INTCAT 1956.

1956. (approx. date) Early morning.
A farmer and two other people saw an unidentified object land on the property of the farmer, near the La Granja Palace. There was apparently an official investigation, but no details were available by the 1970s. 
  • Ballester 1976 p5 case 21 citing Ignacio Daraunde + Ballester Olmos files)

6 air force personnel had flown 650km into the ice fields to set up a cosmic ray detection devise. They landed about 100m or so from a small hill and began to walk towards it to set up their equipment on its peak when they heard a whistling sound and had to duck as a black disc shaped object, at least 10m in diameter flew very low over them, to disappear over the ice. The men hurriedly returned to their plane and left the area. 
  • Williamson 1959p155 citing a letter from the pilot to his mother in Burbank CA.
  • Evaluation: A classic second or third hand story

1956. 0200hrs.
A teenager, Venables, (13) woke up to see an orange-yellow flashing light in the corner of the ceiling. Getting up, he saw, though the window, no more than 100m away, and a dark from around which multi-coloured lights were rotating and which was surmounted by a large orange-yellow rotating light. Underneath the object further orange lights, rotating in the opposite direction. Through these lights, horizontal oval windows, emitting a bright, yellowish-white, light could be seen in a row. Through these windows he could see several figures in “frogmen’s’ suits”. One of the entities appeared to be holding some sort of instrument. Behind this row of lights there was a much wider circumference of colour, from which blue flames were swirling. This pattern of lights gave the impression of a hemisphere surmounted by a dome. When the youth opened his window for a better look the object shot off into the air. It was soon seen as a silvery pencil of light moving off into the sky. The observation lasted 2-3 minutes. That same night, the lad’s mother had got up, and, from the living room window, had seen a red orb approaching the house. She fetched her husband, but by the time they had returned to the dining room, the orb had disappeared. 
  • Norman Oliver in BUFORA Journal 8,1 p13 citing Andrew Collins
  • Collins 1992a)

1956. 0300hrs.
Four boys had been fishing in an abandoned stone quarry on the North West side of the city. They were awakened by a loud buzzing sound and a blinding white light. A circular object, so dazzling that no details could be observed, was passing overhead. It crossed the quarry and descended among some sycamore trees near a small mill. When the boys got the courage to venture out onto railway tracks beside the quarry, they could see that the object was at about 5m altitude above the convergence of the railway switch tracks, 30m from the mill itself. The boys could feel heat when the light struck them. The object was soundless while it hovered but emitted a tremendous whine and hum as it rose straight up out of sight. A night watchman at the mill also saw the object and the boys, but did not report it for fear of ridicule. The trees at the site were seared, the leaves withered and dying. The boys were questioned by an Indiana University psychiatrist, who opined that they were telling the truth. 
  • Edwards 1967a p35 citing his own investigation

1956. 0300hrs.
Mrs Barbara Logan awoke to see in her dark bedroom a silvery being 15cm tall on her bed rail. Frightened she closed her eyes and when she opened them again the thing had gone. 
  • Johnson 2014 p174

A bright light was seen ascending from a wooded area. When neighbours investigated they found the ground blackened in a circle 17m in diameter, and several small trees broken and pushed out from the circle. 
  • Phillips 1975 p19 case 101 citing his own files

A man was confronted by a 2.7m tall entity with two 4.5m long wings on the underside of which there were multi-coloured lights. The thing appeared to manipulating a control panel on its chest. It had large watery blue eyes and wrinkled leathery skin and emitted a hissing sound as it flew overhead at about 5m altitude. 
  • Gerhart 2013 p42

1956. Afternoon.
Allan Meredith (16) was sat alone in his isolated farm house north east of Gympie, while the rest of the family were in town, when he heard a loud rumble. Going to investigate he saw a disc shaped object descending from the south. It hovered low over the trees, was of a “faded aluminium” colour, and emitted a blue-green light from its underside, a high pitched sound and a smell like burning rubber that made it difficult for Allan to breathe. The thing headed north, and then turned back over the farm again. The cattle were disturbed and some dropped down from the fumes. Other people also reported the object. 
  • Gilroy 1995 p35
  • Evaluation: Officially explained as a weather balloon, but if this is a real event, then a helicopter with engine problems seems much more likely

1956. Night
A woman driving along mountain roads through fog saw a red light ahead of her, as if from an unseen bicycle light. When she reached the first street light this light vanished and no vehicle could be seen. 
  • Saunders 2003 p143
  • Evaluation: Saunders account talks of a village called Aberhowy, but no such place can be found on Google, only an Aberhowy Farm in Llangynidr. He also suggests that this is near Cardigan Bay, which it isn’t. It is probable that this is a fictional tale

Early 1956. 0100hrs.
Two gendarmes, Mr Barboule and Mr Simon, were returning from duty at Cassagnac, pushing their bicycles, when, as they reached a barn, they heard a deafening noise from the direction of Florac. Suddenly, no more than 50m away, a dark mass about 10m in diameter, 1.2m high appeared. Around the underside were what looked like pipes from which red flames appeared, and a strong hot wind pushed the men back. The object landed on some flat ground by the barn, the hot pipes darkening. Then a cupola on its top became illuminated by an opaque, ivory-white light, and around the bottom of the cupola, blinding red, green, yellow and blue beams shot out. From this rim a sort of balloon, the same colour as the cupola, was released. It travelled around the slope of the hill a couple of times. Meanwhile the two men saw the silhouettes of four beings of human size and shape moving about on the ground in front of the machine. After a couple of minutes the “balloon” returned and re-entered the machine, as, apparently, did the men. It then rose vertically with a loud noise, producing a strong wind. During the observation the witnesses felt paralysed, though whether through fear or the beams they could not say. They suffered from muscle cramps afterwards and Barboule’s watch began to lose time. Several residents of the village had heard the noise. 
  • MUFON UFO Journal 144p6 citing J. Tyrode in LDLN 116 p2

January 1956. 0355hrs.
A woman was awakened by a thud and, looking out of her window, saw an egg shaped green light over fields in the direction of Crickheath. The object kept appearing and disappearing, giving off a golden flash each time. 
  • Gibbons 1956 p131

January 15 1956. Early evening.
An object the apparent size of a washtub was seen falling into the sea 50m offshore by large numbers of townspeople. The glow continued for an hour and a half before the object sank. Korean and American military authorities were alerted. Military police Corporal Ben Elliot observed the glow, which resembled burning alcohol or benzene. 
  • Sanderson 1970 p38 citing Samuel Norman in Fate June 1956 p22

January 18 1956. 1950hrs.
A glowing object was observed by a number of people, including a coast guard and police officers, to slowly land on the water 75m offshore. The water began to froth and after a while the thing sank, though a glow remained for perhaps an hour afterwards. 
  • Lorenzen 1969 p69

January 19 1956. 1430hrs.
A group of people driving east along Hw66 near Peach Springs saw a sudden flash of light and realised that it came from an “odd” shaped, bright metallic object, which came down very low, as if to land. It then emitted a cloud of smoke and began to dart about and turn around, just a metre or so from the ground. It rose up into the sky, performed complex manoeuvres and circled the road, before coming low again, and then rising once more, all in silence. The smoke seemed to come from the centre of its underside. 
  • Williamson 1959 p151

January 30 1956. 2130hrs.
A low flying object, 40m in diameter, illuminated the ground and followed four people in a car for 16 minutes 

February 9 1956. 0130hrs.
Three Edison company employees observed a light which descended very slowly and settled gently on the ocean surface somewhere between 25-100m from shore. The thing was described as a ball of fire which floated for an hour and then sank, leaving a circle of light 4.5-6m diameter on the surface. 
  • Barry Greenwood citing Saucers March 1956 p14)
  • Evaluation: Is this another version of the event of January 30

Mid February 1956. 2130hrs.
A 41 year old woman driving along the 186 from Fresne to Choisy was about to cross the bridge over the N7 when she saw a luminous white thing to her right that seemed to be emitting a slight hissing sound. The thing seemed to be hovering 20cm above the ground and appeared to be a flatten sphere with a row of portholes around the centre. The witness stopped for a better look and a 1.3m tall being walking around near the thing. This figure was then joined by seven others apparently looking for things on the ground. Two more were visible in the object. These beings were wearing tight fitting grey-blue one piece suits. They had large heads, prominent black eyes, only holes for noses and slit mouths and unusually long arms. They seemed somehow to lack muscle, so much so that the witness thought she could take one and put it in her car boot. As she was about to do so a light beam flashed from the upper portion of the object, paralysing her. The beings returned to the object, the light faded and she was able to get back to her car, but found herself unable to move again until the thing took off with a hissing sound to treetop level and then moved off at ever increasing speed, turning first orange and then red as it did so. She drove back to her parents in panic. They told her not to speak of the incident. After the incident she felt she had become more intelligent and developed premonitions. 
  • Rosales 1955/59 p71 citing Genevieve Vanquelef in FSR 42,3
  • Evaluation: Story told decades after the alleged event

February 20 1956. 0815hrs
A group of Marines saw a metallic looking object about 10m wide, 5m high, with a dome, around which was a row of windows, through which human like figures could be seen. The thing moved slowly at first and then speeded up as it rose up the 300m hill. It then flew off at high speed in a zigzag fashion. 
  • Rosales 1955/59 p73 citing MUFON CMS
  • Evaluation: Alleged multi-witness case is just one person’s decades old “memories”

March 19 1956.
Three local residents, Mary Reide, Marty Montero and Myrtle Moore observed a bright glowing object descend somewhere near the intersection of Crow Canyon and Cull Canyon Roads. A swishing sound was heard. No traces were found. 
  • Barry Greenwood citing Saucers June 1956. p12

April 1956. (approx date) Night.
Workers at the Ferranti Factory saw what looked like a “shadowy ... female shape” at one end of the transformer department. Up to 35 people saw it over several days. 
  • Green 1977 p29

April 5 1956.
A silvery winged figure was seen flying over a steelworks.
  • Gerhart 2013 p53

April 6 1956. 0500hrs.
On Route One, about 1.5km north of Henderson, just before dawn, an FBI employee and her fiancĂ©, an employee of the National Security Agency saw, for a few seconds, a large circular object passing over their car. It covered the width and the road and made no sound. It was between 60cm-1.2m thick and on it was a sort of zigzag shape of lights. 
  • Vallee Case 381
  • Maccabee 2000 p263 citing FBI files)
  • Note correct date

April 6 1956.
Mr Mitchell and another man saw a silvery balloon shaped object, about 2m diameter, land in a field 100m away, about 8km east of McKinney. They stopped their car to investigate but the thing took off at fantastic speed, 
  • Vallee Case 379 citing Blue Book Files
  • Vallee 1966a p135
  • NICAP Chronology citing FUFOR files

April 7 1956. Morning
Elizabeth Klarer, who had felt a compulsion to return to the family farm the previous day, went up to the hill that featured in thr 27 December 1954 episode where she encountered a large metallic object on the ground. Standing beside the object was a human like being, nearly 2m tall, with long white hair, lined face, grey eyes and high prominent cheekbones, wearing a one piece suit with a nylon like sheen. The being led her into the object, where there was a second, more muscular and darker, man. The door and portholes closed and for a short time she felt fear, but then got the feeling they were friendly. They gave her a tour of their craft, which took off into space, said they knew all about her, had a special lens that penetrated solids. They told her about their own world, gave her food and drink. She later had an affair with this being, lived on his planet for four months and gave birth to a child who lived there. 
  • Hind 1982 p22 ff
  • Trench 1958 p32 citing Edgar Sievers
  • Evaluation: It isn’t altogether clear where the spontaneous imagination ends and the crafted one begins here, only that it is a work of one or the other!

May 1956.
Auctioneer San Hunt encountered a 2m tall humanoid covered in grey hair, which ran across the road in front of his car. A similar creature was by the side of the road. 
  • Hunter and Dahinden 1975 p104

May 1956.
Two men, Otto Collins and Philip Williams, were grabbed by a 2.7m tall hairy humanoid, while working at a ranch near Marshall. The creature carried one man under each arm for a short distance and then dropped them. The thing had large green eyes and emitted a noxious smell. A farmer reported seeing a luminous object land near the area that night. 
  • Newton 2011 p5
  • Keel 1970a p107
  • Moravec 1980 p12)

May 9 1956. 2300hrs.
Jean Frost and Gertie Wynn were waiting for a bus at the corner of Water and Colonial Streets, after leaving a dance in the outskirts of Jacksonville, when they saw two star like points of light pulsating and travelling high at terrific speed. 15 minutes later the lights returned, one light entering the other. They now saw that this was a round dark object descending towards them, until it was at an altitude of 3-4 telephone poles (about 50m), and about 15-25m diameter. It seemed to be surrounded by three pulsating white lights on top, later by a red mist of light. When the bus arrived the object rose again, and another object came out of a rectangular opening in the bottom, which reminded the women of a bomb bay and through which a deeper red light could be seen. The driver and some passengers on the bus saw this performance at high altitude. 
  • Olsen 1966 p 3-44 citing Richard Scocchera in CRIFO Orbit 3,4 p31
  • C W Fitch in APRO Bulletin March 1959 p7 citing his own investigation + Stringfield 1957

Late Spring 1956. Night.
At a time when melted snows had covered much of the area Albert Lenneville and Reubin Shklov observed a brilliantly lit luminous object land on the one mound of dry ground. The thing was 13m in diameter and its interior was so well lit that they could see movement inside. When the object landed all its lights went out. As the two men made their way towards it, the thing took off. 
  • Margaret S Belford in Saucers, Space and Science 62 p7
  • Evaluation: Lenneville claimed numerous UFO experiences, the first in 1937, and carried a “UFO detector” around with him much of the time.

June 1956. 0600hrs.
Mr Roland (21) was cycling to work, when between Corbas and Feyzin Fortress; he saw a very bright landed object resembling a miner’s helmet. He then saw a dwarf, the height of a nine year old child with a big head and wide shoulders; wearing a sort of grey diving suit. The being walked slowly, disappearing behind the object, which took off some seconds later, silently and in a spiral motion. Roland found it difficult to peddle his cycle after the incident. 
  • Alain Gamard citing LDLN 116 p4 + LDLN Contact March 1970 p12 + Garreau and Lavier 1975 p62

June 1956. Night.
J. W. and her friend E. C. were driving along Ridge Route with E. C’s year old son and had stopped to get some sleep when they observed a yellow-white light, like a truck headlight, and heard a high pitched whine. They felt paralysed and the car started rocking from side to side. EC heard a voice in her head saying “We are going to take you away” and had an impression of a tall, dark man watching them through the back window. The paralysis, noise, light and dark figure suddenly vanished. They drove rapidly away. They were later unable to locate the rest stop where this happened. 
  • Druffel and Rogo 1980 pp33,61,78 citing investigation by Ann Druffel and William McCall.

June 1956. 2200hrs.
Two women out driving along a farm road saw a bright approaching form some woods. They stopped for a better look and saw that this light was on large dark rectangle, which descended to ground level on the other side of the road. One side of the thing then lit up by an interior pale green light, in which they could see three beings; one standing at some sort of console, the other two standing behind it. These beings seemed basically human but were shorter than people and had long arms reaching down to their knees. On their heads and exposed portions of their bodies they were covered by dark hair. They wore what looked like pale short sleeved smocks. After a short time the object began to move off, eventually being lost in the distance. 
  • Rosales 1955/59 citing an unspecified issue of CUFOS Newsletter

June 6 1956. 0430hrs.
A cosmetics salesman, Mr Bierman, was driving between Tucaipa and Banning on US 70 when about 5-8km from Banning, the road turned right, behind a small hill. Here, through his right window, Bierman observed an unusual object at 30m altitude, 90m away. The thing first appeared to be cigar shaped, thin and wide, with tapering ends. As it banked left, it appeared discoid, 6m in diameter with a bubble like canopy on top. Nothing could be seen through this canopy and there were no other marks, protuberances etc., of any kind. In fact the object appeared to be perfectly smooth and metallic, shimmering silver when down sun, bluish when up sun. No exhaust, smoke, nor flame was visible nor was there any indication as to mode of propulsion. When Bierman first saw this object he was so frightened that he braked the car. When first seen the object appeared to be hovering, as he braked, it moved, slowly counterclockwise across the highway, banked left, and then re-crossed behind him, eventually returning to the original position. It took about 9 seconds to circle him. The thing then accelerated away to the west-north-west at 20 degrees, disappearing from view in half a second. 
  • Olsen 1966 p3-46 citing Blue Book Files
  • NICAP chronology
  • Vallee Case 383)

June 9 1956. (or following day) Late night/Early hours
A woman was awakened by a noise like an aeroplane going overhead, but then appeared strange. She had a sense of looming presence and then a brilliant light came right through the roof into her room. When she put her hand over eyes to protect them she could see its bones, as if through an X ray. The beam passed through the room in a few seconds and disappeared. After this occurrence her watches no longer kept good time. 
  • Swords 2005 p 168 citing John Timmerman

June 11 1956. 2010hrs.
Dan Martin (qv) had finished listening to a religious radio broadcast and was sat thinking on it, when there was a knock at his back door. Answering he encountered a man and woman, who exuded an indefinable air of otherness. They greeted him as “Mr Martin Dap o Day”, invited him aboard a space ship. They took him, one on each arm, and they rose into the air. They were taken through a sort of tube into 2.5-3m x 3-3.5m room with rounded corners and a screen on which geometrical patterns appeared. They took a sort of lift into another room where there was a woman dressed like a nurse, who escorted him into an office where a man and woman were waiting for him. They were the master and mistress off the ship and delivered a theological message. He was then taken for a meal before being taken to a lecture about the origins of earth and the utopian conditions on Mercury, more theology and other stuff he did not reveal. He was then returned to his home. 
  • Martin nd p3
  • Evaluation: Elaborated dreams or pure invention

June 12 1956. 1900hrs.
Brita Raninger was mediating under an oak tree when she heard a buzzing and saw a thing like 4.5m diameter plate, surmounted by a cupola on the ground in a glade 150-200m away,. The object was about 1.2-1.3m high and a blue-green luminescence. She then saw two Asiatic looking people with long dark hair, dressed in shiny green, tight leathery one piece suits running round this object. One of the beings turned to face Brita, who felt paralysed. About 10-12 minutes later the beings ran into the object, and she could see them smiling in the cupola. The buzzing sound increased and the object took off, circling before it shot off at terrific speed. A sort of acrid phosphorus like odour and circle of burnt grass were found at the site.
  • Rosales 1955/59 p82 citing Olof Svensson

June 14 1956. 1300hrs.
Mrs Marcel Fevre directed the attention of her postman, Rene Andries, to an object that looked as though it was made of aluminium. The thing hovered, motionless, near the ground for a few moments before ascending in a southerly direction, becoming red as it did so. When first seen the object was 200m away and could be seen to be a sphere 40-50cm diameter. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Rene Andries in Le Courrier Interplanetaire 19 p1

June 16 1956. 1910hrs.
Professor Joao de Freitas Guimaraes, a lawyer and professor of Ancient Roman Law at the Catholic Faculty of Laws at Santos city, was walking along the beach while in this town for a case. He sat looking at the sea on this overcast night, when he perceived something that resembled a waterspout. He then saw it was a “pot-bellied” machine moving in the direction of the beach. It was 20m in diameter and resembled two bowls placed together, surmounted by a dome on which there were windows. It threw out a landing line equipped with spheres. From this machine two men about 2m tall, with fair hair and dressed in one piece suits, emerged. Joao was unable to get them to understand a number of languages, but, nevertheless they appeared to communicate with him and invited him aboard their craft. There he sat in a” gorgeous apartment” while the machine went on a 30-40 minute trip through space. The beings appeared to communicate to him details of their propulsion system and warnings about scientific tests. On returning he observed that his non-magnetic watch had stopped. He also claimed that the being had arranged a further meeting on August 12 1957, but this latter event did not materialise. 
  • FSR 7, 5 p18 citing Discos Voadores 4.
  • J Escobar Faria in UFO Critical Bulletin 3, 5 p2
  • Gordon Creighton in Bowen 1966 p36
  • Keel 1971 p202
  • Richard Heiden citing SBEDV Special 1975 case 21 + SBEDV Bulletins 4 p2, 21 p35, 22/3 p4 and 31/5 p2 + UFO Nachrichten 17 and 64 + Joao Martins in O Cruzeiro (International edition) 1 December 1957 + Faria 1960
  • FSR 29, 4 p13 citing SBEDV Bulletin 4

Summer 1956. 0700hrs.
Mrs L (52) of Nogent was walking in the Marsois Forest, near the “La Pierre Alot” dolmen, gathering mushrooms and fodder for her rabbits when she saw two small figures approaching, 80-100m away. She first thought they were children and gave them no further notice until she and they both halted about 10-15m apart. She then saw that they were 1.2m tall, with stocky thick set bodies and short, thin, bandy legs. They were dressed in close fitting, seamless, white, one piece suits with black mittens and half boots and broad belts around their waists. On their heads they wore black helmets that bulged out towards the top; their faces being covered by transparent visors. After a few minutes Mrs L asked them who they were, but they did not reply and continued to watch her with indifferent curiosity. They then turned and moved off into the shrubbery and she carried on gathering her mushrooms. 
  • FSR 27, 5 p22 citing Lionel Danizel et al in LDLN 205 citing their own investigation

Summer 1956. Evening.
A large number of people saw a luminous globe, 2m diameter flying parallel to the railway lines in silence. It was internally luminous but that light did not light up the surroundings. The figure of a being wearing a large helmet, apparently operating some controls, could be seen inside the thing, which flew off into the distance. 
  • Rosales 1955/59 p77 citing Fabio Picasso

Summer 1956. 2030hrs.
Mr Lepretre was returning to Boulogne from his night shift at Wimereux, when, at a place called “La Peterie”, he saw a landed object and humanoids 1-1.2m tall. He was so afraid that he ran away and never went past that spot again. The story was only known through hearsay and was never investigated. 
  • Alain Gamard citing information from Brigitte Damien in LDLN files

Summer 1956. 2200hrs.
Sandy Richman observed an orange sphere descend over a hill at 30m altitude and plunge into a river bottom at speed. A humming sound was audibleSalisbury 1974 p240 citing Joseph Hicks files).

Summer 1956. (or following year) 2230hrs. 
A woman and two other people saw an oval object, with a central row of windows, low above a nearby field. It was larger than two cars. The woman felt compelled to go towards it. 
  • Swords 2005 p 60 citing John Timmerman

Summer 1956. 2300hrs.
A motorcyclist was driving along a lonely rural road when, as he made a right turn, he had a strong eerie feeling and at about the same time notice a large dark object in nearby field. His bike lights then highlighted a 1.8m tall being wearing a silvery-grey tight fitting suit about 1.2m away. The figure was slim and entirely human. The cyclist sped off and but as he looked back he saw the dark object become illuminated with changing colours and it began to emit a humming sound. It now appeared as an oval with a row of portholes through which he could see human like figures moving about. 
  • Rosales 1955/59 p79 citing Robert D Barry in Saga UFO Annual 1975

Summer 1956. 2330hrs.
The traffic lights at an intersection all went red at the same time as a cigar shaped object. with a row of windows from which came a pulsating orange glow, suddenly appeared overhead. One of the cars’ engine failed. The object then took off at high speed. 
  • Swords 2005 p 84 citing John Timmerman

Summer 1956. 2355hrs.
A man riding his donkey on the way home from seeing his girlfriend was stopped by two men wearing blue overalls, who were stood next to a dark square thing. They persuaded him to enter this thing where there were controls and windows. The object took off and transported him to a larger object, where there was another man wearing a kind of crew cut, who seemed unimpressed by the witness, “who was of a very low intelligence level”. The “leader “then addressed the witness, saying that “they” had come for food and soon there would be mass landings, that the “small ones would be coming”. He was made to forget most of what happened and returned to where his donkey was waiting for him. An 11mm circle of damaged plants was found at the site. 
  • Rosales 1955/59 p79 citing Fabio Picasso

July 1956.
A man from Boise was fishing in a rural area when he saw a 2.5m tall being covered in red hair come from out of the bush onto the road. The thing looked female and had a flat face. The thing gave off an unpleasant odour and emitted a “metallic” laugh. 
  • Guttilla 2003 p292 citing John Green

July 1956.
Dick Chenoworth saw a hairy humanoid in the vicinity of Rocks and Federal Hill roads, overlooking Rocks State Park. 
  • Opsasnick 2004 p77 citing Bob Chance files

July 1956. Afternoon.
Shepheard Ernesto Salitonley saw a huge biped covered in dark hair on a ridge. The thing emitted a screaming sound, which caused the sheep to flee. Ernesto shot at the thing with his rifle and the thing ran up the hill and out of sight. 
  • Rosales 1955/59 p82 citing Gustavo Fernandez
  • Evaluation: I cannot find any reference to this place name outside this story

July 1956. 2030hrs.
Mr Seret was cycling from Royancourt to Montdidier, when after about 3km, he saw, coming from the east at low altitude and speed, a yellow-orange circular object, which suddenly descended vertically and apparently without braking, in a field 1.5km away. As Seret stood, stupefied, he could see that the object was disc with a dome on top. Becoming suddenly uneasy, he began to cycle away. Some 300m further on, he looked back but could see nothing. 
  • FSR Case Histories 2 p 14 citing Mt Soula in LDLN April 1968

July 11 1956.
Two workmen and some divers working near the bridge were surprised by the appearance of a red colourless metallic object that emerged from the canal, trailing flames 20m long. The thing appeared and disappeared many times on the water’s surface. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Le Courrier Interplanetaire 19 p1

July 16 1956. 0420hrs.
Todd Kitteredge (23) was awoken by the sound of his dogs barking and saw a golden ball land in his front yard, breaking the trunk of a tree. His dogs ran around the craft, barking. From it emerged three tall men, dressed in ski suits, who had long blond hair and strange penetrating eyes. As Todd looked at the men his former fear vanished and he had the impression he was no longer thinking his own thoughts. One of the beings spoke to him and claimed to be from Venus. The beings left when the dogs went for their spokesman. Neighbours saw nothing but were disturbed by the dogs’ barking. Todd claimed to have seen the sphere at low altitude again on the 19th. On the same day and in the same town, a schoolteacher, who refused to give her name, claimed that while she was out in her rose garden, a sphere landed and three tall men, exactly the same as those encountered by Kitteredge, communicated with her. Later investigators received a series of hysterical phone calls from her, claiming “spacemen” were visiting her and had threatened to abduct her. Again in the same place and on the same day, a telephone linesman, who also would not give his name, claimed a spherical object landed less than 1m from him. Three beings, over 2m tall emerged and claimed to be “spacemen” come to help the earth.
  • Ted Bloecher citing Idabel Epperson in CSI Newsletter 6 p15 + Hollywood Citizen News 20 July 1956.
  • These stories all were first received by a reporter on the Hollywood Citizen News. Mrs Epperson the Civilian Saucer Intelligence investigator felt they were all part of an elaborate hoax.

July 19 1956. 0430hrs.
A farmer, his mother and an aunt observed an object hovering at the same height as his house (10-12m), about 200m away. They had been awoken by a brilliant light shining through the window. The object was spherical, with a band of light just above the centre. The thing moved slowly up and down, its light reflecting in the sand. A feeling of heat could be detected. At 0445hrs. the object rose to about 20m and glided away for 800m and then slowly rose up. 
  • Flying Saucers/Civilian Saucer Intelligence (NZ) 4,2 p10

August 1956. 1400hrs.

On this sunny day about twenty small boys were playing soccer in a large field east of this town when they heard a tremendous noise, like a jet. They looked up to see a bullet shaped object coming from the east in a curved trajectory. It came over them at terrific speed, headed east, suddenly slowed down and stopped 500m to their east at 3m altitude. It was about 2m tall, 4m long and aluminium coloured. At the narrower end there was a transparent window, like that in an aircraft cockpit. Inside they could the head of shoulders of two, apparently naked, beings with a greenish skin. The boy who later reported the incident thought they had things like antennae on their heads. The boys were joined by about ten adults (mainly women) and all 30 gestured to the occupants, who gestured back. When they were about 30m away, and the witnessed gestured for them to land, the object took off to the east at fantastic speed, disappearing within seconds. There were no traces. 
  • Ballester 1976 p5 case 22 citing LDLN 123 and LDLN 124 + Ballester Olmos’s own files

August 1956. Evening.
Armenian medical student Ludmila Vartanyants was resting in her yard when she felt a sudden fear and became paralysed/ She struggled even to open her eyes and whe n she did so she saw two 3m tall beings with multiple eyes, trunk like protrusions and various slits on their faces, which were of a grey-green colour. She shut and reopened her eyes, the giants were still there. They then leaned over her and the next thing she remembered was waking sick and sore in the morning, with a swollen face and aching joints, which gave her insomnia and made her feel rough for weeks. After this incident she started to excel in her studies and had the feeling that knowledge was being transmitted into her brain. 
  • Rosales 1955/59 p85 citing Vagiz Garayev in Otrazheniye 3
  • Evaluation: Aware sleep paralysis and hypnopompic hallucination

August 1956. Night.  
June Rice was returning to her mother’s house from an evening at the cinema, noting the unusual quietness of the night when she was accosted by two men wearing white or silver one piece suits. They had white hair and “lovely” eyes. She next found herself in a circular room where the beings seemed to communicate through telepathy. They placed her in a reclining chair and something was put into her side, causing considerable pain. She saw a nurse and men in RAF uniform in the place. She then found herself back in bed. Next day her mother complained about her coming home late and June began to feel nauseous and found herself pregnant. 
  • Nagaitis and Mantle 1994 p123 citing investigation by Mantle and BUFORA
  • Evaluation: No comment really.

August 1956. 2330hrs.
Orlando Ferraudi (18) was fishing in the Rio de la Plata when he was approached from behind a 2m tall humanoid being with very short blond hair, white skin and honey coloured eyes, and dressed in a yellow/orange one piece suit with a hood on the back. The suit seemed to give off little sparks. The being calmed the youth with a “mental message”, and then produced a small circular object which emitted an intense light. He took the youth by the hand to the river. At that point an object like an inverted saucer, about 70m diameter, surmounted by a dome, came out of the river. From this craft came a metal ramp, via which Orlando entered the machine, where, in a brightly lit room, the light coming from the walls, he encountered an 11 or 12 year old girl who claimed to have been abducted from Villa Mercedes (San Luis). There were also several female occupants with dark hair and yellow eyes. The girl was led to another room and then Orlando was told to undress and put on a tiny suit, which grew to fit him. The craft took them outside the atmosphere and then descended below the Caribbean for a few seconds. On the sea bed was a sort of transparent dome, under which there were several more disc shaped machines. This facility seemed to occupy several hectares. Orlando was then taken to another room in which there were two stretchers and various instruments. Here he was given a thick tasteless drink and some pills that resembled small coloured eggs. He then fell asleep on a pillow with lights. On waking he was given a tour of the ship and had a discussion on various matters. He was then returned to the shore. On the machine was a curious insignia resembling a triangle in a circle, with a vertical wavy line across the bottom of the triangle 
  • Rich Reynolds UFO Iconoclast website citing Jose Antonio Caravaca
  • Rosales citing Humcat additional 375 citing Richard Heiden citing Cuarta Dimension 1987
  • Lilliana Flotta and Eduardo Gross in Inexplica 7 February 2013 citing investigation by Hector Antonio Picco, Jorge Cosso and Eduardo Rando
  • Good 1998 p223 citing Hector Antonio Picco in Cronica 14,15,16 December 1995
  • Evaluation: This story seems to have arisen in the late 1980s and combines classical contactee and abduction motifs

August 1956. Late night.
While driving his truck along Rte 260, William Jones saw a large biped covered in black hair ran across the road in front of him.
  • Opsasnick 2004 p77 citing Ike Creek

August 1 1956. (Approx. date)
Three people from Eureka were returning from the Trinity Mountains via US 299, when, in a heavily wooded area, 3km east Of Blue Lake, they encountered a 1m tall hairy creature sat on the centre of the road. They were too surprised to do anything other than keep on driving. 
  • Lorenzen 1970 p 105

August 4 1956. Night.
Prospectors sat around a fire in a thunderstorm saw a tall hairy biped standing in the rain, uttering loud screams. As the men ran off the mountain they heard a sound like the ringing of bells. 
  • Rosales 1955/59 p91 citing CATENT Argentina

August 8 1956. 2300hrs.
From the terrace of his villa, teacher Roger Pons and his friend Mr Ciderac saw, on the side of a mountain 250m away, a triangular object, base 2-30m, height 80m. The milk white object did not light up the area. After 30 seconds the light went out, to be followed by 3-4 flashes 400m further up the side of the mountain. For some seconds before the event took place the birds in the area had been silent. No traces were found. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Roger Pons in Le Courier Interplanetaire 26 p2

August 12 1956. 2200hrs.
Railway employee Carmelo Perez saw a luminous sphere giving off yellow reflections travelling at low altitude. It stopped 100m away from Perez, who was on his motorcycle, and then paced him for some time before disappearing in the direction of the shore. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Le Courier Interplanetaire 22 p2.

August 13 1957 1700hrs.
Mr Porcher, a photographer at the Manchester Oil Refinery came out of the dark room and saw an object apparently between two roofs at Barton Power Station, The thing appeared to be a red domed disc, resembling a cup on a saucer, about 50m diameter and with bevelled edges. It seemed to be about 80-90m altitude. After 15 seconds the thing shot off. 
  • Trench 1958 p70 citing press sources

August 22 1956. 1150hrs.
Mrs Porta was riding her moped along Rte 115 from Le Boulu to Ceret when she was overtaken by an enormous and absolutely silent motorcycle that appeared to be nickel plated. On it were two men dressed in fawn coloured, satin like, blouses, gloves, closely sealed helmets, dark trousers and tight fitting half-length boots up to the middle of the calf/ She was then overtaken by a second, absolutely silent, identical bike. 500m ahead these machines stopped, blocking the road, forcing her to pass on the extreme left. As she passed the four men turned and stared at her, allowing her to see that their faces were totally hidden by the smoked glass of their helmets. After she had driven 10m past these motorcyclists, she looked back and saw that they and their machines had vanished. When she returned home at 1925 she observed a bright metallic gleam on the slopes of Le Persus. Some motorists also stopped to see it. After a few seconds it disappeared. Her son informed her that green balls had been seen in the sky at Le Boulu at 1730. 
  • FSR 15, 6 p.iii citing Mr Vidal in LDLN 100

August 27 1956 2155hrs.
Mrs P (40) went into her yard to take washing off the line, when she saw a brilliant glowing object hovering 4.5-6m away, at about 1m altitude. It appeared to be quite small, about 1m in diameter. The lower part was discoid, the top was a transparent dome. The thing emitted a blinding bluish light, illuminating the yard and hurting her eyes. After a minute she began to move, whereupon the object rose to 6m and then shot away at high speed. The object emitted a humming sound and appeared to give off a cold draught of air. Neighbours reported nothing, though it was rumoured that someone had seen a glowing object. 
  • James MacDonald in Pegasus 3,1 p8 citing his own investigation
  • Olsen 1966 p 3-48 citing Blue Book Files

Autumn 1956. Night.
At an unspecified location along the Veluwe ridge a woman walking in the woods behind her home heard a high pitched purring sound and on going to investigate saw a light in the woods. When she got closer she saw that it was a luminous sphere 3m diameter on the ground, lit by a hazy blue light. Around were a group of thin beings, with, long thin arms and small rounded heads, covered by headgear which included something looking like a box on their sides. The figures were moving around either digging up or interring stuff from the soil. Another figure came out of the sphere and seemed to give orders to his companions. There was then a flash from behind the sphere. One of the figures ran round the sphere and then collapsed, the other walked briskly as the glow behind the sphere dissipated. She then saw two more figures on their hands and knees by the fallen one. They then carried him up behind the sphere. Another figure then appeared, apparently carrying things, who rushed to within 10m of her and then stopped. She then heard sounds as if something was being covered up on the ground. The figure then returned to the sphere, which then emitted sparks as the buzzing sound grew in intensity, joined by a sound like a strong wind. The object then just vanished. The witness fled. Later some odd remains were found in a crater at the site. These were seen by an investigator in the 1970s but he was not allowed to remove them for analysis. 
  • Rosales 1955/59 p92 citing Hans Van Kampen in Spooklicht 4;20

September 1956. 0800hrs.
A large number of people saw a disc shaped object surmounted by a dome land on a road in the White Sands Proving Ground. The electrical equipment of cars in its vicinity all failed causing a long traffic jam on each side of the highway. The object was on the ground for 10=15 minutes, during which time some people got within 25m of the thing, which took off with a whirring sound. The witnesses were later sworn to secrecy by the CIA. 
  • Dennett 2011 p145
  • Evaluation: Needless to see the “evidence” for this amazing event is just one person’s testimony decades after the alleged event.

September 1956. (Approx. date) 1500hrs.
A deputy sheriff and his sister were among four people hunting in this wilderness area. The lady saw a small being 150m away but assumed it was another hunter. The deputy was sat resting on a log in the clearing when he heard gravel and rock rolling behind him. He turned round to see, 20m away, a small, brightly clad, being, of human appearance, with “fine facial features” and light brown hair slightly protruding from a red and gold cap. He was wearing a gold, long sleeved jacket which was open down the front revealing a tan coloured pullover, green, tight fitting pants and light brown boots. No fastenings of any kind could be seen on his suit. The being, which looked about 35-40 years old, turned around and leapt up the slopes in 6m strides until he cleared the top. The deputy was so shaken he had to take two Bourbons to recover. 
  • Paul Cerny in MUFON UFO Journal 112 p11

September 1956. 2000hrs.SAINT PIERRE DE FUSAC (CREUSE : FRANCE)
Miss Meunier saw a luminous object coming from Marsac. It made three evolutions around the locality before coming to rest just above the ground in the castle yard, some 100m away. After remaining motionless for some minutes it took off, emitting a bluish colour and disappeared in the direction of La Couzille. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing Giraud and Catinat UFO/OVNI p11 citing Jean G Dohmen

September 1956. 2030hrs.
Mr O Guarichi was walking on the beach with his dogs when he saw an object come from the sea and land. Two men, 1.8m tall, wearing metallic looking uniforms emerged. One of them picked up objects on the beach. There was an exchange of gestures with the witness. One of the dogs turned away when Guarichi approached the craft, which was 20m wide, 3m high and showed flashing lights as it left. 
  • Vallee Case 385 citing UFO Nachrichten March 1961

September 1956. 2100hrs.
Charles McGrady (73) was on his brother’s property, when they observed an object shaped like an “upside down dishpan” with “small pegs” on top that circled his yard for an hour at treetop height (about 5m), going under a telephone wire on one occasion, and coming within 6-8mThe thing was 75cm in diameter, 20cm thick and gave off a light grey smoke which killed the leaves on one tree. 
  • C W Fitch in APRO Bulletin March 1963 p 6 + May 1963 p 5 citing Butler Eagle 2 Oct 1956.

September 1956. 2130hrs.
Two people saw a hemispherical object, about 50m diameter, at 30m altitude for three to five minutes. It came overhead. As they drove away, they saw a police patrol car and three other cars pulled up, as if their occupants were watching the object. 
  • Swords 2005 p 61 citing John Timmerman

September 1956. 2200hrs.
Colin Withnall (15) was in a car with his parents and sister when he saw a large white shimmering mirror like object, about 2m in diameter, rise from a field behind a hedge. Ss it approached the car it split into two identical objects which left at high speed. 
  • Flying Saucers (CSI New Zealand) 4, 3 p14

September 1956. 2230hrs.
Riding his small motorcycle back from work, Mr Pollon saw a bright light. He joined some other people who had hidden behind some trees, from where they observed a saucer shaped object 12-13m diameter, some 80cm from the ground. Through portholes, some three or four normal sized people could be seen. On the upper part of the object was a little antenna. From the lower part of the machine flames were coming. 10 minutes later the noise and flame increased and powerful headlight came on. The object took off to the south. 
  • Alain Gamard citing LDLN 137

September 7 1956. 1200hrs.
Mr and Mrs John Hutchinson of Ballyniel Farm were in their farmhouse when they observed an object descending rapidly into a field. Mr Hutchinson went to investigate by a circuitous route to avoid the mud. He found the object standing on the only piece of dry ground, 2m from a stream. It was an elongated pointed sphere, 1.05m major diameter, 60cm minor diameter, red in colour and rubbery in appearance. There was a small knob on top and the bottom was gathered like the neck of a bag. Round the middle were four thinish white stripes, the white of the stripes merging with the red of the surface. Hutchinson kicked the thing over, it promptly righted itself. After a few moments he carefully picked it up; as he did so it began to spin, first anti-clockwise and then clockwise. It felt like canvas outside and rubber inside and weighed rather less than a light cine camera. Hutchinson tried to turn it upside down, but was unable to do so. When he put it down to ford the stream, the object rose up and disappeared into the clouds in a few seconds. It was thins, the continual spin of the object for three minutes and the fact that on this extremely rainy day, its surface was absolutely dry, which suggested to Hutchinson that it could not have been a balloon, as had been suggested by the RAF.
  • Desmond Leslie in FSR 2 5 p2
  • Trench 1958 p81
  • Lorenzen 1969 p74
  • Evaluation: The general description seems indeed to relate to some sort of balloon

September 8 1956. (or following day)
On his ranch, 65km south of Twin Falls, prominent attorney E L Rayburn and his two employees, Joe and Dick Parker, saw a disc shaped object, 60m in diameter, land near a steer. When the thing took off at high speed moments later, the steer had vanished. The local sheriff was informed. 
  • FSR 2, 6 p7 citing Inez Robb in New York World Telegram and Sun 14 Sept 1956
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 16,4 p35)

September 9 1956. 2035hrs.
A spherical object, the apparent size of a softball, was observed by Mr and Mrs R L Bristow and Mrs W MacPherson The thing descended solely to the horizon. Inside were passengers wearing headgear. No further details 
  • Ted Bloecher citing Major Lawrence J Tacker in Newport News Daily Press 9 April 1958
  • Rosales 1955/59 p95 citing Blue Book files
  • Evaluation: Moon?

September 10 1956.
A 22 year old woman was sitting on the beach waiting for the bus back to the town centre when her attention was caught by a brilliant light that descended, making a high pitched sound, to just above the water. The woman fainted and found herself inside a corridor where she encountered human like beings, about 1.75m tall, wearing overalls and translucent helmets. She then saw a man without a helmet, with grey combed back hair, who spoke to her speaking perfect Portugese, This person put her on a table and gave her a medical examination, using some sort of apparatus with a red light. She noticed one of the other bathers lying there unconscious. She was then led into a V shaped control room, with a translucent front section. She lost consciousness again and came to on the beach, waiting for the bus again. Several of the other people she had seen at the beach, including the person she had seen in the examination room, also got on this bus. After the incident her watch would not work. 
  • Gevaerd and Stevens 1987 p128 citing Buhler in SBEDV Bulletin 129/31 citing his own investigation
  • Evaluation: Usual hypnotic “recall”, nearly 20 years after the alleged incident

Mid September 1956. 1500hrs.
Fritz Ruffler, a former German naval man was cutting a hedge (or shearing the grass) in a field near the vicarage when he felt a tingling sensation and looking round saw a silvery translucent thing, like a raindrop, about 1.2-1.5m high, about 60cm diameter hovering just above the ground about 6-10 or 15-20m away. It suddenly took off into the sky, at an angle, disappearing to the east in seconds. Fritz was so shocked that he could hardly walk home 
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a p 196 citing own investigation
  • J C Drawbridge in FSR Case Histories 11 p14)
  • valuation: There are contradictions between accounts, Hanson and Holloway have R cutting a hedge, Drawbridge has him bent down shearing the grass. Drawbridge says the thing was about 20-30 feet (c 6-10m away, Hanson and Holloway 50 to 60 feet away (c 15-20m). Balloon?

September 24 1956. 0800hrs.
Ms Barnes observed a silvery grey bullet shaped object descending towards the ground. It then slowly flew up the front over her drive at 3-3.5m altitude. It appeared to be solid, 5.5-6m long, with a cabin and an attachment at the back, but with no neither wings nor landing gear. 
  • Basterfield 1981 p79 + 1997 p143 citing UFO Research Queensland files

Late 1956. 2050hrs.
In a rural location near here a 12 year old girl was crossing a field on her family’s farm when she heard a humming noise and felt a force on her, which started lifting her off the ground. She lost consciousness and came to in a strange large room where there two men in silver white ski suits. These beings made no attempt to communicate. The girl looked around and saw that the room had no furnishings, though there was a coloured “galaxy display” on one wall. There was an arched doorway leading into a corridor and portholes on one wall. She felt the pressure again, passed out and came to in a field on another part of the farm, to see a huge disc hovering over her, which then took off to the west. Two hours were missing. 
  • Basterfield 1997 p143 citing Bill Chalker in Australian Penthouse November 1989 p37 citing Victoria UFO Research Society investigation

September 25 1956.
An egg shaped object, 20m long across its major axis, landed in a field about 100m from a group of workers. It took off again when some peasants approached. The thing was black with a red circle around it. It took off with a spiralling motion and then left on a horizontal course and disappeared. 
  • Barry Greenwood citing The Flying Saucer October 1956. p7
  • Jacques Bonabot citing le Courrier Interplanetaire 22 p2 citing Franc Tireur 28 Sept 1956.

September 27 1956. 1900hrs. 
A carpenter driving from Chaumont to Brethenay along R N 67 saw a huge luminous flying mass and was scared. 
  • Phillipe Planard in LDLN 205 p21

September 27 1956. 1920hrs.
While driving towards Darmannes along RG65, Pierre C was astonished by the sight of an enormous royal blue disc, surmounted by a dome and with portholes from an intense bluish light like magnesium emerged. Pierre felt as though he were bathing in cooking oil and his hair stood on end. Meanwhile his car’ engine stalled and his headlights went out. 
  • Pierre Plannard in LDLN 205 p21

October 1956.
Gus Montihue and Bill Blaine saw four disc shaped objects hovering near a mine dump in an isolated part of the state. A large cigar shaped object hovered overhead. The smaller objects had four arms that extended to the ground. They made a number of trips to the larger object. The total observation time was 1 hour. Numerous holes were found in the ground where the objects had been. 
  • Phillips 1975 p20 case 114 citing Allen Benz

October 1956. Afternoon.
A man loading equipment into the back of his pickup truck had his attention caught by something in the sky three blocks away. He first thought it was a kite then saw it was a winged humanoid form which came down to within 5m altitude about 8m away, then came down to just above the ground. It then took off again and flew over the witness, who was unable to move during the episode, but regained it once it had gone. The figure was about 2.7-3m tall with large blue horse like eyes on a tan coloured face, then skin of which seemed wrickled and folded. Its wing span was about 4.5m, 60cm wide at the closest and about a metre at the widest. The wings were of polished aluminium with grids in their upper surfaces. Coloured lights moving outwards blue, yellow, orange, red and about 10-12cm in diameter ran along the underside. The wings seemed attached to the creature’s chest by some sort of harness with a breast plate on which were dials that the creature seemed to operate with its white, wing like hands. The thing emitted a hissing sound. The witness suffered from trauma and nightmares as a result of the incident. 
  • Clark 2012 p49 + Bord 1989 p151 both citing Ray Boeche in Journal of the Fortean Research 1 p3 citing own investigation.
  • Evaluation: Reported about 30 years after the event. Possible REM intrusion/microsleep.

October 1956. 2000hrs.
Mrs Pacquet (35) saw a glow in her field about 250m away. A few moments later a disc shaped object took off from the edge of the hill. The thing was orange coloured and gave off a sound like a deflating tyre as it took off. Alarmed by his wife’s cries, Mr Pacquet (39) came out of the farm and saw the light disappearing into the clouds. The object which was observed for about 30 seconds was about 40cm in (apparent?) diameter. 
  • Jacques Bonabot citing GESAG Special Bulletin p20 citing F Lagarde in LDLN June 1970 citing Maurice Melot.

October 1956. 2230hrs.
Frederick Moss and three other people, all in their 60s were driving down the B4567 at Mildenhall when their headlights illuminated a tall thin man wearing a long brown coat standing in the middle of road. The man did not move when Frederick sounded his horn at 50m, and the party was forced to stop. The figure was then “just not there” 

  • Moss 1977 p56.

October 29 1956. Afternoon.
Four adults saw a silvery cigar shaped object that disappeared into Harvey Lake. 
  • Sanderson 1970 p 226 citing Stroundsburg Daily Record 14 Nov 1956.

November 1956. Morning.
John De Herrera and his brother were returning to town from their paper round, along State Highway 160, when their attention was caught by an object on the left of the road. The thing approached them at about 65kph, about 1.5m above the road. The object then turned and rose into the sky, a long flame coming from its rear. It then turned, crossed the highway above the brothers and rapidly disappeared into the distance. (O’Brien 1996 p52 citing Tom Adams)

November 16 1956. Morning.
A bright object, changing colours, about 1m in diameter, was seen hovering at 8m altitude near the Lemmon Depot. It then swooped low over the dockyards and sped away. Suddenly a loud noise like thunder was heard. A telegraph operator, Calvin Goetz, tried to contact the next station but found the railway phones and automatic block system “mysteriously dead”. The telegraopher roused the linesman but he found the lines in order again. Western Union service was also disrupted and the explosion had been heard all the way to Baker, Montana. 
  • Barry Greenwood citing Saucers Winter 1956/7 p15
  • Evaluation: High altitude explosion of asteroid?

November 16 1956. Late night.

A woman and her children (15, 10) saw a disc shaped object that hovered over their front yard. On the ground under it three figures could be seen moving around. 
  • Rosales 1955/59 p98 citing investigation by J R Reiss for NICAP

November 20 1956. 1820hrs.
Four workers including Asbjoern Soerland observed an object, which at times was at such a low altitude as to be visible behind the trees. It was not luminous itself, but sent out red, white and green flash lights. It followed an erratic course, circling up and down. By 1830hrs. the thing had risen higher, and a second object further north and further away was also visible, also flashing in different colours. 
  • FSR 3,1 p9 citing Verdens Gang 24 Nov 1956.
  • Trench 1958 p102
  • Evaluation: Probably astronomical

November 25 1956. 0043hrs.
Patrolman Don Kelm and Jack Peters, dispatcher for the state police radio system, were driving down Highway 34, 37km west of Pierre, searching for a stolen truck, when they encountered an object shaped like “half an egg shell with a round bottom” hovering 15-30m above a ditch. The object, which was the size of an average American car of the period, was illuminating the highway with the deep red light it was giving off. This light turned to light red as the thing rose to 2,000m. The officers then pursued the object for about 9.5km, about 1.5km behind it. Peters took several photographs of the object, which on magnification showed an oval object with protuberances, about 3 times the angular diameter of the moon. 
  • Olsen 1966 p3-50 citing CRIFO Oribt 3, 10 p2 citing an undated issue of Willaston Herald + Minneapolis Star 28 November 1956. (which reproduced the pictures)
  • FSR 3,1 p7
  • Vallee 1966a p135 + Trench 1958 p103 + Wilkins 967b p313 all citing FSR
  • Haines 1999 p281 citing Gross 1994 (ND56) p30 gives time as 0015)

November 25 1956. 2355hrs.
A woman in her summer home saw, on this rainy night, a circular object with small domes on its top and bottom hovered for a short time and then land in a clearing by river. A slit opened in the thing from which a sort of mist emerged. Another opening then appeared from which came a brilliant light that illuminated the surroundings like day. On the top of the thing she saw several brown figures moving about. A quiet hum was audible. After a few moments the thing took off straight up and was lost to sight.
  • +Rosales 955/59 p98 citing Anganuzzi 1976)

November 28 1956.
Shopkeeper John Whitworth had an unusual visitor to his shop, who had asked if he wanted to see a flying saucer. As suggested by this visitor, John drove on the night of the 28th to a lonely lane in this location. Here a circular object resembling a child’s humming top, with lighted portholes and a blue light on top, descended low. When a train came along the craft took off at speed. The only unusual feature about the original visitor was his unusually high forehead. A year later the visitor returned and as a result on 2 December 1957, Whitworth and a convoy of pressmen went to the agreed spot. Nothing happened and when they returned home a mysterious telephone caller reprimanded him for taking along such as crowd with him. 
  • Dennis Llewellyn in FSR 4,3 p24 citing The People 3 May 1958
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a p199 citing UFOlog

November 30 1956. 1200hrs.
Mechanic Charles Mallot (17) was testing his truck on Hw 61 about 5km south of Petersburg when his attention was caught by a loud noise, like thrashing machines, to his rear. A discoid object 5m in diameter, 2m thick was taking off from behind some woods about 1km south west of the highway. At 45m altitude the thing became silent and then took off north-east at great speed.
  • Olsen 1966 p3 -50 citing Frank Edwards in CRIFO Orbit 3,11 p3

December 1956.
John MacDonald of Banochry and his son-in law Raymond Munro were driving their lorry in the hills from Stonehaven to Baonchry, when in their headlights, they saw the figure of a slim woman dressed in something green in the road. They swerved to avoid her and braked 10-15m further along.. As they approached her, the figure just disappeared. 
  • Holder 2010 p80 citing Aberdeen Press and Journal 28 December1958)

December 11 1956. 201hrs.
Workmates Peter Lawson (21) and Alan Owen (17) were motorcycling between Bolton Abbey and Addingham when the sky was lit up by a brilliant green sphere 6m diameter, hovering at 600m. This light was so bright that they switched off their cycle lamps. After about 2 minutes. The object, from which bright green and yellow flames were coming, descended slowly, apparently landing behind a hill. The sky was illuminated for some minutes. Miss Gwen Verity of Grassing independently saw the object land from her house. 
  • FSR 3,1 p8

December 13 1956. 2150hrs.
At an unspecified location off the coast of Venezuela the captain and crew of a Swedish ship saw a conical object fall into the ocean. When it hit there was an explosion and the surrounding water became brilliantly coloured. When the colours faded the sea became very agitated as if boiling. 
  • Feindt 2010 p17 citing APRO Bulletin January 1964 p2

December 15 1956. 1100hrs.

Retired carriage builder Alfred G Herne was picking Christmas onions in a wood near Rt 28, when he glanced up and saw, only 60cm away, a dwarf. This being was 60cm tall, green coloured, had a high domed head, ears like those of a bloodhound, with snake like eyes that had a film over them. It had no nose, just two breathing holes, narrow sloping shoulders with short arms that ended in stumps of hands and short legs ending in apparently toeless feet. It appeared to be naked, its green wrinkled skin resembling an elephant’s hide. Herne observed the dwarf for about 20 minutes, and then attempted to catch it, at which the dwarf made a screeching sound that made Herne flee in terror. (In an earlier account Herne said the being vanished while he (Herne) was bent down to gather a bundle. 
  • Ted Bloecher citing letters from Herne to Walter W Webb 28 September and 4 November 1962

December 17 1956. 2100hrs.
Mrs Marie Carew (68) was out looking for any deer that might have survived the previous days’ hunting, searching around her isolated rural home with her flashlight. A few paces from her home the flashlight illuminated two men standing on her lawn. They were close together, arms by their side, facing her, 45m away. They were standing near two garden stakes, against which their height could be measured. One was 1.05m tall; the other 90cm. Marie had them in the beam of her light for about 3 minutes. She could see that the taller of the two was slender, the other stocky and were dressed alike in close fitting suits made of a shiny, silvery material, resembling aluminium foil, that glistened in the light, along with gloves and shoes.. Through their closely fitting helmets their fair complexioned faces could be seen. They were well proportioned, with goof muscular development. After they had remained stationary for some minutes, Marie panicked and ran inside to get her husband. He was uninterested, and some 15 minutes later she ventured out alone, but the beings were not to be seen. The next morning an area of squashed down grass could be seen, but she felt that might have been caused by cows. Possibly that night, two of her friends at Dingman’s Ferry had seen at 2100hrs. a large luminous object speed in a westerly direction. 
  • Berthold Eric Schwarz in FSR 15,5 p16 citing J. Edson Myer in Pike County Dispatch 17 April 1958.

December 28 1956. Early morning.
Maurice Waddops (22), a former railway fireman went out early to shoot a sparrow hawk with his shotgun. Through the mist he observed a circular object overhead, at about 40m altitude, “six times the size of a penny held at arms length”. Waddops fled to a clearing, loaded and fired his gun. The shot hit against a metallic surface, rebounding and hitting him the chest. The thing hovered above the treetops for 3 to 4 minutes, after which it shot away westwards towards London. 
  • Empire News 6 January 1957

December 31 1956. Night.
Albert Paradise had gone to bed early in his electricity free cottage, listening to his accumulator operated radio. As he listened to violin music on the radio a figure emerged from the fireplace and stood at the bottom of his bed. It was a man with an absolutely white face and long white hair. The figure appeared to be playing an invisible violin in time with the music on the radio. Albert fled the room in panic. 
  • Whittaker 1983 p75
  • Evaluation: Synaesthetic hypnogogic hallucination