creature about 2-2.5m tall among the pines on a level stretch of road. 
    • Gordon 2010 p277

    April 19 1974. 2200hrs.
    Jose Luis Cruz Salvatore (24) and his girlfriend Cristina Nieto Mally (24) were driving on the Paseo Martimo when they saw, above Valdegrana islet, in front of them, a flat round slightly oval object, slowly descending to hover over a pine grove at a height of about 3m. Jose drove past the thing while rounding a curve and then came back to watch the bright orange object. However, as he approached the thing, his engine stalled and it could not be restarted until a bright fluorescent green light rose at great speed from the place they were looking at and was lost to sight in the sky. 
    • Ballester 1976 p49 case 188 citing Informaciones 22 Apr 1974

    April 19 1974. 2245hrs.
    The local municipal police chief, Francisco Maestre (49) was on routine watch when he observed, in the bottom of the valley, 4km away towards Agua Fria, an intense red light, shaped like an open Vl. He first thought it was a fire but the wet conditions of the woods and the regularity of the light made him change his mind. The phenomenon was on the ground, covering an area of about 100 sq. m, and was seen by more than 20 people, including forest ranger Sebastian Romero; technical health assistant and teacher Manuel Lopez and businessman Francisco Martin. Maestre watched the phenomenon until 0030, when he left the area. 
    • Ballester 1976 p49 case 189 citing investigations by himself and CEI

    April 20 1974. 0245hrs.
    Near Delmont, two people in a car observed a bright round orange ball, which “glowed like the sun”, hovering over a ground of trees. The light alternately dimmed and brightened while the witnesses stopped their car and observed the light for 20 minutes. The light then dimmed out for good. They left the area only to finds the orange light was trailing behind their car at a height level with their rear window. It was so bright they could barely look at it. A few minutes later another car came up behind them and the light dimmed out and disappeared. 
    • Stan Gordon in Skylook 82 p15 citing his own investigation
    • Gordon 2010 p277 gives time as 0145hrs.

    April 21 1974. 0025hrs.
    Jean-Claude Labenne saw a disc shaped object hovering 25-30m above the ground in the La Villette Park, 100m away. On its left hand side was a small protuberance. The thing moved away over the trees. The observation lasted 30 seconds. 
    • GESAG 37 pp.6,22

    April 21 1974. 0030hrs.
    Miss Lamy, a French teacher heard a terrific din, like the siren of an American police car. This sound stopped and then started again. She then saw a disc shaped object 15-209m from her house. The thing had a dome and was surrounded by little lights around its edge. After about 50 seconds the object, which appeared to be 1-1.5m long, turned on its axis. The li9ghts were flashing red and green. The thing moved away towards the north-east. It was also seen by Mr J L (21) and his mo5her. The sound was heard by many people. 
    • GESAG 37 p4 +22
    • Jacques Bonabot citing investigation by M. Bonivert + Nouvelle Gazette 26 Apr 1974.

    April 21 1974. 0030hrs.
    An employee, Eric Mani (16) and his mother were by the window when they were terrified by a whistling sound and the sight of a disc 5m in diameter, surmounted by a cupola, 30m away. The cupola was dark yellow in colour and rotating. The thing had yellow-green and red lights. It took off and disappeared. The sound was also heard by Mrs Marchand (20) and Mrs Roux (70) 
    • Jacques Bonabot citing Nouvelle Gazette 4 July 1974.

    April 21 1974. 0100hrs.
    Jean-Louis Rimet (23), a worker in an automobile equipment factory at Romans, was driving, with his fiancee Annie Buchon (23, a stenographer), to his parents home, along the Rt 125 on this dark night when they observed a trapezoidal shape. It descended and landed in a field to the left of a row of walnut trees, some 500m away. They and other vehicles behind them slowed down. The object had a brilliant trapezium on top and two yellow lights below, and another two to the right, aligned with a central red one. On its left hand side there was a sort of ladder. Behind a sort of window could be seen three animated shadows, illuminated from the inside by a cream light. The illuminated part became extended as at the same time a very powerful white light began to revolve around the centre of the object. The couple did not stop. 
    • GESAG 39 p7 citing investigation by Figuet and Chaloin
    • UFO INFO 13 p27 suggests it was a misidentification

    April 22 1974.
    Michael Jackson (16) and four other sixth formers were walking in the Leagrave area, when they saw a light in the sky with flashing green, red and white lights. They estimated its altitude as between 15-30m. It went over the Caddington area near the M1 motorway. As they ran down the road they saw another object with three blinding white lights, which made a series of complicated manoeuvres and then shot off in the direction of Warden Hill. At Warden Hill they found large scorched areas on the grass and lumps of black clay like material lying around. 
    • Skylook 81 p.15 citing Luton Evening Post 23 April 1974.
    • Evaluation: Luton airport suggested that this might have been a light aircraft.

    April 23 1974. (Approximate date)
    A mystery submarine was observed in this area. 
    • Arnold 2013 p.46 citing Daily Express 24 April 1974.

    April 26 1974. Night.
    Onilson Patero (qv) was driving home from Marilia when he started to feel strange and his car stalled. He got out to examine it when he was taken up in a beam of light into a space where he met the hitchhiker from his previous experience, and was then placed into some kind of cage, from where he saw three figures, one of which was a duplicate of himself. He next recovered consciousness on May 7th at a farm some 900km from his home. During his time in the other place he had been given various medical examinations. 
    • Granchi 1995 p171 cting O Diario (ES) 4 +5 May 1974. + A Tribuna 3 May 1974. + Carrion 1984

    April 30 1974. (Approximate date) 2200hrs.
    Mrs Ruth Currie, the director of the Nash Nursing Home, had her attention drawn to some lights a couple of hundred metres up the road, by her daughter Laurie. The first thought that it was the night nurse coming in, and then they thought of either an accident or a courting couple. Looking closer they saw it was an object the size of s trailer, with red lights front and rear. Intrigued they went up to have a closer look and as they stepped outside they heard the local dogs and horses acting up. When they got within 60m of it, they saw that the thing was a huge oval object, resting on the road, with red lights on either end. On top was a sort of large rounded window emitting a golden glow. Silhouetted against this glow they could see a figure, on which no features could be discerned, moving to and fro and bending as if working on something. Rose then told Laure to go and fetch Mrs Rose Curtis, an employee of the home. When Mrs Curtis saw the object she ran back into the house and phoned for her husband. After watching for some minutes they became afraid and walked back to the house. As they did so they heard a whistle followed by a cold breeze and then a whirring sound. When they looked back they saw the object was in the air and disappearing into the night. As he drove to the scene, Bob Curtis saw a circular object, with red and blue pulsating lights all around it, rise rapidly from the ground, over the trees and halt momentarily at 300m altitude and then disappear. When they inspected the landing site next day, they found a scorched circular patch, about 23m diameter. Where the circle overlapped the lawns on either side of the road, the grass was burnt and charred. Within the circumference of the circle were two deep indentations in the road, shaped like half-moons but without any kind of tread marks. 
    • Sachs and Jahn 1977 p.102 + UFO Investigator November 1974. p1 both citing investigation by Ernest Jahn

    May 1974. 0200hrs
    A farmer’s wife had got up to feed her 5 day old baby when she saw, through the back door window, a fiery sphere over a swamp area. She felt transfixed by it and had the impression that it knew all about her. It then took off and shot over the house at terrific speed, silently. She now felt released and went back to bed, only to find that 2-3 hours had passed and she had to feed her baby again. 
    • Swords 2005 p184 citing John Timmerman)

    May 1974. 0200hrs.
    Iulio Maniu found himself suddenly awake and very aware. Through their ground floor bedroom widow he and his wife saw a bell shaped thing near the front door, while Iulio felt electrical feelings in his body. The thing was faintly lit with a white light, with a sort of filament in the centre, and did not cast a shadow. Iulio felt impelled to go out. When he did so the object was already 4-5m away and leaving at 1mps. Iulio tried to follow it but when he turned the corner of his house the thing was no longer there. Mrs Maniu sat anxiously as he Iulio had gone out despite her protestations, but suddenly felt calm. Iulio still felt the force even though the object had gone, but this disappeared when he got back into bed and the couple immediately fell asleep again. Next day all was normal. 
    • Farcas 2016 p128 citing investigation by Adrian Patrut + RUFOR Journal 6

    May 1974. 0200hrs.
    Roger Marechal was awoken by a bright light and saw a glowing object about 300m from the house. He tried to wake his parents but when he returned to the window the object had gone. The next morning he and his father discovered 14 markings, about 50cm apart, indented in the ground to depths of 2.5-3.5cm. Police at Saint-Armour estimated an oval object 2.8m diameter had caused the markings. There were also marks which looked as if they had been made by a tripod. 
    • Richard Hall in MUFON UFO Journal 106 p19 citing Tribune de Genève 28 May 1974.

    May 1974. 0500hrs.
    A 22 year old workman waiting for his companion by the banks of the River Meuse saw something metallic looking on the water, Suddenly a disc came out of the water and took off, trailing water and blue and green sparks. The witness became nauseous.
    • Jacques Bonabot

    May 1974. (or following month) 0545hrs.
    A man driving a newspaper delivery van at 95kph saw a brilliant light coming from the south at high speed. It went over the vehicle in 10 seconds and then was lost behind tall trees. After it passed over he realised his engine had stalled so he had to stop and restart it. His headlight also went off for a few seconds. 
    • Basterfield 1997 p.194 citing TUFOIC

    May 1974.
    Mrs Parrish was trying to park her car when her attention was caught by a man dressed in an odd hat and cloak walking down Saville Row. He started to cross the road, changed his mind and walked towards the Assembly Rooms,. Mrs Parrish looked away for an instant and when she looked back the figure had vanished. 
    • Green 1980 p5

    May 1974.
    Ron Gummell was driving east on the David Thompson Highway n ear Abraham Lake. When he turned a corner he saw two beings about 3.5m tall, covered in hair, standing in the middle of the road. The things then walked into the woods and out of sight. 
    • Guttilla 2003 p281 citing an unspecified issue of Red Deer Advocate

    May 1974. 2330hrs.
    A woman driving down a country road on a dark, drizzly night saw a large circular object come from the direction of some hills and pass overhead. It was twice the length of a car and emitted a flashing fiery red light. It passed out of sight in a minute or two but shortly afterwards the object passed over again at only 20m altitude and returned to the hills. The woman later received a visit from a strange man about 1.5m tall, who spoke in a squeaky voice and discussed her sighting, showing her some photographs as he did so. 
    • Gordon 2010 p282

    May 1974. 2355hrs.
    Manoel Pacheco Luca (47)and his friend Pedro were walking along the coast from one fishing spot to another, some kilometres out of town when they suddenly saw,40m away, three men, in dark clothing, stood near what looked like a jeep. The three men kept going in and out of the sea and back to their vehicle and seemed to measuring something with a rope. The trio then went back into the vehicle which drove off into the sea. 
    • Pratt 1996 p265
    • Evaluation: Looks like divers with an amphibious vehicle of the sort that used to give beach rides. (Pratt 1996 p265)

    May 1 1974. 2330hrs.
    Student Samuel Faria (17) was returning home from the centre of town, when just as he reached his home block he caught sight of a little man, no more than 1,3m tall, wearing astronauts clothing, near the corner of the street about 25-30m away. When Faria got within 10m of him, the stranger pointed an instrument which resembled an electric torch at him, Faria was blinded by a beam of light from this torch and ran to his uncle’s house, where he babbled out his story in terror. When he had recovered to some extended he and his family went out onto the street, but the stranger had vanished. 
    • FSR 23, 5 p15 citing Walter Buhler in SBEDV Bulletin 112/115 citing investigation by Marcos Alexandre Fundao

    May 4 1974. 0800hrs.
    Carpenter Wally Churn (c 50) was cycling to work and was about to cross the road to call in the paper shop near the “Queensmead” shopping centre, when he was accosted by a stranger who gave his name as something like “Alfreka” and said he was from “the saucer people”. He spoke in an unusual accent. Churn did not take much notice and when he turned round the stranger had gone. The stranger appeared to have round, smooth, almost chinless face. When he shook Churn’s hand, the witness found the hand cold, soft and “feminine”. The stranger was about 2.8m tall, dressed normally with a trilby hat and appeared to be about 30. When Churn got to work he developed a tingling sensation in his right hand and forearm and a red spot appeared on his thumb 
    • Omar Fowler in BUFORA Journal 4,11 p7 + SIGAP Special Report citing own investigation
    • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p.232)

    May 5 1974.
    The witness of the March 20th event claimed he was guided to a farm in Giles County where he encountered an American football shaped object 23-30m long, the occupants of which communicated with him on a variety of topics. 
    • BUFORA Journal 6,2 p16 citing Stanley Ingrams in an undated issue of Pulaski Citizen citing own investigation)

    May 7 1974. 2100hrs.
    Mrs Margaret K Roffe, a nurses aide, was walking from one building to another at the Coatesville Veterans Hospital when her attention was caught by a swishing noise high above one of the buildings. She looked up and saw a disc shaped object with four silver coloured legs slowly descend onto the roof of the building. A glow from its dome, illuminating the scene. A ramp then emerged from the object and three entities climbed backwards down the steps and appeared to examine the craft’s legs. The beings appeared to be less than 1,5m tall and spoke amongst themselves with squeaky voices, like birds. One of the beings turned round and on seeing the witness made some strange sounds. She was able to see that this being had a very large, elongated head, greyish skin, arms that extended well below its knees and long claws instead of fingers. He had short legs, was completely bald and appeared to be old. The beings slowly climbed the ramp and boarded the object, which took off slowly and disappeared amongst the trees, which were noticeably agitated. As soon as the object had disappeared Mrs Roffe left the scene fearing that it might return. 
    • Rick Barr in Official UFO 2,2 p50
    • Ted Bloecher in MUFON 1975 Proceedings p56 citing George Fawcett in UFO Report II,3 p52

    May 8 1974. (Approximate date) 0655hrs.
    Amadeo Villar Garrote, an industrialist from Cuenca, along with his daughter and chauffer, were driving toward Madrid when they saw an oval object, which hovered over their car spinning and emitting red lights, for about 40 seconds, after which it rose into the air and disappeared into the distance.
    • Eileen Buckle in FSR 20,3 p2 citing Informaciones 9 May 1974.

    May 9 1974. Evening.
    A group of employees of a vacuum sales company were driving home when they saw a strange object at 30m altitude, about 100m away. The thing came and hovered over their car, heating it up. One of the party opened the windows, but they all became ill, and all but he passed out. He felt as though he was being levitated, passed out and came to surrounded by 1.5m tall beings, with pale skin, almond shaped eyes and small lower jaws, in a brilliantly lit space. These beings were very strong and called him by name. He passed out again when he came to; the moon which has just been coming up on the horizon was now high in the sky. He suffered from sore eyes, sunburn to the face and developed insensitivity to touch, and claimed other encounters. 
    • Ridge 1994 p46 citing investigations by Don Worley and Mike Christol

    May 9 1974. 2100hrs.
    Two people saw a large yellow orange glowing light 200m off the road on a rugged hillside. The thing pulsed on and off three times. The witnesses left in a hurry.
    • W K Roberts et al in FSR 21,3-4, p48

    May 11 1974. 2045hrs.
    Two Ufologists, Barry King and Ian Vinten observed, through 8x30 binoculars, a female figure with long blond or white hair, and featureless face, dressed in a long black dress. The figure stood motionless for 10 minutes, when a second, black gowned, figure was seen moving amongst the trees. The first figure disappeared then reappeared 50m from its original position, where it was again motionless for about 10 minutes and then again vanished. The witnesses left, then returned to the site at 2135, whereupon they saw, through binoculars, two more figures, this time dressed in white. One was motionless, the other darting about, but gliding rather than running, no leg movements being visible. At this point a red lighted object was seen rising over the hilltops in the same direction. After 5 minutes it moved off, passing almost directly over the witnesses, making a peculiar throbbing sound similar to a ship’s sonar. It had a central white light, two blinking lights near the edge, and a vertically revolving blue light. The object showed a central red light and two blinking white lights as it moved off. Vinten took a photograph but no reproduction was published. A drawing showed a lens shaped object with a central bulge. 
    • Ted Bloecher in MUFON 1975 Proceedings and BUFORA Journal 4,3 p33 both citing investigation by Norman Oliver
    • Hanson and Holloway 2011c p.233

    May 12 1974. 0010hrs.
    A police officer and farmer observed an object covered with over 30 orange and white lights, as bright as a welder’s troch, as it hovered above the trees at a mobile home park. They followed it for 20 minutes. It then appeared to land at a nearby farm. No traces were found. 
    • George Fawcett in FSR 20, 4 p31

    May 12 1974. 0030GRAYS FALLS CAMPSIGHT (CALIFORNIA : USA)A 19 year old camper, who did not want his name used was disturbed by sounds outside his van which continued for some time. By 0150 he had got up and had a view, through his window, of a hairy humanoid 2-2.5m tall, outside. The camper drove off in a panic

    • Wasson 1979 p17 citing investigation by herself and Al Hodgson and Syl McCoy)

    May 19 1974. 2200hrs.
    Luis Gimenez Illueca (qv) (28), a slaughterman was returning to Valencia with his sister’s boyfriend Juan Nbrera Otera (22(, a soldier, driving a Renault truck. Coming out of the tunnel next to the dam, where the upgrades to the port of “Mataparda” began, they saw what they thought was lightning on the other side, bur when they saw the starry sky they changed their minds. Soon, on passing the hill, they saw several flashes in succession on their left. They continued but stopped when they saw, about 2km away, resting on a mountain,, a red thing that gave off a strong intermittent light, that resembled a sort of searchlight with a red light behind it. It illuminated the highway, but they could not make out the shape of the object behind it. The object rose slowly up the mountain, staying even with the ground, and then took off to the north. The men were about to continue when they saw a reddish lens shaped object rise up from a mountain 200m to their left. This thing was 10-12m diameter, with two domes, one on its top and a smaller one on its bottom. It ascended silently through 30m, stopped and then descended vertically back behind the mountain. The entire episode lasted about four minutes,. The Civil Guard inspected the area but found no traces. 
    • Ballester 1976 p50 case 190 citing his own investigation

    May 14 1974. (Approximate date) 
    A man driving near here saw a dark ape like creature cross the road in front of him. 
    • Gordon 2010 p280
    • Evaluation: Only known second hand

    May 20 1974. (Approximate date)
    A woman heard a strange noise from the woods behind her house and saw a large animal she first thought was a bear and the realised it was a large bipedal ape like creature that walked back into the woods. 
    • (ditto)
    • Evaluation: second-hand from witness’s brother

    May 20 1974. 0005hrs.
    Mr P, a 32 year old resident of nearby Hampton, was swimming alone on the beach when he saw a disc shaped object approach horizontally over the ocean, then descend vertically and land. It was 15-18m diameter, with domes above and below with a rim around the centre. There were four legs and several lights. It gave off heat and a pulsating humming noise. After some minutes a hatch folded down from the underside of the object as if it had been hinged at one end and a ramp slid down from the opening, at which a second sound, like an electrical motor, could be heard. In the hatchway p.saw a being over 2.8m tall, wearing a light coloured, bulky overall. Two hoses ran from the rear of its jaw to a junction on the back of its neck, one hose continuing down its back. The humanoid stepped onto the sand for a few seconds then re-entered the craft, which closed up and lifted off in a reverse sequence. p.reported a wetness 60-70m from the occupant. As soon as the object had left, he inspected four landing marks, which consisted of a deep rose coloured paste with a thick liquid in them. There was also a red spot where the hatch had opened. The traces were washed away by the tide, though a trace of the red where the hatch had been remained. The witness was initially assessed as being “simple minded”, cheerful and “a sincere Christian”, but subsequent enquiries showed he had lied on previous occasions, and the investigators suspected the story was probably a hoax. 
    • Dave Webb in Skylook 82 p10 + Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1975 p.57 both citing investigation by John Oswald

    Late May 1974. 2200hrs.
    James Iehmann was driving home when he observed an object with alternating white and blue lights surrounding it a circular pattern, with one blue light in i9ts centre, hovering just off the side of a nearby road. The object came slowly across his path, passing within 30m. While hovering the thing emitted a hum and white smoke. It was observed for about 4 minutes before sudden by streaking through the air and disappeared
    • UFO Investigator July 1974. p3 citing investigation by Gary Vendetti

    May 23 1974. 0005hrs.
    In a heavily residential suburb of LA, Mrs Ethel Bergman (64), a divorcee, former medical secretary with law school training and very well read, stepped onto her second floor balcony to shake out the curtains, when she was dazzled by a bright light. Directly in her line of vision, right over the roof of a building on the next block, she saw a white light, which was so brilliant that it made it impossible to see the surrounding area. It appeared to be a perfect circle 1.8-2.4m diameter. It was divided into two portions; the top half was illuminated from the inside, like a “milk globe” or frosted incandescent light bulb, but very intense. The lower portion consisted of bright points of light and these two portions were separated by a row of very intense scintillating points of light, such that Ethel was not sure whether the lights on the lower portion were just reflections of these or not. The lights sparkled irregularly; the thing seemed to come towards her very slowly but did not seem to increase in size or cast shadows. It approached Ethel moving east to west, then veered off to the southwest at a diagonal. Ethel ran to the corner of the porch to observe its departure, and from there observed a sort of fin at its rear, and could not here any sound at all. The object seemed to leap up in the southwest sky and disappear. The observation lasted 25-30 seconds. The witness claimed that electrical equipment malfunctioned around her and that she was psychic. 
    • Ann Druffel in Skylook 86 p.5 citing her own investigation

    May 23 1974.
    A farmer saw a long round object, like a rocket, pass by at a height of 10m. The thing was 50cm long, red in front, and yellow behind and was travelling in a westerly direction at great speed, being visible for only a few seconds. 

    • Ballester 1976p51 case 192 citing own investigation

    May 23 1974. 1800hrs.
    A 16 year old high school student was motorcycling back from school in an area of hilly, wooded terrain just south-east of his home near Sewickley. He had coasted down a hill and just turned a corner, when he saw a figure stood sideways, facing uphill about 250 away. he revved up his bike, which seemed to attract the figure’s attention. The creature moved from a side to a frontal position and half squatted at the same time. It remained in this position for a few seconds, then turned uphill and vanished into the woods in three long steps. The being was about 2.1m tall or taller, covered completely in a shiny, stainless steel coloured, suit, which was wrinkled all over except for the head area, which was described as being American football shaped and smooth all over. Investigators found possible footprints-three impressions on the side of the hill. 
    • Stan Gordon in Skylook 81 p9 citing investigation by himself and associates: : Gordon 2010 p280

    May 24 1974. 1130hrs.
    Demetrio Carrascosa Martinez (53) an employee of the municipal slaughterhouse, was motorcycling near the Rus River, NE of San Clemente when he encountered a dark green, khaki coloured, lemon shaped object, 4m long, 3m tall, with a horizontal row of 6-7 windows, bordered in black, in the middle. The body of this object was supported 2m above the ground on 3 or 4 legs. Demetrio was so surprised that his cycle skidded and he fell to the ground. He tried to approach the thing for a better look, but he only got within 70m when it rose rapidly with a hissing sound, spinning g and making the stones and soil jump. It emitted four spurts of smoke and a sulphurous odour. At a considerable height it headed obliquely to the north, and disappeared after 4-5 seconds. Traces included holes in the ground, dried vetch plants and calcinated stones, which had apparently been subjected to a temperature of 2-3k degrees. 
    • Ballester 1976 p50 case 191 citing own investigation + investigation by ERIDANI = Stendek 17 p.25 + 18 p.3

    May 25 1974. 1930hrs.
    Three people on the road running north about 1.5km the Boobyalla Estate saw what looked like the moon low over a paddock to the north east. They thought it was the moon until they realised that the moon did not rise until 2300hrs., so they stopped their car to watch. They now saw the object was shaped like a huge banana, thicker in the centre. It was a bright orange colour below, fiery red in the middle and bright yellow on top. It appeared to be only 6m above the ground as it passed in front of some fencing and a log heap less than 200m away. They estimated that the thing was 30m long. They became afraid so they head home. No traces were found the next day. The same object was reported in the area on subsequent nights. 
    • W K Roberts et al in FSR 21, 3.4 p.49
    • Basterfield 1981 p100 + 1997 p.194 citing investigation by TUFOIC)

    May 26 1974. Pre-dawn.
    Mr Susedek, who saw seen a strange flying object earlier, was awakened by a buzzing sound, saw pin wheels of coloured light and was paralysed. He awoke two hours later with bloodshot eyes and an aching body. He had memories of rows of gyroscopes, three rocking chairs, a coil shaped screen on which there was a close up of Saturn, a nebula of various colours. His eyes were examined by a magnifying glass. Hr later became an inventor and anticipated further contacts. 
    • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1975 citing Investigation by Isabel Epperson

    May 26 1974.
    Mr A Rias felt his shack shake and went outside to investigate. He came face to face with 7 large beings dressed in khaki suits with wide belts and holsters at the side. Rias, a man of aggressive temperament, went to draw his gun. The strangers paralysed him and his dog using a sort of tube. They then fled into an object than resembled a small racing car, which took off towards Carces at speed, zigzagging through the trees as it did so. 
    • Eric Zurcher in LDLN 195 p28 citing investigation by CEIREC

    May 27 1974. 0005hrs.
    Many people in Cortegana including Mrs Maria J Gonzales Romero (70), Mrs Maria A Gordo Gonzalez Antonio Fernandez Gordo saw a small round object spinning like a top and giving off intermittent flashes, rise from the ground in a place in the Almonaster district, and take off at great speed northwards towards Jabugo. They called the municipal police chief, who joined them in observing a square of intense red light in the municipal district of Jabugo 
    • Ballester 1976 p51 case 192 citing his own investigation

    May 27 1974. 0330hrs.
    Julian Bejarano Morcuende (42) a bank employee in Talavera de la Reina was driving alone near Ramacastanas at 0235 when he observed a shooting star coming down from the north east at great speed. The light stopped, while Julian continued on his way at only 20 kph, keeping it under watch. It would shine brightly with a white light for 5 seconds. After 20-25 minutes it passed in front of his car and came lower. Now the round light was sky blue, though it continued blinking as before. It was moving slowly and silently to the right of the car and parallel to it. Julian had made one of his frequent stops to observe the thing better, when at about 0330, the light stopped over a holm oak wood and descended into it, at a distance of 3km, near the town of Velada 
    • Ballester 1976 p51 case 193 citing investigation by CEI

    May 27 1974. 2200hrs.
    Mr M Richards had gone out to lock up his fowls when his attention was caught by a bright object in the NE sky. He called the other residents of the farm, about 10 people including 6 children, to come and observe it. The thing moved slowly, varying its height from the fence top to 9-12m moving gradually towards the houses at Boobyalla, passing to the north 400-800m away. The witnesses agreed that it had a general crescent or banana shape, but were unclear about other details, though it was estimated to be 4-6m in diameter. It came near some trees and a red flashing light appeared under the right hand side, and as it passed behind the trees 4 yellowish lights came on. The object then faded and was lost to view in a valley. The witnesses set out in two groups, the adults saw nothing and children only caught sight of a distant glow. 
    • W. K Roberts et al in FSR 21, 3-4, p.49 citing their own investigation

    May 28 1974.
    Two housewives observed an object 15-23m in diameter that landed on a nearby hill. It stayed on the ground for an hour but they were too afraid to approach it. It then took off, rotated on its central axis and moved rapidly away until it disappeared in the sky. Greyish material was found at the site by investigators. 
    • George Fawcett in FSR 20, 4 p.31
    • Dolan 2009 p28 citing UFO Investigator July 1974.

    May 28 1974. 1200hrs.
    Three young men out camping saw a silvery white disc and triangular object, with strange symbols on its side, land between Menaul and Copper. They were interrogated by intelligence agents who warned them not to talk. 
    • Dennett 2011 p156 citing Lynda Moulton Howe
    • Evaluation: Exaggerated version of above?

    May 30 1974. 2130hrs.
    A number of people saw two luminous spheres approaching from the direction of West Virginia. They then stopped and descended towards the ground. 
    • Gordon 2010 p281

    May 31 1974. 0200hrs.
    A young couple (P and F) were driving from Harare (then Salisbury) to South Africa via the Biet Bridge Crossing. 10km south of Umvuma they both saw what they took to be a policeman sitting by the side of the road with a walkie-talkie in his hand. Fearful of a speed trap, they slowed down and noticed that the policeman was wearing some kind of shiny metallic or plastic garment. At 0230hrs., F noticed a light, with a bluish tinge, on her side of the car. It appeared to be revolving or flashing on and off. They first thought it was on a house, then a communications tower beacon, then a helicopter. As they drove along the car lights began to fade out, though the radio and engine continued. They then noticed an unusual cold in the car, which seemed to be surrounded by a sort of neon light. When p.took his foot off the accelerator, the car continued on at 160kph and he appeared to have no control over the car, which seemed to be on automatic pilot. . As the light passed from one side or the car to the other, they passed what looked like ma bus used by Africans, by an African store. All the lights were on in this bus, but it was deserted, a very unusual state of affairs. They then passed two other buses heading in the opposite direction, also deserted. They carried the livery of the firm F worked for. They then saw a beam of light from the horizon to the light in the sky, which, when they were about 15km from Fort Victoria took off “like a shooting star”. They stayed in Fort Victoria from 0430 to 0530, where they had a wash and the car filled up. The attendant thought that their feeling that the night was cold was strange. About 10km out of Fort Victoria, F drew P’s attention to the object, which reappeared in the left hand station, another one moved into position above the car. They appeared very small and high, appearing suddenly. The couple were surprised that they encountered no other traffic on this otherwise busy route. 

    They were even more surprised that they seemed to be driving through swampy terrain with many low bushes, despite the fact that it was a very dry area with only scattered low scrub. There were no outside sounds. p.again found that the car seemed to be under remote control, the radio seemed to play the same tune over and again until it faded out and the normally winding road was now hypnotically straight. The normally brilliant dawn was replaced by a peculiar grey overcast light. At 0615, F fell asleep. They reached Biet Bridge at a time F thought was 0700hrs., it was still grey and the objects were still in view. When they reached the post, the clocks on both customs posts read 0830, though their watches read 0730, a time checked out by radio time check. They then both realised that the sun was shining brilliantly. It appeared that their speedo trip meter read they had travelled only 17km, though they had travelled 288, and also hardly any fuel was spent. p.claimed to have had a previous UFO experience, and to be psychic. Under hypnosis he said that the objects sent down beams which surrounded the car with a fake landscape, sent his wife F to sleep, and that a form which could take on any shape it wished appeared in the back seat of the car. Through the beams he could look into the triple decked machine, about 25m diameter, 18m high. The beings own form was that of hairless, sexless humanoids with large trunks. They claimed to be “friendly time travellers from the outer galaxies” 
    • Carl Van Vlierden and Dr Paul Obertik in FSR 21, 1 p.19 + FSR 22,2 p3 citing own investigation and Bill Fail in Natal Mercury 16 January 1975
    • Hind 1982 p.53
    • Rimmer 1984 p.85 citing above

    Winter (Southern Hemisphere) 1974.
    A large round white object rose up over hills and approached a car, at which unusual interference was heard on the radio. It passed over in silence. The sky was clear. 
    • Basterfield 1997p 195 citing TUFOIC files

    June1974. (or following month) 0205hrs
    19 year student Patrick Scoma (19) had just arrived home when he saw a huge velvet black round thing above him and the trees on the opposite side of the road, 5 or 6m above the trees. To the left of this was a second, very small, bright green, disc that seemed to jump around in all directions. Patrick felt unable to move. Eventually he was able to turn his head and saw a ray of light, like a sunbeam reflected on the garage door. He ran and woke his parents but by the time they reached the garden the thing had gone. 
    • LDLN 177 p22 citing investigation by Denise Lacanal

    June 1974. 0430hrs.
    At an undisclosed location a farmer saw a large glowing object take off from a nearby field. His 18 year old son woke up the next morning with the socks he wore in bed wet and dirty. The youth later developed a bladder infection and noted a hard lump near his groin. After another experience 12 years later, the younger man developed memories of being abducted by 5 beings, 1.2m tall, with grey skinned spindly bodies, large heads and eyes and wearing close fitting blue suits. The creatures entered his bedroom from the kitchen, touched the youth, numbing him and telepathically commanded him to follow them to an object where he was given a medical and something was inserted into his groin. This object fell out 12 years later. A neighbour had seen a strange luminous object land just after midnight 
    • Druffel 1998 p.56 citing investigation by Don Worley

    June 1974. 1500hrs.
    Colin Clarke was coming out of a shop near the Abbey when he saw a man dressed in tight, fawn trousers, spats, high breasted jacket, bow tie and bowler hat. The stranger held his hand out for Colin to stop and then tried to speak, but struggled to get the words out. Fearing the man was ill, Colin looked round for a seat for him, but when he looked back the man had vanished. 
    • Ludlam 2000 p153

    June 1974. 1600hrs.
    Hunter Carl Melnyk was sat on the bank of the Elbow River in Bragg Creek Provincial Park when a movement on the tree line 100m away attracted his attention. A dark hairy shape came into view, which he first thought as n aelk or moose but then realised was a biped 
    • Steenburg 1993 p100+2000 p218 citing his own investigation

    Early June 1974. 0030hrs.
    A 23 year old woman was out driving when an object about 5-6m diameter hovered 10m above her car. It was a metallic looking disc, surmounted by a dome. The thing shone a beam of light into the car during which time the radio was filled with static but the woman calm and peaceful. After 5 minutes the beam went off and the object moved away. 
    • Rodeghier 1981 p62 citing CUFOS files

    June 3 1974. Dusk.
    Two men walking across a bridge noted a peculiar odour like sulphur. Looking over the bridge they saw a dark hairy creature and strange footprints. 
    • Gordon 2010 283

    June 3 1974. Night.
    An elderly woman observed a bright pink glow coming from an area adjacent to her house. On investigation she saw a huge disc shaped object hovering about 30m above the road near an electricity transformer. The thing was radiating an intense pink light and suddenly rays came from the bottom of the object and scanned the ground and the woman was bathed in a sort of heat. The object was observed for 15 minutes and was silent. It then abruptly ceased its activities, began to rise and then took off at an incredible speed, disappearing in seconds. The transformer was subsequently removed, no reason being given. The witness later developed severe health problems for years. 
    • Bill Chalker in APESG Update no .1

    June 5 1974. 0045hrs.
    Bus driver Douglas Tams was driving the last bus back to the depot when its engine and lights failed. Douglas was about to get out and examine the vehicle when his attention was caught by something apparently falling out of the sky, forcing him to dusk, When he looked up he saw a large (about 90m diameter) oval object moving slowly overhead at very low altitude. . The thing was encircled by a ring of lights and it had a green haze on its underside. Though the thing only took 2-3 minutes to pass overhead, Douglas found he was an hour late when he got to the depot. 
    • Nagaites and Mantle 1994 p101 citing a BUFORA investigation in 1998

    June 6 1974.
    A student was taking a break from his revision by walking along the beach near Cap Blanc Nez when, on reaching the top of a dune, he saw an aluminium coloured cuboid, sides about 3m, resting on a black tripod on the muddy ground. Beside this thing were two humanoids, just over 1.2m tall, dressed in dirty white one piece shiny suits, topped by tall, slender helmets and with mitten like gloves on their hands. Through their visors the witness could see their large eyes and long thin noses. One of these beings was to the left of the student, the other, 10m to the right, who walked around the object to join its comrade. There they were joined by a 2m tall man with long blond hair. One of the small beings then made a sound in its throat that seemed to make the witness lose consciousness. When he came to the object and entities were gone and there were no traces. 
    • Rosales 1970/74 p309 citing investigation by Joel Mesnard and J-M Bignorne

    June 6 1974. 2040hrs.
    The witness of the January 7th incident was driving home along the same route, the first time he had done so for 5 months, when at exactly the same spot and time (only it was now daylight) he saw two beings identical to those of January 7th standing by the side of the road, like hitchhikers. The car engine and cassette failed, the latter stopping altogether. He pulled up close to the beings but did not get out. He felt a slight shock at the back of his head, followed by a modulated sound that lasted 2-3 minutes then suddenly stopped. The beings suddenly disappeared on the spot. His cassette player started to function again without him touching it and the car was no problem to start. The driver of a car that overtook him a few minutes before did not stop and appeared not to notice the beings.
    • (FSR 20,5 p9 translating from Bazin, Bigorne and Boidin in LDLN 139 citing their own investigation

    June 6 1974. 2130hrs.
    Mrs Vivian Stevens of Locust Street was driving home from a PTA meeting at South Hampton Elementary School, with two of her children (boy 11, girl 10) and her niece Helen M. They were going down Fern Avenue and left along Rte. 150 and as they turned the corner, the lad, sitting on the right hand side of the car, drew the others’ attention to a bright red, beacon like light in the sky ahead of them. Vivian first thought that it was a light on a tower, but it seemed to follow them down Rte. 150, and as they approached Locust, it got larger and closer and then disappeared behind some trees. As they came up to a large pasture they saw the red light shining through the trees. When they had an open view, they saw a large red dome shaped, illuminated object hovering right over an elm tree30m from the road. The object resembled a child’s spinning top, with a rounded bottom and top like a truncated, inverted cone. The bottom part was 4.5-6m across, whole the cone on top appeared to be 1.5m across. There was a red glow on the top front section of this cone, while the base was outlined by red, blue and green lights, which appeared to mingle at times. In the centre, between the two sections was a white light that gave off coloured bursts of sparks. In this white light or opening, the witnesses could see something like blades rotating, and in the thing’s centre was a dark square like a window. The surface of the bowl was tan and shiny, reflecting the lights. Now unnerved, the family drove home, the object following them and then after 100m passing in front of their car and then hovering, with a fluttering motion, at about 35m altitude, 120m away. Helen stepped out of the car for a better look, at which the row of multi coloured lights came on and the object began to descend with jerking motions towards the ground. The party fled to the Stevens home. Where Vivian’s son, Todd (17) and his girlfriend Kathy Oullette said they would look for it was he drove her home. They saw nothing on the journey but on his way back Todd noticed the same red beacon like light in the sky, and got other members of the family to join him. Vivian went to fetch a nearby couple, Frank and Muriel Cynewski, but while she was away a plane approached and the object descended, at an angle into the pasture or sandpit behind the field, where they saw its red glow illuminating the trees. The matter was reported to Pease AFB. 
    • UFO Investigator August 1974. p1 + Diarmuid McGuire in Skylook 82 p11 citing an undated issue of Amesbury News, both citing investigation by John Oswald
    • Fowler 1981 p133

    June 7 1974. 2300hrs.
    An elderly farmer, lying in his caravan bunk looking at the sky, saw a light which moved, stopped and then moved again. It was a cylindrical object from which emerged a “shooting star” which shot at the caravan to the SE, stopped abruptly before it reached the horizon, hovered for 3-4 minutes and began to approach. It hovered high over some property 3km away. The fiery red sphere then swooped down over the top of a hill in the direction of Lake George. He watched the object through binoculars and the naked eye for some time, going outside for s better look. The object disappeared behind trees, apparently landing. He then returned to bed. At 0300hrs. he set out with his dog to investigate. On a hill several kilometres away he smelt smoke, heard dogs and someone shouting. Not wishing to interfere he sat it out until 0600hrs. When he investigated, a burned patch 200m long was found at the site. he suffered extreme anxiety reactions which led to a nervous breakdown. Under treatment he claimed that the sphere landed behind trees at the back of his property, and that he walked 6.5km to the site, approaching within 300m of the sphere, which was hovering just above the ground, holding his terrified dog in his arms. Through binoculars he observed about 3-4 men float from the object to the ground. They were 2.4-2.7m tall, their whole bodies covered by glowing silver suits. Their heads seemed disproportionately small for their size and their faces were black blanks. A sort of chute appeared at the side of the object and cylindrical metal cases came down it and the men placed them around the edge of the illuminated area. Then about 40 head of “black cattle” came down the shoot, driven away by normal looking farm people with dogs. He refused to elaborate further. 
    • Basterfield and Chalker 1976 citing investigation by David Butching:
    • Basterfield 1997 p.195 gives location as Goulburn
    • Evaluation: Psychological

    June 9 1974. 0330hra.
    Antonio Floris and Giussppe Gramai were driving not far from Siliqua when they stopped to observe a large bright “star”, which moved towards them, resolving itself luminous object. They tried to move off but their car would not start. The object rose higher at which their car began top start, only to stop again as the object came down to almost ground level, the pair ran to a farmhouse and knocked but got no reply. They then returned to their car and waited until the object had gone away, at which their car, a Priz 4L, started. At about the same time Egidio Traga was driving his Fiat 850 towards Villamaaargia and Siliqua when he his car engine stopped, though he found the vehicle moving forward at the same speed. The car stopped when he braked but accelerated again when he took his foot off the brake. Egidio braked again and a brilliantly illuminated ball, changing colour, white, yellow, blue orange. The thing was about 5m diameter. It passed over his car and hovered at 100m. The car stopped and when Egidio tried to get out he realised it was being shaken by some force. He remained in the car for about 90 minutes, until the object took off, upon which the car behaved as normal. 
    • Norman Oliver in BUFORA Journal 6,5 p18 citing Varricchoi Massimo

    June 12 1974. 0010hrs.
    Mrs Joyce Henderson had got up to get a glass of water and glanced out of her window toward her parents’ house next door, when her attention was caught by a series of lights movi8ng across the tree line in the distance, towards Grantham. These lights were intensely white, like the floodlights at baseball games and to have a wider angular diameter than the full moon. There were two smaller lights over the larger ones Joyce observed them moved back and forth over the field for five minutes, bouncing or bobbing up and down like a cork. Joyce phoned her parents, who also observed the lights and then got her 11 year old daughter and they went outside for a better look. The lights now appeared to be on an object, which descended towards them in an undulating fashion, and stopped over some low pines about 100m from the house. The two heard a soft whirring sound, like a very smaller motor in the distance. The pines were 6m tall and the object appeared to be at the height of a water tower. The row of lights appeared to be 4.5m wide. Two smaller lights appeared square and gave the impression of being openings through which light was shining. The 11 year old girl, very frightened, ran back into the house and Joyce followed her. They went to the window at the back of the house and watched the thing as it bobbed along the field behind the house, picking up speed as it went along to the north-east. After 20 minutes the light went out and was not seen again. 
    • Skylook 80 p20
    • Evaluation: There was a CX50 plane taking out from Seymour Johnson AFB 19km away but the witnesses were sure they had not seen a plane

    June 12 1974. 2100hrs.
    Mr G and four other shooters on the flat swung their spotlights to the northwest and almost immediately a row of lights lit up about 400m away at ground level. They were unable to make out what was causing these lights and they moved their location after about a minute. Now, looking out over the new airstrip the shooters saw the lights again, this time at 60m altitude The lights were greenish yellow in colour, covering a length of about 3m, with a second row, about 1.5m long, above them. They were unable to make out any shape behind these lights. The party then turned for the main road, the lights seeming to follow until lost behind a hillside. Nearly back at the main road, they shot a rabbit and G went to pick it up. The whole group was now disturbed to see the lights just above the treetops a few hundred metres to the north=west. Some of these lights were steading others were flashing and the longer the men looked at them, the faster the lights flashed. They decided not to investigate but drove away, stopping after a short distance o look back, but were now unable to see anything unusual. 
    • W K Roberts in FSR 21, 3-4, p50

    June 13 1974. 1545hrs.
    Miguel Angel Arcediano Lopez (17) was walking on a farm on the north side of km 2.5 on the Madrid-Boadilla del Monte highway, in the Ventorro-Plaza del Tetuan area, when he saw an object shaped like two plates rim to rim, with a ball on top, descending slowly from the mostly cloudy sky to the south-west. The thing had very bright, blinking lights, and was spinning and vibrating at the same time. The thing rose out of sight several times and then became visible again. It finally went behind a military casement 2km to Miguel’s south-west and disappeared into a depression there. It reappeared 10 minutes later, passed in front of the casement, rose vertically at great speed and flew away to the north. Miguel was frightened by this silent thing and reported no interference on his radio during the 2 hours observation. 
    • Ballester 1976 p51case 194 citing investigation by ERIDANI

    June 14 1974. 0030hrs.
    Barbara LaPorte was leaving firm’s parking lot after finishing her night shift when she noticed an unusual illumination near a cluster of trees directly ahead. She stopped her car to get a better look and suddenly spotted an object, 15m wide, with red pulsing lights, hovering over the pines. The object was turning rapidly clockwise but the lights stayed static. After a few moments the object moved slowly north out of sight behind trees. She caught further glimpses of the object some distance ahead as she was driving home. It would stop and moved sideways several times before continuing its journey. Barnaba then left the router to go to the baby sitter and then continued home, where she still saw the light. At her apartment she called the FAA, who said they had no other reports but gave her the phone number of UFO investigator Ray Fowler. Joined by two neighbours, Larry Roberts and a woman whose name was withheld, she went out again. All three heard high pitched tones at certain locations along the turnpike but saw nothing until, as they left the turnpike after 30 minutes they saw a circle of lights which made several rapid manoeuvres and disappeared
    • UFO Investigator August 1974. p2 citing investigation by Ray Fowler
    • Evaluation: Probably astronomical

    June 14 1974.
    There was a car accident here in with two people were killed and the lone, woman, survivor claimed that an object emitting strange noises and heat approached the accident site. She also claimed that the severe injuries she had received in the accident had healed at a remarkable rate. 
    • Bill Chalker in APESG Update 1

    June 14 1974. 0530hrs.
    Santiago Pulido Romero (46), a married man with six children, was driving to his father’s farm in the dark, when he was struck by a brilliant light as he passed a clump of trees. He then saw a strange object coming toward him, about 100m above the ground at terrific speed, by the side of the castle. . He was very frightened so he turned off the car lights and carried on in second gear. The object followed hi, about 70m to his right. When he reached the top of the hill, Santiago turned on his car lights again, at which the object came towards him again, only to retreat when he turned the lights off once more. When Santiago reached the farm house, he saw the object was hovering at the gates at 100m altitude, , occasionally rising and then falling again. S first thought of locking himself in the farm, but then, seizing a pitchfork and gaining some courage, went out again, ready to hide in the mountains if need be. The object was hovering over the farm, lighting up the area like daylight. He then turned his headlights on the thing, which dived . S quickly turned the lights out again, at which the object stayed quiet for a time and then began to move up and down again. At time the thing became a point light like a star, at others it would come down as close as 60m and would swing like a clock pendulum. This thing was a circular object 20m long, surmounted in the top centre by a conical tower. The circular part was transparent and emitted an intense yellow light, outlined against which, Santiago could see three very tall beings, more than 2m tall, who appeared to be holding on to some sort of control levers. They were wearing helmets and were moving stiffly, “as if under orders”. The conical tower was metallic in appearance. Santiago observed this until sunrise, that is for 90 minutes. When the sun rose the object took off towards Villanueva at terrific speed. . The object was also seen by a young boy going from Medellin to La Oliva, who saw it from the road, two residents of San Benito and also perhaps by two traffic policemen from Medellin. 
    • Eileen Buckle in FSR 20, 3p 6 + Pedro Redon in Skylook 82 p14 both citing J M Amilibia in Pueblo 22 June 1974. citing his own investigation.
    • Evaluation: There was an hour difference in the accounts in FSR used here, corresponding to local time. The times given in Skylook were GMT. The gross behaviour of this object and the length of time of the observation are strongly suggestive of an astronomical misperception. The star like appearance rules out the moon, which suggests that the three tall men are entirely fantasy material)

    June 14 1974. 2110hrs.
    A group of women sat outside saw a cigar shaped object pass silently15-20m away at telephone pole height. The thing was silver-white in colour and had a triangular front section. It seemed to accelerate as it moved off. 
    • Gordon 2010 p283 citing investigation by Bib Daley

    June 15 1974.
    While inspecting a rock formation on the upper slope out of the mountain, a Tibeten mountaineer, Keo Wha Unan came out of a cave to encounter a smooth, silvery disc shaped object, with no external features hovering about 1.2m above the ground. Around the thing were three humanoids gathering samples of snow, ice and rocks and placing them into the machine. After 5 minutes they entered the thing through a sort of ladder and it took off with a humming sound and then shot up at terrific speed. 
    • Dolan 2009 p27 citing Harry Hill in UFO Update 5 + UFO Roundup 2,23
    • Evaluation: I cannot find this place name on Google outside of references to this story. The primary source is a commercial UFO exploitation magazine and I suspect the whole account is a hoax.

    June 15 1974.
    A man out riding 30km or so west of Douglasville, through a wooded area, when a bipedal creature with green eyes ran out of the forest, making screaming sounds and tried to grab his saddle. Deep scratches were found in its leather. 
    • Newton 2011 p58

    June 15 1974. 0215hrs.
    The bedroom of the Richard’s house was illuminated by a glow and on looking out Mr Richards saw a banana shaped object at about 20m altitude, in the distance to the north east. He watched it fpor almost thirty minutes , as it moved slowly to the north east , seeming to brighten to a yellowish orange and become glaring to the eyes. The Richards returned to bed but they could see the shadows cast by the object for some time. 
    • W K Roberts et al in FSR 21.3-4 p50
    • Evaluation: Probably astronomical

    June 16 1974. 0100hrs.
    An 18 year old youth had just gone to bed when he heard a disturbance on the porch and his dogs acted up,. He saw three beings with large heads come around the house, up the porch, through the utility room and enter his bedroom. They looked at him and each other and began to bob up and down. Two of them took away his blanket and frog marched him out of the house, where he met an apparently older being with a more lined face. They took the lad across a bean field into an object sitting on the ground. A gas appeared as he was led through a narrow pyramid shaped corridor into a circular room, illuminated by a white light. The source of which could not be made out. In the room there were chairs and an instrument panel on which there were multi-coloured blinking lights. He was given a variety of medical examinations, including sample taking and a rectal probe. The beings attitude was threatening at this point. After the examinations he was bundled out of the object and made his way home. The next morning he remembered none of this, but his father had seen a large fiery sphere take off from a field up to 30m and then shoot off to the southwest at terrific speed. 
    • Ridge 1994 p46 citing investigations by Don Worley, Michael Palmiter and himself
    • Evaluation: If the witness forgot this, where does the story come from, one assumes the usual 'memories' produced by hypnotic confabulation

    June 18 1974. 1530hrs.
    Fisherman Avelino Severiano Generosa, his parents, wife and none children were all at the beach on this sunny afternoon when they suddenly saw a silent, brightly shining, metallic looking, object flying very low along the shore, about 1km out to sea. The thing hovered for 6 minutes, veered at a 90 degree angle to the beach and then plunged into the sea. There were at least 9 other witnesses beside this family. Avelino put out in his motor launch but found only foam at the spot. Attempts to dive for the object were thwarted by the weather. 
    • Gordon Creighton in FSR 21, 2 p22 citing O Dia 12 July 1974.

    Late June 1974. 0330hrs.
    Andrew and Hilda Stone, who had been experiencing encounters with hairy humanoids for some time, were awoken by someone fiddling with their door. On going to investigate, they found two youths dressed in pristine clothes, who asked for a dime for the phone box. When Andrew gave them the coin, he found he could not feel the lad’s hand. Moments after they had left, Andrew went after them to provide them with a flash light, but even though he went down to the phone box the duo had disappeared. 
    • Slate and Berry 1976 p65

    Late June 1974. Night./Early hours.
    ELLEMES (sic) (? : FRANCE)
    Inhabitants of Ellemes were awakened by a bright glow and a strange noise and saw a luminous orange cylinder on a house top, which cylinder disappeared after a few minutes . The next day the householder found an area on his roof had been melted and his car battery and others in the area were dead. Some zinc samples were sent for analysis. 
    • MUFON UFO Journal 106 p19 citing Le Provencal 12 July 1974.
    • Evaluation: I cannot find this place name on Google outside this story

    June 21 1974. 2300hrs.
    Apprentice electrician Ian Schubert (18), was walking home when he observed what looked like a moving star, coming from the direction of the ICI works at Redcar. When Ian stopped the object came towards him at high altitude and then swept down to such a low level that Ian thought the thing was about to land. It then passed over some nearby woods in the direction of Saltburn. The thing was a slow moving slivery object with indistinct dark markings on its upper part.
    • Awareness 4,1 p8 citing Brian Straight and David McGroary

    June 25 1974. 0115hrs.
    Mr and Mrs Lanlois (both 26) had returned home to their mobile home on an otherwise deserted lot, after a camping trip to Florida. Mrs Lanlois was tired and had gone to bed, while her husband sat up to watch the late TV show. The show had ended and he was just about to go to bed when he heard a bumping sound outside, as if something had fallen on the grass. Lifting the living room curtain he saw, hovering over the field the North East, a reddish orange, round object, which was so bright that it almost hurt his eyes. This object was a domed disk, the dome surmounted by red and white lights, with an orange rim, surrounded by oval white lights and with yellow beams coming from the underside. He then went into the bedroom to wake his wife, and while there heard a kind of buzzing sound. he looked out of the bedroom window and saw a metallic, stiff looking entity, about 1.8m tall,, with glowing red horizontal bars across the upper part of its body, standing 4.5m from the window. he could not remember about its head. This robot appeared to be inspecting the interior of a pre-fab storage centre near the trailer. Shocked, the Lanlois couple went into the living room, where, through the window, they observed three more robots moving in a stiff fashion, who appeared to be examining the shaft and wheel assembly of a mobile home which had not yet been put on its foundations. They continued observing on and off, not knowing what to do, for about 3 hours., during which time they saw 15 robots together in single file the creek. They stood there for about 5 minutes, before moving off all together, as if by remote control. They appeared to float above the ground During this time two freight trains passed. A neighbours dog had slipped out of its collar and hid that night, though it was normally fearless. Three areas of disturbed grass were found , one at the site of where the object had been, the other two on the other side of the creek. They consisted of circles 5.1m diameter, with a ring of flattened grass 60cm diameter on the edge, with a 4.5m diameter area of undisturbed grass at the centre. Close to the shed they found a white substance which turned out to be limestone on analysis. On the morning of the 28th two men dressed in black visited them and tried to interrogate them, but were ordered away. They were later seen driving in the area in a light coloured car, along with two women. 
    • Skylook 84 p10 + APRO Bulletin 23,3 p1 + Lorenzen 1975 p.212 + Ted Bloecher in MUFON Proceedings 1975 p.59 and Ted Phillips in ibid. p.105 all citing investigation by Wido Hoville, Jean Roy, Marc Leduc and Phillipe Blaquiere
    • Musgrave 1979 p.21 + 52 citing Marc Leduc in UFO Quebec 1, p10 (citing own investigation + Macduff 1975 p.197) (different sources give different dates
    • MUFON and Musgrave give June 25th, APRO July 25th and Lorenzen July 23rd: : Bonarchuk 1979 p69 gives June 24

    June 25 1974. 0200hrs.
    As she got up from her bed, Mrs Cosby saw a glow coming from outside the beach house and called her husband. Using binoculars, they observed a dark cylindrical object, displaying three bright white lights on one side and two red lights underneath, which lit up water beneath it. A bright beam played on the house. Mrs Cosby could also see an antenna on the light 9m long object and the silhouette of a humanoid figure inside. The object travelled south, then turned east during the two to three minutes it was in view. 
    • Ted Bloecher in MUFON 1975 Proceedings citing George Fawcett in Saga UFO Report, II,3 p53 + Mary Marzano in Vashon Beachcomer 3 July 1974. + George Fawcett

    June 27 1974. 0300hrs.
    Lucio Quevedo Lazarte, a student from Bolivia was woken up by a sound coming from his living room. On investigating he encountered a man with very short white hair, dressed in a dark outfit and a belt on which there various objects. Lucio feared a burglar but the being promised to give him a great gift and pressed a rhomboid object to Lucio’s face, at which he lost consciousness. When he recovered his senses the entity had departed, so Lucio returned to bed. The next day he awoke paralysed and a doctor diagnosed him as having a “virulent disease”. However by noon he felt better but at 1500hrs. he jumped out of the window, apparently disappearing soon after. At 1600hrs. he was found lying on top of another student, who reported he had seen Lucio with two men who disappeared, leaving the lad on the ground. When Lucio recovered he reported that he had been caught in mid-air by two small beings that grabbed hold of him and took him Mr Taapaca, a volcano, where he met other small beings before being brought back. Triangular marks were found on his fingers and traces were found by the volcano. 
    • Rosales 1970/74 p314 citing Cristian Riffo

    June 27 1974.
    Housewife Alice Tibble was letting the dog out when she observed, hovering above an old oak tree, a blue-white object, at least 15m across, with a band of red light around it. After hovering for 15 minutes the thing took off vertically. 
    • Sifarkis 1979 p42

    June 27 1974. Night.
    Someone (sex not given) near the railway station saw a luminous object land nearby and was then approached by a small being wearing a helmet with a visor, though which its pale face, large eyes and full beard could be seen. The object then went dark and the entity disappeared. 
    • Rosales 1970/74 p324 citing Anganuzzi 1976