1953. 0100hrs

Mica miner Eberto Villafano was out looking for guanacos (a species of llama) when he was awoken by a feeling of malaise and intense heat. Approaching him was a beautiful woman dressed in a light fitting green-elastic mesh garment. Her feet had the shape of serpents’ heads with eyes on the instep. He ignored her gestures asking him to stay and fled. As he did so the woman settled on his skin bed, which was later found scorched.

  • Jane Thomas in FSR 19, 3, p.29 citing Marcello Abally in Cordoba 31 Dec 1972.
Early 1953.
A hiker walking near Warragamba encountered a group of humanoid figures, dressed in space suits,  who seemed be searching the ground with strange metal devices. 

  • Basterfield 1981, citing Rex Gilroy.
January 12 1953. 1300hrs
While driving to his farm home, about 5km out of town, hospital employee Mauricio Ramos Bessa took a short cut off the main road.  When crossing level terrain, planted in hay, he was surprised to see something luminous ahead of him in the distance.  The topography of the area caused him to lose sight of it until 30 minutes later, when it was just 6m away. It was bright, metallic coloured, smaller than a Volkswagen car, flat on the bottom, rounded on top, and manoeuvred 1.3m above the ground.  Mauricio stopped his car 2m away to observe it closer. Suddenly, after a couple of minutes, a door raised up and two people, wearing brilliant lead coloured suits, jumped to the ground. They had a shining ball on the front of their square toed shoes. A third man was seen in the opening, staring out. All were 1.3-1.4m tall. One of them held a cylinder 12-14cm long, 3-4cm wide, which he pushed into the ground then withdrew, leaving a hole, 5cm deep, 3cm diameter. This instrument seemed to change shape in its owner’s hand, becoming shorter and rounder. The two beings walked backwards towards their craft, which dipped down closer to the ground to receive them. During all this time Mauricio began to develop  a fierce headache that became so intense that he was unable to watch the final departure of the machine. When the pain ceased suddenly, no trace of the craft remained.

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March 22 1953. 0200.

In their mountain cabin 11km from Tujunga, Ms SS and her friend Ms JW were asleep, when S was awoken by a sudden silence amongst the animals outside and a strange blue-white light filled the cabin. JW then awoke and went to investigate, but ash went to get her bath robe she was suddenly paralysed. This paralysis ended as suddenly as it had commenced and the light was gone. They noticed that the air was oppressive and that they were finding it difficult to believe. They then realised that it was 0420 and that 2 hours 40 minutes had elapsed without them realising it. Their animals were awake but strangely tranquil. As they fled JW saw a white vaporous face with long hair streaming from the shoulders, near a bush 15m away. There were various alleged psychic sequels. In 1975-9, SS underwent hypnotic regression, during which she recalled them  being abducted by 7-8 thin humanoids into a Saturn shaped craft, where she was given a medical in a high domed room. The couple were taken on board along a beam of light. The beings appeared to communicate through gesture and “mental command”. S was given an alleged cure for cancer (actually an old folk remedy).  During the examination instruments pierced her upper body.

  • Druffel and Rogo 1980, pp. 3, 16 + Ann Druffel and Scott Rogo in Fate April 1980 citing their own investigation.
June 10 1953. 0230hrs
Tool plant inspector Howard Phillips (23), Hilda Walker (33) and Judy Meyers (14) saw, in the garden of 118 East Third Street, a strange shadow on the lawn which was cast by a “flying man”, surrounded by a sort of glow. It was dressed “like a paratrooper” in grey, tight fitting clothes, with a black cape and quarter length boots. It perched on a pecan tree. After the figure had vanished a loud swoosh was heard and a torpedo shaped object flashed past.

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June 20 1953

Titanium miner John Q. Black (48), who worked at nearby Brush Creek, was in the woods when he looked at the junction of Marble and Jordan creeks, where he saw a small person, like a boy fishing. He paid no attention until he got within 12m of the being, who was dipping water in a basket. Nearby was a strange machine. The little figure wore green trousers, a jacket and tie, strange shoes that seemed to fit his feet like gloves and a green cap over his black hair. The being was broad shouldered, appeared strong but had a very pale complexion “like someone who had never been out in the sun much” and walked in a stiff manner as if suffering from cramp.  The bucket that the little man was carrying was shiny, metallic with flared sides. As Black crept closer, he cracked a dry twig, alerting the being who returned quickly to his craft. This resembled two soup bowls stuck together forming a bivalve shape. No rivets or seams were visible on its shiny metallic surface. It was about 2.5m diameter, 1.4m thick at the centre and was resting on a cylinder from which spikes jutted at intervals, up which the occupant climbed, manoeuvring through an opening. As he entered the craft, it rocked, the base was drawn in, and, after hovering for a few seconds, took off at 45 degrees, with a hissing sound, sliding sideways through the trees. A window had been visible in the craft but it did not afford a view of the interior. Black and his partner, John J Van Allan, had seen unusual aerial objects on some five occasions previously and on May 20th Black had seen a saucer shaped machine hovering over a sandbar 45m away, taking off and flying along the creek making a hissing sound.

  • Barker 1960, p.27 citing investigation by Paul Spade.
Summer 1953. 1000hrs

Gabriella D (6) saw an unusual object hovering over the fields. In the centre of this object was a small green window behind which a square face with strange eyes could be seen. The window then disappeared and the object flew away without making a sound.

  • Hobana and Weverbergh 1974, p.151.
July 1 1953 (approximate date). 1100hrs.
An illiterate cowherd boy, Maximo Munoz Hernaiz (14), who was watching his cows in a pasture, saw what looked like a big balloon on the ground behind him, when his attention was attracted to it by a faint whistling sound. It was metallic and shaped like a water jug. Through an opening came three dwarfs, 60cm tall, with yellow, oriental faces and narrow eyes, who were dressed in blue with a sort of flat hat with a visor in front, and a metal sheet on their arms. They spoke in a language that the boy could not understand and smacked him. They then re-entered the machine, which glowed very brightly, made a soft whistling sound and went off like a rocket. Footprints and four holes 5cm deep, forming a perfect square with 36cm sides was found by the police.

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July 7 1953.

Three people saw a red saucer shaped object land by Hw 78 near Mapleton and watched three small animals associated with it. (

  • Bernard Delair citing Blue Book Files.
Late July 1953. 1305hrs.   

G. A. (12) was sat smoking in a quarry, while on school field holiday to an undisclosed location in South East England. It suddenly seemed to go dark and he heard the voices of a rescue party from the school, who informed him that it was now 2000 and he had been missing for seven hours. Despite this his cigarette was still burning. He found that he could not walk and had a feeling of not touching the ground. He had a painful red sore on the back of his neck and his pupils were dilated. He forgot about the incident next day and did not recall it until a UFO experience ten years later. He emigrated to Canada where he had a number of other UFO experiences. As a result of these he underwent hypnotic regression in 1978.

Under this he recalled that while he sat smoking, his attention was caught by a strange light which descended into a nearby clearing. He was terrified by the approach of two strange beings and by the realisation that he was unable to move. A voice in his head told him not to be afraid. He felt himself floating through the air, to a brilliant round object that hurt his eyes to look at. The beings were not much taller than the 1.35m tall schoolboy, with grey white skins, small mouths and prominent eyes. The boy climbed up a cold ladder into the object, while the beings pressed something against the back of his neck, which seemed to relax him. He was then left alone in a room with an undetectable source of illumination. The beings then returned and took him along a sort of corridor, where he was interview by an “older” being who called him “my son”, and he was shown a picture of the earth on a sort of screen. The being who interrogated him was dressed in red. He was then taken down a ramp, and found himself in or beside a dome in which there were other children. He was told to observe a spherical devise in which he saw a picture of his life flashing by. There was a woman among the beings who took his crucifix and showed it to the leader, who said it was wrong to worship. He was then told to look back at the spherical screen. The being in red then touched his shoulder and he fell asleep. When he came to, he was under the tree again. The beings had left, saying they would return.
  • Haisell 1978 p 26 + David Haisell et al in Journal UFO 1, 1, p.2 + 1, 2,  p.5 citing own investigation.
August 21 1953. 1800hrs.
Salvador Villanueva Medina was repairing his taxi when he was approached by two men, 1.2-1.35m tall, wearing coveralls with wide perforated shiny belts, metal collars and small black shiny boxes on their backs and carrying helmets under their arms. Thinking they were pilots of some kind, Salvador invited them into his can. After a conversation with the one sat next to him, Salvador became suspicious. The men told him that they were from a distant world and gave details of life on it. They offered to show Salvador their machine, and next day led him through muddy country, which did not seem to affect their clothing, their belts glowing as if by a strange force, until they reached a contraption shaped like two bowls stuck together, 12m diameter, resting on a tripod of spheres. An opening appeared in the craft through which the beings entered, gesturing to Salvador to follow, but he ran away. The machine, glowing white, rose with a perpendicular motion to some hundreds of metres before accelerating away. There are various contradictions in differing accounts of this story, labelled a definite hoax by some investigators.

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September 4 1953. 2130hrs.

Mrs D saw two objects on the ground near a chapel, one was round, the other elongated. She then saw three men, 1.5m tall, thick set with broad shoulders and dressed in dark suits. Their oversized heads were covered by helmets and they wore boots. They ran silently towards the objects, as if skimming across the ground. One entered the elongated object, which was 5m long, 1.5m wide. It spread wings that made it look like a butterfly. The other two creatures entered the metallic sphere, which was 3m high. Inside transparent parts of the elongated object she could see the heads and shoulders of two or three other beings. This elongated object then assumed a vertical position, standing on a tripod, and both objects took off. Next day the witness found four cylindrical traces at the site; three holes about 10cm diameter where the tripod had stood and one where the sphere had stood. They were perfectly regular and ground inside was like cement.

  • Vallee Case 117 + Alain Gamard both citing Phen. Spax. 15, p.21.
September 12 1953.

Two beings, emitting a golden light and with ragged hands, that were cold like fish,  tried to abduct a girl but failed

  • Vallee case 118, citing Jimmy Guieu. This reference is not to 'Guieu 1956'.
October 9 1953.

Antonio Apadoca (23) was on his ranch some six hours journey time from Guadalajara, repairing a fence with two hired hands, when their attention was caught by a shiny blue circular object slowly descending, with a rocking motion, some 100m away. After the object had landed, two small beings approached with short steps, their hands in the air. The taller of the two beings was 1.2m tall, the second, somewhat shorter, said “we are friends” in Spanish, as he got within4m. These beings wore grey corduroy “aviators’ suits”, closely fitting at the wrists and ankles, and covering their hands and feet. Their large helmets could not conceal their long grey hair or cat like eyes. Apadoca was also struck by the beings belts. He invited the two strangers in for a meal, telling his mother they were friends from town, and an inspection of the farm. Eventually realising that they were from another world, Apadoca was invited on board their craft, where they went on a visit to a “mother ship”. Here the strangers spoke in their own guttural tongue. They then went on to the visitors’ home world. Altogether Apadoca was away for four days. The beings returned again some weeks later and stayed for three days. The other world was reminiscent of Wellsian science fiction.

  • M. Gebe in Awareness, Winter 1976, p.28, citing a letter from Apadoca to Salavdor Villanueva.
November 28 1953

While duck hunting on the banks of the Guapora River, two hours walking distance from the village of Pedras Negras, Pedro Serrate and Francisco de Assis Teixeira saw an unusual aircraft that landed on the river 50m away from Teixeira, 4m from Serrate. The craft was 4m long, 2.5m wide, 2m high, with a glass structure 1m high on top. This craft also had a kind of rudder and two pipes at the rear. In the machine were six people, three on each side (four men, two women). The occupants were of medium height, had red or blond hair, white skin and a reddish colour on their faces. The women had long hair to the shoulders, platted to the side. All were wearing thick clothes of the same blue colour as the craft. When Serrate approached within 3m of the object, it ascended at incredible speed, disappearing within a second.

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December 1953.

Mrs Orfei heard a knock at the door in the middle of the night and obtained no answer when she asked who it was. When more furious knocks were heard, her Alsatian dog jumped towards the door, but suddenly retreated, trembling as if terrified and retired to a corner. Mrs Orfei went up to an upper floor and saw two indescribable shadows go away from the house. A little while later, a big round object took off 100m away, with a blue-green lighting. The police found broken bushes as evidence of an enormous weight.

  • Vallee Case 121, citing Oltre il Cielo, Vol 1.