February 1952. 1630hrs.

C.A.V., an oil company executive was returning to Lima from Pucusana, along a coastal road, when, 10km from the city, he saw shiny disc by the sand dunes at an altitude of 2m. He walked towards it, and as he got within 20m, three beings came out. They looked like mummies, had joined legs, with one large foot, and a “towely, sandy coloured” skin, and were featureless except for “an oblong substance like jell with a sort of bubble in the centre” that was like a single eye. The beings asked the witness where they were, conversing first in English then Spanish. They then had a lengthy discussion with him and took him a trip on their craft, which had a curious lack of structural features. CAV originally dated the event to 1949 but was able later to correct himself.

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May 1952. 1050hrs.PROSPECT HEIGHTS (ILLINOIS  :  USA)Mrs Anne Sohn, a former nurse, was sitting on the foot of her son’s bed, looking out of the window while waiting for some coffee to boil, when her attention was caught by a bright light to her right. She saw that it came from a brightly glowing, round object hovering over the vacant lot next door. She pressed her face to the window and observed most of the object, which was 9-12m diameter, self-luminous and hovering about 30m above the lot for 3-5 minutes. From its front underside emerged a cloud of vapour, which gave the object the appearance of riding on cloud. Along its side was a row of about fifteen square windows and below them a sort of joint connecting the top and bottom portions of the machine. The craft was surmounted by a Plexiglas dome, inside of which were two faint vertical poles. Apart from the dark windows and the pale blue dome, the object gave off a bright white glow.

At the rear were three windows, lit from within by an intense white light. Inside each of these Anne saw an occupant, two were looking at her but the one furthest away was examining a panel of instruments. They wore jumpsuits with hoods that seemed part of the suit. The intense white light made it difficult to make out any features. She tried, unsuccessfully to wake her son, but did not want to call out or leave the room. As she watched, the figure on the left pushed a sort of lever and the vapour increased. It then pulled another lever back with its left hand and the object and vapour changed white-green-orange. The figure in the central window then pressed a lever forward and the whole object, except for the darkened window and the dome, turned a brilliant red-orange, and made a rapid shallow climb to the east, disappearing in a couple of seconds. It seemed to move immediately with no acceleration. It emitted no sound and left no vapour trail. Garlic and weeds in the vacant lot were found dead over a an area 7.5m in diameter, her rose bushes on the side nearest the lot died soon afterwards, the painted trimming on the east side of the house blistered and a row of evergreens died soon afterwards also.

  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON UFO Journal 157, p.9, citing investigation by Robert Runser.
June 1952. Day.

A woman climbing Haytor was three quarters of the way up when she saw a small man dressed in what looked like a brown smock tied at the waist, with brown material on his legs and a flat brown cap on his head. He was about 1.05m tall and elderly looking. He appeared from behind a boulder, his hand shielding his eyes. He then dived out of sight.

  • MacManus 1959 p.45.
June 1952. 2300hrs.

A man heard strange sounds and “weird music”. He then saw an aluminium coloured object with orange and blue glowing spots, some of which were dazzling to the eyes. There were rotating lights on a transparent sphere on its top. The machine stood on four legs, 1.3m high, each with a ball at the end, and a centre spike. The body of the object resembled two saucers stuck together, 2-2.5m thick. Around the machine were four or five men between 1.35-1.5m tall, dancing and singing in high pitched voices. Apparently seeing the witness, the beings reloaded the craft, then advanced towards him with gun like objects in their hands, but stopped, apparently unwilling to cross a creek. They then walked up a ramp or steps into the craft, which rose vertically with a cork screw motion, glowing brighter as it rose. Marks of the legs of the machine and small heelless footprints were found in the ground.
  • Phillips 1975 p.8 case 815, citing Dabro and Ingham, 1974, p.65.
Summer 1952. 0300hrs.

At their summer cottage on the beach near Itanhaem, Mrs Chaskova and her grandson (a young pilot) were awoken by a noise like a thunderclap and a blue white light. The pilot went back to sleep again, but the old lady went out to investigate. Out to sea, she observed a large number of hovering objects resembling inverted soup plates vividly lit by an orange glow. They were more than 200m away at 1m altitude. She observed the spectacle for 30 minutes, during which time she saw two human looking figures emerge from the top of one of the objects and look up into the sky. After a while they went below and shortly afterwards the objects took off, one by one, at tremendous speed.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR14, 1, p.13 citing Simoes 1959 p.375, citing Pilot Chaskova.
July 25 1952. 0300hrs

Carlo Rossi was walking along the footpath of the River Serchio opposite San Pietro when he noticed a strange light on the river. It came from a huge circular object hovering over the ravine, apparently taking in water by means of a long tube. The machine was 25m diameter, with oval openings at a depth of 2m. In the centre a small turret protruded 3m below and 50cm above the disc. This tube was transparent and the size of a room 5m in diameter. Four tubes could be seen attached to a cylinder from which flames shot to another cylinder. The craft had five propellers underneath it, with three more attached to the upper part of the turret. A man looked out and pointed at Rossi. As Rossi fled a green ray passed over his head, giving him an electric shock. As he threw himself down, he saw the sphere ascending at high speed towards San Pietro. On September 15th Rossi encountered a stranger who spoke with a foreign accent, by the river. This stranger interrogated him about the incident, and then offered him a cigarette that gave him nausea. The stranger then seized the cigarette and tore it up. It was claimed that this stranger was a soldier who had been seen in the district.
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August 1952. 2130hrs
Mrs Suzanne E Knight, aged about 19, heard a buzzing sound outside and, looking through her kitchen window, saw hovering above the street lamp a dull silver aircraft fuselage emitting thin white smoke from its rear. On the front was a sort of mast with a small red light. Along the fuselage was a row of large, square, brightly illuminated widows, through which she a row of slanted top cabinets, and to her left, in the front, a helmeted man who looked ahead without moving a muscle The figure was only visible from its upper chest and shoulders. Beneath the fuselage was a sort of gondola with more windows, through which she could see what appeared to be little seats. She tried in vain to call the  newspaper and when she returned the man and gondola had disappeared. Then its interior lights went out, the object began to glow red and rock from side to side. Suzanne left the window again to call relatives, but when she returned the object had gone. It was half a block away at 90m altitude.
  • Ted Bloecher in MUFON Journal 157, p.12 + Richard Heiden both citing Keyhoe and Lore 1969 p.26 citing Ron Adrukitis and letter from Suzanne Knight to NICAP 23 September 1967.
August 6 1952. 2100hrs
American Houses employee. James J Allen saw an object 2m high, 2.5m long, lit by an interior orange light, descend from the north-west, hit his chimney, damaging it, and land in his backyard. As he approached to within 3m. of the object he saw a small being, 75cm high, standing beside it. When Allen asked the being if it was injured, “it went away in a whiff”, then the object moved away with a whistling sound.
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  • Phillips 1975, p.8 (case 676) says footprints were found at the site but this detail is not given in the above source he quotes.
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August 19 1952. 2100hrs.
While driving along a military trail about 8km. west and 10km. south of West Palm Beach, scoutmaster Dunham S Desvergers and three scouts saw lights, like something burning, in the palmetto thicket. Fearing a plane crash, Desvergers went to investigate. As he approached the site he noticed a faint pungent smell, a slight increase in temperature and then, in a clearing, he saw a red glow coming from a dark circular object with a dome on top, 10m above him. He was then paralysed for some minutes, on recovering he backed away, brandishing his machete at the craft. As he did so, he saw shadows move heard a slight noise, then a sort of red fireball drifted towards him, stunning him as it expanded into a most. This scene was witnessed by the three scouts; David Rowan, Bob Ruffing, and Charles Stevens, who ran for help. After some time Desvergers recovered and ran to the road, where the boys and the deputy sheriff found him in a state of extreme terror. The grass was crushed and showed evidence of an unusual kind of heating and Desvergers had light burns on his hands and face and a cap he was carrying was burned.  Sometime later Desvergers claimed that when the fire ball came towards him, he had seen a “hideous” but otherwise undescribed creature. He also told the Blue Book investigators that he had received intimidating phone calls. The Blue Book investigators concluded the story was a hoax but were unable to full explain the traces. 
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August 25 1952. 0530hrs.
William V Squyers, 36, a musician at Station KOAM, Pittsburg Kansas, was driving along Vale Road in a wooded area, about 400m from US160, on his way to an early morning performance, when he encountered a strange object on the right side of the road 225m. away and stopped to observe it. He walked to within 30m of  this object. It looked like two turtle shells glued together, and was 22.5m long, 12m wide, and 4.m thick. It was hovering at an altitude of 3m. In a “control cabin” at the front, the head and shoulders of a humanoid creature were visible. There was a diagonal row of windows , lighted by an intense blue light, through which moving shapes could be seen; a throbbing sound was also noticed. The middle section supported a row of propellers 15cm in diameter.  The craft was oscillating and suddenly it flew straight up, “like a light cord when you release it”, with a strong humming noise. The only possible trace was an 18m circle of broken weeds.
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September 11 1952. 1915hrs.
Three boys out playing saw a “meteor” pass overhead and apparently land on a nearby hill. They ran to the house of Mrs Kathleen May. From there a part of comprising of Mrs May, her two sons Edwards (13) and Theodore (12), a neighbour Gene Lemon (17), and the three original witnesses: Neal Nunley (14), Ronald Shaver (10) and Thomas Hyer (10), went to the site. Theodore Neal joined them along the route. On the hill they observed a globe “as large as an outhouse”, about 6m in diameter, some 12m away, pulsing at regular intervals and visible through a strange hot mist. A few moments later they caught sight of a huge figure, 4m tall, with a red face and glowing eyes visible behind a helmet. When the figure floated towards them on a circular path back to the object, the party fled in panic, Lemon fainting. His dog also fled. A lingering “hot” smell and a circle of depressed grass, 3m diameter, were left.
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September 13 1952. 2000hrs.
Mr and Mrs George Snitowski and their little girl suddenly found their car stalled and an unpleasant smell, like ether mixed with sulphurous smoke, filled the air. George thought a chemical plant might be burning in the area and walked towards a strong light visible in the woods in spite of the nauseous smell. Coming near it he felt prickling throughout his body and had to stop. He lost his balance several times as he returned to the car, where he found his terrified wife pointing to a giant human shaped creature, 3m tall, 10m away. They locked the car as the creature inspected the vehicle, glided away and went into the woods. Soon afterwards they saw a ball of light rising gradually, swinging like a pendulum, and leaving a luminous trail. The previous evening at the same time as the Flatwoods incident, a hitch hiker had reported a “Piper Cub” plane had crashed into a hillside and was burning, Searches were fruitless.
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November 18 1952. Morning.
Farmer Nello Ferrari (41) found himself flooded with reddish light and saw a large plate shaped object, 10m above him.  It was a sort of coppery-gold in colour. At the centre of the 20m diameter bottom surface was a cylinder 5m in diameter that was made of rapidly rotating parts, producing noise like than of an electric motor. On the upper surface was turret in which three “perfectly human” looking occupants were looking directly at Nello. They wore rubber overalls and transparent face masks, and spoke a few incomprehensible words. A loud metallic noise was heard and the top part of the object lowered itself towards the lower plate. The sound gained in intensity and the craft flew off vertically at very high speed.
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