1955 (or following year)
Two people out fishing saw an object the apparent diameter of the full moon, with a dark centre and surrounding light. It approached then and then stopped in mid-air, before moving, silently, over the harbour. At this point it was seen to be a triple decker object, with windows, through which movement could be seen. After 10 minutes it left.
  • UFORA Research Newsletter 14, p.2, citing UFOR Queensland, Gympie Branch.

1955 (approx. date) 2030hrs.
A council overseer, Mr R Banks, saw a round object less than 2m in diameter, dull red in colour, resting on a tripod in a paddock 9.5km from Millicent. It rose slowly and disappeared to the north east. The observation lasted for 5 minutes.

  • Hervey, 1969, p.128)

1955 (approx. date) 2125hrs.
A motorist driving from Lyndoch to Williaston, noticed a red glow in the road near the sandy Creek Hotel. He approached to within 4m of the blood red object, 7.5m diameter, 3.5m high, which was blocking the road. It rose up more than 100m, turned on its side and moved away very fast towards Two Wells.

  • Hervey, 1969, p.128.
Twenty workmen on a building lot saw a gigantic circular machine almost 600m in diameter descend to ground level in the lot, and remain for several minutes. The men were asked to remain silent by the air force.

  • Keel 1975b, 145.
  • Evaluation: Appears to be just an unfounded rumour.
Three young men saw a shiny object falling to the ground. After an hour’s search they found jagged pieces of shiny metal and saw a moving figure that resembled a frog from the back and a humanoid from the front. One of the men took a photograph of it before it disintegrated.
  • Basterfield 1981 + 1997, 142, citing Sydney Daily Telegraph 2 August 1955.
  • Evaluation: Probable hoax

A 10 year old girl hypnotised for a nervous disorder reported that she entered a flying saucer and conversed with its alien occupants, and visiting their advanced planet.
  • Basterfield 1997, p.142, citing H. S. W. Chibbert in Bowen, 1969b. p.33, and investigation by Pony Godic and Peter Thomas.

January 3 1955, 0725hrs.
Two people in a car saw a flying object come within 70m of them after their vehicle had stopped.
  • Vallee Case 359, citing Guy Quincy catalogue.
  • Evaluation: There doesn’t t appear to be any Australian source for this story

January 5 1955, 1600hrs.
Feliz Galarraga (23) and Miguel and Martin Arraspio observed from two separate locations (railway yard and the highway) a very bright, metallic, red globe about 2.5m diameter come to the ground. Feliz went towards the thing, but when he was 100m away, it took off.
  • Ballester 1976, case 18, citing La Vanguardia Espania, 7 January 1955.

February 1955   
Under hypnosis for a nervous complaint, 10 year old Janet recounted being on board a craft where there were three men with black hair and coloured overalls sat on couches “for going into gravity” and pulling levers. There was a screen on which there was a silver ball. This was another planet, which had large mountains on it. The craft descend through a hole into a city of glass, with rooms and corridors with people in them. They went down to a lower level where there were men working with buttons on a control desk. They were engaged in the manufacture of space craft and clothes. On a higher level there were women, wearing short dresses, eating grapes and drinking a dark liquid like wine. They spoke to Janet. There was also a school with children.

Using a helmet Janet went outside and saw their sun, the same or rather smaller than ours, a large banana shaped moon and a southern cross. There was snow on the ground but it was warm. The aliens could breathe the air but not Janet. There was also a sort of TV with a picture of earth.
  • Harold Chibett, in Bowen 1969c, p.36, citing Australian Flying Saucer Record 1, 4, citing investigation by Australian Flying Saucer Research Society
  • Evaluation: Hypnotic fantasy.

February 3 1955    
An unidentified object landed. No further detail.
  • Petrowitsch table of Chilean landings

February 15 1955 (approx. date)  
A distinguished professional man was driving home with his family when he observed, stupefied, a strange disc shaped object resting in a pasture adjacent to the road to Hulnes. He drew the attention of his family to this thing. They then got out of the car and tried to approach the object, which rose up vertically, silently and at dizzying speed. At the site they found brush and weeds pressed down. The witness desired to remain anonymous.
  • Richard Heiden, citing Pablo Petrowtisch, citing Pedro Sanzna in La Segunda (Santiago) 17 February 1955.

February 23 1955     
Frederick Briggs, a workman on Lord Mountbatten’s estate at Broadlands was startled by the appearance of an object shaped like a children’s humming top, 6-9m in diameter, made of something like aluminium, and with portholes in the side. As he dismounted from his bicycle, Briggs saw a sort of tube come down from the centre of the object. In this tube there was a platform containing a man wearing a dark suit and a close fitting helmet. Briggs was overcome by some sort of force that pushed him and his bicycle to the ground. The tube then retracted into the craft, which shot up into the sky and disappeared.
  • Clarke and Roberts 2007, p.56.
  • Evaluation: Probable hoax to explain being late for work

March 1955 (approx. date) 1600hrs.
Pedro Corella (41), an architect, was driving towards Montmelo when, between here and La Roca, his car engine began to stall. He got out and lifted the bonnet, then saw, in a field by the River Mogent 250m away, a circular grey metallic object that resembled a gyroscope; a dome surrounded by a ring. On top of this object were two short humanoid beings. A short time later the object, which was near a high tension pole, rose rapidly at 45 degrees, disappearing from sight instantly. A local farmer, name unknown, saw the object at closer range. At the site, scorched grass and marks of a tripod were found.
  • Ballester 1976, case 19, citing Antonio Ribera.

March 2 1955, 2300hrs.
A motorist was paced for 10 minutes by three elongated, balloon shaped objects. There was one on each side, at about 1.5m above the ground, and a third, giving off a white light was at 150m. They were 2.5m long with 8 red lights, and two on each end. The one on the right hand side flashed a cross of red light for 5 minutes. The one on the left turned and dropped behind the car several times. The things circled buildings and then returned to the car,. They followed the car for about 15km at between 40-65kph. When the driver stopped at an all-night gas station, the object(s?) hovered over a field. They were gone by morning.
  • Blue Book Files.
  • Evaluation: The Air Force suggested reflections, another possibility is distant lights (astronomical ?)

March 5 1955 (approx. date)   
An unidentified object landed and left traces. No further details
  • Petrowitsch Table of Chilean landings)

March 24 1955, 2000hrs.
Two Italian immigrants , Angelo and Salvatore Tornabone observed a bright orange object “zigzag” into the sea, trailing smoke and flame as it did so. Almost immediately it rose up again, trailing grey smoke, and moved away northwards at great speed.
  • Gibbons 1956, p.115.
  • Evaluation: Meteor, seen by many that day.

March 30 1955, 0315hrs.
Musician Andy Florio was driving on Hw 80 between Tucson and El Paso when he encountered a bronze coloured discoid machine 30m diameter, 7.5m thick with circular openings around its rim, from which amber coloured lights protruded. From its roof came blue-green lights and it made a sound like a modulated electrical hum. It manoeuvred and then tipped on its side, projecting a brilliant beam of white light, burning Andy’s arm and blistering the paint on his car. The radio stopped and his lights and motor lost power as he felt a tingling sensation. The battery was found to be drained of half of its acid and the radio was burned out. Andy suffered from nausea for some time afterwards.
  • Phillips 1975, p.18, case 790, citing Modern People 27 October 1974 + CUFOS.
  • Rodeghier 1981, 6, citing CUFOS.

April 1955, 1930hrs.
While driving between Fort Rosebery and Ndola, Mr D. G. L. Clarke and his son Peter, saw a star like point of light in the sky. This came within 500m, at which it appeared as an oval luminous object. The thing buzzed their car twice, before descending behind trees on the other side of a river. The terrified witnesses drove away at high speed.
  • FSR 1, 2, citing an undated issue of Ndola Northern News.

April 1955 (approx. date) Night .
A truck driver returning to Palma saw a luminous object about the size of a telephone kiosk about 250m, as he stood outside his truck. Suddenly it took off with an explosive sound and disappeared at incredible speed.
  • Jessup 1956, 135, citing New York Herald-Tribune, 5 April 1955.

April 22 1955, 0745hrs.
Mr Moyle driving glanced to his right and was surprised by a 3m diameter silvery sphere, surrounded by a flange which gave it on overall diameter of 9m. It crossed the road about 100m behind him. It then turned and moved roughly parallel to the road and he followed it for about 20-30km before it climbed rapidly into the sky. There were no portholes or markings visible.
  • Basterfield 1997, p.142, citing Australian Saucer Record 1, 2, p88 citing UFO Research South Australia.

May 1955. 0015hrs.
Returning very late to the girls’ college where he was residing, Mr Droguet was blinded by a blue-green beam of light as he entered the courtyard. It came from a huge object hovering at 1.5m. Suddenly he became aware that there were two beings, 1.5m tall, beside the machine. They wore metallic one piece grey overalls, which made them resembled the “Michelin tyre men” as in the advert. Their heads were encased in bulky helmets, their hands covered by gloves, and on their abdomens they each had a black box with many leads coming from it. One of the beings was picking up something from the ground; the other was looking around the area. After about 25 minutes the beings walked back towards the machine with difficulty, like divers, and entered it by a small staircase and a dark opening in its underpart. The machine rose to treetop height, as it did so Droguet experienced a feeling of suction. Then its lights went out. Droguet was nervous for some days afterwards.
  • Flying Saucer Review Case Histories, 1, p.13b, citing J Cresson in LDLN 106.

May 25 1955, 0330hrs.
Robert Hunnicutt, a chef, was driving north on the Madeira-Loveland turnpike, near Hopewell Road, when, as he went over a rise, he saw what looked like three men praying. As he stopped by them, he saw they were three humanoids about 1m tall. They were grey all over, with a large bulge on their right side from armpit to waist. They were arranged in a triangular position; the lead figure holding its arms above its head, as if holding some kind of rod. Sparks flew from one hand to another, apparently across the rod. As Robert got out of his car, the beings turned slightly and faced him. It was then that he realised their extraordinary appearance, and noted the following additional details: a large straight mouth, without lip muscles, crossed nearly the whole of their lower faces, giving them a frog like appearance; the top of their heads was bald, with rolls of fat running across the top; their right arms were longer than their left.

They were 6m away and Robert began moving towards them, when they moved slightly forward with a “peculiar” and “graceful” movement. He got the impression that he should approach no closer. As he drove off to get additional witnesses he noticed an odour of “fresh cut alfalfa” with a touch of almonds. It was then that he became afraid and drove to the police department.
  • Ted Bloecher in Davis and Bloecher 1978, p.138, citing investigations by himself, Leonard Stringfield and Frank Whitecotton and Police Chief Fritz
  • Skylook 84, citing investigation by Ted Bloecher.
  • Coral Lorenzen in Bowen 1966, p.54, citing Stringfield et al.
  • Stringfield 1957, p.66.
  • Stringfield 1978b, p.104.

May 29 1955 (approx. date) 1920hrs.
Thomas Robinson and his elderly parents saw from their veranda a light growing in size for two minutes. It was flying between them and Mt Williams, and looked like a light aeroplane on fire. It changed course, losing altitude and trailing flames. It descended behind trees, lighting up the whole area, rose again, and began to feel its way along the crooked edge of the cane field and the swamp towards their house. It descended again four times, once within 100m of the family; the lighting waking the dogs, which began to bark. It finally moved away north-west. No traces were found.
  • Vallee Case 363, citing UFO Bulletin March 1958
  • Hervey 1969, p.99.

May 31 1955, 1100hrs.
Farmer, Jean Batiste Collange (74) was watching his cows in a meadow on this clear calm morning, when he suddenly observed in an easterly direction, a vertical circular object about 3m away, its bottom about 30cm above the ground. It was about 1-1.2m in diameter, was very luminous, white but not blinding. Many white, yellow and blue filaments were radiating from the disc, their length varying from 50cm to 2m and were in movement around its rim, those on the lower edge touching the grass and causing it to flutter. Collange tried to touch the thing, but it rose over a hedge and was lost to sight behind some woods.
  • Vallee Case 364 citing Ouranous 14, 15 + 22.
  • Charles Bowen in FSR 12, 5, p.17, citing Carrouges 1963, p.242.
  • Guieu 1956b, p.224 citing Radio Europe 14 June 1955, an undated issue of Presse de Clemond Ferrand.

June 1955, 0100hrs.
A sailor, Juan Agulla Riveiro was working on the deck of his ship when he suddenly saw a dwarfish being resembling a gorilla, with herculean chest and arms, very small legs, and apparently wearing plastic overalls and a hood, and was holding an object in its hands. Juan was paralysed by a green –blue Light and did not know how long this lasted.
Ballester 1976, case 20, citing Diez Minutes June 1955.

June 17 1955, 2215hrs.
Mrs Johnson was sat in a neighbour’s yard looking south, when she noticed a glare in the trees towards the southwest. As she was taking this in, an object passed in the west, going from south to north at treetop height and terrific speed. The cigar shaped thing glowed and shot out sparks and was two or three times the apparent diameter of the moon. A large number of jet aircraft took off shortly after this.
  • Jessup 1956, 292, citing letter from the witness’ husband, 6 September 1955.
  • Evaluation: Probably a meteor

June 17 1955, 2315hrs.
Mrs B Sweet and another witness ducked as a luminous object flew very low over the Francis Spencer farm.
  • J B Delair citing Contact UK Press Archives, citing North East Breeze 30 June 1955.
  • Evaluation: Assuming a one hour time difference between Illinois and Pennsylvania, this looks like the same meteor, another example of how people can assume a meteor at high altitude is something much lower and closer.

June 29 1955, 2215  hrs.
Two employees of the General Electric Company, Chuck Rihl and Dick Buskirk had just finished fishing in the Circleville waterworks and were walking back to their car across a clearing, when they saw a brilliant blue light motionless at treetop height, to the right of the waterworks. It was about 400m away. As they approached it dimmed steadily and rapidly. They hurried to the spot, where they saw nothing but heard a rustling sound like a flock of birds in the trees at which they fled.
  • Jessup 1945-6, p222, citing Circleville Herald 6 July 1955.

Summer 1955. Early morning   .
The night staff at the Handley Page aerodrome saw a luminous object ascend vertically from the runway. At about the same time in St Albans 1.2km away, Gary Cramp (13) was awakened by a very bright crescent shaped object rocking, trailing dust and apparently landing. At the site where the thing had apparently landed a large area of burnt bracken was found.
  • Cramp 1966 p.262.
  • Evaluation: The Radlett part of the story appears to be no more than a rumour.

Summer 1955 (approx. year). 1500hrs.
A group of about half a dozen children playing were startled by two beings 90cm tall, about 25-30m away. They were wearing shiny diving suits with enormous helmets c. 50cm wide, with a flat, circular, reflective visor. Near the dwarfs stood a box of similar material, into which they were placing stones taken from a nearby wall. The beings were moving very slowly, “like a slow motion film”. After a couple of minutes the boys fled in panic.
  • MUFON UFO Journal 130, p.16, citing J. L. Rivera in LDLN 98, citing letter from one of the boys to R. Eraud.

July 1955 (approx. month)   
An occupant report. No further details.
  • Ted Bloecher.

July 1955, 0600hrs.
A lumberjack and two brothers, who were timber merchants when they saw a cigar-shaped object crash into the forest, followed by a huge flash and an implosion. Thinking it was a plane crash they went to investigate but found nothing but shattered timber. Walking back they encountered a dwarf lying on the ground, apparently wounded. When one of the men went to tend to it, he got an electric shock. The dwarf was between 1.15-1.2 m tall with yellow skin, white hair and deep set black eyes, which had no whites. It was broad shouldered and dressed in a reddish metallic suit with silvery best, which had a large blue luminous buckle. The being was surrounded by a luminous halo.

The creature spoke to them in perfect Swedish telling them that it had suffered irreparable internal injuries, and was just sustained by the suit. It produced, from an invisible pocket, a sort of gadget one which it pressed some buttons, saying that this would till its comrades not to look for it. It also produced a bag to dispose of its body, before mumbling something in Swedish and its own language, as it did so its glow and the light on the blue buckle gradually faded. When it was dead they put the body in the bag, which smelt of sulphur and became hot to touch. They threw it in the river, at which there was some bubbling and then nothing.
  • Magic Saucer 21, May/June 1982, p.11, citing Viewpoint Aquarius 115, June 1982.
  • Patrick Gross and Alberto Rosales both citing John La Fontaine in UFO Universe August/September 1991, citing Free UFO Study, Sweden.
  • Evaluation: The story was allegedly told at a UFO lecture at the Charlottenborg Art Centre in Copenhagen Denmark, where the main witness, the lumberjack saw a “photograph” of a similar alien. I cannot find any reference in Google to a Vestra in Norrland, though there is one in Uppsala. Maybe the whole thing started as some kind of performance art?)

July 1955. Evening
An 18 year old civil defence worker, Carlos F was driving a civil defence truck over the Little Miami Area Bridge when he noticed four small figures on the river bank beneath the bridge, and an unpleasant smell that hung around the area. The beings were human like in appearance, about 1m tall and moved in an “odd” manor. Carlos observed this for only about 10 seconds before driving to police headquarters. He refused to co-operate with UFO investigators.
  • Ted Bloecher in Bloecher and Davis 1978, p.129, citing own investigation.   

July 1955. Night.
A lady was awoken by the barking of her neighbours’ ’dog and from her porch she saw a little man, 1m tall and apparently entirely covered with what looked like trees or foliage, about 3m away. This being disappeared when she turned on the light, returned when she turned it off, this happened several times. The dog’s owners, Mrs Emily Magone and her husband were also awakened by the barking. They saw nothing through the window, but smelt a powerful and unpleasant odour like that of a swamp.
  • Ted Bloecher in Bloecher and Davis 1978, p.127 citing Frank Whitecotton who had the story from Emily Magone. Investigators were never able to speak to the main witness.

JULY 3 1955, 0330hrs.
Mrs Margaret Symonds (52) was driving near Stockton at about 95kph on this moonlit morning, her husband Wesley, asleep in the back of the car, when her headlights caught out four objects on the road. At first she thought they were animals, then realised that they were 1-1.2m tall dwarfs, and slowed to 65kph. The beings wore what looked like grey capes. She drove close to one of them, who stepped out of her way. It had disproportionally long arms and large head, the size of a normal man’s despite its short stature, which was round and covered by a slouch hat. It had large, round, pupilless eyes that reflected the red light, a long pointed nose, a small lipless mouth, dark coarse skin, claw like hands and short legs. It was standing with its arms upraised above its head. One of the other creatures, to its right was holding a crutch-like stick. Margaret screamed and drove off, the entire incident lasting only 15-30 seconds. She was struck by their lack of reaction to the car.
  • Ted Bloecher in Davis and Bloecher 1978, p.149 citing investigation by Leonard Stringfield and deposition from the witness.

July 11 1955.
While in the Santa Catalina Channel, 14.5km off Newport Beach a water boat owner saw a grey-white saucer shaped object, spinning on its axis, and with vapour coming from each side, descend near him. It hovered for a few minutes and then ascended into the clouds.
  • FSR 1, 4, p.29.

July 17 1955.
Mrs Margaret Fry was being driven by her doctor, Dr Thukarta to collect some medication for her son, when as they turned into Chessington Avenue the light was obscured by a dark shadow and the car engine began to misfire. They encountered a light grey elliptical mass about 8m long, some 6m above their heads. There was a row of portholes around the base of a dome, and on the underside were three objects resembling ball bearings. These retracted as the object began to spin and rose up, as a group of children arrived. It rose up 30m, stopped and an opening appeared in it. It then rose up again at speed, with a swishing sound, rocking backwards and forwards and moving away. A 15 year old youth also saw the object and a group of 60 people around it. He observed it giving off powerful flashes of light that hurt his eyes. Some months later he noticed unusual marks on his body. A policeman visited the site later and saw a group of children talking to a man with a clip board.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a, p.168, citing their own investigation.
  • Evaluation: How odd that this extraordinary event produced no contemporaneous documentation! The primary witness is a well know ufologist and the description is clearly based on the faked photographs of George Adamski. Other witnesses came forward decades later in response to a newspaper appeal and are clearly influenced by the primary report. These include an anonymous letter. A version of this story appears in Rodeghier 1981, p.6 incorrectly referencing FSR July 1976, but gives the object’s altitude as 30-50m.

July 17 1955.
A young man walking his dog on Meopham Green when he saw a huge grey cigar shaped object, with a line of portholes with “frosted glass” along the side hovering about 30m above him. Through the portholes he could see figures gazing down on him.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a, p.174, citing Margaret Fry.
  • Evaluation: Only known second hand, the witness was allegedly in an accident in the Rocky Mountains which left him in a coma, and that his fiancĂ©e died in Australia.

July 18 1955, 0300hrs.
Mr Maupin and five other people on the airfield were blinded by a light from a disc shaped object 150m away. It left orange glows in its trail. It flew silently and slowly and then hovered near the Metro station, close to the ground, but it did not actually land. It then left towards the north-west. A woodsman from Maruel-Caubert, Mr Rollow saw the object 30 minutes earlier, coming from the direction of Amiens.
  • Vallee Case 366.

July 20 1955, 2300hrs.
A strangely manoeuvring bluish-green light was seen by farmer A L Stewart and his wife from their farm porch. The light was bobbing up and down on the ground, and followed a small ditch for two or three minutes. It then rose up again, moving eastwards with a sliding motion.
  • J B Delair, citing Sterling Gazette 21 July 1955.

Late July 1955. Circa 2000hrs.
Two families picnicking on the Lake Erie shore, when a silvery object 30m in diameter rose out of the water in a pendulum motion and approached them. The witnesses ran back to their cars, but these would not start. As the craft came within 10m, they saw inside it, four beings with white heads, wearing dark robes. The object then went back across the lake and took off vertically.
  • Rodeghier 1981, p.6 citing CUFOS.

July 22 1955.
Several people observed a long silvery object emerge from the water.
  • Sanderson 1970, p.38, citing UFO Investigator IV, 5.

August 1955 (approx. date)  
A brilliant object briefly landed. No further detail.
  • J. B. Delair citing CRIFO Orbit 2, 6, p.3 + Clips and Quotes E6 1955 p.3.

August 1955.
Joannies Balayamis a hotel manager, along with truck driver Nikolaes Kakomas were driving along a country road near here, when a luminous object flew over their truck, as it did so the truck engine failed and the men felt faint.
  • FSR 1, 4, p.31.

August 1955.
When UFO enthusiast James F Reddy was pursuing unidentified objects around country roads a huge creature vaulted over his car. No further details
  • Ted Bloecher.

August 1955, 0600hrs.
Lionel Ferriday was walking along a mountain trail near Maesteg on a morning with low mist but otherwise clear when he observed a small light in the westerly sky. In a matter of seconds it descended to within 6m of the ground, 12m away. It was a silvery object, with multi-coloured patches, about the size of a small van. It had about 12 vertical panels around its centre, which were moving left to right, and was surmounted by a dome. He stood watching the thing for about 30 minutes, after which it took off with a whooshing sound.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a, p.181, citing own investigation.

August 1955. 2200hrs.
On a very dark night Mrs Dejean noticed two egg-shaped objects with multi-coloured lights on the ground in a field, and near them two little bald men, 90cm tall. When Mr Dejean saw this he got out his gun and went to warn the neighbours. However his dog barked and the objects took off at high speed, so that the neighbours only saw two large red “stars” in the sky. Traces 2-3m in diameter were found.
  • Alain Gamard, citing LDLN 158 p.14.

August 1 1955. Daytime.
State Forestry employee Joseph Waley (20) was cutting grass and bushes with a scythe on the Bronwood-Smithville Highway, when he heard a strange noise in a thicket. Going to investigate, he encountered a creature at least 1.8m tall, covered in ”grey shaggy hair” and grunting like a wild pig. It had teeth like tusks and pointed ears, with heavy arms, none to large hands. The creature approached Waley, who struck out at it with his scythe, but without effect, so ran back to his jeep. He tried to radio in, but his set would not work. Before he could drive away, the creature attacked him, ripping his shirt and scratching his arm and shoulder. He jumped out of the jeep and circled around, the creature following in a lumbering slow motion manner. Getting back to his vehicle he had made enough headway to escape.
  • Ted Bloecher in Davis and Bloecher 1978, p.170, citing Americus Times-Recorder 3 August 1955, pp.1, 6 + Newark Star Ledger 4 August 1955, p.1 citing UPI + Atlanta Constitution 4 August 1955 p.6 + 5 Aug 1955 p.37 + 6 Aug 1955, p.1.    

August 1, 1955. Night.
Two tourists in a car saw a lighted disc 12m in diameter dive towards them and hover 30m above the road. It then flew around the car and departed silently. The witnesses went straight to the Arles police.
  • Vallee Case 367, citing Franc-Tireur 3 August 1955.

August 1 1955, 2045hrs.
Arriving home on this dark and cloudy evening, radio and TV store operator, W E Sheneman, noticed a red light 250-300m away. This light was on a dark shape. As the object descended, suddenly illuminating the ground with two brilliant lights, Shannon ran back to his house, believing that a large plane was going to crash. There is wife and children were waiting in terror. By now the thing was hovering at 15-30m altitude, with one red and one green light, both large, shining. When these went off the family could see they were on a domed object 25-30m diameter, which was circular with a tapering rear. The dome was long and flat and was illuminated by tiny lights. The thing gave off a noise like that of an electric fan. It flashed across to the nearby woods, where it hovered for 5 minutes, before moving away slowly.
  • Olsen 1966 p.3-40 citing Blue Book Files.
  • Hall 1964, p.114.
  • Keyhoe 1960, p.237.
  • Vallee Case 368.
  • Davis and Bloecher 1978, p.180 citing investigations by Thomas Comella and Allen Roush and by Master Sergeant Oliver D. Hill.

August 5 1955, 1430hrs.
Messes Ceisin and Mahieu saw five brown disc shaped objects coming up and down and up again at great speed. One of them flew under the others and then two discs appeared to land 300m away, near the German cemetery. The others flew away towards the south at tremendous speed.
  • Vallee Case 369.

August 6 1955, 0100hrs.
In the northern part of town, a man was wakened by his dog barking outside, and on investigating observed a dazzling white oval object 4.5m diameter, resting on the ground at the end of his driveway 27m away. He observed it for about 5 seconds, its pulsations irritating his eyes. Suddenly the thing took off and streaked away towards the Fernald atomic energy plant in the north-west. The next day his eyes were so sore that he had to see a doctor.
  • Stringfield 1978b, p.136, citing his own investigation.

August 16 1955, 0400hrs.
Lorry driver Ernest Suddards (35) and his 13 year old son, Ray, were driving the lorry down Roundhill Street, when, in their headlights, they saw a being like a small human, 1.2m tall, dressed in skin tight black clothing and appeared to have its arms down by its side and feet together. It progressed in jerky movements, seemed to be dazzled by the lorry headlights and had on its chest a circular silver disk, perforated with holes, situated just below its throat. The being moved forward a few yards, and then turned abruptly right down a passage below the Suddarts' home. The witnesses were very shaken and unable to move in the cab for some time. Investigations by police were fruitless.

Suddarts later met, in a pub, warehouseman Joseph Woods, who said that at 2330 on 19 August, he had seen in a field about 800m from Roundhill Street in Bradford, a bright, chromium plated bullet shaped object that stood upright behind a small hillock, reflecting the light of a nearby street lamp. The object was about 3.5m tall, 1.2-1.5m diameter, though the base not visible. This object was emitting a high pitched buzz “like a radio out of order”, that made Wood field cold and hurry away. Returning past the spot at midnight he saw the object was still there, and a horse that approached it shied away.
  • Jack Ibson in Flying Saucer News 10, p.4 citing his own investigation.
  • Constance 1956, p.242.
  • Hanson and Holloway 2010a, p.179, citing their discussions with Ray Suddarts + above.

August 17 or 21 1955.
A man rang Leonard Stringfield to report the landing of a brilliant object in his backyard. Another voice broke in on this conversation to say that something was coming out of its underside. The caller promised to call back but never did.
  • Stringfield 1978b p.137.
  • Davis and Bloecher 1978 p.182 citing CRIFO Orbit 2 September 1955.

August 20 1955, 2245hrs.
Night-watchman Adolf Engstrom and his employer H J Parsons of Parsons Airways were at the sea plane dock when they observed an object descending rapidly from low cloud in the west to about 12m above the water, some 60-70m away. It resembled two saucers rim to rim, was about 1.5m diameter and 25cm thick, with a sort of hole at the centre. It appeared to recede rapidly into the distance after about 4minutes.
  • Brian Cannon in Canadian UFO Report 2, 1, p.3.

August 21 1955, 1900hrs.
Billy Ray Taylor (21), a lodger at the Sutton farm, went out to the well in the back yard, from where he observed a silvery object with a multi-coloured exhaust come silently from the south west at about 10m altitude, and then drop into a gully. He informed members of the family of the incident but was laughed at. At about 2000 the dogs began barking and Taylor went outside, with the head of the family, Elmer Sutton (25). The dog fled under the house and the two men saw a sort of glow approaching the house. Outlined in this glow was a dwarf about 1m tall, with an oversized round head, arms that seemed to stretch to the ground and huge eyes that gave off a yellow glow. The creature seemed to be made of luminous, silvery metal. It walked towards them with its hands above its head. The men grabbed their guns and when the creature got within 6m they fired, at which it summersaulted backwards, scrambled upright and hurried off into the darkness. The men then rushed back into the house. The occupants of the house were Elmer’s wife Vera (29), his widowed mother Glennie Lankford, the farm operator John G Sutton (21), his wife Alene (27) and brother in law O. P. Baker (35), and Mrs Lankford’s children by her second marriage, Lonnie (12), Charlton (10) and Mary (7) Lankford, and Taylor’s wife June (18).

Inside the party saw the creature at a window and fired at it through a screen, and as Taylor ran out to see what was happening, a claw like hand grabbed his hair. Alene dragged him back into the house and Elmer came out and shot the creature off the overhand, and another, on a tree branch, which floated to the ground after it had been shot. Another creature then appeared around the northwest corner of the house. These creatures move very rapidly. When they were fired at directly, the bullets made a metallic sound when they hit them. Their large eyes had neither lids nor pupils. They had large floppy, triangular ears with a wrinkled leathery skin. When approaching they came slowly, with arms raised, but retreated on all fours, their arms seeming to provide the main propulsion. Their legs appeared inflexible. On one occasion a creature was shot from the roof and floated to a fence 12m away. They kept returning despite being shot at repeatedly and at 2300 the whole party climbed into two cars and rove into Hopkinsville. There were investigations by police and state troopers. One officer at the Shady Oakes Restaurant, 3-5km out of Hopkinsville saw several “meteors” pass overhead on a slightly descending path, making a whining noise. Investigations that night failed to find any trace of the creatures, but after the police left Glennie saw a creature by the window frame and Elmer again shot at it. No traces were found.
  • Isabel Davis in Davis and Bloecher 1978, p.1 citing investigation by herself and Andrew Ledwith.

August 25 1955.
Four teenagers in a car reported they saw a creature with a luminous body standing near a fire plug. The story was believed to be a hoax.
  • Vallee Case 374 citing Stringfield 1957, p.64.
  • J. B. Delair citing CRIFO Orbit 2, 6, p.3 + Notes and Queries E6 1955 p.3.
  • Ted Bloecher.

August 25 1955.  
A man, who wished to remain anonymous, reported that he had encountered a little man standing near a fire plug.
  • Ted Bloecher citing Donna Mears.

August 25 1955, 2030hrs.
Mrs Lester Parsons was driving home with a friend when as they neared her house, they saw a white object, with a black streak through its centre, hovering near it. As the light on the object pulsated, the house lights, which had been left on, brightened and dimmed in unison. The frightened women drove back to town for their husbands, but when they returned the thing had gone. Semi-circular impressions were left in the ground.
  • Maney and Hall 1961 pp.191, 198.
  • Hall 1974 p.74 + 97 citing Indianapolis Star 27 August 1955.
  • Davis and Bloecher 1978 p.184 citing CRIFO Orbit 7 October 1955 p.1.

August 26 1955.
A small boy, B. P. was terrified by a green man on Henshaw Street and another child was in hysterics after the being looked in through his widow. A youth who was masquerading as a spaceman denied being responsible for these reports.
  • Ted Bloecher citing Cincinnati Times-Star 27 August 1955 + Cincinnati Post 27 August 1955.

August 29 1955, 1400hrs.
Kermit Douglas and about a dozen of his friends were playing in in his garden. As Kermit was wrestling with another boy he saw a sort of hemispherical object that disappeared. Then a hovering spinning disc, with spokes emanating from it, appeared, and soon to be followed by more such objects of various colours, mostly silver. These “objects” were semi-transparent and continually disappeared and reappeared, accompanied by a musical note. Each time the children went into the house to call the adults, these objects disappeared. One then landed in a field some distance from the children. From it, Kermit and Wayne Gardner saw a fantastic being, transparent, the size of a four year old child, with a big red mouth and eyes, and with “four diamond shaped things where his nose should be”. It had “two guns and a rifle”, with which it paralysed the boys. Ronnie Strickland 97) climbed a tree, from where a silver arm beckoned to him, so that he walked onto the roof, then off into thin air, falling 6m on his head without injuring himself. Another youngster ran towards the “craft”, hypnotised by its beauty and had to be restrained by the others. Another boy said that a being with four arms and legs had told him to climb a certain tree. The other children hosed him and a friend down from their perch before one of the strange objects hit the tree, breaking off a branch. The creature that communicated with the boy was dressed in something resembling satin. The exact sequence of events was most unclear, but the children struck investigators as being honest.
  • Ted Bloecher in Davis and Bloecher 1978, citing investigation by Jean Rowlands and Mary Starbuck.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 13, 5, p.16 citing Uranus II, 4, p.67, citing Winona Cromwell, citing Rowlands and Starbuck.
  • Ted Bloecher citing Riverside Daily Press 30 August 1955.
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Late August/Early September 1955. 1430hrs.
Josef Wanderka was motorcycling in the woods about 25km south of the city of Vienna when his attention was caught by a dull metallic object among the trees. Driving along a side path towards it, he came within 20m of the disc shaped object, 10-12m wide, 2.5m high, sitting on the grass in a clearing. On the side of the machine was a rectangular opening, with a ramp 4m long, 2m wide, running from it. The object had a smooth metallic character with no ext5ernal embellishments. From the opening came a “pleasant light”, and a he cycled straight up the ramp into the object, where he found himself surrounded by five or six people, 1.8m tall, with beautiful, unblemished, childlike faces. They were wearing dull grey, patternless, one piece overalls, which covered their feet; along with mittens on their hands. They were very slim and their clothes hung loosely from them, making it impossible to judge their sex. They had medium fair hair and ruffs around their necks. The interior of the craft was illuminated by a smooth light, and was itself smooth, with no signs of instruments or seats. There was a conversation in perfect German; the beings weeping when told of the world’s inequalities, and they told him he must become the leader of an egalitarian movement. When he left the figures gave a low bow.
  • Gordon Creighton in FSR 24, 6, p.20, citing letters from Wanderka.

August 20 1955, 0145hrs.
David Aneknbrandt was driving home when he observed a bright yellowish light descend to his right. He thought it was a meteorite and went into a field to look for it. There he encountered a domed object, 9m in diameter. As he turned to run back to his car he was paralysed by a green beam. A door opening in the machine and a man, more than 1.8m tall, dressed in something like a ski suit, approached him and told him to warn the world’s governments that “they” would take over if there were any more wars and was given a week in which to deliver the message. David then found himself free and walked back to his car. He again met the landed craft and entity, who gave him the same instructions. On both occasions the being spoke English in a high pitched voice. David only told his foster mother and a priest about these incidents.
  • Ted Bloecher in Davis and Bloecher 1978, p.184, citing investigations by Allen Roush and M/Sgt Oliver D Hill.

September 1955 (or following month)
An Air Force employee saw a strange object on the ground outside a building. At that moment a huge figure in black threw open the door of another part of the building and peeped in, causing the witness to faint. No further details.
  • Ted Bloecher citing an unidentified news clipping.

September 1955 (or following month)  
Engineer L AL Pellissier observed a glassy light green object, at first hovering at about 450m making a light humming sound, then descending and passing very close to him without landing. The object appeared to be spinning.
  • FSR 1, 5, p.28.

September 1955. Early evening.
Richard Price (8) and a friend were sitting on his front porch when their attention was caught by a sound like a diesel train. They set off to do some train spotting, and followed the rail tracks all the way to the coal yard, where the other boy walked back. Richard carried on the tracks to a place near a cemetery. Here there was a wooded area and Richard walked along a pathway to a clearing in the woods, where he encountered two strange beings stood next to a tree. They were wearing one piece uniforms with red tops and blue trousers and transparent, flat topped helmets with yellow rims. One of the strangers had a belt with the letters GAF on it.

They addressed him English and grabbed him by the arms, taking him, through one its legs, into some sort of craft. They entered a circular corridor, the walls of which were lined with electronic equipment such as moving tapes, dials, metres, controls etc. He was then taken into a side room and place on the middle seat. In front of him was a table, connected to which was a large white screen. One of the beings pressed a button and the screen lit up, showing pictures that they were landing in some alien landscape with an orange sky, where an aerial battle was taking place. He was then taken into another, square, room, where he was given a parchment on which there were strange letters. He was told to strip naked and subjected to an examination on a table, by a sort of scanner. This stopped on his left leg, causing a burn, which however gave him no pain. Other beings were called into the room and one ran an instrument over the burn, healing it instantly. He was then re-scanned and one of the beings inserted an implant into his lower abdomen. In 1989 this thing fell out. After the implant was inserted the boy was released.
  • Tony Dodd Inquest UFO 10, 3, p.9 citing investigation by Antonio Huneeus.
  • Evaluation: The tale seems to date from the 1980s and lacks contemporaneous documentation. Childish imagery is obvious, as in the now very dated “futuristic” equipment.
  • Motifs: others encountered by rail tracks, others encounter near a cemetery, others encountered next to a tree, others subject human to examination/ordeal, others magically healing.

September 3 1955, 2115hrs.
Frank Flaig and his wife were driving slowly through Bonner Road on this moonlit night, when they were startled to see a metallic sphere without lights or protrusions descending before them. It descended behind an unlit house 110m away. Flaig went to investigate and a found a metallic grey 1.2m diameter sphere hovering 30cm above the ground. Mrs Flaig, alone and frightened, called out, and at that very instant the sphere began to rise soundlessly at a 45 degree angle.
  • Stringfield 1978b p.137.
  • FSR 1, 5, p.28 + Jessup 1956 p.296 both citing CRIFO Orbit 2, 7, p.2.

September 16 1955, 1800hrs.
A young shepherd heard a rumbling sound as a dark mass appeared to fall from the sky, and a rush of air knocked him from his feet. The object was round, about 3.5m diameter, 2m high and was illuminated by neon like light and had an opening from where a staircase became visible. He saw two occupants, one of which had a reddish face, bald head and very fine teeth. The occupants gathered some plants before returning to the craft, which flew away to the northwest
  • Vallee Case 375, no source given.

September 17 1955, 0130hrs.
Frank and Eileen Bordes of the Bronx were fishing from a dinghy on the reservoir when they heard a loud splash and a “gurgling sounds”. Eileen saw an iridescent pink, mushroom shaped object rise about 60cm out of the water, then sink again. Fri9ghtened by this oddity, she asked to be rowed ashore. They then saw a brightening light 90m away, from which two long parallel lights became visible. They seemed to come from an elongated object 5m long, surrounded by turbulence. The couple has the impression of being watched as they moved towards the object. It sped towards them; as they retreated, it did also, reversing without turning, giving no noise other than the turbulence. Eventfully the thing sped away, the lights fading in the distance.
  • Dr Paul Gray in FSR 1, 5, p.21.
  • Constance 1956 p.248 citing above.
  • Cramp 1966 p.251.
  • Clark 2012, p.215.

September 23 1955.
Two red light sources were seen manoeuvring independently back and forth close to a hilltop.
  • Hall 1964 p.155.

October 18 1955, 1610hrs.
While travelling on the Uxbridge (MetropolItan) line to East Harrow, on a clear day, the Rev. Pitt-Kethly, a lifelong teetotaller, saw, while the train was halted a West Hampstead viaduct, a strange craft. It was a platform, reddish brown and grey, the size of a small bus, and was travelling at about 30kph at 30m altitude. During the three or four minutes the object was visible, the witness noticed about 30 immobile helmeted figures with human faces, dressed in khaki uniforms on this platform. Some of these figures were seated and staring fixedly forward in a manner that reminded him of robots.
  • Jonathan Caplan in FSR 15, 3, p.21 citing his own investigation.

October 28 1955, 1830hrs.
Maurice Brazier (32) a mechanic with the forestry department was driving home from Newton-Stewart along the hill road to New Galloway. Though it had been raining earlier it was now clear. At a place called Telnetary or Murray’s Monument, he saw a light on the road ahead, bluish in colour. As he rounded the bend ahead he saw, not the expected oncoming vehicle, instead it was an elliptical object about 20m long, with bluish lights along its side, at an altitude to no more than 12m. As the thing approached, Brazier’s van engine stalled. He stopped the van and jumped out. As he did so the object banked to his left, 18m away, and he could see that it was a huge double saucer, with lights along the outer rim, which appeared to move clockwise. There was inner metallic dull coloured rum, which appeared to reflect the lights. On the underside of the thing were three spherical bulges, the top was quite smooth. When it was 50m away, Brazier had heard a high pitched intermittent buzzing sound, which changed to a series of clicks as it banked vertically between his car and the hill. The object was in view for 5 or 6 minutes. A number of other people in the area were said to have seen unidentified objects and the area was reputed to have unusual geological properties.
  • FSR 1, 5, p.5; 2, 1, p.8.
  • Flying Saucer News (Bristol) Spring 1956, p.17.
  • Cramp 1966, p.238.

Winter 1955. 2330hrs.
A young woman and her fiancé saw a human like figure, 2.4m tall, with white, glowing skin, from the balcony of a house. Both the entity and the surrounding glow were illuminated by a beam of light.
  • Musgrave 1979, p.43 case 18, citing Bordeleau 1969 p.43.

November 22 1955, 0730hrs.
A schoolboy was delivering newspapers on this somewhat misty morning when his attention was caught by a buzzing sound. He looked round and saw a disc shaped object, with a green light on the top, hovering at low altitude, as if it had just taken off from the ground. It then moved away northwards, disappearing behind a tree.
  • Gibbons 1956 p.127.

October 31 1955.
A motorist was driving along the Geelong Road, near the (then) new bridge work 25km from Melbourne, on his way to Geelong, when he saw a huge dark disc, 9m diameter, with lights on its underside, rise from the paddock site of the (then) new Western Suburbs Cemetery, with a hissing whine, and move over trees towards Laverton.
  • FSR 1, 5, p.29.

December 21 1955, 2300.
A young housewife, Mrs Roberta W Jacobs, was turning out the light to go to bed when she was struck by a red-orange glow in the moonless and the starless sky. The glow got brighter as she watched in the dark, then an “indescribably beautiful “ object; a disc surmounted by a cupola, giving an egg shaped appearance, descended to above her barn roof. The bottom of the object was revolving at a speed too great for her eye to follow. The object was a kind of pure gold “like nothing I have seen before”. Above it was a circle of extraordinarily brilliant light, which nevertheless did not light up the surroundings or hurt her eyes. Between the bottom of the object and the cupola, a shadow could be seen, moving against the glow. Roberta felt nauseated and felt that the occupants of the craft were observing her and reading her thoughts. The flat bottom stopped rotating, and then as Roberta contemplated ringing the Air Force base, the object and the circle of light quickly moved away in the same manner as they had arrived. The object was soundless. The next morning the snow where it had hovered appeared to have melted.
  • Olsen 1967, 3-43, citing Blue Book Files.